Morrilton High School - Ayer Yearbook (Morrilton, AR)

 - Class of 1951

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Morrilton High School - Ayer Yearbook (Morrilton, AR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1951 volume:

W New xpwl f ,V Ju-my W3 gm if M19 YA ng lb mL y ,4 fix l L v 1 -.Iv 1 - ' I .,". milf ' ' r AYER 1951 MORRILTQN HIGH SCHOOL Morrilton, Arkansas L' gf 'S 1 s 'N i x,- . 'x ' -il "' .111nn V Havkf Tl-Le. Sound Of .DQVJ Dog V0iCeS, Souncliml 50 True Hue, Sing ing l'1ovYiHonHi9kScA0ol,55 praiseS,f?in-Qing cle-.1-r andfwg ,fa 19,2 Til,-"1 i- --u Hai l fo The bvigkiesf Star opal! ffflgay inns radiance Sl, J E.A A K 7 .fi ,sm 4 ... N 5, S "' , . 7 , i 1, 4 LV .Qt 5 1, , 1 , in - Rua if 5 V N 332'-H , Shoufihg New-1-ilfon High Sci-.0015 pvaises - -N f' W HYTEWYLYY - -"""2i1"f.Uw.' 'wk' 'MV """"' 'VT-""""""'?1'1"""' 1l1" I ,l SS S7 1 N 7 I' Q gefaibfu 4 A "1'a.sN uQB'f 1 - w f 1 . f , ,A I 1 1. . w f' 1, 4 .,. Monte Meador Bobby Boren H.. - Myra Wharton Leah Dell Lonq Ioan Stell oo.o ,K Robert Bostain o o, Mrs. Basharn , OFFICERS , -W President Vice President , , , Secretary Treasurer Bus. Manager Bus. Manager or ,M-H. - Sponsor Seniors CARROLL EDWARD ATKINSON F.F,A., 9,10,11, Treas. 10: F.F.A. Iudqinq team, 9,l0, 119 President 41-1 Club, 11,125 D.E., 12, Key Club 12. LEON BARTLETI' Transferred: Oppelog Commercial Dept., 10, Glee Club, llp Speech Dept., 11. DORA NELL BIZZELL Commercial Department, 10, 1l,l2p Latin Club, 10, 11, National Honor Society, 11.12. BOBBY BOREN Student Council Rep., 9, Football, 9,l0,11,l2, Track, lO,l1,12g Basketball, 11, "M" Club, 9,10,ll,12g Latin Club 9,105 Band, 9,107 Key Club, 11,127 Ayer Staff, ll,l2, Bus. Mgr., 125 Senior Class Vice-Pres- ident, 12: Commercial Dept., 12. MARY LEE BOSTIAN F.H.A., l0,11p Commercial Department, 11,125 Fu- ture Teachers, 12. ROBERT BOSTAIN Football, 9,l0,1l,12p Basketball, 10: Track, 10, "M" Club, 9,l0,11,12p Band, 9,1O,l1,l2: Swing Wing, 11,125 Pres., 101 Vice-Pres., 11, Bus. Mgr., 12, Key Club 115 Hi-Life Staff, 127 Pep Squad, 12. THELMA BRADSHAW F.H.A., 10, 11,125 Commercial Dept., 12. HORACE BRINKLEY Latin Club, 10,111 Speech Dept., 10,117 Commercial Dept., 11.127 Key Club, 11,12, Sec.-Treas., 12: Pep Squad, 12, Band, 12, Dance Band, 12: School Ac- companist, 12, Student Council, 12, Hi-Life Staff, 12. 1 ' q if? h -W -A ,-Q Xe 5' V, ACK .0016 Seniors BETTY BRITT Transferred: Gubbin, Georgia, llg F.H.A,, ll: Band, ll,l2g Commercial Department, 12. BILL BROWN Band, 9,lO,ll,l2g Pres., llg Glee Club, 9,lU,ll: Football, 9,lO,1l,l27 Co-Capt., 95 All-District Co- Capt., 121 Track, 9,l0,ll,l2g "M" Club, 9,lO,l2y Pres., l2: Latin Club, llg Pres., ll: Key Club, ll, l2g Vice-Pres., ll,l2g Pep Squad, llp Swina Wino, ll. DUDLEY BROWN Transferred: Mountain Home, 125 F.F.A,, l2g Key Club, 12. SARAH DENE BRYANT Commercial Department, ll,l2g Iunior Play, ll. in PETE BURGE Football, 9,l0,l1,l2g Track, 9,l0,ll,l2, "M" Club 9,l0,Il.l2g Glee Club, 9,10g Band, 105 Key Club ll,l27 Pep Squad, ll,l2: Hi-Life Staff ll, l2. MARION CAMP Auto Mechanics, ll,l2. RODDY CAMPER Football, 10,115 Track,1lg Latin Club, l0,ll. BILLIE MAE CARTER Speech Dept., 10, Girls' State, llg Latin Club, ll ' 12: President, 127 National Honor Society, ll,l2g Ayer Staff, 12: Commercial Department, ll,l2: Office Secretary ,12. Seniors BETTY CODY F.H.A., 10,ll,l2, Serretary, 11, Parllamentarian, 125 National Honor Soviety, 11,12, Treasurer 125 Com- mervial Department, 1l,l2. lOl'1NN1E MARIE CLAYTON Latin Club, 9,105 F.H,A., l0,1l, Treas., 115 lntra- mural Basketball, 10. FLOY CONLEY Transferred: Wonder View, 125 F.H.A., 125 Com- mercial Dept., 12. BOB COFFMAN Footba1l,9,125 Basketball, 115 F.F.A., 9,105 lr. Play Stall, ll: Speech Dept., 125 Commercial Dept., 12. LEON DUNN Auto Mevltanivs, 9,105 Track, 9,l0,ll,l25 Football, 9,l0,ll,125. Key Club, 11,125 Hi-Life Stall, 12. WANDA DEETER F.l'l.A., l0,ll,l25 Glee Clulw, 10,125 Basketball, 10, DONALD MASON EPPEBSON F.F.A., 9,l0, Iudqlnq Team, 9,105 Football, 9,10,11, 125 Track, 10,115 Basketball Mqr., 105 Key Club, 11,125 lr. Play Staff, 115 Speech Dept., 12. IOE DEAN DOWDY Transferred: Heber Springs, 115 D.E., 125 Speer-lt Department, 12. Seniors MARY ELLEN EPPERSON Transferred: Springfield, F.H.A., lO,l1,12, lntra mural Basketball, ll, Commercial Department, ll 12, Pep Squad, 12. LLOYD EPPERSON F.F.A., 9,103 Football, 12, Commercial Dept., 10, D.E,, 12. CORA ANN ETHERIDGE Glee Club 9, Pep Squad, 9, Iunior F.H,A,, 9, Latin Club, 1U,11, Band, lO,1l,l2, Future Teachers, 11, Speech Dept., 115 Commercial Dept., 12, Librarian, ll, lunior Play Stall, ll. CAROLYN PARISH Pep Squad, 9,1O,l l,12, Latin Club, 9,1U, Speech Dept., 10, Commercial Dept., 1l,12, Band, 11,125 Majorette, 11,125 Homecoming Queen, 12. STEPHEN FINCH Football, 9, "M" Club, 9,lO,ll,l2, Latin Club, 9,1O, lunior Play, 11, Commercial Dept., 1O,l2, Key Club, 11,12, National Honor Society, 11,125 Pres., 12, D.E., 12, President, 12, Ayer Staff, 11,125 Bus- iness Manaqer, ll, Editor, 12. EULENE FUDGE Commercial Dept., 1G,l1,l2, F.ll.A., 1U,11, Future Teachers, ll, Intramural Basketball, ll. IACK GRAVENMIER Transferred: Helena, 12, Speech Dept., 12, Key Club, 12: Basketball, 12. IOHN GUILING Home Room Pres., 9,115 Band, 9,10,l1,l2, Glee Club, 9,l0,12g Swing Winq, 11.12, Speech Depart- ment, 10,ll, National Honor Society, 12. Seniors HELEN HALE Assembly Committee, 95 Basketball, 9,105 Pep Squad, 9,10,l1,125 Student Council Rep.. 10,115 Speech Dept., 105 Iunior Play, ll: Commercial Dept., 11,125 Home-Coming Maid, 125 Majorette, 9,l0,ll5 Hi-Life Staff, 125 Thespians, 12. HAROLD DUANE IACKSON F.F.A., 11,125 Commercial Dept., 11. BOBBY HOLYFIELD Football Mgr., 11,125 Basketball, ll,25 D.E., 11,12, Reporter, 125 Commercial Department, ll. BILLY FORREST HOWELL Band 9,10,1l,l25 Glee Club 10,11,125 F.F.A,, 10,1l. 125 Football, 11,125 Track, 11,125 Key Club, 11. CAROLYN IO IONES Transferred: Springlieldg Librarian, 105 Speech De- partment, 105 National Honor Society, 11,125 Prog. Chair., 125 Future Teachers, ll,l2: Pres., 12: Com- mercial Department l1,l25 Student Council Sec., 125 Office Sec., 125 Guidance Office Sec., 12. CARROLL IONES Football. 125 Basketball, 115 Track, 11,125 "M" Club, 12. HUGH lONES Home Room Vice-Pres., 95 Commercial Dept., 10, 117 Band, 9,l0,ll,l2p Swing Wing, ll,l25 Speech Dept., 10,115 Glee Club, 115 H1-Life Staff, 12. IOHNETTE IONES Commercial Dept., 11,125 F.H.A., 10,11. Se n io rs MARTHA lANET IONES Transferred: Springfield, E1-LA., l0,1l,l2: Histor- ian, 117 Intramural Basketball, ll: Commercial De' partment, ll, Librarian, 12. LEWIS DALE KING Future Tradesmen ol Ark., Vice Pres, and Bus. Mai. Morrilton Chapter, 12, State Sergeant at Arms, 12. GWEN LAY Librarian, 10, Speech Department, 10, Glee Club, 9,105 Dance Band, 101 Cheer Leader, 9,l0,l2, Pep Squad, 9,l0,12g Hi-Life Statl, 12. LEA1-1 DELL LONG lunior F.H.A., 9, President, 9, Pep Squad, 9,l0,ll, 127 Basketball, 9, Band, 9,l0: Cheer Leader, 11: Speech Dept., 10, F.H.A., 10: Class Treas., 11,121 Homecoming Maid, ll,l2p Girls' State llg Hi-Lile Staff, 12, Office Secretary, 12, Librarian, 12. JAMES MONROE MARTIN Commercial Department, ll, Key Club, ll,l2p Speech Department, 12. IDA MAE MAXWELL F,H.A., ll,l2: Commercial Dept., 12, EUGENE MCDONALD Transferred: Mobile, Alabama, 10, Football, l0,11, 12, Track, 10,ll,l2g Basketball, 12, Speech De- partment, 10, Key Club, 12, 1-1i'Life Staff, 12, Thes- pians, 12. MONTE MEADOR Transferred: Midland, Texas, 9, Football, 10,11,12: Track 10,l1,l2p Class Pres. 10,125 Basketball, 11, 12: Student Council, 11.12, Pres,, 11, Ir. Play, 111 Thespians, ll,l2: Glee Club, 10, Pep Squad, 11,125 Ir. Rotarlan, 12, Band, ll, Key Club, 11,121 Na- tional Honor Society, 12g "M" Club l0,l1,12. C Sen tors WINNIE FAYE MERRYMAN Transferred: Wonder View, 12, Commercial Depart- ment, 12. IOE MITCHELL Transferred: Perry, 111 Football, 11,125 Basketball, ll,l2: Track, 11,125 Thespians, ll,l2, Pres, 12, l'li'Lile Staff, ll,l2, Sports Ed., ll, Ed., 12: Auto Mechanics, llg Ir. Play, ll DOROTHY QFOUGHT7 NELSON F.H.A., ll: Hi-Lite Staff, 12. KENNETH NOLAND Band, lU,ll,l2g Glee Club, 10,125 Key Club, 1l,l2, President, 12. CHARLES LOUIS ORMOND Football, 9,lO,ll,l2p "M" Club 9,lU,ll,l2p Commer- cial Department 12. BILLY PARETTE FLEA., 9,lO,Il,l2: 4-H Club 9,lO,ll,l2q Commercial Department ll, Iunior Fire Marshal, 12. DON PARSONS FEA., 9,lO,llg Football, 113 Trac. . BOBBIE PAHETTE F.F.A., 10,115 44H Club: D.E., 11,12: Glee Club, 10, Key Club, ll. 'Why Q. K Seniors YVONNE PETERSEN Pep Squad. lO,1l,l25 F.H.A., lO,ll,l2, Pres. ll, Thespians, 11,12, Sec.-Treas. 125 National Honor Society, 11,l2, Vice Pres. 125 Basketball, ll, Capt. 115 lntramural Coun. ll, Pres. 115 Outstanding Girl ll5 lr. Play, 115 Future Teachers, 125 Cheer- leader, 125 Miss M.H.S. 12. BONNIE POTEET F.H.A. 95 Pep Squad, 9,lO,125 Com. Dept. 10.12, Homecoming Maid, 9,115 Student Council 105 Lib, ll, Thespians, 11,125 Girls' State, 115 Hi-Liie Staff 125 Band, 125 Oii. 125 Dir.-Bus. Mgr. Iunior Play, ll. IAMES RISINGER EEA., 9,105 Track Mgr., ll: Auto Mechanics, 11,125 Football Manager, 12. WANDA ROBERTS Sec. Ir. F.1-l.A., 95 National Honor Soc, 11,125 Commercial Department, 10,115 Glee Club, ll,l25 Girls' State, 11. PHOEBE ROBERTSON Pep Squad, 9,111,125 lr. Cheer Leader, 9: Glee Club 95 Band, 9,lU,l2, V. Pres., 105 State Band Repre- sentative, 95 Latin Club 1O,ll5 Ayer Staii, 12: Hi Life Staff, 125 Stu. Store, 12. LAVADA RUDKIN DE. Club, 12. OTTO SEAY Transferred: Perry High School, 12: Future Trades men of Ark., 12. BILLY SESSION F.F.A., 9,1U,12, Pres., 125 Fed. F.F.A. Pres. 12 Band, 9,10,12, Drum major, 9,1O,125 Nat. Band 10,12, Drum major, 105 Pep Squad, 9,10,125 Basket ball, 9,10,125 Track, 9,105 Home Room Bus. Mgr 107 Swing Wing, 10.12. Seniors RAYMOND L. SHEWMAKER lr. Football Bus. Mqr., 9,105 Track Mar., 10: Sr Football, 11,125 Basketball Mqr., 11: Key Club 11,125 Stage Crew of lr. Play, ll. IOAN STELL Pep Squad, 9--125 lr. F.H.A., gf Basketball gf Re porter, 9, Speech, 10: Lib. 10,115 Com. Dept., 10 11,125 lr. Play Stall, 117 Girls' State, 115 Home Cominq Maid, 125 Hi-Life Asst. Ed. 125 Bus. Mqr. 12 OLEN SIMPSON Commercial Department, lOy Auto Mechanics, 10 11, D. E. 12. IAMES SM1TH Football, 1U,ll,12g Auto Mechanics 11,12. HAZEL LOIS STROUD Glee Club, 9,lO,l2g Class Secretary and Treasurer, 105 Piano and Voice, 12. HELEN TANNER Basketball, 9: Commercial Department, 11.12, 1n- tramural Basketball 115 Hi-Life Staff, 12. WILLARD TAYLOR Student Council Rep., 9: Football Mar., 1O,l1,12g Track Mqr. llg Bus. Mar. Home Room, 10: Com- mercial Department, 10,123 Hi-Life Stall, 12. PATSY NELL THOMPSON Transferred: Oppelog Glee Club, 10: F.H.A. 10,111 Hi-Life Staff, 12. 4 ui 1 41 fi 31 It .A-0 ,60Q DGHIOTS BARBARA ANN TREADWAY Sec.-Treas. 95 Basketball, 95 Latin Club, 9,105 Speech Department, 105 Commercial Department, 10,125 Prod. Staff Ir. Play, 115 Lib, 11, Hi-Life Staff, 125 Office Sec., 125 Ayer Staff, 125 National Honor Society, 12. WANDA LEE VAN GILDER F,H,A. 12. BEVERLY IUNE WALLER Bus. Mgr. 95 Pep Squad 9,10,11,12, Sec.-Treas., 11, Latin Club 9,l0, Vice Pres., 9, Pres., 10, Thespains, 11,l2, Vice Pres., 125 National Honor Society, 11, 12, Sec., 125 Band l0,11,12, Sec., 12, Majorotte, 10,l1,125 Hi-Life Staff, 12, Feature Ed., 12, Ayer Staff, 115 lr. Play, ll, Girls State, 115 Rep. 11. BILLY CHARLES WALLER Transferred: North Little Rock, Band, l0,l2, Pres. 125 Swing Wing, 10,125 Commercial Department, 12. MYRA W1-IARTON Transferred: Springfield, Commercial Dept., 10,l.1, 12, F.H.A., 11,125 National Honor Society ll,12, Secretary, 115 Sr. Class Sec. 12, RITA LAVERNE WHITWORTH DE., 11,125 Future Tradesmen of Ark., 11,125 Com mercial Department, 11,125 Speech, 11. LOUISE WILLIAMS Glee Club, 105 Speech Dept., 11, Future Traclesmmi of Ark., 125 I-Ii-Life Staff, 12. BILLY WINCHELL Football, 9,10,l1,125 Track, 9,1O,1l,l25 Basketball, 9,lU,11,125 "M" Club, 9,1O,11,l255 Pep Squad, 125 Speech Dept. 105 Hi-Life Staff, 125 PEGGY WINCHELL Piano, 9, Librarian, 95 Intramural Rep., 105 Speech Dept., 105 Commercial Dept., 125 Baskebtall, 105 Pep Squad, 9,10,125 Latin Club, 9,10, F.H.A., 10,12. GENEVA WOODWARD F.H.A., 11,125 Future Tecahers, 12. W WA Zan! 011, ffaas iiC'067l3 , A 1 lf iagfn Left lo Right Virginia Love .... f..1--.L -- Business Manager Iimrny Franks -. .e,....v M- Vice President Mrs. Marie A. Koehler U-- 7 ,,vaa Advisor Iohn Robert Stallings ss,. We Treasurer Norma lean Poieete W ,-- Secretary Anita Berry i ..,s..,.. - President Ann Williams s-- Business Manager wi- i- I ' ' 1 H I' A X 4 i l l l vi H13 ROBY BEARDEN Juniors BONNIE CAWHORN CARROLL D. BROWN ANITA BERR V ? f-5 IEAN BROWN DON BURGE rf? IIM BROWN Page I9 PAT CHARTON MARTHA CLAYTON Juniors THOMAS EPPERSON 1-J 'Q' RUTHE COFFMAN BETTY IO EVANS TOM CONLEY HMMY FRANKS -6 - ...Q Ga CLETUS CREACH JOHN WILLIAM GORMAN 4' ev?" F-"A 'fwwawmlqgnl' v v DORA NELI. GIST ,'l 4. J Vxrl, jx ' ' xi X R K T a 6 1 7 . Qgkgy f V ' LILLIAN GROSS IIMMY HARDIN CAROLYN HART 4 Juniors f BETTE IO HARRIS CAROLYN HESSELBEIN TOMMIE HIGGANBOTHAM BONNIE HOLSCLAW YFPF' X A" Juniors W SARAH LEE HORTON PARISH KINCAID MAE KATHERYN LONG Y fi VIRGINIA LOVE my 'Q I DOYLE KIRTLEY FANNIE MALLETT BETTY KYLE DOROTHY MAXWELL YOHN MONTGOMERY Juniors BILLIE NICKLES 'GW GWYN DOLYN MOORE TOE PHILLIPS BOB MOOSE NORMA IEAN POTEETE M ,f1Af1L7" C MODEAN MURPHY LEONARD RIGGS Jumo rs JAMES CLAY SCROGGINS L. W. RUFF WILLIAM SIMPSON GENE ALLEN RUTLEDG WILLIAM SPENCE BETTY I O SCROGGINS I Ol-IN ROBERT STALLINGS MARY IEAN STOBAUGH J u n io rs IAMES L. TAYLOR THOMAS FARRELL STOBAUGH LOIS THOMAS EUDELL STROUD IAUNITA WALLS LOUISE TANNER 5125, ' A IOHN A. WEAR Juniors AA '3' BEVERLY WEST MARY FRANCES WIELAND MARTHA ANN WHITE ANN WILLIAMS x i ,,1 ,Wi 2 TOMMIE WI-IITWORTI-I BOB ED WOOD 53' . 1 ' IX j H vm X' i f' 1 1 "' 1 Nfl M' 7'1f Xlfalfl. Lid Q-UL,LY,L,f'1f Ql'm . m K fi f ,'1'L311f1Kgf,Z V'Z8 c1fJ1,, 'Vid 'JN LX "VN f I DKX 4 1 'xv N " , ' at Yl6KLbf144f'7f QUZX 4' A I X t ,y f Wg ,OAV U-VLA! J KLMQAQA X 01,-171 I 51,0 q7QAfp1f1 Q gtllfkfif HJQLU U10 J lf . N A , -- -- ,A IH QL, , 'QX!Z4 QL J' '1 5 X f , , ,1 f. A XYJJ Soplwomoma OFFICE S l'hp'A 10-I Left to Riqht: Seated, Mary lane Kennedy, Student Council Rep., Sharon Harwood, President, lay Brinkley, 'Secretary, Mittie Io Henry, Vice-President. St 9 I ri ,iff V, . .. 42 ':. 'I 'wig' 15. 1- I fy., 5-, v his n .1 .lx 1 i ' 4' lffyl I iw. f S Pres andinqg Ierry Howard, Business Manager: Mrs. W. L. Presley, Sponsorg Dalton Andrews, TI"3"IStlYPY. rw mm pw- tO-II Left to Right: Seated, Gloria West, President, Haniett Riddick, Business Manaqerg Doris Vance, Vive- identg Sarah lane Massey, Secretary: limmie Sue Medlock, Reporter. Standing: Miss Neville Swaim, Sponsor: Harlon Thomason, Treasurer: Charles Medlcck, Business Manager. Page 28 .! S S W . 'XT' 1 4 If V, LQ A 1 3 as 5. CN nr 1 C15 ,L y, xg !. ,V a. it. Y 'Qs x Q., Aipxxx "W f X 1' X TX .w 5, 5 Q 1 ks in Glenda Cooper ARRII1. .1 NN Bm Dum A 1 - 8 Sophomores .Ch - , 'X Maurice Dunsworth Bettye Dicus K . 1. 1 r 9 iftk ' - tif. fit Veaundella Goodrich La Vada Griffon IN Wilma Foreman Lorene Epperson Sarah Hallett Sharon Harwood Billy Frost Ioyce Francis 'W' vw A Q 0-' Mittle lo Henry Frances Henriksen Olen Ray Fullerton Ioye Getsinqer l 91 'i Opaline Hill Vance Henson Iohn Gray Barbara Gist Buddy Holder Lindell Housley I.-fq!' I1 I .lll 4 RZiiii-Tmll' 49" 1 Nv- 'L Q ,AL 17' ' s I N 1 ,- ku fv- 3 SK., 5 'by ,' " 'X e. QQ! C' l fi? x 4 . Q ' 1 L v . 1 1 l A 1 A39 fl f, V 1 Y .A mf Sophomores lerry Howard Dorothy Hurley Delores McArthur Louise Maxwell Annetta Faye Iackson Mary lane Kennedy Sarah lane Massey Vernon Martin loy Ruth Lanqston Bessie Marie Lewis Ioyce Ann Me-ador mx Iames McDonald David Loyd Dora Mallet limmie Sue Medlock Charles Medlock Earlene Manqes Iohn Manning R. I. Meeler llmmy Montgomery 1 710 Sophomores .73 , 'iii Q Ioyce Ogden W ' 'H Mary Dean Rankin 1 Ts e, y I l William Stacks Y In j Donald Stobauqh Hx. NEI' - Q.. K1 4. Marlene Morrow Carolyn Poteet CWC' 15 7-f 'L 'SX qw-7 5.1 Iames Clell Stobauqh Catherine Stoqsdill 1 1: X Gaye Rhoden l. M. Prince fel ds. 'irvtf lf '?"' Leta Stover Carol Sue Swain 'Q-f ' Z fu' ff 5- ,f if f Harriet Riddick Buster Smith '? Elva Mae Thomas Bernice Tilley 1 W Ralph Scroqqins Page 2-I its I fi ID L ff?-' Q ,,., 2 ' l pus ne' Nz:-V 5-W. N 3 C5 xy' I X -31,1 f Hs QD Sophomores W Lucille Thomas Betty Thompson Doris Vance 5 9 X Iames Webb 5 Harlon Thomason -. Florence Thornton ?'- 9 2 P K A.. 'in N Gloria West Betty Welch lv, lack Tiner Wanda Iean Tiner O'Dell Wallace Ella Iane Williams Ierald Trotter EQ, Lt Qtr Bettye Tyler Gale Wainscott A. 1. Yarbrough sg ng - w 7, as Bennie Lou Zachery AY X, W 1'3" 59' nl '- 1 if .Q gif, 'vf sg, Glen Fuqatl President rf 01 ' Q' Y I, Ioey Lue Reynolds Secretary Sponor Miss Aubrey Hewen 1 1 ya- ya. 1? G-' . i' -Q-Q 'C' s I' Il' 4 "' fi "' W 'iw . ,wr "' T: 0 Il: X' Troy Chandler loyce Williams Almont Pierce Vice-President President Vice-President C' '-vX Willa Scroqqins Treasurer Orville Avery Ir Iohnnie Lorene Allen Nora Elizabeth Alkinson Nona Faye Ashcraft Paul Blackshire Barbara Ann Bosiian Dorothy Boyd Silas Bearden 1 atv 1- PCN A,- ..,-- Treasurer Mary Campbell Iohn Lauderdale Secretary Sponsor Miss Lois Bradley 4 .- Qs 'Oo are-v xV,Q K align' 4:- G.. --- -:r' QV 'K . fe . r - . - y '1 ' r fv- ibg N rf ? Q 3- ,,,, 'qw' Y L- - ov- ik- . it i fl? A l . .5 Dr W Flora Brown Leonard Cook Leonard Cowan Dewm Deeger ROV Bunting Myrtle Edwards 1, X ,E . by '- ' ' 5 QS D' A sg 0.- 1 '-o- X George Britt X Belly Io Charlon D D 7 X . Oneta Douglas , Sallie Cox 3 1 fr- fi '- ler. 1 Chadwick ' 'Q ' .,- 5, ' y x. N rw' fp Marie Dancer ,nh lox M . ,S as ff' P' l Q95 Klgmiffraf e,- g 1-1 Harold Crowell Gerald Ulrrrk Georqia Parish Bobby Fuqua Vance Coffman Zane Guilmq Lewis Hart Zela Hart leunelle Hays Dorothy Byrurn lmoqene Halbrook 'r'r.-...,,u . .. pf? 43.13 dl 4255 ? Q a D, yr- ,, pm-s -an , . g "Nur rrx Nw' .- X f, vnu R Carolyn Chambers Iimmy Declan i '1- 1 li - "Q, , . .nil 1:-N N ' Ds 3. .. . r lr lk' . ff X R-G , ,os is - 'N -- at "' I N . X . """ ng, Xb' . I b 'fm-A r , A D, V A - . K -- 1: b 5 'J . L ' . s- ' . 'M ' W 4:7-"1 r "' I X SA ba D A rrl r P 1- lL -13-.,. 1 1 f Q 4 . I Q , vw , K X A sf 2 ,ff , ly ' JN G-A "' - "' xl 1- V .gf , - X L. M I f' X ' fi LA " ' af' '75 S35 . gs '1 5 .w 5 .. Lai lmlx FRESHMAN George Rainey Evelyn Ramsey Christine Smith Henry Smith D. L. Tyler Arthur Robertson Vandall Rhoden Richard Tiner Ioy Rowe Della lane Roper Iimmy Wade Bobby Vance Bobby Ruff Esther Ramsey Betty I. Williams Charles Walker Millaqe Rudkin Sue Russell Betty Iewell Williams Io Ann Wharf Ruby Sleclqe Iewell Sharp Doris Willis Iimmy Ward David Sledge Patsy Treadaway Virgil Wmqo . , - f' , . . gf'-V ft 131, js: it V S L 'Tx Y- J . ' x N . .Q h . ,L 1 L, - f l If A A I f 1 f...g-av"1 D 'Na 'Q-,,, 'A 455 L' '5 fp- Z- 1 11- X ' " 1"""' if 1- 1 -R -l" lla E: I---IA TAN --.. .. l ,J- ,1 OFFICERS Q Hermrm EIMS -gh' Q ' ,Pmmdenl 4 U- N, I idvfixx A W f IA , - if' EHrYr1v:lr,1 Ha-muy -5' W Gfxry Bowden N 1 V Presldenl EEA, Tleos urer .- ' I lame Hoqfm N- Sovmfmy Sec Tree: QI? I A K A.. Q, ,gm -s. ' I- EllZlIh9fh Brih Blllv Stocks 7-D X Bus Mcnczqer if-w Prog Chozrmcm Odis Clayton Smdvn! C"f'unr:iI Rep. If X4 Ml B chcm L ev' Pvci ur 1 V- K ' L. Reporfer Q A ' N if- . ' 5 QL fr. IQ- sa - 1 "' X -Q!-fl ' I--,- X .. --7 K g 6. L- N , x 1 i I . . I l I Q I ,Q l u f loherl Adams Bottle Sue Andrews Fnrlhal Atkinson Linda Berry B1lly Io Bonham Carl Bradshaw ' v 4,5 Q 2' ' Q- U' , 2: -f M s- L 'O ' N , D' . ev- 1' ' . .,. -mtg. Rfk ,,,. 'sf ' 1 1 X I """' .. 4 r' E .L vfl B Vis., .K 4 7 Thurman Bradshaw Anella Brenls Margaret Brenls larnes Brewer Elauise Brockway A 40' - 5 Q ' K' 1 , w ,T , A a . ' ' .5 H ' I ' ' W ' .. A qv. ,' N, L- I V . . an t -0 X 5 ' ,f A I rank Brown Nr-Ita loyce Brown Ila lean Byrurn Darrell Chance Iames Charton Edward Cole . V Q B l , y ,, ,v L Q' fu- yn N 4 nn ' - F i . A, K . ' W ' if B q 1 x A, IW-' X . 5 A :L fs-" -. t of B I - ., ,. lf ,Qs ' I f f ' f f' 1 'ix 4 - Deanna Conley Bobby Cook Charles Cook Eugene Cook Bobby Cooper 1111 Dirkson M-xry Dunn Paul Edwards Barbara Lmeridqe Vxrqima Ferguson Donald Gibby A. , X 1 . 1 X -,, X , as q. ,v 1 fs- w rag., ' 1 B . 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A.. . any- fs. x xv. 49- K ' F flu' X "f 'Uv' ' X .. ...l Q Ieruld Noland Paula Murdock Clayce Oqden Robert Parette Loretta Parks Carr Phillir W ,sr . K' ' gw""a, ,X - y , l 1 ' f x, Q., l "5 -5, .A gm- 9' it K rv Ls- Q.. - QN Y R . N . ...f , 5- ' - k.,.A R . 1 Q , as ,- l Q f. K' S51 X , I l f . , an . at 4 - AOA A1 I J 5 S3 A J X ' K ' 1 Inrnes Reddttt Betty Io Poteet Delorts Rhodes Patsy Roberts Rosle Scroqqrns Tommy Sow Regina Tiner Ralph Trotter Amale Thelma Ward 13"-" N 'TT' e Stroud Rose Marie Lyndell Warren Tanner Evelyn Thomason 1 'LO Mary Alice Tiner Mary Webb Lottie Welch Bobby Willlc iw- x A N 40. 1 MQW WilliGmSOI1 Velma Wilson Ioan Winqo Larry Yates Kenneth York Bobbie Ann Mourc 1- 'N .x ek qw., - lllv- I- I lk , 'ark A EN. fk f rg.. t ' K K , 6"V'7 1 A V440 dfqi :FL 0 2 lp Qi ' A -2' Q' Coi'q rv, 'ez-sv." 'eo Ni: D04 -sec' '4' 'lr Gmc 4 qpms X -xgb if L. 430 f K2 6 3 ff 4 A , R . 1 X S it I ' + 3' ' O f" CHR ' 'IN' 92? ' 'lv ' co LMQKWNE 1 4 476,95-SE 'U' -K p,'47'3 055210 4 P060 Q44 tlofo ff QA Q6 " 1:9 A "' M K , 3 7 'cf' + 557 SLEDGE 4 ' G4'Jv6LL.-550' 1' 'K C LASSES M ly f I I I IB d Howard Bivms E B1 kh M y L B I 4 Y kb -1 1 2 ' ' Q. I.. -Ny Lf, 1 , ' X 'i. S' dggnim ' A "' S If E ' 'E+ l gm f X ni. n Y' JY E 1 1 N Q36 1 I . ' l - "Y: A KW' 5 f .i ll Bmltv Briduliiuri Bri View Bridqmun .Q A L A 3 S. Y xv ' Miirrelene Crowder x 4. -yf Hwy...-.V s X V, .3 N I X 4 X liebe ri lppu o i Q ll Paul Epperson Donnie Fryer Helen Hardin Donald Guee Willie Faye Hendricks Billy l-lice Crvrbetr Hunter 'P' ' N ,...,.,'7 , , . V , 4 -w - 1. if '- . e 'fl l . , Ln, Sliiiri :i ' iy ri-xiii--lli Comic '59 "s, if 3 , 1 A Cirroll Deeler luiiies Emil Q ' if Q. AR 1 'VY .s -. , . V X 5 e , X I L. ,f f P Dick Gilford Iohmiie Lee Gres 07 q x I ,,,, ug J Y L' v Britton Neil Hurst Tommie Incksori lohn Mohan i e eie x Q l l l es - ,,"-liz l ' Vi u'. bij' .S2l!8I'LtA, Gu 8 'Q in 'M- . - t .Y 'S A RAI' ,Q -.14 aa .:.. .1 M " if , it f it an . A I - Nw' 9' Q AA 5 zz A David Little -, Q- X , ' lf , V K l ' l .5 '---" . 'W V " K ' Hazel Hinkle if X t W . i limmie Medlock I i Q Cecilia Kyle I , f. r - ' Hail Ledford .p .- 5 Q 2 A-. N s, X Bobby Nelson 1 Q I KV it W is A . ll ,. .L E 1- Q W?-ffl" S- 5 , l I . at 3 tv Nqgav- 7 i K 3 I V ...-up w M-it In . u W it K . , . .. .. -,,, S YT I Woodard Metcalf Q 1 ,f ,N , :""" I WM I , ' -'tr f A: 5' xx Herman lones A-'N M , ' '-4. 1.7-7 K In N .., ,, X ' , A - u '- Billy Kellogg ' ni i fl Y 1-SL -x M Billy loe Maley ' Q , ' 'i k. ' ' 75- Charlene McClure A - 1--f 'A H IQ, Bobby Iohnson n - ,- L, fi.. X fc' -ous ' -5-" A X F7 vu. 9 V' "sv X .. 5 K ' -- ' I 0.- K t A , we -, - X gn x L N 1 . ,f Martha l.ltIl'I v . , ' nf,,,:5 1- 7 - - . lim Mclferran 1 ' 1 F 4 Q..- '5- 3 3 r Shirlene Mitchell Billy Mitchell Y L GQ v Q Iuanita Ogden 4' Iohn Parks Iames Norwaod AR,-f'9 -529 pf-ef'-"9 :ft i .R A Q ,, ' X :M 1 A I i .f5 lae Donald Meeler Harold McKinney 'ON -+ ., it. fi' ' Wx 'M ' Betty Mitchell f Florence Montgomery ., Martin Newman f 2 Q 52- ' f V' ' I' Chester Lee Patterson -H -. X Q G. "sl x .. or 1 5 K D E N x - I 'no l t if :ti 3 I , , w BL' if :I sn- K me 9 .. , C 35. "M 'M ' , I ,,, , Geneva Polk p , M' .. r . .K .v Y -O. X I Iames Potter " " l Annette Powell 1 ,si ., - Q . Everette Rhoden ' AN' g 5' 'Q' f ,. -- A .,- Virginia Roberson ,,, ,, A 1 'Q by V X hx Lora Robison I :- ' 74 Y l ' 3 "' 0 EI e .Q n H-13" 1 lames Smith X ' - . , 1 Georqe Robinson ,, W.-5,-Q 4 X 5 X Norma Smith Nh , ' ' l" .4 D -,A O if f- Frances Sroczy-nski A 1 ' - fe Q , 'V . lan ll 'Q' 'L 4 Martha Stoloauqh wg !',x"' M v-f Q e Q I , 1 ef. . l1A',s 4 r'e 'V' X 3- . Dale Stracner l a ' :" ' ' , nr' lor-l Tester V l lx' In Q ax ' vis " Erma Mme Turner 'vo 1... lack Van Marion A h- .1 Shirley Venable Q 5' 5 ,vs Dewey Villines 1 ig 1 " vas Nora lane Wainscott V"Vsx, narles Ward 'CW 'U' ish., wwf 0 Carolyn Ward ' 7:'lf""' X "' ' " GL H. Margie Wescott r r I .X I I N Q , ,bg-ws X Charlene Wilken ' i 'H 6' CN' Betty lean Williams , ' G 1 -' l YL 5 r-NX Billy Clyde wueen --7 Beatrice Youngblood Qiqwe 'NMQWNN A zeiffff' 71 A H' X - 1 Y, lr S' 'J' " ' ' n 'ill lg! rfrlgsl ru' ll' 114 -5-fr' ' 1' r--' '46, '.T,,f"- . F PY "Wg 1 ., Si 'J ' 0 ,W A I ,.' sn .gy 6 D 0 6 .A 0 I , ' X V' ., , " ' J-sox X X Q-- 5 .4!L4Lk'M'-"Nh 1 f ii , ., ,k"!4fF9? 1 " .4431 Wm 1 ,Y 5,4 4 1, Three Hooters. 2. First touchdown. 3. Queen ond Court. 4. Raining girls? 5. Fuqua. 6. Il were roinmq! 7. All Stole. 8. Working hard? 9,1-lomecominq dfrnce. 1O."in1he army now". 11. The Winner. 12. What is it??? 13. lunior Floor. 14. Royalty. 1 mal, .Km I' X 7 I L. , Ag 5 4.-i , xx . if , qewfme X ' ' A 'WMM 111 1 l After the Homecoming game, the identity of "Miss M.H.S." was revealed and she was presented to the student body. Yvonne Petersen, who was selected from the senior high grades by a student vote on Wednesday of that week, was the girl the students of Morrilton chose to represent them for the year of 1950-51. Yvonne is 5'5Vz" tall and quite a beauty with brown hair, hazel eyes and a lovely smile. Yage 48 y ww-6+-Aygffw w 5 ,kg ,. . ,Q : .-32321 Biff , -124 +7 Y .J41!a,zef,Silr0z4c! BFAUTIES Selected by DAVID DURST, Hemi of the Art Depczrfment, -Eg: .. X 4 uonne QLLQPJOVL First A' vw -RN Znftw cl Aria, ma! 'M A f.. -1- - - 11 A 'J I -gn. 6 xl! ' yie- i S ' 1 1 1 :Lg "ist f . Nm: Y X 5 ww i X X 4 fi, ww x s ' X W W 568 U Ty - - - d aPt0W ,MAWJQ Mgeftii glial mifworfg - .Qmff ,I Q iQ 1 . Q ' i in I A ! 434 5 N, .. y, 1 - x I -5 X , M ' X -A W - . , if " Q-me :43clffJ3t?1llH2zs'ZlT4iiil5EllBii 5 ', ". ' AQ 1 1' .KJ e 'Iva , '-"2r,?- K' J . " -s,V.-' I -if X I .y Q . 'J J s-- i144 " 'L 4 ' ' ' -' , Q f Q N M ' f I . , ' A . , . 1" I ' - 1 ' - iN A ' ,r- .,,f. Jw- XA.. K First Row: Reading Front to Back: Virginia Love: Ioyce Meador: Mary I, Ken- nedY: Ioan Stell, Maid of Honor: Second Row: Ann Williams: Leah Dell Long, Maid of Honor: Carolyn Parish, Queen: Third Row: Betty Io Evans: Martha White: Helen Hale, Maid of Honor. 1 Dorothy Hurley: Cavolxlvx Faxush X0 QQ MAIDS : Sl-Url!! Hdlyffeld -Shlvlej VCNAHC Os-lefa. Dog lag Dovofkj Boyd Melba. Burcham QUEEN Sallie COX Lara OINCY D ylene Ser mf Jqrey louflggolu Chavlene Lynch Navy Bmren Esconf Bobby Fuqua Pk nel: e. Robcrfson T Popvl-AY Analc Pol Ji Q k t Gflvevnmcf mu'- tide handsome S gfgfff MoST' AU: I9-TIC 1 Navy Epp eYSo11 Yvonne, X Pefersen X X I J CvfeST fCD.- OYI FlavTT' A I' Carol, 512235 Xzzz' Rvbeg BosTam I MoST' STUDIOUS Clvulyn Fzmsh A me QUEEN ue Jones Nxvj Kfhmeajg A jf' ago 6"v:'I- Q fo- 7' 49 They Te' ned ehfefram H Senlo'r' Cf'xeeYfCadETS SlllD4DlIR6lll'S Those f"llql1Ty DEVIL D065 L Q. Q A ...I L , , A First Row, Left to Riqht: Bobby Holyfleld, manaqerg Iimmy Harding Bill Brown, Co-Captain: Charles L. Ormond: Don Eppersonp Don Burqeg Iohn Montgomery. Second Row: Dalton Andrews: Bob Ed Woody Doyle Kirtleyq Charles Medlockg Roby Beardeng Bobby Boreng Monte Meador, Third Row: Leon Dunng Robert Bostaing Carroll lonesq Roddy Campery Ray Ward: Billy F.1-Iowelly I. M. Prince, Fourth Row: Coach "Lefty" MCRe-ynoldsg Ioe Mitvhollg Raymond Shewrnakerg Leonard Riqqsg Pete Burqe, Co-Captaing Bob Coffman: Coach C, L. Vaughn. Filth Row: Iames Reisinqer, manaqerg Eugene McDonaldg Billy Winchell5 lim Browng Willard Taylor, head manager. COACHES AND MANAGERS ' TM' ff. V--L . of 'A' ' Y 'f!'?zf""-me W 4534- Lf'-'ff' DEVIL. 1 J Dfppevson K x 1 STATE. ' All DISTTICT H ' - .lf f i meme G-ward f. M-9Do'naH Q R'BeaYdeYf,'x5 va. 3, 3 ' r W Bfowh Co-Capfam Coffman B. QUAYTSY- back C evrf ev 4H DlSTrrcT 1 G-URTCI Ji r1iTckeH .Q W 'jf 5 End End M A ' M. Ca oY L. Durm A .- 'L Jft'l.Pr ' 1 Fu End R Tesfev 1 I-back C OYmohCl Qsr H l ljaik Z .5 N, ER.BosTa.m .Jackleb 1 J, DOG-S B. Bev en .Af .. CW 3355 Arfev P Burge Qiag k e CO- CAPTIITX xg B. Wmclxell Fulf- back GUAYJ -I BYOW An msrmr D. Andrews! A Cen-rev 4 , D. Buvje Halfba ,rw X5 M r K if Shewmakev' J Havclm " 5 gfacklfs an ,kk D. KIYTIQ Q . Jones I 1 nd JUNIOR Hvofball Those ScvaPPY oevll PUPS - -- D -f Lett to Right, First Row: Bobby Sledge, Iimmy Medlockg Bobby Adams: lim McFerran7 Billy I-lice: Ioe Tester: Iimmy O'Bryantp Charles Norwood: George Rainey, Mgr. Second Row: Don McFerrang Buck Knight: Dewitt Deeterp Iimmy Ward, Roy Koontz: Louis Hart: Billy Stacks, Bobby Huff. Third Row: Mr. Tanner, Coach: Iunior Avery, Corby Branscump Robert Walker, Virgil Winqop Alec Nations, Arthur Robertson: Vance Coffman. Fourth Row: Iimmy Holt, Norman Meeks, Willis Price, Troy Chandler, CoACaptain7 Roy Bunting: Glen Fuqqatty Iohn Lauderdale, Thomas Higqanbotham. Not Pictured: Bobby Fuqua, Co-Captain, Bobby Vance, Manager. SCORES Pups Sheridan U Pups Malvern 6 Pups Harrison O Pups Russellville 7 Pups Atkins O Pups England 6 Pups Conway l9 Pups Dardanelle O Pups Booneville O Total Total 38 Page 150 Q Ju mlb' l. M. Plmfe l'xllSl ww, loll lo right: loo Mltulmell Qforwcrdjy B'll B 1 IOWI1 gquurdbp Billy Winchell Ccenlerl Carrol D lones Uwrwulul 5. Sl-vmul row: lim Brfwn Quonlerbg Billy Session Cqumrdjg Monte Meudor Qlorwurdy Doyle Kirlley Qforwurcljg 4 xvlm "Ll-lly' Pamee MonT2. Meadofl Jn -m of-aa' W Sensor Te am Bnowvl 1 SCYXIQY Te 3111 -'Be M? Do I 2, YKBRTIQY Bi I ly -5359071 lAlngi BAQLJI First Row, Lvft to Riuht: Bobby Adams, Mcmcxqerg lim MCFETIGHI Thomas Hiqqcmbothcxmg Almont Piercey Don Mt'rl'I'lmlIlj Mr. Lutlwr Tlmner, Coach. Suvmul Row: Iimmy Wmieg Bobby Fuquog Glenn Fuqallp Willis Pricep Henry Smilll, Co-Crxpluing Buck Kniqhl, K,nC,upl+11r1. But. K Ku is HT 1.2-4,411 oistriaj l5'MhNS 5TarTlN3 L.lNe- U CO- Clrapiralns Henr .S m Z Tk fAIl oisrnaet J L. Lnssss Tke.Y'Ve GOT ke PGP V ,VT'.,l"Tn1, ,:'r' ' f.. ,I ,..,..., 1 . -. M . n.,. f t l'rr:st ltow, L'-lt to llioht: Gwen Lrry, Mory Rankin, toon Stoll, Yvonne Peterson, Mtrrtlrrr Wnn'-, Ann Wiltitrrrrsy Clif-wrlfwrlrwrfs. Sw-orrrl Row: Rotty Tyler, Helen Hardin, Betty Fuqurr, Lovoclo Griltin, loy Gotsinqor, ltrltty 'llltOIItlti5f5tl, lloylorrvr Sriofifiiris, Annette luckson, BeV?rly West, Anitri Berry, Virfririitr lwvvr, lflriry ltrnv lil'tlllttt'lY, Glorir Vtltfst. Tlnrfi Row: lo Ann Wort, Mary Cox, Sharon Harwood, loy Brinklrly, Dorf-:try liwrlffy, lrlmnrrirh llyrri, Plrrwlwo liolvvrtsori, Botto Hrirris, Mary Stobrruqh, Sriroh lrlno Mfrssoy. Fourth Row: Holy 5?--wwll, M-:ry lit ron, M-rrtlirr Stolmriqli, Normfi Potoet, lorry How-ird, Harriet Riddick, Ver ici Butler, lVlCIl'CI1'Il'Pl lvlffitlitl rrr', ltvrrttlry Prkyri, lvl' lvrr I'r1r 'lr rrn, Strirloy lfiwkson. Filth Row: Potty Henson, Mortha Clayton, Bonnie Crrwlrorn, Mfr- K itlroryn l.c-nfi, Forint-- llolsvlriw, C'r1rolyn Potoet, Dollfr Ropor, Georqirx Frrrish, looy Reynolds, Ann Britt, Betty Fvtins. Sixth How: lo lo lic rrlrrrrri, Zntri Friyn llfrrt, Dorfr Noll Gist, Kenneth Nolrind, Pzxtlirr Rrrrnsoy, Pri' Tlrrwrntrtn, Ponnio Pfvtorrt, Mrrry ljrpor- raon, Wrinrirr llvetor, Cftirolyrr lonos, Beverly Waller, Mrs. Bfrslwrn, Sponsor. Sfeventlr How: Pnl: Fri Wrirvi, Yfrifwrie Mr'l'7oricilr'i, Sfillie Cox, loyve Moridor, Huqh lone:-S, L. W. Hull, Lerih Dell Lonq, Cfirolyn Pirrslr, lirly Vriqri r, lfmlrtli How: Glon Frrqrrtt, l. M. Prinro, Hilly Wrillcr lirnrny Svott, l':l'tylTlCTItfl Showrnrrlcor, Wilton Arivlrffws, loo Mrtvlrf-ll, ltrrvici Sludq-1, Ninth Row: Tliornus Stolvciuqh, Gene Rutledge, Rolwrt Bosttxin, lirn Hordin, lfilill Gwrrn-rrr, Don linrri-r, l7rrn Fppf-lr -.' lirn Brown, Montw Meiimior, lunior Avery. Senior Plan!-"Evev Since Eve" inf, FlCTtVtTtE S 5,65 vig Student Council Smitml, lvtt to ixiil'ft Monte Mendoig Cmolyn lones, Secretriiyg Relay Beurderi, Presidentg Ioyce Mecdor, TIQCIS llllxlj Beverly Vtfost. Sttiridiiiti, First Row: Helen llnrdin, Linclai Berry, Odis Clayton, Dewitt De-eter, David Sledge llwitivo Brinkley, Mis. Custer Poteot, Stilly Fox, Mury lcine Kennedy, Mciry Boren, Doylene Scroqqins, Martha Stobouqh St-inctinrl, fi f't' und Hwvv: lwe Phillips, I. Mi Piiiire, timmy Hurtiin. Mrs. Custer Poteet Mr. G. D. Concitser Co-Sponsors if Page U3 My hi' 45.-M -1 id -,AD l'Wmcr.,su,:Lwv' Sntrtefl, Left to Riahtz Hazel Stroud, Lois Thomas, Anita Berry, Ann Williams, Beverly West, Betty Votly, Crrfrlyn ln Innes, Monte Merrnlor- Beverly Waller, Treasurer, Yvonne Petersen, President: L31 rrzrlrntr, li-ft to Biaht: Norma lean Poteet, Pat Chcuton, Iohnnie Marie Clayton, Secretary, Iimmy lrrnlcsg Virrnrrrtr Lnvn, Proqmrn Chairmang Mrs. Weller, Sponsor, Stephen Bradley Finch, lrple Ray Wardg Bolt Fd Vv'ttfrl, Vivepresidontg Barlmnra Trefrdcrway, Wanda Roberts, Myra Wharton, Billie Mae Carter. xflll 5 Z 19' ifirzf., I-JU H? l,,f-ft lo Brqht, First Bow: lrrrnes McDonald: Kenneth Noland, President Kenneth Henke, Olen Fuller- tr rr, Mrrurivn Dunsworth. Second Bow: Mr. G. D. Cantrtser, Billy Boyle, Dudley Brown, lirnmy Monttrornery, Bill lirrvis, Bntlfly Hnlrler. Third Row: Stephen Finch, L. W, Butt, lavlc Gr-rvenrnier, Gene Hutlmlrw, ltrrnes Martin: Bill Brown, Vice-Prosiflfrrt. Fourth Bow: Vance Henson, Bayrnond Shewmtxkor, Monte lille-rrflor, Fifth Bow: lim Brown, Billy Winchell, Eugene lVlr'Don-iid, Bolly Blanlcenshirv. Not Pictured: llortrrre Brinkley, SeCretaryfTreasurerg Don Epperson. Page ljli A Seated, First Row: Ann Williams: Beverly Westg Mary Stobauahg Bette lo Harris. Second Row, Sea ted: Eugene Mcllonaldp Bonnie Poteet, Social Chair-many Monte Meador, Social Chairman: Yvonne Pete rsen, Secretary-Treasurer: Beverly Wallerg Mrs,Marie Koehler, Sponsor: Gene Rutledge. Standina: Virainia Lovep Bob Ed Woody Martha Whitey IoeMitchell, Presidentg L. W. Bully lirnmy Scott. -.uv , -3.17: J 'HX 6:11 Lett to right: Carol Swaing Bonnie Holsclawg Fannie Mallettg Pat Thornton: Leah Dell Long: Bob Ed Woody Don Burqep Ioan Steil, Seated: Gwen Lay: Miss Swaim, Librarian: Martha lonesg Mary Stobauqh: Leon Dunng Catherine Stoqsdillg Orneta Douglas' Vtlandu Deeterp Betty Tylerg Barbara Bos- tiang Sharon Harwood. Page 67 eadevg gp 'Uwe am I DRUM MAIOR AND MAIORETTES Ctrmlyn Ffxrisltg Beverly Waller, Billy Cmrnll Session, Drum Mtiivtfi PGY Tlltfm trvn tinfl Ilonnin Potfwt. SWING WING Init? tw Illqlit, First How: Iimmy Iniurciiri, Tenor Stix, Billy Wllllfti, Alto 'intl I?trritwrtw F tx flxlliw Cox, Alt: I' x Cf. I., V mfzltn, lNlt1I'IYlf5l, Alto Stix, Huqli Innes, Clarinet, Temvr Srzxg Plwttv Iltniis, Vo-viltst. il,-.-nntl Row: Inlin Guilinq, Billy C. Session, Billy Howwll, 'I'lt:ntl:cvrws, Iiill Dtivis, Ilol y Iifwtnl- n, lun Iintwn. 'l'rt11n5w-IS: Iiw-vmly West, Pifirio, Tltirtl Rrvw: Robert Bostuin, Briss, I.eonfnf.i Cowfxn, Drums, 00 BAND MEMBERS Kenneth Noland, Linda Berry, Anita Berry, Bonnie Cawhorn, Beverly West, Almont Pierce, Mary Kennedy, lohn Moose, Sally Cox, Odis Clayton, Louise Tanner, Henry Pearson, Iimmie Medlock, Cora Ethridqe, Gloria West, Bobby Adams, Dick Gitiord, Charles Moose, loy Getsinqer, Billy Waller, Iimmy Hardin, Huqh lones, William Adams, Mary Hniqlo, Betty Poteet, Phoebe Robertson, limmy Brown, Wamond Bostian, Frank Brown, Iimmy Redditt, Roby Bearden, Bill Bavis, Billy Howell, lohn Guilinq, Billy Session, Robert Bostian, lack Van Marion, Carl Bradshaw, Leonard Cowan, Betty Io Evans, Betty Britt, Horace Brinkley, Beverly Vtfaller. Band! GLEE CLUB Members: Esther Ramsay, Mary lean Stobauqh, Bette Harris, Beverly West, Betty Io Evans, Hazel Stroud, Io Ann Warf, Ioy Rowe, Gloria West, Catherine Stoqsdill, lean Brown, Flora Brown, Vaundella Goodrich, Myrtle Edwards, Lindell cnsvau VX Housley, Kenneth Noland, Charles Ormond, lim Hardin, Billy Session, Iohn Guilinq, Billy Howell, Ieanette Hayes, Pat Mason. ,,cft01- mel' .avr 31 C' -up ---r--l.u..Q-ar ""'I"!!?' ...M--dna-au.. D rt, LATIN I Left to Right, First Row: Martha Maxwellg loey Lue Reynolds, Vice-Presidenig Margaret Mr'Carnant, Presxdentg Dorothy Boyd, Secretary, Sherry Hunter, Treasurer. Second How: Della Roper, Sallie Cox, Henry Smith, Sergeant-at-Armsg David Sledge, Third Row: Gila Hortori' Doris Vanceg Glen Fuqattg Mrs. Audra Basham, Sponsor. su-Il' .101 .u- ggguil-9' znduilll unsung! A Ill.-.- liar. -4' I' IL ,A ,I -1- , 1.1i . ' Nqr-iii my Nfl... ,X-5 X f, I, EL V - H-.4 - LATIN II I l lt F' st Row Mar Dean Rankin Billie Mae Carter President: Lavada Griffin, Sevretary, Doy ,-i-lt to lily i, ir' : y . I V 1.-.yy gvpomg ROW: MTS, Am-im Bqlglqqm, Sponsorg Gloria West, Sarah lane Massey, Treasurer, Florence Ilinrriteri, S--tiwtirit-tit'Arnisp Mary lane Kennedy. Vifepfesidenlv lr- Kirt Page 70 1 5 uawfof CLFX w THREE ACT COMEDY .Slow Oggfi, .Siam Zgiglalw CAST Gene Rutledge EEEEE E E .EA,,E, EEE EEE Gordon Hale Ann Williams LE EE, E EEEE EE.. L ucy Macon Mary lean Stobauqh EE,, EEE Nell Macon Louise Tanner ENE- -WL on Ioan Ioe Phillips .EEE, LE EE ..EEE L EE George Virginia Love LE EL EE- Mrs. Townsend L.. W. Ruff EEEEL, EE- ELEE Mr. Townsend Martha Ann White - EE ,WE Susan Townsend Bob Ed Wood EE- and EEE "Chuck" Townsend Thomas Epperson EL E EEE E, "Buddy" limmy Scott ,LLLL . E L .E,, L-, E EVE E,,, EEEL, EEELEEEE EEE "Buzz" Townsend Beverly West EE E E EE,E, EEEE EEE EEEE E EEEEEEEEEEEE EE ,E Ienny Clayton Director - Mrs. Marie Koehler 'Ti' if-E-QM 5 .4: ,T Wigwffti' lciighi ig-fr, Ioe Mitchell, Editor, Leah Dell Long, Helen Hale, Gwen Lay, Business Managers, loan Stell, Assistant Editor, Phoebe Robertson, Advertising Manaqerg Eugene McDonald, News Editor, Beverly Waller, Feature Editor, Bill Winchell, Sports Editor, Hugh Iones, Page Edi- X tor, Gwen Lay, Circulation Manage-rg Loyce Oliver, Barbara Treaciaway, Proof-readers, Q X Bonnie Poteet, Typist: Robert Bostain, Horace Brinkley, limmie Bryant, Pete Burqe, Wanda V Deeter, Leon Dunn, Dorothy Nelson, Helen Tanner, Willard Taylor, Pat Thompson, Louise X ,XV X Williams. X Advisor, Mrs. Marie Koehler. 0 'XXX , ,N tx Y lit- '- Q x it Y xi X tt X X X -. X FX lx X ' X ' Q x X ,X 50 lvl lv v A X 9 ss sa f 4 it ,xi X X . - 'x X i Fi W X N X O x . x N N N XXQXO , A., xk xx X is X , f to ,xv Nr xr x A A XXXXX lxilxix 0 xxx A so X X N X X xi l X ,QM X KX X xx-:KX A . X 'xxx X Y QXSNS Blix ' x ll A XJ X gk Mx, XXSX sk AE ,Q BX XIXXXII X .Q X N X- XX 1 x t X X X Q.b,.gxT 5 ,Nxt x grxb ,x m fx X2 Xu Xssxxxw ANN ' I X W A xx xx Q X s . X 'X ' T Z X XXX . vp -N, 15 L iffjfffjf C pkg W W SC SE' gin IS tsEd, L If QR vm 5 gfwwwmf M c CUM in T xx gf! hillifgflifjigijgf' VZQQC1 Z? S QQ Q ,c,5, , W 1IfI'Jll li DRM 1Q - E FDHTMREEQIRWERS AHEIQKLCEA . :..-::: 1-.1-:.:.-' '.:1-.?E'?3 E-Zi - 1 C l C -EE-I-'E .QE . - -:af -:S-:Ez - ...-:.1.e- 13 AC I First Row: Mr. Herman Moss, Sponsor: William Spence, Treasurer: lohn Montgomery, son, Reporter: Billy Parette, Vice-President: Billy Carroll Sessions, President: Mr. Black. Second Row: George Rainey: David Berry: Don Stobaugh: Buster Smith: George Woinscott: Thurman Scrogqin: Iames Rhodes: Iimmy Wade. Third Row: Harold Iackson: Willis Bridgeman: Rollie Blankenship: Iimmy Bradley: Brents: Odell Wallace: lack Tiner: Roy Kuntz. Fourth Bow: Carroll Underwood: William Simpson: Larry Bizzell: Billy Bostian: lim Doyace Chastain: Gerald Clark: Willis Price. Secretary: Thomas Epper- Britt: David Lloyd: Gail Harold Whitaker: I. W. Montgomery: Bill Stacks: Fifth Bow: Billy Frost: Doyle Ledbetter: A. I. Yarbrough: Ioe Hogan: Virgil Wingo: Billy Forrest Howell. Sixth Row: Iames Meeler: Roy Bunting: Iohn Gorman: Floyd Brown: Wilbur Cole: Doyace Chastain: lohn Man- ning: Paul Tester: Dudley Brown: Carroll D. Brown: Wilton Sullivan: Milton Sullivan. Page 74 i ltr ily, KJ First How: Sharon Harwood, Ioy Brinkley, Betty Tyler, Betty Thompson, Lavada Grifiin, Bennie Zavhary, Cath orino Slnasdill, Delores McArthur. Second row: loy Ruth Langston, Mae Ruth Cook, Belle Harris, lorry Howard, Bvrnic-1 'l'illr-y, lflla Williams, Carolyn Potooto, Carol Swain. Third row: Lovene Epperson, Betty Charton, Palsy Treadaway loans'-tto llayos, Mamie Bartlett, Leia Stover, Fay Abslon, Lucille Thomas, Mrs. l-lallCalhour1, Sponsor. Fourth row: Mario Rolvinstwri, Sarah llillolt, Glenda Cooper, Dora Malletl, Marlene Morrow, Louise Maxwell, Earlene Manaes Filth row: Suri Roliinson, Mary Boalriqht, Doris Vance, Margie Kniqht, lime Brown, Barbara Gist, Gaye Hhodon, Wan da Tiner, Marl -iri e Wall -r--i B , Betty Di i'ii s, Wilma Foreman, Norma lean Paretle. Future Home-makers of merica First Row: Pal Chavon, Dora Gist, Yvonne Petersen, Betty Cody, lohnnie Clayton, Martha Clayton, Norma Po tooto, Anita Berry. Sovondl row: Bonnie Holsclaw, Oleta Yovum, Betty Crye, Peaqy Winchell, Kathryn Chirton Dorothy Green, Mildred Bastian, Ruth Coffman. Third row: Betty Kyle, Marilyn Wood, Louise Tanner, Palsy Pryor Ronnie Cawhorn, Mary Hill, Mickie Nickles, Dorothy Maxwell, Tommie Hiqqenbotham, Gwyn Moore, Carolyn Hart Wanda Deotvr. Fourth row: Mrs. Calhoun, Sponsor, Geneva Meeler, Thelma Bradshaw, Sarah Bryant, Ida Maxwell Wanda Van Gildor, Fanio Mallett, Myra Wharton, Marqie Robinson, Geneva Vtfoodward, Mary Ellen Fpperson. 307' D- U J xrvk. MW, I 'I-Y' Ur, uumrunrlau mfr-fzzfrrqnjgzrg-Ears Cf ZXSUUIIELRUGLEA Stfrndlnq, Left to riqhl' Catherine Stoqsdill B , . , 5 everly Westp Yvonne Petersen, Iriomvw Brrnkieyg Iimmy Montqomeryg Sorczh Lee Hortong Mrs. Poteele, Sponsor: Gwen Moorffg Geneva Woodwordg Lois Thomosg Mary Lee Bostion. Sorted, Lei! to right: Iimmy Sue Medlocky Voundello Goodrich, Vice Presidenlq C' rmlyn Io Iones, President Io Ce A y nn Meodor, Secreioryffreosurer. - WV a s NJ UT TFIYZQ N QS . 1-tvw . ,K , K WM Seated, Left to riqht: Murray Murphy, Iames Smith, Billy F, Iames, Iohn Allen Wear, lames Reisinqer, Marion Camp. Slandinq: Billy Sutton, Gene Rutledge, Harold Allison, Alvin Ward, Vernon Wilson, Carl Sowell, Clelus Creech, Iames Scroqqins, Arnold Wilson, Mr. Harold Brinkley. if I 'G mai .lfar N X A ,Iii -., xv li 6. Z- 51:5 - 52 ll ' 'E xx! 9.1 , , 2 W ' f I FUTURE TRADESHEN OF AMERICA T kg ,FV Q I 5 5 I 5. r l' SQ 1 nf 'L'-M' it 11' NX ml l. Bolwlvy Pmette. 2. Bob Moose, Eudell Stroud. 3,Ic1mes McKinney. 4. Modecln Murphy. 5. Iucnitc Wolls. in. OYIOSO-'1y. 7. Ioe D, Dowdy. 8. Bobby Holyfield. 9. Billy F. Leller, 10. Lloyd Epperson, Olen Simpson, Ccxrroll Atkinson. ll. L. W. Fluff. 12. Rita L, Whitworth. 13. Iimmy Scolt, Stephen Finch. 14. Lovodcx Ruclkin. 15. Tom Fd Conloy, Lewis Kinq. 16. Lyle Taylor. Page 78 dJW6f1'L6'6f2dZlLb70 .41 SCHOOL BOARD E. L. McReynolds, Secretary: Elmer Sewell: Robert Stallings, Presidentg V. L. Boren, Sup erintendent of Morrilton Schoolsg Iirn Brutong W. O. Smith, Vice President. SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL Mr. V. L. Boren Superintendent of ' h Mr. G. D. Conatser HO42:T2,,,n,-Si OWS ,H Mr. Luther Tcmner Senior High .?7"'4f2!L17.4'14' f' junior High 1" ,, 'II If MRS. FRANK REID Math English 'mf MRS. IOE WELTER Typinq, Shorthand MR. C. L. VAUGHN Bond Giee Club ur English Aqricult e MR, I-IERMAN MOSS U MISS LOIS BRADLEY N y -r fn MRS. MARIE KOEHLER American History, Speech English Ioumclism MR. PAUL MCFERRAN Algebra, Geometry, Coach MISS IUANITA DUNSWORTI-I Office Secretary MRS. KATE HARRISON Geography, Civics - -A Cu MRS. I. S. WILLIAMS Science MRS. AUDRA BASHAM Business Math, Phys. E Latin, Ir. Business Truim F x I , N. X EX I x nr, VN W - Rx iw I' MRS. CUSTER POTEET Guidance MRS. AUBREY COATES World History, Civics Distriburive Education MR. EDGAR MCREYNOLDS MR Physical Education, Couch Auro Mechanics FD. 1.f7-?fJ7-42.4. ,fvf-'f 'xivn xp" "", 1 ' S W' .fl ' riff' Lf' 'r'- - f" 'J- ia 'L -','f, 1,0 I Hiigvdfi I. Y .Q--Q-1 1 MRS. W. L, PR'ESiLL4f History, English MRS. ROGER HAWLEY English faculiq MISS AUBREY HEWEN Morh, Science MRS. HALL CALHOUN Home Economics , HAROLD BRINKLEY 5 MISS DOROTHY IANE RICHARDSON Plano, Voice MIS NEVILLE ry Librarian, Enqli Page Bl SEMMES MOTOR CO. Phone 500 There's a Ford in Your Future 9352 4?'f?WfjM ,,5WM7 ,, Highest Prices Paid At All Times "Where Buyers 8a Sellers Meet" MORRILTON, ARKANSAS Compliments of 7-UP ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING COMPANY MORRILTON, ARKANSAS I E. E. MITCHELL HOME FURNISHINGS SINCE 1893 Hardware Furniture CARROLL W. JOHNSTON Insurance Real Estate Loans - Law Westinghouse Refrigerators Bill Mitchell -- Bill Mitchell, Jr. Page 82 r E J ff ff- If J, 'Q .,. T' ' vo--4 Y' I X 15 .- ,.' J? . y . V X , ' y .u-1.3 if Vjffigrk , l N' . r N Y 1 L -i 1.1. "'-'llam- F VX LL an- Y ph 2. 'fs " L J LOVE SUPPLY CO. Allis Chalmers COMPLIMEN TS Jones Jewelry Store Watches Diamonds Watch Repair Morrilton, Arkansas , CONGRATULATIONS ,... Moline FOR A JOB WELL DONE! Oliver Corner Drug Store Phone 288 Morrilton, Ark COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments Tri-Seven Motor Co. of The First IGG State Bank Flowers For Every Occasion 315 South Moose St. Phone 120 Morrilton, Arkansas Page 84 "DlSTlNCTlVE PORTRAITSH The One Perfect Gift For Any ond All Occosions Your School Doy Photographs Will Be Remembered ln All The Yeors To Come KASSEL STUDIU 1 s COMPLIMENTS OF CHAMBER of COMMERCE Our School's Progress Means Our City's Progress Compliments of A. V. ORMOND COMPLIMENTS OF Community Ice Company L. W. MEADOR, Manager, R. L. 0'Bryant Plumbing and Heating 116 North Division Phon e 217 Morrilton Barber Shop F. B. Mathews and Loyd Ruff W. C. Tester - Fred Treadway fBooker Shinesj Ferguson Monument Works SHOW ROOMS Morrilton Russellville Page 86 COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK BROS MORGAN lr-lsur. wc: AGENC' DEPARTMENT srone AND CONWAY COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. CQMPLIMENTS OF McLean's R E B A ' S Confectionery B F G d ' 11 wfffyffx . . 00 P10 4 QV, ,A ix:-X B-RQ0.04.?Z?F" FIRST Ill RUBBER S Morrilton Headlight Printers - Publishers Stationers All the news of Conway County" COMPLIMEN TS OF Spotless Cleaners FRANK HAMPTON, Owner PHONE 451 COMPLIMENTS OF Morrilton Auto Supply Owner - Jimmy Davis Phone 522 "Say It with Flowers" COMPLIMENTS U OF Hillcrest Floral Co. BOB HARRIS Telegraph Service Reid Funeral Home 810 North Morrill St. Phone 343 MORRILTON ARKANSAS Morrilfon Idle Hour Drive Inn and Conway County Lumber Companies Curb Service Open 6 A. M. - 12 P. M. West Broadway Page sa ill' COMPLIMENTS OF LION INTERNATIONAL Education is the gateway to World Peace GREER'S s COMPLIMENTS OF C. J. Pierce Lumber Co. Always a Good Show Often a Great Show PHONE 212 pug , Page 89 MORRILTON DEMOCRAT Printed Every Thursday Carries News About More People of the Petit Jean BLUE RIBBON Country than any Other Publication on Earth Charles L. Massey Special Agent NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. M O R R I S 108 S. Moose St. Phone 320 - 373 FURNITURE CO. MORRILTON ARKANSAS Complete COMPLIMENTS OF Household Furnishings Cash and Carry Cleaners Page 90 PENNEY'S COMPLIMENTS OF T R E A D W E L L MOTOR COMPANY Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer REIFF WHITE GARLAND DAVIS Morrilton Butane Co. Magic Chef Gas Ranges Rope Gas Ranges Servel Gas Refrigerators Cox Chevrolet Company A SERVICE ORGANIZATION Morrilton, Ark. Phone 222 Page 91 Brown's Magnolia Station DU VALL'S Corner S. Moose Sz Railroad Pick Up and Delivery Phone 824 Dry Goods Ready to Wear Morrilton Arkansas COMPLIMENTS QF Boyd Rexall Drug WILLIAM J. HARRINGTON, JR. Registered Pharmacist Morrilton Drug Co. Phone 45 or 885 Dependable Prescription Service Visit Our Fountain "You Are Always Welcome" Phone 167 Morrilton, Ark. Central Insurance Agency A R' AFE S C A. J. MEADORS 102 N. Moose Phone 293 Morrilton, Arkansas COMPLIMENTS OF Tipton's Drug Store Gamma Gamma Gamma Where Friends Meet Sorority Phone 6 We Deliver Page 92 og.. U-. if Pi sl J -.v n J. El Iieyffqigfl , L ..,v. 53111 V . 5. ll R 4 J 5? 1. ii.. ' 4 m : , F 1 W v K 1 ' F .. 5 law '. af Egfr, -1: L, -w...,. V- A

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