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' i; 707070 7070 7070 ■07070. 7070 7070 707070 7070 7070 707.070 7070 • Contents INTRODUCTION . 2 STUDENT LIFE . 20 TRADITIONS . 52 ORGANIZATIONS . 70 ATHLETICS .134 ADMINISTRATION .182 UNDERCLASSMEN.206 SENIORS .226 W COLLEGE K W. VA. Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight And Lo! The Hunter of the East has caught the Sultan’s Turret in a noose of Light. 4 ,, ' Dreaming when Dawn’s left hand was in the sky I heard a Voice within the College cry, “Awake, my little ones, and fill the cup Before Life’s liquor in its Cup be dry.” • ' 4. Come, and in the Fire of Spring The Winter Garment of Repentance fling The Bird of Time has but a little way To fly—and Lo! the Bird is on the wing. m Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough, A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse—and Thou Beside me singing in the Wilderness— And Wilderness is Paradise now. 7 “How sweet is Mortal Sovranty!”—think some: Others—“How Blest the Paradise to come!” Ah, take the cash in hand and waive the rest: Oh, the brave music of a distant drum! . . . Look to the Rose that blows about us—“Lo Laughing,” she says, “into the World I blow the silken tassel of my purse Tear, and its Treasure on the garden throw.” The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon Turns Ashes—or it prospers; and anon, Like Snow upon the desert’s dusty face Lighting a little Hour or two—is gone. . v- 4 , V- ‘’ - • • .aj v v.r c V • f , iV! ,Jn4t tuvft ,nu iZ ' «u 7 I 10 And those who Husbanded the Golden Grain, And those who flung it to the winds like Rain Alike to no such aureate Earth are turn’d As, Buried once, Men want dug up again. 12 Ah, my beloved, fill the cup that clears To-Day of Past regrets and Future fears— To-morrow? Why, Tomorrow I may be Myself with Yesterday’s seven thousand Years. 13 Lo! Some we loved, the loveliest and the best That Time and Fate of their Vintage prest Laughed and sung a while And one by one crept silently to Rest. Ah, make the most of what we yet spend, Before we too into Dust descend; Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie San’s wine, San’s song, San’s singer and San’s End. Oh, come with old Khay’am, and leave the Wise To talk; one thing is certain, that life flies: One thing is certain, and the rest lies. The flower that once has bloomed, forever dies. 16 With him the Seed of Wisdom did I sow, and with my own hand labour’d it to grow: And this was all the harvest that I reap’d— “I eame like water, and like Wind I go.” MORRIS H A RVTT Hi P 1 II M M ffe - ' - 0 ■ r r, ! 18 Into this Universe, and Why not knowing, Nor Whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing; And out of it, as Wind along the waste, I know not Whither, willy-nilly blowing. ; :: C3 r - . 2 70707070 707070707 70707070 707070707 70 070 707 707 707 707 707 070 707070707 707 707070707 STUDENT LIFE 70707070 70707070 70 070 707 070 707 20 The story may be old, but each student’s experience is fresh. Student life is sitting on the front steps, walking to the dorms in the rain, Putting money in the food machines And getting nothing in return. This is student life; All else is history. Student life breathes tons of chalk, wracks many brains, and weathers many files. Yet, these events have occurred before.— And probably will again. It’s how each student is affected by these occurrences that makes his life so much a part of the whole; Yet so unique. 07070707 07070707 07 707 07 707 07070707 07070707 22 nm 26 i FMC ' ' ' i ' 1 - ■ V Ew m - ' V.- . -j 2W- J ih C 30 55 4k » 8S KS W 4 k 4k n 4 k 4k Student life is wondering what to wear. 31 ■ if L 36 CONCERTS Brian Carney, the son of Art Carney, appeared on Morris Har¬ vey’s campus Feb. 21. After watch¬ ing our basketball game, he began his performance. Brian, backed by a subtle rhythm and bass guitar, played and sang folk, and oldy- goldy rock. He imitated Elvis, Donovan, and Dylan. Many jokes were told. The audience had a fabulous time. After a thunder¬ ing applause, Carney was cajoled into playing an extra half hour. After the show a birthday party was given for him, and he stayed on campus an extra day. Other concerts were given by Edmunds and Curley and Big Daddy. Student life is Greek Carnivals, recuperat¬ ing at BBF, or just a warm, sunny walk to Valley Bell. • , »» ■ . ' ■ ; ; ■ » .« f- % ■ " Tt. m . , v. ,-r ■ Student life is the sadness that the seniors feel when they realize this type of life will be gone, and each will go his own way. 40 STUDENT LIFE IS GOING IN YOUR OWN DIRECTION. DORM LIFE PART OF STUDENT LIFE BENEDUM HALL Regulating life in Bcnedum Hall during 1969-70 were: L-R, President, P. Kaplerchuk; Vice-President, J. Duernberger; Secretary, H. Crain; and Treasurer, B. Wesley. Not pictured is Parliamentarian, J. Lytle. 43 COBB HALL Presiding over Cobb Hall during 1969 1970 were. L-R, President, W. Court; Treasurer, A. Gluss; Parliamentarian, F. Feit; Secretary, R. Klatzkin; ancl Vice-President, L. Lee. COX HALL Maintaining order in Cox Hall for 1969-70 were: L-R, Parliamentarian, S ecretary, L. Peck; Vice-President, B. Steinberg; President, F. Rude; Mother, Mary Spalding. Not pictured is Treasurer, R. Ribak. B. Whelan; and House I I ! | I 46 I Dickinson Hall Officials and proctors are: L-R, first row, Treasurer, L. Brannick; M. Sacks; L. Altoz; Sergeant-at- Arms, M. Fort; and Secretary, N. Slack; second row, R. Lieberman; M. Maxwell, K. Davenport; Chaplain, K. Wei- bourn; D. Czifra; E. Tainsky; President, K. Burket; and Vice-President, E. Epstein. I mh TRADITIONS 70707070 70707070 70 070 707 070 707 52 70707070 707070707 70707070 707070707 70 070 707 707 707 707 707 070 707070707 707 707070707 « 3LT W it ' K - T l □jnk i The only thing that nostalgia and nausea have in com¬ mon is that they both start with “n.” At an age when we are looking forward more than backward, talk of memories has little appeal. Yet no one is young forever, and there will come a time when tradition and the old things will be all we have left. And so this section is dedicated to tra¬ ditions and, we hope, fond memories. So that you say look back and remember. What else is an annual for? Homecoming 69- ’70 Homecoming ... a huge success ... in¬ deed a time for unity. Concert . . . great .. . featuring Ramsey Lewis Trio and the Byrds. Huge crowd . . . marvelous responses. The sounds . . . fantastic! Patti Zekan representing Alpha Lambda Del¬ ta .. . graciously accepts the crown . . . reign¬ ing as Homecoming Queen for 1969-70. Parade through downtown Charleston . . . watched by throngs of people. Homecoming Queen candidates rode in shiny convertibles with sparkling smiles . . . floats followed streaming through the streets . . . received enthusiastically by the crowds. Soccer game after the parade . . . smashing victory as the Golden Eagles took on West Vir¬ ginia Wesleyan. The Eagles were cheered on for their triumphant performance . . . Victory! At the dance . . . everyone danced to the great soul sounds of the Soul Express. Awards were presented . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon for the best float . . . Theta Xi for best all around float. The dance attended by many showed evi¬ dence of unity for one . . . and unity for all ... 56 V " A. , „ -A ' %4 % 4 V. K L-R, Linda Runyan, Karen Haas, Patti Zekan, Pam Given, Stephanie Heathman, Janie McBrayer, Caryn Wesner. Arlene Stecki, Cathy Murdock, Donna Kemper. L R, Peggy Alexander, Bonnie Hamlin, Dianne Wilkinson, Sadie Alexander, Joanne Strieker, Sue Thompson, Nancy Slack, Elize Weston. 57 58 Nanci Danison, Wendy Elovich, Joy Guthrie; back L-K: seated, Linda Blasucci, Cathy Marcuccio, Anne Forbes, Kim Thorn, Sue Thompson. row, Bev Bowles, Patti Clark, Lynn Richardson, 60 . Best Dressed Coed December 5 was a big day for Beverly Bowles as she was chosen “Best Dressed Coed of Morris Harvey Col¬ lege.” This contest was sponsored by the Pan-Hell council and Inter-Fraternity council under the direction of Phyllis Cirelli. The girls competing were judged not only for leadership in fashion and grooming, but on some campus activity that was beyond their regular curricular require¬ ments as well. The contestants all modeled outfits showing much fem¬ inine flair. They modeled campus attire, a date outfit and evening wear. The judges for the contest were introduced. They were buyers from Frankenberger’s, the New Girl, and Risk’s Department Store. It was indeed a difficult decision for the judges to make as all eleven girls par¬ ticipating possessed much poise and individuality. First runner-up was Joy Guthrie representing the fresh¬ man class and second runner-up was Lynn Richardson repre¬ senting Alpha Sigma Phi. Bev Bowles, who represented Zeta Beta Tau, will repre¬ sent Morris Harvey College in Glamour Magazine’s “Ten Best Dressed College Girls in America” contest. Coffee House Circuit Last year it was the Saxons, this year it was Edmonds and Curley and Don Crawford having the same troubles as the previous did, but making out just as well. Edmonds and Curley are a rising new comedy act brought to the MH campus on September 22-27. The general re¬ action was that they were very funny people, but the over¬ all reaction wasn’t that favorable. On March 2-7, Don Crawford was brought to our cam¬ pus with two performances each evening. Because of the good response, he was held over for an extra night. Craw¬ ford describes his music as, “Life music. It’s about the things we’ve all felt.” Each of these groups performed nightly for a week. The comedy act of Edmonds and Curley. I i Laura Dellaguzzo, seated. Queen; L R, Bonnie Hamlin, Patty Clark, Lane Parker, Kathy Murdock, Mary Maxwell, Maid of Honor; Stacy Martin, Donna Kemper, Karen Farmer, Robin Rodda. s aa P Travelog ue. 4 ir w i a JyV 1 |sl£lr ] il B 9 9 H ’IT | ■T AHv JkSv j On Friday and Saturday night, Ma) 8 and 9, M orris Harvey College’s atinuai May Da) ceremonies were held. Travelogue, 1970; “Easy Rider " ’ was the theme. Highlighting the Fri¬ day evening events was the annual Greek or¬ ganization competition and the installation of Student Government Association officers for the 1970-71 school year. On Saturday night a concert was held featuring a 1920’s banjo band, “Your Father’s Mustache.” Larry Robertson served as master of cere¬ monies for the Friday festiviites. Robertson introduced May Day Queen Laura Dellaguzzo and her court. When they were seated. Greek sing competition began. When all the songs were finished, the Alpha Xi Delta sorority and the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity were se¬ lected competition winners. Both groups were awarded trophies at the conclusion of the evening. Mitch Austin gave his farewell address and presented Dr. Frank Krebs with a special award for all he’s done for SGA. Peter Cohen, SGA president-elect, next took the podium. Following the ceremonies a reception was held in the A. W. Cox Reception Hall. 65 ns 3 Graduation ’70 FOUR YEARS. From walking alone in your mortar board. To walking across the speaker’s platform. Studying you have to do on your own. Tests no one can take for you. Papers you sit up to write while everybody sleeps. A handshake from President Buckalew. And a diploma. Parties where you really haven’t planned on drinking much. Sitting around late Saturday nights, talking about great dates. Or lousy ones. Trying to sing along with the band at a dance when they keep on changing the words. The choir harmonizing bar after bar of the Morris Harvey hymn. And it’s over. ORGANIZA TIONS 707070707 707070707 707 707 707 707 707070707 707070707 70 70707070 70707070 70 070 707 070 707 707070707 707070707 707 707 707 707 707070707 707070707 Unity makes us what we are. And interests more clearly define the unique in each of us. Organizations give birth to new emotions, for it is our emotions which make us. They add femininity, or the strong masculine touch. They make us cry when someone is hurt, or reach into our own pocket when a frat brother can’t pay his dues. This is what organizations create and mold into each of us. love, pride and pity. Organizations continue even after the school week. There are many Saturday afternoons spent at philanthropic centers. And many moments of feeling so close to the other members that you want to just run up and hug them! Who’s Who Among Students in American I Universities and Colleges Twenty-one seniors were selected to represent Morris Harvey College in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. The method of selection to Who’s Who was carried out in this ! manner. This year all students with at least 84 hours who planned ! to graduate in January, May or August were given consideration by the Student Affairs Committee. In previous years, only those 1 nominated by the faculty, administration or SGA were considered for the honor. L-R : back row, Mitch Austin, Arnie Margolin, Jim Moore, Mike Goldman; front row, Caryn Wesner, Kathy Kosic, Kathie Burket. Barbara Zehntner, Linda Toth, Honoraries 74 ArA 76 Pan-Hell Council J . ! , The Panhellenic Council exists to en¬ courage good health, high ideals and 1 scholarship in the sororities. The Coun¬ cil’s numerous activities include the sell¬ ing of mums for Homecoming, a Christ¬ mas Party, Greek weekend sponsored in conjunction with the IFC, and the annual Best Dressed Coed Contest. The Council also donates a basket of food to a needy family at Christmas. This year the IFC and Pan-Hell intro¬ duced a Sadie Hawkins Day to Morris Harvey’s traditions, that was successful despite the poor weather. Aon The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi began the year modeling fashions at their annual fall style show. The social calendar for the AOPi’s included a Founder’s Day Dinner, the annual Christmas formal, rush party, picnics, dinners and the Red Rose Ball in the spring. As a community service project, the AOPi’s donated a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family in Charleston. The new executive officers of the sorority are: President, Ellen Gannon; 1st V.P., Audrey Todd; 2nd V.P., Ginny Gor¬ don; Recording Secretary, Barbara Edleman; and Corresponding Secretary, Mary Iannarelli. 80 L.R, Peggy Alexander, Linda Toth, Wendy Tortomas, Cindy Rittenberg, Judy Dotson, Laura Dellaguzzo Cindy Bail Pat Dean, Donna Reed Maddy Rich Wendv Elovich Stacy Martin Cheryl Daden, Barbara Gross, Debby Neil, Marilyn Branscome, Mane Thomasson, Mary Innarelli, Ginny Gordon, Betty Both..EMne Win.i pe.cindy Bongard. Cindy Goff, Barbara Edelman, Robin Rodda, Cookie DeBacco Joyce Adams, Sue Teff, Laura Altholz, Patty Clark, Linda Sherrick, Kim Thom, Ellen Gannon, Gloria Pine, Audrey Todd, Carolyn Kelso, Suzanne Bossie, L.nda LeRose. 83 L-R, Debbie Lukowitz, Bev Thomas, Sharon Anderson, Julie Reynolds, Bonnie Montague, Alice Watson, Ann Simpson, Cathy Fleet, Dee Lange, Mary Doss, Bonnie Hamlin, Margy Greene, Myrtle Blackwell, Joan Kenney, Pat Miller, Jane Tiedeman, Ellen Epstein, Barb Watson, Molly Maloney, Lyn Jemison, Elaine Dartley, Lynn Flinn, Linda Barron, Caryn Wesner, Jean Cumming, Mary Milam, Andie Kraeft, Mary Maxwell, Diane Ellis, Cathy Murdock, Mary White, Tammy Trubin, Nancy Norman, Marsha Sudano, Jeanne Lehman, Nancy Dunn, Helen Law, Maribeth Stanek, Karen Davenport, Elaine Bailey, Lane Parker, Kathie Burket, Sandy Phares, Kitty Hurst, Sue Hovorka, Nancy Danison, Sue Thompson. A.HA Known for their outstanding contributions to the College and community, the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta are kept busy throughout the year. This year activities ranged from a Faculty Tea, to the annual Mother-Daughter banquet and the Founder’s Day banquet. Philanthropic projects included working for the Civitan Fund Drive, the Muscular Dystro phy Drive, and the Heart Foundation Drive. The annual Freshman Mix, Rose Christ¬ mas Formal, Pledge Dance, Spring Weekend, an exchange with the AXi’s at Marshall, pic¬ nics and parties all added to the social life of the Fuzzies. The officers are: Sue Hovorka, President; Marie Fort, V.P.; Kathy Murdock, Recording Sec.; Sue Thompson, Corresponding Sec.; Barb Watson, Treasurer; Dee Lange, Chap¬ lain; Deb Lukowitz, Pledge Trainer. 85 LR, Sandy Jackson, Carol Davis, Sharon Burke, Sunny Clark, Susie Lewis, Barb Hacher, Betty Cline, Evelyn Heering, Ann Forbes, Maureen Worth, Toby Tantrum, Pat Schillings, Patty Zekan, Karen Haas, Janis Perry, Marty Walker, Katy Wood, Sue Gwinn, Martha Werner, Linda Runyan, Muriel ' Brewer, Evelyn Tainsky, Linda Cser, Terry Kaiser, Angie Fusco, Sue Peseus. The sisters o£ Delta Zeta were busy this year working for the community. Their philanthropy projects included hosting a party at the Faith Workshop with ZBT, participating in the Muscular Dystrophy drive, and collecting clothes for the Navajo Indians. Besides selling candles at Christmas, the Delta Zeta’s ushered for two of the Blackfriars’ plays on campus. Their social calendar included a Christmas Formal, New Year’s party, and the Founder’s Day Tea at W. Va. Tech. Early in October, Cheryl Elder, the National Traveling Secretary of Delta Zeta, was on campus to visit Morris Harvey’s Chapter. The officers are: Murrel Brewer, President; Linda Runyan, V.P.; Gina Monin, Pledge Train¬ er; Bev Cardwell, Corresponding Sec.; Linda Cser, Treasurer. iSl , vs-;. i; if ipft%-; •i St Wm mm ■ v r k - - J J w L-R, Margaret Bowe, Shirley Veldenzer, Barb Dershowitz, Jackie Iaia, Sue Fisher, Phyllis Cirelli, Linda Blasucci, Bonnie Belinsky, Ronni Cohen, Judy King, Chris Juliano, Marsha Sachs, Linda Padella, Marty Gross, Sue Dietz, Kathy Sokol, Harriet Medin, Karen Sieka, Janet Knudson, Joanne Gail Marcus, Helen Shapiro, Pam Brunner, Michele Fruchter, Carol Kushner, Venables, Barb Casdorph, Pat Silknitter, Nancy Rabel, Joyce Kidd. rA$ o The sisters of Gamma Delta Phi started their year off with a Founder’s Day Dance. Their social calen¬ dar included a Christmas dance, spring weekend, rush parties, “A Happening with Gamma Phi,” and “The Wonderful of Gamma Delta Phi,” pledge active picnics and parties. The Gamma Deli ' s n«« u bottle drive and ice cream sale for charity as a service project. The girls also won championship for ’69-’70 in softball. The officers are: Barb Casdorph, President; Linda Padella, V.P.; Sue Venables, Corresponding Sec.; Mar¬ ty Gross, Recording Sec.; Joanne Fisher, Treasurer; Pam Brunner, Rush Chairman. IFC A structure of men who represent men with decisions made after controversy regulations they suggest, pass and by doing coordinate activities of many units motion in progress; individuals form groups and on another level, groups join a larger one, a government, inter—be¬ tween two or more—decision makers inter-fraternity council. i fc H ' -gl i h4 ; h ' ♦, .y L-R, Lee Rupert, John Radvak, Bill Giamo, Mike Goldman, Larry Ross, Mike Starr, Ray Seyler, Dean Clinton Davis, Lou Gioia. 95 ' A2$ Alpha Sigma Phi has participated in various community functions. They held a Christmas party for the children in Charleston Memorial Hospital. They had a fund raising drive for Camp Bronco Junction. The brothers worked the Rev. o William Ingram’s church. They also initiated a drive for muscular dystrophy. Scholarship is another important aspect of their fraternity. The brothers won the Dean’s Scholarship trophy. Athletics were included in the brothers’ busy lives. They won the intramural trophy in 1968-69 and they also claimed the title of the 1969 intramural football champs. The social calendar included a Welcome Back dance, a Halloween party, the Black and White formal, a TKE-Sig Christmas dance, the Valentine dance, and the Spring Weekend. The brothers are L-R, Lenny Sahara, Don Fazio, Pete Scoppa, Ken Salabes, Marc Schreiber, Mark Santoro, Ronnie Soltys, George Cook, Nick Munis, Rich Volkert, Bill Balbeck, Terry Henry, Arnie Margolin, Roy Harold, Cliff Browner, Howie Friedman, Larry Belknap, Roger Genise, Paul Gardner, Chuck Greco, Jim Regino, Jay Lappin, Allen Zujkowski, Laurie Bumbalo, Joe Soltys, John Mc- Chesney, A1 Barry, Ed Sisenwain, Jack Basso, Tom Piccolo, Bob Schneck, Bill Siracusa, Bob Kulina, Danny Roane, Gary Warbeck, Dennis Odoherty, Bob Cotton, Steve Parvey, Bill Burgess, Carl Bergman, Ken Brown, Curt Eddy, Roger Harrington, Ray Seyler, Bob Bennett, Greg Baecker, Danny Young, Dave Harrison, Gordon Berlin, Rich Raicyzk, Marris Hagerty, Steve Paisano, and Nick Kulina. The officers are: Roy Gross, President; Doug Pond, VP; Jim Buckalew, Treas¬ urer; John McChesney, Recording Sec.; Terry Henry, Corresponding Sec. L-R, Smitty Steeve9, Charlie Foss, John Salton, George Daly, Powell Parks, Danny Bland, Rick Cook, Mike Barry, Jim Wood, Jack Glaspell, Joe Maesto, Jeff Ferrell, Joe Cline, Dick Williams, Lance Grossett, Larry Robertson, Jeff Lytle, Lee Ruppert, Lou Gioia, John Radvak, Kenny Chamberlain. 1 20E Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is re¬ cuperating from their big day on Janu¬ ary 10, 1970. That is the day they became the 201st chapter of the national fraternity. After being established on the Morris Harvey campus for only three years, they finally achieved their ultimate goal. Socially, the Sig Eps had a Freak-Out, a Mobster Dance, and their spring week¬ end. They claimed the trophy at the Home¬ coming festivities for the best float. The officers of Sigma Phi Epsilon are: Lee Ruppert; President, Jeff Ferrel, Larry Rob¬ ertson, Richard Williams, and Ed With¬ row. K Golden Hearts of 2 E E L-R, Marty Robertson, Emily Tincher, Sally Young, Linda LeRose, Tish Schweinsherg, Marie Fort, Jim Wood, Mary Maxwell, Bonnie Hamlin. The Golden Hearts is a women’s auxiliary group of Sigma Phi Epsi¬ lon that was organized to support the fraternity. The activities of the Golden Hearts include decorating for the fraternity’s dances, holding a reception for the new pledge classes each semester, and presenting the Brother of the Month award. This year the Golden Hearts held a reception for the delegates who at¬ tended the weekend ceremonies of the Sig Ep installation as Zeta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon National. TKE The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon elected as their officers: Mike Sherry, President; Ray Wagner, V. President; Dave Scotch, Treasurer; Bill Champion, Secretary; Vic Longtin, Chaplain; and Richard Helminski, Pledgemaster. They have sponsored a Playboy Dance, the first annual TKE-Sig Dance, the Mountaineer Dance, Sweetheart Dance and the spring weekend. As a community service, the TKE brothers sent Christmas presents to retarded children. Athletically, the brothers participated in intramural sports. The brothers are: L-R, Robert Paul, Rick Joy, Dennis Gallow, Wayne Fiet, Bob Bruno, Bob Dwayne, Dave Wallace 1 Bob Urion, Conrad Cole, Bill Champion, Tom Banlum, Russ Haug, Richie Metz, Bill Maisano, Ray Green, Pete Levine, Bill Corocciulo, Jim Fiola, Dave Lafferty, Don McLaughlin, Hugh McCann, Chris Garten, Gary Gianini, Kenny Miller, Ray Wagner, Jim Shaffer, Stuart Rush, Mike Pfeifer, Kevin McAuley, Bob Mease, Jerry Poalise, Stacy Baker, John Squitero, John Mayansik, Jim Shovlin, Randy Munisteri, Kevin Mc¬ Pherson, Mike Starr, A1 Stern, Mark Cox, John Frankel, Al Martin, Danny Dyer, Greg Fanelli, Tom Dennis, Pete Marinakas, Richie Helminski, Willie Childress. 106 “7 L-R, Allen Millstein, Joel Hieneke, John Duernberger, Terry Land, Larry R,oss, Bill Kroll, Ed Boardman, Bob Wickam, Ken Abell, Art Gwynn, Chip Spencer, Harry Wolfersberger, Dave Unitich, Tony Lernia, Greg Herndon, Rich Bail, Mike DeBenedette, Chuck Howard, Don Reinhard. The brothers of Theta Xi fraternity elected as their officers: Don Reinhard, President; Mike DeBenedette, Vice Pres¬ ident; Tom Steely, Treasurer; Paul Keid- al, Secretary; and Joey Hickcock, Social Chairman. They sponsored an invitational dance in March for all the Theta Xi chapters in West Virginia. They decorated the pres¬ ident’s float in the Homecoming parade and collected for the Muscular Dystrophy drive. I i L-R, David Jone9, Advisor; Bruce Gwynne, Kent Abel, Richie Rubin, Steve Zwillinger, Howie Crain, Calvert, Ernie Leslie, Mike King, Joe Danielle, John Larry Laper, Bill Whelan, Dave Clark, A1 Sosniak. Sietz, Stuart Kuperstock, David Shaw, Mike Beck, Mike Goldman, Frank Curich, Rick Bill Giaimo, Harris Jacobs, Bob Dixon, Girard Goodno, Barry Stienberg, Bob Hayman, John Busconi, Mark Jones, Tom Wright, John Rudge, Peter Hyman, Dave Curich, Mark Epstein, I 112 ZBT The ZBT’s had an active year at MH. Their calendar included fall in¬ tramurals, Gamma Delta Phi-ZBT fall dance, Marshall ZBT-MHC ZBT football game, gym painting, Marshall- MHC dance, spring weekend and spring intramurals. Collecting for the UNICEF Fund drive and a Halloween party for retarded children were some of the service projects carried out by the ZBT’s. The officers are: Mike Goldman, President; Rich Abel, V.P.; Frank Curich, Treasurer; Larry Laper, Sec¬ retary. 113 Student Government Assoc. damn The Student Government Association under President Mitch Austin took on a new light in 1970. This was the year that the student body lost some of its apathy and became aware of events that occurred nationally from cam¬ pus to campus. On October 15 we participated in the country-wide, campus-wide moratorium day. A candle light service was held to con¬ clude the day’s activities consisting of lectures and group discussions of the war in Vietnam. Homecoming, May Day, Faculty Evalua¬ tion, talent shows, and mixes were some of the events sponsored by the SGA. The officers are: Mitch Austin, President; Cal Voice, V.P.; Marie Fort, Secretary; Marc Schreiber, Treasurer; John McChesney, Ser- geant-at-Arms. 118 Participation in the Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s presentation of Verdi’s “Requiem” provided one of the year’s highlights for the Philharmonic Choir, directed by Harold Ew¬ ing. Other performances included the annual “Messiah” program, two assembly programs, the annual choir tour which included parts of Ohio and western West Virginia, and pro¬ grams for local high schools, churches and civic organizations. f- ' £ w ' l jj Highlighting the year for the Jewish students at MHC was a dinner at Chanukah to celebrate the holiday. Bagel and lox brunches were regu¬ larly scheduled throughout the year as students enjoyed the hospitality of the community and temple. The Moshavim also featured films on Israel and Jewish holidays and customs in its attempt to foster Jewish belief, culture and heri¬ tage. Moshavim L-R: back row, Louis DeMichelle, Arnold Wexler, Phil Rosenfeld, Cal Voice; seated, Susan Wald, Marlyn Salitsky. 121 Blackfriars Success was enjoyed by the Blackfriars from their first production in October until their last in the spring. Some of the plays the dramatic group put on were “My Hands is Full of Gifts,” “The Garbage Hustler” and “Squaring the Circle” —which was put on during Russian Week. This year several Blackfriars participated at the West Virginia State Drama Festival held at Jack¬ son’s Mill, West Virginia, in April. The members are: L-R, Danny Smith, Dennie Gabriel, Joe McCarthy, Sharon Burke, Pat Smith, Carol Ross, Patti Zekan, Lydia Dolin, Sue Nash- ner, Peter Marinakas, Gloria Pitello, Kathie Burket. Art Guild As in previous years, the Art Guild did not receive the interest that it needed from the students, but things were ac¬ complished. With Debbie Payne as their president, the Guild sold Indian beads to the students, visited art galleries and made plans to contribute a gift to the MH art department. Mrs. Ruth Richmond, a new addition to the art department, acted as advisor. L-R, Margaret Turley, Sharon Adams, Kitty Hu9t, Ddbbie Payne, James Gibson, Glenn Toler, Bob Wright, Barb Edelman, Candy Bongard, Edilu Moore, Allen Markoff. 124 L R, Debbie Payne, Kathy Bookman, Beth West, Gary Hawkins, Rick Feldman, Pat Holmes, Lance Wilrem, Charles Daugherty, Bill Luckt, Nelson Beers, Charlie Pugh. SCA A new student organization was born on the MH campus this year —Students for Community Action. SCA plans to be more active in the way of planning programs, rallies, and in general tackling the major issues of the day than any other campus group has ever done. “Involved” is the key word in the Preamble, says Gary Haw¬ kins, head of SCA, and “Action is the key word in our name.” Physical Education Club L-R: front row, Mary Maxwell, Georgia Rohan, President; Carlyn Wesner; back row, Mary White, Margy Greene, Jill Applegate. Th is year the Physical Educa¬ tion Club was headed by Georgia Rohan who served as president. The club presented its annual show in the gym demonstrating a variety of activities. During the year, the girls acted as guides and hosted the Mid-Western Confer¬ ence. Business Club Field trips to industries in the Charleston area was the highlight of the Business Club’s activities. The meetings consisted of group discus¬ sions on current business trends. Guest speakers from business and economic fields were brought in to talk on dif¬ ferent problems in the business world. An annual dinner banquet was held at the end of the year. The members are L-R: front row, Marc Schreiber, Mary Hogshead, Laxmi Mehra, Howie Crain; back row, David Jones, Arnie Margolin, Jim Moore, Joseph Stanco, Glen Ferrell. CANS In addition to nursing du ties and class ac¬ tivities, members of the Capito Association of Nursing Students gave Halloween and Christmas parties for the needy children in the Charleston area. They also hosted a party for the patients at Huntington State Hos¬ pital this year. The members are: L-R: Betty Price, Diane Johnson, Wanda Davis, Ellen Wills, Maxine Wright, Nancy Vickers, Dolly Duckwater, Bev Westfall, Suzette Miller, Ann¬ ette Massey. Young Republicans The Young Republicans con¬ sist of students who are interest¬ ed in the political affairs of the state and of the country. Speak¬ ers were brought in to discuss modern issues which are relevant to current political policies. The members are: L-R, Mary Hogs¬ head, John Stevens, Michael Cline, Jim Montgomery, Charles Mikels, George Spruce, Karen Atkinson. AECI Carol Flint acted as president for the American Childhood Education International. This group did volunteer work for needy children and were given more experiences working with children. Speak¬ ers were brought in and discussions on controver¬ sial educational subjects were held. Nyana Rowley acted as their advisor for the school year. 128 L-R, Mike Goldman, Barbara Yeager, and Pat Miller. Literary Club The Literary Club’s main achievement during the school year was to publish a literary magazine -—L’Aiglon. Co-Editors, Pat Miller and Mike Gold¬ man, coordinated all the literary works which are submitted by both students and faculty. Informal meetings were held throughout the year in which the students read and criticized each member’s poetry. The advisor of the group is Barbara Yeager. Harveyan Comet ’70 Plans for the 1970 HARVEYAN began to take shape in the summer of 1969. From then on it was a constant struggle with one goal in mind—the May 29th deadline. Thousands of pictures were scheduled, taken, and re¬ taken. Organizations were asked to turn in articles, and a few did. Yearbook work became a chore and an obsession, with studies, classes and sleep being dis¬ regarded completely. Finally, the HARVEYAN was completed with complete coverage of college life and many memories. This year, as in the past, the staff of the COMET continued in its pursuit of responsible journalism by following all of the facets of campus life. Within its pages are interviews with important people, focusing on local and nation-wide problems. Deadline time arouses turmoil that only one who w ' orked on a publi¬ cation can appreciate. The all-too-soon weekly deadline brought many frustrations, but along with it came the satisfaction of the Thursday edition. Marilyn Orrill, Editor of the Harveyan Britt Nelson, Asst. Editor of the Comet L-R, Donna Reed, Audrey Todd, JereeVee Singer, Terri Gallanter, Lyn Flinn, Andie Arlen, Marie Fort, Arnie Kuperstein, Barb Dershowitz, Sandy Jackson, Mary Frances Doss. 132 70707C70 70707070 A THLETICS 707 70707070 70707070 70 070 707 070 707 707070707 707070707 707 707 707 707 707070707 707070707 V . V • J. . . . S? . « • ... i« ■ x.,-« s • ' hr aSpL “SS TO AN ATHLETE DYING YOUNG The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the market-place; Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high. To-day, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home, And set you at your threshold down. Townsman of a stiller town. Smart lad, to slip betimes away From fields where glory does not stay And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose. Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the record cut, And silence sounds no worse than c heers After earth has stopped the ears: Now you will not swell the rout Of lads that wore their honours out. Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man. So set, before its echoes fade. The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still-defended challenge-cup. And round that early-laurelled head Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead, And find unwithered on its curls The garland briefer than a girl’s. A. E. Housman 1 lirrfw® ■ t ■■;■$ ■ ?. ' f .h£ ■ ' ■ ■‘■ : ••• sp fe ' . ' ' -- ' .‘.’ ' :, VSV :.» r r ' " A " ‘ ; ‘ T „ ■ -» V v ‘. A I-. ■ 4 5 V . As the rain swept Blackwell field, Davis Elkins swept Morris Harvey by a score of 8-2. The defeat left M.H. with a 7-2 overall record and destroyed their championship hopes. In favor of M.H. it must be said they never let up and played well to the end. Most teams down 8-0 would have given up but the team, more determined than ever to make a good showing, came back with the final 2 goals in front of an appreciative crowd. wntwiow i A. XT JR rl • m (1st row, L-K) Coach Tom Nozica, Hugh McCann, John Duernhcrger, Dave Harrington, Harry Wolfersbergcr, Charlie Mould, Ed Polhemus, Scott Fisher, Frank Russo, Chip Spencer, Larry Miller; (2nd row) Kevin Butler, Kevin McCauley, Mike Wetzel, Mark Bloomberg, Mike DeBenede ' tte, John Howard, Craig Baecker, Gary Williams. OPPONENT M.H. SCORE Fairmont WON 6—1 Wesleyan WON 3-2 Morehead WON 5—0 Transylvania WON 2—0 Bethany Lost 4—3 Wesleyan WON 3—1 Fairmont WON 4—2 Davis Elkins Lost 8—2 Virginia Tech Lost 3—1 Alderson-Broaddus Lost 8—2 137 138 1 ; (1st row, L-R) R. Hartman, J. Fout, K. Merchant, J. Eaton, B. Wesley, S. Conley, S. Gilkeson, (2nd row) R. Meckfessel, C. Dawson, D. Angle, H. Dickerson, G. Childers, A. Williams, R. Wood, and B. Robinette. VARSITY BASKETBALL OPPONENT M.H. SCORE Beckley WON 81— 51 W. Va. State WON 91— 77 Glenville WON 63— 46 Marshall Lost 96—100 N. Y. Tech WON 90— 79 Fairmont State Lost 89— 85 Toledo Lost 81—102 Drury Lost 60— 76 Lincoln WON 92— 57 Hanover Lost 72— 75 Concord WON 109— 79 W. Va. Tech WON 80— 79 Salem WON 118— 64 Marshall WON 99— 93 W. Va. Wesleyan WON 107— 88 Alderson-Broaddus WON 80— 79 Davis Elkins WON 115— 83 W. Va. Tech WON 75— 74 Glenville Lost 81— 81 Fairmont State WON 86— 85 W. Va. State WON 95— 85 Wheeling WON 80— 75 West Liberty WON 89— 80 W. Va. Wesleyan WON 118— 76 Concord WON 104— 72 Salem WON 78— 60 Bluefield WON 87— 77 Glenville Lost 66— 71 Glenville WON 76— 73 Glenville WON 66— 60 Western New England WON 99— 76 Maryland State Lost 88— 78 I I 140 mm Pledges Back M.h En RouTe To WVIAC Title The Golden Eagles won their third WVIAC tournament in the last five years! In the tournament the Golden Eagles came up against a tough Glenville team which forced the Eagles to win a two out of three playoff before earn¬ ing the right to go to Kansas City. The Eagles, led by Eaton and Dickerson, rolled over their op¬ ponent, Western New England, in Morris Harvey’s opening tourna¬ ment game. Maryland Slate, sec¬ ond in the nation, was their next opponent and the last. 142 hom The J.V. team in not pictured; most of the players also play varsity. The J.V. team members are: D. ANGLE, G. BERLIN, B. DIXON, C. FOSS, S. GILKESON, B. KLATZIN, A. OSBORNE, and G. SWARTZ. I Cheerleaders i r 1 i i i The Cheerleaders for the 1969-1970 seas on are: (1st row, L-R) K. Austin, M. Hodges, J. Morrison; (2nd row) M. Fort, P. Gannon, B. Dershowitz, B. Thomas, and G. Rohan. 146 147 BASEBALL The baseball team finished their season with three straight conference losses coming at the hands of Fairmont and West Liberty, leaving the Southern Conference Championship at the hands of West Virginia Tech. The losses left the Eagles with a 12-13 overall record and a 9-5 in Conference play. 1 In 1969 70 baseball tram mrmbrrs an : (1st row, L-R) F. Russo, B. Burgess, S. Vincell, P. Cicconr, R. Phelan, B. Klatzin, J. Forney, P. Rusos, M. Santora, J. Bado, D. Knapp, D. Godby, J. Rydrr, B. Pulaski, G. Williams, (manager) , B. Romanrllo, S. Licklitcr, D. Gibcaut, T. Harrobl, W. Fagan, J. Wildingrr, and H. Adams. 148 BASEBALL SCORES Pikeville WON W. V a. State Fairmont West Liberty West Liberty High Point Pfeiffer Appalachian W. Ya. Tech Mo rehead Morehead Muskingum Muskingum Marietta W. Va. State Salem Alderson - Broad d us Alderson-Broaddus Concord Concord W. Va. Tech Marshall Marshall Glenville Glenville ♦- WON Lost Lost Lost Lost WON Lost Lost Lo9t WON Lost Lost Lost WON WON WON WON WON WON Lo9t Lo9t Lo9t WON WON 5— 0 4— - 2 6 — 2 5— 0 4— 1 11 — 8 11 — 3 4— 3 4— 1 14— 6 9— 8 7— 3 7— 2 7— 6 8— 7 7 - 6 7— 3 12 — 0 2 — 0 13— 1 11—10 10 — 1 2 — 0 6— 2 6— 1 149 150 TENNIS In winning the conference tennis tournament held at Oglebay Park, the Eagle ten¬ nis team won their sixth straight WVIAC tennis cham¬ pionship. In the tournament, wins were recorded by Cor¬ don, Ely, Mooney, White, and Miller. In the doubles, wins were by Ely-Gordon, Howard-Mooney, and Samuels- White duos. The team members are (1st row, L-K) S. Gordon S. Samuels, B. Mooney, D. White; (2nd row) Coach Meckfessel, J. Meyerwitz, E. Ely, and J. Howard. K. Miller and C. Baldwin are not shown. 153 GOLFERS 7th IN CONFERENCE TJu! Golfers are: (1st wlio is not pictured. row, L-R) R. Keller, Coach Robinette, B. Gottlieb; (2ml row) J. Phillips, J. Frankel, .. Peck, and J. Moore, 154 CREW, A NEW SPORT AT M.H. The crew team consists of: (1st row, L-R) Coach J. Bodine, B. Heyman, S.. Cox, V. Longtin, R. Pickman, N. Longtin, D. Roush; (2nd row) S. Kuperstock, P. Kaplerchuk, J. Busconi, B. Fener, J. Frank, P. Fulcher, J. Mottesheard, D. Allen, and R. Diou. 156 I 157 7i r a Coach John Bodine of Purdue is Morris Harvey’s new crew coach. Only two of the men on the team had previous crew experience. 159 •V ' v«.y : fe 3S J ; M.H. TAKES SWIM CHAMPIONSHIP I ! Tjfl iff; -SI : ggg|g ' |pl M f 71 The 1970 Swim Team members are: (1st row, L-R) J. Heinecke, E. Boardman, R. Melick, A. Gwynne; (2nd row) H. Rubin, K. Chamberlin, M. Berry, C. Gordon, R. Herndon, B. Wickham; (3rd row) A. Levine, F. Feit, T. Lerma, J. Smith, and Coach Tsuchiya. A. Herzog and T. White are missing from the picture. OPPONENT M.H. SCORE W. Va. Tech WON 77—27 Berea WON 86—17 Morehead Lost 46—58 V.P.I. Lost 39—65 W. Liberty WON 65—27 Fairmont WON 66—37 Alderson-Broaddus WON 57—33 W. Va. Tech WON 63—40 Marshall Lost 43—60 Wesleyan WON 65—39 WVIAC CHAMPIONSHIP M.H. 193.5 W. Va. Wesleyan 82.5 W. Liberty 58.0 Shepherd 57.0 Fairmont 40.0 W. Va. Tech 11.0 Alderson-Broaddus 0.0 fiitm 162 1 r . j L .j A2 l FOOTBALL CHAMPS INTRAMURALS: The 1969-70 football season came to an exciting climax when the Alpha Sigs won the championship by defeating the Tekes 74. In winning their 17th straight game, the Sigs brought the championship home for the 2nd consecutive year. It was a close season with five teams in contention up till the very end. Pictured below are the winning team members. They are (1st row, left to right): B. Kline, J. Wildinger, L. Belknap, A. Margolin, J. Dougherty, M. Santora, J. Bado, and E. Eisenwain; (2nd row) M. Derrigo, P. Scoppa, and J. Markioli. 164 The ALL STAR TEAM is composed of T. Keffer, H. Grajanskas, R. Phelan, A. Mack, L. Belknap, G. Fanelli, R. Haug, R. McConnell, J. Moore, E. Grein, D. Dwyer, H. Adams, C. Dye, J. Fecto, and D. Kline. V 1 «. ■ mm " A (KljU; ' . 4 . r U . V s ' 1 Jf| - • i iki t ' -r 165 5 1 MEN’S INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL: NATIONAL LEAGUE TKE 7—1 Texas Lunch 6—2 Faculty 4 3 Sig Eps 3 4 Zoo 3 4 Freshman 1—6 Theta Xi 0—7 AMERICAN LEAGUE Alpha Sig9 7—0 Animals 5—2 Rebels 5—2 Unknowns 4—3 Benedum Bullies 4—3 ZBT 2—5 Zransanski 1—6 FACULTY VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS MEN’S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL “A” LEAGUE w L “B” LEAGUE w L Alpha Sigma Phi 11 0 Benedum Bullies 11 0 Animals 10 1 Sons of Italy 10 1 Boro Boys 9 2 Alpha Sigma Phi 8 3 Rebels 8 3 Beaver Patrol 7 4 Tan Kappa Epsilon 7 4 Love 7 4 Faculty 5 6 Byrds 5 6 Educators 5 6 Kegs 4 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 5 6 Tau Kappa Epsilon 4 7 Kinder’s Choice 4 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 4 7 Hardy Boys 2 9 Zeta Beta Tau 3 8 Hillbillies 1 10 Sissonville Bombers 2 9 West Side Generals 0 11 Theta Xi 0 11 The Intramural basketball season came to a close with the “A” league champs. Alpha Sigma Phi, and the Benedum Bullies, “B” league champs, having identical 11-0 records. The Sigs were unsuccessful in their attempt to sweep the tournament because of tough competition from the Boro Boys. In an exciting 2 out of 3 contest the , Boro Boys came from behind to win. In “B” league tournament action the Sons of Italy upended the Benedum Bullies by a 75-74 score margin to gain tournament victory. t INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL In intramural softball this year, the TKEs and SICs won in the two leagues. In the tournament, the SICs overtook the TKEs 13-3. Mike Dtrrigo was the winning pitcher. 173 Tj 1 El A I ROAD RUNNERS WIN TOURNAMENT r r j AE PHI PLUS TWO LEAGUE CHAMPS WOMEN’S INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL 1. AEPhi Plus Two 2. Road Runners 3. Dynamics 4. Go-Getters 5. Jet-Set The AEPhi AOII Blue and Gold Fuzzies Apollos Infedels All-Stars Plus Two, who were undefeated this season, won the softball league championship by beating AOII in a very close game. The Road Runners came from behind to win the tournament. £ mm-A .-A .’ ' ' ♦» 0K SOFTBALL mm I VOLLEYBALL AOII wound up the women’s intramural volley¬ ball season by walking off with the championship. Throughout the season they were undefeated. Tro¬ phies went to the outstanding players of the season. The AOIIs who received them were: S. Teft, E. Gannon, D. Reed, A. Todd, L. Althoz, D. Czifra, N. Slack, and C. Cantwell. The OAIIs also received a team trophy. GOLD LEAGUE 1. Dynamics Unlimited 2. AOII 3. Eightstranauts 4. Hustler’s Express 5. Bob Whites 6. Charlie Brown 7. Apollos MAROON LEAGUE AEPhi Plus Two Jet-Set Capt. Conways Cretins Blue and Gold Fuzzies Road Runners Delta Zeta Super Chickens MliigjiMii ■ 70707070 707070707 7C707070 707070707 70 070 707 707 707 707 707 070 707070707 707 707070707 70707070 70707070 70 070 707 070 707 ADMINISTRA TION Students watch and wonder at these Sunday dressed adults. The world is different from what it was in their open collared days, But they have changed too . . . ... Frank LePage MARSHALL BUCKALEW, President ADMINISTRATION JAMES ROWLEY, Vice President and Academic Dean FRANK KREBS, Vice President for Student Affairs BELFORD ROBERTS, Treasurer and Business Manager WILLIAM ALBRIGHT, College Chaplain DOUGLAS BUMGARDNER, Diree- DOUGLAS CALL, Director of Admissions tor of Geary Student Union and BETTY CALDWELL, Student Financial Aid Officer and Director of Placement. Director of Community Services. FRED COFFINDAFFER, Assistant Dean for Institutional Research MX Middle: BENJAMIN KING, Registrar. Lower: LUTHER KOONTZ, Assistant Academic Dean in Charga of Evening Classes. Right: FRANK LePAGE, Director of Development Funds. 193 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Paul Anderson Fred Bannerot, Jr. Bert Bradford, Jr. Marshall Buckalevv John Cabot H. P. Campbell Wilburn Campbell George Cato W. E. Chilton III Lyell Clay Earl Cottrell Wilber Cox Mason Crickard Hugh Curry Thomas Day William Davis Neil Elphick John Field Carl Gilchrist Rocco Gorman Paul Hinkle David Johnson Herbert Jones, Sr. Sydney Kleeman J. W. Martin J. E. McDavid Fred Otto James Phillips Miller Porterfield John Ray William Rice Leonard Riggleman Roy Rollins, Sr. James Rowley Alex Schoenbaum William Shearer Fred Staunton A. S. Thomas A. Garnett Thompson Deal Tompkins Russell Wehrle Charles Wise, Jr. Bert Wolfe, Jr. Ray Evans C. W. Ferguson Franklin Johnson J. B. F. Yoak, Jr. Honorary Members 197 +v m r • DIVISION AND DEPARTMENT HEADS: DIVISION OF HUMANITIES HENRY WOLF, Chairman. HAROLD EWING, Music. Mg ' 1 m | S 198 JAMES GIBSON, Art (Acting). « ••• ' » » " " ■i ,7 ' ! ' £? » ' ' ‘ tHtf+ZtiZ i . » .. » VIRGINIA GRAY, PETER OLDEN, Speech. Modern Languages. ROBERT NEWMAN, Religion and Philosophy. NATURAL SCIENCES ROBERT NUNLEY, Biology. GEORGE LAZENBY, Physics (Acting) . (below) P. E. ROLLER Mathematics. (below) JESSE SPENCER, Chemistry. GLENN SMITH, Chairman DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCES DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES C. E. ROTH, Chairman. Upper left: ROBERT BAYLOUS, Health and Physical Education. Upper middle: NATHAN GERRARD, Sociology. Upper right: EDGAR GRAY, History. Lower l eft: EVELYN HARRIS, Political Science. Lower middle: THOMAS LOWE. Geography (Acting). Lower right: KENNETH McCUTCHAN, Psychology. 202 ' DIVISION OF PROFESSIONAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION FRED COFFINDAFFER, pictured on page 186, is the chairman. I H 204 70707070 707070707 70707070 707070707 70 070 707 707 707 707 707 070 707070707 707 707070707 206 70707070 707070707 70707070 70707070 707070707 70707070 70 070 707 707 70 070 707 707 707 707 UNDERCLASS 070 707070707 070 Freshmen, you can spot them anywhere! Candid, non-sophisticated faces, They are becoming known in a world which is yet unknown to them. The Sophomore year is an awakening. They learn about life. Beneath their apathetic cool are sensitive feeling individuals. The Junior is alone. He knows himself better but has apprehensions about the world he has yet to face. These college years are lived; then gone. The beauty of them is not taken away but remains in the memories recorded in a crumpled yearbook. [I ! j ' f ' Freshman Class Officers are: Kevin Merchant, Vice-President; Bob Collins, S.G.A. Representative; Tammy Trubin, Secretary-Treasurer; Gary Forman, Sergeant-at-Arms; Alan Barry, President. CLASS OF 73 Marilyn Adkins Barbara Baccino Cindy Bail David Bailey Frank Boccio Jason Campiglia Karen L. Dean Mary E. Deck Judy Dotson Steven. Duryea ; i 208 A. m Cindy Groves Tom Hamer Wendy Harris Ellen Kiviat Daniel Klein Wendie Elovich Sharon Ervin Cathy Ann Fleet Michele Fruchter Bruce Jennings Terry Keffer Cherie King Ann Kinsolving I t I ! I Steve Parvey Sandy Phares Pamela Rabel Richard Reily Bernie Romanello Sandra Runyan Robert Schneck Joyce Seckman Linda Shade Nancy Shamblin I 210 Meli Vasquez Susan Wald Linda Walton Arnold Wexler Lance Wilhelm Charlene Williams Tom Wright Michael Zimmerman Marcy Steele Richard Strumer Carol Teed Joyce Thompson Tammy Trubin Martin Valerio I Sophomore Cla93 Officers are: Ray Green, President; Ken Miller, Secretary-Treasurer; Pete Levine, Sergeant-at-Arms ; Orin Winstin, Vice-President; Stacy Baker, S.G.A. Representative. CLASS OF 72 Joyce Adams Laura Altholz Michael Beck Robert Belcher Josephine Bergeron Myrtle Blackwell Sue Branscome Carl Carte Cathie Conway Richard Cook I ' I. I 212 s Stephen Cox Joyce Crowder David Curich Nanci Danison Richard Diou Sarah Domokaa Robert Duane John Duernberger Barbara Edelman Judith Fogle Linda Ferrell Cindy Fisher Linda Flinn Marie Fort Charles Foss II Rita Grey Barbara Grose Roy Harrold Stephanie Hessom Rosalie Hoffman i i ■ Vickie Hopkins Marcia hunter Sandy Jackson Lynn Jemison Chris Juliano Jerry Keaton Joyce Kidd Arnold Kuperstein Robin Kurot Lawrence Laper Helen Law Sue Lipusz Debbie Lukowitz Edilu Moore Nicholas Munoz Cathy Murdock Debi Neil Marilyn Orrill Cindy Panetta Ann Pearlstein Ronald Phelan Ronald Pickman Carol Poynter Nancy Prince Barbara Quinn Donna Reed Betty Roth Martyne Salitsky Carmella Sbordone Katrina Sheets Debbi Siegall Ann Simpson Vincent Smith Allen Sosniak Eugene Spencer Tom Steeley Alan Stern Joan Stickle Sally Stollings Susie Swan Steve Swillinger Audrey Todd Kathy Welbourn Beverly We9tfall Kathryn Wood Diane Young Junior Class Officers are: John Montazzoli, President; Buzzy Burke, Vice-President; Mike Derrigo, Sergeant-at-Arms; Doug Pond, S.G.A. Representative; and David Scotch, Secretary-Treasurer. I CLASS OF 71 F w R Mm n T ' v [ yp -r ' f r J ' f Richard Abel Wayne Apnman Jacque Bailey Bonnie Belinsky Larry Belknap Linda Blasucci Murrel Brewer Norma Broyles Danny Broyles Nancy Burke John Busconi Barbara Casdorph William Champion Phyllis Cirelli Saundra Clark I I 218 ■ Ronnie Cohen Dreama Conn George Dailey Karen Davenport Glen Ferrell Joanne Fisher Jim Fout Gary Freeland Angela Fusco Dennis Gallow Pam Givens Ruie Geraj 219 ' Virginia Gordon Mary Hogshead Ed Hardman Charles Hochman Benjamin Hoover Linda Howard Barbara Hughes Mary Iannarelli Karen Johnson Terry Kaiser 220 Carolyn Kelso William Kroll Terry Land Sarah Levy Sharon Lipscomb Claudia Long Louise Lucas Mollie Maloney Janice Mann Gail Marcus Peter Marinakis Joyce McClure Robert Mease Harriet Medin Cheryl Miller 221 Larry Miller Allan Millstein Jacqueline Morrison Sue Nashner Janice Perry Cynthia Roberts Cindy Rose Linda Padella Linda Runyan Linda Sailta Ptaricia Schillings Marsha Scabolt James Shovlin Joyce Smith Sterling Spangler Joseph Stanco Steve Thompson 222 Stanley White Virginia Williams Patty Wilson Roger Wood Charlotte Worthy Sue Thompson James Tomlinson Wendy Tortomas Joe Vincent Richard Volkert David Wallace Alice Watson Barbara Watson m 225 SENIORS 70707070 707070707 70707070 707070707 70 070 707 707 707 707 707 070 70707070 7 707 707070707 The End, yet the beginning. No matter what happens this year, beneath their calm realm of antiquity they are fighting a battle, the battle of tomorrow, today. In this revolting, limitless world They are seeking their own identities, and a copesetic life. CLASS OF 70 Senior Class Officers are: JAMES FIOLA, President; ARNOLD MARGOLIN, Vice-President (not shown); TOM PICCOLO, S.G.A. Representative; CARL BERGMAN, Secretary-Treasurer; JOHN DOUGHERTY, Sergeant-at-Arms. KENNETH ABELL Business Administration FRANK ADDARIO English SUSAN ADLER English DAVID ALBERT Physics PEGGY ALEXANDER Physical Education SADIE ALEXANDER Elementary Education RALPH ALLENBAUGH English DIANNA ANDREWS Sociology 228 ANDREA ARLEN Sociology DALE ATKINS Speech KAREN ATKISSON Secretarial Science MITCHELL AUSTIN History BETTY BAILES Biology ELAINE BAILEY Sociology JOEL BALGLEY Sociology NELSON BEERS, JR. Business Administration CARL BERGMAN Economics BELA BERTY Business Administration DANNY BLAND Economics SUZANNE BOSSIE English PATTY BOSTIC Social Studies MARY BOTANA Humanities MARGARET BOWE Art LINDA BRANNICK Speech EDITH BREWER Humanities PATRICIA BROWN English BOB BRUNO Biology LAURENCE BUMBALO Geography 229 ■mi i It i SHARON BURKE Speech KATHY BURKET Speech CAROLYN CANTLEY Nursing GARY CANTLEY History KATHLEEN CANTWELL Speech PATRICIA CASDORPH French SANDRA CHARNES Speech CATHLEEN CHIRICO Spanish PATTY CLARK Psychology SALLY CLEVELAND Sociology WILLIAM COLE Business Administration DAVID CONLEY Physical Education PENNY CONLEY Business Administration PAULA COOK Math ELAINE COOPER Nursing HOWARD CRAIN Business Administration RICHARD CRIMMEY Biology JEAN CUMMING Humanities ROBERT CUSTER, JR. Physical Education DORIS CZIFRA Humanities 230 ROBERT DALTON English ELAINE HARTLEY Humanities CHUCK DAWSON Sociology ANNABEL DAY English LEONORA DEBACCO Physical Education THOMAS DEBLOSSI Business Administration FRED DECKER Biology LAURA DELLAGUZZO English KEITH DENISON Business Administration BARBARA DERSHOWITZ Sociology LENNIE DILLS " ‘Nursing SHARON DODRILL Art MARY FRANCES DOSS Art MARGARET DOTSON History JOHN DOUGHERTY Humanities SHEILA DOWDS Psychology BECKY DRAKE Nursing ROBERT DUGUID Speech DANIEL DWYER Business Administration ; i 232 fi JOHN EATON Physical Education EVELYN ECKERT Music CURT EDDY Business Administration JAMES ELPHICK Speech ED ELY Business Administration DEAN EMIG Business Administration ANTHONY ENGESSER Physical Education RICHARD EISENBERG Speech PHILLIP FAMILLETTI Biology JEWELL FAZIO Social Science WILLAM FIACCONE Speech JAMES FIOLA History 233 ANNE FORBES Speech I PAUL FRANKLIN, JR. Biology JAMES FULLER English JOHN GAGLIARDI Biology TERRI GALLANTER Sociology EARL GARLAND Business Administration BARBARA GASS Humanities BORDEN GEWIN, JR. Business Administration IVAL GIBSON Business Administration STEVE GILKESON Business Administration MICHAEL GOLDMAN Sociology 234 PETER GOODWIN Business Administration CRAIG GORDON Physical Education ANDREA GREEN English MARGY GREEN Physical Education EDWARD GREIN English SAM GROSS Psychology RITA GUDELSKY Speech MARY GUM Humanities KAREN HAAS Music RENEE HAGER Nursing KEN HAIK Business Administration BONNIE HAMLIN Art if ’ i;t I i i ||l I, DONALD HARK Biology CAROLYN HALL ■ " Nursing PATRICIA HARPOLD Social Science THOMAS HARTSHORN Math and Biology KATHERINE HUST Art RICHARD HELMINSKI History JOHN HERRICK Bu siness Administration WILLIAM HERTER Speech DAVID HESS Psychology KAREN HOLLANDER Physical Education PATRICIA HOLMES Math CHARLES HOWARD Business Administration JACKIE IAIA Sociology YVONNE INGRAM Sociology RAYMOND JACOBSON Business Administration BARBARA JAHR Humanities CAROLYN JONES Social Science VINCENT JONES Sociology MERLE KADISH Humanities GINGER KEEFER Sociology I 236 PAUL KIENDEL History JUDITH KING Sociology JANIS KNORR Sociology ANNE KNUPPEL Humanities DONALD KOLB Business Administration KATHY KOSIC Humanities PAULA KOVACH Nursing ANDREA KRAEFT English HELEN KRAIGER Humanities RON KRANCHALK History MELINDA KUHN Social Science NICHOLAS KULINA Biology CAROL KUSHNER Humanities DREMA LAVENDER Nursing LINDA LEROSE Spanish and English SHARON LEWINE Sociology SUZETTE LEWIS ■ " Secretarial Science RIC LINDROTH Business Administration BARBARA LONGSTREETT Secretarial Science VICTOR LONGTIN Speech 237 KAREN LOYD Physical Education BILL LUCHT History JEFF LYTLE Biology david McAllister Business Administration Joseph McCarthy Biology rick McConnell Business Administration KEVIN MacPHERSON History I JOSEPH MAISTO Math JAMES MARCKIOLI Business Administration ARNIE MARGOLIN Economics VICKI MARQUARDT Humanities JOSEPH MARTIN Business Administration RON MASSEY Political Science MARY MAXWELL Physical Education SHIRLEY MAYL Humanities STEVE MEADOWS Biology BRENDA MEASE Business Administration CONNIE MERSHON English RICHARD METZ Business Administration MARY MILAM English PATRICIA MILLER English LIBBY MINOTTI Secretarial Science 239 i I I SUZANNE MILLER Nursing SUZETTE MILLER Nursing sara Mills English ROBERT MONDAY Physical Education BONNIE MONTAGUE History JIM MOORE Sociology SUSAN MORGAN English PATRICIA MORIARTY Physical Education BEVERLY MOSELEY Sociology BRENDA MULLINS Mathematics SANDRA MYERS Speech RUSSELL NICHOLS Business Administration ANNA NIGRO Humanities NANCY NORMAN Philosophy and Religion TERRY NORTH History JIM OATRIDGE Business Administration JAMES PARSLEY History HARRIET PERLMAN Sociology WILLIAM PERRY Business Administration TOM PICCOLO Business Administration CHARLES PILLETERI Sociology GLORIA PITELLO Physical Education JAMES POLLACK History JOHN PORCO Geography LINDA PROCTOR Physical Education CHARLES PUGH Political Science LLOYD REINHARD Sociology RORY RIBAK Chemistry LYNN RICHARDSON Social Science KIMBERLY RICHTER Biology GEORGIA ROHAN Physical Education JOYCE ROSSANO Biology 241 JOE ROSZKOWSKI Business Administration RICHARD RUBIN Sociology RICK RUDE Chemistry GEORGE RUELUS History RICHARD RYAN Business Administration MARCIA SACHS Humanities RICHARD SADOLF Music KAMAL SAMAR Physical Education SUE SEGALL Humanities FRED SEIDMAN Biology FRED SEIFERT History KENT SEITZ Biology RAY SEYLER Speech HELEN SHAPIRO Humanities PAT SHEEHAN History KARL SHELLEY Business Administration LINDA SHERRICK Physical Education CHARLES SHOMO Business Administration KAREN SIEKA Physical Education DOUGLAS STIMPSON History JEREEVEE SINGER Health and Physical Education JOSEPH SKULL Social Science NANCY SLACK English STEVEN SLACK Business Administration KATHY SOKOL Sociology CONNIE SPEAR Humanities 243 MARYBETH STANEK English ARLENE STECKI Humanities SAMUEL STEEVES Sociology JOHN STEVENS Political Science LAWRENCE STIER Business Administration LOIS STOELTING Humanities DAVID SULLIVAN Business Administration EVELYN TAINSKY Physical Education I l 244 THOMAS TALBOT History JUDITH TASCHER Humanities BARBARA TAYLOR Humanities JAMES TAYLOR Political Science STEVEN TAYLOR Sociology SUSAN TEFFT Physical Education TIM THOMAN Business Administration KIM THORN Humanities JANE TIEDEMAN History LINDA TOTH Political Science CHARLES TUNICK Business Administration MARGARET TURLEY Art ROBERT URION, JR. Business Administration SUZANNE VENABLES Sociology NANCY VICARS Nursing 245 REBECCA WALKER Nursing GLORIA WARWICK English LINDA WENDLING Political Science MATTHEW WERNER Psychology CARYN WESNER Physical Education MARK WEYMAN Business Administration PATTY WHITBECK Physical Education DIANNA WILKINSON Speech MARTHA WISE Biology ELAINE WOLFF Political Science LINDA WOOD Speech JEANNE WRIGHT Sociology CHARLES YOUNG Business Administration SALLY YOUNG Art BARBARA ZEHNTNER Social Studies JENNIFER ZELLER History ♦Denotes graduates of two-year programs. 246 SENIOR DIRECTOR Y ABELL, KENNETH FRENCH — Business Administration, 8006 Bar- row Street, Takoma Park, Maryland. ACORD, CHRISTABELL M. — Eng¬ lish, Beckley, West Virginia. ADAMS, VERLIN T. — Political Science, 11 Bethel Road, Charleston, West Virginia. ADDARIO, FRANK — English, 1624 St. Eduvigis, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. ADKINS, WALLACE EDWARD — French, Box 114 Vi, South Charleston, West Virginia. ADKINS, PEGGY L. — English, Box 6, Abraham, West Virginia. ADLER, SUSAN L. — English, 154-21 23rd Avenue, Whitestone, New York. ALBERT, DAVID O. — Physics, Road 1-Hilly Mobile Homes, Weirton, West Virginia. ALDERMAN, MATTISON W. JR. — Business Administration, Fort Turtle, New Cannaan, Connecticut. ALDERMAN, CAROL E. — 106 Grove Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia. ALEXANDER, MARGARET R. — Physical Education, 3005 La Vent- ance, San Clemente, California. ALEXANDER, SADIE E. — History, 102 Allman Street, Oak Hill, West Virginia. ALLENBAUGH, RALPH E. — Eng¬ lish, 301 66th Street, Charleston, West Virginia. ALLEN, WILLIAM D. — Business Administration, Box 154, Prosperity, West Virginia. ALTHOFF, ERWIN G. JR. — History, Box 265, Iaeger, West Virginia. AMICK, ROBERT B. — Math, 4612 Young Street, South Charleston, West Virginia. ANDRESEN, GORDON R. — Sociol¬ ogy, 142 West Elmwood Drive, South Plainfield, New Jersey. ANDREWS, DIANNA K.— Sociology, 1708 Littlepage Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. APPEL, ANDREW F. — History, 8331 Crestwood Street, Munster, Indiana. AREY, MARK L. — Physics, 1407 Sattes Circle, Nitro, West Virginia. ARLEN, ANDREA JANE — Sociol¬ ogy, 95 Sherwood Drive, Torrington, Connecticut. ASHCRAFT, GENILEE — History, Route 5, Box 33, Charleston, West Virginia. ATKINS, DALE M. — Speech, 1921 Harrison Avenue, St. Albans, West Virginia. ATKISSON, KAREN S. — Secretarial Science, Route 7, Box 121, South Charleston, West Virginia. AUSTIN, MITCHELL BARRY — His¬ tory, 41 Beverly Road, White Plains, New York. AYRES, JOSEPH H. — Business Administration, 912 W ' est Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. BABALIS, JOHN A. — Economics, 1202 Imperial Towers, Charleston, West Virginia. BAILES, BETTY J. — Biology, 1118 Swan Road. Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. BAILEY, ELAINE — Sociology, 7286 29th Street NE, Seattle, Washington. BAILEY, SHARON L. — Music, Route 2, Box 531 E., Charleston, West Virginia. BALGLEY, JOEL FISHER — Sociol¬ ogy, 15 Mountain View Drive, Hart¬ ford, Connecticut. BAKER, WINFRED F. — History, 407 W 7 ayne Drive, Charleston. West Vir¬ ginia. BALDWIN, PATRICIA A. — Sociol¬ ogy, 4801 Virginia Avenue, Charles¬ ton, W ; est Virginia. BALL. FLORENCE M. — English, Box 38, Hewett. W ? est Virginia. BANTON, THOMAS W. — Business Administration, 6241 Northeast 20th Way, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. BARKER. DAVID A. — Political Science, 945V£ 98th Street, Marmet, W 7 est Virginia. BARKER, JOHN W ; . — Business Administration, 1562 Quarrier Street. 247 Charleston, West Virginia. ! BARNETTE, JOHN E. — Humanities, Box 62, Skygusty, West Virginia. BARRETT. JOSEPH E. — English, Route 2, Box 181, Hurricane. W ' est Virginia. BARRETT, PHYLLIS — English, Star Route, Box 25. Whitesville, West Virginia. BARRINGER, HARRY — Math and Sociology, 1606 King Street, South Charleston. W ' est Virginia. BATES, BARBARA S. — Humanities, 2910 Phillips Street, South Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. BEERS, NELSON IRVING JR. — Business Administration, 189 Sound Beach Avenue, Greenwich, Connecti¬ cut. BELCHER, DORIS N. — Social Sci¬ ence, 856 Edgewood Drive, Charles¬ ton, W ' est Virginia. BENNETT, ROBERT L. — Psychol¬ ogy, 351 Central Avenue, South Charleston, W ' est Virginia. BERENT, MARK J. — Sociology, 315 E. 68th Street. New York, New York. BERGMAN, CARL STEWART — Economics, 14 East Craig Street. Basking Ridge, New Jersey. BERRY, DAVID CLIFFORD — So¬ ciology, 284 Windsor Lane, New Brighton, Minnesota. BERTY, BELA K. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 732 Myrtle Rd., Charleston, West Virginia. BIAS, ELSIE 1. — English, Box 414, Pineville, West Virginia. 1 BLACKBURN, SANDRA G. — Eng¬ lish, Route 1, Box 116A, Williamson, W ' est Virginia. || BLAKE, CLAUDE C. — Psychology. | 607 Imperial Towers, Charleston, | West Virginia. I BLAKE, MARGIE C. — English, Route 1, Box 175, Oak Hill. West Virginia. BLAND, DANNY D. — Economics and Psychology , 519 Orchard Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia. BLAYLOCK, TRUDA — History, It- mann, West Virginia. BOGGS, MORA L. — Sociology, Box 149, Oceana, West Virginia. BONE, LLOYD W. — History, P.O. Box 5, Dry Creek, West Virginia. BOOKER, ERNESTYNE D. — Eng¬ lish, Route 3, Box 31, Beckley, West Virginia. BOONE, NORMA IRENE — Sociology and Speech, 863 Valley Pike Drive, St. Albans, West Virginia. BOSLEY, ROSEMARY D. — English, 620 Market Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. BOSSIE, SUZANNE — English, 19 Bradford Street, Charleston, West Virginia. BOSTIC, PATRICIA ANN — Social Studies, 217 Quincy Street, South Charleston, West Virginia. BOTANA, MARY ELIZABETH — Humanities, 19 Dermont Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut. BOTMAN, PAUL S. — Physical Edu¬ cation, Route 2, Box 229, Beckley, West Virginia. BOWE, MARGARET ANN — Art, Box 281, Riverside, West Virginia. BOXLEY, ROBERT D. — Business Administration, 105 Tolley Drive, Beckley, West Virginia. BRANNICK, LINDA DOLORES — Speech, 3 Hartland Road, Man¬ chester, Connecticut. BREWER, GOLDIE E. — Humanities, Box 16, Maple Lane, Elkview, West Virginia. BREZINSKI, MARIAN E. — Sociol¬ ogy, Field Hall, Minneapolis, Minne- j sota. BROOKS, KENNER — Natural Sci¬ ence, Box 10, Glen Daniels, West Virginia. BROWDER, JAMES W. — Physical Education, 210 6th Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. BROWN, JAMES T. — Business j Administration, 6644 Wakefield Drive, Alexandria, Virginia. BROWN, JOHN D. — Math, 133 | Taylor Street, Hurricane, West Vir¬ ginia. BROWN, PATRICIA B. — English, Route 2, Box 15, Elkview, West Virginia. BROWN, STEPHEN VENAL — His¬ tory, 601 Hall Street, Charleston, West Virginia. BROWN, WILLIAM — Business Administration, Route 1, Box 116, Winfield, West Virginia. BRUNER, HARRY C. — Political Science, 3719 Kanawha Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. fl 1 1 BRUNO, BOB — Biology, 58 Harrison Street, Washington, Pennsylvania. BUMBALO, LAURENCE J. — Geog¬ raphy, 354 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, New York. BURKET, KATHLEEN ANN — Speech, 421 Allegheny Avenue, Oak- mont, Pennsylvania. BURKE, SHARON LOUISE — Politi¬ cal Science, 40 Pacific Street, Edi¬ son, New Jersey. BURNELL, MARY A. — History, 518 Benoni Avenue, West Virginia. BUTLER, AARON W. — Biology, Elm Street, Box 62, Institute, West Vir¬ ginia. BYARD, FRED H. — Business Admin¬ istration, 800A Cedar Road, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. CAIN, DANNY L. — Music, 843 South Washington Street, St. Albans, West Virginia. CAINE, MARY A. — Sociology, 903 Amherst Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. CANTLEY, BYRON R. — Physical Education, 215 Locust Drive, Beck- ley, West Virginia. CANTLEY, CAROLYN — Sociology, 1027 South Park Road, Charleston, West Virginia. CANTLEY, GARY DALE — History, Blooming Rose, West Virginia. CANTWELL, KATHLEEN — Speech, 2627 Wynote Road, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. CARACCIOLO, WILLIAM J. — Busi¬ ness Administration, Blue Anchor Road, Blue Anchor, New Jersey. CARPENTER, EDITH G. — English, 725 Gordon Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. CASDORPH, PATRICIA S. — French, 3372-A Alcoa Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. CASSIDY, DELORIS J. — English, 15 Grape Street, Gallipolis, Ohio. CENEY, JOYCE A. — Math, 885 South Park Road, Ch arleston, West Virginia. CHABEREK, WALTER A. — Biology. 23 Brook Street, Torrington, Con¬ necticut. CHAMNESS, DONALD R. E. — Bi¬ ology, 2903 Noyes Avenue, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. CHAPMAN, VIRGINIA M. — History, Servia, West Virginia. CHARNES, SANDRA J. — Speech, 85 Ayers Court, Teaneck, New Jersey. CHILDERS, GARY CLARK — Phys¬ ical Education, Rural Route Box 281, Chapmanville, West Virginia. CHILDERS, LEONARD K. — English, Elm Street, Winfield, West Virginia. CHIRICO, CATHLEEN LIA — Span¬ ish, 1839 Scott Avenue, West Islip, New York. CHREST, JOSEPH H. — Business Administration, Hansford, West Vir¬ ginia. CLARK, PATTI — Psychology, Road 6, Franklin Pike, Meadville, Penn¬ sylvania. CLARKE, EILEEN M. — Sociology, 805 Kresson Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey CLEVELAND, SALLY ANN — Sociol¬ ogy, 932 Oakhurst Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. CLINE, BILLY J. — Business Admin¬ istration, 938 Hazelwood, Charleston, West Virginia. CLINE, JUDY K. — English, 601 Ruffner Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. CLOXTON, HARRY L. — Social Science, 1128 West 11th Street, Nitro, West Virginia. COBB, BARBARA S. — Spanish and English, Route 4, Box 116, Clenden- in. West Virginia. COBB, JACK DALE — Chemistry, Ravenswood. West Virginia. COLE, EDITH S. — Humanities, Box 92, Coal City, West Virginia. COLE, JEAN M. — English, 313 Mountain View Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. COLE, WILLIAM D. — Business Administration, Post Office Box 421, Beckley, West Virginia. COLLINS, LLOYD H. —Business Administration, 1202 Chown Drive, South Charleston, West Virginia. COLVARD. BEVERLY — Psychology, 856 Edgewood Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. | v ■-O ' f CONLEY, DAVID HARDING — Physical Education. 176 Kenna Drive, South Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. CONLEY, PENNY L. — Business , Administration, 176 Kenna Drive, South Charleston. West Virginia. COOK, BETTY A. — English, Box 323, Oceana, West Virginia. COOK, PAULA M. — Math. 700 Garvin Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. COOPER. CARL F. — Business Ad¬ ministration, Poca, W ' est Virginia. •“COOPER, SHARON ELAINE— Nursing, Box 106, White Oak. West Virginia. CORALESKI, ROBERT S. — Sociol¬ ogy, 111 Maple Street, Crannmoor Manor, Toms River, New Jersey. CORNETTE, EMILY M. — English, Madison, West Virginia. CORNWELL, ROGER D. — Speech, 227 Henson Avenue. Apartment 6, South Charleston. West Virginia. COURTNEY, ELIZABETH B. — So¬ ciology, 417 Woodlawn. Beckley, West Virginia. COURTNEY, RICHARD A. — Busi¬ ness Administration, 2520 Larwood Drive, Charleston. West Virginia. COWLEY, FRANCES A. — Humani¬ ties, Dorothy, West Virginia. CRADDOCK, ARBUTUS M. — Eng¬ lish, Box 209, Route 1, Mount Hope, W ' est Virginia. CRAIN, HOWARD RICHARD - 249 Business Administration, 89 Field- stone Lane, Valleystream, New York. CRIMMEY, RICHARD J. — Biology, 17 Isabel Avenue, Gienolden, Penn¬ sylvania. CRIMMINS, ARTHUR L — Business Administration, 824 Bridge Road, Charleston. West Virginia. CUMMING, ALICIA JEAN — Hu¬ manities, 4810 David Drive, Pitts¬ burgh, Pennsylvania. CUMMINGS, FOREST H. — English, Rural Route, Spurlockville, West Virginia. CURICH. FRANK EDWARD — Busi¬ ness Administration, 73 Village Road, Pompton Plains, New Jersey. CURRY, BRIDGET N. — Humanities, j Route 2, Box 22B, Delbaritm, West Virginia. CUSTER, ROBERT R. JR. — Physical Education, 300 West Main, Apart¬ ment B, Belle, West Virginia. CZIFRA, DORIS ARLENE — Hu¬ manities, 31-15 Genther Road, Fair- lawn, New Jersey. DAILEY, DAVID M, — Business Administration, 3434 Howen’s Mill Road, Ona, W ' est Virginia. DALTON, ROBERT P AUL — English, Box 68, Hillsboro, West Virginia. DANIEL, IVAN M. — Business Ad- ministration, 1020 Woodlawn Avenue, Berkley, West Virginia. ' ' •• . • % : DARTLEY, ELAINE J. — Humanities. 16 Whitewood Road, Tenafly, New Jersey. DAVIS, EULAH A. - English, 506 West McDonald Avenue, Man. West Virginia. DAVIS, GEORGE J. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 947 Somerset Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. DAVIS, GERRY E. — Social Science, 250 Box 88, Kopperston, West Virginia. DAWSON, CHARLES ROBERT — Sociology, 1726- 11th Avenue, Hunt¬ ington, West Virginia. DAY, ANNABEL L. — English, 400- 14th Street, Belle, West Virginia. DEAN, SANDRA SUE — Sociology, 708 Churchill Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. DEBACCO, LEONORA MARIA — Physical Education, 401 Lake Street, Newark, New Jersey. DEBLOSSI, THOMAS LEE — Busi¬ ness Administration, 115 Gibsen Boulevard, Clark, New ' Jersey. DECKER, FRED A. — Biology, 3908 1st Avenue, Vienna, West Virginia. DELLAGUZZO, LAURA JOAN — English, 161 Verona Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. DENBIGH, JOHN M. — Business Administration, Ridgemount Road, Spencer, W ' est Virginia. DENNIS, THOMAS J. — Political Science, 33 Falls Terrace, Oakville, Connecticut. DENSON, KEITH E. II — Business Administration, 920 Park Street, St. Albans, West Virginia. DERRICK, JOHN W. — Social Sci¬ ence, Route 1, Box 365, Elkview, W ' est Virginia. DERSHOW1TZ, BARBARA R. — So¬ ciology, 6337 Waldrow Street, Pitts¬ burgh, Pennsylvania. DEVORE, WILLIAM H. — Physical Education, 18 Thayer Street, Wash¬ ington, Pennsylvania. DILLS, LENNIE — Nursing, 405 Morris Street, Apartment 2, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. D1NGESS. BILL F. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 2468 Sunnyside Street, DODRILL, SHARON S. — Art and English, 624 Gordon Drive, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. DODSON, LINDA M. — History and Humanities, 405 24th Street Wes t, Belle, West Virginia. DOLLY, MARY FRANCIS — Art and English, 309 Parkview Drive, St. Albans, West Virginia. DOSS, MARY FRANCES — Art, St Albans, West Virginia. DOTSON, MARGARET — Humani¬ ties, 5708 Starling Drive, Rand, West Virginia. DOUGHERTY, JOHN WILLIAM — Physical Education, 325 Holtaw Lane, Bricktown, New Jersey. DOWDS, SHELIE C. — Psychology, 3521 Drumore Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. H DUGLID, ROBERT EDWARD — Speech, 64 Sport Hill Parkway, Easton, Connecticut. I DUMVILLE, CAROL A. — English, 403B. Road 1, Langhorne, Pennsyl¬ vania. DWYER, DANIEL — Business Ad¬ ministration, 5K Arcadia Road, Hack¬ ensack, New Jersey. EARY, SHARON M. — Speech, 1035 Bridge Road, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. EASON, CAROLYN S. — Sociology, Clay, West Virginia. EATON, JOHN THOMAS — Physical Education, 113 State Street, Proctor- ville, Ohio. ECKERT, EVELYN ARLINE — Mu¬ sic Education, 81 West Hillside Avenue, Thomaston, Connecticut. EDDY, CURTIS WELLINGTON — Business Administration, 10 College Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey. EISENBURG, RICHARD E. — Speech, 507 Hanaker Avenue, Richmond, Vir¬ ginia. ELPHICK, JAMES C. — Speech, Number 1 Lantern Lane, Darien, Connecticut. ELY, EDWARD MARSHALL — Busi¬ ness Administration, 927 9th Street, Nitro, West Virginia. EMIG, DEAN L. — Business Admin¬ istration, Road 6, York, Pennsyl¬ vania. ENGESSER, ANTHONY M. — Phys¬ ical Education, 836 Raleigh Drive, Toms River, New Jersey. EPSTEIN, ELLEN SUE — English, 310X Ford Road, White Plains, New York. ESTEP, GEORGE W. — Business Administration, Route 1, Box 480, St. Albans, West Virginia. FABER, MARY ELLEN — Art, Gross- cup and Bridge Road, Charleston, West Virginia. FALZONE, CARL — History, 890 Second Avenue, Franklin Square, New York. FAMILLETTI, PHILIP C. — Biology, Titus Road, Olen Cove, New York. FARUS, MARIE HELENE — French, 8422 Houston Street, Silver Springs, Maryland FAYMAN, SUZANNE A. — Humani¬ ties, 502 Morris Drive, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. FAZIO, JEWELL W. — Social Sci¬ ence, 202 Country Club Road, Oak Hill, West Virginia. FEAZELL, GEORGE E. — History, 8291 2 Somerset Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. FEKETE, FRANKLIN D. — Sociol¬ ogy, Route 5, Box 616, Charleston, W ' est Virginia. FERRELL, BONYLIN — English, Box 93, Madison, West Virginia. FERRELL, DANA LEE — Business Administration, 4 Thompson, Madi¬ son, West Virginia. FIACCONE, WILLIAM B. — Speech, 35 Dale Drive, Summit, New Jersey. FIOLA, JAMES LEO — History, 225 Connons Drive, Vienna, Virginia. FITZWATER, GENEVA M. — Hu¬ manities, Box 25 Sandstone, West Virginia. FLESHMAN, REBA — Sociology, Box 356, Crab Orchard, West Virginia. FLINT, CAROLE JEANNE — Hu¬ manities, Sylvester, West Virginia. FLOYD, JAMES O. — History, 704 Churchill Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. FORBES, ELLEN ANN — Speech, 2006 Huber Road, Charleston, West Virginia. FOX, SHIRLEY J. — English, Backus Route, Meadow Bridge, West Vir¬ ginia. FRAME, ROBERT E. — Biology, 305 Crestview Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. FRANCIS, MICHAEL S. — Biology, 34 Lee Way, Madison, Connecticut. FRANKLIN, PAUL — Biology, 424 58th Street South East, Charleston, West Virginia. FREEDMAN, ROGER A. — Sociology, 168 Waverly Avenue, East Rockaway, New York. FRENCH, BETTY JEAN — English, Box 296, MacArthur, West Virginia. FRIDLEY, LLOYD R. — Business Administration, 2604 26th Street, Nitro, West Virginia. FULLER, JAMES ALLAN — English, 1219 Warwick Street, Uniondale, New York. FULLER, MARY J. — Art and English, 5306 Noyles Avenue. Charleston. West Virginia. GAGLIARDI, JOHN J. — Biology, 76 Castle Way, Basking Ridge, New Jersey. GALLANTER. TERRI G. — Sociol¬ ogy, 55 East 9th Street, New York City, New York. GANDEE. JAMES D. — Chemistry. Box 9 1, Clendenin, W ' est Virginia. GARLAND. WILBUR EARL — Busi¬ ness Administration, 1204 Ashwood Road. Charleston, West Virginia. GASS, BARBARA ANN — Humani¬ ties, 782 George Street, Teaneck. New Jersey. GAUTHIER, FRANCES M. — Social Science. 1212 Colonial W ' ay, Charles¬ ton, W ' est Virginia. GENCY, JOHN W. — History, Long- aree. West Virginia. GEWIN, BORDEN E. — Business Administration. 34-21st Street, Nitro, West Virginia. GIBSON. IVAL I. — Business Admin¬ istration, 421 Vine Street, South Charleston. W ' est Virginia. GILKESON, STEVE — Business Ad¬ ministration, 714 Garden Street. Charleston. West Virginia. GILLOOLY, JOHN P. — Business Administration, 4700 Venable Avenue South East, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. GIOIA. LOUIS MICHAEL — History. 14 Berkshire Avenue. Danbury, Con¬ necticut. GIVENS. CHARLES JOSEPH — Mu¬ sic, 104 Council Street, Sumter, South Carolina. GLANCY, MICHAEL L. — Sociology, 307 Vfc Rockwood Avenue, Diamond. West Virginia. GOFF, BARBARA L. — Music, 1251 Park Avenue, Charleston, W ; est Vir¬ ginia. GOLDMAN, MICHAEL A. — J Sociol¬ ogy, 301 Beech Street, Hackensack, New Jersey. GOODWIN, PETER TOWLES — Business Administration. 839 Orange Court Road, Orange, Connecticut. 9 ■ : " : ’ GORAN, ALAN NEIL — Sociology. 428 Beach 131 Street, Belle Harbor. New Jersey. GORBY, STEPHEN V. — Business Administration, 306 Karem Street, South Charleston, W ; est Virginia. GORDON, CR1AG RUSSELL — Physical Education. 3605 Ingle Place, Springfield. Virginia. GOTTLIEB ROBERT S. — Sociology. 182-63 80 Road, New York City, Nev York. GOTT, LARRY ERNEST — Physical Education, 422 Hansford Street, St. Albans, West Virginia. GREEN, ANDREA — English. 1981 Nantucket Road, Merrick, New Y ' ork. GREEN, JANICE H. — English, Uneeda. West Virginia. GREEN, MARGARET ANN — Physi¬ cal Education, 171 Hudson Avenue, Tenafly. New ' Jersey. GREIN, EDWARD A. JR. — English, 14 West Cold Spring Lane, Balti¬ more, Maryland. GROSS, SAMUEL W, — Psychology, 44 East 81st Street, New York City, New York. GUDELSKY, RITA — Speech, 9218 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Mary¬ land. GUM, MARY K. — Humanities, 114 Central Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. GURSKI, MARY L. — English, Ra¬ cine, West Virginia. GUTHRIE, ANN J. — Political Sci¬ ence, 1806 Roundhill Road, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. GUTHRIE, MICHAEL K. — Biology, 7 Walton, Maple Terrace, Charleston, West Virginia. HASS, KAREN LOUISE — Music, 3406 Virginia Avenue SE, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. HAGER, DONALD R. — English, 1520 Autumn Road, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. HAGER, RENEE — Nursing, 72 Left- wich Avenue, Madison, West Vir¬ ginia. HAIK KENT — Business Administra¬ tion, 17 Green Avenue, Totowa, New Jersey. HAIRSTON, ROBIN T. — Business Administration, 513 Bostic Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia. IpH HALL, CLYDIA E. — History, 1318 5 | Woodrow, Bluefield, West Virginia. HALL, ROGER V. — Natural Science, 3309 Williams Avenue, Belle, West -J Virginia. HALL, MARLIN D. — Business Ad¬ ministration, Box 3004, Sabraton Station, Huntington, West Virginia. HALSTEAD, JOHN W. JR. — Busi- ' ness Administration, 1539 Lee Street, is Charleston, West Virginia. HAMLIN, BONNIE LOUISE — Art and English, Seventh North Street, Clay, New York. HANNA, DONNA IRENE — History, 433 Baird Drive, Charleston, West I Virginia. HANSON, SANDRA A. — Music, 49181 2 Washington Avenue, Charles- ■ If ton. West Virginia. HARDMAN, DONALD E. II — Busi¬ ness Administration, Cos Cob, Con¬ necticut. HARK, DONALD BRENT — Biology, 83 Cedar Road, Malverne, New York. HARPER, SHARON A. — Physical Education, Post Office Box 27, Elk- view, West Virginia. HARPOLD, PATRICIA A. — Social Science, 1211 West Avenue, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. HARRIS, WENDY G. — Social Sci¬ ence, 4421 Meade Avenue, Fort Myers, Florida. HARRIS, JOHN B. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 741 Myrtle Road, Charleston, West Virginia. I HARRIS, NINA S. — Humanities, Route 3, Box 40, Clendenin, West Virginia. HARSHBARGER, SUSAN COBB — History, 1508 Kanawha Avenue, Dun¬ bar, West Virginia. HARTMAN, MARIETTA M. — Hu¬ manities, Box 124, Kimberly, West Virginia. HARTSHORN, THOMAS E. — Math and Biology, 4701 Noyes Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. HARTWELL, FRANKLIN E. — Busi¬ ness Administration, 425 Rosemont Avenue, South Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. { I HARVEY, EASTER MAE — Humani- 1 ties, Oceanna, West Virginia. HATFIELD, ALTA I. — English, f Prince, West Virginia. HAYNES, VIVIAN S. — Sociology, 4300 Virginia Avenue South East, Charleston, West Virginia. HEIZER, REBECCA M. — History, Box 684, Sutton, West Virginia. HELMINSKI, RICHARD — History, 175 West 24th Street, Bayonne, New Jersey. HEMSWORTH, FRANCIS W. — His¬ tory, 705 Duff Avenue, Clarksburg, West Virginia. HENDERSON, MATTHEW L. — Busi¬ ness Administration, 1115 MacCorkle Avenue S.E., Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. HERRICK, JOHN HOWARD — Busi¬ ness Administration, 300 Church Street, Lakehurst, New Jersey. HERTER, WILLIAM J. — Speech, 831 Hughes Drive, St. Albans, West Virginia. HESS, DAVID C. — Psychology, 258 South Walnut Street, Dallastown, Pennsylvania. HIGBEE, CHARLES L. — Sociology, 1319 Dorsey Road, Charleston, West Virginia. HIGGINBOTHAM, CLAYTON E. — Math, Box 77, Redhouse, West Vir¬ ginia. HINKLE, JOHN C. — Sociology, 651 East Rector Street, Philadelphia. HISSON, EVA L. — English, 307 High Street, Woodsfield, Ohio. HITCHCOCK, BARBARA J. — History, 2225 Larwood Drive,- Charlestown, West Virginia. HOFFELD, MARK C. — Sociology, 7 Hunt Drive, Hewlett, New York. HODSKIN, JAMES M. — Business Administration, 15 Hansell Road, Murray Hill, New Jersey. HOFFMAN, JOSEPH C. — English, Box 56, Clay, West Virginia. HOGLUND, JOHN R. — Business Administration, 305 Ruffner Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. HOLCOMB, DAVID T. — Business Administration, 23 Maple Terrace, Charleston, West Virginia. HOLLANDER, KAREN MARSHA — Physical Education, 1-B Kenimore Street, Lynbrook, New York. HOLMES, PATRICIA J. — Math, 36 Oakridge Lane, West Hartford, Con¬ necticut. HOLTON, STEPHEN D. — History, 854 Spring Road, Charleston, West Virginia. HOPKINS, MARY E. — History, Route 2, Box 183-A, Beckley, West Virginia. HOUCHINS, MARY J. — Sociology, Route 1, Box 42, Ripley, West Virginia. HOVORKA, SUSAN LEE — English and Social Science, 738 Myrtle Road, Charleston, West Virginia. HOWARD, CHARLES WALTER — Math, 572 Highland Street, Enhert Stoulton, Pennsylvania. HUMPHREY, WILLIAM G. — Chem¬ istry, 119 Wilkes Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia. HUNTER, JEANNE S. — English, 127 Fairview Drive, Ripley, West Vir¬ ginia. HUNTER, LEONA L. — Business Administration, Bow, Kentucky. HUST, KATHERINE ANN — Art, 98 Main Street, Undilla, New York. HUTCHINSON, K. CRAIG — History, 626 Long, Ravenswood, West Vir¬ ginia. HUTSENPIILLER, CARL M., II — Business Administration, 229 21st Street, Dunbar, West Virginia. IAIA, JACQUELINE — Sociology, 715 Morris Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Pennsyl¬ vania. INGRAM, YVONNE MARIE — So¬ ciology, 1554 Hampton Road, Charleston, West Virginia. JACOBSON, RAYMOND G. — Busi¬ ness Administration, 18 Southview Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey. JAHR. BARBARA JEAN — Humani ties. 455 William Street, Pisataway, New Jersey. JAMES, ANNA M, — English, Box 327, West Hamlin, West Virginia. JANNEY, PAMELA L. — Political Science, 1434 Ravinia Road, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. JARRELL, ELIZABETH L. — Art, Post Office Box 815, Chapmanville. West Virginia. JARRELL, GARY L. — Business Administration. General Delivery. Barrett, West Virginia. JARRELL, PATRICIA R. — Sociol¬ ogy. 6100 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Maryland. JETER, NANCY C. — English. 3240 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Illinois. JOHNSON, FANNIE M. — Speech. 610 Shady Lane, Charleston, West Virginia. JOHNSON. MACK L. — Political Science. 8706 California Avenue. Marmet, West Virginia. JONES, CAROLYN SUMMERS — Social Science and English, 1512 Bigley Avenue, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. JONES, HERMAN D. — Sociology, 13503 McCorkle Avenue, Chesapeake. West Virginia. JONES, RICHARD A. — Sociology, 201 Garfield Street, Beckley, West Virginia. JONES, PATRICIA L. — English. Van. West Virginia. JONES, VINCENT ROBERT — So¬ ciology, 288 Highland Avenue, Nor¬ walk, Connecticut. JORDAN, HARRY L. — Business Administration, 421 Second Avenue. Ripley, West Virginia. JUDE, BILLIE J. — History, Bruno, West Virginia. ys KADISH, MERLE INA — English. 178 Roseland Avenue, Waterbury, Con¬ necticut. KEATON, CHARLIE A. JR. — Social Science and History. Box 265, Pine- ville, West Virginia. KEELER, RICK S. — Political Sci¬ ence, 36 Leslie Avenue, Florham Park, New Jersey. KEEFER, GINGER — Sociology. Pey- tona. West Virginia. KEFFER, JAMES H. — Business Administration, Route 2, Box 44A, Ripley, West Virginia. KEMBER, LOUIS J. — Business Administration, 97 East Avenue, Bridgetown. New Jersey. KENNEDY, BETTY J. — English, 1506 Oak Forest Road, Oak Hill, West Virginia. KIENDEL, PAUL PATRICK — His- tory. 9 W r ayside Drive, Bricktown, New Jersey. KING, JUDITH EMILY — Sociology, 233 Ellington Road, East Hartford, Connecticut. KIRILUK, ELIZABETH ANNE — English and Art. 842 Oakwood Road, Charleston, W ' est Virginia. KIRK, SUE A. DAVIS — Speech, Harts, West Virginia. KNAPP, GARNET C. — Music, 6642 Roosevelt Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. ;1 KNORR, JAN IS EVELYN — Sociol- ogy, 44 North Broadway, W ' hite Plains, New York. 1 KNUPPEL. ANNE MARIE — History, 786 John Street, Teaneck, New Jer¬ sey. : ' ■ ] KOLB, DONALD L. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 31 Codiz Pike. Bridge¬ port. Ohio. KOSIC, KATHLEEN WARREN — Humanities, 38 Oak Hill Drive, Silverton, New Jersey. ♦KOVACH, PAULA — Nursing, 875 Carroll Road, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. KOSTYAL, LYNN EILEEN — French, 505 Maxwell Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. KRAEFT, ANDREA — English, 146 Notlingham Road, Ramsey, New Jer¬ sey. KRAIGER, HELEN ANNE — Hu- inanities, 79 Archer Drive, Bronxville, New York. KRANCHALK, RONALD JAMES — History, 1126 Kline Place, Rahway, New Jersey. KUHN, MELINDA JANE — Social Science and English, 1019 Cleveland Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. KULINA, NICHOLAS K. — Biology, 1115 West Camplain Road, Manville, New Jersey. KUSHNER, LOIS MAE — Physical Education, 26 Fairfield Court, Pitts¬ burgh, Pennsylvania. KUSHNER, CAROL NANCY — Hu¬ manities, 1316 Hawthorne Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. LAKE, WILLIAM H. II — Business Administration, 2628 Morrell Avenue, St. Albans, West Virginia. ♦LAVENDER, DREMA C. — Nursing, 213 Pine Street, Boomer, West Vir¬ ginia. LENTZ, DIANE K. — Speech, Route 2, Box 85A, St. Albans, West Vir¬ ginia. LEROSE, LINDA SUE — Spanish and English, 1717 Oakland Avenue, St. Albans, West Virginia. LEVIE, SUSAN B. — Sociology, 1208 West Virginia Avenue, Dunbar, West Virginia. LEWINE, SHARON — Sociology, 200 Piper Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsyl¬ vania. LEWIS, FRANCES MARIE — Physi- cal Education, 125 Angel Terrace, Charleston, West Virginia. LEWIS, JAMES — Sociology, F Street East, Eleanor, West Virginia. LINDROTH, RICHARD J. — Business Administration, 1302 Alva Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. LINKOUS, JOHN T. — Physical Education, Box 547, War, West i Virginia. L1NVILLE, MARY C. — Speech, Box j 34, Alkol, West Virginia. ' IVELY, LEONARD R. — Art and English, 236 Cross Lanes Drive, Nitro, West Virginia. LOCKE, SUZANNE B. — Math, 1580 Nottingham Road, Charleston, West Virginia. LONG, BETH CLAUDIA — Physical Education, 608 Hughes Street, Bell- more, New York. ♦LONGSTREET, BARBARA — Secre¬ tarial Science, 4211 Noyes Avenue S.E., Charleston, West Virginia. LONGTIN, ROBERT VICTOR — Speech, 232 Hillside Avenue, Nutley, ' New Jersey. LOYD, KAREN S. — Physical Educa- 1 tion, Route 7, Box 373, South Charleston, West Virginia. LUCAS, ADELAIDE — English, Box 390, Buckley, West Virginia. LUCHT, WILLIAM HENRY — His- oory, 73 Rie Coast Road, Olange, Connecticut. LYNCH, MARILYN E. — Business Administration, 104 West Main Street, Belle, West Virginia. LYTLE, JOHN C. — Art, 2928 Chest¬ erfield Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. 254 LYTLE, PAUL J. — Biology, 2423 Courtland Drive, Pittsburgh, Pen¬ nsylvania. McALLISTER, DAVID L. — Business Administration, 116 East Main Street, Beckley, West Virginia. McCarthy, Joseph v„ sr. — Biology, 261 12th Street, Brooklyn, New York. McClelland, douglas e. — Physical Education, 200 West Jackson Street, Paderlity, West Virginia. McCLUNG, JOSEPH D. — Pre En¬ gineering, 1511 Autumn Road, Charleston, West Virginia. McCLURE, MARGARET C. — Eng¬ lish, 874 Chappell Road, Charleston, West Virginia. McConnell, Richmond e. — Business Administration, 506 Oriole Lane, Villanosa, Pennsylvania. McCONIHAY, DENNA M. — Biology, 1237 Main Avenue, Nitro, West Virginia. McCORMICK, LARRY E. — History, Evans, West Virginia. McDOUGALL, PETER ALLAN — Business Administration, 704 Hall Street, Charleston, West Virginia. McGRAW, LARRY L. — English, Box 23, McGraws, West Virginia. McHOUL, ARTHUR B. — Music, 232B Sutherland Drive, South Charleston, West Virginia. McKINNEY, NADINE P. — Humani¬ ties, Peytona, West Virginia. McLaughlin, lewis b. — History, Clay, West Virginia. McMILLION, MICHEL G. — History, 447 Westmoreland Drive, Dunbar, West Virginia. McCORKLE, GWENDOLYN B. — Religion, 1120 Ephewood Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. MacPHERSON, KEVIN W. — History, 11 Highland Avenue East. Rockaway, New York. MADDY, DOLLY R. — Sociology, Middlebourne, West Virginia. MADDY, SUSAN H. — English, Rural Route 1, Box 63-1, Luling MADISON, SHELIA F. — Humanities, Box 61, Powellton, West Virginia. MAISTO, JOSEPH L. — Math, 11 Hillcrest Avenue, Oakville, Connecti¬ cut. MANIOS, LOUIS E. — History, Box 543 Whitesville, West Virginia. MARCKIOLI, JIM — Business Ad¬ ministration, 37 Avoca Avenue, Massapequa Parkway, New York. MARGOLIN, ARNOLD T. — Eco¬ nomics, 73-55 210 Street, Bayside, New Jersey. MARINO, DONNA P. — English, 625 Granada Way, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. MARQUARDT, VICKI L. — Humani¬ ties, Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania. MARSHALL, AGNES M. — English, Beckley, West Virginia. MARTIN, JOSEPH T. — Business Administration, 310 32nd Street, Charleston, West Virginia. MARTINO, BARBARA A. — English, 2067 Hoffman Avenue, Elmont, New York. MARTIN, WILLIAM J. — Sociology, 30 Kensington Square, London, Eng¬ land. MASSEY, RONNIE — Political Sci¬ ence, Post Office Box 8, Seth, West Virginia. Administration, 430 Bailey Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia. MAXWELL. MARY A. Physical S Education. 138 Segley Street, Scotia. New York. MAY, PEGGY ANN — English, Route 1, Box 473, St. Albans, West Vir¬ ginia. MAYL, SHIRLEY — Humanities, 6383 Morrowfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. MAYNARD, PAMELA B. — Physical Education. 841 Carroll Road, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. MAYNOR, LARRY A. — English, Blue Creek, West Virginia. MEADOWS, BEVERLY K. — English, 201 Monroe Street, South Charleston, West Virginia. MEADOWS, STEVE G. — Biology, 122V2 2nd Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. MEASE, BRENDA H. — Business Administration, 514 Price Street, Charleston, West Virginia. MEEK, LOUISE — Sociology, 110 Briggs Street, Centerville, Pennsyl¬ vania. MEISEL. GERALD R. — Sociology. 95-22 226 Street, Bellrose, New York. MERRICKS, ANNA M. — Sociology, 701 Crawford Road, Charleston, West Virginia. grnia. MILAM, LOU ANN — English, 908 Valleyview Drive. South Charleston, West Virginia. MILLER, EMMA h — English, Fra¬ ziers Bottom. West Virginia. MILLER, PATRICIA J. —‘English, 839 Lower Chester Road, Charleston, West Virginia. ♦MILLER, SUSANNE — Nursing. Box 146, Winona, West Virginia. MILLS, SARA HAZEL — English, 1910 Crescent Road, Charleston, West Virginia. M1LSTEIN, ALLAN B. — Physics, 39 Burdsall Drive, Port Chester, New York. MINTER, MICHAEL S. — Business Administration, 429 Hull Street, Beckley, West Virginia. MONDAY, ROBERT CARL — Phys¬ ical Education, 316 9th Street, Belle, If W ' est Virginia. | MONTAGUE, BONNIE GENE — His- | tory, 880 Anaeondia Avenue. Charles- f ton. West Virginia. I MONROE, NANCY J. — English, 16 Hickory Hills, Elkview, West Vir¬ ginia. MOORE, GORDON W. — History, Clay. West Virginia. MOORE, JAMES R. — Sociology, 6546 MacCorkle Avenue, Charleston. West Virginia. MOORE, JAMES — Business Admin¬ istration, 817 Third Street, Marietta, Ohio. I MOORE, MARY L. — Math, 341 Central Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. MORGAN, SUSAN J. — English, 1735 Quentin Road, Stroudsburg. Pennsyl¬ vania. J MORIARTY, PATRICIA A. — Phys¬ ical Education, 1512 Fenton Circle, Nitro, West Virginia. MORTON, BARBARA J. — Sociology, 868 Chester Road, Charleston, West Virginia. n » MOSBY, JAMES A. — History, 1210 Colonial Way, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. MOSELEY, BEVERLY M. — Sociol¬ ogy, 2715 Furlong Avenue, Saint Albans, West Virginia. H MOTTESHEARD, MARGARET J. — Art, 1209 Colonial Way, Charleston, West Virginia. MOUNTS, JANET L. — English, 418 Second Street West, Madison, West Virginia. MULLINS, BRENDA SUE — Math, Cinco, West Virginia. MYERS, SANDRA — Speech, 6642 Roosevelt Avenue South East, Charleston, West Virginia. NEAL, GLENN R. — Sociology, Clear Creak, West Virginia. NEAL, WILMA SUE — Sociology, 203 j 2 Garfield Street, Beckley, West Virginia. NELSON, GLENDA G. — Sociology, Box 154, Beaver, West Virginia. NETTLES, SHIRLEY J. — Humani¬ ties. Frametown, West Virginia. NEWHOUSE, DAVID L. — Social Studies, Sissionville, West Virginia. NICHOLS, RUSSELL C. — Business Administration, 6 Erick Court, Cold Springs Harbor, New York. N1CRO, ANNA M. — Humanities, 28 Tobey Street, Wiltartford, Connecti¬ cut. NOLLEY, JOHN E. — Social Studies, 1002 Circle Drive, Mullins, West Virginia. NORMAN, NANCY J. — Religion and Philosophy, 416 Bellevue Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. NORTH, T. BRADFORD — History, 1506 Kansas Boulevard East, Charleston, West Virginia. I NUNES, JOEL V. — Business Admin¬ istration, 24 Elm Drive, New Hyde Park, New York. OATRIDGE, JIM L. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 722 Garden Street, Charleston, West Virginia. . OSBORNE, DOUGLAS F. — History, Bickmore, West Virginia. OURS, FRED G. JR. — Political Science, 48221 2 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston, West Virginia. PALMER, BEULAH M. — Humani¬ ties, Route 2, Box 32, Kanger, West Virginia. PARKER, ROBERT F. II — Business Administration, 112 Greenbriar Street, Beckley, West Virginia. PARSLEY, JAMES H. — History, | Route 1, Winfield, West Virginia. PAULEY, IRENE M. — English, Box | 524 Montgomery, West Virginia. j PENNINGTON, IMOGENE D. — Humanities, Box 22, Fayetteville, ! West Virginia. j PERLMAN, HARRIET E. — Sociol¬ ogy, 5314 Beeler Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PERRY, JERRY L. — Chemistry, Crown Hill, West Virginia. PERRY, WILLIAM A. JR. — Business Administration, 3818 Noyes Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. PETERS, LEROY A. — Math, 5715 Victors Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. PETTIGREW, BERNARD J. — Busi- i ness Administration, 333 Knollwood Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. PHILLIPS, BARBARA J. — Physical Education, 373 Virginia Circle West, Columbus, Ohio. PHILLIPS, JOHN R. — Business Administration, 461 Linden Road, Charleston, West Virginia. PICCOLO, THOMAS STEVEN — Business Administration, 538 Bright- wood Avenue, Porrington, Connecti¬ cut. PILLITER, CHARLES — Sociology, 2111 2 10th Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. PITELLO, GLORIA M. — Physical Education, 49 Vassai Place, Lyn- brook, New York. PLANTZ, RONALD G. — Business Administration, 180 A Rutledge Road, Charleston, West Virginia. POLLACK, JAMES C. — History, 20 Crab Apple, Roslyn, New York. PORCO, JOHN J. — Geography, 10146 Clair Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsyl¬ vania. PROCTOR, LINDA S. — Physical Education, 309 Wilson Road, New¬ ark, Delaware. PUGH, CHARLES H. — Political Science and Economics, 2930 Macon Street, South Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. QUESENBERRY, ROBERT S. — His¬ tory, Route 2, Box 418-9 Beckley, West Virginia. QUINN, FRANCES K. — Sociology, 110 “C” Street, South Charleston, West Virginia. RAIDER, JOY J. — Sociology, 1103 West Avenue, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. RAPPORT, PAUL ALAN — Soc iol¬ ogy, 115 Fonda Road, Rockville Center, New York. REED, THOMAS B. Ill — Math, 1507 Grandview Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. REISBERG, KENNETH B. — Social Science, 1097 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. REINHARD, LLOYD D. — Sociology, 16 Saxon Court, Glencove, New York. REYNOLDS, HERBERT W. — Busi¬ ness Administration, 901 West Ave¬ nue, Charleston, West Virginia. REYNOLDS, CAROL S. — English, 1308 Camden Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. RIBACK, RORY J. — Chemistry, 559 Donald Lane, Woodmere, New York. RICHARDSON, GERALDINE — Hu¬ manities, 106 Birch Drive, Lexington, Kentucky. RICHARDSON, LYNN A. — Social Science, 2602 Kanawha Avenue South East, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. RICHTER, KIMBERBLY C. — Biol¬ ogy, 43 Morning Glory Road, Warren. N.J. RICHMOND, JAMES P. — Math, Shady Springs, West Virginia. RIMSHNICK, RUTHANN — Eco¬ nomics, 118 Prospect Street, New¬ burgh, New York. RINEHART, STEPHEN D. — Sociol¬ ogy, 3488 Clover Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. RIPLEY, STEPHEN T. — Speech, 301 Sheridan Circle, Charleston, West Virginia. ROANE, DANIEL J. — Political Science, 4 Orchard Street, Tewks- burg, Massachusetts. ROBERTS, DONALD H. — Psychol¬ ogy, Box 194. Kimball, West Vir¬ ginia. ROBERTSON, MARY M. — Humani¬ ties, 1125 South Homewood Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. ROGERS, FRED E. — Business Ad¬ ministration, Post Office Box 91. Raleigh, West Virginia. ROHAN, GEORCIA DEAN — Phys¬ ical Education, 419 2nd Street East. Northport. ROLLINS, ROBERT L. — Business Administration. 1232 Thomas Road, South Charleston. West Virginia. ROSE, JUDY L. — Political Science, 2726 Daniels Avenue, South Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. ROSSANO, SISTER JOYCE M. — Biology, 415 Harrison Street, Clarks¬ burg, West Virginia. ROSZKOWSKI, JOSEPH E. — Busi¬ ness Administration, Road 1, Blairs- lown, New Jersey. ROUSH, VESTA J. — English, Wini- frede, West Virginia. ROXBY. JOHN RONALD — History, Ruffner Hotel, Kanawha Boulevard. Charleston. West Virginia. RUBIN, JIMMIE R. — Sociology. Post Office Box 55. Prosperity, West Virginia. RUBIN, RICHARD CHARLES — So- iology. 19 Pond Park Road, Great Neck, New York. RUBINSTEIN, DANIEL J. — Business Administration. 895 Popular Road, Charleston, West Virginia. RUELIUS, GEORGE J. — History, 20 Avoca Avenue. Massapegua Park. New York, RUDE, FREDERICK A. — Chemistry, 5130 Cathedral Avenue, Washington, District of Columbia. RUPERT, CHARLES L — Political Science Economics, Box 846. Charleston. West Virginia. RYAN. RICHARD COMBS — Busi¬ ness Administration, Old Brookside Road. RED, Douce, New Jersey. SACHS. MARCIA — Humanities, 111 Guilda Avenue. Pittsburgh. Pennsyl¬ vania. SADOLF, RICK MICHAEL — Music Education. 55 Bartholf Avenue, Pimptonlks, New Jersey. SAMAR, KAMAL — Physical Educa¬ tion, 2613 Virginia Avenue South East, Charleston. West Virginia. SAPP. FREDRICK RICHARD — Ec¬ onomics, 3305 A West 4th Avenue. Belle. West Virginia. SATTERFIELD. SUSAN M. — Sociol¬ ogy, 3307 Noyes Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. SCAGGS, MARGARET A. — English, Logan, West Virginia. SCARBRO, HAROLD A. — Psychol¬ ogy. 105 Juliance Street, Becklev, West Virginia. SCHNEIDER. MARY A. — Physical Education. 2414 Spring Street, South Charleston, West Virginia. SCHWITZ, JONATHAN F. — Busi¬ ness Administration, 560 Front Street, Hempstead, New York. SEALEY, DEL.GENE M. — Art 1211 North Park, Wellington, Kansas. SEGALL. ETHEL SUE — Humanities. 509 West 37 Street. Wilmington, Delaware. SEIFERT, FRED M. — History, 123 Lexington Place. Pittsburgh, Pen¬ nsylvania. SEITZ, KENT — Biology, 28 Davis Street, East Roekaway, New York. SEIDMAN, FRED M. — Biology. 651 Mountain Drive. South Orange, New Jersey. SELLARDS. DUANE K. — Business Administration, Box 222, Eccles. West Virginia. SEYLER, RAYMOND QUERNS — 258 Speech. 1425 East Darby Road, Havertown, Pennsylvania. SHAFER, FRED J. — Business Ad¬ ministration, 7600 Wellesley Drive, College Park, Maryland. SHAMBLIN, CHERYL J. — Biology, 225 Viking Road, Charleston, West Virginia. SHANK, LARRY J. — Mathematics, 1802 A Littlepage Avenue, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. SHANK, DAVID M. — Chemistry, Route 2, Box 431, Charleston, West Virginia. SHARP, EARL J. — Political Science, 2106 Wood Street, Wheeling, West Virginia. SHAPIRO, HELEN — Humanities, 12 Griggs Terrace, Brookline, Massa¬ chusetts. SHAW, DAVID W. — Math, 5307 Kensington Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. SHEEHAN, PATRICK — History, 235 Stuart Road, Valley Stream, New York. SHEETS, SUSAN T. — History, 707 Serene, Charleston, West Virginia. SHELLEY, KARL A. — Business Administration, 59 East Second Street, Moorestown, New Jersey. SHEPARD, LUCKY W. — Music, Detroit. West Virginia. SHERRICK, LINDA LEE — Physical Education, 50 Cherry Hill Road, Norwich, Connecticut. SHOMO, CHARLES C. — Business Administration, Post Office Box 143, Mill Creek, West Virginia. SHUMATE, HELEN H. — English, Box 534, Crab Orchard, West Vir¬ ginia. SIEKA, KAREN JOANN — Physical Education, 51 Maolis Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey. SIMMON, VICTORIA — English and Social Studies, 207 Kennedy Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. SINGER, JEREE VEE — Physical Education, 5459 Barlett Street, Pitts¬ burgh, Pennsylvania. SKULL, JOSEPH ARTHUR — Social Science, 344 19th Street, Dunbar, West Virginia. SLACK, NANCY E. — English, 39 Wilcox Street, Dumont, New Jersey. SLACK, STEVEN F. — Business Administration, 1036 Village Drive, South Charleston, West Virginia. SLADE, JAMES M. — Business Ad¬ ministration, Route 66, Box 188, Shady Springs, West Virginia. SMITH, DAVID F. — History, Box 282, Charleston, West Virginia. SMITH, JANICE L. — Humanities, 2923 Noyes Avenue, South East, Charleston, West Virginia. SMITH, JOHN ELDRIDGE — History, General Delivery, Mabscott, West Virginia. SMITH, MARTHA E. — Business Administration, Route 1, Box 105, Charleston, West Virginia. SMITH, MARY E. — English, 516 Highland Drive, Beckley, West Vir¬ ginia. SOKOL, KATHY — Sociology, 105 Cleveland Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pen¬ nsylvania. SOUTHWORTH, ANDREW S. J. — Business Administration, 1171 Mas¬ sey Circle, South Charleston, West Virginia. SPARKS, DEWEY W. — English, 402 Pine Lodge Drive, Beckley, West Virginia. SPEAR, CONSTANCE S. — Humani¬ ties, 618 Lanmore Avenue, Wayne, Pennsylvania. SPEARS, DENISE F. — English, Park Heights, Mount Hope, West Virginia. SPUDICH, DAVID N. — Business Administration, 436 V alleyview Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. STANEK, MARY E. — English, 1119 Chaffee Avenue, Fort Knox, Ken¬ tucky. STECKI, ARLENE MARY — Hu¬ manities, 217 Massachusetts Avenue, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. STEEVES, SAMUEL S. — Sociology, 10 Maple Lane, Hyde Park, New York. STEPHENS, PATRICIA ANN — English, Box 36, Charlton Heights, Montgomery, West Virginia. STEVENS, JOHN A. — Political Science, 1539 Quarrier Street, Charleston, West Virginia. STEWART, GEGORY J. — Biology, 2401 24th Street, Nitro, West Vir¬ ginia. STIER, LAWRENCE D. — Business Administration, 509 Watchung Ave¬ nue, Bloomfield, New Jersey. STIMPSON, DOUGLAS GRANT — Geography, 37 Preston Lane, Suosset, New York. STOELTING, LOIS MARIE — Hu¬ manities, 156 Sicamor Avenue, Mid¬ land Park, Maryland. STOUT, FLETCHER C. — Political Science, 165 Summit Avenue, Island Heights, New Jersey. STOUT, JANE S. — Psychology, 2143 Superior Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. STRICKLIN, BARBARA J. — Hu¬ manities, 1702 Massey Circle, South Charleston, West Virginia. STUMP, KAROLYN K. — English. Box 532, Pineville, West Virginia. SULLIVAN, DAVID HUNT — Busi¬ ness Administration, 2241 Palmer Avenue, New Rochelle, New York. SUMMER, SHIRLEY A. — Humani¬ ties, Route 2, Box 165, Beckley, West Virginia. SWIGER, ROBERT N. — Business Administration, 600 Churchill Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. TAINSKY, EVELYN SHIRLEY — Physical Education, 20 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, New York. TALBOT, THOMAS Y. — History, Box 563 A, Scott Depot, West Virginia. TALLMAN, HENRY D. JR. — Sociol¬ ogy, Two Comstock Place, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. TAYLOR, JAMES — Political Sci¬ ence, Legg Star Route, Box, 263-B, Sissonville, West Virginia. TAYLOR, STEVEN GREGORY — Sociology, Route 1, Box 183, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. TEFFT, SUSAN AMANDA — Phys¬ ical Education, 16N Morningside Drive, Westport, Connecticut. THOMAN, TIMOTHY LEE — Busi¬ ness Administration, 43 Bermuda Road, Westport, Connecticut. THOMAS, JIMMIE A. — Physical Education, Winfield, West Virginia. THOMAS, LORETTA J. — Humani¬ ties, 5218 Lancaster Avenue, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. THORN, KIM EILEEN — Humanities, 110 Tanglewood Lane. Newark, Dela¬ ware. TIEDEMAN, LAURA JANE — His¬ tory, Winfield, West Virginia. TODD, LOLA B. — English, Route 2, Box 213, Keslers, Cross Lane, West Virginia. TONEY, AUNA DEE — Humanities, Long Branch, W ; est Virginia. TONEY, MARILYN JANE — English. Bloomingrose, West Virginia. TOTH, LINDA JOANN — Political Science 25 Thomasene Street, Edi¬ son, New Jersey. TUCKWILLER, CATHERINE L. — English and Art. Buena Vista Place, Charleston, West Virginia. TUNICK, CHARLES G. — Business Administration, 20 Canterbury Road, Great Neck, New York. TURLEY, MARGARET LEE — Art, 5310 Starling Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. URION, ROBERT MILO JR. — Busi¬ ness Administration. 400 2nd Street, Swedesboro, New Jersey. VALERIUS, MARGARET L. — Math, 1507 Kirkwood Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. VAUGHAN. ROGER L. — History, Ivy-dale, West Virginia. VENABLES, SUZANNE MARY — Sociology, 118 Valeview Drive, Pitts¬ burgh, Pennsylvania. VICARS, NANCY — Nursing, Nitro, West Virginia, VINES, CALLIE M. — Humanities, Sandstone, West Virginia. VOICE, CALMON — Business Ad¬ ministration, 20 Roger Road, Edison, New Jersey. WAGGONER. JAMES D. — Social Studies, 509 Georges Drive, Charles¬ ton, W ; est Virginia. WALKER. REBECCA A. — Nursing, 135 Garrison Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. WALLACE. MARGARET J. — Hu¬ manities, 1508 Viewmont Drive, Charleston, West Virginia. WARNER, EUGENE C. JR. — Music, 259 101 West Riverview Drive, Belle, West Virginia. WARWICK. GLORIA JEAN — Eng¬ lish, 1060 Schenecks Mill Road, Toms River. New Jersey. WATSELL, ELSIE E. — Sociology, Racine, W ' est Virginia. WATSON, MARTHA L. — Psychol¬ ogy, 51 Grandview Drive, St. Albans, West Virginia. WEATHERFORD, CHARLES S. — Sociology, 119 Lindbery Avenue. Fayetteville. West Virginia. WEAVER, BOBBY H. — Business Administration, 208 Hunter Street, Oak Hill, West Virginia. 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PARKER, JR. — Business Administration, 500 Thompson Street, Charleston, W ' est Virginia. WILHELM, FRANK GIVENS — Speech, 6 Fern Road, Charleston, West Virginia. WILKINSON, DIANNA K. — Speech, 424 21 Street, Charleston, West Virginia. WILLIAMS, HORACE A. — Business Administration, 410 Crowl Street, Westover, West Virginia. WILLIAMS, JUDITH — Business Ad¬ ministration, 700 Washington Street, St. Albans, W ' est Virginia. WILLIAMS, RONNIE L. — Social Science, Racine, W ' est Virginia. WTNDOM, LARRY P. — Spanish and English, 315 Central Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia. WISE, MARTHA G. — Biology, Post Office Box 951, Charleston, West Virginia. WISEMAN, PATRICIA L. — Sociol¬ ogy, 1504 Dogwood Road, Charleston, West Virginia. WITHROW, RICHARD L. — Business Administration, 424 Highland Ave¬ nue, South Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. WITT, VERRIL T. — Math, 5227-A DeWitt Road, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. WOLFF, ELAINE — Political Science, 937 Douglas Terrace, Union, New Jersey. WOOD, LINDA CAROLE — Speech, 3702 Noyes Avenue, Charleston. West Virginia. WOODRUM, HOWARD P. — Busi¬ ness Administration, Nimitz, West Virginia. WOOLF, WAYNE D. — Business Administration, 235 1st Street, Mor¬ ris Park, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. WRIGHT, JEANNE N. — Sociology and English, Box 1618, Logan, West Virginia. WRIGHT, PAUL — Sociology and Political Science, 15291 2, Charleston, West Virginia. YANCEY, MATTHEW LEE — Eco¬ nomics, College Avenue, Bluefield West Virginia. YERRID, SHEFFEY M. — Biology, 4407 Virginia Avenue South East, Charleston, West Virginia. YOUNG, CHARLES WALTER — Business Administration, 143914 5th Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia. YOUNG, JOHNNIE LEE — Physical Education, 101 Poplar Drive, Elk- view, West Virginia. YOUNG, SALLIE KENNEDY — Art, Apartment 907 Imperial Towers, | Charleston, West Virginia. ZAKASKI, STEPHEN — Spanish and English, 2607 7th Avenue, Charles¬ ton, West Virginia. ZEHNTNER, BARBARA J. — His¬ tory, 23 Locust Drive, Morris Plains, New Jersey. M ZELLER, JENNIFER — History, 2 | Laurel Street, Rye, New York. ZEITZ, PAULA R. — Physical Edu¬ cation, 1592 Connell Road, Charles- Sl ton. West Virginia. ZELEZNAK, JOHN T. — Business Administration, 2518 Parkview Drive, St. Albans. West Virginia. ZICKFOOSE, ANN L. — English, 204 Viking Road, Charleston, West Vir¬ ginia. EXAMS: After a hard day’s studying it’s relaxing to sit on the GSU steps and catch a few last rays on a whispered breath. “I wish I were out of this dump!” But, with the advent of fall, the tune changes. Everyone looks forward to seeing their friends again and once more being a part of the whole. This is the way it has always been and always will be here at M.H. even after we have graduated. A few people like to kick up their heels once the tensions for grades have died down. A picnic and a few hours of study in the sun do wonders. PEACE DEMONSTRATIONS As exam week approaches students think of protesting U.S. involvement in Cam¬ bodia. Signs adorned the greens and stu¬ dents warmed the grass in the four day sit in. Students were asked not to go to classes hy the 200 protesters. As a climax for the demonstration, students marched on the capitoI. All was peaceful. There was no violence anti yet policemen with hilly clubs and riot helmets guarded the doors after weekend school movies. if " ' S H - L |P| 9r ' W t ; 1 - -H| BL , 7 Sr 264 W V ”... : 41 [II 1 THE GREAT BOAT CONSPIRACY One of the highlights of this year’s grown-up-kid play was a boat built by Bob Suehnholtz and Conrad Cole in their dorm room. Bob and Conrad sailed across the river and cheered the Eagle’s crew team on in the meet against Purdue. The boat sank after crossing the river a few times. The two students were later brought in front of the Discipline Committee for a profane “hands off” sign on the boat. Chaos was raised. Bob and Conrad later used “The Great Boat Conspiracy” as their platform in the junior class elections. HU NDREDS PROTEST ESCALATION INDEX A Abel, Richard 112,218 Abell, Kenneth 110,228 Adams, Hank 148 Adams, Joyce 81, 109, 212 Adams, Sharon 124 Adams, Verlin 72 Addario, Frank 228 Adkins, Marilyn 208 ADMINISTRATION 182 Albert, David 228 Albright, William 185 Allenbaugh, Ralph 228 Alexander, Peggy 21, 57, 81, 178, 228 Alexander, Sadie 57, 228 Alfano, Carol 174, 175 Allen, Dennis 156 Altholz, Laura 48, 81, 212 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 75 ALPHA OMICRON PI 80 ALPHA PSI OMEGA 75 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 96 ALPHA XI DELTA 84 AMERICAN EDUCATION CHILDHOOD INTERNATIONAL 128 Anderson, Sue 176 Anderson, Sharon 84 Andrews, Dianna 228 Angle, Dale 140, 145 Applegate, Jill 125 Appman, Wayne 218 Arlen, Andrea 131, 175, 229 ART GUILD 124 Atkins, Dale 119,229 Atkisson, Karen 127, 229 Austin, Kathy 146, 147 Austin, Mitchell 59, 73, 77, 116,117, 118, 229 B Baccino, Barbara 38, 208 Badger, Frank 186 Bado, John 148, 164 Baecker, Greg 96, 137 Balgley, Joel 119,229 Bail, Cindy 81,176 Bail, Rich 110 Bailes, Betty 229 Bailey, David 208 Bailey, Elaine 84, 229 Bailey, Jacque 218 Baker, Stacy 106, 107, 165 Balbach, Bill 96 Banton, Tom 106 Barkey, Fred 77 Barnard, Sue 56 Barry, Alan 96,116 Barry, Mike 100 Barron, Linda 65, 84 BASEBALL 148 BASKETBALL 140 Basso, Jack 96 Baylous, Robert 202 Beck, Mike 112,114,212 Becher, Rich 119 Beers, Nelson 125, 229 Belinsky, Bonnie 93 Belcher, Robert 212 Belfatto, Frank 24, 165 Belknap, Larry 96, 164, 218 Bell, Cindy 208 BENEDUMHALL 43 Bennett, Bob 96 Bent, Tommy 28 Bergeron,Josephine 119, 212 Bergman, Carl 96, 229 Berlin, Gordon 96, 145 Berry, Michael 162, 163 Berty, Bela 229 BEST DRESSED COED 60 BLACKFRIARS 122, 123 Blackwell, Ashby 74 Blackwell, Myrtle 84, 175, 212 Bland, Danny 69, 100, 229 Blasucci, Linda 93, 218 Bloomberg, Mark 137 Boardman, Ed 110 Boccio, Frank 208 Bodine, John 156, 159, 161 Bookman, Kathy 125 Bongard, Candy 81, 124 Bossie, Suzanne 81, 229 Bostic, Patty 77, 229 Botana, Mary 102, 229 Bowe, Margaret 93, 229 Bowles, Beverly 32, 60, 61 Boxbaum, Laura 119 Brannick, Linda 48, 229 Branscome, Sue 81, 212 Brewer, Edith 229 Brewer, Murrel 76, 88, 89, 218 Brooks, Dorothy 204, 205 Brooks, James 77 Brown, Ken 96 Brown, Larry 119, 165 Brown, Pat 229 Browner, Cliff 96 Broyles, Claudette 130, 171 Broyles, Norma 218 Bruno, Bob 106, 109, 229 Bryant, Louise 76 Buckalew, Jim 157 Buckalew, Marshall 69, 139, 184 Bumbalo, Lawrence 96, 229 Bumgardner, Douglas 187 Burgess, Bill 96, 148 Burke, Buzzy 109 Burke; Nancy 218 Burke, Sharon 75, 88, 123, 230 Burket, Kathie 48, 73, 84, 123,230 Busconi, John 112,114, 156,218 BUSINESS CLUB 126 Butler, Kevin 137 C Cain, Dan 119 Caldwell, Betty 187 Caldwell, David 24 Call, M. Douglas 187 Calvert, John 112 Campiglia, Jason 208 Canal, Brenda 174 CANS 127 Cantley, Carolyn 230 Cantley, Gary 230 Cantwell, Kathleen 178, 230 Cardwell, Beverly 77, 89 Cardwell, Karen 75, 119 Carte, Carl 212 Casdorph, Barbara 93, 119, 218 Casdorph, Patricia 230 Caudill, Sybilla 119 Chamberlin, Kenneth 100, 162 Champion, William 106, 218 Chaney, Tom 160 Charnes, Sandra 230 CHEERLEADERS 146 CHI BETA PHI 74 Childers, Gary 140, 144, 145 Childress, William 106 Chirico, Cathleen 230 CHOIR 119 Ciccone, Pete 148 Cirelli, Phyllis 41, 79, 93, 94, 174, 218 Clark, Dave 112, 114 Clark, Patti 40,64,65,81, 230 Clark, Saundra 88, 218 Cleveland, Sally 230 Cline, Betty 88,119 Cline, Joe 100 Cline, Michael 77 COBB HALL 45 COFFEE HOUSE CIRCUIT 62 Coffindaffer, Fred 76, 186 Cohen, Pete 64, 264 Cohen, Ronni 93, 219 Cole, Conrad 34, 106 Cole, William 230 COMET 130 Cline, Michael 77 COMMENCEMENT 68 (Spike) 140, 143, 144, 230 Conley, Penny 230 Conn, Dreama 219 Conner, Glenn 163 Conway, Cathie 47, 86, 212 Cook, George 96 Cook, Paula 74, 230 Cook, Richard 54, 90, 100, 212 Cooksey, Stella 47, 79, 188 Cooper, Betsy 51, 87 Cooper, Elaine 230 Cotton, Bob 96 Cottle, Jack 130 Court, Bill 45 Cox,Janet 119 Cox, Mark 106 Cox, Stephen 156,213 COX HALL 46 Crain, Howard 43, 112, 113,126, 230 CREW 156 Crimmey, Richard 230 CROSSCOUNTRY 155 Crowder, Joyce 213 Cubit, Dan 119 Cumming, Jean 184, 230 Curich, David 112,213 Curich, Frank 112 Custer, Robert Jr. 230 Cser, Linda 88, 90, 91 Czifra, Doris 48, 49, 230 D Daden, Cheryl 81 Dailey, George 100, 219 Dalton, Becky 175 Dalton, Robert 231 Daniel, Joe 112,114 Danison, Nanci 84,213 Dartley, Elaine 184, 231 Davenport, Karen 38, 48, 84,85,219 Davis,Carol 88 Davis, Clinton 95, 114, 188 Davis, Donna 175 Davis, Trena 75 Davis, Wanda 127 Daugherty, Charles 125 Dawson, Chuck 140, 143, 144, 145, 231 Day, Annabel 231 Dean, Gail 6, 81 Dean, Karen 208 DeBacco, Leonora 40, 81, 231 DeBenedette, Mike 29, 110, 111,137 Deblossi, Thomas 231 Deck, Mary 208 Decker, Fred 231 Dellaguzzo, Laura 64, 65, 81, 128, 178, 231 DELTA ZETA 88 DeMichele, Louis 120 Denison, Keith 231 Dennis, Tom 106, 109 Derrigo, Mike 99, 164 Dershowitz, Barbara 93, 131, 146, 147, 174 Dickerson, Henry 140, 142, 143, 145 DICKINSON HALL 48 Dills, Lennie 231 Diou, Richard 156,213 Dixon, Bob 112, 145 Dodrill, Sharon 231 Dolin, Lydia 123 Domokos, Sarah 213 Doss, Mary Frances 84, 131,231 Doss, Wilmer 208 Dotson, Judy 81,119,208 Dougherty, John 47,164, 232 Dowds, Sheila 74, 232 Drake, Becky 232 Duane, Robert 213 267 Duckwater, Dolly 127 Duernberger, John 43, 54, 110, 137,213 Dugent, Paul 161 Duguid, Robert 232 Dunn, Linda 49 Dunn, Nancy 84 Duryea, Steven 208 Dwayne, Bob 106 Dwyer, Daniel 41, 106, 107, 232 E Eaton, John 140, 144, 145, 233 Eckert, Evelyn 88, 233 Eddy, Curt 96, 233 Edelman, Barbara 81, 82, 124,130, 213 Eisenberg, Richard 77, 233 Ellis, Diane 84 Elovich, Wendy 81, 209 Elphick, James 233 Ely, Ed 152, 153, 233 Emig, Dean 233 Engesser, Anthony 233 Epstein, Ellen 48, 84 Epstein, Mark 112 Erwin, Sharon 209 Ewing, Harold 119, 198 F Fagen, Alfred 148 Familetti, Philip 74, 233 Fanelli, Greg 106 Farmer, Karen 64, 65, 176 Farus, Marie 74 Fazio, Don 25, 96 Fazio, Jewell 233 Fecto, Jay 166 Feit, Fred 45 Feit, Wayne 46, 106 Feldman, Rick 125 Feminella, Theresa 56, 75, 176 Fener, Bob 156 Ferrell, Glen 126, 219 Ferrell, Jeff 100, 102 Ferrell, Linda 213 Fiaccone, William 45, 233 Fink,Josephine 189 Fiola, James 69,106,116, 224,233 Fisher, Cindy 213 Fisher, Joanne 93,174, 219 Fisher, Scott 137 Fleet, Cathy 84, 209 Flinn, Linda 84, 131, 213 Flint, Carole 72, 83 Flynn, Donald 190 Fogle, Judith 119,213 Forbes, Ellen Anne 26, 69, 88, 122, 234 Forbes, William 22 Forney, Norman 148 Fort, Marie 48, 89, 104, 105,116,131, 146, 147, 213 Foss, Charles 100, 105, 145,213 Fout.Jim 140,145,219 Fox, Sue 76 Frank, Jim 156 Frankel, John 106 Franklin, Paul 234 Freedman, Roselyn 77 Freeland, Gary 219 Friedman, Howard 96 Fruchter, Michele 93, 119, 209 Fulcher, Paul 156 Fuller, James 69,130, 132,234 Fusco, Angela 13,88,219 G Gabriel, Dennie 123 Gagliardi, John 234 Gallow, Dennis 21, 106, 107, 170, 219 GAMMA DELTA PHI 92 Gannon, Ellen 81, 178 Gannon, Pat 83, 145, 146, 147 Gardner, Paul 96 Garner, Kay 190 Garten, Chris 106 Gass, Barbara 23, 47, 234 Genise, Roger 96 Geraj, Ruie 219 Gerrard, Nathan 202 Gewin, Borden 234 Giaimo, Bill 95,112,114 Gianini, Gary 106 Gibeaut, Dana 148 Gibson,Ival 234 Gibson, James 124, 199 Gilchrist, Carl 191 Gilkeson, Steve 140, 145, 234 Gioia, Louis 95, 100 Given, Karen 119,198 Givens, Charles 57, 198, 219 Glaspell, Jack 100 Goff, Cindy 81 GOLDEN HEARTS 104, 105 Goldman, Michael 73,95, 112, 129, 234 GOLF 154 Goodno, Girard 38, 112, 114, 165 Goodwin, Peter 235 Gordon, Craig 162, 235 Gordon, Scott 153 Gordon, Virginia 49, 81, 220 Graham, Kay 76 Gray, Edgar 77, 203 Gray, Virginia 75,199 Greco, Chuck 96 Green, Andrea 235 Green, Margy 84, 86, 125, 235 Green, Ray 106 Gregory, Kathy 34 Grein, Edward 167, 235 Grey, Rita 213 Grose, Barbara 81,213 Gross, Marty 93 Gross, Roy 12, 98 Gross, Sam 235 Grossett, Lance 100 Groves, Cindy 209 Gum, Mary 235 Guthrie, Joy 32 Gwynn, Sue 88 Gwynne, Bruce 112 Gwynne, John 162 Hacher, Barbara 88 H Hass, Karen 57, 78, 79, 88, 89, 198, 235 Hager, Renee 235 Hagerty, Maris 96 Haik, Ken 235 Hale, Wanda 79 Hall, Carolyn 236 Hambrick, Sharon 130 Hamer, Tom 209 Hamlin, Bonnie 21,57,64, 84, 85, 100, 104, 105, 235 Hanna, Donna 77 Hardman, Ed 74, 220 Hark, Donna 236 Harper, Eugene 77 Harpold, Patricia 236 Harrington, Roger 96 Harris, Evelyn 202 Harris, Wendy 209 Harrison, Dave 45, 96, 137 Harrold, Roy 96,213 Hartman, Red 145 Hartshorn, Thomas 72, 74, 119, 236 HARVEYAN 130 Hatcher, Barbara 91 Haug, Russ 106 Hawkins, Gary 125, 130, 271 Hayes, John 172 Hays, Rob 119 Heathman, Stephanie 57 Heinecke, Joel 110,162 Helminski, Richard 106, 236 Henry, Terry 96 Henkel, Naomi 191 Henry, Terry 96 Henshall, Greg 110 Herald, Terry 148 Herman, Sherry 6, 7 Herndon, Richard 110, 162 Herrick, John 236 Herter, William 236 Herzog, Alan 119, 163 Hess, David 236 Hessom, Stephanie 213 Heyman, Bob 112, 156 Hickok, Joey 141 Hochman, Charles 220 Hodges, Marcie 145, 146, 147 Hoffman, Rosalie 75, 130, 213 Hogshead, Mary 126, 127, 220 Hollander, Karen 40, 93, 236 Holmes, Patricia 125, 236 HOMECOMING 54 HONORARIES 74 Hoover, Benjamin 220 Hopkins, Vickie 119, 214 Houck, Charles 21 Houck, Winton 106, 192 Hovorka, Susan 84 Howard, Charles 24, 236 Howard, John 136, 137, 139, 153 Howard, Linda 220 Howley, Sue 23 Hughes, Barbara 220 Hunter, Marcia 214 Hunter, Vicki 198 Hust, Katherine 84,85, 124,236 Hyman, Peter 112 I Iaia, Jackie 93,174,177, 236 Iannarelli, May 81,119, 220 Ingram, Yvonne 236 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 94 INTRAMURALS, MEN’S 164 INTRAMURALS, WOMEN’S 176 J Jackson, Sandy 47, 88, 119, 131,214 Jacobs, Harris 23,112 Jacobson, Bernard 196 Jacobson, Raymond 236 Jahr, Barbara 236 Jemison, Lynn 23, 84, 214 Jennings, Bruce 209 Johnson, Diane 127 Johnson, Karen 220 Jones, Carolyn 236 Jones, David 112,126 Jones, Mark 112,114 Jones, Trilla 119 Jones, Vincent 236 Joy, Rick 106 Juliano, Chris 93,214 K Kadish, Merle 236 Kaiser, Terry 88, 220 Kaplerchuk, Paul 156 KAPPA DELTA PI 76 Keaton, Jerry 214 Keffer, Terry 209 Keller, Janet 119 Kelso, Carolyn 28, 81, 221 Kemper, Donna 47, 57, 64, 65 Kenney, Joan 84 Kern, Karen 77 Kidd, Joyce 93,214 Kiendel, Paul 110,237 Kinder, Thomas 169 King, Cherie 209 King, Judith 93,174,176, 179, 237 King, Benjamin T. 192 King, Mike 112 Kinsolving, Ann 209 Kiviat, Ellen 209 Klatzkin, Robert 45, 145, 148 Klein, Daniel 209 Knapp, Danny 148 Knorr, Janis 237 Knudson, Janet 93,119 Knuppel, Anne 237 Kolb, Don 237 Koontz, Luther 192 Korff, Deborah 47 Kosic, Kathy 73,237 Kovach, Paula 237 Kraeft, Andrea 84, 85, 237 Kraiger, Helen 237 268 Kranchalk, Ron 237 Krebs, Frank 185 Kroll, William 110,221 Kuhn, Melinda 237 Kulina, Bob 96,271,272 Kulina, Nicholas 96,97, 237 Kuperstein, Arnold 131, 214 Kuperstock, Stuart 112, 156 Kurot, Robin 214 Kushner, Carol 93, 237 Kushner, Lois 93, 174, 175 Kweller, Jeff 161 L Lafferty, Dave 106 Land, Terry 110,221 Landolt, Robert 204 Lane, Charlene 85 Lange, Dee 58, 78, 79, 84, 85,147 Laper, Lawrence 112, 214 Lappin, Jay 96 Lazenby, George 68, 200 Lavendar, Drema 237 Law, Helen 40, 84, 86, 214 Leavitt, Morris 194 Lehmann, Jeanne 84, 87 Lemak, Michael 107 Lengyel, Janice 210 LePage, Frank 183, 193 Lerma, Tony 110,162 LeRose, Linda 81, 88, 104, 237 Leslie, Ernie 112, 114 Levine, Arnold 162 Levine, Pete 106 Levy, Sarah 221 Lewine, Sharon 237 Lewis, Louise 76 Lewis, Suzette 88, 237 Lickliter, Steve 148 Lieberman, Rosalie 23, 48 Lindroth, Richard 237 Lindsay, Lee 45 Lipscomb, Sharon 221 Lipusz, Sue 214 LITERARY CLUB 129 Long, Claudia 176,221 Longstreth, Barbara 237 Longtin, Nelson 122, 156, 158,160, 224 Longtin, Victor 22, 106, 156, 159, 237 Lowe, Thomas 203 Loyd, Karen 176, 238 Lucas, Louise 221 Lucht, Bill 125, 238 Lukowitz, Debra 84, 214 Lupardus, Lucille 119 Lytle, Jeff 43,100,101, 103, 238 M MacPherson, Kevin 238 Maisano, Bill 106 Maisto, Joe 100, 103, 239 Mahoney, Joe 119 Maloney, Molly 40, 84, 86, 221 Mann, Janice 221 Marcus, Gail 93,174,221 Margolin, Arnold 73, 96, 126,164, 239 Marinakis, Peter 106, 122, 123,221 Markioli, Jim 164,239 Markoff, Allen 124 Markowitz, Harvey 119 Markowitz, Ira 224 Marquardt, Vicki 69,239, 272 Marshall, John 119 Martin, A1 106 Martin, Joseph 239 Massey, Annette 127 Massey, Ron 239 Maxwell, Mary 48, 64, 84, 86, 104, 125, 147, 239 MAY DAY 64 Mayancsik, John 106 Mayl, Shirley 18, 239 Mazella, Anna 119 McAllister, David 238 McBrayer, Carolyn 57 McCann, Hugh 54, 106, 137, 138, 139 McCarthy, Joseph 123, 238 McCutchan, Kenneth 203 McChesney, John 96, 98, 116 McClure, Joyce 221 McConnell, Rick 238 McGill, Roland 77 McGraw, Larry 72 McHoul, Bruce 119 McKinney, Pat 119 McLaughlin, Don 106 McPherson, Kevin 106 Meadors, C. T. 74 Meadows, Steven 239 Mease, Brenda 239 Mease, Robert 106, 221 Meckfessel, Richard 140, 153, 195 Medin, Harriet 93, 221, 224 Mehra, Laxmi 74, 126 Melick, Richard 162 Merchant, Kevin 145 Mershon, Connie 239 Metz, Richard 28, 106, 107, 239 Meyerwitz, Jerry 153 Mikels, Charles 127 Milam, Mary Lou 72, 76, 84, 86, 239 Miller, Cheryl 221 Miller, Kenny 106,107, 165 Miller, Larry 137, 222 Miller, Pat 84, 129, 239 Miller, Suzanne 240 Miller, Suzette 127, 240 Mills, Sara 240 Milstein, Allan 110,222 Minotti, Libby 239 Monday, Robert 22, 240 Montague, Bonnie 84, 85, 87, 240 Montazzoli, John 116 Montgomery, Jim 127 Mooney, Bob 153 Moore, Becky 210 Moore, Edilu 124, 178, 214 Moore, Jim 73,126,240 Moore, Sharon 74 Morgan, Susan 240 Moriarty, Patricia 240 Morrison, Jacqueline 146, 222 Moseley, Beverly 240 MOSHAVIM 120 Mottesheard, Joe 156, 161 Mould, Charlie 136, 137 Muehleisen, Jim 56,155 Mullins, Brenda 72,76,88, 240 Munisteri, Randy 106 Munoz, Nicholas 96, 214 Murdock, Cathy 214 Murdock, Kathy 57, 64, 65, 84 Murphy, Mary 210 Myers, Sandra 123, 240 N Nashoer, Sue 56, 75, 122, 123,222 Naylor, Charlene 119 Nebenzahl, Esther 210 Neil.Debi 81,119,214 Nelson, Britt 130, 131 Newman, Robert 199 Nichols, Catherine 210 Nichols, Russell 240 Nigro, Anna 23,241 Norman, Nancy 72, 84, 241 North, Terry 241 Nozica, Thomas 137 Nunley, Robert 200 O Oatridge, Jim 241 Odoherty, Dennis 96 Olden, Peter 199 ORGANIZATIONS 70 Orrill, Marilyn 130, 131, 215,272 Osborne, Dave 119 P Padella, Linda 93, 222 Paleg, David 210 Paisano, Steve 96 Panetta, Cindy 174, 215 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 76 Parker, Lane 64, 84, 119 Parks, Powell 40, 100 Parsley, James 21,81,241 Parvey, Steve 38, 56, 96, 210 Paul, Robert 106, 108 Payne, Debbie 124, 125 Pearlstein, Ann 215 Peck, Larry 46 Perlman, Harriet 241 Perry, Janice 88, 222 Perry, William 241 Peseux, Sue 88, 91 Pfiefer, Mike 6, 106 Pfeiffer, Dee 23 Phares, Sandy 84,210 Phelan, Ron 148, 215 PHI ALPHA THETA 77 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB 125 PI GAMMA MU 76 PI KAPPA DELTA 77 Piccolo, Tom 96,116,241 Pickman, Ron 25, 156, 165, 215 Pilliteri, Charles 241 Pine, Gloria 81 Pitello, Gloria 123, 176, 241 Plymale, Rexford 76 Poalise, Jerry 106 Polaski, Bob 148 Polhemus, Ed 137, 139 Pollack, James 241 Pond, Doug 98, 116 Porco, John 241 Porter, Ed 198 Poynter, Carol 215 Price, Betty 127 Prince, Nancy 176,215 Proctor, Linda 241 Pugh, Charles 72, 125, 241 Q Quinn, Barbara 23, 178, 215 R Radvak,John 95, 100 Rabel, Pam 210 Rabel, Nancy 93, 119 Raiczyk, Richard 96 Reed, Donna 81 Regino, Jim 96,97 Reider, Jim 148 Reily, Richard 210 Reinhard, Lloyd 110, 241 Reynolds, Julia 84,119 Ribak, Rory 241 Rich, Madelyn 32, 80, 81 Richardson, Lynn 241 Richie, Pat 176 Richter, Kimberly 74, 241 Rittenberg, Cynthia 4, 5, 81 Roane, Danny 96 Roberts, Belford 185 Roberts, Cynthia 222 Robertson, Larry 100, 165 Robertson, Mary 104, 105 Rodda, Robin 4, 31, 41, 64, 81, 108 Rohan, Georgia 125, 146, 147, 241 Roller, P. E. 200 Romas, Anthony 119 Romanello, Bernie 148, 210 Rose, Cindy 222 Rose, Kenneth 119 Rosenfeld, Phil 120 Ross, Barry 166 Ross, Carol 123 Ross, Larry 95,110,116 Rossano, Joyce 72, 241 Roszkowski, Joe 242 Roth, Betty 119,161,216 Roth, Clarence 202 Roush, Dick 156 Rowley, James 59, 76, 184 Rowley, Nyana 76, 128 Rubin, Harvey 162 Rubin, Janie 124 Rubin, Richard 112,242 Rucker, James 194 Rude, Rick 242 Rude, John 112 Rudolph, David 23 Ruelius, George 242 Runyan, Linda 57, 88. 89, 91,222 269 Runyan, Sandra 210 Rupert, Lee 95, 100, 102 Rush, Stuart 25, 106 Russo, Frank 137, 148 Russo, Pat 148 Ryan, Richard 24 2 S Sachs, Marcia 48, 93, 242 Sadolf, Rick 23, 66, 97, 243 Saitta, Linda 222 Salabes, Ken 96, 99 Salitsky, Marlyne 120, 216 Salton, John 100 Samar, Kamal 25, 243 Samuels, Steve 153 Sang, Sharleen 28 Sangid, Rosie 178 Santora, Mark 96, 148, 164 Sbordone, Camella 216 Scher, Howard 45 Schillings, Pat 78, 88, 222 Schneck, Bob 96, 210 Schreiber, Marc 93, 96, 126,130 Schulkin, A1 169 Schulte, Linda 130 Schwab, Carry 23 Schwartz, Gary 145 Schweinsberg, Tish 28, 104,105 Scoppa, Peter 4, 96, 164 Scotch, David 106 Seabolt, Marsha 22, 222 Seckman, Joyce 210 Segall, Sue 18, 243 Seidman, Fred 243 Seitz, Kent 74,112,243 SENIOR DIRECTORY 247 SENIORS 226 Seyler, Ray 95, 96, 99, 243 Shade, Linda 119,210 Shaffer, Jim 106 Shaffer, Kathy 179 Shaffin, Mark 34 Shamblen, Cheryl 72 Shamblin, Nancy 210 Shapiro, Helen 93, 243 Shaw, Dave 23,112,113 Sheehan, Pat 29, 243 Sheets, Katrina 216 Shelley, Karl 243 Sherrick, Linda 81, 243 Sherry, Mike 46, 106, 164 Shilling, Linda 119 Shomo, Charles 243 Shovlin, James 106, 222 Siefert, Fred 243 Siegal, Debbie 216 Sieka, Karen 46, 93, 174, 176,243 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 100 Silknitter, Pat 87, 93 Simpson, Ann 84, 86, 216 Singer, Jereevee 46,131, 243 Siracusa, Bill 96 Sisenwain, Ed 96, 97, 164 Skull, Joe 243 Slack, Nancy 40, 48, 57, 128, 243 Slack, Steven 243 Smith, Dan 123 Smith, Glenn 74, 201 Smith, Joe 162 Smith, Joyce 222 Smith, Kathy 99 Smith, Pat 123 Smith, Vincent 216 SOCCER 136 Sokol, Kathy 93. 243 Soltys, Joe 96 Soltys, Ron 96, 148 Sorbara, Lenny 96 Sosniak, Allen 112,216 Spangler, Sterling 222 Spear, Connie 243 Spencer, Eugene 110,137, 138,216 Spencer, Jesse 68, 200 SPORTS 134 Spruce, Debbi 198 Spruce, George 127 Stanco, Jamie 28 Stanco, Joe 126,222 Stanek, Mary 84, 244 Starr, Mike 14, 95, 106 Stecki, Arlene 57, 244 Steele, Marcy 211 Steely, Tom 216 Steeves,A1 25 Steeves, Smitty 100 Steinberg, Barry 46,114 Stern, Alan 25, 106,217 Stevens, John 127, 244 Stickle, Joan 217 Stier, Larry 244 Stimpson, Doug 23, 243 Stoelting, Lois 244 Stollings, Sally 217 Strieker, Joanne 57,75 Sturmer, Richard 211 STUDENTS FOR COMMUNITY ACTION 125 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 116, 117,118 Sudano, Marcia 84 Sullivan, David 244 Suehnolz, Bob 14 Swan, Susan 217 Swillinger, Steve 217 SWIMMING TEAM 162 T Tainsky, Evelyn 25, 48, 88, 91, 244 Talbot, Thomas 245 Tamplin, Clarence 76,196 Tanchum, Toby 88 Tascher, Judy 245 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 106 Taylor, Barbara 245 Taylor, Don 33, 130, 132 Taylor, James 245 Taylor, Steven 245 Teed, Carol 211 Tefft, Susan 81, 178, 245 TENNIS 152 THETA XI 110 Thoman, Tim 245 Thomas, Bev 58, 81, 146, 147 Thompson, Joyce 211 Thompson, Steve 222 Thompson, Sue 57, 84, 130, 132, 223 Thorn, Kim 28,31,47,81, 245 Tiedeman, Jane 84, 85, 122,245 Tincher, Emilie 30, 104, 105 Tinsley, Steve 102 Todd, Audrey 80,81,83, 131, 147,217 Toler, Glenn 124 Tomlinson, James 223 Tortomas, Wendy 81,83, 223 Toth, Linda 73, 80, 81, 245 TRADITIONS 52 Tsuchiya, Ronald 162 Tunick, Charles 40,244 Turley, Margaret 124, 245 Trubin, Tammy 83,84, 211 U Ulino, Bob 114 UNDERGRADUATES 206 Unetich, Dave 110 Urion, Bob 106, 170, 245 V Valerio, Martin 211 Vazquez, Meli 20, 21, 145, 146, 147,211 Veldenzer, Shirley 38, 93, 94 Venables, Suzanne 93, 245 Vespucci, Linda 28, 30, 31 Vicars, Nancy 127, 245 Vigorita, Tom 47 Vincell, Shelba 148 Vincent, Joe 223 Voice, Cal 58,116,117, 120 Volkert, Richard 96, 223 Vorisek, Diane 14 W Wald, Susan 120,211 Wagner, Ray 106 Walker, Marty 88 Walker, Rebecca 246 Wallace, David 28, 106, 107, 223 Walton, Linda 176,211 Wanner, Charles 119 Warwick, Gloria 88, 89, 91,246 Watson, Alice 40, 84, 223 Watson, Barbara 84, 223 Weinstein, Orrin 109 Welborn, Kathy 48,217 Wendling, Linda 246 Werbeck, Gary 96, 166 Werner, Martha 88, 109 Werner, Matt 76, 89, 130, 246, 271 Wesley, Bobby 43, 55, 140, 143 Wesner, Caryn 57, 73, 84, 125, 246 West, Beth 125 Westfall, Bev 75, 127, 246 Weston, Elize 57 Wetzel, Mike 137 Wexler, Arnold 120,211 Weyman, Mark 246 Whelan, Bill 46,112,113, 114 Whitbeck, Pat 246 White, Don 153 White, Mary 84, 125 White, Stanley 223 WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 72 Wickham, Bruce 162 Wildinger, John 148,164 Wilhelm, Lance 125, 211 Wilkinson, Dianna 57,72, 246 Williams, Art 140,143, 145 Williams, Charlene 28,211 Williams, Dick 100, 103 Williams, Gary 137, 148 Williams, Virginia 223 Wills, Ellen 127 Wilson, Bob 155 Wilson, Pat 223 Winthrope, Elaine 49, 81, 178 Wise, Martha 246 Wolf, Henry 198 Wolfersberger, Harry 54, 110, 137, 139 Wolff, Elaine 246 Wood, Bill 103 Wood, Jim 100,104 Wood, Kathryn 75,88,217 Wood, Linda 246 Wood, Roger 144, 223 Worth, Maureen 88, 89 Worthy, Charlotte 175, 223 Wright, Bob 124 Wright, Jeanne 246 Wright, Maxine 127 Wright, Tom 112,211 Y Yeager, Barbara 129 Young, Charles 246 Young, Colleen 119 Young, Danny 96 Young, Diane 217 Young, Sallie 104,246 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 127 Z Zehntner, Barbara 73, 246 Zekan, Patty 54, 57, 59, 75, 88, 90, 123 Zeller, Jennifer 246 ZETA BETA TAU 112 Zimmerman, Michael 211 Zwillinger, Steve 96,112 Zujkowski, Allan 167 270 THE HARVEYAIN EDITOR WISHES TO THANK: Mrs. Hambrick and Mrs. Schulte, our advisors; Sue Thompson, the assistant editor; Matt Werner, the photographer; Marge Brower and Sandy Jackson who worked on the senior directory; Audrey Todd and Donna Reed who helped on the class sections; Arnold Kuperstein who worked on the student life section; Don Taylor, the Comet photographer; Ron Piekman, Andy Arlen, Mary Doss, Marie Fort, Terry Gallanter, Candy Bongard and Cindy Ritten- burg who did odd jobs for The Harveyan. 9 iris «f kTt 4Mf If V 1 .f m m . " • • .. ; i V i n|ff !«:: r ::■■ I nut ::t ' ;f r i ' ' ! V- 7 r v- . mail 4 I y ■- ■ i ■ ■ [ft:, 1 V: • " , ■$. i ' ?;• rift. •» ' • ' :iji; - -• • ■.;.K: • ! M .. ' ll’r.M.W, rjiflfl ■ . ,.I. nfl • ’ r ' t ' M« ryi«8DB I . ■ . • ’ i •Zijiii. •». , ?►? tif ' ■ • ’ • ► ' »»• .‘ ' v. !. :? • ■,r-, -rx;!: ur t.:4 Tfl.. :jw!

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