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MAXIE MOORE EDITOR JACK ROGERS BUSINESS MANAGER q HARVEYAN 1931 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE DEDICATION 0-3 (TjlpO him who has made a lasting _lli_ contribution to our college and her student body, through his faith- ful and inspiring work in the class- room, and his interest and activity in the social, religious, fraternal, and athletic phases of campus life; who by his sterling Christian manhood and his loyalty to the ideals of our Alma Mater has challenged us to be true Morris Harveyans, this book is most affectionately dedicated. ASHBY C. BLACKWELL BLACKWELL’S BELIEFS C+3 " The noblest mind the best contentment has.” " Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy. ” FOREWORD I N this book which we now present for your approval, will be found a portrayal of life in Morris Harvey College during the past year. If, in later years, you shall find it a means of reviving your interest and living over those school days which are so full of dear memorjes, we, the staff of 1931, shall have achieved our aim. CONTENTS BOOK I COLLEGE BOOK II CLASSES BOOK III ORGANIZATIONS BOOK IV FEATURES BOOK V ATHLETICS HARVEYAN 1931 HARVEYAN STAFF C sf MAX IE MOORE Editor JACK ROGERS B usi ness Manager GEORGIA FLORY Assistant Editor RALPH SWANN Advertising Manager EVERETT WHITE At detie Editor HERBERT BROOKS Organization Editor SARAH F. PENNYBACKER Class Editor VELVA SCHOCKLEY Assistant Business Manager DIXIE HATFIELD Assistant Advertising Manager CALDWELL DUDLEY Band tv Advisor BOOK I College DAVID KIRBY President of the College A.B., Morris Harvey College; A.M., West Virginia University; Graduate Student Emory University, University of Pennsylvania, State University of Iowa and University of Cincinnati. Page 9 ( LEON AR D RIGGLEMAN Vice-President of the College and Head of the Department of Bible and Religious Education A.B.. Morris Harvey College; A.M., South- ern Methodist University; Graduate Student Northwestern University and Michigan State College. ROBERT L. LASLEY Dean of the College and Head of the Department of English A.B., A.M., University of North Carolina; Graduate Student University of Wisconsin. ODA K. PETERSON Dean of Women and Head of the Depart- ment of Elementary Education A.B.. Fairmont State Normal; A.M., Uni- versity of Cincinnati. ASHBY C. BLACKWELL Head of the Department of Chemistry A.B., A.M., Randolph- Macon College; Graduate Student Princeton University and University of Chicago. f I ♦ 1 Head of the Department of History ami Political Science A.B., West Virginia University; A.M., Uni versity of Chicago; Graduate Student Uni versity of Chicago and Columbia University A.B., Washburn College; A.M., Marietta College; Graduate Student Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., University of Kansas. ALPHA L. OWENS Head of the Department of Modern Languages C. J. HARRIS Head of the Department of Biology A.B., A.M., University of Kansas; Graduate Student University of Chicago, Middlebury Spanish College, University of Porto Rico and The Sorbonne, Paris ; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. A.B., A.M., M.S., Bucknell University; Graduate Student Harvard University, Cor- nell University. University of Michigan, re- search work at Woods Hole, Mass. Page 11 Page 12 HARVEYAN 193 FLORENCE H( ) VARD IRGINIA WILLIAMS Instructor in English Instructor in Religious Education and Education A.B., Randolph -Macon Women’s College A.M., Vanderbilt University. ( General Assembly Training School for Lay Workers; Union Seminary; Ohio Univer- sity; A.B., Morris Harvey College. XI LAN LILLIAN CHRISLIP Instructor in Piano GENEVIEVE GARRET I Professor of Music Diploma in Piano and Voice, B. M., Hollins College; Student, Alfred Y. Cornell. A.B., Broaddus College; B.M., New Eng- land Conservatory of Music; Graduate Student Mason School of Music. HARVEYAN FLORENCE S PIKER Librarian CALDWELL DUDLEY Instructor in Journalism and Director of Publicity A.B., College of Emporia; Certificate Chau- tauqua School for Librarians ; Graduate Student in Library Science, Columbia Uni- Student Berea College; A.B.. Morris Har- vey College. versity. HARVEYAN L. A. BENFORD Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds FRANK DICKINSON Chef L. J. MITCHELL Bursar MRS. DESSA L. ALTIZER Secretary to the President BOOK II Classes HARVEYAN 1931 Florence Howard Glass Motto: “ Look to the end , Laugh , Labor and Love. Colors: Rose and Silver Flower: Yellow lea Rose Herbert Brooks - Max ie Moore - Bettie A. Vallandingham Steve Zflazo _ President - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer Miss Florence Howard faculty Advisor Candidates for Degrees HERBERT BROOKS A.B. RUBY ELKINS A. B. ROBERT FLEGER B. S. MILAN HOWARD A. B. WILMER LEWIS B. S. MAX IE MOORE A.B. SARAH F. PENNYBACKER A.B. ROY POLLOCK A.B. TED ROBINETTE A. B. VELVA SCHOCKLEY B. S. BETTIE A. VALLANDINGHAM A. B. EVERETT WHITE B. S. T. RALPH WILLIAMS A. B. STEVE ZELAZO B. S. AM IE VARNER Candidate for Certificate in Piano HARVEYAN 1931 S DANIEL HERBERT BROOKS Fayetteville, W. Va. ZETA KAPPA, SIGMA UPSILON West Virginia University ' 27 - 29 ; Football 2, 3 ; Class President 4 ; Zeta Kappa President 4; Historian Sigma Upsilon 4; Polyglot Club 4; Harvevan Staff, Organization Editor 4 ; Basket- ball 3 ; Baseball 2, 3, 4 ; Morris Harvey Singers 4. RUBY ELKINS Man, W. Va. PHI LAMBDA TAU Debating Club 1, 2; Polyglot Club 3; Morris Harvey Singers 2, 3, 4 ; Y. W. C. A. 1 , 2 ; Probation Officer, Phi Lambda Tail 4 ; Representative to Rosa Harvey House Council 4. HARVEYAN MILAN DAVID HOWARD Charleston, W. Va. SIGMA UPSILON Football 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club; Student Council 4. ROBERT ARTHUR FLEGER Seth, W. Va. CIII BETA PHI; ZETA KAPPA SIGMA UPSILON Class Secretary 3; Secretary-Trea- surer Student Body 4 ; President ar sity Club 4; Captain Football 4: Sec- retary-Treasurer Chi Beta Phi 4: Var sity Football 2, 3, 4; Casts Z. K. Min strels 2, 3, 4 ; Polyglot Club 3. MAXIE JORDAN MOORE Pjkeville, Ky. ALPHA MU WILMER LEWIS Madison, W. Va. CHI BETA PHI Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball (Bozos) 1 ; Basketball, Varsity 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 ; Bus Driver 3, 4 ; Polyglot Club 3 ; Student Council 4 ; Student Assistant in Chemistry 4 ; Chi Beta Phi 4. Pikeville College ’28-’29 ; President Rural Life Club 3; President Y. W. C. A. 3; Secretary Polyglot Club 3; Morris Harvey Singers 3, 4; C ircula- tion Manager of the Harveyan 3; Casts of Alpha Mu Play, Zeta Kappa Minstrel, Sigma Upsilon Play, Senior Play 3; President Rosa Harvey House Council 4; Vice-President Class 4; Vice-President Alpha Mu Sorority 4; Editor of the Harveyan 4 ; Cast Alpha Mu Play 4; Cast Class Play 4; Y. W. C. A. 4. SARAH F. PENN Y B ACKE ' R South Charleston, W. Va. alpha MU Class Vice-President 2 ; Treasurer Alpha Mu 3, Secretary 4; Tennis Club 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Polyglot Club 3 ; Morris Harvey Singers 2, 3, 4 ; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Blackfriars Dramatic Club 3 ; Chapel Committee 4 ; Class Editor of the Harveyan 4 ; Student Assistant in French 4; Cast of Alpha Mu Plays 2, 3. ROY CALLAHAN POLLOCK Hinton, W. Va. phi SIGMA PHI Concord College ’ 28 - 29 ; Baseball 3, 4; Football 4; Class Basketball 3; Bas- ketball 4. Page 20 TED ROBINETTE Maben, W. Va. zeta kappa; sigma upsilon Class Vice-President 1 ; Student Coun- cil 2 ; Vice-President Student Body 3, President 4; Secretary Zeta Kappa 2, Treasurer 3; President Sigma Upsilon 3 ; Advertising Manager of the Comet 2, Circulation Manager 3 ; Advertising Manager the Harveyan 3 ; Morris Har- vey Singers 2, 3, 4 ; Polyglot Club 3 ; Tennis Club 1 ; Secretary Rural Life Club 3; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2; Black friars 3; Chapel Committee 4: Cast Sigma Upsilon Play 3; Zeta Kappa Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4. VELVA CELESTE SCHOCKLEY Hillsville, Va. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Concord State College ’28-’29 ; Basket- ball 3, 4; Tennis Club 3, 4; Polyglot Club 3, 4 ; Y. W. C. A. 3, 4 ; Secretary Phi Kappa Sigma 4; Black friars 3, 4; Assistant Advertising Manager the Harveyan 3, Assistant Business Man- ager 4; President German Division of Polyglot ( Hub 3. HARVEYAN 1931 BETTIE A. VALLANDINGHAM Barboursville, W. Va. ALPHA MU Vice-President Class 3 ; Class Secre- tary 4; President Alpha Mu 3, 1 reas- urer 4; Student Council 2; Polyglot Club 3; Morris Harvey Singers 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 2, 4; Cast Alpha Mu Plays 2, 3, 4; Sigma Upsilon Play 3; Zeta Kappa Minstrel 3. EVERETT MAYNARD WHITE McComas, W. Va. CHI BETA PHI; PHI SIGMA PHI| SIGMA UPSILON Carnegie Tech ’25-’27 ; President Chi Beta Phi 4; Delegate to Chi Beta Phi National Convention 4; Varsity Club; Basketball 3; Manager and Coach “B” team 4; Athletic Editor the Harveyan 4 ; Polyglot Club 4 ; President German Section of Polyglot 4; Cast of Alpha Mu Play 4. HARVEYAN 1931 T. RALPH WILLIAMS Maben, W. Va. zeta kappa; sigma upsilon Student Council 3 ; Morris Harvey Singers 3, 4; Vice-President Sigma Upsilon 4 ; Secretary Zeta Kappa 4 ; Life Service Group L 2, 3, 4; Comet Staff 3; Polyglot Club 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. STEVE ZELAZO Holden, W. Va. zeta kappa; chi beta phi Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; President Var- sity Club 3; Corresponding Secretary Chi Beta Phi 4 ; Class Treasurer 4 ; Polyglot Club 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Casts Zeta Kappa Minstrels 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Mu Play 4; Senior Plays 2, 3 ; Student Chemistry Assistant 4 ; Athletic Editor the Harvevan 3 ; Comet Staff 1. HARVEYAN 1931 _dC-! Glass of 1932 Motto : B 2 Colors: Crimson and White h lower: l ed I ose Miss Nelle Jimison - Elmo Kelley - Olive Riggleman - Dixie Hatfield - Carter Bundy Georgia Flory Louie Hoff Dixie Hatfield Elmo Kelley Faculty Advisor President I ' icc-P resident Secretary-Treasurer Mary Pond Mary Lee Mitchell ( )live Riggleman Ernest Snodgrass Henry Young Page 26 HARVEYAN 1931 TOl’ ROW Carter Bundy Georgia Flory Dixie Hatfield MIDDLE ROW ♦ Louie Hoff Elmo Kelley Mary Lee Mitchell bottom row ♦ Mary Pond Olive Riggleman Ernest Snodgrass Page 27 rf Jirnk 0 HARVEYAN 1931 Glass of 1933 Motto : Colors : Purple and White " Know Thyself F lower : Chrysanthemum Prof. F. P. Summers - Jack Rogers - Irene Faster Robert Thomas Faculty Advisor President - Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Lawson Adkins Robert Adkins Sue A mole Loren a Mae Andrews Paul Backus Clodene Bias Geneva Blake Jean Brash Margaret Brash George Byrnside Josephine Carson Eddie Chaffin Wilma Coiu rn Harry Coplin Taylor Cre means R. P. Crumpler, Jr. Irene Faster Florence Eggleston Oma Fox Joe Fry Hers hell Graham Ray Gray John Jackson Marjory Jennings Iva Gee Jordan James Lambert Cebert Lee Antje Locke Dorsey Martin Lena Mart in- Lillian McClellan Ernest McCoy Kyle Morrison Topsy O’Dell Peggy Pollock Tack Rogers John Rupe Louise See Thelma Sue Sleeth Emmett Walter Stanley Harley Stewart Ralph Swann Robert Thomas Argel Warner Carl Wood Anna Williams HARVEYAN Lawson Adkins, Sue A mole, Loren a Andrews, Paul Backus, Geneva Blake Jean Brash, Margaret Brash, George Byrnside Josephine Carson, Eddie Chaffin, Wilma Coburn, Harry Coplin R. P. Crum pler, Jr m Irene Easter, Florence Eggleston Oma Fox, Joe Fry, Hershell Graham, Ray Gray, John Jackson Page 31 LhlS - Marjory Jennings, Iya Gee Jordan, J. C. Lambert, Cebert Lee, Axtje Locke Lena Martin, Lillian McClellan Krnest McCoy, Topsy O’Dell, Margaret Pollock, Jack Rogers John Ri pe, Thelma Sue Sleeth, Emmett B. Spear Ralph Swann, Robert Thomas, Argel Warner, Anna Williams, Carl Wood HARVEYAN 193 H HARVEYAN 931 Class of 1934 Motto: “ To strive, to seek, to find, but not to yield ” Colors : Green and White Flower : White Rose Dr. R. S. Pond faculty Advisor Robert Pond - - President Robert Coplix - - V ice-President r:z::: v i ihiikv Geraldixe K i i»i Secretary Cary Chambers - • Treasurer Billie Asbury Josephine Lilly George Ball Doris Luster Cecil Bailey Kathryn Lynch Marlin Bias Quindora McCallister Ralph Bird Ray Martin Virginia Carroll Ruth Melton Cary Chambers Alice Menefee Robert Chenoweth Dorothy Miller Wax i ) a Clark Donald Overstreet Floyd Coxaxt Oda Pauley Virgil Coxaxt Robert Pond Robert Coplix Vivian Saxsom Oswald Cykers Lawrence Snyder Elmer Dickixson Earl Spencer Estle Cyrus Bernice Spexcf.r James Dufkield Alva Stewart Robert Eastox Okf.y Summers Jexxings Fast I obert Talley Raymond Forbes Goldie Vitez Elliott Gibson Geraldine Kidd William Wade Russell Kilgore Mona Wood Page 34 HARVEYAN Billie Asbiry, Cecil Bailey, George Ball, Ralph Bird Vircin ' ia Carroll, Floyd Conant, Robert Coplin Elmer Dickinson, James Duffield, Robert Easton, Jennings Fast Raymond Forbes, Elliott Girson, Geraldine Kidd Page 35 HARVEYAN 1931 Russell Kilgore, Josephine Lilly, Cecil Lindsay, Kathryn Lynch Dorothy Miller, Donald Overstreet, Oda Pauley Robert Pond, Lawrence Snyder, Bernice Spencer, Earl Spencer Okey Summers, Robert Talley, Goldie Vitez, Mona Wood Page 36 BOOK III Organizations HARVEYAN 93 U» 4 ■f.M ih Ih vJef " v Student Government Council Tkd Robinette -------- President of the Student Body Robert Fleger - ' Secretary- 1 reasurer Jackie Rogers ----------- Sergeant-at-Arm Milan Howard -------- - Senior Class Representative Wjlmer Lewis --------- Senior Class Representative Carter Bundy --------- Junior Class Representative Mary Pond - - - - - Junior Class Representative Ernest McCoy - -- -- -- - Sophomore Class Representative Sue A mole - -- -- -- - - Sophomore Class Representative Cecil Bailey --------- Freshman Class Representative Robert Talley -------- Freshman Class Representative Pac.e 37 HARVEYAN GEORGIA FLORY Assistant Editor MAX IK MOORE Editor CALDWELL DUDLEY Faculty Advisor D. H. BROOKS Organization Editor DIXIE HATFIELD Assistant Advertising Manager SARAH F. P EN X YBACKER Class Editor VELVA SCHOCKLEY Assistant Business Manager JACK ROGERS Business Manager EVERETT WHITE Athletic Editor RALPH SWANN Advertising Manager Page 38 Irene Eastkk, Campus Editor ; Cecil Bailey, Sports Editor ; Jean Brash, Reporter ; Carter Bundy, Circulation Manager ; Oma Fox, Assistant Business Manager. Elmo Kelley, Business Manager: Kathryn Lynch, Associate Editor: Dorothy Miller, Reporter: Mary Lee Mitchell, Assistant Business Manager. Topsy O’Dell, Society Editor: Ted Robinette, Assistant Circulation Manager ; Jack Rogers, Feature Editor Thelma Sue Sleeth, Xetcs Editor: Ernest Snodgrass, Editor: Ralph Swann, Assistant Business Manager: Mona Wood, Reporter. Page 39 HARVEYAN 1931 l 9 Alpha Mu Sorority Mary Pond ------- Maxie Moore ------ Sarah Frances Pennybacker Bettie Allen V allandingham Georgia Flory - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman Georgia Flory Lena Martin Maxie Moore Topsy O’Dell Mrs. Genevieve Garrett X lan, Sponsor ACTIVE MEMBERS IN COLLEGE Sarah Frances Pennybacker Margaret Fast Pollock Mary Pond Louise Swann Bettie Allen Vallandingham Mary Bin ford Pauline Caton Xelle Jim ison ALUMNAE IN UR BE Venn ie C. Kirby Mary Fisher Stout Alice Thompson Smith Truby Vance Page 40 HARVEYAN 931 a UA. MIIIIII.K K ‘ BOTTOM ROW TOP ROW Mary Pond Louise Swann Bettie A. Vallandingham Georgia Flory Lena Martin Maxie Moore Topsy O Dell Sarah F. Pennybacker Margaret Fast Pollock Page 41 HARVEYAN 931 rf Phi Lambda Tau Sorority Irene Easter ------------- - Presidenl Dixie Hatfield - Vice-President Thelma Sue Sleeth --------- Secretary Oma Fox - - - - - Treasurer Ruby Elkins Probation Officer Miss Florence Howard, Sponsor Mrs. Charles Morris, Patroness Jean Brash, ’33 Margaret Brash, ’33 Mary Jo Carson, ’33 Irene Easter, ’33 Ruby Elkins, ’31 Oma Fox, ’33 Dixie Hatfield, ’32 Marjory Jennings, ’33 Mary Lee Mitchell, ’32 Olive Riggleman, ’32 Thelma Sue Sleeth, ’33 Anna Williams, ’33 Mona Wood, ’34 Jean Brash, Margaret Brash, Mary Jo Carson Irene Easter, Ruby Elkins, Oma Fox, Dixie Hatfield Florence Howard, Marjory Jennings, Mary Lee Mitchell, Olive Riggleman Thelma Sue Sleeth, Anna Williams, Mona Wood HARVEYAN 1931 11 1 11 1 11 ii 1 irnw ■cMiL Phi Kappa Sigma Sorority Fay Bryan - - President Amie Varner - Vice-President Iva Gee Jordan --------- Secretary Velva Schockley - .... . Treasurer Mrs. F. P. Summers ------ Sponsor MEMBERS Kitty Andrews Iva Gee Jordan Sue Amole Goldie Vitez Billie Bryan Louise See Mabel Varner Velva Schockley Fay Bryan Amie Varner Wilma Coburn HARVEYAN 1931 Rosa Harvey Student Government Student Government was organized in the women’s dormitory for the first time this year. The organization has a Constitution, By-Law, and Rules like the other organizations on the campus and has proven quite successful. The group has sponsored parties for the women students, for the school, and a special recreational program for the women who live in the hall. It is hoped that this organization may last and grow better by experience. Maxje Moore ------ House President Georgia Flory ------------ Vice-President Thelma Sue Sleeth - - Secretary Ruby Elkins - Senior Representative Marjory Jennings - -- -- -- - Sophomore Representative Bernice Spencer - -- -- -- - Freshman Representative Miss Oda K. Peterson -------- Dean of W omen tttfc Founded at Morris Harvey College, March 14, 1923 Daniel H. Brooks - -- -- -- -- -- - President Everett A. Mason - -- -- -- -- Vice-President T. Ralph Williams - Secretary Henry Carter Bundy - Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frank Arritt, ’30 A. C. Blackwell Robert S. Pond, Sr. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Lawson Adkins, ' 33 Cecil Bailey, ’34 George Ball, ’34 Marlin Bias, ’34 Bert Brooks, ’31 Carter Bundy, ’32 Floyd Con ant, ’34 Harry Coplin, ’33 Robert Coplin, ’34 Robert Fleger, ’31 Raymond Forbes, ’34 John Jackson. ’33 Elmo Kelley, ’32 Russell Kilgore, ’34 Ray Martin, ’34 Everett Mason, ’31 Robert Pond, ’34 Ted Robinette. ’31 Jack Rogers, ’33 Earl Spencer, ’34 Ernest Snodgrass, ’32 Ralph Swann, ’33 Robert Talley, ’34 Robert Thomas, ’33 Steve Zelazo, T. R. Williams, ’31 Henry Young, ’32 ’31 FRATRES IN URBE C. N. Fannin, ’24 John T. Fife, ’24 Laurel F. May J. Doyle Yoak, ’27 Raymond Walker W. V. Christian, ’24 Frank Hager, ’27 Mur ice Beckett Page 48 HARVEYAN To Row: — Adkins, Arritt, Bailey, Ball, Bias, Blackwell Second Rozv: — Brooks, Bundy, Conant, Harry Coplin, Robert Coplin, Fleger Third Row: — Forbes, Gibson, Jackson, Kelley, Kilgore Fourth Row: — Mason, R. S. Pond, Robert Pond, Jr., Robinette, Rogers, Snodgrass Bottom Rozv: — Spencer, Swann, Talley, Thomas, Williams, Zelazo Page 49 HARVEYAN 1931 Harveyan Chapter of Sigma Upsilon NATIONAL LITERARY FRATERNITY National Order Founded 1906 Harveyan Chapter Installed May 31, 1929 Elmo Kelley - President T. Ralph Williams Vice-President Henry Carter Bundy - Secretary Ernest Snodgrass - Treasurer D. H. Brooks - Historian FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. C. Blackwell F. P. Summers Caldwell Dudley, ’30 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Daniel H. Brooks, ’31 Ted Robinette, ’31 Carter Bundy. ’32 Jack Rogers, ’33 Robert Fleger, ’31 Ernest Snodgrass, ’32 Hershell Graham, ’33 Thomas Stout. ' 32 Milan Howard. ’31 Ralph Swann, ’33 Elmo Kelley, ’32 Robert Thomas, ’33 T. Ralph Williams, ’31 Everett White, ’31 FRATRES IN URBE Kester Epling. ’28 John T. Fife, ’24 C. N. Fannin, ’24 J. Doyle Yoak, ’27 Page 50 A. C. Blackwell, D. H. Brooks, Carter Bundy, Caldwell Dudley Robert Fleger, Milan Howard Hers hell Graham, Elmo Kelley, Ted Robinette, Jack Rogers Ernest Snodgrass, Thomas Stout, F. P. Summers Ralph Swann, Robert Thomas, Everett White, T. Ralph Williams Epsilon Chapter of Chi Beta Phi NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC FRATERNITY National Order Founded 1916 Epsilon Chapter Established May 19, 1923 Everett M. White - - - President Wilmer Lewis Vice-President H. Carter Bundy Recording Secretary Steve Zelazo Corresponding Secretary Robert A. Flbger Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frank L. Arritt, ’30 C. J. Harris A. C. Blackwell L. J. Mitchell R. S. Pond. Sr. FRATRES IN URBE Raymond H. Curry Laurel F. May John T. Fife, ’24 Edward G. Smith Frank E. Hager, ’27 Dana C. Wysong Herbert C. Lantz J. Doyle Yoak, ’27 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO H. Carter Bundy Ralph C. Swan Harry W. Coplin Robert R. Thomas R. P. Crumpler, Jr. Argel J. Warner Robert A. Flf.ger Everett M. White Wilmer Lewis Steve Zelazo !!•■!!!!!! Page 52 HARVEYAN Frank Arritt, A. C. Blackwell, Carter Bundy, Harry Coplin R. P. Crumpler, Jr., Robert Fleger, C. J. Harris Wilmer Lewis, L. J. Mitchell, R. S. Pond, Ralph Swank Robert Thomas, Argel Warner, Everett White. Steve Zelazo siiimiiiiii! HARVEYAN 1931 jar i as BETA CHAPTER OF Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity National Order Founded at Concord College, October 14, 1 927 Beta Chapt er Founded 1929 Ernest McCoy. ’33 - President John Rupe, ’33 Vice-President Louie Hoff, ’32-------- Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Adkins, ’33 Ernest McCoy, ’33 Paul Backus, ’33 Kyle Morrison, ’33 Edward Chaffin, ’33 Donald Overstreet, 34 Taylor Cremeans, ’33 Hobart Patton, ’33 Me R. P. Crumpler, ’33 Roy Pollock, ’31 James Duffield, ’34 John Rupe, ’33 Robert Easton. ’34 Lawrence Snyder. ’34 Jennings Fast, ’34 Walter Stanley. ’33 Ray Gray. ’33 Argel Warner. ’33 Louie Hoff, ’32 Everett White, ’31 Cecil Lindsay, ’33 Carl Wood, ’33 Frank Dickinson, Honorary Member HARVEYAN - jbi-rt P ' Ltiorf s, Eddie Chaffin, Taylor Cremeans, R. P. ' S« ' Robert Adkins, Paul Backus, Eddie Chaffin, Taylor Cremeans, R. Frank Dickinson, Robert Easton, Jennings Fast Ray Gray, Louie Hoff, Cecil Lindsay, Ern est McCoy ' Donald Overstreet, Roy Pollock, John Rupe Lawrence Snyder, Walter Stanley, Argel Warner, Everett White, Carl Wood HARVEYAN 1931 Page 56 Y. W. G. A. CABINET Mary Lee Mitchell President Georgia Flory - -- -- -- -- -- -- Vice-President Topsy O’Dell _____ Secrctary-Tri ' asurer Miss Florence Howard Sponsor M EMBERS Sue A mole Marjory Jennings Loren a Andrews Iva Gee Jordan Billie Asbury Kathryn Lynch Geneva Blake Lena Martin Jean Brash Lillian McClellan Margaret Brash Dorothy Miller Jo Carson Mary Lee Mitchell Wilma Coburn Max ie Moore Irene Faster Topsy O’Dell Ruby Elkins Alpha L. Owens Georgia Flory Bernice Spencer Oma Fox Vivian Sansom Dixie Hatfield Mona Wood HARVEYAN Polyglot Club faculty Sponsor - President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer FRENCH GROUP Sue A mole Loren a A n dre w s Geneva Blake Margaret Brash Jean Brash Elmer Dickinson Irene Easter Georgia Flory Oma Fox Iva Gee Jordan Elmo Kelley Geraldine Kidd Antje Locke Dorothy Miller Mary Lee Mitchell Donald Overstreet Sarah F. Pennybackkr Mary Pond Bernice Spencer Okey Summers Bettie A. Vallandingii am SPANISH GROUP James Lambert Max ie Moore Mary Pond T. R. Williams GERMAN GROUP Topsy O’Dell Robert Pond, Jr. Jack Rogers John Rupe Velva Sc.hockley Thelma Sue Sleeth Walter Stanley Ralph Swann Argel Warner Everett White Carl Wood Steve Zelazo Paul Backus Herbert Brooks Josephine Carson R. P. Crumpler, Jr Joseph Fry Hers hell Graham Ray Gray John Jackson Wilmer Lewis Everett Mason Ernest McCoy Kyle Morrison 7iianikV The Blackfriar Players Irene Easter - President Margaret Pollock - Vice-President Sue A mole - Secretary-Treasurer SPONSORS Mrs. Columbia Stowasser Miller, J. Doyle Yoak Billie Asbury Cecil Lindsay Paul Backus Josephine Lilly Geneva Blake Antje Locke Cecil Bailey Kyle Morrison Margaret Brash Dorothy Miller Jean Brash Ernest McCoy Jo Carson Donald Overstreet Virginia Carroll Oda Pauley Virgil Con ant Roy Pollock Floyd Con ant John Rupe Robert Coplin Thelma Sue Sleeth R. P. Crumpler Jr. Ralph Swann Elmer Dickinson Bernice Spencer James Duffield Vivian Sansom Ruby Elkins Lawrence Snyder Robert Easton Robert Thomas Oma Fox Argel Warner Elliott Gibson Anna Williams Marjory Jennings Mona Wood Kathryn Lynch Carl Wood HARVEYAN 1931 Page 58 Morris Harvey Singers The Morris Harvey Singers presented an interesting program before the Christ- mas Holidays and another during Commencement Week. In addition, the Singers presented sacred concerts in Charleston, Hurricane, Milton, Hamlin, and Huntington. Genevieve Garrett Nilan Lillian Chrislip Director Accompanist Sue A mole Mary Lee Mitchell Geneva Blake M ax ie Moore Herbert Brooks Sarah Frances Pknnybacker Josephine Carson M ARGARET PoLLOC K Cary Chambers Dr. Robert Pond R. P. Crumpler, Jr. Mary Pond Oswald Cyfers Mrs. Leonard Riggleman Ruby Elkins Ted Robinette Jennings Fast John Rude Georgia Flory Bernice Spencer Ray Gray Tom Stout Dixie Hatfield Bettie Allen Vallandingham Louie Hoff Am ie Varner John Jackson T. R. Williams Mrs. David Kirby Mona Wood Page 59 BOOK IV Creatures I IVAGEE JORDAN Most Beautiful Girl CARTER BUNDY Most Handsome Atari Page 61 HARVEYAN MAXiE MOORE Representative College Woman BERT BROOKS Representative College Man HARVEYAN IRENE EASTER. Jlosi Intellectual Girl JACKIE ROGERS Most Intellectual Man Page 63 BOOK V J HARVEYAN Oak Hill may call him Frank or Mr. Arritt, but to his myriad of friends at Morris Harvey he still remains “Sco- pey.” This is his first year in big time coaching, but if one will notice the Mar- shall score it proves it will not be his last. “Scopey” is a born leader and his ability to inspire the boys to almost super-human efforts speaks well of his qualifications as a coach. “Medicine Man” proved a valuable as- set to the Golden Eagle athletic teams as assistant coach and manager. He held the love and respect of all the boys, who caught his inspiration and sought to live up to his ideals. He was un- usual lv successful in his work with the “B” basketball squad. With his gradu- ation, Morris Harvey loses an outstand- ing student but gains a loyal alumnus. Coach ARRITT FRANK L. EVERETT M. WHITE Assistant Coach i CJUV. Gold, ere Eagles Kautck C AKl K oford k f 4 3h-fet- [ M ± VWe Ao V n - Vi ±eeS i i pi a v A W m w m 3E=fe )-f|J. f|j JUJ " J i p J’lJ.r tW V AW W »V- e» sVy VJc, V i»e iv Aw . . , WAV V evr AW cc ox Yei WvA. 3. UJ u u u « r i m • =±=— f f- rl J. JU 1 Ji I hfJJfe noli £ 1 SVonA %j 1 svvv etV-ott Nit cVccx out v« t V oxs V.M.. N ov U Mi ■. T 1 i pp i Pi P i Pi P i§ ii ft m mm HARVEYAN Season Record Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Morris Harvey Rio Grande Grove City Marshall - Fairmont - Concord Bluefield Morehead - New River State Glenville - R. P. Crumpler, Jr. Sue A mole Cheer Leaders Page 69 !!!!!■!!!■•! ROBERT " DOC FLEGER, Captain G uard “Doc” has played football for Morris Harvey for three years. We shall miss him next year, hut vve shall not forget him. “Doc’s” shoes will be hard to fill, but we wish him success as he rocs out into the world. Our loss will be a great gain for some school as “Doc” plans to coach. LAWRENCE “SNAG” SNYDER End “Snag” fooled Marshall this year by being on the receiving end of one of their passes and carrying it to the ten-yard line before being forced out of bounds. He has been playing wonderful football all season and will play again next year . “Snag " was captain of that famous Oak Hill “Red Devil” team of 1929. PAUL BACKUS Back Paul is a little mighty man. He was always the first man to lx substituted in- to the backfield, and although exception- ally light always proved a tower of strength. He is a deadly tackier and likes to hit big men, believing that the bigger they are the harder they fall. There will be a vacant place in next year’s backfield and Paul seems the logical occupant. ERNEST “MAC” McCOY Guard His worth cannot be measured. He held up the opposing lines, game after game, with the same unassuming attitude that he carries at all times. The root- ers all yell for “Mac” because he cannot be passed. “Mac” still has two more years to fight for the old school. HARVEYAN 1931 HARVEYAN STEVE ZELAZO Quarterback Steve does not tell the other side what is going on, but sure does call out the signals well. He piloted his team to victories bv quick exact decisions. He proved his worth as a passer this vear and we know that he will be just as suc- cessful in the game of life. Steve leaves us this year, and with him one of the best passers that ever fought for M. H. C. CEBERT LEE Fullback Lee was a little bit the largest man on the team. He was used as offensive full- back and defensive tackle. His ability to bring down the opponents made the op- position realize his worth. He was given honorable mention on the all -conference team. Lee has two more years at Morris Harvey. JIM DUFFIELD Halfback Jim is the man with the smile that won’t come off in the game. His fast end runs thrilled and pleased the fans who witnessed his stellar playing. He is as good on the defense as on the offense, a fact that cannot be overlooked. CAV V«- CARL “SWEDE” WOOD Captain-Elect Tackle This was “Swede’s” second year bat- tling for the old school. He is big and fast and gave the opposition something to worry about all the time. He was es- pecially adept at breaking through and throwing the runners for losses. His all- round playing makes the other team members fight the harder. “Swede” will be back next year and great things are expected of him. F . V vr a m. h f Lw HARVEYAN WILMER “JEFF” LEWIS Tackle “Jeff " was a fighter up to the final whistle, and was always in the thick of the fray giving his best for Morris Harvey. He had that rare gift of getting into the opponent’s backfield on almost every play. “Jeff " will be gone next year and that, no doubt, will gladden the heart of many an opposing coach. JOHN “STONEWALL " JACKSON Halfback If the enemy’s ball does get through, it is not on the side of the line that Jack is on. He is aggressive and does not wait for the ball but goes after it, be- lieving that waiting is wasting time. Jack was especially adept as a receiver of for- ward passes. More power to you, Jack, may you be back again next year. ROBERT “BOB " EASTON Center “Bob " was a man that could do almost anything on a football field. He played in most of the games this vear and was outstanding in several. Although “Bob is very light he proved his worth in the Bluefield game by holding their 200 pound line at bay. “Bob " has three more years to fight for the old school. Kentucky is not only the home of pretty women and fast horses, but also of good football players. John was a Rood end and was always in the thick of battle. He played well in all the Rames he was in and proved he had the real Morris Harvey spirit. ROY POLLOCK Quarterback Roy was the best punter on the squad. His fine punts pulled the team out of many a bad hole. Roy is an all-round athlete as he plays basketball and base- ball. He is a fine open field runner and an exceptional Rround Rainer. Roy was the second football man that Cupid Rot. Good luck to you and yours, Roy, in the Rame of life. Tl. CECIL LINDSAY Center This stellar roviiiR center made a name for himself on the football field and on the campus. He is biR, good-looking, and very determined. All throuRh the year Lindsay played hard and well, and the best part about it is that he will be back next year to pass the ball and pick out the Marshall runners. EARL SPENCER End The end that was an end was Earl Spencer. He was surely the old reliable on the left side of the line, beinR always dependable and always in the Rame. His voice could be heard all over the field yelling encouraRement to his teammates. Earl’s greatest asset was breakiuR throuRh the interference of the opposition. Page 73 HARVEYAN 931 Varsity Basketball Squad of 1931 Standing : Frank Arritt, Coach; Forbes, Lindsay, Ball, Wood, Young, Talley, Student Manager. Kneeling : Snyder, Cremeans, Hoff, Adkins. Season Record Marietta - - - 28 Morris Harvev - - - 21 Marshall - - - 42 Morris Harvev - - 29 Morehead - - - 32 Morris Harvey - - - 25 Alderson - - - 15 Morris Harvev - - - 70 Glenville - - - 67 Morris Harvev - - - 29 Fairmont - - - 73 Morris Harvev - - - 25 Davis and Elkins - 35 Morris Harvev - - - 28 Salem - - - 42 Morris Harvev - - - 35 First Presbyterians - - 44 Morris Harvev - - - 38 Fairmont - - - 40 Morris Harvev - - 36 Davis and Elkins - - - 63 Morris Harvev - - 21 Oak Hill Blackhawks - - 33 Morris Harvev - - - 47 Alderson - - - 13 Morris Harvev - - - 57 Co. F, Ronceverte - - 18 Morris Harvev - - - 27 Salem - - - 29 Morris Harvev - - - 64 Marshall - - - 40 Morris Harvev - - - 23 Glenville - - - 61 Morris Harvev r - - 17 Morehead - - - 30 Morris Harvev - - - 26 Marshall - - - 50 Morris Harvev - - 22 Louie Hoff, , Captain Frank Arritt, Coach Page 74 HARVEYAN B” Basketball Squad of 1931 Standing : Everett White, Coach; Duffield, Morrison, Patton, McCoy, Pollock, Thomas, Student Manager Kneeling : Easton, Spencer, Bird, Rupe Season Record 33 Morris Harvev 17 Morris Harvev 17 Morris Harvey 25 Morris Harvey 13 Morris Harvev v) v 26 Morris Harvev 33 Morris Harvev 33 Morris Harvev 23 Morris Harvev 23 Morris Harvev 28 Morris Harvev 41 Morris Harvev 25 Morris Harvev 16 Morris Harvev 32 Morris Harvey 41 Morris Harvev 36 Morris Harvev Hobart Patton and Ernest McCoy, Co-Captains Everett M. White, Coach Marshall “B” - - Milton High Hamlin Independents Bream Presbyterians Guyan Valley High Seth High . Dunbar Independents Hamlin High - Dunbar Independents Bream Presbyterians Guyan Valley Hi - Johnson Memorial Marshall “B” - - Milton Independents Milton High - Hamlin High - Marshall “B” - - PAC.E 75 W A ■ m A A HARVEYAN Sidelines Bv JACKIE ROGERS As the curtain rings down on the present school year, we can’t help but wish that we could turn the calendar back and live those happy days over again. Oh well, we have two more years. Gee, wonder how the seniors feel? The Eagles fared somewhat better on the gridiron this year than last. They managed to break into the winning column by downing Rio Grande and Morehead and tied several games. I he brightest spot of the athletic year was the tussle the fellows dropped to Marshall 7-0. it certainly was a ripsnorter. The mighty Thundering Herd was whipped to a very meek Blundering Herd, and it was an accident they even scored. Chalk up another moral victory for us. Although the baseball season was nothing to write home about, much new talent was un- earthed among the players. For instance, as a right fielder, Ray Midkiff would make a fine groundhog catcher. “Radio” Rupe turned out to be the best yodler on the squad. However, believe it or not, John once played second base for Weeksbury. It seems as though some things have gone to seed around here since “Eff” Pribble left. Even the B. P.’s have been discontinued. The whole trouble lies in the fact that the constitution griped the ministerial students be- cause of their high morals. But the prize dumb trick goes to “Bad-Eye” Bias. He took his trousers to Huntington to be pressed. On the cleaning and pressing establishment was a sign which read : “Pants press- ed Inside.” “Not the place for me,” said “Bad-Eye.” “I want mine pressed on the outside.” “Calhoun " Kirby’s motto, “No water for the wicked,” drove many of the fraternity boys to light wines and beer. And the Zeta Kappa banquet was held on June 18th. Planting potatoes on Inspiration Ridge just about put a damper on the marriage epidemic which swept the school this year. But as you know, farming is not done in January, and T. R. Williams saved Ruby from having to look under her bed for the rest of her life. Best wishes folks, and may all of your troubles be red-headed. Almost all great men are dead and, come to think of it, I don’t feel so well myself. So farewell, boys and girls, I just simply must see a man about a dog. r ::ss:vi J 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 V HARVEYAN 931 Morris Harvey Day By Day SEPTEMBER 19 — School opens. Quite a nice bunch of greenhorns around. 20— First football game— Rio Grande and M. H. C. and we beat them 7-6. Hurrah for us! 22 — Reception for new students. Dean Lasley must have had a terrible time getting into his Tuxedo. He was late. 27 — Grove City game, but we won’t talk about that — Tough luck, boys!! 29 — Alpha Mu opens social calendar with tea for new girls. OCTOBER 3 — The freshman girls like their cotton hose — yeh ! ! 4 — A grand game with Marshall, even though the score was 7-0 in their favor. You all saw it, sure you know ! 11 — Tie with Fairmont — that’s the way to do it, boys! 25 — Alumni game. They won 13-0 but it was worth it to see Doyle Yoak with his hair mussed up and Tad Hager dodging all the tackles! Ha!! 30 — Hallowe’en Party in the gym. The cider was plenty good, two gallons to put away until it was a little better. Yes, Prof. Summers bought NOVEMBER 3 — Big shooting in town. A robber was killed in Brady’s store. 9 — Morris Harvey Day all over the conference. The Singers went to Charleston and all reported a good time. 14 — Louie and Georgia held up in Red Front Restaurant. The question before the house is — what were they doing out at 11 o’clock? 22 — New River beat us 51-0. Arley Mason had his jaw broken. Sorry, Old top!! 25 — Turkey dinner at the hall. Bishop Darlington was with us. 26 — Thanksgiving vacation starts. DECEMBER 1 — Back at school. 6 — Peg and Roy married. 5 — West Virginia Colored Institute Glee Club here. They gave us a fine program. 14 — Christmas cantata by the Singers. Fine program and a full house. 15 — Morris Harvey Roast from a Morris Harvey Pig. Prof. Burton makes a fine Santa Claus — Oh ! I wasn’t supposed to tell that. 18 — Singers went out at four o’clock this morning and sang carols. Had a fine time and good eats. Only one shot fired at us. 19 — Exams — ’Nuf said ! 20 — Home for the holidays. JANUARY 4 — One by one they are coming back to start the New Year right. 5 — So many disappointed. No laboratory periods. 7 — Three Kings Day Tea by Dr. Owens’ Dutch class. Page 78 HARVEYAN 1931 10 — Marshall beat us 42-29. Too bad, we’ll do better next time. 13 — Veda Jenkins married to Charles Cassell October 1930. Congratulations. 15 — A fine talk on “Prejudice” by Rabbi Abraham Feinstein. More like that are worth listening to. 15 — Freshman party at Dr. Pond’s. 17 — We beat Alderson 70-15. How do you like that? 23 — Much Excitement Bernice and Topsy flee through the glass door in administration building. 26 — Prison guards placed over new glass in door of administration building. 27 — Popularity Nominations. 28 — Election. 30 — Iva Gee has date. No, not Cecil — ????? • FEBRUARY 13 — Friday the 13th and not a darn thing happened. 16 — Valentine Party in Hall. Good eats, to say the least. 21 — Alpha Mu play “The Brat.” Best thing in years. MARCH 6 — “Alabama Bound’’ by Blackfriars. Cecil Bailey has S. A. No, not Iva Gee. 11 — Seniors talk over big business at Miss Howard’s. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows, Doc!! 17 — St. Patrick’s Day. Did you notice Cecil Lindsay’s green tie and handkerchief and 25 — Mr. Cochran teaches us to lead a great, big, clean, strong, noble Christian life. Yes sir! APRIL 7 — Abbott, the magician, certainly did fool Dean Lasley and Prof. “Red” Snodgrass. 1 7 — Another successful Zeta Kappa Minstrel. Who told Bob Talley he could sing? (Kitty) 28 — Talk in chapel by Georgia Flory on S. A. Some grand songs by Dr. Pond. 29 — Marshall beat us in tennis. Old Starkey certainly was fluttering around like someone im- portant — Oh, Penny ! ?????? MAY 1 — Morris Harvey morals are questionable ! ! ! 4 — Fairmont beat us 15-10. Some of their fellows sure did make a hit with our girls???? No names to be mentioned — Hush money, ha. Yeh ! ? 7 — Sigma Upsilon play, “A Prince there Was.” Old Ted ! 11 — Ruby and T. R. announce their marriage of January 15th. Off to Press. A JJl- Offering the Most Direct Route Between the North and the South X CHARTERED COACHES to any point in the United States or Canada at Surprisingly Low Rates MOTC.’ZZ. BmmGracr i r4ato 4C«7r-J f w runzs -Going t vr aus nt4 dfc+4 Crar Vo,jr a V GENERAL OFFICES CHARLESTON, W . VA. CONCERNING ANOTHER POPULAR INSTITUTION Outrating any other retail establishment in length of service, this store has become nothing short of an institution in the life of our community. Oldest . . . largest . . . foremost ... it has been a consistently good store for 37 years. Our name has become synonymous with quality — a reputation that we intend to preserve in the future as in the past — a modern department store in every sense of the word. The Anderson -Newcomb Co. HUNTINGTON - WEST VIRGINIA HARVEYAN 193 Semi-Centennial Chimes " Hoarded wealth is dangerous and en- dangered. Use a generous part of it to insure the rest.” " The best insurance for wealth, personal and national, is Christian Education.” The half century mark of service — 1938 — should be a milestone year! The faithful servant of the church — Morris Harvey Col- lege — should receive a new baptism of power. Guarantee the future of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Harvey’s gift against financial de- pression. Make the semi-centennial the completion of the endowment. Invest in life insurance for coming generations. MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE BARBOURSVILLE - WEST VIRGINIA " THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE” HARVEYAN 1931 The New Chevrolet A SMOOTHER, FASTER, BIGGER AND BETTER SIX The Great American Value at Greatly Reduced Prices GUY AN CHEVROLET CO. Sales and Service BARBOURSVILLE - WEST VIRGINIA Bradshaw-Diehl Company The Major Fashions of Women’s Complete Apparel Are Available Here When They Are " NEW” We Congratulate the Morris Harvey Class of 1931 Chicken Dinners Are Our Specialty JUSTICE INN Milton, W. Va. Parties Arranged — Banquets Served Phone 154 Barboursville Drug Company DANA C. WYSONG, Prop. Drugs and Drug Supplies " We Sell for Less ” Registered Pharmacist Always on Duty FOUNTAIN SERVICE CANDIES 07 HARVEYAN THE BANK OF MILTON Milton, W. Va. Capital and Surplus $ 135 , ()()().()() THE BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE MASON AND HAMLIN CHICKERING and Other Fine Pianos VICTOR AND MAIESTIC RADIOS The Kenney Music Co. 319 NINTH ST. HUNTINGTON - WEST VIRGINIA Telephones 21930 and 6889 The COVER on this book is the product of an organization of specialists whose sole work is the creation of unusual covers foi School Annuals, Set Books, Histories Catalogues, Sales Manuals and other Commercial Publications THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CO •03 7 North ‘TOttUnx Awnw THE DANIEL BOONE Charleston ' s Newest and Finest Hotel 260 ROOMS Each with Bath, Circulating Ice Water and Radio RATES $2.50 UP Roger S. Creel Managing Director DIRECTION AMERICAN HOTELS CORPORATION, NEW YORK -JA f-r f ' f We offer yon a finesse in art and reproductions created through conscientious senile, and in- spired by a genuine desire to distribute the best The JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Makers of. Fine Printing Platts fir B aik and Colors 817 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago THIS ANNUAL ENGRAVED BY JAHN a OLLIER HARVEYAN 1931 LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY DESIGNERS ■ PRINTERS OF FINE COLLEGE ANNUALS KNOXVILLE. TENN U.S.A. fersonaf co-opera ton a 1 } ffe staff i i tfe p c 7 a s ' , ' c a of aes p i p of the - a i it af is a aef i te - pc 7 t of 07 ' service. 931 - vu 6 ' d Q QS AaA a M -

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