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NECK 1 X- GEORGE WASHINGTON DRANK TEA MERE DUR»NQ ‘ T«t RrvoujnoN. 3t- TRADITION SAYS THE HOUSE Of BURGESSES MET HERE AFTER THE BURNING OF JAMESTOWN. JT- THE OLDEST CHURCH IN WARWICK COUNTY. ■nr- THE LARGE AND COMMODIOUS SEATS OP SAMUEL MAT TREWS, GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA. X- WATERS CREEK- WERE LAY THE HOLDINGS OF tDVJARD WATERS , ADVENTURER EXTRAORDINARY. 3D- BLUNT POINT- NAMED FOR HUMPHREY BLUNT,, MURDERED AT THIS SPOT BY THE INDIANS. xr- Fort op daniel gookiw, successfully defended AGAINST INDIANS IN IG22 . m- STARVIN6 JAMESTOWN SETTLERS ABANDONED THE COLONY IN IfelO- IX - CAPTAIN BREWSTER BROUGHT NEWS OF MEN AND SUPPLIES AHD SAVED THE COLONY. OC - TO pOSTFR THE SILK INDUSTRY FREEHOLDERS were required To plant mulberry TREES. ZC - TOBACCO - VIRGINIA ' S MONEY CROP. At - SlTB OP WARWICK HIGH SCHOOL . EX LIBBIS 19 4 6 FOREWO R D We have named our yearbook The Warwick for the county in which the school is located because we wish to emphasize the interde- pendence of school and community. We have chosen for our theme, The School is the Heart of the Community. As the heart propels rich, new blood through the body, so the school sends forth each year a stream of invigorating youth to raise the level of the community. On the following pages, we have sought to mirror our school life as we live it today. Here we are, as we work, as we play, as we grow, the students of Warwick County High School. We hope that the citizens of the community will find this record interesting, and that we ourselves, upon looking back, will be warmed by a host of pleasantly nostalgic memories. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS WARWICK COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION We, the students of Warwick County High School, cherish the worthy accomplishments of our county ' s past. We are interested in the needs of its present. We wholeheartedly dedicate our energies and abilities toward creating for it in the future a richer, fuller, and happier community life. We Survev Our Past . . . t In fostering the feeling of close relationship between school and community, we believe that an appreciation of our past history is a powerful factor. We wish continually to have in our minds that fortitude, resourcefulness, and patience are needed today for the solution of problems just as they have been in every period of the past. Warwick County was one of the eight shires into which the colony of Virginia was divided in 1634. There was great sorrow and privation caused by Indian massacres, and by agricultural ignorance, until the pioneers learned how to grow corn. The pleasant climate and fertile soil proved suitable for the growth of tobacco. Warwick County’s location near the mouth of the James River made it accessible for shipping this product to England, the mother country. It was with her assistance that this small county developed from a pioneer region into a thriving community, living in a simple but gracious manner. Because of its location, the county has felt the impact of all our major wars. The Revolutionary War swept over it. The Civil war devastated it. In World War 1, Warwick County became alive with war activities. New r roads were built, new homes erected, such as those in Hilton Village. During World War II, since Warwick County is so close to two large ports, Norfolk and Newport News, it has been one of the main centers of shipbuilding tnd transportation. A swampy forest was soon transformed into Camp Patrick Henry, a port of embarkation. People came here from every state in the Union, increasing the enrollment of the schools almost beyond capacity. It was necessary to make a number of adjust- ments to accommodate these multitudes ; for example, erecting gas holders, water plants, schools, and dwellings. Many problems are being solved by modernizing the form of government, enlarging health, welfare, and recreational facilities, and increasing the oppor- tunities for permanent work. Great emphasis is being placed on making our schools modern and useful, and on promoting a spirit of cooperation among parents, teachers, and students. Warwick County has passed through several phases in its governmental de- velopment from the autocratic colonial system to the present form. Today the school, like the community, strives for a combination of efficiency and democ- racy, designed to meet modern needs. A D M I N I S T R A T I O I T. Ryland Sanford Superintendent Elizabeth Henson Director of Instruction Vi arwick County School Board Mr. John M. Dozier Mr. W. T. Newell Mrs. 1 louglas C. Petty Mr. Stanley R. Piland Mr. W. J. Smith, Jr. Airs. B. Harrison alker LACY WAVERLY ANDERSON Principal THOMAS MARTIN Assistant Princi pal FACULTY Mrs. Julia Batte Mrs. Alice Chappell Mr. Clarence Davis Miss Louis Harwood Mrs. Helen Holben M rs. Wilma Hutton » ft- Miss Elizabeth Lewis Mrs. Coeina McPhail Miss Ruth Newborn Mr. William O’Hara Mrs. Evelyn Pearce Miss Brownie Porterfield Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Miss Anne Rogers Miss Nancy Rowe Mr. Gilmer Slusser Mr. Conway Smith, Jr. Mr. Robert Spangler M iss Margaret Sterrett Miss Ruby Thorpe Miss I )orothy Wilcox Miss Lucille Young As Warwick County has grown in population and wealth, the school has developed from one-room, hous- ing a few children gathered for limited instruction, to a large, well- equipped building, teaming with young people engaged in learn- ing to live satisfactorily. s s E S Left to right: “Chuck” Franscn, Leo Williams, Paul Hudson, Miss Anne Rogers, Rowena Simpson, Courtney Howell, Ashton Clarke. Senior C lass Off icers “CHUCK” FRANSEN President ASHTON CLARKE Vice-President ROWENA SIMPSON Secretary LEO WILLIAMS Treasurer PAUL HUDSON, COURTNEY HOWELL Sergeants-at-Arms MISS ANNE ROGERS, MR. CONWAY SMITH Sponsors IWi BILLIE JOYE ABERNETHY “Billie” Basketball, Monogram Club, Dramatics Club, History Club, May Court, Cheerleader. LOIS BEATRICE ANDREWS English Club, Home Economics Club,. History Club. SANDROS JONES AYSCUE, JR. “Junior” English Clubs, History Club, Patrol, Baseball. DAVID KENNEDY BETTS “David” Latin Clubs, Spanish Clubs, History Clubs, Sponge Staff. GENE EVELYN BONEWELL “Gene” Shorthand Club, Kodak Club, History Club, English Club Band, Glee Club. DOROTHY ANN BOOTH “Dot” History Club, English Club, Consumers’ Club. SENIORS JANE ELIZABETH BRIMMER “Jane” Sponge Staff, Latin Club, Chemistry Club, English Club, History Club, Glee Club. ERNEST EDWARD BURCHER “Ed” History Club, English Club, Consumers’ Club, Baseball. GEORGE FREDERICK BURCHER “Freddie” Science Club, Patrol, History Club, English Club, Glee Club, Football JACKIE ARCHIBALD BUTLER “Jackie” Latin Club, English Club, History Club. ANN HATHAWAY CALLIS “Callis” Spanish Club, History Club, Latin Club, Basketball, English Club. JAY TEE CAMPBELL “Jacob T-Bow” Glee Club, English Club, Shorthand Club, Dramatics, D. E. Club. S E N 0 R S JACQUELINE BEATRICE CANEPA “Jackie” Cheerleader, Monogram Club, History Clubs, Dramatics Club, (ilee Club, English Clubs, Patrol. ELAINE MARIE CASSEL “Lain” Glee Club, Home Economics Club, English Clubs, History Club, Consumers’ Club. BETTY ANN CHALKLY “Betty” Shorthand Club, History Club. RICHARD WHITNEY CLARK “Dick” English Club, History Club, Rand, Annual Staff, Track, Boxing, Baseball. ASHTON WHITLEY CLARKE “Ash” Freshman, Vice-President, English Club, History Club, Patrol, Basketball, Spanish Clubs, Junior Vice- President, Senior President. PAULINE FRANCIS COBERLY “Toots” SENIORS ALLEN COLEMAN “Allen” Latin Club, History Club, English Club, Track, Baseball. DOROTHY GRACE CROSSMAN “Dotsy” Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Shorthand Club, History Club, English Club. BETTY JANE CURTIS “Curt” Glee Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, May Court, Annual Staff, May Queen. MARION JEAN CURTIS ELIZABETH JANE DEUELL “Lizzy” Glee Club, Home Room Officer, Patrol, Basketball, Monogram Club, History Club, Dramatics Club, Home Economics Club. STEVE GUS DUMAS “Monty” Basketball, Baseball, Patrol, History Club, Football. SENIORS ROBERTA MARIE EDINGTON “Bobbie” Dramatics Club, History Club, English Club, Latin Club. DORIS LEIGH ELLIOTT “Dot” Latin Club, History Club, Dramatics Club, English Club. MARGARET HARRELL EVANS “P e ggy” Latin Club, Home Ec. Club, History Club. CHARLOTTE ANN FISHER “Charlotte” D. E. Club, Consumers’ Club. ROBERT HUGH FISHER “Fisher” Football, History Clubs, English Clubs, Patrol, Basketball, Track, Monogram Club. PAIGE RODNEY FLOWERS “Paige” Baseball, Patrol, Football, Basketball, History Club, Economics Club. SENIORS MARVIN ROSS FORD Latin Clubs, English Clubs, History Clubs, Mixed Choir, Track, Annual Assistant GEORGE LEROY FOX, JR. “Junior” Glee Club, History Club, Annual Staff, Patrol, French Club, English Clubs JOHN EDWARD FOX “Jackie” Football, Baseball, Kodak Club, History Club. MADOLYN MARIE GANDY LAWRENCE DEWEY GRAVES “Larry” Choir, Football Chemistry Club, Track, History Club, Senior Vice-President Patrol, Monogram Club. HENRY MARVIN GREENE “Buddy” Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Sponge Staff, English Club, History Club. SENIORS DOROTHY LEE HARRIS “Dot” English Clubs, Latin Club, History Club, (ilee Club. JOHN FLETCHER HARRIS “Jack” Cheerleader, Football, History Club, Dramatics Club, Captain of Patrols, Monogram Club, Annual Staff MYRTLE LORRAINE HARRIS “Lorraine” Spanish Club, History Club, English Club. MARY ANN HICKS “Baby Girl” Glee Club, History Club, Shorthand Club, Kodak Club, Consumers’ Club, English Club. WARD SMITH HILDRETH “Hildreth” History Club, English Clubs Consumers’ Club. GEORGE GOODWIN HINKLE “George” Consumers’ Club, Stage Crew, Dramatics Club. SENIORS ANNIE PEARL HOLLINGSWORTH “Ann” Consumers’ Club, Kodak Club, History Club. MARY JANE WOOD “Mary Jane” Latin Club, History Club, Cheerleader, Dramatics Club, English Club, Glee Club. MYRA FLORID WILSON “Myra” English Clubs, Glee Club, History Clubs, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Consumers’ Club. PAUL CONLEY HUDSON “Moose” Football, Patrol, English Clubs, History Clubs, S.C.A. Treasurer, Student Council, Monogram Club, Track, Junior Treasurer, Basketball, Glee Club, Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class. JOYCE JUANITA HUFFMAN “Joy” English Clubs, History Clubs, Home Economics Club, Biology Club. LEO WILLIAMS “Leo” S.C.A. President, Football, Senior Treasurer, Baseball, Annual Staff, Sponge Staff, Sophomore, Vice-President, History Club, Spanish Club, Monogram Club, Patrol, Track. SENIORS JAMES HERMAN JOHNSON “Johnson” History Club, Spanish Club. NORMA GWENDOLYN JOHNSON “Gwen” English Clubs, Patrol, French Club, History Clubs, Dramatics Club. ERNEST LINCOLN KINCAID “Junior” Baseball, Consumers’ Club. FRANCES JUANITA LAMBERT “Nita” History Club, English Club, Science Club, Dramatics, Consumer Buying, Reporter. DAISY LOUISE LONG “Louise” English Clubs, History Clubs, Kodak Club. GEORGE LYDA SENIORS TERRENCE PETER MAHLOY " Terry” Spanish Club, English Club, History Club, Annual Start’, Editor. BETTY JO MANN " Betty Jo” English Club, History Club, Kodak Club, Consumers’ Club, Home Economics Club. JACK LIVINGSTON MASSIE “Jack” Monogram Club, Football Captain, Patrol, History Club, English Club. JEAN ALLENIS MAYO “Jean” Latin Club, History Club. RUTH CAMPBELL Me ALEXANDER “Boots” Glee Club, English Club, History Club, Patrol. BETTY MICHIE “Mickey” English Club, History Club, Patrol, Consumers’ Club. SENIORS ANN MARIE MILLER “Ann” Shorthand Club, English Club, History Club, D. E. Club, DALLAS MILLER “Dallas” Bowling League, Distributors’ Club. ALBERT EARLE MITCHELL “Buster” Sponge Staff, Patrol, Cheerleader, History Club, Dramatics Club, Football Manager. WILLIAM ALEXANDER MITCHELL " Mike” (ilce Club, Football Manager, Football, Basketball, History Club, English Club Track. JANE WAVERLY MOORE DAISY VIRGINIA MORGAN “Punk” English Club, History Club Shorthand Club, Consumers’ Club, Dramatics Club. SENIORS ALFRED EARL MOSER “Mosart” Varsity Basketball, Patrol, Dramatics Club, Football, Baseball, Track. JOHN FRANKLIN MULLEN “Jack” French Club. History Club, English Club. JAMES WILLIAM MURDEN “Jimmy” History Clubs, English Clubs, Basketball, French Clubs, Patrol. ALLENE HOPE NEAL “Pug” English Clubs, Latin Clubs, History Club, Cheerleader, NANCY ARMISTEAD NICHOLSON “Nick” Latin Club, History Club, Basketball, Sponge Staff. MILDRED PAULINE PARIS “Polly” Latin Clubs, Glee Clubs, History Club, English Clubs, Home Economics Clubs. SENIORS DAVID SUTTON PHELPS “Dave” French Club, (ilee Club, History Club, Football, English Clubs, Band, Spanish Clubs, Dramatics Club. DOLORES MERCEDES PHELPS “Delores” Kodak Club, English Club, Home Economics Club PATSY FLORENCE POWELL “Patsy” English Clubs, History Clubs, D. E. Club. ANNE ENGLE PULLY “Pinkie” S.C.A., Secretary Consumers’ Club Home Economics Club, History Club, Dramatics Club, English Club, Spanish Club. NELSON CHARLES RANCORN “Nellie” Freshman President English Club, History Club, Track, Annual Assistant NAN JOSE RILEY “Nan” Latin Clubs, English Club, History Club. SENIORS WILLIAM EDLOW RODGERS “Bill” History Clubs, Basketball Sports Writer, Basketball Sports Writer, Football Sports Writer. ROY LINDEN ROPER “Roper” English Club, Bowling League, History Club. VIRGINIA MADORA ROSS GEORGE EDWARD SEBURN, JR. “Junior” Distributors’ Club, Band, English Club, History Club, Glee Club. MARY ANN SEWARD “Bunny” Basketball, Monogram Club, Latin Clubs, History Clubs, English Club. ROWENA LAURA SIMPSON “Rowena " Glee Club, Sponge Staff, S. C. A. Reporter, Latin Club, History Club, English Club, Secretary of Freshman Sophomore and Senior class. SENIORS CLEORA CATHERINE SMITH “Cleora” English Club, History Club, Consumers’ Club, Kodak Club. SHIRLEY BRANHAM STEBBINS “Buck” Glee Club, Track, Bus Driver. DORIS JANE STERLING “Doris” English Club, History Club, Sponge Staff. MARY OLIFF STEVENS “Mary” Latin Clubs, History Club. PATRICIA RANDOLPH STOWITTS “Trish” Latin Club, Glee Club, Cheerleader, History Club, Monogram Club, Dramatics Club. BETTY ANNE STRICKLAND “Betty” Spanish Club, History Club, English Club. SENIORS BARBARA JEAN STROUD " Barb” Science Club, English Clubs, History Club, Secretary and Treasurer of 1). E. Club WILLIAM EUGENE SWEAT “Sweets” English Clubs, Patrol, Track, Monogram Club, History Club, Football. HERBERT PATRICK TIGHE “Pat” Student Council, English Clubs, French Clubs, History Clubs. WILLARD EDWIN TOLLEY DOROTHY LENORA VANDEVEER ARNOLD WINFIELD VANG “Arnold” History Club, English Club. SENIORS 4 . ROBERT WHARTON WARD “Ward” Football, Glee Club, English Club, History Club, Latin Club. KATHRYN MARSTON WARE “Taffy” English Club, Band, Secretary of Latin Clubs, History Club, Mixed Choirs, Treasurer of Kodak Club. DALTON DILLARD WEBB “Webb” English Club, History Club AILEEN WELSH “Aileen” English Club, Latin Club, History Club, Chemistry Club. HERMANN AUGUST WENTE “Herman” English Clubs, Latin Clubs, History Club, Patrol, Annual Assistant JOHN WHITESIDE “Whiteside” Glee Club, J. V. Basketball, History Club, Track. SENIORS MARY LOU WIDELL SENIORS Most Popular Pat Stowitts Jack Hudson Best All Around Lizzie Duell Ashton Clarke Most Athletic Lizzie Duell Jack Hudson Best Looking Betty Jane Curtis Larry Graves Most Likely to Succeed Rowena Simpson Herman Wente Most Studious Nan Riley Herman Wente Cutest Allen Coleman Allene Neal Wittiest Bobby Edington “Buster” Mitchell SENIORS WHO ' S WHO Beverly Allen Jacquelin Appleton Meredith Appleton Gladys Armentrout Donald Ashby Dan Autry Rita Backos Esther Baer Louise Barclay George Barber Marilyn Baskin David Bauguess Harry Benson Dale Bippus Rose Boyajian Evelyn Brandt Anna Mae Brenneman Margaret Briggs Judy Brockenbrough Cecil Burcher JUNIORS John Campbell Eloise Capps Jean Cardoza Jean Carper Don Roy Carter Doris Carter Agness Clark Robert Cole Douglas Cross Elizabeth Crowell Barbara Davis Janet Davis John Dawson Donald Dickinson Lawrence Dolan Sarah Ann Dozier Milton Drummand Elazabeth Duckett Patricia Earle Sammy Earle JUNIORS Robert Elliott Guy Ellis Hubert Emerson Mildred Faulkner Eloise Foster Katherine Fox Shirley Fox Jack Girton Betty Givins Jewett Graves Grace Gross Anna Hall George Harlow Shirley Harlow Eugene Harris Harry H aught Ellen Hawkins Ann Hester Beatrice Helmick Hoover Hicks JUNIORS William Hicks Ellen Howard Harvey Hudgins Marie Hudgins Joe Hudson Wilda Huffman Sonny Hurd Vera Jackson Earnest Jones Nadine Jones William Knox Mary K rouse Helen Lacy Agnes Lanier Tommy Lewis Ann Loving 1 sh Matheny Neff Mathews Helen McDowell Marion McGann JUNIORS • ' f.h Charles M iller Robert Mitchell Allan Moore Dora Moore Jane Mountjoy Edith Morrissett Pat Mullen Harold Nuttall Sarah Owens Carl Parker John Perkinson Francis Perry ? • -j y Vi • 1 Ma rjorie Perzan Jacqueline Phelps Pietty Phillips John Piazza Lear Ponton Priff Proffit Philip Redman Joyce Ridings JUNIORS Dixon Roberts Betty Robertson Atwood Russell Vivian Schultz Robert Shaefer Lois Shelton Shirley Shelton Donald Shenk Odele Shepherd Juanita Shiflett Laniont Shinn James Spruilla Alice Smith Carrie Smyt Lewis Stone Ruby Teachev Patsy Tighe Jackie Truitt Bobby Updike Jimmy Walker JUNIORS t Marilynn Ware Norma Warye Frances Watkins Betty Wilder Hetty Williford Frances Wilkins Leona Wilkins Richard Wingfield Margaretta Wright Myrtle Yates Russell Cook Thomas Swain JUNIORS Evelyn Allen Frank Andrews Hetty Crossman Betty Jo Banks Ann Barber Tommy Batkins Joanne Beacbboard Bobbie Bel ford Bradford Besse Walter Blayton Deloris Bollinger Tommy Bonnett Ann Boyd Ella Mae Brandt Anne Brehm Jo Ann Brewer Hilda Brown Jean Brown Edith Bruce John Brushwood Paul Buchanan Raymond Budlong Ray Burnes Harry Carver Frances Chapman SOPHOMORES Elsie Church Ellis Colbert Alary Ann Curry Robert Danson Robert Davis Alary DeGinder A1 elvin Duell A1 arjorie Didlake Eleanor Diehl Robert Diehl Robert Diggs Sarah Dolan Naomi Dozier Edward Elliot Jeanette Elen Judy Flaxington Charles Foard Bettie Lee Ford Betty Foretich Carol Ann Forrest Nolan Fox Estelle Garnand Earl German Afary Girton Paul Givens SOPHOMORES Robert Hawley Byron Hawthorne William Herndon Edwin Hill Grace Hogge Billy Holland Thomas Horton Hazel Hudgins Doris Hudson Jack Hull Lewis Hunt William Ingram Irvin Jackson Vernon Jackson Barbara Jenkins Roy Jennings Mable Johnson Harvey Jones Leona Karnhaus Lucille Lee Mary Sue Lingafelt Elenor Lute Gordon Massie Irvin Mater Annie McAlexander SOPHOMORES Inez McElyea Ruth Melzer Allean Michie Norman Miller Elsie NLitchell Nannie M oore Audrey Morris Patsy Nettles Joyce Nichols Sidney Niles Edward Pace Troy Palmer Douglas Petty Mary Ann Phillips Ronald Pollock Alice Reese Gail Renn Doris Richardson Hetty Rodgers Phyllis Rowland Charles Rutledge Patty Rutledge Joann Shipp Delores Shives Nancy Slack SOPHOMORES Archie Smith Robbie Smith Juanita Smith Kathleen Smith Roger Spadling Linwoocl Stancil Nathalia Stevens Dorothy Stoneman Robert Surry David Tinnin Maurice Tonkin Lydell Turner Gloria Utley Gwen Waller Dorothy Walls Duane W arye Frances White Helen White Jo Jeanine White Barbara Williams Dorothy Wilson Ruth Worth Hazel Womble Miriam White Joe Snow SOPHOMORES Milton Nickolson Elsie Nelms Catherine Olson Catherine Ragland Iren ' Smith Jeanette W eiss Doris Howell Norman Vandevere Juanita Owens Thelma Wilburn Tommy Parr Gertrude Goulding Davis North Peggy P.aker SOPHOMORES Mary Abrams Rex Adams Ann Augburn Ann Allen Charles Allen Patricia Altwegg lack Bails ' Dorothy Range Gladys Baptis Joyce Barger Thomas Bayne Lucy Beasley Nancy Bloxonr Geraldine Bridges Joyce Brown Billy Brushwood Dorothy Burcher Evelyn Burns Ara Butler Mary Cash Bobby Cassidy Richard Clarke Shirley Collins Nancy Conaway Charles Cook FRESHMEN Odell Crocker Collien Craig Bill Crawford Danny Crawford Stella Cundiff Catherine Curtis Jimmy Curtis Fred Davis Helen Davis Sterling Davis Delores Dwyer Walter Earl Norma Endler Rubie Faulev Mary Ferguson Norma Foster Hermon Fowler Mildred Francis Jane Frost Barbara Gardner ( Rover Garner Lilly Garrison Jean Gaskill Charles Graves Richard Graves FRESHMEN ' V » Sally Hamilton Herbert Harding Barbara Harlow Robert Haughton Billy Henly Kenword Hill Paula Hill Rufard Hodges Doris Hostetter Billy Hudson Robert Hurd Elizabeth Islin Bonner Johnson Jean Johnston 1 )oris Jones J une Jones Phetis Jones Joyce Knight Bennie Kornhaus Margaret Lawton Kennith Leloppe Robert Lewis Leona Linker Walter Lowe Nevada Made FRESHMEN Evelyn Marshall Joan Marshall Bill Martin Cary Martin Ida Martin Shirley M artin Mary Masta Harry McCaskill Ann McCoy Tommy McDaniel Richard McDonagh Katherine McDowell Keith Milton Adelle Miller June Mills Nancy Mitchell George Montgomery Arthur Moore Billy Moore Elmer Moore Billy Newell Dorothy Nice Frank Nice Sally Nuttall Beverly Overman FRESHMEN Elton Parker Mary Parker Losi Pierce Joan Petty Lillian Phillips Hetty Pierce Harold Pierce Ray Pierce Mike Pilland Molly Reed Shirley Reynolds Nancy Richards Carbin Robbins Ann Robinson Margalo Roller Miriam Roscoe Frances Sawyer Barbara Scholz Evelyn Scholz Cecil Schrock W. J. Schultz Ray Seeley Catherine Sheild Mabel Shenk Felix Shepard FRESHMEN A Delbert Shiflett J . T. Sowell Gloria Rinesmitli M artha Smith Mary Smith Mary Sterling Sussie Stratton Betty Stringer Sue Stroud Billy Swain Tanis Tasciola Dot. Talley Catherine Trexler Rosemary Trotter Victor Walker John Walters Robert Walters La Verne Webb Elsie Wente Helen White Doris Whitt Walter Wildman Gracie Williams Martha Williams Genevieve Witt FRESHMEN Marjorie Wilson Anne Wood Charles Wood Doris Wood Kenneth Woolard Mary Worthington Lois Yoder Martha Young Charles Miller FRESHMEN SEVENTH GRADE Hrst row, left to right: Coston I homas, Philip Klick, Bradley DeAlba, Carlton Savage, Harry Trimmer, Jerry Collins, James Roller, Buddy McCarron, Leon V reeland. Second row: Virginia McMahon, Virginia Foxe, Betty Stemliridge, Christina Massie, Jane Hood, lean Byrne, Arbutus Hudnall, Iris Flythe. Third row: Wade Woolard, Daniel Hostler, Tommy Stanaway, Nornian Morgan, Creasy Hicks, J. P. DeGinder, Raymond Hudson, Robert Gray. Miss Georgia Blake, teacher. SEVENTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE First row, left to right: Eugene Church, Russell McNamara, Billy Nicholson, David Rutledge, Billy Richardson, Robert Wright, Bobby Richardson, Harry Robinson, Mickey Henley, Billy Slavey. Second row: Gertrude Sadler, Peggy Soles, Nadine Spradlin, Betty Jean Campbell, Mary Ann Sadler, Louise Manzie, Doris Hibble, Dorothy Lane, Nancy Gwaltney, Maurice Savage, Jack Hendricks. Third row: George Green, Clifford Brandt, Emory Davidson, Charles Pierce, Eugene Moore, Leslie Lozaw, Richard McQuillan, C harlie Bowden, Miss E. Smity. Carl Manning, Charles Poindexter, Miss Verna Marshall, teacher. ENTRANCE TO MARINERS ' MUSEUM ! Like those of other southern com- munities, the people of Warwick County have from the earliest times worked and played with zest. Our school carries on this tradition. The students engage in diversified activities which tend to devel- op them into well-rounded, social-minded young men and women. V I T I E S Harvey Hudgins, Vice-President; Anne Pully, Secretary; Paul Hudson, Treasurer; Rowena Simpson, Reporter STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION First Row — Left to right: Felix Sheppard, J. R. Parker Lois Yoder, Carol Ann Forrest, Shirley Martin, Walter Wildman, Sonny Hurd, Jack Campbell. Second Row: Pat Altwegg, Nan Riley; Rowetia Simpson, Anne Pully, Leo Williams, Paul Hudson, Dot Wilson, Mary Ann Phillips. I bird Row: Rill Parkinson, Bill Crawford, Grover Long, Don Ashby, Bobby Updike, Eugene Sweat, Maurice Tonkin, Mrs. Geddy. Student Cooperative Association The most important organization in Warwick County High School is the Student Cooperative Association. This association was formed with the idea of promoting better relationship among students, teachers and the community. Early in the fall, the students of Warwick County High School participated in the election of officers for the newly formed Student Cooperative Association. The election was conducted by the government classes on the same order as a state election. The congress of this organization is composed of all homeroom presidents. Each homeroom has a specified committee of which the homeroom president is in charge. The Student Cooperative Associa- tion plans and sponsors all activities and organizations in the school. On the pages that follow are pictures of the activities that were sponsored by this association. In some of these, such as the Hallowe’en Frolic and the Christmas celebration, the people of the community, as well as teach- ers and students, took part. Left tp right: Louise Long, Kathryn Ware, Cleora Smith, Ann Hicks, Gene Bonewell, Ann Hol- lingsworth, Anne Pully, Lear Pon- ton, Billy Knox. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF TERRY MAHLOY Editor The eidtor-in-chief, Terry Mahloy, deserves much credit for the big job he has accom- plished on the yearbook. He has shown more than a little patience while coping with the many problems that have arisen, and has won the respect of the en tire staff. SPONSOR Through Mrs. Geddy’s untir- ing efforts, we have at last pro- duced our yearbook. Mrs. ( reddy, the sponsor, has worked quite as hard as any other staff member. Always on hand to ad- vise and help us, she has been our mainstay and support. MRS. SARA GEDDY Sponsor Feature Editor Literary Editor Sports Editor GEORGE FOX HETTY JANE CURTIS LEO WILLIAMS Art Editor Co-Business Editor Co-Rusiness Editor GUY ELLIS FREDDIE LURCHER JACK HARRIS " Tke Warwick” Staff The members of The Warwick staff, inexperienced and faced by problems that staggered them, have worked long and zealously to compile a yearbook. They wish to express their appreciation to Mr. Anderson who has instructed them in financial affairs, and to Mr. Bonsor, the photographer, whose work ap- pears in these pages. Homeroom 5 has given the staff office space and all student who have classes or activities period in that homeroom have been called upon for some service. Indeed, the entire school has cooperated splendidly. First Row — Left to right: Peggy Evans, Jane Brimmer, Betty Jo Mann, Ann Hollings- worth, Allene Welsh, Jean Mayo, Nan Riley, Doris Sterling, Doris Elliott. Second Row: Nancy Nicholson, Lizzy Dcuell, Betty Michie, Ann Hicks, Allene Neal, Betty Chalkley, Louise Long. Third Row: Pat Tighe, Jackie Butler, Herman Wente, William Mitchell, John Mullen, Paul Hudson, Marvin Ford, Buddy Greene, Nelson Rancorn, Sandros Asycue, Norma Johnson. arwic kSt aff Assistants This yearbook would not have been possible without the willing efforts of the students in the above picture. Special recognition is due them for the time and talent they have contributed. Many of the unique artistic features were drawn by Nancy Nicholson, Nelson Rancorn, Hermon Wente, and John Mullen. Many hours of tedious work were spent by Sandros Ayscue, Herman Wente, Marvin Ford and Nelson Rancorn. Billie Abernathy, no longer a student at Warwick County High School, worked faithfully on the advertisements until she left school early in March. Standing — Left to right: Buddy Green, Buster Mitchell, Lamont Shinn, Jack Girton, Dale Bippus, Rowena Simpson, John Piazza. Seated: Bobbie Eddington, Bobbie Updike, Jane Brimmer. Sponge BOBBY UPDIKE Editor-in-Chief ROWENA SIMPSON Associate Editor BUDDY GREENE News Editor BOBBIE EDDINGTON Feature Editor DALE BIPPUS Sports Editor Under the sponsorship of Miss Lewis, the school paper, The Sponge, is pub- lished monthly. This interesting publication covers the activities of Warwick County High School — serious, comical, past, present, future. Standing — Left to right: Mrs. Geddy, Russell Cook, Dolores Phelps, Jackie Fox, Cleora Smith, Hetty Jo Mann. Seated — Left to right: Louise Long, Annie Hollingsworth, Ann Hicks, Kathryn Ware, Gene Bonewell. Kocl a k cl ub LOUISE LONG President ANNIE HOLLINGSWORTH Vice-President AN N HI CKS Secretary KATHRYN WARE Treasurer GENE BONEWELL Reporter The Kodak Club was organized to insure the annual’s containing snapshots of life around school. The staff and the school in general give them due recognition and appreciation for the informal pictures found throughout this hook. The Scl 100 1 Patrol JACK HARRIS Captain MOTY DUMAS Lieutenant GEORGE SEBURN Lieutenant A committee of importance in the S. C. A. is our school patrol, whose primary function is teaching the grade school children the basic rules of safety and protect- ing them as they get on and off buses. Left to right: Jack Harris, George Sebum, Boots McAlexander, Mary Ann Worthington, French Jackie Appleton President Jack Mullen Vice-President Jean Cordoza Secretary Anna Hall Treasurer Harold Matheny Reporter Coritha Ragland Head-o f -Committee Mrs. Batte Sponsor From left to right: Jackie Appleton, Coritha Ragland, Mrs. A. B. Batte, Harold Matheny, John Mullen, Jean Cordoza, Anna Hall The French students decided to make French study more interesting this year, and they did. They have carried out programs of French conversation, and reports on the history of France, French literature and authors. Under the guidance of Mrs. Hutton, the members of the Spanish Club have approached fluency in use of the Spanish language. They have written letters to boys and girls of South America. They have engaged in social life, celebrating the Spanish holidays with parties, hayrides, and even Spanish song-fests. s panish David Phelps.. Harry Haught. Jane Mountjoy Louise Barclay Buddy Greene. Pat Mullen. . . . M rs. H utton . . . President . . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Ser yean t-at- Arms Sponsor Background, left to right : Pat Mullen, Buddy Greene, Sarah Ann Dozier, Marilyn Ware, Betty Jane Curtis, Jewitt Graves. Foreground, left to right: Ruth Ann Worth, Jane Mountjoy, Herman Johnson, Betty Givens, David Phelps, Jackie Truit. Horatio Societas FRANK ANDREWS President 1 )l C WINGFIELD ice-President KATHRYN WARE . Secretary LEAR PONTON Treasurer MRS. HOLBEN Sponsor The Horatio Societas was begun in 1936. Its members are composed of students who are taking or have taken Latin. Each year the club has various teas, dances, parties, and a traditional banquet. The ideal of the club is to become bv..vr acquainted with Latin history and, of course, more familiar with the language. First row, left to right: Irene Smith, Kathryn Ware, Troy Palmer, Robert Diggs, Sammy Earl, Jean Walls, Elsie Nelms. Second row: Bradford Besse, Maurice Tonkin, Bobby Bel- ford, Paul Givens. Third row : Evelyn Brandt, Lear Ponton, Irvin Mater, Frank Andrews. Fourth row: Ella Mae Brandt, Judy Flaxington, Ann Boyd, Judy Brockenbrough. Fifth row: Gladys Armentrout, Peggy Evans, Kathleen Smith, Pat Earle. Wrestlers: Allen Coleman, I )ickie Wingfield. First Row — left to right: Myra Wilson, Jackie Canepa, Daisy Morgan, Elizabeth Deuell, Juanita Lambert, Madolyn Gandy, Mary Jane Wood, Norma Johnson. Second Row: Bobbie Edington, Anne Pully, Doris Elliott, Dotsy Crossman, Patricia Stowitts, George Hinkle. Third Row:Chuck Fransen, David Phelps, Jack Harris, Buster Mitchell, Billy Hood, George Seburn, Jay Tee Campbell, Earl Moser. Le Alasque Jack Harris President Dotsy Crossman Patricia Stowitts Vice-President Jackie Canepa.. Mr. Martin Sponsor Le Masque was the first club to swing into action. Immediately after school started in September. Their outstanding plays of the year were : “Wanted, a Capable Stenographer’’ “Enjoying Poor Health” “For Whom the Telephone Rings” “It Happens in the Best of Families” “The Valiant” “Sally’s Hat Shop” “Jacob Comes Home” .Secretary T reasnrer First Row — Left to right: Nevada Maille, Virginia Ross, Joyce Brown, Lavenia Chandler, Gertrude Bateman. Second Row: Patsy Altwegg, Joyce Barger, Mary Ann Worthington, Ann Allen, Jean Johnston, Betty Islin, Billie Lawton. Third Row 7 ; Helen Davis, James Spruill, Thomas Swain, Raymond Budlong, Bobbie Sherrill, Russell Brooks, Catharine Curtis, Mollie Reed, Ruth McAlexander, Joyce Knight, Pat Rutledge, Evelyn Burns. Fifth Row: Jo Whitt, Allene Michie, Jo Ann Brew r er, Violet Price, Annis McAlexander, Anna Hall, Betty Curtis, Jean Cardoza, Naomi Dozier, Elsie Mitchell, Doris Howell, Anne Brehm, Gail Renn, Dorothy Harris, Betty Rodgers, Jacqueline Smith, Ann Robin- son, Eleanor Diehl, Mary Helen Smith, Nancy Richards, Phetis Jones. Glee Club ROWENA SIMPSON JO ANN BREWER ruth McAlexander THOMAS SWAIN MRS. BATTE President Pice-President Secretary-T reasiv er Reporter .Sponsor Under the instruction of Mrs. Batte, the Glee Club presented a Christmas Cantata and an Easter concert. During the latter part of the year, they traveled to Norfolk and Richmond to compete in the spring festivals. Complementary to the large Glee Club, a small group of girls interested in music formed a vocal ensemble. They also took part in the cantata and concert. CHEMISTRY CLASS Standing — Left to right: Miss Browning, Billy Knox, Harold Nuttall, Mary Jane Wood, George Barber, Dale Bippus, Jane Brimmer, Aileen Welsh. Seated: Jack Dawson, Larry Graves, Earl Moser. SCIENCE MUSEUM COMMITTEE Left to right: Walter Wildman Jimmie Curtis Delores Shives Betty Lee Ford Gertrude Goulding Sonny Hurd HOME ECONOMICS ACTIVITIES Left to right: Frances Chapman, Carol Ann Forest, Joanne Beachboard, Alleen Michic, Juanita Smith. SHOP ACTIVITIES Left to right: Jack Campbell Ray Moore Gene Parker, Bill Crawford Ben Kornbaus Frank Nice Norman Yanderveer Left to right: Lorraine Harris, Ann Hollingsworth, George Hinkle, Jay Tee Campbell, Ann Miller, Barbara Stroud, George Seburn, Dallas Miller, Ward Hildreth. Distributors George Seburn Prcsid cu t Ann Miller Vicc-Pres:dent J. T. Campbell. . .Secretary-Treasurer Miss Gain fort Sponsor An innovation at school this year is the Distributors’ Club, organized speci- fically to teach students the art of buying and selling. The objectives of the club are to promote better relationship between the consumer and the salesperson, and finer understanding between the school and merchants of the community. Consumers Clubs Ry its motto alone, the reader will get a good idea of the Con- sumers’ Clubs. Cleverly done, it is — Come On Now Students U Must Engage in the Right kind of Buying First Row — Left to right: Virginia Ross, Anne Pully, Myra Wilson, Virginia Ross President Dorothy Vanderveer, Juanita Lambert. Anne Pully 1 ice-Presiden 1 Second Row: Atwood Russell, Phillip Redman, Eugene ilsun, Helen Dorothy Vanderveer Secretary Lacy, Emogene Thomas, Daisy Morgan, Elaine Cassel, Betty Michie, Anne Myra Wilson Treasurer Hicks, Mary Lou Widell, Mildred Faulkner. Harold Metheny President George Harlow i’ice-President Officers Ann Hollingsworth Secretary Priff Profitt Treasurer Seated — Left to right: Harold Metheny, George Harlow, Ann Hollings worth, Priff Profitt, Bill Rodgers. Standing: Ed Burcher, Ward Hildreth, Ernest Kincaid, Hoover Hicks, Billy Hicks, Guy Ellis, C leora Smith, Betty Jo Mann. Library Assistants Left to right: Tanis Lascola Mary Alice Parker ( lloria Rhinesmitli Martha Smith June Jones Office Assistants First Row, left to right Jean Curtis Kathryn W arc Betty Michie Second Row: Frances Chapman Dot Wilson Lawrence Dolan Third Row: George Seburn Mrs. Hill Betty Curtis Shirley Harlow Jackie Church Jackie Canepa Remembrance Committee Left to right: Joan Petty Sally Hamilton Gladys Baptist Joyce Brown Mrs. Mc.Phail Bulletin Board Committee Standing — left to right: Mrs. Chappell Dorothy Wilson Hazel Hudgins Eleanor Lute Ruth Ann W orth Seated — Left to right: Estelle Garnand Leona Kornhaus Cafeteria Committee Left to right: Ramona Flowers Adele Miller Shirley Collier Joan Marshall Anne McCay Shirley Martin Doris Wood Glenna Petty Miss Porterfield, standing Scrap Book Committee Left to right: Kathleen Smith Lydell Turner Montaing Brown Elsie Nelms OH HAPPY DAY! HALLOWE’EN First Row — Left to right: Ellen Howard, Doris Carter, Wilda Hoffman. Second Row: Grover Long, Beatrice Helmick, Harry Benson, Ernest Jones, Thomas Swain, Russell Cook, Shirley Shelton, Barbara Davis, Helen McDowell, Judy Brocken- brough. The Can-Can Boys in the ’Teen Age Minstrel First Row — Left to right: Mary Ann Worthington. Second Row: Allen Coleman, Al- bert Mitchell, Donnie Ashby, Carl- ton Overman. Third Row: Victor Walker, Eugene Harris, Buddy Greene. BOOK WEEK The Rotary Club of Warwick County spon- sored a book week contest this year, award- ing a prize to the pupil bringing the most books. Buddy Greene won first prize, bringing one hundred and eighty- tour books; Patricia Altwegg was second with a total of one hundred and sixty-six. During this drive, approximately twenty-two hundred books were added to the library by students of the high school and ele- mentary grades. Left to right: Leo Williams, Buddy Greene, Patsy Altwegg. HALLOWE’EN FROLIC First Row — Seated — Left to right: Bobby Wilkins, Ida Martin, Gene Bonewell, Willy Welstead, Paula Hill, Ruth Melza, Coritha Ragland, Betty Robertson, Donald Ellis, Ann Loving (Drum Major), Barbara Klink, Betty Stembridge, Gertrude Bateman, Jean Ball, Brian Grigsby, Tommy Bates, Elon Curtis, Ralph Carier, Ramsey Knox. Second Row — Seated: Nancy Bloxom, Kenward Hill, Bobby Sherrill, Billy Ingram, Zern Davis, Bill Newell, Edward Kennedy, Johnny Murdock, Majorettes: Joyce Rid- dings, Lesa Anderson; Doris Jones, Mary Ann Worthington, Snookie Jones, Charles Copperidge, David Carico, Phillip Klick, Ray Hudson, Carl Keyser, Henry Stephenson. Third Row: Joe Nesbit, Bradly DeAlba, Bobby Hurd, Eddie Ford, Jackie Phelps, Russell Brooks, Kenneth DeLappe, Sonny Hurd, Bill Parkerson, Ben Lingerfelt, Janice Wilkins, Charles Ripley, Lamar Thompson, Robert Brandt, Teddy Masters, Sonny Hearon. Fourth Row — Standing: Rita Backos, Billy Holt, Billy Woodruff, Kay Reed, Wesley Gibson, J. T. Sowell, Horace Edwards, Cary Martin, Alice Smith, Ann Ogburn, Christ- ena Massie, Jackie Tonkin, Tommy Feamster, Ish Matheny, Berle Hornsby, Toy Wat- son, Creasy Hicks, Pat Earle, Norris Edwards, G. T. Slusser (Director), Marion McGann. Fifth Row — Standing: Winfred Moore, Virginia Mae Fox, Jimmie Leftwich, Beatrice Walker, Jimmie Drummond, Catherine Ware, David Phelps, Priff Proffitt, John Lamont, Cathryne Fox, Francis P erry , M. G. Lozow, Bernard Parker, Randolph Dale. Sixth Row: W. J. Schultz, Tommy Swaine. arw ic L High Sd 100I Band Here at Warwick High we have a school band this year. Mr. Slusser, the instructor, began with only five students who were familiar with band work. Now the band is composed of sixty-one pupils whom he taught well enough to present a con- cert on March eight for students and parents in the community. The band, led by six majorettes, a drum major, and a mascot, marched and played for football games. IN THE CAFETERIA FARMERS, MT.VERNON MORRISON AND MEET HERE TONIGHT T0 MEET HERE Glee Club Organizes Morrison Ties With Mt. Vernon “Moose” Hudson, Morrison full- •p a r tn £ s Mortwn 0 „er » WOT ete«» 1 " •» •partner— w pere sorfollt tonig Mexa nder P ar at 8. BOOK WEEK IN COUNTY OPENS L j!L kli s 01 »M High Churchland Hi Meets Morrison igets Take arroers, »- u Junior Closs Visits Williamsburg The Junior Ann chaperone c eV. WSft ' v ' 7 AT MORRISON’S FATHERS’ NIGHT- telebrated a Fathers’ night recently at tl represented. In the picture are 1 - e ‘ Chaplain Willard w vice prr ' ’ Interesting Highlights Cited In Warwick High School Week , t H. S. Bend £ . — rATA To Get Nen Campn ' S " . v a 1 ' " ' 0 ' 5 is fnvthitvg W iuh has ahy din g w , vrtU, v a ° the cWh ' resld e diiectioh ' VS X er- Morrison Girls Blast George Wythe, 51-2 The Morrison high school girls sextette last night overwhelmed the George Wythe junior high school girls, 51 to 2, on the Farmerettes home court. The George Wythe girls did not score a single field goal and made their score via two free throws. Morrison led at half- time, 18-1. Morrison Schedules Two Rivals Morrison high school’s new edition of basketeers will meet the St. Vin- cent’s boys’ team, from Newport News, this afternoon in the Morrison school gym, and tomorrow’ night will take on the Newport News high school junior varsity in a prelimi- nary to the big game. CRADOCK TONIGHT CarnW MORRISON TRAMPLES POQUOSON, 27 TO 0 W a U V e en Yl 3l,P T ° ved V the The Morrison Farmers literally ' • under the Poquoson high • " •iterday at the Mor- ale ev ents Highlights Of Warwick High Activities For Week Listed Highlights and interesting events in activities at Warwick County high school, Morrison, are announc- ed by L. Waverly Anderson, prin- cipal. Book Week To Continue Thru November 10 Consunr»© r (G. l C.) Club Over 1,200 Meals Served Each Day To Warwick School Pupils VlARYflCK HS PTATOMfH SUFFOLK TAKES CLASS B CROWN, WHIPS FARMERS Suffolk’s Red Raiders annexed the eastern district Class B football championship in Peanut Park lac , " jght at the exnen ie of the Morrl- Morrison ! ' es With b -J: Vernon Taking gym? Class time ! ! Love ? Big babies Smiles Beauty Let’s go Friendship Day dreaming? The Beauty Queen and Her Court Standing — Left to right: Nadine Jones; Virginia Ross, the Maid of Honor; Betty Jane Curtis, Beauty Queen; Jackie Canepa; Anne Pully. Sitting: Louise Barclay; Rita Backos; Rowena Simpson; Elsie Nelms; Patricia Stowitts - v V , ZjJLjz- ' - A HORSE S HOW Fishing and hunting are the healthful outdoor sports which have always been popular in Warwick County. Football, basketball, baseball, and physical educa- tion in our schools are today enthusiasti- cally supported by the community as well as by the students. The 1945 football season was highly successful here at War- wick High. This year’s team will be long remembered as one of courage and fight. Although this year ' s record shows that the Warwick lads lost four confer- ence games while winning three, it doesn’t tell the complete story. Being handicapped by the loss of thirteen letter men didn’t stop the Farmers. They fought hard against all opposition and re- fused to lose a conference fray by more than a lone touchdown. Too much praise can not be given to the new coaching staff. Coaches Bobby Spangler and Bill O ' Hara have done a thorough job in teaching and perfecting a strong football team. Not only have they developed a good team in this past year, but have planned a strong team for the future season. Once again the students of Warwick County High bow to the fine job done by our team in the past season. The fight that our squad showed will live long in the heart of every student. ing power plays, the Farmers downed the Churchlanders, 13-0. WARWICK 0— THOMAS JEF- FERSON 25 The warm up battle with the powerful class “A” aggregation from Richmond proved too much for the light Farmers, who were on the short end of a 25-0 count. WARWICK 6 — NORVIEW 13 Opening their class “B” con- ference schedule, the Maroon and Gold crossed the bay to drop a close 13 to 6 game to Norview. WARWICK 13— CHURCH LAN I) 0 The following Friday night found 2300 fans jamming the Ap- prentice Stadium to see the Warwick lads play their first home game. Combining timely passing and driv- WARWICK 0— OCEANA 7 Fresh from their first victory, the Fighting Farmers crossed the ' river to take on a strong team from Oceana. This game will he long remembered as the most weird ever played by a Warwick team. The game ended in favor of Oceana, 7 to 0. WARWICK 13— CRADDOCK 0 The Warwick team got back to conference competition on the next Friday night when they met the Craddock Admirals. It was a rough and tough battle all the way through, with the Farmers winning 13-0. WARWICK 27— POQUOSON 0 The easiest opponent of the year was Poquoson. The Farmer’s straight football was too much class for the Poquoson team. The Warwick hoys compiled 27 points to Poquoson’s zero. WARW ICK 12— MOUNT VERNON 12 WARWICK 0— SOUTH NORFOLK 6 Getting back to conference games, the Warwick squad put on a superman job against a highly fav- ored South Norfolk team, hut finally gave way to the hig South Norfolk aggregation, 6-0. WARWICK 12— SUFFOLK 13 Being out of Class “B” race, the Fighting Farmers decided to make the championship-bound Suffolk Red Raiders fight for the honor. The Warwick team’s courage will long be remembered. On a last minute run, a Suffolk back crossed the Warwick goal to win, 13 to 12. The Warwick eleven played host to a fast Mount Vernon team from Washington on the next week’s card. This game was packed with excitement throughout. Fast running attacks, trick plays, and long passes sparked the play. This game, although non-conference, was marked as a battle of equal ability. FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row — Left to right: Robert Fisher, Larry Graves, Courtney Howell, Jack Massie, Billy Holland, Robert Ward, Jack Harris, Thomas Swain, Neff Matthews. Second Row: Earl Moser, Jewitt Graves, Douglas Petty, Guy Ellis, George Harlow, “Mike” Mitchell, Dale Bippus, Leo Williams, Harvey Lee Hudgins, Eugene Sweat, Jack Hudson, Tommy Bonnett. Third Row: Freddie Burcher, Harold Nuttall, Bobby Updyke, Monte Shinn, Jack Fox, Troy Palmer, Roy Jennings, Bob Elliot, Jack Gerton. Fourth Row: Walter Wildman, Bobby Casidy, David Phelps, Dixon Roberts, Patrick Thomson, Billy Hood, Sidney Niles, Jimmy Curtis, Glover Garner. Cheerleaders Standing — left to right: Mary Jane Wood Elsie Nelms Jackie Canepa Madolyn Gandy Patricia Stowitts Kneeling — left to right: Mary Ann Worthington Nancy Moore Vivian Shultz Dot Wilson Allene Neal Louise Barclay First Row — Left to right: Doug Petty, Earl Moser, Ashton Clarke, Billy Mitchell. Second Row: Monty Shinn, Eddie Elliot, Glover Gardner, Guy Ellis, Billy Hicks. Third Row: Coach Bill O’Hara, Jack Campbell, Priff Profitt, Neff Mathews, Paige Flowers, George Harlow, Hoover Hicks and Courtney, Howell, Manager. Basketball 45 and 46 As Ole Man Winter rolled around, the Warwick High School Athletes re- treated to their cozy, red hrick gym. There, under the leadership of Coach O’Hara, they rounded into a strong court aggregation. Although lacking in the essential assets of height and experience, the Maroon and Gold became a likely contender for the conference crown. Many times during the season, things looked as though the Warwick lads were going to become conference champions. This hope was relinquished as the Farmers became shy of hitting the meshes. Playing the strongest schedule ever, the Wa rwick team gave an excellent performance. In conference competition, the War- wick squad met highly experienced teams, and were slid able to count eight wins against five losses. To add to their season’s records, the Warwick Five won nine non-conference games against one defeat. The main reason for the past season’s success is the patience and guidance of Coach Bill O’Hara. With his jumping-jack ag- gressiveness, it was never doubtful that the Farmer team wou ' d be one of the best. Credit too should he heaped upon the lads whose high spirit made Warwick a threat to all other teams. As appreciation for the fine work done by the team, Coach O’Hara took his boys on a week end trip to the nation’s capitol, where the lads of Warwick played some of the finer teams in the Washington area. BILL O HARrt, Coach To open the season, the Warwick lads met a sharp team from St. Vincent’s. Al- though this contest was tight all the way, the Farmers held command and went on to win, 28-24. On January 4, the Warwick squad played host to a hard fighting Church- land team. The Farmers went on to win by a landslide score of 39-20. This was the Farmers’ initial conference game. Traveling to Norfolk the following Friday night, the Farmer quint found it too hard to hit the hoops on a strange court. The South Norfolk crew poured in plenty of two pointers to take the Farmers by a 45-27 score. The hard fighting Warwickmen rein- stated themselves as they bowled over a weak Poquoson Five by a 38-13 score, leading at the half 20 to 10. The Far- mers had things their way, scoring at will. Back in the conference race on the next Tuesday, the spirited Warwick crew met a fast Broad Creek team. Tak- ing a lead of 8-2 at first period, the O - Hara-men amassed 37 points to the West- siders 18. Placing their fourth conference game before a packed crowd, the Warwick aggregation tripped a highly defensive Suffolk team by a 27-22 count. This was the most exciting game yet played by the Warwick-men. Hope for the conference championship was weakened when a strong squad of courtmen crossed the river from Alex- ander Park. The Park boys gave the Farmers their second defeat of the sea- son. The final score was 32-20. Crossing the bay, the Farmers en- gaged a fighting Craddock squad. This game was an equal battle all the way. The score at the half time found the Warwick Five leading 16-12. Although the Admirals fought constantly, the Warwick team had the most points and that was the deciding factor. Returning home on the next Friday night, the Farmers found the going tough when they hooked up with an undefeated Norview team. All hope of the cham- pionship went out the window as the powerful Norviewians dropped in 16 field goals and 10 free throws to Warwicks’ 5 and 6 respectively. The final score was 42 to 16. The game proved that exper- ience is an important factor in any sport. After recuperating from their Nor- view loss, the Farmers managed to out- score a doubtful team from Oceana. Leading half way the Warwickers came out on the top end of a 21 to 13 count. On the next Friday evening the War- wick lads took a 33 to 18 licking from a sharp-shooting Alexander Park team. The calibre of the Park team had chang- ed very little. The Parkers nearly dup- licated their first victory over the Farm- ers. The Farmers engaged an improved Churchland team in their next battle. The fact that the local Five got off to a fly- ing start was the deciding factor. The Churchland team was unable to over- come the Farmer’s lead. The Warwick lads, who were ahead at the end of each quarter won by a 30 to 24 score. Craddock High School was the next ob- jective in the Farmers’ way. Although Warwick defeated them in their first meeting, the Craddock lads turned the tables and poured it on the locals, by a score of 31 to 23. In the final period, Warwick was unable to stave off the offensive power of the Portsmouth team. As the season was drawing to a close, the O’Hara-coached-Five crossed the bay to Norview. For the second time of the season, Warwick fell before the powerful Pilot team. The final score was a 54 to 24. Playing for the last conference game of the season, the Farmers were host to a high-spirited Suffolk team. This game will be remembered as a battle of equal ability with Warwick being a victor by a score of 29 to 22. First Row Left to right: Kathleen Smith, Edith Morrissette, Barbara Williams, Patsy Tighe, Catherine Fox. Second Row: Betty Islin (manager), Nancy Nicholson, Ann Caliis, Elizabeth Deuell, Billie Abernathy, Judy Brockenbough, Emogene Thomas, Miss Frances Hawley (Coach). Third Row: Joyce Knight, Evelyn Burns, Evelyn Allen, Mildred Faulkner, Doris Richardson, Mary Ann Worthington, June Jones. Girls Basketball The 1945-46 girls’ basketball sea’son was somewhat hectic. Playing the big- gest schedule ever played by a Warwick girls’ team, the Farmerettes gained valuable experience that will aid them in the future. Under the leadership of coach Frances Hawley, the feminine Maroon and Gold gave the students plenty of excitement. Slow in hitting the win column, the Warwick lasses dropped six in a row. They made a comeback, however, and re- instated themselves with four victories in their next five. Much credit is due to the team, whose undying spirit staved off defeat and added many victories to the season’s records. ■■■ First Row — Left to right: Dale Bippus, Earl Moser, Dick Clark, Leo Williams, Sandros Ayscue. Second Row — Left to right: Coach Bill O’Hara, Bobby Updike, Ernie Kincaid, Joe Snow, Moty Dumas, Courtney Howell. ki i.jr. . i " ■ Baseball 46 The 1946 baseball season is getting underway as The Warwick goes to press. Indoor workouts and arm loosening exercises have begun. This year’s team will be under the reins of our new coach, Bill O’Hara. Last season saw the best team produced in the history of the school scamper off with runner-up honor in the Eastern district conference. While winning nine games, the Farmers dropped three very close ones ; that cost them the champion- ship. The ’46 team’s prospect is a bright one with seven lettermen returning. These lettermen will give coach O’Hara plenty of experience with which to work. Put- ting this asset with Coach O’Hara’s modern baseball ideas should turn out a team that will take top honors. As the springtime approaches, the Warwick schedule is incomplete, but con- ference teams that will compete with the Farmers are Suffolk, Churchland, Nor- view, Craddock, Broad Creek, Alexander Park, and Oceana. I Education “Practice Makes Perfect.” Dribble, Dribble, Little Star” Two More Points 1 rack S eason ’46 The 1946 track season will be in full swing by the time The Warwick reaches the press. This year’s team will be under the leadership of coach Bobby Spangler. Coach Spangler is making his debut as a track coach at W arwick and will experiment with many new ideas in order to turn out a strong team. He believes that track will serve as a foundation for a strong athletic division and is a necessary step toward the development of high school athletes. Although track is a comparative- ly new sport at Warwick High, the ' 46 season promises to be a good one. Last season saw ' the Farmer fieldmen participate in only two meets, one of which was the Dis- trict Meet of all class “B” Schools. In this affair the Farmers took second honor. They gained first in several events. The Warwick aggregation is ex- pected to be strong in the dashes and distance runs since several of last year ' s veterans are returning. The weight department will probably be the Farmers’ chief problem. The 1946 schedule is incomplete as yet ; however, the Warwick squad has re- ceived invitations to the class “B” District Meet, the University of Virginia’s Spring Indoor Meet and the Apprentice Field Meet. To cope with these outside contests, coach Spangler is planning to stage enough home meets to maintain the student’s interest. BOB SPANGLER, Coach The good relationship existing between Warwick County High School and the community in which it is located is indi- cated by the splendid support which local merchants through their advertisements have given this yearbook. NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING and DRY DOCK COMPANY ★ NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA ★ COMPLIMENTS 0 F R. H. SEWARD SON STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES ★ Phone 61654 J. F. TILGHMAN, INC. COMPLIMENTS oOo O F REALTORS, RENTAL AGENTS HATHCOCK LOANS and GENERAL JEWELRY INSURANCE C 0. oOo Dial 4-1941 0O0 122 — 26th Street 2710 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Newport News, Virginia oOo Nelson Overton, Sec. and Treas. COMPLIMENTS MAHANES b CARNEAL oOo Groceries O F Meats — Produce — Oysters " BILL " BONSOR oOo 9061 Warwick Road Dial 2-3381 COMPLIMENTS SPORTS BOWL “Bozvling At Its Best” oOo 0 F 24 Deluxe Brunswick Alleys MITCHELL FLORIST 7400 Virginia Avenue Dial 2-4151 oOo oOo Complete Fountain and Sandwich Hilton Village — Oyster Point Service oOo R. C. Nichols, General Manager ...RADIO— A PUBLIC SERVICE— RADIO .. . 0OO00 Providing Entertainment Enlightenment Inspiration Assistance Education Radio Station WGH Affiliated With American Broadcasting Company Tune To 1340 0OOO0 THE DAILY PRESS— TIMES HERALD STATION N. NORWOOD FERGUSON 00OO0 INSURANCE 00O00 PHONE 2-5643 00O00 NELSON BUILDING NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Established 1900 H. MASSELL Mens Furnishings oOo SHOES AND HATS oOo 3506 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F H. C. RIPLEY ooOoo General Merchandise ooOoo Denbigh, Virginia 2600 Washington Avenue Pianos Accordions Newport News, Virginia oOo 0O0 SPIGEL BROS. Compliments Ok 0O0 THOMAS PIANO CO. Furniture — Easy Terms oOo 0O0 Beds. Mattresses, Springs, Studios “The Best In Music ” and Living Room Suites oOo Exclusive Agents For FORT-EUSTIS RESTAURANT 00OO0 Selmer, Holton, King, Koeder Rand Instruments oOo Sheet Music — Records oOo our Specialty at Martin — Gibson Guitars Reasonable Prices E. A. HARPER CO. oOo 00OO0 Wholesale Distributors Fairfax Hall Food Products STEAKS, CHOPS, CHICKEN Serving Peninsula Merchants SMITHFIELD HAMS oOo Our Specialties American C OMPLIMENTS O F Field and Poultry Fence Flintkote and Keasbev and Mattison W. B. WILLIAMS 0O0 FURNITURE 0O0 Asbestos Siding oOo Dial Newport News 4-1408 — 4-1409 oOo 225 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News, Virginia Patronize Home-Owned Stores oOo oOo Dial 6-1971 MORRISON, YA. Phone 4-1496 P. O. Rox 265 G. W. Coleman, Manager 0O0 PENINSULA SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED 0O0 LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS 0O0 34th Street and Virginia Avenue Newp ort News Virginia CHAPEL PARK, VIRGINIA ooOOo WHITE ' S GROCERY ooOOo GROCERIES and FRESH MEAT ooOoo HAY— GRAIN— FEED Newport News, Virginia Telephone 2-1061 COMPLIMENTS OF EDWIN A. JOSEPH ★ PAINT PRODUCTS COMPANY COMPLETE PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICE 0O0 OIL BURNERS WINKLER STOKERS oOo TIDEWATER HEATING C 0. oOo MORRISON, VIRGINIA oOo Phone 2-6240 Virginia Engineering Co. Inc. General Contractors oOo GOVERNMENT INDUSTRIAL MUNICIPAL oOo Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F ...HANNA ' S... oOo Individual Ladies’ Apparel oOo Washington Avenue oOo Next to Palace Theatre COMPLIMENTS OF OLIVER Cr ROANE oOo SOUND EQUIPMENT Exclusively oOo Engineering and Rental Service oOo Newport News, Virginia — Dial 6-1281 CLARK ' S CREDIT CLOTHIER oOo Outfit The Entire Family On One Account oOo Phone 6-1261 oOo 3200 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia oOo H. B. Halfin, Manager COMPLIMENTS OF oOo oOo Rouse-Carper Funeral Home HAROLD A. CARPER SUCCESSORS TO W. E. ROUSE ooOoo 234-236 Twenty-Fifth Street, Newort News, Virginia Dial 5-1510 Ambulance Service PARAMOUNT FLORIST ooOoo 210 Thirty-Third Street W. D. Holt Earl Shepherd Newport News, Va. Phones: 3-1012 Night: 6-1510 NEWPORT NEWS TRANSFER STORAGE COMPANY ooOoo John W . Gunter Charles V. Gunter HUNDLEY APPLEWHITE, INC. ooOoo REAL-ESTATE INSURANCE NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 0. J. BRITTINGHAM COMPANY ooOoo Plombing — Roofing Heating Sheet Metal Work ooOoo 331 Thirty-Second Street Newport News, Virginia Florida Orange Store ooOoo " If It ' s Good To Eat— We Have It " ooOoo 3208 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS 0 F Stebbins Distributing Company, Inc. ★ 16th Street — Virginia Avenue ★ Newport News Virginia " NICK " ALLEN MOTORS ★ Your Buick Dealer ★ Huntington Ave. at 30th St. Newport News .... Virginia W. T. PHILLIPS b SON ★ Ash For Phillips Preferred POTATO CHIPS ★ MANUFACTURED BY W. T. PHILLIPS SON HAMPTON, VIRGINIA 0. M. STEVENS Newsome Air Conditioning Company A. E. NEWSOME. OWNER General Merchandise OIL BURNERS, AIR CONDITIONERS. 0 O 0 AUTOMATIC HEATING UNITS. Amoco Dealer DUCT SYSTEMS SHEET METAL WORK— WELDING 0 O 0 Route 60 Dial 2-2821 PHONE 71871 2714 VIRGINIA AVE. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS O F oOo W. J. LYTTLE BARR BROTHERS Service Stations JEWELERS oOo 3005 Washington Avenue COMPLIMENTS WATSON GIES CO. oOo O F AUTOMOTIVE PARTS SHAW JEWELRY CO. AND SUPPLIES ooOOo oOo 2809 Washington Avenue 34th Street and Virginia Avenue Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F O F JOHN C. B. HAWKINS oOo UNIVERSAL AUTO SALES WATCHMAKER ooOoo oOo PACKARD Room b Melson Building Newport News, Virginia SALES and SERVICE •THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ★ NEWPORT NEWS, VA. COMPLIMENTS O F ABBITTS HILTON BOND BREAD PHARMACY INC. ★ ★ REGISTERED BARCLAY SONS PHARMACISTS ★ REGISTERED JEWELERS AND HOTEL WARWICK 00OO0 CERTIFIED GEMOLOGISTS The Peninsula ' s Host for Comfort 00O00 250 ROOMS ★ 0O0 H. L. Graham, Manager 2912 Washington Avenue 0O0 Newport News, Virginia Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF THE BCCADWA y 0OOO00OOO0 COMPLIMENTS oOOOooOOOo O F £2c amM FOR BETTER XJfUfCA WAS ' . ' . " ' 370 ' I A“ r 0TH NuV 1 0i T K . j COMPLIMENTS O F H U E L L E R S oOOOooOOOo oOOOooOOOo O0O0Q000O OoooOoooO COMPLIMENTS 0 F YOUR COMMUNITY BANK’ ★ BANK OF WARWICK Hilton Village, Virginia Member F.D.I.C. NEWS OF THE WORLD ON YOUR DOORSTEP 0OOO0 A copy of The Daily Press or Times Herald is just like having the world on your doorstep! For accurate, up-to- the-minute news of the world get the habit of regularly reading “The Peninsula’s Newspapers,” which present latest dispatches from the Associated Press. 00O00 The Daily Press Times Herald (Mornings and Sundays) (Afternoons Except Sundays) 0OOO0 " THE PENINSULA ' S NEWSPAPERS " 00O00 Newport News, Virginia Cavalier Cleaners 0OOO0 • DRY CLEANING • PRESSING • ALTERATIONS 0OOO0 Phone 2468 oOOOo Lee Hall Virginia HARDWARE— PAINTS WALL PAPERS Phelps HARDWARE PAINT CO. oOo 9909 Warwick Road Hilton Village, Va. oOo Dial 51809 oOo Electrical Appliances Sporting Goods COMPLIMENTS O F . . . THE TOT SHOP . . . oOOOo 347 Warwick Road Hilton Village Virginia oOOOo CATERING TO THE CHILDREN OF WARWICK CO. oOOOo APPAREL GIFTS— TOYS Compliments Of SHACKELFORD AUTO CO., INC. Newport News, Virginia DODGE DODGE TRUCKS PLYMOUTH IN THE INTEREST OF BETTER HOMES MAPPT HOME rTjRNiSMERi COMPLIMENTS OF A. J. PONTON, JR. ★ Morrison, Virginia •DOUGLAS PITT 0OOO0 125 — 26th Street, Newport News, Va. 00O00 Dial 2-3117 2-2559 oOOOo ‘ 22 YEARS CONTINUOUS INSURANCE” COMPLIMENTS OF COLONY BEAUTY SHOPPE COSTUME JEWELRY— COSMETICS— GIFTS For Appointments Dial 2-4101 MODERN SHOE REPAIR SHOP W. R. Newton, Proprietor REPAIRING OF ALL LEATHER GOODS Suit Cases, Jackets, Zippers Put in Coats, Welding Suits, Etc. 3502 Washington Avenue Dial 5-1711 Newport News, Virginia Epes Stationery Co. Inc. 0O0 2908 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia 0O0 DIPLOMAS FRAMED 0O0 Phone 31688 COMPLIMENTS OF W. G. BOWEN b CO. 0O0 Realtors — Insurance Rent and Loans 0O0 136 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News, Virginia A. C. BLACK COMPLIMENTS O F oOo Real Estate Agent oOo BENSON PHILLIPS 345 Warwick Road INCORPORATED Hilton Village, Va. oOo Sales — Rentals — Insurance QUALITY SERVICE ...DRINK... TELLS SELLS ROYAL CROWN COLA ooOoo ★ Just Ask For “WE KNOW HOW” ooOOo HILTON " R C " CLEANERS ★ ooOoo 331-333 Warwick Road Bottled By Nehi Bottling Co. Hilton Village, Va. Dial 4-1981 Builders Service GENERAL CONTRACTORS 0OOO0 PLUMBING . . . HEATING . . . ELECTRICAL WORK CONCRETE WORK . . . PLASTERING PAINTING 0OOO0 Store Front Construction Specialists 00O00 Free Estimates Phone 4-1716 3100 Virginia Ave. N EWPORT NEWS FEED COMPANY 0O0 DISTRIBUTORS OF “B. F. C ” Poultry, Hog, Dairy FEEDS 0O0 Phone 7-1931 B. F. GOODRICH oOo TIRES— TUBES— BATTERIES oOo AUTO and HOME SUPPLIES oOo Wash. Ave. and 38th St. Phone 6-1329 3108 Virginia Avenue Phone Lee Hall 2-941 William ' s Service Station 0O0 LEE HALL GARAGE Lee Hall, Virginia Esso Gas and Oil . oOo 0O0 Sandwiches, Drinks, Tobaccos P. D. Trotter, Proprietor 0O0 oOo Lee Hall, Virginia GAS . . OIL . . ACCESSORIES " Your Community Store ” H. M. Clements Company General Merchandise 0O0 WASHING . . GREASING AUTO REPAIRING oOo Amoco Products LEE HALL, VA. oOo 0O0 Phone 2-011 Phone Lee Hall 2-911 THERE’S ALLEN JEWELRY CO. A oOo FORD 2902 Washington Avenue IN Newport News, Virginia YOUR oOo FUTURE Dial 2-1412 ★ CURTIS J. MIRMELSTEIN ' S oOo MOTOR 3106 Washington Avenue C 0. oOo “Men’s Wear Since 1897 ’ ★ oOo Arrow Shirts — Griffon Clothes LEE HALL, VIRGINIA Stetson Hats COMPLIMENTS O F LA VOGUE SHOPPE Rosenbaum Hardware Company, Inc. 0O0 Phone 6-1334 0O0 2608-2610 Washington Avenue Newport News Virginia . . . G. D. PERRY . . . ooOoo HARDWARE AND SUPPLIES 00OO0 7328 Virginia Avenue Newport News Virginia ooOoo Phone 7-1341 COMPLIMENTS O F DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY ★ 410 Warwick Road Hilton Village, Va. C. F. WRIGHT SONS oOo Bolts — Rods— Plates oOo Channels, Beams, Blacksmithing and Steel Work 336 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News, Virginia oOo Dial 2-1351 COMPLIMENTS OF Williams, Coile Pipino Lyle Swiger oOo Associated Architects and Engineers oOo Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F COMPLIMENTS P. S. WARD 0O0 O F BILL ' S BARBECUE ESSO SERVICE OOO OOO Warwick Road and Ri Vermont Drive Newport News Virginia 78 Virginia Ave. De Soto Plymouth COMPLIMENTS OF COFER MOTOR SALES 00O000OO00 0O0 Wesley R. Cofer, Proprietor oOo 2910-12 Huntington COMPLIMENTS Dial 61668 O F BECK ' S WARWICK HIGH P. T. A. BREAD 0OO0000O00 0O0 Baked In Newport News, Va. FREEMAN FUR SHOP Phone 5-1250 0O0 member f.t.d.a Fireproof Cold Storage 0O0 oOo EVELYN H. COLEMAN All Kinds of Furs Cleaned, Stored, Remodeled Florist oOo 0O0 Dial 2-1761 2607 Washington Avenue 3101-3103 Huntington Avenue Newport News Virginia Wythe Esso Servicenter ★ 2207 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Virginia ★ A. D. Mountjoy, Manager Phone 29641 COMPLIMENTS O F JOHN SEXTON CO. ★ WHOLESALERS COMPLIMENTS O F ED PARKER ' S GARAGE ★ Route 60 Phone 22834 SEE OUR NEW and USED CRUISERS oOo ALWAYS ON HAND SEVERAL FINE YACHTS oOo C. P. AMORY, DISTRIBUTOR, INC. oOo 108 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News Virginia oOo Distributors For Three Fine Lines Matthews, Richardson, Owens YACHT BROKERS COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE OF Bank of Hampton Roads HAMPTON ROADS 0O0 ■ Washington Avenue at 33rd Street Loyd Lumsden, L.L.B., President Kecoughtan Road at Wythe ■ 0O0 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS “It on are Never a Stranger After ADMINISTRATION Your First Visit’’ ' PARKER SPENCER ■ College Trained Faculty SUPERIOR TRAINING FOR 0O0 " Distinctive Horn? Furnishers ” SELECTED STUDENTS ooo THE HOME OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS oOo W. M. Parker . . . . L. E. Spencer ■i Day and Evening Classes j Open All Year Low Tuition High Standards GRADUATES PLACED FREE 0O0 ■ Dial 2-2042 212-14— 28th St. 3112 West Avenue Newport News Virginia Phone 2-181 1 for The Best in 0OO000OOO0 MODEL BUILDERS AND COMPLIMENTS ATHLETIC SUPPLIES 0 F ■ THE NEWPORT NEWS WATERWORKS SOUTHERN ATHLETIC SUPPLY COMMISSION CO. m 0OOO00OOO0 116 North Seventh Street Richmond .... Virginia YOUNG K. GAYLE HARRIS-BRENAMAN, INC. 0O0 GENERAL INSURANCE ■ 0O0 ATHLETIC SUPPLIES IF IT IS INSURANCE SPORTING GOODS “We Can Handle It” ■ 0O0 103 Law Building 717 East Grace Street Newport News Richmond 19, Virginia Virginia Dial 32241 WANT ACTION? 0O0 White Optical Company List The Property You Have For Sale oOo PRESCRIBED OPTICIANS With Bailey Realty Company oOo Dial 2-1251 oOo 0O0 116 — 33rd St., Newport News, Va. Dial 2-2231 Medical Arts Building Newport News, Va. Congratulations to the Graduates 1 and Best Wishes for Their Success in Their New Adventures Blechman ' s Youth Center oOo 3202 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia ■ oOo . . . R. G. SUDDITH . . . Dial 51793 ★ COMPLIMENTS OF MORRISON ELEMENTARY AND WARWICK COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA ★ OoooOoooO OoooOoooO Warwick Laundry Dry Cleaning . . . QUALITY SINCE 1900 . . . ★ Phone 4-1421 ★ NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA OoooOoooO OoooOoooO H. F. TAYLOR COMPLIMENTS OF DRUCKER FALK 0O0 oOo Batteries, Gas and Oils Real Estate 0O0 AND Mutual Insurance Russes For Hire oOo Phone Lee Hall 2734 1.34 — 26th St. Phone 6-1687 Newport News, Va. ROLLER SKATE AT THE COMPLIMENTS J E F F - P R 1 A R O F RINK ■ RULANE GAS SERVICE, INC. Jefferson Ave. at Briarfield Road oOo Dial 2-2461 “AVAILABLE ANYWHERE” COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F AUSTRIAN ' S CLEANERS O F YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP oOo 3403 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Lawrence Barber Shop 0O0 3210 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia 0O0 IF e Give the People Our Best and We Receive the Best From Them Batson Realty Company 0O0 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 0O0 501 Law Building 27 East Washington Avenue Dial 6-1624 COMPLIMENTS O F PHILLIP LEVY CO. ■ Visit Our Modern CLOTHING DEPARTMENT ■ The Peninsula ' s Largest Furniture and Clothing Store ■ ONE CONVENIENT ACCOUNT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 2707-09 Washington Avenue . . . W. J. SMITH . . . oOo FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS oOo Calls Promptly Answered DAY AND NIGHT oOo AMBULANCE SERVICE oOo Phone 2-3001 Morrison, Virginia COMPLIMENTS O F Newport News Business College Congratulations and Best Wishes oOo Newport News Office Equipment Company oOo 2404 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia OoooO OoooO Burkholder Dairy ★ ...OFFICES... MAIN OFFICE: DENBIGH— N. N. 2-2861 ★ BRANCH OFFICES: SOUTH HAMPTON. .. SOUTH GARDENS ... HILTON 0OOO0 OoooO OSER BROS. SHOE STORE JACK ' S CLOTHING STORE 0O0 0O0 3215 Washington Avenue 3500 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS 0OO0000O00 O F ANDY ' S BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS 0O0 O F Roy C. Anderson 0O0 MODERN CLEANERS HILTON VILLAGE, VIRGINIA 0OOO00OOO0 CONGRATULATIONS ! You’re moving into a new era of Life — thru which we wish you all the SUCCESS! C. B. Duncan Jimmy Dale DUNCAN b DALE APPLIANCES, INC. for which you’ve labored, and which oOo you so justly deserve. REFRIGERATION for Home and Business wlMvm oOo Progresses With You! Whereas we once served you, First as little Tots — Next, as Children, then as Teens — we now hope to continue to Ranges Washers Radios Records Heaters serve you as Men and Women. 0O0 oOo THE FUTURE BACKBONE OF THE PENINSULA Plenty Parking Space OOO 3400 Virginia Ave. Phone 2-201 1 Phone 2-2011 When you buy, you want to buy something with the quality you can count on. You want the real thing. Your guests want the real thing , too. Coca-Cola is the real thing in refreshment . . . with the quality of genuine goodness. You trust its quality BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COIA COMPANY BY NEWPORT NEWS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1946 IS rnrnm BRINGS HftPPV DRVS 0OOO0 LAUNDERERS and DRY CLEANERS THE VOICE OF CLEANLINESS PLUMBING • HEATING • ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 1. RELIABLE INSTALLATION 2. DEPENDABLE SERVICE Nationally known Quality Products from his local Noland Warehouse Branch NOLAND COMPANY, INC. Wholesale PLUMBING • HEATING • INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES REFRIGERATION • ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES General Offices: Newport News, Va. Local Branch ooOOoOOOo COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F O F PUTNAM ' S DRUG STORE Newport News Auto Exchange oOo 00O000O00 your CHEVROLET dealer ooOOoOOOo 00O000O00 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F O F SILVERMAN FURS SANFORD b CHARLES 00O000O00 0OOO0OOO0 M. P. BREON 0O0 Tire Specialist 0O0 Recapping — Regrooving CONGRATULATIONS TIRE VULCANIZING BATTERIES TO THE 0O0 3401 Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia 0O0 Phone 2-1062 SENIOR CLASS OF ’46 ► CHRYSLER— PLYMOUTH Sales and Service ...HOFHEIMERS... 0O0 General Auto Sales, Inc. 0O0 Phone 2-2913 ■ 3215 Washington Avenue oOo 31st and Huntington Avenue Newport News Virginia Newport News, Virginia When you’re making those post-graduation plans, think of the telephone company. Here’s an essential and expanding business full of opportunities for the ambitious girl. Visit our employment office — 3 30 5 Huntngton Avenue, New- port News — and let us tell you more about telephone work. THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA Newport News Auto Parts Corporation 0O0 Replacement Parts Supplies — Equipment 0O0 124-26 Twenty-Fourth Street Newport News .... Virginia Compliments Of YOUR FARMALL DEALER 00O00 3515 Jefferson Ave. W . L. Gleason Phone 5-1856 ■ COMPLIMENTS O F PENINSULA SHIPBUILDERS ASSOCIATION 00O000O00 COMPLIMENTS O F PENINSULA DAIRY 00O000O00 McClure Printing Company THE RUNNELS PRESS COLLEGE ANNUALS AND CATALOGS FINE ADVERTISING PRINTING 19 West Frederick St. Phone 605 Staunton, Virginia ) ears of experience have taught us! Printing Pays Us Only When It Pays You! Sometimes it is the nature of a craft to create an unbreakable tie between itself and the worker in that field, a heart attachment equal to lifetime devotion. One familiar example is PRINTING. Once editor, once compositor, or press- man catches the spirit of the shop, the spell is seldom broken. Like the odor of d camp fire, or a whiff of salt air, the beloved tang of printer’s ink, symboli- cal of a great profession, gets into your heart and soul. School Annuals, Magazines, Newspapers and Special Printing, all smack of it. It is an invisible link that binds all intelligence together. It is the stimulus for creation in business or romance. This craftsmanship, this devotion to service and alert- ness to business needs, has nourished and developed an enormous industrial vitality, and whichever way the course of the future runs, the printer will always find himself able to adapt his helpfulness to new opportunity. y .AUTOGRAPHS... 1 y hr - a jy ;V $ ' , , .-x _x£ xi. ' w .. o (JJ! ix . X 7 ■ : -x CLzLl- a - 7’ ' -;i 7 ' rf ! y ■ £ V, c o -t-c ’ . ■ ■ 2? ' . • - Ms . f M x r- ' ...AUTOGRAPHS... COUNTY WARWICK Newport News Public Library System X GEORGE WASHINGTON DRANK. TEA HERE DURING ' T«e REVOLUTION. 3T- TRADITION SAYS THE HOUSE Of BURGESSES MET HERE AFTER THE BURNING OF JAMESTOWN. nr- -tuf oldest church in Warwick County. AR«C AMO COMMODIOUS SEATS OF SAMUEL MATTHEWS, NOR OF VIRGINIA. s creek- MERE lay the noiom6S OF EDWARD 5 , ADVENTURER EXTRAORDINARY. POINT- NAMED FOR HUMPHREY BLUMT f •RED At THIS spot BY THE INDIANS. OF DANIEL GOOklN, SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED T INWAHS IN |S22 . ING JAMESTOWN SETTLERS ABANDON D THE X IN 1610- www.nngov.tom library 757-926-1350 Unlock the potential JN BREWSTER BROUGHT NEWS OF MEN AND 1ES AHt SAVED THE COLONY. Foster the su-tc, industry freeholders required To plant mulberry TRBES. v«o - Virginia ' s Money crop. OF WARWICK HIGH SCHOOL.

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