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The Harveyan Staff Presents HARVEYAN 1962 A farce in one act by Robin Wiseman, Editor The action of the play takes place at Morris Harvey College, Charleston, West Virginia, during the school year 1961-62. 1 Authors’ Notes HARVEYAN ' 62, a one-act farce, is dedicated to the Class of 1962 — those for whom the curtain is about to be rung down on another act in life. These are the stars who are out before the curtain for their last bow. They will leave this play for others — each will play many parts in his life- time . . comedy . . tragedy . . satire . . every type of drama. Some will meet aga in in another cast, but for many, this will be their only appearance to- gether, and their fellow players in HARVEYAN ' 62 will be only memories. Some few will leave an indelible mark on the playhouse, but the theatre and the play will leave a mark on all. Each of us retains a part of every character we play; and from HARVEYAN ' 62 we hope will be carried warm mem- ories of the many scenes played at Morris Harvey. " May the wind be always at your back. May the road rise up to meet you. May the Creator always hold you in the palm of his hand. " . . . Hindu prayer ROBIN WISEMAN, EDITOR HARVEYAN ' 62 2 fragrant Production Staff 14 Directors 25 Cast 39 Encores 83 Equites 93 3 Harveyan ' 62 THE YEAR SEPTEMBER 10 — Boys welcome girls. 18 — Strange creatures appear in halls wearing maroon and gold beanies. 22 — Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Patterson are given Herbie, male cat. 23 — Herbie Patterson discovered to be fe- male. 30 — Circle K Cotillion. OCTOBER 2 — Circle K President wanders halls with begging bowl in hand. 4 — Teke pledges make sign on riverbank with rocks. 5 — Teke sign changed to Alpha Sig sign by parties unknown. 6 — Director of Student Services receives complaint pertaining to rocks. 6 — The era of folk music at Morris Harvey begins as the Counts of Calypso con- quer the Student Variety Show. 9 — Head of Religion Department re- ceives note proclaiming the End of the World. 12 — End of World scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 13. 14 — Writer of End of World notes admits mistake. 20 — Snowstorm causes electrical failure. 20 — Never-say-die Dr. Blackwell teaches class in room lighted by bunsen burner. 20 — Understatement of The Year: Sign on Miss Pomroy ' s door reading, ' ' Now is the winter of our discontent . . . " 28 — A. K. Shipman sporterizes his TR-3 by removing the back bumper and the trunk lid. NOVEMBER 4 — John Fairless ordered to remove drift- wood from his rogm on grounds it will attract termites. 6-10 — Mid-term exams. Freshmen become acquainted with No-Doz. 13 — Miss Cooksey bans Twist. 17-18 — Blackfriars production of " Kind Lady. " 17 — Blackfriars strike set for opera singer. 18 — Ooera singer gone. Crew removes ear- nlugs. rebuilds set. 20 — Bob " Kev-Oh " Edqar finally reveals to anxiously awaiting world how he oot the name. 22 — Thanksgiving vacation begins. HFCEMBFR 9_M. H C. 65— Toledo 78 5 — Head of English Department discover- ed stealing food from trays in cafe- teria. 6— M.H.C. 84— W. Va. State 85 9_M.H.C. 81— West Liberty 57 9 — Delta Zeta Jingle Bell Rock. You dropped WHAT? 10— THE BARN WAKE. A fitting cl imax to a long and glorious reign. 1 1 — Professor correctly identifies all people who attended THE BARN WAKE by distinctive green tinge of complexion and sensitivity to noise. 11_M.H.C. 98— Wheeling 88 12— M.H.C. 89— West Liberty 45 15 — M.H.C. 90 — Concord 66 15 — Annual Christmas Party, complete with Hanukkah Bush. Santa was good to all. We went home. 19_M.H.C. 1 12— Alderson-Brooddus 62 JANUARY 2 — Recuperation from vacation begins. 2 — M.H.C. 80 — Georgetown 94 6 — M.H.C. 89 — Anderson 69 7 — Cobb Hall residents assessed 1 1 each for: one lost plastic bucket, one broken dryer gasket, and one discharged fire extinguisher. 9_M.H.C. 85— Marietta 68 1 1 — George dies. 12— M.H.C. 84— Wheeling 62 13_M.H.C. 98— Salem 66 14 — Circle K Lecture Series. Dr. Emery learns Twist. 1 5 — Terrorists set off cherry bombs in Cobb Hall for third straight night. 15_M.H.C. 58— W. Va. Tech 57 19_M.H.C. 88— Davis Elkins 78 20— M.H.C. 100— W. Va. Wesleyan 71 21- 27 — Semester Exam.s. No-Doz no good. Get the Benzedrine! 24 — THE EDIT. Long live free expression!! 25 — New sport discovered — railroad tie jumping. Local doctors busy. 25-26 — Continuous jam session rages in Snack Bar. Exam-drunk students cele- brate. 27 — M.H.C. 99 — Alderson-Broaddus 66 29— M.H.C. 96— W. Va. State 91 31_M.H.C. 102— Backley 84 FEBRUARY 1 — Alpha Sigma Phi celebrates being taken off social probation. 2 — Alpha Sig celebration continues. 3 — Teke mix taken over by mysterious organisms bearing guitars and bongos, who intersperse songs with cries of 4 IN RETROSPECT ' ' Let ' s give a cheer for Kappa Sigma Kappa! ' ' 3 M.H.C. 119 — W. Va. Wesleyan 82 5 Timmy Henderson roams halls, sob- bing, " My boomerang won ' t come back!! " 6 — M.H.C. 103 — Beckley 71 8 M.H.C. 83 — Marshall 89 9 — Ex-Morris Harvey student refers to person at Monte Carlo Party as " that bum, " only to find that said bum is new member of his fraternity. 10 — M.H.C. 104 — Glenville 77 12 — Signs appear in halls: " Happy Lin- coln ' s Birthday! On this of all days, each of us must reaffirm our faith in that Greatest Of All Causes, THE CONFEDERACY. " 13 — M.H.C. 97 — Concord 92 15_M.H.C. 107— Glenville 101 16 — Alpha Sigma Phi Peppermint Party. The art of Twisting reaches new heights. 17_M.H.C. 82— W. Va. Tech 71. The Golden Eagles are Conference Champs!!! 22— M.H.C. 83— Bluefield 60 23— M.H.C. 123— Salem 98 24 — M.H.C. 98 — W. Va. State 75. Golden Eagles win WVIAC Tournament place 3 on All-Tournament Team Gene Miller is Most-Valuable player! 27 — Delta Zetas invade Governor ' s Man- sion. President Robin Wiseman pro- claims monarchy. 27— M.H.C. 66— W. Va. Tech 68 28 — Several aesthetically-minded students believe Tech would look better red. Their efforts go unrewarded. MARCH 1 — Police, student patrols join forces to prevent retaliation by Tech. 1— M.H.C. 61— W. Va. Tech 60 2 — Student Variety Show. Arabs sing " Hava Naaila, " but no one sings " Improvise " !! 5— M.H.C. 71— Tech 69. ON TO KANSAS CITY!!! 9 — Rush over. Greeks exhausted. Rushees chew nails. 10 — Gigantic motorcade travels to airport to see team off. 12 — M.H.C. 95 — Ouchita 70. All ordinary activitv ceases as entire school follows came by radio. 14 — M.H.C. 70 — Prairie View 85. 16 — Greeks count new ranks. 16- 17 — Blackfriars production of " Good- bye, My Fancy. " Some students, fac- ulty and administration members see themselves among the play ' s charac- ters. 17 — All who attended St. Pat ' s Party given by two female students deny they were there. 21— 28 — Mid-term exams. Back to Benze- drine. 28 — Fraternity pledges rearrange rock sign on riverbank. Usual complaints. Ad- ministration assumes authority over riverbank. 30 — Wonder who would put " MU " on the riverbank? School officials wonder also. APRIL 2 — Confederate flag appears on riverbank. 6 — Alpha Sig pledges steal moose head from Marshall chapter. 7 — Marshall chapter steals John Tread- well ' s car. 2-6 — Religious Emphasis Week. Entire Blackfriars converted. 9 — Leader of Gauley Bridge snake cult informs school authorities that two of his snakes are missing. 10 — Blackfriars Advisor, Miss Pomroy; and Blackfriars President, Robin Wiseman, seen with identical new snakeskin purses. 8-14- Hell Week. 17 — Blackfriars sponsor Annual Spring Riot. Dr. Emery martyred. 25 — Dr. Barnett answers to call of, " Hey, Handsome! " 27 — Blackfriars present original one-act play. 28 — Miss Pomrov resigns. MAY 2 — Blackfriars perform Druid fertility rites. 14_HARVEYAN distributed. 15_Entire HARVEYAN Staff expelled. 16— Dr. McNally, HARVEYAN Advisor, fired. 22 — Virgin sacrificed to River Gods. 23 — Sacrifice rejected. 21-25 — Semester Exams. Benzedrine no good. Give up and try the P.G.!!!!! 27 — Seniors receive diplomas and silence reigns supreme on the Morris Harvey campus. 5 " ' What a day ' I go to Kroger ' s myself!!!!!! There ' s a little bit of Ham in every playwright. 6 See what lamin ' did fer me????? There are times when I feel all alone . . . Calm before the storm . The ways of college men Picking pansies in the park. fl But you told me " 7 " would come up WeVe the Choir boys this time . . . First Nighters 1 ftlBMfPPrii. iJA ' t flill llnKI ' :j bll 1 1 B M Prubucttoit taff . . not to go forward is to go bock. No man con afford the luxury of standing still, no matter how comfortable it may be. " Kanin. 14 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Dr. Leonard Riggleman Production Staff MARSHALL L. BUCKALEW, Vice President FRANK J. KREBS, Vice President for Student Affairs HARRY G. STRALEY, Dean of the College T. F. GOLDTHORPE, Assistant to the President DOUGLAS C. BUMGARDNER, Dean of Men. Director of Community Services C. FRANK LePAGE, Assistant Director of Development BELFORD ROBERTS, Treasurer T. J. McGinnis, JR., Registrar OSCAR E. BANKS, Director of Public Information « kk • WILLIAM J. BRIGGS, JR., Admissions WINTON R. HOUCK, Alumni Director C. E. ROTH, Director of Evening Classes CLARA CHANGES, Student Financial Aid LIBRARY STAFF: Eloise Newlon, Mrs. Frank A. Badger, Frank A. Badger, Beverly Byrd. 18 C. D. TAMPLIN, Director of Extension GARLAND E. (SONNY) MORAN, Director of Athletics and Head Coach; ROBERT MAXWELL, Assistant Coach GLADYS HUNDLEY, Cafeteria Manager LIGHTING DIRECTOR — John W. Hollister, Chaplain JAMES j. FINK, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds JOSEPHINE FINK, Bookstore Manager 19 Little Mt. Vernon Summit Meeting Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral ???? I ' m majoring in Snack Bar!!!!! The Great Chemical Valley — from Whence Cometh Our Smoke . . Where the Boys Will Be OPERATION MO - HAR. 1961 22 : ::::: ::::: ::::: ! ::::: :::i: ::::: ::::: ::n: i .t... Where The Girls Will Be 23 ' To be great is to be misunderstood. " Emerson. 25 HENRY WOLF, Division Chairman Speech: VIRGINIA POMROY and ROBERT E. PATTER- SON Division of the Humanities Religion and Philosophy: C. T. MILLER. )R., and ROBERT H. EMERY English: HOWARD A. BARNETT. JAMES J. McNAL- LY. FRED B. McEWEN. Row Two — VIRGINIA WIL- LIAMS. MAUD CAMMACK. VIVIAN STEAHLY ELEANOR SNYDER, CONSTANCE McLAUGHLIN. Music; JOHN LAMBROS. CHARLES COLBERT, HAROLD EWING, JOHN O. BOLAND, HENRY WOLF Foreign Longuoges; VIVIAN STEAHLY Psychology ond Philosophy; RALPH V. MERRY Art; LUCINA KEANE and GRACE MARTIN TAYLOR Division of the Social Sciences FRANK J. KREBS, Division Chairman History: FRED E. BARKEY, JOHN OLIVER, K. JACK BAUER, EDGAR L. GRAY Physical Education: ROBERT L. BAYLOUS Geography: CHARLES STEPHEN Physical Education: MARY ETTA GREEN 29 Division of Professional and Vocational Education JAMES W. ROWLEY, Division Chairman Economics: CHARLES C. MANTLE; Business Ad- ministration: ROBERT E. COLLINS Education: Seated— FRED S. COFFINDAFFER. STELLA M. COOKSEY. Standing— HARRY G. STRALEY, JAMES W. ROWLEY, WILMER E. DOSS. IRENE SAW- YER. C. D. TAMPLIN Business Administration: JEARL KOONTZ, J. B. LOGAN. JR., C. L. McLAUGHLIN, ROBERT E. COL- LINS Economics: LLOYD KEETON 1 P. E. ROLLER, Division Chairman Physics: G. C. LAZENBY Mathematics: P. E. ROLLER, WANDA G. HALE, LEO C. SHINN Division of the Natural Sciences Biology: FRANK H. CLARK, JACQUELINE BERGER, CHARLES B. ARZENI Chemistry: ASHBY C. BLACKWELL 32 33 " In Charleston, West Virginia, there is a multitude of opportunities for employment, spiritual and cultural uplift, and recreation. Traditionally, Morris Harvey students have enriched their educational experience by taking advantage of what the community offers them . . They won ' t let me talk to her . . . Bikini statistics, Muncy ???? I don ' t care who is talking to Dr. Riggleman — it ' s time for my coffee break . . . My name is Murgatroid and I am a mushroom . . . 35 Miss Morris Harvey — to love her is a Gronk liberal education . . . Be it ever so humble . . . ■ mM ..■I.. I 1 " This is the place. Stand still, my steed — Let me review the scene, and summon from the shadowy past the forms that once have been. " Longfellow. Seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Joe Kinder, President; Ron Rexrood, Sergeont-At-Arms; )im Wortmon, SGA Representative; Juonelle Williams, Secretory-Treasurer; Al Bleiberg, Vice Presi- dent. 40 Seniors ADKINS, GREGORY DEAN Biology and English; Alpha Sigma Phi 4; Chi Beta Phi President 4; SNEA 2, 4, President 3; Student Variety Show 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4 AGNEW, REBECCA LYNN Biology; Phi Kappa Kappa 1, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3; Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge President 3; Young Democrats Club 4 BARKER, BRENDA DOLIN English; Sigma lota Chi, 2, 3; President 4; SNEA 1, 2; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 BARNETT, BEVERLY ANN English; Alpha Omicron Pi Scholarship Officer; Young Democrats Club; SNEA; United Christian Fellowship. ) BENNETT, JUDITH E. Sociology; SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4; HARVEYAN Staff 4. BILLANTI, PATRICIA MARYANNA English and Social Studies; Phi Lambda Tau 2, Pledge Mistress 3; May Day; Freshman Counselor; Homecoming Queen Candidate. BLEIBERG, ALBERT LOUIS Physical Education; Phi Sigma Phi 4, Vice Presi- dent 3; ISA 1, 2; GGA Rush Chairman 3, Publicity 4; Senior Class Vice President; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; SNEA 1 , 2, 3, 4. BOYD, WAYNE GEORGE Sociology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Intramurals 1 , 2. BURDETTE, BARBARA THORNE History and Speech; Sigma lota Chi 2, 3, 4; Blackfriars 2; Choir 2. BURDETTE, PAUL CAMERON English; Kappa Sigma Kappa 4, Treasurer 2, 3; Blackfriars 2, 3. 41 Seniors CANTLEY, DAVID DEE Physical Education; Intramurals 3, 4. CHAMBERS, PATRICIA ANN Physical Education; Sigma lota Chi Pledge Di- rectoress 3, Vice President 4; Blackfriars 1; Choir 1, 2; Variety Show 2; WAA 3, 4; Secretary-Treas- urer Dickinson Hall 4. CLAY. LEONARD QUINCY Social Studies; SNEA. COLE. JUDITH POTEET Biology; Chi Beta Phi. CURRY. MARY MARGARET Psychology; Newman Club; SNEA. CUTHBERT, GUY Business Administration; Sigma Delta Phi 1 , 2; Alpha Sigma Phi 2, Secretary 3, 4; COMET Car- toonist 2. 3. 4; HARVEYAN Staff 4. DAVIES, ROBERT E. Social Studies; Phi Sigma Phi; Intramurals; Vice President Sophomore Class. DICKENS. GERALD AVON History. DOMINGUES, RAYMOND History. DURKIN. WILLIAM HENRY Accounting; Kappa Sigma Kappa 2, 3, 4; Financial Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Newman Club 1, 2,. 3, 4; Circle K 2. 3. 4. 42 Seniors fairless, JOHN W., JR. Speech; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Sigma Phi Social Member 3, 4; Blackfriars 4; Theatre Lecture 4 Choir 3, Vice President 4; Band 3, 4; Debate Team 4; Variety Show 3, 4; HARVEYAN Staff, 4; Student Liberty Drive 3; Junior- Senior Prom Com- mittee 3; May Day 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 4; Circle K 3, President 4; Blackfriars-Kanawha Players Experimental Theatre 4. FINK, RONDA ARDELL Business Administration; Phi Kappa Kappa 1 , 2, President 3; Alpha Omicron Pi 4; GGA 3; Young Democrats Club 4; May Day 3; Homecoming Queen 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class. GRANDO, ANTHONY WILLIAM Physical Education; Alpha Sigma Phi; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4. GRANT, JERRY WILLIAM Fnniish: Kappa Sigma Kappa Chaplain 3. HADDAD, SAM ELIAS Biology; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. HANGER, CAROLYN JUNE History; Sigma lota Chi; Choir 3; SGA 4, Secretary 3; GGA Treasurer 4; Variety Show 4; Student Af- fairs Committee 4; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4; WAA 3; United Christian Fellowship 3; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Blackfriars 3. HILL, ELIZABETH CHILDS Biology; Choir; United Christian Fellowship; SNEA; ACEI. INGRAM, JIMMIE EUGENE Music Education; Band 1 , 2, 3, President 4; Choir 2; Brass Ensemble 1 , 2, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 4. JARRELL, JANET SUE Mathematics; Phi Kappa Kappa 1 , 2, 3; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students In Americon Colleges And Universities 3. JARRELL, MARTHA RAE Speech; Blackfriars 1 , 2, Secretary 3, Vice Presi- dent 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; SNEA Vice President 4; Student Development Committee 1 , 2; Band 1, 2; Student Liberty Drive 3; HARVEYAN Staff 1; ACEI; Young Republicans Club 1, 2. 43 Seniors JOHNSTON. MELINDA DELL History; Dickinson Hall Constitutional Committee. JONES. HELEN M. Business Management. KALINOSKI, TOMMY Physical Education; Phi Sigma Phi; Young Demo- crats Club Vice President; Intramurals 3, 4. KANDRAT. DAVID JOHN Speech and Sociology; Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, 3, 4; GGA Representative 2; Band 1 ; May Day 1 , 2; Newman Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 4; Presi- dent 3; Cobb Hall Council 3; Freshman Court 4; Intercollegiate Speech Festival 3, 4. KINDER. EDDIE JOE Business Administration; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Riverview Hall President 3, 4; Senior Class President; Young Democrats 3, 4; Circle K 4; ISA 3; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Univer- sities 4. KING, THOMAS LOUIS Physical Education and English; Phi Kappa Alpha; Cobb Hall Council 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; ISA 2, 3; Young Democrats Club; SNEA; United Christian Fellowship. KISS. MARY JANE Sociology and English; Sigma lota Chi; SNEA; Newman Club; United Christian Fellowship. KUEHNHOLD, PATRICIA W. English and Art; Alpha Omicron Pi Recording Secre- tary 4. 44 JARRETT, CAROLYN SUE Business Management; Phi Kappa Kappa Social Chairman 1, GGA Representative 2, Secretary 3; United Christian Fellowship 1; COMET Staff 1, 2, 3; Blackfriars 2, 3; May Day 1; Homecoming Queen Candidate 3; Pre-School Conference 3; SNEA 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 3; Young Republican Club 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3. JAVINS, JAMES M. Social Science. Seniors LAMBERT, PHYLLIS AUDRA Physical Education; WAA; SNEA. LIBARDI, RICHARD GARY Mathematics; Kappa Sigma Kappa 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2; Student Liberty Drive. LYNCH, WILLIAM CURTIS Accounting, MARQUART, WILLIAM DOMINICK Mathematics; Kappa Sigma Kappa Sergeant-At- Arms; Intramurals; Junior Class Sergeant-At-Arms. MAYES. JOE ALLEN History; Intramurals 1, 2; SNEA. McHUGH. SANDRA LEE English; Phi Kappa Kappa 1 , 2; Newman Club 1 , 2; Young Democrats Club 4; SNEA 4; Cheerleader 1 . 2 . McNEEL, WILLIAM THOMAS Physical Education; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; United Christian Fellowship 2, 4, President 3; Young Democrats 2, 3, 4; Kappa Sigma Kappa 4; Secre- tary 3; Circle K 3; Board of Directors 4; SNEA 2, 3, 4; SGA President 4; Freshman Counselor 3, 4; Student Affairs Committee 3, 4; Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges 3. McNEELEY, GARNET THOMAS English; SNEA. MEADE. RALPH EUGENE Management and Marketing; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4. MILES. LARRY BOYCE Chemistry; Kappa Sigma Kappa. 45 Seniors MILLER, GARY D. Physical Education; Intramurals 3, 4; Boseball 1 , 3, 4. MOBLEY, CLARA Physical Education; Sigma lota Chi; WAA 2, 4, President 3; Dickinson Hall Council 2, President 3; United Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 3, 4; Pre-School Conference 3; GGA; Young Democrats Club. MORRIS, DAVID C. Political Science and Pre-Law; Kappa Sigma Kappa Secretary 1 , President 2, 3; Corresponding Secretary 4; Pre-School Conference 2; Young Democrats Club 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 4; GGA 3, President 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. MOSELEY, JAMES EDWARD Chemistry and Mathematics; Chi Beta Phi; Beta Kappa Chi. MOUNT, ROBERT A. C. Biology; Alpha Sigma Phi; SNEA 4; Pre-Med As- sociation 2, President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. NUTTER, NINA JANE Music Education; Sigma lota Chi; Tempo Club 3; Tau Beta Sigma 4; Band; Choir; MENC Vice President 4; GGA; WAA; Dickinson Hall Council. PATTERSON, NANCY LYONS Speech and English; Alpha Mu 3; Delta Zeta 4; SNEA 1 , President 4, Vice President of State 2, State President 3; Secretary of National SNEA 4; Blackfriars Secretary 1 , 2; Best Actress Award 3; Alpha Psi Omega President 3; Pi Kappa Delta 4; United Christian Fellowship 1 , 2; Student Affairs Committee 2; MHC Future Teacher of the Year 2. 3; Homecoming Queen Attendant 3; Debate Team 3; Freshman Counselor 2, 3; Choir 1; Student Liberty Drive Chairman; COMET Staff; Student Member of NEA Professional • Ethics Committee; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Univer- sities and Colleges 4. PAULEY, THOMAS KYLE Biology; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Circle K; Intra- murals 2, 3, 4. REXROAD, RONALD DALE Physical Education; ISA 2. 3; Senior Class Sergeant- At-Arms; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 2, 3. 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. RICHARDSON, JESSE LEE History. 46 Seniors ROACH, JOHN O., II History; Pi Kappa Alpha; Circle K 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Track 1. 2. ROE. JOHN LEWIS Business Administration. SHAFER, MICHAEL RAY English; SNEA 2, 3, 4; Blackfriars 4; HARVEYAN Staff 4; Variety Show 3; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. SLONE, BETSY EVELYN Sociology; SNEA 2, Reporter 3; junior Class Secre- tary-Treasurer. STANLEY, JEAN VAUGHAN Social Studies; SNEA 3, 4. STORMS, FRANCES SUE Biology; Phi Kappa Kappa Rush Chairman; Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge; Dickinson Hall Council. STULTZ, JULIA JANE English. THOMAS, ALMA PAULINE English; SNEA; ACEI. TREADWELL, THOMAS WALTER Sociology and Biology; Alpha Sigma Phi; SGA Sergeant-At-Arms, Vice President; Vice President of W. Va. Confederation of Colleges and Univer- sities; Homecoming Chairman 4; Student Affairs Committee 4; Cobb Hall President; Chairman of Operation Mo-Hcr. VALAVANIS, FREDA Sociology; Blackfriars 3, 4; United Christian Fel- lowship 3. 4; Greek Orthodox Fellowship; Philhar- monic Choir 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4; ACEI 4. 47 Seniors VICKERS, ROGER R. Biology; Koppo Sigma Kappa 4; ISA 2, 3; Young Democrats Club. WILKERSON. JAYNE DELLE English; ISA 1 . 2, Vice President 3; SNEA 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. WILLIAMS. D. JUANELLE English; May Doy 3; Dickinson Hall President 4; Senior Class Secretary 4; Collegiate Council for United Nations 4. WISEMAN, ROBIN Speech and Psychology; Delta Zeta Charter Presi- dent 4; Alpha Mu Pledge Class President 3; Black- friars 3. President 4; Alpha Psi Omega Honorable Prompter 4; HARVEYAN Staff 2, Associate Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Intercollegiate Speech Festi- val 3, 4; Debate Team 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 4; COMET Staff 4; Student Development Committee 4; Theatre Lecture 4; Blackfriars-Kanawha Players Experimental Theatre 4; Student Variety Show 3, 4; Student Liberty Drive 3, 4; COMET Beauty of the Week 4; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4; GGA 4; Pre-Law Club 4; Organizational Committee for MHC Panhellenic 4. ZOPP, WILLIAM EDWARD Physical Education. They are gone away, not soon to return . . . December 10. 1961 — A day that will live in infamy!!! Oh! Those Cherry Bombs . . . Look at all the people out there III Witch of the Week! You say the Alpha Sigs are going BACK on social probation ???? Somebody forgot the snakes . . . ' ' So many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to be. " Tennyson. Juniors Junior Class Officers: Seated — Morris Logan and Brian Connolly, Co- Presidents. Standing: Betsy Slone, Secretary-Treasurer; Beverly Krebs, SGA Representative; Ann Buck, Vice President. 52 Juniors Abrams, Fred Alexandrou, Alexander Anderson, Anna Aubrey, Thomas Bakas, Cathy Ballengee, Christine Beale, Carole Sue Bowman, Charlotte Bragg, Carren Branscome, Drema Buck, Ann Burns, Lucille Centner, William Chiocca, Eugene E. Conley, Randall Connolly, Brian Cory, Earle Davidson, janet Dick DeRito, Sandra Drotar, james E. 53 Juniors Feazelle, Bill Georgetson, Anno Giahi, Mohammad Grady, Shirley Grubbs, Robert D. Hamon, Avos Hamon, Sandra Kay Henry, Mary Holland, Ann Hurley, Carrol Hurst, Carlos Eugene Hutchinson, Mary jennings, Virginia Ann Johnson, Richard M. Jones, Patricia Dodsor Krebs, Beverly Kay Logan, Morris Mabry, James McCollam, Georgianna McConihay, John 1 I 54 Juniors McCune, Velma Midkiff, Susan Moran, Betty Ogle, Dale Olsen, Paul O ' Neal, Richard Ratliff, Nancy Rhodes, Dusty Ridinger, Thornton Rooney, Adrienne Ross, Richard Shaffer, Jack Sleeth, Sondra Smith, Larry Thomas, Sandra Thompson, Betty Vaught, Erma Watson, Patty Ann Whitlock, Buddy Wills, Cletis 55 Juniors 56 The Comet’s Christmas present to Morris Harvey College 57 One of the jobs being Production Manager 58 The late George and friends. Where ' s George???? 59 ' ' O my soul, do not aspire to immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible ' Pindar. Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers: Bruce Peck, Sergeant- At- Arms; Jeanne Rada, SGA Representative; Barbara Warwick, Secretary-Treasurer; Tommy Kinder, Vice President; Frank Armada, Presi- dent. 60 Sophs Acord, Bobby R. Adkins, Carolyn Akers, )udy Armada, Frank Barnett, Edward Barnhart, Marie-Anne Bean, Daniel Bigley, Robert Bishop, Bobbie Bivens, Elizabeth Ellen Campbell, Richard M. Canaday, james Chandler, Mary Ann Clements, Diane Conner, Danny Cottrell, jim Coulter, Janet Cox, James Herman Davidson, Sharen Dick, Robert 61 Sophs Dillon, Robert Donohoe, Donald Duty, Robert Ellis, Ted Engle, Glenno Epstein, Rochelle Erdely, Mary E. Felicetti, Louis Fitzgerald, Gloria jeon Flanagan, Don M. Fout, Elaine Froscotore, Joseph Gardner, Bonnie Gorby, Stephen Hole, Judy Hall, Brenda Kaye U V Hall, Jacqueline Halstead, Judi Hansford, Mary Anne Harper, Jim 62 Sophs Harris, Harold M. Hatcher, Tom Herring, Philip Hill, Ann King, Terry Kirsten, George Kline, Joel B. Krise, Kandy Lafferty, Jane Lee, Joyce LeRose, Cay Lester, Margaret 63 Lieberman, Terry Machesney, Sarah Macintosh, Robert Thomas MocPhee, Gordon M. Maddox, Billie Jo Morchol, William Maynard, Koy Louise Mays, Charles McClonohon, jock McMillion, Harold McNeel, jo Ann Meador, Lynn Moore, jerry Moore, Nelson Morton, Phyllis Patton, Brenda Pitello, Maria Pongibove, Regis C. Pusateri, Diane Pusateri, Donna Sophs Quenon, Susan Rada, Jeanne Ransberger, Verdie Repass, Sarah Salem, Alberta Sampson, Earl Sanders, William Wayne Schultz, Rozannc Schwartz, Stephen A. Scott, David Shafer, Philip Shaver, Donna Richards, Cary Michael Rinaldi, Anthony Rose, Linda Ruberton, Bob Sheck, Eugene Shipman, Adams Shola, Theodore C. Simpson, Leonard 65 Sophs Spadaro, George Stephenson, Gerard Stone, Leah Jane Tomplin, jenny Turner, James T. Vig, Marilee Warwick, Barbara Williams, Betty Woolridge, Elizabeth Yontef, Stephen SO NICE OF YOU TO LET ME SPEND THE NIGHT . . . 67 The Carolina Trio . . . Great at the Monte Carlo Party. Her mother never told her b |vt A p " ' Youth, with swift feet walks onward in the way; the land of joy lies all • before his eyes " Kemble. Freshmen Freshman Class Officers: Carolyn Sowers, Secretory-Treasurer; Richard Rizzo, SGA Reprento- tive; Paul Ewing, President; Robert Boss, Vice President; Roy Bolin, Sergeont-At-Arms. 70 A beautiful tree was erected and decorated for Christmas by the Fresh- man Class. This gave our building a beautiful glow from within and caused all who look upon it to feel a little warmer Inside. The Freshman Class of 1961-62 have proven themselves to be a great asset to Morris Harvey College. They took off their beanies and started to work. The administration, faculty, and upperclass mates are all proud to have them in the ranks. The Freshman Class lends beauty at all times to the halls of the school. Here we see the Homecoming Queen and four of her Court. All Freshmen. Left to Right: Joan Wiggins, Fay Brown, Queen Judy Cairo, Barbara Kaufman, and Nancy Alden. 71 Bertschy, Nancy Board, Denver L. Boltz, Michael Bourn, Linda Frosh Abbott, William Adkins, Gary Dale Alden, Nancy Allison, Mary jane Anderson, David W. Aurady, Olga Baly, james Bernblum, Steven Branscome, Carol Ruth Branscome, Claude Brown, Fay Brown, Lloyd Brown, Mary Ann Burch, David Burdiss, Wanda Burtt, Sharon 72 Frosh Byock. Matthew Cairo, judith Calvert, Marilyn Caputo, Carl Cavender, W. Gail Chafin, Billy Challis, Edith Chambers, Ernestine Chapman, Mary Helen Clapper, Francis J. Clark, Brenda Compston, Charles Cook, Bette Copley, jewell Cunningham, Walter Denton, Nina Edgar, Robert Elliott, Carol Elphick, Richard Ewing, Paul 73 Frosh Ferguson, Gary Franciose, Robert Galway, James Gandee, Olive Garrabrant, John A. Gogley, Linda Gray, Mary Hague, Bradford Hansell, William Harrison, Wilcox Henderson, James Hover, Judith Hughes, Barbara Jacobs, Mitchell Jacobs, Neil Jarvis, Wallace Jourdan, Glenn Kendrick, Karen Kimpel, Walter Knight, Richard 74 Frosh Koch, Debra Krinsky, Martin Lewis, Robert L. Lowe, Dorothy Mack, Beverly Marchensky, Thomas Martin, Stephen McCoy, Virginia Ann McKown, judy Menscher, Susan Merritt, Barbara Meyer, Thomas Moore, Jerry Morton, David Munroe, Donald Nancollas, Carol Noll, Carol O ' Brien, Robert Patalano, Joseph Patrick, Johnny 75 Frosh Romary, Ross Rossomonno. Larry ScQcrist, Elizabeth Sevy. Joyce Shaver, Sandra Sherwood, Douglas E. Sloven, Charles Smith. Glendon C. Smith, Harold Smith. Margaret Smith, Suezann Smith, William K 76 Raider, David Reed, Donna Rizza, Richard Romano, Robert Peetz. Bonnie Poland, Thomas Powell, Wayne Priestley, Anna Frosh Smoot, Twillo Sowers, Carolyn Spence, Betty Sprodling, Eva Stackhouse, Tom Stork, Rolf L. Stephenson, joyce Styers, Charles Taylor, Cloybourne Taylor, Nancy Templeton, Dorothy Totten, Frederick Treen, Calvin Tucker, Bettie Wallace, Kothlyn Walters . Doug Wells, Charles Wiggins, joon Williams, john Williams. Sandro Frosh Wolgast, Robert Wright, Margaret YouVe been a badddd boy! 78 I got a system to beat that wheel . . . We told you not to moke Dean ' s List! Up with it, boys ! ! ! Alms . . Alms . . Alms . . for Circle K Spring Riot ' 61 82 Goodbye my Fancy! Farewell dear mate, dear love! Tm going away, I know not where. Or to what fortune, or whether I may ever see you again. So Goodbye my Fancy. Whitman. Jncores 83 May Day 1961 President’s Homecoming 1961 Queen Judith Cairo Christmas 1961 One, two, three — HEAVE ! ! ! Saint Nick himself. While shepherds watched their flocks . . . . . . And up went the Hanukkah Bush ! ! . . . just a few more minutes for to tote that weary load . . . The Board of Trustees. 11 1 liliLI lii M 1 M 1 bLt if J 1 I M f i Sy 1 j A 88 Commencement 1961 It ' s all over but the shouting ! ! ! Let there be light! ip 9|H 1 e 4 1 i 1 Ite 1 f ifi iMI r [ k; rrpr Ip I ! ir. ; w fi ' .Akl ■ 1 w 14 1 S5r ' Vn:j. ' ' »; Theatre people . . . They always stand out in a crowd. 91 ' The Alpha Sigs are going to Serenade us again! ' ' Fourscore and seven years ago . . . ' ' If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " Thoreau. 93 Student Council Morris Harvey students get a first-hand view of democracy in action through the workings of the Student Government Association. Not only at M. H. C., but on campuses throughout the nation, Student Government Associations wield strong influence over student life. Commonly known as the ' ' SGA ' ' , the Student Council serves as an executive committee represent- ing the students. All the students of Morris Harvey are members of the SGA, and the Association ' s offi- cers are elected from the student body. The Student Council, consisting of the officers of the organization, class presidents and representa- tives, is the true seat of action. The Council ' s four permanent committees, Publicity, Activity, Judiciary, and Awards and Achievements, are concerned with the social, civic and intellectual aspects of student life. SGA officers for 1961-62 are: Tom McNeel, President; Calvin King, Vice-president; Dale Ogle, Treasurer; Randa Jo Krise, Secretary; and Richard Hughes, Sergeant-at-Arms. Student Government Association Presi- dent Tom McNeel. Row one: Tom McNeel, Calvin King, Dole Ogle, Kandy Krise. Row two: Paul Ewing, Jeanne Rodo, Mrs. Evelyn Harris, Faculty Advisor. Row three: Morris Logan, Frank Armada, Brian Connolly, Joe Kinder. 94 Planning for Homecoming Activities Tom McNeel and Joe Kinder sell Charlene Crum the New Student Insurance Policy. First place winners of the Student Variety Show win Student Council Trophy. The big question this day was " ' Who ' s gonna win? " and " Where ' s the food? " — By the way — Upper Class Won . . . Some Big Wheels More Big Wheels 96 Aren ' t we mean????? We work hard . . . . . . and we play hard . . . The Blackfriars Blackfriars formed ranks this fall with many new faces in many new jobs. The workshop changed hands and name. Noah ' s Ark became Harper ' s Hangout and work began. On September 30, 1961 the Circle K Cotillion Ball patrons were entertained with a melodrama called " InnocenceTrlumphs. " Then the Student Variety Show swung the auditorium with the Counts of Calypso walking away with first prize. The first real dramatic event occurred the morning of October 20th with our four inch snow fall — no electricity. " Dark Lady of the Sonnets " looked like It was really going to be in the dark. Cast and crew rallied to the cause, candles were gathered by all and Miss Pomroy, director, cautioned Queen Elizabeth, Robin Wiseman, to watch her cape in the firelight and the show went on. Barter Theatre then graced our boards with " The Course of Love " . And for once all workers in Blackfriars got to sit " out front " and relax. The first three act play " Kind Lady " was given November 17 and 18. The crew got much extra work taking down and putting up the set. Many new faces were seen here as the freshmen turned out In mass to tryouts. Miss Virginia Pomroy, Blackfriars Di- rector and Faculty Advisor. Robin Wiseman, Blackfriars President. 98 Row One: Nacy Patterson, Jenny Tamplin, Robin Wiseman, Glenna Engle, Joan Wiggins, Wanda Burdiss. Row Two: Dotty Templeton, Tom Meyer, Doug Sherwood, Dick Walsh, Bob Edgar, Bonnie Peetz. Row Three: Dick Elphick, Margaret Wright, Mike Shafer, Danny Donner, Ted Jeffries, Jim Harper, Miss Virginia Pomroy, Director and Faculty Advisor. The group feared they would get soft so they joined forces with Kanawha Players for an Experimental Production. The work- shop took on a new look — a temporary theatre — and Glenna Engle and Jim Harper directed two original one act plays. Actor George Lehrer spent two days with Blackfriars, talking, coaching, and enter- taining. He then presented ' ' Mr. Lincoln " for an all school assembly. Onward at a fast pace — the presenta- tion of the evening Student Variety Show — singing, dancing, skits, and instrumental talents were displayed. Awards were pre- sented by the Student Council, March 16 and 17 found the final three act play " Goodby, My Fancy " on stage with laughter by all. But amid all the fun and frolic, a sigh could be heard be- cause the darkness had passed and dawn was aglow. The annual Region Seven High School Drama Festival was held with schools from four counties competing for the two best plays so they could go to bigger and better things in the State Meet. Come spring and one last one act was given for an assembly. The Creative Arts Festival and the tired group journeyed to Jackson ' s Mill for the Intercollegiate Drama Festival. So with the shop put to rest, the ham- mers and saws cooling in place, the Black- friars tired but happy retired to jump Railroad Ties. " ' Really, the altitude is good for our sinus! " soys Jim Harper, Production Manager, and Martha Jarrell, Vice President. Blackfriars Officers — Row One: Ted Jeffries, Sergeant- At- Arms; Robin Wiseman, President; Jim Harper, Production Manager. Row Two: Miss Virginia Pomroy, Director and Faculty Advisor; Glena Engle, Treasurer; Martha Jarrell, Vice President. 99 HELL AND HIGH WATER, May, 1961 KIND LADY, November 17-18, 1961 We act even on coffee breaks ! ! Blackfriars Present DARK LADY OF THE SONNETS. October 20, 1961 Student Voriety Show, October 6, 1961 IN OPPOSITION and POLSKI, January 5-6, 1962 The Motley Crew All roads lead to home. It should soy ' ' DARK LADY " ! ! ! Cheer, Crew, Cheer — WHO ' S turning brown? ? ? We ore the MAFIA OF MHC ! ! ! You mean girls do this every day? ? ? Man your battle stations ! ! ! 101 Debate Team The Morris Harvey College Debate Team, under the direction of Mr. Robert Patterson, is a very active group of students. They hope to promote and create an interest in the skilled art of inter-collegiate debate by partici- pating in various tournaments. To further interest and show the student body some of the advantages and skill, the Team invited the Harvard Team to participate in a non- decision debate for an assembly program on March 16, 1962. The nation debate topic this year is: Resolved: that labor organizations should be under the jurisdiction of the anti-trust legislation. Left to Right: Danny Conner, Mr. Robert Patterson, Robin Wiseman, John Fairless, Glenno Engle, Robert Edgar. 102 SNEA Mrs. Nancy Patterson, Morris Harvey SNEA President and National SNEA Secretary. BELOW— Row One: Anna Anderson, Nancy Patterson, Michael Shafer. Row Two: Phyllis Lambert, Nancy Ratliff, Mary jane Kiss, Freda Val- avanis, Wilmer E. Doss, faculty ad- visor. Row Three: jack McClanahan, Mar- tha jarrell, Donna Pusateri, Carolyn jarrett, Velma McCune, Laura Zain. The Student National Education Association is a professional society for students who plan to teach. Morris Harvey ' s George S. Laidley Chapter offers opportunities for its members to discuss educational topics and problems, to hear well qualified speakers, and to participate in professional activities at local, state, and national levels. SNEA members utilize the learning of the past along with their present discoveries to gain personal and professional growth. Morris Harvey ' s chapter has the distinction of hav- ing one of the nation ' s most active SNEA members within its ranks. Mrs. Nancy Patterson Is Secretary of the National SNEA, President of the Morris Harvey Chapter, and a member of the NEA Professional Ethics Committee. She is also a former President of the West Virginia SNEA. Circle K Club John W. Fairless, Jr., President Chartered November, 1959 by Circle K International, the Circle K Club is a service organization for college men operating on the campus similar to the operation of its sponsor Kiwanis. It provides a means for the development of initiative and leadership for its members to be used on the campus and preparation for responsible, successful citizens for tomorrow. Being dedicated to this spirit of service to the campus and community. Circle K is always ready to assist anyone desiring its services. The past year has proven to be active and worthwhile for the Club as well as the campus. Circle K maintained an Information booth and guide service during freshman orientation, presented Its annual " " Old South Cotillion Ball, " " co-sponsored with Radio Station WCAW " " Miss Teenage America " " contest for the Charleston area, sold newspapers for the Charleston " " Kld " s Day, " " sponsored the " " John Allen Kinnaman Memorial Lecture Series, " " ushered at assemblies, and established a permanent guide and information service for the college. Row One: John Fairless, John Roach, Louis Felicetti, Wayne Powell, Bill Durkin, Dave Ingram, Jim Drotor. Row Two: Bud Ross, Tom Pauley, Richard Hughes, Bob Ash, Bill Hansel, Dr. Robert H. Emery, faculty advisor, Harold White, Gorden MacPhee. Row Three: Tommy Kinder, Terry Liebermon, Dick Holliday, Tom McNeel, Jim Harper, Jim Henderson, Mr. William Boag, Chairman, Circle K Committee, Kiwanis Club. Row Four: joe Kinder, Regis Pongibove, Dick Camp- bell, Tom McIntosh, John Stacy, Don Flanagan, Bob Bigley. CIRCLE K OFFICERS — Front: Dave Ingram, Secre- tary. Row One: Gordon MacPhee, Chairman of Board; Dick Campbell, Treasurer; Terry Lieberman, Historian, W. Va. District; Dick Holliday, Lt. Governor W. Va. District; jim Drotar, Vice President; Bob Bigley, Board member; Bud Ross, Board Member; john Fairless, President. John Fairless and jim Drotar presenting Dr. Riggleman with a ticket for the Old South Cotillion Ball. john Fairless, jim Drotar and Gordan MacPhee presenting Governor Barron a ticket to the Old Cotillion Ball. Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New . . . joann McNeel, Circle K ' s candidate for Homecoming Queen. 106 Information Booth for Freshman Orientation. Weekly Meeting John Allen Kinnaman Memorial Lecture Series, Dr. Charles Arzeni, Speaker. The big wigs get together. 107 » - Residence COBB HALL — Row One: David Ingram. Row Two: Louis Felicetti, Jim Harper; Jim Drotar; Robert Duty. DICKINSON HALL — Row One: juanelle Williams, Carol White, Pat Cham- bers, Nina Nutter, Erma Vaught. Row Two: Charlotte Bowman, Cathy Bakas, Margaret Lester, Betsy Woold- ridge, Mary Erdely, Velma McCune. Councils RIVERVIEW HALL— Row One: joe Kinder. Row Two: Tony Rinaldi, jerry Moore, Tommy Kinder. 108 The Comet Morris Harvey College ' s weekly news- paper, The Comet, ploy on integral role in campus life. Since its first edition in 1921, The Comet ' s main goal has been that of In- forming the student body. Staff members donate their time to cover all important news events and are frequently seen pound- ing the typewriter in order to meet the weekly deadlines. This year, sophomore Nancy Young skillfully edits and guides the paper toward each deadline. Jim Cottrell holds down two equally important jobs — that of man- aging editor and business manager. As school photographer, Arthur Jividen, is one of The Comet ' s busiest staff members. He is responsible for the coverage of the Col- lege ' s social, athletic and academic activi- ties. Faculty advisor for the staff is Mr. Oscar E. Banks. Seated at the desk: jim Cottrell, Nancy Young. Standing: Martha Taylor, Mary Lee Vig, Judy Hale, Donna Pusateri, Guy Cuthbert, Robin Wiseman, Mr. Oscar Banks, advisor. Bob Grubbs, Roger Morris, Sondra Sleeth, Arthur jividen. 109 ' " But, Doc-tor Mc-No-l-l-y . . . Faculty Advisor James McNally and Editor Robin Wiseman. Right: Partners in Crime: Seated, Editor Robin Wise- man. Standing, Staff Member John Fairless, Associ- ate Editor Danny Conner, Cartoonist Guy Cuthbert, Absent when picture was taken. Staff Member Jim Harper . . . Such ore the pongs of our existence . . . H A R V The HARVEYAN Staff rushed into act- ion with a rustle of paper and loud noise by all. Some faces in the HARVEYAN office changed, but a few stayed through till the last horn blew. Early in the Fall, Editor Robin Wise- man set about to transform the dull, drab office into something a little more color- ful. Whether or not " Robin s Nest is a manifestation of the Editor ' s personality, as some people claim, it certainly has an atmosphere all its own. no r • . E Y A N As the year progressed, pictures were taken and copy written; some pictures were retaken and more copy written. Then, the top blew off and yellow envelopes with typed pages and pictures rushed via the U. S. Mail to the S. B. Newman Printing Company, Knoxville, Tenn. So, with malice toward none, and thanks to all, the HARVEYAN Staff takes great pleasure in presenting the HAR- VEYAN for 1961-62. ' " Your typewriter spells funny . . Associate Editor Danny Conner and HARVEYAN Board Chairman john Oliver. Editor Nancy Thomas and Business Manager Bob Mount. L’Aiglon This year Morris Harvey joined many of the nation ' s larger colleges and univer- sities in presenting the literary efforts of its students in magazine form. Financed in part through donations, in part through the sale of the magazine itself, and In the main through the willingness of Presi- dent Riggleman and Vice President Buck- alew to underwrite the expenses, L ' Aiglon is an attempt to present the students ' ideas on a wide variety of subjects. Its staff hopes to encourage the fledgling author by enabling him to experience the gratifi- cation of seeing his work in print, and to encourage the fledgling artist In the same manner. It is hoped that L ' Aiglon will become a semi-annual publication, a meas- ure of th e Intellectual and artistic growth of the student body. Row One: Mrs. Vivian Steahly, faculty advisor; Nancy Thomas. Cathy Bakas, Laura Zain. Row Two: Ethel Hunt, Bob Mount, Donna Rockhold, Vonnie Jarrell, Sandra Blizzard, Roger Morris, Freda Caven- dish. 112 Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Association Row One: Donna Pusoteri, Shirley Grady, Betty Williams, boDoie Bishop. Row Two: Dr. Frank H. Clark, faculty advisor; Herchel Gandee, joe Patrick, jim Cottrell. Row Three: Earl Burgess, Glendon Smith, John Merrifield, Larry Smith. The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental As- sociation of Morris Harvey College was organized in the fall of 1959. Its main purpose is to instill within its members the true reasons for entering the medical pro- fession: that is, to alleviate and cure pain. The Association is composed of those stu- dents who have a desired interest in the medical world, whether it be medical tech- nology, pharmacy, medicine, or dentistry. It is especially for those students who are actively enrolled in either a Pre-Medical or a pre-Dental curriculum with aspirations to enter medical school. The organization held many functions over the year and went on trips to different types of medical schools. Included in these schools were West Virginia University and the University of Kentucky. 113 MENC Row One: Karen Brown, Nina Nutter, Sandra Williams, Sharon Burtt. Row Two: Fay Brown, Mary Helen Chapman, David Morton, Betsy Wooldridge. Row Three: Charles Miller, Charles Winter, Jimmie Ingram. The Morris Harvey chapter of the Music Educators National Conference, or MENC as it is commonly known, was organized in 1952. The organi- zation strives to broaden the outlook of the world of musical activity, and works to increase the interest and knowledge in all areas of music education and aids in the preparation of professional musicians. This organization deals with all phases of music teaching throughout the public schools, and also seeks to deepen the bonds of understanding between those members who desire to become professional musicians. It is the hope of the MENC that its members will make worthy contributions to life through the aesthetic medium of music. 114 Art Guild The Art Guild of Morris Harvey is composed of those students who ore not only interested in, but inspired by art. The Guild offers the opportunity of doing creative work os a recreational resource. A very active organization, the Art Guild sponsors many exhibits of student work, and print soles throughout the school year in order to help promote interest in art on the campus and to offer stimulation to the dis- cussion of contemporary art. Certainly, many on office and dorm room has been brightened with one of the Art Guild ' s prints. Row One: Dusty Rhodes, Verna Howard, jock Shaffer, Carol Hawkins, joan Wiggins. Row Two: Donna Shaver, unidentified, John Midkiff. 115 United Christian Fellowship Left to right. Row one: Judy Akers, Sandra Hamon, Harrison, Richard Halstead, Shawki Musleh. Fourth Betty Wooldridge, Mary Erdely, Erma Vaught. Second row: Charles Walker, Raymond Moore, Jack Mc- row: Dick Holliday, Joann McNeel, Joyce Sevy, Re- Grow. beccQ Davis. Third row: Claude Branscome, Wilcox The United Christian Fellowship resulted from the combining of the Wesley Foundation (Methodist), the Westminster Fellowship (Presby- terian), and the Roger Williams Fellowship (Baptist). The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide on effective, unified Christian fellowship on the Morris Harvey campus by encouraging high Ideals of Christian life and society; by developing programs of service and worship; and by pro- moting closer cooperation between the churches of the community and the students of Morris Harvey. The U.C.F. holds vesper services on each Sunday evening at 6:30. These programs cover o variety of subjects from o formal Eastern Orthodox service to on informal discussion of probing religious questions that intrigue the college student ' s thinking. This and other avenues of fellowship offer all an opportunity to find an area of expression for his religious beliefs. Officers for 1961-62 are Dick Holliday, President; Lucille Burns, Vice President (Baptists); Erma Vaught, Vice President (Methodists); Charles Hobbs, Vice President (Presbyterians); Wilcox Harrison, Vice President (Other Faiths); Betsy Wooldridge, Secretary; Jo Ann McNeel, Treasurer; and Dr. John W. Hollister, Advisor. 116 U.C.F. Candids Short business meetings after Chapel services keep the U.C.F. programs coordinated, and the membership interested and informed. This car wash provided a better Thanksgiving for someone. All the money mode was given to a needy individual who was selected by the U.C.F. Dr. Hollister, the U.C.F. ' s beloved advisor, is the reason for much of the organization ' s success, and the increase in Chapel attendance. 117 Newman Club The Newman Club, a member of the National Newman Club Federation, is com- posed of Catholic students at Morris Har- vey. It was organized in 1948 in order to deepen and enrich the spiritual and temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities; to weld the Catholic students into a common union, and to as- sist the college and its students whenever possible. In 1960 the Newman Club became the first religious group in the history of Mor- ris Harvey to hove on off-campus location for meetings and social gatherings. For the first time, the Club has the honor of having two State Officers in the Morris Harvey group. They ore Robert Dillon, President of the Newman Clubs of West Virginia, and Laura Zoin, Newman Club State Secretary. Officers of the M.H.C. Newman Club ore Bob Dillon, Sandro DeRlto, Susan Hannon, and Jeanne Rodo. Faculty Advisor is Mr. William Briggs. Activities of the year Include guest speakers. Communion Breakfasts, parties, dances, and mixes. Row One: Betty Williams, Carolyn Sowers, Shirley Grady, Jeanne Rada. Row Two: Laura Zain, Sandra DeRito, Adrienne Rooney, Cay LeRose. Row Three: Susan Hannon, Sandra Maddox, Margaret Smith, Carol Nancollas, Regis Pongibove. Row Four: Pat Watson, Tom Treadwell, Phyllis Morton, Maria Pitello. 118 Eastern Orthodox Fellowship Row One: Freda Volovnis, Alberta Salem, Anna Georgetson, Jacqueline Zakaib. Row Two: Paul Demitriow, George Corey, Alex Alexandrou. Row Three: Robert Howard, Robert Haddy, Richard Risk. The Eastern Orthodox Fellowship was founded in the Foil of 1961, and is com- posed of members of the Orthodox Catho- lic faith. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to promote the spiritual and physical welfare of its members at Morris Harvey, in accordance with the religious teachings and practices of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Church. It endeavors to develop among its members a spirit of leadership, cooper- ation, and devotion to the principles of the college and the Church. This year ' s activities included lectures, discussions, an exhibition of art and liter- ature, and religious services. Miss Al- berta Salem serves as President of E.O.F., and the Student Spiritual Advisor is Mr. George Corey. 119 Young Democrats Club The Morris Harvey Chapter of the Young Democrats Club had its beginning in 1960, with Carl Cooper serving as its first president. The organization was formed to create an Interest In govern- mental affairs among students and to ac- quaint them with processes of party func- tioning. One of the club ' s main projects is a voters ' registration canvass In some Kan- awha Coounty precincts, which is to serve as a pilot project for the State Y.D.C. President Jack Pauley has also arranged for state political figures to appear on campus to speak to the members. Row One: Shirley Grady, Shelly Epstein, Rondo Fink, Peggy Horton, Diane Clements, Beverly Krebs. Row Two; Georgionno McCollom, Barbara Warwick, Cay LeRose, Becky Agnew. Row Three: Tom Kalinoski, Beverly Barnett, Laura Zain, Judy Ingalls, jo Ann McNeel. Row Four: Jim Wortman, Bill Dearian, James Hudnall, John Midkiff. Row Five: Bill Feazelle, unidentified. Greek Government Association Row One: Carolyn Hanger, Brenda Barker, Sandra Thomas, Robin Wiseman, Anna Anderson, David Morris. Row Two: Dr. Frank j. Krebs, faculty advisor; Judy Ingalls, Sue Ellen Doty, Bob Moskowitz, Chris Murphy. Next to the Student Council, the most important governing body at Morris Har- vey is the Greek Government Association. Formed in 1958, it was a replacement for the Panhellenic Council. The promotion of the welfare of the social fraternities and sororities on campus and the aiding of them in their contri- bution to the general program of the col- lege are the major purposes of the G.G.A. It also fosters and demonstrates a spirit of mutual helpfulness among the Greek letter organizations. The G.G.A. sponsors two dances yearly, one each fall and one each spring, to serve as social functions for the student body. The group gives an award each year to the fraternity or sorority that contributes the most to the college and the commu- nity. The membership is comprised of the elected officers, the president and a repre- sentative from each member organization, and a faculty advisor. The Greek Government Association is serving the school and its members well. 121 Delta Zeta ZETA TAU CHAPTER Miss Virginia Pomroy, Spon- sor. From President clockwise: Miss Wiseman, President; Glenna Engle, Rush Chairman; Anna Anderson, Secretary; Jeanette McCa llister, Mary Ann Hansford, Nancy Ratliff, Gail Vaughn, Jacqueline Hall, Miss Pomroy, Sponsor; Susan Newsome, Danny Conner, Carren Bragg, Ann Buck, Nancy Patterson, Janet Davidson, Treasurer; Sandra Blizzard, Pledge Trainer. 122 Etta U dta 2 ta Soxo%itij 2e.ta au oConij coxdiaCCy inoite.lL ou to attend t ieix oLLs n J2amli ZTka ueiAay, eHrxuaxy 27 , ig 62 xom 2 to i:f. o ' c [cell ji.m. ooexnox d [cin ion Delta Zeta fosters friendships that carry through life . . . develops unselfish interest in others os well os each other . . . helps build the indi- vidual stature of a girl so that she confidently takes her rightful place in life. p4- V- 123 Alpha Omicron Pi President Judith Ingalls. Row One: Ronda Fink, Sue Ellen Doty. Row Two: Lynn Meador, Shel- ly Epstein, Ann Hill, Peggy Horton, Patty Morton, Elaine Fout, Diane Clements, Becky Agnew. Row Three: Brenda Hall, Virginia Jennings, Fran- ny Bostwick, Shirley Grady, Barbara Warwick, Cay LeRose, Drema Brans- come, Marilee Vig, Georgianna Mc- Collam. Row Four: Mrs. Irene Saw- yer, faculty advisor, Jo Ann McNeel, Lucille Burns, Sara Machesney, Kay Maynard, Laura Zain, Beverly Krebs, Marilee Vig. Row Five: Adrienne Rooney, Phyllis Morton, Beverly Barn- ett, Barbara Stamper, Judy Ingalls, Pat Kuehnhold. Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority was founded at Barnard College of Colum- bia University in New York on January 2, 1897. The Phi Koppo Chapter at Morris Harvey was installed in April, 1961, and is the first NPC sorority on campus. The purpose of A O Pi are to sublimate into a useful and enduring bond the friendship of the group and to keep this friendship forever on actual principle of life; to encourage membership based on character and likemindedness as well as individualism; and to contribute service to the college body as a whole. One of the most active organizations on campus. Alpha Omicron Pi sponsors Howdy Day and on annual style show, the Sock Hop, the Bermuda Bounce, the Twilight Tea, o Hawaiian Rush Party, the Red Rose Ball, a Mother-Daughter Banquet, a Christmas party and caroling, plus various other activities. The Phi Kappa Chapter assists the sorority in its national philanthropic work, which is the maintenance and support of the Social Service Department of the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky. Locally, the A O Pi ' s help needy families and at the Union Mission Children ' s Home. The A O Pi ' s are also active in many campus organizations, in- cluding Student Council, United Christian Fellowship, G.G.A., Choir, Art Guild, SNEA, and others. 124 A O Pi Officers: Georgianna McCollam, Beverly Krebs, Pat Kuehnhold, Laura Zain, and Judy Ingalls. il ’ 1 A O Pi ' s in 1961 Homecoming Court. 125 Susan Quenon ' s Camp. A O Pi ' s helping at Union Mission Children ' s Home Study. Pictured second from left, Mrs. Virginia Mylonder, A O Pi Collegiate Director, District III. 126 Senior members of A O Pi: Sue Ellen Doty, Beverly Barnett, Becky Agnew, Pot Kuehnhold, and Rondo Fink. A O Pi Sock Hop. 127 Sigma lota Chi Row One: Mrs. Jacqueline Berger, Pat Chambers, Pat Brannon, Nina Nutter, Sandra Hamon, Bi:enda Barker. Row Two; Mary jane Kiss, Judi Halstead, Joyce Lee, Sam Thomas, Mary Erdley, Sarah Repass, Donna Pusateri, Erma Vaught, Alberta Salem. Row Three; Nancy Young, Betty Wooldridge, Betty Wil- liams, Rondo Jo Krise. Row Four: Donna Shaver, Jeanne Rada, Diane Pusateri, Verdie Ransberger, Judy Akers, Bonnie Woolwine. The Beta Nu Chapter of Sigma lota Chi was organized in 1936. The purpose of this organization is to help its members develop both morally and socially. The activities of the year include a Christmas dance, the annual Mother-Daughter banquet, the Shamrock Dance, Shipwreck Ball, the rush party and tea, and many mixes and bake sales. This year the Sigmas helped Alpha Sigma Phi give a party for the Union Mission Children during the Christmas season. Sigma lota Chi members are represented in various campus activities including Choir, United Christian Fellowship, Comet Staff, SNEA, MENC, Student Government Association, Greek Government Association, Women ' s Athletic Association. 128 Social Activity? Sigma lota It is fun to help at the Mission Hollow Shelter . . . Our May Queen 1961 — Ruth Ann Campbell. Pat and Mary jane Sandra, Mary jane, Sandra We " ' study " " together, and Pat. You go first . . . I " ll watch, if you don ' t Teas are fun . . . mind . . . Our Leprechaun Helpers. Having Fun Together Left: Blair Pridemore. Shamrock King. The Annual S hamrock Dance. Below: 1961 Pledges. May Day Sing. t • % • 131 Kappa Sigma Kappa Row One: Kak Ridinger, Larry Bailey, Dave Morris. Row Four: Mr. Frank LePage, advisor; Tom McNeel, Row Two: Reed Belasco, Dick Libardi, Bill Durkin. Bill Preston. Row Three: Richard Hughes, Jerry Grant, Paul Olsen. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1867. Since that time the name of Kappa Sigma Kappa has stood for brotherhood, gentlemanly conduct, and academic excellence. The West Virginia Gamma Chapter was founded on the Morris Harvey campus in 1947, and was the first National Fraternity on campus. Since then. Kappa Sigma Kappa has provided brotherhood for many leaders in all phases of student and faculty activity. The past year has been one of the mo st successful in the history of the Morris Harvey Chapter. Kappa Sigma Kappa men decisively captured several offices in both the Student Government Association and the Greek Government Association, as well as class offices. The traditions of service to the college and academic superiority came to the fore again in the spring of 1961 with the winning of the College Social Award and the Dean ' s Scholarship Award. In addition a Kappa Sigma Kappa man won the President ' s Scholarship, and several brothers were on the Dean ' s List. The brothers of Kappa Sigma Kappa are looking forward to another year of signal achievement in all areas of student activity. 132 Kappa Sigma is rich in the symbols and traditions that are so vital to fraternal life. Some of these traditions and ideals are seen at right. The Crest and paddle are symbolic of the rituals and traditions of al- most a century of fraternalism. The mug stands for brotherhood and good times to be remembered. The megaphone repre- sents our school spirit, and the trophy is indicative of the leadership for which Kappa Sigma Kappa men have always been known. Duffy Agnew is named the Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Kappa by President Ridinger at the May Day Ball. Left to right are: jimmy Martin, Miss Agnew (now Mrs. jimmy Martin), President Ridinger, and Dave Morris. Kandid Bashful Brother. Kappa Sigma Kappa Candidate for Homecoming Queen, Miss Anna Anderson, and escort Dave Morris. 134 We have an invisible protective shield! Southeastern Province Director of Koppo Sigma Koppo, Richard Smith, and date. What do you mean, smile??? 135 Alpha Sigma Phi The history of Alpha Sigma Phi dates back to December 6, 1845, when the fraternity was founded at Yale University. The Alpha Sigs are proud of the fact that they are the tenth oldest national fraternity. The Gamma Mu Chapter at Morris Harvey was chartered on April 6, 1960, and is the only fraternity on campus that Is recognized by the National Interfraternity Council. The Cultural heritage of Alpha Sigma Phi is combined with that of the local Sigma Delta Phi. Socially the Alpha Sigs are quite active. Be- sides the usual private parties and functions, the Alpha Sigs are known for their energetic helping of less fortunate individuals. Such was the case last Christmas, when the Brothers presented a ping-pong table to the orphans at Mission Hollow Children ' s Shelter. The Alpha Sigs are recognized in almost every organization on campus. They are represented In the Student Government Association with Tate King as Vice President, Dale Ogle as Treasurer, Frank Armada as Sophomore Class President, and Morris Logan as Co-President of the Junior Class. Alpha Sigs on the Comet Staff include Managing Editor Jim Cottrell, Photographer Arthur Jividen, and Cartoonist Guy Cuthbert. The Brothers are also active In the Band, Pre-Med Club, and on the HARVEYAN Staff. Row One: Dove Ingram. Row Two: Calvin King, Frank Armada, Anthony Grando, Dave Scott, Bruce Peck. Row Three: Wayne Boyd, Guy Cuthbert, Tom Treadwell, Dale Ogle, Bill Centner. Row Four: Lou Felicetti, jim Cottrell, John Merrifield, Gerry Klyne, Adams Shipman, Bob Ruberton. Row Five: Dick Walsh, Terry Lieberman, Ed Werner, Bill Adkins, Mor- ris Logan, Mike Helioff. Row Six: Mr. Charles Col- bert, faculty advisor; Chris Murphy, Bob Bigley, Art jividen, Earl Burgess, Ed Rabel, Dick Campbell. 136 Brother John Watt receives the " ' Brother of the Yeor Award " ' from Brother Chris Murphy. Alpha Sig Officers: Left to right, Bruce Peck, Treasurer; jerry Liebermon, Vice President; Morris Logon, Corresponding Secretary; Chris Murphy, Presi- dent; Guy Cuthbert, Secretary; Ed Werner, Marshall. r - F i ’ ' 4 1 fcf A J ■ 1 m The Brothers help to maintain the true spirit of Alpha Sigma Phi with their Christmas Party for the children at the Mission Hollow Shelter. The Barn may be torn down, but the tradition still remains with the Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi. The Alpha Sigs ' Peppermint Party was one of the most talked-about events of the year. 138 Brothers pay their lost respects to The Born at the Woke. Tve got the perfect plan to overthrow the Adminis- tration . . Tennis, anyone???? Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon is the newest of the national fraternities on the Morris Harvey campus. The Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma Phi had the longest heritage of any fraternity on campus. The Phi Sigma Phi fraternity was founded at Concord State Teachers College, Athens, West Virginia, on October 20, 1927. The local Beta Chapter was organized at Morris Harvey College on November 14, 1929. Since then, the men of Phi Sigma Phi have built a long heritage and brotherly feeling that is present today. Carrying this heritage with them, the men of Phi Sigma Phi formally pledged TEKE in the spring of 1961. Tau Kappa Epsilon is one of the largest national fraternities, with over 175 active chapters. The first TEKE chapter was organized in 1899, and in 1915 the fraternity became a member of the National Interfraternity Council. Row One: Gene Miller, jack Bellino, Terry Adkins, Bob Moskowitz, Bud Ross. Row Two: Tom Kalin- oski. Bill Deorion, Pot Gruet, Earl Blackshire, Butch Morris. Row Three: Pete Vilkens, Roger Breedlove, Bill Feazelle, Terry VanWyck, Bob Davies. Row Four: Dave Ransom, Dave Smith, Al Bleiberg, Brian Con- nolly, Darrel Salter. Row Five: Arlin jividen, jim Summers, Carlos Hurst, Bob Griffith, Dr. James W. Rowley, faculty advisor. 140 Teke Officers: Row One: Jack Bellino, Sergeant-At- five; Carlos Hurst, Chaplain; Bud Ross, Vice Presi- Arms; Bob Moskowitz, President; Earl Blackshire, dent. Treasurer. Row Two: Terry King, GGA Representa- TEKE ' s, as brothers of Tou Koppo Epsilon, hove os their main ob- jectives to unite young men from various localities, to instill o feeling of campus fellowship, to promote the interest of the college, and to open doors of social activity that might otherwise be closed. It Is the fraternity ' s policy that every TEKE engage In some beneficial campus extracurricular activity so that he may benefit his college, his fraternity, and himself. The fraternity sponsors many outstanding activities during the school year, including the Playboy Party Dance, Turkey Hop, Christmas Formal, Bunny Hop, Spring Formal, and mixes after basketball games. The fraternity also presents each year the George King Award to the outstanding basketball player on the Morris Harvey squad. 141 Teke Fall Pledges: Row One: Terry King, Edward Sheets, Tony Rinaldi, Steve Schwartz, Phil Naseef, Jim Wortman. Row Two: Jim Hudnall, jerry Moore, George Hudson, Gory Hatch. 142 Row One: Tony Rinaldi, Darrel Salter, Gene Miller, Jerry Moore. Row Two: Bob Griffith, Arlin Jividen, Carlos Hurst, Jim Summers. Teke addition to Morris Harvey ' s champion Golden Eagles. 143 Alpha Psi Omega The Lambda Delta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, National Dramatics Honorary, was organized on the Morris Harvey campus to recognize those students who are out- standing in the field of drama. Member- ship is earned by participation in the Black- friar productions. Each spring, a formal initiation and dinner is held in honor of the new members. At the Annual Awards Assembly, Alpha Psi Omega names the best actress, best actor, and best technical worker of the year. The names of the winners are then inscribed on a plaque which Is mounted outside the college auditorium. Last year, Nancy Patterson, Denver Wilson, and Ruth Legg received the awards. Alpha Psi Omega Is an honor that every member of Blackfriars covets and strives to obtain. Left to Right: Nancy Patterson, Robin Wiseman, Miss Virginia Pomroy, Faculty Advisor, )im Harper, and Glenna Engle. 144 Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a National Honorary Forensics Fraternity that grants recognition to those students who have proven out- standing in forensic competition. The West Virginia Gamma Chapter was established on the Morris Harvey campus on May 1 3 , 1956, and membership is earned through participation in intercollegiate debates. The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta is to stimulate interest in intercollegiate speech activities. The organization encourages a spirit of fellowship, brotherly cooperation, and an incentive for achievement. Left to Right: Mr. Robert E. Patterson, Faculty Advisor; Danny Conner, John Fairless, Nancy Patterson, Gene Chicocca, Robin Wiseman, Jim Harper, and Dave Kandrat. 145 Chi Beta Phi The Epsilon Chapter of Chi Beta Phi Honorary Scientific Fraternity has been on the Morris Harvey campus since 1923, when it became the sixth organized chap- ter. The organization is composed of stu- dents and faculty members who show a high scholastic average and an outstand- ing interest in science. Chi Beta Phi gives annually two awards, the Chi Beta Phi Science Medal and the Chi Beta Phi Scholarship Key. The Science Medal is presented to the student who has maintained the highest average in the first twenty-four hours of college science, providing the average is ninety percent or better. The Scholarship Key is an award from the National Grand Chapter to the out- standing member of each chapter of the fraternity. With its motto, ' ' Scientia Omnia Vin- cit, ' ' Chi Beta Phi membership is the goal of every science student at Morris Harvey. Row One: Greg Adkins, Janet Jarrell, Janet Taylor. Row Two; Jim Mosley, Jon Morgan, Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell, faculty advisor; Judy Cole. 146 Kappa Kappa Psi Early in November, 1961, the male section of the Tempo Club petitioned Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary band frater- nity. After being accepted and approved, it was granted the charter for the Delta Nu Chapter, and on January 7, 1962, thirteen were initiated as charter mem- bers of the honorary fraternity for bands- men at Morris Harvey. Purpose of the fraternity is to promote the college band and to create a respect for its activities and achievements. At the formal installation of the new chapter the members awarded Charles Col- bert, band director, an honorary member- ship. Also, the Delta Nu Chapter recent- ly awarded an honorary membership to Stanley Wolfe, Instructor of Theory and Composition at the Julliard School of Music. During the past year, the organization held a number of mixes and co-sponsored the Monte Carlo Party, with all the pro- ceeds going toward the building of a better band and helping to finance a band tour. Seated: Tom Morchio. Row One: Mark Murovitz, jimmie Ingram, Leonard Simpson, Tom Turner, Bill Adkins, John Fairless. Row Two: Bill Bone, Charles Miller, Jeff Quick, Charles Winters, Bob Bigley, Jim Martin. 148 Row One: Carol White, Sandra Blizzard, Anna Anderson. Row Two: Calvin King, joe Kinder, judy Ingalls, Carolyn Shrader. Absent when picture was made: Nancy Patterson, Charles Miller, Greg Adkins. Who’s This year, ten students at Morris Harvey were named to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Students chosen for Who ' s Who were nominated by the Student Council and the faculty members of the Stu- I! Uks AHONG SWDEtilS IN AfiE RICAN UNIVERSIJIES AND colleges dent Affairs Committee. In selecting students, the com- mittee considered the stu- dent ' s scholarship; his partici- pation and leadership in aca- demic and extra-curricular activities; his citizenship and service to the school; and his promise for future success. Who 149 Morris Harvey Band Director Charles Colbert I I ' i lW mim in B| llj 1 ill Ilf i §f Brass Ensemble. 150 Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Dance Band. 151 Morris Harvey Philharmonic Choir Director Harold W. Ewing 152 Women’s Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association is on organization composed of women at Mor- ris Harvey College who are majoring in physical education. The members of this organization hope to become better ac- quainted with each other and to provide better recreational opportunities for all women of the college. President Jeanne Rada. Left to Right: Row One: Billie jo Maddox, Sandra Williams, Sue Rose, Garnet Lafferty, Bobbie Scherr, Betsy Stone. Row Two: Dianne Newton, Peggy Smith, Anna Anderson, Sandra Blizzard, Sandra Shaver, Nancy Ratliff. Row Three: Brenda Hall, Bonnie Peetz, Dianne Holmes, jane Lafferty, Phyllis Lambert, Carolyn Sowers. Row Four: Anna Priestly, Jeanne McCoy, Olga Aurady, Judy Hirsh, jenny Tamplin, Bobbie Bishop. Row Five: jo Anne McNeel, Pat Watson, Nancy Alden, Susan Hannon, Sandra Maddox, Betty Thompson. Row Six: Judy Akers, Brenda Clark, Debbie Koch, Jeanne Rada, Velma McCune, Betty Spense. CHEERLEADERS Leading the cheers for those great Golden Eagles: Lynn Meador, Bobbie Bishop, Bobbie Scherr, Betsy Stone. Intro-Murol Football Champions: Row One: Richord Hughes, Alex Alexondrou, Paul Ewing, Glenn Jourdon. Row Two: Tom McNeel, Tom King, Al Stanton, Gene Chiocco. Row Three: Bob Romano, William Chepil. INTRA-MURAL FOOTBALL 154 Baseball MHC Outfielders: John Doddono, Bob Griffith, Tommy Kinder. Although considerable difficulty has been experienced the post few years in regard to practice and playing facilities, the MHC baseball team was able to play a twelve-game schedule during the 1961 season. In spite of these problems and the fact that the squad was composed mostly of inexperienced boys, the team finished the season with a 4-8 record. The interest has increased considerably, and when definite arrangements can be made concerning playing facilities, the outlook will become much brighter. Leading hitters for the season were outfielder Tommy Kinder, with a .347 aver- age; and Darrell Salter, pitcher and out- fielder, with a .279 mark. Salter also registered two victories in the pitching role. Other members of the squad included Ron Rexroad, Gary Miller, Dick Pillion, Paul Brady, Bob Griffith, Ted Ellis, John Mc- conihay, Paul Demitriow, David Burdette, and Barry Tumpson. MHC Pitchers: Darrell Salter, Paul Demitriow, Ted Ellis. MHC Infielders: Gary Miller, Dick Pillion, Paul Brady, Ron Rexroad, jack Pauley. 155 Row One: Gene Miller, Lorry Miller, Jerry Moore, Dorrell Solter, Bruce Hewitt. Row Two: Tommy Kinder, Howord McCullough, Tom Brown, Corlos Hurst, Jim Summers, Jim Young. Row Three: Cooch Sonny Moron, Ron Rexrood, Monoger; Dick O ' Neol, Joe Kinder, Arlin Jividen, Bob Griffith, Tony Rinoldi, Monoger; Assistont Cooch Robert Moxwell. THEGREATEST Under the magic hand of Coach Sonny Moran, the Golden Eagles reached heights unheard of in Morris Harvey history. The team broke many school records, including Overall Record (27-6). Regular Season Record (21-4); Conference Record (19-1); Gomes Won (27); Conference Win Streak (22) ; Overall Win Streak (12); Season Point Total (2960). Gomes Played (33). The Eagles also won their first WVIAC Tournament, setting 5 Tournament Records, and their first NAIA Tourna- ment gome. Their all-season point overage was 90.2, os opposed to their opponents ' 74.1. Coach Sonny Moron and Captain Gene Miller, WVIAC Tournament Most Valuable Player. 1961-1962 RECORD We Opponent They 65 Toledo 78 84 W. Va. State 85 81 West Liberty 57 98 Wheeling 88 89 West Liberty 45 90 Concord 66 112 Alderson- Broaddus 62 80 Georgetown 94 89 Anderson 69 85 Marietta 68 84 Wheeling 62 98 Salem 66 58 W. Va. Tech 57 88 Davis Cx Elkins 78 100 W. Va. Wesleyan 71 99 Alderson-Broaddus 66 96 W. Va. State 91 102 Beckley 84 1 19 W. Va. Wesleyan 82 103 Beckley 71 83 Marshall 89 104 Glenville 77 97 Concord 92 107 Glenville 101 82 W. Va. Tech 71 83 Bluefield 60 123 Salem 98 98 W. Va. State 75 66 W. Va. Tech 68 61 W. Va. Tech 60 71 W. Va. Tech 69 95 Ouchita 70 70 Prairie View 85 156 GOLDEN EAGLES KANSAS CITY! 1 I I

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