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PgT To these young men, our classmates, who gave their All in the service of our country, so that we as tree American citizens may continue our Democratic way oi life, this book is humbly dedicated. ff'-"s6"'1 GLENN ALMS IACK s. ARNETT ARDITH CR1rEs EUGENE DICK DONALD E. DICKSON IESS EsCUE FRANCIS R. ELIAS LESTER L. FAIGLEY IAMES E. FLETCHER IOHN ER1r'rs CHARLES GIVEN WILLIAM T. HICKS IOHN HUMPHREYS H RVEYA ANNUAL PUBLIBATIUN BY THE STUDENTS nr Mulmls HARVEY ENLLEGE AT EHAHLESTUN, WEST VIHBINI!-K 1949 Page T 'Q , w 5 F .4 Page Four The year 1949 saw the completion of the first of the permanent buildings on the new campus with the official opening of the new Gymnasium De- cember ll, 1948. The new gymihad an extremely successful season as the Golden Eagles of Morris Harvey came through to win the title of Con- ference Champs for 1949. . ' 1 Page Five Page Six SENIORS arf" MARY ADAMS Bachelor of Science in Social Education. Member of OES, Eta Chi Delta. THELMA OLIVER ANDERSON Bachelor of Science in Elementary History. New River State-l 930. Employed-Teacher Lincoln Grade. ' DONALD GEORGE AUER Bachelor ot Arts in Psychology. Member ot Phi Sigma Phi Frat, Pan-Hellenic Council '47, Student Council President '46. VIRGINIA BAILEY Bachelor of Arts in English. Editor of Comet 1948. KENNETH B. BALL Ba:helor in Science in Biology. Morris Harvey Choir l94l-42-43, Christian Service Club l942. Employed by C. C1 P. Telephone Co. ROBERT M. BARN ETTE Bachelor of Music. Member of ZK Fraternity. Em- ployed by Coyle Cr Richardson. KERMIT M BARNETTE Bachelor of Science in Business Management. President of Senior Class. Member of Student Council, Student Relations, Harveyan and Comet boards, Zeta Kappa Fraternity. Listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. THOMAS BATES Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Attended Greenbrier Military School. ELLEN M. BELL Bachelor of Science in History and Soc. Ed. Mem- ber of Alpha Mu Sorority . KATHLEEN BESS Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Other Colleges and year-Marshall College l927, New River State 1928-1930, W. Va. i942-l94S. JAMES G. BORDAS Bachelor of Science in. Physical Education. Guard Varsity Football '46, '47, Phys. Ed. Club '49, Mem- ber ot Newman Club '49, Varsity Club '46, '47, '48, '49, Phi Sigma Phi. Veteran-Navy, 3 years, Coxswain. JOE T. BRUMLEY Bacheloi of Science in Chemistry. Member of KSK, Chi Beta Phi. JOHN W. BREED Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Member of KSK. Other Colleges-Chicago University. JAMES W. BOWER Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa. Employed by Motor Car Supply. JACK A. BORRAR Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of TKA. Other Colleges-W. Va. University. Employed by Belle Alkali. HOWELL BROWN Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Other Col- leges-W. Va. Tech. Employed by Carbide G' Carbon, W. EARL BIRD Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Secretary-Treas- urer of Masonic Club '47-'48, 48'-'49, Vice Presi- dent Collegiate Chapter W. Va. Academy of Sci- ence. Member of Eta Chi Delta, Chi Beta Phi, 'Masonic Club, Phi Sigma Phi. WILLIAM H. BEVERLY Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Other Colleges-W. Va. University. BETTY CUNNINGHAM BEVERLY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of Sigma Iota Chi. Secretary to Athletic De- partment. DAVID G. BEVERLY Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Varsity glgub Basketball '46-'47-'48. Member of Phi Sigma I. SENIORS Page Seven SENIORS ,j" .3 Page Eight EVELYN M. BROWN Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Member of Phi Lambda Tau. LORNE W. BURTON Bachelor of Science in Sec. Science. Member of KZK. JAMES EVERETT BURNS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Accounting. WILLIAM R. CADLE Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. MARGARET CAMP Bachelor of Arts in Social' Science. Member of Phi Kappa Sig. Other Colleges-W. Va. University. DORIS ANN CAMPBELL Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Presi- dent WAA. Member of Sigma lota Chi. VIRGIL LEE CARR Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Football' EE-'46-'47, Basketball '43. Member of Phi Sigma i - HAROLD A. CARR Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Em- ployed by Morris Harvey College. MAURICE CHAPMAN Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Foot- ball '46-'47-'48. Other Colleges-Marshall Col- lege 1942. NICHOLAS CICCARELLO Bachelor of Science in Business. Employed by Na- tional Beverage Co. JESSE J. COFFMAN Bachelor of Science in History. GILBERT O. COLLEY Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Member of Accounting Society. NOBLE CONNOR Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. West Vir- ginia Academy of Science. Member of Masonic Club, ZK Zeta Kappa Frat. PATRICIA COLLINS Bachelor ot Arts in English. Member of Sigma Iota Chi. ANNA MARY CREWDSON Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Choir. Member of Phi Lambda Tau. FRANK CUNNINGHAM Bachelor of Science in Business Management.Mem- ber of Kappa Sigma Kappa. ROBERT WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. RAYMOND M. DEAN Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Other Colleges --Marshall College 1938-40, University Tennessee 1945. KATHLEEN DEVI NE Bachelor of Science in Education-History. Mem- ber of Phi Lambda Tau. CHARLES W. DeWITT Bachelor of Science in Natural Science-Pre-Med. Student Assistant Mathematics l94B, Chemistry 1948, Biology i948-49. President Morris Harvey ' College Chapter of W. Va. Academy of Science. Other Colleges-Marshall College I938-40. SENIORS y . wwf Ctiivfi in ' 1. , 944- 2 -.1 V. Page Nine Page Ten SENIORS I " f f'-- 1 , -WW' 7 ,.,, .f , E 4, GLENN E. DUDLEY Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Other Colleges-Charleston School of Commerce. JAMES DUFFY Bachelor of Science in Business. JOHN W. EAKIN, JR. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry-Mathematics. W. Va. Academy of Science, Newman Club, Eta Chi Delta. Member of Chi Beta Phi, Phi Sigma Phi. WILLIS ELKINS Bachelor of Science. EDWIN H. ELLIS Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. At- tended Marshall College. ROBERT L. FAST gafhelor of Science in Business Administration, FLORENCE FIZER Bachelor of Science. Attended Marshall College. JOSEPH M. FINERTY Bachelor of Arts in Economics. President of Morris Harvey Debate Club, President of Newman Club. HXA. Attended Saint Fidelis Seminary. ELWOOD FLEMING :Bachelor of Arts in History. Attended W. Va. Wes- eyan. ' JENNINGS FULKNIER Bachelor of Science. SENIORS RosEMoND GADD Bachelor of Arts Maior in Music. Blackfriars, i945- 47749, Choir, Harveyan '49, Attended W. Va. ' University. RICHARD GAINER Bachelor of Science in Business. Member of Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity. BRADLEY E. GEE Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Student Council '45, '46, '48, Pan-l-lellenic Coun- cil '46, '47, '48. President Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity '45, '46, '47. Who's Who '48. President Junior Class '46. Member of Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity. CHARLES Bachelor of Science in Business. i 1 1 GEORGE i WILLIAM GEORGE Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Member of ZAE. Attended Denison University. FERG GIANNAKIS Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Foot- lnall i941-42, Football i945-46-47, Basketball i946-47. TED GOFF Bachelor of Science in Business. JERRY GRAY Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics. Member of Chi Beta Phi and Masons. ROBERT GREENLEE Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity, Band 1947-485 President Pan Hellenic Council i948-49, W. Va. Academy of Science i948-49. ' THOMAS RALPH GRIFFIN Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Mem- ber of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity l947. Attended Capitol City Commercial College. Page Eleven SENIORS CLYDE B. GRIMM . Bachelor of Arts in History. Member of Zeta . Kappa fraternity. HARRY C. GUNNOE Bachelor of Science. Attended Concord College. JERRY D. GWINN Theory. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity. Attended Wake Forest KN. C.i JOHN H. HALL Bachelor of Science in Biology. Morris Harvey Chapter, W. Va. Academy of Science. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity. Attended W. Va. University. MARY LOU HALL Bachelor of Science in Biology. Member of Phi Sigma Theta. . HOWARD D. HARM'ON Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Morris Harvey Accounting Society. Attended Moor- head State Teachers College, Moorhead, Minnesota. DAVID L. HARPER Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Vice- President Sophomore Class l946, President Zeta Kappa l946, Secretary Zeta Kappa 1942, Treasurer Zeta Kappa 1946, Pan-Hellenic Representative l947. Student Council Representative 1947. JOE R. HARLESS Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. EDWARD J.- HEFFERNAN .. . A g .gi Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Mem- J A, HL- ber of Veterans' Club, Newman Club, Student f jig. 'if,:',.,:'-123 council 1947-48. Attended Castle Heights Military Q Q-if :jg 3-..?',-JZ Academy, Lebanon, Tennessee. ,',k -. f LESLIE HERNANDEZ . 1 Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Member of 1. R. C. Club, Newman Club. Member of Kappa Sigma .g ' I-1 A ,.,, . gjf Kappa fraternitif- 1 . 'Ei " may '-a.f'k:9:f:-M3153-228 . Page Twelve A " GEO. M. HICKOK Bachelor of Science in- Chemistry. Chaplain and President of Phi Sigma Phi, Student Asst. in Chemistry, Pan-Hellenic Council, Student Relations Committee, Cornet and l-larveyan Board, President of Student Council, Who's Who in American Col- leges, W. Va. Academy of Science. H C HICKS Bachelor of Science in Marketing Member of Phi Sigma Phi. Attended University of Miami, Fla. FONTAINE HIGH Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed by Kanawha County Board of Education. BILL HILL Bachelor of Science. MARY LOUISE HILL Bachelor of Science in l-listory. President of Alpha Mu Sorority i948-49, Vice-President Alpha Mu Sorority i947-48. Listed in Who's Who in America. President of Alpha Mu Sorority. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Chl Beta Phi and Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity. FRANCIS B. HOON Bachelor of Science, MARGARET FRANCES HOUSTON WILLIAM F. HILL, JR. SENIORS Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Member of Zeta Mu Epsilon. Attended Mary Washington College, Va. KERMIT E. HUNDLEY Bachelor of Science in Business. Member of Morris Harvey Accounting Society. Attended Marshall College. ALONZO JOHNSON, JR. Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Member ot Alpha Phi Omega, W. Va. Academy ot Science. Attended Mason' College of Music. Page Thirteen SENIORS QIFVM 111- A . Page Fourteen BERNARD DAVID JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Business Management. JAMES F. JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Member of ZK. THOMAS E. KELLY Bachelor of Science in Business. FRANK KELLEL, JR. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Foot- ball 1948, Physical Education Club, Varsity Club. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity. ANNE ELIZABETH KESSLER Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Presi- dent of Alpha Mu Sorority 1947-48. Member of Newman Club, Miss Morris Harvey 19495 Miss Senior Class 1949 and Miss Typical Freshman 1945, ROBERT KESSLER Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Secretary of Phi Sigma Phi and member of Newman Club. CHARLES M. KEY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of International Relations Club, Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity and President Eta Chi Delta 1948-49. Attended Duke University. KATHLEEN O. KEY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Presi- dent International Relations Club, Treasurer Phi Lambda. Member Eta Chi Delta, Women's Athletic Association, Phi Lambda, Eta Chi Delta. CHARLES W. KINDER Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. HENRY KING Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Presi- dent of F. T. A. 1947-48. 2' . .. 4 P EZ ? I8 ' N -232 A' wi-frm.: 'II' as Za WALTER lies KING, JR. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. WILLIAM H. KING Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. ALBERT DALE KISER Bachelor of Science in Social Science. Member of QGQ A. C. E. and Academy of Arts and Sciences. Treasurer of International Relations Club. CHARLES KNEis'LEY Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. RICHARD O. KNIGHT Bachelor of Arts in History. LUTHER V. KOONTZ Bachelor of Science in Business-Administration. JOHN H. LANDACRE V Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Member of Eh: Sigma Phi 1947-48-495 W. Va. Academy of cience. REBA E. LAN HAM Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Member of Inter. Relations Club and Phi Lambda Tau. JESSIE LEFTWICH 1 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. GUY M. LEONARD, JR. Bachelor of Arts in History. Attended Alderson Broaddus, W. Va. Tech. ssusuoigs Page Fifteen SENIORS BETTY JANE LILLY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Vice- President Zeta Mu Epsilon Sorority 19485 President Zeta Mu Epsilon 1948-495 and Secretary of Black- triars 1948-49. ROBERT G. LYNCH Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Member of Zeta Kappa Fraternity. ,Q S. 'gf i ' - .H-.-.1,.-.,., . , EDWIN LYTTON Bachelor of Science in Business Management. ROBERT L. McCALLISTER Bachelor of 'Science in Business Management. LYNN G. MclLAUGHl.,lN Bachelor of Science in Chemistryf Attended Fair- mont State, W. Va. BYRON E MCNEELY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Presi- dent F. T. A. 1947-48 and member of Phi Sigma i. Page Sixteen i HAROLD L. McOSKER Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Mem- ber Newman Club. Attended Northeastern U, ' ROBERT E. MADDOX Bachelor ot Science in Business-Accounting. CHARLES R. MALONEY Bachelor of Science in Biology iPre. Med.l JoHN w. MARSHALL' Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. DIZNIUKD BASIL MATTHEWS Major in Economics Masonic Club. CLARENCE E. METZ Bachelor of Science in Education. ZK, Masonic Club HARLAN C MILLER Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Z i, W . Q WALTER L. Moons, JR. ,- Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- "'1'2 . , L,, ber Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity I947-48, W. , .3 I' " Ya. Academy of Science, College Band, Kappa ' Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Attended Glenville State kj '- College. MARJORIE ANN BAILEY Bachelor of Science, DORIS L MOSES Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education- History. Member Blackfriars 1947-48-49, Inter- national Relatcns Club i947-48, Comet Staff i948-49. LOUIE G. MULLINS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Veterans' Club l946, Basketball i946-47. Mem- ber Phi Sigma Phi. PAUL E. MURRAY Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Member of Newman Club, Zeta Kappa. LLOYD PARKINS Bachelor of Science MERIL E PEAK Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Member of new-ww""'f 1 Sigma Chi Fraternity. Attended Danville, Ky. Page Seventeen SENIORS . MRS. FLORENCE E. CYRUS Bachelor of Science in Business Education. At- tended Marshall College and is employed by the Kanawha Board of Education. ROBERT E. PEAK Bachelor of Science in History. GLORIA M. PEEK Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Member Phi Lambda Tau. 40' WILLIAM R. PEERY Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Secretary ZK Fraternity 1948-49, Veterans' Club, President Art Guild i947-48, member Harveyan Staff i947- 48 and 1948-49, ZK Art Guild, Student Forum, General Programs Committee i948-49, Student Council i948-49. Charter member W. Va. Academy of Science, Blackfriars. ' JOHN F. PIERSON Bachelor of Science in Music, Choir 3 semesters, Band 3 years. Student Director of Band i948-49. JOSEPH L. POTTER Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. ROBERT L. PRUETT Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. BOB RATLIFF Bachelor of Science in Marketing. PAUL K. REED Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Member of Masonic Club i948-49. REASON F. REXROAD Bachelor of Science in Business. Morris Harvey Accounting Society. Page Eighteen , SENIORS DARREL L. RILEY Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Comet Staff 1942-43,' IRC 1948-49, W. Va. Academy of Science 1948-49, Secretary-Treasurer Student Council 1949, Vice-President Senior Class 1948, President Senior Class 1949. Member Phi Sigma Phi, Eta Chi Delta. JAMES N. ROARK Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Ma- sonic Club, Chi Beta Phi. SAMUEL P. ROBINSON Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Accounting Society. JAMES R. SAMPLES Bachelor of Arts in Economics. JOHN C. SAULTON Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. QUENTIN V. SCIPIO Bachelor of Science in Business Management. HELEN R. SCOTT Bachelor of Science in History. Member ot Sigma lota Chi. 1 EDMUND C. SETTLE Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Ma- sonic Club, Academy of Science. Attended Con- cord, Marshall. JULIETTE M. SHAHEEN Bachelor of Science in Education, Shu-il-Bir. At- tended La Cross State Teachers College. JOSEPH T. SHANK Bachelor ot Science in Chemistry and Mathematics. Page Nineteen SENIORS qw- W Page Twenty JAMES A. SHEA Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. HARVEY M. SHREVE Bachelor of Science in Business. Bachelor of Science in Business. .Golf Team l949. Member of Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity. HERBERT G. SIBLEY Bachelor of Science. Attended Allegheny, Ohio State. Bachelor of Science MARY LOU SNIDER MARY KAY SMITH in Business Administration. Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Ma- jor in Music. Member of Pi Beta Phi, National Sorority, and W. A. A. Member of Choir and Vice-President of Senior Class. JOSEPH S. SOTA Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Member Ma- sons, Accounting Society, American Legion. At- tended New River State, Concord College. AN NABELLE STEPHENS Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Vice- President Alpha Mu Sorority Bachelor of Science CAROLINE E. SMITH and member of FTA. ROBERT R. STEPHENS in Business Administration. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Attended Univer- sity of Michigan. Bachelor of Science MARY FRANCES SMITH in History. Member Alpha Mu. Attended Southern Seminary and Junior College. , i i i , i l l l i -l SENIORS CHARLES GENE SUMMERS Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics. W. Va. Academy of Science. Member of Eta Chi Delta and Chi Beta Phi. VICTOR M. TAYLOR Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Social Science. W. Va. Academy of Science. WILDA THAXTON Bachelor of Arts in History, Morris Harvey Phil- harmonic Choir. Attended Marshall College. IRENE J. THOMAS Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Member ot ACE Club and Alpha Mu. ROBERT R. THOMAS Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. At- tended Concord, Bluefield College. MELISSA GENEVIEVE STOOLFIRE Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies. Attended Beth- any, Washington Seminary. GLENN E. THOMPSON, JR. helor of Arts in Sociolo Member of Kappa Bac gy. . . Sigma Kappa Fraternity, Ministerial Association, West Virginia Academy of Science, Kappa Sigma Kappa. Attended W. Va. University. ALBERT VIGADI Bachelor of Science in Accounting. CLARICE R. VINEYARD Bachelor of Science. Member of CTA, SEA, NEA. Bachelor ot Science. HARRY B. WAGNER Page Twenty-one SENIORS 1 WALTER o PAULEY 5 Bachelor of Science in Art. ARNOLD Q. WILEY Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting. Member of Zeta Kappa Fraternity. J. E. WINKLER Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. ROBERT C. WHITE Bachelor of Science In Business Administration. GENEVIEVE WOLFE Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mem- ber Choir 3, 4, F. T. A., H. S, visitation. JOSEPH M. ZEGEER Bachelor of Science In Business Administration. Member of Masonic Club. Page Twenty-two LAWRENCE J. ZONTINI Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Physical Education. Football 1947. Attended Uni- versity of Tennessee. Nm ZLQQJLQZQ Kwdffm Miss ser-non 1411! G dc! g . The Art Guild was organized in September, l94l, by twenty Art Students of Morris Harvey College. lt is an organization for the purpose of providing an opportunity for students interested in art, who wish to do creative work outside of classes, to have the benefit of meeting regularly as a group to sketch, model, or paint, and to carry out projects in the field of art, The organization aims also to make those around it art conscious through student exhibits, demonstrations, -lectures, and exhibits from outside the school. A further objective is to provide an art scholarship or loan fund for an interested, talented student desiring to study art at Morris Harvey College. This year's program has included exhibits and demonstrations in silk screening, jewelry making, finger painting, ceramics textile .painting and a lecture by an architect. OFFICERS Clyde Grimm, President Bill Griffith, Vice President Mary Rexroad, Secretary Fay Tyree, Treasurer Raymond Sullivan, Program Chairman Lucina Keane, Faculty Advisor e Twenty-four Page Twenty-fave FACULTY LEONARD RIGGLEMAN A.M., D.D., LL.D. President and Professor of Religion. EMI LY K. OLMSTEAD A.M. Dean of Women and Pro- fessor of Sociology and Religion. T. C. ADAMS B.D. Professor of Religion. WILLIAM G. BOWLING Graduate Assistant in Chemistry. MAUD HULL CAMMACK A.M. Assistant Professor of English. Page Twenty-six A. C. BLACKWELL A.M., D.Sc. Vice-president, Dean of Men and Professor of Chemistry. MARSHALL L. BUCKALEW A.M., LL.B. Business Manager and Treasurer, Professor of Business Administration. THOR J. BECK Ph.D. Professor of Modern Lan- guages. RALPH J. BRABBAN A.M. Associate Professor of Edu- cation. VIRGINIA DUFFIELD EI.Ed. Assistant Professor of Edu- cation. DORTHA BAILEY DOOLITTLE M.S. Associate Professor of Chem- istry. HAROLD W. EWING M.Mus. Professor of Music, ANN LOU ESTILL B.M. lnstructor in Piano. FRANK HALL A.M. Assistant Professor of Edu- cation and Psychology. EVELYN .L. K. HARRIS A.M. Associate Professor of His- tory and Political Science. FAC U LTY ROBERT W.. DORSEY M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration and Economics. LLOYD ERHARD, JR. A.M. Instructor in Business Ad- ministration. T. F. GOLDTHORPE M.B.A. Professor of Business Ad- ministration. W, C. HALL M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology. COLEMAN J. HARRlS Ph.D. Professor of Biology. Page Twenty-seven FACULTY ALICE HAWORTH A.M. Instructor in Physical Educa- tion. LUCINA KEANE A.M. Assistant Professor of Art. MRS. HAZEL B. KOONTZ A.M. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration and Secretarial Science. GEORGE C. LAZENBY M.S. Assistant Professor of Chem- istry. GERTRUDE I. MCCAIN Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics. Page Twenty-eight JAMES H. HERRING A.B. Instructor in Journalism. JOHN W. KLINE A.M. Assistant Professor of Music ROBERT LAW LASLEY Ph.D. Professor of English. C. FRANK LEPAGE B.B.A. Instructor in Business Ad- ministration. M. PJ. McDERMOTT Ed.M. Assistant Professor of Math- ematics and Natural Science. JEAN MALON EY A.M. Assistant Professor of English. FRIEDA K. MERRY Ph.D. Professor of Psychology. C. T. MILLER, JR. B.D. Assistant Professor of Re- ligion. MARGUERITE PALMER A M.Mus. Instructor in Music. JOHN A. YOUNG A,B. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. FAC U LTY HENRY B. MARTZ M.S. Assistant Professor of Educa- tion, History and Sociology. RALPH V. MERRY Ed.D. Professor of Psychology and Philosophy. WILLIAM MORLANG B.S. in Education. Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration. WALTON W. REYNOLDS A.M., C.P.A. Professor of Business Administration and Economics. FAYELDA BRUA BS. Assistant in Biology. Page Twenty-nine FACULTY Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. , OLIVER SHURTLEFF A.M. Assistant Professor of English, Speech and Ecjucation. WALTER HAMILTON WALKER Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Physics. ' WOODROW WILSON I B.B.A. Instructor in Business Ad- ministration. C. T. MILLER,'JR. . B.D. Instructor in Religion. Page Thirty CLARENCE E. ROTHN- A.M. Professor of History and Po Iitical Science. - MARY SHURTLEFF A.M. Assistant Professor of Math ematics and Education. ' VIRGINIA WILLIAMS A.M. Professor of English. HENRY WOLF A.M. Assistant Professor of Music J. R. MULHOLLAN D sM.S. Instructor in Mathematics. ELBERT W. OCKERMAN I A.M. Director of Admissionsand Associate Professor of History and Political Science. ROBERT L, BAYLOUS M.S. Associate Professor of Physical Education. ROTHA B. STRICKLAND M.S.' Instructor in Mathematics. FRANK A, BLACK A.M. Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Athletic Business Manager. ARRY M. BRAWLEY Q A.M. Associate Professor of Eco- nomics and Political Science.. , -. ,A,sQ. ,Will - .. nk. ' A . , - , , . . 1. A " :Ezi- .tv .. --. S, if FACU LTY VERLIN ADAMS . . A.B. Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Assistant Coach. . ,LEON SAYRE MCDANIEL Ed.D. Professor of Social Psychology. ESTELLA W. MEEKER A.M. -Instructor in English. , JULIAN SPENCER Instructor in Music. C. E. KING . A.M. Athletic Director, Coach, and Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation. X Page Thirty-one ghd MRS. DARYL BAKER Bursar. NORA CROUCH Assistant Bursar. JAMES FINK . Superintendent ot Buildings and Grounds. S. C. GROSE Page Thirty-two Chemistry Stock Room. FRANK KOVACH Assistant Coach. ENID L. CRAWFORD Switchboard. BETTY oAvis Secretary to Director of Veterans Affairs. JOSEPHINE W. FINK Assistant Manager ot Bookstore. EVERETTE HARTSHORN Manager Cafeteria. GERALDINE LANDACRE Assistant to Bursar. ELIZABETH QUARRIER Librarian. Q MRS. MARY F. STOUT College Secretary. KATHLEEN WATTERS Assistant to the Bursar. . STAFF KATHERINE ROSE PHYLLIS THUMM Registrar. JUNE WELLS .Secretary to Registrar. REBECCA BALDOCK KELLY Acting Director of Admissions Secretary to the Dean. Page Thirty-three 1. Who's afraid of the Wolf Gal? Yum! 2. Well, we don't see much dancin'. V 3. Boys, you don't look aIarmed- 4. X marks the spot. 5. Potpurri of feminine pulchritude, sweet music, Hah! 6. Press Car. You can usually see it, incognito on 22nd St. 7. These gals are acting hard to get. 8. Country come to Capitol St. 9. Who 'zat tryin' to catch up? 10. How did they get in there? 11. You can still see the spot. 12. "Frankenstein meets the Wolfman," featuring Dracula G' Mortimer Snerd. 13. "And the masses cheered . . ." 14. PRIZE WINNERS! 15. What was he Lonesome for? 16. They've made it a science, yet! 17. Home to Mammy. Page Thirty-tive Page Thirty-six JUNIORS i 1 FIRST ROW: Donald Aaron, Carl Adams, Tom Adams, Grace Aitken, Ruth Ellen Aitken. SECOND ROW:4John J. Alessandrini, George Allen, Gene Anderson, H. R. Amick, John Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Alvin Bail, Jr., Patty Bennett, Virginia Bibbee, Frank Bloss, Bill Bordas. FOURTH ROW: Rudy Brockhott, Lorene Candor, Melvin S. Burka,' Robert F. Cantrell, Joseph Carr. FIFTH ROW: Ruby Carr, George Casey, Thelma Cerutti, Joe Christian, Jr., Fanny Costello. JUNIORS l 4 1 FIRST ROW: Bill Cox, William Craigo, Clarence Cross, Loran Crum, Melvin E. Davis. SECOND ROW: Perry B. DeBord, Chesler Derrick, Jack Donahue, Wayne Douglas, Robert V. Ellis. THIRD ROW: Quinwood Farren, Jr., Marvin Frame, Ralph M. Gallagher, L. D. Gallion. Perry Gallion. FOURTH ROW: Imogene Given, Joyce Golden, Delmar Good, Jerome Goodman, Charles Gregg. FIFTH ROW: Robert L. Gresham, Boyce Griffith, Rufh Grimm, Shirley Hale, Roberl' Holsfon. Page Thirty-seven JUNIORS Page Thirty-eight FIRST ROW: Elaine Hamilton, Betty Hickok, B. F. Holstein, John C. Houchins, Clyde Huff. SECOND ROW: H. Howard Hyre, Jr., Walter Kackowski, Helen L. Kauffman, Karl Kessel, George King. THIRD ROW: Virgil B. Kirk, Mrs. C. W. Lawson, Robert Layer, Alfred A. Lilly, Jr., Howard Lowery. FOURTH ROW: Cecil MacDonald, Ann McConihay, Charles McNul'l', Jean Mahan, Ralph Malus. FIFTH ROW: Sonny Moran, Lionel R. Morris, Bill Morton, Albert Miller, Mavis Mullins. JUNIORS I I I FIRST ROW: George Noels, Manuel Pappas, Janet Parkins, Carolyn Patton, Ed Peters. SECOND ROW: John Priestly, William E. Rader, Augustus C. Radford, Dale Raines, Edmond Rhodes. THIRD ROW: Casto Rockwood, Dave Rollyson, Earl Ross, Betty Rywant, Dale Salamie, FOURTH ROW: Don Salamie, Robert L. Sarver, Lee F. Sayre, John Shultz, D. L. Stealey. FIFTH ROW: Keno Smith, James W. Snyder, J. W. Spears, JoAnn Stalnaker, Grover J. Stein. Page Thirty-nine Page Forty JUNIORS FIRST ROW: S. R. Slrum, William Styles, William H. Sweet, John L. Swisher, Naomi Thabel. SECOND ROW: Iris B. Turnbull, Dana Wallace, Raye White, Agatha Whilrighl, Jack Wilcox. THIRD ROW: Milburn Wilfong, Owen J. Wood, Betty Lee Wooddell, W. B. Workman, Clyde Love. b li .QI M .. . -f.f"'7"-vgf'3y"' I . Ifi,1 Y P Q Q' :HX 31 The Morris Harvey Philharmonic Choir, under the direction of Harold W. Ewing, made frequent appear- ances before local civic groups, and at school assemblies throughout Kanawha County during the college year. Numbered among the performances have been programs at the State convention of Rebeccahs and Odd Fellows, the State Convention of the King's Daughters, the State convention of PTA, and the State convention of the Women's Society of Christian Service. H MORRIS HARVEY PHILHARMONIC CHCIR l P ge Forty-four ,Il The Choir, augmented by former Choir members, presented Handel's "Messiah" before a large audience at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium during the Christmas season. Two students and three local artists sang the solo parts. A twenty-piece orchestra and organ furnished the accompaniment. This included members of the Morris Harvey faculty and student body. The Annual Spring Choir tour in April included concerts at Clendenin, Weston, Grafton, Kingwood, Wheeling and Spencer. Assembly programs were given at various high schools en routef in if H SOPRANOS: Betty Arthur, Shirley Bowman, Anna Mary Crewdson, Betty Jo Johnson, Margaret McClure, Barbara Rhodes, Jo Anne Schuler, Mary Lou Simmons, Mary Lou Snyder, Doris Thumm, Nelle Webster, Genevieve Wolfe. TENORS: Bob Fast, Jerry Gwinn, James Hughes, Myron Hundley, James Jarvis, Richard Knight, James Larson, George Plybon, Dave Samms, James Wallace. ALTOS: Grace Aitken, Fanny Costello, Helen Davis, Kath- leen Devine, Rosemond Gadd, Sue Hamilton, Rosemary Reed, Eloise Riley, Suzanne Taylor, Betty Jo Walters, Altreda Ward. BASS: Thomas Adams, William Adams, John Breed, William Cox, Roy Ellison, Joe Ervin, Jack Fleck, George Frazier, Alonzo Johnson, Joe Harless, Marshall Miller, Rand Schooltield, Oliver Worley. OFFICERS: President, Richard Knight, Vice-president, Mary Lou Snyder, Secretary-Treasurer, Anna Mary Crewdsonp Librarian, James Wallace: Business Manager, George Frazier. gggywswwsw Page Forty-tive MISS ZETA Forty-six KAPPA fa WGQMM Page Forty-seven Page Forty-eight SOPHOMORES T E v r FIRST ROW: Tom Adams, Wm. Adams, Wesley Aitken, Charles Allinder, Muff Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Victor Bardwell, Wilma Bays, Robert C. Becher, Claude Bettinger, Edward Bibble. THIRD ROW: Wm. Bird, Jewel Blake, Tom Bossie, Shirley Bowman, Wm. H. Burriss, FOURTH ROW: John Burton, Martha Burton, Jim Byrd, Tom B. Cannady, Richard Casio. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Chidesten Evelyn Ciccarello, David Cleland, Elizabeth Ann Cook, Wanda Countz. , SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Dick Crewdson, Lewis C. Crawford, Charles Crutchfield, Amory Dawson, Helen Davis. SECOND ROW: William F. Daugherty, James Davis, Bob Dawson, Jo Ann Dillion, Evelyn Dollenmayer. THIRD ROW: Jane Duff, John Abla, Robert L. Eagen, Patricia Sue Edwards, Dorothy Forline. FOURTH ROW: J. Fowler, Norma June Francis, George Frasier, Jack Gay, John H. Gentry. FIFTH ROW: Jane Goff, William Griffith, Dick Geissinger, Charles Hagerman, Donald Hamilton. Page Forty-nine Page Fifty SOPHOMORES , i. - T r i I FIRST ROW: Wm. Hamrick, Clelus B. Hanley, Betty Hickok, Edward l-liss, Roxalena Hissom. SECOND 'ROW: Huward Honaker, John Houchins, Henrv Hoy, Alfred lgo, Wm. S. James. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Jarrett, R. B. Javins, Betty Jo Johnsqn, James Karr, Rex Keener. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Kelly, Bill King, D. Ruggles King, Wm. H. King, John Knapp. FIFTH ROW: Virginia Koch, Robt. L. LaFon, Edgar Lambey, Betty Lambert, Ernest Larmoyeaux. SOPHOMO W0-Q 1 1 JN 'gi-'LTP-. gg T ,jf h E i 5 ,, FlRST ROW: Jerry C. Leffel, Thomas Legg, Nazza Lewis, Wm. Long, Fred Marshall. SECOND ROW: Margaret McClure, J. E. McCormick, Betty Jo McGrew, Sam McGrew, James Mclntyre. THIRD ROW: Jack Michael, Freda Mick, Edward Medzarentz, Glenn Milam Al Miller. FOURTH ROW: Marshall Miller, Keith Ann Moore, Ed. Moran, Ella Neal, James H. Nelson. FIFTH ROW: Rudolph Nobel. Russell Norman, Margaret Parrish, Bob Pauley, Glenn Pauley. RES Page Fifty-one Page Fifty-two SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Theodore Phillips, Lila Pierce. Harold Prather, W. A. Redd, Eloise K. Riley. SECOND ROW: Edward Riordan, Elaine ROH1, Frank J- ROUSGI Jack 5CI1eil'rfl8mM8l'9Uel'if2 Schoonover. THIRD ROW: Torn Schuler, James Sheehy, Earl Shelton, Jr., Carbon Siberg, Ed. Sipe. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Taylor, Berry Thomas, Charles Thompson, Doris Thumm, Alfred Trapaso. FIFTH ROW: Bob Pauley, Jimmie Wallace, Betty Walters, W. K. Wayne, Doris Nelle Websler. SOPHOMORES - x FIRST ROW: Chas. B. West, Wm. P. White, Johnnie Whiting, Stuart Williamson, Jr., Creed Wood. SECOND ROW: Boyce C. Woodrum, Wm. F. Work, Georgette Zakaib, Joanne Zuhars. Page Fifty-three MAJORETTES Anna Marie Fitzgerald, Edna Bott, Virginia Sittig, Betty Gay Russefl, Rosemary Moore, and Juanita Howard. Fifty-four , T." ' F' ' , A., -v ' - 5 PQW' JWMQI' viii? '1 1 41, 5525 ' , . , . " ' .2i,.5?'f-'T C11- : r::: ::1:'I-5-f 3' V " QM Nan Waww Miss soPHoMoRE q-..h.e. Co SPORTSWRITER "BILL" BIBB EDITOR "ED" PETERS BUSINESS MANAGER THABET A comet, according to Webster, is "a luminous heavenly body, generally irregular in form, often having a long nebulous train, or tail, and following an orbit about the sun." His definition is at least partly correct when extended to include the Morris Harvey Comet, "For 27 years the Students' Newspaper," as it says in the masthead. ' Being a "luminous" body, it shed some light on activities about the college lthe staff hopesi. Perhaps that illumination varied from a faint glow to an arc-lamp intensity, but no matter how dim at times, the beacon was there. Irregular? Why, Mr. Webster, how you talk! lt was as true to its "orbit about the sun" as old mother earth herself. Almost. Though oftimes having to resort to the Encyclopedia Brittanica for copy, its five column tabloid size sheets always managed to be filled with something. Students read it . . . and liked it. That was the payoff for the -cluster of young journalistic hopefuls who slaved over a hot typewriter by the light of a midnight candle lburning at' both endsl. lt was always a happy occa- sion, that day every other Friday, when stacks of black on white were ceremoniously dumped at points about the campus. But then the worries began anew. lssue number one was completed and the deadline for number two reared its menacing head, Number two finished, number three full of blank space eager to be filled. And so on ad in- finitum . . . ad infinitum seventeen times, anyway. Red-haired, urbane Virginia Bailey steered the minute heavenly body through the first semester of newspaper firmament, assisted by Associate Editor Ralph Lemon, Business Manager Naomi Thabet, and occasional skirmishes down the roada piece toward the heart of downtown you know where. Staffers were: Neil Boggs, Feature Editor, Ed Rowan, Sports Editor, Doris Moses, Circulation Manager, Bud Metz, Advertising Manager. Reporters and assistants were: Skip Johnson, Charles Wray, Pat Collins, Jerry Braden, Marguerite Schoonover Hubbard, Jim Mclntyre, and Evelyn Ciccarello. Lorene Candor replaced Ralph Lemon as Associate Editor toward the end of the semester's skirmish. When the smoke had cleared from the ivy covered barracks at the close of the first semester, the lineup was changed. The Comet's own mother would still recognize its scion from the "gluttons for punishment" carried over through the trials of semester examinations, but several new faces added to the general hub-bub. L. E. tEdi Peters, Jr., who absconded from West Virginia University with several introductory journalism courses, was appointed to fill the driver's seat on the Comet's firey tail. Naomi Thabet continued to hold up the business end and R. R. Schoolfield was Associate Editor. A. E. tBilll Bibb, fresh from the army and the Miami Herald, scattered colorful lingo to the four winds in his much read sports section. He also served in the new position of Managing Editor at the semester's halfway mark. Others helping out in the Comet year's second wind were: Toni Suppa, Women's Sports, Shawkey Saba, Ar- tist and Columnist, Phyllis Jarrett and Ann Thomas, Circulation, Barbara Wagner, Exchange. Long-suffering reporters and assistants were . Jerry Braden, Bill Cox, Shirley Hale, Lorene Candor, John Bowyer, Anne Kessler, Kent Bryant, O. R. Bush, Jerry Davis, Doris Moses, Joan Billingsly, Betty Puckett. Frequent contributors were: Marshall Miller and Charlie Kneisley. - U Publishing a paper is always a task that seems more glamorous and satisfying in retrospect-when one can sit back and view the year as a whole, not having the dread apparition named "deadline" constantly hanging over his head. When the frantic haste and hundred headaches are history. Then's when we of the staff reminisce with words like "lt's been fun," and "Remember when .... " As to the success of our efforts, we have only to say two words. We tried. The finest tribute you. who were here can pay is in the form of two other words-"They tried." Page Fifty-six Page Fifty-seven FRESHMEN Page Fifty-eight I I , I' I I I 5 FIRST ROW: Louis A. Aitken, Doris Allen, Pete Anania, Hearl Anderson, Betty Lou Arthur. SECOND ROW: Bernard Ashley, Irene Aultz, Mary Lou Barker, Rose Evelyn Barnette, Charlene Biagi. THIRD ROW: A. B. Bibb, Joan Billingsley, Darrel Booth, Mary Ann Bordas, Julie Ann Bouldin. FOURTH ROW: John Bowyer, Rosemary Boyd, Jerry Braden, Neil Brake, Lorraine Brakscome. FIFTH ROW: Ray Brown, Cavin Broyles, Betty Puckett, James Buckner, Helen Burtord. ' 1 Q 5 I . 1.1 I I I FRESHMEN 1 I Q I I?" mn ... FIRST ROW: Catherine Bufferworfh, John Cadle, Joan Caldwell, Jim Calverf, Joseph H. Campbell. SECOND ROW: Lynn Campbell, Shirley Campbell, William Chambers, Charles Chandler, Rosemary Childers. THIRD ROW: Rosana Childress, Ted Clendennin, Charles Cleland, Anita Cogan, Calvin Cook. FOURTH ROW: George W. Coulter, Dorothy Cox, Clarence Cunningham, Clara Currence, Robert E. Dalton. FIFTH ROW: Gerald Davis, Martha Davis, Robert E. Douglas, Wm. Draper, Virginia Dumont. Page Fifty-nine Page Sixty FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: William Elkins, Harold T. Elmore, H. L. Elliott, Jr., Charles Evans, Bennie Feather. SECOND ROW: Anna Marie Fitz- gerald, Jack L. Fleck, R. Clayton Fontalbert, Robert Forren, Emory E. Frame. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Frazier, James E. Free, Isaac Ganim, Jim Gay, Palma Given, FOURTH ROW: David Griffith, Sue Hamilton, David Hamon, Jr., Phil J. Hamrich, Jack Hast- ings. FIFTH ROW: Bruce E. Henson, Charles Herald, Ermel E. Herold, Edsel Hill, Goldie Hodges. FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Doyle Hollister, Juanita Howard, Thomas M. Howery, Richard H. Huff, Mary Hunt. SECOND ROW: Gene ldleman, Wade H. Ingraham, Iris Jimison, Bill Johnson, Matthew Justice. THIRD ROW: Gene Kirk, James Lawrence, Geo. McCaIIister, Wm. A. McCain, Earl McCune. FOURTH ROW: Lorna McDaniel, Milburn McGinniss, Richard D. McKenzie, Rosalie Melton, P. S. lStevel Meredith. FIFTH ROW: Collette Moore, John W. Neil, Russell Patrick, Wm. O. Patrick, Lovell Pauley. Page Sixty-one FRESHMEN Page Sixty-vwo FIRST ROW: Easley Perry, Emmett A. Petry, Ed. Phillips, Virginia Phillips, Lucas Popas. SECOND ROW: Betty Puckett, Barbara Rhodes, Dallas Roberts, John Robertson, Richard Richardson. THIRD ROW: Betty Russell, Alice St. John, Shawkev Saba, Rand Sqhoolfield, Joanne Schuler. FOURTH ROW: Claude Seacrist, Robert Sergent, John Shackelford, Robert Shafer Bobbie Lee Sh amblin. FIFTH ROW: Mary Lou Simmons, Helen Sirbough, Charles Siska, Elmer Skiles, Robert Slater. I 1 I FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Bobbie Smith, Glenn Smith, Martha Smith, Charles R. Smoot, Mrs. Margaret Speray. SECOND ROW: Martin R. Speray, Donald L. Springer, Gene Stealey, Eugene Stewart, James Stone. THIRD ROW: Toni Suppa, Vernon Surface, John Sutherland, Irene Szelonaki, James Tarrou. FOURTH ROW: Dolorei Tennant, Grover Thomas, Irene Thomas, David Tompkins, Paul Tope. FIFTH ROW: Paul Trotter, Reese H. Tucker, Steve Turkuvitch, Faye Tyree, Jack Underwood. Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-four FRESHMEN I I I I I FIRST ROW: Sherman Vealey, Barbara Wagner, Jim Wagner, E. Alfred Ward, Lucy Washburn. SECOND ROW: Dolores Wegmann Mondell White, Norman Wilcox, Earl L. Williams, Wm. G. Williams. THIRD ROW: David Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jr., Shirley Woods Ann Bruce Wray. MAMMY, PAPPY, MOONBEAM AND DOG PATCHERS 1" 1 If me ,Q ,. V , A a ff x .ff " V ,U 425 3? iai' -'J vu' .2 V .ff ,a 4 , 'A :: , ,,1-,,Q--H57 . ' , I -- ' , wT',.Z!'.3,fL 'f Z3 rem, ' ' 'fzzsg Special Slucfenh Page Sixty-six FIRST ROW: Price T. Ballard, Otis F. Cavendish, Jr., Duame K. Chapman, James Coleman, John Cronin. SECOND ROW: Helen G Davis, Devard H. Estep, George Ferrell, Forest J. Grant, June E. Hammonds. THIRD ROW: Thelma Leftwich, Robert 5. Lanterman J. E. McMillion, Jimmie L. Mangus, Geraldine Nester. FOURTH ROW: William H. Oettinger, Wilson Schoonover, Luther W. Shu- mate, Bonnie Smith, Gerald V. Wootton. FIFTH ROW: Pauline Worllidge. N ggwggm Kaya Miss MORRIS HARVEY Page Sixty-seven nun QQ 4 A - A . .-355 QM' . 5 vi y 457lj,.L5Q CDKDFKZQK- UW ALL INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PICTURES COMPLIMENTS OF AIVIOUNTAIN STATE STUDIOS, CHARLESTON, VV. VA. Page Sixty-nine Seventy ZETA, KAPPA, , - :sf :1:',.,,-' i Q sf F s s K Xi N . Q X '1'1 W S i"' 1-a 3 ' President Zeta Kappa, the oldest of Morris l-larvey's Greek Letter Organizations, was founded March i4, l923, by six students in Old Billingsley Hall at Barboursville, W. Va. The Fraternity was called Kappa Kappa when first formed and later changed to Beta Kappa. November 30, i928, active and alumni members gathered in l-luntington, W. Va., for the first National Convention. They changed the name to Zeta Kappa, formed the Grand Chapter and declared the organization national. The Fraternity is founded upon scholarship, fellowship and high moral and social standards. The Student Directory, one of the Fraternity's outstanding contribu- tions to Morris I-larvey, was published for the second consecutive year. The information for the Directory is compiled by the Fraternity members and the cost of publication is defrayed by advertisers. Outstanding social functions of the Fraternity are Christmas Formal, Birthday Ball and Spring Formal. At the Birthday Ball this year, Miss Betty Jo McGrew was named Sweatheart of Zeta Kappa. FIRST ROW: Chester Derrick, Bill Peery, Arnold Wiley, James Kelly, Lloyd Kelly. SECOND ROW: Don Aaron, Tom Adams, Hearl Anderson, John Armstrong, Vick Bardwell. THIRD ROW: Kermit Barnette, Bob Barnette, Dick Casto. ZETA KAPPA FIRST ROW: Joe Christian, Dick Crewdson, Clarence Cunningham, George Dinsmore, Marvin Lovey. SECOND ROW: Bob Dorsey, Quinwood Farren, Bob Fast, Charley Gregg, Bill Griffith. THIRD ROW: Clvde Grimm, Bill Hamrick, Joe Harless, Geo. Frazier, Dave Harper. FOURTH ROW: Ensel Hill, Henry Hill, Geo. Hoffman, Sam McGrew, Dick Moore. FIFTH ROW: Jim Nelson, Glenn Pauley, Bob Pauley, John Pierson, Gus Radford. SIXTH ROW: Harold Sheets, Jimmy Tarrou, Creed Wood. Page Seventy-one Page Seventy-two ALPHA MU l lill ,t,r, X Mary' Louise Hill President Alpha Mu, the tirst sorority on the Morris Harvey campus, was organized on October l4, l925. Founded on the mythology of the Greek muses, the goddess ot the various arts and sciences, it was called Alpha Mu, "Sisters ot the Muses." The two-fold purpose ot the organization is to foster interests in a literary program, outlined in a yearbook published annually, and to promote social lite on the campus, StephenS, VlCe'P'e5ldef'fi Bu"f0n, Secretary-Treasurerg Thomas, Panhellenic Representative: P. Allen: M. Baldwin. ,gan-. ALPHA MU FIRST ROW: Ellen Bell, Mary Bordas, Julie Bouldin, Elenor Brennan, Lynn Campbell. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Childers, Rosanna Childress, Jo Ann Dillon, E. Dollenmayer, B. Hickok. THIRD ROW: Iris Jamison, D. Johnson, Ann Kessler, B. J. McGrew, Reed. FOURTH ROW: B, L. Shamblin, Paffy Short, Bobbie Smith, Mary Smith, J. D. Sfalnaker. FIFTH ROW: Irene Szelonskl, Irene Thomas, L. Thompson, Ann Wray, Betty Arthur. m Page Seventy-three ge Seventy-four KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA ' A s . ,st s . X . s, X X x ,- C , . 'l t W e a a i ma a a n erna iona ocia ra erni as X if tlnollundlfa-dpl?n E27 atlihl:epVi:gilhia lxllilitalryslnstltuliefandllls lclllne of the oldest social fraternities in existence. The fraternity has over forty active chapters including ones at the University of Virginia, Arkansas A and M, University of Georgia, University of California at Los Angeles, Texas Christian University, etc. The West Virginia Gamma Chapter at Morris Harvey College was established in February, l947. Other chapters of Kappa Sigma Kappa in West Virginia are at Fairmont, Concord, and Glenville State Colleges. FIRST ROW: Bill Bower, President. SECOND ROW: Rolvert Greenlee, Secretary: Lorne Burton, Treasurer: Tom Anderson, Panhellenic Representative KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA FIRST ROW: Gene Anderson, Wm. Beddow, Tom Bossie, John Breed. SECOND ROW: Joe Brumley, Bill Calhoun, Frank Cunning- ham, Bill Daugherty. THIRD ROW1 Richard Douglas, Marvin Frame, Jerry Gwinn, Elwood Hess. FOURTH ROW: Clyde Huff, Bill Johnson, Frank Keller, Keith Kessel. Page Seventy-live Page Seventy-six KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA FIRST ROW: Charles Key, Robert Layer, Howard Lowery, Charles Maloney. SECOND ROW: Charley McNuH',,Dick Master, Al Mllleff Dale Raines. THIRD ROW: Bill Redd, Joe Tompkins, Glen Thompson, Bob While. FOURTH ROW: Shawkey Saba, William S. Walker, Bill Morton, Ed Sipe, Lewis Ziniio. Q qs- 'if' ...-I i wil l IQIPJLLZ Aim ,I I-11 I ii 7-1 " 1l Sevenry-eight PHI LAMBDA TAU X A . tttl t X X I OFFICERS President, KATHLEEN DEVINE Vice-President, JANET PARKINS Secretary, KATHLEEN KEY Treasurer, ELAINE ROTH Guide, GENEVIEVE WOLFE Chaplain, SHIRLEY BOWMAN Panhellenic Rep., ANNA MARY CREWDSON KATHLEEN DEVINE President The year's activities of the Phi Lambda Tau Sorority included several dances, among which the "Sadie Hawkins" Dance and the Spring Formal were exceptionally outstanding. Other events ot i949 included a Senior Party, a Christmas Dinner, a Spring Banquet, the Annual Candlelight Tea, and numerous parties. A Girl's Chorus was also formed this year under the direction of Rosemond Gadd. The "Phil Lambs" are represented in Chi Beta Phi, The Morris Harvey Philharmonic Choir, International Relations Club, Ministerial Association, Blacktriars, ACE, Eta Chi Delta, and the Harveyan Staff. Among the members listed are the Business Manager ot the l-larveyan, Miss Junior Class, President of the ACE, the President of the lRC, and two members listed in Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. Pl-II LAMBDA TAU T i ,.....-ff FIRST ROW: Grace Aitken, Shirley Bowman, Evelyn Brown, Barbara Chidesfer. SECOND ROW: Anna Mary Crewdson, Evelyn Fitz- water, Ruth Grimng, Helen Kauffman, THIRD ROW: Mary Kelso, Kitfy Key, Janet Parkins, Eloise Riley., FOURTH ROW: Elaine Roth, Joanne Schuler, Doris Thumm, Betty Jo Walters. FlFTH ROW: June Wells, Genevieve Wolfe, Betty Woodell. Page Seven ry-nine Page Eighty EE ASHBY BLACKWELL We V XX CH'il:g5fLnl:EY L,L , LL . L, i Eta Chi Delta, an honorary scholastic fraternity, was founded in March of l9-46. lts primary purpose is to give recognition to students with high scholastic averages. R To be eligible for membership a student must have a minimum of forty hours with an average of 2.5 or above. :vi 5' ,. I . 92 '-,gf vgvj., f-,J -"'f4?1, f:1QI:g,i' " 5 '- If V' -'if'1:ifi Wi V '7 ' Qi' riff' l f M, Vtjf IV, ..Li,. I , FlRST ROW: Helen Kauffman, Vice-President, Mary Adams, Earl Bird, Fayelda Brua, Maud Commack, John Eakin. SECOND ROW: Joe Flnnerfy, Jerry Gray, Evelyn Hams, Kathleen Key, Luther Koontz, Dr. Frieda Merry. THIRD ROW: Darrel Riley, Gene Summers, Dr Ralph Merry, Henry Wolf. CHI-BETA PHI s a . .... . , he QNX X .is MN. ..... ,,..A wmxmSs 1 A ' '-nun! JERRY GRAY President Chi Beta-Phi is a national honorary scientific fraternity. To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed satisfactorily a prescribed number of hours in the natural sciences and mathematics. Meetings are held monthly, or more frequently, and recent advancements in science are discussed by chapter members or by visiting scientists. Men and women are eligible for membership. The national organization awards annually a scholarship key to the outstanding student mem- ber of each chapter, and sponsors an annual essay contest, offering three cash prizes of 52500, Sl 5.00, and SI 0.00, respectively. The contest is open only to student members of the chapters. For the purpose of promoting scholarship, the Epsilon Chapter of Morris Harvey College awards annually a medal, called the Chi Beta Phi Science Medal, to that student of the College who attains the highest average on the first 24 hours of college science, provided that the average is 90 per cent or above. S87 : . If W L f 3 , FIRST ROW: John Eakin, Vice-President: Gene 4-i V. 'wi Summers, Secretary-Treasurer, Blackwell, Faculfy " Q:-"'f,'L.' Adviser: Dr. Harris, Dr. R. V. Merry, SECOND 5 ROW: Dr. F. K. Merry, Dr. Roller, Dr. Walker, ., Dorofha Doolittle, G. C. Lazenby. THIRD ROW: - I Fayelda Brua,.Frank LePage, Earl Bird, Joe Brum- ! I Sh'l B n. FOURTH ROW: Wm. Hill, - ' 4.1 ey, ir ey owma Helen Kauffman, James Roark. Page Eighty-one Page Eignry-c ZETA MU EPSILON Mwwmmmmw r.. gs xx, Q X. ' f .A x Q K S N X X K X The Mu Chapter of the Zeta Mu Epsilon Na- tional Sorority was established May 3, l948. Mrs. Rush D. I-lolt, grand president, con- ducted the initiation and installation services. Mrs. Maud Cammack was installed as ad- visor and Mr. C. J. Harris, William Morlang, J. G. Vandergrift, and Dora M. Tucker as patronesses. February ZO is Founder's Day and each mem- ber of the Sorority wears the official colors, Silver and Lavender. The purpose of Zeta Mu Epsilon is to strengthen ideals and to form a more perfect union by helping each other whenever possible. Betty Lilly, President, Ehmma Simpson, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Jarrett, Treasurer, Suzanne Taylor Chaplain Jean Mahan, Frances Houston. -FOURTH ROW: Naomi Thabet, Elaine Hamilton, Barbara Wagner, lris Pe y MASONIC CLUB eff- rf' A The Masonic Club ot Morris Harvey College was organized in September, I947. The program ot the club is centered around "A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF MASONIC TRADITION," and provides a social program for its members. - The first officers were: Basil Matthews Ill, Chairman, W. Earl Bird, Secretary-Treasurer, and Dr. W. I-l. Walker and Dr. C. J. I-larris, Faculty Advisors. The present officers are: James Roark, Chairman, W. Earl Bird, Secretary-Treasurer, and Dr. W. I-I. Walker and Dr. C. J. I-larris, Faculty Advisors. .if . ' ' 1 . ini FIRST ROW: James Roark, President, W. Earl Bird, Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. W. H. Walker, Sponsor: Dr. J. C. Harris, Sponsor. SECOND ROW? A- C- Blacktlfelll W' G- BOWIIH J0e Brllrnley Noble Connor. THIRD ROW: Jerry S. Gray, Frank Hall, Evereff Harlshorn, Robert Layer, G. L. Lazenby. FOURTH ROTN: Henry B. fvlarfz, Basil Matthews III, M. S. Mcbermblt. 'Gene Metz,-Robert. L. Pruetf. FIFTH ROW: Ed Settle, Oliver Shurtliff, Owen Wood, Joseph Zegeer. ' Page Eighty-three Page Eighty-four PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kappa Sigma was organized in the fall of l928 on the Morris Harvey campus at Barboursville, West Virginia. The aim of the sorority is to unite into a more intimate fel- lowship young women of congenial tastes, and by means of that fellowship and sisterly understanding to afford each member the opportunity of broadening and enriching her life socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The organization carries out each year an extensive program of varied social and educational activities. A formal tea is held at the beginning of the school year to which all girl students in the school and faculty members are invited. Highlighting the year's social program is the annual spring formal. This year, Anita Cogan was selected May Queen and ruled over the annual festivities held on the lawn of the State Capitol May l3. Two of her attendants, Marguerite Hubbard and Doris Sue Smith were also "Phi Kaps" Keith Ann Moore, as Miss Sophomore, attended Miss Morris Harvey in the annual Homecoming Day ceremonies. Virginia Dumont, another "Phi Kap" appeared as a very realistic "Daisy Mae" on Sadie Hawkins' Dav. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Donald W. Hamilton, Sponsor, Marguerite Hubbard, Jane Goff, Mary K. Smith, Rosemary Daly, Evelyn Ciccar- rello. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Patton, Keith Ann Moore, Joan Caldwell, Anita Cogan, Betty Puckett, Martha Davis. THIRD ROW: Faye Tyree, Margaret Camp, Virginia Dumont, Mary Ann Frazier, Elizabeth Cook. A ' 1,- v 5 ' s Q , X N 4 5 2 Q, i 3 wi a if x ., Q it Q , 3 S xg,-2 N-.,.wnmw-Q-MQ.-mwnm mamma WwpmwawvmbxwymsmwwmmwmwQM.v,.A.,m-m-.ANww.m.,. ,X , . ..y.N.,q.,.w-QM-v Nfmxm-W m,x.M-,smmxxtfxwmxuw X 5 PHI SIGMA PHI ifiis ,A X NW , 0 Omoo O o f S Q . X X O Q ' s Xwwesc X X X 0 0 O G X ak o Page Eighty-six ED HEFFERNAN President The Phi Sigma Phi Social Fraternity was founded on the campus of Concord State Teachers' College, Athens, West Virginia, October 20, l927. The Beta Chapter was organized in Morris Harvey College on November I4, I929. The objects of the organization are to unite young men from various localities, to instill a feeling of campus fellowship, to promote the interests of the college, and to open doors of social activity that might otherwise be closed. Functions of the past year have been the Campus Frolic, Turkey I-lop, Anniversary Ball, Christmas Formal, Shamrock I-lop, Spring Formal, and Annual Picnic at Lake Chaweva. ,Also numerous affairs are held solely for fraternity members. FIRST ROW: John 'Burton, Vice-President, Bill Long, Secretary: Bill Riley, Secretaryp Dave Rollyson, Panhellenic Representative: Jack D. Gay, Athletic Director. SECOND ROW: J. J. Alessandrini, Joe Brison, Jim Bordas, George Casey, Nick Ciccarello. THIRD ROW: John Eakin, Jr., Richard Gamer, Bradley Gee, Theodore Gott, Jerry S. Gray. I i iz i i l I 3 mil' .,V. . A ff iemam 'wwiwflf T 155 l l,,-I . ., .f U li -1 E+: ,,,, PHI MGMAPHI ...Q A I 'Q H! VA In V fav- E I . ,,,.', , I, X ,L., -an j f I .'Q ,I , . sf- .AW 5 fl I ga , Y 1 X I ' A,,' -N , FIRST ROW: Sonny Griffith, George Hickok, H. C. Hicks, Ralph Holmes, Henry Hoy. SECOND ROW: Rex Keener, Robert P. Kessler, Alberl' Kiser, Chas. Kneisley, Don Mclnfyre. THIRD ROW: Jack Michael. Louis Mullins, Lionel Morris, R. R. Nobel, Darrell Riley. FOURTH ROW: Bob Ratliff, Tom Self, Bill Shreve, Harvey Shreve, John Shultz. FIFTH ROW: Gene Summers, Sherman Vealey, A. 0. Waller, John Whiting, Max Williams, William Williams. Page Eighty-seven Page Eighty-eight MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION VX firm . -t V - -,::. 2 1-'p.:1f-we ."i':1'4 T' 15:2'3f-2153?r,.:1i..:i5f- - '. sw -2 . . hxs f-A :-':':': ' Q1:ff-I41622:-:Inge-4-'.N-X w3,':':'ew.: f. . ,f .. we 22.1 .2 :1 '- , f' . " z I ' 'V ' ' .sfEf::Q?f?w4:.-VX".-..i-514--"' S ' - if ,, 4, 1,-.Y5:5:f:fl2C2.13-WE.. "XE:,'fQ'1jfF,j3.-2 1521?-1.G'-2531::XII1.'g583f"k'f::'-r" " 2.:'Sf:i.vE:?.r-' T. :: .. ' .-1 - - ' f .- ,mi l f'f35E'EI'Ii:i J1 ' 'f " I-"1:5,' :':--5 ws .'.,M-frew: 2 ff , 5 fm , -- - w-ex-:fe -4 1 -,' I ' 423522, 122 ELWOOD FLEMING President FIRST ROW: Grace EJ Aifkeh, Louis A. Aitken, Wesley Aitken. Rulh Ellen Aifken. SECOND ROW: William Adams, John F. Bnwyeff William E. Cox, Helen G. Davis. THIRD ROW: Jack L. Flack, Bob Forren, Marvin Frame. Students preparing for the ministry, and actively interested faculty members compose the Ministerial Association, the purpose of which is to advance Christian ideals among Morris Harvey students. The Association works to develop and maintain relationship among its members in order to solve individual problems more adequately. Q- Q FIRST ROW: Palma J. Given, Betty Jo Johnson, Richard Knight, Guy Leonard. SECOND ROW:t Marshall Miller, Ann McConihay, Joanne Schuler, Thomas Schuler. THIRD ROW: Glen E. Thompson, Wilford K. Wayne, Norman Wilcox. Page Eighty-nine Page Ninety STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Geo. Hickok, President: Bill Bordas, Vice-President, Darrell Riley, Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Mclntyre, Sergeant-at-Arms Kermit Barnette, Senior Class President. SECOND ROW: George Casey, Junior Class President: Jim Nelson, Sophomore Class President Phil Hamrick, Freshman Class President, Bill Sweet, Junior Class Representative, Dave Beverly, Senior Class Representative. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council, established on the campus in I938, functions to obtain closer cooperation among sororities and fraternities in college activities. Membership in the Council is composed of the president and one member elected from each Greek organization, with two faculty members chosen by the Council and one by the President ot the Coiieqe. FRONT ROW: Virginia Koch, Georgette Zakaib, Kathleen Divine, Anna Mary Crewdson, Betty Lilly, Jane Dutt, Marguerite Schoqnover Hubbard. BACK ROW: Tom Anderson, Robert Greenlee, Mary Hill, Francis Dillinger, Bill Sweet, Paul Murray. A -wsf,,si.':,-in g, ' f,?2:xe1'f 33215--' '-fssierz. 4- sa':.f,fA' W" ' ,am ew sal, xg. ..,,,,,:,. ,W . ' l WHO'S WHO FIRST ROW: Don Auer. SECOND ROW: Kermit Barnefle, Bill Bordas, Elwood Fleming, Bradley Gee, Geo. Hickok. THIRD ROW: Mary Hill, Ann Kessler, Kathleen Key, C. Kneisley, L. Koontz ' l I . i' Q' . Z gg, S: 1 0 X if N 5192 X , , Q i ,, . 'kv 3, S 3 V: 3 Z., Q s ,Q Y .i. ..,, M, W. ,..... -...,-:,, K V j . EfPQ'i'5 -5' ,hir . L , ' .: ff . ima? . :Zz 1 , 2 4' " 11 . ' :f' " 'f ' : " 1. ' " lfgqv 1 If R l li 2 l E F L GENERAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE Harold Ewing, Chairman, John Kline, George Lazenby, William Morlang, William Peery. STUDENT'RELATlONS FIRST ROW: T. C. Adams, Ashby Blackwell. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Harris, James Herring, Emily Olmstead, Don Auer, Kermit Barnette, Robert Greenlee, George Hickok, Darrel Riley. . ' 1 " 45 : "Q ' ' " -rre , A 2 .' M f F QW ...R T XT: 1 ' f'W5g . A' N ' ' - -f : 1- ' f-sf E . ' ' Erv- . I ,A gif, V , , ' 3 4 Page Ninety-one Nine: SIGMA IOTA CHI 'jg' 'txt f . s s S X X Rx ' . 'C U' W' UIIII X' 'L-4' onus 'E iL1BeR1tb.s g GEORGETTE ZAKAI B Worthy Mahon Beta Nu Chapter ot Sigma Iota Chi-the oldest national sorority on the campus-was estab- lished in l936 at Kanawha College. Originally Sigma Iota Chi was established as an honor sorority in Alexandira, Louisiana, in I903, and later became a social organization. When Morris Harvey and Kanawha College merged the sorority continued to function on common campus. The purpose of Sigma Iota Chi is to aid in the social growth and character development ot its members. Beta Nu carries an average of I5 members. To be eligible for membership in the sorority, it is necessary to meet all national requirements as well as those of the local Pan- hellenic Council. H This year's highlight was the Sigma Snowball dance during the Christmas vacation. Other yearly activities are: the annual tea for all the women of the college, rush parties, rituals, parties given by the pledges for the actives and a hayride. The local group is visited each year by a Grand Chapter officer. National Convention is held by Sigma Iota Chi every two years and the- l948 convention was held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Six delegates from the local chapter attended. ' In the tall ot i948 the alumnae chapter of Sigma Iota Chi, Alpha Beta Nu, was organized. It now has 25 members. Beta Nu Chapter is sponsored by Mrs, W. I-l. Walker and the patronesses are: Mrs. C. E. Kind, Mrs. Frank Black, Mrs. Alice I-Iaworth, Mrs. Robert Dorsey, and Mrs. C. E. Bennett. Maxine Halstead, Worthy Directressp Doris Campbell, Worthy Profectressp Mariorie Bailey, Worthy Keeper of Treasure: Virginia Koch, Panhellenic Representative. SIGMA IOTA CHI wmv' -mfg' FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Barker, Wanda Countz, Mary Lou Fisher, Ann Fuller. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Green. Jovce Golden, Lucy Hodges, Jo Ann Jack. THIRD ROW: Pat Kirby, Virginia Scott, Helen Scofl, Marg Lou Simmons. FOURTH ROW: Helen Sirbaugh, Lucy Washburn. Page Ninety-three MORRIS HARVEY CHAPTER W. VA. COLLEGIATE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE CHARLES, DeWlTT President The Morris l-larvey,College Chapter of the West Virginia Academy of Science is a new organization on the campus. lts purpose is to create and stimulate interest in the various phases of Science. Membership is open to all students who profess an interest in Science. The formation of the organization was fostered by the West Virginia Academy of Science in an effort to further the scientific interests and endeavors of college students. Page Ninety-four im FIRST ROW: W. Earl Bird, Mary Lou Hall, Georne C. Lazenby, Kenneih JB. Ball, John W. Breed. SECOND ROW: Joseph T. Brumley, William R. Cadle, George L. Casey, Rlchard L. Casio, Noble F. Conner. - I - Ki .ws K fi I 'iv' I ! I 1 I I I I 4- 11f'lf'9'f'?wx' my iffi. -"" f fl. . -1 ' ACADEMY OF SCIENCE if.. ,. . Q l 2 J Q S Mg, , ,, WIS' ' V' Q K f 1 4 X Q .. Q24 4... Q, J 1: .5-. f.',. , .,f.:.,, .z-11,3 5,2122 1: . 5, .f.65,f'15' F5 f " . '5,1:,.y .3 Ziff, ri Er? 'I I .. 2 -,Jag C : Wei FIRST ROW: John W. Eakin, Jerry S. Gray, Robert B. Greenlee, Boyce A. Griffith, John H. Hall. SECOND ROW: 'Edward J. Hef- fernan, George M. Hickok, Alonzo Johnson, Helen L. Kauffman, William H. Klng. THIRD ROW: Albert D. Kiser, John H. Landacre, Betty Jane Lllly, Joe D. McCormick, W. R. Peery. FOURTH ROW: Darrell L. Riley, James N. Roark, Edmund C. Settle, Charles Gene Summers, Vlctor M. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: GIennE. Thompson, Charles Maloney. Page Ninety-live Miss PHI SIGMA PHI Www gflowdw Ninety-six VMZIQQCM x QW? .1 CQ? MAY QUEEN Page Ninety-scvcn Al. P.. .-f. ., .- K , 5 x J , -::,. ,. 1 , T Q.. -' il ' A 1. 1 1 . 1 f Q Q, z .- 3, ..,s1y, V . , .f v .4 , 3-1 U Q.f M. . .. , I I v Q A 5 4 2 . Q 4 A A bw-ww 37,1 E ,LV .I . , Yfiil 1,1 ly? my f -1 ,am ,4 2- , .f Ig: X -4:5 , M 1 f Y 45, sv ! 1 W , X 7? 2 v 4 1' I f :V 7, 3 0 'M Il -, Q Brilliant coaching by young and energetic Eddie King and heads-up football by his squad all down the line brought a state conference championship to the Golden Eagles from the south banks of the Kanawha. "Whitey" Scragg, the mighty midget, put the first tack on his claim as a halfback on the West Virginia Intercollegiate conference all-star team by scampering 6l yards, as only "Whitey" can scamper, for a game-tieing touchdown against a bunch of Polar Bears from Ohio Northern, University. Dewey Romine, the bone-crushing fullback, scored the other Golden Eagle touchdown and Miles Trout, the boy with the educated toe, added the point from placement that meant the difference between a tie and defeat. Again the name "Whitey" Scragg pops up and again in a very prominent place. l-le only scored both Morris l-larvey touchdowns in their next out- ing to down the Senators from Davis-Elkins i4-7. The Golden Eagles added their two points to Scragg's scoring by smearing a D-E back in the end zone in the second quarter for a safety. To even the season's record at one win, one loss and one tie the Eagles ventured to Berea, Ohio, and graciously lost to the Baldwin-Wallace Yellow- jackets 53-7. Miles Trout romped over for the Eagle score and "Skinny" Davis, the Nitro fat-man, added the extra by placement. Ferg Giannakis, the event- ual hero of the Gee Eagle season, tossed a pass for the score. The South Ruffner gridironers ate more Ohio dust the following week-end when they entered the Bowling Green lair and were clawed to the tune of 48-6. Scragg, the fair-haired boy, kept his flying feet flying, as he scampered across the double chalk marks for the Ml-l tally. The following football night the Golden Eagles gained revenge for their disastrous showings in Ohio and edged their arch rivals from up the Kan- awha, the Golden Bears of West Virginia Tech, 7-O. 'The Whitey' Scragg took to the passing route in the Tech fray and lobbed one into the waiting and welcome arms of Miles Trout who hauled it -- FOOTBALL STORY across from the five-yard line and the only score of the contest. Scragg made point No. 7 with a placement boot. At last came a win over a team from the Buckeye State but it came on Laidley Field soil as the Golden Eagles bumped the boys from Otterbein College Zi -O. Bobcats and Eagles went at one another tooth and claw in the next appearancelof the Bronze Birds and they ended up in a O-O deadlock. Morris Harvey had plenty of breaks, all bad, as they missed a first down on the four-yard line by scant inches, lost the ball four times on fumbles, had a pass inter- cepted and two kicks blocked. Georgetown, Kentucky, invaded worn-out Laidley Field to provide the Maroon and Gold with a tune- up for their all-important Thanksgiving Day clash with West Liberty for the conference champion- ship. And it turned out to be just that as the Gol- den Eagles, powered by the brilliant running of Miles Trout, dropped the Kaintuckians l4-O. Trout hit pay-dirt once with Dewey Romine scooting across for the other. Reliable Scragg split the uprights for the extras. Thanksgiving Day and West Liberty were turkey for the proteges of Eddie King as the Golden Eagles gave the l-lilltoppers the bird and, by the way, a 25-l2 licking. l-lamburger-slinging Ferg Giannakis flung the pig all over ancient but sturdy Laidley Field to end his collegiate career in a blaze of un- forgettable glory. The "Glorious Greek" heaved four touchdown passes to end the 25-game winning streak of Joe Bartell's Hilltoppers. "Whitey" Scragg gatheredin the first Giannakis gem and after that Encl Charley Hubbard took over the receiving duties and crossed the goal-line three times. Scragg added the extra point. Five wins, 2 losses and 2 ties gave the Golden Eagles a very respectable season record and, above all, the conference championship. lt wasn't an easy road as the boys will tell you, but it did have a happy culmination. lt started the greatest athletic season Morris l-larvey has ever enjoyed and made the school year i948-49 one that will forever live in the memories of Morris l-larvey students and fans. Page One Hund Mp.xwss?f'-2 fm- 6:gs,.1:wr Nzwggz, VW, , if .I 5' fi' wif: , 3.-1:-gy, ,.r,f:,",,3. , ,.4x..1,, Q 33. ,. -'af E832 3- .1 faimiiiif ..n,,,x,f , .:.4?:.LL",xq A King-sized basketball squad -George and Eddie-raced to their first state collegiate con- ference championship in the never-to-be-forgotten year of l949, The Gold and Maroon cagers chalked up the highest per game scoring average in the country and the boy with the basketball brain, George King, hit the hoops for 757 points to lead the nation in scoring and in average points per game. Now to trip through the l949 campaign and give you the highlights to fall back on in your older days. The boys from the south banks of the Kanawha were over-anxious in their brand new fielclhouse in the opening game with 0hio University and fell victim to the Buckeye boys, 60-46. George King started off his fabulous season by "only" potting l6 points. Their first' road encounter started them on the road to one of the finest seasons Morris Harvey has ever enjoyed. lt was "no contest" as the Eagles soared over West Virginia Wesleyan 61-42. George was the King-pin for the Kingmen with 27 markers. Union lKy.l College invaded King's castle and went back to the Bluegrass State with a 93-62 lac- ing. Georgie poured in 32 points and Dave Beverly chipped in with ll. Morris Harvey then proceeded to pull a game out of the fire for one of their biggest triumphs of the season. The boys eked out a 68-67 decision over Washington C7 Lee. King layed in a lay-up with 20 seconds left in the exciting contest for the blow that broke the General's back. George tossed in 22 followed by Sonny Moran's l8. The Flyers of Dayton University flew a little too high in an over-time period to down the Eagles 78-7l. Morris Harvey 82, West Virginia Tech 68. The old MH rivals went down before the wrath of George King's 36 and Sonny Moran's 24 points. A trip into Kentucky netted a victory and a de- feat for the Golden Birds. Translyvania dropped a 56-45 verdict to the Eagles, paced by King and Moran. Kentucky Wesleyan tied the over-time can on the Eagles with a 76-69 victory. George and Sonny again led the scoring for MH. January l l Morris Harvev's murderous hoopsters ended the winning streak of the Alderson-Broaddus Battlers, 77-49. Gallopin' George and Dave Beverly paced the winner's attack. The Bobcats of West Virginia Wesleyan were the next to fall to defeat to the high-flying Eagles by a score of 75-67. The "Houdini of the Hardwoods" led the locals with 39 points. Morris Harvey hit the hundreds for the first time with a l0l-77 mauling of the clawless Tigers of Salem College. Needless to say, George was the leading basket-bomber for the South Ruffner crew. The first capacity crowd of the new gym watched the'Bronze Birds hand the Senators of Davis-Elkins a 90-76 defeat. King cut the cords for 25 points. West Liberty's Hilltoppers, still smarting from that Thanksgiving Day football game, pulled one of the really big upsets in giving the bird to the Eagles, 76-72. George King hit the hoop for 40 points. 1. BASKETBALL STORY Wheaton llll.l College treated local cage fans to a dazzling display of basketball als they handed the Kingmen an 80-6l shellacking. Too much George was the case in the Fairmont- MH game, won by the latter 90-Bl. King connected for 42 points. Everything seemed to go wrong for the Morris Harvey cagers as they dropped a 69-64 decision to the Mt. Lions of Concord State. The Eagles flew the coop for their next game with Alderson-Broaddus and picked up a hair-raising 72- 70 victory. George "Laughing Boy" King rang the bell for 26 points. Davis-Elkins' tall Senators made a motion that they beat the Gee Eagles and they did it to the tune of 96-76. George King upped his season total to 502 points with 28. The Eagles gotbengaged in a scoring marathon with the Pioneers of Glenville on February l5 and came out on top, 98-94. For the second time in two weeks Georgie poured in 42 points. Morris Harvey woke up in the second half in their game with the cellar-dwelling Potomac State Cata- mounts and won going away, 76-59. "Missing Molar" Moran poured in 26 points while George was held to his low of the season, l4. The smallest university in the country, Tiffin, was next on the list for the high-flying Eagles and they sent the boys back to Ohio with a sound l03- 78 licking. King and Moran led the Eagle barrage. The Golden Eagles edged Tech 73-7l in a close game at Montgomery to straddle the highest hurdle in their path to the state championship. King en- gineered the Eagle attack with 3l points followed by Moran with 25. The Eagles sewed up the state diadem in the last game of the regular season with a basket-bombing l00-70 victory over Glenville State. George flipped in 34 points to lead the championship Eagles. The Golden Eagles made their first state tourna- ment encounter an empressive one in rolling over the Salem Tigers l05-82 in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates. George King demon- strated his scoring talent to state fans by dumping in 34 points, collecting l6 in MH's record shattering 39-point first quarter. Glenville's Pioneers were a little tough to get by for the third time but the proteges of Eddie King came through with a 70-69 win. George again pun- ished the nets to the tune of 34 points. George King and company bowed out of the tour- nament in the semi-finals to the rampaging Golden Bears of West Virginia Tech, 83-74. The last game of the season was just a repeat of the other 255 George King paced the Eagle attack. lt was a great season for Morris Harvey. One of the greatest in the long history of the institution and probably no finer team will ever represent the Maroon and Gold on the basketball court. The Eagles had a very respectable record of l8 wins and 8 losses. But above 'all, the boys were a great bunch of champions, great sports, and last but not least, a great bunch periocl. Page One Hundr d Th Miss HARVEYAN Mm Skamifw Charles Gregg, Editor Rosemond Gadd, Business Manager 7!w all Presenting the staff of the i949 "l-larveyan," who struggled through scissors, paste, double pino- chle and several hands of bridge to bring you "your puss in print." Before going to press several letters were re- ceived by the Editor in regard to the printing of the pictures, liel "I refuse to allow that picture to be printedl" etc., etc. The Staff felt that these threats were written in jest. However, if there are any serious complaints please forward them to Bill Peery lpicture abovel, Harveyan Staff, General Delivery, Whitehorse, Scot- land. No foolin' though, the Staff has conducted much research to give you the type of book you want-- all pictures and no readin'. lf for any reason, how- ever, you're not satisfied-tell you what we're goina' do-just tear the top off of the Library building and sent it in, along with thirty dollars, lto cover the cost of handling and packingl and we will send you absolutely free a July copy of the "Police Gazette." Bill Peery, Associate Editor Page One Hundred F1 e E One Hundre THE MALE ANIMALS The highlight of the campus dramatic season was the Black- friars production, "The Male Animal." Although many obstacles confronted the organization, they "stuck by their guns" until the oft-delayed opening night, May 7. Pictured above are the cast members, who also built, painted and erected the sets. Miss Jean Maloney, assistant English professor, directed the show and was instrumental in preserving an air of academic calm. Shown left to right, front row: Gerald lBrainsl Davis, Dory tWhaaaaaaatl Moses, Bobbie lMiss l-larveyanl Shamblin, Na7- mia lRabbitl Thabet and Patrick tSmilesl Casey. Back row Bill tlfxecutivel Peery, Bill tSavagel Elkin, l-larvey lFat Slob! Gastineau,Jim lThe Barberl Surface, Jim tUndertakerl Burnett, and Jean lProl Maloney, director. Absent when the picture was taken were Shirley tWelI l'Il Bel I-lale, Jean i'l'he Poet? Mahan, lrene tWisconsinl Szelonslqi and Jim tBonesl Mclntyre. Conlon West Virginia 's Finest Bakery Bakers of I Fixx X WLS X H '--- .. MXN - "i' 'YQ X. FV ' -A ..-. 1. "'-L'?Xi75 WN. ifIH f,:::ff 1if X ik' f" "'?d5f..f X, ' 'ff grlgg .,., f ,,.. .4 N ' -.-- : CHARLESTON'S FAVORITE BREAD FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS... Baked Up to a Standard - Not Down to a Price :r ' 'n - . ' E 7- I r - 4 l J R 51 i . 1? Z - CA 1 U 5 ,,l849 3 ..---.,..,.... .,.. 0.46 ,, , f 2123, - T s Here lies the Business Manager. 'She has lied with a straight face for the past six months and she is now ready to tell the truth. lf you jokers think your subscriptions made The Harveyan possible, you don't know how little a dollar will buy. If you think it's a sinecure to get a scholarship for being Business Manager of this here, now, annual, you don't know the facts of life. Soldiers gripe and statesmen get callouses on their tonsils explaining politics, but a Business Manager wears the feet down to nubs looking for advertisers. When she's lucky she finds one. This book represents her good fortune. She loves these advertisers like fathers, like mothers, like brothers, like sisters. As a matter of fact, if she ever gets rich, she will probably leave them a stipend in her will. They are terrific. They said yes! The rest of you characters may look at your picture in The Harveyan and feel a smug glow. Some of you will feel unhappy because you don't look glamorous. But the rest of her life, the Business Manager will look at Tag Galyean's ad on the page facing this and wish she had a use for a job-rated truck. That's advertising for you. Now that the time is past when all good men should come to the aid of their party, the Business Manager would like to say a word. Okay,'Mr. Editor? The word is "Wheel" She would even go so far as to say "Gollyl" She'll say "Geel" Frankly now that the job is through, she'll say most anything. Come to think of it, that is not a new policy with the Business side. We have one policy which will never change. We have been honest and sincere in putting out this annual. We've told the people of Charleston that Morris Harvey is a fine place, that the Harveyan means a lot to the students here, that only they can make the book possible. They came through! That's why the Business Manager wants that job-rated truck. That's the reason why there is a warm place inside her for the Advertisers. They largely paid for this book. Thatfs why she is resting in peace. THE BUSINESS STAFF One Hundred Eight ggagggh pQmwuZ E 6 Z! aaa 'PI ,H INC. 39-571 tg' ga - - 1 I ws. F. fum - ilvlips.-ssfqs. ' -E. 1'9" ww YN? L Jag! ..,, 'lik . . ', 4 ,Fi sg, Zmgz M1fR? 'Nfl-1 ' VIRGINIA AND TRUSLDW STREETS CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA June l, 1949 Class of l94Q Morris Harvey College Charleston West Virginia Dear Members: You are to be congratulated upon your graduation from Morris Harvey College. A college education will be of great benefit to you as you enter your chosen field. We are confident you will make a name for yourself of which your school can well be proud. Speaking of names, we represent two that have long been known in the transportation field. They are Dodge and Plymouth. Dodge and Plymouth cars and Dodge Job-Rated Trucks have stood the test for many years. To you who are among the chosen ones of your generation we say congratulations and may your greatest ambitions be realized. Sincerely yours, T. A. GALYEAN DODGE Jag-pub!! TRUCKS - PARTS WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Page One Hund nm -il, , ui ersl! any A 0 ea u 2 Ii EBIRQS if .- . ATE ef f - ' ,..p. -5' -:...,' fff.,..:?- P523 - ,dry-5x 11-:ES ' df- -, Af .-.4 ,-,,.-f'7 ,A I G P. o. Box seo fzfsafgg CHARLESTON, w. VA. .J ff DiAL za-139 HUNT AVE. AT N. Y. C. RAILROAD Headquarters for Toiletries 00HEN'S West Virginia's Finest D R U G S T O R E S ' Q I The "HIM" Store xx l-larmon, Isaac C1 Martin 0 0 914 QUARRIER ST. J. P. GUNTHER, JEWELER Sterling Silver Hamilton and Elgir ..12.E6gI'g. 4 ,H Watches 1 ' sfifsiiawwnmmmsu e 'ld' 26 CaPitol Street- ,, ,S Phone 24-9'l'l A .Q Page One Hundred Ten REASONZ WHT I GO TO MORRIS HARVEY The courses we offer appeal to those who want a thorough training in Commercial Subjects in a shorter time. I. Stenographic Diploma Course 2. Standard Bookkeeping and , Accounting Diploma Course 3. 'Secretarial Diploma Course 4. Comptometer and other Office Machines Diploma Course 5. Advanced Accounting and Business Administration iM. AcctS.l Degree Course 6. Executive Secretarial lB.S.S.I I Degree Course Charleston School of Commerce "On Quarrier" A. H. Daingertield, President Phones 30-126 - 30-127 Morrison Building Charleston, West Virginia WRITE FOR FREE BULLETIN WGKV - I490 ON YOUR DIAL I FLEET-WING ' . Piston Seal r I MOTOR OIL .I ' "Seals-In" Power Written Guarantee The Best That Money Can Buy DISTRIBUTED BY KANAWHA GASOLI N E CO. CHARLESTON "Look for the Sign of the Red Bird" Dashiell Office Supply Co. Office Equipment and Supplies OFFICE INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE FURNITURE Telephones 64-622 - 67-401 I4 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST K finest I fooos .4u,..1..,....1.,.z eww E y...1...u..us1.... SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY Photostats - Blueprints Giant Enlargernents - Photo-Tracings Let us reproduce CHARTS - GRAPHS - NUMERICAL TABLES FOR TERM PAPERS Neat, Time Saving, Efficient at Low Cost Draftsman's and Engineer's 'Supplies Most Complete Shop in West Virginia L. H. HILL CO. IO02 QUARRIER STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. :III III: .,f 1 SPENCE PAINT 6- CHEMICAL COMPANY CORNER EAs'r WASHINGTON and ELIZABETH sts. MISS "MORRIS HARVEY" CANDIDATES Page One Hundred EI SIMPSON FUNERAL HOME JIU .Mme JQJCQUQJ fo !'A2 WL8I'7'L0l'y of A M one wfz 0 In efemaf aiep repofe Aerem, ana! in Ar Me me unc! COVVLAFE ol! refa- fiued am! Aienacf 210 BROAD STREET 2-6131 J. A. ADAMS O MALLORY HATS - FREEMAN SHOES CURLEE CLOTHING' sf: Kelleys Men's and Boys' Shop 111 Washington Street, West sucH EROWNS, BLACKFRIARS BALDWIN SUPPLY 00. ...for... AUTOMOBILE PARTS SUPPLIES - PAINTS - STATION EQUIPMENT, ETC. 518 CAPITOL STREET CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Phone 2-3124 supply - CHARLESTON - BECKLEY - LoGAN - MoN1'Go-MERY WGKV - I490 ON YOUR DIAL SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY WHEN YOU GO ON OUTINGS OR ENTERTAIN YOUR COLLEGE FRIENDS, ASK YOUR GROCER FOR P U R I T Y M A I D "There Is No Better Bread" COMPLIMENTS OF J. B. Ruby Motor Company P A C K A R D l9I9 - 30 YEARS - l949 Dial 2-3ll3 Dashiell Office Supply Co. Office Equipment and Supplies OFFICE INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE FURNITURE Telephones 64-622 - 67-401 I4 VIRGINIA STREET, WEST Everyone Appreciates Jewelry Let us help you choose cr gift for the Occasion I Come in cmd see us today S rmn , ..i: x ,g,UllIl'lU ,Hl.f,4,..m.,.,,.. All nal wuuu mm IIPRIU5 GALPERIN MUSIC COMPANY I7 CAPITOL STREET "Your Complete Music Store" SERVING CHARLESTON AND CENTRAL WEST VIRGINIA THREE DECADES PgO Hdd Th Insist Upon 52,13 Gates Paints ff, ,, I Wear Longer K' and J Are Acid X.. Resisting - v g Owned and Operated E IOOLX1 West Virginians GATES PAINT MANUFACTURING CO. Summers and Virginia Sts. Phone 12-I2I DRINK IN BOTTLES MacFADDEN IGNITION COMPANY il? Complete Automotive Service il? Starting - Lighting - Ignition 'ik' 106-108 Broad Street Charleston, W. Va. COMPLIMENTS OF STOWERS SUPER MARKET Corner Broad and Quarrier Sts. E. J. Devine, Manager 6-3822 PHONES 6-4651 COMPLIMENTS OF KURDYS MOTOR CO., INC I3I McCORKLE AVENUE SOUTH CHARLESTON Your DODGE-PLYM OU TH Dealer WGKV - l490 0N.YOUR DIAL I I Q csoncls wAsHINGToN LIFE lNsuRANcE COMPANY ii? 'I0'I4 Kanawha Boulevard Charleston, W. Va. CHARLESTON LAUNDRY "West Virginia's F inest" LAUNDERERS and CLEANERS 'A' 4 TYPES OF FAMILY WASHING SERVICE AVAILABLE if LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PLANTS ARE OPERATED IN SEPARATE FIREPROOF BUILDINGS ir Dial Capitol 28-ISI Delaware Ave. at Randolph St. 1' SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY CAMERAMAN WORKED LATE T0 GET THIS ONE! f Coffman Optical Company 'Ar Dispensing Opticians Western Electric Hearing Aids il? 323 P f lalag. Ph 27 713 C. R. MORGAN CO. Insurance and Bonds 205 Morrison Bldg. 26- I 74 POI-ldFf DEUUATE IRIN G THE KEY TOTHE HOME OF TOMORROW APPALACHIAN ELECTRIC POWER CO. ifN'f'i'T'5'7 -4- 'ffm ko :vm me wav- WL CHARIESTOH TRANSIT COMPANY T I -.11.a2gM?l..'m. r :I I . , p ' gh 'A ' 1? EE ii: .. Shwgoua eouf-f0,, J, 1 -' BUUDY MUGS THE LENS HYNEWS of the DAY if SPECIAL FEATURES f SPORTS - READ - THE DIIILY MI-IIL Charlestorfs Leading Newspaper in West Virginia's Richest Market d S PFAFF and SMITH BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Washed River Sand Gravel - Cement Lime - Plaster Metal Lathe - Sewer Pipe Glass Block - Fire Brick Hollow Tile Ready Mixed Concrete WGKV - 1490 ON YOUR DIAL SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY PARKINS MOTORS INC. 121 Virginia Street, E. - 3-7505 Home of Studebaker Compliments of PRICE THEATRE CUSTER THEATRE ,x Greenbrier -'wa DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. -is ' Grade A Pasteurized - K Milk and Cream f ' REGISTERED Janet Parkins and Joe Tompkins, students, think the new 1949 Studebaker Sports Model vastly improves the parking Iot. ll T' X j-- . STATE THEATRE DUNBAR THEATRE Sliaae Jfad eapca Salma! Supplied 4-4 E., I -L GUERNSEY I-IERDS DIAL 2-3185 704 DONNALLY DAVE AND HOWARD BEVERLY P O S Cunningham Funeral Home "Known for Service" Day and Night Ambulance Service V 1325 wAsHlNGToN STREET, wEs'r Qgb e - Dial 3-1361 57-10 CH4 QLS S-HOD . S l fn W .TON 1 gfip BPSIETZ 055167555 CHARLESTON cur FLOWER co. W ' 19 Capitol St. ' D l y e daily I except Sunday COMPLIMENTS OF West Virginia's Largest Taxi Fleet afzank 3. Mullen, inc. 403 BROAD STREET PHONE 6-0361 HUDSQN P H l WGKV - I490 ON YOUR DIAL TRAFFIC SURVEY SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY MANN H, JEWELERS I 103 capitol ' M Street 'fi'-lg I . "HOME OF MULTI-FACET DIAMONDS" ANCHOR TOBACCO CO., INC. CIGARS - TOBACCO CANDY - SUNDRIES 702 Breece Street Phone 6-2635 ARCADE NEWS AGENCY Out-of-Town Papers Greeting Cards The Young Men's Christian Association of Charleston, West Virginia Congrotulotes the Graduating CI I MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE I H' sitsPI'1ysi IEd T f I II I dent ROBERT C BOOTHE G I S y Morris Harvey Chemistry Laboratory uses LABORATORY SUPPLIES and CHEMICALS from B. PREISER COMPANY, INC. 416 WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. O H N ROOTERS The. SERVING MANY Wm. S. Belden Co., Inc. WEST VIRGINIA 814 E. Washington Street Charleston, West Va. U N Phone 35-644 U ii' ABUNDANT SUPPLY MACHINERY and TOOLS QI: IJUREI Metal and Woodworking SPARKLING WATER. if? Stores Also Located in Your Wateticompany PARKERSBURG and WHEELING West Virginia Water Company WGKV - 1490 ON YOUR DIAL Your BUICK Dealer I Hugh Stewart Motors, Inc. I027 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST Charleston Phone 3-5534 923 REGISTERED Quafrier PHARMACIST Street All prescriptions filled ' th th b t th money can buy. Dr. ROy BircICook COOK DRUG COMPANY THE MCJUNKIN SUPPLY COMPANY it Oil and Gas Well Supplies and Industrial Equipment it CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA ALLEN, KENTUCKY HAMLIN, ,WEST VIRGINIA MARIETTA, OHIO DID 'JA 'NO... That the evening is ALWAYS ENJOYED when you are at the CASA LOMA W. ELLIIOTI' ABBITT, President MacCORl:x AVE. and M , Capsol 29 Page One Hundred Twc M.H. STUDENTS "SOLVE" CHA:RLESTON'S TRAFFIC PROBLEM Laird Office Equipment Co. """"V Bgck ' ' - This FG" Atlas Building Quarrier Street Te.e,,,,,,,,e 6535, JOHNNY STUART, INC Mirneog ropn Dupl icoting Machines Ol-Id OPEN 92 HOURS DAILY We Want Your Business DISTRIBUTORS FOR A. B. DICK COMPANY ond Supplies Victor Adding Machines dT y 4-:.:-:iz::g:-:,:,:':5:1:5:5:5:::::5:5:gg:gg:g:5:3:55:25:55:g:g:g:5g:::::5:::::::5:::::1:5:1:521:::::::5:::Q:7:5:3:f:3:5:5:51515515555355525:515:25:Sz92:25zf:2:212:212:2:f:f:f:Q:E:f:j:f:f:Q:f:f:Q:Q:Q:2:Q:Q:f:2:2:f:E:f:2:f 3:1 f'f'3:2."Q:f:ff'Q'Q:f:Q'j:f'Q'2'Q'Q12.1:Q:j:j:5f:'1iz241212121Q'f:f:f:f:Q:f:f:Q:fi:51527212'ff1f'f:Q'f:1:Q:f:f:2:2:f:Q.Q:2:2:QQ:f:f:Q:-:f:Q:2.2:212.2:222.2:Q:2:Q:2:f:2:f:2:Q:2: BLOSSOM DAIRY Fzne Qualzty D A I R Y :A -' EEW F V Chief of which is Delicious Blossom , ggigjijfg g' -g ' f?f :. Dairy HOMOGENIZED vitamin "D" Illq, Milk . . . with the 400 Units of Vitamin il "D" in every quart! Ask for it when dining at Blossom Dairy Luncheonettes -904 Quarrier and 7ll Lee Streets. You will also enlOY A352555 fi l B-D. Rlcl-I, CREAMY Sxigl s u ' ',,A ,jyg g w ' ' ' '-fi -.-cgzgfgggjlldfkl ': 'I Made FRESH DAILY of the finest ingredients that money can I buy- in our modern plant. 2 ' ,,,:,- You'll find all your favor- ite flavors at all Blos- .Q fig Som Dairy 'ff' M2232 Stores- 4 .af-' '.'33:5f55' :7f?f3f5f3. if: 'fE2EfE2EfE5E5E511 11:5-: ' ' "L :if "fr "' . ini :jig- "-' l -D "3 4- ,:5ii: ,- 'fx ' E 4' , V ' 'ii 1 if DAIRY . fa m ,.7:g:1:5:P :fl ' 5 ' 531:3'5:"f:f:f:1'- " ' 114 virginia sneer Dial 2-4131 Page One Hundred T y h THE DANIEL BOONE 465 rooms, eoch with both, circulating ice woter ond 5-stotioh rodio speaker Rates 53.00 and up ROGER S. CREEL Managing Director Charlestonfs newest and most modern hotel. IT PAYS TO SHOP AT l l ON THE BOULEVARD at ALDERSON COMPLIMENTS OF Crown Supply Company 151 McCorkle Ave. S. W. Phone 4-3401 SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. VA. ' Wholesale Distributors SANITATION AND CLEANING SUPPLIES PAPER PRODUCTS . POI-IddT f PARK PONTIAC "Home of Fine Cars" 500 Washington Street, E1 PHONE 3-9441 91111. no RA I. c of RALPH NM YOUNG 205 PE NN. AVE. PH. 65 L DR. RIGGLEMAN HANDS OUT THE SHEEPS GKV - I490 ON YOUR DIAL SERVING THE MAGIC VA AK MEMS BETTY McGREW "TAKES THE CAKE" AT THE ZK. BALL ik llflilfinglfon al gmac! .Slreef ik SALES LINCOLN d MERCURY Nothing Could Be Finer an Nothing Could Be Newer SERVICE CAoz1fL5l0n wallow nc. Phone "Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer" Phone Page One Hundred Your Chevrolet Dealers RHODES-WALKER sou'rH cHARussToN Phone 4-3466 i AFTER EVE RY GAM E We WITH COMPLIMENTS OF sEvEN-up B0TTLl1NG co., mc., CHARLESTON COMPLIMENTS OF Schoolfield-Harvey Electric Co. Contracting, Fixtures, Rodio ond Supplies ' 1016 QUARRIER STREET Dial 2-3187 oHdTy SCOTT DRUGS i ,fd .vx4 ., wear. ,okxav l -Q --' 'xv Katy' 4 I tex! o.g9.1 X fu... 1 1 Y ' K' CK ' cAPl'roL STREET WGKV - 1490 ON YOUR DIAL H. L. COTTON OPTICAL CO. 1027 QUARRIER STREET Phone 3-9558 SHEETS' BAKERY PASTRIES - BREAD - ROLLS Featuring CAKES Personalized for Special Occasions 204 BROAD ST. Phone 3-1296 - 2-0515 ,I 1. .y 1. -? L l1 it 1u1 1 E N THE MAGIC FLAME BETTER HOMES FOR BETTER LIVING IIIIITEII FUEL GAS 00. NATURAI GAS . . Your Faithful Servam E SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY ROBERT E. ESCHAN JEWELRY AND sn.vsRwARz Phone 26-761 Sir Main FI COYLE 8. RICHARDSON LO! THE POOR PLEDGES! PM KW Q01 fn-7 T' A J Jake R. McClure X owner of 'Q PAY Cr TAKE MARKET FRESH MEAT cmd GROCERIES Corner of Fayette and Pennsylvania Pa ne H UNITED CARBON COMPANY CARBON BLACK NATURAL GAS GASOLIN E Executive Offices-Charleston, West Virginia Sales Offices- New York - Akron - Chicago YOUNG BROTHERS The Quarrier Diner of VX . QF . W Q, -.NH The mpire D ner FII- "-15559 4 in Wa'-22 "' sq f4'F was f COTTRELL'S AUTO SERVICE 808 Washington Street T DIAL 2-9202 CHARLESTON, W. VA. 1 2 1490 ON YOUR DIAL EMY- DOWN FOR THE COUNT! M ' 0 0 I' C S The S. Spencer Moore Co I I8 Capitol St. IOpposite Old Post Office! Telephone 2-61 86 THE STORE FOR COLLEGE SUPPLIES BOOKS CAMERAS SPORTING GOODS ART MATERIALS DRAFTING SUPPLIES MUTUH UAH SUPPLY EU. .A c I G Y 4 2 25 CHARLESTON HUNTINGTON BECKLEY LOGAN PARKERSBURG 1203 Virginia Street, East DIAL 2-6121 WE'LL DO'ANYTHING FOR A RIDE! MQUANT VERNON DAIRY "GOOD FOR CHILDREN" fs-' ff KN 'TQ x 800 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Phone 23-109 C. W. Fulknier Hardware, Inc. 1521 West Washington Street Charleston 2, West Virginia Telephone 3-5603 H ddTh GUTHRIE-MORRIS-CAMPBELL Wholesale Distributors Dry Goods - Notions Ready-to-Weor Men's Furnishings ond Work Clothing Floor Coverings ond Venetion Blinds 816 Virginia Street, East Phone 2-5121 WGKV - 'I490 ON YOUR DIAL SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY gfaarlidfonk .7410 Oleackng 'aafauranfdv . H- L J' . . 19 . lnvlte You and Your Frlends ff, lg: 5 1 4' ' n i to enioy m Recommended by sooo rooo . ' Served in a Duncan Hlnes Pleasant, -.- Home'Like . . . for . . . Whether 1' S k Atmosphere, X E Ta fy S d h and V Z "ADVENTURES IN ' S Fine? T of "'e"a'ed X ' Goon EATING, ks d Y f d Y " to Your X 1 y Th F dly H Individual I X Dflfy f Ch I 1 Taste! I X TtLClQR1' A RESERVATION isn't necessary-but it helps you to secure a table sooner! Just call us before leaving your home or office, and your Table will be waiting for you! I C G :1-1, W Z' A ff X lliill L Lpd - errace fr - R E s T A R A N T E52 F31 U S 706 LEE STREET 'A' UNITED CARBON BUILDING The CARBON FUEL CO. Konowho Valley Bank Building CHARLESTON, W. VA. Pgo Harm ALQRO 994 COLA W4' Biff BY 7A57i'7i57' CHARLESTON, W. VA. PHONE 3-3841 y MAcK's I' for .-A Aim' PIPES and SMOKERS' suPPi.iEs 'x 116 CAPITOL ST. BARTLETT FUNERAL HOME I 1 Beautiful Chapel with Pipe Organ Twenty-seven years of Serving -Families when Gentle Understanding is needed. BRUCE E. BARTLETT, Proprietor Tennessee and Fayette St. 20-181 lt's a good habit DRIVE IN . . . sAvE! , f QUIL- ' ll I X .,-117 SUPERIOR Laundry 6' Dry Cleaning Co MODERN TO THE MINUTE On the Boulevard at Truslow Street WHITE'S GARAGE General Repair and Wrecker Service 1016 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST Phone 3-9486 oHddThy Joke pdflfffiyif Ill ' I Byflsle, the Borden Cow Baaclufa mafaoi Zfnem 1 E W- e eff, f 43 E VW fr!! 4, .,fm2"5f7 f Taltilemlh M Sodos, sian,- 'X does and milk- I shakes are better when made with Borden's ice c r e a m in-D "lf ifs Bordens - b if's got fo be good!" PEERLESS DRY CLEANERS 8: SHIRT LAUNDERERS vos VA. STREET. WEST CHARLESTON. W. VA. Ch One Hundred T FIRST OF THE MONTH-HAPPY VETSI " Olll' ? N' ' .'. X 1."" . TT llfflfll' r Wil I 1. 1. 1 lr 1 PHONE es-azz PHONE 64 651 3 TELEPHONE 4-3473 A x I VW 4 I ' ,,.q,.m+,, CROWDER Mororz COMPANY rysller - plymouth SOUTH CHARLESTON 3, W. VA 25 McCorkIe Avenue In Any Event . . . "SAY lT" With Flowers Arranged The Winter Way wir WINTER FLORAL CO. 707 Lee Street Phone 21-187 STRAN D BILLIARD PARLOR n 207 HALE STREET Latest Sports Short Returns - I 'ig Qrde,-5 o 744 d A ,vw an Excellent L KJ Quick Food ' Lunches WGKV - 'I490 ON YOUR DIAL SERVING THE' MAGIC VALLEY i FI PHI SIGS AND "MOTHER SUPERIORSU STEPHENS AND GRISSINGER I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I949 GOLDEN EAGLES First Row- Second Row- Third Row- Asst. Coach Verlin Adams Walt Kaczkowski BUS- Mgr. Frank Black Don Mclntyre Garland Moran -llmmY BYVCI Isaac Ganin Nick Okruch Ralph Holmes Jim Karr George King Bobbie Dawson Jim Goddard Bill Bordas Bob Johnson Odell Thompson Cgach Eddie King Asst. Coach Frank Kovach ' Manager "Keno" Smiih JOHN AND FERG GIANNAKIS 222 WEST WASHINGTON STREET OI-iddT A WGKV - 1490 ON YOUR DIAL CITY HARDWARE CO. 5504 McCorkle Ave., S. E. Phone 5-2713 RIGENE FLORAL CO. 1721 Washington St., E. Phone 2-1671 SCLOVE JEWELERS CO., INC. 1001 Quarrier St. Phone 3-8675 TASTY PASTRY SHOP . Bigley Avenue. Phone 2-8277 CUNNINGHAM DRY CLEANING CO. 1531 Washington St., W. Phone 2-6101 ROYAL TIRE 6' EQUIPMENT CO. 203 McCorkIe Ave. Phone 4-3407 WEST VIRGINIA BEARINGS CO. 1516 Kanawha Blvd., W. Phone 2-3183 SERVING THE MAGIC VALLEY JNO. A, SHANKLI N JEAN'S 903 Quarrier Street BAZLEY'S CASH MARKET 154 Summers St. Phone 2-6183 NATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO. 4 Washington St., W. Phone 2-2832 NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INS. Charleston National Bank. Phone 2-7129 PUGH FURNITURE CO. 1322 Wilson St. Phone 2-5179 WEST VIRGINIA AGENCY CO., INS. Charleston National Bank. Phone 2-3813 THE BOLL FURNITURE CO 209 Washington St., W. Phone 3-9527 IMPERIAL DRY CLEANING Cr DYERS 115 Virginia St., W. Phone 2-6104 GALPERIN JEWELRY CO. 21 Capitol St. Phone 3-7626 GORDON'S DRUG 1505 Washington St., E. Phone 3-4315 BRATT C1 GRACE FURNITURE STORE 206 7th Ave. Phone 4-5325 SAVE SUPPLY CO., INC. 22 Summers St. Phone 3-5583 AMICK REFRIGERATION 414 Tennessee Ave. Phone 2-0154 PEOPLES LIFE INS. CO. Knight Building. Phone 3-2413 CRYSTAL LAUNDRY 1129 Main St. Phone-3-5156 ELLIOTT JEWELERS INC. 204 Capitol St. Phone 3-5225 THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Phone 31-191 DIAMOND ICE 6' COAL CO. 912 Bullitt St. Phone 2-7108 EMPIRE DRY CLEANING CO. 210 Dickinson St. Phone 2-2197 Page One Hundred Thirty-th MODERN PLANOGRAPH and LITHOGRAPH METHoDs BY MATHEWS provides an economical means for the reproduction of anything Written, printed or drawn, in quantities from one to a million. Telephones 24-197 - 24-198 MATHEW Printing and Lithographing Company soo-soz capafolsfreef ' Charleston 1, E DEWITT USES THE "PSYCHOGALVANOMETER" ON MISS ROSE - , , .s1,1.'?,..v,1'fi" w,13,2.pf52t49'f Elffvffgi ' I- M Z lvl .. Qu ' !k2""?,1. whktg fran 2--QQ Zum 1'-W x'?w.,s,w f Tfajiyffff-':2h.,M11f 1 4: ww ,, -.:.z,,f' 'w::a',,,5zaw,.,ff.f.,fg: --wwf, gn:qf.qfR . any M22 , , "VFR "fer, '?"f'52LF ' x'j75i?"61T'.ff'f?2f.f?',E"a" ',f,n,?,,,.,.3, -in .'As:?Ext'Q4if1wf1'iFv3'W'23 X f i H - ,, wg -1 mf rj. 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Suggestions in the Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) collection:

Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Morris Harvey College - Harveyan Yearbook (Charleston, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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