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MM MtJMMsiirM IfflW ■Ml JNM ■»» ! $ F W 4 wi I ir 1 ? |-‘KC»3 MMA ' M I I 4 MMHRM 8 romwwmipiii MiiHlHwii ImIM »wM 8 IBwlllliiil!llilMSl!!li ■ ■lIlllMlI i IBi—MisaiiiMI Xv v.vawavavava ' WAV»V»Y Yr»Y«Y»¥iYtt xfo i J iMM » AaP i MWJwiifcMwi •111 fesp h, ® % J ' V S i B. V ' » » ♦• " ’« B li a.. X»X X X w 1 Hm f«»x «»xc HU 2 s Bill my.v.vv, ■If Wf IMS ia ;• 9 f!tfS¥f: : • ■P .w.’.w®s Kaipte kjmhmw r.WW.W. ' IwIftPMlV Kwk m v »J4J V®V ' fe V .V«V«. m ■ 918 8 li 8 1 ™ ilMl «|;1 H PM }. L « ■ ' it ; ' a . it ' 4 ii 5 £ f! ;• it £ : J iVrtwrtiiiS«! lij I tVlViViV.v JH i VVV» A%VV Jffltyw j]X ' nt ir % V . r JlfwkfilUt} fffn n r m » u » aOODOOOD jCtt, « r, «, » M WfflHWi ®l WA»AV «|!« m " tYs X: JKSiSi li% 3 g 8 $»Md nKAIA Hr rfiSSllliyilipNi ww»llliBli j»a m}«‘:.: w • -v • « ' • w . ♦XwIr.taXv.yAVc. 1 fiiKtilftlJTW!.t. ! y, Ww)Vi» iiiift ft MaMAwA 1 ■■mb ' ft V %-VVVV 4 t v V V,A «VVVV | Ml Tf ' TfTyly TA ' flfiiT p iTt a »% $?»•. «f J » G . «% % 2 ♦ • • I J 9 t 9 8 K 1 1 S 1 1 ll 8 ft I S l fi% nift J «% ? ti » ■v vr y ' l , ' l !«■ t c 9 $ $ life $1 6 ? i ' ll i!i si$ i ■Milii fc v t: K %A?A f fej ii see the Campus life at Morris Harvey consists of a wide assort- ment of interests. During the day and between-class breaks the time is monopolized by friendly groups in the snack bar. A typical scene is the one shown in the upper right photo. A few decorations, a band, and gaily dressed students turn the halls, which are lounged in during the day, into a dance floor. Co-eds have a pleasant existence with a mixture of classes, snack bar comradeship, and social activities to fill the extra evening hours. 2 People involved are among the most important factors deciding the success of an institution. At Morris Harvey, student mixes are stressed and encouraged. Dr. Leonard Riggleman, president of the college, plays host to the first student gathering of the year with the President ' s Reception. In the picture below a group of students get acquainted at the reception while sipping punch and posing for the photographer. They are from left to right: Pat Kelly, Jim Vandell, Bill Childers, Francis Jones, Grant Barnett, Jackie Dye, Clarence (Pug) Lowery, and Joe Romano. Certain to play a part in adding new acquaintances will be the new girls dormitory being constructed. Loretta Hammer and a friend look over the blueprint while workmen lay out the walls. Another example of the mixture of people at Morris Harvey is its cosmopolitan community being added to each semester. Eight students from other nations are enrolled this year. Sophomore Julia Fuller explains some of the school ' s activities in the photo at lower right. They are Yaing Sook Chum and Haing Ug Choi from Korea. Close friendship be- tween students create the kind of school spirit Morris Harvey is working for. 4 classes 6 Leader of the band for the day is Barbara Koontz, one of the student-teachers in the education department. Her rhythm band is the first grade which she taught this year. Preparing for music class are these pretty coeds. Music classes range from basic music appreciation to intricate harmony studies. Comparing pottery are these four art students who have made several pieces with the department ' s kiln. 7 enjoy the ivities For after-the-game dances and formal get-to-gethers, the Reception Hall is a favorite spot. The Student Council sponsors this annual homecoming swing. 8 Above: A tense moment at a M. H. basketball game. Below: Dr. Jim Wilson marks up the points at the Forensic Meet held here in December. 9 cheer Above: Getting hepped up for the forthcoming Cigar Bowl game around a gigantic bonfire are loyal fans of the Golden Eagles. Right, top: The Big Three of the sports department prepare to light up giant-size stogies at Tampa before the Cigar Bowl tiff. Right, bottom: Roy Ross shows trophys the Golden Eagles have won to freshman Jean Roberts. Right: Sports enthusiasts take a look at a sport page following a night of basketball activity. 10 11 13 For twenty-four years. Dr. Leonard Riggl.m.n has served as president of Morris Harvey. Known for his personal interest and understanding of the stu- dent, " the good doctor " has counseled many of us. Marshall Buckalew, Vice President and Treasurer Ashby C. Blackwell, Dean Frank J. Krebs, Dean of Students Elbert W. Ockerman, Director of Theodore F. Goldthorpe, Assistant Admissions and Assistant Dean to the President 15 the faculty Mr. Adams, Verlin T. A.B., Physical Education Mrs. Babcock, Vida B. A.M., Nursing Education Mr. Badger, Frank W. A.M., English Mrs. Badger, Frank W. Librarian Mr. Baylous, Robert L. M.S., Physical Education Mr. Brabban, Ralph J. A.M., Education Mrs. Cammack, Maud H. A.M., English Mr. Crawford, John W. M.Mus., Music Miss Custis, Marguerite A.M., Secretarial Science Mr. Ewing, Harold W. M.Mus., Music 16 the faculty Dr. Harris, C. J. Ph.D., Biology Mr. Houck, Winton A.B., Sociology Miss Keane, Lucina A.M., Art Mr. King, C. E. A.M., Coach and Physical Educati on Dr. Kinnaman, John A. Ph.D., History Mrs. Koontz, Hazel B. A.M., Business Administration Mr. Koontz, Luther V. M.S., Business Administration Mr. Kovach, Frank A. M.S., Physical Education Mr. Lambros, L. John M.Mus., Music Dr. Lasley, Robert L. Ph.D., English 17 the faculty Dr. Laulicht, Jerome H. Ph.D., Sociology Mr. Lazenby, G. C. M.S., Chemistry Mr. Mantle, Charles G. M.S., Economics Mr. McDermott, M. J. M.Ed., Mathematics Dr. Merry, Frieda K. Ph.D., Psychology Dr. Merry, Ralph V. Ed.D., Psychology and Philosophy Mr. Miller, C. T., Jr. B.D., Religion Mr. Morton, Benjamin M.S., English and Journalism Mr. Reynolds, W. W. A.M., Business Administration Dr. Roller, P. E. Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics 18 the faculty Mr. Roth, Clarence E. AM., Political Science and History Dr. Rowley, James W. Ed.D., Education Mr. Sawyer, Haydn P. AM., English Mrs. Sawyer, Irene S. AM., Education Miss Simpson, Emma Jean M.S., Physical Education Mr. Snaden, John William AM., Geography Dr. Trever, John C. Ph.D., Religion Dr. Walker, W. H. Ph.D., Chemistry Mr. Wilhelm, Herman G., Jr. M.S., Biology Miss Williams, E. Virginia AM., English 19 the faculty Dr. Wilson, O. J. Ed.D., Speech Dr. Wilson, Woodrow Ed.D., Business Administration Mr. Wolf, Henry A.M., Music Mr. Young, John A. A.B., Social Science Faculty members work closely with community leaders on common problems. 20 the staff Mrs. Faye Baker— Bursar Mrs. Betty Caldwell— Veterans ' Placement Office Mrs. Mary Erwin— Secretary to Dean Mrs. Jo Fink— Book Store Mr. James Fink— Maintenance Department Mrs. Verna Lilly— Secretary to Business Manager Miss Rowena Matheny— Mail Room Mrs. Eleanor Lesondak— Admission ' s Office Mr. Belford Roberts— Assistant Business Manager Mrs. Mary Stout— Secretary to President 21 activities Sophomore Class President receives royal welcome at President ' s Reception. 23 we govern ourselves Student Council members from left to right at desk: Jean Parkins, secretary-treasurer of the Student Council, Guy Dolin, president; and in the circle, Jim Walker, freshman representative; Gerald Sheets, freshman president; Ray Holdren, sergeant at arms; Ezra Boehm, sophomore repre- student council sentative; Teddy Boehm, president of sophomore class; Bob Maxwell, vice president of Student Council; Jim Watson, junior class representative; Drex Vealey, junior president; John Cooke, president of senior class. Pat Harper, senior representative, was absent for the picture. Composed of officers elected from the student body with representatives from the various classes, the student council acts as a tie between the students of Morris Harvey and the college administration, sponsoring all- campus activities such as May Day, Home- coming Dance, parades. Variety Show, and the United Charity Fund. Ted, Ezra, Guy, Jim and Jean prepare an elongated telegram from the student body to send to the MH football team at Tampa, Florida. 24 Th e Panhellenic Council was organized in Seotember, 1938, in accordance with a const, - ,J t i 0 n proposed by a committee from the r iek letter social sororities and fraternities f the College. It consists of two representa- tives from every social sorority and fraternity Lnd three faculty members. The purpose of fhe council is to promote the best interests of the Greek letter social organizations of the Colleqe and to assist them in contributing to the success of the entire program of the insti- tution. Meetings are held weekly at 10:30 A.M. on Wednesdays. Nancy Depp, Panhellenic Council president, presents outline for rushing season of coming semester. More students pledged to Greek-letter organizations this year than ever before. panhellenic council Members of Panhellenic Council are from left to right first row: Nancy Depp, Betty Gravely, Joan Ritchie, Drema Harvey, Wynonia Cummings, and Dean Frazier; second row, Mrs. Maud Cammack, Pat Harper, Pat Hammond, Freda Simon, and Jeannie Harless; third row, Charles Barnett, George Park, Ann Spencer, Walton Beauvais, Richard Carpenter, and Loretta Hammer; and fourth row, Ray Harris, Gary Keener, Bob Johnson, Jack Lawhorn, John Young, and Dr. O. J. Wilson. 25 ' ■ m 0 Si ■ mk i Liyi L Jfc, ■■ Bl ' f M MA’ Members of the Future Business Leaders of America at annual convention held at Morris Harvey College in November of 1954. future business leaders The aim of the Future Business Leaders of America is to provide interested students with a more thorough knowledge of the business field. Future Business Leaders of America held their annual state convention at Morris Harvey College in November of 1954. Repre- sented at this convention were several high schools and colleges of West Virginia. Officers of the Morris Harvey chapter of the F.B.L.A. are Loretta Hammer, President, Bob Plott, Vice-President, and Harold Mathers, Treasurer. Sponsors of the organization are Dr. Woodrow Wilson and Miss Custis. Mr. Charles E. Hodges of the Chamber of Commerce is shown presenting Coach Eddie King a $2,000 expense check for the Morris Harvey football team ' s trip to Florida on behalf of the business men of Charleston. 26 Left to right, row one: Joanne Rutroff, Helene Boiarsky, Sukarol Anderson, and Carolyn Smith; row two, Barbara Ross, Norma Jean Boswell, Billie Jo Carver, and Jean Parkins; row three, Jodie Fischer, and Bobbie Shamblin; row four, Lois Shirey, Carolyn Neal, and Connie Ciccarello; row five, Mr. Ralph J. Brabban, Mrs. Sawyer, Dr. Rowley, sponsors, Ira Eplin, and Marilyn Reemelin. future teachers of america Pauline Anderson is instructing second graders in art work during her practice teaching. The George S. Laidley chapter of the Future Teachers of America was reorganized on the Morris Harvey campus during the fall of 1949, under the sponsorship of Professor Frank Hall. The purpose of this organization is to further acquaint future teachers with the duties and obligations in the teaching profession. High school chapters of the F.T.A. in the Kana- wha Valley were visited by mem- bers of the Laidley chapter and were guests on the Morris Harvey campus. 27 Mr. John Lambros receives applause after playing a violin solo with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. Morris Harvey ' s band under the able and enthusiastic direction of Mr. John Crawford. the choir Row one: Marilyn Adkins, Joanne Rutroff, Carol Ann Hutchison, Warden Corbett, Freda Simon, Jeanne Harless, Mr. Ewing, Shirley Jean Barton, Dean Frazier, Barbara Koontz, Maurine Mendel, and Jean Chandler. Row two: Anna Rutherford, Jodie Fischer, Julia Fuller, Paulina Montgomery, Loretta Hammer, Eloise Crickard, Frances Jones, Janet Grose, Patty Jo Daniels, Nina Jean Stamper, Virginia Martin, and Martha Reynolds. Row three: Delores Hintz, Kay Hoon, Sally Reaser, Cynthia Furness, Marilyn Reemelin, Carol Sue Blackburn, Ida Louise Pruett, Marian MacDonald, Mikell Smith, and Mary Jo Wood. Row four: Patricia Kelly, Nick Ciccarello, Bob Brown, Dale Harrison, Everett Means, Bob Pauley, Pat Wisman, Leo McCoy, Donald Curry, and Dolores Dooley. Row five: Ross Lowes, Richard Fitch, Ray Holdren, Way- land D. Burgess, Jr., Ray Zopp, Walton Beauvais, Sam Crist, Albert Sahley, and Bob Melton. 29 Loft to right: Doph Cramer, head cheerleader, Oralie Nesbit, Barbara Morris, Delores Flesher, Pat Harper. morris Harvey cheerleaders H-T F-l-G-H-T G-O-L-D-E-N E-A-G-L-E-J 1 ■ G - H - T G-O-L-D-E-N E-A-G-L-E-S F-l-G 31 Row one: Flem O ' dell, Bill Hanshaw, Bill Woolwine. Row secretary-treasurer. Row three: Ken Dolan, Ira Eplin, vice- two: Tom Meadors, president, Bruce Casto, Joe Darco, president. Bill Corkum. w. va. academy of science To stimulate students who are interested in science is the aim of the Collegiate Academy of Science. Speakers and films are enjoyed by members of the organization and this year the annual meeting sponsored by the W. Va. Academy of Science is to be held at Fairmont State College. Mr. Herman Wilhelm, sponsor. 32 Explaining an experiment to other members of Chi Beta Phi is Bruce Casto, senior member. chi beta phi The Epsilon Chapter of Chi Beta Phi consists of men and women who wish to foster interest in science and to stimulate proficiency in science courses. It was installed in Morris Harvey College on May 19, 1923, as a chapter for men, but, on April 12, 1946, Epsilon Sigma Chapter, which had operated successfully as a chapter for women since March 31, 1939, merged with the older chapter. To be eligible for membership, a student must have com- pleted satisfactorily 20 semester hours in the natural sciences and mathematics and be en- rolled in additional courses in these depart- ments, or must have completed more than 20 semester hours. Meetings are held monthly, and recent advancements in science are dis- cussed by chapter members or by visiting scientists. The Chi Beta Phi Science Medal is awarded annually by the chapter to that student of the College who attains the highest average on the first 24 hours of college science, provided that the average is 90 per cent or above. The medal was awarded last year to Paul M. Westfall. From left to right: Ashby C. Blackwell, faculty advisor, Bill Butrick, president, Brisben Smith, Paul Westfall, Gene Waggy, vice-president, and Dr. W. H. Walker. 33 charleston general Charleston General Hospital student nurses are from left to right, first row: Weaver, Reed, Murphy, McKinney, Baker, Rogers, Deal, Boggess, Nunley, and Cust; second row, Snowden, Bible, Wolfe, Woodrum, Rickett, McPeak, Phillips, Hick, Shamblin, and Painter; third row, Sammons, Holley, Wall, Barkdoll, Beavers, Ruggles, Schmidlen, Stewart, and Melton; fourth row, Grinstead, Melton, McClung, White, Piotrowski, Fanning, Arnold, Hicks, Baker, Mick, Mollohan, and Holcomb. " Who has the answer to that last problem? " asks a student nurse as the group prepares assignments for chemistry class. k a n a w h a valley Kanawha Valley Hospital student nurses from left to right, first row: Smith, Redden, Frame, Tobias, Davis, Gilliey, Sanders, Keathley, Ma ye, and Quezada; second row, Pruett, Turner, Noble, Schaub, Dellinger, Isaacs, Malone, Malone, and Mikels; third row, Phillips, Hale, Key, Huguenot, Hayes, Smith, Davis, Bone, Kelley, and Miss Wahl, sponsor. St. Frances Hospital student nurses are from left to right, first row: Rigges, Meade, Lawhorn, Hundley, Allgus, and Elmore; second row, Wolfes, Chapman, Bragg, Blanar, McMann, and Hoffman; third row, Wallace, Vineyard, Turley, Martin, Shults, Clay, and Turner. st. f rancis 36 McMillan Hospital student nurses are from left to right, first row: Morrison, Weise, Johnson, Skaggs, Lickliter, Copley, Sergent, Green, and Blake; second row, Weese, Hatfield, Pierpoint, Moore, Weatherholt, Safreed, Griffith, Midkiff, and Wimmer; third row, Hedrick, Hazlett, Ellison, O ' Dell, Brooks, May, Covert, and Clinical Instructor Carter. me millan Badly in need of good nursing are the Morris Harvey students below. Causes ranged from tumbling class activities to football for the beautiful casts. 37 Ralph Simpson, Photographer Ciccarello, seated, and George Bennet. Drex Vealey, Editor " Operation Yearbook " gets underway with Jean Roberts and Dave Freeman, standing; Virginia Martin and Connie the harveycan An entire semester of feverish planning and hectic picture taking and then a few weeks of late hour preparation has produced this year- book, the 1955 Harveyan. Such comments as " What happened to the sophomore class? " . . . " It was a wonderful picture, but I forgot the film. " • • • " Oh, l ' m disgusted! " were theme songs for Harveyan workers, but all ' s well that ends well. Harveyan Board: President of the Student Council Guy Dolin President of the Senior Class John Cooke Prps dent of Panhellenic Council Nancy Depp Editor Dr l ' AA- Vealey Photographer Ralph L- Simpson Chairman of Harveyan Board L. V. Koontz Faculty Advisor G. C. Lazenby College Business Manager M. L. Buckalew Faculty Representative R. L. Baylous Student Relation Committee Representative... J. W. Crawford Harveyan Staff: Editor...- Photographer- Sports Editor Drexel M. Vealey Ralph Simpson ...George Bennett Harveyan Helpers are Ron Evans, Pat Taylor, and Kerry Brabham, seated, and Ralph Simpson and Don McClurg, standing. 39 the comet The Comet is a weekly newspaper published by students. Editor-in-Chief Dave Freeman and Business Manager Connie Menefee set a new record this year with thirty-one issues. Students working on the editorial and business staffs this year are: Richard Carpenter, Ronnie Evans, Helen Dixon, Bud Munroe, Don McClurg, Rex Keener, Joanne Rutroff, Helen Scott, Virginia Martin, Ray Zopp, Bill Hanshaw, Eloise Crickard, Henrietta Lute, Ray Holdren, Edward Morris, John Turley, George Bennett, Ralph Simpson, Don McClurg, Joe Childress, Barbara Ansel, Kay Rutroff, Mary Margaret Bowden, Mimi Mendel, Gloria Burgess, and Drex Vealey. Deadline coming up. Comet scoop of the year was the discovery of this rushee extraordinary. Norman (or Norma) Munsey found he had received invitations to several sorority teas by mistake. Comet workers with camera ready urged Munsey into taking one of the invitations seriously. Everybody reads The Comet! 41 Representing Morris Harvey at pre-school conference at Cliffside are student leaders pictured above. summertime 42 wintertime 43 debating club Morris Harvey ' s first Forensic Meet was held this year under the direction of Dr. O. J. Wilson. A tour of the campus was conducted for the debators and speakers from the ten universities and colleges entered in the meet. Receiving many fine compliments from the visiting groups, the M.H. Forensic Meet was considered a very well organized program. Debate Team members from left to right, first row: Stewart Yarbro, Marylee Smith, George Bennett, and Clark Hawley; second row, Ed Akins, Todd Roberts, Jim Clark, and Jack Sticklen; third row, John Fairbanks, Otto Remlin, Dr. O. J. Wilson, Bob Johnson, Jim Cork, and Carlos Clifton. In " Mushrooms Coming Up, " nurse Jackie Lawrence assures Nancy Henry she isn ' t ill from eating toadstools. With a shot in the arm administered by Dr. Jim Wilson, the Blackfriars have come up with good drama, comedy, and suspense in performing at AA orris Harvey. In addition to plays at school, the troupers have advanced into television, performing Shakespeare and other im- mortal writers. With a considerable increase in number the organization continues to be an active part of the student body with promise of better entertainment in store. 47 alpha mu Jodie Fischer, president. Alpha Mu Sorority was organized at Morris Harvey College, October 14, 1925, to promote friendly social relations on the campus and to develop character and personality within the sorority. Many activities were held during the year, including a Christmas tea given by the alum- nae, a Christmas dinner dance, the Annual Fashion Tea, Rush Party, and pledge service. Outstanding on the list of social activities for the sorority were the Spring Formal and the Sweetheart Swing. Jodie Fischer is the president of Alpha Mu for the year 1954-55. Nancy Depp, Jodie Fischer, and Nancy White atop the float that won them first place in the annual Homecoming Parade. Working until the “wee " hours of the night paid off for the girls of Alpha Mu. Front to back, row one: Carol Ann Hutchison, Charlene Maynard, Ann Spencer, and Marian MacDonald. Row two: Joanne Rutroff, Frankie Gore, Drema McClung. Front to back, row one: Nancy White, Jackie Dye, Nada Hupp, Katherine Stewart, and Merewyn Davis. Row two: Nancy Depp, Pat Hammond, Kathy Graham, Ruth Layne. phi kappa kappa Nancy Gillen, president. Phi Kappa Kappa Sorority, largest on campus, was organized in 1928. An active organiza- tion, the Phi Kaps sponsor many campus ac- tivities, including a Howdy Day Dance, Twi- light Tea, the Hawaiian Rush party, Wild West party, the Sock Hop, Mother ' s Day Tea, a party for Honorary Members, party given by pledges for the actives, and the spring formal, the White Rose Ball. Honored titles have come to Phi Kappa Kappa women. Candidates for Miss Morris Harvey were Joan Collins and Pat Scott; at- tendants to Homecoming Queen, Nancy Gillen, were Connie Ciccarello, Pat Kelly, Dolores Cooper, and Sandra Waggy. Phi Sigma Phi Sweetheart Joanne White was an attendant to the May Queen, Joan Collins. Head cheer- leader Doph Cramer was Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Kappa, and Sandra Waggy was named Miss West Virginia for the year 1954. Left to right, row one: Joan Collins, Becky Frazier, Warden Corbett, and Helen Dixon; row two, Connie Ciccarello, Joanne White, Carolyn Hanly, and Barbara Morris; row three: Carolyn Smith. Loretta Hammer, Barbara Ross, and Pat Taylor; row four, Barbara Tucker, Bobbie Shamblin, Sandra Waggy, and Nancy Henry. 50 Left to right, row one: Doph Cramer, Jean Parkins, Judy McCutcheon, Jeanne Crutchfield, and Pat Harper; row two, Jerry Ferrell, Pat Kelly, Kay Rutroff, Gloria Francis, Jean Roberts; row three, Carolyn Hanly, Jackie Lawrence, Ginny Martin, Ethel Mahaffey, and Patty Hendrickson; row four, Mary Margaret Bowden, and Delores Cooper. Carol, Phi Kap pledge, helps out at the Davis Child Shelter during Help-Week. Connie and Jean chat about next week ' s sorority party. 51 kappa sigma kappa Walton Beauvais, president Founded in 1867 at Virginia Military Institute, Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity came to Morris Harvey Campus in the spring of 1947. It now enjoys the present distinction of being the only national- international Greek letter organization at Morris Harvey College. The Gamma Chap- ter celebrated its eighth year on the campus this spring. Kappa Sigma Kappa is represented in the Student Council, Panhellenic Council, Comet Staff, College Band, Debate Club, Phil- harmonic Choir, Blackfriars, Chi Beta Phi, and " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " At the present time, members of Kappa Sigma Kappa hold offices in Student Council and the Panhellenic Council. Kappa Sigma Kappa annually sponsors the Snowball Formal and the Silhouette Ball. Among other activities during the year are stag smokers, fishing trips, the Skaters ' Ball and numerous year-around activities. Painting the stairs with the help of Becky Frazier, Kappa Sigma pledges are going through Help Week activities at the Davis Child Shelter. 52 Walton Beauvais, Jerry Hix, and Eddie Adkins (with paddle in hand) give their pledges a hand with the work at the Davis Child Shelter. A helping hand is always appreciated, especially during Help-Week, as Mrs. Hayfield shows Kappa Sig pledges Vince Thomas and Richard Fitch where the line is. Kappa Sigs from left tot right, row one: Todd Roberts, Vince Thomas, Jim Watson, and Ray Holdren; row two, Keith Atkinson, Eddie Adkins, Jerry Hix, and Richard Fitch; row three, John Carte, Otto Reemelin, Bud Monroe, and Frank Frazier. 53 phi lambda tau Phi Lambda Tau Sorority, which was founded in 1929 on the AA orris Harvey campus in Barboursville, has as its objectives the improve- ment of the social, intellectual, and the moral life of its members. Activities during the year have included the sorority ' s annual Candlelight Tea, bake sales. Spring Formal, and the annual " Arabian Nights " rush party. The Phi Lamb ' s are represented in the Phil- harmonic Choir, Cheerleaders, Wesley Found- ation, Student Relations Committee, Women ' s Athletic Association, Art Guild, Panhellenic Council, Future Teachers of America and Academy of Science. Betty Gravely, president Front to back, row one: Joan Richie, Connie Ansel, Carolyn Flesher, and Jackie Pitchford; row two, Delores Fl esher, Barbara Ansel, Jane Smith, and Mary Taylor; row three, Helene Boiarsky, and Bonnie Songer; row four, Sukavol Anderson. Phi Lamb ' s heading down the steps to the snack bar for a welcome hour of chatter and relaxation. Delores Flesher and Bonnie Songer assist during registration period in January. Continued increase in enrollment at Morris Harvey keeps this department busy. 55 phi sigma phi Ray Harris, president Left side, front to back: Gay Plumley, Oliver Wall, Don AAcClurg, and Stanley Sisson; right side, Drex Vealey, Neal Shahan, Bob Law, Robert Cunningham, and Howard Wallace. Phi Sigma Phi, one of the leading organiza- tions on the campus, continues to live up to its standards of the past. Last spring the Phi Sigs took first place in the first annual May Sing. In the leadership of the student body the Phi Sigs are well represented, such as presi- dent of the Student Council and president of the Junior Class, plus having many officers in other organizations on the campus. After school resumed in the fall. Phi Sigma Phi staged its annual " Friendship Hop " in honor of all incoming students to Morris Harvey College. Later came the " Turkey Hop, " then the Christmas Formal. Phi Sigma Phi was organized on October 20, 1927, at Concord State Teachers College and the local chapter was formed November 14, 1929, at Barboursville. Uniting men students, instilling a spirit of campus fellowship, and promoting the interests of the college are Phi Sigma Phi goals. Officers for the 1954-55 year are: Ray Harris, president; Gay Plumley, vice-president; Bill Gunter, secretary-treasurer; Bob Jackson, sgt. at arms, and Charlie Barnett, Pan-Hellenic representative. 56 Phi Sig pledges selling tickets for the Turkey Hop. Miss Joanne white crowned swee theart at Phi Sigma Phi ' s Christmas Formal, 1954. Row one, left to right: Lloyd Grayson, John McCoy, Dick Melton, George Bennett, Charlie Williams, and Charlie Bar- nett; row two, Guy Dolin, Bob Evans, Jack Stickland, Bill Facemeyer, Gene Ballard, and Ben Cork; row three. Bill Childers, Bob Plott, Buddy Rudisill, Nick Ciccarello, Kermit Kinder, and Mike Burch; row four, Joe Hash, Bill Gunter, C. H. Wright, Marty Richardson, Ronnie Evans, and Pete Sheets. 57 sigma delta phi Possessing the largest membership of any Greek organization on the Morris Harvey campus, the Sigma Delts have progressed since they were organized in January, 1950. With the colors of Scarlet and Stone in front of them, the brothers have made great progress in their social activities. Included among the numerous activities sponsored by the Sigma Delts are a Welcome Dance, Plymouth Rock Dance, Christmas Formal, Spring Swing Dance, and, topping the list, a three-day Sweetheart Weekend, the first weekend of this sort on the campus. Through the foresightedness of high morals, leadership and devotion to their college, this fraternity placed many officers in student organizations during the school year 1954-55. The Sigma Delts were also well represented on the athletic teams with Fauster Viftone, Bob Spenik, Bob Maxwell, and Joe Romano, play- ing football; Jack Lawhorn playing basketball; and Ted Boehm in baseball. Gene Petry, Harold Mathers, Bob Rickard, John Childress, Don Angelo, Jim Gibson, and Keneth Brooks; row four, Joe Estep, Harry Croye, Don Smith, Jack Catalano, Ted Boehm, and Mr. Luther Koontz, sponsor. Bob Johnson is the energetic president of the Sigma Delta Phi Fraternity. Left to right, row one: Bob Johnson, Jack Lawhorn, Bob Maxwell, Dallas Ashby, George Hanssen, Ralph Lazama, and Joe Romano; row two, Dick Roberts, Gary Keener, Jim Gantz, Lou Porter, and Roy Cataldo; row three, Bill Estes, 58 An active member of the Sigma Delts, Mickey Rice won first place in oratory in Morris Harvey College ' s first forensic meet. Members of the Sigma Delt ' s intramural basketball team in action against the Troops. 59 sigma iota chi Janet Grose, president Established in 1936 at Kanawha College, Beta Nu Chapter of Sigma lota Chi is the oldest national sorority on the campus. Origi- nally Sigma lota Chi was established as an honor sorority in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 1903, and later became a social organization. The purpose of Sigma lota Chi is to aid the social growth and character development of its members. To be eligible for membership it is necessary to meet all national require- ments as well as local Panhellenic Council. A tea for all women of the college, rush parties, rituals and a spring formal are annual affairs. Beta Nu Chapter is sponsored by Mrs. W. H. Walker and the patronesses are: Mrs. C. E. King, Mrs. A. E. Bennett, Mrs. E. W. Ockerman, Mrs. W. W. Reynolds and Mrs. C. Frank LePage. Front to back, row one: Joan Sheets, Anne Martin, Drema Harvey, and Flora Lee Hanger; row two, Mimi Mendel, Shirley Hefner, Eloise Crichard, and Harriet Ware. 60 Sigma lota Chi pledges participating in Help-Week activities at the Davis Child Shelter. Row one, left to right: Janet Grose, and Barbara Koontz; row two, Freda Simon, Mimi Mendel, Sally Reaser, Jeanne Harless, Eloise Crickard, and Anna Rutherford. 61 seta kappa George Park, president Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell, sponsor Zeta Kappa, oldest social fraternity at Morris Harvey, continues its ideal of service to the school and community. Members of the organization are active in Blackfriars, The Comet, Harveyan, Wesley Foundation, Ministerial Association, Chi Beta Phi, Choir, and Intramurals. With an impressive pledge class, Zeta Kappa looks forward to a bright future. George Park lends a hand as Anne Spencer hands over the merchandise to Eloise Crickard. 62 Row one: George Park, Harry Cogan, John Mullins, Bill Walker, and Jim Duffy; row two, Tom Bailey, Jim Mullins, Duane Foote, John Sargent, and Robert Sarber; row three, Dick Carpenter, Loren Carte, George Kappas, George Estep, and James Kelly; row four, George Corbitt, Dave Freeman, Wayland Burgess, and Bill Lewis. seta mu epsilon Dean Frazier, president Front to back, row one: Henrietta Lute, Wyonia Cummings, Carol Sue Blackburn; row two, Mary Lou Snodgrass, Lois Shirey, Marilyn Reemilim. The Mu Chapter of the sorority is the only chapter that is now internationally linked. They have sisters in the countries of Japan, Korea, Africa, and England. Also, in the same vein, they took in last year as an honorary member of the sorority Mrs. Cleo Mitchell, the switchboard (PBX) oper- ator of Morris Harvey College. Activities include a Homecoming luncheon for actives and alumnae, Annual Tea, Annual Western Rush Party, National Birthday Party and Zeta Mu Carnival. The Zeta Mu ' s are active in Blackfriars, Future Teachers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Philharmonic Choir, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Newman Club, Panhellenic Council, The Harveyan, and The Comet. Sponsor of Zeta Mu Epsilon this year is Miss Emma Jean Simpson and the patronesses are Mrs. Maud Cammack, Mrs. William Morlang, Mrs. John Lambros, Mrs. C. J. Harris, Mrs. James Fink, and Mrs. J. Vandergrift. 64 Zeta Mu , dressed as Morris Harvey football players, ride on their floal in the Homecoming Parade. The national representative of the Zeta Mu Epsilon sorority is showing some of the girls the sorority emblem during her visit here last year. homecoming 66 Nancy Gillen, senior, was chosen Miss Morris Harvey of 1954-55. Pat Harper was named Miss Senior. Attendants were, reading top to bottom . Connie Ciccarello and Delores Flesher from the Junior Class, Pat Kelly and Sandra Waggy from the Sophomore Class and Delores Cooper and Kathy Graham from the Freshman Class. 67 intramurals Mr. Baylous, energetic director of the intramural program, keeps score during a game. FOOTBALL STANDINGS — ' 54 W-l So. Dorm 5-0 Troops «... 3-1 Phi Sigs 3-2 ZK- Wesley 1-2 North Dorm 1-3 Sigma Delts 0-5 SOFTBALL STANDINGS- ' 54 W-L Men ' s Dorm 6-0 Wesley 3-2 Phi Sigs 1-5 Sigma Delts 1-4 (Includes playoffs) Closing in on Bob Smoot are members of the Sigma Delt ' s intramural basketball team. George Carter of South Dorm fires a jump-shot in intra- mural action. Recreation is not the sole purpose of college life but should be regarded as a valuable part of the student ' s experience. There are many opportunities for guidance in an intra- mural program with the contact between the faculty advisor and student participants, team managers and officials. There are oppor- tunities to guide the participants in their at- titudes toward their teammates, their op- ponents, officials, and safety to themselves and others. The intramural program at Morris Harvey provides physical recreation activities to the entire student body. Intramural sports provide opportunities for the student to meet and play with other stu- dents. They exchange views and find mutual interests that make for good social relation- ships. Intramural sports give the student op- portunity to learn the meaning of loyalty and co-operation. The volleyball championship was won by Y-Men with So. Dorm placing second. Members of the 1954 All-Intramural football team are left to right, first row: " Chuck " Farley, Jerry Chandler, and George Hanssen; second row, " Peanuts " Caldwell, Loren Carte and " Ike " Ward. Absent were " Diz " Titcher and Melvin Vaughn. a a Providing an extra-curricular activity to which every girl can belong and take an active part is the purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association of Morris Harvey College. Officers of the Women ' s Athletic Association are Bonnie Songer, president; Connie Ansel, vice-president; Connie Menefee, secretary; and Carolyn Sue Flesher, treasurer. Sponsor of W.A.A. is Miss Emma Jean Simpson. Members of the W.A.A. can earn medals by participating on winning teams in the various tournaments and letters can be won by stu- dents who earn 200 or more points. Points are earned by attending meetings, by winning tournaments, and by participating in extra activities. Tip-off in a W.A.A. basketball game. Members of the W.A.A. are left to right, first row: Connie Ansel, Carolyne Flesher, Barbara Ansel, Bonnie Songer, and Delores Flesher; second row, Joan Richie, Jerry Menefee, Hazlett, and Pat Kelly. 69 Heralding the incoming spring was the holding of a May Court in which a student elected May Queen and her host of lovely attendants were pre- sented to the students. Other func- tions of the ceremony included an- nouncing the incoming Student Council President and having a " Ma y Sing " contest. In the May Sing, campus groups and organizations competed with each other in a test of vocal talents. Pageantry with grace high- lighted this event which annually starts the spring off right on the Morris Harvey campus. Queen Patty Hendrickson Nancy Henry Nancy Depp sandra waggy m h c soph is miss west Virginia Sandra Waggy, a Morris Harvey College sophomore, was honored by representing her native state of West Virginia in the 1954 Miss Universe Pageant, at Long Beach, California, this past summer. On these pages we let you share her triumph with her. Off to cheer the Golden Eagles to victory. Time out for play. Sandra and her mother enjoy a week of relaxation at West Virginia ' s beautiful Green- brier Hotel. 77 John Cooke, president; Jodie Fischer, vice president; Pat Harper, Student Council representative; Bruce Casto, sergeant at arms. senior lass officers 78 seniors Pauline Grace Anderson, Dunbar Education; Sigma lota Chi 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 2, 3; Kappa Sigma Kappa Sweetheart 3; Secy. Junior Class. Wilbur Berry, Charleston Business Management. Dennis Roscoe Boggs, Charleston Education. Norma Jean Boswell, Dunbar English; Wesley Fellowship; Phi Lambda Tau; F.T.A. 3, 4. Carl Bradford, Charleston Business Administration; Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. Dayton Campbell, Charleston Business Administration. Richard Lee Carpenter, Charleston English; Zeta Kappa Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4; The Comet 1, 2, 3, 4; The Harveyan 1, 2, 3; International Relations Club 1; Pan- hellenic Council 1, 3, 4; Wesley Fellow- ship 2, 3, 4; Comet Sports Editor 1, Editor 2, Associate Editor 3, 4; Harveyan Sports Editor 2, Faculty Editor 3, 4; Student Di- rectory Associate Editor 3; M.S.M. Editor 3, President 4; Who ' s Who 4; Comet Stu- dent of the Year 3; Panhellenic Social Trophy Award 2; All-Intramural Touch Football 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Bruce Cordell Casto, Poca Academy of Science 2, 3, 4; Biology; Chi Beta Phi 3, 4; M.S.M. 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. 79 seniors Joan Collins, Decatur, Illinois English; F.T.A. 3, 4; Phi Kappa Kappa 3, 4; F.T.A. President; Phi Kappa Kappa, Rush Chairman, May Queen 4. John Cooke, Charleston Bus. Adm.; Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Presi- dent Senior Class 4; Business Manager Comet 3; Harveyan Board 4. Jeanne Oliver Crutchfield, Charleston Education (Second); Phi Kappa Kappa 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Blackfriars 4. Wyonia Lee Cummings, Charleston Physical Ed.; Zetu Mu 2, 3, 4; Blackfriars 1, 2, 3, 4; Panhellenic 4; Vice Pres. Zeta Mu 4; Pres. Blackfriars 2; Sgt. at Arms Zeta Mu 3; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Nancy Jane Depp, Brooklyn, New York Bus. Ad.; F.B.L.A. 4; Alpha Mu 1, 2, 3, 4; Panhellenic 3, 4, Pres. 3; Blackfriars 4; W.A.A. 2, Vice Pres. 4; Pres, of Panhellenic 4; Harveyan Board 4; Member, Student Relations Committee; M. H. Representative in Miss W. Va. Pageant 3 ,-Who ' s Who 4; Attendant to May Queen 1; Attendant to Miss M. H. 2; Comet " Student of Issue " 3. Guy Oley Dolin, Madison Business Management; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 2; Sigma Phi President, Student Council 4; Who ' s Who 4. Paul Eary, Terra Alta Educ. B.S.; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Secy. F.T.A. 3, 4. Jack Evans, Charleston Pre-Law; Social Science. 80 seniors Charles V. Farley, Beckley Accounting; Varsity 1, 2; F.B.L.A. 4; Foot- ball 1, 2. Jane Fiber, Hartford Business Administration; F.T.A. 3; Choir 3. Jodie Alice Fischer, Charleston B. S. in Education (elementary); Alpha Mu 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Panhellenic 4; Choir 4; Cheerleader 3; W.A.A. 2; F.T.A. 4; Black- friars 1; Pres, of Alpha Mu 4; Vice-Pres. of Senior Class; Maid-of-Honor 1953 May Court 2; Attendant to Miss Morris Harvey 3; Who ' s Who 4; Candidate for Miss Morris Harvey 4; W.A.A. 2. Nancy Vaughn Gillen, Charleston B.S. Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 2, 3, 4; Panhellenic 4; F.T.A. 4; Pres, of Phi Kappa Kappa 4; Treas. of Phi Kappa Kappa 3; Harveyan 4; Homecoming Queen 4. Betty Gravely, Dunbar Sociology; Phi Lambda Tau. Thomas Wellman Greenwood, Charleston Management; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of Wesley 4. Janet Lea Grose, Eikview Music Education; Sigma lota Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Philharmonic Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 3; M.E.N.C. 2; Student Council 3; Panhellenic 2, 3, 4; Pres. Sigma lota Chi 4; Pres. Junior Class 3; Who ' s Who 4. Edith Patricia Hammond, Charleston Psychology; Alpha Mu 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Alpha Mu 4; Secretary Alpha Mu 2; Vice- President Alpha Mu 3. 81 seniors Jean Carol Harless, Mabscott English; Sigma lota Chi; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Roger Williams Fellowship; Treasurer Sigma lota Chi 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer Pan- hellenic 4; Vice President Jr. Class 3. Patricia Anne Harper, Williamson Bus. Ad.; Phi Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; Panhel- lenic 4; Choir 2; Student Council 4; Who ' s Who 4; Attendant Miss Indian Summer 2, 3; Attendant Miss M. H. 2; Miss Senior 4; Cheerleader 3. Ray Harris, Vienna Business Management, Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2; Panhellenic Council 1, 4; President Phi Sigma Phi 4; Intramural 2, 3, 4. Jerry Edwin Hix, Charleston Business Management, Pre-Ministerial; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Band 4. Betty Hoff, Charleston History; Phi Lambda Tau. Edmon Jackson, Charleston Business Administration. John Perry Jarvis, So. Charleston Music Ed.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3. Rex C. Keener, Charleston Business Management; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Panhellenic 3; Phi Sigma Phi, Treas- urer 4; Comet Student of the Issue 3; Intra- murals 4; Golf 1. 82 seniors Jack Robert Keiffer, St. Albans Business Administration; Sigma Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1. Barbara Anne Koontz, Ripley Music (Voice); Sigma lota Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Philharmonic Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; M.E.N.C. 2, 3; Harveyan 3; The Comet 2, 3; Vice-Presi- dent of Sigma lota Chi 3, 4; Choir Secre- tary and Treasurer 2; Who ' s Who 4. Ross Lowes, Charleston Business Administration; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. Henrietta Anna Irene Lute, So. Charleston Management; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Blackfriars 1, 2, 3, 4; Zeta Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 4; W.A.A. 3; Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of Blackfriars; President and Vice President of Zeta Mu Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Dramatic Fra- ternity. Alice Charleene Maynard, Louisa, Ky. Religion and Elementary Education; Alpha Mu 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4. James H. Mullins, Chesapeake Business Management; Zeta Kappa 3, 4. Bob Pauley, Chelyan Business Administration; Zeta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Jacqueline Pitchford, Dunbar Sociology; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Lambda Tau 3, 4; President of Wesley Fellowship; Treasurer of Phi Lambda Tau. 83 seniors David Purdy, Poca Social Science. Tom Ramsey, Madison Business Administration; Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4. Robert Edward Rollyson, Gasaway Accounting, Business Administration; Black- friars 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Debate Club 4; President of Biackfriars. Dave Rosen, New York, N. Y. Physical Education; Basketball 1, 2, 3. Margaret Hope Samms, Charleston Voice; Freshman Vice President; Choir 1, 2, 3. James Roberts Sheets, Charleston Biology; Academy of Science 3, 4; Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3 and Treasurer 4; Panhellenic Council. John William Turley, So. Charleston Humanities; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Assoc. 2, 3, 4; The Comet 4; Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4. 84 Construction site of new women ' s dorm, to be completed by fall, 1955. In the near future, plans for Morris Harvey include a new wing to be joined on the west end of the main building. Work almost at a standstill be- cause of severe weather, a M.H. student looks the situation over and wonders if the build- ing will ever be completed. 85 Seated: Jean Parkins, secretary, Doph Cramer, vice president. Standing: Jim Watson, Student Council representative, Drex Vealey, president. junior class officers 86 juniors Edward Adkins Connie Ansel Gene Ballard Charles Barnett Walton Beauvais Helene Boiarsky Warren Buzzard Eddie Chester Bill Childers Connie Ciccarello Harry Cogan Doph Cramer 87 [uni o r s Eloise Crickard Harry Croye Ron Evans Dolores Flesher Frank Frazier Dave Freeman Bob Gurtis Rex Jarvis Bill Lamb Jack Lawhorn Bob Linkenhoker Bob Maxwell 88 juniors John McCoy Jean Parkins Paul Rice Roy Ross Lois Shirey Freda Simon Bonnie Songer Betty Stone Drex Vealey Jim Watson James Melmige James Sovine 89 ,-s Seated: Pat Kelly, secretary-treasurer, Sandra Waggy, vice president. Standing: Ezra Boehm, Student Council representative, Ted Boehm, president, George Bennett, sergeant at arms. sophomore class officers 90 sophs Keith Atkinson George Bennett Carol Blackburn Ezra Boehm Teddy Boehm Mike Burch Gloria Burgess Pauline Chenoweth Carlos Clifton Helen Dixon Delores Dooley Jackie Dye George Estep Jerry Ferrell Duane Foote 91 sophs Becky Frazier Julia Frazier Lloyd Grayson Loretta Hammer Drema Harvey Joe Hash Shirley Hefner Patty Hendrickson David Hoffman Frances Jones Patricia Kelly Bonnie Kelsay Kermit Kinder Joe Lechiara Mary Lou Legg 92 s o p h s Linda Markham Ginny Martin Jim McCullough Mimi Mendel Joan Ritchie Buddy Rudisill Joan Rutroff Ralph Simpson Sandra Waggy No, it ' s not the junior senator from Wisconsin. Just a fiery debator from Washington and Lee speaking at the Morris Harvey Invitational Forensic Meet in December, 1954. Front row: Carolyn Hanly, treasurer; Bobbie Shamblin, vice pr esident; Mary Lou Snodgrass, secretary; back row, Gerald Sheets, president; Jim Walker, Student Council representative. freshman class officers 94 frosh Barion Casebolt Jack Catalano Ann Christian Joe Cielensky Warden Corbett Merewyn Davis James Duffy Carolyn Flesher Gloria Francis Betty Fridley Cynthia Furness Frankie Gore Kathy Graham Flora Lee Hanger Carolyn Hanly 95 frosh Freda Harris Kay Hoon Nada Hupp Carol Hutchison Patty Isaac Marion Jones Robert Law Ethel Mahaffey Frank Martin Martha Martin Don McClurg Charlotte McIntosh Connie Menefee Pauline Montgomery Jo Anne Mullins 96 f r os h Bud Munroe Norman Munsey Robert Paskel Sally Reaser Jean Roberts Barbara Ross Kay Rutroff Wanda Samples John Sargent John Sewell Bobbie Shamblin Dale Sharp Karen Simmons Carolyn Smith Charles Thompson 97 f r o s h Larry Tyree Jane Walker Charles Ward Harriet Ware Jack Wymer Pausing long enough between classes to pose for the photographer are: Mary Lou Snodgrass, Bob Gurtis, Jackie Dye, Georgia Dooley, Tom Crutchfield and Jim Hicks. 98 wesley fellowship Wesley Fellowship is Morris Harvey ' s Methodist Student Movement organization and has a program of campus Christian fellowship. The Friday dinner meetings include speakers, worship experiences, and singing fellowship. Bonnie Kelsay, vice president; Jean Parkins, secretary (seated); Richard Carpenter, president; Tom Greenwood, treasurer; and Eloise Crickard, State M. S. M. publicity chairman, prepare plans for student weekly dinner meet- ings. Row one: Bonnie Kelsay, Jean Parkins, Drema McClung, Freda Harris, Wanda Kessinger, Pat Kelly, and Miss Virginia Williams; row two, Helen Scott, Sally Reaser, Harriet Ware, Kay Hoon, Julia Fuller, Pauline Chenoweth, Bill Turley, and Eloise Crickard; row three, Tom Greenwood, Bruce Casto, Manuel Tsalabounis, George Kappas, Vincent Thomas, and Tom Tenney; row four. Gene Waggy, Sterling Evans, Richard Carpenter, Sam Crist, Cap Smith, and Dave Freeman. 101 mhc wins fifth consecutive WVIC championship 1954 RECORD We Opponent They 41 — Salem 6 34 — Otterbein 7 27 — Baldwin-Wallace 6 14 - Marshall 25 25 — West Liberty 0 33 — West Virginia Tech 6 13 — Heidleburg 0 25 — Concord 7 45 — Moorehead 7 257 TOTALS 64 CIGAR BOWL Tampa, Florida Dec. 17, 1954 0 — Tampa University 21 Left to right: Assistant Coach Adams, Head Coach King, Assistant Coach Kovach. Completing their most successful season since 1950, the Golden Eagles of Morris Harvey posted an 8 and 1 record, losing only to traditional foe Marshall College 25-14. Breezing through four West Virginia Conference foes for their fifth consecutive conference champion- ship, the Eagles ruled the roost again in the W.V.I.C. Salem fell before the Eagle onslaught in the season ' s opener at Laidley field 41-6 as the Gold and Maroon gave a preview of things to come. Otterbein and Baldwin-Wallace, neighboring Ohio schools, were next on the schedule. The " Otters " a newcomer to the agenda were defeated 34-7. B-W, a thorn in the GE ' s side for three previous seasons, were sent home with a humiliating 27-6 setback. The only blemish on the 1954 grid season was the disheartening 25-14 loss at the hands of Marshall Col- lege at Fairfield Stadium in Huntington, W. Va. West Liberty, West Virginia Tech, Heidleburg, Con- cord, and Moorehead remained on the Gold and Maroon schedule and between them only three touch- downs were scored against the defensive minded King ' s-Men. Cigar Bowl bound with the hopes of a fourth straight post-season victory the Eagles were turned back 21-0 at Tampa, Florida by the Spartans of Tampa University to conclude their season with an impressive 8-2 record. 102 Bob Hill and Ray Jones lift Salem player high, as Vittone stands by. West Virginia Intercollegiate Conference Champions for fifth straight year seated left to right, first row: Clarence Lowery, Joe Cielensky, Bernie Scott, Edward Coffman, Troy Chamber- land, Bill Childers, Ray Jones, Bill Coutz, Bob Brown, Okey Roberts, Dave Green, Paul Rice, and Tommy Dixon; second row, James Car r. Jack Pack, Dana Kirk, George Carter, Jerry Hartman, Delos Fisher, Herb Fitzsimmons, Joe Romano, Sammy Lyons, Gerald Sheets, Bob Gurtis, and Bill Haynes; third row, John Konstantinos, Bob Hill, Edward Hardman, Tom Crutchfield, Fauster Vittone, Bob Spenik, Jim Melmige, Paul Skidmore, Bill Chandler, Roy Ross, Robert Maxwell, Bill Lamb, Grant Barnett, Coach King, Asst. Coach Frank Kovach, Asst. Verlin Adams, Joe Carr, and Bob Kirby. 103 Phillips Field, Tampa, Florida, home of the Cigar Bowl and Tampa University. Morris Harvey dropped their first post season bowl classic in four starts against a powerful Tampa University eleven. Golden Eagles arrive in Tampa, Florida for Cigar Classic. Bob Brown, Bob Gurtis, and Jim (Gummy) Carr look over official invitation to Cigar Bowl. 104 December seventeenth plainly marked on calendar gives George Carter, Joe Cielensky, and Paul Skid- more plenty of reason to smile. " There ' s my name ' Gummy tells Fauster Vittone in lobby of hotel in downtown Tampa. 105 Baldwin-Wallace line attempt fails to gain through Morris Harvey forward wall as Vittone and Fitz- simmons rush to assist. Question: Will Morris Harvey defeat Baldwin-Wallace after three futile tries? Answer: Yes; Score: 27-6. 106 Quarterback Bob Maxwell is pulled down after long gain in Salem encounter. Bob Hill moves in a little too late. 107 basketball Morris Harvey ' s Golden Eagles, starting the season off with a considerably " green " team, ended the season very much im- proved, that gives promise for a bright future next year. Dave Rosen, All-Conference and Little All-American selection of last year, was ruled ineligible because of his playing ball at Tiffin College his freshman year. With only one regular to build his team around. Coach Eddie King did a great job of developing the new material on hand. Cap Smith and Davey Hoffman were the only regulars from the previous season, but a knee injury troubled Hoffman until the season was well under way. Smith, the boy who fools every- one with his unconcerning attitude, came into his own at the latter part of the season. A great ball handler with an effective jump shot. Cap played steady ball and was toughest when the pressure was on. Returning also were veterans Dick Darby who returned from the Army and Jack Lawhorn who played good ball this year. Also new to the MH squad was center Jim Vandel from Beckley College, who was runner-up to Smith in scoring, and his team- mate Leland Richmond, a scrappy little guard who hustled con- stantly. Many promising freshmen came on the cage scene this year and the outlook for next year seems very promising. First-year men such as Bill Jones, Frank Martin, Bob Paskel, Larry and Vincent Tyree, and Mike Dayoub comprise a group who should have a bright future at Morris Harvey. One of the most pleasant surprises among the freshmen was footballer Dana Kirk, who showed he had plenty of ability in basketball with his tough re- bounding and rugged play. Starting the season off in high gear the Eagles won their first three games. First Beckley 80-67, then Glenville 99-81, and Davis-Elkins 82-80, before losing to Ohio University 81-88. After winning three of the first four the Eagles then defeated the Republic of China team before losing to conference foes Salem and Alderson-Broaddus. Cap Smith and Jim Vandell were leading the scoring in these first seven games, Cap with 28.2 average and Jim right behind with a 22.2. MH continued to win over WVIC foes as they beat West Liberty 103-94 and Bethany 93-80 to run their conference record to 5-2 and third place. Extending their conference winning streak to fogr straight games the Golden Eagles romped over Potomac State 94-63 and edged the Blue Hawks of Beckley in overtime 87-84. Carrying the scoring load was Cap Smith and Jim Vandell, but other Eagles started playing great ball. Also helping improve the Eagles ' game, though not scoring in the high figures, were Dick Darby, Jack Lawhorn, Leland Richmond, Bob Paskel, Dave Hoffman, Jerry Chandler, and Mike’Dayoub. Meeting high scoring W. Va. Tech tor the first time in the sea- son, the Golden Eagles were defeated 113-91. After losing to Tech, the Eagles hit a slump, dropping games to W. Va. Wesleyan 87-78 and Glenville 90-89. MH got back on their winning ways by defeating Salem 101- 82, and then played a great game upsetting league leading A-B 91-89. Then came a loss to arch-rival Marshall 108-94 and a victory over Concord 110-94 which put the Eagles into a tie for third place. Center Jim Vandell of Morris Harvey outreaches the Eagle ' s Dana Kirk to tip in the goal against W. Va. Tech. 108 Golden Eagles 1954-55 varsity basketball team are from left to right, front row: Dick Darby, Jerry Chandler, Leland Richmond, Jack Lawhorn, Cap Smith, Bill Jones, Dave Hoff- man, Vince Tyree, and Coach King; second row, Jim Harris, Coach King explains some strategy in the Eagle ' s huddle during a time-out, while boys on the bench discuss the game. Jim Vandell, Bob Paskel, Mike Dayoub, Larry Tyree, Frank Martin, Tony Lusk, and Coach Sparky Adams; third row, Ken Brooks, Tom Blake, Keith Atkinson, Pug Lowery, Tom Crutch- field, Dana Kirk, and Bill Childers. Cap Smith caught in mid-air by the camera, loses the ball as two W. Va. Tech players close in on him. Freshman star Jerry Chandler leaves the floor for a driving lay-up under the outstretched arm of Glenville ' s Smith. MH won 99-81. M. H. 1954-55 CAGE RECORD We Opponent They 80 — Beckley « 67 99 — Glenville ...«..« «... 81 82 — Davis and Elkins ...« 80 81 — Ohio University « 88 84 — Republic of China 67 89 — Salem ...« « 95 88 — Alderson-Broaddus 108 103 — West Liberty «... 94 93 — Bethany «... 80 94 — Potomac State 63 Mike Dayoub, Morris Harvey freshman, goes high in the air to grab a rebound against W. Va. Tech, while Dick Darby watches the action. 87 — Beckley 84 91 — West Virginia Tech 113 78 — West Virginia Wesleyan.. 87 91 — Glenville 93 101 — Salem 82 91 — Alderson-Broaddus 89 94 — Marshall ...« «....«... 108 110 — Concord ...«««..„ 94 95 — Davis and Elkins 100 108 — West Virginia Wesleyan.. 84 73 — Concord 63 111 — West Virginia Tech 123 92 — Marshall ...« 103 Trying to figure out a defense to stop the Golden Eagles seems to be the aim of the Chinese Nationalist ' s coach as he talks to his players. The Golden Eagles won 84-67. Golden Eagles are ready to start the fast break as Jim Vandell attempts to block a shot by AB ' s Hart- man. MH won 81-89. Dick Darby is shown leading the fast break while being guarded by Tech ' s Swyers. Morris Harvey cheerleaders leap high in the air as they cheer the Eagles on in a game with conference foe Potomac State. Ill Coach Eddie King seems to be relating a humorous incident to star guard Cap Smith in the WVIC contest with Salem College. Taking a " swat " at W. Va. Tech ' s Swyers is the Eagle ' s Cap Smith, while other Tech players stand by to rebound the shot. Caught in mid-air after attempting a lay-up is Dick Darby, as Leland Richmond stands ready in the Potomac State game. 112 113 Members of Morris Harvey ' s WVIC tournament champion ship team are shown with the first place trophy. Left to right, first row: Jack Lawhorn. Cap Smith; second row, Jim Vandell, Dana Kirk, Leland Richmond, Grant Barnette, manager, Coach Eddie King, Dave Hoffman, Bob Paskel, Jerry Chandler. Absent when picture was taken were Dick Darby and Mike Dayoub. Definitely the underdog and fifth in the conference standings, a determined and in- spired Morris Harvey five fought an uphill battle to win the 1955 West Virginia Inter- collegiate Conference Tournament champion- ship. Defeating West Liberty in the first round of play 74-67 was supposedly the extent of wins MH could possibly gain, because either high scoring W. Va. Tech or much improved Davis and Elkins would be the outclassed Eagles second round opponent. Tech, the nation ' s leading scorer and George Swyers fought a hard battle before bowing to the Golden Eagles 86-81 for the first time in three starts during the season. Concord, in the semi-finals, put up a valiant resistance but the Gold and Maroon of Charles- ton rolled to an impressive 99-62 victory which assured the Eagles a crack at Alderson- Broaddus in the finals and an NAIA playoff berth. Alderson-Broaddus, regular season cham- pions with a 23-4 record and Carl Hartman who set a new four-year scoring mark, bowed in an overtime thriller 89-86 to the boys from Morris Harvey who had played their hearts out overcoming such tremendous odds. " Cap " Smith, star guard and high scorer for the Eagles, along with center Jim Vandell, placed on the all-tournament team. Morris Harvey ended the campaign with a loss to W. Va. Wesleyan in the NAIA playoffs. The score was 97-87. Many thanks to Frank Wilkin and Paul Casto for the fine sports photos. 114 ■m Cap Smith is surrounded by Concord players as he goes after the ball in the semi-final game. Jim Vandell (26) tries to edge in. MH won 99-62. All-tournament guard Cap Smith fires his famous jump shot in the championship game against A-B. MH won 89-86. All-tournament center Jim Vandell shooting a jump-shot against West Liberty in the opening round. Number 33 is Dana Kirk. MH won 74-67. This picture of the second round game between W. Va. Tech and Morris Harvey shows all the players on both pams as they fiqht for position under the basket. baseball With the loss on only three of last year ' s diamond " nine " by the way of graduation. Coach " Sparky " Adams was greeted with a fine nucleus of nine returning regulars and eleven lettermen. A front line pitching staff consisting of juniors Bob Brown, Bob Hill, Bert Waldron and Clarence Lowery, who are all returning letter- men and well-experienced moundsmen, are ready for action. J. D. Kidd, Bob Douglas, and Buddy Kearns left vacancies at catcher, second base, and third base. These positions if filled by capable players should give MH a rugged and well balanced team. Tommy Dixon and Melvin Vaughn, the team ' s two top hitters of last season, are expected to be the Eagle ' s big threat. Bobby Maxwell and Paul Rice along with Dixon round out the Gold and Maroon ' s fly-chasers. Returning to the shortstop position is sopho- more George Bennett. Backing-up last year ' s starting " nine " are such promising performers as junior Grant Barnette, and sophomores Bill Chandler, Bill Coutz, and Ted Boehm. These boys along with newcomers to the squad will be vieing for starting assignments left open last year. Out to better last year ' s 3 won and 14 lost record, the Morris Harvey Golden Eagles launch their 1955 diamond season with practice start- ing March 15. Coach " Sparky " Adams, successful baseball mentor of Morris Harvey, who has guided the Eagles to many confer- ence championships. Teddy Boehm, pitcher Melvin Vaughn, first base Bob Hill, pitcher 116 Grant Barnette, outfielder Bob Brown, pitcher 1954 BASEBALL RECORD TRAINING GAMES AT LITTLE CREEK, VA. We Opponent They 0 — Little Creek Amphibs 7 5 — Naval Air Station 18 0 — DesLant Destroyers 3 REGULAR COLLEGE STASON 1 — Ohio University 8 22 - W. Va. Wesleyan ..... 1 14 — Glenville 10 3 - W. Va. Tech 1 1 6 — Fairmont 14 3 — Concord 6 0 — W. Va. Tech 1 7 - Marshall 15 5 — Concord 12 8 — Marietta 9 7 — Marshall 9 9 — Alderson-Broaddus 6 3 - W. Va. Wesleyan 7 4 — Marietta .. 8 Totals W L All Games 3 14 Conference Games 3 6 George Bennett, shortstop Tom Dixon, centerfielder Bob Maxwell, rightfielder CJ Ha I ma 117 119 UNITED CARBON COMPANY CARBON BLACK NATURAL GAS CRUDE OIL PRINTING INKS United Carbon Building — Charleston, West Virginia Sales Offices: New York - Akron - Chicago Compliments of the KROGER COMPANY, who believe that higher education is a basic asset to democratic living. 120 Sandra Waggy prefers OSBORNE ' S for the finest in hair styling. You con say it best with flowers KANAWHA VALLEY FLORIST ASSOCIATION Adkins Flowers Bohnerts Flowers Cavender Cut Flower Company Charleston Cut Flowers Chancey Greenhouses Conner Greenhouses George Conner Greenhouses Cunningham Floral Company Evelyn ' s Flowers Hamill Floral Gardens St. Albans Flower Company Valley Cut Flowers Winter Floral Company THE McJ UNKIN CORPORATION Oil and Gas Well Supplies and Industrial Equipment SCH OOLFI ELD-HARVEY ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contracting Service and Appliance Repairs Charleston, W. Va. Hamlin, W. Va. Marietta, Ohio 505 Brooks Street Allen, Kentucky Pikeville, Kentucky Phones 2-3187 — 3-5753 121 MOORE ' S is the store for books of all publishers. Cameras, film accessories, office supplies. Compliments of PARKER ' S JEWELERS 29 Capitol Street Store for gifts of distinction PERSINGERS SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY Incorporated Sales and Service 920 Quarrier Street Phone 3-9547 Mine, Mill, Industrial Supplies L. C. Crowe, Manager and Equipment Qchan jewelers 520 Elizabeth Street L Kanawha Valley Building 310 Capitol Street Charleston 27, West Virginia FINE SILVERWARE DIAMONDS — WATCHES — JEWELRY Telephone 2-6761 122 DRUGGISTS 227 Capitol Street MAKE THE QUARRIER DINER YOUR " MEETING AND EATING " PLACE Remember . . . OUR DOWNSTAIRS GRILL ROOM FIRST FLOOR RESTAURANT SECOND FLOOR BANQUET HALL CRATOST after dinner mm AFTER- .ta ' ftJM i! ScxxxNo rou i r. ' u HE ' LL WALK 2,500 MILES for your protection Back and forth across miles of buried pipeline — that’s his pa- trol, the territory he guards vigilantly. He’s a er, checking on part of the network that supplies your gas. He is just one of an army of gas company em- ployees working to prevent emergencies — one of the men never at your door but always at your service. GAS COSTS LESS and it ' to dependable! mam UNITED FUEL am GAS COMPANY H 123 Watt Insurance Agency It INSURANCE 1 I 2261 z CAPITOL ST. •ITOL ST. CHARLESTON, W TEL. CAPITOL 28-041 H COFFMAN OPTICAL CO. DISPENSING OPTICIANS AGENCY FOR LEADING BRAND HEARING AIDS . L. COTTON DISPENSING OPTICIAN 323 Professional Building SPENCE PAINT CHEMICAL COMPANY Phone 2-7713 Cor. East Washington and Elizabeth Sts. 124 College as a Proper Proportion of Study and Sports The Daniel Boone COOK DRUG COMPANY ON QUARRIER 465 ROOMS EACH WITH BATH, CIRCULATING ICE WATER AND 5-CHANNEL RADIO LOUDSPEAKER HOE SHOP ' A R 1 1 Roger S. Creel, Managing Director 125 ■■■ GUTHRIE-MORRIS-CAMPBELL COMPANY OPPOSITE THE OLD POST OTTICE WE Laird Office Equipment Co. Distributors for A B Dick Duplicating Products and a Complete Line of Office Equipment and Supplies ATLAS BUILDING - CHARLESTON PHONE 6-5353 Wholesale Distributors ★ DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS ★ READY-TO-WEAR ★ MEN ' S FURNISHINGS ★ WORK CLOTHES ★ FLOOR COVERINGS ★ VENETIAN BLINDS 816 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA PHONE 2-5121 126 The New MacFADDEN IGNITION COMPANY 1955 STUDEBAKER Complete Automotive Service SEE THEM NOW STARTING - LIGHTING at IGNITION CARBURETION Parkins Motors 106-108 BROAD STREET 521-27 Broad Street CHARLESTON, W. VA. 127 I kk MM-

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