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THE HORNET 1981 “A Touch of Class” — CONTENTS Morris College Sumter, South Carolina Luns C. Richardson President Debra Shivers Editor-in-Chief DEDICATION 2 HONORS 15 ADMINISTRATION. FACULTY AND STAFF 23 STUDENT LIFE 55 QUEENS 65 CLASSES 87 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 131 SPECIAL EVENTS 151 SPORTS 159 POTPOURRI 173DEDICATION TO THE MEMORY OF ANDREW E. POLLARD, SR. 1937—1980 Assistant Professor of History Upward Bound Coordinator Athletic Director Head Baseball Coach“Remember me when I am gone away. Far into some silent land; And if you should forget me for awhile, And afterwards remember, do not grieve; It is better far that you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad.” — Emily Dickenson . m4The many expressions of our faces Tell the real story of Our college experiences............. 5Happiness, Joy, Seriousness about our studies, Determination in our endeavors, victory through A working together as family members .. . 7Faculty and students working together using skills, patience, and love to help us achieve.9Our impressions are those of dynamic young minds who have entered to learn. 11The future belongs to those who prepare for it. We are prepared through study, experiments, assembly programs, fellowship, social experiences, and just plain having fun! 12Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true We are the dreamers. We pay the price. Happy people are We! 1415WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES The 1980-81 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges will carry the names of these students from Morris College. They have been selected from among the country’s most outstanding campus leaders. These students were chosen based upon their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and future potentials. They join an elite group of students from more than 1,000 institutions of higher learning in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign nations. Robert Dickey 16 Glenda Howard Mary Thomas 17 Martha Wilson Annie Ruth McCray ML Katie Eaddy Carston Zimmerman 18 James Blassingamc Nancy GoodwinMN 19 Bernette Robinson Georgette Felder Tracey Robinson 20 Frances BuchananAlpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Inducts Five New Members L to R — Dr. L. C. Richardson. Loletha Rccd. Nancy Goodwin. Glenda Howard, Bcrncttc Robinson. Valeric Hargrove. Dr. Mollic Brown Terry. Director of Region Five. Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Inc. is a general Scholarship Society which is open to both men and women of junior and senior classification who qualify academically. Eligibility to active membership is based upon junior or senior classification with a minimum of 60 semester hours (provided this is 50% of the hours needed for graduation) and a cumulative grade point ratio of at least 3.3 on a 4.00 scale. Trasfcr students shall be in residence for at least two semesters with a minimum of 30 semester hours earned at the new institution toward a degree. Alpha Kappa Mu was founded in November 1937 on the campus of the then Tennessee A I State College in Nashville by Dr. George W. Gore. Jr., Dean of the college. There are now more than seventy-five active chapters of the Society on the campuses of regionally-accredited colleges and universities. Alpha Kappa Mu has been a member of the Association of College Honor Societies since 1952. Under the leadership of its president. Dr. Luns C. Richardson, Morris College was granted accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in December 1978. As a result, the College became eligible to host a chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. Accordingly, on March 18, 1980 the Mu lambda Chapter was officially established at Morris College with fourteen inductees. Dr. Luns C. Richardson, president of Morris College, has been a member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society for more than twenty-five years. 2122 Dr. Westcott A. Johnson President Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina DR. W. H.NEAL CHAIRMAN, BOARD OF TRUSTEES 24The Morris College Board of Trustees Dr. W. H. Neal, Chairman fes. 1 Front Row: Nan A. Robinson. Christine C. Dixon. Mamie Coker. Anna D. Reuben. W. A. Johnson, l.uns C. Richardson. W. H. Neal. J. L. Brooks. L. C. Jenins. Second Row: Pauline Thompson. N. L. Bush. Maxie S. Gordon. Alice Graves. M. W. Me Lester. Willie Harrison. Arabella Rich. Lester Corley. Third Row: S. C. Dishcr. W. S. Randolph. A. R. Blake. R. W. Canty. L. W. Williams. J. S. Ulsey. B J. Whip-per. Not Pictured: Brenda Dixon. E. D. Dean, Garna J. Daniels, C. M. Johnson. E. D. Dixon. C. M. Daniels. L. C. Jenkins. Jr.. L. W. Long. F. H. Ham. W. L. Wilson. R. J. Daniels. W. M. Bowman, J. P. Neal. Sr.. W. E. Givens. A. W. Goforth. Margie Lagrant. NOTE: Willie Harrison is 1979-80 Student Representative. Margie Lagrant is 1980-81 Student Representative.. RICHARDSON PRESIDENTA PICTORIAL PROFILE OF A GREAT MAN . . . Dr. Luns C. Richardson Our PresidentCENTRAL ADMINISTRATION NINA BROWN Secretary, Office of the President DR. GERALD POLINSKY Management Specialist AUDREY P. NEAL Statistician and Research Assistant JULIA WELLS Title III Coordinator, Governmental Relations and Institutional Research OfficerACADEMIC AFFAIRS JESSIE TAYLOR Coordinator of Academic Services ANNA D. REUBEN Academic Dean Professor of History MARSHA WHITE Sccretary Office of the Academic DeanBASIC STUDIES PROGRAM CARTER J. FRIERSON Secretary DAISY ALEXANDER Mathematics Tutor MALLALIEU PERSON English TutorADMISSIONS AND RECORDS QUEEN W. SPANN Admissions and Records Officer GLORIA MCBRIDE Records Clerk •S TONIA HARRIOTT Secretary JOHN MCCALL Recruitment Officer 31LEARNING RESOURCES CENTER 32 DELIA COLL Clerical Assistant DAISY WHITTLETON Secretary BEATRICE GOLDEN Library Assistant CirculationDR. SYLVIA SWINTON Special Consultant to the President Director of Media Center MYRTLE WRIGHT Secretary GLORIA BREWER Cataloguer HARETHA RHODES Library Assistant Serials BUSINESS AFFAIRS DR. GEORGE HEELAN Director of Business Affairs MARLENE S. BURGESS Cashier LUCILLE DAVIS Assistant to the Coordinator of Financial Services 34 WILHELMENIA OWENS Coordinator of Financial Services and Chief AccountantVKA CLOPELL RHODES Bookstore Manager and Mailroom Supervisor LEE H. BURNS Supervisors, Buildings and Grounds SANDRA S. GIBSON Assistant to Financial Aid Officer DEBORAH PUCKERING Clerk. Financial Aid Officer Switch-Board OperatorSTUDENT SERVICES MARION NEWTON Coordinator of Student Activities ALTA MAE MOSES Secretary ARLAND COMPTON 36 College Physician ELIZA E. BLACK Dean of Student Affairs ADA L. BOYNTON Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs RUTH WILLIAMS College Nurse JAMES ROWLINSON Residence DirectorSAMMIE GARY Residence Director MARIE MC CANTS Residence Director CLARENCE HOUCK Residence Director ALBERTUS BAKER Student Center Director GEORGE WINDLEY Residence Director MARY CHANDLER Residence Director 37INSTITUTIONAL PLANNING J. DAVID WEEKS Director of Planning and Development ANDY JEFFERSON Alumni Affairs Officer ROSE MARIE HUDSON Public Relations OfficerAND DEVELOPMENT REV. R.W. STALLINGS Church Relations Officer 39 MINNIE WASHINGTON Secretary VIVIAN ANDERSON SecretaryDIVISION OF EDUCATION IANTHA BECKETT Chairman MATTHEW RAMSEY Assistant Professor of Education BOBBY BRIBSON Asst. Professor of Education and Coordinator of Secondary Education MARTHA DAFT RON Asst. Professor of Reading LEO JONES Asst. Professor Division of Education, Head Basketball and Track Coach. Acting Athletic Director 40 MAGGIE POLLARD Secretary DR. SA VITA JOSH I Professor Division of Education Everett Thompson Asst. Professor of EducationMAMIE HOPKINS Director of Cooperative Education. Career Planning, Planning and Placement, Instructor Education PATRICIA A. COLCLOUGH Secretary SYLVIA P. NELSON Instructor of Education MARGARET DAVIS Asst. Professor Division of Education DEBRA WOODS Director of Counseling Services. Instructor of Education and Counseling RUTHEL MULDROW Secretary 41DIVISION OF HUMANITIES 42 SYEDAMMANUDDIN Chairman SISTER MARIE DONOVAN DR. MARY P. RELIHAN Asst. Professor of English GLADYS GRANT CHAKRAPNI SETHUMADHAVEN Secretary of Humanities Asst. Professor of English DR ALICE A. CALHOUN Asst. Professor of English JAMES JONES Instructor of Humanities i un uunmttnaGREGORY THOMPSON Instructor of Music DR. HOMER K. NICHOLSON Asst. Professor of English DONNA FISHER Instructor of English LINCOLN KING Asst. Professor of Art JAMES MIOTT Instructor of Music Director of Choirs DR. LIZ BELL Professor of Speech BERT D. LEWIS INSTRUCTOR OF RELIGION College MinisterDIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS DR. RADMAN ALI Chairman ALEX PALMER JR. Instructor of Chemistry ANNIE F. CURTAIN Assistant Professor of Mathematics DR. JOHN PERKINS Assistant Professor of Mathematics 't'lDR. OSVALDO MIER Assoc. Professor of Mathematics PRAMOD METHA Assistant Professor of Mathematic and Physics AUDREY GIBSON Secretary GILBERT ANDERSON Instructor of Biology SARA C. KNUCKLES Instructor of Mathematics 45 DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES EVELYN HALL Chairman PATRICIA ALI Associate Professor of History DR. MICHEAL BRANDSTADTER Associate Professor of History RUTH A. EVERSON Instructor Sociology EBENEZER T. FOWLER Instructor of Business ANGEI.IA M. McMILLlAN Instructor of History JOHN C. ALUKA PRABHAKAR G. JOSHI Instructor of Business Associate Professor of EconomicsAND BUSINESS MUMTAZ B. KHAN Director of Business Program, Assistant Professor of Business MARY JONES Part-Time Lecturer of Business SUHAIL MUZAFFAR Assistant Professor of Business ARMAND GAGNE Visiting Lecturer of Business ANITA LAWSON Special Programs. Secretary 47JOHN I). TURNER. JR. Security Officer ■ Jkl v chick McCullough Security Officer RULE PRINGLE Security Officer MAINTENANCE, DIN Maintenance Staff (I to r): Johnny Abrams. Martin Holrr James Dennis. Maintenance Staff (I to r): Ora Lee Britton. Marie Boone. Mary Louise Archie, Ruby Burroughs. Dora Miller.HALL AND SECURITY STAFFS LLOYD WATKINS Dining Hall Supervisor PATRICIA KORNEGAY Dining Hall Secretary Prioleau. Rose Green, Emma English. ELIZABETH OXENDINE Dining Hall ANNETTE HILL Security Officer. Night PBX Operator HORACE JACKSON Security Officer Dining Hall (I to r): Emma HELENA CHOICE Dining HallMORRIS COLLEGE SCHOOL OF RELIGION 00 The Reverend Isaiah Harvey DEANDR. L. W. WILLIAMS Director of Extensions DR. LATTA THOMAS Instructor REV. JOHN H. GILLISON Instructor 51 DR. C. L. BOWENS InstructorL53OUR CAMPUS 1980-81 5557SHARING A TOUCH 58' ' ' SSV10 JOWE ACCEPTED THE CHALLENGE . .. OUR INSTRUCTORS EXHIBITED A TOUCH OF CLASS IN MAKING EDUCATION A CHALLENGING EXPERIENCE.along with study WE EXPERIENCED SOME OUTSTANDING ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS . . . We Heard Speakers, We Sang Songs, We Participated in Many Discussions, We Were Taught and Entertained • • • 62AND WHEN IT WAS ALL OVER WE LEFT FEELING A SENSE OF FULFILLMENT Now That’s a True TOUCH OF 63 CLASS!!Scirwfs EEtfS.. dLUQ5 AnD 0R ft(JizAUOM BeAuTiirs Miss MORftiS CoLUGe AtfD ATHtnCAnTTS • .« »: »; »: » :« :i » • » • »; »; » :i »: »:» : »:»;«»:«» :«»: »; »; ;«»; ■5It »!•!» »T»Ti iKt i!5It »!3!i iS; i”i »5!i T»I« iStiKtiKt tKi »Kt 5!t i5!t»' »:■ »:i i ; »;«»;i»;«»:«» :« »• «:« i i"i r"t »5I ! !« 1K1 »X« rT Ti »5It »J 65VALERIE HARGROVEValeric is a graduate of Sumter High School and a member of Jehovah Baptist Church. She is a senior majoring in Business Administration. At Morris she has participated in various activities. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., The Business Club, and Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. During her junior year, she participated in the Cooperative Education Program with the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Miss Morris College, Miss Valerie Denise Hargrove, is a native of Sumter, S.C. She is the charming daughter of Mr. Mrs. James Hargrove. She has three sisters and three brothers. Her hobbies include bowling, dancing, cooking and playing tennis. Her ambition is to go to graduate school and obtain the master’s degree in management. Valerie expects to pursue a career in management.OUR FIRST CORONATION IN THE NEAL-JONES ! Mistress and Master of Ceremonies Valerie is crowned and congratulated by President Richardson. Wanda Palmer and James MurrayIH M1 FINE ARTS CENTER WAS A GALA AFFAIR. . . 69 Congratulations Val! The little ladies looked so cute.MISS HOMECOMING AND ATTENDANTS ATTENDANT CLARA COLLINS ATTENDANT GLORIA BYRD 70MISTER CO-ED AND MISS CO-ED Mister Co-Ed — James Blassingame Miss Co-Ed — Dorothy J. CabbagestalkSOME CORONATION MOMENTS . . . Don't pretend you were not listening. 72 Smile, hut you arc not on Candid Camera.What’s the big surprise, a new queen? 73FIRST ATTENDANT TO MISS MORRIS COLLEGE ALTOYA ANTONYA FELDER Altoya Antonya Felder, is the lovely daughter of Mr. Mrs. Lucius Felder of Sumter, SC. Born under the sign of Sagittarius, she is a senior at Morris College majoring in Business Administration. She is the President of Nu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a member of the Baptist Student Union (BSU), Business Club, Phi Beta Lamba, the National Dean’s List. She is a member of St. Paul A.M.E. Church, the Rev. Lcvern Harry, pastor. There she is a member of the Young Adult Choir. Jr. Missionary Society, and the Allen Fellowship League. After graduating from Morris College she plans to attend South Carolina State College. She hopes to receive her master's degree in Business Education. Her goal in life is to become a Certified Public Accountant or a Legal Secretary. 74SECOND ATTENDANT TO MISS MORRIS COLLEGE JOSEPHINE MACK The Second attendant. Miss Josephine Mack of Sumter, South Carolina, the daughter of Mr. Mrs. James Mack. She is the youngest of five sisters and one brother. She was born on November I, 1958 under the Zodiac sign of Sco pio. Josephine attended the public schools in Sumter and is a 1977 graduate of Sumter High School. At Morris College, Josephine has been engaged in a nu ber of activities. During her sophomore year she was an attendant to Miss Sophomore. During her junior year, she held the title of Miss Junior. She is also a peer counselor and a Resident Assistant for Lcgare Hall. Josephine is a mem ber of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and Parliamentarian of the Pre-Alumni Club. She is majoring in Elementary Education. Josephine is a member of Beaulah A.M.E. Church where she sings on the Young Adult Choir. Her Motto is "There is no one on God's Earth that doesn't need help sometimes.”1980 THANKSGIVING HOMECOMING 1980 HOMECOMING PARADE The 1980 Homecoming Parade highlighted a full schedule of activities on Thursday, November 27. The center of attraction this year was the charming Miss Sylcnthia Robinson, a senior from Sumter, South Carolina, who was crowned Miss Homecoming. Her lovely attendants were Clara Collins, a freshman from Manning, S. C., Elizabeth Rich bow, a junior from Rcmbcrt, S. C., and Gloria Byrd, a sophomore from Greenville. S. C. The parade was comprised of several entries from members of the Morris College Family, distinguished dignitaries, the Sumter Community, the Baptist Family of South Carolina, and several high school marching bands. Parade marshals were the family of the late Coach Andrew E. Pollard, Sr. The 1980 Homecoming Parade, in spite of the rain, was a very exciting event. 767778 Miss Senior Martha Wilson Miss Junior Diane Singletary Miss Sophomore Vanessa Sutton Miss Freshman Florence Robertson Miss Dobbins-Keith Whitcncr Hall Sharon Belhea Miss Brawiey—Slarks Hail Sophia Laiimore Miss Legare HaH Failh Coc Miss Danieis Ha Brenda Crummy 1Miss Biology Club Miss Business Club Lolctha Reed Janie Brown Miss Social Studies Club Rita Berry 80 Miss Mathematics Club Visla Scott Miss SNLA Shirley BoydMiss Cheerleader Gloria Richardson Miss Gospel Choir Doris Carlos Miss SGA Joann Boston 82 Miss Morris College Players Rhonda BclinMiss Pre-Alumni Club Cynthia Harley Miss Purple and Gold Georgette Felder Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart Pamela Peterkin Miss Black and Gold Bcrnita FaustMiss Alpha Phi Alpha Frances Buchanan Miss Delta Sigma Theta Delphine Prangle Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Gwendolyn Frazier 84 Miss Omega Psi Phi Gloria TisdaleMiss Zeta Phi Beta Vanessa Johnson Miss Phi Beta Sigma Vermeil McBride Miss Gamma Phi Gamma Johnny Mac Scott Miss Blue and White Sandy Sumpter 85Carston Zimmerman PRESIDENT THE CLASS OF 1981 86 Dr. Bobby L. Brisbon CLASS ADVISOR CLASS OFFICERS (L. to R.) Standing: Cynthia Harley. Treasurer: Annie Ruth McCray Asst. Secretary; George Coleman. Chaplain; (Seated) Carston Zimmerman. President Nancy Goodwin. Vice-President.ANTHLY. LENORA Lobeco. SC Major: Elementary Education Capricorn Emcee for Morris College Quiz, President — Pre-Alumni Club, Nu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., SNEA, Yearbook Staff. International Reading Association, Morris College Player and Honor Student. ARTHUR, MARY LEE Bishopville. SC- Major: Elementary Education Leo SNEA and Pre-Alumni Club BENJAMIN. SCOTTIE Hartsville. SC Major: Business Administration Cancer Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., — President. Baseball Team. Business Club. Flag Football Team President — Daniel Hall Senate, Captain — Baseball Team. Captain — Flag Football, Business Manager — Business Club and Mr. Business Club. BETHEA. SHARON DELORIS Latta. SC- Major: Elementary Education Virgo Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Senate member of Legare Hall. Student National Education Association. Teacher Education Council Committee, Honor Student, O.R. Reuben Scholar. Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. National Dean’s List. Miss Dobbin Keith Whitner. Yearbook Staff, Pre-Alumni Club — Assistant Secretary and Morris College Chorale. BLASSINGAME, JAMES BERLIN Seneca. SC Major: History Scorpio Minor: Political Science Chaplain — Freshman Class, 2nd Vice-President — Student Government Association. Pan-Hellenic Council, Veteran’s Club, NAACP. Baptist Student Union. Social Studies Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Pre-Alumni Club. Brawley-Starks Senate. Durham Ministerial Alliance, President — Student Government Association, Mr. Co-Ed. Dean's List and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. BUCHANAN, FRANCES ELAINE Cheraw, SC-Major: Social Studies Leo Nu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc., Pre-Alumni Club, Miss Alpha Phi Alpha, National Honor Society and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. 87BURGESS,SHIRLEY ANN Olanta.SC Major: Mathematics Secondary Education Aries Secretary of Legarc Hall Senate. Secretary of Pre-Alumni Club. Vice-President of SNEA. Member of Student Advisory Council and Member of Mathematics Club. CAIN. LEONARD LEON Hartsville. SC Major: Social Studies Taurus Minor: Religious Education Alpha Phi Alpha Iratcrnity, Inc.. NAACP. President — Morris College (Jospel Choir. Vice-President — Baptist Student Union. Peer Counselor. Pan Hellenic Council. Durham Ministerial Alliance. Pre-Alumni Club. Chaplain — Sophomore and Junior Class. Recipient of the “Beatrice Sanders Counseloring Award, Social Studies Club and Track Team. CHINA. ROBERT Sumter.SC Major: Theology Capricorn Durham Ministerial Alliance and O. R. Reuben Scholar CRUMMY. BRENDA Hartsville.SC Major: Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc., Morris College Choral. Student National Education Association. DANIELS. MARILYN D. Lake City, SC Major: I.iberal Studies Aquarius Pre-Alumni Club. Peer Counselor and Gospel Choir. DILBERT. GLORIA JEAN Beaufort. SC Major: Elementary Education Pisces eta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc., Pre-Alumni Club. Student National Education Association. Dobbins-Kcith Whilner Dormitory — President and Resident Assistant. 88 EADY. KATIE Sumter. SC Major: Mathematics Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. FELDER. ALTOYA ANTONYA Sumter. SC Major: Business Administration Scorpio Minor: Education President — Nu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc.. Vice-President ofThe Freshman Class. The Baptist Student Union. The Business Administration Club. Phi Beta Lambda. The Hornet Yearbook Staff. Pre-Alumni Club. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Pan-Hellenic Council — Secretary. Honor Student. Miss Co-Ed. O. R. Reuben Scholar. The National Dean's List. Governors Intern. 1st Attendant to "Miss Morris College" and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. FELDER. GEORGETTE LUCIA Sumter. SC Major: Elementary Education Sagittarius Minor: Business Administration Treasurer — Freshman Class. Baptist Student Union. Miss Blue and White for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Inc.. Honor Student, Miss Purple and Gold for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc., Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Inc.. NAACP. SNEA. Pre-Alumni Club. Attendant to Miss Delta Sigma Theta. O. R. Reuben Scholar and Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. FORD. SARA Marion. SC Major: Social Studies GEE. LEANDER Timmonsville. SC Major: Elementary Education GOODWIN. NANCY ELIZBETH Camden. SC Major: Business Administration Leo Defensive Player Morris College. Outstanding Freshman on the Softball Team, Assistant Secretary — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Treasurer and Chaplain of DKW. Junior Award. O. R. Reuben Scholar. Honor Student and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. 89GREEN, BETTY JEAN Timmonsvillc. SC Major: Business Administration Capricorn Morris College Gospel Choir. Softball Team. NAACP. Baptist Student Union, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc. GRIR IN. CLARENCE GEROME Blair. SC-Major: Business Administration Virgo Baseball Team. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Business Club and NAACP. HARGROVE. VALERIE DENISE Sumter. SC- Major: Business Administration Sagittarius “Miss Morris College". Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Business Club. Phi Beta Lamdba. Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Honor Student, O. R. Reuben Scholar, National Dean's List. NAACP. Pre-Alumni Club, Newspaper Staff and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. HUGHES. OLIVETTA MARIE Kingstree. SC- Major: Elementary Education Leo Pre-Alumni Club. Student National Education Association and NAACP. JACKSON. BRENDA J. Florence. SC- Major: Elementary Education Virgo NAACP. Student National Education Association. Pre-Alumni Club and Senior Class. KELSON. AVA Beaufort. SC- Major: Elementary Education 90MACK. JOSEPHINE Sumter. SC Major: Elementary Education Scorpio Vice-President — Peer Counselor. President — Pep Club. Resident Assistant. Parliamentarian — Pre-Alumni Club. SNEA and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc. MATHIS. BRENDA DELOISE Springs Hill. SC-Major: Business Administration Virgo Zeta Phi Delta Sorority, Inc., Business Club. Pre-Alumni Club and NAACP. McCRAY. ANNIE RUTH Turbeville. SC- Major: Elementary Education Sagittarius Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Inc.. Assistant Secretary — Senior Class. Treasurer — Pre-Alumni Club. SNEA, NAACP. Student Leader. Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges, National Dean's List. Honor Student. O. R. Reuben Scholar, and Student Advisory Council. McCRAY. PEARL CRISANDER Olanta. SC- Major: Business Administration Leo Minor: Sociology Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc., NAACP. Business Club and Pre-Alumni Club. 91Clinton. SC MOORE. PHILIP Major: Social Sludies Sccondary Education Capricorn President — Student National Education Association, Vice-President — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Teacher Education Advisory Council. Social Studies Club. NAACP. Morris College Gospel Choir. Baptist Student Union and Resident Assistant of Daniels Hall. PRINCE LENORA Gable. SC Major: Elementary Education Student National Education Association and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc. REEDER.EUGENE Greenwood. SC Major: Social Studies Scorpio Minor: Religious Education NAACP. President — Durham Ministerial Alliance and Social Club. ROBINSON, SVLENTHIA Sumter. SC Major: Elementary Education Gemini Student National Education Association and Pre-Alumni Club. ROSE. WILLIE LakeCity.SC Major: Business Administration Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. — President. SCOTT. JOHNNY MAE Kingstree. SC Major: Business Administration Capricorn Cheerleader. NAACP. President — Drill Team. 1st attendant to Miss Knight Social Club. The Hornet Yearbook Staff. Pre-Alumni Club. Miss Gamma Phi Gamma Fraternity and YWCA. 92 ▲SCOTT. SHIRLEY RENEE Beaufort. SC Major: Social Studies Aries Miss Durham Ministerial Alliance. Pre-Alumni Club. Drill Team, Social Studies Club and NAACP. SCOTT. TERRY JEROME Bishopvillc, SC Major: Business Administration Virgo Minor: Social Studies Cooperative Education Program. Business Club. Math Club. Basketball Team. NAACP. Baptist Student Union and Backgammon Team. SHIVERS. DEBRA ANN Timmonsville. SC- Major: Social Studies Gemini The Hornet Yearbook Staff — Editor. Nu Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc. — Vice-President. Social Studies Club. Senate. NAACP. Resident Assistant. Cooperative Education, Newspaper Staff and Pre-Alumni Club. SIMMONS. GARRY WAYNE Phila. PA Major: Business Administration Scorpio Basketball team. SINGLETARY. LINDA LEE Lake City. SC Major: Elementary Education Aquarius Minor: Social Studies Student National Education Association — Secretary. Miss Yearbook. 1st attendant to Miss Pre-Alumni. 2nd attendant to Miss Senior. Cheerleader. Pre-Alumni Club. NAACP. Yearbook Staff. Student Leader and Student Advisory Council. SINGLETON. LARRY B. Charleston, SC Major: Business Administration Aries Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.. Baptist Student Union. NAACP. Flag Football Team. 93SPANN. ISAIAH Pinewood, SC Major: Business Administration Sagittarius Durham Minisleral Alliance and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. SPANN. ROSA Rembert.SC Major: Social Studies Scorpio Peer Counselor STEVENS. RITA Sumter, SC Major: Liberal Studies SUMTER. JOE LOUIS Hopkins. SC Major: Business Administration Virgo Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc.. Business Club. O. R. Reuben Scholar, Honor Student and Pre-Alumni Club. THOMAS. MARY B. Cheraw. SC Major: Elementary Education Pisces Nu Gamma Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc., Student National Education Association. Pre-Alumni Club. Resident Assistant — DKW Hall Peer Counselor — l.egare Hall, Dean of Pledge — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc.. Parliamentarian — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.. Gift Committee for "Miss Morris College" and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. THOMPSON. LYNNITA Camden. SC Major: History 94WHITE. NATHALIE VICTORIA Sumter. SC Major: Liberal Studies Gemini Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc. WILDER. THELMA LOUISE Summerton. SC-Major: History Secondary Education Virgo Morris College Chorale. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. — President. Chairperson — Pan Hellenic Council. Social Studies Club — Secretary. NAACP and Pre-Alumni Club. WILLIAMS. LUCILLE Bishopville. SC Major: Elementary Education Student National Education Association WILLIAMS. ROMMIE Bowman. SC Major: Business Administration Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc. WILSON. MARTHA ANN Timmonsville. SC-Major: Business Administration Leo Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc., Honor Student. O. R. Reuben Scholar, National Dean's List. Morris College Scholar. Miss Cheerleader. Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society — Secretary. Miss Senior. Drill Team. NAACP. Business Club. Student Honor Day Speaker. Treasurer of the Student Government Association. Pre-Alumni Club. Cheerleader Squad and Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. ZIMMERMAN. CARSTON D. Chesterfield. SC Major: Business Administration Leo Senior Class — President, Business Manager — Business Club. Student Government Association, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc.. Chess Club. Veteran Club. NAACP. Peer Counselor, Pre-Alumni Club and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. ◄Most Lady Gentleman Like Martha Wilson George Coleman Best dressed male female Brenda Crummy Curtis Waldington ► SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ◄Best looking male female Sara Ford Joe L. Sumter 96 Most Conceited Georgette Felder Most Congenial Annie R. McCray- Most Wittiest Lucille Williams Most Cooperative Margie LcGrant 97Most Religious Betty Green, George Coleman Most Dependable Lucille Williams, George Coleman 08 Quietest Female Marilyn Daniels Smartest Martha WilsonMost Talkative Joann Boston. Clarence Griffin Most Athletic Rita Bass, Scottic Benjamin Most Talented Brenda Crummy. George Coleman Most Likely to Succeed Margie LeGrant. James Blassingamc 99 Oh C Class Officers L to R — Janie Brown, Lozetta Farrow. Tracey Robinson. Gail Carter Rhonda Belin Sara Bostic too Shirley Boyd Janie Brown Randy BrownSherby Brown Cynthia Brunson Melvin Bufkin Doris Carlos Gail Carter James Cook Raymond Cook Susan Cooper Lucious Dixon 101Bessie Dow Michael Forehand Shelia Grier Randolph Hudson Henry Lewis Vermeil McBride 102 Abigail McDuffie Priscilla McKnight Darrel Melchor m Maurice Moultrie Wanda Palmer Pamela Peterkin Brenda Plowden Latoria Reed Loletha Reed Milton Reeves Bcrnette Robinson Tracey RobinsonHarold Scott Deborah Shelby Odell SimsSophomore Class Officers Scaled. L lo R — Mr. Corley, advisor, Shelia Gilliard. Cathy Green. Harry Lash. Patricia Byrant, John Johnson, standing L to R — Jeanette Frazier. Vanessa Sutton. Gloria Byrd. 105SOPHOMORES Renee Armstrong Dora Bromell Patricia Bryant Myra Butler Gloria Byrd Virgil Clark Valeria Franklin Carol Frazier Jeanette Fraizer Mary Ann Gamble Shelia Gilliard Cathy Green Christine Flam Francis Manna 107Robert Ings John Johnson Lusunn Jones Northica LeGrant Shelia Lewis Michael Little 108IT'S Abdul Abil Maduun Sheryl Matthis Louise McMillian Al Mitchell Charles Moore Bernard MyersLcvcrn Rogers Gail Simon Ralph Singleton Herman Smalls Terry Stanley Wandolyn Stokes Jimmy Stucky Vanessa Sutton Claudette Swinton no Robert Thorn Gloria Tisdale Princess Ann Watson Harry Webb Donald Weeks Virgil Wiley Gwen Williamson Frances Wilson Mable Zimmerman - 111Freshman Class Officers 1st Row: L to R — Brazinc Thompson. Dale Davis. 2nd Row: L to R — Jackie Jinkins. Linda Sims and Renee Ruth. 3rd Row: L to R — Ronald Barton. Jackie Wise, and Carlos Taylor. President Carlos Taylor Vice President Ronald Barton I would like to thank the Freshman Class for standing behind those whom they elected as leaders. I would also like to commend our advisor. Mr. Roy Graham for the outstanding guidance he gave to us. Thanks to everyone for making my presidency a good one. We as freshmen now stand ready to face the challenges of the future. 112FRESHMEN Johnnie Mae Anderson Carrie Author Carmen Bethea Richard Bull Mayhuc Bostic Nellie Bowman William Bowman Micheal Boyd Alice Bracey 113William Brilo Tammie Brockman Ann Brooks Marian Brown Ophelia Brown Theodore Brown Lorriane Bryant Tommy Burgess Jean CabbagestalkStephen Cat sonKenneth Dickey Urgabrice Eaddy Jackie Edmond Tracey Epps Wanda Ervin Henrietta Evans 116 Bernita Faust Colette Garland I Tommy Gibson Dearlyn Grier Michael Harris i Stephanie Hazel Jerry Hilton Renee Hutchinson Gwen Jackson Lottie Jenkins Sheila Jenkins 117 -y Arella Johnson Cathy Johnson Ncolis Johnson, Jr. Ruby Jones Shirley Kennedy Sophia Latimorc Stanley MarshallMichael Mathis Harriet McAllister Ann Jeanette McBride Lester McCrca Gertrude McFaddcn Anna McNcal Lawrence Miller Idell Mitchell Bcrlinda MooreDcssic Moore Leroy Mouzon Evelyn Myers Graham Myers Pandoria RectorMilton Richard Gloria Richardson Neopolina Robertson Imogene Robinson Darrin Rose Theresa Rush Renee Ruth Ronny Setropawiro 121Linda Sims Cheryl Smith Robert Smith David Talley Michael Thomas 122 Brazinc ThompsonAudrey Wages Almeta Waklats Cynthia Warren Sylvia Warren Anthony White Doretha Williams Jackie Wise Terence Wright Lora Ann Zimmerman 123The SNEA Participated in a workshop on using the newspaper as an effective teaching aid . . . Mrs. Nalhalec Moses, an alumnus of Morris College, conducted the leaching workshop. Above, future teachers examine newspapers for possible use in the classroom. 1?d. . . And sponsored a very successful American Education Week Assembly Program. Left: Mr. Robert R. Hill of the South Carolina State Department of Education was the American Education Week speaker. 125The Social Studies Club sponsored A Mock Debate Between Carter Reagan Anderson and Clark 1?G Guess who won? Well, we’ll never tell. rri nrm 127SGA made Christmas fun with Candle Lighting, Carol Singing, and Delicious Fruits and Candies . . . %kW- Y.n •$ 128 ITHE MORRIS COLLEGE CHORALE PRESENTED AN EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS CONCERT BEFORE PACKED HOUSE IN THE W.H. NEAL— IOLA JONES FINE ARTS AUDITORIUM. IT WAS A SUPERB PERFORMANCE! 129 130 AND WE ALL HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS!131REV. JAMES BLASSINGAME PRESIDENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Message From the SGA President Horace Mann, an American educator, once wrote, "A human being is not in any proper sense, a human being, until he is educated". Today, there is an urgent need for education. Education, together with Christianity, is the black man’s only means of retaliation against inequality and injustice. We have come a long way. but we still have a long way to go. It is because of institutions like Morris College that we have come thus far. Morris College is one among the 107 predominantly black institutions of higher learning in this nation. It has a great history of educational and religious programs that have enhanced its students to strive for excellence. This fine institution was the beginning of a prominent career for previous Morris students. Morris offers an excellent quality of teaching and a competent faculty and staff whose priority is geared to the complete success of its students. Our motto is “Enter to learn. Depart to serve”. My fellow students, I urge each of you to gear your concerns to your studies which should be your first priority. We. as students should keep in mind that education will become more and more demanding for the future leaders of the world. Bachelor and master degrees are becoming more and more a requisite, and further study is being required after job placement. The founding fathers of this great institution envisioned a place where young black men and women would feel the necessity of having had the opportunity to achieve a college education that would open doors which otherwise would be closed. We, as participants, must not let the dream of our forefathers dry up like a raisin in the sun; we must work and sec it become a reality. I think the words of David Starr Jordan sums it up best, “Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it." 132 -1980-81 SGA OFFICERS Front L to R — Glenda Howard. 2nd Vice-President. James Blassingamc. President. Cclcstinc Howard. Secretary, back I to r. Linda Peterson. Assistant Secretary. Milton Reeves. Business Manager, Melvin Mack. First Vice-President. Shelia Lewis. Administrative Aide. Joan Boston. Treasurer. Margie Lagrant Trustee Board Student RepresentativeDobbins- Keith- Whitener Hall Senate — Nancy Goodwin. Leonora Antlcy, Lorcita Scott Seated — Gloria Dilbert, L to R Legare Hall Senate 134 L to R — Paquita Dixon, Valeric Franklin. Gloria Byrd. Ann Watson. Debra Shivers. Beverly CunninghamDaniels Hall Senate Brawley Starks Hall Senate 135 L to R — Anthony White, Lavern Short. John Johnson, Rommic Williams. Willie Benjamin. Harry LashFfont Row: Left to Right. John Johnson. Patricia Bryant. Vermeil McBride. Paquita Dixon. Cathy Green. Carsion Zimmerman. Debra Woods — Advisor 2nd row: George Coleman. Marilyn Robinson. Milton Reeves. Josephine Mack. Betty Green. Patricia Howard. Birdie Porter, Harry Lash. 3rd row: Marilyn Daniels, Leonard Cain. Tracey Robinson. Rodic Lamb. James Pickncy. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Front: 1. to R — Valerie Hargrove. Vermeil McBride. Martha Wilson, Glenda Howard; Back: L to R — Bcrnclte Robinson. Lolctha Reed. Barry Marshall. Nancy Goodwin. 136Veterans Club Front Row: L to R — Micheal Billie. Robert Thom; Back Row: L to R — James Hill, James Blassingamc. James Tindall. Clara Collins. Carston Zimmerman, Mr. Vaughn — advisor, James Furtick Phi Beta Lambda 137 Front Row: L to R — Martha Wilson. Carston Zimmerman, Patricia Jefferson, Glenda Howard. Micheal Billie; Back Row: I. to R — Milton Reeves. Nancy Goodwin. Gail Carter, Valerie Hargrove, Bernette Robinson. Barry Marshall. Altoya FelderMathematics Club L to R: Vanessa Sutton. Wandalyn Stokes. Gloria Byrd. Shirley Burgess Business Club front Row: L to R — Mrs. Kahn (advisor). Tonya James. Dale Davis. Terri Thompson. Martha Wilson. Patricia Jefferson. Pearl McCray; Second Row: L to R — Mr. Fowler — advisor. George Coleman. Brenda Mathis. Johnny Mac Scott. Glenda Howard. Carslon Zimmerman. Birdie Porter. Janie Brown. Melvin Bufkm; Third Row: L to R — Valerie Hargrove, Cynthia Warren. Cathy Green. Milton Reeves. Bernette Robinson. Priscilla McKnight. Shelia Grier; Fourth Row: L to R — Michcal Billie. Gwen Frazier. Darryl Sneed. James Pickncy. Harry Lash. Gail Carter. Nancy Goodwin. Altoya Felder. Fifth Row: L to R — Gary Simmons. Terry Scott. Julian Marshall. 138 Biology Club Front Row: Left to Right — Loletha Reed, Sylvia Warren. Ann Janette McBride. Jackie Conner, Jackie Jenkins. Patricia Jones; Back Row: Left to Right — Ronnie Sciropawiro. Lawrence Miller. Wanda Palmer. Jackie Wise 139 Left to Right: Phillip Moore. Shirley Scott. Robert Ward. Thelma Wilder. Loretta Farrow. Linda Moore. Emmily Cuttino. Lozetta Farrow. Gwen Williamson. Debra Smith.Literary Society L to R: Cleveland Knowlin. Tracey Robinson. Brenda Plowdcn. Ernest Vogt. III. It is designed to promote growth through readings, lectures and literary programs. SNEA Front Row: L to R — Patricia Howard. Phillip Moore. Shirley Boyd. Linda Singletary. Shirley Burgess. Second Row: L to R — Sharon Bethea. Annie Ruth McCray. Glona Dilbert. Nettie Koon, t.enorc Anlley; Third Row: L to R — Gwen Thompson. Lucille Williams. Mary Thomas. Ava Kclscr. Brenda Crummy. Fourth Row: L to R — Josephine Mack. Vanessa Johnson. Anita Thompson. Joann Boston. Georgette FelderMorris College Players 1st Row: L to R — Rhonda Bclin, Ruby Jones and Joyce Morris. 2nd Row: Robert Thorn. Pre-Alumni Club Front Row: Ho R — Debra Shivers. Martha Wilson. Shirley Boyd. Gloria Dilbert. Annie Ruth McCray. Diane Singletary. Johnnie Mac Scott, Lcnora Anthley. Second Row: L to R — Mary Thomas. Valeric Hargrove, Ave Kelson. Pearl McCray, Phillip Moore. Third Row: L to R — Andy Jefferson, Advisor, Marilyn Daniels. Carston Zimmerman, Sharon Bethea, Cynthia Harley, Priscilla McKnight. Lucille Williams. Nancy Goodwin. Fourth Row: L to R — Shirley Boyd, Shelia Grier. Altoya Felder, Georgette Felder, Thelma Wilder, Joann Boston.Baptist Student Union From Row: L to R — Gwen Thompson, Mrs. Gregg — Advisor. George Coleman. Stanley Marshall. 2nd Row: L to R — Ordia Anderson. Ronald Barton. 3rd Row: L to R — Robert Smith. Rodic Lamb, Betty Green. Gwen Frazier Sunday School 142 Mrs. Agnes Greg (Advisor). George Coleman. Harry Lash. Cathy Green and Ronald Barton. NAACP Front Row: L to R — Carston Zimmerman, Dale Davis. Phillip Moore. Shirley Boyd. Cathy Green, Melvin Bufkin. Pearl McCray. Johnnie Mac Scott. 2nd Row — Debra Shivers. Brenda Mathis. Patricia Howard. Ava Kelson. Gloria Dilbert, Cynthia Warren. Gwen Williamson. 3rd Row — Gwen Thompson. Sylenthia Robinson. Cynthia Harley. William Dixon. Lucille Williams. James Furtkk. Priscilla McKnighl. Thelma Wilder. Harry Lash. Betty Spann. 4th Row — Milton Reeves. Gwen Fra icr. Josephine Mack. Altoya Felder, Shelia Grier. Ralph Singleton. Lenora Anlhlcy. Shirley Scott. Georgette Felder. Durham Ministerial Alliance Front Row; L to R — Ronald Barton. Stanley Marshall. F.J. Young. James Blassingamc. Back Row: L to R — George Coleman. James Hill. Melvin Mack. Leonard Cain. Eugene Reeder. James Tindalc. and James Pickncy. 143MORRIS COLLEGE CHORALE Front Row: L to R — Bcrnita Faust. Brenda Crummy. Valerie Battles. Deborah Shelby. Teressa Strobles, Sylvia Warren, Patricia Bryant. Gwen Williamson. Cynthia Warren, Doretha Williams. Ann Thompson. Back Row: 1. to R — Vernon Brown. Glenn Davenport. James Myers. Jefferson Brown. Virgil Clark. Emmanuel Burris, Andrew Jackson. Steve Carson. Beverly Brooks. Wanda Ervin.From L to R: Terry Thompson, Imogenc Robinson. Marilyn Robinson, Robert Smith. Stanley Marshall George Coleman. 2nd L to R: Gwen Frazier, Ordia Anderson. Marilyn Robinson. Barbara Oglesby. Janie M. Brown. Betty Green, Robert Ings. 3rd L to R: Raymond Cook. Colette Garland. William Bowman, Cheryl Mathis. Rodnci Lamb. Leonard Cain, Ronald Barton. Kenny Dickey. 145The 1980-81 Academic Year was a banner year in terms of participation by the College's many student organizations. Assembly programs such as the annual Martin Luther King. Jr. Day observance provided the opportunity for organizations to participate in many enriching experiences. -ABrAEZHOIKAMNEOnPITYCDXUJQ GREEKS Zeta Phi Delta Sorority Inc. Z4 A Brenda Mathis 147Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. AKA L to R — Debra Shivers. Lenora Anthley. Patricia Howard. Gwen Frazier. Altoya Felder. Mary Thomas, Frances Buchanan, Marie Taylor. Kneeling, L to R — Nettie Koon. Loletha Reed. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. A FA L to R — James Blassingame. Phillip Moore. Isiah Spann, Maurice Streater. Randolph Hudson. James Pickncy. Leonard Cain, Willie Rose. 148Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. AS0 L to R — Annie Ruth McCray. Dclphine Pringle. Valeric Hargrove. Emily Cuttino. Georgette Felder. Joann Boston. Shelia Grier, Sarah Bostic. 149 Sitting. I to r — Ernest Vogt. James Randolph. Standing. I to r — Joe Louis Sumter. James Furtick. Carston Zimmerman. Andrew Bclk.Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Z4 B Kneeling, I. to R — Sharon Hunter. Pearl McCray. Vermeil McBride Standing. I to R — Martha Wilson. Visla Scott. Rita Baw. Janie Brown. I lora Humes, l.o clta Farrow. Josephine Mack. Barbara Stubbs. I hclma Wilder Standing. I to K — Brenda Crummy. Gloria Dilbcrt, Bcrnctlc Robinson. Loretta I arrow. (Jail Carter. Deborah Shelby. Vanessa Johnson. Debra Smith. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 4 B2 iso Kneeling. I to R Robert Ward. Clarence (iriffm. Melvin Bulkin Standing, left — Bill Dixon. Robert Dickey. Maurice Moultrie. Scotty Benjamin. Dwayne I wards. Richard Hampton Standing, right — David (irahani. N' aync Me Rant. Bert I ewis. I arry Singleton. Donald Sawyer. Michcal I orchand1980 BACCALAUREATE COMMENCEMENT BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MAYOR RICHARD ARRINGTON WAS THE GUEST SPEAKER. Approximately 136 students received degrees or certificates at the 69th annual Baccalaureate Commencement Convocation. Dr. Richard Arrington, Jr., Mayor of Birmingham, was the guest speaker. Dr. Arrington’s dynamic speech was well received by the graduating class. 152CLASS OF 1980 DEPARTS TO SERVETHANKSGIVING RALLY NETS $270,000.00 Rev. Lewis P. Graham, pastor of New Mount Zion Baptist Church. Orangeburg. South Carolina, was the guest speaker for the Annual Thanksgiving Rally. The Rally Program highlighted a full day of Homecoming Activities. Over S270.000.00 was raised at the program, which serves as the College's major fund-raiser. IS4MID-WINTER BANQUET TOTALS $100,000.00 The trend of successful fund-raising continued with the 1981 Mid-Winter Banquet, held on Friday, February 27th in the Garrick-Boykin Gymnasium. Guest speaker The Right Reverend Frank Madison Reid, Jr.. Presiding Bishop of the South Carolina African Methodist Episcopal Church, along with many other A.M.E. Church officials and laymen, added a distinct ecumenical spirit to the Program. The Banquet is the second major fund-raising affair. Nearly S 100.000.00 was raised at this year's affair. Bishop Frank Madison Reid. Jr. Guest Speaker 155mLi i1 ' ' W Vj | ,,|,w, i w j mJimDR. RONALD McNAIR America’s First Black Astronaut Was Featured for President’s Lecture Series 157DEDICATION OF NEW BUILDINGS . . . Dr. Gordon Sweet, Executive Secretary of the Commission On Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools was the guest speaker for the Dedication of the L. C. Richardson-W. A. Johnson Learning Resources Center and the W. H. Neal-lola Jones l ine Arts Center on Saturday, October 25, I9K0. Several state and local dignitaries were present for the historic occasion.159MORRIS COLLEGE HORNETS Standing (I u r): Richard Hampton, Jason Bclk, Ronald English. Terry Stanley. Reuben McKissick. James Macon, Donnie Rutledge. Tyrone Sellers. Kneeling Kerry Sims. Charles Dixon. Thomas Herbert. Donald Sawyer, Curtis Greene. Terry Ammons.161 HORNETS ARE . ..163FEMALE HORNETS ARE Back Row. Left lo Right — Belinda Thompson. Connie Williams. Barbara Pnoleau. Cheryl Smith. Mable Zimmerman. Jackie Oxcndine, Coach Leo Jones. Kneeling. L to R — Gloria Randolph. Lora Ann Zimmerman. Johnnie Mac Anderson. Nellie Bowman. 164FANTASTIC!!166MORRIS COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS L to R: L-squat Linda Simmons L-floor Johnnie Mae Scott R-squat Florence Robinson R-floor Gloria Richardson Top NVandalyn Stokes (Capt.) 168FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM (INTRAMURAL) Back Row (standing left to right): Dwayne Abrams, Walter Thomas. Terrance Wright. Jerry Gainey. Scoltie Benjamin. Ronnie Young. Wallace Wells. 2nd Row (kneeling left to right): John Johnson. Bernard Curcton. Franklin Sanders. Boh Ings. Rolow Gills. Raymond Johnson. 3rd Row (silting left to right): Kim Stevens. Andre Benjamin. John Lindsey. Melvin Bufkin. Marry Webbs. Wayne Nelson 1691980-81 BASEBALL TEAM 1st Row L to R: Coach — Clarence Houck, Darrin Rose. Dwayne Edwards, Scottic Benjamin, and Carl White 2nd Row 1. to R Stephen Carlson, Kim Stevens. Michael Mathis, and Joseph Bryson, 3rd Row L to R Dennis Henderson. Perry Henderson. Law rcncc Miller. Theodore Brown, and Milton Richards. 4th Row I. to R: Louis Tucker, Maurice Moultrie. Melvin Bulkin. Ronald (ialcs. Robert Dickey and Herman SmallsFEMALE HORNETS SOFTBALL SQUAD Kneeling: Linda Stroblc. 1st Row. L to R: Coach — Patricia Kornegay, Jacqueline Oxendinc, Lcstinc l ilts. Barbara Priolcau. Pondoria Rector and Betty Green. 2nd Row. L to R: Jackie Wise. Anna McNcal. Ann Jeanette McBride and Betty Spann. 3rd Row. 1. to R Tarnmic Brockman. Dcloris Robinson. Linda Moore and LaDovia Platt 1711980-81 TRACK TEAMS Standing (I. to(R» Robert Ings. David Tally. Levern Short. Kneeling Willie Smith Kneeling (L to R): Sandy Sumpter. Wendy Solomon. Wandalyn Stokes. Standing: Brenda Plowdcn. 172PL  THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS IS TO MAKE AN ENTRANCE . . . 175WITH EACH MOMENT OF WORK THERE COMES THE JOY OF ACCOMPLISHMENT . . . 177 THERE ARE NUMEROUS METHODS USED TO RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM TELEPHONE, TO DYNAMIC SPEAKERS . . . 178179180 DEPART TO SERVE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF ACHIEVEMENT!LYCEUM, CULTURAL ENRICHMENT, AND EXCITING GUEST SPEAKERS . . . VOICES THEATRICAL COMPANY In “Harlem Heyday” Jerry Maple. Morris Alumnus with "VOICES" DR. ARABELLA RICH Honor Day SpeakerDR. CHARLES G. ADAMS Religious Emphasis Week Speaker 3 THE BROOKLYN BOYS CHORUS 1981 Hornet Yearbook Staff Editor-In Chief Secretary Debra Shivers Patricia Bryant Associate Editor Chaplain Faith Coe Janie Brown Assistant Editor Cathy Green Section Editors HONORS SPORTS Renee Ruth Nettie Koon ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS and STAFF Debra Shivers Cathy Green Cathy Green STUDENT LIFE CLASSES Debra Shelby FRESHMEN — Renee Ruth Linda Moore SPECIAL EVENTS Jackie Wise Faith Coe SOPHOMORES — Vanessa Sutton TYPISTS Patricia Bryant Debra Shelby Vanessa Sutton Altoya l eldcr JUNIORS — Janie Brown COPY SENIORS — Altoya Felder j Faith Coe LAYOUTS ADVISOR Ann Watson J. David Weeks Jackie Edmond Renee Ruth QUEENS Linda Moore Ann Watson Shirley Boyd Jackie Wise 184 Alloya Felder Vanessa Suttonr Janie Brown and Patricia Bryant 185A CLOSING MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . . . Now that you have had the opportunity to peruse this edition of the Hornet Yearbook. I hope that these pages have brought back some of your fond memories of the 1980-81 school year. Hopefully, you have had as much fun thumbing through pages as we have had hard work in putting it together — and that’ll be a lot of fun. 1 would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to a number of persons who helped make this edition possible. Thanks to Dr. Richardson and the administration for strong support. We never had any problems getting our requisitions approved (as long as we kept them within reason). A special thanks to my Assistant Editor, Cathy Green, and my Associate Editor, Faith Coe. and all the members of our loyal and industrious staff. Also to our Advisor, Mr. J. David Weeks, who spent long hours with us. always lending a guiding hand, and who treated us to a nice pizza party once all the work had been done. Finally, we extend appreciation to the Delmar Company and our Yearbook Representative, Mr. W. B. Bullock (and his photographer Mr. Brown). Also, the School Photographer. Mr. Walden Harris. THANKS TO ALL AND HAPPY SUMMER!! iso Debra Shivers Editor-In-Chief

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