Morrilton High School - Ayer Yearbook (Morrilton, AR)

 - Class of 1949

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: ,..-..,M.. , . DH -MW-K :Mama '5 .....4::. rg , r , wg 5' TT an an ru , kceiimzss '.'.:::g::'. All ' ' ' f4"'W'A' " , A , . .wap-uv , 'I 1212 11 THE YER 1949 Editor-Ado Ruth Taylor Business Manager-Nita Sue Dovis . s 0108 lfU0l" The hope of oll the Ayer Stott goes with you in the yeors to come os you reod your i949 Ayer. The six yeors you have spent in Junior ond Senior High School will be remembered with hoppiness thot only students con know. The Ayer Stott eornestly hope thot this book will be the light thot brings thot hoppiness. l THE AYER STAFF Seated, left to rightr Jack Doty, Sport Editor, Bobby Mat- thews, Business Managerg Norma Sledge, Activity Editor: Ada Ruth Taylor, Editor, Betty Jane Flack, Sallye Hargis, Club Editor. ' Standing: Nita Sue Davis, Business Manager, Jack Win- chell, Photographer. Through the splendid interest and cooperation of the mem- bers of the Ayer Staff this annual has been made possible. We feel that all the hard work and worry was well worth the ef- fort, and we will be ever grateful for the undying interest and efforts of our sponsor, Miss Aubrey Hewen. To the Students of Morrilton High School To you who give meoning ond significonce to this school wherever you ore remember thot it wos founded for you ond only through you con it flourish. You ore the life of this orgonizotion ond so to the students this l949 Ayer is respect- fully dedicoted. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Robert Stallings Mr. S. E. McReynolds Mr. Elmer Sewell Mr. W. A. Smith Mr. George Redman Mr. V. L. Boren, Superintendentj Mr. Harold Chastain, Principal FACULTY Mrs. Joe welter Mr. Harold Brinkley Commercial Dept. Auto M0Ch3111CS 10A Sponsor Mrs. Custer Poteet Guidance Dept. QB Sponsor Y K Mrs. Rupert Glenn Mr. Paul McFerran Home Economics Math and Phys. Ed. 1 Miss Juanita Dunsworth Office Secretary Mrs. Marie Koehler Speech and English 9A Sponsor FACULTY Miss Aubrey Hewen Mrs. W. L .Presley Mrs. Audra Basham Math and Science Dept. History and English Dept. Math, Latin, Phys. Ed Senior Sponsor Mrs. Aubrey Coates Mr. Herman Moss Miss Myrtie Farish Distributlve Education Agriculture English Junior Snonsor 10B Sponsor Mrs. Bess Williams Science Dept. 8B Sponsor Mr. Luther Tanner Jr. High Principal Miss Lois Bradley Mrs. Frank Reid English Dept. Math Dept. 7C Sponsor 8A Sponsor Mrs. Kate Harrison Social Science 7B Sponsor QUW fl W fb KI DlT'fQ xi X .9 .J ... -' Q .4 - J v J ' J 1 Senior Closs Officers ALLAN MEADORS - Pres. of the Classg Football 9-125 Business Mgr. 105 Basket- ball 9-12, Capt. 11, 125 Librarian 10, 125 Commercial Dept 115 Track 10-125 Speech Dept. 10, 125 M Club 9-125 Sigma Chi 9-125 Baseball 10, 11. KEITH KOONTZ - Vice Presidentg Foot- ball 10-12. CHARLENE BRYANT - Secretary5 Pep Squad 9-125 Basketball 95 F. H. A. 10-125 Historian 115 Commercial Dept. 105 Lib- rarian 115 Business Mgr. Jr. Play 115 Nat- ional Honor Society 125 Glee Club 125 Sec. and Treas. 12. FRED HANNA - Business Mgr.5 Basket- ball l0-125 Track 9, 115 Football Business Mgr. 115 Junior Playg Senior Play5 Latin Club5 Speech Festival Play 103 Band 105 Baseball 10, 115 M Club ll, 125 Commer- cial Departmentg Librarian ll, 125 Thes- pians 11, 12. J. B. BROWN - Business Mgr.5 Vice President F. F. A.: Commercial Dept. 111 Senior Play: National Honor Society. VIVIAN GIST - Business lVIgr.5 Student Council 115 Reporter on Hi Life 125 Re- porter of F. H. A. Clubg Treasurer F. H. A. Club 125 Pep Squad5 Senior Play. GUYLENE MOORE - Business Mgr.5 Home Ee. 1, 25 F. H. A. Song Leader. BOBBY MATTHEWS - Student Council Representativeg Baseball 10-125 Football 9-125 Basketball 9, 115 Student Council 11, 125 Vice President 115 M Club 9-125 Latin Club 9, 105 Vice President 95 Libra- rian ll5 Speech Dept. 125 Business Mgr. Ayer 115 Business Mgr. 115 High Life Staff 12. DOYNE BENNETT HELEN BOUDRA - Home Economics 10-12. JIM TOM BROADWAY BILLIE BOUDRA -- Home Economics 10-12. NELLIE BRADSHAW - Commercial Dept. 125 Home Ec. 10-12. WANDA BOSTAIN - F. H. A. 10-125 Vice President 115 President 125 Commer- cial Dept5 Senior Play 125 Glee Club 12. HAROLD COOK MAE RUTH CATES - Commercial Dept. 115 Home Ec. 10-125 Band 10-12. BILLY GEORGE COLMAN - Red Cross Rep. 95 Pep Squad 9-125 Glee Club 9-125 F. H. A. 10-125 Commercial 10, 115 Jr. Play 115 Hi Life Staff 12. NI'I'A SUE DAVIS - President of Class 95 President 105 Business Mgr. 115 Busi- ness Mgr. 125 Tri Gamma 10-125 Presi- dent 125 Girl's State 1155 Pep Squad 9-125 Cheerleader 115 Head Cheerleader 125 F. H. A. 125 Homecoming Maid 125 Thes- pians 11, 125 Speech Dept. 10, 125 Com- mercial Dept 10, 125 Librarian 105 Jr. Play 115 Office Secretary 105 Latin Club 9, 10. JACK DOTY - Transferred from Ozark in 121 Football 11, 123 Basketball Mgrg Student Director of Sr. Playg Sports Edi- tor of Ayerg Office Work 12. ORVIL DEAL - Track 10-11Q F. F. A. ll, 12. GLEN DICKSON - Commercial Depart- ment 11, Basketball 9, F. F. A. 9-113 Jun- ior Playg F. F. A. Judging Team 10, 11. BETTY FLACK - Pep Squad 9-123 F. H. A. 10, 111 Homecoming Maid 103 Business Mgr. 10, 113 Secretary-Treasurer gl Cheer- leader 123 Junior Playg Commercial De- partment 10-123 Office Work 12. JOHN FRY - Football 93 Business Mgr. Football 113 Music 10-121 Track 123 Com- mercial Department ll, 12. JACK FLETCHER MICKEY FRANCIS - Secretary-'I'1'easur- er 113 F. H. A. 10, 113 Secretary-Treasurer Pep Squad 10, 123 Secretary-Treasurer National Honor Society ll, 123 President National Honor Society 123 Distributive Education 123 Thespian Society 11, 121 Commercial Dept. 10, 11: Hi-Life Staff. JOHN GORDON - Football 11, 123 Sen- ior piayj "M" Club 123 Speech 12. BILLY JO GREEN - F. F. A. 9-12Q Bas- ketball 9, 103 Office Work 10, 12. WAYNE HARPER - Business Mgr. 10, 113 Basketball 10, 113 Football 113 Auto Mechanics 11, 123 "M" Club. SALLYE BESS HARGIS WILSON LEE HARRINGTON MARY DALE JONES - Latin Club 9, 103 National Honor Society ll, 125 Office Workg Treasurer of Honor Society. JO ANN LASATER - Home Economics 11, 12. VERNON LASATER BERTIE HO LOWERY - Basketball llg Home Economics 11, 125 Commercial Dept. JIMMY M. DER - Transferred from Blytheville mg Commercial Dept. 113 F. F. A. 11, 12. NEIL MURPHY PAUL MALLET ANNE MORPHIS -- Glee Club 10-125 F. H. A. LENA MOORE - National Honor Society 11, 125 Vice President 125 Thespians 11, 125 President Thespians 125 F. H. A. 10- 125 Reporter 125 Pep Squad 11, 125 Editor of Hi-Life 125 Librarian 11, 125 Speech Dept 10, 125 Junior and Senior Playsg Vice President Pep Squad 115 Secretary- Treasurer 125 Reporter 105 Girls State 11. DONNA MCAUTI-LER CHARLES PARETTE - Business Mgr. 105 Track 125 Football 11, 125 "M" Club 125 Business Mgr. Basketball 125 Com- mercial Dept. 11, 125 Office Work 11. T. L. PAYNE LOWELL ROBERTS - F. F. A. Reporter 9, 105 Student Council Representative 105 Football 11, 12. BONNIE SUE RAINEY - Transferred from Houston, Ark. in the 125 Glee Clubg Pep Squadg Commercial Dept. 12. JEAN ROBINSON - Home Economics 10-125 Basketball 10, 115 Glee Club5 Hi- Life Reporterg Junior and Senior Play. JERRY STROUDE JIMMY SPENCE - Home Economics 10- 125 F. H. A. 125 Commercial Dept. 11, 12. NORMA SLEDGE - Transferred from Ft. Smith in the 95 Commercial Dept. 10-125 Glee Club 125 Pep Squad 11, 125 Cheerleader 125 Senior Play5 Hi-Life Staffg Ayer Staff5 Homecoming Maid 125 Librarian 125 F. H. A. 10, 12. JANET TREADAWAY - Latin Club 10, TOMMY TANNER ADA RUTH TAYLOR - Class President 105 Pep Squad 10-125 Business Mgr. 11, 125 Latin Club 9, 105 Vice President 95 Thespians 11, 125 Commercial Dept. 10, 115 Speech Dept. 10, 125 Homecoming Maid 95 Assembly Committee 105 Student Director Junior P1ay5 Honor Society 11, 125 Secretary of Honor Society 115 Librar- ian 125 Editor Ayer 12. RUTH ANN TESTER - Home Ee. 11, 125 Homecoming Maid 105 Glee Club 12. STANLEY WARD - Transferred from Oppelog Vice President 95 F. F. A. 115 Football 115 Secretary F. F. A. 12. ALEX WELTER -- Football 11, 125 Auto Mech. 11, 125 Commercial Dept. 12. JACK WINCHELL - Basketball 95 Base- ball 105 Student Council Representative 9 ,105 Football 11, 125 Speech Dept. 125 Commercial Dept. 125 Hi-Life Staffg Ayer Staff. JIMMY WILLIAMS - Football 11, 125 Basketball Mgr. 115 F. F. A. 115 Junior and Senior Play5 Thespians 11, 125 Vice President Thespians 125 "M" Club. MIKE NEWELL - Football 9-125 Co- Captain 125 Basketball 9, 115 Track 10, 115 President Class 115 President Student Council 125 President "M" Club5 Commer- cial Dept. 115 Band 10-125 Latin Club 9, 105 Hi-Life Staff 12. JUANISE DAVIS - Student Council 9, 105 Vice President Class 115 Basketball 9-115 Tliespian Society 11, 125 Business Mgr. Junior Play5 Pep Squad 9, 125 Cheer- leader 125 Latin Club 9, 105 Secretary- Treasurer 95 Commercial Dept. 10-125 Hi- Life Staff5 Office Work 125 Homecoming Maid 115 Homecoming Queen 125 Speech Deptg Girl's State 115 Sigma Beta Soror- ity 9-125 Valentine Maid 11. K JUNIORS Gene Ring Leo Rainey Griffin Duncan Tom Ed Potter Dorothy McConnell Edith Lou Wood Mary Sue Jackson Charles Gray Melvin Ward Joe Williams Mary Helen Clayton Lois Marie Cook Christine Culberson Wanda Rose Deeter Betty Jewel Deeter Griffin Duncan Edward Lee Eddy Kermit Eddy Norma Jean Edwards Martha Gardner Charles Gray Harold McCamant Jo Ann Green Johnny Greer James Gross Q 'Un-' -I , Q I K iv 334 Q f -9, if ac' Q, Ji 2 . 5 9 i i 1 i Y ' A Wm ' ' Y. L 4 "":Q' i ZQMFXX-fi L ... -'gl 'S C M EC' if if Wanda Abernathy Cornelius Andrews Auline Young James Atkinson Nancy Bearden James Smith Caroline Black Herman Bridgeman Virginia Stobough Bobby Carroll Dorothy Charton Garmon Stroud Kay Francis Clayton Loretta Clayton James Thomas Savannah Medlock Charles Reid Moose Paul Morout Jeff Montgomery Helen Ruth Morgan Nadine Newman Bill O'Neal James Parson James Porior Bobbie Poteet Patsy Potcct Jim Rowe Joyce Russlo Betty Stoll Frudia Sisson ,, ,.,, ., Hz . -, ,. .?',,. , ., ,.,:5- LJ. few .vm wg::V.,-.Mg-:,,f,,f::,,,,1. yr K ,, Y,.,. . ,,,6., g if- a ' ' 1 :.,,g ":P , , K v, , ,M - V , . V wi , gg I if ,M , i if gi L illey A 73' Q ,nf-igw if 'W' wwf .QQ ff 4 wg 0 , Af M ii Q22 ' ,fi A ' gk + Q 1 1 ' 7 . -. Q - :Q Q 95, f . x , X 'ff ', - Q , .f i x I A ' N 1 '-ff! , Vx' If 1 Q X -A ' in w. '9 2. yuh . -..', ,V , :za 1:4 1 1 N-1 A Y Y- :" V Eugene Hutson Bobby Hale J. D. Holyfield Bobby Jones Jimmy Kenamer Jo Ann Knight Betty Long James Martin Mildred Mayes Doyle Maybury Mary Mansker C. J. Maxwell Sherlin McArthur SOPHOMORES Robert Bostian Monte Meador Luc Roy Alexander Gcnevaoe Andrews Bill Brown Bonnie Potect Harold Alliosn Carrol Atkinson Bully Cocly Hazel Slroudo William Earl Bra-ntz Pc-to Burger Bl-n llowcll llc-lon llalv John Bui'rows Sarah Dvan Bryant Willard Taylor Jimmy lfvv Bryant, Bob Boron Loon Barllvtt Cliarlvs Lc-wis Orin lloraco Brinkvly Dora Noll Bizzoll FU' 'Q Q 3 .X Q" , X to B rlrrrrr lll .....,,..,,.. B r' ,VB Thelma Bradshaw Ellen A. Bridgeman Mary L. Bostain Bob Coffman Marion Camp Billie Mae Carter Euna F. Childress Katherine Caudell Roddy Camper Bennie Joe Dunn Dorothy Dicus Leon Dunn Harold Dicus Ruby Elam Cora Ann Ethridgc Don Epporson Mary E. Epperson Lloyd Epperson Stephen B. Finch Eulene Fudge Carolyn Farish John Guiling Ercell Higganbotham Billy F. Howell Bobby Holyfield Billy F. Janes Carroll D. Jones High Jones Johnctte Jones Martha Jones Carolyn Jones Iva J. Jackson Harold Jackson Albert King Lewis Dale King Marion Kerns Charles W. Kissire Leah Dell Long Billy Lefler Jack Lewis James Martin Curtis Meeler June Matlock Faye I... Meeks Ida Mae Maxwell Junior Mcliinney Eugene McDonald Kenneth Noland i Sf ' :NF :FW X ...' y u. Ni ,Qi . f -ff x .S i K xg ,, - ifl rie -.i i B e Q ZSY, 2 Nix Q , , X K B, S Q N mi 'li MQ s 1 ,.., .5 ,-5 3 i ggi is -f' .f i ff, , -g f? Tk' is 'I' Q4 .xime-ls :ia MKG 5 f Sky P ' ' ri' mf 119. ' own 'QU ,ssymwf V ,W 'vi- s J Q Loyce Oliver Harold Parette Don Parsons Billy Parette Ella P. Passmore Bobby Parette Spik Petersen Yvonne Petersen Bobby Ramsey Lavada Rudkin Wanda Roberts loyce Rhoden Vlartha Stracner 3, J. Stracner Raymond Shcwm iku 3everly Waller Vlary Sickler Wed Smart Marlene Sims Joan Stoll Billy Sutton Carl Sowell John Sullivan James Sullivan Charles W. Treece Helen Tanner Patsy Thompson Wanda Tillery Betty Taylor Barbara Treadway Wanda Van Gilder Laverne Whitworth Doris Woodward Louise Williams Geneva Woodward Billy Winchell Myra F. Whorton Dale Wheeler Albert Wingfield ' 1 x Nora Nell Gist Billy J. Webb Johnnie Clayton Anita Berry John Montgomery Virginia Love Gwen Lay Ann Williams Roby Bearden John Robert Stallings Phoebe Ann Robeitson Larry Bizell Billy Bostian Mary Lee Bostain Bertha Brents Carroll Dee Jones Floyd Brown Jim Brown Don Burge Bonnie Cawhorn Katherine Charton Patricia Charton Martha Clayton Mildred Cochran Ruth Coffman Tom Ed Conley Cletus Creach William Dunn Bobby Dockins Lorene Epperson Thomas Epperson John Eddy Dorothy Green John William Gormon Tommie Higganbotham Joe Hogan Bonnie Holsclaw Doyle Kirtley Margie Knight, Betty J. Kyle Farish Kincaid Mae Katherine Long Joy Langston Dorothy Maxwell Gayle McG1oflin James Meeler Gwendolyn Moore Louise Morris f eil ., .J S . .. M y ayaa jg.. ,wx , if ms, f ,r ws 'TM if i ,N , -,,p la . Rr.. .X EW" Q. :aw ' ,W 4: .- l 5 .fl rw 1 ff Us fr . v AR' Tw 1 EF 1 fl Z WWW: P' 1: QW' ss" ,Sham ll "' L . nl 'fa A -. .ai 1, 1 3, 'Q fini, ' 'I "Sd 'E' 'S Bob Moose Moeddean Murphy Murray A. Murphy Billie Nickl Erwin D. O CS wens Joe Phillips Norma J. Potect, Patsy Pryor Bcity Sue Leonard Ri Rainey SBS Margret Roach L. W. Ruff Jimmy Sco tt James Clay Scroi Billy Session Fairy Sowell Lucille Speaks Mary Jean Thomas St Stoba obaugl Eudell Stroud Loise Tanner James Taylor Lyle Taylo I' Caroll Underwood Billy Walla-1' Irpcl Ray Ward Beverly West Martha Ann White Tommie Whitworth Berman Wilson Vcrman Wilson PL-ggy Winchcll Gum- Wofford Bobby Yates Olctu Yokum Ncomzl Bivzlns Roy Hinson '1 1,11 U1 X11 1 19 1 U 111 15.3 11 I 11 111 111. V 11111 1141.145 , .Wm f JW? VA? .1 J ' ufrv P' 1 v, f 51 1,11 11 11 1 ,U il 1 1 1 W, , 1,4 11 -1 11 1 1'. 1 ' r - .11-' 1 1 1 1 1 Aw .11 Q 1 1111 411.1 '1L.'.1 vzfi 'fi 1 ' 111'rT'1' '1-w14'n113's. '-.519 -1 g!i . 1 .1H"jj,, 1111211.-IPQ1' Qf1'gW: ,i 111. '11 '11 H ,, ,N -111' X1 .-191 1 111 1- +11 .. -1 . '1 1 1 11' A 11 1 . .51 'w .1 .1111 L -121 -511 1' 11 'VL kg A -ngqff, J-1?k.11l:.' X ' 11111 'f1?'2"1'J V115 P J11 11'-71 ' ' 1 1 1 "',,g,gJi ' .l' 1. "JW- '1.'!11 fin' ,D p q, ,1,11.,j1 1.1L 1,51 QQ1fy"'f.1Q31 1 , 1.-11' M 4.u,1' .111,.l!q um In , 1 -:1 ,. 2 1.1 11 I 1 A1, I I1 .11 1 1! 11111 11 1 .1 1! 1 1 1 W JV111 W . 1' n 1 1 1 1 . .1 111, 11" , - 1 1' .' 1 1111117 1. .. 111, V 1 1 , 1 1 "-11e11"1 .' I' 111 ,1-- ,L .1,m1xm. ,, 'rp-11,111 1:' 111! 11, 1 1' :QW m 1 1:.u f"?':.ju' 1. 111. 1- 11 1 11 , .Q 111 , '111 :E,4F'f1"g11' 1' 11.11" 11" ', ' 4. '.- .-'11 "v..-I -g,1 11 11411-4 . ,1 , .1. .'11'f"1 1'1 1 12 .-'Q .111 W1 W. 1 -.1 ,11 , 111 11 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 . .1 11" "1 7131311 1' 1 1 1 .'11, 11'11w. L 11 -1 .' ',-.1111! ,1 1' '11'7N. .M ,5 1 ,.1f "' J . .i ,.fr1 1 1 1 11r 1.11 , 11: 1.f' 11 - 1 1,,1-.111:'Q:. M j,. - ,1A1"j '- 1-.1111 1 -1 ,1. 1 ,1 . 11 1 1 A 111 1.1 +' . W- '-4 1 1,,,1!.' .11. . .J J, 2' RY11 ,,'311'!.5f"1' f. ' 15 -va11:111t,?'1--.1.y', , 11 iv i""'f'?LV1'Q1',1' 1 .L I-fx 11I3q4Q.f1j!'1 L, ,q, 1. Y Lg F U ,1 P1 1l""-lIA'1!1"1 , 11' 5, V n'111h1 ,.1, L -'-i1.w' ' A :JJ Q11 11 11 1 1-1 if . 1 V,11.,j1.1 1, X -1 3 -1-X . 1 ,1 --Q -1,'.1l1-V1, -,J :A 1 . - r .N X1-i117N111.1111 .1 rf' , ' 111 11, 1, 1 ,,.-gn, 1 W - 1 ,-, . '1 131' 1 .5111 1. ipf 1 ,HA 1 1 .1153 V 11 15' L1 , .-4. J ' X '11 W1 t Y ' ,11IV,- V4 Y 51 1. gif .UMllIl1llUll' High Betty Jo Harris Jackie Lemley Sharon Harwood Annetta Faye Jackson Layada Griffon Mary Dean Rankin Joy Brinkley Patsy Bull Kenneth Henke Mary J. Kennedy Dalton Andrews Saniinie Anderson O. D. Andrey David Berry Rollie Blankenship Belly Blaylock Billy Boyle Jimmy Bradley J. W. Brents Willis Bridgman Shirley Byrum Martha Carter Carl B. Charles Mae llulli Cook Wilma Crow Marie Dancer Bill Davis George Doty Xe Q 'shew N EN' ' X X lx -wi .-. ff -L w x Sr A '? A ' x lllkjlllll - ,ws .- -O X was 'X if X . fa S35-5".s4 ig , ' T! fi ., sf!! 4 , F f: ,. ' J ,. , ' 4 j fgs' l ,-, A If 1 Q - , 11-iv.. - .i . ,A -v "fa .fn W .1 ,iv F N .x W4 ii LTL. i ,Q - M , . Q 9i.iQ"'?N',i "Sai-M, -NO' 1 gy. S, ' ,i .Y N XJIXI XL!!- ...S 'ttf to D l-9 M I . Vi. ' r i Q, f ,L i ,Y . - f 1 2 fri my 1- Y A Q .A Q if if 1 'ff' l , " x , .. in fi M yiy My 'Q-of i 1. gy 1 - ,, 3 f D ,if my ., ' .W K My 1' will if . LQ? ,, 'f "Vo , Y Y ,""4i sn., gina ,ku 5, J .4 "Ox at ""'I' , ',,,L .ri if gi 1 Q 3. X X T Kg, SM f l r ,. f if Y 11 Q , Maurice Dunsworth Dorothy Etheridge Emma J. Etheridge Wilma Foreman Jack Fitzgerald Olen Fullerton Billy Fuqua Clara Fuqua Barbara Gist John Gray Doris Gross Jackie Hartwick Vance Henson Opaline Hill Buddy Holder Lindell Housley Jerry Howard Dorothy Hurley Mamie S, Bartlett Elmer Howard Juanita Jordan Richard Kendall Mack Earl Long Betty Ann Lynch John R. Manning Cora Irene Martin Vernon Martin Edna L. Maxwell Jimmy McDonald John Robvrt Manning Jimmy Suu Mcdlock Jimmy Montgomery Marlcnc Mzuwow Joycv Ogdvn Normal Jvzm Purvtto J. NI. I'1'im-v Jaum-s I.. Rhuudvs Galyc Rhode-n Imugvm- Samdvrs Czmmlyll S. Sivklor Bm-nniu Smvcll Don Slohzlugh I':I'XX'iI1 '1'vs1n-1' Puul 'l1USlL'l' FlUl'K'IlL'L' Tl'lllI'I11HI'l Harlzm 'Thomason Gerald Tmttvl' W'zmdu Jcuu Tincl' Jzlckiv Tim-1' Bill Tillcry Bm-micu Tillcy Bvtty K. Tylul' Juamitu Wulls Robert Wulkcx' James Luc Ward M 35:53 Joyce Ann Meador Mershel Welch Gloria West Ella Jane Williams Bennie Sue Zachary Christine Smith Franklin Simpson Everettc McCaslin Harold Stallings Bobby Fuqua Ila Sue Mourot David Sledge Junior Avcry Lowis Hart George Rainey Barara Bostian Margarct McCamant Dvlla Jano Ropor Loonarcl Cook Joycm- Ann Williams Katliurinc Dillion Jcanvttv Hays Harold D1-an Crowell Alinonl Piorcc Lorcno Allen Nora Luv Atkinson Burl Blackshirc Silas Rvarflcn Dorothy Byrum Va-rna Butlcr Hoy Bunning Hvtty Jo Charton Sally Cox Bn-tty Joan Chadwick Carolyn Cliamlicrs Lvonard Cowan SEVENTH GRADE 3' mir K All 3 . X fag: fl .. A ' i"fff?" ' 'f .C 'i , ' "KY W , NE C43 J:-A v Y' 'TTT .9-4' 2 all 4 K tr 1' Xif xi Ll? NV' W .7:-,..r., - .Q . :L .C C'--f sf 1 V -9 1 .13 1 . J' Q A ,sw F to 5 y yy y 5 t . 3 'S .1 'L I ' K l I 'if' ,f,r ,ef i -3 : 'ww ' -f . if t 5 2 J T " -3 Q In ff U 7 Q if, t A he ld QNX, B uf V , ,,,....-f. .,.. .V Q 3 My x .2311 , O f Q ' 1 4 ' ., . K 7 if t' .Q .tr -gh r . , an Vance Coffman Troy Chandler Jimmy Deaton DeWitt Deeter Mary Dockins Georgia Farish Glen Fugatt Zane Guiling Billy Camp Zeta Faye Hart Orla Horton Verna Holder Sarah Htilihtiiwi Paul Hubbard Sonny Hillis Sherry Hunter Phillip Kent Emmett Knight Doyle Ledbetter Carolyn Lannie Frances Lewis Ladonna Lewis Inez Loyd Carolyn Mitchell Catherine Martin Nichla Sue Johnson Mazie Pat Jordan Alta Long Nlairllizi Maxwell Dorothy McClure Norman Meeks Shirley Morrow Elec Nations Mickey Nickles Yvonne Overton David Pziretle lflllzi Paitterson Patsy Poteet VVillis Price Benny Reynolds Joey L. Reynolds Vzinciull Rhoden Arthur L. Robertson Joy Rowe Millzige Rudkins Bobby George Ruff Sue Russell Ora Lee Robinson Dezin Scroggiin Deltii Savage Jewel Sharp J. Il. Sledge Ruby Sledge Henry Smith Rieliaird Tinner D. L, Tyler I ...f' -T . ,J 3 -if 1.x f Az. X , i--',. if Qi,. V 1 4 iii Q RA Uh 4 N, S M . .Q y fix 4-A Q uiuuuiuqu ' - 11+ .azjfx Patsy Treaclaway Bobby Vance Anna Van Eehaute Charles Walker Jimmy Ward Betty J. Williams Virgil Vlfingo Joyce Smith Willa D. Seorggin Jimmy Wade I M0uf1,fie5 JUANISE DAVIS Juanise was chosen for first place by Miss Marie Shishtle, art director of A. S. T. C. She is a blonde with a fair com- plexion and blue eyes. ANNE MORPHIS She has a fair complexion with light brown hair and gray eyes. WANDA BOSTAIN Wanda has dark brown hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. M0wLLlie5 ADA R UTH TAYLOR She has brown eyes. black hair and olive complexion. NORMA SLEDGE She has black hair and brown eyes with a dark com- plexion. BONNIE RAINEY Bonnie has blue eyes blonde hair and a light com plexion. Miss Junior High Virginia Love was c h o s e n Miss Junior Hi by the stu dents at the dance after the junior football home- coming game. Junior Hi Beouty Mary Dean Rankin was selected by members of the Ayer Staff. Who's Who With MIKE NEWELL - Most popular boy. JUANISE DAVIS - Bos! o ular P I9 girl. Best ull around girl. ALLAN MEADOWS - Best all around boy. Most athletic boy. JEAN ROBINSON - Most athle- tic' girl. BOBBY MATTNFIWS - Cutest boy. WANDA BOSTAIN - Cutest girl. WAYNE IIARPEH - Best dress- ed boy. ADA RUTH TAYLOR - Best dressed girl. Most valuable girl. JACK DOTY - Most valuable boy. NITA SUE DAVIS - Wittest girl. JIMMY MARLER - Most intel- lectual boy. MICKEY FRANCIS - Most in- tellectual girl. the Seniors ADA RUTH 'l'AYl.Oll The brains nt' the Senior Class. She is the litlitor ol' the Ayer. a member of the 'lnespians, Pep Squatl. and lloiioi' Soeiely. She nks especially high in scholar- hip and leaclerslnp. livery one JACK WINCIIELL The man about town. He is a mtmber ol' the annual stall. the "M" Club and a hard hitting Devildog this season. Jaek's Will- ingness for hard work and Co- operation has made him a well l IA ll OLD GENE M eCA M A N'l' Harold, better known as "l't'e Wee." has been a iiieniher of the Student Council every year since he has been in high sehool. This record was liighliglited when he was elected to the oltiee ol' viee- that knows Ada agrees she has known figure around iw rf 5. president. Ile is also an at-tive uhat it takes to land on top. participant in various eiuhs and sports. The slogan "'l'he little man with the big smile" fits him to a l ALLAN MEADORS Allan is an outstanding athlete. He has lettered every year in high school and holds nine let- ters aquired in football, basket- ball and track. He is also presi- dent of the senior class and is a member of various organizations. All this and his pleasing person- ality makes him tops in every- one's estimation. NITA SUE DAVIS The girl with the personality plus. She is head cheerleader. business manager of the Ayer and a member of the Thespians and F. H. A. Nita's giggle and friend- ly hello makes her a favorite with everyone. MIKE NEWELL Mike proved his popularity in a big way this year when he was elected Student Council Presi- dent. He is Co-Captain of the football team, President of the "M" Club and a member of the Hi-Life Staff. His friendliness and willingness to cooperate have made him twice an outstanding personality. X 4 ' 3?lixx X Ai Q? 4 2 1 nf Q E.. K gsm-if fsQ"r,g'?'l' we N hw a Sir' Sf? THE MISSES M. H. S. Betty Flack and Norma Sledge tied for the honors of Miss M. H. S. this year. JUNIGR CHEERLEADERS From left to right: Jackie Lemley, Martha White, head cheerleader, Florence Thorton, Pheobe Robertson, Gwen Lay, Mary Dean Rankin. ...M-M-f-.W w wrwf' MM-slew Qual?-we m"Q1f5gwm4e.mfmvew, 1. sf aim was www, ,nw mv.:-aw.: am.w. .vfws ,1,. ,V k r - . wg -- ' .. ,Wo f A Q ,M ,- Q A Q N ff? ii K k , Q 'i t v , .r 5 25? my up Q , ,A ? 'gi Y 'Q 5 . :. ,::, X , X 9 '56 Q x Egg. be ,Q R, as 1 2 5 x wmv. v ,Mi 4 0. did S . f wif Q fmfxi 6 V 1 '-xiii' 5' y 4 -nm. 1 ' ' 3. 1 ,fm W. we "nIeAolluvlm9lQ vw, 4 L., , WQMM My N, 4.-wwym-ww sawn 9 .mwah ,ba .11 ,L-f.M,,,.m,.L ' MWMW I .N .W , as .1 . ff 1 i x NYSE linux 'H- 3 'Qu , - W-Wvmumw Aswswvw muwhwmm E ww , , ,Es 1 ., ,.,:. K wx ..w4f5Q .fmwww PEP SQUAD The Pep Squad backed both the football and basketball teams through- out the season. They did a great job under the direction of their sponsor, Mrs. Basham. The Senior cheerleaders are from left to right, Betty Flack, Juanise Davis, Nita Sue Davis, Sally Hargis, Norma Sledge. The Junior cheerleaders are Jackie Lemley, Martha White, Florence Thorton, Pheobe Robertson, Gwyn Lay, Mary Dean Rankin. First row: Gloria West, Bettye Jo Harris, Bettye Tyler, Annetta Jack- son, Ada Ruth Taylor, Dorothy McConnell, president, Lena Murile Moore, Secretary-Treasurer, Edith Lou Woods, Vice Presidentg Caroline Black, Mary Jane Kennedy, Virginia Love, Mickey Francis. Second row' Joyce Meador Ann Williams Charles Orm d M . , , on , ary Helen Clayton, Helen Ruth Morgan, Mary Sue Jackson, Vivian Gist, Billie George Coleman. Third row: Roby Elam, Joyce Rhoden, Jimmie Bryant, Sharon Har- wood, Joy Brinkley, Bonnie Rainey, Martha Clayton. Fourth row: Carolyn Farish, Beverly Waller Joan Stell Beverly West Jerry Howard. Joyce Scroggins, Nancy Bearden, Georgia Farish, Sally: Cox, Mrs. Basham, sponsor. STUDEN' COUNCIL The Student Council is the governing committee of our school through which student ideas are put forth. Mike Newell was chosen president by the students for this year. First row: Mary Jane Kennedy, Katherine Dillon, Harold McCamant, Vice Presidentg Mike Newell, Presidentg Mr. Harold Chastain, Sponsorg Jeanette Hays, Helen Hale, Secretary. Second rowi John Robert Stallings, Bobby George Ruff, Dalton And- rews, Roby Bearden, Treasurer, Bobby Matthews, Charles Lewis Ormond. M CLUB Reading left to right - First row: Harold Parette, Leo Rainey, Harold McCamant, Carroll Dee Jones, Gene Ring, Roby Bearden, Roy Hinson, Doyle Kirtly, Don Epperson, Fred Hanna, Jr., Jimmy Kennamer, Wayne Harper. Second Row: Bobby Boren, Harold Allison, Keith Koontz, Allan Mea- dors, Mike Newell, Bobby Matthews, Doyne Bennett, Ben Rowell, Stephen Finch, Jim Brown. Third row: Marion Kerns, Monte Meadors, Pete Burge, Jimmy Harris, Robert Bostain, Billy Winchell, Bob Coffman, John Borrows, Jack Win- chell, Jimmy Williams, Tom Ed Potter. Fourth row: Udell Stroud. M.H.S. DEVIL DOGS Reading left to right - First row: Bill Brown, Doyne Bennett, John Gordon, Billy Winchell, Bobby Matthews, Mike Newell, Melvin Ward, James Smith, Charles Parette. Second row: Jimmy Harris, Bobby Boren, Carroll Dee Jones, Harold Cook, Leon Dunn, Gene Ring, Cornelius Andrews, Ben Rowell, Monte Mea- dors, Coach Paul McFerran. Third row: Willard Taylor, Edward Lee Eddy, Harold Parette. Players - Jack Winchell, Jack Doty, Don Epperson, Jimmy Kennamer, Robert Bostain, Charles Reid Moose, Lowell Roberts, Booney Welter. Play- er Jimmy Williams does not appear in this picture. LETTERMEN BOBBY MATTHEWS - The brains of the team and proved to be one of the mainstays on the team this year . JOHN GORDON - He is a rough and ready guard. also a good man in a pinch. t MELVIN "ROD" WARD - He is a tough tackle who will be an asset to the team next year. JACK DOTY - A fair end who showed his talents. Although this is his first year at M. H. S.. he played many good games. JAMES SMITH - He is a newcomer to the Devil Dog ranks, and proved him- self very successful. JIMMY KENNAMER -- He is a good handful for any team to hold to. CHARLES "ZEKE" PARETTE - A sec- ond year man, and proved to be a good guard and an asset to the team. JAMES "BUCK" PARSON - He is a rampaging halfback who dealt a lot of misery this year and will next year, too. --an-1 -,--.- ..q...f,--map. -vu LETTERMEN MIKE NEWELL - Hc is Co-Captain and a constant throat to any tcam. Mikc is a two your lcttcrman. KEITH KOONTZ - HQ is thc other Co- Captain and his specialty is cnd zi- rounds. ALLEN MEADORS - Ho is ai convt-rtcd end to bzickficld where lic is ll great runner. JACK WINCHELL - Hc is zz rough full- back and line bzickcr as many teams will rcnicmbcr. ALEX NBOONEYU WELTER - llc is ai mean tackle to block und ai rough man to boot. LOWELL "LITTLE JOE" ROISERTS - Tlic livzivicst man on tht' tt-ami wht- provcd to liil with ull his might :incl weight. DOYNE BENNETT 4 llc is il grczit guznrcl and plays ai good and consistcnt bruncl of football, He is a two year lettcrmun. LETTERMEN DON EPPERSON - Don did not show up this yozn' :ls much :is he will in the nt-xt two yours. BILL BROWN .- llc is sure to bc one- hailf of tho "Bruin" nuxt yt-ar. JllVllVIY HARRIS - Jimmy is sum to ho ll wontlvi' in foothull noxt your. l'l'I'l'lC l5URtll'I - llc is ll rough mein at vntl oi' tziclilt- :ind should ht- ll consis- Lvnt plalyt-1' na-xt yt-nr. BEN ROWl'1l,l,, -- Ht- is ai fast und shifty liutzli who ought to dt-all plenty of misery for tht oppont-nts ncxt your. MONTE IVIEADOR - He is u good quarter and hulihzick who should be outstand- ing in thc futurc yuurs. l5lI,l,.Y "BO" WINCHELL - H0 is an ex- cvllt-nt linc bzickui' and ccntci' as Con- way will i'vmcinbci'. ROBERT BOSTAIN - HQ is six feet and maybe ai few inches of lighting tackle who will be rough next year. JUNIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD First row: Arthur Lee Robinson, Virgil Wingo, Dewitt Deeter, Jr. Avery, Erwin Tester, Bobby Ruff, Roy Koontz, Bobby Fuqua, John Mont- gomery, Alec Nation, Thomas F. Stobaugh. Second row: Manager Raymon Shewrnaker, Dalton Andrews, Bill Davis, Billy Paul Boyle, Buddy Riggs, Bob Moose, L. W. Ruff, Joe Phillips, Farish Kencaid, Jackie Fitzgerald, Joe Hogan, John Eddy, Darrell Dunn, John Borrows. Third rowi Coach Tanner, George Doty, Roby Bearden, J. M. Prince, John W. Garmon, Jim Brown, Billy Charles Waller, Roy Hinson, Melvin Ward, Don Burge, Hershel Welch, Eudell Stroud, James Taylor, Arnold Wilson, James Clay Scroggin, Doyle Kirtly, Billy Fuaqua, Paul Tester, B. Wilson. SENIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD Left to right - Bottom row: Doyle Mabrey, Gene Ring, Carroll Dee Jones, Harold McCamant. Second row: Manager Jack Doty, Jimmie Harris, Bill Brown, Doyne Bennett, Jerry Stroud, Manager Charles Parette. Third row: Cornelius Andrews, Pete Burge, Robert Bostain, Jimmy Kennamer, Fred Hanna, Allan Meadows, Billy Winchell, Coach Paul Mc- Ferran. Manager Don Epperson does not appear in the picture. JUNIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD First row: Manager Charles Parette, Billy Carroll Session, Roby Bear- den, Farish Kincaid, Jimmy Scott, and Manager Don Epperson. Second row: Bill Brown, Harland Thompson, Marray Murphy, Don Burge, J. M. Prince, Dalton Andrews, Coach Paul McFerran. Manager Jack Doty does not appear. Q DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The members of the Distributive Education class are looking forward into their future with the help of their sponsor, Mrs. Coates, and coopera- tibn of their employers. First row: Bobby Holyfield, Wanda Abernathy, Secretary-Treasurer, Bobby Carroll. Second row! Herman Bridgman, Wanda Tillery, Sam Cook, Mickey Francis, President, Eugene Hudson. Third row: Bobby Jones, Mrs. Coates, sponsor, Jim Rowe, C. J. Maxwell. Fourth row: Charles R. Moose, Charles Gray, Vice President, Bill O'- Neal, Sgt. at Arms, James Martin. sf ,Wg .1 A A 7' 65, gs its sf 'Q Wi 2, ' 'wif - N 1 , W iw -M , Mf g f f wi? TH ESPIANS The Thespians are the dramatic organization of the school. They are the students who are called upon for dramatic work. Left to right - First row: Ada Ruth Taylor, Betty Jane Flack, J uanise Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, Edith Lou Woods, Mrs. Koehler, Sponsor, Nita Sue Davis, Sallye Hargis, Caroline Black, Lena Muriel Moore, President. Third row: Jack Doty, Harold McCammant, Charles Moose, Fred Hanna, Jimmy Williams, Vice President. LIBRARIANS The students need references and other material found only in the Morrilton High School Library. The librarians are always busy supplying the students needs. First row: Savannah Medlock, Edith Lou Woods, Carolyn Black, Lena Muriel Moore, Norma Sledge, Helen Morgan. Second row: Hazel Stroud, Peggy Winchell, Nancy Bearden, Martha Ann White. Third rowi Fred Hanna, Head Librarian, Allan Meadows, Mrs. Marie Koehler, sponsorg Ada Ruth Taylor. HONOR SOCIETY In its first year of active work the National Honor Society has been striving to acquaint the students with the importance of character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. Inspiration has been received through the wonderful interest and cooperation of the sponsor, Miss Myrtie Farish. First row: Ada Ruth Taylor, Secretary, Charlene Bryant, Mickey Francis, President, Lena M. Moore, Vice President, Mary Dale Jones, Treasurer, Bobbie Poteet. Second row: Griffin Duncan, Paul Mallett, Harold McCamant, J. B. Brown, Nadine Newman, Leo Rainey. HI-LIFE STAFF A hard working group who keep the students up to date on all the latest school news. To them goes much credit for doing a difficult job well. Seated: Jean Robinson, Sport Editor, Mickey Francis, Feature Editor, Mrs. Presley, Faculty Advisor, Miss Hewen, Faculty Advisor, Juanise Davis, Co-Editor. Standing: Norma Sledge, Club Reporter, Mary Dale Jones, Business Manager, Vivian Gist, Reporter, Bobby Matthews, Sport Editor, Lena M. Moore, Editor, Doyne Bennett, Circulation, Jack Winchell, Reporter, Mike Newell, Business Manager, Keith Koontz, Reporter. Fred Hanna, Junior High Editor, does not appear in the picture. .. Q, . 'Q 1 k . .9 - ' . .. Q i ' 'J N. ' vffiaa .gqfz-,-1-f' - Q, . A Efisvfb 2 ' iw - ' , Q . .ii Q 5.335 x if . ,. . ..sf.f .Q :Jzsi-Q23 I N- , "Sf - .f R AMX ' -, J 1 Sq' K - k " A H1 2- 1' , + .. ' fsf Es . J 7. ' ' Q . I g.'N?fif'- WJ ,miiv-x', I-.A Sv? X .L . fig '1,Yf7iQ,N Q- 72' 2, ig. , ww, ' - M.. Q .5 A X' , ' " .W ' K- 1. ' f K f M: .W ,gf If , .. ..,. fm: ,.. ,, Sigh 'L . " 5 .M L, - my I l Q -+ WJ: - . 155 .M K 9. . ' www. 3- LQSQEQZS Nw 1: M 'FVRQ ,. . v X MEN , gk F MS .. 53',f.x:,:4. 4 ' xg? Q fgx T ,Q F.F.A. These boys are the future farmers of America and have as their ob- jective the motto for their organization. They build constructively thus making their work a real payoff as tomorrow's citizens. First row: James Atkinson, Reporter, J. B. Brown, Vice President, Leo Rainey, President, Frank Datillo, Carroll D. Brown, Carroll Atkinson, Treasurer, Leonard Riggs, Billy Jack Webb, Bobby Yates, Thomas Epper- son, Carroll Underwood, Joe Hogan, Mr. Moss, Sponsor. Second row: Tommy Tanner, Paul Mallett, Don Parsons, Floyd Brown, Milton Sullivan, John Montgomery, Billv F. Howell, Billy Sessions, Billy Parette, Bobby Parette, John Garmon, James Meeler. Third row! Jeff Montgomery, William Brents, Wilton Sullivan, Harold Dicus, Joe Williams, Billy Sutton. Tom Ed Conley, Don Epperson, Bob Coff- man. Jimmy Marler, Harold Allison, Orville Deal, Paul Mourot, T. L. Payne, Skip Peterson. E. J. Stracner. Not present: Billy Jo Green. BAND First row on lelt: John Robert Stallings, Pheobe Robertson, David Murphy, Windell Kissire, James Atkinson. Second row: Savannah Medlock. Louise Tanner, Barbara Bostain, Ken- neth Noland. Robert Bostain. Third row: Charles Ormond, Mary Jane Kennedy. John Garmon, Roby Bearden, Jim Brown. Fourth row: Reddy Riddick, Frank Brown. David Bostain, Clarence Stobaugh. First row on right: Almont Pierce. Beverly West, Don Burge. Bobby Adams. Second rowi Bobby Boren. Billy Charles Waller, Hugh Jones, John Guiling. Third row: Billy Session, Billy F. Howell, Olen Bay Fullerton. Charles R. Moose. Standing: Mr. Curtis Daniels, directorg Benny Dunn, Leonard Cowan, Mae Ruth Cates, Bill Brown. GLEE CLUB Left to right - First row: Mary Stobaugh, Betty Harris, Joyce Webb, Patsy Thompson, Joan Green, Savannah Medlock, Annetta Faye Jackson. Mary Dean Rankin, John Robert Stallings, Kenneth Noland. Ercell Hig- ganbotham, Gwyn Lay, Wanda Bostain, Martha Gardner, Jackie Lemley, Mary Jane Kennedy, Pheobe Robertson, Jean Jackson, Bonnie Holsclaw, Gloria West. Second row: Virginia Love, Gayle McGloflin, Charlene Bryant, Bonnie Rainey, Mary K. Long, Roy Henson, Billy Charles Waller, Bobby Matthews Roby Bearden, Joyce Meadors, Billie George Coleman, Nita Sue Davis, Sallye Hargis, Norma Sledge, Jean Robinson, Ruth Ann Testor, Hazel Stroud, Beverly West, Fairy Sowell, Mary Dale Jones. Third row: Charles Dissire, Bill Brown, Darrell Dunn, John N. Eddy. Cletus Creach, Bobby Ramsey, Monte Meadors, Pete Burge, Jim Brown, Doyle Kirtley, Marion Kerns, Wesley Treece, James Taylor Don Burge, John Guiling. OFFICE SECRETARIES With the help of these students, perfect records are kept in the principals office. Front row: Mary Dale Jones, Vivian Gist. Standingi Jack Winchell, Betty Flack, Jack Doty, Juanise Davis. AUTO MECHANICS This group of boys patch up any wreck that is brought to them. They can make an old car run like new with the help of their teacher, Mr. Brinkley. Left to right: Olen Simspon, Charles Gray, James Parson, Wilson Har- rington, James Gross, Lowell Roberts, Loyd McConnell, Alex Welter, Cor- nelius Andrews, Torn Potter, Charles Gray, Doyne Bennett, Mr. Brinkley, Jimmy Kennamer, Melvin VVard, Wayne Harper, Keith Koontz. JUN IOR PLAY Dole Bolt 'l'l1c Wnllu-1's 1'1-1111-sa-11t il IXPIURII zXllll'l'll'Slll lillllllj' w1tl1 tl11'u1- 1,11't1w111g tl:1111:I1Iv1's. 'l'l1v11' llllll5l'llUlLi lr Sl lxnwy 0111- 111 t'q11'1, llzlrl XV.lHil'I' fans ilu- llllN l11xt 111111111 l1l I1 1 ' ' S Ulllt' 111111 il rusllt- 111111 il 111111511111 111 tl11- l'UllIl5Xl- Yillllil Slilllllll l'41t 111111 lxlilfj, tl1c two 1,1111-1' 1:11'ls, l1.1x'v lvt-11 tlllllllgl lm-41l Inns ltll' l'1-111-1' tl1.111 41 j1'ill'. l1111 llttlt- Ellll- lx 111-Nt Lltrlllll 1111 11111-1111, xt:1ysx1t llkblhl' 411111 s11:l1s w1tl1 1-nvy 111 ll11- 1:l111'1u11s lIlIlt'5 In-1' slsll'lN l1:1v1. Elllllj' has l1.1111lx 1111 l11-1' lt-1-tl1 Jlllll glnssus un l11-1' 1-51-My g1111l, 111 1't1111s,1- 111-1tl1v1' IS dnto l.11t Xvtlbll llvl' 11111, A111151 Gllulmns 11g11':11l1's 111111 lvttt-11141113 SXYVRIIVI' utter' :11111ll11-1' l11-l111'1- ln-1'v11x'11111N1-5-pg, 1-jm1ly 411-1-1111-:X 111-1' own lntv IS lu 51101101 her lltn' 111 JI s11111xlt-1"s l111111t- Ilgnl Walk! 4-11 g111tl .I1111 Allvn. 41 111-xt 1l11111' nclgh- l1111', lll'l' :1tt1-11111111112 lu lN'5IUl't' good 111111111--. 111 town lu vx1111:s11111 Assvrnbly- Illllll 151111 41111l lnx 111z11'l11111- M11 Allen 1'.1lI-N tu wnrla w1tl1 !Xl1' Wulkt-1' un il :1111-w'I1 .llltf lll'llll1A 51111 llznkh-5 to 1111104 1:1'.- 1:11 IIIN 1-I:11'11111t l'I1111ly tlnnks ll.ll'l'j .111 111111111-1'1-5111111 :.1a1-1-11111111 of 11111111-111 x1111lI1 l111t ltlllllf w1111'11'1l zllwllt tI111t I1:l111'1- 111 11 s11111:wtt'1"s l1t1111v.-, pl'0- 1111:-1-N tn l11111, II111'lv5 IS M1 ll:1tl0l'vsli In ll1111ls illlj' 1:11'l 111111111 lllw l11111 that lu- 111'1'v11lx lint :1t l'll,lt'L'll 1111 v11L:11ge- llll'llt lDl'11X't'?4 11111 t'lll1I,lllllllQ 111 sllll Emily 411141 wlu-11 l.t'f1ll'l' f:I'1l.X' 1nv1tt-s l11'1' nut I111' illl l'X'l'llllllf 111' fl.llll'lIl!I llanloy IS t'1111111I1-I1-lx 1111-will-11 UI 1'111l1wf-, thi' I41vl tI1.1t l.t-M111' IS fXSSt'llltllj'lIlJlIl ffl'H5"S Nbll 1l111w11'l lflX'l' Iulllllj' .lllj t'11Ill'L'I'I1 l111t wl1t-11 H1111 W:1lIi1-1' ll'1ll'llN lns ldL'!l- tltv 1111-11-'s lll1'lllX 111' tlll V:-I nos:-, I 111111':w tl1v t'Y1'llllllQ 111' I'11111ly'4 I11'st 11-al 1l.111- llllll sln-R il l1.111f1111'111'-tl 111111111- rwlt-1' 1.1-:Nh-1' l1:1s .lllnl 1-111111111-I1-cl ll new 1':11' tm' 111111-it-lt' 111111111 w1tl1 il NIPP- vtny luuly. I':11l1Il111- llltlttll' 1111cl lhnck XYlll'l'IS It's 1111111111-tt' 1-xm-pt 1111' El I1t'1-11--1' 11'11tv ll:11'l115' xxnnts PI11111y' to lu- l1:11111y 511 ln- l1t11'1'11wN thu nlntv l'111111 I11 1l1rlk 1 ll Ofl' 11111 111 but . 1 tl11- 111111111' 1111-:11't l1t-l1:1x'1- 11s -ll xlmnld 1111l 1l1tx 11111 111111 1 l111 111' 1l1l1111l I L' - ly w1tl1 H111 l:1w, M11 xVJlHik'I"?4 1111111511- 11-1' ln-1111: 1-:11111l1t w1tl1 Asw111l1ly'1nan fI1'11,1":: Nun 111 ll t':11' lll'lll'llllI Ml' .-XlI0n'S '11111x1 11I111 mln 111 Illllxt 1111 1 mc' tx' l1ll'lllI'l', p11l1t11'z1Ily 5111-g1li1111:, l111t lt dnt 1 111 1 '1 lllll nl t l11 Il 111 I 'Q 11 '1 ' 11 0 ' 1!1:- let-xt 1-111111-tlws wx-'vc l1:11l 111 XL'1l!'S, 'l'l11- 111'-111lw lows: Elllllj' Wallin-1' A1111t-s xvlllktll lxlill 1' Xvllllivl' V411 Xvillklll' A111111 G1l1l11111 ll:11'lvy Allon .I1111 Allvn Dnvt- Willszun 1.1-att-1' f1l'2lj' Ilurultl S1111ll1 Offives Bensu rs ul tl11- l'1l81 LIVL' 115 lul- l'T1i1tl1 I.t111 XVt111ciS - l4ill'llllll0 Black IIL-lt-11 R11ll1 3101141111 Jllilll flI'l'l'l1 ra Ng111cy B1-1114111111 t'l1111'l1-s illnusc Q'l12ll'l0S Gray liuhlsy Hnlv ll:11'ol1i YXl1'k'11111111:111t J1111 Rowe' ll Edward Eddy 1 1 . Q Q .s, is s Q 11 Si 1+ Q mnam W -Y-RZSJ T9 ma, 4 if f 4 f , h 2 X Q 'N I I A -. . ' J 0 if V Q r L1 y' f, -10", ny U Q 61 5 - xy it 4 'Fl ,, K Q L A! S Na IJ. .R Ei , ,a W ,xl 1 I IH Qi 1 7 6 Mi 1 ui ' 1 Km , ,Qf,, ,dx 5 4 nu? y!. V-Q, vi 'fx , 1 g- xr 5 X x X . R- . Q Ogg "' 1. 'fi 0 fm-I-if N'-w,,.N , J A 4 -as ,v Y - f gf 'f' L f ff ,A sf 1 , 'asv y Y 5 ',,.. 1, ' ,JV , , xr v X uv ,gi 'Q :unL ANo xx ? QQ. 52.1231 359 63? Q 5 Q fi MX dv -5 4' Q my , -, -A . Maw N? an 4' 1,5 1 I na 'f' ' ' 'S offs 3 4 2, W fu r . 5. , if - -. "!-gn., L. 9, KJ , , I 1 JM! xi, .,,.4. fy ' Q 7 as 1 A . r -mf ,,,q . Q , xg .43 W , - Q-11 V, 2 k vs. 23521545 .Mm Y'?"1'-133 Q XA A-Q., L 3.4-QQ . COMPLIMENTS OF Morrilton Studio MR. AND MRS. C. E. SAWRIE Compliments Of Frank Bros. Dept. Store O'N EALS For Over 50 Years Since 1894 Known for Quality PEIXINEYS E. E. MITCHELL CO. Since 1893 Bill Mitchell Bill Mitchell, Jr. Read Morrilton High School News In The Morrilton Democrat Published Every Thursday Covers the Petit Jean Country Like the Sunshine ,bl E Lloyd McConnell, Owner Model Cleaners 106 E. Railroad Ave. Morrilton, Arkansas Comliments Of Spotless Cleaners Morrilton, Arkansas Phone 451 Why not enjoy the best? Yukon's Best Flour Compliments Of 7up Orange Crush Co. Morrilton, Arkansas H. JONES, Jeweler Watches Diamonds Jewelry Phone 950 Morrilton, Arkansas Compliments Of Morrilton Barber Shop Floyd Glen W. C. Fred Compliments DR. HUGH M. BIGGS JACK LEMLEY MR. :Sz MRS. LEONARD DAVIS MORRILTON DRUG STORE BONAR MOORE Compliments Of Rialto Theatre Morrilton, Arkansas Wofforcl's Grocery Flour - Feed 8a Seed Compliments Of City Barber Shop Mark Aaro Lloyd Leonard J. C. ADAMS, Jeweler Gifts for all Occasions Morrilton, Arkansas Headlee's Rexall Drug The Corner Drug Store Incorporated Service That Satisfies Prescription Druggist H. A. BROWN, Owner Jack Shaw R. I. Gray Mgr' Ast- Mgr- Phone 288 Morrilton, Ar Compliments Of Cash and Carry Cleaners Compliments Of Petit Jean Theatre Morrilton, Arkansas 5 6-.16 ' .xi . -,:'. '- ,P JF' 'W a.: 1- -L0 . im. - 'Ol .,v, m if .E . V Q , 3 : L,-, -4 , W'- in, '-i'.r' K. 1 1 51 . v WA "Yak "'1 no .' ', 1 . . 1.-f .:.: L vb ,', 4. .M , 'PLE 414-, ' 'If' - 4 A .m .1 , F.. " ll! I .'iKiiix-yy "' 'H-ffl W .:' Elf... .v 1, 1, A ,if ,Eg A 4 e 1 'H' In x -, 1 leg-.,' 2 ' Hbf- . 2 "4 sf' P Ur V .. 1 1 I . Y - -In , 3: I 4, 1 x f -Jw 1 F ug r . w 1 - " ' " 4 s M 4 hu 67133. M.. ..... vx..,1-5' .,.:i":':.'f-4 x . ,-r - x. IMH1 EIMLSB 5 fa ..,.. I .-VJ ' A J Us YNY' 1Q?f:H l . ,.J 4 J. 4 1 1 if SZ' S1-T I. Q-15 1 , ,., , .,,A, M Ge'-H .,,,,. , if f v , ,,,. J, h- :gl .. . .LJ.x..,u , 31934, +L.. an A, 9' Y- - .. 1 -' " .W-Y... nf -. rr k- -1 41 www-. . Ma, n 9:53155 M f , ,.., -, ,.,,' . 8 V'-.,-' 1 .arf

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Morrilton High School - Ayer Yearbook (Morrilton, AR) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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