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 - Class of 1959

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.,. f'451.v' f .W if ,I Q If ,V rw. , if .wtf 'YH'-i'zZ - firm 99 ' f i L 1 Q Y fu X4 N Ii! T 4, . gh nw ff' Ng .fa ff U 61 Ps"X,,,f , b , A . A 1, -,arf A . "- f ,647 P A n f'0"L--fue, wiffh, ff' 70 fiagfd Vw W mam. MEMS v A m 3 W f i r ia If W Cv' + i L 6 r ll 4, 'L E -ii ,. Q E E n Y wlpai, -w - Y p , - . V, . . .1 fff-4" f' 'Q Q 'f' ' vu I , ' f "fil- I I I 5 Q- 4 I ...gk I dl,- Xl 'rx 'fx E . I.-i lwfvfl HYT'-, '1 la !.l' , , I Fe ,- .Y "4 - H- f W 1, , ,, -. 1 Q: Af' - . f , ,lei f TL'-QL - 1 air- , Ag'-ic' f -:-451, ' i - ...x .X .', - , 'R Isis- 111- f 5 P G I Ulf' jim wg A Q, , , K , -yyyywif fZ f zz fmwfh Www Ml U! ' . , ' 1 1. 1 f , A . , - 1 7 A-,.T-:-Ifljrf ,' f Q -T .1 ' N js-I , 'l 5 , A X! f V , -f if 7, riff L f '7f ,y'y4!45,1g'gz 0ffl jf jf ,hfwf ff I X WJl !f, 4 V I ,Z J I J ' I ,,, , 2 W bw. . X, X , ' If P" 5- f flpffffff' f"--' I 7 4 f f W f 'WW W MM f W1 7 Y Zv"' 1 ff if ' X ' ff ' f f ff W A' ll ,lj 2 , ',' I, ' 1 X H ly V, M' V, ' 1, K X 1 I ffwg .' E ,fig f f , 1 6 f Li Q, W! V o! X fx ff , .X , W, ,f,,w,ff,a1g , ,,, f 'fff,A,,f mm! , ifwf 1 ,wffffffm W X, ,K g X ,iff , ' ' -My 'f fA ff ' bf Aft! ' ,iff x,f , ,f f jf f M I ,,fff! , - . N Q ' j A 1' ' I , f ff l. f f V f, f .Il.. X' J 7 kSlX:,1x'bX vjxlxf-x J lx lf '.,'J,"v,xsxx ,fl f' Q Ui A T x gtx-.,1i xxxiXxviS,x x.Jfxx,- ' MD B ,XVV XMIX N Q' "'LRTlO'v xl 'IN xfis blfflllt 'SAKJKT kifYI"'1 - , 'X A"' --1,5 Q Q ffl 'avi .x 1, N I.- 2 A - .,, x XA: jf '11 '1N xNf"X XZ- l,,,1" v, " 'A-'R g ' , eilfi'f'i7jQ"'7'5l'iiiI fa xf:31:f'r'1Qf-'if-52" fx Q 2 Q fr 4 i 3:12, x- Nw - 4- ,i113 5 - sf XXX Y . x j"' "'g'h7"j:i'35xH':ksj' 1 l X 4 , 'A tm I f tl" j.--l.:-,xxgrllf1,5733-,235 -J" 4 -ig ' gk, AW,'9,,' f . xx N 5 , N 41,X".l,fT-rxxlsf , 'ffhixfw X , K X Q2 lg X I. , ,f'rM , , 5? f , X ga -'7'1QAf' 3 5 f hzFp'1!,'f2 Lg X X- XY: it N X N X lixi vffffl, 7' F 'I ' I f'lg,f1'Y',Qf X " I ' ' ' n, 'X xxx 4-XSS-.7 Y S ,3:T"'R It hfifpijf ,. - " ' X' 'xx X if x- fix 'Y' f- ,lffwff ?-'Z' t V'-31' f' f I f Xiw r . ' i-5 Qex- A Af.,,'.' 1. 'Mil V' K f ,H - if if Q V ' I . if -, .'?J-.gif'i4?!1qf- ,A,PEN?9'f1j.f4 ' ,fffrg!J,5Tghb. 5. A ,, 1 , , , 4 94 A iii' "r.'y": ' ' . ' 'b" P . -- Q : .I 5 , H, ' K " -' 'Qhxf-.Y - .' -I -4- . 4'1"-If T A g V . ,'- , lqp , ,' v I E' A' ' i- 1 , 0 4:51 , , I,f,lI , fn' K' Mu..1..u4,.ua ,.f4Aii4H'e- I X 1 I , 1 II fb fy ' ... fx jj X, K XL 1- ,' ff and-'fnuaau Amamwwna ,,, 1 ,f uf .1 , , 1 4.141 -Y 4 f I , p n 1 ff '1 db QRKAN .-1.-...,...,,,.. THE TOWER Published By The Graduating Class Morris High School 1959 Oscar E. Acker .14 :Decbca fion As we prepare fo leave fhese lreasured halls and fowered walls, we are pleased 'lo learn fha-1' we are +o have a mosl' congenial fraveling companion. Oscar E. Aclrer, afier ihirly-seven years as feacher and adminisfraior af Morris High School, has announced his forfhcoming reliremenl. H' is noi 'foo hard +o describe or characlerize .ihis lall, dignified, yef smiling and friendly man. One has only 'lo .fhink of fhe qualiiies fhal' made our coun+ry greaf -magnanimiiy, devoiion fo duly, sinceriiy, uncompromising fairness, quiel' sfrengfh, and abundanl' good humor. Everyone who has lhe good foriune +o meel him per- sonally comes away impressed by his warmfh, wil' and kindliness. We cer'l'ainly do no-'r wish +o reflecl' on fhe virfues of any ofher graduaiing class, bul' somehow we like +0 feel ihal' Oscar Aclcer has singled oul' our class of '59 as his special shipmafes on a new voyage of discovery and fulfillment r And so, +o him, with our love and bes+ wishes, we declicafe +his book. Dr. Paul Schweifzer , ,MA COIWLQ 7 We refurned in Sepfember of '58, glorious seniors, wifh hopeful prospecfs of graduafio-n in June and greaf curiosify abouf our new principal, Dr. Schweifzer. Walking fhrough fhe corridors, one would see fhe consfanrl furning of heads and hear fhe whispered buzzes as fhe figure of fhe new principal passed. "Thaf's him," fhe whispers echoed. However, if didn'f fake long for fhese caufious whispers fo change info friendly "hello"s. Wifhin a few shorf mo-nfhs he became so much a parf of Morris if seemed as if he had always been flhere. Yef while fhis genfle and kindly man wanfs nofhing beffer fhan fo puf everyone af ease and fo be faken for granfed, we Morrisifes who have come fo know him, recognize and appreciafe fhe rare kind of person he is. He is fhe very spirif of friendliness. His greefings always begin wifh a warm smile and end wifh words which linger in one'g memory. There are fwo major requiremenfs fo be fulfilled before an inferview wifh Dr. Schweifzer. One. is fhe appoinfmenf fo be made af YOUR convenience. The second is your parfaking of fhe cake or candy which he so genero-usly offers. lnformalify is fhe keynofe. Anofher unique qualify of Dr. Schweifzer is his abilify fo remember names. Somehow when a principal remembers your name you feel "awfully" imporfanf. Having seven children musf have helped Dr. Schweifzer develop +his fine abilify. We know fhaf fufure graduafing classes will love and admire Dr. Schweifzer as much as we have. Buf fhis fhey cannof fake away from us: we had him firsf. And so we, fhe class of l959, welcome a wonderful genfleman and an inspiring leader, our beloved principal, Dr. Paul Schweifzer. . 0 , flnclpa 5 efjdclge June I959 Dear Gracluafes: ln years fo come you will occasionally loolc fhrough your copy of "The Tower" and fhinlc back upon fhe days you spenf in Morris. You will relive fhe joys and successes, fhe disappoinfmenfs and difficulfies which have made up your life for fhe pasf few years. This boolc is a precious memenfo of your high school friendships and experiences. As you go your various ways, l wish for you fhe fulfillmenf of yo-ur fondesf dreams. You have learned many fhings here fhaf will help you fo succeed maferially, fo gef along wifh people, and fo be good cifizens. Your lives have been enriched 'rhrough fhe appreciafion of music and arf, liferafure and science, hisfory and mafhemafics. Confinue fo learn and fo seelc fhe besf culfurally and spirifually, fo fhe end fhaf your lives may be rich and good for you and memorable in your confribu- fions fo fhe welfare and beffermenf of your communify and fhe world. Cordially, PAUL SCHWEITZER .fdolminidfrafion Oscar E' Acker George M. Weinberg eaflff Sylvia Brofman Dorolhy Fogelman Theodore Von Kempe Gusi-ave Shgr Dean of Girls Dean of Girls Dean of Boys Dean of BOYS CL air arfmen fa 1159? SSW .f""""' Marguerlfe O Connor E lish vw IJ. . 4 wha-1, pn,.,4,.,-M-.M ggamfrfi, -' -- anasmfffi-" ' ifiitiiiv- -r s,'x,n -1- 112 jwgn 1 Q' . "x'n , -' j.,,n 'rs ,,'.,f'Q2.M.a Q., N, ,em -, ,G W Q fa., -.fs 3,9-ww .. .fa ,,,,,, . K, ,A lf- va , s"-ans ,so ff .am -away, v, -. -. f.-2 ' . ., Wifi- 'H n...i,,.. , Edward Samuels Business Educaiion A fi' Louis Tyfell A 1' I' fv- Maihnlcle Budner Accouniing Girls Healih Educaiion ll'ViI19 Fine Murray Sioopaclc Science Social Sfuclies mf' SL Dr- M0595 B'3""'35 Harfley Sl-lellans Foreign Languages Music 1-use -1-J i. Clara Wurman John O'Brien Dr, Grace Wachs Ma+l1emai+cs Boys Healfh Eclucaiion Speech Olflflffe 0l"fl ,,f, wp ' ' ' ' - 4 X4 V' I' A ,I . ri z JR lrene Berger Mildred Lee Girls Counselor Girls Counselor I llill'f'a ,V 1 yy ,ff gf , V, ., 4, , ,A ,z-qw 73 ,- , ' . wig 3 i ii-Q 1 . , 2 :Jay if QM , l 5 .Q'H,'z'o , V' " fg- 1.1: ii V f- - 5 4' wwf ' 1 f. if fl ,fy if SZMXJQM - f! V1 f Her an Blumen'I'l1al ffqf Harold Edell 1 W YS Cor'.5 , ,53lg,f,,,,z BOYS Coulfselor Prix' ,' ' ' 3 ' 'I l f U4 V fml b0V6'i'sff f,-' il lxrxljffixll 'J li B X ii f U'-will ' fwfr CNW lngeborg Nussbaum Sol Sl1ulman Adviser Senior Acfiviiies Business Cooperative ' A- 2 ..: '5 ,ulijf ' f ,L- I ,of Abraham Kalislw Boys Counselor M Gladys Taller Senior Cqunselor enior Milliceni' Purvis Harold Loren William Zeh Joyce Reiser Lydia Porco Dr. Israel Goldsfein 3616 8105 -av 'S' Irving Miller Gladys Baum -df' ,irq Elhel Eisen Marvin Cohn Abraham Slrum Pearl Taylor Y I f 9? P 'Q P A if if ,f ,5"'Z'i1E33.,.-1 A ' ' ,A Y. .swf ,, ,, , aw .-'V ,x , ' f ., 2 '.:4f-afvsf. I - - A ,. - - 1 . 5 3,..,,z2wi,fs.:,f.:1 f P , zftzgza? " 5 WTI:-252: .:'iZ"f:1g':' r- ' ' Effie 'WV' fu 'V V .s'71'5 '17 g Y"J,4i3r-' 'PfC.,'-sf. V . Q3-I ,355-5Q352554.i2'i, ,A Sidney Greene Assisf. Adm. Assis'I'an+ Ar'rl1ur Jaffe Assisi. Aifendance Sfephanie SCi'lWdTl'Z Program CommiHee X ' f f iii' I ,fi J , 9' A as 'Wwe , '- . vw Af, 7- ' f, ,.1 Ae ,Zag ,iw-ff, , ,F :gg fr f ' at if if x f ,f we 5 I M4 , , f as "' 4' f 5 1 f Q s 4 7 ,f f W 'Q 5 V74 , Xi, ,f A 141 f IV MUG , f . ,gi , ff , f as ff ff 1, , f 4 f' if 4 4 ,jfff f YP! Q I 7 4 f X A Q if ff f C X f 4 .1-gi 14 f vfiff f' f Q 1 1 ,, ,f , , Y off s 1 If f 9.932 ,, 5511 Q-, ff, W ' A 1 f ,, ., ,,,, , ,, . ,. ,. 53,7 Q31 .fy 1' ff 2 of f Nw , f' ' , . f , , ,y f Q A Paula Greenfield Nafhan Browns'l'one AH'endance Coordinafor Admissions Richard Greenfield Jadlc Dauber Assisi. A'Hendance Assisi. Aiiendance Irwin Allman Lillian Norwiclc Program Chairman Program CommiH'ee X ,.,,n.'zq " I I Z. Ok. ,T 1 ff, GL , Q :A M" , 4 lx ,A I' "f ' L WV! ,ff x f fl ' V4 , A ' CLERKS T L r.,f,..? jgtrzffiyii L- T A W1 ' Q 1 ' gf' Wil T ffl, T 'l T 65' 1 Qo- '5 If Molly J- Greene Florence Weissberg Pauline Prifzlcer Helen Manne ESl6ll6 Uma Annelle Golclenberg Helen Lolllreclo PARENTS ASSOCIATION O Mrs. Brown Mrs. Cooper Mrs, Diewgon Mrs. Fugnilfo Mrs. Granl' Mrs. Saunders Mr. Silverslein Mrs. Slansky Mrs, Smi+h Mrs. Thomas MTS. WaH'rerl if',,,,lb", 4' s Q 4 ' 1 ' 4 ' o dr- . ff? . 'ii nf, '.'1:'. 6. 3. I I ' EX a- ,. . . A . .-. n X X4 I' 1 NN H 'QM x X 1- . X . s 1 X mx 3' ' ,ivy QA . ,- .A wx-MN , ' . . . . - .. ..sA..Qg. .KA .rl v hi ' V. ' -' 5,4- '1--.. I., .log- N- ,l' ' ll I 1 Kuff' .4 ."M ' 'Pl iv-4' v-A 5, V , , . . A Qq,Ilg:'b..I,,.,,.'-il. ,-. V. v-. ,,.1 . ' ., A . .. .' gf 1 1. ' ,r ?! H ' 1 I , r , J A r ,, 1 f U M- , A . -'Am 1 'TH jgr 1- , 'C , 4 . .. V , 4 f :ff ,, .5 -Q ,, , , ,E I W I 1 -B .1 fyf .LE xxx fa? 4 4 4 f .f, fl I, HECREW M1959 i V! I SENIOR OFFICERS Irma NGQFOH. Treasurer Francine Savifz, Vice Presidenf I-UIS RIOS. Presldenf Frances Perricelli, Secrefary Miss Ingeborg Nussbaum, Adviser foreriiclenf Z5 message Jusf as fime marches o-n, so do our school days. Three years ago we came fo Morris, young and scared. This was a new world, one which would give us new ideas, new friends, and new feachers. If was also fhe beginning of fhree hard years in which we would develop info adulfhood and in which we would prepare ourselves fo enfer an adulf world. Buf fime has caughf up wifh us, and fhis June we shall graduafe. Wifh gradua- fion we shall fake wifh us wonderful memories of 'Ihings we did and of fhings which happened fo us. We shall fake wifh us 'Ihe advice of our guidance counselors, 'Ieachers and principal. The Senior Rally, fhe Senior Boaf Ride, Senior Theafer Parfy, Senior Dance, Senior Prom and all fhe ofher school acfivifies will be pleasanf memories for us always. Since Morris has given so much fo us, lef us always, whefher we are in 'Ihe pro- fessional or business world, remember her, and bring honor fo her name. LUIS ALFREDO RIOS Senior Class Presidenf of '59 ABREU, CANDIDA I99 Brook Avenue Ambifion Privaie Secrerary Drama Socieiy, Mimeo Squad, Service Squad l-ler goal she will aliain In rhe business world of fame. ACOSTA, CARMEN M. 597 Easi' I38 Sfreei' Ambirion: Obsleirical Nurse ' Presideni of Newman Club, Service League, Cap- fain of Pep Squad, Girls' Bowling Cheering and boosiing for 'rhe school, Being vivacious is her success fool. ADAMS, LOIS 205-2I lI5 Drive, Queens Ambilionx Typisi Infirmary, Ariendance Office Even afier she moved away She siayed in Morris for many a day. ADAMS, ROBERT 355 Crimmins Avenue Ambirionz Navy Soflball, Baskerball, Baseball, Bowling Noi only smari, b'u+ also wi'r'ry, When noi around, Oh! Whaf a piiy. AIKENS, THELMA 760 Caulclwell Avenue Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse Girls' Chorus ,'i 7, 1 A kindly and a genile maid, J To help ihe ill and give ihem aid. U A , 9 r i is . ALPERT, MARCIA I700 Crofona Park Easf Vi,, j -1. IL Ambi'rion: Accouniani 6 xgyg Service League, Aiiendance Olllice, Mimeo Squad, , MO- S+Ore ip Wuvfv Where +here's Talking, laughing, and sound, 'yyi fiiyf gy W M There's Marcia sure 'ro be found. iii A 5? 4 ALSTON, JACQUELINE III2 Foresi' Avenue - Ambiiion: Secreiary Service Moniior, Newman Club " g Jacky is 'l'6ll and very sweet " ' Li 5 ' A nicer girl you'll never meer. ALVAREZ, LILLIAN 9I0 Jennings Sfreef Ambiiion: Accounianf or Sienogra her P Class Rep., Service Squad Personaliiy plus a figure-wha+'s more, A popular girl-now add up her score. ALVEZ, SALVADOR 232 Easf IZ3 Sfreel' Ambilionz Accounranf Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, M.O. Siore I-le hopes To work wirh figures- Accounfing, +ha'r is!! ALTMAN, JACK 949 Fox Sireef Ambiiion: Elecfrical Engineer Class Rep., "Piper" Siaff To see, be seen, 'ro fell good iales, l-lis knack for humor never fails. ' X ALTMAN, TOBY 735 Bryanl Avenue Ambilion: Secrelary Book Room 7 A m y Whalever job our Toby Takes, QB I YW fi ..,. 'Twill be well done-she never lakes. KP ' ii 4' ANDERSON, RICHARD 504 Easl I67 Sfreei Ambilion: Rich Playboy H cerlainly was an evenlful day, When Richard had nolhing 'ro say. 4 ARCE, IDA 879 Freeman Sfreef V, y Ambilionz Secrelary , , ,, M.O. Rep., Clerical '-V V 'RAE ARNO. FRANK soo Easl' I49 s+ree+ A ii A Ambilionz Mechanic ff' ' 4 Lunchroom Squad 'Sli' y ,Q Frank is quiel, Frank is fun, A Q Frank is liked by everyone. L fm ni l V .. , nc, " s. . ARROYO, BRUNILDA 92l Trinily Avenue Ambilionx Secrelary Service Squad, Baskelball Team, Newman Club, lvlalh Club Lucky is The one who is her boss, For he will never be al a loss. AVALO, GEORGINA 764 Trinify Avenue Ambilionz Typisl BAERGA, OLGA Ambilion: Regislered Nurse Head nurse she'll be, Some day, you'll see. I434 Bryanl' Avenue BAEZ, LORENZO Ambilionz Office Worker Fine and mellow, A real good fellow. 90I Fox Sfreei' BARRINGTON, JANICE 730 Prospecl' Avenue Ambilions Slenographer Leadership, Service Squad Quiel as a doll and jusl as sweel, Someone will sweep her oil her feel. BATTLE, HAZEL 642 Easl' I52 Sfreel' Ambilion: Telephone Operalor Baskelball Team, Soflball Team Secrelary is whal she'll be, Jusl walch and see. BAUER. JULIAN 330 Easi' I58 Sfreei' Ambifionz Execufive BEAUFORD, VINCENT 82I Easi' I67 SIree'I' Ambifion: Business Adminislraior Track Team, Deans' Office, Leadership Behold 'Ihe room is quiel, In walks Vinceni and Ihere's a riol. BEHRMAN, DAVID 660 Dawson Sfreei' Ambilion Eleclrical Engineer Arisla, Service League, M.O. Council, Leadership Morris may lose him, Bu? he'II never be Iosl. we BELCHER, DONALD 855-7 Home S'I'ree'r Ambilion: Ivlachinisl J Class Rep i V, A swell companion, a wonderful friend, 4 A grand fellow Io The end. I BERGER, SHIRLEY I5I0 Shakespeare Avenue Ambilion: Ivlalhemarician Arisia, IvI.O. Treasurer, Service League, Class Rep, "Tower" S+aIT V Shirley is quief, yel dear, gi f :" V Clever and so very sincere 5 ,V V . ,: BINIAKEWITZ, ROBERT 486 Willis Avenue ' firr I Ambilionz Chemical Engineer H, i f I I love my books as drinkers love Iheir wine, VV V The more I read, The more 'rhey seem divine. V and I VV M BONDARENKO, ELIZABETH I003 Souihern Boulevard Ambilion: Dancer Dean's Olilice, Infirmary, Lunchroom Squad Elizabefh is quile a gal, And is everybody's pal. BOSCHEN, JOHN 432 Easf I49 Sfreei' Ambiiion: To be a success John is a red-'ropped guy, Friends he never passes by. BRAMFELD, PAUL 5I0 Jackson Avenue Ambilionz Businessman ,,Qn,,fl LL? ',,a,,, 3 V Mixed Chorus Soccer Team I vi , I ,T L, . - '- V, ' This boy seldom has much +o say I-Ie minds his own business and goes his own way Ambihon: Housewife She'II keep you smiling Ihrough Ihe day All your blues she'Il chase away wiv IX m5 V5 LJ y. ' .JL-3 IV If Uses, iw-VAIIX V ,W ' ,- Ti 1 , I rj A rvv . . ,f BRAND, FAYE I456 Bosion Road V1 ,j , Girls' Chorus, Clerical ,W3 UU qv! sl .ff wvns ,V N13 l UQWJP 1 ,ip , i., u gsfficfb L' f L BROWN, EARL I322 Prospec'r Avenue Drama Sociely, Mixed Chorus, Track Team When Earl begins 'ro croon, All lhe girls begin lo swoon. BROWN, JUANITA I322 Prospeci' Avenue Ambilion: Regisiered Nurse Service Squad When you're sick and feeling worse, fl f Call on Juanila, our fuiure nurse. BROWN ROBERT 873 Bruckner Blvd. Ambiiionz To be successful Class Rep, Junior Band, French Club' There are many Jrhings +o say, Mainly, may success come your way. BURNS, MlNNlE LEE II64 Union Avenue Ambirionz Clerk-Typisl Soflball Team Sweei, demure and quiie appealin', Wifh her charming ways, our hearls she's s+ealin'. BRUCE, RONALD I046 Hoe Avenue Ambilion: Treasury Agenl Senior Band, Service Squad, Music Squad, Class Rep. An ideal chap is he, Whose iaulis are hard To see. BRUCE, BETTY l09l Prospec'r Avenue Ambilionc Secrelary English Deparimenl, Nurse's Office, lnfirmary She's made of giggles, fun and spice Bur bes+ of all, she's awfully nice, BURTON, JOAN I4I8 Prospeci' Avenue Ambiiionz Regisiered Nurse ,,,,' f , . - '- VN ! Opereira Workshop Faiihful and kind, Her palienls will find. BUNCH, WILLIAM' l205 Tinion Avenue Ambirionz Engineer Hygiene Safely Squad, Senior Orcheslra, Lunch- room Squad When he gefs homework, he lels oul a sigh, Bul don'+ lei him fool you, his marks are high. BUTLER, BEVERLY l504 Charlo'H'e S'I'ree1' Ambiiionz Psychologisi "Tower" Slafi, Service League, Program Com- mifiee, Music-Major "M", Leadership Sl' as a pencil, brighl as a smile, rly is always lops in siyle. LINGOLD, MARILYN l685 Bosion Road ifion' Teacher fee, Clerical Two big dimpl and a smile so nice, JM She's lois o un and full of spice. Ambiiionz Vocal Musician s Pi Q T ' ff' 7 cf Girls' Chorus, Service Squad, Senior Class Rep. 9 . Tower" Siafi, Service League, Program Commii- T QV CALDWELL, LOUISE II76 Jackson Avenue Ambifion: Buyer Girls' Chorus - Major "M", Mimeo Squad Many a boy would walk a mile To see Louise's flashing smile. CALEM, ARTHUR l025 Aldus Sfreef Ambifion: Professional Field Biology Squad, Service League, Service Squad. Affendance Office l-le's a funny guy, jokes galore, l-learing him makes you wanf more. CAMACHO, ARAMI 383 Easf I54 Sfreef V Ambifion: Bookkeeper ,,,,, 1 ':i. He isn'f loud, he isn'f shy, A ' ' A fypical boy, he'll sure gef by. CANDELARIO, MARIE l254 Sfebbins Avenue Ambifion: Secrefary Opereffa Workshop, Mixed Chorus, M.O. Sfore, Affendance Office Cheerful, helpful, lovely gal, Always ready fo help a pal, .I if CANNET, ARGELIA 97l Kelly Sfreei' Ambifion: Fashion Designer Leadership, Lafe Squad, Library Squad, Record Room Clever, preffy, smarf, and sweef, A finer girl you'll never meef. CARDET, EMMA 282 Sf. Ann's Avenue Ambifion: Secrefary Wrifes for "Chafferbox", l-losfess for Disabled , I ,,,, Sfudenfs - A girl wifh plenfy of zip and go, Z She won her "Emma" long ago. f CARO, CARMEN 945 Easf I63 Sireef Ambifion: Elemenfary School Teacher Service League, Dance-Maior "M", Pep Squad, Girls' Bowling Team Eace of an angel if does seem, Answer fo many a boy's dream. CARRIO, MIGUEL 84l Jennings Sfreei' Ambifion: Elecfronic Engineer Newman Club, Pep Squad, Lunchroom Squad Agreeable and full of fun, Thaf's why he's liked by everyone. CARSWELL, ELOISE 5l9 Easf I87 Sfreef Ambifion: Secrefary Baskefball Team, Girls' Bowling, Soffball Team, Clerical An acfive girl af school is she, Should make a wonderful secrefary sr CASTANON, JOSEPH 783 Prospecf Avenue Ambifion: Public Adminisfrafor Handball Team, Service Squad, Mimeo Squad, Dramafics Club Wifhouf a sound, l'le covers ground. I Q57 CASTILLO, ROBERT 873 Freeman Slreei' Ambirion: Bookkeeper Baseball Team, Senior Band Roberlr is one swell person +o know, Always a friend, never a Toe. CHALUISAN. AWILDA 503 Easl' I62 Sfreei' Ambilionz Secrerary M.O. S'rore She knows how ro please And does so wilh ease. CHAPMAN, AlDA 594 Teasdale Place Ambilionz Physio-Therapisl Mixed Chorus, Lunchroom Squad, Secrerary of Baskelball Team, Mimeo Squad Aida is slim, Aida is fall, Bu+ when she sings, she caplures 'rhem all. CHIMKIN, LINDA 750 Bryani' Avenue Ambirionz Secrelary Swilchboard, Bookroom To recile in class makes her weak, Bur olherwise how she can speak! CLARK, RODERICK l357 Bosfon Road Ambilionz Businessman Senior Band, Mixed Chorus, Lunchroom Squad. Service Squad l-le'll laugh and sing his way 'rhrough life, And probably gel a very rich wife. CLARK, SYLVIA 785 Home S'l'ree'I' Ambilionz Nursery School Teacher Arrendance Office, Guidance Olilice, Mixed Chorus A popular girl Sylvia musr be, Wherever she goes we'd like lo be. CLAUDIO, ANTONIO 456 Easl' l4I Sfreei' Ambirionr Accounlanl Lunchroom Squad Accounling is his aim, l-lere's hoping he reaches fame. CODA, YVONNE 232 Cypress Avenue Ambifions Srenographer Girls' Bowling Team l-ler friendliness and merry laughler Will linger here forever alifer. COE, JOHN 364 S+. Ann's Avenue Ambilionz Business Adminislrafor John is always fun, Always a smile for everyone. COHEN. NEIL 860 Fox S+ree+ Ambilionz Pharmacisl Service Squad l-lis sense of humor is nor lacking: l-le never 'fires of wise cracking. ,-, COLEMAN, DIANNE 907 Trinily Avenue Ambilion: Regislered Nurse Capl. Cheering Squad, Class Rep, Dance Class, Guidance Office We speak wilh full veracily OT her well-known vivacily. COLLAZO, FRANK 94I Simpson Sfreei' Ambilion: Commercial Arlisl Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad, Ari Squad xl-lis 'goal he will allain ,, bk ' ilileld of arlislic fame. 4... 'f.4 , iff , pl , , ,,CQLLAZQ, MARIA 626 Concord Avenue WL' M ljT5,?9irrnbi+'off1i Biology Teacher iAyilWHl'Lllfggfgiqy,5ad, Newman Club, Jr. Band, Guidance Wfjmw i Q1Ffice.f U 'pyiulf' VU! - - Tig- fToj.42f,e smarl and swell is quile a Teal, fiwlfkifl age , ere is someone you should meel. AHVU fl P EINS, THOMAS 535 S+. Ann's Avenue rnbilionz Cerlified Public Accounianl ,Q",jySeivice League, Service Squad, Allendance fi' lf Monilor He isn'+ quiel, he isn'l shy, You couldn"r meelr a nicer guy. COLON, CARLOS I07I Kelly Sfreel' Ambilion: Avialion Mechanic Service Squad, Mimeo Squad A lruslworlhy boy in every sense of The word, Of This fine fellow you've surely heard. coLoN, eLoRlA iso: Bos+on Road Ambilionr Legal Slenographer Girls' Chorus, Lunchroom Squad A Happiness bubbling over 5 , 5 ' X f f AMW f la ,,,, 7 if X fiffiiff fs 'ff' , f 1 ffff wp? ., . f. fi f yf7'ff gp' ,Q f f f fjyfffi l X Ga. f , 757 ,ff Z ,fi If f , af if ff if ff ,L . ffl 145 , ,i f 41 j ' 41 in V 'Q ','-' She doesnl need a four-leaf clover. 5- 1 fff iff 'fi 4. COLON, MAXWELL 854 Easi' I70 S'rree+ Ambilion: Designing 84 Conslruclion Engineer Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad, Class Rep A real hep characler is 'rhis boy, He's always bouncing Tull ol ioy. COLON, ROBERT I2II Gilberi' Place Ambilion: Navy Man Handball Team, Visual Aids Squad, Dramalics Club No need lo know him well, To know lhal he is swell. COMULADA, FELIX 406 Eas+ Tremoni' Avenue Ambilion: Eleclrical Engineer Junior Band, Senior Band He isn'+ loud, he isn'+ shy, A lypical boy, he'll gel by. CONTE, JOSEPH 792 Courflandi' Avenue Ambilion: Eleclrician To be an eleclrician is his aim, We hope he does well in his game. COOKE, PATRICIA ll90 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Inferior Decorafor ' Cheerleader. " Deans' Office. Opereffa Work Shop, 1 Service Squad A '- Always sweef. always reserved, iv" -. .Q Besf of luck, always deserved. 5 COOK, GLORIA 37I8 Third Avenue ' Ambifion: I.B.ivl. Machine Operafor I Class Rep., Infirmary, Mimeo Squad, This "Cook" has The recipe For a happy life, iusf waif and see. is Gym Service 1 COOPER, CLIFFORD I l68 Ambifion: Jazz Musician Band Thaf he loves music if's plain fo A greaf musician he expecfs fo be. Foresi' Avenue see. CORDOVA, ALFONSO I445 Minford Place Ambifionz To go fo college Lunchroom Squad Full of humor, full of fun CORKER, EVANGELINE 629 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Legal Sfenographer Infirmary, Services Squad Lovely, neaf, sweef and small, She is liked by one and all. CORUJO, IRIS 276 S+. Ann's Avenue Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse Mimeo Squad, Swifchboard, Pep Squad, Guidance Office Lovely and sweef, To be her pafienf will be a freaf. io , I Law COSTELLO, JAMES 63l Easf I38 Sfreei LNUI Ambifion: Accounfanf A nice personalify, full of un, A regular guy fo everyone. Law! COVERDALE, DONALD l070 Sfebbins Avenue 'lAmbifion: Business Teacher J Track Team, Ivl.O. Treasurer, Service League Term Rep. Sfrong and hopeful is fhis young soul, 'X Sfriving upward fo reach his goal. l ll, y, N CRQVYEI-I-. NICY IOI9 Bosfon Road llshfjf I' 'lf'fpkmLJll'IOf1Z Nurse J if TJBowling Club I yiellxl-lere's a gal sweef and fine, ,J Jy'Glad fo say she's a friend of mine. il I CUEBAS, CARMELO 945 Tiffany Sfreel' 1, Ambifion: Courf Sfenographer Ui Service Squad ,wif A model sfenographer he should be ,I Because he works so efficienfly. f f NC, Qf 7 I I A X 7 1 ,, M I 0 f ff zffff 04,4 M ,fyw ., My 9M 2 4' 5, ,IN if 5 3 f A I bvb, M CUMBA, DOROTHY Ambilion: Business Posirion Cheerleader, Pep Squad A pleasanl, happy, smiling by A CYRUS, PEGGY k I I Ambilion: Librarian ' She's always happy, always For our money, she's CJK, DALEY, CECILLE Ambirionz Secrerary DANKNER, RITA 827 Fox S+reei' lace, The cerrain signs of charm and grace. 735 Eas+ I63 S+ree+ QGY- 906 Iniervale Avenue Guidance Ollice, Newman Club, Pep Squad Always perfecr poise she keeps, And wilh quiel smile, ils pleasure reaps. 362 Powers Avenue f Ziff I Ab'+"Md'lS+ I A m IIon. e Ica ecre ary 'sfilfhffq ff Guidance Olilice Lare Room X Ilyuffff A sparkling smile, lhey come no sweeler. fb-07 'KJ RXGCI Calching a guy will noi slump Rila. DANZIGER, HOWARD 999 Aldus Sfreei' . A I Ambirion: Pharmacisl Bowling Team l-loward Danziger is his name Ja.. ,N ,J fs, I , ,Aff ,,,V ,f D A , .wa Bur no malice can he claim. lzgyhfg DAVIDSON, CELIA Sass Bronx Boulevard ,s li Q3 Ambilionz Bookkeeper EQ Girls' Bowling, Swilchboard, Clerical A QSQ Wirh her blonde hair, boys she can awaken 1' C917 Sorry, fellows, Celia is already Jraken. CU K DAVIS, CONSTANCE 769 Jennings Sfreei' Kg Ambilionz Secrelary-Typisl " Arlendance Olllice A i M hf She's as sweel and as pleasanl as can be. ,,, A . Long will she linger in our memory. ' gg. DAVIS, LARRY eos Eas+ I68 s+ree+ l i, y Vvgllg g E Ambilionz Engineer i Lunch Room Squad M 'N ,j f s . No'r loo iasl, nor +oo slow, ,y ,yyf L g,gi lfg 'f ,yiy ,,, 'yi Jusl Jrhe Type you'd like lo know. yi ilg, y", I gilii y yyig r'i Z,y'.'ii In ,Vyy,,gs ly DAVIS, SYLVIA 760 Eas+ I66 s+ree+ I Ambilion: Secrelary si i if I Service Squad, Swilchboard, lvlimeo Squad g ,S iyi 1 5 Merry, cheerful, and lull of fun, , yv li f s, Liked a lol by everyone. A ,I DEAVER, LAWRENCE 765 Easi' I66 S+ree1' 5 P 9 Ambilion: A Marine 7 "Piper" Slafi, Audio-Visual Squad i' Swell guy, you all should meer, Being wi+h him is sure a +rea+. 3' 24 noi DIAMOND, MARVIN iea3 Bos+on Road Ambi+ion: Principal of Morris High School Tennis Team A leader of men, A follower of women. DIAZ, BRUCE l024 Fox S+ree1' Ambifionz Clerlc Lunchroom Squad Bruce is an ambiiious guy: l-le si+s baclc and wafches lhe girls go by. DIAZ, JENNY l285 S+. Lawrence Avenue Ambilion: Typisl DIAZ, SATURNINO 524 Brook Avenue Amloilionz Air Force Pilol Service Squad, Service League, Senior Band, lvlimeo Squad l-lere's To a quief, earnesl soul, We all hope he reaches his goal. DINNENY, DIANE 953 Easi I67 Sfreei- Ambilionz Secrelary Clerical Service Whai a gal, so much fun! Good Luclc, Diane, in days +o come. DOUGLAS, LLOYD 2244 Baihgaie Avenue Ambifionz World Traveler Leadership, Vice-Presidenl of lv1.0., Service Squad. M.O. Council. Af his door'a grea'r ship s+ands To lake Lloyd off +o unknown lands, 25 I X I "AVI DRANOFF. LINDA I565 Inwood Avenue Affendance Office Sweef and dandy, Like sugar candy. E I Service Squad ygmf 'J Plfgd 1' EALY, JEROME 865 Easi' I67 Sfreei' Ambifion: Engineer Track Team, Senior Band, Lunchroom Squad The boy wifh a pleasanf smile, Who runs a beaufiful mile. ECHEVARRIA, ELDA 772 Hegney Place Ambifion: Airline I-Iosfess Service Squad, Mixed Chorus She has charm, she has wif: Wherever she goes, she'll make a hif. EDELSTEIN, ELAINE 949 Faile Sfreei' Ambifion: Legal or medical sfenographer A Clerical, Guidance Office, "Tower" Sfaff, Mimeo if Squad y There is somefhing abouf her red hair I Thaf makes fhe boys iusf sfop and sfarelgq L ,gllg 3 Amloifion: Secrefary DROZ. RITA 456 Easi' I4I Sfreei' 'T Ambifionr Accounfanf Mimeo Squad, Class Rep. Sweef, quief, and demure f A hif she'll make, of fhaf we're sure. Vfffl' DUNMORE, KATHEREEN I I84 Washingfon Avenue Ambifion: Medical Sfenographer Affendance Office, Pep Squad Kafhy is a wonderful gal: To all she's sweef-fo all a pal. DYER, ELDRED lII5 Infervale Avenue Ambifion: Join fhe Air Force Always a smile, always a cheer, There's bound 'ro be fun when he is near 1 i f -v 4? V ,f ,y X 4-gf: X ff W, 1 JW , ,, I EDINGER, FLORENCE 839 Bryanl' fsyenue V Ag, ., Ambifion: Dramafic Acfress ,, 42,7011 Clerical, Guidance Office, Service League, Svfyj W fl ,I board lqmykl 'X , I-Ier eyes so brighf and preffy , ,yRiP,fH,,I' K f U I I-Ier humor, sharp and wiffy. " Auf V' EDWARDS, ELOISE 878 Kelly free? Ambifion: Secrefary M.O. Service She's always quief, we'll confess, The secref, perhaps, of her success. ELFE, JAMES I325 Prospecf Avenue Ambifion: Policeman Track Team, Cross Counfry Team, Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad Nice guy, swell friend, I-Ie'Il sfand by you unfil fhe end. 26 1 f ,R , ELLIS, SHEILA 9I8 Faile Sfreei' Ambifion: Secrefary Guidance Office, Clerical A quief personalify, buf really sweef Maltes knowing her a lovely freaf. ELLISON, JOSEPH I068 Franklin Avenue Ambifion: To be successful Where he's going, he doesn'f know, Buf wherever if is, we're sure he'll go. N V ' l ELLISON, VIVIAN RUTH 820 Jennings Sfreef Ambifion: Sfenographer Mixed Chorus, Dean's Office, Mafh Office . A small and finy chiclc 3 ' Who, wifh fellas, has her piclc. f ENCARNACION, MERCEDES I056 Fox Sfreef Ambifion: Secrefary I Swifchboard, Girls' Bowling , If Mercedes has a pleasanf way Of saying fhings she has fo say. X . EPPS, CLARENCE 749 Jennings Sfreef Ambifion: Mechanical Technician - - Lunch Room Squad ln his quief way, I-le'll'have success some day. ESKIN, FELICE 9l8 Faile Sfreef Ambifion: Boolclceeper Mixed Chorus, Affendance Office, Swifchboard, Clerical A sweefer "braf" is hard fo find, She's full of mischief, buf we don'f mind. - EVE, IDA I I60 Jackson Avenue Ambifion: Medical Secrefary Newman Club, Pep Squad, Girls' Bowling, Mimeo Squad She's sweef and dandy, Lilce sugar and candy. FAULK, RONALD III6 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Air Force Lunchroom Squad We venfure fo guess, Ronald will be a success. FELD, ESTHER I580 Crofona Park Easf Ambifion: To be successful Clerical, Pep Squad, Arisfa, Class Rep, Nefs Club Wifh hair of gold and eyes of blue, She has a hearf fhaf's sfaunch and frue. FENDERSON, RUBY 976 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Physical Educafion Teacher Senior Orchesfra, Leaders' Club, I-lealfh Ed. Depf., M.O. Office Says liffle in her quief way, Buf whaf she says lasfs many a day, FENTY, JEAN 647 Fox Sfreef is Ambifion: Civil Service Employee Guidance Office, Clerical Charming liffle girl, In a charming liffle way. FEOLA, DOMENICK 2237 Belmoni' Avenue Ambifion: Elecfrical Engineer I-le isn'f quief, he isn'f shy, You can'f meef a nicer guy. FIGUEROA, AMANDA 965 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Typisf-Sfenographer Term Rep. Service Squad, Affendance Office Never sad, never blue, Always has a smile for you. FIGUEROA, WILFREDO 837 Cauldwell Avenue A fffylxfff Ambifion: Posf Office Worker X Baseball Team. Lunch Room Squad M Q Ouife a regular guy, Our opinion of him is high. FINCH, GILFORD 750 Easi' I66 Sfreef Ambifion: Teacher Track Team, Service Squad A schoolmasfer he will become. l-le'll make his pupils' noggins hum. FISHER, RONALD 828 Jackson Avenue I Ambifion: IBM Field lvlimeo Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Service League I-le makes so liffle sound, We don'+ know he's around. FITCHETT, VICTORIA I I60 Jackson Avenue Service League Secrefary, Service Squad, lvlimeo Squad, Fufure Nurses' Club A merry hearf makes a cheerful counfenance. FRANCESCONI, JOHN 605 Jackson Avenue Ambifion: Consfrucfion Engineer Baskefball Team, Class Rep., Lunch Room Squad, Mixed Chorus Johnny has muscles any girl would adore, Fine and handsome, wifh girls galore. FRETS, ORLANDO I997 Hughes Avenue Ambifion: Aeronaufical Engineer Senior Band, lvlafh Club, Baseball Team lf's nice fo be nafural When you're nafurally nice. FRIEDMAN, BRENDA 672 Beck Sfreef Ambiiion: Secrefary Clerical Work, Guidance Office, Mimeo Squad, Dean's Office Waifing fill affer graduafion To make fhe "al+ara+ion". GAGLIO, MADALYN 47I Wales Avenue Ambifionz Airline Hosfess Service Squad, Service League, Class Rep., Official Class Secrefary Very kind and very sweef, Here's a girl you'll love fo meef. GALARZA, WALTER 79I Prospecf Avenue Ambifionz Elecfrical Engineer This handsome Walfer expecfs 'ro be, An engineer of 'firsf degree. GARCIA, ALBERTO 300 Wesf I7 Sfreei' Ambifion: Musician Senior Band Work never killed anyone, Buf Alberfo is afraid 'ro fake a chance. iv GARCIA, DORIS sos Wea I45 s+ree+ Ambifion: Housewife x , ..+f I , , , CU 22-Neczv L fu: Oi' I GARCIA, LOUIS 920 Avenue S+. John Ambifion: To become rich Senior Band, Lunch Room Squad, Handball Team, Gym Service Full of humor, full of fun, Where fhere's laughfer, he's The one. GARCIA, WILLIAM 28I EasI' I43 Sfreef Ambifionz Professional Baseball Player Track Team, Arisfa, Class Rep. On fhe frack feam he's in his glory, Affending Arisfa meefings, +haf's anofher sfory. GILINSKY, HARVEY 743 Hun'I's P+. Avenue - Ambifion: Prinfer Lunchroom Squad, Soffball Team ', 3 A D Bringing ioy fo everyone, 'I . We all agree he's lofs of fun. A ' GILL, LORRAINE I4I2 Prospeci' Avenue I if I Ambifion: Nurse ' Infirmary, Nursing Club She cheerfully follows fhe nurse's creed, Her ambifion will help her fo succeed. . C GINEL. ROBERT IZI6 Seneca Avenue Ambifion Mefeorologlsf Guidance Office Language Office He has personalify IH work and play, A big success hell be someday. GINSBERG. SHEILA 2850 Grand Concourse g Ambifionz Secrefar I -g if .'-1- Dean's Office, Girfs' Bowling, Service Squad, Term A I " . R. P ffif ' I '21 . . , ' ' ,ymvi my A nicer girl you II seldom find. e Sincere and sweef and Oh so kind, ' GLORO, HECTOR J. 225 S+. Ann's Avenue Ambifion: Air Force So friendly and so gay, l-low we'll miss his winning wayl GOLDFARB, FARREL lI53 Granf Avenue Ambifion: Cerfifiecl Public Accounfanf Fencing Team, Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad Farrel is bofh quief and shy, A wonderful friend and a really greaf guy. GOLDSMITH, ROBERT l360 Bosfon Road Ambifion: Business Adminisfrafion Baslcefball Team Manager, Service Squad, Junior Band 'Z Someday you'll see his name Y In fhe business world of fame. iii ii eomez, LEANoR 77I Jackson Avenue I ,T if Ambifion: Secrefary ff V,'i Service Squad ,1'l ,,J ff ff g, iiifii, A happy spirif, we have found, ,.r, T ,,,, 'Twas pleasanf having her around. QA. ws T '-.X , N ,Jil A GOODCHILD, VERNON 8l8 Easf lbb Sfreef Ambifionz Carfoonisf "Piper" Sfaff, Newman Club A falenfed guy and friendly foo. A pal indeed he'll be fo you. L,xeP?1i,Q5w 'sk' - GOODMAN, PAUL 665 Casanova Sfreef Ambifion: Biochemical Technician Vice-Presidenf of Arisfa, Dramafics Class, Affend- ance Office, Senior Class Rep. A nicer fellow you could nof find, Af leasf, nof wifh a beffer mind. GRANT, LOUIS II64 Union Avenue Ambifion Elecfrical Engineer Newman Club, Mafh Club, Clerical He sifs very quiefly in his classes Thaf's fhe reason he always passes. GREENBLATT, BARRY l46l Bosfon Road Ambifion: Cerfified Public Accounfanf Counfing up figures he's specific, Looking af "figures" he's ferrific. GREENSPAN, JUDITH I475 Theriof Avenue Ambifion: Secrefary Guidance Office, Clerical Worlc, Swifchboard. Mimeo Squad She'll gef by. Wifh a fwinlcle in her eye. GRETCZKO, SAMUEL l5I5 Bosfon Road Ambifion: Engineer Tennis Team, Lunch Room Squad Never a worry, never a care, Happy go lucky everywhere. X 1 4 i , ,i , l yiufrig Q LW Mm i yfffffxfzl, JUAAQ ,Tx U fm LVM Q., l yQr5WiW W GUMBS, JEAN Ambifion: Re isfered Nurse Q Girls' Chorus A nurse who sings, Joy 'fo all she brings. GUTTERMAN, DEBRAH 2435 Barker Avenue Ambifion: Execufive Secrefary Swifchboard, Mafh Office She cannof meef a sfranger Wifhouf making a new friend. HARCUM, GLORIA Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse Service Squad, Infirmary, Affendance Office, Guid- ance Office I-Ier whole descripfion is complefe Wifh iusf one word and fhaf is "sweef". HARPER, YVONNE Ambifion: Chemisf Leadership, Class Rep., Squad Smarf and sweef, A combinafion hard fo 1" ,ed gf! ,- I359 Lyman Place IZO4 Union Avenue 980 Trinify Avenue K i Girls' Chorus, Cheering y .E I eaf. J . . if T . kv. f' "'7Ib,.: 'I -'li fl 1 " I HARRIS, BILLY II7-I5 I4I Sfreef, Soufh Ozone Park Ambifion: Corporafion Execufive Class Rep., Drama Sociefy, Traclc Team, Deans' Office Billy makes a greaf scene ,I On Morris' fraclc feam. X if HARRIS, ERMA 829 Easf I67 Sfreef 'X xiii'-'i lil Ambifion: Clerk-Typisf "3 ? Dean's Office, Affendance Office, Guidance Office 1 Always ready fo serve her school And live up fo fhe Golden Rule. filly,-I IJ' X l lg, i V, " HARTLEY, PATRICIA I4I3 Fulfon Avenue Ambifion: Medical Laborafory Technician Class Rep., Service Squad, Term Rep., Leadership A walking adverfisemenf of our Dance Class. HAVELKA, RUDY 548 Easf I47 Sfreef , ,, ,f . . . Ambrfion: Engineer f Service Squad, Soffball Team - 4 In class Rudy's very quief, Buf oufside he'II cause a riof. HAYES, MILLIE 937 Easf l56 Sfreef Leadership, Cify Council, Bowling Team, Dance Courfeous and shy We hardly lcnow when she is by. HAYNES, REATHER II87 Easi' 226 S+reeI' Amloifion: Nurse Doc'ror's Office Reafher is sweef, Reafher is lcind, She'II be fhe besf nurse you'II ever find. Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse . ,QD .ff ,LZ-V-if Qi s VV HAZELL, RAPHAEL I357 Bosfon Road Ambifionz Aufo Mechanic Offen have we heard if fold Ralph has a hearf of gold. HENNING, FREDERICK 325 Cypress Avenue Ambifionx Business Adminisfrafor Gym Squad To have him around Means pleasanf fimes found. HERNANDEZ, ANAIDA 502 Jackson Avenue Ambifions Social Worker Service Monifor, Trinify Club Girls like Anaida are good fo know She lingers in memory wherever you go. HERNANDEZ, PETRA I056 Fox S'free+ Ambifion: Home Economics Maior Swifchboard, M.O. Office, Pep Squad, Service Squad A cheerful, helpful, lively gal, Always willing +o help a pal. HERSI, ANTHONY , 754 Easi' I69 S'free'l' Ambifionz Singer and Band Leader Track Team, Affendance Squad, Class Rep., Lunch Room Squad. If ever i'r's music you wanf fo enioy Jusf ask for Hersi, he is ihe boy. HICKEY, JAMES 79-I0 35 Avenue Ambifion: Marine Lunch Room Squad, Gym Service Hickey's looks are sharp and clean His goal is +o be a U.S. Marine. HINES, VIENNA l4ll Sfebbins Avenue Ambifion: Nurse Senior Rep., Opereffa Workshop, Service Squad. Pep Squad For beffer, for worse, Vienna wanfs fo be a nurse HOFFMAN, JOHANNA 992 Fox S'l'reel' Class Rep., Guidance Office, Term Rep. "Tower" Ambifion: Fashion and Pho+ographer's Model Sfaff 'X You've heard of fhe "Eiffel" in Paris. Q 2 Well, here's an American "eye full". HOLIDAY, WALTER 864 Dawson S+ree'I' Ambifionz To go fo college Baskefball Team, Lunch Room Squad Holiday, Holiday is our man, If he can'+ do if, nobody can. HOPE, REBECCA 3396 Thid Avenue Ambifionz Sfenogapher Class Secrefary, Cheerleader Always smiling and on fhe ball, The lype of girl who's liked by all. Q, 1 , fvi HORTON, BONITA l029 Sfebbins Avenue Arnbilionz Typisl' Mimeo Squad, Soflball Team, Dean's Office She's always happy, always gay, Nice ihings of her, lhey always say. HORTON, WALLACE 700 Eas'r l6I S+ree+ Ambilionr Ar+is'r Service Squad lf you know Jrhis boy, have no regrel, He's one of lhe nicesl you've ever mel. f HosKiNs, CHARLES 769 Home s+ree+ - Ambilion: To be happy i X Always a smile, always a cheer, Q C' There's bound To be fun when he is near. Cf f in HUGHES, LORRAINE 755 Easi I68 Sfreei' T f Ambilion: Elemenlary School Teacher Allendance Office, Guidance Office, Class Rep., X Newman Club 3 A pleasan+ disposifion, lcindly loo, C4 Girls like her are very few. HUNTER, ELIZABETH 724 Easf l58 Sfreei' Ambilrionz Nurse Swilchboard, lnfirmary IRIZARRY, JOSEPH 8II Kelly S+ree'I' X Ambilionr Journalisl Qin "Piper" Slaff A quief personalily buf wise and sweef, AJ You'll malce a friend of everyone you meel. JACKSON, LEONORA 304 Easi' I56 S'I'ree+ Ambilionz Nurse Senior Orcheslra, Gym Service L X JACOBS, EVELYN 500 Soufhern Boulevard Ambirionz Teacher Girls' Chorus, Swilchboard, Malh Club, Guidance L f Z'-' F' Friendly and popular, nor a+ all vain , . The pearl of success she'll surely aflain. JACOBSON, LEONA 760 Bryanf Avenue Ambilionz Journalisr Aris'ra, "Piper" Slaff, Clerical To 'rhe heighls of conienlmenl she will rise She who looks on life wilh quief eyes. JAMES, SARAH 366 Alexander Avenue Ambilion: Typisl' She's full of smiles and full of spice, She's Tull of pep and very nice. 'I 33 ififww JENKINS, CAROLYN 654 Easi' Ibl S'I'reeI' Ambiiion: Nurse Girls' Chorus A bil of sweelness is Jrhis lass, Glad we've golf her in our class. JENKINS, LILLIAN 770 Eas+ I65 Sfreef Ambilion: Legal Slenographer Arisfa, Class Rep., Mimeo Squad, P Sq d ' In our good grace she will remain,ep ua Happiness will be her gain. Z JENKINS, MARY 904 Trinify Avenue Ambilionr To be a success She's good, sweel and very sincere, To us Mary will always be dear. JOHNSON, MIRIAM 300 Easi' I43 S'rree+ Ambifionz Civil Service Worker - f Service Squad ,Z Z3 ,ff F i i I , i She prepares a good meal and sews a line seam, She'll surely Jrurn our +o be someone's dream. nlli JoHNsoN, TED sos TinI'on Avenue To 6'77I"5'Wi 4 Ambilion: Business Managemenl M Agreeable and full of fun, Tha+'s why he's liked by everyone. JOHNSTON, ANTHONY l384 Prospeci' Aven Ambifionz To be successful ,XI Always smiling, wifhouf a frown He's going 'ro be Iops all around. JONES, ESTELLE ANN I I79 Sfebbins Avenue Ambilion: Criminal Lawyer Class Rep., Girls' Chorus, Term Rep., M.O. Council To know Eslelle, ls 'ro love her well. JORDAN, CAROL I75 Wes'r I37 S'I'ree+ Ambilionz Regislered Nurse Infirmary, M.O. Rep. JUAN, AMY 848 Easi' I63 S'I'ree'I Ambilion: Bookkeeper Service Squad She's good, sweel, and very sincere, To us, Amy will always be dear. KAGEN, ELAINE I440 Crofona Park Eas'I' Ambilionz Elemenlary School Teacher Operella Workshop, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus. Guidance Office A prel"ry girl, as Jrhe eye can see, Has plenfy of poise and personalify. , x , Y, . N. 1 1 FN M OU' yin U, . TQRVANAGH DONALD 73l Union Avenue Ambilionz Aeronauiical Engineer W Arisia, Aflendance Office M4 Though quiel and a liflle shy, ' He is really quiie a guy. f W, Z KELLEY, HORACE 364 S+. Ann's Avenue Ambilionz Arlisl Fame and iorlune may noi be his yer, Bu? ihey will come +o him, you can bel: KELLY, RAY 2595 Third Avenue Ambiiionz lnlernaiional Playboy The playboy who will be numb, Under his Mrs. 'lhumbl KLATT, EMMA 867 El'l'on Avenue Ambiiion: Gym Teacher Solilball Team, Baskefball Team, Class Rep, Service League Emma is a wonderful gal, To all she's sweeieio all a pal. a X i I 4 KLEIN, STANLEY i056 Kelly Sfreei' Ambilion: Pedialrician Leadership, Service Squad, Senior Rep., Class Rep. A boy who does many Things well, A brighi 'iulure for him we foreiell. KNIGHT, ROGER 9I5 lnfervale Avenue Ambilion: l-lisiory Teacher A regular fellow his classmaies say. Doing his share in every way. KOROLENKO, BRUCE I262 Lafaye'H'e Avenue Ambiiionc Denlisl Traclc Team, Leadership, Senior Band Quiel and shy he cannol slay, Nor wilh his All-American way. KRANZ, LARRY 940 Simpson Sfreei' Ambiiion: Psychologisi "Piper" Sialii, Opereila Workshop, Visual Aid Squad A promising siudenl- Always promising 'lo do belnler. KRAVETZ, NORMAN IZ34 Spoliliord Avenue Ambiiion: Engineer To college, To college you're sure +o go, You'll become an engineer as we all lcnow. LAGUNA, GlLBERT 8ll Dawson Sfreei' Ambiiion: Eleclrical Engineer Plenly of abilily in sloclc, Success for him will be no shock. 5-' I-, , 1 ,leaf fl' 0, ,V . f' ww 1 Zu' i 4, fr- 35 LASKY, LENORE I929 Davidson Avenue Ambilion: Typisl Drama Sociely, l-leallh Ed. Ollice, Visual Aids Secrelary LAUB, JULIA I764 Townsend Avenue Ambilion: Medical Lalooralory Technician Girls' Chorus, l-lebrew Cullure Club l-ler goal she will allain, ln lhe world ol lame. LEANO, JOSEPH l707 Boslon Road Ambilion: Chemisl l-lere's lo a quiel, earnesl soul, We all hope he reaches his goal. LEBRON, SONIA 324 Easl I43 Slreei' Amloilion: Secrelary Guidance Ollice, Mimeo Squad There's somelhing aboul her lhal's nice lo know, Maybe il's her "gel up and go". LEDESMA, HUMBERTO A , I4I4 While Plains Road Ambilion: Medical Doclor A '1f,i M.O. Presidenl, Arisla, Service League, Term Rep, Class Rep ,,' j' This Lalin lover has such myslerious eyes, "Take my hand," each girl sighs. LEE BEN HAM 685 Wales Avenue Ambilion: Business Adminislralor Where lhe willingness is greal, Success is a sure lale. i A LENDER, ROBERT 730 EaS'l' I65 Slreel' Ambilion: Chemical Technician Senior Band, Senior Orcheslra, Service Squad One ol lhe lads who go lo bed early And slill gel up lale lor school. bf! X5-'iEviNE, FRANCES 843 Hunls Po:n+ Avenue ' ' g Zz A .Ambilionz Secrelary A A , X rama Sociely, Guidance Ollice A A 13" M She's nully and nice J R X L Lilce lruil cake and spice. ff J ?1HJ LEVINE, MURRAY 864 Easl I49 s+fee+ ,il ali rnbilion: Chemisl '-f Service Squad x I fkjfiiooks shy, acls shy, eijpili ' Bul really is a swell guy. LEVY, HELENE I464 Wilkins Avenue Ambilion: Slenographer A pleasanl girl we're glad lo lcnow, ' When she srniles, she sels you aglow. 36 X USL X A R KP' gs NT' Fi .4 9 , x X xx xxx! QTNQJ4 , R Y .X 4 J 'lsbfd LEVY, RHODA l65I Nelson Avenue Ambiiionz Bookkeeper Service Squad, Infirmary Calm and collecied, Few iaulfs defecied. LEVY, ROSALIE l26 Shakespeare Avenue Ambirion: Teacher Senior Rep, "Tower" Slaiii, Service League, Lunch- room Squad Sweei and lovely is 'rhe blend A wonderful siudeni and loyal friend. LEWIS, CLOUSTINA 584 Easi' I67 Sfreel' Ambifionz Secreiary Mimeo Squad l-lere's a girl +ha+'s a ireal +o ihe eye, You'll see fellas slare when she walks by. LIFSHITZ, SANDRA I8l6 Crofona Park Eas+ Ambirionz Teacher Class Rep, Class Secrerary, Cheerleader, Service League, "Tower" S+aif A sparkling smile, a clever pun, To be wilh her is ioyous lun. LIZARDY, EDWARD I335 lnfervale Avenue Ambifion: Denial Technician M.O. Rep., l-leal+h Ed. Service, Lunchroom Squad Knows more and more abou? less and less, Uniil he knows everyihing aboul noihing. LOPEZ, NILSA I24I Sfebbins Avenue Ambiiion: Nurse Ariendance Office She'll dis+ribu+e medicine and ills, To cure her paiienls of lheir ills. LYDE, EMMA JEAN 986 Fox Sfreei' Ambiiionz Laboralory Technician Library, Soffball Team, Infirmary Aid, Class Rep. Her nickname, "Li'r+le Srring of Pearls", Surely fils Jrhis charming girl. LYNCH, EDNA 866 Kelly Sfreei Ambifion: Typisi Guidance Office Edna is peppy, Edna is nea+, l-ler second naiure is dancing feel. MACHADO, RAFAEL 5l4 Trini+y Avenue Ambiiionz Teacher Baskeiball Team, Baseball Team Cool and skillful, sirong in ihe cluich, And everyone likes him so very much. MACKEY, BARBARA lI32 Tinfon Avenue Ambirionz Secreiary Infirmary Service ' She is kind and gay ai heart Always willing +o do her parl. 424 4,64 46, ZLL Ze! 4447 MW ,af 37 if ff uf44af16,.4,AfZff' T .LM Q1 I :I K! iZ,.ffg.fffy 'fl if f,g,fC6f7 -f fl Ubi' Q 38 ref? X --A062 ' MAIS, HELEN I448 Crofona Park Easf Ambilionz Legal Secrelary Color Guard, Mixed Chorus, Guidance Office, Lunchroom Squad A secrelary Helen will be, A preHy sighl on her bosses' knee. MALONE, WALTER 797 Easl' I66 S1'ree'l' Ambiiionz Chemisr Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Opere'r'ra Work- S ' ,.,, V Y 1, shop Scienlifically speaking, he's okay! In Chemislry he'll make his way. MANISON, STANLEY 878 Bryani' Avenue Ambifionz To become successful Lunchroom Squad, Gym Service, Service Squad Senior Band A finer boy you'll never see, A real success, we know he'll be. MANZI, LOUIS 588 Easi' I39 Sfreei' Ambilionz Chemisl Service Squad, Senior Band When a lady is in view Louis' work is +hrough. swilll' if f i i, MANZIONE, Joi-IN 843 Eas'r I72 s+req+ 7 ' SX' Ambilion: Civil Service Worker WI, Chem. Squad, lvl.O. Oilfice, Class Rep. A big hello +o everyone he meels, if sioo fli, Talking To him is sure a Jrreai. A fa A MAREL, MADELINE 2 Easf I8I Sfreei A Ambilion: Journalisl Girls' Chorus. Clerical When Mindy's around, +here'll be no riol, For she's refined and very quiel. MARQUEZ, FRANCES 52I Timpson Place Ambilion: College Service Moniior She's a gal wilh so much charm, ' Tha'r lo know her can do no harm. f A A MARRERO, ELEANOR 27I5 Third Avenue rs-ss fi A Ambiiion: Legal Secreiary "ir-1. 'S Term Rep., Leadership, Guidance Office, Class 'l"i,, ,, 'K .. , is ln our ood race she will remain y , . , X 9 Q - I And happiness shall be her gain. A A MARSALISI, MARION 662 Manicla S+ree'l' Ambilion: Baby Nurse and Housewife Arnbifionz Clerical Sweel and demure, wilh looks and poise, Very popular wi'rh girls and boys. MARSHALL, REESE ll22 Tinion Avenue s Ambifion: Lawyer He will go very far To be successful a+ 'rhe bar. MARTON, NANCY H. 839 Bryanl' Avenue Ambilion: Bookkeeper Girls' Bowling, Guidance Office A fine friend and pleasanl companion. D . MATTHEWS, GERTRUDE 637 Tin'l'on Avenue .- Ambilion: Nurse Service Squad, Girls' Baskelball Team, Girls' Nels X Club Many a life will be brighfened by "Nurse Ger'rrude". MATOS, MINERVA 343 Eas+ I42 s+fee+ ' - in A Ambilionz Secrelary Infirmary 1 Neal, pelile, and Oh so sweel, 1 V - 074,15- She's a lreahlhal can"l be beal. ' MAYTAN, ANN 4:35 Bruner Avenue L Ambilion: Legal Slenographer 'XV Girls' Chorus, Guidance Office, Sleno-Type Club, Allendance Office A fine girl wilh a pleasanl disposilion, Her line lraiis will win her high posilion. McCLENDON, DOROTHY 536 Easl' l7I Slreel' Ambilion: Laboralory Technician Deans' Office, Pep Squad We wonder if from any source, Will come a lhing lo make her cross. MCCOY, SHElLA 850 Easl' I67 Slreel Ambilion: Tyoisl Mixed Chorus, Mimeo Squad Very sweel This lovely gal, Full of fun, a real swell pal. McELVEEN, THOMAS II47 Prospecf Avenue Ambifion: College-Arlisl I'raclf Team You will have lo go lar, To find an arlisl of his par. McMAHON, CALEB 346 Easl' l56 Sfreel' Ambilion: Maior in Malh and Science Biology Squad, Track Team, Newman Club McMahon is his lasl name. ll may some day bring him greal fame. MCNEIL. RONALD I390 Prospecl' Avenue Ambilion: Relail Buyer Baskelball Team, Senior Band Ouiel and serious, bul a real slar, His fame a+ Morris has lraveled far. '. , MEDlNA. NORMA I780 Wafson Avenue l Ambilion: Housewife f Service Squad, Aliendance Olilice Service Lea ue Always ready, always neal, ' g A pa like her is hard 'ro beal. 0 L MEDINA, RAPHAEL l027 Tiffany Sl'ree'l' y 2 AmbiTion: AccounTanT A V, , Numbers, numbers, add Them up, Someday This will help To Till his cup. 2 lss I y 1 "I, "f' MELE, PAT 827 Melrose Avenue J 'Q. T V QPZA , Q,:. ,,,.qq 4 l l uul AmbiTion: Navy Career '1'Q , ffiff -"" , 1 - I 4 2 rrs, rl r Long TIPS he l' Take UPOU The Sea For soon a sailor he will be. slsissr f 1 rlsr MELENDEZ, ANGEL ll22 Kelly STreeT Ambirionz Bookkeeper Service Squad Q Q An angel wriTing in a book oT gold, we l-le's headed Tor success, we're Told. MELENDEZ, CARMEN l053 Bryani Avenue AmbiTion: LaboraTory Technician Service Squad A lovely girl, pleasanT Too, -lhaT's whaT your classmaTes Think of you. MELENDEZ, ROY 935 Kelly S+ree+ AmbiTion: ChemisT ArisTa, Mimeo Squad, Pep Squad, Audio-Visual l-lis every smile shines like The sun, And when he wanTs, he can be loads oT Tun. 6,22 MENDEZ, ADA 598 Eas+ l39 S+ree+ ' AmbiTion: SecreTary Mixed chorus Ada is Tresh and very gay, Q, She's like The Tlowers in early May. J' ,f MENDEZ, CARLOS D. 680 Eagle Avenue AmbiTion: Marine Service Squad Don'T Tell iT To This Marine, l'le probably knows iT already. MENDEZ, DORCAS 598 Easl' I39 S'l'ree'l' AmbiTion: SecreTary Mixed Chorus, "Piper" STaTT, lnTirmary, Pep Squad PreTTy as a picTure, WhaT a greaT mixTurel MERCADO, MIRIAM 609 EasT I38 STree1' Ambilrion: SecreTary Pep Squad, lnfirmary, Mixed Chorus, Guidance Olllice As many of us oTTen Teel, She has a loT oT Triendly appeal. MILLER, MAXINEE l3l4 Seneca Avenue AmbiTion: Business Woman She looks so calm, so sweeT, so quieT, BUT, broTher, can she cook up a rioTl Girls' Bowling Team, Pep Squad, Girls' Chorus Tlrwll MOLINA, LUIS 895 Eas'l' I72 Sfreef Ambifion: Accounfanf Service Squad, Mimeo Squad, Pep Squad If any one wanfs fo keep accounfing, Luis' services keep on mounfing. MONTES, CARMEN I044 Kelly Sfreef Ambifion: Secrefary and l-lousewife Deans' Ofhce, Affendance Office, Clerical l-lere's a sweef and cufe young gal, A mosf sincere and likable pal MOONEY, ANN 690 Easi' I38 Sfreei' Ambifion: Filing Clerk Service Squad She's nice and very sweef, She'll make some feIla's life complefe. MOOR, JANA HELGA 868 Eas+ I72 Sfreef Ambifion :Laborafory Technician Drama Sociefy, Girls' Chorus, "Piper" Sfaff, Af- yy fendance Office The oufside world will now inherif, A girl of friendliness and merif. K , ,, J 251 .T 3 es-' fl 'Z' ak ni i A ff ' ,ffl ,fjfpf W' 5 F S ,iriillflffl MOORE, ALBERT l2l6 Union Avenue Ambifion: Office Worker Mixed Chorus, Lunchroom Squad l-le's well bred: Jusf finished a fhree year loaf. MORALES, CARMEN 763 Easl' l56 S'l'ree'l' Ambifion: Laborafory Technician Foreign Language Office ln school she is quief and slow, Buf affer school, jusf wafch her go. MORELLO, ANTHONY 63l Morris Avenue Ambifion: Accordionisf Soccer Team Afhlefe or musician, who can fell? Whafever he does he'll ring fhe bell. MORGAN, SANDRA I64 S+. Ann's Avenue Ambifion: Typisf Sweef and pleasanf all around, A finer classrnafe can'f be found. MOSS, ANNA IO34 Avenue Sf. John Ambifion: Secrefary Affendance Office Friendly, helpful, nice and neaf, The fype mosf anyone would like fo meef. MUNOZ. ILDA l049 Simpson Sfreel' Ambi+ion: Elemenfary School Teacher Girls' Chorus, Leadership, Term Rep., M.O. Council Tall and sfafely is her frame, To be a feacher is her aim. MUNSEY, LAVERNE SI4 Easl' I68 SI'ree'l' Ambifion: Telephone Operafor Mixed Chorus When you hear her answer fhe line, Thaf will make your call iusf fine. MURDAUGH, ADZINA 300 Morris Avenue Ambifion: Pracfical Nurse Girls' Chorus, I-lealfh Ed. Office, Infirmary, Guid- ance Office I-lere's a girl fhaf is sure fo rise, Because she's one who really fries. , 1 sg O . I I ',,,.,,,., , ,mf MYERS, ROBERT I329 Brisfow Sfreef Ambifion: Police Officer Mixed Chorus Three years in a coma, r While dreaming of a diploma. NASS, ARLENE 999 Aldus Sfreef Medical Assisfanf Class Rep, Infirmary, Affendance Office Ouief, reassuring and sweef, More like her would be a freaf. NAZARIO, JUANA 8l9 Trinify Avenue Amloifionz Clerk-Typisf Drama Sociefy, Guidance Office, Opereffa Work- y M shop, Pep Squad Always happy, always gay, Always smiling in her sweef way. NEGRON, IRMA l0I5 Tiffany Sfreef Ambifion: Diplomafic Secrefary Class Rep, Guidance Office, Service League, "Piper" Sfaff When fhis preffy Miss begins fo speak, She's usually good for af leasf a week. NIETO, MANUEL 4I7 Easf I35 Sfreef Ambifion: Accounfanf Mimeo Squad I-Iis sunny disposifion is no rumor, I-Iis words are filled wifh wif and humor. OGOF, AUDREY 82I Easf I73 Sfreef Ambifion: To be happily married Mimeo Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Affendance Office A smile for all and a frown for none, A doll, when all is said and done. ONG, WING SHEW 2I2 Sf. Ann's Avenue Amloifion: Engineer Soccer Team, Chemisfry Squad, Guidance Office A very versafile boy is he, Doing as many fhings as you can see. ORTIZ, GILBERTO I I02 Washingfon Avenue Ambifion: X-Ray Technician Baseball Team Helpful, efficienf, willing fo work, The hardesf fask he does nof shirk. 'nwi is il , WAI' 0 1 'i ORTIZ, HECTOR 509 Concorcl Avenue Ambifion: Laborafory Technician l"le's as quief as can be, Yef fhere's none nicer Than he. ORTIZ, IRIS 509 Concord Avenue Ambifion: Boolclceeper-Office Clerlc Swifchboard Iris is so very nice, We're sure she's made of sugar and spice. ORTIZ, IRMA 577 Easi' I6I Sfreel' Ambifion: Social Worker Charming and sweef, Mosf pleasanf fo meef. ORTIZ, MARIA 925 Jackson Avenue Ambifion: To be happy Anisfa, Affendance Office, Service Squad, Class Rep. lf's a pleasure 'ro know her pleasanf ways, May fhey bring happiness fhe resf of her days. OSHINSKY, SEYMOUR I532 Seabury Place Amloifion: Wrifer Affendance Office, Mixed Chorus, Service Monifor Success he'll win In forfune's spin . OSORIO, CARMEN 654 Eas'I' l6I S'rree'I' Ambifion: Teacher Senior Class Rep., Guidance Office, Service League, Term Rep. I Her service record is long, To help ofhers she is sfrong. OTELSBERG, JERRY 462 Brook Avenue Ambifion: Engineer I-le's always quief, we confess, The secref, perhaps, of his success. PAGAN, NELSON 643 Wales Avenue Ambifion: To be successful Lunchroom Squad Somefimes serious, somefimes gay. People lilce him eifher way. PALER, LETICIA 724 Easf I58 Sfreef Ambifion: Laborafory Technician Service Squad, Service League, M.O. Rep., Pep Squad Nof much fhaf we can say. Buf fhaf she is nice in every way. PAPA, JOSEPH 222 Easl' ISO Sfreef Ambifion: Draffsrnan Class Rep. If all were as nice and friendly as he, A lof beffer place fhis old world would be. PATANE, JOSEPH I978 Gleason Avenue V Ambifion: Marine Officer A y v I Baseball Team, Dean'g Office, Lunchroom Squad ' , ,I A llgi I An officer of fhe Marines, he hopes fo be, I' iii I 'ii l i i, if 1 :-' fi I-Ie'Il make a good one, fhaf we all agree. ig ' Q ,iqv 6 I PENNIEX, BARBARA I026 Hoe Avenue Vi ,,,, l iiiliii' Q' ,, b,,V I y Ambifion: Opera Singer ri 1' Opereffa Workshop, Dance, Girls' Chorus, Drama SOCIGIY I " Barbara has loads of charm and glow, The boys all vie fo be her beau, PEREZ, CARLOS 495 Easl' I7I Sfreel' Ambifion: Policeman Senior Orchesfra, Track Team Class chauffeur- I-le drives everyone crazy. PEREZ, LOUIS 702 Wesfchesfer Avenue Arnbifion: Accounfanf Service Squad, Arf Squad Cool, calm, and quife sedafe, A fellow like him girls appreciafe. ,7 4 ,. MANGA yfffffw MM fwrffww M , PEREZ, MIRIAM 665 Prospecf Avenue fkffww Ambifion: Business School Girls' Chorus I-Ier sweef disposifion, loveliness and charm, Will nof be forgoffen wifh Morris days gone. PEREZ, RAYMOND 587 Riverside Drive Ambifion: Medical Technician Redheads, Blondes, Bruneffes fall in despair. . A ,of-cf Befween his eyebrows and his hair, A iifi I 2 PERRICELLI, FRANCES 860 Soufhern Boulevard ' Ambifion: oBokkeeper Senior Class Secrefary, Guidance Office, Class Secrefary A wonderful girl everyone knows, May success be hers wherever she goes. PETERS, RICHARD 304 Easl' I56 Sfreel' Ambifion: Docfor Lunchroom Squad , f I-Ie does many a good deed, Someday soon he will succeed. PICKETT, WILLIAM 763 Easl' I56 SI'ree+ Ambifion: Businessman Service Squad Ouief and sfeady you can see, A good businessman he will be. PIERLUISSI, ANNA 620 Easl' I37 S'I'ree'I' Ambifion: Secrefary Dean's Office, M.O. Council She's a liffle noisy, buf always gay, We like her iusf fhaf very way. PINSKY, MARTIN 987 Fox Sfreel' Ambilion: Civil Engineer Capfain of Fencing Team, Service Squad, Lunch- room Squad An arfislic lad, and nol so quiel, A Casanova loo, lel him deny il. PINTO, ELBA 796 Easi' l6I Sfreel Ambifion: Airline I-losless Service-Co-op Office Always smiling, always brighl, Tha+'s lhe kind of girl we like. PIOQUINTO, RONALD 784 Fox Sfreef Ambilionr To sludy foreign languages Service Squad I-le's quile a guy wirh 'rhe gals, And yel lhe boys are all his pals. PITRE, CARMEN 5I5 Wesi' l38 Slreef Ambilion: Dancer or Nurse M.O. Council, Leadership, Drama Sociely, Term Rep. She's hep, pep and full of cheer Wha+'s a ball game wilhoul her There? 772- ff' M f-wwf1J!Lf ZLL... I J 2 I . POLLI, REIN 600 Timpson Place Ambilionx Engineer Audio-Visual Squad, Senior Rep. Rein always does his parl, Collecling money is his arf. 5 J POOLE, PHYLLIS 308 Easf I45 Sfreei' Ambilionx Regislered Nurse Girls' Chorus, Infirmary, Sollball Team, Service Squad Phyllis does everylhing wilh vigor and vim, She dances in English and wriles in gym. POUGH, JULIA l400 Universify Avenue Ambifionz Sfenographer Swilchboard, Service Squad, Mixed Chorus Lovely +o look af, delighllul fo know, The more we see her lhe fonder we grow. QUICK, JEANNE I095 Prospecf Avenue Ambilionr Nurse Senior Orcheslra She is quiel' and sweel' And oh whaf a 'rreall QUINONES, JULIA 680 Easf I39 Sfreei' Ambirionz Bookkeeper Mimeo Squad A girl like Julia is hard +o find, Wifh her sweer voice and smile so kind. QUINONES, SONIA 775 Fox Sfreei' Ambifion: Regislered Nurse 1 Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Music Office She knows how +o please, I , - And does so wilh ease. ' RAMOS, PATRIA I45I Bosfon Road Ambifion: Acfress Af dafing and dancing She's iusf enfrancing. REED. NANCY 89I Dawson Sfreei' Ambifion: I.B.M. Operafor Class Rep., Infirmary, Swifchboard, lvlimeo Squad This girls is really grand, , , Always ready fo lend a hand. REID. ALVIN II66 Burke Avenue Ambifion: Businessman Track Team, Service Squad, Baseball Team. To be very specific, This guy is ferrific. REINOSA, FERNANDO 52I Easi' I50 Sfreei' Ambifion: Engineer Senior Band, Lunchroom Squad, Class Rep. A likeable guy in every way, Tallcs only when fhere is somefhing fo say. RESCIGNO, RICHARD 824 Soufhern Boulevard Ambifion: Aviafion Mechanic Service Squad Full of laughs and Iofs of noise, Rafes highly wifh 'rhe gals and boys. RICHARDS, VICTOR I320 Noble Avenue Ambifion: Commercial Arfisf Lunchroom Squad Lunchroom Squad This boy is nof only smarf, Buf well falenfed in his field of arf. RICHARDSON, ERSIE I244 Washinglon Avenue Ambifion: Psychiafric Social Worlcer Arisfa, Service Squad, Service League, Bowling Team Now viewing her in refrospecf We all bow down fo her infellecf. RIOS, LUIS ALFREDO 690 Easi' I38 Sfreei' Ambifion: Social Sfudies Teacher Visual Aids, Newman Club, Leadership, Senior Presidenf -XS C N sf' Wifh a face all sfeeped in smiles, Each hearf wifh pleasure he beguiles. RIQUELME, DALMA 870 Longwood Avenue Arnbifion: Lawyer Guidance Office A girl wifh Iiffle fo say, Accomplished a Iof in her own quief way. as II RIVERA, CECILIA I027 Tiffany Sfreei Ambifion: Medical Laborafory Technician Class Rep, Cheerleader, Lafe Office, Guidance Office Personalify good and sfrong, She Icnows how fo gef along. RIVERA, ESTHER I334 Soufhern Boulevard Ambifion: Secrefary and I'Iousewife Kindness fo many she alwa s shows, Thaf's why she's welcome wherever she goes. Q RIVERA, RACHEL 690 Wesfchesfer Avenue Ambifion: Bookkeeper Infirmary, Iv1.0. Sfore, Docfor's Office Very sfudious, quief and shy- Who said fhaf? Oh! If musf be I??? RIVERA, RIGOBERTO 738 Easl' I33 Sfreef Arnbifion: To be successful Behind fhe curfain's mysfic fold The glowing fufure lies unrolled. ROBINSON, GARL 865 Sfebbins Avenue Ambifion: Radio and T.V. Serviceman Ivlimeo Squad, Guidance Office, Lunchroom Squad When fhe sef begins fo growl and snarl Whaf do you do? Why, send for Garl. ROCK. IVAN 673 Easi l40 S1'ree+ Ambifion: Cerfified Public Accounfanf A friendly fellow, on fun he's bend: For human ioy, he's heaven senf. ,sss , M RODRIGUEZ, ADELAIDA l020 Trinify Avenue Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse Infirmary, Service Squad Friendly and warm, Her pafienfs she'Il charm RODRIGUEZ, ANGEL L. 586 Eagle Avenue Ambifion: Bookkeeper Angel, cheerful and brighf all day. Wilh us he's sfricfly okay. RODRIGUEZ, ANNA 8I4 Fox Sfreel' Ambifion: Privafe Secrefary lvI.O. Sfore I We'II miss her in fhe Iv1.0. sfore, Annie doesn'f work fhere anymore. RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN 80l Soufhern Boulevard Ambifion: Bi-Lingual Secrefary She will wrife sfeno in many a fongue, Very falenfed for one so young. RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN L. I049 Simpson Sfreef Ambifion: Lawyer 5 fi She's so preffy and so nice, F Y I We wouIdn'f frade her af any price. RODRIGUEZ, CAROLE 576 Easl I65 Slreel Ambilion: Olllice Worker Guidance Olllice I-Ier charm and sweelness allracls us all, Many boys lor her will lall. RODRIGUEZ, FELIPE 4I0 Eas'I' I40 Sfreei' Ambilion: To be happy Lunchroom Squad Good man Felipe, Never calch him asleep. Wg, QW RODRIGUEZ, MARIA 8OI Soulhern Boulevard Ambilion: Lawyer Guidance Ollice, Pep Squad, Clerical She may be quiel bul she's really swell, This gal Maria, we all know so well. RODRIGUEZ, MERCEDES 4I0 Eas+ I40 Sfreel Ambilionz Nurse Girls' Bowling, Infirmary, Nursing Club ? A A helping hand lo lhose in need, Q ,J I A very 'line nurse she'll be in deed. i ROMAN, AIDA 600 Prospecl' Avenue Ambilion: Secrelary Sleno-Type Club, Swilchboard, Pep Squad, Clerical Charming and sweel, ,, , Ig A Mosl pleasanl lo meel. is j ii ROMAN, LUZ 585 Eas+ I37 Slreel' i s Ambilion: Beaulician yei Nor a flower, nol a pearl, ' She's whal' we call a regular girl. I ROMAN, OSWALDO 953 Weslchesler Avenue Ambilion: Collegebound Service Squad A regular fellow, his classmales say, ' I Whal beller lribule can anyone pay? 7? ROMEO, LOUISE 903 Bruckner Boulevard Y ' Ambilionz Receplionisl I, Lunchroom Squad, Allendance Olilice, Swilchboard xyi, 'ffifi' 52 Too busy lo boosl, 'foo busy lo knock. , The boys 'ro 'rhis sweel girl will flock. , ,g555gf15ffif' 1 ,f,' l5,5l5lii3i5g?fi 1 Limit: mmf: Mr ,llbiiinfebifg ROSA, GRACE I035 Hall Place Ambilionz Teacher Service League, Girls' Chorus, Pep Squad, Leader- ship A service record proud and long, This girl is sure lo gel along. ROSA, JOSEPH 547 Caulclwell Avenue Ambilionz Biochemisl Arisla, Malh Service, Malh Club Joe cerlainly is greal, fa- Wilh 'rop brains someday he'lI rale. ROSADO, CARMEN 344 Beekman Avenue Ambilionz Bookkeeper Guidance Office, Service Squad She's quiel and very kind, A girl like her is hard lo find. ROSARIO, ANGEL 669 Eagle Avenue Ambilionz Eleclronics Technician Soflball Team l-lis high school days are ended Thus. l-lere's wishing luck from all of us. ROSARIO, DAMASO 769 Trinily Avenue Ambilion: Wriler Quile a regular guy, Our opinion of him is high. ROSENBERG, HERBERT 37l Beekm Ambilion: Billionaire Playboy Fencing Team Tall, dark, and handsome he is. Al daling and dancing, he's a wizz. ,J ll .X Ury Q1 Q Z an Avenue ROSENBERG, JANET l6l5 Nelson Avenue Ambilionz Commercial Teacher Service Squad, Service League, "Tower" Slall, Girls' Chorus, Record Office Sincere, charming, and quielly smarl, ln liTe'5 endeavors she'll play her parl. ROTGER, NlLDA 7l3 Easl 5 Sfreef Ambilion: Teacher Cheerleader, Guidance Office, Pep Squad, Class Rep. A leacher cheerful she will make, To be her sludenl, whal a break. ROTH, MARVIN 833 Longfellow Avenue Ambilion: To be heallhy, weallhy, and wise. Service Squad, Senior Band, Lunchroom Squad To his goal he will rise, whis is lo loe heallhy, weallhy, and wise. ROWE. RUTH I526 Bos+on Road Ambilionz Nurse lnfirmary, Class Rep. Palienl, palienl never Tear, Our Rulh is drawing near. RUIZ, ROSE 767 Eas'l' l60 Slreel' Ambilion: Secrelary Service Squad Sugar and spice and everylhing nice, Tha+'s why boys look al Rose lwice. RUSS- JUNE 859 Home Slreel' Ambilion: Social Worker Service Squad, Senior Orcheslra, lniirmary This is one June Thai keeps in Tune. SACHS, GILBERT 75l Cosier Sfreei Ambilion: Pholographer Bowling Team, Library Squad A lillle quiel, a lillle shy, Yel he is quile a guy. SACKS, ALLEN 93I Faile Slreel' Qmqilio ' B' -Chemisl CAZZJQI, ul of jokes and lols of fun, V6 Bul slill his worlc is always done. -Y? SALLID, BARBARA I'-760 Park Avenue Ambilion: Malhemalician Slrangesl Jrhing +o cross our palh, A girl who underslands and likes malh. SALVI, LIVIA 583 Eas'l' I38 Sl'ree'l Ambilion: College Girls' Chorus, Guidance Office y Snappy, peppy, full of good will, Very seldom does she keep slill. SANABRIA, JESSE 965 Tiffany S+ree'I' Ambilionz Sailor Lunchroom Squad Whal he wanls lo do, ls iusl sail lhe ocean lolue. SANCHEZ, ANGEL I343 Brisfow Sfreei' Ambilion: Eleclronics l-le's done well gellring fame, Imagine. he lives up lo his namel SANTIAGO, ALFRED 4l8 Easi' I38 S+ree'l' Amloilion: Radio and T.V. Mechanic l-le lilces 'ro iolce and fool around, Where +here's laughing he is found. SANTIAGO, NILTHA I098 Simpson S'I'ree+ Ambifrion: Secrelary l-ler hair ol blaclc, a hearl unfold, She's cerlainly worlh her weighl in gold. SAVITZ, FRANCINE 259-07 57 Avenue Ambirion: Velerinarian Presidenl of Arisla, "Tower" Slalif, Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, Business Manager of Piper A devil, an angel, il's hard To lell, - For Fran plays Them bolh so well. SCHER, GAIL I426 Morris Avenue Ambilion Filing Clerk Deans' Office, Girls' Bowling, Service League, Service Squad Gail iusl goes her way, Smiling. cheerful, always gay. , W 35 iff? V- .. ,' ' ' ,617 'aff gi '1'-' 'Sf ' ,, VY' f, ' .gy if' ,g'W,j!' fry" 'X' 'S .7 sl -1 Lf.. 53. , - A, ' l l V fvfr 4 'K f li ff if , 4 5 36 1 'cj Jw? J . ., ,. f fl 3' up 4 ,ff , A ff Q f I if 1 if ,, X f l Us , My f Q? if if. aww 4 V 4 4 ff 5 , 'W , W H M f s .is 2 Q as A ya ni MH a is M 41 A f 'fi' f ff li ,cw Way 5 1 Z 'Q fr' f " a' , , ,iw SCHNECK, ROBERT l2I5 Seneca Avenue Ambilion: Chemisl Service League, Leadership, lvlalh Club, Service Squad Never is lhere a momenl lo wasle. Work and more work is lo his lasle. SCHNEIDER, HERBERT 876 Bryanl Avenue Ambilion: To be successful Arl Squad, lvlimeo Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Serv- ice Squad Full of humor, lull of fun, Where lhere's noise, Herbie's lhe one. SCHUBERT, RUSSELL 700 Easl I39 Slreel Ambilion: Commercial Arlisl Guidance Office, Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad His bonld hair and collegiale way, Lighl his personalily each day. SCHWARTZ, MERLE l280 Wallon Avenue Ambilion: Privale Secrelary "---1 Allendance Olfice, Clerical, Dramalics T: Full ol mischief, full of fun, 2 Always liked by everyone. ?"" SCOTT, GEORGE 864 DAWSON STREET ,,,,.,.i' . Ambilion: Missionary Senior Orcheslra, "Piper" Slaff, Service League. Service Squad As friends come and go, He is one you really oughl lo know. . SEDA, SYLVIA IO33 Hoe Avenue if 'il x ,X if 1 x if 7k l .Vs MT 1 Ambilion: Elemenlary School Teacher W Cheerleader, Pep Squad, Swilchboard, Girls' , L horus V l lbzlgeasanl, pleasing and proud lo know, I Wilh lhese lhree "P's", she gol plenly lo show. SHATZKIN, HELEN 750 Bryanl Avenue Ambilion: Teacher ,Q Sqnlpr Orcheslra, Arisla, Service League, Hebrew Cu A leacher cheerful she will make, To be her sludenl, whal a break! SIEGEL, HELEN 29l5 Wallace Avenue Ambilion: To be happy Service Squad, Arisla, Malh Club A girl of abilily keen, ,fldgfriles English like a dream. ' l B RB , 31 I700 Crolona Park Easl Q A i io echanical Engineer 9' Gccefpgam, Slage Squad, Bowling Team, Senior es r ' T ' 3 If n ile is on his lame 1 1, 1, K I king happily from place lo place. , LlgELR5Ml'll'HLELlSgA. 3856 Bronx Boulevard T T 1, ' , f m iion: as ion esigner like N V lexdl Egquad, Dance Olfice, "Tower" Slaff, Operella ffl? i or s op 'L Lovely, willy, cheerful, gay, ., Ab jlkyjygiweel and charming in every way, 4l4-15 1,70 f I 52 SMITH, JERRY II49 Tiffiany S1'ree'I' Ambifion: Pilof Flying high up in fhe air Wifhouf a worry or a care SMITH, Tl-iEoDosiA sos Eas+ iss s+ree+ Ambifion: Wrifer M.O. Rep., Class Rep. As aufhor she'll go on fo fame, A credif fo fhe Morris name. SOLON, KATE Ambifion: Nurse Principal's Office, Speech Office, Chemisfry Squad, Guidance Office Ouife a freaf, I musf declare, f'ii"-iw. From fhe fip of her foes fo her golden hair. SOTO, LUZ 744 Fox Sfreel Ambifionz To be happy Luz is one of a kind, An enemy of hers is hard fo find. 852 Easl' l72 S+ree'l' SILVERSTEIN, BONNIE 860 Soufhern Boulevard Ambifion: To gef a college degree Service League, Pep Squad, Opereffa Workshop, Service Squad As quief as she may be, She's sweef as anyone you'll see. SILVERSTEIN, SAUL 465 Easl' I40 Sireei' Ambifion: Teacher Affendance Office Jolliness is his line, Saul's smile is fhere all fhe fime. SLAVITSKY, HOWARD 690 Allerion Avenue Ambifion: IBM Mechanic Masfer of fhe new machine, He'll keep fhose gadgefs on fhe beam. SMERALDI, JOE 598 Sf. Mary Sfreel' Ambifionz Research Scienfisf Chemisfry Squad I-Ie helps himself as much as he can He's bound fo be a successful man. 'I'I , wo, , , , I EQ ., ' 3 , X , i,i, I, J AYVLV A I' X . , ,,,' f ir SPITZER GILBERT 823 Easi I73 s+ree+ Ambifion: To be healfhy, wealfhy and wise Service Squad, Mafh Office, Senior Orchesfra, Hebrew Club We know him well, And fhink he's swell. STAFFIERI, CHRIS 7ll Faile S'I'ree'l' Ambifion: Chernisf Mixed Chorus A boy like Chris, Jusf can nof miss. STEINBERG, MARILYN 86l Faile STreeT AmbiTion: Teacher Class Rep, Guidance OTTice, Senior Rep She's TaughT us The old adage: Good Things come in a li++le paclcage. STRICKLAND, RUSSELL 695 EasT I63 STreeT AmbiTion: ElecTrician Service Squad A guy wiTh a smile, ThaT's as broad as a mile. STULBERG, RICHARD I700 CroTona Park EasT AmbiTion: AccounTanT Guidance OTHce, MaTh Club, Class Rep A real cool caT, who's really hep, Richie is Tull oT Tun and pep. SUBER JOHN I64 WesT I46 STreeT AmbiTion: AviaTion Mechanic A chap To lcnow, As Triend or beau. SYMES, NATHAN 824 Dawson STreeT AmbiTion: Civil Service Worlcer Audio-Visual Squad, Service Squad A Triendly Tellow, Good-naTured and mellow. THOMAS, GEORGE Il85 Union Avenue AmbiTion: CommunicaTion in The Armed Forces Full oT humor, Tull of Tun, Where There'5 noise-he's The one. THOMAS, LAWRENCE 2400 Second Avenue AmbiTion: Social STudies Teacher Vice-Pres. oT M.O. Council, Pres. oT Service gue, "Piper" STaTT ris High will remember him, service record will never dim. WOMPSON, WALTER 755 assi isa s+fee+ AmbiTion: The Man Behind The Governor Why be The man behind? Why noT go righT up TronT? THUMANN. ALBERT 282 Graff Avenue AmbiTion: ElecTrical Engineer ArisTa, Senior OrchesTra Through engineering he will aTTain, 3 His place in The Hall oT Fame. T S rmADo, NORMA i. I476 sesbufy Place AmbiTion: SecreTary There are Things abouT Norma To make you sigh, JusT loolc aT The Twinlcle in her eye. TROTMAN, CAROLYN Ambilion: Air Force Pep Squad, Class Rep Slewardess or flyer? Few will go higher. TUCKER, LINDA TORAINNO, ROSE 950 S+. John's Avenue 854 Eas'r I67 S+reeI' 2I 25 Holland Avenue 466 Easl' I36 SI'ree'I A Ambilionz Slenographer r . I L Service Squad y , g I-Iislory dales Io her are confusing, ,A A I Oulside dales are more amusing. . .'f a VARANDA, MARIA A. Ambilionz Arlisl Q X by M.O. Rep, Mixed Chorus W, A we a',, I Sincere and sweel and Oh so kind, I I AIR 'fil A nicer girl you'lI seldom find. '1- VAN PUTTEN, ALLEN 92I Trinify Avenue Ambilions Mililary Officer Senior Band, Merchandise Rep, lnslrumenl Monilor Allen's a genlleman Through and Jrhrough, We hope his friendship Io renew. VALENTIN, OLGA I. 575 Jackson Avenue Arnbilionz Praclical Nurse Infirmary, Fulure Nurses Clulo A prelly nurse is The paIien+'s ideal, I'm sure our Olga will appeal VARGAS, DOLORES I350 FuII'on Avenue Ambilion. Office Worker Baseball Team, Baskelloall Team, Lunchroom Squad A mosl obliging young lady is she, Which she'll deny mosl modeslly. VAZOUEZ, AIDA 585 Easl' I38 S'rree'r Ambilionz Business Machine Operalor Guidance Oiclice She has Ihe recipe for having friends- She is one. VAZOUEZ, GLORIA 764 Tin'I'on Avenue Ambilions Model Mixed Chorus, Lunchroom Squad As a model she'll do well, Whalever she wears is sure Io sell. VEGA, THERESA 27I Easi I43 S'I'ree'r Ambilion: Privale Secrelary Operella Workshop, Infirmary, Swilchboard Wonderfully gay, always merry, She'll make a good secrelary. f 5 Ii T , I y X cm , ill all Lo VEGA, ZENAIDA 782 Prospecf Avenue Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse lnfirmary Here's a girl has whaf if fakes, She'll do her besf for all our sakes. VELAZCO, DAVID 366 Cypress Avenue Ambifion: Bio-Chemisf Service Squad, Chem Squad ln his chemisfry class he's in his glory, Buf in his frig class, if's anofher sfory. VENTURA, EDUARDO 674 S+. Mary's Sfreef Ambifion: Baseball Player Baseball Team, Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad His mosf honored aim, ls fo bring him baseball fame. VILLAFANE, EDDA 9I7 Easi' I65 S+ree'l' Ambifion: Bookkeeper A girl wifh a liffle fo say, Accomplishes a lof in her own quief way. VILLAFANE, ELDIN IOI5 Easi' l56 Sfreei' Ambifion: Baseball Player Baseball Team, Lunchroom Squad, Track Team. Baskefball Manager For a liffle fellow, whaf a build! Wifh muscle on muscle he is filled. WARD, JOHN 406 Easi' l60 Sfreef Ambifion: To be happy Guidance Office, lv1.0. Office Somefimes serious, somefimes gay, People like him eifher way. T WASHINGTON, CATHERINE A M y 760 Easf I66 Sfreef A T'i' i Ambifion: Clerk-Typisf -Q' i'N, ., T YQ , Q Service League, Service Squad I if- T T Sweef and friendly, you can bef, i T The nicesf girl you ever mef. , WEINTRAUB, ROCHELLE v 9, L, iar, mm I036 Longfellow Avenue bc, T Ambifion: Accounfanf A ,ZQTT Class Rep., Clerical, lvlimeo Squad, Service Squad Rochelle is really greaf, Has no frouble geffing a dafe. Ll WEISBERG, BEVERLY 854 lnfervale Avenue ' Q ' A Ambifion: Physical Therapisf T Arisfa, Guidance Office, "Tower" Sfaff, Class y T 2 ' V , Secrefary, Service League , if i Smarf and sweef as fhe saying goes, V T T fi'i From 'rhe fop of her head fo fhe fip of her foes. ,"i WEISEL, SUSAN l8I6 Crofona Park Easf i ' bu-frfn Ambifion: Nursery School Teacher y F , ' Service League, "Tower" Sfaff, Guidance Office, M' ' " Pep Squad , W ' C sAlfhough her worrying mighf drive you mad, bg! LM' f - :lusf fo be her friend should make you glad. Mlm QW l . .E D.. Bl, WEISS, ESTELLE 639 Fox STreeT AmbiTion: l-lousewiTe Service MoniTor, ATTendance OTiice Full of sugar, Tull OT spice, Besides being cuTe, she's very nice. WEISS, VICTOR I290 LafayeTTe Avenue AmbiTion: ChemisT Visual Aid, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad I-le can make you laugh, unTil you wanT To cry. All in all he's a greaT guy. I U IVW, , WILLARD, CONWAY 793 EasT I66 S'l'reeT 53 AmbiTion: lnTerpreTer MaTh Club WheTher iT's spoken, or wheTher iT's sung, I-le'll TranslaTe Trom any Tongue. WILSON, DILIA 556 CourTlandT Avenue An'-biTion: File Clerk A charming lady in her way, Very pleasing all The day. I WILLIAMS. RONALD 499 Easl' I70 STreeT Q?? AmbiTion: ElecTronic Engineer Baseball Team ATTer he sTudies and learns all The ropes, l-le'll be an engineer-ThaT'5 whaT he hopes. WITTENSTEIN, ARNOLD 88I Fox STree'l' AmbiTion: Fashion Designer I-lealTh Oicfice lvloniTor Designers like Dior are okay, BUT waiT 'Til Arnold geTs on his way. WONG, DICK 966 Hoe Avenue AmbiTion: AccounTanT lviimeo Squad I-le is so good, so sure To win, Too bad he wasn'T born a Twin. WOOD, JOYCE I253 Franklin Avenue AmbiTion: PsychiaTric Social Worker Chem Squad, ATTendance Office, OrchesTra, Serv- ice Squad Joyce's calm and blase air May win Tor her a millionaire WORRELL, JULIAN II33 BosTon Road AmbiTion: Buyer Lunchroom Squad This quieT Tellow wiTh a serious mind ls a likeable chap, quiTe rare To Tind. WORTH, JON I36 Easl' 208 STreeT AmbiTion: Business AdminisTraTor Guidance OTiice Johnny is a boy we won'T TorgeT, ThaT he will make good, you can beT. ZEOLLA, ANTONIETTA 260 Brook Avenue Ambiiionz Work in an office Clerical She's always smiling, all 'rhe day, Very friendly, very gay ZIGBAUM, ALVIN 855 Bryanl' Avenue Ambiiion: Teacher Lunchroom Squad Alvin is a quiei boy, Doing homework is his ioy. ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES 8I2 Suburban Place Ambilion: Commercial Arlisr Bowling Team Charly +ries 'ro do his pari, This will lead +o his fame in arf. ZIMMERMAN, MITCHELL 62I Manicla Sfreei' Ambiiion: Physicisi Arisla, "Piper" Sialif, Maih Help Squad, Service League ivlilchell 'rhinks i'r's always besf To proiesi and proiesf and proiesr. l . 'I CQLALMCAM "lv iflkldews ITIL, fe? ye, Cr .JA Luck +e Cale? fed' CLl'l'lQI"6L- g ARTIGUEZ, NORMA Ambiiion: Typisl To be or no+ 'ro be-a iypisi, Thai is The quesiion. 552 Fox Sireef CHERRY, LAURA Ambiiion: Nursing She's a swee+ girl, we all agree, We hope as sweel she'll always be. 877 Easl' I65 Sfreel' FERARA, DONALD 753 Elfon Avenue Ambilionz Pilof Flying is his ambiiion, He'll go far wilh his wishin'. GRUBMAN, SHARON 882 Bryan+ Avenue Ambilion: Slenographer Guidance Office, Heallh Worker, Teacher's Aid Her eyes have a mysferious glare, To add mysiery is her black hair. IRIZARRY, NELSON IOOI Bryani' Avenue Ambiiionz Baseball Career Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Deans' Olzlice Aliendance Ofiice A pleasani guy and friendly loo, A pal indeed he'll be To you. A LEE Joi-INNIE 'l'i L , f Cr Bl TEX Amlailionz Elecir' '7 7 oss pressway Math S adf owlin Teafpljlwaffh Club H s n qzhei, he's nyfshyl H, 'usi a nicelghdiound guy." U, if 57 CLHQQPCL LEVY, MARTIN IOI6 Bryanf Avenue Ambifion: Businessman When fhere's nofhing fo say, he says if. LOGAN, WILLIAM 847 Kelly Sfreef Ambifion: Bio-Chemisf Mimeo Squad Take a liffle Bio. add a liffle Chem. Bill will make a career of fhem. LOWENSTEIN, MELVIN 8l3 Faile Sfreef Ambifion: To be successful Here's one fellow who'll gef by, Because he's such a regular guy. MARTIN, ISAAC I55I Soufhern Boulevard Ambifion: Beaver College Lunchroom Squad, Senior Band, Junior Band ln wif and humor he rafes high, No use crying when he is by. MORRIS, STEPHEN 885 Sfebbins Avenue Ambifion: Police Officer Baseball Team, Senior Orchesfra, Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad His responsibilify he'll never duck, To Sfephen, we wish fhe besf of luck. SMITH, RENA 870 Kelly Sfreef Ambifion: Regisfered Nurse Mixed Chorus, Modern Dance Dancer, singer, quife a gal, To fop if all, she's a real pal. REIDY, KATHERINE Ambifion: Recepfionisf Confribufor fo "Chafferbox" Kafherine's recepfion af fhe gafe, Will make everyone a friend of Kafe. 60I Oak Terrace ROSADO, FRANCISCO I976 Belmonf Avenue Ambifion: Polifician In polifics fhis Cisco Kid Will make his enemies flip fheir lid. SANTIAGO, CARMEN 763 Easf I38 Sfreef Ambifion: Typisf Service Monifor Shorf, sweef and sociable, No wonder her name begins wifh an "S". SAVARINO, JOSEPH 430 Jackson Avenue Ambifionz Arfisf Bio Squad Giffed in arf, fhis handsome boy, Will painf fine picfures fo bring us joy. STEVENS, JOHN 452 Easi' I36 Sfreei' Ambifion: To be successful Affendance Aid His forfune only fhe fufure knows, Buf good will follows where'er he goes. VAFEADES, JOSEPH I036 Infervale Avenue Ambifion: Biologisf Arf Squad, Soffball Team Very friendly and all around, A beffer classmafe cannof be found. WALKER, WILLIAM 794 Home Sfreel' Ambifion: Radio 84 Television Technician Track Team, Service Squad, Mixed Chorus William Walker is his name, Singing someday will bring him fame. ZEIERMAN, ESTHER I392 Shakespeare Avenue Ambifion: Housewife Ouief, reassuring and sweef, More like her would be a freaf. I 1.2 i l,1.,'nv'I ,v 57 f 5, X I -- -1 I un., Vtn .M . W , A X X 1 V 4 ' ,f . Y Q32 fy . ,Y - :fi 5, 1- 1 ,ff 3 1, Iwi, gf KL, -3, 'V f , -I " 'ff 2 f . 1 - f', ff' f X " , , ,f ,. V , 3.4 .I , f A X ' ! l I' 1 1 I Wfy ' 'k ' ' -1" . X f I 4 1 " xv . ' ,, 'l. l X ,- f 1 1 - V V- ff V. 5 x ' I , fl ' R "I ' f' V I ' X 1 l' h f Qs 4 V f - X Q - ' ' 1 V' A' A- 1 , f -I A. "l ,I 'jf, f' Y , ,, f K X . f ,,-.- f- , in ' "'l ,' ,," .. . 11, -. I ' 1, A . 1 , iv ff- 4234 . ' gf - 1 f -' - 1 ' ., , .,,b f.,'A . Hx 4 U- J an ls . 5 4 ff F- ll , . ' " - 4 '. x ' . -f 1, - . ,,, .-.- A-., -V ' f . ' h ', ' 1 I 7.1, ' 1 MS. g'-fIY ' ' "- . -'N ' a , . Y, ,f - ,',-1 -I , .I gf, ,H , xg- L1,..Q rf, I I 5' I .1 '.' lf:-L --J... ffgisnu 1-W, ,I - ff. I V- .41-. ft V. , -F-.Pi-Zlvfl xx' .- , , 1, U. 1, ef'-,:,f'--..,- ,. , , af. ff fx A N4 '. -gwy.. v- " "Ir, I---X f-.'- -'mc x, -.. --., -d ,- J. 4- V --Q.. - IN' -7 . .,.- ' 4-"- 1, 4-.1s:.+ V -nw, I -x . 1,1 4l:.7i" ll gi ,lf-14 9.-Q' :".3'w .M -.'- "- f, . ,- , , M... - .W-. Y 4 , . , Y ,. ' ',, ,-- ',1,- x :Am Q-.,1, .' f, , - J . . " -,-. --1 '- 7-.'- I , Iyu. 1, L14,1- .fg-'fir-.j-,,-. .,lk. ' - - -Q, 4 X, .f - ' - r. .'- R . ' , . -,A -'A-9' AA- ,1,f, Q, f- -tfd -1- ' , - . " - 1 ' . . . 1- 1 - - ' ' ' f ' 1 ,-,-,,.. x,,. -1 . -, .,x, V xx-.K'. ' tfl. 'f-' PM ,-yn x,,,V-, xf.' - HN 'I-Lx ,9l',-f!'Ul','J"-. K". . n ,f,.'f ' -F'-..fl -'-1. - - -1 1 ,xff :4.,,, X I - - , v ,. , - L '4-..- .' A.g ,g.,-- '. 7 - . .- X .' - i 1' Y 1 Y I "F I' V ul- . . , . -1 - - ' ' 1. I k - v I , . , , K - s . ., , f r if V- I: ,rl "Q, :Q I., I' NK -ll, N '- 4? 1 -4 M, .AK Y I Vx. I Qi.. K1 7 3' 1 . I I N' - . , ' T x x -,I ' x 'If - " 1,1 If I Vx X .lf lil. w 1 X M r A i -Xdirzxl X I'C,i 4, -S:-:'.n..'fbr?.' f jf .V lx , . ll' ' 3 v nl L ' if 'iulf r l 'mfg xx X. "- Q"1X-5 if I, Y."-cf, J V- 2 L' - 5' 'C I' 30 ' ' T' E: N lf7'l'19 - T ' U-If Nt -x ', '.' 'F X 'I' , v -N T- R lf' IAQ ..q,f , .V -,I f Q 'j.- - Z , If -4. Q 'hz ,l I- .Y ., '.'fY' '- 5-I 5 N-I. -.'3 -Aff I 'I -'fin '- ' -N K U . - 7.' 4 . 1-y'x .X .5 y X. -- - I 2, , 1 , v..,f4 .h -.L ,, 1 1 . U., ' X vo. 5. xx 1 III. 'ffly N.. -4' K fi- E '- Lvxkfly ny G if X ' I ffffj, 1 , 2 fv 1- fvff 51. if lf, XK5- ff ,, ff Nx X 7 V va iff I' ,C X A , I i J X i , I , I , - " ' I , N X . . .. 1 ' I 1 : 5, I 'I " X- I D I . , 1 . I ' v , '--G-3 '. ' W I ,. . O , f ' 4 .':' i 1 i I : . : I- li" Y ' ,, 3-is '-miss?-x fl :,- cf . - , 1 -' .,,?i-:fr -A , f ai , bf ,f J W . ' - - !t , 3--Y' nr 7-' , V, "' 'V ' . gg- - If Y ' - A WT, - ff. :i , - ..4., - fr T Jw - if -fi -54-,if f M, - fi-- . ' If ' ' - 5 1-ill! ' ' '-FET---' - :if Q +4 ' J S- . - -A--U -MT 1, -5 ' - -Q1 ff. . 1,4 - 7 -V A3i4f2 2 R M" '- '7' , 5-gg? gf s J 1- - fi-gc '-'!!!EE:f:::H:'. X , ' ' , "i -. ...-. -- -df 7 ff if 4' ' -1: Y L -- X Y . 1 -Q f 'faff A 11 ' f ,A 'L , l--- A f'f"'Q11 F 42.- fjA .2 - '31--1-wk' L - Q- ' W 5 ' -VA-'-1' ' -1, --Hn: --1.-Qi '-,LK . L , , - H I ji '-v I I I I - - r, ... -Y wfi- ALONSO, EMMA I372 Franklin Avenue Privafe Secrefary f! Class Secrefary, Service Squad Ky L A friendly lass, Z ag f Wifh lofs of class. E ALSTON, CHARLES II29 Fulfon Avenue Acfor Lunchroom Squad, Bowling Team, Dean's Office, Infirmary A success, a sfar he may be, Filled wifh falenf we can see ASTACIO, GREIMILDA I55-36 ll5 Ave., Jam. To be a success BACKMAN, RONALD I425 'l'hierio1'Sfreel Denfisf Service Squad, Service League, Handball Team Tall and blond in his collegiafe way, ls sure for success coming someday. BARNES, DWAN 45I Easf I40 Sfreef X-Ray Technician Here's looking af you! Or will if be fhrough you? BERNSTEIN, KENNETH 750 Bryanf Avenue Business Adminisfrafor Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad A fower of sfrengfh is fhis young man, Soff of voice buf firm of hand. BINSTOCK, EILEEN 868 S+ebbins Avenue Ambifion: Teacher "Tower" Sfaff, Leadership, Class Rep., Guidance Office Eileen's a gem, serene and sweef, Her sfudenfs will find her class a freaf. BODKIN, JERRY l290 Lafaye'H'e Avenue Ambifion: Scienfisf Service League, Chemisfry Squad, Visual Aid Squad, Dean's Office When in Chem, lab he's in his glory, .r S ln Spanish class, ihaf's anofher sfory. ly BORTSTEIN, LARRY I4I6 BriS'row Sfreei' Ambifion, Wrifer Arisfa, Service League, Edifor-in-Chief-"Piper' Service Squad For wrifing is his rnasfery. M, An edifor-in-chief he'll be, if,-Cy Qdjggf CADIZ, Faux ioo4 simpson s+feeQJ Aviafion Mechanic , Soffball Team V R His feef on fhe ground, his head up lgghfi' He'll lceep fhose planes up in fhe slcy. ' CASTILLO, MARIO 845 Jennings Slreel Ambilion: Teacher Lale Squad, Language Olhce, Senior Orcheslra, M.O. Rep. His chums say he's a regular guy, We have no reason lo aslc why? CHERNOFF, HOWARD 886 Easl I72 Slreel Ambilion: Clolhing Buyer To be a buyer is his aim, We are sure lhis will bring him lame. CIORRA, FILOMENA I609 Easl I74 Slreel Ambilion: Typisl-Clerlc A Service Squad, Library Z . 3 There's lillle more lhal we can say, ' Excepl she's nice in every way. ,Vg fl I i COHEN, LOUIS 892 Fox Slreel I Ambilion: Lawyer and C.P.A. Even lhough he came lo us lale, Any lime wilh him we appreciale. CONN, CARL I047 Kelly Slreel To be a success Ambilion: Orcheslra Belween his eyes and his hair, Girls lall al his leel in despair. CUMMINS, JUDITH 57I Fox Slreel Ambilion: A lalenled nolhing Class Secrelary, Dramalics, Allendance Ollice Always a smile and a nice word, Malces her a pleasure lo be heard. DEGNAN, THOMAS 453 Easl I44 Slreel Ambilion: Junior Execulive Sollball Team, Bowling A rabid sporlsman lhis Morrisile, A hislory ol sporls someday he'll wrile EISENSTEIN, STANLEY 650 Faile Slreel Ambilion: Chemical Engineer Leadership, Term Rep, Class Rep, Allendance Squad We always leased him aboul being neal, He laughed along. Gosh, he was sweel. ERLICH, ISAAC I4OI Grand Concourse Ambilion: Journalisl Service League, "Piper," Senior Orcheslra, Op- erella Worlcshop Musically inclined as all can see, In lhe lop len his songs will be. FELDER JOHN 456 Grand Concourse Ambilion: Musical Prolession Senior Band, Mixed Chorus, Lunchroom Squad His record al Morris shows, He's musical lrom head lo loes. FIGUEROA, MARIA 680 Wales Avenue Ambifion: Nurse Newman Club, Guidance Office, Fufure Nurses' Club Pafienfs who have fhis nurse, Will say, "Things could be a lof worse. FITCHETT, ALVIRA lI60 Jackson Avenue 'W 5 H Ambifion: X-Ray Technician f 2 Service League, Service Squad FORD, TIMOTHY 75I Easf l68 Sfreef Ambifion: Minisfer of fhe Gospel Senior Band, Senior Orchesfra Faifh, hope and charify has he, QV Whaf greafer giff can fhere be? gf it A A 747 FOUNTAIN, CAROLYN 637 Tinfon Avenue ,'i 9 Ambifion: Clerk Infirmary, Dean's Office, lvlafh Office iV7 yi f ,.i' is Ouief and sweef, 1' I ' if ' And very pefife. GLASER, LOIS I5I5 Bosfon Road 'Vw' Ambifion: Elemenfary School Teacher if Clerical, Guidance Office, Lunchroom Squad he Sweef and preffy, very smarf, V I,, ' X To her a boy will lose his hearf. GORLICK, RENEE l707 Bosfon Road Ambifion: Airline I-losfess Q, Dramafics, "Piper" Sfaff af In many plays we have seen her acf, She's preffy and falenfed, and fhaf's a facf. f I , GREENWALD, BERNARD I475 Popham Avenue Vg, ig Ambifion: Teaching Profession yf Jn: Service Squad, Baseball Team, Chemisfry Squad J J J MK, This boy's like faslc af school, ll ,1 Will be feaching sfudenfs fhe "Golden Rule'. in L I GROMAN, PAUL I2ll Simpson Sfreel' If Commercial Arfisf i Arisfa, Service Squad Lau hfer alwa s does abound, Q Y Whenever Paul is around. HASHIMOTO, DAVID 32I Easf I53 Sfreef Ambifion: A happy and useful life. Service Squad, Mafh Club Serious and sfudious is he, A beffer friend fhere'll never be. HIMMELSTEIN, PHYLLIS 654 Fox Sfreef Ambifion: Sfudy Arf Guidance Office, Yearboolc Sfaff, Senior Class Sec- refary, Lunchroom Squad, Service League Sweef, lovely and eleganf, I-lardly describes fhis debufanfe. HURD, ETHEL Ambifion: Typisf Service Squad, Dean'g Office IRVINE, JAMES Ambifion: To be a success JAGODA, GOLDIE I038 Rogers Place Ambifion: Successful Careerwife Treasurer of Arisfa, Service League, "Tower" Sfaff She's nof a dream, she's quife real, She's gof fhaf "you know whaf" appeal. JEFFREY, ELEANOR , 907 Trini+y Avenue Ambifion: Bookkeeper Infirmary, Pep Squad She's always as sweef as she can be, Once you meef her, you foo will see. 2' N " ,, 'K . N - if - ' In A! -.J 1- .?,., 4 ff V , gf. ,I ' gs of ,e ,l gy ,O I 1 634 Easf I6I S'Iree'I' 835 Home Sfreef f .1 .v ,l 6: Q e JOHNSON, REX 970 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Courf Sfenographer Guidance Office, Lunchroom Squad, Sfage Squad We'lI find fhis boy in a courf of law, A busy life he has in sfore. LEVINE, CLAIRE I683 Bosfon Road Ambifion: Teacher Mafh Club, Mafh Office, Guidance Office, Affend- ance Office Beaufy and grace and vifalify, Make for a charming personalify. LUGO, FRANK I338 Sfebbins Avenue Ambifion: Corporafion Lawyer Visual Aid Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Junior Band A nicer guy is hard fo meef, Knowing Frank has been a freaf. MALDONADO, JUAN 600 Prospecf Avenue Ambifion: Navy Man Service Squad, Junior Band, Senior Band, Sfage Squad A friendly lad in navy blue. I-le'll do his share fo see us fhrough. MARCUS, NEIL I06O Bryanf Avenue Ambifion: Physicisf Tennis Team, Service Squad I-Ie looks so sweef, so calm, so quief, Buf brofher can he cause a riof. MARTIN, M. CHARLES 253 Easf I36 Sfreef Ambifion: Phofographer Senior Orchesfra, Service Squad In business he will make a smash, I-lis friends will help him counf fhe cash. MATTINA, DOMINICK 345 Easl' I5I Sfreel' Ambifion: Merchandise Buyer Service Squad, Chem Squad, Mimeograph Squad. A businessman and sporfsman he, His life will be full of variefy. McNEIL, MARVA III-36 I30 Sfreef, Queens Ambifion: Privafe Secrefary Cheerleader, Pep Squad, Girls Chorus, Swifch Board Marva's a girl whom everyone knows, She makes friends wherever she goes. MOORE, WILLIAM II49 Tiffany Sfreef Ambifion: Priesf Guidance Office He hears God's call, To help bring peace fo all. MORALES, EDILBERTO 960 Easf I63 Sfreer Ambifion: Radio Technician How high his ideals are sef. A winner he'll be, we bef. MORTON, MICHAEL 750 Hegney Place Ambifion: Policeman Leadership, Service Squad, Baseball Team He will abide faifhfully by fhe law, Profecfing fhe cifizens forever more. NEWMAN, ALAN 7I7 Cosfer Sfreef Ambifion: Orchesfra Leader Service Squad, Color Guard, Audio-Visual Squad, Band Monifor Music will lead him fo his fame, "Whaf, me worry?" is his middle name. PELOTTE, ALMERTHA IOI9 Bosfon Road Ambifion: Teacher Capfain Cheerleaders, Girls' Chorus Pres. Senior Class Helping ofhers back fo healfh, Will bring her grafifying wealfh. PINERO, JUAN 93I Fox Sfreef Ambifion: Professional Prinfer Senior Orchesfra, Service Squad An arfisfic prinfer he will be. For his fine work fhey'll pay a high fee. POWELL, JIMMY l232 Tinfon Avenue Ambifion: Acfor Lunchroom Squad, Mimeo Squad, Bowling Team, Dean'5 Office This "acfor's" fufure looks very brighf, Some day his name will be in lighfs. PRESSLEY, RALPH I9 Easf IZ8 Sfreef Ambifion: A successful man Junior Orchesfra One of fhose mysferious missing men, When will we see Ralph again? PUNTER, SHIRLEY 26I5 Third Avenue Ambilionz Nurse Infirmary, Service Squad Sweel' and prelly is her descriplion, Being a success will be her posirion. REYES, PAUL 602 Eas+ l38 Slreel' Ambilionz Engineer Class Rep, Service Monilor Roads and 'runnels he has paved. RIVERA, ALICE 522 Easf I39 Sfreel' Ambilionz To be a success RIVERA, RAPHAEL 467 Eas+ I44 S'rree+ Ambilionz Business Adminislralor Commissioner of Service Squad, Service League. Senior Band, M.O. Council. There's somelhing aboul him 'rhal' malces us Say, Ralph is aimed af success someday. ,......l SANDERS, WALTER I226 Bos'I'on Road Ambilion: Elecfrician Allendance Office, Lunchrooim Squad, Junior Band. Orcheslra The joy ol life we hope he will see. Through his nalive abilily. SANTIAGO, ANTONIO I072 Simpson Sfreei' Ambilionz Draflsman Here's +o his chosen craft Success and weallh 'ro help him dralf. SANTOS-RIVERA, HECTOR 580 Sou+hern Blvd. Ambilionz To be a success SCHAEFFER, ROBERTA l75 Easf I5I Sfreei' Ambilionz Home Economics Teacher Treasurer of Senior Class, Girls' Chorus, Guidance Office Sweel wilhin, sweel wifhoul, We lilce having Bobby aboul. SCHICK, ALBERT 894 Easi' I63 Slreel' Ambilionz Commercial Arlisl' Senior Orcheslra He'Il earn his living in fhe field of arf, We Icnow he's ready 'ro play his parf SCHLEIMER, HERBERT I564 Crofon Ambirionz Eleclrical Engineer Malh Club, Tennis Team Brains and loolcs malce for Herb An oullook Thar we'd call superb. a Park Easf SCHLEIMER, JACOB I564 Crolona Park Easi Ambilionz Elecrrical Engineer Malh Club, Tennis Team, Senior Rep The spark and vim wirhin shines aloud, I-le can siand oul in any crowd. SEELEY, NOREEN 53I Easi' I67 Sfreei' Ambilionz To be a success SMITH, MARY LOUISE IOI9 Bosfon Road Ambilion: Nurse and Missionary Cheerleader, Mimeo Squad, Infirmary, Vice Pres- idenl of Senior Class Helping is in her hearl, God wirhin her soul. STAR, STEVEN I325 LafayeH'e Avenue Ambilionz Mechanical Engineer Service League, Service Squad, Allendance Office, Lunchroom Squad He may noi be such a grealr arlisf, Bur he can draw a crowd of girls. SUECOF, MARTIN I450 Longfellow Avenue Ambirionz To be a success TAYLOR, CAROLE 765 Easi' I66 SIree'r Ambilion: Secrelary Sollball Team, Pep Squad A good secrelary she will be, To marry her boss maybe? TARDAGUILA, LUIS JULIO I230 Brook Avenue Ambilionz Professional Skin Diver Service League, Service Squad Diving deep will be his pleasure, Perhaps some day he'II find a Ireasure. WILLIAMS, GEORGE I30-25 I44-S+ree'r, Queens Ambilionz Business Adminislralor M.O. Class Rep, Service Squad To manage a business he aspires, LeI's hope he wins and never Iires. WOODSON, JONES 27I5 Third Avenue Ambilionc Eleclrical Engineer Track Team, Service Squad, Mixed Chorus, In- Iirmary He could sing, he could run, Knowing him was iusl plain fun. WRIGHT, FREDDIE II3 Wesi' II7 S'Iree+ Ambirionr Minisler Lunchroom Squad Endowed wilh a prophelic mission. To be a clergyman is his decision. CULHQQPCL ANDERSON, FRED l20-I0 lnwood SI., Queens Baseball Player Baseball Team, Class Rep., Lunchroom Squad, Soff- ball Team Looking Io Fred's lulure we can say, A place in Baseball Hall of Fame someday. ARISTY, HAYDEE IOOI Faile Slreel' To be a success She's someone Io meel, Everylhing she does is sweel. BEER, MEIR 937 Faile Sfreel Cello Player Soccer Team, Senior Orcheslra Fame and Torlune beckon Beer, Ol his name we all will hear. BERKOWITZ, ARLENE I645 Grand Avenue Medical Secrelary Infirmary Prelly Arlene can win her way. ln a doc'ror's oFFice anyway. GARCIA, ANNE THERESA I423 Wilkins Avenue Ambilion: Nurse GARDNER, ANNIE DORIS II74 Jackson Ave. Ambilion: Nurse Nels Club, Infirmary, Service Squad The fellows won'+ give oul a yelp, When Nurse Gardner comes +o help. GRAY, CAROLYN I36I Bosfon Road Ambilionr Regislered Nurse Service League, Mixed Chorus, Service Squad A lovely lass, Wilh charm and class. HAVERTY JOHN 4l5 Brook Avenue Amloilion: To be a success HORNSTEIN, RONALD I709 Boslon Road Amifion: Inlernalional Playboy Many hearls he hopes lo caplure, Wilh his be-bop falk and raplure. KEITZ, STANLEY l027 Avenue Sf. John Execulive A leader of men is our boy Sian, Someday he hopes lo be lop man. MONTANEZ, TOMAS 560 Easi I58 Slreel' Ambilionz Medical Profession ' Service League, Service Squad, Biology Squad. Ll' brary Squad Tille of Doclor or Nurse, Will help fill up his purse. MUNIZ, CLEMENT I22 Easl' I03 S'l'reel' Ambilion: Engineer An engineer he will be, Making malh his specially. 4 - MORRIS TOWER - 6304 IO Voq xl8 POLNOFF, PHILIP l683 Bosfon ROad Ambilionz Conservalion Scienlisl Lunchroom Squad He's a fellow who's down lo earlh, Discovering maybe a new planl birlh. ROTH, HEDY l04I Bryanl' Avenue Ambilion: Psychologisl Operella Workshop, Clerical, Infirmary, "Piper" Slafl Hedy is popular, successful loo, Sl'1e's like an angel, so brighl and lrue. SANCHEZ, WILFRED I472 Wilkins Avenue Amloilionz To be a success REID, RONALD 458 Grand Concourse Ambilionz Laboralory Technician Track Team, Mimeo Squad, Senior Band, Lunch- room Squad ' A Tas? man over hilly land, His music is sweel in lhe Senior Band. SCHWARTZ, HAROLD 629 Casanova Sfreef Ambilionz Shark killer for lhe Navy Visual-Aid Squad This boy hopes +o kill aa shark, A whale is closer lo Jrhe mark. SPENCER. TINA 600 Easl I69 Slreel' Ambilionz Privale Secrelary Girls' Chorus, Service Squad An alhlele and a lady is she, Whal more could we wanl her +o be? TOZZI. FRANK l3l4 Sfebbins Avenue Ambilionr Barber , Some day he'll give 'rhe world a Trimming. ALMONTE, MIGUEL 90l Easl' I67 Sireef Ambilionc To go lo college BLYDEN, RITA 763 Jennings Slreel' Ambilion: Reqislered Nurse Mixed Chorus BORGES, JUAN 8I5 Fox S+ree+ Amloilionz Businessman M.O. Slore CANCEL, ANGEL l054 SimpSon Sfreel' Ambilion: Eleclrical Technician Lale Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Aud. Squad, M.O. Office CANTON, JEANETTE I394 Prospecl' Avenue ' Ambilionz Typisl Clerical CASERIO, FRANK 293 Easl' l5I Sflreel Ambilionr Engineer Caplain-Soccer Team, Class Rep. CHITTICK, ENID Il05 Fores'r Avenue Arnbilion: Regislered Nurse COLON, HERMAN l07I Kelly S1'ree'I' Ambilionr Mechanic COLON, RALPH 667 Caulclwell Avenue Ambilionz Bookkeeper Audio-Visual Squad, Guidance Orlice CORREA, MICHAEL I386 Teller Avenue Ambifionz Policeman Baskelball Team, Lunchroom Squad lla DINSENBACHER, CARL 788 Fox S'Iree'I' Ambilion: Engineer Service Squad DOMINGUEZ, CHARLES 829 Beck S'I'reeI' Ambilionz Teacher of I-leallh Educalion Baslcelball Team, Soccer Team, Lunchroom Squad. Class Rep GILLUM, VERNON I447 Minford Place Ambilion: Fashion Designer "Tower" S+aT'T, Arl Squad, Newman Club, Lunch- room Squad HAILMAN, CHRISTINE 777 Easl' I69 Sfreel' Ambilion: Secrelary Service Squad, Manager-Baslcelball Team, M.O. Rep., Clerical HOCHSTEIN, DAVID I490 Crofona Parlr Easi' Ambilion: Law Enforcemenl Service Squad 171' X-Al KITCHINGS, BRENDA 625 Faile Sfreef Ambilion: Laboralory Technician Service Squad LEWIS, SHEILA 453 S+. Ann's Avenue LOWENSTEIN, HERBERT I505 Bos'ron Road Amloirionz Eleclrical Engineer Senior Orcheslra, Slage Squad, Audio-Visual Squad MASON, JAMES 340 Morris Avenue Ambilionx Engineer T , j MAZZELLA, FRANK 332 Eas+ isa s+ree+ , f . Ambirion: Engineer A, 5, A ri Soccer Team, Lunchroom Squad MONTALVO, TOMAS l056 Hoe Avenue A 'V" ' X V .QVP Ambilionz Clerk kfiiif "AA ' MOORE, CARL 772 Dawson Sfreef f Amloiiion: Technical Engineer 3 Senior Orcheslra, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad T ' MORRIS, CAROLYN I326 Prospecf Avenue Ambilion: Social Worker Allendance Office, Mixed Choru , Cl ' l, S 'o 2 Y Acivmes s erica em r ei MURRAY, WINSTON I7I0 Seward Avenue Ambilion: Work Drama Sociely NIEVES, CARMEN 600 Easi' l4I Sfreei' Amloilionz Siewardess Service Squad, Girlsf Bowling Tearn X Q' .W hr ODEMS, VIVIAN I095 Universiiy Avenue Ambifion: Acfress and Singer Operella Workshop PILAS, LOUlS I085 Simpson Sfreef Ambilionx Veierinarian RAGIN, EARL A. 30I S+. Nicholas Avenue Arnbilionx Allend C.C.N.Y. Service Squad REARDON, JOSEPH 460 Eas+ I4l S+ree+ A M , F M Ambilrionx To go +o college 1? T M ROBERTS, MAXINE 406 565+ i4o s+fee+ Amloilion: To be successful 7 Girls' Bowling Team, Tennis Team A is RODRIGUEZ, MYRNA I037 Kelly Sfreef Ambifion: Legal Secrefary M.O. Sfore .3 RUSSELL, THOMAS E. 825 Easl' I67 Sfreel' Ambifion: To become an Olympic Champion Class Rep, Dean's Office, Capfain of Track Team - M---unQ ' STABILE, ROBERT 75-20 Bell Blvd., Bayside 5 Ambifion: Social Sfudies Teaclwer HM, Q , Service League 'M' TOMLIN, FLORENCE 64I Bryanl' Avenue Ambifiona Nurse Class Rep., Soffloall Team VEGERANO, CARLOS 730 Cosfer SI'ree+ Ambifion: Accounfanf Service Squad l , Q . X - WAITHE JUDITH 635 Easf I37 Sfreel' Ambifionz Boolclceeper Guidance Office, Infirmary, Mixed Clworus . ivi, if V WECHSLER, STUART 2036 cruger Avenue j fli Ambifion: Journalisf f M.O. Office, Principal's Office, Audio-Visual Squad A WILKERSON, ZENA :sea croiona Park 565+ Ambifion: Reqisfered Nurse - Girls' Chorus, Leadersliip, Guidance Office, Service Squad WILLIAMS, PAUL l4I2 Brisfow Sfreel' Amb' ion: Chemisf-Technician as efball Squad, Audio-Visual Squad, Library ganiefa ATKINSON, EVELYN 695 Eagle Avenue Ambifionz Regisfered Nurse RIPPS, HY 550 Cauldwell Avenue Ambifion: Leader of men a? I JUST GOI The Message land I can'+ sil downl ,,,.,..,,., ....,,,,,,,,,,w I 'm finally gradualing I'm Never Going Io Tell The Chipmunlc Song ,el.l,.,, Smoke Gels in Your Eyes All Through 'rhe Day .......... Too Close for Comlorl I-low I passed The exam! Girls' Chorus Sludenl Iavalories Where's The bell? 65 on a regenls Guardian Angel .vs..v.,s.,,...., ,,,,,,..s.. G uidance Counselor Telling Lies ,,,.,,......,,,,,....,.. ,Yls,,.......,.,. ,,....., I n Iirmary Senlimenlal Journey ...,,,,.s..Y .A,,,,Ys, R efurn visil Io Morris Please Mr. Sun ..,..s.......,.., ...,... ..,...... S e nior boal ride Charley Brown .........,..,.....,s There's one in every class II Was Jusl for Laughs ..,....s,ss ..s..sss,.s .......s.,. S I udenl Io Dean Now I'm Telling You ..,.,us... Dean +o sludenl Tears On My Pillow ..............s,,s..........,,s...s ,A.....A,...........,.....s,.,....,s..,.....sss.....,. Reporl card day When The SainI's Go Marching In ..,,,.... ..,s,,.,ss. S ilence will prevail in Ihe Iunchroom There Musr be a Way ..T,....s.,s....A........... ........... s.s.......s C u Hing class successfully Tea for Two ........,................. Y......s.s.,s,s...,......s.s,s,.sY,, T eachers' caifeleria l+'s LaI'e ..s..,........, .......,..... I: irsl period Ieacher's problem Yalclcely-Yalc ......,.........................s,.....,..,,..,u,.s,s ,ssu,s..s,., ,.,,....,,..............,ss,...... N o I in Ihe library l've Grown Accuslomed Io I'Ier Face ..,.. ,.uus..,ssss S ame Jreacher again I Could I-Iave Danced All Nlghl ..,..s................ .,ssu,...,....,...... ...s.......,........... S e nior prom I+ Takes So Long llo Say Good-byel ..... A...s.. .,.s.,......, A s enior's Iasl day in Morris Devoled +o You ...... ,........,,,.,.. ,.................... ,.............,. ...............s.sss,,....s...,.,............... D r . S chweilzer I-Iere I Sland ....s,....s.. .s.uA..,s.. I n cap and gown wilh diploma in hand OI Thee I Sing ............. ...,,.....s, T he Tour wonderful years al Morris BEVERLY BUTLER BEVERLY WEISBERG ji , I ' X g 3 ,f1Q,'g1-45, . ,f-f,z,W5l,iLQ , W-. - i- 517 , Z 9--gif - 1 'nxv 'X'-"' 4'-L' S l it Q .. , 'C 1,.f .f'5'fg,i fl!-5f': ,, 1. .4 lrl, ,I ,H -, 41:1 l"'1"I 'I 'Q 1. ,i1J:,,',-.'g.jg.-1-,1" 1 ff , ,' I, Q '1'l'-1' N-"2 -' 7.5 4 'X f,xQll -1 I11,.fi , , uf'-f" 'L " 21,1 T7 .1 'J-1 ' ' . 1 1 - 9 , ' -- ,X 1 , XX' .1 ,' 1 -E' 2 ll p '1 -' V--.--Q-'-if" '.fi'421 - 'Hf AQ -1- 7 111' .f.'.- 1 - v V! xi -Uk lf. 1 '. - ...viii 7 I ,I 'M lx h!"!,'I',r' ' V fe 'f I ' ' 5' f. 'y', 1 f U3 J 7.',1 ,... ' ,, z 9'--ZA ll-' q xx X p'l !lu'l' ,- X ,ff vi ,Vg 2- ,H 1 lflx 'I .. 1 up In ....,,.,r I ,1 -Zi iii ,,e 1 1 :N f 1' ' - 5? ' ' fi 3a , I l' I rg' 11, l I J ' V F1 3' .ff- 1 -, 'Fl "' 49 'V 1 fff fi A , " .' 1 4 1 I -I? ,Hu l 'fl' 'L L 75 f 'IH' I arm " Q 41- Q. W 'I f 1 1. 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As we walk we gaze around us and see familiar faces, fhose of our parenfs, feachers, and friends. These are fhe people who have made fhis joyous and long-awaifed day possible. A5 fhe ceremony progresses we find ourselves recalling many fond memories of our fhree years af Morris. ln early Sepfember of l956, we were among a group of unfamiliar faces enfering fhrough fhe doors of Morris High School for fhe firsf fime. We were escorfed info fhe large audiforium, where we were greefed by fhe principal and for fhe firsf fime were referred fo as fhe class of '59, This day was 'l'he sfarl' of fhree years of fun, sorrow, and happiness. The following day we received our program cards and sfarfed on our iourney fhrough high school. As fhe ferm wenf along we became acquainfed wifh fhe ofher members of our class. No longer were we alone buf amongsl' many friends and from fhen on everyfhing was smoofh sailing, fhaf is unfil uniforms. However, we were soon informed fhaf our sophomore class was excused from uniforms in order fo fake fhe lowa Skills'Tesfs. These passed in a flurry of Chrisfmas preparafions and fhe ending of our firsf ferm af Morris. The second parf of our sophomore year was highlighfed by fhe exfra-curricular acfivifies, such as school dances, fhe firsf spring fesfival we parficipafed in, and many ofher school acfivifies. ln fhe midsf of all our fun. we realized fhaf fhe ending of fhe ferm and Regenfs week were approaching. All fhe husfle and busfle in preparafion for our firsf Regenfs: fhe purchasing of Regenfs Review and Answer Books, and fhe lasf minufe cramming broughf us fo fhaf fafal day. The resulfs were soon known and 'ro many of us if meanf happiness, fo ofhers "summer school". This broughf fo a close our sophomore year. When we refurned in fhe fall we were one more sfep up fhe ladder fo gradua- fion day. As we fhink back over our junior year we can remember many of fhe happenings. We can recall fhe weeks when we and fhree-quarfers of fhe sfudenf body and feachers were ouf because of fhe Asiafic Flu. Oh! Whaf fun if was being af home, wafching felevision, reading, and doing evervfhing fhaf didn'+ concern school. Buf nof being able fo see our schoolmafes made us wanf fo gef well sooner and back fo school. When we refurned we were greefed wifh fhe news fhaf o-ur "Bulldogs" were fo play af fhe Garden. We can sfill picfure ourselves running around frying fo find somefhing red fo wear for our big game af fhe Garden. Once af fhe Garden, amongsf our friends, we gof info fhe full swing of fhings yelling and cheering, hilling each olher every lime we made a baskel. Oh how proud we were slrolling along Times Square, arm in arm wilh our lriends iusl aller we had placed lhird in lhe cily. During lhe spring ol our junior year some sludenls oblained copies ol lhe approaching Economics uniform. Whal a lrenzy ol phone calls and sinisler, whispered conversalions. To lake or nol lo lake! Thal was lhe queslion. And a lough one loo. Bul, as usual, lhe leachers were one jump ahead ol lhe conspiralors. Aller all lhe plolling and cramming and memorizing, lhe exam was complelely changed. Once more we closed our books, bid good-bye lo our 'Friends unlil lhe following gemesler when we relurned as seniors. ln Seplember i959 we walked inlo Morris wilh only lwo lhoughls in mind. One, we were Seniors and look pains lo allow nobody lo lorgel il: and lwo, we were lo meel our new principal. The fall lerm held much in slore lor lhe January graduales. We as sevenlh lermers had lillle lo do excepl look 'Forward lo February when all our senior aclivilies would gel under way. And lhen il was February! The senior reps began collecling senior dues and plans lor lhe lirsl senior dance were made. Remember all lhe lun and laughler? We slill can. We danced wilh our lellow seniors unlil our leel ached, bul never did we complain. ll was lhe lirsl lime lhe senior class had gollen logelher. Then came lhe lhrill ol gelrling our Senior hals. The following day one could see lhe seniors wearing lheir hals, every hal slyled clillerenlly. Several weeks laler, lhe seniors look a lrip lo Broadway. "Wesl Side Slory" was our deslinalion. A wonderful show and a grand lime lor alll Easler vacalion followed wilh applicalions lor Senior Celebrily Day circulaling. Preparalions lor lhe day included audilions lor lhe acls, pelilions drawn up by cerlain individuals allempling lo boycoll our senior day, and lhe selling up ol lhe program. Mosl ol all, in remem- bering Senior Day, we will remember lhe lun we had in helping our own group ol friends wilh lheir acls. ll was also lun coming dressed in dilferenl coslumes. We look many piclures ol lhe happenings ol lhe day, which will add lo our book ol memories. Unilorms lollowed bringing a louch ol soberness, bul passed rapidly enough wilh lhe lhoughl ol our senior boal ride. Aller lhis very exciling day we had lo reopen our lexlbooks lor lhe lasl lap ol sludying lor lhe Regenls. Following lhese lalelul days, we relurned, learned our marks and wilh a greal sigh ol relief began preparing lor our senior prom. This was lo be lhe lasl lime belore gradualion we and our lriends would be able lo gel logelher. We danced and laughed hallway lhrough lhe nighl, adding lo our memories lhis unlorgellable evening. Now as we approach lhe plallorm lo receive our diplomas, we do so wilh greal pride. Soon many ol us will lay down our books ol learning, and enler lhe business world, while olhers will go on lo college. Bul as we near lhe closing ol our book filled wilh memories ol lhree wonderlul years ol learning and lun we will never lorgel lhe caslle which we leave behind. ll remains lor +hose who replace us. ll shall be lheirs lo love and appreciale as we have. ll shall be lheir guardian lo lead lhem lo educalion, securily, friends and happiness. May lheir memories be as brighl and shining as ours. MARILYN CAILINGOLD ROSALIE LEVY lg ,-s..! 4' ,,,4 .M .W awk. nw , -W, xv i N M, V 86 , .ff .-,f , I sf A - Cf 77 Fdgnet This is The Bronx. Specifically, Morris High School. The day was March 5, l959. I was working The day waTch in The Yearbook OTTice. This was The day ThaT The phoTographer was going To Take The picTures oT The Teachers Tor The yearbook. My name is Susan. I am a sTudenT. My iob . . . Tind The Teachers! IT was 8:30 when I checked in. As I enTered The oTl"ice, Mrs. Lee was There. This Time she didn'T give any oT The sTudenTs advice. The siTuaTion was reversed. She wanTed To know if she looked all righT. Mrs. Lee wiTh a worried look upon her Tace, was puT in The lineup. CapTain Barber, LieuTenanT LiTTon, and l were in agreemenT. She looked Tine. The phoTogra pher Took her picTure. The TirsT case Tinished, I wenT To bring in my nexT suspecT. Mr. Blumen.Thal. My iob . . . Tind him. The TirsT place I Tried proved To be a Talse lead. He wasn'T in his oTTice. ATTer looking all over The school Tor him, I decided To go back To head- quarTers. Maybe somebody had Tound a clue. Much To my surprise, Mr. BlumenThal was in my oTTice waiTing Tor me. One oT his beauTiTul service moniTors had reminded him To come down. Don'T geT me wrong: Mrs. BlumenThal has noThing To worry abouT. The nexT subiecT was our principal, Dr. SchweiTzer. As I was abouT To leave The oTfice To geT him, one of my associaTes Told me she had seen him coming down The sTeps. Sure enough Dr. SchweiTzer showed up smiling as usual. The phoTographer had To Tell him To look serious Tor one oT The picTures. As The day conTinued, my iob goT easier. MosT of The Teachers came down peacefully. BuT There was ThaT group of male Teachers ThaT kepT sTalling. ATTer a quick conference, The resT oT The squad and I decided ThaT we knew The reason Tor Their sTalling. They liked To be coaxed by The beauTiTul members oT The "Tower" sTaTf. lsn'T ThaT The reason, Mr. AlTman??? The nexT subiecT was Mr. Loren. He was dressed very suspiciously. He wore a iackeT and Tie. The phoTographer asked Mr. Loren To say "whiskey" insTead of "cheese," and Mr. Lo-ren sTarTed To laugh. WhaT was so Tunny, Mr. Loren??? Mr. JaTfe was in a hurry This morning. ATTer quesTioning him as To why he was in such a rush, Mr. JaTfe replied ThaT he didn'T care To be phoTographed and he wanTed To geT iT over wiTh as quickly as possible. Mr. JaTTe was very serious unTil The phoTographer Told him To say "Girls". A TellTale smile Tlickered across his Tace, obviously his TavoriTe subiecT--he even admiTTed iT. The phoTograher shoT him. As The day Tinally came To an end, we had capTured mosT oT The suspecTs. Mr. l. Miller was The ToughesT one of Them all. He wanTed some of The members oT The "Tower" sTaTT To siT on his lap while he posed. We had a hard Time keeping him To Tell him To look serious Tor one of The picTures. IT was 2:15 when I Tinally checked ouT. You can see The resul.Ts of This day on The pages oT This book. 2 The verdicT: UnTorgeTTable. -,V -3 fi , 5 y susAN Weiser. , I y A, '-la-flufi A5 . L il 4 in T4 . 'T H' .V fl E T, we i VLA, - fm .T T13 P, yo, . I I ., 1 X h if y Al YV X V li .X Y fx .1 f fu .,ee' 5 T - f" fill.. X iff' f S. .T . fr' T. ,Q , K 1' 'rx x I 'lf' 1 T in A x I lip gb Aj I rf I , G1 R -fe ., muy I W Councif olzaclerdhila Cfadd Y fjlze iqlaer .fgridfa W O Siam uduaf .syciuacl .gzruice oaague JW .gzruice Squad g0l,UAl'lg QCLIWL CAM Lmlm 314,64 ian! CAQQI' OZQCLLJQPJ fi pep I Llmfwfzaf lam an 9,4 CAM QVGA 85 il"CL -uu--'-1 Woclern Cibance C add ky y i 1 fiim Band g I Q 3 , 5 jencing lam Qing inlaid .lam we j0l,U2l" Liferary Sfaff Shirley Berger Eileen Binsfoclc Beverly Bufler Marilyn Cailingold Elaine Edelsiein Phyllis Himmelsiein Susan Weisel Mr. Howard Barber, Adviser Ari' Sfaff Argelia Cannel' Frank Collazo Vernon Gillum Mrs. Fanny Casher, Adviser Goldie Jagoda Rosalie Levy Sandra Lifschi+z Janei' Rosenberg Francine Savilz Beverly Weisberg Johanna Hoffman Elissa Silversmiih Arnold WiH'ens+ein 9665! an We Jrhe gradualing class of '59, being ol so do hereby make, publish, and declare Jrhis To be o To Mr. Miller, whom we all adore, We leave a class wi+h "dumkopIs" no more. To Miss I-Ianson, who is Iirsl rale, We leave an English class Thai doesn'I come Iale. To -Mr. Lillon, who is leaving us This year, We leave memories ol Ihe "Piper" Io hold dear. To Miss Roman, who commercially speaking, is swell, We leave a sleno lesson Thai ends al The bell. To Mr. Allman, when he finds il hard Io sleep, We leave program cards Io counr inslead of sheep. To Dr. Goldslein, our PhD., We leave a Chem sei wilh a WORKING guaranlee. To Mrs. Berlin, whose dance class complains, We leave Iinimeni Io ease away Jrhe pains. To Miss Ryan, who helpedunlock IiIeraIure's door, We leave an English Regenlrs wilh a periecl score. To Mr. Kalish, who suils us Io a "T", We leave a Physics class-queslion free. To Miss Nussbaum, who made our senior year a ioyo We leave our Ihanks for The memories and lun. To Mr. Barber, who a deadline musl meel, We leave a slail Jrhal will work inslead of ear. To Miss Freeman, our Malhemalical whiz, We leave a class Ihal won'I cheai on her quiz. To Miss Levinson who advises our M.0. We leave a book-"Do I+ Yourself-Raising Dough." To Mrs. Taller, who guided us all, We leave seniors wilh problems +ha+ are small. To Mr. Belink, sweel "Music Man" is he, We leave a Girls' Chorus Ihal always sings on key. To Coach Goldslein we leave Jrhe glorious day When he will Iind players like Waller and Ray. To Dr. Schweifzer, our beloved "Man of Ihe Year," We leave our casrle which we hope he'II hold dear. SI-IIRLEY B BEVERLY B MARILYN la f6l,I'YLQl'lf und mind and disposing memory ur Lasl Will and Teslamenl US ODS ERGER UTLER CAILINGOLD ,iT?i?3:f . 1, W V L'15,,i1-N f . -gy ., . ' , -M ri. ,Hg '- 343' .wen . .. '- ' A I -, 3 5 .ggww ' - ,E ,V fm., V -,vhs U 94- '- g 1 '- EWM1 J A mbqrifq. I -1 r 5,7 1. ' 3 ?a."W-,i'M'4F1W1 ig W -4 6, mf.,- Af ,w,:f v ' 'f 13 YH 1' 1 1. ,im V .'4.55RwF, .ffm Ui". ,,5. J! 4 "fr, , . f-z 1 'g

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