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5 'l -f- W1 if -N -'ffrfiwm b--4wslsffgvff'f-:sw-1-W wb. 4 W-. ,,.., .. ,. -1, ,f....,f-xmvlk-7 U.,-'L ,U :A -Q F 1 . N':Lfnam.:fxa--, - afrfbf---,Q-fn-wxfr:fH::r1 -:fa-.-ct-.Q .Qs .fc-,1 1.-23150:-wgwf:-Q lf 1-,:.f...- Q. -fi?-:-G?" .:- - 'uf- 'L - '1" 1 " 1 Twiic gi s 5'--:E-wi?'g,3 T- 1 ! P X v Ew I EL A. V Y y ' k ,, mea, :?Xf:y,: . w.'sf-1 ., ,.-,1u., :,x v-'.:.f .f vw,-V . ' ... .- Qi ga 1 2255 " q 3 ' a ww , 2 ,Q ? .- :1 5:1 . 'Maw ff wsggaffpwi fn- W-QW: - Q -, -f- ' M ' ww wg :: 'si - 'N --A-V-A-X .Ni nw:::.:M .ww 4.-'Www -W,-. ...N ,E ,wg--vfnfg-if sim, I- 49 1 ,-456,535 9 ' ncmm f www iw- afffg. E . L 12 l , ' -5 W K 4 Nl. ' 1 , . - 21 ,A '- 5 '-at -' H ., J f awlebf H Q .7 M. 'fm 'U :H Jfff'wfQff?"2, 1 24 ., 5 1-,ff ' fi'f-'eff-mee: '21 .Lani f 2255 X K , S . 1 1 V , ' W , ' X iw il :V , . i f - f r.: - ffi f, ,f . ,, ' N , -, -4- Q ---W, ' -Llgwwamwfw-fffs-W' K ' M A? E .rf' -, - K f . A V 'J ' - . "' 1. AA - 1 --- 'S 1 -rx-za Hraeezwxavmuwwmfsz-qn1m,. , --1,-,,,-,M--fag. ---A-4, ,mf , ,, ,U- io' A":2l - L5YU5'l'5"-ZS'-,sfftt 1-: 52Z-E if5i!1?i!" ' f, WL, ,, :vi- .Md ,Wm A,, , ,,. , , ,. , ,L i I 4, -A H Q Y- 3. . ,,.,,, , .. ,,. . "nn 7 -11 IQ A I mgwg A 554 Wwe , lv 'L 3' Q z -,V UIRCI - K i K' U V ,. A ww x 235, wx mm 1 4215 -f" '1 .IQ K 'A . ...em ,A A, "1 zjgfflifi " ww I - .Wg ig ,VK V- .miffi - WZ mmf fu VU? Q A nw f , lf ,gg , . Q 3 f '31 ' w M ,man We ig, was 3' if 241.11 N '3fa,:2i 'Sp I q ,.,. t fi 9 , , 2 1 N, 2 Ti ,W Y S 7' ii, 1.5 f ' J3, X f:.'mg2-mmf A ' ' - v'-- W 1 Q2 wfug m f , Q wr ,f W, , 'fizfqfi r 5-xp' MAS? ,raw h :1,,, -. ,. si. E 'iff , ' me 1, 5, I. 1 --: 7. 1 'T-. 1- .f Nii- fvfi .L , vrigqiiu,-r in f'5gfi!7:s' Efqfgg .23 i'::'.f: '1 Mi ' 5319. 9 , Mg!-1 1 X fi I"-E Q ! Q ? 'I i I ga. .u,'-jgffi' 2 E131 :fa Y" QUE" I ' 1 , , . ,iw Qifiizi? . ff' " I vi' ff' YH . I :IQ y A '5 J . .W ' f 5 if 1: Q, fr ur 511-4 ,Z Mir! : Lifirl fhwil 3-!-35' fQf1.5'3't 'iff i I3"?,f- "wail, 1 ,ll f PM A r-li ' v xv 1 In u 5 1 2 4 5 3 w . .A- ix rb' C l956 9 PTA I lnrfmtinn We, the class of '56,' are very proud to dedicate our yearbook to those who have helped to shape our lives and set our standards for the years to come. We offer our thanks and great appreciation to our parents and our advisor. Mr. Hensel has helped us, the class of '56,' immensely. His guidance and understanding have meant very much to each of us. We shall never lose the memory of this year and his patience and counseling. Our parents, through love and understanding, have given much so that we may have an education. They have helped us accomplish the things we undertook and have helped to make these twelve years our happiest. "Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Mr. Hensel." International Trucks FLEET SERVICE GARAGE Corners of W. Church SL Park Blvd. Marion, Ohio--Phone 2-1755 SU PE RINTENDENT MCFAR LAN A MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT To the graduating class of 1956 ---- It is generally recognized by authorities in the field of education that motivating or "prodding" the student to learn is one of the primary tasks of the teacher. We of the faculty here at Morral School do not claim or pretent to be perfect in this respect but we have been trying. "Nothing comes out of the sackbut what was put in it." You will get out of your twelve years of grade school and high school just about what you put into it. We sincerely hope you have a good supply of efforts, experience, and achievements to draw from. Many graduates of this school have gone forth with high standards to live by, worked hard and are now good witnesses for Morral High School. May we be just as proud of the class of '56. g,,.2,,f,9.Wcp,,f.t, FAC LTY 1 l i ROBERT O. MC FARLAN JAMES BURNS VERN HENSEL Superintendent English Physical Education ykkigg RICHARD L. BAYLESS BARBARA PITTMAN ELVA LAWSON History Music Home Economics ? 1 A. J. BISHOP ROBERT BUDD RICHARD L, GRANLEE Agriculture Math-Science Commercial GRADE FAC LTY Mrs, Wilson, Mrs. Bosley, Mrs. Brewer, Miss Snyder, Mrs. Coon and Mrs. Moore. CHO0L BUARD 1 e Mr. Heller, Mr. Baker, Mr. Williams, Mr. Moore, Mr. Ferguson, and Mr. Fetter. CLASS PINJPHECY The audience at the Copa Cabanna in New York was cheering and applaud- ing at the star performance oftwo well known hillbilly stars. Yes, you guessed it, it was Ginny Porter and Jeanne Berlin. We didn't get the same thrill out of the applause as we usually do as we were thinking of graduation night ten years ago. So we decided to take a trip and look up our former classmates. Hearing that our navy man Jack Atha was in England we flew there and went to the base. There we were taken in to see the Admiral and can you imagine our surprise when we saw it was Jack himself. After a short visit with Jack we flew to Japan where we found Betty Lou Waugh. Betty told us after graduation she joined the air force and decided to make it her life's work. Reluctantly we left Betty and flew to the Hawaian Islands. There was Charlie Foos taking life easy. Charlie is still a playboy and how he loves those grass skirts. We found that Harvey Clark was also there and had opened a roller skating rink, since becoming the champion skater of the world. We flew next to Mexico where we found David Young in his Mexican costume. He was quite famous as a publisher ofjoke books. A lot of these jokes were ones we heard from him during our senior year. After a Hilarious visit with David we went to Argentinawhere we visited Fred Murphy. He was now owner of the largest foundary in the world. Fred is married and has 12 children. Our next stop was in Hollywood, California, where we found Ruth Radel. She is now a famous pop singer and was now singing in pictures. While touring her studio we met her director. Imagine our surprise when the director turned around and we saw Ken Hinaman. Yes, Ken was a real success in Hollywood. Our next stop was in Nebraska where we met Virgil Steurer. He had a large experimental farm there and was very successful. Our next stop was in Chicago, Illinois, where we located Ruth Ann Higgins. Ruth Ann had bought the chain of Murphy Stores and married a suc- cessful business man. Marguerite Newman was in Chicago too so we went to visit her. She was a private secretary to the president of the air-lines. We said goodbye to Ruth Ann and Marguerite and headed for Indianapolis, where we found Ronnie Schwaderer. We found Ronnie as the Hot Rod King. He was getting his hot rod in shape for the big 500 lap race on the speedway. In Cleveland we found Ron Patten and were we ever surprised. Ron was really streamed lined and was running a reducing salon. We enjoyed our visit with Ron and his family and he told us we could find Bill Cluff at O. S. U. doing experimental agriculture work. After bidding Bill goodby, we got home to Morral at last where we were welcomed by Max Brewer. We found Brewer's Brewery had really prospered. Max and his wife now have five children. After leaving Max we visited Buddy Heller. Buddy is now a very successful medical doctor. We reminised about the wonderful times we had had at the parties he gave during his junior and senior years. After leaving Buddy we went to Virginia and there we found Bob Williams. He was coach at Williams and Mary College at Williamsburg, Virginia. His basketball tea.m was the best in the South. We went to Washington D. C. where we visited Eddie Brewer. Eddie has become Secretary of Agriculture ofthe United States. Yes, we were very happy for our classmates and their success in life but we had to get back to New York so we bade Eddie farewell at the airport and with a happy feeling inside us we say farewell until we meet again. CAMPBELL FARM SUPPLY 196 South Prosepect Street Marion, Ohio THE CAPTAI SEATED: Berlin, Young, Heller, Hinaman, Higgins, Mr. Bayless, Radel Porter. SECOND ROW: Atha, Willams, E. Brewer, Patten, Murphy, Waugh Newman, M. Brewer, Cluff. THIRD ROW: Steurer, Clark, Schwaderer THE ANNUAL STAFF Advisor ..... ........................ M r. Bayless Editor ....... ............... R uth Ann Higgins Assistant Editors . ....... Bud Heller, and Ken Hinaman Class Will . . . . . . . . Marguerite Newman, and Ruth Radel Class Prophecy . . ..... Jeanne Berlin and Ginny Porter F. F. A. .... ................... B ill Cluff Photography . . .......... Bob Williams. and Max Brewer Art . ....... .............. J ack Atha and Bob Williams Class History . . . . Bob Williams, Bud Heller, and Ken Hinaman Assistants . . . .... Fred Murphy, Ron Patten, Eddie Brewer, Virgil Steurer, Betty Waugh, Harvey Clark, Ron Schwaderer, and Dave Young. CLASS HISTURY 4 Once again we gather here in the amphitheatre for our annual show "This Is Your Life." Tonight we have as our guest, the celebrated and famous Morral High School. Let us start with the year 1952, and on the day of September 2. About to enter into the spotlight under the role of freshmen, we find a group of unruly children numbering to 23. These precarious freshmen were Ruth Radel, Marguerite Newman, Fred Murphy, Ruth Ann Higgins, Donna Knickle, Roberta Capehart, Jackie Harris, Eddie Brewer, Duane Bosely, Lloyd Simpson, Harvey Clark, Jim Chirstian, Jack Atha, Virgil Stuerer, Bill Cluff, Ralph Brady, Ken Hinaman, Nick Alley, Max Brewer, Bud Heller, Bob Williams, Charles Foos, and Dave Young. The freshman year held many opportunities for party-going and all of the big high school activities to which they were invited. Your freshmen felt real big and grown up but soon found that freshmen had to work hard too. Now as we go onto the Sophomore year of this class and here we find, much to our sorrow, that we have lost Donna Knickle, Nick Alley, Roberta Capehart, Jackie Harris, and Lloyd Simpson. But we also gained Dwight Barry, Jeanne Berlin, Jackie Frost, Velda Long, Norma Routon, and Betty Lou Waugh. This year of 1953 was to hold many great events for this class. Some of the boys moved up to key positions on the reserve basketball team and the greatest, of all happenings, this was the year to select our class rings. With this class being a group well known for working together they all decided on a ring which was one of the most attractive ever to gleam on the hand of a Morralite. Yes, this too was aglorious year for you sheltered class of "56." As we leave the year of 1953 and go to another page in your history, Morral High, we find that you have many of the old students who are now quite grown up and proud to accept the honor title of juniors. You were very sorry to find that Ralph Brady and Velda Long were no longer with you, and very glad to see that you had gained Gary Allen, Ron Schwaderer, Ginny Porter, Ron Patton, and Ralph Harris. For this class, there had been no year to match this one. The years of 54-55 were full and bubbling over with plans for our class play, "Coddled Egbert," which was a roaring success. Next in sight was the banquet which was one of the prettiest ever to be held inpyour gym. The theme, if you will remember, was "A Night ln Fairyland" and was deemed a success by all. After the banquet we find the juniors busy helping the seniors with concessions at the basketball games and assisting them on the annual. This year came to a close all too soon and we find these juniors ready and willing to accept the title role of seniors. The senior year, ahh, the one most longed for by some, and most dreaded by others. This year finds your class busy with the annual, basketball games, senior trip, choosing of invitations, colors, and motto. There were many heated discussions in this class but they always agreed on a decision which was best for all. As your class of "56" leaves they want to thank you for the time and effort spent, trying to make them better citizens and more worthy of the title . . . adulthood. y So to you Morral High, the class of "56" says thanks, in our small way, thanks for everything. MAURICE RALPH HELLER President 4 Vice - President 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 National Thespian Society 4 Paper Staff 4 County Chorus 2, 3, 4 O. W. U. Music 3,4 O. R. Y. 1,2 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 O. H. S. S. L. 4 Annual Asst. Editor 4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 JEANNE ARDI TH BERLIN Secretary 4 Band 4 Chorus 1, 4 Home Enocomics 1,4 Class Plays 3,4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3,4 National Thespian Society 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 County Chorus 4 Student Council 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 WILLIAM CAY CLUFF Treasurer 4 Band 1, 2, 4 F. F. A. Class Plays 3,4 County Band 1, 2, 4 Parliamentary Procedure 1, 2, 3 F, F, A. Reporter 2,3 F. F. A. President4 State F. F, A. Band 1,2 State Judging Contests 3 Compliments of Compliments of BLAZER St GRAPPY SOHIO SERVICE WALLACE PATTON Routes 4 81 23 Phone 2-9990 R. F. D. if 3 Marion, Ohio Marion, Ohio KENNE TH LE E HINAMAN Vice - President 4 Key Editor 4 Key Asst. Editor 3 Senior Scholarship Tests 4 National Thespian Society 4 Reporter 3 Annual Asst. Editor 4 Class Plays 3,4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 County Band 1, 2, 4 County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 O. W. U. Music 1,2,3,4 O. R. Y. 1,2 Track 1 Basketball 1 O. H. S. S, L. 4 Compliments of HAROLD COFFEY MKT 669 N. Main St. Marion, Ohio VIRGINIA LEE PORTER Student Council 4 Band 1, 2, 4 Chorus 1, 4 Home Economics President 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 National Thespian Society 4 Paper Staff 4 County Band 4 County Chorus 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 G, A, A, 1,2,3,4 Student Council Treasurer 4 JACK EDWARD ATHA Band 2 Chorus 2, 3 F. F. A. 1,2,4 Class Play 4 Paper Staff 3,4 O.R. Y. 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3,4 Annual Staff 3, 4 EDWIN WILL BREWER Band 1 F. F. A. 1,2,4 O. R. Y. 2 Parliamentary Procedure 1, 2, 4 F. F. A, Treasurer 2,4 State Judging Contest 1, 2 Annual Staff 3, 4 MAX ELLIOTT BREWER Band 1, 2, 3 F, F, A. 1,2,4 Class. Play 3 Paper Staff 3 County Band 1, 2 President 2, 3 Student 2, 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball l ' t f R,EgonEz,p1lJrT1irf sI'l3ORD THE MARION COUNTY FARM BUREAU ' ' t f S' lal Products Co-op Associations u Dlstggiausiljeg Stlnlih-2-0134 Marion-LaRue-Caledonia-New Bloomington HARVEY EDWARD CLARK F. F. A. 3 O. R. Y. 1,2 Annual Staff 3, 4 CHARLE S AVERIL FOOS Band 2 Track 1, 2,3,4 Chorus 1, 2,4 F, F. A. 1,2,3,4 O. R. Y. 1 F, F, A, Vice - President 4 Betty Crocker HO1'I1CI'I13.kEI' 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Senior Scholarship test 4 Baseball 1 National Honor Society 3 National Thespian Society 4 Paper Staff 3,4 District Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Home Economics 1, 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 G. A. A. l,2,3,4 County Chorus 2,4 O. R. Y. 1,2 Secretary 1, 2, 3 Treasurer 1, 2 Reporter 2 D. A. R. Test 4 Temperance League Test 3 United Nations Exam 4 RUTH ANN HIGGINS Annual Editor 4 Annual Asst. Editor 3 Parliamentary Procedure 1, 2, 3, 4 FREDRICK RAY MURPHY Class Plays 3,4 Paper Staff 4 O. R. Y. 1,2 Treasurer 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 District Scholarship Test 2, 3 Temperance League Test 3 Basketball 1 . l l , Compliments of NATIONAL CITY BANK of MARION West-Town Branch, Waldo Branch, Prospect Branch St Green Camp Branch Member of The Federal Deposit Inc. Corp, MARGUERI TE EDITH NEWMAN Chorus 1 Home Economics 1, 2, 3 Class Plays 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2,3,4 National Thespian Society 4 Paper Staff 3,4 D, A. R, Test 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 RONALD LEE PATTON Band 4 F . F . A. 4 Class Play 4 Paper Staff 4 County Band 4 Parliamentary Procedure 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 RUTH ANN RADEL Chorus 1, 2 Home Economics 1, 2, 4 Class Play 4 Paper Staff 3 County Chorus 1, 2 O.R.Y. 1,2 Annual Staff 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 RONALD ALLEN SCHWADERER F,F,A, 1, 2, 3, 4 Parliamentary P. 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Paper Staff 4 ILER'S SUPER MARKET STEWART STUDIO of PHOTOGRAPHY Corner Davids Sa Bellfontaine Ave. 1461l'2 South Main Street Groceries-Produce-Meats Marion, Ohio Phone 2-1907 Marion Portraits that Please ROBERT EDWARD WILLIAMS Band 1 Chorus 1, 2 F . F . A. 1, 3, 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 O. R. Y. 1, 2, F. F.A. Secretary 4 Student Council 1 Basketball- 1, 2, 4 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Parliamentary Procedure 1, 4 General Live stock Judging 4 State Meat Judging 4 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 VIRGIL ALLEN STEURER Band 1, 2 F F. , A.1,2,3,4 Class Plays 3,4 County Band 1, 2 Parliamentary Procedure 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. President 3 F, F, A, Treasurer 2 F, F, A. Sentinel 4 District Speaking Contest 2 Annual Staff 3, 4 x DAVID NEWTON YOUNG Chorus 1, 2, 4 Class Plays 3,4 National Thespian Society 4 County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 O. W. U. District Music 2, 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Volley Ball 3, 4 THE LOWE BROTHERS CO. Compliments of 196 West Center MORRAL RESTAURANT Ph-2-2694 V. L. Jones Proprietor Quality Paints 8: Varnishes Morral, Ohio BETTY LOU WAUGH Chorus 1 Home Economics 1, 2, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4 Paper Staff 4 O. R. Y. 2 Secretary 1 Annual Staff 3, 4 Congratulations HOMERS MARKET 333 West Center St. Marion, Ohio I 15 I'!.".Jn O00 L3 La Twelve Years Together ,A fx , . ,,Q.,ff'Iff1i., , ra w AQ . vw W CLASS WILL We as the class of '56 of Morral High School, being of sound mind and body, venturing to secure new work in the future, hereby bestow our wills heretofore made: ARTICLE I Herefore we bequeth the following things to our beloved teachers and friends. To Mr. McFarlan we leave the responsibilities of running Morral High and hope he will continue to in future years. To the rest of the teachers we will our home work and hope that they will have it done every day. To the Juniors we would like to leave our study halls and hope that they will be as quiet as we have been. To the Sophomores we wish to leave all of our good grades and hope they will continue with them. To the Freshmen we will our good ability to get along with the teachers. ARTICLE II To our fellow classmates we will the following: Jack Atha wills his ability to draw to Wareen Hensel and his good be- havior to everyone in the Mechanical Drawing Class. Jeanne Berlin wills her yodeling ability to Norman Noyes. Eddie Brewer wills his math knowledge to Ronnie Rice and his good grades to whomever gets there first. Max Brewer wills his straight A's to Harry Johnston. Harvey Clark wills his ability to squeel tires to Norman Noyes and his Crosley Book and Mechanical Drawing Book to Clyde Neal. Bill Cluff wills his position as President of F. F. A. to Sharon Glassmeyer. Charlie Foos wills his ability of skipping school to Clyde Neal. Buddy Heller wills his chemistry book to Mary Forry and his way with girls to Gene Moore. Ruth Ann Higgins wills her sewing ability to Eddie Gregory. Kenny Hinaman wills his solos in chorus to Judy Campbell. Fred Murphy wills his freckles to Margy and his typing eraser to Sharon Glass- meyer. Marguerite Newman wills her singing ability to Sandra Swick. Ron Patten wills his excess weight to anyone who needs it tif anyone can use that muchl. Ginny Porter wills her sophistication to Jerry Wood. Ruth Radel wills her quick temper to Shirley Clark and her seat in Home Economics to Dick Craycraft. Ronnie Schwaderer wills his ability to get along with girls to Jerry Baker. Virgil Steurer wills his A's in Agriculture to Bob Johnson. Betty Lou Waugh wills her driving ability to Shirley Sisson and her blonde hair to anyone. Bob Williams wills his 6 ft. 3 in. frame to Ronnie Rice. David Young wills his Hudson to whoever dares accept it. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and cause our seal of approval to be affixed at Morral High School, Morral, Ohio, this 21st day of May A. D. 1956. Best Wishes To The Class Of 1956 WALDO SUPPLY Waldo, Ohio MARY ANN FORRY Junior RUTH ANN HIGGINS Senior SHA RON GLASSME YE R Junior BILL CLUFF BUD HELLER Senigr Senior GENE MOORE JERRY WOOD Junior Junior KEN HINAMAN Senior JUNl0R Bob Johnson Student Council Jerry Baker Alberta Christian Shirley Clark Dick Craycraft Sharon Glassmeyer Eddie Gregory Harry Johnston Nancy Jones Gene Moore Clyde Neal Norman Noyes Ronnie Rice DaLee Simmons Shirley Sisson Sandra Swick Jerry Wood Judy Mary Ann Warren Margy Campbell Forry Hensel Murphy Secretary President Vice - President Treasurer 0PHOMORE Sally Myers Student Council John Ackley Dean Bolinger Larry Burley Bonnie Clarkston Vivian Cocheral Russell Conley Ruthella Foos Ted Frost Judy Hooper Pauline Knapp John Palmer Hazel Pemberton Darrell Schwaderer DeAnna Seeoy Wayne Shifflet Larry Starner Ronald Washburn George Watts Juanita Young Mary Lou Tom Sharon Lela Koontz Shifflet Grounds Rife Secretary President Vice President Treasurer th GRADE Janet Cocherl Student Council Larry Bard Larry Conley James Grounds Gary Heller Tommy James Roger Koontz Freddie Moore Victor Noyes Torn Sisson Robert Tong Gary Waugh Eddie Williams Steve Williams PROBST SUPPLY CO. 366 West Center St. Marion, Ohio l Phyliss Walter Jill Barbara Houk Breitigam Hooper Myers Sec. KL Treas. President Vice - President Reporter SMITTYS BARBERSHOP 238 North Main St. Marion, Ohio th GRADE Larry Joan Kay Susan Janet Borland Williams Murphy Cockran Atha Student Council Secretary President Vice - President Treasurer Jim Alley Phyliss Barry Richard Barry Harold Bosley David Hammond Marie Jolley Martha Jolley Jim Loomis David McManiS Ronnie Milligan Gene Noyes Edgar Pemberton Anna Saxton Compliments of HEMERLYS' FLOWER SHOP 229 W, I-airground Marion, Ohio Compliments of WINDOM'S GROCERY 215 N, Main 1 3,535 5th and 6th GRADE 1 i FIRST ROW: Mrs. Moore, Borland, Higgins, James, Ferguson, Stiverson. SECOND ROW: Huddle, Marshall, McGloth1in, Barry, Crabtree, Washburn. THIRD ROW: Hawk, Marshall, Hooper, Pemberton, Simmons. ABSENTEES: Murphy. FIRST ROW: Miss Snyder, Reber, Sisson, Winters, Koontz, Wood. SECOND ROW: Skaggs, Jones, Williams, Hinamon, Simmons, Grounds. "BOB'S" FOOD MARKET Compliments of Morral, Ohio Phone 5-2200 M.8mR. HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY Bob 81. Mary Tong Phone 5-2228 Morral, Ohio 3rd and 4th GRADE FIRST ROW: Mrs. Brewer, Risch, McManis, Schertzer, Grounds, James, Houk, Albright, Lucas. SECOND ROW: Buckley, Hassell, Waugh, Sisson, Starcher, Shoewalter, Myers, Kirian, Cochrun. THIRD ROW: Ekleberry, Moore, Thacker, Moore, Borg, Stiverson, Simmons, James. ABSENTEES: Foreman. FIRST ROW: Swavel, Tong, McG1oth1in, Bard, Clark, Parker, Collins, Cocherl, Washburn, Mrs. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Starcher, Barry, Milligan, Litz, Burns, Sisson, Noyes, Eckstein, Moore. THIRD ROW: Reber, Houk, Collier, Secoy, Freshour, Jordon, Kirian, Forry, Litz. ABSENTEES: Fuller. LUCAS FUNERAL HOME NEUMIESTERS BAKERY Morral ---- Upper Sandusky Home of Eat More Enriched Baked Goods is E 52 xx. fy., , FE? TW! VARSITY BA KETBALI. SEATED: Coach Vern Hensel, W. Hensel, Graycraft, Williams, Johnston and Neal. STANDING: Wood, Gregory, Noyes, Atha, and Moore NAME Hensel Johnston Claycraft Williams Neal Noyes Wood Rice Moore Gregory Atha Totals Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral INDIVIDUAL SCORING FIELD GOALS FOUL SHOTS SHOTS MADE PCT. SHOTS MADE PCT. TOTAL 277 121 43.6 59 38 64.4 280 314 112 35.7 156 114 73.1 338 256 94 36.7 113 69 61.1 257 233 93 29.6 104 63 60.1 259 304 105 34.5 106 66 62.2 276 38 15 39. 5 12 6 50. 0 36 39 8 20. 5 24 10 41. 7 26 9 3 33 . 3 1 1 6 54. 5 12 10 4 40. 0 3 2 66. 7 10 6 3 50. 0 2 1 50. 0 7 9 3 33. 3 4 2 50. 0 8 1495 561 37.5 594 377 63.4 1499 SEASON RECORD 71 Marseilles 58 Morral 63 Waldo 52 76 Harpster 49 Morral 55 Claridon 63 92 Mt. Victory 55 Morral 69 Whetstone 58 58 Radnor 61 Morral 95 Edison 54 70 Iberia 76 Morral 102 Martel 6 1 55 Prospect 72 Morral 60 Caledonia 59 54 Claridon 63 T t 75 New Bloomington 52 ournamen 58 Pleasant 75 Morral 46 Prospect 54 88 Green Camp 54 Morral 66 New Bloomington 39 70 Meeker 6 1 Morral 71 Meeker 65 64 La Rue 53 Morral 43 Pleasant 53 "0UR TEAM" HARRY JOHNSTON BOB WILLIAM S DICK CRAYCRAF T COACH HEN SEL JERRY WOOD NORMAN NOYES "If Quality Counts, You'11 Choose Isa1ys" DAIRY SPECIALISTS 365 E. Center 216 N. Prospect 151 N. Main C LYDE NEAL WARREN HEN SEL JACK ATHA BOB WILLIAMS JACK ATHA CLYDE NEAL WARREN HENSEL HARRY JOHNSTON DICK CRAYCRAFT JERRY WOOD NORMAN NOYES QUAD REVIEW A 6'3" senior, Bob played the pivot position. Bob is one of our leading scorers. He is one of our top rebounders and scored a total of points during the season. Bob will be greatly missed next season. A 5'10" senior, Jack played a guard position mainly on the reserve squad. Jack has tremendous speed and is one of the top percentage shooters on the squad. Jack also saw varsity action. A 5'l0" junior, Clyde is avery hard worker and a very outstanding individual as well, as a team man. Clyde hit on many long shots and has avery good jump shot. We will all be expecting him to bring us another win- ning season next year. Clyde also served as our "team captain." He scored a total of points. A 6' junior, Warren got off to a slow start but turned out to be our top rebounder in the closing part of the season. Warren is our best field goal percentage shooter hitting with tremendous accuracy and scored a total of points, mostly on jump shots. He should be one of our top scorers next season. A 6' junior, Harry played a guard position and was a very consistent scorer. Harry carried one ofthe best foul shooting percentages in the history of the school hitting an amazing total of for shots for per- centage. He also had the clever knack of getting points and will certainly be welcomed next season. A 6'1" junior, Dick played our other regular forward position. Dick has good speed, and a very good jump shot. He also has the ability to drive. He is a good rebounder and shows a good hook shot. Dick scored a total of points and is expected to do a great job filling in our pivot spot next season. A 5'7" junior, Jerry was one of our top reserve players and did a tremendous job filling in on the varsity. Jerry is very fast, clever, and a good ball handler. He is one of our top set shooters and is expected to see considerable varisty action next season. Jerry was our top foul percentages shooter on the reserve squad. A 6' junior, Norman was our reserve pivot man and a very capable varsity utility man. Norm was our top reserve scorer and hit best percentage of his shots. Norman was a key man in our drive for the reserve championship. He scored points. We will see a lot of action from him next season. Compliments of SEARS at ROEBUCK 231 W. Center St. FIRST ROW: Moore, Atha, Noyes, Gregory, Wood, Coach Hensel. SECOND ROW: T. Shifflet, Bolinger, M.Shifflet,Washburn,W. Shifflet, Watts. - The reserve squad had a very fine season finishing with 14 wins as against 4 losses. Our league record was 9 wins as against a single setback. All boys out for the squad played in the required number of quarters to gain his letter. With 6 Sophomores on the squad and several fine Freshmen coming on, we should be able to have another winning season ahead. Our scores and opponents' scores for the season were as follows: Morral 46 Marseilles Morral 32 Green Camp 18 Morral 47 Harpster Morral 42 Meeker 34 Morral 51 Mt. Victory Morral 46 LaRue 30 Morral 29 Radnor Morral 29 Waldo 20 Morral 36 Iberia Morral 44 Claridon 28 Morral 48 Prospect Morral 39 Whetstone 15 Morral 49 Claridon Morral 44 Edison 29 Morral 56 New Bloomington Morral 52 Martel 34 Morral 39 Pleasant Morral 48 Caledonia 27 Total points Morral 799 Opponents 550 FIELD GOALS FOUL SHOTS Name Shots Made Pct. Shots Made Pct. Total M. Shifflet 76 20 26.3 24 17 29.1 57 T. Shifflet 49 22.4 12 3 25.0 25 Bolinger 160 33.8 58 28 48.3 136 Gregory 90 33.3 40 19 47.5 79 Noyes 153 36.3 70 39 55.7 149 Washburn 65 26.1 36 16 44.4 50 Wood 70 31.4 25 16 64.0 60 Rice 112 24.1 34 17 50.0 71 Moore 97 25.0 42 17 40.5 65 W. Shifflet 44 25.0 16 8 50.0 30 Watts 10 30.0 10 3 30.0 9 Atha 84 35.7 23 8 35.0 68 Totals 1'CY1'0' 30.0 396 1'9'1' TSTQ T99 VOLl.EYBALl. FIRST ROW: Coach Hensel, J. Moore, Atha, M. Shifflet, G. Moore Wood, Rice. SECOND ROW: Bolinger, W.Shifflet, Washburn, G. Young, D. Young, T. Shifflet. THIRD ROW: Hensel, Heller, Craycraft, Williams, Johnston, Gregory. The spring Volleyball Tournament will again be held in Morral as it has been the past two years. Morral will be out to defend their title for the third consecutive year. We have only one player returning from last years championship team, Dave Young, a senior. We have all of our second team returning and many others coming out for the first time which should enable us to build another great team. Volleyball is a great team game and must be played as such if you are to be successful, It isa game where the big rnauis the hero be- cause the small man puts him there. It is a great body builder both physically and mentally. You must be able to think quickly and move with speed in order to out maneuver your opponents. Volleyball is a great competive game and provides many thrills. Congratulations Seniors Saying Flowers Compliments of JIM DUGAN'S Say it With Ours Miniature Portrait Company Fine Clothing and Shoes" OSBORNS GREENHOUSE 157 N. State St. Marion, Ohio Marion, Ohio Marion, Ohio VAR ITY BA EBALI. , FIRST ROW: W. Shifflet, Johnston, Craycraft, Neal, Hensel, Atha, G. Moore. SECOND ROW: Coach Hensel, J. Moore, T. Shifflet, Bolinger, Gregory, M. Shifflet, Wood, Rice, Clark. 2 The baseball team had another very successful fall season. Our schedule was set for twelve games. Wet grounds cancelled three con- tests. We played a total of nine games. Winning 7 and losing 2. We finished in a tie for second place in the league. We are hoping for a trip to the district tournament for the third consecutive year. We will be a seeded team in the spring tournament along with Pleasant. Our ball club is young but have gained considerable experience by playing the past two summers. We will lose no regulars through gradu- ation and have several young players who will be scraping for positions. One freshman, Joe Moore, gained a starting birth near the end of the fall season. Dick Craycraft, Warren Hensel, and Harry Johnston handled our pitching chores with Clyde Neal and Harry Johnston serving as the other half of the battery. Clyde Neal, Harry Johnston, Warren Hensel, and Gene Moore were our leading hitters and are expected to furnish the power necessary to gain us a birth in the district tournament this spring. A1115-Chalmers sf New Idea Compliments Of Farm Equip. 8: Supplies BOB HINAMAN AGENT for Clinton Chain Saws Nationwide Insurance DUTT IMPLIMENT STORE 624 E. Center, Marion, O. Phone 2-2725 Marion, ohio Phone 3-1924 CHEERLEADER VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Simmons, Foos, Murphy, Glassmeyer, and Forry, 5 ZX - ' JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS: Murphy, McG10th1in, Berlin, and Chard, WALTON GRAIN CO. FARUOT'S GARAGE Upper Sandusky, Ohio General Repair Phones 1113 and 1136 Mobilgas 81 O11 Dealer in Grain 81 Seeds Morral, Ohio JR. HIGH BA KETBALL SEATED: Coach, Mr. Bayless, James, Breitigam, Clark, J. Moore, Young, F. Moore, S. Williams, Noyes. STANDING: Alley, Loomis, Bosley, E, Williams, Heller, Brewer, Shoemaker, Sisson, McManis. The Morral Junior High basketball team has had avery successful season. They have compiled eleven wins and four losses. We have won over Pleasant, Green Camp, Meeker, Claridon, Taft, New Bloomington, and Grand Prairie. We have lost to Pleasant, Prospect, and New Bloomington. We will participate in the Junior High Tournament at New Bloomington, March 9, 10, 16, and 17. Morral will play the winner of the Prospect-Waldo game. JR. HIGH BA EBALL FIRST ROW: Loomis, Noyes, Tong, E. Williams, Breitigan, McManis. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Bayles, S. Williams, Heller, Clark, J. Moore, F. Moore Sission, James. TAT! TICIA Heller, F. Moore, Baker, Mr. Budd, Burly, J. Moore, Mr. Hensel, Williams HOMECOMING Homecoming was celebrated by Morral High School on February 3, 1956. A dance followed the game between Morral and Martel. The queen, court, and escorts are listed below: Queen Jeanne Berlin Buddy Heller Senior Ruth Ann Higgins Kenny Hinaman Junior Mary Ann Forry Jerry Wood Sophomore Ruthella Foos Darrel Schwaderer Freshmen Karen Cottrell Max Shifflet G.A.A. FIRST ROW, Koontz, Myers, Cottrel, Foos, Porter, Christian, Murphy, Berlin. SECOND ROW: Rife, Clarkston, Bosley, Neal, Glassmeyer,, Forry, Pemberton, Miss Pittman. THIRD ROW: Simmons, Swick, Campbell, Young, Hooper, Grounds, Higgins, Newman. FOURTH ROW: Knapp, Johnson, Sally Sission, Darnell, Jolley, Jones, Schertzer, Chard, Pride, Cocherl, N. Berlin. UPPER REXALL DRUG CO RED WING SHORE STORE HART'S JEWELRY EAGLE NEST HATCHERY X HINTON'S SPORTING GOODS PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE HULL'S LOCK and KEY SHOP WARNER'S BARBER SHOP YOAKAM SERVICE STATION EO V PATRONS LIST . X ! A , , Congratulations Seniors D1BLE'S MEN 'S WEAR Compliments of W. C. Hinaman, Milkhauler A1nerica's Best-Known Brand HARRUFF TIRE STORE Route 3 Upper Sandusky, Ohio 199 S. Main Street Marion, Ohio Phone 3-7112 F.F.A. FIRST ROW: Ackley, Craycraft, Williams, Cluff, Foos, Atha, E. Brewer, Stuerer. SECOND ROW: D. Brewer, Burley, Watts, Bolinger, W. Shifflet, Clark, Shumaker, Schaadt. THIRD ROW: Schwaderer, Henning, Patten, M. Brewer, M. Shifflet, Gregory, Johnson, Advisor, Mr. Bishop. This year the Morral Chapter of Future Farmers of America, as in previous years, has proned to be one of the most active groups of the school. At the first of the year the boys elected officers to lead them. They are as follows: President .... . . . Bill Cluff Vice-President .... Charles Foos Reporter ...... Dick Craycraft Treasurer . . . . . Eddie Brewer Secretary . . . . Bob Williams Sentinel ....... Virgil Steurer Included among the activities ofthe F. F. A. were the State Judging Contests in June, exhibiting at the County and State Fairs in August, soft- ball games with Wyandot County during the summer, safety program and drivers contest in November, chapter business procedure contest in December, and a scrap drive in March. These events were climaxed by the annual F. F. A. Banquet on March 2 at which the chapter and their parents and friends were enter- tained. Compliments of FRAYER SEED CO PARKVIEW LETTER SHOP Quality Seeds 224 Thew Ave. Hybrid Corn 81. Field Seed Marion, Ohio Route 4 Marion, Ohio Mimeographing and Printing Phone 2-5151 PARLIAME TARY PINDCEDURE FIRST ROW: Shoemaker, Clark, W. Shifflet, and Schaadt SECOND ROW: Bolinger, M. Shifflet, Ackley, and Brewer Senior Parliamentary Team The Senior Parliamentary Contest was held 'on December 14 1955 at Claridon. Our rating was Bronze. Members are: President ..... Vice President . . Treasurer .... Secretary. . Advisor ..... Reporter....,........ . . Virgil ,Steurer . .Larry Starner Eddie Brewer . . . . Bill Cluff . . . .Max Brewer Dick C rayc raft Other Members . . . . . . . . . Bob Williams 'Bob Johnson, Eddie Gregory Ron Patten, and Jack Atha Junior Parliamentary Team The contest was held on December 7, 1955, at Pleasant Our rating was Bronze. Members are: President ....... Vice President . . Third Chairman . . Treasurer ..... Reporter .... Secretary . . Advisor . . . . .Wayne Shifflet . . .Don Schaadt . .Max Shifflet . . . Dave Brewer Dean Bolinger . . .John Ackley . .Bob Henning HOME ECO 0MlC E FIRST ROW: Pemberton, Johnson, Berlin, Radel, Bosley, Higgins, Mrs. Lawson. SECOND ROW: N. Jones, Sally Sisson, Chard, Murphy, Hooper, Schertzer, Shirley Sisson. THIRD ROW: Neal, Darnel, Jolley, V. Jones, Porter, Waugh. This year the Home Economics classes have been specializing in certain fields concerning their work with clothing and foods. The Junior-Senior class specialized in out-door cookery and home care of the sick. The other girls worked with clothing and planning and serving dinners. The officers of the two groups are listed below: JUNIOR-SENIOR FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE President ....... Ginny Porter President .... Darlene McGlothlin Vice-President. . . Margy Murphy Vice-President . . .Margaret Neal Secretary ..... Ruth Ann Higgins Secretary .... . . Judy Hooper Treasurer ........ Ruth Radel Treasurer . . . . . Jayne Jolley Compliments of The Chief Dairy Products Co. Dixie Cream Donut Shop Manufacturers of Fine Dairy Products" 114 W. Fairground Phone 2-2297 Ph-257 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Fresh Donuts Every Night -Always in the Market for Milk- Except Saturday Night STUDENT COU Cll. SEATED: Myers, Porter, Heller, Forry, Johnson. STANDING: Advisor, Mr. McFarlang Borland, McGlothlin, Shifflet, Wagner, Cocherl, Breiti- gam, K. Murphy. The Morral High School Student Council began the school year with the election of officers. They are as follows: President . . . . . . Buddy Heller Secretary . . . . . Mary Ann Forry Treasurer . ..... Ginny Porter Among the projects sponsored by the student council this year were assemblies held once a month for the entire student body, faculty, and parents. The monthly assemblies consisted of: November- "Joy Bell Ringer" from Columbus. December- Christmas Story in charge of Mr. Granlee. January- Spanish II, Home Economics, Chemistry, and Typing I. February- Grade school in charge of elementary teachers. March- Speech class in charge of Mr. Granlee. April- Talk on Greece, Harry Aldxander. May- Recognition Day, Mr. FcFarlan. The Student Council also sponsored "Red and Black Day" held January 31 and Homecoming February 3rd at which time Jeanne Berlin reigned as queen. Her attendants were Ruth Ann Higgins, Mary Ann Forry, Ruthella Foos, and Karen Cottrell. The escorts for the occasion were Bud Heller, Ken Hinaman, Jerry Wood, Darrell Schwaderer, and Max Shifflet. E. J. HISSONG 8m SON Compliments of Building Contracting A. NICKLES BAKERY Specializing in Aluminum siding, Bakers of Toastmaster Bread Awnings, Strom Windows and Doors 787 N. Main St. Ma.rion Ohio Phone 2390--Caledonia, Ohio Phone 3-1450 LIBRARIA FIRST ROW: K. Murphy, Johnson, Pemberton, Milligan, Higgins, Newman, Christian, Cottrell, Berlin, Williams. SECOND ROW: Mr. Granlee, Atha, Myers, Rife, Chard, Bard, Secoy, Koontz. THIRD ROW: Burley, F. Murphy, Young, Washburn. THE EW LIBRARY Congratulations Seniors J-.E- PARKER Y STUBB BROS. GARAGE Plumblflg and Elecfrlpal Plymouth-Desoto-cadi11aC Contracting 81 Repair GMC Trucks Morral, Ohio Phone 5-2182 phone 308 Upper Sandusky BOYS and GIRLS CHOR I FIRST ROW: Pemberton, Clark, N. Jones, Campbell, Knapp, Koontz, Forry, Bosley, Miss Pittman. SECOND ROW: Christian, Shirley Sisson, Swick, Murphy, Schertzer, Higgins, Berlin, Grounds, Cocherl. THIRD ROW: Sally Sisson, Darnell, Jolley, Simmons, V. Jones, Porter, Hooper, Clarkston, Young. FIRST ROW: Schaadt, Palmer, Wagner, Hinaman, M. Shifflet, G. Young, D. Young, Heller, Hensel, Rice, Miss Pittman. SECOND ROW: Brewer, Clark, W. Shifflet, T. Shifflet, Washburn, Johnston, Johnson, R. Schwaderer, Wood, D. Schwaderer. BAD FIRST ROW: McGlothlin, Heller, S. Myers, Swick, N. Berlin, Patten, Shifflet, Porter, Secoy, Miss Pittman, Cottrell. SECOND ROW: Murphy, Cochran, Pemberton, Koontz, Bard, J. Berlin, Forry, Borland, Loomis, Glassmeyer. THIRD ROW: Milligan, Hinaman, Moore, Cluff, Hinaman, B. Myers, Camp- bell. MIXED CHURUS I FIRST ROW: Pemberton, Clark, N. Jones, Campbell, Knapp, Pride, Schaadt, Wagner, Koontz, Forry, Bosley, Myers, Schertzer, Miss Pittman. SECOND ROW: Murphy, Shirley Sisson, Swick, Christian, Chard, V. Jones, G. Young, M. Shifflet, Secoy, Grounds, Higgins, Cocherl, Berlin. THIRD ROW: Sally Sisson, Darnell, Jolley, Simmons, Hinaman, D. Young, Heller, Porter, Hooper, Clarkston, J. Young. CHARLIE ! THE KEY SEATED: Atha, Berlin, Porter, Christian, Hinaman, Newman, Campbell. SECOND ROW: Glassmeyer, Forry, Simmons, M. Murphy, Swick, Sisson, Clark, Jones, Higgins. THIRD ROW: Moore, Patten, Hensel, Williams, Johnston, Heller, F. Murphy, Advisor, Mr. Granlee. THE KEY STAFF Editor ...... ..................... K en Hinaman Assistant Editor ,. . . . . ..................... Judy Campbell Art ....... ......... J ack Atha, Jeanne Berlin, and Bob Williams Business Manager . . ..... .................. B ud Heller Girls' Sport . . ..... ................ M arguerite Newman Boys' Sports . . . . .Warren Hensel and Ron Schwaderer Grade News ...... ................ S hirley Sisson High School News . . ............... Shirley Clark Activity News . . . . ................... Margie Murphy Club News . . . ................... Mary Ann Forry Gossip ..... . . . Sharon Glassmeyer and Alberta Christian Senior Sketches . . .................... Ginny Porter Proof Reading . . . . ..... . . . Ruth Ann Higgins Birthdays ..... .... R onnie Patten Honor Roll ..... ............ S andra Swick Perfect Attendance . .............. Betty Waugh Circulation ...... . . . Fred Murphy and Nancy Jones Advisor . . . .............. Mr. Granlee Compliments of Compliments of MARION TRACTOR SALES DAIRY QUEEN Ford Tractor 6. Ford Farm Machinery The Home Of The Cone Junction Rt. 23 Sv. 4 - Ph. 2-4125 With The Curl On Top CRYSTAL ROLLER RINK Compliments of Skating Every Nite Except Mon. HILBORNS CITY SERVICE Monday Reserved for Parties 1017 N. Main St. Spe cial Group Rate s Tire s -Batterie S-Ac ce sorie s THE PIA FIRST ROW: Higgins, Newman, Young, Simmons, Campbell. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Mr. Granleeg Hinaman, Heller, Berlin, Porter. The National Thespian Society held an election of officers the first part of January. The officers are as follows: President ..... . . Ken Hinaman Vice-President . . . Bud Heller Secretary ...... Jeanne Berlin Treasurer ...... Ginny Porter January 23, the charter was presented to Morral School and ac- cepted by Robert O. McFarlan, Superintendent of the school. A formal initiation followed for the nine members. The stage setting was of a spring garden. Surrounded by a white picket fence and on either side of the stage was palms. After the initiation refreshments were served in the cafeteria. The new members and all those that took part in the initiation were in- vited to a party at the home of Bud Heller. Thespians isaNational Honorary Dramatic Society. The member- ship is based on the point system. A student who has played with merit in a major role of one full length play or two major roles in one-act plays staged by the institution in which he is enrolled, and who has done work of such quality as to be approved by the troup sponsor shall be eligible for the membership. M.N. Landes Compliments of Everthing to Build Anything Jeweler Ours Market Stephen Lumber Co. 227 W. Center St Junction Rt. 48:23 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Marion, Ohio Sept. 6 12 16 19 20 22 22 23 26 27 29 30 Oct. 3 4 6 10 19 22 28 Nov. 4 8 11 15 18 22 23 24 25 29 Dec. 2 9 10 12 16 20 23 25 Jan. 1 6 9 10 13 14 20 20 21 23 26 28 31 SCHO0I. GALE DAR - First day of school - Jr. Hi Baseball - Baseball-Prospect - Jr. Hi-N. Bloom. - Baseball-Waldo - Jr, Hi-Meeker - Baseball-Harpster - Baseball-Meeker - Jr. Hi-Prospect - Baseball-N. Bloom - Baseball-Iberia - Baseball-Pleasant - Jr. Hi- Pleasant - Baseball-Green Camp - Baseball-Edison - Jr. Hi-Waldo - Senior Portraits - Senior Square Dance - No School - Senior Class Play - Basketball-Marseilles - No School - Basketball-Harpster - Basketball-Mt. Victory - Basketball-Radnor - Thanksgiving Assembly - No School - No School - Basketball-Iberia - Basketball-Prospect - Basketball - Claridon - Senior Square Dance - 'Teachers Meeting - Basketball N. Bloom, - Basketball-Pleasant - Christmas Assembly - Merry Christmas - Happy New Year - Basketball-Green Camp - Teachers Meeting - Basketball-Meeker - Basketball-LaRue - Senior Square Dance - Assembly - Basketball-Waldo - Basketball-Claridon - Teachers Meeting - Spelling Bee at Waldo - Basketball-Whetstone - Basketball-Edison GUY'S HARDWARE STORE Case Farm Equipment Marion, Ohio Feb. 3 3 10 11 13 14 16 18 20 21 22 23 25 27 March 9 9 10 10 12 16 17 26 26 26 27 28 29 30 April 2 9 14 16 20 23 May 11 12 14 16 20 21 23 Basketball-Martel Homecoming Basketball-Caledonia Senior Square Dance Teachers Meeting County Tournament County Tournament County Tournament Assembly County Tournament Washington's Birthday County Tournament County Tournament Teachers Meeting Speech Class Assembly Jr. Hi Tournament Senior Square Dance Jr, Hi Tournament Teachers Meeting Jr. Hi Tournament Jr, Hi Tournament Easter Chapel Services Easter Assembly Teachers Meeting Easter Chapel Services Easter Chapel Services Easter Chapel Services No School No School Teachers Meeting Senior Square Dance County Chorus Rehearsal Assembly-Mr. Alexander Teachers Meeting Recognition Day Senior Square Dance Teachers Meeting Assembly Baccalaureate Commencement Last Day of School SHORT FORD CO. "Best Deal In Town 274 N. Main St. Marion, Ohio C0lVG?A ll A7'l0IVS f om the Goneralliloto Automob 7 Deals 1 of d ion THE MIDTOWN CHEVROLET COMPANY Chevrolet Passenger Cars SL Trucks THE MC DANIEL MOTOR COMPANY Pontiac St Cadillac Automobiles THE DANNER BUICK COMPANY Buick Automobiles St GMC Trucks THE RANKIN OLDSMOBILE COMPANY Oldsmobile Automobiles COMPLIMZN TS OF TH! M0l?1?Al 30171717 4 " .- sf 347: 1 -W' r .L x L -J T 5+ 1 1 ,Or 4 fy , , , , J 3 l ' 1. 1,551 I! 'r 11.- V 1 fm .r u u ,xv fi 1 b' i lynn' lx" 4 4 W - , 1 fr-QLT? N ' C-2 P Ee:lfwig5'W'.iL.a fTw'f'igk .- w g S2 INTER-COHEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Manufacturers W Book Binders FAITURY - HOME Ufflff Knnsus City EDDHI Bun KENNY M L HARVEY JACK IMAX BOB QONME R x L-Q:-,zf va: ,Q W, Q M. Ni R 1 , ' 7fl,L4K'LL. V, W w w W . , . .. .. ,S .. , A ,1 Qrf'g'ff'w 'fwznfi 5, 'I ss ,ww ,ww , . ,.:.,. H .. , ,,., F: .g- -." -v',..fQ-: .-:-.:,. .g, .-,.:-he p -,W Q -1..,.:fg-.,-f-.g,f.f.1,-5 ,311-1 ,ef-. y.--.,grr.-'- f,1',',ffh2L,:4-:g,:'f,4 , .f - ' 'F 1. 1+-I-V'-'f if 'A-J '.52f1f2:Y2f"i1'f'2A-:Wi--M-'iz-"L-,: fi-'if-ff' -:J Q13-f.ff:1, f-,w.-.:'f.gn1.2'.f-w r-.v-x.'c- 1'1v-.1-'.'-f:-- 14- 1- .- - sn- - gewf-J suv? Q::ff"12-:A-' -.tfgpf .1 1 'u:f:J:f21w-xg' H .-.vr'r,- '- -Aww' ' 1--.KJ-5-.4 fu:-5-.114 ww, - 5. . - . 1 -.5b w:-wif:-fg-' +- " Wi fi-?: f 'Q-' Y-+"'24 fS':J f .:! 2-H+- .ff A 1 .1 H .E v .. . 1 - V5 .. A','f J -1"'I Z " , 's-'F 1"-afff.-3A wk- if 'N . .:, - l' , ug.-. fi ' 3 W H QW Q, fwia af gl-A - 1.i,,fiw mm ' Q . 5 5.451 5 Zgffiisi' 2 :gigw 2? Sv , E 1' A 1 1, , gi? 2 . ff? g fr if 52335 55 E 31 5 fe2 f gAu A -z Eff E 1 2 z 295 5 .e.:i 555'- 3? SI P f im 213' IE Q H M 3-six f-fx . :.e:,..Q,. .. .JL s 1' ws: 4 ' MQ .f l M i. 1 . KL- , 2:55. W. , .N ig. ,-W, ,w2 S 1 gg gg V,-,A 2 , ' Qwir fn 'fif . iii'-f N 3 vb, R 15 -mg -is- a-ifi xkg. gg g fe , -lp V 5 ' 1- -.'fZ,Hf1e ' my '19-fE'N' : El ? j fair .2 "1 7 f i E , 2 SQ ,g g m i ii SEZ' lf H 1255 ??f5 5 ii, f Wiiggg 121512 ' a m w ,h?ff' E5i5 -' IM M .-,,f . - 5151 ,- f b i : H n . wg f Q , KW, V Mig . 1 91 E? 1gg,W 2if vg5Pgi?W -3 li ? g i"a5'W1 2. Qiei fiigi gifagg i agai ggm 5 li M 1 5 EW as ,ff 1:1 be ff iff ? S2 E552-Y V 5 in M ,,.,., Eg A 3, D- Qfmgdgiw f Ja Q A 1 ' wr -,L--,:,ffgJ, 15, 1: 51 , is : My f, -X. sgsmwgi ' wi ? 5 1 53 53 , f eng gi E , 'fig - I fflggagg l a 'V 595, g 2-gg --H" 6 ii il, --1 .25 : A , . 42513, 4 M , gd '-5 5 Q wg Q, F EE ,E m g, 5 w'N' '- 'V w J- 1 : ,S ?i g "f,-we fa 4, V ' . ,, wy. . M ,, . , . - ei as M AiseBrQf2fff:4w5wf Mt, V535 ,i:55,Kf5w'J5,,AfQ .wmgvwf Sim?-?gQ3 fvff , wi, , f .mf X7 . ififwkisgjef -.K fi5g,J2fYg5K Ww w wf'f -- 5 ' P VX 'Qi -1? fl z'-Riifii f i .' g if A. gk -35555712 Q 'ffjiig . -sm-,V .:ffv..4ZSf1N 3. ...nm f fmwwl fifffi-gm ':'.4,-z-- av' 5 --1'-5, ,gi-We 5- 2,0 Ag x Q f 'f M gf: 1" 5, fz 1, QA-ffzfFf',a52vr'i1. ?f ? , v , iw ,Q A , L f-gf f A ---- - qsifgv ,ff'irw' 'Vw ' 2 2 52 H . W A 1 , '- i f I 'V . Q W V ,P R,E?QY i P ' - M - -4 3 : 1 ' ..,, 1 H , J-aww: 'G f UE-RJ I' E5 MU'-1 5

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