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I I 2 F O R W A R □ An image A likeness A portrait REFLECTING Past experiences Patterns of events Future ideas Changing Shifting Always a new interpretation This is our College . . . 3 wheir books Kmas Babington Macaulay Trustees of Morris Harvey College PAUL R. ANDIjR ON FRED G. BAN ul HEf GLAS! S. PHILLIPS jrJEl 1 % ALFRED E. BENN MARSHALL BU,CK H. P. CAMPBELL EARL COTTREL ROGER CREEL iz 1 NSBARGER i f| pilil HlkllCl F E. y®LGE 1 I [ FRED G. HOLLOWAY DAVID D. JOHNSON FRANKLIN JOHNSTON HERBERT E. JONES, SR. J. E. McDAVID J. WILLIAM MARTIN FRED A. OTTO WEHRLE B. GEARY 5ARNET ' THOMPSON loMPKINS H. B. WEHRLE CHARLES C. WISE, JR. BERT E. C. WOLFE, JR. CARL K. GILCHRIST J. B. F. YOAK, JR. Thirty-four years ago, Morris Harvey College was given the honor of having this gentleman become a member of its faculty. During these years he has devoted his time to the activities and services of the student body, always working to his fullest capacity. Before joining our College, he was a research chemist for the S.M.A. Corpora- tion. He has received degrees from Friends University, the University of Nebraska and the University of Colorado. He holds professorships in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Through the years he has been affiliated with the American Chemical and Physical Societies, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sigma Xi, and St. Marks Methodist Church. Here at Morris Harvey he is Chairman for the Division of the Natural Sciences, Head of the Mathematics Department and Director of the Regional Science Fair. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading political and current events magazines and the Bible. Since childhood he has loved the outdoors, and is often found working in his rose gardens. However, it is not only his scholarship, leadership and devotion that have endeared him to our College, but also his personal qualities of sincerity, warmth and dignity which have made him a dear and lasting friend. It is with great pride and esteem that we dedicate our 1965 Harveyan to Dr. P. E. Roller Thp Harv van Staff Here Dr. Roller prepares for the Regional Sci- ence Fair. 6 ’Jr- MARSHALL BUCKALEW President of the College An inseparable part of our President. I I Our President ' s home in the Fall. T. F. GOLDTHORPE Vice President and Assistant to the President HARRY G. STRALEY Dean of the College STELLA AA. COOKSEY Dean of Women and Director of Student Personnel Services FRANK J. KREBS Vice President for Student Affairs 12 DOUGLAS C. BUMGARDNER Dean of Men C. FRANK LePAGE Director of Development Funds BELFORD ROBERTS Treasurer and Business Manager thomas j. McGinnis, jr. Registrar and Director of Admissions CARL E. WHITE Assistant Treasurer 13 WINTON R. HOUCK Director of Alumni Affairs JAMES W. ROWLEY Director of Development WILLIAM J. BRIGGS, JR. Director of Freshman Admissions 14 C. D. TAMPLIN Director of Evening and Extension Classes HELEN S. JONES Cashier JAMES J. FINK Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ELOISE NEWLON, JOAN BADGER FRANK BADGER Assistant Librarians Head Librarian JOSEPHINE FINK Manager of Bookstore A F F BETTY CALDWELL Director of Community Services and Student Financial Office 15 ■ H r c 0 n BRUNO E. K. ALTER B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physics HOWARD A. BARNETT A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of English K. JACK BAUER A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History ROBERT T. BAYLOUS A.B., M.S. Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education 16 ASHBY C. BLACKWELL A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry ROBERT BLAKE B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English JOHNO. BOLAND B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Music SANDRA BOWLES B.S., M.A. Instructor of Nursing Education HARRIET BROWN B.A. Instructor of Business Administration and Secretarial Science 17 DOROTHY BROOKS B.S.N.E., M.S.N. Assistant Professor of Nursing Education JUDITH COLE B.S. Instructor of Biology FRANK H. CLARK B.S., M.S., A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Biology ALEX DARBES A.B., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology FRED S. COFFINDAFFER A.B., M.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Education 18 ANDREA DEAN B.A. Instructor of English WILAAER E. DOS S A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Education NATHAN L. GERRARD A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Sociology ROBERT H. EMERY A.B., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy HAROLD W. EWING B.M., M.Mus. Head of the Department of Music ROSELYN FREEDMAN B.A. Instructor of Speech 19 JOSEPH F. GLENCOE, JR. A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology EDGAR L. GRAY B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of History MARY ETTA GREEN B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education WANDA G. HALE A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics 20 VIRGINIA GRAY A.B., A.M. Head of the Department of Speech EVELYN L. K. HARRIS A.B., A.M. Head of the Department of Political Science and Associate Professor of History JOHN B. HIMELRICK B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Education BERTHA HOSTETTLER A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages DOUGLAS BARR JOHN B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of History LUCINA KEANE B.S., A.M. Head of the Department of Art 21 JEARLKOONTZ A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Secretarial Science JACK LAWHORN B.A., B.D. Assistant Basketball and Head Baseball Coach JOHN L. LAMBROS B.M., M.Mus. Assistant Professor of Music ROBERT G. LANDOLT A.B., M.A. Head of the Department of Business Administration and Secretarial Science and Economics G.C. LAZENBY B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics 22 ARTHUR C. LEONARD B.S., M.B.A. Instructor of Business Administration and Secretarial Science K.S. McCUTCHAN A. A., A.B., B.S., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Psychology 23 c. l. McLaughlin A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Business Administration and Secretarial Science CARL T. MEADORS B.S., M.A. Instructor in Biology C. T. MILLER, JR. A.B., B.D. Assistant Professor of Religion 24 CONSTANCE B. McLAUGHLIN A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English JERRY MOORE A.B. Instructor of Health and Physical Education GARLAND E. MORAN B.S., M.A. Athletic Director, Coach, and Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education PETER OLDEN Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages 25 JOHN W. OLIVER, JR. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History P. E. ROLLER A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences and Head of the Department of Mathematics C. E. ROTH A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of History NYANA ROWLEY A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education HAYDN P. SAWYER A.B., AM. Assistant Professor of English IRENES. SAWYER B.S., AM. Assistant Professor of Education LEO C. SHINN A.B., AM. Assistant Professor of Mathematics 27 ELEANOR G. SNYDER A.B., M.A . GRACE MARTIN TAYLOR A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Art 28 BARBARA YEAGER B.A. Instructor of English HENRY WOLF A.B., B M., AM., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division of the Humanities and Professor of Music VIRGINIA E. WILLIAMS A.B., A.M. JOHN A. YOUNG A.B. Professor of English Assistant Professor of History and Political Science 29 (v 1 L ak r 1 n u i r □ o 3 Student life brings many things into view: From the Eagloo, the classroom, to the Malibu. Thank God It ' s Friday; a mix sponsored by the Greeks And a picnic at Coonskin to end the week. The Phi Beta Kappa Club. You say it ' s illegal to possess what? Food for thought. Shake it up baby! Now listen you all! What did you say the recipe was? Should a gentleman offer a lady a Tiparillo? Zap, you ' re. ! 34 It ' S not the prettiest, but it ' s different; and besides, I got it from Hex ' s for 50c. ♦1 Does anyone have a Kleenex? Socrates contemplates. P-s-s-s-t, write larger. Do we really have to eat all that we don ' t sell? 35 36 She: I say tomato. He: I say tomato. Simon says. Crackerjack prizes get better each year. The Family Portrait. That new mouth-wash is really powerful! • -t. Morris Harvey College ' s graduating blusher. Quick, sit on it! If you pinch me once more, I ' ll do something drastic. The victor of the snowball fight. If you are ready to throw it out, hand it in. 38 What ' s new at the zoo? j L rn I ■ lA} 4 The Lemons Four sing " Bitter, Bitter Sweet ' Five foot two, eyes of blue? " Take Good Care of My Baby, and My Lifeboy Soap, " sung by the SKINS. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue— this won ' t hurt a bit. 39 The pas Tender The The hal C. WELLS Sergeant-at-Arms J. MORTON Vice President is planted in our minds, Like a field of growing seeds thoughts spring from everywhere, To meet our maturing needs future has begun its roots, Like the planting of a tree of knowledge are omnipresent It is we that hold the key. D. WALTERS President N. L. DENTON Secretary J. ZAKAIB S.G.A. Representative BABARA MERRITT ACKISON English: Sigma lota Chi; National Education Association NANCY PRISCILLA ALDEN English: Alpha Xi Delta, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who in A- merican Universities and Colleges; Freshman English Award; Sopho- more Class Secretary-Treasurer; National Education Association; Panhellenic Council; L ' Aiglon Staff; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion; Homecoming Court; May At- tendant ALEXANDER ALEXANDROU Physical Education: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega; Black- friars; Intramurals; Review Board; Physical Education Club; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship MARY JANE ALLISON Political Science: Delta Zeta; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; North Dickinson Hall Council, President DAVID W. ANDERSON Mathematics and Physics: Chi Beta Phi; Choir, President FLORETTE SNYDER ANGEL Art and English. 42 NANCY C. ATKINS Speech: Alpha Xi Delta; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; United Christian Fellow- ship; National Education Associa- tion, President; Young Democrats ' Club PAUL GENE ATKINS Business Administration and Ac- counting. LYLE G. BARBER Speech and Sociology: Theta Xi; Blackfriars; Intramurals MARY FRANCIS BATMAN Business Administration and Ac- counting: Alpha Omicron Pi, Presi- dent; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Kappa Delta Pi ; Panhellenic Council; Na- tional Education Association; Young Democrats ' Club; Profes- sional Business Club, Secre- tar V; College Events Commit- tee ' Freshman Counselor WILLIAM AVERY BENFIELD, III Sociology: Student Government Association Committee; Comet Staff; Choir BECKY BLACK Social Science: Alpha Omicron Pi; Young Democrats ' Club 43 CAROL RUTH BRANSCOME Biology: National Education Asso- ciation CLAUDE E. BRANSCOME Biology: Alpha Sigma Phi, Presi- dent; Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges; Chi Beta Phi; Intramurals MARK RONALD BROAT Chemistry. KAREN SUE BROWN Music Education: Music Educators National Conference; Choir; Band THOMAS F. BROWN Physical Education: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Physical Education Club; National Education Association; Varsity Basketball; Intramurals JOHN D. BROWNING English. 44 WANDA BURDISS Speech: Delta Zeta, President; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; Blackfriars; Debate Club ALLAN KENT BUTLER English and Speech: Circle K Club; Blackfriars; Literary Club; Choir; National Education Association; Freshman Counselor; Cobb Hall, President JAMES DARRELL CANADAY Music : Kappa Kappa Psi; Choir; Band; Giant Club; Music Educators ' National Conference; Brass En- semble BARBARA FRANCES CAPLAN Geography: Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart; Young Democrats ' Club; National Education Associa- tion CARL JOSEPH CAPUTO Sociology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Young Republicans ' Club; Intramurals CAROL J. CARTER Education: National Education As- sociation 45 ANNA CAROL CASDORPH English: Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice President; Panhellenic Conference, Vice President; National Education Association; Comet Staff; Young Republicans ' Club GAIL W. CAVENDER English: Alpha Xi Delta; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; National Education As- sociation, Treasurer; Junior Class Sec reta ry-T rea s u re r EDITH ELIZABETH CHALLIS Mathematics: Delta Zeta, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman; Chi Beta Phi; Dickinson Hall Vice President, President; Student Leadership Con- ference; Freshman Counselor MARY HELEN CHAPMAN Mus c Education: Kappa Delta Pi; Choir; United Christian Fellowship; Women ' s Athletic Association; Na- tional Education Association; Music Educators ' National Conference WILLIAM S. CHAFIN Speech: Theta Xi; Intramurals JOHN NEVINS CLANCY Political Science: Varsity Science 46 NORRIS CHAPIN CLARK, JR. Politico.. Science. CHARLES DANA COMPSTON Social Science: Alpha Sigma Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band; Intramurals HOWARD EARL COPLEY Physical Education: Theta Xi; In- tramurals; Physical Education Club; National Education Association JEWELL KAY COPLEY Biology: Kappa Delta Pi, President; Literary Club; National Education Association LOUIS MICHAEL COREY Political Science: Theta Xi, Secre- tary; Circle K Club; Treasurer- United Christian Fellowship; De- bate Club; Literary Club; Pre-Law Club; Interfraternity Council; Cobb Hall Association, Vi ce President LELA ELIZABETH CUMMINGS English: English Club; National Education Association 47 WALTER LAWRENCE CUNNINGHAM, JR. History and Biology: Theta Xi; In- tramurals; National Education As- sociation KATHRYN MIZELLE DAWSON Physical Education and Speech: Delta Zeta; Physical Education Club; Blackfriars; Women ' s Athletic Association; National Education Association IRVIN DEAKTER Natural Science and Mathematics: Intramurals MICHAEL DEHOLL Biology: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Inter- fraternity Council; Circle K Club; Pre-Med Club, President; Benedum Hall Council, Vice President; Intra- murals VITO F. DELUCIA Business Administration: Alpha Sigma Phi; Intramurals NINA LU DENTON Mathematics: Alpha Xi Delta; Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges; Chi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Tau Beta Sigma; Cheerleader; Band; Centennial Queen; Homecoming Court; Fresh- man Counselor; Women ' s Athle tic Association; Sophomore Class Vice President; Junior Class Vice Presi- dent; Senior Class Secretary 48 HELEN DERRICK JACK L. DICKENS FRED L. DRUMMOND Natural Science: National Educa- Accounting and Business Admini - Business Administration , Market- Won Association stration. ing and Management. ROBERT J. EDGAR Natural Science: Theta Xi; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; Black- friars; Interfraternity Council; Re- view Board; Freshman Counselor; Student Liberty Drive MARY KATHERINE SHERMAN ELLER Speech: Pi Kappa Delta ELEANOR CAROL ELLIOTT Speech and English: Alpha Psi Omega; Young Republicans ' Club; Blackfriars 49 PAUL WILLIAM EWING Business Administration and Ac- counting: Theta Xi; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; Student Government Asso- ciation, President; Freshman and Junior Class President; Choir; Cir- cle K; Freshman Counselor; Stu- dent Affairs Committee; Intra- murals; Student Liberty Drive SAMUEL JAMES FARMER, JR. Business Administration. GLORIA J. FITZGERALD Speech and English: Alpha Psi Omega; Pi Kappa Delta; Choir; De- bate Club; Blackfriars; Student Li- berty Drive; Young Democrats ' Club; National Education Associa- tion WILMA JEAN FORD • English: National Education Asso- ciation; English Club JOSEPH FRASCATORE Biology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Bene- dum Hall, President; Intramurals; Pre-Med Club; Newman Club; Na- tional Education Association; Stu- dent Activities Committee; Fresh- man Counselor TOM FRAZIER Political Science: Theta Xi; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Varsity Basketball; In- tramurals 50 JOHN WILLIAM FREEMAN Marketing and Management: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Professional Busi- ness Club, President; Intramurals JAMES WILLIAM GABRIEL Physical Education: Physical Edu- cation Club; Intramurals; National Education Association OLIVE M. GANDEE Biology: Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion ; National Education Associa- tion; Choir; Comet Staff; Harveyan Staff; Chess Club; Dickinson Hall Council LINDA KATHERINE GOGLEY English: Alpha Xi Delta; Panhel- lenic Council, President; Student Leadership Conference; North Dickinson Hall Council, Vice-Presi- dent; National Education DEBBIE ANN GANDEE Speech and English: Alpha Psi Omega; Pi Kappa Delta; National Education Association; Young Democrats ' Club; Blackfriars, Treasurer DAVID GOLDSTEIN History and Biology: Theta Xi; Na- tional Education Association; In- tramurals 51 MARY ALLISON GRAY Natural Science: Alpha Xi Delta; Pre-Med Club; Freshman Counse- lor; Student Liberty Drive; North Dickinson Hall Council BARBARA ANN GREEN History: Pi Gamma Mu; Young Democrats ' Club; National Educa- tion Association; Literary Club ROBERT L. HARRISON Business Administration. FREDERICK C. HELM PHILIP B. HERRING JUDITH ANN HIRSH Sociology: Tau Kappa Epsilon Speech and English. English: Alpha Xi Delta; Women ' s Athletic Association; Junior Class Officer; Young . Republicans ' Club, Secretary; National Education As- sociation; Homecoming Attendant 52 ERIC O. HOKE Business Administration: Protes sional Business Club JOHN M. HOOVER D. REAH HOUSER Marketing and Management: Pro- Biology and Geography: Tau fessional Business Club Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Med Club ANTHONY P. INGEMI Sociology: Alpha Sigma Phi DAVID LEE INGRAM Mathematics: Alpha Sigma Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Circle K Club; Band; Student Government As- sociation, Vice-President; Student Liberty Drive; Freshman Coun- selor; Interfraternity Council, Sec- retary; Student Activities Commit- tee MITCHELL A. JACOBS Business Administration: Alpha Sig- ma Phi; Professional Business Club; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Young Hebrew Organization 53 MARILYN BERKELEY JOHNSON English: Art Guild DAVID I. KARPILOW Philosophy and Religion : Kappa Kappa Psi; Band; L ' Aiglon; Choir KAREN L. KENDRICK History: Alpha Omicron Pi; North Dickinson Hall Council Young Re- publicans ' Club; National Educa- tion Association; Freshman Coun- selor EDWARD P. KICHI Mathematics, Physics, and Psy- chology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Chi Beta Phi WALTER R. KIMPEL Business Administration , Manage- ment, and Marketing: Alpha Sig- ma Phi; Review Board, Cobb Hall; Intramurals; Young Republicans ' Club GLORIA A. KITTS English: National Education As sociation 54 ROBERT DALE KITTS MARTIN S. KRINSKY Mathematics and Physics. Biology : Alpha Sigma Phi; Choir; Dormitory Council RUSSELL L. LEMON Sociology: Baseball JOHN FREDERICK LESTER Biology: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Circle K Club; Pre-Med Club; Sophomore Class Sergeant at Arms; Intra- rnurals; Student Liberty Drive; Freshman Counselor; Cobb Hall Council NANCY J. LEWIS English: Alpha Onriicron Pi, Treasurer, Vice President; North Dickinson Hall Council; United Christian Fellowship; Literary Club; National Education Association; Homecoming Attendant; Freshman Counselor PAUL WILLIS LOHMAN Business Administration , Manage- ment and Marketing. 55 1 JOHN LOPEZ Psychology: Westminster Youth Fellowship, President; Intramurals; Review Board S. STELLA MAH French and English: Kappa Delta Pi; National Education Association THOMAS J. MARCHIO Speech and Business Administra- ton: Theta Xi, President, Vice Presi- dent; Alpha Psi Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; Blackfriars; Band; Choir; Intramurals; Debate Club; Young Democrats ' Club; Student Liberty Drive STEPHEN J. MARTIN History: Circle K Club; Young Re- publicans ' Club; Golf ANN L. MASHOS English: Kappa Delta Pi; National Education Association; Choir; Literary Club CHARLES E. McCALLISTER History: Pi Gamma Mu, President- Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President- Young Democrats ' Club, President; National Education Association 56 JOYCE McCORMICK English: Alpha Omicron Pi; Na- tional Education Association; Dor- mitory Council JOHN W. MILES Marketing and Management: Al- pha Sigma Phi, Treasurer; Profes- sional Business Club, Treasurer; Young Republicans ' Club STEPHEN H. MOONEY Business Administration: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Young Democrats ' Club; Professional Business Club; Art Guild; Blackfriars NELSON LARRY MOORE Physical Education and Biology: Theta Xi; Young Republicans ' Club, President; Physical Education Club ANN VINTROUX MORRIS Social Science: Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Gamma Mu ROGER MORRIS Political Science: Who ' s Who in A- merican Colleges and Universities; Comet , Editor, Staff; Harveyan, Staff, Sports Editor; L ' Aiglon Staff; Young Democrats ' Club; Freshman Counselor; Intramurals; Student Committee on Ethics 57 DAVID LAWRENCE MORTON Music: Theta Xi, President, Corre- sponding Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Circle K Club; Canterbury As- sociation; Choir, President; Band; Music Educators ' National Con- ference JAMES A. MORTON JR. Mathematics and Physics: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Chi Beta Phi ASGHAR NIKZAD Physics and Mathematics: Chess Club CARL F. NITTO • History: Alpha Sigma Phi DAVID LARRY PARSONS JOSEPH D. PATALANO Chemistry. Economics: Alpha Sigma Phi; Pro- fessional Business Club; Newman Club; Intramurals 58 JOHN RILEY PATRICK PATSY PAXTON Chemistry: Pre-Med Club English: Kappa Delta Pi; National Education Association MARY LOUISE PERRIELLO Business Administration: Delta Zeta Sorority; Choir; Band; Collegiate Council of the United Nations PAUL PETRUZZI, JR. Physical Education and Biology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Intramurals; Physical Education Club WILLIAM S. PETTIGREW, JR. Mathematics: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals CLARENCE GLENN PIERCE, II Sociology. REGIS C. PONGIBOVE History: Alpha Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; National Education Asso- ciation; Newman Club; Circle K Club, Treasurer; Review Board, Cobb Hall JACK POTZ Marketing and Management: Tau Kappa Epsilon WAYNE EDWARD POWELL Art: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Circle K Club; Art Guild; National Education Association; Harveyan Art Editor; Comet Staff; Interfraternity Council DONNA REED DENNIS BURDETTE RHODES Music Education: Tau Beta Sigma; Political Science: Softball Music Educators ' National Confer- ence; Chok; Band; National Educa- tion Association; String Ensemble LARRY J. RIFFEE Physical Education: National Educa- tion Association; Physical Educa- tion Club 60 ROSS F. ROMARY Biology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Inter- fraternity Council, Vice President- Corresponding Secretary; Intra- murals; Varsity Golf; Young Re- publicans ' Club; Freshman Coun- selor LARRY RUSSOMANNO Business Administration: Profes- sional Business Club; Newman Club; Band JOYCE GARDA SEVY English: Kappa Delta Pi; Choir DOUGLAS ELLIOTT SHERWOOD Mathematics and Physics: Theta Xi, Social Chairman; Alpha Psi Omega, Sergeant at Arms; Chi Beta Phi, Treasurer; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Intramurals; Canterbury Club, President, Vice President JAMES MICHAEL SHOCK Political Science: Theta Xi, Vice President, Secretary; Interfrater- nity Council; Intramurals; Young Republicans ' Club CHARLES R. SLAVEN Chemistry and Mathematics: Alpha Sigma Phi; Chi Beta Phi; Bowling 61 DOROTHY A. SMITH Music : Alpha Xi Delta; Tau Beta Sigma; Music Educators ' National Conference; National Education Association; Choir; Band HAROLD L. SMITH Chemistry and Mathematics: Al- pha Sigma Phi; Intramurals PATRICIA ANN SMITH Sociology: Alpha Xi Delta; Cheer- leader SUEZANN SMITH History and French: Young Demo- crats ' Club; Collegiate Council for the United Nations; Pre-Law Club; National Education Association WILLIAM K. SMITH Psychology: Review Board; Young Republicans ' Club; Varsity Tennis DENNIS R. SPADAFORA Business Administration , Manage- ment and Marketing: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary; Intramurals; Business Club 62 BETTY ANN SPENCE English: Alpha Xi Delta, Corre- sponding Secretary; National Edu- cation Association, Secretary; Young Democrats ' Club; Literary Club; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion EVA EILEEN SPRADLING Mathematics: Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Mistress; Chi Beta Phi, Chi Beta Phi Award; Kappa Delta Pi; National Education Association; Dormitory Council; Newman Club THOMAS WILLIAM STACK- HOUSE Political Science: Young Republi- cans ' Club; Choir; ' Parliamentarian, Cobb Hall; Pre-Law Club; Intra- murals JOYCE DIANA STEPHENSON Business Administration: Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer; Who ' s Who •n American Colleges and Univer- sities, Young Democrats ' Club; Stu- dent Government Association, Treasurer; Business Club; Collegi- ate Council for the United Nations Homecoming Attendant; May Day Attendant KENNETH MITCHELL STERN Psychology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Comet Staff; Wrestling Team; Tiddlywinks BETSY ANN STONE Physical Education: Alpha Xi Delta; Cheerleader; National Education Association; Physical Education Club; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion; Senior Class Officer 63 DOROTHY LOUISE TEMPLETON Political Science and Speech: Delta Zeta; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Psi Omega; Panhellenic Council, Vice President; Harveyan Editor; Black- friars, President; Debate Club; Liberty Drive; Pre-Law Club; Freshman Counselor ALVIN MONROE THACKER, JR. Political Science: Theta Xi; Pre-Law Club; Young Republicans ' Club; Intramurals; Freshman Counselor CHARLES E. THOMPSON Physical Education: Physical Edu cation Club; National Educatioi Association; Varsity Baseball ROBERT B. THURSTON Business Administration and Ac- counting: Band NADEANE TOLER English: Alpha Xi Delta, Vice Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi; Literary Club; National Education Association JUDITH WESTFALL TOON English: Art Guild 64 BEVERLY JEANNE TRIPLETT Biology: Chi Beta Phi; National Education Association EVELYN BABBETTE TULLY Physical Education: Alpha Omicron Pi; Physical Education Club; Cheer- leader; Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation; National Education Asso- ciation; Young Republicans ' Club; May Day Attendant SARA MASON TURNER English: Comet Staff; L ' Aiglon; Literary Club LINDA GAYLE UNDERWOOD • History : Pi Gamma Mu; Young Democrats ' Club; National Educa- tion Association; Literary Club JAMES VIERS Music Education: Kappa Kappa Psi; Music Educators ' National Con- ference; Band; Choir DENNIS RAY WALKUP Mathematics. 65 DOUGLAS J. WALTERS Political Science and French: Theta Xi, Vice President; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges; Senior Class President; Pre- Law Club; National Educa tion Asso- ciation; Choir; Liberty Drive PATRICIA KAY WATKINS Sociology: Alpha Xi Delta; National Education Association RENNY WILLIAM WAY English: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Presi- dent; Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges; Literary Club, President; Liberty Drive; Freshman Counselor; Intramurals JACK L. WEHRELL Business Administration: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Literary Club; Busi- ness Club; Intramurals GAYLE WEISBERG History: National Education Asso- ciation; Young Democrats ' Club CHARLES WELLS Sociology: Alpha Sigma Phi; Circle K Club; Young Republicans ' Club; Senior Class Sergeant at Arms 66 JACK D. WISEMAN Physical Education: Physical Edu- cation Club; National Education Association JAMES FRANKLIN WITHROW Physical Education: Physical Educa- tion Club GARY D. WRAY History: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pi Gamma Mu; Intramurals CAMELIA ZAKAIB Political Science: Alpha Xi Delta; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship; Young Republicans ' Club; May Day Attendant JACQUELINE ZAKAIB French and Sociology: Alpha Xi Delta; Student Government Asso- ciation Representative; Liberty Drive JANIS E. ZVARGULIS Physics and Mathematics: Theta Xi; Chi Beta Phi, President; Inter-fra- ternity Council; Chess Club; Pre- Med Club; String Ensemble; Intra- murals 67 Through corridors of light, the hours bring learning. Within these walls, the torch keeps burning. Oio-ZCL George Alexander Sergeant at Arms Robert Holliday Vice President Edward B. Lehmann President Marc Lipson Sec re ta r y-T rea s u re r Robert Keller, Jr. Student Government Association Represent- ative William Abbot William Adams George Alexander Frances Allender Donald Anderson William Araza Tedford Bachman Marion Bacon 70 Alice Ball Peter Balzerini Emma Barnes Steve Bartha Virginia Baugh Lois Boyer Bonnie Brown John Brown Carolyn Brua Richard Bruner William Bryant Rollie Burford Peter Burr Mathew Byock 71 £ L V fc Judith Ann Cain Murry Caplan Donald Casavant John Casoni Donald Casse August Catarella Robert Champion Amelia Child Francis Clapper Donald Clare Elizabeth Clark Terry Claycomb Alan Cohen Frank Coletto Pete Connolly Sand re Lee Cook Sharon Craft Robert Cunningham Linda Delulio Gordon Depew 72 Karen Dodd Mary Ann Durkin William Duryee Thomas Emery Sharon Evans John Evjen Jeanette Fleshin Gary Frake Cynthia Freeh David Gallagher Jerome Giaimo Joyce Gorski Carl Harris Thomas Hatcher Buddy Hatfield Andrew Heikaus Terry Hilken Ernest Hill Robert Holliday William Hopkinson 73 Gregory Hughes Marilynn Huntington Paul Huston Ann Jackson William Johnson Richard Keating Alexandra Keator Robert Keesee Joseph Keezel Robert Keller Mary Sue Kessell Roger Kessler Kenneth Kidd Donald King Judith King William Kline Marilyn Klonowski Robert Kraus Alan Kristal Kristine Lambert 74 Marc Lipson Ronald Lively Tena Lura Donald Maleto Louis Marc iani Joyce Matheny Sandra Matheny Peggy Maynard Suzann Maynard Andy McClure Rondell McComas James McCulty 75 Harry McLaughlin William Medley George Melis Marion Mendolia Vicki Morris Gary Naylor Raymond Nicholson Karen Nightingale John Milcoff Jerry Miles Thomas Miller Toni Lee Moore Barbara Osborne Olive Ow Allhory Pagter Carol Ann Palmer Patricia Parsons Linda Pascone Karen Pittman Penny Port 76 Anthony Prochilo Joanne Procino Louis Purcaro Peter Raider Lynn Ramberg Joann Rayford Jeffrey Remeny Daniel Richards Paul Robinson Judi Rosa Rona Rothhouse Robert Satterfield 77 David Speer Steven Stein Barbara Stoner Joan Strumskas Kenneth Tinquist Frederick Totten Sue Tuckar Madonna Varney Donna Viering Maria Vlasak Donald Volkert Dale Waterman John Welker William Werther Robert Willock Barry Wright Sherry Yates James Yingling George Zikkos Ben Zukosky 78 Sue Faber Social Chairman Mike Lanzilotta President Pat Brown S.G.A. Representative Buzz Hamon Vice President Lynne Cunningham Sergeant at Arms Faye Thomas (missing) Secretary-T reasurer Margaret Allison Jacqueline Alston David Baber John Barclay Judith Ann Barker Becky Beattie Herbert Beckett Paulette Boggs 79 » m n Q Soivoro Judy Boncic Douglas Booz William Borea Martha Bostic Daniel Bowen Kathryn Bowman Mary Helen Bratt Marsha Bregman Jack Cobb William Cole Isaiah Coleman Frances Coll 80 Rex Cornelius Clifford Crouse Jeffrey Crute Lynne Cunningham Allan Davis Fred Decker Muffet Deisher Martin Dershowitz Elizabeth Ann Dery Kenneth Divens Helen Downey Elsie Ester Susan Faber Gloria Faulkes Carolyn Fields Paul Fuller Allan Goldman Carol Goodwin Jeff Grantz Duncan Gray 81 Elaine Grimsey Sandy Grow Margaret Guinan Jack Haddad Arthur Hamon Kathy Hanna Sue Hardman Sally Harlan Sanford Harrisoh David Hart Elizabeth Haston Charles Hearn Bernard Helfand Roger Hirchak Arnold Hughes Richard Ingram Norma Inman Jill Iversen Barbara Jones Marcia Jones 82 Donald Karle Pat King Martin Kirban Donald Krasner Beverly Krenisky Michael Lanzilotta Stephen Law Sally LeCleve Marsha Libath Robert Licks Susan Lippa Nancy- Lovell Barbara Marcus Rodman Martin Peter McAtee Carol McLane Diana Midkiff Julia Miller Nancy Mottesheard Carolyn Nichols 83 Bruce Peller Lorraine Pirrotta Charles Plybon Diane Raulerson Daniel Reich Ronald Reitz Frank Nigro Carolyn Parsons Michael Pavlick Jacqueline Pochtar George Porter Susan Ransberger Ginny Reynolds Bill Robinette Ed Ruwet James Ryan 84 Marjorie Saltzman Kamal Sangid Ed Sarluca Ronald Schuman Suzanne Seltzer Nancy Shafer Charles Schepper Diana Schneider Carol Schoonover Brenda Sherman Diana Sirlin Barbara Smith Douglas Smith Joseph Smith Lucille Smith Roger Spencer 85 Renee Snyder Lawrence Spamer Kyle Spradling Robert Stiles Jeff Stolow Martha Stover Alfred Sweet Kenneth Sutton James Talbot Joan Thompson Patricia Tortora Edward Virshup David Waggy Robert Ward Betty White Gail Withrow William Workman Lois Wysocki 86 Hugh Miller S.G.A. Representative Gwen Hill Secretary-T reasurer Peter Kirshner Vice President Morris Harvey President Ron Buckalew Sergeant at Arms Richard Albanese David Albert Carolyn Alston Patrick Amendola JoAnn Anderson Connie Arbogast Robert Armento 87 William Avery Joseph Baluha Eunice Barker Mike Barker Donald Bell Jacqueline Bennett Richard Bennett Susan Berne Diana Berry Lynford Bieling Gregory Blase Robert Blessas Karen Blizzard Ronald Boardman David Bodner Don Bonanno John Bou Tom Britt Gerald Britton Sheila Brom 88 Carolyn Brown Wanda Brown Cheryl Brua Bobbie Buchanan Zandra Buchman Ron Buckalew Stephen Buckley Richard Bukofser Robert Burchell Thomas Burger Steve Burgey Victor Butera William Byrd William Cain Donald Calderwood Robert Cantrell Joan Carney Anthony Castellano Dominick Castellano Gloria Chaikin 89 Betty Chandler Stephen Chao Valerie Christman Heather Cirelli Gary Cohen Marcia Cohen Richard Coleman Sheila Coleman Michael Condr y James Coslov Jacklynn Coursey Frances Cox Everett Crockett Elaine Crosscup Barbara Cummings William Curtis Roy Czifra Salvatore D ' Alessandro Neal David Richard Dearing 90 Dominick DeMaria Randie Derman Michele Dezbor Carolyn Dieckman 91 Marilyn Fields Robert Fischer Laraine Flinn Robert Fraioli Catherine Frame Marilyn Friedman Mary Ann Garrett Henry Garton Peter Gayowski Kenneth Gerstner Thomas Giangiobbe Kay Gladwell 92 John Greene Beverly Griffith Samuel Gross Walter Gurski Russell Harvey Edna Haslacker Alex Head Jeffery Head Robert Heikaus Ronald Heilman Alyene Henson Eric Heybroek 93 Susan Higgins Gwen Hill Marilyn Hodges Deborah Hoffman Martha Hogshead David Holcomb Thomas Holly William Holmes Wayne Holstein James JHolt Stephen Holton Wendell Hoover 94 Mark Jacobson Donald Jaconia Joseph Jacovino Michael Janovicz Joy Jarrell Michael Jarrell William Jenack Charles Johnson Ellen Johnson Lawrence Johnson Bruce Jones Michael Jones Bob Jontos Barry Kaplan Howard Kaplan Mark Kaplan Sarah Karnes Arnold Karp Barry Karpel Richard Kehst 95 Lydia Keenan Ella Keffer Brian Kenney William Kenny Donald Kerr Steven King Peter Kirshner Douglas Kiss Joel Klein Bruce Koladay Sheldon Krocker Raymond Lacaria Michael Lander Carolyn Landis Matilda Lang Lorraine La porte Patricia LeFeure Richard Lefirer Stephen Leidner Peter Lemley 96 George Leslie Bill Levie Jerome Levin Melvin Levine Marc Lieberman Paul Lincoln Hobert Mack Sara Marble Barbara Marsh Claude Masiko Robert Masson Jimmy Mayse Charles McConnell Sandra McCormick Sandra McCoy Carl McDaniel Terry Mcllveen Susan McKown Thomas McMellon David McMillion Robert McTeague Alan Meacham Gerald Meisel Gary Meliker Marvin Mellon Susan Meltzer Peter Me szaros Louis Mignone Mathew Miflen Huch Miller Mary Miller Diane Minka Anita Mirrer Bruce Mockridge Louise Mondshein Michael Moonblatt Diane Mooney Sandra Moran Terry Moruzzi John Moyse 98 Doris Muller Thomas Muncey John Neuner Joel Nunes Robert Owen Anthony Palodino David Pantalone Al Parker Connie O ' Hare Robert O ' Rourke John Osterhoudt Harvey Ostrow LaCaria Parris Sam Pascal John Paterson Denny Perbeck Edwin Pereira David Perkel Betty Perkins James Perry 99 Dennis Plusquellec James Polacheck Elizabeth Polan Richard Quigley Phyllis Rainier Laurie Rand Ralph Pesapane Bernard Peters Brenda Pleasant Karen Post Margaret Potter Patricia Queen Frank Raspey Charlotte Raymond Arthur Reich Stephen Reid 100 William Richards John Rider Jane Rigg Ann Robinson Cynthia Robinson Mark Robinson Michael Rinaldi Gerald Rinehart Joseph Robertson Ronald Robinson Richard Romano Jeffrey Rome Phillip Romeo James Rowe William Royston Jeff Rudes 101 Cynthia Ruggles Thomas Sabol Steven Sachs Richard Salter Ronald Scherick Gary Schmiedel Thomas Schulze Lawrence Segal Carole Semenie David Shank Stephen Shapiro Elissa Sharpe Jerry Shaver Stephen Shiuer Walter Shott Robert Siegel David Simms Steve Sloman Alfred Smith Raymond Smith 102 George Steele Ira Steinberg Judy Stephenson Joseph Stickno Janet Stone Patricia Stringer Edward Strykor Lynda Stuber Rodney Darnell Stukes Frederick Sulsberger Gary Talles Yvonne Taylor Manley Thacker Sharon Tera Patricia Tenney Michael Theodor Alan Thomas Arthur Stewart Gary Thomas Suzanne Thomas 103 Annte Thyra Edward Tiffany John Vaughan John Vermeulen Charles M. Ward Charlotte Warwick Harriet Waugh Susan Weaver Joel Weinberg William Weiner Barry Weinstein Mary Wellman 104 James Welsch Richard West Joseph Westdyk Donald Whalen Pat Wheaton Michael Whitbeck James Whited Linda Whitten Robert Wiedmeier Robert Wilhelm Rolland Williamson Bonnie Winston Thomas Winternite Richard Withrow William Lewis Wood Carol Yasgur James Yates Steve Yodoff Frederick Young Ronald Zebroski I OS Joined together by particular aims, beneath Grecian shields; The young unite in fellowship seeking prosperity in Western fields. 107 ALPHA SIGMA PHI The purposes of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity are to foster education, to maintain charity, to encourage high scholarship, and to promote college loyalties. Its members live up to these purposes by being outstanding participants in all phases of college life. These include scholastic achievement, community service, and high moral standards. Community relations is a vital connection in college existence. Gamma Mu Chapter has received national recognition for its social service program. Each year, its Brothers take pride in holding a Christmas party for the orphans at the Union Mission, a very gratifying experience. Scholastic achievement and high moral standards are a pre- requisite for all men wishing to join. As an incentive for high scholarship, the chapter offers trophies to those individuals who improve the most over the year. Alpha Sigma Phi has an elaborate social program. It includes the Fall Week-End, the traditional " Black and White Formal, " the Christmas Party, at which the Alpha Sigma Phi " Sweetheart " is announced, the Peppermint Party, and the Sweetheart Weekend in May, the highlight of the social program. 108 J. Miles Treasurer R. Romary Corresponding Secretary N. Schneider Custodian E.- Bonomo Scholarship Chairman OFFICERS D. Maleto R. Holliday R. Willock Associate Editor Marshal Vice President C. Branscome G. Frake President Secretary B. Cunningham Pledge Master W. Sparks Chaplain OFFICERS B. Champion Historian J. Keezel R. Morris D. Spadafora Secretary D. Casse Vice President R. Way President Se rgean t-at-A rms Treasurer TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon is one of the largest national fraternities with 212 active chapters. The first TKE chapter was organized in 1899, and in 1915 the fraternity became a member of the National Interfraternity Council. The Theta Omega Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was formerly Phi Sigma Phi, the oldest local fraternity continually in existence since its inception on the Morris Harvey campus, in 1929. In the spring of 1962, Phi Sigma Phi was formally inducted into TKE. The building of character is one of the major goals of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Each Teke is encouraged to participate in some extracurricular activity in order to benefit his college, his fraternity, and himself. Pledges are selected . . not for wealth, rank, or honor, but for personal worth and character ' Tau Kappa Epsilon was one of the first national fraternities not to restrict mem- bership on the grounds of race, religion, or national origin. The fraternity sponsors many social events during the college year. Among these are the Playboy Party, Turkey Hop, Christmas Formal, Mountaineer Blast, Bunny Hop, and Spring Formal. The Tekes also present the George King Award to the outstanding basketball player on the Morris Harvey varsity squad. 112 6 OH-ICtKO D. Walters Vice President A. Thacker Pledge Director J. Williams Scholarship Chairman L. Corey Corresponding Secretary M. Byock Treasurer D. Morton President J. Zvargulis IFC Representative THETA XI The Kappa Zeta chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity was founded on our campus in April, 1947, origi- nally being the local Kappa Sigma Kappa Fra- ternity. It believes in providing fellowship and alumni guidance leading to wholesome mental, oral, physi- cal and spiritual growth. Its members stand for loyalty and active participation in college and com- munity. Theta Xi fosters leadership, friendship and maturity through united brotherhood. Not only are Theta Xi members active in campus organizations such as S.G.A., Choir, Band and Blackfriars but also in volunteer work through- out the community. The fraternity also received the Scholarship trophy .and the May Sing Trophy in 1964. This year their social program consisted of the Sweetheart Dance, Smoker, Spring Weekend, the 116 traditional dinner and various other functions. M7 J. A. Young Dr. H. A. Barnett Dr. K. J. Bauer Dr. A. E. Blackwell J. G. Wallace Miss Martha Bostic Sweetheart ' 65 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL M. Lipson W. Powell Secretary-Treasurer vice President R. Edgar President The purpose of this organization is to promote friendly relationships, leadership, scholarship, and loyalty for our Alma Mater. Each year they set up rules for the spring and fall rush of the men on campus. They also sponsor track and field events, hay ride , dances, and picnics. They are active in the community, helping with the various United Fund drives and the Union Mission. They foster and demonstrate a spirit of mutual helpfulness among the Greek letter organizations. Tau Kappa Epsi lon Theta Xj G. Metis 120 D. Anderson •■■II Project of the month. I.F.C. FEATS Project of the day. Project of the minute. Project of the season. Project of the hour. 121 G. Cavender Treasurer B. Spence Corresponding Secretary N. Toler Vice President B. Bishop Recording Secretary N. Alden President ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Delta Sorority was formally established on AA orris Harvey ' s campus in May, 1965. It had been originally the loca[ sorority Sigma lota Chi. Its members stand for active participation in the college and community, close friendship, and leadership in academic and social organizations. It fosters high personal character and maturity through faith and understanding. This year the sorority sponsored a Roaring Twenties rush party, apple sales, dances, Spring Weekend and Greek week. The members also foster a Korean orphan and assist in national philanthropic organizations. On campus its members take an active part in W.A.A., Newman Club, Choir and S.G.A. An appreciation of real merit and worth , steadfastness of soul , that without bitter- ness or defeat we may encounter misfortune and with humility meet success. 122 ALPHA OMICRON PI The Phi Kappa Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority was established on Morris Harvey ' s campus in April, 1961. The chapter was formed from t he local Phi Kappa Kappa Sorority. The members of Alpha Omicron Pi believe in an enduring bond of friendship, membership based on character, leadership, individualism, and contribution and service to the college and community. This year its members sponsored a style show, Hawaiian rush party, the Red Rose Ball, Mother-Daughter Banquet and various other activities. The chapter also assists in national philanthropic work such as the Union Mission Children ' s Home. Members are also very active in campus organizations including S.G.A., Choir and Blackfriars. Through character , sincerity , loyalty and obedience I pledge myself to service and will cherish a feeling of love for my sisters. 126 Becky Black Nancy Bertschy Laura Brandon; Marilyn Klonowski; Rebecca Crawford; Elizabeth Dery; Joyce McCormick Vice President President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Karen Kendrick Judith King Mary LandoJt Irene Sawyer ALPHA OMICRON PI MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE Mary Batman Sally Harlan Mrs. L. V. Koontz Elizabeth Clark Faye Thomas Joyce Stevenson Ann Jackson Ann Leake Julia Miller Susan Faber Nancy Cox | 2J •t Vv.„ DELTA ZETA In May, 1962 two local sororities. Alpha Mu and Phi Lambda Tau, combined to form the Zeta Tau Chapter of Delta Zeta National Sorority. Through sisterhood Delta Zeta promotes scholar- ship, friendship,, loyalty and citizenship. The sorority also prepares young women for professional careers. Most important is the stress placed on individual free- dom and creativeness. This year the sorority sponsored bake sales, dances, the traditional Spring Weekend, and monthly slumber parties. Members of Delta Zeta are active in Blackfriars, Debate Club, Political Science Club, Chi Beta Phi, Who ' s Who and other activities and organizations. 130 To build individual stature so that I may confidently take my rightful place in life. Jk. Rebecca Rollins Solveig-lynn Ramberg Susan Shelley Sharon Evans Mickey Allison S. Harlan M. Klonowski J. King Alpha Omicron Pi PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The AA orris Harvey Panhellenic Council serves as a governing body for the three national .sororities. It also acquaints the freshman women with the sororities, pointing up the advantages of joining a Greek letter organization. This year the Gounci l sponsored a mix, a joint dance with the Inter-Fraternity Council and a tea for all girls interested in spring rush. It also established new rush rules and published a handbook for Greek rushees. 133 134 Row 1 : P. Herring, President; R. Rothhouse, Vice, president; Mrs. Gray, Advisor; M. Biel, D. Templeton. Row 2 : G. Walsh, D. Gandee, Treasurer; M. Lanzilotta, D. Sherwood, Sergeant-at-Arms; J. Welker, A. Butler, H. Bernard, R. Edgar. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Alpha Psi Omega is a National Dramatics Honorary organized on the campus of Morris Harvey College for students who have done an outstanding job in the field of drama through active participation in the Blackfriars productions. Awards are given at an annual assembly to students who qualify as best actress, bes t actor and best technical worker of the year The goal of every Blackfriar member is to achieve acceptance into this fraternity. 135 CHI BETA PHI Chi Beta Phi is an honorary scientific fraternity composed of student and faculty members who show a high scholastic average and an interest in science. The fraternity gives two awards each year to students who have maintained the highest average in the first 24 hours of college science and another medal to an outstanding member of their chapter. J. Zvargulis Dr. A. Blackwell President Advisor D. Sherwood Treasurer B. Triplett Historian 136 E. Challis Reporter G. Hazlett Vice President KAPPA KAPPA PSI The Delta Nu chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary band fraternity composed of 20 male members. This fraternity strives to cultivate the enjoyment of music. They have provided a pleasant and helpful social experience for all engaged in college band work in cooperation with other musical organizations. Its activities have included a swimming party and cook-out, a mix, and have formed together with other organizations to sponsor a Carol sing every year at Christmas time. Row J: R. Satterfield, A. Meacham, S. Goldberg, F. Young. Row 2: J. Canaday, Vice President; S. Shapiro, M. Jonoviez, S. Krocker, J. Boland, Advisor. Row 3: T. McMellon, V. Naro, R. Carpenter, I. Karpilow, L. Spaner, W. Kenny. Row 4: R. Keesee, Treasurer; G. Knepler, J. Remenyi, President; M. Byock, Secretary; M. Jones. 138 9 r L •f Row 1: C. McCallister, President; M. J. Allison, Vice President; J. Oliver, Advisor. Row 2: B. Green, L. Underwood, P. Parsons, D. Templeton. Row 3: D. Bumgardner, F. Krebs, E. Gray, T. McGinnis, T. Frazier. PI GAMMA MU The Social Studies honorary society Pi Gamma Mu was established in January of 1963. The requirements for membership in this society is a 3.0 average, with a minimum of 25 semester hours in social studies. The aim of this organization is to develop ideas, criticisms, and attitudes that will aid in the understanding between man and society. 139 PI KAPPA DELTA The Morris Harvey College chapter of Pi Kappa Delta was established on May 13, 1956. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interests in inter- collegiate speech activities for the improvement of communication between peoples. R. Freedman Advisor D. Gandee Treasurer J. Welker AA. Eller Vice President F. Allender D. Smith K. Brown D. Reed N. L. Denton Secretary J. Cain President TAU BETA SIGMA M. Bostic Treasurer This honorary society is the musical sorority for women, founded on this campus on January 7, 1962. Its membership is comprised of students involved in band activities, and with a sincere appreciation for the best in music. There are many social activities planned throughout the year together with the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity in order to promote a larger appreciation for music and respect for its activities and achievements. Each year, they plan Christmas Caroling, and Thanksgiving dinners. 141 - - itS h i 7 NJ A curriculum of multiple design stimulates intellectual growth and interest. United through fellowship comes the complete expression of the individual. G. Walsh Sergeant-at-Arms J. Stephenson Treasurer B. Bishop Secretary B. Hatfield Vice President 1064 J%C Qudcjit : Dftcdo«j • HAM-.O COUJrtt OWiX7 " v v U T V.KSN ' A P. Ewing President YOUR FUTURE S.G.A. PUBLICATIONS M. Harvey H. Miller P. Brown Freshman Class President Freshman Representatives Sophomore Representative N. Lehmann Junior Class President R. Keller Junior Representative D. Walters Senior Class President J. Zakaib Senior Representative Student Government Association The Student Government Association is the governing body of Morris Harvey College and the spokesman between the student body and the faculty and ad- ministration. They have helped in establishing the constitution by which the co-eds must live. They sponsor various activities around campus throughout the year: Freshman Orientation Program, which includes counseling the freshmen, freshman picnics, special freshman awards, annual tug-of-war between the freshmen and upper classmen, and the Kangaroo Court; Fall Festival, Miss Golden Eagle, Student Hand- book and Directory, and the Student Liberty Drive. Each year an election is held by which the student body of Morris Harvey College chooses the officers best qualified for this job. 144 Creating spirit during the bas- ketball season is another ob- jective of the members. 145 Freshman 146 Boy, are these pickles sour! Our group had Who says you don ' t need pull in this school? Rush starts early here on the " Big Campus of Moe Harv. " Orientation All right, who took my purse? no teeth to start with. OFFICERS A. Keator P. Tortora O. Ow Vice President Sergeant-at-Arms Treasurer C. Mobley L. Pascone House Director Treasurer M. J. Allison President North Dickinson Hall This new women ' s dormi- tory houses 81 girls. It has a governing coun- cil which, composed of and controlled by the girls them- selves, is under the direction of a new house mother, Miss Clara Mobely. This year the girls have sponsored many fund raising campaigns in order to improve their housing facilities. The most prominent activity this year was a tea held along with the other dormitory honoring the Women Builders of Morris Harvey College. Each year the girls also sponsor a Christmas party, sell- ing of night shirts, penny-a- minute nights, and in the fu- ture they hope to begin a his- tory scrapbook of the dormitory FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES an d ifs g j r | s . K. Kendrick C. Goodwin J. Boncic M. Gray M. Allison 148 % l i 4 tJI jh k Dickinson Hall Dickinson Hall is the oldest of the women ' s dormitories on Morris Harvey ' s campus, housing most of the Freshman girls. Dickinson has its own governing body as do the other residence halls on campus. This year the girls sponsored projects such as penny-a-minute nights, revision of the house rules in cooperation with North Dickinson Hall, and a Christmas party where they presented their housemother, Mrs. Meeker, with a television set in appreciation for her hard work. At the end of the year, they held a tea in honor of the Women Builders of the College. E. Challis President OFFICERS D. Benson Vice President T. Hilken Treasurer J. Cain Secretary 150 COUNCIL E. Challis, T. Hilken, J. McCormick, J. Cain, M. Jones, A. Robinson, D. Benson. OFFICERS J. Talbot H. Moy L. Corey A. Butler Secretary Treasurer Vice President President Cobb Hal Cobb Hall is the oldest of the men ' s dormitories on the Morris Harvey College campus and houses mainly the upper classmen of the college. They have many facilities such as a recreation room with pool and ping-pong tables, laundry facilities and a lounge to entertain visitors. They sponsor such activities as an annual Christmas party where they trim a Christmas tree and exchange gifts. 151 Benedum Hall This men ' s hall is the largest of the residence halls on campus. It houses 152 men and provides them with many recreational and educa tional facilities. The men have all the conveniences of home; laundry facilities, television, game room, modern living quarters and many other services. Each year, along with Cobb Hall, they sponsor many activities, either for the improvement of their dormitory or to stimulate good community relationships between the students and the surrounding area. OFFICERS B. Hamon D. Maleto Parliamentarian Secretary B. Keller Treasurer J. Frascatore President Leader of the laundermat. What did you say your measurements were? The one who thinks hardest, wins. And for our next trick — If Larry Bishop could only see us now. Let ' s steal Don King ' s mail! 1 53 Kanawha Hotel For two years now the Kanawha Hotel has housed Morris Harvey College ' s male Freshman students. Because it is located in the downtown section of Charleston, there are many conveniences offered them. Laundry facilities, restaurants, and entertainment are close at hand. Transportation is provided to and from classes by the college bus. OFFICERS R. Zebroski Vice President P. Dartley President Worthy Hotel This year, due to the overflow of out- of-state students to the Morris Harvey cam- pus, residence was established at the Hotel Worthy in downtown Charleston. The boys have organized their own council as have the campus dorms, and are successfully governing their male student body. They have done a good job of making this their home away from home. T. Fall Vice President OFFICERS T. Castellana President M. Theodor Secretary-Treasurer 154 R. Eulan R. Pesapane Row 1: L. Corey, Treasurer; F. Totten, M. Caplan, Secretary; J. Mahan, President; J. Brown, Corresponding Secretary; L. Purcaro. Row 2: J. Young, Advisor; D. Lawson; J. Keezel; B. Hatfield; C. Wells; I. Coleman; B. Hamon; R. Emery, Advisor. Row 3: G. Melis, J. Yingling, G. Alexander, J. Welker, G. Frake, P. Burr, R. Lively, R. Holliday, Parliamentarian. Circle K Club The Circle K Club is an organization on Morris Harvey ' s campus for the purpose of providing service to the school and community from among the most active men of the school. Currently in its fifth year, the 35 members of the club are anxious to assist anyone desiring their abilities and have this year volunteered for the Aid for Appalachian Youth Program, the Union Mission, the United Fund, Sunrise Cultural Center, the weekly campus motion picture agenda, and various other worthwhile projects. 155 Ted Bachman Photography Marge Saltzman Art Sharon Linnen Copy The Harveyan The 77th edition of the Harveyan has attempted to capture the events, traditions and activities of the 1964-65 college year. With the aid of Randall Murray, their advisor, the Harveyan staff enlarged the annual by sixteen pages, established a student life section, increased coverage on athletics and various other improvements. The editor, Linda Rascone, hopes that these standards will be maintained and greatly expanded upon in the future. 156 Linda Pascone Editor Joyce Gorski Typing Bob Holliday Basketball Chris Lambert Typing Karen Pittman Research Oddie Ow Cody Marty Dershowitz Business 157 lurch Johnson with 18 points and Blair Amole with 12.. v tuc ttcow Tu mia onuw boat Rhododendron. iak At Chapel; mc A ueen on me Dea ' the last six senig I iioiii [orris I ot a m , °rgani and wo he May set Sun K m log As a l. Em6i •eya chi hairman allgion a of Pawt Emery of Pit B. A. Gordon C He has fi Theologi lied Theo and Th. Fulbright Scholar, Dr. wwmit 6nd Of and Art and 4 I Capitol Final filin. f to part y s Annu. April 9. ' ,s announ it Tuesday ' s SGA meeting. Chapel £ ofessor religion iGA ’or K Groups must file by 6:00 p.m. in Emer y amended the Free University ss Cooksey’s office and must ore n Amsterdam, The Netherlands, kewvku oriQ 1001 QUARRJER STRUT Copitol and Laa Strtato The Comet COOK FLORAL Kanowha Valley ' s Newest and Finest 3908 MacCorkle Ave., S. E Phone 925-4991 Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Association ] One-hs PHOI Editor Business Manager Sports Writer Staff Writers Carol Casdorph Richard Christian Patsy Lang Sue Miller Photographer Advisor Susan Faber Barbara Osborne Richard West Sherry Strieker Sally Marble Olivia Campbell Judy Stephenson Ken Stern Bill Benfield Ted Bachman Randall Murray “HERN KITCHE AVE. AT 53rd STREET ESTON 4, W. VA. West of W. Va. Turnpik S. Route 1 1 9 To Naw Board E ' I ' • letta Hj I Wavy a 9 ° the Na This juce a I bistcrioB be publ future. I Dr. 18 18 % ie inexican war; ana 1961-1954 (the Korean War). MHQ ' Senior BUSY SALE 1 — selling to hung] week which rais chaperone. lega- area club Mrs. William Mat had a bake sale t Votes May Be At the model a Tone, Theta Ofl tters b f the Z ta Xi.F] Colleg majorii 3ident If altera, and B ing sec hip cha 1 be ht 1 Dury aul Ro way, mmagM enjoy: The a — with European student activities and not to make gawking tourists out of American students. BMHS|£ 1 was f • lytechn W F roy, N. Aug. 20, 1962, Chapter was fo Harvey. Kap honors studen Room Proi the pa Bauer Named MH Group P gradul Susan Faber, Editor Stella Mah, and two new teachers sociauon iiaaoa; was xuriueu uy in « xr««„«rV,o R »Vinnla a crrouD of recent college graduates Counselor Visit: is? Ipt OFFICERS A. Terry N. Toler Advisor Secretary -Treasurer N. Alden Vice President R. Way President Literary Club At Morris Harvey College those who are interested in the realm of creativity, whether it be romanticism or realism, modern or antiquated literature, become members of the Literary Club, established on this campus in January of 1964. One of the most prominent features of this club is its annual publication of the L ' Aiglon. This is a magazine composed of student poetry, prose, art work and musical compositions. Another of their activities includes an all out campaign to interest students in a wider variety of reading material by reviewing a book a week. This review is then published in the Co met. They have also sponsored a number of banquets and dinners to which they have invited prominent literary figures to speak. i l r Chess Club The Chess Club of Morris Harvey College is an organization for the purpose of introducing students to a social activity which requires not only a passing bit of knowledge, but skill and concentration. The members of the club set up tournaments in which they play several games at one time. They also have the opportunity of playing with an expert, as one of their members was once a state champion. Row 1: T. Mcllveen, C. Szasz, President; G. Krincord. Row 2: K. Gerstner, P. Meszaros, H. Moy. Row 3: J. Neuner, W. Hoover, Publicity Director; R. Guill, Vice President- Women’s Athletic Association Did you ever notice how many beautiful, healthy girls there are walking around the campus? This is due to the organization known as the Women ' s Athletic Association. They meet each week to do exercises and participate in various active sports which help them maintain a healthy, happy outlook on life. This year the club has sponsored lollipop and apple sales, overnight camping trips, an annual dance and various tournaments for the girls. Row 1: M. Guinan, Co-Intramural Director; S. Maynard, Publicity Chairman, J. Rayford, Co-Intramural Director; J. King, President; J. Boncic, Secretary-Treasurer; G. Withrow, Vice President. Row 2: B. Krenisky, P. King, S. Higgins, S. Tucker, E. Fultz, S. Craft, V. Christman, M. Sayre, M. Klonowski. Row 3: C. Goodman, L. Monshun, B. Cecil, D. Viering, E. Crosscup, L. Stuber, A. Child, S. Fecher, S. Seltzer. 162 W.A.A. 163 Row 1 : O. Ow, M. Mendolia, B. Crawford, J. Javins, M. J. Rhodes. Row 2: S. Martin, G. Melis, C. Wells, D. Lawson. Row 3 : T. Stackhouse, B. Hatfield, R. Holliday, B. Smith, T. Miller. Row 4 : E. Virshup, J. Payne, J. Patterson, D. Simms. Row 5: G. Alexander, C. Johnson, R. West. Young Republicans’ Club This year ' s election of the President of the United States and other political leaders in and around Charleston has been brought more and more to the attention of the leaders of the future through the efforts of the Young Republicans ' Club of Morris Harvey College. Its purpose is to promote Republican policies and principles to students who might be interested, and to activate a general interest in politics. They have brought many interesting speakers to the campus, and have spon- sored rallies with the hope of promoting community interest among the students. They have also aided the local Young Republican party members during elections, by door to door campaigning. 164 Young Democrats’ Club The Young Democrats ' Club is the spokesman for the Democrat students on the Morris Harvey campus and seeks to make known the platform and ideals of the Democrat party to all students. They have invited many prominent statesmen, such as the late President Kennedy, to speak at the college. The club also takes an active part in the political campaigns throughout the state, so that its members may gain experience through practical politics. E. Harris Advisor C. McCallister President N. Mullins Vice President H. Oswald B. Spence J. Stevenson B. Green A. Jackson A. Krystal J. Hover G. Cavender M. Graftin C. Griffith 165 Row 1 : V. Gray, Advisor; A. Alexandrou, R. Smith, A. Butler, S. Stein, J. Walsh, H. Bernard, J. Stolow. Row 2 : P. Herring, President; M. Bacon, J. Escott, D. Sherwood, J. Patterson, M. Lanzilotta, B. Masson, B. Peters. Row 3 : C. Palmer, D. Gandee, K. Dawson, M. Biel, N. Lovell, H. Miller. Blackfriars Lights, places everyone, curtain, action . . . these are but a few of the sounds you might hear if you were back stage during a production by the Blackfriars, the dramatic club of Morris Harvey College. The club has produced such dramas as " Rebel Without a Cause, " which appeared on the Showboat Rhododendron, " The Man Who Was Followed By His Heart, " the Student Variety Show, " The Mouse That Roared, " " The Man Who Came to Dinner, " and " Fires of the Diamond, " a brief history of Morris Harvey College written and produced by Mrs. Virginia Gray. 166 JG Rona Rothhouse Best Actress Phil Herring Best Actor Blackfriar members dedicate much of their time to the designing and construction of scenery. The set built for " The Man Who Came to Dinner " was one of their finest. REBEL WlTHWT mis | (MUHIN JNW » T I .... ihwn d rum fcnf CAh 55LI1LK ECUS Blackfriars presented " Rebel Without a Cause " on the West Virginia Showboat Rhododendron. 167 The last five pens he ever wrote with. But, honest I did clean my ears, believe me! So let me entertain you. Mom look what I found. Can I keep it? 168 Hey! what you got in that little box, lover? A scene from " The Man Who Came to Dinner. ' 169 OFFICERS B. Wright Dr. No J. Lester M. Deholl T. Claycomb Secretary Vice President President Treasurer J. Glencoe Advisor Pre-Medical Association The Pre-Medical Association is an organization formed for the purpose of promoting interest and generating enthusiasm for students planning a career in medicine. They have sponsored tours to medical colleges throughout the country, and have invited prominent physicians, surgeons and other members of the medical profession to lecture on Morris Harvey College ' s campus. 170 Political Science Club The Political Science Club of Morris Harvey College evolved from the Pre-Law Club. It was so named because its members desired to interest a wider variety of students. The main purpose of the club is to promote a greater interest in government and political affairs. The club sponsors many dinners to which they invite speakers to talk about the recent political affairs, such as the Mississippi Crisis of 1964. ' ml B® m L 1 . vkl k Y- ,.l t IP fl Bn (Ml | 4 sjy . ; ‘ I " mr. 7® | 4ii ■ H ft! teoJ w - i 1 Row 1: E. Harris, Advisor; B. Ireland, D. Templeton. Row 2: S. Faber, L. Pascone. Row 3: D. Lawson, R. Smith, H. Oswald, Walters, President; J. Young, Advisor; T. Stackhouse. 171 Debate Club The Morris Harvey College Debate Club is an active group of students who hope to create an interest in debating by participating in various tournaments. To promote further response among the students, they have invited college debate teams from other campuses to participate in non-decision debate programs. They have also sponsored a number of speakers in assembly programs. Row 7: R. Freedman, Advisor; M. C. Eller, D. Gandee, Secretary-Treasurer. Row 2 : J. Welker, M. Caplan, M. Lanzilotta, Vice President. OFFICERS Row 1: R. G. Landolt, Advisor; M. Batman, Secretary; S. Leonard, Advisor. Row 2: J. Miles, Treasurer; J. W. Freedman, President; W. C. Fisher, Vice President. Future Business Leaders of America The Future Business Leaders of America is a newly organized group for the benefit of those students majoring in the fields of business ad- ministration. The major purpose of this organization is to give the students a view of the techniques and obligations a businessman-woman has to know in order to succeed in the working world. It also gives them an opportunity to meet people outstanding in the community. 173 Association for Childhood Education International The purpose of this organization is to work for the education and well-being of children by promoting desirable conditions in the schools from nursery through the elementary grades. It informs future teachers with the duties, obligations and values of the teaching profession and keeps them up to date on the latest techniques in the field of education. Row 1: A. Keator, J. Lint. Row 2: N. Rowley, Sponsor; M. Farchild, President; A. Mahos, Vice President. Row 3: B. Spence, G. Cavender, Secretary-Treasurer; R. Schultz, S. Matheny. i SSBBBBSSBi Row 1: I. Sawyer, Advisor; R. McComas, A. Chagaris, B. Marcus, J. Lint, S. Dye, C. Cardwell, J. Inman, N. Cox, K. Frame. Row 2: M. Stover, P. Boggs, L. Bond, G. Cavender, B. Spence, R. Schultz, J. Thompson, L. Brandon, F. Allender, E. Dery, C. Griffith. Row 3: A. Boggess, K. Holmes, S. Matheny, C. Kinder, O. Teel, O. Aurady, K. Dodd, M. Bostic, S. Park, S. Hardman, B. Jones, M. Saltzman. Row 4: B. Zukosky, D. Maleto, D. Baber, N. Gettis, R. Licks, R. McMillian, A. Hamon, E. Sarluca, M. Lanzilotta, H. Labovitz, J. Giamo, H. Copley, J. McCulty. Student Education Association The Student Education Association is an educational club organized for the purpose of introducing students to the initial responsibilities in the field of education. Its activities include the promotion of development in leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and the opportunity to participate in local, state and national affairs. 175 The Morris Harvey College Philharmonic Choir is a group of industrious and musically talented students under the direction of Mr. Harold Ewing. Among a number of its annual presentations are the Christmas Pageant for the school Christmas party, the production of Handel ' s AAessidh , and a choir tour of the states surrounding West Virginia. They also perform for high schools and church benefits. oa o J- 50 ° 2 o a: 2 5 9- E 3 _ 3 % o .r p ? n ? rn tv 2L 5 T1 ( » P’ns s 2 S »_ XJ Q? Q. s ' s y f : ft 2 8 § 30 ?■ ' o T J -S f rl 8 £ 3 ? at P " O ■■i • - $ 2. :r 3 " «- £ 0 0 3 3 3 r ' Q i S. Hanson, M. C. Warwick, D. es, J. Coslov, P. o 3 m 5 3-r n Or- ' ft Q Tl Pf 3 o - 0 0 £- «- £ O 30 2J D Q. ' (P 3 JO QJ • " 8 P : 3 oa 3 ' O “ P n -o r s!i “ o 3 ° I o CL ' S CD CU . J n £ « • I 7 A Men’s Chorus Women’s Chorus 177 Under the direction of Mr. John Boland, the Morris Harvey College Concert Band is a group of students inclined in the field of instrumental music. Each year its members produce a number of concerts for the appreciation of the student body, faculty, and Charleston community. They also play at various functions in and around the school. P £ 7 f § i f p f P a _ o on?- £S .y S g. t $ If ” ? 3 3 I _ ■D. S ' U o i _ ar p| ZK ' Q» — P r P n o 7S C 2 2 S = • 0 P (T ; no. 1 8-3 X , ' 3 P s 3 on 3 " (9 9 cn nj 3 " I £ J! L cp ' Q_ P-2 i 3 I 3 O 178 Row 7: W. Sparks, President. Row 2: B. Krenisky, Secretary-Treasurer; L. Marciani, Vice President. Row 3 : S. Seltzer, Executive Committee; B. Zukosky, Executive Committee; A. Child, Reporter. Row 4: S. Harlan, S. Higgins, S. Maynard, V. Christman. Row 5: P. King, S. Craft, J. Carney, C. McLane, M. Guinan. Row 6: L. Stuber, M. Sayre, T. Moore, S. Tucker, C. Placek, L. Monshun. Row 7: C. Ciccarelli, J. Larpardus, p. Viering, S. Johnson, G. Withrow, E. Sarluca. Row 8: E. Crosscup, K. Minar, M. E. Green, Advisor; G. Martin, R. Holliday. Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is composed of physical education majors who are interested in a healthy physical campai gn. Their main activity is the annual convention for physical education majors. This convention consists of a series of workshops in which the latest equipment for physical activities and the latest techniques on teaching physical education are demonstrated. In order to sponsor this trip, they manage the concessions at the basketball games and various other activities. 179 I Row 1 : D. Albert, T. Holtsclaw, W. Houch, Advisor; R. Stukes, R. Bennett, F. Kozak, W. Faulknier, D. Walters. Row 2: E. Crosscup, Treasurer; C. Albright, J. Seymour, J. Mobley, President; J. Miller, A. Henson, R. Snyder, Secretary. Methodist Student Movement The Methodist Student Movement is a college branch of the Methodist Youth Fellowships, groups established for young men and women of the high school age. The Morris Harvey chapter was established in the fall term of 1964. The main purpose of this group is to relate the church and Christianity to the campus environment. They hold in- formal discussions, are given the chance to meet people from outside their campus home, and have performed many vesper services in the college chapel. The highlight of this year was the Christmas candlelight vesper program at which Dr. Buckalew spoke. Chi Rho Fellowship The Chi Rho Fellowship is an organization for students of any Christian denomination. The students belonging to this organization are interested in performing full-time Christian services. It provides them with the opportunity of getting together to learn about more than their own Christian religion and also a time for sharing with others their own feelings about religion. I 180 Row 1 : D. Albert, F. Kozak, Vice President; W. Faulknier, R. Stukes, W. Houch, Advisor; A. Henson, S. Craft. Row 2 : T. Holts- claw, President. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is a Christian organization for those of the Episcopalian faith. This year the club has been very active, bringing in outside speakers and holding various dinners for the enjoyment of their members and others who might be interested in their goals. Newman Club The Newman Club is a Catholic affiliated organization, which had its be- ginning on the Morris Harvey College carppus in the fall of 1948. Among many of the activities that it has sponsored for this year are the op- portunities for a better understanding among Catholic students concerning their religion. Its primary objective is to stimulate the continuation of religious education by uniting their beliefs and striving for a common goal. Row 1 : B. Jones, D. Sherwood; Treasurer, B. Vinall, F. Howard; Vice President; B. Stoner, J. Vaughn, President; H. Barnett, Advisor. Row 1 : E. Dery, Secretary; O. Minta, B. Durkin, President. Row 2: W. Briggs, Advisor; M. Lanzilotta, P. Meszaros, F. Nigro, J. Talbot, J. Patterson, B. Kaladay. 181 Row 1: F. Kozak, T. Holtsclaw, B. Mockridge, D. Elkin. Row 2: C. Lieble, J. Mobley, I. Coleman, A. Child, A. Henson, E. Crosscup. Row 3: W. Houch; Advisor, J. Seymour, R. Stukes, D. Albert, C. Albright, M. Farchild, R. Snyder. Standing: C. Warwick, secre- tary; S. Craft, President; L. Burford, Publicity; W. Faulknier, Publicity. Young Christian Fellowship The purpose of the United Christian Fellowship is to provide unity among Christians in academic and social life. The members develope programs of service and worship which they sponsor each week in the college chapel. They bring in various speakers from outside the college and also from the prominent members of our own administration. They attempt to promote higher Christian ideals with informal discussions, where people can express their feelings, or ask questions which might be perplexing to them. 182 Young Hebrew Organization The Young Hebrew Organization had its beginning on Morris Harvey College ' s campus in March, 1964, The club began its first fall year for the 168 Jewish students at Morris Harvey. The main goal of the organization is to provide recognition, enjoyment, and a stimulated interest to the students in their religion. Their main ob- jective this year is to become a member of " Hillel. " Its various, club-sponsored activities include dances, dinners, movies, bowling, and festivals in honor of Jewish Holy Days. Row 1 : M. Dershowitz, Secretary; S. Lippa, Treasurer; R. Rothouse, President; M. Miller, Vice President; T. Pagtei, Chaplain. Row 2 : R. Scherick, S. Shapiro, G. Knepler, A. Kristal, D. Lawson. Row 3 : L. Spaner, J. Remenyi, M. Bregman, B. Werther, M. Cohen. Row 4: S. Wakowitz, R. Derman, A. Donner, K. Pittman, S. Berne. 183 Nancy P. Alden Who’s Who Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is the highest honor a student can achieve on our campus. Each year this honor is awarded to those students who have been recognized as academic and social leaders. The students identified in this Harveyan are among the select few nominated from approximately 700 colleges and universities. The qualifications that the campus nominating committee is instructed to consider in making its selections are: the student ' s scholarship; his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities; his citizenship and service to the school; and his promise of future progress and usefulness. The nominations are then sent to the national organization for acceptance. (Missing is Mary Batman.) 186 Paul W. Ewing James Mahan Mary Jane Allison 187 189 Christmas Party i nA 191 May Day Queen 1964 Miss Sue Hill I 00 M. Klonowski Sophomore Attendant M. Crowe Sophomore Attendant L. Smith Senior Attendant B. Salem Senior Attendant S. Grow Freshman Attendant G. Reynolds Freshman Attendant N. Alden Junior Attendant J. Stevenson Junior Attendant The May Day celebration has been a tradition at Morris Harvey College since its founding in 1888. Since the first May Day celebration, the student body has selected one of the pretty co-eds on its campus to represent them as its leader for the festivities which are planned. The week-end centers around the traditional sing, in which the fraternities and sororities compete for the favor of the Queen and her court. The singers are then judged by members of the administration and prominent people from Charleston. After the selection of the best male group of voices and the best female group of voices, a ball is held in honor of the Queen. May Day of 1964 had its beginning with the coronation of Miss Sue Hill. The evening ' s festivities began with songs from the three fraternities and three sororities, of which the Theta Xi Fraternity and Sigma lota Chi Sorority were chosen as winners. The evening ended with a ball held in the A. W. Cox reception hall. MAY DAY COURT 193 195 Jim McCulty, Junior 6 ' 5 " 190 lbs. Center VARSITY BAS is v 4l l mtr iM 1 ' 0k M r Row 1: K. Minor, R. Hart, Captain; T. Frazier P. McAfee, B. Robinette, G. Martin. Row 2: M. Curry, R. Null, J. McCulty, J. Williams, B. Plybon, G. Rinehart. Row 3: C. Ciccarelli, Managef; C. Ward, P. Amendola, J. Fargo, M. Baker, J. Lawhorn, Assistant Coach; G. Moran, Head Coach. Bob Plybon, Sophomore 6 ' 4 " 174 lbs. Forward 196 Tom Frazier, Senior 5 ' IOW ' 152 lbs. Guard John Williams, Senior 6 5 " 190 lbs. Center Bill Robinette, Sophomore 6 ' 1 " 162 lbs. Guard-Forward KETBALL Gerald Martin, Freshman 6 ' 3 " 180 lbs. Forward-Guard Mike Curry, Freshman 6 ' 4 " 179 lbs. Forward-Center Ron Null, Sophomore 6 ' 4 " 174 lbs Forward Coach " Sonny " Moran Kenny Minor, Freshman 5 ' 10 " 150 lbs. Guard Pete McAtee, Sophomore 6 ' 0 " 162 lbs. Guard 197 Heavily hit by a graduation last May which saw four of the previous season ' s highly rated starting five receive their degrees, Morris Harvey ' s able coach, Garland " Sonny " Moran, had his doubts about the Eagles ' ' 64- ' 65 cage campaign. However, in his usual manner, Coach Moran developed some outstanding underclassmen talent and coordinated it with two experienced seniors to come up with a respectable season record of sixteen wins and eleven losses. The team suffered several key injuries at various points during the season and was never at full strength until Tournament time. The high point of the season came when the varsity scored impressive victories over our highly rated rivals W. Va. Tech, Marshall University and W. Va. Wesleyan. Even with inexperience as a vital factor, our team did an outstanding job, especially in the comeback during the W. Va. I. A. C. Tournament. The Eagles won the Con- solation Round and finished in third place. With Captain Roger Hart and Gerald Martin on the All Conference Team, Morris Harvey ' s Golden Eagles show great promise and determination for next season. THE GOLDEN EAGLES IN ACTION . . . REGULAR SEASON PLAY M.H.C. 88 Marietta 97 98 Marshall U. 96 85 .. W. Va. State 88 98 Beckley 73 97 Davis Elkins 63 100...... Bluefield State 64 76 Marshall U. 109 65 __ Alderson-Broaddus 62 104 . .... Salem 90 96 Emory Henry 58 1 08 W. Va. State 88 112 W. Va. Wesleyan 95 92 W. Va. Tech 89 84 — Beckley 61 94 ..... Glenville State 70 71... Concord 74 89 Davis Elkins 93 81 W. Va. Wesleyan 82 80 - W. Va. Tech 94 93 - Wheeling 82 81 Bluefield State 84 77... Concord 84 71 ... Glenville State 84 W. VA. 1. A. C. TOURNAMENT M.H.C. 100.. Davis Elkins 82 79 .. W. Va. State 62 78 W. Va. Tech 87 89 Concord 71 199 SPIRIT IS HIGH . . . ACTION IS SWIFT . . . VICTORY IS NEAR Coach Moran, Coach Lawhorn and Manager Ciccarelli look anxiously for a break. 20 BASEBALL 1964 Row 1: T. Ellis, T. Rinaldi, C. Ciccarelli, P. Brady. Row 2: T. Kinder, J. Milcoff, E. Sarluca, A. McClure, D. Swift. Row 3: Coach Maxwell, P. Dimitrius, F. Young, D. Dunn, C. Thompson. T E N N I S 1964 Row 1: B. Smith, B. Crouse, B. Holliday, R. Hirchak. Row 2: Coach Moran, J. Clancey, J. Williams, B. Freedman. 202 1964 B. Romano R. Romary G. Moore S. Martin D. Bumgardner 1965 G. Rosenberg H. Smith B. Hamon B. Talbout C. Compston R. Kennell R. McCallister B O W L I N G INTRAMURALS . . . FOOT RINKY BOYS E. D. Hill W. Hopkinson E. Sarluca N. Gettis C. Thompson K. Kidd D. Smith P. Balzerini D. Gallagher C. Ciccarelli S. Bartha This past year due to the construction on our old athletic field, the intramural football games between the independent and fraternity teams were played on an improvised field lo- cated between the gymnasium and the main building. Because the games were played in such a prominent place, many of the students and faculty ‘began to come cheer for the various teams. By the end of the season when the Alpha Sigma Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon teams played, there were as many as 700 spectators, making it necessary to set up a P.A. system. This generated even more enthusiasm among the students. This past fall, the two teams battling it out for the championship were the Rinky Boys and the Tau Kappa Epsilons, of which the former won with a T.D. pass scored by David Gallager, in a " sudden death " play-off. 204 205 . . . BASKETBALL . . . 206 207 f

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