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 PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF MORRIS COLLEGE SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINADEDICATION IK A DAVID PINSON, PRESIDENT The classes of Nineteen Hundred Thirty Seven respectfully dedicate this, the first volume of The Morrisite, to dear old M. C. who has stood the test of the ages; and held the torch of light that has guided youth on to efficient service to humanity.I 7} ■ ( A r ORD of The Morrisite, a year-asses of Morris College of a new day in the field of alion. As you turn each page, h .:res and drawings of ourselves as o ers, with names, titles, and tales, ap-ia otherwise, we trust they will justify tht hopes of those of the student body and the Faculty who have contributed in its making: a book to remain with us until memory has begun to dim. when its pages will serve to recall the friends and scenes of schooldays. ENTRANCE GATEMEMORIAL WHITE’SPACK KIVK JI T II T PRESIDENT’S COTTAGE PAGE SIX DEAN’S COTTAGEDOBBINS-KEITH HALL e oi president Ira David Pinson, has made continuous progress. spring of Nineteen Hundred Thirty Three. McGowan Hall burned and was rebuilt nendable thirty-two room dormitory now known as The Brawley-Starks Hall. Ther a seven room cottage now occupied by the Dean of the College. College has become one of the most attractive locations in the State of South Car Morris College is owned and controlled by the Baptist Educational and Missionary outh Carolina the school is open to students of all faiths, with the aim to teach d Christianity, to better prepare young women for lives of usefulness and make Christ. PACK SKVKNK. M. Itimkor. .1 I’. Garrick. Ruth UiHianl. A. .1. McConnell. Evelyn Campbell. .1. T. McCain. .1. Th iii]»on. !. ( .Maxwell. P.erilm Roberson. Win. Moses. Hollis Tilsoii. R. T. Williams. PRESIDENT’S COTTAGE PAGE 81.  An Historical Sketch of AMorris t°Hege Morris College was founded in 1908 by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina for the purpose of giving youth a Christian Education. Morris College has grown from two frame buildings, one known as Phyllis Wheatley and the other as Brockenton—one painted white, the other unpainted—to six brick structures, a cottage for the President and one for the Dean of the College, a total of eight buildings located on forty acres, owned and controlled by the Negro Baptist of the State of South Carolina. Under the first President of Morris College, the late Dr. E. M. Brawley, now deceased, the foundation and ideals of a greater Morris College were laid. We bow our heads in submission to his ashes and with grateful hearts we work on »n tiic e ho of his sacrificial efforts. From Nineteen Hundred Twelve to Nineteen Hundred Thirty, the unselfish, consistent service of Dr. J. J. Starks as President, gave to Morris College seven creditable buildings. Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Starks' untiring efforts entitle them to the respect of all mankind. From Nineteen Hundred Thirty to Nineteen Hundred Thirty Seven. Morris College, under the guidance of President Ira David Pinson, has made continuous progress. In the spring of Nineteen Hundred Thirty Three. McGowan Hall burned and was rebuilt into with a commendable thirty-two room dormitory now known as The Brawle.v-Starks Hall. There was also erected a seven room cottage now occupied by the Dean of the College. Morris College has become one of the most attractive locations in the State of South Carolina. While Morris College is owned and controlled by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina the school is open to students of all faiths, with the aim to teach the truth of vital Christianity, to better prepare young women for lives of usefulness and make them followers of Christ.T H E M 0 h CLASSESr_Alma J iater Morris Our College Dear— With hearts all filled with cheer We come to thee— Throughout life’s checkered ways Thy name we’ll ever praise Teacher of youthful days All hail to thee. When from our homes we came— To own thy lofty name Breathe courage free Parents and teachers dear Calmed by the lack of fear Pay homage through the years All hail to thee. Finn Ramsi.a OFFICERS President Hk.NKV 11. Z. MMKIOIAN Vice President Brywa I).Tinoal Secretary Ktiikkink. Thompson Asst. Secretary litis M. Mt l.M CHI.IN Ireasurer Isaiah Boom. (.haplain Tin s Hastii. "l. Chaplain Faculty Adviser—Mr. J. T. McCain Student Council Representative—J. T. Bki.ton (lass Motto -"We have crossed the sea hut the ocean lies before us” (.lass Flower—Red Rose and Fern ('.lass Colors—Garnet and White PACK. TWELVEcniors Ethelnei.i. Barton- "Babe" Believes in tin- old saying. "I .el a smile be your umbrella." Frank John Belton—"Jeff" Football '34-'35 '36. V. M. C. A. He does not boast bis learning, but when results are to be accounted for he is always among those present. Adeline Mamie Boatwright —"Pigeon" Dramatic Club. Basketball Is quiet, studious and attentive. Daisy Mae Bright "Dai Maf La Cercle Francais. Y. W. C. A., Recreational Club. K. K. C. We respect her for her good marks but we love he r for her friendliness and good nature. Jonas Thomas Bright—"). 77’ Y. M. C. A. Aw Wah. 1-1 don't understand that Mr. McCain—that is Jonas. Catherine Bishop "Cat" Dramatic Club She can always be found where the argument is the thickest. Isaiah Theodore Boone "Ikey" Y. M. C. A., Commercial Club His love for Morris is readily seen in the school spirit be lias always shown. Marie Kvkki.yn Bradley—"Pee" Commercial Club, Glee Club The unselfishness and real sweetness are real quililics in hei which we all admire. Wilson Bradley "Smack" Quintet Glee Club lli troubles are always the least ol bis worries. Simla I.ii.eic Bi ”Stelf" She has combined with a warm friendly dis|»osition the ability lo listen to other more vociferous talkers. F.I.I7.AIIKTII VekTKLLE Bl HTON —"Hen" V. Pres. Y. W. C A.. I.a Cercle Francais, K. K. C., Recreational Club A fine dancer, a good sport and a capable executive. JnsKiMi Marshall J)avis—"Jo" Dramatic Club. Football 3-l-’35, Male Quintet lie has a happy capacity for laughing off anything that ecms to disturb bis [»eace of mind. I’A ;K TillUTKKNSeniors Joski'h W. Davis—"Grarti' Football ’26-"27 Durham Ministerial Union lie is a man with a hi}.' mind. Cl.ARENCE DuBoSE—".-1. G." He makes time and is easy finin':. Mozeita A. Fleming- "Zei" Y. W. C. A..K. K.C.. l.a Cercle Franeais. Commercial Cluli She is always a pood sport and jolly companion. F.arnest Colon Foci.e—"Pap" Y. M. C. A.. Durham Ministerial Union. (Commercial ( lub. Giro Club Is quiet, "like a boiler factory" lie makes himself known wherever lie is. Gardenia F.toii.e Garkk k "Print’ Commercial Club. I.a Cerclc Franeais She has a knack for wearing Iter clothes well and getting as much fun as |H)ssihlc out of life. Iaitiieh Ci.ement Hanrkrry —"Clem" Y. M.C. A.. Glee Club. Commercial Club. Class t itle. Pres. Student Council He is an entertaining talker. We all admire his audacity in arguments. He lives to eat. Tm s IIastik—"Tile" lie believes in the motto. “Don- f leave it until it is done." Wll.IIEME.MA HoRTENSE Ha.M —"Bur Y. W. C. A.. I.a Cerclc Franeais. Recreational Club. K. K. C. She is quiet ami well poised. She [ listens and absorbs much. Garna Mae Jackson "Mae" Y. W. C. A.. Dramatic Club. Pres. Recreational Club, Commercial Club. La Cercle Franeais, Critic of K. K. C. As certain as day follows the . night. Garna’s name is to be found at the head of the honor roll. Wii.i.ia i H.Mii.drow "Bubber” Male Quintet. Gh-e Club He is an earnest worker, slow but sure. h ! i 1 . . ; 1 Iris Larson McLauchlin —“Duggie" Jass Treasurer, (dee Club Is just a good student and well liked. McCohmk k Norris "Mack" Y. M.C. A.. Commercial Club Is one of the men who has ability of asking questions few people can answer. PACK FOURTEENEugene Emmerson N vi “Gene" Y. M. C. A.. Glee Club. Football ’34-’35-’36 Gene is one of the supporting pillars of our institution. Mr lias plugged along for four long years. Guy Felix Pearson "Baby" Y. M. C. A. Is always on the job. Mis personality is due to his helpful disposition. Wilson Pringle - 'll if “ Is one of the old reliable type of young men. Frederick Douglas Ramsey —“Birdie" . l. C. A. (Class President. Baseball 34- 35- 36 Look with awe—Our President brings home the bacon -and ye; he is not the studious type. Sadie M ae Smi iit " (Hr (.it!" Recreational Club. Y. W. (C. .. La Cercle Francais. K. K. Seniors Ki iiekim: h i.ia Thompson "A everlyn" . Pres. Y. W. C. A.. President La Cercle Francais. President k. k. C.. ssislant Seerelary of ( lass, Commercial Club. Recreational Club Her calmness, her sweetness, and her dependability are assets anyone should be proud to possess. Brydia Dena Tyndai.—“Biddy" ( Class Secretary Though small in stature she stand-higher in classes than many of her friends. Henry Hervh Zimmerman -“Zim" Y. M. C. V. ice Pres, of Hass, President (Commercial (Club. Football 33- 34-,35-’36. Baseball 34- 35-’36 Mas always a new joke for you to hear. Is noted as the “campus artist"—here’s hoping he draws his way to fame. William Edwin Slater “ ltm" Y. M. C A.. (Cloe (Club. Football '35 Besides being a “darn” good singer, he is a “darn” good boy, esjieriallj when one is hungry. 11 through (College -"Never on time"—Motto. ‘Tin late, what a blessing"—However, she is quiet, very modest, and always carries a smile. Y PAGE FIFTEENR History of th V X indispensable' and Joseph During the fall of 1933 an observer might ha faces entering the portals of Morris College Campu inquire he would have learned that we hailed from ah ,.arts of eluding Elloree, Oswego, Sumter, Georgetown, Greenville, Bishop Timmonsville, Kershaw, Hopkins, Hartsville, Eastover, and Spartanburg. Then too, these tw | puzzling questions might have entered the observer’s mind: “Which part of the state was yielding up the best college material? and: “Could these “happy-go-lucky” children ever really becomtl serious students ?” We were bubbling over with such vague questions and answers as these: “What are you going to take?” “How many subjects can we take?” “I prefer teacher-training,” was offered by “Zet”, Mozetta Fleming. “Same for me,” joined in “Lil Ole Girl”, Sadie Smith, “Bill”, Wilhelmena.j Ham and Elizabeth Burton. “We’ll face Trigonometry and American Democracy”, said Brydia Tyndal. Isaiah Boone, and Iris Ladsen. “Mixed this year, straighten up next”, briefly added Gama] Mae Jackson. Well it was soon to be revealed that the Freshmen class of ’33 was to be an part of Morris College and it’s various activities William Muldrow, Wilson Bradley, Davis joined the Quintet and played a major role in representing Morris College during the sue-: ceding years. “Zint”, Henry Zimmerman, Eugene Neal, “Cagle”, J. F. Belton, all gave support to the football team, and later joined the baseball squad along with “Birdie”, Fred Ramsey. Despite the numerous “hard knocks” that come from inexperience, we passed from Freshmen to Sophomores almost before we knew it. Again, had the observer returned he would have noted we began the school term of 1934 with much more thoughtfulness and seriousness. Smooth sailing the first semester—too smooth I guess, for, at the beginning of the second semester Messers Campbell and Chick said. “We are going to change this”. Naturally we became frightened, for, although hours were not altered immediately we knew that it would not be long. However, the tenseness of the situation was relieved somewhat as members from our midst began to play more and more important roles in the school organizations, athletic teams, the Glee Club, Quartettes, plays, and other entertainments. ; By our Junior year—1935 Henry Zimmerman had proven himself the all around man of our class, always puttings his best forward in whatever he undertook. Iris Ladsen sobered somewhat when she changed her name to McLaughlin. “One degree, three hours and five subjects”, shouted Mr. Campbell. “Classes until four and more work”, came from Dean Booker. When our fright finally subsided enough, we looked at the situation seriously, trying to think of some remedy. Logic, ethics, and psychology were all used but to no avail. Five subjects we had to take, and hard work we had to do. Then came our Senior year. From our books we lifted our heads and asked our adviser: “Where do we go from here, Mr. McCain?” He advised us to use every moment of this last year advantageously, and let no opportunity to use our various talents slip by. We must not let this opportunity pass”, said Misses Bradley and Smith as they passed in their applications for membership in the Commercial Club. “Well I’ll contribute m.v little bit to basketball”, said “Pigeon”-Adeline Boatwright. “Get Brydia or Garna to type this off”, said Etehrine Thompson as she placed her article on file for the “Campus Voice”. From time to time our number would increase as a newcomer would join us. and we were happy to welcome as our last addition McCormick Norris from Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Now the curtains are nearly drawn on this four years of college drama. The last scene will be when our degrees are awarded to us, and as we receive them it will be with a great deal of pride— knowing that we are being justly rewarded for our hard work. We hope that we have not only made class history, but that we have added something definite and worthwhile to the history of Morris College. We go out now on the mission on which we are sent by President Pinson and Lis faculty—to show through our speech, conduct, and life work what four years of cultural and intellectual training and contact have meant to us. Thus, on May 26. 1937. it is with heavy—yet loyal hearts that we leave the curricular and extra-curricular activities of our Alma Mater. Reverent ly, with bowed heads we pass to our inevitable destinies. —Garna Mae Jackson .37 PAGK SIXTEENI p? One evening I was sitting in the shade of a large spreading oak near the placid waters of a quiet brook, contemplating the future of my classmates and myself. Much to my surprise 1 imagined I heard a calm and peaceful voice say to me: “Young man, cheer up! Gaze into the smooth waters of the brook and what you wish to know will be revealed to you.” Before I knew it I was gazing into the brook and like a mighty panorama the prophecy of the Class of ’37 was shown to me. First, Naomi Bradley appeared, standing in the yard of a funeral home in Houston, Texas. As I crossed into Louisiana I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wilson Bradley covering the ■ state as a farm demonstrator. While driving in Alabama 1 saw Mr. Guy Pearson at Crossroads, decorating his show window a with a new line of spring suits. Stopping over in Georgia I found Mr. Isaiah Boone at Atlanta 'University as Professor of - Science. Coming over into South Carolina I was glad to see Miss Garna Mae Jackson as practicing physician in Georgetown. In the same state at Greenville, Miss Sadie Smith was doing social service . work, and at Pocalla Mrs. Iris McGlaughen was employed in First National Bank. Mr. Fred Ramsey and Miss Wiihemenia Ham had charge of the Savannah Grove High School. Mr. McCormick Norris had abandoned the teaching field and had gone into “star-gazing”. Mr. L. . C. Hanberry was in the dry cleaning business atSummerton. As I proceeded through the states of North Carolina and Virginia I saw none of my classmates again until I reached Washington. I). C. where Miss Brydia Tyndal and Miss Elizabeth Burton told me of their success as private secretaries in the House office Building. Mr. Titus Hastie, head of the department of ‘ dog making” at Howard University was doing nicely. Leaving New York via Pennsylvania, Ohio. Indiana, and stopping for a meal in Springfield, Illinois, Miss Boatwright was employed as nurse in the Quintuplet Hospital. Passing through the state of Missouri to Jefferson City I learned that Mr. Eugene Neal had invented a magic fluid that Mr. Joseph Davis could take when out of work and hungry. At Little Rock, Arkansas, I found Miss Etherine Thompson, Professor of Psychology and Mr. Wilson Pringle, Pincipal at Philander-Smith College- In Muskogee, Oklahoma. Miss Gardenia Garrick was situated in the Metropolitan Building, designer for a distinguished dress firm. Miss Catherine Bishop was owner of the Sound Wave Construction in the same city. In Topeka, Kansas, I found Mr. J. T. Bright managing a famous School of Elocution and Mr. William Muldrow preaching at Mt. Zion M. E. Church moving throngs of people by his renditions of spirituals at various intervals during his sermons. Miss Ethelnell Barton was enjoying herself as President of the Health Department in the suburbs of Kansas City, and Miss Mozetta Fleming was her co-worker as head of the Social Service Bureau in the same section. Do you wonder how it was that I happened to be traveling over such a vast territory. Well, much to my pleasure, the reflection in the brook revea'ed that I was a demonstrator for the Standard-Electrical Corporation. —Titus Hastie —Henry Zimmerman PAOK SEVEXTKKXr cQast Will and 1 estame v the Qlass of 1937 We, the seniors of Morris College, class of ’.'57, County of Sumter, City of Sumter. State of South Caiolina, are now at the end of our college career and are about to launch our ship out in life’s great sea. But before departing we wish to show our appreciation for the happy days we have spent here by willing to the Faculty and Cla3s of ’38 some personal articles as well a qualities which we hope will be of some use to you. To the Faculty we bequeath all the beautiful grounds and elaborate shrubbery on Morris College. To the Junior Class we grant the honor of occupying the first six rows of seats in Chapel. Miss Ethclnell Barton wills her galoshes to Miss Otelia Taylor. Mr. Jonas Bright leaves to Mr. David Hastie his speakeasy ability. Mr. VY ilson Bradley wills his ability to sing to Mr. George McCain. Mr. Jeff Belton leaves his green suit t Reverend Morgan. Miss Daisy Bright bequeaths her ability to march to Miss Carrie McCleary. Miss Adeline Boatright wills her technique to dress hair to Miss Marylin Dean. Miss Catherine Bishop wills her pocket-book to Miss Thelma Lewis. Miss Stelh Burgess wills her dignified manner to Miss Eliza Myers. Mr. Isaiah Boone bequeaths to Mr. James Harrington his ability to “filabust”. Miss Elizabeth Burton wills her brown suit to Miss Delphine McDaniel. Reverend J. W. Davis wills his bragging technique to Centry Prince. Mr. J. M. Davis leaves Miss Camille Moses to Mr. Irwin Taylor. Mr. Clarence Dubose wills his 194o Lincoln Zephyr to Mr. Leroy Hilton. Reverend E. C. Fogle wills the key to the commissary to Mr. Alvertus Montgomery. Miss Gardena Garrick wills her neat appearance to Miss Carrie Murray. Mr. I.uthei Handberry leaves to Mr. I). J. Marshal the ability to “jibe”, a good cigarette lighter, radj0 and nice looking girl friend. Miss Wilhemena Ham wills Room 2B to Miss Celestine Bacote. Miss Garna Jackson wills her scholastic ability to Miss Susie Pinckney. Mrs. Iris McLaughlin wills her old brown coat and her ability to sing to Miss Otelia Taylor. Mr. Wm. Muldrow bequeaths to his loved one. Miss Ethel Wells, his eye glasses, in case hers break. Mr. Norris wills his room to Reverend Everett. Mr. Guy Pearson leaves his patience to Mr. Taft Pleasant. Mr. Wilson Pringle wills his long head to Mr. Roland Blanding. Mr. Fred Ramsey leaves his proud walk to Mr. W. H. C. Bowen. Miss Sadie Smith wills her red coat and quietness to Miss Edith Humbert. Miss Brydia Tindal wills her pleasing personality and her little black coat to Miss Margaret Humbert. Mr. Henry Zimmerman leaves his artistic and athletic ability to Mr. Reynolds Davis. To the members of the Junior Class as a whole: It’s not the gifts that are given, but the spirit in which they are given. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seal, this 26th day of May. in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Seven. WITNESSES: Elizabeth Burton Gardena Garrick TESTATOR: Marie Bradley i w:k kiciitkkxClass PoenL_? by E. BARTON, ’37 0 Morris, how we trusted thee When first we cast our lot We came with minds open and free For lessons to be taught. Our faith in you was ever fast On kindness truth and light To guide us patiently with our task To help us win the fight. You have helped us on our journey’ way With smiles so clear and bright You showed to us the dawning day And led us to the light. You brought us through the tangled paths And taught us not to fear You made sweet pleasure rise from wraths We’ll always love you dear. So as we leave these sacred walls With memories lingering near No matter what may be our call Your beckon we will hear So goodbye Dear Old Morris No matter where we go We’ll always say to you dear We love you, love you so.OFFICERS Wll.I.IAM $AM»i:ltS President Wll.LIA.M Pl.KASANT l ice President Km hi III mitr.Ki Secretar) HKII Ml'RRAY . , Assistant Secretary Wll.I.IAM Mow .MAN Trcasurci Miss I . Mu hard Ithiser dolors—Pur file and II hire Flower—Carnation (white) PACK TWIINTYo II KOLD I)i:l.AINV.—"Preacher "35"36 Foot Wall Squad, ‘3I‘3.V36 Baseball Tram 1 0 u K. . v.... . iR- . . Y. W C. A. ANDREW BELTON “Bob” Y. M. C. V. Football Squad LELA BLOCKER "Sug" K. K. C.. Y. W. C. A. ROLAND BLANDING ''Speak-Kitty' WILLIAM H. BOW EN "AW Commercial Club. Y. M. C. . WILLIAM BOWMAN Bouman" Y. M. C. .. Commercial -lul . Durham Ministerial I nion. OLI.IE BROW N "Ollie" TARSMISH BINES "Eat-" Ministerial I nion. Y. l. . NATHANIEL ( RR "foe" Ministerial I nion REYNOLDS D M 'Chief" ’34-'33-'36 Football Squad MARILYN DEAN "Cookie" La Cercle Franca is, Y. W'. C. A., K. K. ( Recreational ( luh ELIZABETH DOUGLAS "Libby" (ilee Club IT I E )DOR E EVER F.TT "Busier" Y. M. C. A.. Ministerial Union FLOSSIE FRAZIER "Floss" El LA GERALD “Hiown Baby" Y. W. C. .. Recreational Club, K. K. .. La Orele Francais I.EROA HILTON—“AW Y. M.C. A.. Glee Club I AMES HAILE- "Jim ho" A-M.C. .. 3,V.V» Baseball Squad ( M A IN II AM MET) “C. M." EDITH HI MBERT “Bunny" (ionimercial (Hub. (dee (Hub. Recreational Club, 'l. W. C. .. La Cercle Francais. k. K. C., IV|» Squad I ‘ A (i F. TWENTY ON 11Juniors - - MARGARET HUMBERT “Xlur get" Recreational Club. I .a Cci'cle Francais,(Commercial ( lull. Y.W.C K.K.C. IA l KS 11A K KINCTC )N—'“Stuff” Y . M. I . A., Football ami Baseball Squad, Orchestra DAVID HASTIE—“Hobby Junes THELMA LEWIS “Dvllv MARY M. CLEARY “LittleShu," CARR IK McCLEARY “Big Sister" DELI'HINE McDANIEL “Per Recreational (Club. W. C. A.. I.a ercle Franca is. k. K. I . DAY II) MARSHALL "Bro. Marsh ‘.H '35-’36 Font ball Squad, (dee lull. Y.M.CA. JANMK MATTISON “Jannie" Recreational Club. k. k. C.. Y. W. C A. SAMI KL MILLER “Sum r--' i •V a . I«i • Basketball Squad ( l.lHON MORGAN “Cliff Ministerial I nion. Y . M. -. A. Commercial Club W1ILLK MOSES “" Recreational ( lull. V. Y. . A., k. k. (C.. La (Cerclc Francais WMF MACK “Ann" ELIZA MY ERS—“Liza" Recreational Club. Y'. W. (C. A., k. K. (C. CEORCE M« CAIN “llair" Commercial ( lull. Glee Club. Football Squad 34-'35- 36, Baseball 34 35 36 L ICR 11 S MONTGOMERY ' Mole" 34- 3f - 36 Football Squad. Y. M.C. A.. Glee Club . J. Mi (CONNELL—“A. J' Y . M. (.. A., Glee (Club WILLIAM T. PLEASANT “Brag Y. M. C. A.. 3l- 35- 36 Football Squad ’34- 3.V36 Baseball Team ROSA PEARSON—“Ice" Pep Squad. Basketball Squad PACK TWENTY TWOMAKCIK THOMPSON "Little CirT' Recreational lull, V. . C. ., K. K.C CENTRY PRINCE—"funny Hoy" Commercial Club, Glee Club. Y. M. C. A.. La Cercle Francais '34-'35- 36 Football Squad ETHEL W ELLS "Smiles" JAMES ROBINSON—“Simmy" Football Squad. Glee Club. Y. M. C A. WILLIAM SANDERS "King Kong" 33 ’35-"36 Football Squad. Y. M. C. A. MIRIAM WRIGHT "Slim WILLIAM WHITE "Bill" Recreational dub, IRWIN TAYLOR " euton" Y. M. C. A. ISAIAH JAMES "Hub" "34-’35-‘36 Football Squad O TELIA TAYLOR "Tee" xunmercial .lull, Jlce Hub. Student Council. Pep Squad IWGK 'TWENTY THREE1 Rev. R. A. Fishburne Albert Burroughs..... Ethel M. Ben bo u____ Prudence McIntosh Beatrice Gregg ______ Class Sponsor........ SOPHOMORES ...................I.....President ...................Vice President .........................Secretary ...................Treasurer . Student Council Representative .................Prof. h. Tildon CLASS ROLL Rosa Alsbrook. Ruth Briggs. Daisy Bell. Sarah A. Burroughs. Thaddeu Bncote. Carl Brown. Clara A. Bright. Alice Baker. Palmer Burgess, Albert Burroughs. Naomi A. Wanda Bailey. Marion Harrison. Herman C. Harvey. Louise E. Hastie. Annie L. Hall. Annie E. Handberry. H. H. Horton. Willie L. Holman. Earnestine Ham. Victoria Jackson. Anna Jenkins. Charlotte Jordan. Wilhemeni.i Carraway. Mildred Carraway. Mildred Cain. Bertha China. Womlard W. Johnson. Anna B. Kendricks Lillian K. Kirven. Annie I.. Leneuu. Thomas E. Davis. Elizabeth Dantzler. Geneva Dickson. Chanie Dobson. James Darby. Richard A. Fishburne. Beatrice Gregg. Ruby Lee Glenn. Katie Gibson. Reholda Garner Carletta Lawrence. Jaunita Louise Lee. Alva L. Murray. Robert McLeod. Beulah McLendon. Charlotte Myers. Roland Niles. Charles Pickett. Ogetta Parker. Richard Pleasant Marie Parsons. Jeneatte Richardson. Anna L. Ross. Mary Raiford. Beulah Sanders. Ida Mae Rutherford. Velma J. Smith. Carrie Lou Shephard. Rosa Sumpter. Emma Jane Smith. Gordon Smith. George A. Tanner. John Thompson. Willie Mae White. Susie E. Williams. Gladys Wcildcr. Gustavtis Woods. Randolph Wright. William A. Williams. Pearl L. Wilson. Cassio A. Wihls. PACK TWENTY-FOURL FRESHMEN OFFICERS George H. Buck Augustus Robinson Hattie Frazier.... 1 rma Lewis ______ Mary P. Blackman.. Miss B. Roberson.. ...........President .....Vice President ...........Secretary .Assistant Secretary ...........Treasurer .............Advisor Hampton Alford Ethel Albany-Harlie Anderson Juanita Bacote-Pearl Bland -George H. Buck Grover C. Belton-Walter Brown -James W. Baker Bernice Bess Altermese Bess Mary F. Blackman -Carrie E. Bell -Charles Butler -Margie L. Carter Essie Cllnkscalcs Dorothy Ccelough David Cooper Sallie B. Cabbagestack Catherine Carolina Dorothy Duncan-Wilhelmina Dicks Dorothy Diggs Nancy Fulmore Massie Frierson Orlando Fox worth • Hattie Frazier CLASS Elease Good son Vessie Gregg — Barbara Garrett — Katherine Garrett -Stewart Gibson Maggie Gayle — Salena Gadson Lillie Hayes Ernestine Herriot Alfred Humbert" Mi«'li:i«‘l Ilorrioi Serena Holland William Harrison Etta Hudson Rebecca Johnson Booker T. Johnson Viola Jackson " Zelda Jackson— Georgia Johnson Sadye Judge Isaac Joe -Dorothy Jones'-Mabel Keels Lillie Levy Lucille Lewis y Irma Lewis -Orgie Lucas " OF 1940 Sophia Murray McKinley McKnight Viola Maple Edith McCoy Leon Moye (’orni'lin Mixon Matilda Moore Burrell Murray Scphia Murray Vernice Oliver Morris Pearson •" Jesse Pompey _ Mary E. PinckneyJ-Elizabeth Plowden -Addison Pleasant Richard Pleasant "" Edith Plowden Augustus Robinson •" James Rembert •" Luvenia Rhames Geneva Ramsey " John Rembert •" Carrie Robinson " Ruth Rembert Julian Ragin — Julia Rankin Alphonso Robinson- Benjamin Singleton—" Daisy Simmons Hattie Sharper x-'I helma Shuler Howard Shefton Charles Smalls " Willie Spann Aurilla Sloan " Ethel Smith «-Thelma Sellers' Jack Tarleton Carrie Taylor Zadie Taylor " David Taylor-' Pearl Turnage Marguerite Williams — Virginia Wilson" Helen Whiter Philip Walker" Luther Wilson" Jessie Wallace Annie Williams William Wearing Rosie Woods Daisy Wright Alease Young PAGE TWENTY-FIVETHE M ORR a FOURTH YEARNAME PET NAME HOBBY ACTIVITIES 1. Dorothy Arni'trong "Dot” Dancing (ilee Club 2. Ethel M. Benhou "Slim" Basketball Glee Club 3. Harnetha Broadus "Nepie" Bridge (dee bib. R. Club 4. Ruth Betltune "Tootsie" Reading 5. Have' Baker "Sweet Sue" Baseball 6. Mary Jane Broun "Skinny" Games 7. Julia Mae Bailey "Bill" Reading Pep Squad. Dramatic ( lub 8. Willie M. Commander "Micky” Driving 9. Edna (.’rim "Ed" Basket bull Basketball 10. Geneva Coles "Nea" Dancing Dramatic (Hub 11. Carrie Belle Colclough "Belle" Chatting Dramatic Club 12. Emily Canty "Boo" Reading 13. Lue E. Choice "Lue” Singing 14. Isabelle Davis "Sut" Dancing Dramatic ( lub 15. Abraham Davis a. u " 16. Dorcas Gas' "Dot" Dancing 17. Lizetta Gregg "Zel" Serving 18. Pearl T. Grier "Grier" Reading Y. W. C. A. 19. John Howard "Jap" 1 lorse Shoe Y. M. C. A.. Durham Ministerial I nion 20. W m. Mood Harrison "Man" Football Football. . M. (’. A. 21. W illiam P. Hanberrv "Handy" Swimming Y. M. C. .. Pep Squad 22. Charles W. Howard "Howard" Tennis Student Council 23. Corncase Hayes "Neieie" Singing Dramatic Club 24. Boston Hawkin' "Buster” Swimming Y. W. C. A. 25. Thomas Hampton "Tom" Reading 26. Carrie Frierson 27. Charity Felder "Gal" Reading 28. Corine W illi' "Tiny” Dancing 29. Elease B. I zard "Six” Reading 30. Rebecca 0. Johnson "Pet" Reading Y. W. C. A. 31. Pearl I.. Join-' "Cede" Reading Dramatic (lub 32. Edward ( . Jones •‘Cubby” Football 33. Lillie Johnson "Little” Reading Dramatic Club 34. Katie Keit "Kat" Reading 35. Tryphena E. Lewis "Phevna" Dancing 36. Lois Juanita Mill' "Nila" Dancing 37. Burrell Murray "Burr" Baseball Y. W. C. A.. Glee Club 38. Isaiah Moses "Bob" Baseball 39. Walter lo e' "Bubbcr” Baseball 40. Harvey Melvin "Mel” Baseball 41. Robert A. Murray "Bob" Football Y. M. C. A. 42. Alma McBride "Mac" Reading 43. Bertha McIntosh "Bert" Writing 44. Lillian McCadden "” Fishing Y. W. .. (dee Club. Recreational Cl 45. Grace Matthews "Grace" Dancing 46. Lillie Moses "Lil" Reading Dramatic lub 47. Susie M. Nelson "Sue" Singing 48. Choate Neal "Neal" Singing Dramatic lub 49. Orrie Paslev “Orr" Baseball 50. Beatrice Ramsey "Boa" Reading Y. M. C. A. 51. irginia Richardson "Lou" Dancing Dramatic Club 52. Mary Louise Roberts "Cabbage" Dancing Dramatic Club 53. Fred Ramsey "Freddie” Dancing Pep Squad. Dramatic lub 34. Oralee Samuel "Chink" Dancing Dramatic (Tub 55. Miriam Sampson "Mooncv” Dancing Y. W. C. A.. Glee Club. R. Club 56. Eddie Scarborough "Bub" Reading Dramatic Club 57. Frederick D. Smart - "Mick" Reading 58. Janie B. Sherman "Belle" Reading 59. Charles Sullivan “Chatnev” Baseball 60. W ilhemenia Taylor "Bill” Basketball V M.C. A.. Durham Ministerial I nion 61. Sarah E. Toney "Jazz" Dancing Pep Squad. Basketball 62. Rhunetta W ilder "Netta" Reading V M. 7 A.. Glee Club. Recreational Cl 63. Elaine James "Shorty" Dancing Y. W. C. A.. Recreational Club 64. Florence W’alker "Snooky” Dancing Dramatic Club 65. Frierson V. Wilson "Frier” Football Dramatic ('lub 66. Ethel Mae Wilson "Little Bit” Dancing 67. Carrie Windham “Sister” Dancing TACK TWBXTY-SKVKXTen Years From o You Tike To Sees-— Dorothy Armstrong, Home Economics Instructor, at Bethune Cookman College. Julia Mae Bailey, the only person in the English Department at Howard University. Hayes Baker, strolling down Broadway with his Ph.D. in his pocket. Ethel Mae Benbow, conducting an orchestra of her own. Harnetha Broadus, a Metropolitan opera singer. Mary Jane Brown, famous registered nurse in the John Hopkins Hospital. Emily Canty, head of the Home Economics department, Hunter College. Lue Alice Choice, Librarian at Tallahassee College. Carrie Bell Colclough, Professor of Science, Howard University. Willie Mae Commander, a Beauty culturist Mullins, South Carolina. Edna Crim, great clinic nurse. Isabelle Davis, President of Boston Conservatory of Music. Abraham Davis, head technician. St. Louis Emergency Hospital. Charity Felder, Professor of Mathematics, Spelman University. Massie Frierson, an aviator, flying his own plane. Dorcas Gass, the fastest typist in Europe. Li .etta Gregg, head of History Department at a large Northern High school. Pearl Grier, a famous nurse. Thomas Hampton, Instructor in Agriculture. State College, Orangeburg. South Carolina. William P. Handberry, “filabustering” thirty eight hours per week in the U. S. Congress. Boston Hawkins, teaching. Lincoln High School. Sumter, S. C. Cornease Haynes, teacher at our own dear Morris College. C. W. Howard, head surgeon in a New York hospital. Johnnie Howard, pastor of a church in Africa. Elease Izzard. doing social service work in New Orleans. Louisiana. Elaine James, a private stenographer in the office of Senator Mitchell. Lillie Johnson, heroine registered nurse. Rebecca Johnson, founder of the Carolina Conservatory of Music. Edward Jones, Chief Business Administrator at Clark University. Pearl Jones, teacher at Fisk University. Katie Keitt, head of English Department at Columbia University. Tryphena Lewis, certified public accountant in London. Grace Matthews, a musician touring Asia. Harvey Melvin, the latest “Fats Waller”. Lois Mills, a nurse better than Florence Nightingale. I illie Moses, a stenographer at Morris College. Robert Murray, a criminal lawyer. Burrell Murray, the best embalmer in South Carolina. Lillian McCadden, bookkeeper at Howard University. Bertha McIntosh, teacher in a high school in Washington, D. C. Choate Neal, Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan. Susie Mae Nelson, owner of a school of bea ity with sixteen operators. Oi rie Palsey. adding another room to the White House. Lucy Ramsey, a successful female lawyer, p"acticing in New York. Fred Ramsey, a successful physician in Sumter. South Carolina. Virginia Richardson, stenographer in Europe. Mary Louise Roberts, singing to her twelve children as a fourth husband washes dishes. PACK TWBXTY KICIITM », te; m Little Rock. Arkansas. Or s, F .e. Iampton Institute. Ec' Scar jgi . o a n.etnanic at Hampton Institute. Janie Sherman, a stf lographer to President Roosevelt. Freddie Smarte, brick mason in Asia. YVilhemenia Taylor, owning her own beauty shop. Elizabeth Toney, stenographer to President Pinson. Florence Walker, stenographer to the Mayor of Sumter. Rhunetta Wilder, a famous novelist. Carrie Windham, actress of noteworthy fame. Corrine Willis, owner of a smart dress shop. Ethel Mae Wilson, graduating from college as valedictorian. Frierson Wilson, as the world’s greatest embalmer. Geneva Coles, wearing her senior cap and touring the dark continent. Walter Moses, member of the President’s cabinet. Isaiah Moses, Doctor of Divinity at Westpo t. Virginia. Charles Sullivan, founder of the Society of mistreated preachers. Ruth Beth line, a famous gown designer. MISSIONARY GROUP 1st Roa— Eliza Myers. Delphlne McDaniels. Reholda Garner. Annie L. Hall 2nd Rrw—Marion Harrison. louise Lee. Ethel Smith. E. Humbert I'ACK twenty I ,I THIRD YEAR HIGH OFFICERS Thomasena Pack.......................... James Simmons........................... Sadie Singletary........................ I. D. Pinson............................ Mrs. Evelyn Pickett............. CLASS William Ashley Josephine Canty Ruby L. Cox Virgie M. Cortman Berley Drafts Nannie M. Deas Gladys Golden Rosa Granderson K. C. Jones Halen Jones ' Marvin Herriot Shadrack Kershaw Benjamin Knox Clara McCleary Mary E. Myers .............................. President ...............-............Vice President .......-..................... Secretary —............................. Treasurer ..............—...................Sponsor ROLL Ihomasena Pack I. D. Pinson. Jr. Marion Saxton Sadie Singletary James Simmons Rhunetta Sharpe Juanita Tarleton George Taylor Miriam Wright Rosa Weston A1 berth a Wilson John Williams Gertrude Wilson Elisher Harmon Catherine Holiday PACE THIRTY SECOND YEAR HIGH OFFICERS Henry Richardson..........................................................President Bernice Harvin................................................... Vice President Ethel Pendergrass........................................................ Secretary Willie B. Pitts........................................................ Treasurer Mr. William Moses....................................................... Adviser CLASS ROLL Joseph Brantley James Burroughs Wilhelmena Dennis Myrtle McFadden Ruth Greene Kermit Howard Chrsitopher Herriot Davis Jasper William James Austin Murray Miriam Middleton Willie B Pitts Henry Richardson Ethel Pendergrass l (SK THIRTY ONKFIRST YEAR 11 KM I OFFICERS it II. Harvy. I'rrsirii'iil: (iurrirk. Sf 'rriiir.v; S.vlvisler Piiis.»n. Trcii'iircr; Zo|.ln‘rlr» ' iinx. Vice 1‘roxiili-ut: Mrs. C. I . n»i|il Hl. Advisor. CLASS ROLL Eugene Alston. Howard Baker. Edward M, Booker, Leroy Bowman. Annie M. Barton. Manning Diggs. Elease Dwyer. J. L. Fogle. Aaron Franklin. Viola Franklin. Mattie M. Franklin. Rosemelle Garrick. Delphine Geddis. Albertha Geddis, Johnnie Hill. Rossia Hicks. Minnie Howard. Carrie Jasper. Marie Jasper. Martha Jackson. Harrison Neal. Frank Nathaniel. Marlon Osborne. Sylvester Pinson. Mary Pea.v. Alva Rivers. Frank Robinson. Hcsea Ramsey. Alice Taylor. Arthur Williams. Edna Williams. Edna Wilson. Evelyn Wright. Zepherlee Young. PACE THIRTY TWO ORCHESTRAcActivities GLEE CLUB BASEBALL SQUAD 1st Row: John E. Thompson. Centry Prince. Taft Pleasant. Henry Zimmerman. Harold DeLaine. James Haile. 2nd Row: George McCain. James Ilemn;itu». D. J. Marshall. Fred Ramsey. 3rd Row: Charles Butler. J. Frank Belton. Richard Pleasant. Mascot: Sylvester Pinson. PACK THIRTY-THREE CITY FEMALE QUARTET Elizabeth Douglas. Otelia Taylor. Elizabeth Dantzler. Carrie Murray FOOTBALL SQUAD 1st Row: George McCain. Charles Pickett. Wm. Sanders. Tarshus Bines. Henry Zimmerman. Ccntry Prince. Taft Pleasant. Wm. Mood Harrison. 2nd Row: Harold DeLaine. Isaiah James. Alvertus Montgomery. D. J. Marshall. Saint R. Harrison. Randolph Wright. James Burroughs. 3rd Row: Ben E. Singleton. Robert Small, James Harrington. James Robinson. Roland Niles. 4th Row: J. Frank Belton. Charles Butler. Reynolds Davis. Eugene Neal. Willie L. Holman. Trainer PACK THIRTY KOPItCCMMERCIAL CLUB COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS Henry Zimmerman.................................................................... President Theodore Everett . .................................. -...........................Vice President Susie M. Pinckney.................................................................... Secretary Edith Humbert................................................ -.............-....Asst. Secretary E. C. Fogle......................................................................... Treasurer C. Murray......................................-........................Chrm. Program Committee Wm. M. Bowman....................................-.....................Chrm. Initiation Committee SPONSORS: ..It. T. Williams, It. Richards. Wm. Moses. B. Roberson MEM BEKS Win. McKinley Bowman. Editor School Paper- "The Campus Voice": Clifton Morgan. Managing Editor: «Melia Taylor, Co-Editor; Margaret Humbert. Co-Editor: Carrie Murray. Co-Editor; Camille Moses. Co-Editor: Etherine Thompson, Co-Editor: ('entry Prince. Co-Editor: McCormick Norris. Co-Editor; II. 0. Ilarvc.v, Co-Editor: Carl Brown, Literary Editor; Theodore Everett, Literary Editor; Roland Niles, Literary Editor; Edith Humbert, Art and Music: II. C. Bowen. Art and Music: A. Humbert. Henry Zimmerman. Drawing-Sketching: ,,s‘e Pinckney. Society-Personals; Isaiah Boone. Adds and llumor: George McCain. Circulating Manager: E. t . Koglc, Religion:- Editor; R. A. Fisburne. Religious Editor; C.arna Jackson, Who's Who Column: ('destine l»a-cote. Did You Know That Column: James Simmons. Did You Know That Column: Beatrice Gregg. -Sport- («d-unin: L. C. Handberry. Sports Column; Marie Bradley, Sports Column: Moxctta Flemings. SjMirts (Column: Gardena Garrick. Sports Column. page thirty-five1 DURHAM MINISTERIAL UNION OFFICERS •I. N. 'hit. President: K. Koglp, Vice President: IC. A. Kislil nrnc. Spcrt'liiry; ('. M. Assisijim Seeretnr.v; Win. McKinley Itowin:in. Treasurer: II. O. Harvey. Chairman Program Committee: T. O. Kierplt. 'rit i« . MEMBERS J. W. Davis. M. M. Beattie. J. W. Carter. J. R. Howard. G. L. Pearson. S. J. Weston. L. W. Williams. I. P. Moses. M. C. Allison. J. L. Fogle. H. H. Horton. T. N. Bines. W. A. Williams. R. C. Pleasant. C. Ford. C. N. Sullivan. W. J. Windham. G. B. Gilliard. C. R. Neal. J. N. Carr. C. M. Morgan. Win. McKinley Bowman. H. O. Harvey. T. O. Everett DRAMATIC PLAYERS Eula Gerald. Camille Moses. Mary H. Blackman. Garna Jackson. Hattie Frazier. Catherine BishoD. Beatrice Gregg. Annie L. Hall. Otelia Taylor. Eleanor Handberry. Erma Lewis. Charles Humbert. Pearl Watkins. Charlotte Jordan. Wm. Sanders. Jack Tarketon. Carl Brown. George Buck. Walter Brown. A. J. McConnell. Albert Burroughs. T PAGE THIRTY-SIXLA CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS Etherine Thompson...................... Susie Rebecca Pinckney................. Elizabeth Vertellc Burton.............. Daisy Mae Bright....................... Celestine L. Bacote Wanda N. Bailey Walter Brown Marylyn Dean Gardena E. Garrick Eliza E. Myers Reholda M. Garner Eula Bertha Gerald Wilhemenia H. Ham MEMBERS Margaret H. Humbert Roland Niles Centry Prince Marion F. Harrison Gama Mae Jackson Hilda R. Jackson Camille F. Moses Delphine Q- McDaniels Ethel L. Smith .....President Vice President .....Secretary .....Treasurer Sadie Mae Smith Etherine Thompson Susie Rebecca Pinckney Velma J. Smith Annie Eleanor Handberry Elizabeth V. Burton Daisy Mae Bright Annie Mozetta Flemming Prof. Hollis Tildon. Sponsor MAY DAY SCENE TENNIS PAGE THIRTY-SEVENPEP SQUAD Marion Murray. Otelia Taylor. Mary L. Roberts. Wilhemen a Taylor. Wm. Preston Hand-berry. Edith Humbert. Rosa Pearson. Albert Burroughs. Thomas E. Davis. RECREATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS Gama M. Jackson.............................................. President Camille F. Moses—...................................... Secretary Charlotte Jordan............................................ Treasurer Reholda Garner....................................................Critic Celestine Bacote........................................... Reporter MEMBERS Margaret Humbert. Naomi Bailey. Carrie L. Shephard. Elizabeth Burton. Margie Thompson. Grace Jackson. Rasa Sumter. Rhunetta Wilder. Burley Drafts. Janie Mattison. Eliza Myers. Eula Gerald. Annie L. Hall. Ida M. Rutherford. Hattie Frazier. Vessie Gregg. Zelda Jackson. Sadie Smith. Anna Rass. Virgie M. Cortman, Harnctha Broadus. Delphine McDaniels. Wilhemena Ham. Etherine Thompson. Etta B. Hudson. Mary F. Blackman. Gama M. Jackson. Camille Moses. Charlotte Jordan. Reholda Garner. Celestine Bacote. Marguerite S. Williams. Sadie Singletary. Daisy Bright. Clara Bright. Marion Harrison. PAGE THIRTY EIGHTi COLLEGE MALE QUINTET Wilson Braclsy. Win. K. Muldtcw. Win. laf: Pleasant. Gordon Simpson. Joseph Davis WILLING WORKERS' CLUB Girls’ Division OFFICERS Naomi liaile.v. President; Prudence McIntosh. Vice President : Grave Jackson. Secretary : Eleanor Handherry. Asst. Secretary: laniisc Lee. '1'reasnrer: Annie I.. Hall. Critic; Anna Ross. Reporter; and Mrs. H. A. Pinson. Adviser. MEMBERS Rosalie Alsbrooks. Clara Bright. Daisy Bell, Wanda Hailey. Sarah IturmuKlis. Rnlli Hrixxs, Reholda Garner. Annie Laurie Ilall. Earnestine Flam. Eleanor Handberry. Marion Harrison. Grace Jackson. Anna Jenkins, ('arietta J n vreiiee. Louise Lee. Prudence McIntosh. Charlotte Meyers. Marie Parson. Ojetta Parker. Ida Rutherford. Anna Ross. Ethel Smith. Velma Smith. Rosa Sumter, and Pearl Wilson. AC.E THIRTY XIXKTACK FOHTY BASKETBALL GROUP Erma Lewis. Anna Ross. Carrie L. Shephard. Ida Rutherford. Gladys Wilder. Susie M. Nelson. Wilhemenia Taylor Edna Crim. Hattie Frazier. Vessie Gregg. Oralee Samuel. Ojetta Parker. Sadie Singletary. Naomi Bailey. Juanita Bacote, Orgie Lucas. Ztpherlee Young. Carrie Murray. Be.uri«-« Gregg. Aurilla Sloans. Dorothy Duncan, Kosa Pearson, Otelia Taylor. Catherine Garrett. Adeline Boatwright. Etherlne Thompson Margie L. Thompson Celestine Bacote ... Garna M. Jackson -Margaret Humbert KAMPUS KULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS ---- President Vice President -----Secretary ....... Critic ---- Treasurer MEMBERS Etherine J. Thompson. A. M. Flemming. Garna M. Jackson. Elizabeth Burton. Wilhemena Ham. Sadie M. Smith. Daisy M. Bright. Celestine Bacote. Eliza E. Myers. Margie L. Thompson. Edith Humbert. Margaret E. Humbert. Camille Moses. Delphine McDaniels. Eula B. Gerald. Marv.yn Dean. Lela V. Blocker. Jannie V. Mattison. STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET Luther V. Handberry ................................................ Theodore Everett ................................................... Otelia Taylor ...................................................... Prudence McIntosh ................................................. President Vice President .... Secretary --- Treasurer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Frank Belton ......................................... Wm. McKinley Bowman ................................. Beatrice Gregg ..................................... George Buck .......................................... William P. Handberry ................................ SPONSORS: Professors Green C. Maxwell. Hollis Tildon ___ Senior Class --- Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class ---High School PAGE FOUTV-0.SkT H E M 0 TJ YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CABINET Elizabeth Burton ... ........................................ Etherine Thompson Marylyn E. Dean Margaret E Humbert______ Prudence McIntosh - Annie L. Hail ------------- Wllhemenla Ham Daisy M. Bright ---- Gama M. Jackson Reholda Mercedes Garner Delphlne McDaniels . Miss Ruth Richard Advisor Sadie Mae Smith...................... .........- - -......... President .................. Vice President ....................... Secretary ................. Asst. Secretary ..................... Treasurer ......-.......... Corr. Secretary ............ Asst. Corr. Secretary .......... Chm. Social Committee ..... Chrm. Program Committee ........................ Chaplain -.......................... Critic Reporter YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CABINET Wm. McKinley Bowman ... E. C. Fogle _____________ Thaddeus Bacote ...... Wm. T. Pleasant ..... Century Prince .. Andrew Belton ........... ................. President ............ Vice President ................. Secretary ........... Asst. Secretary ................. Treasurer Chrm. Program Committee PACK FORTY-TWO Prof. Richard T. Williams. AdvisorCOMMERCIAL CLUB QUARTET PINSON BROTHERS QUARTET George McCain. Otelia Taylor. Carrie Mur- Eugene Pinson. Sylvester Pinson. James Pin-ray. Carl Brown son. Davis Pinson CAMPUS FEMALE QUARTET Margaret Sue Williams. Nannie Mae Deas. Mary F. Blackman. Grace Jackson PAGE FOKTY-THKERV DEBATERS Luvenia Rhames Rcholda Garner Anna L. Hall Katie Gibson I. D. Pinson, Jr. Jack Tarleton Willie Lee Holman George Buck Geneva Ramsey Beatrice Gregg at ART APPRECIATION CLASS Trvphena Lewis Mary L. Roberts Harnetha Broadus Ora lee Samuels Susie M. Nelson Lucy Ramsey Elaine James Miriam Sampson Lillian McCaddcn Rhunctta Wilder Florence Walker Virginia Richardson Isabelle Davis Instructor: Mrs. B. A. Pinson i»a ;k forty-fourIF MORRISIT F FOURTH YEAR POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB Miriam Middleton. President : Fred Ramsey. Vic© President; Dorothy Armstrong. Secretary: Virginia Richardson. Treasurer; and Kevcrend Addison. Critic. PROGRAM (OM.MITTKK Harnetha Rroadus. Racy Itamsey. Ia is Mills. Klaine .lames and Charles Sullivan. THIRD AND FOURTH YEAR HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE CLUB W. p. Ilanberry. President: Dorothy Armstrong. Vice President: Susie M. Nelson. Secretary; Mary I.. Roberts. Assistant Secretary: Rdna C'rim. Critic; I. D. Pinson. .Ir.. Tlmmasoiiea Pack. Gladys Golden, .fames Simmons and Sadie Singletary. PACK FORTY FIVWILLING WORKERS’ CLUB Bovs Division John Thomas Thaddcus Bacote Willie Lee Holman Albert Burroughs Roland Nile's Randolph Wright Thomas Davis Gordon Simpson Charles Pickering George Tanner Morris Pearson PACK FORTY-SIXPACK FORTY SKYKNOPTO.M KTK 1ST 35 S. MAIN ST. SUMTER S. C. KYBS EXAMINED — GI.ASSES FITTED U. G. CONYERS NOTARY 1 1 FOR SOI Til CAROLINA 333 SO. MAIN STKKKT hip WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 3 SOUTH MAIN STKKKT Al TO ACCESSORIES—KADI OS—BICYCLES PALMER FUNERAL HOME S04 SOI Til MAIN STKKKT Plume 777 Sumter. S. (’ CHARLES A. LAWSON NOTARY 1 1 BMC V. Itarllrtt Street Phones 7 lit - 771 Sumter. S. C LYRIC THEATRE Finest All Colored Theatre in Sumter The best available entertainment at the lowest possible ADMISSION CRICKS: Adults 15 Cents —:— Children 10 Cents All Seats—All Hours The Management Y» 'hone da IN KiivKLANL) cleaners K.XPKKT CLEANERS — MODKRN METHODS V. MBKRTY GALLOWAY and MOSELEY QUALITY .IKWELKKS Watch Makers — Diamond Setters and Engravers : « S. MAIN STREET SUMTER. S. C P. J. SWINSON FURNITURE STORE 37 WEST LIBERTY STREET J. M. SWINSON. Manager H. C. BLAND MOTOR CO. CARS V K FORDS V-8 TRUCKS BODY REPAIRS SERVICE SUMTER STEAM LAUNDRY PHONE 304 COURTEOUS SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF— BELK-ROBINSON COMPANY SUMTER’S SHOPPING CENTER LYMAN ELECTRIC CO. PHONE »oo GENERAL ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS PAGE FORTY EIGHTWK INVITK V»l TO VISIT I S FOK FOK MKKdlANIUSK OF OVALITY P' C c IM GOODS b 1UA' GO. I aERAL .iOMh 43 Council Street Sumter. S. C. Tried and True — Call on us Diones 4SMI • IS4-L A. I . SPEARS. President | We Use W hite Oak Sole—Goodyear SULLIVAN HEELS SHOK SHINE PAH 1.0K Work Done While You Wait 13 K. LIBERTY Sam Lush. Proprietor j ----------------------------------- 1 | COMPLIMENT OF— | WEST6URY LUMBER CO. SUMTER. S. C. j ----------------------------------- I SUMTER TOGGERY SHOP | FORMERLY SMITH S TOGGERY SHOP 24 SO. MAIN STREET I ___________________________________ SUMTER CUT-RATE DRUG STORE Creator of Reasonable Drug Prices PHONE 93 • 94 CONDON’S BAKERY FRESH DAILY AT YOLK GROCER Call For BI TTER BALANCE WITH BEST WISHES— SUMTER DRY GOOD CO. JOB'S FUNERAL HOME —is owned and operated by tile— | SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF JOB j 333 MANNING AVENUE SUMTER. S. C. j Phone lmil — | a or Nielli — Phone Stt3-Y | -------------------------------------- | I F. L. SCOTT'S ESSO STATION I MAIN AND CALHOUN STREETS j SCMTER. S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF— Jason Maloney AND Miss Ophelia C. Williams STUBBS BROTHERS l« SO. MAIN STREET OCTFITTERS TO MEN AND YOUNG MEN Popular Prices Always j ( i i BRODY’S DEPARTMENT STORE Ol’TFITS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY SUMTER GAS and POWER CO. “GAS Does It Better" i I i I ! I i i i i i PAGE FORTY-NINETHE LEADER Dependable .Mri'rliHiiiliMC at lam Prices :?:$ N. MAIN STKKKT PHILADELPHIA SHOE SHOP COMPLIMKN I'S t 1 V. LIRKRTY STKKKT All Work Done 11v Salaried (Talisman BRUNSON—The Plumber filVK I S A TRIAL K. I.IBKKTY R. T. BROWN TIRE CO. COMPKIMKNTS OF— GOODYKAK SKKVICK STATION DURANT HARDWARE CO. N. MAIN STKKKT Phone :S.'» 8CMTKK. S. C. ItASKIIA1.1.—FOOTIIA1 1. AND AI.L SPORTING GOODS YOI W II.I. NKKD HORST’S COAL CO. OI'AI.ITY COAL GEORGE H. HI JRST SON PIIONK 75 I FOR KYKKYTIIING IN FI RNITI RK See 's GALLAGHER and FOXWORTH W11KRK GOOD CI.OTIIKS COST I.KSS GRIFFON CI.OTIIKS — STKTSON HATS Ye Appreciate Your Trade Marls Thrill With Photograph'. To Brins: Itaek Happy Mrmories in After Years Sumter Railway and Mill Supply Co. PIIOTOGKAPIIKKS OF TIIK l! :'.7 MOItRISITK TIIK PIPK AND KOOKING PKOPI.K See I s Before You liny Hardware WILLIAMS STUDIOS DORN’S MARKET N E S S’ NORTH MAIN STKKKT RKADY-TO-WKAR OF Ql AI.ITY For the Family PIIONK 1077-Y FKKK DKI.IVKKY Sumter. S. C. 11 SO. MAIN STKKKT N'CF j. C. PENNY CO. Where a Nation Shop and Saves S.MAKT ( 'LOTH US F»K KYKI MKMBFK OF THU FAMILY I S. .MAIN STKFFT KUMTKK. S. JOHN EVANS 4 ; SUMTER. S. C WE NEVER CLOSE AI TO REBI H dim. kfiaihint; Fleetrie and Acetylene Welding STANDARD OIL I’RODI'CTS Auto Aecessories rilONKS stl • ST “Carolina's Largest and Rest l I«|«ii|»i»« «l Oarage" COMPLI.MFNTS OF— CAROLINA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY SCMTKK. S. C. GREAT A. 8C P. TEA CO. FRKSII MEATS and FANCY CKOCFICIFS CANTY - PLOWDEN HOME OWNED GROCERY STORE Cash and Carry 39 South Main Street Phone 706 - 707 COMPLIMENTS OF— THE SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINADRINK CAROLINA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Sumter, South Carolina THE HOUSE OF MURPHY DOING OUR PART TO GUARD THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR PEOPLE ANI) TO MAKE SECURE PLACES FOR NEGRO YOUTH COMING IN INCREASING NUMBERS EACH YEAR FROM SCHOOL AND COLLEGE.............. H. S. MURPHY, Proprietor B. F. LOGAN, Sales Manager LOCATED AT ATLANTA, GEORGIA 275 AUBURN AVE., N. E. PHONE JAckson 8118

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