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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1943 volume:

W 1 l ' 0 4, f ff i, 2 Af x .1 3 ,K i 1 s M fgfmwfff 6Q1c3' - js wavy f Q fa I '+L 'f 1 41 . 75 4 JJ -5 A Ei Q 'P 1 4.w'4'l.' -" -' . L .J U24 - " ,L nl. x.A,v,, ' ' .-112 'T 1 UF Qxvwyg ,fa , Q 1 'E . :Q I+, ' .73 Q 1 fi A Vi 1 .- . X f , A2 ,T x 1. - f . u-- .3 .'. 'i' -'11 . , .' J," . - is ,Ji V r . 127,33 3, 11,1 41:5 ff' ii , . 5, , . ,I 1. m., ...g?- ' ag.. , -if 4 ,Q-, uf. Ang, 1. -5 ,r if Lf'.:f,.,Q5' f V: . . A.' ' 523 '.I.5.i" 1-. 21- -, -1 ,h ., ,. A Q: 5 - E. A H35 , -41:1 I f JM, , Q,L1,?',Tf, J' 2 ,jig-.T'. .. V1 1' I-+3 v .., 3, ,V v' ' 1 'L v 5 w X5 1 ' ' ."..' .. ,piif 51255 v 'V,??.I'?g nl 'Jig-LF' -' fi! .1 5 is-wfrw nm, we , ,iff 1-.1-sw If 13 53 an-74 Vial? :Q AA 513.41 -, +-- Li' f-:FF Lt' -, 7n-...vIQ,f- - ' 1 xihfif- VM- 'j-gg, gh .1 1 .-qlvivik -'v. . 1 by-, . 'J a:,,'. "1 2 In 17'-il+Q5i"'..f,1i, Lf W' .zx Jig vi- f "7 1 :-fi fg, .,4g,rwq?as 'f, ' 1 1'. J jg-'f f' afg. r V- 5 Af, -gi: 4. K 31' ' 'I' fi i ,',2f:' 15:51 VMS: V - ,:.:f 4.5 am. V K' 1 ,A "itll, .' : ' j.'Aj2?l:.L.'j-, We "il fl.,-:gk ' 1 ' - -. , 3. . . , Il-I! .A ' ' - 1 A. '+A'- 1 Q .+- WIMII ,Un ,I I, , IIIIII I XIII II I I' ff I X f Y HHIIIYLLYIQAND THE CURTAIN RISES om THE DRAMA OF MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL. THE NAME OE THE PRODUCTION, THE CHIEF il? THE SETTING, MORRIS, ILLI- NOIS TZ? THE TIME, I943. TQ? if? V5 I a 746 Zu' ' mmm Swim SETTING FOR OUR DRAMA OUR STAG EACH PLAYING HIS PART AND ADDING W F' MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL SERVE AS THE IETHES WITH A MOB OF 'STUDENT PLAYERS DLORFUL BIT TO THE PANORAMA OF LIFE AT MUHIHIHS HUGH SIEHIEIH am F? ' 'A ,Om Liu L QM I J ' if M-W-f Pnru- lfnnr dd Mr. Starke has ahly guided us through our four years of high school and we certainly appreciate his leadership. May he have many, many years of future success. Mr. Smith began his career as our Assistant Principal this year. He has given us many helpful hints and aided us whenever we needed it. We all enjoyed his history classes for they were truly interesting. Our School Board consisting of Arley Munts, Olen li. May, lens Spandet, Walter Greenlielcl, Wlllllll li. Bolen, Dr. Iohn B. Larsen, ancl R. li. Canaclay are a very capable and experiencecl group of men anal Morris High School is extremely fortunate in having them. We wish to thank them for their spirit of cooperation anal splentlicl work. gl ws ww . ,M Billiv Higgins .X. Y. Mi.iclo1's lflorcncc N.iili-llioifur Mzirilyn Ilaimilton Ii, Ii, ii.irrison English .Xgriculniru Sciuiicc uncl Practical Cla-rlx M4inu.1l Arts Linnl As- Pliysiczil Iirlucntion li. S. Uiiiwrsirx' of Illi- Mntliciimtics sistzint Couch University of Illinois nois loliut Iunior Collngc Normal Univursity lliiivcrsity ol' Illinois lflsic ':ifl5SlIlL'I'Q'l' ll, lb, Hilton Mgililc Srwlq Fivlclvr Myvrs l,oiiiiiii'i' Scii-new :incl C4-ogrzipliy Sq-crut:ii'y Music Illinois Stzitc' Normal WL-srvrn Illinois Stun' ILM. Illinois VV1-sluy Uniicrsity 'll-:iclicrs Cnlln-gc, Univvrsity Iilicl. Two Summur 'llcr Illinois Wvslcyzln ' ' ide tie 1 1 0 I at Pilgr S fx 6019 gr:-X LMP VV, U. ULIXIUII l'.l'.ll1fc'x l'LIu'mn flilurl Imm- Smidl Smqligs linglimlw S,ivm'c .mul Iingliah Oshkosh, XViscumin HA. Mz1cMurrnx Cul- f.fl1lC'l SIQIIL' 'I.L'llChL'I'S Cul- In-gn Wustvrn Illinmwis SILIU' IL-gg MA. L,Il1iYL'l'hiU' uf 'Il-.uclmws Coll:-gc. Ik-nmwl' 'Hill- Uniwrsity of Mimmri Cnlh-gc of limlllcntiulm, Gl'm'L'lL'y', c:U1Ul'llllU .1rg.mi Curry' Iilililll' Iilll'l1llI'C1l H. H. Huck lic-My VVnIIgm Il11I1ll'11lAlklHQ lnglish, IJITIICII, llllll MLlIl1Ll1l1llifS QtflINIlh'X'Ci.lI Slllmjccts 155- UIm'U'WU' Ut HI" glmmih MS. Uniu-nity nf Illi- UlliYL'I'5ify- nrxis Nillffily' State hlk-.lclxa-IN' mais XvlIll71ll'iliSU, Imlizmn Crwllwgu LT11iw1'sity of Illinuix, Hmm' 'Il-.nclu-12' Cul- Ljlhllllil, Illinuin logs, ML1l'f1'L'calvru'u, Tunn. Pnaibrvl ' lx l,ollm'g4', MA ! 9 1142. Ilvlvn l-'rqmcis lglllll I-Inglish H..-X, Nurlhxvustu1'n Univvrsily, MA. MX' H I Pugr Srrrn . 4 V 1 4' 4 , .. ,W ffl -ww f X f f2Qi?55E'-f I we-ill? .1 iffgfyfiir 3 5153 ,Mali 4 -- ,wif fi , ifigi f K vzff izi f- Qffifl s1L:s,A.Lf.,A :qv-:,v, :J '-A132 , .MEEJQF5 5 w Q??Qif?2l71'5?i5 K ..: 1215 an ,V , , , ,..,, W W fi I 'Nw - if .M V" -4 , 5 Qs . .,, f. K K gy ., ,, ,MV 1 , fl., ,X N, ' 'R . if Mgsfffgfki ,N rv. RF 2273.1-XND THE SUPPORTING CAST 3 ,V 6' F, QQ if Q TN 9:1 X, Q exvm I V. nf V M ' Q if n-was g L t .55 9 U , f W' , 1 f H N 'Q K Q3 ,. ffif-mm.. HQ? :ima H' 3. m ' . Y' ' W V "fi 7 f "-h Wifi?" i , 1 VA M - viii' L Ah 6 51 Q13 .W i K' ' . K 'Af -M1 A A f,wL'AAL, Q55 f?f??Qf .fyaffq E? 1 Qi Wf q1 55g mf YZ A 5' ' E A Km 4 ib' ff ! Magi, W7 . EW? 5 414, I, - 6 ,f V t VQQ: ,,-, A Z 4,., , A ix QF: I , ' k 'll' 3 f I .,A:,. F ,.,q..qA M .W gf? ilvz T i T , X Q A F .,:V: E 'Q ff? ' W - my A ws.. mc Q ,wqy ,aj E W . 1 fflluugiggffi xx..x,. 4 Q wf K 1 H Um? I I I Student Council forms the nucleus of all other student organizations. The group consists of representatives from the home room, class presi- dents, the student body president, and a sponsor. This year Selma Berge was president, Iim Mc- Elvain vice-president, and Gloria Allan secretary- treasurer, Miss Francis served as sponsor. Among other things the Council was responsi- ble for appointing cloak room guards and hall monitors to direct traffic. They supervised numer- ous activities varying from passing the waste basket at the end of each study hall to selling and deliver- ing over 315,000 worth of War Bonds and Stamps at the bond show. The Council also has charge of the assembly programs and bulletin boards. Under the leadership of Mr. Starke, the Council spon- sored a "Go-to-Church" campaign among the stu- dents to encourage church attendance. JOHN LARSEN, PageEleuen KA,.. M-.- I 1945 ' qddfd and ' ' Gone is our freshman inferiority complex, gone is our sophomore sophistication. We have cast aside our junior over-confidence to enter into our senior year, an older and far wiser group fwe hopej. And as the time draws near for us to don our quaint, monklike outfits and gOOSCStCp up the aisle to the strains of the processional graduation march, we feel as a canary must feel when the door of his cage is opened. He is eager to get out, yet a little frightened at what he may find in that realm of so-called freedom. Sometimes we have felt that MHS was a cage, hampering our fun, hut now We look upon it as a protecting structure, and often in the time to come, We will realize the happiest days of our life were spent there-the theatre of many happy events and incidents. Time marches on. Ushers were teachers of 1939, as Kasik, Benoit, Whiteside, Bickenhack, Town- send, Iim Myers, Turner, Lamal and of course Mr. Newsom. Page TI4f'l'Il'C Harold Nelson Ioyce Olsen Tom Carey General F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Watchdog 2 Annual Staff 4 Boy's Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 3 September 27 Fran Bednarik General Commer- cial Pep Club 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 3 August 12 General Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 General Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, Cheerleader l 3 Class Officer 2 Hobby Club 2 March 19 Iuly 30 Iack Brady Maxine Williams General General "M" Club 1, 2, 3, Alpha Alpha Gam- 4 Annual Star? 4 Football 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 February 27 ma 3, 4 February 10 Barb and Barb certainly deserve a lot of credit for the splendid work they have done. We know that the underclassmen will miss them. General Em-Hi Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 3 April 4 Bill Frey General "M" Club 2, 3, Dramatic 3 Class Officer 1 Student Council l Football 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, March I2 Marilyn Miller Secertaiial Com- mercial Pep Club 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. l Iune 1 Marcella Terry Commercial G. A. A. 1 Gloria Allan William Butterfield Gladys Iohnson College Preparatory General Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 4 Vice-President 4 Alpha Alpha Gam- August 4 ma 3 Science Club 4 Sec.-Treas. 4 Library Club 3, 4 Debordrex 1, 2, 3, 4 Sec.-Treas. 2, 3 Debate Team 3 Class Officer 3, 4 Student Council 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Contest 2, 3 February 13 Gordon Vaksdal Audrey Enger General Secretarial Com- F. F. A. 3 mercial Iuly ll Pep Clulv 1, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 September 8 Marjorie De Iohn Milton Jacobson General General Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 April 14 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma 3 Girl's Chorus 3 French Club 3 Pan American Club 4 August l Betty Harrington Robert Lyon General General G. A. A. 1, 2 May 28 May 19 Iuly 2 Little did we dream when we entered, that four years later we would be enveloped in a global war and that many of our teachers and classmates would have joined armed forces, as Mr. Hunt, Mr. Piehn, Lester Dance, Iim Davidson, Lovel Liles, Dick Shields, and Moose Schiable. The war has taken not only these people from us, but it has taken also our dearly beloved gum. Yes, gum is so scarce that certain seniors scrape it off the underside of desks. It tastes almost as good as new, they say. And just look at what gas rationing has done! Fewer cars parked at the MHS curb and much less joy-riding up and down Liberty Street. The young fry are even finding enjoy- ment in home-town amusements instead of seeking them some sixty miles away, while their mothers lic awake and hope they don't get into a highway collision. 4 4 4 Page Thirteen Edwin Thompson Iayne Rohan Don Dibble lane Torrence Iohn Penn Pat Starke General February 14 Barbara Wood General Commer- tial Em-Hi Staff 4 Band 1-, 2, 3, 4 May 17 n-. Ia imp Club 1, 2, 3,4 Science Club l, 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club l, 2, G. A. A. l, 3, 4 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 3, 4 Library Club 2 Dramatic Club 3 Science Club 4 President 4 Debordrex l, 2, 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Library Club 3, 4 Dramatic Club 1, Vice-President 3 Annual Staff 4 Debordrcx 2, 3, 4 Debate Team 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 2 Class Oflicer 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Debate Team 3 Vice-President 4 Commercial Con- Iunior Play Cast 3 Dramatic Club l, Student Council l test 2 Dance Band 4 2, 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 February 9 Class Oflicer Annual Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 President l All School Play Editor Student Council 1 Cast l, 2, 3, 4 Bowling League 2, Em-Hi Stall 4 Iunior Play Cast 3 3, 4 Girl's Chorus l, 2, August l Secretary 2, 3 3, 4 French Club 2, 3 VlCC-Pl'CSldEl'lI 2 November 10 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 French Club 3 Pan American Club 4 Iunior Play 3 August 16 mes Butz Marguerite Munts Gerald Bednarik Regina Miller Em-Hi Stall 4 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 F, F, A, 2 pep Club 1, 2 3 .4 May 2 G- A- A- 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 2 G, A, A, 1, 2, l President 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2 April,22 In an effort to aid in the war effort Alma, Io, Regina, Alice, lean, Glo, Marguerite, and Mary took a complete First Aid course i . . 'ar under supervision of Mrs. Munts. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Stall 4 Band 2 Cheer Leader l Iunior Play 3 March 10 Nancy Scofield Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4 Library Club, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Debordrex l Dramatic Club 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 October 6 ' Ieanne Osness Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 4 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma 4 Debordrex 1 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Bowling League 2, December 7 Dramatic Club 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Iuly 4 Harry Daily "M" Club 2, 3, 4 Class Ollicer Student Council 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball 4 Band 'l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 September 30 Iames Wooldridge "M" Club 4 Class Officer President 1 Student Council 1, 2 Football 3, 4 Baseball 3 December 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. l, 2, 3 Sec.-Treas. Library Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Debordrcx 4 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 2, 3, 4 Business Mana- ger Annual Staff Editor 4 Girl's Chorus 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3 Orchestra 2, 3 French Club 3 All School Play 3, 4 Iunior Play 3 Dramatic Contest 3 April 25 Norman Nelson General Debordrex l Debate Team l Em-Hi Staff May 22 Phyllis Barger Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3 Iunior Flay August 4 Lorene Gulley G. A. A. 1 Em'Hi Staff 4 Ianuary 4 Right here and now we'll tell you what Vera Galli is planning to do for the war effort. She is going to unravel her Hfty-four sweaters to reknit for the Red Cross. And Gloria Allen is going to become immensely rich for her thesis on the post-war world. Also Goat Frey is going to be right in there in the RCAF giving all he's got and putting into practice everything he's been dreaming and studying about these past four years. Yes sir, he'll be "Ace" Frey when he comes back. Same for Melvin Terry. And Marguerite Munts will be an ace jeep driver. Barbara Wood is going to turn the First idle gas station into a riding stable. And there is Iohn Maunder who will frame a new con- stitution with mahogany wood. Iohn Penn will soon be joining the Hollywood players, now that so many of the stars are in service. So will Pat Starke become a famed dramatic actress of stage and Hollywood-a real box oflice attraction. Then there will be Harry Daily's big-name dance band Page Fourteen utr 1 K xx- ll k 199 5' at 3 gs x ,Qi 7 K .,, .. Q tg! gs. 1. . 3 ' i xx 5 f -X. 23 is-rf K1 ""'l5" TE leatnrecl swinging it at the Philadelphia Music Hall. And lane Torrenee's "host tnne ol' all goes to Carnegie Hall." Norman Nelson will prohahly hs the orator of the clay. anal Harolcl Nelson will he one of Hollywoocls Metro Goltlwyn Mayer's topfnoteh camera men. Cieralcl Hovmla will he ehiel' ratlio man. Bill littnigarner will follow in the footsteps ol Gabriel Heater, antl lite Cattatlay will he one ol' the worlcl's greatest singers. Then there is I-lerhie Hanson, hunter ol' renown. tthat wollil. On the other hancl, we have Alvin Hill, who never lo ,ks a girl in the liaet twice-fat least not the same girl. Forty-three was the year in which Lawrence Rosenmiller macle his tlehnt into society. l7on't yttt love his hashlittlness anal also lim VVoolclrirlge'sF lt was also the year in which those two little morons hecame so popular. This year, too, MHS was picketl as a typical cross section ol all high schools and we were the guinea pigs for the human-research tests. Gee, clitln't our IQ ratings "swing X l lltzgz' If 1,lf!'I'7! -rl va, -Q ,, 3 Z Ei I-M .ZZ Q71 'A 'wi f , W n Ugg Yi 7. af .4 57, r Q .X 'E . ,H ' Y ,J gx 4' WG? film , ' ' .TC f A .ffffx X54 w O 'w px 'L:""? V 5 SJR-'sf ,,., 52"-X HA if f ii gl 1 5 ax .ew K V' MQ? 5 v 3, ff A js? jj? . WA N , X., ' v fy LA 1. ,Q f , MX. A 11451305 if v, V H New 5, ,uw fa . :wif 1f1i2',Lg ,, n My-K 1 A 1. g . ,yi 5 .M ,G x s 4 fn fzhw 5 p kw.?'i' ix if -glfifigffz -,, ,, . '. , 1 qi wi Donald Sh-:edy Marge Aitken Melvin Terry General Pep Club 3, 4 G. A. A. 3 Class Oflicer 3 Student Council 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Girls Chorus 3, 4 Iunior Play 3 September 7 Gerry Lund Kenneth Barker General Commer- General cial Annual Stal? 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma 3, 4 Librarv Club 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Hobby Club l December 22 Dance Band 3 Mixed Chorus 3 October 4 General F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 May 23 Selma Berge College Prep Pep Club 3, 4 G. A. A. l Alpha Alpha Gam ma 4 Library Club 3, 4 Debordrex l, 2, 3 4 Debate Team 3 Class Otlicer 3 Student Council 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 All School Play 3 Iunior Play 3 Student Body Pres ident 4 September 24 Oh, isn't he darling-fThe one in the front, we meanj. Vera Galli Burdett Enger Elinore Ullrich General General General Commer- Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 cial G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 April 16 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 4 Alpha Alpha Gam- Dramatic Club 1, ma 4 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1, 2, Student Council 1 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Library Club Z, 3, Girls Chorus 2, 3 4 All School Play l, Commercial Con- 2, 3 tests 2 November 3 Class Oflicer 4 Student Council 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Iunior Play 3 Hobby Club I October 28 Alvin Hill Mary Brady Willis Peacock General Commer7 General cial F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 lanuary 1 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma 3, 4 Student Council l Em-Hi Staff 4 Girls Chorus 3 Iune 14 Arlene Ehrler Edwin Olson Barbara Shoemaker Secretarial Com- General mercinl F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Stall 4 Class Oflicer 3 Iuly 17 Student Council 2, 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 3 Orchestra 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 May 20 Maxine Broderick Donald Gunnerson Shirley Dewey Secretarial Com- General Secretarial Com- mercial Science Club 4 mercial Pep Club 4 Pep Club l, 2, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Em-I-li Stall 4 Annual Stal? 4 March 9 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Em-Hi Stall 4 Annual Staff 4 Iunior Play 3 All School Play 4 April 25 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma l. 2, 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 August 31 fNeverJ . . . Or when Mary Brady had a soft, meek voice and a sour disposition, and Ruth Ness and Shirley Dewey were the loudest gals in school . . . And way back four years ago when Gordie Vaksdal was that darling surprise lack-in-the-box at our freshman program . . . The time when Gerry Lund was locked in Mr. Piehn's room fby mistake of coursej . . . Or when Gerry Bednarik was anything but the best dressed fellow in school . . . And sister, Frances, didn't have a 'steady' . . . Or when Willard Harper was the thin man and Dick Redmond was corpulent . . . Or when Ioyce Olsen had only one boy friend at a time . . . And Amos Sheedy before Marge Aitken came to Morris . . . And who remembers Cobb Watters' given name . . . Or Swede Iohnston's? . . . Who has seen Eunice Mitchell, Maxine Broderick or Alice Lyon when every hair on their heads wasn't in place? fBrother Bob Lyon, perhaps, but that doesn't count.j And did you ever see a girl with more clothes JOHN LARSEN, PageSeucnteen lXflFXDDlC ll I lmrxlc Donald Watters Leatrice Severson Iohn Mauncler Evelyn Thorson General General General General Science Club 4 Alpha Alpha Gam- Debordrex 1 Alpha Alpha Gam- Vice-President 4 ma 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Stal? 4 ma 3, 4 Class OfFicer Iune 29 August 29 September 28 Vice-President Student Council 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 April 24 Io Lindsay Richard Redmond Evelyn Neimann Gordon Emerson General General General Commer- General Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 cial F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 Alpha Alpha Gam- Bowling League 4 Pep Club 1, 2 July 13 ma 2 Student Council 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3 December 19 April 29 Dramatic Club 1, 2 Girl's Chorus 1, 2 Band 1 Glee Club l, 2 Sextette 1, 2 October 3 Marge, Quita, Mary, Fran, Barb, Sco, Eileen, and Vera were members of that famed "Chair Dance" that we all liked so well and that helped to sell 320,000 worth of War Bonds for our lighting men. Eunice Mitchell College Preparatory Pep Club 4 G. A. A. 4 Em-Hi StaH 4 Archery 2 Girl's Chorus 3 French Club 3 March 27 Mary Bell General Pep Club 4 G. A. A. 4 Debordrex 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Archery 4 Bowling League 4 May 8 Willard Harper General F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basket- ball 3. 4 August 1 Fae Canaday General Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual 4 Archery Z lunior Play 3 Bowling League 2, 3 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Girl's Octette 3, 4 Music Contest 1, 2, 3 Scxtette 2 Trio 3, 4 Duet 2 November 3 jack Baker General May 1 Bill Bumgarner General F. F. A. 2 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 july 19 Alice Brown Secretarial Com- mercinl Pep Club 1, 2 G. A. A. 1 Em-Hi Staff 4 November 5 Homer Carr General F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Reporter 3 Class Oflicer 1 August 24 Ruth Ness General Em-Hi Staff 4 August 11 Iosephine Kowalczyk General Commer- cial Pep Club 1 G. A. A. 1 Em-Hi Staff 4 Ianuary 22 than Georgene Nelson? Remember the lovely bouquets Homer Carr used to bring to all his teachers? . . . Who has seen Evelyn Thorson, Alice Brown, or Gladys Iohnson when they weren't 'neat as a pin'? ...Gene Buelter and Edward Champlin might be classed thus, too . . . Remember when Maxine Williams and Leatrice Severson didn't sit and gaze with that far-away look intheir eyes- that is-before they had those sparklers on third Finger, left hand . . . Do you ever remember seeing Arlene Ehrler with anything but a smile on her face? . . . Or Audrey Enger when she wasn't laugh- ing at something? . . . Or when Ieanne Osness didn't sport a boy's school sweater with the letter "Y" on it? fWhen we learned to spell "Y" dicln't stand for "Morris"j. Times have changed . . . And have you ever noticed Norma Likens rooting for Dwight at the games . . . Why? Along with Norma and Ieanne, we might as well bring up the third twin, Io Lindsay. She is quite lonely now that he is Page Eighteen X. , - M . f- f fi- X2 f MQ-f' l, 1 ,rm wwf f- 'QW k P , W -ff? S +P? , X ii: A Q' A S' W x M "N is X fi 1 fi K? K" H 7 ,sa K NL ' M ' mi a' -::, if H+-iff 'bw 1 X1 ' - ' YM ., .L 'ffx fl 1' w w-A L, A' gf K gui ', ' 1' M X' 55- :gas Xi, K , gm K if K A fskggi , gy x ,W Aw A2 W, ' ff v mu.. H Ada, M X A W x QQ? ,kv f w , ,Q ' :fx A bk -eggs W A w fx ' . YM-K 'Sui , " ' X y'f'11iQQFL+ii -. , 1 ' 'Swiwm 1 ww- if -iz. xx f 5 N33 T'mLiSLi1ak'i2x,1 , , ' H 'ff WA X wswx f Sl M: :FN 5 :-X H S I .59 ' K ' '2 J U A ' .flue .A - . he XTM, , AW M' AW A I 'WY jiif ,, 12.91 . 3 if' .5 Q iggfxifsibirw 5 'ff?1 35,4fgf1f125sy V' ,. . , ' Y 3 - W X ei X' ,, ' L ,, MN Nw 14. A qrwiiws ,:A ms, 1 A -Ar H fg x 5 ,V wr, K N .x pw., T , , MW, f f 4 ' GA X may , ,win R 3 NN-af ., iw E , V Wm gg xl . '53, .y H xf 68- -Q A mgefk ,- . .,,, 5 M gi! Q,-n-, fn 3555, ,rx x MSN . W4 sxgf k K- gags L , K K Y - 1 Q" Wi KT tfL"'?"l5?zf H an 1 'E-2 . , 1, X M is - ' as f f fi Q '17 7 f ,V 5 W x - ,ME ,Q Y W, W X Y WW. ,N 2 .,, , .k Q. , ,X fy- Ns, X N3 Spf? GA . f -Q ,gs A - YF, EAT V 999 , . , x W 241 lv an wi ' if A -A , '- Wi V x I A Q, A ......... . X B -- Xa ,, Y 5.5 A wi - 4 . . . .-H , D - - , ,Q S Q sw, ,Q 2 . X A 5 X.. flicsgv K ,KX 1 2, - 0,2 N, 2 : f W gf, , j 2 - ,- i 2 , . Wu 3 Kg S YA Y , " :M Wa' my w - W X QM .W 2 - A- - - y .MQ f X ff sax ' W , X 2 I W Q wg QS X ,E W N N, X . r: L 31 . fx if we? Mi ' b ff sf 5 5 JWWWH' V W .....,-,....-M..h,.w,f-NW ...W new-sf, .,,..w,,X , YQ,..M,,.,,.,0..,w,.g W F I ' ' - ' gf Mysvzm ,W N xy 2 3 megs, TW? iw, 5 ? S , MSS, ,xv 6 'C 3 Afyh 'QUE Q U , D X 1 3 R X W v 5 Henry Iohnston, Ir. Eiiflillc Munyon General M Club 3, 4 Class Officer 2 Em-Hi Staff 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Iune 14 General Pep Club 1, 2 Alpha Alpha Gam- ma 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Baton Twirling 1, 2 Charles E. Hansen General Debordrex 3, 4 President 4 Student Council 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Iunior Play May 26 Beverly Peterson Gene Buelter Alma Heath Secretarial Com- General General mercial December 5 Pep Club 3, 4 Pep club 1, 2, 4 G. A. A. 1 G. A. A. 1. 2 Alpha Alpha Gam- Dramatic Club 4 ma 2, 3, 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Iuly 19 Em-Hi Staff 4 If Norma, lack, Betty, Bob, "Terry," and Burdett just manage to stay in step as well Iune 11, they won't have anything to worry about. Rose P3lliSh Ronnie Sampson Barbara Ellis College Preparatory Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Library Club 3, 4 Debordrex 3, 4 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2 Vice-President 3 Class Oflicer 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Bowling League 3, 4 Girl's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 French Club 3 Pan American Club 4 Violin Ensemble 1, 2, 3 All School Play 2 Junior Play 3 Girl's Sextette 2 Girl's Octette 3, 4 Music Contest 2 Trio 3, 4 February 18 Edward Champlin General April 2 8 Norma Opheim Secretarial Com- mercial Student Council 1 Em-Hi Staff 4 March 23 Our future R. C. A. F. ace Bill Frey was very glad to pose for us. General General "M" Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, 4 Treasurer 3 President 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Sec.-Treas. 3 Alpha Alpha Gam- F. F. A. 1, 2 ma 2 President 2 Library Club 3, 4 Dramatic Club 4 Science Club 4 Class Officer 2 Student Council l, 2, 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 4 Iunior Play 3 Boy's Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 3 King of homecom- ing May 18 Alice Lyon General Pan American Club Hobby Club 1 November 10 Norma Likens General Commer- cial Pep Club 1, 2 G. A. A. 1 September 8 Dramatic Club 3, 4 Sec.-Treas. 3 Em-Hi Staff 4 Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3 Orchestra 2 All School Play 3, 4 Iunior Play 3 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Sextette 2 Octette 3, 4 Homecoming' Queen Bond Show 4 September 10 Gerald Hovda General Commer- cial Science Club 4 Em-Hi Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 September 28 Georgene Nelson General April 1 8 During our Home- coming Parade Iayne and Fae came from their reservation to lead our parade. pronouncing her name-now that it's Mrs. Wayne Peacock. Know how lack Brady got all his pin- money? Matching? Wrong. By advertising vitamin products guaranteed not to stunt your growth. Ed Thompson was the first customer, but Barb Shoemaker took an overdose . . . How is anyone going to know where to find Harrington and Terry after they graduate and can't be located in the presence of Miss Granneman-pardon us-Mrs. Wollan? . . . Miss Brown isn't Miss Brown anymore either-but Mrs. Petersen, remember? And now, since Bob Hope is at the top, and a must on everybody's theatre list and radio program schedule, we echo him in saying to MHS, "Thanks for the memories, and may we soon take a cur- tain-call into a post-war world, and see it all in retrospect, Pune Twentv-one Page Twenty-two I I I Strolling nonchalantly down the halls with a bored expression on his face, the junior, a member of that elite upperclass can be seen surveying the World with that "know-it-all" expression. He looks with patronage at the aspiring fresh- man, and Wonders how he can be so dumb fdumb to the extent-that he isn't a juniorj. He watches with condescension and a bit of disdain the boastful sophomore Qboastful to the iunior's eyes onlyj. Too, he realizes that he has reached the time for him to display some of the upperclassman dignities, and yet must maintain that underclassman enthu- siasm. He has set his social goal-now is the time for him to achieve it. Reminiscing and remembering when he first entered high school, many happy thoughts race through his head of things long past. He shudders when he thinks of the one and only oncoming year of high school, and he wonders how many fellow- students have had their last formed education in high school, the rest to be taken up in the U. S. Army, Navy and Marines. One more year of daily, planned, scheduled life at M. H. S. and then he's on his own, in the service of his country, or off to another school of higher and specialized learning. Until then, well, the junior walks nonchalantly along the halls with a bored look on his face. aff' R Q W fax X X '25 ' 1, an-. X k 'TX ,,.,.,..i W ,. ,, ,Q . Q-,,A.. x - X A, 'vs 'xx tk X R xx ig 1: 355999 . .5 X Q 4 QE' K v 'yi , 15 E M , E N.. . 7 . X Xi. .. x X , W, - A ,f . Sl' . .4 QQ x xx , 9 5-E, is 'xi 4 Af'x . A :fr w ' S ,,: 6 ff , QXKQX R Art Braclclis Le Ron Massey Rulnrt iinclnrs Beverly Mitchell xllis Burmustcr Marilyn McGuire Qnlmi Brimlx Nrlcla Rae Quinn Harvcx Larson Bum Hlllbk, Maxim Wcst Pat Baku Hahn Sliiip Ckrilmlinc Nui Flleen Turner lmx Mu r 1 Fwlxn Trrry Iim Connors Charlene Hutchings Milclrcll Anderson Mary Hcth Morrison lone Hutchings Iuiinita Blake Maurice linger Filson Shi4'l1l5 Barbara Ann-stud :'Tony" Black Fac Brooks V:-rm-mln Brown Bvtty Parker Gerry Gooch' Dick Black Don Bunton Annu B4-rgc Pnggy Ioncs luck 'l'hrwmpsnn Iuhn VVPILKIW Rullu Sklut Virginia Dnviclson Huh Amh-rsrm Shirlcy Niilhllkl' Page Twenty-:ix 5 I I I We are the sophomores-93 reasons why fresh- men look under their beds at night, why parents get gray, why teachers go home to mother. George Washington was a "second-year" stu- dent when he cut down the cherry tree. It was a bunch of sophomores in the Latin Grammer School who made a bonfire out of Rome. And three sophomores plotting together developed the poison- ivy plant. Ask the man who is one. The sophomore class is the greatest little body to ever hit M. H. S. We know our cues. We have been leaders in many activities and organizations and contributed to the success of various events. We know that all of the upper classmen were green with envy when Bob Wren danced with Mrs. Dayton at the Freshman Dance. Some of our members got their "M's" for major sports. We all hope that none of you will ever forget the "Heavenly Seven," that famous harmony group. Then, too, we hold the distinction of having one of our members make the headlines. All of us will remember the time that Iim Brownlow tried to go swimming in the middle of winter with rubber boots on We have an honor that will never again be achieved by either the juniors or the seniors. We all have two more years in our beloved M. H. S.- two more years in which we can all make a name for ourselves. K' W 'ILO' Ink? llll IEIIKYJ IIN! ,f pa uwgiillm 1 'Nw f 1 1 ' Q ffl l'l1.lrlu lgllIlL'I'fiClli Iaumw Black Uc'l'allrl I'L'.lCm'k Umxlnn fT.lI'lL'I Iilllllblll XVnulmll'il!ga' B1lI'l3.lI',l Miller livtty lulrsrm lfralnk Smith Surcn Uhrrnlmlcll Yilzllillill Nvimmn Mary C.u11crun Inn XVQIQII Nf.ll'Q.ll't'I Clmc Ha-rlwin' Iimgur Lynn Mlllcr Shirley Rumlmx lim lirmvnlmv Iinlwthy' 'fllftvr Russ 'l'hrxmml1 Mary Cnlnnm liuxrgs XV.1llcr N1.lI'A'i.l Sclgmth Imim Nvlsml IIOXVLIIALI VVills S Vi? . SH Z7 X Q-1 M S' ,fm Aix XY Q, 'Xyfixi M, I ,gif A fi . N me N . - fs ,X 'X if Q Y 'Q X -,Y . X x wx X xx Fi 4,5 4 N fa . - 1 'f . 1 Q ,Q 3 -fy fi t., x ' Q fQ 5 .X Qfgfg f - wimrwu ,x A V6 i QM! LGQQA i.ifi:?:g,g7j ff' V ,Q-"Wa VS I 4 if L- QL ,W if . 1 iii 25+ , Vfx-A 7 X' Q ., E Mclvinn .Ml.umrm N.xncy UriHitl1 Vrmllicgl Chubb Shirley Grmq Gcnrgn' YVQIIIU' Marci.: Sclgmtlx Imin Nclsnll Huwanl XViHs Iusrphillc' l:.lR'Ul7UllIllN Glm'i.1 SCPIIILIH1' lfllil XVl1ilu Don Frry M1lXiIlL' Knmlur I.nm-s SIL-1-In Ruy Cunk Marion .-Xd.uns Connie Usuvlck Riclmnl Higginm Bvnnctt Carlson Inna Gillib jnnicc Crydcr . Mary lillrn Gang N4-tty llumun Bully Vmrgcr Roy IJ.u'in luck Blukc Kcnnctlx Ilumu Roy Hulchingx 1 .VA . '11 limlwin Lciicli Paul Dicknirin Bob Wrun Franklin Ilunt limlwin C.ii'r Frank Pcrucui Bob Lundy Lvlc Craig liclwurzl Oslnuiisuii Betty Bu1'gci' Bernice Nrirviuk Gordon Sninipmn Russel Pinc Edmund Arnulml Eugcns Duwcy Mavis Wilson Marie Omiomlmn Don Brooks Archiv Anclcrmn Shirley Huttcrlliclfl Bob Kccch X 6,04 , Tom Fcchnn ' ef A " ,xxx Arnolal Anclurwn had , :I -' Vvilliiun Clicsnrick A J ,. V 5 f .Qi - '- -Q.. -Q x N ,E N53 5, if BL ,........ ""' 5 I F21 if E . Y i i , 1 Q1 it 1 f '-Qt? 45 v4 X A 5 115 K'-C' llnrutlmy Vunclun Io Ann Ellis Butly Hum Durmhy H015 Dick Maskcl lilizzxbcth Human Allan Black Dorothy MuBrinlc Pllgf Thlrly-unc' Page Thirty-two I I I I We are finally getting over our shaking. On our first day in school we were afraid and excited at the thought of high school. The upperclassmen teased us and called us green but we took it and reminded them they too, had once been green. Then came that fateful day of our initiation and we were all told not to wear good clothes. We went to the gym as if to our doom but it wasn't very bad. We just had to wear lipstick all over our faces which was very uncomfortable to us but funny to others. They made us roll peanuts With our nose's and other foolish tricks but we didn't mind for we knew that next year we would have revenge. Our first week in school was confusing and many of us got lost and mixed up but then came the first dance of the year which all of us had looked forward to the Freshmen Mixer in our honor. We helped participate in all of the school activi- ties, helped sell Defense Stamps, and enjoyed high school in general. As we look back over the year we are com- pleting we believe that our class is one of the best that has ever been in high school. We hope that our next three years will be as much fun as this one has been. E4 WJ' , iv -J, f s If 'W -F 515' , ,, .fsak X K 151121 ,835 W c x IQ gg 4 gf . Q W S im 2 f .1 . -S.. gf , , Q, F, 1' wid Q 4 - ga 15' Q? A vm X Lax f. 'S' in LIQL JSF? X x A fy if H 3 ,X A G . vi, S .13 1 11 A 5 1 1 N . 1 we SR- ' sf' as AX K A Xixigiiprqig XR xggxlfw X , V , 53'45szvif: "3' ir "'vl. fb af vs I .. Qsfiwm ff -' Emu lean Pulxlnz Dm'ull1iL' lf. PLrlL'I'sr1ll Marjorie Pctcmm PICICH Pvctrxml Bztty Thompmn Iisullr Omcns M1lI'ilj'H Pctcraon Ida Ryder Gwun Iucnbb Mary Inns Fcuncy Iunc NVutchinski Milclrcd Snndurs jnnicc Huge Marion Roswzllml Lois Osmunclsou Icnn Killilcu Wnym' Schizlbh' Mary Hilliatacl Christine Pronkicwitz Lon XVilkinmn Rumull Tulfur Mulvin Big-llunml Keith Cumplu-ll Oawoml Hiclluml WWW 433, K -egg! MW. a, w , mv i JAM v HE X Ya -X. Yiv' .. 'R 1' O M r f .1 . 1 1 ,""'mx fd 'ig is A kk. X 11 , L'7'g-'Q SS .iifsgm ,LH s QW? , Ya .1 5 . X5 -f 5 4. K . . xv if Q ,Agn 'if fx - Q if ...Q -1 zgagkj , sz, S 1 W :XX 1 f' L VSXXQ bs X 3 2 Wx, . N, x L 9 Www M- ,,'-fz I .- I' 3 12' 1 k 5" L ? if ,A 1, as P Q .. A mfff- -1,1-,1 'Qggxw 3, X3irQ2"5tF:' x 21595, 5, 0 2' K Q wg ww.--f A .Q ...rf 6,Xk.44,. - K 6:-1 71, MY Q. -az- 'L igifkix K .V UN, ,NR A ev 2 B ' 'Q ,L kfiif' .q X- W xx V .Q -1. . 41 Wx X . W el. .N- WI " xfk ff . 0 U ,F K ff' H 3. M K Q , if Jw "4'ii-" REEW 5 ,s ,S 1 M. 5? Harold Randall La Vcrnc Lutz Bill Lund Vincent Blanchard Richard Siostrom Harold Williummn Bob Lund Bob Wray Walter Lacyk Glenn Wood Iamcs Kingman Harold McCormick if 1 A -TA 'Y ' f vga, .. ' x 09 ' L? . 3 ' A gal Ag fy 2. xii M sv U1 f, imc. v xg A , 12 :sf :1 ? :EX 3.-,':iZ.: W' af X N 1 .QNX X5 KSN x ug ,.g.,.4x I is at 5 . , Er in V 5 :,. Mm X A QA ., 1, .. , Wx. - WF . m g K , . , yi, 1 1' my .9.'.f'E. , 2325, -L. 4 M H+ gy 1, ' V gi? T at X , 15,5 Qi ,YM-4 em 'LL ' f 1' 12 .. A. 'M -Ai sz K . 4. V: ..!' in yi 'Q V5 .gn-'s'ig5l' , f sv 5.5, Q 'QD Bw. K Q gi 'B fi.. K , . , W ,, K' ,iw in f f l- N Q 5 fb . 4 X WIHE WEE ikil? IS SETSQAND THE SHOW BEGINS Q NX Q l s I g -my . uilaroline, go sit in your chair!"-didn't the chills run up and clown your spine when cruel Victoria spoke like that? This year's all-school play was one of the hest plays pro- duced during the last four years. The entire action took place in the swan- kie living room of Miss Victoria. One of the highlights of the play was the lovely antique furniture. The costumes were very appro- priate-ancl didn't the fellows look handsome in their tails? The cast worked long, hard hours hut the pleasure they gave their audience was worth ll. We all know that K'Ever Since Eve" the hoys have been ahusing the girls. This year's Iunior Play, however, showed the girls how to Fix them, too. The cast put many tireless hours into this production and the result was one of the top- notch comedies ever given in this school. The decoration ioh done on lim McElvain's room was rather horrible hut it was true to life. These actors have another year ahead of them in which to further their ability. Page 10115 -Iwo I I I Again this year the Debor- drex members debated the age- old question-Resolved: Gum loses its flavor when left on the bedpost overnight. It is a ques- tion that will probably never be completely settled. The pro- gram given us was very in- teresting and the club has ac- complished its purpose for its members are fine public speakers. wk if Thanks to our industrious librarians our library is shaping into a very fine one. Many new additions in size and quality have been made since we en- tered its doors four years ago. We all appreciate their efforts and again we say, thanks. The Dramatic Club furnishes an opportunity for Morris Higlfs budding young actors and actresses to demonstrate their abilities. And this they dol livery year the club presents an All School Play, each of which is hailed and aclaimed as "better than ever." Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Peterson, this club should go far in future years, especially after the war, when participa- tion in contests is no longer eur- tailed. ik MSI! M,..a539Y!a .G I Class Editors- Herh Hansen Elinor Ullrich Barbara Shoemaker Ronnie Sampson Business Managers- Gerry Bednarik Maxine Broderick Iohn Penn Bill Bumgarner Calendar Editors- Fae Canaday lack Brady Co-editor-Iayne Rohan Sports Editors- Cohh Watters Don Dibble Advertising Managers- Gerald Novda Tom Carey Typist-Norma Opheim Co-editor-Pat Starke Art Editors- Don Gunnerson Regina Miller Snapshot Editors- Mariorie Aitken Harold Nelson Nancy Scofield Music Editors- Marguerite Munts Ken Barker 77fzap.1..,, PEP CLUB We Pep Club girls combined with our two Indian maids were one of the main factors behind the success of our team this year. Many clever skits were enacted at our meetings and the whole school benefits from the high spirit of these girls. By their sale of pop and candy they raise enough money to sponsor one of the year's chief social events- the Pep Club Banquet and Dance. Despite the war this year's occasion was as brilliant as it always has been. The decorations were a haunted house which made all of us shiver and shake. I Qu F"- ix? AVA 5? J I,-i'XRf'.:N DO-?P,'f,' MBLIN Ni. lip U13 Page Furry-five I 2 all The Morris High School Band under the able direc- tion of Mr. Fielder Myers completed a year of brilliant success. The band ending its sixth year has become one of the most outstanding organizations of the school. Dur- ing the year it became a familiar figure to sports fans, having played for the majority of sporting events, both at the football field and on the gym floor for basketball. It also added to the success of our bond drive given in March. Our school is proud of the band, and we believe it will become one of the most outstanding music organi- zations of the state. li 'KKK-fee w,..f-was wt.. H.. . v - .swfw - . A 4+--rsJL:,.Q,,4w,. f 1 N it t""fs. 'x . R K -s ' ,. fn 7,1-lg? ge-:,..v.s,X. 1 - 't 'f M , 1, -eff It The Girl's Chorus reached its peak this year with a large group of experienced seniors. lt is regrettable that no contest was held for this splendid or- ganization. However, the girls had a full and enjoyable year dedicating the Service Flag, singing at the bond show, and singing at the various churches in the Go to Church campaign. The Octette was rather in- active this year but we all re- member them for the excellence of their past performances. The M. H. 5. trio-Mr. Myers calls them his profes- sionals - are three charming young ladies, Fae, lane, and Rosie, accompanied by Gloria. have indeed set an all school record for a number of per- formances. This outstanding ensemble, their arrangements made by lane, have reached the top in line music ability. 1'r1gz'1"r1f'l,v- Il The violin ensemble containing four violins, cello, and piano completed a highly successful and busy year. They furnished entertainment at banquets and dinners play- ing everything from highly classical numbers to the latest swing hits. The baton twirlers are two snappy, attrac- tive seniors Glo and Seo. These girls give color and glamor to the Band. Their brilliant twirling exhibitions at the games and the Bond Show will be missed next year. Quick, Right, Count 1, 2, 3, 4-that is a Pugf Forty-fight familiar command executed by the M. H. S. Marching Band. The school is proud of the Marching Band and prouder still of the patriotic services rendered by its members who rolled out of bed at Five a. m. many mornings last fall to play for the boys going away to service. The members of this band take pride in their marching ability and will make marching a tradition for future bands. The purpose of the Pan American Club is to help further friendly relations with our South American neighbors. At the meetings speeches are given on these countries, their customs, and our rela- tion to them. The Em-Hi is published under the super- vision of Miss Francis by any member of the senior English class who wishes to be on the stall. There are twelve issues yearly and they furnish an opportunity for creative writing and news gathering. Reading the Em-Hi is the most popular way of keeping up on school events. This club is made up of persons interested in the various phases of science. They meet every second Tuesday of the month and the programs are given by members of the club. Recently they enjoyed a field trip to the Mu- seum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Page Forty- nl nc Morris High School Home Economics Club was founded and afiiliated with the State Federation of High School Clubs for the first time in 1941. It has grown since then to the present membership of 50. The Club name is Alpha Alpha Gamma and the colors are blue and gold which are shown on the emblems which the girls wear. The Club meets once a month for a business meeting, educational program, and social activities. Some of this year's outstanding events have been the selling of war stamp corsages, the pot luck supper served for the girls' mothers, and the fall initiation party. Nancy Griffith and Virginia Uerkwitz have been chosen as delegates to be sent to the summer state club camp at East Bay this summer. Learning to Do Doing to Earn Earning to Live Living to Serve Our F. F. A. motto best describes the aims and purposes of our F. F. A. organization. Fourteen thousand strong as a state organiza- tion we are striving to make agriculture a more attractive, interesting, and profitable life occupation in which to join. The activities of our organization include from the more seri- ous activities of the classroom to the enjoy- ment of banquets, recreation, and parties. We learn not only the scientific facts of agricul- ture but also learn how to live together, work together, cooperate together, and all the other things that make life more pleasant and worth while. We are proud of our organiza- tion. omddawalaeaqcwz ganna? .JOHN B. LAQSEN, NLD I'.'Ic5HR!9 ,l,i."'C7ZS 1 5 , . . L miwmw .. Sf, S.. . www-,www ww- -amy mm E mini? gif A W, A wg. if gr yy A .,,.. an PMWNE Q W TO THE CROWDS 41 ag W f V A VQ X ..f , A 5 .1 + ddetie Behind every athletic or- ganization are four very im- portant people: the coaches who labor, sweat, and swear, and the managers, who as heads of the morale division, cheer the teams on to victory and see that they never go thirsty. I I I As the Moonlight Sonata is sweet music to a musician, even so is the crack of a ball on a bat, as Dick Black hits out another home run, or the sharp swish of a basketball through the hoop as Dude sinks another one of his one-handers, or the dull thud as Col- lins kicks another 40-yard punt. This year we have not only heard, but have seen these things-that is, all but Dick hitting another home run as baseball has been abandoned f l d or tie uration. F4 v., M-nfl,-. lg gn x 1 fu QM X X . 1.,uKxDxb -Q I ii 'mzwl-jf 76 i' if ,'Lf Q 5. ' . .em:?"""".?-,'27'1 In place of baseball has come commando training to help prepare the boys for army life. In this training judo is stressed. They also practice broad jumping, rope climbing, high jumping, and several of the other exer- cises that will build men for the Army. Even the gym classes have been stepped up for the boys, and home room competition has de- veloped rivalry similar to a "Cub-Sox" game. All this, of course, only serves to show how athletics has been stepped up to meet the changing war-time demand on the young men of the nation. The girls in their advanced athletic pro- : . if A gram have been training to meet the require- ments of the WAVEs and WAACs and other branches of the service. The G. A. A. has been especially active with their basket- ball, table tennis, archery, tennis, volley ball, and bowling tournaments. The boy's basketball team and football team have been building toward the future, especially the basketball squad. So for next year, and for years to come, we seniors wish the best of luck to our successors in the field of sport and we hope that they will carry the Maroon and White of Morris High on to new fields of glory. Page Fiftv five in .fr 54932 'ww ,am nn .0- if f -X1 'W-.. "Goat" Frey-Bill was a hard driving halfback who was a constant threat in the Redskin backfield. Goat missed most of his last year of football because of an injury. Iim Morrall-lim played halfback and could always find a hole for a gain of a few yards. Much is expected of Iim in his return next year. Harry Daily-Although Harry was out some of the games because of a broken foot, he proved his worth as a line-backer and center. His defense against running and passing attack proved the important factor in electing him the most valuable player. Ierry Dibble-This little halfback was a hard driving and fast man around the ends. He has two more years and should prove to be a star. "Butch" Collins-Butch played fullback and center this year and when in the game did most of the punting. He will be a valuable cog in the Morris team next year. Iohn May-Playing guard and tackle, Iohn gained valuable experience that will be useful to him next year. A short stocky fellow, he proved a thorn in the opponents side. Iim McElvain-Iim has one more year to play and will be welcomed back to his guard position next year. He had what it takes and showed he was no weakling in the center of the lines. "Dude" Enger-Dude played in several games and received good experience for his return to the end position next year. Much is expected of him. Tony Black-Tony filled in at end and tackle and was never at a loss at either position even though he was handicapped by an injury. He will be back next year. "Cobb" Watters-Cobb was a senior, and although the smallest man on the team, he didn't let his size interfere with his Fighting spirit. He did a splendid job as guard and center. "Larry" Rosenmiller-In his first year out Larry gained a starting position at end. He was particularly adept at catching passes. He is a senior and will not be back next year. lack Black-The only freshman on this year's team, Iack won a starting posi- tion at tackle. His 215 pounds was hard to move. "Ronnie" Sampson-A popular team man, Ronnie was a speedy halfback and good passer. He was elected to captain and displayed his ability as an open field runner. Dick Black-A junior, Dick played fullback, and was one of the hardest driving backs in this section of the state. His off tackle smashes were feared by all. He was a good defense player and was the most consistent ground gainer on the team. "Amos" Sheedy-Another senior and Hrst year man, Amos offered a solid wall when it came time for the opponent to try to run through his end. Moose Schaible-Moose's 220 pounds proved hard to move from his tackle position. "Swede" Iohnson--"Swede" played guard and tackle and played most of the game in the opponents backfield. Tony Sterritt-Tony, as quarterback, was the brains of the team and seldom called the wrong play. His passing and running attack were constantly a threat. He was our other co-captain. Iim Wooldridge-Another rookie senior, lim played guard and his hard charging tactics earned him a starting in most games. Dick Bull-Dick was out most of the games but he more than made up for it when he did play. Not an inch was gained through his tackle spot. He will be back to bolster the line next year. N Juli-lvl lunyrggpm palur F4 , ' its, gr"Fifty-:even The Morris Redskin Quintet started out the season with a Winning streak which was to last through the Northwestern Conference Tournament. Morris' perfect ball handling and sharp shooting netted them first place. After this tournament a slump hit them from which they never completely recovered. The Redskins snapped out of their slump for the State Regional Tournament and got as far as Hnals but were defeated, capturing second place. During the year they scored 1203 points for an average of 41.48 points per game. They won 19 games and lost 10. e a rf?-ee - . ' Duclc lincgcr, furwglrcl Iim Collins, guurcl Inclc limcly, center Dick Hull, Ccnlcr Ronnie Salmpsrm, guaxrcl julm Such, gunrcl Hula Amlcrsfm, ltll'XX"ll'Ll lcli lilglcli, fUl'VVLll'Cl Hurry Daily, ccmcr Tony Slcrrill, gugml lim Mclilvuin. glhlfll lvfly-1 Page Sixty The mention of the M Club in Morris High is apt to bring sighs and starry eyes to just about any young lady in hearing distance. Reason: the M club's personnel is made up only of those heroes of the football held and basketball floor who have played enough to earn a major award. From this club come many of the leaders in most of the school activities. Every fall the M Club sponsors the Homecoming-parade, dance, and game. In the spring the members take a trip to Champaign to witness the State Basketball tournament. And throughout the years they will continue to display the good sportsmanship and fair play they learned from their athletic experience and M Club membership. Tournament Results Tournament Results FOOTBALL SCORES M orri: Score 12 .... ..... 6 ......... 0 .... ..... 1 2 ......... 6 .... ..... 1 3 ......... 13 .... ..... 2 6 .... 6 .... -- ---20 ..... - -- - 12 .... ..... 1 3 ......... 6 .... ..... 0 ......... 12 .... ..... 1 2 ......... BASKETBALL SCORES M orri: S core 66 .... ..... 2 8 ......... 39 .... ..... 4 1 ....,.... 58 -... .,... 3 6 ........ - 40 .... .,.. - 35 ..-...... 33 ..-. ..... 2 8 - ..,... - - 44 .... ..... 3 5 ......... 31 .... ..... 3 4 ......... 39 .... ..... 3 1 ......... 34 .... ..... 2 9 ......... 32 .... ..... 5 5 ....,.... 31 .... L.... 3 0 ....... -. - 44 .... ...1. 3 3 ...1..... 50 .... ..... 46 ......... 37 .... ..... 3 Z ......... 43 .... ..... 3 7 ......... 35 .... .,... 4 9 ......... 30 .... ..... 3 3 ......... 24 .... ..... 4 7 ......... 33 .... ..... 2 1 ...... 22 .... ..... 4 2 ......... 49 .... ..... 5 3 ......... 64 .... ..... 2 1 ......... 56 .... ..... 2 6 ......... 54 .... ..... 4 1 ......... 30 .... ..... 6 2 ......... 43 .... ..... 4 2 ......... 61 .... ..... 2 8 ......... 47 .... ..... 4 5 ......... 33 .... ..... 5 0 ........ - Opponent Mendota Batavia Dwight Pontiac Alumni Bradley Normal Lockport Opponent Mazon Marseilles Seneca Coal City Dwight Braidwood Gardner Ioliet Wilmington Clinton Marseilles Braidwood Coal City Dwight University High Pontiac Trinity Normal Community Alumni East Peoria Marseilles Coal City Mazon Wilmington Ioliet Pontiac Mazon Streator Somonauk Page Sixty-on if iw s ,Qi Sw Nm f.. A Q . . , , W x,,: ,. Www , A .M A iigsjxf f:1f"Pa ff? f 5 V :- . Q A Y"va'? mu' NK? .. - 415:51 ff, J., f Qifmyrs' 'img if gm gyiiflwf vi '4f'if5WiQi , fm ,. 'I' .5 'fill H3 fagzif if WI ' s,, . -fx-f 2. A 5 xi? 5 ., J , ff Iii? fi ' ,fi xy f 2 i A 1 ' .5 is W, l - X V l .-uf wir no Q1 IH!! 532 ' A , . , -, - 1 gg gy H22 z,lJ , - 1-1- Pfzgr Sixly-fum' BOWL FOR HEALTH Morris Recreation I c A GERBER P P S O OUR SINCERE THANKS TO THE MORRIS MERCHANTS FOR THEIR Compnmem LOYAL COOPERATION IN of MAKING THIS ANNUAL MORRIS A SUCCESS DEN-HS-rs I I SENIOR CLASS OF "43" COMPLIMENTS The Western Foundry EVERETT OLSON AND HIS Rhy+hm Thai' Teases Music Thai' Pleases ORCHESTRA Allan Furniture Co. Compliments of Beatty LumberfCo. JQ-HN El. LARSEN. M MORRIS. lttmoas Sygh O Q ALMA FISCHER MILLINERY Phone :za 203 Labeny Morris Complimenfs of SCHULTZ BROS. CO. FEATURING 5c fo su Moss. 3I I Liberfy SI. Morris Meniion To Our M6FCh6h+S Their Ads in Ihe Year Book Complimenfs of MEADOW GOLD MILK eoRooN TELPHER, Salesman Complimenfs of CAMPBELLS UPHOLSTERY SHOP Complimenfs of WILLS CREAM STATION Complimenfs of STATE RESTAURANT Complimenis of HYMVICK GAS STATION CompIimen+s of KNOBLICK PAINT STORE Complimenfs of C. A. BAKER 81 SON CompIimen+s of ROY DIBBLE cmes senvuce GAS Complimenfs of BOSTON SHOE STORE Complimenis of BRACK'S BARBER Complimenfs of FAIRWAY SKATING RINK Com plimenis of Che Ufnciafs rwzgy Goumfy 0 Complimenfs of MORRIS HATCHERY B. N. MYRICK, Mgr. Ph e 76 Morris, III. McKEE DRUG STORE C. E. McKEE, R. Ph. WALGREEN SYSTEM Phone I08 Morris, III MORRIS BAKERY TRY oun CAKES 2 I2 Liberfy S+. Morris Illinois S gS CompIimen+s of MORRIS DOCTORS CompIimen+s of MORRIS INSURANCE MEN 0 Q DR. SACHSE J. L. CAREY DR. SCHOCHET MAURICE E. ROBINSON DR. GRAHAM F. W. GEBHARD DR. LARSON HARRY T. LEACH DR. WHITMAN A. H. HILLIKER DR. BOWKER ROOT 81 ROOT Q Q a Q CompIimen+s of FIRST NATIONAL BANK FULL-O-PEP FEEDS MAKE POULTRY PAY BE SURE TO GET OUR BIDS ON GRAIN BEFORE SELLING MORRIS, ILLINOIS g Member of Federal Deposi+ WE BUY SOYBEANS , O Insurance Corporahon THE QUAKER OATS ' COMPANY Phone 25 Morris, III MATTESON HDW. CO. C Complimenfs of O'BRIEN 81 SON CONTRACTORS 420 LIBERTY ST. MORRIS, ILL. ' ' FOREMOST IN FRIENDLINESS AND FULL '-'NE FIRST wITI-I TI-IE NEWEST OF , SPORTING GOODS H. H. BAUM Complimen+s of Commercial Printing Sz Mig. Company PgS Morris Bottling Works NELSON 8: SON Manufacfurers of A NELSON'S "Morris Maid" Tops in Pops PHONE 354 225 WASHINGTON MORRIS ik FOR BETTER FOODS TRY Seven Gables MORRIS ILLINOIS W Grundy County National Bank ESTABLISHED use-1 B U Y W A R B O N D S SIL P gc' Seven WEITZ CAFE 0 O Complimenfs of Complimenfs of FOOD MART , MORRIS DRY CLEANERS O Complimenfs of ALBERT KECK, Prop MAX OTTO'S BARBER SHOP , O O HANSEN CONGRATULATIONS AUTO BODY TO THE GRADUATES O I ' CARLSON WARD'S STUDIO TlP.TOP BREAD CAKES O I Complimenfs of MORRIS FLORAL wM. LININGTON Complimenfs of ERICKSON'S STYLE SHOPPE . CompIimen+s of WATTER'S GROCERY I Complimenfs of MORRIS MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER GAMBLE'S STORE CANTEEN CANDY CO OTTAWA, ILL. PgS Wix Implement Company J8fR. BROWNBILT SHOE STORE SHOES FOR EVERYONE Complimenfs of NATIONAL TEA FOOD CO ALBERT CARLSON, Mgr. Complimenfs of TATE HEATING COMPANY 205 Liberfy Morris, III. KAY'S TAXIE 84 TRANSFER Morris IIIinoi CompIimen+s of U. C. DAVIS 8: SONS Morris IIIinois Complimenfs of BERNER - BAKERY Makers of Enriched Bread CompIimen+s of MATTESON ICE CO. Morris IIIinois Complimenfs of BOOK AND GIFT SHOP Morris IIIinois THE MORRIS HERALD ' Greafesf Small CiI'y Newspaper in I'he Unifed Slafes EAT Three Trunk Lines I9-20-2I O School Supplies AT I School Newspapers 0 Typewri+ers KINDELSPIRES g Programs 0 Booklefs 0 Sfafionery . 0 Commencemenl' Inv. The BEST FOOD IN TOWN FOR ALL THE NEWS Morris Illinois 0 THE BRIGHT SPOT HARRY GIPES, Prop. O O MUFFLER'S ROLLER RINK Slcaling every Wednesday, Friday, Safurday and Sunday Ni+es Safurday and Sunday Affernoons I ,I L Complimenis of GUNNERSON'S SERVICE STATION O KELLY'S BARBER SHOP HOLLAND'S DRUG STORE PgS CompIimenI's of MARQUITA BERNER AND VIRGINIA HAGEN ENJOYING A FRIENDLY VISIT THROUGH COLONIAL FURNTURE CO. YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON COLONIAL FOR OUALITY AND VALUE Colonial Furniture Co. MORRIS, ILLINOIS nr PgS yglz ir Morris Paper Mills .4 ammo XO' 665 PAPER Mllqr 2 gm - c fx MANU FACTU RERS OF FOLDING PAPER BOXES AND FOOD PRODUCT CONTAINERS ik BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS TO BEAT THE JAP Pg? Pg E51 ANDAN CAFE W. T. OSTREM JEWELER HIGH GRADE DIAMCNDS AND JEWELRY Phone 377 40I Liberfy S+. Morris, III . Success To All Graduafes CompIimen+s of ZIMMERMANS MILTON MEYER DRUGS BILLIARDS - CIGARS - CANDIES . 407 LIBERTY ST. The Northwestern Corporation W. E. BOLEN, President HARRY 0. TORRENCE MEN'S WEAR Q Ph 738 M Ill Compliments of . BRILLIANT BRONZE C0mPIIme"+S of STATION THE PURITY On Rt. 47 and III. Avenue HARRY F JONES SR . Ph 984 M HI "WHAT'S COOKlN" Ps' Eghy Farmers' Square Deal Grain Co. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS , Complumenis NELSON'S of GREENHOUSE C. H. HYNDS DRY GOODS Flowers-by-wire-anywhere I'LL MEET YOU AT Complimenis OLSON'S SKATING RINK of IN eoorn PARK DOYLE'S GROCERY STORE KH FF SERVICE CAR U Rainbow ls Good Bread STATION BUY WITH CONFIDENCE --WEAR WITH SATISFACTION 595.92 95 1'E 35 gi. 5 5 EE WHERE MEN'S AND BOYS' BETTER WEAR COSTS LESS Complimenfs of Anderson's THEATERS MORRIS wwf TIMES I Izg Fglzythe C I f Morris Coal and Mining Company W HELP THE WAR EFFORT Bm, Maw Bamh 4 -f " W' -u531iffJn emu. -" -in ...L 133. .A Q ' "N -2,17 4 ! j Q., A 'faf .sg riff . 4' li Law' , R l gs u My Ll' wi ' E1 V51 Er! Q.. 5-F 'N fi "'!. 1 :aw .--. ,J T. , A .u"i:fZg.,3.'a I Nz- N: align, Y '- . T-':. Qi f, ' A . A zblgtfg 1 ,N A rf lb., KZ. .1 YH , A E 4. 95' 1 f4 ,.V, ,flu F df m .1 1. - ,Ex , fa 55515, we x . , . -1 H 1 . t . . .. -A, . zu in ,W .n4Y' f ng I - v-A in m 990' 7 'LM -1 5 . .W mf . .,C A u 1 H . , , 1. ,',r 5' .:, r L- liz. VL L J, .is ,. sg. ',. 1, V41 fl.. A v 4 1 4 V H 1 -, ' r 'l , .' .V -. I nl .. -'v . -I?'.,' . A . ,4,.,' 1, . x-4 ' . w 1 vt , .q'n,, :wx- .1 g w . . 1,9 " ' r. -' 4. . -u -it ' , is . . .rl J . 1 , 'W-' ."'. ' , ' . gn", 1 . fn fl waz, - n - Ahh, 1' '. --V '-,x.--'mi . .. "H, .'. Fl- ., A -1 -if QT512 ,Ax .. . . ,, .A - 3- ' :1 'm,l.A'A..f5'- h 5... V-Igilgh '- ' -:..'.'..-.J -'f, 212' ' M -. , ,ir , fy. - V ff... ,I., . M V . .4 ,J 2151- , , . -1 b-.1-JH." 1 i Q' L. L: . . 1 -'- ' M. in L.. 21 221.4--Ln. 'z P 1 . 31 9 ry '11 4 ' i ,il il :-E4 af' 'i .X , 1 J 'J Y '1 I -N in L , 1 .4 F1 -1 JA 'Y Yi. J W Ji I , . .A, 1 1 E - v J 75 ' 'l',4.. al U .,., n 1 'fgffki ' T73 fri' Q.. .. 1 -f, , -' fl, ' 1 3r'52ff 'L 1 . " , it a .4 x . , ' -1 . I I I ii-H ' -. ref if , . : P ' ,-A '-3 , .- , .kr Pl"'Lji41L,7. x -1 .. 141: A A . 1111.- vf. -1' f LLL -. JB' ,V .liz JH- I ' " 73511. . ..2 L " ' 1-' 1 ...A ' . 'f . A 'faq .2 , , , 1 in 'W sig - i :F A S -4, 1 I I . N f. ', ., "1 4: V : A .H-1, N.- E A nc ' 5: V ' I . ,, , , . ' 4 1 1 1 'Q .,.,. ,f . 41' 1 N . 29 . " . ' 'Ed '. lg'-a. .,. 'J ' 1 A ,hifi R: ' ri fr .iw xc... JL A r'1 4 T ..i4 f w 4 5 - 11 -i 4 . an 1 A ,1.' E' A. ull. :gl !1 B .I j . H. .'...Q, 5 ' 1 1 I ,pf 51 ' ' A, ,. flag-vfw , ,.,,. 1 . V , N. Q , if FH UN ff 3 . 1 K I , X 4. , V 1 '1 fn: S1 ,. A1.- . 1.5,- ,vga 51. NIJ A 41, Hy- 36. y., .. .4 Q. A '-M MQ: .4 m ' 'e ,- -8, -.4--1 . 'L f 5.- 1 1 ,w 1 , .-s.- sr A E2 L., Q a Lv ' if fi' 5. 1.11.-, ,Avsf 1' sb ..,, , LQ. . . J' ' 9 -..- .! .RI 4 r.. 9. .111 ...wir .1295 . " 4 ' ' -Q..,' f' 1 i 152- gj -7-is 1.3 .'rf-63' 'F' ' fy'- -. 1 ww- '- ,, -WH-1 v " - if- H4 ' , X -'Sr ,. ,EL- . .,., 1 .f '11-'M-5 fx ' L ' 119.321 f' fl .um , '1.f4.v i .fy-1554.354 , . - . , 1 N - 411. ' A . 1 3 5 1.11 ' , ,-, U,-, 1 'ilhg 1.4. 111' 9 ni- AJ ' . ,.f-.4-Q' -it fi 11 ' A 'i ' - -Li' ,Q -F -' 5, if f-g.-ff -. 'J M-I' f f? ' '-'w fr' " f - A " '-.g...5,, - fbxxq-fagx l xt-9 X J' 43.1 ,, " V M - 'S-rg'2g' . ' E A , . .P ,4.' 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