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 - Class of 1955

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si 5 5 as R 2 Q 4 4 J I as s is 5 m R N: ir f,fs K xg ,Bd kgpx 5 in ' 1 , ,. we Nw f'3z3f'wbeiPf ww 'Q' 1 1 S xg Mx! Q x .m . i v Y is I i- , g. . 'wgxgfg QQ lc uf WOW ivlfw A an- W 6? ' w X- v , I X? 'L '1 'V it Q -ull ig' f. 'X '35, Q g. 4- kr "fi wb. - K 'Syn - 1 V' 'WW' iff ,Q , , K ,K 'WFS 'Sf X 'N X R 3'-,V Q 3' faux , 5. -sag -u -Amr X 1...J5- 4 .. nk . . 'mx-gf ,.f.,,Y,yt Ak M 4.3 5 A J . ' 'sf' . I 5 f .alfilh .7 'Ji 1 , ' ., ls! '- 4:.- -1 ,Q Gfyt, 1 me A? To Ure Seniors of Morrison flign Senool Present Ure ,fel me 7955 Annual Staff Editor ------ ----------------- IE AN CAMPBELL Assistant Editor - - - "--- MARY LOU WARE Business Managers - - - - - - SUE ROGERS, ANN RAINS EMMA JEAN ELDER Activities Editors - - - - MELBA SHARP, JO MARIE LAWRENCE Sports Editors ----- - - - DAVID EARL SIMMONS, EMMA GRACE MCMAHAN Assistant Sports Editors ------ BOBBY HOOVER, BETTYE JACOBS Class Editors ------ - DOROTHA PENDLETON, LLOYD SHERRELL Zrreward We, the staff of Morrison High School, have tried to make an annual which would present our school as you would like to remember it, In years to come may you turn through these pages and recall the happy months at old M, H, S, We have earnestly endeavored to present a pictorial history of high- lights of the year's activities in these pages of the 1955 EAGLE, Now, we, not without some feeling of reluctance, prepare to go. Others come forward to take the places that we have held as citizens of Morrison High School. Houfcfzls TITLE PAGE STAFF CONTENTS DEDICATION PR.INCIPAL'S MESSAGE BUILDINGS FACULTY CLASSES FAVORITES ORGANI ZA TIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS Dedication Because you deny yourself so that we may have that which you did not haveg Because you desire for us the higher and finer things of life Because you understand when all our world goes wrong. Because you love us in spite of our shortcomingSS And, because we want to express our love and appreciation, we, the seniors of Morrison High School, dedicate this volume of our annual to you- --Our Parents. Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mrs, Mr, Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Belcher and Mrs, Bryan Bouldin and Mrs, L, C, Campbell and Mrs, Claude Campbell and Mrs. Garland Driver and Mrs, Cecil Floyd and Mrs, Henry Doyle and Mrs, Lawrence Hoover Odetta Jacobs and Mrs, Ioe Lawrence and Mrs. Joe McClain and Mrs. Sterling Pendleton and Mrs. Lee Phillips and Mrs, Rufus Rains and Mrs. Dion Rogers and Mrs, Clifton Sharp and Mrs. Lloyd Sherrell, Sr, and Mrs, Joe Simmons and Mrs, Robert Smithson and Mrs, M, E, Ward and Mrs. Clifton Ware and Mrs. Joe Lorance and Mrs. Bernard McAfee Woodrow McMahan and Mrs. Burr Martin and Mrs. Robert Mullican Prifzczjvalis' ,Massage M L44 We hope that this annual will bring to your mind many pleasant memories of your school days here, We are sure that the seniors who will be graduating this year will treasure this book as much or more than any other they have perused, As you turn these pages, you will recall many things that happened which we hope will give you everlasting memories of your school career To the students who haven't finished you have many enjoyable days ahead and f you apply yourself now will make them profitable ones The senior class has put forth much effort in compiling this annual, They have spent many hours building this book rn order that you may have a permanent record of the activities of your school days My congratu lations for a Job well done 47722cfa-m.a.of4f flmh Salma! Hailamy Grammar Sclzaal I Gymnasium 1 - l f Pi ff? ZZ? ef: ff ,, X X ,gf 2 2 iff .5 2... gxnvv' "ii gnc Zzculfy O, M, WOMACK, IR. Commercial Senior Sponsor OBIE FREEMAN Health, Physical Education Typing Senior Sponsor ELIZABETH ALLISON English Librarian MARY JARRELL Mathematics, Algebra Science Senior Sponsor THOMAS FOSTER Biology, Chemistry Physical Education, Science PAUL CUNNING HAM Mathematics, Algebra Science BETTYE TAYLOR Home Economics R, J, HOWARD Agriculture 7' 5. Q1 , Q .fi f ,. K. K, A lv. E 4 a sa? f 1 ,ginwifi 5 hffztff . . xr --T . strip- ,v:..:w, I Q ow- 1-5 if ,ea- Ehzculty WILLARD CRAWLEY History, Eighth Grade TRICE DICKSON Seventh Grade THELMA GRISWOLD Sixth Grade NELL JACOBS Fifth Grade SUSIE ROACH Fourth Grade LINNIE DAVIS Third Grade LOTA STU BBLEFIELD Second Grade VELMA RAYBURN r First Grade di?" '53 '33 q7"..T?':s 4 SEN! RS ZX N Q 'K A 9? Jmw dh -J V, in ' J f ,r L ,.f'a4!j' V11 'fb' I X S 'XX X Wu x X xf X ' fx 0' f' XX! W.. A U K! f If '24 " f K 1 X 'wwf , I, , 5 N I N I1 i f 12 K A1715 ' f ' Zu! if! . 4' s ' , .4 V . Ll 42,111 gn l' U 4! ui J, I K 'fan . ., 1-if . 4735 ply? 4,171 W Lqlfurx , ' l Eb., V 25471 " , I I K . if fd 1h" ""'f1f'. U. 1 j wr ff- !,F r 4' img ., '-cf y f X w ,N X 5 wi T, N 'f ' 5 Q x Ulf, .S?14i0rs CLASS OFFICERS President, Jack Smithson Vice President, Mary lou Ware Secretary, Dorotha Pendleton Treasurer, Jo Marie Lawrence Rep, Jean Campbell Sergeant-at-Arms, Sue Rogers SPONSORS Mr, Womack Mrs. Iarrell I Mr, Freeman FRANK BELCHER FFA 1952-55, Officer, Beta Club 1953-55, Presi- dent, Basketball Manager 1955g Tug-of-War 1955. JEAN CAMPBELL Annual Editor 19553 FHA 1952-55, President 1955g Beta Club 1954-55, Offi- cer 1955g Class Officer 1953-55g Class Play 1953- 543 "M" Club 1954, Who's Who 19553 Basketball Manager 1954, A-l DOROTHA PENDLETON Basketball 1953-55, Captain 19555 Softball 1952-553 Volleyball 1954-553 Track 1954-55 Library Club 1953-55, Officer 19553 "M" Club 1953-553 Beta Club 1954-55, Officer 1955g FHA 1952-55, Officer 19553 Annual Staff 1955, Class Officer 1955, Class Favorite 19543 Who's Who 1955g Class Play 1953-54, BETTYE HILL IACOBS Cheerleader 1953-55, Captain3 "M" Club 1953- 553 FHA 1952-55, Officer 1955: Who's Who 1955: Softball 1953'55: Annual Staff 19553 Class Play 1953-54. KENNETH DRIVER FFA 1952'55: Who's Who 1955: Dairy Judging Team 1953. Jr .. 4. ., 3 2.1.5 v ,FF ,J his 4' v 9-f I 51 ,Q 4. u -J5 R ' 'Q 'ffl 'C tai smfq s. 5 3 3 r sv ,NN JY, ll s s'i,'G S, M A if Raimi' . 5' 5 Il.-3335A 5 - - -4---3. EMMA JEAN ELDER Class Play 1953'54: FHA 1952-55, Officer 553 District Officer 1955: Annual Staff 1955: Library Club 1954-553 Tug-of- War 1955, DAWSON CAMPBELL FFA 1952-553 Basketball 1955. 2 IO MARIE LAWRENCE Basketball, Co-Captain 1955: Cheerleader 1953- 54: "M" Club 1953'55: Class Officer 1952'55: Who's Who 1954'55Q Library Club 1953'55: Annual Staff 1955: FHA 1952-55, Officer 1955: Class Play 1953-542 Qreen A Candidate 1954, RAY FLOYD FFA 1952-55, Officer 19553 Volleyball 19552 Who's Who 1955, LIONEL HIGDON Basketball 19543 FFA 1952- 553 "M" Club 1954-553 Class Play 1953. LAURA IANE MCCLAIN FHA 1953-553 Class Play 1953-543 Softball 1953. WI' 'SQL I , .L x x Joe MARTIN FFA 1952-55g Basketball 1953-54, Manager 19555 Class Play 1953-545 Soft- ball 1954, EMMA MCMAHAN FHA 1952-54: Class Play 1953g Annual Staff 19553 Tug-of-War 19553 Basket- ball 1955, 'ix tgk if h 5 l l 5' s I 1. 'Sk . .I 5 as " Rl .19 ' ' .1 - ya y ' -fi 'k'k T I xt ip x X L A lf Q- F x A X DORSE LORANCE FFA 1952-53, BILLIE MCMAHAN FHA 1955g Usherette 1954g Library Club 1953-553 Basketball Manager 19555 Tug-of-War 1955g Class Play 1953, N 1' ' B' ANDRIENNE RAINS FHA 1952'55Q Secretary 19553 Class Play 1953'543 Who's Who 1955: Annual Staff 1955. HAROLD MULLICAN Sparta 1952'53: FFA 1954- 553 Basketball 1954: Volley- ball 1954-553 Tug-of-War 1954: Class Play 19543 'M' Club 1954. -59,4 MARTHA BOULDIN FHA 1952-553 Beta Club 1954'55: School Bulletin 19553 Class Play 1953-54, KENNETH MCAFEE Basketball 1954-553 Volleyball 1954-553 Tennis Club 1953: "lvl" Club 1954-552 Beta Club 1953- 54: Class Officer 1952"53: Class Play 19533 Softball 19533 FFA 1952'53: Who's Who 1955. SUE ROGERS Annual staff 1955: Class Officer 1955: "M" Club 1953-541 Who's Who 19553 Basketball 1953-543 Track 1952-53-543 FHA 1952- 553 Library Club 19553 Class Play 1953-54, LLOYD SHERRELL, IR, FFA 1952-55, Vice Presi- dent 19553 Basketbal13 "lvl" Club 1953-552 Volleybal13 Relay 19553 Who's Who 19553 Annual staff 19553 Class Play 1953-54: Soft- ball 1953-54, DAVID EARL SIMMONS FFA 1952-553 "M" Club 1953"'55: Basketball 1953- 55, Captain: Volleyball 1954'55Q Track 1954-553 Tug-of-War 19553 Softball 1952-553 Baseball 1953: Who's Who 1954-55, MELBA IEAN SHARPE FHA 1952'553 FHA Offi- cer 1955: Class Play 1953- 54: Annual Staff 1955. BOBBY HOOVER McMinnville 1952: FFA 1953'55: Class Officer 1954: Annual staff 1955, MARY LOU WARE Class Officer 1953-552 FHA 1951-553 Softball 1952- 54: Queen Contestant 19553 Library Club 1955: Who's Who 1954-553 Class Play 1953'54: FHA Officer 19553 Annual Staff 1955, IACK SMITHSON President 54'55: Class Officer 1953: FFA 1952-55 Officer 1954-553 Basket- ball Manager 1954: Volley ball 19553 Class Play 1953- 54: Who's Who 1954-553 Class Favorite 1954, NORMA IEAN WARD FHA 1952-55, Vice Presi- dent 19553 Library Club 1954-552 Class Play 1953- 54: Volleyball 1954: Usherette 1954, H ,, 'SA A29 QV . the Seniar flzlvtary Our class entered high school in 1951 with 36 freshmen, After a few weeks of school, we had two pupils to drop out, We welcomed Shirley Rogers, Emma Jean Phillips and Cecil Gentry to our class, - We elected our officers as follows: President, Don Hayesg Vice President, Kenneth McAfeeg Secretary, louise Elamg Treasurer, Bettye Bradshaw: Reporter, Rachel Kennemarg Sponsor, Mr, Henley. We were proud of Louise Elam, who made the basketball squad, We returned to school in August, 1952 as Sophomores with 34 students. We had lost Bettye Bradshaw, Evalee Austin and Cecil Gentry from the year before, Later on we lost Virgil Lewis, Doris Beardin, and Rebecca Rogers: this left our class with 31 students. The officers were elected as follows: President, Louise Elam, Vice President, Kenneth McAfeeg Secretary, Jean Campbell, Treasurer, Mary Lou Wareg Reporter, Rachel Kennamerg Sergeant-at-Arms, Jack Smithson, Rachel Kennemar, Dorotha Pendleton, Louise Elam, Sue Rogers, Kenneth McAfee, Lionel Higdon, Ioe Martin, David Earl Simmons and Lloyd Sherrell made the basketball squad, Jo Marie Lawrence and Bettye Hill Jacobs were elected as cheerleaders. Frank Belcher, Kenneth McAfee, Rachel Kennemar became members of the Beta Club, In our junior year Iean Campbell, Martha Bouldin, and Dorotha Pendleton became members of the Beta Club, The junior officers were elected as follows: President, Jack Smithsong Vice President, Mary Lou Ware, Secretary, Rachel Kennamerg Reporter, Jean Camp- bellg Treasurer, Bobby Hooverg Sergeant-at-Arms, David Simmons. Rachel Kennemar was elected the most beautiful girl. .Tack Smithson and Dorotha Pendleton were elected as class favorites, Mary Lou Ware was elected the most popular and the friendliest girl, David Simmons was the best sport and the most athletic, Jack Smithson was the most energetic. Io Marie Lawrence was the cutest girl. The Juniors gave the seniors a banquet at Dean's airport. We gave a play called 'Who Killed Aunt Caro1ine?" In our senior year David Simmons, Lloyd Sherrell, Kenneth McAfee, af ' '- Dorotha Pendleton, Io Marie Lawrence, and Emma McMahan made the basket- ball team. 611155 LW!! To the faculty we leave our sincere appreciation, and everlasting friendship for their co-operation, OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT TO OUR SCHOOL MATES, I, Frank Belcher, will my job as basketball manager to Charles Bell. I, Dawson Campbell will my girl friend in Nashville to Wayne Crawley, I, Jean Campbell will to Marie McClain my ability to be the school photographer, I, Kenneth Driver will my front seat in English class to Mary Jo Wilson, I, Ray Floyd, will to Benton Rigsby my ability to be cutest boy. I, Emma Jean Elder will my ability to get married before school's out to Faye Rogers. I, Lionel will the corner in the science room to Billy Joe Parker so that he and Barbara can talk privately. I, Bobby Hoover, will to "Teeth" fBenny Blackj all my A's in English. I, Bettye Hill Jacobs, will my green and white beanie to Claudia Swift, I, Kenneth McAfee, will to Jack Youngblood my trouble with girls, I, Laura Jane McClain, will my back seat in English class to Barbara Jacobs, I, Billie McMahan, will nothing to nobody, because l can't think of anybody that needs what I have worse than myself. I, Emma McMahan, will to Bettye Jo Prater, my warm-up jacket. I, Joe Martin, will to Charles Jacobs the ability to make an F in Agriculture. I, Dorse Lorance, will my quotation in English, "I haven't got it, " to Hubert Love. I, Harold Mullican, will to Earl Barr my ability to take Home Economics. I, Dorothy Pendleton, will my footsteps beside Louise to Cornelia Jacobs, I, Donna Sue Rogers, will to Dickie Duke my seat on the bus so he won't have to stand up every morning, I, Melba Sharp, will to Shirley Ware my beautiful legs, in hopes that she will continue to wear a ballsuit, I, Lloyd Sherrell will to Pat Jarrell my front seat in English, providing she will fill it the next four years, as I have the past four. I, David Earl Simmons will my ability to play basketball to Almond Lefevers. I, Jack Smithson, will to Benton Rigsby, the right to argue with Mr, Howard, I, Norma Jean Ward, will to Barbara Tenpenny, my English papers on dating so she will be sure not to lose Kenneth. I, Mary Lou Ware, will to Claudia Swift my beautiful figure, Qwith instructions to keep it,J We, MARTHA Bouldin and Ann Rains, will to Erlene Holt and Jack Driver, a nickel to buy gas to go to the Drive-in, I, Jo Marie Lawrence, will to Cornelia Jacobs my ability to get a letter every day. NAME Frank Martha Dawson Jean Kenneth Emma Jean Rav Lionel Bobby Bettye Hill Jo Marie Dorse Joe Ke n Laura Jane Billie Emma Harold Ann Sue David Earl Melba Lloyd Jack Norma Jean Mary Lou ll If NICK NAME Little Frank' 'Lou Lou' 'Daw' 'Jeanie' 'Ken' Jeanie' "Cutie" ' Andy' n Lawrence 's BOY 'Hill' colon ' Hoss' Kane' 'Mack' 'Janie' 'Bill' Patsy' 'Whiz Kid' 'Small Fry' ' Dion' Dave' ll M ll! " Pretty Boy' "J ackson' Jonnie" 'Mer Lou' FAVORITE PASTIME Reading Being with Rayburn Telling jokes Writing letters Eating Being with Bob Flirting Being with Claudia Slipping in the Drive in Being with Jo Marie Spending the night with Betty Hill Watching TV Being with Jean Sleeping in school Writing letters Listening to Hill-Billy Music Typing Talking to girls Receiving letters Arguing Listening to the Radio Loafing Courting Talking Going Going to Charlie 's FAVORITE SAYING Don't know do you! Aw, Shucks You Oughta Know I don't know So What Aw, Foot What's it to you That-Thing Well I'll be-- Law, Me too Foot, Naw Man Alive Dig that Bull Heck Oh, Well Sugar Foot You figure it out Doesn't that kill you Boyl l Is that so Aw, Shoot Wy Sure 'I'll be dad blame My Cow Speck, So ffarror Swpc AMBITION President Gold Digger Millionaire Woman Police Mayor of Jacksboro Traveling House- wife Naval Cadet Millionaire Live next door to Marie in N.Y. Live next to Bettye Hill in N.Y. Radio TV Techni- cian Naval Cadet Get Married Professional Model To always be happy Typist Truck Driver Woman Taxi Driver Airline Hostess Truck Driver To go around the world on a bicycle To get a date with Marilyn Monroe Become Mayor of Morrison Preacher's wife Rich old Maid f .4- .K pf' 1 6 ' 2 A t' 4 vm ,., .mn nveuawnowfwwnr-my, ,f ,guqx , -,,...,-4 .-.f ' I :wry 1 .fu c ,' g if x ' ' 4' X Q If Xxx ,K N My iw Ji -f - iv 14,1 P-ff f -N 'R , .1 - N! -V SEV .fx a . 1. Q? l ', K ,x LB' ' A f. i f I xv X , Q ini. S uf ,-sr I , 1 0 f K' k v L, WML S-rx! 6 Q50 FA., .1 , - X' , 5 2 ., ,v"f"4' V ,I R V: 'f 7. 1 5- I , Iliff: C 'ii ' 5 2 4 7 T., I , , X fy g 7- 5 - , fir? .f ,an bas.. f 'Liam V' gi - ,. ' h X ""Q5f g' --:T , ff , ' , ,N K 4 W f jf 'lf Pkiisx jf ' . , ' ' 'Ulf' , V 114 '5L,'hgxf,'l" 'ti v,1'QfQ wQ, 1 55 K Iffziw . 'W ' 'X O Iwi? A 'Q , WA Wusxxv. -A Q Y' ff 'HI f , 'V " . 'I -H, .- 1 3.14 - ' W -U eww 'A 7 ifgi fimk ki I! f 72 N, , ah .D V. ,79 ,,. , fgyqf lffuf , 1, 4 Q -V U UEIQC' " 'I 5' " x n Q? 1 z XJ ix +4 CJSLL NJ s 'SW' ,lf V434 N ff 1 , , w 5' f-""' 4 f L ji I fi , v, uunw .I-ml-u l, P P 1 if 5 if 1 xi t . MKS , A? N., . ' X X 3 1 5 'ia W. AN HU. . 1 - 3 342 M2 V2 .15 5- CHARLES BELL juniors O,Wcers LOUISE BARNES, Rep BENNY BLACK ,,,L. . EARL BARR Q " ' WAYNE CRAWLEY x I .:. h 4 1 fx A "" DON HAYES, vice President W Q BUDDY DAVIS 1 ...- ' . N -,- -. Q.. qw-,af . x Q4 J A. H - E- CN 1 'bf O WL is BARBARA JACOBS Tre asure r LYNELL WILLIAMS f 2 1 Sergeant-at-Arms ' ' I -Q64 CHARLES JACOBS .1 Q s CORNELIA JACOBS, Secretary PAUL JONES T00 BUSY HERBERT LOVE yuh MARIE MCCLAIN BILLY IOE PARKER, President 'LQ A ,L - BENTON RIGSBY 'gif , " 1- BILLY DALE sIMMoNs a V., .ws-X MARY Jo WILSON 93 Z , SHIRLEY TEETERS I " 7 " , v 1 -, xa- gx I 1 P l"x , . 4s..,x lA W H isapyouakss ,,. fy , I I' J5 4 Q. 31 , fax :A 3 ey, , fm 752'-I If X , -,Q -V5 Q gf!! A. A Z ff M r QV" ff w ' N M !! f AX ? Q V i A. his lx x +P! 0 Q ' 'f A ' S 1 ,41,:' x K-YI" 'xx J If ,757 'Rafi' ,gy XX J 5? " ,f cg , 53 mi 13 wwwzwmwwwwmW.XX CQ 1 M Mffk MX X J I-"-., .4, 6 '41 ' 1. QR ,Qi W- 1, 47 if ..g4,,,,M Q MXL 4 Eff, X La x,J'N...rX Ziff: 'im-.fv l Lynn Bouldin Glenn Burks Jerry Cathey Vice President Frank Louis Cox Elizabeth Craven Robert DeBerry Dickie Duke President Jean Floyd Rep. Saphamarcs Geneva Anderson Anita Austin x ? Oficers 'QSPVIAQ Ke ',V5N- .Ji 1 F1 . t , lm I g. , K? . I A S 1.1" 'L .1 - ' vi - A f'5- i l! '4' . WK ig ? ur.- ss- L, 'gd 4 i 2 Q fu: i . ', 4 z I w. :" ' "-5,-f"' ef- 'f s I ,W Saphamarcs Dorcas Gunter . Gail Han X f Helen Marie Harrell 5 4 Betty Catherine Helton A 2 U .X p 1 lagqx ' . 9 Y I Frances Holland Q A Benjamin Lowry Q ' I you i si N Paul McMahan Q rg' . N James Medley X - We - V, L . 'I ,xA fag . at V Norma Evelyn Mills y, S n x ' Robert Mitchell Q 4' 4' Morris Nabors X A P Q' S-Q! . N v., xl Wilma Robinette N' 44 , . S .. b if X, I 5 .. ,, f .., ,. A' R I i P S Bobby Rogers Xi SF' ,Y e 0' if N Faye Rogers S N , , ' ' Y i Berry Sue Simons 3 3' R Billy Simons I . 1 Sgt. -at-arms vi' ,- 5 s.. ur' 1 ' 1 359, A If ,- 933 8. mana . Q Go 'Doo g 'Q Q ? Paul Starkey Claudia Swift, Rep. Lois Talbert Glenn Taylor Barbara Tenpenny, Sec. Jimmy Turner Shirley Ware, Treas. Julia Marie Watts Q- M 6' 3 gg- N 1 -W fnw 'X' he in Q Ao, 1 'fr - I Z i' .1 hs 3 5 1 f Lal I in '04 ii' is Yi sf M... wa., --W- , v-4 "1 ,. R 3, xv -M K i - H 'V 1 X ' 5 4 1 f as VV . 2- 'M . 4 Wk. J" " ,A 1 'A 1 M I : 1 , 2,5 K I ,,.ff . - v , "'7f7,g,ff 3 'X ffv ix IA 01 'W . X W lm fvf VW,-sffx. S Q bf -v s L g n ' 'll' I Vx ,V ,! "j',,Il"f ,iv .1 xlll -1. I W V X .1 X Q ff l ,ll - Q V V. I X ,I I M, "wx, in, A ,ms I W: K- i M X I. pf . I' 'HW 1 1,440 'filgflzf IM -v V113 MX NW . V , 1' C ' ,Pg I7 57 ff X ix., Z ' -' - ' 1' M Qyf w3,'-'QQ I A4 .A 46 A , J! J ,fl jail IW, 0225? I ,Q4 "1"l' W wwfi' 4 , W xwm-,Z A ffl- vff f AK 1 J 3141 1 M' V A' ' " mx AME N EyfffffeiiiiiQQ4fm114iffNG!w'22 4 " ,vi - ' '- , fr! J '.ffmIQIJQWIWYQGIKWL1 K CQ WR fi? 0 ,D J 43QinE4agrff'm df' X, S! A-5" fo MW 2445 A If Q 1? V, . Q, jj 'dj Q Aigyyfgii Q A , 'X 'iq Ruhr, 17 .ig 5. Q. ' I L, 3 , Wflv H V .A 3 Q "ju, ff M fb' . ,ye f Q W , Marai- L . , X . - Q , , , I Ng? h Q X ',WL',f W ' A Q liljg Y 2. if af. ,, , gf X f ' V J 1 f, '54-,f mmfr amf '57 jt- V- " 7 IL'1 4fr I x.Zf'qfffE,fG: 'il lx! ijlsrii 14 aigfflln' 'f, x J X ' I, lm! 6 f 'QQ' - -b f 'N WM J mi , My l ' 7,1 mv , " 'I ' " F , L 5 XXX, 5 W li. -ii MII I 'I 'SJ James Bell Shirley Burks Barbara Cantrell Glenn Cantrell Jean Cantrell Loss Crouch Paul Davis Billy Dearman Archie Driver Vice President Jack Driver Naomi Gunter Leslie Henegar Jean Hines Erlene Holt Geraldine Jacobs Clifford Knudson Q 5 .. ' 'Z Iwi: ' N070 N51 , fllltlddk l 31 in "axe QA C Milf' , x o I . I an W' 38 . I I , 5' A l Qreshman 0Mcers 3 5 Piciure ' i Noi ' D X Available 5 r,o,, f 5 Mllbf' 'I ew X' , v an f 4-"" ,V Ax . lv - i ra x AL" ff Q, I is Y Bri' i If rf I + S.. C 4, i 'ik ini' X str' J' ,K '19 A3 X 9' Y, g 5. x till, g is ng: , - 5. .1 -5 - .qw if 4 f 7 sf ' Ap' w Q fs X C "xt A , 44 '54 Yreshmm Guinn Laxson, Pres. Almond Lefevers Houston Lefevers, Sec. Ann Martin -- 7-. . ri TV' -Q 'E v ,1- N va. 51 L' 1 J A I A ev" Ja X' .'! hx Sylvia Martin , , Q Billy Mason it 1' Li' 1 "' J Billy McClain my as W , - f" Gary Mullican, Treas. I 5 ' 5 is R' XJ f.a Kenneth Mullican . B C' Douglas Norment , X 'i X Betty .lo Prater 1 B ' Jackson Youngblood X S 4 J 5 ' S' 5' 35, s 'X S kt - ' , J 1 'Qfjsx ' 'R '--rthqx lf! P Q VIR , B -Qi jg ' . '5"'f1 f x S' , B 5 ' s . , iht Q X L Q r l j K k,-f' if x ,Q-'1 5 P' 1 eil" ' C ' if ' lk ' Q. , 6 x 1 i, Bryce Rigsby Jean Rogers Kenneth Rogers Benny Sanders J. C. Smoot John Starkey Thomas Summers Wayne Talbert Artie Jean Taylor Larry Turner W, L. Ward Homer Williams r 'W 'U' vi qv-n 'IZ' -dl " 5. I f SQ , . f Q 5 . . . x JUNIUR HI fx ,,,,.,-1 MK x an .. 'S s f" K WX ' 5 N .kg 1 'f"faf'k7'l1 ' fjgfigx' NW 4 g Z7,g ' K f f f ft - f kb f f 1 aa ff S X5 ! Ig, 5 Q 5 Alf? lx 6 6, F-n Xff Eiij . XX 25 'Vg J f gf JH YZ? K 34 Z 'A I XZ , yQx f 12? f 1' v Y ' X 1 f "' M is 'E5?, - - Can X . 5 r ' 9 + A O 8 W Q m in S 2 3 a ,,!, N A I I Q 1 X U1 Q Q' I F 4 X ,si fx i Q -Q! ffzyhth Grade Thomas Baker Christine Barr Willie Bell, Rep. Shirley Black Floyd Bonner Sue Bonner Wilmus Bouldin James Bryan Charles Casey Morris Cox Margaret Craven Judy Driver Joan Hobbs Pearl Hobbs, V. Pres. il' rr 1 rf' " xl J Rf fi , K '5 am ni si "',!. ' M ' 'J J it uv- 1: Xt' Y hh ,, rf Johnnie Hollandsworth .t y .Q I film Patsy Jarrell, Sec. . ' Y Jerry Jemigan. Sgt.-at-arms " " A Q "' " , A Gail Jones 315 ' J 'P' Susie Jones 'J y Q . . N X s 3, Gerald Julian J L J L f ,A ' P35 -M ef 'iiim 5 :L Q, iii! f -4 II- 5? '1 sy .gh nu. X ,S-Qs J L 'ls Ufa Medley William Northcutt Billy Pendleton Joe Ray Verbal Roach Wayne Roberts Don Robinette Betty Robinson David Smith, Pres Josephine Vickers Faye Walker F, R. Weddington Laura Williams Bernard Wilson Jerry Wood .Q '... . -' ,f . W. bl x. is Ez Wendell Kell Patrica Lowry Hazel Love Catherine Luna, Treas. Billy McCormick Y ab., i. digit. Q, -. 4 .1 2:-.v ' ,Q X A -,w N J ,rs- J 7 NMLABLE P' I U-...fa A 2 . PM 5 3 1 Q . K ,X x , Q ' f 'iff F4 Q K s My L 4, ,. ,Jaw wi , df 'W ff re. 1 - LW C f- ,, 'Lf '- so QS V taxi xv J '1., H A, . i I 1 - MMP iff?-s o Ji 'Tx ' L R' L ,7 E I" i -Q- , 0- Q ,gg 7 X J, , a 4 Q .s J-'i':'S,C: sv X ' JI at 0 ." ' . 5 'S ' fgfgf 5 4 PX , . 'X af 4 - , Q -B uv f ,.., J ex 3 .L of, . . 5 - ' I""-- Nfl t N' Iva . ". Tommy Hewitt Harold David Jernigan Mary Frances Julian Fr Joyce Faye Knudson 5,5 Lloyd Lee Lyle 1, J James Martin Janice Martin Carolyn Sue McCormick L Ruby McMahan Edmond Norment 5 Wayne Osment Vemon Parker ,s ,' James Pedigo, Pres. 45,3 Betty Sue Ramsey Carl Edward Roach 5 . ,L E' ip 'M X A si x it Q N23 ,L ld, A ' j i .edt ' t N::3!EAk 'wr 'J 190 X gif it "' v Seventh Grade Joyce Austin, Sec. -Treas. Linda Sue Boyd + , Billie Faye Casey Don Cathey - I QA Carolyn Comer, Rep. Q y Q Larry Keith Craven V. Pres. Wanda Craven Carol Driver William Ross Dyer, Jr. ' Stella Floyd Bobby Lee Frazier Donna Hall , Jerry Harrell wa. -.4 J y Christine Harvey ! Kelsey Hewitt i ,J 3, 1 'V 'fl' , v if' NX J .- cfm - "T 45. Jax 9 P be - 'V ' ' I Q., 63" 'C' 'S 'R l sr 4 A L :if V r Nannie Lou Roach Calvin Rogers fi Joyce Rogers 4' Thomas Rogers hr . Beverly Joyce Sanders Nancy Loreta Smith Judy Ann Talben Myma Faye Talbert Nyokia Taylor Johnny Gorden Teeters Jim Watts Arland Whitlock ,, Sue Woodlee Louis E. Young Wayne Youngblood 'f ""'?, As 'QF' 1' fxl Q 44" 27 O.l I X fl' Q I N 4 . 1 ii ,, . if 'Y fi 2 Z ELEMENMRY Q 4 FW xl "w X T LX-LL Q 'iff m y X M lc KX 'K WMKM M X X K " 'QW i A i O Q NW! ,,,f 4 -go0'10":- , - " "Y Y Q S 5G'gfi Q ua h sg, i .! Lll iii A X KN I ff X ' f MW UV xX . V1 uxmfg 1mld, f .WW swf, Grade llal .Wifi Grade Qaurllz Grade Chin! Grade Second Grade .Wrst Grade ' Zlass Sfaurlh CAROL MARTIN LEON PHILLIPS Chird KAY KING MIKE ELAM Slementary Sixth PATTY TENPENNY PHIL KING 27:11 KENNETH CAMPBELL IANICE I AC OBS Zzvorifes Second RAY WILLIAMS TOMMY MCAFEE Irs! .TENA PATTERSON SAMMY HOW ARD , v .V .W -..nur--vm, . ,v A' 2 g sry fgqvoklrfs rf lf lx '11 u, L ,!"Q Nui Wiji .IVR if fvbx :H xx' ' R 2 W flruk 'IL' 3 1 .EEETX X W E 5 .R X49 V -T39-43" , f X .. ,,. 'E L 'fu' fm. - Q hpnlrh 11" E ,,, Q 6 I . , U l E . Q . I K . , I ,Mosl l6'c11ut0'ul Girl .Mast Handsome Hay MARY LOU WARE LLOYD SHERRELL Wim is' Wim 1y"""' li W ,Most Popular Mas! ,Cikeq IO MARIE LAWRENCE DON HAYES IEAN CAMPBELL KENNETH DRIVER l 29. 6utast Kes! All-,Around ANDRIENNE RAINS BETTYE JACOBS RAY FLOYD DAVID EARL SIMMONS Who is' Who bf. 'if 4 W- 'Wu Y Jricndliest ,Mast Sucrgeliv MARY LOU WARE SUE ROGERS JACK SMITHSON DON HAYES 1,7 A 453: .5 'n 1 l5'csl Spark' ,Mast Caleutcd DOROTHA PENDLETON T0 MARIE LAWRENCE DAVID EARL SIMMONS 3 .5 ,Mast ,Afhlelic DOROTHA PENDLETON DAVID EARL SIMMONS BOBBY HOOVER Nearest IO MARIE LAWRENCE KENNETH MCAFEE Senivrs 611155 5'awritcs juuzbrs I 5 Ex MARY LOU WARE DAVID EARL SIMMONS gI'6'Sfll1fl6'l1 BARBARA JACOBS A L CHARLES BELL gighm f BETTY PRATER ALMOND LEFEVERS DAVID SMITH BETTY ROBINSON Saphomarcs I 4Y A 'fx ANIT A AUSTIN DICKIE DUKE Scvmth o MARY FRANCES IULIAN THOMAS PEDIGO Idngs and .Qneens fllyll S6'fl00f Elementary IO ANN HOBBS, DAVID SMITH PATTY TENPENNY, MORRIS YOUNG WW""""""'l1. .1,J?I"fxM,f1 ,flnnnnl l6'nnnnet x f "" Nl AUW M . ' " fe, K -Aix W Z ' www N Q rwfl r ,.n"' ly r .Q A1 K n 3 ..A 1 . 'L .-1 mm' H 4615115 We X 9 X 3 ' I. 1 1' 1 i 1.1 J. , W- 1 1 c V 1 gn: I' ,iff 4:':?f'x I I y If , KX Q f ff 0 ' VW, X YZHZ4, 'U - ' as ff: "' -. X ' 5- Ivkggvxq ff ff, Egx - I A I Y - ?,f , 'Q 3 I .Q -U L nz? 5 3 ! , f 13.5, ..,A-..,.x- 2ag, in - , ff! .4 'f V . f nw, 4. 'ff ,ffff 7 1' ,a'j1L7,5,,, A - gk n -MALJY m f !-'wnip-,Q , Q 4 51.f,.4r-.,,g4'4J.', ,Al H f I7 -'-' ' -.- an X' 1,14 .L.. A g J' f? ' 1' 1-- , ' . I C-"-::- " gm- f' ' .4556 . , 7- f, 'f ' 5 W -Ap'-, A f ff, 'f f X 'TA ivfikzj 1- ,GH- X fl V - ' I 'P'V2,lf ' 'Ei 1 '2?5'Z 5?'?" llf R ,'.,'1,"', 1 I 'flf' .Vi-' ' ,,'1'?,.' ..f.q3,-If Q 'J' . x of f 5 ,' .. z Z. ,Y rg .Z f K ,MUSE E f ,VW QMQQ , J If "IW- ,...,,h.., '- Yf',',:f , ffl l 5 'K ,I O 2 ,XX X X X X KN ffm M N fff Ng!! f M y ,X X .- Kem 61116 'A ..-,...A,.. library 61116 W .. 'VW TNHJI u Qufurc J-lawmakers af America President, Jean Campbellg First Vice President, Norma Jean Wardg Second Vice President, Emma Jean Elderg Secretary, Ann Rainsg Treasurer, Dorotha Pendle- ton: Reporter, Mary Lou Ware, Parliamenrarian, Bettye Hill Jacobsg Historian, Io Marie Lawrenceg Song leader, Melba Sharpeg Rep., Claudia Swift, Norma Jean Ward, Emma Jean Elder, and Claudia Swift are candidates for state degrees. 1 u K W ,.,,,,,.,,.,V ...A-I in. X "cr A 'H a " 'S '5- 3 . Lge 25 Vice President Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Sentinel - - - Advisor - - .?uture Zzrzuers of America - - - Jack Smithson President ---- - - - - - Lloyd Sherrell Secretary ---- ------ RayFloyd - Billy Dale Simmons - - -Dawson Campbell - - David Earl Simmons - - - Mr, RJ, Howard ACTIVITIES In the school year of 1954-55 the FFA chapter has entered the Dairy, Livestock, Parliamentary Procedure and Opening and Closing Ceremony Contests. We are now looking forward to a Dairy and Livestock Contest to be held at Columbia and Fayettevilleg also the FFA Convention at Nashville in April, I N 1 1 i 'l 2 'W' ' 1 'f Q 4 ,ATHLE Ties -3 I g, 9 L XX X X My X Xx f -,I LH. x vm? v- lf' H If wfxx x 'N J 3' f" Q HCT! X K W Q 6' . if K X X X 5, .. AX ma X EQ! NE? W7 Wx ZZ- x 'x ff ' N x N? ix VV XX ' V jsyx jf 1, f 1 ' 5 Q Vx SQ X K SX 6 - -Z I ' . Q 1 X , f , QP L f - 3 ,S-,RJR X ,N I X J iw X fi ' YH "f Ai Q x 1 -93 1.9 I, f A VV ' 'JNQ S X f " 'X vf V is l X Q- I X X ! N W 1 7 ' X X ,A W x M Y ff x'f' ' V Af" ,J I xx X, K ks x x A V W Q ,. I 72-E 5 x Hwzclz is Message To all the boys and girls who participated in sports here at Morrison High School, HATS OFF for a job well done. As members of teams you have displayed fight, hustle, and determination in all athletic events. It is aprivilege and honor to teach and coach boys and girls of your calibre who never accept de- feat easily but do not desire to win at the cost of good sportsmanship. Your loyalty to your school, team and community is to be commended, Many times you have proven this loyalty by acts of sportsmanship that reflect favorably upon you as an athlete, Best wishes to the departing seniors who participat- ed in athletics while attending school here at Morrison, Your presence will be missed but we know you will be successful in your next undertaking after graduating as you were in school activities. WA -.-...a..,...+ . Slfvm Skin 'taxa av. v j -. -YW a. , , .-v--- ohh mf I , M .gidlfi fx rm 11 LG "X Q, 4 -.2 Hhcerlcadcrs Jeraldine Jacobs, Betty Hill Jacobs, Gail Hall Jean Floyd, Barbara Tenpenny, Claudia Swift 5 E Basketball First row: Coach Freeman, Jo Marie Lawrence, Cornelia Jacobs, Shirley Teeters, Louise Barnes, Dorotha Pendleton, Manager: Billie McMahan, Second row: Sylvia Qi Martin, Mary Jo Wilson, Shirley Ware, Emma McMahan, Shirley Burks, Jean Hines, Third row: Barbara Jacobs, Erlene Holt, Betty Jo Prater, Wilma Robinette, Elizabeth Crave n, Basketball First row: Coach Freeman, Kenneth McAfee, Lloyd Sherrell, David Earl Simmons, Dickie Duke, Manager, Frank Belcher, Second row: Billy Io Parker, Ray Floyd, Harold Mullican, Lionel Higdon, Jackson Youngblood, Charles Jacobs, Billy Dearman, Third row: Bob Deberry, James Medley, Paul Davis, Dawson Campbell. 'XD ' Mmm -Wsfjngqsw 1 ,-,. A fs Q-..... ummm, W , wQN'Q Q1 X N Q 1 1, 54 G7 1 Aj J ! A '4 A it ..,. A Z Q! Q-.. A R I K N 3 xg X Qu S ,, My , ' -" A x YX1 X " Q iff K ki Q A Y S . K , A 7 A A 5 ' Y . ! X m K t 'J . I X! '7 Haskcfball Clfuch and Uapfains SIMMONS, MCAFEE, COACH FREEMAN, LAWRENCE, PENDLETON Simmons' famous jump shot, Robineugfg hook. Jo MARIE LAWRENCE CORNELIA JACOBS WILMA ROBINETTE PENDLETON, BARNES, HOLT LLOYD SHERRELL DAVID EARL SIMMONS JACK YOUNGBLOOD DUKE, JACOBS, PARKER, DEARMAN ' Girls' ' Sports When the season of 1954-55 opened there were a large number of girls interested in making the team. There were two from last year's team, Dorotha Pendleton and Io Marie Lawrence, This year's team consists of Dorotha Pendle- ton, Louise Barnes, Erlene Holt, Bettye Jo Prater, Shirley Burks, Iean Hines and Emma McMahan, as guards, Io Marie Lawrence, Cornelia Iacobs, Wilma Robinette, Sylvia Martin, Shirley Ware and Jean Floyd as forwards, The squad elected Dorotha Pendleton as Captain, and Io Marie Lawrence as co-captain, We were handicapped by the lack of height, but we have again tried to live up to the fighting tradition left by the ones last year, who gave us a good example of what small girls could do, We want to thank Billie McMahan for her help and assistance she has given us as manager, The team wishes to express their appreciation to Mr, Freeman for his patience, time, kindness, and effort that he put forth in making this a very happy and successful year, On the behalf of the leaving senior members of the team we thank Mr, Freeman and wish him better luck with his team of next year. SEASON'S RECORD Irving College Dibrell Bell Buckle Smithville Alumni McMinnville Spencer Tracy City Irving College Bell Buckle THEY 52 41 25 37 25 62 41 51 40 41 WE 58 47 27 28 42 35 44 lllC, inc, inc. Wartrace Centertown Dibrell Woodbury Smithville McMinnville Spencer Manchester Centertown Tracy City T HEY 24 19 29 30 24 5 0 32 inc. inc, inc. Best Team Best Sport Most Improved Best Trip Best Gym Best Official Best Defense Hardest Game HIGHLIGHTS Having three flat tires on the way to Spencer, Dorotha fouling out at Spencer, Louise's good guarding against McMinnville, Io Marie high score against Bell Buckle, Erlene's temper rising at Dibrell, Cornelia's 25 points against Spencer, Wilma highest scorer against McMinnville. THE TEAM PICKED THE FOLLOWING: McMinnville ALL OPPONENT TEAM Wartrace Forwards Meeks-Tracy City Dibrell Myers-McMinnville Spencer Eaton-McMinnville Woodbury Guards Spears-Manchester Holder Sulliven-Spencer Woodbury Smartt-I. C, Dibrell Hays' Sparta The season opened with Morrison playing Irving College. This game was one of the several close games of the season. The team was made up of three seniors: Kenneth McAfee, David Earl Sim- mons, and Lloyd Sherrell, one Junior, Don Hayes, and one Sophomore, Dickie Duke. The squad elected David Earl Simmons as Captain and Kenneth McAfee as Co-Captain, The team will miss David Earl Simmons who will graduate this year, along with Lloyd Sherrell and Kenneth McAfee, The team wishes to thank Frank Belcher and Joe Martin for their assistance as managers. We wish to thank Mr, Freeman for his patience with us, If it had not been for his efforts during the season we could not have accomplished what we did, He is a great coach and a dear friend to basketball, We sincerely hope that the team of next year will have the honor of playing under him. We also wish to thank the Morrison fans for backing us throughout the year. We appreciate the work of the cheerleaders also, SEASON'S RECORD WE THEY WE THEY Irving College 54 '70 Wartrace 34 Dibrell 51 '74 Centertown 60 Bell Buckle 44 44 Dibrell 45 Smithville 47 54 Woodbury 53 Alumni 57 54 Smithville 61 McMinnville 47 35 McMinnville 83 Spencer 59 43 Spencer 63 Tracy City 56 inc. Manchester inc, Irving College 33 inc, Centertown inc. Bell Buckle 42 inc. Tracy City inc. HIGH LIGHTS 1. Being tied with Manchester in third quarter, 2. Beating Smithville 67-47. 3. Dearman's foul shot that won the Spencer game at home. 4. Simmons' 28 points against Smithville and Tracy City, 5, Sherrell's 26 points against Centertown, 6, Coming a snow while at Woodbury, THE TEAM PICKED Tl-IE FOLLOWING: Best Team Manchester ALL OPPONENT TEAM Best Sport Bell Buckle G-Bush Manchester Most Improved Smithville G-Bryant Spencer Best Trip Woodbury G-Wilson Manchester Best Gym Woodbury F-Cole M'cMinnville Best Official Holder F-Medley Centertown Best Defense Manchester Hardest Game Dibrell Crack Zag-of War Volleyball Cug-of- War Volleyball Crack Girls' Slemcnlary l6'asket!fall Hays ' Elementary Haskefba!! 1 g . ifAUVERTlSE 0-F .,--4-- asf? 3' fix' , ' Y' - Q0 -1- 2 ' V J' 9 L, -W' Lf, Q Q: g L l WMZJQ4 LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO., INC. Servicing This Area Since 1927 T. B. MOLLOY H. L. MOLLOY Our Service at MORRISON DRUG S TORE GROCE RY AND DRY GOODS 1: EI X -.. , LING Z' AQIADVE Ph0ne 124704 3 1 , T nnessee Inq!-vu, hAAT MQrr15Ong e Morrison Tennessee i f GE MM NLIQSE IQY co. McMinnville Morrison I CTIQCDI. no 1.4 DRUG STORE Walgreen System Prescription Headquarters Phone 2123 McMinnville , Tenne ssee Building Supplies and Lumber Phone 2611 J. D. WOMACK Building Contractors McMinnville, Tennessee wax' 'If' ff XXX 'XZ f' QQ! If 'I LVN? Q C ornpliments of VVALLI NG cum!! C QCDLJCZI-I CDI l. CCDIVIDANY Distributors of Pan-Am Products McMinnville, Tennessee Plee-Zing Products - Robin Hood Flour WOMACK BROTHE RS INC. Wholesale Grocers McMinnville, Tennessee East Main Street Phone 2214 J'.F.G. Coffee - .T.F.G. Mayonnaise Q, r- - f . . 7Zaz-wzfxm T ' 5532-2-5 .nf DAIRY Plzooucrs YQ. ., .....:.k -6 Q-:Wu X-v ., s X .-:'- Q ,, AVALON DAIRIES Grade A Pasteurized McMinnville, Tennessee 1 JIM BRADY plqmomv MOTOR COMPANY X McMinnville, Tennessee Tilly' T lephone zzoz Dodge Passenger Cars Dodge Job-Rated Truck Plymouth Passenger Cars - M1724 CHEVROLET - COMPANY ?, fCHEVlOLETf Phone Z117 ' McMinnVil1 T QILNWQBANIQ awe TIZLJST CCNIDANV McMinnville , Tennessee Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio 'N 1 ' I 'ill h '17 easy X Y0ua'e money T L4 E Ahead! ., , QM! mam! BANK ' ' 'llgf Tenn RELIABLE -FURNITURE -STORE Frigidaire Phone 2563 McMinnville , Tenne s see Compliments of MYERS AND OLIVER FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 2316 McMinnville , Tennessee Fine Furniture WARREN COUNTY FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 8345 ' jfifagyfif Hotpoint Appliances Maytag Washe rs Furniture McMinnville, Tennessee Phone 2322 McMinnville, Tennessee Compliments of L- I-X ESCDLJ F I-l l:i i-QIXl Esso PROP-A-NE GAS DISTRIBUTOR Phone 2634 M cMi.nnville , Tenne s see McMinnville , Tennes see GOOD YEAR -SERVICE -S TORE , .ef ffl Xfi00D,fYEAR,' TIRES Phone 2416 McMinnville, Tennessee ELKINS HARDWARE COMPAN Y McMinnville, Tennessee Hardware -Paints-Wallpaper C. GREY ELKINS BROWN MOORE LOUISE ELKINS Phone 2483 MULLICAN AND ZWINGLE Plumbing and Heating Electrical Contracting State Licensed Contractors Phone 2242 McMinnville, Tennessee C omplime nts of POWERMATIC MACHINE COMPANY McMinnville , Tennessee l ' p el Compliments of STUDIOS Portraiture and Commercial ' Q qi Phone 7424 7 Location waning Building Phone 2510 McMinnville, Tennessee McMinnville Tennessee with Compliments Better Values BURROUGHS-Ross-COLVILLE Z 4 COMPANY DEPT. STORE Phone 21 ll Phone 2514 Outstanding Dept. Store McMinnville Tennessee in This Area McMinnville Tennessee Best Wishes of the "Gifts for All Occasions 91 gs! oglowfzf MMA BOTTLINC. COMPANY JE WELER5 Phone 2228 McMinnville Tenne ssee McMinnville Tennessee Compliments of I-H L. Ll 5 Compliments of HARDWARE LJ. Q. 'Sl-HQLE-.V W' E' HILLIS Groceries H. C. MCCOLLUM Cwners Fresh Meats and Vegetables Phone 2215 - 6317 McMinnville Tennessee Morrison Tennessee maya? AND aw Every Known Hazard Insured McMinnville Viola C omplime nts of GLOBE NURSERY co. ROBERT W. BOYD, Mgr. McMinnville Tennessee POWELL FURNITURE CO. West Main and Lind Street YY Your G. E. Dealer Wheel Balancing SAM 'S SUPER SERVICE U New and Used Ti1'6S Phone 2624 , , W McMinnville Tennessee MCM1nnV111e Tennessee W WQMMM BU5lNES'5 COLLEGE Oid City Bank Building JENKINS X' DARWIN BROS. Everything to Wear Popular Price Merchandise McMinnville Tennessee Phone 6242 McMinnville Tennessee ..GE'l' an can 'Q "A 1 ' , , DORRIS 457127 fxow iq JE WE LR Y A A ,,,A. co. ' fb Ph 2 Z4 5 F one M cminnvilie 1' Tenn. Qldffwfdh RADIO AND TV SERVICE Manchester Tennessee Motorola -E me rson-Philco -RCA Sxgaieite fe-faehg BARRY JEWELRY CO. Specializing in Electronic Watch Repair MCM innville Tennessee Y'-4 Q 4 ROBERT X " . GRIZZELL ', Q My Your Jeweler McMinnville THE IMPE RIAL CO. BUTCLYS SUPER MARKET Corner of Colville and High St. D. E. KBUTCHJ DAVENPORT Owner Phone 2433 Free Parking Produce andMeat - Our Specialty McMinnville Tennessee McMinnville Tennessee C ornplime nts of MCM innville Tennessee S. Spring Street Phone 2511 DEVV5 L UMBER CO. McMinnville Tennessee PATTERSON 8: UPTON SEED CO. Feed, Seed and Fertilizers IF I1"S GOOD FOOD YOU HAll'I'-- Q . . A P Cleaning and Separating W, , I "We Are in the Market for Your Seed" HOBB,S CAFE f i 2 Phone 12-0121 Morrison Tennessee Morrison Tennessee 51 1:1-9P9'5 PATTON MOTORS Sales and Service Ph 2522 -253 PUNTMU... Quality Groceries one 3 Prices Right Sparta Road MCM innville Tenne ssee McMinnville , Tenne ssee PUCKETT MOTORS SALES SERVICE Phone 2312 MCM innville Tennessee 1, rl DRUGS I-ILJTCH-HN'5 MCCOLLUM-BUCHELE and DRUG COMPANY V ' E 5 Ph011e 2151 Phone 2234 - 2235 MCMif1I1Vi11e, TCTIHCSSCC McMinnville, Tennessee MAGNESS DRUG STORE Qfizgj, Prescriptions Biologicals-Vaccines FLOWER SHOP Accuracy-Courtesy-Service 'Y Phone 2311 Phone 262 7 McMinnville , Tenne ssee 7lawe-ze me Tenne s see McM innville , dQ90!42f6 0801! FLORIST Smith Arcade Main Street Phone 2236 Day or Night McMinnville, Tennessee 76914125 mafia? "Flowers for All Occasions" Sedberry Hotel Building ' Phone 2444 McMinnville, Tenne s se cf DAQK EJELKS The -Home -of-Bette r -Value Phone 2226 McMinnville, Tennessee Men's 8: Women's Quality Clothing COOK'S "Your Store To Go for Brands You Know" Phone 4141 McMinnville, Tennessee CLYDE 5. JONES All Kinds of Insurance Phone 2543 MCM innville , Tenne ssee "Be Insured All Ways Always" ..-By-- T. F. BURROUGHS McMinnville, Tennessee "All Kinds of Insurance and Bonds" FWAQK SPORTING GOODS SHOP All Kinds of Sporting Equipment Phone 2573 McMinnville , Tenne ssee MCMINNVILLE CONCRETE BLOCK CO. The Home of Better Built Blocks Concrete and Cinder Building Blocks Ready-Mix-Concrete Phone 2426 McM innville , Tenne ssee we soon soon 72? ggdffia Vis it-Our -New -Home BOND -F UNE RAL -HOMES 315 W. Main Street It Pays To Have RESTAURANT Brown Hotel BOI1d'S Better Burial Phone 2371 t Phone 2251 McMinnville, Tennessee MCM1rmVi11e' Tennessee dgtgdwf QMW rvno-FEL. Air Conditioned E. M. NEWMAN, Owner Phone 3562 Manchester, Tennessee LONE STAR DRIVE -IN "For the Best in Sandwiches and Fountain Se rvice" HOWARD and LOUISE FUL TS, Mgr Manchester Tennessee PQFEAKEQ ' BQC5 DRUG CO. C D 26 Years of Service Manchester, Tennessee QQGEQ5 5 AND IO CENT STORE "Your home owned store." 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Suggestions in the Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) collection:

Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 44

1955, pg 44

Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 40

1955, pg 40

Morrison High School - Eagle Yearbook (Morrison, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 44

1955, pg 44

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