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From this . . . 3 ... to this 4 A word of beginning From a debt ridden school at Barboursville, Morris Harvey College has grown to become today the largest independent college and the third leading educational institution in West Virginia. The college was founded in 1888 by the Charleston district conference of the Metho- dist Episcopal Church, South. It took as its name, Barboursville Seminary, and the new institution was established in a recently- abandoned county court house and jail. In 1889, the West Virginia Conference of the church assumed control of the school and changed the name to Barboursville College. The church exercised stringent controls over the college and its students, formulating all matters of policy and striving to keep the students from “all matters of harmful influ- ence.” In this category were included plays, sports, dancing, social activities, tobacco, and drink- ing. Morris Harvey, wealthy Fayette County Coal operator, in 1901 offered to donate $100,- 000 to the college if the institution were moved to Charleston. When the conference abandoned the idea of relocation, the in- dustrialist made a gift of $5,000 to the college. The trustees were overcome with gratitude and they changed the name of the institu- tion to Morris Harvey College. The church began to loosen its hold on the college and in 1904, non-compulsory military training was established and a magazine, The Oracle, began publication. A baseball team was organized the same year and in 1905 won 17 of its 18 games; football entered the picture soon the reafter. In 1918, campus activities increased mark- edly. Several new student organizations were formed and a lyceum was sponsored. The Comet made its appearance in 1921, followed by The Harveyan, in 1923. While a new building program was under way, the Charleston Chamber of Commerce offered to raise $300,000 for relocating Mor- ris Harvey at or near Charleston. The offer was refused, but another offer of $100,000 to keep the college in the same loca- tion was accepted from the Barboursville Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Leonard Riggleman assumed the post of president of the college in 1931. Indebtedness rose to greater heights dur- ing the days of the depression, and the college was forced to accept farm produce as payment of tuition and fees. Another invitation to relocate came from Charleston in the Spring of 1935. Dr. Riggle- man expressed a desire to accept the pro- posal and called attention to the fact that the college could not continue to operate under existing conditions. “If we go there we live! If we stay here we die! ,, he said. The executive committee of the board of trustees turned the college over to two trus- tees, Dr. Riggleman and Dean Ashby C. Blackwell, for one year. The college opened in Charleston in Sep- tember of 1935 in the Kanawha County Li- brary Building. Later other space was ob- tained and college departments sprouted all over the city. With gross enrollment reaching 1,965 dur- ing 1939, the college felt the need for more space. In December, 1940, the institution pur- chased a 12-acre plot of land in South Ruffner for $47,000. Because the three major branches of the Methodist Church merged as one in 1940, leaving two church supported schools in West Virginia, W. Va. Wesleyan and Morris Harvey, the church relinquished all rights to Morris Harvey on August 1, 1942. In 1946 the college administration obtained six temporary barrack-type buildings from the Federal Government, and the centralized college home was accomplished on Sept. 8, 1947. In the Fall of 1948, the student activities building was completed. A ground breaking ceremony for the new $1,600,000 building was held on January 7, 1950, and opened for classes at the beginning of the 1951 Fall term. THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES BUILDING 3 v . Jb re- construction of th ing presented many which, however, proved insurmount- able in the face of determination and skill. To the architects, the engineers, the construction and electrical crews, the plumbers, in fact to everyone con- nected with the erection of the new building, our thanks for a job well done. JL Water In the shadow of the mountain , By Kanawha ' s River; Our beloved Alma Mater Proudly stands forever : Morris Harvey, Morris Harvey, True we ' ll ever be; Morris Harvey, Morris Harvey, Hail, all hail, to thee . 8 DR. LEONARD RIGGLEMAN, PRESIDENT 9 ADAMS, VERLIN J. Assistant Coach BRABBAN, RALPH J. Education BAKER, FAYE W. Bursar BRAWLEY, HARRY M. Education BAYLOUS, ROBERT L. Physical Education BRUNE, LESTER H. Director of Records and Credits BLACKWELL, ASHBY C. Dean and Chemis try BUCKALEW, MARSHALL L. Vice-President and Business Manager BURNSIDE, ROBERT C. Music CUBBON, EDWARD H. Director of Athletics CAMMACK, CHARLES W., JR. Business Administration DOOLITTLE, DORTHA B. Chemistry CAMMACK, MAUD H. English DUFFIELD, VIRGINIA Education and Art CRAWFORD, JOHN W. Music ESTILL, ANN LOU Music EWING, HAROLD W. Music HALL, FRANK Education FINK, JAMES J. Building Superintendent HAMILTON, JUNE W. Secretarial Science GOLDTHORPE, THEODORE E. Assistant to the President HARRIS, C. J. Biology GROSE, S. C. Chemistry Stockroom HARRIS, EVELYN History and Political Science HARTSHORN, EVERETTE Cafeteria Manager KEY, CHARLES M. Secretarial Science INGHRAM, WILLIAM D. Dean of Men, Religion KING, C. EDWARD Coach KEANE, LUCINA Art KOONTZ, HAZEL B. Business Administration KEENAN, WILLIAM Director of News Bureau KOONTZ, LUTHER V. Business Administration KOVACH, FRANK A. Assistant Coach LAZENBY, GEORGE C. Chemistry KREBS, FRANK J. Social Science LePAGE, C. FRANK Assistant Treasurer, Bookstore Mgr. LAMBROS, L. JOHN Music McDaniel, l. s. Psychology LASLEY, ROBERT L. English McDermott, m. j. Veterans’ Councilor MALONEY, JEAN English MERRY, RALPH V. Psychology MANTLE, CHARLES C. Economics MILLER, C. T„ JR. Religion and Speech MARTZ, HENRY B. Education and Sociology MORLANG, WILLIAM Business Administration and Speech MERRY, FRIEDA K. Psychology MULHOLLAND, J. R. Mathematics NICHOLS, TALMAGE Mathematics RAFTER, MARGARET Physical Education OCKERMAN, ELBERT W. Assistant Dean, Director of Admissions REED, JOHN H. Political Science and Speech OLMSTEAD, EMILY Dean of Women, Sociology REYNOLDS, WALTON W. Business Administration QUARRIER, ELIZABETH Librarian ROLLER, P. E. Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics ROTH, C. C. History and Political Science WILHELM, HERMAN G. Biology SHURTLEFF, MARY M. Mathematics WILLIAMS, E. VIRGINIA English SHURTLEFF, OLIVER English WOLF, HENRY Music WALKER, W. H. Chemistry and Physics YOUNG, JOHN A. History Unoriat JJatl 18 orium cjCecture 20 Oreshman Ohemidry cjCab Pod Office 21 ehear3al Afa ooh Jtore 3 udent Cdouncii In addition to James Dyer, vice-president, Susan Hamilton, secretary, Glenn Smith, President, and Tom Miller, Sergeant-at-Arms, pictured above, other members of the student council for 1952 are: Charles Cleland, Betty Arthur, Alan Farley, Louise Cory, Charles Williams, Dick Evans, Jim Madison and John Casto. During the year, the Student Council sponsored a student Handbook, a Talent Show, and the World Day of Prayer ceremonies, in addition to many other outstanding campus activities. 23 24 First row: ACK, MARVIN, A. B. — Blackfriars; AN AN I A, PETE, B. S. in Secondary Education — Sigma Delta Phi, Varsity Club; ANDERSON, DALTON L., B. S. in Second- ary Education; ARNETT, BILL, B. S. in Business Administration — Kappa Sigma Kappa; ARTHUR, BETTY LOU, B. S. in Elementary Education — Alpha Mu, Choir, Panhellenic Council, Westminster Fellowship, Student Council, Who’s Who. Second row: ATKINS, GEORGE, B. S. in Business Administration; AULTZ, IRENE, B. S. in Elementary Education — Phi Lambda Tau; AYRES, LON GENE, B. S. in Secondary Education; BAILEY, ARNOLD, B. S. in Secondary Education; BENNETT, BILLIE, B. S. in Elementary Education — F. T. A. Third row: BIBBEE, EDWARD, B. S. in Secondary Education; BOGGS, LEE, B. S. in Secondary Education; BORDAS, MARY ANN, B. S. in Secondary Education — Alpha Mu, W. A. A., Newman Club, Programs Committee; BOWYER, EVERETT, B. S. in Business Administration; BOWYER, JOHN, A. B. — Wesley Foundation, Ministerial Association, Comet, Intramural Council, Who’s Who. 25 First row: BOYLES, BARBARA, B. S. in Secondary Education — Sigma Iota Chi, Black- friars; BROWN, AVERLY, B. S. in Secondary Education; BROWN, JAMES E., B. S. in Secondary Education; BROWN, LILBURN, B. S.; BUTLER, KATHRYN, B. S. in Elementary Education. Second row: CANTLEY, PANCO., B. S. in Secondary Educa- tion— Zeta Kappa; C A VENDER, GERTA, B. S. in Secondary Education; CLELAND, CHARLES L., A. B. — Chi Beta Phi, Band, Choir, Senior Class President, Who’s Who; CORKREAN, ELIZABETH ANN, B. S. in Secondary Education — Phi Kappa, W. A. A.; COSTELLO, BILL, B. S. in Secondary Education. Third row: CUMMINGS, H. M., B. S. in Business Administration; DAVIS, GERALD, A. B. — Blackfriars, Academy of Science, Alpha Psi Omega, Who’s Who; DELBART, RAYMOND, A. B.; DENT, CLAUDE, B. S. in Secondary Education — Phi Sigma Phi, Varsity Club, Vice President Senior Class, Who’s Who; DiTOSTO, EVELYN, B. S. in Elementary Education. 26 First row: DOUGLAS, GORDON, B. S. in Business Administration; DOWNEY, ROB- ERT, B. S. in Secondary Education — Phi Sigma Phi; DUFF, RUBY, B. S. in Elementary Education; ELMORE, HAROLD T., A. B. — Kappa Sigma Kappa, Ministerial Associa- tion, Student Council, Wesley Foundation, Sophomore Class President; FAIN, GOR- DON, B. S. West Virginia Academy of Science. Second row: GALLION, PERRY, B. S. in Business Administration; GIVEN, PALMA, B. S. in Elementary Education — F. T. A., Blackfriars, Ministerial Association, Alpha Psi Omega, Who’s Who; GOAD, BESSIE, A. B.; GODDARD, JAMES, B. S. in Secondary Education, Varsity Club; GREEN, GLORIA, B. S. in Business Administration — Sigma Iota Chi. Third row — HAMON, DAVID, B. S. in Secondary Education: HAMER, ROXALENA, B. S. in Secondary Education — W. A. A.; HAMILTON, SUSAN JANE, B. S. in Business Administration — Phi Kappa Kappa, Student Council, Choir, Who’s Who; HARKINS, J. T., B. S. in Secondary Education; HAYES, GEORGE F., B. S. in Business Administration. First row: HAYMAN, CAROLYN, B. S. in Elementary Education — Sigma Iota Chi; HILL, JAYNE F., B. S. in Business Administration — Zeta Mu Epsilon, Choir; HIVELY, DARELL, B. S. in Business Administration; HOFFMAN, BOB, A. B.; HOLLISTER, OSCAR D., B. S. in Secondary Education. Second row: HOWARD, JUANITA, B. S. in Elementary Education— Phi Lambda Tau, Band, Wesley Foundation; HUGHES, JOHN R., B. S. in Business Administration; HUNT, IRENE, B. S. in Elementary Education — F. T. A., Debating Club; HUMPHREYS, HUBERT, B. S.; JENNINGS, JOHN E., B. S. in Business Administration. Third row: LAMBERT, JO ANNE, A. B. — Blackfriars; LAW- RENCE, JIM, B. S. in Business Administration; LEWIS, JEANETTE, B. S. in Second- ary Education— Zeta Mu Epsilon, F. T. A.; LILLY, LUTHER, B. S.— Kappa Sigma Kappa; MARTIN, ELVIN, B. S. in Business Administration. 28 First row: MARTIN, ROY B„ B. S. in Education; MARTIN, EMMA, B. S. in Education; McCAMEY, WANDA, B. S. in Education; MOORE, JOHN W., B. S. in Business Admin- istration; MULLENS, MAVIS, B. S. in Elementary Education. Second row: PACIFICO, JOE ANGELO, B. S. in Business Administration; PAPPAS, LUKE, B. S. in Secondary Education— Kappa Sigma Kappa; PATRICK, R. C., B. S. in Secondary Education; PAULEY, JO ANN, B. S. in Secondary Education — Phi Kappa Kappa, W. A. A., Who’s Who; PHILLIPS, EDWARD, B. S. Third row: PHILLIPS, TOM, B. S. in Business Administration; PIERCE, WALLACE, B. S. in Business Administration; PILATO, RUSSELL, B. S. in Business Administration; ROUSE, FRANK J„ B. S. in Business Administration; RUBY, AMEZETA, B. S. in Elementary Education. 29 First row: RUBY, D. T., JR., B. S. in Business Administration — Kappa Sigma Kappa, F. B. L. A., Panhellenic; SAVAGE, GAY, B. S. in Secondary Education — Sigma Iota Chi, Panhellenic Council; SCHOOLFIELD, RAND, A. B. — Band, Choir, Blackfriars, Varsity Debate Team, Associate Editor of Comet, Editor of Harveyan, Westminster Fellowship, Art Guild, Academy of Science, Who’s Who; SCHULER, THOMAS WIL- BURN, A. B. — Ministerial Association, Wesley Foundation, Phi Sigma Phi, Blackfriars, Debate Club; SHAFER, MARY, A. B. — Zeta Mu Epsilon, Chi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Council, W. A. A., Academy of Science, Who’s Who. Second row: SHAFER, EMMET, B. S. in Elementary Education; SMITH, GLENN EDWARD, B. S. — Kappa Sigma Kappa, Academy of Science, Baptist Student Fellowship, Student Council, Chi Beta Phi, Student Council President, Who’s Who; SMITH, KARL, A. B. — Kappa Sigma Kappa; SMITH, STINSON, A. B.; SMITH, ERNEST, A. B. Third row: SMITH, TOM, A. B.; SPANO, JAMES, B. S. in Secondary Education — Sigma Delta Phi, Varsity Club, Who’s Who; STEALEY, GENE, B. S. in Business Administration — Zeta Kappa; SUM- MERS, WALTER, B. S. in Elementary Education; SWILLINGER, JAMES, A. B. 30 First row: SZELONSKI, IRENE, B. S. in Business Administration — Alpha Mu, Black- friars, Newman Club, Debating Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Academy of Science; THOMP- SON, LILLIAN, B. S. in Elementary Education — Alpha Mu; TOMPKINS, DAVID, B. S. in Business Administration; TOON, ALBERT W., B. S. in Business Administra- tion; TROTTER, PAUL H., B. S. — Zeta Kappa, Academy of Science. Second row: THOMAS, ANNE, B. S. in Secondary Education — Phi Kappa Kappa, W. A. A., Art Guild, Who’s Who; TURKOVICH, STEVE, A. B.; TWOHIG, DOROTHY, A. B.— Alpha Mu; VEALEY, SHERMAN, A. B.; LAWSON, BLANCHE, B. S. in Elementary Educa- tion. Third row: WALDEN, GENEVA, B. S. in Elementary Education; WAMPLER, LARRY JAMES, B. S. in Business Administration — Kappa Sigma Kappa, Newman Club; WARREN, IRENE, B. S. in Elementary Education; WASHBURN, LUCY, B. S. in Secondary Education — Sigma Iota Chi, W. A. A.; WEBB, ANNA, B. S. in Elementary Education. 31 First row: WILCOX, NORM AN EDWIN, A. B.— Zeta Kappa, Ministerial Association, Wesley Foun- dation, F. B. L. A., Associate Editor of Comet, Art Guild; WILLS, ROBERTA, B . S. in Elementary Ed- ucation; WOLF, MASON LEE, B. S. in Business Administration. Second row: WOODRUM, BOYCE, B. S. in Business Administration; WOODS, SHIR- LEY, B. S. in Elementary Education. Third row: SWARBRICK, ROBERT, A. B.— Zeta Kappa Fra- ternity, Chi Beta Phi, Academy of Science; VAN HOOSE, BLANCHE, B. S. in Elementary Education. 32 33 BACKUS, KAY BALL, ROBERT BALLARD, GENE BEAVER, FLOYD EDWARD BIAS, HENRY BLACKWOOD, MARY MARGARET CARTER, ROBERT CASDORPH, JACK CHILTON, PEGGY COCHRAN, MARY JO CORY, LOUISE CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES M. DOUGLAS, RICHARD T. DRAKE, CHARLES DULING, MARY K. 34 EAST, RICHARD EVNITZ, GAIL STUART FISHER, ARTHUR FITZWATER, BOB FONTALBERT, CLAYTON FRAME, E. O. GREEN, WALTER GREENWOOD, LAWRENCE HAMMER, BETTY HARRISON, BENJAMIN HIX, DONALD W. HORTON, MACK HUMPHREYS, J. C. ISAACS, RENNY V. JONES, HAROLD 35 JORDON, JULIUS KELLEY, BETTY BUTTS KELLEY, BILL KESSEL, NORMAN KING, PHYLLIS KOCH, JEAN ANN LARZO, RAYMOND LILLIVEG, JAMES LOVELL, JERRY LOWES, ROSS LOY, DONALD LUCAS, CHARLES LYNN, JACK MACEMORE, PEGGY MARKS, RICHARD 36 McCrary, betty MILLER. L. THOMAS MULLENS, GEORGIA NORVELL, JOHN E. PARKER, ROBERT PARKS, FRANCIS PASS, BILL PETERSEN, DON PFEFFER, GEORGE W. PHILLIPS, TED PLYBON, BETTY JO RAINES, RUSSELL H. RHODES, LOU ANN RITTER, JOHN ROBERTSON, A. R. 37 RUTROUGH, NOAH VAN ROUSH, JOAN SALISBURY, GEORGE SHANK, MARY LOU SIMMS, BETTY LEE SNYDER, ERNEST SOUTHWORTH, BETTY JANE SPRUCE, GEORGE SULLIVAN, JOHN L. SWOOPE, ROBERT THOMPSON, JOHN W. TILLY, DOUGLAS TINNEY, GENE G. TITCHER, ROBERT N. WATTS, ADA 38 First row: PURDY, MORRIS; WELLS, ROBERT; WHELPLEY, IRENE S.; WILLIAMS, JOHN. Second row: WINFREE, VIRGINIA; WOOLRIDGE, MARSHALL; YOUELL, GLENN; ZAKAIB, PAUL. 39 First row: ADAMS, MARGARET; ADKINS, WILLIAM E.; ALSPAUGH, SUE; AN- DERSON, ALICE ANN; BALSER, HENRY; CALDWELL, PAT. Second row: CAMP- BELL, DALE; CHANDLER, ROBERT; COLLINS, FLOYD; COON, KERMIT; COPEN- HAVER, JOAN; CRAGHEAD, FAITH. Third row: DAVIS, BILLIE; DAWSON, WIL- LIAM F.; DiTOSTO, MARY; DIXON, NANCY; DOUGLAS, ROBERT; EAST, DORO- THY MAE. Fourth row: EDDY, MARY; ELLARS, JIM; EPES, LOIS; ERVINE, TOM; FLESHMAN, WAYNE; GLOVER, DON. 41 First row: GRIFFITH, SOPHIA; HARPER, BETTY; HENSON, TOM; HUFFMAN, PAT; HURLEY, CAMILLE; JANOS, GEORGE. Second row: JARRELL, TOM; JOHN- SON EUNICE; JONES, BONNIE; KARNES, EUNICE; KEIFFER, JACK R.; KEN- NEDY, CAROL. Third row: KIDD, J. D.; LAZENBY, BARBARA ANN; LEURANT, ALMODIE; LEWIS, CHARLES; LITTON, JOYCE; MADDOX, CLJFTON. Fourth row: MARASA, FRANCES; McBURNEY, PATSY; McCORMICK, JOHN W.; McELDOW- NEY, PAM; McKEOWN, LEONA; MELMIGE, JIM. 42 First row: MIKELS, HARRY C.; MORGAN, WANDA; MOORE, JACK; MULLINS, HENRY; NORMAN, GENE; O’DELL, BETTY ELLEN. Second row: O’DELL, MAR- LOW; PALUMBO, MARIO; PECK, BRUCE; PICKERING, PAUL; PROPPS, RONALD; RIFFLE, KENT. Third row: SHDEED, CHARLES; SHEETS, J. R.; SHIELDS, DONNA JO; SIMMS, ROBERT R.; SKRAGGS, CHARLES; SLAVEN, JEANNE. Fourth row: SPENCER, NELSON N.; SQUIRTS, ED; THOMPSON, BETTY ANN; TURNER, GOR- DON; VARGO, JOHN W.; WALLACE, JOHN. 43 WARE, WILBUR; WASHBURN, GLORIA; WHITE, HARRIETT; WILLIAMS, CHARLES WILSON, MARY KAY; WINGETT, DONNA; WYLIE, VIRGINIA LEE 44 45 First row: ADKINS, GENE; ALLISON, ANNA DEAN; ARNOLD, JAMES; BARNES RALPH; BELL, IVA; BOSSIE, BETTY RUTH. Second row: BOWDEN, BILL; BRAM MER, ANN; BROWN, BEN; BROWN, BETTY; BUTLER, BARBARA; CARPENTER RICHARD. Third row: CHANDLER, THURMAN KEITH; CHANDLER, TOM; CON NELL, MARGARET; COOK, CHARLES E.; COTTRELL, WANDA; CUMMINGS WYONIA. Fourth row: DAVIS, ANN; DEAN, MARILYN; DEPP, NANCY; DODRILL JO ELLEN; DUNN AV ANT, PAUL; DOLIN, GUY. 46 First row: DOLIN, OWEN; DOUGHERTY, ELINOR; EDWARDS, SALLY; EVANS, ALMA; EVANS, STERLING; GROSE, JANET. Second row: HARLESS, JEAN; HART- LEY, NORMA JEAN; HAZLETT, VESTA; HEDRICK, BETTY; JACKSON, LOUISE; JAMES, RUDYARD. Third row: JONES, R. T.; JORDAN, BETTY; KING, SHERMAN; KOONTZ, BARBARA; LEE, ANNA BELLE; LEURANT, BOB. Fourth row: LIT- SINGER, KAY; LYNCH, MARY ANN; McGINNIS, HOOVER; McNEIL, JOHN; MEARNS, JAMES; MENDEL, JOAN. 47 First row: MORRISON, ALBERT; MULLENS, GENE; OLSON, BARBARA; PELL, JIMMY; PITCHFORD, JACQUELINE; PRICE, EULA. Second row: PURDY, DAVID; RAINES, ROBERT R.; ROBERTS, DORIS; RAMSEY, PAT; RYDER, JARRETT; SAGER, BOB. Third row: SCHIERMAN, THERESA; SAM- MONS, RICHARD; STEWART, WILLIAM; STONE, BETTY; STONE, JANET; THOMAS, JIM. Fourth row: TURLEY, MARY LOU; TWEEL, MARY ANN; ULLOCK, JUANITA; YOUNG, ROBERT; WESSMAN, TEKLA; WHEELER, ROGER. Fifth row: WISEMAN, BETTY; CLAY, GARNET. 48 49 50 ( niembie 51 CL Beta PL lAJedt Jircjinia Cdodecjiate ydcademij oj dddcii cience 52 foundation 53 Ylrfinisterial Association Front row: Gloria Greene, Frances Hummel, Phyllis King, Doris Ray, Hazel Koontz, Mary Duling, Nelson Spencer, Julian Jordan. Second row: Luther Koontz, Henry Mullins, Milburn Wilfong, Belford Roberts, Norman Kessel, Richard Marks, Marshall Woolridge, Jack Keiffer. Third row: Charles Key, C. R. Adams, Jr., James O. Shank, Jr., Wallace Pierce, Wil- liam Carte. Fourth row: Charles Mantle, Walton W. Reynalds, Blaine Walker, Tom Ramsey, Norman Wilcox, Wilbur Ware. 54 ( (Council The Panhellenic Council, made up of the President and an elected representative from each of the ten Greek-letter organizations and three faculty members, serves as a moderating board between the Hellenic groups. Serving as President of the Council during 1952 was John L. Sullivan, Vice- President was Gene Tinney, and Secretary-Treasurer was Lou Ann Rhodes. Faculty representatives were Evelyn Harris, Frank Krebs, and William Inghram. 55 The Alpha Mu sorority was organized at Morris Harvey College October 14, 1925 to promote friendly social relations on the campus and to develop the personalities of those within the sorority. The Alpha Mu’s started off the year with the annual “Lollypop” Welcome Day, and next came the Sadie Hawkins Day parade, with the sorority entering its characters. Christ- mas was celebrated by the sorority with a party at the Christopher Columbus Lodge. The “sweetheart couple,” Ann Davis and Andy Domitrovich, were presented at the Alpha Mu’s annual Sweetheart Swing, which was followed by the annual Fashion Tea, rush party, and pledge service. The “Sister of the Muses” closed the year with the annual Spring Formal held at the Daniel Boone Mirror Ballroom. Other activities included numerous bake sales, student mixes, and parties sponsored by the sorority’s alumni. Betty Jo Plybon, president of the sorority, was selected as “Miss Indian Summer” by the Zeta Kappa fraternity. The Alpha Mu officers are: Betty Plybon, president; Mary Ann Bordas, vice-presi- dent; Betty Hammer, secretary; Mary Jo Cochran, treasurer; Gail Evnitz, Panhellenic rep- resentative; Frances Marasa, chaplain; Virginia Williams, sponsor; Irene Szelonski, pledge master and Mary Margaret Blackwood, social chairman. Mrs. Bordas is the sorority mother, and the mascot is Kay Arthur. ALPHA MU Pat Ann Caldwell Margaret Adams Margaret Blackwood Mary Ann Bordas, V. P. Mary Jo Cochrane Lois Epes 56 Gail Evnitz Donna Jo Shields Lillian Thompson Dorothy Twohig Virginia Wylie 57 SIGMA DELTA PHI Henry Mullens, Pres. Pete Anaina Bob Carter Ralph Collins Bill Crumb Bob Fitzwater Wayne Fleshman Edward Flowers Bob Johnson Bill Kelley Jack Lynn Jim Melmige Jack Moore Maro Polumbo Frank Pauley Bill Pass George Pfeffer Bruce Pick Jim Spano Sebert Trail Wayne Thompson Sigma Delta Phi, youngest fraternity on the Morris Harvey campus, was founded in the fall of 1949. The Sigma Delts have been active in all sports, Homecoming Parade, Sadie Hawkins Day festivities, and are best known for their annual Plymouth Rock Dance during the Thanksgiving season. The Scarlet and Grey brothers strive to assist the college and the com- munity and have been instrumental in the success of many college projects. 58 PLEDGES Douglas, Baker, Ramsey, Morrison, Kessel, Buttrick, Keiffer. 59 PHI KAPPA KAPPA The Phi Kappa Kappa sorority was organized in the Fall of 1928 on the Morris Harvey Barboursville campus. Its aim is to unite young women of congenial tastes into a more in- timate fellowship. By means of this fellowship and sisterly understanding, each member is given the opportunity of broadening and enriching her life socially, intellectually, physi- cally, and spiritually. In the beginning of the Fall term the sorority changed its name from Phi Kappa Sigma to Phi Kappa Kappa. Howdy Day, an annual affair sponsored by the sorority, broke the ice after Fall regis- tration by making “howdy” the day’s official greeting. Many activities highlighted the year, such as the Sweater Swing, bake sales, Christmas Party at Hillcrest sanitorium, Twilight Tea, Hawaiian Rush party, pledge initiation and dinner, Wild West party, tea for mothers, dinner-dance, and the annual Spring formal. An active organization of energetic members, women of the Phi Kappa Kappa were represented in the cheerleaders, Comet staff, Philharmonic choir, Student Council, Pan- hellenic Council, Sadie Hawkins Day, Art Guild, Women’s Athletic Association, Black- friars, and “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.” 60 PHI SIGMA PHI Clayton Fontalbert, Pres. Gene Ballard Henry C. Bias Bob Chandler Claude Dent Bob Downey Harry Easley Charles Guthrie Ben Harrison Tom Henson George Janos Ross Lowes Cliff Maddos John Norvell Paul Pickering Tom Schuler Gene Tinney Diz Titcher Sherman Vealey Bob Wells Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity came to the Morris Harvey campus at Barboursville in 1929. Today, it is one of the most active or- ganizations on the South Ruffner campus. The organization, by uniting men students, strives to instill a spirit of campus fellowship, and promote the interests of the college. Outstanding events on the Phi Sig calendar include: The Campus Frolic, Anniversary Ball, Turkey Hop, Bunny Hop, and formals for its members and their guests during the Christmas and Spring seasons. 62 PHI LAMBDA TAU The Phi Lambda Tau sorority, which was founded in 1929 on the Morris Harvey cam- pus in Barboursville, has as its objective the improvement of the social, intellectual, and moral life of its members. This year’s activities included the sorority’s annual Candlelight Tea, the Sadie Hawkins Day dance, a Spring formal, a mother-daughter dinner, a Scotch Hop, and nu- merous parties. The Phi Lambs are represented in the Philharmonic Choir, the Comet staff, Black- friars, Association for Childhood Education, Wesley Foundation, Future Business Lead- ers of America, Women’s Athletic Association, and the Baptist Student Fellowship. 64 65 Jim Lillevig, Pres. Bill Arnett Dale Campbell Jack Casdorph Charles M. Cunningham Dick Douglas Richard East Harold Elmore Don Hix Mack Horton Luther Lilly Lowell Thomas Miller Don Petersen Harold Raines Alver Robertson D. T. Ruby Bob Sheets Glenn E. Smith Karl Smith Bob Turley Glenn Youell KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA 66 Founded in 1867 at Virginia Military Institute, the Kappa Sigma Kappa international social fraternity has a present membership of 7,000 active brothers situated in 56 chap- ters in twenty different states. Gamma chapter cele- brated its fifth birthday this year, having first appeared at Morris Harvey in February, 1947. The officers for the year included: Jim Lillevig, pres- ident; Glenn Youell, vice president; Bob Sheets, secre- tary; Bill Arnett, treasurer; Don Hix, corresponding secretary; Harold Elmore, chaplain, and Tom Miller, sergeant-at-arms. The chapter accomplished the following this year: First prize for the Sadie Hawkins Day float, second prize for the homecoming float, sponsored a Christ- mas formal dance and several stag smokers. The chapter’s basketball team played two contests against the Delta chapter located at Glenville State College. The fraternity was well represent- ed in all community service drives sponsored by the college. The chapter selected Miss Doris Ray as frater- nity sweetheart who reigned over the Spring Formal and Christmas Formal Dances. 1 67 SIGMA IOTA CHI Established in 1936 at Kanawha College, Beta Nu Chapter of Sigma Iota Chi is the oldest national soror- ity on the campus. Originally Sigma Iota Chi was established as an honor sorority in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 1903, and later became a social organiza- tion. The purpose of Sigma Iota Chi is to aid the social growth and character development of its members. To be eligible for membership it is necessary to meet all national requirements as well as those of the local Panhellenic Council. A tea for all women of the col- lege, rush parties, rituals, and a Spring hayride are annual affairs. This year’s activities will be high- lighted by a Spring formal, and the national conven- tion which will be held in Charleston with the local chapter acting as hostess. 68 Gay Savage Jerry Zoe Lovell Lucy Washburn 69 ZETA KAPPA Robert Parker, Pres. Edward Beaver Panco Cantly Tom Ervine Charles Lucas Ronald Propps Gene Stealey John Sullivan Bob Swa rbrick Bob Swoope Paul Trotter John Wallace Wilbur Ware Norman Wilcox Zeta Kappa fraternity, oldest greek-letter organization on the Morris Harvey campus, was founded in 1923 on principles of scholarship, fellowship, and high moral and social standards. For the fifth consecutive year, the Zeke’s published the annual student directory. Following a tradition of service to the college, the basketball programs for the year were furnished by the ZK’s. An “Indian Summer” Dance, the Birthday Ball, Christmas and Spring formals, and numerous other private functions comprise the year’s activities for the Zeke’s. President — Bob Parker Vice-President — Bob Swoope Secretary — Paul Trotter Treasurer — John Wallace 71 ZETA MU EPSILON Mary Shafer Peggy Chilton Mary K. Duling Dottie East Jayne Hill Jeanette Lewis Barbara Wagner The Mu Chapter of the Zeta Mu Epsilon was formally installed at Morris Harvey April 8, 1948 by Mrs. Rush D. Holt, Grand National President of the sorority. It is the youngest campus sorority. Zeta Mu’s are active in the Philharmonic Choir, Women’s Athletic Association, West Virginia Academy of Science, Chi Beta Phi, Future Business Leaders of America, New- man Club, and The Comet. The highlight of this year’s social events was a formal dance, at which members of the Gamma Chapter of the sorority from Greenbrier College were guests. The year began with a five-day camping trip on the Greenbrier River. In February, the annual Founder’s Day banquet was held, and this summer the Zeta Mu’s will attend the sorority’s biennial conclave at Tennessee Wesleyan College, Athens, Tenn. Mrs. Maud Cammack, Morris Harvey English instructor, is sponsor of the sorority. Pa- tronesses are Mrs. John Lambros, Mrs. Jo Fink, Mrs. C. J. Harris, Mrs. William Morlang, and Mrs. James G. Vandergrift. 72 73 Anania, 42; Bartges, 38; Brown, 32; Carr, 52; Dent, 14; Domitrovich, 23; Dyer, 12; Farley, 46; Ferry, 37; Fetty, 51; Folden, 15; Gurtis, 48; Haid, 45; Harless, 15; Hopkins, 36; Harper, 33; Kidd, 13; Loy, 34; Marra, 43; McCoy, 10; McGinnis, 40; Melmige, 30; Miller, 53; Morgan, 21; Owsley, 20; Payne, 25; Romine, 50; Spano, 22; Spenik, 31; Stec, 41; Vittone, 44; Wolfe, 49; Yeager, 11; Young, 35. Flowers and Kearns, Managers. Ohio University — 0-26 West Liberty — 34-0 Concord — 56-0 W. Va. Tech— 28-7 Kent State — 14-14 Marshall — 0-19 Heidelberg — 21-20 Davis-Elkins — 23-0 Camp Lejeune — 7-21 Burley Bowl (Johnson City, Tenn.) Lebanon Valley — 27-20 Won-6 — Lost-3 — Tied-1 Johnson City, Tenn. — Thanksgiving Day, 1951 — “A hard hitting team for Morris Harvey College in Charleston, W. Va. today showed its power with a 27 to 20 victory over Lebanon College of Lebanon, Penn.” TURNING POINT OF THE GAME 83 Garrett, 20; Monk, 21; Masters, 22; Green, 24; Ganim, 25; Rosen, 26; K rvzak, 27; Goddard, 28; Titcher, 29; Darby, 30; Jarrell, 31; Maxwell, 32; Palumbo, 33; Turley, 34; Carr, 35 — Radford, Manager MHC 88 Beckley College 53 MHC 72 Potomac State 59 MHC 95 Shepherd State 42 MHC 59 Loyola of Baltimore 67 MHC 46 William and Mary 94 MHC 64 . .. Glenville College 66 MHC 55 West Va. Tech 52 MHC 72 Concord College 67 MHC 49 .... Glenville College 53 MHC 78 . .. Virginia Military Inst. 55 MHC 70 ... Marshall College 85 MHC 69 Salem College 82 MHC 84 Alderson-Broaddus 74 MHC 73 Davis and Elkins 55 MHC 82 Alderson-Broaddus 55 MHC 73 W. Va. Wesleyan 60 MHC 62 Marshall College 72 MHC 66 Concord College 52 MHC 78 ... Salem College 43 MHC 69 Fairmont State 58 MHC 63 W. Va. Wesleyan 77 MHC 74 W. Va. Tech 60 MHC 65 Potomac State 63 MHC 56 West Liberty 58 MHC 72 Davis and Elkins 55 MHC 86 Fairmont State 62 State Tournament MHC 78 Fairmont State 63 MHC 84 W. Va. Wesleyan 79 MHC 57 West Liberty 73 Denotes non-conference game Won- 19 — Lost 10 84 1 lit Betty McCrary, Bob Turley, Alma Evans, Mack Horton, Eunice Johnson, and Bruce Peck 90 JoAnn Pauley, Ann Fike, Delores Braham Miller, Eunice Johnson Bob Johnson, one of many performers 91 Brite and erly on the mornin a May ninth, 1951, dere old M. H. C. had her pitchur tooken. Three fellers fum outen toward Hollywood cum up the holler wif a movin pitchur camery named Justin Herman, William Miller, and Edgar Fay, and tooken hit. Hairless Leon McCoy wuz Li’l Abner, and Baff- less Nancy Dixon wuz Daisy May. Fust thing the movin pitcher men did wuz to take pictures of the squar dance up to Coonskin Ridge, then nex day they tooken the Perade down in the city. On Friday they took all a these here now characters up tew Sunrise and take thar pic- churs up thar. Hit were quate a blowout. 92 THE CHOIR DR. RIGGLEMAN -intramural Uports CHAMPS— SIGMA DELTA PHI CHAMPS— JEEPSTERS 95 97 AND OH YES, WE EVEN HAD A FIRE! For four years now, nobody dared smoke in the old wooden buildings for fear they’d burn. So we moved out and what happens. . . . Somebody leaves a stove on and poof! 98 COMET STAFF HARVEY AN STAFF 99 to raph 101 OUR ADVERTISERS Jhe JJeart op lA elt Ji Lrcfima 102 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Another school year has come to a close and we of the Harveyan staff have tried to give to the students of Morris Harvey a review of campus activities of the past school year. In producing this yearbook many people have been of great help. We would like to thank Mr. G. C. Lazenby, our faculty advisor, for his assistance and advice. We, also, want to thank Paul Trotter, John Norvell, and Betty Stone for their services. We are grateful to Mr. John Shanklin, D. Boone Dawson, and Dr. W. W. Point and the many others who contributed to the success of this yearbook. We want to thank Betty Southworth and Mary Shafer for their typing on the Harveyan. Above all, remember the advertisers for they are the ones who made this, your yearbook, possible. Their success is also success for our yearbook in the future. Robert Swoope Business Manager SAVE SUPPLY COMPANY 22 SUMMERS STREET The Finest in Musical Instruments BAND INSTRUMENTS PIANOS Olds Cable Martin Mehlin CONNSONATA ORGANS Pedler Holton Fischer Hardman Mason and Hamlin This is a typical college student WITHROW MUSIC COMPANY 713 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST 10 3 CHARLESTON, W. VA. ANDERSONS, INC. 1500 PENNSYLVANIA • Air Ports • Crushed Stone • Driveways • Highways • Parking Lots • Tennis Courts • Free estimates on all jobs Charleston 6-3621 Parkersburg 8-4761 Clarksburg 4-5596 New Haven 57F13 The West Virginia Black Rock Co. CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS ASPHALTIC CONCRETE SALES CRUSHED LIMESTONE FOR ALL PURPOSES West Virginia State Road Commission Specifications Highways — Driveways Representing Marble-Cliff Quarries Co. Columbus, Ohio National Lime Stone Co. Findlay, Ohio B. O.-C. O.-N. Y. C. Railroad Deliveries kin 52 W CPDINC CT PLANT i HICKORY ST. LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER OFFICE ) INDUSTRIAL SIDING 104 VNEW HAVEN, STATE RT. 33 CHARLESTON, W. VA. PHONE 3-9511 PARKERSBURG, W. VA. PHONE 8-4761 CLARKSBURG, W. VA. PHONE 4-5596 NEW HAVEN, W. VA. PHONE 57F13 W. F. SHAWVER SONS, INC. 507 CAPITOL STREET WHITE ' S GARAGE GENERAL REPAIR AND WRECKER SERVICE Phone 2-8343 1016 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST PHONE 3-9486 CROWN SUPPLY COMPANY 151 MacCorkle Ave., S. W. Phone 4-9401 South Charleston KANAWHA RAIL MACHINERY CORP. Wholesale Distributors SANITATION AND CLEANING SUPPLIES PAPER PRODUCTS Charleston, W. Va. 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SPENCER MOORE CO. 118 Capitol St. (Opposite Old Post Office) TELEPHONE 2-6186 THE STORE FOR ★ College Supplies ★ Sporting Goods ★ Drafting Supplies ★ Art Materials ★ Cameras ★ Books YOUNG FLORAL COMPANY “ Quality and Service” Phone 6-5384 205 Pennsylvania Avenue CHARLESTON CLAY PRODUCTS COMPANY % “E plus the Square of what?” Modern Building Products Phe yhiilocrat of dd)airy Producti Laird Office Equipment Co. Distributors for A B Dick Duplicating Products and a Complete Line of Office Equipment and Supplies ATLAS BUILDING - CHARLESTON PHONE 6-5353 COOK DRUG COMPANY ON QUARRIER “Frankly, my dear . . STUDENTS ratulationd We were pleased to be selected as Official Photographers for the 1952 Yearbook. M Students, please note that we have on file all Negatives made for Yearbook. Duplicate Photographs may be had at any time from these Negatives at reduced prices, on file at our Capitol Street Studio. MAGGARD STUDIOS 224 Vi CAPITOL STREET— Over Newberry ' s 5 10 705 FIFE STREET— Ground Floor PHONE 3-3283 PHONE 3-1232 Elgin Watches Compliments iJimed to the Stan of Arrowood Jewelry Westvaco Chemical Division GREYHOUND TERMINAL of VISIT AT OUR FOOD MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION New Location Baldwin Supply Co. 207 VIRGINIA STREET, W. PHONE 68-2661 125 McFadden Ignition Company SMOKELESS FUEL COMPANY CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Complete Automotive Service STARTING - LIGHTING IGNITION CARBURETION • CLEVELAND • NORFOLK • CHICAGO SIMPSON FUNERAL HOME This Home dedicated to the memory of those who in eternal sleep repose herein, and is for the use and comfort of relatives and friends. 106-108 BROAD STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. 210 BROAD STREET 2-6131 J. A. (Jerry) Adams The Daniel Boone 465 ROOMS EACH WITH BATH, CIRCULATING ICE WATER AND 5-CHANNEL RADIO LOUDSPEAKER “Quality points?” Roger S. Creel - - - Managing Director STEALING THE ACT AT MORRIS HARVEY THE CHARLESTON GAZETTE 127 Bartlett Funeral Home O. D. “Toby” Chandler, Owner 24-Hour Ambulance Service REASONABLE RATES 513 TENNESSEE AVENUE PHONE 2-0181 CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA MOTOR CAR SUPPLY CO. • CHARLESTON • HUNTINGTON • BECKLEY • LEWISBURG • LOGAN • PARKERSBURG 1203 Virginia Street, East Dial 2-6121 - Hi

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