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3. . vlx- , 1. 'Qi If ' in if " .e wr - s vn A. , The semor class of 1954 hereby dedxcate thxs yearbook to Mr Zoch m apprec1at1on for the help and patxence he has g1Ven us 1 , 9 K g,,. 3 1-.M.f+"' J f. wh , PROPOSED ADDITION -'NU si! M C S GROWING PAINS AND THE BUILDING ADDITION During 1953 and 1954, our school has been going through the difficult exper ience of providing additional space for our increased enrolment and needs Although we have been planning for several years, it was not until the spring of 1953 that active steps were taken to increase our school facilities The school Board of Education with the assistance of a Building Advisory Commlttee , secured an Architect and, in counsel with the State Education Department, developed plans for a. school addition On August 18 1953, the voters of the District passed a bond issue of S34 000 with a very substantial majority Mrs Lewis Rutherford Morris who with her late husband, had matched dollar for dollar on the cost of the present building, agreed to donate S50 000 toward the cost of the addition When bids were opened on February 16 1954, it was found that we needed S40 000 more than was available to complete the full project The Board of Education called for a second vote on March 29, to determine whether the voters wished to add the S40, 000 to the project or to scale down the plans to come within the approporation. The vote of this additional sum, although favorable was not a required ZI3 majority. School authorities are now at work trying to pare the costs down to meet the sum available. MR . SECOR '2- BOARD OF EDUCATION 5 'W BOARD OF EDUCATION Stanley Foote Pres1dent EverettE Sherman Clerk Sldney Rxchards Leroy Polrng Edward Ellxott Ke1th Matteson George Preston Lynn J Secor Lelgh Barrus Frank Clapp Ray Clement Mrs Mar1lynW Crumb Mrss Mane F Flo Mlss Meryl Herrmg Lyndon Howlett Rxchard Knapp John McElroy M1ss Grace MOJZIS M1ss Barbara Skorupa Mrs Madohn L Wells MISS June Zlmrnerman Alfred Zoch Mrs Mrs M1ss Mrs M1ss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Marlon Dodge Ruth Edgerton Clara Wagner Geneva B Kraus Palma Cerosalettl Mabel Wassenaar May M1ll1ken Lulu Hxlsxnger Theresa Hamhn Corlnne Colvln Chr1st1na Duroe Laura A Harms Mr Marble Mr Card ' 7th H. R. Jr. H, Englxsh ' ' 1 , l . ' ' 2 , ' ' 2.-5 . ' 3 . ' - 4 . . . 5 Mrs LOISB Gagc Treasurer Mrs AnnP1cker1ng Tax Collector FACULTY HIGH SCHOOL GRADES CUSTODIANS Supemntcndent Pr1nc1pal French Span1sh Engl1sh Phys1cal Educat1on Home Economlcs Lmbrary Phys1cal Educat1on Grrls Agr1culture H S Math and Scmence Musxc Mathematxcs Sc1ence7 8 H1story Grade Musrc Comme rcxal Nurse Cafete r1a School Secretary Kmdergarten Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade 6 Mr Gregory Mr Weatherly D 'W-. sl '-IE WHO SEEKS SHALL FIND' -4 Q13- 'x YEARBOOK STAFF OF 1954 Ed1tor Betty w11B0n As slstant Edxtor Max1ne Jester Sports Edxtor John Was senaar Alurnnx Reporter Joyce Toomath Assmstant Alurnm Reporter Robert Black Art Ed1tor Kenneth Anderson Busxness Manager Warren Kmney Yearbook Advmsor Mrs Wells Class Colors Yellow and Blue Class Flowers Yellow Rose Class Rmgs Basnan Brothers as is ' THE SENIORS There are twenty s1x members of the Semor class thxs year There are many stu dents ln our class part1c1pat1ng 1n Band Chorus Cheerleadxng Sports F H A and F F A Our class has been very busy w1th fund ra1s1ng act1v1t1es th1s year Early 1n the school year we started our rnagazme sales We made over four hun dred dollars on thxs project We presented 'Charley's Aunt" as our Sen1or Play We were very successful wxth the play and made over two hundred dollars Our class has also sponsored a skatmg party bake sales and the Radxo Ranch Hand Show We are also sellxng pop and candy at the basketball games and are plannmg to have a dance 1n May. We have had a very successful year under the gu1dance of Mx' Clapp CLASS OFFICERS Carre Rutherford Presxdent Albert Grenz V1ce Pres1dent Kenneth Anderson Secretary 81 Treasurer -7 fu f ' AL..- f f QQ. . ' 1.3 il ww u A - I I I . . W' ' 'X rt , ti' A ,,,L, 'Af fin-'ll-it V, 1 . l 'Ka GARRE RUTHERFORD and orus l 2 X Baseball 1 Volleyball 2 Sen1or Play 4 Class Pres1dent KENNETH ANDERSON Football l Basketball Volleyball 2 3 4 orus 1 2 Semor Play 4 Operetta 1 Year Book staff 4 ALBERT GRENZ Basketball 1, 2,4 ..,1': rx Band 2,4 'PQ 'C x 3 Y' y tx X Boy's Chorus 1, 2,4 Mlxed Chorus 1, 2,4 All State Chorus 3 Seruor Play 4 VICC Presldent 4 B - 1, 2, 3,4 Ch - , ,3,4 ' - Football 1, 2, 3 93 ' - ' -4 frm - l,2,3,4 if? 9 - INK, A Ch - , ,3 A CAROL SAUNDERS L1brary Club 1 Y' RONALD HALBERT C orus 1 Z and Baseball 1 Z 3 0 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football Class Presxdent 2 All State Chorus E LE ANOR HOAG Mlxed Chorus 1 Z 3 4 G1r1's Chorus 1 Z Volleyball Z 3 Softball 2 3 4 Basketball Z 3 Cafeterxa 1,2 fl f 1 V' 1l"'7 av 9 JOYCE TOOMATH ?Yla- G1rl's Chorus 1 2. ? Cheerlead1ng fc GREGORY COOKE Basketball 1 2 4 Chorus l Z 3 4 Baseball Z Dramat1c Tw1r11ng 1 2 3 Semor Play F H A Year Book Staff MAXINE JESTER and 1 Z 3 Chorus Semor Play 4 Cheerleading 4 President - Z Year Book Staff - 4 Basketball - Z 3 4 Mlff MD PATRICIA JACKSON and 1 Chorus Z 4 Semor Play 4 Cheerleadmg 4 Basketball Volleyball 2 4 Softball Z :FTW I-,Q-In 5' BETTY WILSON Cheerleadmg 1 Sen1or Play 4 G1r1s Chorus 1 Z 3 4 M1xed Chorus 1 3 Twlrhng Basketball 3 4 Year Book Staff 4 ROBERT BLACK L1brary Club Football Chorus H Year Book Staff fQ 9'-x B - ,2,3,4 ' 1 I' ' - 'mil IS -2,4 - ,4 . M , I gl K, , I , -1 I , I, -2,3 r, wi xx Z 4 K 4- - l,Z,3,4 H' -4 Q I ' 12:3 s . , - . ' nz: 14 h' ' ' -1,2,3,4 F31- lf i . REITA CHASE Basketball 1 2 3 4 Cafeter1a 3 4 Volleyball Soccer 3,4 F H A Cheerlead1ng Softball 3 4 23 JOHN TURNBULL Basketball Football 1 Z F F A Band 1 3 4 Class VICE Pres1dent Z Semor Play 4 Secretary F F ROBERT STEPHENS Football Z f Q Basketball 2 3 4 'fr '5 Baseball 2 I f I F.F.A. 1,z,3,4 Rlneclub 1,2 - 1,z,3,4 n ,, . A - , ,3,4 tt - ,S ...-1.2,3,4 li. 1' ls' 1 P ,W if y LV w ' - ' - - -, big! VV . - ' ff ' ,sf fr. ' f- A - 3 5-fi 2 ' ' ' : 'A . 3 lr' -I , - mmf -, " 9 n 9 . - , , H' - 3,4 1 Q a ' 1l3l4 ' - 1 ' I 11 L . get " K rf - ' ' f x af' - RICHARD STAFFORD JR and l Z Corus 1234 Bas-,eba11 1 z 3 A' Football 1 2 3 Capt Semor Play 3 4 Volleyball Z 3 4 WANETTA DANIELS 'f-.. F H A Basketball 3 4 Softball 3 4 Cafeterxa l Z 3 Chorus 1 2 3,4 Operetta 'P1ra.tes Of Penzance ' 1 Volleyball 3 ALBERT GUGEL, JR r 631' A F F A 1,z,3 4 D' x B ' 1 1314 h - n 9 a f, .Q ' 1 Q 14 gl -. s 4 'A ' N- ' 'r 4 '. it A , , .-1,2,3,4 X JS: - . - I 'JJ ' 9 0 'J l " 9 1 , - , , x W ' - X N . N.,.:5Ri . -., 'ggi - x -, - wlvtl 1. . .K Q .Q I k I PATRICIA SHERWOOD an 15, Semor play T1cket sales WARREN KINNEY and Chorus 1 Z 3 3 Football Z ,-Q""' Basketball 1 Baseball 3 Sen1or Play 1 4 Year Book Staff 4 DORIS ERIKSON Basketball 3 4 Softball 3 4 Cafeterla 3 4 ?"" chorus 2 3 4 Drum Majorette , 3 Comrner1ca.1 Club Class Offlcers 1, Z, 3 .,: - ' ' B - 1,2,3,4 - 4 A , , -N 5 1 s s gf-- ,W . - X lj, I Y - In, ei Q 1 'f ' ' 5- Q , U ' ' ' ' 9 1 ' - 1,2 ,4 ' -3 BARBARA MILLER F H A Lxbrary Club 1 Commerxcal Club Ca eter1a 3 4 Basketball Volleyball Soccer 5 fdqub JOHN WASSENAAR asketball 1 Z 3 Baseball V' Vo leyball and l orus 'Q' MP . . .-3,4 ' 7 ' 33 V' ' 3 Y . T . f . - X v ' X9 Q, - 5,4 U - 5,4 - ,4 1' . B ' 1 1 14 T' CT A -1,z,s ' 1 - Z,3,4 Q- ....., , A jo B - ,2,3,4 if l Ch - l,Z,3,4 .X 1 R 7' - All-State Sectional - 1,Z,3,-4 l - H Q ' - f' -af' 'N I ' 1 13:4 ' - ,2,3,4 617,71 lf , ' - , X, X - ,3,4 ' ' -1,2,3,4 Semor Play 1 3 ELAINE BUHR G1rl's Chorus l 2 Mxxed Chorus l softbau 2 3 R Basketball Z Tw1rl1ng Cheerleadmg 3 4 GLENN WILSON Basketball Z 3 4 F A HAR LAND JOHNSON Rad1o SENIOR PLAY REHEARSAL SENIOR PLAY CHARLEY S AUNT 1 Name Doris Erikson Eleanor Hoag Pat Jackson Maxine Jester Patricia Sherwood Reita Chase Barbara Miller Elaine Buhr Betty Wilson Joyce Toomath Ronald Halbert Glenn Wilson John Turnbul Warren Kinney Harland Johnson Albert Gugel Ken Anderson Garre Rutherford Albert Grenz Robert Stephens Robert Black Richard Stafford John lhssensrr Gregory Coo o PERSONALITY Expression Nick Name CHART Pastlme Wouldn't that frost ya? All righty Not I Nav Oh George' What Have done now? Wouldn't that kill ya? Play it cool on, yeho Now let me tell you Did ya ever try it? Well now Horse Feathers Well' You girls uh Blow lt! Yuh, know lt I gotta work Who? Ys, know Really Oh, nuts! Don't know do ya? Dory E11 e Pat Maxie Pat Reet Barb Thumper Squeek Joycie Halber time Feathers Yohn Kin Hay Loff Guggie Andy Gig Block Staff lass Shrook Going to dances Drawing Peinz Dick Reading Thinking of someone Writing letters Steve Listening to Joyce Talking Smashin cars Calling the girls sugar Seeing Dot's Eating Pizza Blushing Juicing the Jerseys Spinning around Sleepin Having a 'Gay' time Seeing Joy Spending money Going down to Max1e's I Hunting and fishing ng 'I Believe 'Vaya Con Dios HP S I Love You nYou're the Right One nOh hy Papa WYou You You nSeven Lonely ays uYou're Break ng My Heartn 'Tenderly nCocktai1s For Two nHalo Everybo y' Ricochet Ricochet nEh Compari nOh My Papa 'Dragnet nBeer Barrel Polkan nChew Tobacco Rag nSon From Moulin Rogue 'Ricochet 'Istanbu 'Just to be With You 'That's Amore' 'Istanbul' ' 7 So I II 1 I N ' ll ' n . I ' 1 . " . D " Carol Saunders Curses Brain Sneezing nfemptationn N N 1 ' I ll ll - d ' ll N H N . n I1 H n N A1 3 ll . Bob ' 1' m Leona Bendzlovucz Exa I-larrlngtor Theresa F3210 Joa'1'1e Benedlct Barbara Par1xe1 DOF15 Saunde s Pat Card Kay Beardsly Ann Harrlngton Den1se Morehouse Donna Goetcneas Je rry Joy Fred Colburn Roy Harrmgton Howard M1ller Ralph Lasher Jmm Talbot Donald Saunders Grover Morehousc Fred Bronger Lawrence Larsen Robert Perrxgo Mr Clapp MISS Herrmg MISS Skorupa Mrs Wells Mr Zoch Mxss Flo CLASS WILL More fr1ends 111-'e Pat Many .Ioy's 1n the future. A dr11er tra1n11g o xrse The rlgvnt to p1bl1sn a Joke, ooolf A ma 1 nearer your own ape bornt of the guys you drc am a :out all tm t1me An appomtment oook to keep all your fa1tnful lovers strau ht More rnen l1ke Jam Anothe r man l1 c Ralph Somebody who can help you as much as Nl Knapp Betttr places to par than Ma1n Strlet New ears Excl lha abxhty to get nome ea l1c r 1'1 tht vw ornmgj A new ear and a drlvexls hand boom A glfl to lu lp you ku p sport A t,1rlw1otal1cs 1nsteac1ofwr1t1n5llttt More doodle bug rulers More Confxdence IH the prestncl 0 gxrls ill' l1ltlc free tlmc amouflagjt to nxdl your blusht s new Cap p1stol the old ont must bt worn out Another Valentxne party hkg the lag one Another class of greml111s Pat1ence w1th the sophomore glrls St1lts A rnegaphone Some peace and qu1et 1r1 the sen1or room next year A new room mate next year who can cook as good as M155 Herrmg Q. . ., , ' A ll vu' 1 '. ' '1 A ' '1 3 1 '-, H . AI .,, 1 .n. , 1. V. ' 1 : A ' 1 f', " ' 'r" 4 5 ' ' 1 'l ' ' f ' ', , . ., .y 13 ' l ' lu- un ' f 'LJ , ' X ' 1 1 r. '1 . . , Q. 1 , Sheila Rathbun A permanent pass to Orislxany Falls, 2 " ' ' ' Y- ' - 1 r 'r '. 3. 1 .' 1, , ' J 1 . I 1 Y W3 1 1 ' 1' 1 I 1 ' ' ' 1 1 -rs. A X' ll ' I V - x W 1 V- I Ag' l. , A A . . ' ,- AC y 1 " 3 1 I 4 A . ' , , q , ' CLASS PROPHYCY IQSM It is now l9bk and, altholgh the years have been rough since our graduation day at Norris Central High, we decide to keep our promise to our classmates to cone and visit them. As we leave Vorris 'n our high powered Cadillac convertible we very soon come to a ll sputtering ll stop. When we get out to investi gate the cause of our delay, we cone face to face with Bob Black. He explains to us that he has a garage just down the road and has been doing very well. After looking at our engine, Bob says itfll be an hour before we can be on our way. He also hints at a discount he will give us if we leave the car at Nhisu garage. At Bob's suggestion, we start out for a little walk around the countryside. Who do we come upon but Carol Saunders, sitting under an oak tree reading uGone With The Windu. After we tell each other how happy we are to meet, Carol reveals the fact that this is only the lOth time she has read the book. As Carol escorts us back to our car, she tells us about the little farm she now has and how well she is doing ve say our 'goodbys after oaying Bob's fee and we are again on our way north From the highway we can see the most beautiful ranch type house with a winding driveway leading up to it It looks so inviting that we decide to investigate and see who lives there As the car comes to a ston in front of the house, who walks out the door but Reita Chase with the cutest little pair of black haired twins trailing along behind her I guess luck was with her because we come to find out that she married one of the fellows she was writing to back in 195k Just as we walk out the door, Garre Rutherford walks in It seems he is a traveling auditor and is trying to locate one of Re1ta's neigh bors Garre says there is a lot of money in his business and you get a chance to travel a lot He asks why we don't get 1nto the business and of co1rse, we thank him and remark that we are doing enough traveling at the moment Just as we are leaxlng, after a long chat, Reita tells us that Ken neth Anderson was the one who built her house and that we can see him just up the road about two miles where he is building another ranch house Upon arriving at the scene of construction, we find that it really is Ken Anderson and look who's there, Nita Daniels, bossing the job! We ask Ken what's going on and he says he is building the house for Nita and only she knew what she wanted so he was keeping her on the job Kenneth has been working as a carpenter for quite some time and is the head of his own crew Nita and her husband have three lovely little girls and have finally found the place where their dream house is to be built A few miles further on we again look out of the car window to admire the beautiful scenery We are amazed to recognize the face of Gregory Cooke and he seems to be working with four other men setting our little trees We bring the car to a stop and walk up to see Greg He says he is ver harp vit dis 1ob avi reall lrtezds to make reforggtatiop l1ves ir a house trailer I ' rev tells us that there seems to be a drf spell abogt tweptv miles in state ard all the azners are neetirf at a towr hall to discuss the atter Pe sars there are three or four of the 195A grad lates who live ip there Jr farms So as it see s sucn a ood onport urltv to neat so e nore of o1r classnates we decide to so ro the meeting I X ' . V If ' . A g . . . y . e i . . . . 0 I , a . y A O Y J q O ' e I O O I if H ll, rv I U!-, 1 Q K, V .., A W A his life work. We're happy to hear that Grag is narried too and '1 - 1 Z - I- , - ' ' X ' ' r - - W 1 . A ' W! ' -T T A .. .1 Y - 1 V v A . . . 4 . fn 5 LA rv V , . A 4 x ' ,M J . . - .Jo in e just as another car drives up to the door As we get recognize Bob Stephens getting out of his car Out of the other side we see one! twol' threelll fourllll kids tumbling out Bob say his wife will be along a little later in the other car We take it his little farm is quite prosperous, to have two cars and that Hob must be very happy from the look on his face we seem to be the last to the meeting because the meeting starts just as we get ourselves seated And who do we see presiding over the meeting but John Turnbull we always knew he was quite an authority on farming and now we see that he is also a good leader, for he keeps the meeting and the e to decide on what to do about the dry spell five years now John has a very up to date farm and has about MS head of cattle John also has a very pretty wife and two handsome little boys Glenn has taken over his Frandfather's farm, formerly known as the Lester Wilson farm Glenn is making a very good living off his farm and although he hasn't married yet, he tells us he is getting engaged next week Just as we turn around we run into Albert Gugel He has a farm, too, and he is quite busy He tells us he has a milk route, too Albert takes the milk to the creamery in the morninp in between his farming chores Albert is married and about three or four years from now he will have two very good helpers around the farm Seeing no more of our classmates we leave the meeting and very soon come into Syracuse Our car radio is turned on and we hear the name Harland Johnson mentioned We search into our memory and remember that Harland was interested in radio in school and decide that he nust be 'the' Harland Johnson After arriving at the radio station we are told that Harland was just awarded a beautiful watch for be'ng with the station for five years and do ng such excellent technical engineer advising and work The station has been working very well since Harland came there and was thankful After talking with Harland for a while, he invites us up to his apartment to meet his wife The next person we meet is Barbara Miller We find her in a large office building in Syracuse As we walk in the executive's office we find her there busily typing letters for her boss After waiting a few minutes, we go to lunch with her and have a long chat Barb tells us that she has been married for two years and has a lovely apartment and a car She has done very well in her secretarial career As we leave the resturant we bump into Warren Kinney and leave Barb to go to a second lunch Warren, we find works in the same office building as Barb only he is an expert accountant He tells us that he has had three companys offer him bigger and better jobs but he ean't make up his mind yet as to which one he wants Warren is making himself a very prosperous career arrer tells us that Jo ce oonath is a rur e mr the hosnital ir Svracuse so we say coodby to ar er and o to the hospital At the hospital, we ask for Joyce and find that everyone seems to ask for Joyce when they have to come to the hospital. Joyce is a very popular nurse and a very good one. She says 1t's nothing, but we know it took a lot of work. Joyce tells us she is married to one of the interns in the hospi- tal and is very happy. They have been married for one year now and have a lovely home. As we leave the citv of Syracuse, traveling toward Canada, we see e lovely modern home just en the outskirts of the sity. Ve see Elaine Buhr outside, spading around some tulips in her garden. Elaine seems very happy te see us. We discover Elaine is married to Melvin Stevens and has three pretty little girls and one boy. They have two cars and a nice sum- mer heme in Canada. TC "Cf tl or' I e , get of our car We . Q O . Y e A J Men in Urier mfdl. trvint . Korn Is- 'een Q7-Ct?lYH9w of this area with Glenn Wilson for nigh-on-to , - - . . O O O i e O I I g .e I I O , . I O . ' 0 'uv . U T' T . a . S. ' . J . Y . V , .3 K W V . . g . - . P WW er h er so eb P Pda Q ve eave la re 9 tra e r Q ter askin areu o 9 t 1 re 3 arrle' om, the follo w s mrlt o P99 p o e 13 o w n t e lepho e corw +e1eQ 9 Q operator Coming back into the United States and hew York State, we see a large factory and as we come around to the front of the factory we o1scover the name is nfhe Wassenaar Uranium Company Oh, yesl' That is John Wassenaar, one of our classmates As we walk into the factory office, we run into John and Betty Wilson Betty, we find, is John's secretary and has been for five ears, ever since John started the factory There is a big market for the secret' product John's factory produces and his factory is doing John went to college and evidently his training has proved to be Betty, Join says, is a very good secretary and she has a lovely ana se q + Our next stop is California and, because we often received postcards from them, we know we'll find Maxine Jester and Richard Stafford there Arriving in a small town, we drive up to D1ck's and Max1e's house and ring the bell A little toddler about four years old answers Maxine is rivht behind her and Maxle is very glad to see us Dick just got home from work and we sit down and talk over our high school days Dick has a good Job with the First National Bank in town We tell tlem about all the people we have been to see and relate out travels Before we leave Dick and Maxis, we promise to come and see them a ain sometlme As we drive back into e + tc, we stop off in New York City to see the sights As we are dr vmrc ale in front of the Empire State Building we notice a nflashy new red convertible, parked at the curb We recognize Doris Erikson sitting at the wheel After we manage to find a parking space, we talk with Doris a while and she tells us that she is still looking for her man She has a job as a waitress in a real high class resturant ani makes a fortune in tips every day We leave Doris and work our way back up state, towards home About halfway home we stop at the Bendix Aviation orndrs+ when we walk into the head office to get permission to look around, who do we find but Albert Grenzl To our surprise he tells us that he the president of the firm and he worked his way through the Scintilla in Sidney. Al says he owes his success to his determination to succeed and we see he is right. Al likes his job very much and is climbing the lad der to success slowly but surely. We are now back in Morris but we seem to have missed someone. Let's see, we have seen 23 people and there were 2b in our graduating class. Oh, yeslll How could we have forgotten Ronald halbert? Pe lives ard works right here ir MOPPIS, right urder our roses so to speak. Rorris took over his Mother's Qeal Estate business ari is row running it verv xuc essfull'. Ue has some verv good ideas hen he dot out of college and put them to work for himself. Ronnie is married and has a family of four. We feel sentimental now that our visiting is all over and we have leen all our friends but we know that we can go back and see them any- time. Barbara Miller Reita Chase Doris Erikson At hearirr J2.eNf mentiwnel we roWe'i e ine T, fish Qgout patpicip ,l9PW07i livlff in W-n . Sf 1 l el 1. and V .v l no th intv Tsrcnto " -I r-nfl v--I 3 -. ' --- . 1 - canada, fn, aft. -. ,e .a, fund tt e,'s a d ss. we f1nc E t 13 H075 W' ,, L. tv , ,, m',',Y She Hg TA' t V A If i 0 ' very haw W and she has a deed j h vit' gh tc Hag ,Tags as 8 J hh nv . ' Y , , ' n . I O . - . N Z' . . ' ucv.-V ...DWT .c- u,-,. - worthwhile. 1 . f. rtwent. wit- Q roommate. . 0 O O ' . . ' ' . . , r . . . L . J r . U' . - 3 . . ?T w "or-77 fide, - V . u i f, . H O I . X O Q V . C :...sion. ' is v "Q, an 's Y J fq Vw 661' v, ' '71, 41,1 Q V ' I JUNIOR CLASS lflgrn Pu SOPHOMORE FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE ' , W7 . ' ff , .. ! q 'vi 1 vii. 1,5 t naiq W A ,.......,..'- SEVENTH GRADE fv- qw-af ii Q6 SIXTH GRADE A .N 4 fs 4 'vis 'E-2, V3 'U 04 we 0' v Y c I K' -REQ FPS J' . 1' H D .,: . -fiffj,x:..7T ff my 5 J it . ' , h .. 'Q , N - .4 Q- 4 Y 14' :fa ' h F J Sn 2 if , ' -N' H' f Q 44 ,al 1 'A V I 1 . 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Suggestions in the Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) collection:

Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 5

1954, pg 5

Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 18

1954, pg 18

Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 18

1954, pg 18

Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 41

1954, pg 41

Morris Central High School - Morrisanian Yearbook (Morris, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 25

1954, pg 25

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