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MI " RUBY THORPE i3 E sskxmty o:«orr£?T- IXD KTVTriT Bl « £ SAVE E - D£iKH HEI TO ilL S LVC V HE£_ TH15 K«I«. 15 A F- FDTi ‘XATO.1 I ' IDH 4 TED STAFF AND SPONSOR CATHERINE FOWLER Editor-in-Chief IDA WALLACE Advertising Manager HOWARD CURTIS Business Manager VIRGINIA STEVENS Asst. Editor-in-Chief MRS. SARA GEDDY Sponsor MISS BLANKENBAKER MRS. WOODWARD MR. SAUDER MISS SHULAR J. R. MORT MRS. GEDDY MRS. BLOXOM MISS MEWBORN MRS. Kelley Principal MISS GIANNOTTI Secretary MISS THORPE School Nurse MISS MORT MR. CRIGLER MISS RUSH MISS BALL MISS PITTS MISS CARTER OXZlVOxd M e, the annual staff, present to you THE 1939 " WARWICK.” IT IS A PIE— ALL THE INGREDIENTS OF WHICH ARE GUAR- ANTEED TO BE HOME-GROWN AND CHEMI- CALLY PURE. IT HAS BEEN MIXED AND BAKED ACCORDING TO THE BEST RECIPES, AND WE RECOMMEND IT AS BEING A VERY DIGESTIBLE DISH. IT IS EARNESTLY HOPED THAT EACH READER, LIKE MASTER JACK HORNER, MAY " PUT IN A THUMB AND PULL OUT A PLUM” WHICH WILL BE AT LEAST A LITTLE TO HIS LIKING. ★ SOPHOMORES ★ JUNIORS ★ SENIORS ★ FRESHMEN SENIOR CLASS cSs-niox d[a±i. Motto : Not At The Top But Climhinpr. Flower: White Rose Colors: Blue and White OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . CATHERINE FOWLER . MARY MARTIN . RUSSELL FARINHOLT . MAE SCHOLZ ROLL: MARGARET KEMPTON ATKINSON ERMA BELLE AYSCUE BARBARA LEE CHALKLEY MEREDITH OTIS CLARKE MARY CHANNING COLEMAN WILLIAM ARTHUR CRANE HOWARD MILTON CURTIS A. BOYD DADDS, JR. JOHN MACK DRUMM ELLA LUCILLE DUDLEY GILBERT S. DUDLEY HAGOOD ELMO ELKINS ELSIE LANGLEY ELLIS CARLTON MITCHELL EPPES CHARLES RUSSELL FARINHOLT CATHERINE BOWMAN FOWLER WILLIAM PRESTON FREEMAN BABARA MARSHALL FULLER MILLARD HAWTHORNE GRANGER JOHN LEWIS HAMILTON EDITH MAE HARLOW MILDRED MAY HARRIS JOHN PROSSER HARRISON, JR. CAXTON OLIVER HAUGHTON LAURA STAPLES HECK MILDRED IDA HENLEY VIOLA LOUISE HONEYCUTT EARLE KNOWLEN HUCKINS PHYLLIS HUCKINS SARAH JEANNE HUNTER ANN DILLARD JONES LILLIAN THOMAS JONES MARY MARGARET JONES RUFUS FREDERICK JOYNER NANCY DOUGLASS MACLAY JAMES WILLIAM MARSH MARY AMORY MARTIN JOSEPH COLBEY Me ALEXANDER, Jr. JULIA DABNEY McALEXANDER VIRGINIA JUANITA MITCHELL LESTER BAUMAN MITCHELL WILLIAM MARIN NETTLES PERCY LYNDON OWENS, JR. LUCINDA PARIS VIRGINIA ELIZABETH PARKER CLAUDE ADRIAN PRESSON NANCY STUART ROANE HELEN GAYNELL ROUNDY WILLIAM HENRY ROWE MARGARET ELIZABETH ROWELL ELMER HARRY RUSSELL, JR. LILLIAN BEATRICE RUSSELL IDA MAE SCHOLZ BENNIE RAYMOND SEALEY NETTIE GWENDOLYN SLAIGHT JAMES OLIVER SMITHLEY VIRGINIA MAE STEVENS MATHEW JOHN THOMPSON III HENRY MAGRUDER THOMPSON VIOLET MAE TRAINUM WELLFORD LEE TURNER IRVING WASHINGTON VREELAND, Jr. IDA LILLIAN WALLACE PHILIP MONROE WILBERN DOROTHY ANNE WILKINS MARGARET KEMPTEN ATKINSON “Peggy” “A truly American girl, overflow- ing with life and energy.” “Peggy’s” heart is the largest part of her body ; she loves everyone and everyone loves her. Her merry laugh and jolly “Hello” will long be remembered by her classmates. ERMA BELLE AYSCUE “Squirmie” “A dancing shape, an image gay, to haunt, to startle and waylay.” Erma’s sweet personality and loy- al friendship have won the whole hearted approval of the class of ’39. BARBARA LEE CHALKY “Chocolate” “She is little; she is shy, but there is mischief in her eye.” Barbara is dependable, interested in school activities, and always eag- er to be helpful, doing what she can cheerfully. Her special interest is in Charlottesville. MERDITH OTIS CLARKE “Merdy” “Of soul sincere, in action faith- ful, in honor clear.” “Merdy” is full of fun. He gets along with his lessons and, also, splendidly with his fellow class- mates. WILLIAM NARIN NETTLES “Bill” “With charity for all, with firm- ness in the right.” “Bill ' is conspicious in the Sen- ior Class for his genial grin, his prowess on the football field, and his wholesome attitude toward all school activities. He makes good grades, too. PERCY LYNDON OWENS, JR. “Sonny” “A brilliant mind is a constant source of pleasure.” Watch that twinkle in Lyndon’s eye. His sense of humor and mis- chievous outlook made him a pleas- ant companion. LUCINDA BEATRICE PARISH “Cinda” “Tranquility, thou better name, than all the family of fame.’’ Lucinda goes her serene, unruff- led way oblivious to the trials and tribulations of math, problems and history charts. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH PARKER “Virgie” “Fair, sweet girl with skillful hand.” “Virgie” always looks as if she had just stepped out of the pro- verbial band box with every hair in place. She is an industrious student, and cheerful company. MARY CHANNING COLEMAN “Chubby” “A voice low and sweet is an cx_ cellcnt thing in woman.” Channing, our distinguished editor of the “Sponge,” writes snappy prose and presides with decision at staff meetings. On the side, we hear she is a devotee of the “gentle art of rocking.” WILLIAM ARTHUR CRANE “Billie“ “He was natural, simple, affect- ing.” Firm in his opinion, but never heated in argument — that’s Billie. Five units of Math, and four years of football are the high spots of his school career. HOWARD MILTON CURTIS “Everyone who knew him liked him; have I not said enough?” Howard is one of Morrison’s most lovable characters, always willing to help a person in need. He is a grand sport ; hence, Morrison will lose a valuab ' e football star with Howard. AMOS BOYD DADDS, JR. “Boyd” “Much study is wearisome to the flesh.” Boyd is a likeable " pest”, full of fun. In spite of all of his “horse play”, he is well liked the school over. ELLA LUCILLE DUDLEY “It’s a friendly heart that has plenty of friends.” Ella is endowed with a sunny dis_ position, and the kind of a smile that is always ready to burst forth. To those who know her well, she is a loyal friend. GILBERT DUDLEY “Scoby” Tis only noble to be good. “Scoby” is a good student, espec- ially in Math ; but when it comes to work he thoroughly believes in con- servation of energy. He is quet and reserved. HAGOOD ELMER ELKINS “Guts” “Life has no blessing like a pru- dent friend.” H. good stands well in his classes and is liked by everyone, although he is a great tease. He is never in a rush, but he always seems to get there. ELSIE LANGLEY ELLIS “Puddin” “I’ll sing thee a song.” The class of ‘39 has been enrich- ed by Elsie’s originality, musical talent, and pep. She is a valuable member of the Sponge staff. CARLTON MITCHELL EPPES “Bonehead” ‘‘A light heart lives long.” Carlton’s winning smile and his friendly ways have made him pop- ular with all of our students. CHARLES RUSSELL FARINHOLT “Monk” “Much wisdom often goes with fewest words.” Cutest, most studious, and most likely to succeed — all these qualities spell “Monk”. We are sure to see “Monk’s” name above the rest of the crowd. CATHERINE BOWMAN FOWLER “Kitty” “With lots of pep, sincere in mind, the truest friend you’ll ever find.” “Kitty” as class president, has led us through Junior and Senior years wholeheartedly and successfully. Her rank of “Typical Senior Girl” sig- nified the place she holds in our hearts. WILLIAM PRESTON FREEMAN “Peter” “Silence absorbs knowledge.” Here’s a baseball player. Peter is seemingly indifferent, but not so. He is unassuming and self reliant. BARBARA MARSHALL FULLER “Bobbie” “For nature made her what she is, and never made another.” Our blond Barbara carries be- neath her curls a head full of orig- inality, wit, and executive ability. As her future profession, “Bobby” has chosen dress designing. MILLARD HAWTHORNE GRANGER “Thorne” “All things I thought I knew ; but now confess the more I know ; I know the less.” Hawthorne is well-known among his many friends as a good sport and comrade. His ability to sing and his handsomeness win the hearts of many girls at Morrison High. JOHN LEWIS HAMILTON “Jack” “Sober, steadfast.” The boy who put M. H. S. on the golf map, that’s “Jack”. A good fellow classmate and a friend to all. EDITH MAE HARLOW “E” “Mcdest and shy as a daisy.” “E” stands up for kindness and faithfulness. Though she is small in statue, she is large in our hearts. MILDRED MAY HARRIS “Mickey “Gentle in manner, firm in real- ity.’ Quiet, gentle, lovable, all these can be said of “Mickey”. May the best of good things be hers. JOHN PROSSER HARRISON, JR. “His airs, his manners, all who saw admired.’ John is a fun lover, a big tease, a fine sport, and industrious work- er. He is well liked by the whole school CAXTON OLIVER HAUGHTON “Cax” “Happy am I; from care I’m free, why aren’t they all contented like me ? “Cax’s” contagious smile, red hair and jolly disposition have endeared him to all at Morrison. LAURA FRANCES STAPLES “Lalla” “Fearless in youth, she tempts the heights of knowledge.” Better late than never is our ver- dict, Laura. We’re awfully glad you joined us — even though you were three years late. We like your ready smile and willingness to help. MILDRED IDA HENLY “Hen” “To know her is to love her.” The class of ’39 was enriched by " Hen ' s” wit and humor. With such a friendly disposition “Hen” will succeed. VIOLA LOUISE HONEYCUTT “Honey” “An enlightning smile makes things worthwhile.” " Honey” spreads sunshine where- ever she goes. A truer friend can- not be found. Once you know her yop will always love her. EARLE KNOWEN HUCKINS “Huck” “Afoot and light-hearted I take to the cp n road.” Cheerful, witty, easy-going, our " Huck” would rather be sailing a a boat or playing a harp than dig. ging his way through the intrica- cies of the federal government in history class. PIIYLISS HUCKENS “Phil” “Modest and simple, and sw-eet, the very type of Priscella.” " Phil” is a lovable, true and staunch friend. She loves fun and does her part in everything. SARAH JEANNE HUNTER “Sal” " Her household motions light and free.” Due to the strength of her char- acter and the force of her amiable personality, Sarah is well liked. Since her work in Home Econo- mics has been exceptionally good, she promises to make an efficient home-maker. ANN DILLARD JONES “Jonesy” “Music, when soft voices die vi- brates in the memory ” Reserve, a sense of humor, charm, scholastic ability, a gift of song, these contribute to Anne ' s success. LILLIAN THOMAS JONES “Tommy” “A smile always wreaths her lips.” Lillian ' s chief talent is poetical. She’s pretty and merry and pleas- ant. to know. MARY MARGARET JONES “There is a lady sweet and fine.” Here’s to a girl with perpetual good humor. She is rather quiet and reserved, but once you get be- low the surface, you find a lovable personality, and a heart of gold. RUFUS FREDERICK JOYNER “Freddie” “My tongue within my lips I rein: for who talks much must talk in vain.” “Freddie” is one of our most lov- able students, believes school is his sleeping time. We will miss “Fred- die” next year for his keen wit and his ever willing helpfulness. NANCY DOUGLAS McCLAY “Nan” “Nothing can resist my Nincy.” Sophistication — that ' s Nancy, with every move. When it comes to a showdown, you’ll find her accom- plished both socially and intellect- ual y.. JAMES WILLIAM MARSH “J. W.” “Men who undertake considerable things even in a regular way, ought to give us ground to presume abili- ty.” James is equally ? dept at sailing a boat and making a speech. His hobbies show he’s a gentleman of cosmopolitan taste. MARY AMORY MARTIN ‘Happy” “Sweetness of disposition charms the soul.” When Mary receives her sheep- skin, then she will leave a vacancy at Morrison that will be hard to fill. Mary has served her class well as vice-president. She is depend- able, true and ever willing to help others. JOSEPH COLBEY Me ALEXANDER “Joe” “Approved valor is made precious by natural courtesy.” “Joe” has artistic ability, athletic ability ,and last but not least, schol- astic ability. He is a kind and friendly boy, quiet, but always ready to join in a good laugh. JULIA DABNEY McALEXANDER “ 14 ” “Thy music sets my world at ease.” A friend, a booster, a cheer lead- er for Morrison, a cafeteria assist- ant, and a genuine good sport : these represent Julia. VIRGINIA JAUNITA MITCHELL “Joe” “Happy-go-lucky, fair and free if you‘d be happy, be like she.” Although this is “Joe ' s” first year at Morrison High she has made many warm friends with her sunny smile and charming personality. LESTER BLAKE MITCHELL “Butch” “Oh give us a man who sings at h.s work.” " Butch’s” the class Cassanova. His pleasant personality has made him popular, and his intellectual ability has made him outstanding in his classes. CLAUDE ADRIAN PRESSON “Pat” " Quiet and watchful he kept his eye.” “Pat” has a quiet and amiable manner, and conscientious habits of study. He made a good schol- astic record at Morrison. NANCY STUART ROANE “Stu” Is she pretty? Look in those eyes. There the light of genius lies. Someday in the halls of fame, As a decorator you ' ll find her name. HELEN GAYNELL ROUNDY “Hel " “Happy go lucky, where’er she goes, many her friends, few her foes.” Helen is willing to meet anyone half way, a smile for smile. She considers a wold without friendship is but a wilderness. WILLIAM HENRY ROWE “Our Bill” “When he starts to think, trouble is brewing.” Bill represents the biggest tease of the Senior class, but in spite of that, he is well liked by all We knew all along that he was good fun but we never suspected, until our Senior year, his ability as a public speaker. •C: o MARGARET ELIZABETH ROWELL “Mutt” “The reason firm, the temperate will.” Margaret has a quiet dignity of her own, but she unbends to join in merriment, or to cooperate with her many friends in any good und- ertaking. ELMER HARRY RUSSELL “El” “The heart to conceive, the under- standing to direct, or the hand to execute.” A quiet and studious boy is Elmer. He takes an active part in class discussions and he has proved a valuable member on History IV ra- dio programs. LILLIAN BEATRICE RUSSELL “Sis” ‘ A friend is a rare book, of which one copy is made.” Lillian’s quietness and sweetness add much to her charm. Once ac- quired, her friendship is everlasting. IDA MAE SCHOLZ “West” " An ideal girl in every way, the kind of a friend that is not found every day.” Mae — “the friendliest Senior " — is loved by us all ; Mae — " the best all around girl” — possesses a per- sonality we can’t resist ; Mae — " the high school booster” — gives us a good reputation wherever she goes. BENNIE RAYMOND SEALEY “Ray” “He who thinks for himself.” “Ray’s” love for fun and good sportsmanship make him one of the most admired boys in school. His originality will help him climb to success. NETTIE GWENDOLYN SLAIGHT “Gwen” “A merry heart doeth good like medicine.” “Gwen’s” sense of humor and love for fun accounts for her popularity at Morrison High. Her laughter will bring her through many ordeals in life. JAMES OLIVER SMITH LEY “Jimmie” “I ' ve come,” said I, “to see life at it’s best. I had a vision — music art, and the rest.” A forceful personality is Jimmie, the live wire of any gathering. When one needs a poem, a song, a witty story, he calls on Jimmie. VIRGINIA MAE STEVENS “Spooks” “Her words are balm, her love sincere, her thoughts immac-ulate. ” “Spooks” is a good all-round stud- ent, but she stars especilly in his- tory where her dramatic readings on radio programs are always in demand. She was elected the most studious girl in her class. MATHEW JOHN THOMPSON “Jack” “He went about his work as one who knows.” “Jack” is one whom few really know. He will help you with all his heart, at the slightest hint. He does not have to tell you how sin- cere he is about this to be the truth. HENRY MAGRUDER THOMPSON “Bravo” “I would rather be right than president.” “Bravo” is a likable boy of strong opinions, a debater, beyond doubt. He is ambitious for a career in the commercial World. VIOLET MAE TRAINUM “Violet” “ Silence is golden.” “Violet” is a newcomer in our Senior Class ; however, she has won many friends. Although Violet is retiring in manner, we feel she is always willing to cooperate. WELFORD LEE TURNER “Turner” “Kindness is wisdom.” Welford’s quiet, studious manner and his frankness have won him a unique place among us. IRVING WASHINGTON VREELAND, JR. “Jelly roles” “I do not stoop to flatter.” Irving is a good student at M. H. S. and an energetic worker in all class projects. His experience at the candy counter may lead to a career in Big Business. IDA LILLIAN WALLACE “Ida” “And what she thought, she nobly dared.” “Ida” is sweet and loyal to all her friends. She possesses all the qual- ities desired of a true comrade. PHILIP MONROE WILBERN “Pete” “Little I ask; my wants are few.” “Pete” has put in four years of good, steady work for his diploma. The same energy should carry him far toward success in life. DOROTHY ANNE WILKINS " Wilkie” " Candor is the seat of a noble mind.” Anne ' s conscientiousness, straight forwardness, dependability, and will- ingness to work have made her an outstanding Senior of ' 39. JOHN MACK DRUMM “Johnny” “He was in love with his work.” John’s modest, earnest, capable manner is very attractive. He’s a prood politician — witness, his elec- tion as vice-president by the Liberal party. Ciai.lL cCfiitoXij ★ In 1935 this Senior class of ’39 entered Morrison High School, as Fresh- men, “to learn not for school but for life.” While we have been preparing our- selves for the coming years, we have taken time to pause and record, in this History of our class, incidents which each will long cherish and remember. That unforgetable day of enrollment! What high ambitions fired our young hearts! What bewildering problems puzzeled our groping minds! What laugh- ter provoking questions slipped off our unsophisticated tongues! With great enthusiasm we met and elected Howard Curtis as our president. For the most part we submitted with good grace to initiation at the hands of our betters — the self-satisfied Sophomores ; but Nancy Roane could never become reconciled to the epithet. Rats ; a veritable Patrick Henry, she boldly proclaimed our right to the simple dignity of the title — Freshman. Even to this day, Boyd Dadds asserts that he rode no billy-goats, nor was he painted or paddled. Oh, shades of the Sophomores of ' 35, what a good chance you missed ! Then to the deiight of the Freshman and to the discomfiture of the Soph- omores, Mr. Mort issued his ultimatum, “No more initiations.” Although we were very timid while Freshmen, one among us mustered the supreme nerve to skip class. This was none other than the bold Mr. Hagood Elkins. The next year we chose Ann Colgan as president of the class, but she early deserted her post for the greater attractions of matrimony. Howard Curtis, vice-president succeeded to her high office. While we were sophomores we had a great adventure. If you had hap- pened along one day you would have thought that refugees from Czechoslavakia were fleeing with their household goods, but it was merely the high school mak- ing its exodus from its old home and its exciting entrance into the fine, modern new buildings across the street. As we trudged along, many had to stop tand take a deep breath, since our paraphernalia of pencils, papers, books, and even our own desks, were none to light. The morning in our new surroundings seemed to step away too fast. The bell rang for lunch and we scampered off to find that the cafeteria was located, much to our sorrow, as far from us as it could possiby been placed. This year was a great one as we had so many new things to learn. Mr. Mort we surprisingly found out one day, had been listening in on our classes. This was a shock as well as a mystery. Each time Mr. Mort began to make an announcement over the new public address system, it sounded as if he were stamping his feet and what not ; the startled Sophomores, satisfied that they were not being bombarded from Mars, learned to cover their ears and wait for the noise to subside and the announcement to- begin. In our Junior year, Catherine Fowler was chosen president. Entertaining the Seniors of ' 38 with a banquet and dance was our main objective. We worked hard to raise money, selling ribbons, pennants, candy, and food ; but in April a vision of financial inadequacy loomed before our eyes. Then someone said. “Coat hangers !” We picked up these two words, we emphasized them, and then translated them into action " Coat hangers” at the right of us, " Coat hangers” at the left of us, and “Coat hangers” all around us. No one minded, however, and in a few weeks “Coat hangers”, at a half a cent a piece had hung up our troubles. The banquet and dance came off “tops”. The speakers, Catherine Fowler, Less Mitchell, William Rowe, Mary Martin, Russell Farinholt and Howard Curtis offered their toasts with enthusiasm. The harmony of their knees shaking rendered a tune that was most appealing and entertaining. STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! SENIORS! YES. SENIORS! During our last year of high school our class meetings, which were num- erous, took on a dignity of their own. Catherine Fowler, our president, con- ducted the meetings in a manner equal to Vice-president Gamer’s, and we car- ried out parliamentry rules so well that we were able to accomplish much. Publishing our paper the " Sponge” was one of our big projects of the year. It was not a rare experience to see the desk of Miss Rush, our sponsor, littered with papers, while the members of the staff rushed madly up stairs and down with copy and proof, and the printing press in the industrial arts room hummed with activity. The " Sponge” has justified all our efforts. Our next venture into the field of publication was this, our annual. Early in the fall there was a hectic scramble for advertisements. The long suffering merchants in this community bowed to the inevitable, when determined Seniors approached them for ads, and meekly signed on the dotted line. When the financial standing of our annual was secure, we began the in- teresting period of picture taking. Senior girls appeared with hair primly curled and boys who were ordinarily satisfied with a comfortable sweater, were slicked up like arrow shirt ads. Other activities in which the Seniors have exercised their talents have been preparing in our commencement, cramming for exams, and pesenting the Senior plays. Upon all these undertakings we can look back with a smile of satisfaction and say, " We’ve done our best. " As we think back over these glorious years we remember pleasantly Mrs. Gcddy and Miss Pitts, our home-room teachers, and Mr. Mort, our principal, who faithfully worked with us. Thoughts of friends whom we hate to leave linger in our hearts. Last but not least, Morrison High School will ever stand as a shrine of our devotion. Mary Martin ’39 (. l 7 aii C.XZS.A ★ We, the Class of ’39 have formed several beliefs which we deem necessary to our playing successfully the game of life. Our many y ears of schooling have done us great good. These years have given us training and practice for the game. We hope to show these benefits as the years go on. Our experiences have confirmed our confidence in the value of the public schools. We believe in righteousness. By this we mean that we believe in accep- ting and supporting the right. We believe in following the rules of the game. We believe in clean sportsmanship. We would rather lose the game than win by unfair methods. We believe in team work. In order for us to win we must have complete cooperation. The saying “One for all ; all for one,” applies to us. We believe in equality of opportunity ; we want to give everyone a chance to be on our team. This is the most important of all democratic principles. We believe in freedom of thought and expression. We w£.nt each player to be able to give his opinions. Guided by this, our creed, and strengthened by confidence in our abilities, we go forth to do our part for the promotion of a better and happier human society. Russell Farinholt Class of ’39 ★ On OL ' DH-uJLoM ★ We are standing tonight at a parting of ways ; We have come to the end of our High School days ! The occasion is alike both sad and glad, Thinking of future joys, and the joys we have had ; Sad to think that the time is so near For leaving our teachers and school friends dear; Glad for the work we have patiently wrought, For the growth we have made in skill and thought ; Sad for the closing of childhood’s last door, Glad for the wide-open portals before. Now on life’s threshold we pause for an hour. Eager, alert, and surging with power. We long to be trying our newly fledged wings, To go out and conquer a world of new things ; To put to the test of a work-a_day round Tenets of fairness and faith we have found. Earnest, prepared, devoted to truth. We hope to expend the strong years of our youth. In sportsmanly service to God, Country, and man, And, for one’s self, do the best we can ! ★ Virginia Stevens 39 ★ Time: Thanksgiving Day, in the year 1949. Place: The new million dollar Crigler Stadium, Morrison High School, Morrison, Va. Event: An interscholastic football game: Duke University and Morrison High School. Yes, siree, gang, it’s really a fact. Duke plays Morrison. Every hotel, tourists home, tourist camp on the Peninsula was crowded two day ago. The game is scheduled for two o’clock ; it is now one o’clock and the stadium is filled to capacity. Something different about this game ; it’s the first class reunion of the class of ’39 : and, since your reporter is particularly interested, what do you say we go over to the reserved section on the fifty yard line for this class? Well, well, here’s Peggy Atkinson ; they say she’s found a nice big Marine and settled down for the rest of her life Good girl Peggy. Hello, Jack. This is Jack Hamilton, the grand (old?) man of golf. He says he’s turned pro at $10,000 a year. Whew! who wouldn’t? Mary Jones and Ella Dudley have started a bureau for missing things. If you lose anything, let them know ; money, marbles, cars, husbands, anything. Joe McAlexander mathematician. He determines how much postage is needed for a cer tain business concern. His knowledge of Trig put to use. Nancy Maclay keeps herself busy cleaning house and taking care of two kids. Doesn’t sound like you, Nancy. Corporal Owens, (get that, Corporal,) well, Lyndon Owens is in the Army. Nice work if you can get it. Mary Martin is the chief executive of Eggleston H. Drycell. Inc. In other words she is married. Wow, look at that white coat, and jerking it around, we find it covers the shoulders of Bill Rowe. He says he’s jerking sodas. Ha ! twenty. six years old and still jerking sodas. Lillian Jones and Mildred Henly have gone in for singing in a big way. They are now with the Richmond Operatic Society. I thought that Glee Club would help. We learn that Nancy Roane is doing nicely with her interior decorations. It seems she has been to Hollywood. Don ' t go airish on us, Nancy. D. Howard Curtis IM. S.) the chemical wizard! No telling what he’s going to discover next. He’s added seven elements to the original ninety-six. Barbara Fuller says she is with Sacs in New York designing dresses and stuff. I wonder if she’s her own model. Freddie Joyner is president of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. A little sleep does wonders, huh, Freddie? Anne Wilkins has started a Bureau for those who don ' t know how to skate. She will appreciate a post caxd or a letter. Great fun, no? Chubby Coleman’s not doing anything but petting kitties and crocheting. She says she has plans to stay an old maid. Nothing worse than tying your- self down. . Look who’s here ! Hawthorne Granger, alias Robert Gable. He specializes in horse back riding for Star Pictures, Inc. Margaret Rowell and Lillian Russell are making a small fortune from discarding ladies hats. We boys pay them. Bill Nettles, All-American from Brady’s School for Boys. He should be playing for Morrison. Adrian Presson and his attache, Preston Freeman, get out of a long limousine, derbies and all. They’re representing the U. S. in the Grand State of Hitlerina, formerly known as Europe. Virginia Stevens and Virginia Parker represent Virginia in Congress. Virginia seems to be well represented. Irving Vreeland is, shall I say, a landscape artist. He takes orders from Dr. Gentile only. Gwen Slaight and Mae Scholz are private secretaries. I wonder if they can type. Wellford Turner is specializing in the gentle art of caddying and has it down to perfection. He takes orders from no one. Lucinda Paris is a scientist in the Goodhousekeeping, goodbookkeeping, hus- band keeping, any kind of keeping, laboratories. Philip Wilbern is buttering his bread by putting zippers on all sweaters now, since eveyone liked that one he had. Laura Staples is serving delicious stuffs to eat at New York’s most famed restaurant for tired business and other people. John Harrison, besides making about 90,000 a year spends his time making a Chippendale mirror ; ten years and he’s almost finished. Ann Jones is the hostess at the new two million dollar hotel, “The Ritz on the James.’’ Boy, it’s nice to know such famous people. John Drumm, between flying below bridges, is figuring a plan for two planes in every garage. Those who have turned to nursing, namely, Erma Belle Ayscue, Violet Trainum, and Barbara Chalkley, we congratulate ; nice going girls. Edith Harlow and Helen Roundy are all world famed women scientists, who have discovered Harlomite and Roundanround respectively. In your speeches give Morrison a plug. Elsie-er-ah-used-to-be-Ellis, I’ve forgotten her last name ; well folks you know the rest. Mildred Harris is helping her brother in the clothing business. What’s good to go around you is good for the pocketbook or something like that. Earle Huckins is a W. N. R. radio announcer. Quiet, Huck. “Guts’’ Elkins raises corn for his erah — cows and horses. Viola Honeycutt has started a new kind of crush, (we ' ve never heard of orange crush). Ida Wallace and Julia McAlexander are studying deeper into the Science of Jitterbugology. They already have their B. J. S. Ray Sealey, Jim Smithley, and Elmer Russell have gone into business in the Rayjimel Enterprises, Inc. They specialire in anything you want. Mac Thompson is chief executive of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to formal Debaters. Jack Thompson is a degreed baseball player. Jack, I believe you’ve made a hit. Oh, I forgot to mention that Juanita Mitchell stole the show from Haw- thorne Gable’s new picture (Buck Benyay Stops Riding). She could teach the horse new tricks. Among those building ships for the U. S. are Gilbert Dudley, Bill Crane, and Meredith Clarke. Here come Carlton Eppes and Caxton Haughton over the wall ; they can’t get over the habit even though the game is free. Phyllis Huckins goes around giving advice to poor, tired, ignorant chem- ists, and Sarah Hunter goes in for leading a life of ease and leisure while the rest of us slave. Catherine Fowler, that famous African exploress, has just returned from the dark continent and she’s wearing rings in her nose. Let’s hope she pulls through. Russell Farinholt is Duke’s star back. I guess it’s kinda hard playing against your old alma mama. James Marsh the famous globe trotter, spends his time trotting between Charlottesville and Newport News. And so folks, here at Morrison, Boyd Dadds and I are still trying to get that 1-4 credit ; 15-3-4 credits in fourteen years. Well anyway, I remain sincere ' y yours, Les Mitchell Class of ' 39 CLu XM ★ We, the class of 1939, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills hereto- fore made by us. First, to Mr. J. R. Molt, we wish to express our hearty appreciation for his support both in hardships and pleasures, and leave our best wishes for his success in the future. Second, to the Senior home room teachers, Mrs. Geddy and Miss Pitts, we will our thanks for their interest in each member of the Senior Class. Third, to the Juniors, we will the privilege of having the Senior home rooms for the year of ’39 - ’40 and also, our dignity, which we hope they will wear even under the most trying circumstances. We give them our permission to doff it, however, on “kid day”. To those remaining the class bequeaths the following qualities of its members : To Dorothy Ihlefield, Virginia Parker wills her ability to keep her hair in place. Channing Coleman wills her extra inches to “Bill” Haywood. John Prosser Harrison wills his perpetual motions to Molasses in January. Ann Jones wills her unusual name to John Jones. Les Mitchell wills the front seat in the Senior home room to anybody whose best girl sits in the second seat. Barbara Fuller wills her peroxide curls to Elsie Smith. “Bill” Nettles wills his shou ' der pads to his brother, Earle. Anne Wilkins wills her new hair-do to Dolly Seward. To Bill Updike. Margaret Rowell wills her freckles. Lyndon Owens wills his voracity for shorthand homework to Mae Wood. Maiy Martin wills her position as class historian to her sister, Evelyn. Irving Vreeland wills his postmastership to James Farley. Elsie Ellis wills her interest in the N. Y. A. Camp to Maude Haw ' ey. Nancy Stuart Roane wills her extra pounds to Audrey Downs. Howard Curtis wills his date book of Newport News end vicinity to " Mole” Howell. Mac Thompson wills his good reports to Bill Haywood. Earle Huckins wills his seats in the class rooms to any studious member of the Junior Class who desires them. He will not lieed them, henceforth he will be sailing boats. Erma Ayscue wills her dineing to Eva Eppes. Barbara Chalkley wills her love for the third seat, second row in IV Class, to anyone with a similar infatuation. Ella Dudley wills her bashfulness to Benjamin Singleton. Catherine Fowler wills her love for “olives” to someone not likely to visit Richmond in the near future. Edith Harlow wills her punctuality with shothand homework to be divided equally among the members of next year’s class. Mildred Harriss wills her talent for argument to her sister Margaret. Mildred Henley wills her indolence to John Sl.enk. Viola Honeycutt wills her “giggles” to her sister, Lois. Billy Crane wills his mathematical genius to Richard Bates. Boyd Dadds wills his acquaintance with the Williamsburg girls to Joe Crawford. John Drumm wills the blinking aeroplanes to Willis Budlong. Gilbert Dudley wills his place as driver of the Briarfield Road school bus to Malcolm Campbell. Carlton Eppes wills his “swingy” walk to Delle Purcell. Russell Farinholt wills his 6 ft. 3 to Harold Vandeveer. Preston Freeman wills his prowess in baseball to Joe Lawson. To Charles Daman, Hawthorne Granger wills his handsome appearance. Jack Hamilton wills his distinguished golf to Bill Warren. Caxton Haughton wills his pitching skill to Charles Black. E’.mer Russell his job as manager of the Candy Bar to the “Big Business” man of 1939. Jackson wills his curly hair to Hudson Hornsby. Welford Turner willls his love for History to Gaither Rowe. Philip Wilburn wills his predilection for history tests to Bill Warren. Nancy Maclay wills her f lirtatiousness to anyone who has the capacity of such a characteristic. Phyllis Huckins wills her Hawaiian complexion to anyone who can acquire it. Sarah Hunter wills her poise to Audrey Downs. Lillian Thomas Jones wills her love for the skating rink to Elizabeth MacDowell. Freddie Joyner wills his ability to sleep in classes whomever may get away with it. Joe McAlexander wills his artistic skill to History IV Class to be used in drawing charts. Adrian Presson wills his experience as President of the United States to anyone the History IV Class may elect. Julia McAlexander wills her interest in Grafton to whomever it may concern. Juanita Mitchell wills her “strut” to Florence Hicks who doesn’t need it. Mary Jones wills her quietness to Mabel Gross. Lillian Russell wills her deliberation in making speeches to The!ma Becker. Laura Staples wills her position in the cafeteria to whomever applies for the job. Ida Wallace wills her facial expressions to George McManus. Peggy Atkinson wills her interest in the sea to Mabel Gross. Meredith Clark wills his inclination to tease to Harris Holland. Hagood Elkins wills his ring side desk in Miss Pitts’ home room to Bill Warren. Bill Rowe wills his good nature to next year’s Senior president who will need it in his trying position. Raymond Sealey bequeaths his dilettante’s knowledge of the language of swing and its fraternal members to Myrtle Woodall. James Smithly wills his Far East experiences to Everett Zimmerman. James Marsh wills his popularity among his girl friends to Joel Ferguson. Violet Trainum wills her pleasant -attitude of cooperation to the line in the Cafeteria waiting for its lunch. Helen Roundy wills her ability to write lovelorn poetry to anyone so ro- mantically inclined. Lucinda Paris wills her low voice to Larry Sanford. Gwendolyn Slaight wills her knowledge of Latin to Bill Styron. Virginia Stevens wills her high scholastic standing to Dick Creech. And I, Mae Scholz, will my position as Executor of the Senior Will to anyone the Junior Class elects. Sworn and subscribed to by the members of the Senior Class this 6th day of June, 1939. Mae Scholz ’39 j aii Statii.tia± ★ Typical Senior Boy Typical Senior Girl Best All Round Boy Best All Round Girl Most Handsome Prettiest Girl Most Attractive Boy Most Attractive Girl Best Sport Boy Best Sport Girl Morrison High Booster. Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Class Primp Class Flirt Boy Class Flirt Girl Man Hater. Woman Hater Most Studious Boy Most Studious Girl Hot Air Broadcaster Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl Most Original Boy Most Original Girl Bashful Boy Most Bashful Girl Biggest Loafer Most Stylish Boy Most Stylish Girl Friendliest Boy Friendliest Girl Peppiest Boy Peppiest Girl Best Dancer Boy Best Dancer Girl Biggest Giggler Boy Biggest Giggler Girl Quietest Boy Quietest Girl Noisiest Boy Noisiest Girl Most Independent Boy Most Independent Girl LES MITCHELL CATHERINE FOWLER BILL ROWE MAE SCHOLZ HAWTHORNE GRANGER NANCY MACLAY LES MITCHELL PHYLLIS HUCKINS HOWARD CURTIS MAE SCHOLZ MAE SCHOLZ RUSSELL FARINHOLT ELSIE ELLIS LILLIAN JONES LES MITCHELL NANCY MACLAY ELLA DUDLEY PRESTON FREEMAN RUSSELL FARINHOLT VIRGINIA STEVENS MAC THOMPSON RAYMOND SEALEY MARGARET ROWELL JIM SMITHLEY ELSIE ELLIS PRESTON FREEMAN ELLA DUDLEY FREDDIE JOYNER HOWARD CURTIS CATHERINE FOWLER BILL NETTLES MAE SCHOLZ LES MITCHELL ELSIE ELLIS HOWARD CURTIS ERMA AYSCUE JIM SMITHLEY PEGGY AT ' KINSON PRESTON FREEMAN MARY JONES BOYD DADDS SARAH HUNTER ADRIAN PRESSON MARY MARTIN Most in Love Boy Most in Love Girl Heartbreaker Boy lie a rt breaker Girl _ Teacher ' s Pet - Biprfrest Tease Most Likely To Succeed Boy. Most Likely To Succeed Girl.. LES MITCHELL NANCY MACLAY LES MITCHELL NANCY MACLAY BARBARA FULLER BILL ROWE RUSSELL FARINHOLT ...CATHERINE FOWLER ' ' Junior s. C7 Motto : Because We Think We Can, We Can. Flower : Sweet Pea Colors: Blue and White O F F I President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer RO IRENE AGREE RICHARD BATES LINWOOD BEASLEY THELMA BECKER VEN1TA BUDLONG WILLIS BUDLONG ANN BURCHARI) KENNETH CASSEL JOHN CELIS ANNA CLARK CHARLES DAMAN WILLIE DAVIS MELVIN DOLAN JOHN DOZIER BOB DRUMM HORACE LEE EDWARDS BENJAMIN FENTON BILLIE FOX RAYMOND GERMAN HOWARD HARRISON MAUDE HAWLEY BILL HAYWOOD AUBREY HAWTHORNE DORA MAY HERTZLER FLORENCE HICKS HARRIS HOLLAND LOIS HONEYCUTT HUDSON HORNSBY WILLIAM HULTEN JAMES HUNTER DOROTHY IHLEFIELD LORRAINE JANSEN MILDRED JOYNER AUDREY KAUFELT KATHLEEN KEANE BOB KREPPS E R S: NANCY ROWE BILL HAYWOOD KATHLEEN KEANE DELLE PURSELL PHILIP LANGSLOW ROBERT LEONARD GEORGE LOGAN RONALD MARSHALL ELIZABETH McDOWELL JOHN MILLER DOROTHY MORGAN JOHN NEWELL HELEN NEWELL DOROTHY OVERMAN T. H. PARIS W. I). PARIS THELMA PETERS BILL PRESTON DELLE PURSELL LAWRENCE ROBERTSON GAITHER ROWE HARVEY ROWE NANCY ROWE WILL ' AM RUSSELL DOROTHY SCHULTZ RUBY SCHWERY DOLLY SEWARD JOHN SHENK BENJAMIN SINGLETON LOIS SHENK THOMAS SMITH MARY SNYDER NELSON SWAIN RICHARD THOMPSON ELSIE UTLEY HAROLD VANDEVEER BILL WARREN MARTHA WOOD MYRTLE WOODALL MORRIS YODER • a JUNIOR CLASS ★ ohfiomors CLai.i. Motto : Grasp the Opportunity. Flower: Yellow Rose Colors: Green and Gold OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . BILL STYRON . GREIG CAMPBELL JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE . EVELYN MARTIN ROLL: MILTON ADAMS RAYMOND ADAMS JOYCE AYSCUE BRUCE BARCLAY LE ' LA BARCLAY WELFORD BATKINS EDWARD BARNHART HERBERTA BARBRO ISABEL BELL VIRGINIA BOYD VIRGINIA BRADSHAW WARREN BROOKS MARIE CAMPBELL MARJORIE CANAVAN CLAUDE CARDWELL EARL CARPER FRANK CARPER EDMONIA CAUFFMAN EDWARD CHALKLEY JAMES COCHRAN JACK COLEMAN THOMAS COOKE GEORGE COWAN JEAN CRAWFORD JAMES DAVIS JEAN DENTON GEORGE DIFFENDERFER BETTY DOGGETT LILY MARIE DOUCETTE MARGARET DOUGHTY AUDRY DOWNS DORIS DREWERY BESSIE DUDLEY BERNICE DUNN LEON EDWARDS EVA EPPES HARRY FISHER AUDREY FOX BETTY FOX BETTY FORD HILDA FREEMAN MARTHA GIBBS WADE GRANGER ALBERT HALL FLORENCE HARRIS MARGARET ' HARRIS GRANVILLE HAWKINS HELEN HAYES JOSEPH HOLZBACK ELSIE HERTZLER WILLIAM HINES BILL HOLLIDAY MAURICE HOLLOWAY CHARLES HOSTETTER PEARL HOSTETTER IRVIN HOWELL HELEN HUDSON WENDELL HUSSEY JOHN JONES LOUIS KAUFELT JOSEPH KASTLEBERG ANNIE MAE KNAPP OPAL KARNES NORMAN KRAUS ANNETTE LANE FRANK LANGE ELIZABETH LANKES JOSEPH LAWSON RUTH LAYMAN JEAN MACLAY DORIS MAHANES EVELYN MARTIN HELEN MARSHALL EDITH McBREAIRITY BEATRICE MERICA GREGORY MINTER WILLIAM MICHIE HYACINTH MOORE VIOLA MORGAN HELEN MEYERS THOMAS NETTLES ELINE NICHOLSON ESTELLE O ' NEAL PAULINE O ' NEAL RICHARD OSBORNE HELEN OWENS MARJORIE PARKER LILLIAN PHILLIPS PETE PRESTON DOROTHY PRICE ENID REDMAN DALE ROUGH ROBERT ROUGH BEULAH ROUNDY LARRY SANFORD CLIFTON SIMONSON ELLEN SHENK JEAN SLOAN CLIFTON STROUD WILLIAM STYRON LIONEL THACKER JACK TURLINGTON ALEX WATSON LAWRENCE WALTERS CALVIN WHITE JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE MARGARET WILKINS DOROTHY WOOD MARY WOOD DOTTIE WOODFIN EVERETT ZIMMERMAN SOPHOMORE CLASS fizifiman CL all Motto : We Strive T ' o Learn. Flower: White Carnation Colors: Maroon and White OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer JOEL FERGUSON ANNA LOU CANEPA GWENETH ACKISS ROLL: WILDA ABBOTT GWENETH ACKISS JOYCE ANDERSON FRANCES ASHBY RICHARD ANDERSON BILLY ATKINSON MARION ATKINSON JAMES AUTRY JACQUELINE BARRETT ROBERT BARTLETT HUNTER BRANDT BROOKS BRITT LEWIS BROOKS BARBARA BROWN STEWART BROWN EUGENE BRYAN JACK BURCHARD FRANCES BURKHOLDER CHARLES BUTLER ANNA LOU CANEPA BETTY CAWTHORNE JAMES CAWTHORNE FRANCIS CELIS MARTIN CELIS ROSE C.HALKLEY WINNIE CLARKE THELMA COOKE MARY COTTON MARY COX ROSALIE CREECH DONALD CURTIS CORINNE CURTIS ALICE DAVIS BILLIE DODGINS MARIE DOZIER ROSALINE DUDLEY NANCY EASLEY HERMAN ELKINS HELEN ELLIS FRANK EMMERSON EDWARD FORETICH ANN FERGUSON JOEL FERGUSON ROLAND FISHER CAROLIN FORD AUDREY FOX JIMMIE FOX GEORGE GARNAND ELIZABETH GERMAN ULDEAN GIES ALLIE LEE GOOD GRACE HAMBRIC LUTHER HARLOW FRANCES HARRIS LOUISE HARRIS NEVILLE HARRIS BARCLAY HARTMAN FRANCES HAWLEY JOHN HAYES. JR. RUTH HOLLOWAY ELEANOR HOLMESTINE ROBIN HOLZBACK CLAY HORNSBY JIMMIE HORTON GLADYS HOSTETTER HAZEL HOSTETTER ALBERTA HUCKINS BETTY HUNDLEY TAD JASKI MARGARURITE JOHNSON OWEN KARNES HENRY KILGOUR HARRY KRAUS ROBERT LAMBERT STANLEY LEICESTER BUDDY LEONARD EVELYN LILLEY LOUISE LOGAN NORMA MASON SHIRLEY MASON HERBERT MARSHALL THOMAS MATTHEWS BELTON McALEXANDER MARGARET MeGURIMAN JEAN MEEKINS ELIESE MOORE FORREST MOORE THOMAS MORGAN HENRY MULLINS IRENE NICE RUBY NICE BETTY ODGEN JUNE OVERMAN BESSIE PARKER HERBERT PARKER THELMA PARKER VIRGINIA PETROFF ROBERT PHELPS HENRY PLESSINGER ROLAND QUEENSBERRY MARGUERITE ROWE MAE RUSSELL PATSEL SALISBURY BETTY SCOTT HARMON SMITH ELEANOR STEVENS LISTON SWEAT BOBBY TAYLOR DOROTHY TOLER DEWEY TURLINGTON WILLIAM UPDIKE CARQL VICKERS ALICE VERNON LE PIERRE WATSON CAROLYN WEAVER FRANCES WILBERN THOMAS WILCOX EDWIN WILSON MARTIN WILSON CURTIS WOOD EAGER WOOD FLORENCE WOODFIN SARAH YODER FRESHMAN CLASS ★ FOOTBALL TEAM Centers - HOWARD CURTIS, LAWRENCE ROBERTSON Guards -BILL CRANE, BILL NETTLES. EARLE NETTLES, JIMMY FOX, GAITHER ROWE Tackles- NELSON SWAIN, WILLIS BUDLONG, LES MITCHELL. HAROLD VANDEVEER Ends -JOE Me ALEXANDER, GEORGE LOGAN, LINWOOD BEASLEY. D T CK OSBORNE JIMMY HUNTER Backs- RICHARD THOMPSON, THOMAS COOKE, JOE CRAFFORD. EI). CHALKLEY, JOHN NEWELL, RICHARD BATES, MILTON ADAMS Manager . BILL STYRON BASEBALL TEAM r i-jnt Row (left to risiht) MILTON ADAMS. T. H. PARIS. ED. CHALKLEY, JOE CRAFFORD, GAITHER ROWE. PRESTON FREEMAN, HARRIS HOLLAND Back Row ( left to riffht) THOMAS COOKE, EARL NETTLES, JIMMIE FOX, BILL WARREN, JOE LAWSON, THOMAS MATTHEWS. KENNETH CASSEL, RICH- ARD BATES, DONALD CURTIS, J. D. CR T GLER - Coach. BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row (left to right) HARRIS HOLLAND, JIMMIE HUNTER, DICK OSBORNE, GAITHER ROWE, BOB KREPPES Second Row (left to right) BILL WARREN, RICHARD BATES, HARVEY ROWE, NELSON SWAIN, AUBREY HAWTHORNE Standing - J. D. CRIGLER - Coach GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling - FRANCES HAWLEY, Asst. Mgr. Standing (left to right) MABEL GROSS, MAUD HAWLEY, PATSY SALISBURY, HELEN NEWELL, AUDREY KAUFELT, HYACINTH MOORE, MAE WOOD, ELIESE MOORE, DOROTHY MORGAN, THELMA BECKER Standing in Rear (left to right) VIRGINIA STEVENS, Mgr., FRANCES MESSICK - Coach. COO-COO CLUB Motto : To Have a Good Time. Colors: Blue and White OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . CATHERINE FOWLER NANCY MACLAY MAE SCHOLZ EETTY fORU MISS RUSH ROLL: ETHEL AUMAN LEILA BARCLAY GREIG CAMPBELL CHANNING COLEMAN BETTY JANE DOGGETT MARIE DOZIER EVA EPPES ANN FERGUSON BETTY FORD CATHERINE FOWLER AUDREY FOX MAUDE HAWLEY LOIS HONEYCUTT LORRAINE JANSEN ANN JONES EILEEN KELLEY BETTY LANKES NANCY MACLAY DELLE PURCELL MAE SCHOLZ BETTY SCOTT GWENDOLYN SLAIGHT ELSIE UTLEY MYRTLE WOODALL GOLF TEAM Back Row I left to right) BILL HAYWOOD. RICHARD BATES, JACK HAMILTON. BILL WARREN In Front - HOWARD CURTIS " r: LATIN CLUB Motto : “Nil mortibus ardui est. " Colors: Virides et albi Flower: Narcissus OFFICERS: Consules Praetores Aedile . Sponsor . GRIEG CAMPBELL ANN FERGUSON DELLE PURSELL BILL STYRON EVELYN MARTIN . MISS PITTS ROLL: GWENETH ACKISS DICK ANDERSON FRANCES ASHBY MARION ATKINSON LELIA BARCLAY VIRGINIA BOLD BAIRD BROOKS GREIG CAMPBELL ANNA LOU CANEPA C. C. CARDWELL JIMMIE COCKRAN DORIS DREWERY NANCY EASLEY LEON EDWARDS FRANK EMMERSON ANN FERGUSON ROLAN FISHER BETTY FORD CAROLYN FORD BARBARA FULLER FRANCES LEE HARRIS MARGARET HARRIS ELEANOR HOLMSTINE ROBIN HOLZBACK HUDSON HORNSBY GLADYS HOSTETTER PEARL HOSTETTER HENRY KILGORE BETTY LANKES BUDDY LEONARD JEAN MACLAY DOLLY SEWARD JEAN SLOAN BILL STYRON MARY FRANCIS WALKER CAROLYN WEAVER JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE MARGARET WILKINS EAGER WOOD EVELYN MARTIN WILLIAM MTCHIE HERBERT PARKER DELLE PURSELL ELMER RUSSELL RUBY SCHWERY BETTY SCOTT GLEE CLUB OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MAE SCHOLZ ANNE WILKINS VIRGINIA PARKER NANCY MACLAY Accompanist - MRS. PORTER Director . MISS PATTERSON MARION ATKINSON FRANCES ASHBY GWENETH ACKISS BARBARA BROWN ISABELL BELL LEILA BARCLAY VIRGINIA BOYD ANNA LOU CANEPA BARBARA CHALKLEY BETTY JANE DOGGETT DORIS DREWERY AUDREY DOWNS HELEN ELLIS EVA EPPES ANNE FERGUSON ROLL: CAROLYN FORD ULDINE GIESE MILDRED HARRIS LOIS HONEYCUTT ROBIN HOLZBACH FLORENCE HARRIS FLORENCE HICKS SARAH HUNTER I.ILLAN JONES ANNE JONES NANCY MACLAY JULIA McALEXANDER JEAN MACLAY VIRGINIA PARKER MAE RUSSELL ENID REDMAN JEAN SLOAN MAE SCHOLZ ELSIE UTLEY MYRTLE WOODALL MARGARET ' WILKINS ANNE WILKINS JOSEPHINE WHITESIDE CAROLINE WEAVER FLORENCE WOODFIN EDMONIA CAUFFMAN KATHLEEN KEANE SARA MARIE YODER SHORTHAND CLUB Motto : We Learn Not For School But For Life. Colors: Black and White Flower: White Carnation OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . . MAE SCHOLZ . MARY MARTIN . KATHLEEN KEANE . VIRGINIA PARKER . MISS GIANNOTTI ROLL: CAROLINE ALEXANDER THELMA BECKER BENITA BUDLONG BARBARA CHALKLEY EDITH HARLOW FLORENCE HICKS LOIS HONEYCUTT VIOLA HONEYCUTT DOROTHY IHLEFIELD KATHLEEN KEANE EILEEN KELLEY MARY MARTIN LYNDON OWENS VIRGINIA PARKER THELMA PETERS MARGARET ROWELL LILLIAN RUSSELL RUBY SCWERY MAE SCHOLZ DOROTHY SCHULTZ LOIS SHENK ELSIE UTLEY IDA WALLACE HELEN WOOD MAE WOOD ORCHESTRA DICK ANDERSON KENNETH CASSEL BUDDY CARPER MARJORIE CANOVAN JAMES CAWTHON ALL1E LEE GOOD AUBREY HAWTHORNE LOUISE LOGAN HAROLD MARSHALL JULIA McALEXANDER LEON MOORE THE SPONGE Published monthly by the students of Morrison High School, Morrison, Virginia. Edited by the English Department, under the supervision of Miss Rush, and printed by the Industrial Arts Department under the supervision of Mr. Sauder. Staff - CHANNING COLEMAN, JACK THOMPSON, JIM SMITHLEY, RAY- MOND SEALEY, LES MITCHELL, JOE McALEXANDER, BILL ROWE, HOWARD CURTIS, NANCY ROANE, BILL STYRON, ANN JONES, NANCY MACLAY, IDA WALLACE, ELSIE ELLIS, VIRGINIA STEV- ENS, NANCY EASLEY, JEAN DENTON, MYRTLE WOODALL, MARY MARTAIN, BILL NETTLES Printing Staff - INDUSTRIAL ARTS SUDENTS Cuts - JOE HOLZBACH, HOWARD CURTIS, LEON EDWARDS zStudznt ISody ( ]Vho ± Wfio ★ President CATHERINE FOWLER Vice-President... - - MARY MARTIN Secretary RUSSELL FARINHOLT Treasurer..- - — MAE SCHOLZ Prettiest Girl — Most Handsome Boy Best All Around Girl Best All Around Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy Most Attractive Girl Most Attractive Boy— Cutest Girl Cutest Boy Wittiest Girl— - Wittiest Boy - Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Most Popular Senior Girl - Most Popular Senior Boy Most Popular Junior Girl Most Popular Junior Boy Most Popular Sophomore Girl- Most Popular Sophomore Boy- Most Popular Freshman Girl Most Popular Freshman Boy NANCY MACLAY ..HAWTHORNE GRANGER MAE SCHOLZ HOWARD CURTIS HELEN NEWELL BILL WARREN -.PHYLLIS HUCKINS HOWARD CURTIS EDITH McBREARITY RUSSELL FARINHOLT AUDREY DOWNS BILL STYRON ..MAE SCHOLZ HOWARD CURTIS MAE SCHOLZ LES MITCHELL MYRTLE WOODALL JOHN DOZIER ...EVA EPPES BILL STYRON DICKIE CREECH JIMMY FOX LA CERECLE FRANCAIS M otto : EN AVANT OFFICERS: President . . . JEAN DENTON Vice-President . . JOHN HARRISON Secretary-Treasurer JUANITA MITCHELL Chair. Prow. Committee CHANNING COLEMAN ROLL: DOROTHY WOOD RICHARD BATES NANCY ROANE JOHN HARRISON CHANNING COLEMAN JUANITA MITCHELL ELSIE SMITH BARBARA FULLER PHYLLIS HUCKINS EILEEN KELLY MARJORIE CANAVAN JEAN DENTON AUDREY DOWNS COLLEEN FOX ELSIE HERTZLER RUTH LAYMAN DORIS MAHANES HYACINTH MOORE ELINE NICHOLSON ELLEN SHENK EVERETT ZIMMERMAN ★ 5 lbs. of Mr. Mort’s executive ability. 4 lbs. of Mrs. Geddy’s knowledge. 5 lbs. of Mr. Crigler’s illustrations. 2 lbs. of Miss Mewborn’s lecturing ability. 1 lb. of Miss Rush’s vocabulary. Stir thoroughly and let stand over night. Then add: 5 cups of Miss Giannotti’s sweet disposition. 4 cups of Mrs. Woodward’s encouragement. 3 cups of Miss Thorpe’s gentleness. 2 cups of Miss Ball’s sunshine. 1 cup of Miss Shular’s charm. Flavor with : 5 teaspoonfuls of Miss Mort’s style. 4 teaspoon fu Is of Mr. Sauder’s common sense. 3 teaspoonfuls of Miss Rock’s dramatic ability. 2 teaspoonfuls of Miss Pitt’s culture. 1 teaspoon ful of Miss Carter’s harmony in dress. Let cook four years and cover with 15 ounces of Mrs. Kelly’s sympathet care and Miss Blankenbaker’s good humor in equal parts. E. E. WOOD BETTER PRINTING 2806 HUNTINGTON AYE. TELEPHONE 961 L aux jjfiotogxafifi fi j£± on fox£ j£,x 211 MELSON BUILDING NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Compliments of BANK OF HAMPTON ROADS YOU ARE NEVER A STRANGER AFTER YOUR FIRST VISIT MAKE THE . . . Phone 1301 Wilkins Provision Co. Inc. Wholesale Provisions Your Movie Headquarters While in Newport News 212-214 Twenty-third St. • Newport News : Va. SOUTHERN DAIRIES ICE CREAM • SEALTEST APPROVED COLONY FARMS COOPERATIVE DAIRY Inc. Phone: Lee Hall 90 Denbigh, Va. • Producers and Distributors of QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS • Visitors Welcome Founded September 19th, 1891 FIRST NATIONAL BANK In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many, many services the First National Bank offers in addition to this. NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. WISHING GOOD LUCK to Morrison High ' s June 1939 Graduates • NACHMAN ' S Cleaning and Glazing Fur Storage COMPLIMENTS OF • THE " AUSTRIANS " " HEDGE " CLEANERS : HATTERS and DYERS • • State Certified Main Office and Plant 3403 Washington Ave. Phone 141 BARRED ROCKS and RHODE ISLAND REDS PALACE THEATRE • COMPLIMENTS OF PATIENCE GARAGE " HOUSE of HITS " COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE • • Phone 9140-W 20-F-3 J. L. Haughton, Prop. • Where the Better Pictures Are Shown R. F. D. No. 1 Hilton Village LEE HALL GARAGE LEE HALL, VA. P. D. Trotter • AMOCO GAS and OIL Automobile Repairing • Phone 9133 Arrow Shirts Knox Hats Stein Block Clothes « NEWPORT NEWS Students Continue their Edu- cation through reading every day . . . The Daily Press The Times-Herald • The Peninsula’s Newspapers Newport News : Va. YODER DAIRY OYSTER POINT, VA. • The Cows Have a Parlor All of Their Own Modern DeLaval Milkers Glass-lined Pasteurizing Equipment • Visitors Welcome Milking Hours: 2 P. M. and 1 A. M. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Wilbur Smith • Shackelford Auto Company GENERAL • MERCHANDISE DODGE — PLYMOUTH • • Denbigh, Va. " The Peninsula’s Oldest Dealership " Florida Orange Store L. S. HARVARD • R. L. Turlington GENERAL MERCHANDISE • Fruits, Vegetables, Delicatessen, Bakery Fancy Groceries, Meats and Vegetables WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 3208-3210 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Phones 3476-3477-3478 • Distributor of Pure Oil Products Telephone 412 2 - J We Specialize on Fancy Florida Oranges COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF CURTIS PHILIP LEVY MOTOR and CO. COMPANY Lee Hall, Virginia • Phone 1 5 NEWPORT NEWS • • 2709 Washington Ave. “WATCH THE FORDS GO BY” Phone 2000 E. A. Harper W. L. Gleason Co. Wholesale Distributors Fairfax Hall Quality Food JOBBERS Products and General Merchandise • Seeds and Farm Supplies Our Specialties American Field Poultry Fence, Certainteed and K M • Asbestos Roofing Phone Newport News 439 Phone 104 Patronize Home Owned 2706-08 Huntington Ave. Stores Morrison : Virginia Newport News : Va. COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. Gorsuch Murray and Co., Inc. Padgett, DRUGGISTS Inc. • Agents • MAX FACTOR Real Estate and Insurance SOCIETY MAKE-UP • • 431 — PHONE — 432 Newport News, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF Barclay Sons • Registered Jewelers PENDER and Certified Gemologists STORE • DENBIGH 2912 Washington Ave. Newport News, Virginia Ill COMPLIMENTS OF ADAMS W. C. BOYCE Shoe Store • Distributors of WONDER BREAD and HOSTESS CAKE " A Head at the Foot” • Phone N. N. 729 2900 Jefferson Ave. Telephone 934 COMPLIMENTS OF Epes Stationery Co.. Inc. 9 HANDY OIL CORP. • OFFICE OUTFITTERS • Petroleum Kodaks and Photographic Supplies Products Films Developed and 8 Prints — 25c Earl R. Hatten and Charles A. Parker • 2908 Washington Ave. Newport News : Va. • Municipal Boat Harbor Newport News, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF Full Line of THE Newport News Fancy and Staple GROCERIES and FRESH Automobile MEATS Exchange A Specialty With Us • • YOUR LOCAL CHEVROLET DEALER • G. P. MATTOX Peninsula’s Largest Used Car Dealer Hilton Village Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF BLOXOM Adams Gregory BROS. CO. Co., Inc. • • Wholesale Wholesale Confectioners FRUITS and PRODUCE • • Phone 2366 216 — 23rd Street Newport News : Va. Newport News : Va. A. B. Abbitt Co., Inc. Come to our Show Room WHOLESALE GROCERS in Hampton and see our fine . . . • MOTOR BOATS Flour, Feed, Tobacco, • Cigars, etc. • C. P. AMORY 2400-2402 Huntington Ave. Phone 261 Newport News : Va. COMPLIMENTS OF 0. M. STEVENS STAPLE GROCERIES Gulf Service • Route 60 Phone N. N. 20-F-4 Parker Spencer • Furniture, Floor Cover- ings, Stoves, Refriger- ators, Go-Carts, Estate Heatrola Phone No. 313 212-214 — 28th Street HUELLER ' S Buy Your Home and Fire Insurance from . . . • Hundley £r Applewhite Inc. " Men’s Headquarters of the Peninsula ” REALTORS • • AGENTS FOR W arwick-on-the-fames East Morrison and Warwick Village 3107 Washington Ave. Newport News : Va. • 2613 Washington Ave. Phones 685 and 686 BARR BROS. W. E. ROUSE Friendly FUNERAL DIRECTOR JEWELERS : OPTICIANS Phone 51 • 3003 Washington Ave. • Pay Us As You Get Paid BRANCH STORES: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk • We serve the entire Tidewater Area • We are in a position to serve the people of Hilton, War- wick and York, as if they lived here in the City, at no extra cost. Our prices are as low as those advertised in the large cities and we give 24-hour service. Ambulance free — Used for no other purpose. W. J. Smith Son White Optical Company Funeral Directors and Embalmers • • Calls Promptly Answered Day and Night AMBULANCE SERVICE • Phone Newport News 9-F-5 Morrison : Virginia Medical Arts Bldg. Newport News We Wish You All the Best Life Affords • W. J. Smith Son Health Center Bowling Dealer in DRY GOODS : NOTIONS HARDWARE Alleys • Paints and Oils Boots and Shoes Groceries, Provisions, Etc. • Phone Newport News 9-F-4 Frank Gosnf.ll, Prop. Morrison : Virginia . 1 PLAN YOUR PARTY AT COMPLIMENTS OF Lilly ' s Pastry Curtis Oil Co. Shop • - • Petroleum Products Phone 3794 Phone 270 4408 Huntington Ave. BILL CURTIS SHELBY CURTIS COMPLIMENTS OF Cox ' s Barber Shop COMPLIMENTS OF F. L. JOBE 222 — 28th STREET First Class Hair Cut 25c SAFE RAW MILK Denbigh Garage Pasteurization is not required of Burkholder Dairy. How- ever, we offer pasteurized milk to those who desire it. H. F. Taylor • • GENERAL REPAIRING Accessories : Gas : Oil L. A. Burkholder Trucks For Hire • Phone 2394 Phone 9 5 Denbigh : Virginia A. S. Holloway H. M. Clements General Merchandise Company Dealers in • General Merchandise GASOLINE and OILS • Lee Hall, Virginia • • Phone: Lee Hall 9157 Menchville, Virginia Your Community Store Phone 3 0 Epperson Bros, COMPLIMENTS OF • R. L. FRANCIS ESSO PRODUCTS General Merchandise • Delicatessen Ice Cream Drinks • Hilton Pharmacy Barber Shop in Connection Warwick Road Hilton Village, Va. Newport News Phone 1301 Business College Wilkins Provision Co. • Co., Inc. First National Bank Bldg. WHOLESALE provisions Phone 350 212-214 Twenty-third St. Delf J. Gaines, Director Newport News : Va.

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