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To Wehrle B. Geary, who has done much to make the vision of a great Morris Harvey come true, this book is respectfully dedicated. Page Two THE OLD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING is typical of the architecture at the original site of Morris Harvey at Barboursville. Morris Harvey began in 1888 as Barboursville seminary. The Southern Methodists of West Virginia took over support of the school in 1889 and the name was changed to Bar- boursville college. Page Three THE KANAWHA COUNTY LIBRARY BUILDING was literally a honeycomb of education when Morris Harvey was located there from 1935 until 1947. In addition, space in various schools and buildings through downtown Charleston was used for classrooms. Kanawha College combined with Morris Harvey College in 1939 after Morris Harvey moved from Barboursville to Charleston. Page Four TEMPORARY BUILDINGS released from war-time service and erected on the 22-acre South Ruffner site of the future Morris Harvey made it possible for the school to move for probably the last time. Around these wooden structures the permanent buildings of Morris Harvey will rise. Page Five THE FUTURE OF MORRIS HARVEY rests in this architect ' s sketch of the planned college buildings. Now a community supported institution with the withdrawal of formal Methodist support in 1940, Morris Harvey has assets of more than $2,000,000. Located on the present campus and facing the beautiful West Vir- ginia capitol building across the Kanawha river, the new facilities will bring Morris Harvey to the forefront f as a leading Eastern educational institution. Page Six p R E S E N T I N G MR. MORRIS HARVEY, a citizen of Fayette- ville, turned his interest in education toward Barboursville college early in the century. Be- tween 1900 and 1908 Mr. Harvey gave to the college approximately $100,000. In the will of his wife a large portion of the estate was added to the endowment. In consideration of this timely aid, the board of trustees in 1901 changed the name r rom Barboursville college to Morris Harvey college. THE SENIOR CLASS OF MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE IN THE YEAR OF 1948 • . . THE SIXTIETH OF THE COLLEGE Page Seven SENIORS WILLIAM C. BEATTY Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Member of Masonic club, International Relations club, Comet staff. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. Has also attended University of Cincinnati, South- west Missouri State Teachers College. SIM Mi CUM LAUDE GEORGE F. FOY Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Chi Beta Phi, honorary scientific fraternity.. Employed at the Westvaco Chlorine Products Corp. CUM LAUDE CALVIN E. BECKELHEIMER Bachelor of Science in Biology. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. STEPHEN HOPTA Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring in physical education and social studies. ALFRED B. BOYLES Bachelor of Arts majoring in Social Science. In Who ' s Who of American College Students for 1947. Drum major of the new Morris Harvey band. Has also attended West Virginia Weslyan college. PRESLEY E. " PAT " McKISIC Bachelor of Arts. Member of Zeta Kappa fraternity, Philharmonic Choir, Student Council representative, Panhellenic Council representative. CUM LAUDE PAUL E. BRYANT Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Grad- uate assistant at the University of Florida following graduation. CUM LAUDE MARION M. PARSONS Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. ALICE LOUISE DEARMAN Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of Alpha Mu sorority. Comet staff, president of Panhellenic council in 1947. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. In May Court 1945 and 1947. REBECCA ANN PITTSONBERGER Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. CUM LAUDE iMarion Parsons Models the Cap and Gown for the Seniors: SENIORS RALPH W. POLING Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. BOYD W. BABICK Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Active in Intra-mural basketball. Attended Concord State college, West Virginia Institute of Technology. Em- ployed at the B M Sales and Service at the Kana- wha Airport. PAUL W. RICHARDS Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Active in football. Employed at du Pont. GLENN W. BAILEY Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Presi- dent of Senior Class. Member of Zeta Kappa, Phi Theta Kappa fraternities. Member of Student Coun- cil, Student Relations committee, Harveyan and Comet boards. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. Attended Lees McRae Junior College and Georgia School of Technology. HAROLD E. SULLIVAN Bachelor of Science in Biology. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fra ternity. SAMUEL R. BALDWIN Bachelor of Science in Accounting Member of Zeta Kappa fraternity. JOYCE K. THOMAS Bachelor of Arts. NANCY BLACKWELL Bachelor of Arts in English. Member of Phi Lambda Tau, Eta Chi Delta, Theta lota Greek organization. Member of the Blackfriars, International Relations Club and Philharmonic Choir. Treasurer and vice- president of Phi Lambda Tau, Secretary of the Senior Class, Secretary and vice-president of the Blackfriars, Choir librarian. In Who ' s Who of Ameri- can College students. SUMMA CUM LAUDE VERLIN T. " SPARKY " ADAMS Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education. Assistant coach at Morris Harvey. Football 1939, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. Captain in 1942 Basketball 1939, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. Co-captain in 1942. Baseball pitcher in 1939, ' 40, ' 41. In Who ' s Who of American College stu- dents 1942-43, and 1946-47. MICHAEL R. BRANNEN Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Also attended West Virginia University. iNancy Blackwell and William C. Beatty led Scholastically: .t SENIORS JAMES W. CALDWELL Bachelor of Arts in Ph sical Education. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Varsity club and Physical Education club. Football, 1941, ' 42 and ' 46. Em- ployed with the Division of Public Relations, State Road Commission. ERNEST D. FIFE Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Mathematics. Member of Phi Sigma Phi and Chi Beta Phi honorary. Attended also the University of Cincinnati. CUM LAUDE ROBERT J. CHENOWETH, JR. Bachelor of Arts in History. Member of Zeta Kappa fraternity. Ministerial Association, Philharmonic Choir. President of the Ministerial Association, vice- president of Senior Class. In Who ' s Who of Ameri- can College Students. Student pastor at a North Charleston church. ELEANOR JOHNSON HAWK Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. Member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority, Philharmonic choir. Pan hellenic council and Blackfriars. Post president of Phi Lambda Tau. Zeta Kappa Sweetheart in 1945, Miss Junior Class in 1946, Miss Senior Class in 1947 and a member of the 1946 May Court. MAUDE BRITTON CHILDRESS Bachelor of Arts in English. JOSEPH E. HOFFMANN Bachelor of Arts in English and History. Editor of the 1948 Harveyan. Member of the 1947 Harveyan staff and the 1948 Comet staff. Member of Zeta Kappa fraternity, of Epsilon Chapter of Sigmc Nu fraternity, Beta Gamma chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, honorary dramatic fraternity. Member of the Black- friars. Also attended Bethany College. Employed at The Charleston Gazette. CUM LAUDE JOHN W. ELLIOTT Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History. Member of the Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Also at- tended Virginia Polytechnic Institute. CLEON A. JANOS Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Past-president of the Veterans club. Also attended Marshall Col- lege. JOHN F. CLENDENEN Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. President of the Student Council. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. Also attended Tulsa University. Em- ployed at the Farm Bureau Insurance Co. CUM LAUDE VIVIAN JONES Bachelor of Arts in History and Secondary Educa- tion. Member and guide in the Phi Lambda Tau sorority. Pictures are Grouped in January, May and August Graduates: SENIORS ADA GRAVES KEEFER Bachelor of Arts in English and Education. Also attended Stephens college, Oklahoma A M, and George Washington University. TAYLOR McCOY Bachelor of Science in Natural Science. Also at- tended Morehead State college. Employed at Car- bide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation. RALPH E. KESSEL Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mem- ber of the Future Teachers of America and the As- sociation for Childhood Education. BRADY MILAM Bachelor of Art in Social Studies. WILLIAM H. MATTHEWS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Mem- ber of Phi S.gma Phi fraternity. Member of the golf team. Employed at the Appalachian Heating and Plumbing Co. GERALD G. MILLER Bachelor of Arts. Member of the International Re- lations club, Blackfriars, and Comet staff. Also at- tended Marshall College and M.ssiss.ppi State Col- lege. WILLIAM R. McCALLISTER Bachelor of Science in Natural Science. Employed at the Capitol Auto Supply Co. RALPH J. MORGAN Bachelor of Arts in Religion. Member of the Min- isterial Association. Also attended the Trevecca Nazarene College, Nashville, Tenn. Pastor. Church of the Nazarene, Coal Fork. MAGMA CUM LAUDE JESS K. McCLURE Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity and the Physical Edu- cation club. Football and Basketball official. Also attended Marshall College and Biarritz Americn Uni- versity, Biarritz, France. JAKE C. O DELL Bachelor of Arts in History. Member of the Zeta Kappa fraternity, Debating club, Philharmonic Choir, Ministerial Association, Student Council. Student pastor at Elkview. Almost every mole senior is a veteran on the Gl bill: JOHN G. PERKINS Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Also attended Marshall College. EDWARD L. ROWSEY, JR. Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Member of Phi Kappa Nu fraternity. Also attended Marshall Col- lege. Employed at the Sparks Auto Wrecking Co. MARGARET C. PORTER Bachelor of Science. Member of the International Relations Club, Association for Childhood Education. Secretary-treasurer of the Internatioal Relations Club. CUM LAVDE HELEN SAMPLES Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mem- ber of Sigma lota Chi sorority. Future Teachers of America and the Blackfriars. ROBERTA RIGGLEMAN Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Member of Alpha Mu sorority, Student Council, Comet staff, International Relations club. Editor of Comet in 1947, President of Alpha Mu in 1947, President of Theta lota in 1946, President of Panhellenic Coun- cil in 1946. In the May Court 1947. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. Employed at the Charleston Daily Mail. CUM LAVDE VIVIAN SHANK Bachelor of Science in Biology and Social Science. Member of the International Relations Club and Future Teachers of America. WILLIAM S. ROBINSON Bachelor of Arts in History. President and Student Director of the Blackfriars. Member of the Inter- national Relations Club and Alpha Psi Omega, hon- orary dramatic fraternity. In Who ' s Who of Ameri- can College Students. CUM LAVDE DORIS JEAN SKILES Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority, Panhellenic council, 1948 May Court. Student assistant in the Chemistry lab- oratory. FRED ROUSH Two years diploma in Business Administration. Em- ployed with the Gravely Motor Plow and Cultivator Co. RICHARD W. SWEENEY Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity. Physical Educa- tion and Varsity clubs. President of Phys. Ed. club, vice-president of Varsity club. Football 1946, ' 47. Blue and White were the class colors of the 1948 Seniors SENIORS CHARLES R. THOM, JR. Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education. Member ot Phi Sigma Phi fraternity and the Future Teachers of America. Also attended West Virginia University Community Secretary at the Charleston YMCA. Basketball official. MARGARET BARRY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of Phi Kappa Sigma sorority and the Future Teachers of America. Also attended Maryland Uni- versity. MARY LEE WARNER Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of Phi Lambda Tau, Chi Beta Phi, Theta lora Greek organizations, the Philharmonic Choir. Student Council and Panhellenic council. In the 1948 May Court. President of Phi Lambda Tau sorority, Presi- dent of Philharmonic Choir, 1947. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. CUM LAUDE W. R. BENNETT Bachelor ot Science in Chemistry. Also attended Villanova College. FRANK J. WILSON Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Member ot Zeta Kappa fraternity, debate club. Ministerial Associa- tion, International Relations club. Zeta Kappa archivist. Also attended Purdue University. CUM LAUDE LOIS M. BROOKMAN Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Member of Sigma lota Chi sorority. Also attended West Vir- ginia University. MARGARET ANNE " PEGGY ' ' WOODALL Bachelor of Arts in History. Member of Sigma lota Chi sorority, Blackfriars, Student Council, Philhar- monic Choir. In 1947 May Court. Head cheer leader in 1947. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. GERALD J. BURFORD Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as a teacher in Kanawha County schools. Also attended West Virginia Institute of Technology. CUM LAUDE MILDRED ANN BALDWIN Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as a teacher with the Boone County schools. Also attended Kanawha College and Concord State College. MINNIE M. CARPER Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Employed as a teacher at the Zogg O ' Dell school in South Charleston. Also attended Marshall College. iMany Seniors have gained their degree with part-time work SENIORS JOHN A. CERULLO Bachelor of Arts in History. GEORGE F. GAY Bachelor ot Arts in Sociology. Member of the Blackfriars and Alpha Psi Omega, honorary dramatic fraternity. Employed at Coyle and Richardson. Also attended Michigan State Graduate school. CUM LAUDE LOUISE SNODGRASS COLEBANK Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as a teacher by the Kanawha County schools. Also attended Glenville State College, West Virginia Institute of Technology and West Virginia Univer- sity. THELMA FLORENCE GILLESPIE Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mem- ber of the Association for Childhood Education. Em- ployed as a teacher by the Kanawha County schools. Also attended the West Virginia Institute of Tech- nology. JOHN GREY DAVIS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Em- ployed at Frankenberger Co. Also attended Dart- mouth College. FRED R. GILMER Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Employed at du Pont. Also attended Miami University. KENNETH FRENCH Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Member of Varsity and Physical Education clubs. Football in 1947 and 1948. Also attended the University of Georgia. ROBERT D. GRAY Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Also attended Andersen College, Anderson, Ind. HAROLD C. GADD Bachelor of Arts in English. Editor of the Comet. In Who ' s Who of American College Students. CUM LAUDE THELMA TAYLOR HALL Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as sixth grade teacher in Elkview school. Active in Four-H work with a 100% blue-ribbon club for 19 years. CUM LAUDE This class, unfortunately could plant no ivy — no buildings: SENIORS BARTON T. HASTINGS Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Treasurer of Zeta Kappa Fraternity and secretary of the Intramural council. Employed at Frankenberger Co. JO ANN JORDAN Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Member of Phi Kappa Sigma and Chi Beta Phi Greek organizations. In 1947 Who ' s Who of American College Students. Employed at du Pont. CUM LAUDE FRANCES HAWKINS Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mem- ber of Phi Lambda Tau sorority, Philharmonic Choir, Future Teachers of America and Association for Childhood Education. Vice-president of the ACE. CUM LAUDE THOMAS J. MORRIS Bachelor of Arts in History Member of Kappa Sigma Koppa fraternity and the International Re- lations club. CUM LAUDE ROSA LEE NICELY HUNDLEY Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Mem- ber of Phi Lambda Tau sorority. May Queen 1946, May Court 1947. ROSE MARIE NEUHART Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Member of Sigma lota Chi sorority, vice-president of the International Relations Club. JACQUELINE J. HUNT Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education. Member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority, Future Teachers of America and secretary-treasurer of the Philharmonic Choir. WILLIAM D. PARSONS Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Member of Chi Beta Phi. Employed at the E. M. Sparkes Ma- chine Co. Also attended Ohio University. CUM LAUDE HOMER L. JIMISON, JR. Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Employed at Guthrie-Morris-Campbell Company. Sergeant-at- arms of Student Council in sophomoie year. MARJORIE S. PATTERSON Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as a teacher in Kanawha County schools. Also attended Glenville State college. :Thomas J. Morris, at nineteen, is the youngest senior this year: SENIORS GLEN E. PENNINGTON Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa. Also attended the University of Richmond. DENNIS W. TOMLIN Bachelor of Science in Natural Science. Member of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity, Chi Beta Phi scien- tific fraternity and the International Relations club. CUM LAUDE AMY ELIZABETH SALLINGER Bachelor of Science. Employed as a teacher ot High- lawn School in St. Albans. Also attended Glenville and Fairmont State Colleges. LEON B. WORKMAN Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. DONALD W. SMITH Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as an Elementary school principal in a Kana- wha county school. Also attended West Virginia Institute of Technology. FRED P. YOUNG Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Member ot Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Also attended Miami and Vanderbilt Universities. WILLIAM H. STARKEY Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity and the International Relations Club. Also attended the University of California. LEWIS O. YOUNG Bachelor of Arts in English. Employed as principal at Union school. Also attended Ohio University. CUM LAUDE PAULINE TOLLEY Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Em- ployed as a teacher at Hill Valley school. There were several camera shy seniors in 1948: PROF. C. E. ROTH WAS VOTED CLASS SPONSOR BY THE 1948 SENIORS NOTICE HOW THE JOB AFFECTED HIM PROF. C. E. ROTH September 1947 Those Without Pictures — Feme Williams, Frank R. Wilcox, Luther Thomas, Alvin T. Thacker, James E. Stew- art, (cum laude). Icy Claire Staley, Laura Lee Lucas, Jack Jackson, Robert H. Hutton, (cum laude), Gerald D. Haley, (cum laude), Mary Jean Groscup, Walter G. Francis, Jr., Irene E. Clift, Auvil B. Chancey, (cum laude), Florence Brown, (cum laude), Geneva G. Blake, Jack A. Borror, Maude L. Cox Arnett, (cum laude), Donna Jeanne Belat, Walter F. Prowse, (cum laude), John A. McGraw, Robert P. McCormick, Edgar Lor- ing, Frances Lohmann, (cum laude), Willard J. Hess, Albert C. Hall, Raymond W. Glad- well, Dewey B. Folden, Jr., George B. Tram- mell, Jr., Henry M. Propps, William F. Pol- ing, James E. Dawson, Margaret Ann Bouldin, Walter L. Stephens, James H. Thomas, (cum laude), Robert M. Woods, (cum laude), and Bert C. Stallings, (cum laude). ☆; PROF. C. E. ROTH August 1948 For the next class he sponsors. Prof. Roth promises a beard: Pago Seventeen IN EARLY 1947 THE NEW CAMPUS WAS ONLY MUD, BOARDS, AND DERRICKS THE 1948 CLASS WATCHED THE FIRST STEEL GO UP I = s I 1 I I I AND WHEN THE TIME CAME FOR THE ACADEMIC PROCESSION I 1 Page Eighteen THE FIRST PERMANENT BUILDING WAS FAR ENOUGH COMPLETED FOR GRADUATION THERE MOVING DAY was September 8, 1947, one day prior to registration of classes. The town turned out and watched college officials symbolically board LCI 1053, cross the river and establish a permanent beachhead on the southern bank of the Kanawha. At this ceremony a model of the new buildings was symbolically handed over to the college officials. Said President Riggleman, " Although our buildings are temporary, our landing is permanent. " HHHM JUNIORS FIRST ROW: Richard Moore, president; Anne Kessler, secretary-treasurer; David Harper, Panhellenic representative; Don Ashley, George Atkinson, Jr., Donald Auer. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Ann Bailey, Virginia Bailey, Fletcher Barker, Ellen Bell, Earl W. Bird, Francis Bowyer. THIRD ROW: William K. Bradley, John Breed, Glenn Bradley, Evelyn Brown, Margaret Camp, Doris Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Billie Cantrell, Virgil Lee Carr, N ' ck Ciccarello, Phyllis Claypoolc, Noble Conner, Betty Cunning- ham. FIFTH ROW: Frank Cunningham, Charles B. Dahlin, Kathleen Devine, John W. Eaken, Edward Ellis, Joe Ervin. :The Class of ' 49 will see the first basketball game in the new field house: Page Twenty-two JUNIORS FIRST ROW: Quin Farren, Ellen Fielding, Betty Fisher, Elwood Fleming, Rosemond Godd, Joan Galperin. SECOND ROW: J. W. Gwinn, Theodore Goff, Jerry Gray, Ralph Griffin, Clyde Grimm, Joe Harless. If " 1 ™ ROW: Le; si lie Hernandez, George Hie kok, Thomas Higginbotham, Daniel Higgins, Mary Louise Hill, Kathryn Hopkins. FOURTH ROW: Frances Houston, Peggy Hutchin- son, David Johnson, James F. Johnson, Virginia Jordan, Robert P. Kessler. FIFTH ROW: Charles M. Key, Henry E. King, Walter L. King, Jr., William H. King, Richard Knight, Luther Koontz. j Second year sod will be present on the campus for the class of ' 49 Page Twenty-three JUNIORS FIRST ROW: Russell Lemon, William G. Leonard, Charles Maloney, Basil Matthews, Helen Maple, Gene Metz. SECOND ROW- Byron McNeely, Doris Moses, Paul Murray, Walter Pauley, Darrell Riley, James E. Roark. THIRD ROW: Clayton Rollins, James R. Samples, Helen Scott, Mary Frances Smith, Mary Kathryn Smith, Annabelle Stephens. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Sum- mers, Wilda Thaxton, Irene Thomas, Glenn E. Thompson, Genevieve Wolfe, Robert Woods. FIFTH ROW: Edgar Ware, Charles Wray, Lawrence Zontini. Some of these Juniors crossed us up by graduating — beaver-like: Pago Twenty-four SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Myron Hundley, president; Ralph B. Ackles, Jeame Agsten John J Alessandrmi, Jr., Anios bolter, John Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Robert Barnette, Patty Bennett, Virginia Bibbee, Charlotte Bowling John ™elma Cerutti. THIRD ROW: Joe Christian, Lloyd Cobb, Clarence Coley, Jr., Clifford Coleman, Mike Collins, William Cox. f °UkTH ROW: Caroline Diedericks, George Dinsmore, Leon Downey Bob Ellis, Robert Eversole, Marvan Frame. FIFTH ROW. R. M. Gallagher, Imogenc Given, Joyce Golden, Bill Goodwin, Robert Gresham, E. J. Heffermon. Notice all the future May-Queen material among the sophomores; Page Twenty-five SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: George Hoffman, Jr., William Hoffman, Nancy Holcomb, Ann Holt, Clyde Huff, Albert Hunt. SECOND ROW ' Renny Isaacs, Gloria Jacobs, Lila Ann Jones, Robert Keil, James Kelly, Mary Kathryn Kelso. THIRD ROW George Keeney, Roger Kiser, Sam Lanham, Jeannette Lewis, John F. Meadows, Don McIntyre. FOURTH ROW: William Milhoan, Horry Morris, Jackie Mundy, George A. Noel, Donald Pauley, W. R. Perry. FIFTH ROW: Carol Pilcher, Heber Pittman, Janet Parkins, John Priestley, Audrey Pridemore, Edward Rada. :We Understand that the Harveyan Editor for 1949, promises " On Time " Delivery: Page Twenty-six SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Dole Raines, Bi.l Riley. Charles Roberts. John e Lf abe 5 THI D ROW 0 " ? ' B. 5 Underwood ChaHes West? Juanita wVsHall. oy Whi?r7«k WttaU Milburn Wilfong. ' FOURTH ROW: Russell Winkler, Betty Woodde.l, Marshall Wooldridge, Joseph Zegeer. iiiitiiimiiiiiimiiiii Unfortunately, even some of the sophomores were camera shy, too: Page Twenty-sev n FRESHMEN Fonoine Dorothy Froncis No Fronc” George E ? Z Y Do ' ' J ° An? DiZ?Jo ne dSh " 1 ' R Ch Groybeol, Don Hormon, Hoyword G. M Poge Twenty-eight =Th e Freshman Cos, n «„, honors in tlre homeeomin, 9 ome: FRESHMEN Jarrett, Lucille JohrTso Lloyd Vclly ' KoH 0 Kesse” ' j my D Knapp H Vi°rg?nio P Ko h H °TH?R n 5nw ° SEC0ND R0W: Phyllis bert jerry Leffel, Frank Lilly, Robert Linkenhoker, Fred McClure ' FOURTH K ROW Bettv° r Betty Jane Lambert, Larry Lam- Micheal, Alden Miller, Patsy Miller, Keith Ann M core F I FTH R n w pa J L J ° Mc £ rew ' Seaman McGrew, James L. Bobby Jack Pauley, Glenn R. Pauley, Patrica Pauley. ™ R0W Edword Murray, Margaret Parrish, Wanda Parsons, Total Enrollment ot Morris Harvey in 1948 exceeded 2,000 students: Page Twenty-nine FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Charles Pence, Edmond Rhodes, Eloise Riley, Edward Rowan, Marguerite Schoonover, Tom Schuler, SECOND ROW:Terry Sharkey, James Sheehy, Hugh Skees, Emma Jean Simpson, Frank Smith, Suzanne Taylor. THIRD ROW: Bob Titus, Joe Tompkins, Elizabeth Toney, Betty Jo Walters, W. K. Wayne, Doris Nelle Webster. FOURTH ROW: Elnora Louise Wilson, Patty Wood, Georgette Zakaid, Peggy Zicketoose, Lewis Zinda. People who are camera-shy are flies in the Harveyan Editor ' s soup: Page Thirty faculty LEONARD RIGGLEMAN AM., D.D., LL.D. President and Professor of Religion. ASHBY C. BLACKWELL AM., Dr.S. Vice-president, Dean of Faculty, and Professor of Chemistry. EMILY OLMSTEAD AM. Dean of Women and Pro fessor of Sociology and Religion. T. CONLEY ADAMS B.D. Dean of Men and Professor of Religion. ELBERT W. OCKERMAN AM. Director of Admissions and Associate Professor of History and Political Science. VERLIN ADAMS A.B. Instructor in Physical Educa- tion and Assistant Coach. ROBERT L. BAYLOUS M.S. Associate Professor of Physical Education. THOR J. BECK Ph.D. Professor of Modern Lan- guages. RALPH J. BRABBAN AM. Associate Professor of Edu- cation. FACULTY HARRY M. BRAWLEY A.M. Associate Professor of Eco- nomics and Political Science. MARSHALL BUCKALEW A. M., LL. B. Associate Professor of Business Administration. MAUD HULL CAMMACK A.M. Instructor in English. SAM E. CLAGG A.M. Instructor in Geography and Sociology and Assistant Coach. DORTHA BAILEY DOOLITTLE M.S. Associate Professor of Chem- istry. ROBERT W. DORSEY A.B. Instructor in Business Admini- stration and Economics. VIRGINIA DUFFIELD B.S. in Elementary Education. Assistant Professor of Education. VIRGINIA ECKLEBERRY B.M. Instructor in Music. LLOYD ERHARD, JR. A.M. Instructor in Business Ad- ministration. HAROLD W. EWING M. Mus. Professor of Music. FACULTY T F GOLDTHORPE M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration. ALBERT M. GREGORY M. Mus. Instructor in Music. FRANK HALL A.M. Assistant Professor of Edu- cation and Psychology. W. C. HALL M.S. Instructor in Biology. JUNE WILLAMS HAMILTON A.M. Instructor in Secretarial Science. COLEMAN J. HARRIS Ph.D. Professor of Biology. EVELYN K. HARRIS A.M. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. JAMES K. HERRING A.B. Instructor in Journalism. LUCINA KEANE A.M. Associate Professor of Art. C. E. KING A.M. Athletic Director, Coach, and Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation. FACULTY FRIEDA KIEFER MERRY Ph.D. Professor of Psychology. RALPH VICKERS MERRY Ed.D. Professor of Psychology and Philosophy. C. T. MILLER, JR. B.D. Instructor in Religion. WILLIAM MORLANG B.S. in Education. Instructor in Business Administration. J. R. MULHOLLAND M.S. Instructor in Mathematics. JEAN OCKERMAN A.B. Instructor in Mathematics. WALTON W. REYNOLDS A.M., C.P.A. Professor of Business Administration and Economics. P. E. ROLLER Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. CLARENCE E. ROTH A.M. Professor of History and Politi- cal Science. faculty JOHN W. KLINE M.A. Instructor in Music. HAZEL KOONTZ A.M. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration and Secretarial Science. ROBERT LAW LASLEY Ph.D. Professor of English. GEORGE C. LAZENBY M.S. Assistant Professor of Chem- istry. JEAN MALONEY M.A. Instructor in English. HENRY MARTZ M.S. Instructor in Education and Sociology. GERTRUDE McCAIN Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics. LEON SAYRE McDANIEL Ed.D. Professor of Social Psychology. m. j. McDermott M.Ed. Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Science. FACULTY OLIVER SHURTLEFF A.M. Assistant Professor of English and Speech. JULIAN SPENCER Instructor in Music. ROTHA B. STRICKLAND M.S. Instructor in Mathematics. WALTER HAMILTON WALKER Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Physics. E. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS A.M. Professor of English. WOODROW WILSON B.S. Instructor in Business Admini- stration. FAYELDA BRUA A.B., B.S. Graduate Assistant in Biology. WILLIAM G. BOWLING B.S. Graduate Assistant in Chem- istry. STAFF frank a. knight Public Relations Counselor. FHYLLIS THUMM B.S. in Elementary Education. Registrar. EVERETTE HARTSHORN Manager of Cafeteria. ANN HOWARD A.B. Serretary to Public Relations Counselor. JAMES J. FINK Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. RUTH SLAYTON LYMAN A.B. Switchboard Operator. C. FRANK LePAGE B.S. in Business Administration. Manager of College Bookstore. KATHERINE ROSE Secretary to the Dean. STAFF REBECCA BALDOCK KELLY Secretary to the Director of Admissions. NORA CROUCH B.S. in Secondary Education. Assistant to the Bursar. £ Faculty and Staff Without Pictures: ANN LOU ESTILL, Instructor in Piano MARINDA JOHNSON, B.C., Instructor in Mathematics. MARJORIE KOLDA, Instructor in Music RICHARD KOLDA, Instructor in Music BEATRICE McCLUNG, A.B., Instructor in French CONSTANCE McLAUGHLIN, A.M., Instructor in English TALMAGE NICHOLAS, B.C., Instructor in Mathematics ALPHA L. OWENS, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages CONRAD PAFF, Instructor in Music DORIS SCHIFFLER, Instructor in Music WILLY SCHULTZ, Instructor in Music GERTRUDE H. SCHWAB, B.D., Assistant Professor of Secrearial Science WILLIAM E. STAFFORD, B.S., Instructor in Chemistry ORPHA NALE VOORHEES, A.M., Instructor in Speech W. W. WRAY, C.L.U., Instructor in Business Administration BETTY DAVIS, Assistant to the Veterans Counselor S. C. GROSE, A.M., Chemistry Stock Room Keeper GERALDINE F. LANDACRE, Assistant to the Bursar MAXIE MOORE RADFORD, A.B., Alumni Secretary MRS. GEORGE SKEENE, Assistant Librarian MARY F. STOUT, A.B., College Secretary JUNE WELLS, Secretary to the Registrar 1 1 Page Thirty-eight J c£ O -j (l - JUI 20 V -i oqQ ui ) co O — co - 5 ZQ -J — -J cq Z w Sodie Hawkin ' s Day and MH went mountain-style: Jp rw ±w • ' — - W Mi . if - pK iiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiir 1 ■ »r $ Jj F 1 T-lwS i K 1 M ' - J FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD Homecoming and MH went any style — with ham: ALPHA MU FIRST ROW: Anne Kessler, president. SECOND ROW: Mary Louise Hill, vice-president; Ann Holt, secretary- treasurer; Louise Dearman, Panhellenic Representative; Betty Bennett. THIRD ROW: Nancy Camp, Betty Fisher, Roberta Riggleman, Betty Jo McGrew. FOURTH ROW: Ruth McLaughlin, Irene Thomas, Mary Francis Smith, Annabelle Stephens. :Alpha Mu, oldest of Morris Harvey sororities, was organized in 1925: Page Forty-two SIGMA IOTA CHI FIRST ROW: Jo Anne Jock, worthy matron; Betty Cunningham, worthy protector; Maxine Halstead, worthy director of pledges. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Ann Bailey, Lois Brookman, Doris Campbell, Billie Cantrell, Ann Cross. THIRD ROW: Caroline Dicdricks, Joyce Golden, Pody Hill, Virginia Koch, Jackie Mundy. FOURTH ROW: Rose Morie Neuhardt, Helen Samples, Helen Scott, Virginia Scott, Margaret Ann Woodall. ;Beta Nu Chapter of Sigma lota Chi was organized at Kanawha College, 1936: Page Forty-three H 0 PHI LAMBDA TAU FIRST ROW: Mary Lee Warner, president; Nancy Blackwell, vice-pres ' dent; Kathleen Devine, secretary; Betty Wooddell, treas- urer; Anna Mary Crewdson, chaplain. SECOND ROW: Vivian Janes, guide: Doris Skiles, Panhellenic representative; Frances Beatty, Shirley Bowman, Evelyn Brown, Margaret Curry. THIRD ROW: Virg n : a Ekleberry, Rosemond Gadd, Imogene Given, EI?anor Hawk, Frances Hawkins, Rosalee Hundley. FOURTH ROW: Jacqueline Hunt, Betty Ireland, Virginia Jordan, Helen Kauff- man, Margaret Kelso, Kathleen Key. FIFTH ROW: Jean Maloney, Janet Parkins, Sh ' rley Jean Rush, Elizabeth Toney, Doris Thumm, Genevieve Wolfe. :Phi Lambda Tau was founded by Morris Harvey women in 1929: Page Forty-four FIRST ROW: Ellen Fielding, prcsdent; Jeanne Agsten, vice-pr ss ' dent; Carol Pilcher, secretary-treasurer; Barbara Jones, ser- geant-at-arms. SECOND ROW: Lila Ann Jones, prelate; Mary Kathryn Smith, Panhellen ; c representative; Margaret Borry, Evelyn Ciccarillo, Rose Mary Daly. THIRD ROW: Jane Duff, Joyce Fix, Dorothy Francis, Jane Goff, Jedn Hasty. FOURTH ROW: Kath- ryn Hopkins, Gloria Jacobs, Joan Rice, Marguerite Schoonover, Patty Wood. :Phi Kappa Sigma was formed on the Barboursville campus in 1928: Page Forty-fiva ZETA MU EPSILON FIRST ROW: Janet M. Smith, president; Betty Jane Lilly, vice-president; Doris Nelle Webster, secretary; Phyllis Jarrett, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Taylor, chaplain; Eleanor Bays, Virginia Bibbee, Frances Dillinger. THIRD ROW: Elaine Hamilton, Frances Houston, Virginia Hughes, Peggy Hutchinson. FOURTH ROW:Jeannette Lewis, Jean Mahan, Emma Jean Simpson, Naomi Thabet. :Mu chapter of ZME was chartered at MH April 3, 1948: FIRST ROW: James W. Bowers, president; SECOND ROW: Will am F. Hill, vice-president; Robert Greenlee, secretary and Pan- hellenic representative; Charles E. Frick, treasurer; Glenn Pennington, sergeant-at-arms; Marvan Frame, chaplain. THIRD ROW: Joseph Brumley, Russell E. Davis, Ronny Ellis, Robert Eversole, Charles R. McNutt. FOURTH ROW: Louis Moore, Frank Morrison, Dale Raines, Charles Roberts, Don Ragan. FIFTH ROW: Charles W. Sullivan, Robert W. Sweeney, Glenn Thompson, Bob Titus, Thomas B. Underwood. £amma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa was chartered at MH in 1947: Page Forty-seven FIRST ROW: George Hickok, president; Amos Walter, vice-president; Donald Auer, Panhellenic representative: SECOND ROW. n n u„ r i p Kossler secretarv Nick Ciccarello, treasurer; Wayne Douglas, sergeant-at-arms; John J. Alessandrini, chaplain; Earl W. Bird. THIRD ROW: Dave Bobbs, John Burton, George Casey, Donald Cjelai John , C i en John W. Elliott, Jock D. Gay, Theodore Goff, Jerry Gray, man, David Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Ralph Griffin, John W. Eaken, Ernest Fife, E. W. Heffer- Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma Phi was formed at Barboursville in 1929: Page Forty-eight FIRST ROW: Rex Keener, William F. King, Louis Kruk, John F. Landacre, William H. Matthews. SECOND ROW: Fred McClure, James McIntyre, Louis Mullins, George Pacot, Robert Ratliff. THIRD ROW: Darrell Riley, William Riley, Clayton Rollins, Tom Schuler, John W. Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Wallace Sowers, William Starkey, Gene Summers, James H. Walker, Robert M. Woods. Prize Winning Float of Sadie Hawkins Day was the Phi Sigma Phi Creation: Page Forty-nine FIRST ROW: Al Gardman, president. SECOND ROW: Glenn Bai’ey, vice-president; Robert Teasdale, secretary; Barton Hastings, treasurer; Dave Harper, Panhellenic representative; Sam BalJw ' n. THIRD ROW: Victor Bardwell, Kermit Barnette, Robert, Barnette, Joe Christian, Noble Conner, Jr., FOURTH ROW: Charles B. Dahlin, Robert C. Dawson, Chester Derrick, George Dinsmore, Robert W. Dorsey. FIFTH ROW: Quin Farren, T. F. G ;ldthorpe, Clyde Grimm, Joe Harless, Robert Hatch. :Zeta Kappa is MKTs oldest Greek letter organization: Page Fifty FIRST ROW: Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell, advisor. SECOND ROW: Joseph E. Hoffmann, Robert Holman, Bob Holston, Myron Hund- ley, James F. Johnson. THIRD ROW: George Keeney, Sam Lanham, James Kelly, Lloyd Kelly, Gene Metz. FOURTH ROW: Richard Moore, Paul Murray, James Nelson, Walter Pauley, W. R. Peery. FIFTH ROW: John Pierson, Harold Sheets, William H. Sweet, Jack Wilcox, Frank Wilson. Alpha Chapter of Zeta Kappa was founded in Barboursyille in 1923: Page Fifty-one CHI BETA PHI SCIENTIFIC FRATERNITY FIRST ROW: Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell, grand president and local sponsor; Thomas B. Underwood, president; Gene Summers, vice-president; Jerry S. Gray, secretary-treasurer; Ernest D. Fite, national convention representative. SECOND ROW: Fayelda Brua, John Eakin, Jr., Dennis w Tomlin, Mary Lee Warner, William D. Parsons. THIRD ROW George F. Foy, Jo Ann Jordan, Frank LePage, Dr. W. H. Walker, Dr. R. V. Merry. FOURTH ROW Dr. F. K. Merry, Dr. C. J. Harris, Dr. P. E. Roller, George C. Lazenby, Mrs. Dortha B. Doolittle. Not pictured: Arthur Maloy, Grand second vice-president, William E. Stafford, Earl Bird, Frank O. Heindel, M. K. Smith, W. J. Hess, Hubert Schoonover, William Bowling, James Roark, John Hildebrand, Edwin Davis, Vernon Rockhold, Walter Preston, Helen Kauffman, Joseph Brumley, Mike Collins, William Hill and Harry Vineyard. Epsilon Chapter of Chi Beta Phi was chartered at MH in May of 1923: Page Fifty-two ALPHA PSI OMEGA HONORARY DRAMATIC FIRST ROW: William S. Robinson, Virginia Bailey, George Gay, Doris Moses. SECOND ROW: James B. McIntyre, Tom Murphy, Mary McCallister, George Bibby. THIRD ROW: Oliver Shurtleff, E. W. Ockerman, Joseph E. Hoffmann, Frances Lohmann. Rob.nson, Bailey, Gay, Moses, McIntyre, Murphy, McCallister, and Alonzo Johnson were inducted at the formation of the new chapter at Morris Harvey. The others were members in other colleges. Lambda Delta Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega was founded May 22, 1948: Page Fifty-three STUDENT COUNCIL John Clendenen, president. SECOND ROW: Roberta Rig- gleman, vice-president; Margaret Anne Woodall, secre- tary-treasurer; Ed Clark, sergeant-at-arms; Glenn Bailey. THIRD ROW: Mary Lee Warner, Richard Moore, Dave Harper, Myron Hundley. Not pictured are Paul Skeeter, Faber Herbert and Harlan " Skippy " Wilson. STUDENT RELATIONS [) Dr. Ashby C. Blackwell, dean of faculty; Emily Olm- stead, dean of women; Dr. T. C. Adams, dean of men; E. W. Ockcrman, director of admissions; Robert L. Baylous, E. Virginia Williams, Evelyn Harris, Don Auer, Panhellenic council president; John Clendenen student council president and Glenn Bailey, senior class presi- dent. The identifcation reeds in the usual manner, left to right, row by row. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL l- 4 O, Don Auer, president. Phi Sigma Phi; SECOND ROW: Mary Katheryn Smith, vice-president. Phi Kappa Sigma; Doris Skiles, secretary-treasurer. Phi Lambda Tau; Ellen Fielding, Phi Kappa Sigma; Mary Lee Warner, Phi Lambda Tau; Ann Kessler, Pody Hill, Alpha Mu; Jo Ann Jack, Billie Cantrell, Sigma lota Chi. THIRD ROW: Janet Smith, Jean Mahan, Zeta Mu Epilson; Bill Bowers, Bob Greenlee, Ronnie Ellis, Kappa Sigma Kappa; George ' Hickok, Phi Sigma Phi; Harper and Al Gardman, Zeta Kappa. Page Fifty-four Each year a number of students are selected for recognition in the " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " . Selection is based on scholarship and campus leadership by the student council and a faculty committee. FIRST ROW: William S. Robinson. SECOND ROW: Glenn R. Bailey, William C. Beatty, Nancy Blackwell, Al Boyles. THIRD ROW: Alice Louise Dearman, Joe Hoffmann, Virgil Carr, Pat Collins. FOURTH ROW: John E. Clendencn, Al Gardman, Byron McNeely, John Chenoweth. FIFTH ROW: Harold C. Gadd, Margaret Ann Woodall, Mary Lee Warner, Roberta Riggleman. Page Fifty-five MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association this year sponsored weekly chapel programs in the 500 building on the campus . . . the first regular chapel programs on the new campus. Organized to promote Christian living among the students of Morris Harvey the group is com- posed of students who are planning eventually to enter the ministry. FIRST ROW: William Cox, president; George Atkins, Robert J. Chenoweth, Elwood Fleming, Virginia Jordan, Mary Kathryn Kelso. SECOND ROW: Richard Knight, Ralph J. Morgan, Jake O ' Dell, Charles Pence, Suzanne Taylor and Glenn E. Thompson, Jr. MASONIC CLUB The Masons of Morris Harvey meet regularly for dinner programs. The club was organized on the Morris Harvey campus in Sep- tember of 1947. From left to right: Dr. Frank Hall, John S. Kuhn, Paul K. Deed, Jerry Gray, Earl W. Bird, Basil Matthews, III, president; Noble Conner, Everett Hartshorn, Joseph Zegeer, Dyer Davis, Don Ashley, Bob Layer, Dr. Coleman Harris, Perry Gallion, Oliver Shrutleff, Dr. W. H. Walker, George C. Lazenby, Henry Martz, and M. V. McDermott. Page Fifty-six Embellishing MH ' S appearance on the football field in last year and this year was a quick stepping, hard playing band. Under the direction of John Kline the band first blossomed out in its new uniforms when MH moved across the river to its South Ruffner location. And wearing the new majorette uni- forms which Maxine Halstead, head majorette, designed are: Wanda Countz, Louise Shepherd, Maxine Halstead, Ann Cross and Mary K. Kelso. Imogene Givens, another majorette, is not shown in the group. Membership of the band fluctuated around but during the year there was seen in band uniform the following: Robert Barnette, Claude Bettinger, Robert Brake, David Brawley, John Breed, William Calhoun, Don Cross, William Cox, Nick Ciccarello, Joseph Ervin, Jack Gentry, Creed Halbert, William Hill, James Knapp, Richard Masters, Carl Moore, John Pierson, Kenneth Pulliam, Charles Roberts, Herbert Vaughan, Robert Greenlee, Jerry Gwinn, John Norvell, Joseph Ballengee, Robert Page, Walton Moore, Gene Metz, Ed Clark, Jack Gilbert, James Jarvis, George Scherer and Guy Leonard. Majorettes: Maxine Halstead, Shirley Clark, Betty Kelso, Imogene Given, Wanda Counts, Ann Cross, Louise Shepard. Drum majors: William Calhoun, Al Boyles and Ray Peak. RAH!! And now for the Morris Harvey Locomotive — not the C. O. loco- motive that we hear in classtime — but the team cheers at the games. Instigators of the clamor at the field are, from left to right and row by row, Helen Scott, Vic Bardwell who has been so energetic that he ' s worn his sweater to a nubbin, Jackie Mundy, Dick Moore, Pody Hill and Phyllis Jimison. Helping with a dress design are Virginia Bailey, Violet Coontz, Lucille Farrell, Ruth Lyman and Helen Hunt. At the right are Kathryn Hopkins, secretary; Margaret Camp, John Swisher, vice-presi- dent; and Mrs. Wilson. Other Art Guild members not pictured are Clyde Grimm, Jo Ann Dill ion, treasurer; William Griffith, Jim Persinger, Raymond Sullivan and Robert Cutlip. Page Sixty The Art Guild is composed of Art Students who have formed an extra-curricular organiza- tion to promote art on the campus. This past year the guild sponsored the May Day Fete, placed paintings in the cafeteria, decorated for dances and prepared posters for the college ' s organizations. At work in the upper photo are Harold Williams, Betty Swish- er, George Keeney and Joan Rice. In the next picture are Harold Williams, Bill Perry, president; Emma Gene Asbury, NAiss Dick who is demonstrating textile printing, Lucille Farrell and Miss Keane, faculty spon- sor. FTA HENRY KING FTA President FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: A national organization for those who plan to teach. Henry King, president; Lome Burton, vice-president; Genevieve Wolfe, secretary; Margaret Barry, treas- urer; Ralph Brabben, Virginia Duffield and Frank Hall, sponsors. ,4 ACE GENEVIEVE WOLFE ACE President ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: An organization for future elementary teachers. Genevieve Wolfe, president; Frances Hawkins, vice- president; Kathleen Devine, secretary; Peggy Hutchinson, treasurer; Virginia Duffield, sponsor; Jean Rush, Virginia Lewis, Jackie Mundy, Margaret Porter, Connie Smith, Janet Lewis, Patty Bennett, Clarice Vineyard, Louise Herdinreich, Helen Maple, Mary F. Smith, Elaine Hamilton, Charlotte Bowling, Pat Riddle, Thelma Gillespie, Ralph Kessel, Robert Peal, Willis Elkins and Virgil Kirk. IRC KATHLEEN KEY IRC President MHDC JOSEPH FINERTY MHDC President INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB: An organi- zation for the discussion of world affairs. Kathleen Key, president; Rose Marie Neuhardt, vice-presi- dent; Margaret Porter, secretary-treasurer; Pat Col- lins, Mattie Lou Young, Charles H. Grubbs, Doris Moses, Virginia Bailey, William S. Robinson, Myron Solter, Peter de Paghter, Leslie Hernandez, Dennis Tomlin, Thomas Morris, Gerald Miller, Dale Kiser, Paul Reed, Roxalena Hisson, Clyde Love, James McIntyre, Tom Murphy. Sponsors, E. W. Ocker- man and Evelyn Harris. THE MORRIS HARVEY DEBATING CLUB: Joseph Finerty, president; Frank Wilson, vice-president; John Swisher, treasurer; Jean Mahan, secretary; William H. Krantz, correspondent; Clyde Love, Pat Collins, Ellen Fielding, and Steve M. Jelich. Wil- liam Morlang, sponsor. Page Sixty-one football Action in Homecoming Game football RECORDS 1903-04 Shelton College 0 MHC 27 Shelton College (Won by MHC by a small mar9in) Coach Walter O. Ropp 1906 1919 Marshall Coach Ropp .12, MHC 5 1907 U of Kentucky 29, MHC 0 Coach Walter O. Ropp 1910 West Va. Wesleyan 12, MHC 0 Coaches Wesley Alderman, Kemp Shelton 1911 V. P. I. 10- MHC 3 Transylvania 0, MHC 1 3 U. of Kentucky 12, MHC 0 Coaches Alderman and Shelton 1912 Bethany 6, MHC 17 Notre Dame 39, MHC 0 Coaches Alderman and Shelton 1913 Greenbrier 7, MHC West Va. U 0, MHC V. M. 1 0, MHC Staats (Whg) 13, MHC V. P. 1. 14, MHC Marshall 0, MHC Coaches Aldeison and Shelton 1914 Linsly Roanoke College Marshall Washington Lee Coach Diener WORLD WAR I 1917 Charleston H. S. ? ... 32, MHC Marietta College 107, MHC Huntington H. S. „ 32, MHC Griff ithsvi lie 0, MHC Spencer H. S 0, MHC Marshall Greenbrier M. S. — 7, MHC 35, MHC Coach Herman Beckelheimer 32 0 0 0 0 6 13, MHC 0 9, MHC 0 32, MHC 6 .103, MHC 0 Huntington H. S. Marshall -.30, 79, MHC MHC Charleston H. S. ? . .... -.30, MHC Charleston H. S. 30, MHC Broaddus College ... 14 , MHC Spencer H. S — 0, MHC Coach W. W. Lovell 1920 Bethany 25, St. Xavier 44, Concord 6, Georgetown U. 0, New River State 3, Glenville 0, West Va. Wesleyan 21, V. M. I. 62, Coach Herman Beckelheimer 1923 Louisville New River Salem Marshall .... 27, MHC 24, MHC .18, MHC 57, MHC ... 37, MHC — 20, MHC 58, MHC 7, MHC Coach Herman Beckelheimer 1924 Rio Grande 66, MHC Concord 109, MHC Glenville ...17, MHC (Rest of Schedule Cancelled) Coach H. J. Hindman 1925 Centre College _ 66, MHC 0 Kentucky Wesleyan 0, MHC 21 1 ronton YMCA 0, MHC 14 West Va. Wesleyan 62, MHC 0 Broaddus College 7, MHC 20 Glenville 0, MHC 54 Marshall Coach A. M. 0, Fulton MHC 47 1921 Ohio University 40, MHC 0 St. Xavier ... _21, MHC 7 Davis-Elkins 0, MHC 21 Montgomery Trade School 0, MHC 21 Washinaton Lee 33, MHC 7 Grepnbrier M. S. 0, MHC 69 V. P. 1. 54, MHC 7 Kentucky Wesleyan 0, MHC 27 P ; o Grande 0, MHC 33 1 ronton Tanks ... 21, MHC 14 Coach Herman Beckelheimer 1922 Rio Grande 0, MHC 6 MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC 0 6 27 0 16 72 6 0 Rio Grande 21, MHC 0 Wilmington 38, MHC 0 Concord 46, MHC 0 Morehead 6, MHC 12 Kentucky Wesleyan 19, MHC 0 Marshall 52, MHC 2 New River — 84, MHC 0 Coach H. J. Hindman 1926 New River 12, MHC 0 Concord 39, MHC 0 Kentucky Wesleyan 14, MHC 0 Wilmington 12, MHC 0 Bluefield 0, MHC 20 Glenville 19, MHC 0 Morehead 12, MHC 6 Rio Grande 0, MHC 6 East Kentucky Normal 0, MHC 3 Coach E. U. Fulton 1927 St. Xavier 39, MHC 6 Kentucky Wesleyan .... 14, MHC 0 Morehead - — 0, MHC 31 Rio Grande ... . 0, MHC 32 New River . 0, MHC 14 Glenville 9, MHC 6 Bluefield 0, MHC 0 West Liberty .. . 13, MHC 6 Coach Fulton 1928 Transylvania 42, MHC 14 Alderson -- 0, MHC 31 Morehead MHC 0 Broaddus .33, MHC 0 East Kentucky -- 0, MHC 18 New River .... 6, MHC 0 Marshall .45, MHC 0 West Liberty — 43, MHC 0 Fairmont 25, MHC 7 Bluefield ...13, MHC 12 Concord — 31, MHC 0 Coach Fulton 1929 Davis-Elkins _51, MHC 0 Kentucky Wesleyan 26, MHC 0 Marshall 59, MHC 6 Centre College 60, MHC 0 Salem „ 7, MHC 0 Bluefield —26, MHC 0 Broaddus - -39, MHC 0 Rio Grande 12, MHC 2 West Liberty — 60, MHC 0 Alderson 12, MHC 0 Morehead .20, MHC 0 New River 40, MHC o Coach A. E. Rezzonico MHC .90, MHC - 7, MHC 1930 Rio Grande 6, Grove City Marshall Fairmont 0, MHC Concord 7, MHC Bluefield 13, MHC Morehead 6, MHC New River 51, MHC Glenville 34, MHC Coach Frank Arritt M - H - C Page Sixty-three U% E oO »u“ m - _ D c _ £■ 5 ? ul o u - o wU E Too C Z -a C w W O 4 - OJC N CO oO U ■o O- ° z -s w u a. To in . CC W w c s.i| m- 9 Q Ho 2 CO u- o Eu“j 2 fl!s o cj 11 s - ,-s ills bZOa Sfi£. football RECORDS 1931 20, MHC 6 Marshall 2, MHC 14 Concord — 13, MHC 0 Salem — 0, MHC 6 Fairmont — 0, MHC 19 Morehead 0, MHC 26 0, MHC 7 Bethany .21, MHC 0 West Lioeriy 14, MHC 6 Glenville 23, MHC 0 Davis-Elkins Coach " Gibby " Welch 1932 19, MHC 0 Thiel Marshall 13, 12, MHC MHC 0 6 Bluefield 38, MHC 6 yttfiVIMc 15, MHC 6 Salem .18, MHC 0 Dayton U. — i . r f 1 ihorfv 12, MHC 0 West LiDeny — — 7, MHC 0 Transylvania c . X inrpnt 25, MHC 0 y intern — Coach " Red " Weaver 1933 Davis-Elkins 44, MHC 0 Salem .... 6, MHC 0 Ohio University 62, MHC 0 Grove City .12, MHC 0 Glenville 15, MHC 0 Bluefield 19, MHC 0 West Liberty 13, MHC 12 Concord .14, MHC 7 Armstrong 0 , MHC 32 Coach Weaver 1934 Dayton U. 31, MHC 14 Concord 7, MHC 20 Bluefield 33, MHC 0 Marshall 29, MHC 0 New River 0, MHC 40 West Liberty 7, MHC 7 Grove Ci ty 40, MHC 0 Glenville 0, MHC 27 Salem . ...14, MHC 7 Coach W. H. Walker 1935 Salem 28, MHC 12 Marshall .. 1 8, MHC 0 Concord 6 MHC 20 Grove City _ 7, MHC 0 Glenville 7, MHC 13 Westminister 6, MHC 0 Davis-Elkins 20, MHC 0 West Liberty ....13, MHC 0 Transylvania 19, MHC 6 Coach W. H. Walker 1936 Marshall 59, MHC 0 St. Vincent 26, MHC 0 Transylvania 26, MHC 13 New River 7, MHC 6 Concord 13, MHC 0 Salem 39, MHC 6 Glenville 51, MHC 0 Bluefield 6, MHC 0 Bethany .49, MHC 0 West Liberty 20, MHC 0 Fairmont 9, MHC 6 Coach H. C. Martin 1937 • Marietta 6, MHC 7 Salem 0, MHC 6 Potomac State ... . 7 MHC 0 Concord 19, MHC 12 Bethany — 7, MHC 26 Glenville 19, MHC 12 Bluefield - 0, MHC 12 New River 7, MHC 6 West Liberty 0, MHC 6 Coach Thurman " Jule " Ward 1938 Ohio University — 0, MHC 6 West Va. Wesleyan 0, MHC 25 Glenville 0, MHC 7 Potomac State — .. . 0, MHC 14 U. of Scranton 19, MHC 14 Salem 6, MHC 34 Bethany 7, MHC 41 New River 6, MHC 15 Davis-Elkins 6, MHC 6 Coach Ward 1939 Youngstown 0, MHC 7 Glenville 0, MHC 13 Arkansas A M 0, MHC 33 West Va. Wesleyan 14, MHC 28 Davis-Elkins -.26, MHC 6 Concord — 7, MHC 7 Ohio U. 14, MHC 13 Rio Grande 0, MHC 49 Marshall 26, MHC 0 Coach Ward 1940 Rio Grande 6, MHC 47 Potomac State - - 2, MHC 20 Concord 3, MHC 13 West Va. Wesleyan .. 0, MHC 15 Bluefield _ 7, MHC 26 Youngstown ... .19, MHC 0 Davis-Elkins - 7, MHC 7 Marshall ..33, MHC 6 Glenville - .20, MHC 39 St. Francis .13, MHC 7 Coach Ward 1941 West Va. Wesleyan 7, MHC 7 Salem — 0,. MHC 44 Youngstown 12, MHC 7 Tennessee Tech 25, MHC 6 Davis-Elkins 0, MHC 37 St. Francis 19, MHC 13 Glenville . — 7 , MHC 35 Carson-Newman 0, MHC 46 Detroit Tech 7, MHC 40 Navy Apprentice — Forfeit to MHC. Coach Ward 1942 West Liberty 7, MHC 9 Eastern Kentucky 0, MHC 7 Tennesse Tech 0, MHC 0 Bethany 0, MHC 34 St. Vincent — 6, MHC 0 Morehead 0, MHC 0 Glenville . - 0 ( MHC 14 Marshall . 0, MHC 6 Waynesburg 0, MHC 7 Coaches C. B. Ross and W. H. Walker WORLD WAR II 1946 Morehead 39, MHC 6 Potomac State MHC 0 West Va. Wesleyan . 2, MHC 6 Marshall 34, MHC 0 Youngstown 28. MHC 14 West Va. Tech 7, MHC 6 Glenville 0, MHC 6 Coaches " Stretch " Propps and C. E. King 1947 Davis-Elkins ... 7, MHC 12 Potomac State 31, MHC 6 West Va. Wesleyan 20, MHC 0 Wilmington 0, MHC 26 West Va Tech 13, MHC 14 Evansville 13, MHC 0 Georgetown, Ky. — 7, MHC 6 Glenville . ..... 0, MHC 12 Marshall - — 40, MHC 6 Coach C. E. King In this Harveyan is the greatest collection of scores of Morris Harvey athletics yet compiled. However, it is by no means com- plete. In the dim dark days almost beyond recall— the days of ' 03 up to even 1 922— often memory alone was the source for the statistics. — and to interpolate here, if there are any corrections, additions or subtractions that any reader can make, do make it and tell the Morris Harvey Athletic office about it, we want a complete record if possible From Deke Houlgate ' s football history comes many of the early scores from 1906 to 1914. From letters fromthe first coach, Walter O. Ropp, comes the history of the first game between Shelton College at St. Albans and Morris Harvey From Dr W. H Walker ' s memory comes the scores from 1917 to 1921 and from 1922 hence from issues of the Morris Harvey Comet which started publication that year. Page Sixty-five IT SEEMS LIKE . . . The people of Borboursville didn ' t like Morris Harvey ' s first coach, Walter 0. Ropp — they didn t like the idea of his introducing that " barbarous game " into the school. However in 1 905 Ropp says — but some reports say ' 03 or ' 04 — he came to Morris Harvey as a graduate of West Virginia University. At the university he had played football. He was asked to start a team and did and his first year Morris Harvey played two games with Shelton Col- lege in St. Albans. Football was rough in those days. He had exorted the boys to " Get in there and kill ' em " . . . and one boy, " Fatty " Harold the center, actually had a .44 revolver cached in his trousers to use literally. It fortunately fell out in practice session before the game and Ropp then explained kill em is a figurative phrase. Walter Ropp was a playing coach. He and Kemper Shelton were in fact the only men who had played football. They handled the ball in the first game until it was on the op- ponent ' s five yard line, then gave it to another player whom they hoisted over the line for Morris Harvey ' s first touchdown. Shelton College was beaten 29 to 0 and then in a return game Morris Harvey won by a small margin. The names of the first team members include " Fatty " Harold at center, the coach and Kemp Shelton of Huntington in the backfield, A. C. Herold and John Harold of Summersville, C. F. W. " Tot " Koontz of Grafton, Hermann Beckelheimer, Lundy Coffman of Barboursville, " Chuck " Barron of Charleston, Clyde Scott of Beckley on the line. Don Erhart of Beckley, as halfback, Dr. Reed McClung, now at the University of Southern California, was on the team. These names were recalled by Walter Ropp in a letter to Dr. W. H. Walker. Walter Hallanan of Charleston, who recalls he played in ' 03 or ' 04 and probably on the first team recalled Kent McGuffin at an end, " Tot " Koontz, " Fatty " Harold, Don Ankrum of New Martinsville, and " Chick " Enslow from Huntington. Carl Calvert, " Morgy " Gardner, E. M. " Brownie " Fulton, Charles Fulton, " Cotton " McCutcheon, Con Bolden, Jack Lotterner, Dick Nebbinger, Harry F. Toothman, " Blondie " Taylor, Dr. Russel G. Frazier, Clarrence Coon and Darrell Morris were players in the early pre-World War I days. In the days when Knute Rockne played on the Notre Dame team Morris Harvey played the Irish in 1912 and scored what was considered a sensational up-set by holding the strong team to a score of 39-0. From the Notre Dame " Scholastic " comes this quotation: " The surprise of the season was sprung on the Varsity last Saturday by the Morris Harvev eleven which upset all advance dope on the ' prac- tice ' game scheduled by holding Notre Dame to c score of 39. Light, speedy and filled with fighi born of the hope of conquest over the gold and blue the West Virginia eleven gave the varsity the stiff est fight encountered since the opening of the sea son. " Gardner and Taylor in the backfield starred fo Morris Harvey. At fullback the former gave at exhibition of open field running that opened th. eyes of the rooters. On two occasions only Gu Dorais ' certain tackles prevented the speedy South erner from scoring . . . " After the first World War the nickname of th " Fighting Preachers " or " The Preachers " and some times " The Villagers " was tagged to the Morri Harvey teams by sports-writers. Inasmuch as fe’ ministerial students were on the football squad th name seemed inappropriate and in 1 929 the studer body unanimously selected " Golden Eagles " for th MH sobriquet. The name was suggested in 1926 t Kester Epling, a student, who was awarded the $ prize posted for the best name. Except for a short period at the beginning Morris Harvey the history up to 1921 was that of junior college that included both high school ar college students. This accounts for the many hie school games on the schedule then. Both the youa er and older men played on the team then. In 1 9 ' the college again became a senior college for tl granting of degrees. The All-Time football team of Morris Harv college was selected for the period covering 19( to 1940 to include: L. E. — E. M. Fulton L. T. — Herman Beckleheimer L G. — Deacon Westfall C. — Watson Haws R. G. — Carl Calvert R. T. — Gerald Vaught R. E. — Charles Fulton Q. B. — Art Rezzonico L. H. B. — William Bolden R. H. B. — William Friel F. B. — Morgy Gardner Utility — Earl Shannon Poflo Sixty- ix COACHES ADAMS, KING, AND CLAGG WATCH THE GAME RED ZONTINI WAS VOTED THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER OF THE YEAR J THE BOYS ON THE BENCH WATCH THE GAME DURING A TOUGH MOMENT I Morris Harvey upsets undefeated Texas Wesleyan — 52-55: basketball RECORDS 1913-14 1922-23 1927-28 16, MHC 46 Middleport yivu- — - . vMC A 26, MHC 24 Ashland T wvn — 16, MHC 76 Congregational AA — 25, MHC 62 Alderson n m - ir , KAomnrinl 12, MHC 67 Bream viemunui .. 42, MHC 19 Mar snail — — — 57, MHC 27 Lexington t rv -r Huntington H. S. 26, MHC 31 Coach Wesley Alderman WORLD WAR I 1917-18 Davis-Elkins 43, MHC 17 Rio Grande ...17, MHC 24 Kentucky Wesleyan .. 29, MHC 23 Concord 30, MHC 22 Concord . 20, MHC 18 New River 35, MHC 16 Bluefield 33, MHC 14 Roanoke _ 51, MHC 26 Mount Hope —22, MHC 16 New River 30, MHC 26 Portsmouth .40, MHC 14 Marietta 26, MHC 23 Park Hill 23, MHC 32 Rio Grande 9, MHC 32 Cincinnati Gym 18, MHC 25 Coach Herman Beckelheimer 1923-24 Montgomery Collegians MHC won Clendenin Colegians MHC won Clendenin Colegians MHC won Charleston High School MHC won Charleston High School MHC lost Parkersburg Collegians — MHC lost Huntington High School MHC won Huntington High School MHC won Marshall College MHC won Marshall College - MHC won Coach Herman Beckelheimer 1919-20 Nitro Collegians 33, MHC Alumni -12, Nitro Collegians 11, Victory Club 32, Huntington H. S. 32, Charleston Baracas — - 21, St. Edwards College 12, Spencer H. S. 7, Huntington Presbyterian — 22, Clendenin 13, Sycamore Club 4, Huntington Superbas 12, Charleston Baracas 20, Spencer H. S. — — - 27, Salem Scholastic 31, Fairmont Normal - -38, Shinnston A. C - 25, Clarksburg Elks 23, Huntington Park Hill 16, Kentucky Wesleyan 21, Huntington H. S - 30, Coach W. W. Lovell MHC 23 MHC 27 MHC 10 MHC 16 MHC 13 MHC 17 MHC 29 MHC 26 MHC 16 MHC 16 MHC 34 MHC 54 MHC 58 MHC 26 MHC 22 MHC 28 MHC 47 MHC 37 MHC 38 MHC 28 MHC 18 1920-21 Marshall 21, MHC 25 Marshall 26, MHC 21 Marshall 16, MHC 33 Georgetown - 31, MHC 50 Athens 20, MHC 23 Salem 28, MHC 31 Glenville 25, MHC 31 Fairmont 44, MHC 26 Salem 27, MHC 26 Montgomery 29, MHC 44 Portsmouth -35, MHC 21 Scarbro __ 31, MHC 35 NO RECORDS 1924-25 Barbours. Fly. Squad. , .17, MHC 28 St. Josephs ...13, MHC 23 Charleston Business College -23, MHC 22 First Methodist Church 12, MHC 28 Rio Grande .. 43, MHC 16 Marshall - 45, MHC 14 New River .24, MHC 23 Mount Hope YMCA .....14, MHC 28 Princeton Independents .14. MHC 38 Concord 23, MHC 22 National Business College 14, MHC 53 V P 1 .... 48, MHC 21 pnjrpnnnt ... 42, MHC 33 Berea - .....52, MHC 20 East Ky. Normal .....30, MHC 25 Kentucky Wesleyan ... 35, MHC 32 Concord - — 31, MHC 19 Salem 23, MHC 20 Glenville ... 26, MHC 25 Broaddus . — ..... 34, MHC 30 New River 26, MHC 24 Kentucky Wesleyan ..... 33, MHC 18 Marshall . ...36, MHC 16 Coach H. J. Hindman 1925-26 Bluefield .34, MHC 26 New River 32, MHC 22 Princeton Elks 54, MHC 32 Concord 33, MHC 19 Bluefield ... — . 41, MHC 33 Roanoke ... . 66, MHC 17 V. P. 1. 40, MHC 24 Rio Grande 34, MHC 23 Rio Grande 34, MHC 16 Concord 28, MHC 21 Brooddus — 32, MHC 48 New River 24, MHC 26 Marshall 67 , MHC 16 Coach H. J. Hindman 1926-27 Glenville 19, MHC 26 New River 23, MHC 29 Rio Grande 26, MHC 28 Fairmont . 25, MHC 26 Salem 36, MHC 33 Concord 18, MHC 24 Salem 44, MHC 29 Davis-Elkins 36, MHC 19 Broaddus 33, MHC 45 Marshall MHC 20 Marshall — 19 ' MHC 15 Coach E. M. Fulton Coach E. M. Fulton 1921-22 Marietta 42, MHC 9 Salem .. 38, MHC 12 Fairmont ...22, MHC 18 West Va. Wesleyan ...26, MHC 19 Davis-Elkins . . .... 27, MHC 18 Bluefield AC 41, MHC 47 New River —27, MHC 30 Bluefield AC 18, MHC 22 V. P. | .. . 34, MHC 22 Concord . .... 26, MHC 27 Mount Hope AC .—27, MHC 24 New River . ..14, MHC 34 Salem 24, MHC 21 Portsmouth Selects —28, MHC 17 Coach Herman Beckelheimer Charleston Senators -22, MHC 21 New River 23, MHC 26 Charleston Senators 27, MHC 32 Elon College 16, MHC 33 Davis-Elkins 56, MHC 23 Concord 31, MHC 39 Marshall 17, MHC 20 New River ...31, MHC 30 Broaddus - .18, MHC 31 Potomac State 41, MHC 28 Clarksburg Independents .41, MHC 35 Davis-Elkins - 48, MHC 33 Spencer Independents 19, MHC 34 Alderson 25, MHC 33 Dearbrook Social C. 41, MHC 32 Beckley Longhorns -29, MHC 34 Mt. Hope Nat ' l Gds. 24, MHC 4i Oak Hill Rexalls — 31, MHC 49 Concord 27, MHC 28 Bluefield 32, MHC 30 Broaddus 24, MHC 44 Marshall 24, MHC 26 Marshall 37, MHC 17 Coach E. M. Fulton 1928-29 Barbours. Fly. Squad 15, MHC 22 Huntington Presbyterian 31, MHC 23 New River — 32 , MHC 25 Huntington Presbyterian 39 , MHC 26 Marshall 43, MHC 38 Davis-Elkins 49, MHC 31 Rio Grande 34, MHC 29 broaddus 22, MHC 42 West Liberty ... 39, MHC 36 Salem 48, MHC 28 uavis-Elkins 42, MHC 32 Broaddus 22, MHC 34 Marshall 47, MHC 26 Marshall 43, MHC 23 New River 31, MHC 32 Coach E. M. Fulton 1929-30 MHC Alumni 25, MHC 34 Rio Grande 28, MHC 26 New River 21, MHC 40 Morehead 28, MHC 53 Marshall 32, MHC 19 Rio Grande 29, MHC 17 Pikeville 21, MHC 30 Fairmont 25, MHC 33 Salem - 31, MHC 39 Alderson 32, MHC 31 Bluefield . . ...... 29, MHC 27 Morehead .23, MHC 17 Marshall _ 49, MHC 33 West Va. Wesleyan 34, MHC 29 Alderson 22, MHC 50 Glenville 34, MHC 33 Bluefield 30, MHC 32 New River 48, MHC 32 Marshall . 41, MHC 34 Coach A. E. Rezzonico 1930-31 Marietta 28, MHC 21 Morehead 32, MHC 25 Marshall 42, MHC 29 Alderson 15, MHC 70 Glenville 67, MHC 29 Fairmont 73, MHC 25 Davis-Elkins 35, MHC 28 Salem 42, MHC 35 First Presbyterian 44, MHC 38 Fairmont 40, MHC 36 Davis-Elkins 63, MHC 21 Oak Hill Blackhawks —.33, MHC 47 Alderson 13, MHC 57 Ronceverte Co. F 18, MHC 27 Salem 29, MHC 64 Marshall 40, MHC 23 Glenville 61, MHC 17 Morehead ..30, MHC 26 Marshall 50, MHC 22 Coach Frank Arritt Page Sixty-nine BASKETBALL FIRST ROW George King, Ferg Giannakis, Bill Bordas, Dave Beverley. SECOND ROW: Sonny Moran, Jimmy Byrd, James Karr. THIRD ROW: Don McIntyre, Bobby Dawson, Bob Blubaugh, Dick Maddox. NOT PICTURED: Bill Jarrett and Carl McLaughlin. Page Seventy 1931-32 Tournament MHC Alumni . . 25, 36, MHC MHC 33 42 First Presbyterian Huntington .43, .38, MHC MHC 24 28 Fairmont 69, .29, MHC MHC 47 22 40, MHC 39 Grafton YMCA West Liberty 46, 49, .32, MHC MHC MHC 49 31 41 West LiDeriy 36, MHC 24 Biuerieiu — i 1 1 C .33, MHC 30 oicnvM ie 36, MHC 22 Marsnaii 68, MHC 37 Davis-Elkins - - .51, MHC 57 DlUvTlciu — Concord — — — — 46, MHC 50 .53, MHC 56 Salem Fairmont pikeville Pikeville — — 49, 41, .39, MHC MHC MHC 64 46 51 44, MHC 42 MOreneuu ■ ■ Marshall .63, MHC 30 Coach George Nilan 1932-33 Marshall 56, MHC 25 Pikeville 33, MHC 40 Davis-Elkins -50, MHC 24 St. Thomas, Pa. 45, MHC 35 West Liberty 42, MHC 40 Bluefield - 37, MHC 47 Concord 30, MHC 38 Glenville 64. MHC 39 Pikeville .37, MHC 5? Rio Grande 43, MHC 31 West Liberty 32, MHC 41 Glenville - ...63, MHC 25 Rio Grande 31, MHC 33 Bluefield . 40, MHC 51 Marshall . - 52, MHC 30 New River 44, MHC 45 Salem 41, MHC 34 New River 30, MHC 23 Concord 42, MHC 63 Coach W. H. Walker 1933-34 West Liberty 29, MHC 45 MHC Alumni 38, MHC 52 Davis-Elkins 52, MHC 32 Foirmnnt ...50, MHC 36 Glenville 61 , MHC 38 Tonrorrl 34, MHC 44 Bluefield 42, MHC 37 Pikeville 41, MHC 30 Glenville 41, MHC 23 Bradshaw-Diel 42, MHC 33 Potomac State 42, MHC 33 La Salle ..- 36 , MHC 31 Marshall 49, MHC 34 Concord ----- 31, MHC 47 Salem 45, MHC 35 Pikeville 31, MHC 35 West Liberty 26, MHC 47 Davis-Elkins 61, MHC 29 Marshall ... __ 44, MHC 36 Coach W. H. Walker 1934-35 Springfield Luthern .... 30, MHC 46 Pikeville 39, MHC 32 MHC Alumni ... 26, MHC 41 Marshall 39, MHC 43 Rosedale Independents 34, MHC 45 Fairmont 52, MHC 41 West Liberty 61, MHC 52 Pikeville 40, MHC 22 Salem 37, MHC 34 Hazel Atlas Glass - 29, MHC 30 Alderson-Broaddus —.37, MHC 50 West Va. Wesleyan .... 44, MHC 30 Davis-Elkins -- 68, MHC 44 Alderson-Broaddus --- 37, MHC 50 Marshall 25, MHC 24 Glenville 67, MHC 38 Johnson Memorial 17, MHC 46 New River 30, MHC 56 Fairmont 23, MHC 35 Rosedale Independents . 46, MHC 38 Salem MHC 37 Johnson Memorial 11 , MHC 30 New River .31, MHC 32 Davis-Elkins 55, MHC 41 Glenville - 44, MHC 40 West Va. Wesleyan ... 26, MHC 33 West Liberty 38, MHC 34 Coach W. H. Walker Concord 42, Salem 41 , West Liberty ...43, Coach " Jule " Ward 1942-43 MHC 56 MHC 49 MHC 42 West Liberty 65, MHC 48 Fairmont 51, MHC 55 Alderson-Broaddus . 48, MHC 39 Marshall 69, MHC 50 Salem 59, MHC 67 Glenville 67, MHC 40 West Va. Tech - — 31, MHC 32 " Polio " Ind. 31, MHC 38 Marshall —.55, MHC 32 West Va. Tech .... . 47, MHC 65 Coach W. H. Walker 1935-36 Marshall Salem Fairmont Davis-Elkins „ — Alderson-Broaddus Wesleyan Concord New River — Davis-Elkins Marshall Alderson-Broaddus New River 49, .....70, 57, ...79, 72, 67, ...42, 36, ..70, 62, ...52, 51, MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC MHC 38 22 27 35 37 32 36 21 35 20 34 45 39 Glenville 56, Glenville — .....74, MHC 34 Fairmont 72, MHC 18 Wesleyan — - 66, MHC 28 Coach W. H. Walker 1936-37 Morehead .....54, MHC 37 Concord - 61, MHC 30 Emory Henry 39, MHC 35 Bluefield ....45, MHC 43 New River 33, MHC 32 Beckley - ..... 8, MHC 70 Pikeville .....28, MHC 52 Salem — 63, MHC 32 West Liberty —53, MHC 63 Potomac State 42, MHC 41 Shepherd — .....24, MHC 50 Alderson-Broaddus 40, MHC 51 Wesleyan .....63, MHC 44 Alderson-Broaddus 49, MHC 42 Glenville .....67, MHC 51 New River 29, MHC 38 Beckley .....38, MHC 62 Wesleyan — 68, MHC 49 Shepperd .. .35, MHC 45 Glenville .. 61, MHC 32 Coach H. C. Martin 1937-38 Alderson-Broaddus 27 MHC 26 Kanawha College 25, MHC 61 Concord - ...32, MHC 49 Glenville 74, MHC 47 Salem — 38, MHC 53 Alderson-Broaddus 48, MHC 50 Glenville 43, MHC 41 Potomac State —.41, MHC 31 New River 25, MHC 47 New River 32, MHC 58 Emory Henry 57, MHC 54 Pikesville 29, MHC 83 Salem .....35, MHC 57 Concord 61, MHC 57 Bluefield ..... 59, MHC 66 Coach " Pop " Werner 1938-39 Appalacian, N. C. ... 34, MHC 46 Lenoir Rhine, N. C. 32, MHC 49 Guilford, N. C. . 21, MHC 34 Elon College, N. C. 38, MHC 42 Duke Freshmen .... . ..... 47, MHC 50 Alderson-Broaddus 49, MHC 36 Glenville 64, MHC 36 Alderson-Broaddus .. ..52, MHC 49 Concord 40, MHC 44 New River — 28, MHC 54 Glenville ......50, MHC 43 Wesleyan - 36 , MHC 46 Emory Henry 45, MHC 60 New River 26, MHC 48 Salem Wesleyan — 43, MHC 55 Salem 49, MHC 67 Concord 56, MHC 39 WORLD WAR II 1945-46 Wesleyan 35, MHC 71 Wesleyan 44, MHC 64 Marshall 68, MHC 48 Concord 40, MHC 55 West Va. Tech 65, MHC 66 Alderson-Broaddus 74, MHC 69 Fairmont 72, MHC 54 West Va. Tech 60, MHC 61 Alderson-Broaddus 58, MHC 45 Salem 64, MHC 81 Marshall 64. MHC 41 Salem 70, MHC 65 Concord 76, MHC 69 Potomac State 45, MHC 46 Glenville 60, MHC 45 Coach " Stretch " Propps 1946-47 Cedarville 39, Fairmont 41 St. Xavier 58, Wesleyan 60, Morehead 58, Marshall 86, Alderson-Broddus 63, Davis-Elkins 33, Ohio U 57 ' West Va. Tech ..51, Concord 45, Glenville 58 West Va. U 76 Salem 81 Morehead 62 Marshall 44 West Va. Tech 59, Wesleyan 61 Fairmont 70 Alderson-Broaddus 64, Salem 65 , Concord 63, Bluefiled 56, Coaches Propps and " Eddie " MHC 65 MHC 57 MHC 48 MHC 54 MHC 45 MHC 65 MHC 55 MHC 58 MHC 46 MHC 50 MHC 55 MHC 84 MHC 45 MHC 62 MHC 73 MHC 34 MHC 47 MHC 80 MHC 53 MHC 70 MHC 66 MHC 58 MHC 60 King 1947-48 St. Xavier 72, Cedarville 56, Wesleyan 54, U of Balto 53, Davis-Elkins 73, Alderson-Broaddus 75, Potomac State 57, Concord 70, Marshall 71, Davis-Elkins 63, West Va. Tech 56, Glenville 76, Glenville 59, Texas Wesleyan 52, Marshall _ 62, Wesleyan 76, Beckley 76, Concord 83, Bluefield 66, West Va. Tech 66, Potomac State 73, Alderson-Broaddus 64, Beckley 62, Potomac State 65, Coach " Eddie " King MHC 48 MHC 79 MHC 78 MHC 101 MHC 74 MHC 57 MHC 60 MHC 82 MHC 41 MHC 73 MHC 55 MHC 54 MHC 68 MHC 55 MHC 47 MHC 58 MHC 72 MHC 74 MHC 64 MHC 71 MHC 66 MHC 68 MHC 77 MHC 64 Page Seventy-one o 2 o £ CO CO 0 = 2 o: d: O Li- 7 u S 5 2-c CO Ik u 1921 Glenville - HC 6 Glenville 2, MHC 4 Wesleyan 3, Wesleyan 1 MHC 3 Greenbrier 4, MHC 2 Salem 3, MHC 6 Salem 2, MHC 5 Salem ] MHC 10 Ky. Wesleyan I, MHC 4 Kv. Wesleyan 0, MHC 6 Broaddus 4 MHC 8 Broaddus 3, MHC 7 Bethany 4, MHC 5 Bethany 2, MHC 6 Coach E. M. Fulton 1922 Glenville 1 MHC Glenville 21 Wesleyan 3, MHC 21 Wesleyan — 3, MHC 2 Bethany 4, MHC 3 Bethany 0. MHC 5 Salem 2, MHC 4 Salem h MHC 8 Wellsburg 6, MHC 0 Ky. Wesleyan 2, MHC IU Ky. Wesleyan 4, MHC 8 Centre MHC I o Hunt. Boosters 3, MHC 4 Hunt. Boosters 8, MHC 4 Clarksburg 2, MHC 5 Coach Hermann Beckelheimer 1923 New River 9, MHC 3 New River 14, MHC 1 Rio Grande 2, MHC 7 Rio Grande 6, MHC 1 1 New River 5 MHC 2 New River 19, MHC 3 Mayo 4, MHC 8 Mayo 5, MHC 7 Ky. Wesleyan 3, MHC 5 Ky. Wesleyan 2, MHC 3 Coach Hermann Beckelheimer 1924 Greenbrier .... 6, MHC 0 Greenbrier ... . ----- 8, MHC 1 Rio Grande - 8, MHC 1 Rio Grande - -. 10 , MHC 21 Mayo - 6, MHC 1 Mayo 2, MHC 4 Ky. Wesleyan 10 , MHC 2 Baseball 1925 Greenbrier Morehead Morehead . Marshall Marshall Marshall Rio Grande Rio Grande (15 inns.).. Christian Normal Christian Normal Coach H. J. Hindman 1926 1, MHC 6 6, MHC 4 11 MHC 10 7, MHC 6 4, MHC 1 1 13, MHC 2 2, MHC 1 3, MHC 3 3, MHC 12 3, MHC 12 Mayo .... 6, MHC 10 Marshall ... 6, MHC 7 Marshall 6, MHC 5 Rio Grande 8, MHC 4 Greenbrier — ....15, MHC 2 Christian Normal 5, MHC 8 Christian Normal — .... 5, MHC 3 Coach H. J. Hindman 1927 Ky. Wesleyan 2, MHC 7 Rio Grande 1 MHC 4 Marshall 0 MHC 4 Marshall 8, MHC 9 Marshall 5, MHC 3 Greenbrier 0, MHC 8 Greenbrier 3, MHC 1 1 Oak Hill 3, MHC 4 Marshall 3, MHC 4 Coach E. M. Fulton 1928 Marshall — 5, MHC 7 Greenbrier 2, MHC 13 Greenbrier ... 0, MHC 8 Oak Hill Ind. -- 3, MHC 4 Rio Grande ... 2, MHC 4 Marshall 6, MHC 7 Marshall 9, MHC 6 Marshall .... 5, MHC 7 W. V. U 4, MHC 1 Coach E. M. Fulton 1929 Marshall — Marshall — Marshall — Pool Music C Rio Grande Marshall — Fairmont 1930 Marshall 19, MHC 1 Fairmont 6, MHC 7 Fairmont 2, MHC 4 Greenbrier 4, MHC 3 Greenbrier 6, MHC 5 Alderson 3, MHC 4 Alderson 13, MHC 1 Alderson 6, MHC 7 Alderson 4, MHC 16 Coach A. E. Rezzonico 1931 Morehead ..... 5 , MHC 6 Marshall ... 15 , MHC 0 Marshall 16, MHC 0 Glenville 6, MHC 2 Fairmont ..... 15 , MHC 10 Marshall 10 , MHC 2 Morehead 7, MHC 1 1 West Liberty ..... 8, MHC 2 West Liberty -. 15 , MHC 2 Fairmont ..... 14 , MHC 8 Fairmont 22, MHC 13 Marshall 10 , MHC 4 Marshall 13, MHC 3 Coach Frank Arritt 13, MHC 14, MHC 1932 Marshall Marshall Morehead 2, MHC Morehead 1, MHC Rio Grande 9, Rio Grande 4, Marshall 8, MHC Alumni 3, Glenville 6, Rio Grande 9, Morehead 3, Morehead 6, West Liberty 1 1 , Coach George Nilan 1933 4 3 6 2 MHC 6 MHC 10 MHC 3 MHC 6 MHC 12 MHC 18 MHC 4 MHC 4 MHC 0 Marshall 14, MHC 12 Marshall MHC Pikeville 3, MHC 16 Pikeville 2, MHC 5 Rio Grande 6, MHC 16 Ook Hill 12, MHC 13 Glenville 13, MHC 17 Glenville 6, MHC 4 Pikeville -- 3, MHC 4 Pikeville 8, MHC 13 Marshall 11, MHC 5 MHC Alumni 4, MHC 16 Coach W. H. Walker — 6, MHC 8 .... 5 , MHC 3 1948 ..... 5, MHC 4 .... 8, MHC 4 West Va. Tech . 10 , MHC 9 ... 5, MHC 4 Concord 6, MHC 7 .... 1 , MHC 0 Marshall 5, MHC 2 ..... 6, MHC 4 Bluefield 9 , MHC 6 ... 4, MHC 5 Alderson-Broaddus . ... 4, MHC 2 ..... 13 , MHC 0 Bluefield 2, MHC 6 ... 6, MHC 0 Wesleyan 5, MHC 3 .... 3 , MHC 2 Concord 5, MHC 9 ..... 12 , MHC 7 Marshall 2, MHC 5 — 13 , MHC 1 1 West Va. Tech 8, MHC 1 1 Coach Hermann Beckelheimer Coach E. M. Fulton Coach " Sparky " Adams Paqe Seventy-three Two plays were presented by the Blackfriars " Three Cornered Moon ' pictured at bottom, and " Ramshackle Inn, " set pictured above. Pictured at the left are the Senior Blackfriars, George Gay, Joe Hoffmann, Bill Robinson, Frances Lohmann and Gerald Miller — still in greasepaint from their appearance. MEMBERSHIP: William S. Robinson, president; Frances Lohmann, vice-president; Virginia Bailey, secretary-treasurer; Doris L. Moses, Tom Adams, Alonzo Johnson, Mary Garnett, Shirley P. Hale, Mary C. McCallister, George F. Gay, Helen Samples, Betty Jane Lilly, Helen Kauftman, Jack Zegeer, Tom Murphy, James B. McIntyre, Tom Schuler, Lillian Thompson, Frances Dillinger, Myron Solter, Pat Collins, Nancy Blackwell, Kathleen Devine, Harry G. Morris, Dan Harmon, George Bibby, Joyce Fix, Pat Keefer, George Jackson, Gerald Miller, Helen Ackerman, Jim Michels, Jean Mahan, Naomi Thabet, Caroline Smith, Joe Hoffmann, Fred McClure, Becky Kelly, Phil Kelly, Rosemond Gadd, Bruce Javins, Kreta Prowse, Emory Damron and Greta Amey. FACULTY ADVISORS: Olive Shurtleff, E. Virginia Williams and Jean Maloney. 7 (fafcdoyue, t$ ?3 Meet: " During April, May, June and September study hours begin at 7:30 a. m. . . . " Company must not be entertained except on Fri- day evenings, and then not later than 10 o ' clock. This rule forbids young ladies to walk the streets or take strolls or hang over the gates with the young gentlemen . . . " Students who prove themselves worthy of the privilege are permitted to study in their own rooms. Others must study in the college chapel. Young ladies and young gentlemen will not be permitted to study together in the college chapel . . . " No drama will be presented from the stage of this college . . . " No kinship more distant than a brother will be recognized in granting special privileges to stu- dents . . . " No young lady under 1 6 years of age will be per- mitted to receive attentions from a young gentleman without written permission from her parents. " This rule was changed to read in 1896, " No young lady will be permitted to receive attentions from young gentlemen with whom the faculty is not per- sonally acquainted unless she first obtain written permission from her parents and consent of the president of the college. " (Morris Harvey then had dormitories on its campus). cuict ivt cLcti£io4t t ic iO ' 4fecct Physical education began under the authority of the faculty in 1904 when a cadet corps was orga- nized. The young militarists appear at the various social functions proudly clad in their gray uniforms to receive the bewitching attentions guaranteed only by a soldier ' s dress. Uniforms be- came the rule for the young women the following year. With agitation for intercollegiate sports the cadets were disbanded. The instructor in expres- sion conducted classes in " gymnastics " for the women. " College games are encouraged, " the catalogue said, " and when spring comes exercises are out of doors. We want to have enthusiastic tennis matches and basketball games . . . " All Students taking part in athletic contests with other schools (1907) must have reached at least the freshman year, and must have been at least one year a student in the school making the required grades on examinations, and shall make up all lessons missed. " Football began in 1910 (this account says) when Kemper Shelton ' s name appeared with the faculty as physical director. During the same year the baseball team won the championship of southern West Virginia. (The above is from The Charleston Gazette of April 1 1, 1926). Poqe Seventy-five Student- Publication Of Morris Harvey College MORRIS HARVEY THE EDITOR MAKES UP NEWS Comet Flashes Over Horizon By HAROLD C. GADD All of the rules of journalism were not broken by the two-to-thirty-five members of The Comet staff in the twenty-sixth year of the paper ' s publication, but enough of them were to keep it in the Ivy League. Frankly, the staff started off the year with high ideals and great ambitions — managed to lose the ideals but the am- bitions multiplied like rabbits. ON TIME — HE SAYS Surprisingly enough, seventeen issues were published — each on time. It matters not that the editor set the time and if he missed no one was the wiser. Since the Harveyan format is dis- couragingly small for a layout of thirty- five news hounds, and, since the only time all of them were together was at the first and last and only staff meeting, we show representative pictures and list the names of the more avid. STAFF LIST To wit: Naomi Thabet, business manager; John Bryant and Robert Kiel, ad salesmen; Jean Hasty, circulation manager; and Raymond Peak, who audit- ed the books. Half-to-wits: Harold C. Gadd, ye edi- tor; Virginia Bailey, ye bard; William " Falstaff MacBeatty " Beatty, ye column- ist; Myron Solter, ye poet-editorialist; Charles Wray, ye sober mind; Russ and Ralph Lemon, ye sports scribes; and Bet- ty Wooddell, ye events editor. Lest you forget, the arty art and the better editorials were supplied by Joe Hoffmann, and Evelyn Harris nodded to editorial policy while Robert Dorsey kept the staff in the black. MacBEATTY MUGS THE LENS BUSINESS MANAGER THABET And then there was that, here now, newspaper The Comet!. Page Seventy-six the harveyan WHY NOT? ROTH HAS FUNGUS TOO . . . BITTER . . . Late than never at all. Besi des, if you can ' t read you ' ll probably like this yearbook because it has pictures in it. In addition to that look at the genu’ne imitation leather binding. Harold Gadd, who on the opposite pace is the editor of the Comet, was an outstanding figure in school. So much so that everyone thought he was also editor of the Harveyan. Such a mistake took everyone but the administration out of our hair and into his as the Harveyan became progressively a day late, a week late, a fortnight late, a month late and several months late. Also as we pay tribute to people we should mention Dave Harper who herded people in to have their pictures made. The biggest irritation to yearbook staffs is the fact that everyone is so coy about having his mug preserved for posterity and so indignant when his profile isn ' t included. Our remarks to people who aren ' t pictured is that it is their own procrastinating fault. So there. Also in spite of the h gh cost of shoe leather, Bill Sweet, Bill Peery, and Jack Wilcox pounded the pavements selling adver- tising and Nilo Olin turned out the art work for the Greek letters in the book. And besides that, Jack Wilcox became married to an extremely lovely young lady in the process of the yearbook getting out. No wonder it was late. MANAGER JACK WILCOX ■ All things come to he who waits — even the Harveyan Page Seventy-seven MISS FRESHMAN (ois Aimpson MISS SOPHOMORE jeanne agsten Page Seventy-eight MISS JUNIOR lelly ire (an J MISS SENIOR mu mu— t e (eanor Johnson Page Seventy-nine MISS MORRIS HARVEY jeanne aysten Page Eighty mite mary louise THE MAY QUEEN Poge Eighty- MAY QUEEN OF 1947 Page Eighty-two Page Eighty-three MISS PHI SIGMA PHI Page Eighty-four Page Eighty-five MISS HARVEYAN caro Page Eighty-six DAISY MAE carol pi cher Page Eighty-seven nre THE MAY COURT Maids of honor and attendants with the May Queen are: Mary Lee Warner, Keith Ann Moore, Ann Kessler, Barbara Jones, Bette Ireland, Mary Louise Hill, Frances Beatty, Pat Wood, Carol Pilcher, Doris Skiles, Nancy Holcomb and Dorothy Francis. And the Maypole Dancers below are: Anna Mary Crewdson, Kathryn Hopkins, Suzanne Taylor, Joanne Zuhaks, Florence Bowyer, Alice Stuck, Nancy Camp, Marguerite Schoonover, Janet Duff, Nelle Webster, Phyllis Jarrett, Irene Thomas, and Margaret Camp. Page Eighty-eight LINE-UPS THE PHI SIG PLEDGES IN DRILL FORMATION THE FRESHMEN DAY CELEBRANTS READY FOR A THREE LEGGED RACE Page Eighty-nine AUTOGRAPHS -YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL Capitol 39-571 VIRGINIA AND TRU5LDW STREETS Charleston, West Virginia June 1, 1948 Class of 1948 Morris Harvey College Charleston West Virginia Dear Members: You are to be congratulated upon your graduation from Morris Harvey College. A college education will be of great benefit to you as you enter your chosen field. We are confident you will make a name for yourself of which your school can well be proud. Speaking of names, we represent a name that has long been known in the transportation field. That name is DODGE. Dodge cars and Dodge Job-Rated Trucks have stood the test for many years. To you who are among the chosen ones of your generation we say con- gratulations and may your greatest ambition be realized. Sincerely yours, T. A. GALYEAN DODGE PARTS WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Page Ninety-one ' YOU R PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL ► ■ r t • PFAFF and SMITH BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. SPRING AND BULLITT STREETS CHARLESTON l PHONE 25-177 MacFADDEN IGNITION COMPANY • •w t •w T »»» »r f 1 ' ► i » 1 i ! CHARLESTON MILLING ! THE ' « ► i W. F. SHAWVER SONS • co. ! ► i ► i ► i i i i i r ☆ 1 • i i i Makers of ’ ► ( i i ► Charmco 44 Flour i : Charmco-Bis-Co Biscuit Flour ► i i i i i ► ☆ • ► i ► ( ► ( . CAPITOL 25-141 ► ► - PROOFING CONTRACTORS 1 i ’ Morris and Baines Streets CAPITOL STREET ' i Charleston CHARLESTON , ► ( » 4 ☆ Complete Automotive Service ☆ Starting - Lighting - Ignition ☆ 106-108 Broad Street Charleston, W. Va. Page Ninty-two ft ft ft ft WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL " YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " • - ► UNITED CARBON COMPANY ☆ Carbon Black - Natural Gas Crude Oil ☆ UNITED CARBON BUILDING CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA I Page Ninety-three ' YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC) — 1490 ON YOUR DIAL FOR CONVENIENCE FOR SAFETY FOR SPEED FOR ECONOMY i USE ELECTRICITY j ☆ APPALACHIAN Electric Power Company Serving Many West Virginia Communities With An Abundant Supply Of Pure Sparkling Water WEST VIRGINIA WATER SERVICE CO. • r- I ► ► The William S. Bolden Co., Inc. 814 E. Washington Street Charleston, West Va. Phone 35-644 ☆ MACHINERY and TOOLS Metal and Woodworking ☆ Stores Also Located in PARKERSBURG and WHEELING ► ARCADE NEWS AGENCY ☆ MAGAZINES OUT-OF-TOWN PAPERS H ALLMARK GREETING CARDS For All Occasions -• i i i i i I i i d i i i i i d d d d d d i i d ;l i I Page Ninty-four ' YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL T • •• • • • • - f " T T r ■ t ' T’rTTTTTTTTT T ' rT T f ’ r’ f f » r f (l THE McJUNKIN SUPPLY COMPANY ☆ Oil and Gas Well Supplies and Industrial Equipment ☆ CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA ALLEN, KENTUCKY HAMLIN, WEST VIRGINIA MARIETTA, OHIO REMEMBER THE OLD " REGISTRATION CRUSH " AT DOWNTOWN TECH? Poge Ninety-five TOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL i DID ' JA ' NO That you may always have an enjoyable evening at the CASA LOMA, Inc. Where there is a Different Band Every Saturday Night W. Elliott Abbitt, Manager. MacCorkle Avenue and Misson Hollow Road CAPITOL 29-253 On The Air WCAW— 1400 ON YOUR DIAL Every Saturday 1 1 :00 to 1 1 :30 P. M. • F- I h MOTOR CAR SUPPLY CO. Charleston - Huntington - Beckley Logan - Parkersburg - Lewisburg ☆ 1203 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST DIAL 24-137 The CARBON FUEL CO. ☆ Kanawha Valley Bank Building CHARLESTON The courses we offer appeal to those who want a thorough training in Commercial Subjects in a shorter time. 1 . Stenographic 2. Standard Bookkeeping and Accounting 3. Secretarial Diploma Course Diploma Course Diploma Course 4. Comptometer and other Office Machines Diploma Course 5. Advanced Accounting and Business Administration (B.C.S.) Degree Course 6. Executive Secretarial (B.S.S.) Degree Course Charleston School of Commerce " On Quarrier " A. H. Daingerfield, President Phones 30-126 — 30-127 Morrison Building Charleston, West Virginia WRITE FOR FREE BULLETIN Page Ninty-six " YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL THE SCRAGG BOYS GET A BEAUTY CORNERED DRY GOODS • NOTIONS - READY-TO-WEAR MEN ' S FURNISHINGS WORK CLOTHING FLOOR COVERINGS Guthrie-Morris-Campbell Wholesale Distributors It ' s a good habit DRIVE IN... SAVE! SUPERIOR Laundry £r Dry Cleaning Co MODERN TO THE MINUTE On the Boulevard at Truslow Street ► ► • ili i i iti i i i i i i i i i i i Page Ninety-seven " YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC) — 1490 ON YOUR DIAL When I Finish School-What? This is a serious question in the minds of all university men and women. And rightly so, for upon this decision rests their future security and happiness. In this regard, have you considered the unusual possibilities offered by the Natural Gas Industry right here in West Virginia. Good positions — both administrative and tech- nical — a t good pay, with liberal company benefits and excellent advancement possibili- ties are always open to those whose basic training qualifies them for this specialized type of work . . . We are always glad to advise with college men and women in regard to the type of training they need, and to help them arrange scholastic courses best fitted to the requirements of the Natural Gas Industry: Our Employee Relations Department will wel- come your inquiry. UNITED FUEL GAS CO. CHARLESTON, W VA. H. B. AGSTEN SONS, INC. ☆ BUILDING CONTRACTORS ☆ United Carbon Building Kanawha Boulevard at Broad REGISTERED PHARMACIST All Prescriptions Filled With the Best That Money Can Buy ☆ COOK DRUG CO. Dr. Roy Bird Cook 923 QUARRIER STREET r — Thompson Insurance Agency 614 Chamber of Commerce Building Telephone 31-191 Hospitalization - Health and Accident Fire - Theft - Automobile - Life Public Liability !; L. E. " BILL " THOMPSON, Manager !| W. R. PEERY, Agent |» MH IS STILL NOT A BARBER ' S COLLEGE Page Ninty-eight ' YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ -fr ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC)— 1490 ON YOUR DIAL Compliments of Kool Vent Metal Awning Co. Manufacturers of Aluminum Awnings ☆ 1123 Main Street Phone 39-123 PARKINS MOTOR CO. ☆ STUDEBAKER DEALERS CHARLIE KNEISLEY B. M. O. C. 2 Coffman Optical Company Compliments of ; ; ☆ W. VA. BRICK CO. Dispensing Opticians 442 Virginia Street, East Western Electric Hearing Aids ☆ ! ☆ ; 323 Professional Bldg. Phone 27-713 L Manufacturers of Clay Products s J l , SCOTT DRUGS CAPITOL STREET -J L- Page Ninety-nine " YOUR PARADE OF STARS STATION " ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ WGKV (NBC) — 1490 ON YOUR DIAL t ‘ The Young Men ' s Christian Association of Charleston, West Virginia | Congratulates the Graduating Class of MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE ( It offers its Physical Education facilities by special j arrangement with the college executives, to all ( male students. | ROBERT C. BOOTHE, General Secretary 1 — AWNINGS - TENTS - TARPAULINS PLAY GROUND EQUIPMENT T. E. PERRY SONS, INC. " Just ci Shade Better " . — H. L. COTTON J. P. GUNTHER, JEWELER Sterling Silver ! ☆ : Hamilton and Elgir DISPENSING OPTICIAN Watches ; ☆ 26 Capitol Street — Or) 1027 Quarrier Street Phone 24-911 Opposite Worthy Hotel — — l 1 MACK ' S 116 CAPITOL ST. COX-MORTON CO. . . For . . DeSOTO and PLYMOUTH Cars and Parts THREE LEGGED RACE Page One Hundred T — - ) I t I I t i WHITE ' S GARAGE ☆ General Repair and Wrecker Service ☆ 1016 Virginia Street, East Phone 39-486 THOMAS, FIELD CO. ☆ DRY GOODS - NOTIONS WHOLESALERS i - PRITCHARD MOTORS 422 Broad Street Phone 30-111 V MOUNT VERNON DAIRY " Good for Children " ☆ 800 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone 23-109 ZETA KAPPA CELEBRATES ITS 25th BIRTHDAY Page One Hundred One CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1948 We are proud to have been chosen as photographer for the " Harveyan " Class pictures. ☆ MAGGARD STUDIO 224 2 Capitol Street r PAINT A mi FOR EVERY PURPOSE p Radford Paint Co. 114 Washington St., W. Capitol 28-159 M-M-M THAT KICKABOO JUICE GEORGE WASHINGTON LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ☆ 1014 Kanawha Boulevard Charleston, W. Va. i AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT from Rhodes-Walker Chevrolet South Charleston MANN JEWELERS 103 Capitol Street ☆ Home of Multi-Facet Diamonds Page One Hundred Two SAY IT WITH FLOWERS t PHONE 35-116 Charleston Cut Flower Co. 19 Capitol Street Delivery Service Daily Except Sunday l — — . r— — — — Compliments of |j VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS GREAT KANAWHA POST 3466 i; ☆ I; 808 Vi Quarrier Street Charleston, W. Va. i — — — - — i r — ■ — -7 i Your BUICK Dealer Hugh Stewart Motors, Inc. j | 1027 Virginia Street J Charleston J Photostats - Blueprints Giant Enlargements - Photo-Tracings Related Reproduction Processes ☆ Draftsman ' s and Engineer ' s Supplies Most Complete Shop in West Virginia L. H. HILL CO. Formerly Hill Photoprint Service 1002 Quarrier Street Charleston, W. Va. ROBERT E. ESCHAN JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE Phone 26-761 ☆ Main Floor COYLE RICHARDSON PROF. HALSTEAD OF P. U. Poge One Hundred Three CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1948 GOLDEN EAGLES ► THE DELMONT CAFE JOHN AND FERG GIANNAKIS 222 WEST WASHINGTON STREET ► ► ► f Front Row — James Karr O ' Dell Thompson David Beverly Charles McLaughlin ► Don McIntyre Coach Eddie King Back Row — Jim Byrd Bill Bordas " Sonny " Moran Ferg Giannakis George King Bob Dawson Page One Hundred Four A MH DOGPATCHER STANDS OFF THE COLLEGE CO-EDS THE BLOSSOM DAIRY Page One Hundred Five GOFF-MATT HEWS PLUMBING CO. Contractors and Engineers ☆ PLUMBING - HEATING - VENTILATING ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORK ☆ 506-508 Capitol Street Phone 32-133 Owned and Operated by E. W. TABOR AND LAKE R. BELL THE 2000th STUDENT, MRS. ESTER MILLER, GETS A BOND EVERYONE APPRECIATES JEWELRY Let Us Help You Choose a Gift For tine Occasion COME IN AND SEE US TODAY incoM Ms Moores THE S. SPENCER MOORE CO. 118 Capitol St. (Opposite Old P.O.) Telephone 26-186 " THE PIECEGOODS SHOP " ☆ " It Pays to Shop Around the Corner " ☆ DUDLEY L. SIMMS Owner i i ► ROSE CITY PRESS i ► ► FINE PRINTING i i ► ☆ i i j ► ► ► OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES i i ► ► ☆ ► ► Phone 35-135 i i ► ► ► ☆ i i i ► ► L PRINTING PLANT 813 Capitol Street 1 i i i t ► ► OFFICE SUPPLIES 513 Virginia Street i i i i i • AAA A . A. A. A .A A AA.. A A Page One Hundred Six COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL ☆ WITHOUT, OR WITH, OFFENSE TO FRIEND OR FOES, I SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES. " REMEMBER THOSE REGISTRATION DAY CRUSHES? Page One Hundred Seven r ► Everyone Has Fun . . . In Any Event . . . " SAY IT " With Flowers Arranged the Winter Way | ☆ |! WINTER FLORAL CO. 707 Lee Street Phone 21-187 i THE " HIM " STORE ☆ HARMON, ISAAC, MARTIN CLOTHING ☆ 914 Quarrier Street Page One Hundred Eight PHI SIGS ' NEW UNIFORMS CHRISTIAN ' S DRIVE IN 2490 Pennsylvania Avenue PHONE 33-189 MH BOUGHT 30 CASES OF MILK FOR THE FRIENDSHIP TRAIN RIGENE FLORAL CO. 1721 Washington Street, E. PHONE 21-671 ☆ FLOWERS FOR SPECIAL HOURS Page One Hundred Nine CHARLESTON CLAY PRODUCTS CO. ☆ f Mfgrs. Vitricotta Facing Tile ☆ Distributors of Complete Line of GLAZED AND UNGLAZED BRICK AND TILE FIRE BRICK - FIRE CLAY SEWER PIPE ☆ 6 Virginia Street, East Phone 37-501 BUT WHY, COACH? H I I w I If! ’ ■ ■■■ ► Use your shopping sense! Buy the one and only cola that’s best by taste-test! One sip of cool, refreshing RC will tell you why this grand quick-up grew 60 times in 6 years ! Try it today . . . get 6 bottles or a case. TWO FULL GLASSES NEHI BOTTLING CO. 619 SUMMERS STREET PHONE 33-841 Page One Hundred Ten GARDMAN DELIVERS THE ZK COLLEGE DIRECTORY 1 Compliments of H. GALPERIN JEWELRY CO. TOLEDO SCALE CO. SANITARY DRY CLEANERS OLDER ' S DRUGS ADVERTISING, INC. MALLORY HATS - FREEMAN SHOES CURLEE CLOTHING ☆ KELLY MEN ' S SHOP 111 West Washington Street THE MAY-DAY PARADE SAFE DEPENDABLE AND ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION Charleston Transit Co. THE DANIEL BOONE ROGER S. CREEL Managing Director ☆ CHARLESTON S NEWEST AND MOST MODERN HOTEL - i Page One Hundred Eleven Page One Hundred Twelve

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