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h 1 ■ n «»»« " 5 J « «M « I I w- LI » T _T_ ET E E SIXTY- A R V VIRGINIA— Ruth Le 9 g, Editor; James McNally, Advisor. H V I Ir. 3tolm Alleu iKtnnaman John Kinnaman was a rare and unusual individual. He manifested a maturity far beyond that of most men his age He had learned to wear life as he wore his coat— with an easy grace. He learned what many of us fail to learn though living three score and ten years and that was to accept himself without hatred, or fear, or pride, but with a willingness to live life as best he could within the limits imposed upon him. Having learned to accept himself, he learned also to accept with a friendly feeling and a sense of belonging, his world about him. Furthermore, he had learned to accept other people as people without making undue demands upon them or requiring perfection of them. He had a ready smile although apparently never used to impress people or to gain their favor. It was an honest and sincere expression of his own inner feelings. As a re- sult people quickly learned to trust him and to become his friend. This is one of the highest achievements of any man s life Along with his acceptance of himself, his world about him and his neighbors, he had also accepted the eternal and ' opened his heart to be grasped by and made a part of all the spiritual resources available to any man. Now that he has returned to his Father ' s house, he has left a rich legacy Henry Ward Beecher once said, " You find the worth of a man when you put your hand into his heart instead of his pocket. " It is the spiritual which has permanent value. This legacy is governed by laws not man- made. Every man may take as rich a share as his lite is prepared to receive. Obligation falls upon family and friends alike to take this legacy and to develop and conserve it for it, too, repre- ent the labors and savings of a lifetime. It is too precious to dissipate and too sacred to trifle with If properly han- ded it may make it possible to project the hfe of the de- parted into the distant future so that he lives effectively m the lives of others for a far longer period than he was able to live in the flesh. Dr. Leonard Riggleman, President Morris Harvey College I m Our beloved r rif f 3 Alma Mater u m Proudly stands for f £ ftP Hi ever J. f fe § I Morris Harvey, ff-i A ■ -«B- Morris Harvey, t 3 g =z True we ' ll £yer -F 3K b J i 5E 3: Morris Harvey, O- Morris Harvey, E £ Hail, all hail to I ! — v thee.f - CONTENTS Administration 12 Traditions 20 Faculty 32 Organizations 42 Students 102 Athletics 146 ♦•■■ ■ ?rei QferrV g - C E MMMBSM ■m MMM iMBH " ' fiflm ' wi Xrk THE PRESIDENT Dr. Leonard Rigglem our leader . . . our inspiration . . . our friend . . . these names are representative of the roles that Dr. Leonard Riggleman plays in our lives. . . . for the past thirty-one years he has worked and devoted his life to the betterment of Morris Harvey College, his church and his community. . . . he touches the life of every faculty member, student, and custodian who affiliates himself with the College. . . . his love and trust of his fellowman and devotion to high ideals mirror his faith in God . . . and we offer thanks to God for giv- ing us the privilege of knowing such a man, our President, Dr. Leonard Riggleman. 15 T. F. GOLDTHORPE Assistant to the President MARSHALL BUCKALEW Vice President Administration HARRY G. STRALEY Dean of the College IVAN STAFFORD Assistant Director of Development BELFORD ROBERTS Treasurer C. FRANK LePAGE Assistant Treasurer STELLA COOKSEY Dean of Women and Director of Student Services DOUGLAS BUMGARDNER Dean of Men 17 WILLIAM J. BRIGGS, JR. Admissions Counselor WINTON R. HOUCK Director of Alumni Affoirs CLARA CHANGES Veterans Counselor ond Director of Placement RICHARD ROBINSON Director of Public Relations MICHAEL SHAFER, Staff; LYNN SLEETH, Assistant Librarian; JEAN FIELDS, Staff ELOISE NEWLON, Act- ing Librarian. THOMAS J. McGINNIS, JR. Registrar and Director of Admissions C. E. ROTH Director ot Evening Classes GARLAND E. MORAN Director of Athletics and Head Coach ROBERT MAXWELL Assistant Coach JOSEPHINE N. FINK Manager of the College Book Store 19 JAMES J. FINK Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds f •iKthtHwS m ' V ' - May Day Above: Queen of May — Carol Hicks Left: Gene Baker administers the oath of office to Jo Lambert, President of the Student Body. Above: The Queen ' s Attendants with their escorti. Left: Alpha Sigmo Phi Fraternity joins the May Day Sing. Right: Sigma Iota Chi Sorority wins the May Day Sing . . . again! Bl l ' l Left: Gene Baker proudly proclaim;, Carol Hicks the reigning Queen of May. Above: The Queen ' s Attendants and their escorts. Right: May Day would not be com- plete without a May Pole dance by the girls. 23 Pre-School Conference The annual Pre-School Conference was held at the FTA-FHA Camp at Ripley, September 9 and 10. Faculty and student leaders attended several serious discussions, listened to important speeches and planned the school year. Throughout the two-day conference, fellowship prevailed. This year, the traditional faculty-stu- dent baseball game was rained out, much to the relief of the faculty. For all, the weekend at Ripley was both enlightening and enjoyable. S a ■ ,i it inr, V r Ji s r x- 24 Above: " Just swear to tell the truth, Miss Sacks, " Prosecutor Hossein pleads. Right: " I guess I ' ll take a beanie. " Freshman Orientation With beanies, handbooks and tickets from counse- lors, the class of 1964 entered Morris Harvey College. For awhile many wondered if they ' d make the grade, but the final session of Freshman Court closed and the Freshmen relaxed. They were college students at last. Below: " An hour in line and the class is closed. " mm s Below: " Careful with those figures, Mrs. Jones. " 25 JIU Piciidcnt onA faculty of e A oiiii c rfazveu Coiieae icaucit the Uajuu of your company at a zJ cc£.h.klon. zzHonotuiq the c tuaent JdoAij to 9c held in the doLLeqe ezfifeacfition c=HJL ,« tlU of Jueidau the ture.ntu-isiTe.nth from, eiqht to ten o clock of September, 26 All-School Picnic Above: At least the Freshmen won ' t be undernourished. Above: " Hank, I think everyone has left. " Below: Faster! Below: It was a good try ■ 27 Homecoming Queen Candidates Patty Billanti Pat Brannon Ann Buck Nancy Patterson Jeanne Rada Sue Rose Anna Shepherd Sue Wilkerson Betty Williams Sherry Wood Martha Cochrane IU£ ' , - 1 Patty Davies Sue Ellen Doty Jackie Farrell Suzanne Harper Judy Ingalls Margaret Ingle Corolyn Jarrett Judy Kennedy Homecoming Queen Ronda Fink crowns Suzanne Harper Homecoming Queen. 30 Christmas Party Christmas vacation began at Morris Harvey with the traditional Christmas Party in the Reception Hall. and lo the Angel of the Lord Santa never had it so good God bless us all. Amen Oops, Santa — something slipped i fincuftu 1 1 i 1 DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIES HENRY WOLF Division Chairman GRACE TAYLOR and LUCINA KEANE Department of Art GEORGETTE SCHULER Department of Longuages CHARLES COLBERT, JOHN LAM- BROS, HAROLD EWING and HENRY WOLF Department of Music 34 RALPH V. MERRY Department of Philosophy VIRGINIA POMROY and ROBERT E. PATTERSON Department of Speech Constance Mclaughlin, Virginia williams, vivian steahly, james mcnally, maud CAMMACK, HOWARD BARNETT and ELEANOR SNYDER Department of English u J mr J •K - . 1 B C. T. MILLER and ROBERT EMERY Department of Religion 35 FRANK J. KREBS Division Chairman JOHN A. YOUNG and EVELYN HARRIS Department of Political Science DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES NATHAN L. GERRARD Department of Sociology FRIEDA K. MERRY Department of Psychology 36 DAVID GANYARD Department of Geography KENNETH S. McCUTCHAN Department ot Psychology MARY ETTA GREEN and ROBERT L. BAYLOUS Deportment of Physical Education EDGAR L GRAY and JOHN KINNAMAN Department of History 3- ' L DIVISION OF PROFESSIONAL VOCATIONAL EDUC. JAMES W. ROWLEY Division Chairman GEORGE HOWARD, IRENE SAWYER, FRED S. COFFINDAFFER, WILMER E. DOSS and STELLA COOKSEY Department of Education C. D. TAMPLIN Director of Extension 38 LLOYD KEETON and CHARLES C. MANTLE Department of Economics J. B. LOGAN, ROBERT COLLINS, JEARL KOONTZ, LUTHER V. KOONTZ and C. L. McLAUGHLIN Department of Business Administration o a 39 DIVISION OF THE NATURAL SCIENCES ; iB Kp° Sv- iH A - B " ' ' MI B P. E. ROLLER Division Chairman ASHBY BLACKWELL Department of Chemistry LEO C. SHINN Department of Mathematics G. C. LAZENBY Dept. of Physics and Chemistry 40 FRANK H. CLARK, THELMA M. NUTTER and JOHN W. McCLY- MONT Department of Biology IMPRESSIONS Right: The two busy ladies that grace the main office ore Mrs. Lilly and Mrs. Keller, secretaries to Dr. Buck- alew and Dr. Stafford, respectively. Below: Miss Virginia Pomroy explains the textile experiment that is being conducted on the roof of Morris Harvey in connection with Florida State Uni- versity, to Jane Price and Pat Wood. The data is being collected by Miss Estella Pomroy, sister to Miss Pomroy of our staff, for the completion of her Master ' s Degree in Clothing and Textiles. vni II. ■ mil) iw n Hif. , iHI llV . iiV Tu 1 ' !! list HI , ' - 11 I v . .iff I u 1 5 1 .IUM ml Mil vMV m ! lift ' lr if! { ■ Pm Ml zoXhyns « if LJufrr H ' ii I - ' l 5 I ' hi: »l; A ! iiiilll V M r » in !,! -,41 j i nil Ha ' i Ml 1 S s! 3 i ; ' . IMP if if l Mm mm Whim s:i H iMliiliJI ! »l ffijl ' 4i HU»H l 1 r,Mu-J • -41 11 WL ? " - President of the Student Body, Jo Lambert. Student Council Throughout the school year, the Stu- dent Council of the Student Government Association is the pulse of the student body at Morris Harvey College. The highlight of student government in 1960 was the revised freshman orientation program. A Student Handbook was pre- pared during the summer and eighty upper- classmen were assigned as counselors to three hundred seventy-seven freshmen. The orientation time was decreased but the pro- gram was intensified. Freshman week activities included stu- dent mixes, assemblies and a successful picnic. Two weeks later twenty-one of the new students campaigned for Freshman class offices with great enthusiasm. Row one: Carolyn Hanger, Tom Treadwell, Jo Lam- bert, Mrs. Evelyn Harris, Faculty Advisor. Row two: Chris Murphy, Dale Ogle, Jeanne Rada, Tom Fink Row three: Denver Wilson, Jerry Wildman, Joe Kinder. Student Council Officers: Tom Treadwell, Vice-Presi- dent; Carolyn Hanger, Secretary; Jo Lombert, Presi- dent; Dale Ogle, Treosurer; Chris Murphy, Sergeant- at-Arms Jo Lambert and Tom Treadwell discuss plons for the Homecoming Dance. At the end of the orientation program, the Freshmen met the upperclassmen in ball games and the traditional tug-of-war. To conclude the orientation program, a Typical Freshman Boy and Girl were selected One of the most remembered Student Council events was the Homecoming Dance ■n November. Twenty-two campus organiza- tions sponsored candidates for the Home- coming Queen and Mel Gillespie ' s orchestra played for the over-flowing crowd, making the dance one of the best in the history of the college. An All-School Assembly was held in the fall, at which the student body con- sidered revising the present constitution of the Student Council. During basketball season, the Student Council sold booster buttons and sponsored pep rallies and mixes after the games. The Council also sponsored the annual Christmas Dance in the Reception Hall and a Christmas Project to give food to needy families. May Day, sponsored by the Council, was the annual event during which the students elected a Queen and organiza- tions competed in musical contests. It was climaxed by the inauguration of the newly elected president of the student body. 45 Residence Hall Councils Members of the Riverview Hall Council — Row one: Carlos Hurst, Joe Kinder. Row two: Tom Kinder, Michael Shafer, Charles Miller. Members of the Dickinson Hall Council — Row one: Jean Fields, Peggy Varney, Pat Nutter, Clara Mobley. Row two: Betsy Sloan, Sue Storms, Mrs. Shoener, Lee Lopez, Ruth Ann Campbell Row three: Linda Davis, Clanse DeQuosie, Lucille Burns. Members of the Cobb Hall Council — Row on« Stephen Schwartz, Phil Binderman, George Spadan Row two: Dale Abbott, Tom McNeil, Dave Kandra S.N.E.A. The George S Laidly chapter of the Student National Education Association, re- organized in 1949, is open to all students who are receiving basic preparation for their initial teaching responsibilities. As an organization, the Student NEA attempts to provide opportunities for per- sonal and professional growth; opportuni- ties for the development of leadership skills; and opportunities for participation in professional activities at local, state, and national levels A particular honor came to Morris Harvey ' s Student NEA chapter this year when one of its members, Mrs. Nancy Patterson, was chosen president of the state SNEA Mrs. SNEA Nancy Patterson, President of the West Virginia Row one: »Jo Lambert, Ann Holland, Beverly Krebs, Mary Jane Gemmell, Dorothy Pauley, Julia Hitch- cock, Berta Wilson Row two: Georgiana McCollom, Freda Valavanis, Mory Jane Kiss, Lucille Burns, Virginia Beard, Karen Bragg Row three: Nancy Patterson, Betsy Slone, Judy Griffith, Glenna Engle, Sarah Jo Repass, Charlotte Bowman Row four: Michael Shafer, Laura Zain, Velma McCune, Genevieve Repass, Sonja Smith, Claryce Cantley. Row five: Carolyn Jarrett, Barbara Hilton, Mildred Carter, Judy Bennett, Elizabeth Hill Row six: Brenda Dolin, Tom Treadwell, Pat Gruway, Al Bleiberg, George Howard, faculty advisor. Christian Fellowship The year 1958 marked the organizing and establishing of the United Christian Fellowship. The Westminster Fellowship (Presbyterian), Roger Williams Fellowship (Baptist), Wesley Fellowship (Methodists), along with several other denominations, joined together to become one unified Christian force. It is an interdenominational Fellowship open to any regularly enrolled student who is interested in Christian Fellowship and the furtherance of God ' s Kingdom. Tom McNeel, President of Christian Fellowship plans the Chapel programs with Dorothy Pauley and Anna Anderson. Row one: Mary Jo Harshbarger, Berta Wilson, Char- lotte Bowman, Calvin King, Erma Vaught, Nina Nutter, Pot Nutter, Peggy Varney, Sandra Blizzard, Sarita Seward, Nancy Williams- Row two: Shawki Musleh, Pat Brannon, Clarise DeQuosie, Dorothy Pauley, Clara Mobley, Mary Jane Gemmell, Anna Anderson, Caren Bragg, Mary Erdley, Ruth Ann Campbell. Row three: Paul Brinkley, John Watt, Mary Jane Kiss, Freda Valavanis, Velma McCune, Genevieve Repass, Claryce Cantley, Julia Hitchcock, Evelyn Goff, Joy Underwood Row four: Mr. Douglas Bumgardner, faculty advisor; Frank Brizendine, Ed Rabel, Mary Stone, Lucille Burns, Carolyn Jarrett, Elizabeth Hill, Judy Aker, Anna Carol Melton, Linda Davis, Joann McNeil, Randa Jo Krise, Tom McNeel. Row five: Jerry Wildman, Charles Wall, Earl Samson, Harold McMillon, Ralph Toney, Bob Ersek, Charles O ' Dell, Dave Kandrat, Paul Olsen, James Drotar, Richard Limbardi, Richard Smith, Bill Adams, David Neff. Row one: Richard Libardi, Louise Smith, Danny Conner, Shirley Grady, Carol Sue Crawford, Dave Kandrat Row two: Jeanne Rada, Joyce Tuerk, Mary Margaret Curry, Bob Ersek, Bob Grubbs, Jr., Nancy Baldwin Row three: Beverly Aubrey, Bob Grubbs, Sr , Judy Griffith, Mary Jane Kiss Row four: Sandra DeRito, Brian Connolly, Betty Williams, Adrienne Rooney, Laura Zoin, Emil Konkus, Ronnie Lawrence. Row five: Maria Pitello, Joe Merry, George Spadaro, Bill Durkin, Tom Treadwell, Jim Drotar, Chris Murphy Newman Club Betty Williams and Danny Conner help President Joe Merry plon the next Newman Club activity. The Newman Club, a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs, is composed of Catholic students at Morris Harvey. The primary goal of the Newman Club is to provide a continuation of religious education on the college level for Catholic students It also sponsors many activities throughout the year. The club stands ready at all times to assist the college and its students wherever possible. This year, the Newman Club has em- barked on a vigorous program of expansion and improvement With the donation of two rooms in the old St Agnes Grade School, by St. Agnes Parish, the Newman Club becomes the first religious group in the history of Morris Harvey to have an off-campus location for meetings and social gatherings 49 Row one: Martha Meadows, Karen Brown, Peggy Varney, Nina Nutter, Nancy Williams, Charles Miller. Row two: Barbara Warwick, Anita Hudkins, Thelma Wandling, Ruth Ann Campbell, Bill Adkins. M.E.N. C. Nancy Williams and Charles Miller, members of the MENC, enjoy studying their music. Known simply as M E N C, this organi- zation strives to deepen the bonds of friend- ship and understanding between those who are seeking to become professional musi- cians; to broaden the outlook in the world of music activity; to increase interest and knowledge in all areas of music education; and to aid in the preparation as professional musicians, in order that the members may make a worthy contribution to life through the aesthetic medium of music. Morris Harvey ' s student chapter of this organization was organized in 1952 and is sponsored by Professor Harold Ewing. 50 Art Guild The Art Guild is comprised of students who are not only interested in, but inspired by art. It offers opportunities of doing creative work as a rec- reational resource. Throughout the school year, the Art Guild sponsors art ex- hibits and print sales in order to promote interest in art on the campus and offers stimu- lation to the discussion of con- temporary art. Mary Margaret Hague and Fay Ann Castle are all smiles over the success of the Art Guild ' s print sale. Row one: Sherry Wood, Carol Hawkins, Jane Price, Fay Ann Castle, Maija Zvargulis, Ada Corel Sidebottom. Row two: O ' Eoso Horrah, Glenna Jean Postlethwait, Miss Lucino Keane, faculty advisor; Mary Margaret Hague, Barbara Ellenberg, Jock Shaffer. 51 Row one: Janet Taylor, Maria Santorsola, Glenna Jean Postlethwait, Jerry Grant- Row two: Shirley Bowyer, Andrew Adoms, Dave DeWitt. Row three: Robert Mount, Dr. Frank Clark, faculty advisor; Denver Wilson, Joseph Frascatore. Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Assoc. The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Association of Morris Harvey College was organized in the fall of 1959. Its main purpose is to instill within its members the true reasons for entering the medical profession: that is, to alleviate and cure pain. The association is composed of only those students who are actively enrolled in either a Pre-Medical or a Pre-Dental curriculum with aspirations to enter medical school. One of the most active organizations on campus the Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Association sponsors dinners and an annual spring formal in April. Outside of campus, the Association has been extremely active in spreading the loyal name of Morris Harvey College, in tours to West Virginia University Medical School, Charleston Memorial Hospital and different hospitals throughout the state. The Association also visited the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. 52 Row one: Danny Conner, Nancy Patterson, John Holt, Dave Kandrat, Bob Ersek, Anna Anderson, Barbara Thorne. Row two: Pat Wood, Clarise De- Quasie, Judy Griffith, Don Muncy, Art Flansbaum, Bob Burford, Robert Patterson, faculty advisor, Ann Buck Debate Team I960 will go down in history as a year of Great Debates primarily as a result of the presidential election. Morris Harvey also shared in this event in the form of intercol- legiate debating against such schools as Pitt, Duke, Uni- versity of Virginia, Marshall, Marietta and others The na- tional debate question for 1960-61 was: " Resolved, that the United States should adopt a program of Compulsory Health Insurance for all citizens . " Schedule October 28-29, 1960 Tenth Annual Novice Debate Tournoment, Woke Forest College, Winston Salem, N C. November 12, 1960 Debate Tournament, Marshall Col- lege, Huntington, W. Va December 2, 1960 Debate against Marshall College, at Morris Harvey. January 14, 1961 Morietta College. February 23-25, 1961 West Virginio University Invita- tional Tournament. March 26-31, 1961 National Convention Debate Tournament of Pi Kappa Delta, Oklohoma State University, Still- water, Oklahoma April 21, 1961 West Virginia Wesleyan. Moy, 1961 West Virginio Intercollegiate Speech Festival 53 James Cottrell Business Manager Nancy Young Editor cfiot Bob Grubbs Staff Writer The Comet Staff The Comet is a weekly newspaper, published by the students of Morris Harvey College. For thirty-nine years, the Comet has been the students ' newspaper and now reports all the weekly happenings on the busy South Ruffner campus. The staff members willingly donate their time to the pro|ect of covering all important news items and diligently pound the typewriter to meet the weekly deadline. This year, Nancy Young skillfully edits the items and guides the paper toward each deadline. Walter Wissing is still known as the " photographer on the scene " as he races to preserve every important event with his camera. James Cottrell serves as the real power behind the Comet this year — he balances the books. Left to right: Mary Lee Vig, Carolyn Jarrett, Jo Lambert, Ann Hollond, Bob Grubbs, James Cottrell, Nancy Young and Walter Wissing. Seated ot the desk: Richard Robinson, faculty advisor. 5S The 1961 Harveyan Staff Left: James McNally, faculty advisor and Ruth Legg, editor, take a mo- ment to solve a financial matter. The problem of putting together the year- book requires not only pictures and copy, but a closely followed budget so that the final result is a book the students will always keep. Right: Jane Price, art editor; Clermont Miller, chairman of the HARVEYAN Board; and Robin Wiseman, Associ- ate Editor, carefully check pictures and copy for the first pages The job of checking and re-checking is necessary to insure the quality of the final product. Left: " I think we ' ve missed the first deadline! " 56 HARVEYAN STAFF — Left to right: Barbara Wright, Jane Price, Mary Jo Harshbarger, Ruth Legg, editor, Robin Wiseman, Ronda Jo Krise and Judy Griffith After meeting with Mr. Bob Walter of the S. B. New- man Printing Company, the HARVEYAN staff began the task of assembling the yearbook. First, the services of Mr. Joseph Corbin were again secured as photographer and the schedule for pictures was announced After three hectic days of taking picture after picture, the staff relaxed — momentarily. Stacks of copy had to be written — the photographer would have to pay another visit to campus. Finally, by December 1st, the first pages were mailed to the publisher. It looked almost hopeful. The final deadline of February 1st loomed as a insur- mountable challenge. Then, with a sigh of relief, the last pages were mailed. With the blessing of the postal service, the 1961 HARVEYAN was completed. One more event awaited — the day the books arrived and were presented to the student body. That day made the whole job seem worthwhile. s; Row one: Nancy Patterson, Pat Wood, Shelly Epstein, Diane Steinberg, Mildred Stalder, Mary Jo Harsh- barger. Row two: Judy Griffith, Linda Stowers, Anna Georgeston, Carren Bragg, Marlene Wachtel, Ruth Legg. Row three: Miss Virginia Pomroy, faculty ad- The visor; Carolyn Jarrett, Myrna Wilkerson, Barbara Thorne, Barbara Wright, June Vandall. Row four: John Holt, Denver Wilson, Jerry Wildman, Till Curry, Norman Williams, Barry Tumpson. " We like it back here, " says Vice-President Till Curry and President Mildred Stalder. With the opening of school the Black- friars began a busy season with three ma- jor productions and two one-act plays. After forming ranks and envoking the blessings of Saint Genesius, lamenting the losses of many of the old guard, sleeves were rolled up and boats launched. The season began with an assembly program of fantasy and mystery — a one- act play, " The Lottery. " With a very brief rest, the crew began searching for goldfish, a tree with leaves and a refrigerator. Soon January 13 and 14, 1961 arrived and " A Dash of Bitters " was viewed by a large audience who went home hearing the tinkle of a music box and the clang of a buoy bell. 58 Director Virginia Pomroy and Produc- tion Manager Ruth Legg. Next was " Lullaby, " presented on February 24 and 25. With a bellhop foam- ing and mother making bathtub beverage, this proved an enjoyable time for all The Student Variety Show was a change of pace for all concerned. At this time the student body was able to view Morris Harvey ' s finest talent in dancing, singing and other musical endeavors, plus added attractions. Before the final curtain, the Region Seven High School Drama Festival was held on March 1 1 in preparation for the state meeting at West Virginia University High schools from four counties were invited. " Bell, Book and Candle " was the last ma|or production and the Blackfriars took to the air on their brooms in search of Pyewacket and some secret unguents It is always best to experience some freedom and enjoyment after office hours. Spring sprang and the Blackfriars came back to earth with a quiet one-act, " Hell and High Water, " an original play directed by the Production Manager, Ruth Legg This play was presented not only for our own student body, but for the Creative Arts Festival and the Intercollegiate Drama Fes- tival at Jackson ' s Mill. May 28th will mark a time of great sorrow in the ranks of Blackfriars as we see many good and faithful members march across the stage We all will hope that they will remember us and think only of the togetherness and not of the work at the workshop of Morris Harvey College Blackfriar Officers: Till Curry, Denver Wilson, Miss Virginia Pomroy, Mildred Stolder, Ruth Legg ond Barbara Wright nn Circle K Club The Big Guns Front row: Board of directors; Phil Binderman, Choir- man; Tom Fink, Bill Adams, James Wortman Bock row: Paul J. Wildman, President; Carl Cooper, Vice- President; James Tunajek, West Virginia District Lt. Governor; John Holt, Secretary. Chartered in November, 1959 by Circle K International, within one full year, the Circle K Club has become the most active, best respected, and finest student organiza- tion on the Morris Harvey campus. Dedicated to the spirit of service to campus and community, this organization endeavors to assist all who are in need of its services. Through various projects, the Circle K Club strives to train young college men who are student leaders in their own right to carry on service to others after graduation from college. In the past year, Circle K has maintained an information booth for the benefit of new freshmen, presented its annual " Old South Cotillion " fall formal dance, provided " Kourtesy Kars " for student transportation from campus to bus, train and plane terminals during vacations, cleared and maintained the graves of Morris Harvey ' s parents, and many other projects. Outstanding in this year ' s accomplishments were the establish- ment of the John Kinnaman Lecture Series, the co-sponsorship of the MHC-VMI basket- ball game with the Charleston Kiwanis Club, and hosting the 1960-61 West Virginia District Circle K Convention. 62 Row one: Carl Cooper, Jim Tunajek, Joy Underwood, Frank Brizindine. Row two: John Holt, Phil Binderman, Dennis Price, Tom Fink. Row three: Bill Adorns, Robert Ash, Jerry Wildman, Ralph Matienzo, Ed Rabel. The first club in the College ' s history to hold weekly dinner meetings in the Board of Trustees ' conference room, Circle K has entertained many outstanding speakers; among them, Federal District Judge, John A. Fields, Jr., and Congressman John Slack. The Circle K Club, unique on the Morris Harvey campus, is directly sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Charleston, and shares its motto, " We Build. " Circle K Officers: Carl Cooper, Vice-President, James Tunaiek, W. Va. Dist. Lt. Gov.; Ed Rabel, Treasurer; Paul J. Wildman, President, John Holt, Secretary. 63 Harveyan Candids Above: Freshman Week Orientation Assistance. Bob Ash, Margaret Ingle, Carl Cooper, Suzanne Harper. Left Circle K ' s Old South Cotillion. Judy Ingalls and Bill Adams. Below: President Riggleman purchoses first ticket on Circle K project. Dr. Riggleman, Paul J. Wildman, Tom Fink, Bill Adams. r Kim 64 Right: Before. Bud Ross, Tuck Price, John Holt, Carl Cooper Circle K completely restores gravesites of Morris Harvey ' s parents. " When we cease to honor the memories of our good people, we will cease to do anything worthy of honor. " Dr. Leonard Riggleman Right: During. John Holt, Tuck Price, Bud Ross, Carl Cooper. Right: After, Tuck Price, Carl Cooper, John Holt, Jerry Wildman, Bud Ross Right: Congressman John Slack pre- sents Circle K with first fifty-star flag on Morris Harvey campus. Left to right: Congressman Slack, Carl Cooper, Jerry Wildman, Dr. Ivan Staf- ford, faculty advisor. 65 Nil Left: Mr. President, Jim Hornbeck, with his Girl Friday, Miss Vice-Presi- dent, Judy Ingalls. Greek Government Association Officers of the Greek Government Association: Judy Ingalls, Linda Davis, Nina Nutter, Jimmy Martin, Jim Hornbeck, Mike Pollock. 66 Row one: Jim Hornbeck, Mike Pollock, Ellen Wood, Judy Ingalls, Linda Davis, Nina Nutter, Jim Mortin Row two: Ronda Fink, Lucille Burns, Anna Carol Melton, Mildred Rutherford, Ruth Ann Campbell, Clara Mobley. Row three: Judy Kennedy, Chris Murphy, Richard Sherlock, Ralph Shaffer, Bill Lockfield, Dave Morris. The purpose of the Greek Government Association is to promote the welfare of the social sororities and social fraternities of Morris Harvey College and to aid them in contributing to the general program of the College It also fosters and demonstrates a spirit of mutual helpfulness among the sororities and fraternities. The Association sponsors two dances each year, one in the fall and one in the spring This group gives an award each year to the individual and to the sorority or fraternity that has the highest scholastic average. The membership of the GGA consists of two representatives from each sorority and fraternity, three faculty members and the President of the College 67 Row one: Judy Griffith, Juliet Rhodes, Barbara Wright. Row two: Ellen Wood, Judy Kennedy, Mildred Stalder Row three: Mrs. Constance Mc- Laughlin and Miss Virginia Williams, faculty ad- visors. Above: Judy Griffith office number of their ing. and Judy Kennedy check the faculty advisor before a meet- Organized on October 14, 1925, Alpha Mu Sorority is the oldest sorority on campus. Alpha Mu — " Sisters of the Muses " — was founded on the mythology of the Greek Muses, the Goddesses of the arts and sciences. The main purpose of the sorority is to promote good relations on the campus and to develop character within the organiza- tion This year ' s activities included: Women ' s Dorm Welcome Party, Sweetheart Swing, Birthday Party, Annual Rush Party, Alpha Mu Tea, Spring Formal, Alumni Bridge Benefit, Alumni-Active Tea, and various bake sales. As the following activities show, Alpha Mu members are very busy in all phases of campus life: Blackfriars, Alpha Psi Omega, HARVEYAN, Chi Beta Phi, Debate Club and Greek Government Association. Alpha Mu Officers: Barbara Wright, Treasurer, Vickie Collier, Secretary; Judy Kennedy, President; Judy Griffith, Vice-President, Alpha Mu Snaps Above: Which of these has the longest nose? Above: Wonder what ' s in the pack- ages this year? Left: Opening the gifts is the best port of the party. 70 Above: Man, these pizzas are good! Who ' s game for a second one? Above: All of this just to be blood sisters! Above: Anyone for a lesson in the Cha-Cha? Right: After the picture is taken, back to the food! 71 " The Phi Kap Light Shall Lead the Way " Left: Always hard at work — Vice-President Rebecca Ag new and President Ronda Fink. Phi Kappa Kappa Officers: Rebecca Agnew, Ronda Fink, Carolyn Jarrett, Martha Cochrane, Mary Margaret Hague. 72 Phi Kappa Kappa The Phi Kappa Kappa Sorority was organized in the fall of 1928 on the Morris Harvey Barboursville campus. Its aim is to unite young women of congenial taste into a more intimate fellowship. By means of this fellowship and sisterly understanding, each member is given the opportunity of broadening and enriching her life socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. One of the most active organizations on the Morris Harvey Campus, Phi Kappa Kappa Sorority sponsors Howdy Day and an annual Style Show, the Sock Hop, a Christmas project for children, the Bermuda Bounce, the Twilight Tea, a Hawaiian Rush Party, the White Rose Ball, a Mother-Daughter Banquet, various bake sales, car washes, and pledge parties. Phi Kaps are also active in Student Council, Black- friars, Christian Fellowship, International Relations Club, Newman Club, Choir, Band, Cheerleaders, Greek Govern- ment, Comet staff, and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Row one: Lucille Burns, Becky Agnew, Rondo Fink, Martha Cochrane, Carolyn Jarrett. Row two: Sandra De Rito, Duffy Agnew, Sue Storms, Ann Holland, Beverly Krebs. Row three: Georgionna McCollom, Shirley Grady, Carol Sue Crawford, Jane Gemmell. Row four: Betsy Sloan, Adnenne Rooney, Janet Jorrell, Jo Lambert Row five: O ' Eesa Harrah, Judy Ingolls, Mary Margaret Hague, Patricia Ann Woodall, Laura Zain, Sue Doty Left: But who ' s holding up the Prexy? Phi Kappa Kappa Snaps Left: Homecoming Queen Below: Phi Kaps in the May Day Court 75 Left: Mildred Rutherford, President of Phi Lambda Tau Sorority gives the day ' s mail to Anna Carol Melton. Row one: Linda Stowers, Ada Carel Sidebottom, Sonja Smith, Pat Billanti. Row two: Linda Davis, Anna Carol Melton, Sandra Blizzard, Maija Zvargulis Row three: Claryce Cantley, Peggy Stover, Mildred Ruther- ford, Ruth Ann Randolph, Miss Mary Etta Green, faculty advisor. Phi Lambda Tau The Phi Lambda Tau Sorority was founded at Barboursville in 1929. The organization has as its objective the im- provement of the social, intellectual and moral life of its members. Throughout the past year, Phi Lambda Tau has sponsored many activities includ- ing Teas, Rush Parties, Student Mixes, the Gaylord Party, the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet and many successful bake sales. Phi Lambda Tau members are active workers on campus, participating in Black- friars, Art Guild, SNEA, Christian Fellow- ship, Newman Club, Choir, Band and the Greek Government Association Phi Lambda Tau Officers: Linda Stowers, Mai|0 Zvargulis, Anna Carol Melton and Mildred Rutherford. 77 Phi Lambda Tau Snaps Above: Pot says: " I ' m getting mine ready now to avoid the rush. " Right: Maija says: " I hope Clara ' s right about this tea being spiked. " Below: " So I ' ve smiled — now let ' s eat! ' s 78 ••si Above: " You sure that stuff was Ginger Ale? " Above: " This chop-suey sure is gooey. " wto Left: Queen Carol and Attendant Midge. Below: Big sisters, little sisters and Mama, Mrs Hundly Left: Pot Nutter and Ruth Ann Campbell, Sigma lota Chi President, prepare a speech for the fresh- man assembly. Row one: Eunice Holmes, Nina Nutter, Peggy Var- ney, Carolyn Hanger, Shelva Anderson Row two: Pat Nutter, Virginia, Beard, Pat Chambers, Claro Mobley, Ruth Ann Campbell. Row three: Sondra Thomas, Sandra Hamon, Clarise DeQuasie, Pat Brannon Sigma lota Chi Organized in 1936, the Beta Nu Chap- ter of the Sigma lota Chi Sorority is the only National Sorority on campus. The purpose of the organization is to help its members develop both morally and socially. Sigma ' s busy year included mixes, a Christmas party, the annual Mother-Daugh- ter Banquet, a rush party, a tea and many successful bake sales. Sigma lota Chi members are well repre- sented in activities around the campus, including Choir, Christian Fellowship, Blackfriars, Comet staff, SNEA, MENC, Pre-School Conference and the Greek Government Association. Sigma lota Chi Officers — Seated: Clarise DeQuasie and Virginia Beard. Standing: Peggy Vorney, Ruth Ann Campbell, Pat Chambers and Pat Nutter. Clara Mobley Carolyn Honger Pat Brannon Ruth Ann Campbell President Sigma lota Chi Sorority 82 1 Barbara Thorne Sandra Hamon Sandra Thomas Jffffff IfWlfU ' ? »t Brenda Dolin Peggy Varney Patricia Dodson 83 Left: Always reading signs . . . President, Dave Morris and Vice- President, Jim Martin. Kappa Sigma Kappa Officers: Bill Preston, Jerry Grant, Paul Burdette, Denver Wilson, Jim Martin, Dave Morris. Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Sigma Kappa is an international social fraternity with members in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The society was founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1867 by four cadets During 1935, at the University of Virginia, the fraternity was reorganized. Kappa Sigma Kappa is dedicated to the cultural, intellectual, and social betterment of its members. West Virginia Gamma was chartered at Morris Harvey College in 1947. The chapter sponsors a variety of social functions during the year including the Beatnik Ball and the May Day Ball Compe- tition in Greek league intramural sports, local and national service projects, and stimulus for academic excellence are all within the scope of activity for West Virginia Gamma Row one: Bill Durkin, Bob Grubbs, Jr , Gary Moore, Joe Merry, Richard Libordi Row two: Dave Kandrat, Dave Morris, Bill Preston, Carl Cooper, Richard Smith Row three: Paul Burdette, Bill Adams, Jerry Grant, John Stortz, Tom McNeel Row four: Jim Martin, Tom Jones, Denver Wilson, Dave Neff, Paul Olson. o 7 Kappa Sigma Kappa Snaps Above: Honorary Member Professor Patterson and wife Nancy. Above: Brother Joe Merry and Rosemary Crawford at a private party. Below: CHINESE STYLE RUSH PARTY Above: Queen being crowned by President Dave Morris. Above: Our beloved sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. MAY DAY BALL Frank Le Page. Below: Brothers pose with their sweetheart at the annual MAY DAY BALL Left: President Ralph Shaffer dis- cusses plans for a fraternity event with Skip Morris. Row one: Bud Ross, Earl Blockshire, Mike Pollock, Skip Morris, Ralph Shaffer Row two: Gene Miller, Bob Davies, Jim Cahill, Bill Lockfield. Row three: Jim Summers, Tom Fink, Bob Griffith, Jerry Elliott. Phi Sigma Phi The Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded at Concord State Teachers College, Athens, West Virginia on October 20, 1927. The local Beta Chapter was organized at Morris Harvey College on November 14, 1929. The objects of the Phi Sigma Phi Fra- ternity are to unite young men from various localities, to instill a feeling of campus fellow- ship, to promote the interests of the College, and to open doors of social activity that might otherwise be closed. Outstanding events on the Phi Sigma Phi calendar include: The Turkey Hop, Bunny Hop, Annual Christmas Formal and An- nual Spring Formal. The fraternity also presents, each year, the George King Award to the outstanding basketball player on the Morris Harvey squad Phi Si gma Phi Officers — Row one: Ralph Shaffer Tom Fink, Jim Summers, Mike Pollock. Skip Morris, Bill Lockfield Row two: 89 --US,- Phi Sigma Phi Snapshots Above: A new year, a new sweetheart Above: Patty Davies, 1961 Sweetheart Below and right: Phi Sigs whooping it up at the annual Turkey Hop. 90 Above: Phi Sigs went varsity. Left to right: Darrell Salters, Bob Griffith, Carlos Hurst, Jim Summers, Gene Miller. Below: Brothers Joy and Bob leave with dates for Christmas Below: Chuck and Betty bring in the new year right. Formal. Row one: Chris Murphy, John Watt, Richard Sherlock, Walter Wissing, Charles White. Row two: Max Brinkley, Tom Treodwell, Wayne Boyd, Tony Grando, Bob Patterson, Jim Tunajek. Row three: Guy Cuthbert, Walter Perfater, David DeWitt, Jim Hornbeck, Nathon LaBovick. Row four: Charles Wall, Jerry Wildman, Ralph Matienzo, Morris Logon and Bill Adkins. Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi, the tenth oldest national fraternity, was founded at Yale University on December 6, 1845. The Gamma Mu chapter at Morris Harvey College was chartered on April 6, 1960, and is the only fraternity on the campus that is recognized by the National Interfraternity Council. Combining with the colorful heritage of the Sigma Delta Phi fra- ternity from which the Gamma Mu chapter grew, the Alpha Sigs have presented many traditional functions during the past year Among them was the Plymouth Rock Dance, the Star Rose Ball, the Sweetheart Weekend, the Black and White Formal, the " Sig Bust, " The Founder ' s Day Banquet and many others. The Alpha Sigs also held many informal stag parties, smokers, private date-night parties and general " bull sessions. " Fellowship and good brotherhood reign supreme within the sacred walls of Alpha Sigma Phi. The importance of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity on campus is shown by the many leadership capacities that the brothers hold. Among them are the President of the G.G.A., the Lieutenant-Governor of the West Virginia District Circle K, the Vice-President of the S.G.A. and many others. Alpha Sigma Phi Officers — Row one: David DeWitt, Richard Sherlock and John Watt Row two: Walter Wissing, Jim Tunojek, Jim Hornbeck and Guy Cuthbert. Above: Richard Sherlock and Dale Dillon proudly hold the Gamma Mu Charter, which was presented on April 2, 1960 by Brother Ralph Burns, Grand National Secretory. Left: Sweetheart Sandra De- Witt joins the Alpha Sig fun at Christmas. Bottom to top: David DeWitt, Sandra, Guy Cuthbert and Walter Wissing. Below: Becky Smith and Tom Treadwell enjoy themselves at the Alpha Sig New Year ' s Eve party. W T — ' - 1 gJV |H y M Fj K .» -» m " " Bl H - f P VS • - Above: It ' s " V " for victory and Sweet Pea, Amos and Red, the infamous trio of Sigdom, will graduate! Below: A typical Alpha Sig and his date at the Ply- mouth Rock Dance. The happy couple is Jo Reilly and Calvin King. Above: 1960-61 Sweetheart, y Sandra DeWitt, poses with her Alpha Sig husband, Dave. Above: It looks as if someone is going to lose his head. Actually, it is all part of the fun at the Sig ' s annual Plymouth Rock Dance. Right: Officers of the new Gamma Mu Chopter proudly pose with para- phenalia presented by brother chap- ters of Alpha Sigma Phi. 95 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges is the highest honor a student can obtain at Morris Harvey College. This annual publication is designed to recognize outstanding students on campuses throughout the country. Campus nominating committees carefully consider each student ' s scholarship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities. Citizenship and service to the school and his promise of future use- fulness weigh heavy on the final consideration. This year, eleven students have received the highly coveted honor. UUrS UL Who ' s Who lea W COLLEGES Pat Wood pauses a moment to dis- cuss the latest Blackfriar production with Jo Lambert. Jo is a senior biology major and President of the Student Government Association. She is also a member of Phi Kappa Kappa Sorority and Chi Beta Phi honorary science fraternity. After graduation, Jo hopes to do graduate work at WVU Pat is olso a senior and o speech major. She is a member of the Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega and is the " lead- ing lady " of Blackfriars. Pat is also active in Student Government. Janet Sue Jarrell asks Michael Shafer ' s advice about finding a book in the library. Janet is a junior ma- joring in math. She is a member of Phi Koppa Kappa Sorority and served as a freshman counselor this year. Michael is a junior and an English major He is a member of SNEA ond the Library stoff. Michoel also served as a freshman counselor this y£Or. Tom McNcel, Dave Morris and James Mays find the phone the quick- est way to contact a friend Tom is a junior and an octive member of Circle K He is President of the United Christian Fellowship, Vice- President of the Junior Closs and active in SNEA. Dav is a pre-law student and President of Kappa Sigma Kappa Froternity. Dave ' s major is political science and he is active in Greek Government. James is a chemistry major and loves to play baseball. Before coming to Morris Harvey, James attended West Virginia Tech, where he belonged to a Fra- ternity and was Vice-President of his freshman class. Maija Zvargulis exploins her latest poster to sorority sister Ada Corel Sidebottom. Maija is a math major and a member of Phi Lambda Tau Sorority. She also belongs to Chi Beta Phi honorary science fraternity and pointed the beautiful mural for the student snack bar. Ada Corel is a biology major and a member of Phi Lambda Tau Sorority. She is active in Greek Government and the Art Guild. Nancy Williams and Carol Gilbert are caught as they practice for the next musical event on campus Nancy is a senior music major and a member of MENC. Nancy also finds time for the ISA, United Chris- tian Fellowship ond the string en- semble. Carol is also a senior music major and a member of the Morris Horvey Choir. Carol serves as the Chopel organist and also joins the string ensemble 97 MORRIS HARVEY DANFORTW VISITING UCIURfR AU T HOR- EDITOR JAMES SAX JON . GUILDERS the QrfewJ FRIDAY, DEC 2. , )OA M. AUDITORIUM Alpha Psi Omega The Lambda Delta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega was organized on the Morris Harvey Campus to recognize those students who are outstanding in the field of drama. Membership in the national honorary society for college dramatics is earned by participation in the Blackfriar productions. Each spring, a formal initiation and dinner is held in honor of the new members. At the Annual Awards Assembly, Alpha Psi Omega names the best actress, best actor and best technical worker of the year. The names of the winners are then inscribed on a plaque which is mounted outside the college auditorium. Last year, Clara Finch, Till Curry and Ruth Legg re- ceived the awards Alpha Psi Omega is an honor that every member of Blackfriars covets and strives to obtain. Row one: Ruth Legg, June Vandall, Pat Wood, Nancy Patterson, Barbara Wright, and Till Curry. Row two: Judy Griffith, Miss Virginia Pomroy, faculty advisor; and Mildred Engle. Row three: Denver Wilson. Left to right: Dr. Ashby Blackwell, Danny Ball, Maija Zvargulis, Martha Cochrane, Frank Starsinic, Mildred Engle, Leo Shinn, and Jo Lambert. Chi Beta Phi The Epsilon Chapter ot Chi Beta Phi, honorary scientific fraternity, was organized on the Morris Harvey Campus in 1923. This organization is composed of students and faculty members who show a high scholastic ability and an outstanding interest in science. Chi Beta Phi gives annually two of the most prized awards at Morris Harvey, the Chi Beta Phi Science Medal and the Chi Beta Phi Scholar- ship Key. The Science Medal is presented to the student who has maintained the highest average in the first twenty-four hours of college science, provid- ing the average is ninety percent or better. The Scholarship Key is an award from the National Grand Chapter to the outstanding member of each chapter of the fraternity. With its motto, " Scientia Omnia Vincit, " Chi Beta Phi membership is the goal of the science student at Morris Harvey. 99 •3 V t,. Pot Wood and Mr Robert Patterson, members of Pi Koppa Delta, pouse for o moment on their woy to a debate. Pi Kappa Delta The national honorary forensics fraternity, Pi Kappa Delta, grants recognition to those students who have proven outstanding in forensic com- petition. Morris Harvey ' s Gamma Chapter was established on May 13, 1956. The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta is to stimulate interest in intercol- legiate speech activities through participation in forensic competition. The organization encourages a spirit of fellowship, brotherly cooperation, and an incentive for achievement. 100 m -w • «: — " jp- " v» -. ■■ --— - " •— - ' --.-•- . — ; £ " - " -- -- - ■-.. • ' j - bm. - ■«■ _ «- m — — ' ■- T -»v- . »- — ■ ' - t»: -«»- _ Impressions M f . C t I «. • 1 I lit !«■ If i I I o i SS 4$ Mill Row one: Phil Binderman, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jim Tunajek, Vice-President; and Denver Wilson, President. Row two: Midge Rutherford, Secretary and Jerry Wildman, S.G.A. Representative. Senior Class Officers 104 Adams, William Harold Business Administration; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Parliamentarian, Circle K 4; Serge- ant-at-Arms, Junior Class; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Aleshire, Mildred Ann Business Administration. Arthur, Robert Joseph Physical Education. Backus, Robert Lee Physical Education, Intramurals 3, 4 Seniors Ball, Danny Lewis Physics and Mathematics; Chi Beta Phi 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, National Regional President 4; Sergeant-at-Arms of Sophomore Class; Physics Award 3; Dr. I. M. Levitt ' s, " Target for Tomorrow " Award 3; Student Development Committee 2; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. Ball, I. Jean English; Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3; Student Government 1, Secretary 2, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. Batten, Richard Keith Social Studies. Beckett, Karen Frances English; Sigma lota Chi Sorority (W. Va. Tech); Future Business Leaders of America (W. Va. Tech); Tech Players. Binderman, Philip Martin Sociology; Circle K Board of Directors; President of Cobb Hall Dorm Council; Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior Class. Bostick, Bernard Lewis Biology; S.N.E.A. 105 Bower, Gaylord Edwin Biology. Burford, Robert Sheridan Business Administration; Debate Club 4. Burgess, Earl L., Jr. Bielogy. Burgess, Virginia Agnes English and History. 7 u Seniors Campbell, Ruth Ann Music Education; Sigma lota Chi 1, 3, Pledge Directress 2, President 4, MENC 1, 2, 3, 4, Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class President; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Student Government 1; Greek Government Vice-President 2, Presi- dent 3; Band 1, 2; Vice-Choirman Student Development Committee 3, 4; Dickinson Hall Council 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Librarian 3; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3; Camp Miniwanca Scholarship. Collier, Vicky Ruth Moth; Alpha Mu. Connell, Linwood B , Jr. Business Administration and Management. Cook, Chester H. Eliology. Judith Sawyers ( ' rouse, f. nglish. Curry, Till Speech; Kappa Sigmo; Blockfriars 3, Vice- I ' resident 4; Debate 3; Alpha Psi Omega f; Intercollegiate Speech Festival 3; Best Actor Award 3. 106 Dorco, Joseph Charles Elementary Education; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intromurol Basketball; Intramural Football. Davis, Linda Marie English; Phi Lambda Tau; Treasurer Greek Government 4; W.A.A.; Christian Fellow- ship; Dickinson Hall Dorm Council. Davis, Patty Sue Physical Education; Vice-President W.A.A. 3; Sophomore Attendant to Homecoming Queen. DeQuasie, Clarise Ann Religion and Philosophy; Sigma lota Chi 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Choir 1, 2, President 3, Vice-President 4; Debate Club Vice-President 4; Chi Rho Fellowship 1, 3, Treasurer 2; Christian Fellowship 2, 4, President 3; Dickinson Hall Chaplain 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Government 2; Class Officer 3; COMET Staff I, 2; Freshman Counselor 3 4 ; Pre-School Conference 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities ond Colleges 3. Seniors Edmonds, Willian Henry Business Administration Engle, Mildred Joan Biology, Alpha Mu 4, G.G.A. Representa- tive 1, Secretory-Treasurer 2, President 3; Blackfnars I, Business Manager 2, Vice- President 3, President 4; Chi Beta Phi President 3, Vice-President 4; Alpha Psi Omega Vice-President 4; Intercollegiate Speech Festival 3. Ersok, Robert Allan Biology; Kappa Sigma 3; Debate Club 4; Association; Pi Kappa Kappa; Blackfriars President Pre-Med Delta. Ewing, Jake B , Jr. Business Administration. Fields, Norma Jean English; Sigma lota Chi; Dickinson Hall Council; Blackfriars; Student Liberty Fund Drive 2, 3, 4. Finlc, Thomas Wayne Business Administration; Phi Sigma Phi 3, Treasurer 4; Circle K 3, Board of Directors 4; President of Junior Class, Student Council; Intramurols 3, 4. 107 Seniors Grubbs, Robert Samuel English, Kappa Sigma Kappa 4; Black- friars 3; Newman Club 3; Debate Club; COMET Staff. Hague, Mary Margaret Sociology; Phi Kappa Kappa Prelate 4; Art Guild 3, 4. Halsey, Wade L. Economics and Accounting. Hambrick, Evelyn Irene Social Studies; SNEA 3, 4. Fox, Frank D. Biology. Gemmcll, Mary Jane History and Math; Phi Kappa Kappa; SNEA Vice-President 4; Christian Fellowship. Gilbert, Carol Elizabeth Music; Choir, MENC; President ' s Scholar- ship; Chapel Organist; Religious Emphasis Week; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Goad, Irma Jean Biology; Chi Beta Phi. Hamilton, Sharon Lee Physical Education; Phi Lambda Tau 1 2 3; W.A.A. 3, 4. Hewitt, Bruce Physical Education; Intramurals; Varsity Basketball. 108 Hewitt, Patricia Baird English; SNEA; Intramurals; COMET Staff. Holt, John Byrne History; Beta Theta Pi; Blackfriars 3, 4; Circle K Secretary 4; Cobb Hall Review Board, Debate Club 4, Talent Show 2 Hooker, Martin 0. Economics; Circle K 4, Blackfriars 4. Hopkins, Rachel Ann [in ' I- MY Seniors Hornbeck, James Frederick Biology, Alpha Sigma Phi 3, 4, Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, Band 4; Greek Government Association 3, 4, Student Development Committee 3, 4; Liberty Fund Drive 2, 3, 4, Pre-School Conference 3, 4 Horton, Leo Lyle Social Science. Hunt, Peggy Sue History. Hutchison, Harold Rex Math; Blackfriars; Freshman Math Award Jarrell, Linda Sue English Jones, Nell Davidson Management. 109 Jordan, Jack L. Physical Education. Jordan, Lucille Midkiff Social Studies; S.N.E.A. 2; ISA. 2. King, Thomas Louis Physical Education; Phi Kappa Alpha; I.S.A.; Football 1; Intramural Football, Basketball, and Softball 2, 3, 4; Sergeant- at-Arms, Cobb Hall 3. Knapp, Eva Dean Physical Education. Seniors Lambert, Jo Ellen Biology; Phi Kappa Kappa; Chi Beta Phi; Student Development Committee 2, 3, 4; Student Liberty Fund Drive 2, 3, 4; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Student Government 3, Presi- dent 4; Freshman Class President; Pre- School Conference 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Lazare, Kathleen J. Physicol Education; IS. A. 2, 3, 4; New- man Club Secretary 2. Legg, Ruth R. Speech; Blackfriar Production Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; COMET Staff 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omego 2, Presi dent 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Student Development Committee 3, 4; Student Liberty Fund Drive 3, Chairman 4; Pre-School Conference 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 3, 4; Intercollegiate Speech Festival 3, 4; Harveyan Editor 3, 4; Best Technical Worker Award 1, 2, 3; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. Lopez, Alicia I. Physical Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2; W.A.A. 2, 3; Blackfriars 1, 2; Choir 1 , 2, 3; Runner-up for Rose Queen at Forensic Meet 1; Attendant to Home- coming Queen 2; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. McCoy, Gaye Frances Physical Education; W.A.A. Martin, James F. History. 110 Motienio, Ralph Political Science; Alpha Sigma Phi; Circle K 4, Vice-President 3; Chairman Student Liberty Fund Drive 2, Student Government 2; Choir 1, 2; Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Mays, Jomes L. Chemistry; Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges 4 Morgan, Jon Raymond Pre-Med; Pre-Med Club; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. Morris, Chester " Skip " Business Administration and Management, Phi Sigma Phi President 3, Vice-President 4; G.G.A. Representative 4; Student Govern- ment Representative 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Seniors Murphy, James Henry Physical Education; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms, Cobb Hall 3, Intra- murols I, 2, 3, 4 Musleh, Shawki Pre-Pharmacy Neff, David William Physical Education ond English; Kappa Sigma Kappa I, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, G.G.A. Representative 3; Christian Fellowship; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 Newsome, Velt R. Business Administration and Management Nutter, Patricio Ann Music Education, Sigma lota Chi Parch- ment Editor 2, Vice-President 3, 4; Chris- tian Fellowship 3, 4; MENC; Dickinson Hall Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Pre-School Conference 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3; Student of the Month 3 Patterson, Robert John Management ond Marketing, Alpha Sigma Phi; Newman Club. Ill Seniors Price, Jane Elizabeth Art; Blackfriars 3, 4; Art Guild 4, Harveyan Staff 4. Ragep, Fouziee Kelly Physical Education. Reed, Dorothy Katherine Religion ond English. Riffe, Arnold Gene Accounting and Management. Riffe, Dewey Arless Management. Ross, Andrew J., Jr. Sociology. 112 Pauley, Betty Louise Physical Education; Sigma lota Chi Pin Chairman 3, Literary Chairman 2; W.A.A. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Dickinson Hall Council 1, 2. Pouley, Dorothy Marie Sociology; W.A.A. 1 , 2, 3, 4, S.N.E.A. 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4; Christian Fellowship 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Program Chairman 4. Postlethwait, Glenna Jean Biology; Band 1, 4; Blackfriars 1 COMET Staff 1; Debate Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Price, Dennie Edward Business Administration and Marketing; Kappa Sigma Kappa 2, Pledge Marshall 1 ; Circle K 3, 4; Band 1. Rutherford, Midge English; Phi Lambda Tau President 4; Pre- School Conference 4; Student Development Committee 4; Student Liberty Fund Drive 3; Freshman Counselor 3. Seward, Santo Byrd English, S.N.E A. Shaffer, Ralph James Business Administration; President 4; Circle K 4; Phi Sigma G.G.A. 4. Phi Sherlock, Richard F. Accounting and Management, Alpha Sigma Phi Charter President 3, 4; Sigma Delta Phi I. Treasurer 2, President 3. Seniors Sidebottom, Ada Carel Biology, Phi Lambda Tau 1, 2, 4, Presi- dent 3; G.G.A. 3; Student Liberty Fund Drive; Pre-School Conference 3; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Smith, Phyllis Ann English Smith, Richard L. Political Science, Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, Vice-President 2, 3, Financial Secretary 4. Smith, Sonja Baxter English, Phi Lambda Tau 1, 2, Pledge Guide 3; MENC 1; Choir I; Secretary of Sophomore Class, S.N.E. A. 2, 3. Stevens, Fredie F. History and Social Science, Circle K. Storms, Thomas Roy Business Administration; Kappa Sigma Kappa Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Circle K; Intra- murols 1, 2, 3, 4. 113 Koppo Sigma Stortz, John Management and Marketing; Kappa. Stowers, Linda Gay English and Social Sciences; Phi Lambda Tau 2, 3; Dickinson Hall Council 1, 2; Blackfriars 3, Young Democrats 2; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3. Seniors Tunajek, Jim Business Management and Marketing; Alpho Sigma Phi Treasurer 4; Lieutenant Governor, W. Va. District of Circle K; Vice- President, Senior Class; Freshman Counselor 4, Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Prom Committee. Underwood, Joy Delano Biology; Phi Sigma Phi; Circle K. Vandall, June Marie English; Blackfriars; Alpha Psi Omega. Wondling, Thelma Ann Music Education; Sigma lota Chi; Choir 1, 2, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; MENC 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. Weaver, John Richard Business Administration and Management Kappa Sigma Kappa. Wildman, Paul Jerome " Jerry " Psychology; Alpha Sigma Phi 4; Choir 2, President 3; Designer, Morris Harvey Key Award 2; Student Government 2; Black- friars 3, 4; Circle K 3, President 4; Stu- dent Variety Show 2, 3; Freshman Counselor 3, 4; Christian Fellowship 4; Young Republican Club 3; West Virginia Folk Arts Festival 3. Thompson, William Chapman Business Administration and Management; Christian Fellowship 4. Wilkerson, Myrna Sue Speech and English; ISA 1, friars 2, 3; Attendant to Queen I . Williams, Linda C. English; Choir. 2, 3; Black- Homecoming Williams, Nancy Ann Music Education; MENC 2, 3; String Ensemble 3 lowship 1, 2, 3; I.S.A. 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 4, Christian Fel- 1, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Williamson, Clifford Jean Business Administration and Management. Seniors Wilson, Denver Elbert Biology; Kappa Sigma Kapp Secretary 4 Blackfriars 1, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4 Alpha Psi Omega Honorable Prompter 4 Junior Class President; Senior Closs Presi- dent; Chairman Student Development Com- mittee 3, 4; Student Liberty Fund Drive 2, 3, 4; Student Government 2, 4; Intercol- legiate Speech Festival 2; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 3. Wilson, Erma Jean History. Wissing, Walter Richard Speech; Alpha Sigma Phi; Band 1, 4; Blackfriars 1, 2, 4, President 3, Harveyon Staff Photographer 2, 3, 4; Public Infor- mation Photographer 1, 2, 3, 4; COMET Photographer 1, 2, 3, 4, S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Newman Club 2; Intercollegiate Speech Festival 2 Wood, Patricia Speech; Sigma Kappa; Blackfriars 3, 4, Pi Kappa Delta 3, President 4, Debate Team 3, 4; Student Government Representative 3; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Freshman Counselor 3; Student Liberty Fund Drive 3; Inter- collegiate Speech Festival 3, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Wylie, Robert Franklin Physicol Education. 115 Young, Peggy Sue Biology; I.S.A. 1, 2; 4; Blackfriors 4. Seniors Young Democrats Zvargulis, Maijo llic Math and Biology; Phi Lambda Tau; Chi Beta Phi, Painted Mural; Posters; Liberty Fund Drive; G.G.A. Cancer Drive; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. 117 Junior Class Officers: Tom Fink, President; Tom McNeel, Vice-Presi- dent; Rhonda Fink, Secretary-Treasurer; Joe Kinder, S.G.A. Representative; Bill Adams, Sergeant-at-Arms. Junior Class Officers 118 Agnew, Rebecca Lynn Alexander, Bill Eugene Anderson, Shelva Jean Barnett, Beverly Ann Beard, Virginia Louise Billanti, Patricia M. Bleiberg, Albert Louis Bowyer, Shirley Ann Juniors Boyd, Wayne George Brannon, Pat Burdette, Paul C. Cabell, James Neely Cantley, Claryce Jean Cantley, David Dee Carter, Mildred C. Castle, Fay Ann Chambers, Patricia Ann Cochrane, Martha E. Conley, Michael S. Cooper, Carl Franklin Fairless, John W. Feazelle, Williom H. Fink, Ronda Ardell Grando, Anthony W Curry, Mary Margaret DeWitt, David Edward Dickens, Gerald Avon Dickinson, Fred W. Dodson, Patricia A. Domingues, Raymond Durkin, William H. Ewing, Alice Ann Grant, Jerry W. Griffith, Judy K. Hale, Jomes Alfred Hanger, Carolyn June Hill, Elizabeth C. Hitchcock, Julia Ann Hollidoy, Richard C. Hudkins, Anita Sherill Hylton, Barbara L. Ingram, James Kenneth Ingram, Jimmie Eugene Jorrell, Janet Sue Jarrell, Martha Roe Jarrett, Carolyn Sue Johnston, Melinda Dell Jones, Helen M. Juniors Kondrat, David John Kinder, Eddie Joe Kiss, Mary Jane Lambert, Phyllis Audra Libardi, Richard Gary McHugh, Sandra Lee McNeel, Tom Martin, Margaret L. Maxwell, David Bedwell Mays, Joe Allen Maynard, John Willard Melton, Anna Carol Patterson, Nancy L. Pauley, Jack Lee Pauley, Thomas Kyle Robel, Edward L. Randolph, Ruth Ann Raynes, Nancy D. Repass, Genevieve M. Rexroad, Ronald Dale Merry, Joseph Milam, William G. Miller, Charles Wilmer Miller, Gene Rhodes, Juliet C. Rhodes, Marye Dusty Riley, Carole Sue Roe, John Lewis Ross, Ben B. Salter, Darrell Thomas Shafer, Michael R. Sowers, Jockie J. Stone, Mary Louise Storms, Frances Sue Stover, Peggy J. Stultz, Julia Jane Juniors Summers, Jimmie Lee Thomas, Alma Pauline Thome, Barbara Sue Treadwell, Thomas W. Valavams, Freda Vandevender, Samuel L. Vickers, Rogers Ross White, Virginia Carol Wilkerson, Jayne Delle Willioms, Patricia L. Winfree, Kay Wiseman, Robin Juniors Woods, Ellen Mae Wortman, James E. Wright, Barbara Lou Left: " Don ' t count ' em play! Right: The staff brings them in! 124 Above: " Look, Mo — no camera! Below: " No, you can ' t vote for Kennedy as Presi- dent of the Freshman class. " Impressions 175 Sophomore Class Officers: Nathan LaBovick, Vice-President; Albert Ross, President; Carlos Hurst, Sergeant-at-Arms; Mike Pollock, S.6.A. Representa- tive. Not pictured, Janet Middleton, Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomore Class Officers 126 Abrams, Fred N. Alexandrou, Alexander Anderson, Anna Noda Bailey, Ernest L. Ballengee, Christine A Bandy, LeRoy Wilson Belasco, John Reed Blizzard, Sandra Foye Bowman, Charlotte Sue Brady, Paul Vernon Bragg, Carren Joyce Branscome, Drema Joyce Burns, Lucille Campbell, Darrell D. Centner, William S. Conley, Randall Darrel Connolly, Brian Michael Coon, Billy L. Cory, David Earle Crowford, Carole Sue Fields, Leon Frame, Carolyn Faye Georgetson, Anna J. Gibson, Jo Etta Grady, Shirley Catherine Griffith, Sheila Gunnoe Grubbs, Robert Douglas Hall, Jacqueline H. Hamon, Avas B. Hamon, Sandra Kay Harrah, OEesa Durane Henry, Mary Dorothy Crick, Thomas Timothy Davidson, Janet DeRito, Sandra Annette Dettinger, Benson L. DeWitt, Ronald Sterling Dolin, Brenda Kay Drotar, James Emery Evans, Beulah Hall Holland, Ann Marie Hurley, Patricia Carrol Hurst, Carlos Eugene Ingalls, Judith Louise Johnston, Susan Diane Kalinoski, Tommy Kouffman, Marvin M. Kincaid, Betty J. King, Calvin William Krebs, Beverly Kay LaBowick, Nathan E. Lambert, Joe Wilson Lowson, Cecil Edwin Litaker, Louise Esta Logan, H. Morris Lovejoy, Lester P. Morrison, Bertha Sue Mullens, William Boyd Murphy, Christopher J. Myers, Joan F. Ogle, Winfred Dale Olsen, Paul Kent Ostrin, Arnold Lynn Peal, Barbara Jeon Pendry, Connie Karyn Pennin gton, Carol Jane Pollack, Michael Stuart Preston, William Cecil Reed, William Richard Roberts, Bonnie Sue Roberts, Connie Lee Rooney, Adrienne Mary Ross, Albert H. Santorsola, Maria T Scranage, Ronald Shaffer, Jack L. Simpson, David Lee Slone, Betsy Evelyn Smoot, Noretta Faye Stewart, Lowell Taibaksh, Hossein G. Thomas, Charlotte S. Thompson, Betjy Jo Thurman, Irma Louise Varney, Peggy Jo Vought, Erma Cotherinc Wall, Charles Ira Weiss, Alan M. Williams, Norman Lee Wills, Cletis Leon Wilson, Berta Carol Wilson, Malcolm Jr. Woodall, Patricia Ann Woodwine, Bonnie Lee Zain, Laura Elaine Sophomores Below: " And the person who wins the lottery 133 Freshman Class Officers: Arthur Jividen, President; Franny Bostwick, Vice- President; Randa Jo Krise, Secretary; Jeanne Rada, S.6.A. Representative. Freshman Class Officers 134 Abbott, Robert Dale Acord, Bobby Russell Adkins, Carolyn Sue Akers, Judy Kay Altomare, Albert M. Appleton, David Ronald Armada, Frank M. Aubrey, Bev Freshmen Boisden, Suellen Baker, Carol Anne Baldwin, Nancy Jean Ball, E. Scott Bane, William Davidson Bare, Betsy Raye Barnett, Edward M. Barnhart, Marie Annie Bassitt, Eddie Bean, Daniel Nolan Bigley, Robert Evan Bond, Mary Lamb Freshmen Chapman, Bonny Lea Chepil, William Michael Christiansen, James P. Cline, Alice Sue Cline, Bobby Joe Conner, Danny Jane Cooper, Regina Lou Core, Charles Miller, Jr Brewer, William Grady Brown, Karen Sue Brown, Ronald Lee Buck, Ann Cottrell, James Edward Cozart, Robert Lee Dougherty, Sylvan V. Davidson, Sharon C. Burnette, David Arch Campbell, Richard Castle, James Leslie Chambers, Clara Lee Davis, Barry H DeNoe, Ronald Eastman [ Dick, Robert A. Dillon, Robert Timothy Elias, Normon L. Ellenberg, Barbara Anne Endicott, Linda Dale England, Rhea Lea Freshmen Engle, Glenna Avon Englert, Jerry Frederick Epstein, Rochelle Leah Erdely, Mary Elizobeth Evons, Billy Roy Felicetti, Louis Charles Ferguson, Daniel C. Ferguson, Potty Feizer, Lewis E. Flansbaum, Art Foreman, Julie Fowler, Diona Elizabeth Freshmen Hall, Brenda Kay Halloran, Timothy C. Halstead, Judith Marilyn Haney, John Michael Hansford, Mary Anne Harper, James David Harshbarger, Mary Jo Hawkins, Richard Rollin Frascatore, Joseph Gardner, Bonnie June Gibson, Eleanor Kay Gleich, Joseph Goad, 0. Ruth Graley, Harold Thomas Greenwald, Robert Hagerty, Til ton Jay Hecht, Harvey E. Helioff, Michael William Herring, B. Philip Hitchcock, Myriam Jo Hollbrook, Royetta Holmes, Diona Joon Holtsclaw, Thomas G Horton, Peggy Jo Hudson, George Adrian Hunter, Lois Carol Hyde, Earl Albert Hyre, Billy Warren Freshmen Ingle, Margaret Louise ngram, David Lee Jestreby, Barbara Jean Johns, David Rhodes Jones, Herman Dovid Joseph, Jerry Rawleigh Kinder, Tommy M. Kirsten, George Barlow Klyne, Gerald A. Konkus, Emil Kozee, James Arlen Krise, Randa Jo Freshmen Mac Phee, Gordon M Moddox, Billie Jo Markowitz, Nina E. Marty, Serena Sue Mathena, Linda Jo Maynard, Kay Louise McCormick, Brenda J McCormick, Linda K. McMillion, Harold W McNeel, Jo Anne McNeely, Karen Sue Meador, Lynn Kuehnhold, William J. Lambert, Evelyn Frances Lanham, David W. Lewis, Sharon Kay Liberman, Michael Terry Meals, Donald Richard Midkiff, Susan Elizabeth Miller, Larry Shawn Moore, Jerry Wayne Moore, Nelson Larry Morgan, Bes ' erly Ann Morton, Patricia Jo Morton, Phyllis K. % ! Xi» Freshmen Mullins, Carl Bradford Munroe, William Charles O ' Dell, Charles Park, Duane F. Patton, Brenda J. Perry, Karen Lynne Peters, Patty Lu Pitello, Maria Gloria Pongibove, Regis C. Price, Alma Jean Pusateri, Diane Sue Quenon, Susan Ann Quku, Zona Rada, Jeanne Rohn, Marjorie Louise Reicher, Jerry Stanley Reilly, Josephine Anne Repass, Saroh Jo Richards, Cary Michael Rinaldi, Anthony Sacks, Linda M. Salem, Alberta Jane Sampson, Earl C, Jr Sanders, Wayne Schlapp, Robert W. Scott, David James Schwartz, Stephen A. Shafer, Philip Dickenson Shapiro, Stanley B. Shaver, Donna Jean Shipman, Adams K. Shola, Theodore C. Simpson, Leonard Smith, Louise Spadaro, George M Stafford, Janet W. Freshmen Stamper, Bobbie Steahly, Lance Preston Steinberg, Diane Stewart, Betty Jean Stone, Betsy Ann Strickland, Brenda Gole Taylor, Martha Elizabeth Thomas, Pearl Florence Trail, Linda Louise Tucker, Betty Gene Tuerk, Joyce Ann Vilkins, Pete Imants Wachtel, Marlene H. Walsh, Richard Stanley Ward, Beverly Suzanni Warwick, Barbara Kay Freshmen Below: Which way is up? Weaver, Jane Ellen Whitney, Jack Richard Williams, Betty D. Wood, Joan Tinker Wood, Sharon Kay Woofter, Viola Ann Wooldridge, Elizabeth Yoak, Shirley Ann 144 Impressions 145 Above: Yes, Miss Green? Right: Our intellectual Freshmen Sports ■M Ill ■ W UB I ' ; £5 " _ Row one: Carlos Hurst, Bill Stephens, Darrell Salter, Bruce Hewitt, Gene Miller. Row two: Joe Kinder, Bob Griffith, Bill Alexander, Jim Summers, Dick O ' Neal. Row three: Ronald Rexroad, manager; Garland Moran, coach; Robert Maxwell, assistant coach. Below: A loose ball sends Bruce Hewitt racing down the floor. The Golden Eagles 148 1960-1961 BASKETBALL RECORD We Opponent They 78 Georgetown 88 124 W. Va. State 84 100 Concord 86 93 Alderson-Broaddus 82 87 Ohio Wesleyan 78 77 Youngstown 102 90 Muskingum 90 100 Beckley 91 80 W. Va. Wesleyan 81 93 Glenville 88 74 Youngstown 83 103 Beckley 73 103 Concord 101 87 W. Va. Tech 88 92 W. Va. Wesleyan 97 126 W. Va. State 106 81 Glenville 74 87 Marshall 106 94 Alderson-Broaddus 95 97 Salem 99 81 Marietta 77 86 W. Va. Tech • . Tournament 80 76 Bluefield 80 88 VMI 85 Above: Dick O ' Neal sends off a |ump shot despite the desperate attempt ot a block by number 55. Below: Bruce Hewitt passes off to a teammate as the Eagles prepare to score again. Below: Coach Moron huddles with his teom and plans a new play. Above: Jim Summers drops the ball in as O ' Neal adds moral support. Above: Glenville bows to the Eagles. Left: Dick O ' Neal leaps high to score two more points against Glenville. Below: It ' s time out for a pep talk during the Morris Harvey-W esleyan game. Below: " Score! " Coach Moran yells from the bench. !i £ £ Behind the Golden Eagles! Womens Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization composed of all college women at Morris Harvey College who are interested in recreation. The purpose of the association is to promote athletic interest and activities for college women and to foster a higher stand- ard of sportsmanship. Left: Officers of the WAA. Kneeling: Shirley Bowyer, Vice-President; Gaye McCoy, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Velmo McCune, Publicity Chairman; Nancy Rat! iff. Intramural Tournament Manager; Clara Mobley, President. Above: Pulllllllllllll Above: I ' ll get it Left: Go gals, Go 154 Above: Look Ma — No Honds Above: College life — |ust up and down, up and down, up and down, etc., etc , etc. . . . Above: Swing your pardner, Skip to My Lou Right: I could stay like this all day. 155 Concert Band Director Charles Colbert Philharmonic Choir Director Harold W. Ewing 156 ..... " 4Hi . |K | Left: What the well-dressed college girl wears. rf n ■ ± [N ta I, . ■ n R5» : St 4 l s " -J| K — ■ ■■ -o " It ' " - Jul - " 4 Impressions Above, left: I ' m so glad to see you all paying attention. Below: Cheesecake Below: A backward glance Below: The students are plotting again. il i Fi. ' ■ ■ 158 Above: Are you sure these grades are right? Above: You mean I can ' t buy a self- portrait of Walter Wissing! Above: Where will I put " Return to Peyton Place? " Above: In our clean sanitary kitchens, we . . . Below: Before 159 Above: Fads and Fashion. Above: And in 1964 we will Above: With realism, you ' ll only play the part once. Below: So he threw me over Right: And to Gaylord, our dear de parted . . . Impressions Left: Mr. Joseph Corbin, HARVEYAN Photographer. We thank you. 163

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