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V V DEDICATION IN APPRECIATION OF HIS SPIRIT OF TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP AND FAITHFUL WORK AS ATHLETIC DIRECTOR 6- TEACHER AT MORRISON HIGH, WE, THE SENIOR CLASS, HEREBY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF MR. J. D. CRIGLEk " THE WARWICK” TO Staff and Sponsor AUDREY COX Business Manager LUTHER ALEXANDER Advertising Manager ruth McKinney Editor-in-Chief MRS. T. H. GEDDY, Jr. Sponsor Faculty MISS BUCK MR. CRIGLER MRS. GEDDY MRS. KELLEY School Nurse MISS GIANNOTTI MISS THORPE MISS MEWBORN MISS BALL MISS WYNNE MISS GRAHAM MRS. McPHAIL MRS. BLOXOM Secretary MISS MORT MR. MORT MISS LEACHMAN Music MISS MARTIN CLASSES- SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN SENIORS SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS Motto: We learn not for school but for life Colors: Blue and White Flower: Forget-me-not OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Robert Brooks Mary Layman Estelle Fuicher Luther Alexander ROLL Luther Alexander Sarah Barclay Florence Barnard Anna Brooks Janet Brooks Robert Brooks Flattie Brown Marian Cooke Audrey Cox Wilson Dadds Mildred Denton Necia DifTenderfer Herman Ehmig Stanley Evans Elizabeth Fillison Estelle Fulcher Edna Harris George Holleman Henry Flolleman Roy Holliday Dorothy Holloway Marguerite Holloway Genevieve Howser Mary Alice Hussey Sarah Jenkins Evelyn Keane Dorothy Kesler Virginia Knight Charlotte Langslow Mary Layman John Massenburg Ruth McKinney Nadine McQuillen Frances Owens Lena Paris Lena Redman Neoma Redman Margaret Salisbury Wade Seward Margaret Shenk Nellie Smith Elizabeth Thompson Virginia Warren Vera Wells Rufus White Doris Wiseman Bethany Wood Helen Woodlief Luther Lawson Alexander, Jr. " Sonny” " Zealous, yet modest.” A good pal and a good senior, " Sonny.” He has won his place on the annual staff by his salesmanship and a place in our hearts with his fun- loving spirit. Sarah Barclay " Stuff” " Describe her, uho cant” Attractiveness, friendliness, determination, and a bit of sophistication. That’s Sarah. Florence Viola Barnard " Mutt” " Friendship is constant in all things.” A timid, shy, reserved per- son. " Mutt” is a good sport, and when she attempts any- thing, she succeeds. Morrison will miss her. Anna Christine Brooks " Ann” " Such grace of form we’ve never seen. Not even possessed by heavenly queens.” Everyone likes " Ann” and she, in her wonderful spirit of good fellowship, likes every- one else. She is the prettiest girl in our class and that’s saying quite a bit. Janet Gray Brooks " Lambie” " Faithful friends are bard to find.” Once you’ve found a friend like Janet, you’ve found a real and faithful friend. Janet is not only a fine friend but also a good student. We know she will be a success in life. Robert Gilbert Brooks " Bobby” " The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is loie.” " Bobby’s” place on the team and also his place in our school life will be hard to fill. He is good-natured and en- dowed with a winning per- sonality, which has won him many friends. Hattie Brown " JlBETTS” " Always faithful.” Quiet dignity, a sunny dis- position, studiousness and in- telligence are characteristics which we all admire in Hat- tie. She looks on the bright side of everything. We hold no fear for her future. Marian Elizabeth Cooke " Cookie” " A delightsome ' Cookie’.” Marian smiles except when she asks, " Is it two o’clock yet?” and is told it is not. We predict that " Cookie” will become a famous musician some day, as she is talented and very fond of music. Audrey Virginia Cox " Boots” r ' As merry as the day is long.” Audrey’s splendid work on our annual will be remem- bered by all. She is a friendly and capable girl as well as an ideal student. Nina Wilson Dadds " Willie” " To know her is to loie her.” Our " Willie” is a very studi- ous girl, with a kind word for everyone. She is quiet, but once you get to know her, she is full of life. Mildred Evadne Denton " Hookey” " l hasten to ' laugh at everything for fear of being obliged to weep.” " Hookey” is one of the most athletic girls in the Senior Class. We shall all miss her quick wit and ready smile when she leaves old M. H. S. Nf.cia Mae Diffenderfer " A soft answer turneth away wrath.” Although Necia is quiet and dignified, you can never for- get her once you meet her. She has always been good in everything she has under- taken to do, and is willing to help those who are in need. You can depend on Necia. Herman Anton Ehmig, Jr. " Bill” rr A friend is worth all hazards we can run.” " Bill” the good - natured, friendly president of the High Hatters, came to us two years ago from Richmond. The question we would like to have answered is " Do the girls like Bill as much as he likes them?” Stanley S. Evans " Evans” " All mankind loie a lover.” ■Stanley is a pal to everyone and has made many friends in M. IT. S. He has been suc- cessful as an athlete and also as a -student. His wavy hair and stylish dress will be missed by all. Eliza beth Louise Ellison " Libby” " And her modest answer and graceful air.” " Libby” is small, but capable and pleasant. She has many friends. Helen Estelle Fulcher " Stell” " Let’s have music, for my feet will not stand still.” " Stell” dances well, has many friends, loves to go to parties, and, with it all, is a good student. Edna Louise Harris " Trick” " Laugh and the world laughs •with yon.” In the corner of the room from which comes the sound of merry laughter, there you will find Edna. Here’s hop- ing we will always find her full of mirth and in the bright corner of life. George Wilson Holleman " Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee.” As our youngest and " most original” boy in the Senior Class, George takes the " cake” for being witty and quiet. Henry Clifton Holleman " Jerkem” " It shall be done.” " Jerkem,” who has played two years of varsity football, leaves behind an enviable rec- ord, both as a student and as an athlete. His determination and strong willpower mean that, once a job is started, it will be finished. L. Roy Holliday " Daffy” " The crest and crowning of all good, Life’s final star, is Brotherhood.” This tall young man is popu- lar with both girls and boys. He is shy but mischievous and good-natured. Dorothy Elizabeth Holloway " Dot” " An ideal girl in every way, the kind of friend not found every day.” Here’s to " Dot” with her friendly ways and blushing smile! She is capable and full of fun, and has won the af- fection of her classmates. Marguerite Frances Holloway " Peggy” " Still waters run deep.” " Peggy’s” quiet voice and well poised manners have en- deared her to all of her class- mates. Concealed beneath her serenity is a sparkling person- ality which will enable her to reach the top. Katheryn Genevieve Howser " Gen” " You have a nimble wit.” She is one of our best all- round girls — not only at- tractive and popular, but a very good athlete. This com- bination spells success. Mary Alice Hussey " M’Alice” " Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness.” " M’Alice” is a good sport and a true friend. She doesn’t talk very much, but is con- scientious and always willing to aid her classmates. Sarah Emelein Jenkins " Sweetpea” " And friends whose loyalty time nor death shall weaken.” We all love her, and how can we help it? " Sweetpea” is loyal and friendly. Her out- standing quality — friendliness — will bring her happiness and success in the future. Evelyn Lee Keane " Cutie” " What is popular descries attention.” Here’s to Evelyn, cutest girl in the Senior Class. With a heart full of mirth and friendliness, " Cutie” always greets you with a smile. Dorothy Friend Kesler " Dot” " A friend indeed” Dorothy has been with us only one year, but we have all come to like her. She is very witty and makes friends easily. Whenever we see her chewing gum, we know that she is at her best. Virginia Lee Knight " Ginger” " She is all that a friend should he.” " Ginger” is a very studious and intelligent girl. Without her as a pianist, the Glee Club could not get along. All those who are in her presence capitulate to her ready smile. Charlotte Harris Langslow " A voice low and sweet is an excellent thing in woman.” Quiet, gentle, lovable, studi- ous, all these can be said of Charlotte. Her pleasant smile has made friends, not only with the class of ’36, but with the entire school. Mary Katherine Layman " Mary Kate” " Never too sober, never too gay, A rare, good girl in every way.” All who know Mary, know her to be a bright, friendly, quiet girl as well as a jolly and fun-loving one. Mary is no slacker; she performs every task with the greatest thoroughness and cheerful- ness. John Williams Massenburg, Jr. " Either I will find a way or 1 will make one. " During our two years’ ac- quaintance with John, he has shown his ability as a student. His arguments will be missed in history class. His grit, de- termination and willingness to work will win success for him in life. Ruth Gray McKinney " Rufus” " Gentle of speech, heneficient in mind.” " Rufus” is an attractive, am- bitious and clever girl. Her work as " Editor of the War- wick” indicates that she will succeed in whatever profes- sion she chooses. Nadine McQuillen " Dunif.” " Life is accomplishment, not mere existence.” Nadine is a jolly girl, always lending a helping hand. She is friendly and she has made us love her for the kindness she shows to others. Frances Elizabeth Owens " Tinymite” " Choice makes our friends.” " Tinymite” is always jolly and full of life. She has made many friends, especially among the male sex, during her three and one-half years at Morrison High. Lena Mae Paris " Lee” " Silence is golden.” Although " Lee” seems to be quiet and timid, she is a good sport and lots of fun. Her pleasant manner has won her many friends in the two years she has been with us. We are sure she will climb high on the ladder of success. Lena Maxine Redman " Max” " Precious articles come in small packages.” " Max” has a host of friends at M. H. S. She is a happy-go- lucky girl. She takes life as it comes and lets the future take care of itself. Neoma Redman " It matters not bow long we live, but hoie.” Neoma is conscientious, somewhat dignified and very quiet until you learn to know her. She delights in helping others, no matter what the task may be. Though she is not a " man-hater,” she does not particularly care for the opposite sex. Margaret Louvina Salisbury " Peggy” " To bale friends is to be one.” " Peggy” is a quiet, sweet girl always willing to help someone. We wish her luck in her future years. There is nothing too good for her; she deserves the best of every- thing. Robert Wade Seward, Jr. " Sister” " Full of wise saws and modern instances.” A professor mentally, but a jester in actions — that’s " Sis- ter” Wade. Here’s a Senior that will never be forgotten because of his bright remarks and winning personality. Margaret Mae Shenk " Smiget” " The mildest manners with the bravest mind.” Here’s to " Smiget,” our most typical Senior She has won for herself a place in the hearts of her classmates. She is loyal, studious and intel- ligent. Nellie Pearl Smith " Nell” " Those who smile arc smiled upon.” " Nell” is one of our most de- termined seniors. She pos- sesses wit and a very clever mind. With these character- istics she is bound to succeed. Elizabeth Snowden Thompson " Betty” " An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow.” In spite of the fact that she is our biggest pest, " Betty” is not as bad as she sounds. She is always cheerful, ener- getic and a good sport. Her energy should accomplish whatever she wishes to un- dertake in life. Floy Virginia Warren " Genny” " To be loved, be lovable.” Here’s to Virginia — she is not only the most attractive but the wittiest girl in the Senior Class. With her ambition, she may be expected to make her way in the world. Vera Virginia Wells " Tillie” " True hearted, whole hearted, loyal and faithful.” " Tillie,” our best all-round girl, is a friend and favorite of all who know her. She is capable, kind and jolly, and is sure to make her mark in life. Thomas Rufus White " Squeaky” " Great oaks from little acorns, grow.” Rufus is the most studious boy in the Senior Class, and his studying isn’t all in vain, as the results have shown. Rufus has a great number of friends who will miss him and long remember him for his kind deeds. Doris Wilson Wiseman " Dot” " Temp’ rate in every place — abroad, at home, Thence will applause, and hence will profit come.” If you follow " Dot’s” advice, you may not wear diamonds, but you will keep out of trouble at school. Her easy- going, cheerful disposition has endeared her to the class of ’ 36 . Bethany Virginia Wood " Beth” " Lore spends his all, and still has store.” " Beth” is our " most-in-love” girl. She has been with us four years and has proved a faithful student to Morrison High. She has a great future planned, and we know she will succeed. Helen Lois Baege Woodlief " Auntie Helen” " If she will, she will; you may depend on it, If she won ' t, she won’t; there’s an end on it.” Cleverness and attractiveness describe Helen. This young New Yorker has been very friendly to us, and we will miss her original ideas when she goes. CLASS HISTORY " The Peak of Success” Morrison High School and its faculty have helped the Senior Graduating Class of 1 936 climb successfully to the " Peak of Succcsss.” We appreciate every effort and kindness bestowed upon us by the Faculty and Board and hope they have enjoyed being with us as much as we have with them. The Graduating Class of 1936 toiled earnestly and faithfully to achieve this glory. The First Ledge — I n the year 1 93 2 a large group of inexperienced climbers began to ascend toward the summit. Scared greenhorns scrambled wildly hither and thither up the mountain side, affording the guides and experienced climbers much amusement and anxiety. So the older climbers decided at the beginning of the climb to initiate the rats, much to the victims’ discomfort. Therefore the Freshmen thought it wise to form a clan and elect leaders to govern them. They elected a very capable and trustworthy leader, Vera Wells. They finished their ascent to the first ledge, uneventfully and successfully, and stopped at the foun- tain there to enjoy a small vacation. Second Ledge — Our rested and haughty climbers continued on their journey a little more experienced but inclined to be conceited. On the way to the third ledge they met a new group of climbers who had just started the upward course and the Sophomores initiated them. A little later the Sophomores reelected Vera Wells as their leader and appointed other officers. Pausing in their arduous journey, the group decided to give a musical play, which the Sophomores helped produce successfully. After reaching the third ledge, they had another rest period. Third Ledge — A smaller group of intellectual Juniors began to ascend the mountain, more experienced and thoughtful than before. They elected a new and efficient leader, Ruth McKinney, and a group of new officers to help and guide them on their way. On the way to the fourth and last ledge the Juniors decided to give the Senior climbers and the guides a banquet. Everyone appreci- ated the banquet and had loads of fun. The Juniors, desiring some significant emblem to bind them together, made rings of grass to confirm their friendship. In order to celebrate this important occasion they held Crigler’s Minstrel. They finished their climb, happy and tired, and looking forward to their last journey together. Fourth Ledge — A large, dignified class of Seniors started out from the fourth ledge to climb to the " Peak of Success.” Some were new friends and some were old friends, but all true friends and comrades to each other. Immedi- ately after starting on their final climb, they appointed Robert Brooks as their leader. Halfway the group becomes nervous and excited; they were coming to difficulties, rocks, or so-called mid-term exams. The group passed over these after much hard work and labor and began their fun, occasionally coming upon smaller rocks. The Seniors had one continued round of joy and fun together. They had parties, pictures, entertainments, plays. Suddenly the Seniors were almost within touch of their aim, when a large group of rocks arose ahead, in front of the Peak. They passed these mighty obstacles, successfully and joyfully. They, graduajed climbers, stand on the Peak of their aim, a little sad and a little proud, looking out into the mystery of the future. ESTELLE FULCHER, ’3 6. CLASS PROPHECY Folks! Tonight you arc about to witness the first public trial of the radio- scope screen, invented and perfected in our joint laboratory by my distinguished former classmate. Doctor John Massenburg. The screen is designed to reflect the words and actions ot any person at any point on the earth. With it we will attempt to contact the other members of the graduating class of five y ears ago. Doctor Massenburg, throw the switch. First, we find on a Tidewater truck-farm a dark-eyed farmerette. It is Helen Woodlief who, although a New Yorker, has not lost her interest in Hicks. Next the scene shifts to an operating room. The doctor? Bill Ehmig, now the world’s greatest surgeon. The nurse? Virginia Warren, his trusted assistant. The patient? Luther Alexander, leader of Alexander’s Jazz-Time Band, in which the talented Miss Jenkins plays second fiddle, and Rufus White earns his title " Sultan of the Sax.” The operation? Renewing Luther’s permanent wave. Another shift. This time to Floyd Bennet Field. Why has this crowd gathered? To celebrate the return of George Hollcman, who flew to Venus last week to instruct the Venusians in the gentle art of caddying. Plans for his plane, the Forcstine, were drawn by Bobby Brooks. There is a disturbance on the edge of the crowd. Mildred Denton, truant officer, has collared two young students who have played " hooky.” Their names are Estelle and Russell Weade. Now silence. A laboratory, in which a group of learned men gather around two attractive young misses, one a blonde, the other auburn-haired. They are Peggy Salisbury and Virginia Knight, co-discoverers of the ninety-third element, Salisbarite. Hm! a schoolroom. Miss Marian Cooke is conducting a highly attentive shorthand class. Now the new Morrison post olfice in which Edna Harris, postmistress, sits watching anxiously for the three-thirty train. To the Senate in Richmond. Do you recognize that handsome gentleman arguing so vehemently? It is Senator Henry Hollcman, declaring that four years ot history should be made compulsory in Virginia schools. Oh! a small shop on Broad Street. The sign over the door reads " Vera’s.” Inside we see Vera Wells displaying the latest Paris creations for dolls. Another scene, the Gobi Desert this time. In front of a small tent, sur- rounded by native guides and porters, sits Janet Brooks, the most daring woman explorer of the age. Lo! A group of reformers destroying the furnishings of a fashionable m ght club. At their head, hatchet in hand, marches the second Carrie Nation, Sarah Barclay. The private office of the President of the United States. The President stands tall and serene. He is Roy Holliday, whose oratory and common sense have marked him as a new Lincoln. He is conferring earnestly with his cabinet, in which Anna Brooks is postmistress-general. Now a desk littlered with mail. Behind it sits Bethany Wood, founder and Grand Mistress of that nationwide organization, the Spinsters’ Club. She is read- ing a letter from Nellie Smith, manager of Reno’s largest hotel for unmarried women. Now wc see Shenk-Layman Institute for backward children. Its founders, Margaret Shenk and Mary Layman, have filled a long felt need in the field of education. Dot Kesler is one of the school’s best instructors. We go now to Washington, D. C., where Betty Thompson is having her ups and downs as elevator girl in the Washington monument. In America’s capital we find Miss Genevieve Houser, Washington society leader, giving a ball in honor of Mademoiselle Hatty Brown, whose forceful speeches and perfect French have brought her the honor of being first American woman elected to the French Chamber of Deputies. Among the guests are Evelyn Keane, the great woman sculptor; Ruth McKinney, noted woman evangelist; Charlotte Langslow, the well-known hairdresser, and Dorothy Holloway, famous modern poet. We see next a dainty cottage. In the front yard is Doris Wiseman, who has married a " good man” and settled down for life. Great cheering. A packed stadium. It is the last quarter of the Army- Navy football game. The score is nothing to nothing and it’s Navy’s first down on Army’s twenty-yardline. Who is that worried looking Army coach? As he faces us, his black wavy hair identifies him as Stanley Evans. Now we see a busy telephone exchange where Mary Alice Hussey is just plugging in a call between Frances Owens, the year’s star Ford saleswoman, and Lena Paris, private secretary to Necia Ditfenderfer, of the brokerage firm, Diffen- derfer, Ellison and Dadds. Florence Barnard has evidently taken up her chosen career; we find her acting as nurse to Marguerite Holloway, who has suffered a nervous breakdown due to her exertions in touring the country in a series of religious lectures. The demonstration now ends with a view of the Redman Sisters’ Conserva- tory of Music, where we hear a duct sung by Audrey Cox and Nadine McQuillan. ROBERT WADE SEWARD, Jr., ’36. CLASS WILL We, the class of June, 193 6, do solemnly swear this to be our last will and testament. It has been our desire to be fair in our gifts, and we hope they will be re- ceived in the same cheerful manner in which they are given. First, to Mrs. Geddy we will a Senior class which does not chew gum. Second, to our sister class, the Sophomores, we will the Senior Home Room in the New High School. Fourth, to the faculty we will students who do all their home-work. Third, to Mr. Mort we will peppy cheer leaders. To the remaining, the class bequeathes the following qualities of its members: Helen Woodlief wills her love of the Navy to Nell Cochran. Wade Seward wills his fatal attraction for the fair sex to J. T. Leicester. John Massenburg wills his radio bug to Dorothy Wilcox. Peggy Salisbury wills her inquisitive mind to Roy Dolan. Margaret Shenk wills her quiet manners to George Stinemeyer. Sarah Barclay wills her position as class primp to her sister, Anne. Luther Alexander wills his ability to get ads for the annual to Charles Hartman. George Holleman wills his originality to Eugene Snyder. Necia Diffenderfer wills her Northern accent to Irene Butterworth. Wilson Dadds wills her ability to do bookkeeping to Druscilla Hunt. Bobby Brooks wills his shyness of girls to Roger Auman. Anna Brooks wills her love of the Paramount Theater to Mary Barclay. Charlotte Langslow wills her bashtulness to Thelma Atkins. Lena Redman wills her energetic ways to Dick Flunter. Bill Ehmig wills his studious wajs to Warner McPhail. Doris Wiseman wills her interest in Apprentices to her sister, Lois. Marion Cooke wilts her curly hair to nrlyn Abbott. Evelyn Keane wills her melodious voice to Duval Creech. Marguerite Hollow ' ay wills her interest in preachers to Lucinda Paris. Henry Holleman wills his argumentative nature to Pearl Owens. Ruth McKinney wills her love of Texas to Flyla Downs. Virginia Knight wills her place as pianist for the Glee Club to Roscoe Bowers. Betty Thompson wills her love of horses to Klyne Cox. Mildred Denton wills her boyish ways to Nancy Stuart Roane. Rufus White wills his ability in mathematics to Vernon Morgan. Edna Harris wills her noisy ways to Thelma Cox. Dorothy Kesler wills her flirtatious manners to Julia MacAlexander, who needs them. Virginia Warren wills her extra inches to Katherine Edwards. Bethany Wood wills her interest in Roosevelt’s CCC project to Herbert Hoover. Roy Holliday wills his position as biggest giggler of the Senior class to Mac Thompson. Mary Layman wills her friendliness to her sister, Ada. Vera Wells wills her athletic ability to Ethel Auman. Estelle Fulcher wills her dancing ability to Mary Alice Waters. Mary Alice Hussey wills her shortness to Alice Traylor. Audrey Cox wills her blond locks to Wilda Lee Cummings. Hattie Brown wills her good grades to Dorothy Curtis. Genevieve Howser wills her pep to Kenneth Bradshaw. Stanley Evans wills his " Earnestness” to anyone who can qualify. Frances Owens wills her typing ability to Eddie Parker. Nellie Smith wills her love for Clark Bars to anyone who can acquire it. Lena Paris wills her interest in the Redmen’s Lodge to Mildred Marks. Sarah Jenkins wills her ability to play in Alexander’s Band to Ruth Hos- tetter. Florence Barnard wills her love of history to Jack Cardoza. Dorothy Holloway wills her cheerfulness to Mildred Rogers. Neoma Redman wills her domesticity to Elva Poindexter. Nadine McQuillen wills the sweet tone quality of her voice to the Glee Club. Elizabeth Ellison wills her ability to whisper in a very low tone to John Shaeffer. And I, Janet Brooks, will my position as Executrix of the Senior Class to anyone the class of ’37 may elect. JANET BROOKS, ’36. CLASS CREED As the time draws near for us to go out and meet Life, we, as seniors, feel that we are able to do this because of what our beliefs have done for us. We will carry them with us in the future and may they continue to guide us. First, and most important of all, we believe in God, our ever present help. Furthermore, we believe in our class, and our motto, " We learn not for school but for Life.” We are convinced that each of us will conscientiously assume his life’s work and responsibilities. Our faculty has helped and guided us through so many dark paths that they will long live in our memory as noble souls. We be- lieve in Mr. Mort, our principal, who has believed in us and con- stantly urged us onward. We believe in our school, its various clubs and organizations. But especially do we believe in our coaches, Mr. Crigler and Mrs. Messick. They have taught us how to play the game fairly — a les- son that should never be forgotten. They have shown us that it is not the winning nor losing of the game that counts most, but how it is played. And last, we believe in our country, the United States of America, to us the greatest country on earth. To it we pledge our auegiance. Because of our beliefs we are nearer our goal. " Peggy” Salisbury, ’36. " OUR GOAL” As Freshmen small we first set sail Upon the Sea of Knowledge. " Old Morrison,” our good ship’s name ; Our journey’s end was " College.” As Sophomores the sea was rough, And waves of toil swept o’er us; But Captain Mort was at the helm, And all the crew worked for us. A? Juniors we felt unafraid. The port was drawing nearer. We learned to man the ropes a bit; Our course became much clearer. As Seniors ive have come to find The journey’s just beginning. The Sea of Knowledge stretches far — But Life’s Goal is worth winning. Sarah Barclay, ’3 6 . CLASS STATISTICS TYPICAL SENIOR BOY ... RUFUS WHITE TYPICAL SENIOR GIRL MARGARET SHENK BEST ALL-ROUND BOY " BOBBY " BROOKS BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL VERA WELLS MOST HANDSOME BOY LUTHER ALEXANDER PRETTIEST GIRL ANNA BROOKS MOST ATTRACTIVE BOY “BILL " EHMIG MOST ATTRACTIVE GIRL VIRGINIA WARREN BEST SPORT BOY " BOBBY " BROOKS BEST SPORT GIRL MILDRED DENTON MORRISON HIGH BOOSTER LUTHER ALEXANDER CUTEST BOY RUFUS WHITE CUTEST GIRL .... .... EVELYN KEANE CLASS PRIMP SARAH BARCLAY BIGGEST FLIRT— BOY " BILL " EHMIG BIGGEST FLIRT— GIRL SARAH BARCLAY MAN HATER " BETTY” THOMPSON WOMAN HATER DOUGLAS COLGAN MOST STUDIOUS BOY JOHN MASSENBURG MOST STUDIOUS GIRL MARGARET SHENK HOT AIR BROADCASTER " BETTY” THOMPSON WITTIEST BOY " BOBBY” BROOKS WITTIEST GIRL VIRGINIA WARREN MOST ORIGINAL BOY GEORGE HOLLEMAN MOST ORIGINAL GIRL HELEN WOODLIEF MOST BASHFUL BOY DOUGLAS COLGAN MOST BASHFUL GIRL CHARLOTTE LANGSLOW BIGGEST PEST ... “BETTY " THOMPSON MOST STYLISH BOY LUTHER ALEXANDER MOST STYLISH GIRL EVELYN KEANE FRIENDLIEST BOY “BOBBY” BROOKS FRIENDLIEST GIRL MARY LAYMAN PEPPIEST BOY “BOBBY” BROOKS PEPPIEST GIRL SARAH BARCLAY BEST DANCER BOY “BOBBY” BROOKS BEST DANCER GIRL ESTELLE FULCHER BIGGEST GIGGLER BOY ROY HOLLIDAY BIGGEST GIGGLER— GIRL NELLIE SMITH QUIETEST BOY. DOUGLAS COLGAN QUIETEST GIRL MARGARET SHENK NOISEST BOY 1 “BILL” EHMIG NOISEST GIRL SARAH BARCLAY BIGGEST BLUFF GENEVIEVE HOWSER MOST INDEPENDENT BOY JOHN MASSENBURG MOST INDEPENDENT GIRL _ MILDRED DENTON MOST IN LOVE— BOY " BOBBY” BROOKS MOST IN LOVE— GIRL BETHANY WOOD MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED— BOY HENRY HOLLEMAN MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED— GIRL “PEGGY” SALISBURY JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS Motto: Success is our goal. Colors Lavender and White Flower: Sweet-pea OFFICERS President . . . Warner McPhail Vice-President . . Wilmer WlLBERN Secretary . Forrestine Whitaker T rea surer . . . Emily Gayle ROLL Harry Atkinson Katherine Edwards Billy Osborne Roger Auman Stuart Fuller Pearl Owens Arlyn Abbott Anne Goodwyn Edward Parker Thelma Atkins Emily Gayle Elva Poindexter Elmo Bloxom Charles Hartman Jack Preston Evelyn Barnhart Maurice Hawley John Pollock, Jr. Irene Butterworth Dick Hunter Rachel Parker Roscoe Bowers Opal Haughton Adelaide Richardson Laura Mae Butler Ruth Hostetter Henry Rogers Mary Barclay Billie Husbands Aubrey Robertson Kenneth Bradshaw Lee Hawley Russell Rowe Jack Cardoza Broaddus Haughton Madison Russell Lucille Creech Thomas Harlow Jack Snyder Ruth Crane Russell Irby Eugene Snyder Lydia Cannon Agnes Jurscaga George Stinemeyer Nell Cochrane Lily M. Lane Alice Traylor Klyne Cox J. T. Leicester Lorraine Turlington Dorothy Curtis Warwick Marshall Robert Ware Roy Dolan Warner McPhail Wilmer Wilbern Bob Dudley Vernon Morgan Mary Alice Waters Robert Dunn Robert Myers Forrestine Whitaker Betty Davies Mildred Marks Dorothy Wilcox Mildred Elkins Frank Ogden Mary Frances White JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS Motto: Stoop to conquer. Colors: Blue and White Flower: Sweet-pea OFFICERS President . . . Duvall Creech Vice-President . . Irene Anderson Secret ary -Treasurer Henry Evans Lenwood Adams Vernon Adams Carolyne Alexander Irene ,-Anderson Ethel Auman Robert Beasley Hayes Barnhart Anne Barclay Evelyn Becker Clayton Campbell William Copeland Duval Creech Eugene Cochran Billy Crane Elmer Curtis Virginia Collins Audrey Cooke Thelma Cox Wilda Cummings Melvin Dolan Howard Dolan Hyla Downs Virginia Dadds Mary Diffenderfer Thomas Dunn Louise Davies Charles Ehmig Henry Evans ROLL Clyde Fox Jim Givens Esther Good Melvin Hahn William Hawthorne Lewis Hicks Robert Hicks Ea ' le Huckins Editb Hertzler Louise Hussey Aubrey Harris Glen Hoff Homer Heywood David Hostetter Virginia Henley Isabelle Huber Druscilla Hunt Edward Irby Gary Joyce George Keane Eileen Kelley Martha Knight Bruce Kastelburg Marie Kelley Ada Layman Mary Langslow Dorothy Langslow Louise McCook Wayne Mason Annie Moore William Owens Pat Patterson Raymond Parker Pearl Peach Nancy Pollock Lucinda Paris Mildred Rogers Charles Smith Harry Swain Mildred Shenk Elva Stemen John Schafer Robert Turlington Haywood Thacker Harold Vandeveer Alfred Vanarsdale Louise Watson Jack White Alice Weeks Virginia Weltmer Lois Wiseman Helen Wood Ruth Woodfin Dorothy Wood Luther Wright Helena Yoder SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS Motto: Either to conquer or die Colors: Green and White Flower: White Carnation OFFICERS President . . . Howard Curtis Vice-President . . Cathtrint Fowler Secretary-Treasurer Russell Farinholt ROLL, Jack Atkins Peggy Atkinson George Biehl Lauralee Beasley Sara Lou Brett Alice Burton Walter Barnard Charles Black Howard Curtis Ba r bara Chalkley Roberly Carter Meredith Clark Walter Clark Ann Colgan Boyd Dadds Gilbert Dudley J. W. Dunnagan Ella Dudley Bernice Dunn Hagood Elkins Elsie Ellis Carlton Eppes Preston Freeman Russell Farinholt George Fulcher Catherine Fowler James Garrow Raymond German Doris Garnand Jeannette Gillespie Mable Gross Hawthorne Granger Sarah Jeanne Hunter Jack Hamilton Bill Haywood Edith Harlow Mildred Harris Mildred Henley Phyllis Huckins Caxton Haughton Jack Hunter Mary Hogge Viola Honeycutt Pearl Hostetter Mary Jones Fred Joyner Ann Jones Lillian Jones Audrey Kaufelt Ruth Kesler James Lane Emily Lankes Amos Layman Harvey Lvliston Freddie Michie John Miller Harry Moss Nancy Maclay Mary Martin Grace Morgan Joe Me Alexander Lester Mitchell Julia McAlexander Lyndon Owens Virginia Parker Virginia Plessinger Adrian Presson Oscar Price Thelma Peters Margaret Rowell Jim Richardson Bill Rowe Nellie Raynor Nancy Roane James Smithley Edith Shenk Mae Scholz Edith Sreves Virginia Stevens Jack Thompson Mac Thompson Wellford Turner Irving Vreeland Philip Wilbern Billy Warren Lillian Warren Anne Wilkins Morris Yoder FRESHMEN CLASS FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW Left to Right: Russell Rowe, Howard Curtis, Maurice Hawley, Robert Brooks, Roger Auman, Captain, Henry Holleman, Stanley Evans, Jack Cardoza, Lin- wood Adams. CENTER ROW Left to Right: J. D. Crigler, Coach, Lewis Hicks, Edward Parker, Robert Ware, Broa ldus Haughton, Jim Givens, Roscoe Bowers, Henry Evans, Roy Dolan. BACK ROW Left to Right: Vernon Adams, Manager, Billy Rowe, Luther Wright, Pat Pat- terson, Gary Joyce, EJmo Bloxom, Robert Hicks, George Stincmeyer. Center — Ben Cole, Mascot BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW Gary Joyce, Manager, Jack Cardo7a, George Stinemeyer, Madison Russell, Aubrey Hawthorne, Asst. Mgr. BACK ROW Robert Brooks, Charles Hartman, Robert Ware, Eugene Snyder, Alfred Vanars- dale, Russell Rowe, J. D. Crigler, Coach. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW Mildred Denton, Doris Wiseman, Virginia Warren, Vera Wells, Ruth Flostetter, Mary Barclay. BACK ROW Frances W. Mcssick, Coach, Audrey Kaufelt, Lena Redman, Wilda Lee Cummings, Betty Thompson, Peggy Salisbury. FRONT ROW Left to Right: Maurice Hawley, Bob Dunn, Bobby Brooks, Robert Ware, Melvin Dolan, Russell Rowe, Vernon Henley. BACK ROW Left to Right: Roscoe Bowers, Manager, Roger Auman, Henry Rogers, Roy Dolan, Dick Hunter, Billy Warren, Jim Givens, Assistant Manager, J. D. Crigler, Coach. STUDENT BODY WHO’S WHO President Robert Brooks Vice-President Ruth McKinney Secretary and Treasurer Mary Layman Prettiest Girl Anna Brooks Most Handsome Boy Luther Alexander Best All-round Girl Vera Wells Best All-round Boy Robert Brooks Cutest Girl Ethel Auman Cutest Boy Elmer Curtis Wittiest Girl - Arlvn Abbott Wittiest Boy Wade Seward Most Attractive Girl Virginia Warren Most Attractive Boy Roger Auman Most Athletic Girl Vera Wells Most Athletic Boy Robert Brooks Most Popular Girl Sarah Barclay Most Popular Boy Robert Brooks Most Popular Senior Girl Sarah Barclay Most Popular Senior Boy Robert Brooks Most Popular Junior Girl Adelaide Richardson Most Popular Junior Boy Roger Auman Most Popular Sophomore Girl Ethel Auman Most Popular Sophomore Boy Jim Givens Most Popular Freshman Girl . Katherine Fowler Mos Popular Freshman Boy Howard Curtis Coo Coo Chib FRONT ROW Left to right: Estelle Fulcher, secretary and treasurer; Virginia Warren, vice- president, and Sarah Barclay, president. SECOND ROW Left to right: Katherine Fowler, Anne Goodwyn, Ethel Auraan, Flclen Wood, Arlyn Abbot, Forrcstine Whitaker, Lucille Creech. THIRD ROW Left to right: Mary Frances White, Mildred Denton, Doris Wiseman, Bobby Brooks, Sponsor, Anna Brooks, Louise Davies. Mildred Marks, Ann Bar- clay, Miss Martin, Faculty Advisor. HI-HATTERS CLUB Motto: " Climb though the rocks be rugged.” Colors: Black and White Flower: Lily of the Valley OFFICERS President Bill Ehmtg Vice-President .... Kenneth Bradshaw Secretary and Treasurer . Evelyn Keane ROLL Luther Alexander Kenneth Bradshaw Marion Cooke Audrey Cox Bob Dunri Bill Ehrnig Jim Givens Sarah Jenkins Agnes Jurscaga Evelyn Keane Charlotte Lansglow Frances Owens Lena Redman Adelaide Richardson Flenry Rogers Eugene Snyder Robert Ware Luther Wright THANK YOU FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF PRO- DUCING THIS ANNUAL AND BEST WISHES E. E. WOOD THE WAYSIDE PRESS 205 THIRTIETH ST. ■ NEWPORT NEWS, VA. WALLER -SOUTHLAND STUDIO MAKERS OF PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE BETTER KIND TELEPHONE 1848 2615 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. BARCLAY a n d S 0 N S COMPLIMENTS ...of... JEWELERS Tidewater Hotel • Atchison- Dietrich Restaurant in Connection 2605 Washington Avenue Newport News : Virginia • COMPLIMENTS ...of... COMPLIMENTS ...of... PHILIP LEVY COMPANY Yorktown Ice Storage Corp ' n 1 C E — C O A L BUILDERS SUPPLIES • Newport News : Virginia YORKTOWN Try Our Duart Scalp Treatment COMPLIMENTS ...of... For Appointment Ph. 2717W RINGLET BEAUTY SHOPPE Edith Thornton, Prop. THE MERIT SHOE COMPANY All Branches BEAUTY CULTURE 2904 Washington Avenue Newport News : Virginia 3006 Washington Avenue Newport News : Virginia When in Need of Hay, Grain, Feeds, Seeds, Poultry Supplies and Equipment COMPLIMENTS ...of... See Us Helmer Feed Store 32nd and Jefferson Avenue Newport News : Virginia THE DAILY PRESS Distributors of Checkerboard Feeds Red Steer Fertilizer WE DELIVER Phone 3068 Newport News : Vircinia FOUNDED SEPTEMBER 19th, 1891 FIRST NATIONAL BANK In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many, many services The First National Bank offers in addition to this. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA GRANDS and UPRIGHTS New and Used At the Most Attractive Prices and Terms on the Peninsula. Thomas Piano Co. 3206 Washington Ave. Newport News : Virginia BENSON- PHILLIPS COMPANY INCORPORATED Phone 7 COAL-FUEL OIL READY MIX CONCRETE BUILDING MATERIAL c E. A. HARPER COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Fairfax Hall Quality Food Products and GENFRAI MERCHANDISE • Our Specialties American Field and Poul- try Fence — Certain-teed Roofing and Paints Patronize Home-Owned Stores Phone: Newport News 2275 j COMPLIMENTS ...of... CURTIS MOTOR COMPANY Lee Hali. : Virginia PHONE 15 " Watch the Fords Go By " COMPLIMENTS FOR SPORTING GOODS ...of... SEE THE MONFALCONE FIRST Spaulding Sport Shop NATIONAL BEFORE YOU PURCHASE BANK Phone 473 Yorktown : Virginia 2906 Washington Avenue COMPLIMENTS - of ... . CHEVROLET YORKTOWN PHARMACY • • Newport News Auto Exchange FILMS CANDIES DRUGS PHONE 1086 Yorktown : Virginia " In the Intercut of Better Homes” W. J. SMITH and SON Dealer In NEWPORT NEWS FURNITURE CO. DRY GOODS— NOTIONS HARDWARE, PAINTS and OILS • BOOTS and SHOES Groceries, Provisions, Etc. 3400-3402 Washington Ave. Phone: Newport News 9-F-4 Happy Home Furnishers MORRISON, VIRGINIA OUTFITTERS TO HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SINCE 1863 COMPLIMENTS ... of ... • Wilbur Smith Wertheimer ' s Newport News Denbigh : Virginia ALEXANDER ' S SERVICE STATION WARWICK SERVICE STATION • Service That Satisfies Oil and Gas Staple Groceries Home Made Ice Cream Hilton Village COMPLIMENTS -°f- A FRIEND George L. Smith NACHMAN ' S DEPT. STORE Announces it is ready to out- fit Sub-Debutante and Stu- dents in anything their heart desires — be it outfits for Spring, Dances or Baseball Teams. We Repair Anything Mechanical ACETYLENE WELDING OLIVER ' S SUPER SERVICE • FORD V-8 Sales and Service • Gas — Oil — Batteries Firestone Tires • Day Phones 9126 and 7 5 Night Phone 45 Yorktown :: Virginia COX BARBER SHOP First Class Hair Cut 25c 222 Twenty-eighth Street Newport News : Virginia Newport News : Virginia COMPLIMENTS ADAMS- ...of... GREGORY SINCLAIR COMPANY REFINING • COMPANY • Wholesale CONFECTIONERY and FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES HUGH G. HOLLOWAY • Commission Driver Denbigh :: Virginia Washington Avenue and 2 5th Street BRYANT and COMPLIMENTS NELMS ...of... 129 26th Street Saxon W. Holt Newport News : Virginia INSURANCE and RENTALS G. S. BARNES COMPLIMENTS ...of... Dealer in Hardware and Building Materials • NEWPORT NEWS FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Sole Agents Devoe and Reynolds Products Russwin and Erwin Finishing Hardware Lime, Cement, Plaster, Laths, Brick, Sand and Gravel 2 503 Jefferson Avenue Phone 116 Newport News : Virginia DAY OR NIGHT Anywhere on Peninsula Phone 2181 NEWPORT NEWS FUNERAL HOME 3 5th at Virginia Avenue Newport News : Virginia NEWPORT NEWS FEED COMPANY CHURCH, HOME and WEDDING DECORATIONS Wholesale and Retail WALTER POLLARD HAY, GRAIN, FLOUR and MILLER ' S PRODUCTS Florist and Nurseryman FLORAL DESIGNS Guaranteed Satisfaction 3108 Virginia Avenue Phone 2892 Phone 2275-M Morrison : Virginia COMPLIMENTS PARKER ...of... and SPENCER 212 Twenty- eighth Street EPES STATIONERY COMPANY, FURNITURE INC. for EVERY ROOM Newport News : Virginia Newport News : Virginia COMPLIMENTS -of- Denbigh Garage H. F. Taylor H. MENCH and SON General Repairing ACCESSORIES GAS— OIL General Merchandise Gas and Oils Trucks for Hire Phone: Lee Hall 9157 Phone 95 Mf.nchvu.le Virginia Denbigh : Virginia COMPLIMENTS — W. J. SMITH ...of... and SON THE FUNERAL DIRECTORS and EMBALMERS BROADWAY Calls Promptly Answered • Day and Night 37 Years on AMBULANCE SERVICE Washington Avenue • Phone: Newport News 9-F-5 Newport News : Virginia Morrison, Virginia PENINSULA 1. A. HOGGE MEMORIAL fir BRO., Inc. PARK Groceries, Fresh Meats • Delicatessen The Beauty Spot of Cold Storage Equipment Warwick County • 4412-4414 Huntington Ave. j Phones 837 PERPETUAL CARE 838 839 PHONE 26F2 Newport News : Virginia FLORIDA ORANGE STORE SOUTHLAND GARAGE • W. B. Tucker, Prop. All Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables Bakery Home Made Ice Cream Hupmobile and Studebaker Specialist • All Other Make Cars Repaired 3208 Washington Avenue Phone 1792 Nlwport News : Virginia 4515 Virginia Avenue COUNTY CLEANERS On Concrete Highway 2 Miles North of Courthouse Shoes for the entire family. Visit our store for quality footwear at low cost. You will find a most complete line of school shoes, for boys and girls, including genuine Good- year stitch moccasins, in black and brown. DRY CLEANING - PRESSING FIRST CLASS TAILORING • CANNON SHOE STORE 2917 Washington Avenue Any Kind — Every Kind Newport News, Virginia LEGGETTS DEPT, STORE COMPLIMENTS ...of... 3209-1 1 Washington Ave. Newport News : Virginia A FRIEND Phone 2924 Leggetts cash policy makes it possible for us to sell for less. Make this store your shopping headquarters. George B. Collings MODERN BEAUTY SHOPPE 2803 Washington Avenue Over Grants Dept. Store J. 0. SMITH Furniture and House Furnishings 5 57 Twenty-fifth Street Newport News : Virginia e PERMANENT WAVES $3, $4 and $5 • Specials Through Thursday Shampoo, Finger Wave and Manicure, 35c Each Circulating heaters from $22.50 to $45.00 and hot bath heaters from $15.00 to $30.00. We handle Beauty Rest and Dr. Storms inner spring mat- tresses, living room, dining room and bedroom suites. J.C. Gorsuch Co., Inc. Chamberlin Laundry Agents MAX FACTOR SOCIETY MAKE-UP NrwPORT News : Virginia i nc. Insist on the Band Box System of Dry Cleaning • PHONES: Newport News I084:R Hampton 293 MUELLER’S COMPLIMENTS THE NEWPORT NEWS Successors to MERIT SHOE COMPANY Wertheimer ' s " YOUR STORE” • 302! Washington Ave. Newport News : Virginia c

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