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 - Class of 1953

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. - Q' . ,- A R ..A. gs.-,xg 1 X v ii Q N.. K ,,-Q . , A K K X X S ,B I Q "Stiff 75, - - 1. by V 1 LX: ,IQQQQ5 . mal ' x ,554-' 7 W iff' Z ? rf KK ff VV' I A ,m U Fil , , V I s 5 1 ' - J " LM V , . W, ' " P . f ' 5 A . W 9 'LM , . W -- qffil 3 Y 1, 'V ,5 I ff m L . rf ff ri If F - f ' - k ?.?'xJ K ffx - .Z X MJ.. 'QJ, ul J UW King in at lgatnkefa Qlnurt It was a bright, day when, in the court of a Yankee, the loyal subjects were all Yastir over the exciting, tnawsrfrof the arrival of King Arthur. This statelymember icroyaplryticlhad come on his annual visit to the Tower, the courtof a King Arthur, alwaysfa at the Tower, was astonished at the progress made onthe neywwatddicion to the court. He was also well-pleased with the f3.lCHfpl,Efl8'C the members of the court dis- played for him at a even rumored that the King suspected he was ggggb day when all that could be seen at the iiii displayed on the person of all li Now, in Qreality, King his Morris High School, and the Yankefefis actually owt3f'Dr. Bernstein. So won't you turn lover the pagesffijf this bookghd along with King Arthur, to partake in the eyents depicting the 1ifetatiMorris High School. By Lorraine Port 2 A PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 4 TID Mrs. Kate Feinberg, Mrs. Betty Rosenbaum, Mrs. Edna Sheffen, Mrs. Minerva Michelson, Mrs Tillie Tierney, Mrs. Ruth Schneider, Mrs. Henrietta Kisner, Mrs. Mary Wynn. tditate DEDICATION TO THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION For all the time you spent at meetings and other outside activities in helping to solve many of the problems of Morris- For your efforts at graduation, in getting scholarships and awards for those who deserve them- And most of all for making a dream a reality, for helping to get us our beautiful new building- We wish to dedicate this book to the Parent Teachers Association of Morris High School. This is the only way we can show our apprecia- tion to a group which has done so much for us and asked nothing in return. For your many accomplishments, we, the Senior Class of january, 1953, leave you this book and our humble thanks. 5 f615,.,,,dgAj lj iff-221 WX awewfy,fM17A4fz MM,,g-zo' .dfufffffw 0.wffdw6u'L,fw.,fM4-,,,,'75,27,z,d9W 'W wwumwyyeofwflzivi 7'7'f"'Mm . Nfjjffj ,4w1NaA?fw4Z'22ALe In pZM1mvI4aya4-J222' wall?-11 JMZ1 4,1604 mm Mmm? fifiwmaffa, mg f,zf2',Qf,f,,fgffWWZW WWW ff3'?Hmf5fWMWf fd? M ff' WMM? ww' iffjfw' f f'j"""""'Q! 1 I -'Z5'- Ungar' C3 firiffe W, ' Mm Xydful ,,7w52.J,,Mfc7,M 5 4 Dr. Jacob L B EDITH M. DUNCAN OSCAR E. ACKER ADMINISTRATIVE AIJIJIHTZI ADMINISTRATIVE Animmt GUSTAV SHOR Dean of Boyx PAULA GREENFIELD THEODORE VON KEMPE Aifendanre Officer Altendance Officer 5 N., I S RUTH STEWART Dean of Girly o ffik Ah111ini5tratinn Ralph Freyer Milton Levin Engliflo Social Studlef l 'F V' llll O-IN RNAN Dr. Moses Barras Dr. Irving A. Dodes Language Math. Irving Fine Charles Amend Ethel Eisen Physical Science Commercial Art f Hartley Shellans Louisa-May Greeley Julius Strauss Music Girl! H ealtb Education Boys H ealtb Eclucatirm 6 ,I W ,wi I Q,-I W - , , - , MILDRED K. LEE GEORGE WEINBERG THE KINGS COUNSELORS 1 I ,I I '95 SIDNEY GREENE IRENE L. BFRGER STUDENT COUNSELING SERVICE l.ell lff Riglvf: lk-lun Pimrmwski, ,Suu'eflar1.' Claire T. Willianls, P,r1clwlng1fl.' CHI A, l"iL'lllH, l1'fIIlYfH1fr1w1l f,IlllNXL'lll7'.' -lane Craig, ,Smnl ll"rm6er,' Paul A, Ilaywuml, Vfmzfmmll f.ff1n1wlm',' IiIin.1 Kclly, SffL'Idl U"m'Ler.' Leonora- Gold, l'.l'yrl711fr1gi fl. ABRAHAM KALISH GLADYS B. TALLER HAROLD EDELL K WI. gs., k,,,,-0 i f TSW i Senior Teachers Ray Friedman X X N X Regina Pomeranz Herman Blumenthal C0-rmlimztor of Senior Clu.rJe.f Ek Irving Zonana Rose Berman Herbert Fein Irving Miller 8 4, 1 5- V. . "'. X Q 'Lk 'shin 5.15 ,P A . .1 , 4 V .V 4- ' ' 'l. .5 7. 3' Vi-I Mgr' W1 1 . ,. , 4, J.. 4. L 4 V. - .. .- -,, 6 .V .. f-5 Y , . , V ,,, .4 1 1, , , B 4 f V 9, Vs t 1 5' .3 ff ..V,Vg?V-.W V, I g. , . V . ,. . ,ga .. ,V , Vw, 1 . ' 4 4 ,Q . ' fx' - ' ., 4 S 'fF.2If.q..V gi.. ii ,J ' V - ' . . 1" 'A 5 ' :fx X 'ff ' .fi V A - - i .V . 4, V ,If 'mv , . ' 4 phikj Qs., xi? W 5,-7? K. 3 V4 .fgj . '.. . if .gn .qyw ' Q , M' -- V . me V +V V441 U 4 V. 4 . -J O , .ilu Q. K., 1 vii .px Vic? Vi? V ,..-iw. 43. A ' ' - V' V lv 3 ff. 4 V, V Y 5 V ' V' 1 ' 4' g- .fx-L' .. VV' Tug- L' ' 2' -. .V f?ifL7'-+..1ip- 511- ..- E ' ' " 3. . . 151' ' VV4 4 ' V- ' L ,V.i..4 wgV1'?"'Z Tp- T7 .fims-., fr L V" V V , - A 2 if V if VVS. i5X:f 1.-V 1 - .3 'VH 443. , .. W 7 fi- 'V 1 , V Y n- 'H -V 1. - Vs. Vjw gp- ww fi -L ff? ' , - 4 , . . ' .-I 5 9 , 'gr' , -. 1. -2.1-J V . 'M -f 'VU ' - 11 'VV' 11 5. 'j N51 9:2-1151 y' 4 , .. V' ' Q" 4 1' X -:VV 5 3' ' V rg? x:HV V .fe - gf: 'V r . i .. 1 . 4. V' S ,4 mg ' Q" ng " L' " , - " 7' 'I fV9'EV'?y' A 1 97 -V-m ' . A' V 'Q F ' -EN KF? K 5 75 sl lv wf ' I 1' Q , 436 V' ,f3'VV., .Q - f if ' -ii ' ' .- 'l'l,: ' ' 5 4 -s 1: -W 4. K. , K Z - VV . -2 LKSAQ' 4. Y . 4.3 ., V I , F 1: V ' , V .5 . , . N e - Q I .3-1 -Z' N 4. 55- ,V F , .4 In WQVVV W.. 4 I . I Q. N f.. A Q.. 1- ..'.V ' V ' G3 ' Vf Vf .4 ' T Q-V '13 - .- WV. ff V ,V ,4-V .4 - ,,, - 5 V- H, if Af ,.V.4 qw V,V- V .VV V 1, ' I .t d I 4 ml 1 . I . - N - C V l. pf' V I 6 Q I 3 I .' V J Q ...Q .V 4. . V 'V '. u u 'V 17 Y 'Q' - ' . TV ' x A 4 Y 'L 4 V' ' 41 l 1 QF.. , : . " ' "H ' V V . 5' --'K' -' V . ".- ' 'QF' i 'S K 1 "Ni " . ' " J ' I 5 'S' ' I 1' 'X . V' Y K U' f ' - ' -I ' . 1 ' w Y V ...V QV K A V., JL V ' . - 5 - V! VV .V 4 P, I ,AP . - .4 V X . :f- 0 'WV -ICN -'if .V 43, 2.Q V . . K A ,E V V, Q.. V -VW I . N 4 ' V ' . 2 4 4 , V. L 41" . 'iw -f H lf' ' X.. 1 P ,.V V f ' Q , It . , 4 I J . K A 4 V . ,. 4. -A W , V 4 7 -"J d' fx' Q 1 " 1 ' f . ' 7. 'V 'if' Q . in A - V rw nf '- . 4: V V I 1. 4- . X V A V . ,. 4 4 4, V . 4, V 44, I , 4. J. N V, .V , V f .- '.5 ' .' I .61 . ' in ' 1 V K rf 4 N V' .f' ..'.f 'V VV D ,V ' ". .' v " " 3 .4 , ' '44 ' .. V., , . I X .J E . 4 V: f' ,' A, 5 'L ,V V L 4 ,ac A an 5-5. U 3, I eng ' :f,:f, "M-' 'I 4 -Eg .4 Q ' ,sh 4 VY I. -A ,w -tn. V li- 41.4, :r C ' ' . Q -,sg L, 1 ., V V Q V . . . . I 1" V I, A f M y f .1 x .,, V, 'U V V V 9- 4 .V 4 . nv- I Rr 1 A PM I . 50 ' . p -1 -.., . , . . 4 1 .. . 1' .. 1. . f 4 . . . W 4- K . 'A .Q N " if-pf' ' 5, ' -' -- . N. I ,:.A,,- if. 4.1 .O - ., . - . . ,, .. - . V V . V - . .V V 4 . - 'z 3 ' A , by J 4 f.. 4 , XB Q 4-. , 'V sl V 'S 4 ' 4- 41. . . ,V 5 . 4 9 4 v F. fl ' . 1 Q- ' ' 4 , ' , . ' VJ- . 1 K 3 1 A I. .C 'P . F J . li ' ' A K. A 15 .V I-,'.-mf" Q' J .1 ' ,, . I., ,x f.VV .5 " P+ .. ' L 0, .r . .4 -4 V . VV V Q -M .- Vl.. 4 .. gr . I I- ' '. "5 V .' 4. ' ' 1 fi X af' V ' e ' 0 I 'N . U, w 'a 5, 4 4 - 4 X V' V, V 1 1 B 'V 4 ' . .. V . 4 V g Vi- . . . I ,L . -1- ' 3 1 " 4 yn fl 2 . ' V - , .4 4 ' A . Q K f V P l '-f ' .4 . V f .V V 3 . ,V 4 ' f' H ap' V 4 V A . V 4, s I 4 - , ? V, Y -- K V . V V . m . , 4 V , .. . V. ' Q V 4' X - s 4 . . 44 ,,. -- .... f V' 1 - 4 - .I-V 4 VV , . - . V. - 4 -I I V 4 4 , . .V ' 4' ' :Q ' ,L L Qi ' V if F 0 Q. .S+ Q. " , . " 4 .f.k . K ' 4' K 1 ' Q , O .X I ' xx' x i . V . l 5 ' ! . 4, ' . 1. V K n " -J. V S 7 W . .af ' 41. 4, ' -r- A . V 4 X24 - - xx . A . 1 V , -V I . 4 . A 4 4 4 X. . . 4 . f ' F-. ' N v K W ,' .. va KL v f ' . 2 V V, G . ' . . 5 ' 1 Af. X A ' V Q . . -. -e . f - .4 V . L Q f .I A A," ,Q 5 V K .K X 5 '!"' ' V f Af- ' V 'V V, V? V- 1 X . ' - Q J - y J A 4' Va . ' 1' M . I ' -' ' .4 Q' LV4, fi f 'CL W - ' ' ' A -1- 2 1 . n I I 3 3 4 E 5V-'gag 4 kk is .4',. V 5 V . .. 4 , .V .4 V A V X V if , I ' . H . V .. V is P ' 5' V 4: ' in 5 I 4 kg., is In . AL ,V Q . VV. V K V V V .V -'Af -+V F, ' Q' - Q V V I . -4 - 4- Vi K .V , K ' 2 . , -V 2 Qi' V . 'Q i VV V ' K 5 w - ' 24Q'.y.' V W ' if 44.. 4 X4 - ' . --f .-,.. is . I 4 M W - . .R 4 .V . .4 ' . 1517 .V - .-,V V Q wh 1, V.. .. -Q. 5 - if .. k ' x E . ' r , A+ f f"Q"' 1 1llPll1I11I Svvniura There isn't much one can say when saying "so-long" to such good friends as we've all been during our stay at Morris. This little note will be to remind us of our friends of the past who have enabled us to walk into our future with a great deal of confidence in ourselves. XXf'e have achieved this through our three years of study and recreation with our classmates, teachers, deans, and principal. Dr. Bernstein has been a second father to us, and our teachers have made Morris a home for us. I'm sure each and every one of us will remember the kid gloves to which we have been so accustomed. Beware, the future is a little rougher and the roads more curved, so take precautions on every turn in the road of life. Now that we are leaving our Alma Mater and receiving that long-awaited diploma, here's a little wish from me to you, to take along with your diploma. Have a good, long and happy life, and may each of you find happiness and success in your chosen profession. Good-bye, and may we meet again some day in the future. Gloria Salazar 8-5 Senior Clair Prerident 10 SENIOR OFFICERS Gloria Salazar, Prefident Edward Fahey, Vice-President Shirley Anderson, Secretary Russelle Jones, Treasurer W ".. fi 4-f"'N l l 1-wy, 'VFW .Xl ,Ei-ur' 'mmf BAINES, WILLIAM C. mon: o succeed Tall, handsome and well-Jet, A nicer hoy we'1fe never met. BALDRIAN, BARBARA 5 . A . Hostess Quite a treat, I muft declare, From the tip of her toer to her golden hair. BARON, EVELYN 1 . Am . arriage and twelve kids A winning fmile, a helpful hand, A real good Jportg we think Jhe': grand. BAUM, MYRA 6 Street A . eacher ln her quiet and Jimple way, She gradually progrener day hy day. ALFONSO, ARNOLD 861 Forest Avenue Am ' ' Officer Ar if nice, rnold if quietg Keepr to himfelfg never cauref a riot. ALMEDINA, GLORIA 1411 Longfellow Ave, A ' ' st 0 e tit of her head, and the lilt of her laugh To .ray :he is grand would only he half . . . ANDERSON SHIRLEY 8 A mon: Social Worker Her Jincerity and winning Jnzile, Would prompt anyone to walk a mile. APPELBAUM, DORIS 1165 S' ookkeeper She'J a quiet and .fweet girl, And rare to find a.r a pearl. ASCHER, RHODA lion: o become Mrs. Gerry Ruckhaus One thing about her we can tell: She did her work, and did it well. BADARACCO, CHARLES . ertiser A loyal Morrixite through and through: A worthy hand member too. 11 BENNIE, ROSEANNE 1505 Charlotte Street r t- W Amwetary ' Roseanne ir pretty, and oh, Jo nice, Boyr give her the once-over and look twice BENSON, ALFREDA U 1 142 ' enue Ambition: stered Nurse Alwayr ready, alwayr neat,' A pal like her ir hard to heat. BERLINGIERI, GLORIA ' E. 629 Ea reet ' Am . tenographer Pretty Jweet, pretty .frnartg She won her way into each hoy'r heart. BOOK, IRENE " 700 East 1 treet H " A Amb o sit on the boss' lap Silence, patience, hrilliancy- Here'r the girl who has all three. BORRILL D O, OMINICK mm 815 t Street Ambi on: Shortstop There ir a line without an end, Of thore who want to he hir friend. BRASWELL, CARL Bfifaton Avenue Ambition: areer in the Air Force We know he'll need no college courre, To he a general in the Air Force. BREITFELLER, RONALD n 870 East 170th Street in Am-eronautical Engineer If ever he ir without a rmile, You can he :ure it ir jurt for a while. BROCK, MADELYNE 800 E Oth Street Am . Airline Hostess A gal who'r really in the know, And with her clother doe! rnake a rhow. BULLARD, LAURA 75 157th Street AH We .reniorr now applaud her, Laura Bullard, our "Dancing Daughter". BUTLER, HERBERT M 10 ' Avenue A . edical Lab Technician When Buddy and Iarner are together in clarr, Their teacherr seem to crumble like glarr. 12 CABAN, OLGA 900 Rogers Am y utse Olga! will come and Olga: will go, But here't one Olga you've got to know. cAsTRo, THOMAS 543 Street Am 11 : To succeed ' He can give it and he can take it! He graduates! We knew he'd make it. COHEN, G DA 18 Place Ambition: To keep the boys contented To know Mir: Cohen ir a treat,' Her permnality can't be beat, CORD RO, I AEL 700 Street Ambition: U.S. Army Alwayf quiet, never wild,' How ral: you knock a lad to mild? 1. CORDERO, JOSEPH 8 t A mon: olitician With girl: around, Watch him gain ground. CLEVELAND, THELMA IP Street A mon: Registered Nurse Cheer: to a lovely Morrixiteg May the ever he Jo .rweet and bright. CRESCENTE, MARIE 8 Avenue A nz ancet or Office Worker She'r at rweet and at pleafant at can Long will the linger in our memory. CUTRONE, BARBARA 12 nue A . ice Worker To hear you Jpeak, to tee you rmile, Oh, Barbara, we'd walk a mile. CUEVAS, NORMA 6 Street Am ition: ecretary Norma if Jmall and mighty rweetg I-Iere'5 a girl you'll want to meet. DAMES, ELIZABETH Pfwenue Am ition: Typist A tweet-tempered girl, :lightly rhy,n Very ohliging-Jo :he'll get hy. 13 h nf- DAUGHTREY, HELEN 1105 ' venue Ambi iaI Worker Full of ability, full of fun, A delightful girl, Jecond to DAVENPORT, ROSETTA 891 C Avenue Ambi graduate She'r a nice girl who talkr so loud, 720729. From far away you'd think rheir a crowd. DAVIS, CARLTON 1116 'mvenue Ambi . o be a success Quiet, refined, worthy of praireg Conyiderate ir he, and modert in DAVIS, ELEANOR 1 3 5 8 lace Amb be Mrs. W. G. She really if a likable brat, Very few will deny her that DEFABIIS, LOUIS 712 Fox Street Amb.'o be happy In clan Louir ir very quiet, But outride he'll cauxe a riot. DE PIRO, JOHN 450 Colle venue Am ' rveyor Able in athleticr, gay with hir friend.v,' 4' hir wayr. May he add to his conquertr till the world endr. 14 DEUTSCH, JUDITH 921 Street A ographer ' She'r alwayr quiet, we'll confe.r:,' The recret, perhapr, of her Juccerr. DOBLEY, WALTER 581 Eagle Avenue gineer - Thi: quiet fellow with a Jeriour mind, Ir a likable chap, quite rare to find. DOGHRAMAJIAN, GEORGE 1768 venue Am mmercia1 Artist The cleuernen' of George? wayr, Maker bright the dreariert dayr. DOWNS, GLORIA 747 h Street Arnmocial Worker Who'r the girl known around the townr? You'ue got it right: it'r Gloria Downf. ELISH, MELVIN 737 Point Avenue Axim succeed Loohf and brainf rolled in one, We didn't think it could be done. ENSENAT, MICHAEL t av . o win Mr. New York Conte!! " A :h outh with irl: about' 9' J' 8 f But once you hnow him, better watch out. FAHEY, EDWARD 632 rreet A . inessman Swell ringer, alfo a clowng You Jhould :ee him go to town! FEINBERG, WILBERT 594 East 141 Street Ambimool and work I-li: reme of humor if not lachingg He never tiref of wife cracking. DRAY WILLIE MAE 79 freer Ambition: Policewoman Willie Mae har a charming voice, For clan ringer, :heir our choice. DRONKOW, GLORIA 1 nue A . ork and marriage Thi: fair lan ha: Jo much nonfenye to Jay, That Jhe talk: and talks the whole day away DRONKOW, ROSALIND 1056 Hoe Avenue A eeper Ever xtudiouc, quiet and shy, Who raid that? Oh, muft you lie? DURANT, PEGGY 1 02 8 Unio enue A etician Peggy? friendxhip if a bond, Of which her claumatex all are fond. EDWARDS, DOLORES 755 ' reet Am rinarian Lovely, witty, cheerful, gay, Sweet and charming in every way. EISENBERG, BERNARD 9 6 Kell Street 0 . ial Studies Teacher Bernie playf the trombone, oh, Jo niceg For hir personality we'd pay any price. 15 FEKETIS, JOHN 532 Tinton Avenue ,M Ambitwetroleum Engineer No need to know him well, To know that he if Jwell . . . FINKLESTEIN, ARNOLD 763 t Arnb . nterior Decorator - He'J not quietg he'J not Jhyj He'J jun? a nice "all-around guy". FLOYD, BERNICE 11 son Avenue H Am 1 . Laboratory Technician A cheerful, helpful, lively gal, Alwayf willing to help a pal. FORTE, LUCIANO 1433113 Pk. E. Ambition: To go to college Full of humor, full of fun,' Where there? noise, he's the one. FRIEDMAN, FAITH 769 ant Avenue A uyer Never rad, never hlueg Alway: har a Jmile for you. FRIEDMAN, STANLEY 825 st 170th Street Am Pharmacist A .rwell companion, a wonderful friendg A grand fellow lo the end. FRUCT, N ORMA 1165 ' son Street Ambm Teacher Graceful and graciouf, charming and smart, Norma weaver her way right into your heart. GANS, SHERMAN 868 ' Street Amin? Dentist Sherman? cheerful and bright all day,' With uf he if .rtriczly okay. i, GARWOOD, DONALD 787 Prospect Avenue Am-Photographer Never a worry, never a care: Happy-go-lucky everywhere. GOLBE, DONALD 566 Beck Street Am ' . Hotel Catering Hi: igh Jchool dayf are ended lhuff' I-Iere'J wifhing luck from all of ur. 'gm-me 16 5.4 GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPH 1505 me Street ' Ambition: Psychiatrist Here'J to a quiet, earnert Joul,' We all hope he reacher hir goal. GOODMAN, LAWRENCE 1519 We Street Ambition: atistician It certainly war an eventful day, When Larry had nothing to ray, GONZALEZ, ERNESTO 1110 Sim reet Ambition: Civil Engineer Here'r a ho ar nice af can he' 7 1 He': liked a lot hy the clan of '53, GONZALEZ, SYLVIA 851 East Q Street Ambition: ork and marriage Boyr flock at her door en marreg They love and admire this lonely lair. J "Elf GREEN, MARIA 1426 Pros ect Avenue Ambaurse We'd like to expand, But we'll just .ray Jhe'J grand. GRITZ, ROSALYN 843 Hunts Point Avenue AmbitiorT'Stc-nographer Sparkling eyer and hrunette hair, A comhination beyond compare. GRUBSTEIN, BERNARD 865 Ea nd Street Ambitimollege Student Whenever he getr homework, he letr out a sigh But don't let him fool you, his m'ark: are high. HALL, EDWARD 774bWAvenue Am : Dental Technician We're ture you hauen't long to wait, Before hir name ir among the great. HAMILTON, LIONEL 832 E enue AmbitHinister Punctuality and attendance are not hir aim, But he intendr to graduate jurt the fame. HARRIS, CHARLES 50 Macomb Place Ambitidoliceman A popular hoy with all if he, And a Jweller guy there'll neuer he. 17 HARRIS, MAE ELAINE 2645 - 3rd Avenue Ambition: sal Doctor " ' Sweet, .rtudious and really neat: She'J a gal we're proud to greet. HERNANDEZ, NoAM1 647 Caul venue Ambition: er 0 "' She't a girl with .to much charm, That to know her, can do no harm. HILL, JAMES 846 East Street Ambition. cian " ' A Gene Krupa at the drurnsg Better watch it, when he corner. HOSLEY, WILLIAM 481 East 167 et Ambition: T ahead in 1i'fe ff Never rough, never wildf We like a fellow Jo quiet and mild. HOWCOTT, HENRY 966 Trini nue A Ambitiongss " hi All he wants it Jucceftg Clan' of '55 wixhet hint the hett. HUDSON, ROSALIE 1416 Prospect.1ue . Ambition: To be a Bookkeeper, This girl'.r not Jhyg thit girl'.t not quietg In fact, thit girl can caute a riot. HYMAN, SALLY 1049 Kelly Street Amb-Secretary I Here? a girl well worth your while,' You'll never find her without a Jrnile. JACKO, SANDRA 760 Hu oint Avenue Ambitiicretaty e Sweet and friendly, you can het,' The nicest girl you ever met. JENKINS, BARBARA 325 East 143rd Street . Ambitql' X urse What it it ahout Barbara that we all love? It'J that cheerfulneu that the har plenty of. JESSAMY, JOYCE 1185 Avenue '-f Ambiwlurse Here'f a gal Jweet and fineg Glad to Jay their rz friend of mine. JOHNSON, MACK 328 East H Street Ambition: Postal Clerk Among hir clan hir name rank: high: All the girlr murmur, "Whotta guy!" JONES, ALVIN 1043 Bostjnad Ambition: A retired textile buyer The Clark Gable of Morrix ir he. With a chest ahout forty-three. JONES, JoANN 123 Wesi Street ,- Ambition: Housewife Snappy, peppy, full of goorl will: Very seldom does the keep .rtill. Af' JONES, KATHERINE 821 East Street Ambition: urgical Nurse Of the fact that rhe'r rweet we have no doubt, But why rhe'r .to quiet we have yet to fiml out. JONES, RUSSELLE 821 East-Street Ambition: Health Ed. Teacher Our girl athlete ar everyone hnowr. Bringr joy and frientlrhip wherever .the goes: KASKO, JOAN 857 Fox Qc ' Ambition: Journalist Ar Piper interviewer the rure ufax .ru'ell.' She certainly alitl her joh well. A KATZ, MORTON 1502 Croton Park East Ambition: hear Physicist or 'a Boxer. Not only smart, but also wittyg 'W When not around, oh what a pity. KATZ, SAMUEL 626 East g Street Ambition: entist Work and fun combined in one, Form the life of thir jolly one. KISSNER, CAROLE 1506 Bostcmaacl Ambition: ist 8: Fashion Designer You would have to travel far, 'I' o find an artirt on her par. KRAMER, BERT 2 Fisher DP Ambition: oGraduate W Happy and mirchieuour all through the clay: The rearon .rome of our teacher! are gray. 19- LEWIN, RUTH 874 Street Aruba-Iappiness Tohe frank, we muft admit, When you know her, .rhe maker a hit. LEWIS, HOMER 1024 n Road Ambmo succeed Thi: fellow haf racla zert, He never lets hir teachers rert. LEWIS, JUNE I010 venue A Amb . urse 8a Housewife Try to find a truer friend, And your :earth will never end. LEXWIS, ROSETTA 814 65rd Street nw Amm To be happy Never rough, never wild,' Roretlak alwayr rweet and mild: LIMA, ABRAHAM 850 56th Street 9' Ag Political Lawyer Witty, hamorour, fall of fzrn,' For the ideal clarrmate, Lima'.r the one. LOP ESTHER 860 156th Street W Ambition: Typist There are only a few ar nice ar rhe, Friendly and hind ar only Iirther ran be. LASHER, SHELDON 1010 Ro s Place Ambiti er A nice perronality, fall of fdng A regular gay to everyone LEBAUER, LAWRENCE . A ad 5' 1459 Bos Ambitiormiege A gay on whom you can depend, Either as a Jtadent or ar a friend. LELLE, CARL . W 1425 C e Street Ambiticmavy He'r a fellow we all admire, Became he haf qnalitier we derire. LEVY, DEBBY 770 Bry venue A Ambitiomuyer in dept. store A good clarrmate, a good datej Speed up hoyr or yon'll he late. 6? MACK, LUCILLE 894 Union Avenue Ambition: ressmaker Cheerful, he ul, lively gal, Alwayr willing to help a pal. MAGNUS, JOAN 758 Ke t Ambiti . To get out of Morris Ioan and Ruth are never apartg Where and when did thir friendihip Jtart MANDERSON, HAZEL 547 East Street Ambition. urse , Here to my whatlf on her mind: A ready answer, quiet to find. MARKOFSKY, ELLEN 961 Fail et Ambitiorgokkeeper A nice girl with a nice way, Never rad, alwayf gay. MARTINEZ, MERCEDES 801 Brook We ..- Ambition: o graduate Swell and quiet if thit lovely lang One of the niceft girls in our clan. MARWIN HOWARD 665mtreet Ambition: Civil Engineer Liften, Howie, are you for- real? Why mutt you alwayx play the field? MAYNARD, WILLIAM 25 Eaftreet Ambition: To succeed You never know when he'J around, Until he makes a rtatement profound. MCGRUDER, TOMASINA 747 it Street Ambition: Designer A One flower not horn to hluxh unxeeng Pretty, mirchieuouf, fun-loving and keen. MCHENRY, BERNARD 448 G course I Ambition: elist I-Iere's a boy that need: not cram,' For he'.t .rure of each exam. MCMAHON, ELII-IU 346 East Street Ambition: s Major An honert fellow, with a very firm chin, With dirnpled cheekr and a friendly grin 21 McPARLAND, PETER 610 1 Street Ambition. make money Sornetimef grim, Jornetirner gayg He'.f a likable chap anyway. MEYERSON, RONALD 1274 Lafaywvenue Ambition: mmercial Artist Ronny it big, Ronny is tally Thir guy ix really on the ball. MILLER, EDWARD 1382 Crotona Avenue Ambition: 5 in the Marinesi Full of wit, with plenty to spareg Roamed through fchool without a care. MILLER, ELEANOR 916 Sou Blvd. Ambiticmm go to College ,- She know: how to pleare, And doe! it with ease. 'Y MORIARTY, GERALD 980 T' Street I Ambin . social worker and a Smiling, cheerful, full of fun, Ir our likable dancing ton. MURPHY, SHIRLEY dancer 775 U ' venue Ambitgcretary A regular girl, her claffnzatef Jay,' What greater tribute could they pay? 22 NACINOVICH, RAOUL 625 Casanova Street AmbifBa1l Player fs A nice fellow, as we all hnowg He'll make tome girl a very good beau. NEAL, JAMES 920 Lon wood Avenue Ambd Politician , ..,, Admiration and hindnen do we feel, Toward our clarr politician, jimmy Neal. NESMITH, BETTY 818 East 167th Street Ama Secretary Shy and Jweet, at the .raying goer, From the top of her head to the tip of her tom' NICASTRO, LARRY 449 Concord Avenue Ambi Engineer Mischief ir his rniddle nanze,' What a funny claim to fame. J 'Q--v-10 -ai PALM, HELEN 782 Prospect Avenue Amie Office worker and housewife A tweeter girl could not he found, If you Jearched the whole world 'round. PALMER, DORIS 755 East 168th Street A ' ' To graduate She now! how to pleaxe, And doer it with eafe. PARNES, DOLORES 960 Tiffany Street Am- Private Secretary A girl who if full of wit, And who :ure doe: make a hit. PASQUALE, CHARLES 751 st 150 Street Ambit Detective Here'J a chap to admiref If in hir company, you'll not tire, O'BRIEN, PHYLLIS 1239 Boston Road Ambiti notypist Cool an c arming, rparhling und bright luft what you need for thofe "Blum In the Night OCASIO, nus 602 th Street Amb ot1sewife Quiet yet dear, Clever and Jincere. otmz, PILAR 873 East 16 d Street Amb o cheer for Marine Happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care: A lover of fun if thi: lady fain OUVINA, VINCENTE 526 East 158th Street Ambitgusinessman From 8 to 80 the ladief Jwoon, When Vincente enters the room PACHECO, RUDOLPH 631 Jeff Place Ambitair Force To know this fellow if no regret I-Ie'J the niceft boy you've ever met PAGAN, WILFRED 684 w Avenue Ambition: Psychologist A Jwell companion, a wonderful friend A grand fellow to the end X 23 PETERSON, ETHEI. 741 J ' s Street Ambi urse Hereif hoping Ethel will continue to rtriife, To keep her patient: well and alive. PETERSON, JOYCE 957 well Avenue Am . Assistant Bookkeeper Af merry and gay at one can be, If thi: lim from clan of '53. PETRILLO, JOAN 78 ' d Avenue A Legal Stenographer No introduction do we need, To the girl "Mort Likely to Succeed." PIETRI, ANGELINA 98 treet A Typist Very tiny, oery rmally She? the Jweeteft of them ull. PIRRONE, JOHN 54.Street Q Ambition: Draftsman Simetimer grave, sometime! guy.: Likahle chop either way. POLLARD, CORA 105 Street f. A : Stenographer A .rport of jert, of wit and glowg One of the .fmurtert girl: we know. PELOTTE, FRANKIE MAE 1019 Boston Road , AmbitiQurse ' She'J not hold, but Jhe'J not Jhyg Alwayr found flirting with rome ha PEREZ, ALCILIA 643 Fox eet Ambitiogedical Secretaryu' Alwuy: laughing, ulwayx gay,' We hope that Jhe'll Jtuy that way. PEREZ, JULIA 753 Kell Street M , Amd Nurse She'll have luck in her ehoren fieldj ndrome guy By the rtroke of u hrufh, her .ruecen will he Jeraled PEREZ, SEGUNDA 667 C ell Avenue A Private Secretgryi' Alwayr pleuxunt ur can he, She'll linger long in our memory. POST, LORRAINE 1 560 B Road Ambition: Ihedical Technician and Homemaker Our cla:: writer we have here,' Cute, :mart and very dear PRESTON, KENT 888 East 16 treet ' Ambition: mal Doctor Kent read: book: day and night, Became he know: they'll make him PRINCE, CHARLES 1009 Prospe?nue Ambition: Po iceman ' Ala:, it': :acl to leave thi: chnmj He wa: well-liketl by all, by gum! POWELL, GWENDOLYN 1352 Clinto nue Ambition: H A :weet girl with nice way:,' May :he remain :o all her day:. bright. PULLMAN, SAUL 864 East 172nd Street Ambition: mtanr He can think fa:t and think right: W ith the:e trait: he'll win life': fight. QUEEN, ALBERT 827 Union que E Ambition: To e a success in life If it': rmile: you want, here': jn:t the For he': a fellow who': never :ad. QUEEN, DELORES 159-70 Hari iver Drive Ambition: mwork For everyone :he ha: a :mile,' Pep:i': happy all the while. QUICK, GLORIA 814 Hewitp Ambition: e ephone Operator Among the girl: :he rate: the top:,' Among the boy: :he': not a flop. REFFSKIN, ARNOLD 725 Southern. Ambition: To stay out of the Army Thi: fellow :nrely will mcceed, If once from Morri: he i: freed. REYES, ANNA 708 Cauldflkvenue Ambition: Interior Decorator A: quiet and neat, A: :he i: cate and rweet. 25 RICHARDS, VINCENT 1548 Clinton I, . Ambition: ducation Teacher I f a nice guy we had to pick, We'd Jurely pick our friend, Dick. REIGER, GEORGE 1165 Simp?et ff Ambition: armacist Morriy needy more of Georgelr .forty He liver for fervice, and Jplendid xport. Rom, HOWARD 823 Eas eet N- Ambitio , mess Administration Here? a hoy whoit lot: of fun, He'd make anyone a swell churn. RUIZ, ELBA 950 Aveqjohn Ambition: rse M. Quietly .the goef her way, Doing her work with little to Jay. SALAMON, RENEE 5014 Wal nue Ambition: I!nta1 Ass't. and Technician A bright Jmile, a swell gal,' All addr up to a real pal. SALAZAR, GLORIA 589 Tinton iienue Ambition: al Ass't. With our Mott Popular no fault can he foundg Shelf very nice to have around. SANCHEZ, DORA 913 an Street Am Office Worker o A' She? very Jure and very quietj Her advice to Morrifites: try it. SANDERS, MARCUS 976 Tinton Avenue s ,- Ambeusinessman AJ a ladiet' man he'.r pretty nice,' Why not, fellowf, get rom ' e advice? SANTIAGO, NORMA 938 L d Avenue A be happy Vim, vigor and vitality, Pluf loadr of permnality. SAPERSTEIN, IRVING 620 E 141st Street s Ambbb be a successfh115dent1st Always friendly, full of funj He'J well liked hy everyone. SAVAS, STANLEY 807 Trinit Avenue Ambitioht Dodger just the fame ar you and I, SCHILLER, IRWIN 652 sf.15?uef SCHNEIDER, ALBERT 151 l wad Ambition: awyer, Accountant A grand fellow to the end. SCHWADRON, STEWART 957 Kelly Street Ambiimer Never flurtered, never worried, Alufayr calm and never hurried. SCHWARTZBERG, RUTH 758 Kelly Street Ambitio ookkeeper Fun- ing and, olo, Jo nice, At rome you look once, at ber SCOTT, EVELYN 816 Eawh Street Ambition: Nurse ,J- Alrvayr agreeable, ne-ver boldg SEDA, GILBERTO rl 953 WH'iiier Avenue Ambit . ccess wt With hir polite and cordial uiayr, He maker new friend: every day. SEDA, JULIO 375 Ez? Street Ambiti : U.S. Fighter Pilot . ,L Ar quiet a fellow at you'll ever meet,' In clauroom, at home or on the rtreet. SHERIDAN, RICHARD 322 East mtreet Ambition: A good job and a haptyffamily A quiet, nice Jort of lady A finer boy we've never bad. SILVERSMITH, NORMAN 1 565 Bost ad Ambitiorwical Doctor -'lf ' Farulty advirerr all proferr, Norman if a likely candidate for rucceu. 27 He'J' glad and rad to .ray goodbye Ambition: 'rofessional Basketball Player No. it'r not perfimirm or an 18 day diet Not even deprerrion, tlair boy is juxt quiet f A rwell companion, a wonder ul riend The deepeft rerpect, .rlJe'll alway SOLOMON, WALLACE 845 Street Ambg Farmer sOsA, JUANITA 851 Tinton Avenue Ambi.Meclical Secretary Medical Jecretary the want: to heya We're ,ture Jhelll .fit on the hon' knee. SOTO, CARMEN 1561 Avenue Ambml Spanish Teacher A lovely darmel .rash at thif, .lt Your eyef can ill afford to min. SPICKLER, CYNTHIA 946 wtreet Ambition: To be the rich Mrs. Kaitin Thir girl alwayf doe! her hitj Her Jerfuice can he called a hits """ STERGEN, FRANCES 859 rn Blvd. Amlme Biologist Eyer at pretty at an ocean greeng Winhing, flirting, the can he teen. STILLMAN, BORIS 1523 tte Place Ambimlnsurance salesman Plenty of perxonality and fightgfff W.. He'll do anything once, and do it right. 28 SIMMONS, CAMILLE 759 Home Street Ambitioental Assistant. A quiet gal with a ready rmileg Try her friendfhipg it'r really worthwhile. SKEETE, JULIUS 892 Ur.venue H in Ambition: Doctor A whole wide world he ha: to face: But Jtill the worry learrey no trace. SMYTHE, HOWARD 960 Pr venue , Wah Ambition: eclical Technician " Howie haf girlfriend! hy the dozentg Some hir aiintf, the reft hir coitfinf. SOLOMON, MYRNA 894 B616-f ., K Ambition: To be successful in everything I do Never rrniling, Never fad to Jeep A matter of fact, Morrif grad-to he. SUAREZ, ANTHONY 552 East 1 8th Street Ambitiohkkeeper 4 A darh of work, a darb of play, Made him what he if today. SUNSHINE, MILTON 1597 jesqnue ' 9 Ambition: 0 graduate Whomeifer he meets become! his friendg And itayf that 'way until the end. THALER, IRWIN 737 FLW - 'Mr Ambition: edical Doctor A Jucceuful Jtudent with high idealJ,' A friend of all -with whom he TIRADO, ANGELINA 976 greet -2 Ambition: Model Lot! of charm, lots of poireg Shelf Juccerrful with the boyr. dealt. " ln TORRES, ROSA 549 with Street Ambition: eautician Winning :mile and pleafant wayf Made friendr untold in Morrix days. URDEG R, LEAH 566 reet Ambition: Registered Nurse Sweet graduate with eyef of brown, Nicert perfon we've bad around. VERDEJO, FRANK 895 eet Am . o graduate From ro dignified a fellow, You never hear a growl or bellow. VILLARROEL, PETE 950 Avenue St. john AMProfessional Ball Player With a nature alwayf mellow, Heir a happy-go-lucky fellow. VOGEL, DANIEL 689 Street Am . ivil Service Danny'J a Jwell guy, and we've found He'J load! of fun to have around. VOYIAZIAKIS, STANLEY A 727 Eaqth Street Ambition: irline Pilot Ambition becbonf with .roaring wingr To take him on to greater thingr. 29 WALKES, HOWARD 1250 ford Avenue Amb . usiness Executive A cheerful minil, a rninil ro wireg Both are evident in hir frniling eyer. WEINBERG, MURIEL 911 South rn Boulevard A . To be happy Of thir young lady we can sayg She? nice, friendly and quite 0.K. WEINER, SHELDON 758 Kell Street And To graduate He' got that hig, hrawny loohj Goth, if he could only cook! WHITFIELD, VIVIAN 20 Wah Street Ambition: Psychiatrist or designer Each day the loohr her very betty Trim and very Jrnartly dreued. WILLIAMS, GLORIA 767 venue Ambition. urse Not a flower, not a pearl, jurt what you'il' call a regular girl. WILLIAMS, LEON 1359 L man Place Ambibo succeed He': reliable and truey Alwayr haf a Jmile for you. WILSON, JOYCE 770 Faile Street A- English teacher and Homemaker A lovely girl who'r poetically inclinetl: Her vertex are perfectly written anal tinzetl. WINTER, ALBERT 1029 Street Amw Professional Singer For hir Jchool in rpo-rtf he foughtg By hareball rcoutf he'll roon he fought. WOLPOW, HERBERT 936 East 169th Street A ' ' Certified Public Accountant Ge enian, fcholar, very ufell-hreilg Alwayf Jo courteourg what more can he Jaizl? WYNN, YOLANDA 229 E h Street Ambivjo Succeed Her violin playing if a joy to all lYfe're ture to meet her in Carnegie Hall. ZUPRUK, FRANCINE 81 Easr 1 rd Srreer 1 be happy W have here a graduating pearl: e That? Francine, our "Sweeteft Girl 31 1 Mall nf illanw A-SCHOLASTIC RATING D-SERVICE AND ACTIVITIES 1. No failure Intramural Athletics 2. Honor Roll Entertainment B-ATTENDANCE AND HONORS l. 10096 Att. and Punc. for 4 yrs. 2. 10071 Att. for 4 yrs. 3. 10079 Punc. for 4 yrs. C-MAJOR M 1. Baseball 2. Basketball 3. Girls Athletics 4. Soccer 5. Piper 6. Music 7. Bowling 8. Tennis 9 Cheering Miscellaneous Service M.O. Officership Senior Officership Squad Duty Staff Work on "The Piper." "Tower" Staff Clubs E-ARISTA 0 F-SERVICE LEAGUE Agostinr, Gersom D6 Alfonso, Arnold A1 Almadina, Gloria D3 Anderson, Shirley D3 Appelbaum, Doris D3 Asher, Rhoda D4,E,A1,A2,D4,D6,D7,F Baldrian, Barbara D3 Baron, Evelyn Al,D3 Baum, Myra D3 . Bennie, Rosanne A1 Berlingieri, Gloria D3,D2,Al,A2 Book, Irene Al,A2 Borillo, Domenick D3,A2,A1 Braswell, Carl A1 Brock, Madelyn D3 Caban, Olga D3 Castro, Thomas D8 Cleveland, Thelma D3 Cohen, Gilda D6,D3,F Cordero, Ismael D3 Cordero, Joseph D3 Crescente, Marie D3,F,A1 Cutrone, Barbara D3,D2,F Cuevas, Norma D3 Dames, Elizabeth D3,D4 Daugtrey, Helen D3,F,D2,D4 Davenport, Rosetta D3 Davis, Eleanor D3 Dayton, Willie May D3 Defabiis, Louis A1 Di Piro, John D3,Cl,D6 Dobley, Walter D3 Doghramajian, George D6 Durant, Peggy Al Edwards, Dolores D3,DS,D6,C6 Eisenberg, Bernard Al,A2,D2,D3 Elish, Melvin D6,E Ensenta, Michael C6 Fahey, Edward D6,D3,D2 Fienberg, Wilbert .D3,D2,D6,D4 Feketis, John D6 Finkelstein, Arnold D3,D6,D2,A1,F Fisher, Bernice D3 Floyd, Bernice D3,D6 Friedman, Stanley D3 Friedman, Faith C6 Frucht, Norma D3,A2,Al,E Gans, Sherman Al,A2,D3,D7,D6,C6,E Garwood, Donald D3 Goldstein, Joseph C9,A1,A2 Gonzalez, Ernesto D6,A1,A2 Goodman, Lawrence D8 Grubstein, Bernard A1,A2 Gritz, Rosalyn D3,Al Hall, Edward D6,C6,D3 Hamilton, Lionel D3 Harris, Mae Elaine D3,D6,F,E Harris, Charles D6 ' Hernandez, Naomi D3,Al Hafner, Joan D3 Howcott, Henry Al,D3 Hudson, Rosalie D3 Hurdle, Shirley D3 Hyman, Sally D3,A1,A2 Jacko, Sandra D3,A1,D8 Jenkins, Barbara D3,D6 Jessamy, Joyce D7,D3,E,Al Jones, JoAnn D3 Jones, Katherine D3,D7,A1,C5 Jones, Russelle D3,F,D7, Al,C5,E,C3,Dl,D2,D5,D8,D9 Kasko, Joan Al,C5 Katz, Morton A1 Katz, Samuel D3 Kramer, Bert- D3 Lasher, Sheldon D4,D7,F,C7,D3,D6 Lebauer, Lawrence D3,C6,Al,A2 Levy, Debby D2,D3,D8,D6 Lewin, Ruth D8,C5,D7,D3,F Lewis, June D3 Lima, Abraham D6,D3,D2 Lopez, Esther A1 Lozana, Margarita D3 Magnus, Joan A2 Manderson, Hazel D3 Markofskv, Ellen A1,A2 Marwin, Howard D3 Maynard, William D3 McGrider, Thomisana D6 McParland, Peter D3 Meyerson, Ronald D3 Miller, Eleanor D3 Miller, Eddie D6 Moore, Ophelia Al Moriarity, Gerald D3,D4,D2 Murphey, Shirley D3 Nacinovich, Raoul D3,Cl,A1 Neal, James D3 Ocasio, Iris D3 Ortiz, Pilar D3,Al Pacheco, Rudolph D3 Pagan, Wilfred D4,D3 Palm, Helen D3,Al Palmer, Doris C6,D3,D2 Parnes, Dolores D3,A Perez, Alcelia Al,D3,D6 Perez, Julia D8 Perez, Segunda A Peterson, Ethel D3 Petrillo, Joan D3,E,Al Pollard, Cora D6,D3,D8,F Post, Lorraine D7,D3,D8,F,D5 Preston, Kent D3,D5,D4,F Prince, Charles D3,D6 Pullman, Saul A1,A2 Queen, Dolores D3 Rieger, George D3,D7,D6 Reys, Anna D3 Richards, Vecent C6,D6 Roth, Howard A1,A2 Ruiz, Elba D3 Salaman, Renee D3,Al Salazar, Gloria F,D3,D-4 Sanchez, Dora D3 Sanders, Marcus D3 Saperstein, Irving D3,D6 Satiago, Norma A1 Savas, Stanley D3,D6 Schneider, Albert Al,D3 Schwartzberg, Ruth D5 Scott, Evelyn D3 Seda, Gilberto Al Silversmith, Norman D3,C8,A2,A1,F,E,D4,Bl Simmons, Camille D3 Smythe, Howard D4,D3,D6,C6 Solomon, Myrna Al,A2,D3 Solomon, Wallace D3,D6 Sosa, Juanita A1 Soto, Carmen D3 gfaickler, Cynthia D6,F,D3,C6,D2 ergen, Frances A1,A2,D8,D3,B1,D9 Stillman, Boris D3,D6 Suarez, Anthony C4,Cl Sunshine, Milton D6 Thaler, Irwin D3 Tirado, Angelina D3 Urdegar, Leah D3,C6,F,D2,D8,D6,A2,D9 Verdejo, Frank C6,D3,D6,D2 Vogel, Daniel voyraziakis, Stanley Al,A2,D4,D3,F,C6 Walkes, Howard D5,C6,Al,D3 Weinberg, Muriel D3,Al Whitefield, Vivian D3 Williams, Gloria D3,F Williarns, Leon D6 Wilson, Joyce D3,A1,A2,D7,D9,F,C5,D8 Wynn, Yolanda D3,C6 Zupruk, Francine D3,D6 C 4-513 V? if Q,2?W mix Swim Zlrtinitius Guilty of being Seniors. Suzninr Ear, Drink and'be Merry l'Let's see, in this issue"- Bookworms. Dance, Ballerinas, Dance. SEK This is one way wc'l1 get to the top." "Hey, leave some for me." "I hope it works." "Let the music begin!" Service League seniority N I4 -'HRK 4 -gk vw 5:5 nw ii G Q4 5 J K W X ,1 ',: M A-77' i' . 4 gift!! - X' ..,,,,, . avg A K .qf,,'.k,5,, . ,.,.,, . NA: W, 4, A ie gre '-l.S::"'Ei55l7iff T 1 ,xl ig,- ,W Ji - M mv Wim -V fr A Nw u ,,, 4 . - , Sf :.J1f.iQWifL: z- ' V ,.,,.,, I IM 'fifzv L fl . V. mx -, , uwgw f e f 2 . 5 A ' ' BBL ' m -,R if 1 in Q X -,Laffy W 3 ,vm ,.. - wg ,W , -v ,f Vw W Q2 if .,,: i f 3? H f 3753 . 'T 3' gsm I 4 x 1 1 K Q a, , 1' 5 xx 7 2 ' 3 ii F X A. . if ,Ag .,. . 4,5 , ,wif we - 0 ' gf' A ,, A i ' 4 , H Ex Q fl m 1 1 - , ,te Vlbb ,,:, nfs . 'kh',, I Q M - -M ? , 148 Jia., Senior Celebrities joan Petrillo ... ,........V .,.,A,,.............. M OJ! Laura Bullard ...... jerry Moriarty Madelyne Brock .,7,.7.,. Gloria Almedina ,,,o Russelle Jones ,.,..... Wilbert Feinberg .... Lorraine Post ..,.. Donald Golbe .,,..,,. Hazel Manderson ...... JoAnn jones ..., . Frances Srergen ..,.er Herbert Butler james Hill joan Magnus Ruth Schwartzberg Willie Mae Drayton Barbara Jenkins ,.... .. Alvin jones ....,,.. Katherine Jones ..t... Gloria Salazar .,...... James Neal .,.,..... Francine Zupruk ..... Eleanor Davis ........ Carol Kissner ......... Madelyne Brock .,,,... Alvin Jones ........ Mac johnson ....... Likely to Succeed Dancing Daughter .,m.,..Dancing Son -...-.,-.-Lady of Farhiou ..-,,..,.,,,-.MuJician , .,...... Girl Athlete omedian .-.---.-.-.Writer ---,..,--.Cla.r: Actor ,.- ,... Clair Actrer: ..... Chatterbox ....,..-.Cla:r Flirt Boy Imep: Girl lnfeps ....Clarr Singer ..,......MoJt Cheerful ,..,-..---.Ca.rano'ua .....-...-..---.Quietert ......,-.-Mort Popular lar: Politician t-.,..-.-.Sweetert Girl larr Brat ..-...--..Clarr Artirt -..--.---.Mixr Senior Senior - ....... .. ...... Best Drerred 57 'Y 1" Q, j Q K rx 9 1 'X N 1: ll 5 l A J J K R I T I F S RY I933 Tennis Boys Basketball Sparta Soccer Handball Track N 'B .I j , Hx Q . . ,Q . S 4 K . . i L 1, 4 Q H 1 gf' X 0 .9 Qi' f 1. 4 N f Y , . Q U Via! an IL X' 'rf if 'h 4' 4- ' -Q x ,.. JEL in x v A jf - Q il 5 1 I g fy wi ...ld A' Q Xin Q iii i E i A 2 Sf' Almlh ' . ' -'Q G Q .. if ' S V: ' Q. a ll gn' 'E .V ixlgf if "6 if P' ' . ' WY ' H . x v, H, ug ' -." N 'grim 6? A ,f x A tk 5 ki I f ,f . . A BYU ' R A. f 2 1. . , ,. N siafingy 1 ww? 1 1 X Y ' f ' m 52 It My F W MA L sg "M M 2' Q H s ijt! 6' T . :lf 43: ' ll an 5: Y I E 3 0 L Enema GRADUATION by Joyce Wilson On this, our graduation day, The heavens are in our eyes, The universe is in our pockets, Covered with brittled cellophane, just waiting to be opened We have tasted the flavor of knowledge, Now it is up to us to digest our education. We must be humble young men and women Of whom our school and nation can be proud. We must realize too, that this is the beginning of a life That will have a hundred beginnings, And but one ending. So, on this, our graduation day, We look back and think of our former schooldays, And then our eyes are caught by the Future. We glance fleetingly at the Past We fly with wings on our heels To the world each of us dreams is ahead . . . THE YOUTH by Joyce Wilson I am but a child- A slave of my teachers and parents, A slave of cokes, allowance and television. I am but a victim of my current romance, A sleepy head on Sunday morning, A stay-out on Saturday night- So say my critics. But I really am: A human being alive with color, with love, with awareness I have interest in politics, a religious belief and a scientific viewpoint. I am striving for a future. On my way I find obstacle, mockery, But I find too, laughter, glee and happiness. Mine is not mere existence But rather a technicolored adventure done in somber purples and laughing pinks and yellows Wrapped within the protecting cellophane of youth . . 42 chuul 1 F 4 aw A A P h X Zlrumtnw V' K ffm " 3 iw if af 6 K? La. X li ay. A Q M' 4 .iz 4 1 Q f SAE Him .gmf wr 4 ,47 ,..,..,-p-nbc 8 X M.O. OFFICERS Left zo right: Leona Berkowitz, Secreraryg Norman Silversmith, Presidentg Carmen Arzola, Vice-Presidentg Sheldon Lasher, Treasurer. M.O. STORE Sylvia Mintz, Advirer M.O. OFFICE Grace Levinson, Adzfixer HH. G9. Artiuitiva THE LEADERSHIP CLASS Our Leadership class is known throughout the city as one of the finest examples of democracy at work in the High Schools. Parliamentary procedure and ordinary common sense on the part of this group have kept our school activities on the highest level possible. Along with the Student Council, the appropriations for every school activity, including the Senior Dance, have been their major project. We salute our future leaders and American citizens of the Leadership Class. Stanley Voyiaziakis THE STUDENT COURT Although we had no justice of the peace at Morris, we were provided with a Student Court. Interviews, with successful guidance, were completed with each and every tardy student who had traffic difficulties or who could not find his seat on time. We appreciated guidance from our fellow students and almost all agree to its value. Stanley Voyiaziakis :N ll 45 am -iw-1t..f,-wi-ff raw:w.f,z:w::w,w,fif"sew:-fi,yaizzefwfgzr-nf' 'rf - 1. ati:-W, ,. .ifwifa-f V- . . Left to right: lst ROWg Melvin Elish, Paul Kimbar, Manuel Mathews, Sherman Gans, Stanley Voyiaziakis, jerry Sheinkopf, Wfalrer Schwartz. 2nd ROWg Joyce Jessamy, Norma Frucht, joan Petrillo, Norman Silversmith, Roslyn Leibowitz, Barbara Capria Russelle Jones. 3rd ROWg Rhoda Ascher, Sandra Pollack, Lois Levine, Nina Seco Pearl Rofoff, Elaine Kramer, Doris Feinberg, Norma Cohen, Doris Ringler, Dr. H. Hart x I "A problem which requiref much tl10uglvt."' "Hail, S eniorf! " Arima , 4 if , ,f f f f Wgm,F,1yf,.,f-,..:-,.,.f.a,, .Wi--2 K , F5 Left 10 right: lsr ROWQ Barbara Cntrone, Pearl Rogoff, Linda Glassoff, Roslyn Leibowitz, Gloria Williaiiis, joyce Wilscmn, Leona Berkowitz. 2nd ROWg Russelle jones, Sonia Ranios, Leah Urdegar, Mr. Eugene Amerrano, Kent Preston. Stanley Voyiaziakis, Gloria Salazar. 5rd ROWQ Helen Daughtrey, Nina Seco, Arnold Finklestein, Lorraine Post, Gilda Cohen. Lenore Purisch, Norman Silversmith, Lolita Colson, Regina Lynch. 4th ROWQ Lerrrey Lowery, Cynthia Spiclcler. Dolores Parnes, Rhoda Ascher, Ruth Lewin, Cora Pollard, Barbara Kramer. Swruirv Erugnr Meeting of the board. A bumorom idea! "One, two, one, two" ll V Q11 This sure is a tough problem." Balancing the budget. 4. . Rescue Squad Knights of the shop table "The old master painters." ugal uhjttts It's easy when you know how. The B15 Stick policy "The Machine Age." lun "What do you think of the world situation?" 'Q Q' Q' Construction ahead. "Speed demons." Burma - BLAZE OF SINS - Thundering! Thundering! The fiery skies are a-thundering, Alighting the earth with lightning, Descending a tremor of terror. The population asleeping Knows not of the fiery terror, Descending from heaven's domain. 'Tis God relating His anger, For someone on earth has blundered. Should humanity repent, Our God may relieve his anger. As long as humanity sins, The fiery skies will be thundering, Releasing their blaze of terror. The population asleeping, Knows not of the fiery terror, Descending from heaven's domain. Thundering'. Thundering! The fiery skies are a-thundering, Alighting the earth with lightning. A SONG OF TOMORROW Maiden of enchantment, Daylight darkens sorrow, USIN NOT i U Imbedded in marble. D0 not despair, When human souls Let all eyes meet, thine. Depart from earth' , Their lives judge Theres a tomorrow, , , Their resting berth. The wrath of God And the pits of hades, For thee, and for all. Let heaven be as is- Sun rises east, Or realms of heaven Sun at ease, west. And eternal peace. The stars, . . "Sin not . . . humani . The universe and IES wonders ty . For stron is the will Have none against thee. g The eves way out yonder, And the wrath of the Lord Reclaim thee as their own, A star, among stars. 50 'hr lgipvr H FQ I ' 1 gf M-40-.gww NL "PIPER" S .. 4 TAFF E Y EDITORIAL STAFF Mixed Chorus Operetra Workshop Girls Chorus Jazz Workshop Orchestra miivra nf Munir Efnmvr Staff Frances Stergen joan Perrillo Alice Weickerr, Art Adviror Roseanne Houlihan, Adviror Rurh Lewin Shirley Anderson Cynthia Spickler Leah Urdegar Russelle jones Sandra Jacko Gloria Williams Dolores Edwards Lorraine Post Debbie Levy Julia Perez Kathryn jones frlltmier nf the Blight Amid the misty shifting fogs, Straight up the narrow winding path Where darkness and the silence reigned, Preying upon the brave of heart, Stood the walls of our Alma Mater. The day King Arthur, alone and weary, Entered our portals as a'knight of honor, Our halls of stone became of marble, The shading light received the brightness, Touchstone of brotherhood. just there and then he spied our Yankee Coming to welcome our distinguished visitor. His eyes - King Arthur's - wandered Round and about our brightly replenished tower "My eyes have never seen such wonders. 'Tis like a dream within a dream." And then our Yankee quickly replied, "Our house is built on rock formation, For if it stood on weakened ground The rain would wash away prosperity." King Arthur's eyes, amazed with wonders, Turned and said revealinglyg "I'm here to stay and keep you company. My spirit, life will give you Yankee, Thine ghostly dwelling will lead in numbers. The sun will leave, and you in its stead, Will distribute light to your world and mine." And saying this he left amounted, His whitely steed releasing goodness While climbing high into the sky. The misty fogs were there no longer, The sun arose from the horizon. The darkness and silence were gone forever Back to the pits of no return. ' The rays of strength and hopes for the future, Were once again the rulers of our radiant Alma Mater Then high above the lucid universe, A thundering voice displaying authority, Arose and pronounced these words of wisdom, "The sun is bright my son, wise Yankee. Thy tower of might is worthy of it." And this the last of our King Arthur, In form but not in spirit Iirnerio Gonzalez If 54 ,muse-H CONGRATULATIONS TO JOAN MAONUS JOE CARLOS BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS MRS. DODGE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 MRS. ELIZABETH MARKS BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS MISS MARKOWITZ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES Svminr Wnuatera CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. ELLIS ERAZIER MRS- M- SPICKLER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 CONGRATULATIONS REV. AND MRS. WILLIAM ELLISON E. GONZALES NORIE AEEOTTE AN ALUMNUS TRESSIE BALLARD MRS. BROKAW HAROLD BROWN DUVAL CLEANERS MR. AND MRS. FAISON MR. AND MRS. ERIEDMAN AND SON THOMAS ORANOER MRS. ROSEANNE HOULIHAN SANDY JACKO ETTA JACKO IRVING JACKO JOEL JACKO MR. AND MRS. LAMPE AND FAMILY MR. RUBIN MALOEE ERANCESCA RUTH MARKS NORMAN SILVERSMITH SUSAN NANCY SILVERSMITH MR. AND MRS. STEROEN MISS RUTH STEWART MR. AND MRS. SPEILMAN VIOLET TYSON LEAH URDEGAR MRS. RAY URDEGAR MR. AND MRS. CALVIN WILLIAMS WILLIE AND GELEN THE WILSONS zACK'S CANDY STORE Al and Myra Carmen Arzola Shirley Baxter Mr. Herman Blumenthal Hope Benahm Mr. and Mrs. Braithwaite John Capuna Don Calalno Anne Cavelo Mr. and Mrs. L. Cohen Frank, Cohen Florence Carter Andrew Cozart Carlton Davis George Doghramajian Barry Ebbets Eddie Fahey Doris Feinberg Falcons and Alpines Stephen Franzman Irene Friedman Miss Lillian Forrest Rosa Gil Carmen Gonzalez Julio Gonzalez Iris Gorsalves Mrs. H. Green Mrs. Paula Greenfield Miss Avis Hanson Elaine Mae Harris Mr. and Mrs. Haywood Gerald Hedley Joyce Nancy,Hirsch Ida Jacko Al Jones Harriet Kaplan Arlene Klein Walter Kinstler Sheldon Lasher Mrs. Mildred Lee Robert Lee Lee and Mel Murray Levy Debbie Levy James Levy Mr. Leonard Littwin Regina Lynch Mary Mahoney Danny Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Coral Martendale Lyn and Marty 56 Doris Martucci Micky Lewis Mercado Robert Miller Mrs. Freda Moss Hubert Muschette Raoul Nacinovich Vincente Ouivina Mr. Leon Paley Sandy Pollack Daisey Preston Miss Catherine Ryan Sonia Ramos Milton Roth H. Rubinger Irene Rubin Elba Ruiz Renee Salamon Gloria Salazar Stanley Savis Nora Santiago Stuart Schwadron Nina Seco Arthur Seidelman Barbara Slater Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro Elissa Doris Silversmith Boris Stillman Barbara T auss Jacqueline Tunkle Delia Velez Mr. Ethan Waith Miss H. Waldstein Joyce Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Waith Joe Wittenberg Mary Yates Francis Zertucke Alan Zimmerman Sylvia Zimmerman Francine Zupruck Compliments of . . . BRONEN'S MUSIC STORE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 1133 SIMPSON STREET Bronx 59, N. Y. Compliments of . . . STATE PRODUCE COMPANY Compliments of . . . THE SERVICE LEAGUE EUGENE AMETRANO, Facully Azlrixeri LEAH URDEGAR, Preridenl KENT PRESTON, Vice-Preridenr EV 7-8234-5-6 Pier and Cake: you enjoy in your cafeteria baked for you by P A R A D I S E BAKING CORPORATION 34 NORMAN AVENUE Brooklyn 22, N.Y. Emouno S Jclwol ol Qu eer IW. 621,725 jg gl ri A SECRETARIA: 1 STENOGRAPH ,mwRH'NG A BOOKKEEPING W r ACCOUNUNG 771' Co Mp1oMET RY ,IEIEIEFIYI1 '5'1'f4 iff 'f"""" " seniors SWlTCl':?Y P E uwireo ro s T E N A ' wsu OUR Registered by Board of Regents -SCHOOL Approved for Veteran Training , MONROE SCIIOUHIF BUSINESS E. l77dl SI. I IOSTON ROAD IIKO CHEST!! TNEAIIE ILDGJ I Dllvron 3-1300-1301-1302 .-- CATALOG CAN REQUEST I-IORTON'S Ice Cream PLEDGE OF QUALITY We pledge that I-Iorron's Ice Cream is of the finest quality, and is made under the most modern conditions. Today, as in all the years since 1851, only the purest in- gredients go into Horron's Ice Cream - real rich cream, sugar, and the finest nuts, fresh fruits and flavors. Everybody Lover Hofton'r Ice Cream P I O N E E R ICE CREAM DIVISION THE BORDEN CO. 205 EAST 24th STREET N. Y. 10, N. Y. 57- BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF JANUARY, 1953 Hped:-1 Studia, Inc. 212 WEST 48th STREET N. Y. 19, N. Y 58 DAyton 9-5094 Compliments of . . . FRANK P. DI AZ Furniture Slorex Caxb or Credit 798 WESTCHESTER AVE. Bronx 55, N. Y. MElrose 5-2166 P R E M I U M FISH MARKET O FOR QUALITY 0 WHOLESALE and RETAIL 3223 THIRD AVE. Bronx 56, N. Y. BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESS From THE PARENTS' ASSOCIATION OF MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL f ----- -A ---- ----- --------- --v I :gift EJUGGMMCQ. . . 1, in design I craftsmanship 'I . I- and quell ty xmas 4' rms ft menus I cunms 1, curs 4: ruouss Iv rnormss It uwnzus ron voun cuss :mes 57x MANUUACVUIING IIWIIEIS Il I I li I S 3 II I II S I IIISTUII ' I7 IIIIIN STRIET, NI' IIIIK I, N. Y. - PROVIDENCE' - -----.-- .... - ---..-J W B. BRADBURY COMPA inc?-5 Yearbook Division 222 East 46th Street, New York 17, N. Y 60 v - ' 23-. . J, Q,Q:,QQ ' Fe, , ,QQQQQQQ ' A , 'f'-V! f ' ' 1 :, ',, V L4 - 4- fs'-'ffm QV, L, V J' 'li' 41.555,-.ffmp -E 31 ,, QE,--':.g' g 1'2f.'ef"' ,X , . ' 1 :I . ' 3 3: 9"-ffm? .,-QA T? :gw wil Q '1QQ,if" 5 -5: ' ' fl J' 1 . ' rY,an.f:"- ' -- f w 1 Tl , . 9 Q. ,- . I , , . ,' I Q Q I 1, ., . . ,- 1.-,,..g4 . A 'QL QQ M A vm QQ. nb-- QQQ5,,Q 9: ugQQ , , ,QQ p.JQ ..Q ,..Q.q- ',Q, 9' 1, ., ' 'Q "-- B' JE' 'ng 1 '-a.. . gg -,:- 1,3 w, f,-7 5, .J -- .uif fi 41: , .. P .- "' "V: '.-41351, .f -Q X 1,'i. ' ' I v 4 li W' V 3 15 fwf' F, 27 F1 A .. 1 MP1-.QQ ,nf " , J-ff. -' 1"5vrI7' 2, ' -1 51.4-'f Q' , 'f.Q1Q1',.1,Q QQ Q tx 55335 4 fig gy: Q 3' 'f',rg5xQ' Q 5' ,-' 4 ' 'jk ' 153541 ' ' Q -f ':'1'?:: Q-, 5 ' T-ixw T221 -'L 1 - ff, Q ,QQ,Yr.Q1-Lrv' Q, - Q V '- Q.: ,I J wa? J, iff 1 ' , YQ cj--'gjgy . ' 11 " 115-.-ArW,f'fifJfi 1. 4- .. f - 4 1r'- 1 : ' ' ' J ff it 'f"'3'x ' I ,Phi .,, Q- -f -' A L 49: , , ,R r -.QjQ'. Q . Q Q3 -ww L2 -' V -1' V y '59 QQ QQ Q Q xi Q , f 1' f Q. 15 s f I , va ' 5 'QSfQ.Q.11QQQQ,,: Q Q . . A 1' . 1, ,V -T ' , - QQ'A- 'Q 1 NWT ' .1 . 4.1 .- W. 14. Q? ,A Q4,Q.,. Q -,QQ YQ , ,QQ.,,Q,g .M QQ 1 W: wi ' ,' , , ,-1:-f ' ,Q--f.Q.,.,f,Q,..v. , A -pg. -,: . f. --.p- wc- 1 -'Pu' N. ' -. -Ui. ,. ,, ,,,.Q:Q Q Q Q, 4 1.1 .1 .. .1-,. .,,,-. ,z.,, - 1 n I 5 s E .2 , - - 'V F - "Mg" A ' 3-"fZ',. 1- ' 'fy gif: Aff? 1 --Q1 I ifg Ni- ,fi if.. ifixg, , 11' , . ' ,- 1"' 'f .. ' "..g2.f. Q '1 f fig ,gig V 1- ,V , f, .l.. . ., ,. , - ,. r- " Ft' 4. 5 ' I ' rx' s gzarff 'M " J, 5 . X ,, ,, ,v . ,g f,,11-1 .1 1., ., - -gjjff, . 21.31',,',J- ,Iv ,551 ' ' . ,g,., If--1 11 -' 'iw .,5 41' ... ,Q-Ap f-ff ,r . , LE -V 43,gg.,,,,-1301.1-23?-L .. f- , , ---,.,:.,,g , - . ,, , , Y. m ay C K 1 Q 124 1. v A -1 an- 1 n ,il .' V A f 4 - , -1,. ,L , . 'Y .A ' '--- , 9gf:"':F:'i, 2.17 A, ' - ,-- -i ---. . ' -- --- 1 V - , A fi H 'fy-M --:Q , - .--r,, ,. 'nfs-Q . f arrxfif-14:-4:11-.,1. 1 1:1 7,43 v ". 1,-L, ww- 'KL - -,:r:i 7fli+imeLf1f,gfE,3,g,g,,.1zs4:Lw+.f.f

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