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THE 1971 HORNET Morris College Sumter, South Carolina George W. Hampton, Editor-in-ChieJDEDICA TION DR ODEL1 RICHARDSON REUBEN 1918-1970 An able administrator and eminent scholar, a devoted family man and noble community leader these phrases describe the sentiments that the Morris College family felt for the late President O R Reuben to whom the 1971-72 edition of the HORNET is lovingly dedicated. I lc was first an able administrator: Dr Reuben was elected the seventh President of Morris College in 1948. His tenure as president spanned twenty-two years. During this period he consistently maintained and improved the physical plant and the educational offerings often during timesof crises lie knew how to direct the efficient utilisation of the limited operational funds provided mostly by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina and donors. Tangible evidence of his successful administration is reflected in the physical plant expansion During Dr. Reuben's administration, six ofthc twelve major buildings that comprise the campus were constructed two dormitories for women, a student center, a gymnasium, men's dormitory, the present education huildmg (formerly a science building!, and a modern science-language building Other physical plant improvements include a stadium and a fence erected around the forty acre campus. The value of the physical plant quadrupled lie upgraded the administrative practices and policies of the Institution by creating, among other things, offices for financial and institutional development, an office of student affairs and an office of career counseling. In 1968, Dr Reuben launched the multi-million dollar development program in which the College is presently engaged An I mincnl Scholar Dr Reuben attended the elementary schools of Silverstrcei, South Carolina and graduated from Drayton Street High School of Newberry He was a Magna Cum I aude graduate of Benedict College with the B. and B I) degrees, and he received the Masters Degree in Sacred I heologv from Oberlin University. He earned his Ph.D. in religion from Duke University. Dr. Reuben's concern for quality education was far from being personal. The fact that he established a program of financial assistance to faculty members for graduate and post graduate study attests to this concern He encouraged students to adopt as their motto. "Strive for excellence in all academic pursuits: nothing less than your best is w orthy of your labor." A Devoted family Man: Strongly devoted to his wife and children. Dr Reuben gave himself and the fruits of his labor with deepest love, manly responsibility and unforgettable gentleness He understood his family as a part of the foundation of society and undergirded it with the enduring power of prayer and faith. His concern nevertheless extended far beyond his immediate family to the families of his faculty, his students and the community at large. He spent many hours counseling and sharing with people everywhere. A Noble Community I cader In community and civic affairs Dr Reuben was uniquely effective. He was an active, scholarly Christian leader in human relations and social welfare activities. He worked with national, state and local government officials and with various civic and religious organizations to promote humanitarian concerns. He was secretary of the South Carolina Christian Action Council, and was a member of the South Carolina Council on Human Relations His concern for his fellow man was far reaching. As a result, he worked in the local Sumter City-County Planning Commission, the Moore Elementary School Lay Board of Visitors, the NAACP. the Odd fellows, the American Academy of Political Science, and the Masonic Lodge As a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr Reuben exerted a positive influence By precepts and examples, his primary message was one of tolerance and understanding invigorated with the warning that individuals and institutions must be reborn IN MEMORIA M: DR. ODELL R. REUBEN Whal dark the shattered dream incurs At evanescent death. That woos the brutish catafalque And stalks the very span of hope. How warm comes breath that final space And hesitates at last. Gives once when gift is last to give That separate hush that muffles pain. O pale and ancient sordid Death! O frail and harmless villainy! The veiling lowers once again And joins the soul in endless peace. W. David Boswell 2Together both, ere the high lawns appeared Under the opening eye-lids of the Morn, We drove a-field,, and both together heard What time the gray-fly winds her sultry horn... Lycidas THE PRESIDI NT S FAMILY. 1969 Dr. and Mrs. Reuben celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. 1970. WMM • Wu t .iLo. With pride and joy. Dr. and Mrs. Reuben. Jane and Janice pose with daughter. Wilhclmenia. upon receiving her bachelor's degree from Duke University. 4lop (I. to Ri, |)r. Reuben and Dr. Dennis. President of Albany State College; President Reuben and President Benjamin Payton of Benedict College; Spring Trustee Board. 1% ) standing left to right. President Reuben and Dr. Neal. Chairman of Morris College Trustee Board, seated left to right. Dean II. I . Hardin. Rev. Johnson. Dr. William McKinley Bowman. Rev. .1. O. Rich. Rev. Rufus J. Daniels, and Rev. Charles Daniels; ( enter. Mr. James I Douglas. President. National Alumni Association, receives award on Commencement Day. May 1969 from President Reuben; Bottom. President Reuben and I angston Hughes enjoy amenities at a reception that culminated the poet’s 1950 visit to Morris College; President Reuben. President of the Woman's Baptist State Convention. Mrs. Mary L. Whitener and Rev. .1. O. Rich. Chairman of ’’Miss Baptist Queen" stand with Mrs. Marion Mcl ester, rear right of Dr. Reuben, and three other ladies. The passion-winged Ministers of thought. Who were the flocks, whom near the living streams Of his young spirit he fed, and whom he taught The love which was its music... 5 AdonaisftrrragiFOREWORD This edition of the Hornet is dedicated to our beloved and esteemed late President. |)r. O. R Reuben, who departed this life on the eve of the fall convocation. Suffering pained bereavement, the College community, notwithstanding, continued the year's work, as he would have had it no less so. And though we sorely missed the warm, outgoing friendliness and interest this elegant, gallant. Christian gentleman-scholar extended as he walked among us each day, all facets of the College community strived to maintain the functions of the College. These tasks were made easier through the capable administration of Dr. Henry I Hardin, a distinguished scholar, able administrator and associate of the late President from his college days, who was appointed Acting President. Exercising high caliber administrative ability and educational leadership, both of which were undergirded by dedication and loyally to the college. Dr. Hardin successfully guided the academic year to a close. The 1970-71 Hornet, therefore, represents the effort to show what Morris College was like during the academic year. As a matter of fact, it includes the bitter as well as the sweet, and if a theme had been designated, it would simply have been "I ife at Morris College. 1970-71." l or helping me develop this record. I extend my warm thanks to the staff members who worked diligently to make it a reality. Those members are Perry Smith. Assistant Editor: Minnie Glover. Sylvia Trappier, Ida Dash. Boiscy Sweeney. Edward Mason and Clarence Alston. Thank you for every thing "gang." Without further delay we invite you to share with us the experiences of the past year. George W. Hampton. Editor-in-Chief TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication ..................................... 2 Student Life.................................... X Administration and Faculty......................24 Features .......................................46 Athletics ......................................70 Clubs and Organizations.........................74 Classes.........................................XX Advertisement .................................116Entrance examinations a call home hazing Freshmenb wn f n r w i THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE, J Lyceum Series l ecturer. I)r Richard A. l ong. Director, Center lor frican and African-American Studies. Atlanta University; Visiting Professor. Harvard University BOTH THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL 11 L) MORE KNOWLEDGESERIOUS THOUGHTS, INDEPENDENT STUD Y, AND A LITTLE LEVITY V1 1719ENTERTAINMENT MERRY CHRISTMAS EZT • iTHEY PROVIDE US WITH OUR DAIL Y “SOUL FOOD” AND KEEP THE COLLEGE PLANT "TOGETHER HOMECOMING: PARADE, QUEENS, FLOATS ■=v tp|P V' 1 Bb| .y.-V.- . 1 . ? •'••'• '■••r If j . '. • •• HR !v sRbI -iL t i tT’ ktZKlCi. ■•% 'S -’ .• r jf'■ , j} ’ fKJf » - CviCVFJ;! • )r. H. h. Hardin, Acting President i: 1 B.A. and B.D.. Benedict College; Advanced Studies, t'nion Theological Seminar); M.A.. and Major Requirements for Fd.D., New York I niversity; Doctor of Pedagogy, Morris College; currently Duke Fellow under the Cooperative Humanities Program. Duke I nitersity. K 1 i ?4The Alma Mater Morris our College dear with hearts all filled with cheer we come to thee Throughout life's checkered ways Thy name we'll ever praise Teacher of youthful ways All hail to thee. When from our homes we came To own thy lofty name Breathe courage free Parents and teachers dear Calmed by the lack of fear Pay homage through the years All hail to thee. 25ACTING DEAN OF INSTRUCTION James W. Norris Music. Howard University: Doctoral candidate I). Mus.. Indiana University: recognized by Outstanding Educators of rica. 26James i.. Solomon, Jr. Vice President lor Institutional Development M.S.. Atlanta University; N.S.P. Science Faculty Fellow University of South Carolina; recogni ed by Outstanding Fduca-tors of America 1970. Reuben I,. Gray Vice-President for Development I.L.B.. South Carolina Stale College: Attorney at I aw 27I)r. Anna I). Reuben Acting Director. Office of Student Affairs Kd.D.. Columbia University Teacher’s College. History Lecroney (’. Frederick Business Manager M.B.A.. Atlanta University ?8Jessie W. Taylor Director. Admissions and Records B. V. Morris College: Advanced Study. Temple University. Atlanta University, and South Carolina State College Mrs. Fannie VI. Davis Head Librarian M.S.L.S.. North Carolina Central University 29Rev. R. YV. Stallings Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds A.B., Morris College: Further Studies. Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary. J. Charles Levy, Jr. Public Relations Officer B.A., Morris College Henry Murphy Director of Job Placement B.A.. Morris College N'unnie Smith Dean of Women B.S.. Wiliam Fergonson N' P College 30s f Norman Howard Dean of Men (feor} ia Bowen Dean of Women B.S.. I lorida A M University H. R. Thakkar Director, f inancial Aids M.B.A., Atlanta University ilhemina Owens Bursar B.S.. Allen University 31I.uritha Singleton Director of Daniels Hall Rev. B. I). Lewis College Minister A.B.. Morris College: B. D. Howard University. School of Religion. 32 Rev. Clinton Brantley Director. Dobhins-Keith-Whilener Hall Rev. David J. I.unn B.S. and B. Th.. Morris College. Religion.George Bowen B.S.. Florida A . M University Stacy Hoffman College Dietician Rev. Lee H. Burns Director of Maintenance Dept. Mrs. N. V. Rajkumar B.S.. Madras University, India 33 Margaret V. Givens B.S.L.S.. George Peabody, Nashville Mrs. II. R. Thakkar B.S.. Bombay University. IndiaMrs. Queen Spann Assistant, Registrar's Office S Mrs. Nancy Howard Secretary to the Dean Doris Conyers Secretary. Institutional Development B.S.. Benedict College Mrs. Rose Smith Financial Aids Accountant Mrs. Ann Martin Secretary in the School of Religion Mrs. Gloria Felder Secretary. Project Succeed Mrs. Gwendolyn Clyburn Office Secretary. Development Victoria Mapp Secretary. Office of Development Mrs. Carol Jones Secretary. Student AffairsMrs. Barbara R. ilson Hotel I Cram Cashier Mrs. J. Cray Secretary to the President Mrs. Ruth Muldro Secretary Dorothy Hatcher Secretary Miss H. Boscman Bookstore ManagerMRS BI-SSI I PINSON November 22. 1970 d.ilc the end of the terminal illness that severed the long intimate association of "Mother Pinson." as Mrs Pinson became known, with Morris College Mrs Pinson's association with the College dated from her south and high school da s and included her college scars, during which she married one of the College's most brilliant professors. Dr Ira David Pinson, who later became, in 1930, the College's third president Mrs Pinson made signal contributions in support of her husband's able administration and to the College as college hostess, and innovative classroom teacher In the latter ease, she introduced new programs in elementary education and in home economics. Her activities included denominational work through which she brought her creative genius to the Baptists in various demonstrations of arts, pageants and crafts. She promoted the development of students' talents through plays and other dramatization which she wrote and directed Her interest in creative writing was a continuous process. Even during her last months, she gallantly tried to revise and complete a book of poems, aphorisms and memoirs she had written over the years During the eighteen scars before her demise. Mrs Pinson was known to the Morris College Community as "Mother Pinson." In this role, she graciously evidenced the concern and loyalty for the College Family that undergirded her nurturing of three surviving sons Eugene Pinson. Professor of Music. South ( arolina State College. James Pinson. Artist. New York City. N Y . and David Pinson. Montreal. Canada We will remember her as a lady in the fullest genuine sense of the word, an artist both literally and figuratively, and a Christian humanist, whose unrealized dream was to have erected on her property a shrine in memory of her beloved son Sylvester who was fatally injured along with her husband in 1939. whereby passers, who prompted by need for spiritual meditation, could pause in a quiet cool place to communicate with Him to whom she directed her life. MRS.SARAH ZOI INI LAWRENCE DANIELS I he passing of Mrs Sarah Zolinc Danielson July 24. 1970 brought to a close a long, distinguished and extensive career of devout Christian service. I he widow of the late Reverend Arthur Daniels, she is survived by an adopted daughter, and several sisters ami brothers. Mrs Daniels held the I I degree from Mien University and the H S degree from Hampton Institute Advanced studies were completed at the University off hicago and Hampton Institute ■ hough widely recognized for her efforts to provide the kind of leadership which was gravely needed as a pioneer in education and a promoter of brotherhood and social justices. Mrs Daniels was better known to the Morris College family as field representative (I94S-50). and as dean of women and instructor m cducaton (1950-61). She is credited with revolutionizing the personnel services of the College and for providing the broad foundation upon which succeeding programs were built It is not with grief that Mrs Daniels will be remembered by the host of students and colleagues whose lives she touched and influenced, but as one who enriched the heritage of Morris College by her uncompromising standards of excellence, the ability to discharge her duties with poise and power and by her example of dedicated and Christian leadershipMembers of the administration, faculty and student body at work. Faculty and Staff Not Pictured Dr. Syed manuddin. PhD.. I nglish. Bowling Green University Mr. Clarence Branch. MS. Biology. University of Tennessee Mrs. Frances Blake. M S . Guidance and (ountding. I lorida M I ni vcrsity Miss T li abcth . ( ampbcll. MIS. North Carolina Central University. Mr. Lincoln King. B . Benedict College. Art. Mrs. Onetta Orr Jones. Assistant Director. I egarc Hall Miss Deloris Brown. SecretaryI)r. Veeriah Kota Acting Chairman. Division of Natural Science and Math Ph.D.. Osmania University. India Division of Natural Sciences l)r. Oswald A. Mier Ph.D., University of Banaras. Mathematics Dr. O. Benjamin Kaplan Ph.D., t niversity of California. Earth Science 38; Division of Humanities Let on B. Tobin B.A.. Benedict College. Music David Sanders B.A.. Morris College; Advanced Studies. Art James W. Norris Chairman. Div. of Humanities M. Mus.. Howard University; Doctoral Candidate. Indiana Universil) Thculander 1. Taylor M.A.. University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Master Fine Arts. ArtMrs. Pontheolla T. Williams Chairman. Department of English M.A.. Professional Diploma. Columbia University, Teachers College; Morris College Teacher of the year 1969, Yearbook sponsor 40 Dr. Shoa-Ming Tang Ph D., Indiana University, English Mrs. Eliza E. Black M.Ed., South Carolina State College. EnglishJulia E. Wells M.A.. Atlanta University English W. I)a id Boswell M.A., University ol' Alabama; Advanced Studies, University of Alabama, English, Yearbook sponsor Saadallah Hallaba M.A.. Law, University of Alexander, Egypt; M.A.. University of Geneva, Switzerland; Advanced Studies. University of Switzerland, French; Ph.D. Candidate. Political Science, Graduate Institute of International Studies. University of Geneva Augustine Peters M.A.. Gujaret University. India. English Henri-Marc Japhet License en Let ires. University of Paris. French | I • Division of Social Sciences Evelyn Hall Chairman, Social Studies Dept.: Director. Project Succeed M.A., American University, International Relations; recognized by Outstanding Educators of America 1970 Dr. Nagoji Rajkumar Pb.D., University of Banaras,Government Andrew Pollard B.A.. Morris College: M.A. History. North Carolina Central University 17Rev. I.ucius Daniels M.S., North Carolina A T State University: Advanced Studies. Wake Forest and Lincoln Universities. Social Studies Dr. Frank K. Kenned) Ph.D., University of Havana. Economics Thomasena Dixon B.A.. Benedict College. History Social Studies Majors review examination paperDivision of Education Mrs. Magnolia A. Lewis Chairman. Division of Lducation M.Ld.. Hampton Institute: Advanced Studies, American University I)r. Marcus I). Murphy Acting Chairman. Division of Lducation Ph.D.. Lducation. North Texas State University Dr. Ping-lluang Huang Ed.D., Columbia University. Teachers College. Education Mr. E. J. Thompson Director of Summer Studies M.Ld.. University of Pittsburgh: Further Studies. Uni versity of South Carolina 4 1? T f Dr. David Dawson M.A.. Hampton Institute. Education Mrs. Geneva Thompson M.A., University of Pittsburgh. Advanced Studies. University of Pittsburgh and Boston University: Certified Reading Therapist. District 17; Reading Mr. Harry (Jeter M.S.. North Carolina Central University. Physical Education 45 Mrs. Vivian Davis M.Ed., South Carolina CollegeO black woman!guileless sister your beauty touches me your beauty enchants me like the blue wave simmering in your unfathomable depths. Tshakatumba I ■ - , - yJVvJ5 5 $ MISS MORRIS COLLEGE "Blackness is Beautiful” adequately describes the current Miss Morris College. Miss Earline Cullins, senior. Miss Cullen's beauty is matched by her intellectual ability. She has made the Dean's list: and her interest in humanity is evidenced by her membership in the Y.W.C.A.A TTEND.ANTS TO MISS MORRIS COLLEGE Minnie D. Glover 49 Deloris Ramse MISS HOMECOMING Mary Frances Brown Black woman my my land of mystery you are the dance your smileMISS SENIOR Eleanoris Scoit warm clamor of Africa and my fruit of reason in the naked joy of David Diop ATTENDANT TO MISS SENIOR Barbara David... black woman, I sing your beauty that Before jealous Fate turns ATTENDANTS TO MISS JUNIOR Bernice Poslcy Marie Durant MISS JUNIOR Patricia MasticMISS SOPHOMORI Shirlcan Homing ATTENDANTS TO MISS SOPHOMORE Earncstinc Johnson Patricia Douglas passes, the form that fix in the Eternal, you to ashes to feed the roots of life. Leopold Sedar Senghor 53ATTENDANT TO MISS FRESHMAN Selene Lester MISS FRESHMAN I.elia Dinkins . . . holy brown your almond eyes shining...ATTENDANTS TO MISS newspaper Vclviu Simmons Sara Isaac MISS NEWSPAPER Brenda Blackmon woman! j contain two glow w worms Amalia MISS SOCIAL STUDIES MISSSNEA Mac Helen Washington Louise Nickens MISS SUNDAY SCHOOL Kodcll Wolfe 56 Josephene HooksT MISS DANIELS HALL Virginia Harrington MISS DOBBINS-KEITH WIUTENI K HALL Bonnie Dozier MISS LEGARL HALL MISS BRADLEY STARKS HALI 57 Yvonne Alford Dcloris ScottMISS DURHAM MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE ATTENDANTTO MISS DANIELS HALL Thelma Postcll Joann Pyles MISS MABLE K. HOW ARD HALL ATTENDANTS TO MISS MABLE K. HOWARD HALL Johnnie M. Burgess 58 Minnie Cooper and Rachael Pigatt THE CORONA TION OF MISS MORRIS COLLEGE The Queen and Escort Her Majesty and the Roval Court 59PRESENTATION OF GIFTS TO HER MAJESTYA part of the royal court review the coronation procession and spectators watchMISS C A M PUS QU EiEN 1971 .'72 The Henderson-Davis Players ofS.C. State College in “Medea," reception scene pictured last. 66■B CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR UNITED CITIZENS PARTY ()l SOUTH CAROLINA Thomas Broadwater, first Black to run for office of South Carolina Governor, on the campaign trail, hits Morris College with full force. 68 Charm Relevance and Togetherness...'UmiimimhM DEAN’S LIST HONOREES Pictured are students who maintained a 2.00 or above average the first and or second semester and thereby made the Dean’s List. Each student was honored lor his high academic achievement by being presented to an assembly of the College Community in L. 1). White Memorial Hall, and awarded a certificate of merit. ( 69MORRIS COLLEGE HORNETS Gregory Walker, Gregory Johnson. Sherman Belin. William Curry. George Wardlaw.I 1971 SEA C CHAMPIONS Ulysses Holmes. Albert Howard.Sandy Leonard. Michael McDonald. Mr. II. (icier.Coach. Not Pictured: Kenneth Doctor. mi m.Hornets Capture SEAC Crown Sandy (Superman) Leonard from the free-throw line. George Wardlaw who supplied the Hornets with strong rebounding, scores from the line. The I lornets enjoy the thrill of victory. Coach Geter gives instructions to the team. I he I lornets were out to beat VC (Voorhees College).Team takes a time out. Curry on the tip-off! Track Team Kneeling: Willie Muldrow’. Ernest Keels. Clarence Truesdale. W illie J. Muldrow, John Bowman. Willie Lindsey. Standing: Isiah Davis. Albert Howard. Sandy Leonard. Bennie Mobley. Edwin Sowa, Coach (Jeter. Kenneth Doctor. Leroy Doctor. Joseph Palmer, Bennie McGriff. 73 aThe Student Government Association STUDENT PRESIDENT S MESSAGE There are four norms that I find a complete necessity for Blacks to develop and or maintain. They are: 1) ACCOUNTABILITY We Blacks must be honest and responsible for our own learning: we must express our informed feelings: 2) SOLIDARITY Blacks must be straightforward and direct: there must be willingness to listen: 3) LIBERATION Blacks must take calculated risks; we must know why and how we are taking risks: we must learn to accept feedback: 4) SURVIVAL As Blacks furthering our education, we are sometimes given to "in" rhetoric but we must operate logically and efficiently competively to affect significant social, political or economic improvement for our lot which, not coincidently. includes the lot of many other minority groups in this country. Morris College provides an educational system, which if fully exploited, will help us realize these norms that. I suggest, should be seen as supplementary to the College's major function: provision of a Liberal Arts education. It is my sincere hope that thus equipped, you enter the chaotic world of the 1970's dedicated to serving as you have been dedicated to learning. President Shirley Campbell Vice President Isaac Burnett Secretary l.ois Jett Asst. Secretary Patricia Mastic Treasurer I rcdcrick Maple Business Manager Clarence Alston 74Who's Who WHO'W WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN A M E R 1C A N U NIV E R SITII !S A N D CO 1.1. EG ES Vho's Who Among Students in American Universities is an organization that seeks to provide recognition for college students who have distinguished themselves by meritorious leadership in their academic field and service to their institution and community. College seniors, juniors and graduate students matriculated in four-year undergraduate institutions or graduate schools are eligible for nomination to Who's Who. The number of students selected by each institution is determined by the organization and is based on a percentage of the institution's enrollment. Selections are based on nominations submitted b a committee composed of faculty, staff and students. Inclusion in the annual directory which is published by the organization is a sought after and valuable accomplishment.Leroy Edwards Patricia Hastie Shirley McGee WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Reuben 0. Levy Oscar New 76 John Nichols Marion G. Ward WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Sylvia Trappier 77 4The Advisory Council Norman Howard. Dean of Men: Annette Harrel. George Wardlaw. Mildred Johnson. Mrs. G. Bowens. Dean of Women Mrs. N. Smith. Dean of Women limeritus. Senior Class Officers John Montague. Audrey Hickson. Deloris Ramsey, Clarence Alston. 78Junior Class Officers 79 Brenda Blackmon. Shirlcun Fleming. Willard I.yde, Patricia Douglas. Joyce Rogers.The College Choir ROW ONI:: Harrcl Scott. Gwendolyn China. Joyce Gilliard. Marilyn Scott. Carolyn Johnson. Abraham Johnson. ROW TWO: I ora Johnson. Carrie W ilson. Joan Whitfield, Flora Mill. Lillie W illiams. Patricia Marsh. ROW THREE: Carrie Brown. Eartha Pinckney. Castclia Faddy. Yvonne Alford. Rodney ka . Claude Sullivan. ROW LOUR: Melvin Robinson. Boisy M. Sweeney. Diane Grant. Otis Pickett. William Thompson. Nathan Scott. ROW FIVE: Allen K. Jones. Maurice Davis. Buford Allen. Joe Bethea. John McCall. ROW SIX: Eugene Spencer. George Frazier. Melvin Kennedy. Christopher Curry. Ronnie Davis. Durham Ministerial Alliance ROW ONE: Doretha Brewer. Curtis Crucll. I ruman Tartc. L. W. Williams. E. I). Dixon. B. J. W eston. Lewis Graham, Benjamin Jones. ROW TWO: Howard Williamson. Charles Smith. Earl Lewis. John T. Berry. Walter E. Davis. Robert Dennis. Sinclair Anderson. ROW THREE: J. W. Kelly. Donald Mill. Marion Newton. Julius C. Moore. James I). Prince. 80Ida Dash. Minnie Glover, Joan Whitfield. George W. Hampton. The Dramatics Club Rodney Kay. Minnie Glover, Joan Whitfield. Willie Muldrow. Dr. Francis Kennedy. The Newspaper Staff Velvia Simmons. Sara Isaac. Patricia Hastie, Perry Smith. Brenda Blackmon.The Mathematics Club ROW ONE: Glennetlc Alford. Richard Sinklcr. Ida Smart. Tommie Pearson, Harold Scott. ROW TWO: Joyce Rogers. Phillip Hodges. Myrunn Bostick. Sandy Leonard. James Sims. ROW THREE: Norma Richardson, Ray Prioleau, John Nichols. Willie Unsay. Bennie Mobley. STANDING: Barbara Van Slyke. Jessie Eaddy. The Social Studies Club TOP TO BOTTOM: Leroy Edwards. George Wardlaw, Perry Smith, Norman Nowlin. Pharish Pinckney. Jean Foxworth. Carol Cooper, Daisy Edwards. 82 The Sunday School LEFT: TOP TO BOTTOM: Frank Garner. Isaac Burnett. Sylvia Trappier. Audrey Hickson. Ida M. Smart. RIGHT: TOP TO BOTTOM: Herman McClintock. Hera Stokes, Dorotha Davis. Helen Davis. Minnie D. Glover. ROW ONE: Josephine Hooks. Jean Foxworth. Daisy Johnson. ROW TWO: Carolyn Cooper. Marie Durant. Earline Culins. Brenda Bell. Norman Richardson. ROW THREE: Shelia Simmons, Margaret Green. Jessie Faddy. Loretta Pooler. The BSU STANDING: BOTTOM TO TOP: Josephine Hooks, Audrey Johnson. Mattie Green. Olean Scott, Carolyn Cooper. Patricia Kennedy. Jacqueline McIntosh. Blon-dell Stephenson. Loretta Pooler. Daisy Fid-wards. Rose Currie. Bennie Mobley, Norman Nowlin. Margaret Green. SEATED: TOP TO BOTTOM: Helen Heyward. Patricia Smith. John Nichols. Carolyn Williams.The Black Renaissance Club SKATED: Audrey Johnson. Blondcll Stephenson. Carolyn Cooper. Helen Heyward. Jacqueline McIntosh. Norma Rich-ardson. Annette Harrel. STANDING: Henry Murphy. Margaret Ross. Brenda Blackmon. Daisy Johnson. Rudell Moore. I eroy Edwrds. Anne Alford. Loretta Williams. Marie Durant. Jefferson S. Selph. The Veterans Club I I I T BOTTOM TO TOP: Donald Hill. I eroy Edwards, George Gibson. Willie Bartcllc. Moses Dccsc. RIGHT: BOTTOM TO TOP Norman Howard. Henry Murphy. Ernest I eGrande. Isaac Bcrnett. Texas Matthews. James Taylor. 84Student National Education Association ROW ONE: Loretta Williams. Audrey Hickson. Sylvia Trappier. Mildred Johnson. Barbara David. Clarence Alston. ROW TW O: Minnie Glover. I'lossie Watson. Annie M. Glover. Ruth Gass. Avis W. freshwater. Eaggin Durant. ROW 111RI I : Ernest LeGrande. Anne Alford. John Montague. Deloris Ramsey. Annette ilarrcl. Cheerleaders Mac J. Larry, Connie Bing. Harricttc Albert. Geneva Hunter. Loretta Pooler. 85Annette Harrel. Yvonne Cooper. Ida Stewart. Anne Alford. Audrey Hickson. aandra Bennett. Ida M. Smart. Women's Senate of Mable K. Howard Mildred Johnson, Mary Wilson, Rachael. Barbara David. Minnie Cooper. Women's Senate of Daniels Hall 86Men's Semite of Bra w ley-Stark s Hall ROW ONE: Thaddeus McGriff, I rank Garner. Carol Cooper. ROW TWO: Leroy Porchea. Sandy I eonard. Willie Mul-drow. Authur Bryan. 87Seniors Marion Ward. Vice-President of the Senior Class addresses Kick-Off Rally assembly. 88A tine AI ford Lamar. S. C. Major: Social Studies Johnnie M. Burgess Georgetown. S. C. Major: Social StudiesShirley Campbell Hartsvillc. S. C. Major: Biology Ear line Cull ins Anderson, S. C. Major: History Odes line C 'ummings Timmonsville. S. C. Major: Social Studies Marva Dennison Georgetown. S. C. Major: Social Studies If! Veriell Dow Summcrton. S. C. Major: EnglishI Feggin Durant Sumter. S. C. Major: Social Studies Jeannette Frazier Manning. S. C. Major: Elementary Education Mrs. A vis IV. Freshwater Sumter. S. C. Major: History Joretha Godson Sumter. S. C. Major: Elementary Education Ruth doss Sumter. S. C. Major: Mathematics Mrs Patricia George Sumter. S. C. Major: Liberal rts Mrs. Eva M. Gators Summerton. S. C. Major: English George Gibson Mayesville, S. C. Major: Social StudiesGeorge W. Hampton Philadelphia. Pa. Major: English Annette Harrell Timmonsvillc, S. C. Major: Social Studies James Heath Rock Hill. S. C. Major: Biology Audrey Hickson Timmonsvillc. S. C. Major: Social StudiesEliza Holliman Mayesville, S. Major: Elementary Education Quency Holmes Williston. S. C. Major: Social Studies L lysses Holmes Miami. Florida Major: Social Studies Jackie Johnson Greenville. S. ( . Major: Social Studies Dollie Lamhrighi St. Stephens. S. C. Major: Elementary Education Emesi Legrande Florence, S. C. Major: Social StudiesReuben Levy Cheraw. S. C. Major: Social Studies Walter L. Mack Myrtle Beach. S. C. Major: Social Studies i I i i Juanita Me Can is Manning. S. C. Major: Elementary Education John Montague Sumter. S. C. Major: Social Studies Nicholas Murphy Bronx. N. Y. Major: Social Studies Oscar New McCormick. S. C. Major: Elementary Education Louise Niekens Sumter. S. C. Major: Elementary Education Ruth Pendergrass Manning. S. C. Major: Social StudiesRachael Rigan lifting ham. S. C. Major: Social Studies Thelma Posiell Summcrlon, S. C. Major: Social Studies Willie Prioteau St. Stephens. S. C. Major: Biology I) dor is Ramsey Sumter. S. C. Major: English Harry Robinson Sumter. S. C. Major: Elementary Education Mary Robinson Sumter, S. C. Major: Elementary Education Linda Rogers Dillon. S. C. Major: Mathematics Valerie Rozier Patterson. N. J. Major: BiologyEleanor is Scon Timmonsvillc. S. C. Major: Elementary EducationMarion (i Ward kings! rec. S. ( . Major: Social Studies Flossie Watson Pincwood S. C. Major: MathematicsJuniors Allen K. Jones. President ol ihe Junior Class represents Junior Class participation at rally. 98Gail Allen Jud Bevel I.auretha Burgess Sandra Bennett Dora Bennett Victoria Britton Aretha Bryant Jerome Burke Isaac Burnett Gloria Carter 99 Juanita Carter Charlotte CarterRoyal Cummings Jessie Eaddy Jerry Gaither Diane Grant Carrie Curry Leroy Edwards Colethia Glover Bertha I . Green Marie Durant Jean Foxworth Rueshell Gordon Virginia Harrington tooJefferson Henneghan llallieque James Robert Johnson Melvin Kennedy Patricia Hastie Mary Jackson Doris Jenkins Ernest Keels Johnnie M. Hunter Shirley James Allen K. Jones Louise Lemon totI Vivian Union Patricia Marsh Bennie Mobley Rosa M. Myers Norman Nowlin l.oretta Pooler Mary Pressley Jeannette Potts Bernice Posley Li ie Prince 102Mary Richardson v Lottie Rivers Sheila D. Smith Jo Ann Pyles Joseph Richardson Norma J. Richardson Peggy Richardson Sheila Simmons Melvin Robinson Annie Ward Patricia Williams 103Sophomores 104Yvonne Alford Brenda Blackmon Alice Brown I. a verne Brooks Angeline Carter Carolyn Cock field Carol Coopr VV Bertha Cot ten Bobby J. Collins Tex Council Margo Cummings Christopher Curry Doreatha Davis Helen Davis Maurice Davis Mazie Moses Davis Deesc Patricia Douglas Herbert L. Shirlcan Drakeford Fleming James Gaillard Jimmie L. (ioldson Barbara A. Hcnryhand Flora Hill Sylvia I lolmes Sara Isaac 105Abraham Audrey Johnson Johnson Carolyn Ernestine Geraldine Sandy Johnson Johnson Kennedy Leonard Rosa McKnight Doris Middleton Shirley Middleton Jeannette Mitchell AllieJ. Willie Montgomery Muldrow. Jr. Catherine Neal Ida M. Nelson Otis Pickett Leroy Porchca Gladys Ramsey Gloria Margaret Ramsey Ross Mary Sanders William Harold Malachai Sanders Scott Singleton 106 Richard Patricia Valerie Blondell Johnnie VI. Pearlic Sinkler Smith Smith Stephenson Thompson Tisdale Rode 11 Wolfe Bessie Woods Curtis Young Willie Carter Barbara Van Slvkc Betty Washington Randolph C. White Sara Williams Gladys Kary Wilson Witherspoon 107Freshmen Willie J. Muldrow. Freshman Class President challenges kick-off audience. 108 Pearl Bryant Gwendolyn China Ruth Coaxum James Ulysses Cocklin Conyers Barbara Cooper Carolyn Cooper Carolyn V Cooper Rose Curry Mrs. Dorthy I.. Dawkins Par nest ine Dinkins Lelia Dinkins Geraldine Franklin Kenneth Doctor Leroy Doctor Doris Dupree Daisy hd wards Nelcenia Ellis 109James Gardner Frank Garner Margaret Green Mattie Green Industry Mack ley Curtis Henry Josephine Mary Nell Hooks Hughes Charles Hunter Geneva Hunter Sandy Jackson F.lla James Patricia Kennedy Rebecca MeC ants Francis Kirkland Ruth Mcladden Willie I indsax I lenry Middleton Dora Utiles Marvin Monroe TexasC. Matthews Beverly Montgomery Brenda McCall Diane Moore MO  Presion Moore Willie J. Mu Id row Linda Owens Joseph Palmer Gwendolyn Parson Leolia Pettigrew Pharish Pinckney Eartha Pinckncv Diane President Priscilla Raines Janet Rice Edward Roberts Mary Mary Saxon Scarborough Olean Scott Patricia Scott Joyce Gladys Rogers Sanders Joyce Shuler Joe Simmons Cleveland Sims James Sims James Singleton Geneva Sellers Mary Singletary Moses Singletary Charles Smith Mildred Perry Claude Smith Smith Sullivan 111Phillipine Sumpter Constance Preston Taylor Taylor Michele Waters Patricia Whittaker Margaret Simone Williams Williams lid ward Willis Sandra S. Wilson Carolyn Williams 112Norman Robert Blackwell Jr. 1947-1970 Junior Class Bobby Earl Isaac 1951-1971 Sophomore Class 113School Of Religion l)r. James J. Abney Acting Dean. School of Religion A.B.. Johnson C. Smith University. 1937: B.D.. Benedict College, 1943: M.A.. Oherlin Graduate School of Theology. 1952: Additional Studies. American University. 1960-61: Wesley Theological Seminary. 1962. Ret. I.. W. Williams B. Th.. I). I).. Morris College Director of Extensions. Morris College Rev. B. J. Weston B.A., Benedict College: B.D.. Starks School of Theology. Professor of New Testament Studies Rev. K. I). Dixon A.B., B.D.. Morris College Professor of I lomiletics and Doctrinal Studies Rev. J. W. Kelly Student Teacher in School of Religion, pursuing a Bachelor of Theology Degree 1 M  Ret. Thomas Dawkins Ret. Robert Dennis Ret. William P. Ford Lewis I . Graham Ret. (easar Green Ret. Donald Hill j| . Ret. Benjamin Jones Ret. Karl Lewis Ret. Julius C. Moore Ret. Marion Newton Ret. Truman Tarte 115 Ret. James I). Prince Ret. Kranklin Spears Ret. Howard Williamson Ret. Howard T. DoddCOMPLIMENTS of BRUNSON'S KUT AND KURL BEAUTY SHOP 115 E. Patricia Drive Sumter. S. C. Mrs. Bessie G. Brunson. Operator Phone 775-3399 MASON BROTHERS SUNOCO SERVICE Minor Aulo Repairs Road Service General Hauling 902 37th Street Newport News. Va. Mr. James M. Mason. Proprietor Phone 245-9361 Business Phone Residence Phone 775-SI 13 775-4165 MR. BILL'S BOUTIQUE Our Business is Your Service 633 Manning Avenue Sumter. S. C. Compliments of Congratulations Seniors GALLOWAY M OS ELY, JACK'S DEPARTMENT INC. STORE Quality Jewelers 337 West Liberty Street Sumter's Oldest Finest Plenty of Free Parking 130 S. Main Street Phone 775-1209 Sumter. S. C. MGBetween big and little there's a bank that’s just right NBSC the just light bank THE NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA Member FDIC Sumter. S. C. Drugs Cosmetics ROWE'S PHARMACY 47 South Main Street Phone 773-8421 Sumter. S. C. Compliments of McLELLAIM'S 5 10 2 South Main Street Phone 773-88IS Sumter.S.C. Compliments of Compliments of BUCK S ESSO SERVICE CENTER LAFAYETTE LAUNDRY Minor Auto Repairs DRY CLEANERS LAFAYETTE SHOPPING CENTER Phone 775-4550 1282 N. Lafayette Dr. Sumter. S. C. Sumter. S. C. 11 7Sumter's Finest Sumter. S. C. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Corner of Main and Calhoun Streets Phone 773-9323 Sumter. S. C. 18Congratulations from McLaughlin ford We Seek to Serve You Better Better North Main Street at By Pass Sumter, S. C. Compliments LOVE S JEWELERS Sumter’s Largest Diamond Importers Student Charge Accounts Welcome REED JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds Loveland Diamonds 5 North Main Street Sumter, S. C. 8 North Main Street Sumter, S. C. MULDROW'S EASTSIDE BARBER SHOP Haircuts for Men and Women Mr. P. Muldrow. Operator Phone 775-9966 25 East Liberty Street Sumter, S. C. Compliments of THE UNIVERSITY SHOP 126 South Main St. Sumter. S. C. Sumter's Largest Selection of Compliments Newspapers, Magazines, Paperbacks of GAMECOCK NEWS SHULER'S MARKET Phone 773-8537 618 N. Main St. Sumter. S. C. 841 N. Main St. Sumter. S. C. 119Phone 775-1862 Delivery SINGLETON S AMERICAN SERVICE STATION WRECKER SERVICE 216 S. Main St. Sumter, S. C. FAMILY________ STORE OF SUMTER Everything lor lire family at competitive Prices." Main Bartlettc Streets Plume 775-6371 SUPPORT YOUR YEARBOOK P.M S ARCH GRILL Tilt Place to Bring that Special Friend Private Parties Dancing 1131 New Pocallo Road Sumter. S. C. t?o?  

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