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Q. u Q. 1 1. . .. binge? .- Qzxwsg ii? V' k?51.y1L'f,jf'fg . ' x 1' M , JV ,.I .f: , :q?. Ie . 41 ., An. . . 1, R f , Q F in ug, 4 , ,W ., ,hm ip. .l A . ,A N - 2, 5, 4, ,... 511' 1 .1.5. X, 'Ti l -' ,A " f . 4? fi' ., 523 .Q , X s ,java 554 ,ji-' 'Jr gx 122 Yi Avia 5 1 Y 5 Q f. . .f:.f+'f-.K+ f. . f , W - . Ii ' : N y Q. .. ..-sf--e ' L Q 2',:?.",'?f:'..F-- 'A' . .:.:Y.i' ' -j 'f 1. ' A 1-'pf +1 f ' sw .: ff'-ucfiff' W ff W-fha Sw zfgi . .. . . ' A- aff my -- " ..2:f-- w p Q--an-. sf' 4"' if!-r2'.fc ' A JK .ga J, .59 4-'ifw ram, if Qai'2ff'fg""'1sQJ 1 W 'E x 5 Jw- ,. AA' 41 f-'ws' MLK? jab' v .... ag.:-, '- 1 1 'ns 25 - 4'-fxgijri? - ,3'?12L'5+ fy?-'f . 'A Wi. . -" 5 mwrwif NL .fg4..,sv.fff?l ww J: 15.6" ' 1 ' -Q 'Ain we-.4-jv."ffs F ig , ,MV ., - .ju ,.. 54 -1..f:.,,' Vf ,5 ' f '-- - L 1 h Q V -"- . - 0, -5,45 ' 'ik ' -'Q Y gg 35? '54 j ff ... an -' . if 32 , - ,vf g f ? .Y ' A 'Q gf.- . 1- . -1 1-s i? . 1. -flf1"f 4f?3'if?iffF?f"Ef M3 3- '?5?'if' - - ' 55E:f ' s g.-r. . , va EVER.-. W ,S , .. gf . J. f , . 4:-413' 'Mi' w?s""?" 1 ": +'5?" A 'A " S f 1 54 E .fikgsgi :.?fi.. i gig' 1-, V... .f f. 1 1-gf-5,1 .E Zigwitaig W 1 , . P isa" , N 1' ' 5. .V . 22 . N? + P D . f- f::Q ' 1.,.65 gr--i 1-1-'ff' f- . L, ' V 553gi4,.,,.LVx,1-,iaiyiwsz Q.:1:j,,"..v j',.55f',5:3 15,255 . W' -' :1 'rf 1 fg.4'??"'5-f'?'f?3fffQ-'fiip'fi'-19 'fad Suk "' "f ' ' 1:83 , .-. . - - 1. . - -.,.-. ,- .m....: ,. 2 2.-'fi-Y -W .. V. .... L- r ' .., . 'v1,iv.Q-fF"."' ' - - ff' e-i.,Y7'21- -f 7- 32-"f ie? , ' - -- ' " ' - -,, , - wp... .Li,,,..J...v.7,:--.-.-rar..-..,YK I ,341 -Y .-. L- -- ., .- - I . 1.",- ' , fl-+,f'vr.v-, ":vL'.,.. .5-'.'.: "' 7' """k ' W 7 . A, .Ai 'T , .- , A -Q.: THE WARNVICK STAFF LEFT 'ro RIGHT! Robert Snow, Russcll Wcrulc, Margaret Childrcy Dunuld Clifton, Iolm Lzmkcs. 3 I5 N in Ki -e .Y wf--,fwa .- -' 11:2 -- -H . wg. wr-1 ,.,g.,f:,- . ' Lg.,-wrywsff,ff ,J v H ,-.wx:,mi.:u-1g- X Y - v--wg., I w N f 1 P A C, U L I Y XIINN XIIAYISIIILY XIIIS. IQIZIJIIY MINS RIJKK NIISN 1,1 XXXUI ll MISS NIXIITII NIR. XIUIVI' NIINN LIIXIIXNI NIR. lIIilf.I.IiR NIR5. KIKTI'II.XlI. XIINS KlI'I' NIINN XIURI XIINN NIXKIIY XIINN IIITTK XIINS IIXI.II NIINN 'I'IIH -: 9? gi . .ww,,:z f.,,1.,.,: - -' x-1,-N.:,.ffh M12-:wu:f .nk :A1.,wm, Semors CLASSES juniors Sopbomores F resbmen . N ii a 5 5 fx 3 S Q- nwe! ymwmmLumw SENIOR CLASS 'MOTTOZ We strive that we CO1.ORs Red and White. President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . T1'c'usurfr . Elizabeth Barnard Edward Blair Moss Callis Margaret Childrey john Cochran Katherine Coleman Russell Dolan Bradley Ellis Henry Farmer Matilda Fenimore Alice Gardner XVilliam Gardner Dorothy Gayle Donald Girton Fleet Gregg Mary Harlow Elizabeth Jones Jane Joyce Nelson King Frank Lambert OFFICERS ROLL may succeed. FLOWER: Bradley Ellis Frank Lambert Henry Farmer Margaret Childrey John Lankes Ressie Merica Anna V. Mills Doris Mills Sarah Morse Colleen Poindextfr Milton Redman John Shank Robert Snow Joe Snyder Harry D. Stinemeyer Marion Stinemeyer Iva Lee Thomasson Anne Thompson Miriam Thompson Russell VVeade Madeline VVoltz Lucille XVornom Sadie Yost PUPPY . - '31 2951 ' , 5 NSA' . , 'fr 1 5 ,Q ln 4.259551 W., mf --11 im? ' 22 if . fig w 53' . f ' 'Ju -2:-f ' vii "Tai, Y 7.-t ELIZABETH EVELYN li.-xkmxu NTU kllllfl' lim' is to Ion' lrrrf' A quiet, modest girl is our Elizabeth, but jolly and a good sport. Og best wishes attend l1CI'. .M " 59. Mokius Eowmm BLAIR "Ii X1 " "lim" has been here a long time and we have grown to like him. He has lots of school spirit and we expect to see him succeed. ALLEN M. cz.XLLlS "Moss" "l.uolc.r likv Io mc." Our class would not be com- plete without this tall, cheerful York County lad who takes such delight in controversy. Nlllifl.-XRET IRENE CHIILDREY "llIlll'Kl'I3U She is one of our best all-'round girlshnot only attractive and popular, but a good student. XVhat a combinationl M. l-l. S. will be sorry to lose you, "Chicken.', 95,41 L4 FQ HT Sl E1 iw N gc 15 f 2 3 il Q 3 sri M :I VL' fi XM 5 em 0 r, IS B rc :Q 3 u 5 ff S JOHN M. CocHRAN The woman-hater of the class Cso he saysj. The school will miss him and his arguing when he graduates. We see a great future for him as a law- yer. K.xTH.uuNE A. CfJLEhl.'XN "l '.xs14:x"' XVhat a girl! Not only popu- lar hut a good athlete. She's our star basket-hall guard and M. H. S. will lose a good all- around girl when she goes. Saixrtirer. RL'ssELL Doi.AN 'A R hx" "Rex" is a pal to every one and has Won many friends at M. H. S. He has shown his ability as a good sport and ath- lete. Here's luck, "Rex." Iosiarfu BRADLEY "xl I-11,i.i"' VVhat a man! Leader in both class and sports. L'Ielly" has proved himself a worthy stu- dent. His hghting spirit has brought Morrison victory many tinies. Y. N A ,HAV4 .. fagrff. A 1-Q . . 1--L 1 ' , jf, 5414 Y A 'ufffli . ' V. V ,z 1. 1 i V M5143 J H, , f-,gm P' Tris' gffi .3 ygaiff ' 1421 , 3, ' ,':2"'1Yi 1"7Y,3' 1 'Elf 'f,f, . WA :VE 'aw H , 'Mir ,inf 35, HENRY M. FARMER Henry, the secretary of our class, came to us from Lynch- burg as a Sophomore. His pleasing personality and gen- tlemanly manners make friends and keep them. MATILDA WILLIS FENIMORE i'Tll.LIP1,, "A trnc ffliflltl is forcwvr iz frii'1uI." "Tillie,' is a true friend and one of the most athletic girls in the Senior class. Morrison will miss her. ALICE ELIZABETH GARDNER "I.I'1'z', Hail to Alice, who is one of our youngest classmates. She is always ready to lend a help- ing hand to any one. Good luck to you, Alice. WILLI.Ah1 CQARDNISR Quiet, patient and conscien- tious describe the disposition of William. He is very gen- erous and always willing to help a fellow-classmate. VVe wish you success, William. .V M , , J, if 3359 N W ,-A, . Sfvrl-J.-A Y ' " 'flfgf 'fT?5,?'?5'aE2T:41fERX5,!fZ?5 'Ek '-wwfw R A DoRoTHY Wise GAYLE "DOT" "Dot's" wit and intelligence have won her numerous friends from both sexes, who will miss her jolly laughs when she leaves the old Alma Mater. DONALD GIRTON "DUN" One of our best sports, helpful, smart and always on the go. His stay at M. H. S. has been an asset to the school. Donald is bound to succeed. FOSTER FLEET GIIEGG "lil'MPx"' Studious, kind, likeable, and full of fun-that's Fleet. You can always depend on him. His many friends at Morrison wish him success. LILLIAN MARY HARLOXV MSKNBKYU Mary is a good sport and a true friend. She is not only one of the most popular Seniors, but also one of the cutest. Good luck, Mary. ! ELIZABETH MAY IONES MJONSIEU Elizabeth is a jolly, good-na- tured girl in every way. She is very dependable, and when she attempts anything she gen- erally succeeds. I.-mn ELSIE JOYCE "S.x1.I.x"' We all know Iane as one ofthe athletes of the school. She is a good sport and the girl with the friendly smile. NELSON MAGRUDER KING UNIELLYU Can he high jump? And howl He is also a good horseman. When he leaves every one will miss him. FRANK LAMBBRT The Itltlvftii' cull him U1'xYIll!kl.L'.U No better athletic boy have we had at Morrison. A vacancy will be felt when his smiles and jokes are gone. Iorm M. LANKES "limi" "Buds" splendid art work on our IXNNUALS makes us believe he will achieve an enviable rep- utation. He is a good student and a good friend. REssIE MAE NIERICA Ressie is studious and a hard worker. She doesnlt make much noise, but always comes out on top. Herels luck and success to her. LXNNA VIRGINIA lVllLLS MHINM "Gin" is a good sport, lov- able, and a true friend. Dur- ing her two years with us she has made a host of friends in Nl. H. S. IJORIS XYIRGINIA lVllLLS 'ASl'NsIIINI-1" Quiet, meek, gentle, lovable, studious, all these can be said of Doris. While here she has made life-long friends. May the best of all good things be hers. 2 39 , 'i fm fa is SARAH ETTA MORSE "S.u.I,x"' "Sally', is always bubbling over with high spirits. Intelligent, witty, and loyal. "Sallyl' has made for herself a place in the hearts of those who know her. COLLEEN POINDEXTER Our Colleen is a good sport and a true friend. She has real musical ability, and we predict great success for her. MILTON S. REDIXIAN If you Want to see a typical Senior, just look Milton's way. Milton is quiet and dignified, an example for every pupil. Herels wishing him luck. lol-iN SHENK Iohn is one of the most brilliant members of our class. It has been a privilege to associate with him. We Wish him suc- cess at Whatever he may un- dertake. IOHN ROBERT SNoW "Bonny" Our biggest pest, handsome but not dumb. He is well liked by every one. His am- bition is to be a doctor. Here,s hoping he succeeds. Ion D. SNYDER, In. One of the most mischievous members of any class and 11 good physics and chemistry student. When it comes to work, he thoroughly believes in conservation of energy. HARIKY DAVIS STINENIEYER "first:-" Here,s to the manager of the football team. During his stay in Morrison, 'gGump', has proven his steadfastness and good friendship. Morrison will certainly miss you, "Gump.', MARION FRANcEs STINEMEYER HS'l'INIiX'H 'LLittle Girlv-thats what they call her. "Sweet Little Girl',- thatis what she is. She is pop- ular, as well as the cutest girl in school. , r IVA LEE THoMAssoN "SKINNr:v" Iva Lee has a pleasant person- ality and is liked by every one. Because of her musical ability, she is welcomed everywhere. We wish you success. ANNE PINKNEY THOMPSON "I'1NK1-Lx", "l7csrl'iIn' liar, who run?" Meet Anne, a dandy sport, very popular, and a good student. Anne came to us this year from Newport High. We wish you luck. MIRIALI IEANETTE THLULIPSON "Emu W Miriam's sweet smile and gen- tle manner will win friends wherever she goes. We have all learned to love her, and we wish for her always the best of good things. Russian. A. WEADE Hin-V1-" Happy-go-lucky, kind-hearted "Rut" has an abundance of school spirit. He falls hard for the fair sex and they for him. UA . 1 ibn 2 X fgm 1 b r ,,-gm, gm N . x. -Q NIADELINE VIRGINIA WOLTZ "Manny" A t t r a c tiveness, friendliness, sweetness, determination and a hit of sophistication-that's "Maddy,,-all rolled into one, and a very little one at that. Lots of success always, "Mad- dy M LUCILLE IXNNETTE WOIKNOBI "l'lL1-ly" Lovahle, capable, and reliable, that's "Ciley." Her quiet, friendly manner has won a place for her in the hearts of the class of '33, Here's luck to her. PAUL HOWARD VVQIINUM Paul's pleasant smile has made friends, not only with the class of '33, hut with the entire school. He is an ideal student and will be missed. Sauna MAE Yosr "7' who smile are smiled upon." Here's to Sadie, who always smiles. Although Sadie has only been with us one year, we have learned to like her quiet, friendly ways. CLASS HISTORY IN September of the memorable year of 1929 there arrived at Mor- rison a class composed of the Hgreenest ratsn who have ever crossed the threshold of Morrison High School. Who could this class be but the present Senior Class, with a few alterations. With the beginning of that session we began the struggle of four long, weary years, though happy ones, to the goal of victory. For the First few days our voices stuck in our throats and our limbs relaxed with fear when any Sophomores appeared at recess. Finally, at the suggestion of our teacher, we decided to organize as a class and elect ofHcers. The oflicers we elected were: President, Clyde Baker, Vice- President, Betty Barr, Secretary and Treasurer, Dorothy McComb. At last-came Iune, and with it the realization that we were Sopho- mores. We could scarcely wait for summer to pass, so that we could terrify the incoming "rats." Again we organized and chose as officers Marion Douglas, Presi- dentg Margaret Childrey, Vice-President, Deloris Downey, Secretary, and Gertrude Peters, Treasurer. That year for Field Day we com- bined vrith the Freshman Class and won a majority of the events. Then came another Iune, when we awoke to Find ourselves Iuniors, with but one more session to go before we would be Seniors, With the coming of September we again started back to Morrison. As officers for that year we elected Margaret Childrey, President, Frank Lambert, Vice-President, Henry Farmer, Secretary, and Dorothy Mc- Comb and Bradley Ellis, Treasurers. That year we got our rings, which made us realize as never before our nearness to the Finish. Again we combined with the Freshman Class for Field Day, and again We were victorious. Another Iune rolled around and we found ourselves-dignified Sen- iors. As oHicers for this year we have elected Bradley Ellis, President, Frank Lambert, Vice-President, Henry Farmer, Secretary, and Mar- garet Childrey, Treasurer. With the coming of Iune we will go forth into the world after hav- ing completed one phase of our life. May the experiences we have had, the knowledge we have acquired, and the friends we have met at dear old Morrison help us in whatever career we choose. PAUL WoRNoM, '33, CLASS PROPHECY HILE going through my desk a few days ago, I found a let- ter for which I had been searching for months. While I was in France collecting material for a novel on French life, Dorothy Gayle wrote me a long letter after she had returned from her Vacation at home. At that time, Dot was secretary to Represen- tative Donald Girton. From this letter I learned of the work and whereabouts of every member of the famous class of '33. In fact, it reads like a page from "VVho's Who?" It ran as follows: "Dear .S'airah.' You ean"t imagine how I enjoyed my z'aeaition,' every day, every hour, erfery minute was full of excitement. Of all tlze days, the one I enjoyed the most was the day I visited our Alma Mater. The school is in very good condition. Guess why? Jimmy Blair is principal. He follows the plans set forth by our former Principal, Mr. lllort Sadie Yost is teaching history, Lucille lifornom and Elisabeth Barnard are also members of the faculty at Morrison. By the way, would you like to know what all the members of our class are doing? I shouldn't ask you that ,- I know you are always interested in the affairs of our famous classmates. Ressie Meriea 'works at the post-office at Morrison, whieli has grown immensely sinee we were there. Russell Dolan and William Gardner are owners of a large garage nearby, As usual, the girls' basketball team is wry good-no wonder-Katharine Coleman is the athletic director. Nelson King is in the real estate business in Newport News. When I was at Morrison, he had just sent in an ad. for the annual. John Lanlees is a famous architect. :tt the present time he is designing an office building. He is assisted by Elisabeth Jones, also an architect. When the building is completed, Russell Weade expects to establish his law ofice there. By the way, Russell is a prominent lawyer. Bradley Ellis represented the United States in the 1940 Olympic games, 'zehieh were held in Finland. He broke the world record for long-distant .' l'lUlllIllfI. Imagine! Whene:'er my eyes bother nie, whom do you tlziinlc I pay a tfisit to? Dr. Fleet Gretltl-a famous eye specialist. Moss Collis is traveling the eonntry with his jass orchestra, and often gives concerts in the For Theater in W'asliington, D, C. Milton Redman is a professor of law at the University of Virginia. .-1 few days ago I bought a new evening gown. It is of the latest fashion, known as the "Wornom Design." You know Paul has become a famous designer, with his office in Paris. Anne Thompson is a very famous concert singer. When I was in New- port News I went to hear her. Colleen Poindexter is the music director at Morrison. I also saw her when I visited the school. Such song birds! I accidentally saw Frank Lambert. He was 'visiting his former home. The reason I say former home--he is now a manager of the largest de- partment store in Raymond, lllaine. Dr. Robert Snow, known to us as Bobby, or Snow Bird, is at John Hopkins Hospital. Guess where I go when I want the latest styles? Of course, to "Mills" Their store is located in Washington, D. C. Lately I came across an advertisement of Macy's Department Store, in New York. There were several dresses which struck me in particular. fl few days la-ter, when I went there to purchase one, I was surprised to jind Mary Harlow and Matilda Fenimore employed as models. John Shenk is teaching history at William and Mary. I recently read an article he wrote entitled "The Importance of Educating the American Peoplef' Henry Farmer is still employed by the New York World as a. reporter. I saw a good movie a few days ago, "O Kie Do Kie." Marian Stine- meyer, Madeline W'olt.e and lllargaret Childrey took the part of the col- lege girls Kee, Dee, ana' Tee. I suppose some of "Stiuey," "Maddy," and Margaret's pictures are being shown abroad by this time. I saw in the paper where Joe Snyder had returned to Panama to con- tinue teaching chemistry after being home on a visit. Probably the most noted member of the Class of '33 is Dr. John Cochran, the psychiatrist of international fame, who is now lecturing at the University of Heidelberg. v I often visit the Modern Beauty Parlow, in Washington-, D. C., to see my old friend, Alice Gardner. She owns and operates it. Miriam Thompson leaves today for Paris, where she will continue her studies in art. I spent a few days of my vacation at "Stinemeyer Park." The owner of the estate is Harry Stinemeyer, whose sole hobby is training and en- tering Kentucky thoroughbreds in the races. I suppose it is needless to say that Iva Lee Thomasson and Jane Joyce are contented with the Wright men. Donald Girton is patiently waiting for Congress to convene, so he may submit his bill, the purpose of which is to prevent recurrence of depression. I am sorry to hear that you must stay in France longer than you expected in order to finish your work. I must hurry back to work, as the private secretary of a representative of Congress does not have many spare moments. Lots of love, .DOT3 H "SARAH INIORSE, '33." ,Q X Katharine Coleman President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Prettiest Girl . . Most Hanilsome Boy . Best All-'round Girl . Best All-'round Boy . Most School Spirit Girl Most School Spirit Boy Cutest Girl . . . Cutest Boy . Wittiest Girl . . Wittiest Boy . . Most Studious Girl . Most Studious Boy . Best Sport Girl . Best Sport Boy . . M ost Attractive Girl Most Attractive Boy . Most Athletic Girl . Most Athletic Boy . Most Popular Senior Gi STUDENT BODY WI-lO'S WHO? rl . Most Popular Most Popular M ost Popular M ost Popular M ost Popular M ost Popular M ost Popular Senior Boy . Iunior Girl . IuniorBoy . Sophomore Girl Sophomore Boy . Freshman Girl . . Bradley Ellis Margaret Childrey . Henry Farmer . Dorothy Gayle Margaret Childrey . Malcolm Wright Katharine Coleman . . Bradley Ellis . Anne Thompson . . Bradley Ellis Marion Stinemeyer . Lemuel Wright Betty S. Thompson . F rank Lambert Sarah Morse . . Paul Wornom Katharine Coleman . . Bradley Ellis Margaret Childrey . . Robert Snow Katharine Coleman . . Bradley Ellis . . Bradley Ellis . Henrietta Burt . Stuart Goalder . Sarah Barclay . Richard Snow . Vera Wells Freshman Boy . . George Stinemeyer ,J ,V 'grim fx Q , . . Q , N mx- , 4. - IUNIOR CLASS Morro: Not at the top, but climbing. COLORS: Green and Gold. Pravidcnt - V1'ce-President Secretary Treasurer Bert Ashby Robert Barclay William Barnard James Burkholder Jean Barclay Henrietta Burt Elizabeth Brandt Anna Campbell Edna Bell Clark Ashton Crafford Katherine Crockett Mildred Carter Alline Cheatham Anilou Crafford Esther Mae Dudley Jack Davis Holland Edwards Elsie Elliott Warner Enos Jerome Evans Thomas Fleming Hunter Fletcher Martha Floyd Herbert Fox Floyd Fox OFFICERS ROLL Hazel Fenton Frances Goalder Stuart Goalder Charles Goens Blanch Harlow Mildred Hogge Harry Hertzler Morris Heywood Stanley Hicks Charles Hogg Dorothy jenkins Mary Johnson Betty Kelley Norman Lauterbach A. L. Maddox Thelma Mathias Cora Miller Ernest Moore Edward Magilley Lillian Merica Olivia Mitchell XYilliam Nottingh Ted Osborne Violet Parker Margaret Patrick FLOWERZ Ionquil Alfred Seager Martha Floyd Vernell Stockman Stuart Goalder Betty Poindexter Otwood Powell Mary M. Preston Margaret Pritchard Malvin Rowe Mary Shenk Alfred Seager Franklin Smith Vernell Stockman Joe Swayngim XValter Thomas Betty Thompson Louis Traylor Dorothy Underwood Nelson VVeade Malcolm VVright Blanch VVoodfin Christine NVood Dorothy NVhite Raymond VVhite Trible XVilkinson am James XVilliams Frances Yoder , . ' H ' ',"'Y'f' "" ,YM ,L i3R?T?"'71i1 ,f . '5pf1M- 4:-ff X , ' W ' , -fx W' "" ,ZQQZT "9 ,, 'vf . f- ,311 mms ia V :sz-01161, " 7 Ji' cj H, . ,ga - T-14 , 19' . 2, vi X fy, Q 'W QP 1 . FLG'-QJYC .17 41 egg, 'f N-YQ ..., lil ' 'fu ggi' I . 31 Q S fi' Kc XF 5 ix x V4 5F YL .41-1,- Jwq' 41 4-- fx, A i X u'- if . - ' . . .f'iv-mf 'Z' Q L- IUNIOR CLASS 5 fl' ,,. yi it .34 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS Morro: Work conquers everything. CoLoRs: Red and Gold. Iessie Morgan . . Betty Cooke . . William Fleming . William Fleming . Vernon Adams James Amory XVilliam Butler Sarah Barclay Mary Beck Anne Buchanan Harold Cate Raymond Cawthon Granville Coleman Douglas Colgan Audrey Cox Betty Cooke Annie Page Crafford Mildred Denton Necia Diffenderfer Carlton Elkins Stanley Evans U Mildred Elkins Elizabeth Ellis Lucy Ficklin XVilliam Fleming Dorothy Gray Robert Holloway Maurice Hawley Marguerite Holloway Alberta Hopkins Mary Alice Hussey FLOWER: Red Rose OFFICERS President . . . Sarah Barclay Vice-President . Douglas Colgan Secretary . . . Lucy Ficklin Treasurer . . .lesse White ROLL Osie Hertzler Elizabeth Lane Fern Llewellyn John Moore Franklin Meelheim Mary Morse Jessie Morgan Lucile Moore Stuart Melzer Riley Newell Kathleen O'Hara Edward Parker Neoma Redman Belle Rowe Robert Swain Audrey Saunders Richard Snow Elwood Thomasson Julian Thomasson Thomas Thomasson Jessie XVhite Donald NVainwright Thomas VVarren Lemuel Vlfright Dorothy VVuska Jimmie YVhite Pauline Yoder F' , . , K Y v,,i4 .55 f"'f4sf -214 NT ,A 1 As 'U x. ,wa lm, ..-wi, iw -' ,f -- fr' Q' ,. pf'-vfff' ,.. . ..4, ' Eb Mfwy. f -f 'Q Q, JN fi mga M .uf SOPHOMORE CLASS V5 -. . E H 4 .I FRESHMAN CLASS Mo'r'ro: We learn not for school, but for life. COLORS! Blue and White. ' FLOWER! Forget-me-not OFFICERS President .... Vera Wells Vice-P1'es1'denl . - Warren Ashby Secretary . Ruth McKinney Treasurer . . Luther Alexander Warren Ashby Roger Auman Jack Ayler Carlton Batkins Florence Barnard Evelyn Barnhardt Irving Belch Bobby Blair jane Borden Anna Brooks Janet Brooks Frederick Brumm Marian Cook Rodney Cochran Alice Cotton Klyne Cox VVilson Dadds Dick Deal Robert Dun Elizabeth Ellison Estelle Fulcher Lester Good Edna Harris . . . . Charlotte Langslow ROLL Dick Hamilton George Holleman Henry Holleman Roy Holliday Dorothy Holloway Robert Hornsby Russell Irby Sarah jenkins Evelyn Keane Bobbie Lake Lily Mae Lane Charlotte Langslow Mary Layman Elsie Littlepage George Little Lucile Long Henry Lauterbach jack Maclay XVarwick Marshall Lawrence Mebane Ruth McKinney May Mitchell Bertha Moore Vernon Morgan Billy Osborne John Pollock Joe Parker Cora B. Queensberry Lena Redman Peggy Salisburg Margaret Shenk Nellie Smith Eugene Snyder George Stinemeyer Tom Talton Eloise Temple Betty Thompson Rufus XVhite Virginia Warren Mary Alice XVaters Vera Wells Doris NViseman Camille WVoltz Bethany XVoocl George VV ood XVoodrow XVynn 5 54 gs E E Q ,lf ' 52 1: F.-, fa . fi a :um af1m1s.zr1mr.:nnlx.'mmrn,4ssv-vwlmaxnnz' FRESHMAN CLASS 0713 ". .. -.rv Q. w . 1. , -uf R ' rw., - Q11 -:L-gear-N. ' -s w. H . '- I 5 P 4 Aga f 3 ,. 1 , ffl - X A. 1 ' K' 1135 w. - - fx ' , .- is V 4 "L-ffl , -P . jjwff, 1-'H ' , :j 3. Q' ,bg -.-km, ,, ., . , 12 we , .5 5 -.if .nfl 1 mr -asf jfx :"'r:ifm:-,jv. . ,. ,N . ff-xg-J. - 1. 5,-, 21.2, . ,Nw ,. , .. xf x,,.,w'g.- . 'FRF' .Q A 'fav' . 3, .5 ff, vw . ' f?" 'F sw., Q .. ey-- if ' ', : .fini A if fp. ' ,, K ga w I 9'f??+i?'? '-'asf V- iff , , 14.31, - - , , N gw,.2+- QS, j A 'E' " 'ev-. . 'X -A :v s,s?.- f A ef 515, E , -mf'-1 , ' 5-, , pw: Sl FOOTBALL SQUAD ifuoxr Row Left to righl: Auman, Evans, Cloalder, Parker, Stinemeyer Qlvlanagerj Newell. A Q rrizxrrma rum Left to right: Crigler"QCoachj, Holloman, Ashby, Meelheim, Weade Dolan, Cochran, Fleming, Farmer, Swain, Batkins. BACK ROXV Left to right: Lambert, Stoclcman, White, Hicks, Wright, Ellis, Hogg Parker, Traylor. ,F S3 if Ii omihfazmi Qfgmfio MAKERS OF PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE BETTER KIND 2604 WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 1848 NEWPORT NEWS, VA. The Pc'n1'115:4lu'5 N:'1u.fpupc'1':" THE D A I L Y P R E S S INIORNING AND SVNDAY TIMES HERALD EVENING HUM PLIINI ENTS OF DEITRICH'S XEXVPIJRT N EVVS, V.-X. XY. H. Tllckvl' IQNUNVN AS Southland Garage 1 GAS HH. ANI! ACCESSORIES GENERAL REPAIRS 1 -1511 Virginia Avenue N1fxvvoR'r Nmvs, XEIRGIXIA Compliments . Of Epef Statiofzery Company Inc. N ew port News Virginia 619' 32 CO M PL I M E NTS OF Sears, Roebuck Sl Company C. Wright Sz Son BLACKSMITHING AND STEEL WORK xs..,f 336 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News, Va. M. L. Weger Sz Sons Complmmm Wholesale gf C t' , 'mfec 'OWS BARCLAY af SONS and Fountain Supplies KTWQWZ ' 934.092 233 Twenty-third Street ' ' Newport News Virginia "If it's Candy, Wager HCLS7:1f,, ' ' ' WERTI-IEIMER'S f OUTFl'fTERS TO HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS SINCE 1868 1 1 NEWPORT NEWS - COMPLIMENTS W Eat for a Nickel OF Drink for a, Nickel . Dine for a Dime Merit Shoe Co. 1 ,I NICKELSWORTH 1 02 C NOTHING OVER I 50 1 3006 WASHINGTON AVE. NEWPORT NEWS, VA' 3209 WASHINGTON AVENUE PARKER 86 SPENCER Your Furniture N eeds Can be Supplied at This Store ' Our Stock is Complete R6fl'I.gfl'df0l'5, Ice Cream Freezers, Porch Roclqerx Lawn Swings 212-214 28TH STREET NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 2 TIZXACO PRODUCTS PARK VIEW BARBER SHOP 222 'TVVENTY-EIGH'l'lI STREET : : Nliwr-oR'r NEWS, XIIR GINI1 First Class Hair Cuts, 256 YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE APPRECIATED s. E. cox, Pimp. Hl1lIlliIlgl0l1 coM1'L1M1zNTs Avenue . . OF Servlce Slatlon IF, WV. HARRIS, Illauager K f 1 . V .V Tpiliai QUALITY SIQRYICE afalg g sg Wrgpq , , ik-mc I 4508 IIIINTINGTON AVI-:NUR NEWPORT NEWS, VA. GARNER'S THE STORE FOR HDADU AND THE "BOYS" Tm,1c1-Hoxm No. 543 2714 Washington Avenue Nriwl-oRT NEWS, VIRGINIA F: Three and Five-Gate Horses for Hire. Guide Furnished U pon Request MRS. SCHADEXS RIDING SCHOOL CLASSES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN PHONE 1565-W HILTON VILLAGE, VA. TIDEWATER Y0fkf0W11 LUNCH Ice and Storage f Corporation Soft Drinks ana' Candy 1 . ICE Home-made Sandwzehes COAL f BUILDER,S SUPPLIES FEEDS YORKTOWN ' VIRGINIA YORKTOWN, VA. FLORIDA ORANGE STORE Carlols of Florida Oranges, Grape-fruit and Tangerfnes All K fnds Fresh Fruit and Vegetables DRIED FRUITS, NUTS, FRESH CRATED cocoANUT 'f 3208 Washington Avenue, Newport News, Va. A 51 i, 2 The Finest Assortment of Salted Nuts in Newport News also 9 Home-made Candies F U X S Kl11"MGlk0W NUT AND CANDY SHOP .BUftt97'9d 17017007475 2901 Washington Avenue Peanuts of All Kinds Newport News, Virginia PARTY MINT PATTIES MADE T0 ORDER COMPLIMENTS R. H. MINGEE OF , Grocerles . Feed, Fresh Meats Z 772 Gas, Oil and THE Auto SHOEMAN Supphes 1 2811 WASHINGTON AVENUE MORRISON, VA. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA IT PAYS TO LOOK XVELL MODERN BARBER SHOP VV. L. THIGPEN, PROP. C!zz'!drcn's Hair Cuzx, 256 3024 WASHINGTON AVE. : TELEPPIKJNE 9251 : NEXVPORT NEWS F. FOUNDED 1891 Flrst National Bank In 1891 a bank was not so much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many serv- ices The First National Bank oifers in addition to this. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA A. G. Ham Gasoline, Oils, Greases Tircf and Ac'cc'ssorz'es Cars Rcpaired 1 MORRISON VIRGINIA i W. I, SMITH sl SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EINIBALMERS Y Calls Promptly Answerer! Day or Night AIKIBULANCE SERVICE Y Phone N cw port N ews 9-F 5 : M orrisofz, l!l.l'gl.l11.lI Fulcher's Service Station GAS, OIL AND AUTO ACCESSORIES TIRES AND TUBES 4503 Huntington Ave., Newport News, Va. W. 1. MITH sl SON Dealers in Dry Goods, N ations, Hardware, Paints and Oils, Boots and Shoes, PHONE G1'0CC'7'l'65, Provisions, etc. Newport News 9-F-4 MORRISON, VIRGlNI.A imap STAR GARAGE Oils, Gas, Accessories General Repair Work a Specialty Cigars, Cigarettes and Soft Drinks Between Hilton and North Newport News E. L. Horton 8z Son, Prop. 5 Copeland and Traylor FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS GENERAL MERCHANDISE SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES 1 P llcl NE 2355-W "We Arc Ready zo Serzxc You" 1 MORRISON, VA. I 1 gf 6711206 A Barber .Y bo 111 Roy C. ,fl1dCI'50l1 Pl'0fJI'fC'l0I' Barber Shop : Beauty Parlor, Quick Lunch - t , Hilton Vzllczge Y0RKT0wN, VIRGINIA V V f'fg1'f2fd f Q. xl if , Compliments of 51' be Broadway 35 YEARS ON WASHINGTON AVENUE Newport News, Virginia Established 1884 BOOKER BRICK COMPANY Manztfczetuzwx of Vl.l'gl.71l'fl Plrmtation C 010711.01 Soft Mud Sand FACE BRICK XVE SPECIALIZE IN COLONIAL RESIDENCE BRICK HAND MADE A SPECIALTY Phone Newport News 8-F-3 : Office 0' Works: MOI'l'I.50I1, Vu. City Baking Company A INCORPORATED I? 1'I'I nr' Iviflz the Bread Taste frzz Sale at .AIN Ilzrlefrelldelzt Sfuluxv 1 MADE IN NEXVPORT NEXVS Compliments of N. futile 619' .fan q15.fmb1,'fhfd1s9sp 'IQUALITY IEWELRYH Cor. 25th Street 6? 166675012 Ave. Newport News, Va. 1 i .IV mer Dairy PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF GRADE A MILK Specialize in Today? Milk Today CO MPLEMEN TS OF Philip Levy imc! Company FUR RELIABLE -I ENVELRY GO TO PEILIIIIIIICSIFSS Y I2S'I'ABI,ISHIiD 1802 Newport News, Virginia Italian Bake Shop U. PORTI NARO PROP. Breads and Caiqcg cz S pecizzlty 3508 Huntington Ave. Newport News, Virginia R Q S? w gif ki nf 5 2 S 32 2 i. 5 2 a E e E5 E 2 5 if 3.5 1 3 u

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