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n I T FGRWARD They say that practice makes perfect. If this be true, then we the staff, the publishers of our year book, WThe Captain' hope that you will see a marked improve- ment .and will enjoy this issue even more than the previous one. I. Our sole purpose is td give you a book that will incorporate all the high lights of the year in a way that you will enjoy now and in the years of reminiscing. Therefore, we say, WHere it is folks, we hope you like itlu DEDICATION Last year We? the annual staff, dedicated' our first yearbook to our servicemen- who served this countryso faithfully during the harsh years ofmar This year, we felt that nothing could be more fitting than to dedicate this issue to one who has served the school and community steadfastly formany yearsf This person has been teaching at Morral for the past eighteen years in the elementary grades, dividing her time betwe h the third and fourth and the fifth and sixth grades. QA. In view of this long, sincere sera vice to us we dwdicate this book tea... Miss Helen Slout, our friend'vho has he fluenced the ilives iof almoste every person in high schools UMiss Sloat our words are slow in appreciation but per- haps this token will speak for ms. We feel certain that yourlife has not been in vain and that some day you shallrew ceive your reward.n J J li xi, x ""'?g N f' Nw fw- M K W Xi 7 D 2 O JK. 3 , XJ X 1 f2 1 . . Q ' if-V H5551 f W Qs yx My ' W - 4:7 ' .: 4f:,-+-'--25X Qi- I .v vw I 'F - T- J 2? ! 1 ""- - "NT 'x'Q,,,. ' X XZ' f ' QSXX X Mr. '-.. ' ag f . :---N ul-XX-I ' I X J K R E X ' ffm X, 5 3 ,, Rx . 'A LX X IKXE-:A Q-., V 1 ff w fa-'J J U x w N X 5 If Nb l ..,, . I Kjl J, U Mfff, LE- JMJH , . N- ' f- f Q5 I-29 XJ! XX x X1 I, Home Arm Munn" I I I School Board 5 Kenneth Williams, Dwight Moore, Mildred Morgan, Pres. Forest Loudenslager, George Rogers. ' ' X A UD fl -I, f""""X' M 1'lf"'-,q ' fa1.-v Ap' Q? 'tx "Nx,pj,L-:s,.g.W 44. X -! Q X Pix -Q ! 3 f f 'Qif ' .ev , S 'l?"'x 5 f 'giglji xx ,f X1 ' " Egjig' I " N H Y 'xn-Q X 'lf !,,1 "'-NN 5 ' f .ff I v N. ,R-if Q K . ,JfV,, 42' I ,ig .,. Xsfnf-,X ,,.1- W -ffm.:-X Qi' A' if A9 nu N f- 'Y I .-fi Q C '--ffl" '. '-s, .f "" f"f'1,.,. .,.i:-Af " X ' 'Y' ' !'T?19f.f"13ggU QT ' X -. ,g -"' K. ., X75 Wy ,mmf x .""'f"" 'Nm x TJX -M-,f:!,,, -'xty'-TIN' , X K, N " X-X ' X Qff J-.7l'2iQ:1R'? J .J ,.,,,,-4,,,.,,-,JvJ',-,.-MvJv,n.,,jix- XL.-I - X , . W - '-jg '52 -ff' Q . v X .,.,.., ,mx , A M- Qc. MISS HACK MRHARRINGTON MR. LANE ELLINGTON Mnsusuev Mass sLoAT Mns.BosLEv 1: aff., Q ?T:. ?:?"zZ'w'- ff" N 8221: Fra- ,'5.3ff:'-3. fs fx, 4 X ,fk N li Ex,-,.,ff .tiff!i'f?:,:E5?545gg5fg 1 X W 1 ' 'X 1: 2' illi. , 27 --ix :Sp '- . E 71 . 1 J 19" " X : f' f", M- ii?-if ?'5'i,5'5i N xfAf'N,,---' ' -Q. ' ,A .X ' :LQ-f..,.g, 2,1-'fa ',.fa1g?1','-:A:,g-, 1.z:fz1'.1Q':E2f6fFf' fffx"'?"' f A 'YL if.-51',Qi5f '34 :iSff.Q5x1.ff5g,4 'Tl' ,' I 15,5 .9'iflfS15'J35 ?9f'.g ft ,425 A I 1 61'T.wffff2p,2."s?fggfQiffsfixii I , I :,,-sA,f1.-Rig-12534 ggi 515'-grs.,355,-' I IJ 1 A 'il35fQs2.2 12-I I 1- .l Y, Icjju eff: If V N x . Q. if v.:- Q5, l'fP :J 3XfNA.,JNJ f X, 5 ri g, 5 I' I sl xxf' f. 'QD k' ,z ...f R 5 ' at x' K ' - -N... ' if ,gf--- .- :-'ff p gx N. ' f.'5f1'9-"..5'15E3E:?. - I N-N- 2 -f E' ,f-: 5.?5.i25,, ,Q u ' 1 X N---f le. , UE -1'. ,. 1 15-: C. ! 1 S.. N' xxx-" ing" .CQ-',!, 'ig RT Q N -- Q---fl-.-Wg 'Q I XQTWJ , "K , 56" -X ir?---. X' XM--""?is fx x'Xx'----"X X fl, - 1 xx x--WA- f' Bi R-Z 1 I Q S Si.-f , 1 fx W H , ff' fffh- n XJ fa-ff qw- f 1 ' L'-.-fm. firfaiirrm, j 7 X """Z " . ff : --,J """SL-sgibby I uf .7 J W'-""' xx X--f-f- -fwf,-'XX ., 543-g 1fffL f J N-f .X " N Y 'ff x":?:v:f1f X ---I , X 5 H1259 f 'R .1 Xxf f X V' r -' Y--f 1 'x l V W Y' X vm.--1 ' KW WP , 1, X n LNX fm,-N-d,-! f'X-Q HQ Q ' bv Of Ll""" M1 - -Pr if C9 M ALVIN NERRITT F130-I M D x R -z IT i E P S R E S . HOWARD GONLEY MARY RADEL FRED BAER . Q. .Y 0 I"--CDZCO 4 RICHARD GRANLEE NDRMA GHIIISTIANSEN ' '34 L ANN SCHNELZER VIRGIL HITE JACK Llll. VERNON NEAL MARVIN BEERS EDWARD munor Bmw annoy V1.2 1 M N cLAmseL Newman EDWARD scusnrzen A DON SAXTON JAMES CONLEY PAUL WILEY GENE WHITE Fred Baer ' Glee Club - l,2,5 Secretary - 4 ' ' ' Basketball -'lg235,4 Baseball 4 l,2,5,4 Track - l,5,4 Commercial Club - 4 Scholarship Tests - Annual Staff - 5 Marvin Beers Glee Club - lg2g5' Orchestra - l,2,5,4 Band - 5,4 Commercial Club - 4 Mixed Ensemble - 1,2 Basketball -'l32,5 Baseball - l,2,5 Betty Brady ' Glee lub - l,2,5,4 Jr. C ass Play - 5 Band l Senior Activities 4 ,B Schoo Paper Staff - 2 Annua. Staff - 4 ' Mixed-Ensemble - l,2 Girlfs Ensemble A 4 Mixed Chorus - 1,2 Basketball -'5' ' Softball 4 l,2,5,4 Track - 1,2 Commercial Club -'4 Dramatic Club - 5,4 Norma Christiansen Glee Club - l,2,5,4 Jr. Class Play - 5 Orchestra - 1,2 "" Student Council - 2,5,4 " Pres. of Student Council 1,5,4 School Paper Staff - 5,4 Annual Staff - 5,4 President - 5 ' 4 Mixed Ensemble - l,2,5,4 Girl's Ensemble - l,2,5,4 Softball - 2,5,4 Track - 5 Commercial Club - 4 Honor Society Banquet - 5,4 Treasurer - 2 Howard Conley Glee Club - l,2,5 Jr. Class Play - 5 School Paper Staff - Annual Staff - 4 Secretary - l Mixed Ensemble -'5' Basketball - l32,5,4 Baseball A 2,5,4 Track - l,5,4 Commercial Club - 4 James Conley Glee Club - l' ' ' Orchestra - l,2,5,4 Band - 5,4 Student Council - 5 Basketball -'lg2g5,4 Baseball 4 l,2,5,4 Track - l,2,5,4 Commercial Club - 4 Treasurer - 2 Edward Faurot Sr. Class Play 4 5 Glee Club - l,2,5,4 Jr. Class Play 4 5 Orchestra - l,2,5,4 Band - 5,4 School Paper Staff - Annual Staff - 4 4 4 Pres. of Commercial Club 4 Commercial Club - 4 Vice President - 2' ' Mixed Ensemble'-'l32, Basketball -'lg2g5,4 Baseball - l,2,3,4 Scholarship Tests - 4 Richard Granlee Glee Club - l,2,5,4 Jr. Class Play - 5 Orchestra - 8 years Student Council - 4 School Paper Staff - Annual Staff - 5,4 Office Work - 4 f Mixed Ensemble - 1, 1 5,4 2,5 235,11 Editor of School Pa er - P Editor of Annual - 4 Commercial Club - 4 Dramatic Club - 4 Honor Society Banquet - 4 Scholarship Tests - 4 Sr. Class Play - 5 Senior Activities Virgil Hite Glee Club - l Jr. Class Play 1 5 Orchestra 4 l,Z,5,4 Band - l,5,4 ' School Paper Staff - l,4 Annual Staff - 4 Vice President - l Commercial Club - 4 Dramatic Club - 4 ' Honor Society Banquet - 5,4 Scholarship Tests - l,2,5,4 Sr. Class Play - 5 Jack Lili Glee Club W l Jr. Class Play - 5 Student Ceuaeil.e 2 ' School Paper Staff - 1,2 Secretary W l ' Scholarship Tests - 1,2 Editor of Sehool'Paper - l Basketball - l,5,4 Track - 4 Dramatic Club - 4 Alvin Merritt Glee Club - l Student Council - 2 President - 1,4 Commercial Club 2 4 Basketball - l,2,5,4 Baseball - 1,5 Track - l,5,4 Vernon Neal Glee Club - l,2,5 Jr. Class Play - 5 School Paper Staff'- 5 Basketball - l,2,5,4 Baseball e l,2 ' Track - l,2 ' Commercial Club - 4 Clarabel'Newland Glee club - 1,2,:5,4 Jr. Class Play A 5 Librarian n 2,5,4' Orchestra - l,2,5,4 Band W 5,4' School Paper Staff Annual Staff N 5,4' Mixed Ensemble -'l Girlfs Emsemble - Softball - 2,5,4 Track - 4 ' ' Commercial Club - 4 Dramatic Club 7 4 Cheer Leader - 5,4 Mar Radel' Glee Club - 2,5,4 Jr. Class Play - 5 Librarian - 2,5 School Paper Staff Annual Staff - 4 Secretary - 5 ' Cheer Leader - 2,5 Treasurer - 4 Mixed Ensemble - 4 I 594 - 3, a If z,a, 7 4 I 1 Girlfs Ensemble - 2,5,4 Track - 3 Commercial Club - 4 Dramatic Club - 4 Don'SaXtoH Jr. Class Play - 5 Student Council -.l School Paper Staff Annual Staff - 4 President - l ' ' Basketball -'2g5,4 Baseball 4 l,2,5,4 Track - l,5,4 Commercial Club - 4 Glee Club - l,2 - 4 3,4 4 Edwarg Schertzer Glee Club - l,4 Jr, Class Play - 3 Librarian - 5 ' Annual Staff - 5,4 Sr. Class Play'-'5' Basketball - l,2,3,4 Softball 4 5 Track - 2,5,4 Commercial Club - 4 Dramatic Club - 4 Baseball 5222 ESQEELZST Jr. Class Play 4T?' Librarian w l,2,4 Secretary Treasurer Orchestra - 3,4 Band - 6 years School Paper Staff 4 4 Annual Staff'- 4 Softball 4 l,2 Commercial Club - 4 S8I1lO1' "' "" " m Honor Society Banquet'M'4 Scholarship Tests M l,5,4 ... 1. a'LJ Sala Glee Club 4 l,Z,5 Jr, Class Play 4 5 Orchestra - l,2,3,4 Band 4 534 Student Council -.3 f School Paper Staff - 3,4 Annual Staff U 3,4 Vice President - 5 Secretary 4 2 Softball H 2,5 Commercial Club - 4 Scholarship Tegts - 4 Cheer Leader 4 3 ' Seen of Commercial Club-4 Paul Wile ' Glee ClEb'7-Tfg,5 Jro Class Play - 3 Librarian - 4 Orchestra - 6 years Band - 5 School Paper Staff - 4 Annual Staff - 4 Mixed Ensemble'a'5 Basketball - l,2,5 Baseball - 5 Commercial Club - 4 Scholarship Tests 4 4 Sr. Class Play - 5 SENIOR ALPHABET UAW is for Alvin, ' In basketball he's neat, For short we just call him I P NPete.' UAW is also for Ann,' She's quiet and nice, ' She never makes any noise, Just as quiet as mice, WBW is for Betty, She is a blonde, ' There is a certain senior, Of Whom she is fondo HCM is for Clarabel, A gal with a cheer, ' Just mention the date, ' And she's sure to be here. NDN is for Don, ' With curly brown hair, When he walks down the street, The girls always stare, WEN is for Edward,' He's slim and tall, If he ever trips, ' He'll have a long fall, NEW is also for Edward, Of which we have two, ' This one's never solemn, And he never looks blue. VFW is for Fred? ' He's as handsome as Van, Girls would like to get him, But none of them oano HGH is for Genevieve, ' But we all call her Gene, Wherever therefs Ann ' Shefs sure to be seena f HHN is for Howard, ' Hefs a very good sport, - At basketball or studies, He makes good reports. NJN is for Jack, ' ' His last name is Lill,' The teachers all think, Hefs worse than a pill. WJN is for Jim, ' A swell guy what's more, At basketball playing, He makes a good score. UMW is for Marvin, With a rattling good ford He likes to do things, On his own accord. UMW is for Mary, ' Called Raddel for short, When it comes to humor, Shels a good sport. UNH is for Norma, ' The girl of Donfs dreams, At basketball games, ' She thinks hefs a scream. NPN is for Paul, ' Hels Mrso Wiley's sonny, It wouldnft be Paul, ' If he didnft act funny. HRW is for Richard, ' The great office worker, Hefs lazy of course, But not really a shirker, MVN is for Vernon, 3nethsr'basketball player Just take a look, ' At that very short hair. I WVU is also for Virgil,' his nick name is bruiny, ' He rides when the snnshines, And walks when itfs rainyp GLASS HISTORY On a very bright sunshiney day Fourteen brave and honest freshmen entered the halls of fame at Morral High School in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Forty Three, These students were: Clarabel'Newland, Gene White, Norma' Christiansen, Martha Buckley,' Alice Rough, Paul Wiley, Richard Granlee, Edward Faurot, Edward Schertzer , Vernon Neal, Myron Corwin, Don Saxton, Bill McGlothlin, k Howard Conley, we lost Glenn Steinmetz this year. aw These fourteen studious students worked very hsniammr they legally become members of the high school, at the Freshmen Initiation. ' They used their study halls to the greatest advantage and spent evenings slaving over school books so theffbDow- ing year they could become sophomores. w4This proved to the rest of the students that this group had a lot to learn to be high school students.J With the clanging of the school bell these fourteeng students once again opened the doors of the school house, and entered into the new year as sophomores, When they took their seats in study hall and glanced around they dis covered to their great amazement that'five new students had entered into their wonderful groulu These were: Mary Radel, Pete Merritt, Jim Conley, Virgil Hits, Fred Baer,' and Lowell Hensel, making it a class of nineteen in all, Together they planned for the great adventures that were to take place in the following year when, they would bee- come Juniors. To help us to become Juniors we all willingly sent our orders for our much desired class rings- and class pin outfit we were to receive at the beginning of our Junior year. We opened our Junior year by having two more new faces appear in study hall. They were Jack Lill and Betty Brady, We had two main events take place in the first two months of school. The first one was the res ceiving of our class rings and pins, though some of us only had them for a short time. The next day we received our play books and starti ed work on our play nProfessor Peppn, We spent many, many weary nights at the school house trying to learn our parts and make a successful play. With the help of our adviser Miss 'Haoker, we finally mastered the play and presented it October 25.269 Then as we glanced into the future we saw the work of the Junior and Senior banquet facing us. This includ- ed making invitations, place cards, and many other things which were to make our banquet at Hotel Harding a very CLASS HISTORY CONTINUED donplete suecesso The evening. was spent in dancing and during the intermission the group ras favored by the girls sertet and the boys quartet, composed of auniers an Seniors. Beth groups were accompanied at the piano by Ann Schmelzer,- Also at this time we sang Happy Birthday to Miss Hacker, and distributed our annuals, During the year we worked hard selling ice cream , pop corn, etc. at all balhgamesg sponsering an 109 Cream gogfnlg selling cekes at neon etcg to reward up at the end of the year with that wonderful trip to New York. During our visit there we stayed at the Hotel Mcillpln for four days and three nights. While We WGTG lfl New YOTK City we saw many interesting sights such as: the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Zee, The Empire state Coney Island, Radio City, and the stage shew NOklahema,. On our way back home we made a tour of Gettysburg,. R omin back through the town we were very lucky in getting go seg General Eisenhower. We arrived at Merril about 1:00 A. M. thus ending our Junior trip, tried but happy. We started our Senior year with nineteen members, Marvin Beers joined our merry little group, but we lest Lowell Hensel, Alice Rough, Martha Buckley, and William McGlothlin. Our first activity for this year was a ice cream social which we, with the help of the Juniors, held the last part of September. This too was to make money for a trip to Washington at the end of our Senior year. On October 16 we seniors paraded up and down the halls in our best Wbib and tuekern getting ready to leave for Marion to have their pictures taken at Hughes Studio. We were given the day eff. Most of us attended a show in the afternoon while others came back to Merrala A few weeks the seniors brought forth their pictures either to shew them te every one, to exchange with Hfffgnd or to give away for Christmas gifts, - During the nonth of January, the Seniors called a class meeting and chose their class colors, Blue and Whiteg their class motto, WWe have Crossed The Bay But The Ocean hieshea fore Usn. also at this meeting we picked our invitatigng'K this was rather a difficult Job as there were so many'moraH attractive samples to chose from. pp ff- , . W- .. ,:..-.:.....,.-..f.-.,,. F We brought the basketball season to a close during the month ef February, leaving an echo of WPop cernnj nlcecheam barsn, candy, and Hcokeu ringing in everyone ears. 5 l CLASS HISTORY After several weeks of debate Miss Hacker, our adviser, finally chose our play for the year WBolts and Nutsnq This' play was given May 1 and Rnd and was a hilarious successf The later part of May was spent in preparing for our Commencementq Also toward the close of school year We all looked forward to the trip with the Juniors which, we are sure will be a lot of funn In one respect we looked forward to Commencement and the trip to Washington, with a lot of pleasure and pride but we felt a sense of sadness at the same timea This is the and of our carefree school days the past is now just fond memoriesn we can not live in the past but we look toward the future. NWe have Grossed the Bay but the Ocean Lies Before Uson CLASS WILL , 4 We, the Seniors of nineteen hundred and forty-seven, bee ing in sound mind and body,'do hereby set our seal upon this, our last will and testament, on the eleventh day of April, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-seven. We do hereby solemnly bequeath the following to the meme bers of the Junior Class of nineteen hundred and forty-seven, in the order hereafter mentioned. 1 1 , Jim Conley leaves his build to Jimmy Parker, his basket- ball ability to Lloyd Miner and his heart to a certain Junior girl, 1 ' 'Betty Brady bequeathes her gift of the gab to Thelma Neal, her dimples to Robert Thompson and her many boy friends to , nope on second thought she decided to keep them. Ann Schmelzer would like to leave her shyness to Wilma Sloat, her artistic ability to Doris Newland and very sorrows fully she leaves Berl. Hands off, girls! Eddie Fauret leaves his disconnected walk to Ruth Fox, his grin to Dorothy Herbert and his tennis shoes to Virginia Pace. Virgil Hite leaves his I,Q. to'Roger Augenstein, his cogn popping ability to Wilbur Messenger, and his lisp to Judy u Paul Wiley bequeathes his cigarettes to Dick Baer, his snazzy clothes to Harold Miley and his way with the women to Freddie Me Cumber. ' Marvin Beers leaves his girlish'laugh to Freddie Mc- Cumber, his ford to Beatrice Knickel, and a few extra pounds to Lloyd Miner. Norma Christiansen would like to leave her ability to sing to Bob Thompson, her man talents to Wilma Sloat, and her Senior English book to anyone that will take it. Genefwhite would like to leave her ability to blow the clarinetito Doris Newland, some of her blond hair to Judy Campbell, 5 ' .'S 1 Jack Lill would just like to leave. h' Yernon N031 leaves his Butch hair cut to Virginia Page Wgfbggdmsggggggrto Dick Baer and his scholastic ability to 'Howard Conley leaves his overhalls a d - them to Harold Miiey ni n' K Y1 -H -a Patch to 50 Wlth and Ehat wavy hair tofwilga giOg??G, Stinkien to Freddie Mc CLASS WILL KCONTINUEDI I Clarabol Newland gives hor cheer loading to Ruth Fox, her pleated skirts to Eudy, and hor boy friondfs picture to Doris. I J Mary Radel leaves her dry humor to Jimmy Parker, her vim, vigor, and vitality to Ruth Fox, but under no condition will she consider leaving Howard. 2 Don Saxton bequeathes his smile to Roger Augenstien, his bashfulness to Harold Miley, and his ability to pick out good- lodking girls to Jimmy Parker. Pete Merritt leaves his basketball ability to Bob Thompson, his mathematical mind to Donnie Wright, and his WPleasantW friend to Roger Augenstian. Fred Baer gives his printing ability to Beatrice Knickelj his pretty teeth to Thelma Neal. However, being a bashful lad, he prefers to take his heart with him. Ed Schertzer would like to leave some good gossip if he knew any, instead he leaves his bed cough to Dorothy Herbert and his smile to Dick Baer. Richard Granlee leaves his job of office secretary to Ruth Fox, his position as score keeper to Wilbur Messenger and his ability to Hopen the doern to just anyone, GLASS EHUYHESY This afternoon while lying in my downy-soft bed listen- ing to my atomic-powered television radio, I became'wny very bored, While wondering what to do, a brilliant thought struck me--Why not climb into my autogyro and drop in to see what all of the students who graduated from Morral High back in 1947 are doing now. So I promptly did just that. First, I headed toward the world's largest city--New York. I circled several times while focusing my X-ray vision- scope and suddenly I found it resting on a large building. It soon pointed toward one of the larger groups of offices in that building. I decided to land my autogyro on the air- field atop the building and investigate. Soon after enter- ing the offices, I knew the answer. I was'in a photographic studio and found there Clarabel Newland who had a very good position painting pictures in this large studio. After spending some time with hor, I again crawled into my auto- gyro.and once more circled New York. My X-ray vision-scope once again centered on a member of the '47 class of Morral High. This time it was Norma Christiansen and we found hor making hor debut at the Metro- polian Opera. Upon talking with Norma, we learned that she has finally reached this height of fame after years of struggling as a chorus girl in one of New York's leading burlesque shows. After leaving Norma, we headed west and soon found our- selves in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Here we did not need to use our X-ray vision-scope as we found the name of one of the '47 graduates plainly printed on the reef of one of the large factories. The sign road nThe Fred Baer Pop Gun Manufaetxring Company-4Makers of the Original Radio Powered Pop Gunn. We found that, after some struggling, Fred had made the world see the value of his invention and soon after this, his factory had jumped to be the biggest Pop Gun fac- tory in the nation. We soon left Pittsburg far behind us and headed for Columbus, Ohio. We were anxious to arrive there as we had hoard of an unusual activity of one more of the students from that class. We dashed directly to Lazarus Department store and there we found whom we were hunting. Mary Radel was at last realizing her life-long ambitions fSho was living in a pep-tent on the third floor of Lazarus. We talked to Mary for some time and then conti ued to our next stop which was Espyville, Ohio. Here we find the famous Sehortzor Mortuary, owned by Edward Sohertzer. Edward told us abeut his swift climb to success, and of his motto which was, WOur customers never oomplainn. Schertzer's Mortuary also makes the guarantee that they never use the same material twice. CLASS PROPHESY CCOntinuedl ' x We leave th re and soon find ourselves back in Morral where some of the students from the class of '47 have chosen to remain. The first of these we visited was Rhnmud Granlea who is now'Professor of Commercial Subjects in the Morral University. Professor the University. Granlee was one of the founders of tc the Jim Conley residence near Jim receiving much attention from his since he injured his hand in the corn we then journeyed Morral. Here we found wife and four children picker while picking corn on his fcurehuhdred acre farm. After having tea at the Cenleys'k we went to Chicago where we visited one of the cities leading business estab- lishments-meFeurot's Ehysique Building Company. Mr. Edward Faurot is the president and CWBGT of this cempany and last week the world witnessed his greatest triumph when he drove Charles Atlas out of business. As Edward was very busy, we did not stay long. We' started for California but while flying over Jefferson City Missouri, we noticed that the circus was in town and, as we we decided to stop and look around a bit. that we did, for whom do we find in that Morral High's previous students. A Natch- had all afternoon, We were very glad circus but some of urally, one of the biggest attractions in any circus is the trapeze artist and we fauna that Gene White wasj Barnum and Baileys' star attraction. She had joined the circus after she ran away from college with the sword swallower. Upon further investigation, we found still another member of the class of 1947 who proved to be Ann Schmelzer. When she heard that her friend, Gene White, had joined the circus, Suede- cided to also and has since become the world's greatest lady lion tamer. Continuing our afternoon travels, we find ourselves very curious about a lonely figure we see walking in a des- olate spot in the Rocky Mountains. We land and find that the person is none other than Paul Wiley. Paul soon ex- plained to us that he was living the life of a hermit and that we were the first human beings that he had seen for over four years. He is a member cf the staff of chemists at Harvard University and the other chemists had chosen him to leave the University and become a hermit for a period of 42 years in order to help them complete their research of the primitive man. We decided that perhaps it would be better not to visit with Paul too long perrment so we continued Lane City, we stopped to there. While watching a NRound the Worldn, which as it might interfere with Um ex- west. While passing over Salt enjoy a carnival WHUHIMBS playing new type of amusement ride called has taken the place of the old fashion merry-go-round, we noticed among the people Don Saxton. We waited at the exit until he finished his ride CLASS PROPHESY lflontinuedl V and then found him very excited over the new invention. He said that he had ridden it four times in the last hour and explained that the reason he was so elated over the V new concession was because he had always wanted to travel but since he had to support his ten children, he had never had the chance. Now this wonderful new invention took you' round the world in two minutes for only twenty-five cents a.. n in We left Don buying another ticket and next stopped Hollywood. We had little trouble finding Betty Brady, ex-Morral student, and were interested in the work which had taken up. She was the wife of a man who drew for Walt Disney comics and she had obtained the job ishing the voice of Clarabel Cow in the movies and radio. We then flew to Los Angeles which was only a onds away and there found two of the graduates of class together in a thriving business. Jack Lill a Il an she pictures of furn- over the few sec- the '47 d Marvin Beers are joint proprietors of the 'Bounce and Lose Itu re- ducing salon. This is one of the most exclusive salons in Cho city of Los Angeles today. We listen while they explain their interesting reducing methods and then we fly in a southern direction. . Our next stop is a large pmnumrn1i1Smnmem1 California Here we find Pete Merritt. Pete is a retired sugar-beet weed-puller who spends most of his time taking life easy or driving one of his seventeen convertables. After leaving here we fly over the Pacific and finally land on an Island far out in the Ocean. This proves to be the island of Kerarmo Retto and we find Howard Conley living here at the present time. He is planning to stay here until he makes enough money to continue his extensive travels over the world. He is making the money' to continue traveling by selling bubble gum to the nativies. Our visit with Howard was interrupted by several native children who came to purchase some of the fascinating gum so we continue to Africa where we find Virgil Hite. He has taken up the occupation of farming here where he has lived since he returned three years ago with his wife, an educated Zulu who had been in one of his classes at college. We visited with Virgil until his wife ordered him to start pre- paring dinner so we then started the return trip home across the Atlantic. We stopped to view the scenery on a small Island and there we found still another former school-mate. Vernon ' Neal is the chief of highway patrolmen on this small island He is considering quitting his'job, however, as they don't have automobiles on the island. We found that itmms getting late so we turned toward home and arrived there just in time CLASS PROPHESY fCOntinuedl for dinner, very glad that we had taken our trip and much pleased with the apparant.suceess of all of the members of the class whloh had graduated from Morral High School back in 1947. GOODBYE MORRAL HIGH 1 1 4 D, dear old school, we've loved you so long, And new we must bid you goodbyes ' We've filled you with laughter, we've'filled you with song, And sometime have wished we could cry. Your walls they have witnessed a wonderful fight. And Sehim youfll get a newo ' But oh,'in our truimph weire dreary to-night. Goodbye, dear school to you. We ninteen Seniors have followed'the rule That was taught by our teachers so Kind. ' lt'sihard to beliewe that we're'leaving this school, And all of our playmates behind. This is the end of our High School days, Many text books we have reads HWe now have crossed the bay, And the ocean lies ahead.H Wefve seen when you?ve been the best friend that we had. Your light like a gem on the snow, ' Yourfre sort of a part of us Gee! but we're sad, ' We hate, dear school to go. , Our ships are waiting acrossed the bay. There's a rainbow in the skyc ' ln memories we'll come back someday. God Bless you, Morral High, By Carbl Harriman X 92-44 x N 1 Z 3. 17, f 6? X 7 T M mi 'jjj M ! ta N-N ' SN ff! 5 T 'A" CID C kf 1 f -Mus--.M V--A----4 --- "'1"'if-PPP:-pp.. f' 4 ' '-K' ..-.,,,-W ,,..Q..-.. Cf, i X ff- .-- 'hi 11 K7...f -f, Q, ' ' jj.g,,M , J 'lb ' o I """'F'-FEES - ... .,. . Eggs. --,ai',f, . . ff! 3 'N -w V f . ff Q 5? f Q Qx lg f B 0 jf I 0 V. -' ' s" ',vrI'a'-'faiffj " " . l,-:--.'.'.':'f:ff""":! V hf.'."'f' I Q:-1' I-'2".'.'f'-'... ' '1' 4 . - ,,!Id,.,.. .,1.'.j'j.:.gq1,:,.g:f7f ',3,'ffj:2j:f,:f?121.3 --nf- 'IM YT M' --- P"- K- LQ? wiki J JUNIORS: ROW I: Neal, Pace, Sloat, Knickel, Herbert, Campbell. ROW 2: Baer, Thompson, Fox, Newland, Miner, Parker, Miss Ellington, Advisor. ROW 5: Radel, Miley, Angaxmien, McCumber, Messenger. President - Freddie McCumber Vice President - Dorothy Herbert Secretary - Julia Campbell Student Gommnl Represenumive - Thelma Neal Wilbur Messenger The Junior Claus began the year with strenioua efforts to make money for that coveted trip after school is out in the spring. One of our first -activities with the aid of the seniors was our ice cream social. Later in the season Game the basketball games which brought the sales of hats, pencils, pennants and varous concessions. It was a familiar sight to seqgdaniors ,rusning tneir way through the crowds calling. Whot dogsn, WcdkeS,n and D65 corn. Our chief event -of the year was the class play, "He Couldn't Take Itn, under the direction of Miss Ellington. We point with pride to our four boys, Freddie McCumber, Gene Radel, Dick,Baer and Roger Augenstien who served on the varsity squad. We closed the year with our banquet and the anticipa- tion of our trip to Washington. efnrm I YOUVRE CAUGHFE MAKE IT GOOD It TV a EEE EEE g . f. , .,. 1.'xN1,, l .. J COOK IF N0 CAN JUNIGR GLASS PLAY Ee Couldn't Take It,H a garcewcomedy under the dir rection ofwMiss Ellingtohiwas presented by the Juniors on October 25 Q 26. Music was furnished by the School Orchestra. g The cast included: Colman Barry, a wealthy'stockbroker5Q.AQLa.Harold Miley Mrs, Barry, his Wife.g5353Q.a.QL3gQ5...5LJulia Campbell Leo Barry, their SOHoeanuoeooco:oeoonoocoFfQd'M6'CumbGT Carroll Sommers, the girl of Leo?s dreams,n..f..Dorothy "AHerbert Faith Truesdale, the girl of Leo's nightmarese..... .... Virginia Pace Ruth Holloway, a sweet young girl who lisps......Thelma ' "' ' Neal Jeanette Harcourt, a beautiful young cynic.....Beatrice ' Khickel Harriet White, a sweet young girl who is slightly balmy f . " Wilma Sloat Simpson Dean, a cautious young man'...Reger Augenstien Tipton Sommers, Carrol's father........4....Lloyd Miner Libby Sommers, Carrol's mother..lL .,,,,,,Wi1mQ Sloan Wylie Sommers, Carrol's brothergig. .2.......Gene Radel Malcolm,fa very proper butler.......22LWilbur Messenger Chin Lee, a Chinese cook.....................Jim Parker Mrs. Kilpepper, a ruthless widow out to capture a man for herself and her daughter .. .......... Doris Newland Magnolia Kilpepper, a man hunting girl with a vicious appetite, following in the footsteps of her scheming .0..........-...flI....0'...l"QB.l..o. tr1 Timelcto aus anon ion ...,....Thh.Preseam Placeoqosenolacasaacc0olu0llOollOl0501owThe nctl: The Barry Home, before dinner. Leo had afforded proposal and a surprising acceptance from Faith Truesdale the girl of his nightmares. Actllz Carroll's presence was disclosed by Wylie at an unexpected time. ActIll.: Mr. Q Mrs. Sommers disclosed the idmmity of their daughter masquerading as a maid in the Barry hmm to Mr. Q Mrs. Barry. By the close K of. ther performancer were many surprising proposals and engagements taking place. We are quite sure the audience approved of this play due to their loud laughter and applause. X ,pi 7 X X- Q G wx W V? k N N Q YY 5156 Y " ' x 1 L7 X ,KWH R x., ,,., ! if I ,YQ ' .ff K- A, s .zft I If xx T' :JJ yplizfggd-f47 ,,1.,'7i Row 1: Greene, Shepherd, Brady, Miley, Longnecker, Buckleyg RoW52: Williams, Cook, Wiemer, Axline, Sloat, Clark,' Mrs Weston-advisor. Row 3:' Garwood, Hinamon, Hobson, Granlee, Weston, Noggle, Scott. SOPHOHORE ACTIVITIES President -------- ---- Don Garwood. V. President ------- Willard Clark Secretary -------- Bettylou Weiner Treasurer- -------- Mildred Greene Student Council ------- Jim Weston Dorothy Shepherd We had 19 in the Sophomore class this entire year with- out gaining or losing any. . We are proud of the fact that one of our boys, ,Jim Weston, is on the first seven of the varsity squad. If 'he continues improving as he has been he should be one of the best players on the squad next year, We also have several on the reserves, Dick Granlee, Carl Noggle, and Don Garwood Bob Sloat is a manager. We are active in Band, QrchEEtra,Girls Glee Club, Boys Glee Club and other school activities. f We ordered our'class rings and are anticipating their arrival in the fall. ,, 5 4'..,!.'4g.-455. - W ..., , . x ygnv f - J. .LE,,E?,.5:i,::,:,,. .' a.w. - q-"-- f 1, X X I xx. A 1 ff '7" 9 aff. .45-,. , W" . 3,-irifirf'-. Q-"-95355152 ' If - .1:::1g1--I-. ji- -gi, -:Z-:-:Sf X .+u--:- ,:-::-:- x - . fr,: - , A ' f-we -":2.f:, Y '-W--.L. 'U-1 1 .. Llfl' 5 f 5351 ,ye-Sk 1 f f ' I-.-af? '. 1 4 9 77-2-5:-'.q!f:--.f""' 5.-Q., 2 1 . "'ffv"iQi:-. K N QE? 'E-f.f:5?"J ,-5151: .s-:- -ff'1"'-rr'-.11: .FS " .zkf-11:1 v ' .-11:71 'f---. 2-' .: -'-3-fi-:P g-',..2 .-' '-Qflgig.-J' A 41.5 '-gJ.4:'-'51.,I .-' -7-:Z-'-5:2233 ! , T gp.--1-,,..L,'-X31-755331, A- g.. - -g:3iQQq:3f:: f' V- '? T-:fx ff'--.F.':i'L3:-RI!" ,N 5:4 . rg'-.,,-gz,-f-:-:geQ:,:' :gg ":5:fg:g:g:rg:- " cg: :yY:4a5':'.':?'-:f .-3:1-1 -' , fr!-1 :F. ' .. f' , s 2-, sz- . -I-7.-1-. 1 '.-'-f"P-E,,.lj' :!:,sgFf5,-, .-1,5-'5:'::y . N.--5"-..K 214511.4311-'hz-14:2-.f:4e' I 4 '-11:1g'7'T's-131'-5" fifgi-537' Z 'r X jj: j3S:f5" Q 'x v'f:"'Y-Hzi-:4:15r2i-'-' ' - 1 X -43' 4' ' . X ,. , ' f :Grd 'fl -" I xl .-I , N- 1' 5525535 - ' - ii- -ff? f .- " EQTJ5 -, 4:5-1I'5f: ., 55:5-2 ' 1'- YWZ, 1641 ivii-,'--lv 'Y 2.31.1 15- yy . ,153 ,-., ,., f':.fc1t-zur. -3'-7-:e.a-f17 -11. lm- wg-.Q-' 1 ., an-H -V11-' X"""' 1' 53:1 D .,.--h .if -1.-:--r . , if 1113? gf- V-PF 3Xx"ElE.' '.v:ff-3-' ' f. "x wi 'A -32 uf .-Ma X ZW' -5 wifi .Uv-:.',-rf. -'.',-I-Eu I-,-I 41-l., ,i it-1, k-ln! ,-.,,-:-',.- Zz,-,..:.l ...I , -- J . 13g"'4f52f H '1f.E flf:j2:'5jIf i.-ji. iii: film .. c..- b--, -Q 1,,-,- if ,: Q, .'1-I-Q-R ' "L g- ::,'Z-I-bi-'g'-'I fig'- . 2e.':!::xi:.l.. ,xi-R -..1,Q'!?I-,Ei , vu...-,,, ' .-"-'-:Hr-'1. :nfs 1 wc- . A y j- ff Q' I. y.j.-fazz.--fi: Cr' , cs -?'lx N - " 16512: 'gfg-1sk'1,,4. - 13"-i-.1 F .hilkijvfgs K .uf -..,,., 1.45.45 -al -QW? -.3-.-93' N ,1.-..,-,-.. .. ,vu .35 3!1'r4a,, A :tbl R ,.,-g:e?.3+aqqtggi1FF?g:5, .-,1.E5,',zi. :ILE ,'. Un. gl.-, '-I :ffm-af. X' f ' -'u'gTf.:",'lh pi, , f2 1.1 gr ' Y.: ':'-1-' ,., -.z'.--,-if ,1,g,g-'51 I. 'Nr-,. , f- -3-1,4.:.-.,' -:-.-J: . . ,,,,,. ...... ., -gli... rgn- -1 ..--'. .1.L ,.Q.f1.-,- .-,-,I -- xc.-.e,4, . nl., .. 1 fl., gr -,'- '.-1.3: , 1453... 32fZf1!Q:':1ff2agg2f,5,' gfhitug A -.1,f3gig51.2g.: ' " fr.-'."'-.fI:.'ff,,, ' ..-r- :wir ..i -' I: -'J '45-:la iiigffi-?i:P' 1gr52'1's,4.1 ' -J "Z '!?6i'JI 4237- fi- -'if1'7'31""'-- - . ' .45 k.,.v... ,9f.:.--Q --- .N .., . r-. '.- .-x- !7...3E.2:f,,' J-A from .41 fl "' -2-Pi Zi-::?'A. - Qui jfif' " 'A' "'-2311 , 1:21,-5-Q.,-5gg4j.: ,4A,'g ., vs ",i,f.e.1:g ',g,-'fg- 'EE-:Aff , V4 H". Qa1.'::I"'f -7- ,, . 'v,.'.Q1gf. 2'1- '-1.'.:-Q.:-ufyfpgagq.-, Eg-C -Jj5gag5,wjx:.,'.'- .A if if -31-fs'.'. 'y.:.'.1,-,5':f:. '-,,.,, -R-.-::,". ,-, -A-3. 31.5. .211 .' Ivffi-iff-If-:Zag-52.1, vi-.-.1:eZ-r-gf-1-. -' .1-. .,....,.x..,:-L,-.i,,, YQ, .',.,l.3.:.-w,r,g -. -:q My -,v,.-- ,-,rzqqf U 'uzrsyv -,-,- QXW'-'-Q. .:. .e.-n, .aimed-.1 mc. ' - "+.'.':3ig,f.-a'.--.L.' T Li.,-71, 3.5.3-s:,.,'.j.', ,ig f,3,- .. H: ,'-.,'. . 'zffi-bf-'-1:.f'i1-:Nfl- v,g::.fZf.- il-:-.-Q-1 -!:- '- v f4g.,,jZ'gj,1g-pjt:i'i.:.-Q31 '52-'-jg -,L:,:'3-2-1,31 ' .w1-.-:- . .43-,,, --1 fum-V. .s -I 3 gl.-,4 , , ,. -I., . - - I -- '-..v-','.,,-, - H, fi 1.4. "7-P.'l'n. . '. 'r ' -- ' 73'-'-5 ' "--. 1:-1' 'f-1'.'!sI'.'f'I4.' ' Q ' " 1225:-.QIPZ-2"-' L-S -'.' . ,4,...:.,.: 2 PR,-.41 ' .":':!.':!" - ' " '1 ' ':s.'!gI3L:fj.. T , ' .. l 1. ,A 'l'27l!',. .. ffm'-'oLn , ..., ,--.- A '-,2"'ZgI1L--': , ' g.Q"'. '-Z':'-li: ,-J '-155' ', ::.l.j.:. . my if - 1 - H.. 'i -". . , '.'.':". "- :',, ul.. ..1... j.-,-. hi,- ' , ,,1,+K.r:--'.. - .f.5.,.,g.+f FRESUEEH: ROW I: Hughes, Harriman Neal ' Fotter, Rutter, Nr. McFhrlnn, L. serum. now sz' B. rzuborng r:h.x'i11uori5 Advisor, J. Saxton, Grnycrart, R. wright, D. wright. President - Carol Harriman Vice Fresident - Gene Craycrett Secretary - Joann Sexton Treasure - Shirley Heel Reporter - Lois Sexton Student Council Rept. - Helen Fotter Student Council Rept. -fherl Hilborn This your the ninth grade has thirteen members, Out of the thi t H V r son members ere three basketball players, Berl Hilborn Earl Hilborn and Don wright. We have n cheerleader fron, this class to help bfek the temm, Leis Saxton. Also we have four members in the Band. The largest event for ther Freshmen this your was the Freshmsnwinitiation, In spite of the silly clothing we had to wear, the make-up so ingenieusly placed en us by .the Speech class and the agony or that J't afternoon assembly we still had a good time. All et us hed a wonderful time so we have completely forgiven the upperelessmen tor all the hardships et that day. - V . - Jack southward, another member of the elses, was eb- sent the day the picture was taken. f 1 1 - W if., U A ? Vg L ,:.::'1' , .:.t.1-,Q- ,H Nw 1 fag...-L.,lgi?i25.I::ggT--ji.--'B A Q ??1'gY-iii---Qfq Mg, KQV? j' 7 4-L33 -N -,,. W. 1 N-J -,4.'.j,x:, 4-1' N, .. Faiflgx 'QQEIQETL-iL 4-ff., J 'Wi-1-"f3,55-'..L. Q'-im .. '31 M ,..f'XLLXSf 'J fiiZaf15'72:lu Q-N V' K Nw 19 gjfiif' Nw-. 4 fx KX- X! xx. I 'KE l 1 9 SJ 2 N565 ' f' -. + .fwifx ffkfa -' X .-' I ,E 1... f :' ws::'1i5!f1:nfg' . 5 "'EL5IL.7.QfE1. A E H , X 45? W auf' I fi. ' f X. I s ' W -EJ. A Wim Nm X f X1 Q -:5:?zfL5Z:1:2EfL3iE:f:f- H 1 ' .9:':udsga,5fm.1 'V 1 - 'N , g e . YF "Lg- 1121? i XSQ' f ' f1""""'5 J ,S A lizasimi man so ann GRADES: Row lg Arnold, Schindler, Weston, Noggle, Neal, Gregory, ROW 533 Knickel, Par1f:e1f',,Fox,Co1'win, IVL Arnold, Loudenslager, Brencfh, ROW 33 Higgins, Noggle, Crayoraft, Hickman, Buckley, Hhs, Lesrhlegv, adviser. ' . . WT 5th 8a 61:11 GRADES: ROWJJ Rowan, Southward, Drake, Fetm5.Bakor, Miner, Hughes, Seiter,'Mis,s Sloat, aavisir 'ROW 25 Miller, Brady, Johnston, Southwewd, Marshall, Kiytfpn, Koontz, Hzsley., Higgins, ROW 53 Greene, 'Beli' ?uokley, SaXton,Louder1slaga', Harris, Gr'eycreft,A Murphy, Ku gifs y Murphyi ' SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE NEWS For the seventh and eighth grade it has not beenpd Yea? of work altogether. We had a few parties and other activities which all of us enjoyed. At the beginning of the year we elected officers for one classes. They are: PRES.-Robert Buckley VICE PRES.mDon ld Higgins SEC.-Eugene Knickel TREsSCMJane Weston REPORThReBonni. Corwin 7th Grade Student Council Representatyve- A Mary Neal 8th Grade Student Council Representative- Robert Noggle Our adviser is Mrs, Lashey. The eighth grade worked hard at practicing a play which we gave at a high school assembly. The name of it was WHigh School Daze.W The eeventh and eighth grade boys have played some successful basketball games with different schools and our team of the future looks very promising. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE NEWS We began the school year with i total of fourteen boys and thirteen girls. We gained one girl but she soon left us, however we gained another girl in the sixth grade mak- ing our room total twenty-eight. During the year we have eirnestly tried to learn and master the work for our grades. We undertook several pro- jects such as: UThe Study of Ohion, NA Bulletin Trip with Rear Admiral Byrd to the Antlrticn, HA Tree Loaded with oems About the Windn, and 1 complete outlind of wind, its causes and effects. These are a few of the many things we did. Physical Education was introduced in our grades this year for the first time. We girls and boys like it and think it helpful in keeping us well. we had health books also that gave us valuable help as we had to use a lot of outside material to fill out our individual book. All in all, we had a good time this term. 1 w X brd. A 4th Grades: Row lg Knickle, Miller, Schindler, Parker, Radel, Piper, Higsins, Pace, Harris. Row 2, Sendrid5e,K4Hinemen Williams, M.Hinuman, Boslcy, Wigle, Johnston, Arnold, Rowan, Heller, Row -: Brady, Muryey, Saxton, Josnstoe, Neel, Clarke, Bosley, Forry, Culver, Mrs. Rutter, Teacher. , lst 8a 2nd Grades: Row lg Koonti, Winters, Haner, Hooper, Murghy, Pursley, Myers, Forry, Harris, Sexton, Pursley, Row 2: Gregory, Arnold, Noyes, Sexton, Baker, Graycraft, Weiler, Piper, Nogale, Row 3: Simgkins, Welsh, Milgate, Blue, Moore, Piper, Clarke, Esehbeugh, Wood, Hamer, Mrs. Bosley, Teacher. THIRD .MTD FCURTE GRADE TTIJS Then school openedgin September we had twenty-nine boys and girls in our room. There were fourteen in the thinhgrade and fifteen in the fourth grades During Christmas vucetion Ruth Redel left the thirdqgrede to go to school in Morrow County. it the be5inning41'school in the second semester, Jack Atha came from.Heeker to 'our third rrnde, again making our total number twenty-nine. The days and weeks moved along quickly and soon Christmas was neer. He were busy making decorations for our room and trying to keep secret the nemo of the person we had drawn in the Christmas exchange, Mrs, Rutter get us a Christmas tree and we helped decor- ate it. Mhen it was loaded with our nifts we thought it the most beautiful tree in the building, We were all pleasedvith the gifts we received and with the Christmas cookies and d10G olate milk Which hrs. Rutter served. For our Christmas program we sang two songs: UAway In a Mnnegeru end WLittlc Town Of Bethlehem.W Janurary passed without much snow and we had to use.our imagination and enjoy the snow pictures which we made. There was one bright spot in Janurery, Kr, Herrington gave us two periods each week for Physical Education. Uelnve enjoyed doing exeveises, playing basketball, and vdU.ey ball. With the spring days coming our interest turned to basew' bil s We bought nVh1ontine Cut Outn books and made our owe valentines for our valentine box, which Iergery Hinenon da' coreted for us, Ie enjoyed making our valentines much more than buying them. Time passed quickly and soon ro'were decorating ourzbom for Lester and learning Easter songs, Before we knew it we were ready to close our books and say good-bye to our friends end teacher until another Sept- ember rolls around, FIRST AND SECOND GRADES School opened last fall with 43 children in the first and second gradesc This was a larger number than we have had for several years- . 1 During the year we lost'Jane Miller, Fern Miller, Rock-' well Bruchler, Nancy Vincent, Russell Conley, Larryfgimpkins, Derry.E5e' Dennis Blue, and DareNjQVsch0aU3h, e Richard Cluff came to the second grade in March. Eddie 'Milgate joined our group in December as a membenr of the sec- ond gradeo He moved away in Marche ' we had a severe epedimic of chicken pox during January and'EebruaryQ 'Several children were also absent with measles flu, and mdmpsa George Watts was absent for several weeks recovering from as appendix operation. We have enjoyed our work with the rhythm band this year. We played several numbers at the Christmas program. Dexinda Winters directed the band for the Christmas appearance. me also played for the Farmers Instituto in March. Bobby Uclsh and Lhry Lou Koontz directed the numbers. Gene Moore from the second grade played the Clarinet in the grade orchestra, Several children made posters advertising the Farmers lnstitite. Bobby Arnold received the first prize for the best poster in the first four grades. Bobby Welsh from the first grade received fourth prize, 7 We had a Valentine box which Gene Moore made at home and brought to schools We'have had an enjoyable school year both at work and at play, 1 . 591 wr:-1-H. f?i5?PYfzf,sfs:, A. .TAA 11 If , arf: '?1.z:f::?:r:-.-: 53-F' .gE:?:1,22'3?':5:f5f- I Q ,11jR,'35f5 15:2 :25::1f:Ig5gZy" -' .,,". ,:f?:Qi 1.3: LZSIQZ-n:l,::,-, :Q ,LHS-...,5. :Z' -ft-315723:-z.: 5' -:f'.g.":,-sq 73. gff:fZf:CgEE:31' -',1,1lZ5:lf'-:Z fzf-55:45-:CS ' if,:JzZ"-:'E7, N' 1412- 1-7-.-'Z-Eff' . A 1312515 df .'y:7, gZ'4tf,g::'.4 ,A :mfg-fa-3, Q-' .- u-.. . - .-v ---,V-.1 !?2,.5:11i:15:'5f'5':' ' ' " - " :s'5?s:1f21!:5?:r1f? 4' ' -'-4-+1':'va,: ."f-:--.-., ,. . 512 4 " 'if:'fg49r2wg.0 x , .- xl figy, 'i - H" H 13,5 , -'f-2'g' ' S . "" . xv I ' 7- -.- I "--- , ',.,, fly x A A' 41, --,NiL.3-.:?!i:.' . A 3 ,,,,Z?, ""c5E+' " .-a 1' 4 - Q21-4---. . Q F., 915 " A '-'-.-- .I 1 .'3Lw .-.,..-. .. I-2-1' ..... .......--- 1"3?'1 1 I , -, . I 42' L.,,"-W.-K. H.. N 'X .-1-cuiwlzv --.--.1- -" -:'15l'5 xg' YN '---.- zriilliffcizggi' 1 5 V Y ' QP n 46.51. .',ylv, -.1 -..,,,, 'f ff- 5:11-:2:i:f9zl" - . 1 ,.,.,Q,.5::,v.,.,.,. ,,31,.,.:?g v'.1.f.'1i,' ' R., 9 f?"7"5ii'Si.:.A-f . . -- -:-A vm 'fu' ' . .-.-25:4 -Lf 51 1 -L?-4.4: 5.14: ,yy --g,4'9'lv-ma. A N, f' , -.4 -..-. , ' y H . ..-f""' xk--1-Z-'-rw 32 V 49, 1 M.,-.'.,'.gZg,g.g :Bb 1 I , 'J-1 -M ,x fx. f -ff . '-11 :,.s:':1g:::-11, 5' ' Q ,ff ,.,,, ,,. fp' -5 4-.. ' I Xl Eflifrii- f' 123541 f - - 'XM -:::7',.:f-gg , -- ,L ,C .Ea is . Q . Q LK xx , ' . f-'- 6' fu . .- - - ' ' . -A .-:wa-2:-:lf '-Qzw 043 M -f1:':-:f'- ,, Nm If -.- mf.-5-' I ' -- . -Mgr. . ,f 'Q .J .4 x,.-,h- . Zxiimmtgl X Q2 . . an Li, .. -Wgiliifibi?-fb? ajaiifff' -.4 ,. -N 4,5514-. --'gl gif: - ge 3: T11 ' ' :au 3 ,, .4-W L ,, , . -,, :gy 1 'pp - x , af .W X gt -. .,..-3, .., .,. 0,-nL,:, 3 .. .5- 1. .n J., wil , gg- ,., .-. ,- ,Qu . -I-. .4--ez-Lf 1- V -. .J ,sr- - ' -.4 I-Qfjfvjiv '.,:'1j, " an g. V ,f, ff' 415 , f?4135:SSf3,2f.f,' ' ', L2'E2f2R33E1Lg5'2EiH" ' f!?iY1'EEs:i?- . ' f "' W LS"-v" A 4- ,- .efi . .5 'Z '-7' 231512: ,. f:5'g"!.f-"" "' - ' -I - 'ff ' 2, 3 if A 1-fM'xf"' ff? 2 ..- --151:-'A' '11-'5fzZ.3:25gi'." ,,L- 7 ''4'5:?'V3g'f?r!?2ig25?gZiflgiffffxiil'E!.i?i:3'A ' -2 .-11 -. -vW,,9,f.fu---111ygf.f!,:.1' . ' 'fl-,rfzsifuzf--31-:1,.'-".,4-'aff- . - .. . , A fy:4:z.:m,,'y53515,:E5E33:3-Q'S1::52:f,:gA- L ,f lic' r 1':'-":E9E57'?--54-ffl ,-SFS-, X.,f , 5233!ffE!i!1iif?f:Lf1--pq-211i-15?5fzilfifilifiv-"'V j Liz? fCi3'f?!EE:1:I:JPP??' Q'5i1""'x ' ' 1- ,"i2-'fbi-5,19 1-'fzlgetfz-' X - -V '! .1-'lyaqv z:f'f:vff,z2" k - assi' N -1233 " 'fi 4, -qytff' f ggi? .1 QQEQRTS I 3 3 BASKETHALLLVARSITY: ROW Ig'McCumber, Weston, Augmumdnn, F. Baer, D. Baer. ROW 2: J. Conley, Radel, H.fComley, Saxton, Merritt- Row 3: Mr.'Weston, Coach, Sloat, ' Messenger, Parker, Managers,MT. McFarlan, Ass. Coach. VARSITY Harpster Iberia Waldo Martel Pleasant Columbus School of Deaf Claridon Galedoniae Kirkpatrick Mebker Harpster Greenoamp Columbus School of Deaf Prospect LaRue St.Mary's New Bloomington Morral Morral Monral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral .Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral Morral . ' . 1 BASKETBALL+RESERVES: ROWQlg H. Miley, D. Granlee, E3 Fauroq M. Hilborn, C. Noggle. ROW Eg D. Garwood, D. Wright, V. Ned. B. Hilborn, L. Miner, J. Lill. 'ROW 55 Mr. Weston, Coach, B. x 5. 4 ! Sloat, W. Messenger, J. Parker, Managers, Mr. McFarland Ass. Coach. ' RESERVE Harpster 0 18 Morral Iberia 10 Morral Waldo 2 9 Morral Martel 17 Morral Pleasant . - 22 Morral Columbus School of Deaf 15 Morral Claridon 20 Morral Caledonia 16 Morral Kirkpatrick ll Morral Meeker 10 Morral Harpster 27 Morral Green Camp 24 Morral Columbus School of Deaf 10 Morral Prospect 25 Morral LaRue 15 Morral St. Maryfs 24 Morral New Bloomington 15 Morral Howard Conley--Senioreei?llH--Varsity M88 points. Howard certainly has proven himself to be an outstanding guardg With his Sllln of heightf he has been the king of reboundsg Howard's team mates could always count on him to sinkiacoupla of long shots whenever that score needed lifting a point or two, This is hisfseoond year to be elected by his team mates as honorpry captain. Don Saxton--Senior--5'lOH--Varsity-68 Ecints. Don has done a good job of forward this year. His 6 points is not an indication of his playing ability. No opposing team ever felt safe with Don there to break up their passes or to tie up the ball. Although Don was small in stature he 'did his share in controlling the rebounds on both bankuoards. ,jf Jim Conley--Senior--5'llW--Varsity-35 points. Jim played a good defensive game as back guard. He kept the audience in awe with his spectacular shots from time to time. Jim was one of the key men in bringing the ball down the floor. Pete Merritt--Senior?-5!1OG75'l97 pointsfvarsity. Pete was our flashy ever scoring center. He continued to put away at the bucket to gain' for the team 197 points. Pete's hard sweating hours of basketball certainly were rewarded when he was selected by the coaches of Marion County to be on the all .county honorary basketball team. Fred'Baer--Senior--5V109--Varsity-56 points. Reserves six points. Fred was a reliable guard. His ability to Judge re. boundswgave him control of the bankboards. Fred was tops of his team when it come to the foul shooting department, Throughoutfthe whole year he missed only one foul shot in his varsity play. W, .. Edward Schertzer--Senior--5'llu-avarsity 56 points--Reserves' 75 points. Ed was a fast moving forward on the varsity team. His high arched shots-were beautiful to see as well as point makers for the team. Ed served also as captain on the re- serve team throughout the year. Fred McCumber--Junior-45'11N--Varsity lOl points-Reserves 14 points. Freddie was a hard working forward who climbed from the reserves to a starting berth on the varsity by the end of the basketball season. He was famous for his one armed hook shotgndch netted for the team many a basket. Dick Baer--Junior--5'QU--Varsity--Oipoints-'Reserves Bl points. Dick was a quiet butaggressive forward. His faking and speed often times left his opponent far behind and gave to him that well deserved point. Edward Faurot--Seniorwwd'--Reserve 57 pointsa. Edward played center on the reserve team,being a tall and lanky player he did an excellent job in the center position of their zone dee iense. Ed was one of the chief scoring men on the reserve eam. rg LH huqff , , 1 .lv-. :Nei Tiff filfff ialni.. L J-Z' 'ztiijff ??'L11 fa' .ani am M553 e'bm, LfWZ5?' M , 'JW adage SHUI -?mE5t43f3TEt 'fihdnmnw' Jack Lill--Senior--5' 8"--Reserve lO points. Jack wasaasmall but mighty guard on the reserve team. With his excellent foot work he controlled the back court. Jack's style of shooting long shots is one that any coach would desire. Vernon Neal--Senior--5' lO"--Reserve 34 points. Vernon was a high scoring guard on the reserve team. His tricky tribble would allow him to escape his opponentat almost any time and give a point or two for his team. Harold Miley--Junior--5' 11"--Reserve 4 points. Harold play- ed on the reserves as center. His height gave him good de- fensive play. y Robert Thompson--Junior--5' 10"--Reserve l point. Bob was a reserve forward. His excellent ball handling gave him an ad- vantage over his opponents. Lloyd Miner--Junior--5' 7"--Reserve 8 points. Lloyd played as a forward on the reserve team. Lloydis specialty in one handed shots netted the reserve team those extra needed points throughout the year. Dickie Granlee--Sophomore--6'--Reserve 58 points. Dickie played center and forward on the reserve team. His height and ever improving playing ability should net him a place on the first ten next year. Carl Noggle--Sophomore--5''lO"--Reserve 5 points. Carl play- ed as forward on the reserve team. Through hours of practice he has perfected a one arm long shot which should net him many a basket in future years. Don Garwood--Sophomore--5' 10"--Reserve Z points. Don was a quiet and sincere forward on the reserve team. He excells in his ball handling ability. Hilborn Twins--Freshman--5' lO"--Reserve 27 points. Merl and Berl are certainly two prospective future Morral basketball players. The twins have worked hard this year to perfect their abilities in basketball-playing. Their indenticalness should make them a valuable asset to any team. Don Wright--Freshman--5' 9"--Reserve 2 points, Donnie ,has great possibilities as a basketball player.r His ability for ball handling and faking should win him a berth in our future basketball teams. Jim Weston--Sophomore- points. Jim was one of finally gained a berth .- 624--Varsity 46 points--nReserves 51 our best defensive men this year 'and on the Varsity five toward the end of the yearo Being a younfster in the field he improved greatly from game to games His specialty was those long armed shots under the basket. Roger Augenstoinw-Junioram5f 11f'e-Varsity 0 points--Reserves 67 points. Roger was one ef our sure point forwards. His specialty of left handed Lhots was almost impossible to stop. coring men on the reserve team. He was one of the chief s Gene Radelenlunior-45' 10 of our fast breaking forwards who scored 110 points. The team surely was sorry to see him more away at'the end of the first semestero Harpster Iberia Waldo Martel Pleasant Columbus Claridon Caledonia Kirkpatri Meeker Harpster School of Deaf ek Green Camp Columbus School of Deaf Prospect La Rue St. Mary's New Bloomington -T--Varsity 110 points. Gene was one VARSITY RESERVE theyewe they-we 57 52 18 20 28 57 10 27 52 40 29 51 55 55 iv' 29 47 l9 22 17 57 56 l5 26 42 40 20 29 65 40 16 25 48 72 ll 20 27 24 10 9 29 52 27 25 18 55 24 25 44 55 10 23 25 44 25 27 55 59 15 26 45 55 24 22 17 66 15 52 BOYS SOFTBALL TEAMS Row It Baer: . Lill: F81-lI'Ob: McCumbe1'2 Augenstien: Row 2: H. Conley: Radel-: Miley: J. Conley: Sax- ton: Row 3: Weston, coach: Neal: M:l9Hillborn: B. ZH3.lborn: Qarwood: McFar1an C GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM: Row I: D. Newland: Radel: Fetter: ROWIZ4 Christiansen: Buckley: Brady: Saxton: 'flioggzleg Harriman: Longneclcera C.. Newland: Campbell: Weston: Rm P'aoe:.HeiPbert Miley: Mrs. Lashey: B. Brady: Knickle: Fox BOYS BASEBALL TEAM Our boys baseball team this year consists of the following Pitchers Gene Aadel, Harold Kiley Catchers Harold Liley, Jack Lill lst Jin Conley, jd Faurot End Donald Saxton 5rd Howard donley, Ld Schertzer Short Stop ' Jack Lill Right Field Freddie LcCunber, Ierl Lilbran Center Field- Roger nufenstien Left Field Vernon leal, Fred Baer Our seasons record was one.victory against three defeatsg The courty league consisted of Pleasant, Green Carp, Waldo, Kirkpatric, and gorral. Pleasant emerged victor in league play GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAR The Girls softball team this year consisted of the follow- ing: - Catcher Norma Christiansen Pitcher Doris Newland lst Lois Saxton 2nd Clarabel Newland 3rd Mary Radel Short Stop Judy Campbell Left Field Carol Harriman Center Field ' Helen Fetter Right Field ' Judy Campbell- 5.Ll1.aiGl?21lS19.fi1 ' . 'Q' ' ' Deon Brady, Virginia Buckley, Ruth Fox, Virginia Pace, 'Betty Longnecker, Dot Herbert, Donna Miley, Betty Noggle, Jane Weston. ' .Af This year the county was divided in two leagues, the Western and the Eastern. In the first of these league games Morral played La Rue, we were victorious by a score of 42--14. Our next league game was with Green Camp. This was an exciting game to the finishm-Green Camp finally came outfon top with a score of ll-M80 To Pleasant went the laurel of the next game which ended lO-l in their favor. We defeated New Bloomington in the last game of the season which won us a tie with NaN Bloomington for second place in the Western League. W! Q ,J 5' ,..-.-,-.-.-.-1:::1:f:-:4. . .-11:2LE1222Ii5f7fEES52515a7' ,,E1Z,Z5E5EErE1E gigigigigrf - :'5E5E125EfE?5i?5"' M . f""'11?2f'Zl .-Z-11l1fEi5E3:E1EgE:2EE?E2222:-175, - 7 j f"a:.1?a?L12?S???3-- . 1,51:2'Ef:?f:f:f.2:51Z2i':f.5' K 1.,-3,:gg1f.' LEE"-'Z' fi'-'E . 'Q ixspfl ,-.115 . if 51.2.1111-' -45Q1jLQf151,11-Ef1.1:'313l5 ,I 7.17. .:g.- ,...., ,.,. gf , I ,.'.,,.,g,g1Qsgf:hr?:gv?r1' 4 g.:1,g. ,.4NLf7f2?.q3g- I V3 'ifli-lx -Z1'Q!2:-.z5f- . 'fffadi-4.4.2.-sf-1 . Lv 'faiizlfikizgp ' .'. -4-,':.5. - J Q - ug,-If'-iffy.-:-:-Si? .. .. .'n.',.'..'..' xl:-:z.::-xfar.. ,. V. .- ... .'- , '''5:I'f:.:.+:"'-C-5-,-yy ...., . ..j-f'I- ,j-Q.. QW f ! ss I, If w7'fV'W' MQ Q 4 . HIGH SCHOOL BAND: Row lg G. Buckley, R. Loudenslager, D.Louden- slager, Cook, Parker, B. Buck1ey,'E. Knickel, D. Greene, Row By Hite, Campbell, B. Knickel, White, Harriman, J.Weston,'Schmelzez3 Newland, Herbert, Hughes, M. Greene, Mr. Lane Director, Row 5: Hinanan, Hilborn, Milcy, J, Weston, Faurot, Hobson, Conley, McCumber, Scott. I . I HIGH SCHOOL ORCI-IERTRA: Row 1: G. Knickel, M. Greene, Campbell ,' Hughes, B. Knickel, White, Herbert, Rutter, Buckley,LoLdm'l8g1', Row 2: Cook, Harriman, -Newland, J. Weston, Winner, Sohmelzer, R. Fox, J. Fox, Corwin,'Sloat, Fetter,'Mr. Lane Director, Rowfir Rite, Hinamon, McCumber, Hobson, Miley, Faux-ot, Beers, J.Wes1son, Granlee, Conley, Hilborn, Scott. , f BAND The second your of our band has passed very suc- cessfully. The band lost u for members last year but has gained several new oncsn It is new composed of 50 members. The new uniforms arrived the first jpart' of the year. They ere our school colors, red endlioch and we are very proud of'thomQ Ue imve worked togxt quality into our playing, but we've also spent pnrtof our time practicing to learn to march. Several moms bers from the bend are going to the County Kusic Fes- tival, to play in the ninetfspiece band that is comm posed of bend nembers fron nll over the county. The band hes marched and played for two basket-' bell games, besides playing for the Christmas pmgrem, the Fmrner's Institute, the Senior ploy, and the Spnng Festival. To are looking forward to Werner weather when we will begin marching out of doors. ORCHESTRA The orchestra is one music organization that all of us enjoy and anticipate hearing at various school entertainments. They have had the opportunity togley for several occasions this your. The first pdfonnume was at the Junior Play, October 24th and 25th. Each evening they played several numbers preceeding the giving of the ploy. nt the Christmas program they Hai ed for the second time'in the year. This program was given in thx: 8fEQIQQUmw December Blst. In Herch they community was given another opportunity to hear them ut the Fermor's Institute. Playing for the Spring Festival in April and for the Senior Class Play in Hey ended the years performances. The orchestra has made many improvemcnts'Uns year They have worked especially herd to improve the quality of their music and we think they have accomplished Un goal. Girls' Glee Club Oh dear, what can the matter be? No, I donft have a head- ache. That's the Girls' Glee Club singing one of their fa- vorite 'songs. However, they sing some more serious songs Such QS, nMOTHingW, HHold Thou My Handn, and WTO a Wild Rosen. Judging from the sketches of song that we hear the girls singing in the halls or on the buses, we are sure that they enjoy their songs and music period. The Girls' Glee Club has had several chances to perform this year. The first occasion of the year was singing as guest artists at the Claridon Christmas Program, During the Christmas week we also sang at our own Christmas Music pro- gram. We ended the yearfs performances with our singing for the Spring Music Festival held April lst. Boys' Glee Club If you hear a chorus of masculine voices wafted on the air into your classroom or Study hall it is, of course, the Boys' Glee Club singing during their weekly practice period. Such songs as WThe Desert Songu, uTea For Twon, UZip-a-de- do-da,Nand NGod Bless and Keep Youw are some of the melodies that yOu may hear as you listen with one ear to your teacher' and to the boys singing with the other ear. The boys have worked hard this year to make their one per- formance, at the Spring Music Festival, an excellent one' Also several of the boys were chosen to sing at the County Music Festival with the chorus made up of voices from each of the county schools. GRADE BAND: ROW l: Forry, Buckley, Greene, Parker , Drake, Williams, Heller, Sandridge, Moore, ROW2: Director, Mister Lane, Petter, Bosley, Baker, Koontz, Loudenslager, Miner, Hughes, Hineman, Seiter. 5 3. - ' .5 ,sg I , ' L iv' RHYTHM BAND : ROWT1: Koontz, Simpkins,Harris,Harer, Hooper, Foory, Hauer, Winters, Exton, Pl.1I'SlQf, ROW 2: EschbaoK,Wh1s h, Murphy, Washburn, Blue, Clark, Milgete, Pursley, Myers, Wood , Moore, ROW 3: Piper, Gregory, Arnold, Noyes, Saxton, Baker, Craycraft, Weiler, Piper, Noggle-, ,fx KX "WI, - 1 .77 x f,-'S' aff xl ,- K ' S.. MQW ff I 3 4 1.0 D 41" .R Lx X 1 xx K. f" ' A ykfwxn' 'WN ' ' x W X 6? f, ,far gg A rf ly . A- ,I ahh ,Q b W J ,4 4' X wQY-' , j if ' ' X T ' QQ, "1 W A 'Ee f I YI! Q I 4 I E3 'FE gig L V 4- 7. N737 Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Ihowr. IJoxr. Doc. Dec. Deo. Dec. .Dec Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan Jan. Jan. Jan Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb. Feb. March March March April April April April April May May May May 0 SCHOOL CJLEUDAR . band played basketball game 5 school etcrted. 11 elected class officers. 27 Ice Cream Social. 6 Annual meeting. S Softball game with Cleridon. lO Softball g me with Pleasant. 17 Softball game with New Bloomington 22 County teachers meeting. 22 Seniors had their pictures taken. 24-25 Junior Class Play. S Harpeter basketball. 19 Iberia basketball game. 19 Took pictures for Annual. 27 baldo basketball game. 28-29 lhnnksgiving vacation. 6 Martel basketball game. 7 Christmas Dance. 15 Pleasant basketball game. 14 School of the Deaf basketball game 16 Cafeteria Party. 19 Christmas assembly. 20-Jan. 5 Christmas vacation. 5 Caledonia basketball game. 7 Individual pictures arrived. 8 Picture show, Joe E. Brown. lO Meeker basketball game. 14 Harpster basketball game 17 Green Camp basketball game, 21 Columbus School of the De.f 24 Prospect basketball game. 51 La Rue basketball game. ' 1 St. Mary's basketball game. 4 St. Valentine dance. 5 D. A. R. test. 7 New Bloomington basketball game. 12 Marion County tournament. 15 Marion County tournament, 14 St. Valentines Day. 15 Waldo basketball game. 19 Tournament, 2O Tournament. 22 Tournament. 4-5 Farmers Institute. 8 Senior Scholarship tests. 24 Honor Society Banquet. 5 Morral music Festival. 11 Jr. Q Sr. Banquet. 18 Basketball Banquet. 21 Marion County Spring Festival. -25 Eighth grade tests. 1-2 Senior Yilgspra Play. 18 Baceaiaureage. 25 Commencement. 24 Juniors and seniors leave on their trip: ANNUAL STAFF! 998.'UQdS M188 HBGKBT, advisers A. schmelzer: R, Granleeg J. Campbellg Miss Ellington, advisers second row: B. Bradyg N. Chrietienseng. D. Shepherdg R. Fox: B. Kniokle. V. Paceg D. Herbert: D. Bra 'yg M. Greeneg V. Buckley: Third row: B. Weinerg Mi. Axiineg 3' Faurotg Y. Hiteg C. Newland: Whiteg Mo R8d61o 'G 10-9- A Miss Hacker Qichard Grangee Miss Eljgilvggtqn ..1. :' if 'f'i'.fL.lf"'J ' J 1.1..-.+- - " ANNUAL STAFF Editor....., ..... -..,,rQ..0-ua.,,.......Riohard Granlee Ass't Editors . .... l..Julia Campbell, Ann Sohmelzer Business Manager ...,.. h,.r,. ...,,.L. 0.,..... v.Virgil Hite Advertisingscoeo asar aa1ofue1FuJulia Campbell, Gene White Norma Christiansen, Ann Sehmelzer, Virgil Hite Richard Granlee, Clarabel Newland, Beatrice Knickle Circulation,.cv.1Qh...a,,nNorma Christiansen, Deon Brady Senior Activities.i....,.0 ,.....u.. t.,4 .... Ann Schmelzer Sports..J...e..r.n?cGaEdward Sehertzer, Virginia Buckley Art..Clarabel Newland, Norma Christiansen, Ann Schmelzer Humor.......,.. ..ii ,Q.0.,Q.Edward Faurot, Beatrice Knidde High School Aotivitieso.n.eob0.,..r.c,.u...,,.Gene White Snapshots...uQ...n.s,,,fQBettylou Wiener, Mildred Greene Class Will .............L.,. .h.. ..,L .,..Norma Christiansen Class Poem..., ,C...,....,q..Q.Q.Carol Harriman Class Jingle-:no seaoov cosooooeonuoaqooBetty Brady Class Phophesy... .,..Dorothy Herbert, Julia Campbell Music.. ........ .. 0.u. .g,c....c,0aAnn Schmelzer, Ruth Fox HistoryaooaieuOneco:-flofporsnhw:sonar-000141.-Gene Typists.......c.Mary Radel, Gene White, GDorothyuHerbert b ' tVirgiiiaPace, Julia Campbell Advisors Miss Ellington, Miss Hacker ,,.., ,. ,T ' ' K H lx lr I I S, "H .5 W H it is :fr ' i. Q1 is 11 ": gill QTJ , A , F W, ima A7 "' A 1- 3 M . ,. , A,,,,,,, , ' m- gf? V 1, ,. 'J'-' B1 lf m-13w'- ' un 9 M x gy - v - ff-fa I V .I ' ' ' , 2 . Q i I j ' -' Af Christiansen, Hite, G4 Radel, lace, Faurot, White, Corwin, Saxton, Longnecker, Miss Hacker' advisory sitting: Schmelzer, Granlee, Herbert, M. .Fadel, Newland. W K v - -12 1 it ' "' W . ,, con.1mERc1AL'cLUB: R W I: ' ' o Miley, T.Neal, Faurot, Chrrstiansen, Granlee, Miss Hacker-advisory Wiley, Row'2'C"be1L M3 RadeL whine,-sioat, schmeizer, D Newland, Brady, Ac'Nmar1a'KniC1qe1 f?ne1'6'g1-ii,-'f-ace, Row'5: Hite, G. Raaei Baer 'J. Conle B ' a Q Y, SGTS, Merritt H, Conley5 Saxton, YQ Neal, -qu S TEE TONER STAFF Editor. ......... . . ,L, Q - 3 al.Richard Cranlee Ass't Editor ..,.n. . .,T.Q,.. ..s .c,D5rctny Korner? Business Manager A. T. ...,.Q ,....,...ba0EdwarT Faucet Art......a.e.. ...W f.Clarabsl Newland, Lnr Scnnelher Grade M Hi News .P ,q..eos,9.o?,...3,:fQMary Radel Sports .... LJ. .......... Qu.-Heward Conley, V? glade Pace Senior NewsA.J ,.,..,, P. ..?f.. ..Z..p..,t.Dorctiy Herbert Typists..a0i.Norma Christiansen, Mary'Rade3, Gene White ' ' Ann Schnelzer, Richard Cranlee Home Ec.. .... A 0 ,' . L ...... Q.t,,Ruth For, Gene White Musicf .... e.L, .....,..... L -.,. .-Ann Schmelzer Teacher Newse.-L. . U i,fNbtnmrChristiansen Faculty Advisor... . , .... ....,Mias Hacker COMMERCIAL CLUB NEWS The Commercial Clubganew organizationci'the school, was organized this year to produce better business' makers. The first meeting of the club was heldzM:Ed Faurot's at which time Charleton Meyers, a noted attor- ney in Marion, gave a speech on legal forms. The club then sponsored a Valentine Dance with eachxmmber inv- viting a guest. .The next meeting was held at Richard Granlee'sf The business meeting was spent discussing-: applying for a job, holding a job and conduct on the,ro The last meeting was held at Gene White's in the form of a weiner roast. COMMERCIAL CLUB President ....... ,... . ....Edward Faurct Vice President ... ...QRichardwGraalee Secretary, ...... .... ..... Gene White Treasurer. ..... .' Norma'Christinnaen Club Advisor ..- p......, Miss Hacker ij'l'UlJ11lX! '.I.' CL: Ulu CIL - The student council was organized four years ago to give everyone in Junior and Senior High School a share in goveni- ing the schoolsf activities. Its ,composed of two repres- entatives from each of the upper six grades. Some of their duties are to plan and sponser the High school parties, dances, and anyother activities in which the whole high school participates, . The officers for this year are! President Norma Christiansen Secretary .Thelma Neal - Treasurer Alvin Merritt The main thing they did this year was to sponser the Christmas Dance held Dec. 7a CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Our Christmas Program was held Decemver l9th. in the school auditorium at 2 h'clock in the afternoon. The program vas furnished by the Morral Music Depart- ment under the direction of Mr. Lane The Girls Ensemble from Claridon were our guest artists. , The orchestra opened the program by playing several Christmas carols while the audience sang. The Girls' Glee Club then sang two selections NSturlightH and Andanten . The first and second Grades Rhythm Band played and 3 sang. The third and fourth and fifth and sixth grades also sang several selections. Richard Granlee and Bettylou Wiener played a string duet Wwith Muted Stringsn. The Clar- idon Girls Ensemble followed with a selection. The program.closed with the band's playing for the first time in their new uniforms. The audience sang carels while the band played which gave everyone a little more of the Christmas spirit. BHPISTMAS DANCE A semi-formal Christmas dance was held December 7th in the gym. The gym was decorated with gay red and green streamers and a Christmas tree. At the in- termission a cascade of balloons was sent down from the ceiling to add one end of the gym where we were serv cil sponsored this ed the program for to the gayiety of the evening, At card tables and lamps were set up ed refreshments, The student coun- dance and the Dramatic Club furnim it. VALENTINES DANCE A Valentines dance was sponsored by the Commer- cial Club February eth in the gym, Each member of the club was allowed to invite one guest from our highw schosi. The gym decorated with red and white stream- ers which gave the effect of a smaller room. On the ceiling near the center of the gym was of balloons which came floating to the ing dancers when a string was pulledn a large bundle anxiously wait- The gym was di- vided, one end contained card tables on which were placed red and white nut cups made by fifth and sixth grade childrenu The refreshments consisted of cake, vanilla ice cream with a strawberry heart in t e cen- ter, and ookes, The walls of the gym adorned with large valentines, also made by the fifth and sixth grades. As is usually said of such a party, a good time was had by all. CARNIVAL The twenietlof March the Juniors and Seniors spon sored a combination Carnival and Ice Cream Social to raise the extra money necessary for their trip to Washington. Besides calling the usual HCoKesW and WPop Cornn they served sandwiches, coffee, pies, cakes, and lots of Hhomemmaden Some of pitching pennies, shooting baskets, guessing weights ice cream, the entertainment provided was dancing the fish pond, fortune telling, throwing balls at milk bottles, The crowning event of the evening was choosing the HQueen of the Carnival.n QI f-'T X X I ff xr ' fix. U! ff, ' I+.. 4... . up . 'S':f:-:kfi:53s:, !"' I ni 1 . ' ' ' H.,-., f ,,v. . ...,.,a.' u a l' pu . -""f :far-iffffw' ,'.g. ' -. 5. .1 ,5 V 3:- J' xg px -, ." -,. - ., 1 A 1, . '-l ,. Q -'--4.,' .Q ll A XJ! I .. ' -. -w X Lukjl ' . 1 ' f .L -,. J '-'-. "S, ff?-Bal'-, . f' , 5753: Q1 -121,5 K' j.5l.'?i- vi .i4.2f,1:h, ,, M.. 1 nf -. 154' 3,3 f if '.-'-"-r.j , 1 : . ' " 5' :-5 ..... H- . ', - - f, .,..' ,-: ' . A - , ,,,,f,r'S,,...-gyf' m .,,-52, ' -5:--511 , 1 Fm'--' 'ff -J' i ""P5Zf15uf -115:-5755-:'v.i'.-. .'fff"- 'Fi'-2 T' , - ..... L- '1"?'X . 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' ,.- I mili'?22v"', 14. -1- - 1-11553.-. : sv' . 32'.'.j"'-2i'- ' F-44.1.--S , 1-5. - 414.5 :.v'-f-g1-.- '- .cw g-1. 9: - 4 -.-::1:.g,.y-,:, ,-13: ,- '-5. 4 .A qslg, M, , ag-31' ..q, nga A :Y-.-xr:-f4.' .1-"Q-fa.-41" -:mv I' --..- r. -.- -1'-: f :+- . X 452' -3.151 -, 5+j3:..g:,x ., 11 .5..,: 4 Jr if x Y-,fit 1-.rf ,-1f'f'f:-in L'-" Ffa fr' 1.5-sv ,- '-. K-.Hari 3" 1144. -,- X Qlavg. Y:.g-Im , . , Z -.g,5:f,-,---'.r'.m. L N-':r,.., 'Sri - . M" - " S x,z.,,t!35'. . M' ' lg? '.4i, :Ti If . . 7351 'J 4:55 '. . 'N -M.. In - nf!-' ' f-' 4' ' 1-za: Q Q--:ag -,f-, 'A-1'-uk. ' q.Ae:---,'-1'..f:1"-M -,E : . . . 2.-:--,-.w -.. -. p. fa 14-:-2 11.1, fqe:g,::2-s 1-1- -- V7 N 5:-t315.:fi1'3fQ-':Tf-i-5!'?f,f'. : ' fx fm TC:5g.H'l'f?,-:i',T 'T Tj?5:2f J, -:- ,,4gg1f.Pff,Q-.f A- , 4 ,fg1i5,g'.3":'i'r" ,afug-5 X was . . ,-:-I-'f"f: A "' -1 :. 1'--,n v. A ,N . 55' -f"Qf-51551 -5' ,-z-1 -A:-" ' ' .h-A4-!15g4,!iJ 1 ' rg .,.-,g,-gp?f7- A 5515-5g,y5+x : , . V fag.-. ,. .3-.' WL - A '17, A Ina! 0.4. V vgligr .. an J, - . lim-, ,,. FW, r - ---:fg2kw-f- ll-'F9":-5-r' J ,.--Jw 1 , 4 -kv? X1 ' V f . 1 .. ' . 'Wi' j S, " J Q-I Howard HUMOR Why doesn't water leave the shore? Don S. Because it's tide there. - Lois S Cwiping the dishesj I can carry seventy dishes with my left hand. ' Helen- What can you do with your right? Lois-- Pick up the pieces. Father You hammer nails like lightning, son. Ed. F. Father You mean I'm really fast? No, you seldom strike in the same place. D. Shep-ggerd---Darling, do you love me still? Jim P.- ----- --Yes, better than any other way. Mildred ---- Did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are? Fred M ----- No, I don't believe so. Mildred ---- Then where did you ever get the idea? Wilbur----I have a speaking part in the play. Have you? Wilma ----- Ah.No. The new coach said I Was Too beautiful for EErdE' -"'mu"?w:"- ld' ' I I u -1-4--. Mrs. Lashey----And now, Jack, can you tell me where the shingle was first used? Jack L. -------- I could teacher but Ifd rather not. Mr. Harrington---I have tickets for the theater. Mrs. Harrington--Oh good! I'll start dressing. ' Mr. Harrington--4Yes, do they're for tomorrow night, HHave you heard about the impatient customer who told his barber NLISTENH barber: I'll never make my train at the rate you're shaving ne. Suppose you hold the razor still, and I'll wiggle my face.H Shipwrecked ----- And the only face I saw in all my months on that island was my own reflection in the river pool, Sympathetic ----- My how you must have suffereda GENEROSITY , Some high school boys are so generous that they would share their Dads' last nickel with a friend. Mr. Weston----Francis Scott Key was famous for what? Fred Mc ------- She wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Miss E.- ------ Bobby Branch, what do we have today that we didn't have one hundred years ago? Bobby-- ------ ME.. A definition Immigration---Where you let water run through in little places. HUMOR CONTINUED D . What-is the corniest joke you over heard, Mac? Well, did you ever hear the one about the Seotehman who mer! ied the village ideit because he heard she was half off? f Szwoone said once, and we quote, "It requires hundreds.oi'?1uts to hold an automobile together, but only one to wreck it.' Hello there Jim, how's your garden'doing this spring? ' ' looki bet on about the same as ever, I guess. Cutworms are ng ter but I'm worried about my potato bugs. They Seem UDGOTHOUT ished. . Members of the Physics class were intently watching Mrf MCIFT Farlan demonstrate the propter , of various chemicals, UNow he said,'I'm going to drop this 50-cent piece into this glass of acid, Will'it disso1ve?N ' NNo,n replied Virgil, , nVery well. Will you tell the class just why the coin won't dissolve?N ' , WBecawse,W answered Virgil, wif thefgiiffdollar would disw 'solve, you wouldnft drop it in the stings Betty1ou.....What is'the best way to break a habit? dr0de v e u n .Drop It's Th' Breaks, Kid! UI lost a fortune last nightlw VMercy, how?n WI went to bed felling like 'n million dollars and get up this morning felling like thirty cents,N Curtains' That slyg insidious monster Typographical Error crept into a telegram a gentleman, vacationing at the seashore at the seashore, sent to his wife: ' NHaving wonderful timog wish you were her. That'll Learn 'Img Old Ja B. Smithey, founder and manager of the Smithoy Tool Works, was known as a hard-boiled boss' who never tolerate a moment's loafing on the job. ' One day he walked thru the shipping department and saw a ' young fellow leaning against a packing case, hands inpocket, idly 'whistling, ' , Old J. B's ire rose at the sight, ' 'Wbung folla,H he barked, Whow much are you drawing a wcek?' NTwcnty dellars,H replied the lad, i NAllright, herefs a week salary! Now clear out of here right now, You're throughin ' The boy pocketed the money and strolled away. J, B. watched him saunter nonchalantly away until he passed from sight, 1 ' . Turning to the foreman, he said: HHow long had he been with us? ' ' Wh0 him?H Shrussed the foreman. Wnefs just a kid that brought over a packs e from t e e ' -N - Y' , .L , 'MFI' I " !."1 ' o i J. "7 HUMGR CContinuedD 4 Jane....Bonnie, how many times will five go into one? Bonnie...Five oan't go into one, Jane.....No? Didn't you put five toes into one sock this morning? Exporer.....And this bear on the floor here I shot in Alaska. It was a case of Me or him. Bored.......Wel1 the bear pertainly makes a better rug. Fixing a flat Policeman....NOpen the door, lady....,.I have your husband here. He was run over by a steam roller.N Lady.........WI'm not dressed to see anybodyg push him under the dior and call a d0ctor.N , V5t6T ---- Why, I wouldn't vote for you if you were St. Peter himself! Candidate....If Idwere St. Peter, you couldn't vote for - me.....You wouldn't be in my district. I hear that the Baker poultry farm is stamping the date on all eggs the day they are lafd,- so that their customers may be sure they are getting onfy strictly fresh ones. NYeah,W I bought some so fresh that they were a week ahead of the date of issue. Miss E......nAnd why have you decided to give up the study of Frenoh?H Nancy R.....nIt's a waste of time trying to do something- that the French do so much better.H Mrs, Lashey.....NName twm pronouns.N Gene KV a I c n 4 0 u s "WhQ"Me? H Mrs. Lashey.....UThat's very go0d.W Mrs. Weston.....WThe mmctor is here tm see you.W Mr. Weston......lAhsent mindedy Tell him I can't see him I'IIl ill." ' V Jack L.......NBelieve me I'm gwing to get aheadin Gene W,......WGood! You need one badly.N Salesman.....WWhy, This machine will db half your work.H Bob C........HI'll take two of them.N The young lady walked boldly up to the elderly woman whom she had mistaken for the matron of the hospital. HMay I see Lieutenant Barker, please?H She asked.. NMay I ask who you are?H 'Certainly, NI am his sister.H HWell, well! I'm glad to meet you. I'm his mother. Mr. Mo Farlan....NBob, are you fond of algebra?W Bob H....... ..... NYes, I'm stuck on every problem.n HUMOR CONTINUED Mrs.....And what possible excuse could the Jury have for UM- that'woman? ' ' Mr3SLL3Insanity, my dearc MrS.....What3 All twelve of them? Manners We friends were riding on a when Don noticed that Ed had 'What's the matter, Ed?W He WNo,W answerod Edo NI just Mr, Mc Farlan,,,..WSay, this and'I haven't found a single J ' " a bus, Ed Schcrtzer and Dun.WEmEw, his eyes closed. asked, WAre you ill?n " anft bear to see women standing.W I is supposed to bo oyster vsoup, eysteron' Mrso Wyliesssounlf you had Irish stew, would you expect to find an Irishman in it?N 2 a 'Come quiclsg' said the excited man, to the doctor. 'mc' Wim has appendieitis,H ' 'But,' said the doctor, WI thought I took your wifo's agpend- appendix out three years ago, I never heard of anyone having a second appendixon 'Doetor,W said the nervous husband, Whave you ever heard of ' VY anyone having a second Wife? ...... , Car1,NJeL5SHey, look at that bunch of cows! Junior'HL0nsoNot bunch ---- herd. lSaHerd.wha3? ' q,Herd of eowso ' SS5Inmean'a cow herd. Carl.. JuniorSLZ Carl., Juniorssnsswell, what do I care if a cow heard? I didn't say anything IYm ashamed of! BoyolL8LSniff, Sniff. Ladyeeslslittle boy, don't you have a handkerehief?' Boy,..,UYes mafam, but I don't lend it to strangers. . ..... . , , Mr. Harrington.hdd,been giving Richard, his new stenographcr, his instructions. nAnd therofs just one thing more Richard, two words I don't want to hear you use in I 4 ' he said, nThcre are this office, One is YSWELL' and'the other is 'LOUSY.' 'Certainly sir,U answered Richard, HWhat ,..n I Jane..50oBonnie, how many times will five are the two words?' go into one?W,,Fivo can't go into one, danO.Q,..No? Dddn!t you put ing? . I ..I- I five tees into one sock this mamf Morong Qnla street ear. Transfer, please. a MohaVman5ac..Where to, sir? Moren.s0ssI'm sorry, I0can't prise party. tell you. You see it's a sur- Q, , .1 J 613. I 'E ' ' 'L ' 'fa ' M X p "1 , 1 ,1 ' gh 1, Q ,LQ ,Q 13.3 I 7 ' J---ai!! ,Hifi 4511" Qs: : ttf ,' ' In E. . . ' "PM-P W: , W ,:,,.,D is -- 'L S553 ... fi-f . . Ns -.f+QZ55?-u.1Zf-Quik I ? '- 4351.1 i -,mm fffia.-x ,fgffr-1. vf. -,sf-Ear. -H-.- -:. P --M Q: :L 'x5?"3""'f I' fb ei? ' "'?T!' .M 3' 5. X '- .D 43-1 .--.- 'H'-.Hn-Q, :Z-'D 49 A -wie. -11:1 '- if f 4 M Af, 52:52:53: REQ? !.f X.:-S .Af 1- 4-x..j-ggi-.'.":g,ffv.3l " 5" f ,ff r L "fir-, ' . 32 f- . .Si'5531,. "Gu I sa: - .3 .5 533.1 - f 51:55 7.-il: . 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Suggestions in the Morral High School - Captain Yearbook (Morral, OH) collection:

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Morral High School - Captain Yearbook (Morral, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 131

1947, pg 131

Morral High School - Captain Yearbook (Morral, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 138

1947, pg 138

Morral High School - Captain Yearbook (Morral, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 9

1947, pg 9

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