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The HARVEYAN 1956 Morrti tfa f amu Colley i, mil Iftrqinia ■ gjpfifcj§! .. , ■. 4 ? .:. m t ' fgrt w ALMA MATER In the shadow of the mountain by Kanawha’s River Our beloved Alma Mater proudly stands for ever Morris Harvey, Morris Harvey, true we’ll ever be Morris Harvey, Morris Harvey, hail, all hail to thee V‘ ■ . A year at Morris Harvey College B URSAR Registration day blues 3 I %n - fekfl . jjp ‘ ' ■ ' ml aRqE ! i € jjW ■k m, ; 1 " ; v -_ V ' tfJgK« 5jH k7 . ' ■.- ' ' v. . ' ' Hk . - ., aWE | Bp r Jpfl i JiiL ■ : 1 et j| JBU ? 1 7|H :1 La ' % l l |M .J .. a a p, : , 9K Buddy, have a drink e place where we worship music and the Eagloo ■ The eleventh hou Dr. Leonard Riggleman, President j ■ iiis nir i ! [ ' 1 I f In fl 1111 i IH i | . L The Deans Page m S T ! Marshall Buckalew, Vice President and Treasurer Ashby C. Blackwell, Dean of the Faculty Elbert W. Ockerman, Dean of Student Administration Harry Straley, Associate Dean of the Faculty Theodore F. Goldthorpe, Assistant to the President 18 The Faculty Verlin Adams Physical Education, Driver Education Robert Baylous Physical Education Vida Babcock Nursing Education Frank Badger Librarian Maud Cammack English Dr. Frank Clark Biology Stella Cooksey Education, Mathematics John Crawford Music Marguerite Custis Secretarial Science Dr. C. J. Harris Biology Harold W. Ewing Music Evelyn Harris History, Political Science Winton Houck Sociology Lucina Keane Art C. E. King Physical Education Dr. John A. Kinnaman History, Political Science Hazel Koontz Business Administration Luther Koontz Business Administration 19 Frank Kovach Physical Education, Driver Education Dr. Frank Krebs Sociology, History L. John Lambros Music Dr. Robert Lasley English Dr. Jerome Laulicht Sociology George Lazenby Chemistry M. J. McDermott Mathematics, Natural Science Charles Mantle Economics Dr. Freda Merry Psychology Dr. Ralph D. Merry Psychology, Philosophy Claremont Miller, Jr. Religion Thomas Morris Director of Records and Credits B. L. Morton Journalism Dr. P. E. Roller Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry C. E. Roth History, Political Science Dr. James Rowley Education Nyana Rowley Education H. P. Sawyer English 20 Irene Sawyer Education Emma Jean Simpson Physical Education John Snaden Geography Dr. Boone Tillett Business Administration Dr. John C. Trever Religion Dr. Walburga von Rafflor Language Dr. W. H. Walker Chemistry, Physics E. Virginia Williams English Dr. O. J. Wilson Speech Dr. Woodrow Wilson Business Administration Henry Wolfe Music John Young History, Political Science I The Stal Joan Badger Library Assistant Frank Bowman Publicity Director of Athletic Dept. Betty Caldwell Veterans and Placement Office 21 Jane Fiber Accounts Receivable Clerk James Fink Supt. Buildings and Grounds Jo Fink Book Store Manager Mary Frances Freeland Recorder Joann Hardman Secretary to Dean of Faculty Nancy Harrah Property Clerk Verna Lilly Secretary to Vice President Victoria McCoy Housemother for Women ' s Residence Hall Rowena Matheny College Post Office Ruth Milam Purchase Order Clerk, Bursar ' s Office Cleo Mitchell Switchboard Operator Faye Moroni Bursar Belford Roberts Assistant Business Manager, Assistant Treasurer Anna Rutherford Records Information Counselor Eleanor Scott Records Counselor 22 Carolyn Stewart Statistician Mary Stout Alumni Secretary College Facilities Expand The new women ' s residence hall for women was opened in Sep¬ tember of ' 55. It houses 112 women. The sketch of the new wing to be built in 1957. p Twenty-five Morris Harvey students were listed this year in the publication, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNI¬ VERSITIES. These students were chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and activities. Among those named were: Connie Ansel, education major, member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority, W.A.A., 1953 home-coming queen. Dallas Ashby, history major, member of Sigma Delta Phi fraternity, and vice president of the Stu¬ dent Council. Ezra Boehm, management major, Student Council president, and member of Sigma Delta Phi frater¬ nity. Pauline Chenoweth, education major, president of the women ' s residence hall council, secretary of Sigma lota Chi sorority, member of the Methodist Student Movement, and scholarship student. Constance Ciccarello, education major, secretary of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority, member of the F.T.A. and the Newman Club, and 1954 attendant to the home-coming queen. Eloise Crickard, social science major, president of Sigma lota Chi sorority, state Methodist Student Movement representative, and scholarship student. Serepta Corbett, education major, member of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority, F.T.A., Newman Club and Art Guild. Thomas Dixon, physical education major, member of the football team and men ' s dorm council. Dolores Flesher, education major, cheerleader, member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority and W.A.A. and junior home-coming attendant last year. Robert Johnson, education major, president of the senior class, past president of the Sigma Delta Phi fraternity, member of the Debate Club and the Who’s F.T.A. r l Who Jack Lawhorn, pre-ministerial student, president of the Panhellenic Council, member of Sigma Delta Phi fraternity, Ministerial Association, and basket¬ ball team. Lewis McManus, education major, veteran, and member of the Student Council. Virginia Martin, education major, member of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority, and the Panhellenic Council. George Park, business management major, past president of Zeta Kappa fraternity, and vice presi¬ dent of the Panhellenic Council. Jean Parkins, education major, member of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority, Debate Club, F.T.A., and the Methodist Student Movement. Neale Shahan, education major, president of the F.T.A., Comet staff member, and member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Freda Simon, education major, member of Sigma lota Chi sorority, the Choir, and the F.T.A. Brisben Smith, mathematics major, honor stu¬ dent, senior class officer, member of the basketball team and Chi Beta Phi scientific fraternity. Bonetta Songer, education major, member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority and the W.A.A, Dorthea Cramer Turley, education major, cheer¬ leader, past president of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority, senior attendant to the home-coming queen, and member of the Blackfriars. Drexel Vealey, business major, past president of the junior class, past editor of the Harveyan, and member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Joanne White, art major, president of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority, home-coming queen, sweetheart of Phi Sigma Phi, and member of the Art Guild. Patrick Wisman, music education major, member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity. Choir, Band, and Tempo Club. The Comet Published weekly during the regular school year, The Comet provides campus news and commentaries on current local affairs. The newspaper is staffed and edited entirely by Morris Harvey students. Full tuition scholarships are granted to the editor and business manager. For the past 34 years The Comet has given stu¬ dents the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in the various journalism classes. Those working on the business side get practical experi¬ ence in advertising, layout, and circulation pro¬ cedures. Aside from its reportorial and business functions, the paper has been a medium of entertainment. Bob Barron ' s “The Barron Waste " wowed students the first semester while David Parker ' s “Parkerites " followed suit the second term. This year The Comet followed the modern trend in newspaper design by adopting the flush left headline and using san-serif type faces. Connie Menefee, business manager, and Ed Morris, editor-in-chief. Seated, left to right: Ed Morris, editor-in-chief; Connie Menefee, business manager; and Ronnie Evans, sports editor. Stand¬ ing, left to right: Virginia Martin, Ed Maslow, Ralph Simpson, Ray Zopp, Gladys Stanley, Virginia Canterbury, Barbara Ansel, and Joe King. The Harvey an The 1955-56 Harveyan is one of the most unique editions ever published by Morris Harvey students. Departing from the usual full-year preparation period, this year ' s annual was compiled, in its en¬ tirety, during the second semester. Another unusual factor is that the annual con¬ tains no advertising. Funds for its publication costs were raised on a 50-50 basis by the college and student subscribers. As is the purpose of all yearbooks, the Harveyan attempts to present a pictorial record of the past year with sidelights on individual students, their organizations, and activities. This edition covers the period from March, 1955, to March, 1956. The Harveyan editor and chief photographer are awarded full tuition scholarships. This year, how¬ ever, two co-editors were appointed. Both acted in the double capacity of editor and photographer. Any student may apply for Harveyan positions but the inherent nature of the work makes some previous vious experi dV Staff for this year ' s Harveyan, standing left to right, include Flora Lee Hanger, Frances Jones, Archie Snedegar, Helen Ardigo, Ed Morris, Ed Maslow, and Ernest Martin. Seated, left to right, are Dr. John Kinnaman, faculty advisor, and Ben Morton, Morris Harvey public relations director. Harveyan co-editors. Flora Lee Hanger and Ernest Martin discuss a problem with Dr. John Kinnaman, faculty advisor. First row, left to right, Ed Maslow, Judy McCutch- eon, Jean Parkins, and Jack Sticklen. Second row, left to right, Dave Parker, Archie Snedegar, and Dr. O. J. Wilson. Third row, left to right, Charles Barnette, Ray Holdren, Jim Keiffer, and Carlos Clifton. Pi Kappa Delta Alpha Psi Om Clockwise: Clarke Hawley, Jack Sticklen, Dean Frazier, Dave Parker, and Ed Maslow. Chi Beta Phi First row, left to right, Mike Dayoub, Father Hugh, Joanne Ciccarillo, and Joanne Rutroff. Second row, left to right, Dave Weavebolt, Ernie Ross, Edward Smoot, Helen A rdigo, Martha Raver, and Judy Mc- Murrer. Third row, left to right: Jack McClung and Tom Blake. First row, left to right. Gene Waggy, Barbara Carney, and John McCoy. Second row, left to right, Brisben Smith, Paul Westfall, Bill Jessie, and Dr. A. C. Blackwell, sponsor. The ewman Club Art Guild First row, Maurine Mendel, president. Second row, left to right, Ralph Simpson and Patricia Sutphin. Third row, left to right, Wesley Walker, Jim Gibson, and Lucina Keane, advisor. Ushers Club Seated, Dr. Walburga von Raffler, and standing, left to right. Bob Potter, Minnie iCirby, and Jay Clay. French Club Independent Independent Student Association Officers and Council. First row, left to right, Jim O ' Dell, Dean Parkins, Dwanna Mullins, Ella Humphreys, Blanche Draper, David Bedinger, and James VanNetta. Second row, left to right: Carlos Clifton, Lewis McManus, ) " Cap " Smith, and Bob Paskel. Seated, left to right, Gladys Stanley, Jane Martin, Patricia Sutphin, Pauline Chenoweth, and Virginia Canterbury. First row, left to right, Nancy Lomax, Carolyn Smith, Norma Lusk, Patty Hendrickson, Bonetta Songer, and Becky Frazier. Second row, left to right, Jerry DeHainaut.Jean Parkins, Carolyn Hanley, Connie Menefee, and Madeline Hale. Third row, left to right, Bobbie Shamblin, Judy McCutcheon, Nancy Trotter, Connie Ansel, Marilyn Reemelin, and Gladys Deitz. Fourth row, left to right, Ralph Simpson, Dr. James Rowley, Mrs. Irene Sawyer, Neale Shahan, president. Future Teachers o " F America 32 wjjorxfj f| s First row, left to right, Clarke Hawley, Joanne Mullins, Dean Frazier, Mary Snodgrass, Sylvai Simms, Eleanor Jacobson, and Ed Maslow. Second row, left to right. Bob Potter, Ethel Mahaffey, Marie Gunter, Betty Rupert, Loretta Fink, and Jay Clay. Third row, left to riqht, Jim Gibson, Annabelle Humphrey, Helen Ardigo, Judy McMurrer, Jackie Haddix, Jane Martin, and Ray Zopp. Fourth row, left to right. Flora Lee Hanger, Karen Worrell, Nancy Wiseman, and Nancy Trotter. Fifth row, left to right. Jack Stick- len, Ed Cox, Dave Parker, John Louderback, Alan Jones, and Keith Atkinson. Bob Rickard, Jim Gibson, Joanne Mullins and Carolyn Derenburger practicing for " Little Elmer ' s Photo. " A scene from " Balcony Scene " with Bob Johnson and Carol Arnold. New officers for the coming year: Ed Cox, business manager; Ed Maslow, president; Clarke Hawley, sergeant-at-arms; Karen Worrell, secretar y; Jack Sticklen, produc¬ tion manager; and Jane Martin, vice presi¬ dent. I Hi | s I ! Executive council for Wesley Foundation: Freda Harris, secretary; Harriet Ware, publicity director; Eloise Crickard, vice-president; Sterling Evans, treasurer; Wanda Samples, president; and Miss E. Virginia Williams, sponsor. Absent when the picture was taken was Pauline Chenoweth, State MSM secretary. Wesley Fellowship First row, left to right, Joan Ritchie, Drema McCIung, and Freda Harris. Second row, left to right, Sally Reaser, Janice Hanway, Wanda Samples, and Flora Lee Hanger. Third row, left to right. Miss E. Virginia Williams, Geraldine Smith, Carrie Campbell, and Harriet Ware. Fourth row, left to right, Louise VanNetta, Ellen Moore, Joan Weber, Julia Fuller, Eloise Crickard, and Thelma Allendar. Fifth row, left to right, Dave Freeman, Bob Paskel, Brisben Smith, David Bedinger, Dean Parkins, and Sterling Evans. asassmsm Tempo Club First row, left to right, Carol Brenam, Minnie Kirby, Pat Wisman, Jim Duffy, Merewyn Davis, and Sally Reaser. Second row, left to right, John Crawford, advisor, Len Meador, Louie Reinacher, Jerry McCallister, Eddie Wallace, Bob Brown, Ray Holdren, Archie Snedegar, Dick Davis, Marshall McMillian, and Walt Beauvais. All M Left to right, Eddie Wallace, Dick Davis, John Lambros, Bob Brown, and Virginia Pendleton. 35 f Music at M.H.C. Shown counting up bowling scores at a choir party are, left to right. Penny Pendleton, Mimi Mendel, Harriet Ware, and John Hunter. First row, left to right, Marilyn Adkins, Carrie Campbell, Minnie Kirby, Virginia Pendleton, Louise VanNetta, Sally Reaser, Harold Ewing, director; Betty Eskins, Frances Jones, Betty Rupert, Thelma Allendar, Geraldine Smith, Jean Chandler, and Dolores Hintz. Second row, left to right, Emma Lou Halstead, Joanne Rutroff, Freda Simon, Julia Fuller, Louise Pruitt, Patricia Kelly, Flora Lee Hanger, Harriet Ware, Mikell Smith, Mary Jo Woods, Janice Hanway, and Maureen Hannah. Third row, left to right, Larry Keeney, Archie Snedegar, John Hunter, Bob Melton, Albert Sahley, Eddie Rose, Pat Wisman, and Stuart Marks. Fourth row, left to right. Bob Brown, Jimmie Swaim, Ray Holdren, Len Meador, Way- land Stewart, George Teel, Russell Hirst, Walton Beauvais, Alan Jones, James Harless, and Marshall McMillian. Women’s Dorm The governing body of the Women ' s Residence Hall. Seated: Ella Humph¬ reys, secretary; Pauline Chenoweth, president; Sue Clay and Janice Turner. Standing: Virginia Pendleton, Nina Stamper, Eloise Crickard, and Barbara Tucker. Dorm Councils Men’s Dorm The executive committee and presi¬ dent of the Men ' s Residence Hall. Seated: Ernest Martin, Jay Clay, James Petry, Bob Gurtis, Tom Dixon. Stand¬ ing: James Melmige, Jr., president. V Our Governing Bodies ■ Seated, left to right, Mrs. Evelyn Harris, sponsor, and Ezra Boehm, president. First row, standing left to right, Dallas Ashby, Clarke Hawley, Amanda G. Maxwell, Carolyn Hanley, and Joanne Rutroff. Second row. Gray Ferguson, Ray Holdren, Bob Johnson, Lew McManus, and Jim Gibson. Student Cou noil Elected each spring by popular vote, the Student Council regulates and initiates most student ac¬ tivities. In addition to the four officers, the Council is composed of two delegates from each class. Besides the honor of belonging to the Student Council, the members obtain valuable experience in administrative work and in human relations. As it is in most years, the major project of the current Council was the home-coming activities. Probably next in importance was the Sadie Hawkins Day ceremonies. Other projects included the pub¬ lication of a student handbook, the renovation and renaming of the snack bar, the series of weekly student mixes, and the May Day Sing. By its direct contact with the Panhellenic Coun¬ cil and other groups through the Student Round Table, the Council contributes greatly toward the solving of campus problems, and at the same time discovers student reaction to pertinent questions. Left fo right-: Jim Gibson, sergeant-at-arms; Dallas Ashby, vice- president; Joanne Rutroff, secretary-treasurer; and Ezra " Easy " Boehm, president. Co-ordinating and supervising the activities of the nine Greek-letter organizations on campus, the Panhellenic Council is one of the college ' s most important governing bodies. Each semester the Council, in joint action with the administration, formulates the rules for rushing, bidding, and pledging. It also sees that each fra¬ ternity and sorority is provided with lists of eligible prospective members. This year, Pan-Hell worked closely with the Student Council in the home-coming activities, with the speech department during the December fo¬ rensic meet here, and played a prominent part in the newly-formed Student Round Table. The Coun¬ cil was also instrumental in promoting the idea of publishing an annual for the 1955-56 year. Membership is made up of the three council officers and two representatives from each Greek organization. Officers are elected during the latter part of the spring semester. ICAL W.A.A. Left to right: George Park, vice-president; Jack Lawhorn, president, and Patricia Kelly, secretary-treasurer. Panhellenic Council , fl Seated, left to right, Joanne White, George Park, Anne S. Park, Patricia Kelly, Jack Lawhorn, and Virginia Martin. First row, left to right. Dr. John Kinnaman, faculty advisor. Dean Frazier, Barbara Ansel, Harriet Ware, Eloise Crickard, Joan Ritchie, and Mrs. Maud Cammack, faculty advisor. Second row, left to right. Bob Evans, Ted Boehm, Keith Atkinson, and Drex Vealey. 39 p i . This year Alpha Mu sorority, the oldest on campus, celebrated its 29th birthday with its annual birthday party for the student body. Alpha Mu was organized on October 14, 1925, to pro¬ mote friendly social relations on the campus, as well as to develop character and personality within the sorority. Active in all phases of campus life, the Alpha Mu ' s are represented in choir, band, FTA, Tempo Club, Pan- hellenic Council, Wesley Foundation, Ushers Club, Sadie Hawkins Day, and Home-coming. Special honors received by the sorority this year were attendants to Miss Greek and attendant to Home-coming Queen. The activities they sponsored were numerous bake sales, parties, annual fashion show, tea, and annual spring formal. Katherine Stewart, vice president Mary Jo Woods, secretary Merewyn Davis, treasurer Nada Hupp, pledge mistress Miss E. Virginia Williams, sponsor Anne S. Park, president 40 Anne Spencer Park, president of Alpha Mu, at the first official tea in the Women ' s Residence Hall. With her is Joan Ritchie, Serpeta Corbett, and Mr. Goldthorpe. Left to right: Anne Park, Merewyn Davis, Katherine Stewart, Mary Jo Woods, and Drema McClung. Left to right: Drema McClung, Anne Spencer Park, Katherine Stewart, Merewyn Davis, and Mary Jo Woods. I Phi Kappa Kappa Sorority, largest sorority on campus, was organized in 1928. An active organization, the Phi Kaps sponsor many campus activities, including Howdy Day, Twilight Tea, the Hawaiian Rush Party, Sock Hop, Mother ' s Day Tea, Party for Honorary Members, Bowery Party, Style Show for all Morris Harvey students, party given by pledges for the actives, the spring formal, and the White Rose Ball. Besides the busy life on campus, the Phi Kappa Kappa women help in the community. They gave a party for the Hillcrest Sanitarium children at Easter, and went to the Davis Child Shelter twice weekly to help tutor the children. Many honors have come to the Phi Kappa women. They won the May Day Sing last spring, when Patty Hendrickson reigned as May Queen with Barbara Ross, Nancy Henry, Jean Parkins, and Judy McCutcheon as her attendants. Phi Kappa Kappa president, Joanne White, was this year ' s Home-coming Queen with Phi Kap attendants Doph Turley, and Barbara Tucker, who was Miss West Virginia for 1955. Jean Parkins was chosen Miss Greek at the Zeta Kappa all-Greek dance. The Phi Kappa Kappa sorority boasts six girls in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for 1956. Joanne White, president 42 Judy McCutcheon, vice president Bobbie Shamblin, secretary Jerry DeHainaut, treasurer Ethel Mahaffey, sergeant-at-arms Mrs. Irene Sawyer, sponsor - I Seated, Mrs. Irene Sawyer, sponsor and Joanne White, president. First row, left to right, Gloria Francis, Barbara Morris, Virginia Martin, Gayle Blackshire, Jean Roberts, Becky Frazier, Patty Hendrickson, Jean Parkins. Second row, left to right. Warden Corbett, Frances Martin, Serepta Corbett, Carolyn Smith, Pat Kelly, Carolyn Hanley, Connie Ciccarillo, Jerry DeHainaut. Third row, left to right, Doph C. Turley, Roberta Angel, Barbara Ross, Bobbie Shamblin, Carolyn Derenberger, Judy McCutcheon, and Sally Leonard. Home-coming float, Barbara Ross, Bobbie Shamblin, Jean Parkins, Virginia Martin, Jean Roberts, and Gloria Francis. First row, left to right, Carolyn Hanley, Joanne White, Bobbie Shamblin. Second row, left to right, Patty Hendrickson, Warden Corbett, Beckey Frazier, and Sally Leonard. Phi Lambda Tau Sorority, which was founded in 1929 at Barboursville, has as its objectives the improvement of the social, intellectual and the moral life of its members. The Phi Lambs ' activities during the year include the annual Candlelight Tea, Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, the Dog Patch Drag, the annual spring formal, the Christmas party and the Arabian Nights rush party. The sorority is represented in Who ' s Who, F.T.A., W.A.A., Panhellenic Council, Choir, French Club, Cheer¬ leaders, Comet staff and Ushers club. Honors received by them this year are attendants to Miss Greek and Miss Plymouth Rock, head cheerleader and president of W.A.A. Joan Ritchie, president Connie Ansel, vice president Mikell Smith, secretary-treasurer Carolyn Flesher, pledge mistress Barbara Ansel, Panhellenic Representative Dr. Walburga von Rattier, advisor First row, left to right, Carolyn Flesher Mikel Smith, and Barbara Ansel. Delores Flesher Connie Ansel, and Joan Ritchie. Second row, left to right, Bonnie Songer, Jane Walker, Joan Ritchie. Linda Markham Mikell Smith ft«- ; ! r ™ ft Beta Nu Chapter of Sigma lota Chi was founded in 1 936 at Kanawha College and is the oldest national sorority on campus. The purpose of Sigma lota Chi is to aid in the social growth and character development of its members. The Sigmas ' activities include a Home-coming Alumni Banquet, Home-coming parade (tied for first place in pa¬ rade floats), annual tea and rush party, rituals, Christmas party, the Shamrock Dance, Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the Spring Formal. The sorority ' s members are represented in the Choir, Panhellenic Council, Ushers Club, Art Guild, F.T.A., Harveyan Staff, Comet Staff, Wesley Fellowship, Class Officers in Junior and Senior Classes, Blackfriars, Women ' s Dorm council and W.A.A. Honors received by Sigmas this year include the three senior members being chosen for Who ' s Who, president of the Art Guild, president of the Ushers Club, secretary of the Student Round Table, president of Women ' s Dorm, and " Daisy Mae " at Sadie Hawkins Day. Sponsors are Mrs. W. H. Walker and Mrs. Maud Cammack. Freda Mae Simon, vice president Pauline Chenoweth, secretary Flora Lee Hanger, treasurer Patricia Sutphin, sergeant-at-arms Mrs. Maud Cammack, advisor Eloise Crickard, president Front row, Eloise Crickard. Second row, left to right, Freda Simon and Mimi Mendel. Third row, left to right, Drema Harvey and Patricia Sutphin. Fourth row, left to right, Julia Propps, Harriet Ware, Pauline Chenoweth, and Flora Lee Hanger. e Elo ise Crickard and Teddy Boehm as Daisy Mae and Lil Abner. Flora Lee Hanger, Dave Freeman, Freda Simon and Harriet Ware in the Shamrock King crowning. Mu Chapter of Zeta Mu Epsilon Sorority was organized at Morris Harvey May 3, 1948. This makes Zeta Mu the youngest on campus. The organization was founded in 1921 at Stephens Col¬ lege for Women, Columbia, Missouri. They are interna¬ tionally linked, having sisters in Japan, Korea, Africa and England. The objectives of this sorority is to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a strong character and to broaden moral, social and intellectual life. Activities include a home-coming luncheon for actives and alumnae, and annual tea and western rush party. The Zeta Mu ' s are active in Blackfriars, Choir, Future Teachers of America, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Psi Omega, and assist with forensic meets. Though they had only three active members the first semester, they kept up tradition by decorating Laidley Field for the annual Home-coming game with Tech. Their sponsor is Miss Emma Jean Simpson, physical education instructor. Mary Lou Snodgrass, vice president Lois Shirey, secretary-treasurer Wyonia Cummings, pledge mistress Miss Emma Jean Simpson, sponsor Dean Frazier, president Although one of the youngest fraternities on the Morris Harvey campus, Kappa Sigma Kappa has the distinction of being the college ' s only national-international group. The first chapter was established in 1867 at Virginia Military Institute. Since then the fraternity has spread to all parts of the globe—presently comprised of 50 chapters. There are five chapters in West Virginia alone. Kappa Sigma Kappa pioneered the idea of " Help Week " and continues to emphasize a service period rather than the rough initiation period still in practice by many other groups. At Morris Harvey, the Kappa Sigs led all other frater¬ nities in overall scholastic averages for the last semester of the 1954-55 school year. This year the fraternity won the Greek intramural basketball crown. An effort to strengthen the ties between the different state chapters was successfully made through a series of basketball games and various social events. Keith Atkinson, president First- row, left to right, Jim Watson, Bud Monroe, Ernest Martin, Keith Atkinson, Vince Thomas, Dr. O. J. Wilson, faculty advisor; Bill Holfinger, Hang Ug Choi. Second row, left to right, Bill Adams, Norman Munsey, Ted Zickafoose, Bill Johnson. Third row, left to right, Ed Morris, Leonard Meador, John Fairbanks, Bob Barron, Ray Holdren, Jim Rupert, Walt Beauvais, John Carte. Sweetheart of KSK, Miss Faith Hylton. Ray Holdren and Hang Ug Choi. The Phi Sigma Phi fraternity was founded October 20, 1929, at Concord State Teachers College and the Beta Chapter was formed November 14, 1929, at Barboursville. The goals of the fraternity have been the same since its organization. Those are uniting men students, instilling a spirit of campus fellowship, and promoting the interests of the college. The events sponsored this year are the Turkey Hop, the Bunny Hop, Christmas formal, spring formal, dinner dance and numerous stag parties for members only. Having the only fraternity alumni association, men of the Phi Sigma Phi can enter into this organization upon graduation from Morris Harvey, and can therefore keep in close connection with the chapter on campus. When Morris Harvey was taking pledges for the now present Administration Building, the men of Phi Sigma Phi contributed $300 to the building fund. During the building fund campaign of this year the men of the fraternity came through with $2,160. Bob Evans, president ■■■■ First row, left to right, Charles Thompson, Bob Evans, Danny Harrah, Bob Plott, Kermit Kinder, and Drex Vealey. Second row, left to right. Gene Ballard, John Sticklen , William Stewart, Joe Cabell, and Jim Carpenter. Third row, left to right, Charles Bar¬ nette, Charles Williams, David Wallace, J. W. Plumley, and Ben Cork. Mrs. Bonnie Gae Evans, Phi Sigma Phi Sweetheart, Mrs. Evans was crowned at the Christmas formal Bill Williams, alumni president, Leonard Riggleman, college president, and Bob Evans, active president Boasting the largest membership of all Greek organiza¬ tions on the campus, the Sigma Delta Phi fraternity is a leader in all phases of college activity. Their members hold the highest posts in the governing councils of the campus. They are represented in all phases of sports—football, basketball, baseball. They have mem¬ bers in Blackfriars, Student Council, Panhellenic Council, Art Guild, Band, Debate Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, Future Teachers of America. The Sigma Delts sponsored six annual events beginning with the first Welcome Dance of the year and continued with their Thanksgiving dance, the Plymouth Rock, and their Christmas formal, Spring dance and their Sweetheart Weekend, which is the only one held on campus. This consists of a full weekend of activities climaxed by the crowning of Sigma Delt Sweetheart. Each year the fraternity presents the Gary M. Keener Memorial Award to the brother contributing most to school and the fraternity. Faculty advisor for the fraternity is Luther V. Koontz, Assistant Professor of Business Administration. Bob Maxwell, vice president Ed Maslow, secretary Don Thompson, treasurer Bill Estes, sergeant-at-arms Luther V. Koontz, sponsor Teddy Boehm, president 54 HhHB .JL- v r fi” HOMECOMING r 1 GAME ■ T 1 MORRIS HARVEY W.VA. TECH SATUBCAY. OCT( »ER j ' t First row, left to right. Bill Estes, Garnett Bowyer, Jim Smith, Ezra Boehm, John Childress, and Ted Boehm. Second row, left to right, Tom Blake, Ed Maslow, Jim Gibson, Jack Lawhorn, Don Thompson, and John Vawter. Dallas Ashby and Easy Boehm, Sigma Delta Phi brothers, discussing Home-coming plans. m,. Ted Boehm, president; Amanda G. Maxwell, Miss Plymouth Rock; Bob Maxwell. Zeta Kappa activities were carried on admirably by its 1956 members in the tradition of the fraternity, the first social fraternity to come to the Morris Harvey campus. Zeta Kappa members have sponsored many social ac¬ tivities on campus, including the All-Greek Dance, Christ¬ mas party and the Spring Formal. Miss Jean Parkins reigned as Miss Greek. Band, Glee Club, Art Guild, Comet Staff, Wesley Foun¬ dation, Ministerial Association, intramurals and Tempo club comprise some of the organizations in which ZK members have actives. A ZK holds the second highest position in the governing body of the Greeks. " Create, not imitate " is the motto of the Zeta Kappa Fraternity and their pledge program carries out a high sense of purpose undergirded by ideals of ethics and comradeship. A great opportunity lies within this fraternity for service and self development. Tom Bailey, vice president Tom Pauley, secretary Don Hable, treasurer Don Lewis, Panhellenic Representative Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell Robert Davis, president First row, left to right, Tom Bailey, Jim Duffy, and Donald Lewis. Second row, left to right, Ralph Simpson, George Park Hable, and John Mullins. Third row, left to right. Bill Lewis, Wayland Burgess, Tom Pauley, and Robert Davis. Left to right, Barbara Ansel, Mary Lou Snodgrass ; Jean Parkins, Jackie Dye, and Pauline Chenoweth ockwise, Harry Cogan, John Mullins, and Tom Pauley ZM £ % A A JH. r , • . m If : V V. .-■ .V S ' - fe-Ji Xw f- " , L p- ■ j » ft ft Jk ' - .»• fty r i 111 ? Ill Iff! H f F| 1 ; I ,-.4 |ari o i . _ ; V; j j - i t ki 11 § ft| 1 s. m c k s ' omecomin 1955 A. W. Cox, President of Morris Harvey Board of Trustees, presents Home-coming Queen, Joanne White, a bouquet of mums. Her escort is Buddy Rudisell. Left to right: Joanne White, queen; Sue Clay, Janice Cokeley, Miss Senior; Doph Turley, Phyllis Tabor, senior attendants; Joanne Rutroff, Jackie Dye, junior attendants; Loretta Fink, Mary Ann Dixon, freshmen attendants; Patty Jo Daniels, Barbara Tucker, sophomore attendants. Co-winner of the Home-coming float trophy, the freshman float is pictured above. Pictured are Charles Butler, referee, Marie Gunter, bride, and Jim Lowery, groom. Sittin ' Pretty, Janice Cokeley, Miss Senior and senior attendant, Doph C. Turley. The other float winning first place. Sigma lota Chi Sorority. The theme was " Autumn Leaves " and along for the ride are (clockwise) Eloise Crickard, Pat Sutphin, Patty Isaac, and Mimi Mendel. 1 m J J W 1 m 1X5 - y w jj 1 % ' wF. ‘ i I | sf ' v " fc , J| f m |1L i - g Queen Patty and Guy march past the honor guard on the way to the throne. In the background, Frances Jones. Maypole dancers, clockwise, Doph Turley, Connie Ciccarello, Carolyn Hanley, and Sandra Waggy. Seated, Queen Patty Hendrickson. Standing, Maid of Honor, Nancy Henry, former Student Council president, Guy Dolin and present president, Ezra Boehm. Home Away From Home An evening at home. That is, our home away from home. Shown relaxing are, left to right, Eleanor Jacobson, Betty Single- ton, Frances Jones, and Carolyn Derenberger. Sue Clay and Nina Stamper show some of the first prominent guests their new home. " These " attended our Halloween party. Pictured are Pauline Cheno- weth, and Serepta and Warden Corbett. Really the ghosts weren ' t as bad as Annabelle Humphrey, Karen Worrell, and Joann Mullins pretend. Standing, Miss Emma Jean Simpson; first row, left to right, Eloise Crickard, Mimi Mendel; second row, left to right, Delores Flesher, Connie Menefee, Bonnie Songer. The faculty and student leaders at Cliffside for pre-school conference. Left to right. Miss Virginia Williams Mrs. Maud Cammack, Mrs. E. Meeker, Mrs. Evelyn Harris, and Mrs. Vida R Babcock. tBR Jjjk. j, j Lv ] , t ' d |t« t Wm B Jrw y TL J -■ a jMaf 1 j Pre-School Conference at DONALD EDWARD ANGELO, Marketing, Sigma Delta Phi, Newman Club. CONNIE JEAN ANSEL, Education, Phi Lambda Tau, F.T.A., W.A.A., Miss Morris Harvey 2, May Court, Maid of Honor 2, Miss Plymouth Rock Attendant 2, Miss Comet 1, Who ' s Who. DALLAS ASHBY, Education, Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4, Student Council Vice President 3, Student Round Table 4, Dorm Council 2, 3, Who ' s Who. VICTOR ASSEFF, Business Administration, Sigma Delta Phi 2, Vice President 3, 4, Intramural Football 1, 2. KEITH W. ATKINSON, Business Administration, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Blackfriars, Intramurals. JOANNA AUSTIN, Education. JIM BABER. CHARLES BARNETTE. DONALD GENE BALLARD, Business Administra¬ tion, Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTON U. BEAUVAIS, Business Administration, Kappa Sigma Kappa, F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Tempo Club 4. EZRA E. BOEHM, Business, Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, President 4, Who ' s Who. ROBERT BOEHM, Education, Sigma Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, President Sophomore class, Panhellenic Coun¬ cil 4, Blackfriars 4, Dorm Council 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN CARNEY, Biology, Chi Beta Phi Secretary. LOREN CARTE, Business Administration, Zeta Kappa. GEORGE D. CARTER, Physical Education, Football, attended University of Kansas, Washington and Jefferson. PAULINE CHENOWETH. Education, Sigma lota Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, State M.S.M. Officer 4, Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Ushers Club 4, Choir, Majorette 1, F.T.A. 3, 4, Dorm Council Presi¬ dent 4, Miss Plymouth Rock Attendant 4, Miss Greek Attendant 4, Who ' s Who. CONNIE CICCARLLO, Education, Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A., Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 3, Who ' s Who. SUE CLAY, Education, Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 4, Choir 3, Blackfriars, attended West Virginia University, Marshall College. HARRY COGAN, Management, Zeta Kappa. SEREPTA CORBETT, Education, Phi Kappa Kappa, Who ' s Who attended West Virginia Univer¬ sity. ELOISE JOYCE CRICKARD, Social Science, Sigma lota Chi 1, 2, 3, President 4, Wesley Fellow¬ ship 1, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, Ushers Club 4, Harveyan 4, Who ' s Who 4, Attendant to May Queen 3, Daisy Mae 4, State M.S.M. Officer 3, Secretary Student Roundtable 4 . CARLOS M. CLIFTON, Business Administration, F.B.L.A. 2, Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, 4, I.S.A. 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. JANICE DOUBLES COKELEY, Education, F.T.A. Secretary 4, Student Assistant, Mrs. Senior 4, May Court 4, attended West Virginia Univer¬ sity. EDWIN COFFMAN, JR., Education, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, attended Davis Elkins. WYONIA LEE CUMMINGS, Education, Zeta Mu Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Black¬ friars, Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, attended Mar¬ shall College. CAROLYN DERENBERGER, Education, Phi Kappa Kappa, Blackfriars, F.T.A., Alpha Psi Omega, attended Marshall College. MARGARET DENISON OTIS CAVENDER. AINSLEE H. CHAPMAN, Business Administration, attended Glenville. ARDATH CASTO, Business Administration. ■ y ' V ■ 5 " iB- TOM DIXON, Education, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Base¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Men ' s Dorm Council, Intra¬ murals 1, 2, 3, Who ' s Who. RALPH DUTTINE, Management. BILL ESTES, Education. RONALD G. EVANS, Management, Phi Sigma Phi, Comet, Harveyan Staff, attended Marshall College. DOLORES ANN FLESHER, Education, Phi Lambda Tau 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 1, Ushers Club 4, F.T.A. I, W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Miss Indian Summer 2, Student As¬ sistant 2, 3, 4, Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 3, Attendant to Miss Plymouth Rock 4, Who ' s Who. ADRIAN FRANKLIN. DEAN FRAZIER, Management, Zeta Mu Epsilon, President 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Panhellenic Coun¬ cil 3, 4, Blackfriars 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, attended Greenbrier Junior College, Uni¬ versity of Miami. ROBERT GEORGE. BOB GURTIS, Sociology, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Council Secretary 4, Newman Club, Intra¬ murals 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL HAYNES, Business Administration. ELLA SUE HUMPHREY, Education, F.T.A. 3, 4, I.S. A. Council 4, Dorm Council Secretary 4, at¬ tended University of Toledo, Beckley College. JOHN P. HUNTER, Psychology, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Band 1, 2, Chess Club, attended West Virginia University, Marshall College. ROBERT DALE JOHNSON, Education, Sigma Delta Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Club, Student Council, Panhellenic, Choir, Blackfriars, Comet, Who ' s Who. BILL LAMB, Education, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM D. LAYNE, JR., Religion, F.T.A., Chl Rho Fellowship, attended Florida Southern College. WILLIAM H. LEWIS, Business Administration. JACK W. LAWHORN, Religion, Sigma Delta Phi, Panhellenic Council President 4, Football, Ministerial Association, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Round Table, Who ' s Who. ROBERT B. MAXWELL, Education, Basketball 1, 2, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Sigma Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Vice Presi¬ dent 4. KENNETH MEADOWS, Education. JAMES MELMIGE, JR., Education, Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 4, President of Dorm Council 4. RALPH THOMAS MORRIS, Education, attended Ashevilie-Biltmore Jr. College. WILLIAM MULCHI. JOHN MULLINS. JAMES ALUS McCLANAHAN, Business Admin¬ istration. JOHN ARTHUR McCOY, Education, Phi Sigma Phi, Chi Beta Phi, attended West Virginia Uni¬ versity, Marshall College. DORIS E. McCURDY, Education, F.T.A., Choir. ROBERT McKENNY, Business Administration. LEWIS McMANUS, Education, Student Council, Vice President of the Dorm Council, I.S.A., Intramurals 4, Who ' s Who, attended Beckley College. PHILIP J. McNELIS, Management, Newman Club. FRANCES MARTIN, Typing, Phi Kappa Kappa. 67 CAROLINE NEAL, Education, F.T.A. Vice President, Phi Lambda Tau. GEORGE PARK NORMA JEAN PARKINS, Education, Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 3, M.S.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Kappa Delta 4, Comet Staff, Debate Club 4, Blackfriars 3, 4, Choir 2, F.T.A., Who ' s Who, Attendant to May Day Court. ROBERT PLOTT, Management, Future Business Leaders, Phi Sigma Phi. J. W. CLYDE PLUMLEY, Social Science, Phi Sigma Phi. MARILYN REEMELIN, Choir, Zeta Mu, F.T.A. PAUL EDWARD RICE, Education, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 1, Newman Club, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH M. ROMANO, Education, Sigma Delta Phi, Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, attended Indiana University. ROY G. ROSS, Education, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra¬ mural 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Varsity Basketball 2. ELDON NEALE SHAHAN, Education, Phi Sigma Phi, F.T.A. President, Comet Staff, Debate Club, Blackfriars, Who ' s Who, attended Mar¬ shall College. LOIS SHIREY, Education, F.T.A. Choir, Zeta Mu, attended Marshall College. FREDA MAE SIMON, Education, Sigma lota Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Associale Editor of the Harveyan, Secretary of the Senior Class, Who ' s Who. BRISBEN (CAP) SMITH, JR., Math, President of I.S.A., Wesley Foundation, Chi Beta Phi, Cap¬ tain of M. H. Basketball Team 3, 4, Student of the Year 3, Vice President of the Senior Class, All W.V.I.C. Basketball 1, 2, 3, George King Award 3, Who ' s Who. JANE MIKELL SMITH, Education, Phi Lambda Tau, Choir, attended Concord College. ROBERT SMOOT, Accounting. BONETTA CAROL SONGER, Education, Phi Lambda Tau. Ushers Club, F.T.A., Who ' s Who. VIRGINIA THAYER TAYLOR, Education, attended Fairmont State College, Duke University. PHYLLIS GAIL TABOR, Education, Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 4, W.A.A. CHARLES THOMPSON, Business Administration. RICHARD TOTTEN, Business Administration. DOPH TURLEY, Education, Phi Kappa Kappa, Cheerleader, Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Kappa, F.T.A., Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 4, W.A.A., Who ' s Who. JAMES EDWARD VANDELL, Education, Basketball 3, 4, W.V.I.C. Tournament Team 3, W.V.I.C. All-Conference Team 4, I.S.A. MELVIN VAUGHN, Education, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4. DREXEL VEALEY, Business Administration, Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Panhellenic 2, 4, Student Council 3, President of Junior Class, Editor of Student Directory, Comet 2, 3, Harveyan 1, 2, Editor 3, Who ' s Who. PAUL M. WESTFIELD, Chemistry, Chi Beta Phi. JOANNE WHITE, Education, Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Art Guild 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Sweetheart of the Phi Sigma Phi 3, Miss Morris Harvey 4, May Court 2, 4, Panhellenic 4, Who ' s Who. CHARLES B. WILLIAMS, Business Administration, Phi Sigma Phi, President of Freshman Class 1, President of Sophomore 2, Student Council, Harveyan Board 1. ATRICK WISMAN, Music Education Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tempo Club, M.E. N.C., Kappa Sigma Kappa, Who ' s Who ENVER GARRETT, Education, Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4. AMES L. WILSON, Business Administration LEDITH (JIM) WINTERS, Business Administration, I.S.A. Seated, President Ray Holdren. Standing, Patty Hendrickson, yice president; Clarke Hawley, Student Council representative; Dean Parkins, sergeant-at-arms; Maurine Mendel, secretary. 70 Raymond Arbogast Margaret Botkins Garnett Bowyer Mike Burch Kellen Burdette Robert Davis Jerry DeHainaut Jackie Dye Robert Evans John Fairbanks John Farley Bill Gunter Joe Hash Malcolm Hanlow Russell Hansford Maureen Hannah David Hoffman Ray Holdren Clarke Hawley Freda Harris Drema Harvey Patricia Hendricks Bill Jones Frances Jones I 71 William Jordan Patricia Kelly Sally Leonard Bill Lucas Ernest Martin Virginia Martin Edward Maslow Drema McClung Judy McCutcheon Maurine Mendel Barbara Morris David Parker I Dean Parkins Ann Park William Pinkerton James Potts i Julia Propps Joan Ritchie John Scott Ralph Simpson Helen Smith William Stewart John Sticklen. 72 Joe Stuck Raymond Salamy V , ' V t a 1 y Patricia Sutphin Charles Thompson Bonnie Waggy Ervin Walther Ike Ward Ann Williamson Ray Zopp Joanne Rutroff fvwct t x.: r ,l r Mike Dayoub, sergeant-at-arms; Carolyn Hanley, Student Council representative; Connie Menefee, vice president; Barbara Tucker, secretary-treasurer, and Bob Rickard, president. Class of 1958 74 Marilyn Adkins Roberta Angel Barbara Ansel Helen Ardigo Shirley Barton David Bedinger John Bennett William Blake Dorthea Boggess Mary Margaret Bowden Dick Brown Mary Bruce Wayland Burgess Joseph Cabell James Carpenter Ann Christian Joe Cielensky Jay Clay Bob Clendenin Betty Clutter Dolores Cooper Patty Jo Daniel Merewyn Davis Blanche Draper Jim Duffy Delos Fisher Shelby Jean Fitzpatrick Carolyn Flesher Becky Frazier Lois Goodall Flora Lee Hanger Carolyn Hanley Delores Hintz Edward Harmon I l William Daniel Harrah Donald Hable Bill Holfinger Nada Hupp Patricia Isaac Carol Jarrett ( r Raymond Jones Kermit Kinder James King Dana Kirk John Konstantinos 76 Ruth Layne Donald Lewis Robert Law David Love Gerald McCallister Marshall McMillion John McMillion Albert Sahley Raymond Salamy Wanda Samples Jackie Seacrist Herbert L. Scites Bernard Scott Nina Stamper Katherine Stewart Dotty Stone Donald Smith Robert Melton Connie Menefee Marion Miller George Teel Don Thompson Manuel Tsalabounis Barbara Tucker Ethel Mahaffey I I 4 ► Ed Morris Tom Morris Mike Mooney Bud Munroe Joanne Mullins James O ' Dell Robert Paskel Tom Pauley Bob Potter Anna Lee Pullins Sally Reaser Louie Reinacher Barbara Rollins Barbara Ross Bob Rickard Harriet Ware Calvin Ward Mary Jo Woods Frank Martin 78 Gray Ferguson, president; Loretta Fink, vice president; Judy McMurrer, secretary-treasurer, and Dickie Powers, Student Council representative. 79 Margaret Walters Thelma Allendar Elsie Ball Shirley Barker John Bieletti Margaret Buchko Carrie Campbell Virginia Canterbury Roy Carman Robert Carpenter Ed Cox Nancy Davis Mary Ann Dixon Betty Esken Mary Eskew Joe Faber Gray Ferguson Loretta Fink Emma Lou Frazier Frank Given Shirley Goodman Marie Gunter Emma Lou Halstead Ann Lou Hall Jackie Hall Janice Hanway Jim Harless Ann Harmon Nancy Harrah Carol Hover Annabelle Humphreys Gladys Humphreys Eleanor Jacobson Alan Jones Minnie Kirby Nancy Lomax John Louderback Stuart Marks Jane Martin Mary Meyers Ellen Moore Ralph Moran Dwanna Mullins Judy McMurrer Virginia Pendleton Helen Retry Alson K. Price Sam Putinsky Arlie Roberts Eddie Rose Betty Rupert Sylvia Simms Betty Singleton Archie Ray Snedegar Jon Sullivan Nancy Trotter Edwin Wallace Vonna Lee White Frances Whited Joan Weber 82 The Girls Who Lead Our Cheers First row, left to right, Doph C. Turley and Delores Flesher. Second row, left to right. Dotty Stone and Ethel Mahaffey. Third row, left to right, JoAnn Mullins, Mary Margaret Bowden, and Becky Frazier. We Lead The Band 4 , fm mg f x-7 m Seated, Julie King. Standing, left to right, Twilla Grimm, Emma Frazier, Charline Butler, and Eleanor Jacobson. 83 Foot Pug Lowery, senior end One second remained in the first half when the Green tallied touchdown number four. Freeman bulled through the middle from the one for the score. The Big Green ' s three touchdowns in the second half helped contribute to the 46-7 rout. Victory starved Morris Harvey upset the favored Youngstown Penguins 14-12 in the fourth game of the campaign. After 12 plays in the opening stanza, Joe Romano sprinted 30 yards for the first Gee Eagles ' tally. Bob Brown followed with the extra point. Jim Stec, junior end Bill Chandler, junior guard Morris Harvey traveled to Tennessee to open the 1955 football season, September 16. Middle Tennessee upset the local gridders with an excellent passing game and they were also really tough in the clutch, completing two fourth- down passes to down the Golden Eagles. The Eagles ' best performance of the game came in the third period when they recovered a mid-field fumble and drove for their only touchdown. Paul Rice plunged over from the one on a quarterback sneak and Bob Brown con¬ verted for the Eagles ' only point. The 1954 Tangerine Bowl Champions, University of Tampa Spartans, arrived in Charleston, September 24, for a return match with Morris Harvey. The Gee Eagles were the Spartans ' opponents in the ' 54 Tangerine Bowl classic. South Charleston ' s Oakes Field was the scene of this see-saw battle. Tampa ' s Bill Nuznoff ran from the Eagles ' 15 for the first tally of the game. Bob Gambrelle ' s kick went wild and the Spartans led 6-0. Tampa ' s Don Herndon took the second-half kickoff for a 57-yard sprint down the field before being brought down and fumbled on the MH 35. Jim Stec grabbed the ball for Morris Harvey. Ray Jones, on the next play, took the ball to the Eagles ' 42. He then made a 50-yard dash before being brought down on the Spartans ' eight. Jones crashed through center on the fourth down for the first Eagles ' score. Bob Brown made the extra point good and the Kingmen led 7-6. The first play of the fourth quarter saw Tampa ' s Tom Spack run around left end for an eight-yard touchdown jaunt. Ted Grune ' s kick was blocked. The Spartans nosed the Golden Eagles 13-7. Len Hellyer drove seven yards over left tackle, with 53 seconds remaining in the first quarter, Saturday night, Oc¬ tober 1, to start Marshall ' s Big Green towards a 46-7 victory over Morris Harvey. The second Marshall tally came deep in the second quarter. With five minutes remaining, Hellyer plunged from the Eagles ' four-yard line to make the score 14-0. After the kickoff Marshall ' s Cagle Curtis intercepted a pass thrown by the Eagles ' Joe Romano on his own 17 and returned it to his own 35-yard line. Six running plays carried the ball to the Morris Harvey 25-yard line. Marshall ' s Zban faked to his right halfback and fullback, then handed the ball to Curtis, his left half¬ back, who ran over the right side of the Eagles ' line for the third touchdown. George Carter, senior tackle Bob Maxwell, senior quarterback ball m In the second half the Penguins recovered a MH fumble on the Eagles ' nine-yard line. A five-yard penalty against Morris Harvey moved the ball to the four and the Penguins ' Dawson legged his way into the end zone for the first Youngstown tally. The try for the extra point failed. In the third period tackle George Carter broke through and rocked fullback Ray Carter of the Penguins into fum¬ bling at the MH 15. Romano and Powers carried the pig¬ skin to the one with Maxwell crashing over for the score. Brown ' s placement was good and the Eagles won 14-6. Morris Harvey added to the Home-coming festivities as they upset the applecart of victory-minded West Virginia Tech, 43-14. Golden Eagles led 12-7 after a hard-fought first half. Midway through the third stanza Eddie Coffman crashed through the center line and ran 67 yards for the score. John Bieletti kicked the only extra point for the Eagles to make the score 19-7. On touchdown runs made by Coffman and Dick Powers the score stood 31-7. Tech rallied briefly, moving the ball 51 yards for a touchdown. Weese ' s placement made it 31-14. With Joe Cielensky as quarterback, the Eagles parlayed the ensuing kickoff into a 65-yard touchdown drive. Jim Thornton sparked the drive and finally scored from the eight to make it 37-14. With time running out, Shreves passed. MH ' s Billy Campbell intercepted and sprinted 62 yards downfield for the Gee Birds ' seventh TD. That left the scoreboard with a 43-14 count and Tech with a broken four-game winning streak. Fullback Eddie Coffman raced 57 yards early in the third period to set up Morris Harvey ' s lone touchdown of the evening, as the Eastern Kentucky ' Maroons ' downed the South Ruffners 20-6, October 29, at Richmond, Ky. On three runs of 13, 14, and 57 yards the Maroons bulldozed their way for three touchdowns. Playing one of their best games of the season, the Golden Eagles clawed the Concord Mountain Lions to shreds as they unleashed a devastating offense. The Gee Birds made the Mountain Lions look Tike kittens as they routed them 61-19. The Eagles scored twice in every quarter but the third, when they crossed the goal line three times on the way to scoring one of the highest single game scores since the Eagles slaughtered W. Va. Tech 61-13. The Eagles used their second team most of the first half after the first platoon ran off touchdown drives of 80 and 54 yards. Morris Harvey routed Moorehead State College, 40-7, November 12. The win evened MH ' s record with four wins and four losses. Gee Eagles ' fullback, Paul Skidmore, picked up 1 1 1 yards and scored twice to lead MH ' s offense. Morris Harvey lost to a powerful Ohio Uni¬ versity team, November 19. The 32-13 defeat by the hands of the highly-regarded Mid¬ American conference member ended the Gee Birds ' ' 55 season with four wins and five losses. Bob Brown, senior end Tommy Dixon, senior halfback Jim Melmige and Bill Lamb, managers Paul Rice, senior quarterback Bob " Red " Hill, senior center The Big Three „ nor ,. rM , „ „ lx . . „ r - f FootbalI in Review First row, left to right: Tom Dixon, Bob Maxwell, John Konstantinos, Eddie Coffman, Bob Gurtis, Delos Fisher, Ray Jones, Bill Coutz, Joe Cielensky, Bill Haynes. Second row, left to right: Clyde Ross, Sammy Lyons, Jackie Dent, Lee Whittington, Kenny Higginbotham, Jim Lowery, Bernie Scott, Jim Thornton, Paul Rice, Bob Hill, Joe Romano. Third row, left to right: Jim Melmige (manager). Pug Lowery, Dickie Powers, Hansford Brunty, Robert Lebo, John Edwards, Bob Brown, Ronald Lugaila, Bill Campbell, Paul Skidmore, Eddie Hartman, Bill Lamb (manager). Fourth row, left to right: John Bieletti, Bill Chandler, Jim Sovine, George Carter, Tom Crutchfield, Robert Nesbitt, Jack Pack, Jerry Cook, Jim Stec, Roy Ross, Ernest Sammons. Fifth row, left to right: Frank Bowman (publicity chairman), Verlin " Sparky " Adams (assistant coach), C. E. " Eddie " King (head coach), Frank Kovach (assistant coach). First row, left to right: C. E. " Eddie " King (head coach), Lelan Richmond, Dick Darby, " Cap " Smith, Frank Martin, Jerry Chandler, Kermit Kinder (manager). Second row, left to right: Assistant Coach Verlin " Sparky " Adams, Paul Green, Luther Stover, Jim Vandell, Bob Paskal, Jack Lawhorn, Assistant Coach Frank Kovach. Third row, left to right: Frank Bowman (publicity), Harold Minor, Mike Dayoub, Denver Garrett, Dana Kirk. W.V.I.C. Champs Morris Harvey ' s Golden Eagles opened their ' 55 season with a neck and neck battle with Glenville, 107-92, and routed Beckley College 107-68. December 8 the Ohio University Bobcats traveled to Morris Harvey and defeated the Eagles 91 -97. In the second game of the road MH crushed Concord College 1 02-79. Pre-Christmas basketball activity sent the Golden Eagles to Washington, D. C. and Maryland for three games. Georgetown U. nipped MH by a close 75-68 score in the first game of the Eastern road trip. The Eagles nipped a highly touted Mt. Saint Marys ' quint, of Maryland, 86-83, in their second game. In the last game of the Eastern tour they downed the highly spirited ' five ' of American University 84-69. January 4 the Eagles encountered West Virginia Wesleyan at the Field House, and defeated them 99-85. Two days later the Eagles clawed Bethany 98-54. Davis-Elkins pulled the upset of the year, on fateful January 13, as they nipped the Eagles 79-71. The " game of the year " was played in Huntington, January 16, with inter-city rival Marshall College, winner of the powerful Mid-American Conference. The Big Green defeated the Gee Birds 1 15-76. The Golden Eagles used West Virginia Tech as the pivot point to vault them into the undisputed leadership of the W.V.I.C., as they downed the Techmen 97-84, January 21, in Charleston. The Tech victory was the big one for the Eagles as it set the spark under a red hot four-game winning streak which includes victories over Glenville 82-71, Wesleyan 74-67, West Liberty 107-99, and Alderson- Broaddus 97-82. February 6 the Gee Birds traveled to Alderson-Broaddus and were turned back 73-75. The next day the Eagles trounced D-E 87-74. Playing their next home game February 10, the Eagles started a three-game winning streak. The Birds broke the century mark at all the games as they rode rough-shod over Potomac State 105-74, W. Va. Tech 121-104, and Concord 112-104. Bringing the winning streak to a sharp halt was Baldwin-Wallace who nipped MH 114-121. In an exhibition game at Morris Harvey the Akron Goodyear team crushed the Eagles 79-65. In the last game of the season Marshall defeated the Gee Birds 109-91. First row, left to right: James Carpenter, George Bennett, Paul Skidmore, Bill Jones, Bernie Scott, Grant Barnette, Eddie Hartman. Second row, left to right: Joe Romano, George Spaulding, Ray Jones, Bruce Jamison, Bob Brown, Miller, Tony Lusk. Third row, left to right: Pug Lowery, Dana Kirk, Tom Dixon, Jim Melmige, Melvin Vaughn, Bob Hill, Sammy Lyons, Verlin " Sparky " Adams, coach. We Play Baseball Too Posting a six and six record last year with victories over such powers as Marshall, Marietta, and West Virginia Tech, Coach Sparky Adams looks to ' 56 campaigns with optimism. Tommy Dixon, last year ' s leading batter and centerfielder, will bolster the Eagles ' lineup along with big Melvin Vaughn at first base. Bob Brown, Bob Hill, and Pug Lowery will be back for mound duties along with some promising fresh¬ men to add to the already potent hill men. Joe Romano, Ray Jones, and Bob Maxw ell are expected to give the Eagles real as they enter the ' 56 diamond activity with a seasoned veteran team. Only two losses were suffered by this year ' s regulars. One was versatile Jim Carr, and playmaker George Bennett at shortstop. Scheduling a 16-game card and hoping for another WVIC championship, Adams unpredictable weather is his biggest opponent. 89 reason for success lost by graduation, has found that the I ntramu rals Greek Basketball Cham ps Greek Basketball Champs—Kappa Sigma Kappa: first row, Keith Atkinson, Vince Thomas, John Fairbanks. Second row, left to right, Frank Given, John Carte, Bill Holfinger. ( W.A.A. ■ Morris Harvey ' s women ' s basketball team, first row: Ginny Martin, Gaye Dameron, Phyllis Tabor, Nina Stamper. Second row, left to right: Gloria Burgess, Helen Smith, Ella Skaggs (captain), Jackie Hall. Champ South Dorm National Army Vets f | 11 . ' » ' ■ I J ' 1 |||| .1 f ' . %?■ ■ ■ V. . VS: V- • , .fv-. ' .- ’ mL iBPP i, 4| 1 " TT njv . ■! twHuuk j y Wj ■■■

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Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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