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■WTHE HORNET SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Texas Mai thews. Editor Thar is h Fine knew Business Manager§ rbmil of SUligtoit Morris Cohegfe ocTOpies a unique ancTsignificant position in the American social order. It is one of the few senior colleges built and operated by Blacks, and. as... such, represents a distinct contribution of the Black man to American education. It is both a product of and a contributing factor in our great democracy through its actions as a catalyst of social change and a potent force in the struggle for equal opportunity for all Americans. The College was founded by the Baptist Education and Missionary Convention of South Carolina in 1908 for the intellectual training of Black people -FtrTtrrra'fTy“ history, Morris College pro vided three levels of training: elementary school, high school and college. During the continuing development of the College, major changes have been made: the the discontinuance of the elementary and high schools, ,W. i oT Sever ional a cad serves ail peeking ei mi Id - the add it ings, adc - “'-'and it no of society to its hal stridc r CAide under the able leadei Wp_of seven men who have servccft-a -Prcirr dents of this institution, with prospects of greater achievements and service in the future. ir « Although the primary emphasis is placed on helping Black people, the College has been of service to all members of the community. For hundreds of youth and adults, Morris College has afforded the op- Pca ion. 7Jie Sumter commit iT v ia.ybenefited greatly through the pouring of $2, 000, 000 into its economy annually, as a result of ihr presence of Morris College, The facilities of the College have been open to, and used by, many community and state .ifcencies in JP carrying out programs of general welfare and of social uplift. Morris College has more than justified the faith, the labors, and sacrificies of the Founding Fathers. The services it has rendered havefbecn extensive and beyond value. The College has and will continue to operate ' as a venture of faith, and manifestation of dedicated service, the beneficiary of sacrifica 1 giving, and a bea -con of hope and inspiration. ik_____-THE DEDICATION It is not always the brilliant administrator or the whip-cracking teacher who makes a school outstanding. Nor does all the credit belong to the alumna or alumnus who sends back the most money. There is oftentimes a supportive foundation which we students see everyday. The persons to whom we dedicate this edition of the Hornet constitute the core which supports our College experiences. The 1972-73 Hornet is dedicated to the "little people" who are giants among us students and the foundation of our existence. We, the students of Morris College, dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Gladys Flood and Mr. Horace Jackson for their years of loyalty and service to our school. TO HER The cafeteria is her domain. Queen everyday she rules unrestrained. She makes meals special by sprinkling in a pinch of love Breakfast, lunch, or dinner she serves us with a smile. A JOKE!?! HOW COULD SHE? But that's the special twist for which we keep going Back still Smiling from yesterday. TO HIM Twice.......................... .................Thrice........ ...............Nightly......... Faithfully He Leaves home to fire the boilers Making sure we are warm while we sleep. Uncomplainingly He rakes the leaves and takes out the trash Always with a friendly word for students passing by. Unceasingly He Cares for the yards, the buildings and US! 4Mrs. Gladys Flood Mr. Horace JacksonFOREWORD DURING THE PAST YEAR OUR CAMPUS WAS COMPOSED OF A MISCELLANEOUS ASSORTMENT OF PERSONALITIES--THE RADICALS, THE BRILLIANT, THE POPULAR, THE LEADER, THE ATHLETIC AND THE LIKE. ALSO, THE PAST YEAR WAS FILLED WITH SUCCESSES AND FAILURES, GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS. THE 1973 HORNET STAFF ASPIRED TO SELECT, DESCRIBE AND ILLUSTRATE EVENTS AND PERSONALITIES WHICH WILL BE REMEMBERED YEARS TO COME. THE STAFF HOPES THAT THIS PRODUCTION BRINGS PLEASURE TO YOU, FOR WE DERIVED PLEASURE IN "ASSEMBLING" SUCH HISTOGRAPHY. AND NOW FOCUS ON............... FACES Otis Pickett, President; Benny McCriff, Business Manager; Sandy Leonard, Treasurer; Flora Hill, Asst. Sec.; Audrey Johnson, Secretary; Donald Little, Vice Pres. 8SENIORS ALFORD, JANIF. Y., Social Studies "By a Creator who loved me, and prepared me, and so loved me, He r _ e . i ii BOWMAN, FRANCIEN (Mrs.) Social Studies BRIGHT, JOSEPH, Liberal Arts "Fat's Power" BROWN, ALICE, Elc. Ed. BROWN, RONALD, Social Studies "Have a little faith" "Things worth waiting for arc worth having!" BROADUS, JOSEPH, Liberal Arts BROWN, SUE ELLEN, Elc. EducationSENIORS BRYANT, ARETHA, Liberal Arts "Ambition has but one reward for all; a little power, a grave, and a fading name." CAESAR, BETTY, Elc. Ed. "I le who knows, lie knows, he knows is super wise." COOPER, CAROL, Soc. Studies "Love, peace, happiness and tranquility." COTTON, BERTHA, Soc. Studies "It's not that you do something to someone . . . It's that you do something for someone." CROOME, RUBYF., Mathematics CUMMINGS, ROYAL, Soc. Studies "Education is the root of success. " 10 CARTER, ANCELINE, Social Studies "Come back to me later." COUNCIL, TEX, Social Studies "That's your business." CUMMINGS, MARGO, Soc. Studies "Give a damn. "SENIORS CURRY, CHRISTOPHER, English DAVIS, DORETHA, EIc. Education "Whenever the outlook seems dark, try the uplook." DAVIS, HELEN, Liberal Arts "One's reach should always exceed his grasp." DAVIS, MAURICE, Liberal Arts "He who waits for nothing gets nothing." DAVIS, EDNA, Elc. Education "Learn to live and enjoy life." DAVIS, MAZIE, Soc. Studies "Don't plan for tomorrow ami the next day, live for one day." DAWKINS, DOROTHY, Soc. Studies DEESE, MOSES, Soc. Studies "Whatever I strive to do in life, I "Live and let live." always remember to ask God to go with me, because He hasn't failed me yet." DOUGLAS, PATRICIA, English "Like sand in the hour glass So arc the days of our lives." 11SENIORS DRAKEFORD, HERBERT, Liberal Arts DRUMMOND, MARVIN, Soc. Studies "It's better late than never" DURANT, CELIA M., Elc. Ed. "Thank Cod, I've made it." EVANS, THELMA, History FLEMING, SHIRELEAN, Elc. Ed. FUNCHESS, SAMUEL, Mathematics "With Cod all tilings are possible." GAILLARD, JAMES, Soc. Studies "Get lost" GAITHER, JERRY, Biology GILMORE, WILLIAM, BiologySENIORS GREGORY, ROBERT, Liberal Aits "It takes two to be happy. " HODGES, RICHARD, Liberal Arts HILL, FLORA L., Elc. Ed. "Be young, be foolish, but be happy." HODGES, PHILLIP, Mathematics "Don't do that." HOLMES, SYLVIA, Soc. Studies "Build confidence and destroy fear." HOWE, CLEMMIE, English "I know my problem, now, what's yours?"SENIORS JOHMSON, AUDREY, Elc. Ed. "Live for today for tomorrow is yet to come." JOHNSON, DAISY, Biology "Strive for today and tomorrow will be prosperous." JONES, BENJAMIN, Biology JONES, JOYCE, Mathematics 14 JAMES, WENDELL, Soc. Stud. "The road to success is high, but to me the sky is the limit. " JOHNSON, F.ARNESTINE, Soc. Studies "Live, love and be happy, then share happiness with others. " JUNE, LARRY, Soc. Studies "Good things come to those who wait."SENIORS KELLY, JAMES, English LEONARD, SANDY, Mathematics "Shine" MATTHEWS, TEXAS C., Soc. Studies "Co all out for what you want in life, but be prepared to suffer the consequences." KENNEDY, GERALDINE, So. Studies "If it has to be done, let me do it. " "Happiness is making others happy. MASON, EDWARD J. , Elc. Ed. KENNEDY, MELVIN, Soc. Studies "Learn from mistakes; advance from achievements." LYDE, WILLARD R., Soc. Studies "Life depends on the sniff a man's made of." McCANTS. MARIE, Elc. Ed.SENIORS McCOWN, ETHEL L., Soc. Studies McCOY, JULIUS, Soc. Studies "It has been done, it can be done, and I can do it. " McCRIFF, BF.NNY, Soc. Studies "Drive, drive, drive." McKNIGHT, ROSA I.., Elc. F.d. McLEOD, GERALD, Soc. Studies MIDDLETON', DORIS, Liberal Arts "Strive today for a better tomorrow. " Boones Farm forever "Stop your fooling." MIDDLETON, SHIRLEY A., Soc. Studies "It isn't always what you do, it's who you let see you do it. There it is . . ' MITCHELL, JEANETTE, Soc. Studies "Learn to live and live to learn." 16 SENIORS MOORE, RUDELL, Liberal Arts "Take pride and respect in yourself. If you don't . . Nobody else will. " NEAL, CATHERINE, History PICKETT, OTIS JR., Soc. Studies "Some people arc so afraid to die they never learn to live". MOSES, MARGIE, Liberal Arts MULDROVV, WILLIE C., Soc. Studies "Oh boy. " NELSON, IDA, Ele. Education OWENS, LINDA, Biology "Life is what you make it. " "Black is Beautiful" PORCHEA, LEROY, Soc. Studies POWE, WILLIAM, Soc. Studies "If it feels good, do it. " 17RAMSEY, GLORIA, Soc. Studies "I hate to live for myself; so I live my life so others will know." SAUNDERS, WILLIAM, Soc. Studies "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." SCOTT, VERTEREE, F.le. Education SENIORS ROSS, MARGARET, Ele. Ed. "Love, peace and happiness." SCARBOROUGH, MARY, English SIMON, LEROY, Social Studies "Farewell to whiskey, wine, reefers and women." SAUNDERS, MARYL., Soc. Studies "Strive for a brighter tomorrow. " SCOTT, HAROLD, Mathematics "Look baby, I'm no jive time Negro." SINGLETON, MALACHI, Biology ISSENIORS SMITH, VALAR1EJ., Soc. Studies "Whatever you be, be happy." "May the emphasis of education be challenging and rewarding for those who arc stimulated." TOMLIN, EVA, Elem. Education "Born free to live. " SPANN, LUCILLE, Elc. Ed. "A reason to live, to learn, to discover, and to be free. " THOMPSON, JOHNNIE MAE, Liberal Arts "Being frank." TONEY, LEROY, Soc. Studies "Getting it all together." knowing you, but strive so that you may be worth knowing. " TISDALE, PEARLIE, Soc. Studies "Set your goal for a better tomorrow.' VANSLYKE, BARBARA, Mathematics "Get on the good foot. "SENIORS WHITE, RANDOLPH, Soc. Studies "Hang loose." WILLIAMS, PATRICIA, Soc. Studies WILSON, GLADYS, F.lem. Education "To thine ownself be true." WILLIAMS, JANIE, Elem. Education WILLIAMS, SARA, Soc. Studies "Whatever you do, do it well." WOODS, BESSIE, Elem. Education "We so often use people and love tilings when we should be using things and loving people."JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Frank Garner, Pres.; Burnetha Allison, Asst. Secretary; Michelle Walters, Secretary; Charles Hunter, Vice Pres. Bell, Yvonne JUNIORS Bethea, Joe Andrews, Mary Bowman, John 21Bryant, Pearl Cooper, Barbara Ann Garner, Frank JUNIORS Canty, Rosetta Cooper, Carolyn Dinkins, Lelia Gilchrist, Charles China, Gwendolyn Conyers, Ulysees Easterling, Jimmy Golden, Beatrice 22JUNIORS Hooks, Josephine Ingram, Reatha Heyward, Helen Hunter, Geneva James, Ella Mac Hatcher, Warren Hickman, Shirley Hughes, Mary Jefferson, LillieJUNIORS Jefferson, Ruthie Middleton, Henry Jenkins, Willie J. Lindsay, Willie McFadden, Ruth Montgomery, Beverly Littles, Dora McFadden, Virginia Montgomery, Legatha 24JUNIORS Moorer, Diane Peterson, Johnnie Mac Roberts, Edward E. Nathaniel, Henry Pettigrew, Leolia Rogers, Joyce A. Schuler, Joyce Oestricher, Louise Pinckney, Pharish A. Scott, Patricia Sims, James T. Sellers, GenevaJUNIORS Singleton, Dclinda Taylor, Constance Tindal, John Whitaker, Patricia Smith, Joseph W Taylor, Fred E. Walker, Terry Williams, Carol Sullivan, Claude Taylor, Preston Walters, Michelle Willis, Edward 26SOPHOMORES — LEFT TO RIGHT STANDING: Grace Baker, Chaplain; Tyrone Lewis, Treasurer; Claudia Plowden, Secretary. SEATED: Rosetta LcGrant, Vice President; James D. Weeks, President; Bobbie Garland, Bus. Manager. An cram, Richard Baker, Grace Bennett, Willie Bess, Nathaniel Bosier, Edward Burch, Martha Burgess, Christine Canty, Linda Canty, Roberta Clea, Eva Coaxum, Fredrick Cockfield, Sherby Davis, Ann Dees, Ralph Dozier, Claudette Dupree, John 27SOPHOMORES Rady, Sandra Felder, Ida Fleming, JoAnn Gainey, Laura Gamble, Rosa Garland, Bobbie Gass, Napoleon Gladney, David Green, Marilyn Green, Shirley Hall, Linda Hugee, Edna Huggins, Charles Jett, Albert Johnson, Clarence Kinard, O'Lester Latimore, Jacqueline Lee, Donald Lcgrant, Rosetta Lewis, Tyrone McCants, Barbara McCown, Freddie McKnight, Herbert McLeod, Vonnie McRae, Willie Martin, Doris Martin, Dorothy Matthews, Huston Matthews, John M. Mitchell, Margaret 28 nwmu.nfn.wicn —- SOPHOMORES Mobley, Jacqueline Moses, Zelda Murphy, Sandra Myers, Chole Nettle, Charles Pearson, Doris Plowdcn, Claudia Pugh, Margaret Reeves, Roberta Richardson, Pecolia Robin, Wilbert Robinson, Emanuel Sanders, Gladys Scarborough, Thomasina Scott, Edmond Singletary, Willie Singleton, Mary B. Spann, John Swinney, Terri na Uchendu, Florence .Valker, Audrey .Vashington, James .Vecks, James D. ■Vhite, Rosena Williams, Claude III Williams, Ella Mac Williams, Nathaniel Willis, Brenda .Vilson, Brenda Wright, Blonde 11 29FRESHMEN Bonita Law, Secretary Ernest Dargan, President Marvclla Butler, Vice President Bair, James Bostick, Swyncttc Brockington, Barbara Budden, Paris Butler, Marvclla Capers, Maggie Carter, Connie Cooper, Doris Cooper, Thomas Cusaac, Larry Dargan, Ernest David, Herod Davis, Rubin Evans, Joseph Flagcr, Vcrbiatene 50 v nm j.-.twj'i jtw«w • ■ LFRESHMEN —- Ford, Jeremiah Gibson, Luther Gibson, Mosetta Graham, Estell Green, Bobbie Griffin, Lonnie Hart, Jcstro Hicks, Barbara Hill, Arthur Holiday, Edythe Holiday, Mary Holmes, John S. Howell, Mike Jackson, Randy Jefferson, Hezekiah Law, Bonita Lemmon, Eugene J. Lewis, Catherine Middleton, Steve Mobley, Jerone Moody, Charles Moore, Jerry Murphy, Enoch Myers, Robert Peters, Willette Phillips, Anthony Porchea, Joseph Porter, Diana President, Alex Price, Louise 31FRESHMEN Prince, Brenda Ragin, Willie Rhinchart, Ruby Riggins, Bernice Rogers, Alphonso Rogers, Lillie Roman, Mary Scarborough, Geraldine Scott, Maggie Sims, Hazel Singletary, King Singleton, John H. Thompson, Carl Thompson, Vivian Wallace, Charlie Walters, Marian Washington, Ann Washington, Nathaniel Weaver, Williadean Whitfield, Lclcr Wigfall, Edward Williams, Linda Williams, Margie Wilson, Isaac Wilson, Leverne Wingate, Gwendolyn Wolfe, Charles Wright, Dorothy Wright, James Ray York, Bevlin Young, Loretta 32FOCUS ON .. . PEOPLE IN ACTION "Card game, anyone?" "The Vega has power but tins is ridiculous." "Where arc you going, Sara?" 33 "Wc'rc getting better-step by step." "Trying to sleep it off. " In American Colleges and Universities LEKr TO RIGHT: Frank Garner, Mary ScarborouRh, Texas Matthews, SEATED: Josephine Hooks eonstance Taylor. ’ Christopher S. Curry Herbert L. Drakeford 34 mtmxsmaammSTANDING: Rev. Julius C. Moore, Josephine Hooks, Constance Taylor, Rev. James Kelly. SEATED: Texas C. Mathews, Selene Lester, Frank Gardner. HENRY E. HARDIN PRESIDENT 38 Afi FOCUS ON THE PRESIDENT 39A DMINISTRA TION Mr. J. L. Solomon Vice President for Institutional Research and Development 40Mr. James W. Norris Acting Dean of Instruction DR. ANNA D REUBEN Director of Student Affairs MR. GEORGE BOWEN Asst. Director of Student Affairs 42 A DM IN 1ST R A TION Student Personell Service MRS. GEORGIA BOWEN Dean of Women MR. NORMAN HOWARD Dean of Men ----------- " ................. MR. LEERONEY C. FREDRICK MRS. WILHEMINA OWENS, Bookkeeper Business Manager MR. SAMUEL SIMMONS, Assistant Busines: Manager MR. MARTIN RICMBURG Director of Financial Aid 43A DMIN1STRA TION REV. D.J. LUNN, Director of Church Relations REV. RALPH CANTY, Church Relations 44 ■ ' ,.i .V .. ____»MRS. JULIA WELLS Administrative Assistant MISS EVELYN HALL Director of Special Services MR. ANDREW POLLARD Director of Upward Bound 45 UAHUfUbLl.TA DMINISTRA TION MRS. FANNIE M. DAVIS Librarian MISS ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Circulation Librarian MISS MARGARET GIVENS Catalogue Librarian MRS. N.V. RAJKUMAR Assistant Librarian 46STAFF MISS H.L. BOSEMAN Bookstore Manager MISS JEANETTE ALSTON Bookkeeper, Financial Aid REV. L. II. BURNS A ss ista nt Superi ntendent REV. P.M. McCLEOD Security Guard 47 l—llll H ' I'--H ) A DM IS 1STR A TION MRS. NUNNIE A. SMITH Dean of Women, Emeritus Director of Daniels Hall MRS. LAURITHA SINGLETON Director of Legare Hall MR. O. A. WOODS Director of Brawlcv-Starks Hall REV. THOMAS M. JONES Director of Dobbins-Keith-Whitener Dorm Hall 48A DMIN1STRA TION REV. B. LEWIS College Minister MR. D. DAWSON College Counselor MRS. SANDRA MOSER PBX Operator MRS. RANNA MEHTA Cashier 49FACULTY DR. SYED AMMANUDDIN English MR. CHARLES CABALLERO Art MRS. ANITA BEATTY English DR. J. BENSON Science MRS. E.E. BLACK EnglishFACULTY DR. MARTHA DAFFRON Reading MR. JOHN DAVIS Science MR. HARRY L. GETER REV. L.E. DANIELS Physical Education Social Studies ' SI MISS THOMAZFNA DIXON HistoryFACULTY FACULTY DR. M.S. KHAN Science Mrs. S. C. Knuckles Math DR. PRAMOD METHA Physics MRS. M.A. LEWIS DR. O.A. MIER Education Math 53FACULTY 54 MISS LEVONE TOBIN Music DR. N. RAKJUMAR GovernmentSEC RETA RIAL STA EE Mrs. Nina Coleman Mrs. Q. Spann Mrs. N. Howard Mrs. D. C. Council President's Office Registrar's Office Dean's Office V. President's Office Miss Audrey Potts Public Relations Mrs. C. Jones Student Affairs Miss V. Britton Admissions Miss B. Wilson Education 55 Miss L. Brunson Vice President's Office Mrs. R. Muldrow Upward Bound Miss J. Franklin Placement Mrs. G. Felder Project Succeed r TTTReverend James J. Abney Dean. Morris College School of Religion, 1952-1971 Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, . . . Tennyson 59 REV. JAMES O. RICH Acting Dean - School of ReligionINSTRUCTORS — SCHOOL OF RELIGION 60 Rev. L. W. WilliamsDURUA M MINISTER IA !. AI AAA NCR Anderson, Sinclair Berry, John Davis, Walter Dennis, Robert Ford, William P. Graham, Lewis P. Green, Caesar Hill, Dona! Hill, Oliver Johnson, Levan Newton, Marion Smith, Charles Windley, George W i 11 i a m son, Howard 61 i vnnuftimYi-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. ' whv x "Though clay sometimes may see no end, the end is at hand. Though night no longer brings forth stars, darkness will not prevail. For though there is no end of day or light of stars by night they pass by still. I am but a day that ends and a star that lights the night I pass by, yet in someway though small maybe have left a lasting impression that will last throughout eternity. For when tomorrow comes and yesterday has gone that you remember me." Miss Audrey Johnson is the daughter of Mr. Mrs. Robert Johnson of Darlington, S. C. She is a 1968 graduate of Spaulding High School in Lamar, S. C. She is presently a Senior majoring in Elementary Education. Audrey has served as secretary of the Baptist Student Union, was selected "Miss Amiable 1970," sec-, ond runner-up in the 1970 Campus Queen Contest, first runner-up in the Campus Sweetheart Contest, and is secretary of the senior class. Audrey enjoys music, painting, reading, sewing and designing her own clothes, and people. Her favorite sports are college basketball, major league baseball, and bowling. Her future plans are to get married and specialize in elementary Art. 65I Bertha Gotten Audrey Johnson Ida Nelson Attend cun Miss Morris College A t tend ant 66Ida Nelson First Runner Up ■■■■■ Bertha Cotten Second Runner Up 67Miss Senior Betty Washington — A ttendants Gloria Ramsey Margaret Ross ■HBI 69Miss Junior Y vonne WilliamsAttendants to Miss Junior 71 Dora LittlesMiss Sophomore Evelyn Jenkins Miss Freshman Her nice Riggins 73 mmm ■HBi— 74 Miss Yearbook Svlvia Holmes RIGHT--Miss Cheerleader Barbara Hicks LEFT--Attendant Willette Peters Miss Daniels Hall Josephine Hooks 75 ■■M MISS CHOIR FLORA L. HILL M V' M iiCMv n MISS BAPTIST STUDENT UNION JOYCE SHULER -MISS BRAWLEY STARKS HALL CONNIE CARTER ATTENDANT TO MISS SOPHOMORE LEOLA MACFADDENATTENDANTS BRENDA WILSON SYWNETTE BOSTICK MISS LEGARE HALL MARY B. SINGLETON 78MISS DOBBINS KEITH WHITENER HALL CONSTANCE TAYLOR 79 VOLUNTEER OFF-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE MOSES DEESE IISS CAMPUS SWEETHEART MARTHA BURCH 80 DORIS PEARSON MISS WCAI "Taking care of Student Affairs" Lounging in the Lounge" "Student demonstration"Student Retreat 84 Jiving in front of Brawley-Stark' 85 ■■■■■■■■■■■■EroBeKBBBHBa86 Centertainment Fund raising drive ■Si •M M|j "Where is HE going" " A walk with the president"SPORTS i ’ 1 ii T I TFIRST ROW': Macco Haynesworth, Marvin Drummond, Michael McDonald, Sandy Leonard, Charles Calvin, SECOND ROW: Jerry Gaither, Statistician, Jestro Hart, Charles Wigfall, Joe King, Nathaniel Pressley, Leon Hamer, THIRD ROW: Randy Jackson, Joseph Waters, O'Lester Kinard, Michael Howell, FOURTH ROW: Coach Harry L. Geter, Trainers: Leon Burch, Benny MeGriff. . . THE WAY THE SCORING WENT WE THEY WE THEY Benedict 87 101 Denmark Tech 102 92 Benedict 72 70 Florida Memorial 74 78 Presbyterian 71 109 Brevard 62 96 Erskine 65 103 Voorhees 86 88 College of Charleston 103 106 Claflin 55 72 Claflin 80 S3 Allen 63 74 Francis Marion 89 71 Florida Memorial 100 88 Presbyterian 59 6S Francis Marion 90 88 Coker 96 70 College of Charleston 67 92 Voorhees 102 SO Denmark Tech 120 92 Newberry 69 84 "Leon Hamer - Freshman Marvin Drummond - Senior Joseph Waters - Junior STARTING O'Lester Kinard - Sophomore Sandy Leonard - Senior States Highest Scoring Player 72-73"Superman scoring 92 __________"Go Hornets Go" 93 ■■BBHBDKdiB; wmmmmBmmmmmmmmmwmm _— ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE JESTRO MAKING HIS DEBUT ONE! 'BUSH" GET THE BALL, BUTCH! 97 ..........................................Hi!Nathaniel Pressley, Freshman Maceo Hanesworth, Freshman Jcstro Hart, Freshman Randy Jackson, Freshman Mike McDonald, Junior Morris College Hornets Take Conference Tournament Crown The Morris College Hornets captured its second Southeastern Athletic Conference Tournament Championship in a period of three years. This year, as in 1971, the Hornets went into the Tournament in fourth place and could not be stopped. In this, a rebuilding year, our hats must come off to Coach Harry Ceter who led us to such victory. Not only did his Hornets capture the Tournament crown, but they also achieved the 500 plateau (13 and 13). The Hornets had three starters bach from the 1971-72 squad. Senior co-captains Sandy Leonard, who ranked three in scoring in the state during the 1971-72 season, and playmakcr Marvin Drummond, who also ranked in the top 25 in scoring and sophomore center, O'Lester Kinard, second team SEAC 1973. Senior Sandy Leonard leaves this year carrying the honors of all SEAC, all SEAC Ioumamcnt, and Mv I and the state s leading scorer with a 25. plus average. 99 •■■VPSIfOTiNPNMPMnttOVVSI Connie Carter Linda Canty, Captain Barbara Hicks Ester Graham Angie Carter CHEERLEADERS IOORandy Jackson, Henry Darby, Hezckiah Jefferson, Willie Jenkins. STANDING: Sandy Leonard, Willie Lindsay, John Bowman, Larry Cusaac and St Andrews Albert.ORGANIZATIONS I I 1 i aw y- w I7S tv dent Government Association Patricia Douglas, Secretary Caro! Cooper, President James Sims, Treasurer Henry Nathaniel, Bus. Manager Ella Mae Williams, Asst. Sect. 104 Wc Morrisites have our age of opportunity: A time to make of ourselves just what we choose to be. Unrestricted by family traditions, and cultural restrictions, we can climb to the top of the ladder and lx masters of all we survey. Yes, this is a great time in which to lx alive; for before our very eyes, are unveiled the supposedly impossibilities of human accomplishments--men splitting the molecules of air at astronomical speeds, such as were not imaginable in our forefathers' time; the conquering of diseases that at one time were considered terminal. We now can sit in our living rooms and watch the drama of a nation unfold in the White House. Yes, this is a time in which to be alive. Carol Cooper President, Student Government AssociationSNEA SEATED: Fred Taylor, Loretta Young, Edward Willis, Hezekiah Jefferson, St Andrew Albert, Michelle Waters, Claude Williams. STANDING: Charles Hunter, Frank Garner. W.C.A.I. SEATED: Loretta Young, Edna Hugec ,Sywnctta Bostic, Doris Cooper. STANDING: Brenda Wilson, Alphonzo Rogers, Jerry Moore, James Sims, Rebecca King.DRILL TEAM Brenda Willis Rosetta Legrant Claudia Plowden Diane Porter (KNEELING) Jerry Moore Johnnie Mac Thompson Ethel McCown Bessie Woods Edna Hugee J. David Weeks, Captain Gwendolyn Wingate (KNEELING) LITERARY SOCIETY 106 Curtis Henry, Marilyn Greene, James Wright, Ella M. Williams, James Kelly, Dora Littles, Legatha Montgomery and Julius Moore.BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SEATED: Mattie Green, Pearl Bryant, Carol Williams, Doris Cooper, Blondcll Stevenson, Martha Burch ami Dorctha Davis. STANDING: Mary Hughes, Charles Smith and Margaret Greene. YWCA TOP: Pearl Bryant, Doris Cooper, Chloc Myers, Martha Burch, Darrall Foxworth, and Dorctha Davis. BOTTOM: Marian Walters, Rosena White, Margaret Greene, Brenda Willis, and Mary Hughes.DRAMATICS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucille Spann, Dorothy McBride, Alice Brown, Henry Middleton and Betty Ceasar. MORRIS COLLEGE DANCERS STANDING: John Nichols, Catherine Lewis, Florence Uchendu, Bessie Woods, Joseph Smith, Linda Williams and Verbertiene Flagler. KNEELING: Gladys Wilson, Terry Walker, Yvonne Williams, and John Holmes. 108 MORRIS COLLEGE SON DA Y SCHOOL STANDING: Charles Smith, Fred Taylor, James R. Wright and Joseph Smith. SITTING: Frank Garner, Blondcll Stevenson, Mattie L. Green, Josephine Hooks and Constance Taylor. BRAWLEY-STARKS HALL SENATE 109 STANDING: Alphonso Rogers, President; Alex President, Joseph Evans and Nathaniel Washington. SITTING: Steve Middleton, Charles Wolfe and Rubin Davis.VETERANS CLUB TOP TO BOTTOM: Rev. Paul Ford, Charles Gilchrist, Rev. George Wind-ley, Joseph Richardson, Texas Matthews, Rev. Robert Cooper. DKW SENA TE Willie Jenkins, Counselor; Clarence Johnson, Sec.; Pharish Pinckney, President; Ronnie Davis, Vice President; Texas Matthews, Asst. Director. BACK ROW: Joseph Bright, John Tindal, John Matthews, Charles Gilchrist, Counselor; Rev. T.M. Jones, Director. 110 NEWSPAPER STAFF STANDING: Fred Taylor, Terry Walker, Julius McCoy, Editor; Edna Davis (SEATED), Sara Williams and Aretha Bryant. BIOLOGY CLUB I I LEFT TO RIGHT: Eugene Lemon, Hazel Sims, Charles Hunter, Joshua Washington, Henry Middleton Dorothy Me Bride, Virginia McFaddcn, Linda Owens, Dr. M. Kahn, Advisor; Nathan Scott anti Malachi Singleton. r LEFT TO RIGHT: 1st ROW: Loretta Young, Catherine Lewis, Leler Whitfield, Martha Burch, Margo Cummings, Diana Porter and Bernice Riggins. 2nd ROW: Yvonne Bell, Willie Shannon, Otis Pickett, Nathaniel Bess, Bonita Law, Ruth MeFadden, and Florence Uchendu. 3rd ROW: Maurice Davis, Terry Walker, Alphonso Rogers, Steve Middleton, Alex President, and Joseph Evans. 4th ROW: John Holmes, Claude Sullivan, Yvonne Alford (President), William Gilmore, Flora Hill, Joseph Smith and Constance Taylor. CHOIR 112 ____ In concert Away we go on tour 113 panvffro - -■rr FOCUS ON Brawlcy-Starks Hall, Men's Dormitory Garrick-Boykin Gym Music Studio Mable K. Howard Building I l-l Student Center Dobbin-Keitli-Whitner Hall Men's DormitoryBUILDINGS Lcgare Hall, Women's Dormitory H.H. Butler, Education Building 115 Academic Building Daniels Hall, Women's DormitorySUMMER GRADUATION Dr. Maxic S. Cordon delivers keynote Frederick Maple delivers student ad- And finally the receiving of degrees, address at summer graduation. dress at summer graduation. ( 116 Grand Marshal leads summer graduation recession.— FOCUS ON GROUNDBREAKING The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the future Fine Arts Dr. W. Neal participates in ground breaking ceremony. Board member breaks the soil for the Fine Arts Building. 117 We now depart to serve our people.ALUMNI Allen, Gail B., Class of '72 Teacher, Maycsvillc Institute Mayesville, S.C. Bonnet, Samira E., Class of '72 Filing Dept., Retail Credit Assoc. Greenville, S.C. Britton, Victoria G., Class of '72 Secretary, Morris College Sumter, S.C. Burke, Jcronc Class of '72 Major: Biology Brock, Carrie C., Class of '72 Biology teacher Kingstree, S.C. Burgess, Loretta Y., Class of '72 Major: Elementary Education Burnett, Isaac jr., Class of '72 Major; Social Studies Coker, W. D., Principal Pleasant View Primary School Gray Court, S.C. Crucll, Curtis L., Class of '72 Supervisor, Slaters Textile Co. Greenville, S.C. 1 ISALUMNI Durant, Marie, Class of '72 Elementary School Teacher Dillon, S.C. Clover, Colcthia Class of '72 Biology Teacher, James Is. Mid-School, Charleston, S.C. Hcnncghan, Jefferson Class of '72 Mathematics Teacher, J.C. Lynch High, Coward, S.C. Eaddy, Jessie M., Class of '72 Biology Teacher, Pembroke High Hampton, Virginia Graves, Edward Class of '72 Junoir Counselor, Dept, of Labor Columbia, S.C. Harrington, Virginia Class of '72 Major: English Fox worth, Jean C., Class of '72 Teacher, Britton Neck High Marion, S.C. Green, Bertha L., Class of '72 Teacher, Scotts Branch Elementary Summcrton, S.C. Ilastie, Patricia A., Class of'72 Elementary School Teacher Travelers Best, S.C. 119ALUMNI James, Hallcitjue Class of '72 Teacher, Cheraw High Cheraw, S.C. Johnson, Robert C., Class of'72 United States Army Lemon, Louise Class of '72 .Major: Social Studies James, Shirley L., Class of '72 Proposal Analyst, Equitable Life Ins. New York, New York Jones, Allen K., Class of '72 Fireman, Seaboard Coastline Charleston, S.C. Jenkins, Doris Class of '72 Ward Clerk, Baptist Hospital Columbia, S.C. Keels, Ernest Class of '72 Salesman, Advance Store Florence, S.C. Maple, Frederick Class of '72 Major: Biology Marsh, Patricia Class of '72 Major: Social Studies 120ALUMNI Mason, Mrs. A. Ryles Teacher, Saluda Elem. Sch. Saluda, S.C. Nowlin, Norman, Class of '72 Southern Bell Telephone Co. Florence, S.C. Posley, Bernice Class of '72 Teller, Peoples National Bank Greenville, S.C. Nichols, John C., Class of '72 United States Army Ft. Jackson, S.C. Pooler, Loretta Class of '72 Teacher, Ay nor Elem. Sch. Aynor, S.C. Priolcau, Ray Class of '72 Mathematics Teacher, Britton Neck High Marion, S.C. Mobley, Bennie J., Class of '72 Mathematics Teacher, Wallace High Wallace, South Carolina Pitts, Miss Annie L. Teachers Aide, Laurens County Sch. Clinton, S.C. Pressley, Mary E., Class of '72 Teacher, Kingstrec Elc. School Kingstrce, S.C. 121ALUMNI Pyles, JoAnn Class of '72 Bookkeeper, Peoples National Gas Corp., Greenville, S.C. Richardson, Mary E., Class of '72 Major: Liberal Arts Rivers, Lottie Mae, Class of '72 Teacher, Rafting Creek Ele. Sch. Rembert, S.C. Robinson, Melvin R. Class of '72 Major: Social Studies Bcnnct, Dora Lee Class of '72 Carter, Charlotte Class of '72 Case Worker, Dept, of Social Services Major: Social Studies Clarendon County Saunders, Peggy E., Class of '72 Major: Biology Ward, Annie L., Class of '72 Teacher, Anderson Elcm. Sch. Kingstree, S.C. Smith, Shelia D., Class of '72 Substitute Teacher Cheraw, S.C. 122r kJ Dining Hall Staff, yea, yea, yea "Chow time!" 124Mr. Jerry Bellows, "Chow rime!" • t "I had a dream." OUR Dr. Martin L. King. 125 Whitey always wins'Tranquility drapes the campus — — 126We are the merry dishwashers, doing our tiling'From the Editor Now that you've had the opportunity to page through this edition of the Hornet I'm sure there are some criticisms! It was my aim to have all classes represented on my staff. However, only that "select group, " as most of you call them, responded to my call. After personally asking several members of the sophomore and freshman classes, I ended up with one sophomore and the rest juniors and seniors. So, before you criticize, keep that in mind. Plus the fact that it was you (students, faculty and staff) who gave us little cooperation and did not take your pictures at designated times. And it was this administration who waited well into the first semester to sign the contracts necessary for this edition. Of course, some of the blame rightly belongs to us, (we didn't push hard enough.) My thanks to members of the 1973 Hornet Staff. It was these people on the following pages who worked long hours, missed classes, and a lot of partying time to make this edition what it is. A special thanks to my Assistant Editors, Constance Taylor and Christopher Curry who worked with me since the summer of '72, and gave me the motivation and faith to continue to work when the way seemed dark; To Willard Lyle and Donald Little who suffered many moments of embarrassment while trying to sell advertisements; To Rev. T. M. Jones who was always there with his advice and to lend an untiring hand; To Mrs. E. E. Black and Mr. C. Caballero for their support; To our photographer Mr. Nelson Douglas and American Yearbook representative Mr. Fred Bostrom, for without their help I don't know what I would have done. 128 Mr. Texas C. Matthews, Jr, Editor I Quit T. C. Matthews, Jr.ASSISTANT YEARBOOK EDITORS 129 Mr. Christopher Curry ! I I 1 i THE HORNET STAFF I "Oops! A mistake" "The bold three takes five" 130 1— "Ain't I handsome?" 131 Where is that ugly picture? ’ FOCUS ON FACES OF FUN Ruby Rhinehart dramatizes "The Ruth McFaddcn—solo dramatist Creation" Robert Gregory congratulates Berna- Richard Hodges serenades Ruby Rhine- dine Singleton ami Carlene Alford. hare while Mary Singleton looks on THE SPRING Margaret Mitchcl in the talent competition Yvonne Alford and escort, Harold Scott The grande finale! Ruby Rhinehart Miss Campus Queen 132FESTIVAL . . . OFF CAMPUS (AFTER HOURS) They say we all got rhythm I bet you can't eat ONE! "Groovin' on a Friday evenin'" Chris, Stine, Scott, Pat, and Mardy humming a little tunc, (trying to anyway). 133SINGLETON’S AMERICAN SERVICE STATION AND EC EL OIL I Recording Artists Entertainment for Any Occasion | NIGHT CLUBS - PROMS - DANCES - ORGANIZATIONS, ETC. I S D Production Hooking Agency. Inc. 216 SOUTH MAIN STREET, SUMTER, S. C. 29150 Managers and Producers WILLIE SINGLETON JIM DAVIS PHONES: 803-775-1862 Nite: 803-775-9297 Nite: 803-773-2996 Phone 773-2996 773-1862 216 S. Main Street Sumter, S. C. 1 j Congratulations Seniors JACKS DEPT. STORE 337 W. Liberty Sumter, S. C. APPLIANCE TELEVISION CENTER, INC. Your General Electric • RCA - Maytag • Dealer (Furniture and Carpet) 17 North Main Street Sumter, S. C. Phone 776-4397 776-4398 Compliments of Galloway Moseley Sumter’s Oldest Finest QUALITY JEWELERS 130 South Main Street, Sumter, South Carolina 29150 Phone 775-1200McLaughlin ford Your Transportation Headquarters 950 N. Main 775-1235 LTD BROUGHAM 2—Dr. Hardtop 135Compliments of JAMES INC Quality Men's Wear 115 N. Main Sumter, S. C Compliments Of PILGRIM HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCE CO. 843 Sumter St. Sumter, S. C. JOS TEN’S University Publications Fred Bostrom Compliments Of MAXWELL FURNITURE COMPANY 106 N. Main 410 W. Liberty 914 Broad I Phone 803 775-5366 Printing Company, Inc. COMMERICAL PRINTING -- OFFICE SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT 136 36 West Liberty Street, Sumter, South Carolina 29150SUMTER DARIES -«— All Jersey Milk .. . Is Guaranteed to Come From 100% Jersey herds . . . More Protein ... More Calcium THE SILVER MOON : RESTAURANT Compliments Of Soft Drinks and Good Things To Fat 20 W. Liberty St. JOHN L. “BUZZY” COPELAND Sumter, S. C. 137HOME BAKERY 37 South Main Street "Quality Bakery Products at Reasonable Prices" "Serving Sumter Over 30 Years" Phone: 773-7225 Sumter, South Carolina Compliments Of MOUNT VERNON INN Broad at Washington St. Compl iments of SHULER’S MARKET 618 N. Main St. Sumter, S. C. MUSIC STORE 140 N. Main Street Sumter, S. C. 29150 Sumters Oldest and Most Complete Compliments of BELK-STROMAN COMPANY 23 S. Main Sumter, S. C. 773-7349 Compliments Of KNIGHT BROTHERS INC. Your Headquarters For School, Office Supplies, and Printing 107 N. Main St. 138J.C. PENNEY COMPANY Sumter, S. C. One of over 1700 stores Always First Quality Always Friendly Service Shop Our Catalog Dept. CASH CHARGE LAYAWAY WHITE AND KENNEDY SUMTERS’ FINEST EXCLUSIVE SHOE STORE 22 S. MAIN SUMTER, S. C. 139SHAW LUMBER COMPANY and SOUTHPORT PAINT COMPANY 140 SUMTER, S. C. 29150SUMTER CUT RATE DRUG STORE MAIN ST. SUMTER, S. C. SOUTH CAROLINA NA TIONAL BANK Five Convenient Locations To Serve You Shaw Air Force Base Main St. Swan Lake Wesmark Plaza Broad St. COMPLIMENTS of COMMUNITY DR UG SUNDRIES, INC. W. C. Deas, Reg. Pharm. Phone 773-8701 224-A Manning Avc., Sumter, S. C. “Free Delivery” 14 1SENIOR DIRECTORY Alford, Janie Y. 146 Harlem St. Bishopvillc, S. C. Bel!, Holland D. Route 1, Box 483 Mullins, S. C. Boone, Sadie Box 15 Wisacky, S. C. Bowman, Francena 328 Bays St. Mullins, S. C. Bright, Joseph 111 1402 Myrtle St. Hartsvillc, S. C. Broadus, Joseph 403 Dingle St. Stun ter, S. C. Brown, Alice 505 Atlantic Ave. Sumter, S. C. Brown, Ronald 405 Paul St. Williston, S. C. Brown, Sue Ellen Route 1, Box 125 Hemingway, S.C. Bryant, Aretha Box 726 Holly Hill, S. C. Caesar, Betty 602 South St. Sumter, S. C. Carter, Angcline Route 2 Ay nor, S. C. Collins, Bobby J. Route 1, Box 170 Pineville, S. C. Cooper, Carol Route 1, Box 3S Nesmith, S. C. Cotton, Bertha Route 1, Box 232 Crossbill, S. C. Croom, Rubye Route 1, Box 251 Wcdgefield, S. C. Council, Tex 501 Knight Bridge Sumter, S. C. Cummings, Margo Route 1, Box 77 Timmonsville, S.C. Cummings, Royal Route 1, Box 77 Timmonsville, S. C. Curry, Christopher 15 Magnolia St. Batesburg, S. C. Davis, Doretha Route 3, Box 231-C Marion, S. C. Davis, Edna 203 Greenlee St. Kingstrce, S. C. Davis, Helen Route 2, Box 105 Gresham, S. C. Davis, Maurice Route 1, Taylors Greenville, S. C. Davis, Mazie Route 2, Box 93 Marion, S. C. Dawkins, Dorothy 20 Wright St. Stun ter, S. C. Deese, Moses Route 1, Box 75 Dalzell, S. C. Douglas, Patricia Route 2, Box 50 Scranton, S. C. Drakeford, Herbert Box 776 Camden S. C. Drummond, Marvin 212 East Church Greer, S. C. Durant, Celia M. Route 4, Box 439 Greenville, S. C. Evans, Thelma Route 1, Box 116 Lane, S. C. Fleming, Shirlcan Route 3, Box 46 Lake City, S. C. Funchess, Samuel 502 Silver St. Stun ter, S. C. Gail lard, James 12 Vreeland Terrace Jersey City. N. J. Gaither, Jerry Route 1, Box 1S4 Heath Springs, S. C. Gilmore, William 100 Westerly Park Gaffney, S. C.SENIOR DIRECTORY Glisson, Frank 47 Lincoln Avc. Sumter, S. C. Glover, David 1 2S Maxwell Avc. Sumter, S. C. Golden, Beatrice Route 7, Box 599 Stumer, S. C. Goldson, Jimmy 36 South Banding Stun ter, S. C. Gregory, Robert 209 Harris St. Greer, S. C. Harrington, William M. Route 4, Box 269 Bennettsville, South Carolina Hill, Flora L. S04 Pine Street Chcraw, South Carolina Hodges, Phillip 424 West 146 Street New York Hodges, Richard 170 Fenimore St. Brooklyn, New York Holmes, Sylvia Route 3, Box 223-B Marion, South Carolina Howe, Clcmmie Box 145 Scranton, South Carolina Hunter, Johnnie M. 1 254 Alice Drive Sumter, South Carolina Isaac, Sara Box 21 Bishopville, South Carolina James, Wendell Route 2, Box 534 Kingtrcc, South Carolina Johnson, Audrey Route 4, Box 216 Darlington, South Carolina Johnson, Daisy Route 1, BoxA-10-A Kingstree, South Carolina Johnson, Ernestine Route 1, Box 259 Florence, South Carolina Jones, Joyce P. O. Box 355 Kingstree, S. C. June, Larry 812 Franklin Avenue Sumter, South Carolina Kelly, James 133 Mt. Clare Road Darlington, South Carolina Kennedy, Geraldine 43 Phillips Street Sumter, South Carolina Kennedy, Melvin General Delivery Sardinia, South Carolina Leonard, Sandy 335 Dixon Street Mullins, South Carolina Little, Donald L. 220 Jersey Street Chcraw, South Carolina Lyde, Willard, R. 60-1 East Chevcs Street Florence, South Carolina Matthews, Texas C. Route 1, Box 127 Coward, South Carolina McCall, John E. 1545 West Market Street Cheraw, South Carolina Mason, Edward Route 3 Mullins, South Carolina McCants, Marie Route 5, Box 86 Sumter, South Carolina McCown, Ethel L. Route 1, 151 Hemingway, South Carolina McCoy, Julius Box 48 McFarlan, North Carolina Me Griff, Benny Route 1, Box 123 Lancaster, South Carolina McKnight, Rosa L. Route 1, 192 Hemingway, South Carolina McLeod, Gerald 24 Primrose Street White Plains, New York Middleton, Doris Box 674 St. Stephen, South Carolina Middleton, Shirley Box 42 St. Stephen, South Carolina Mitchell, Jeanette Route 1, Box 227-B Sumter, South CarolinaSENIOR DIRECTORY Moore, Julius C. 38 Ml. Pisgah, Apt. Sumter, South Carolina Smith, Valarie, J. Route 2, Box 996 Cheraw, South Carolina Moore, RudeII P. O. Box 249 Greeleyville, South Carolina Spann, Lucille Route 1, Box 203 Pinewood, South Carolina Muldrow, Willie Box 71 St. Charles, South Carolina Stephenson, Blonde!! Route 1, Box 63-A Lamar, South Carolina Neal, Catherine 530 South Main Street Sumter, South Carolina Thomas, Anderson Route 2, Box 59-H Pinewood, South Carolina Nelson, Ida M. 1010 Pruitt Street Smnter, South Carolina Thompson, Johnnie M. Route 1, Box 82-B Hemingway, South Carolina Owens, Linda 120 Perlins Avenue Sumter, South Carolina Thompson, William 710 West Darlington St. Florence, S. C. Pickett, Otis 101 Daisy St. Greenville, South Carolina Tisdale, Pcarlic Route 3, Box 200 Andrews, South Carolina Pore he a, Leroy Route 1, Box 127 Nesmith, South Carolina Tomlin, Eva 10 Boundary Street Mayesville, South Carolina Powe, William 110 Washington Street Cheraw, South Carolina Toney, Leroy 1014 6th St. Hartsville, South Carolina Ramsey, Gloria Route 3, Bow 209-A Sumter, South Carolina Van Slyke, Barbara 109-15 N. Y. Blvd. Jamica, New York Ross, Margaret 204 Peanut Street Darlington, South Carolina Washington, Betty Route 1, Box 120 Holly Hill, South Carolina Saunders, Mary Route 1, Box 221 Dalzcll, South Carolina Washington, Joshua 110 East Chcves St. Florence, South Carolina Saunders, William Route 2, Box 51 Rembert, South Carolina White, Randolph Route 4, Box 95 Hemingway, South Carolina Scarborough, Mary Route 3, Box 144 Bishopvillc, South Carolina Williams, Janie 38 West Moore St. Sumter, South Carolina Scott, Harold Route 1, Greenville, South Carolina Williams, Patricia Route 1, Box 280-A Dalzell, South Carolina Scott, Veteree Route 1, Box 15-Bx King tree, South Carolina Williams, Sara General Delivery Hemingway, South Carolina Simon, Leroy 2753 North 23 Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wilson, Gladys Box 52 Scranton, South Carolina Singleton, Malachi 213 Webb Avenue Sumter, South Carolina Woods, Bessie 303 Depot St. Manning, South Carolina

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