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BUILDING OUR FUTURE 1985AHORNET 1985 BUILDING OUR FUTURE Morris C Arlene Green, Editor-in-Chief Sumter, Dr. Lun Preside Deduc ed to the memor u . •HORNET 1985 BUILDING OUR FUTURE Morris College Arlene Green, Editor-in-Chief Sumter, South Carolina Rose Hudson, Advisor Dr. Luns C. Richardson President Dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Bertie B. WhiteA DEDICATION TO • • • I Request Lines ... Hello My name is Anita Brockman and I'm calling from Morris College ... And I'd like to speak to one of my parents please. Okay!! Hello N.J.B. on your request line I'd like to know your grades and your class times. Hello Hello!! Caught in the act seems to be what's going through the minds of Jennifer Nowlin and Linda Scott as they give that surprise look to the photographer. What could they be up to now. Linda seems to be giving that ''What are you talking boutlooks". While Jennifer is trying her best to skip town because she didn't clean her room.THE STUDENT BODY HANGING OUT ... Yes that seems to be the name of the game as our students take time out for relaxation. Freshmen girls take time out to pose for the photographer. On three everyone C-H-E-E-S-E. Francis and Karen gets into the latest gossip as they take time out to discuss what happened to Beau Brady and Steffeno on T.V.'s all time favorite Soap "Days of Our Lives". Yes these are truly the days of our lives. Rumors ... The word is out!!! That Jeffery Jackson has been going around trying to get dates with the women of the freshmen class. But what Jeff docs not know is that these women are well-versed on his scheme. 3 m4This is the Life of the Students ... Filled with cxcitment, challenge, commitment and self-fulfillment. Student life ranges from academics to athletics. From seminars to debates on Strategic Arms Limited Talks. All in an effort to build our future. 5DECISIONS DECISIONS DECISIONS Yes that's what life's all about ... making decisions. Making a decision about making a decision. Registration proved to be no exception to the rule. OUR YEAR This was the year ... a year of on going activities ... and striving for fulfillment a year when nothing seemed impossible..nothing unconquerable..when faith was unmarred by doubt ... and significant personal experience this was 1985 ... representing all our present hopes and future ambitions ... as we build our future. HELLO, New Women's Residence Hall, May I help you please, is usually the line you're fed when you buzz the dorm. SCIENTIFIC MINDS Working in the labs seem to be the most interesting part of Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Physiology, Physics Anatomy, Microbiology or whatever the course might be. It sure beats lecturing. Could they be building the first model of the cellophane heart ... or perhaps they're preparing a solution to take the boredom out of classroom lectures..or could it be the fuel for our next space shuttle, whatever the case, it's all a part of building our future. Vanessa Lancaster, Edward Williams and Berington Pierson along with a new student put their heads together to create tomorrow's solutions to today's problems.USEFUL SOURCES EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT Hardly Ever Noticed!!! The Bulletin Boards I Mean ... Many students missed out on many appointments, opportunities, programs, meetings, and so forth, because they were just too busy to stop a second and read the notices on the boards. For commuters, the bulletin boards served as the main medium of relaying important messages from information on job positions available to graduate studies, fellowships ... to the weekend discos and weekly assembly programs, all a part of building our future. Senior, Arlene Green checks out the latest in graduate school information. Some heavy stuff!!! Useful Sources is a good choice of words when referring to the Morris College Newsletter. It is published quarterly and provides an update on the happenings of the campus. These students get the information straight from the horse's mouth ... the grapevine was beat to the punch this time. Cynthia Clinkscales, Barbara Lloyd and Jackie Anderson show that the myth about women gossiping all of the time is just not so in this case. 7A NIGHT TO REMEMBER CORONATION 1984 . . . VANESSA'S ACCEPTANCE ... THE GIFT OF A QUEEN To Dr. Neal, Dr. Richardson, Dean Corley Dean Black, Faculty and Staff, Family and Friends. Tonight is a special night for me because this is the night that I can truly give thanks and honor to those of you who have made this night possible. God I love you and thank you for being there at all times because you know how hard things are and how hard I try to be very nice. Family and friends I love you because you are my inspiration. To each of you who are present tonight, I love you dearly from the bottom of my heart because without your presence none of this would have existed. To the Morris College Family I love you and to represent you is an honor. This honor I will truly uphold to the highest esteem. I will represent Morris College with honor, pride and dignity. While representing Morris College I will keep five things in mind. 1. Preparation —I will always be prepared to repre- sent Morris College with dignity. 2. Concentration —I will concentrate on the things that will help make the institution shine. 3. Determination —I will keep a determined mind while representing Morris College. 4. Motivation —I will motivate others and let them know what our Morris College is all about. 5. Inspiration —I will inspireothersand give them a great feeling about Morris College. During my stay here at Morris College, I have faced several ups and downs. So here I learned to deal with the problems. So here I leave you with a quote that has aided me during my years at Morris College. "Positive thinking is a big factor in success ... The man who thinks he can will achieve most of the things he attempts. The man who thinks he can't may not even try." To the Morris College Family I love you dearly thank you!! 8MISS MORRIS COLLEGE 1984-85 VANESSA R. LANCASTERFIRST ATTENDANT Miss Beverly A. Zimmerman Beverly Ann Zimmerman, a native of Cheraw, S.C., is the second of three children born to Mr. and Mrs. Willie B. Zimmerman, Sr. Miss Zimmerman attended the public schools of Cheraw, S.C. where she was involved in a variety of clubs and activities. Miss Zimmerman is a senior, biology major at Morris College is also involved in a variety of clubs and organizations. She is a member of the NAACP, President of the Biology Club, Pan Hellenic Council, Gospel Choir, and Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In 1981 Miss Biology, 1982 Miss BSU and in 1983, Miss NAACP. Presently she is actively involved in the biology club. Pan Hellenic Council and Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She attends Pee Dee Baptist Union Church, Rev. Thomas Dawkins, Pastor, where she is a member of the Junior Choir, Pee Dee Youth Gospel Choir, Explorers Club and the NAACP. Miss Zimmerman's Future aspirations are to continue her education after graduation and become a medical practioner employed by the United States Air Force. SECOND ATTENDANT Miss Judy A. Gee Judy Anne Gee, the second attendant to Miss Morris College is a 21 year old senior majoring in Mathematics Secondary Education. Being a native of Timmonsville, South Carolina, she is the eighth child born among ten to Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Gee. Judy is a graduate of Lamar High School, she was a member of the Mathematics Club, Bus Drivers Club, Tennis Club, and the Library Club. At Morris Miss Gee is an O.R. Reuben Scholar, Peer Counselor, Member of the Dean's List, NAACP, Vice-President of the Math Club, and a member of Nu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She was also listed in Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities 1983-84. Miss Gee is the pianist organist at the Antioch Baptist Church and also Bethlehem Baptist Church of Timmonsville, where she is a member. After graduation, Judy plans to pursue a career in Math Education and in Air Traffic Control. 10HER MAJESTY'S COURTPARADE OF QUEENS IN ESSENCE OF OUR QUEENS A QUEEN AT MORRIS COLLEGE HOLDS A POSITION OF GREAT HONOR. A POSITION OF GREAT RESPONSIBILITY AND PRESTIGE. THE QUEEN OF AN ORGANIZATION MUST REIGN WITH GRACE AND CHARM. SHE IS ONE THAT HOLDS HER HEAD UP HIGH AND CONDUCTS HERSELF IN A LADYLIKE FASHION. SHE IS WELL-POISED AND IS THE STAR OF HER ORGANIZATION. THE QUEENS AT MORRIS COLLEGE ARE WHAT ONE MIGHT CALL "BRAINS AND BEAUTY" AN UNBEATABLE COMBINATION. OFTEN AN ORGANIZATION IS JUDGED ON THE CONDUCT OF ITS LEADERS, INCLUDING THAT OF THE QUEEN: THEREFORE, OUR QUEENS CAN WEAR THEIR CROWNS PROUDLY AND REIGN WITH DIGNITY. THIS IS THE LIFE OF A QUEEN!!!MISS SENIOR MISS JUNIOR MISS SOPHMORE 8ERYL C. JOHNSON MARCELLA P. GRATE BRENDA WASHINGTON MISS FRESHMAN TATSHA ROBINSON MISS DANIELS HALL SOPHIA MCDOWELL MISS BRAWLEY-STARKS HALL LISA RICE 13 ! MISS LEGARE HALL MELISSA PURVIS MISS REUBEN-COKER-LEWIS-SIMON HALL GRACIE SINGLETON MISS ALPHA PHI ALPHA PALMER JOHNSON MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI RENEA PARKER MISS ZETA PHI BETA JACQUELINE JACOBS MISS BIOLOGY DORIS MELTON IMISS NAACP MISS SNEA MISS SUNDAY SCHOOL MACHELLE JOHNSON VALENCIA JAMES NANCY CLOVER MISS GOSPEL CHOIR MISS CAMPUS QUEEN FELECIA RANDOLPH DARLENE HUNT 15COETMOLLA ALLEN BRENDA BAXTER KENNETH ARMSTRONG KIMERLY BENNETT CAMALAH ASHE KENNETH BROOKS PHILLIP BROWN LIONEL DANEY LAURA DAVISLYDIA DAVIS JEROME DEAS DEBRA DIXON JULIA DURANT ROBIN M. GRANT ANDREA ELMORE ARLENE GREEN JACQULIN GODBOLD IRMA DOW 17EVA GREEN JAMES GREEN JR. JAMES S. GREENE OLIIE HAMPTON 18 SANDRA HOLLOMAN MARIAN HUDSON RENEE HUTCHINSONANDREW JACKSON TREMETTRE JACKSON BERYL C. JOHNSON NEOLIS JOHNSON SHAMAINE E. JOHNSON CARY KINNEY 19 VANESSA R. LANCASTER ETHEL LANE DIANE LESANGE22 DELORIS WILSON PATRICIA WITHERSPOONSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TOMORROW'S LEADERS . . . TODAY . . . Building Our Future. Senior Class Officers for 1984-85 President —James F. Moore Vice President—Thomas Henderson Secretary—Marian Hudson Assistant Secretary—Carrie Simon Treasurer—Arlene Lewis (not pictured) Chaplin—Kenneth Armstrong (not pictured) Business Manager—Lionel Daney (not pictured) FRESHMEN Orientation . . . ORIENTATION TIME Yes that big transformation from lofty high school students to that independent young man or woman that everyone dreams about. Yes independence is a big word that carries a whole lot of responsibilities. No more mom to look after you. No more mom to do the laundry or tell you to get up out of bed to go to school. Yes free as a bird. Free to make it or to fail. The choice is up to you. 24CLASS OF 1988 . . . READY FOR ACTION AS THEY . . . BUILD THEIR FUTURE Orientation Leaders ORIENTATION LEADERS Byron Brown, Vanessa Lancaster, Drois Mellon, Edward Williams, Row 2—Ms. Spann, Ella Mae Williamson, Beverly Hampton, Shamaine E. Johnson, William Twitty, Ms. Gordon Row 3—Dana Williams, Jacqueline Jacobs, Audrey Alston, Jenitta L. Pinckney, Keith Dudley Row 4—Troy Glover, Camalah Ashe, Berington Pierson, Robert Washington, Arlene Green (not pictured). 26 27 The Never Ending Process ...Registration Begins a New Year REGISTRATION The dawning of a new beginning here at Morris College. Registration means hours and hours of waiting in lines. Getting a signature for this and a signature for that. Stamps here and stamps there. Go here to get this for that and then come back and get this so you can take that back. Confusing ... well not as confusing as it sounds. Ms Spann takes time out to explain to the freshmen just what goes on in the actual process. The I.D. Station is the finish line. With our new computer system however the task is not as tedious as it could be. 28The Faculty and staff proves to be real helpful around registration time. Giving signatures here and there. Giving their stamps of approval on this form and that form. Helping us to build our future is the main objective. 29 nSPECIAL EVENTS SPECIAL EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS Special events ranged from the Annual Fall Convocation to special assemblies to the crowning of Miss Morris College the Annual Thanksgiving Rally to the Mid Winter Banquet. The college is always providing cultural enrichment programs. In fact we were even fortunate enough to have jayne Kennedy to come to the campus. There is always something to keep you busy as well as informed.31MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. OBSERVANCE DAY Dr. Taylor gives some challenging remarks to the audience as she highlights some of the issues facing the younger generation. Dr. Richardson and the entire Morris College Family celebrated Martin Luther King's Birthday in the annual Martin Luther King's Observance Day Assembly. »2Dr. Brisbon and Dr. Bell were two of the Faculty members who gave brief talks in remembrance of the late Dr. King. The audience was moved by the words of all four of the speakers. 33r1 Science in Action Week I This is a very special week for the Pre-Allied Health Majors here on the campus. It is traditionally celebrated with the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences guidance. During the entire week a variety of programs is sponsored by the division as well as the Biology Club. Wow what a week of excitement!!! 3435CULTURALLY ENRICHED • • • Transition time—from the classroom setting to the chapel. Lecture time!!! Through building our future, we heard many rewarding lectures from visitors. 1985 was the year of all years... A visit from Jayne Kennedy, An effort to help the starving people in Africa ... A lecture from Dr. Palmer... and A DYNAMITE Sermon from Dr. Adams ... All in an effort to build our future. 3637HONORS FORUM . . . Academic Excellence • SI i •' I Fll1 HI i Bill {1?1 l!:WI!!{||IHIII IIHBI liJPI Itll Alpha Kappa Mu Induction Ceremony ... Mu Lamda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society Inducts Honoray Inductee Mr. Lester T. Corley, Arlene Green, Jennifer Nowlin, Stanly Woodruff, Nancy Potts, Teressa Marshall, Ella Williamson, Berington Pierson, Jerome Deas, Felecia Randolph, Pat Witherspoon, Ken Brooks. Former members includes—Camalah Ashe, Edward Williams, Dr. Richardson, Dean Vereem, Dr. Beckett, Dr. Brisbon and Dean Black. Fall Honors Day Convocation Held ... Five Students listed on the President's List Princess Orr, Barbara Wingate, Deloris Wilson, janice Williams and Irene Marshall. All of these students attained a perfect 4.000. Scenes from the convocation. O.R. Reuben Scholars, Morris College Scholars and Students listed on both the "A" and "B" Honor Rolls took part in the convocation program. Dr. Vereen served as speaker for the occasion. 38HONOR'S DAY CONVOCATION 39Strictly Academics • • • Academics that's the name of the game around Morris College. Students take their work seriously as they prepare for their future. Study time is study time ... nothing ever changes that ... Aside from the Learning Resource Center favorite study corners included the residence halls, student center, on the lawn or any other quiet place that was available. Kathy Ross and Robert Washington get down to some serious studying as they prepare for a Physical Science test... Tracy Williams and Terri Daniels study on the steps of their home. Freshmen testing, studying during work-study and even in the laboratory ... all in an effort to build our future. 4041SGA PRESIDENT EDWARD WILLIAMS A True Leader In Every Respect ... As Student Government Association President Edward Williams possessed all the characteristics of a good leader. He had a vision of possible accomplishments which gave him the inspiration necessary for real success. He was earnest in his purpose to achieve. To that extent his vision meant something to him, to that extent he was able to inspire his fellow students with enthusiasm. Small in stature as he was, Edward's earnestness gave him a confident bearing. He appeared confident, not only in the words he spoke but also in the firmness in which he spoke. He endeavored to make work a joy, a satisfaction, a co-operative undertaking in which one and all shared the glory of good work done for a worthy end. A FAREWELL FROM THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRESIDENT My Fellow Students: Words alone can not express what this year has meant to me. For it was you, the students, that elected me to this position of S.G.A. President. We are tomorrow's leaders and it is up to us if we want our children to enjoy the rich full life that we have had in our generation. We must maintain the goals that we have set for ourselves at Morris College and continue these goals upon graduation from this institution. Morris College itself has grown to be one of the best institutions in this nation. From my freshman year until now Morris College has grown by leaps and bounds under the direction of President Richardson. We must remember what we came to school for—which is an even better education; and continue this trend once we have left Morris College. We want people to be proud whenever the name Morris College is mentioned. The only way we can make this happen is to be proud of it ourselves. As I leave, I ask my successor to steer the new students as well as the old in a direction that would set the pace for a brighter tomorrow and a better Morris College. Good Luck to you all and may God Bless You All. 424iFRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1988 Anthony Anderson Curtis Binds Leslie Butler Jeffrey Cain Rodney Cary Henry Flowers Anthony Fulmore Cheryl Deas Addison Goans Benjamin Coethie Brenda Golden William Green 44Mattie Johnson Joyce Kinlaw Curtis Hazelton Frankie Johnson Richard Lawson Francis Miller Derrick Lindsay Michelle Johnson Brenda Montgomery Wayne Neal Cornelius McGill Sophonia Owens Fredrick Prince Darryl Reeves Patrick Robinson Tatsha Robinson 45LaWayne Rogers Olenthia Scarbourgh Rodney Sanders Wendell Sanders Darryl Scott Vincent Scott Barbara Smith Patricia Swint 46 Romcl Washington Brett Williams Sonji Williams Stanford WilliamsSOPHOMORES HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ... Sophomore Byron Brown tells us exactly what it means to be a sophomore ... that transition from Ic treshman with no hours ... to the midway point in the college career. Byron Brown serves as presid sophomore class. 47Alexander Burton Byron Brown Karen Crawford Donna Davis Patricia Davis Patricia Davis Brenda Evans Allison George Cyrstal A. Green •18Carol Huggins Jeffrey Jackson Angela Johnson Machclle Johnson Velma Johnson Carmilla Kingston The Sophomore class has proven to be one of the most enthusiastic group of students on the campus. Under the leadership of Byron Brown, the class has vowed to take a class trip. The class has worked diligently in helping to meet their anticipated goals. These are truly the faces of the future ... Sophomores show Dr. Perkins just how simple Mathematics can be if dedication and determination is applied. John Little Antonio McCall Mary McClain 49Judy McCrea Teresa Montgomery Patricia Nelson Chandra Pegues Linda Ragin Vanessa Ragin Robert Reeves Doris Roseborough Sandra Roseborough Sonya Smith Vanessa Smith Patricia Stewart 4 50Teresa Thompson Kathy Townsend Brenda Washington Waymond Whitfield Nancy Wilson Gloria Williams Gregory Woods 51Ernest Coleman JUNIORS AT THEIR BEST . . . Beverly HamptonMelissa R. Purvis Regina Rainey Felecia Randolph Wanda Richardson Jackie Spann Arthur Thompson William Twitty Lori Welborn Barbara Wingate Randy Wright Valarie Wright Valencia James 53ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME Having the technological know how is what it is all about in today's society. One cannot possibly get by without having some sort of computer expertise. Above we see William Twitty, James Green, Jenitta Pinckney and Jerome Deas showing off their technological know-how by typing in the latest in compugraphics. Norman Hill gives us a demonstration in the use of broadcasting equipment. Ronnie Dixon shows how the equipment in the Media center can help aid in getting ones homework done the easy way. Patricia Davis comes to the rescue of a beginner as she almost deletes her file... better luck next time Pat, I think you had better call Ms. White. 57 TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW HOW . . .61OUR PRIDE . . . AND OUR JOY • • • ■i 6263MC HORNETSHORNET'S LINE-UP MALES MORRIS COLLEGE HORNET MALE BASKETBALL TEAM 1984-1985 ROBERT ANTHONY—FRESHMAN ZACKARY BOWMAN-SENIOR CHARLES W. DINKINS-SOPHOMORE JOHNNY GREGG-r-SENIOR RODNEY HARRISON-FRESHMAN DARRELL INGRAM-JUNIOR DENNIS LEWIS—SENIOR RICK MONROE-SOPHOMORE FRANK ROBINSON —FRESHMAN ROBERT WASHINGTON—SENIOR COACH —Roscoe Wilson Jr. STATISTICIAN —ROBERT REDDICK FEMALES MORRIS COLLEGE HORNET FEMALE BASKETBALL TEAM 1984-1985 CYNTHIA M. CLINKSCALES—JUNIOR KAREN CRAWFORD-SOPHOMORE CAROLYN DEAS-SOPHOMORE SANDRA HOLLOMAN-SENIOR PATRICIA HUDSON—FRESHMAN CARMILLA KINGSTON-SOPHOMORE ZELMA A. LEWIS-SENIOR CYNTHIA NELSON-SENIOR SANDRA SELLERS-FRESHMAN JANICE WHITE—SENIOR COACH —Roscoe Wilson Jr. TRAINER—Ruthie C. Jones STATISTICIAN—William Twitty•V. MIGHTY HORNETS IN ACTION • • • SWEET TRADITIONS The season did not start on a very promising note and there were setbacks, the definition of VICTORY was just what the Hornets made it. Team spirit was what got them through the season. Lady Hornets in action. "CC" shows the Benedict Tigers just who is the boss on the court as she steals the ball and prepares for a fast break. Two more points seems to be what's on Cynt's mind as she releases the ball in mid air. "SQUISH" some sound huh—all net! A big man with a soft touch, Zack shows his expertise with an inside shot against Claflin while his "main squeeze Zelma goes for a layup of her own. Cynthia Nelson always ready for action!!! 6667HORNET FEMALES BASKETBALL TEAM 1984-85 Center—Cynthia Clinkscales and Carmilla Kingston L to R —Patricia Hudson, Carolyn Deas, Karen Crawford, Zelma Lewis, Cynthia Nelson, Sandra Holloman, Janice White, Sandra Seller and Coach Roscoe WilsonHORNET MALES BASKETBALL TEAM 1984-85 O' o t to R—Coach Wilson, Dennis Lewis, Darrell Ingram, Frank Robinson, Rodney Harrison, Rick Monroe, Robert Washington, Robert Anthony, Charles Dinkins, Zachary Bowman, Johnny Gregg and Robert Reddick—Statistician.L jCW fSx HORNET BASEBALL TEAM 1984-85 Row 1 — K. Dudley, W. Green, F. Avinger, L. Bracey, W. Bracey, T. Addison, P. Williams, J. Suber, Row 2—Coach Houck, C. Wright, J. Little, D. Ingram, G. Sumter and T. Clinton. 70[ A READY FOR ACTION i - • ■ ■ . 'M a r 2» 71HORNET SOFTBALL TEAM 1984-85 Row 1—Cynthia Clinkscales, Carmilla Kingston, Brenda Baxter, Sonya Jenkins and Janice White. Row 2—Laura Davis, Janice Witherspoon, Marian Hudson, Carolyn Dcas, and Cynthia Nelson. Beryl Johnson—not pictured. 72HORNET CHEERLEADING SQUAD PEOPLE PEPPER-UPPERS—The perfect name for our cheerleaders. They were sure to keep the excitment for the crowd as the game got underway. The cheerleaders were surely an exciting group that would surely pep the pennies right out of your pocket. V-l-C-T-O-R-Y their favorite saying. Oh Yeah!! Squatting—Cheryl Deas, Stephanie Sellers Standing I to r—Mary Sutherland, Maxcina Gadsen, Melinda Brown, Tracy Mane fee and Janice Williams. 73MALE TRACK TEAM MORRIS COLLEGE TRACK TEAM ROW 1—Ricky Monroe, Zackary Bowman, Anthony Fulmore, and William Jeffcoat. ROW 2 Michael Johnson, Charles Dinkins, Elliott Peterson, and Darryl Scott. ROW 3 Leroy Anderson, Calvin Moses, Eddie Gore, and Robert Washington. ROW 4 Coach Wilson. Opposite page-MORE SCENES FROM OUR MEAN, MEAN HORNET SCORING MACHINES!!! Get Down Hornets!!! Calm down guys, it's only a practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 74HORNETS . . . ALWAYS READY FOR ACTION . . 75STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Silling—Jacqueline Jacobs, Edward Williams—Pres., Dana Williams Standing—Troy Glover, James Brown, and Kenneth Armstrong. In a year marked by higher prices, confusing personal values, collapsing international relations, and many broken promises and dreams, the ideals of our Student Government Association symbolized continuity and purpose standing so virtuous, the members of the cabinet, gave us goals to strive for. They brought forth challenge, humanity, and wisdom to us. TheS.G.A. provided us with "THE YEAR." It was many things ... activities, conflicts, excitement, fun, discovery, and growth. The challenge was to be the best we could be ... and that we were. The S.G.A. sponsored the Annual Coronation of Miss Morris College, a Blood Drive and many other cultural enrichment programs. It was a very good year!!! 76MORRIS COLLEGE PLAYERS The purpose of ihe Morris College Players is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities at the college. The members often provided us with real life-like dramatic presentations. The members worked hard and diligently, for they quickly realized that planning any dramatic presentation would take long hours of hard practice. Hours in which they were willing to sacrifice in order to put on the best show that they could. Members—Row 1—Waymond Whitfield, Margurite Singleton and Thomas Henderson Row 2—Byron Brown, Palmer Johnson, and Jeffery Jackson. Row 3—James Williams, Calvin Turner, Valencia James, Joseph Davis, and Kurt Terry. 77NATIONAL STUDENT BUSINESS LEAGUE Under the leadership of their advisor Mr. Thomas, the NSBL has participated in various activities on campus, as well as, throughout the community. The NSBL sponsored its Annual Income Tax preparation Clinics—Assisting students in completing their 1984 Income Tax Returns. We visited local high schools recruiting students in the area of business, giving them insights on the courses they should study if they wish to follow a business career. NSBL is the student division of the National Business League. NSBL is provided as a bridge between the theoretical classroom training of the college and the practical world of work in business and industries. MIMBfRS—Squatting—Carrie Pauley, Brenda Baxter, Sophia McDowell, Velma Johnson, Veronica Johnson, Franklin Sanders, Gary Kinney, and Jackie I lolmes. Row 2—Stanley Woodruff, Pres., Natalie Cooper, Linda Scott. Row 3—Harry Montgomery, Laura Davis, James Moore, Anita Brockman, Jennifer Nowlin, Lisa Davis, Arlene Green, Sandra Holloman and Robert Washington.MORRIS COLLEGE CHAPTER OF NAACP Members—Palmer Johnson, Doretha Williams, Patricia Davis, Patricia Stevens, Patricia Nelson, Jacqueline Godbold—Pres., Renea Parker, Farfene Williamson, Isaiah Odom, and Anthony Hall. NAACP is a civic organization that is nationally known. The beliefs of the members are assisting persons in achieving individual triumphs, as well as accomplishing triumphs for the good of all mankind. In doinn so, they retain the respect from its members as well as the entire community. The Morris College Chapter sponsored its Annual Membership Drive Voters Registration Drive last fall.PRE ALUMNI CLUB Top Photo—L to R—Palmer Johnson, Patricia Nelson, James Moore, Arlene Green, Doretha Williams, Earline Williamson, Anita Brockman. Renea Parker, and Isaiah Odom. Bottom Photo—The Pre-Alumni Club sponsored its First Annual Miss UNCF Pageant. The winner of this pageant represented the college at the National UNCI Fundraising Conference in Washington, DC. Miss UNCF —Patricia Nelson, 1st Runner-up—loyce Kmlaw and 2nd Runner-up—Teresa Hickmon. Patricia placed 6th in the National Pageant. 80BIOLOGY CLUB Row 1—Machclle Johnson, Veoletta Williams, Doris Melton, Mary Ward, Norma Singletary, Dr. R. Ali, Advisor, Row 2—Beverly Zimmerman—Pres., Renca Parker, Gwendolyn Walker, Sylvia Warren, Diane Stevenson. Top Row—Barbara Lloyd, Irene Marshall, Joe Tucker, Micheal Garland, Yvette Palmer and Ulysses Johnson. Biology Club sponsored Science-in-Action Week. They attended Medical Seminars and a variety of science fairs. These are our future Chemists, Physicists, Doctors, Dentists and Marine Biologists ... Teach them well and preserve mankind. 81SNEA CLUB STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ROW 1—Celeste Butler, Shamaine Johnson, Waymond Whitfield, Valencia James, Vanessa Lancaster, and Ethel Lane. ROW 2—Jacqueline Jacobs, Andrea Elmore, Willa Witherspoon, Brenda Muldrow and Barrington Pierson. "The Direction in Which Education Starts a Man Will Determine His Future Life ..." Plato 347 B.C. SNEA is designed for persons majoring in Education or interested in education. The purpose of the SNEA is to view all aspects of education, mainly outside of the classroom setting. It is composed of ambitious, bright, dedicated students in the field of education whose major purpose is to help someone else become educated. SNEA is the student level of the National Education Association (NEA). 82MU LAMBDA CHAPTER ALPHA KAPPA MU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ALPHA KAPPA MU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY [Left to right) Stanley Woodruff, Terossa Marshall, Edward Williams, Jennifer Nowlin and Arlene Green. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Inc. is a general scholarship society which is open to both men and women of junior and senior classification who qualify academically. Students that arc members of the campus Mu Lambda Chapter are among those students nationally that have a cumulative grade-point ratio of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. Alpha Kappa Mu was founded in November 1937, on the campus of what was then Tennessee A T State College in Nashville. 83PEER COUNSELORS PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE . . . PEER COUNSELORS ROW 1—Doiolha Williams, Arlene Green, Ella Williamson, and Judy Gee. ROW 2—Audrey Alston, Troy Glover and Marian Hudson. The Peer Counselors, under the leadership of our advisor, Ms. Ora Spann, participated in many exciting activities. We held our first Alcohol-Drug Fair. We attended workshops and seminars; held monthly meetings as well as call meetings to straighten out emergency situations. Thanks to the energetic group of Peer Counselors, the orientation process was right on target. We helped to ease the pain of homesickness and "campus shock" as the new students bravely faced the chores of registration and settling into the dorms. It was all a part of our job ... All in an effort to help build our future. a-tREUBEN-COKER-LEWIS- SIMONS RESIDENCE HALL SENATE RFUBEN-COKER-LEWIS-SIMONS RESIDENCE MAIL SENATE (left—right) Aliska Brown, Tatsha Robinson and Doris Melton. The job of these three young ladies, as well as those member of the other three residence halls, was to help their peers adjust to living in their respective dormitories. The Senate served as the main core of the legislative body regarding the rules and regulations of the residence hall. These young people, along with the residence director and resident assistants, helped to keep law and order in the residence halls. These young people deserve a big “pat on the back" for their hard efforts and great accomplishments. All in all, life in the residence hall turned out to be a great time!MORRIS COLLEGE SUNDAY SCHOOL Troy Clover, Sharon Smith, Elreeda Lawson, Mrs. Agnes Gregg (advisor), Tatsha Robinson, and Isaiah Odom The Sunday School Club along with the Baptist Student Union excourages church attendance and membership. These two organizations serve as the link between the student and the local church and seek to provide Chrisitan fellowship and wholesome fun for all students. These students are the leaders in laying the foundation for building for the future with the Christian philos ophy of life.BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Robert Reaves, Troy GloveV Melissa Purvis, James Hill, Chris Alexander, Marcella Crate, Ella Williamson Waymond Whitfield, Mrs. Agnes Cregg (advisor), Stanley Canty, Horace Butler, Alexander Burton. 87MORRIS COLLEGE GOSPEL CHOIR MEMBERS MORRIS COLLEGE GOSPEL CHOIR FRONT ROW: Brian Burroughs, Angela Brock, Michelle Johnson, Alexander Burton, Tommy Vaught, and Brenda Golden. SECOND ROW: Shersha Hag-wood, Chris Alexander, Calvin Turner, Teressa Thompson, Doris Rosebor-ough, and Norma Singletary. BACK ROW: Jeffrey Jackson, Stanley Canty, Isaiah Odom and LeWayne Rogers. The Gospel Choir is open to all students that enjoy gospel singing. Other than singing along with the Chorale at the Mid-Winter Banquet and Thanksgiving Rally, the Gospel Choir Spring Concert is anxiously anticipated each year by the many fans of gospel music. 88MORRIS COLLEGE CHORALE MORRIS COLLEGE CHORALE FROM ROW: Valarie Battles, Ginger Waiters, Orie Wigfall, Montrese Shirley, Brenda Evans, Renea Parker. Palmer Johnson, Juan ena Johnson and Debra Dixon. SECOND ROW: Anita Brockman, Machelle Johnson, Doretha Williams, Inez Stewart, Alvetta Frierson, Darlene Hunt, Carol Hampton, Jackie Godbold, and Earlene Williamson. THIRD ROW: Harry Montgomery, Craig Sampson, Lionel Dancy, Waymond Whitfield, Daniel Massenburg, James Hill and Brett Williams. BACK ROW: Thomas Henderson, James Brown, Charles Brown, Gilbert White, Julius Cook, Santos Sullivan, Donald Lawson, Gregory Williams, and Kenneth ford. The Chorale spent many hours practicing and on the road so that when the time came they were excellent ambassadors of Morris College. 89DAYS OF OUR LIVES 90UM UM GOOD • • • Often times we complained to the Nurse and anyone we could find about the food but as you can see, the food wasn't always as bad as we made it sound. Besides, it's amazing how good company can improve any situation. Hang in there Mr. Knight!! 91 A- SOME SERIOUS LINES OF COMMUNICATION 92TALKING WITH THE EYES . . . Yes, "the eyes have it." Even Chris Alexander doesn't believe what Alexander burton is saying and he's not even talking to him. (Opposite page—top) "Give me a break," is what Susan Harris is saying to Lisa Brock as Gaye Capers looks on. (Opposite page—bottom) Closing your eyes Troy won't convince Marcella, (left) Fverytime Mr. Graham works in the Bookstore he gets these kind of glares—wonder why? (below) 93A TIME TO BE SERIOUS . . . AND A TIME TO RELAX . . . 95A TIME TO ENTER TO TO DEPART TO SERVE . . . JLEARN AND A TIME 97Alpha ‘Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. aka99GREEK SHOW 1984 "FALL 84" PROBATES GET DOWN!!! The Annual Probate Step-show held one night prior to the big day "GOING OVER", Wow! what excitment. The AKA's Ivies, DST'S Pyramids, Zcta's Aurora's, Alpha's Apes, Sigma's Crescents, Kappa's Scrollers All STRUTTING THEIR STUFF. Show them what you can do probates!!!!!! too101102 Z B SORORITY, INC. ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INC. CELEBRATES FOUNDERS DAY L to R—Ms. M. Wilder—Advisor, Linda Richbow, Jacqueline Jacobs, Valencia James, Ann Smith, Mrs. M. Davis—Co-Advisor, and Mrs. Richie. The Pi Theta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta is a very distinguished group of young women working for the betterment of society.103 FRATERNITY, INC. PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY INC. CELEBRATES FOUNDERS DAY L TO R—Lesley Bracey, Anthony Hall, David Ragin, Richard Morris, Rev. Marion Newton —Advisor, Kelvin Starks, Heyward Washington and John Little. The men of Iota Zeia Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma sponsored their Annual Miss Blue and White Pageant in which Ms. Montrese Shirley was crowned naming four other young ladies Sigma Sweethearts.AKA SORORITY, INC. NU GAMMA CHAPTER OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC. CELEBRATES FOUNDERS DAY Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority celebrates Founders Day with Guest Speaker Dr. Mamie Coker. The Ladies of Nu Gamma Sponsored their Annual Alpha Kappalarity Contest during the fall. Members—Ella Williamson, Annette Stewart, Dana Williams, Rcnca Parker, Beverly Scott, Ruthie Jones, Jacqueline Stoddard, Marcella Grate, Jennifer Nowlin, Cynthia --1_.---1 l __105 A $ A FRATERNITY, INC. XI EPSILON CHAPTER OF ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. CELEBRATES FOUNDERS DAY Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity sponsored their Annual Miss Black and Gold Pageant in which Miss Loubirdie Elridgc was crowned. Members—Squalling—Edward Williams and George Parson. Standing—Gary Kinney, Kenneth Armstrong. Ronald Barton. Phillip Brown, Rev. Blassingamc—Co-Advisor. Rep. I rank Gilbert, Michcal Gary, Mr. L. Corley, Advisor, Donald MacAllistcr, Troy Glover, and George Lou Allen.901 A 2 0 SORORITY, INC. DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY. INC. CELEBRATES FOUNDERS DAY Squalling—Kathy Towsend, Carmilla Kingston, Teressa Marshall, and Angela Johnson. Standing—I to R—Mary Holloman, Beverly Zimmerman, Dr. I. Bell, Wanda Richardson. Machelle Johnson, Mrs. A. Webb—Co-Advisor, Janice Witherspoon, Mrs. S. Gibson, Advisor, Patricia Stewart, Chandra Pegues, Murray Gregg and Karen Crawford. The Ladies of Xi Rho Celebrated Founders Day January 24th with a theme of "A Challenge for the Change of your Choice," in which their very own advisor gave the challenge of her choice.107 KAT FRATERNITY, INC. KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY, INC. CELEBRATES FOUNDERS DAY The Kappas sponsored their Annual Miss Kappa Sweetheart Pageant and Crimson and Cream Ball in which Miss Alveta Frierson was crowned. The other contestants will serve on the Kappa's Kourt. Member —Squatting -Robert Spates and Alexander Burton. Standing I to R -Robert Reeves, Mr. Jeflerson, Advisor, Dr. C.VV. Grant. Thomas Henderson, Thomas Addison, lames Green, Mr. McCall, Stanley Canty, Eddie Gore, Horace Butler, Douglas Witherspoon, (graduate brother), and lames Brown.I GROUNDBREAKING FOR PRESIDENT'S HOME . . .  In April, the South Carolina State Baptist Ushers Convention held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new president's home. The impressive observance featured remarks by several Baptist State leaders. According to Mrs. Christine Dixon, State Ushers President, the successful beginnings of the project represented the fulfillment of a dream that she has had for some time. "A beautiful campus like Morris College needs an appropriately beautiful home for the president," she said. m ANNUAL MID WINTER BANQUET 112ANNUAL MID-WINTER BANQUET RALLY One of the college's most important fundraising activities. This is the time of the year when the entire college family get together for the support of the college by bringing their financial donations and celebrating with a gala feast. Friends and supporters of the school assemble to hear the annual message which proved to be no exception at this year's event. This is just one of the many occasions in which the entire family get together for one common cause. 113 APresident issionary Convention S.C. Baptist E onaDr. W. H. Neal Chairman Morris College Board of TrusteesDr. Luns C. Richardson PresidentFACULTY AND STAFF Mrs. Daisy Alexander Tutor, Academic Reinforcement Program Dr. Patricia Ali Associate Professor, Division of Social Sciences, History and Pre-Law Studies Dr. Radman Ali Chairman and Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Director of Minority Institutions Science Improvement Program (MISIP) Dr. Syed Amanuddin Chairman and Professor, Division of Humanities Mr. Gilbert Anderson Instructor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Ms. Jacquelyn Anderson Director, Women Residence Hall Ms. Margaret Bailey Data Entry and Purchasing Clerk Mrs. Ruth E. Baker Coordinator Counselor, Special Programs; Instructor, Division of Social Sciences, History and Pre-Law Studies Dr. lantha Beckett Chairman and Associate Professor, Division of Education; Director of Teacher Education Dr. Liz Bell Professor, Division of Humanities; Honors Program Coordinator Mrs. Eliza Black Dean of Student Affairs, Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities Rev. James Blassingame Church Relations Officer i I A 118Dr. Richard T. Bohan Associate Professor, Division of Social Sciences, History and Pre-Law Studies; International Studies Coordinator Miss Ada Boynton Coordinator of Student Activities Dr. Bobby L. Brisbon Associate Professor, Division of Education, Testing Coordinator Ms. Nina Brown Secretary, Office of the President Miss Shirrie Brunson Director of Career Planning, Cooperative Education and Placement Mrs. Marlene Burgess Cashier, Office of Business Affairs Rev. Lee H. Burns Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds Services Mrs. Abigail Busby-Webb Instructor, Division of Business Administration Dr. Franklin D. Colclough Visiting Lecturer, Division of Humanities Dr. Arnold Compton College Physician Ms. Delia Cole Clerical Assistant, Library Mr. Lester T. Corley Director of Administrative Affairs Assistant Professor, Division of Education 119 Rev. Wesley Crawford Assistant Director, Men Residence Hall Ms. Annie F. Curtain Assistant Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Mathematics Coordinator Dr. Martha Daffron Professor, Division of Education, Reading Specialist, Special Program Ms. Margaret Davis Director of Academic Reinforcement Program; Assistant Professor, Division of Education Ms. Viola Dingle Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities; Writing Coordinator Sis. Marie Donovan Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities; Speech Coordinator Ms. Velma Dubose Secretary, Curriculum Development Mr. Charles Egleston Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities Mrs. Carter Jean Frierson Secretary, Academic Dean Miss Beverly Fulwood Library Assistant in Serials Miss Audrey Gibson Secretary, Academic Reinforcement Program Mrs. Sandra Gibson Financial Aid Officer 120Mrs. Eva Glover Switchboard Operator Miss Beatrice Golden Library Assistant in Charge of Circulation Miss Clara Gordon Director, Learning Resources Center; Assistant Professor of Library Sciences Mr. James Gordon Institutional Research Officer Miss Kathy Gordon Counselor Mr. Roy Graham Personnel Officer and Coordinator of Business Services Mrs. Agnes Gregg Director, Women Residence Hall Miss Evelyn Hall Chairman and Professor, Division of Social Sciences, History and Pre-Law Studies; Director of Special Services Miss Tonia Harriot Secretary, Admissions and Records Rev. Isaiah Harvey Dean, School of Religion Mr. John Harwick Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities Dr. Albert Hayward Associate Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Director of Health Career Opportunity Program 121Mrs. Ruth Hayward Instructor, Division of Education Dr. George Heclan Director of Business Affairs Miss Lauretta Hilton Secretary, Division of Humanities Mr. Clarence Houck Director, Men Residence Hall; Head Baseball Coach Miss Rose Hudson Public Relations Officer Mr. Andy Jefferson Alumni Affairs Officer Miss Kimberly Jefferson Secretary, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; MISIP and HCOP Programs Miss Ernestine Johnson Assistant Director, Women Residence Hall Mrs. Forstene Johnson Clerk-Typist, Reproduction Center Mrs. Pamela C. Johnson Secretary, Office of Title III, Program Administration Mr. Rodney Johnson Director of Management Information System and Computer Services Mr. James Jones Instructor, Division of Humanities 122 j.Mr. Prabhaker Joshi Associate Professor, Division of Business Administration Dr. Savita Joshi Professor, Division of Education Mrs. Sara Knuckles Instructor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Mr. Robert Knight Director, Food Services Ms. Anita Lawson Secretary, Special Programs Rev. Bert Lewis Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities, College Minister Mr. Robert Lewis Director, Men Residence Hall Mr. John McCall Admissions Counselor II Ms. Carolyn McKay Instructor, Division of Humanities Dr. Osvaldo Micr Associate Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Mr. James Miott Instructor, Division of Humanities; Director of Choirs Miss Martha Moses Secretary, Division of Business Administration 123T Mrs. Rulhell Muldrow Secretary, Career Planning, Cooperative Education and Placement Mrs. Audrey P. Neal Assistant to the Coordinator of Financial Services Miss Linda Nelson Secretary, Division of Education Mrs. Sylvia Nelson Instructor, Division of Education; Reading Coordinator Rev. Marion Newton Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Homer Nicholson Associate Professor, Division of Humanities Mrs. Wilhelmenia Owens Coordinator of Financial Services and Chief Accountant Dr. John Perkins Assistant Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dr. Gerald Polinsky Management Specialist Mrs. Kathy Porter Library Clerk Dr. James Privett Associate Professor, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Ms. Idelia Proctor Assistant Professor, Division of Education 124Mr. Clopcll Rhodes Bookstore Manager and Mailroom Supervisor Mr. Joseph Richie Coordinator of Media Services Ms. Jonell Roger College Nurse Mrs. Alta Sanders Secretary, Office of Student Affairs Mrs. Gloria Scriven Records Supervisor, Office of Admission and Records Dr. Siva Sivakumaran Assistant Professor, Division of Business Administration Dr. Richard Smith Chairman and Associate Professor, Division of Business Administration Miss Ora Spann Director of Counseling Services, Instructor, Division of Education Mrs. Queen Spann Director of Admission and Records Mr. Alvin Staley Instructor, Division of Humanities Dr. Jessie Taylor Coordinator of Academic Services Mr. Leonard R. Thomas Instructor, Division of Business Administration 125 Mr. Gregory Thompson Instructor, Division of Humanities; Assistant Chorale Director Dr. Roger VanDyke Assistant Professor, Division of Social Sciences, History and Pre-Law Studies Dr. Mary Vcreen Academic Dean; Associate Professor, Division of Humanities Ms. Paula Walters Reference Librarian, Instructor, Library Science Mrs. Minnie Washington Secretary, Planning and Development Dr. Marvin Weber Associate Professor, Division of Social Sciences, History and Pre Law Studies; Coordinator of Minority Studies and Gerontology Mr. J. David Weeks Director of Development Mrs. Julia Wells Title III Coordinator and Director of Research, Planning and Governmental Relations Ms. Gloria White Secretary, Counseling Center Miss Sharon White Computer Lab Technician Mrs. Daisy Whittleton Data Entry Clerk, Office of Research, Planning and Governmental Relations Miss Marguerite Wilder Assistant to Financial Aid Officer 126SECURITY TEAM: pictured above (Front row) Lou Ella Wells and Lucille Williams. (Back row) James Sweat, Horace Jackson, Robert Wilson. MAINTENANCE STAFF: top right Roosevelt Wilson, Martin Holman, Golden Monroe, Eugene Horne, Alphonso Tindal, William Richardson. MAINTENANCE STAFF: bottom right Oralee Britton, L.H. Burns, Marie Boone, Louise Archie, Dora Miller, Ada Wilson, Ruby Burroughs. Miss Barbara Williams Clerk, Financial Aid Dr. L.W. Williams Director of Extensions, School of Religion 127 Mr. Roscoe C. Wilson, Jr. Director of Athletics, Head Basketball and Track Coach Mrs. Myrtle Wright Media Assistant FACULTY AND STAFF.. . 128’ J MOKKIS A VALUABLE RESOURCE . . . While we are the architects in the building of our futures, faculty and staff jJserve as valuable resources. They en- hance our personal capabilities and seek to help in our total development. They also serve as ambassadors of the College as they communicate its significance. By the way, we are grateful. 129SPRING ACTIVITIES . . . Spring activities served as the cornerstone to building our future for the academic year. Jackie Jacobs and Darryl Dudley (right and below left) proudly receive Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society membership certificates from President Richardson as Ella Williamson looks on. THESE ARE LEADING BUILDERS OF OUR FUTURE! Mr. Tom Moss, administrative aide to Senator Strom Thurmond, poised with some of the residents of the dormitory at its dedication services. The dormitory, named for four prominent black South Carolina women who dedicated their lives to teaching and serving humanity, bears the name: Anna D. Reuben, Mamie N. Coker, Magnolia Lewis, Albertha Simons Residence Hall. Mrs. Ollie McAlister, a former Miss Morris College (1948) and a honor graduate of Morris College (19-49) delivered a very challenging message during the Who's Who Convocation. Phillip Brown was among the Morris College students named Who's Who. (Next Page) 130New Experiences Highlight Institutional Progress . . . They say 'Spring brings out new things', well, our Spring activities certainly substantiated that statement. New is our radio station (WMCC 640 AM) that broadcasted its first program April , 1985. Michael Spann and Me- lanie Redd (top) shall go down in history as being among the pioneers of our future in broadcast. Also new to the College is the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. Our Alpha Beta Theta Chapter is the first college chapter to induct women since 1976. Among the charter members are (L-R) Dr. B. Brisbon, A. Thompson, Ms. A. Boynton and Mrs. E. Black. High School students asked about things from financial aid to resident life 1J2 during the High School Visitation Day. Yes, Mr. McCall had all the answers. The art exhibit during the Fine Arts Festival allowed students and staff the opportunity to display their talent. Pictured left is a self portrait of Mr. Staley. His art work is a fine example of the kind of art instructor he is—one of the best. Below, he demonstrates to students that there is also an art to art-hamging. As students get a head start on the upcoming year, Ms. Davis oversees the elections to make certain everything is done according to the rules. Not to worry, Jackie Jacobs was not working the polls, only casting her vote hopefully to secure the position of SGA second VP. 133SENIOR DIRECTORY KENNETH S. ARMSTRONG 430 Bethlehem Drive Spartanburg, SC Major: Religious Education Future Goals: To obtain the Masters Degree Memberships and Honors: Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Baptist Student Union, Durham Ministerial Alliance, Student Government Association, National Collegiate Honors Council and Dean's l ist. VALERIE ANN BATTLES 111 Hoyt Street Sumter, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To become an Elementary School Teacher and a singer. Memberships and Honors: SNEA, Morris C»llege Chorale and Veterans Club. Represented Morris College in Washington DC at the John. F. Kennedy Center for Performing Artists, as a soloist with Cab Calloway. Nominated Outstanding Soprano for 3 consecutive years. BRENDA ELAINE BAXTER Route 1, Box 471 Lynchburg, SC Major: Business Administration Option: Management Future Goals: To pursue a career as a manager in a large firm. To pursue a MBA. Memberships and Honors: Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, National Student Business League, Softball Team, Voted Most Valuable Player 1985 and Honor Roll Spring 1984. KIMBERLY BENNET 803 Langford Street Newberry, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To become an Elementary School Teacher. Memberships and Honors: SNEA, Honor Roll Spring 1984. CAMALAH ASHE-BITTLE Cheraw, SC Major: Social Studies Future Goals: To become a Social Worker Memberships and Honors: Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, National Collegiate Honors Council, Morris College Scholar, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Honor Student, Social Studies Club, Dean's List, Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., 1984-85, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities AFELIA ANN BRIGGS Route 1, Box 362 Rimini, SC Major: Liberal Studies Future Goals: To attend Nursing School and join the USAF 134JANICE BROWN Route 1, Box 102-HB Graniteville, SC Major: Liberal Studies PHILLIP DeeALTON BROWN 109 Benson Street Simpsonville, SC Major: Political Science Option: Pre-Law Memberships and Honors: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Social Studies Club, National Collegiate Honors Council, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Peer-Tutor, Pre-Alumni Club, and Pan-Hellenic Council. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. LIONEL DANEY Route 1, Box 264 Alcolu, SC Major: English Option: Art Memberships and Honors: Morris College Chorale, Mr. Chorale 1984-85, Business Manager—Senior Class, Received certificates and trophies from the Morris College Chorale for services rendered. Future Goals: To become a Technical Writer or an instructor of English. SONYA VELENCIA DAVIS 129 Meadow Creek Drive Columbia, SC Major: Business Administration Option: Management Future Goals: To seek employment. Memberships and Honors: Morris College Players, and National Student Business League. BENNIE FIELDS P.O. Box 1385 Dillion, SC Major: Social Studies Future Goals: To join the Military. Memberships and Honors: Social Studies Club and Dean's List. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. RAYNARD GETHERS P.O. Box 225 Pawleys Island Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To join the Military LURINE GILLENS P.O. Box 62 Myrtle Beach, SC Major: Elementary Education Membership: SNEAARLENE GREEN Rte 1, Box 60-CC Adams Run, SC Major: Business Administration Option: Management Future Goals: To Pursue the MBA in Management Information Systems. Memberships and Honors: Pre-Alumni Club, NAACP, National Student Business League, (Secretary 2 years), Peer Counselor, Editor-in-Chief Hornet Yearbook Staff, Chaplin Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Morris College Scholar, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, National Collegeiate Honors Council, and Dean's List. JAMES GREEN JR. Rte 1, Box 161 Turbeville, SC Major: Mathematics Future Goals: Join the U.S. Air Force and to pursue the Masters in Mathematics. Memberships and Honors: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Basketball Team for four consecutive years and the Men's Track and Field Team. JOHNNY GREGG, JR. P.O. Box 654 Pamplico, SC Major: Fine Arts Option: Media Arts Future Goals: Work at a T.V. Station Memberships and Honors: Literary Society, Basketball Team, Baseball Team. OLLIE M. HAMPTON 500 Market Street Camden, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To become an Elementary School Teacher in the Public Schools. Memberships and Honors: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., SNEA, BSU, Daniels Hall Senate, Honor Roll, Dean's List, DKW Hall Senate, Miss Homecoming. ANGELA HARRIS 202 Harlem Street Bishopville, SC Major: Fine Arts Option: Media Arts Future Goals: To become a News Broadcaster Personality. STEPHANIE HAZEL Rte 1, Box 149 Beaufort, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To teach in Kentucky or Georgia. Memberships and Honors: SNEA. 136, MARY HOLLOMAN Rte 4, Box 249 Bishopville, SC Major: Business Administration Option: Management Future Goals: To become an Administrative Executive in a large firm. Memberships and Honors: National Student Business League, Resident Assistant and Vice-President of Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Honor Roll, Spring 1984, 85 and Fall 85. TREMETTRE E. JACKSON 403 Samuel Street Lake City, SC Major: Business Administration Option: Management Future Goals: To become a Corporate Executive. Memberships and Honors: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Vice-Pres. of Legare Hall Senate, Vice-Pres. National Student Business League and NAACP. Dean's List, O.R. Reuben Scholar. SHAMAINE E. JOHNSON Rte 1, Box 142 Ridgeland, SC Major: Early Childhood Education Future Goals: To obtain the MEd. and Counseling. Memberships and Honors: SNEA, SGA—Treasurer, Pre-Alumni Club, Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., O.R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List, Shellie Dunbar Prize, Ethel M. Gordon Scholarship in Early Childhood Education, 1984 Oratorical Contest Winner, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, and Daniels Hall Senate. VANESSA RENA LANCASTER Rte 1, Box 13-A New Zion, SC Major: Early Childhood Education Future Goals: Join the Armed Forces and pursue the MEd. Memberships and Honors: Pre-Alumni Club, NAACP, SNEA, BSU, Gospel Choir, Secretary—Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Peer Counselor, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, recipient of the Sadie M. Williams Scholarship, Miss Morris College 1984-85. SOPHIA JENETT McDOWELL Rte 3 Box 437 , Timmonsville, SC Major: Business Administration Option: Management Future Goals: To become a Business Manager in a large firm. Memberships and Honors: Miss Drill Team 1981-82 and Miss Daniels Hall 1984-85. National Student Business League. V 137GARY F. KINNEY 102 Manning Street Dillon, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To become a manager of a large firm. Memberships and Honors: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and National Student Business League. Dean's List. ETHEL MAE LANE Rte 4, Box 242 Andrews, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To pursue the Masters in Education and begin teaching. Memberships and Honors: SNEA. JAMES FRANKLIN MOORE 50 Carolina Avenue Sumter, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To become a Corporate Executive Memberships and Honors: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Senior Class President, Advisory Council on Student Affairs, Morris College Gospel Choir, 1982 Honors Roll, National Student Business League NAACP, SGA Corporation Committee. HARRY MONTGOMERY Rte 2, Box 133-A Scranton, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To become an Executive Administrator. Memberships and Honors: W. Lee Price and Ada Lee Price Memorial Scholarship, National Student Business League NAACP and Morris College Chorale. VALERIE MARCELLE MYERS Rte 1, Box 119 Hopkins, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To become a teacher in Georgia. Memberships and Honors: SNEA. CARRIE BELLE PAULEY 122 Lawton Drive Hartsville, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To become a manager of a large firm. Memberships and Honors: National Student Business League. VICTORIA L. PENNIE 14 Malone Street Greenville, SC Major: Mathematics Future Goals: To become a Computer Scientist Engineer. Memberships and Honors: Mathematics Club. 138JENITTA LYDGRAIL PINCKNEY 2969 Edenborough Rd. John's Island, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To become an Executive Administrator. Memberships and Honors: Assistant Secretary National Student Business League, Peer Tutor, Peer Counselor, BSU, Parlimentarian of Legare Hall Senate. Honor Student 1983-85. NANCY ANN POTTS 1 Monroe Street Sumter, SC Major: Early Childhood Education Future Goals: To teach and later become a Child Psychologist. Membership and Honors: Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities 1985. SNEA. STACIE MAE REID Rte 2, Box 276 Greeleyville, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To enter the world of work. Memberships and Honors: Morris College Gospel Choir, BSU, National Student Business League, Miss NSBL, and Honor Student. IMOGENE ROBINSON Rte 1, Box 119 Society Hill, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To become a Professional Educator. Memberships and Honors: lota Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Morris College Gospel Choir, BSU, SNEA, Miss Gospel Choir, Miss Sigma Gamma Rho, Secretary of Junior Class. BRENDA BRYANT SHARPER 61 Wilder Rd. Sumter, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To become a Child Physchologist. Memberships and Honors: Morris College Players, Morris College Chorale SNEA, Honor Student, Dean's List. ♦ HENRIETTA SHAW 224 Woodlawn Avenue Sumter, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: Attend Graduate School and teach. Memberships and Honors: SNEA, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List. JOHN SHAW P.O. Box 32 Mayesville, SC Major: Elementary Education Future Goals: To pursue the MEd.ROSA STRONG 206 Perkins Street Sumter, SC Major; Elementary Education Future Goals: To pursue the MEd. Memberships and Honors: SNEA, NAACP, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities 1985, Honor Student. O.R. Reuben Scholar GINGER ANN WAITERS Rte 3, Box 194 Heath Springs, SC Major: Fine Arts Future Goals: To seek employment with a successful television station. Memberships and Honors: Morris College Chorale, Miss Phi Beta Sigma 1982-83, BSU, NAACP, Chorale Music Awards, Phi Beta Sigma Appreciation Award. ROBERT WASHINGTON JR. Rte 2, Box 281 Georgetown, SC Major: Business Administration Future Goals: To become a Corporate Executive. Memberships and Honors: Basketball Team, President of Brawley-Starks Senate, Track Team, Yearbook Staff Sports Editor, Residence Hall Regulations Committee. EDWARD VANOY WILLIAMS 10 Style Road Greenville, SC Major: Political Science Option: Pre-Law Future Goals: To attend Law School Memberships and Honors: National Collegiate Honors Council, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Pre-Alumni Club, Social Studies Club, President of Brawley-Starks Senate, First Vice-Pres. SGA, Pres, of SGA 1984-85, UNCF Scholarship Recipient, O.R. Reuben Scholar, 2nd Runner Up in Oratorical Contest, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Thomas Moss Award, William B. James Pre-Law Scholarship. EARLENE D. WILLIAMSON Rte. 1, Box 48 Coward, SC Major: Social Studies Future Goals: To become a Social Worker Memberships and Honors: NAACP, Social Studies Club, Morris College Gospel Choir, Morris College Chorale, Dean's List. 140SCENES FROM THAT GREAT DAY DR. MARY FRANCES BERRY—SPEAKER HONORS ... Eighty-seven graduates and twenty-four ministerial certificate recipients participated in the commencement exercises. Charles Jackson of Columbia (right) was among the three honorary degree recipients. Six Presidential Citations were also awarded. An education carries with it the responsibility to make a commitment and fight for human rights, US Civil Rights Commissioner Dr. Mary Berry (top) told graduates at the May 12 commencement exercise. In closing, she said, "The true value of education is measured by the commitments you make in life and fulfilling them. It is not a sin to not reach the stars but it is a sin not to have a star to reach for." 142 OUR CLASS—1985 Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts Degree Grothalla Weaver Allen Liberal Studies Sumter Kenneth Silas Armstrong Religious Education Spartanburg ••Camalah Lois Ashe, Magna Cum Laude English Cheraw Ronald Dexter Barton Social Studies Greenville i Zackary Alexander Bowman Liberal Studies Charleston Afelia Ann Briggs Liberal Studies Rimini Phillip Dee Alton Brown Political Scicnce History Simpsonville ••Banette Cole, Cum Laude English Conway ••Elnora Cox Social Studies Camden Lionel Myron Daney English Alcolu Dale Edward Davis Political Science History Gresham Lydia Davis Political Science History Manning Caroline Dease Liberal Studies Bennettsville Bennie Ray Fields Social Studies Dillon ••Celestine Howard Liberal Studies Rembert Marian Hudson Social Studies Alcolu i ••Darlene Renee Hutchinson Social Studies Greenville Neolis Johnson, Jr. Social Studies Summerton Diane Lesane English Hemingway Debra Sue McLain Liberal Studies Bennettsville Teressa Marshall, Cum Laude English Patrick ••Donna Poole Political Science History Greenville Kenny Wyndell Rose Social Studies Sumter ••Levern Short, Cum Laude Political Science History Cheraw •Linda Darnell Simmons Social Studies Summerton [ •Samuel Lee Toney Liberal Technical Studies Florence i ; Doretha Ann Williams Liberal Studies Easley Edward Vanoy Williams, III, Cum Laude Political Science History Greenville Sandra Wimberly Williams, Cum Laude Social Studies Sumter Candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree ••Dianne Vivian Curtain Manning Debra A. Dixon, Cum Laude Sumter Beryl Cassandra Johnson Dillon Dennis Leon Lewis Ocala, FLA Russell Meshall Richey Greenville •Rickey Swinton Georgetown Ginger Ann Waiters Heath Springs •Degree Requirements Completed, Summer, 1984 ••Degree Requirements Completed, December, 1984 Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree •Mitchell Adger Business Administration Manning Brenda Elaine Baxter Business Administration Lynchburg ••Kenneth Brooks, Jr., Cum Laude Business Administration Shaw AFB ••Jerry Burns, Cum Laude Business Administration Cheraw Laura Ellen Davis Business Administration Camden Liza Valireasc Davis Business Administration Columbia ••Sonya Vclencia Davis Business Administration Sumter Kenneth Morris Dickey Business Administration Timmonsvillc Irma Janet Dow Business Administration Rimini 146Julie Durant Business Administration Timmonsville •Colette Denise Garland Business Administration Sumter Donald Dean Geddis Biology Sumter Arlene Green, Cum Laude Business Administration Adams Run Eva Green Business Administration Summerton James Green, Jr Mathematics Turbeville James Sinckler Greene, Jr. Business Administration Manning Derrick tinrell Hastie Business Administration Sumter Mary Holloman Business Administration Bishopvillc Tremettre Even Jackson, Cum Laude Business Administration Lake City Veronica Natache Johnson Business Administration Sumter Gary F. Kinney Business Administration Dillon Michael Leverne Ludd Business Administration Sumter Sophia Jenett McDowell Business Administration Timmonsville •Idell Mitchell Business Administration Wadmalaw Island ! Harry Montgomery Business Administration Scranton James Franklin Moore Business Administration Sumter Carrie Bell Pauley Business Administration Hartsville Jeniita Lydgreil Pinckney Business Administration Johns Island 'Cecelia Lafaye Prince, Cum Laude Business Administration Sumter Stacie Mae Reid Business Administration Greeleyville Annie Vanessa Session, Cum Laude Business Administration Sumter Robert Washington, Jr. Business Administration Georgetown Deloris Wilson, Cum Laude Business Administration Greeleyville Patricia Witherspoon, Cum Laude Business Administration Sumter '•Lurena Williams Business Administration Sumter Stanley Anthony Woodruff Business Administration Gray Court Beverly Ann Zimmerman Biology Cheraw Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education Valerie Ann Battles Sumter Kemberly Doris Bennett Newberry •Betty Ann Davis Timmonsville Ollie Mae Hampton Camden | Stephanie R. Hazel Beaufort •Arellia Arebclla Johnson Sumter Ethel Mae Lane Andrews Nancy Ann Potts, Magna Cum Laude Sumter Imogene Robinson Society 1 fill Henrietta Shaw, Cum Laude Sumter Annie Hall Smith Lake City Rosa Lee Strong, Cum Laude Sumter ALPHA KAPPA MU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Camalah Ashe Kenneth Brooks, Jr. Arlene Green Teressa Marshall Nancy Potts Edward Williams Patricia Witherspoon Stanley Woodruff •Degree Requirements Completed, Summer, 1984 ••Degree Requirements Completed, December, 1984 14?SCHOOL OF RELIGION Ezekiel Franklin Hampton THE MORRIS COLLEGE SCHOOL OF RELIGION Candidates from the School of Religion will be presented by the Reverend Isaiah Harvey, Dean, School of Religion Candidates for the Bachelor of Divinity Degree Camden Ellic Palmer Sumter Edward Burch Candidates for the Ministerial Certificate Florence Howard W. Cureton Heath Springs Tabert Dickson Olanta Wallace Evans North Myrtle Beach Clarence Frazier Charleston William Frederick, Jr. Charleston William Gamble Greenville Martha Griffin Charleston J. Calvin Hill Greer James R. Robinson Greenville Mervin McBride Greenville Eugene Roosevelt McClain Salters Abraham Nelson Pawley's Island Robert L. Poinsett Kingstrcc Sanko Samuel Prioleau St. Stephens Cohen Singletary Columbia Ottis James Stevenson North Myrtle Beach James Staley Florence Bennie Stinson Lancaster Earl Timmons Pamplico Joseph Vice Alvin Alex White Charleston Frank E. Williams, Sr. Sumter Nathaniel Wright Mt. Pleasant Isaiah Harvey, A.B., B.D. J.H. Gillison, A.B., M. Div., D.D. L.W. Williams, B. Th., D.D. Faculty of School of Religion Latta Thomas, A.B., B.D., St. M., D. Min. 148HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENTS HONORARY DEGREES LEWIS P. GRAHAM Doctor of Divinity Talented and Versatile Proclaimer of the Gospel, State and Local Denominational Leader, Liberal Supporter of Christian Education, Community Worker You are known in ecclesiastical circles for your humbleness of spirit, and for your depth of understanding and the clearness of concepts with which you proclaim the Gospel. You have given significant leadership to the Baptist E. M. Convention as Recording Secretary and as a member of the Executive Board. As Treasurer of the South Carolina Progressive Fellowship, you are committed to integrity and accuracy. A man of great sensitivity to the needs of others, you strive assiduously for that which you feel is the hope of all humanity—the realization of a more glorious tomorrow. Because your impressive record of achievement has been God-fearing and honest, and is prophetic of even greater things yet to come, your Alma Mater is duly proud to confer upon you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity. CHARLES BENJAMIN JACKSON Doctor of Divinity Denominational Leader of Rising Prominence, Pastor, Distinguished Scholar, Humanitarian Your capacity for Christian leadership was early recognized when, in the providence of God, you were called to the pastorate of your home church while still in your teens. Since this momentous occasion, you have perserved dauntlessly, explored creatively and molded cautiously your path for posterity. This commitment to responsible leadership is reflected in your administration as President of the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education, and in your services to that organization as an instructor in Christian Education. Your deep concern to provide for young men and women a truer channel through which they can chart a more productive course to a brighter future, inspire you to give unswervingly of your talents and experiences to such organizations as the Greater Columbia Youth Crusade Movement for Christ. In appreciation of the commendable heights to which you have elevated yourself in the comparatively early stages of your life, Morris College is honored to confer upon you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity. ISAIAH HARVEY Doctor of Divinity Eminent Pastor and Minister, Church Builder, Christian Educator, Humanitarian, and Loyal Supporter of Morris College The Spiritual life of your church is enriched and its physical needs enhanced by your years of devout service, unparalleled initiative, tenacity and foresight. In your present service to Morris College as Dean of the School of Religion, you took the reins at a time when your prior experience as an instructor provided you with a more objective assessment of its primary needs. Accordingly, you have sought to lay the kind of foundation upon which the future of the School can advance with increased creativity, dignity, status, and service. Your record in community and civic involvement is no less impressive. You are a willing servant, available in word, deed and cheerful responsiveness to the needs of others, as attested by your affiliation in such organizations as a member of the Board of The Alston Wilkes Society and The Lancaster County Council for the Aged. Because of the intensity of your labor, your vision, and great courage, Morris College extends to you both commendations and gratitude and is most pleased to confer upon you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity.ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET 150 Students, faculty, staff share Annual Honors ... The annual Awards Banquet was an occasion for patting on the backs for jobs well done. Awards were presented to students, faculty, staff, clubs and organizations. The gala event was quite worth the wait until the end of the year. THANKS FOR LETTING US KNOW YOU APPRECIATE WHAT WE DO! I5tTHE MORRIS COLLEGE SCHOOL OF RELIGION Dr. Isaiah Harvey FACULTY NOT PICTURED: 152 Dr. L. W. Williams Dr. J.H. Gillison, Dr. Latta ThomasTHE DURHAM MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE TOP PHOTO (L-R) Wesley Crawford, Bert D. Lewis, Sr., James Blassingame, Marion Newton, Virgil Sullivan, Roger Burts, and Robert Reaves. BOTTOM PHOTO Dr. Isaiah Harvey.THE MORRIS COLLEGE SCHOOL OF RELIGION SCHOOL OF RELIGION CLOSING CONVOCATION SCENES 154Dr. Charles Butler, Guest Speaker i 155A FAREWELL FROM THE EDITOR THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS EDITION OF THE HORNET POSSIBLE. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE STAFF, TO PRESIDENT RICHARDSON AND THE MORRIS COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY, TO OUR ADVISOR, MISS ROSE HUDSON, AND TO STEVE KAREUTZ, OUR YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVE. IF THERE ARE ANY ERRORS, BLAME ME! BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENT BODY, ESPECIALLY THE 1985 GRADUATION CLASS. SEE YOU ALL AT THE TEN-YEAR REUNION. ■M. Autographs 157 i BUILDING OUR FUTURE 1985

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