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Text from Pages 1 - 114 of the 1935 volume:

M t Tk WARWICK M M M §g M M V olume XII Published by the Students of MORRISON HIGH SCHOOL Morrison, Virginia §f DEDICATION In sincere appreciation of the ideals she has ever held before us and for her sympathetic understanding of youth we hereby dedicate this volume of " THE WARWICK” to MRS. SARA SHUFORD GEDDY Staff and Sponsor FERN LLEWELLYN WILLIAM LLEMING Advertising Manager Editor-in-Chief ROBERT BARCLAY Business Manager MISS ERNA MARTIN Sponsor Miss Buck Mr. Crigler Mrs. Geddy Mrs. Kelley School Nurse Miss Giannotti Miss Thorpe Miss Mewborn Miss Ball Miss Wynne Miss Graham Mrs. McPhail Miss Rock Secretary Miss Mort Mr. Mort Miss Lf.achman Miss Martin CLASSES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Sexcioii g SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS Motto: " Work conquers everything” Colors: Green and White Flower: White Ros OFFICERS President Jessie Morgan Vice-President . . . Richard Snow Secretary Walter Thomas Treasurer William Fleming ROLL Jean Barclay Betty Kelley Robert Barclay Harriet Kimmeth William Barnard Fern Llewellyn Maria Beck Olivia Mitchell Robert Blair Ernest Moore Mildred Carter Jessie Morgan Betty Cooke Violet Parker Annie P. Crafford Betty Poindexter Ashton Crafford Audrey G. Saunders Jack Davis Richard Snow Elizabeth Ellis Robert Swain Hazel Fenton Walter Thomas William Fleming Elizabeth W. Thomp: Dorothy Gray Nelson Weade Blanch Harlow James White Osie Hertzler Frances Yoder Alberta Hopkins Pauline Yoder Jean Barclay " Rinko” " A dillar, a dollar, A ten o’clock scholar.” Here’s to Jean — fashion plate of the Senior Class. Perhaps all those blue slips Jean, our most attractive girl, passes in about ten o’clock have something to do with her pleasing countenance. Robert Lee Barclay " Skee” " The way not to fail is to determine to succeed.” This modest chap, twice captain of the " Fighting Farmer s,” leaves quite a record behind him, both as a student and as an ath- lete. Because of his stern deter- mination, nothing can impede his success. William Francis Barnard " Red” " The man that loves and laughs must sure do well.” " Red,” who is widely known by all the girls of M. H. S., will leave a lot of girls broken- hearted when he finishes in June. Although " Red” is woman- crazy, he has the knowledge of a professor in chemistry and physics. Maria Welhelmenia Beck " Mary” " The mildest manners with the bravest mind.” We all love her and how can we help it? If any of us are in trou- ble, she is sure to do her level best to help us. She is a consci- entious and capable student. Robert Paul Blair " Bobby” " W hatevcr you dare ,you may do.” " Bobby” is quiet and dignified, but he can express himself ve- hemently when he is especially interested. He is a splendid stu- dent, but when it comes to work, he thoroughly believes in conservation of energy. Mildred Constance Carter Buster” " A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Hurrah, for " Buster” — intelli- gent, loyal, friendly, and always a good sport. She will be remem- bered for her " 40-yard dashes” and " broad jumps” that won many Field Day events for the class of ’3 5. Betty Lillian Cooke " Betty Boop” " Sometimes adverse, but always our friend.” " Betty” is always in for fun, especially when it is teasing. She is a good student, and with her determination, great things may be expected of her. Annie Page Crafford " Pagie” " Once a friend, always a friend.” Although " Pagie” is quiet at times, she is jolly and full of fun. Whether she takes up the vocation of social service or some other, she is our " most likely to succeed” classmate. Jack Lee Davis " Jackie” " Nothing too big or too small for him to attack.” Here’s the boy with a silent look, btit his twinkling eye is sign of mischievous ways. He cannot be stopped by one thing in life. Elizabeth Ann Ellis " Nan” " The reason firm, the temperate will. Endurance, foresight, strength and skill.” " Nan,” with her good nature and friendly manner, has found a place in the heart of every senior of ’3 5. If you wish a capable student as well as a true friend — look for " Nan.” Hazel Marie Fenton " Ginger” " Music hath charms.” Here’s to " Ginger,” our most typical Senior and the song bird of M. H. S. She is sweet, quiet, attractive and studious. No mat- ter where we find " Ginger,” we find a ray of sunshine, too. William C. Fleming " Bill” " Bill,” our handsome young treasurer, has made for himself a name never to be denied him at Morrison. We’re looking for- ward to seeing him in Paul Whiteman’s orchestra playing " first clarinet.” Dorothy Abbott Gray " Dot” " An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow.” " Dot” may be the champion giggler of our class, but she is one of our best students, espe- cially in Math. Of all those from Yoik County who started out with us she is the only one who has remained constant. Blanch Adell Harlow " Piggy” " I would be friends with you.” Blanch, our most studious mem- ber of the class of ’3 5, was born for success. She is not only stu- dious, but a friend to everyone. Blanch does not only do her own work, but is always ready to help others. Osie Ola Hertzler " Ossey” " Laugh and the world laughs with you.” Imagine Osie crying over spilled milk! She can’t be bothered. Her keen sense of humor is a good cure for blues. Osie is a good student, and a friend to every- one. Anna Alberta Hopkins " Bert” " Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness.” Alberta never lets anything wor- ry her. She is not easily influ- enced in her way of thinking. Always pleasant, cheerful, cour- teous and helpful to those about her — that’s Alberta. M. Elizabeth Kelley " Betty” " All you joy would win must share it.” Here’s to the most original girl in the senior class. " Betty” has won many friends at Morrison High. She is especially gay and lively in study hall. Harriet C. Kimmeth " Hattie” " Wise to resolve, and patient to perform.” " Hattie” has attended Morrison High for two years, making new friends and keeping the old, a rare gift that she possesses. She is outstanding for her energy and unconquerable spirit. Virginia Fern Llewellyn “Fernie” " You have a nimble wit.” Meet " Fernie” — the wittiest girl in the class of ’3 5 — attractive, original and a dandy student. Those history arguments of hers that led far away from the sub- ject, will be remembered by her fellow classmates. Ernest Clyde Moore " Santa Claus” " Cheer up, the worst is yet to come.” " Santa Claus” really lives up to his name in supplying ads for " The Warwick.” He also man- ages to turn our frowns upside down when he exercises his ready wit and happy disposition. That’s why we like our " Biggest Pest.” O . Jessie Madeline Morgan " Dickie” " She is pretty to walk with,” And witty to talk with.” " Dickie” is a perfect little but- terfly, flitting her way from one class to another, spreading sun- shine everywhere. She is an ever ready and cheerful assistant to her classmates. Violet Kendrick Parker " Deacon” " Friendship is constant in all things.” " Deacon,” with her friendly manner and bit of humor has found a place in the heart of each member of the class of ’3 5. her outstanding q u a 1 i t y — friendliness — will bring her hap- piness and success in the future. Betty Poindexter " Betty” " Her ways are ways of pleasantness.” Betty is an attractive girl who always has a kind word for everyone. This has won for her many friends. Plays at Morrison will greatly miss Betty’s dra- matic art. Audrey Gleason Saunders " Greasy” " Precious jewels come in small packages.” Conscientious, honest and fun- loving, that describes Audrey. She is very small, but that does not keep her from being one of our best and most faithful stu- dents. Richard Carl Snow " Dick” " Handsome is as handsome does.” Although " Dick” is our most handsome boy in school, we all know that he is as fine a boy as he is handsome. Here’s wishing him lots of success in the future! Robert O. Swain " Swain” " And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.” Cheerful " Swain,” having " Ein- stein-istic” ideas in Math IV and being a very promising musician, is sure to leave his " Footprints on the sands of time.” Walter Lewis Thomas " Tommie” " Handsome he is, but quiet” His quiet ways must capture all the members of the fairer sex since he has just a few dozen girl friends. But despite this handi- cap, we know he will climb far up the ladder of success. Elizabeth W. Thompson " Betty” " For all may have if they dare try, a glorious life , or grave.” " Betty” is one of the athletes of our school. She is a good sport, a good student, and very ambi- tious. When she attempts any- thing, she usually succeeds. Nelson Hildebrand Wf.ade " Napoleon” " Neither to change , nor falter, nor repent.” Napoleon was never better liked by his men than Weade is by his classmates. His ready wit and his constant smile has won him a host of friends. Weade is and ever will be popular with " the fairer sex.” James Jackson White " Jimmy” " His mind, his kingdom, and his will, his law.” Math IV, Physics, Chemistry” — " Jimmy” takes them all in his stride, and scores up a creditable grade every time. He believes what he believes — if you don’t believe it, try to argue him out of a pet idea. Frances Elizabeth Yoder " Frank” " Silence is golden.” Although " Frank” is our quiet- est senior, she is never seen with- out a sweet smile on her face. She has won a place in the heart of each of her classmates. Esther Pauline Yoder " Pill” " To know her is to love her. ” Here’s to " Pill,” a studious, hard worker! At first she seems reserved, but those who know her appreciate her sense of hu- mor and sunny disposition. CLASS HISTORY Once upon a time, weeks and weeks ago, about sixty-four frightened, poor, uncertain, anxious babes strayed into the great woods and were completely lost. In spite of the guidance of Little Red Riding Hood they wandered in the haze until the seventeenth of March when they ventured out to sell Shamrocks. Not having been devoured by the wolves thus far they sallied forth again on Field Day. On this notable occasion the Babes-in-the-Wood took part with the Jack-in-the-Beanstalks in the annual dance on the village green. By the fall of ’32 the babes had grown into Alice-in-Wonderlands and were bold enough to come out even on Hallowe’en Night to attend a party, for the invitations read: " Come and trip it as you go On the light , fantastic toe.” Turning from the sublime to the ridiculous, in this eventful year came the decree foribdding the chewing of gum and the fight is still on. More than one overgrown babe meekly took home a D or F on conduct — all because " Wrigley’s Spearmint” and " Adam’s Juicy Fruit” were making an honest effort to contribute their part to the discovery of perpetual motion. All things suffer change under the hands of Time. From the land of dreams and fairies they wandered into the realm of giants. Some of the more timid souls had fallen by the wayside. However, some of these who were left had as much curiosity as Jack, the climber of the Beanstalk. Among these was Aladdin and his wonderful lamp. As a result of much rubbing and coaxing the Genii pro- duced a banquet, where there was m ore than one Cinderella dancing with her Prince Charming. Into the Giant Land also came salesmen whose talks many a Sleeping Beauty slumbered through but finally came away with a band of pure, shiny gold that would have been the envy of any King Midas. The Senior year was one in which every boy thought himself a King George contending with the mighty Dragon. The ghosts, goblins, and witches that are terror of less timid souls held no fear for them. These bold knights could and did throw off their dignity and spend one last day in fun. There were Jack Horners, Red Riding Hoods, Little Miss Muffets and Betty Blues who spoke childish, acted childish, and were childish. On this day, all-day suckers, lolly-pops, and teddy bears reigned supreme in Fairyland. From then on the old world moved in a whirl Again the fairies dressed in their very best, came and danced on the village green and aided in the crowning of the Queen. For hundreds and hundreds of class periods the Sleeping Beauties had slept and sometimes snored untroubled, unharmed, and unnoticed. But at last Prince Charming arrived and the spell was broken! While heavy eyes were being rubbed and veil was being lifted in the distance there loomed familiar figures dressed in long grey robes. The full awakening has suddenly arrived! All Seniors, for that is who they are now, recognize their entrance into the Real World. " By fairy hands their knell is rung; By forms unseen their dirge is sung; There honour comes, a pilgrim grey. JESSIE MORGAN, ' 3 5. CLASS PROPHECY ” Looking Ahead” To me has fallen the duty of telling you the future of each member of this class which has passed before you tonight. From this globe in front of me I shall endeavor to reveal this to you. First, I see the interior of a little rose-covered cottage on Hurley Avenue of Milton Village. We all know Jean’s desire to be an interior decorator. Well, here she is decorating kitchen sinks, sash curtains, and what-nots about the house. Hilton is now the proud possessor of a night club, " The Silver Slipper.” F.s host is at the door welcoming the guests and his greeting seems to hold all the ladies spell bound. He is completely swamped by them. They are going to their respective tables now and I see that the popular, young host is none other than " Billy” Fleming. He has finally commercialized those blue eyes, curly hair and that innocent smile which has caused the Morrison girls so many heart palpi- tations. The orchestra is just beginning to play. There is something familiar about the tall director. Why, it is Elizabeth Ellis with " Nan’s Girls.” Before the microphone comes a tall blonde accompanied by a charming Titian haired lady. They are Hazel Fenton and Walter Thomas singing, " All 1 Do the Whole Night Through Is Dream of You.” And now a flashing blonde dancer does her number. She sweeps across the floor with her blue eyes sparkling and her cherry l ps parted. She has turned all the men’s heads. She goes into a maddening twirl and as she comes out of it 1 see it is Jessie Morgan, the class flirt of M H. S. And who might this red-headed gigolo seated at the table to the left be? Well, can you imagine it is " Red” Barnard. His hair is under control and his complexion is as white as snow. He attributes his beautiful skin to Stillman’s Freckle Cream. This time I note a sign board which reads, " Harlowe’s Home Made Dough- nuts Delivered Promptly At Your Door by a Well Known Morrison Deliveryman.” As the crystal changes I see the Winter Carnival at Madison Square Gar- den. The champion roller skater has just been announced and it is Osie Hertzler. Ah! the crystal turns and now it is a circus. There is an Irish policeman trying to keep the crowd back. It is Bobby Blair. It seems as if this is the lSarnum Bailey and the barker is surely putting his lungs to work. He towers over the crowd attracting everyone’s attention and I believe I’ve seen that fellow before. Why, of course, it couldn’t be anybody else but Robert Swain. Over in a corner of the lot there is a stand. Above it is a sign which reads, " Get Your Spaghetti While It Lasts, Frankie and Poindexter, Proprietors.” We enter the animal tent now and here I see the Carter and Moore Menagerie, smallest in the world. A cage containing trained fleas. Mildred does the training; Earnest pockets the change. This time I see the interior of the studios of WTAR. " Keep Healthy and Skinny” is just coming on the air. And I bet you couldn’t guess in a thousand years who the announcer for this morning exercise program is. It’s Violet Parker. I Icr program is just finishing and the " Early Bird Sisters” are coming on. They are Frances and Pauline Yoder singing " Pardon My Southern Accent.” There passes before my vision a book which seems to have just come off of press. The title is " Memories of My Many Wanderings.” The author is Eliza- beth Thompson, our literary inclined classmate. The book opens and the first chapter begins: " In this brief narrative I will endeavor to tell you of my visits to the " Mardi Gras,” " Gasporli,” " Aqua Caliente,” etc. Again the crystal turns and this time I see the interior of Einstine’s study. The sl.m, serious girl working so industriously by his side is " Dot” Gray. They are just completing a book on the Relativity Theory of the Eighth Dimension which promises to be all the rage among " The Big Ten” of the mathematical world.” Ah! a new scene. I see Fern Llewellyn in the lobby of the Senate. She has just collared Senator Carter Glass. They are in a hot discussion over something. Wait and let’s hear what they have to say. What do you expect that Fern would be talking about? The Soldier’s Bonus Bill, of course! This scene vanishes and now I see " Betty” Kelley hoboing across the coun- try. She is the only girl hobo and her theme song is " Ffook on to a Steady Man, Girls.” The crystal changes and I see a beauty shop for " Blondes and Blondes Only.” It is owned and operated by our would-be-blonde, Audrey Saunders. And now we are in the midst of a hot court discussion. Flere a case of nation wide interest is being battled out. Mary Beck, noted violinist, is suing the famous Beauty Surgeon, Richard Snow, for disfiguring her hands and thereby ruining her musical career. From whence comes that endless humming sound? It must be from some laboratory. Ah! the mystery is solved. Jimmie White has finally let his mind have full sway and what wonders have resulted. Perpetual motion has been dis- covered and the F.instine Theory has been made as plain as the nose on your face. Above this ceaseless roar can be heard the occasional " peck! peck! peck!” This familiar sound reminds one of old Morrison. And one must investigate from whence it comes. Ah! there it is: Behold Nelson Weade with that natural curl in his raven locks pecking out a love missive on an Underwood typewriter. Here we see " Cook’s Travel Agency, Limited,” where " Betty” Cooke, with a decided English accent, is working as a courier — picturing the glories of England’s past to tired, worn-out school-marms. Now we are getting into action. We are on the gridiron of Duke. The superior looking coach who is whipping those boys into shape looks familiar. Sure, there’s our old friend " Skee” Barclay who has stepped into Wallace Wade’s shoes. And now as we are tired we enter a neat little tea room for refreshments. Everything is just in its right place; the proprietor greets you and you easily recognize her as Alberta Hopkins. A few doors below the tea room is an employment agency run by Jack Davis. Over his head hung this motto, " Keep Busy, Keep Happy, and Keep Out of Mischief.” The last but not least scene we see Harriet Kimmeth seated at a desk typing one hundred words a minute while she looks out of the window and counts the coal cars passing by. ANNIE PAGE CRAFFORD, ’3 5. CLASS WILL We, the class of June, 1 93 5, do solemnly swear this to be our last will and testament. It has been our desire to be fair in our gifts, and we hope that they will be received in the same cheerful manner in which they are given. First, to Mrs. Gcddy, we will and bequeath a quieter, more attentive Senior class. Second, to our sister class, the Sophomores, we will our dignity. Third, to Mr. Mort, we will a wife to help him plan new plays. Fourth, to the under classmen, we will the exclusive right of entering the front door at lunch period. Fifth, to the faculty, we will students who do not chew gum and have no desire to chew gum during classes. Sixth, to Coach Crigler, we bequeath all proceeds from the football games with Hampton and Benedictine Fligh Schools. To these remaining, the class bequeaths the following qualities now pos- sessed by various members: Hazel Fenton wills her melodious voice to Eddie Parker. Betty Cooke wills her interest in the U. S. Army to Ethel Auman. Jessie Morgan leaves her curley hair to Arlyn Abbott. Walter Thomas wills his position as " Ladies’ Man” to Wade Seward. Ernest Moore bequeaths his position as Mrs. Geddy’s " errand boy” to any- one she may choose next year. Jean Barclay wills her honorary position as " biggest primp” to her sister, Sarah. Robert Swain gives his shoes to anyone who can fill them. Violet Parker wills her interest in the " laying of bricks” to anyone who wants a " Mason.” Blanche Harlow wills her daily rides in Mr. W. J. Smith’s " family car” to anyone who thinks she can take her place. Billy Fleming wills his " stray knowledge” to Warner McPhail. William Barnard bequeaths his " flaming sorrel top” to Dorothy Wilcox. Elizabeth Ellis wills her " extra inches” to Virginia Warren. Bobby Blair bequeaths his speed in copying from the board to Douglas Colgan. Jack Davis wishes to bestow his superfluous enrgy to Rodney Cochran. Dick Snow wills his luck in escaping accidents to Bobby Brooks. Jimmy White bequeaths his position as Mrs. Geddy’s " pet” to anyone who has a better voice than he. Mary Beck willingly bequeaths her blond locks to Eva Mae Peach. Mildred Carter bestows her affection for Walter Thomas to Alice Traylor. Annie Paige Crafford gives her ability to " Parler francaes” to Jimmy Nicholson. Osie Hertzler passes on her artistic ability to create " Cupid’s Bows” to Dorothy Holloway. Alberta Hopkins wills her " southern drawl” to Helen Woodlief. Harriet Kemmeth wishes her good " Will” on anyone who can get him. Nelson Weade wills his ability to croon to Bing Crosby. Betty Poindexter wills her ability to give Negro dialogues to Bethany Betty Thompson bequeaths her poetic ability to Carlton Batkins. Francis Yoder leaves her quiet ways with Ruth Hostetter. Dorothy Gray wills her ability to ride a horse to Klyne Cox. Audrey Saunders wills her craze for chewing gum to Agnes Jurscuga. Pauline Yoder wills her beauty to Pearl Owens. Skee Barclay wills his hair cut to anyone who can afford it. Betty Kelly gives a few of her many boy friends to her sister Marie. And I, Fern Llewellyn, will my seat in the front of the class to anyone who can keep his mouth closed as I do. Sworn and subscribed to by the members of the Senior Class, this 4th day Wood. of June, 193 5, A. D. FERN LLEWELLYN, ’3 5. CLASS CREED Just before we, the class of 193 5, are about to enter the battle of life we turn with a keen appreciation to the relations we have so long sustained with each other, and the things which have been our guiding light. First, and abave all, we believe in our Creator, God who has been cur guide in all that we have undertaken. It was through Him that all things were made possible. We firmly believe in our beloved state, Virginia, and the county of Warwick, in which our high school is located. We believe in Mr. Mort, our principal, whose forbearance, jus- tice and kindness have always been manifested toward us. We believe in our dependable home room teacher, Mrs. Geddy, who always saw some good in us, no matter how small. From her we continually received encouragement and support. We believe in all the members of the faculty and thank them for their untiring efforts in our behalf. We believe in our school athletes, and hope they will be able to keep the Maroon and Gold ever waving high. We also believe in our annual, " The Warwick.” May it al- ways bring happy remembrances of our school days. Last, but not least, we believe in our class. We have sympa- thized with each other in trouble and in sorrow. We have faced our problems and have met them as one. In so doing we have lived up to our slogan, and may we now face life with the encouraging words of our motto, " Work Conquers Everything.” Hazel M. Fenton, ’3 5. MORRISON There are songs about the Little Red School House; There are poems about it, too, So dear Cld Morrison, why can’t we Write a poem to you? In years to come time will place Its marks of age upon each face And by its every line and mark Point out the way of Life’s Embark. Dear Morrison, as the years roll by Our memories of you shall never die. Elizabeth W. Thompson, ’3 5. CLASS STATISTICS TYPICAL SENIOR BOY TYPICAL SENIOR GIRL BEST ALL-ROUND BOY BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL . PRETTIEST GIRL MOST HANDSOME BOY MOST ATTRACTIVE BOY MOST ATTRACTIVE GIRL . BEST SPORT BOY BEST SPORT GIRL MORRISON HIGH BOOSTER CUTEST GIRL CUTEST BOY CLASS PRIMP _ __ LAZIEST GIRL LAZIEST BOY BIGGEST FLIRT-GIRL BIGGEST FLIRT-BOY MAN HATER ___ WOMAN HATER BIGGEST TWO-TIMER-GIRL BIGGEST TWO-TIMER-BOY MOST STUDIOS GIRL MOST STUDIOUS BOY HOT AIR BROADCASTER WITTIEST GIRL WITTIEST BOY MOST SARCASTIC GIRL MOST SARCASTIC BOY MOST ORIGINAL GIRL MOST ORIGINAL BOY MOST BASHFUL GIRL MOST BASHFUL BOY BIGGEST PEST MOST STYLISH GIRL MOST STYLISH BOY _ FRIENDLIEST GIRL FRIENDLIEST BOY PEPPIEST GIRL PEPPIEST BOY BEST DANCER GIRL BEST DANCER BOY ' BIGGEST GIGGLER GIRL BIGGEST GIGGLER BOY MOST QUIET GIRL MOST QUIET BOY NOISIEST GIRL NOISIEST BOY BIGGEST BLUFF MOST INDEPENDENT GIRL MOST INDEPENDENT BOY MOST IN LOVE GIRL MOST IN LOVE— BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED-GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED-BOY DICK SNOW HAZEL FENTON ROBERT BARCLAY JESSIE MORGAN PAULINE YODER DICK SNOW WILLIAM FLEMING JEAN BARCLAY ROBERT BARCLAY JESSIE MORGAN JIMMIE WHITE OLIVIA MITCHELL WILLIAM FLEMING JEAN BARCLAY BETTY COOKE ASHTON CRAFFORD OLIVIA MITCHELL ROBERT BARCLAY PAULINE YODER WILLIAM BARNARD OLIVIA MITCHELL ROBERT SWAIN BLANCH HARLOW WILLIAM FLEMING ERNEST MOORE FERN LLEWELLYN ASHTON CRAFFORD JEAN BARCLAY JIMMIE WHITE BETTY KELLEY JIMMIE WHITE FRANCES YODER WALTER THOMAS ERNEST MOORE JEAN BARCLAY ASHTON CRAFFORD DOROTHY GRAY WILLIAM FLEMING JESSIE MORGAN ROBERT BARCLAY OLIVIA MITCHELL ROBERT BARCLAY DOROTHY GRAY ASHTON CRAFFORD PAULINE YODER WALTER THOMAS FERN LLEWELLYN ASHTON CRAFFORD ERNEST MOORE FERN LLEWELLYN JIMMY WHITE OLIVIA MITCHELL ERNEST MOORE ANNIE PAGE CRAFFORD WILLIAM FLEMING ju -w s ' oJ ' ■ i l- l Ui |, ' -H i ' T. r i‘ i • M 1 ’ 1 j| l . V ' I Vt lU » l ' J. I i 5 M ! i I 1 i SiMsliiisiil . .;i l!i!!!!!i!!‘if»fia JUNIOR CLASS Motto: We learn not for school, but for life Colors: Blue and White Flower: Forget-me-not OFFICERS President Ruth McKinney Vice-President . . . Kenneth Bradshaw Secretary T reasurer Luther Alexander Roger Auman Sarah Barclay Florence Barnard Evelyn Barnhart Kenneth Bradshaw Anna Brooks Janet Brooks Robert Brooks Hattie Brown Harold Cate Rodney Cochran Granville Coleman Douglas Colgan Marian Cooke Audrey V. Cox Klyne Cox Wilson Dadds Necia Diffenderfer Roy Dolan Robert Dunn Carlton Elkins Mildred Elkins Bill Ehmig Elizabeth Ellison Vera ROLL Stanley Evans Estelle Fulcher Edna Harris Henry Holleman George Holleman Roy Holliday Dorothy Holloway Marguerite Holloway Robert Holloway Genevieve Howser Dick Hunter Mary Alice Hussey Russell Irby Sarah Jenkins Evelyn Keane Virginia Knight Lily Mae Lane Charlotte Langslow Mary Layman Warwick Marshall John Massenburg Ruth McKinney Nadine McQuillen May Mitchell Vernon Morgan Stinemeyer t ELLS William Osborne Frances Owens Lena Paris Eva Mae Peach John Pollock Lena Redman Neoma Redman Henry Rogers Peggy Salisbury Wade Seward Margaret Shenk Nellie Smith Eugene Snyder George Stinemeyer Elizabeth S. Thompson James Toler Virginia Warren Mary A. Waters Vera Wells Rufus White Doris Wiseman Bethany Wood Helen Woodlief Dorothy Wuska S 9 C P Jf (9 chC (9 7 € S I’j ' jiimuRtSiimi UHlUIIBMlHUSUim! kl«!ili!Sli!ali!l 3 i ilniUliUilKil •••■nil ||i £ i i!iii(il8R ii MM l i;S!!!i! ill i SOPHOMORE CLASS Motto: Work conquers everything Colors: White and Lavender Flower: Orchid OFFICERS President . . WlLMER WlLBERN Vice-President . . Duval Creech Secretary . . Adelaide Richardson Treasurer . . . .Carlton Batkins ROLL Arlyn Abbott Lee Hawley Harry Atkinson Maurice Hawley Mary Barclay Ruth Hostetter Carlton Batkins Agnes Jurscaga Elmo Bloxom J. T. Leicester Roscoe Bowers Mildred Marks June Burkholder Wayne Mason Irene Butterworth Warner McPhail Laura M. Butler Jimmy Nicholson William Butler Frank Ogden Lydia Cannon Pearl Owens Nell Cochran Edward Parker Dick Coleman Rachel Parker Ruth Crane Jack Preston Duvall Creech Adelaide Richardson Lucille Creech Aubrey Robertson Dorothy Curtis Russell Rowe Betty Davies Madison Russell Bob Dudley Jack Snyder Katherine Edwards Alice Traylor Emily Gayle Lorraine Turlington B. W. Good Robert Ware Anne Goodwyn Forrestine Whitaker Thomas Harlow Mary F. White Charles Hartman Wilmer Wilbern Opal Haughton Dorothy Wilcox Broaddus Haughton gc i e S jf,M e wi J FRESHMAN CLASS Motto: There is danger in delay. Colors: Green and White Flower: American Beauty Rose OFFICERS President George Keane Vice-President Lewis Hicks Secretary-Treasurer .... ROLL Helen Wood Linwood Adams Henry Evans Robert Myers Caroline Alexander Clyde Fox Virginia Owens Irene Anderson fim Givens William Owens Ethel Auman Esther Good Lucinda Paris Anne Barclay William Hawthorne Raymond Parker Hayes Barnhart Allen Hertzler Pearl Peach Robert Beasley Edith Hertzler Sara Peach Evelyn Becker Virginia Henley Elva Poindexter John Cardoza Homer Heywood Nancy Pollock B.uce Castelberg Lewis Hicks Mildred Rogers Clayton Campbell Robert Hicks John Schafer Gene Cockran Milton Holloway Fannie Shenk George Cole David Hostetter Mildred Shenk Virginia Collins Isabelle Huber Charles Smith Audrey Cooke Earl Huckins Harry Swain William Copeland Druscilla Hunt Haywood Thacker Thelma Cox Louise Flussey Robert Turlington Wdliam Crane Edward Irby Alfred Vanarsdale Wdda Cummings Gary Joyce Harold Vandeveer Elmer Curtis George Keane Louise Watson Virginia Dadds Eileen Kelley Alice Weeks Louise Davies Marie Kelley Gerald Weeks Mary Diffenderfer Martha Knight Virginia Weltmer Howard Dolan Dorothy Langslow Jack White Melvin Dolan Mary Langslow Lois Wiseman Hyla Downs Preston Lathon Dorothy Wood Annie L. Dozier Ada Layman Helen Wood Thomas Dunn Alvis Moore Ruth Woodfin Charles Ehmig Annie Moore Helena Yoder FOOTBALL TEAM LYING DOWN Left to right: Maurice Hawley, George Stinemeyer. FRONT ROW Left to right: Roscoe Bowers, Roy Dolan, Lenwood Adams, Ashton Crafford, Robert Barclay, Robert Brooks, Carlton Batkins, William Fleming. CENTER ROW Left to right: Edward Parker, Roger Auman, Ernest Moore, Stanley Evans, Lewis Hicks, Joe Swayngim, Robert Ware, Russell Rowe. BACK ROW Left to right: Henry Holleman, Kenneth Bradshaw, Gary Joyce, Jimmie Nich- olson, J. D. Crigler, Coach, Alfred Vanarsdale, Charles Hartman, William Barnard, Henry Evans, Jimmy White. BOYS’ BASKET BALL TEAM FRONT ROW Left to right: George Stinemeyer, Charles Hartman, Roy Holliday, Eugene Snyder, Henry Holleman. BACK ROW Left to right: James White, Manager, Jack Cardoza, Charles Barclay, Robert Brooks, William Fleming, J. D. Crigler, Coach. GIRLS’ BASKET BALL TEAM FRONT ROW Left to right: Jessie Morgan, Betty S. Thompson, Betty W. Thompson, Genevieve Howser, Dorothy Underwood. BACK ROW Left to right: Lena Redman, Vera Wells, Ruth Hostetter, Frances Williamson (Coach), Virginia Warren, Doris Wiseman, Mary Barclay, Esther May Dudley. 1 ■ COO COO CLUB FRONT ROW Lying down: Sarah Barclay, Jean Barclay. SECOND ROW Seated: Eileen Kelley, Anne Barclay, Ethel Auman, Ann Goodwyn, Louise Davies, Forrestine Whitaker. BACK ROW Robert Brooks (Sponsor), Verna Paris, Mildred Marks, Lucille Creech, Luther Wright (Mascot), Virginia Warren, Olivia Mitchell, Mary Mort (Faculty Advisor) , Dorothy Underwood. i GLEE CLUB Constance C. Leachman, Director Coeina D. McPitail, Accompanist OFFICERS President Ruth McKinney Secretary June Burkholder Librarian Betty Thompson ROLL First Sopranos: Sarah Barclay Irene Butterworth Nell Cochran Betty Davies Katherine Edwards Mildred Elkins Flazel Fenton Dorothy Gray Osie Flertzler Mildred Marks Ruth McKinney Pearl Peach Lena Redman Peggy Salisbury Audrey G. Saunders Betty W. Thompson Dorothy Wilcox Second Sopranos: Arlyn Abbott June Burkholder Dorothy Curtis Klyne Cox Wilda Cummings Hyla Downs Emily Gayle Eileen Kelley Mary Layman Nadine McQuillen Pearl Owens Nancy Pollock Forrestine Whitaker Esther Wood Ada Layman Mildred Shenk Altos: Jean Barclay Mary Beck Flattie Brown Annie P. CrafTord Elizabeth Ellis Evelyn Keane Annie Moore Fannie Shenk Margaret Shenk Alice Weeks Helena Yoder STUDENT BODY WHO’S WHO President __ Vice-President Secretary | T reasurer Prettiest Girl Best Looking Boy Best All-round Girl Best All-round Boy Most Attractive Girl Most Attractive Boy Cutest Girl Cutest Boy ' Wittiest Girl Wittiest Boy. Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy Alost Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Most Popular Senior Girl Most Popular Senior Boy Most Popular Junior Girl Most Popular Junior Boy Most Popular Sophomore Girl Most Popular Sophomore Boy Most Popular Freshman Girl. Most Popular Freshman Boy William Fleming Jessie Morgan Fern Llewellyn Jean Barclay Alline Cheatham Walter Thomas Jessie Morgan William Fleming Jessie Morgan Roger Auman Eva Mae Peach Roger Auman ..Fern Llewellyn Wade Seward Vera Wells Robert Barclay ..Sarah Barclay Robert Brooks Jessie Morgan William Fleming Eva Mae Peach Roger Auman Forrestine Whitaker Warner McPhail Ethel Auman Luther Wright ADVERTISEMENTS The pages which follow contain advertisements from friends who have helped pay for this book. Without their advertisements we could not have published this issue of the " Warwick”. They advertised to help us, but no business man likes to see his money going out without getting something in return. We urge you then to read these advertisements, remember well the names of the firms, and when purchases are made, buy from our advertisers. Sincerely yours, THE STAFF. n IS Vol ume The I {Tarwic was produced °f Jc " h THE PENINSULA PRINTING COMPANY INCORPORATED 133 Twenty-fiftli Street N evport N e vs , V a . Telephone . . . . 2 7 7 3 Makers of PHOTOGRAPHS of the Better Kind SOUTHLAND STUDIO 2604 Wash ington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Phone 109-W FOUNDED SEPTEMBER 19th. 1891 FIRST NATIONAL BANK In 1891 a Lank was not so much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now thin koftk e many services The First National Bank oflers in addition to this. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Peninsula j Alemorial Park um um TheJ Beauty Spot °f Ti arwicJc County Compliments of The Broadway 36 years on " W asnington Avenue Newport News, V lrginia Compliments of theJ VA. PUBLIC SERVICE CO. v lrgima s Pleasing iServant Compliments of MORRISON THE Service Station H. L. Revere, Jr. DAILY Gasolines, Oils, Greases, PRESS Tires and Accessories CARS REPAIRED Newport News V lrginia Battery Service PHONE 9188 MORRISON : VIRGINIA Florida Orange Store W J. Turlington GENERAL All kinds of GROCERIES Fruits and Vegetables Bakery Gas, Oil, Auto Accessories Home Aiade Ice Cream Phone 1101-W 3208 Washington Ave. Box 1 Nelson Place NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Compliments of MERIT SHOE For Sporting Goods . . see . . MONFALCONE Spaulding Sport Shop CO. BEFORE YOU PURCHASE INC. m □ □ 3006 Washington Avenue Plione 473 Newport News, Virginia 2906 Washington Avenue “In the interest of Better Homes ” SALISBURY S Newport News Ice Cream Wholesome Candies Furniture Co. INC. Student’s Lunches SCHOOL SUPPLIES Open Evenings 3400-3402 Washington Ave. H a ppy Home Furnishers THE CORNER STORE Compliments of The BARCLAY SONS Paramount Jewelers Theatre m TtT 2605 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. 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