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 - Class of 1981

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Morrilton High School - Ayer Yearbook (Morrilton, AR) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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5 4 b :b 1 J , A , P A , fl' , ,. h+ 5 , 4 f . J ' 4,V Q ?f f . ft Q fg 5 g ,fi , f GQ! VJWQAW W 5 , 4 53 5 . 4 N , 4.6 y Q Q . . Cjgi59'LQJO9v3QC9 , kg? QW C? f Qg 1 L SJVOQQY 03' xg 'Qf i. 1 1 ' A Q 1' Q4 ,l VlA i V,1' ! AA Z. b f . i S555 g F6 D 2 ' L M. , j . A ' J , Q A , f? V ' : 55 fi ' 'BL V ' A ' ie ,, j Q Q ii Qgffflffibdfga If ff1,Qc 2 a" b ' i5,a ' 'l ' J f J ., 1 l 1 .T 1l l QA Q ,il QMS? f+95Q1j gW,g4kq W M f L7 P, Q fi YVZWQQVI YU 'I Xbw F5453 QM, Xfytwwb ' H 'WJWM' ZQZIWSX , QM MQ ,aff ig SQ wX .Q g-gig? ' fiffggm, N' nh, WTA ' Q , , ' i ,,., M ,A , A .., AA,, fm! N X X! 1.,,., , W W , 2 -5 ,QQ kip' , f X QQ, 'T NLM. ,UA , f r QSZ5 Q3 ' Wu Vi , fl f:w if W gs-Jai wg w31K :afX S55 ' fwjw i 'ffi9 V S Q3 FQ ' 2 NSSQQQ 5 Q5 N :BS ce i,529E?f55? ofQ"c'W 5g3f52Q5,f F? 5 31f5Q5p12,5 G GP. J2,6a.,L"""Q, g. f dia 20 Qi? 535522 5 Q5 M g ' Q23 5221525226 f Qb35?5?Vf Q 39 - -Q fn 4 ?i322?W?f12Af?2Q32 25-31 if 53332 X EQ fb if E O 6 XSQEGQQEQEEQ 6425 F If LL a,vffi,fQ ff CEJJQ t ff? V . ' U r,.,- , Ayer 1981 Looking Good Together R7 f I-ilxi Editors Lynn Littrell Sherri Williams Carla Boyle 55 Sandra Stoba ugh Pho jloher iw ..,, WH-lu' 'ws if df of Q ,yypgmw """"S-la.. f ""F'm.,,,, ooking G00 ookjn G00 in vb .rim 5' V' A 1 1 .nt Good Things L, , 4 -- ...Cv E59 Share Y 1 2 fi F Y' 2 E f i s E X s 5 2 X w lun-,1 .wg ' --,gag-11, me , -w- : ,-,u v r 1--41:',:f.1':g-,:1:'-1. 1, 1 ,. ' w z..r -wen, -'e wx, '-ffm mv, Q qw-,Ya !.1..n,wfs,:gv:fg':Kff:f:,:-vwNm:-1m:.:,xw.a,s'2:a,3.Q:r -rf.:-n :M X -Wu: W3:':1-1:71-agseffgf,r:25:1.,w1y1,1-11wewflgg--ef::anfffa1:1:a-N rg? V111-ww U-ng1V..1,ku:f-.:.5Qgx51f--,-my.smw:,1vem:.e1fw sfgqgfaaegesgzg-e,-,..-gym-x,v1ymg'-5,,,3iQ Q Q x 'W fi ua Are Th ere You J" af' '. f And ff .pu B W A :W fl-M 'M ,M ,Q V Q X, 4 W at ef M' N- 'M . 1, "K" M --If MHS .fr ar, , "'f xx. . LSGGS ----M., kf?"5f' 41: You To Looking Good. HGNUIQS 45 X x :ig I H! 2 l a by A sw my 'H ' w H + V E V ,W ..-., N , 1 , Y gp 5. is is f ,,,., UIQ 11: f Emu 'URW wwf' ' J 4 Mm .a if :Q V,,+' W o ff 1 in 6 Jig -Q5 mi 1 5? ' H" Q52 gf' if? X 3 if 1 4 Lookin' Good Togofher nO HQ' 1980 Homecoming Queen Angela Lilley is K x 1 Mui E TA WH x al! A n Z g e e ,,f-,X I H a Angela Lilley, escorted by Chuck Shipp and Steve Hart e n i o r Beverly Heaggans, escorted by Tony Leapheart Gina Dunlap, escorted by Richie Fisher F H o m e c 0 m 1 ,iw s V J ,XE 'af f, 1 9 it 8 0 Ifl 8' 2 J 45 Gerri Trujillo, escorted by Greg McFalls and Glen Allen Shelby Robinson, escorted by Rob Hammons and Mike Clemmons ' Sherri Williams, escorted by Ron Gibby , , , ,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,.,.-.! L41 1 .1 Y? 5 ': I 1 1 1 4 4 1 1 I 1 a x I 3 , 4 4 J 5 1 1 Q 4 Q i I .4 A 3 5 E fi 1 3 A li 1 i Q i S Q 4 1 1 A Q A Q f E 1 i ,E 3 MJ X55 M X Y My Vickie Lancaster, escorted by Marty Vaughan Scarlett Ormond, escorted by Tony Kirby MJ XQ W tl Nelda Mallett, escorted by Dutch Handlang Evelyn Jackson, escorted by Tommy Fost Ayer Beauty '81 A . Sh errj WY1IjamS lst Runner-Up Lynlee Wrden 2nd Runner- Up ll Wlllhf... AQ Le! I K A f in iw Gina Dunlap f 1 -1 II Mllllllll U 3rd Runner- Up I Wlllm.. Gina Bowman iliifi fill: W2 ,WE 4th Runner- Up BMS!! illllm.. Lisa Garrett Miss Congeniality Lisa Garrett F 1 Tn ei H1 'V S K til! Lisa Dea ton Judy Davidson 23553 d V YI Az?-.CQAL Phyllis Fosh ee Wi!" ESQ' 1 Sandra Mock Shannan Ormond 5i?3?5 E83 +1116 IGH Angele Lilley A g,, QQ? Hililmll' 5 Beverly Rogers lv 231 IIHIIHNHT - fx, ,,, Shree Sullivan lQ1fi'i Terry Gilmore Q - Tracey Vance swam 7 'WS' 'J - , . .aid u , W ay' ' 1-5' Jonna Powers lx 'Q W IX ' Rhonda Bost Charlotte Galloway see N., . 31 22,11 f--uzwvga Y:,.,,'1'-- '34 ,mx Mg' ,.M"'j,, ff.nH'x+ ff'1.-"ff .- ,:w..t,.,.,:,,fvz,i Aw N.. .N 3 - .n.,,.,MHx,1 a g V U. .,., ,f. ,. , f ,,l.,.ti i- . 4 ' .ai fff-SQ 4 . Lf: ,f iF1,i'i ' g i :ii 1514356 fxqg. . 'F H1 ' W. 'fvaim A-ar - i A ASQLQ, t f, f, K x , S fy' Vicki Lancaster Wendy Lilley i Sw.-Q llffflllll ' Wi?" 3 f ff Kari LQ: 1 , w 1 f- 7,,, ,, 5-K I 5 M M ,..,, , . ,A 5 fa... ,ff 4 'H' Sjngin ' In The Rain 5 Q wmvi smmiuh inf i wx af ?fA1f.f V ,PW 1-K S2 ESQ EE 3505 -ik SQ Sl f i Q ,,., X , Jr. Class Favorites Ben Pinter And Kim Bingham Lyvg 3 nf i 1 Sr. Class Favorites Gary Linn And Judy Davidson ks. Super Seniors Lisa Garret And Tony Lea pheart Best A11 Around Steve Hart And Gina Bowman fi fir 'Q z , Q 3 Q.,-X If A iw Big Flirt Mark Stoba ugh And Tracey Vance fe A :WA if ' Most Likely To Succeed Gary Widner And Angela Millsa p 35. Best Looking Tim Pinter And Joanie Pruitt Most Spirited Donnie Smith And LyAnna Hale xt Most Athletic Tony Johnson And Kim Hodge Best Dressed Fred McDaniel And Shannen Ormond 3 B Campus Clown Johnny Wingo And Lynn Littrell ur milf Most Feminine Sherri Williams Jr. Class 1980 Presents . . . Cast for Pillow Talk Jan Morrow ----- Jonathan Forbes Brad Allen ----- Alma ------------ Pierot -------------------------- Mrs. Walters ----------- Tony Walters ---------- ---------- Marie- ------------------------ -- Eileen -------------------------- Yvette ----------- Miss Conrad ---- Supervisor ------ Miss Dickenson ------------------ Policeman ------------------ Bessie ----------- Mrs. Frost -------- Mrs. Amen ----------------------- Graha -------------------------- Tilda- ------------------------- - Tam y Rankin Gary Linn Chuck Shipp Lynn Littrell Paul Burgess Allison Burgess Tony Kirby Angela Lilley Sandy Rankin Carla Boyle Lorri Tindall Terri Jo Harper Tammy Bishop Dutch Handlang Tracy Vance Brenda Hollowway Terri Jo Harper Mark Pierce Lisa Gray Y X , . Pillow Talk 37 Pre en ting . 1980 Sr. Play "Ask Any Girl " Student Pirector Neg 'heeler --------------------- - Wrs. 'Hee1er --------------------- Mr. Wheeler ---- -------------- ---- Aunt Fern --be ----- - ------------ -- Aunt Lettie --------------------- H Ada ........ .-.....-. ........... ,.-...---.. Lisa --- ------ -- Fuby ---------- - ----- - ------ ------- Heidi --------- -- ------------ -- ---- - Jeannie --H--------e-------------- Terri ------ - ------------em- H ---- - Vince --H ----------------------- 0- Alvin -------- w--'-- ------ D ---- H-- Viles Doughton --- --e----- H ----- -- Fvan Doughton -------------------- Ellen ---------- U -------- H ---- ---- Jane ------------ M- -------- n------ Conductor ---------- - --------- -M-W Telephone Operator N -------------- 38 David Vales Lynn Littrell Tammy Eankin Steve Fart Vary Ann Vutchisc Varen Vnudsen Fharon Ausler Judy Davidson Lisa fray Tammy Pishon Vichelle Villiams Paula Foires Freddie VcUaniel Dean Vedlake Cary Linn Cary Widner Terri Jo warner Lisa 'arrett Tyrone Davis Lisa Garrett lun - 4 mga 3 Q52 ws fl: B- RPG-5 sw Q25 Uhr:- QE gm :P S ET 5 m 2:5 55 Q.. QW :Q - C! TV- fb FD 25 '1 C: .hh W ueaq 1.112 SJW uuA'fI P' 5 H 2. i 554- on 3 fb L QE Cb s 03 a 'W 5? aff: gr' r 2 Egg. W Q S11 '1 .oi MNH 5- ro 3 : O Hs rn B '5 '51 3 5. Q H 754- VJ 5'- fb 3 :s 9, 5 DJ m Q. 5 Q. I G' - 02. 5'5- gm 5-C0 O gm HQ, 3 m 53 S C3 55- mlb D.. N go Q: EG' vo? O QD.. EE SOS FD '1 E SQ, 1 " A - Ai? KMNM-WM M V V 4,2 i ' Q.-- M if f ffm ,:::: WW iwgiwwwgw ff XC ll- 6 9 5 2 7 -X oxlllhq Girls S ta te swf? 'ARMS Ei EGIRLS K STATE . Q, R, ,wat ' 'QSTATQ5 ' WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1981, 52 U.S. Hostages Fly AN' Um ' U10 'ly iz 1. on um. me sin lor 100th, or aooua I MY ef CIPUYUY for those 52 American hostages ln Iran. 'IQ F e d QmLasa.t..,r.Q,0,1,.it.,'snightiystgnsa 'f"""fwPponambeiikem1. in. . - supposed t be one to go. -Archie Bunker. on Edith's death 0 the to words and music. If the mountain goes, l'm gonna stay right here and say, "Yon old -" I stuck it out 54 years and I can stick it out another 543' -Harry R. Truman, 83, owner of the Mount St. Helens Lodge, near the crater. His body was never found. Do Not Drop -sign on a Hatbed truck after it picked up a nine- megaton nuclear warhead that had blown off a Titan II missile 3, The Beatles' J ohn Lennon set the age June 23- Angnst 15 Record heat wave in South 3 and Midwest 1 fi March 27 Mount St. Helens shakes: erupts May 18 September 19 Titan missile silo explodes in rural Arkansas November 4 Ronald Reagan wins election as 40th President ol' the U.S. November 23 Italian earthquake kills 3.000 people -MY 14 Angus 4-ll i Presidents in an underground silo in Arkansas Hurricane ln these old buildings in the city, the brick absorbs the heat. bf0lhCl' Billy Allen destroys and the buildings just turn into ovens. People are actually files as Libyan homes. crops: cooking to death in their houses. -Ron Olshwanger, Red Cross agent 272 die emergency director. St. Louis fs? i Steve McQueen was the movies' The Mickey Mouse Club went QU the air in 1965, but in October. coolest. sexiest hothead. 25 well-eared M ouseketeers gathered for their 25th reunion A t E ,Y 3? ' 5 V hifi? 3 43 ClASSES Good ToQeTher E Q Q c 46 W ' Terry Acker Jennifer Anderson Lex Anderson Sherri Asher Latrell Beacham . w ..-.-. I l Debbie Biggs Loretta Billings Tammy Bishop Sammy Andrey Pam Bartletf Tim Bengston - 'Fresea Black A W - 47 l l a Doyle Blaylock Penny Border Randy Bost Gina Bowman r 1 l T l Steve Boyd Carla Boyle Larry Bren ts l l Sharon Bridgman Harriet Brooks B Paul BI'0WHiUg K 1, Cecil Bryant Deborah Bryant I Allison Burgess Valietta Carter , V W , V r Q i I 1 l 5 1 i w i I l E I h s L Barbara Dickson Gina Dunlap F Robert Eddy Jeff Fowler Naomi Dickson Judy Dunlap Cindy Fields Mon tie Dickson Mike Dunlap Richie Fisher Kevin Duncan Kent Eddy Tim Flory A I Elisa Francis Linn Freeman Rhonda Freeman Shane Gilmore Terry Gilnaore i, ', EQ ,,,, ,J ' I L gl W Lesa Guess Barbara Griffi th i Kelly Garrett - 1 5 Lisa Garrett ' Ronnie Gibby I 1 Lisa Gray Steve Gullett Ill Tracey Gibby - Terry Gullett 5, V Y , ,WJ Jerry Green , f Lyanna Hale David Hales Lynn Hallett Dutch Handlang Melynda Hansford Brenda Hardiman s 7 , Terri Jo Harper Steve Hart Debbie Hawkins ' Karen Hayre 52 Beverly Heaggans Da vid Henderson Terry Hensley Alletta Henson Gerald Henson Carolyn Hervey Pam Hill Ricky Hill Rita Hill W Sandra Hill Karen Hogan Brenda Holloway Mary Holmes d Todd Horton I Kyla Howard ' U Eddie Hubbard 53 ,4...J Laura Huddleston David Huffman Nora Jeffers Allen Johnson ., Q. 1 .3 ., 'Q Q., . Tony Johnson Vanessa Johnson 1 V V W W 1 A , X 4 x A ff x 5 , ,Q L it . if K: x k Charles Jones Fay Jones Gay Jones Ronda Jones Tony Kirby Greg Koch Sharon Koonce Anna Kordsmeier l l Martha Leapheart Tony Leapheart David Lear Angela Lilley Gary Linn Lynn Littrell Laura Lollis Karen Long Colette Lovelady Suzanne Loyd Cassandra McCuien Fred McDaniel Jim McDonald Greg McF'a1ls I I A J Fred Marler Lygwna Meeler Anita Moore Mary Moore Scotty McQuain Greg Mallett ' Angela Millsap 1 Roger Moore - Jimmy Mackey Lisa Mallett Ricky Mitchell Melissa Moses Kirk Netherton Charles Noland Shelia Noland Rita Padia Perry Patterson Ruth Payne Q. N Q ei 1 V4 Y Q K f f , R91 I ,k 'p l f is . 'eq , . .5 H Tim Pinter Carol Plumlee Carla Polk John Polk Shannan Ormond Terry Payne P Sammy Pledger Eddie Joe Poteete 5, Laquida Price , 5 S4 al :ji tr . 1 ! Sandy Rankin 1 A, Rocky Richardson Scott Riley 58 Shelby Robinson Janice Robnett Terri Pruitt - Tammy Rankin Steve Robertson Be ver! y Rogers Pam Raines Charlene Reeves Donna Robin Charles Ruff Jim Ryan James Scott ' L Donnie Smith Natalie Sandifer 'Q Q.-Q1 3 Carla Strickland Lori Sutton Chuck Shipp Jerry Sjsk Melissa Shoemaker Paula Spires Billy Jack Stobaugh Mark Stobaugh l.-. .l Lisa Swope Lorri Tindall 59 Sherri Trotter Pam Trotter Gerri Trujillo Paul Turner Eddie Underwood Michele Underwood Tracey Vance Marty Vaughan Beverly Virgil Sue Ward T James Watters Dean Wedlake . if" ln Gary Widner Doretta Williams X X W Eddie Williams John Williams Sherri Williams Ramona Willingham Laurie Wilson Nancy Wright Billy Wright John Zarlingo Q Q - - EL" 61 -5 1 L 62 wx.1Tf Darla Adams Chris Anderson Michelle Anderson Sonya Anderson Sharon Ausler Eddie Balch Pam Beacham Derrick Bean Ricky Bennett Charles Bertog Jimmy Bingham Kim Bingham Tony Black Kevin Black Lisa Boren Rhonda Bost Bryan Bostian David Bowles Paul Bradley Dana Bradshaw Donna Brewer Doug Brown Glen Brown Barbara Bryant Bobby Campbell Patricia Carolina Tammy Carr Joey Cash Leslie Cash Jon Chadek 64 5 l Steve Chance Howard Chenault Sherri Chism Mike Christen Sammy Clemons Doug Cody Melanie Cooper Agnes Criswell Felicia Cris Well Jam es Curry Tracey Delph Phillip Dickens i rs 1982 !! Wg A "1 f,iifWi"I': .,.,, " .,' I W ' 1 J" ' ,K Michael Dickson i"7,,gs M i Regina Dixon 1 3 fl- --we 'fi Q?gMwAi.gaf Y If , f fag, , lx J V. V Z :' 1 z H 1 K' Beth Dixon Renae Dixon William Dotson Kathy Jo Dunn Dale Duvall Carol Dwiggins Allen Edwards Dennis Emziah Sharon Everette Syn thia Everette Steve Ferguson Lois Flakes 66 mf5'Wi A Hill! -Jii ' c 3, if hu ' ng , , , my Z' 'W f 2 . ti ,, we , h i QE I ag if ' if .. ,H 4 H 5 yi--u, ,E:11:.wg'. W, Tracey Flood Bron wyn Flowers Pat Fields Ricky Fowler Scott Freeman Dale Gardenhire Rocky Gibby Lisa Godfrey Jamie Goodall Pam Gould Angie Grabher Lori Green Steve Guinn Janet Guinn Gene Haight Jeff Hamby Q-up ,6 K 4 gy :.' 5' 'QQ' Q iv ff ,, f' ' 1 2 ' ,H 67 Terry Hamm James Harris Tyrone Harris Mary Hart Mary E. Hart James Heaggans Anthony Hicks Debbie Hill Margaret Hill Russell Hill Kim Hodge Myra Hogan Vance Howard Ike Hubbard 68 WW, Donna Huett Kim Huff Doug Hunter Lea Ann Hurley Mary Ann Hutchison Andy Isley Jackie Jacks Linda Jackson Lloyd Jackson Debbie Johnson Sherry Johnson Wayne Jones Susan Jones Karen Knudsen Laura Koontz Mike Kordsmeier aww-W Phillip Len tz Benny McClure Harold McCoy Kenneth McCoy Laurie McCoy Shawn McGehee Robbie McVey Larry Mallett Sara Mallett Alice Martin Monty Meadors Jimbo Medlock 70 Y' Al Crystal Mikel Teresa Mikel Emmett Mitchem Sheila Mitchell Steve Mock Diann Moore Rhonda Morden Paula Mourot Scott Mourot Candy Murphy Frank Murphy Chuck Norwood Zack Osment Dewey Pace fx -Q... .. I Lucretia Parks Daryl Perry Terri Pierce Ben Pinter Jeanette Pope Butch Porter Joanie Pruitt Deanna Rainwater Mark Richardson David Robertson Theresa Robertson Marla Rowell Doug Ruff Donnie Russell 72 TT Rob Sanders Guy Saylors Loretta Shipp Buddy Smith Robert Smith Teddy Smith Willie Smith Jerry Spence Jerry Speaks Billy Stebbins Johnny Stell David Stobaugh Kim Stoba ugh N Sandra Stone t Kathy Stricklen Kathy Suddath .IK E1 ' L r"" M Shree Sullivan Donna Sutton Steve Tilley Ray Tiner Judy Toney Steve Trafford Tammy Tyler Pete Ussery Kenny Volz Mike Walls Robin Ward Anthony Everette 74 A Q: V . I k ,A I.'. L I V ' Q- www? 75 wQXfffQ M QL A WQWGQBVZWMESQWA QLQ9 M Og 13513 N02 if 9 Wluns 3 A 1 41 RST Wwe- W Good Togefher U2 'N QQ'-'U 305 QQ 'Fl 'il QQ 3:2 'Sl CD Mwwmn M A K t al J-if ,, , ' um ii. L,l Q h:m4A L 5 'N'-A M U ' jf' "' Q in 'llwi :ZJ Q gf J ECT 'vu 1 Q A A 1 T , Q Q- " in k,:::, x 50 W Kmi, Q Q 9 2 - Q - 49 w'3 wig ' - A w 'Q ' his Q Q If 1 . J' Q 5ig!E5g'm' :gy Q , hm ,, l 3 S - ' . 2 m , ni 'gl in E "X Q 2 EU, D Af WVIIWGS WVILDOGS DOGS EVIL - :frm 2 A rs 26 ng, , .. ,, , I A nl 5 .JH vw 2 i2,f-621 E-1 "', M S S ,Q k Q f 5 Us .K 1-'I E 4 '. . 3,-515 f ' r A rr! E Q iw 2 rx-'Wi E , MNH. DOGS rw E? '. 5 I' W' 1, ax 'Q 'il E fd E, fi tl' EQ' 3 W E Q S S :II Q 2 In 13 1-.1 QI E Q DJ -54 -E 03 A E VJ ,Q E 3 'w ci E lm 5 Ulm vid gQ E CJ Q +I. E Q S E 2 vi S E S 'It S 02 LB 5 Q E 5 E Q fn 'Ci Q Q lk wk CE E E4 Q? .Q Ga fi 'N E Q ri 91 -E -Q Q CC 'U Tu 3 U QI 2 E 3 5 Q L? Q be CU 5 E '- "1 5 Q CC QE R E FQ N? R 'cs ,Q C- 'Q Q N ia "-4 -QT U 'Nl CU LE 'Q 51, 3 'EDS EQ 5-Q 23 Q S E3 'E -9. 'S E Q -Q E 'H 3 'Q Q 41 335.5 'D Z Q Q Q Q5 -9 'E 3 Q E E U2 E Q Q 91 M 23 E G fs Q Q E Q9 E id E Q D3 52 :E Q 5 3 . 39 M lang, my Coach T h Hand om 2 Z3 Q -'EQ E2 QQ QQQEV: -'- S-H533 Mgzm E -2 Q Q Q Q :x E HQ is VJ'-4 Sea P. fs SZ CB OJ 'v-4 E Q 'S 9-FCI Qs DZ Q Q 2 'II vi ffl' 'E Q Q -'U 0 Q 200: E P E 'S vi E Q '3 5 UQ .fs E Q 'N an Q S Mg sg? Q U3 O '--4 Q 01 CI CQQ Q2 Q Z ra -93 Q -E U Q E M EMS: S395 -Y-IQQJ CU U ESQ: gb E 5 fn .VJ 5 Q 3 E5 Q -E s 66 B :E Q E Q E Q S U1 E S T1 -'2 E Q EE F5 E5 VJ Q fn E Q 9:3 G.: 55 F-4 322 Q3 SSP- E523 2353 :EQ is A 'QQC3 N094 EM Q55-.11 5-qw N SEG E25 SEE Q, 'E 'Slug QQ Sir? C88-E gm .E g 'P-. -E E E egg Ezm CD44 . 015: ,Q ,Q -C12 Qin SSQQ Emil MEG' -'S 'VIZ' Sim eg. BVS 202 'QN1 Q ,E QNQQ 5632 QSM SE? CD90 5110103 , IQ! -NDN ii 4 The Devil Dog Football team had it is usual year again in 1980. GREA T' There were many questions by many at the beginning of the season and even by mid season, everyone wondered if the Dogs had what it takes to be a champion. But as usual the Dogs came on strong and captured it 's third share of the champion- ship in 3 years, and advanced to the playoffs after a 2 year wait. MHS had it 's usual easy time with Atkins and defeated a good Red Devil team 28 to 14. The next 4 wks are what made the Dogs the Champion they finally became. Eventual AAA winner Alma stormed in to Devil Dog Stadium and handed the Dogs their worst defeat 23 to 7 The next week was breather time again as the Dogs trounced Subiaco 27 to 0. Then with many problems and injuries Morril ton battled Co-Champion Cabot, but the Panthers prevailed 60 to 7 MHS came of age the next week and fought the Conway Wampus Cats to a 14 - 13 thriller, with the Dogs missing a 2 point conversion with seconds left, and allowing the Cats to win another close rivalry grudge match. From this point on, it was "Katie Bar The Door" because MHS was off and running to win the next 5 games in true champion form and advance to the state playoffs. The Dogs started the rout by defeating Russellville 22 to 7 The next victim was Lonoke, after a two year period of Lonoke keeping MHS from the playoffs, Morrilton held off a last half surge by the Jackrabbitts to win 41 to 27 Playing what probably was their best game of the year, the Dogs litterall y trounced the Ricebirds of Stuttgart, offensively and defensively by a 27 to 0 score. The last two regular season games were simply icing on the cake, as MHS easily defeat- ed Searcy 28 to 0 and tra veled to North Pulaski and handed the Falcons a little Devil Dog Pride by winning 34 to 14. The Hrst game of the state playoffs was held at Harrison, The Dogs were easy winners there and defeated the IAAA winner Golden Goblins 27 to 0. This set the stage for the long awaited rematch with Alma. The Dogs made it look easy for the Airedales the Hrst 5 minutes and Alma led 14 to 0. But from that point on it was all Morril ton as MHS scored once in the Hrst half and once in the fourth period to make it 14 to 12. Electing to go for 2 points, MHS fell about 6 inches short to end the game 14 to 12. The Cinderella story of the 1980 Devil Dogs closes but on a good note, They got Morrilton back in the playoffs and proved that all Devil Dog teams are state playoff material and the 1980 Dogs are to be congratulated and applauded. 12 Dogs Named To All-Region Team N lr' r I' i vs un XF DEVIL Doe! M 5 if A Al E fTATE DLAY Urn 5.5 X M., ,K,A"w . . 3' I . , , f , S ' -"' 'i Doe! lonnit If Homliconwe 42-28 Yu X I Z' Q s 5AAAN C 0 'Champs 81 S"4 www, 00K-Q' 4 . 4 R . YN I . ' ' 5 . ' 'ff 'K', . , , xi K, K .5 LLVL i 1 ,Wm , . ., . ,. K x J. .,, . .33 - ef - . . A A E W- Qs - X ' Il : A vin: A S Y 1 i T . i ' . DDU nd I ITATE x W 5 fm f i 4 LQ 5 : i , ' 'i 5,5 Q sim ALMA EDGE! I4- 2 3 E 4 'X QF Xie x. X' se A ' '-fx. 5' ' , Em 51? ' 'VW K ,Q ,I L., , 'H .Q , .x..fQTQ X gg 14 me .QL rf-' a, -1.3, - :, Z 1 1 13432 Ii, Fm D095 - 2 S Gohlins - 0 PAKWU S8852 Q' fi i, H eaggans, ch ell Terry Mit icky Wjdner, R 5 ru C5 25 rv fu -CI 5 ru 'J E B4 s ffl as Q E s E? UU CI 5 ,C E 5 3 A if A E s E E E Q? rl. CD 3.9 E Di S, va my -E E 3 M A Q E E Q 4.3 I E 'S Q 'fi rn 'C Lf ru ... E Fl. CI Q: C9 L. 33 vu li E . . 5020 QS QT! CBS Em FI Ei BSI EE 'GE 579. BE nu ME N'-Q 463 E-C1 EE go HE ag -YJ me TEN -C1 QE' e C5 LES S Q... SU? QQ E A O E wi' MN Q3 112 Q-C1 Eg ll. ll. 1980-81 MHS "B" Team fic ,,,..x The Morrilton Devil Dogs were "Lookin Good Together" again in 1980-81. The Dogs, under coaches John Widner, John Hoyt, and Lee Clay once again had an excellent year. Morrilton got off to a 6-0 start winning 2 games at the NACC Classic, over Marmaduke and Valley Spring before running into Conway. The Cats hit a last second shot to win 45-43 in overtime. The Dogs then went to Green Forest to defend their title. A 56-35 win over Alpena and a 61-59 thriller over Lead Hill put them in the Hnals against Russellville. The Dogs had to settle for second as the Cyclones won 50-3.9, Calvin Donald and Kevin Duncan were named to the all- tourney team. Next it was on to the Arkansas Tech Tourney, Where once again the Dogs were favored to Win. Wins over Nashville, 57-40, Wonderview, 50-31, Mt. Home, 48-30, and Russellville, 38-31, set the stage for a showdown with the Bulldogs of Fayetteville, rated 4th in the state. The Dogs, protected by the 1'Morrilton Mafia" battled in a nip and tuck game and won in overtime a heart stopper 36-35, with Calvin Donald hitting the Winning points. MHS got their conference season off on a sour note with a disappointing 48-54 loss to Lonoke. The Dogs then battled back with a 41-34 victory over Stuttgart and a barn-burning 58-56 win over Searcy in overtime. The Dogs got even with Lonoke with a 59-47 win. This put the Dogs in the driver's seat, and with a 52-42 defeat of Searcy, Morrilton was at the top of the conference race and heading toward another Region Championship. Y ..l e , Q QGW A MDW The "Mafia " Protects The Dogs H, 1 5 qi' ix :V ir ,uk a Rs. wot' Arkansas Tech Tournament Cham pjons Defeat if 4 Fayetteville Bulldogs 36' to 35 s 'rg gg if 1 an 4 A QQ Dogs 4 E Wibr- fg, N .Mmm Raining 'L W' 19 0-81 Lady De VII Do Basketball Team Seated L to R: Shelia Moore, Veronica Black, Debra Donald, Kneeling L to R: Marian Thomey, Bridgett Mann, Sarah Garrett, Donna Huett, Jackie Payne, Christy Dunlap, Manager-Lucretia Parks. Standing L to R: Head Coach Jim Chism, Nora Jeffers, Yuzanda Mediock, Deanna Rain- water, Rene Oliver, Kim Hodge, Manager-Pam Wright. AQ!-f La dy De Vi! Dogs 5 fSQ?iQf5'3?3"? K .,.gQ,+ R, X . . ,fkz -JJ-X "Fi Z: in -4 I H4 4szf,,M 7 tv X w::HiiQ4Q W ooo A D f -k-' "xx V p, I '-...L A:.A,. LVLIXV A,,AA AZLAV A A,1.X i , , Q Are Lookin ' Good To oth er! Qeffvhfa GIFIS Defeat Con Way And Lon oke Last Years Award Winners Nb' E35 25' 3? UQ. 2:- 03 U -'Z 'Xpog Eno 'sxpreg 119.1g 'XQSSHW :NEW F IJIQDEZIQ U01' 'UOJJOH KDDOLL 'd0lISIH1f9.Il-L KOH ULIOI' LIOHOQ 'IIJQJQIHQ IECI go- UQQQ 'xv-hqfbb SNES '-wx-QQ 1980 Volleyball Team W" tk? 9" , 2323.1 3 is I ,Q .N .ti The 1980 version of the Volleyball Devil Dogs had an outstanding season this year. They finished the regular season at 9 and 3 and then stormed through the district tournament by defeating all four of it's opponents in real Devil Dog fashion. Advancing to the state tourney, the Volleyball Dogs were victorious in two of it's four games, but were defeated by Jonesboro to put them out of contension. Named to All-Region vvereg Angela Millsap, Sandy Rankin, Donna Huett, Kim Hodge, and Karen Ha yre. Kim Hodge was also named All- State. District 5-A-North Champs At 15-5 96 , Q .,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, ,. ,, ,. ,, . I ,,,,,.........,1 ' 'w," WW' fig fa,,,,N..,,M iv- "Eg:,:,,W Team Members, Colette Lovelady, Cindy Hensley, Lorene Henry, Judy Dunlap, Sandy Rankin, Janie Guinn Elisa Francis, Terry Tatum, Angie Grabher, Karen Ha yre, Ronda Jones, Donna Huett, Lori Sutton, Kim Hodge, Leslie Cash Angela Millsap, Brenda Holloway, and Coach Barbara Netherton. f"'f ff' a . 'W 4, 'i Vi I iw 5 ,gf 5 fi A ,Z f 4-wg W I W wif' HW 'lk , -.M V ff ,tg f 7 , 19 0 Boys Devil D0 Track if N' K X bf X' Ns Q Q . X ' W LN R X Q Q X X X S X X X-IX L M ' xkx P NR WW x.. X s N Q' 'K t Q Q EVN 1 , -- ' . . K-2z?2e5aaEw. ,. A A K f if" K by ' , ff "1 ,. ,gf . 4. . L ,, , A. A 41 ,,,w.4 ,1- Q21 1 f Q 2' 1.980 Girls Tra ck Sr. Girls track made great strides in their 1980 season. Outstanding perfor- mances during the season, Wereg lst place in the Devil Dog relays, with Tammy Carr winning the high point award, Qualifying in 7 events for the state track meet, Win- ning the sta te 440 Relay and qualifying for the Meet of Champs. The girls who make up that relay team were, Tammy Carr, Pam Wright, Pat Fields, Sharon Windon. Award winners were: Sharon Windom- Outstanding performer, Elissa Francis- H urdler, Tammy Carr-Sprinter, Pam Wrigh t-Field Even ts. 1 W 0 fsgi, -1 a - G, J a 'f' r Tennis Tennis Tennis Kneeling L to R: Clifton Reed, Steve Eddy, Bart Rankin, Todd Ma y, Standing L to R.' Roger Hayes, Fred McDaniel, Ricky Hill, Coach Barbara Netherton. ., I km all Far Right Girls: Rachael Lyt- tle, Elizabeth Love, Lisa God- frey, Donna Huett, Kim QXWQN Hodge, Jane Guinn, Coach Barbara Netherton. 4--. ,Lan W' a., IK' we 4 I .4 M, ...aa xi , .-'N iff 'x Tennis Tennis Tennis if I F0otbal Qr1eadeI'S Are Together me in t f X 2 3 Q 4 A X 5 if 4 ' ialnwf ,Mn-ff 5 l :-. 3 I aww 'iz 21" "' " 1 QQ fa., M A M , 0 1' 3- ,,f3gax,jg . M if XI S if I Y 6 111 ,,wv , lQilV1i1,i " W 41 i ., A4 If V Z Til' '- , 9 .Z x , X' 9 ' 1.Q Q -9 '. nil Ly A9 , f 1 ' ,.1w, QW K Y' K Q ,f 4,- :W ww. Q hy? . 9 K X QEJGD .4Vk, MQDQD OE 'JW' M CIEDQEOCPEWID J? ' if . 4, E BE Q51 A K , 'M '40- Nw V! J' Q 3,4 gm EF 5' hx x ,,.. IIS O e II 'G CU C C O 3 1 E: If 9 a 8 p 0 t 11 H 8 i i G I n I , C f H 3 a ' D e 1 9 r 8 1 1 ,.. o we U 8 l ., ,, H . 1 B 3 0 p I Y e zkh H ' ffv' , , ,V "'2A' " f -S "'-- f ,:1 'en '1W: J, Q A A l 'AA,,1 l ,AA,V'. , f ' V u AV W, ,,,, , , 5 - Q 'f r m I fl y -, .N My 26- oo 4 . A 4. W We , 7 . C " l kW A V ' l 1 C , W - A W fKf' A' ,y lik 'f W2 if Q, K l i ., pl Q C I "fd, 'ff ll ' 2 F C s ifgmjf' J'V 4 ' , 3,34 .i N, 1 ' 1 f .. 5 , '0 A 2 4 E ' 4 I, L f' XZ xii H .Q 1- ,H-3 'V , W 'F' W' f """ , ff' T- ,,,,, W Jr. Lt. Rhonda Bost, Soph. Lt. Wendy Lilley, Capt. Gina Dunlap, Co-Capt. Carla Boyle, Secretary Kyla Howard, Sr. Lt. Karen Long, Chaplin Melynda Hansford vhfyi Vg' 'lfmygls :lil-H331-'L V We W, ww WS 107 Sr. Dolls Martha Leaphart, Harriet Brooks, Carla Boyle, Gina Dunlap, Eh I! Penny Border, Vanessa Johnson, Shelby Robenson, Melynda : - Hansford, Karen Long, Kyla Howard, LyAnna Hale Jr. Dolls K1-"'K', W- uzzv- L Sponsor Carol Davis K V,,, 'I nz: :wr I Carolyn Watters, L yAnn H url y, Kathy Jo Dunn, Kathy Sudda th, Rhonda Bost ll V,zL W 2' , I ' 1 an-' ' 't A iq! , 1 Lg 1 ...,. -iii Soph. Dolls U Wendy Lilley, Terri Malone, Valerie Mills, Melissa Toney, Nelda Mallett, Vicki Lancaster 4' V ei 'V . is M 'fi' we 'f-i"f'3'V so "'-wif if gs F' " ,f,,F- 'gawk A hkzjg A ! 1 llls -f ffm" 4 ni i e'll W , 1 F MHS. Band Moving On Together fcuhhm. .1 'N ww.. ,, - "' 'M f'y.i- A, ' , tk-ff? Jrlg, KN, -sf ' 'W X if Wi J .. fy -E au , K A. w .f L Q-sv . L. .S 4 O H Q X g . ' 1 A? ' 'A- , w , A 5 Y 'Q X ,I ff' "MX . ffl 'ff 110 . 1 gi, -1 'f W 'wg , T. . if .FQQK , x " . V .1 MHS. Marching Devil Dog Band , ,,"'.3" 112 Sr. High Band Council.' Manager Laura Koontz, President Tammy Ran- kin, V. President Lynn Littrell, Treasurer Lorri Tindall, Flag Capt. Don- na Robin, Majorette Capt, Tammy Bishop, Rifle Capt. Dana Bradshaw, Drum Major Suzanne Loyd, Junior Rep. Howard Chenault, Senior Rep. Jim McDonald. Jr. High Band Council A- , . . Q Wig, Jr. High Band Council: Charlotte Galloway Reporter, Shannon Davidson Secretary, Kelli Sensaba ugh President, Robin Gibby Ninth Grade Rep., Robert Reid Equipment Mgr., Karen Simpson Tenth Grade Rep., Missy Sensabaugh V. President. i Drum Major: Suzanne Loyd Rifle Squad: Michael Hogue, Captain Dana Bradshaw, James Rogers. ,V , r f , W W K ,117 . ff K ,..,... .,,..--vb. ...- N MHS. Band Kg ----- 1 f 5, a Q. S 3' .:' 5' -' ' " -. In C012 cert ' 910 P:x"Qs UC do eu nn t s, QD Membersg Tim Pinter, Jim McDonald, Robin Ward, Ben Pinter, Judy Davidson, Angela Millsap, Lisa Garrett, Lisa Godfrey, Tony Leapheart, Sherri Williams, Steve Hart, Shawn McGehee, David Hales, Linda Jackson, Mary Hutchinson, Shree Sullivan, Karen Hogan, Beverly Rogers, Kim Bingham, Debbie Bryant, Tyrone Davis, Lorri Tindall, Sandy Rankin, Tammy Rankin, Karen Long, Mary Hart, Robbie McVey, Gina Dunlap, Tracey Vance, Lisa Mallett, Melynda Hansford, Vallita Carter. Officers: President-Tim Pinter, Vice President-Lisa Garrett, Secretary-Mary Hart, Reporter-Tyronne Da vis, Treasurer-Karen Long. Members,' Debbie Biggs, Teresa Black, Gina Bowman, Carla Boyle, Deborah Bryant, Allison Burgess, Terri Cash, Paula Chism, Judy Davidson, Randy DeHart, Lisa Dennis, Gina Dunlap, Richie Fisher, Rhonda Freeman, Lisa Garrett, Terry Gilmore, Lisa Gray Lyanna Hale, Dutch Handlang, Melynda Hansford, Karen Hayre, Terry Jo Harper, Beverly Heaggans, Alleta Henson, Karen Hogan, Brenda Holloway, Tony Kirby, David Lear, Angela Lilley, Gary Linn, Karen Long, Colette Lovelady, Suzanne Loyd, Angela Millsap, Shannan Ormond, Perry Patterson, Tim Pinter, Carole Plumlee, Pam Raines, Tammy Rankin, Beverly Rogers, Shuck Shzpp, Paula Spires, Lori Sutton, Lotti Tindall, Paul Turner, Tracey Vance, Gary Widner, Sherri Mlliams, Greg McF'a1ls, Kim Bingham, Dana Bradshaw, Doug Brown, Beth Dixon, Angie Grabber, Jeff Hamby, James Harris, Mary Hart, Myra Hogan, Mary Ann Hutchinson, Linda Jackson, Debbie Johnson, Sherry Johnson, Laura Koontz, Karen Knudsen, Robbie McVey, Ben Pinter, Joanie Pruitt, Deanna Rainwater, Kim Stobaugh, Shree Sullivan, Tammy Tyler, Pete Ussery, Carolyn Watters, Robin Ward, Tammy Wright, Ofhcersg President-Ton y Kirby, Vice President-Gary Linn, Secretary-Paula Chism, Treasurer-Karen Hogan, Student Council Representative-Chuck Shipp. ,V I ,, , .. V . V e ,V nv7"f'..,aM ,,,,, 7 , , Members, Shree Sullivan, Karen Knudsen, Synthia Everett, Lyanna Hale, Vivian Chadwick, Charlene Reeves, Bonnie Wardell, Kim Bingham, Pam Raines, Debbie Bryant, Melynda Hansford, Ricky Hill, Greg Mallett, Kyla Howard, Tammy Tyler, Tammy Rankin, Debbie Hawkins, Allison Burgess, Lisa Gray, Lynn Littrell, Suzanne Loyd, Terri Harper, Steve Hart, Carla Boyle, Angela Millsap, Karen Long, Donna Robin, Gina Dunlap, Terry Hensley, David Hales, Colette Lovelady, Shannan Ormond, Jackie Jacks, Mari E. Hart, Paula Chism, Karen Hogan, Laura Koontz, Kim Huff Beberly Rogers, Terry Gilmore, Karen Ha yre, Tammy Wright, Linda Jackson, Dutch Handlang, Mary C. Hart, Mary Ann Hutchinson , Sharon Ausler. Officers, President-Lorri Tindall, Vice President-Pam Raines, Secretary-Tamm y Rankin Re orter-Terri Jo I P Harper, Treasurer-Pa ula Spires. ' 0 Future Teachers Of Am erica Members, Michele Anderson, Kim Bingham, Allison Burgess, Paula Chism, Lisa Dennis, Beth Dixon, Richie Fisher, Lisa Garrett, Lisa Gray, Lyanna Hale, Dutch Handlang, Melynda Hansford, James Harris, Mary Hart, Karen Ha yre, Beverly Heaggans, Karen Hogan, Brenda Holloway, Linda Jackson, Debbie Johnson, Karen Knudsen, Lynn Littrell, Karen Long, Fred Marler, Fred McDaniels, Greg McFalls, Robbie McVey, Perry Patterson, Ben Pinter, Tim Pinter, Joanie Pruitt, Pam Raines, Deanna Rainwater, Beverly Rogers, Chuck Shipp, Paula Spires, Kim Stobaugh, Shree Sullivan, Lori Tindall, Paul Turner, Tracey Vance, Carolyn Watters, Tammy Wright, Tammy Rankin, Tony Kirby. Ofhcersg Presiden t-Ch uck Shipp, Wee-President-Karen Long, Secretary Treasurer-Karen Hogan, Student Council Rep!-Tamm y Rankin. Membersg Darla Adams, Michele Williams, Becky Manning, Beth Dixon, Kim Huff Valieta Carter, Kim Stobaugh, Carolyn Watters, Sherry Johnson, Natalie Sandifer, Joannie Pruitt, Lisa Mallett, Mary Holmes, Linda Jackson, Donna Sutton, Marty C. Hart, Debbie Johnson, Patricia Carolina, Beverly Rogers, Charlene Reeves, Shree Sullivan, Judy Davidson, Carol Plumlee, Sharon Everette, Terry Gilmore, Mary Hutchison, Officersg President-Mary Hart, 1st Vice President-Judy Davidson, 2nd Vice President- Lisa Mallett, 3rd Vice President-Mary Holmes, Secretary-Carol Plumlee, Treasurer-Sherry Johnson, Reporter-Terry Gilmore, Historian-Debbie Johnson. Future Hom emakers Cf Am eric -.H-..,,,..wu......-.M Members, Lynn Mallett, Charles Noland, Butch Porter, James Curry, Jimmy Bingham, Ray Tiner, Roger Moore, Gary Dixon, Warren Stobaugh, Eddie Hubbard, Marrvin Criswell, Greg Williams, Terry Williams, Mark Martin, Doug Rufti Winston Smith, Ricky Swaffer, Paul Bradley, Russell Hill, Eddie Underwood, Brddy Smith, Benny McClure, Jeff Hanby, Charler Bertoy, Vance Howard, Ronnie Moore, Greg Koch, Chuch Jones, Ronnie Gebby, Donny Russell, Brian Boston, Mike Dunlap, Billy Bartlett, Ken Anderson, David Parish, Fred Morler, Wesley Howell, Welleam Howell, Donnew Smith, Mark Pace, Dennis Bingham, Gean Haight, Greg Ogelen, Tommt Stobaugh, Robert Bartlett, Doug Brown, Robert Williams, Philip, Ken Jennings, Randy Bryant, Howard Chenault, Marrin Mason, Kirk Kendrick, Jerry Hubbard, Ken Trafford,Steven Bonds, Johnny Stell, Ofhcersg Jeff Hamb y, President, Mike Dunlap- Vice Pres., Doug Brown-Secretary, Russell Hill- Reporter, Robert Williams-Treas, Donnie Russell-Sentinel, Eddie Underwood-Jr. Advisor. V Future Farm ers Of America 1 witty' J, a,xd. :,, . ' aa.,-K Q' is fkfembf' P 1 .ft AQQ9 g r, ' Q K, ,,.Q,,h . . Aw. L 8 .. L wg '95 A -an -QL-Ch -fp ' Q . ,.- 'f - 2, 'g,,,h., fgki l if Q -far' o x was , at +.q3,,, V, fi Members, Dutch Handlang, Angela Lilley, Becky Manning, James Harris, Gary Widner, Linda Jackson, Lynn Littrell, Mary Ann Hutchison, Tammy Bishop, Dana Bradshaw, Tracey Vance, Lori Tindall, Terri Jo Harper, Tony Kirby, Lisa Gray, Allison Burgess, Kim Bingham, Tracey Vance, Tammy Rankin, Sandy Rankin, Laura Koonce, Paula Spires, David Hales, Sponsor, Mary Dean Littrell. Officers: David Hales-President, Lisa Gray- Vice President, Kim Bingham-Secretary, Allison Burgess- Treasurer, Tammy Rankin-Reporter, Laura Koonce-Scribe, Sandy Rankin-Student Council Representative. E . av 'x QA ,MW . 'G L Q -.N-5, .. .wwpsfgs -...iv "' like , , A gym RMISW, M f ' , , i a if it 'Yff E31 , fx, -,, 5, r L . J, Members, Angela Lilley, Gerri Trujillo, Sherri Williams, Charles Noland, Alan Johnson, Fred Marler, Andy James, Pam Trotter, Mark Stobaugh, Lisa Mallett, Johnny Polk, Kyla Howard, Steve Boyd, Linn Freeman, Cecil Bryant, Jim McDonald, John Zarlingo, Naomi Dickson, Lygwenna Meeler, Mary Moore, Carla Plok, Melissa Moses, Lisa Swope, Brenda Hardiman, Lorri Tindall, Terri Gilmore, Suzanne Loyd, Valitta Carter, Mark Stobaugh, Sponsor, Fred Flesher. 0fHcers,' President- Valietta Carter, Vice President-Terri Gilmore, Secretary-Suzanne Loyd, Treasurer- Natalie Sandifer, Reporter-Lorri Tindall. 1-4 .5 FQ, -,, Us T ...zz ww HIGH SC il H0 gg ,J ' Q - ff, uf: W Members,' Lisa Gray, Chris Anderson, Tammy Tyler, Myra Hogan, Kim stobaugh, Sherri Johnson, Gerald Henson, Jeannie Wells, David Hales, Paula Spires, Teresa Robertson, Becky Manning, Tammy Wright, Ike Hubbard, Ricky Fowler, Tammy Bishop, Ronda Freeman, Kim Bingham. Ofncersg President-Ronda Freeman, Vice President-Sherri Johnson, Secretary-Kim Bingham, Reporter-Kim Stobaugh, Treasurer-Tamm y Wright, Student Council Representative-David Hales. lil Members, Shree Sullivan, Sherry Johnson, Karen Ha yre, Melissa Moses, Tammy Wright, Carla Polk, Judy Toney, Janet Guinn, Vivian Chadwick, Lori Green, Pam Beacham, Margaret Hill, Tim Ledbetter, Billy Trezvant, Lisa Brown. Officers, President-Melissa Moses, Vice President-Karen Ha yre, Secretaryjudy Toney, Treasurer- Margaret Hill, Historian-Janet Guinn, Student Council Representative-Pam Beacham. Q .. is 'z 'z ,..vE' .E . ,::?'.,3i f 1 4,1 Mr- -V ' E if-. , H K W ' I '1i11i?S'-is - K' 15 Sze'--'fz ' A if N X, , 1, ,Mx , n T ,Z 55, ,xvaifrk .1321 NYY- -A '1','.fi!-g,1f1'?5l ' ,P EZ Y ' .:,r'f- S fi ' - 'zflfiffiif 1l'f".5'rf 3 f , A-sf- -. fm' , -r ,a:xQ,,ggHf:11-, V. -' X ,. Q..-if . -f le:-V, . .. 1,- - -X .- -. f f -'r-' - , K - -wg -K Q VV ks V ' 'xy -of mm F 1 Q 5. L,V,. ,W .--' Membersg Lisa Gray, Mary Ann Hutchison, Rhonda Freeman, Karen Ha yre, Greg McFaIls, Gary Widner, David Bowles, Lisa Dennis, Shree Sullivan, Tracey Flood, Tammy Wright, Michelle Anderson, Kim Bingham, Linda Jackson, Tammy Tyler, Vivian Chadwick, Michele Williams, Dean Wedlake, Allison Burgess, Karen Knudsen. Officers, Presiden t-Lisa Gray, Vice President-Lorri Tindall, Secretary-Mary Ann Hutchison, Treasurer-Kim Bingham, Student Council Represen ta tive- Linda Jackson. Science Club K M, ,J ' K' CLSSSES .-on-1515577 , i ' 9 i 'Ei Lookin Good Togo-Thor J EY L UPER ENSAT IONAL OPi-IOMORES s Wil- K 4 Abrams, Keith Allison, Chris Allred, Ron X Alvey, William Anderson, Kevin Arnold, Hazel 1 i Atkinson, Kevin A ydelotte, John Beach, Mark 1 Bellinghausen, Charles Biggs, Mark Billings, Ralph Billingsley, Sheila Bingham, Charles Bingham, Dennis l Bishop, Trey Black, Donna Bonds, Stephen Bowden, Riggie Boyd, Brenda Brents, Kevin Brents, Mike Brewer, Karen Bridgman, Robert Brown, Jimmy Brown, Kim .svrz - Q 'si av... I my . .4 if fi- ' T' 1 i f 44 '1 Rem. , :F '- ' -47573-I 1 - A f i 4 -"'. Fw ' A Ms . ' V - , , .. g g' 'A ,. J 1' E. Brown, Vanessa Byrd, Larry Byrd, Rita Calvin, Faye Canady, Felicia Carr, Sherry Cato, Darrel Chapman, Cathy Charton, Kevin Charton, Rhonda Childers, Billy Clark, Daniel Clinkscale, Marsha Cloninger, Leon Contreras, Rod Crabtree, Elbert Criswell, Marvin Culbreth, Pat Curtis, Eddie Daniels, Samantha Deaton, Lisa DeMaio, Tina Denham, Mike Derrick, Virginia Dixon, Clay Dixon, Gary 132 QW , ,- Gil QW 9: M is K '- -4 - or .. Q.. X Doberstein, Bruce Dodson, Christy Donald, Debra Duncan, Gail ' Dunlap, Christy Duvall, Tim Duvall, Tony Dwiggins, Kevin Eddy, Steve Edwards, Gary Epperson, Lee Ester, Tim Fish, Debbie Fish, Tammy Fleming, Tracy Foshee, Donny Foshee, Randy Foster, Tony Fowler, Cody Freeman, Steve Gardenhire, Kim George, Allen L ful: ,.. 1 v DI 11200 1 1 J' ,Q Gibson, Johnette Gifford, Richard Givens, Fred Goodall, Tracy Gottsponer, David Grabher, Tammy Graham, Sherwood Gra Ves, Kelly Gray, Cara Green, Ralph Green, Shirley Greer, Belinda Greer, Burdette Greeson, Dottie Griffith, Tony Gross, Susan Halbroolc, Les Halbrook, Wes Hallett, Thomas Hammons, Sam Hardiman, Glenda Harmon, Stan 134 Hartman, Tammi Harvey, Sherry Hayes, Roger Hayles, Terry Hazelip, Melinda Helms, Roberta Hendrix, Debra Henry, Lorene Henson, Les Herion, John Hogan, Ken Holloway, Lori Hood, Jeffrey Hoyt, Melanie Hubbard, Hanna Hubbard, Melissa Hurst, Linda Jackson, Angela Jackson, Evelyn James, Randy Johnson, Van Jones, Wade Kellar, Jimmy Don Kelley, Teresa Kendrick, Kelly Kendrick, Kirk Kincaid, Karen Kinslow, Robert Kuettle, Paul Lancaster, Vicki Leach, Bill Lemmer, Marcel Lentz, Dennis Lewallen, Stan Lilley, Tommy Lilley, Wendy Long, Leah Looney, Renee Lowrance, Sandra McCoy, Donald McDaniels, Steve McFarland, Wendell McKown, Scott McQuain, Joe Mackey, Angela Maclin, Melinda 136 Mallet, Nelda Malone, Terri Mann, Bridget Martin, Mark Martin, Robin Martin, Terry ' Martz, Bill Mason, Marvin l Medlock, Yuzanda Miller, Tawnia , Mills, Valerie Mingie, David Mitchell, Rosie Mock, Sandra Moore, Karen Moore, LaDonna Moore, Ronnie Moses, John Mumford, Julie Noble, Keith Norris, Phil Ogle, Harold Oliver, Robert Ormond, Scarlett my i, ig 'B Pace, Mark Parker, Jimmy Parks, Brett Parks, Janice Parrish, David Patterson, Rance Payne, Phyllis Pearce, Tim Pharr, Sarah Pledger, David Polk, Sherry Powers, .Ionna Price, Susan Ralls, Karen Rankin, Kevin Read, Linda Reese, Ann Reid, Robert Rice, Kevin Rice, Patti Ridling, Tammy Robin, Nelson 138 if ,P av VE t xxx.. ,.-Ri ASR if I .3 F if all fb? s as .fa ,,,g,,. , X y Q- X A 4 si Q st Q' 21,5 QS' E E, A' ggi , ,1i':1 r ' 'K M ,,,, l.rr 3, ' SSSS P K K A -S,- , ' .. , 5252?-:: "r ' ww, Robinson, Gerald Robinson, Ladoris Rodgers, James Rosbia, Marie Ruff Betsy Ruftiner, James Rushing, Barbara Sampley, Mark Sanders, Janene Scroggin, Robert Sensaba ugh, Kelli Sewell, David Shavers, Larry NSi ler L nn g , Y Simpson, Karen Sims, John Sitton, Paula Slaten, Clay Smith, Sharon Smith, Steve Smith, Winston Sowell, Tom Spear, Tammy Spence, Charles ,. . A is , .5 t Spence, Tina Spicer, Don Spires, Tammy Stobaugh, Warren Stricklen, Felicia Swaffar, Tina Tandle, Roxanne Tanner, Teresa Tatum, Terri Thomey, Marion Tindall, Logan Tindall, Wendy Toney, Cecil Toney, Mellissa Toney, Roderic Trafford, Ken Vernon, Michael Virden, Lynlee Wade, Lauren Wallace, Dean 140 rr -.I Walls, Craig Walsh, Becky Ward, Charlie Wells, Donny Wells, Tanya Westcott, Tina Wheeler, John Wheeler, Tracy Willenburg, Vinnie Williams, Donna Williams, Doug Williams, Florence Williams, Nancy Williams, Wayne Wilson, Regina K. Wilson, Regina L. Wingo, Stephanie Witcher, Tina Woodruff Lynn Wortman, Steve Wright, Mark Wright, Raymond Young, Teresa Wil its . ,, i nga, y .5352 gm . L if he , s aims! me HJ i t jf f Q fantasytic m . 4 9 Q 1 2,7 gf M9-J I W 1 i if 'F Q B ' Abbott, Jeff Ake, Albert Allen, Sandra Amidon, George Amidon, Richard Anderson, George Anderson, Jon Anderson, Laura Atkinson, Donna Ausler, Antionette Aydelotte, Lisa Barnes, Terri Bartlett, Bryan Bartlett, Donald Bartlett,Robert Bean, Ginger Biship, Terry Black, Aurelia Black, Danny Black, Dion Blaylock, Kurt Boren, Phillip Bost, Jackie Bradshaw, Dawn Branch, Donna Brand, Lisa A 'QB .Q A . " Q 9 4-'i ' 4. L ,,,t, ,,,,,, . as if sg- it W, B l 3,35 ,L , , .,, ,,f .,.- Y' V Brannon, Cindy Brents, Evelyn Brown, Donnie Bryant, James Bryant, Randy Burgess, J ennjfer Burnett, Rhonda Chadek, Jane Chlsm, Bill Chism, Lisa Clark, Sheila Clemons, Pam Clinkscale, Ricky Clowers, Debbie Coates, Danny Cook, Susan Coyle, Ben Criswell, Earnest 144 F i fa ? sill 9 X-541,1 'Om 13,,,:r . ni X 9 ff l s ' -' ,i 3 I ' ' . EFX. uf Criswell, Isaac Culberson, Jeff Cunningham, Kim Daniels, Laneva Daniels, Lanora Dardeen, Sherri Daring, Danny Darter, Robin Davidson, Shannon DeHart, Paul Dickson, Carla Dixon, Paul Dobbins, Gerald Dotson, Rhonda Eades, Paul Eddy, Phil Edelman, Yulonda Ellis, Jon Embry, Justin Eoff Teresa Epperson, Linda Evans, Angela Everette, Dennis Everetze, Francis if , a , I 'h sl N fl' . 42? i Ferguson, Christine Ferrell, Debbie Forrester, Alden Foshee, Phyllis Foster, Ann Freeman, Tony Galloway, Charlotte Garrett, Keith Garrett, Patsy Garrett, Timmy Gibby, Robin Givens, Tara Graverholz, Andrea Green, Jake Guinn, Brent Guinn, Janey Gullett, Donna Gunderman, Merinda Hall, Stanley Hamby, Connie Hansford, Judith Harrell, Sharon 146 J if Q X, , 5 .,,. W 3' My lf: . 1 1' t .f 14? gas lk. 1 - Q.-. Y. ' sw' ,' is: 3 ' j 1 ,X ..,. .f ii? 6.30 X ' Q - -" ,,.,-- Q,- .sI,f qi' Q af? if N .. 4 . . " Q ' A.. . Q V - ,. 1 1, ' gagji QQ: N- 1 ,.. sg X E -4 r- xhkj iin49Eir5t' ,.-- iglv-5. fnigv if ,,.,, , f ffg '-2 If ,ff Harrington, James Harwood, Jon Havlin, Tonya Hawkins, Ken Hayles, John Heaggans, James Henderson, Paige Hendrix, Glenda Hensley, Cindy 1 Hervey, Lee Hervey, Reggie Hervey, Sheila Hill, Barbara Hill, Greg Hill, Kim ' Hill, Lavina Hilliard, Wes Hodge, Tami Hogue, Michael Holloway, Mark Horton, Eric Howard, Johnnie 1 Howard, Marvin Howell, Wesley Hoyle, Reginald Hubbard, Gladys Hubbard, Jerry Hudson, John Hunter, Tracy Isely, Suzanne Jackson, Fred Jamell, Susie Jeffers, Sara Jennings, Ken Jones, James Jones, Lisa Jordan, Jeff Kennedy, Anthony Kent, Joey Killough, Eddie Kindrick, Greg Koch, Greg La wrence, Tina La ws, Layth el 14? S 1 NXJMQJ 'TW DJJ: om, WW my l Lewandowski, Kris Lorenzo, Phillip Love, Elizabeth Lowrance, Donna Lybarger, Lisa Lytle, Joe Lytle, Rachel McKuin, Cindy Mahan, Diedetra Mantooth, Lisa Martin, Steve Mason, David Massey, Mark May, Todd Mayall, Vicki Meadors, Bobby Meeler, Angela Mikel, Darren Miller, James Millsap, Dewayne Mitchell, Ronnie Montoya, Frances v- K-1 N .xr Moore, Brenda Moore, Theodora Mosier, Tonia Mourot, Deanie Nixon, Richard Norwood, Kevin Odom, Junior Ogden, Greg Osment, Zina Palmer, Dalena Parks, Gary Parks, Vivian Payne, Felicia Pelsynski, Kammie Pinter, Francis Pittard, Lea Polk, Scott Porter, Clint Pruitt, Pa trick Ragland, Greg Rankin, Bart Reed, Jackie Rennick, John Rhoden, Robin 150 4,. ,xv"m,. ' miie' . -N --Isa. " 4.3 'Q 5 px. Nr' Q TZ.: W ' va ' 3 ,gf X- 5 A , ma ' as ., ,.- .NW . af Q' " 1. '.1'1w" , 4 4 ,M .Q X ' S ,3 ' ,. js :E -if-4 , ' E . '55 rx 'Jn M. W' I V I 1 QQCAFM' ' QM vga 1. ggi K Qgfe- -S L. Q- my s 'Q Q Rice, Vicki Richardson, Felix Ring, Stacey Roberson, Mark Robinson, Tina Rodgers, Jennifer Rowden, Mary Scroggins, Betty Scroggins, Jearl Scroggin, Preston Sensabaugh, Melissa Shannon, Kelli Shannon, Shelli Shipman, Johnny Smith, Donna Smith, Melissa Spear, Timmy Spears, Barbie Spence, Kathy Starr, Mike Stiger, Brenda Stobaugh, Sandra Stobaugh, Stephanie 'Stobaugh, Tommy Stricklen, Alice Stricklin, Melissa Q04 Strickland, Nora Sudduth, Mary Swaffar, Jeff Swaffar, Rickey Swartzel, Steve Tanner, Billy Tilley, Andrea Tilley, Mark Tindall, Crystal Tiner, Larry Toney, Donna Travis, Lisa Trezvant, Denise Turner, Hank Turner, Paul Tyler, Tracy Varnedore, Robert Virden, Jeff Virgil, Kenneth Volz, Darlene Wall, Ken Wallace, Lynn Ward, William Warren, Alvin Watkins, Burl Watters, Donna 152 V 'ia I 1,31 MFI I ,f ,A :VI - , QM, f ' 2 wif, , 322 .ix R ' ,- -'gym ,. , ffm, F5 5' 'af 'rf 3 z 1 'SL 513 X f Q, " Wk ,f 5 i , Q 'W 6? L3 ,ti 1 ,ff f fa I ,, as ,,,e, T, , nv I 5 NX. V' ' f .if 1.3 D iq 4. A. ., Q-'-,, rf , 'ff ,Af E ,- if If , Agia "' is fr? 1 f' - Vg I , 4 L. ,X -.WA I-5' if rwfxx ' f fisw iu, ff wt V251 Wheeler, David Willbanks, Shawn Williams, Bridget Williams, Dexter Williams, Greg Williams, Stephanie Williams, Steve Wilson, Ricky Winningham, Tracy Wright, Joann Wright, Michelle Young, Heather Zimmerman, Tim Baucher, Kathy Brown, Kathy Jones, Wesley Peoples, Billy ' 1: 9 T lx fqkufu i RB PG MR MR SS BW PH RP RT G0 PUPS! I t IDNCIQS J M Wiz?-sf? X - :M PC. 1 Q mai' T rx . lla P 8.4. if pb '42 Good Togefrher L20-Q Q0-3 I EH 'I56 W 'P-24? A iizg -1 Q A at G . ' ' -f-h - ' x L m: ' .,,, .--fk 1 fa. ' ww M . Www 'f '-1-' Q iglig, fll1 ,2.. '22 FET Q. - g' ' gg I , i f , . , " Q if I A . L, ,. 1 , Y .,.. X K I CLASS FAVORITES Soph om ores Fres m en Vicki Lancaster Merin da Gunderman And And Trey Bishop Wes Hilliard . Marian Thomey And Kevin MUST SPI RI TED Wendy Lilley And Tommy Lilley MA OT SH TL E T I C is :" 5 MUST LIKELY I S U CCEED Eliza beth Love And BEST DRESSED Lynlee Vjrden And Jon Ellis 5.39 Fran cis Pin ter 4428, Melanie Hoyt And Scott McKoWn CAMPUS CLUWN Tracy Goodall And Richard Gifford Um BEST LOOKING Scarlett Ormond And Harold Ogle X 'Q' W BELST ALL AROUND Mary Rowden And Logan. Tindall , ,,,, , , , , ,,:r Q1 r,,,,,,. ,,,,.r T h 4. 1" -1- ' --' . vl- . Yuzanda Medlock, Trey Bishop, Marian Thomey 1 . h' fl ' Y.. Danny Black, Merinda Gunderman, Francis Pinter Outstan ding Freshmen ClUl3S ' , 551 1 ' -V Lookin Good ToQeThor v P UPS FINISH 9-0 A D DEVIL PUPS ARE LOOKING Goon Ill Ill 'D In HPS aQ B4 Q, yi ,, Head coach Danny Mallett, Ass't coaches John Phipps, Mark Rector ,-' I 'WH Auf' L ff 5 V 55" 1 ao.. m Flmsft Undefea ted aw' ,L , , f'M' - Season In 25 Years an I. ., A ' 42 A 25 ' , " , A V ,,, h. , , 'V ' . 'K' hhcc , Vi W3 c , fi, 'W fm. V REGION 5AAAN CHAMPS The Devil Pups had a dream come true in 1980 as they went undefeated completing a perfect 9-0 season. The Pups began the season with a big opening win against Russellville, 21-'Z The following week proved to be more of a test, as the Pups squeaked by Stuttgart, 8-6, for their first conference win. Cabot was next in line to fall, with the Pups taking a 7-0 victory and their second conference win. Undefeated Sheridan, the Pups' fourth opponent, was to be the biggest challenge of the young season. The Pups prevailed at Sheridan for a 14-0 win on a great team effort. Fora change of pace, the Pups traveled to Harrison for a 2:00 kick-off against the Gob- lins. The Pups scored twice quickly in the first quarter and held on for a 14-0 victory. Conway, the Pups'sixth opponent, was to be the test of the year. The Pups played perhaps their best game of the season that night at Conway and handed the Kittens a 13-0 defeat. Clarksvile proved to be competition the following week as the Pups rolled up their seventh victory in a row. The conference championship was to be decided in the eighth week of play as the Pups traveled to Searcy to face the Cubs. Hurt by injuries early in the game, the Pups could manage only an 8-6 lead at halftime. But with the championship on the line, the Pups returned in the second half to score twice and take a 20-6 win, guaranteeing at least co-championship for the Pups. The final game of the season brought Lonoke to town. This game would decide whether or not the Pups would attain sole possession of the conference championship. The Pups got it all together in a super per- formance offensively and defensively, de- feating the Bunnies 53-12. W": ,,,, .r .... W . if . 1 . ' - ff fsi ir'- ' in g ,Q 4' ' Jff " ' T i ffl - 1'- it 'P V xg Q ' 1 ir .. 1 if ... g Ii. l g .,... F M it .ii.. . Sf iiilffi g , .g g wg g . Q., I 'Li- yr Q Q l ' 5 M 3 I fi W ff 5, gQi5L,..,,, ,W I Q gk 'L 'M , , 'S -WLf1. 5' M wig ffi. Wlf'IQlf ND. Q E ,W if :em 1, Q, sn p Q ' 4 Q5 wi- pave 15 gm, k QT 1 5 az 2 ,ii L. Us Q5 L-.f X aq.,fs- Q U, gg? . -1 5 iii' Lf W S' , ,Q 2 ,, ig V 15 S 3 5 L Q: . 2 5 m 1 . 3 5 3 1-1 , Q .-: -. " 4, l -.: . 'f 3 - 5 'L K 9 4-4 k , . ..W , A ' m .L .,., A My E K ff- , ', S N A 4 X E 'A A?-'aio 4 5 5 ' 3' 5 5' 1 5 1 zz' ..- 3, Q... ill .. U Z as S2 g, at E .. 4 '54 P ' .Q :ni as .z cn Q , ,L f D ' , cl. . f ' ami PU UEVQL i 2 'V O :n r 4 PUP5 5 VH. P -,Q 2352? kv, 4-a PUP5 'F wm gf! my ii li Aim. -'u Sm DG-r: U SEE CU S+.: '55 'sm 53:4 mfr! 5-'E 211. 25.53 SEE QE 25 'Ii Mr: ggi: Q Q 2 QE SEV" gg.: rto allet mbry, Ho 4: Coach M E ra QE -sm 12. 31-. ,wo 1.2 sbs as "cs .Es UB YQ no Elk 'ms ,azz was mis EM '1-di Q: St. Nu mi 51 Ma: if-2 3 3-1 Q5 iii 2 E 3 -'E N3 Qs gil wo aw .LQF-I ag 5-4 Q35 'SDS ru -3-1 ss fi U: R -as E1 '13 3 E- 11. Q wi 3? G vi fb I3 'S vu D-I 5 52 us E f as S 5 E 3 'Ni E5 S-. is E4 as FE. 'U R 3:3 Q e 9- TB P.:-. 'gi .913 EE 16 QS gb .hm 52 E2 was a On? is :A 2:25 'gd lie .5111 E is .2 .E mm S E MIHS BASKETBALL i- 1980-81 VIL P P AS ETBALL TEAM ffff' 15' cgi, as 4,-. S-O' 'UMC 1 as 'G E' 12 , vii" an Row 1 Isaac Criswell, Felix Richardson, Jake Green, Greg Kindrick, Marvin Howard, Fred Jackson, Alvin Warren, Ken Hawkins, Row 2 Coach Tommy Reed, Dion Black, Junior Odom, Francis Pinter, James Heaggans, Ronnie Mitchell, Laythell Laws, Gary Parks, Dexter Williams, Les Halbrook, not pictured Eddie Killough 172 Devil Pups In Action! 46 Pups Take 2nd Place In Sylvan Hills To urn ey! Heaggans And Parks On All-Tourney Team xwv g 1 x3Q,.qQc. 'IPAQ a UP AND IN' 4 Flrancis Fights For The Ball SHOOTING STARS Marvm And Boot Shoot The Hoop! 1980-81 GIRLS ' VIL PUP BASK TBALL T AM xxx, si Row 1 Vicki Ma gall, Lynn Wallace, Vivian Parks, Alice Strickland, Michelle Wrigh t, Row 2 Coach John Phipps, Michelle Black, Melissa Sticklen, Antoinette Ausler, Stacy Ring, not pictured manager Laneva Daniels 176 2 -. ze W"' L LLVZ 1 an 'T l iaii - T enai ,.,' 39, E! The 1980-81 Devil Pups girls' basketball team is the defending champion of the 5AAA North conference. They accumulated a 9 - 4 record before entering con- ference play. The Devil Pups won the Sylvan Hills Invitational Tournament by defeating Sylvan Hllls in the finals 28 - 17 Three players for Morril- ton made the all tourna- ment team. They are Melis- sa Stricklen, Lynn Wal- lace, and Michelle Black. G0 VIL PUP 177 H Rhonda Burnett Phyllis Foshee Tracy Hunter Elizabeth Love Q-r,L..?A Sfgtvg, QM.. S Tracy Winningham Stephanie Stoba ugh v , J 180 If I if 1414 , S-f J Gladys Hubbard, Alice Stricklan, Denise Clrezvant, Angela Evans, Lisa Brand, Judith Hansford, Lea Pittard, Rachel L ytle, Lisa L ybarger, Rhonda Dotson, Robin Rhoden, Bridget Williams, Jennifer Rogers, Johnnie Howard, Janey Guinn, Lisa Mantooth, Suzanne Isley, Donna Toney, Tina Robinson, Tara Givens, Shelli Shannon, Zina Osment, Merinda Gunderman, Kris Lewan- dowski, Paige Henderson, Lisa Chism Dynamic I, y ,,,, s I if "' . ' v-B il H! 1 - Q. vs., Captains Merinda Gunderman and Bridget Williams Managers Kris Lewandowslfi, Alice Stricklan, Paige Henderson, Captains Bridget Williams, Merinda Gunderman, sponsor Miss Gunderman , Q1ff"'ff" f Q f 2 5 - Ra , 'i Spmt , gm :Om :UH ugzmm ...Sham Smgfg. ' E Sq Nmmcn 53955 Egbg V93 'Sm '52 fl Pfmggg, S'E'v'3Sm 52559 mfbgnm Bw 'Q -NUC- :USN Efhmvi Egukqiff Oifsbm ' mE:- wiki? NQ0E'E Sp' 0 Sami Egg-Q Glass EPNH 2,3155 :J-5'2" EUNV' ::Q5"b 030' Sr' m :Quo mcg? 45130 5?"ml-3 m'g,,,UQ Eggs gm im E SQ C152 QCZQ SS'-U CJEQQ Pai iam: QQE 333 A5352 ' fn Emi Sim R55 Q35 mil img BFE GN: D-JU: CDN' 2329 505 em? Q55 . U15 DQS QP' 20:5 mag Sm? :BF '-:Gb .Em 315221 gm? 2.00: 833, 'S QE gm 5 fl: -if C ' 1101? i 3' ef Wi 3 2 , I . mm A , , , , . its X, Representative Sharon Harrell, Treasurer 3 h 1 - N if . QW, 5 Charlene Reeves, Secretary Jennifer Bur- V ' i gess, Vice President Cynthia Everette, Presi- P J i dent Sharon Ausler H ' 1, - h f ri Atal xy S , , - ,A -11-i - i - "'. 4- "'. , KL L ll, I 1 x .," H - ' ,, X -P trrrrs Ii S S - ,. ,.:--- , 5 . 1 . , . , 5, ,Q Q , . Johnnie Howard, Jennifer Burgess, Rosie Mitchell, Ann Reese, Donna Williams, Crystel Mikel, Marie Rosbia, Sharon Harrell, Karen Knudsen, Dawn Bradshaw, Sheila Billingsley, Theresa Rosbia, Tracy Fleming, Ricky Fowler, Charlene Reeves, Betty Scroggins, Sharon Ausler, Cynthia Everette, Tyronne Davis, Paul Read, Wendall McFarland 184 Philip Lorenzo, Ben Coyle, Soctt Polk, Carla Dickson, Theodora Moore, Donna Watters, Terri Barnes, Evelyn Bren ts, Ken Wall, Bryan Bartlett, Phil Norris, Steve Freeman, Jeff Jordan Lib ary Club President Ben Coyle, Reporter Evelyn Brents, Secretary Terri Barnes, Vice President Bryan Bartlett, Sponsor Mrs. Scroggins Logan Tindall, Keith Noble, Danny Black, Shelli Shannon, Zina Osment, Francie Everette, Vicki Lancaster, Lauren Wade, Francis Pinter, Jon Ellis, Ken Hogan, Wes Hilliard I Q V ,?..t,,,,,..-.t,..,,.,.,,,,.. ,c.,,, Student 'Wi LP Council Reporter Keith Noble, Treasurer Vicki Lancas- ter, Secretary Zina Osment, Vice President Francis Pinter, sponsor Mrs. Dunlap, President Danny Black 'I86 xsvnwwmunnu.-.1 ewspa per Staff Co-editors Robin Martin and Ta wnia Mill- er, Assistant editors Elizabeth Love and Laura Anderson, Secretary Dottie Gree- son, sponsor Mr. Gatling Ta wnia Miller, Robin Martin, Karen Brewer, Scarlett Ormond, Barbara Rushing, Charlotte Galloway, Vanessa Brown, Elizabeth Love, Kim Hill, Laura Anderson, Janey Guinn, Cindy Hensley, Danny Black Karen Simpson Nancy Williams Johnette Gibson Wes Hilliard, Cindy McKuin Rhonda Burnett, Valerie Mills Tami Hodge, Mark Wright Tamm' S ires, Sh d C I , , , y p erri ar een, indy Brannon, Susan Gross, Jeff Jordan, Zina Osment, Keith Noble, Mary Rowden, Ben Coyle, Stephanie Stobaugh, Dottie Greeson, Deanie Mourot, Debbie Clowers, Evelyn Brents, Jaclie Bost, Tina Robinson, Kris Lewandowski 187 Counselor is Staff l mi Jennifer Burgess, Kevin Charton, Danny Black, Lavina Hill, Lisa Deaton, Barbara Rushing, sponsor Mrs. Gifford Office S tai? 'ki' . Sponsor Mrs. Anderson, Tim Zimmerman, Greg Kindrick, John Harwood, Yiglgililayall, Melissa Sensabaugh, Deanie Mourot, Cindy McKuin, Mark Massey, Mark Tilley, Steve Swartzel, Dion Black, James Heaggans 188 ire Marshals Ken Hogan, Robert Reid, John Hayles, George Amidon, Mike Brents, sponsor Mr. Koonce 1 FFA M ah.. Tommy Stobaugh, Joe Chadwick, Jerry Hubbard, John Moses, Mark Pace, Marvin Mason, Wesley Howell, Robert Bartlett, Mark Holloway, Ricky S waffar, Marvin Criswell, VWnston Smith, Ken Trafford, Steve Bonds, Mark Martin, Lynn Mallett, Greg Williams, Ken Jennings, Da vid Parish, Kirk Kendrick, Clifton Reed, Ronnie Moore, Daniel Clark, Charlie Ward, William Al Vey, James Ruffiner, Warren Stobaugh 189 W-mm. -li-"B MIHS Ayer Staff Melissa Hubbard, Jonna Powers, Mark Roberson, Jennifer Rogers, Karen Brewer, Bridget Williams, Rance Patterson, Roderic Toney, Brian Bartlett, Sandra Stobaugh, Nora Strickland, Patsy Garrett, Kevin Atkinson, Mary Rowden, Rhonda Burnett, Kathy Brown N, ,J .N K ., t H af' " E n fe 'mf W' of G 5 Reporter Mary Rowden, Co-editors Bridget Wil- lianis, Rhonda Burnett, Rance Patterson, Mark Ro- berson, Roderic Toney, Sandra Stobaugh, Patsy Garrett Q- M 4 ln.-I, gy WWW 3 9 Sig Mew New Ugg ii 'Www 35, -f'9 Mr' -f mf iam WW ii K 3 ' m ?a -... mn. I I V A , 5 I ,A Sponsor Mrs. Gifford, Mary Sudduth, Wes Hilliard, Trey Bishop, Merinda Gunderman, Tina Robinson. Janey Guinn, Franc-jg Pjme,-, Eljzabeth Love, Paige Henderson. Bridget Williams, Laura Anderson, Phyllis Foshee, Kim Hill, Sandra Mock, Missy Sensabaugh, Sharon Smith, Evelyn Brents, Debbie Clowers, Cindy McKuin, Tanya Wells, Yuzanda Medlock, Karen Kincaid, Robin Martin, Tawnia Miller, Sherri Dardeen, Mike Starr, Lynn Sigler, Tammy Grabher, Shelli Shannon, Suzanne Isely, Sharon Harrell, Tim Pearce, Keith Noble, Vicki Lancaster, Charles Bellinghausen, Ranca Patterson, Lauren Wade, Terry Martin, Randy Foshee, Richard Gifford, Scarlett Ormond, Pat Culbreth, Johnette Gibson, Roger Hayes, Jon Ellis, Brent Guinn, Danny Black, LaDonna Moore, Melissa Toney, John Harwood, Tina La vvrence, Kim Cunning- ham, Jeff Abbott, Bart Rankin, Donna Branch, Hank Turner, Stephen Swartzel, Heather Young, Bill Martz, not pictured Terri Barnes, Tami Hodge, Nora Strickland Beta Club President Trey Bishop, Vice Pres. Richard Gif- ford, Secretary Eliza- beth Love, Treasurer Scarlett Ormond, Re- porter Was Hilliard .-O 1 Aff , I ' 3 Ayw S' R .:v1j s Good ToQeTher -cw Superintendent Dr. Ray Fullerton PS'-'x 'C...., M4 'xi' .ya-.., 5 h ,Aa-.," ,, f qv MUN A ,A eggy esmi th wo.,'. Cs' 0 I, .S 2 K. ,S 4 1 ff Q "f I. .f "gf W " , r + 1 A., I ,',.- whiff' f W q X ,A , r 4 a v ,N ' v 1, 9 ' 1 " v 4 '94 1 1' O v 1 4 V A , " A v m M 1 8 v 4 A 4 Ax x 4 v r v ' n , v A . v South Conway County School Board ooo WX o Wylie COX Principal MHS Ashley Whitman Asst. Principal MHS Bill Patterson Principal MIHS Bill Koonce Asst. Principal MIHS Roberta Gzfford Counselor, MIHS Q' Doyne Davis Counselor, MHS Head Football Sara Del Fzser Counselor Jo Ann Powell Counselor, MIHS MHS Perry Brown Counselor, MHS John W1dner Athletic Dir. Head Basketball Frank Abbott Biol0gY, Science James Anderson Adv. Math, Physics 3 Brian Bailey Government, Asst. Football Sammie Barnhill Resource Math Betsy Beacham Social Studies 7 W x Dianne Bishop Chemistry, Math Gary Bowden Civics Economics I -"A ' 'ence --W-frNQN.f K VJanice dy X. Q Mary Virginia Cheek Geometry Jim Chism Special Ed, Head Girls Basketball ji.. E George Conine Science Jane Conley English, French K -5. Lee Clay Drivers ED., Asst. Basketball Jim Clay Industrial Arts A.L. Criswell Agriculture Anne Crofoot English Debbie Cupp Special Education Carol Davis Health, Girls P.E. M ur1el D1X0n General Math Sandra Dunlap Typing V Fred Flesh er D. E. D. O. Marketing 5 Liz Fullerton A 'WK -w x A .Q Librarajn '..- UN 5 an B8 .ll Jim Ga tling Art 'A X 9 9 X Mary Gunderman Y, 'K lb it DriVer's Education X X Girls PE. QI' Betty Ann Harwood Home Economics Johnny Hoyt Boy's BE., Asst. Basketball Coach wi Pam H uett English Tommy H uett Business Math, Asst. Football Coach Mary Knight History Sharon Knigh ten Home Economics Charles Leapheart Math ,K Fannie Linn Typing Mary Dean Littrell English, Drama Danny Mallett Health, Hea Jr. Football f' J .I X' , Cf ' 1 f Gwinn Alveretta Lynch Commercial Business La W M0 Carolyn Mansker English y AW!" A g-W M Bill Molder Q I History, Asst. FBX c bA 5 'S A ' 'x of k. X L . x" x . . N xx , X V f X wi Debbie Morgan English Barbara Murphy History Barbara Netherton Girl 's RE., Girls Volleyball Larry Nettles Band Director Mary Oates History Helen Payne B-J History f7'f!yw John Phipps Math, Head Junior 4p4"" WW Girls Basketball Mark Rector History, Asst, Football Coach , , ful, Tom Reed Boy's P.E. Head Junior Boys Basketball Emma Robertson English Clair Sandler Biology . .7 4.2 ' , N ., , , W lv fl' ' ff Z X .. I K Q an N ,ti Jean Scott English Mona Scroggins Librarian Ann Shaw Algebra Gene Sledge Reading Euncie Smith Resource Barbara Wade Instructor of the Hearing Impaired Q cffivb fl Q, 4 v Maxine Welter English Johnnie Whitman Algebra, Geometry Barbara Wilson Rea ding Libby Hoyt MHS Secretary Carolyn Anderson MIHS Secretary W Willie Chambers Teacher s Aide Wanda Jones Teachei"s Aide Sandy Clay Teachefs Aide Sue Hill Teachers Aide Leslie Parks Teachefs Aide Rosalie Winningham Teachers Aide Debbie Kissire Teachers Aide Dorothy Willingham Teacer'S Aide 4:51 ev Beverly Wyllia Teachefs Aide Joma Hammond Teachefs Aide Phyllis Shipp Teachefs Aide Jill Smith Teachefs Aide K, -21332 ,M . . y :,t,gz,",g'E,?x - . , . 5 . 1 ,, Q ,:. . 41' ' f' L I .,., e mann mums' , ,fl 6 t' be 2 ,W '52 , Y i Q Y Qi? i .. -'W ' 'E - ' 5, -. .K X.. mM 'i?i K E Q - 91 ,Maw V7 , ,,,, A 4' Mui E V , Q ? N 1 wma- 'fls 4 Pre-0-wav' , qw? .. i .SQ NF E in A close look at the past year makes it obvious that very little will be remembered as "typical " The Seniors were our leaders and they fit the role perfectl y. The Juniors helped by giving their support and experience. The Sophomores looked forward to saying good-bye to the building they call "Jr, High " and the Freshmen enjoyed being up there with the "big kids". With all this, there Was hardly a dull mo- ment. As the year Went spinning by, students were caught up in living their todays and looking forward to tomorrows. But as the end drew nearer, they began to realize how precious their yesterdays spent here were. The pace was hectic at times, but it didn 't dampen our spirit. It just meant more challenge to students as they Went about making the most of 1980-81. 217 WH T Reagan YEAR Lancl Iicle IT W ,S Gver I am scared to death. I have a two-year-old son, and every night when I pull his shade down at bedtime and look out the window and see the cooling towers, I nearly cry. I un in a panic. I have never considered myself a violent person. but I ambeginnmgmthmklamgomgcnzy-ldobeuevelam. -Mary Enterline, Middletown. Pa. It is a dream so pretty. -Hugo Landa. 27, Cuban refugee. upon arriving in America 1 Carter I had a teacher once who told me that I'd have to learn that there was more to life than hockey. Looking back, I figure, "What did she know?" -Mike Eruzione. captain. U.S. Olympic hockey team I never thought U10y'd pull a trick like this. It's a little shab- DY- i9fl'l ii? -l3ert Parks. on learning that his reign as emcee of the Miss America contest had ended 0lll't Bly what other nations will not o to th U e Summer Olym- I can't stand here tonight and say it doesn't hurt. -Jimmy Pic' ill Moscow. Onrswill not go. Th decisi hem Carter, election night -J iinmy Carter Q on ln. made' Titan Missile complex rocked by explosion Eric Heiden wr: mn rr: M MEN has Sgqld wr: mnrr: 1 Mr MI medals 218 amivorous Soviet players, among them men who had toyed with National Hockey League professionals, were expected to swallow the young collegians of the U.S. hockey team like hors d'oeuvres at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. But the crowd in the arena began chanting, "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" and in- numerable televiewers watched in stunned suspense as the Americans tied the score, 2-2, in the first pe- riod of the game. The tension built by the minute and became unbearable after the U.S. forged ahead, 4-3. At the end there was an explosion. a kind of na- tional exaltation-which lacked only background music by John Philip Sousa-as team members 0 leaped in victory. Winning that game was possibly moment of a trying year For Muhammad Ali, 38. lhree- time world heavyweight boxing champion, another attempt last October to regain the title ended in humiliation in Las Vegas. The end came in the 10th round as Larry H olmes, younger and swyfter. applied the ritualistic beating to a champion who came back once loo cjlen. PIN TER BC ILDERS I C1 Commercial Farm Residential M orril ton, Arkansas 354-0545 1- 1 . , I, - .. ,, , it , C 'J' 7 R A t 'ijfz . 1.31: '52 4 , Q V Y A I l .Any v-'rr NN' V . ,xl . 2 ' 'gg ggi-fp . aigi LS' . 4- x r'. '11 ' 'mf "L ar 1 f 4? " 5 . . 'F 'Q-J " MIX f' ,p I' gf- L W ,I I ' UQ I Vx -U v if .. F fig' . ' - 'A yr 'H' L. , X gigs-X , 1 Qjidiyq ' 19' '. , . . 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Qeil HQEEEPJ GOODS Riverland Shopping Center -p x ' -N-if L VL 7 Li' . F .fxlk z' ,vl"',f' Zh, ' ,:- , I. . ' ,: "T33xiN1L,.4'!, w isfji, g 5 bf'f,i.!.zR '1 V 'mwkixwiswfvnwwnw fi x gill' 10 v WX- 1 w- 'gl - I AL J .." ak f pvvytgf if ' gtfly, W f W1 Y lx N sill"-H pf " 5 fo" if 4 ' ge-W , ff ff in .ftf"'f-i'ggqY1lff:Q,5Q? ff 2217, 2-jim i ,,W- Q.Lg'l,9f" Q 4 gjej ffl S X f l '- A 'QE' X S ' f S , S ' ,,,fl Q ' , x , 2 i X JA X wa. i XX 4 '1lD' Good Luck Seniors Of 81 Pool - Pinball Vidio Games SA, in Kiy5mw?W-iD mnfagtnf H1 w w 1' x l G' H1 " f Z ' l' gghllmv 1"" l www For All Your Sporting Goods S :Q W Sporting Goods, Inc, Morril ton Arkansas 72110 Phone.' 354-5600 Or Toll Free 1-800-482-5884 DK SLTD Riverland Shopping Center M orril ton Arkansas Phone:354-1311 4 30 xi, 1. -- . 'H 0 -KM !u!,,.O. ' it Compliments Of TREASURE CHEST GIFT SHOP Noritake China Viking Glass The Finest In Mexican Food TACO VILLA 22 Compliments Of DR. NORMAN E. GRAY BRI TTS 63: UPSTAIRS BRI TTS 107 E. Broadway Downtown Morrilton Clothes For Fashion Minded Girls Best Wishes "Sr.'s" FURNITURE WORLD IN C. Route 2 - Hwy. 9 - Phone: 354-0121 Morril ton, Arkansas 72110 1 mwvi? MARILYN 'S HOUSE OF GIFTS P.O. Box 416 - 401 N. Morril Morrilton, Arkansas 72110 ALLISON FoRD oo. Compliments INC Of Your Ford And Mercury Dealer Morrilton, Ark. 72100 Phone: 354-4541 QQ 354-4542 Congratulations Seniors! Com en ts DUNLAP REALITY 4,1 'fu' GREER as QQ Q COCA-COLA BOTTLIN G A , oo. K Of Arkansas Morrilton, A k 27' X X km Standing: Jim Holloway, Everette Bright, Dek Poindexter, Paul Poindexter Seated: Kathy Rinehart, Marcie Jones, Lucille Tyson, Wanda Pettingill POIN DEX TER S fs v 5 - X , . X -5 f W-14. ,, W- f :va My-W.,. 'e . ' ' Q2E'l25??4fFE,:5'Q?mm fSv'5'?v4fv-:,:" -,, , 1.5 ' -xx, ' HL' sg L.. ' 3113 "'Zf'fp7' We"-"' ' ' " ,q v f " - W "L- ff f if ,, f ,f .av E MORRILTON PACKING CO Wishes The Seniors MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Owner: Mary Kay Burnett Compliments Of M ON -ARK OIL CO. "Good Luck" 501f354-4067 THE FABRIC SHOPPE For Those Who Want The Best 103 E Broadway Custom Drapery Morrilton, Ark. 72110 Wall Paper 226 Y Compliments Of BLUE RIBBON 6? H URLEY OIL COMPANY 354-2248 YV 7 W ' R ting, Compliments Of NOR THSIDE EXXON u Q N r S Three ,fd FL,-Z1-ff 'X V Modern Banking Facilities To Serve You With Compliments ' f f-ff-was ,LQ fliiifii Q, M M K' M A-'-' f ...,ii'i "" ,px : S flf' a N'2'r -ffN-ggfig axwm W' "i' L Ai'i 'ii'i Q' A B 'fl Qiiaiilw i f aae A A Plumerville Branch B V V V, A B4 ,Q ,f- g a. f ig: ui fil w .,.. , if Drive In Bank - 116 E. Railroad THE FIRST STATE BANK M orril ton, Arkansas 'Nw rv--.. Yi W. ,iw fi A Wzafggi fav? XNBAQK H Niger ,,..vw1fH""' V nf -1 - few. , -A--. ,.V, an,s.?affi+Wam'Afi1s-,Q MQRRHTON fasvQAxcs AGENCY REEL ESTATE MA US IMPLEMEN T CO. 112 West Broadway Morrilton, Arkansas 72110 Phone: 15011 354-3527 John Deer Sales And Service CHEROKEE TRAIL EXXON Da dSh Phone 354-2959 THE PETAL SH OPPE ? ' x, , ' '- 5 5 305 W center , Morrilton, Ark. 72110 i if l DESALVO PHARMACY Prescription Specialists Phone: 354-2370 R UENELL 'S Z-x gf' H Q4 Hair Fashion J 609 Bridge St. Morriiton, Ark. 72110 Owner: R ueneii Stroud KEN WINS DRESS SHOP 105 East Broadway Compliments DR VA U GHAN Com plim en ts THE DAIS Y Q UEEN Best Wish es J K LEVIS - Coinpiini en ts EDWARD GORDON NATHAN GORDON ALLEN GORDON 5 'L-. 1 From ' "' Q 1 Q Of f f LYNN S Men S 62 Women S Clothzng R1Ver1and Shoppmg Cen ter M 1 A k 72110 Urn Egg 035170 Infant Toddler Store Hours 9 6 Monday Saturday R113fif1:jIfE0L?1hfj11f9IR1iU-65,2f3'315feF 354 3796 Store Hours 10 6 Monday F'r1day 10 5 On Saturday PR UI TT MOTOR CO Complnnents Of HEAD HUNTER S B111y Hoyt Mgr WINROCK I EQUIPMENT "" coMPANv OES MATERIALS INC Lumber Plumbmg Electncal Supp11es 1004 West Broadway P0 Box 703 Phone 354 3501 MOFFIIEOU Arkansas 72110 Plenty Of Free Parkmg Full Llne Of Hardware I QUALITY BUILDING FIRST FEDERAL OF M ORRILTON + ff'iN33 322355 aQiiW1ff 4WfNfl7+ M YRieQOQjSW QOH WJ V205 qw Ng Q W MgQ,K1gmfgpYS KQRNER Q23 MQW? wow tw KYMARKET K wif A , OLWNQ5 lim "Go Dogs Go" M55 we AW 'AYOZVC I . 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Sales - SEFVICG - Rentals BEAVERS DRI VE-IN Cohiplumms "Thi',iViQff,iS,Tre3t MORRILTON Phone: 354-4253 D Q M azynsmlq-?' j .1 yy Q wlga any I gg gijgho an Q' wp, 0 Q E3 gg WHITE DR UG Corner Broadway dz Moose Bill Mathews - Millie Deeter - Ethel Moore Tony Nichols - Mrs. McArthur Of : - 4 '5 Q---------msg L 41 LT L '.".-... E 71, NT - fl A -A-1 f9?4JLf,VgiV. R, , S11 5-46154 a Lag-J -if -,J - ' Y JOE TRAFFORD TR UCKING CO., IN C Rt. 2 Sardis Road Morril ton, Arkansas 72110 Joe :Q Linda Trafford Owners 1 I H0 C1 KYXLQDN MMM X ox XJJWJ' 1" 342' my J if ' fi J i 1 H1 jx 7 Going 'A Mid Town Realty Co Don Hutchison Lindsey Parks -Owners Morril ton 354-8551 PRICE CHEVROLET INC CHEVROLET FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Joe Cl Kindrick, Agency Man 400 Howell Drive Morrilton, Ark. 72110 Office Phone: 354-0101 I! 6 Y QQ' To 5 - - I 5 I LEM ON S Hwy. 9 B. North Drive Up Window Delivery Service Ask Your Dr. To Call Us. Compliments TIM M CCLAIN PHOTOGRAPHY KX 43 1-I PRESCRIPTION SHOP QQ, 237 ,T? 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Moose St. LM: gn V5 24 QSM -FQX A' vig?-'QQEQX N - FJ xx ...,'XQ-S Ku-x 932-J 23+ '?fik5 in 240 A610232 l FABULOUS THINGS C3 OOi Jfhments Of Rgfgrland Shopping Center Merchants Ass. 7-i- W Kmjipxpikml Jdvlo Qgg: . GUQQZX Mbiplgxmwyduaib LLo3oQd,Q4,6fav-Mifv Rumi Cf-mga. 1 25. JECM7-'Mb Vlgzwlioniiki ,, CQMXQQOU JZ Q7 umm , HQASZSQJMQSUYX XYLWQQQJQQJYX ,UHQQQD0 ,JgM9tfc.sao-Q,pC.,o1QLg,aoWQs,,:9JI0 ,OfQQfyL,fULQL3xQw2fw0gfQe42fLQfmQMgf . MGM -M GYKMO ZCWMW MLEMWEFF mvwwgm 652 wifi 'Ufffuvf-ul, Jaw ,, I .. .. W A ,-

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