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J. +jkg : : » 5 .. V V’ • — ■- — • ■.- • c, T ' ’ ' .♦- V- rf w( . ' : 7 1 ;■’ v- ' y« .« ,£ ' ’ , - ' .: ■¥ ■ %ik m ; - m i-4. H m MM " ■•■ " ' y ' ■ A, w ' t ' ' 7 •« » “ •« J t i {y 7 y . % a 1 ■V „ ' •; : V ' ■ :? - ’ • y- 5 ' -y»V " • . . ••• vi; • i : r ' , r ■ 4 y, v ' ' ' « • - •PC ' ,7 v Vrf •a ■ T ' S. , .. • ' , ;• WW:$£ ’ • S • k J •%‘ ' V « HARVEYAN ’79 " 1 1 " ' " m • ' 4 - ' 1 % P :: MORRIS HARVE Y ? A great benefactor in whose honor the College t has named DEDICATED TO MORRIS HARVEY THE MAN 5 : $ As the college continues to expand and becomes The University of Charleston, the name Morris Harvey will remain an important part of the college. The Morris Harvey College of Arts and Sciences will remain because the college believes that students need a strong Liberal Arts back¬ ground. Morris Harvey kindled the flame of the Barboursville College and as a result the Board of Trustees renamed the college, Morris Harvey Col¬ lege. Morris Harvey believed that " individuals held life as trustees to use it for God’s glory and the good of humanity.” ■■■■■■ THE MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE HARVEY AN ’79 Editor-in-Chief. Assistant Editors. Photographers. Advisor. Taylor Yearbook Representative . Bill O’Donnell Geralyn Maritan CONTENTS HAPPENINGS. PEOPLE. .PAGE 18 SPORTS. .PAGE 44 CANDIDS. .PAGE 84 HONORS. PAGE 104 GREEKS. PAGE 114 FACES . PAGE 138 CLUBS. PAGE 155 3 STUDENT SCENE Jan Hannabass and Elizabeth Henderson Craig Engler and Natalie Henriquez Connie Bono Joe Apicella Gina Olivere gg IMAGES Mike Nunley jumps for joy! Football on the riverbank Dave Reis CONVOCATION I L. John Lambros The faculty processional Governor John D. Rockefeller — addresses the Morris Harvey College students and faculty. Speaker: Dr. Leonard Riggleman. D A N C E i HAPPENINGS! Balloon Races at Morris Harvey The first WV balloon race. The Sternwheel Regatta! Sigma Phi Epsilon have their own booth. UlUi fcr- ■ PEOPLE, THINGS, PLACES A new professor? Joe Lucas, Alex Thomas, Mike Gibbs, and Cindy Lockhart in a huddle. Breeze-Way! The guys in the dorms help a friend. Mike Mason and date having a good time. Steve Bednar and date. Cathy Tarkett, Jay Kreizer, Brian Burke FALL FESTIVAL QUEEN PABLO CRUISE The Pablo Cruise con¬ cert was held Thursday, November 16, in the King Gymnasium. It was plagued by unforeseen problems, confusion, and adverse publicity. Internal prob¬ lems were also detrimental to the concert. Far too many people tried to be experts and nobody really knew what they were doing. This added more confusion to an already confused situation. We were unable to figure the profit or deficit because of inaccurate records of our ticket sales. Following the concert, the concert’s ad hoc committee met to " put the pieces back together.” Pablo Cruise was a totally positive experience for Morris Harvey College. All the negatives taught us a lesson. We learned who we can work with and what we have to work with. The natives are restless! THE LIGHTER SIDE OF MHC ip g Morris Harvey entered its most important year in its 90-year history. Dr. Voss eame aboard and brought a whole new spirit. This new spirit will insure the future of our institution. Our primary goal became aca¬ demic excellence. T expect the best of faculty, and the best of students” Voss stated. " We need to be proud and think of ourselves as number one. We will let people know we are here.” Dr. Lieble tries to sell Dr. Voss a Pablo Cruise ticket. Dr. Plumley keeps Muriel Dressier, Peter Segal, anti Perspectus editors Cathy Tarkett and Sherrie Walker amused. I President and Professor AB, St. Francis College; AM, Marquette University; PhD, University of Wisconsin Kay Chaney Harris Director of College Relations and Assistant Professor of Education AA, Stephens College; BS, MS, University of Missouri E. Norman Jones Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Assistant Professor BS, Univer sity of Tennessee; MEd, West Georgia College 20 Sally Horner Dean of Instruction and Student Life BS, PhD, University of North Carolina James H. Perine Director of Development and Assistant Professor BA, Davis and Elkins College, MS, Cani- sius College 21 Barn Burger Director of Geary Student Union Betty Caldwell Director of Placement and Student Sendees Lcland P. Howard Assistant Dean of the Community College 22 I Paul Susen Assistant Dean of Student Life and Assistant Professor of Psychol¬ ogy; BA, Franklin and Marshall College; MA, Phd, University of Kentucky Richard R. Meckfessel Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Edu¬ cation BS, MA, Washington University Earl Mills Assistant Dean for Continuing Education and Associate Professor of Business BS, MA, Western Michigan University; EdD, Wayne Stale University James Montgomery Director of the Computer Center Bonnie Pirkle Director of Financial Aid Ronald Powell Head Librarian Barbara Yeager Director of the Communications Skills Program and Associate Professor of English James Thornbury College Physician James Wallace June Williams Assistant Registrar Associate Director of Admissions 25 Edgar L. Gray (Died May 25. 1979) Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences Glenn E. Smith Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences m Wm Robert Landolt Chairman of the Division of Professional-Vocational Education THE DOOR T " THE GOAL OF T TE WISDOM ACCORD Associate Professor of History and Social Science BA, Maryville College; MA, PhD, The Ohio State University. Professor of History and Sociology BS, Clarion State College; MA (LS) George Peabody College; AM, University of Penn- svlvania; Graduate Study, University of Pennsylvania; LittD, Beckley College. Associate Professor of Sociology AB, Emory and Henry College; MD, Duke University; Graduate Study, West Virginia University; MA, Marshall University. 28 Joan A. Badger Referenee Librarian and Assistant Professor BA. Slipper) Roek State College. MS. (L5) Drexel Insti- Professor of History AB. MA. Marshall University. PhD University of tute of Technology Pittsburgh . , i» v ■ V : JR ' • ( . I; mt u-A ' g ' : t?u •: ■ ' ■■ ■?- . Professor of Mathematics BS. Marietta College. MA. PhD. West V irginia U niversity 1 Assistant Professor of Music BM. MM. West V irginia U niversitv 29 Assistant Professor of Biology AB, MS, Marshall University; Graduate Study, Vest Virginia University Assistant Professor of Education BA, Morris Harvey College; MA, West Vir ginia University, Graduate Study, Wright State University mi nr iiif: W:,FDWARD Associate Professor of Business Administration and Secretarial Science AS Fairfax Hall Junior College, BS. Marshall University; Morris Harvey College MA, Marshall University; Graduate Study, WV College of Graduate Studies and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Instructor of Health and Physical Education, and Director of Intramurals BS, Morris Harvey College, AM, West Virginia University Instructor of Health and Physical Education BA, Fairmont State College. AM. West Virginia University Associate Professor of Education and Mathematics BA, Morris Harvey College; MA, Columbia University; Graduate Study, Duke University and WVA College of Graduate Studies Associate Professor of Nursing Instructor of Art iploma in Nursing, University of Maryland; BSNE. St. Louis University; . BA, MA, West Virginia University iraduate Study. Wnght State University William Entley Director of Honor? Program and Assistant Professor of Religion and Philoso¬ phy BA. Dartmouth College; PhD. I niversitv of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Natural Sciences BS. Morris Harvey College; MA. Mar- shall L niversity Instructor of Health and Physical Education and Assistant Athletic Director BS. Hampden Sydney College Assistant Professor of Sociology BA. MS. Marshall L niversity; 1A. PhD. L niversity of South¬ ern Mississippi 32 Associate Professor of Speech JAB. Morris Harvey College, MFA Ohio University: Graduate jStudy, University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Business Administration BS, Marietta College; MS, Ohio University Associate Professor of Psychology AB, MA, PhD, West Virginia University 33 Eugene Harper Professor of History AB, Wittenberg University, MA, PHD, University of Pittsburgh School Nurse Mrs : Henkel - ' . - Instructor of Music BA, Morris Harvey College; Graduate Studies, Marshall University Associate Professor of Education, Associate Marshal BA, Morris Harvey College, MEd, EdD, University of Virginia Assistant Professor of Art BFA, Pratt Institute; MA, Marshall University Associate Professor of Music BM, American Conservatory of Music; MMus, Northwestern University; Instructor of Physical Education and Director of Athletic Promotions. Graduate Studies, Northwestern University, Indiana University, Stanford University BS, East Tennessee State University 1 I I Professor of Geograph BA. MA, Marshall University: PhD, University of Tennessee Assistant Professor of English BS. West Virginia University: MA, University of Arkansas; Graduate Study, Duke University Instructor of Economics BS. Morris Harvey College; Graduate Study. West Virginia University Professor of Health and Physical Education BS. MS. EdD. West Virginia University Assistant Professor of English AB. Bethany College, MA. est Virginia University. Graduate Study. Auhurn Universitv Associate Professor of Biology BA, BS, Morris Harvey College; MS, Marshall University; Graduate Study, Duke University Associate Professor of Biology BS, Morris Harvey College; MS, West Virginia Univer¬ sity; Graduate Study, West Virginia University Associate Professor of Religion and Grand Marshal AB, Morris Harvey College; MDiv, Duke University; Graduate Study, University of Chicago and Ohio University Professor of Education AB, Morris Harvey College, MA, West Virginia University, EdD, University of Virginia Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education BS, East Tennessee State Col¬ lege; MA, East Tennessee University 37 Associate Professor of Education PhD, The Ohio State University Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education BA, MA, The Ohio State University Professor of Religion and A. J. Humphreys Professor of Religion BA, University of Florida; MDiv, Columbia Theological Seminary; PhD, Drew University, Graduate Study, Columbia University, University of Chicago 1 Professor of Biology AB, MA, Marshall University; Graduate Study. Virginia Polytechnic Institute; PhD, West Virginia University Instructor of Music Professor of English and Director of MHC Publications AB, Marshall University; MEd, Kent State University; MA, Marshall University; PhD, Union College of Ohio Associate Professor of History and Social Science AB, Morris Harvey College; MA, PhD, West Vir¬ ginia University Instructor of Political Science BA, MA, College of William and Mary; Graduate Study, University of Kentucky Instructor of Business and Economics BS, Clarkson College; Graduate Student, West Virginia College ot Graduate Studies Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education BS, Morris Harvey College; MS, West Virginia Uni¬ versity Associate Professor of English AB, Cornell University; MA, PhD, Columbia University; Post Graduate Work, Yale University Instructor of Education BS, Alderson-Broadus College; MA, West Virginia University 41 " Art” between the dorms! The Mighty Eagle! 43 HhmHmH M7 yik? 5s8$ FAR AWAY there in the sunhine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. — Louisa May Alcott BASEBALL msm Back Row Left to Right: Joe Natalie, Kevin Engler, Jeff Antill, Jeff Lakas, Jeff Barnes, Dave Tate, Steve Miller, Dan Teel, Tom Riggan. Ken Samms Front Row Left to Right: Mike Miles, Ernie Dodge, Gino Anania, Craig Engler, Ed Hines, Bob Fisher, Wayne McCoy, Bob Arison m s M M mxvw ■ Playing teams the calibre of South Carolina, Marietta, Marshall, Virginia Tech, and Louisville, the Golden Eagles baseball team had a monu¬ mental challenge during the 1979 season. Fielding a team of eleven lettermen, along with ten newcomers, the Morris Harvey squad gave every team on their spring slate a close game, maintaining the school’s reputation for one of the best baseball programs around. Balance, depth, team speed, and team hitting were all featured on the Golden Eagle roster, along with a pitching corps that boasted of experi¬ ence and a desire to win. And win or lose, this year’s Golden Eagle team made their presence known. ++■ ?+ ... ■ - . ‘ jrfr- ■; ' " yv. - 4 1 ■ Steve Miller at bat. • • •• •• ISIS ; Ken Samms (Left) and Tom Riggan ■ ' " ■ ; ' - BK iSHs v WStStm ft , f V ' i • ■%- ■y%£ ' is!3?s Jeff Lakas Wayne McCoy (left) and Steve Miller Ken Samms ' v:- : Left to Right: Ernie Dodge, Ed Himes, Bob Fisher. s; m -r ,, ■ f. ■ V : ' . C , - ' ► kfl WmSM imiti? si Geno Anania VST ■ ' | : • • -.r MEN’S CREW TEAM Left to Right: Annette Williams, Jay Swearingen, Roger Barron, Don Burton, Dennis Hoehstetler, Steve Wojcicki, Rob Corrie. Evan Smith, Poncho Morales. Absent: Ken Plumb. The men’s cres team opened its 1979 season with a spanking new Shoenbrod, fiberglass, eight-man shell that was dubbed " Mr. Charli " and was counted on to lead the team throughout its spring schedule, Mr. Charlie did well. The MH oarsmen defeated West Virginia University and the University of Virginia in dual races, and won their own Governor’s Cup Regatta for the third consecutive year. 51 m JSfe , : ■ § : ■ m , m I’; m ■J ■ ' .•» ■ % . -M -v . » £jff§S ■ 52 - - • Front Row: Sue Scollard, Kathy Nabers, Diane Schaefer, Beth McGraw. { Back Row: Coach Paul Miller, Lauren McStay, Terry Barrett, Georgeann Francke, Debi Ball, Molly McGrone. For the first time in three years, a women’s crew team was active on Morris Harvey’s campus this year. The nine-woman team was coached by MHC 1978 graduate, Paul Miller, with the watchful eye of men’s crew coach Jim Buckalew, The women " stuck it out” through the rigorous training, various fund raising events, entry fees and traveling costs to place well in their first meet in Tennessee. They showed their critics that women’s crew is here to stay! ' The Women s Crew working after hours: 7 ■ - . " SI : . - ? ' } ;sl , - y , % 7 ■ piimit iiiillii V’ 54 ,fmi ' ■ Beth McGraw The Women ' s Crew on a fund raising drive Bud’s Beauties out on the water Diane Schaefer ' If!i mm 55 CROSS COUNTRY Left to Right: Coach Carlson, Mark Haberek, Toma Donahue. Kenny Rucker, Joe Weiskircher. The 1978 cross country team at Morris Harvey will not be remembered for the number oi races they won, nor for their finish in the WVIAC championship meet, but they will be remem¬ bered. When Morris Harvey College becomes the University of Charleston, the cross country pro¬ gram will be eliminated from the Fall sports slate. This year’s team, comprised of five young men, and their coach, John Carlson, will be remembered as the last cross country team at the school. Along the way, they earned a great deal of respect throughout the conference, finishing eighth in the conference at their last meet in November. Brad Cress and The Deltz Zela Gang! » WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Row 1: Pat Smith, Melinda Lueas, Sue Goldoamp, Kathie Penczak, Sherrie Hunt, Nadine Smoot. Row 2: Coach Bud Frances, Donna Daus, Tammy Jackson, Karen Hays, Linda Deibel, Cathy Burk. Vicki Hunt, Kim Hess, Joyce Webb. The Morris Harvey women’s basketball team. West Virginia’s first college women’s basketball to play in a national tournament, ended their season in tie for seventh place in the 16-team AIAW (Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women) National Women’s Small College basketball tournament. At the Nationals, Morris Harvey opened with a line-up of Burk, Godeamp, Hess, Penczak, and Mays against a height- advantaged Southeastern Louisiana team. MHC won 84-81 as Penczak led with 26 points. Hess added 17, Mays 15. The Golden Eagles fell behind by as many as 13 points before cutting the deficit to seven at half-time. Niagara University, who was Morris Harvey’s opponent in the second round, defeated the Golden Eagles 73-78, ending Morris Harvey’s hopes for a National title. About 1,000 fans attended the Nationals including many Morris Harvey fans whom Coach Bud Francis noted, " made more noise than the rest of the crowd!” Sue Goldeamp leaps into action. 59 um msm mm m si . . : sill . Joyce Webb is on the defense. Karen Mays Nadine Smoot works from the side! [j - : " i .. K - . ■• - ' • ■. vS| ' Cathy Burk , ’ sail™ ' i « mm f s ' mmm MEN’S BASKETBALL Row 1: George Richardson, Tom Osborn, Mike Gibbs, Joe Lucas, Emil Boatwright, Buddy Vaiinsky. Row 2: Kalvin Washington, Rich Semeta, Antony Young, Rocky McFadden. Rob Neal, Bob Wehrmeyer. The Morris Harvey College men’s basketball team made their way into the championship game of the WVIAC Tournament before the Cinder¬ ella team of the tournament. Concord captured the crown. Concord defeated Morris Harvey 64-52. However, in the first round of play, the Golden Eagles defeated Wheeling 79-67. Emil Boatwright led the way with 20 points. A total team effort defeated Alderson-Broaddus 90-80. Rocky McFadden made five blocks and snared eight rebounds. Morris Harvey defeated the conference champs, West Virginia Wesleyan, 71-70 in the semi-final game to gain passage to the finals. The Eagles succeeded in every clutch situation coming down the stretch to upset the Bobcats. In the championship game Morris Harvey and Concord stayed even throughout the first half and Morris Harvey led 27-25 at half-time. Concord took command midway through the second half and thereafter kept control of the game. The Golden Eagles finished the season 14-17; Boat¬ wright was the final high scorer with 15, senior Wehrmeyer had 11. Golden Eagles Rich Semeta, Emil Boatwright, and Bob Wehrmeyer were named to the 1979 WVIAC All-Tournament team. Rich Semeta goes up for two! — : 111 Joe Lucas Mike Gibbs, Emil Boatwright, Joe Lucas lafli Anthony Young : ' Joe Lucas in the air! George Richardson 65 VU SOCCER Bottom, L. to R.: Craig Engier, Mike Wilson, Jeff Weinberg, Paul Arcell, Kevin Kane. Mark Wallis. Top, L. to R.: Coach Noziea, Paul MacNamarra, Rick Berry, Mike Emley, Kevin Engier, John Scharff, Paul Turner. Rick Atkinson, Bill Bradbury. With their best start in ten years, the 1978 Morris Harvey soccer squad seemed well on their wav to a post-season playoff berth. It was not to be, however, as the Golden Eagles were forced to forfeit two of those wins due to the participation of an ineligible player. Low on morale and manpower through the remainder of the season, head coach Tom Nozica’s charges struggled through a long 2-8 campaign. When all was said and done, though, there were many bright spots highlighted in this edition of MH soccer, including a first team all¬ conference selection for junior Benson Seisay, and all-conference recognition for seniors Mike Wilson and Paul Arcell. 67 ■I i mmmm Craig Engler leads in victory! . ■ ■ • Kevin Kane • 1 ■ V i mm If mm VP •%, G John Scharff 68 i ’ • « v ■ . I ' , XV4 Kevin Engier under the scoreboard Coach Nozica m % • " ■ i « m ,«fW x Barbara Mincieli Standing Left to Right: Robin Machin, Ruta Yonalumas, Kim Hess, Mary Quigley, Sue Bailey, Joyce Webb, Coach Bud Francis. Sitting Left to Right: Marianne Jensen, Sherri Hunt, Sue Goldcamp, Pat Smith, Roxanne Shippianni, Barbara Mincieli. 1 " We’ve got a proven winner here,” noted head coach Bud Francis on his women ' s softball program, " our players are competitors and they believe in hard work.” And again in 1979, the MH women softballers showed that they were, indeed, winners. The Golden Eagle squad returned ten lettermen to the MH diamond, and despite facing teams like West Virginia University, Eastern Kentucky University, Ohio University, put together another banner season. WOMEN’S SOFTBALL TEAM ... Left to Right: Sherri Hunt, Pat Smith, Kim Hess, Sue Goldcamp. Marianne Jensen am ■ S; -. , ' MEN’S TENNIS The nettens entered their season with much optimism, but the extremely difficult schedule that they faced dashed their hopes for a winning season. The tennis team took on such powerhouses as Vir¬ ginia Tech, Morehead, Xavier, Ohio Wesleyan, West Virginia Uni¬ versity, and Marshall. In the WVIAC, however, MH was very competitive. The netters started off the conference slate with wins over Davis and Elkins, Ald- erson-Broaddus, and West Virginia State. Experience on the MH courts this season came from Dave Albright, 2nd singles, Karry Harmon, 4th singles. Jack Berry, 5th singles, and Tony Hughes, 6th singles. Two freshmen played key roles for the Golden Eagle effort; Dave Wenzel, 1st singles and Del Beard, 3rd singles. S.. • ' ■ s S. TrfTT . f rr ■ Vs ' V ' A r f ' A VMRK . Dave Albright » 4 W - " " ' SS30T. ii f. V i t. mmmm Jack Berry A % x, . S ' A ' ,, i ' a—Will ini i mil m Del Beard Dave Wenzel J fk Bern . 1 : «% WOMEN’S TENNIS Left Ui Right: Sue Wiseman, Stacy Larson, Lisa Payne, Tammy Jackson, Alexana Thomas, Lissa Bales, Lynn Fish, Susan McFarland. The Morris Harvey women’s tennis team, short-handed much of the season in terms of both manpower and experience, managed to put together a 3-8-1 overall record in 1978. Listing five freshmen on a roster of seven, the Golden Eagles played well when they had to, finishing a close fourth in the conference championship tournament at the end of the season. Head coach Rosie Monroe, in her last season at the MH helm, found a freshman sensation in Lisa Payne, a Nitro, W. Va. native who breezed through opponents on her way to the WVIAA championship at the number two singles position. 75 WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL Bottom, L. to R.. Ellen Gomer, Pam Wiser, Tammy Galt, Mary Campbell, Chery l Fowler, Gina White, Top, L. to R.: Abby Hall, Cathy Ladany, Karen Mays. Kim Smith, Brenda Stevens, Ruth Yonaiunas, Shelley Cowley, Susan Roper, Coach Emma Jean Thomas. The 1978 Golden Eagle women’s volleyball team has the distinction of being the most successful Fall sports squad of the year. Under the careful guidance of head coach Emma Jean Thomas the team posted 24 wins while losing only 9 games, finishing with runner-up honors at the conference championships. Touting a talented team of fifteen, the MH squad quickly earned a reputation around the league as " the team to beat” and proved that to be the ease, drubbing numerous foes with their beautiful sets and deadly slams. The team ' s lone senior, Kim Smith, added the veteran leadership that made the squad what it was. Marikay Campbell . Cheryl Fowlie )Ci v. First Row: Tim McCoy, Bob Olson, Kal Foust, John Andary, Dave. Second Row: Sam Witt, Gerard Clyne, Bill Carney, Bill Drake, Guy Third Row: Coach Greg Olson, Joaquin Campbell, Bob Oyler, Davt To add insult to injury, so-to-speak, the Morris Harvey swimmers had to cancel their final home meet ever for the blizzard that snowed them in. The meet against Bethany College would have marked the end of ten years of swimming at the college. The program is being phased out. The biggest disappointment that Coach Olson faced was the decision to drop the swimming program. As a team they will not swim in any meets for the next three years. However, they will be able to swim in invitational meets of AAU meets to qualify for national meets. The highlight of Coach Olson’s years at MHC are Bob Oyler being named an All-American; also every year one of the swim team qualifies for the nationals. iii Lt ' fl t t Right: Joaquin Campbell, Tim McCoy, Bill Drake, Bob Olson. Bob Oyler mm. mm. a i Coach Greg Olson ' y, y % III mam f o ' K ' - icki. Ja Swearingen. Evan Smith ‘ - - p£ ' ■ i ■ — m $Wr‘ «r . ■■■mm? is rd) rais MHC IN ACTION Sue Wiseman, Laurie McGraw, and Jeff Friedman relax Loyal Supporters ' Linda Deilile and Sue Goldcamp yriHK ' A jHi 1 l WipS5M| m -c Wi-i «?• WK C v fiBf Coach Nozica, John Scharff, Jeff Weinberg, Kevin Engler, and Paul Arcell. Suzi Elliot Cathy Tarkett 86 iiKftoMrti - The Pinball Wizard Tom Riggan Mathew Cummings Lazy day by the river Gina Palgula and Barbara Minrieli 87 WOMEN OF MORRIS HARVEY 90 . ; v ■ 3 ; ■: •• 33 .3 ?33 s ' ' 33 . •f wmm I mam Bisaastsi! «p« MORRIS HARVEY ■■■■■■■I Jay Swearingen - —I TKE PLAYMATE 1979 Small 97 10th APPALACHIAN FESTIVAL Jack Palance was the recipient of the 1979 Gold Medallion. Mr. Palance is a well-known film and television star. His most recent achievements include his portrayal of Dracula for the television spe¬ cial and his role as Devil Anse Hatfield. Grandpa Jones is best known for his comic and musical talents on the nationally syndicated program ”Hee Haw.” He is an accomplished musician and has devoted nearly half a century to the serious study of folk music and folk instruments. The Appalachian Festival has attracted recipients of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Emmy. 1979 marked the 10th Anniversary Year of the Appalachian Fes¬ tival. Festival Director and Founder, Dr. William Plumley, says: " This anniversary event is as exciting as any of the luminary events that we have produced here. Each year is like a ' homecoming’ for many of the participants who return. " There have been literally hundreds of participants since the first Festival was delivered in February 1970, but some internationally known figures have been Will Geer, Marjoe Gortner, Pearl S. Buck, Gloria Steinem, Patricia Neal, Richard Thomas, Earl Hamner, and Kevin Tighe. This year’s guests included Davis Grubb, author of Night of the Hunter, Clyde Ware, author of the movie " Hatfi eld and McCoys " , actor Jack Palance, television star Grandpa Jones, and Mary Lee Settle, recipient of the National Book Award. The well-known Putnam County Pickers appeared before a packed auditorium consisting mostly of students from Kanawha and Putnam County schools. Throughout the Festival, there was a Craft Show featuring rare books, apple dolls, dulcimers, crocheted caps and scarves, paint¬ ings, and other creative Appalachian handicrafts. Bob Wehrmeyer (left) and Greg McCollam help out at the festival. 98 Muriel Miller Dressier and Rusty Wells of the Putnam County Pickers John Knowles, author of A Separate Peace , participated in a panel discussion read their poetry, interspersed with the music of Wells. following the screening of the film version. The Putnam County Pickers performed songs from their album, " It’s About Time.” The songs included " Vegetable Garden Blues” (also known as " I Love My Tomato”) and " Love You’ve Been Hiding.” • . Jack Palance is presented with the 1979 Gold Medallion Award Christian Panoply, published in 1797, was the first book published in West Virginia. Left to Right: Dr. William Plumley, Festival Coordinator, Barbara Kopple, author of the film " Harlan County, USA” and Clydi Ware, major television writer. Throughout the Festival, there was a Craft Show in the Ballroom each day. It featured rare books, dul¬ cimers, paintings, crocheted caps and scarves, pup¬ pets, jewelry, appledolls (as seen at right) and other creative Appalachian handicrafts. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR ' Jesus Christ Superstar " was presented at Morris Harvey on April 13 and 14. The show was a mixture of extravaganza of sight and sound. Superstar ' performers were greeted by a capacity crowd on opening night and the stage was set for a musical depiction of the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Choreographer Newton Cole can be given credit for making the show worthwhile. The time and effort invested by the dancers in the production was clearly in evidence. The orchestra, directed by Jack Pierce and assistant Greg Pakstis, was excellent through¬ out the show. All of the pieces were so well performed that one may have thought the original score was being played. Acting and singing were also assets to the show. Jim Wallace, a tenor soloist at St. John s Episcopal Church, even looked like Jesus with beard and white robes. Brian Diller, a guitarist who performs at area nightclubs, was dynamic and convincing as Judas Iscariot. His singing and acting abilities were highlights of the production. Judy Hennen as Mary Magdalene gave an electrifying perform¬ ance and displayed her singing talent in " Everything’s Alright " I Don t Know How to Love Him.” Those who missed " Jesus Christ Superstar " missed an entertaining evening of song and dance. This production was one of the best Morris Harvey has hosted. Jesus Christ and His followers! The crowd worships Christ enthusiastically! Robert Shreve as Simon the Zealot Jesus of Nazareth with his followers The crowd screams " Crucify Him!” CAST Left to Right: Rod Silver, Bill Kilgore, Lora Graves Judas Iscariot — Brian Diller Apostles — Guy Games, Dave Mahone, John Kay, Larry Lucas, Joe Cornell Jesus — James Wallace Mary Magdalene — Judy Hennen First Priest — Dr. Robert Newman Second Priest — Dave Liniak Third Priest — Mike Callaghan Caiaphas — Dave Reis Annas — John Samms Simon Zealotes — Bob Shreve Pontius Pilate — Andy Pickens Peter — Mike Callaghan King Herod — Greg Pakstis Maid — Lori Smith CHORUS CHOIR Tina Atterbury, Katrin Beard, Cathy Bowles, Suzette Burdette, Linda Chamber, Robin Day, Beth Foulty, Susan McFarland, Deborah McKnight, Shirley Pedley, Elizabeth Rhodes, Teresa Swartz, Margo Stafford, Kim White, Pam Wiser, Ginger Bruce, Renee Summers, Leslie Pushkin, Melanie Person, Evie Victors, Eliza¬ beth Morrison, Tanya Baranowski, Tracy Moore, Cindy Adams, Freda Forsley SOLDIERS Gene Ranson, Andy Mosley, Grove For eman, Esdra Barnslatter, Jackie Augins, Charlie Carlucci, Brian Burke Jack Pierce (Pianist) Musical Director, and orchestra Bark Row Left to Right: Steve Morris, Andy Piekens, John Frail. Middle Row Left to Right: Debbie Woodburn. Clida Rose. Brenda Myers. Front Row Left to Right: Ms. Roselyn Freedman (Advisor), Bonnie Lamb. The West Virginia Gamma Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta was organized on the campus of Morris Harvey College in May, 1956. Membership in Pi Kappa Delta is attained through participation in the forensics program for stu¬ dents active in debate and individual speaking events. Students can become members during their first year and advance through various levels and orders of membership. The highlight of the 1978-79 season was the National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Absent from picture: Kathy Nabors, Ed Burton. PI KAPPA DELTA ALPHA PSI OMEGA Back Row Left to Right: Benny Mills, Nancy Parsons, Jan Brown, Phil Reichert, Carol Shreve, Bonnie McCann. Front Row Left to Right: John Holley, Cathy Gaines, Pat Rudely, Judy Hennen (Advisor) Rayna Hennen. This year, the Morris Harvey Players joined Alpha Psi Omega to become one organization. Alpha Psi Omega promotes interest to the dramatic arts. Two productions are performed each year. The first semester, ’’Jesus Christ Superstar” was performed to a sell-out audience. Alpha Psi Omega prepares its members to work all angles of a production, from acting to holding a can of paint. CHI BETA PHI L. to R.: Ginny Poole, Jean Sealy, Richard Perry, Dr. Paul Susen, Elizabeth Kinder, Dr. Glenn Smith, Jaime Simmons-Scholten, Becky Williams, Mrs. Merewyn Meadors, Tina Trifaro, Lora Graves, Mike Nunley, Belu Agawl, David Slater, Mr. Carl T. Meadors, Mr. Ronald Brandon, Dr. Robert Nunley, Jay Kreizer. The Epsilon Chapter of Chi Beta Phi, a national scientific honorary fraternity, was established at Morris Harvey College in 1923 through the efforts of the late Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell. The members have attained a 3.00 science average with a minimum of 20 science hours, as well as a 3.00 overall average. Epsilon chapter awards an annual scholarship of $100.00 to its outstanding member who has attained the highest honors in the areas of natural sciences and psychology. In the fall the chapter sponsored an Alumni Banquet which was attended by out-of-state as well as in-state alumni. Projects for spring include a speaker program and raising plants in the college greenhouse in cooperation with the Biology Department to raise money to send a delegate of the chapter to the National Convention in Lynchburg, Va. This year the Epsilon delegate will propose the establishment of a national fraternity tree, the first to be planted on the Morris Harvey campus or at the Alpha Chapter campus of Randolph-Macon College at Ashland, Va. Epsilon chapter inducted 21 new members in the 1978-79 year. Absent Members: Betty Young, Becky Reier, Steve Carter, Ed Nesta, Dick Mgdrechian, Jill Jones, Jan Hannabass, Steve Wright, Chuck Smith, Louisa Ponce, Beth Melone, Sharon Hudson, Marion Singleton, Mark Stephens. Spring Initiates: Janie Bailey, John Reynolds, David Albright, Dan Burger. BHu Agarwal says, " I am leaving! Thai ' s it! " Mr. C. T. Meadors Dr. Nunley (Hitchcock) presents mysteries of Men, Microbes, and Newts! Epsilon Chapter ' s proposal for a national fraternity constitutional amendment estab¬ lishing a national fraternity was passed unanimously at the Conference. — CHI BETA PHI Lora Graves and Mike Nunley ’’horse around " ! V:.. , V Pi Gamma Mu is a social science honorary open to anyone with 18 hours in the social sciences. A ff B” average must be attained in these courses. Pi Gamma Mu will be planning tours of historical places and possibly getting guest speakers to talk on various subjects in the social sciences. 109 PI GAMMA MU Front Row, L. to R.: Wendy Moore, Sheila Duncan. Back Row, L. to R.: Edgar Gray Debbie Recknagel, Sherry Walker. — Faculty Advisor, William Bayliss, Joe Natalie. Absent members: KAPPA DELTA PI Front Row, L. to R.: Debbie McNeally, Patty Carptenter, Brenda Harper, Sheila Duncan, Vickie Salmons, Bonita Bowman, Geralyn Maritan, Lynn Thompson, Debbie Merrifield, Terri Smith. Back Row, L. to R.: Debbie Miller, Rebecca Pauley, Nancy Chenowith, Becky Reier, Mark Haberek, Dr. Byron Naum — Faculty Advisor. Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary in the field of teacher education. Kappa Epsilon Chapter was established at Morris Harvey in 1964. The purpose of the society is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards among its members. To qualify for membership students must have completed 64 hours with a 3.00 average and intend to pursue teach¬ ing as a profession. Dracula? John Crudo Terri Barrett At the Hop!! Brian Loe Governor Rockefeller President Voss and wife The Skull!! Debbie McKnight Grandpa Jones ALPHA XI DELTA I J . I I I Front Row, L. to R.: Lori Ferrell, Sherrie Alford, Annette Williams, Susan McFarland, Helena Melton, Merkay Campbell, Debbie Tucker, Linda Facem- ire. Middle Row, L. to R.: Sandy Marple, Terrie Guthrie, Kim Taylor, Debbie Gwinn, Susan Kawash, Kim White, Colette Cramer, Debbie Rhodes, Jessi Bradford. Back Row, L. to R.: Kim Smith, Sue Bailey, Cindy Riffee, Kathy Lee, Kim Showen, Cathy Kawash, Laura Horn, Suzette Burdett, Kim Caven- der, Ellen Gamer, Denise Salamone. . . mm si ■ " i ■ V - Friendship, scholarship, and achievement characterize the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta. The sorority is known for its active participation in campus organization, college athletics, and the community. The sisters perform a variety of philanthropic acts on both a local and national level. A few of the annual activities include a Founder’s Day Luncheon and winter and spring formats. The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta be lieve sorority membership is a set of ideals, and they strive to make these ideals an integral part of their daily lives. Members Not Pictured: Cathy Boweles, Diana Campbell, Kim Hess, Kim Lovejoy, Fern Schochet, Brenda Stevens, Laura Stone. The Alpha Xi ' s wail for their " prince " to call. 117 The Alpha Xi Delta ' s in a ceremonial ritual. Front Row: Susan Scollard, Pam Hilton, Jan Hannabass, Judy Kee, Martha Bailey, Elizabeth Kinder. Row 2: Nikki Lawman, Geralyn Maritan, April Legg, Phyllis Spinks, Tammy Kerby, Jenny Trent, Gail Hurd, Sharon Ferrell. Row 3: Elizabeth Shelton, Beth Malone, Sherry Walker, Tessie Vaught, Valerie Hunter, Stephanie Vaught. Row 4: Susan Elliot, Tina Morshella, Lynn Thompson, Margaret Lovejoy, Debbie Cooper, Kathryn Turner, Sue Zen- sen, Elizabeth Zeeon. .... iiiiigiip Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University in 1902 and came to Morris Harvey in 1962 combining two local sororities. Our aim is to unite our sisters in bonds of lasting love and to develop outstanding characteristics both morally and socially. We are involved in the community along with our alumnae chapter and on campus, being members of the Student Government, choir, dorm council. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, Newman Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Chi Beta Phi, Art Guild, Honors Program, Sigma Tau Delta, Perspectus, and Harveyan. For the past two years Delta Zeta won the Dean’s Scholarship Trophy. We, the sisters of Delta Zeta, feel this poem sums up all of our feeling for each other: Sisters love your good side and live with your bad Want and need you When no one else knows You’re alive. mm igjl DELTA ZETA Geralyn Maritan (left) and Pam (Buck) Hilton April Legg (center). Gail Hurd (right), and Elizabeth Kinder (left). Left to Right: Jo Fletcher and Phyllis Spinks. L nn Thompson and Marsha Bradford The gang’s all here!! 122 Jo Fletcher DZ Power! Janie Bailey (center) Pam Hilton (left) and Geralyn Maritan 123 Clwity, Esteem, Love . . . These are the ideals for which Tau Kappa Epsilon stands. TKE holds the personal worth and character of its members above all else. The Theta-Omega Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Morris Harvey College in 1962. TKE is the only fraternity on campus that sponsors a formal dance for the entire college community. The TKE Playboy Dance has become a tradition at Morris Harvey. Each spring various campus organizations sponsor candidates. Photographs of the candidates are sent to Playboy International, who then chooses a winner. The brothers of TKE are active in all phases of college life and have diverse interests. This is whv the TKE brothers claim " TKE is u nique. " AI.M nt from picture: Kevin Engler. Craig Engler. Brooks Love, Matt Oiler. Steve Wojeieki, John Has- sett. Don Burton. Doug Algozzini, George Schaffer. Rav Singleton, Tim Cook. Dave Mahone Ra row lie. Brad Adkins. 124 mm : TAU KAPPA EPSILON First Row: Dave Reis, Tim Martin. Jay Kreizer, Dan O ' Donnell. Debbie Page. Tony Hodge, Andy Pickens. Leah Williams. Second Row: Lloyd Levy, John Algozzini. Mike Mason, Cindi Lockhart. Paul Underwood, Jan Levy. Rick Barry. Jo Sidenstrieker, Dave Kurtz. Third Row: Don Sunseri. Jack Berry, Tom Rodgers, John Frail, Jennie Lively . The Order of Diana, affectionately called Little Sis ' , had a busy year. Throughout the year, they tried various ways to raise money for the TKE s. They had ice cream sales, bagel sales, and even Easter-grams. They also hold the annual Mr. Mo Harv contest. This year s winner was Joe Lucas with Kevin Engleras first runner-up. Absent from picture: Cher yl Fowlie and Cindy Lockhart. THE ORDER OF DIANA F ront: Jo Sydenstrioker. Loft Side: Jenny Lively, Brenda Myers, Leah Williamson. Bight Side: Debbie Page, Patti Vance, Jan Levy. Andy Pickens Mike Mason TKE Sweethearts! 126 Andy Pickens The illustrious TKE basketball team! ..and say totW opvonert s - .vrt 128 ¥ sail mm 4 Gamma Delta Phi was founded on the Morris Harvey campus on October 11, 1967, by thirteen women sharing the belief that individuals can join together to establish the true meaning of sisterhood while maintaining their individuality. The soror¬ ity has continued to base itself upon this philosophy and, in doing so has proven to be a vital force, both on and off campus. The sisters of Gamma Delta Phi are proud to have made contributions and achievements in the areas of athletics, academ¬ ics, and many other aspects of college life. As the only local sorority at Morris Harvey, Gamma Delta Phi has been able to maintain its uniqueness by stressing indi¬ vidual thought, as well as uniting its members in a strong and very special bond of sisterhood. 129 Front Row, L. to R.: Josephine Canjimi, Maureen Cullen, Betty Binkley. Back Row, L. to R.: Cathy Tarkett, Robin Machin, Jan Levy, Christine Eddy, Sue Small. GAMMA DELTA PHI 130 Left to Right: Betty Binkley, Debi Ball, and Maureen Cullen. Betty Binkley Pluck! Pluck! Pluck-a-chicken!!! Pluck-a-chicken, Pluck-a-chicken!!! 131 i. Left to Right: Chris Eddy, Betty Binkley, Jan Levy, Maureen Cullen. .eft to Right: Maureen Cullen, Barry Burger, Josie Cangemi, Cathy Tarkett, Betty Binkley, Chris iddv. Maureen Cullen Left to Right: Kal Foust, Sue Small, Kevin Engler, Donna Richerdson f m ■ Debi Ball, Sue Small, Lori Hamil Tim McCoy and Betty Binkley Betty Binkley and Jan Levy J ALPHA SIGMA PHI Front Row Left to Right: Eric Fletcher. John Seharff. Jeff Sadow. Back Row Left to Right: Roger Baron. Robert Corey. Charles Carlucci. Jav Swearinger. an The brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi base their ideals on brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, and respeet. They pride themselves on being individuals with character, dignity, scholarship, and a true college spirit. I ;: . . ■■ | I ] . ' ’Sjmi U- ' .gto 133 IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE! Shake it baby, shake it! »T Mjfc tl Mr. MoHarv? Morris Harvey fans come in all sizes. Alumnae Bob Wetesnik (left) and John Jividen observe MHC sports. «ag m % ; . mmm mm mggi ■ The Panhellenic Association’s purposes are to maintain on a high plane sorority life and inter-sorority relations within the college; to further fine intellectual accomplishments and sound scholarship; to be a forum for the discussion of all the ques¬ tions of interest in the college and sorority world; and to compile rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiations on the campus. It is an organization which binds the sororities on campus together, providing a means for them to contribute to the campus and the community as a unit. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Front Row, L. to R. Sue Bailey, Sue Small, Sherry Walker. Back Row, L. to R.: Kim Smith, Brenda Stevens, Josie Cangemie, Christine Eddy, Jan Levy, Kathy Kawash, Elizabeth Henderson, Judy Kee. Paul C. Arcell Speech Major Hartford, Conn. Jack Berry Sociology Major Turtle Creek, W.V. Peter Ashar Management and Marketing Nigeria Jon Block Physical Education Pt. Pleasant, N.J. Gillian Bohlinger Education West Babylon, N.Y. Tina Atterbury Education Corona Queens, N.Y. Bonita Bowman Art Major Looneyville, W.V. Michael Boxley Art Major Dunbar, W.V. Marsha Bradford Art Education Rock Creek, W.V. SENIORS Phyllis Bradford Secretarial Science Rock Creek, W.V. ’79 if si Brian P. Burke Banking and Finance West Hempstead, N.Y. Susan Britton Education Charleston, W.V. Janice Brown Sociology Major Charleston, W.V. Wendy Bryant Sociology Major Dry Branch, W.V. Linda Chambers Art Major Lewisburg, W.V. Kathy Chapman Medical Lab Technician Leet, W.V. John Crudo Marketing and Management Bardonia, N.Y. Diana J. Brown Education Craigsville, W.V. Diana Campbell Secretarial Science St. Albans, W.V. Jeffrey Cope Business Administration Ravenswood, W.V. SENIORS Debra Daniels Medical Lab Technician Logan, W.V. Ernest DeHaas Business Administration West Hartford, Conn. Sheila Duncan French Major Ripley, W.V. Lillian Durgan Sociology Major Berkley, W.V. Rita Green Accounting Charleston, W.V. Eric Fletcher Computer Science Parkersburg, W.V. Lora Graves Biology Major Charleston, W.V. Mark Haberek Education Warren, Mich. Sheryl Hall Nursing Ligonier, P.A. SENIORS Janette Hannabass Biology Major Nitro, W.V. Brenda Harper Education Charleston, W.V. Elizabeth Henderson Education Jacksonville Fla. Pamela Hilton Education Ravenswood, W.V. Laura Horn Radiology Laurel, Del. Heidi Hovorka Geography Charleston, W.V. Tony Hughes Radiology Oceana, W.V. Gail Hurd Biology Major Sylvester, W.V. Stan Jenkins English Education Charleston, W.V. Kevin Kane Business Administration Freehold, N.J. SENIORS Melisa Keeney Nursing Dawes, W.V. 14 2l Olivia Klee Radiology Toms River, N.J. Ursila Koba Business Administration Randolph, N.J. Beverly Lafferty Medical Lab Technology Fayetteville, W.V. Nikkola Lawman Management and Marketing Charleston, W.V. Michael Layne Business Administration South Charleston, W.V. Jennifer Lively Medical Lab Technology Oak Hill, W.V. Kim Lovejoy Education Hamlin, W.V. SENIORS Rick Meadows Education Belle, W.V. Nancey Moore Political Science Charleston, W.V. Beth Malone Radiology Washington, Pa. ’79 Philip Morabitc Marketing and Management Rochester, N.Y. Amelia Morgan Psychology Charleston, W.V. Sheila Nicoll Radiology Westhury, N.Y. Gina Olivere Medical Lab Technician Wilmington, Del. Jenny Philips Business Administration Marmet, W.V. ’79 Louisa Ponce Medical Lab Technician Charleston, W.V. Vicky Rader Medical Technology Pliny, W.V. Edward Nesta Mathematics Rochester, N.Y Nancy Parsons Communications Arts Mullens, W.V. Deborah Pritt Business Administration Charleston, W.V. SENIORS Deborah Recknagel Art Major St. Albans, W.V. Phyllis Rowe Secretarial Science Charleston, W.V. Jeff Sadow Management and Marketing Marlboro, N.J. Benson Sesay Biology Major Sierra Leone, W. Africa Fern Schochet Education Fair Lawn, N.J. Jaime Simmons-Scholter Psychology Charleston, W.V. George Shaffer Management and Marketing Oak Hill, W.V. Michelle Shirkey Biology Madison, W.V. Raymond Singleton Music Education Summersville, W.V. SENIORS Susan Small Psychology Kendall Park, N.J. Charles Smith Biology Major Charleston, W.V Larry Smith Religion and Philosophy Boomer, W.V. Phyllis Spinks Radiology Dry Creek, W.V. Mark Stephens Biology Major Madison, W.V. Janice Stuhl Psychology Pittsburgh, P.A. Cathryn Tarkett English Haddonfield, N.J. Jennifer Trent Radiology Berkley, W.V. Paul Underwood Business Administration Charleston, W.V. Teresa Vaughan Radiology Beckley, W.V. SENIORS Ruth Wade Medical Lab Technician Charleston, W.V. Sherry Walker English Ameasle, W.V. Patti Willis Education Logan, W.V. Virginia Willis Education Coalburg, W.V. SENIORS Michael Wilson Marketing and Management Morristown, N.J. Steve Wojcicki Marketing and Management Great Meadows, N.J. FRESHMEN Angela Alvarez Sally Anderson Del Beard Marsha Bowyer Cindy Faulkner Jo Ann Fleleher Annette Fletcher Cheryl Fowlie Robin Cavender Robert Clememz Daylene Conrad Terry Cunningham Randall Davison Robin Dean Suzanne Elliott Christie Farner FRESHMEN G n Kornbluh Bonnie McCann Susan McFarland Denise McFarland Julio Martinez Barbara Mineieli Bill O ' Donnell Regina Palguta FRESHMEN Don SanSori Catherine Sigmon Starrita Smith Walt Stern Kim S kes Paul Turner Donna Workman Tara Young Lisa Payne Randall P ■nee Tammy Pennington Nanette Pierce Mike Quagliona Steve Riley Sherry Rolili Stephan Roseher Freia Albrecht Rick Barry Patricia Brown Suzette Burdette Dan Burger June Campbell Deborah Cooper Linda Facemire Lori Ferrell Sharon Ferrell Stephen Foy Teresa Guthrie SOPHOMORES Lesley Haddad Jean Hall Sharon Justice Cathv Kaw ' ash HHH SOPHOMORES Tammy Kirby Catherine Ladany Nancy LePage Jan Levy Jenifer Miller Jeff Moore Alfonso Morales Shelly Morton Brenda Myers Sandy Pritt Dave Reis Jan Sadow Lori Smith Paul Spegal Dehi Thomas Jane Tolley 151 John R. Freitas Laura Hamill Marcia Hcavncr Tony Hodge John Holley allies Horn Sherrie Hunt Valerie Hunter Kathy Jo Arhaugh Ghassan Assi Dehi Lynn Ball Latin Bowles William Bradbury Charles Carlueei Kim Lavender Lee Ann Cox JUNIORS I 1 JUNIORS Connie MeMillion Lauren MeStay Debbie Pago Gregory Pin Philip Reichert Laura Stone Kathryn Turner Judy Kee Wayne Kessinger Elizabeth Kinder Jay Kreizer David Kurtz R. Brooks Love Laurie MoGraw Deborah McKnight o R G A N Front Row, L. to R.: Tricia Susen, Jaime Simmons-Scholten, Debbie Aaron, Margaret Gomez, Ellen O’Shea, Janice Stuhl, Brenda Graciano, Carol Shreve. Back Row, L. to R.: Richard Perry, Robert Faber, Marsha Heavner, Dr. Paul A. Susen, Jeff Friedman. VvV- ' ' tsisst m » The current Psychology Club was organized in the fall of 1977 after several years of inactivity. The goal of the group is to provide a wide range of experimental and intellectual opportunities in the Behavioral Science and Mental Health fields for all its members. The Psychology Club is open to all interested students. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB i rTv! r° W J p t0 ? " S o r S D mith ' ? e , ryl n etry ’ S r! eve R ° SCher ’ Dorian Anvl1 - Middle RoW ’ L - 10 R - : Laden U June Cambell, Beth Wilson, Sherrie Kobb. Back Row, L. to R.: Penny Burke, Danny Procter, Steve Fitzhenry, Rev. Fitzhenry, Mrs. Fitzhenry. mm mm mm The Campus Christian Fellowship is a campus organization designed to encoura ge Christians in the glorification of God in their witness and conduct. We believe and affirm the Apostle’s Creed, and the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testa¬ ments to be verbally inspired; authoritative for faith and practice; inerrant; and infallible. The director of the Campus Christians Fellowship is Pastor W. A. Fitzhenry of South Ruffner Presbyterian Church. The Faculty Advisor is Dr. A1 Long. 157 CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP s? m : : L. to R.: Guy Games, Fred Barkey — Faculty Advisor, Jan Brown, Steve Akers, Linda Hughes, Joe Natalie. The Social Science Club is designed for those students with majors of history, geography, and sociology. The club gives an opportunity for the students to pursue interests that are relevant to their majors and also provides social activities with their colleagues. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB The primary purpose of the Political Science Club is to obtain a better understanding of our government. An interest in political science and attendance to club meetings serve as eligibility requirements for membership. Front Row, L. to R.: Debbie Woodburn, Bev Jacobs, Glen Gainer, Wendy Bryant, Lisa, Linda Hughes. Back Row, L. to r.: Jim Thaxton, Joe Natalie, Debi Ball, Larry Rifkin, Susie Elliot. 159 Front Row: Tami Galt, Sue McFarland, Jackie Lawrence, Kathy Smoot. Middle Row: Cathy Bowles, Gail Lathy, Stephanie Wynne — Advisor, Robert Fisher, Sherrie Walker, Susie Elliot. Back Row: Jackie Scyoc, Joan Chambers, Cathy Gaines, Benny Mills, Pat Ruddy. The Foreign Language Club was organized to provide fellowship for those students with an active interest in foreign lan¬ guages. Membership is not limited to students who plan to receive a degree in a foreign language, but open to anyone who is genuinely interested in different nationalities, cultures, life styles, and languages. 160 FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB FOREIGN STUDENTS III Left to Right: Salah Mcihi, Froia Albrecht, Stephanie Wynne — Advisor, Hossein-Broumand-Abbassi, Peter Ashar, Noor Maraikayer. ... lUgl The International Students Club was organized to promote awareness of foreign culture on the Morris Harvey College University of Charleston Campus and to provide an opportunity for fellowship between the members. Meeting once a month, the students have enjoyed wine and cheese parties, the Halloween dance, international dinners, and other cultural experi¬ ences. SNEA The George S. Laidly ehapter of the Student National Education Association was reorganized on the Morris Harvey cam¬ pus in 1949. It is open to membership to any student interested in the teaching profession. The purpose of this organization is to further acquaint future teachers with the duties, obligation, and values of the teach¬ ing profession and to keep the education student informed of the present trends and opportunities offered in this field. STUDENT TEACHERS IN SNEA Seated, L. to R.: Vickie Vaughan, Jeannie Holstein, Geralyn Maritan, Martha Bailey. Standing: L. to R.: Susan Brown, Kim Cavender, Nancy Chenoweth. : Si mm .i R. " Y;v ' Student teaching is a time in Education major’s lives when they put their skills into practice. After four years of studies, get a chance to experience the world of teaching as it really is. During their practice, they have scheduled interviews with ’vstems around West Virginia to compare the values of different systems. Front Row, L. to R.: Brian Loe, Jim Dean — Faculty Advisor. Back Row, L. to R.: Evan Smith, Joe Aksel, Ken Plum, Donna Kellison, Bonita Bowman, Beth Wilson, Julie Klatzkin, Dawn Pauley, Lynn Thompson, Debbie Reeknagel, Marsha Bradford. The Art Guild of Morris Harvey is an organization of college students in all majors, not just art. Money is raised by the Art Guild every year through art sales, plant sales, bake sales, etc. Th se funds are used to buy new art equipment for the art department. The Art Guild explores the many fields of art through museum trips, lectures, and sharing of personal experiences. In recent years we have sponsored a trip to New York City. Art Guild members and non-members enjoyed New York, while touring such famous art galleries as the Metropolitan, the Gugenheim, and the Museum of Modern Art. Absent Members: Stan Jenkins, Debi Thomas, Tony Hodges. 164 sst mt ART GUILD The Student Government Association is the organized voice of the student body. Its duties include act¬ ing as the sounding board for student opinion, disseminating information to the student body, providing campus leadership, representing the student body at various functions, and to consider, investigate, and act upon any question concerning the welfare of tin- student body. Seated Left to Right: Charlie Carlueei. Paul Spegal. Dave Kurtz (President), Fritz Wiserup, Tom Rogers. Standing Left to Right: Bobber Soviek, Rob Clemenz, Tim McCoy. Dr. Paul Susen. Debi Ball. Brenda Myers. Glen Gainer. Don Sunseri. Don Knowles. Betty Binkley. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION STEP BY STEP Front Row Left to Right: Joseph Mabry, Anthony Young, George Richardson, Kelvin Washington. Ed Burton. Back Row Left to Right: Rod Jemerson. Randall Walton, Mark Dickson, Mike Boxlev. Step by Step is an organization that originated this year. The club was developed for minority stu¬ dents to achieve togetherness and to become more actively involved in student life. This year the club sponsored a fashion show showing off the latest styles from formal wear to disco fashions. They also collaborated with Campus Christian Fellowship for an All-Campus picnic at Coonskin Park. PERSPECTUS Left lo Ki iht Scaled: Bcv Jacob. Bonnie McCann. Shcrr U alk T. Dr. Killian ilson (Ad isor). Cath Turkctl (Kdilor). Kalin Moran. Standing Left to Right: Ja Krci .cr, Sue Misehlcr. Jim Holland. Beth MeGraw. Since 1921. Morris Harvey has had an official weekly puhlication known as The Comet . This year. The Comet became The Perspeetus " . Every student should be informed about campus events by reading his college newspaper. Stu¬ dents are welcome to helf) the staff on a volunteer basis. ’’The Perspeetus gets the whole truth to the student body. PERSPECTUS Editor-in-Chief.Catln Tarkett Assistant Editor.Sherry Walker News Editor .Katin Moran Sports Editor.Susan Misehlcr Business Manager.Brian Burke Reporters .... Beverley Jacob. Franeine Shriver. Cilery I Eagle. Beth McGraw. Bonnie McCann. Jim Holland. Tara ' l oung 167 MHC DEBATE TEAM The MHC debate program is one of the oldest co-curricular activities on campus. The debate program began as an intramural activity in Barboursville toward the end of 1892 and began its full-fledged intercollegiate status in the early 1940‘s in Charleston. The program has been under the direction of Roselyn L. Freedman since 1964. In the interven¬ ing years since then, the program has been expanded to include individual speaking events. Each year members of both the debate team and Pi Kappa Delta chapter participate in tournaments throughout the Midwest, Southern, and Mid- Atlantic regions. The 1978-79 season was one of the most successful for the students and the program, with numerous trophies and other awards received. Absent from picture: Ed Burton, Kathy Nabors. WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Left to Right: Stan Jenkins, Sherry Walker, Debbie Merrifield, Cathy Tarkett, Annette Williams, Sue Mischler, Cindy Jarrell, Nancy Chenoweth, Caro l Camp bell, Roger Barker, Sheila Duncan, Dave Jarvis. ■t- ' Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is a national listing of outstanding university and college students. Students with 90 hours or more are selected by the faculty on the basis of academics and activities. The names of the students chosen are then sent to the Dean of Student Affairs for final selection. ;.r Editor-in HARYEYAN STAFF M Sports Editor — Bill O ' Donnell m . nSE m ALL CAMPUS PIC-NIC Campus Christian Fellowship and Step by Step sponsored an All Campus Pic-Nic at Coonskin Park. Mike Boxlev Chris Schmutz (left) and Phil Morabito. Pic-Nic ' ers! ARA’S LUNCH PICNIC 172 GRADUATION " For you, the pleasures, the values and the friendships of college days are coming to an end — the identical group sit¬ ting here will probably never gather again — and the sands of time will gradually erase most of the memories which seem so important today . . — John F. Kennedy % - Laura Horn and Mike Wilson Left to Right: Dave Jarvis, Todd Loe, and Ann Parker. Sheila Duncan cries with memories Happy Graduate! Jan Brown (front) and Don Burton (right) Congratulations! A j m Pomp and Circumstance You’ve chosen a very difficult path to travel... a path filled with opportunities and disappointments, a path most people try to avoid because of the responsibilities; but I see you striving to push ahead and I know you will succeed. You have chosen the path to be real, and because of this you will suffer, but you will grow. — George Betts Carol Campbell (front) looks happy. A moment of silence. The procession files past. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHARLESTON MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE THE MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE TO BECOME THE UNIVERSITY OF CHARLESTON The change from college to university is the culmination of several months of intensive study made by the members of a new administration led by Dr. Thomas G. Voss as president. " Our aim,” explains Dr. Voss, " is to revitalize the school and educate people for the year 2000. Like other institutions of higher education, we are charged with the responsibility of meeting current student needs and those of the marketplace. The world is changing, and as an educational facility, we have a duty to change with it.” The concept envisions three separate schools. There will still be a strong emphasis on liberal arts, but new programs will be offered in business and health. The name Morris Harvey will be retained in the Morris Harvey College of Arts and Sciences which includes departments of natural sciences, humanities, education and social science. Another school will be Business Administration offering accounting, marketing management, banking finance, secretarial science, and computer science. The third school is Health Programs offering nursing radiologic technology and medical laboratory technology. Change has always been part of the Morris Harvey growth pattern. The private liberal arts school was founded in 1888 in Barboursville and was called the Barboursville Seminary. In 1901 it was renamed Morris Harvey College after a benefactor, and in 1935 it was relocated to Charleston into the old Kanawha County Library Building. Moving to its present site on the banks of the Kanawha River in 1947, the college now serves over 2000 students. " Morris Harvey College came to Charles¬ ton in 1935 and has been an important part of our city ever since. Soon the college will become a university and be renamed The University of Charleston. May the pew school be a source of pride to us all.” John G. Hutchinson Mayor of Charleston " All of the people connected with Morris Harvey have shown great foresight in deciding to become the University of Charleston. A strong, private university will attract students to this area, and such growth can only add to West Virginia’s reputation for educational excellence.” Gov. John D. Rockefeller, IV President Voss announces to the presslhe name change. Left to Right: President Voss, Sidyney P. Davis, and Mayor John Hutchinson. m ■TEH University of Charleston Charleston, West Virginia Perspectus editor Cathy Tarkett (left) and reporter Dave Jarvis talk to the press " Congratulations to the trustees, faculty, and staff on the projected cre¬ ation of the University of Charleston. For ninety years the fine institution which is now Morris Harvey College has served well the people of West Virginia and students throughout the nation. Next year it assumes a new and challenging role which will combine academic excellence and profes¬ sional instruction and greatly enhance the educational opportunities of many people in the Charleston metropolitan area. You have my support and best wishes for all future success.” Jennings Randolph Member of U.S. Senate .. ' •r - President Voss and the media. HARVEYAN Dear Student Body: As this year comes to a close, I’m happy to finish the ’79 Harveyan yearbook. I know that in the past many students have been displeased with the yearbooks, but I hope that this year, this yearbook pleases more students than in the past. Despite constant obstacles such as: no photographs, no response from organizations, no copy, no photographer, and no pages, it’s a miracle that any yearbook gets printed. Because of this, there are several people I want to thank for their help. First I want to thank my assistant editors: Julie Klatzkin and Bill O’Donnell. I also want to thank Kay Harris for being our advisor. The staff’s thanks also go to Pat Michael for her help. A yearbook is only as good as its photographers and for that reason 1 want to thank Jay Kreizer, Geralyn Maritan and Chris Schmutz for doing such a fine job as our photographers. This year I decided to identify as many photographs as possible with captions, and with that job came a problem. Who’s who? Thanks to Paul Spegal, Tammy Kirby, Tim McCoy, Bob Wehrmeyer, Sue Mischler, Sherry Walker, and to anybody who hung out in the CT for help in identifying the people. I apologize if I have misspelled anyone’s name. A special thanks goes to Ken Plumb for his artwork and to Julie Klatzkin for designing the cover of our yearbook, I know that not everyone is represented in this yearbook. To those people I want to apologize: Sigma Phi Epsilon (Your pictures did not develop.), other clubs whose pictures were not taken, to those clubs whose pictures were taken but do not appear in the book (Your pictures did not develop properly either.) I also want to thank Greg McCollum for all of his help with our sports section. Without his help, that section would be incomplete. Thanks to Phyllis Rowe and Anna Zikkos for all their help. (Especially when I had to contact Dallas.) I hope this yearbook pleases most of the student body, and helps to retain memories of Morris Harvey. Sincerely, Stan Jenkins Harveyan Editor 1979 m ' i ' HI i W ■;■«-.?• ' v vvw:

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