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Text from Pages 1 - 162 of the 1940 volume:

TO MISS DOROTHY F. UNDERWOOD WHOSE EFFICIENCY, HELPFULNESS AND AMIABILITY HAVE EASILY WON THE APPRECIATION OF OUR ENTIRE SCHOOL THIS VOLUME OF “THE WAR- WICK’’ IS SINCERELY DEDICATED. TAFF AMD SPONSOR KATHLEEN KEANE MARY EVELYN SNYDER Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor-in-cliief MISS RUTII SHULAR NANCY ROWE JOHN DOZIER Advertising Manager Business Manager Miss Shular, Miss Mewborn, Mr. Mort, Miss Blankenbaker Miss Pitts, Mr. Sander, Miss Mort, Miss Ball Miss Thorpe, Mrs. Geddy, Mr. Walker, Miss Harwood Miss Underwood, Miss Rush, Miss Giannotti, Mr. Crigler, Secretary Miss Underwood, Secretary, Miss Rush, Miss Giannotti, Mr. Crigler FOREWORD I OOKING BACK OVER THE RECEDING PANORAMA OF MEMORABLE DAYS THAT WERE THE YEAR OF ’39 - ’40, WE HAVE CHOSEN TO PRESERVE IN THIS VOLUME A FEW OF THE HIGH- LIGHTS THAT IN FUTURE DAYS MAY SERVE AS A PLEASANT REMINDER OF THE PAST. The Staff of the 1940 Warwick FoWT OIR IRToA pfolP Motto : Flower: Victory Crowns Patience. American Beauty Rose Colors : Blue and White Officers : President JOHN DOZIER Vice-President NANCY ROWE Secretary KATHLEEN KEANE Treasurer DELLE PURSELL Susan Irene Aeree Charles Burton Atkinson Linwooil Tilton Beasley Thelma Rose Becker Venita Mae Budlong Willis Lee Budlong Hazel Ann Burehard Ira Kenneth Cassel John Severo Celis Anna Dee Clark Joseph Carter Crafford Aubrey Baker Curtis Charles Louis Daman John Francis Dozier Horace Lee Edwards Benjamine Walker Fenton, Jr. Mildred Lee Fleming William Delbert Fox, Jr. Hilda Elsie Fox Mable Louise Gross Howard Octave Harrison Maude Kellum Hawley Aubrey Elder Hawthcrne ROLL : William Stephen Haywood, Jr. Dora May Hertzler James Harris Holland Lois Lorraine Honeycutt Hudson Taylor Hornsby William Charles Hulten James Lipscomb Hunter, Jr. Dorothy Lee Ihlefield Mabel Lorraine Jansen Mildred Bernell Joyner Kathleen Sylvia Keane Philip Lee Langslow Robert Meredith Leonard George Logan Ronald Warner Marshall Anne Elizabeth McDowell John Ernest Miller Dorothy Irene Morgan Frederick William Morgan John Westely Newell Dorothy Moore Overman Thomas Henry Paris Walker Day Paris Thelma Virginia Peters Thomas William Preston Delle Dawson Pursell Lawrence Gary Robertson Nancy Pearle Rowe Dorothy Eleanor Schultz Ruby Estelle Schwery Dolly Fleury Seward Lois Virginia Shenk Elsie Barry Smith Thomas Hunter Smith Mary Evelyn Snyder Nelson Brian Swain Elsie Elizabeth Utley Harold Zue Vandeveer Mary Frances Walker Wiarren Andrew Walls Martha Helena Wood Myrtle Holmes Woodall Morris Harvey Yoder Harlan Lee Yost SUSAN IRENE ACREE ‘ ‘ Susie” ‘ ‘ Once you o ’er leap that reserve manner, true values a plenty you will f ind . ’ ’ Irene is one of the girls in our Senior Class who does not have much to say unless some- one happens to cross her path. Then she re- veals her thoughts. CHARLES BURTON ATKINSON ‘ ‘ Bert ’ ’ “He that is of a merry heart, hath a continual feast.’’ ‘ ‘ Bert ” is a person who is always jolly and mischievious. His pranks will be missed when he leaves M. H. S. LINWOOD TILTON BEASLEY “An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow.’’ L i n w o o d is a friendly, happy-go-lucky young man, good looking, and always ready for a good time. He will be successful in what- ever he undertakes. THELMA ROSE BECKER ‘‘Beck - ’ “Neat in dress, cordial in manner, and a likable person.’’ Here ’s to one of our friendliest Senior girls. She has won many hearts in the Senior Class of ’40. We know that she will succeed in whatever she undertakes. We wish you luck, ‘ ‘ Beck. ’ ’ VENITA MAE BUDLONG ‘ ‘ She moves along with true comradeship. ’ ’ Venita is a quiet, sweet girl, who is always willing to help anyone. We are sure she will succeed in anything she undertakes. WILLIS LEE BUDLONG “All the world loves a lover.’’ Willis is not one of the boisterous members of our class, but he can be depended upon for poise and efficiency. He has to be industrious to support his Ford. HAZEL ANNE BURCHARD “Laughing, gay; then serious, adjusting to all occasions adequately. ’ ’ Our blond Anne carries beneath her golden locks a head full of originality, wit, and ex- ecutive ability. As her future profession, Anne has chosen dress designing. IRA KENNETH CASSEL ' ‘ Ken ’ ’ “Alive Irown eyes, eloquently speaking a friendly interest in everything.’’ Kenneth is very active in his studies and is very likely to succeed. His skill in baseball makes him an asset to the team. JOHN SEVERO CELIS 1 ‘ Oh, give us a man that sings at his work. ’ ’ John is a friendly, good natured boy. He is well liked among students of Morrison. We all look forward to his success. ANNA DEE CLARKE ‘ ‘ Anna Dee” “None more frank, none more wholesome, and with a voice rich and mellow. ’ ’ Of all the girls in the Senior Class none is dearer to us than Anna. Her ready wit and good sportsmanship ha e made her popular. She’s a girl none forgets. JOSEPH CARTER CRAFFORD ‘ ‘ Joe ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Eyes twinkling with mischief, but eyes that are thoughtful and see with peculiar fairness.’ ’ What a man ! Leader in both class and sports, “Joe” has proved himself a worthy student. His fighting spirit has brought Mor- rison victory many times. AUBREY BAKER CURTIS ‘ ‘ Speech is great, but silence is greater. ’ ’ Aubrey is a person whom you can depend upon. He desn ’t say much but accomplishes plenty. He is making a good start in life. CHARLES LOUIS DAMAN “My tongue within my lips I rein; For who talks must talk in vain.’’ Charles has put in four years of good, steady work for his diploma. The same energy should carry him far toward success in life. JOHN FRANCIS DOZIER “Red” “A competent leader, an alert student, and a happy person. ’ ’ A golden-red-headed boy whose ambition to serve the world made him president of the class and possessed him of many fine friend- ships. John will lead those who succeed in life. HORACE LEE EDWARDS “Honest, amiable, plus a knack for the unusual. ’ ’ Horace is studious, active, and has a sense cf humor which has won him many friends He is intelligent and will succeed in his field. He is one of the few students who boast fine i lvdits in Mathematics. BENJAMIN WALKER FENTON ‘ ‘ Ben ’ “He knoivs well licw to approach a task; better to dispatch it.” Likely to succeed, Ben is interested enough in his woik to perpare himself for life. With liis way of joking he has made many friends and a place for himself in scliocl. MILDRED LEE FLEMING “Talcing responsibility in a quiet, thoughtful manner. ’ ’ Sweet, timid, and bashful to the casual ob- server, yet she doesn’t lack pep or wit, and is always ready for a good time. Mildred is a good student, and failure is unkown to her. HILDA ELSIE FOX ‘ ‘ Hilda, Jr. ’ ’ “All is well that ends well,’ says our merry Hilda.’’ Never a dull moment for Elsie ’cause she just doesn ’t care. As long as she ’s got some- thing to eat and someone to love, she’s happy- go-lucky. WILLIAM DELBERT FOX, JR. ‘ ‘ Billy ’ ’ “Though gentle and shy, there’s mischief in his eye.’’ Friendly, soft-spoken, and smiling, Billy has made many friends in his four years here at M. H. S. Success is sure to be his. MABLE LOUISE GROSS ‘ ‘ Slug ’ ’ “The only way to have a friend is to be one.’’ Did you hear someone giggling in the back of the room? If you investigated you’d be sure tC ' find Mable. She is one of the most popular and best sports in our class. MAUDE KELLUM HAWLEY ‘ ‘ Hawley ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Quick ever-flowing conversation prompted by a desire for knowledge.” Maude’s voice, will be missed by many in Morrison High School as she starts out on life’s journey. Maude, we hope that your life will be successful. HOWARD OCTAVE HARRISON ‘‘Conservative; a bit difficult to know, but so well worth knowing.” Howard is quiet, sincere, and a loyal friend to all who know him. He is a good ball player — as a mater of fact, a heavy hitter. Howard graduates with a good scholastic record. WIILLAM STEPHEN HAYWOOD, JR. ‘ ‘ Bill ’ ’ ‘‘Frank, outspoken in manner and speech.” Due to his personality and wit, “Bill” is one of the most popular senior boys. His golf- ing ability lias helped bring much honor to Morrison and will long be remembered for it. We know that Bill is bound to succeed. AUBREY ELDER HAWTHORNE, JR. ‘ ‘ Herk ’ ’ ‘‘Hang sorrow! Care will kill a cat; therefore let ’s be merry. ’ ’ ‘ 1 Herk ’ ’ will long be remembered for his performance in the annual minstrel shows at Morrison. His jolly ways have made him many friends. Due to his athletic ability, he has helped the basketball team a great deal. DOKA MAE HERTZLER ‘ ‘ Dotes ’ ’ “A disposition as rare as a day day in June.” During her four years at MoTrison, Dora has made many friends among students and teachers. A pleasing personality and excellent grades have given her a prominent place in all her classes. JAMES HARRIS HOLLAND ‘ ‘ Stinky ’ ’ “ Beware ! When he meditates mischief is brewing.” Harris, with a cheery word and smile to everyone, has made many friends at M. H. S. He is a good sport, as well as a true friend. HUDSON TAYLOR HORNSBY ‘ ‘ Mingling of humor, unusual intelligence, and a friendly interest in everyone.” Hudson is a genial person; lie is every- body ’s friend and is well-liked by both students and teachers. Hudson is sure to go a long way with his personality and good scholastic record. WILLIAM CHARLES HULTEN “Tar Heel’’ True to type, William is just full of mis- chief, and oh ! how he loves to tease. He is the best of sports as jolly as can be. We ’re all betting that he’ll make a big success in life. JAMES LIPSCOMB HUNTER, Jr. ‘ 1 Jimmy ’ ’ “There is nothing like fun, is there?’’ Here’s to Jimmy, the happy-go-lucky boy of the Senior Class, never to be forgotten by Crig. In athletics he ranks first. We know that he will succeed in everything he undertakes in life. DOROTHY LEE IHLEFIELD ‘ Winnie ” “Happy am I; from cares I’m free; why aren’t they all contented like me? Here’s to Winnie, the happy-go-lucky girl of the Senior Class. She is always helping ether people. She has been a member of our class all four years and we hate to part with her and her merry laugh. MABEL LORRAINE JANSEN “Dainty femininity mingled with earnestness and common sense.’’ A quiet, modest girl is Lorraine, but jolly and a good s; ort. Our best wishes attend her. MILDRED BERNELL JOYNER “Mill ' e” “A ready smile is in contrast with her quiet manner.’’ Mildred ’s quiet and dignified manner has won her many true friends. Here ’s hoping her success through all the years to ccme. KATHLEEN SYLVIA KEANE ‘ ‘ Kat” ‘ ‘ Lovable, earnest, Tcindly, with a hurrying interest in everything. ’ ’ Here ’s to one of the most capable and popular girls in the Senior Class. ‘ ‘ Kat ’ ’ has so endeared herself to all that she will be great- ly missed. PHILIP LEE LANGSLOW “Phil” ‘ Fun loving, friendly, eyes twinkling at some secret. ’ ’ Phil ’s cheerful smile and winning ways will not soon be forgotten at Morrison. Although he is mischievous at times, he has many friends and will really be missed when he leaves old M. H. S. ROBERT MEREDITH LEONARD “Perseverance, generosity, and unfailing reserve in emergencies.’’ In his years at Morrison he has proven a grand student. He is the Senior reporter for the Sponge and a real debater. He will succeed without a doubt. GEORGE FREDERICK LOGAN “Bone” “A light heart lives a long time. ' ’ Here’s to the mischievous and prudent boy who will be greatly missed by M. II. S. and “Little Nancy.” His ability to make friends will surely lead to success. RONALD WARNER MARSHALL ‘ ‘ Boo ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Outside or in the schoolroom he has a goal and he does not fail to make it.” He is a quiet, but essential member of our class, who stands cut in his brilliance and will- ingness to help others. Here’s to Ronald. May he be successful wliereever he goes. ANNE ELIZABETH MeDOWELL ‘‘An honest interest in her work; a sympathetic attitude towards others. ’ ’ Elbabeth will probably be one of the best remembered of the Class of ’40 because c-f her enthusiastic support of the school. Here’s wish- ing you success in life, Elizabeth. JOHN ERNEST MILLER ‘‘He who thinks for himself.” Here’s a boy with a silent look, but his twinkling eye is a sign cf mischievous ways. He will nc t be stopped by one thing in life. DOROTHY IRENE MORGAN ‘ ‘ Dot ’ ’ ‘‘Laugh and the world laughs with you.” “Dot” with her friendliness and charm la nured the hearts of all around her. In many activities around school, she proved to be one of the most popular lasses at Morrison. FREDERICK WILLIAM MORGAN ‘ ‘ Freddie ' ’ “A rare trait and an unusual asset — just that of talcing time to he genial and amiable with others .’’ Even to a new-comer to Morrison, ‘ ‘ Fred- die ’ ’ appears to be an excellent classmate. He will long be remembered as a worthy graduate of M. H. S. JOHN WESLEY NEWELL “Johnnie” “Nothing is too big or too small for him to attract.’’ Sf ' Here’s another one of our Fighting Farm ers who is Captain of our squad. Although John- ny is a “ lady killer ’ ’ he will climb far up the ladder of success. DOROTHY MOORE OVERMAN ‘ ‘ Dot ’ ’ “Winning in her ways; adapting herself to people or surroundings with easy grace.’’ What would we do without “Dot?” Her smiling face and attractive ways during her four years with us have won her many friends. We are sure that Morrison will miss her. THOMAS HENRY PARIS “T. H.” ‘ ‘ Sudden humor and sincerity that is not strained.’’ T. H. is a carefree and friendly boy. He is a good student, especially in Math IV, as well as a fine athlete. M. H. S. will surely miss him. WALKER DAY PARIS “W. D.” “Businesslike, a touch of fun, and a way all his own that has much appeal. ’ ’ His quiet ways must capture all the mem- bers of the fairer sex since he has just a few dozen girl friends. But we all know he is going places. THELMA VIRGINIA PETERS “Talk and the world talks with you; be silent and you are silent alone.’’ It didn ’t take Thelma long to become one cf us. Dependability linked with a loyal class spirit has won her many friends during the years she has been at M. H. S. THOMAS WILLIAM PRESTON “Bill” “Slow to speak, and slow to act, yet a jolly good sport at that.’’ Although Bill has quiet ways he is a rank- ing favorite among his fellow classmates. Once a friend, always a friend. DELLE DAWSON PURSELL “Demure, consciencicus, untiring in her efforts to master knowledge. ’ ’ This demure little blonde is one of the top ranking students in the class. They say a glance from her blue eyes can make the masculine hearts go pit-a-pat, too. LAWRENCE GARY ROBERTSON ‘ ‘ ‘ Diggy ’ ’ “Superficial and airy witticisms covering a rare depth of ideals and intelligence.’ ’ ‘ ‘ Diggy ’ ’ typifies the best class of student at Morrison High. He is a generous, fun loving and wholehearted fellow. Best of all he is a steady, serious student, making his an unbeat- able combination for personality. NANCY PEARLE ROWE “Nancy Peakle” “Music her life, inviting trust, imbued with humor and righteousness.’’ When Nancy leaves our school we will be bidding a good leader and a good friend “good- bye.” We hope that she will be as successful in making friends when she leaves M. H. S. as she was while she was here. DOROTHY ELEANOR SCHULTZ ‘ ‘ Dot ’ ’ “Seemingly somewhat distant and yet so genial by nature.’’ Although “Dot” is quiet, she is depend- able, loyal, and friendly. ‘ ‘ Dot, ’ ’ may you always be successful in everything you under- take in life as you have been at M. It. S. RUBY ESTELLE SCHWERY “Essie” “An interesting pattern woven generously with a thread of unalloyed gold.’’ Jolly, happy-go-lucky, and dependable that’s Ruby. When she attempts anything, she usually succeeds. Good Luck, Ruby. DOLLY FLEUR Y SEWARD ‘ Dinx ’ ’ “A storehouse of fcu-ts already but still seek- ing wisdom with unabated energy.” Her intelligence, dependability, and loyal- ity to Morrison made her the best girl citizen at Morrison and the winner of the D. A. R. medal. LOIS VIRGINIA SHENK ‘‘Modest, tranquil, self-sufficient, the bright side forever uppermost.” Although Lois is quiet she is one of our friendliest Senior girls. She is a good student and we wish her success always . ELSIE BARRY SMITH ‘ ‘ Smitty ’ ’ ‘‘She must have the Irish in her veins for she is as winsome as those of Emerald Isle. ” Once you know ‘ ‘ Smitty ’ ’ you can never forget her friendly smile and charming person- ality. Humorous and witty, that’s our ‘Smitty’ of the Senior class. THOMAS HUNTER SMITH ‘ ‘ Smitty ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Tailored briskness, determination and an un- expected dash of humor. ’ ’ His fun and pranks helped to enliven many a seemingly dull class. His good disposition has wen many friends at M. H. S. WmmtA, , MARY EVELYN SNYDER “Sis” “A friend when one needs her most; thoughtful, helpful, and willing.” Gay, friendly, and always willing to help, Mary is one of our best-liked students. May her succes in the rest of her life be as great as that in high school. NELSON BRIAN SWAIN “Nellie” “A smile will go a long, long, way.” Even if he is late when he gets here, he makes up for it afterwards. ‘ ‘ Nellie ’ ’ is known as the most handsome boy in the school and a regular ‘ ‘ Fightin ’ Farmer. ’ ’ ELSIE ELIZABETH UTLEY “Vivacious in manner, always cordial; dances and flowers her delights.” Elsie is bubbling over with happiness and good cheer all the time. She is a loyal friend and a delightful companion. We feel sure that she will be successful in whatever she under- takes. HAROLD ZUE VANDEVEER “Either I will find a way or I will make one. ’ ’ This tall, dark gent has held a dependable position on the pigskin team for three years and is a member of the ’40 golf team. We are all looking forward to holding the friendship in the outside world that we have held to- gether in our old M. H. S. MARY FRANCES WALKER “Squeaky” “Smartly dressed, equally attractive in manner. ’ ’ It is with a sad note in our voice that we say so long to ‘ ‘ Squeaky. ’ ’ Her sunny dis- position will certainly take her places. Because of her ready smile and willingness, she is liked by every student who knows her. WARREN ANDREW WALLS ‘ ‘ Baron ’ ’ ‘ ‘ Ask everybody ’s advice ; then do as yoxi please. ’ ’ Although Warren lias been at Morrison only one year, he has made many lasting friend- ships. When there is something about history Warren is right there. We hope success is yours ‘ ‘ Barcn. ’ ’ MARTHA HELENA WOOD “Well bred winsomeness, blended with a gentle interest in everyone. ’ ’ Small, quiet, sweet tempered — that’s Mar- pal. Her charming ways have won her a host of her well-earned way into the hearts of all who know her. MYRTLE IIOLMES WOODALL “Sunny personality with a trim of wit clever and refreshing. ’ ’ Here is a grand sport and a true friend. Myrtle, who is always full of mischief, is a good pal, Her charming ways have won her a host of friends at M. H. S. MORRIS HARVEY YODER ‘ ‘ Mouse ’ ’ “Quiet and watchful he kept his eye.’’ This silent, stolid, but friendly boy is well liked by those who know him. He is the genial farmer trapper of Morrison High. We wish him the very best in life. HARLAN LEE YOST “ Follow your honest conviction and be strong. ’ ’ Harlan has been with us only one year, but in this time he has established a high scholastic standing. His ability as a scholar will take him far as he pursues his life’s work. PIoATc Presented By MORRISON IIICrH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1940 MORRISON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM • “FIVE FOR BAD LUCK” A One Act Comedy by Win. G. B. Carson CAST OF CHARACTERS: George Caraway, Senior Warren Wells Arthur Evans, Sophomore Hudson Hornsby Dick Pride, Sophomore Bill Preston Bert Stoval, Sophomore Linwood Beasley Lois Bridge, Senior Myrtle Woodall Jean Blake, Sophomore Elsie Smith Hester Gore, Sophomore Lorraine Jansen Effie Trask, Sophomore Elsie Utley SCENE: The reception room of a girls dormitory in a large co-educational university. Sponsored by Airs. Sarah Geddy. • “THE BISHOP’S CANDLESTICKS” (Based on an incident in Victor Hugo’s novel, Les Miserablcs) CAST OF CHARACTERS: The Bishop Robert Leonard The Convict Joe Crafford Persome, the Bishop ’s sister Maude Hawley- Marie Elisabeth McDowell Sergeant-of -Gendarmes T. H. Paris Gendarmes Thomas Smith, Harris He Hand PLACE : The Bishop ’s cottage, about 30 miles from Paris. TIME: Beginning of the last century. Sponsored by Miss Ruth Shular. “WHO GETS THE CAR TONIGHT” A Comedy in One Act by Chris Seryel CAST OF CHARACTERS: Mr. Jones Fred Morgan Mrs. Jones Nancy Rowe Paul Jones John Dozier Mary Jones Mary Frances Walker Jack Jimmy Hunter Place: The living room of the Jones Ilrme. TIME: The present, any eveing. Sponsored by Miss Frances Blankenbaker. Ushers: Peggy ' Barber, Doris Mahanes, Virginia Bradshaw, and Marjorie Canavan. fBIR FoFoT) ★ We, tlie Class of 1940, are on the threshold of life, and in crossing it are armed with several principles and ideals by which we intend to live and work. We are devoted to one God, our Creator and Preserver, who is our Guiding Light to success. We have the greatest of faith in the United States, our country, and the preserver of Liberty. We shall always be grateful to our principal and to our teachers whose untiring efforts have led us to this threshold. For all time, we shall place our confidence and trust in our Alma Mater, Morrison High School. We beleive in any and all representatives of Morrison High. We shall never lose faith in that glimmering ray of Hope which, with these princi- ples and ideals firmly imbedded in us, shall take us through the portals of Morrison High School into an unfolding world of opportunities. Ronald Marshall, ’40 CRASS history ★ September 1936, we boarded the old school bus. We were high school students. We are transported to the old high school building, where we stop only long enough to elect officers. We chose Richard Leach as president. We are the first class to enjoy the new building for four years and the first to work in the Industrial Arts Shop. In this, our Freshman year, we watch the growth of our school with the addition to our faeutly of two new instructors, Miss Pitts and Mr. Sander. We make our mark as Freshmen in athletics with Richard Leach and Richard Thompson on the Football Team; Aubrey Hawthorne as manager of the Basketball Team; Helen Newell, Maude Hawley, and Thelma Becker on the Girl’s Basketball Team; Richard Leach on the Baseball Team ; and Bill Haywood on the Golf Team. We were also the first to even imagine we had a chance in the State Latin Tour- nament held annually in Williamsburg, our representative being Ronald Marshall. September ’37, we have lest some of our passengers, but stop at new places and again our school bus is filled. We now have the privilege of being condescending to the Freshmen. We are Sophomores. We elect new officers, changing all with the exception of president, whom we are forced to change before mid-semester because of his leaving the bus for another school. We elected John Newell to fill the vacancy. It was during this year that we became the proud possessor of a new bus. We again attempt to win honors for Morrison in the Latin Tournament. Those who went were Ronald Marshall, Delle Pursell, and Dolly Seward. One of these received honorable mention. This year showed the beginning of what has come to be our school paper, The Sponge. An essay on the United States Flag, wirtten by a member of cur class, Mary Evelyn Snyder, was chosen the best in the state of Virginia in a national D. A. R. Contest. For this she was awarded a medal. September ’38 most of us ride a different bus, (we’re Juniors). We can’t be bothered with Freshmen. In fact, we almost have forget that we were once in their place. We have no new buses but new teachers, as we lose Mss Martin and Mrs. McPliail. These ‘ u e leplaeed by Miss Rush and Miss Blankenbaker. Another addition to our faculty, Miss Shular, missed the bus and came in late. And joy of joys, we have a real orchestra. ’ Once more we see three new faces among our class officers, the familiar face being Nancy Rowe, our President for this year. We would like to mention our share in the debate with N. N. H. S. in which Morrison won, our class being represented by John Dozier. The cause for headaches for us all was ‘ ‘ How could we give the Seniors the custom- ary banquet and dance?” We said we couldn’t, we knew we couldn’t, but we did! After this it was clear sailing until exams. Again we had a representative at the Latin Tournament. This year our last, shows a great improvement in our school. We elected John Dozier as President. He has proved himself an able leader. Two new teachers: Miss Harwood, who must also have missed the bus, and Mr. Walker, and two new buses. It was this year that we lost a very dear friend of our high school days. For the past few years of its life it was known by its nickname, ‘ ‘ Eddie Parker ’s Bus.” We also lost Miss Rush at Christmas. Another bus stop, this time for our bandmaster, Mr. Briggs. We now have a band as well as an orchestra. We stop once more, to let a passenger off. But he’s back in a few days, it was only John Dozier, going as a representative of The Sponge, to the Southern Interscholastic Press Association Convention held in Lexington. Morrison High School won the achievement award for both the annual and the school paper. And now we have reach the ‘ ‘ deadend ’ ’ of high school life. We leave the old high school bus and enter on another journey, with sincere good wishes to those who follow and fond farewell to our faculty. Dolly Seward, ’40 ★ STRIVING- ONWARD ★ We, the class of 1940. Stand tonight, united here, ’Mongst our friends and all our loved ones, Teachers, too, we hold so dear. Due to their untiring patience, Due to their instructions clear, We, the class of 1940 Reached our goal without a fear. Were it not for teachers, loved ones, How could we alone, pursue All our many vexing problems, They have always helped us do ? So, as we here stand, united, Faith and hope within us true, Let us praise and thank our helpers, They have won a victory, too. Victory, the reward of patience, This our motto, we have won, Now, to higher inspirations, We will follow, on and on. So, in behalf of all my classmates, And with them, I wish to say, In the future, may our aims be, Noble deeds, from day to day. Mary Evelyn Snyder, ’40 CfcASS PIROPHEeT ★ Time: June 10, 1950. Place: R. C. A. Building, New York City. Event: The first demonstration of a new telivision receiver which may be toned to any spot on earth. Demonstration on coast-to-coast radio network. Ladies and Gentlemen, while the receiver is being given a last going over, may I have the pleasure to introduce to you some of the celebrities present here tonight? First, meet Mr. Lawrence Robertson, President of the Druggists Union. Mr. Robert- son worked his way up from deliver y boy for Hilton Pharmacy. Now meet Mr. Howard Harrison, a man who began at the bottom, that is as a paper boy, and is now President of the Associated Press. Next meet Mr. Ronald Marshall, famous concert violinist. Now folks here ' s the country’s favorite comedy foursome, whose second movie is now in the making: John Shenk, Morris Yoder, Harlan Yost and John Miller. Now let’s see if I can recognize anybody in the audience. Yes, there’s Aubrey Curtis, the coming heavyweight star, sitting in the third row with T. H. Paris his sparring partner, and his manager, Phil Langslow. Over there to the left in a few rows back is a group of former Morrison High girls with their husbands. Let’s see, there’s the former Elsie Smith. I hear she married a barber, and is doing very nicely. Then there’s the former Ruby Scliwery, and the former Mary Snyder with their banker husbands. Say, there’s a group of ladies that look familiar. They are Lois Shenk, Dora Hertz- ler and Thelma Peters. It seems that they are all top notch stenographers. Well folks, that’s all I have time for now; the ultra-telivision receiver is ready. Now remember this instrument may be tuned to pick up action at any spot on earth. Now if someone in the audience will select a place The Empire State Building! That’s net so far away, but here goees . Well it looks like this is a private office. There are two big feet propped up on a glass top desk. H’nnn, lie’s reading last month’s copy of Jumbo Comics. I wish he would take that book down so we can see his face. There, he laid it down. Well, will you look? He race Edwards in person ! Let ’s switch to the outer office. Look who ’s here, Lawrence Walters, his office boy and say isn’t that Delle Purcell who’s making all the noise on the typewriter? I here she’s married and has to do all the work in her family. Her husband, Willis Bud- lcng, is still grease monkey in an Amoco station. Well, where shall I tune in next? Morrison, Virginia has been selected, thank you Mr. Harrison. I was hoping someone would suggest it. I’ll tune in the high school. Let’s look in a few rooms. Room 8, why that’s Dolly Seward teaching Latin in there. Lab. A, there’s William Hulton teaching Fhysics. Room 10, Aubrey Hawthorne, teacher. What’s that lie’s yelling about? Oh, yes he’ teaching Solid Geometry. Well, well, if it isn’t Lin- wood Beasley sweeping up the halls. I hear Lorraine Jansen is holding up a contract at the skating rink, waiting Linwood ’s question. Well that was Morrison. Did someone suggest WnsMno-ton. D. C.? We ’ll tune in on the House of Reoresentatives. There’s Mr. Beniamin Fenton, Speaker of t e House. Who ’s that group of men he is talking to. I think T see some Morrison graduates in the crowd. There are Mr. Hudson Hornsby, Mr. R. L. Kreprs and Mr. Harris He Hand. I believe this is the third term for all of these Representatives. Now Mr. Robinson, will you turn the dial and see where it is tuned? It seems to be tuned to a Department store in Richmond. I see Martha Wood and Venita Budlong behind a counter. I’ll tune it to the Manager ’s office. Looks as if Bill Preston is running this store. And say, aren ’t those secretaries Kathleen Keane and Dorothy Overman? Now to tune to the delivery exit and find Jimmy Hunter, Burt Atkinson and Charles Damon driving the trucks, and making good money too. Mr. Robinson will you turn the dial again? This looks like a hospital. It must be. There go the Misses Elsie Utely, Myrtle Woodall, and Elizabeth McDowell in their nurses uniforms. Next to look in the dcctor’s office to find John Dozier, M. D. and W. D. Paris interne, talking to George Logan the ambulance driver and John Celis the elevator boy. Now ladies and gentlemen, while the set is being checked over so that foreign countries may be brought in more clearly, may I introduce more of America’s prominent people? Here is Mr. Kenneth Cassel, short stop for the New York Yankees. Mr. William Haywood, the editor of the New York Times. Mr. Fred Morgan, president of the C. O. Railroad, Joe Craf- ford another baseball player. He’s catching for the Chicago Cubs. Miss Maude Hawley, famed aviatrix. Miss Dorothy Morgan, popular radio star. Miss Nancy Rowe, famous woman columnist for the Herald Tribune. Miss Florence Hicks, Broadway model, whose second picture is now in the making. Miss Thelma Becker, well known social worker. The Misses Dorothy Ihlefield, Lois Honeycutt and Ann Burchard, famous radio stars. Mr. Thomas Smith and Mr. Nelson Swain, President and vice-president of the Red Star Steamship Line. Mr. Bob Drum, world famous roller skater. Mr. Warren Walls, W. P. A. administrator. Miss Mary Frances Walker, famous ice figure skater. The set is now ready to bring in foreign stations, and Shanghai, China has been sug- gested. This seems to be the American Embassy, and say, there are Thcmas Smith and Nelson Swain, quite a distance from home. Well folks, this concludes the demonstration, during which time we have had a glimpse of people in different states and foreign countries. This is station M. 11. S., dedicated to Morrison High School, signing off. Robert Leonard, ’40. CBIoiASS ' ' VUIdId ★ Last Will and Testament of The Class of 1940 At the close of four years of good fellowship that we have spent within the walls of ‘ ‘ Our Alma Mater, ” it is only proper that we take time to will our most cherished possessions to those we leave behind. Therefore, we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty do hereby make known our last will and testament. First to the School Board we extend grateful hearts for the wonderful, yet, know- ledge-seeking time we have enjoyed at Morrison High School. Second, to Mr. Mort we wish to express our deep appreciation for his ardent support in both work and pleasure, and wish him success always. Third, to the Faculty, we wish to leave our kindest regards for their untiring patience and sympathy. Fourth, we wish to thank Mrs. Geddy and Miss Pitts for their interest in each mem- ber oftheSeniorClass. Fifth, to the Juniors, we will the privileges of occupying the Senior rooms for the year ’40- ’41, and hope they use them to the best advantage. The individual members cf the class wish to bequeath the following: Delle Pursell wills her “Budding” Romance to anyone who can take it. Horace Edwards wills his extra pounds to next year ' s football team. Elsie Smith wills her flirtatiousness to anyone who has the capacity of such a char- acteristic. Linwood Beasley wills his studious ways to Baird Brooks. Dcrotliy Schults wills her quietness to Audrey Downs. Harlan Yost leaves his southern accent to Frances Burkholder. To Rose Chalklev, Fred Morgan leaves his graceful features. Myrtle Woodall wills her dramatic ability to Lilly Doucette. Willis Budlong wills his love for “Delies” and valleys to anyone else so romantically inclined. Mary Frances Walker wills her love for football players to whoever can tackle them. John Celis wills his melodious voice to Bing Crosby. Dolly Seward wills her hair-do given her by Anne Wilkins, to Evelyn Mickie. Kenneth Cassel wills Ids interest in baseball to ‘ ‘ Ed ’ ’ Chalkley. Elsie McDowell wills her love for ‘ ‘ Rowes ’ ’ to any Morrison Farmer. John Dozier wills his flaming locks to Eager Wood. Bill Haywood wills his ability to take three subjects under Coach Crigler, and pass all three, to Richard Thompson. Dorothy Ihlefield wills her ability to “skip” to anyone able to get by with it. Phil Langslow wills his love for a certain kind of “Lilly” to Jimmy Horton. Maude Hawley leaves her ability of losing things to her sister, Frances. Harris Holland wills his love for Miss Pitts to anyone feeling the same about her. Ann Burchard wills her extra inches to Betty Overman. Hudson Hornsby wills his neat appearance to Milton Adams. Ruby Scliwery wills her quiet (?) ways in the library to next year’s studyhall. Charles Daman wills his skill in Industrial Arts Training to Lionel Thacker. T. II. Paris wills his abilitv to work Solid Geometrv to anv one needinsr iC Kathleen Keane wills her dimples to Audrey Mae Fox. Joe Crafford wills his position as president of the Student Body to anyone able to fool next year ’s student body. Dora Hertzler wills her cld, well-worn school books to the Library of Congress (Mor- rison Library). Robert Leonard wills his ability of public speaking to President Roosevelt. Lois Shenk wills her love for English under Mrs. Poindexter to Sarah Marie Yoder. Burt Atkinson wills his mischievious traits to “Pete” Preston. Anna Clark wills her love for a “red Dcdge” to anyone hot enough to catch it. Morris Yoder leaves his good grades to anyone who gets U ’s on their report card. Mildred Joyner wills her dignity to Margaret Wilkins. W. D. Paris wills his bashful ways to Buddy Carper, who can stand a few. Irene Acrce wills her ability to acquire diamonds to anyone who has the technique. Jilin Miller leaves his newest haircut to Everett Zimmerman. Dorothy Overman wills her love for aviators to anyone who hasn ’t sense enough to stay on the ground. Lawrence Robertson wills his hobby of refinishing desks to Don Curtis. Thelma Becker wills her basketball achievements to Frances Schultz. William Hulten wiils his position as bus driver to anyone wishing to apply for it. Lorraine Jansen leaves her love of skating to Greig Campbell. Bob Krepps wills his big mouth to next year’s timid soul. Elsie Utley wills her silmness to Jean Walters. Thomas Smith wills his interest in Cradock to whoever can get around that way. To William Michie, Venlta Budlong- wills her free flowing speech. Bob Fenton wills his position cf erasing Miss Pitts’ blackboard, to anyone appointed in the next class. Dorothy Morgan leaves her poetic art to any romantic freshman. Warren Walls leaves his black curly hair to Betty Lankes. Howard Harrison wills his extra inches to Mr. Walker, who needs them in order to see over the desk. Ri nald Marshall wills his ability to play the violin to Jack Benny. Thelma Peters leaves her interest in homemaking to Helen Myers. George Logan wills his knack for keeping out of trouble to Robert Floyd. Mildred Lee Fleming wills her skill in pleasing her Customers to any good saleslady. Aubrey Curtis wills his quiet ways and dignified manner 1o Aubrey Hawthorne. Mable Gross wills her aitistic caricature to Walt Disney. Harold Vandeveer wills his liking fer good food, and plenty of it, to anyone with a big appetite. Aubrey Hawthorne wlls his basketball ability to Harry Anderson. Bill Preston wills his friendly manner to his brother, “Pete.” Billy Fox wills his “way with the girls” to Granville Hawkins. Nelson Swain wills his energetic ways to Jim Davis. Jimmy Hunter wills his happy-go-lucky manner to Baird Brooks. Ar.d we, Nancy Rowe and Mary Snyder, will our position as Executrixes of the Senior Class to anyone the class of ’41 may elect. Nancy Rowe, ’40 Mary Snyder, ’40 ;emior eibA ofof statistic; Typical Senior Boy Typical Senior Girl Best All Bound Boy Best All Round Girl . Most Handsome Boy Prettiest Girl Most Attractive Boy Most Attractive Girl Best Sport Boy Best Sport Girl Morrison High Booster Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Class Primp Class Flirt Boy Class Flirt Girl Man Hater Woman Hater Most Studious Boy Most Studious Girl Hot Air Broadcaster Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl Most Original Boy Most Original Girl Most Bashful Boy Most Bashful Girl Biggest Loafer Most Stylish Boy Most Stylish Girl Friendliest Boy Friendliest Girl Peppiest Boy Peppiest Girl Best Boy Dancer Best Dancer Girl Biggest Giggler Boy Biggest Giggler Girl Quietest Boy Quietest Girl Noisiest Boy Noisiest Girl Most Independent Boy Most Independent Girl Joe Crafford Nancy Rowe John Newell Elsie Utley Nelson Swain Elsie Utley W. D. Paris Elsie Utley John Newell Maude Hawley Maude Hawley W. D. Paris Elsie Utley Elsie Smith George Logan Elsie Smith . Dolly Seward Howard Harrison Ronald Marshall Dolly Seward Robert Leonard Bob Krepps Mable Gross Lawrence Robertson Kathleen Keane W. D. Paris Dolly Seward Bill Haywocd Bill Haywood Mary F. Walker Joe Crafford Nancy Rowe John Newell Maude Hawley John Dozier Elsie Utley Bob Krepps Elsie Smutli W. D. Paris Delle Pursell Bob Krepps Maude Hawley Bill Haywood Ruby Schwery JUNIOR CIAq 8S Motto : Flower : Forever Forward. Colors : Red Carnation Green and White Officers : President JIM DAVIS Vice-President HARRY ANDERSON Secretary GREIG CAMPBELL Treasurer EVA EPPES ROLL: Raymond Adams Bessie Dudley Helen Meyers Harry Anderson William Easley William Michie Joyce Ayscue Leon Edwards Eline Nicholson Majorie Barber Eva Eppes Estelle O’Neal Herbert Barbro Mary Fleming Dick Osborne Leila Barclay Audrey Fox Peter Preston Ruth Barnhart Colleen Fox Enid Redman Louise Beck Hilda Freeman Dale Rough Isabel Bell Albert Hall Frances Rowe Virginia Boyd Florence Harris William Russell Virginia Bradshaw Margaret Harris Larry Sanford Baird Brooks Granville Hawkins Ellen Shenk Greig Campbell Helen Hayes John Shenk Marjorie Canavan Helen Hicks C. W. Simonson Buddy Carper Florence Hicks Jean Sloan Edmonia Cauffman Joseph Holzbaeh Clifton Stroud James Cochran Helen Hudson William Styron Jack Coleman Joseph Kastelberg Loy Terry Thomas Cooke Robert Krepps Jack Turlington George Cowan Frank Lange Norman Vandeveer Jean Crawford Elizabeth Lankes Lawrence Walters Jim Davis Joseph Lawson Ellen Wharton Willie Davis Ruth Layman Calvin White Betty Doggett Jean Maclay Margaret Doughty Doris Mahanes Jo Whiteside Audrey Downs Evelyn Martin Margaret Wilkins Doris Drewry Carl 11. Meyer Everett Zimmerman ★ ,j v D ' :t ' " V Muxjy o ■ Jt ir - . JUNIOR • • ? " C c c - rH M— RJ2 ) OPHOMOIRJb Motto : United We Stand, Colors: Divided We Fall. Gardenia Officers : CIoAJ Flower : Green and White President HARMON SMITH Vice-President PHILIP BROWN Secretary MARIE DOZIER Treasurer PERRIOR STOWITTS Wilda Abbott Joyce Anderson Richard Anderson Frances Ashby Marion Atkinson William Atkinson Charles Autry Jacqueline Barrett Robert Bartlett Wellford Batkins Barbara Brown Lewis Brooks Philip Brown Eugene Bryan John Burehard Frances Burkholder Charles Butler Anna Lou Canepa Curtis Cardwell Elizabeth Cawthon Janies Cawthon Francis Celis Rose Chalkley Winnie Belle Clark Thelma Cook Mary Cox Rosalie Creech Corrinne Curtis Don Curtis Charles Diffenderfer Billie Dodgins Jack Dodgins Lilly Marie Doucette Marie Dozier Rosaline Dudley Nancy Easley Herman Elkins Frank Emmerson Harry Fisher Roland Fisher Robert Floyd ROLL: Edward Foretich Audrey Fox Jimmie Fox George Garnard Elizabeth German Uldean Gies Gloria Godfrey Allie Lee Goode Wade Granger Grace Hambric Frances Lee Harris Neville Harris Barclay Hartman Frances Hawley Robert Hayes Maurice Holloway Ruth Ann Holloway Eleanor Holmstine Robin Hclzbach Clay Hornsby Jimmie Horton Gladys Ilostetter Alberta Huckins Betty Hundley Wendell Hussey Ted Jaski Marguerite Johnson John Jones Louise Kaufelt Harry Kraus Stanley Leicester Eli Leonard Louise Logan Hazel Maples Harold Marshal Norma Mason Shirley Mason Thomas Matthews B. T. Me Alexander Margaret McGuriman Jean Meekins Beatrice Merica 1 eon Mocre Mollie Moore Henry Mullins Lulu Nice Colleen Odum June Overman Helen Owens Herbert Parker Thelma Parker Virginia Petroff Robert Phelps Nellie Pierce Marguerite Rowe Mae Russell Patricia Salisbury Harmon Smith Betty Scott Eleanor Stevens Perrior Stowitts Robert Taylor Lionel Thacker Dorothy Toler James Tomlinson Dewey Turlington William Updike Alex Watson LePierre Watson William Weaver Carolyn Weaver Francis Wilbern Thomas Cox Edwin Wilson Martin Wilson Curtis Wood Eager Wood Dottie Woodfin Florence Woodfin Sara Yoder TFT1R K TTMA W IRToA pfpf 3 Motto : He Conquers Wlio Conquers Colors: Himself. Flower: Blue Forget-me-not Pink and White Officers : President JOHN GOODWYN Vice-President ANN LaPORTE Secretary-Treasurer .... SUSIE COLBERT ROLL : Carl Grigsby Robert Adams Elisabeth Alejos Herbert Allen Esther Alsing Andrew Anderson Janet Andrew Helen Apperson Hal Thornhill Baber Myrtle Barclay Calvin Barnhart Robert Beasley Joseph Block Jeanne Brown Lucille Budd Philip Burcher Nancy Canepa Betty Carr Susie Colbert Donald Colgan Eldridge Copes Stephen Corbin Myrna Orafford Woodfin Curtis Florence Daman Lillian Davis Pearl Davis Guv Duckett Jean Elder Joel Ferguson Dorothy Fleming Kennedy Fc rbes Peggy Fordette Betty Fordette Frances Fox Helen Garnard Eddie Givens John Goodwyn Dick Gosnell Evelyn Greenaway Mary S. Giese Richard Guilick Thomas Gurley William Hayes Calvin Harris Robert Harrison Annie Mae Haughton Calvin Hawkins Margaret Hawpe Lewis Hayes Wilson Hayes Frances Henley Odell Hicks Thomas Hogge Carleton Holleman Gordon Ben Hudson Tillie Hulten Hugh Hundley Lewis Kraus Marvin Lambert Lucy Lane Anne LaPcrte Edith Lilly Allen Lusby Betty Magnus Dora Marshall Richard Marshall Marjorie Mason Irene Maupin Elizabeth McAllister Sam McDowell Helen Mergl Evelyn Michie Earnest Miller Lilia Miller Sam Mills Daisy Moore Samson Morgan Naomi Moyer Alice Newell Betty Newell Martha Newell Louise Nice Ruby Nice Margaret Odum Betty Overman Marie Owens Walter Palmer Jeannette Parker Katherine Patterson Stanley Phillips Virginia Preston Sally Provoast Alice Mae Riley Wyley Robinson Alvin Schell Frances Schultz Phebe Shenk Miriam Shenk Henry Smith Charles Smyt Ira Strcud Jane Terry Ellen Vernon Clarence Vreeland Jean Walters June Wallers Bernard Ward Tom Warner William Watson Spotiswoode West Hugh Wilbern Westbroow Williams Jean White Timothy Wuska John David Yoder A STUDEM6T JfeODT Who’ s Who • ★ Prettiest Girl Elsie Utley Most Handsome Boy Nelson Swain Best All Round Girl Maud Hawley Best All Round Boy Harry Anderson Most Athletic Girl Maud Hawley Most Athletic Boy Harry Anderson Most Attractive Girl Elsie Utley Most Attractive Bov W. D. Paris Wittiest Girl Audrey Downs Wittiest Bov Leon Edwards Cutest Girl Janet Andrew Cutest Boy . . . . W. D. Paris Most Popular Girl Elsie Utley Most Popular Boy John Dozier Most Popular Senior Girl Elsie Utley Most Popular Senior Boy John Dozier Most Popular Junior Girl . Eva Eppes Most Popular Junior Boy Harry Anderson Most Popular Sophomore Girl Patsy Salisbury Most Popular Sophomore Boy Perrier Stowitz Most Popular Freshman Girl Janet Andrew Most Popular Freshman Boy . . . . John Goodwyn .PORTS AMD 0R1UR; yOO T¥iS ' A lolo TEAM Back Bow, left to right: Robert Walker, Asst. Coach, Joe Crafford, Carletcn Holleman, Nelson Swain, Dick Os- borne, Donald Colgan, Jimmy Hunter, George Logan, Robert Phelps, J. D. Crigler, Coach. Front Bow, left to right : Hal Baber, Robert Adams, John Newell, Liston Sweat, Thomas Cooke, Harry Anderson, T. H. Paris, Bill Styron, Mgr. EA ( UFo EA ¥o¥o TEAM Back Bow, left to right : Robert Walker, Asst. Craeh, Thomas Cooke, T. H. Paris, Liston Sweat, Joe Lawson, Harry Anderson, Granville Hawkins, J. D. Crigler, Coach. Front Bow, left to right: Leon Moore, Manager, Raymond Adams, John Newell, Junior Hayes, Joe Crafford, Ken- neth Cassel, Howard Harrison and Alvin Schell, Asst. Mgr. ■ J 0TS J ASKETEAE TEAM Bade Bow, left to right: J. D. Crigler, Coach, Aubrey Hawthorne, Harry Anderson, Thomas Cooke, Thomas Math- ews, Robert Walker, Asst. Coach. Front Bow, left to right: Willie Davis, Jimmy Hunter, Junior Hayes, Harris Holland. GIRLS RASERTRARR TRAM Back Bow, left to right : Peggy Barber, Patsy Salisbury, Betty Cawthon, Thelma Beeker, Frances Messick, Coach, Dorothy Morgan, Maude Hawley, Eliese Moore, and Hyacinth Moore. Front Bow, left to right : Thelma Parker, Mabel Gross, and Frances Hawley. ★ GtOIdF tea Left to light: Aubrey Hawthorne, Bill Haywcod, Louis Kaufelt, and William Hulten. Id ATI M CIdIIE) Dictum : Flos : Nehil mortalibus ardui est. Colores : Narcissus Albus et Yiridus Praefecti : Consules NANCY EASLEY BUDDY HAYES Praetores JIMMY COCHRAN FRANK EMMERSON CORRINE CURTIS Aedile MARGARET WILKINS Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH PITTS ROLL: Elizabeth Alejos Dick Anderson Helen Apperson Frances Ashby Marion Atkinson Robert Bartlett Virginia Boyd Barbara Brown Jean Brown Anna Leu Canepa Nancy Canepa Edmonia Cauffman Rose Chalkley Jimm Cochran Susie Colbert Eldridge Copes Corrine Curtis Doris Drewery Bessie Dudley Nancy Easley Leon Edwards Jean Elder Frank Emmerson Roland Fisher Mary S. Gies Gloria Godfrey Robert Gulick Frances Harris Buddy Hayes Eleanor Holmstine Robin Holzbach Gladys Hostetter Pearl Hostetter Harry Kraus Ann LaPorte Buddy Leonard Jean McClay Harold Marshall Richard Marshall Sam Mills Henry Mullins Betty Newell Betty Overman Herbert Parker Virginia Preston Sally Provoast Ruby Sehwery Betty Scott Lois Shenk Harmon Smith Perrior Stowitts Jane Terry Carolyn Weaver Margaret Wilkins Eager Wood Sarah Yoder GtIdIBIE) CIdIIE) President KATHLEEN KEANE Vice-President ELSIE UTLE Secretary GREIG CAMPBELL Treasurer ROSE NEWSOME Director MISS PATTERSON ROLL: Frances Ashby Marian Atkinson Leila Barclay Isabel Bell Virginia Boyd Barbara Brown Jean Brown Greig Campbell Annie L. Canepa Nancy Canepa Edmcnia Cauffman Susie Colbert Rosalie Creech Doris Drewery Betty Doggett Betty Fordette Peggy Fordette LTldean Gies Florence Harris Florence Hicks Helen Hudson Tillie Hulten Kathleen Keane Ann LaPorte Jean Maelay Dora Marshall Helen Mergl Lillia Miller Estelle O ’Neal Pauline O’Neal Sally Provoast Enid Redman Mae Russell Frances Schultz Jean Sloane Jane Terry Elsie Utley Carolyn Weaver Josephine Whiteside Margaret Wilkins Myrtle Woodall Florence Woodfin HORTHAMD et U® Flower : Motto : We Strive to Go Forward. Colors : White Carnation Purple and White President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . . Isabel Bell Edmonia Cauffman Anna Clark Jean Crawford Mildred Fleming Elsie Fox Hilda Freeman Officers : . . ANNA CLARK . . JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE . . MARY EVELYN SNYDER . . MILDRED JOYNER . . MISS GIANNOTTI ROLL: Helen Hicks Lorraine Jansen Elizabeth McDowell Dorothy Morgan Helen Myers Mary Evelyn Snyder Josephine Whiteside Martha Wood Dora Hertzler Mildred Joyner Venita Budlong Kathleen Keane Elsie Utley FRENCH CEUR Colors : Red, White and Blue Officers : Flower: Iris Preside n t Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . Sponsor ELSIE SMITH COLLEEN FOX JEAN SLOAN MISS RUTH SHULAR MEMBERS: Philip Brown Eugene Bryant Frances Burkholder Bill Easley Ruth Holloway Jinuny Horton Lorraine Jansen Tad Jaski Betty Lankes Carl Meyer Eline Nicholson Lois Odum Ellen Shenk Elsie Smith Jean Sloan Bill Styron Mary Evelyn Snyder Bill Wearn Everett Zimmerman ;PON6E STAFF Editor-in-Chief John Dozier Co Editors Bill Haywood, Elsie Smith Feature Editors Nancy Easley, Dick Osborne, Lorraine Jansen Business Manager Dolly Seward Circulation Managers Ben Fenton, Jim Davis Girls ’ Sports Editor Maude Hawley Boys ’ Sports Editor Joe Carf ford Exchange Editor Lelia Barclay Society Editor Enid Redman Copy Editors Nancy Rowe, Dorothy Morgan Reporters Freshman Nancy Canepa Sophomore Frank Emmerson Junior Jean Sloan Senior Robert Leonard P. G Nancy Roane Cuts John Celis, Joe Holzback, Leon Edwards, Joel Ferguson Typists Lois Shenk, Mary Snyder, Mae Russell, Elizabeth McDowell Special Reporters Ronald Marshall, Robin Holzback, Elsie Utley Printing Staff Jimmy Fox, Wade Granger, Granville Hawkins, Aubrey Hawthorne, Pete Preston, C. W. Simonson, Thomas Smith, John Celis, Willie Davis, Joel Ferguson, Billy Fox, George Logan, William Russell, Lionell Thacker, Calvin White, Alex Watson, Bill Preston Sponsors : Miss Shular, Mrs. Poindexter, Mr. Sauder ORCHESTRA Front, left to right : Lilly Marie Doucett, Pauline O’Neal, Estelle O’Neal, Dick Gosnell, Nancy Rowe, Robert Bartlett, Buddy Hayes, George Cowan, Dewey Turlington, Stephen Corbin, Nick Allen. Bach, left to right : Robert Lambert, Buddy Carper, Calvin Barnhart, Carleton Holleman, J. C. Turlington, Albert Hall, Kenneth Cassel, LePierre Watson, Billy Watson, and Dick Anderson. DRAMATIC CRUR Officers : President ANNA CLARK Vice-President LORRAINE JANSEN Secretary-Treasurer .... NANCY ROWE Sponsor MRS. GEDDY ROLL: Dick Anderson Burt Atkinson Joyce Ayseue Linwood Beasley Thelma Becker Virginia Bradshaw Venita Budlong Buddy Carper John Celis Anna Clark Audrey Downs John Dozier John Drum Nancy Easley Colleen Fox Frances Lee Harris Maude Hawley Bill Haywood Harris Holland Hudson Hornsby Robin Holzbach Helen Hudson Lorraine Jansen Marguerite Johnson Mildred Joyner Kathleen Keane Bob Krepps Frank Lange George Logan Doris Malianes Elizabeth McDowell William Michie Dorothy Morgan John Newell Betty Ogden Colleen Odum Lois Odum Dorothy Overman Thelma Peters Bill Preston Delle Pursell Nancy Rowe Dorothy Schultz Ruby Schwery Betty Scott Dolly Seward C. W. Simonson Jean Sloan Elsie Smith Mary E. Snyder Bill Styron Nelson Swain Elsie Utley Mary F. Walker Martha Wood Myrtle Woodall Harlan Yost BERATING TEAM Left to Bight, Bottom Bow: Alvin Schell, Hudson Hornsby, Doris Mahanes Thelma Peters, Mary F. Fuller, Nancy Rowe, Lorraine Jansen, Mary E. Snyder, Dick Gosnell. Left to Bight, Standing- Ruth Shular, Miss Harwell, Myrtle Woodall, Eager Wood, Everett Zimmerman, Harlan Yost, Elsie Utley, Dolly Seward, Ruby Schwery. SOUTHERN DAIRIES ICE CREAM Sealtest Approved . . . Compliments of . . . BANK OF HAMPTON ROADS You Are Never a Stranger After Your First Visit Founded September 19th, 1891 FIRST NATIONAL BANK In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many, many services the First National Bank offers in ad- dition to this. NEWPORT NEWS : : VIRGINIA Member of F. D. I. C. Count the Cylinders W. L. GLEASON CO. Check the features A Compare the Price! ▲ Dependable Seeds FARM IMPLEMENTS Garden Tools IT ' S FORD FOR ' 40 Sherwin-Williams Paint Hudgins Motor Corp. 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Suggestions in the Morrison High School - Warwick Yearbook (Morrison, VA) collection:

Morrison High School - Warwick Yearbook (Morrison, VA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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Morrison High School - Warwick Yearbook (Morrison, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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