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Morrison Cove High School - Pine Crest Yearbook (Martinsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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A 4 V! 1 s Q IN 5 3 'S .3 Fi Ti vi if ,. I. Gi rf' 5' I! :Y 'a -1 F I N E 5 W 'Fi Y: 'Qi 5 1 KYBHJI 'fpfuifn 'p ui -YT' . '. Q ' - ' ". ' - " , " , M 4 1 G 1-15.31 1 4' - .I " 'ff 4' " N. ' 3' i"'-.VE-I ri ' 51- V2 .LW UHLQQFHLZTLWfifblia-.f.2LNY?:5'fr3INlEfi...'E.x21?!'l1I 1111 5 11 11,1 1,, 111 11 111 1, 11 11 2,1 ,,, 1,1 ,1, 11 11,1 EL11 11, ,1 1 11, 111, ,N V1 1 V 11 1,33 1,1 ,, ,' 11 11 1 1 1,13 11: 111, 111 Wx, 11 1131 111 11, 1, 111 111 M ,, ,, 11 1,5 11 5,1 ,M 21 11,1 11 11, 51, 11 11,1 1,11 113 W, ,155 11 11,1 151 1,3 111' ,, EEE 111 ,Q 1, ,,,, 1:12 ,,,, 113 111 111 ,111 1111 1131 11"1 ,W , 1 11? E1 151 N' 11111 11 F1 WWM1MM1,1V1MH1!',WM"W1111lI'I11',"1111IW1111,1111111,,111131l,I'""",1'1,111112311111,1"i'111'Z""'V'l'1I,11'f1'11"",'n1131"'1"1"' "" " 1 ' 11 ","1 "'1""I1W111'112113'W11111,1111JW1111WI1W1l'1!11111V!1N11E4!WL,111!91W,1,,,g ww E CREST f .N -- x V ESA ' 0 -A 1 fn ----""" f Erfrfa 1 Q X X will f 1 v 'I W , J ' I K il o 3 l QGI' I X 1949 Published by Senior Class O! Mflrriscmll Cove High School Dluriinslxurg, Pennsylvania FOREWORD --915,11 In publishing this volume of the Pine Crest, it has been the purpose of the staff to describe and re- ' cord the events of the 1948-49 school year. The yearbook staff has had the task and joy of publishing this yearbook as a source from which mem- ories can always be drawn. Vile hope that publishing the Pine Crest will be- come an annual custom. I To The-Clags of 1948 Sv i This Edition Of the Pine Crest We Dedicate ll ll IF" H ll ll H ll H il J. ll D: I 2. E I DJ -. ,-. 2? : r--1 v-J-4 2. E Z E. 2 0 IL B .1940 QIJIEAA pu daaq 'aaql HRM I13 pw aloxd pue aaql 13 PST' Emi-3 :EL :S-""'a OA DQ' Oro? '1 r'f ,ro 959: 'QXGIIS ' cn. Effbv '-xv-H"" 535' WD- 3.-+ CDT' v ru un: 4515 E35 "':r' 550: Gif- :rgo Ffwfj C:-S P+ O-sg. 555759 ,..,.,m Fl: 252 51-E3'5 VCD v isp I E. Ol csloloo Jaq HHH ep Jeq ol SS gswool E 3 ,IQIEIXI 'E .Il 'an 139.1925 Sql jo Apuel sql Li E sv -1. ,... PP o SL Q. O o 4 FD E oo :r UV I-I l 1 O Jaq ge 'sluaprus FP : :- P+ Q :- '4 4 il CD 'iff5'?'im?fIf47f'35" 1 . ,im -, 1-ww Peg- a- ,L, bfrw, ,. 1 ,Jw .,15,f,L, f i Biography 'dward E. Byers 44 Rose S. Byers Ar the dawn of Spring in hforrison Cove, Penn- sylvania, along the Hickory Bottom Road, at the foot of "Little Round Top Mountain," near Wood- bury, Pa., a boy was born March 21, 1877-"Edward Byersv-by name, His parents, at the time of his birth, over-looked a middle name for their first son and child, Later "Everett" was selected, h ence--4'EdWard Everett Byersf, This tow-headed child grew and Waxed strong, on the historic Byers section of land, obtained and settled by the Byers ancestors. In those days, rural communities were really 1 isolated. Living in that kind of an enviroment dur- l ing his pre-school years, caused him to be very re- l served and timid. As a little boy starting to country school, these traits were a handicap and brought child grief to the extent that pressure from his home was brought to bear on him to attend school regularly. His first school teacher at "Mt, Joyf' country school saw his need and helped this backward boy. This manifested interest was a real blessing to the lad because it instilled in him a genuine love for school and study. In later years he recalled many times with gratitude and deep appreciation the extra help his country school teachers gave him in common school. Summer 1894 he attended Professor K, Ritcheyis Summer Normal School at Woodbury, Pa. and helped Work on the home farm. School year 1894-1895 he returned to country school at 'fMt. joy." In those days money was scarce. Early Spring 1895 he worked as an apprentice in a printing office at Everett, Pa. to have money to attend the Summer Normal School at 1Voodbury, Pa. At the close of this summer session, he took the Teacher's Examination, passed it, and received his first 'l'eacher's Cer- tificate and did his first country school teaching at "Mechanics Independent School' in Bedford County, Pa. Here he split wood to heat the school room and did his own janitorial work all for 222.00 per month. Spring of 1896 his parents moved out of Morrison Cove. No parental home or school of higher education to return to in the Cove, found him in a state of bewilderment. Under these adverse con- ditions was born the urge to some day return to his native community and found a permanent school of advanced education for the people of the Cove. He knew that his dc-sire meant many years of educational preparation, much hardship and a real struggle financially. He willingly made the sacrifice. Summer of 1896 found him with his parents on a rented farm near Hollidaysburg, Pa. Here he help- ed with the farm work-worked part time in a drug store in Hollidaysburg, earning money to help his home people and pay his summer school tuition in Professor Stewart's Classical School in this same town, His desire for more education took him to Juniata College, School year of 1896-1897. He paid his college expenses by doing janitorial work. He walked to and from Juniata College. Summer of 1897 he again attended Normal School in Hollidaysburg. Autumn of 1897 he taught his first country school in Blair County, at "Catfish" along the Catfish Mt. Ridge. In orderly succession, summer and winter found him attending "Juniata" or "Grove City" college and teaching more Blair County Schools until he left Pennsylvania for Ohio. In 1903 fall term, he entered Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio, as a student and first time College Professor. He used his summer months attending Summer School at "Lima College", Lima, Ohio, and continued in Ohio as a college student, professor and minister of the "Gospel." June 7,1908, he married Miss Rose M. Summers. Before her marriage, she planned on founding a Music School-he on founding a College in Morrison Cove, Pennsylvania. Hence-the marriage to begin with, had much in common, educationally speaking. His Post-Graduate work toward his Doctorate Degrees was done in "Education', and "Theology" at Chicago University, Chicago, Illinois, and Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He continued preaching, remained as College and Seminary Professor and Dean of Men alternately at Ashland College, and Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio. Elon College, Elon, North Carolina, conferred upon him the Honorary Degree of Dr. of Literature. In June 1917, he returned to Morrison Cove to work out the long cherished dream of his life, name- ly, founding a school of Fine and Vocational Arts in his native community, The sacrifice he made to realize his ideal cannot be expressed in words. Along with a college of Fine and Vocational Arts in Nlorrison Cove, he wanted as an outstanding part of this educational set-up, one of the best free public libraries, with reading and reference rooms for the people of the Cove. Hence, the gift of his private library as a nucleus for a Free Public Library to the school and community. He frequently remarked, "If I live to be three-score and ten years old, all I envision as a school and library will then be a reality." And then at his death, his body be cremated, his ashes put in an urn, and placed in the library. Before his Work was accomplished, God called him suddenly, the fatal accident occuring Within sight of the school he founded and loved. The people Whom he served, did not Want his body cremated. Instead, suggested and requested that he be buried on the school grounds. There, at his grave is a marker, the top and base of which are of the same kind of stone as the original brownstone building, This hallowed spot is surrounded by an iron fence. Edward E. Byers Rose S. Byers D. W. Smith, veteran trustee of all funds collected for our school, is de- serving of special recognition. At the age of 88 he is still serving as secretary of our joint school board. He frequently visits our school and adds smiles to our teachers' faces as he passes to them their deserving checks. He always ap- pears at the Junior-Senior Banquet and his remarks are gladly received. The Class of ,49 takes this opportunity to thank him for helping to make Cove High possible, and for his untiring efforts in its continuous operation. ur nstruotors In 1916, the Brownstone Building, located on the hilltop, South of Martinsburg was purchased by Edward E. Byers, to be used as a Vocational High School and College. After years of toil and unselfish labor, the dream became a reality-October 1919, Cove High opened its first year with Edward E. Byers, director, Rose Byers, Music, S. Madge Reed, English, F. F. Linin- ger, Agriculture, and Edna Davis, Home Economics. Eighty-three joyful, hardworking students attended the school that year. , Some of the first teachers were D. L. Shaffer, W. M. Bechtel, and I. Harvey Kagarise. These three teachers were still teaching when we, the class of '49, entered four years ago. Many of the past teachers are known by our class. is Those Who Have Served on the Faculty Are: Edward E. Byers I. Madge Reed C. A. Byers Lillian Buckingham D. L. Shaffer Sarah Crissman W. lVl. Bechtel Harriet Smythe I. Harvey Kagarise Judith McMillin Irene Brumbaugh Leon Kensinger Caroline Little Eleanor VVasley VVilliarn Rothrock Latour Snyder M. E. Dale Mary Lee Iberson Rose Byers Mrs. Wm. Burchfield Mrs. Sterling Martz Sidney Eboch VVilliam Tebay F. F. Lininger Frank G. Keith J. E. Butts R. W. Beamer Doris Eames Frank Else Martha Stayer Lester G. Sacks R. NI. Bartges Ella Sorrick C. L. Provins Dagmar Hansen Alpha Black Alma Points Paul T. Huddle Joanne Berkhimer Berger Baker A. Emmert Frederick Martha Kisner Sarah Spencer Mrs. L. J. Karshner Eugene Lindsey L: mmon C. Stoudnour Edna Davis Magdalena Eby Margaret Mattern Lela Grandel Grace Stayer Mary McKcrihan Irma Diehl R. Nl. Ceveland Helen DeHart Frances E. Young Ethel Shive'y C. E. Wonder John H. Hess Lynn Bland Carlton NV. Hoyt LaRue Hitchen Paul Fisher C. W. Wensel Mary Grafius Mrs. Marguerite Cole Alice Knowles Lloyd Brumbaugh Norman Furrer May we always remember these who have so faithfully served to make good old Cove High the won- derful school it is. It is our desire that our school may continue to have teachers to carry the torch that has been so nobly borne thus far. ADMINISTRATION F I .IN ' ,I ' ' IK' SEE: Q Ny' .. Q? ' - 'AQ :W 1 ' 5 2 I gf' E. ll t f' X I I 4. K V , .yi , 1. t NORTH Vl'OODI'Sl'RY .lohn Xlelierihan .-X. lx. lnnrget ll. li. Kletzlcer Alacoh Smith lryin Kauffman l.. li. lliinelantl S. l,. Haflley l", VY. llrnmlvaugli 'lesse liieaeh Xl. R. Bfllllllillllgll Calvin Skyles Ray llaumggartlner lf. l. linrget ID. F. Brnnrlvauglr llowartl Cowan George H. Wineland lfzra lliennler lilvin C. Baker George A. Stewartl IJ, W. Kauffman Harvey lflversole D. lilmer Nletzler blohn Xllareharn lflwootl ,-Xyers Alohn hletzker Our School Directors 'IUXYI ,OR ,laeob Kauffman Ira Bechtel A. li. lfreclericlt George Pollard ,Iohn llrumluaugli George Snolwerger Leo Kennedy -lohn Smith George Myers lfarl Shoenfelt Levi Rhodes R. W. Slick ,Xntly lihersole Xliehael Reffner Harry llieli Brook Sell lillis lieehtel Vlvhalen hlohn .-X. l.. Hudson l,, A. Griffith I. H. l'lCZ1IllCI' C. li. Packard l. H. Guyer Cornelius Rohert Dnnklebergcr .lohn liher Albright V HCSTON A, l,. Snoberger ll. VY. Smith R. Xl. lfastep B. Sorrieli lf. B. Hoover lf. W. lirmnbanggh A. l. Fonse Harry Longeneeker George YY. Gates C. D. Baker George C. llilling tlohn Dixon lfltlie Smith George C. Corle john lXl. Smith George Rhodes G. Clair Smith Lester Longeneeker G, XY. Donnelly Homer PllCllS21ZlI SIDNEY C. EBOCH NORMAN C. FURRER Hollidaysburg '40 Altoona '39 Pennsylvania State College '46 B. A. Juniata College '46 B. A. History and English Physical Education, History and Mathematics s PAUL J. FISHER CARLTON W. HOYT Reading '30 Haverford Twp. '36 West Chester State Teachers College Millersville State Teachers College '34 B. S. B. S. '40 Music Industrial Arts Farewell Messages to the Class of '49 "Congratulations to the graduating class of 1949, I like to think that our Alma Mater has helped to lay a foundation for your future life. May you be loyal to her, to self, to others, and to Godf, LEMMON C. STOUDNOUR "You were a promising looking freshmen class, a little on the heavy side from the standpoint of self esteem in your sophomore year. Your junior year witnessed the appearance of outstanding leader- ship in class and school activities. In your senior year you are eagerly observing, diagnosing, and prescrib- ing. Congratulations." D. L. SHAFFER "Seek life-the greatest thing on earth, and so conduct it that it will bring you the fullest possible measure of achievement. VVe have tried to instruct you in the way that you should go. Our hope is now that you will not depart from it, as you depart from us. May success and happiness be yours, class of '49.,' M. MARTZ "After four long and arduous years you are now taking your place as Alumni of Cove High, Per- haps you may look at commencement with a sense of sorrow and regret. However, even greater, there is one of triumph for a task well done and a hope for a brighter future. As SenioriClass Advisor I can sincerely say that I enjoyed working with you and appreciated your splendid cooperation." EUGENE E. LINDSEY '4Fort -niners ou were a nice class to Work with commerciall and sociall . The ban uet and Y i Y Y Y Cl Junior-parties were fine examples of your ability, creative imagination and cooperation. Your value to Cove High is seen in the newspaper and Junior Class Play which were established largely through your effortsff . , MISS SPENCER "I have been inspired anew by the class of '49. Thus have I been challenged for the twenty-second time. May each of you divinely guided do your best. You've been a class of vim and vigor, zeal and zest. Best Wishes." A. EMMERT FREDERICK "As you continue your journey in life may you have health, success, and happiness? ALMA POINTS "I have had four pleasant years with you." PAUL J. FISHER "Here's to the class of forty nine, a group of jolly girls and boys, Who were always making a lot of noise, And are very soon to get in line, may you never cease to climb, To lofty heights sublime." I W. MICHAEL BECHTEL "Good luck to the Forty-niners. I hope you strike it rich in life the way the school became rich when all your quiet, steadfast, wonderful talent came along at Cove." S. C. EBOCH "Tell me what to say and I'll write it. It doesn't take 30 or 50 words to write good-bye and good riddancef' THE COACH "It is with joy that we bid farewell to the class of 1949. Not the joy of :good-riddance'g not the joy of 'at last thank goodnessf It is the joy of knowing that another group of young people have en- countered and successfully passed every test of living to the present and are now ready to enter up on a new phase of lifef, CARLTON W. HOYT . T ' 1315 Q1E.5'i-P ,ft-. S A Graduation Poem Q L-'L 3 ow often it happens, in life's shortening span, 'Ihat old friends and neighbors must part. How softly, how swiftly, it creeps in our lives, How painful, it spears the heart. What happens must happen, and nothing can stop The perpetual grind of our living, The wor.d must not spin us about like a top! Yet whence comes the pow'r of our stopping? What will it be like to go out in the world Alone, with no classmates to cheer us, And how will the storms and great trials of life Be met, Without teachers to steer us? I Wish We cou.d go on forever like this: Singing, and laughing and crying, Together we've started and almost become Like one, through the bonds we've been tying. But cfassmates, sing ho! the battle's beginning, Put on the full armor of God. Use all of your strength, whether losing or Winning, And fighting, go down to the sod. -KENNETH WILSON W M uw 41 iw Am wiv U W W1 Q33 H! W W W W Nw hi? Nh Tu w M N! iw ml' 'N W W 4 W M EW Him 1: NN NW lm my ww E325 4 ,lun 121' WE 11? W W ww- 1' . I ' f'I'wks!MilHMWF11'!lH1111M11WlHW:MWWM!WMlWMWM NIM, H HIHMLN M.HHH!!HWIHJ!MW,wW1WH!1I1NWWHIUNHEHNINEGMIhiiw!1M,N1!iN SENIORS 5 I is r A V - fm X99 ff ,JF ,I ,Q If . A ! ,E N-,z Y ' 'f".'+FZf-1 fl ,QW ,Z -W I ,545 'ff' 1 3 . ,K .,1L,g'1'i?li'f-af' X59 W me ff ,-'I ylfppxv N 1 vw 43 fm 'Ce' Qmlgklcfg XKQI' A l BETTY ARLENE AYERS "Arlene" July 9-Home Ec. "True Romancesv - petite - "Lavender Blue" - dainty - likes pretty clothes - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 - F. H. A. Convention, Williamsport '47 - Freshman Chorus 1 - Track 2 -- Mixed Chorus 4 - County Chorus 4. - This swell girl with her eyes of blue, Will some day brighten a little home, too. ROBERT EUGENE AYERS fIFatJJ August 29-Commercial Sports fiend - eating - playing basketball - listening to radio -- ice cream and cake - "Man On Flying Trapezev -- carpenter - Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Inter-class Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 - Track 1, 2, 3, 4. A friend of everyone, he's quite a guy, W e'oe newer seen his nose held high. RUSSELL HUBERT BANKS "Russ" December 19-Commercial French fries and banana splits - burns up Piney Creek - "Bouquet of Roses" - soldier -- second high magazine salesman 4. He rates top place in Senior ranks, We're all real proud of Russell Banks. ROBERT MERLE BAUGHMAN "Tarzan" ' February 20-Commercial Running around - truck driver - hot dogs and french fries - "Waltz of the Wind" -- Fredericksburg - ping pong - Inter-class Baseball 1, 2 - Inter-class Basketball 1, 2. His hair is straight, it just wonlt curl, But we eoula'n't get along, without our Merle. ,ROBERT GLENN BISHGP lIB0b,l September 17-Agriculture 'See Pedro". - '4Dixie Bowl Evilv - merchant marines - chat with girls -- Williamsburg diner - spinach and bananas - cutting up in study hall -baseball and football - F. F. A. 3, 4. With ambition to court, he is alas, The sleeping beauty of our class. JOHN SAMUEL BRUMBAUGH l'fHankU August 19-Agriculture "Little Bird" - Martinsburg Memorial Park - spaghetti and meat balls - Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Basketball 2, 3, 4 - Junior Varsity 1 -- F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 - Track 1, 2, 3, 4 - Athletic Council 3, 4. Ain't joe, ainlt jim, ain't Ronny, Nope, an all around athlete ir our johnny. JOHN WILLIAM BUTLER If-Buzz!! March 12-Commercial French fries - undecided - "Galaway Bay" - Inter-class Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4 - Inter-class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. - A hard working boy with a Jmile, He'll .rucceed and be worthwhrile. JANET LOUISE CLAPPER "Giggles" April 13-Home Ec. Ice cream - thundeious laughter - dynamic giggles - "I Love You So Much It Hurts Me" - swimming - ping pong - future seamstress - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Girl's Glee Club 1, 2 - Librarian 3. She likes to giggle, rhe'J lotr of fun, When their around, nothing gat: done. VIRGINIA MAE CRISWELL lfGinnyll February 11-Commercial Enthusiastic sports fan - "Muscles of Iron" - pleasing personality - macaroni and cheese -- candy - cake -- "Far Away Placesi' - office girl - Inter-class Basketball and Mushball 1, 2, 3, 4 - Track 1, 2, 3, 4 - Mixed Chorus 4 -- Athletic Council 3, 4 -- Freshman Chorus. No matter how gray the day may be, Ginnie is gay ana quite carefree. HELEN LORRAINE DAUGHENBAUGH "Lorraine" hlarch 1-Commercial Likes sports -- hates men - T-bone steak - french fries - very fond of music - "When They Begin The Beguine" - Beavertown fan - loves toitalk -- undecided - Freshmen Girls Chorus 1 - Operetta 2. Lorraine is a girl we all admire, .41 warm and cheerful ar a winter fire. JOSEPH ANDREW DETWILER U 02,0611 September Z3-Academic "Four Leaf Clover" - Drab Dept. Store - Baseball - Softball - our new car - ice cream - do something useful - Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1, 2 - Newspaper 3, 4 -Inter-class Basketball 3, 4. A little nonsensennow and then, Is relished by the best of men. DOROTHY LEE DICK "Cookie,' March 5-Academic Softball - basketball -- "There Is A Green Light" -- Mines -- pickles - macaroni salad - likes tall men - likes to run - get married - Freshman Chorus 1. A happy go-lucky Lititz lass, Who has an attraction for the Senior class. IOLA JEAN DICK "feannie" July 27-Commercial "You Can't Be True, Dearv -- spaghetti and meatballs - diamond - work - Freshman Chorus 1 -- Inter-class Softball 1, 2. And still thewonder grew and grew, ' That one small head held all she knew. PATRICIA JANE DODSON rrpatn August i 12-Commercial Sports - hamburgers - french fries - sleep - "One Has My Name" - housewife - Freshman Chorus 1 -Orchestra 2 - Science Club 1 - Athletic Council 2. Blonde of hair and blue of eyes, She'll be a Mrs. by and by. JOHN MILTON EDWARDS "Toothless" October 29-Agriculture Basketball fan - Colgate smile -- reading and running around - fried ham and potatoes - Track 3, 4 - Inter-class Basketball and Baseball 3, 4 - F. F. A. 3, 4 -Varsity baseball 4. . A fine young lad, a real success, It's johnny Edwards as you can guess. k- LLWELLYN CHARLES EVANS f!Tubby,, . June 2--Agriculture ' - ' Sleeping - running around - dislikes study hall - t:ravelrf-- Track, 3, 4 --Inter-class Basketball 4 -F. F. A. 3, 4 - Custodian of Candy Sales 4. Here is a friend whom you can trust, A He is so gooa' arid kind and just. SHIRLEY MARIE HAMILTON "Shirley" October 30-Commercial P'easant to be around - successful - hamburgers - "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" -talkative - enjoys good basketball dislikes getting up in the morning - Science Club 2 - Softball 3 -- Basketball' 2 -A Freshman Chorus 1 - Glee Club 2. A With big brown eyes, hair blond and curly, We're really quite proud of our pert little Shirley. ROBERT ELW OOD HOOVER Hgobhi September 5-Agriculture "Candy kisses" -- farmer - woman hater - ice cream - anywhere -3- Inter-class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Track 1, Z, 3, 4, He'll make some girl a fine man, , . So catch him girls, if you can. PAUL EDGAR IMES "Paul" April 24--Academic Fried chicken -- "Twelfth Street Rag" - Penn Mar' - truck' driver 4- '37 Plymouth -- Inter-class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 - Basketball Manager 3, 4 - Track 1, 2, 3, 4- Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. He's a great big guy, one of the best, We wish him luck and much success. PAULINE DELORES KEITH Hsi-YD March 23-Horne Ec. "B'ue Eyes Smi'ing In the Rain" - french fries - hamburgers - dislikes getting up in the morning - Chorus l, 2 - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Track 1, 3, 4 Pine Whispers 3 - Inter-class Soltbsll 1, 2, 3, 4. Pauline studies, Pauline Works, Pauline never, never shirks. DAVID ROBERT KEITHLEY ffDa,vgD january 19-Agriculture Listening to the radio - collecting pictures - french fries - farmer - candy' seller -- likes football - dislikes long lessons in Ag. 1-- usually found in Martinsburg - quiet - likes to read during study hall - F. F. A. 1, Z, 3, 4. Women delight not in me, .45 you can 'very plainly see. JANICE MAYBELLE KEITHLEY "Lightning" A , ' f September 3-Home Ec. p Likes sports -- football - french fries -- cooking - "Lavender Blue" -- clerk - Freshmen Cho-rus l - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Inter-class Softball 4 -- Inter-class Basketball 4. Renown -with artistic taster is she, Ket time for mirth and fun and glee. 4 KEITH ARNOLD KENSINGER "Ken.singer" June 4-Agriculture Fried oysters -- french fries - home - "Now is the Hour" -- dairy 'farmer - listen to radio - A. 1, Z, 3, 4 - Snoopers 3, 4 -- Opf eretta 2, 3 -- County Band 3 -- Inter-c'ass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Pine Whispers 3 -- State F. F. A. Convention '49 - Area F. F. A. Secretary 4. Dependable as a granite' stone, Whenever he is left alone. KENNETH MERLE KENSINGER ffKen7J June 4--Academic Mashed potatoes and gravy - to college - read and study - classical music - Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Chorus 3, 4 - Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 -- District Orchestra 2, 3, 4 - State Orchestra 2, - County Chorus 3, 4 -- County Band 3 - Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Band 4 - Pine Whispers 3, 4. To be a doctor it hir ambition, Until he finds a better position. MILDRED JANET LONGENECKER "IlfIildred" , June 11--Home EC. Vllalnut sundaes - cookies - likes basketball - Penn Mtn' - "Galaway Bay" -- runnlng around - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Chorus 2 - Inter-class B.,ske-ball 4. , ' She'.f pretty as zvell as rmart, She har a xpeczal place in our heart. X IDA ELLEN MELLOTT "Idle" January 25-Commercial Likes sports - WVAM Hayride -- "The Gods Were Angry" -- scalloped potatoes andsundaes - heavy weight champion -- Freshman Chorus 1 -- Mushball l, 2, 3, 4 -- Inter-class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Track 1, 2, 3. We all must admit that this lass, Is the star athlete of our class. FLEETA CLAIRE MENTZER "Fleetwing" September 22-Commercial Musically talented - likes sports - chocolate pie - "Thine Alone" -- needlework - Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 - Band 1, 2, 3, 4 - Freshman Chor- us 1 - Inter-class Basketball 3, 4 - Operetta 2 - Glee Club 2 4- Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Mischieoious, wttty, and full of pep, As a sfhool teacher sheld be in step. LOIS IMOGENE METZKER , "Pm A jean" July 27-General Likes basketball - nurse - sleeping - "Because" - chemistry -- Italian spaghetti and meat sauce -- Track 1, 2, 3, 4 - County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 -- County Chorus 3, 4 -Band l, Z. 3, 4 - Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 - District Band 4 - Inter-class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Mushball 1, 2, 3, 4 - Oper- etta 3, 4- Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. This beautiful girl is one whose sweet grace, Shines forth in herdeeds as it does in her fare. RICHARDB LEE METZLER "Dick" February 8-Agriculture Hardworker - hamburgers and french fries with butterscotch sundae for desert - always neat - drives new Buick - leadeship - F. F, A. 1, 2, 3 Inter-c'ass Basketball 1, 2, 3 - Inter-class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 - Varsity Basketball 4. A handsome guy. believe us mister, We girls are glad we're not his sister. HELEN GENEVIEVE MOHR "jenny W ren" February 24--Home EC. Usually in Martinsburg - likes sports and a loyal supporter of the team - drives a car or truck with the daringless of a man - likes spaghetti with meat balls - "My Darling" -Freshman Chorus 1 - Track 1 3 4 -L Softball -1, 2, 3, 4 - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Gfee Club 2. ' ' Generous. kind and full of fun, Genemeve is one who can't be out done. JOHN ELWOOD RITCHEY "Sanker" ' September 23-Agriculture A 3 Y "Buttons and Bows" - mashed potatoes and steak" - likes to drive truck - proud of everything -- Varsity Basketball 3, 4 - Cheerleader 1 - F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 - Inter-class Basketball 1, 2 - Inter-class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Junior Varsity 2. , - He is always shining in basketball, - Where he took many a nasty fall. VIRGINIA RUTH ROYER flGinny5, I May 17-Commercial Macaroni and cheese - proud of trinkets and jewelry - "Pussy Cat Song" - basketball -- pleasing personality - Glee Club 2 -Mixed Chorus 4 - Operetta 2 -- Freshman Chorus 1 - Pine Crest 4. A jolly girl among-senior faces, Ginny is one girl whois going places. DONALD CLAIR RUSSELL ' rrspeedn March 9--Agriculture h "Lavender Blue" - beef steak -- celery -- likes any kind of sports - proud of "Fords" -- Junior Varsity Basketball 2 - Varsity Basketball 3, 4 - Pennsylvania Dairy Judging Team at Springfield, Massachusetts, September 1947 - Pennsylvania Delegate of Purina Mills at St. Louis, Missouri, December 1948. A friend who always will be true One who will do anything for you. JOE -BRADE SHIRK "Knol2by" I June 26-Commercial Wants to be a business man - "Somebody Else" - found at home -- prefers black Chevrolets - Inter-class Baseball, Basketball and Track 1, 2, 3, 4. He's a popular' guy, we like him so, We wish you loads of success, foe. MARY' Lois SHRIVER Loi-YI! March 5-Commercial I , Scalloped potatoes - "You, You, Youl' - get a job - quiet-- studious -- Freshman Chorus 1. Once you know her, you'll never forget, But always call it an acquaintance well met. , -vi '-hw Q ws," ' v Hr. ' 4 ., , ' K . .W , . 1 PATRICIA ELEANOR NIXON ffPat:D June 30-Commercial Riding around in one certain Pontiac - hamburgers and french fries -- "A B C's of Love" -- complaints about winter weather - pleasant person- ality - Softball 1, 2 - Freshman Chorus 1 - Glee Club 2 - Science Club 2 - Pine Whispers 3 -Mixed Chorus 4. V She'.v from Piney Creek, and full of cheer, Spreading sunshine throughout the year. BETTY JEAN PHEASANT "Bett.v', February 17-Home Ec Sports fan - anything good -- "How Soon" - her man - office dental work - loves to travel - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Track 2, 3, 4 - Mixed ghogus 4 - Inter-class Basketball 2, 3, 4 - Freshman Chorus 1 - Glee lu . - A cheerful student is Betty jean, A She' neither rude nor is .she mean. GEORGE KENTON POLLARD I ffKempJ! May I2-Commercial Rollerskating - likes sports -- "A Little Bird Told Me" - Shorthand -- Inter-class Basketball 1, 2, 3 -- Inter-class Baseball l, 2, 3. He's a little guy, in fact quite Jmall, But when you're a Senior, don't matter at all. LOIS ANN RENKER ' "Loir Ann" February 14--Commercial Steak and french fries - "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" - live in trailer - speed typist - Science Club 2 - Freshman Chorus l' - Mixed Chorus 4 - Pine Whispers 3 - Gfee Club 2 - Inter-class Basket- ball 2, 3, 4 - Inter-class Mushball 2, 3, 4 - Operetta 2. . T'will be a very lucky man, Who'.r lucky enough to win Lois Ann. RUTH EVELYN RHODES "Ruthie" October 12-General Pleasing personality - laudable - future beautician - Band l, 2, 3, 4,- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 - Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 - Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Oper- etta 3, 4 - Track 1, 3, 4 - Yearbook editor -- District Band 3, 4 -- District Chorus 3, 4 -- District Orchestra 4 - County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 - County Chorus 3, 4. I An active girl, ir' this little lass, A real contribution to the Senior Clary. EDNA GERALDINE SMELTZER "Ednie" A M it A A January 27-Commercial Likes sports -- french fries -- sleeping 4 "Bouquet of Roses" - small featured -4- 'beantician - Musselman's Grove - a mind of her own -- Freshman Chorus I - Glee Club 2 - Inter-class Softball 1, 2. Small in Jtature, but not in mind, Gentle, loving, and especially kind. ALICE EVELYN SNYDER "Sueezy" A September 29-Home EC. I Active in 'sports - bananas - beautician - sleep - "My Darling, My Darlin " - 'Penn Mar - F. H. A. 1 2 3 4 -- Track 1, 3, 4 - Basket- g . 7 7 3 ball 1, Z - Softball 1, 2, 3-, 4. , A Her popularity will never end, W e're glad to hafve her for a friend. CARMON ELLIS SOLLENBERGER flsollyfi . August 30-Academic Sleep -- fried oysters -- to -college - found, at home - likes -sports -- "Bouquet of Roses" - Inter-class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Inter-class Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Mixed Chorus 4. . ' Carman is nobody? fool, Heir surely proud of our Jchool. MARLIORIE HELEN STONERAOOK . . "Marge" , a October 21-Home Ec. p A - ' i Basketball - skating and ping pong - cherry sundaes - mess around -- undecided - Penn Mar - "My Darling, My Darling? - hails from Hen- rietta - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. . A- - , V A Mix: of quite a different grace, . Who Jet: the.d1:he.v'at.a merry pace. DORA ELEANOR TALBERT "Bean" it May 21-Home Ec. "Far Away Places" - sauerkraut -- tormenting the teachers - basketball -- airline hostess -- proud of herself - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3. The one uho har a charm all her own, Which makes itself to other: known. CHARLES LLOYD WHETSTONE "Clza1'lie'U December 1-Academic '4Deep Purplew - spaghetti and meat balls - to college - vibraharp -- photographer - Seence Club 2 - Track 4 - Cheerleader 1 - Nlixed. Chorus 3, 4 - County Chorus 4. All our admiration, he har run, Hefr full of pep and lot: of fun. JOHN KENNETH WILSON "Ken" February 7 - Academic Thourhtful - creative mind -- apple pie - professional musician -- Science Club l. 2 - Band and Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 4 - Operetta and Chor- us 3, 4 -Pire Whispers 3, 4 - County, District and State Chorus 3, 4 - County Band 2, 3. 4 - District and State Orchestra 4. C116 rclmfv boumzl for fame among men, A rea! top guy :J our Ken. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS "t"f'G 'swf' CLASS COLURS: CLASS IPLIDYYEIIS Gold and While Yellow Rose ITLASS Rlll'l'T0: Build for Character--not for fame 1948 unior and Senior anquet us- .- 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 in 1 n- 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 un 1 -n 1 1 1 1 1 nn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 up - .- an - 1- -i 1 - - un 1 - an 1 1 nn 1 - 1 1 - 1 - - 1 1 1 an .- - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - - , 1 - 1 an 1 - 1 1 1 .- Q - -. 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 an '- 1 1 an 1 - - 1 1 - 1 - Q 1 1 1 1 an 1- 1 - On April 30, 1948, our class entertained the Seniors at the annual junior-Senior Banquet. The auditorium was elaborately decorated, the Junior class having spent many after-school hours perfecting the "Dutch Theme" setting. A red rose, their class flower, was presented to each of the Seniors upon arrival by the reception committee. Kenneth Wilson, Junior class president, warmly welcomed the students, faculty, and guests. Richard Metzler, acting as toastmaster, added fun and jokes to the well-planned dinner. The baked ham dinner was served expertly by the Sopho- mores under the direction of Mrs. Points. Short speeches of farewell to the Senior class were given by the faculty. The evening's entertainment was presented by the Juniors in the form of readings, a one-act play, musical selections, and a special song composed for the graduating class. The delightful evening, always a memorable one to the Seniors, was drawn to a close by a sincere speech from the senior class president, Freda Wineland, and the singing of the Alma Mater. , Pine Crest Staff Richard Kletzler Ifdna Srne'tzer .. Dzxvitl Keithfy .. Louise Chipper . ., Xlifclred Longeneclter Imogene Metzker .. Arlene Ayers .... Keith Kensinger .... .... Nlztry Lois Shriver .. Xlztrjorie Stonerooli . . . . , . Lois Reneker . . . Virginia Royer .... Yirginia Crisswell .. Pauline Keith lfzteulty Advisor . .. MANAGING IQDITORS Ruth Rhodes ...,... l3I'SINliSS HISTORY . Charles Xlhetstonc NI'IIl,IiTICS Paul Imes I..I'I'I'lRARY . Dora 'llalbert .. joe Detwiler . . . . Kenneth Vlvilson .... JXLIIMXI Dorothy Dick .. TYPIXG A RT Kenneth Kensinger ,.... Ida Xlellott . . . . John Iidwartls Betty Pheasant .... Shirley Hamilton Nice Snyder ..... Patricia Nixon ... . . . Genevieve Mohr .. Carmon Sollenherger Lorraine Dztughenhztugli ........ .lean Dick .... Fleeta hlentzer .. . Patrieizt Dodson ........ Alanice Keithly . A. Iiminert Fretleriek Name Favorite Expressions Ayers, Arlene B. Ayers, Robert E. Banks, Russell Baughrnan, Merle Bishop, Robert Brumbaugh, John Butler, John Clapper, Louise Criswell, Virginia Daughenbaugh, Lorraine Detwiler, Joseph Dick, Dorothy Dick, Jean Dodson, Patricia Edwards, John Evans, Llwellyn Hamilton, Shirley Hoover, Robert Imes, Paul Keith, Pauline Keithley, David Keithley, Janice Kensinger, Keith Kensinger, Kenneth Longenecker, Mildred Mellott, Ida Mentzer, Fleeta Metzker, Imogene Metzler, Richard lVIohr, Genevieve Nixon, Patricia Pheasant, Betty Pollard, Kenton Reneker, Lois Rhodes, Ruth Ritchey, John Royer, Virginia Russell, Donald Shirk, Joe Shriver, Mary Lois Smeltzer, Edna Snyder, Alice Sollenberger, Carmon Stonerook, hfiarjorie Tafbert, Dora VVhetstone, Charles Wilson, Kenneth You're crazy You shoat Don't know Pm going home -W!-E-f!f!?! Listen to me I beg you're pardon- You'll get a kick out of Fiddle-sticks Oh, you Yes, Sen-or-ita You dog Is it beautiful VVell, what if I do O. K. Brainless Rough For corn's sake Howdy partner Letis get on the ball Ah! Heck Catch-em- It's raining cats and dogs Just checkin' Good gravy Of all things You kill me Isn't that cute Heavenly days I'll be dad-blamed Holy cow Oh! You I don't know Don't Heavens W'ell, what do you Want How are you doing Oh, my gosh INIan, Oh! Man Oh! I don't know Good Morning Go jump in the lake It don't matter to me Chicken Oh, ain't that cute Jeepers I'm not kidding A five-cent nickel that Chief Sin Being quiet Looking Dense Sleeping Studying Red Marks Looking Innocent Blushing Talking Acting Tough Always on the go Public Speaking Shocks Dean Red Mercury Visiting the dentist Over-working Combing her curls Missing -school bus Assemb7y sleeper Working Noisy Sun-bathing Kissing the playcast Ability to get into trouble Getting excited Wearing flowers Shrill shrieking Flirting Swing the gavel Doubting people Exactness Eating Olives Tickling Shirk Writing Notes Clarinet Good times Day dreaming Hooking celery Butchering Getting scared Man hater Eating bananas Borrowing car Skating rink Loafing Speeditis Sour notes p Need Recognition Heighth Hair net New front wheel Lasso Girl friend Driver's license Feminine voice More muscles A lace hankie A large hat A sunflower To grow Marriage license Horse and buggy Dictation Cook book A blonde A crate of apple: A chauffeur A bigger tractor Freckle cream A farm A kit of pills A farmer Streetcar to Bedford More new words Nurse's cap More money A pair of stilts Pair of skis Grand ribbon champion A quart of gas A life partner Taming T ruant officer An alarm clock More teachers to annoy Revised vocabulary More temper High heels More imitations To recite Tricycle New headlight Nerve pills A college education Pa time Swimming Eating Selling Magazines Fishing Telling stories Sports Radio fan Dating Reading Hiking Shaving turtles Running around Hospital waitress Making fudge Gums it Tug-o-war Driving a Plymouth Hillbilly musician Avoiding study hall Staying at home Over-sleeping Working in R. S. Arguing Roaming the halls Marketing Smiling Naming cats Dipping ice cream Flying an airplane Roller skating Shorthanding Tomato battles Shorthand fiend Washing dishes Cheating the judge Fumbling ball D Writing letters Crossing bridges Tales of Henrietta Riding bicycle Visiting neighbors Running for bus Debating Cleaning house NVriting poetry Harnrnering music Keeping time Class History Vsff .sv A class of 63 cute Freshmen entered M. C. H. S. in September, 1945. We were a class of little strangers with smiling faces, but it was only a short time until we became acquainted with our 'classmates and the many activities ofthe school. We held two gala parties during the year. V September 1946 a class of 57 "softies" returned feeling full of pep and very industrious. We held tvvo-parties during the year. Our first party was a "hay-ride", the real beginning of our class spirit in our high school career. Our boysedefeated the other classes in intra-mural basketball. September 1947, ai class of 55 'fstudiousv Juniors paraded to M. C. H. S. for another successful year. Two memorable parties were enjoyed. During the first semester the class received their rings. Our girls defeated the other classes in intra-mural basketball. The main event of the year was the Junior-Senior Banquet held April 30th. After having spent many hours of hard labor we were proud to boast the nicest banquet ever to be held in the school. September' 1948, 47 Seniors joyfully assembled to complete their final year of school.' On October 7 the inter-class track meet was held. True to the Senior tradition, the 49,ers were vic- torious. A V The Senior Class Play, "ML justice Jimmy" was held November 12 and 13 under the direction of Nlr. Sidney Eboch. Following in the footsteps of the class of ,48, we are proud to issue a bigger and better Pine Crest. This is the fourth' edition of a yearbook from Cove High. In May the Junior-Senior Banquet was held. It was enjoyed very much by everyone. The most important event of the Senior year was the 3 day educational trip to Washington. For each of the' Seniors, it was the most cherished and memorable three-day vacation of their lives. Mr. Justice Jimmy On Friday and Saturday nights, November I4 and 15, 1948, the climax of many weeks hard work came as the play was presented, Under the direction of Mr. Sidney Eboch, the play' became like a real home scene, which was well accepted by the audience. jimmy Calverton and his friends of the debating team got mixed up with a crime and its solution. It takes the dunce of the team to bring the successful solution to the case. Fun and laughter was found through the entire play. K The stage setting used for the play was constructed by Mr. Hoyt and tickets were handled by Mr. Lindsay. The Cast was as follows: CU Della-The family maid who had a solution for everything, Virginia Criswell Q23 jimmy Calverton-Head of the debate team and active high school boy, Keith Kensinger C35 James Calverton, Sr.-Father and District Attorney, Charles Wlhetstone Q4-J Mrs. Calverton--Kindly, faithful and determined wife and mother, Patricia Dodson CSD Bea Calverton-Baby of family who loved to do imitations and help her brother, Alice Snyder 16D Kit Calverton--Young daughter who attracted men, Imogene hffetzker UD Harry Knapp--The villian who couldnft get away, Richard Metzler CSD Allen Roberts--Unlucky man till team was successful, Don Russell 195 Sheriff Welheim-Faithful man of justice, John Edwards C102 Lelia Sellon-Beautiful but dumb team member, Fleeta Mentzer fllj Jane Thomas--Faithful member of the group, Betty Pheasant CIZD Peter Day-Intelligentia of the debaters, Joe Detwiler. Senior Class Prophecy 've sv It is now the year 1969, and we are gazing into the crystal ball. l. Arlene Ayers: Now married and is very happy. 2. Robert Ayers: Still hanging around Henrietta looking for prospects among the eligible young girls. 3. Russell Banks: Now runs a successful hair-dressing establishment for men in which John Butler and Robert Bishop are seen quite frequently. 4. Kenneth Kensinger: Dropped out of medical school at a very early date, secured a good com- mercial job and is campaigning for the presidency of the United States. i S. Merle Baughman: Is now driving a truck for Pete Smith, and makes regular deliveries to Cove High. 6. Robert Bishop: Is foreman of a big horse-ranch in Arizona. Bob always did believe in the state- -ment "Go West, Young Man, Go West." 7. John Brumbaugh: This man is known today as the "First man of American Baseball," having served with the Brookfyn Dodgers for 5 successive terms. He is expected to break Babe Ruth's record for home runs. 8. John Butler: Has worked himself up in the National Guard until he is now Captain of the Altoona division, Company C. O. V. E. 9. Louise Clapper: Currently starring at the Metropolitan Opera. On the side she is a baby sitter. 10. Virginiaigriswpllz Marriage interrupted her career as a nurse. She held the position of Superin- tendent of Nursfisiidiithe Canine Hospital. - 11. LorraiQngQDautghenbaugh:' Is digctor of Girls' Physical Education in the newly organized Central Beaverhollow 'Sliow.35'f'i1.. ' 'jj ' T'jf.Q1': N 12. Joe Detwiler: With radio television as a medium, has completely replaced "Dagwood" in the Beaverhollow Show. . , M , 5.32 iv- V iQ - sag I - -f 13. jean Dick: Today after almost twenty years of courtshipfi spliced with Dean Walters. Who is doing the splicing? Why its none other than David Keithly. Robert Hoover is the best man. 14. Patricia Dodson: On the Sands of the Sahara, stands a little cottage in which Patricia Dodson and Florence Beach are living happily. On the side they run a service station for camels. 15. John Edwards and Llwellyn Evans: The Mutt and Jeff duo of M. C. H. S. are now owners of the largest poultry farm in the world, which produces more than a million eggs per day. 16. Shirley Hamilton: Is an dd maid school teacher in the local grades, having replaced Mrs. Points. She is doing good work, and is assisted by the janitor, Keith Kensinger. 17. Robert Hoover: Much to my surprise, is traveling around the world in a 20-foot sailboat. Al- though making millions on the stock market, he remains a confirmed bachelor. 18. Paul Imes: VVith the aid of Janice Keithley is writing .a book, entitled "Mr, Lindsey's Life in the Army", 19. David Keithley: Has been recently elected state senator. They say he can "spell-bind" them. 20. Keith Kensinger: Is running a training school for dogs. His specialty is bull-dogs. 21. Mildred Longenecker: Is at Penn State. WVe saw the Girls' Basketball Squad preparing for a game and she was their coach. 22. VVhen I went to see the circus yesterday who should I see but Kenton Pollard. He's the giant in the show. QI bet he uses stilts.J 23. Dora Talbert: Is advertising Dora's Red Dramatic Lipstick. 24. Carmon Sollenberger: Is an elevator boy in Gambel's Women's Shop in Curryville. fGoing Up?J 25. In the local grade schools, we have Genevieve Mohr giving some of her knowledge to the young- er generation. 26. Patricia Nixon: Swings rolling pins when her husband comes. I was told that Darold has had a black eye for two whole weeks. 27. While looking through Henrietta's Noteworthy Daily, I noticed the wedding announcement of Lois Reneker. She will be happy. 28. Ida Mellott: Has won fame as the originator of the Eighty-Third Amendment for the pro- hibition of chewing gum. CPity the P. O. D. studentsj 29. Fleeta Mentzer: Is making a new picture in Hollywood. CHer talent was finally discoveredj 30. A new factory was erected at Bassler's Station, Richard Metzler is manufacturing Skyline Rockets for the local air field. .. 31. The crystal takes nie to a dense forest and here I find John Ritchey, now one of the most re- nowned hunters in the state. His co'lect1on ranges from mounted snake heads to full size stuffed bears. 32. Joe Shirk: Brade is the "Bearded Ladyn i.1 the Ritchey and Brumbaugh circus. We hear he has the top spot on the show. 33. Imogene Metzker: Is still trailing the famous trumpet player. 34. Mary Lois Shriver: Is working as an undertaker's assistant. She says she will make a career of it. 35. Alice Snyder: Is visiting President Newman 's grand children this week. She still canlt understand how the Duplicrats stayed in office for 20 more years. . 36. Marjorie Stonerook: Was in town yesterday with her husband and lovely children. They look like they are real happy but I'll bet they have their occasional spats. 37. Janice Keithley: Is running a millinery, specializing in "Goofy Goony Gaudy Women's Hats for 1969." 38. Ruth Rhodes: Was appointed by President Mary Lois Shriver as the first Woman to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 39. Charles Whetstone: Is appearing ona paid assembly program at Cove High where he will pre- sent a viliraharp musical program. 40. Kenneth Wilson: Is now director of the Neopolice Opera and two of his star singers are none other than the siamese twins Alice Snyder and Marjorie Stonerook. 41. Pauline Keith: Certainly gave us a jolt too. She is doing the latest acrobatics. 42. Virginia Royer: Is driving the school bus on the Bakers Summit route. She says the job will give her an opportunity to meet new men. 43. Edna Smeltzer's picture heads a two column write-up in 4'The Pittsburgh Moon Television" this week. She is one of those society dames now, 44. Donald Russell: Now-owns his own farm and is making a good profit from it. Don thinks he can retire in a few years. 45. Betty Pheasant. Is getting her trousseau ready. She and Don expect to be married soon. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, DO SOLEMNLY AFFIRM THAT THE ABOVE STATEMENTS ARE AS DEFINITE AND TRUE AS OUR JADED IMAGINATIONS WILL PERMIT. Kenneth Wilson--Manager of the Ancient and Honorable Clothing House of Solomon Levi, Martins- burg. Betty Pheasant-Head instructor of the new course "Whispcring,,' recently introduced in the Univer- sity of Hardknocks, Clover Creek. john Butler-Bond salesman for Seekem and Sellem, Brokers, Plum Creek. C ass Yill -a Our class, having marred very few desks, seldom obstructing the halls, and having never thrown any teachers out, shall soon pass through the doors where we came in four years hence. To you who are still engaged in the Work which we did not finish, we will everything with which we do not wish to part To: I The School Board we will our best wishes. The Sophomores, We will our intelligence. The Freshmen we will all our chewing gum found in the waste paper baskets. The Cafeteria we will our empty trays. Mr. Shaffer-a study hall that needs no attention. Mr. Lindsey--a house-building course. hir. Eboch--an annual donation of Kleenex. Mrs. Nlartz-a microscope for Biology Class. - Mrs. Points-a bushel of potatoes. Mr. Fisher-an album of hillbilly music. Mr. Bechtel-a mule to pull his plow. Mr. Hoyt-a pair of elevator shoes. Mr. Furrer-Snarlgrass' ability to referee a basket-ball game. Miss Spencer-new typewriters. lVIr. Frederick-a better Junior Class than the class of '49 Cimpossiblej. Mr. Rock-all the paper under the lockers. Eugene Detwiler-Arlene Ayer's record of good conduct. George Pote-Robert Ayer's ability to do shorthand. Laura Carper-Russell Bank's "natural waves". Doris Beach-Merl Baughman's report card. Evelyn Bush-Robert Bishop's cowboy boots. . , Betty Kensinger-John Brumbaugh's "love of mischief". Kermit Miller-john Butler's cuteness. Fred Dodson-Louise Clapper's gift of gab. U Rex Hcetcr-The power of Virginia Crisswell's,throwing arm. Sara Carper-Lorraine Daughenbaugh's giggles. Nlary jane Keith-Joe Detwifer's talent of making speeches. Dorothy Brumbaugh--Dorothy Dickis new Nash. Patty Wineland-jean Dick's diamond ring. Byron Grubb-Patricia Dodson's bobby pins. Anna Lois Longenecker-John Edward's ability to sell magazines. Cora Ritchey-Llwellyn Evan's Rice Krispies diet. Alvin Ayers-Shirley Hamilton's bushy hair. Esther Smith-Robert Hoover's place in front of the candy boxes. Kathryn Russell--Paul Imes' library of pocket books. Twila Dick-Pauline Keith's ability to milk cows. Pauline Wisor-David Keithley's bashfulness. Mary Ella Hoover-Janice Keithley's, tall, dark and handsome man. Edna Claar-Keith Kensinger's P. O. D. recitations. Audrey Swartz-Kenneth Kensinger's squeaky fiddle, Joyce Dick-Mildred Longenecker's flightiness. jack Claar-Ida Mellott's spectacles. john Lee Bender-Fleeta Mentzer's red hair. Gerald Robinette-Imogene Metzker's constant calmness. Audrey Kensinger-Richard Metzler's position as president. Dale Smith- We give Genevieve lVlohr's superfluous height. klerl Hess-Patricia Nixon's school girl complexion. John Ormsby-Betty Pheasant's ability to cook. jean Kauffman-Kenton Pollardis muscles. Robert Summers-Lois Reneker's soberness. Lee Cornelius-Ruth Rhodes, cheerleading outfit. Ethel Glass-.lohn Ritchey's big shoes. Robert Bridenbaugh-Virginia Royerls accuracy in typing. Robert and Richard Smith-Donald Russell's brotherly love. Marie Helsel-Joe Shirk's forwardness. Dave Querry-Mary Lois Shriver's quiet manners. Arnold Hoover-Edna Smeltzer's curly hair. Donald Brumbaugh-Alice Snyderfs Pepsodent smile. Shirley Smith-Carmon Sollenberger's masculine walk. Shirley Slick-Marjorie Stonerook's skill in passing notes, Darlene Metzler-Dora Talbert's bangs. Vada Bouslough-Charles Whetstone's luxurious automobile. Roberta Brown-Kenneth Wilson's musical harmony. To all our Cove High Predecessors we will the privilege of feeding us at the Alumni Picnic. Having been witnessed by ten people whose names do not appear below and having been written against the will of our class, by four lawyers and nine morons, this will becomes effective as of the day before yesterday. SIGNED THE '49-ers By joe Detwiler Society Chairman Do You Remember Wvhen? l lsilri i diiianr i 'hrough the doors in '45, We thought it mighty fine, We didn't know 'twould be so sad To go out those doors in '49. Years from now as we grow old, VVe'll glance back through the years We'll look at each other, smile and say, "Do you remember when?" and th en "Do you remember whenfv welll say, As we reminisce in our rockers, How proud We were in '45. lVhen they gave us our lirst lockers. VVe,ll remember all our ball games, As we stretch our aching joints, How we'd console ourselves and say, "Oh welll they only won by Z0 points." What angels we were in study halls, So quiet and serene, We were the teacher's pride and joy, Until he left the scene. Remember the school upon the hill We were so carefree then, Many times we'll look back and say "Do you remember when?" --DORA TALBERT 4 9-ers Now 49-ers Then Senior f gm, A ..,. ,I ,bla Baby Picture Identification W Carmon Sollenberger Lois Reneker Dora Talbert Virginia Criswell Edna Smeltz:r Russell Banks Merle Baughman John Butler Genevieve Mohr Lorraine Daughenbaugh Imogene Metzker Ruth Rhodes Marjorie Stonerook Ida Mellott Robert Hoover Donald Russell Robeff Ayers Keith-Kenneth Kensinger Dorothy Dick Robert Bishop Kenton Pollard Mildred Longenecker Patricia Nixon Arlene Ayers Mary Lois Shriver Vlrglnla Royer JOE Defwilef Betty Pheasant .lean Dlck Pauline Keith John Brumbough Fleeta Mentzer Charles Whetstone Shirley Hamilton .loc Shlfk Janice Keithley Louise Clappef David Keithley Kenneth VVilson f 1 i,.4i 2 A --:- fi. ' 'f:f:i:f:1:l:1:1:f:'A" ji: ,.."" 75' ., . ff '35 sEaiz?1f" if 1 " " 4 3 , IA- Q. 't" to Zi, "liao ' . ,.. i1.1.i. 151',-1-tftfi-31:71-I':5:2'2Zg1g J . ..- ,.... 4 , ga:-:fs rzrprssz-1-if' , MU MW' X, , lm' 112' RWL mi Uv QF W1 P 5 r A eh qi? I nw 5 EH lil' Tri W J! r L , 1 w in "ww VP FW Jiw 5. ,W 31 ull' M, in 1 94 'Viz wg vw is W, 41, :HL W ,, if f, ,if iv' w Qiy ,QQ :W h" L , .w 4. ,H Ji, My Jw IJ' 54 Wa ww! fi ,UT nu uf W 155 Wa Bii ' I jj al? Fi M CH W NMMA'3E.W'1'Tl?'WUW'Wil11I4!W'd1'1u',11'I11 w1',,f" 1'!I'v""" " M"'U""W'13'I"1""4' "" ' w , 1 W'1' ''1J"WI"W:3J5"mm:WW'11'wm!'u'W,',MM11'h'E!N"""'1ui'FU11N!? OTHER CLASSES '. n r' n '- FE V " X fi X bu t xx. N X V1 W A R X " - f T ' J , X 1 E , ' x. f f'C' u .r ' - 1. gif-i I, ' 'qi N ,s 'H ' KN KA - " if ' A 'f L ' In , X 'I Q- N i st 41 Y I l I Vw. ' ll I ' y,'4 s I mai x J, I K gl f' -- JU IDRS -- ROW I Joyce Dick Nfary Jane Keith Ethel Class Maryella Hoover Audrey Kensinger Betty Kensinger Vada Bouslough Sarah Carper Doris Beach Juniors Row II Fred Dodson Alvin Ayers Lee Cornelius Robert Bridenbaugh Evelyn Bush Arnold Hoover Nlerle Hess Byron Grubb Rex Heeter ROW III Jean Kauffman Edna Claar Donald Brumbaugh John Bender jack Claar Eugene Detwiler Roberta Brown Dorothy Brumbaugh V34 4 Junior Class History In September, 1946, we as a group of Freshman descended from the school bus and wandered into lower Study Hall to begin our Freshman year. VVe were greeted by Mr. Stoudnour and Mr. Shaffer. We then met our class advisors, Mrs. Burchfield and Mr. Eboch. Our ,46-'47 term began with 69 members. During that school year we lost seven members, with no new ones enrofled. We ended a. successful year with 62 members. -- JU IOBS ei-- Juniors ROW 1 ROW II Mildred Umbower Dale Smith Patty Vilineland Shirley Slick Shirley Smith Anna Lois Longencker Kathryn Russell Ardrey Swartz Esther Smith Pauline Wisor Cora Ritchey Richard Smith Robert Smith Robert Summers George Pote John Ormsby Darlene INfIetzler Gerald Robinette l ROW III Kermit Miller David Querry Harry Long In September 1947 we met again as a group of joyful Sophomores with Mrs. Martz and Mr. Bechtel as class sponsors. We had an enrollment of 63. During the year seven new members were greeted. As a class of jolly juniors We greeted our class advisors, Miss Spencer and Mr. Frederick. VVC be 'ln the year with an enrollment of 55 members and lost seven. Vile are looking forward to our Senior year AUDREY KENSINGIQR Secretary '49 -- SOPHOMORES -- ROVV I Alice Kanode Louella Dick Betty Kensinger Nancy Ebersole Shirley Drake Alice Pearle Closson ROW IV Carl Baughman Willard Hall Wilbert Banks Ronald Ayers Warren Grubb Sophomorcs ROW II Inez Helsel Dorothy Caldwell jean Kiethley Betty Ann Kensingcr Gladys lNfIae Kagarise Helen Brumbaugh Kathleen Butler John Richard Hoover .g. ROW III Kathleen Detwiler Naomi Biddle Martha Holsinger Marjorie Helsel Mary Hollopeter ROW V WVilliarn Dilling Byron Daughenbaugh Russell Beers joe Hinish Donald Brumbaugh Charles Baughman Sophomore Class History History repeats itself, but our class did not, for during our freshman year and the summer vacation we lost eight comrades and gained two, leaving 56 pupils for the beginning of this year. We excelled our past record and advanced to room 25 as sophisticated sophomores. -- SOPHOMORES -- ROW 1 Flora jean Provins VVanda IXf'Iiller Peggy Ann lXIocl-1 Margaret Smith Ruth Lingenfelter hIarlene Slick Nadine Block Fourth Row: Benjamin Smith Longenecker. VVC gained an average of two ZOUW and our ability to find our in school activities stands second to Sophomores ROW II Grace Metzker Vera Smith Aldine Nicodemus Mary Pheasant Anna Lee Over Betty Metzker ROW III Wilfred Smith Betty WVyland Rodger Quarry Dick Snyder Merle Lamborn Darlene Noland , Robert Pheasant, Donald VVhite, Donald Nixon, James Lewis lXIarhn pounds and extended our heighth proportionately, Our class spirit rose way about the school, associate with the other students and participate DOHC. The following officers were elected and served our Sophomore year. President-Peggy Smith Nice President-Vl'illiam Dillingg Secretary-Kathleen Butlerg 'l'reasurer-Anna Lee Over. Two parties were scheduled Feb. 17th and April Zlst. We as Sophomores havelt made exciting his tory, but are looking forward to the activities of our junior year. Ii ATH LEEN B LTTLLR Secretary -- FRESHME -- ROW I Richard Dick james Kennedy Donna lvlaxine Kensinger joan Adams Nliriam Bush hflary .lane Bridenbaugh liunice Feather Donna Joyce Kensinger Pearl Dilling Dorothy Feathers Lydia Mae Ayers Sylvia Ayers Jean Glass Freshmen ROW II Robert Hoover Lloyd Acker john Dollar Theodore Dick Dean Fortney Ruth Burket Marjorie Carper- Bonnie Brumbaugh Delores Allison Nlargaret Dilling Janet Campbell Patricia Kennedy Q LMA J ROW III Riley Brown Robert Burket Herbert Houp Wilfred Grubb Elmer Keith Clair Brumbaugh john Keith Janet Brumbaugh Ruth Evans La Rue Dilling Jean Brumbaugh Freshmen Class History VVe Freshies haven't had much time to make a history for ourselves. Our class officers are, President Shirley Smithg Vice-President, Victor Stoltzfusg Secretary, Janet Nickumg Treasurer, Frank Ritchey In the track meet the only first place We took was with Sylvia Ayers winning the girls softball hittinv Although we came out on the bottom this year, we expect to have our name on the trophy cup in 1 few years. -- FRESHINIE .. ROW I Betty Lou Nicodemus .lean McCaully Doris Stonerook Shirley hletzler .lanet Nickum Shirley Smith Gladys Rhodes Donna Shaw Francis Miller Betty Lou Smith Clenna Ross Billy Pollard Freshmen ROW II Victor Stoltzfus Russell Vlalters VVayne Summers Herbert Summers Paul Noland .lohn Smith Frank Ritchey Bruce Whalen Ray Leach Donald Smith Roger Smith ROW II I Howard Strobert hlary Ann Over Byron Reffner james Wentz Dean Smith lilwood Rhodes Gerald Pheasant Kenneth Rhodes Fred Phillips Fred Thompson Clayton Shriver At the Hallowe'en party We were well represented, Shirley Smith won the prize for being the u licst We also won the hoop jumping contest, but we realize Welre not as tall and wide as the upper clissmen Our Freshmen girls Went to town on the soft ball diamond by Winning the first cycle. We will do CVCI1 lJClKCl' HCXI yeaf. XYQ hope the class of l53 is as cordially treated when they enter Cove High as we have been -IANICT NICRI M Secretary r'::7G l Days : ACTIVITIES 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . :- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ru -. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 ' 5 V V ',. V -.l 1' Q Y ff' .,-sn M 1' I1 1.5 J-'if' rf dj" V ug, 'gygqff' A 4, 3, '-4 " 1' 'Y' ' ki ' 57' 'h ,Q df u' I x y: fl--. - , L - , , ,- ,if M, , -wi? x - X5 5 . ,' 5- f , ' -A92 N ff '45 2' inf 0 vu 5 4 1 ,H F741 ws? I 6- AJ Varsity A new era in basketball opened for Nforrison Cove when the team of 1948-49 closed the luniata Valley League season with a record of 6 wins and 8 losses. VVe make this prediction lvecausc of the great improvement in percentage of games Won over the former year. After tying for C-class title by'winning the first cycle of play We lost a close 31-26 play- off game to VVilliamsburg, Winners of the second cycle. Junior Varsity Freshmen nter-class Sports 'fe ov The first inter-class event to start off the scnool year was our annual track-meet. The victors were the Seniors and are proud to have their numerals on the trophy cup. Following is a summary of 41-48 track-meet scores: Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 1941 1942 som 4 sz 1943 96 Kg 1944 1945 92 sm 1946 1947 1948 1949 78 8456 77 ? sm I 21 seg 28 3223 35 sm n ny, 2 3973 3 1 20 55 X 29 37 24 31 IA D ? 7 17 13 16 21 39 25 18 ? 1 Last year, the first inter-class basketball games for girls proved very successful, and was continued this year. The girls were coached by Mrs. Martz and cheered on by their fellow classmates. Mr. Furrer and Miss Spencer officiated the games, which they seemed to enjoy very much. Summary of Girls Basketball Seniors ......... Seniors . . . Seniors . . . Juniors . . . Juniors . . . Sophomores ............ 36 .. 12 24 22 27 12 Juniors ..... . . S Sophomores . . . . . 4 Freshmen . . . . . 16 Sophomores . . . . . 5 Freshmen . . . . . . 13 Freshmen ........ .... l 4 The boys who were not on the Varsity or Jay-Vees were eligible to play on the .inter-class basket- ball teams. They were coached by members in their class who played on the Varslty and jay-Yees. The games were splendidly played and everyone enjoyed them very much. The victors were the Seniors. Summary oi Boys Basketball Seniors ......... Seniors . . . Seniors .... Juniors . . . Juniors . . . Sophomores ............ 14 24 42 . . 17 40 23 Juniors ..... . . 15 Sophomores . . . . . . . 18 Freshmen . . . . . S Sophomores . . . . . . 11 Freshmen . . . . . 8 Freshmen . . . ...... . . . 7 Last fall the girls, mushball teams and boys, baseball teams were organized. There were inter-class mushball games, with the Freshmen being the victors. Wle still can't understand how they beat the Seniors! The final games will be played this spring and "May the Best Team Win." f-Q13-1-il Athletic Snaps li-gv Ye Ole and Nue Cheerleaders i Who are the girls in blue? '1'hat,sright,Cove's six cheerleaders. This year the squad is made up of two seniors, Imogene Metzker and Ruth Rhodes, who have done a wonderful job as head of the squad. They have worked faithfuly in the past years, and will be missed next year. Our juniors are Evelyn Bush and Darlene Metzler who have contributed a lot and have worked willingly. Next comes Anna Lee Over, Sophomore, and last our newest member, Delores Rhodes, Il Freshman. On the Varsity were Imogene, Ruth and Evelyn. Jay-Vees were Darlene, Anna Lee, and Delores. They worked together faithfully, and backed up the team, We hope next yearls cheer- leaders will be as faithful and peppy as this yearls. flood luck to the team, the cheerleaders, and the fans that back them both. Athletic Council For some years Cove High's Athletic Program has been directed by a council composed of students and faculty members. Among the duties of the council members are the awarding of letters, supervising of intra-mural sports, and making athletic recommendations. This year our council has been quite active. They purchased a new score-board and new varsity warm-up jackets. The council members are: President--Mr. Shaffer Coach--Mr. Furrer Secretary-Treasurer--Mr. Frederick SENIORS-Virginia Criswell John Brumbaugh JUNIORS-Kathryn Russell Arnold Hoover SOPHOMGRES-Mary Phesanl. Joe Hinish FRESHNIEN-Doris Stonerook -lim lVentZ Baseball 1948 l Cove High closed its '48 baseball season with a record of two wins and eight losses. It was the first time in seven years that an organized baseball league existed among the Cove schools. Teams repre- sented were -Hollidaysburg, Martinsburg, Claysburg, Cove, Williamsburg and Roaring Spring. Holli- daysburg won the pennant with a record of nine- wins and one loss. Cove finished in fifth place. Members of the team were: D. Tate, Brumbaugh, J. Hinish, D. Blattenberger, J. Frederick, P. Imes, D. Querry, R. Hinish, A. Hoover, R. Ayers, B Horton. Dale Tate our star pitcher recorded fifty strike-outs in the six games he pitched. Joe Hinish anon Paul Imes finished the season with the highest batting averages, .296 and .289 respectively. This year we hope to see the pennant at Cove High. Last Season's Results Cove Hollidaysburg 6 Cove Claysburg 9 Cove Williamsburg 3 Cove Roaring Spring 4 Cove Martinsburg 5 Cove Claysburg 2 Cove Hollidaysburg 14 Cove Williamsburg 5 Cove Martinsburg 12 Cove Roaring Spring 11 Girls' Mushball Team The spring 348 girls, mushball team came out on top. They had a good set-up and the Coach, Mr. Shaffer, really put them on the ball. Each warm day you would see all the athletic minded girfs on the ball.field. Mr. Shaffer was there, of course, calling balls and strikes. and you could usualy hear some ob- Jections. The schools With which they competed were Woodbury, and Replogle. ine Whispers At the beginning of the school year, our school paper, Pine VVhispers, was organized and plans for its publication were discussed. The staff consisted of: Editor in Chief, Kenneth Wil- song News Editor, Robert Bridenbaughg Business Manager, .lohn Ormsbyg Sports Editor, Shirley Urakeg and Feature Editor, Ruth Lingenfelter. The newspaper club decided to have the paper printed by the hlorrisons Cove Herald and the subscription rates were raised to Sl for ten issues. During the year Pine VVhispers served refreshments tothe Eastern States Co-op meeting on December lO, and to the hiartinsburg Klilling Company on hlarch 23. They also spon- sored a show put on by radio star, Big Slim on April 30. The income from these projects nent toward the financing of our paper. The achievements of our paper were recognized this year by receiving a second place rating in the contest division of senior high school newspapers printing less than 300 copies at the 25th annual convention of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Orchestra Chorus and hlusical Activities The music department for the year of 1948-49 was organized under the three main divisions of orchestra, band and chorus. Mr. Fisher, the director of these organizations, was pleased with their ef- forts, to present the school with the best in musical art. All rehearsals were held during school hours. Students having free periods and musical talent were accepted in all branches. , On the 27 of anuar , a musical variet rovram was Given. It consisted of orchestra, chorus, . Y, Y P s s l and vocal solos by students. This concert was thought to be one of the best of its kind presented at Cove High. Quite prominent in the music department's activities was the participation by representatives in the County, District and State Music Festivals. Fifteenstudents went to County Chorus in Roaring Spring. Fourteen students were selected to attend County Band at Claysburg. At district festivals, Cove was represented by four orchestra, two band and four chorus members. Kenneth Wifson attended the state chorus and orchestra. On May 6th at 8:00, 4'Creatures of lmpulsev, an operetta by W. S. Gilbert, was presented by the department. Besides the entire chorus, the main characters were: Peggy Ann Mock, Ruth Rhodes. Rlerl Hess. jo: Hinish, Alice Closson, Kenneth Kensinger, Imogene hletzker, Ruth Lingenlielter and i'llCCIll hlentzer. Cafeteria , 1 i l l l Yes, we are speaking of Cove High's Cafeteria where we get the wonderful eats. VVe are very fortunate as students of Morrison Cove High School to have a good cafeteria with modern equipment. The cafeteria is always clean and orderly before the lunch is served and after the trays and cooking utensils are cleared away. The cooks in our cafeteria always serve a good variety of food and always have a well-balanced menu. They are always on the alert and serve our meals promptly. Now here We are for the cooks: Mrs. Virginia CFerryJ lwellott is a graduate of Morrison Cove High School, the class of 1945. Her ambition this summer is to keep a clean house, try to have a nice garden, but most of all "sleep", She likes to bake pies and cakes, to let her house lights burn during the time she is at school. She says the 49'ers are good looking and eat a lot and she's afraid We will starve after We leave good old Cove High. lXTrs. Esther Grubb-her hobby is knitting and crocheting. Her summer ambition is to do the summer's normal activities. She says she likes to be "feeding the hungry ones" which she has been do- ing for 14 years. Her opinion of the Seniors-"I think they are fine." She had charge of the entire Cafeteria program this year. Miss Ruth Brumbaugh, attended school at lkfillerstown and Martin. Her hobby is collecting flow- ers of all kinds, especially roses. She doesn't know, as yet, what she will do during her summer vacation. She likes candy, and cooks almost everything. Her opinion of the Seniors--"Ohl, they're al- right." Snoopers i 1 , The Snooper Club was organized December 9, 1047. hir. Lindsey, the science teacher, serves as ad- visor to the club. The club members are called the Snooper's because they devote their time to snoop- ing into scientific matters. There are thirty-one members in the club this year. The new members who were admitted to the club this year are: Helen Brumbaugh, hlary Jane Bridenbaugh, Nancy Ebersole. Donna Joyce Kensinger, Anna Lee Over, Flora ,lean Provins, Roger Smith, Gerald Robinettc and Victor Stoltzfus. This year's officers of the club are: President, John Ormsbyg Vice President, Darlene Metzlerg Sec- retary, Maryella Hoover, and Treasurer, Kathryn Russell. The first club meeting of this school year was held on lVednesday, September 22, 1948. At this meet- ing the new club officers were elected. The time scheduled for the c'ub meeting was during the activity period of the first and fourth Vlfednesdays of each month. All students must have an average of eighty- five or better in their science courses to be eligibe to become a member of the club. it was decided by the club of 1947 and 48 to paint the science laboratory. But it was not until this year that the paint could be secured for the project. The Snoopers did the work with the help of some of the freshman boys. The walls of the laboratory were painted sandstone color, the ceiling ivory and the tops of the desks were painted black. The painting of the laboratory greatly improved its ap- pearance and the environment for the students. Next year the Snooper Club expects to expand into larger and better club. than ever before. The officers for this year are as fol'ows: President, Betty Pheasant Cseniorjg Vice President, Mil- dred Longenecker Cseniorlg Secretary, Mary Jane Keith Quniorjg Treasurer, Doris Jean Kensinger Csoph- omorelg Song Leader, Louise Clapper C seniorjg Historian, Pauline Keith Cseniorj. We, as students of Morrison Cove High School Home Economics Department, in order to make our club more active decided to have one meeting a month during the summer. There are 30 members in our club. We are planning to send two delegates to York, April 1-2 to represent our chapter at the P. F. H. A. convention. VVe have had a Christmas Project every year and this year we are planning to have an Easter Project. Our motto "Toward New Horizons" indicates that our purpose is to rise to better homes of tommor- row. Our new officers for next year are as follows: President, Jean Kauffman, Vice President, hlary Jane Keith, Secretary, Doris jean Kensinger, Treasurer, Ruth Evans, Song Leader, Margaret Dilling, Historian, Darlene Noland, Parliamentarian Louise Detwilerg Reporter, Gladys Mae Kagarise. The club was first started in 1946. F. F. A. The Morrison Cove Chapter of Future Farmers of America is glad to have part in making this year's Pine Crest a success. The '49ers have helped us considerably during the four years they were with us. They have held numerous chapter offices and one senior member, Keith Kensinger held the Blair, Bedford, Fulton County Sccretary's office and was delegate to state convention. They have won numerous awards that brought credit to our school. Donald Russell brought added recognition when he was awarded a place on the State Dairy judging Team to the Eastern States Ex- position. In the past year our chapter has carried out several activities. The first of these was our trip. At 5:30 a. m., -lune 2, 1948, a bus loid of Cove F. F. A. boys left for their annual trip. Vile went to Pitts- burgh, Pa. After seeing the zoo, Heinz Plant and Museum, we climaxed the day by attending a night base- ball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Braves. Later in the summer, we had a tractor rodeo to prepare our chapter members for the rodeos to be hed at local fairs. Our chapter conducted the Area Initiation for Blair, Bedford and Fulton County F. F. A. at their annual banquct. The bzsketball games were among the highlights of our '48-A49 activities. Vile are hoping this year's games will be a start toward an Area F. F. A. Baske.ball League. We wish to remember our advisor, Mr. Bechtel, for the way he has cooperated and faithfulfy helped us grow to the kind of chapter we have become. It is our hope and desire that the '49ers will continue to follow out the purposes of our organization. Good Luckl fellows while you: PRACTICE BROTHERHOOD! HONOR RVRAI. OPPORTUNITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES! DEVELOP THOSE QUALITIES OF LEADERSHIP WHICH THE FUTLRE FARMERS SHOULD POSSESSI School Calendar .Z .Z ' September 7-Opening of school: just how many Freshmen are there? September 17--Constitution Day: September 23--Paid Assembly-Montague Company: There's magic in the air. October 4-Institute: CVacationD A good chance to catch a little Shut-eye. October 5-Fire Prevention Week: Speaker-Mr. Barnard. October 22-First report cards due: Does anyone have a 65? October 25-Student Talent: This is killing! ' November 1-Institute: While the teachers are away, the students will hunt. Cdears?J November 11-Liberty Day Speaker: Rev. Ellsworth Creps. H November 16-Paid Assembly-Jack Rand Company: How many pair of pants did the man have? November 24-Thanksgiving program CVacati0nl-What happened to all the rabbits? December 17-Paid Assembly-Deep River Jubilee Quartet: 'Dem boys sho' can sing! December 23-Beginning of vacation: Time to make ready for Santa. January 5-Inter-Squad Basketball Game: Varsity all the Way. January 21--Student Talent: This show was produced by Cove High. 'February 11-Lincoln's Birthday Speaker: Rev. Wolfgang. February 22-Paid Assembly-Glenn C. Morris: Are there any extra seats? charge? hiarch 9-Paid Assembly-Bentley Trio. Who's griping about the admission March 17--Student Talent: Hollywood bound! April ll-14-Holy Week Services. April April May May May boredom. 15-Good Friday fVacationj-A day of fest for the weary. 26--Paid Assembly-Nelle' Marionettes: Wood and strings galore. 19-Senior Class Day: Say, who's running this place? 29--Baccalaureate Service. 31- Commencement: 4'We're on our own after twelve ears of hard work and lon hours of a 8 Magazines! Magazines! Everybody Sells Magazines! 1 1 Uur school records indicate that magazines were sold in the 1932-33 school term and each succeed ing year. This year Imogene Metzker served as general chairman assisted by Edna Smeltzer while Ruth Rhodes served as Red Captain and John Ormsby as Blue Captain. Sixteen people pictured above won Certificates of Achievements this year. COMPARATIVE SUMMARY Year Blue Sales Red Sales Extra Sales Total Sales High Seller Campaign Captain School Goal Year Blue Sales Red Sales Extra Sales Total Sales High Seller Campaign Captain School Goal 1942 5 562.00 331.75 5 893.75 Elwood Shaw Wilma Ake 5 600.00 1946 51,002.25 495.05 39.75 51,537.05 David Smith Nancy Smith 51,400 OF MAGAZINE CAMPAIGNS 1943 1944 1945 5 507.62 5 882.50 5 724.25 595.75 670.50 428.65 30.00 14.00 3.10 51,133.37 51,567.00 51.15600 Jesse Edwin 1N1ary Pote Bridenbaugh Burket Edna Mae Wilma Nancy Ramsey Ake Smith 5 600.00 51,200.00 51,600.00 1947 1948 1949 51,075.40 5 930.00 5 937.50 651.45 855.00 926.05 60.80 54.00 140.30 51,787.65 51,839.00 52,003.85 George Robert Robert Pots Bridenbaugh Bridenbaugh Jane Betty hiae Imogene Brumbaugh Merkel SL Metzker Shirley Detwiler 51 .535.00 52,200.00 52,000.00 They Transport Us rx..,fGnl.............sQ'v1s ur Alumlii 'it North -- Ea t -- West -- South Cove Hi Alumni made its debut in the year of 1920, with a graduating class of eight members. Tay- lor Township High School and Vocational High School were combined during thatayear. In 1921 the two high schools held a banquet at Bedford Hall, and thus the annual alumni banquet, which was later changed to a basket picnic, was begun. The alumni party is the perfect climax to four years of study and fun. For the new graduating class it means meeting a lot of new friendsg and for the old it means seeing colleagues from long years past, remmising over the times they played hookey from school and as a result spent two weeks -in detention hall, or perhaps they recall the times the old gang piled three deep in a car to go to the baseball game of the season. The alumni association has originated various projects to further advance our Alma Mater. In 1940 a trophy case was presented to the school. 1941 -brought war years, and to show our grate- fulness for the great sacrifice our school friends had made, an honor roll was dedicated in 1943. In 1947 the alumni presented to the most oustanding boy and girl an award, which is based on scholastic standing, extra-curricular activities, personality, and vote of class and faculty. There are many other functions of the association, which are too numerous to mention. The officers of the first graduating class were great school leaders of the alumni, and all of them are leaders in community activities today. They were: President, Paul Wareham, Vice President, Harvey Kagariseg Secretary, Edith Frederickg Assistant Secretary, Alma Shriver, Treasurer, Elvin Bri- denbaugh, Historian, Mr. E. R. Beegle. g The present officers are: President, Richard Uacksonl Shaffer, Vice President, Melvin Hartmang Secretary-Treasurer, Audra Replogle, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Betty Wineland Beegle. 1 ll n n n II n lr" WI -- COVE HIGH GRADUATES -- IL. ll 1 4 7 1 4 7 10 13 1. 4. 7 10 13 16 19 22. 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 1. 4. 7. 10. 13. 16. 19. 22. ZS Michael Bechtel Helen Shoenfelt Rena Stayer Evelyn Bonebreak Sara Dick Helen Hartman Emma Shade Bert Walter Alta Amick Irene Brumbaugh Roy Guyer Marguerite Hoover Chester Kochendarfer Bertha Longenecker Victor Sell J. Kenneth Stern lWary Ayers John Black Ruth Brumbaugh Mary Carper Martha Ebersole Florence Gahagan Elizabeth Karns Hazel Latshaw Martha Miller Lillian Shriver Lester Wineland Emma Acker Eli Brumbaueh hrfildred Diehl Pearl Fouse Rosanna Garner Fred E. Hoover Wilmer Kensinger Cyrus Over Ella Sorrick CLASS OF '20 Z. Ralph Bechtel 5. Alma Shriner 8. Paul Wareham CLASS OF '21 Elvin Bridenbaugh Clair Ebersole 8. Tobias Henry Leonore Stern 14. Priscilla Zimmerman CLASS OF '22 Glenn Bechtel Kathryn Detwiler 8. Guy Hartman hiargaret Kauffman Roy Koontz lra Metzker Thelma Slick Clair Umbower CLASS OF '23 Edna Benner Donald Bolger Clair Burket . Mabel Detwiler A. Emmert Fredericlf . Walter Garner Jennie Kauffman Joe hiarkey Mary Neal Myra Smith Mary VVineland CLASS OF '24 2. David Albertson 5. Kathryne Burket . Ralph Dilling . Helena Gahfrgan . Raymond Gingrich 17. Marvin Kagarise 20 . Lester Longenecker . Paul Rhodes 26. David Straesser .. .JI Gertrude Nliller Elsie Smith Nlarie Brumbaugh Edith Frederick I. Harvey Kagarise hlargaret Stern Keim Bonebreak Jean Ellenberger Gladys Honsaker Wilma Keiper Mildred Lingenfelter George Rearick Kathryn Smith Ray Benner Agnes Brumbaugh Irene Carper Elizabeth Ebersole J. Warren Frederick hlinnie Hetrick Ferman Klepser Richard Mentzer Elizabeth Russell Simon Smith Mary Yingling Thomas Bonebreak Janice Butterbaugh Fred E. Everhart Daniel Garner Calvin Hetrick Robert Keith.ey Sara lhlyers Freda Slick Edwin Wolfe Craig Beringer Lawrence Burget Elva Gahagan Kathryn Graybill Margaret Guyer Bessie Lingenfelter Lloyd Minnich Marie Replogle Estella Snoberger Helen Tussey Luverne Bechtel Elsie Carper Esther Guyer Jesse Imler Dorothy Lotz Marian Mentzer Merle Replogle Goldie Sipe Salome Wilt Mary 'Alice Archy Lloyd Bridenbaugh Hazel Brumbaugh Evelyn Burket Wayne Ebersole Kathleen Golden John H, Kensinger Stella Morgan Annie Russell Rosaland Slick Helen Steward Catherine Teeter Ruth Zook Dorothy Baker Wilfred Brumbaugh Isabelle Campbell Martin Croft Carolyn Frederick Wilma Guyer Naomi Kensinger Harold Nicodemus Iola Paul Homer Reasy Roy Rhodes Gladys Smith Elda Stayer Alverda Wineland CLASS OF '25 Catherine Bonebreak Elda Claar Helen Gartland Leo Graybill Stanford Holsinger 17. Edna Lingenfelter 20 Ruth Rearick Nannie Re lo le 23. . n p g 26. William Stern 29 Marian Wineland , CLASS OF '26 John Beery Dorothy Curfmen Freda Holsinger Gladys johnson Ruth Lotz Violet. Nash Paul Rhodes Anna Stayer Joe Wineland Cl ASS OF '27 Elwood Ayers Ann Brumbaugh Helen Brumbaugh Pearl Burket Calvin Edminston Robert Kagarise Leda Kensinger Rosella Myers QMildred Skyles Helen Smith Barbara Stoner Kathryn VValter CLASS OF '28 2. Margaret Baker 5 Edwin Burget Mabel Carper Eugene Erb John Garner David Honsaker hdargaret Metzker Reginald Ormsby Emmert Peppie Martha Replogle Marie Ringler Virginia Smith Clair Stern Lethian Wineland Alverta Burket Ruth Ellenberger Laura Golden Arlene Guyer Frank Latshaw Carolyn Mentzer Carmon Replogle Bertha Smith Ethel Stoner Effie Yingling Esther Brumbaugh Tamson England Grace Hoover Miriam johnson Frederick Martin Lloyd Provins Catherine Skyles Lemmon Stoudnour Russell Yingling Priscilla Bechtel Carrie Brumbaugh Irene Brumbaugh Marie Corle john Ellenberger Pauline Keiper Richard Lehman Leone Replogle Eber Slick Dorothy Snowberger Ethel Stoudnour Dorothy Wineland Forde Beringer Dorothy Burget Emma Crist Anna Fluke Harold Gingrich Ellen Kanode Catherine Miller Dorothy Over Sara Pepple Margaret Rhodes Beatrice Smith George Smouse Paul Tussey Viola Wineland Cove Rachael Amick Mildred Baker Hazel Benner Hazel Cowen Cloyd Ebersole Ethel Forshey Hazel Garner Ruth Hollinger Jessie Kanode Leon Kensinger Kenneth Ritchey hdary Showalter Naomi Zook Alverta Benner Ethel Brumbaugh Mildred Ferry Miriam Guyer Evelyn Kensinger Pauline Nlentzer Ada Rhodes Thelma Shiffler Lucinda Zook hlay Amick Harold Blattenberger Fred Brumbaugh Gladys Carper Frederick Dilling Helen Ebersole Ethel Glass Ruth Hampton Evelyn Hoover Helen Lehman ' Dorothy Ormsby Mae Podwell Ruth Ritchey Gladys Shiffler Nlarion Smith Grace Stoudnour Esther Zimmerman Elizabeth Ake hlildred Beegle Emmert Claar lhlargaret Earnest Charles Fethers Regis Gartland Royer Heater Leona Imes, High Graduates, CLASS OF '29 Aldine Aungst Thelma Beach Anna Mae Brumbaugh Ethel Crist Thelma Ebersole Eugene Fouse Hazel Gates Susie Hoover Charles Kegarise Helen Mock Thelma Rowland Belva Smith CLASS OF '30 Marie Beringer Lloyd Brumbaugh Samuel Garner Thelma Hetrick Mary Kephart Ruth Mentzer Margaret Ritchey Naomi Smith CLASS OF '31 john Aungst Dean Brumbaugh Helen Brumbaugh Clifford Corle Ira'Dilling Gerald Fouse Lillian Gouchnour Irene Holsinger Margaret Hoover Myrtle Metzler Grace Ormsby Ruth Rhodes Hurbert Russell Charles Shoemaker Allen Sollenberger Margaret Vaughn CLASS OF '32 Glen Ayers Dorothy Brown Leon Detwiler Ida 'Ebersole Rebecca Fethers Ralph Gochnour Irvin Honsaker Anna Kensinger Confd Alma Aungst Walter Beegle Leonard Corle Winifred Delozier Clifford Fluke Howard Gahagan Emmert Guyer Mary Johnson Grace Kensinger Ruth Replogle Ivan Shoenfelt Evelyn Smith Edith Brown Mabel Erb Levi Garner Leonard Holsinger Elda McCready Paul Miller Hazel Shaw Fay Walters George Ayers Ethel Brumbaugh Clair Burket George Davis Sophia Dilling Ione Freer George Guyer Mabel Honsacker Ruth Keith Bertha Nicodemus Mary Over Boyd Ringler Minnie Settle Luelle Shriner Verna Stoner hfleridith Wineland Verna Baker Marjorie Burket Roy Dilling Paul Emigh Sarah Fleck Florence Grubb Ray Horton- hdary Kensinger Violet Mentzer Fred Pote Robert Rhodes Hilda Shaw Beula Smith Rello Sollenberger Ruth Tussey Mary Wertz Virgil Wineland Clayton Allison Clyde Brumbaugh Harry Detwiler James Furry Reba Guyer Esther Honsaker Elizabeth Kanode Mabel Kensinger Lois Metzler Vivian Miller Charles Neil Anna Rhodes Carl Sell Ruth Showalter Everson Shriver Glen Stern Earnest Suckling Luther Wilt Ellis Baker Geraldine Benner Clyde Bush John Corle Homer Dutrow Merle George Hazel Gunnett Larue Helsel Mariam Hinton Leora Kanode Richard Meadows Florence Ormsby Geraldine Rhodes Mary Shaddle Carl Shoop Helen Smith Nell Smith Gerald Snoberger Ruth Albright Verna Beegle Lenore Blattenberger Margaret Bush Glenn Clapper Cristie Metzker Harry Replogle Myron Ritchey Dorothy Shriver Harold Smith Mark Stauffer Joseph Wertman Harold VVineland Wilmar Wyles CLASS OF '33 Kenneth Baker Harry Burket David Dilling Sarah Furry Arlene Helsel Ruth Hoover Isaac Kanode Alta Langham Catherine Miller Charles Negley John Replogle Glen Rhodes Mabel Sell Fay Shriver George Smith John Steward Ralph Weber Bernard Wisler CLASS OF '34 Virginia Baker Gladys Brumbaugh Kathryn Claar Cloyd Detwiler Clarence Fouse Meriam Glass Glenn Hampton Louise Henry Sara Honsaker Clara Ketner Mary Metzler Milton Replogle Harry Rhodes Martha Shaw Clarence Showalter Lillian Smith Ola Smith Marie Snyder CLASS OF '35 Donald Anderson Max Beers Gerald Brumbaugh Cinderella Calderon Ida Diamond John Mock Jesse Replogle Helen Russell Eleanor Slick Mary Sollenberger Carl Stone Susanna Wertman Mabel Wineland Leona Yingling Robert Benton Milton Corle Leroy Dilling Jean Golden Champ Hoenstine Wilson Hoover Anna Kensinger Herbert Lehman Lester Miller Elizabeth Negley Julius Replogle Kathleen Ritchey Rheuben Showalter Drucilla Shriver Marguerite Snowberg' Arthur Steward Harry Whitaker Daisy Beegle Paul Burket John Clapper David Detwiler William Garner Donald Grabin Armenta Helsel Viola Henry Harvey Johnston Flora Ketner Mildred Nicodemus Etta Rhodes George Rolloson Ruth Shaw Landis Shriver Marjorie Smith Violet Smith Nellie YValter Pearl Baker Joanna Berkhimer Hazel Burket . Oscar Carper David Dilling Cove Elizabeth Dukeman Martha Fluke Franklin Grubb Rayota Helsel Romayne Holland Olive Johnson Zelna Miller Alsometa Pote Luther Shaffer Walter Stick Mildred Stoner Anthony Wineland Hazel Yingling Harold Acker Richard Brumbaugh Susanna Dilling Byron Gahagan Edward G-uyer Gerald Hetrick john Honsaker Mary lsenberg Romaine Keagy Rose Kyler William Leighty David Metzker Sarah Replogle Lyonel Ritchey Nladaline Smith Laverne Wenger Glenn Beach Flora Bush Fae Daughenbaugh Virginia Dilling Eva Furry James Hainzey Emma Heuston Alva Johnson Florence Kensinger John E. Mock Oliver Ormsby Regis Ritchey Virginia Shoenfelt Richard Smith Ruth Steele Esther Yingling Benjamin Ayers Erdene Bechtel Thelma Brumbaugh Vera Dick Donald Fisher High 17 20. 23 26 29. 32. 35 38 41. 44 47 50. 2. 5. 8 11. 14. 17. 20. 23 26. 29. 32. 35. 38. 41. 44. 47. 9 Z P' 5 . 8 11. 14. 17 20. 23. 26. 29. 32 35 38. 41 44 2. 5 8. 11. 14. Graduates, Dorothy Ebersole Ruth Gates Ray Hamilton Zella Helsel John Huntsman Thomas Johnston Pauline Naugle Paul Rickard Paul Shaw Alva Smith Margaret Summers Eugene' Wineland CLASS OF '36 Paul Appleman Harold Burket Margaret Dodson Harold Gartland Chester Guyer Ruth Hinton Robert Hoover Elda Kanode John Kensinger Betty Langham Betty Lippert Estella Miller Merle Rhodes Grace Shaw Dean Walter Fred VVineland CLASS OF '37 Emmert Beegle Verna Bush Pearle Detwiler Carl Fether Laura Mae Furry Milton Hainzey Anna Mae Honsaker William Keith Roy Miller Ethel Morgan Esther Replogle James Shaffer Goldie Smith Phyllis Snyder Mona Stone CLASS OF '38 Isaac Ayers Hazel Brumbaugh Mildred Burget Sara Drake Harry Gahagan Cont 18. 21. 24. 27. 30. 33. 36. 39. 42. 45. 48. 51. 3. 6. 9. 12. 15. 18. 21. 24. 27. 30. 33 36. 39. 42. 45. 3. 6. 9 12. 15. 18 21 24 27 30. 33. 36. 39. 42. 45 3 6 9. 12. 15. d Dollie Fisher Miriam Grabill Leora Helsel Miriam Hetrick Jessie Imes Charlie Keith Marian Neil Carrie Russell Charles Shriver Kenneth Sollenberger Alice VVineland Vernon Wisler James Baker Eugene Crocker Isabel Drake Albert Gochnour Leola Hess Fern Holland Donald Horton Florence Kauffman Ada Knisley Paul Leighty Jane Nlentzer Mary Mock Betty Ritchey Harold Shaw Luetta Weaver Cletus Blattenberger Della Butler Karl Diehl William Fleck Lester Gates Alan Hess Ruth Hoover Carl Kensinger Earl Mock Jack Neil Genevieve Replogle Sara Shaffer Marion Smith Bruce Steele Dorothy Weaver Phyllis Beach Lois Brumbaugh Clarence Carper Dorothy Ebersole Kathryn Gahagen Pauline Helsel Sylvia Imes Charles Long Erla Ritchey Thelma Showalter Dorothy Smith Miriam Smith Dorothy Summers Lois VVineland Denver Ake John Baker Russell Burget Kathleen Calhoun Robert Davis Naomi Dilling Cletus Ebersole Clifford Fouse Robert Guyer Charles Hoover Paul Kauffman Lola Kensinger Thelma Leonard Mildred McGraw Betty Mock Alvin Naugle Ida Replogle Denver Royer jacob Shirk Donald Smith Wilson Smith Arlene Ake John Bassler Ellis Brumbaugh Paul Burket Vernon Clapper Robert Hoover Robert Kauffman Jeanne Lehman Phyllis Martz Lorraine Miller John Replogle Cletus Shriver Ruby Snyder Pauline Wisler Harold Albright June Ayers Robert Beach Virginia Butler Merle Ebersole Kenneth Evans Ralph Gartland 17. Gladys Hollinger 20. Grace Isenberg 23. David Long 26. Harold Ritchey' 29. Wilda Shriver 32. Jean Smith 35. Galen Sollenberger 38. Elizabeth Wagner 41. Lucille Wineland CLASS OF '39 2. Ada Amick 5. Madge Beach 8. Edward Burget ll. Paul Cowan 14. Josephine Detwiler 17. Nelda Dilling 20. Oma Fleck 23. Virginia Fouse 26. Donald Hainzey 29. Lewis Hoover 32. Lillian Kennedy 35. Grace Knisley 38. Kenneth Long 41. Zula McNally 44. Richard Mock 47. Eugene Nicodemus 50. Belva Rhodes 53. Helen Shaffer 56. Sherwood Showalter 59. James Smith CLASS OF '40 2. Arthur Aungst 5. Blair Baughman 8. Grace Brumbaugh 11. Warren Burket 14. Darlene Frye 17. Ruth Ella Kanode 20. Grace Kifer 23. William Lehman 26. Robert Maxwell 29. Ruth Park 32. Eli Rhodes 35. Doris Slick 38. ,lean Stacy 41. George Whitaker CLASS OF '41 . Grace Asper 5. Arlene Barnett 8. Ruth Beegle 11. Chester Calhoun 14. Wilbur Ebersole 17 20 2 . Phyllis Fouse . Betty Gates Gladys Huntsman Mary Kensinger Mildred Nonemaker Clifford Showalter Douglas Smith Lucille' Smith Eleanor Steele Thelma Wenger Irma Appleman Kenneth Boose Harold Butler Paul Crocker Eugene Dick Mary Dukeman Lyle Fluke Ruth Gochnour Lois Hinton Frances Horton Eleanor Kensinger Dick Leonard hlary lVlalone Clarence Metzler Diana Murphy Elsie Reese Robert Rhodes Kathryn Shaw Clyde Smith Lois Smith Calvin Baker Melvin Beegle Ruth Brumbaugh Marjorie Butler Raymond Honsaker June Kauffman Glen Kifer Warren Long Leona McGraw Herbert Provins Forrest Shaw Donald Smith Wilbur Wertman Simon Yingling Elmer Aungst Emma Barkman Violet Blattenberger Rosanna Dilling Keller Evans Donald Garner Willard Gunnett Cove Freda Harbaugh Byron Huntsman Norma Kyler Doris Miller Stanley Ormsby Stanley Pote Helen Reese Ruth Rhodes Mary Shirk Darlene Smith Walter Snyder Earl Stonerook Mary Acker Carl Bechtel Freda Boose Ruth Bush Vivian Daughenbaugh Ruth Donnelly Jane Frederick Kenneth Helsel Louise Keith Phyllis Kensinger Max Long Gladys Miller Mona Pollard Richard Shaffer Eli Smith Jane Steele Richard Wareham Charles Ake Belva Bechtel Ruth Bxindle Chalmer Claar Guy Clapper Audrey Dilling Stanley Focht Arlene Gates Dorothy Heltzel Donald Hoover Richard Kensinger Franklin Lang George Marvich Leoda Merritts Charles Miller Meril Miller Lyle Provins Evelyn Rhodes Charles E. Ritchey Wilma Ake Hazel Brindle Susan Claar High Graduates, Wahneeta Helsel Eli Kauffman Madaline McGraw William Morgan Miriam Park Lorella Provins Kenneth Rhodes James Ritchey Kathryn Smeltzer Eldie Smith, Jr. John Stern CLASS OF '42 Robert Barkman Wilma Beegle George Bridenbaugh Lois Butler Forrest Dick Betty Eastep Hazel Glass Joe Honsaker Gladys Keith Beulah Kanode Sadie Lower James Miller Betty Ross Grover Sollenberger Fred Smith Daniel Stoltzfus Lillian Weitzel CLASS OF '43 Donald Ayers Gladys Beers Clair Brumbaugh Francis Clabaugh Alberta Criswell Janet Emigh William Frazier Ruth Glass Wayne Hinish Robert Hoover Betty Kifer Donald Lloyd Lloyd McGraw John Metz Florence Miller Henry Naugle Edna Mae Ramsey Geraldine Rhodes Kathryn Royer CLASS OF '44 Weldon Bassler Iola Brumbaugh Gertrude Clapper Confd 24. Helen Hoover 27. Francis Kensinger 30. Geraldine Merritts 33. Margaret Noland 36. Richard Pearson 39. Alice Ramsey 42. Norbert Rhodes 45. Kenneth Shaw 48. Elva Smeltzer 51. Eugene Smith 54. Belle Stone 3. Helen Barr 6. Woodrow Beegle 9. Betty Brumbaugh 12. Kathleen Covert 15. Irene Dilling 18. William Feather 21. Paul Guyer 24. John Humberd 27. Marie Kensinger 30. Frances Creps 33. Robert Metzker 36. Hazel lNIock 39. Leo Samels 42. Betty Smith 45. Byron Sollenberger 48. Junior Stone 51. Betty Wineland 3. Marjorie Barr 6. Audrey Blattenberger 9. Evelyn Brumbaugh 12. Glenn Clabaugh 15. Lucille Dick 18. Harold Feather 21. Gladys Furry 24. Millard Harbaugh 27. Mary Alice Honsaker 30. Pauline Kensinger 33. Edmund Knisley 36. Glenn Long 39. Eva Mentzer 42. Helen Metzler 45. Fred Miller 48. Mary Provins 51. Clair Replogle 54. Pearl Rhodes 57. Catherine Rupeka 3. Evelyn Brantner 6. Ruth Brurnbaugh 9. Charles Criswell Margaret Detwiler Richard Fouse Harry Greenwood Lloyd Horton Betty Kennedy Mary Metzker Shirley Pollard Lorraine Shaw Dorothy Snyder Donald Wineland John R. Ayers Edwin Bridenbaugh Margaret Campbell Hazel Cunningham Doris Frederick Glen Greenwood Betty Helsel Rodger Hoover Betty Kensinger George' E. Kensinger Walter Lingenfelter Merle Metz Edith Reese Doris Shoenfelt Mary Smith Helen Teeter Pauline Barr Harriet Butler Doris Fouse Lois Heeter Rosanna Hoover Donald Imes Faye Lower Harold J. hdetzker Wayne Miller David Slagenweit Nancy Smith Elois Stern Cleva Allison Ada Mae Bassler Jane Brumbaugh John Clapper Marion Crocker Mary Dilling Dorothy Evans Mabel Frye Edna Leach Jesse McGregor Eugene Merritts Homer Miller Lenore Noland Willadale Pote Rosella Sell G'enn Smith Dorothy Sollenberger Robert Stultz 11. Lois Dick 14. Rosella Frye 17. Hubert Gunnett 20. Esther Humberd 23. Elsie Kensinger 26. Betty Ormsby 29. Audrey Replole 32. Leanore Smith 35. Merle Stern 38. Avonell Yerty CLASS OF '45 2. Betty Mae Baughman 5. Mary Brumbaugh 54. Robert Carper 11. Anna Lois Feather 14. John Furry 17. Martine Hall 20. Richard Hinish 23. Elizabeth Kauffman 26. Byron Kensinger . Pauline Kensinger . Dean McGraw 35. Wilbur Miller 38. Anna Ferne Rhodes 41. Harriet Smith 44 47 29 32 . Ruth Sollenberger . Nellie Walters CLASS OF '46 2. Darl Barnett 5. Thelma Bush 8. Richard Furry 11. Betty Heltzel 14. Betty Horton 17. Donald Kensinger 20. Bernard McGraw 23. Harold E. Metzler 26. Gwendolyn Rhodes 29. Maxine Smeltzer 32. Darlene Stayer 35. Freda Steward . CLASS or '47 12. Clark Anderson 5. Fred Bechtel 8. Mary Burket 11. Robert Creps 14. Cleo Daughenbaugh 17. Edith Dukeman 20. John Fisher 23. Zelda Holsinger 26. Irene Lewis 29. jean Maurer 32. George Metz 35. Margaret Myers 38. Bertha Oakes 41. Lucille Rhodes 44. Bette Showalter 47. Mahlon Smith 50. Ruth Stern Elda Feather Theodore Green Mabel Hess Mary Fae Keith Louise Lingenfelter Louise Over Vera Replogle Rasamond Smith Robert Stoltzfus Jane Beers Mary Burget Paul Clapper Virginia Ferry Robert Furry Marjorie Hess Doris Holland Dona Kauffman Evelyn Kensinger Earl Kensinger Helen McKinney Hazel Over Marilyn Sell Edward Smith Lloyd Steele Wilda Whitacre 1 Mary Blattenberger Mila Clapper Audrey Gates Herbert Hoover Darlene Huntsman Anna Mae Keith Anna Belle Mellott Doris Miller Ruth Shaffer Genive Smith Vernon Stayer Knighton Walter Dean Ayers Roy Brindle Donald Butler Robert Criswell Janice Dick Anna Marie Ebersole John Fouse Mary Lois Kauffman Paul Loose Ralph lvlellott Aileen Miller Louise Nicodemus Thelma Pheasant Robert Rhodes David Smith Walter Snyder John Stonerook Cove Nita Bechtel Drew Blattenberger Marjorie Clabaugh Ruth Dilling 3 Lewis Evans Richard Frederick Ronald Hinish Bruce Horton Fred Keith Ruth Longenecker Betty Mae Merkel Marjorie Pollard Roberta Rothwell Frank Rupeka Norman Shock Evelyn Stern John Tetwiler Freda Wineland ' C0nt'd Hlgh Graduates, CLASS OF '48 2. Marcella Beers 5. Joan Bowers 8. Shirley Detwiler 11. Robert Erb 14. Arlene Feather 17. Betty Glass 20 . Maxine Holsinger . Dollie Ickes . Eunice McGraw . Mary Jane Metzker 23 26. Milton Keith 29 32 35. Miriam Provins 38. Mary Gail Rothwell 41 . Lena Scott . Robert Snively . James Wareham . Harold Yingling 44 47. Beatrice Strobert 50 53 KNIGHTON WALTER Former Graduate Returns for Refresher Courses before going to college 3. Phyllis Benner 6. Virgil Burket 9. Paul Dilling 12. Jane Evans 15. Jack Frederick 18. Mary Jane Heltzel 21. Marilyn Hoover 24. J. Robert Kauffman 27. Betty Kensinger 30. Glenn McNally 33. Audrey Oakes 36. Patricia Replogle 39. Denver Rhodes 42. Helen Sell 45. Tommy Stayer 48. Dale Tate 51. Phyllis Whitaker I11' Abbott's Dairies, Inc. Burget's Garage Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bush Clapper's Radio Service Cove Farm Bureau Co-op. Curry Supply Co. American Store Co. Eliza Archey Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. Bakers Feed Store Berts Beauty Shoppe Richard Blough Blattenberger and VVeitzel H. D. Blattenberger Blue Mountain Canneries Dr. J. Keim Bonebreak E. L. Bowers Brown's Grocery hffary Brown W. M. Burchfield VV. Floyd Bush James E. Butts Cove Bottling VVorks Martha Detwiler Different Shop J. E. Dilling Earl's Atlantic Station First National Bank Forshey's Feed Mill Byron Gahagan Geist's Confectionery Siorc Gordon's Barber Shop Bell's Economy Store Brehrnan's Art Studio Dr. B. Butler Deern's Diner A Friend G. 81 M. Five and Ten Hammond's Auto Service aithful ontributors We hail thee, faithful contributors! And to you our thanks we give For your great kindness to us And making our yearbook live. K Curryville J. Robert Dauberman Eastern States Farmers Exchange J. Warren Frederick hir. and Mrs. Wilmer Hinish Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kagarise Martinsburg Shirley Hamilton Elvin Hartman Hartmanis Esso Service Dr. H. E. Henry Dr. W. Hershberger Hershbergers Garage Hoover's Poultry Farm E. I. Isenberg Johnson's Drug Store Mrs. Robert Keithley Dr. H. A. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kensinger La Rue's Beauty Shoppe Leidy's Electric Store E. H. Lykens and Co. Martinsburg Auto Service Martinsburg High School Martinsburg Nlilring Co. Martinsburg Service and Supply Company Arthur E. Martz Mr. and Mrs. John Mellott Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. hlentzer K. R. Miller Miller's Service Station . Morrisons Cove Bank Williamsburg King and Anna Confectionery Store Lightneris Department Store Ruth Longenecker N1sh's Service Station Patterson's Cash Store D. Raymond Sollenberger Mr. D. W. Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy Nicodemus Implement Co. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Sollenberger W. E. Wineland Morrisons Cove Herald Morrisons Cove Park Asso. Nelda's Beauty Salon S. O. Nicodernus Penn Dairies, Inc. Pensupreme Ice Cream Penn Mar Coffee Shoppe Querry Motors Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. Reneker Carmon Replogle john M. Replogle V Rhodes Department Store Rhodes Meat Market O. C. Ritchey Shaffer's Store Elvin Shiver L. L. Showalter Teeter's Hotel Tony's Shoe Shop W. O. Weber and Sons C. Oren Whetstone J. Kenneth lViYson George B. Wineland Wineland's Meat Market Zook's Radiator Repair T ates Jewelry Store Union Supply Co. Williamsburg Borough School District Williamsburg Dry Cleaning Williamsport Airport- G. S. Clapper, Mgr. Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. Bare Milling Co. D. M. Bare Paper Co. Clyde O. Black Tony Bolvin Paul Butler C. H. Dick Echard's Greenhouse H. F. Ehardt H. E. Garber John L. Glunt Joe Gorsuch Dr. W. L. Grounds Hite Bros. Furniture Co. Hite's Drug Store Altoona Leather Store, Altoona Altoona School of Commerce, Altoona Atlantic States Gas Co., Burnham G. Ray Barley, Bakers Summit Baum's Sporting Goods, Sunbury Burchfield 81 Co., Altoona Policeman: "As soon as Isaw you come around the bend I said to myself 'Forty Five' at leastf' Lady Driver Virginia Criswell: "How dare you. It's this hat that makes me look so old." ll i 1 If i Roaring Spring Honsaker Brothers Keating's Beauty Shoppe E. J. Keith Grocery Klevans Store Longenecker Motor Co. P. S. McGee Dairy McIntyre Jewelry Morrisons Cove Dairy Store Musselman's Auto Service New Enterprise Stone 81 Lime Company Nick's Shoe Shop Charles L. Packard Planing Mill Company Powell's Service Station Other Contributors Edwardls Studio, Huntingdon Farmers State Bank, Woodbury Ford Music Store, Altoona George P. Gable, Altoona J. H. Gates, Chester Iron's Bar B Q, Short Mt. Wilbert Ketner, Altoona C. E. Knisley, Bakers Summit Pete and Piggies, Short Mt. JOKES Replogle Atlantic Service Replogle's Coffee Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Rhodes Ray Rodland Roaring Spring Bank Roaring Spring Chamber of Commerce Roaring Spring Taxi Sell Brothers Garage Shoff Builders Supply Elmer F. Smith Glen A. Smith I. W. Smith H. V. Stover Mr. and Mrs. W'.' E. Talbert Rhodes Electric, Woodbury J. Kenneth Stern, State College A. W. Thacker Co., Pittsburgh Union Emblem Co., Palmyra Ward Trucking Corp., Altoona George WJ Williams, Hollidaysburg Winter's Music Store, Altoona james E. Van Zandt, Altoona Sec. Board of Education: "Did you gradu- ate from college?" 37 Mr.Furrer: "Yes sir, from State Penn, Sir. 5 i I! i K CHEMISTRY CLASS SONG Tramp: "Lady, could you give me a bite?" Dora Talbert: "Well, as a rule I don't do any biting myself, but if you'll wait, I'll call the dogf, if ik ill i 5 Imogene: "Where did you get these jokes?,' Mr. Eboch: "Out of my head." Imogene: f'You must bef' 1 if If ii IF Friend: "How long did it take you to teach your daughter, Ruth, to drive?', Mr. Rhodes: "It will be two years this fall." W 3 if il X Patient: "VVhat shall I do? I have water on the kneef' Dr. Kenneth Kensinger: 'fWear pumps." Little drops of acid Little bits of zinc Give us lots of learning But raise an awful --. i 3F i 1 I! Freshmen: "When do the leaves begin to Mr. Bechtel: "Can you tell me what cow hide is used for?" ' Keith Kensinger: "Sure, it holds the cow h ." toget er at 8 1 it at Kenton Pollard: "Have you an opening for a bright young student?" Employer: "Yes, and don't slam it on your Way out." turn?" Junior: "The night before exams." If i 'Y 1 3 Jokes Continued Mr. Ritchey: '4Good heavens, sonl Why aren't you at the head of your class once, in- stead of always at the bottom." Johnny: "It doesn't matter, Dad, Mr. Fish- er yells so loud you can hear at both ends." R i ll' 3 ll Mr. Frederick: "How are you getting along with your math?" g Lorraine Daughenbaugh: "Well, I've learn- ed to add up the zeros, but the figures still bother me." 1 f i 3 il Bob Hoover: "I suppose you think I'm a perfect idiot." Mr. Hoyt, gently: "Oh well, none of us are perfect." 1 SK IF W Y Friend: "Let me congratulate you, old boy. I'm sure you'll always look on this as the hap- piest day of your lifef' Don Russell: "But it,s tomorrow that I'm getting married." Friend: "I know that." ll ii' lk Y ll Ken Wilson was taking his first airplane flight, when he jumped up and remarked. "Ouch, who put that tack there?" Dick Metzler: "That was no tack. We're just flying low and that was the Washington Monument." at at 1 ll 1 Russ Banks: "You ought to take chloro- formf' Freshman: "Yeh? Who teaches it?" IF W If FF if Dentist: "What kind of- filling do you want?', Fleeta Mentzer: "Chocolate" Y 1 ik li i Bob A ers: "There's onl one ood thin Y Y 3 S about school." Buzz Butler: "VVhat's that?" A Bob: "Well, you can't have vacation with- out it." i i i Y if Lois Reneker: 'fl got me one of those cook books, but I can't do a thing with it. Mrs. Points: "Too much fancy stuff, Huh?" Lois: "You said it. Every one starts With: 'Take a clean dish'-That settled me right theref' Y 1 il Y 1 77 Paul Imes: "Hey Brummy, I hear you made the baseball team? Johnny Brumbaugh: "Ohl the other fellows helped a littlef, W ll ll ll! if Mrs. Martz: "Louise, can you tell me about 'The Ordei of the Bath?, 'i Louise Clapper: "First Pa and then Ma, and then us kids and after that the hired girl." Pauline Keith: "What happened when you ask your boss for a raise?" Marjorie Stonerook: "Why, he was like a lamb." Pauline: "What did he say?" Marjorie: "Baa, Baa." l 1 1 1 1 jean Dick: "Did your watch stop when it hit the floor?" ' Virginia Royer: "Sure, did you think it would go on through?" F U F ll ll Arlene Ayers: "I don't see how football players ever get clean." Pat Nixon: "Silly, what do you suppose they have scrub teams for?" il F 4 ll 1 Pat Dodson: "I never like to eat." Shirley Hamilton: "Why?" Pat: "It spoils my appetite." 4 i ll HY F "Sneeze" Snyder: "Have you read any good books lately?" Betty Pheasant: "No, but I've written re- ports on several that would be good if I had time to read themf, 1 i li ll i Freshmen Class: A Comedy of Errors ' Sophomore Class: Much Ado About Noth- ing Junior Class: As You Like It. Senior Class: All's Well That Ends Well. ll' R ll ll W Mr. Stoudnour to Seniors: "You are to be excused early today: please walk quietly through the hal's so that you won't waken the other classes." ll if IK ii ll There had been a terrible explosion in the lab and Mr. Lindsey was investigating. "What happened" he bellowed. "Carmen Sollenberger went into the chemistry room and lit a match," answered the class. "Lit a match! Why I'd think that would have been the last thing on earth he'd do." Charles Whetstone: "It Wasf, l 1 1 1 1 John Edwards: "Do you know what makes the tower of Babylon lean??' Llwellyn Evans: "No, if I did I would do the same." Q 1 ill 1 3 Mr. Shaffer to student who is half an hour late: "You should have been here at eight oicfockf' Student: "W4hy?t What happened?" I li 1 Merle Baughman: "I've added the numbers ten timesff Miss Spencer: "Good boyf' Merle: "And here are the ten answers." wg ,N ,JU n U lag 'M git 13335 HH, GE W Jw ,Nu ull fm NJ N ,W QE U , A n W Qu W Y , F11 , N , , , N , H , gm W H' ,N M , ,, , , M , W if W WU 'N N Ei N mb W UH A1,'1mLMh: 1l' M 11'w HF"1N",I:-H XI1kbBm'Mmii,l?U13ulHWPdFMEulHMw1l4i.H!i15l!Z?fd175AHLl W! WWWlH!lH!lV!wI!I!!WHWlU1HIl1itWliIIUAll1!HIW!! HBHWMMWiWMI4WWMnNMMM!IMINIVPNHAIHWitMM,,xJHIMiMuWVA53MP1l1LlMm?hli!wM11M'f5MiWLl1lLML1F111IJF1ifE1lEI'MiW1M''WZuuihldl-WhlllilwH,'M1'-1.uW'l41i11UME1'l',,-MW'W'NENEf1?1W!IL.!M AUTOGRAPHS u W Ik! :Eu Bull W af W ,jx m, QE 1131. M ,Qu u'-, my ,K W I Ny ,H W , . , um, U13 Wu N1 W HW MF' M Ev W Wx vw N xv W N W Vim my X 1 I iw YW x ,1 WG WN wa 4, 'SML W wr :W N N 15113 ' L M W Um ww! HW sglw H M HR Mu 'WMl'151l1L' :M MMR WELWJQWWME1: EE 1NuJ:MlMvAMW , W1 ! W ! WMQIIIWIW IAMWIJHWNWVWWHHI3VHWH11WH!WWHfnNrilMWI4h1iIuNUW1VJAuNNNNHNWdlHliIIlil51NH ' iMW 5 33 is J 5' 2 5 ii 5 E 5 A 'S Q: 5 a 5 as 55 I .3 1 3' w ,, E ia R 99 li 5 5 p .1 Le 3 ,, ,T 5, .J F5 lt 1: .51 xi If w 1, PM iii!!! Wu WE W W ME fhf: V11 W E W :Ui Falla H., NUR N J N V N EJ wa l W H J' XM ll Tv w L L w ww H mu N M OM P? WIIITEM-'m EW''I'3?l'5"E4G1WiMwVG'M1EYMHB41MHsbWR4li?dHPfmWWL1!:?r,M1llMlHW!lmIW wl1NWUWIHl WW ulNW!HINliuHUNW1NH1M.MWiH HWEEEWNGIMW

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Morrison Cove High School - Pine Crest Yearbook (Martinsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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1949, pg 92

Morrison Cove High School - Pine Crest Yearbook (Martinsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 9

1949, pg 9

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