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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1941 volume:

PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF MORRISON HIGH SCHOOL MORRISON, VIRGINIA DEDICATION IN APPRECIATION OF HIS HEARTY COOPERATION IN MAKING THIS YEAR A SUCCESS FOR EACH SENIOR, WE, THE ANNUAL STAFF, DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF She ©aruitrb TO eF. R. MORT iTAFF AMD SPONSOR DORIS DREWERY Advertising Manager C. W. SIMONSON Assistant Editor-in-Chief MR. ROBERT WALKER Sponsor JACK TURLINGTON Business Manager HELEN MEYERS Editor-in-Chief wtr. Mort, Miss Underwood, Mrs. Kelley Miss Carter, Miss Williamson, Mrs. Geddy, Miss Blankenbaker Miss Harwood Mr. Outright, Miss Pitts, Mr. Furniss, Miss Mort Miss Greer, Mbs Shular, Mr. Miller, Miss Giannotti Miss Thorpe, Mr. Walker, Miss Mewborn, Mr. Crigler FOREWORD T LOOKING BACK OF OUR PLEASANT I HIGH SCHOOL DAYS, WE HAVE CHOS- IjEN TO PRESERVE IN THIS VOLUME La FEW OF THE HIGHLIGHTS THAT IN FUTURE YEARS MAY SERVE AS A PLEASANT REMINDER OF THESE DAYS. The Staff of the 1941 Warwick SENIORS SEINflOR Cl 92 g g ° Flower : Ragged Robin President Vice-President Secretary T reas ' urer Seniors : James Milton Adams Raymond Curtis Adams Joyce Jones Ayscue Marjorie Dalton Barber Herbert Allen Barbro Mary Leila Barclay Ruth Marie Barnhart Louise McKay Beck Isabel Garrett Bell Virginia Marguerite Boyd Virginia Bradshaw Warren Baird Brooks Marie Greig Campbell Marjorie Josephine Canavan Julia Edmonia Cauffman James Reginald Cochran Thomas Henry Cooke George Elmore Cowan Jean Larsen Crawford James Vincent Davis Audrey Akers Downs De ris Irene Drewery Motto : To the Stars Througlit Bolts and Bars Officers : ROLL: Lucy Elizabeth Dudley William Easley Leon Crawford Edwards Eva Naomi Eppes Elva Virginia Eubank Mary Catherine Fleming Betty Colleen Fox Audrey Mae Fox Wade Allen Granger Mable Lillian Gross Albert Warren Hall Annie Florence Harris Margaret Adelaide Harris Granville Monroe Hawkins Helen Beatrice Hayes Florence Virginia, Hicks Joseph Thomas Holzbaeh Helen Elizabeth Hudson Joseph Kastelberg Frank Frederick Lange Joseph Charles Lawson Jean Elizabeth Maclay Doris Virginia Mahanes Colors : Green and White Evelyn Constance Martin Beatrice Virginia Merica Carl Heinz Meyer William Otis Miehie Roberta Elizabeth Miley Jane Catherine Mooneyliam Helen Virginia Myers Eline Nicholson Estelle Mae O’Neal Richard James Osborne Emmett Calvin Preston Enid Frances Redman Helen Jean Sanders Clinton Wise Simonson Clifton Clay Stroud Jackie Calvin Turlington Lawrence Mallieotte Walters Alex Ferguson Watson William Henry Wearn Ellen Mae Wharton Margaret Josephine Whiteside Margaret Virginia Wilkins Bena Viola Woodfin FRANK LANGE JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE JOE KASTELBURG EVA EPPES GLADYS MAE ATKINS Though Gladys is a newcomer in the Senior class, we feel sure she has won the hearts of all who know her. May she attain success in anything she undertakes in future life. RAYMOND CURTIS ADAMS “Ray” “Beady, Willing and Able’’ This blue-eyed Romeo of the Senior class has captured the hearts of all the sport loving fans. His football career is outstanding and we feel sure that he will succeed in all his future undertakings. “Ray,” we wish you luck. JOYCE JONES AYSCUE “Juicy” “Precious articles come in small packages’ ’ “Juicy” is small, but capable and pleas- ant. Her outstanding quality — friendliness — will bring her happiness and success in the future. JAMES MILTON ADAMS “Inkie’-’ Milton has gained note by playing grand games of football. He is genial toward all and distant toward none. When he really gets serious he can accomplish some very creditable work. LOUISE McKAY BECK ‘ ‘ Shokty “Precious packages are done up in small parcels ’ ’ Conscientious, honest and fun-loving — that describes “Shorty.” Maybe this pack- age isn ’t diamond but it certainly has the sparkle. ISABEL GARRETT BELL ‘ ‘ ISY ” “I would be friends with you and your love ’ ’ We hear sounds of merriment; we look over in the corner and find “Isy” very much pleased over something. We feel sure that ‘ ‘ Isy ’s ' ’ good nature and friendly way will bring her much success. VIRGINIA MARGUERITE BOYD “The deepest rivers have the least sound’’ With a sweet disposition behind her quiet reserve, Virginia is one of the swellest friends anyone can have. VIRGINIA BRADSHAW ‘ ‘ Gina ’ ’ “Lots of pep, sincere in mind, the truest friend you’ll ever find” ‘ 1 Gina, ’ ’ with her quiet ways and pleasing personality is a lovable, true, and staunch friend. With these qualities “Gina” will lead those ' who succeed in life. MARJORIE DALTON BARBER “Peg” ‘ ‘ A small woman may cast a great shadow ’ ’ During- the short time that “Peg” has been with us, she has won most of our hearts with her congenial smile and pleasant outlook on life. Her blond hair and baby-blue eyes are a specialty with the boys and an envy of every girl. HERBERT ALLEN BARBRO “ Herbert” Herbert, one of our most appreciated Sen- iors, is a quiet, unassuming person. We feel sure he will go far in any field he undertakes. MARY LEILA BARCLAY “ A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market” Combine a sparkling personality and an intellectual mind and you have Leila. Her friendship is loyal and those that enjoy it are rewarded. In whatever she undertakes she will surely succeed. RUTH MARIE BARNHART ‘ ‘ Boots ‘‘Smile and the world smiles with you” ‘ ‘ Boots ’ ’ with her happy-go-lucky ways and yearning for a good time have won her many friends at Morrison High. We sincerely hope that she will travel a long distance on the road to success. WARREN BAIRD BROOKS ‘ ‘ Brooks ’ ’ Whenever old M. H. S. is on the field, Brooks is always there, either on the team or backing- it up with lusty cheering. He’s of a happy-go-lucky disposition, always laughing and — well, you just can ’t make him mad. We feel sure he will carry with him happy memories of the days spent here with us. MARIE GREIG CAMPBELL “What we see depends on what we look for ” Quiet and unassuming in her way, Greig is a favorite among her fellow classmates. With her ambition and her charming person- ality, we anticipate great deeds for her in the future. MARJORIE JOSEPHINE CANAVAN ‘ ‘ Marjorie ’ ’ “Sweetness of disposition charms the soul” When Marjorie receives her sheepskin, she will leave a vacancy at Morrison, that will be hard to fill. She is dependable, true and ever willing to help others. JULIA EDMONIA CAUFFMAN ‘ ‘ Eddie ’ ’ “The blush is beautiful, but it is sometimes inconvenient’’ Eddie takes life as it comes and doesn ’t worry about the future. With her pleasing per- sonality and her chatter-box tendency she lias won many friends at Morrison. THOMAS HENRY COOKE Thomas is one who stays on the brighter side of life through both pleasure arid work. That irresistible grin and chuckle will get him a friend immediately. Besides his joyful pranks, Thomas is very industrious in his work. We hope that success will be with him in his future life. GEORGE ELMORE COWAN ‘ ‘ Precious ’ ’ “All things I thought 1 knew; hut now con- fess the more I know; I know the less’’ George is well-known among his many friends as a good sport and comrade. His good humor and ready smile will take him far along the road to success. JEAN LARSEN CRAWFORD ‘ ‘ Jeanne” “To make the best better’’ Jean ’s love of a good time does not hinder her from getting her lessons. Jean, we hope that you may go far on the road of life. JAMES REGINALD COCHRAN “Jimmie” Jimmie has all the qualities which go into the making of an honest and intelligent citi- sen, and that is saying something. JAMES VINCENT DAVIS “ Jim ” The president of our Junior class and president of Student Government — a likable person and classmate — these form “Jim”. May success go through life with him. AUDREY AKERS DOWNS “Little Audrey” “Laugh and the world laughs with you’’ When Audrey ’s name is mentioned, you immediately think of a warm, hearty, laugh, a round face and two twinkling blue eyes. She is one who appreciates the humor of life, which makes her a grand sport and a swell person to be around. DORIS IRENE DREWERY ‘ ‘ Dot ’ ’ “All gold doesn’t glitter’’ Doris, to those who know her, is a lovable, kind and thoughtful girl. Her scholastic standing is high and her willingness to work has won for her the position of Business Manager on our Annual staff. Best wishes for the future, ‘ ‘ Dot. ’ ’ LUCY ELIZABETH DUDLEY “Bessie” “A friend to everyone’ ’ “Bessie’s” friendly and sympathetic dis- position has won a place in the hearts of all her classmates. She is a good student, and generous, loyal, f riend. ‘ ‘ Bessie ’ ’, here ’s hop- ing that success and happiness will accompany you always. WILLIAM EASLEY ‘ ‘ Bill ’ ’ “When he starts to think, trouble is brewing’’ “Bill” is our Senior class happy-go-lucky young man. His expertness at making one laugh has won him many friends while he has been at M. H. S. We wish him the best of luck ! LEON CRAWFORD EDWARDS “Short Circuit” Leon ’s witty character has made a never fading impression on the minds of his many friends. He is always interested in fun, but can show a great amount of intelligence when the need arises. EVA NAOMI EPPES “Nero” “Innocence is it’s own reward” A toast to Eva, a girl who has the grace to blush in 1911. A lovely person who is known and admired by all for he ability to handle business affairs. Everything she does is under- taken with a grace that only Eva possesses. ELYA VIRGINIA EUBANK “ Gin ” “A friend when one neeeds her most; thoughtful, helpful, and willing” Though she has only been with us in our Senior year she is a person whom we have grown to love. We wish her happiness and success in all of her future undertakings. - MARY CATHERINE FLEMING “Little Flem’’ “If I cannot do great things. I will do small things in a great way’’ Brown eyes that twinkle, a wee pug nose, and a cute little smile that turns into a giggle at a moments notice — that ’s ‘ ‘ Little Flem. ’ ’ BETTY COLLEEN FOX ‘ ‘ Coe ’ ’ “Fair and sweet, charming to meet” Her golden hair, sparkling eyes and twin dimples would be noticed by the casual observ- er. But those better acquainted with he know the picture would not be complete without mention of her sterling qualities, friendliness and generousity. AUDREY MAE FOX The quiet, modest girl who is fond of driv- ing that Ford around. Audrey is known to be sweet tempered but has a way of getting what she wants. She is very studious and lets her studies come before pleasure. HILDA GRAY FREEMAN ‘ ‘ Hilda ’ ’ Hilda, beloved by all of us, will certainly be missed when she leaves Morrison. We wish her all the success in the world which we know she will attain. WADE ALLEN GRANGER ‘ ‘ SCUTTER ’ ’ “Happy am I; from care I’m free, why aren’t they all contented like me?” A person of few words is ‘ ‘ Scutter. ’ ’ Fine sportsmanship and the ability to make lasting friends are his well-known characteristics. Who can beat this combination of qualities in an all- ’round good fellow? ALBERT WARREN HALL Little hut loud” Albert is full of fun. He gets along with his lessons, and, also, splendidly with his fellow classmates. ANNIE FLORENCE HARRIS “Never trouble trouble Till trouble troubles you” Florence is carefree and, her vitality is an asset in making her well liked. Despite red hair, she has a gentle nature. Her interest in her history made her a good political speaker. MARGARET ADELAIDE HARRIS A quiet brown-haired girl with always a twinkle in her eyes and a helping hand for everybody. We know she will succeed in what- ever she goes after later on in life. GRANVILLE MONROE HAWKINS, JR, “Granny” Granville has many friends, especially among the fair maidens. He is always friendly and his face beams at the slightest chance. His good work and outstanding performance on our football team have brought him athletic fame in our school. HELEN BEATRICE HAYES “Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness ’’ Helen is a good sport and a true friend. She doesn ’t talk very much, but is conscien- tious and always willing to aid her classmates. FLORENCE VIRGINIA HICKS ‘ ‘ Flossie ’ ’ “Oh, ‘Flossie’ is tickled again, and off in a gale of laughter ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Flossie ’ ’ is alwav jolly and full of life. She has made many friends omong her fellow students. JOSEPH THOMAS HOLZBACH “Joe” “Kang sorrow! Care will kill a cat; therefore let’s he merry’’ Due to his personality and wit, “ Joe” is one of the most popular senior boys. His work on the Sponge Staff has helped to bring much honor to our paper and also to Joe himself. We know that Joe is bound to succeed. HELEN ELIZABETH HUDSON ‘ ‘ Chubby ’ ’ “Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm’’ Vivaeious, carefree, and jolly, “Chubby” has a charm that is irristible to all. JOSEPH KASTELBERG “Joe” “Speech is great, but silence is greater’’ ‘ ‘ Joe ” is a person whom you can depend upon. He doesn’t say much but accomplishes plenty. He is making a good start i n life. FRANK FREDERICK ERNEST LANGE ‘ ‘ Frank ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Tall oaks from little acorns grow ’ ’ Dependability, whole-heartedness, and loy- alty are traits which won for Frank the honor of Senior class president for ’40 and ’41. A friendlier disposition or a more pleasing per- sonality cannot be found. JOSEPH CHARLES LAWSON “Joe” “Conservative; a bit difficult to lcnow, but so well worth knowing ’ ’ What a man! Leader in both class and sports, ‘ ‘ Joe ’ ’ has proved himself a worthy student. His fighting spirit has brought Mor- rison victory many times. JEAN ELIZABETH MACLAY “Torchy” Two green eyes that speak a wave of red Hail to one of our smartest seniors. As a literary genius and scholar, Doris ranks high. She is cute and sweet and we all love found. She takes an interest in all school ac- tivities and we are sure that she will in the world. We know that Doris will reach the top no matter how far she has to climb. “A thousand cupids in those curls to sit ” Evelyn belongs to the part of the class that upholds for our class the title “dignified Seniors.” She has a certain grace that an even more graceful disposition. Her naturally curly hair adds to her charm and all that know her will surely find her sweet and lov- able. We can surely expect fine things of her in the future. Here ’s to a girl with perpetual good hum- or. She is rather quiet and reserved, but once you get below the surface, you find a lovable personality, and a heart of gold. hair, a dimpled smile, and a spoiled pout, com- bine to make “Torcliy” a delightful contra- diction. DORIS VIRGINIA MAHANES “ Pug ” “None hut herself can he her equal ' " her. Where she goes laughter is surely to be EVELYN CONSTANCE MARTIN “Connie” BEATRICE VIRGINIA MERICA “There is a lady sweet and fine ” CARL HEINZ MEYER “Blondie” “To have a friend is to be one” Carl is one one of the happy-go-lucky type, always on the move with that mischiev- ous bleam in his eye, always ready for fun or work. We predict that if he puts all that energy to a useful purpose he will go far. WILLIAM OTIS MICH IE “Bill” “Friendship is a sheltering tree” ‘ ‘ Bill ” is a friendly, good-natured boy. His intelligence and common sense have won him many friends and he will surely be missed by all. ROBERTA ELIZABETH MILEY ' ‘ Berta ’ ’ Although Roberta has been with us only a short time, she has proven herself to in- telligent, a good sport, and excellent cheer- leader. She is well liked by all of us and we are sure she will succeed in any thing she un- dertakes. JANE CATHERINE MOONEYIIAM “Gentle of speech, benificient of mind” Nobility of thought, adaptability of ideas, and generosity of nature — these are the char- acteristics that make Jane one of the best-liked seniors of ’41. HELEN VIRGINIA MYERS “Neat in dress, cordial in manner, and a likable person ’ ’ Helen is a quiet, sweet girl, who is always willing to help anyone. She is now our Staff editor and we believe she will succeed in all sl’.e undertakes. ELINE NICHOLSON “Nick” “A blush is an incident of childhood and an an accomplishment of maturer years ' ’ All that ’s good and all that ’s fair dwell in “Nick” — the best friend of the Senior class. ESTELLE MAE O’NEAL ‘ ‘ Tell ’ ’ “7 hasten to laugh at everything for fear of being obliged to weep ’ ’ Estelle smiles except when she is asked a history question, and then she looks as though she could bite a nail into. Here’s hoping we will always find her full of mirth and in the bright coiner of life. RICHARD JAMES OSBORNE “Dick ” “Laughing, gay; then serious, adjusting to all occasions adequately’ ’ Dick is well liked by all who know him and those who don ’t really are missing some- thing. We wish him the best of luck. HELEN JEAN SANDERS “Kindness is wisdom’’ Helen is a new comer in our Senior class; however, she has won many friends. Although Helen is retiring in manner, we feel she is always willing to cooperate. ENID FRANCES REDMAN “Chuck” “Beauty is as beauty does’’ Humor and beauty go a long way so with loth of these we know Enid will make good in future years. Here’s luck to you “Chuck” and remember dear old M. H. S. EMMETT CALVIN PRESTON ‘ ‘ Pete ’ ’ “ The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong’’ We have known ‘ ‘ Pete ’ ’ for a long time and even though he is a little slow in things in general we have learned to like him. II is giggling will be missed (especially in Business English). Success is sure to be his. CLINTON WISE SIMONSON “C. W.” “Never worry — let the other fellow do it’’ C. W., our Advertising Manager of the annual of ’41, has always taken an active part in all student activities. His willingness i CLIFTON CLAY STROUD ‘ ‘ Stupe ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Silence absorbs knowledge ’ ’ Clifton is a quiet boy with a bit of pleas- ing humor. We feel sure that he will succeed in all he undertakes in life. JACKIE CALVIN TURLINGTON ‘ ‘ Butch ’ ’ “ Much study is wearisome to the flesh” Watch that twinkle in “Butch’s” eye. His sente of humor and mischievous outlook make him a pleasant companion and classmate. LAWRENCE MALLICOTTE WALTERS ‘ ‘ Dick ’ ’ ‘‘Silence is golden” Dick, small in statue, but large in good and constructive ideas. Under that crop of dark hair, many things and thoughts take place that are never put into words. WILLIAM HENRY WEARN ‘ ‘ Bill ’ ’ ‘‘A gallant gentleman” One of our outdoor men who takes life as he finds it and does not make much ado. ELLEN MAE WHARTON ‘ ‘ Shorty Studious in her school work and always up on her “night work,” Ellen is popular among the teachers and students alike. Ener- getic and amiable she is surely destined to suc- ceed in her future years as she so successfully has done in the past. MARGARET JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE “Jo” “It’s the little things in life that couiit’’ When those blue eyes sparkle there is something brewing. She is full of fun when it ' s time for fun but she is seious and studious when called upon. All in all she is a lovable person. MARGARET VIRGINIA WILKINS “Wilkie” “Cheerfulness and content are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks’’ Never was so much pep and vivacity stored in one person as in “Wilkie”. She is an ever- ready participant in all sports as well as a capable and noteworthy student. BENA VIOLA WOODFIN ‘ ‘ Dottie ’ ’ “A friend is one’s second self’’ “Dottie” has a sunny disposition and a smile that will burst forth at most any time. She is a loyal friend to those who know her. CREED ★ CEA As we, the class of 1941, leave MIorrison High School to take up the problems and duties facing us, we realize that probably for the first time we have certain responsibilities that require the use of our knowledge to the best advantage. We of this class have been held together for many years by common interests, pleasures, hardships, and beliefs. Now as we part, we wish to state our creed with the hope that it may help us to solve our future problems. We believe in God, our Father and Creator, the Protector of Mankind. We have great faith in the government of the United States, and we believe in the principles of democracy which the world so vitally needs today. We believe in the State of Virginia and the great part it played in the making of this nation. We believe in our school, Morrison High, its principal and faculty. We hope to reach the heights through the belief in our motto, “To the Stars through bolts and bars.’’ — Greig Campbell, ’41 After four brief, happy years of high school life, we now draw to the close of that beloved period of education. We have worked hard these four years but not without re- sults. A great deal of thought and time have been spent on our activities and we have received benefits and pleasures which we will cherish for years to come as symbols of our high school life. As we approach the climax of the activities and changes which have taken place in the period of time we unconsciously review in our minds events which have transpired in these four years. It was in September, 1937 that a mob of curious, wondering “kids” was rounded up and hauled to dear old Morrison High for their first taste of high school life. Three months ago we had been ignorant grammar school pupils. Suddenly, however, we were transformed into intelligent young men and young women, students in one of our higher institutions of learning. As our first year wore on, we discarded many of our old habits and mannerisms and changed our actions to suit those of refined young high school students. Gradually we gained self-confidence until now and then we would take part in some school activity. By June, we had greatly increased our knowledge, many had changed their personalalities, and we had finally become adjusted to the new public address sj’stem in every room. We were led through this year by our president, William Michie, but as this was our introductory period, we did not accomplish much in the way of class activities. Sev- eral of our members participated in various sports while for our chief social function of the year we held a skating party at the new rink. This life was so new and different to us that we had just begun to enjoy ourselves when we suddenly reached the end of our first year and became sophomores. After a three month ’s rest, we again entered Morrison, this time as Sophomore3. In this brief pause in our upward climb, we lost several familiar faces and received other new ones to replace them. By this time we were decidely more independent and had risen so in prestige that we could now act superior to the ‘ ‘ rats ’ ’, as we then called them. At this point in our careers, we had gained enough confidence to begin to make ourselves known. Again we had our representatives in the various sports. Some of these were fast becoming players of recognized ability’ - . This year we were represented for the first time in the annual Latin Tournament in Williamsburg. We also had several of the members of our class on the staff of our school paper, which began its existence this year. We were guided in our activities this year by our president, Bill Styron, and his faithful assistants; Greig Campbell, Josephine Whiteside, and Evelyn Martin. Our class meetings began to be more frequent and quiet but we still did not conduct many cla .?3 activities. This year proved to be a very complete and very profitable one for us. In it we witnessed many changes going on around us and took part in organizing activities previously unknown to us. After one more week of examinations, we were very inspired to find ourselves Juniors with half of our high school careers behind us. We paused again to relax after two year of pleasant labor. Then we descended once more upon Morrison, this time as Juniors, just under the Seniors in rank and always ready to take over when we had the opportunity. This year was to be one of the happiest and busiest of our high school career. We now had a reasonable amount of self-confidence and participated in all of the school activities, often taking the lead in them. We began our year by electing Jim Davis president with Harry Anderson, Greig Campbell, and Eva Eppes as his fellow officers. Again we lost old friends and found new ones both in our class and on the faculty. One of the notable additions to our school was the position filled by our band instructor, Mr. Briggs, who directed both the band and the orchestra. Our class meetings were much more numerous this year. Many of them were held for the all important task of obtaining enough money to give the Seniors a banquet. After a great deal of effort was spent collecting dues, conducting lotteries, and sponsoring dances, we were finally able to give the Seniors their banquet at the Warwick Hotel. At one of these meetings, we adopted a standard class ring. In the spring, Jim Davis went to Washington to represent us at the Bed Cross Convention held there and again some of the girls from our class were in the Glee Club which won high honors in the music contest in Richmond. This year Morrison was represented in a new undertaking when Jim Davis, Jack Turlington, and Baird Brooks were selected to attend the Old Dominion Boys’ State at Blacksburg in June. After a year of activity and achievement, we again conquered our final examinations and emerged as ‘ ‘ quiet, dignified Seniors. ’ ’ The final period of our quest for knowledge got off to a good start in the fall when we met and elected Frank Lange president with Joe Kastelberg, Eva Eppes, and Baird Brooks as the subordinate officers. We began our activities with the organization for the second year of a student government. Last year our class had a prominent part in it but this year all of the officers were from our class. During the year, we con- ducted various drives and took part in many forms of Red Cross work in addition to the Infantile Paralysis Fund Drive. By this time we were “it” and engaging in activities of all sorts. One of these was the interesting and novel presidential campaign and election which we conducted in the fall. Although we have already accomplished a great deal, in the brief time left, we hope to make a trip to Washington, send two representatives to the Red Cross Convention in Washington, and to work toward the fulfillment of our other senior aims. This year has been an interesting one to us and for many the happiest yet spent in preparation for their life’s work. We have enjoyed immensely our brief stay here and will always retain a certain deep, loyal feeling for the Morrison High of our youth. It is with true sorrow that we now leave this endeared institution and hurry on to make our way in the world with the hope of bettering ourselves and our communities through the knowledge and training which we have received here. Baird Brooks ’41 RRFORE WE (60 ★ Before we, tlie class of forty-one, Start on life’s great highway, We want to pause a little while — There ’s something we ’d like to say. We’ve done our best to boost our school Tho’ our efforts seem so few; But now we leave it up to you, The class of forty-two. When you take our places, Let this be your aim : Keep dear Morrison growing — Do nothing to mar her name. When times seem tough and things go wrong, You’ll get no where by shirking; The only way you’ll reach your goal Is by pitching in and working. So to you, the future Seniors, When it seems all hope is gone, Remember Columbus’s immortal words, ‘ ‘ Sail on, and on, and on. ’ ’ George Elmore Cowan ’41 CGAc c 1 PR01P131bG c ir ★ I stopped in only yesterday to visit an old school chum, Clifton Stroud. As I entered the laboratory, I heard a weird clicking and whistling noise and observed the super scientist, Stroud, huddled over a complex looking apparatus. As he twirled the dials and closed the switches. I observed, on a screen in the machine, a view of Washington crossing the Delaware. Then Cleopatra and Caesar in quick succession. I gazed in astonishment at the sight before me. 1 It will also reveal the future, ’ ’ commented Scientist Stroud, with- out turning. “Perhaps you would like to look into the future of our own class of ’41.” “Would I” I replied enthusiastically, “let’s have it.” Soon the machine was humming smoothly and there flashed on the screen a magnifieient view of a huge stadium, seating well over thirty thousand people. Impossible! But true, it is Morrison Tech’s own sports stadium. The time is October 1951. But now for some close ups. There ’s Milton Adams sitting on the side lines giving a substitute instructions. He is now one of the foremost ranking high school football coaches in the state. Nearby we see Granville Hawkins offering worthwhile advice. Having a high position (in top of a crane) to start with it didn’t take Granville long to work to his present position as day superintendent of the shipyard. Now uj) in the stands. We see that Audrey Downs has at last acquired her long wanted sugar daddy. Nearby we see Pete Preston who officiates as chief usher at the Village Theatre. That prim old maid sitting on the fifty yard line, is none other than Jean Maclay. She seems to be knitting. On up in the stands we see Bill Easley, current manager of a one horse press in Warwick Village. With the dials twirling, we pick up Ellen Wharton with her husband and eight kids cheering loudly for M. H. S. Also, Dottie Woodfin is present with her family and lucky husband. Nearby we see Scientist Stroud himself. He presides over the science department of Morrison with every degree imaginable. J. C. Turlington, in a flashy uniform, is leading the band. lie drives a school bus in his spare time. Helen Hudson is telling her friends that it takes all her time to fix lunches for Granville. He claims he has to use a chipping hammer on her biscuits. Estelle O’Neal seems very happy with her tall, dark, and handsome husband. But now the game is over, let ’s follow the crowd and see where they go. Dick Osborne goes immediately to the Hilton dock and boards his ocean going schooner. Jo Whiteside returns to her lovely little home where Julian awaits her. Carl Meyer ambles back to his elite speakeasy. Quite the dogs ! . . Leila Barclay, Greig Campbell, Margaret Wilkins and Colleen Fox have worn deep ruts in the skating rink floor. What happened to all those old swains? Roberta Miley is happily married to a member of the U. S. Fleet. Jim Davis returned post haste to Manassa of which he is now mayor. Leon Edwards, after visiting friends, flew his plane to his winter estate in Florida. His friend, Dick, will pick him up there on his schooner. Eline Nicholson, after ten years, is learning to cook. Her husband is very hopeful. Enid Redman has finally settled down with some lucky guy. Virginia Boyd is head night nurse at Riverside Hospital. Jim Cochran, following in his father’s footsteps, is now a noted civil engineer hereabouts. Baird Brooks is instructor of Physics and Chemistry in Annapolis Training School. Bessie Dudley has stopped blushing long enough to get married. Mary Fleming is head of the women ’s department at a leading store in town. And now we adjust the machine for foreign pickup. As it whirrs and hums, we see a huge expanse of desert before us. Who marches across the sand but Joe Kastleberg! And in a Foreign Legion uniform. Love trouble, probably. Traveling down the Nile, we find Joe Lawson, ace civil engineer, constructing bridges to civil’ze Africa. On the tank of the same river, we find Joe Holzbaeh painting pictures. He ex- pects to return to the states in the fall and take entrance exams for Cornell again. Acrofs the Mediterranean, we find George Cowan lodged in the U. S. Embassy in Berlin. He is trying to clear up the debris. Now back to the United States, to Virginia. We find Albert Hall, district manager of the Rivermont paper route, just carrying papers. Traveling north we find Herbert Barbro, manager of the D. P. store at Denbigh. On to Yorktown, we catch a glimpse of Bill Wearn presiding over a handsome bar in an exclusive Yorktown Club. Now as the instrument comes back toward the James, we find Virginia Bradshaw counting Earl Huekins’ pennies for him. Down in the shipyard we find Frank Lange standing by his ship while it is being overhauled. He is the chief engineer. Back towards Hilton we find Doris Mahanes composing her own book of poetry. We find Helen Sanders married to a devoted husband. Along Route 6, we can see Norman Vandeveer, head truck driver of Virginia Engineering Company. We find William Micliie has made his M. D. Degree and is practicing on the peninsula. As we look in on Helen Myers we see she is happily married with three lovely children. Still on the Peninsula, we see Peggy Barber is teaching girls basketball at George Wythe School. Ruth Barnhart is happily walking down the road to matrimony. Louise Beck is serving as private secretary in the Newport News shipyard. Traveling towards the north star we see Isabel Bell pursuing a successful career on the stage. Also, in New York, we find Evelyn Martin modeling in a swanky gown emporium. Jane Mooneyham is married happily to a “swell fellow’’. Joyce is busily teaching her “second’’ to walk. Nearby we see Helen Hayes is busily teaching her large Sunday School Class. In Morrison we find Florence Hicks officiating as assistant post mistress in the new post office. Back inside the school we see Beatrice Merica bandaging a “casualty’’ of chemistry class. She is head school nurse with Florence Harris serving as her assistant. Not far away we look in on Margaret Harris as she prepares supper for her family. Edmonia Cauffman is doing her part for National Defense by keeping her soldier husband well fed and happy. Marjorie Canavan dominates the entire candy department of the 5 and 10 cent stoic with an iron hand. And so the picture faded with the closing of switches and the turning of dials. I found myself once again in Clifton Stroud’s laboratory, well satisfied with the prospects of the future. Dick Osborne — Leon Edwards ’41 We, the class of ' 41, having successfully covered the work, which enables us to reach the goal of graduation, through four years of labor and struggle over the books of knowledge, and being left with sound and disposed minds, do hereby swear this to be our last will and testament. First to Mr. Mort, we will a Student body that appreciates his jokes as much as we did. Second, to Miss Pitts and Mrs. Geddy, we will a more studious Senior Class. Third, to the faculty, we will a student body that will make some preparation for the next day. To the remaining, the Class bequeath the following qualities of its members: Baird Brooks wills his position as “President of the United States” to his brother, Lewis. Eva Eppes wills her golden tresses to Joyce Anderson. George Cowan wills his beauty to Perrior Stowitts. Mable Gross wills her love of basketball to Frances Ilawley. Louise Beck wills her extra pounds to Miss Blankenbaker. Herbert Barbro wills his quiet ways to Eager Wood. Helen Myers wills her position as editor-in-chief to the one that gets the most ads next year. Bill Easley wills his inquisitive mind to Frank Pape. Colleen Fox wills her poise to her sister, Frances. Dick Osborne wills his gold plate to Sam Mills. Enid Redman wills her school spirit to Margaret Hawpe. Raymond Adams wills his football ability to Dick Anderson. Virginia Bradshaw wills her studious ways to Buddy Hayes. Virginia Boyd wills her northern accent to any rebel who can acquire it. Carl Meyer wills her beautiful curly hair to C. C. Cardwell. Isabel Bell wills her taste in dress to Frances Lee Harris. Jimmie Cochran wills his speaking ability to his brother, Eddie. Evelyn Martin bequeaths her knowledge of History to Nancy Canepa. Joe Lawson wills liis title of Iehabod Crane to Alvin Schell. Doris Mahanes wills her cheerfulness to Grace Hambric. Frank Lange wills his title of ‘ ‘ Casanova ’ ’ to Harry Fisher. Helen Hayes wills her friendliness to Tillie Hulton. C. W. Simonson wills his ability to drive a truck to Calvin White. Jo Whiteside wills her love of a certain apprentice boy to June Overman who loves them all. William Michie wills his quite manner to Betty Cawthorne. Bessie Dudley wills her bashfulness to Dorothy Hudson . Wade Granger wills his energetic ways to Jr. Barber. Ellen Wharton wills her flirtatious ways to Dickie Creech. Clifton Stroud wills his brilliance to John Jones. Beatrice Meriea wills her curly hair to Dorothy Toler. Albert Hall wills his ears to Mr. Walker who needs them in order to hear all the whispering that goes on in his class. Florence Harris wills her ability to harmonize to Dora Marshall. Milton Adams wills his ability to skip school to Martha Newell. Eline Nicholson wills her big ' feet to Betty Overman. Thomas Cooke wills his “wasp waist’’ to Guy Duckett. Peggy Barber wills her big eyes to Colleen Odum. Joe Hols bach wills his ability to see humor in his own jokes to Robert Beasley. Jean Maclay wills her baby teeth to anybody in the student body who is young enough to use them. Lawrence Walters wills his knife to Tarzan. Jane Mooneyham wills her coiffeurs to Lily Marie Doucette. Bob Krepps wills his big mouth to Hugh Wilbern. Marjorie Ganavan wills her title of “bird legs’’ to Louise Logan. Joyce Ayscue wills her love of “Lakes’’ to the “Three Little Fishes.’’ Edmonia Cauffman wills her walk to Frank Emmerson. Mary Fleming wills her meekness to Spotiswood West. Florence Hicks wills her “scholastic ability’’ to Nancy Easley. Helen Hudson wills her “pleasingly plumpness” to Robin Holzbaeh. Granville Hawkins wills his love of “Hudson’s” to any own who can afford to own one. Elva Eubank wills her nice speaking voice to Mr. Crigler. Jean Crawford wills her love of sports to Eliese Moore. Pete Preston wills his ability to play practical jokes to Nick Allen. Greig Campbell wills her ability to acquire ‘ Bills ’ to (I ’m sorry, but we were getting tired about this time and couldn’t think of anyone, so just fill it in to suit yourselves.) Leon Edwards wills his great talent as an author and actor to Mr. Outright’s dramatic class. Margaret Harris wills her free ride home every afternoon with her brother to Thelma Cooke. Doris Drewery wills her love of Clarence Vreeland to Lucille Budd. Ruth Barnhart wills her sweet disposition to May Plessinger. Joe Kastelburg wills his changing voice to Edward Foreticli. Helen Sanders wills her “beauty spot” to Marjorie Mason. J. C. Turlington wills his ability to play the trumpet, and stay on key, to Stephen Corbin. Leila Barclay wills her love of ‘ ‘ kings ’ ’ to anyone who can aim that high. Jim Davis wills his slap-happy ways to anyone who can possible get as slap-happy as he is. (and I don’t believe it can be done.) Audrey Downs wills her “figure” to anyone who can measure up to her standards. Margaret Wilkins wills her love of ‘ ‘ Roaches ’ ’ to anyone interested in bugs. Audrey Downs — Margaret Wilkins Class of ’41 Typical Senior Boy Typical Senior Girl Best All Bound Boy Best All Bound Girl Most Handsome Boy Prettiest Girl Most Attractive Boy . . Most Attractive Girl Best Sport Boy Best Sport Girl Morrison High Booster Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Class Primp Class Flirt Boy Class Flirt Girl Man Hater Woman Hater Most Studious Boy Most Studious Girl Hot Air Broadcaster Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl Most Original Boy Most Original Girl Most Bashful Boy Most Bashful Girl Biggest Loafer Most Stylish Boy Most Stylish Girl Friendliest Boy Friendliest Girl Peppiest Boy Peppiest Girl Biggest Giggler Boy Biggest Giggler Girl Quietest Boy Quietest Girl Noisiest Boy Noisiest Girl Most Independent Boy Most Independent Girl Frank Lange Eva Eppes Jim Davis Peggy Barbei- Frank Lange Enid Redman J. C. Turlington Eva Eppes Granville Hawkins Peggy Barber Jim Davis J. C. Turlington Jo Whiteside Leila Barclay Dick Osborne Peggy Barber Dori Mahanes Thomas Cook Baird Brooks Greig Campbell Leon Edwards Leon Edwards Audrey Downs Leon Edwards Audrey Downs Albert Hall Virginia Boyd Wade Granger J. C. Turlington Enid Redman . Frank Lange Margaret Wilkins Dick Osborne Margaret Wilkins Jim Davis Jo Whiteside Herbert Barbro Evelyn Martin Bob Krepps Ellen Wharton Joe Kastelberg Greig Campbell gFIIINIIOR CIs 2 dfoJP Motto : Flower: United We Stand, Divided We Colors: Orchid Fall. Blue and Silver Officers : President HARMON SMITH Vice-President PERRIOR STO WITTS Secretary MARGUERITE JOHNSON Treasurer FRANCES LEE HARRIS ROLL: Dick Anderson Joyce Anderson Frances Ashby Billy Atkinson Miirion Atkinson Fred Augsburger Janies Autry Murl Barnes Jackie Barrett Robert Bartlett Lewis Brooks Barbara Brown Eugene Bryan Frances Burkholder Everett Butler Anna Lou Canepa C. C. Cardwell Betty Cawthon Rose Chalkley Winnie Clark Mildred Collins Thelma Cooke Mary Cox Rosalie Creech Corinne Curtis Donal dCurtis Billie Dodgins Elinor Dodson Lilly M. Doucette p o c -aline Dudley Nancy Easley Frank Emmerson Harry Fisher Roland Fisher Robert Ford Edward Foretich Audrey Fox Elizabeth German Gloria Godfrey Grace Hambric Barclay Hartman Frances Lee Harris Neville Harris Frances Hawley Junior Hayes Maurice Holloway Eleanor Holmstine Robin Holzbach Jimmie Horton Glady s Hostetter Alberta Huckins Betty Hundley Tad Jaski Lillian Johnson Marguerite Johnson John Jones Louis Kaufelt Harry Kraus Robert Lambert Stanley Leicester Maynard Lemmon Buddy Leonard Louise Logan Hazel Maples Harold Marshall Norma Mason Shirley Mason Thomas Matthews B. T. McAlexander Margaret McGuriman Jean Meekins Eliese Moore Leon Moore Henry Mullins Irene Nice Colleen Odum Betty Ogden Pauline O ’Neal June Overman Herbert Parker Thelma Parker Joe Perdue Virginia Petroff Nellie Pierce Marguerite Rowe Mae Russell Patsy Salisbury Betty Scott Harmon Smith Arlena Snyder Eleanor Stevens Perrior Stowitts Liston Sweat Robert Taylor Dorothy Toler James Tomlinson Dewey Turlington Bill Updike LePierre Watson Carolyn Weaver Francis Wilbern Edwin Wilson Eager Wood Florence Woodfin Laura Wright O 3PHO MLO IRE fof Motto: Flower : Motto : Colors : American Beauty Bose Bi Bed and White Officers : President SUSIE COLBERT Vice-President HAL BABER Secretary-Treasurer .... EDDIE GIVENS ROLL: Wilda Abbott Edward Givens Daisy Moore Robert Adams John Goodwyn Jane Moore Elizabeth Alejos Gloria Gordon Thomas Morgan Herbert Allen Dick Gosnell Alice Newell Esther Alsing Carl Grigsby Martha Newell Andrew Anderson Richard Gulick Louise Nice Janet Andrew Bill Hall Ruby Nice Helen Apperson Calvin Harris Lois Odum Hal Baber Robert Harrison Betty Overman Myrtle Barclay Annie Mae Haugliton Helen Owens Calvin Barnhart Calvin Hawkins Walter Palmer Robert Beasley Margaret Hawpe Jeannette Parker Joseph Block Wilson Hayes Robert Phelps Jeanne Brow 1 ' Frances Henley Stanley Phillips Lucille Budh Thomas Hogge Virginia Preston Philip Burcher Mildred Hopkins Alvin Schell Nancy Canepa Clay Hornsby Frances Schultz James Cawthon Ben Hudson Miriam Shenk Frances Celis Tillie Hulton Pliebe Shenk Susie Colbert Wendell Hussey Henry Smith Peggy Cole Daniel Knave Charles Smyt Eldridge Copes Lewis Kraus Ira Stroud Stephen Corbin Marvin Lambert Ellen Vernon Myrna Crafford Lucy Lane Clarence Vreeland O’Nenl Crout Richard Lowery June Walters Woodfin Curtis Allen Lusby Bernard Ward Florence Daman Betty Magnus Jean Walters Jack Dodgins Dora Marshall William Watson Willie M. Doughtj Richard Marshall Spotiswoode West Guy Duckett Marjorie Mason Jean White Jean Elder Irene Maupin Hugh Wilbern Betty Fardette Elisabeth McAllister Thomas Wilcox T ' eggy Fardette Sam McDowell William Wilkinson Dorothy Fleming Opal McElfresh Beverly Wilks Frances Fox Helen Mergl William Willis Jimmy Fox Kennedy Forbes Evelyn Michie Earnest Miller William Wilson Helen Garnand Lillia Miller Timothy Wuska Mary S. Giese Sam Mills John Yoder Motto: Flower: Not at the top, but climbing. Colors: Carnation Blue and Bed Officers : President NORMAN EDWARDS Vice-President BILLY IRBY Secretary ROBERT BREHM Treasurer JOHN WHITE ROLL: ROLL : Edward Eppes Calvert Moore Bernice Acree Patty Fardette Frank Moore Matilda Alsing Mildred Farinliolt Pauline Moore Conway Appleton Elwood Flythe Louis Nice Donald Augsburger Patricia Fuller Dorothy Owens George BArber Emma. Gardner Shirley Owens Mary F. Bayne Margaret Gary Frank Paris Bradford Bean Young Gayle Gloria Parker Alger Beck Thomas Gray Frank Pape Emma Brandt Russell Greenwood Kitty Phelps Robert Brehm Bernadine Gunter Donald Pizzeck Benjamin Brokenbrougli William Haughton Bessie Plessinger Joan Browning Boyd Hawthorne Edith Plessinger Evelyn Brunk 1 homas Hayes Robert Ragan Samuel Brunk Alice Hines Francis Riley Edgar Campbell Courtney Howell John Rivenburg Elbert Camper Doroth y Hudson Irlene Robins Lorena Celis Margaret Hudgins William Rodgers Nancy Clarke Nellie Huggins Marian Sanders Marie Colbert Lynwood Ingram Jimmy Sealey Eddie Cochran William Irby David Seward Virginia Collier Herbert Joyner David Shenk William Connell Margaret Kempton Winifred Slaiglit Marion Cook Gladys Knight Shirley Smucker Nora Cook Winfred Kornegay Homer Sweat William Crossman Evelyn Lane Robert Sweat George Crump Bobby Littlepage Howard Taylor Douglas Curtis Thomas Lusby Marguerite Taylor Russell Curtis James Mahloy Ann Turlington Robert Daman James Maskill Margaret Turner Daphne Davidson Gertrude Mason Juanita Watson Byron Drumm Jack Massie John White Dolly Drumm Marion Duckett Mapp Maynard Mary A. MeQuillen Elva Wiggins Betty Wilkins Mary Wingfield Jacqueline Easley Mary Miller Elizabeth Wright Norman Edwards Conway Mills Thelma Vann TIIDEMGT ftODT WH0I f WHO Prettiest Girl Most Handsome Boy Best All Bound Girl Best All Round Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy Enid Redman Granville Hawkins Patsy Salisbury Granville Hawkins Patsy Salisbury Granville Hawkins Most Attractive Girl Eva Eppes Most Attractive Boy J. C. Turlington Wittiest Girl Audrey Downs Wittiest Boy Leon Edwards Cutest Girl Jean Maclay Cutest Boy J. C. Turlington Most Popular Girl Helen Hudson Most Popular Boy Granville Hawkins Most Popular Senior Girl Helen Hudson Most Popular Senior Boy Granville Hawkins Most Popular Junior Girl Patsy Salisbury Most Popular Junior Boy Perrior Stowitts Most Popular Sophomore Girl Janet Andrew Most Popular Sophomore Boy Hal Baber Most Popular Freshman Girl Nancy Clark Most Popular Freshman Boy Billy Crossman CHEER LEADER Eddie Cochran, Janies Autry, Myrna Crafford, Peggy Barber, Dorothy Hudson, Patsy Salisbury, Jane Andrew, Roberta Miley. ★ Back row, left to right : Dick Anderson, Thomas Cooke, Joe Lawson, Liston Sweat, Junior Hayes, Jimmy Cochran, Granville Hawkins, Baird Brooks, and Milton Adams. Front row, left to right : Francis Wilbern, Dick Osborne, Wade Granger, Bill Updike, Hal Baber, Jimmy Fox, and Raymond Adams. Back row, left to right: Robert Walker, Assistant Coach, Billy Crossman, Dick Osborne, Eddie Givens, Perrior Stowitts, Harmon Smith, Liston Sweat, Baird Brooks, Eager Wood, and J. D. Crigler, Coach. Second row, left to right : Jimmy Cochran, Milton Adams, Joe Lawson, Wade Granger, Bill Updike, Robert Lambert, and Francis Wilbern. Front row, left to right: Thomas Matthews, Thomas Cooke, Jimmy Fox, Dick Anderson, Raymond Adams, Granville Hawkins, and Hal Baber, Manager. FOOTE) A Id Id EAM Bade row, left to right : J. D. Crigler, Coach, Liston Sweat, Thomas Matthews, Joe Lawson, Thomas Cooke, Granville Hawkins, Milton Adams, and Robert Walker, Assistant Coach. Front row, left to right : Edward Foreticli, Assistant Manager, Jimmy Fox, Robert Lambert, Hal Baber, Raymond Adams, Martin Gross, Calvin Moore, and Leon Moore, Manager. Back row, left to right : J. D. Crigler, Coach, Buddy Hayes, Joe Lawson, Thomas Lawson, Thomas Matthews, Robert Walker, Assistant Coach. Front row, left to right: Wade Granger, Granville Hawkins, Robert Bartlett, Thomas Cooke, and Sam McDowell, Manager. ★ V 6IR1LA lift) A (STIFCTo TRA TolFo TToA Back row, left to right : Alice Newell Frances Messick, coach, Frances Lee Harris. Front row, left to right : Peggy Barber, Frances Hawley, Thelma Parker, Patsy Salisbury, Patsy Fuller, Eliese Moore, Mable Gross, Betty Cawthon, Susie Colbert and Jeanette Parker. ‘ feATIN C Id life Dictum : Flos: Naliil Mortalibus Ardui Esl Colores: Narcissus Albus et Virdus Praefecti : Consules JEAN MACLAY NICK ALLEN Praetores BETTY NEWELL BUDDY HAYES NANCY CLARK Aedile KENNEDY FORBES Scribe JANE TERRY Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH PITTS ROLL: Latin Club Bessie Dudley Mildred Hopkins Betty Overman Elisabeth Alejos Jacqueline Easley Harry Kraus Thelma Parker Nick Allen Jean Elder Maynard Lemmon Kitty Phelps Helen Apperson Elva Eubank Jean Barclay Virginia Preston Robert Bartlett Kennedy Forbes Dora Marshall Sally Provoast Barbara Brown Betty Fardette Harold Marshall Harmon Smith Jean Brown Patricia Fuller Richard Marshall Arlena Snyder Nancy Canepa Young Gayle Marjorie Mason Bobby Taylor Nancy Clark Mary S. Giese Elizabeth Miller Jane Terry Eldridge Copes Eddie Givens Lillia Miller Spotiswood West Aubrey Crump Richard Gulick Henry Mullins Betty Wilkins Corrinne Curtis Buddy Hayes Betty Newell Eager Wood HOKTHANJD eL UE Flower : Motto : White Carnation Striving Upward, to Higher Goals Colors : Black and White President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Virginia Bradshaw Jackie Barrett Ruth Barnhart Louise Beck Marjorie Canavan Doris Drewery Mary Fleming Florence Harris Officers : . . GREIG CAMPBELL . . LEILA BARCLAY . . EVA EPPES . . HELEN HUDSON ROLL : Margaret Harris Frances Hawley Marguerite Johnson Louise Lgan Doris Mahanes Evelyn Martin Margaret McGuriman Jean Meekins Lois Odum Betty Ogden Estelle O’Neil Pauline O’Neil Nellie Pierce Marguerite Rowe Dorothy Toler Ellen Wharton Dottie Woodfin Motto : En Avant Colors : Bed, White and Blue Flower: Fleur de lis Officers BILL WEARN FRANK EMMERSON MURL WRIGHT President Vice-President Secretary- Treasu rer ROLL Janet Anderw Eugene Bryan Winnie Bell Clark Stephen Corbin Elinor Dodson Frank Emmerson Tad Jaski Marguerite Johnson Doris Mahanes Elizabeth McAllister Margaret McGuriman Carl Meyer Lois Odum Betty Ogden Ira Stroud Bill Wiearn Edwin Wilson Murl Wright 1 ■ gjBHkj 1 f c. k tA u Hi 1 ' 1 , I 1 iPOMGrE STAFF Editor-in-chief Associate Editor Nancy Easley Jim Davis Associate Editor Greig Campbell Robin Holzbach Circulation Manager Lewis Brooks Advertising Manager Enid Redman Sports Editor Leon Edwards Society Editor Leila Barclay Humor Editor Audrey Downs Novelty Editors Murl Wright Janet Andrew Senior Reporter Baird Brooks Junior Reporter Frances Lee Harris Sophomore Reporter Janet Andrew Freshman Reporter Jacqueline Easley Special Reporter Tad Jaski Sponsors: Mr. Kenneth Miller and Mr. Carl Furniss ORCHESTRA MR, OUTRIGHT, Director George Cowan, Buddy Hayes, Baird Brooks, Marvin Lambert, Jackie Turlington, Nick Allen, Jimmy Sealey, James Cawthon, Billy Watson, William Micliie, Jimmy Cochran, Dewey Turlington, Stephen Corbin, Dick Anderson, Billy Crossman, Rorbert Lambert. ★ ( President . . Vice-President Secretary- T reasurer Milton Adams Dick Anderson Joyce Anderson Fiances Ashby Marian Atkinson James Autry Leila Barclay Peggy Barber Isabell Bell Anna Lou Canepa Greig Campbell Rose Chalkley Winnie B Clark Lilly M. Doucette Audrey Downs Nancy Easley Mary C. Fleming JUNIOR-SENIOR GROUP Officers : ... JO WHITESIDE . . . LEILA BARCLAY . . . GREIG CAMPBELL Roll : Wade Granger Frances Lee Harris Helen Hudson Marguerite Johnson Buddy Leonard Doris Mahanes Jean Maclay Jean Meekius Wilda Abbott Elizabeth Ale j os Janet Andrew Myrtle Barclay Nancy Canepa Jacqueline Easley FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GROUP Officers : President LOIS ODUM Vice-President SAM McDOWELL Secretary-Treasurer .... DICK GOSNELL Roll: Jean Elder Jack Massey Mildred Farinliolt Betty Magnus Patsy Fuller Dick Gosnell Nellie Huggins Lucy Lane William Micliie Jane Mooneyliam Colleen Odum Betty Ogden June Overman Pete Preston Betty Scott Margaret Wilkins Sam McDowell Mary A. McQuillen Evelyn Micliie Mary Miller Alice Newell Martha Newell Lois Odum Ann Turlington Alvin Schell Jimmy Sealey Billy Wilkerson (Joncj zatuCatiom THE WAYSIDE PRESS E. E. WOOD DARDEN-HASTINGS STUDIO ★ A. S. HOLLOWAY COMPLIMENTS GENERAL MERCHANDISE - of - GASOLINE AND OILS H. G. HOLLOWAY Phone: Lee Hall 2952 MENCHVILLE VIRGINIA R. L. TURLINGTON GENERAL MERCHANDISE FANCY GROCERIES : MEATS COMPLIMENTS VEGETABLES ... of ... Distributor of PURE OIL PRODUCTS GEO. S. DeSHAZOR, Jr. Telephone 4122-J COMPLIMENTS T. A. MITCHELL ... of ... WILBUR SMITH FLORIST - nurseryman If It s Eatable, We Have It Oyster Point Hilton Village DENBIGH VIRGINIA Newport News City Bakery BEN WILSON ESSO SERVICENTER 27th and Huntington PHONE 9203 FRESH DAILY ROAD SERVICE BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1941 NACHMAN ' S Compliments of BANK OF HAMPTON ROADS You Are Never a Stranger After Your First Visit Founded September 19th, 1891 FIRST NATIONAL BANK In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many, many services the First National Bank offers in addition to this. NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Member of F. D. I. C. W. J. SMITH and SON OSER BROS. Dealer in Better Grade SHOES for the DRY GOODS - NOTIONS Entire Family HARDWARE - PAINTS AND OILS o BOOTS and SHOES - GROCERIES 3213 Washington Avenue PROVISIONS, Etc. Newport News, Va. Phone Newport News 69-1-1 MORRISON VIRGINIA SOU THERN DAIRIES ICE CREAM Sealtest Approved PENINSULA SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS WHITE OPTICAL CO. PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 34th Street and Virginia Avenue Phones 66 and 301 DU PONT PAINT BIRD ROOFING Newport News, Va. Medical Arts Building Phone 169 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA BAND INSTRUMENTS By HOLTON - SELMER - KING • Accessories for Everything Musical LATEST SHEET MUSIC We Maintain a Complete Repair Department • THOMAS PIANO CO. 210 28th Street Newport News, Virginia R. H. SEWARD SON STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS Green Produce Oysters in Season Phones 3063 - 3064 327 Warwick Road HILTON VILLAGE VIRGINIA Compliments of THE NEWPORT NEWS AUTOMOBILE EXCHANGE • Your Local Chevrolet Dealer Peninsula ' s Largest Used Car Dealer YODER DAIRY Oyster Point, Va. • PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS " PASTEURIZED IN GLASS " Combine Milker • Visitors Welcome 2 to 4 P. M. Daily Phone: Newport News 4345-W EPES STATIONERY CO., Inc. E. McD. GEMMELL’S MUSIC STORE OFFICE OUTFITTERS SHEET MUSIC - MUSIC BOOKS Kodaks and Photographic Supplies Films Developed and 8 Prints — 25c 2908 Washington Avenue Phone 934 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA BUY YOUR HOME AND FIRE INSURANCE from HUNDLEY AND APPLEWHITE Inc. REALTORS Phones 685 and 686 2615 Washington Avenue Gibson and other Stringed Instruments MUSICAL MERCHANDISE AND SUPPLIES Phone 491 2613 Washington Avenue Compliments of MURRAY 6c PADGETT Inc. REALTORS INSURORS PROPERTY DEVELOPERS BRACEY ' S " In the Interest BEAUTY NOOK of Better Homes " " We Specialize on Modern Hair Styling " NEWPORT NEWS Phone 4005 for Appointment FURNITURE CO. 3211 Washington Ave. (2nd floor) Over Oser ' s Shoe Store NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA A Knowledge of Events as they Compliments of transpire is a liberal education. BROADWAY Read to learn DAILY PRESS DEPT. STORE, Inc. TIMES-HERALD 3007-9 Washington Avenue The Peninsula ' s Newspapers NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Compliments of PHILLIPS BOWEN REAL ESTATE INSURANCE F. H. 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Phone 109-W-3 Compliments of SHACKLEFORD AUTO COMPANY DODGE - PLYMOUTH ' The Peninsula ' s Oldest Dealership ' ADAMS LEGGETTS DEPARTMENT STORE ADAMS DRY GOODS - NOTIONS - SHOES MILLINERY CLOTHING and LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR For Better Shoes Also Boys and Students Department Junior Department and Sportswear on Second Floor Washington at 30th Phone 2925 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS Congratulations to MORRISON HIGH SCHOOL ... of ... GRADUATING CLASS H. C. RIPLEY 9 NEWPORT NEWS GENERAL MERCHANDISE BUILDING and LOAN Denbigh Virginia ASSOCIATION Phone 317 120 26th Street V Appreciating and Thanking You for PATIENCE GARAGE Past Favors We Solicit Your Future Complete Business AUTO AND AMBULANCE SERVICE Respectfully J. L. Haughton, Prop. R. L. FRANCIS, Proprietor Phones: Day 9140-W Night 513-W-l HILTON PHARMACY R. F. D. No. 1 HILTON VILLAGE, VA. HILTON VILLAGE VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS Compliments of ... of ... O. M. STEVENS Amoco Service A. B. ABBITT Phone N. N. 513-W-2 Route 60 BENSON - PHILLIPS COMPANY, Inc. PALACE THEATRE Phone 7 " House of Hits " COAL FUEL OIL • Ready Mixed Concrete Where the Better Pictures BUILDING MATERIAL are Shown Newport News Virginia COMPLIMENTS E. A. HARPER 6c CO. Wholesale Distributors .. of .. Fairfax Hall Quality Food Products and General Merchandise HUDGINS MOTOR • CORPORATION OUR SPECIALTIES American Field and Poultry Fence Certain-teed and K M Asbestos Your Local Ford Dealer Roofing 2900 Huntington Avenue • Phone Newport News 439 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Patronize Home Owned Stores MORRISON VIRGINIA ram a

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Morrison High School - Warwick Yearbook (Morrison, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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