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i 4 6 ABOVE IS THE ARCHITECT ' S DRAWING OF THE RIVER FRONT VIEW OF THE NEW BUILDING SOON TO GRACE OUR 22-ACRE CAMPUS; BELOW IS THE ENTRANCE AND RECEPTION HALL. To Dr. Ralph Vickers Merry and Dr. Frieda Kiefer Merry, a source of inspira- tion to the students of Morris Harvey for the past 12 years, the 1946 Harveyan is dedicated. Professor and head of the Department of Psychology, and also Professor of Philosophy and Education, Dr. R. V. Merry is a member of Phi Delta Kappa, honorary education fraternity; Chi Beta Phi, honorary scientific society; and the American Psychological Association. He is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London, England, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Education. He holds an A.B. and M.A. from McGill University and an Ed.M. and E.D. from Harvard University and is listed in Who ' s Who in West Virginia, Leaders in Education, and Who ' s Who in Philosophy. Dr. Merry is the author of numerous articles in professional journals and author of " The Education of Visually Handicapped Children " (Harvard University Press, 1933). In collaboration with his wife he wrote " From Infancy to Adoles- cence " (Harper and Brothers, 1940). Both are contributors of articles in " Encyclo- pedia of Modern Education " and " Encyclopedia of Child Guidance " (Philosophi- cal Library, 1943). A leader in local educational activities, Dr. F. K. Merry is also a professor of Psychology and Education at Morris Harvey. She received her A.B. and Ph.D. degrees from Ohio State University and her A.M. from University of Michigan. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Lambda Theta, honorary educational fraternity for women; Chi Beta Phi, honorary scientific fraternity; American Psy- chological Association, National Society for the Study of Education, a charter member and Fellow, American Council of Women Psychologists; and a Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science. In addition to the works co-authored with her husband, she is author of numerous articles in professional journals and translated Burklen ' s " Touch Read- ing for the Blind " (American Foundation for the Blind, Inc., 1932). Dr. Merry is active in the Girl Scouts, serving as a member of the Advisory Committee, Kanawha County. She is Chairman of the State Committee of Human Growth and Development and represents this area for the Psychological Corpora- tion of America. 5 , 6 2 DR. LEONARD RIGGLEMAN DR. ASHBY C. BLACKWELL 8 First row: Dr. Haff, biology; Dr. Harris, biology; Dr. Walker, chemistry. Second row: Mr. Brawley, social science; Miss June Williams, secretarial science; Mr. McGarey, dean of men and instructor in education. 9 First row: Mrs. Schwab, secretarial science; Mr. Adams, religion and speech; Mr. Dorsey, business administration. Second row: Mrs. White, English; Dr. McDaniel, publicity manager; Dr. Lasley, English. Not pictured: Mr. Bingaman, business administration. 7aat (h ' J 10 ' yacuiL First row: Rev. Honts, religion; Miss Virginia Williams, English; Father Boniface, religion. Second row: Dr. Owens, modern languages; Mr. Forlines, piano and organ; Mr. Ewing, voice and choir. Not pictured: Mr. Ockerman, history. First row: Mrs. Duffield, education; Mrs. Coleman, physical education; Miss Olmstead, dean of women and instructor of sociology. Second row: Mr. Young, history; Mrs. Haff, math; Dr. Roller, math and chemistry. Not pictured: Mr. Reynolds, business administration. a acu 12 First row: Mr. Steadman, math; Mr. Pauley, business administration; Mr. Lampton, physical education. Second row: Mr. Brown, news writing; Miss Estill, piano; Janice Thumm, acting librarian. li ARBUTUS ATKINSON A member of Sigma lota Chi sorority, Arbutus is gradu- ating this May. JAMES M. BALLENGEE Jim is a member of Zeta Kappa, having served as treas- urer in ' 42. He is a member of the Blackfriars, Comet Executive Board, Theta lota, Student Council, and served as Organizations and Faculty Editor of the Har- veyan in ' 41 . He is listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and is a veteran. Jim is graduating cum laude. NANCY CONNELL Nancy, a May senior, is secretary- treasurer of her class. She is a member of Blackfriars Dramatic Club, and served as secretary-treasurer in 1945. This spring she was Maid of Honor to the Queen in Morris Harvey ' s annual May Court. emori 16 5 emors ELSIE CASTO Elsie is a charter member of Morris Harvey ' s F. T. A., a member of Phi Lambda Tau, Blackfriars and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. MEDORA JANE ELMORE Recipient of two F. T. A. awards presented for work at Toy Loan Center and Hospital Visitation work, Medora is president of F. T. A., and a member of the Debating Club. A. E. BRANSFORD A transfer student, Mr. Bransford is graduating in May. 17 BETTY HALLANAN Betty has been in Student Council each year and this year served as president; Panhellenic council member three years and president during her junior year. She has served as president of Phi Kappa Sigma sorority two years and has held the office of president and vice- president of Blackfriars. She has been business manager of the choir this year, served on the Student Relations Committee, the General Program Committee, Freshman Rules Committee, and the Comet and Harveyan Boards. She is a member of the Debating Club and the Student Forum. She was the 1 945 May Queen, and was also listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. VIOLET HOLMES Violet will receive her degree in May. She is a member of Chi Beta Phi, honorary scientific fraternity, and also a member of the Debating Club. LOUIE MILLER, JR. Louie was president of his freshman class and vice- president of West Virginia Federation of College Students for two years. In his junior year he was a member of the Student Council for the second time; president of the Debating Club; president of Sigma Upsilon Honorary fraternity; and officer in Phi Sigma Phi, and was selected for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. This year he was a member of the Black- friars; president of the Veterans Club; business manager of the Harveyan; secretary of the Phi Sigma and Theta lota. He is graduating cum laude. -3 eruor6 18 ? . -jeitiori HELEN JEAN KESSELL Helen, a February graduate, was president of the senior class the first semester of 1945-46. She is a member of Alpha Mu sorority and was in the Philharmonic Choir, F. T. A., and the 1945 May Court. As a member of Blackfriars, she had a leading role in the play " Little Women " which was presented last spring. She was selected for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. RUTH COOKSEY Ruth, a February graduate, was president of Alpha Mu sorority the first semester of 1945-46. She was also a member of the Student Council, F. T. A., and the Phil- harmonic Choir. ROBERT DICKSON Dickson, a veteran, is a member of Phi Sigma Phi fra- ternity. 19 t ROY H. FERRELL Roy, a veteran, is graduating in May. H. ESTIL LEWIS Lewis, a veteran, will receive his B.S. degree in May. OLIVE HILLEARY Olive, a May graduate, is a member of Phi Lambda Tau and has been in two May Courts. She is Student Coun- cil representative for the senior class. 2 eniors 20 emors JAMES A. DILLINGER Jim is treasurer of Zeta Kappa, vice-president of F. T. A., and a member of the Debating Club and Chi Beta Phi Scientific Fraternity. He was listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Gradu- ating in August, he will receive his B.S. degree in Sec- ondary Education. ROY D. BRADLEY Roy has been a member of Phi Sigma Phi for four years, acting as secretary for two years and as vice-president for one year. In his junior year he was vice-president of the Student Council, vice-president of the Student Govern- ment Association, Chairman of Pan-American Day and a member of the Blackfriars. This year he was assistant business manager of the Harveyan and a member of the Veteran ' s Club. He was selected for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. CLIFFORD S. MYERS Clifford attended Rio Grande College, West Virginia Tech, and Marshall. He is a veteran, graduating in May. 21 ROBERT HUMPHREYS Bob, a veteran, is a member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity. He will graduate in August. BETTY JONES Betty will receive her B.S. degree in Elementary Educa- tion in August. A member of Blackfriars and F. T. A., she .has been in the Philharmonic Choir three years and was in the girls ' sextet this year. She has served on the Comet staff and the Harveyan staff. GENEVA NICELY Geneva is a member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority. -S. emori 22 -S. emorS MARY JEAN GROSCUP Mary Jean was a member of the Student Council for three years, serving as secretary- treasurer and vice-presi- dent. She has been chaplain, Panhellenic representative and president of Phi Lambda Tau, treasurer and president of the Christian Service Club, vice-president of her senior class, and a member of the Philharmonic Choir. She is listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. CHRISTINE WILLIAMS CLARK Christine is a member of Phi Lambda Tau sorority and was in the 1 945 May Court. She is graduating in August. t SARA S. TURNER Mrs. Turner is graduating in May. 23 FERNE WILLIAMS A.B. degree in Elementary Education. NORMA LOUISE THAXTON SMITH A transfer from Marshall College, where she was a member of F. T. A., the Madrigal Club and the Treble Clef f Choir, Norma will complete her work in August receiving an A.B. degree. She is a member of Morris Harvey Philharmonic Choir and the Theta lota Honor Society. JANET YOUNG Janet is graduating in August. . e — ewors 24 -features ' 25 ILt First row: Joe Jeffcott, Cecil Brake. Second row: Phil Caplan, Louise Dearman, Norma Dick, Anne Donahoe. Third row: Mary Honaker, Dana Frame, Maxine Green, Harold Hall. umor$ 26 itruors 9 First row: Lois Harkins, Darrell Harless, Thomas Hartley, Warren Johnson. Second row: Britton Lavender, Jessie Leftwich, Arthur Maloy, Louise Mason. Third row: Ed McElfresh, Jo Alice Mcllhattan, Gloria Peek, Mary Risk. Fourth row: Mary Slack, Ruth Slayton, Charles Thom, Okey Wiley. 27 ea tares 28 omored First row: Nancy Blackwell, Helen Boone. Second row: Keith Branham, Lois Brookman, John Boggs, James L. Burns. Third row: James Caldwell, Charlotte Carson, James Chenoweth, Robert Cutlip. m JAKE O ' DELL, President 29 First row: Sheila Daly, Betty Davis, Betty Fisher, Bradley Gee. Second row: Elizabeth Grayson, Maxine Halstead, Joe Harless, Frances Hawkins. Third row: Sylvestus Henson, Mary Keller, Virginia Kessell, Pat Kirby. Fourth row: Vandall Knapp, Jo Anne Jack, Rebecca Jackson, Eleanor Johnson. ' Sop ho modes ' 30 o mores First row: Vivian Jones, Virginia Jordan, Rachel Rose, William Parsons. Second row: Walter Pauley, Betty Robson, Roberta Riggleman, Doris Skiles. Third row: Robert Smith, Harold Sullivan, Wilda Thaxton, Betty Repass. Fourth row: Mary Lee Warner, Gladys Webb, Peg Woodall, Bette Pierce. 31 First row: Homer Baxter, Jr., Ernest Fisher, Sam Baldwin, Ellen Bell, Doris Campbell, Park Chapman. Second row: William J. Forbes, Bill Gentry, John Clendenen, Mabel Coon, Ann Cross, Anna Mary Crewdson. JresL esmnen ' 32 men First row: Kathryn Grayson, Betty Guy, Virginia Guy, Paul Hamilton. Second row: Elwanda Hammack, David Harper, H. C. Hicks, Maxine Hightower. Third row: Fred Hill, Irene Hunt, Pauline Hunt, Phyllis Jimison. Fourth row: Eleanor Kelley, Anne Kessler, Charles Key, Kervin Knapp. 33 First row: Edna Tackett, Reba Lanham, Rose Mary Lewis, Leola Lindberg. Second row: Betsy McCraw, Pat McKisic, Byron McNeely, Charles Michaelson. Third row: Effie Jo Miller, Doris Moses, Rosa Lee Nicely, Gloria Parr. Fourth row: John Patrick, Mary Pullen, Albert Pyles, Dave Rollyson. men 34 men First row: Isabel Christian, Helen Scott, Virginia Seacrist, Raymond H. Young. Second row: Connie Smith, Tom Nevil Smith, Rhoda Jean Springer, Annabelle Stevens. Third row: Eugene Summers, Irene Thomas, Bill Tormey, Abbie Van Deuren. Fourth row: Roena Vinson, Quentin Wiley, Pat Woodward, Mattie Lou Young. 35 First row: Betty Hallanan, president; Mary Jean Groscup, vice-president. Second row: Okey Wiley, secretary- treasurer; Vandall Knapp, sergeant-at-arms. ' Stude it Cdc ouna 36 Student (douncil First row: Fayelda Brua, senior class president; Olive Hilleary ; senior class representative; Jo Ellen Coon, junior class president; Jo Alice Mcllhattan, junior class representative. Second row: Jake O ' Dell, sophomore class president; Mary Lee Warner, sophomore class representative; Charles Camp, freshman class president; Park Chapman, freshman class representative. 37 Alpha Mu, the oldest sorority on the campus, celebrates its twenty-first anniversary this year. The sorority was founded on the mythology of the Greek M uses. The annual Fashion Tea for all women stu- dents of the college marked the opening of social activities in the fall. The members of the sorority and their sponsor, Stella Cooksey, spent the Thanksgiving holidays at the Netherlands Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati. The first semester Rush Party was a Plantation Party. The ten new pledges were then hon- ored at a Christmas Party. Rushees for the second semester were entertained with a Gypsy Party and a short time later, the sorority members were hostesses at a dinner at Wren ' s Nest. The mothers of the members were guests of honor at a Mother-Daughter Banquet at the Daniel Boone Hotel in May. Weekly luncheons were held throughout the second semester at McKee ' s.. Alpha Mu Sorority lists among its members, three students elected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, the co-editors of the Comet, the president of {he Panhellenic Council, the president of Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Chi Beta Phi, one member of the Student Council and the vice-presidents of the freshman and sophomore classes. Three of the sisters took part in the May Day Festival. Second semester pledges are: Phyllis Jimison, Betty Jane Lilly, Abbie Van Deuren, and Dorothy Zygello. 38 First row: Ellen Bell, Stella Cooksey. Second row: Louise Dearman, Betty Fisher, Mary Lou Hill, Eloise Kessell, Helen Kessell. Third row: Anne Kessler, Bette Pierce, Roberta Riggleman, Connie Smith, Annabelle Stevens. Fourth row: Edna Tackett, Irene Thomas, Roena Vinson, Hada Walker, Peggy Wilcoxen. 39 Louise Mason President Rose Marie Newhart Vice-President Virginia Kessell .... Secretary Betty Cunningham Treasurer Betty Davis Parchment Editor Only national sorority on the campus, Sigma lota Chi has a small but compact group of girls with a strong group spirit. Originally established as an honor sorority in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 1903, the group became a social organization, though still maintaining high scholastic requirements and stressing scholastic achievement. 1946 was convention year at St. Louis, Missouri. Mrs. Bott was named Grand Worthy Matron. Social activities of the year included a dance with the Phi Sigs at the Boat Club and the annual spring formal. LOUISE MASON, President S ? iama Qota uqtna 40 $ Sicjma 3ota C Li First row: Arbutus Atkinson, Marjorie Bailey, Doris Campbell, Charlotte Carson, Becky Baldock. Second row: Betty Cunningham, Betty Davis, Maxine Halstead, Jo Anne Jack, Virginia Kessell. Third row: Pat Kirby, Rose Marie Newhart, Virginia Seacrist, Helen Scott, Ann Cross. 41 Sicjma J ota Chi 42 ROBERTA RIGGLEMAN, President The Panhellenic Council, established on the campus in 1938, functions to obtain closer cooperation among sororities and fraternities in college activities. Membership in the Council is composed of the presi- dent and one member elected from each Greek organiza- tion, with two faculty members chosen by the Council and one by the President of the College. The Council has general supervision over Rush Week and Bid Week activities and other affairs in which the Greek letter organizations take part. The Council en- tertained with a reception honoring the 1946 May Court. MEMBERS Dr. F. K. Merry Mr. H. Ewing Dr. A. C. Blackwell Jo Alice Mcllhattan Roberta Riggleman Betty Hallanan Lois Jean Harkins Louise Mason Betty Davis Jo Ellen Coon Mary Groscup Okey Wiley Vandall Knapp Bradley Gee Edward McElfresh 43 OFFICERS Betty Hallanan, President Jean Lucas, Vice-President Blanche Gaines, Secretary Elizabeth Grayson, Treasurer Lois Harkins, Panhellenic Representative The Phi Kappa Sigma Sorority was founded in 1928 on the campus at Barboursville. Its purpose is to promote various social activities among the students. Each year a " Twilight Tea, " " Howdy Day, " a " Bowery Ball, " and a Spring Formal are held. Among its members are the Student Body presi- dent, three members of the May Court, one member listed in Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities (1945-46), one of the five Harveyan beauties, the vice-president of the Panhellenic Council and a representative on the Comet and Harveyan staffs. BETTY HALLANAN, President -PL i J appa Sicjina 44 pki P appa Sicjina First row: Sheila Daly, Norma Dick, Blanche Gaines, Elizabeth Grayson. Second row: Kathryn Grayson, Betty Guy, Virginia Guy, Lois Harkins. Third row: Leola Lindberg, Betsy McCraw, Carolyn Major, Mary Mandeville. On September 10, 1945, weary members of Morris Harvey ' s largest sorority trudged happily back to the old gray walls, having almost recovered from that slumber party at Betty Rob- son ' s two weeks before. Getting back into the swing of scholastic events, the Phi Lams entertained approximately 160 guests at their annual tea. For their December rushees, the Phi Lambda Taus held a bobby sox party at the home of an alumna mem- ber, Elaine Moser. President Mary Jean Groscup administered the pledge to twelve girls in a service at the home of Mrs. Faye Baker, an honorary member of the sorority. Pledges received their rough and formal initiation at the home of Bette Ireland early in the sec- ond semester. A dinner was given in February at the New China restaurant honoring two members, Christine Williams Clark and Betty Byrd, who were presented with wedding gifts by the sorority. Second semester rushing was in the form of a western roundup. Phi Lambda Tau is well represented in school activities. From its members have come the 1946 Morris Harvey May Queen and four of her attend- ants; one of the five most beautiful girls on the campus, as chosen by popular vote of the students; and four of the five members of Eta Chi Delta, new honor society of M-H super-brains. The sorority also boasts two members in Chi Beta Phi, national honorary scientific fraternity, and three members in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Betty Robson was awarded the D. A. R. Scholar- ship and Fayelda Brua received the President ' s Scholarship. A formal dinner was given in honor of the May Queen and her attendants, May 16th. If. ' 1 U MARY JEAN GROSCUP, President PLU ambda Jau 46 47 First row: Nancy Blackwell, Helen Boone, Evelyn Brown, Fayelda Brua. Second row: Elsie Casto, Christine W. Clark, Jo Ellen Coon, Anna Mary Crewdson. Third row: Maxine Green, Ruth Grimm, Frances Hawkins, Olive Hilleary. Fourth row: Mary Honaker, Bette Ireland, Eleanor Johnson, Vivian Jones. ' Phi cJdambda Paw 48 Phi oCambda Paw First row: Phyllis Thumm, Mary Frances Vineyard, Mary Lee Warner. Second row: Virginia Jordan, Mary Keller, Effie Jo Miller, Geneva Nicely. Third row: Rosa Lee Nicely, Gloria Parr, Gloria Peek, Betty Robson. Fourth row: Julia Ann Shreve, Doris Skiles, Mary Slack, Ruth Slayton. 49 OFFICERS Bradley Gee President Roy D. Bradley, Jr. . . Vire-President Louie Miller, Jr Secretary Charles Thom Treasurer Ed McElfresh . Panhellenic Representative Lee Sayre Chaplain Honorary members: Dr. Walker Mr. Adams Mr. Ockerman Not pictured: Paul Richards, Reginald Boucher, Ed Suptic, Dick Nichols, Jim Caldwell, Dan Lowder. The Beta Chapter of the Phi Sigma Phi was formed on the Barboursville campus of Morris Harvey College on November 12, 1929. Character, Scholarship and Leadership is the motto of the fraternity and green and white are the colors. The Cape Jasmine is the flower. This year was led off with a " Smoker " for all male students of Morris Harvey at the Daniel Boone Hotel, September 30. Several hamburger frys and parties have been given for the Brothers and their dates besides the rush parties. One feature of this year ' s activities was a trip to Concord by the actives, where, following the basketball game, we and the members of the bas- ketball team were entertained by our Brothers of the Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Phi. A dance was given for the actives, alumni of the fraternity and new veterans at the Charleston Boat Club in cooperation with the Sigma lota Chi Sorority. The annual Spring Formal for all actives and alumni was given at the Kanawha Country Club and a good time was had by all. We were very sorry to lose Gene Pettit, Bob Campbell and Charles Husson to the Armed Forces, but we are glad to welcome back from the services former Brothers who have returned to continue their education. BRADLEY GEE, President Pki Sicjwia PL 50 Pki PLi First row: Roy Bradley, Louie Miller, Charlie Thom, Ed McElfresh, Lee Sayre. Second row: John Clendenen, O. J. McCraw, Darrell Harless, Phil Caplan, Bill Parsons. Third row: Dana Frame, Robert Dickson, James Burns, Eugene Pierce, Harold Sullivan. Fourth row: Ed Olli, Eugene Summers, T. C. Adams, W. H. Walker, E. W. Ockerman. Fifth row: Robert Humphreys. OKEY WILEY, President On March 14, 1923, six students of Morris Harvey met and formed a social club, out of which grew the present Zeta Kappa social fraternity. The organization is the oldest Greek letter group on the campus. Regular meetings of the fraternity are held each week, and special social functions are held at intervals during the school year, climaxed by the annual formal in the spring. Zeta Kappa has permanent possession of the Eisen- smith Trophy for entering the best float in the Home- coming Parade for three successive years. The annual smokers were continued as features of rushing activities. Eleven new members were formally initiated on Feb- ruary 10 and the fraternity was further enlarged with the return of several ZK ' s from military service. Five members of the fraternity served on the Student Council this year. On March 14, Zeta Kappa observed its twenty-third birthday with a birthday ball. A huge cake iced in orange and black, the fraternity colors, was served at the dance. Each year, fraternity members elect a M-H co-ed to be the Sweetheart of Zeta Kappa. " Miss Betty Repass received the honor this year. BETTY REPASS, Sweetheart appa 52 2.eta J(c appa ' First row: Walter Pauley, James Di I linger, Sam Baldwin, Warren Johnson, Bob Smith. Second row: Jim Ballengee, Jim Chenoweth, Britton Lavender, David Harper, Fred Dearman. Third row: Fred Hill, Jake O ' Dell, Charles Camp, Joe Harless, Kervin Knapp. Fourth row: Vandall Knapp, Ross Childress, Pat McKisic, A. C. Blackwell. 53 1946 was Chi Beta Phi ' s twenty-third year on the Morris Harvey campus. Jo Alice Mcllhattan and ' Arthur Maloy received scholarship keys and Fayelda Brua was awarded the science medal. Dr. A. C. Blackwell, Grand President, is sponsor of the fraternity. Dr. A. C. Blackwell Dr. F. K. Merry Dr. R. V. Merry Dr. W. H. Walker Arthur Maloy Jo Alice Mcllhattan Llewellyn Cole Ed McElfresh Violet Holmes Fayelda Brua Mary Risk Mary Lee Warner James Dillinger Kenneth Clark Cki Beta Pkt 54 ' fL-ta C Li 2)eita ' Fayelda Brua Dr. A. C. Blackwell Eta Chi Delta, honorary scholastic fraternity, was formed in March, 1946, for the purpose of giving recognition to students with high scholastic averages. To be eligible for membership a student must be at least a second semes- ter sophomore with an average of 2.5 or above, and must maintain that average in order to remain a member. Fayelda Brua was elected president, Jo Alice Mcllhattan vice-president, and Nancy Blackwell secretary-treasurer. Nancy Blackwell Mary Honaker Jo Alice Mcllhattan Mary Lee Warner 55 First row: Virginia Jordan, Frances Hawkins, Nancy Blackwell, Lois Harkins, Mary Lee Warner, Norma T. Smith, Roberta Riggleman, Jo Alice Mcllhattan, Fayelda Brua. Second row: Bradley Gee, James Ballengee, Joe Jeffcott, Louie Miller, Phil Caplan, Robert Royal, Cecil Brake, James L. Burns, Mr. McGarey. Theta lota was formed in April, 1946, to honor those students who have maintained an average of B throughout their first three semesters in Morris Harvey. In order to become a member a student must be at least a second semester sophomore and must have an average of 2.0 or above. Officers include Roberta Riggleman, president; Helen Boone, vice-presi- dent; and Jo Alice Mcllhattan, secretary-treasurer. Jketa 3ota ' 56 Jfjpicai JresL men ANNE KESSLER PAT McKISIC Each year the Student Council selects two freshmen whom it believes to be representative of the class as a whole. The winners this year are Anne Kessler and Pat McKi sic. Anne, an Alpha Mu, has been active in Blackfriars. Pat, a member of Zeta Kappa, appeared in the Blackfriars ' play, " Squaring the Circle, " and was elected to serve next year as sergeant-at-arms of the student body. The two were presented with identification bracelets by the Student Council. The Kriegie Club, founded February, 1946, is one of the newest organizations on the campus. Its members are former prison- ers of war. The word Kriegie was adopted from the German word Kriegsgefangenen, which means prisoners of war. As yet the club has no members who were prisoners of the Japanese. All the members of the club are freshmen. The club is based on fraternal principles and the preamble of the constitution states the functions of the club: “We, the men of the Kriegie Club, in order to develop an interest in, and promote an understanding of, the principles of good fellowship; to inspire, educate, teach and train men to do their best to uphold the principles for which we fought and suffered; to maintain stead- fastness of purposes and ideals and to cooperate with the faculty of Morris Harvey College in the promotion of these axioms. " OFFICERS William Tormey President Park Chapman Secretary-Treasurer E. W. Ockerman Sponsor ELIZABETH GRAYSON, Sweetheart WILLIAM TORMEY, President 58 E. W. Ockerman Paul Hamilton Jess Kuhn Charles Michaelson Park Chapman H. C. Hicks Ernest Fisher Dave Rollyson 59 Morris Harvey ' s ex-GI ' s recently organized the Morris Harvey Veterans ' Club, the newest organi- zation on the campus. One of the first clubs of its kind in the state, the Veterans ' Club already tops all other student organizations in membership. The club has a dual purpose. It is a social club as well as a clearing house to provide information and legal and counselatory assistance. Recognizing the acute need for extra tutorial assistance for the student- veterans, the Veterans ' Club and a faculty com- mittee co-sponsored an educational survey of the student body, in order to provide groundwork for a program of extra instructional assistance for every veteran. On the social side of the calendar, the Veterans ' Club inaugural dance held at Kearse Hall early in April was one of the outstanding social events of the spring season. Similar social gather- ings will be held every six weeks for the benefit of the ex-GI ' s. President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Louie Miller, Jr. Ray Burdette Rose M. Lewis Isabel M. Christian Kellum D. Pauley Executive Committee: R. W. Dorsey, Chairman George Ammar J. F. Greene Russell Adams John Clendenen Legislative Committee: Al Gardman, Chairman D. C. Kelly K. D. Pauley Bill Robinson J. H. Crowder Membership Committee: J. L. Patrick, Chairman Ferg Ginnakis Bill Matthews Raymond Young James Davis Publicity Committee: John P. Hunter, Chairman Cecil Brake Pat Eddy Social Committee: Cleon Janos, Chairman Rhoda Springer Isabel Christian D. P. Ingram Bob Ewing 60 Vet, eleravis Members of the Morris Harvey Veterans ' Club are shown above. Reading from left to right: first row, John P. Hunter, Marvin R. Covey, David Johnson, T. Hickok, Mary McAllister, Elwanda Hammack, Rose Mary Lewis, Kellum D. Pauley, Louie Miller, Jr.; second row, Mavis Stanley, Ray Burdette, Raymond Young, Cleon Janos, Isabel Christian, Rhoda A. Springer, Cecil Brake, Al Gardman; third row, Daniel Kelly, Ralph Griffin, Ed McElfresh, Roy Bradley, L. V. Koontz, E. W. Ockerman, R. W. Dorsey, Denver P. Ingram; fourth row, Tom N. Smith, Charles C Key,’ Thomas V. Kizer, W. P. Dills, L. G. Mullins, W. H. Starkey; fifth row, Roy V. Allen, C. F. Crookshanks, Ralph M. Fulkner, H. H. Hyre, Jr., T. R. Hutchinson; sixth row, D. G. Beverly, W. S. Robinson, T. H. Smith, Byron McNeely; seventh row, C. L. Mays, Ferg Giannakis, C. V. Roberts; eighth row, Delmar Dye, W. H. Matthews, R. E. Thomas; ninth row, Albin M. Young, Bob Royal, Robert G. Miller, Frank LePage. Members of the club not shown are: Russell Adams, John Alessandrini, George Ammar, William Angel, Lawrence Carter, Olive Carver, John Cerullo, John Clendenen, James B. Craddock, John H. Crowder, E. R. Darby, James Davis, Pat Eddy, Bob Ewing, Harry C. Foster, Dana Frame, J. F. Greene, Howard Grubbs, James P. Hickman, Frank Hill, William Matthews, William W. Moore, Ray L. Lane, William A. Laney, William Le Pore, John L. Patrick, Gordon Richardson, Ted Roberts, John W. Tabaretti, Arnold A. Wiley, Robert L. Wilson, J. E. Winkler. Scene at Veterans ' Club Dance held April 6, 1946, at Kearse Hall. Organized primarily to meet the social and informational needs of theex-GI ' son the campus, the Morris Harvey Veterans ' Club does not neglect the many problems of college life for the returning servicemen. The Veteran, returning to school from several years in the Armed Services is the victim of a loss of facility in college work. This must be remedied, study habits re-estab- lished, and basic concepts of particular subjects reviewed. These problems are being studied and solved by close cooperation between the Veterans ' organization and the college faculty. As other problems are brought up by members, they will be studied and solutions suggested. Veterans ' Club Business Meeting Dance Plans Student Counseling. Vet, erand 62 J. C. Patton J. Glenn Alms Russell Peterson Jack Arnett Mike Sayfie Ardith Crites Clarence K. Scott Eugene Dick Willard Starrett Donald Dickson Elson R. Stewart Arthur Edwards Grant P. Tully Francis R. Elias Beale Yoak Lester Faigley Jess Escue James E. Fletcher William T. Hix John Fritts William Ronk Charles Given Edward Kelley John Humphreys Richard R. DeSelm John Lee McKee Lawrence O ' Neal armonic First row: Betty Jones, Mary Lee Warner, Eleanor Kelley, Fayelda Brua, Bette Ireland, Rachel Rose, Virginia Kessell, Harold Ewing. Second row: Ruth Slayton, Ann Cross, Norma Smith, Nancy Blackwell, Mary Peg Woodall, Ellen Fielding. Third row: Lewis Angelo, Jim Chenoweth, Pat Kirby, Margie Keller, Anna Mary Richard Knight. Fourth row: Homer Phelps, Okey Wiley, George Matz, Paul Hamilton, Charles Roberts, 64 Elizabeth Grayson, Norma Jean Dick, Jo Anne Jack, Betty Hallanan, Frances Hawkins, Mandeville, Effie Jo Miller, Jo Stewart, Bette Pierce, Jean Lucas, Eleanor Johnson, Crewdson, Jean Stambaugh, Virginia Jordan, Kathryn Grayson, Warren Johnson, Pat McKisic, Frank Gillespie, Lester Parsons, Bob Ewing, Dana Frame. 65 First row: Fayelda Brua, editor; Louie Miller, business manager. Second row: Homer D. Baxter, Jr., photographer; Tom Smith, art editor. ■jj, arveyan 66 JL arueyan BUSINESS STAFF Bill Parsons, Anne Donahoe, Norma Jean Dick, Betty Jones, Bradley Gee, Louise Mason, Britton Lavender, Louie Miller. ART STAFP Nancy Blackwell, Vivian Jones, Tom Smith, Jo Ellen Coon. CIRCULATION Mattie Lou Young, Eleanor Kelley, Roberta Riggleman, Lois Jean Harkins, Vivian Jones, Effie Jo Miller, Jo Alice Mcllhattan. 67 PEG WOODALL PHIL CAPLAN President Peggy Woodall Vice-President Elizabeth Grayson Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Blackwell Morris Harvey ' s dramatic club, the Blackfriars, started off last fall with an exceptionally large membership which included among other talented students, an experienced director. The Russian farce, " Squaring the Circle, " was presented at the Thomas Jefferson Junior High School auditorium on Friday evening, February 1. Phil Caplan directed. Vassya . Ludmilla Abram Tonya Emilian Sascha Cast of " Squaring the Circle " Charles Husson Carolyn Major Louie Miller Louise Egbert Pat McKisic John Barry Several one-act plays were planned by the group for the second semester. -tSUfri nard 68 First row: Britton Lavender, Bette Ireland, Betty Hallanan, Fayelda Brua. Second row: Eleanor Kelley, Bradley Gee, Elizabeth Grayson, Nancy Blackwell. Third row: Anne Donahoe, Reba Lanham, Louie Miller, Norma Dick. Fourth row: Carolyn Major, Kathryn Grayson, Pat McKisic, Betty Jones. 69 FAYELDA BRUA, President E. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, Advisor Morris Harvey ' s Debating Club was reorganized this year with Fayelda Brua as president and Miss Virginia Williams as sponsor. A debate was presented in an assembly before the student body on the question, Resolved, That President Truman ' s First Year in Office Has Been Successful. Mary Risk, Isabel Christian and Louise Egbert presented the affirmative side and Betty Hallanan, Charles Camp and Pat Woodward spoke for the negative. A radio broadcast was presented over WCHS with Louise Egbert and Pat Wood- ward as speakers. Other officers of the organization are: Vice-President, Jo Ellen Coon; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Risk. 70 mm First row: Helen Boone, Charles Camp, Isabel Christian, Jo Ellen Coon, James Dillinger. Second row: Medora Elmore, Eleanor Johnson, Bradley Gee, Mary Groscup, Betty Hallanan. Third row: Violet Holmes, Irene Hunt, Pauline Hunt, Eleanor Kelley, Reba Lanham. Fourth row: Effie Jo Miller, Jake O ' Dell, Gloria Parr, Mary Risk, Pat Woodward. 71 FIRST ROW: Roberta Riggleman Bradley Gee Jo Alice Mcllhattan Lois Jean Harkins John Hunter Fayelda Brua SECOND ROW: Bob Royal John Clendenen W. H. Starkey Tom Boggs Lee Sayre E. W. Ockerman Bruce Dunlap Cecil Brake CECIL BRAKE, E. W. OCKERMAN, President Advisor The International Relations Club was formed to study and evaluate the factors in foreign affairs that are of immediate interest to every thinking individual. Operating on the theory that knowledge and understanding of our foreign neighbors is a means of keeping peace and build- ing a better world, the club will present programs of topical interest, with first-hand reports on many countries through veteran members. 72 ' Student ddc orum 1 1 x MSB - 1 ' Li i J 1 it r t % - k i FIRST ROW: E. W. Ockerman Fayelda Brua John Hunter Dorothy Zygello Howard Hyre Cecil Brake SECOND ROW: Paul Kelly Bob Royal Al Gardman Bill Robinson Kellum D. Pauley The Forum Club was organized recently by students of Morris Harvey interested in discuss- ing problems of present-day living, and will spon- sor various assemblies and forums for that pur- pose. Their activities included a trip to West Virginia State College for the purpose of discuss- ing the racial problem and the sponsoring of a student assembly with an exchange group from that college. E. W. Ockerman is the faculty advisor and the first six charter members were selected by the college faculty. Future plans include the exchange of speakers and classes with other colleges. E. W. OCKERMAN, FAYELDA BRUA, Advisor President 73 Gladys Webb Betty Guy Virginia Guy Irene Hunt Pauline Hunt The FTA this year has a ten per cent in- crease in membership and has chosen worth- while projects, some of which are: Toy Loan Center under the direction of Dr. Alpha Owens, Annual Charter Day Assembly, and assisting in building a better library. President Medora Elmore Vice-President .... James Dillinger Secretary-Treasurer Britton Lavender Advisor Mrs. Duffield Fayelda Brua Doris Campbell Sheila Daly James Dillinger Frances Hawkins Britton Lavender Betsy McCraw O. J. McCraw MEDCRA ELMORE, President ' future JeacLerd otJ, me new 74 teria ( tion SYLVESTUS HENSON, President The Ministerial Association of Morris Harvey has grown from five members last year to twelve at pres- ent. All persons interested in affiliating with such a student organization are cordially invited to join. The organization is represented by four denominational groups. Some of the members are in active Christian serv- ice while attending college. Sylvestus Henson, presi- dent of the organization, is the Pastor of Vandalia Methodist Church; Irvin Fisher, vice-president, is pastor of the Snow Hill-Rand charge; James Cheno- weth is secretary-treasurer. The society has endeavored to promote interest in Christian living among the students of Morris Harvey. It has been represented in the devotionals of many of the college assemblies and in other campus activities throughout the college year. Mr. T. C. Adams is sponsor. First row: James Chenoweth, Warren Johnson, Virginia Jordan, Lee Sayre. Second row: Fred Hill, Sylvestus Henson, Virgil Ware, Irvin Fisher, T. C. Adams. » 75 Dewitt, Jr. Hubert Euj Dills, Kirk j Driggs, Gld (ContiJ Morris for ' McGa k _ rhree ' Mr. men, willV several coB ed this wt j| Veteran theme tional Vc ■■« £-. r . ciation Ohio or. He wiir nHM Rural Life ar.M M| held in Atlanta, Georj? at 7:00 p. m. as a part of the Lincoln county-Morris Harvey Workshop in social studies. The subject for discussion will be •‘What Can the Public Ele- mentary School Do to Improve Home Life? What Can They D » With Respect to Religious Educa- tion?’ ' Audience participation will follow the panel discussion. The meeting is a part of the Lincoln county revision of ele- mentary curriculum and Mr D. G. McGarey and Mrs. Virginia tDuffield have been conducting " the workshop for ten weeks. asurer; L agent. Ik Panel members wil be Emily 4 and 5. Mr. McGarey wi e occasion. an furnished by ir eslfa and tlu B |T assembly -on fti all sororities WL will p{itl»c as selected as L the queerji Blr. and BY PRISONERS OF W YR Morris Harvey veteran’s of World War II who were prison ers of war have organized a Kriegie Club It will function as a fraternity, and will cooperate with the Morris Harvey functions in social and scholastic fields. William F. Tormey. Jr. has been elected president. Tor- mey. an Infantryman, was taken prisoner in February, 1944 at Anzio. Other members of the club arc: Park Chapman, sec- retary -treasurer, B-17 pilot shot down over France late in 1944; Paul Hamilton and Ernest Fisher, gunners on a B 17. were shot down over Germany in April. 1945; Dave Rollyson was also a gunner, forced to bail out over Yugoslavia early in 1945: Charles Michael son P-5 1 pilot, shot down over Stuttgart, Germany, in February 1945; H. C. Hicks, infantryman, captured in Italy late in 1944. The Kriegie Club is the second club of its kind in the United States, although students at West Virginia University are reported to be organizing a similar club — ixjp MORRIS harvey Student Publication Of Morris Harvey College TWENTY-FOURTH YEAR. No. 7 MARCH 8. 1346 Honor Students Are Announced ZK’s Sponsor Birthday Dance Fayelda Brua, Louie Miller Head Harveyan The honor roll for the first semester of the 1945-46 academic year has been announced by Phyllis Thumm, registrar. Group 1 — 27 hours Fayelda Brua Group 2 — 18 hours Eleanor Kelley Robert Royal James Lloyd Burns Roberta Riggleman 2.74 The Zeta Kappa fraternity will sponsor a dance at the YWCA on Thursday, March 14. from 9-12. in celebration of the twenty-third birthday of that organization. Re- freshments will be provided and they wiT 1 - jbur ’ cake in i l:_ ' Rosa Lee Nicely Elected May Queen At a meeting of the Harveyan Board on Monday. February ' , rayclda Brua was chosen editor-in-chief of the 1 945 . 4 b u, ; and Louie Miller was named business manager. ‘ rvcyan Rosa Lee Nicely has been elect- ed May Queen to rule over the 1946 May Court by the student body. Rosa Lee. a freshman and member of Phi Lambda Tau ’ ■ daughter of Mr. Nicely of Cov- Riish Week Sel The Panhellenic council has set April 6 through 14 as rush week for the second semester. The various party dates have not been set. I 5, in ve? 0 a5dPaveM» " i. at M ° rris Har i io ls a member ol of Anna Lou Shalfer 2.33 Frances Hawkins Group 2 — 17 hours Nancy Blackwell Phil Caplan John F. Clendenin....... Lois Jean Harkins.. Patricia Woodward Bradley E. Gee Mary Layne Sam Lowry Margaret C. Porter. Group 4 — 16 hours Mary Lee Warner Lulas Reid Holt Basil Giles Mullens Virginia Lou Guy Presley E. McKisic Mary Risk Betty Sue Guy Helen Jean Kessell Reba Lanham Group 5 — 15 hours Marjorie Saunders Nina Maxine Green Joseph Jeffcott Catherine Hartman Louie Miller Kathleen H. Divine-.. Group 6 — 14 hours Sophia Louise Sommer- Pat A. Collins 2.21 Clifford Myers Group 7 — 13 hours Robert Wilson Bay less. Mary J. Ilonaker fltpwnrt X41U4WCUI VgUUlilCl James H. Thomas Group 9 — 11 hours Roy B. Martin Gladys Webb Lloyd : ::2 - :• 1 2.11 IMG ( .am Rober fer 1 cz:: tion 1 r 1 1 ! 1 2 6 1 2.21 k’nt ofTw j?„ U s ?rority, presl- of the Dvbatog dir a P m Sid S‘ si sen.: Ur She earned 27 semester noius 01 work and made a schol nst;c average of 2.74. scno1 Louie served as a • t tee£S B,tcd alh?f « er ani The new heads of the staff plan to have a meeting to ehoose the members ot their staff within a few days. An announcement of this meeting will be posted on the bulletin board. Last year, Francis Wilson, now attending Union Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, was editor of the Harveyan and Betty Lou Stowers was business ; manager. Jeficott Appointed Athletic Secretary COMET, that pos open for applicati student body ...1 in- list of these are: r Adams. Russell Smith Ad- Jo- JO ALICE MclLHATTAN and ROBERTA RIGGLEMAN, Editor iral •xecuuve committee vre elected. ager. Group 10 — 9 hours Robe rt Paul McCormick 2.66 Anvil B. Chancey 2.33 Tapley F. Daugherty 2.33 Lassiter Lowe 2.33 Group 11 — 8 hours Clarice E. Garrett 2.12 Blackwell Receives »anese Balance Jap.; Chester Spurlock, a 1943 Morris Harvey graduate, recently sent a Japanese chemical balance by mail to Dr. A. C. Blackwell from -1 r has At a meeting of the junior class held on February 13 in room 206, tentative plans were made for the junior-senior banquet given by the junior clas in honor of the graduating seniors. The follow- ing committee chairmen were ap- pointed by Jo Ellen Coon, presi- dent: arrangements, Louise Dear- man; decorations, Louise Mason; entertainment, Jo Alice Mcllhat- tan. lew- A cwcy v. uuieiu, aonn Joseph H. Jeffcott, junior, has been appointed athletic secretary at Morris Harvey, it was an- nounced by Dr. Leonard Riggle- man, president, last week. Jeffcott will serve under head coach and athletic director Alder- son (Stretch) Propps. handling business activities unci promotion of athletics and woll assist stu- dents in obtaining living quarters in Charleston. He has served as a reporter on the Evening Independent at St. — . — ■ v Cerullo. Park Chapma. Isabel Christum. Frank Clark. John Clendenin. Jesse Coffman Wilson Cole, Arthur Thomas Conley, Noble Conner, Lafe ooksey. Paul Cooper Marvin Ray Covey, James Craddock, Charles Crook - shanks, John Crowder, Frank L. Cunningham. Douglas Dalton. Eugene R. Darby, Oscar Denny Darby, Al- bert W. Daubenspeck, James Davis, James Edward Dawson, “• 1 ; W hannon. Martinsburg, Pulaski, Va.. and Norton, Va. Before coming to Charleston in 1944, Jeffcott served two years in the U. S. Naval Reserve in the anti-submarine fleet seeing ser- vice in both the Atlantic and Pacific areas. Brua Heads Debate Club vly re- re- lows: in the w, r is still April organization. 1 be a ' tself Ian- de- 1a " ' the in the pi o is of ROBERT ROYAL Business Manager CECIL BRAKE Veterans " Editor COMET STAFF featured ' 77 First row: Mary Jean Groscup, Jim Ballengee, Jo Alice Mcllhattan. Second row: Ruth Cooksey, James Dillinger, Helen Kessell. MJUMJL 78 WLiWL First row: Louie Miller, Fayelda Brua, Roy Bradley. Second row: Elsie Casto, Jo Ellen Coon, Betty Hallanan. ' features ' 80 81 Maid of Honor, NANCY CONNELL First row: Jo Alice Mcllhat tan, page, Betty Robson. Second row: Connie Smith, Anna Cross, Roena Vinson. ai ) 82 ATTENDANTS First row: Jo Anne Jack, Carolyn Major, Eleanor Johnson. Second row: Olive Hilleary, Betty Cunningham, Anna Mary Crewdson, Virginia Kessell. Third row: Jean Lucas, Bette Ireland, Mary Mandeville. 83 PEGGY WOODALL, BECKY BALDOCK, CAROLYN MAJOR. a eermy 84 Morris Harvey ' s basketball season ended February 28 at Athens as Concord de- feated the Golden Eagles in a close game 76 to 69. The season ' s record stands at six games won and seven lost. The scores of the games are as follows: W — 71 Wesleyan — 35 W — 64 Wesleyan — 44 L — 48 Marshall 68 W — 55 Concord 40 W — 61 W. Va. Tech 60 L — 69 Alderson-Broaddus 74 W — 66 W. Va. Tech 65 L — 45 Alderson-Broaddus 58 L — 54 Fairmont 72 W — 81 Salem 64 L — 41 Marshall 65 L — 65 Salem 70 L — 69 Concord 76 789 Totals 791 Average: MH 60.7, Opp. 60.8 Coach Propps. Standing : Giannakis, Fulknier, Davis, Sergent, Wickline, Lowder. Seated: Mullens, Jones, Williams, Beverly, Pierce. MULLENS WICKLINE 86 SERGENT BEVERLY » Top: " Stretch " Propps, Coach, and Verlon " Sparky " Adams. Bottom: Spring Football Group. 88 GOOD -DootUl- BOSSIE 89 Top: Higginbotham, Beverly, Good. Lower left: " Sparky " Adams, line coach. Lower right: Matz. zJootlalt 90 Top: David Beverly, George Gay. Bottom: Wallace, Gatskie, Parsons, Matz, Bourdous, Matthews and Williams. 91 155 J4c arueyan 92 jCeo(a oCindb er 9 95 96 MORRIS HARVEY SUPPORTERS The following public spirited citizens of Charleston join in wishing Morris Harvey College continued growth and prosperity in this 1946 edition of the Harveyan: D. Boone Dawson Roger S. Creel Lawrence Frankel Mark H. Schaul Ellison Connell Dr. L. E. Wray W. E. Connell, Jr. Brooks Tollman Harry Polan A Friend Dr. Preston Champe Dr. W. Paul Elkins S. S. Cutlip H. D. Everett Max Frankenberger A Friend B. F. Jackson W. C. Easley E. Franklin Pauley Ray Tincher Lloyd E. Cox John W. Brookman H. M. Mills A. W. Holz Dr. H. H. Vickers M. L. Donohoe M. M. Margolis M. L. Angel Dr. D. D. Camp A. W. Cox R. E. Platt L. I. Sclove V. B. Johnson Dr. H. G. Elmore E. N. Totten L. E. Miller Henderson L. Peebles W. B. Geary M. K. Hearne D. E. S. Kuhns Sam Haber R. R. Lipscomb R. D. Ketchum R. A. Crawford Elizabeth R. McDavid C. W. Thornburg The Business Manager of the Harveyan takes this opportunity to thank the advertisers who made this book a financial success. LOUIE MILLER, JR. “Patience and Fortitude ” This space sponsored For the Best in Photography by the following friends: See " Junior " Spence Paint Company Washington and Elizabeth Sts. HOMER D. BAXTER, JR. BOX 366, CLENDENIN, W. VA. • Fields Clothes 1 34 Summers St. Compliments • of Charleston Truck and Trailer Co. TUBBY and JOHNNY 85 West Washington St. THE ESQUIRE • Colonial Candy and Gift Shop 308 ELIZABETH STREET 1 01 1 Quarrier St. 98 “The State Newspaper ” LARGEST AND GREATEST IN WEST VIRGINIA Compliments of ATLAS CLEANERS " CASH and CARRY " 527 Washington Street Capitol 22-11 S Compliments of NATIONAL FURNITURE CO. “Home Beautifiers” 608-10 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST Capitol 34-345 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVES EVERYONE! We are proud to be serving more than one half a million people — farmers, laborers, storekeepers, doc- tors, school teachers, lawyers, business men and women — from the farms of Ohio and the hills of West Virginia to the large cities of Philadelphia and New York — in automobile, property fire, life, accident and health, and general liability insurance. May I tell you more about Parm Bureau and its part in the nation-wide Cooperative movement, and how you may benefit from it? W. T. RAMSEY Business Telephone 30-035 Residence 53-843 404 SECURITY BLDG. Representing Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co. Home Office — Columbus, Ohio 99 KANAWHA FURNITURE CO. 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We welcome you home and extend to you an invitation to visit our club rooms at Legion Hall, Fayette Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Phone 27-513 Charleston School of Commerce We invite those who are interested in secur- ing, in a brief period, a thorough course in business subjects. Elk-Kanawha Post No, 11 American Legion New Students Admitted Any Monday A. H. DANGERFIELD, President MORRISON BUILDING - - - PHONE 30-126 102 “See Johnny ” Compliments HE LOANS MONEY ON of Diamonds, Watches, etc. EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY SHOP THE SMOKE SHOP United Carbon Building 208 WASHINGTON ST., W. Capitol 33-131 Compliments MEET AND EAT of MUN DY ' S GRILL THE CIRCLE LIBRARY THE LATEST FICTION AND 1000 Virginia Street NON-FICTION Capitol 20-01 3 1011 QUARRIER ST. CHARLESTON, W. VA. DID ' JA ' NO • HANES UNDERWEAR • SILVER SHEEN HOSIERY That an Enjoyable • FRUIT OF THE LOOM SHIRTS Evening can always AMMAR HOSIERY SHOP be spent at the 196 SUMMERS ST. CAPITOL 37-291 Casa Loma Inc. • Compliments W. ELLIOTT ABB ITT, Pres. of McCORKLE AVE. at MISSION HOLLOW Mount Vernon Dairy Capitol 29-253 • 103 LUX MDM THEATRE Hollywood ' s Foremost Radio Ambassador Nine O’Clock Monday Night WCHS 580 on your Dial CBS Network Compliments 323 Professional Building Phone 27-713 of COFFMAN OPTICAL CO. COOK DRUG CO. DR. ROY BIRD COOK DISPENSING OPTICIANS 923 QUARRIER STREET AGENCY WESTERN ELECTRIC AUDIPHONE Compliments Compliments of of • CUSTER THEATER • STATE THEATER REEVES FOOD MART • DUNBAR THEATER 919 Quarrier Street 104 WEBSTER-RAULAND Let us help you " Save That Car” CHILDRESS b WOLFE ESSO STATION FAYETTE AND PENNSYLVANIA AVE. Capitol 29-450 Amplicall WILL SOLVE YOUR Inter-Office Communication Problems WITHOUT OBLIGATION we will conduct a survey of your INTER-OFFICE COMMUNICATION needs and make recom- mendations that are engineered to your specific requirements. SIGMON RADIO SUPPLY 708-710 BIGLEY AVENUE TELEPHONE 35-105 Students prefer Telling’s Sealtest Ice Cream Merrill Photo Supply Company Eastman Dealer Ansco Dealer THE SUGAR BOWL EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 1601 WASHINGTON ST. Capitol 20-825 Capitol 23-935 708 LEE STREET — Opposite Virginian Theatre Congratulations to the 1946 GOLDEN EAGLES Front Row Mullens Jones Williams Beverly Pierce r - v { 5j|j ' HHl mL l ® I jyjg , j • i JUi Back Row Giannakis Faulknier Davis Sergent Wickline • Lowder, Manager THE DELMONT CAFE 222 West Washington Street John and Ferg Giannakis 105 THE McJUNKIN SUPPLY COMPANY ▼ OIL AND GAS WELL SUPPLIES and INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT ▼ CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA HAMLIN, WEST VIRGINIA ALLEN, KENTUCKY Compliments of New Sherman Restaurant • Home of Good Food Compliments Specializing in Steaks, Chops and Spaghetti of Owned and Operated by Phil and Frank Col lia 1602 EAST WASHINGTON Telephone 29-329 MEANOR Compliments GREIFE of and Pugh Furniture Company DALEY 1322 WILSON STREET • 106 MIGHTY MIIMHLHS UF CIVIL1ZATIUN The average person seldom thinks of the vital relationship between our School System and a Gas Company. ... In reality, natural gas is one of Education ' s staunchest pillars, especially in West Virginia. ... Of the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent annually by Gas Companies for improvements, expansion, taxes, rentals, pay roll, etc., a major portion goes toward education of the youth of the state. . . . And, so the Schools and the Men in the Gas Fields both are contributing generously to the progress of the State. . . . Both are Mighty Monarchs of Civilization. NATURAL GAS . . . THE WONDER FLAME THAT WILL BRIGHTEN YOUR FUTURE - UNITED FUEL GAS CO. Charleston Milling Co Makers of Charmco 44 Flour Charm-bis-co Biscuit Flour Capitol 25-141 Morris and Baines Street THE BANK OF MILTON MILTON, WEST VIRGINIA Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION $5,000.00 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor Dependable - — Efficient “The Bank of Personal Service " 107 GOOD LUCK TO THE NEW MORRIS HARVEY and A STANDING INVITATION TO ALL STUDENTS AND ALUMNI FOR ALL " Y " ACTIVITIES. Y. W. C. A. Compliments of The " HIM " Store Harmon, Isaac b Martin 914 QUARRIER STREET THE DANIEL BOONE ROGER S. CREEL, Managing Director T iiirrnrrii CHARLESTON S NEWEST AND MOST MODERN HOTEL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 CHARLESTON TRANSIT CO. Safe, Dependable, and Economic Transportation Fisher ' s Junior-Deb Apparel BE SMART LOOK SMART! Fashions, for every occasion, and any season — await you in the Junior Deb Dept. Styles as featured in leading fashion magazines — for Junior Miss sizes 7 to 1 7 and Teen Girl sizes 1 0 to 16 The Baby Shop d Flooi DEPT. 907 Quarrier Street Phone 25-723 Bowl For Health THE RECREATION CLUB ROBERT APGAR, Mgr. 209 HALE STREET CAPITOL 29-687 108 Qette i cMameA, jp , feetten, Jluiincj, The next few years will almost certainly bring about sensational advances in our way of living — more speed, more leisure, more comfort, more convenience. And because we believe that many of these advances will be directly concerned with the busi- ness of home-making, we at Woodrums ' will be doubly alert, in the months ahead, to keep up with the new ideas in home equipment. To know what ' s new and good, keep in touch with Woodrums ' . 109 Compliments of Crystal Laundry Company Producers of Fine Laundry IDEAL FURNITURE CO. ON THE BOULEVARD AT SUMMERS Compliments of MEET ME AFTER THE GAME Murad Brothers Confectionery (Formerly Jacob ' s Ice Cream) at PENDELL ' S 20-851 WASHINGTON AND ELIZABETH STS. FINEST SODA FOUNTAIN ON THE WEST SIDE Compliments of FREELAND FURNITURE Capitol 21-221 306 Washington St., West GEORGE WASHINGTON LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1014 Kanawha Boulevard Charleston, W. Va. Compliments of James and Charles Naseef Grocery 1598 Washington St., East PFAFF and SMITH BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. PRODUCERS AND SHIPPERS Sand and Gravel Ready-Mixed Concrete Cement - Sewer Pipe - Lime Building Tile - Plaster Metal Lathe Phone 25-177 Spring and Bullitt Streets ELK GROCERY COMPANY 908 Bullitt Street DISTRIBUTORS FOR Stokeley ' s Finest Canned Goods Libby ' s Famous Foods MOTOR CAR SUPPLY CO. CHARLESTON HUNTINGTON BECKLEY LOGAN PARKERSBURG 1203 Virginia Street, East DIAL 24-137 Compliments of SCOTT DRUGS THE KANAWHA DRUG C Compliments of CENTRAL GLASS CO. GLASS and MIRRORS VIRGINIA AND DUNBAR STREETS Phone 35-669 • 925 Virginia Street Phone 35-507 MacFADDEN AWNINGS - TENTS - TARPAULI IGNITION COMPANY PLAY GROUND EQUIPMENT ★ T. E. PERRY b SONS, Inc Complete Automotive Service “Just a Shade Better ” STARTING — LIGHTING — IGNITION ...VISIT... CARBURETOR ★ W. H. Belsches Pharmacy For Unequaled Prescription Service 106-108 Broad Street Charleston, W. Va. 206 Washington Street, West Phone 24-252 Morris Harvey Chemistry Laboratory uses LABORATORY SUPPLIES and CHEMICALS from B. PREISER COMPANY, INC. 416 WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. WEST VIRGINIA TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY Phone 25-184 Students of MORRIS HARVEY will always find a Cordial Welcome at our Stores . . . Where both the atmosphere and the products are De- lightfully Dif- ferent. The Aristocrat of Dairy Products 113 ODORLESSO LLESS NV WAV DRY CLEANING WINTER FLORAL CO. “ Always at Your Service ” 707 Lee Street - Charleston, W. Va. Phone 21-187 ESTABLISHED 1903 Fone 23-1 IB Fone Charleston, W. Va. Smart Spring Apparel Is Arriving Daily KAUFMAN BROTHERS 122 CAPITOL STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. BLOSSOM DAIRY HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN ' D ' MILK “Cream in Every Drop From Bottom to Top ” At Your Grocer or Dial 24-131 114 115 Money deposited in savings banks and invested in insuranc e is put to work. Some of it almost certainly will be invested in electric utility securities. Banks prefer these securities because sound business management has made them a dependable investment — as dependable as electric service itself. Practically every American has a stake in the electric industry, — millions as direct stockholders, other millions as savings bank de- positors and life insurance owners. This is the American economic system. It’s called capitalism. It’s a good system. It’s helped to make America great. And it will continue to open doors of opportunity for all, — young and old. APPALACHIAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY MODERN PLANOGRAPH and LITHOGRAPH METHODS BY MATHEWS provides an economical means for the reproduction of anything written, printed or drawn, in quantities from one to a million. Telephones 24-197 - 24-198 MATHEWS Printing and Lithographing Company 600-602 Capitol Street Charleston 1, W. Va. LATEST SPORTS RETURNS Excellent Food Short Orders and Quick Lunches STRAND BILLIARD PARLOR 207 HALE STREET PAINT For Every Purpose RADFORD PAINT CO. 114 WASHINGTON STREET, W. Capitol 28-159 SPECIALIZING IN HOME COOKING THE GREEN PIG RESTAURANT BOOKS of all publishers — fiction, history, tech- nical, dictionaries and other reference books. STATIONERY — notebooks and fillers, blotter pads, social stationery, pens, pencils, desk sets, other students ' supplies. ARTISTS ' MATERIALS and equipment, drafting and engineering supplies. PHOTO SUPPLIES, developing and printing. SPORTING GOODS GIFTS, pictures, greeting cards, games. 118 Capitol Street A 1 ( Old f. o.) t I Y D C Telephone 26-186 If I W W I W 3 ———i ——the s. Spencer Moore Co. CHARLESTON DRUG CO. CHAS. P. COOKE, Owner W. Washington Street at Indiana Avenue Phone 34-123 CHARLESTON, W. VA. HOME FURNISHINGS AND APPLIANCES BOLL ' S Washington Street and Tennessee Avenue Capitol 30-755 117 Compliments Compliments of of Laird Office Equipment Co. Charleston Cut Flower Co. ATLAS BUILDING QUARRIER STREET Telephone 23-1 85 THE BEST IN PIANOS DISTRIBUTORS FOR MASON AND HAMLIN HARDMAN AND PECK CONOVER - CABLE A. B. DICK COMPANY Mimeograph Duplicating WITHROW MUSIC CO. Products and Supplies 713 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST YEAR ' ROUND Compliments of LISTENING PLEASURE Salamie Department Store it ' s your WG K V NBC Para de of Stars MUSIC - COMEDY - DRAMA SHOPPING CENTER of SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. VA. NEWS - FEATURES The Young Men ' s Christian Association at your fingertips 19 hours daily of Charleston, West Virginia WGKV Charleston’s Quality Station Congratulates the Graduating Class of MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE It offers its Physical Education facilities by special arrangement with the college execu- tives, to all male students. 1490 on your Dial Robert C. Boothe, General Secretary 118 ROBERT E. ESCHAN Compliments JEWELRY and SILVERWARE of Phone 26-761 MAIN FLOOR, L. M. McCOWN COYLE AND RICHARDSON and Compliments of SONS NATIONAL TOWEL AND SUPPLY CO. H. L. COTTON DISPENSING OPTICIAN Compliments of OCULISTS ' PRESCRIPTIONS GRAYSON FILLED JEWELER • 1027 QUARRIER STREET Compliments of GROUND FLOOR GALPERIN MUSIC CO. OPPOSITE WORTHY HOTEL 1 7 Capitol Street • Compliments of Compliments of ' FRANKLIN CAFE 812 Kanawha Blvd. OLDER’S A Free Sitting for all returning Servicemen BELL STUDIOS KANAWHA HOTEL BUILDING Telephone 21-735 • Across the Street It s a Good Habit Drive In... SAVE! Compliments of CHARLES W. BOWERS GENERAL AGENT EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Suite 620, Kanawha Valley Bank Building Telephone 24-440 SUPERIOR Laundry Dry Cleaning Co. Modern to the Minute ON THE BOULEVARD AT TRUSLOW STREET KELLY MEN ' S SHOP 1 1 1 WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLESTON, W. VA. Mallory Hats Freeman Shoes Curlee Clothing 120

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