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Published by the Students of Morris College - Nineteen Hundred Forty-OnePRESIDENT J. P. GARRICK Morris College - Sumter, S. C. Dedication It is to you. Reverend J. P. Garrick, with our firm belief in your sincerity, loyalty and ability, that we, the classes of Nineteen Hundred Forty-One dedicate the third volume of the Morrisite. May your faith continue to encourage us, your hope uphold us, and your charity inspire us. Page 2Foreword A TRUE MORRISITE BELIEVES THAT: If one works at that which is before him, following right reason seriously, vigorously, calmly, without allowing anything to distract him, but keeping his divine part sure, if he should be bound to give it back immediately, if he holds to this expecting nothing, fearing nothing, but satisfied with his present activity according to nature, and with truth in every word and sound which he utters, he will live happy and attain a reasonable portion of success. And there is no man who is able to prevent this. College Entrance Gate Page 3The Faculty — Morris College Rev. E. M. Booker, Dean M. W. Campbell, Registrar G. J. Thompson, Dean of Women M. O. Ramsey, Dean of MenThe Faculty First row—J. A. McConnell, J. T. McCain, R. T. William, Minnie Smith Second row—Evelyn P. Campbell, Wm. Moses, Precious R. Dannelly, W. H. C. Bowen Third row—W. J. Burgess, Gardena Garrick-Tildon, Wm. Slater, Bertha Roberson Fourth row Eula Barton, A. J. McConnell, Hazel F. Johnson, I. N. Taylor, H. H. Butler Page 5 President's Cottage Page 6Dean's CottageAcademic Building White's Memorial Hall Brawley-Starks Hall Legare Hall Page 9 IN MEMORIAM Dr. I. D. Pinson President of Morris College 1930 - 1939 Peace Be to His Ashes"ENIORS Senior Class Officers GEORGE H. BUCK President SALOME SPANN Secretary LEROY WHITE Treasurer LILLIE MOSES Vice President LUCILE BURNS Assistant Secretary PRINCE WILLIS Critic Faculty Advisor.......................................................... J. T. McCain Class Motto: "On The Violin Of Life, We'll Play The Chords Of Success" Class Colors - Blue and White Class Flower - Pink CarnationELDER ALSTON Darlington, S. C. Science Club, 4. JAMES WHITTIER BAKER Manning, S. C. Glee Club, 1-2-3-4 YMCA, 4 Durham Ministerial Union, 3-4 Science Club, 4 ELLA MAE BRISBON Ma.vcsville, S. C. Science Club, 4 Art Club. 1 WALTER LEE BROWN, Jr. Beaufort. S. C. YMCA, 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club, 4 Campus Voice Staff. 3-4 Science Club, 4 Pep Squad. 1-2-3-4 Dramatic Club, 2-3 DAVID DONALLY BURGESS, Jr. Sumter. S. C. Manager of Campus Voice Staff. 1-2 Commercial Club. 4 President of Stylus Club BERTHA LUCILE BURNS Sumter, S. C. Art Club. 1 Science Club. 4 ALICE BAKER Sumter, S. C. LUCILE BARTON Sumter. S. C. Stylus Club. 3-4 CARL DAVID BRADLEY Mayesville, S. C. Science Club, 4 Art Club. 1 GEORGE HARTFORD BUCK Mullins, S. C. Debating Society, 1 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Student Council, I Pres, of Senior Class, 1 Commercial Club. 4 Assistant Editor of Campus Voice Staff. 1 ERNESTINE BURTON Newberry. S. C. YWCA. 1-2-3-4 Treas. of Stylus Club. 4 Glee Club. 1-2 Home Economic Club, 2 Dramatic Club, 2-3 Softball Team. 3 Omicrom Lambda Mu. 3-4 VERNA MARIE COLEMAN Greenville, S. C. YWCA. 4 I a Cerc'e Francais, 4 Stylus Club. 4 Omicrom Lambda Mu. 4 Campus Voice Staff. 4 Commercial Club. 4 ♦ Page 12EDNA W. CRIM Sumter. S. C. CELIA DORIS CURRIE Benncttsville, S. C. Ye Merric Stcnogs Club. 1-2 Art Club. I Dramatic Club. 2-2 ALPHONSO DESHIELDS Spartanburg. S. C. YMCA. 1-2-3-4 Treasurer of Sunday School. 1 LIZETTA GREGG Sumter. S. C. Campus Voice Staff. •! Stylus Club. 3 4 Science Club. 4 Art Club. 1 Commercial Club, 4 ABRAHAM HEMMINGWAY Ilemmingway, S. C. Le Ccrcle Francais, 4 Science Club. I Merrie Stenogs Club. 1-2 CLARENCE M. HOLMES Wedgefield, S. C. Science Club, 4 Dramatic Club, 2 ARTHENA JACKSON Sumter, S. C. Home Economic Club. 2 Art Club. 2 Stylus Club, 3-4 YWCA, 1 -2-3-4 Stylus Club, I Omicrom Lambda Mu. 1-2 PRIMUS P. GREEN St. Stephens, S. C. Football Team. 1-2-3-4 YMCA. 1-2-3-4 BERNICE HARRIS Sumter. S. C. Dramatic Club. 2-3 Art Club. 1 MATTIE HILL Sumter. S. C. MARTHA HOWARD Sumter, S. C. JOSEPH JEFFERSON I’ineville. S. C. Football team. 2-3-4 Dramatic Club, 3 Le Ccrcle Francais. 4 » Page ISMARY ELLEN LINDSAY Union. S. C. Chaplain of YWCA President of Omicrom Lambda Mu. 2 Glee Club. 1-2 Pep Squad. 1-2-2-4 Art Club. 1 Home Economics Club. 2 WILLIAM LUDD Sumter, S. C. Football, 1 Dramatic Club, 2-3 ISAAC McELVEEN Sumter. S. C. Football. 1 MAGDALENE MOSES Woodrow, S. C. THOMASENA PACK Sumter. S. C. Science Club, 1 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Campus Voice Staff, 3 Ye M -ride Stenogs. 1-2 HERBERT PHILLIPS Florence. S. C. Football Captain. 2-3-1 Baseball. 1-2-3 YMCA. 1 -2-3-4 Science Club, 1 Stylus Club, 3-4 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Debating Club, 1 Campus Voice Staff. 2-3 RUTH LOGAN Sumter. S. C. DAVID JULIUEN LUNN Timmonsville. S. C. Dramatic Club, 3 Durham Ministerial Union. 1-2-3-4 Male. Quartet. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club. 1 -2-3-4 Lc Cerele Francais. 4 Campus Voice Staff, 1 Football Team, 1 LILLIE ALBERTHA MOSES Sumter. S. C. Ye Merrie Stenogs Club,. 1-2 Dramatic Club, 3 Vice President of Senior Class, 1 CHOATE NEAL Hopkins, S. C. YMCA, 1-2-3-4 Durham Ministerial Union. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club. 1-2-3 ORRIE PASLEY Hemmingway, S. C. YMCA. 1-2-3-4 Dramatic Club, 2-3 OSCAR POMPEY Wisacky, S. C.LUCY B. RAMSEY Sumter. S. C. Stylus Club. 3-4 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Art Club. 1 JAMES P. REMBERT Sumter. S. C. Science Club, 4 Le Cercle Francais. 4 SALOME BEATRICE SPANN Chester, S. C. Secretary Senior Class President of YWCA Secretary. Stylus Club. 2 Glee Club, 1 Omicrom Lambda. Mu. 3-4 Campus Voice Staff. 2 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Home Economics Club, 2 CHARLES NEWTON SULLIVAN Greer, S. C. Durham Ministerial Union. 1-2-3-4 YMCA. 1-2-3-4 Treasurer of Sunday School, 4 Science Club, 4 FLORENCE WALKER Sumter. S. C. Ye Merrie Stenojrs Club. 1-2 LEROY WHITE Sumter, S. C. Treasurer, Senior Class Stylus Club, 3-4 LOUISE MARIE ROUNDTREE Barnwell, S. C. Editor, Campus Voice. •! Stylus Club. 3-4 Commercial Club, 4 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Omicrom Lambda Mu, 3-4 YWCA. 1 -2-3-4 Softball Team, 3-4 EDDIE M. SCARBOROUGH Bishopville, S. C. Stylus Club, 4 TRYPHENA LEWIS SPEARS Sumter. S. C. Art Club. I Stylus Club, 3-4 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Campus Voice Staff. 2 ALPHONSO TIMMONS Cartersville, S. C. Durham Ministerial Union. 1-2-3-4 Campus Voice Staff. 3 Dramatic Club, 2 YMCA. 1-2-3-4 MRS. WISDON D. WHITE Sumter, S. C. RHUNETTA WILDER Cheraw, S. C. Art Club. 1 Stylus Club, 3-4 Omicrom Lambda Mu, 3-4 Campus Voice Staff, 3 YWCA. 1-2-3-4 Home Economics Club. 2 Page 15ETHEL WILSON Mayesville, S. C. LUKE WILLIAMS Sumter. S. C. PRINCE WILLIS Sumter. S. C. Science Club, -1 Stylus Club. .3-4 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Critic of Senior Collette Class. 1 LENA WILLIAMS Timmonsville, S. C. YWCA. 1-2-3-4 Stylus Club. 4 Secretary of Sunday School, 4 Home Economics Club, 2 Glee Club Omicrom Lambda Mu. 3-4 RUBY WILLIAMS Sumter, S. C. Campus Voice Staff. 4 Commercial Club. 4 ALEASE YOUNG Sumter. S. C. Stylus Club. 3-4 Dramatic Club. 2-3 Art Club. 1JUNIORS Officers Willie Boykins, President James Jackson, Vice President Burly Drafts, Secretary Martha Jones, Assistant Secretary Alfred Raiford, Treasurer Eleonora Eubanks, Critic Faculty Advisor: Professor H. H. ButlerWILLIE BOYKIN "F'lukic" - Hartsville, S.C. President of Junior Class YMCA Science Club Dramatic Club JAMES BRADLEY "Fats" - Hartsville, S. C. Stylus Club Science Club Dramatic Club Lc Cercle La Francais Glee Club JERMIAH BRADLEY "Jerry" - Mayesville, S. C. HENRY D. DUPREE, Jr. "Sag" - Sumter, S. C. YMCA Football ELEANORA EUBANKS “Slimbo” - Union. S. C. Glee Club. Pen Squad Commercial Club Omicrom Lambda Mu Softball Team News Editor of Campus Voice Staff President. YWCA Class Critic-Dramatic Club CELESTINE GRAHAM Lake City. S. C. YWCA Omicrom Lambda Mu AABLE E. BOYKIN “Sell" - Camden, S. C. Glee Club YWCA Omicrom Lambda Mu CATHERINE BRUNSON “Grade” - Manning, S. C. Glee Club RUTH COVERT ".Mae" - Kingstree, S. C. YWCA Science Club Female Quintet Glee Club Omicrom Lambda Mu Sorority BURLEY DRAFTS "littbe" - Lexington, S. C. lx- Cercle Francais Pep Squad Softball Team YWCA Omicrom Lambda Mu Class Secretary Dramatic Club RUTH EVANS "Ratine” - Blenheim. S. C. RHONELLE GREEN “Sell” - Timmonsville, S. C. YWCA Le Cercle Francais Secretary Omicrom Lambda Mu Dramatic Club Page I-S'LIZZIE GALLMAN "1)4)11" - Newberry, S. C. YWCA Science Club Omicrom Lambda Mu Dramatic Club RUTH SLATER, (Mrs.) Manning:. S. C. MARVIN HERRIOTT "Hit" - Sumter, S. C. Dramatic Club HARRIETT HOLLIDAY “Monkey" - Sumter. S. C. ROBERT JACKSON, Jr. “Bob” - Sumter. S. C. Le Cerele Francais MARTHA JONES "Skippy" - Sumter, S. C. Science Club Assistant Secretary of Junior Class LILLIE GALLMAN “ Biyhoncy" - Ncwberrv, S. C. YWCA Omicrom Lambda Mu AMANDA HAM “Mu ml a” - Timmonsville. S. C. Omicrom Lambda Mu JANIE HUDSON "Sister" - St. Charles. S. C. JAMES O. JACKSON "Jack" • Hartsville. S. C. Business Manager of Campus Voice Vice Pres., Science Club Vice Pres., Junior Class Commercial Club Dramatic Club Stylus Club Ad Section THE MOR-RI SITE GERALDINE JACKSON "Jerry" - Conway. S. C. Omicrom Lambda Mu YWCA CARL K. JONES "K. C" - Summerville, S. C. Football Science ClubSHADRACK KERSHAW "Shad" - Statesburg, S.C. Science Club Stylus Club MARY L. MclNTOSH “Lee" - Marion, S. C. Secretary of YWCA Glee Club Sunday School pianist Omicrom Lambdu Mu AMANDA McPHAIL “Manda' - Hartsville. S. C. Omicrom Lambda Mu YWCA ELEASE MURRAY “Bubu" • Greeleyvillc. S. C. YWCA Omicrom Lambda Mu Glee Club Le Cercle Francais ELOUISE MULDROW “Wee" - Darlington, S. C. CORNELIUS RANSOM “Hoots" - Camden, S. C. YMCA President of Science Club Glee Club Pep Club Ad Section of THE M OR RI SITE LILLIAN LEWIS "Li7" - Bishopvillc, S. C. YWCA Softball Team Dramatic Club Omicrom Lambda Mu Le Cercle Francais WILLIAM MILLER "Hill" - Sumter. S. C. Science Club Le Cercle Francais DORCAS MOONE "I’iffffie" - Elmira, N. Y. DELLA KEELS "Dell" - Greeleyvillc, S.C. ALYCE PYLES Simpsonvillc, S. C. Le Cercle Francais Omicrom Lambdu Mu YWCA ISABELL REUBEN "Issic" - Silver St.. S. C. Omicrom Lambda Mu YWCA Debating Society Page 20ALFRED RAIFORD “Buck" - Sumter. S. C. Science Club Le Corele Francais Treasurer Junior College Class CARRIE LEE RICHARDSON “Cat” - Hartsville. S. C. Supt. of Sunday School Vice President of Omi-crom Lambda Mu Treasurer of YWCA Typist for Campus Voice Staff Commercial Club Science Club “Miss Morris College” CLARENCE SHULER "Snuggy" - Darlington. S. C. YMCA JAMES SULLIVAN “Jimmy" - Greer, S. C. YMCA Dramatic Club Science Club SADIE SINGLETARY “Sis” - Florence. S. C. Science Club YWCA WILLARD SMALLS "l)ook” - Sumter. S. C. EVAUGHN RAGIN “Vaughn” - Pinewood, S. C. WILLIE REMBERT “Bill" ■ Russellville. S. C. Ad Section of THE MORRISITE EDITH SULLIVAN “Little Sister" Greer, S. C. Glee Club Science Club Softball Team Pep Squad YWCA Female Quintet Dramatic Club Omicrcm Lambda Mu MARION SAXTON “Sax" - Rembert. S. C. JAMES SIMMONS “Hunter" - Stateshurg. S. C. Business Manager of Campus Voice Commercial Club Science Club Ad Section THE MORRISITE FRANK SCOTT “Scotty" - Sumter. S. C.ALLEN SWINTON “Sunni” ■ Maycsville, S.C. Science Club Ad Section of the Campus Voice BERTHA WOODS "Ho t" - Sumter. S. C. CELIA O. WILLIAMS "Tee” - Ellorcc. S. C. News Editor of Campus Voice Staff Secretary of Science Club Treasurer of Commercial Club Dramatic Club JOHN W. WILLIAMS "Jack” - Sumter. S. C. MULVINA SHINGLER “Sister” - Santee, S. C. French Club JOHN W. CARTER “Johnny" - Manning, S.C. Durham Ministerial Union ALBERTHA WILSON “Bert” - Sumter. S. C. EARTHLEE WESTON “Theola” - Sumter. S. C. MARY L. WITHERSPOON “Spoonie” - Sumter. S. C. ELEASE YORK “Tianehe” - Bennettsvillc. S. C. KATIE KEITT “Kit” - Santee, S. C. CHARLES RILEY Sumter, S. C. Page 22Sophomores Officers Peter Emanuel, President Norman Smith, Vice President Rebecca Holiday, Secretary Elijah Hilton, Treasurer G R. Conner, Chaplain Samuel Williams, Business Manager Class Roll Ruby Stackhouse. Edlean Ruperal Wilson. Cardelia Ojetta Foster, Edith Essie Fleming, Cassie Elizabeth Marvin. Arthuree Alberta Neely. Gertrude A. Weston, Mittie Rosemelle Garrick. Gertrude Weston. Blanche Preston. Loretta Alexander, Earleen Brown, Arnold Smith. Anita T. Brown, Lucretia Dingle. Earnestine Floyd. Annie Mae Bass. Willie L. Frazier, Velma Lucille Coleman, Edward IL Rhue, Inez Jones. Catherine Mil-ton, Edralph Shiver, Samuel Williams, Mary S. Harmon. Edell Lee, Ruth Green. George Daniels, Norman Smith. Josephine Cantey, Vertrell Miller, Marie Gary. Dorothy W. Brown, Cassie E. Marvin. Eleanor Bowens. Clydia Brown. Johnny Laney. Julia John-son, James Gerald, Cassie Blair. Willie Frazier. Daniel T. Terry, Bertie M. Washington, Odessa Footman, Eddie Dingle. Queen Ester Washington, Edward M. Booker. Jr.. Marie McFadden, Robbie Barton. Margaret Pitts. Kathryn Burns, Frances Jones, Myrtle McFadden, Emogene Sullivan. Mary Harmon. Ruby Keitt Rosa Goodson. James Walter Armstrong. Lewis White. G. R. Conner. Mulvina Shangler, Burgess Davis. Helen McClary. William James, Lu-genia G. Washington, Etheline Prioleau, Wilhelmina Dennis, Lillie Davis, Hester Rant in. Eli Raiford, Joseph Gourdine. Rav-cnel Felder. George Dodona, Joseph Drake-ward. Jacob Laney. Rachel Holliday, Ruth Brevard. Elijah Hilton. Margaret Gibson. Pa ye 23Freshmen Officers roscoe wilson, president jonie dark, secretary alva rivers, vice president margaree sullivan, assistant secretary manning'tJiggs, treasurer freshman college harriet atkinson, john alsbrooks, dora aiken, thelma adger, naomi adger, bennie anderson, emma brown, cheater boykin. ruby beaty, william blanding, lizzie m. burgess, louist brcazeale eulalia bacote, eleanor bowens, livingston burgess, lucrctia barnes, saniuel bradley, frank brodie, alice barr, beatrice barnes, Virginia benjamin, julius belle, louise bultman, janie dark, ruth counts, ruthell Campbell, ida ruth cooley. rcbia curry, marie cocklin ral| h coakley, thelma calwell, ethel cooley, james Carolina, Virginia collins, mark canty, ruth calhous, mac etta currie, reuben dark, william cummings, manning diggs, inez denefield, cleopatra davis. william dnvis, rondel I dupree, lillie davis. celesta danicls, viola 1. dicks, thomas dixon rosa l'. a dinkins, john dicks. Catherine davis. georgia dixon, mattie mac franklin, inez folder, lucile folder, francos fossettc, mamie fulmore, julius fogle, aaron franklin, lillie | . folder, robert frazier, ova el la greene, lucile grantt, ethel graham, anna bell gray, mary louise gass. hazel graham, artopee giiliard, eunice goggins, edward hovington. lucile harrison, mary e. heyward, rossie hicks, claudie henryhand, vera hammett, alice hcrrington, lizzie mae james, dorothy jenkins, susan jackson, cleo john son. earline lowery. addie lewis, thomasena lewis, mi Id red mcmullen amelia mcfadden, carrie lou me-fadden, james mebride. angie mcfadden. ellen murray, jacob w. moore, katherine marshall, willie c. muldrow, alphonso muldrown, robert e. martin, robert murray. james martin, ellen ned, maggie sue nelson, geneva nelson, david odom, marion k. osborne, mable porter, albert prescott, robert pringle, Ophelia preston, wade Hampton prince, luredeau pearson, magadelene pender-grass, elista mae pickett, edward prince, mary peay, gladys ruHin, frank robinson, hestor rant-kins, ruby ragins, benjamin robinson. alva rivers, hosca ramsey, diaries leroy raiford, bertha richardson, anthum redden Catherine richardson, Cleveland raiford, lula mae ramsey dorothy reaves, hattie ray, bessie ross, ada bell simon, dara swinton, margree sullivan, o’ncal seals, ruth louise singletary, mary lee sanders, wjlbert stubbs, Hilton shirley, thelma stover, ruby tindal, alethia taylor, leroy thompson. bessie tindal. madge tarleton. angeronu thomas, shedrich vaughn, carnell Washington, susanna wortherly, meta a. wade, jerona Washington, lewis white, elizabeth white, emma Washington, maggie b. wilson. modestine woods, jerome wilson, florencc wilson. author williams, margaret wildern, ger-milia wardy, demon wortherly, mary wade, david walker harry wilson, gladys wilson, mary ida walker, lila mae weathers.Fourth Year High Officers Annie L. Saxton, President Rosalee Murray, Secretary Billie Fleming, Vice President Martha Bell Easley, Assistant Secretary Hattie R. McFadden, Treasurer Page 25 Faculty Advisor, Professor Wm. MosesFourth Year High School Name Pet Name Activities Anna Ruth Brown - “Sox”... ...'. Reading - Science Club Beatrice Pecola Gain - “Bee". Reading - Science Club Vermeil Victoria Cain - “Mell” Dancing - Science Club Martha Bell Easley - “Punch”....................Reading - Glee Club. Y.W.C.A., Secretary of Science Club. Assistant Secretary of Class Susan Felder - "Sweet" Reading - Science Club Billy Fleming - “Slim" Swimming - Pep Squad. Science Club, Y.W.C.A., Vice President of Class, Campus Voice Alice Glover - “Sugar” Movie Angeline Hampton - “Sister". Music - Science Club Mary Lue Jefferson - "Mutt" Basketball - Science Club Edward Marcus - "Bill” Football - Science Club, Baseball. Football Elisabeth Mayrant - "Beauty’ ’ Science Club Hattie McFadden - “.Miss" Reading • Science Club Mrs. Hettie McFadden - “Pet" Singing - Class Treasurer. Science Club Lillie Mae Neal - "Lish" Drawing - Science Club Berniece Pitts - "Burnie" James E. Porter - "Bim” Dancing - Science Club Edith V. Ricks - “Sugar Pie".. Reading - Science Club Sarah L. Robinson - “Fcetie” Reading - Science Club Mable Rouse - “Mabie” Science Club Annie L. Saxton - “Sack” ....Music - Science Club, Class President Josephus Taylor - “Joe" Whistling - President of Science Club Francis Washington - “Rat". Basketball - Science Club Charles White - “Son" Dancing - Science Club Williams White - “Zel” Dancing - Science Club High School Classes First Year High School Jimmie Lee Leneau, Ituby Hampton, Gertrude Saxton, Moses Spann. Second Year High School CLASS OFFICERS: Louise Drayton, president; Julia Rembert, vice president; Louise Atkinson, secretary; Lillie Mae Prince, assistant secretary: Mary Lee Kennedy, treasurer. MEMBERS: Geneva Dennis. Nellie Rembert, Martha Ballard. Mary Sumpter, Edna Leneau. Eveline Hilton. Charlie Parker, Zuria Holmes. Arlisha White, Naomi Davis. Third Year High School OFFICERS: Eugene Pinson, president; James Drayton, vice president; Thelma Hill, secretary. MEMBERS: Eugene Pinson, J. C. Saxton, Rosalie Black, Berniece Pringle, Thelma Hill. Minnie Bell. Elizabeth I)uBose, Dewey Davis. Henry Simms, Elec Durant, J. B. Shiver, James Drayton, James Parham.sndiue sljj jnoc|y sdeugMORRIS COLLEGE Sumter, S. C. Pone flChoral Club Julio Johnson, Edith Sullivan, Alice Pyles, Dora Aiken, Mabel Boykins, Celestine Daniels, Catherine Brunson, Elsie Brooks, Elease Murray, Martha Belle Easley, Ruth Covert, Cleopatra Davis, Mary Lee McIntosh, Elista Mae Pickett, Eleonora Eubanks, Rheuben Clark, leory Lewis, Norman Smith, Chester Boykin, Eugene Pinson, George Daniels, David Lunn, Hilton Shirley, John Alsbrooks, James Baker, John C. Saxton, Frank Dowling, Benjamin Brock, Cornelius Ransom. Female Quintette Male Quartet Mary Lee McIntosh, Ruth Covert, Edith Sullivan Julia Johnson, Celestine Daniels. Leory Lewis, Cornelius Ransom, George Daniels, David Lunn. Page 30Durham Ministerial Union Young Men's Christian Association Cabinet Walter L. Brown .................. President Cornelius Hansom .............Vice President George Mdodona ....................Secretary Cloate Neal Treasurer Louis A. Timmons .................. Chaplain Norman Smith, Writ. Fleming Program Com. Young Women's Christian Association Cabinet Salome Spann ........................ President ICIeanora Fubanks ...............Vice President Mary L. McIntosh Secretary Velma Coleman Assistant Secretary Came Lee Richardson I reasurer Mary Ellen Lindsay Chaplain Page StOFFICERS: David Burgess. Dux; Arthenia JJackson. Legatus; Salome Spann, scribe; Ernestine BuftonT treasurer; Mrs. Smith, advisor. MEMBERS: I.mile Barton. James Bradley, David Burgess. Ernestine Burton, Verna Coleman. Celia Curry. I.i .etta Gregg. Arthenia Jackson. James Jackson SI ad rack Kershaw, Herbert Phillips, Lucy Ramsey. Louise Rountree. Eddie Scarborough. Salome Spann. Tryphenia Spears. Lena Williams. Ithunetta Wilder. John W. Williams. Leory White. Alease Young. The Stylus Club is a literary organization which holds very interesting informal weekly meetings on the campus. Recent books are read, reviewed ami discussed. A better understanding of current trends in literature is brought about by these informal discussions. This group strives to create a greater appreciation for creative writing. Not only do the members of the Stylus Club study ami compare the style of well known writers, but they also compose original poems, essays and short stories. The Stylus Club is one of the most constructive organizations on the campus. La Cercle Francois OFFICERS: President, Samuel Williams; vice president, Vertrell Miller; secretary, Alice Pyles; assistant secretary. Cleo Johnson; treas-urei Jacob Laney; business manager, Joseph Jefferson; advisor. Miss Hazel F. Johnson. MEMBERS: Samuel Williams. Alice Pyles, Vertrell Miller. Annie Mae Bass. Ethel Cooley, Helen McClary, Edward Booker, Jacob Laney. Chester Boykin, Joseph Jefferson, John Als-brooks. Ruth Green. Edcl I-ce. Frank Brodie, Eunice Gaggins, Ojetta Foster, Wilhelmenia Dennis. Virginia Williams Florence Williams, Ruby Beaty, Hilton Shirley, Katherine Marshall, Addie Lewis. Ellen Murray, Ruby Keitt, Alvin Strong. Cleo Johnson, Verna Coleman. Bessie Ross. Mulvinia Shingle. Robert Jackson, James Bradley. Ruth Cooley, Velma Coleman, Elease Murray, Mary Harmon, Cassie Blair Elsie Brooks. Thomasena Lewis, Josephine Canty, Thelman Stover. Burley Drafts, Modestine Woods. Eli Raiford, Ruby Stackhouse, Rosa Goodson, Clarissa McIntosh, Thomas Dixon. Rosmell Garrick. Alfred Raiford, Elista Mae Picket. La Cercle Francais was organized February 19, 1941, under the supervision of Miss Hazel Frenehe Johnson French instructor. So great was the response from the call for members that the membership had to be limited to 50 persons. The main objective of the club is to acquire a speaking knowledge of French. In working toward this goal the meetings are conducted almost entirely in French. Since organizing "La Cercle Francais” has made splendid progress, having sponsored several entertainments and a banquet for the members and their guests. From all appearances, particularly in the enthusiasm shown by members, this club promises to be a leader in CULTURE and INTELLECT. Page 32Omicrom Lambdu Mu OFFICERS: Mary Ellen Lindsay, president: Carrie Lee Richardson, vice president; Roenelle Greene, secretary: Mable Boykin, assistant secretary; Khunetta Wilder, treasurer; Louise Marie Rountree, reporter; Miss I . R. Dannelly. faculty advisor. SOROSIS: Ernestine Burton, Mable Ellen Boykin. Celia Curry. Ruth Covert. Verna Coleman. Burley Draft, Eleanora Eubanks, Amanda Ham, Geraldine Johnson. Mary Ellen Lindsay, Lillian Lewis, Elease Murray, Amanda McPhail, Mary Lee McIntosh. Alice Pyles, Louise Marie Rountree, Carrie Lee Richardson. Salome Spann. Edith Sullivan. Lena Williams. Katie Ruth Woods, Celestine Graham. Lizzie Gallman, Lillie Gallman. Commercial Club OFFICERS: Walter Brown, president; David Burgess, vice president; Eleanora Eubanks, secretary; Margaree Sullivan, assistant secretary; Celia Williams, treasurer; Ruby, chairman of Program Committee; George II. Buck, chairman of Initiation Committee. MEMBERS: Louise Rountree. Verna Coleman, Alva Rivers, Dora Aiken, Cleo Johnson, Julia Johnson, Norman Smith. Carrie Lee Richardson, Mark Canty, Rosemelle Garrick, Billy Fleming, Janie Clark. Louise Bultman, James 0. Jackson, James Simmons, Margaret Pitts, Elsie Brooks, Lizetta Grceg. Page 38College Science Club OFKICKRS: Cornelius Itaniwin president: Colla O. Williams were- Iteaves. Kosemelle Garrick, Abraham lleinmingwny, James Sullivan s ii. Celia . Williams. Kd 11 li Sullivan. Iinma Washington. Carrl Dramatic Players Salome Spann, l ora Aik.-ns. Mattel Boykin. Ilosem II Garrick. Unity Siaekhouse, Bernice Harris, Kleanora KulNinks. Margree Sullivan, Xadye Singletary. Thomas na Pack, Louise M. Kountree, Mabel House. 1C lease Young. I am Iso I’.ultman. Janie Clark. Madge Tarletnn. Lzicle Hallman, Animle Saxton. IaicIIc Hums, lalltli Sullivan. Ojetta Poster, Lillie Moses. Huey Itamsey. Iterntcce Pitts, Anna It. Crown, Vermeil Cain. Mary lam Jefferson. Alice Barr. Colin O. William?, James Jackson, James Sullivan. John Alsbrooks. David Bunn, Kd-ward Marcus. Janies Porter. Charles Sullivan. Herbert Phillips. Chester Boykin, James Bradley. Josephus Taylor. George Buck. Ptank Dowling. I,........... la-wis. Jilin Saxton. Alvin Strung. Alva Itlvers. lands Wat- kins. Mark Canty. Norman Smith. Wm. I.udd. II. I . I'upree. Win. White. Hampton Prince. Charles White. James la-wis. High School Science Club OKKICKItS: President. Josephus Taylor: vice prj'Sldent. Kdwnrd Marcus: secretary. Martha Bell ICasloV: a„sistant secretary. Alice Glover; treasurer. Hattie Me FVidden : reporter, Itosalle Murray : scout. William White: curator. Ammic Saxton: general manager. Billy FlorninK- MKMI'.KKS Annie Itutli Brown Beatrice fain Vcr-nnll Martha Bell Has ley. Billy Fleming. Alice Glover. Mary Green. Angellnc Hampton. Mary l.ue Jefferson. l-croy la-wis. Klixaheth Mayrant. Billie Mae Neal. Bernlece I ills. James Lewis, .lames Porter Sara Robinson. Maine House, Anilide Saxton, Louise Scarborough. I.uliertha Shaw, Josephus Taylor. William White Charles White. Mary Young. Kdvthc Ricks, Ithodle Brunson.Football Squad Robert Martin - 1, David Odom - 2. James Perkin - 7. Roscoe Wilson - 8. Easley Abraham - 11. George Daniels - 2. Alvin Rivers - 10. Willie Boykin - 12, James Boroughs - 9, James W. Armstrong - 4. Dalton Dupree - 14, Hilton Shirley - 12. Edward Booker - . Edrolph Shivers - 5. Herbert Phillip - ». captain. Coach R. T. Williams - 15, Coach M. O. Ramsey - 1G. Girls' Softball Team Ruth Brevard. Ruby Stackhouse, Ruby Beaty, Earline Brown, Thelma Stover, Kleanora Eubanks. Louise Marie Rountree. Lillian Lewis. Eunice Goggins, Elsie Brooks.Ad Section of the Morrisite James Simmons, Billy Fleming. James (). Jack-son, Willie Rembert, Sam-mie Williams Joseph Gourd ine, John Alsbrooks, R. C. Conner, Benjamin Cooper, Cornelius Ransom. Allen C. Swinton. Pep Squad Mary Kllen Lindsay, Walter Brown, Eleanor Eubanks, Burley Drafts, Cornelius Ransom. Edith Sullivan. Leory Lewis, Alvin Strong, Julia Johnson, Margaree Sullivan. Eugene Pinson, Cleo Johnson. Elista Mae Pickett. Margaret Pitts. OFFICERS: Louise Rountree, editor-in-chief; George Buck, assistant editor; David Burgess, managing editor; Verna Coleman, assistant managing editor; Alva Rivers, literary editor; Eleanora Eibtnks. Dora Aiken, Margaree Sullivan, Celia Williams, Cleo Johnson, Julia Johnson, news editors; Norman Smith. Alvin Strong, sports editors; Elsie Brooks, alumni notes; Mark Canty, feature editor; Ruby Williams, Billy Fleming exchange editors; Louise Bultman. Janie Clark, circulation manages; James Simmons, James O. Jackson, business managers; Walter Brown, Lizetta Gregg, Margaret Pitts. Campus Funology. Typists—Carrie L. Richardson. Rosemelle Garrick, David Burgess. Page -id Staff of the Campus Voice 1Snaps About the Campus Paae 37AD SECTION IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Bcnnettsville, S. C. and Mayesville, S. C. J- P. Edens, $1; J. T. Gibbs, $1; Mrs. J- L. McCalls, Mr. C. L. Leak, 25c; Mrs. C. Excum, 25c; Rev. A. J. Wright, 50c; Rev. P. B. Moodana, Camden, S. C., 50c; Mr. J. L. Bland, Mr. J. R. Mayes, Mr. Nettles, Mr. H. C. Corbett, Mr. D. C. Webster, Mr. Joe Goldman, Mr. H. H. Brunson, Mr. E. Turner, Mr. Harvey Tiller.The Mile Stones R. W. LOWRY GROCERY Of Life STORK Mark them with photographs to bring back happy memories in We Invite You to Visit Us for after years. Fancy Groceries Photographers of the 1911 Morrisite Mayesville. South Carolina WILLIAMS STUDIOS 24 S. Main Street Compliments . . . STUBBS BROTHERS JOS. H. W. MORRIS Mortician 19 SO. MAIN STREET Outfitters to Men and Young Men Bennettsville. South Carolina Popular Prices Always DAVIS MOTOR CO. • V-8 Fords and Trucks Body Repairs • Service Compliments of the Manning, South Carolina KURTS MUTUAL FUNERAL HOME 5 - 10 - 25c Store Rennettsville. South Carolina Complete and Efficient Service Peter J. Lance - Hayes Samuel. Prop. Phone 202 Manning, S. C. of SCHLOSBURG’S Camden. South Carolina Compliments . . . SARAH’S CAFE PROTHRO 1 lot Meals • Sandwiches CHEVROLET COMPANY Gas and Oil Manning, South Carolina • Manning, South Carolina DR. J. E. AVANT MRS. JULIETTE ASHBURY Optometrist RECREATIONAL EYES EXAMINED - GLASSES FITTED CENTER Manning S. C. Enjoy it - When you want it • Like yon want it! Timmonsville, South Carolina Compliments . . . TOM'S CABIN North Main’s Finest Recreational CLARENDON Center CUT RATE DRUG CO. Courteous Service Manning, S. C. GAS - OIL Miscellaneous Products 736 N. Main St. Phone 661-L Sumter, S. C. Compliments . . . Compliments of THOMAS’ MARKET - Timmonsville, S. C. G. T. FLOYD Real Estate and Insurance Compliments . Manning, South Carolina ROYAL CROWN Bottling Companies BACOTE 8 SPARKS Funeral Directors and Embalmers “The Service That Satisfies” COLA "The Taste Champ of the Colas" Phone 59 and 40 Timmonsville. S. C. Compliments of— ROYAL GROWN BOTTLING GO. MRS. W. G. McCOY Sumter, S. C. LUNCH - COLD DRINKS Timmonsville, South Carolina Pape f»0CANTY - Pl.OWDKN COMPANY COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. MARKET and GROCERY Drink 20 S. MAIN STREET Phenes 705-700 Sumter, S. C. Coca-Cola CHANDLER ★ COAL COMPANY 2000 I.hs. Per Ton CAROLINA COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. PHONE 5S6 Sumter. S. C. SUMTER. S. C. DR. G. C. COOPER Optometrist BELK ROBINSON CO. “IVhere You May Shop With Confidence" EYES EXAMINED - CLASSES FITTED Sumter's Shopping Center Students' and Junior Miss Clothes 35 S. Main Street Sumter, S. C. W. B. BURNS U SON I lard ware Compliments of LANGSTON SEED - BABY CHICK FOOD Timmonaville, S. C. Headquarters for SPORTING GOODS H. FOX DRY GOODS and SHOPS Sumter, South Carolina Grceleyville, South CarolinaFARM HRS l-IARDWARB CO. Dealers in I Hardware - Building Material Paints • Etc. We Carry the Best - Try Us! Greeleyville, South Carolina SANTEE GUANO CO. High Quality is Our Slogan L. G. MISHORE Greeleyville, South Carolina Compliments of . . JOSEPH GEM CAFE HOME OF GOOD EATS Polite and Courteous Service Susie J. Fleming. Prop. 929 4 Broad Street Camden. S. C. PICKETT’S DRUG STORE PUREST DRUGS USED Polite and Courteous Service E. R. Pickett. Ph.C. .1. P. Pickett. Md. Phy. 920 Brand St. Phone 9138 Camden. S. C. Fountain Service 5 - 10 and $1.00 STORE { Coalmen of Greeleyville, South Carolina GREELEYVILLE CASH DEPOSITORY Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Greeleyville. South Carolina Compliments of WILLIAMS GROCERY Camden, South Carolina NORRIS GARAGE Camden. South Carolina LAW « MIMS (leneral Merchandise Moncks Corner, South Carolina Compliments of .1. S. BOSWELL GROCERY STORE Greeleyville, S. C. : Compliments of . . . Compliments of M.STARKS ♦ Good Things to Wear F. MISHORE Timmonsville, South Carolina j Greeleyville. South Carolina .................HARVEY - LEWIS HARDWARE COMPANY Dealers in General Hardware - Field A’ Garden Seed • Dog Food Agents for All Farm Supplies Moncks, South Carolina MONCKS CORNER PHARMACY The Rexall Store Moncks Corner, South Carolina L. L. CRAWFORD Dealer in General Merchandise Shipping Point - St. Stephens FOR I SHEET METAL WORKS HEATING VENTILATING HOOFING 11 F. Hampton Avenue Phone 1074 Sumter, S. C. Compliments of the— CRUMPTON’S SERVICE STATION Hampton and Sumter Street Sumter. S. C Sumter Venetian Blind Company Makers of Ventu Venetian Blinds Phone 902 J Opp. A. C. L. Depot t Sumter, S. C. T ♦ Compliments of . . Post Office Pineville, S. C. BERKELEY MOTOR COMPANY Sales CHEVROLET Service Moncks Corner, South Carolina When in Moncks Corner, S. O. Stop at READ BROTHERS Store No. 2 Industrial Life and Health Insurance Co. KEITH’S GARAGE Complete Auto Service l ops, Seat Covers and Glass Wrecker Service Telephone 380 30-31 Dugan Street WE NEVER CLOSE ................................ CLAUSSEN’S BAKERIES, INC. Bakery Trod nets of Merit THE SOUTHS FINEST 100 Years Moncks Corner, South Carolina ♦ Sumter. South CarolinaGENERAL FINANCE COMPANY AUTOMOBILE LOANS Compliments of the COMMANDER 2 N. MAIN STREET j A I Phone 48 Sumler. S. C. ? K-VS . REMEMBER US WHEN YOU NEED COAL FOR ANY PURPOSE ‘One wood ton deserves another.’ HOME INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance • Real Estate - Loans K. A. Rradham - I). G. Love - C. E. Bradham « 2 N. MAIN STREET Phone 17 Sumter. S. C. PHONES 161-16.-, SUMTER. S. C Compliments of the BLAND MOTOR CO. Sumter, S. C. “ WA TCH THE FORDS GO B Y The National Bank of South Carolina SUMTER, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE SUMTER BUICK CO. We all know- “When Fetter Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them" C. G. Rowland, President Earl Rowland, Vice President R. L. McCoy, Assistant Cashier H. H. Strong, Assistant Cashier P. M. Tiller, Assistant Cashier Page HGABLE 8 REID INSURANCE . . . Only the Best! PHONE 505 126 North .Main Sumter. S. 0. Compliments of the FOLSOM’S JEWELRY STORE B atches - Diamonds • Jewelry Sumter's Oldest Store - Established 1868 THE DURANT HARDWARE COMPANY 11-13 N. MAIN STREET PHONE 62 SPORTING GOODS • by Goldsmith Compliment of FIFTH GRADE - JACKSON HIGH Camden, South Carolina . .................................. Compliments . . . LANGSTON MOTOR CO. Camden. South Carolina Compliments of the DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY SUMTER, S. C. GALLOWAY » MOSELY Quality Jewelers WATCH MAKERS - DIAMOND SETTERS and ENGRAVERS 26 S. Main Street Sumter, S. C. DUCKER AND BULTMAN, Inc. HOME TOWN GROCER Since 1876 We Buy Farm Products BULTMANS CASH GROCERY MARKET 39 S. Main Street Shop at D. B. Sumter, S. C. M. W. INVESTMENT CO. PERSONAL LOANS 26Vi N. MAIN STREET SUMTER, S. C. Page i! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ : ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ : ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ t ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ t ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ : ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ : ♦ ♦ ♦ : ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ i iWESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Everything for the Automobile for Less 3 S. Main Street - Phone 9lt Sumter. S. C. Service Department - Mechanic Battery Work 125 Marvin St. - Opposite Telephone Office Phone 1300 Compliments of the BEREL’S DRESS SHOP (J ) - To - Minute Styles 30 N. MAIN STREET Sumter. South Carolina Compliments of— BEN E. NESS Sumter, South Carolina Compliments of the Sumter Gas Co. SUMTER. S. C. ............................................ Compliments . . . BURNS BARNETT Camden. South Carolina Compliments of the SOUTH CAROLINA POWER LIGHT COMPANY SUMTER. S. C. Compliments . . W. R. KING COTTON FERTILIZER LIVESTOCK MANNING, SOUTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS WOODS FURNITURE CO. Let Us Furnish Your Home Brooks Street Manning. S. C. Compliments ot FARMERS GROCERY Timmonsville. South Carolina •................. ............... LYRIC THEATRE Finest All Colored Theatre in Sumter ★ The best available entertainment at lowest possible price. Admission Prices: Adults 15c - Children 10c All Seats All HoursAutographs "W

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