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Dwfvufgf ,Q www? Mmimf WW Mi wgga? iiiflifw wk? gdffjippvfflfjwf 3 NH 90 U Ex? RWWQEQWMW Qi my T'Qwg'?5f Q6 wi 1 QMQQ7 gif ymii MM 3323 we Qji I' 1, q77zlpe, j ' ,Mya . , gg ,. , .IN .- - Kyiv 52 gi 'fe 'LM 9 3 73 , iv Q l J ,l.,pJ 'J E x, . l wjllilll 5 W f ,fl ln ' I- - Ok? M 2 .s. - f Z' - f 'W' .-4+ 1 N' fi' 4f'4"L"'4wfJ'ff::f:7 i4 ?,7j,v!AA,6 Z , ldccodb ' -4400009 Qjyfwfrffid Mgiffgf f M WWW? W 5 A, My Qffjijzgffw WW ,JM jjwffw W eff gfywy ' X 33, ' - , A' U O5 r W5 ff, W W W Www Y evU hf mf HV 'GJ ' 49,w. 7f'ZJ".1""!,,,3'5"aH46j,' 4 fdkbjjfgilf ,Milf 3135 4 A JWQJA ,P J' WSW W M.,f,.M WAQXQKL 6 08901 K M10 Q6 awww QWLAJ JI, Uffw-'M my Mwff 2' Y MW QQ Wm MMM W WW o mm W7?77fff7fwjjZWfQ fi 6 2 M A f . N l l ff , QE.. JW l QW x if V ' f' 1 1 ' . W WZ, QW, . ,, N. J ,Q Jw' ' - fly 'W Presenting The jwagfa Cf 1942 1 1, Q K e wx' , 3- ,ff V 4' ""s.4r "Hs 'I U55 YQQZ jwag PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OE MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL, MORRIS, MINNESOTA, AND EDITED BY DARYL BOLSTAD, THE EDITOR-IN" CHIEF, AND LOVELLE JOHNSON, THE ASSIST- ANT EDITOR. 1 1 been 5flfli11 cbofiazz 'AJ ff, fn ra! fvjqgffyf x if 5?-1 x mg' We, the writers of the Iwatlsa of ,42, To the person so loyal, so friendly, so true, Do leave this, our book, in sincere dedication, To one that proved helpful and an inspiration. Her guidance, her ability to head the parade, In her own class of work has given us aid. In presenting our edition of the finest of arts, The High School Annual, deep from our hearts. To record the memories that to us were so dear, To remember the fun, the good times we had here. So to you, Miss Solien, our hats off to thee, And truly appreciative we always shall be. Gratefully yours, U65 gerzioz 65151 of Q2 WWSWWW pg ,Q . Mljjw wld? - ii, ii., 4-xv. 'W in, ' ef if 1 xg jk J. 2:5 , Cx-Q' S y X W fx X A ,uf X , xX -K Cx . X 5 xxx 1:2 X X ix wx i " x X -Ac X xy, xx. K, . .- ,ffl st. lily, ' li if it " 1 ,:fv'?5?f-' . . L9:i,6Q-Q-,4::4: q I ' i f f 1. 7 f. 1 'E'-, png w 1 X Olzfalzfs I2 ffia gay September 2-Uhhhhhhh! Our pet fall joys- football, hot dogs, pop and candy. New faces, new teachers, new subjects. Wriggling angle worms, raw onions and what-have-you-all part of initiation. U12 fda imfat Flying hockey pucks, sore shins, snowballs, wax- ed skis and loaded toboggans-ah winter! Sixty seconds to go, the clock ticks on, the crowd cheers and it,s another basket ball victory! Un ffizs Qgfzfzin Budding romances and surprise prom dates, the honking horns and gay laughter of the progres- sive dinner, solemness of baccalaureate and the graduates' finale-"Pomp and Circumstancef' lid and Bill start school with a smile C Football fans to Monte. Bob takes a pot shot at-? Nail 'em Tigers! Taste good? T-E-A-M Hold still for the birdie "Breek Good looks insurance?? Sizz and Cruze agree-it's cold! No-can this be 1942? Action in the Paynesville game. Knit one, purl two. Sweater boys. Drummer boy dressed up. Perplexed pedagogues. A mutual interestl? P P? Witli the wind and the rain in his han The great profile. If I break your camera, donat blame me Smile if it kills you. Sam sands a desk top. Virgil and Slats enjoy the springtime. "l'm having a five, keedsf' says H3115 The usual-john and Cruze. ,Z Mg if If Fall-its IILIFYCSI moons, colors bright frosty nights, Ifall-its 'av voun ' artics, football 5, . . 1, P w games, School agam, Ifall cnmc to MHS. W. R. Pogue D, L. Burrus UQ kgs gfttcfanfi From the Superintendent My first concern is that each one of you while in school will becoine equipped mentally. physically and morally to play a constructive roll as a citizen of your community and your country. From the Principal Our country will be in dire need of trained leaders during the next several years. especially at the critical post-war period. Individually and collectively you are a youth typical of those who will accept this challenge for dependable. efficient leadership, From the Board ot Education In this, your Iwakta, the Board of Education feels that the 1942 staff has done an excellent job of portraying a year of life at Morris High School. and wishes to congratulate all those who contributed to it. It is our hope that the work has been an inspiration to you and you will carry this enthusiasm into the tasks that lie ahead. Standing: Rev, Fred Meske: W. R. Pogttte. Superintendent: J. J. Baer. Treasurer. Sitting: Dr. R. H. Moffatt: Roy Christian. H. H. DeVVall. Clerk: R. O, Bridgford, President tt l t Faculty Friends Around and About In the auditorium Miss Henjum, librarian, Mrs. Perry, English, Spanish, and Miss Solien, social studies, may be seen lending a helping hand to some ner- vous performers on the stage. Miss Gibbs, fine arts, Miss Young, home economics, and Miss Wolfe, commercial, enjoy a glance at the latest "Mademoiselle" Mr. Leraas, biology and instrumental music and Miss Borstad, English and vocal music are earnestly studying a contest score, while surrounded by a maze of lockers enjoying a chat are Mr. Iten, science, mathematics and boys' physical education, Miss McCarthy, girls' physical educationg and Mr. Osterberg, industrial arts. Orville Thompson. Bill Rotramel, Virgil Anderson, Lovelle Johnson. Dick DeWall, Don Gunderson. Dick Torgerson. Norma Isherwood, Ruth Skrien, Elaine Vig, Colleen Manney. Mr. Burrus, Tom Mangen. Helen Olson. Barbara Julius, Jack Brown and Madelyn Bresson. Qur Student Council Carries On Witli one resolve in mind, that of improving student government, the student coun' cil swung into session. The members were elected for the full year. This plan was adopted by the '41 and '42 council and became a part of the revised constitution. Piloting the group was Lovelle johnson, assisted by Bill Rotramel. Orville Thompson computed the interest on the bank account and Virgil Anderson kept the diary. The leading project of the council was vested in the Homecoming celebration, based on the lumberjack theme, "Paul Bunyan." Other projects included the installation of an overshoe rack which proved beneficial to the students, janitors, and appearance of the school. Instructions for fire and air raid drills were outlined and directed by committees from the council. MHS graduates for the last five years would be pleas- ed to see their class pictures, minus the dust from the attic, adorning the walls of the library. Mr. Burrus acted as faculty representative in the student council. --I-a..,,,,,mN With a Zest for Life The Sophomore Qifioers Iresidtnt Ruth Skritn and Vice President Hazel Frederickson sit patiently by while Treasurer Don Dripps and Secretary Dick Bol- stad convince themselves that the petticoats" aren't trying to put gofzgomo 'ws Teeming with energy, bubbling over with en- thusiasm, the Sophomores, the class with orig- inality plus, added their bit to Morris High activities in staging pie sales at four o'clock, the skirt and sweater hop initiating the Conga line, novel skits for pep fests and the "Juve- nile Jesterf' a super stunt night utilizing Sophomore talent. Counter clockwise James McCarroll, Helen Moser. Arlene Jones, Juline Kroening and Wallace Simonson. Shirley Welfare, Mary Margaret Knowles, John Cumming, John Christian and Elaine Vig. J e a n H e n ne ssy, Joan Reiber, Lois Brunsman, Sheldon Torgerson. Dick De- Wall and Dan Wagner. Dick Bogh, Florence Andrusick. Junice qn,,f,,gi Anderson and Eleanor Baer. ff' Mary Lou Eul, Lloyd Johnson. Don Gun- derson and Lester Bakke. Lorraine Podtburg, Virginia Dornquast, Lloyd Rabel, Irving Tedin and Kenneth Madsen. Florence Winter, Beryl Wollenburg, Ar- line Gilbertson, Daniel Faulk. X Georgia Harstad. Florence Ring, Dorothy X 5 kim Linstad and Colleen Manney. ' W ,ap KY Y Cur School At Play Uur high steppers Hun-Bun and Colleen tlohnnie and Sizz look like they can take it. Smile "purdy" Mugs. Music maestro Leraas. How do they look to you, Dan? Leraas watches "Smiley" put it away. Day dreams is lovely, ain't they, Barb? "Zuke" Iten . . . if you please. Remember the Parkinson Trio? "Wrong-way', Osterberg. Bet we know who isn't far away, Virgil! Jean and Lois talk "it" over. Some fun-as Trudie and Helen. Barb, Eileen, and Donna enjoying their freedom. Rody and Tom "Putz" around. Me and Veronica Lake. Shirley, Ed, and Gibby. Mary Lou, smiling as usual. Glamour girl Ruth. "What,s cookin'?" Dorothy. Tell us so we can laugh too, Mr. Pogue. Peek-a-boo girls. "Always a lady" Gladys. That's getting up there, Bill. Don't be scared Joan. Madelyn, Barb, and Mary Lou. Bob shoots over Bob's head. Sheldon and Glen Thedin. Colleen, Miss Solien, Delores Gunderson. Miss Henjum, Cruze, Miss Borstad, Aud- rey Ehlen and Lloyd Rabel. A penny for your thoughts, Toar. Our future girls of the business world. liootball "action" in the Glenwood game. Two johns laugh over a good one. tuziou Forty'two strong the juniors worked and played together to make this a great year and to bring them one step closer to the coveted senior berth. All those precious hours spent in practicing to make "Cross My Heartn a finished production-the joys and responsibili- ties of decorating for the prom-and the chore of peddling candy and pop--add up to an o. k. year. r -1.1 f" 4 I I 4. ' I If 1 Kf. f,: f I I J ,X ,ffl -A ld., To Greater Heights 5 The iunior Giiieers Wav' Helen Olson, presidentg jack Watzke, vice presidentg Gordon john- son, treasurerg and Marcella Anderson, secretary-they seem to be sitting down on the job, but in reality they're very much on their toes leading their class toward the goal of all junior classes, a super prom. Bonnie Zahl. Gladys Steen and Kenneth Pederson. Madelyn Bresson, Barbara Julius. Orville Buntje and Jim Ederer. Maclelyn Bressen, Barbara Julius. Orville Thompson. and Mary Lou Moffatt. 'F Fay Proudfoot, Lois Marquardt, Mary Jane . Z Houston and Henry Andrusick. V ' 3 : Julettf- Gilbertson. Don Aanerud. Clayton ' Laager. and Mildred Barrie. Helen Reimer, Lawrence Morrison. James 0 Qi Peterson. Jack Brown and Esther Kroen- we mg. Don Breckenridge. Anna Bakke. Marvel Griffin. Edward Carbert and Dwight Buss. Dorothy Whipple, Curtis Irwin, June Frank and Ruth Darling, . Wigs +s+,,TQ.- -,, 1-...Q PN Standing: Julette Gilbertson, Douglas Swanson, Gordon Johnson 'lylary Lou Moffatt, Jiirl'xEderer. lfarbara, Julius, O1-ville Thompson and Ruth Darling. f wi ,KV 5 h. X, U N , Seated: Fay Proudfoot. Gladys Steen, Madelyn Bressen, Jack Wh, Zlfe and Marcella Anderson. , ' ' ' , 1' ' ff - V 1 - i. v T V W' I ' f A I i V . ,xg Ill !y1lJ2r,'yl, Mi Y, 'I h t , V' x' h if x ' , 1 The Tumors Present f -. W T T ffl f t 1 ' ' I 'iff . 7 ' f 1 4 V T r u ix ll ' X. IP' ' i Ah ' 1 l W ' Cross My Heart ' li! if ,T , wi ,- W A ' gf' il l 1 ' ' T I 1 f - X . N 4 l I r Midst the turmoil of athletics, Thanksgiving prepafations, and what-dot, 'the industrious junior class banded together to donate one more successful block to our dramatic patchwork. A misunderstanding of their respective off-spring made two sets of already perplexed parents probably the most harassed couples in existence. To "show" them, the boy and girl departed on a harmless evening date which was wrongly reported to be a crime escapade . . . well, it was super, anyway and orchids to Mrs. Perry, who was new and made that an asset rather than a drawback. The Tumors Present The Tunior Prem Deep in the unusual and unique reproduction of King Neptune's haven, the Juniors played host to their upperclassmen at the annual banquet and prom. Hepping to the "jive stuff" of Guy de Leo's band, the gang had a memorable night of fun. I 1 MQW J ff fl, 1 f 1 Z n4'fZAf in x , V, , Wa I A f . If f .. Nr' W'ff"f14,'.f 9 T I f "' at Making a rcvcrsc click. , ' fl t if F our Wins and Three Losses fmsff K A Nei Tigers Fair Season yi -I After an amazing beginning of four straight victories the Tiger squad lost its next UlI'f:C games to end with a fair record for the season. The Iten men defeated a strong Benson team 6-0 for their first win which was also a conference game. Next the orange and black defeated teams from Wheaton. Sauk Centre and Appleton. Probably the largest crowd in history ever to watch a high school encounter at Morris was on hand to watch the '4Tigers" go down in defeat very gallantly to a strong team from Glenwood, the eventual West Central Conference Champions. Two other defeats by the Morris Aggies and Monte ended the season for 1941 and high school play for eight seniors, Ed LaFave, Tom Mangan, Bob Wagner, Sandy Sirr, Jack Harris, Captain Bill Rotramel, Frank Snorek and Harry Nelson. Bob Wagner, star halfback of the 1941 team, was named All-Conference while Tom Mangan. Dan Wagner, and Bill Rotramel were named to the second team and Lester Bakke received honorable mention. Jack Watzke. Junior center, was named captain elect of the 1942 squad, Morris - - 6 Benson - - 0 Morris - - 27 Wheaton - - 6 Morris - - 31 Sauk Centre - - 0 Morris - - 19 Appleton - - 0 Morris - - 19 Glenwood - 27 Morris - 7 Aggies - 13 Morris - - 14 Montevideo - - 18 First Row: Ed LaFave, Bill Rotramel, Lester Bakke, Jack Watzke. Dan Wagner, Orville Thompson and Sandy Sirr. Second Row: Jerry Smith, Jack Harris. Harry Nelson. Lloyd Johnson, Tom Man- gan, Bob Wagner and Dick Bolstad, Third Row: Don Dripps. Dick DeWall, Bob Bergherr, John Christian, Coach Iten, Sheldon Torgerson, Fay Proudfoot, John Cumming and Wallace Simonson. iw.-aug MJ 5.1" X' f'4ff fflnij -f,4!u' lv Paul Bunyan Roiqns At Homecoming King "Gausmann reigns. "Smiley', smiles-before the game. Scout Schumann carries traditional "Old Glory." Jack seems happy. Smitty in Seniors' prize winner. John and Francis warm-up. Freshmen with their Blue-Ox. Chuck-one foot in the "cemetery." Truck driver Barb. Bob looks on. Alumni-"Windy," "Charlie,', "Tookie.,' "The Band Played On." Swindal sees all. Ah-Ah-Ah, let's don,t argue about it. George Murray-and the dummies. Down Main street. Star Spangled Banner waves in the breeze. Norma's getting anxious. Curtie looks beyond his nose-or does he? Dick looks happy about the whole thing. Ez fga cgi fl 1029 Spring-its peeping plants, returning birds. romantic words, Spring-its final tests, graduation, and tiicn vacation, Spring came to MHS. 'C' Bill Rotramel, Orville Thompson. Tom Mangan, Ed La Fave, Jack Watzke, Captain Harry Nelson, Bob Wagner Tiger Hardwood Men Cop First Conference Title With an amazing record of eight wins and no losses, the Tiger basketball squad brought to MHS their first West Conference Championship trophy in the history of the school. Coach lten"s squad opened its conference schedule by downing a fast Appleton team, 41-31. Next two victims of the Tigers were Benson, 44-39, and Litchfield in a very thrilling game, 27-24. Then the MHS quintet met the Benson Plowboys again and snowed them under 36-26. Next to fall before the orange and black were the Willniar Cardinals, 39-27, and a tall Sauk Centre five, 51-37. By rallying in the hnal few minutes of the next game the Tigers eeked out a 34-32 decision over Glenwood, the pre-conference favorites. This cinched the title for MHS, but for good measure they dumped Montevideo, the defending champions, 39-19. The whole of the 1941-42 season was the most successful of any Morris High team with a remarkable record of 19 wins against only 2 defeats. MHS 40 Graceville 17 MHS Elbow Lake MHS 46 Campbell 25 MHS Cliokio MHS 41 fi Appleton 31 MHS ifWillmar MHS 44 i1Benson 39 MHS 1'G1enwood MHS 38 Climax 25 MHS iiSauk Centre MHS 27 Litchneltl 24 MHS iM0ntevideo MHS 38 Breckenridge 29 MHS Crosby-Iron. MHS 48 Herman 21 MHS St. Marys MHS 42 Paynesville 17 MHS Breckenridge MHS 36 :Benson 26 MHS Starbuck MHS 50 Wheaton 28 " Conference games. In the Spirit of Christmas Our Sacred Pageant Nativity scenes portrayed as tabloids in a giant picture frame formed the back- ground for the sacred pageant which ushered in the yuletide season at Morris High School. Over a hundred voices blended together to fill the air with beautiful hymns of praise and rejoicing. This impressive and beautiful pageant was under the direction of Miss Gladys Borstad. Harry Nelson and James Peterson read the old, but ever in- spiring Christmas story. Supplementing the choruses in special arrangements of the old carols were the girls, sextet and the boys, double quintet. A medley of Christmas music was played by the concert band as an overture. ,ff iz 3 3 Recording School Activities The lwalcia Staff "An annual every student will want to ownm was the aim ever before the staff as they went to work compil- ing the 1942 lwakta. Selecting, trimming and mounting pictures, recording of school activities and careful editing of copy were only a few of the details which kept the staff busy on Monday nights-often to the melodious strains of Glenn Miller. Pointers on yearbook lay- outs were gleaned by Editor Daryl Bolstad and Assistant Editor Lovelle Johnson at the MHSPA Convention. The staff includes: Activities, An- nette Arnesong Classes, Norma Ish- erwood, Marjorie Frankg Sports, Bill Rotramelg Music, Clythera Cruzeg Photography, Betty Sisson, Bob XY'agner, jack Harrisg Head Typist, -lean Gustavsong Business staff. Dick Torgerson, Bill Chapman, I-ld La- lfave. Everything That ls News In the Tinta Wasota If it's news youlll find it in the "Tinta Wasota." That is always the aim of the staff in making the paper, the official organ of Morris High School, better with each suc- CCSSIVC ISSLIC. Partly for fun and fellowship and partly to learn, fourteen loyal staff members attended the MHSPA at Minneapolis in November. Members of the staff include: Virgil Anderson, editor-in-chief, Bill Ro- tramel, Ed LaFave, and Betty Sisson, associate editors, Mary Lou Moffatt and Ruth Darling, assistant editorsg Dick Torgerson and Daryl Bolstad. editorial staffg Clythera Cruze, An- nette Arneson and Lois Brunsman, feature writers, Marcella Anderson, ,Iune Frank, Tom Mangan, .Ioan Reiber, and -Ieanne Gustavson, re- porters, Barbara Julius, Dorothy Wfhipple, and Norma Isherwood, typistsg Bertha Manslia, copy editor: exchange editor, Marjorie Frank. -fi, at I Z. I 7 . , Q- fviwtv , Mary Lou Moffatt, Lovelle Johnson, Hazel Fredericksen, Annette Arneson, Ruth Darling, Don Gunderson Clythera Cruze, Dorothy Whipple, Betty Sisson, Esther Kroening, Barbara Julius, Virgil Anderson. In Poetry and Prose We Learn, to Interpret To learn how to interpret poetry and prose was the aim of the twelve senior high students taking part in Morris High literary activities. 'The subfdistrict speech contest Was held at Morris this year with four students Win ning superiors in three divisions-Clythera Cruze, in interpretative reading with The Waltz", Don Gunderson in learned oratory with "Pioneer Blood" and Lovelle ohn son and Mary Lou Moffatt in manuscript reading. AAnnette Arneson, Virgil Anderson, Ruth Darling, Barbara Julius, Esther Kroening, Hazel Frederickson and Dorothy Whipple entered in interpretative reading and Betty Sisson in learned oratory. The district contest was held at Breckenridge a week later and Clythera Cruze and Don Gunderson Won the right to enter the regional festival at Wadena. Mrs. Perry and Miss Solien coached the declamation entries this year. . -I ,Ax ',,,,.p. . - g 4 A J 727 f N. lx if 1 '- -.. 13' I Q ,ftew ff 14,4- TVR, In I 'wx Hx YJ f A 1 Mm ,V H Wino I I J "5--Z5 If -K K CS I i, First Row: Frank Snorek, Bill Rotramel, Orville Thompson, Sandy Sirr. Bob Wagner. Curtis Irwin. Tom Mangan and Dan Wagner. Second Row: Ed LaFave, John Cumming, Wallace Simonson, Dick DeWall, John Christ- ian, Dick Bolstad. Don Dripps. Lloyd Johnson. and Harry Nelson. Third Row: Fay Proudfoot, Douglas Swanson. Lester Bakke. Jack Watzke, Jim Ederer, Jack Harris, Dick Torgerson, Jerry Smith and Coach Iten. Qur Sportsmens Club For Boys There's V for victoryg I for Iteng and M for the Monogram Club. It all adds up to spell vim!-the best word to describe the '41-'42 "M" club. "Eight sweaters to buy" seemed to be the major problem placed before the group which was advised by Coaches Iten and Osterberg. This year's "M" club boasted a membership of twenty-six athletes, eight of which will receive sweaters. They are: Frank Snorek, Sandy Sirr, Jack Harris, Ed LaFave, Tom Mangan, Bill Rotramel, Bob Wagiier and I-larry Nelson. The club was led by four seniors: Tommy Mangan, Bill Rotramel, Sandy Sirr, and Ed LaFave acting as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer in that order. -.kx 2 Morris Concert Band Rates High Iractice makes perfect-well nearly perfect, friendly direction of Mr. Leraas the band made ball tournaments, pep fests, and community The marching band was a Welcome sight in and zest with its snappy stepping drum majors and military music. DRUMS Dolores Jacobson Jack Watzke Jack Harris Mary Lou Eul Joan Senske CLARINETS Mary Lou Moffatt Lois Brunsman Carol Julius Esther Skrien Elaine Vig Ruth Skrien Elaine Gausman Betty Yarger Jean Hennessy Jean Stewart Beverly Hubbard Donna Davidson Peggy Edson Mary McKay Bob Watzke Marna LePage Eleanor Baer Esther Kroening CORNETS Dick Torgserson Bill Chapman Dick DeVVall Dan Wagner The Trumpet Trio John Cumming Bill Bakey Charles Blocker Dick Sehlatter BASSES Bill Rotramel Bob Buss Jim Wagner Orland Nystuen TROMBONES Lovelle Johnson Sheldon Torgerson Marilyn Wagner Joan Norby Our hats off to the trumpet trio, Dick Torgerson, Bill Chapman, and Dick De- NY'all, for their super ensemble. Never a noon passed without the strains of "The Three Trumpetersn or the hot licks of the swing yell floating upstairs, indicat- ing that the three were at it again, prac- ticing faithfully ever striving for per fection. functions. 7' f z f tliat's the band's motto. Under the able and splendid showings at the spring festival, basket many of the school celebrations, adding color FLUTES Helen Olson Donna Erdahl Betty Tomlin PICCOLO Louise Behmler Beverly Vig BASS CLARINET Barbara Julius ALTO CLARINET Betty Eine-rson OBOE Lois Marquardt BARITONES John Christian Marian Heine SAXAPHONES Joan Reiber Doiothy Cumming Carol Esser Clythera Cruze Colleen Manney HORNS Marjorie Simonson David Skrien Phyllis Nystuen Teddy Grotjohn Leone Grotjohrf Music ls Fun For ilie Double Quintet Do--Mi-So-Dol A little practice, a little organizing and prestol-the double quintet emerges. ln school and out of school the boys were a popular group whether singing negro spirituals or swinging a popular tune. And ihe Girls' Sexiei Tuning up for an appearance at the llducation XVeek program the girls' sextet warbled a few harmonious strains of "lt's Fun to Live"-and they really meant it. Aid meetings added to the joy of singing. if f La, O I 4 Q 5 v O o 5 JL 0 Cake and coffee at Ladies Dick Bolstad. John Christian. Daryl Bolstad, Sheldon Torg- erson. John Cumming. Dan Wagner. Bill Rotramel. Dick Torgerson and Bill Chapman. Helen Olson. Jean Gustavson. Joan Reiber. Lovelle Johnson. Clythera Cruze and Annette Arneson. A. TOP ROW: Dick Torgerson, Jack Harris, Sheldon Torgerson. Dick DeWall, Daryl Bolstad. Bill Chap- man, John Cumming, Bill Rotramel, Douglas Swanson, Dan Wagner, Donald Gunderson, Dick Bolstad. John Christian. Lloyd Rabel. SECOND ROW: Clythera Cruze. Florence Winter, Barbara Julius, Ruth Darling. Mary Margaret Know- les, Dorothy Welfare, Norma Isherwood, Eleanor Baer. Esther Kroening, Dorothy Whipple, Barbara Krueger, Lois Marquardt. THIRD ROW: Jean Gustavson. Judith Simonson. Harriet Sunquist. Julette Gilbertson, Lois Brunsman, Gladys Steen, Madelyn Bresson, Helen Olson, Annette Arneson, Mary Lou Moffatt, Ruth Skrien. Georgia Harstad. FOURTH ROW: Arlene Gilbertson, Eileen Goyette, Marcella Anderson, Junice Anderson, Elaine Vig, Mary Jane Houston, Lovelle Johnson, Colleen Manney. Mary Lou Eul, Florence Andrusick, Phyllis Ny- stuen. Morris High Students Musioally Speaking For a "change of paceu Morris High Students gather in the band room to make sweet music. As a part of their repertoire and particular favorites are "The Lord ls My Shepherd" and "The Vale of Tuoni." Arrayed in beautiful new maroon gowns with crisp white collars, the mixed chorus made its second major appearance of the year in the spring concert held just before the festival at Glenwood. There are fifty members in the chorus. The schedule of revolving practice periods held twice each week on Tuesdays and Thursday, under the direction of Miss Bor- stad, was an inovation this year. According to this plan no student has to miss par- ticipation in mixed chorus because of conflict in his schedule of classes. 653' 72 LEFT: Standing: Dick Torgerson, Sandy Sirr, Clytliera Ciuze. Daryl Bolstad. Sitting: Lovelle Johnson. Betty Sisson. Annette Arneson. RIGHT: Standing: Marlin Anderson. Ed LaFave. Harry Nelson, Bill Rotramel. Sitting: Tom Mangan, Virgil Anderson, Jack Harris, Bob Wagner, The Seniors Present uEVer Since Eve" Concentrating on the strife and stamina of the younger generation we found the cast of "Ever Since Eve" portraying an energetic high school newspaper staff. As if young love isn't puzzling enough, they throw in a romantic duo between two teachers. All together it was one grand performance and the cast, Miss Solien and the audience had fun. The Cream of the Crop Soholastioally Speaking Top honors in the classroom go to ten seniors, outstanding in music, forensics, dramatics and journalism. The selection, which is based on their scholastic record at the end of the Hrst semes- ter, includes Lovelle Johnson, Virgil Anderson, Dick Torgerson, Annette Arneson, Clythera Cruze, Betty Sisson, Norma Isherwood, Donna Dournquast, Daryl Bolstad and jack Gausman. t, 1 W ,, fi l is 3 i i - 5 sf 4 A .vii . A 4 . ,i - N , g f 4 N , , M 4 , X , , .' ' ia, ,x I 1 'Y i K ' ' ' l .., - 2:7 , "ef , I l v-tg Bill Chapman, treasurer: Dick Torgerson, presidentg Betty Sisson Secretaryg Bill Rotramei, vice president. sat iam At last it's here! I've waited twelve years and now I can hardly believe it's true. Graduation. Isnyt it strange, diary, how different the words sound to me, a senior! When I was a sophomore, diary, the high point in my life was the "Three Ring Cir- cus Partyf' Oh, how hard we worked to make it a success. Things didn't look so bright for us at the start of the junior year with so little money in our treasury and the junior-senior prom staring us in the face-Oh yes, diary-remember the final dress rehearsal when we just couldn't get Aunt Effie's wheel chair over the threshold-and when we forgot our lines in the middle of the first act. And then, dear diary, the trouble and fun we had in transforming the gym into Neptune's Haven. How proud we were when we actually took part in that grand march and it was swell! And then this year-the best of all. Remember, diary, those nights I went up to work on the annual and mother said, "You won't be late, will you?" And I assured her I wouldn't, but there was always so much to be done. Then "Ever Since Eve" and the progressive dinner, the prom, baccalaureate, class night, and graduation-oh, diary, and now it's all over, but we still have our memories and you. Betty 3354. pf Ag ?V ow A-wld ,pr fl!! ff' Q'-' ' 'Nu af' fn-1 as lift ""-.5 il- S-. fur V , I 'Ss J. 'L Yifgi , it its I 'g'I'op Row: .luck Hz11'1'is. Eilvc-n Goyerw. Tom Munuun. Bu1'bu1'u K1'l1fAgi5'1'. SUVHIIKI Row' Xnnvltr- .-Xrnc-.4on. Don H1TQl'1l. Pvugy 'Ymis'u1m..Iu.rk GEILISIIILIIW. :mi Huw: Paxnl Plclwnxxis Hn1'1'1c-t Sllllqllirl. Eci 1.z1Fz1x'e'.CI5'I111-1'a Crnzez Fourtn Roux Donra Jeanne Winter, Bonnie I-Iawkinbon. -W" P' :Rs M1-, 'Qai- JM W, 90111 MU' Top Row: Bill Rotramcl. Lovelle Johnson. Daryl Bolmacl. Betty Scliumuh. 51-Conti Row: Dorothy Welfare. Bob W3gllill'. Judy SllllOllSOll. Dick Torgvrmoii Third Row: Biil Chapman, Betty Sissoh. Harry Nelson. Bertha M3IlSk8. Fourth Row: Joanne Gustavsoh, Phyllis Nystuen. mmm New ,mm ICI! Biff' 1 ' ,mu 'f"' Rtmfnbm 'flit ,luv ! pva fr ' - 255004. . '7 u vi :gang L- " "As rl' li -j.pgn'I"' In-'-vb "' M 1- num s pus, H X 'OW' funny, ""'--V' sw ' was 'C' hi-'d Hlllifl .ut A14 f' Top Row: Russell Jensen. Margy Ross, Leslie Voss. Betty Jacobson. HB6- Swonci Row: Norma lslierwood. Marlin Anderson. Donna Dornguast. Clinton Sinnli. Tliiicl Rom Bill Swincial. Virgil Anderson. Sandy Sirr, Marjoiy Frank, Fourth Row: Kenneth Linstad. Frank Snorek, A I , 5 f . wr , , 5 X , -1 . 1 " Ng , A 1 ' ' r 1 , 1 v L - X s 7 -,L XS si. VL if Q' ' f L' V . A T , , f ff , F, h i ' 4 3 17' , if xy ff' Af"L'3'L!'! 1 , 'A ll, 'E' f X 1 . ,1 ,. , f f-M1.4,, H1 ,L v . 1 I f f fl 1 J Rf Vu-pr .sfrxl ,fffflkj - , . ' I , ,I I I I T ll ,H ' If 1 I1 4 ,.,fl ' W L - 1 X .1 , - - ,I 1 ' . , . , , . , f "1' N 'N ,' I . . A p 1 . , ' 1 , , 'LIB ,L I V ,a n EM AL!!! vu 14, 71 V,, 4, 4 M f'f"""'77 JOEL- A14 1 1 YI il, 'V v' I y 4 X f,I'l' 1' ' l e Y' I T' 'I' V ' N- ' I 55 Nl' - w ff r' J1 X ,- ' -Y .1 ' . ffl 1' xx A X, , ' 5 nl 3" . 'QZO' 1',f,1'l"'. .. . In 1' " K' 1 f ,' , I .4 WM-41' ' V, I '. 'L l"" fl , 1' 1 XV' 11ffl, If 'V ' Il!! . .1-, ,,.f, Q11 1' 'K 7' f ' . --J lf., ' . fans J- 1, .' ' . ,A f. ' ' '41 1 . ff I-47' X ,f- 11, ffw' 1' ,1 IZ- 41 ,vfjjv 1 nfklg ' , 'I 1 , I 4 KfqA.'1"14A 727 1 1 'jr .- A do ' 'ff 'ff I I - ' 1-I-J, ,?, x 'K f 9- ' Q 1 ,' U., s a mb I ' ff .4 .. - ,x ' W' R WWW 143 jg gf ff E? X5 1 gf" ,, ' gg 2 5 ' ff . f 4 ' , 1 wif 5 3 4 N V' X J , .F3?4.nE 5 gf ly - Q W Q ' 'ywflwh , 3 My , ww W J M1 'ff X0 if-l'1f?f7?ViQ MN S X ii bfyf wwf

Suggestions in the Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) collection:

Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 17

1942, pg 17

Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 19

1942, pg 19

Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 29

1942, pg 29

Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 5

1942, pg 5

Morris High School - Iwatka Yearbook (Morris, MN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 8

1942, pg 8

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