Morris Community High School - Chief Yearbook (Morris, IL)

 - Class of 1948

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Morris Community High School - Chief Yearbook (Morris, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1948 volume:

F 'img nw qifvbif- ,iM al 'K , 1 X .L xt 35' J .o-.3 x X 5 A A P, : W-r , x If . . 4,-I . .,4. k- VI' If 'AKEJQJ-,U is .Q 'iii :- I - QWZGLU-'L ff -',,1.v'f'."g5 Q35 'fQ'x,2,'. AFM. "1"f'," . gj 1-ff--L71 I Vg L- " ,. . -' 1-1'f:':'z5Qi,'sv'-'ygfwgi f f'3 ?a' FH . 0 m'1wfX '. J .gf--'3-J zggssi wwf:-1.fq11 . sg' 3 , , ,, R ..-,,,, 4-1. .1-: ,gm 1 5.1, , A , 1 .' .a L f, V,. f, ., 2- ,,, - .. ',, ,. V 41 ' x-. yy: ,, gg , ,. , Y - ,,,,fE4' wi at gf-+A--1.-'-' M W. f ,, vw., ,Q n u ,., -,,. , ,. ,A ,K W, . W' , .4 , ,N1x., ,, Y, ,lx , W4 ,,5,,v,,,,. . - 3 ,iw ,gg Y,-q5,f.,.. .I Ay. V :K ff.. ,,,g in ,iw H5,,,,r' . 4, ' ws, ,ggi mf,-Ni' :ew wg-1 - wg. H " 'V , '- 'N i '. -1 nj - J A112 -WTQH, f -f,,f,Qft,.yy,1v'- N' '-A rv, . . -, , , , , E Z , 4 . f ,J,i:4,. . T , , b ' , . , .- , ya - I , fi , V lx I ffl? , 1 A 4 f X., V, ' r ,. ' 1 , . ' x I r N - , N . .-I , ' ' Ia r I . fy N -,' , , I r- ' L. 1 X .X , ' s , 5 I , K ,ja . 1 . . 1 . QQ '- ' ' ', ng- Z, K 5 ' I 1 ., . - f .. ,, -J , 1 X K A . K f ' I 7 1 . Xl VS -M - ef? 5,2 ' fx Q' 1 x X I W R ' 'A ' ' Y " ,I . I I A 1 7 .X X -. 1 D , I 'f ,H 'i'5r'rif'5l5,fi -I---Li fy. 5 ji, h , Ag., V . U .,, . .,,.gA ,, ,.-. , Fwy' . J ,jkk y. ,fm -:A ,Www .-., f.,,'1x1, , m:.,',.vw,,,,.,'.,1:x v' 4,..,, shy.,-." " ' ,991 , ..w.- ., 'L !'- JIM" -Av QA-JH - - .lv-U, ' . fr- "WH -"Ur -1.3 1 ',.f-,- f-- -1,4'-1'4f.'-1-v-I' . 'f- '-:M1':"'L'4 . 'N'-'mln-1 dx f- -'22, .,.,,..vw-1 , 'rv . ., r,..yw.'f..-,K .L 1- ' , , wp. ,.,K1: - ,va -, , 4 1 .1-1-v.-f, X fw .PLN J,-'s,. ' fr f ' , -, P' 'rf 3, -Azf prffA'y ,L ',,., ' iw-5 , -QE-1 57'-I v ,. f1-:1ggqgn,g-aQ.-ff- E f 'f 1 , A. - ' Mu". 521'-'f ir-.:QfQ Z-4.45.5 V, ,milf .Y ,s was .lgcw gfiwl x.. 'jif 'L " - . -v.".'f'I.' 2 " '1 ,Win ' 'tf'4'?T'ifFffff ff-'M -'ffff T7 35 '1'ef?1'-' ' Y 1 1 W . -.1 , - , f 4 .U f. 1, V1.4 1 - , X. Y L ,... v .,- V- ., X. ff 1: .415 ,"Sv. It nf , A . . 51 V, I - w N v .L . I I r, , , E . ' 1 , M , 1 x . . I . 1 f 1 I , 1 1 ' , 1 I , 1 v X 4 f I 1' . 4 3 -. , i ' x w 1 A - A 4-H X . , . .,,1 , I z 2,0 Y-1 rn , ' uv A K 1 V . 1' , 4 V,-I ,X i I +2 i E 5 1: 1 u,,,, -X-1. hu, . . ,i ,- . f V, ..'i: HJ QPEEEF 9 - I- ---l1..i--ehl- -I---IOL --I---Al----I----I----I1--ll-V --C140----C--All--ll--7-I---nl-7-All --In-I--ell-V Cnecficatiorz To the parents who have loved us, sacrificed 'I' for us, and planned our education for us, we, the class of nineteen hundred forty-eight, dedicate this yearbook, The Chief. c..,+ 5 t t T if t t if t L "0f'l""l"".""l""l""i" ".""l""l"Wl" "l""I""i""l" """'I""l" "l""l""l""l" "P 1 2 M. .kLLh, k , A 4... 44 M MM Mi V1 ,Agn Q, gf Q f' '. ', " .N ' W' . +7 wp .. -V .f ,... . . Q, -,, ,Q 1 ,.,, .. ,L-, I ,M A A, X x f . , 475 - ,Wg 'T' iflgwfil' tfi f ,, , ,W .' ,www f , T-Q,-H , . ,W Q. - V , ,' 2-31 .1-f'f' V - 'K 'lx Q VA A p M3g,Li,, . ,J 5 A ' fxfgi .Lil 3,4252 lv l 'xlirr -f -' ,. A gk :wr A x-5. ..V'.U,b- ,aw 7 X A 517: RVN. , 'A I ".e",:'f:-' ,-gffigafn JL. 'BTV in 4 ' k vkiifafl' ,f 515 ' 'Q 5 w . Lyqgirwt A . ' I Yr, ly, rj , A fs n " ' ' "' V. , , ' 'Q Y." J ' :ffm -wav. ..w V- p Q53 M my if - '. gf ,.:'..fge.g' xi ,534 I . fz.:4.xgA, ., g . ,J Y 9' "' . ::'mg-,Q w - g,-iff. fr? 1' 1 , it wgfff' ' I f.L f f M ' 'fi fs: 15' 'F ' "5 - 'if' puff 1' . " ,g V "ff: v'f pf ' 4 . .., ,X ' Hy. ' ! . '4-1: , 1 - .4 ' 4 1 , W : . 'RAR U. s I ' 9' A ' 0 X. ' L ' x f.. Q - NH? A L 's ' , . 'Q I .., 3 Q' ? fy " V ' I Q fl at K S 1? 5 V . s ' ' 3 , 'Fw . , ,iff yqff P' Q - ' '- ww . n If 3, - w .' f , 1 iz i .ti I 2--Q, 4 - . , AA, it Q . , M ' 7. N 2 . e an , E , 'Wig , Q , L ,K 'Q .M 4 ,L N 5 ,6 U E 4 I 4 :MI j Q x J ' f 9 f i, 1- ':5'Z 3 . "L -:cs- X V? Q 99 if L. .Q . S . ,M :Mgt , 1- 5 GWR! if. m '4 4 t H Q3 ,mf A , ' , G , HW. s.,,,,,i3i3 3, 5 ' ' -x 'M gafofe of Contents Administration ................................................. Seniors .............. Iuniors .............. Sophomores ....... Freshmen ............. Orqcrnizotions ......... Sports ................... Cctiendcrr ...... Advertising ...... J 2 as Q is : . cf? u Nl' X-Nl F I 1. ---- I W N . A mm In Q- 2 :.-'!-':- x, - E if am- X '29 Q,-f IAMES M. BUSHNELL Social Studies B. S. West. lll. State Teachers College M. S. West. Ill. State Teachers College LANE REIMBOLD English and Spanish B E. North. lll. State Teachers College University oi Wisconsin PAUL E. SWOFFORD Social Studies and Football B. Ed Southern lll. Normal University A. V. MEADORS Agriculture B. S. University of Illinois NELLIE M. IOHNSTON Mathematics A. B. Neb. State Teachers College University of Chicago Columbia University Colorado College of Education A. W. CRAVENS Superintendent of Schools Wesleyan, Warrenton, Mo. A. B. University of Wisconsin, Ph. M. Page 9 WILLIAM SCI-IARMAN English and Speech South. Ill. State Normal University B. S. Notre Dame FRANCES PETERSON English B. A. MacMurray College M. A. University of Denver Northwestern University FLOYD WILSON Instrumental Music B. S. University of Illinois MABEL ALLEN Commercial B. Ed. Ill. State Normal University Page IO E. C. NICHOLS Principal Ill. State Normal University, B. Ed. University of Illinois, A. M. MARY LEGATE Latin and Physical Education B. S. Teachers College, Mo. M. A. University of Missouri ORVILLE M PIEI-IN Commercial B. S. North Central College M. S. University of Illinois Raw! University of Iowa Gregg College HELEN FRANCIS Library B. A. Northwestern University M. A. Northwestern University U. of ChicagofLilJrary School VERNON CORNISH Drawing and Vlloodwork B. A. Grinell College ETHEL M. WATTS Science and Mathematics B. A. Hanover College University of Illinois University of Xlfisconsin P. O. REED Biology and Geography B. Ed. Eastern Ill. State Teachers M. S. University of Illinois MARY CRAIN Home Economics B. Ed. Western Illinois State Teachers College Page ll W. R. FERGUSON Social Studies, I-Iislory and Basketball B. Ed. Illinois State Normal U. RAYMOND V. ANSELL Chemistry and Physics B. S. Western Illinois Teachers College MARIAN ANDREWS Inslruclor of Vocal Music Vlfesleyan, Bloomington, Ill. B. M. MELVIN UDSTUEN TRUMAN DAVIDSON Ianitors Page 12 i MRS. GLADYS BRIGHT MISS EVEALINE DELL Secretary Clerk :xxxxxu ""ffm,' i X IM I 2 i i E gf ' "Vvv' 5 Aw 'G lv 2' 2 L l 'E i E. Q35 hnior Gfass History The Senior Class of l948 was one of the most active ever to leave Morris Community High School. They have shown their skills and abilities to excel in every field in which they have worked. An unusual undertaking was an educational trip planned for the entire group. For this enterprise the following projects were launched: A style show in which both boys and girls modeled spring clothes through the courtesy of the merchants in town: numerous paper drives both in the rural districts and in town, two magazines drives, and a donkey basketball game. To this class goes the credit for a good deal of outstanding work in social activities, scholastics, and athletics: Valedictorian was Lois Laughlin: salutatorian was lanice Hume who also received the D.A.B., School Citizenship, and Science Awards: the outstanding activities award was given to Doryce Blaine: she and Pat Sampson were cheerleaders: Wayne Trenter was 'named the most outstanding football player of the year, and received the outstanding athlete's award for the senior class: and Bruce Nelson was captain of the football team. These ambitious seniors worked not only for themselves, but also sup- ported extra-curricular activities. Almost all of the seniors were entered in at least one club to which they devoted much time and effort. A memorable occasion for the seniors was the Iunior-Senior Banquet and Promenade which was held May twenty-first. The seniors were very appreciative of the wonderful time that the juniors of this year gave them. The theme for this memorable banquet and promenade was "Night Club." The decorations of blue and white were both colorful and beautiful. The spokes that kept the senior class wheel rolling were the officers: President, Bob Olson: Vice-President, Bill Olson: Secretary, Iackie Button: and Treasurer, Chuck Roseland. Of course, all of the minor spokes4the rest of the class-co-operated in every way possible to make this senior class one to go down in the history of Morris Community High School as a chapter to be remembered by all. Page 15 Page 16 PRESIDENT ROBERT OLSON Ianuary 21 General Boys Club 2, 3 Senior Sytle Show VICE-PRESIDENT WILLIAM C. OLSON Ianuary 22 General Football 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3 "M" Club 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Club 2, 3 Dramatic Club l, 2 Science Z Mixed Chorus 1 SECRETARY IACKIE BUTTON December 22 General Commercial Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Em-Hi 4 Junior Play Senior Style Show ' TREASURER CHARLES ROSELAND December 2l General Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Opereila 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 "M" Club 4 Science Club 2, 3 Em-l-li 2 Senior Style Show Class President l Boys' Club 3 Track l, 2 Boys' Double Ouariette 3 4 Bond show 1 lDA RUTH IOHNSON Iuly 5 College Preparatory G.A.A. 2, 3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Debordrex 3 Girls' League 2, 3 Executive Board 2, 3 Treasurer 3 Em-l-li 4 Home Room Officer Vice-President 3 lunior Play Annual Staff Senior Style Show DORIS MCTAGUE December 18 General Commercial Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 F.l-l.A. l, 2 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Iunior Play Operetta 3 Senior Style Show Girls' Ensemble 4 Senior Sextette 4 Em-Hi 4 Special Chorus 3, 4 Octette 4 5 fb C5009 CAR-env? ggcer or win! H119 6'Ni:6f'Cl-33 Qu - new VF17' IACK GREENHELD October 8 College Preparatory Club 4 Baseball 4 Math Club 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Science Club 2, 3 Deborclrex 3 Debate Club 3 Student Council 4 Em-l-li 1, 2 Sports Editor 2 Annual Staff 4 Sports Editor 2 Senior Style Show Band 1, 4 Music Contest 1, 4 Brass Sextette l Trumpet Trio 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Bond Show l Boys Double Ouartette 4 Operetta 2, 3 IANlCE HUME Auguist l College Preparatory Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F.l-l.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 2 Vice-President 2 G.A.A. 2, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Dramatic Z, 3, 4 Student Council 2, Secretary 3 Iunior Play Annual Staff 4 Spanish Club 3 Senior Style Show 3 Home Room President 2 X. QCA' TNOSF 4 tax' fl .fam .aa f , . q z . J f N E15 DON HALENZA tr-N-QLH' H""4N' rv-'fa 11111118 ef' 4 p 1 College Preparatory Pl Northbrook i Lincoln Z Football 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Math Club 4 Treasurer 4 Em-Hi Sports Editor 4 Annual Start Art Editor "M" Club 4 Quill and Scroll 4 President Opereta 3 Senior Style Show Baseball 4 Boys Double Ouartette 4 Music Contests 3, 4 Ir. Red Cross Steering Committee 4 Band 3, 4 PAT SAMPSON March 17 General Commercial Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4 Vice-President Cheerleader 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3 Executive Board 2 Tumbling Team l, 2 Girls' League 2, 3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 lunior Play Operetta 3 Class Otiicer Secretary-Treasurer l, 2 Homecoming Queen 4 Page 17 1 MIRIAM DOSS October 5 General F.H.A. 1, 2 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Girls' League 2, 3 Chorus l, 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3 Senior Style Show BEVERLY TUNTLAND August 10 General Pep Club 2, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 3 Page 18 IOHN E. LAABS August 2 General Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 3 Iunior Play Senior Style Show Football 3, 4 Basketball 3 Boys' Club 2, 3 WAYNE T. TRENTER lune 16 General "M" Club 2, 3, 4 Sec. and Treas. 3, 4 F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Most Valuable Football Player 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Club 2, 3 Class President 3 WlLLlAM FERGUSON lune 21 General Commercial Iunior Play Student Council l, 2 Football 2 Basketball l, 2 Senior Style Show Boys' Double Ouar- tette 2 Science Club 2 Orchestra 4 Music Contests 2, 3 Boys' Club 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3 ELIABETH A. SNELL February 21 General Girls' League 2, 3 Pep Club 2 F.l-LA. 2 IOANN GROSS Iune 29 General Commercial Pep Club 2 El-l.A. 2, 3 Library 3 SOPHIE KOPCZICK April ll General Commercial Library Club 3, 4 Pep Club 2 PHA. 2, 3 A, -f Y , DOROTHY HUTCHINGS October ll General Commercial Dramatic Club l, 2, 3 gif glib 2' 3' 4 VERNA MAE HANSON 2 April 22 ' ' ' ' Colleqe Preparatory Library Club l, 2, 3 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3 Debordrex 2, 3 Debate Club 2, 3 Bond Show Chorus l, 2 l Home Room Officer Vice-President l Class Officer Vice-Pres ident 2 Math Club 2 Em-l-li 2 Senior Style Show All School Play l Operetta 2 Annual Staff Iunior Play RICHARD FERGUSON March l3 General Basketball l, 2 Football 2, 3 Boys' Club 2, 3 Science Clu lunior Play Baseball 4 b2,3 G.A.A. 2 Home Room President 2 Senior Style Show Girls' League Z, 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff IOYCE ELAINE MATTESON April 25 General Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3 Selective Choir 3 Home Room Secretary 3 Chorus 2 Page 19 DORYCE BLAINE lanuary l9 General Commercial Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Reporter l Vice'President 3 President 4 Cheerleader 4 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Executive Board 2 Treasurer 3 Tumbling Team l, 2, Girls' League 2, 3 F.l-LA. l 3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 President 3 lunior Play Operetta 3 Senior Style Show Class Officer Vice-President l Home Room Ofiicer President 3 Secretary 2 Student Council 2, 4 Senior Sextette 4 Girls' Ensemble 4 Em-Hi 4 Page 20 IOHN BUTTON October 27 General Chorus 3, 4 Science Club Operetta 3 Boys' Club 3 EDWARD CEPIEL August 6 General F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Boys' Club 3 Football 2, 4 Basketball 1 Science Club 2, 3 Senior Style Show "M" Club 4 AUDREY IACOBSON February ll General Commercial Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 F.l-LA. l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 G.A.A. 2, 3 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3 Iunior Play Senior Style Show Home Room President 2 DORTS MCCULLOUGH November l5 College Preparatory Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 ' Dramatic Club 3 Em-Hi 4 Chorus 3 Operetta 3 lANET WASHBURN Iuly 29 College Preparatory G.A.A. l, 2 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3 4 Em-Hi 2, 3, 4 lunior Play Senior Style Show Spanish Club 4 Horne Room President 3 Pl-LA. l HELEN MCNEIL December 11 General Commercial Ioliet 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 4 G.A.A. 4 Library Club 4 Girls' Ensemble 4 Senior Style Show IMOGENE RASMUSSEN March 24 Secretarial Commercial Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4 F.l-LA. 1, 2 Senior Style Show Chorus l MILFORD LARSON October 26 General Chorus 4 Iunior Play F.F.A. 3, 4 Science 2 Boys' Club 3 101-XN VANDEN December 27 General Commercial Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Em'l'li 3, 4 F.l-LA. 1 S ,A SX, ii sf fy Hiigfg VlRGlNlA STAFFORD MARY STEEN March 8 General General Glee Club H-H. Club i Page 21 KENNETH TERRY luly 31 General EEA. l, 2, 3, 4 President 3 State Farmer Degree 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Chorus 2 "M" Club 3, 4 Boys' Club 2, 3 Operetta 2 ' Science Club l RUTH OSMUNDSON August 20 General Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Em-Hi 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 4 Senior Sextette Senior Style Show Choir 2, 3 ' Annual Staff G.A.A. l, 2 Dramatic Club E, 2 Operetta 2, 3 Quill and Scroll 4 MADGE RYGS November 5 General F.H.A. l Glee Club l Operetta 2 Chorus 2 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Executive Board 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, Treasurer 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Executive Board Student Council 3 lunior Play Emel-li 3, 4 Ensemble 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Swing Sextette Annual Staff 4 Quill and Scroll Senior Style Show National Editorial Contest 4 LOIS NELSON May l General Commercial G.A.A. l F.H.A, l, 2, 3 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League l, 2, Annual Staff Quill and Scroll 4 Vice-President 4 Em-Hi 2, 3, 4 Senior Style Show 2 3 3,4 Page 22 CLlNTON N. KAY November 18 General Boys' Club 1, 2 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 MARIAN LACYK February 16 General Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Chorus 2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 F.1-l.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2, 3 Operetta 2 Senior Style Show 4 Home Room Officer 3 Student Council 4 ERNEST PETERSON SHIRLEY MlCKELSON AUQUSY 1 August 28 General General F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4 17,1-LA, 1, 2, 3 Millll Club 1 Girls' Club 2, 3 Boys' Club 3 Pep Club l, 2, 3 Operetta 3 Iunior Play I I IANET RASMUSSEN October 7 General Commercial G.A.A. l F.l-LA. 1, 2, 3 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi 2, 3, 4 BETTY LOU MORRIS December 30 Secretarial Commercial Newark 1 F.H.A. 2, 3 Em-Hi 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Style Show Dramatic Club 2, 3 Quill and Scroll 4 Secretary 4 Home Room Vice- President 2 GERALD KENNEY February 4 General Science Club 2, 3 Math Club 2 "M" Club 4 Boys' Club l, Z, 3 Debordrex 3 Football Z, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Track 2 Student Council 3 Class Treasurer 3 Chorus 3 Operetta 3 Iunior Play BRUCE L. NELSON November 4 College Preparatory Football l, 2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Club 3, 4 President 4 Iunior Play Debordrex 3 Boys' Club l, 2, 3 Science Club 1, 2 Class Vice-President 3 Page 23 lACK MCNEIL Ianuary l2 General Chorus 3, 4 lunior Play Senior Style Show Operetla 3 Boys' Club 2, 3 Science Club l RUTH DlX March 26 General Home Ec. Girls' Lea ue 2, 3 Chorus 2, Q 3 Page 24 LOIS ULLRICH August 5 General Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 F.H.A. l Iunior Play G.A,A. l Senior Style Show Annual Staff Quill and Scroll 4 CHARLINE PETERSON January 30 General Commercial G.A.A. l Fl-LA. l, 2, 3 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Pep Club l, 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 Operetta 3 IACK KINSELLA Ianuary 5 General F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Club 3 Track 3 ,4 Science Club 3 Annual Staff Class Ediior ELINOR MCCLENNING Seplernber 22 General F.l-LA. l, 2 Girls' League 2, 3 1 CAROLL MAE ENERSON December 24 ORVAL EUGENE CLAYPOOL General Commercial September l8 G.A.A. l General Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Dramatic Club 4 Science Club 3 Girls' Leaque l, 2, 3 Boys' Club 3 Chorus 4 Operetta 3 Senior Style Show IOYCE RICH August 3 Secretarial Commercial G.A.A. l Pep Club l, 2 Girls' League l, 2, 3 GRETCHEN RUDOW November l8 General Commercial Chorus 2 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Operetta 2 Senior Style Show ANNA LOUISE SCHAIBLE August lO General F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Vice President 3 Dramatic Club 2, 3 Secretary 2 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Opereita 2 Chorus 2 Senior Style Show lAMES ALLAN luly 4 General Student Council 2, 3 Class Officer President 2 Secretary 3 Math Club 2 Chorus 2 Science Club 2, 3 Em-Hi 3 Annual 4 Band l Boys' Club 3 Senior Style Show Basketball 2 Iunior Play Page 25 MILDRED CLAYPOOL GERALD NELSON Iune 3 Sepiember 6 General Girls' League 2, 3 Iunior Play Usher Broadview Acad'y Chorus 4 Science Club 3 Senior Style Show Boys' Club 3 Page 26 DOROTHY BROWN February 2 General Chorus l Girls' League Z, 3 Bond 1 ELEANOR WALKER MILBURN l. OSWOOD Iuly ll General F.F.A. l, 2, 3 Boys' Club Science Club l Bond Show 2 MARGARET LEONE BUNTON Iuly 18 December 12 General General G,A,A. 1 Girls' League 2, 3 F.H.A. l, 2 Pep Club 2 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Girls' League l, 2, 3 lRMA PETERSON July 16 Secretarial Commercial G.A.A. Girls' League 1, 2, 3 El-l.A. l, 2, 3 Pep Club 4 Library Club 4 Senior Style Show 4 Chorus 1 LOIS LAUGI-lLlN February 10 College Preparatory Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Executive Board l, Secretary 2 17.1-LA. 1, 2 Dramatic 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Senior Style Show Usher Annual Staff BURDELLE ANDERSON November 19 General F.l'l.A. l Girls' League 2, 3 ARTHUR C. HARDER May 10 General Football 1, 3, 4 Basketball 1, Z Math Club 2 Debordrex 3 Science Club l, 2 Boys' Club l, 2, 3 "M" Club 3, 4 Operetta 3 Iunior Play Senior Style Show MARY MAE MONSON March 20 General F.H.A. l, 2, 3 Girls' League 2, 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Style Show 3, 4 Girls' Ensemble 4 Operetta 2, 3 Selective Chorus 2 DONALD HOGANSON August 1 College Preparatory Math Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 2 President 4 Science Club 2, 3 Boys' Club 2, 3 1-lorneroorn Officer President l Student Council l Em-Hi 2, 3, 4 Sports Editor 3 Co'Editor 4 Ouill and Scroll 4 Annual Staff 4 Business Manager 4 Senior Style Show Football 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Club 3, 4 Page 27 1 v I Pl-lYLLlS SCAMEN September 4 General MARGARET IOHNSON September 25 College Preparatory Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi 2, 3, 4 Co-Editor 4 Student Council 1, 4 President 4 Debordrex 1, 2 President 2 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2 Girls' Glee Club 1 F.H.A. 1 lrlomeroorn Officer President 1 Secretary-Treasurer 3 Girls' League 2, 3 Vice-President 3 Operetta 3 Cheerleader 3 lunior Play 3 Annual Staff Quill and Scroll 4 PAUL LYONS December 1 General Commercial Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2 Boys' Club 2, 3 "M" Club 3, 4 Senior Style Show ESTHER KALHEIM March 30 General Senecao 1, 2 Girls' Glee Club 1, Chorus 1, Z, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2 Pep Club 2, 3 Baton Twirlinq l, 2 Girls' Club 3 Operetta 3 Page 28 WILLIAM HARROD December 16 General Boys' Club 2, 3 LORENE LEAR lune 26 General Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Economics 1 Library Club 2, 3 Girls' Club 2, 3 PHYLLIS EDMUNDSON April 25 General Commercial Girls' League 2, 3 Pep Club l, 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3 Triple Trio 3 lOAN BALAZ College Preparatory Spanish Club 3 HAZEL CLEAVER October Zl General Commercial Girls' League 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3, 4 loANN PAGE February 8 Colleqe Prep Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Executive Board 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Secretary 4 F.H.A. 1 Bond Show l Operetta Z, 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 Style Show 4 1-lomeroom Officer Sec'y-Treasurer 2, Senior Sextette 4 Chorus l, 3, 4 Ensemble 4 Orchestra 2 RONALD ANDERSON Iune 5 General EEA. 2, 3, 4 Boys' Club 2, 3 Science Club l 3 WILLIAM PEENEY Iuly lU General Chorus 3 Boys' Club 2, 3 Science- Club l Operetta 3 MARGERY HEXDALL February- 5 College Preparatory G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club 2, 3 Math Club 2 Iunior Play Operetta 2 Annual Staff Debordrex 2, 3 Girls' Leaque 2, 3 Music Contest l, 2, 3 4 Chorus l, 2 Bond Show l All School Play l Em-l-li 2 Brass Sextette l Trumpet Ouartette 2 3 Trumpet Trio 2 Page 29 Page 30 1' 1 I OIIOFS anc! 1ZWClI'i9 In recognition of those few who have actually studied and tried, the editors, advisors and staff of the CHIEF of IQ48 have decided that we should have a page dedicated to these honor students and various award winners. This thought was given serious consideration at the start of the school year, and gradually the idea grew and grew until it became a reality. Throughout their four years in high school, only too few students have given their all in an attempt to make honor grades. When the day of graduation comes, those who have done their best get a warm feeling in their hearts, and those who haven't begin to wonder if a little work on their part wouldn't have been well worth the effort. To this select group of seniors goes our salute and heartiest congratulations. IANICE HUME Salutatorian School Citizenship Award D.A.R. Citizenship Award Science Award BRUCE NELSON Honor Student VIRGINIA STAFFORD Honor Student DON HOGANSON Honor Student MARGARET IOHNSON Honor Student WAYNE TRENTER Athletic Award DORYCE BLAINE Activities Award DON HALENZA Honor Student LOIS LAUGHLIN Valedictorian ' 1 fast am! C9-estament of cghniors We, the members of the Glass ot 1948, ot the great metropolis ot Morris, county of Grundy, state of Confusion, being of sound C?J mind and memories, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills hertotore made by us. P. S. Women have the privilege ot changing their minds. lim Allan leaves his drumming ability to Sue Coleman. Burdelle Anderson leaves her gum-chewing ability to Rosie Pogliano. Ronald Anderson leaves his weight to Allan Kay. Doryce Blaine leaves limburger cheese to any junior with "ideas." Dorothy Brown leaves her triangle romances to Pat Button. Leone Bunton leaves her boisterous manner to Eva Opheim. lohn Button leaves his deep bass voice to Earl Bansback. lackie Button leaves her easy laughter to Sally Hausten. Ed Cepiel leaves his football suit to Paul Washburn. Mildred Claypool leaves her long fingernails to leanette Pederson. Orval Claypool leaves his pursuit of Gloria to Ronnie Sklut. Hazel Cleaver leaves a book of jui jitsu to Nancy lo Clayton. Ruth Dix leaves her dimples to Leo Morris. Mariam Doss leaves her slenderness to Barbara Tuntland. Caroll Enerson leaves her blushes to Nancy Higgins. Bill Feeney leaves his seat in history to another sleep- head. Dick Ferguson leaves his cadillac to Bob Allan. Bill Ferguson leaves his waves to Wayne Anderson. lack Greenfield leaves a book on "How To Dent Fenders" to Bob lohnston. loann Gross leaves her early bedtime hours to loan Mitchell. Don Halenza leaves his etchings to lohn Ryder. Verna Hanson leaves her nice personality to Frances Vtlilkinson. Bud Harder leaves his gold tooth to Capt. Roger Nelson. Bill Harrod just leaves-that's all brother-just leaves. Marge Hexdall leaves her athletic ability to Martha ' McClenning. Don Hoganson leaves his neat appearance to Dale lohnson. Dorothy Hutchings leaves her noon hour excursions to lean Nichlos. lanice Hume leaves her friendliness to Phil Wieck. Audrey lacobson leaves her 6 tt. lU in. height ill to Beverly Olson. Ida Ruth lohnson leaves her place in detention to Gene Gang. Marge lohnson leaves soda-jerking to lerry Steinberger. Esther Kaldheim leaves her brother Nolan to the deten- tion teacher. Clinton Kay leaves his squirt guns to Georgie Sterritt. Gerald Kenney leaves some wonderful memories to lackie Arneson. lack Kinsella leaves his advice to any treshie with the moola to pay tor it. Sophie Kopczick leaves her bookkeeping ability to Donna Miller. lack Laabs leaves his twinkling eyes to Kenny Daven- port. Marion Lacyk leaves her skating fun to Andree Enger. Milford Larson leaves his trips to the office to lerry McTague. Lois Laughlin leaves her leadership ability to Gloria Bansback. Lorene Lear leaves her speaking ability to Van Donaldson. Paul Lyons leaves his "twinkling toes" to lay Lyons. loyce Matteson leaves her "eye-appeal" to Dona Baudino. Elinor McClenning leaves her tinyness to Ruth Bromberg. Doris McCullough leaves her gorgeous hair to Margy Bansback. Helen McNeil leaves her note-passing to Darva Oswood. lack McNeil leaves Miss Andrew's scoldings to Bob Cameron. Doris McTague leaves her place in octette to loanna Miller. Shirley Mickelson leaves coach's study hall to another chatterbox. Mary Monson leaves her charm to Millie Payne. Betty Morris leaves those homeword bus rides to any- one with a strong constitution. Bruce Nelson leaves his bright, cherry smile to lay Francis. lerry Nelson leaves his red face to whomever commits the same blunders. Lois Nelson leaves her boarding house to Alma lune Best. Bob Olson leaves his "woman-hatred" to Wayne Tesdal. Bill Olson leaves his broad shoulders to Donnie Peterson. Ruthie Osmundson leaves her love for tun to loy Bunton. Milburn Oswood leaves his politeness to Bob Brayton. loAnn Page leaves all those little worms to Nancy Maunder. Charline Peterson leaves her tiny figure to Rubynan Crull Ernest iPetel Peterson leaves his gift of gab to Wanda Walker. Irma Peterson leaves her typing ability to lerry Sullivan. Marjorie Peterson leaves to cook dinner for her husband. Imogene Rasmussen leaves her quiet, suppressed laugh- ter to Lorraine Guard. lanet Rasmussen leaves her peroxide to Harriet Gechman loyce Rich leaves her evenings at home to Earl Enerson. Chuck Roseland leaves his "winking-eye" to Gene Morrall. Gretchen Rudow leaves her long-wavy hair to loanna Borens. Madge Rygs leaves her promptness to whoever has lst hour chorus. Pat Sampson leaves slumber parties to anyone who can take them. Phyllis Scamen leaves her smooth complexion to Anne Lacyk. Anna Schaible leaves her speed to lanet Wallace. Betty Snell leaves her loud-booming voice to Madrine Coop. Mary Steen leaves her imagination to Harrietta lanes. Keny Terry leaves Mr. Nichols to keep his eye on Evealine. Wayne Trenter leaves that "l'm a shy-guy" grin to Bill Hanson. Beverly Tuntland leaves her sympathy to new treshmen. Lois Ullrich leaves her glamorous to Anna Peterson. loan Vanden leaves her ability to keep secrets to Betty Vanden. Eleanor Walker leaves her quiet, demure ways to Alieta Hornsby. lanet Washburn leaves her quick thinking to Barb Spandet. , loan Balaz leaves to ring those wedding bells. Virginia Stafford leaves her pleasant smile to Betty Liebbe. Page 31 Denior Glass roplzecy Abra-cadabra pfutt and behold! The crystal ball foretells what these amazing seniors will be doing in 1958. Let's go abroad for awhile in the wild, uncivilized, jungles of Africa: we find our missionary, Betty Snell. teaching the uncouth savages. What's this??? Why their leader is none other than Don Halenza. Guess this crazy, civilized world got the best of him and he took the easy way out. Oh, yes, we know Don wouldn't be without his side-kick, lack Greenfield. That voodoo dancer covered with mercury is lack! Well happy head-hunting fellows!! Look in at Pete Peterson who is now running the National Tea store in Channahon. Ah, ah, Pete, don't you dare strike that little girl who just knocked down those three shelves of candy bars. Notice the cashiers, Caroll Enerson and lanet Rassmussen, leisurely polishing their nails while the customers stand three deep in line to be waited on. Ioan Vanden is president of a lipstick factory. I see she hasn't given up the guest for kiss proof lipstick yet. Elinor McClenning does her research work in the labora- tory, and Doris McCullough samples the new product. There has been a complete change in the city jail. The jailer is now Orval Claypool, Bill Harrod is the chief deputy, and the judge is Muff Larson. At last the new, long waited for, high school is under construction. lf l'm not mistaken, l believe the contractor is Bud Harder. He sure has a hefty crew of helpers, among whom are Ed Ceipel, Gerry Nelson, and Paul'Lyons. Clint Kay is now the president of the school board, and there are many familiar faces in the faculty, phys. ed. teacher, Marge Hexdall: commerce, Betty Morris: history, Helen McNeil: business English, Eleanor Walker: and the new coach is none other than Wayne Trenter. Say now did you see whose names were on the doors of the principal and superintendent? Iim Allan is prin- cipal and Bob Olson is superintendent. More power to you, fellows. The next scene, oh horrible fate! All that blood and those bandages! What suffering! Doryce Blaine, who is still trying to learn how to cook, cut herself while opening cans. Dr. William Ferguson is conferring with the ambulance driver, Ierry Kenney, whether she should be rushed to the hospital or the city morgue.-So what do they do?-Flip a coin.-lt's to the hospital. Maybe nurses Virginia Stafford and Verna Hanson can fix her up in time so she can get home and feed her dogs. VV'hat's this? As usual Madge Ryqs is late, but this time it's for her own wedding! l see Pat Sampson and Ianet Washburn took time out from dancing at the "L G L" to attend the gala affair. ls that Shirley lMickelsonJ Darin and all her little ones sitting in the last row? They tell me that the vocalists, Ruth Dix. Bev- erly Tuntland. and Phyllis Scamen are going to sing "Slap Her Down Again Paw." Who is making all that noise? Oh, Dorothy H. and Imogene R., who is home from her teaching position in Verona, are having a chat over a cup of tea while all the little Harpers romp around Dorothy. Poor lmo is keeping her eye on that big table lamp Page 32 with a worried expression. There's the doorbell! A telegram is delivered by lack McNeil fwho is working his way up to the top.J Lois Ullrich who has taken over the management of the "Bee Hive" is conferring with interior decorator, Ioan Balaz. and painter, Dick Ferguson, while'Bill Olson and his Iazzy lerks from Iersey beat out a few measures of "My How The Time Goes By." The singing waiter is that talented Chuck Roseland. Iohnny Button now owns his own theater in Stock- dale. Ioyce Matteson and Charline Peterson have gone into partnership and operate the confectionary next to Iohnny's theater. The Rev. and Mrs. tthe former Dorothy Brownl Mil- burn Oswood are back in town for a visit. They say he's trying to persuade Bruce Nelson to give up his job as bartender at the Shabbona Gun Club. Wonder if he'll succe-ed???! After ten years of married life, we, find Anna Schiable, Phyllis Edmundson, Mary Steen, Marge Peter- son, Esther Kaldheim, Hazel Cleaver, and Leone Button seriously thinking about sending their congressman, Don Hoganson. a letter on the subject of the rights of women. Gretchen Rudow has entered the political world and has just obtained the position of County Superin- tendent. l see she has hired Miriam Doss as her assistant. Ken Terry now owns a cattle ranch out west and employs Ronald Anderson, and lack Kinsella as his cow hands. We find Mary Monson and lack Laabs modeling in Monsieur Bill Feeney's Fantasis Shop of Fifth Avenue, New York. Lois Nelson and Ruth Osmundson have graduated from Vassar and are now outstanding debutants in Hollywood. Congratulations kids!!! Lois Laughlin is now chief operator at the Bell Tele- phone Co. At the switchboard Mildred Claypool, IoAnn Gross and Burdelle Anderson are sounding out with that familiar "number please." Lorene Lear and Sophie Kopczick are waiting on customers down at Danny's. It seems they are seriously talking about going into partnership and buying Danny out. Marge Iohnson is now a pharmacist and must really be in the money for she's depositing money again at the First National Bank. There is that Audrey Iacobson be- hind the Teller's window? She surely does love working with money. Look like Irma Peterson is still working there too. Nice work if you can get it. . Ioyce Rich is organist for the Morris B. Sachs pro- gram and on the side she gives piano lessons to anyone who will take them. ' Iackie Button and Marian Lacyk are now instructors at a beautician school in Chicago. We now find Doris McTague and Ida Ruth Iohnson married to the two managers of the National Tea, Bert and lim. As our crystal ball begins to cloud, we take a peek through the skylight of IoAnn Page's Art Studio to find her up to her knees in charcoal dust while Ian Hume, her model in a very "Esquireish" pose is resitng on a leopard skin dreaming of the good old days at M.C.H.S.!! -Z Y , ' .3 ,,- .- -i gg: -ti f-:P .f-iii 5- 4-ff.:--fi, Yvvv ,-i X 'E W In ln ,LH ' " - , .Q 'H ' 'H ' 'I Q i .3 X gd-2 '-Eu ... A L. ' ht ' o "' M A' o I -ini ...S gl 915 unior Gfass gflstory The lolly Iuniors entered high school in nineteen hundred and forty-five. As sophomores they began preparing to raise finances for their Iunior year by presenting a donkey basketball game. Each year they have sponsored very successful mixers. Plays cleverly presented were the main features of their assembly programs they gave each year. This year the especially entertaining play, "Sauce for the Goslings" was given. The high light of their lunior year Was the hilarious comedy, "Almost Summer." The outstanding cast included: Earl Bansback, Midge Halenza, Dick Newell, Nancy lo Clayton, Marien Berge, Bonnie Sklut, Bob Allan, Bob Iohnston, Aleita Hornsby, and Donna Miller. The Iunior-Senior Banquet and Promenade was a gala affair. Dinner and dance music was furnished by Don Adams and his band. They have been guided this year by: President ...................................... ............. E arl Bansback Vice-President ....... ......... G loria Bansback Secretary ......... .................................. N ancy lo Clayton Treasurer .................................................... Ianice Classen Sponsors ....... ........ M iss Legate, Miss Crain, Mr. Reed Icrnice Classen, Earl Bansback, Gloria Bansback, Nancy Ioe Clayton Page 35 K E lr! 1 l i WE , ....., , X wt ff , E ff 1 :M W 5 fm' - . f, RW ff? Ibf A , izi . G' f ' ---A::,":': ' 'T Sf ,,AA, -""' ,gif T We 5w,.:5-V. -..,,- , A ,:,, ,.,, :Eg ,,.,, Y ::- .. :Ea an WV --::: 3 2 if Page 36 MARIEN BERGE BOB ALLAN DOLORES EDMUNDS DOROTHY GORE DARVA OSWOOD BARBARA SPANDET CHARLES GARLING LOIS MICKELSON ALICE KTNDLESPIRE IEANNETTE PEDERSON IEAN KINDLESPIRE TCLFKA. 4--1. GENE MORRALL ALMA TUNE BEST EARL BANSBACK NANCY IO CLAYTON PI-IYLLIS GROSS ELOISE BROWN DON ENGER ROBERT BROWN A quvl I I 1 A-1 RUBYNAN CEULI. 5 - ',,.VV 3 'PQ ,l .....,. -:E ::: V VV .Z DONNA MILLER Ka ,K GENEVIEVE MILTON LOIS RASMUSSEN X R L -I ::, -: Ax ':s A I ' X3 S Q-WL ? 'Czar 12, KENNETH HEXDALL K ...IE , V My HW I 3 1 1 5 I I , a TUNE MATTESON EDWARD BRODERICK ' BARBARA BOYLE 1 ROBERT ENGER ,, MARY KENNEY WAYNE ANDERSON IUNE DOYLE IOIIN RYDER 'N' -. , 5 ,Egg I , 1:: L: Za ::, '- i fly 4 it miffbigs 2 wg I if . 9 V- - .:"" , A PATRICK BOLEN , as M 'xi' 3 BONNIE MITCHELL ,QQ .::: 'S ij A 'T Q' LEONA KETCHUM V I ., ,."" 1- ' . ',,, A ' :,I, II- if .'.II"j :':':':'I ' . "1':"':'I":': I ':'. I 1' I if 1 I II' in T Page 37 "N ff' ff rf 1 14" A Q 3 2 3 I ' .. L HP I f w , iffhbx Page 38 -G., ,au- I 2 W G ALIETA HORNSBY AN ,s N. DOROTHY DURKEE at . 3, Y 2 fm " . A 5 'EA : ., EARL ENERSON BOB IOHNSTON 4 A NANCY HIGGINS ? RONNIE SKLUT ,IM - WAYNE TESDALL I I, MIDGE HALENZA 'V"' "': IANTCE CLASSEN 1 ::::' if Y i' I CLAUDE THOMPSON wwf Wi GLORIA BANSBACK W' DICK NEWELL ,- - x III,I 5 A-1 if ., I ' kv x ,f I RONNIE BELL PAT VICTOR BOB CAMERON I, KENNETH SCAMEN BONNIE LYON GORDON SOREM 4' VYV i 5x1 if-31 'iw sul 12 5 Y 'Y V1 , : , Lei 5,5 f , +3 ,K 9 6' nays-q 1 1 1 cgbop omore Glass Ustoly As the ending oi our Sophomore year draws near We look back with pride on its incidents. To begin the year right We took out our grudges on the Freshmen on Initiation Day. The class Was assisted by capable leaders. Those elected were as follows: President ..............,............................. lohn Hutchings Vice-President ............... ......... M ary lane Nelson Secretary-Treasurer, ................... Ianis Southcombe Our dance was well attended and appreciated, also our assembly program was a success. Many ot our boys were seen on the teams this year. Vifith the promise ot two more years ahead ot us we should be able to develop good teams. The girls had a representative in the athletic department by contributing the services ot Patsy Button as one of the tour cheerleaders. We the Sophomores of M.C.l-l.S. close this year with no misgivings, but with an eye to the future. ' Icmis Southcomb, Iohn Hutchings, Mary lane Nelson Page 4l v- 'pup --ufv-4- lerry Steinburqer Paul Pierce Don Cobb lay Francis Donna Steele ' Audrey Mickelson Genevieve Milton Loretta Peel 'Im Barbara Zimmerman Shirley Nelson Elizabeth Hutchings Marjorie lohnson Margaret Banshaclc lanis Sauthcombe Elizaheth Brown Rene Reagan loanna Miller Theresa Vfinkel 1 3 and layce Peterson Marie Callas Albert Platt Gerald Matteson Ruth Moberq Rosemary Panish Beverly Gunderson Martha McClenning Charlotte Eich loan Lyons Page 42 1 Y a - I W R Q A , . Q A Q ' " ....... Phyllis Osmundson LaVerne McEwan Iohn Slater Bill Davis Pat Button Mike Hovda Shirley Cain Betty Lund Sharon Lynes Faye Ferry WMWVQWMX Earl Lynes lim Penn Roger Varland- Bill Burnham Ianet Barger David Spear Madri Coop lim Cryder Louise Stafford George Hoge - , u sgllilill 4- V t 3 S' Margaret Hose lay Bunton Marilyn Erickson Mary lane Nelson Norma Clson Dolores Sparks Nancy Maunder Harrietta Iones Devonali Iohnson Gerry Sullivan Page 43 xg.,-f-' -Y -In Allan Kay Norman Edmundson Gene Ste-rritt Iohn Hutchings Iohn Osrnonson Paul Washburn Dick Dilohn lack Morral Mildred Payne Ianet Wallace Bill Doyle Don 'Williams Bob Fisher Dorothy Olson Gene Perry Bill Peterson Betty Liebbe Anna Peterson Gene Gang Norma Coleman N V x X X, ' A vt . Ierry McTaque Leslie Enqer Arlene Ammons Carol Smith Mary Ann Kopczich Page 44 ' pun, R S'-3: -3 1.3 .gif -f""'f if j 4 7 J -1 5 A .f' Qi? I- Jvs man lass gfzistory This class of l952 began their high school career in the fall of l947. After being initiated in the traditional manner, many of their members began participating in the school activities. Some of the boys went out for football, basketball, and the other sports offered. They took an active part and proved themselves very promising. They sponsored a dance in March using St. Patrick Day as a theme. The high school orchestra played and everyone had a good time. The assembly they put on was enjoyable and educational. The class is already looking forward to their junior year when they have to sponsor the lunior-Senior Prom. Second semester dues was collected for this purpose. The class has been guided this year under the Very capable leadership of their officers and sponsors. President ...................... ..................... B ill May Vice-President ................ ................... S ally l-lausten Secretary-Treasurer ................. ......... P rances Wilkinson Sponsors ........................ . ........ Miss Watts, Mr. Cornish Sally Hausten, Bill May, Frances 'Wilkinson Page 47 W 4 1 u , Ag, f X 1 . l Howard Lear Richard Hoge Betty Vanden Donna Peierson Richard 'White Leonard 'Swiqqeit Wanda Walker Belly lohnson Iohn Durlcee loycelyn Coleman V Z if A s 3 , K K Beverly Olson Ralph Peterson Phillip Vlfieck Charles Adkins Pamela O'Bryne Frances Wilkinson Bill May George Slerriti Ruth Ferguson Henry Niewinslci Bill Granger 5 gs ig .M xi I Bill Hanson Alice lohnson Harold Brown Phyllis Kenney Lorraine Guard Sue Coleman Leo Morris Harold Peterson Lynn Paulson Doris Kress Page 48 ,' ' V f 112 ,Z 3 ' 3 if ix' X gil' xii ' gl f 1 I Charles Peel Bill Feeney Don McCarnbridqe Dale lohnson Ken Yard Don Walker lack 'Walker loyce Shannon Mary Fraley Beity Farrar Richard Alexander Barbara Tuntland Marvin Fannin Ari Baker Marvin Mickelson Dave Roseland, Allan Dewey .4 . f 1 ..h .., fi Sylvia Perry Eva Opheim Dorothy McCullough Glen Pinder Wilbur Perry Herbie Iohnson lim Houqas Bill Simms lim Bergstrom Jackie Arneson Delores Telfer Kenny Davenpori Dona Baudino Page 49 I I Ruth Bromberq George Phillips Frank Kowalczyk Bill lOl'1USO1'1 Margaret Grove loAnn Borens Mary Foster Rosie Poqliano Ann Lacyk Norma Brooks Ray Frederick Mary Cameron Ray O'Neil lay Lyons Mary Sanders Sally Hausten Letha Weidner Ellen Stott Nolan Kaldheim loan Hoge Dick Lund Earl Claypool Wayne Knololich Ioan Nichlos Becky Sieele Kenny Bell Harriet Gechman Don Bjelland Don Peterson Larry Watchinski Barbara Peterson Evelyn Smith Virginia Scott Dorothy Anderson Mary McKay Page 50 3 YWWS W 4' W C9 3 ,.. iii. 5 - Ng -?: - in1 '-'i ..- - X . I fifsga I Csbtucfent Council ' The Student Council has always been one of the most active organiza- tions in Morris High School. This year, in particular, much has been accorn- plished by them. They have sponsored the Freshman initiation, a magician show, three record dances, and Honor Day. Delegates from Morris were sent to the District Conveniton in Momence and to the State Convention in Peoria. Under the leadership of Mr. Bushnell and Mr. Piehn, the Student Council has been striving all year to reach a certain goal. Their ambition is to finish out the year with enough money in the treasury so that the Council next year can sponsor a dance in honor of the next year's Freshies, free to all students. Officers this year Were: ' ....... Marge lohnson President .................... Vice-President ............. ...... V an Donaldson Secretary-Treasurer ...... ..... M ildred Payne The other members are: SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES PRESHMEN Marian Lacyk Gloria Bansback Don Williams Alice Iohnson Doryce Blaine Barbara Spandet Ianie Nelson Frances Wilkinson lack Greenfield Wayne Tesdal Paul Pierce Richard Lund lim Allan Van Donaldson Mildred Payne Page 53 oqe 54 .gnnuaf Staff ART EDITOR Don Holenzo CALENDAR EDITORS Verna Hornson Lois Ullrich ADVERTISING EDITORS Modqe Ryqs Iim Allan SNAPSHOT EDITORS Morqe Iohnson Ido Ruth Iohnson CO-EDITORS Lois Loruqhlin Iornice Hume ADVISORS Miss Iohnston Mr. Nichols Mr. Ansell CLASS EDITOR Iock Kinsella SPORTS EDITOR Iock Greenfield ORGANIZATION EDITOR Morqe Hexdoll BUSINESS MANAGER Don Hoqonson lv gin-ga The Em-Hi has been a very industrious organization under the competent leadership of its two sponsors, Miss Allen and Mr. Scharman. The paper has been operating on a self-supporting basis throughout the year and the profits gained enabled the staff to take a well-deserved trip to Chicago where they saw the printing of a daily newspaper. Em-Hi now ranks with the better school newspapers of the state due to its acceptance into Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society for High School lournalists. A local chapter of Quill and Scroll was organized in M.C.H.S., and the charter members are: Lois Ullrich, Lois Nelson, Ruth Osmundson, Don Hoganson, Earl Bansback, Madge Rygs, Betty Morris, Ronnie Sklut, Marge Iohnson, and Don Halenza. The Staff also joined the National Scholastic Press Association and the Illinois High School Press Association. Em-Hi was instrumental in promoting the Friendship Train Drive in M.C.H.S. A new feature of this year was a book and movie column appearing in each issue. The quality of the publication has been attributed to this innovation, the timely editorial, well-written sports columns, and interesting introductions. The staff was as follows: Co-editors, Marge lohnson, Don Hogansony Make-up Editor, Betty Morris, News Editor, Imogene Rasmussen: Sports Editor, Don Halenzap Exchange Editor, Lois Ullrichy Editorial Writer, Earl Bansback: Business Managers, Lois Nelson, Ruth Osmundsong Advertising Manager, Barb Spandetp Typists, Doris McTague, lackie Button, Senior Reporters, Madge Rygs, lanet Washburn, loan Vanden, Ianet Rasmussen, Ronnie Skluty Iunior Report ers, Doryce Blaine, Midge Halenza, Pat Sampson, lda Ruth lohnson, Mary lane Nelson, Doris McCullough, Marjorie lohnson, Rosemary Panish. Page 55 EXECUTIVE BOARD President ............. ....... l moqene Rasmussen Secretary ........... ......... D olores Edmunds Vice-President ....... , .....,. Margery Hexdall Treasurer .........,....... ..,.,...... Iv larien Berae Sponsor ........,.......... ...,..... M iss Mary Leqate SENIOR IUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN Io Ann Page Gloria Bansback Betty Llebbe Dolores Telfer Lois Laughlin Nancy lo Clayton Ioanna Miller Lorraine Guard Page 56 MEMBERS SOPHOMORES Margaret Bansback lanet Barger Charlotte Eich Marilyn Erickson Elizabeth Hutchings Marjorie Iohnson Harrietta lones Betty Liebbe Betty Lund Nancy Maunder Ioanna Miller Ruth Moberg Mary lane Nelson Shirley Nelson Phyllis Osmonson Rosemary Panish Ianis Southcombe Ianet Wallace SENIORS Doryce Blaine Margery Hexdall Ianice Hume Marge Johnson Lois Laughlin Helen McNeil Io Ann Page Imogene Rasmussen ' Pat Sampson IUNIORS Gloria Bansback Marien Berge Alma Iune Best lanice Classen Nancy Clayton Iune Doyle Dorothy Gore Wayne Anderson lo Ann Page Barbara Zimmerman Dolores Edmunds Midge Halenza Alieta Hornsby Bonnie Lyon SPECIAL EVENTS G.A.A. Camp, Williams Bay. .......,........,........................ , Grundy County Fair ............... Play Day .......,.......,...... Play Day .....,................... Play Day .............................,.. Speedball Tournaments ......... State Archery Tournament .... Bowling Tournaments .......,.... Group Conference .............................. V.F.W. Amateur Show ......... V.F.W. Soldier Program at Dwight ..,..... Cowboy Iamboree ..................,.............. FRESHMEN Iackie Arneson Dona Baudino Ioan Borens Ruth Brornberg Ioycelyn Coleman Sue Coleman Ruth Ferguson Mary Foster Lorraine Guard Sally Hausten Alice Iohnson Betty Iohnson Dorothy McCullough Mary McKay Sylvia Perry Becky .Stelee Dolores Telter Betty Vanden Wanda Walker Letha Weidner Frances Wilkinson .Marien Berge, Nancy Clayton .......Exhibition Square Dancers ......West Aurora High School ...............Ottawa High School .. .... . ...... . .................. ......Mazon ....,.....Seniors, winners Place ......,........Sophomores, winners ..,.............Oak Park High School .....Exhibition Square Dancers .........Exhibition Square Dancers I9 EXHIBITION SQUARE DANCERS Bob Iohnston Earl Bansback Marien Berge Doryce Blaine Dolores Edmunds Bill Ferguson Bud Harder Alieta Hornsby Harrietta Iones Ierry Kenney lack McNeil Joanna Miller Gene Morrall Iack Morrall Bruce Nelson Mary Iane Nelson Rosemary Panish Imogene Rasmussen Iohnny Ryder Ianis Southcombe Pete Thompson Ianet Wallace Barbara Zimmerman Page 57 Cgduture omema ers of iqfmerica The F.H.A. is an organization which requires its members to meet certain high standards. lt aims not only to promote homemalcing, but to create fellowship and better relations between girls. In this organizaiton a girl must be capable of carrying out the duties that the name, Future Home- makers of America, commands. The local members are also members of the state and sectional organizations. One of the most outstanding projects of the year was the F.l:'.A. banquet, which they prepared and served. ln co-operation with the F.F.A. they presented an assembly explaining the duties and functions of the two organizations. ln order to increase the club's treasury, they sponsored several sandwich sales. Their main recreational activity of the year was a skating party which was very successful. President .................... .......... I une Matteson , Vice-President .............. ........ A udrey Iacobson Secretary-Treasurer ....... ......... B arbara Boyle Reporter ........................ ....... I odie Mitchell Watch Dog ................ ........ A nne Lacyk Sponsor ......... ....... M iss Crain Page 58 cguture armers of,gme1'1ca The Future Farmers of America is an organization designed to promote activities for boys taking Vocational Agriculture in high school. ln monthly meetings, programs are arranged by tthe boys. These pro- grams always include proiect talks by the members, entertainment, and recreation. Activities carried out this year included: Livestock shows, judging contests, trip to the International Stock Show, Chicago Stock Yards, and! Parent and Son Banquet. The Officers this year were: President ...................... ............ B ob Allan Vice-President ...... ............ B ob Phillips Secretary ............ ....... G erry Sampson Treasurer ........ ............................... D ale Starks Reporter ........... ....................,....... G ordon Sorem Watch Dogs ....... ........ E d Cepeil, Gene Bumgarner Page 59 XM' ,Cu-Oh' axe Page 60 SJ' J I E . ,N Y 'N 9 v Q W 1 Midge I-Ialenza Patsy Button Doryce Blaine Pat Sampson ep aug W'e've got the pep: Rah, Rah! We've got the steamy Rah, Rah! We've got the coach: Rah, Rah! We've got the team: Rah, Rah! At every game, while the fellows were playing their hearts out on the field or basketball floor, We loyal Pep Club rooters were yelling our hearts out in the bleachers. Win or lose-we were behind our team no matter how the score tell. You have seen us selling pop, candy, pins, pennants, and gum at the concession stand at all home games. You have also seen us holding those snappy pep sessions before the games. Who will ever forget that riotous Snake Dance down Liberty Street! Or our big Homecoming Parade! Or our Assembly Program? Above all, we hope you will always remember our traditional banquet and promenade. All one hundred and forty members co-operated wholeheartedly to honor the athletic braves of the year on that memorable occasion. ' OFFICERS President ................. ......................... ...... D o ryce Blaine Vice-President ........ ...... A lieta Hornsby Secretary .............. ............ P at Sampson Treasurer ........ ............ I da Ruth lohnson Reporter ........ ........ F rances Wilkinson Sponsor .......................................... Miss Marian Andrews OFFICIAL BOARD MEMBERS Seniors- Iuniors- Sophomores- Freshman- Madge Rygs Alma Iune Best Ioanna Miller Sally I-Iausten Imogene Rasmussen Gloria Bansback Barbara Zimmerman Iackie Arneson Page Sl panislz When you hear "buenas dias" or "besame mucho" echoing through the halls you will know that the rnad Spaniards are on the prowl. This year El Club Espanol has a more favorable ratio of boys to girls than ever before. This means added incentive and fascination in club activities. At the beginning of the year they made a dynamic start when they gave a Spanish Fiesta. One evening they had a Spanish supper which all of the members enjoyed, even though they ate food to which they were not accustomed. Spanish "peliculos" Cfilms to youl and records were a part of their entertainment. The officers this year included: President ............................... . ....... Barb Spandet Vic-ePresiclent ....... ...... . .. ........ Ronnie Sklut Secretary-Treasurer ..................... ....... M imi Berge MEMBERS Delores Edmunds Marien Berge Nancy Ioe Clayton Elizabeth Brown Ian Washburn Io Ann Page loan Balaz Page 62 Wayne Tesdal Barb Spandet Ian Classen Midge Halenza Gloria Bansback Lois Mickelson Pete Thompson Dick Newell Van Donaldson Pat Bolen ferry Sullivan Ronnie Sklut 7nd tfzematics The club this year was small but what it lacked in quantity it made up in quality. Among the various activities was a "Mathematics Skit" humorously presented by Ronnie Sklut and lohnny Ryder. By it, they proved that mathe- matics'is a necessity and not a luxury. They also presented evidence to show that 64 does equal 65 and it took careful scrutiny of the members to find the fallacy. Each meeting brought more puzzles Which Ruth Moberg especially delighted to offer. lt has become a tradition for this club to have guest speakers. We had the pleasure of having an alumnus of M.C.H.S., Werner Frank, who also was the founder of the club. He told of his experiences at Deep Springs, California, where he is attending college. His talk was interesting and educational. At the Christmas party, a methematical cross-Word puzzle in the shape of a Christmas tree and auction dominoes were the entertaining features. A sandwich sale helped to bolster the finances. The club contributed two bushels of corn for the Friendship Train for Europe. The officers who have piloted this club and the members are: President ......................... ........................... D on Hoganson Vice-President ......... ......... I ack Greenfield Secretary .............. ........ M idge Halenza Treasurer ........... .. ........... Don Halenza Sponsor ........ ........................... ........ M i ss lohnston Pat Bolen Van Donaldson Paul Pierce Bob Brown Earl Bansback lohnny Ryder Ruth Moberg Carol Lee Smith Ronnie Sklut Page 63 Page 64 772. G 571 QS? Banc! The Morris Community High School Band has been a prominent figure in school and community. The formations on the football field may not have been as spectacular as a college band on parade, but seeing the band march on the field was always a thrill. At Christmas the grade school and high school bands presented a concert for which Mr. Wilson and the band received many compliments. Soloists and ensembles have always made a good showing in contests. This year a clarinet quartette, a trumpet trio, saxaphone quartette, and a sousaphone solo were among the entrants at the district contest at Ottawa. Such organizations as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion have always found the band ready and willing to march in parades. In March the loand went to Chicago to see "ShoWboat." Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing the well-known production. Everyone knows that basketball games, pep assemblies, and graduation would not be the same if the Morris High School Band were not represented in some way. Bill Olson, lan Southcome, Bill Ferguson, Roger Nelson, Iohn Ryder Page 65 1- - N ?cqe 66 - --v G!lOI'US The headquarters for the chorus this year has been the community room at Center School. There, the sixty-two students taking chorus have met many times to practice the selections that were presented to the public. The director of chorus was Miss Andrews, and to her goes the credit due the chorus for its fine performance this year. She has spent many hours directing the chorus and its affiliates. The group has been in demand to sing for meetings of the various school and civic organizations all year. Different ensembles selected from the main group have made public appearances at P.-T. A. The Senior Sextette sang at the Style Show of the seniors and some of the chorus members sang also. One of the highlights of the year was the night they went Christmas Caroling. Using a school bus for transportation, they visited the hospital and the homes of the sick in town, where they sang carols for the occupants. The climax to the programs given by the chorus was the' Spring Concert. Members from both chorus classes participated in it. They certainly presented a commendable program and the chorus and Miss Andrews deserve a round of applause for the excellent concert. Ql.I'lS l 6flSQI'I16l0 The Girls' Ensemble, under the direction of Miss Marian Andrews, has had an enjoyable and profitable year. Their singing voices were often heard at Teacher's Institute, Home Bureau, P.-T. A., and several other meetings. In March they spent a pleasant evening in Chicago at the musical, "Showboat." As the year ended, Miss Andrews selected an octette for the district and state contests. They were Mildred Payne, Ruth Osmundson, Mary Iane Nelson, and Ianis Southcombe. Their accompanist was Marien Berge. MEMBERS Doris McTague Ruth Osmundson Mildred Payne Harriet Gechman Donna Miller Phyllis Osmundson Mary Iane Nelson Ianis Southcombe Marien Berge Helen McNeil Mary Monson Ioanna Miller Shirley Nelson Io Ann Page Margaret Bansback Doryce Blaine Harrietta lones Marilyn Erickson Barbara Zimmerman Ioan Mitchell Madge Rygs Page 67 v 1 1 .2 oys 3 Qouihfe 4Quartette The initial performance of the Boys' Double Quartette was singing several numbers during intermission of the Senior Style Show. The qroup also appeared at several other invitational performances throughout the remainder of the year. The quartette was-n't as active, this year, as it would have liked to be, but the fellows enjoyed several hours of some good barbershop harmony at the few rehearsals that they held. The quartette this year was composed of Chuck Roseland, Gene Perry, Claude Thompson, Earl Bansback, lack Greenfield, Wayne Anderson, Bob Iohnston, and Don Halenza. Mr. Wilson served as an efficient director of the quartette. Page 68 ' Qibfiotfzecarg Glue The students and teachers of Morris High School have received unlimited aid and pleasure from the use of the library. Very few have realized that much of the efficient service has been provided by the efforts of the Bibliothecary Club. The club members have assisted the librarian, Miss Francis, in a variety of activities necessary to the operation of the library. Their duties included the cataloging and filing cards for two hundred twenty-two new books, taking inventory, searching for lost and mislaid books, and dusting and checking shelves. At several meetings they did some plain and fancy mending, thereby lengthening the service of many books which otherwise would have had to be discarded. The officers of the club this year are as follows: President .................................................... lune Matteson Vice-President ......... ......... B onnie Lyon Secretary .............. ......... D orothy Gore Treasurer ........... ............... ....... B a rbara Boyle MEMBERS lune Doyle Nancy Maunder leanette Pederson lay Francis Helen McNeil Irma Peterson Nancy Higgins Lois Mickelson Page 69 ra matic G The Dramatic Club has had an interesting year pursuing the field of the theater. The highlights of the meeting were colorful pantomines acted out by our members. By hearing intreesting reports on the theater and dramatists, the members became more closely acquainted with the theater and dramatic world. On the memorable night ot November twenty-first, the members excitedly boarded a bus to Chicago to attend the outstanding stage production, "OI Mistress Mine," starring Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt. Under the leadership of Mrs. Peterson, our very capable dramatic teacher, the thirty members have been guided through an eventful year. President ................................................ Ida Ruth Iohnson Vice-President ........ ........ R osemary Panish Secretary ............. ............... I o Ann Page Treasurer .......... ............ M adge Rygs Page 70 GBNRKJJ STORE M f A S Wmmlgp e S E E 4 uunnkx' J If 'V l ' is , Q 695 35 4. P a s 5 as FIIIITHHLL OGC!! .Www-way COACH SWOI-'FORD Coach Swofiord, a newcomer to our school this year from Benton, Illinois, has been very successful in coaching the football team. His enthusiasm, inspiration, and leadership keyed the boys to sufficient heights to produce M.C.H.S.'s first winning team in several years. He will return next year in the capacity of Athletic Director and head coach in football and basketball. WZGHGQQTS IOHN SLATEH BOB CAMERON The job of an athletic manager is not an easy one. A manager gets little credit for taping ankles and providing sweat socks, but it would be difficult to put a team on the field without them. "Bob" and "Enos" filled the position very well this year as both football and basketball managers. Both boys will be back next year. Gaptain BRUCE NELSON-Senior Center Bruce, the Redskins captain, was an en- thusiastic leader and an inspirational player. From his position as center he also called signals and assumed the active running of the team during the game. We will miss his pleasant smile and hard work when the next fottball season rolls around. Page 75 iv fjarsity When August of 1947 rolled around the football squad met their new coach, P. E. Swofford, who came to M.C.H.S. from Benton, Illinois, where he had maintained a fine record. lt was not long 'ere the boys realiied that Coach Swofford, with the capable assistance of Coach W. R. Ferguson, intended to have a winning football team. The fans saw a revival of football interest in M.C.H.S., which in spite of a disastrous defeat in the opening garne at Mendota, rose to new heights in fight, spirit, and the "will to win." They finished the season with the best record in several years, a record of five wins as compared with three losses. With a nucleus of ten lettermen returning in 1948 everyone is anxiously awaiting the continuance of the excellent cornpetitive spirit and the "desire to win" so well established by this year's warriors. Page 76 WAYNE TRENTER "Wayne" was the speedboy of the squad. He rose to un- precedented heights in the Fairbury game when he was referred to as "the galloping ghost of M.C.H.S." His all- around ability and scoring feats earned for him the Most Valuable Player award for l947. Wayne will certainly be missed next fall. DON HALENZA "Skip" was another letter win- ner on this year's successful team. He was always ready and anxious to jump in at tackle whenever the coach needed a change of personnel. His pleasing personality and conscientious attitude are wor- thy of emulation by all. We are sorry to see you leave us Hskipf, JACK GREENFIELD "Greenie" was regular left- guvarcl. His quick-charging, hard-driving, and vicious tackling made him a lineman which every opponent respect- ed. Although he started some- what slowly, his potential abilities were being demon- strated before midseason ar- rived. Coach Swofford says that if lack could get mad he would be capable of playing college ball. EDWARD CEPIEL "Ed" was the strong boy of the squad. After a few at- tempts of sending plays in Ed's direction, M.C.H.S.'s op- ponets looked for an easier path to thelnext lO yard stripe. His best night was against U. High when he was respon- sible or in on almost half the tackles made in the second half of the game. Oh, how we wish you were only a Iuniorl GERALD KENNEY "Iofes" was assured that he would be the regular right guard the very first game of the season at Mendota. Al- though he never quite exceed- ed his performance of this game, his consistant play and everlasting reliability was a tonic to the Coach's nerves. His main strength was found in his excellent offensive tactics. WILLIAM OLSON "Ole" was a senior whose past experience had fitted him capably to play a major role as a replacement for the end position whenever help was needed. He developed rapidly and was just coming around into his own when the suits were hung in mothballs for the coming year. We recom- mend you highly Bill and wish you the best of luck. E . RICHARD LAABS "Dick" was known as the "Fighting Dutchman" to his opponents. At his right tackle spot he was responsible, to a large extent, for the successful operation of "old '47." With a year of ex erience with the "T" forma grand already an alert taqgkl g Dick should do the team'a lot of good in l948. it X .Xf , J Y. Xt WAYNE ANDERSON "Andy" was the outstanding utility man in the entire line, He alternated from guard to tackle to guard so often that even the opposition weren't sure where to look for him next. It, therefore, is obvious that "Andy" is an experienced trouper and will fit well with plans that are being prepared for the coming season. Page 77 ROGER NELSON "Sparky" played left half in the "T" formation, Swofford variety After a mediocre start at Mendota, he reached his peak in the Pontiac and U. High games. He will be back next year and is ex- pected to cause cold chills to run up the opposition's spine. BOB ENGER "Red" played right end for the M.C.H.S. Varsity. His long reach for passes was a con- stant threat for the opposition. His defensive tactics discour- aged the opposition from run- ning many plays in his direc- tion. "Red" is a junior and great things are expected of him next year. CLAUDE THOMPSON "Pete" was the hard luck boy of the squad. After showing considerable ability at quar- terback in the first game of the season, he injured his left arm in scrimmage the follow- ing week and was unable to participate the remainder of the season. We are all pray- ing that "Pete" will be able to return to the squad next tall since he is only a junior. X ,.r sf lg , IERRY MCTAGUE "Mac" was one of our versa- tile sophomores. ln the first part of the season, Mac was used chiefly as a defensive line-backer. Later in the sea- son he gained a regular job at fullback. His "never-say- die" spirit should be a big asset to next year's Redskins. WAYNE TESDAL "Tee" was the regular left end on the pigskin squad. He had many chances to demon- strate his ability to knock- down interference and tackle the ball carrier. This was his favorite and most enjoyable part of playing football. Offen- sively he was always a po- tential danger because of his pass receiving ability. BOB BRAYTON "Bob" was endowed with a great natural ability and was always a potential great. His passing and kicking ability came in mighty handy when the Redskins found themselves in a hole. He worked himself up from a substitute role to that of quarterback in mid-sea- son. A shoulder injury pre- vented him from finishing the season. EARL BANSBACK "Earl" was very likeable and hardworking. He played every position in the line except cen- ter. His love of contact made him an ideal choice as a de- fensive man whenever the go- ing became rough. He will be one of Coach Swofford's regu- lars next season. He is the type of boy that the opposition will remember when they are tackled by him. Page 78 GENE STERRITT "Buck" was the first under- study of Captain Bruce. His fine ball handling and passing at the center post was receiv- ing considerable attention by the coaches at the end of the year. The coaches feel that "Buck" will be regular center next year and that the job will be well handled. "Buck's" cry is "wait till '49." Jack The 1948 Morris Community High School track team, under the direction of Coach Swofford, completed one of their most successful seasons in many years. The Redskins captured first place in two of the three meets entered. The Ottawa meet was won hands down when Morris took "first" in every event except the shot put. Morris met some trouble at Pontiac in the hurdles and short sprints but wound up second best. The Mazon meet proved no obstacle in the path of the Redskins although Wilmington surprised the field by taking firsts in the short sprints. The District track meet has not been held at the time of this Writing but the Redskins are expected to show the "fire" that gave them the winning season. Outstanding in the various track and field events were: Wayne Trenter: 100 yd and 220 yd dashes and broadjump: lim Cryder, 220 yd dash, high and low hurdles, and shotput, and high jumpp Don Hoganson, 100 yd and 220 yd dashesp Wayne Tesdal, 440 yd run and pole vault. That made up the varsity relay team. Trenter and Cryder brought in most of their points by their fine showing in the short sprints and hurdles. Earl Bansback proved to be a dependable point gainer in the mile and was defeated only once during the season. Brayton and Enger never failed to take points in the high jump. Both boys proved their ability to clear the bar. Davenport, although a freshman, took several broad jump events, and should continue to improve a great deal in the next three years. Wayne Tesdal placed in the pole vault and showed great improvement over last year. Ferguson, Laabs, Thompson, O'Neil and Cepiel held down the discus and shotput posi- tions and were successful in placing several times. Ferguson, especially, proved his ability with the shot! The boys were hindered this year due to the fact that Morris does not have a track of their own. Our team looked good, however and should improve greatly next year with only four seniors leaving the varsity teams. Baseball For the first time since 1942 Morris Community High School fielded a baseball nine to compete in the Cornbelt Conference. Coach Ferguson took a green and inexperienced team into battle with very little practice under their belts. The weather only permitted one week's practice before the season opened. Although only four games of the nine game schedule have been played at the present writing, the team appears to strenghten with each game and should be a tough nine to beat by the end of the season. The traveling squad included: Pitchers, Perry Niewinski, and McCam- bridge: catchers, Enger, D. Doyle: first base, Morrall: second base, Tesdal, third base, Scamen, and Hogas: shortstop, Brayton: outfielders, Ferguson, L. Enger, VV'iech, and Greenfield. - Wilbur Perry, Don Enger, and Hank Neiwinski handled the pitching very well. Enger, when not at his usual catching position, was sometimes used on the mound very effectively. Perry throwing to Enger proved a battery that was hard to beat. Hank Niewinski, a fast freshman, came in to relieve the starters regularly and always held the opposition to a minimum of hits. Ken Scamen and Gene Morrall combined with Bob Brayton and Wayne Tesdal proved to be an infield combination that was hard to beat. Dick Ferguson proved to be, with Leslie Enger, the outstanding outfielder. His booming bat added the necessary power to the Redskin attack. Both boys showed good fielding and throwing form. . New uniforms were purchased this year and baseball was made a major sport. The team should continue to improve and be a great threat next year. Page 79 ,,,, ' 0 xyb ' T f 4 f 4 f Q, xf Q x lf? t 2 ! . s . X . , 1 V , , t . If Y 'l XX N 2 IQIVN , J! V ' 9j'O.S'!l-CSBOPA The Frosh-Soph, combined with the Iunior Varsity, played a schedule of nine games this year and established a record of eight wins to one loss. Coach Ferguson, serving as Frosh-Soph coach, led his crew through three wins before they were stopped by Oswego. From this point, no opponent scored a touchdown except a lone .score by Wilmington. The Iunior squad looked promising and should show us some fine football next fall. , Sclwduk e They Mendota ..... Frosh-Soph .... 20 6 Wilmington ......... ......... I unior Varsity 13 O Mazon ........... ......... I unior Varsity 38 O Dwight .......... ......... F rosh-Soph .... 35 O Oswego ............ ......... F rosh-Soph .... 13 l9 Wilmington ......... ......... F rosh-Soph .... 28 6 Dwight .......... A... ......... Frosh-Soph 19 O Mazon ........... ......... F rosh-Soph .... 13 O Oswego ........ ......... I unior Varsity ......... ...... 2 8 O TOTAL .......... ........ 2 O7 3l Page SU x. X, X x, E N:-a A -'HSV' L W V . ' Q -'sf R- Q nnskcrnnu. OGC!! P COACH FERGUSON Coach Ferguson, serving as head basketball coach for his second straight season, led his squad through their schedule of twenty games with eight wins and twelve losses. Mr. Ferguson has followed a program of building and develop- ing the underclassmen this year and Morris should have one of the strongest teams in the surrounding territory next year. Gap tain "PETE" THOMPSON Iunior Guard "Pete" was unable to play the first half of the season and was handicapped the ree mainder by a fractured elbow received in football. "Pete's" biggest asset was his drive which carried him into the basket for layup shots. l-le will be back next year and in top physical condition again ready to battle all opponents. l-lis iight and leader- ship make him an asset on any team. Page 83 Varsity Last fall when Coach Ferguson issued a formal call for candidates who wished to compete in basketball, he was confronted with a very inexperienced group of Freshmeen and Sophomores with a sprinkling of luniors and Seniors who were also short on experience. Everyone with the least bit of basketball "know how" knew that the Redskins were in for a rough season so far as the won and lost column is concerned. Nevertheless, the realization that most of the boys would be back for two and even three years made this season a welcome one because of its potential building for the future aspects. The season has been worthwhile as players and all concerned have learned that a winning team is developed over a period of time and not over- night. They have also learned that effort, continuous practice, and clean living will eventually pay dividends. Witness the great games played by the varsity in the last two games of the season against Serena and Marseilles as well as the clean cut decisive victories and the companionship of the Frosh-Soph team in the first annual Morris Invitational Frosh-Soph tourney. The boys and Coach Ferguson have demonstrated that Morris High School basketball has now advanced to the place where we can rightfully expect to regain our laurels in the basketball parade. We are on our way. Page 84 BOB BRAYTON Iunior Forward Bob transferred to Mor' ris this year and his ball handling was helpful in many games Possessing good peri- pheral vision and pass- ing ability. Bob set up many good shots for his teammates. l "CHUCK ROSELAND Senior Guard Chuck, being the only Senior on the team was working and fight- ing to the final gun. His one hand shooting against zone defenses was always a threat. Chuck's best game was against Serena when he scored 22 points. He will be miss- ed next year when basketball season rolls around. "KEN" SCAMEN Iunior Guard Ken's shooting against zone defenses made him a marked man all season. Once set he could hit the bucket with uncanny accur- acy. Small in stature hurt Kenny in his shooting, but is learne ing to get his shots away faster and more often. Watch for him in 48-49. WAYNE TESDAL Iunior Forward Playing his first year of basketball, Wayne's rebounding helped the Redskins cause in sev- eral games. Wayne is learning to hit those rebound shots and should prove valuable in future planning. "RED" ENGER Iunior Center "Red" led this year's scoring parade and did a good job of re- bounding against big- ger boys. "Red" has a good eye for the bas- ket and with this year's experience should cause plenty of trouble for all oppo- nents next year. IOHN HUTCHINGS Sophomore Guard lohn was a workhorse every minute he was in a game and became a good defensive man. Possessing coolness, he set up many plays, although seldom shoot- ing himself. By the time lohnny is a senior he should be a big rugged basketball player. Page 85 TERRY MCTAGUE Sophomore Guard lerry sparked on stealing the ball from the defense and his speed helped to score several baskets on fast breaks. Being a speedy, aggressive type of ball player, lerry will be a help in Morris basketball fortunes the next two years. Page 86 "SPUNKY" PERRY Freshman Center "Spunky" stepped into a start- ing varsity berth the last half of the season and did himself proud. l-lis faking had the op- ponents grabbing air under the basket and after learning to arch, he will be C1 high scorer. "Spunky's" prowess as a bas- ketball player will increase with leaps and bounds the next three years. Y I IM CRYDER Sophomore Forward One fundamental of basketball is the ability to jump and one that lim can do well. His shoot- ing and rebounding was above average all season. With more experience to give lim a better shooting eye he will be tough the next two years. 1 . ljarslty Schedule DATE OPPONENT PLACE 28 Nov. Dec. 2... Dec. 5... Dec. 9... Dec. 12. Dec. 16. Dec. 19. Ian. 6... Ian. 10. Ian. 13. lan. 27. lan. 30. Feb. 3... Feb. 6... Feb. 10. Feb. 13. Feb. 17. Feb. 20. Feb. 24. Feb. 27. DATE Nov. 28 Dec. 2... Dec. 5... Dec. 9 .................. Dec. 12. Dec. 16. Dec. 19. Ian. 6... Ian. 10. lan. 13. lan. 27. Ian. 30. Feb. 3... Feb. 6... Feb. 10. Feb. 13. Feb. 17. Feb. 20. Feb. 24. Feb. 27. Mazon ......... ........Here............ Minooka ......... ........ H ere ........ Dwight ....... ........ H ere ........ St. Paul ....... ........ H ere ........ Coal City ....... ........ T here ..... ..... Gardner ......... ............ H ere .... .............. Wilmington WE THEY 56 39 28 50 36 33 38 32 40 61 39 31 46 32 Dec. 30, 31, lan. l.-Pontiac Invitational Tournament-Pontiac Dwight .......................... There ................ Marseilles .................... There ................ 32 43 37 49 41 32 Braiclwood .................... Here .................. Ian. 20, 21, 22, 23-Coal Valley Tournament-Coal City Ottawa .......................... Here.. Marseilles . Newark ....... Seneca ....... ........Here............ ........ There ...... Coal City ....... ........ H ere ........ Mazon ......... Wilmington Braidwood . Gardner ..... Serena ....... Feb. 2, 3, 4, OPPONENT Mazon ....... Minooka ..... Dwight ....... St. Paul ....... Coal City Gardner ..... Wilmington Dwight ...... Marseilles . Braidwood . Ottawa ....... Marseilles . Newark ....... Seneca ....... Coal City Mazon ......... Wilmington Braidwood . Gardner ..... Serena ....... ........ There ...... ........Here........ ........There.......... 39 62 39 59 24 35 39 52 29 45 28 42 62 34 46 49 38 40 52 48 5-Regional Tournament-Ottawa . il Schedule PLACE ........Here............ ........Here........ ........Here........ ........Here........ ........ There ...... ........Here............ .........There.......... ......... There ...... ........ There ...... ........Here........ ........Here........ ........Here........ ........Here............ ........There.......... ........Here........ ........ There ...... ........Here........ ........There.......... .........There.......... ........Here........ WE THEY 25 26 26 24 35 28 31 21 20 25 29 31 39 37 28 36 31 29 45 25 43 40 33 47 32 34 23 24 31 32 30 23 50 43 33 18 31 29 32 21 Page 87 MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCORING PARADE 1947 - 1948 FREE THFKOWS PLAYERf G PG. Mode Missed PF. TP. F.T. Pct B. Enqer ......... ........ 1 9 79 51 33 60 209 .607 Roseland ....,.. ........ 1 9 59 25 19 39 125 .568 Thompson ....... ........ 1 3 35 21 24 28 91 .466 Cryder ......... ........ 2 0 28 22 19 25 77 .536 Scoirnen ....... ........ 1 9 28 9 7 24 66 .563 Perry ........ ........ 1 8 22 14 18 39 58 .438 Tesdod ......... ........ 1 9 21 19 19 43 53 .345 Broyion ....... ........ 1 2 15 9 8 41 39 .529 McTolque ......... ........ 1 5 8 12 15 21 28 .444 Hutchings ....... ..... 16 9 4 19 36 22 .173 D. Enqer ..... ........ 5 7 2 7 9 18 .222 Anderson ....... ........ 1 9 1 2 9 1 .333 Iohnsion ..... ........ 3 9 9 9 1 9 .999 Brown ..........,.. ........ 2 9 9 9 1 9 .999 TOTALS ........ ....... 2 9 394 181 192 369 799 48.5 'MQ Morris Points 799 Opponents Points 868 W'on 8, Lost 12 Blk High Page 88 an io r arslty u The I. V,'s of M.C.H.S. engaged in a twenty game schedule Winning twelve While losing eight for a GOO per cent rating. The personnel ot the I. Vfs changed nearly every game as various members of the squad would rate a chance with the Varsity. While most ot the younger members of the crew could not quite make the regulars, they did succeed in geeting a lot ot valuable experience in "tough" competition which titted them perfectly to win the Frosh-Soph Tourney. Ot course, they will be back next year and all indications point to the fact that there will be plenty of boys shooting for a first team berth. Page 89 e2OSz.-Qs1,,,1. The first annual Morris Invitational Freshman-Sophomore Tournament was held in the Center School Gymnasium on March 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. The following schools entered teams: Ottawa, Marseilles, Mazon, Wilmington, Gardner, Coal City, Seneca, and Morris. Coach Ferguson gave a preview of what to expect next season when he sent forth a well-rounded and efficient Freshman-Sophomore quintet. This team was composed of "Spunky" Perry, Jerry McTague, Iohnny Hutchings, lim Cryder, and "Buck" Sterritt, with Fisher, Wieck, Watchinski, Hougas, and Davenport as reserves. These boys played an inspired, well-planned type of basketball which pleased the fans very much. Their play, which was so decisive, was illustrated by the fact that all three of our tournament games were won by us by never less than twenty points. The boys accomplished a fitting tribute and an indication of things to come by winning the first place trophy, which was awarded to them 'by Superintendent of Schools A. W. Cravens, at the close of the tournament. Mr. Cravens' actions, especially the half-hidden smile when he awarded the trophy, indicated the hopes and desires of what is expected in the field of basketball in M.C.H.S. during l948-49. Page 90 I 1 Club The Club composed of varsity letter Winners has been very active this year under the leadership of Coaches Ferguson and Swofford. One ot the outstanding activities ot the year was sponsoring the annual Homecoming Dance, at which Wayne Trenter and Pat Sampson Were crowned king and queen. The Lions and Rotary Clubs of Morris combined for an evening and sponsored a banquet for all varsity lettermen in football. An alumnus, Ralph Fletcher, backfield coach at the University of Illinois was the main speaker. Mr. Fletcher was an outstanding athlete in his day and recalled several of his former high school teammates at Morris High School. During this banquet, the showed movies of the Illinois-Michigan game and colored movies of the Rose- bowl parade and game in California. Officers ot the "M" Club this year were Bruce Nelson, president: Bob Enger, vice-president: and Wayne Trenter, secretary-treasurer. Other members were: Ed Cepiel lerry McTaque Bill Olson Don Hoganson Wayne Anderson Bud Harder Pete Thompson Bob Brayton Don Enger Earl Bansback Gerald Kenny Gene Sterritt Paul Lyons Ken Scamen Wayne Tesdal lack Greenfield Don Halenza Chuck Roseland Dick Laabs Wilbur Perry Iim Cryder Ken Terry Iohn Hutchings Page 91 A 1117 In-f ll! fl I' 111 ' ' ' " ' HH' ' 'ffff' -. ff V fQ1'1::!:" ' .6 l 4, I - W ,,,.,-17455.--',-5:-1 ' X A f ' ' 4. 3511" M H ', f 27, f Baa. I 'Q X , V .N ww X' ,X 5 ' XY ng I 1 I ,-1-Xu 1. 1 I ii. I Q i 2' r rw- .1 , Wa r' Lxf ,1 X qwuwn 5.-A fyvzi-r ,it-3.7 rift 3 'V' 4 ,-1.-"9 1 1 1 CUZLQ cgjquaws iary SEPTEMBER 2nd Dear Diary, My first day of school as a dignified Senior. I hope this year will be a year I will never forget. I have five new teachers. I can't wait to :iig in tomorrow. I hope to improve my scholastic rating so I can be included on the Honor Roll. l2th Diary, Our first football game tonight. Mendota shouldn't be too hard to beat. Some of the students went AWOL today. Kids will be kids I guess. 19th Dearest Diary, Those lipstick painted Indians around the halls today were those green Freshmen. Today was Initiation Day. They won't forget that for awhile. I can't wait until the Dwight game tonight. We have the Frosh mixer afterwards. I'm going with that "someone special." OCTOBER 3rd Dear Diary, Our third football game of the season and e lost to "U" High. The boys played fairly good ball, but it won't be long before their rapid improvement will start showing. 6th Hi Ya' Dairy, The announcements are always so full of lost articles. I wonder what's wrong. We must be terribly careless or something. Oh well, more for Student Council when they auction them off. 9th Dearest Diary, Ioyous day4everyone is talking about Homecoming. We had our snake dance and pep session. We threw the "best" Pontiac Indian on the bonfire and everyone was yelling his lungs out. Afterwards we went to the "old stand by" and had steaming hot chocolate. lUth Dear Diary, I painfully pulled myself out of bed this morning. My muscles are still sagging. They were pulled out so far on the end of the snake line last night, but I just couldn't stay away from today's festivities. Our Homecoming parade was simply super and the boys played a nice game but we didn't win. Things looked better though, when we all got over to the dance. Pat Sampson and Wayne Trenter were a charming couple when they were crowned queen and king. 15th Diary, Oh agony, report cards today. Why couldn't I be smart like those honor students? 17th Hi Honey, . We went to the game in Lemont tonight, I had a date! Happy days are here again! WE beat them too. lake Olson helped the cheerleaders lead a few cheers and did we yell! Everything was just perfect. 23rd Dear Diary, I've noticed so many of those Redskin jackets around I decided to get one for myself. It is very warm and "comfy" but I can hardly find myself in it, for it's so big. 30th Dear Diary, School pictures taken today. I was just sitting down when he said, "Next." I didn't even get to show him I had that Ipana look. Got out of school early today to go over to the gym for the Magician Show. I still can't figure out how those ducks disappeared. Page 95 3lst Hi Diary, Went to the Fairbury game this afternoon. That Wayne Trenter really showed what he can do in today's game. We WON! NOVEMBER 7th Dear Diary, Gardner comes here tonight. I hope we skin them. We have a dance too. It's going to be a Spanish Fiesta. I bet it will be pretty. Adios! I lth Dear Diary, A holiday so no school. This is a life of Riley. 14th Dearest Diary, The juniors put on a very good play, entitled, "Almost Summer." Earl really showed his abilities as well as the rest of the cast. They must have made a lot of money because there was a large crowd there. 26th Diary, We got our report cards again. Well, I guess I didn't do too bad. At least, I won't have to be ashamed to take it home. 27th Diary, Thanksgiving Day, another holiday, which means more fun. The stormy weather kept me from going to Chicago to visit relatives, but I had a lot of fun around the cozy tire at home. VP? 28th Dearest Diary. Well, tonight we meet our southern rivals, Mazon. We should be able to trim them. They aren't supposed to have much of a team because of their first year out for b.b. DECEMBER 2nd Dear Diary, I feel so terrible. We lost to Minooka tonight. There was a little trouble out on the floor afterwards, seems like some people didn't agree. Ruthie had the prettiest dress on tonight. Wish I'd get a new one, 5th I-Ii You Darling Diary, We won tonight. Beat Dwight 36-33. I feel so good. The fellows played just grand! Met all the gang at the "Basket" afterwards. Vt' as it noisey in there! , 9th Diary, I'm just basketball crazy. We beat St. Paul tonight. Our cheering section really went to town! Pat, Pat, Doryce, and Midge really let go. ' 12th Dear Diary, I ' Good deal-no school this afternoon. We went over to the Grade School Operetta. Miss Andrews can handle those little kids. Our game in Coal City wasn't so good. We didn't come out on top this time. 16th Dearest Diary, K Oh, I'm so tired, we wore ourselves out cheering at the Gardner game. We won too, so I'm justified in giving the team a little credit, because they played a good game. l7th Hello Again Diary, Miss Andrews took us caroling all over our metropolis. Ierry M. and Pat B, really enjoyed themselves! Poor Miss A. footed the bill for our hot chocolate afterwards. 18th Diary Dear, joy, joy, I got to exercise my vocal chords tonight again. Girl's Ensemble sang for P.-T. A. We all smiled sweetly at our watchful parents and teachers. Page 96 qc 97 ! l I ' 1 19th I-loliday Greetings, Today was joyful. Our Christmas program was so much fun. I wish you could have seen our big tree, right in the center of the stage. lerry S. did a good job of decorating, except there was more tinsel on him than on the tree. No school 'til next year! ' l9th Hi Diary, Tonight we journeyed to Wilmington to scalph them 52-45. It was such a cold night, I nearly froze. A lot of the college kids came home including: Bob D., Eddy B., Dave H., Frank P., Bob L., and just oodles of others! Looks like some good times ahead. 23rd Dear Diary, Oh, it's so much fun staying out late and sleeping all morning. No school, no alarm clocks, no assignments, nothing but fun. By the way, saw a few new couples together over the past week. 25th Dearest Diary, May this be the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS ever for you. 30th Diary, We started the Poniac Tournament today. We should have done better, but even the best can't come out on top all the time. IANUARY 5th Dear Diary, Greetings, Gee, it's great to be back in school again, although vacation was a lot of fun. Now back to the ball and chain, and l'm going to try to improve my work before the year is' done. Q Sth Diary, We're starting our school season oi'l right. The Dwight Trojans are our enemy tonight. I hope we pounce them, but good. 9th Diary Dear, That Senior Assembly was colossal! That was the first time our school has been presented with a recorded program. Leave it to the Seniors! lOth Dearest Diary, Another challenge to hold our victories in the upper bracket. The Marseilles game tonight will be a' 'toughie" to win, though, I think. l2th Diary, The kids really have started something. Every student in M.C.H.S. owns a water pistol, I believe. Only the teachers disapprove of having water squitted around the classroom, as I wring the water out of my clothes, and commence to have straight hair. 13th Diary. Again we are faced with a conference rival, Braidwood. We're going to win and be in there yelling like mad. We'll give them all of our support. I5-16 Diary Dearest, , This is really judgment day! , Semester tests. Some of them Weren't so bad. I hope I pull through. 20th Dear Diary, Everyone was dizzy after school today. We got our new chute fire escapes. Are they ever iun to glide down. I'Iere's hoping we won't have to use them. 21st Diary, Well, today we received a lot oi grades on our report cards. I didn't get on the Semester Honor Roll though. Those kids who did, should keep up their good work, I'd say. Page 98 27th Diary, Ottawa is our basketball victim tonight. Here's hoping we come out on top. With Red in there fighting hard we should be able to trim them. 30th Dear Diary, Marseilles come here tonight. We can really celebrate a victory by going to the Sophomore Dance afterwards. It's going to be a movie dance, so We should have fun. 31st Dear Diary, The F.F.A. and the F.H.A. put on a good assembly I didn't realize those clubs had so many activities. Iodie Mitchell's song hit the spot. FEBRUARY 3rd Dear Diary, We played Newark. Our fellows came out on the losing end. Sth Dear Diary, No school because there was Teachers' Institute. I'm trying to find a ride to the Seneca game tonight. Hope we win. ' 10th Dear Diary, Had a big Pep Session. The cheerleaders introduced two new fight songs. Were they peppyl We played Coal City and they beat us, but we'll still cheer for our fighting team. llth Hi Diary, Classes were cut short, we went to Center S. and saw a movie and a program put on from WLS talent. We nearly missed the bus! 12th Diary Dear, t Lincoln's birthday and the Senior Mixer. They say one good thing follows another. lt was semi-formal so you can imagine us tripping around in our "spikes." Balloons were dropped from the ceiling and everyone scrambled. 13th Diary. No school today because we went yesterday on Lincoln's birthday. I guess the dance was too much ior the team. Mazon beat us. Friday the 13th was too much for us. 17th Dear Diary, Another game and another loss. Well, finally that dream boy got around to asking me if he could walk me home afterward. l8th Dear Diary, Senior pictures are being taken all this week and next. Hope mine turns out all right. 20th Diary, The team travels over to Braidwood tonight, but I couldn't go because of the terrible cold. I hope we win. ' 25th Dear Diary, More spills and thrills! We got a bang out of Mr. Ansell and Mr. Ferguson on those donkeys. The crowd enjoyed the game very much. The Seniors sponsored the game in order to increase their bank roll. 27th Dearest Diary, Well, we played our last basketball game tonight with Serena. The last game I'll see while I'm in high school. They won this one for the seniors who have been waiting for their last victory. The only Senior on the varsity, Chuck Roseland, was high scorer. His playing ability put a heroic end to his basketball career. Page 99 l V I ' MARCH 3rd Dear Diary, Report cards again! The six weeks periods go so fast! First thing I know l'll be walking down the aisle of graduation. Sth Diary, Those Juniors really showed us what they could do for their Assembly. They put on a skit entitled, "Sauce for the Goslingsf' It showed the effects oi the use ot slang and why we should omit it in our speech. V . 7th Dear Diary, Those Seniors have the stuff. That Style Show went over big and was it ever pretty. lt helped the merchants of our fair town advertise their merchandise, too. 9th Dear Diary, ' Tonight we played the last game of the Frosh-Soph Basketball Tournament. Were the boys ever thrilled to get the trophy for first place, and we were very proud of them. 12th Dear Diary, . I'm going to have a good time at the Frosh Mixer tonight. lt will be easy to have fun because I am going to go with Handsome. 19th Dearest' Diary, ' f This is the night all of us kids are going to the dance. We girls are going to wear long calico square dancing skirts. lt's the G.A.A. dance so everyone will be out for a good time. 25th Hello Diary, We don't have school tomorrow so we're having the Iunior Mixer tonight. lt should be clever, because the Juniors are putting it on. 26th Diary, Good Friday and no school! Easter vacation next week, too. APRIL lst Dear Diary, l had so many jokes played on me this April Fool's Day l'm starting to think I'm really one. It was fun though. 5th Dear Diary, Back to school again. Even the boys had shining ears and clean hankies Easter Sunday. Everyone was at church with that "new look." The Iunior girls were wobbling down the street on those spike heels. They did look nice, though. 9th I-Ii Again Diary, Today was the Sophomore Day to shine. They put on a well organized Assembly program. We were introduced to some new talent, too. g 16th Oh Diary, - , l'm still dancing on a cloud. Tonight I had the best time at our Pep Club Prom and Banquet. Everyone looked as ii they were having a wonderful time and if they were having half as good a time as I was l know they were. l'll remember this magical night as long as I live. . 21st Groan, Diary, Groan, Report card-doom's day for me. Why, oh why didn't I study for that Chemistry test. Gad! What will Mom say when she signs my card? 30th Hi Ya Old Diary, Today was pretty fair, the Frosh gave us a good Assembly, our last this year. Won't the Seniors miss all this next year? I hate to think of them all leaving to go their own way pretty soon now. Page 100 Page 101 1 1 l Q MAY Zlst Hi Diary, Tonight is the night! lust think! This is our last formal dance at good old lil C.H.S. lt hardly seems possible. l'll never forget the two Iunior and Senior Rroms I attended and all the fun I had at them. 21st Dear Diary, Everyone was awarded for their good merits they have achieved during this past school year. Yes, it's Honor Day. It was fun to see who secured the different awards! 30th Dear Diary, Baccalaureate Services tonight which was the first event of the succession of events which will, in the end, mark graduation. The seniors learned they have more and greater responsibilities as they go out to make a life of their own, than they have had before. I hope they will follow through some of the ideas presented to them. IUNE lst Dear Diary, Class Night tonight. Lot's of tokens given out. Oh, what a night for the graduates. 3rd Dearest Diary, Tonight the Class of '48 graduated. Noticed several new watches. There was a big crowd and a few tear stained faces. y With quiet grave faces we march down the aisle Our minds wonder back for a little while We think of the dances, the games, and the joys, That school brought us graduating girls and boys. In spite of the gladness that we feel tonight, Our eyes are wet, our throats feel quite tight. Farewell, fellow students, our school days are thru. Take care of our school-we demand that of you. Farewell once more classmates, the recessional begins We lift our heads higher and steady our chins. We're proud of the days spent in dear Morris High Farewell once more friends-good luck and goodbye! I Page 102 I? ff I 9 9 1 V 0 Pun! lhlloul ll In - " ll Ou-c Dun! n -1 Suu M 1 'll Owl if HANG! Owl! 1 I1 1 Y! Ona: Smut " Swv! If 1 -. 1 I 1 y ll I Ml I fl 1 E25 -9535 MORRIS DAIRY JOHN P. JOHNSON Sz SONS 721 LIBERTY STREET PHONE 803 "USE THE MILKY WAY TO HEALTH" HUDSON G. M. C. TRUCKS EDIVIUNDSON MOTORS, IDC. CHRIS CRAFT BOATS Business Phone 44 Morrris, Illinois Compliments of Compliments of THOMPSON'S MEAT MARKET NICK'S BARBER SHOP MORRIS, ILLINOIS 405 Liberty Street Morris Page lU5 Page 106 Top: "Ookie Momielu says Ie-rry McTugue. Mrs. Peterson munching again. Thoughtful Carroll. Center: Heres mud in your eye! HC:-hovhg! 'vVhc1t's so funny? Bottom: That mon is here ogcin. Dr. Iekly and Mr. Hyde. Way back when. I 4 Top: lo Page, you've goi two. too many. Our gang. Center: Our big Homecoming Parade. You make a beautiful girl, Ierry. The terrible four! Bottom: ls she heavy? Relaxing? My new car!! We're Big Girls now. Page 107 BAUM'S Have made great contributions Q To Good Taste In Wearing Apparel and Furnishings For The Home Since 1874 But The Best Is Yet To Come HJEMVICK SERVICE STATION GAS, OIL, TIRES HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Liberty Street and Route 6 Compliments of J. T. ANDERSON WELL DRILLER Phone 409-R-1 H. F. D. No. 2 Morris, Illinois Compliments of 'C JACK'S RECREATI POOL - BILLIARDS - CANDY JOES SANDWICH SHOP HAMBURGERS - ICE CREAM - SANDWICHES 110 E. Washington Street Morrris 198 Page IOS Top: You don't say, Madge-All dressed up and no place to go. Whoa! Center: Dor1't drop him. Bathing Beauty QD You figure it out. Bottom: What a figure, skater. Don't clip her too hard, Doris. Miniature editions. Well ..... Page 109 Compliments of WEST IMPLEMENT CO ' FULL LINE JOHN DEERE . FARM IMPLEMENTS SALES AND SERVICE PHON E ZIMMERMAN DRUG STORE IV. J. ZIMMERMAN, R. Ph. 218 Liberty Street MORRIS PHONE 184 Compliments of C. H. H Y N D S DRY GOODS STORE MORRIS, ILLINOIS Compliments of BUEHLER BROS, Inc. Page 110 l I 1 if 5 M W W Top: Everybody happy? "Fill 'er up" Sunshine Center: The bare facts. Over ihe threshold? Mermaids! Maybe? Bottom: Waich the birdie. Pepscdeni sparkle. Cheek io cheek. Such affection. Page 111 -r I I Cf ,111 pnments of I THOMPSON ELECTRIC COMPANY VVESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Compliments of PHONE 91 U. C. DAVIS Sz SONS I I BARRY-IRWIN STORE MORRIS ILLINOIS The Home of SPORTING GOODS 413 Liberty Street Morris ' Compliments of M. K. WIX and SONS MORRIS, ILLINOIS Compliments of MORRIS DRY CLEANERS Compliments Of Pickup and Delivery Service 118 IC. Washington Street Phone 181 GAMBLE STORE Page IIZ l I I Z Top: My Skipper, how you have grown. Watch the birdie! How do you hold it up Hoagy? Center: One oi your relations-Bob? You name it! Bottom: Smile pretty Dorothy! Spit it out Danna! Eek a Freak! Page 113 MORRIS AND TIMES THEATRES ENO-REDFERN ENGERS LUNCH REFRIGERATION AND SERVICE KL SERVICE STATION SALES AND SERVICE 24 HOUR SERVICE 214 Liberty Street Route 47 and High Street Morris JEWELER HIGH GRADE WATCHES, DIAMONDS, AND JEWELRY Phone 337 401 Liberyt Street Morris, Illinois Page 114 l -L Top: Seen 'em before somewhere! Big qrins! My what cr He-mon? Ouch! . Center: Are you sure? Friends forever. Hello to you to ldi. My how you chcmqed Betty! Bottom: Ooh what cx mon! Who's the stronger? Why so qlum Dot? Poul, you devil! Pals forever. Why so disgusted Eleanor? Who is she Ronnie? Always together!! Poge ll5 Compliments of CHADA'S GREENHOUSE COAL CITY, ILLINOIS R, L. SHEET METAL Sz HEATING Compliments of PHILLIPS GROCERY Gas Furnaces KL MEATS Eavestroughes 100 Calhoun Street Oil Burners Blowers Air Conditioners WEITZ CAFE 617 Liberty street "The Home of Fine Foods" Phone 134 Kg l w e I WERTZ CHEVROLET Co. Large Service Department Parts-Wholesale and Retail 129 E Jackson Street "Chevrolet Corner" Phone 30 Page ll6 Top: How did you qet by the cooch? The Beauty CPD Solon Now open for business-Monkey business, that is. Bottom: How about C1 dote, Toots, I'11 pick you up on my tricycie. 'Who will give us C1 push? Oh, you big, wonderful mon, Deon. Page 117 Q g g ,296 a l! 0599 ' MORRIS PAPER MILLS MCRRIS, lLuNols Top: Sophisticatd Seniors fqadsll All kiddies have their recess, even the Ten Little Indians. Center: Which one is the teacher? A smile with every box cl popcorn. Bottom: Lme up for chow, you characters! Basorn Buddies. Gals, lust how can you smile with all that homework? Oh, ch, loppy, you'll he sorry ii you pick those ilowers. Page ll9 Compliments of X i WATTERS GROCERY PHONE 17 Compliments of Morris THE N Flo WESTERN FOUNDRY SAX II' XX ITH FLOXVERS ELSON'S GREENHOUSE Arvicl Johnson, Prop. NNI RS HY XHRP ANXXNI-il Rl THE NORTHWESTERN CORPORATION W. E. BOLEN, President Page 120 Top: How affectionate! Iust 4. "Liz" Center: Hello! Four strays from the cast. Remember Louise? Chief Ruth and squaws. Ozzie. Five of a kind! Bottom: Room for more! How modest! Paqe 121 NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS COAL CORPORATION Producers of High Grade Coal CAREFULLY PREPARED For Stoves, Furnaces, and Stokers WASHED OILED Top: Center: Bottom: Stop here. Hey Shirley, clidn't you see that "Wet Paint" sign? Come on fellows, don't be bashful. -and we mean business!! On the lookout Cior a school bus? Try Iay's Corn Plaster. Don't you dare hit me with that bat, loppyl Who are they gunning tor? There's been a double cross somewhere! Oh Lois, what pretty curls! Nelson never was contented to walk. Thay, ith that our "Ruthie?" Tummy ache, Nancy? Always room for one more. Page 123 THE GOLDEN RULE 419 Liberty Street Morris, Illinois GOOD VVISI-IES From WILLMINGTON'S SHOE STORE 409 Liberty Street Morris. Illinois RADIO DOCTOR Repairing All Makes All Work Guaranteed SENTINEL RADIOS PARTS AND SUPPLIES IVIATTESON Hardware Co 420 Liberty Street Morris, Illinois Full Line SPORTING GOODS Page 124 Top: Humph!Ill Sr. boys go calling . . . Oo-ii's Cold. Here we ore. Whot's so funny? No stumps on you, Lois. Center: Siill Buddies. Lefs go, gong? Bottom: A dogs' bes tfriend. Ain't love qrond! Nice. Page 125 W. F. PAGE, Jewelei U Compliments of KELLY'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of LOUIS NICHLOS COCKTAIL LOUNGE BOOK 8: GIFT SHOP 402 Liberty Street GREETING CARDS gl GIFTS FULL-O-PEP FEEDS-MAKE POULTRY PAY Be Sure To Get Our Bids In Grain Before Selling WE BUY SOY BEANS THE QUAKER OATS CO. Phone 25 Morris, Illinois ge 126 Top Already spoken for. No longer!! Romeo and Company. Bottom: Routine stuff. Stern first? Good Joe. He'11 never be ihe sczme. Page 127 Morris Bottling Works NELSON Sz SON N els o n ' s ' HMORRIS MAIDH TOPS IN POP PHONE 354 225 W. Washingt St t Morris, Ill MORRIS MOTOR COMPANY STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE 121 WFST MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 616 MORRIS ILLINOIS Compliments of HARRY'S SHOE SERVICE INVINCIBLE SHOE SERVICE SHOE SHINING Sz SUPPLIES 414 Liberty Street WESTON SALES 81 SERVICE FORD CARS AND TRUCKS STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS On Route 47 At Mazon, Illinois FOR BETTER FOODS T R Y SEVEN GABLES Page 130 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE -WEAR WITH SATISFACTION 35.62 95 E95 EI? 'QE EE WHERE MEN'S AND BOYS' BETTER WEAR COSTS LESS THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS SINCE 1928 ALLAN FURNITURE CO. Page 131 Compliments of MORRIS BAKERY Phone 1031 212 Liberty Street Morris, Illinois Compliments of ZENTNERS REXALL GOLD'S MEN STORE DRUG STORE MEN'S 81 BOY'S WEAR FOUNTAIN SERVICE Morris, Illinois Phone 33 Morris Compliments of UPTOWN SWEET SHOP DANIEL OGDEN, Prop. Congratulations to Class of '48 Compliments of KINDELSPIRE'S AUTO SUPPLY CO. Ray Dick Bill Fred Ted Frank Wayne . MORRIS, ILLINOIS A qe 132 AND, Inc. Rl VA A. C. 216-218 W. Washington Street orris, Illinois NAIVI M Phone 373 MCCORMICK-DEERING FARM MACHINES INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS PACKARD AUTOMOBILES ggrgqx xmllif Il ' H I f1 The Grundy County National Bank ESTABLISHED 1864 MORRIS ILLINOIS Farmer's Square Deal Grain Co. e 134 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES CARLSON STUDIO Compliments of KINDELSPIRE BROS. COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE 416 Liberty Street +55 E3 ,lil I. N. R. Beatty lumber Company Compliments of Morris Insurance Agents Association HARRY J. LEACH GORDON A. ROOT FRED W. GEBHARD J. LEO CAREY MAURICE E. ROBINSON Morris, Illinois The Officials of Grundy County FRANK H. HAYES FRANK D. CONDON WM. G. PEACOCK NELS P. NELSON S. J. HOLDERMAN JOHN ENRIETTA, Jr. ANNA L. ONDESCO J. RUSSELL WASHBURN TYLER A. HOGANSON P gel36 Congratulations To The Class of '48 Good Luck In'All Your Endeavors YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE FEDERATED STORE MYRICK'S MORRIS HATCHERY B. N. MYRICK, Prop. Phone 76 Morris, Illinois Compliments of STRAIGHTWAY DIARY HIGH QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 848 Morris HAL OSMANSON HARRY O. TORRENCE BUICK MEN'S WEAR CADILLAC SALES and SERVICE BEST OF LUCK U. S- TIRES 715-717 Liberty Street Phone 1031 Phone 355 Pg 158 Congratulations To The Class of '48 Good Luck In All Your Endeavors V ,Q WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT THIS STORE ANYTIME YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME THREE FLOORS OF BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE og'nIoI,Tnr2lll1yg27IQgp. Q B Il2 E WASHINGTON ST MORRIS q 139 COMPLIMENTS OF MORRIS COAL Sz MINING COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 SUCESS IN YOUR NEW VENTURES! From HECHT'S LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 406 Liberty Street Morris, Illinois EDDIE- LEONA - SHIRLEY - AMY Invite You To Visit The Store, You Are Always Welcome! JUNIOR DRESSES - COATS - SUITS SPORTS WEAR Lingerie Millinery g 141 l , Compliments of XV.-Xl.GRl'lEN SYSTENI Phone 1054 Iworris Phfllle 189 lNlOl'l'l Compliments of B. KL H. SMOKE SHOP GEORGE RYDER 81 SON Morris, Illinois Q A NDAN CAFE CONGRATULATIONS TO TOMORROWIS LEADING CITIZENS FROM THE 'NATIONAL The Home Of FINE DIAMONDS Nationally Known Up To The Minute WATCHES LADIES' 8: MEN'S SILVERWARE READY-TO-WEAR WATCH REPAIRS 8z ACCESSORIES N TIUNAL DA. I- Phone 533-.I-2 8 a. rn. to 5 p. m. 7 STANDARD o1L co. THOMPSON S F. J. NELSON, Agent HO.MADf41 ANGEL FOOD CAKES Phone 1223 Morris Made On Order Morris, Illinois Phone Morris Compliments of V. F. W. CAB SERVICE JAMES SMITH, Owner 849 124 E. Main Street Compliments of MORRIS RECREATION C. A. GERBER, Proprietor BOWL FOR HEALTH Compliments of SCHULTZ BROS. FEATURING 5c To 251.00 MERCHANDISE 311 Liberty Street P ge 144 We The Class of '48 Wish to Thank These Businessmen. We Urge You To Patronize Compliments of MORRIS ICE CREAM SHOP HOME MADE ICE CREAM DOWNY FLAKE DONUTS Libe ty St t Ph 979 BARGER MOTOR SERVICE REPAIRING-TOWING 1094 SL S51 M Ill Day by day, experi- enced buyers of photo-engraving turn to Blue Ridge for all their needs. Quality-wise, they recognize halftones that can only be produced by expert crafts- men who take a sincere pride in their work. Technique-wise, they know that the most modern equipment and special methods of the new Blue Ridge Plant assure them of perfect reproduction ofdrop-out halftone copy. Economy-wise, they rely upon Blue Ridge step-and-repeat equipment for im- portant savings in labels and other work requiring multiple duplicates. Find out for yourself why thousands of discriminating buyers are insisting upon Blue Ridge quality-the finest in modern photo-engraving. Remember . . . Blue Ridge means quality . . . in every detail! Phone DEL 4381-2-3 :'i ' BL E ID g U it G X "f,12fL.'L'.llTT, 'f W 859 63 N ORLEANS ST. CHICAGO IO. ILL ?oqe l46 COMPLIMENTS OF THE MORIS HERALD Printers Sz Publishers ,fa.z.z5,, Qufmqu ELZKL5 - W MORIS DISTRIBUTORS ADvERT1s1NG sPEc1ALT1Es CALENDARS BOOK MATCHES NOVELTIES MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF AMERICAS FINEST CALENDARS ART CALENDARS VARNISHED CALENDARS DESK CALENDARS RELIGIOUS CALENDARS FARM CALENDARS DELUXE CALENDARS METAL CALENDARS JUMBO CALENDARS I-IANGER CALENDARS 404 East North Street Morris, Illinois PQ AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS gy , s 7' . X- . v Q 1 ' N' I N 1 s X V 1 1 1 f w x I - . 9 K , 1 I 1 I ,prow ' ' , 4 , h- X 1 '..+f- Q X , , gg, A , . -I ,- A -v X K . X - V . ' Q. f . , Y . x X . ' I X . , f ' I u . . . f S , 1 1 ' f ,',x5f,,.1,. '- f .1 ...I M 1,1 fp: ' 19 hi 51' fi::b"'tH A J Qi 'ws M 'L xeiammff-:.r.a5fGw.LfmfM 1.4, mimiiim Q v x 1 1 X 1 x w r x x 1 S I 4 Q 1 x , , x f Y N 1 , 4 I w ,f - - X v X. , r wqgw 4,5 .,,, 4 .fx V5 ., , , , ,, M L., fy , iq 'fn'+f'?5"H-fF?"ff39'1- kiln?"-'53,.: .-. NT. 2'1i3" " Waik- I I

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