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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1958 volume:

HORNET 1958 Morris College Sumter, S. C. ft Editor.......................Nathaniel Harper Assistant Editor. . . .Margaret Mazyck Art Editor...................Cleveland Dargan Business Manager. . .William GrampusFour decades and nine years ago, our founders brought forth upon these acres, a new dream conceived in necessity and dedicated to the undergirding of education with a Christian philosophy of life. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us - that from these honored men we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave their full measure of devotion. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they have thus far so nobly advanced.TABLE OF CONTENTS College Facilities...................................................4 Foreword.............................................................6 Administration.......................................................7 Classes.............................................................13 Superlatives....................................................... 37 Campus Queens.......................................................43 Athletics...........................................................63 Activities..........................................................67 Salute..............................................................71Pinson Memorial Library Science Building Mablc K. Howard Home Economics Building President's Hometo you ttml o'a life's pathways, you will cn-counsel wmm cxpeiietices you will wish 10 d Ne. H ete ate countless footsteps you would like to tettace, 'lout days spent at MC will always be among your most eknslted mentotics. Through the pages o( tins thbl -5 b WOMT, we have tried to capture moments you will want to remember. Out desire s Oral as you teal through these pages, you will have "tune roses iu December Thou art weighed in the balances and ait iound wanting. Daniel 5s21- Iclm inidtra tion ; I ; t .Dr. O. R. Reuben President PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE We extend our gratitude to the Yearbook Staff for the dedicated service which has made possible our 1957-58 Annual. This achievement is representative of the continually expanding and enriching program being developed at Morris. We appreciate the contributions of all who have helped to produce this work. 1958 is a distinctive year for us. It represents fifty years of existence as a College. This is our Golden Anniversary Year. Morris College is justly proud of the services it has given to the educational development of our state and nation. Especially in the eastern part of South Carolina, Morris College has been a shining light. From her walls have gone out teachers, ministers and successful businessmen and others who have made significant contributions to the general welfare. Morris College looks forward to a brighter future and greater service. Sincerely, O. R. Reuben. President 8ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS fg L' ir JL Mr. SHERMAN N. WEBSTER Dean of Instruction Rev. HENRY E. HARDIN Dean of School of Religion Mr. 1 lOBSON THOMPSON Librarian Miss JESSIE M. WARD Registrar Rev. JAMES D. RICE College Minister Mrs. JESSIE C. SHARPER Bursar 9ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Mrs. Persephone W. Can-Secretary to President Mrs. Flossie T. Rivers Secretary to Dean Miss Elizabeth M. McClinton Secretary to Bursar Miss Geneva F.. Simon Dietitian Miss Beulah M. McCollum Director of Student Center Rev. Gustee Brown Director of Alumni Activities Rev. Elijah H. Gardner Director of Public Relations Rev. Roosevelt VV. Stallings Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Dorothy B. Webster Cashier Not Pictured 10 DIVISIONAL HEADS Mrs. Anna D. Reuben Social Studies Mr. Frank Anderson Natural Science Mrs. Magnolia A. Lewis Education FACULTY 11 Mr. Theolander M. Taylor Art Mrs. Eunice O. Abney EnglishFACULTY Mr. Garland J. Butts Music Mrs. Gloria C. Butts Music Mrs. Marion M. Hatcher English Mr. Cleophus C. Hatcher Health, Physical Education and Recreation Rev. James B. Haile Education Mrs. Ellen S. Rice Home Economics Rev. John E. Briggs Education Mrs. Ethel W. Wheeler French and English Rev. Edward M. Booker Natural ScienceSENIORS JAMES SMITII Beaufort, S. C. President ADOLPH SIMMONS Tillman, S. C. Vice-President ZENOBIA ABRAHAM Sumter, S. C. RUFUS ADDISON Philadelphia, Pa. MERDIS BESS Allendale, S. C. WILHELM ENIA BESS ELL IEU Pawley's Island, S. C. EMMA BLAKELY Andrews, S. C. ROBERT BODISON Round O, S. C. MSENIORS THELMA PRINGLE Wedgefield, S. C. Secretary JAMES COOPER Lake City, S. C. Treasurer HETTIE BOS EM AN Belton, S. C. DOROTIIY BOLDEN Dalzcll, S. C. MARIE BOYKINS Camden, S. C. HERMAN BRIGHT Charleston, S. C. NAOMIBROCDON Sumter, S. C. RUTH BRODGON Sumter, S. C. 15REBECCA BROWN Moncks Corner, S. C. MILDRED BROWN Moncks Corner. S. C. WILLIE MAE BYRD Winnsboro, S. C. ROSA CANTY Pinew’ood, S. C. SALLIE CARTER Pendleton, S. C. RUTH CONYERS Sumter, S. C. GLORIA DANIELS Way cross, Ga. WILLIS DAVIS Wagoner. S. C. 16JAMES DeVVITT Conway, S. C. MILDRED DICCS Horatio, S. C. EARLINE DOBY Camden, S. C. MARGARET DURANT Elliot. S. C. ERMA DWYER Sumter, S. C. ISABEL EADDY Kingstrec, S. C HAROLD FAIR Due West, S. C. SADIE FERCURSON Bonneau, S. C. 17ALEASE FLUDD Awendaw, S. C. ROW ENA FULMORE Lake City, S. C. BETTY CAUSE Mullins, S. C. ADA CEE Timmonsville, S. C. DOROTHY CLOVER Dalzell, S. C. CHARI.ES GOODMAN Orlando, Fla. LOUVENIA GRANT Westminster, S. C- RUBY GRANT Westminster, S. C. 18 HELEN GRATE Georgetown, S. C. EMMA GREER Florence, S. C. JULIA HAIRE Sumter, S. C. GLADYS HAMILTON Ninety-Six, S. C. NATHANIEL HARPER Calhoun Falls. S. C. EMMA HARRIS Moncks Corner, S. C. AUGUSTUS IIERRIOT Conway, S. C. LENA HERRIOT Pawley's Island, S. C. 19 .SEYMOUR HILL Sumter, S. C. RUBY ISSAC Sumter, S. C. IRENE JACKSON Sumter, S. C. DOROTHY JAMES Sumter, S. C. CLARA JEFFERSON Mayesville, S. C. BERTHA JONES Summerton, S. C. WILBERT KING Sumter, S. C. LILLIE LAWSON Manning, S. C. 20EDDIE LEE Scranton, S. C. BEATRICE LITTLES Clinton, S. C. PANSY LITTLES Sumter, S. C. HERMENIA LOWERY Lynchburg, S. C. marvin McAllister Florence, S. C. shirley McAllister Starr, S. C. JAMES McMORRIS Washington, D. C. CLEO McNEAL Hemingway, S. C. 21 ■ -MARGARET McNEAL Hemingway, S. C. SUSIE NELSON Pinewood, S. C. EOLA PERRY Winnsboro, S. C. JOHNNIE MAE PETERSON Lynchburg, S. C. LORETTA POOLE Darlington, S. C. CLEVELAND PRESTON St. Stephen, S. C. NELLIE REESE Sumter, S. C. ANNIE RILEY Winston Salem, N. C. 22 7ELLIE SUMTER Pine wood, S. C. INEZ SCARBOROUGH Sumter, S. C. SULA SCOTT Salters, S. C. ROSA SIMMONS Williston, S. C. ADA SMOTHERS Sumter, S C. GERALDINE TART Dillon, S. C. MARY THOMPSON Sumter, S. C. ROOSEVELT THOMAS Sumter, S. C. 23 CURTIS TILI.ERSON Inman, S. C. LOUISE TINDAL Sumter, S. C. REBECCA WALTERS Salters, S. C. ELOUISE WARREN Bonneau, S. C. BERNE ATM A WILLIAMS Sumter, S. C. WILLIAM WOODARD Conway, S. C. FLOSSIE WRIGHT Sumter, S. C. JOHN WRIGHT Holly Hill, S. C.SENIORS NOT PICTURED MARION ADDISON St. Stephen, S. C. JOHN HUNTER Dalzell, S. C. JESTINE BOATWRIGHT Walterboro, S. C. SHIRLE IBEAWUCHI Pratt, Kansas FRANK BURGESS Sumter, S. C. LOUVENIA JACKSON Florence, S. C. ROBERT BYRD Alcolu, S. C. ROBERT JACKSON Sumter, S. C. REBECCA CASON Liberty, S. C. HENRY LANE Sumter, S. C. CLEVELAND D ARC AN Sumter, S. C. LOUISE MOORE Sumter, S. C. ADAM DICKS Kingstrcc, S. C. HALLIE McCRAY Lynchburg, S. C. RICHARD DINKINS Sumter, S. C. JOSEPH RICHARDSON Conway, S. C. FLORENCE DONALD Duewest, S. C. WINTON SOLOMON Lynchburg, S. C. RUTH GERALD Marion, S. C. JUNIUS VAUGHN Sumter, S. C. JAMES GIST Sumter, S. C. WOODROE WARD Laurinburg, N. C. CURNIF. HAM Sumter, S. C. RUBY WRIGHT Sumter, S. C. 25JUNIORS JOHN PREACHER Bamberg, S. C. Business Manager BESSIE ALLEN Allendale, S. C. Assistant Secretary THEODORE PORTER Benncltsvillc, S. C. President ELIZABETH ADAMS Easley, S. C. BEAUFORT ADDISON St. Stephen, S. C. HATTIE ANDERSON Georgetown, S. C. ROOSEVELT BALDWIN Sumter, S. C. GLADYS BARCUS Hemingway, S. C. ANNA BROWN Bonneau, S. C. MARY CUMMINGS Walterboro, S. C. AMANDA DUDLEY Sumter, S. C. HAROLD DUPREE Manning, S. C.JUNIORS JAMES DINGLE Charleston, S. C. Vice-President ALICE SINGLETON Wadmalaw, S. C. Secretary ODESSA JOHNSON Laurinburg, N. C. Treasurer JOHNNIE DYERS Bethune, S. C. ANDREW EADDY Dillon, S. C. MARY FORD Bamburg, S. C. LUBERTHA GAMBLE New Zion, S. C. MARY GAMBLE Lynchburg, S. C. BEATRICE CAMBRELL Anderson, S. C. EULA GILLESPIE Bennettsville, S. C. JUANITA GIST Sumter, S. C. MARY GODBOLT Gresham, S. C. 27JANIE HAILE Sumter, S. C. OPHELIA HARRY Lynchburg, S. C. CRACIE HILL Dalzell, S. C. ROSA JAMISON Holly Hill, S. C. BETTY JOHNSON Walterboro, S. C. SADIE JOHNSON Pincwood, S. C. SARAH JOHNSON Sumter, S. C. IDA LLOYD Russelville, S. C. GENEVIEVE McCANTS Hemingway, S. C. SHIRLEY McFADDEN Sumter, S. C. FRANCIS McGILL Kingstree, S. C. SYNITA McKIE Salley, S. C. 28RUTHIE McMICKLE Elliott, S. C. MARGARET MAZYCK Holly Hill, S. C. EARTHA MIDDLETON St. Stephen, S. C. THEODORE MILFORD St. Stephens, S. C. THOMAS MONROE Mayesville, S. C. JULIA MONTGOMERY Sumter, S. C. VIRGINIA PHILLIPS Mullins, S. C. RUTH ROBERTSON Ridgeway, S. C. KATHERINE ROBINSON Sumter, S. C. WILLIE MAE SCARBOROUGH Lynchburg, S. C CEMA SPATES Kingstree, S. C. FLETCHER STEWART Laurinburg, N. C. 29m i JAMES STUKES Sumter, S. C. MAGGIE SUMPTER Sumter, S. C. FRED WARDLAW Abbeville, S. C. BOOKER WALLACE Bonneau, S. C. MATILDA WASHINGTON Cross, S. C. FLOSSIE WELLS Sumter, S. C. LENORAH WILLIAMS Islandton, S. C. WILLIE WILLIAMS St. Stephens, S. C. CORINE WILSON Mayesville, S. C. DOROTHY WILSON Mayesville, S. C. LOUISE WILSON Mayesville, S. C. ELIAS YOUNG Alcolu, S. C. 30JUNIORS NOT PICTURED CHRISTOPHER BROGDON Sumter, S. C. ROBERT COOPER Maysville, S. C. BETTY EVANS Sumter, S. C. NANCY CAUSE Mullins, S. C. ALMA MACK Sumter, S. C. HERBERT NELSON Philadelphia, Pa. ELLIE PALMER Eutawville, S. C. DELORES RICHBURG Sumter, S. C. CARLTON SPEARS Holly Hill, S. C. EARNEST WASHINGTON Sumter, S. C. 31SOPHOMORES TOLER HILLIAN THOMAS DUERN WILLIAM SINKLER WILLIE BASS WILLIAM GRAMPUS JAMES DARGAN WILLIE DAVIS HENRY PHINZY ROY EADDY EARL GREENE ISAAC PEARSON CLARANCE McCOY WILLIE RICHARDS ALLEN McCLUNEY FRANCIS GATHERS HENRY McGILL JOHN POUNCY WILLIE RANDOLPH JOSEPH MEANS LEROY BENTONKATHERINE BROWN Secretary I DELL A DeLOACH Assistant Secretary ROM ETTA ALSTON EVELYN BRITT HELEN McFADDEN ANNIE BROWN DORIS SINGLETON MILDRED HICKMAN LAVONE PARKER WILLIE MAE SPARKS ALBERT A PRINGLE BEVERLY McMILLAN MEREDITH DOUGLAS HELEN SWINTON CENANE McMILLAN FRANCIS HILL ROSA LOWERY ROSETTA WILSON ALBERT A MARTIN HENRIETTA BLAKE BETTY LAW LUCILLE W ALTERS INER VEREEN SUSIE PRIOLEAU . » 33 FRESHMEN DONALD HUGHES HAZEL LADSON JESSIE STOKES DILL GAMBLE President LAWRENCE BEATTY ANNIE MOSS MARY MILLER WALTER McGRIFF BERNARD WALKER DOROTHY DONNELLY RHUNETTA DUPREE BERNICE MASSEY FRED GREENE FRANCENA POWELL SHIRLEY BURTON REBECCA PETTIGREW EMMANUEL CHAPMAN ANNETTE COOPER MAEDEAN WILLIAMS MARY DEAS WILLIAM BROWN EARTH A KEITT HATTIE MAZYCK JANNIE LANGLEY 34 VSfB.FRESHMEN CARLE AN ADDISON Secretary KAY LEWIS LAURETTA WARD JOE RUSH EARNESTINE RAVENELL SALLIE BROOKER MARIE HARPS OTIS GRISSETT CLARA PRIOLEAU ELIZABETH BUTLER DOLA JONES JOHN FLOYD MARGIE THOMAS BETTY PREACHER MAGGIE BRITTON JAMES D AND RIDGE ANNA DINKINS EQUILLA WILLIAMS MARY SCARBOROUGH HAROLD DEVORE INEATHA GAILLARD JOSIEPHINE BREAZEALE ELSIE HILL THOMAS HILLSENIOR CLASS HISTORY Sula Scott In September of 1954, we arrived at Morris College and boarded the "Witnik," one hundred and fifty-five strong. The excitement of becoming college students was unparalled. Realizing the need for leaders, James Smith and Jessie Baker were elected president and secretary respectively. Mr. Alfonso Gore and Mrs. Ethel W. Wheeler were advisors. Each day brought new experiences Katie Lesane was Miss Homecoming. Soon May came our first year was over. We returned to our campus as wise sophomores in September of 1955. The golden treasures of hidden talents were found as the year ensued James Smith again led the class and the secretary was Rebecca Walters. We had reached the half-way mark in our college career, now that our sophomore year was closing. The flame of hope burned brightly with Mrs. Eliza E. Black and Rev. Horace P. Sharper to advise us. Because of her deep devotion for Morris and an enormous contribution, Willie Byrd was crowned Miss Co-ed. With two years of college behind us, September 1956, brought us back as ambitious juniors, with President Rebecca Walters and Secretary Cleo McNeal. Morris' activities would not have existed successfully if it were not for some distinguished juniors. Soloists Herman Bright (Bass), Gloria Daniels (Contralto), and James Smith (Tenor) were featured with the Morris College Choir. Rufus Addison, Herman Bright, Cleveland Dargan, Willis Davis, James O. Gist, Charles Goodman and Marvin McAlister were especially outstanding in athletics. Gladys Hamilton, the young lady with the captivating personality, was Miss Co-ed's attendant. The petite Alease Fludd was Miss Junior and her attendants were Marie Boykin and Willie Byrd. Nathaniel Harper was elected president of our Student government. Climaxing our accomplishments was the Junior-Senior Banquet. The theme for the gala affair was "Star Light Over Swan Lake." We relaxed to the soft, serenading music of the Metronome All-Stars of Charleston, South Carolina. Mrs. Magnolia Lewis, Miss Marguerite Porter and Mr. Theolander Taylor gave us guidance. In September of 1957, we found ourselves looking back over the years with many pleasant memories. We were seniors at last! Can you imagine the years going by so swiftly? Elected to lead us were President James Smith and Secretary Thelma Pringle. Because we needed very competent and alert advisors during this crucial period, Mr. Frank Anderson and Miss Jessie Ward were chosen. Loretta Poole reigned supremely as Miss Morris College, attending her were Wilhelmena Bessellieu and Margaret McNeal. Ruth Brogdon was Miss Senior and her runner-ups were Cleo McNeal and Sula Scott. Helen Grate, captain of the Cheering Squad, motivated and perpetuated the Morris spirit. Mr. and Miss Co-ed were Robert Jackson and Willie Byrd. The members of our class have participated in all leading activities on our campus. May 1958, and the wearing of caps and gowns are brought back into our minds As the line moves forward that leads to the wide world, a million thoughts accompany our attention. We can see them more clearly as we face tomorrow. The pleasant moments and the cultural experiences gained at our dear Alma Mater will always be cherished. Sula M. Scott I Best All-Round 0 -MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Thelma Pringle James Smith MOST STUDIOUS James DeWitt Sula Scott Pt HTu DAY. 'irm MiBEST DRESSED Margaret Me Neal Ellie Sumter MOST HUMOROUS Curnie Ham Helen Crate m fi1 mi BEST PERSONALI TY Marvin McAlister Pansy Littles HlR MOST CO-OPERATIVE Nathaniel Harper Rebecca Walters MOST COURTEOUS Cleveland Preston Gladys Hamilton , MOST POPULAR Marvin McAlister Ruth Brogdon MISS JUNIOR Bessie Allen Margaret Mazyck Ruthie Me Mickle.7.1 L •. I MISS SOPHOMORE Frances Clark Anna Mac Brown Helen SwintonMiss MORRIS COLLEGE AND HER ATTENDANTS Wilhelmena Bessel lieu Loretta Poole Margaret McNealMiss SENIOR AND ATTENDANTS Cleo McNeal Ruth Brogdon Sula ScottMISS CO-ED Alberta Martin Willie Mae Byrd Equilla Williams MISS FRESHMAN Kay Frances Lewis Lauretta Ward Rhunetta DupreeSTUDENT COUNCIL Nathaniel Harper....................................President Fred Wardlaw........................................Vice President Margaret Mazyck.....................................Secretary Bessie Allen........................................Assistant Secretary Rufus Addison.......................................Business Manager Mary Ford...........................................Treasurer Mrs. P. W. Carr, Rev. J. B. Haile and Rev. J. D. Rice, Advisors MembersTHE MORRIS HORNET Official Newspaper of Morris College, Sumter, S. C Editor .......... Associate Editor Managing Editor Literary Editor . Art Editor . . . Sports Editor . . Secretary .... Erma Dwyer Frances Dubose Julia Haire Rebecca Walters Cleveland Dargen Charles Daniels Curtis Tillerson  FORTNIGHTLY LITERARY SOCIETY SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB 54MISSIONARY SOCIETY USHERS OF THE CHAPEL 55DURHAM MINISTERIAL SOCIETYMEMBERS OF THE DURHAM MINISTERIAL SOCIETY BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SUNDAY SCHOOL OFFICERSCONCERT CHOIR Garland J. Butts, Director ft vu FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA V E T C E L R U A B N S f WOMEN’S SENATE SCIENCE CLUB 61fefr THE HORNET Nathaniel Harper Editor Mary Deas Lcvone Parker Mary Ford William Grampus Mary Godbolt Margaret Mazyck Curtis Tillcrson Mary Deas Loretta Poole Curtis Tillcrson Margaret Mazyck Levone Parker E. C. Jones1957 HORNET SQUAD MRS I ROW: J. Jones, D. Gamble, W. Timmons, R. Addison, J. Brown, F. Steward, C. Goodman, F. Wardlaw, G. Richardson. SECOND ROW: D. Hughes, H. Bright, W. William, N. Jones, W. Davis, C. Dargan, G. Littles, L. Gary, J. Rush. THIRD ROW: L. McKelvin, A. Pollard, A. Hammond, J. Sellers, L Beatty, I. Riddick, S. Gaines, J. Gist. W. Bryant. FOURTH ROW: F. Campbell, M. McAlister, A. Hammond. All-Conference Southeastern Athletic Conference Julian Brown, QB; Dill Gamble, HB; Ivan Riddick, FB; Andrew Pollard, C. 64Charles Goodman B Willis Davis G Cleveland Dargan C James Gist E CHEERLEADERS 65EmmmBB ------Vf- If' ■'LYCEUM USHERS SALUTE TO FORMER PRESIDENTS Morris College was established in 1908 by the State Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina for the Christian and intellectual training of the Negro youth. Dr. E. M. Brawley served as the first president of the institution. In 1911 during Dr. Br aw ley's Administration, eleven members of the College's high school were graduated. During the administration of the next president. Dr. J. J. Starks, the institution was expanded and new courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree were added. In 1915. the Bachelor of Arts degree was conferred upon the first two graduates of Morris College. Dr. I.D. Pinson became president in 1930. For the next two years the institution became a junior college. In 1932 the College resumed its rank as a senior college and has since maintain that status. Following Dr. Pinson's death, a distinguished educator and religious leader. Dr. J. P. Garrick, served as President of the College. In the course of lus administration, the new library was begun, and the enrollment was considerably increased. In recognition of his splendid services. Dr. Garrick was made President Emeritus. Dr. H. II. Butler, a noted educator and distinguished Baptist leader was elected in 1946, following the resignation of Dr. Garrick. He served until his death in January of 1948. During Dr. Butler's administration, the library was completed. Dr. J. W. Boykins served as Acting President, during the interim following Dr. Butler's death, until the election of Rev. O. R. Reuben in 1948. Under the leadership of the current administration. continuous progress has been made. A new gymnasium, science hall, student center, home economics building and stadium have been erected. 71 President E. M. Brawley 1911-1912 President I. D. Pinson 1930-1939 President H. H. Butler 1946-1948 President J. W. Boykins 1948-1948 President J. J. Starks 1912-1930 President J. P. Carrick 1939-1946ALMA MATER Morris our college dear With hearts all filled with cheer We come to Thee- Throughout life’s checkered ways Thy name we'll ever praise Teacher of youthful days All hail to Thee. When from our homes we came-To own thy lofty name Breathe courage free Parents and Teachers Dear Calmed by the lack of fear Pay homage through the years All Hail to Thee. Yearbook Advisors 72 Marion M. Hatcher Garland J. ButtsBIWIm i+Jtixl.-.' j 

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