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The 1974-75 Hornet Morris College Sumter, South Carolina Mr. William Gilmore Ms. Julia Wells Roberta Reaves Editor Advisers Fred Taylor PhotographerFOREWORD We students must put forth every effort to unfold potentialities that the world offers. Electronic computers, new life saving formulas, and astronauts orbiting the earth have far surpassed the dreams of many dedicated men of wisdom and endurance. The simple cooperation of our staff and advisers during this electronic era was totally responsible for this publication. As you preserve this yearbook and reminisce from time to time we hope that its contents will become more valuable as the years go by. Roberta Reaves Editor-In-Chief ALMA MATER Morris our college dear With hearts all filled with cheer We come to thee Throughout life's checkered ways Thy name we'll ever praise Teacher of youthful ways All hail to thee. When from our homes we came To own thy lofty name Breathe courage free Parents and teachers dear Calmed by the lack of fear Pay homage through the years 2 All hail to thee.WE THRUST FORWARD We began this academic year very much concerned about the state of our world, the state of our nation and most of all the state of our beloved Morris College which has for sixty-six years meant so much to so many people. In the aftermath of a near-crisis period in our institution's history, we see evidence of Morris's ability to survive - and indeed to succeed - in the face of unusual pressures. We are mindful also that Morris stands as a living symbol and vivid expression of a heritage of indomitable courage, of unwavering faith, of unrequited dedication and devotion and of the unswerving will and determination of many people to provide a certain kind of educational experience for us. As we reaffirm anew what has been passed on to us as our legacy, we are fortunate to be surrounded by signs of forward progress: a new and dynamic President, new academic programs, reforms in policies to make our social activities and personal development more palatable, and - yes, finally - newly paved campus streets. In recognition of the promising state of affairs of Morris College, we have selected the theme "we thrust forward" for the 1974-1975 HORNET. In fidelity to those who have preceded us as students at Morris College, we present this yearbook, featuring our theme as evidence of our contribution to the legacy of Morris College and to the future progress of our Alma Mater.DEDICA TIONDR. LUNS C. RICHARDSON Dr. Luns C. Richardson A. B., M. A., Ped. D., L.H.D. The Reverend Doctor Luns C. Richardson is a native of Hartsville, South Carolina and graduated as Valedictorian of Butler High School of that city. He entered the ministry at the early age of eighteen years, under the leadership and guidance of the late Dr. H.H. Butler, prominent educator and Baptist leader, and was given further inspiration and guidance by Dr. M. S. Gordon, Sr. Doctor Richardson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Benedict College in 1949 with the A.B. Degree and from Columbia University in 1958 with the M. A. Degree in Higher Educational Administration. He has studied further at South Carolina State College, Rutgers University, and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. He has been awarded the Honorary Doctor of Pedagogy Degree by Benedict College and the Doctor of Humane Letters by Morris College. He served as Dean of Men and Chaplain at the Denmark Technical Education Center from 1949-1964. From 1964-1966 he served as principal of St. Helena High School, Frogmore, South Carolina; and from 1966-1967 as principal of Wilson Senior High School, Florence, South Carolina. He served in various administrative capacities at Benedict College from 1967-1973-the last sixteen months as Acting President. On July 1, 1973 he became Vice President of Voorhees College and served until July 1, 1974, when he became the ninth President of Morris College, Sumter, South Carolina. He has served as pastor of Thankful Baptist Church, Bamberg, South Carolina, since 1958, and is a strong supporter of local, state and national Baptist conventions. Among the many honors and recognitions received by Dr. Richardson are listings in "Outstanding Educator of America, " "Personalities of the South, " and "Outstanding Young Black Americans." In March 1974 Thankful Baptist Church honored him by naming its educational building for him and placing his portrait there. In 1974, Dr. Richardson was selected for inclusion in the Dictionary of International Biography, Volume XI, 1974-1975. On January 24, 1975 President Richardson was initiated into the University of South Carolina Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, national men's education fraternity, as one "making a viable contribution to education. " Dr. Richardson came to Morris College because he saw a lot of potential for growth and development. He feels that he can play a substantial part in that growth and development. Dr. Richardson has an open door policy to staff, faculty, and students. His main goal is accrediation by the Southern Association of Schools and College by 1976. Dr. Richardson brings with him a zeal to put Morris College at the top of the list in America's Small Colleges. We, the Senior Class of 1974-75, say to Dr. Luns C. Richardson, President of Morris College, " 'Thrust Forward', for where you lead we shall follow. " 5 This edition of the Hornet we proudly dedicate to our new President.SPECIAL APPRECIATION SOUTH CAROLINA WOMEN'S BAPTIST ASSOCIATION The Woman's Baptist Convention has played a major role in the growth and development of Morris College. Four major buildings -Dobbins - Keith-Whitener 1967, Mabel K. Howard 1954, Dean's Cottage 1926 and Dobbins-Keith 1913-were constructed with funds raised by the women's convention. In addition, the women have contributed to every financial effort and to numerous special projects for Morris College. The Morris College Family, with love and gratitude, extends to the Baptist Women of South Carolina our sincere appreciation. 6"WE THRUST FORWARD WITH NEW ACADEMIC PROGRA MS" FRESHMAN STUDIES PROGRAM MS. P.T. WILLIAMS AND MR. D. DAWSON DISCUSS THE MCFSP WITH CONSULTANT STUDENTS AT WORK IN THE MCFSPMORRIS COLLEGE INITIATES FRESHMAN STUDIES PROGRAM Under the administration of Dr. Luns C. Richardson, President for the first time, the college has initiated an integrated approach to Freshman Studies in which freshman education is treated as a distinct concern in itself. In keeping with its open door policy, the college has initiated a new program to provide educational development for students whose high school education is considered deficient, and whose chances of success in college are marginal. Students in the Freshman Studies Program receive individual assistance and intensified training in English, Reading, Computational Skills, and Fine Arts. Emphases are being placed on Communication Skills and understanding ideas. The program is being implemented through innovative instruction directed to the students achievement of observable goals. In addition to regular classes. The Freshman Studies Program is conducting many enriching activities such as trips, attendance of musical events (popular and classic), excursions, cultural and social affairs for its students. Staff members, with the help of tutors, are conducting these activities as part of their responsibilities for general student development. Personnel consist of a core of five faculty specialists, secular and religious counselors and members of the regular faculty who render adjunct services as needed. Professor P. T. Williams is director of the Program.WE Morris College Students' on their way to work at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. THRUST Ms. Butler explains to Ms. Hollomon, new Co-op student, procedures used for job assignment. Mr. Warren Fisher, Co-op Director, Tinker AFB, gives instructions to Co-op students. FORWARD Cooperative Education is a unique plan of educational enrichment which provides "on the job" experience in a real work situation related to the student’s academic program. Cooperative Education takes the student into Mr. Arthur Hill doing what he does second best. the world of business, industry, and or education for an internship that is a laboratory for testing and practicing classroom theory. For many students, it provides an opportunity to "earn as you learn." CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATIONTRUSTEE BOARD OF MORRIS COLLEGE CHAIRMAN NEAL PRESIDES AT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Reading clockwise several members of the Board of Directors are seen in their fall meeting. They are: Dr. W.P. Diggs, Dr. L.W. Williams, Rev. J.W. Davis, Rev. F. H. Ham, Dr. J.P. Neal, Sr., Dr. L. L. Butler, Sr., Dr. W. L. Wilson, President of the State Baptist Convention; Dr. J. L. Brooks, Dr. W.H. Neal, Board Chairman; Dr. Luns C. Richardson, President of the College; Rev. R.M. Dixon, Dr. M.S. Gordon, Sr., Rev. C.M. Daniels, Dr. Marion McLester, and Dr. Iola Jones (hidden from view). Two visiting ministers present were Rev. E. Burroughs and Rev. F.D. R. Williams. The Board of Directors is the official governing body of the College between meetings of the full Board of Trustees which represents the State Baptist Education and Missionary Convention of South Carolina, sponsoring body and chief supporters of the College. j., ■ ■Rev. Dr. W. H. Neal CHAIRMAN OF THE TRUSTEE BOARD 13PRESIDENT LENS C. RICHARDSONThe President's Message to the Graduating Class Congratulations and best wishes to the graduating seniors of the class of 1975. You are to be commended for completing successfully this phase of your education in your efforts to prepare to enter the.mainstream of society as contributing participants. The period immediately ahead of you is one of great importance in the life of our nation and the world. We sincerely hope that Morris College has been able to assist you in your preparation for effective participation in the mainstream of our society and that you have been imbued with the idea that all men are equal. I hope that you will use your education to help promote the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our people and that you will play dynamic and constructive roles in the development of a society in which all members will share fairly in the good or bad fortunes of the group, and which progress is measured in terms of human well-being, not in terms of material things. Let firm individual and collective commitment to the people and their welfare become your overriding concern. Always do what you can to help improve the conditions of your fellows, for in such service you will find your own self fulfillment. Please remember your Alma Mater, too, as you become involved in your life's work. Please help your College to become ever more able to serve those who will follow in your footsteps. As one of the classes which has benefited from what the College has to offer, we ask you to accept the responsibility of helping to improve and perpetuate the institution and see that it lives and grows in service in the years ahead. You have my best wishes for success and satisfaction in your chosen careers. Sincerely yours Luns C. Richardson President 15WE THRUST FORWARD 16Ot 5Sir, ■MOI ! ■ K: a m mm warn ». 7901 3BW« »•« (MM p» I •5LS ws f-i I ils-.'S «s s fcjj® n ■v - flERS ENTER TO LEARN 18DEPART TO SERVE 19Academic Building Garrick-Boykin GymDR. ANNA D. REUBEN Dean of Academic A fairsMS. H. CONYERS SECRETARY TO THE DEAN 23DR. J. TAYLOR DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS MS. ?. SPANN SECRETARY - ASSISTANT FOR ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS MR. J. McCALL ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR MS. G. McBRIDE CLERK-TYPIST 2426 MS. P. DUPREE CATALOCERMS. P. WILLIAMS DIRECTOR OF THE FRESHMAN STUDIES PROGRAM MS. J. WALKER SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTOR OF THE FRESHMAN STUDIES PROGRAM 2MR. G. HEELAN Business Manager 28MS. W. OWENS BOOKKEEPER - ACCOUNTANT MS. R. METHA CASHIER MR. J. JOHNSON PERSONNEL DIRECTOR-ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. MS. H. BOSEMAN BOOKSTORE MANAGER 29 30 MAINTENANCE STAFFCAFETERIA STAFF MR. J DWYER CAMPUS CHEF MS. R. WILLIAMS EVENING DIRECTOR OF THE STUDENT CENTER MS. E. PRIOLEAU MORNING DIRECTOR OF THE STUDENT CENTER 3132 MS. ELIZA E. BLACK Dean of StudentsMR. W. GILMORE COORDINATOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES 33MS. JACKIE MOBLEY STUDENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF LECARE HALL MR. C. BOYKIN MR. E. DARGAN DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID STUDENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF D-K-W MS. A. LAWSON SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID MS. D. FOXWORTH STUDENT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF DANIELS HALL 34.MRS. H. ROBINSON DIRECTOR OF LEGARE HALL MRS. L. SINGLETON DIRECTOR OF LEGARE HALL MR. P. PINCKNEY DIRECTOR OF DOBBINS KEITH WHITNER MRS. M. CHANDLER DIRECTOR OF DANIELS HALL 35MR. F. MAPLE DIRECTOR OF CAREER PLANNING AND PLACEMENT MRS. N. SMITH COLLEGE HOSTESS MRS. A. HARVIN MRS. R. WILLIAMS SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTOR OF CAREER PLANNING COLLEGE NURSE AND PLACEMENT 3637 MR. D. DAWSON COLLEGE COUNSELOR REV. B. D. LEWIS COLLEGE MINISTERMRS. J.E. WELLS Director oj Institutional Planning and DevelopmentREV. R. CANTY REV. R. W. STALLINGS DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND DIRECTOR OF CHURCH RELATIONS ALUMNI AFFAIRS 39MS. HILL SECRETARY FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS MISS A. POTTS SECRETARY - ASSISTANT FOR PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT 40 MS. WASHINGTON BOOKKEEPER - TYPIST FOR DEVELOPMENT MS. EVELYN HALL DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES AND CHAIRMAN OF THE DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE MR. A. POLLARD COORDINATOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES MRS. C. FELDER SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES 4142 MRS. S. MOJER PBX OPERATORMRS. B. KEELS SECRETARY TO THE DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS DR. R. ALI CHAIRMAN OF THE DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS AND DIRECTOR OF THE ALLIED HEALTH PROGRAM MR. J. DAVIS BIOLOGY 4344 MRS. S. KNUCKLES MATHEMATICS MRS. W. CAMPBELL MODERN MATHEMATICS45MS. S. JOHN SON- SECRETARY FOR THE DIVISION OF EDUCATION MS. ROBERTA CANTY SECRETARY TO THE DIRECTOR OF TEACHER EDUCATION 46 DR. S. JOSHI EDUCATION DR . M. DAFFRON READING41 MR. H. THOMPSON MATHEMATICS .Va DR. SYED AMANUDDIN CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF HUMANITIES MS. ROSA CONYERS SECRETARY FOR THE DIVISION OF HUMANITIES 48 MRS. D. BRANDSTADTER FRENCHMR. M. JACOB HUMANITIES MR. J. DUKE ART MR. A. PEARSON DIRECTOR OF THE MORRIS COLLEGE CHORALE 49DR. N. RAJKUMAR GOVERNMENT DR. M. BRANDSTADTER HISTORY MR. P. JOSHI ECONOMICS39 JO 100HJSRELIGION 5354 REV. J.O. RICH DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF RELIGIONINSTRUCTORS OF THE SCHOOL OF RELIGION 55 REV. B.J. WESTON REV. I. HARVEYSTUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL OF RELIGION George Furman Coklcy Richburg Frank E. Wilson 56 Eugene Burgess Carl Shaw Henry Peoples Eddie L. Pendergrass Levern Kirkland 1STUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL OF RELIGION Johnnie L. Holmes Willie Thompson Johnnie Broughton Sammie T. Nelson Ernest Nathaniel Mack T. Hines Benjamin MosesSTUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL OF RELIGON Donald Hughes F.D.R. Williams Joshua Dupree, Jr. Daniel Lee James Neely Charles Gadson 58 Addison Williams Oliver Hill Walter F. DavisSTUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL OF RELIGION Donal Hill Marion Newton W.P. Windley H. Ellis Walter Adger Carnes Duren Edward Robert Robert Cooper (Not Pictured) (Not Pictured) Dennis Mims (Not Pictured) 59I GOVERNOR JAMES B. EDWARDS CHATS WITH DR. LUNS RICHARDSON Governor Edward’s addressed the Annual Morris College Mid-Winter Banquet on Friday, Feb. 21, 1975. This was Gov. Edwards first appearance in the Sumter area since his recent inauguration. 60GRACE A. BAKER-ELEM. EDUCATION DARLINGTON, S. C. NATHANIEL BESS-BUSINESS DARLINGTON, S. C.LINDA D. CANTY-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C. MARTHA A. BURCH-ELEM EDUCATION EFFINGHAM, S.C. EVA CLEA-SOCIAL STUDIES DEZELL, S.C. HENRY M. DARBY-HISTORY NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. 63TV f WALTER E. DAV1S-ENGL1SH, S. ST. GREENVILLE, S. C. JOHN DUPREE-ELEM. EDUCATION MANNING, S.C. 64 SANDRA D. EADDY-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C. JIMMY EASTERLING-BIO LOGY HARTSVILLE, S.C.JOANNES. FLEMING-ELEM. EDUCATION LAKE CITY, S.C. LAURA GAINEY-SOCIAL STUDIES PAMPLICO, S.C. ROSA GAMBLE-ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BISHOPVILLE, S.C. MARILYN P. GREENE-ENGLISH PINEWOOD, S.C. 6566 EDNA HUGEE-SOC1AL STUDIES SALTER, S. C. CHARLES HUGGINS-SOCIAL STUDIES BISHOPVILLE, S.C.EVELYN JEN KINS-ENGLISH DARLINGTON, S.C. CLARENCE R. JOHNSDN-L. ARTS WALTERBORO, S.C. DAVID JOHN SON-MATH PINEWOOD, S. C. O'LESTER J. KINA RD-SOCIAL STUDIES SUMTER, S.C. 67VELMA LANE-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S. C. ROSETTA LEG RANT-SOCIAL STUDIES LYNCHBURG, S.C. HUSTON MATTHEW-MATH COWARD, S.C. ADOLPHUS MOORE-HISTORY SUMTER, S.C. 68 JACQUELINE MOBLEY-ELEM. EDUCATION MULLINS, S.C. CLAUDIA PLOWDON-SOCIAL STUDIES LYNCHBURG, S.C. ZELDA A. MOSES-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C. MARGARET PUGH-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C. 69ROBERTA REAVES-SOCIAL STUDIES FORK, S. C. PYCE A. SHULER-SOCIAL STUDIES BOWMAN, S. C. 70 GLADYS SANDERS-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C. GERALDINE SCARBOROUGH-SOCIAL STUDIES BISHOPVILLE, S.C.TERZINA SW1NNEY-ELEM. EDUCATION PEE DEE, S. C. JUDY RAMON-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C. ELLA MAE WILLIAMS-ENGLISH BISHOPVILLE, S.C. CLAUDE WILLIAMS III-SOCIAL STUDIES WASHINGTON, D. C.JAMES WEEKS-SOCIAL STUDIES SUMTER, S.C. BERLIN A. YORK-ELEM. EDUCATION SUMTER, S.C, 72 LORETTA J. YOUNC-ELEM. EDUCATION CAMDEN, S.C. HOWARD McFADDEN-SOCIAL STUDIES SUMTER, S.C.- 73 Junior Class Officers Janies Wright — Swynette Bostick — Barbara Hicks — John Nichols Ernest Dargan (President — Not Pictured)THOMAS COOPER ARCHIE BROWN DORIS COOPER HEROD DAVID ERNEST DARCAN EDDIE DEAS CARNES DAREN DEBORAH GIBBONS MOSETTA GIBSON 74MURRIELL HAYCOOD BARBARA HICKS ESTEI.L GRAHAMELAINE McBREDGE STEVE MIDDLETON ANDRE J. MOBLEY ROBERT MYERS CHARLES NETTLES JOHNNY NICHOLSBERNICE RIGGINS GERALD J. SC RIVEN MARIAN V. WALTERS LELLIE M. ROGERS BARBARA SINGLETON NATHANIEL WASHING I ON ALPHONSO ROGERS VIVIAN THOMPSON CHARLES A. WOITE 7778 MISS JUNIOR AND ATTENDANTSSophomore Class Officers Gregory Davis, Linda Fulwood, Queen McCall, Eliza J. Bradford, Ramona Gore. Miller 79DIANE BROWN ANTHONY COPELAND ANTHONY CABBAGESTALK CATHY BEST A ELIZA BRADFORD MICHAEL BRYANT 80 GREGORY DAVIS UDETTA FORD LINDA FULWOODDONETHA JENKINS ROMONA GORE JAMES E. HAYNES INEZ W. JONES ETHEL LEGRANT INEZ LEWIS HENRIETTA LYLES QUEEN E. McCALL curtis d. Mcknight 81LULA M. Me KENNY JOHN L. MADDOX CHRISTINE MATHIS HENRY McCRAY ROY LEE MITCHELL SPENCER P. MORRIS GLORIA PRINGLE CAREY QUICK BEVERLY NELSON 82LUCRETIA RICHARDSON PECO LI A RICHARDSON LEROY SCARBOROUGH LINDA SUMPTER LORRAINE THOMAS MABELLE TOMLIN CHARLIE W. WALLACE CAROLYN V. WILEYJOSEPH YOUNG d BRENDA J. WILUS THEODORE YORK MISS SOPHOMORE AND ATTENDANTSFreshman Class Officers Carrie Loney, Edward Dennis, Johnson Clark, Randy Broughton, Elaine Boykin Lucille Williams, Thelma Burgess, Helen Daniels, Modes tine Nimmons, Mary Marce, Jeannetta Walker, Jannie Dukes 85WAITER ADGER ANGELO ALEXANDER AZALEEJ. ALEXANDER OPHELIA BELL OTIS BENJAMIN SANDRA ANDERSON JOANN BENNETT BRENDA BLAKNEY BARBARA BONNERPATRICIA CAESAR THELMA BURGESS MARILY COLEMAN WILLIAM BROWNING MATTIE BROWN JOHN T. BROWN ILLINOIS BROWN RANDY BROUGHTON SHIRLEY BRACEYALLEN CONNER EIAINE BOYKIN I f HELEN DANIELS 88JANNIE M. DUKES DEBORAH EDMOND GWEN ELLERBE CAMP GODFREY W. MELVIN GREEN LELLA FOOTMAN PRISCILLA GREGORY STANFORD HALL VI VLAN HAL MONROZEI.E HAYES CALVIN HENRY ANNIE M. HAMMOND ROBERTA HICKS I CORNELIA HOWARD ELEANOR HOWELL 90 CLARENCE HOUCK ALBERTHA HUNTER CAROLYN HUNTERANDREW JACOBS GLORIA JAMES SHIRLEY JEFFERSON HANNAH JOHNSON PATRICIA JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON BARBARA JONES HARRIET JONES HARVEY KINGHOWARD KING CAROLYN LEE CAROLYN LEWIS GERTRUDE LINDSEY ROBERT LITTLEJOHN CARRIE LONEY EVELYN LOVE BEVERLY McBRIDE DIANE McCOYLAWRENCE McCLAIN LEON McFADDEN ruby mckenzie ESTHER MAREE MARY MAREE JOHN MARTIN DEVRA MOULTRIE LENA NELSON WAYNE O'NEAL 93LISKA PRICE FRANK PATTERSON OLIVER PERRY VIOLA RACIN' JUDY RAMSON KATHERINE REID 94 BENNIE RICE CAROLYN RICHARDSON WILBERT D. ROGERSBENNIE G. SANDERS FLASEAL SHIRLEY SHIRLEY SHIRER HENRY D. SINGLETARY JIMMY STUCKEY LORETTA SWINNEY ELVIS TELFAIR CHRISTINE THOMAS SARAH THOMASDEMARCUSTUCKER HOWARD VEREEN DEBRA A. WALL JEANNETTA WALKER THOMAS WATTS JANNIE M. WHITE f FRANCENA WHITTEN AI BERT WILLIAMS LUCILLE WILLIAMS 96JIMMY WRIGHT MARY ANN WRIGHT THOMASINA WOODS99 Student in the freshman studies program at work in the curriculum lab. ■M li IlH Ms. H. Clinton instructing students in music, HUM A NI TIES Students in Dr. Taylor's Class-"Pl3y Production" 100101Dr. Micr instructing student in math. 102 'Ms. Campbell instructing student in math.Ms. Jenkins presents to Dr. Richardson newly published book of Poetry, written and compiled by the creative writing classes. Mr. Pearson holds certificate presented to the Morris College Cospel Choir for performance rendered during the celebration of Martin L. King's birthday. 103104CHORALE 105WE THRUSTFORWARD 107Eddie Deas, Junior, 1st vice president of S. G. A., former Sophomore Class vice president O. R. Reuben Scholar. WhHo° S AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Nathaniel Bess, Senior, president of the Social Studies club, Bass on the Chorale, Former president of D-K-W former president of the Chorale. 108Sandra Eaddy, Senior, received the Freshman Tuition Scholarship, very Studious, O. R. Reuben Scholar, Highest average in the Senior class, Very deserving. Ralph Dees, Buisness Manager of the S.C. A., Senior, Honor roll student. 109 David Gladney, Senior, Math major, Captain of the Baseball Team, Trainer on the Basketball team, very athletic.Josephine Hooks, Senior, O.R. Reuben Scholar, Who's Who for 1973, Top five in the Senior class. Rosetta Legrant, Senior, .Miss Burgany and Black for 1974 and 1975, top five of the Senior Class, Honor roll student. Evelyn Jenkins, Senior, Miss D-K-W, Honor roll student. no Steve Middleton, Junior, 2nd vice president of S. G. A. , O.R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List. Bass on the Chorale. Roberta Reaves, Senior, Editor of the HORNET, O. R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List, Who's Who for 1974, 2nd runner up to Miss Morris College. Alto on the Chorale. Top five in die Senior Class. Johnnie M. Speach, Junior, S.G.A. secretary, President and Best Alto on the Chorale, Member of the pre-med program. IllVivian Thompson, Junior, Member of die Biology Club, Honor student, member of the pre-med program. James R. Wright, Junior, Treasurer of the S. G. A., O.R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List, Co-op education student. James D. Weeks, Senior, President of the S. G. A., Former Sophomore Class President, O. R. Reuben Scholar, Dean's List, former Who's Who scholar. Top five in the Senior Class. 112113 CLAUDIA LA VERNE PLOWDEN MISS MORRIS COLLEGE Claudia Laverne Plowden is the Granddaughter of Mr. Mrs. McKinley Barnes of Lynchburg, South Carolina. She is a 1971 honor graduate of Mount Pleasant High School in Elliot, South Carolina. She is a Senior majoring in Social Studies. She is the Senior Class treasurer, member of the Social Studies Club, chairman of the Hospitality Committee, a member of Zeta Phi Delta Sorority. She enjoys most of all being a beautiful black lady. Of all her hobbies, fashions come first, but she says communicating with people is her way of staying abreast of things. 114 Her philosophy is "Be what you are but make the best of what you can be. Where there is a will there is a way."MS. MORRIS COLLEGE AND ATTENDANTS MS. ROBERTA REAVES MS. EVA CLEA MS. CLAUDIA PLOW DEN 115MS. ROBERTA REAVES ATTENDANT TO MS. MORRIS COLLEGE Ms. Roberta Reaves is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reaves of Fork, South Carolina. She is a member of Shiloh United Methodist Church of that city. Roberta is a 1971 honor graduate of Lake View High School, Lake View, South Carolina. Roberta is a Senior here at Morris majoring in Social Studies. She is listed in the 1973 and 1974 Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is a member of the Dean's List and an O. R. Reuben Scholar. She is also the Editor of the HORNET. Roberta enjoys meeting and helping people. Her long range plans are to attend Graduate School and attain a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare. 116MS. EVA CLEA ATTENDANT TO MS. MORRIS COLLEGE Ms. Eva Delores Clea, the daughter of Mr. Mrs. Charlie Clea of Dalzell, South Carolina, is a 1971 graduate of Hillcrest High School of Dalzell, South Carolina. She attends the High Hill Baptist Church. Ms. Clea is a senior majoring in Social Studies. She is a member of the Social Studies Club. Her hobbies are watching television, sewing, and meeting new people. Ms. Clea's motto is "Live and Learn." 117MATTIE BROWN MISS FRESHMAN STUDIES Mattie is a native of Hartsville, South Carolina. She is a Freshman majoring in Elementary Education. 118119 MISS. FRESHMEN MS. LISKA PRICERAMONA GORE MISS SOPHOMORE Ramona is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Odell Gore of Mullins, South Carolina. She is a sophomore majoring in Biology. Born under the sign of Leo, she feels that people should live the way they feel. 20JOAN CRA WFORD MISS JUNIOR Joan is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crawford of Florence, South Carolina. She is a Junior majoring in Elementary Education. Being a Saggittarius, she enjoys meeting people. 121‘MISS OMNIPOTENCE'' SHERRY GODBOLD ELEMENTARY EDUCATION NEWARK, NEW JERSEY “MISS GOSPEL CHOIR“ JACQUELINE MOBLEY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MULLINS, SOUTH CAROLINA 122 "MISS CHOIR" SWYNETTE BOSTICK BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GABLE, SOUTH CAROLINA $ "MISS SPRING FESTIVAL" MARTHA BURCH ELEMENTARY EDUCATION EFFINGHAM, SOUTH CAROLINA 123“MISS SUNDAY SCHOOL“ MARY H. DAVIS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION OLANTA, SOUTH CAROLINA i A “MISS B.s.ur MARILYN P. GREENE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PINEWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA 124 .V ' -“MISS MATH CLUB'' WINDELL HASTIE MATHEMATICS SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA “ MISS JOANNE FLEMMING ELEMENTARY EDUCATION LAKE CITY, SOUTH CAROLINA 125 "MISS PEP CLUB" cram davis MESS ADMINISTRATION TOM, SOUTH CAROLINA "MISS CHEERLEADER" UNYHEmTLCS REENRSNLLLR, SOUTH CAROLINA v»MISS BLOCK M." MARILYN WOOD ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA "MISS DRILL TEAM” GENOVIA DINKINS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION REMBERT, SOUTH CAROLINA“MISS EPSILON PHI GAMMA” ' JOYCE SHULER SPELL SOCIAL STUDIES BOWMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA‘ MISS BIOLOGY CLUB’' ELIZA BRADFORD BIOLOGY CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA “MISS SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB“ ELEANOR HOWELL HISTORY HOPKINS, SOUTH CAROLINA 129"M SS DANIELS HALL" ESTELLE GRAHAM ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TURBEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA "MISS BURGUNDY AND BLACK" ROSETTA LEGRANT SOCIAL STUDIES LYNCHBURG, SOUTH CAROLINAMISS L EGA RE HA LI. 131 DONETHA JENKINS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GALIVANTS FERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA“MISS YEARBOOK’’ BEVERLY McBRIDE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA “MISS DRAMATICS” DEBRA WALL KINGSTREE, SOUTH CAROLINA 132MISS NEWSPAPER DORIS COOPER Not Pictured LIBERAL ARTS KINGSTREET, SOUTH CAROLINA MISS D.M.A. ELAINE McBRIDE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINAPRESIDENT OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION WE THRUST FORWARD WITH STUDENT LEADERSHIP James D. Weeks In these changing times, whereas society is moving at such a rapid pace, each situation presents new problems, new challenges and new goals to be fulfilled. The Student Government Associations of all colleges in general, and black colleges in particular, must stand ready to face each new situation. The role of SGA has grown immensely over the past few years to a more powerful and prestigous position. Utilization of this new power and prestige in an effective way will certainly guarantee new strength in coping with the issues of the seventies. At Morris College, the issue of the seventies is full Accreditation. It is everything and everything is it. The Student Government Association invites your help, as we use all that we have in joining with the rest of the Morris College Family, to face the issue, to deal with it effectively, and to become fully accredited to meet the needs of students in the years to come. 137OFFICERS OF THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION (LEFT TO RIGHT) JOHNNIE M. SPEACH -- SECRETARY, STEVE MIDDLETON -- 1st VICE PRESIDENT, RALPH DEAS — BUSINESS MANAGER, EDDIE DEAS -- 2nd VICE PRESIDENT, JAMES WRIGHT -- TREASURER, JAMES WEEKS -- PRESIDENT, LORETTA YOUNG -- ASST. SECRETARY 138MARVELLA BUTLER-PRESIDENT, ESTELL GRAHAM-VICE PRESIDENT, DEBORAH GIBBON -ASST. SECRETARY, DORLS COOPER-PARLIMENTARY, LOUISE PRICE DANIELS HALL SENATE 139......a m aaii.T r V iV- , n SENATE OF DOBBINS - KEITH - WHITNER DORMITORY (LEFT TO RIGHT) JAMES BARR -- SGT. AT ARMS, LSIAH DAVIS -- PRESIDENT, JAMES WRIGHT -- TREASURER, CHARLES WOLFE -- SGT. AT ARMS, MR. PHARISH PINCKNEY — DORM DIRECTOR PARLIAMENTARIAN 140LEGARF HALL SENATE (LEFT TO RIGHT) ALPHEN'LA GAMBLE -- VICE PRESIDENT, DIANA ADAMSON -- TREASURER, MARY DAVIS -- SECRETARY, LINDA FULWOOD -- PRESIDENT 141DURHAM MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW) REV. CHARLES SMITH, MS. ELAINE McBRIDE --QUEEN, EV. MARION NEWTON -- PRES DENT, (LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW) REV. WALTER IOWA', REV. DENNIS MIMS, REV. WALTER DAVIS, REV. H. ELLIS - SECRETARY, REV. LTER ADGERMORRIS COLLEGE SUNDAY SCHOOL (LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW) HENRY DARBY, CLAUDIA PLOWDEN, STEVE MIDDLE-TON, (LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW) MARY H. DAVIS -- PRESIDENT, MURRIEL HAYGOOD, JAMES WEEKS, JOSEPHINE HOOKS, JAMES WRIGHT, JANIE M. DUKES, PATRICIA DAVIS 143MORRIS COLLEGE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION JACKIE MOBLEY - VICE. PRESIDENT, MOSETTA GIBSON - TREASURER, JOANNE FLEMING, THELMA BURGESS, ALPHENLA GAMBLE, LINDA FULWOOD, DORIS COOPER, CHRISTINE MATTHEWS, EDNA HUGEE, JAMES WEEKS, LILA FOOTMAN - KNEELING, FRAN-CENA WHITTEN 144MORRIS COLLEGE DRAMATICS CLUB (LEFT TO RIGHT - SITTING) LILA FOOTMAN, FRANCINA WHITEN, JOANN BENNETT, CAROLYN WARREN, GERTRUDE LINDSEY, (SECOND ROW) MURRIELL HAYGOOD, DEMETRADEAS, ELIZABETH DEAS, JAMES WRIGHT, LORETTA SWINNEY, MARY WRIGHT 145STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING) HOWARD McFADDEN, DORLS COOPER, CLARENCE JOHNSON, MOSETTA GIBSON, (LEFT TO RIGHT SITTING) ROSETTA LEGRANT, BEVLIN YORK, LORETTA YOUNG, JANIE M. DUKES -- QUEEN, EDNA HUGEE, ROBERTA REAVES, BRENDA PRINCE, SHERRY GODBOLD 146MORRIS COLLEGE VETERANS CLUB WINDLEY, GEORGE BROOKS, SOLOMON BROWN, WALTER BRANTLEY, JOSEPH FULWOOD, LINDA GARY, SAMMIE JOHNSON, EDWARD WELLS, TRAIL McCRAY, HENRY WELLS, ISAAC McFADDEN, LEON-KNEELING. 147SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB (LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING) HENRY DARBY, EDNA HUGEE, ROBERTA REAVES, JAMES WEEKS, MYRON McNIEL (LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING) STEVE MIDDLETON, HOWARD McFADDEN - VICE PRESIDENT, RALPH DEES, SAMMIE L. GARY, NATHANIEL BESS -PRESIDENT (NOT PICTURED) 148MATHEMATICS CLUB (LEFT TO RIGHT-STANDING) DR. MIER - ADVISOR, DR. PERKINS - ADVISOR, JAMES BARR - PRESIDENT, DEBORAH GIBBONS, DAVID GLADNEY, JOHN NICHOLS, GWENDOLYN ELLERBE, BEVERLY McBRIDE, ALVERTLA FORD HAM, WINDELL HASTIE, WILBUR TIN-DAL, MS. S. KNUCKLES - ADVISOR (SITTING) WAYNE O’NEAL, HUSTON MATTHEWS 149BIOLOGY CLUB (LEFT TO RIGHT, DESCENDING) DR. ALI - ADVISOR, QUEEN McCALL, EUGENE LEMMON, ELIZA BRADFORD, RAMONA GORE, CAROLYN WARREN, MARY WRIGHT, MABELLE TOMLIN, VIVIAN THOMPSON 150W.C.A.I. 151 (LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING) ROBERTA REAVES, O'LESTER KINARD - PRESIDENT, MOSETTA GIBSON - SECRETARY, STEVE MIDDLETON,4 (LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING) JAMES WRIGHT, DORIS COOPER, EDNA HUGEE, CLARENCE JOHNSON GAMMA PHI GAMMA (LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING) NATHANIEL WASHINGTON - DEAN OF PLEDGES, JAMES WEEKS, ALPHONSO ROGERS, (LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING) HEROD DAVID - PRESIDENT, GREGORY DAVIS, HENRY DARBY, ALBERT JETT, RALPH DEES - TREASURER, SECOND ROW) HUSTON MATTHEWS, JAMES WRIGHT, O'LESTER KINARD, STEVE MIDDLETON -VICE PRESIDENT, THOMAS COOPER 152ZETA PHI DELTA (LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING) DIANE BROWN, JACQULINE MOBLEY - COUNSELOR, ELIZA BRADFORD, MARTHA BURCH, BRENDA PRINCE - QUEEN, RAMONA GORE, LETTIE BROWN, LOUISE PRICE, (STANDING SECOND ROW) MURRIEL HAYGOOD, LINDA FULWOOD, DARRELL FOXWORTH, ETHEL LeGRANT, BARBARA HICKS - DEAN OF PLEDGES, BERNICE RIGGINS, CAROLYN WILEY, MARY H. DAVIS, LULA McKINNEY (TOP ROW) ROSETTA LeGRANT, EVELYN JENKINS, QUEEN McCALL 153v THE KNIGHT’S SOCIAL CLUB (LEFT TO RIGHT) JAMES HAYNES, ANTHONY COPELAND, ARNOLD LEONARD, JOHN NICHOLS, JAMES BARR, WILLIAM PEARSON, HOWARD McFADDEN, ISIAH DAVIS ERNEST DARGAN - PRESIDENT (NOT PICTURED) CARRY QUICK - CO-OP STUDENT -(NOT PICTURED) 154KNIGHTS PLEDGES BRYANT, BROWNING, HALL, MICHEAL, HOUCH, COFFEE, COOPER, WHITERSPOON, TUCKER, MCNEIL, DENNIS, KING, LaCAPER, REDMOND, BROUGHTON, MADDOX, SIMS, MOBLEY, CLARK GAMMA PHI GAMMA PLEDGES PERRY, TELFER, HENRY, CONNER, ALEXANDER, GODFREY, PATTERSON, WALTS 155EPSILON PHI GAMMA (LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW) CAROLYN COOPER, MARY WRIGHT (SECOND ROW) LILLIE ROGERS, JOYCE SHULER, EDNA HUG EE, (THIRD ROW) DEMETRA DEAS, ESTELLE GRAHAM, BRENDA BLAKNEY, GRACE CAPERS, PECOLLA RICHARDSON, VONNIE McCLEOD - (PRES. - NOT PICTURED) 156NEWSPAPER STAFF JAMES WRIGHT, ROBERTA HICKS, JAMES WEEKS, LINDA FULWOOD - EDITOR, DORIS COOPER 157 MS. ROBERTA REAVES EDITOR AND CHIEF OF THE 1974-1975 MORRIS COLLEGE HORNET 158 ■ jh.-!--- Ms. Mosetta Gibson Assistant Editor Group staff picture during work session. 159 —Advertisment Manager Charles Wolfe Staff Artist James Weeks 160 Business Manager Henry Darby“WE THRUST FORWARD IN ATHLETICS'' We here at Morris College have adopted the philosophy that a sound athletic program should he sponsored with a basic purpose of providing the benefits of participation in athletics to as many students of the college family as possible. We believe that athletics should be an integral part of the student athlete's total educational program and that intercollegiate athletics fully justify being a Jell member of the educational family of Morris College. A thletics provide benefits to the athlete and the college worthy of institutional acceptance and financial support. Athletics here at Morris College consist of three sports: basketball, baseball, and track. 162 MR. HARRY GETER 163 COACH OF THE STINGING HORNETS (CHESS ROOK G DIRTY HEART FLUNKY)MORRIS COLLEGE HORNETS NO. POS. NAME HT. WT. CLASS HOMETOWN 3 G Robert Jenkins 5’9" 140 Fr. Mt. Pleasant, S.C. 4 G Charlie Goodman 6’2” 155 Fr. Florence, S.C. 5 G Maceo Haynsworth 511" 160 Jr. Hartsville, S.C. 10 F Tyrone Rainey 6’3" 175 Sr. Florence, S.C. 13 G Robert Cooper 6'3" 170 So. Daytona Beach, Fla. 14 G James Richardson 6’3" 175 Fr. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 15 F Leon Hamer 6'4" 210 Jr. Lake View, S. .C. 22 F William Gadsden 63- 160 Fr. Mt. Pleasant, S.C. 23 F Bennie Rice 6’4" 195 Fr. Union, S.C. 24 F James White 6'4” 180 Fr. Kingstree, S.C. 33 F Jerome William 6’4" 200 Fr. Travelers Rest, S.C 41 C Edward Dennis 6'5" 200 Fr. Cross, S.C. 44 C Humzie Way, Jr. 6’5” 210 Fr. Sumter, S.C. COACH: H.L. Geter ASSISTANT COACH: J. E. McCall STATISTICIAN-CLOCK OPERATOR: A. Jett TRAINER: K. BurchSTARTING DUCK71 "Humzi shooting (2) against defender from the College of Charleston" "Sweet (T) defending against a possible drive" 166 "White doing his thing from the comer1MORRIS VS CLAFLIN 167 The coaches look on.Talk it over big team! Talk it over! The fight is on. 168 Macco with the rebound.THE HORNETS 169MC’S FEMALE BASKETBALL TEAM Rev. L. Burns, Coach of the female basketball team, giving vital instructions. 170Barbara leading a last break. Donnie up for the rebound. "Donnie with a friendly tug." II 171 Loose Ball'What Follow Through! Too Late On the Run ‘ THE NEW AND MUCH IMPROVED 173 Pitching Staff Fielders174 'Got it.THE STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Patterson, Howard MeFadden (Co-Captain), and Coach Harry L. Geter KNEELING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: James Leverette, Leo Watts, Elvis Telfair, H. E. Darby (Captain), and Robert Littlejohn MORRIS COLLEGE TRACK TEAM 175176 'Faster Than a Speeding Bullet'WE THRUST FORWARD WITH PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT 178HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES 179 Homecoming Rally Financial ReportsHE MANHATTANS WE THRUST FORWARD IN ENTERTAINMENT185Morris College Alumni Chapter of Hartsville LEFT TO RIGHT Ethel Moses - Secretary William Solomon Sadie Mack - Treasurer E. Lee Mumford - Sgt. of Arms F. Farizer H.W. Shirley - President N.V. Wilson - Parliamentarian B. Streater - Asst. Secretary W. P. Thomas 188MCLAUGHLIN McLaughlin ford YOUR TRANSPORTATION HEADQUARTERS 950 N. Main 775-1235 SUMTER, S.C. 29150 RuVelle, Inc. READY-TO-WEAR AND ACCESSORIES 202 N. MAIN ST. SUMTER, S.C. 29150 PHONE 773-3164 189190SUMTER DAIRIES . . . ALL JERSEY MILK . . . is Guaranteed to come from 100% JERSEY HERDS The Most Delicious Milk You Ever Tasted! More Protein . . . More Calcium . . . More Phosphorus . . . The Milk That Helps South Carolina Grow! SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS JULIAN T. BUXTON REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS 11 WEST HAMPTON STREET SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 29150 NBSC "Just Right Bank” 207 N. Main Street Compliments of: Kirkland Cleaners 219 Crescent Street 773-9231 PHONES - AREA 803 OFFICE 775-4524 RESIDENCE 775-1468■ WILLIAMS FURNITURE-SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA A DIVISION OF GeorgiaF cific The frowth Company Community Drugs 192SILVER MOON RESTAURANT 18 - 20 WEST LIBERTY STREET SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA 29150 PHONE: 773-6541 BRODY’S of Sumter LOOK FOR THE VERY BEST SEAFOOD WHEN YOU SEE THE SIGN OF THE SHRIMPER. OPEN 11-AM (7) DAYS A WEEK 193THE TOY BOX PALMETTO PLAZA TOYS OF ALL KINDS FOR ALL AGES STRICKLAND TIRE MARKET •'HOME OF THE ROAD RUNNER” NEW TIRES, RECAPS, USED TIRES - WHEEL ALIGNMENT -BALANCING, S.C. INSPECTION STATION - TUNE UPS -BRAKE SERVICE PHONE - 775-7811 401 Broad Street BURGER CHEF — FAMILY RESTHA R VIN CL EA NERS LA UN DR Y Phone 773-8817 410 BROAD ST. SUMTER, S.C. 29150 SINGLETONS AMOCO AND FUEL OIL CO. WRECKER SERVICE - MINOR AUTO REPAIRS 216 SOUTH MAIN STREET, SUMTER PHONE - 775-1862 or 775-6916 “The Little Pantry" COMPLIMENTS OF BERGER’S "FIRST IN STYLE- 30 N. MAIN STREET MEN’S WEAR AND SHOES PHONE - 775-2481 COMPLIMENTS OF HUGHES "ZENITH" G.E. DEALERS 195SEACO THE MUSIC STORE OF SUMTER” TOWN-SQUARE CLOTHING '•CLOTHES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY” SOLICITATED BY: WITHERSPOON, TUCKER Sumter CUT RATE DRUG STORE 30-32 SOUTH MAIN PHONE 773 - 84 32 SUMTER, S.C. CLYDE McMANUS, R.PH CHARLES COFFEY, R. PH. Doug Fox worth Res. Ph. 773-5648 Specializing In Commercial Printing PALMETTO PRINTERS 112 Victory Drive Phone 775-1362 For Your Furniture Needs, See . . . REPRESENTING . . . smam 102 S. Main ... OF SUMTER 114 S. Main Bus. Ph. 775-2331 Furniture and Appliances Bus. Ph. 773-3014 196HILL PLUMBING COMPANY PLUMBING HEATING -- 438 NORTH MAIN STREET LARGE OR SMALL JOBS PHONE - 773-6689 TOP DOLLAR INC. BOX 1349 JASPER, ALA. BEST WISHES TO ALL STUDENTS HOLIDA Y INN, SUMTER 226 N. WASHINGTON STREET COMPLIMENTS OF LOWES OF SUMTER 143 S. LAFAYETTE ST. SEE US FOR YOUR BUILDING MATERIALS AND APPLIANCE NEEDS. SUMTER FROZEN FOODS, INC. WESTBEST HAMBURGERS PHONE - 775-1433 197COMPLIMENTS OF THE MORRIS COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER OFFICERS (1) . Mrs. Lillie M. Gourdine (2) . Mrs. Ruth R. Elliott (3) . Miss Mae F. Moultrie (4) . Mr. James L. Douglas (5) . Mrs. Anna D. McAlister (6) . Mr. G. Moses McAlister President Business Manager Secretary Treasurer Fin. Secretary Chaplain MEMBERSHIP ROSTER (1) . Mrs. Clara O. Brown (2) . Mrs. Doretha Gore (3) . Mrs. Frances Carter (4) . Mrs. Cassis H. Jackson (5) . Mrs. Florence Collins (6) . Miss Cornelia Vaughn (7) . Mr. Roosevelt Smith (8) . Mrs. Ann Smith (9) . Mrs. Thelma Pinkney (10) . Mr. Sandy Gourdine (11). Rev. Charles BolgerHARRIS PHOTOGRAPHY PHONE 775-5285 HARRIS STUDIO 747 Bailey St Sumter, S.C. 29150 199SENIOR DIRECTORY Baker, Grace A. 25 3rd St. Effingham, S.C. Darlington, S.C. Canty, Linda D. 350 Palmetto St. Bell, Brenda Sumter, S.C. Route 3, Box 174-B Marion, S.C. Clea, Eva D. Route 1, Box 272 Bess, Nathaniel Dalzell, S.C. 110 Virgil Wells Circle Darlington, S.C. Coaxum, Frederick L. Bethea, Joe Gamecock Apts. 7 Route 1, Box 119-A Charleston, S.C. Sumter, S. C. Cooper, Carolyn Y. Bosier, Edward Route 2, Box 175 706 Benson St. Kingstree, S.C. Pine wood, S.C. Cooper, Robert B. Brooks, Solomon 520 W. Oakland Ave. Sumter, S.C. P.O. Box 1241 Lake City, S. C. Cornett, Gloria Brown, Gonzalee Route 1, Box 35-P Mayesville, S.C. Lot 3, Block 4, Crystal Lake Pk. Myrtle Beach, S.C. Darby, Henry E. Burch, Martha A. 4757 Hassell St. Route 2. Box 65 W. Charleston, S.C.Davis, Isiah 706 McGee St. Marion, S.C. Davis, Walter E. 505 Glenn Rd. Greenville, S. C. Dees, Ralph E. 14 Hatfield St. Sumter, S.C. Dupree, John W. Ill Depot St. Manning, S.C. Eady, Sandra 15 Jenkins St. Sumter, S.C. Easterling, Jimmy Route 4, Box 778-C Hartsville, S.C. Fleming, JoAnn Route 3, Box 46-A Lake City, S. C. Foxworth, Darrell 800 Mill St. Marion, S.C. Gainey, Laura Route 1, Box 41 -B Pamplico, S.C. Gladney, David Route 2, Box 41 Blair, S.C. Godbold, Sherry 435 South 14th Street Newark, N.J. Greene, Marilyn P. P.O. Box 201 Pine wood, S. C. Hall, Linda Route 1, Box 96 Coward, S.C. Hill, Donal L. Route 4, Henry Drive Greenville, S.C. Hooks, Josephine Route 3, Box 246 Darlington, S.C. Hugee, Edna Route 1, Box 20 Salters, S.C.Huggins, Charles 520 Thomas St. Bishopville, S.C. Lucky, Franc ine 705 S. Harvin St. Sumter, S.C. Jenkins, Evelyn 114 Farm St. Darlington, S.C. McFadden, Howard 533$ S. Harvin St. Sumter, S. C. Jett, Albert 414 Syracuse St. Darlington, S.C. McKnight, Carolyn P. 0. Box 352 Hemingway, S.C. Johnson, Clarence 808-C Lincoln Apts. Walterboro, S.C. McLeod, Vonnie M. 960 Pinedale Apts. Sumter, S.C. Johnson, David Route 2, Box 202 Pine wood, S.C. Mack, Helen L. 34 Margie Lane Sumter, S.C. Kinard, O’Lester 996 Pinedale St. Sumter, S.C. Matthews, Huston Route 1, Box 122 Coward, S.C. Lane, Velma 34 Byrd St. Sumter, S.C. Middleton, Doris P. O. Box 674 St. Stephen, S.C. Legrant, Rosetta Post Office Box 14 Lynchburg, S.C. Mobley, Jacqueline 209 Seaboard Ave. Mullins, S. C.Moore, Adolphus 42 Council St. Apt. 1 Sumter, S.C. Roman, Mary Route 8, Box 660 Sumter, S.C. Moses, Zelda A. 103 Harris St. Sumter, S.C. Sanders, Gladys Route 2, Box 24-A Rembert, S.C. Nettles, Charles Route 4, Box 73 Timmonsville, S.C. Scarborough, Geraldine Route 3, Box 149 Bishopville, S.C. Oestricher, Louise General Delivery Martin, S.C. Scarborough, Thomasina 701 Manning Ave. Sumter, S.C. Plowden, Claudia Route 2, Box 134 Lynchburg, S.C. Shannon, Willie 38 Margie St. Sumter, S.C. Rainey, Tyrone 610 S. Gaillard St. Florence, S.C. Shuler, Joyce P. O. Box 363 Bowman, S.C. Reaves, Roberta Route 1, Box 154-B Fork, S.C. Smith, Joseph W. 827 N. Logan St. Gaffney, S.C. Roberts, Edward P.O. Box 184 Latta, S.C. Spann, John R. P. O. Box 202 Pine woodSwinney, Terzina P. 0. Box 145 Pee Dee, S.C. Williams, Ella M. Route 3, Box 168-B Bishopville, S.C. Taylor, Fred 18 East Chapel St. Charleston, S.C. Wright, Rachael P. 17 W. Red Bay Rd. Sumter, S.C. Washington, Thomas 40 Hudson St. Sumter, S.C. York, Belvin 712 Webb St. Sumter, S.C. Weeks, James D. 35 Brand St. Sumter, S.C. Young, Loretta 1008 Chestnut St. Camden, S.C. Whigham, Christine 30 Phillips St. Apt 1 Sumter, S.C. Conyers, Ulyssess Route 3, Box-139 Manning, S.C. Whitehead, Lanay 1717 Bush Ave. Lakeland, Florida McKnight, Herbert' Route 1, Box 210 Pine wood, S.C. Williams, Claude III 202 Ascot PI., NE Washington, D. C. Pugh, Margaret Route 3, Box 101 Manning, S.C. Out of alphabetical order i L. C. RICHARDSON-W. A. JOHNSON LEARNING RESOURCES CENTER morris college SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA

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