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THE SENIOR CLASS of MORRICE HIGH SCHOOL Presents The 1956 O R I O L E 1-'VN I IVES 'b A .., J . g . , V1 1 Q9 53? .-2:-if -' .:f"', 0366060 v f in fx I A,4m..N I : fi EIIIGATIDN I ! 2 Q ' ' i TE 5 H Xf sg' , fo 'A' ago 1, X H l if X ' if X x-'-,-'..' ,, - .' l 1 x 65' 232' , R A bi I I KAA, ,,..' x ,Iv XM ,,.f. ,Y bbubl , liisjvzii . .A,A i qA.b, q 1q.qV1i XX 1 ,jj v-': 'V 1 t si X L' H, 'K ,V I T 1 D6d1CGflOIl I X11 10 5 thoy rm. Ld m Luc Joy of under 1 Lduit d y Lnd uoj 1 ll lntlgnxp bslon V O J 'Pl . , V ,v , .1 1, , Fccflnglf 'B ' . gg? 5 6: K1 5, VII 'oil with S ' 1' fx rc' ' of n ,nffugtiou for IX,'Iorricc High Lhzlt is deep and lzxstin ' ., ,y I Y ? . x . L2 Q f ' ' ' , Z1 ' T , I 1, VJ, f .256 The 5 .. 5 .i 54 25' - ' fi x A ' 1 . ' Q ' ai i' . 1 OTS fDf.IOI'1i beyond me IL words, LPC hop for hal iutprc nd to be Worthy of her nur L, 0 O IJ cl Ll nters of Coruuon Dgdmc te th 5 book hu 1 'NI 'LLL r fin .Els SQ-fl mi gww-y., ' if-v-'M"" . U f .dl-JM? pun: fi' , pa-nu y-wf 'v 5 W A f Ga .. .v. 1.4--4 Q f ..,. ,,. W ,A In sv, t .,,- 5- Nw. .. 3 an ' '5- , ' , . 9--4-vu--...4.,., Y., --vw A 1 'G W-M.. -A-...,, fs .Z- v- it 'N- ,Qf Q WL, Q-uf, 5 "YP g 7"wK7'.IZ' E Q, uid lil 4.1-M Mill LTY ? L. to R. ROW l, Mr. Raymond Phillips, Mrs. Evelyn Kennedy, Mr. Jack Ferris, Miss Rosalie-Fealko, Mr. Gerald Rasmussen, Mr. C. James Lafkiotes, Mr. Donald Lenick, Mr. John Wannamaker, Mr. Douglas Ferrier, Mr. Harry Atkinson. Members of the Board of Education President ---------- Robert Booth Secretary ---------- Mrs. Adeline Helming Treasurer--- ---Clarence E. Kingsley Trustee ---- -- - William S. Jordan Trustee ---- - - - William Scollon 3 K, fi cf K J- ?fd'm K vgwaa ll W ,I f 1 K f 1 vi 144, W lk W 1 I I fx S9 in X, ,H I f ff, ff - ff ' 7 .4 f:'7931?. wzgifzjg - fxgfzige fr gx , f K A k 7 ,,, - -, :4,,1...:z,g 7 7 f f"' f ssfifx f lg? ,, fi? Q' ,i . ,gk , . yy k i 5 . "safe ,' "' P?1j51, , . ,4yef4,5-f . J, ,,:v., ,,.. , H - , 9135? 'W ' . I lmligfl iagi k -' 1, 0 A ' if! 0 ,- g. - ' . .wa , ' O it M X .. , '73 .51 . x 3 Q , 2 fix 'g V A ,, ' - , Y? :fs , ' '- "3 oy . V . .4 U , Q ' 1 ,L '- s H .V i, ' 3235 .X 4 J , .,, . ,. ..,- - I . -.,:L,,A.- xls tl Q "Sweet, neat, and quite petite." BETTY GRINNELL Basketball. . . . l,Z,3,4 Cheerleading. . . Z. 3. 4 Class Sec'y. . . . . 2,4 Class Treas. . . . . . 3 Band. . . . . GleeClub. . . . 2.3.4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Annual Staff Paper Staff. . . . . 3,4 F.l-LA . . . . .l.-2.3.4 F.T.A. Pres. .. . . . 4 55' im Milan' "It's of no use running if you'rc late, you're late." DOLO RES FE RRIGAN Basketball. . . Class Reporter. . Student Council. . Band .... 3. Glee Club. . . Sr. Play Annual Staff F. H. A .... 1. F,T,A. . . . . Cheerleader. . . 4 , 4 . .3 Z,3,,4 ,3 z,3,'4 "He seems to most a wee bit shy, but we know he is a regular guy. " DALE WILLIAMS Basketball. . . . l,Z,3,4 Track. . . . . .1,z,3,4 Class Vice-President. . Z Class President. . . . . 4 Jr. Sr. Plays' Annual Staff F.F.A.. . . Q , . .,l,Z,3,4 ffm. "I hate girls, they irritate me. I love to be irritated. " ALLAN BOOTH Football. . . Basketball. . . Baseball. . . Track. . . . . Student Council Band ..... Red Cross. . . Jr. Play Sr. Play Annual Staff Paper Staff. . F.F,A. . . Library. . F. . .'1.A. . 1,z,3,4 .1,z,3 1,2,3,4 l,Z,3,4 ..1,z . 1 z . 2,3 . L . 1 , 4 via-i A.. 4 Li f. ..4 . .fr 'tin-' "N 36. -.' 'r 1 .1 -S' gil' "And then the re are some who believe in making each day the best of the year." GARY KINGSLEY Football ...... Z, 3 Basketball ..... l, Z, 3 Track ........ I Class Treasurer .... 4 Student Council ..... 3 Student Council Pres. . 4 Jr. Sr. Plays Annual Staff F.F.A. . . . "I like work--it fascinates--I could sit and look at it for hours! " DAVLD BRISTLEY Football. . . . 3,4 Basketball. . . Z Baseball. . . Z Sr. Play F.F.A. . l "Studious and conscien- tious--that always spells success. " JEANETTE FOURNIE Class Vice-President . .4 Band ......... l Red Cross ...... Z Jr. Sr. Plays Annual Staff Paper Staff .... Z, 3, 4 Girl's Basketball . . 2,3 F.H.A ..... 1,Z,.3,4 D.A. R. F. T.A. Library. . . 2 'Ri ! "Why worry when the world is full of fun." DONNA SCHNEBELT Basketball. . . l. Z. 3. 4 Class Sec'y. . . . . . l Class Treas. . . . . . Z Class President. . . . 3 Band ...... 1. 2, 3, 4 Jr. Play Sr. Play Annual Staff Cheerleader. . - 4 '5- 'Z' "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I. " JACQUELINE DEUEL Band. . . . . . .1,z,3,4 1,2 Glee Club. . . . . Jr. Play r.H.A. . . l,Z,3,4 4 Library. . . . . F.T.A. . . . ffe Quay? "Listened pe rhaps, but never spoke." MARJORLE KNICKERBOCKER "He is a quiet youth--at times. " FRED MORTIMORE Football. .... . . Baseball. . . Band. . . . 1, 'S-v 'Z' "All that I've learned I've forgotten: all that I know, I've guessed. " GERALD FOUTS Football. . . . . . . . Basketball. . . .l,Z,3 1 Baseball. . . . . Track. . . . . Band. . . 1,2 1 1 F.F.A. . an .Q 'VS QP! 'vl. -sr' "Always ready to lend a helping hand. " DALE HART Basketball. . Sr. Play F.T.A. . . "The re may be better men than I, but l don't believe it. " NORMAN CARR Track ......... l Football ..... l,Z,3,4 Basketball .... l,Z,3,4 Class Treas. .... I F.F.A. . . . . l,Z "A smile is currency in any country." KAY MCNAUGHTON Band ........ 3,4 Glee Club. . l,Z,3,4 Red Cross ...... I F.H.A. . . . l,Z,3,4 Library. . . . . Z "Life is not life without laughter. " JANALEE CONROY Student Council. . 1, Z, 3, 4 Band. . . . . . . . .'l Glee Club. . . . . 1, Z Sr. Play PaperStaff. . . . . 2,3 Basketball. . . l,Z,3,4 F.1-l.A. . . l,Z,3 Library. . . 1,2 F. T.A. 'YE 'r 5- X R X, ,, I ,, - f M, "Man has a will, but a women has her way. " JANET HAAS Student Council. . . 4 Band ..... . . 3, 4 Red Cross. . . . 4 Glee Club. . . . 3 Jr. Play. , Sr. Play Paper Staff. . . . 3 F.H.A .... . l,3,4 Spanish Club. . . . 4 "The flower of grace always grows on a slender stalk." ROSALIE VOGT Basketball. . l,Z,3,4 Library. . . . . . . Z Band Library. . . . . 4 Band...... . 3,4 "Mania a reasoning rather than a reasonable animal. " STANLEY CASE Baseball. . . 3 Sr. Play F. F. A. . . 1, Z F. T.A. . . 4 "Give me a listener and l'1l do the talking. " LEROY SPENCER Basketball. . . , . . - 2 "She speaks, behaves, and acts just as she ought. " BETTY NEAL Editor Paper Staff. . 4 Jr. Play Student Council. . . 4 'One never knows what goes on inside a quiet head. " CLARE AUSTIN Basketball. . . . .'l,Z,3,4 Baseball. . . . .3,4 1-'.F.A. "Her smile is like a rainbow flashing from a misty sky. " JULIA STURGIS Class Reporter. . . l, Class Historian. . . . Student Council. . . Glee Club .... Jr. Play Sr. Play Paper Staff F. H. A .... . l. Library. . . . . Cheerleader. . . .3, "There are a lot of cards in the class but he is the only joker. " JERRY OLIVER Track........l F.F.A. . . 1,z,3,4 "To worry little, to study less, is my idea of happiness." ROBERT EDINGTON Football . . . l,Z,3,4 Basketball. . . l,2,3,4 Baseball. - . l,Z,3 Band ..... . l,Z,4 Jr. Sr. Play F.F.A .... ' . 1.2 "Class of 56" "Quiet and reserved, yet highly capable. " EUGENE WARREN Football ....... Z, 3 Baseball ........ 3 Track ...... 1, Z, 3, 4 Student Council .... Z, 4 Glee Club .... . . . Z Red Cross. . . . 1,2 Paper Staff. . . . . . 3 F.F.A. . . . l,2,3,4 Motto--American Ends in "I Can" Flower-Red Rose Colors-Blue and White "One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man. " CLARENCE SCOLLON Football ..... l,2,3 Basketball. . . .l,Z,3,4 Baseball .... l,Z,3,4 President .... 1 President ...... Z Jr. Vice President Jr. Sr. Plays Annual Staff ll Class Hxstory A DRAMA IN FOUR ACTS "A1l the world's a stage and all the men and women merely playe They have their entrances an their exits and each man 1n his time plays many parts" So writes the great playwriter Shakespeare And the History of the Class of 1956 reads like a play in four dramatic acts Act I As Freshmen Our grand entrance into High School was a smash hit' following the normal procedure of casting our class off1cers, under the d1rect1on of Mr Wojahn The result was as follows President, Clarence Scollon V1ce Presldent, Betty Grinnell Secretary, Donna Schnebelt Treasurer, Norman Carr Reporter, Ir1s Dalley The highest point of Act I occurred when we we re imtiated on November 17 We kept the act1on rolling when we went on our first roller skating party at the Palomar in Lansrng The sideline event was our selling cand1ed apples at all home football and basketball games The curtain fell on Act I with a trip to the Zoo and Baseball game in Detroit Act Z As Sophomores The curtain rose, depicting the choosing of a new cast of officers They we re the following President, Clarence Scollon Vice Pres1dent, Dale W1l11ams Secretary, Betty Gr1nne11 Treasurer Donna Schnebelt Reporter, MarJor1e Coleman and our Director was Mrs Anna Land The Freshmen carried a minor part 1Il,th1S Act when we 1n1t1ated them 1nto H1gh School Act Z was successfully brought to a close by our selling men's and women s nylon hose, pom poms, and cand1ed apples Art 3 As .Tumors This act began with the following people holding the roles of class off1cers President, Donna Reporter, Julia Sturgis, and the Directors were Miss Ten Brink and Mr Jenkins The two main features of th1S Act were the Play and the Prom We remember well the air of ex citement on the n1ghts of April 15th and l6th when we produced our Play, 'Glrl Shy , and under the direction of Mr Jenkins The Prom on May Zl, 1955, was an event we shall never forget The theme was 'Over the Rainbow , with the music furnished by the Don Ray Band from M1Ch1gan State University of East Lansing During Act 3, we had seve ral scenes, portraying the selling of candied apples, magazlnes and autograph books Also we had Bake Sales and Cake Walks after every other home basketball game On February 18, Ken Clark the W O A P Disc Jockey, stepped 1nto the spotlight when he did an excellent Job providlng the records for a dance sponsored by our Class Act 4 As Seniors Now we come to our final Act, fac1ng the fourth year with the top honors of class offlcers goirg to President, Jeanette Fournie Secretary Betty Gr1nne1l Treasurer, Gary Kingsley Reporter, Dolores Ferrigan Historian, Julxa Sturgis, and Sponsors, Mr Atkinson and Mr Ph1ll1ps Some of the highlight events of Act 4 we re The Roast Beef Supper 1n October, the Refreshment Stands at all home football and basketball games, Record Uances, Cake Walks after every other home basketball game and the selling of SchoolvBa11po1nt pens The two outstanding accomplishments of this act we re the Play and our Annuals On December lst and 3rd, under the excellent direction of Mr Gerald Rasmussen, we presented the dramatic Play, Lost Horizon" The second was the preparing and selling of our Annuals which was an event that permeated most of the Act While the Curtain slowly descends, we are looking forward to our five day Senior Trip to New York on May 20th to May 25th As the curtain falls on our f1nal scenes Baccalaureate May 27th and Commencement May 31st WB, the Senior Class of 1956 take our last and final bow' rs. 1 d I . 3 . - . . : . . 3 D , . I - . . Schnebeltg Vice President, Clarence Scollon, Secretary, Marilyn Green, Treasurer, Betty Grinnell, " - - . 1 - II - , ' . ,Q . . . . . ' I . Class Will Stan Case leaves h1s ab1l1ty to monkey around w1th old cars to Marlon Maag, maybe you can rev eng1nes better now Mar1on Leroy Spencer leaves h1s pess1m1st1c vlews on Home and Famlly to J1m Le1nau Gary K1ngs1ey leaves h1s book on the 'Proper way to escort a g1rl" to Reno Kmg hop1ng he w1ll use lt to the best advantage Julle Sturgls leaves her ab1l1ty to become Queen for a Day to Ray Sawyer Eugene Warren leaves h1S old car to Audrey Scr1bner d0n't smash them too hard Audrey Jerry Ol1ver leaves h1s eye for shoot1ng pool to Janet Green Don't spend all your t1me 1n Durand, Janet Bob Ed1ngton leaves h1S romant1c escapades to D1ck Ehl Allen Booth leaves h1s No 40 Football Jersey and torn stad1um Jacket to Larry Swlhart, hop1ng he can get along w1th Mr Rasmussen better than he d1d Rosalee Vogt leaves her farm1ng ab1l1ty to Z1on Scr1pter She llkes them tall, Z1on Dale Hart leaves h1s expenence as a teacher to Marllyn Sykes Dale W1ll1ams leaves h1s troubles 8: unf1n1shed bus1ness to h1s slster, Kaye Jeanette Fourme, the card of the class, leaves her ab1l1ty to grouch and Joke to Gordon Rood Jan Conroy leaves to D1ck Flynn her ab1l1ty to make dog shots D1ck we hope you have a better record from now on Dave Brlstley leaves h1s ab1l1ty to "w1se off" to Donna Schautz Dolores Ferr1gan leaves her ab111ty to get A's 1n band to Jul1a Olney Juha, all you need to do 15 get a relatlve engaged to the band d1rector Clare Aust1n leaves h1S determ1nat1on to I-hlda Stachelsche1d Wxth th1S comblnatlon we hope you'll be a b1g success, Hllda Gerald Fouts leaves h1s ab1l1ty to be secretly engaged to Phyllls Gllbert Betty Grlnnell leaves her tltle as the only l1v1ng Woman Atlas to Sldney Grlnnell Betty Neal leaves her n1ght l1fe to Gerald Edlngton Donna Schnebelt leaves a book on "How to loaf around school and get away wlth lt to Helen Trlbley Clarence Scollon.. leaves to Janlce Duncan h1s ab1l1ty to fl11"t Fred Mort1more leaves h1s danclng ab1l1ty to Stan Jagodz1nsk1 Marge Kmcke rbocker leaves her typxng ab1l1ty to Er1ca Armstrong hop1ng she w1ll make the best of It Kay IVlcNaughton 8: Janet Haas leaves the1r ab1l1ty to get along wlth the teachers to all the Jumors Jackxe Deuel leaves her ab1l1ty to skip school to Helen Cannady Norm Carr leaves h1s crazy g1ggle to Joan Aust1n . . . . . , . . 9 . . I . . I I . . Q . . Q . . . . . . . . U . 9 . 1 . . . . . .H 0 . ' 1 . 1 . . . . Class Prophecy Clare Austrn w1ll be elected Mr Farmer of Amenca, 1nthe year 2000 Allan Booth w1ll w1n the t1tle "M1ghty Al Booth" 1n defeatlng Klng Kong for the wrestllng champ1onsh1p Dave Brlstley w1ll hold the honor of be1ng Father of the Year for h1s fa.m1ly of Z5 Norman Carr w1ll establlsh a dance stud1o 1n compet1t1on w1th Arthur Murray and w1ll spe c1al1ze 1n the teaclung of the M1nuet Stanley Case w1ll be employed by the Ton: Home Permanent Co and because of h1S red ha1r w1ll be known as the 'Boy W1th The Very Gentle Wave Jacquel1ne Deuel, upon graduatlon, w1ll Jo1n the Army and w1n the Purple Star for brave ry above and beyond the call of duty Bob Ed1ngton bel1eves 1n longer ha1r styles for the women so w1ll go 1nto the f1eld, to see that lt 15 carr1ed out J nalee Conroy w1ll Journey to Las Vegas, Nevada whe re she w1ll make her fortune as a car shark Dolores Ferr1gan w1ll go into the MISSIOHBTY f1eld because of her one and only love w1ll J1lt her at the alter Jeanette Fourme w1ll become a famous Art1st and pa1nt the sequence to Whlstler s Mother Wh1Ch w1ll be called H1ccup's Father Gerald Fouts w1ll get an early start on ra1s1ng h1s ch1ckens and k1ds, whlch w1ll be the1r own New Model Betty Gr1nnell w1ll become a nurse, and maJor 1n the study of heart trouble Janet Haas w1ll be enrolled 1n Notre Dame on a scholarsh1p won for her he1ghth and ab1l1ty to play center on the basketball team Dale Hart w1ll become a road eng1neer because he emoys exammlng curves MarJor1e Kmcke rbocker has the d1m future of bexng the only Old Ma1d from the Semor Class Kay McNaughton w1ll venture to the w1ld and woolly West to establlsh a Dude Ranch and hook her m1ll1ona1re Fred Mort1more, on returmng from college, w1ll g1ve good ole Morr1ce H1gh the1r f1rst undefeated record 1n Plng Pong B etty Neal, because of her ab1l1ty as a newspaperwoman, has been offered the Job as ed1tor f Boys' Journal ' Jerry Ol1ver w1ll become a famous bobby socks crooner and thrlll all of Amerlca w1th h1s verslon of Seventeen Tons Donna Schnebelt, upon graduat1ng, 15 gorng to move to Flor1da whe re she w1ll establ1sh a motel for all the sa1lors w1thout a port, and for all the sold1ers w1thout a base Clarence Scollon w1ll Journey to Ireland where he w1ll spend h1s l1fe d1gg1ng Ir1sh potatoes LeRoy Spencer w1ll be defeated 1n h1s f1rst try for the Pres1dency of the 'Kangaroo Club but because of h1s cheerful outlook on l1fe, he w1ll never g1Ve up trylng Jul1a Sturg1s w1ll estabhsh a tra1ler camp to g1ve Donna compet1t1on 1n her motel buslness Rosal1e Vogt w1ll make 'Yellow Rose of Texas a smash h1t for Decca Records Th1s w1ll lead to her rad1o career V'ug1ne Warren w1ll become a great lawyer and later become the f1rst Pres1dent of the U S A from the State of M1ch1gan Dale W1ll1ams voted most l1kely to become a bachelor w1ll settle down on a farm and l1ve a qulet secluded l1fe ra1s1ng p1gs but at the age of 99 w1ll break h1s vows and marry I I ' . a . . . ., H d U . ll 1. v a I . I . Gary Kingsley is already noted as the Great Lover of Morrice High. . o . ' I s n ' o . . 14 NDERGIMDS 'VX .f fl, ,, 1 rf A .Y -,i ff .L1 A, I fx ,M aug, I-.. f W -vs as 4' f 5 3 1 1? . , ,l g wi 1 I9 x 4? 1, K ,f ui! . N 51. ' 1 mf, W' L x Mm K 4 I .S- . .- g ' IE GORDON ROOD KAYE WILLIAMS HELEN TRIBLEY JANET GREEN ERICA ARMSTRONG STANLEY JAGODZINSKI DONNA SCI-IANTZ LARRY SWIHART AUDREY SCRIBNER RICHARD EI-IL JAMES LIENAU JOAN AUSTIN RICHARD FLYNN MARION MAAG ZION SC RIPTER HILDA STACHE LSC HEID RAYMOND SAWYER JANICE DUNCAN RENO KING MARILYN SYKES GERALD EDINGTON PHYLLIS GILBERT A 5' fy' er, ' - A .::, ., f-, fwfr' I P . 1 any '?- .-.- 5 1 fV,lIly I s n , 4- ' 33 .T ,Y 3 . I 'U . 67' . vs., ' I I 40 I uh f 2-,, I ' ab v'y" 'e 'Q 1 x ' 5 I . D Asa. I . ' 2 ri , W. I 4 WK , ,, ' . ' , . I,SL'.'Sl?'f 5 "'-if is ,' r 5 Af .f V A 1 1 I-.' NO PICTURE GLADYS CLARK STEPHEN GRINNELL FRANK BAKOS EVELYN CHAPMAN RONALD WOOD GARY CARPENTER PAT MORSE RONALD LEZOVICH ROSEANN REISH CLYDE WARE TOM CUNNINGHAM VALLIE WARREN DONALD DASSANCE JUDY NANASY LEONARD ROBY JUDY VINCENT RICHARD NANASY MARTHA OLIVER MILTON LOWRIE DOROTHY PAVLICA EDWARD TYRELL BONNIE BENJAMIN BOB ROOD BARBARA BOLEK WALTER .IENISON ANN HAAS TON I-'ERRIGAN NANCY SERVICE TED SCOTT MERLE HOLLER PAT HURSH LARRY FOUTS CAROLINE MORSE 17 pax Ln-f mfzg .Jw W, 1 ,, s I " 1 J ' v v"'. as-sl , qui Q' NO PICTURE JERRY LOWRIE ROBERT NUMERICK JINI OLNEY TOM TRIMMER BEVERLY MITCHELL RAY BRANT JUDY wssu-:Y Bu.i. NANASY DALLAS KANE LOIS SPENCER JACK EDINGTON JUDY ALLEN PATSY HATT GEORGE FLYNN MARILYN LEZOVICH MARK ROWELL SCOTT PERU LAURA SMITH PAUL ROLL MARGARET SPENCER LOIS AUSTIN DALE PLACEWAY SUSAN CUNNINGHAM ELBERT SAWYER DONALD VILLANUCE DEANNA GILBERT JIM MILLER NANCY SEWELL TED POWE LL CHARLOTTE SMITH if 'ar I 'K " 5. f 1 af' A M I I Wi ff QQ- ,,. , 3 Wi w ' 1 4 K Q5 ,S , Q. 1 RICHARD WARREN GORDON GODFREY CLYDE LEWIS KATHLEEN YERKE RUTH ROLL ROBERT SHELLITO ELAINE WOOD TERRY JOHNSON MARILYN CLAY GUY VINCENT .IOANN DVORAK PAUL Le VALLEY DONNA SACKNER BILLY LIENAU MARIE FREED GAYLORD WALKER RUTHANNE SHELLIT O JAMES HURSH SHARON FREEMAN' WILLIAM BULMER NORA REISH DONALD SCOLLON JEAN VINCENT RICHARD ROSE ELAINE WESLEY GERALD ROBY CATHERINE FOUTS WILL SINN GEORGENE NUMERICK JOHN HOLMES NO PICTURE DOLORES VRABLE ADELINE HELMING GILBERT GRINNELL PAT KINGSLEY AGNES JAGODZINSKI EVELYN HART ,I ' C, .av " fa X Af' W 1 , Q H, an , I 'VT AE' fs if T. 4 46. J , A f X 1 I' ,: A. xi m . sf A SR , ai S- ,, 'X IQ ' -M. 'XX 3 55 QS, gf.,-,w mv 4 , 9 A I 1 Us 'xykhhkkv is . A x, ,nk L A .N . E NO PICTURE ALVIN AUSTIN MABEL CLARK -N 'Q wi M4 Qu S fz ffiliy 1 :L 2 , . E S: f PAUL FULLER DENNIS WOOD JENNIFER BRISTLEY DENNIS CARPENTER CATHYRN LEZOVICH MARY LeVALLEY GENE SMITH JUDITH MAAG ARTHUR MILLER FRANCES-PENCER WARREN GUTTING LOUISE SMITH EDWARD COOK JEAN COLE RONALD SCRIPTER RICHARD BOLEK DIANA REISH GARY WALKER BONNIE VRABLE GILBERT JESSEN DOROTHY SCHAUTZ JIM FERRIGAN MILFORD LOWRIE JUDY MITCHELL LARRY MUNRO VIOLET CANNADY HAROLD LOWRIE JERRY SEWELL MARLENE BURKHEAD ALLAN DUTCHER SANDRA HAAS ROBERT BULMER ARLENE SAWYER WILLIAM GILBERT JUDY EDINGTON JACK FLOOD I PATRICA GRINNELL 1-xowARD GODFREY fw- as ir an 'T 'fb ROW 1: L. to R. Shirley Kerry, Bonnie Burkhead, Lonnie Valley, Kerry Armstrong, John Ruthruff, James Grinnell, Robert Upper, Mr. Paul Tucker. ROW Z: David Nanasy, John Flynn, Richard Edington, Edwin Hoag, Edward Pilot, Mxchael Hursh, Timothy Arthur, Edwin I-lanlunson, Rosemary Mitchell. ROW 3: Angeline Jagodzinski, Sandra Olsen, George Klee, Larry Gutting, Nancy Freeman, Lewis Austin, Shirley V1ncent. I ' f", QQJ,-iimin m lii J - . W - - i f bfygiwxf, y , .. ROW 1: L. LO R. Kenneth Vincent, Pldthlfren Powell, Juan Lawrie, Jhln Cennzldy, Gary Grinnell, Chrxstgne Lez-Jvn h, Rl1lpllBenj,1rx.1n, Lesmr Austin, Karen Cook, Rita Brnndv., Vxctor Sclzpter, hnrbfrrd Kerry. ROW Z: Joiin Inlmrs, Kqthlyn Sexton, Jan lessen, Gregory Brown, C,-rlLcv.1s, Rlchard Freeman, Sherry Lee Vogt, Jeyairuu I-iournie, Dennis Edingtun, fxlrs. Gulick. ROW 3: Bonnie Smith, IX.lf1rc1:.W.1llfer, Ldrry Vincent, Larry Forester, Rznhzird Cul, Priscille Flynn, Lols Lawrie, Jeanette Grlibowskx, M:ir1lj.'n Dgifey. lst ROW: Left to Right-Mary Scripter, James Schuyler, Joanne Kerry, Maureen McAvoy, Sally Ruthruff, Ronald Grinnell, Gary EdingtOD. Judy Harlacher, Dora Lezovich. Znd ROW: Patricia Homola, Linda Southwell, Katherine Spencer, John Warner, Linda Ehl, Margaret Dutcher, Daliel Bristley, Dennis Weeks, Linda Forrest 3rd ROW: Ruth Olsen, De ryl Brown, Charles Lowrie, Richard Kollek, Donald Edington, George Fuller, Ted Klee, William Ross, Ronnie Tickner. First Grade ROW 1: L. to R. Ted Shmldt, Lols Guttxng, iirzstg Pearl, Susa1nSpenc:er, Patty Echngton Dune Grxnnell, TommyB41mer, Danglld Lleen, Bczbby E-utter. ROW L: Rwdrzck Hiram, Janet Brxstley, Lmcifi Freefzniln, Szxcira Gjfo, Pd. Pfculxfy , Y.I1c'rL'1cA1I"rye, Davxd Pf,.'.l1c: , Kenneth Labfslle, D wud Eclrxgjlun, E4r,j,5y liar' .rf1. RMT! 3: Exjay l.1en,.4, Reuccpfl Pattrr, Roy Lawns, L1nd1E'0L:'n,L-7, Gerry C51-:.E,o',-.5k1, '-'-Urns, Nia Olrzieda, Nnrmxr Epps r, Iiin 'JV vptluy. QF ,vs , .a ' -' - Q- - ,,, -on r,as,' -, Y' O6 ob Q- , Q ROW l: TOP PICTURE L. to R. Chrzstxne Post, Shirley Lezovlcn, David Carr, Jerold Tickner, Sally Potter, Lynn Shmidt, Kenneth Kollek, Betty Lou Kerry, Kathleen Howard, Beverly Thomas, Annu Howard Qtezxcherj. ROW Z: Nancy 'Upper, John Roys, Larry Clay, Anna Rasmussen, Tommy Green, John Carr, Sandra Smith, Cheryl Brown, Paul Puvliczx, Andrew Flynn. ROW 1: ROW 2: 0, -no Ji.- V ,- , . 7, .,. L. to R. Harry Edington, Constance Bennett, Sherry Woodbury, Liane Armstrong, Linda Cook, Janet Strauss, Christine Koon, Richard Warner, Martin Homola. Verlyn Drake, Linda Drake, Vlrglleene Fouts, Danny Lowrie, Harry Waltz, Ann Mares Ryan, Cheryle Dayringer, Dawn Wood, Victoria Vabricka, Nancy Southwell. THLETICS ROW l: L. to R. Gary Carpenter, Milton Lowrie, Tom Cunningham, Frank Bakos, Dick Ehl, Gerry Edington, Steve Grinnell, Sid Grinnell, Norm Carr. ROW Z: Coach Rasmussen, Gordon Rood, Eugene Warren, Gilbert Grinnell, Clarence Scollon, Bill Nanasy, Dick Flynn, Larry Swihart, Ted Scott, Bob Edington, David Bristley, Don Scollon, Fred Nlortimore, Coach Phillips. ROW 3: Larry Fouts, Jim Miller, George Flynn, Ray Brant, Leonard Roby, Dallas Kane, Ronnie Lezovich, Ronnie Wood, Don Villinuce, Ed. Tyrell. ROW l L to R Elbert Sawyer Clare Austin, Dick Flynn, Bob Edington, Milton Lowrie ROW Z Don Scollon, Gilbert Grinnell, Steve Grinnell, Norm Carr, Dick Ehl, Dale Williams, Clarence Scollon Ed Tyrell, Coach Phillips -vo ,Q-. L. to R. Dolores Ferrigan, Donna Schnebelt, Kaye Williams, Vallie Warren, Betty Grinnell, Julia Sturgis. Varsity Cheerleaders L. to R. Judy Edington, Elaine Wood, Pat Kingsley, Jennie Bristley, Judy Maag, Violet Cannady ' 1 d lr. H1 Cheer ea ers Q CTIVITIES Q Ql Senior Play Lost H onzons For our Sen1or Play, we tr1ed our hand at putt1ng on a dramat1c play lnstead of the usual comedy, farce plays The story mvolves the crashlng oi an a1rplane somewnere m the rnountams of Tlbet, wlth one Amer1can, Henry Barnard, and two Enghshmen, Mr Conway and Mr Malhnson and a m1ss1onary, M1ss Bnnklow as passengers They are taken to a lamasary known as Shangr1 La and made to feel nght at home They are also met by an elderly Chmese who tells them he has been "expect1ng them " Conway IS fascmated by the strange atmosphere of the place and by Helen, a lovely g1rl whom he f1nds there Barnard, the blg and breezy Amer1can, 1s dellghted to stay on mdeflmtely, and Mlss Brmklow, the pr1ck1y httle m1ss1onary lady, doesn't mtend to speclfy Just where she w111 serve the Lord But Mallmson IS eager to be out of the place and on h1s way back to c1v1l1zat1on ' In a movmg scene, the H1gh Lama reveals to Conway the secret of the place that people do not grow old there, and that Shangr1 La 1s ded1cated to preservmg the culture and w1sdom of the people Conway learns too, that Lo Tsen, who seems so young and lovely 1s really almost a hundred years old There IS a cllmatxc scene ln wh1ch Conway reveals thls to Mallmson, who IS 1n love wlth the exqulslte Chlnese glrl and means to take her away when they leave In a Helen and the clalms of Malhnson Those 1n the cast were Prologue and Fpllogue Myra, and attractlve Enghsh grrl, Janalee Conroy Ehzabeth, also an attract1ve Enghsh g1rl , Janet Haas Wyland, of the Enghsh Embassy, Robert Edmgton Rutherford, an Enghshman, Dale W1ll1ams Cast ln Play Chang, an elderly Chlne se, Stanley Case Conway, H M Consul, Clarence Scollon Malllnson, also H M Consul, Dave Br1stley M1ss Brmklow, the mlsslonary, Dolores Ferngan Mr Henry Barnard, an Amerrcan, Allan Booth Lo Tsen, Chlnese gzrl, Jeanette Fourme Helen, and Engllsh g1rl, Juha Sturgxs Hlgh Lama, of Shangr1 La, Gary Klngsley Al Llng, Chmese Servmg glrl, Donna Schnebelt Tashl, Tzbetanglrl, Betty Grlnnell Tlbetan, Dale Hart DIRECTOR MR RASSMUSSEN Date of play, December 1 A c 1 n 'I n 1 1 . ' . 1 conclusion of magnetic power, Conway is torn between his faith in Shangri-La and his love for H ' 1 I umor Play GIRL SHY Can you 1mag1ne a boy who f1nds hlmself practlcally engaged to a g1rl w1thout h1s own concent9 I'h1s 15 what confronts Tom Arsdale a college student, when h1s father comes to v1s1t lum and br1ngs along a prospectwe w1fe to be How he manages to get out of thls sltuatlon prov1des the plot of the Junlor play GIRL SHY w1th many surpr1ses and laughs Our cast was as follows Tom Arsdale, who IS g1rl shy Gary K1ngsley Oke Stxmson, who 1sn't Robert Edlnvton Anthone Arsdale Tom's father, Allan Booth Sylv1a Webster Tom s pet ave rslon Betty Gr1nnell Barbara Stanford, Tom's flance Jeanette Fournle Dean Marlow, Dean of the college Dale W1ll1ams Peaches Carter, Oke's present wealcness, Juha Sturgxs Asma, a colored "wash Lady Jacquel1ne Dauel B1rd1e LaVerne, a ITIOVIC asplrant, Donna Schnebelt Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, college poet, Clarence Scollon Chuck Mayo, B11'd16'S late aff1n1ty Robert Pease D11-ector, Mr Jenk1ns Date of play Aprll 15 16 1955 ' 1 ! l . . , . O Caroline, Tom's aunt, Betty Neal 9 . , . . I D 1 Q , . . ll ' - D l . - , U mm- G. . ibm im - Q -4 '54 Mx' ..w...........-..- ,..f Q5 as 'f 'Q YG fin A .lx V sf'- ROW l: L. to R. Sandra Olsen, Bonnie Burkhead, Shirley Kerry, Michael I-lursh, Lonnie Valley, James Grinnell. ROW Z: Kerry Armstrong, John Flynn, Timothy Arthur, Lewis Austin, Richard Edington, David Nanasy, Rosemary Mitchell. gi -1' ivn Ill ROW l: L. to R. Mr. Douglas Ferrier, Ronnie Wood, Jin Lineau, Dale Williams, Stan Jagodzxnski, Reno King, Eugene Warren. ROW Z: Dale Placeway, Bob Rood, Tom Trimmer, Ed Tyrrell, Gerry Edington, Dallas Kane, B1llNanasy, Milton Lowrie, Don Dassance, Merle Holler, Bob Nurnerick. ROW 3: Don Villincuc, Jerry Oliver, Gary Kingsley, Mark Rowell, Clyde Ware, Clare Austin, Leonard Roby, Jerry Lowrxe, Elbert Sawyer, Robyn Peru. "II v Gi ,gn Q- gl 'VD VE ROW l: L. to R. Sandra Haas, Edward Tyrrell, Erica Armstrong, Janalee Conroy, Gary Kingsley, Eugene Warren, Hilda Stachelscheid, Mr. Ferris. ROW Z: Janet Haas, Donna Sachner, Don Villanuce, Betty Neal, Stanley Jadodzinski, Barbra Bolek, Billy Bulmer, Gilbert Jesson. Q56 QC 33 pv- 'Y' 'il f U 34 ROW l: 1.. to R. Jeanette Fournie, Rosalie Vogt, Rose Ann Reish, Janalee Conroy, Judy Vincent, Pat Hursh, Dorothy Pavlica. ROW 2: Betty Grinnell, Phyllis Gilbert, Donna Schautz, Dale Hart, Stanley Jagodzinski, Dolores Ferrigan, Mrs. Gulick. ROW l: L. to R. Judy Onley, Pat Hursh, Rose Reish, Judy Nanasy, Ruth Ann Shellito, Georgene Numerick, Marie Freed. ROW Z: Mr. Lafkiotes, Betty Grinnell, Pat Kingsley, Pat Hatt, Cathy Fouts, Elaine Wood, Sharon Freeman, Adeline Helming, Kathleen Yerke. ROW 3: Diana Reish, Pat Morse, Caroline Morse, Lois Spencer, Jean Vincent, Evelyn Hart, Marilyn Clay. wr, .asf-, v' ROW 1: L. to R. Ma Warren. Be'-tY Neal- ROW Z: Rose Riesh, Betty Grxnnell, Jeanette Fourme, Janice Duncan, Kaye Wxlliams, C.1ro11ne Morse. rge Knxckerbocker, Janet Green, Steve Grmnell, Vallxe G L L fr? w 4 V 4 'QI v , , id . 1 Agy uf url Awbulf A ,, L5 sQf',,ka.f " , V, W. ku. .LQ A gt, V .M L. , L, , Q, 4 , '-'pw 6. gf , L, 'Lf GF '24, M ,. '3'i2'ffw2iA ids? ! W f M J' J gvvtaffs . v ' I W- ,Egg . 45 , ,gsm 'Q :Q . , 5 ,V 1: 'Tm 5 ., . Y Lx! ,, 1. ,If , , 1 ws Q YV A f 'fl Q' Y - k el 'YA ' rv 4' Q 1 6 XQ,y'1g: IJ' - V, fy-is M.. C ' ff , - , ' "5 W 4 fab' .'5- Q YQ Y' I 3 ' FQ! '7 we 'ff 'R k,,'Q N - ' S- V ' if T' . ,Q-f, , ne' gf Q ' ,gy Q7 . ' A' L11 2 4 XA XQE9' V fl fix ' 5 - at Q 1 EMEA -nn-W. 'Q vi W 'S as . 4 N12 -X V . 'Q' fig 'fa 11 faqs A2558 1,111 Y Q1 f sm V ff, ,Z A' 4 4 '32 4' 2 i m w + . Sky of , I 7 if k A V- q it O Q! ,r-ggi, 5 ff A , if 7-r?':',w T5 mn ll .4- .:. i, gym ff ,f 58.31 na I 1 1 'ggi 1 s -H? Q 2, '15 I can R S 's K if M 'XJ If ff, I I !, xf' f If 4 aio IWERTISING Compllments of GRLO CARPENTER S GARAGE General Servlce Towlng Bumpmg Pamtmg Phone 44F2 Morrlce M1ch1gan Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes To The Senlors of 56 and to the Annual Staff RUSSELL E LARCDWE Mortlclan Dlgnlfled Funeral SSIVICGS Member Natlonal Funeral Dlrectors Assoclatlon Ambulance Servlce Phone 2 5 Perry M1ChlQaH Compllments of Morrlce Tm Shop T-Ieatmg and Eave stroughmg West Second Street Morrlce Mlchlgan Compllments of Standard Oil Company Agents Aymor Iohnson Bancroft Phone ME 4 5513 Dale Reynolds Perry Phone 16 O O C. I. Ferrigan O Congratulanons VFR Yoder Construction Co Perry Lumber 81 Coal Co Farm Gates Fence Posts Dram T11e Bullder s Hardware Buck Rooflng Mlllwork Complete Lme of Martm Senour Pamts Phone 14 Perry, Mlchlgan ff , ......, W ! "' --W---. ,....,WM X , """""""' f, ,,,,.,,,,..f.-., - , N .4'?'a.:, -S , , . G , . I o I . , . . Compllments of ' Jordans Mfg Company Inc Aho Phone 49 Morrlce M1ChlQaD Morrlce Gram SL Bean Co Gram Beans Seeds Coal Phone ZOF2 Moruce Mlchlgan I , "' - I . ' 1 b I I . Amnniuce TUYUJUIQ , I I X 2 l I , b I . . I 0 O I . . EllERY D GULICK LlVGStOCk and General Trucklng Melrose 4 5339 Bancroft IVI1Chlga1'1 HARRY C RIlEY Phone 21 Morrlce Mlchlgan JAMESW l00MlS Your Borden Mrlkman Phone 97 F 21 Perry Mlchlgan 9 I O Insurance - Bonds - Fire - Auto O C F AACDIVIH' Accountant MRS WILLIAMS THE TOWN TAVERN Compliments of . . I 3 Fresh Donuts Hambur ers and Coff Compliments of ' I Compliments of Nelson Dairy Company M11k and Cream of Superlor Flavor Known for Fme Dalry Products Slnce 1913 Phone 10 3 6 Owosso Mlchlgan Stewart Arthur Dalry Farm Equlpment Phone 63 Ed Cords Well Drrllrng 3 to 12 Water Wells None too Big None too Small Phone 6331 313 Dexter Road Eaton Raplds Mlchlgan I . . . I . . o s ll ll 5 , Q! , :NF .A .A ' . I . . oompnmems of Don Flood s Texaco Service Phone 17 Morrlce Mlchlgan Comphments of Curtlss Candy Company Dlstrlbuted By Ioe Evan Phone 69Il1 Webbervllle Mlchlgan Our Very Best Wlshes Class of 56 of Morrlce Hlgh Perry Ieweler SIHCG 1909 Perry Mlchlgan Compllments of Gus Borrls 81 Son Super Servlce Bancroft IVIlCh1QdI'1 D. P. Hinchey Compllments of Kelley s Variety Store Pho Perry and Fow1erv111e ne Castle 38612 Fow1erv111e Phone 110 F 3 Perry Meats Dr W E Dayls y Goods Frozen Foods GFOCGFIGS Morrlce M1Chlg n Compllments of Economy Gas 81 Oil Phone 38 Perry Mlchlgan Fuel O11 a Perry Gas 81 Oll nd Gasolme Tank Wago Tlres and Batteries Phone 5 7 Perry Michigar n Service I , , o . Q o o , 3 I I O , 1 Comphments of Perry Elevator Phone 15 Perry M1ch1gan Congratulauons Morrlce Graduatlng Class of 56 P l Aldnch Stores Compllments of Transport lnn Home Made P1es and Good Coffee Phone 41 Morr1ce Mlchlgan Compllments of Talbot s Groceries Phone 4 F2 Perry Mlchlgan Perry, Michigan , U Oakes Funeral Home Ambulance Servrce Phone 5 F 2 Perry M1Ch1gaH R P Flynn Implement Company Iamesway Barn Equlpment S1mp11c1ty Garden Tractors Phone 151 Compllments of Carol Prrtch Men s Wear Perry MlCh1gaH Congratulatlons to the 1956 Morrlce Class Perry Dry Cleaners We operate our own Cleanmg Plant Iohn I Mahaney Propr1etor Phone 16 Perry Mlchlgan Perry, Michigan Shattuck Muslc House Everythlng ln MUSlCdl Instruments G E Appllances and Accessorles Owos so Mlchlgan Congratulatlons Senlors H a t h a w a y s Phone 3 9 Morrlce Mlchlgan Compllments of Morrlce State Bank Morrlce Mlchlgan Compllments of Ehl s Groceries Morrlce M1ChlQ5D 0 7 Groceries - Meats - Ice Cream - Dry Goods , O Perry Clothlers Lad1es Gents and Chlldrens Furnlshlngs F Goodrlch Rubber Footwear Endlcott Iohnson Shoes K G Polhemus Perry 1Vl1C1'1lQE1I1 Ambulance Servlce Phone Melrose 45222 Bancroft Mlchlgan Bancroft lumber 81 Coal Company Dupont Palnts Small Bench Tools Flush Door Lumber Coal Phone Me 45244 Bancroft Mlchlgan Compllments of Reynold s Grocery Perry Quallty Food Store Phone 40 Perry Nl1Cl'1lQ3l'1 . B., . 'I ' I t ' loves Funeral Home 7 Robbins Furniture Co D Mhg Morays Jewelers M h g Wlley Motor Company C p1'ments of O O Furniture - Car t Owosso, ic i a H me of Columbia D' d Owosso, ic i an C pl' t f Owosso, ic i a Congratulations - Seniors E George Grant, life Underwriter Savings Plans and Life Insurance Compliments of Rann s Rexall Drug Store Complete Drug Service Phone 240 Perry Michigan Compliments to Class of 1956 Ruby s Cafe M 47 at M 78 Home Cooking Service Electrlc Plumbing and Heating Appliance Hotpoint Service Phone Morrice 47F4 Perry Michigan 7 7 Perry, Michigan O O Towner Hardware Morr1ce M1ch1gan Congratulatlons Seniors We graduated 1n 1923 We wlsh to thank everyone who helped make th1s annual pOSS1b16 Class of 56 . . . I . r 4 I . I u Q.- WALSWORTH 1.n.w..,h.a A sun L, WA qwonu snofncns uma... ll., u s A " W' Qi .F-E1 fg,

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