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1 i S ««ii4K IVS P ' ■ M b- ifclL ff - tl 1 J.Ur ' n! II ft ' " ! J - ' Usw L i 1 1 -1 js :? i ■ -, III i 3©OO OfS M In memory of Robert Sellers, a former member of the Morocco class of 1961, the class affectionately dedicates this page. ' rVr B. ' ' 1 JERRY LEE BROWN 4-H, Junior Leader, FFA, Hi-Y, Old Gold Black, Pep Club, Band. HERBERT EUGENE BARNETT Latin Club, History Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Band, Chorus, Vocal En- semble, Football, Basket- ball, Track, Pep Club, UN Award, District State Math Contest Partic- ipator, Rotary Speech Con- test Winner, Old Gold Black, Annual Staff. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Senior Class Officers SECRETARY TREASURER JUDY ANN TEBO S. S. S. , Band, Pep Club, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Old Gold Black. ROSLYNN RUTH MERCHANT Rainbow, S. S. S. , Pep Club, Latin Club, Band, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Girls ' State, Homecoming Queen 1960, 4-H. ROGER WALTER ABRAHAM Band, FFA, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Audio-visual, Cho- rus, Vocal Ensemble, 4-H. GAIL GRACE BERTRAM Latin Club, Chorus, Pep Club, S. S. S. , Librarian. SHARON KATHLEEN ABRAHAM S. S. S. . Old Gold Black, Band, Latin Club, 4-H, Junior Leader, Pep Club, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Annual Staff, Prom Queen, History Club, Drum Majorette, Homec?oming Queen 1959, Freshman Candi- date for Homecoming Queen, Student Council. JAMES RAY BINGHAM Hi-Y, Old Gold Black, FFA, Latin Club, Track, Basketball, Football, Pep Club. MELVA JANE BABBITT 4-H, S. S. S. , Rainbow, Latin Club, Pep Club, Chorus. KEITH LAVERN BOREM 4-H, Pep Club, FFA, Track. BONNIE LEE BOYD i A m Band, Chorus, Vocal ■p T Ensemble, Girls ' State w Alternate, Latin Club, r Pep Club, S. S. S. ED THOMAS BUSHMAN DENNIS PAUL BOYD Basketball, Track, Latin Club, Annual Staff, Pep Club, Chorus, Band Hi-Y, Audio-visual, Old Gold Black. EVELYN MAE CLARK S. S. S. , Pep Club, Band, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Student Council, Rainbow, Old Gold Black. BARBARA LEE BRIDGEMAN S. S. S. , Pep Club. RICHARD LYNN DAVID Hi-Y, Chorus, Band, Old Gold Black, Pep Club, Student Council, Basket- ball, Track, FFA. X LINDA ELLEN DEARDURFF Pep Club. S. S. S. , Old Gold Black, 4-H, Cho- rus, B-Team Cheerleader. MARY HELEN PERKINS S.S. S. , Latin Club, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Old Gold Black, Rainbow, District Math Contest Participator. ALEX JAMES ELIJAH Track, Football, Basket- ball, FFA, Pep Club, Hi- Y, Band. RAYMOND DALE GELLER FFA, Hi-Y, Football. RITA KAY EMMRICH Pep Club, S. S. S. , Librarian. LEONNA MARY-ALICE GUEDESSE Band, Chorus, S. S. S. , Latin Club, Pep Club, 4-H, Old Gold Black. SHARON LEE GULLEY S. S. S. , Pep Club, Rain- bow, Librarian. DAVID SHELDON HENDERSON Band, Basketball, Track, 4-H, Pep Club, Chorus, Football. JACKIE DEAN HAYES S.S. S. , 4-H TERRY LEE HENDERSON Pep Club, Hi-Y. THEODORE CHARLES HAYES Hi-Y, Pep Club, FFA. NORMAN LANE HOTCHKISS Hi-Y, Old Gold Black, Band, Track, Pep Club, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Annual Staff. SALLY LOU JAMES S. S. S. . Pep Club, Chorus. SUSAN CLAIR KNIZNER S. S. S. , Pep Club, Sopho- more Candidate for Home- coming Queen. MICHAEL EUGENE JONES Hi-Y, Chorus, Football, Track, Old Gold Black, Pep Club. CHESTER JOSEPH KWIATKOWSKI Pep Club, Hi-Y, Chorus. EARL ROSS KESSLER Band, Pep Club, Vocal Ensemble, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Chorus, Old Gold Black. RONALD DEAN MADISON Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council, FFA, Chorus, Football, Track. SYLVIA LEANN MERCHANT S. S. S. , Pep Club, Band, Chorus, 4-H, Junior Leader, Rainbow, Latin Club, Old Gold Black. THOMAS RUSSELL PLUNKETT Track, Football, FFA, Pep Club, Chorus. ELIZABETH JANE MILLER S. S. S. , Pep Club, Latin Club, Rainbow, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, 4-H, Annual Staff. Old Gold Black. SAMUEL BRUCE ROBINSON Band, Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Old Gold Black, Latin Club. Pep Club. SANDRA KAY PADGETT S. S. S. . Old Gold Black. Pep Club. Junior Candi- date for Corn Husking Queen, Band, Chorus, Pep Club, Latin Club. DENNIS LEE RUSH Football, Track, Basket- ball, Pep Club, Student Council, Hi-Y, Old Gold Black, Football Cap- tain. CLIFFORD GERALD RUSSELL Chorus LINDA RUTH SHIRER S. S. S. , Rainbow, Band, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, A-Team B-Team Cheer- leader, Pep Club, Latin Club, History Club, Prom Princess, Annual Staff, Old Gold Black, District State Math Contest Partici- pator, Student Council DAR Award, Northern Indiana Junior Heart Board Queen. INA LEONA SAPP Latin Club, S. S. S. , Pep Club, Annual Staff, Stu- dent Council, Chorus, District Latin Math Con- test Participator. ROBERT IRVIN SPEER Band, Latin Club, Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Track, Basketball, Annual Staff, Pep Club. MARY CATHERINE SHIRELEY S. S. S. , Pep Club, Old Gold Black, Librarian. DARLENE JOYCE SPURGEON History Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Band, A-Team Cheerleader, Old Gold Black, S. S. S., 4-H, Betty Crocker Home- maker Award. DANNY LEE VANDERWALL Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, FFA, Band. Chorus, Vocal Ensemble. RONNIE LYMEN WILSON Hi-Y, FFA, Pep Club, 4-H, Football, Track. JOHN CURTIS WARRING Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, FFA, Pep Club, Boys ' State. WALTER JOHN ZELIVETZ Football, Basketball, Track, Chorus, FFA, 4-H, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Old Gold Black. Student Council. RUDY LEE WATKINS FFA, Hi-Y, Old Gold Black, Track. Not Available: PATRICIA IRENE DEARDURFF AND WALTER CLARENCE MICHAEL Senior Class Will We, of unsound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following: Roger Abraham, to Miss Traverse, my ability to play football. Sharon Abraham, to John Henry Hess, my position in marching band. Melva Babbitt, my typing ability to Miss Molter. Herb Barnett, my sweet temper and tolerant disposition to Joann Lynch. Gail Bertram, to Emma Borem, my Bookkeeping II book if she gets through her first year. Keith Borem, to Bill Phillips, all rriy cigarettes. Denny Boyd, my ability to get along with Mr. Howell to Mike McClatchey. Barbara Bridgeman, my ability to drive a car to my sister Gloria. Jerry Brown, to Miss Corbin, my ability to get into the Nudist Colony. Evelyn Clark, to Mr. Armstrong, my ability to play a clarinet and to Pat Borth, my chair in band. Rick David, my ability to make it to school 4 out of 5 days a week to Wayne Telford, and my faithful friend " Pokey Joe " to Joe Padgett. Linda Deardurff, my ability to walk down the stairs in heels to Kay Spurgeon. Jim Elijah, to Mr. Howell, my haircut. Raymond Geller, to Carol Bushman, my ability to drive my car. Leonna Guedesse, all my books to Bethel Doty and my ability to skip school to Kay Spurgeon. Sharon Gulley, my ability to skip school to my brother. Jackie Hayes, to my sister Arlene, my ability to get through drivers ' training without wrecking the car. Ted Hayes, to Mr. Massie, my fighting " Game cocks. " David Henderson, my great ability to play my cornet to Dick Lipa and my great height to Jim Hoskins. Terry Henderson and Chet Kwiatkowski, Morocco High School to Leo Kwiatkowski, also our ability to get along with Mr. Smart. Lane Hotchkiss, to Mrs. McPhail, bushels of apples. Sally James, to Miss Traverse, my art ability. Ronald Madison, my experience in karate to Mr. Smart. Leann Merchant, my grades in English to Lois Morgan. Roslynn Merchant, to Louann Baird, my size 4 shoes, and to my sister Carolyn, my ability to get on the honor roll one time. Jane Miller, to no one, nothing, I am going to take it with me. Sandy Padgett, my ability to stay away from food to Lois Heistand and my ability to be on the honor roll once to my brother Joe. Tom Plunkett, my ability to stay out of trouble with teachers and women to Rick Garmong. Sam Robinson, to Phil Cox, my ability to progress so far in the clarinet section. Den Rush, to Butch Wiltfang, my ability to fake out the daily assignments in advanced algebra. Ina Sapp, my driving ability to Mr. Ehrick. Mary Shireley, my ability to sleep through Miss Corbin ' s class and get out of 5th and 6th period study halls to Pat Hlousek. Linda Shirer, to Miss Molter, my ability to keep calm, cool, and reserved at ball games; my ability to wear contact lenses to Rick Garmong. Robert Speer, to Miss Traverse, my only ability - art. Darlene Spurgeon, my first chair in band to Mary Sue Elgas. Judy Tebo, my beaming personality to Bethel Doty, and my bottle of " Light Bright " to Carolyn Mer- chant. Dan Vanderwall, my ability to get along with the students of Morocco High School to Mr. Howell. John Warring, to Jim Hoskins, my space on the basketball bench and hope he will fulfill this duty with the best of his ability. Rudy Watkins, my ability to behave to " Judo Bob. " Walt Zelivetz, my ability to get hurt in a football game to Bob Martin. Autographs - n.H.5. Juniors Louann Baird, George Bales, David Bennett, Emma Horen, Allen Bruns, Sherman Cain, Cecil Callaway. Dennis Deardurff, Joe Deardurff, Benny Dekoker, Bethel Doty, Betty Perkins, Norma Fiarito, Carol Flynn. James Hall, Lois Hiestand, James Hoskins, Max Hunter, Bedford Hyde, Mary Klassen, Ken Kros. Geneva Lee, Loretta Linderman, Dale Loveall, Jean Lowe, JoAnn Lynch, Robert Martin, Mike Mc- Clatchey. Carolyn Merchant, Raymond Michaels, Lois Jean Morgan, Barry McCord, Reba Northcutt, Alice Parks, Bill Phillips. Marjorie Pike, Steve Reyes, Carmen Sell, Rebecca Slayton, David Smart, Kay Spurgeon, Dorothy Stromatt. Wayne Telford, Marianne Thompson, Vicki Treado, Katie Voyles, Joe Warrick, Johanna Wiltfang, Phillip Wiltfang. Thelma Wood, Patsy Woods, Sam Yoder, Sandra Noe. , Not Available: Nancy Bushman, Marilyn Rainford, Mallie Reder. It .3, ' 1 ' " Sophomores Connie Ackors, Nancy Bannon, Janet Barnett, Tom Bertram, Dennis Bingham, Danny Blaney, Pat Berth. Gary Bouse, Bill Brown, Linda Brownfield, Charles Bumsides, Carol Bushman, Darlene Carpenter, Sandy Clarkson. Jeanette Collins, Philip Cox, Marsha David, Glenda Davis, David DeKoker, Linda Delaney, Judith Dick. Mary Elgas, Janice Ferguson, Mary Fitzgerald, Gene Flagg, Rick Garmong, David Goddard, David Gulley. Linda Guthrie, Rex Haste, Jimmy Hayworth,. Carol Henderson, Pat Hlousek, Gloria Holderby, Terry Jackson. Jim Jones, Jon Jones, Evelyn Kay, Donna Ketcham, Judy King, James Klassen, Dick Lipa. Alana Lock, Betty Lowe, Jon Lynn, Larry Miller, Jo Myers, Judy Parks, Carol Potts. Dean Robinson, Linda Sargent, Larry Schanlaub, Robert Schanlaub, Jerry Smith, Shirley Storey, Linda Tebo. Samuel Tosi, Mary Vanderwall, Kay Warring, Delorce Williamson, Faye Wood, Roger Wynn. Not Available: James Kiefer, Thomas Stromatt. .-jm. Grade 9 Dick Arbuckle, Linda Banister, Myrtle Banister, Joe Bigger, June Bigger, Judy Bingham, Roy Bingham. Steve Brandt. Jessie Branham, Gloria Bridgeman, Terry Brown. Marsha Camblin, Linda Cool, Cheryl Cox. Connie Deardurti, Mancy Deardurff, Susan Deardurff, Mike Downs, Robert Floyd, Kenneth Hall, Carol Harbit. Karen Harrison, Arlene Hayes, Kathleen Hayes, John Henry Hess, Clara Hedges, Darlene Hickman, Millie Jones. Steve Justice, Craig Ketcham, Leo Kwiatkowski, Paul Linderman, Dean Loveall, Sue Lynch, Ronnie Martin. Phil Martz, Donna McClatchey, Roger Michael, Richard Moore, Joyce Morgan, Steve Niedert, Ruthie Osenbaugh. Joe Padgett, Gary Plaster, Judith Plunkett, Bill Porter, Ellen Porter, Don Potts, Jim Riley. Charles Roadruck, Larry Sargent, Phyllis Schultz, Jim Sellers, Beverly Sherman, Barbara Schittou. Paul Shireley, Jean Slayton, Robert Smart, Janice Swartz, Lois Tebo, Rosemary Triplett, Terry Vinkovich. Janet Warne, Roger Watkins, Don Webb, Douglas Welch. Not Avai lable: Garry Boyd, Ronnie Zacharias. Grade 8 Bill Ackors, Lonnie Austin, Gary Bennett, Robert D. Bennett, Florence Bertram, Robert Bertram, Don Best. Ruth Ann Brownfield, David Collins, Sondi David, Janis Deardurff, Rose Denton, Gordon Derflinger, Rena Derflinger. Wilbur Doty, Ronald Dowry. David Doyle, Don Glenn, James Green, Charles Hall, Woody Hammel. Danny Hayworth, Judy Holderby, Donna Holley, Joyce Hoskins, Vicki Kessler, Sonny Lee Donald Loveall. Jennie Sue Lowe, Jim Lynn, Donna Mashino, Dennis Merchant, Billy Jay Miller, Vicki Parrish. Susan Plaster. Terry Potts, Bonnie Purdy, Imelda Reyes, Rodney Rich, Clifford Riley, Patty Schanlaub, Carol Sellers. Bill Smart, Rick Stacker, JoAlice Warne, Lynette Welch, Cathie Wenrick, Richard Whitlow, Marcia Wynn. Kathleen Yoder Not Available: Kay Babbitt Grade 7 .i »a ji . Estella Banister, Joyce Bartholo- mew, Douglas Bingham, Rita Jo f Wli Bingham, Janet Blann, Jess Bone- cutter, Shirley Brownfield. Joey Castongia, Donald Clarkson, Donna Deardurff, Georgia DeGroot, Alice DeKoker, Diana Delaney, ■ Z Jerry Doyle. Earl Geller, Gladys Hall, Joseph Hayworth, Gretchen Hunter, Kerry Jones, Teresa Justice, Joseph Kemp. James Korth, David Loveall, Glen r t Paul Martz, Linda McClatchey, Steve Moore, Betty Northcutt, Marcus Northcutt. t Michael Plaster, Alfred Purdy, Geneva Reagan, Oscar Reyes, Juanita Salinas, Hale Sargent, Mary Ella Sargent. ' I H Francis Schultz, Ralph Schultz, jC H Cathy Smart, Nicky Smart, Rena | -- JpB Smith, Linda Swartz, Laura Up- tain. Victoria Vinkovich, Pamela White, Terry White, Cathy Whitlow. P- JUNIORS: Mike McClatchey, Joann Lynch, Joe Warrick, Marilyn Rainford, Carolyn Merchant, Betty Perkins. SOPHOMORES: Danny Blaney, Gary Bouse, Carol Potts, Gloria Holderby, Janet Bar- nett. Class Officers EIGHTH: Judy Holderby, Joyce Hoskins, Rick Stucker, Bill Smart. SEVENTH: Pam White. Donna Dear- durff, Terry White, Joe Clarkson. FRESHMEN: Bev Sherman, Kathy Hayes, Bill Porter, Terry Brown, Steve Justice. Autographs ' H.H.5. ' ' t MOROCCO GRADE 5 960 - 1961 nil Row 1: R. Smart, Nelda Davisson, J. Merchant, M. Shireley, C. Williamson, J. Miller, J. Anderson, M. Geller. Row 2: J. Harbit, G. Kendall, D. Derflinger, D. Deardurff, R. Yoder, O. Reyes. Row 3: R. Boyd, K. Honn, R. Barnett, N. Lowe, R. Denton, C. Guedesse, D. Smart, D. Justice. Row 4: G. Brandt, A. Reagan, H. Hamilton, R. Connor. Not Pictured: C. Merchant. Row 1: R. Smart, Clifford James, M. Babbitt, R. LaCosse, M. DeKoker, D. Miller, G. Miller, R. Wiser, O. Reyes. Row 2: E. Kemp, C. HoUey, L. Guedesse, D. Williamson, P. Webb, L. Hall. Row 3: M. Coates, D. Hileman, J. Anderson, D. Bridgeman, P. Sellers, J. Bertram, L. Hammersley, S. Gulley, P. Williamson. Row 4: E. Merchant, K. Bartholomew, K. Flynn, M. Uptain, C. Parrish, C. Hatten, C. Wenrick, R. Bingham, B. Ketcham. Row 5: S. Yoder, I. Hammersley, J. Wiser, M. Bertram, P. Smart, S. Callaway, L. Meyer, M. Lee, S. Jones. 1 l%lt ii ' i JB M-; MM kM Hm .. " i ill 10 % 4 ? Row 1: R. Smart, Betty Kessler, H. Severs, B. Morgan, R. Brand, P. Hayworth, T. Moore, S. Delaney. Row 2: N. Reid, B. Watts, C. Bennett, D. Geller, J. Deardurff, L. Hileman. Row 3: E. Tidd, R. Ben- nett, R. Deardurff, B. Gonzy, J. Roe, K. Smith, V. Hamiiiersley, S. Hess. Row 4: Carol Hamilton, D. Dowty, S. Brooks, R. Northcutt, K. Lindlow, B. Whitlow, C. Lock. Row 1: R. Smart, Phyliss Stucker, R. Murphy, S. Hafstrom, W. Northcutt, J. Falk, W. Kessler, N. Dear- durff. Row 2: J. Meyer, T. Reagan, S. Miller, R. Martz, L. Geller, M. Connor. Row 3: A. DeGroot, C. Shultz, D. Brown, C. Schmucker, L. Havens, C. Hancock, S. Korth, C. Parrish. Row 4: L. Fleming, B. Holley, T. Castongia, S. Hickman, V. Borem, D. Howell. MOROCCO GRADE 4 1960 - 1961 ,i; ; ,:L ' 9 .A mBm 1%A MOROCCO GRADE 5 ' iJli I960 - 1961 Row 1: R. Smart, Zelma Smith, G. Havens, M. Blaney, M. Coates, R. Emmrich, B. Morgan. Row 2: G. Wiser, M. Cain, R. Jones, R. Miller. Row 3: J. Broderick, C. Swartz, S. Hively, J. Lowe, R. Kaup- ke, C. Kendall, H. Soto. Row 4: R. White, H. Martin, R. Merchant, J. Cox, D. Bannon, G. Dear- durff, T. Hancock. Row 1: R. Smart, Sabrina Iliff, M. Swartz, S. Storey, R. Hatten, G. Shedrow, B. Reyes. Row 2: P. Meyer, R. Blaney, L. Bennett, S. Schmucker. Row 3: D. David, K. Richcreek, P. Lynn, R. Lavenz, D. Justice, R. Kemp, M. McCIatchey. Row 4: J. Deardurff, B. Cox, J. Brooks, L. Gonzy, B. Watts, D. Northcutt. m .-t slam it M h ' M ,t? GRADE W .c- MOROCCO 96 t a%H " jA V n i I 9 ' t Q - 141 z MOROCCO GRADE 2 I9S0 - 1961 .-:|| :-J , Row 1: R. Smar;, Helen Baird, W. Smart, S. Schukz, R. HoUey, S. Doty, R. LaCosse, V. Deardurff. Row 2: B. " Hamilton, M. Harris, R. Swartz, T. Robinson, G. Bartholomew, D, Howell. Row 3: M. Peters, P. Storey, T. Geller, J. Miller, J. Bouse, L. Fleming, J. Deardurff, L. Severs. Row 4: B. Blaney, R. Rich, R. Jones, N. Havens, C. Smart, J. Hoskins. Row 1: R. Smart, Cora McDonald, G. Lee, L. Martz, J. Robinson, S. Bonn, M. Morgan, L. Jackson. Row 2: D. Bonecutter, W. Castongia, L. Howard, D. Smart, N. Webb, D. Kershaw. Row 3: J. Schanlaub, K. Printy, T. Hammersly, K. Cain, M. Smith, D. Bartholomew, M. Brooks, D. Swartz. Row 4: D. DeKoker, J. Falk, J. Hayworth, M. Sinks, J. Uptain. MOROCCO : k ' -i ;, " • Ht GRADE 2 . ' t ■ f j I960 - 1961 % " I !fl! Row 1: R. Smart, Irene Firzlaff, C. Wenrick, R. Wooton, D. Gulley, J. Whitlow, J. Brady. Row 2: J. Wright, L. Durkin, T. Sellers, T. Williamson. Row 3: J. Morgan, C. Northcutt, S. Delaney, W. Lowe, C. Geller, L. Brownfield, M. Miller. Row 4: L. Bennett, J. Miller, R. DeKoker, R. Havens, N. Bas- sett, J. Dawson, G. Robinson. Row 1: R. Smart, Elsa Yoder, J. Bartholomew, K. Hansen, R. Dawson, S. Owens, R. Sinks, B. Dear- durff. Row 2: P. Hammersley, R. McClatchey, D. Smart, W. Rowe, B. Miller, V. Carlson. Row 3: G. Parrish, C. Blankenbaker, J. Durkin, J. White, R. Robinson, V. Schmucker, J. Best, M. Kaupke. Row 4: P. Carlson, D. Beever, N. Schultz, B. Richcreek. f.g 3 " ° ' ° ' ° O 3 , f- ;. » GRADE I -at , j5 ,fr i 9 t (i| f I n.K5. Autographs Ji 1 Mr. Daryl Brandt, Trustee of Beaver Town- ship, is in his second four-year term as the head of our school system. He is well known to the public as a ' local cafe manager. Mr. Lawrence Bannon is serving his fifth year as principal of Morocco High School. His day is well filled with the many prob- lems of supervising a high school. Our pleasant and efficient school secretary is Mrs. Billie Sue Bingham. She is also tha trustee of neighboring McClellan Township. The new grade school principal is Mr. Rob- ert Smart ' . He divides his time between his grade school duties and teaching bookkeep- ing, geography, and business law in the high school building. Doesn ' t Mr. Ro.yce Armstrong look like a live- ly band instructor? He certainly is. He directs the chorus and vocal ensemble and gives many individual lessons as well. Miss Ruth Corbin is our expert on government, United States history, and world history. She oversees the publication of the school news- paper, the Old Gold and Black. One of our new teachers is Mrs. Audrey East. Her time is well occupied with five classes of home economics and the management of the school cafeteria. Mr. Robert Ehrick teaches general business, health, physical education, and driver train- ing. His main and favorite duty is coaching football. Mr. Eric Endres teaches freshman and ad- vanced algebra as well as physics. He also teaches seventh grade arithmetic and super- vises the activities of that class. The faculty expert on chemistry is Mr. James Howell. In addition to this subject, he teaches arithmetic, geometry, and trigonom- etry and supervises the many activities of the senior class. Mr. William Jones is a busy man with five classes of history and the office of athletic director. He coaches track and junior high basketball and sponsors the eighth grade. In charge of all agriculture classes and the Fu- ture Farmers of America Club is Mr. Marvin Massie. He says he would like to see girls in his classes sometime! The subjects taught by Mrs. Ann Younger McPhail are English and speech. She spon- sors Sunshine Society and Student Council. Mrs. McPhail is the sworn enemy of dyph- sia (Look it up! ). Mrs. Margaret Merchant handles the grade eight and freshman English classes. She also sponsors the activities of the freshman class. Miss Charlene Molter presides over five classes of beginning and advanced typing. Also on her schedule are a shorthand class and sponsorships of the sophomore class and Pep Club. Our new biology and general science teacher is Mr; John O ' Neil. One of his main con- cerns is coaching freshman and varsity bas- ketball. Mrs. Judith O ' Neil joined her husband on the Morocco faculty at the beginning of the sec- ond semester. She teaches general mathe- matics and freshman algebra. Mrs. Olive Smart teaches English, Latin, and is the sponsor of Latin Club. She is one of the outstanding teachers on the teaching staff. Returning to the teaching profession this year is Mr. Frank Stucker. He teaches English, health, physical education, and supervises the library and audio-visual room. He is also Hi-Y sponsor. Miss Nancy Traverse, who is the junior class sponsor, teaches health and physical educa- tion. She teaches art, which is a new subject to the high school students at Morocco. ■fniJimmmAVMsftmsm mmiM imMMWiHIIIHIW jMIUMlMIMatl . J a n i t o r s Jack Russell, Dick Triplet:, Clyde Fleming. Velma Hunter, Tessie Heath, Mazie Grubb, Violet Potts. c o o k s n.H.5. -mmm h Sponsor - Mr. James Howell; Editor - Sharon Abraham; Assistant Editor - Lois Morgan; Layout Editor - Linda Shirer; Business Manager - Sam Robinson. Salesmen - Ina Sapp, Lane Hotchkiss, Denny Boyd, Herbie Barn- ett, Mary Perkins, and Janie Miller. Occorom Staff President - Ina Sapp; Vice-President - Carolyn Merchant; Secretary - Evelyn Clark. Student Council Old Gold and Black Editor-in-Chief - Lane Hotchkiss; Assistant Editor - Joann Lynch; Literary Editor - Janet Barnett. Sunshine Society Judy Tebo - President Mary Perkins - Treasurer Gloria Holderby - Cor- responding Secretary Lois Morgan - Vice- President V7 - Janet Barnett - Recording Secretary Audio Visual Group and Librarians F.F.A. President-Jerry Brown; Vice-President -Rick David; Treasurer-Bill Phillips; Secretary-Walt Zelivetz. Presidents: Ade-Judy Plunkett; Morocco-Lois Morgan; Lake Village -Glenda Davis. Girls ' 4-H Presidents: Morocco-Jerry Brown; Enos-Bill Phillips; Lake Village-Walt Zelivetz. Boys ' 4-H Rainbow Latin Club President - Herb Barnett; Vice-President - Linda Shirer; Secretary-Treasurer - Lois Morgan. ' »«inrj«»»i»imw.«.ay,. ' Sandy Padgett FFA Chapter Sweetheart Rick David - Vice President, Jerry Brown - President, Sandy, Max Hunter - Rep. , Roger Watkins - Sentinel. Not Pictured: Walt Zelivetz - Secretary, Bill Phillips - Treasurer. 1960 Prom King and Queen Where is everyone headed? 1960 Homecoming Queen Roslynn Merchant Senior candidate nominated by fellow classmates and elected queen by football players and student season ticket holders. Marjorie Pike - Junior Gloria Holderby - Sophomore Judy Bingham - Freshman k . Freshmen - Judy Bingham Steve Niedert; Seniors - Roslynn Merchant Jerry Brown; Juniors - Marge Pike Joe Warrick; Sophomores - Gloria Holderby Jim Klassen. Homecoming 1960 c a: c z j£ CO Q D CQ 1 DO o 00 c xT CO CO £P O , (U o ■;; j=: XI o o O 2 o E a. CO CO o O o i: 3 Q. -J " o 3 U a. u _o XI o t£ rt CO 3 0) Q 3 E ■g - U OO , 5 -C o a S D a c4-r D) x CO £:- jd 3 X o E G o 2 c o Q CO ■a « Q a CO o o CO c c 2 E S 2 u u O o CQ (0 s o Q xT to 5! CO c CO E 0) x: Z X c c o Qi - 12 E i I Qi i mniMiwwiiiwtw i— twMwVwTnutiB wirthMMim Joann Lynch Sharon Abraham Drum Majorette and Majorettes i Jo Alice Warne High School Chorus 7th 8th Grade Girls ' Chorus ki) - " - ' ■ ' - ' — i ' n innllium— mjj hii mf . n ijAmi.uj i iuj- nns.; President - Linda Deardurff; Vice President - Ronnie Wilson; Secretary Treasurer - Sandy Jim Hayworth. ' ett; The Beaver Sincere thanks to all those who backed the team both at home and away, in victory and in defeat, in 1960-61. MHS Pep Club ' ' I ' l ' -I ' ' " ' • ' - h " ! iirttiWrtWFTn ' -VirtltihlgftfH-tiMlirilifciMftiiliii .mc«B ' K ap.»■ftPrt wa am |iM lUlMlWT vc1 iiiiM I ||||| --W ' Football Squad Row I-: Gary Plaster, Charles Burnside, Jon Jones, Coach,Bill Jones, Manager Dave Bennett, Gene Flagg, Mike McClatchey, Walt Zelivetz, Coach Bob Ehrick, Dan Vanderwall, Roger Abraham, Joe Deardurff. Row 2: Joe Padgett, Bob Smart, Denny Deardurff, Butch Wiltfang, Herb Barnett, Mike Jones, Max Hunter, Jim Jones, Rick Garmong, Denny Rush, Bob Martin, Cecil Calloway. Row 3: Craig Ketcham, Charles Roadruck, Terry Brown, Ronnie Martin, Tom Plunkett, Jim Hoskins, Ronnie Madison, Ronnie Wilson, Bill Phillips, Danny Blaney. September 2 Knox 25 Morocco 14 September 9 Morocco 26 Klondike September 16 Morocco 26 North Judson September 24 Morocco 3 River Forest 7 September 30 Southwestern 33 Morocco ' 3 October 7 East Tipp ■9 Morocco 33 October 5 Rensselaer 35 Morocco 6 October 21 Attica 20 Morocco 7 October 26 Kentland 46 Morocco 20 Ronnie throws a block. End of the line for Denny. Action Football rf " Football Den Rush Butch Wiltfane Ron Wilson Dan Vanderwall Jim Hoskins Herb Barnett Rog Abraham Ron Madison L .Mi.» ut iM« ;TiiimirMf ' - " " ' - " ' ' " " " iaim»«i«i T j tw m ill Wtt t f ' " ' " ' " ' ' " ' ' ™™™™™ ' ' ™ ' ' ' ' ' ™ fl Bill Phillips Row 1: Butch Wiltfang, Jim Hoskins, Denny Boyd, John Warring, Denny Rush. Row 2: Coach John O ' Neil, Den Deardurff, Roger Abraham, Mike McClatchey, Bob Martin, Joe Warrick, Man- ager Max Hunter. Nov. 18 Sheldon, III. 81 Morocco 47 Nov. 25 Morocco 58 Medaryville 57 Nov. 29 Morocco 63 Mt. Ayr 45 Dec. 2 Lowell 54 Morocco 49 Dec. 3 Morocco 2 (forfeit) St. Anne, 111. Dec. 6 Brook 57 Morocco 51 Dec. 9 Wheatfield 54 Morocco 44 Dec. 16 Rensselaer 62 Morocco 60 (2 OT) Jan. 6 Morocco 70 DeMotte 63 Jan. 11 Wheatfield 68 Morocco 58 (KVT) Jan. 20 Remington 67 Morocco 54 Jan. 21 Kentland 73 Morocco 58 Jan. 27 Morocco 66 San Pierre 58 Jan. 28 Morocco 70 Fair Oaks 66 Feb. 3 Morrocco 63 Fowler 62 Feb. 10 Morocco 76 Monon 67 Feb. 11 Morocco 61 Hebron 55 Feb. 17 Good land 60 Morocco 56 Feb. 18 Momence, 111. 69 Morocco 51 Feb. 24 Morocco 47 (Sectional) Good land 45 Feb. 27 Wheatfield 73 (Sectional) Morocco 63 IL Row 1: Dave Smart, Dave DeKoker, Gene Flagg, Jim Klassen, Rick Garmong. Row 2: Dave Goddard, Joe Deardurff, Danny Blaney, Cecil Callaway, Dean Robinson, Larry Miller, Coach John O ' Neil. B-Team Squad Row 1: Rosemary Triplet!, Janet Warne, Cheerleaders. Row 2: Jas. Riley, Ron Martin, Richard Moore, Coach John O ' Neil, Joe Padgett, Steve Justice, Gary Plaster. Row 3: Leo Kwiatkowski, Phillip Martz, Roy Bingham, Terry Brown, Steve Brandt, Doug Welch, Craig Ketcham. Freshman Squad Junior High Squad Row 1: Judy Holderby, Dan Hayworth, Pam White, Cheerleaders. Row 2: James Lynn, Bill Ackors, Dennis Merchant, Don Best, Coach Wm. M. Jones, Woody Hammel, Bob Bert- ram, Rick Stucker, Richard Whitlow, Terry Potts. Row 3: Jr. Schultz, Gary Bennett, Bill Smart, Gary Schultz, Kerry Jones, Oscar Reyes, Terry White, Doug Bing- ham, Cliff Riley, Charles Hall. Row 4: David Loveall, Nick Smart, Joey Castongia, Steve Moore, Alfred Purdy, Mike Plaster, Joe Clarkson, Earl Geller, Lamar Kemp, Jess Bonecutter. |:tJlnlt»K: iM)iaa».w KCT.«»--. :»rjvi ' :-.»«j .i..i. .im.w.« »..» ..|..- ..-.-ii .M Row 1: Ass ' t. Coach Robert Ehrick, Coach Vm. M. Jones, Mike Jones, Tom Plunkett, Rick David, Ron Wilson, Den Rush, Ron Madison, Lane Hotchkiss, Herb Barnett, Den Boyd. Row 2: Larry Miller, Rick Garmong, Craig Ketcham, Steve Justice, Charles Roadruck, Joe Padgett, Ron Martin, Joe Bigger, Dave Bennett, Joe Deardurff, Dave DeKoker. Row 3: Charles Burnside, Dave Goddard, Gene Flagg, Dick Lipa, Butch Wiltfang, Den Deardurff, Max Hunter, Bill Phillips, Joe Warrick, Ron Zacharias. Row 4: James Riley, Cecil Calloway, Dave Smart, Jonathan Jones, Dan Blaney, Bob Martin, Dean Robinson, James Klassen, Leo Kwiatkowski. Varsity Track Squad MKS. k —-.«—. -Z- . z KK5. mm r% — ■ DEKOKER FORD SALES Phone BUtler 5-2022 Morocco, Indiana All Sizes of Truck, Car, and Tractor Tires HAYWORTH TIRE COMPANY Accessories On the Farm Service Morocco, Indiana Phone BUtler 5-2710 DR. K. L. DEARDURFF Optometrist Morocco Phone BUtler 5-2636 PULLMAN Daryl Rosalie Brandt Old Building, New Keeper and Styles for the Seeker PARRISH DRESS SHOP Morocco, Indiana HARLEY A. SMART AGENCY Insurance Office - BUtler 5-2435 Residence - BUtler 5-2310 MILT STOREY IMPLEMENT COMPANY International Harvester Maytag Hotpoint Sales-Service Phone BUtler 5-2060 DR. A. E. PURKEY Dentist Phone BUtler 5-2050 Morocco, Indiana 74 MOROCCO LUMBER CO. INC. Building Materials of All Kinds Lumber Roofing Paint Tile Builder ' s Hardware Phone BUtler 5-2266 Morocco, Indiana Compliments of DR. KINGDOM BRADY LOCK ' S TEXACO SERVICE Phone BUtler 5-9273 Morocco, Indiana WAGNERS FASHION SHOP Where Smart Women Shop Toni Todd Vicky Vaughn Adrain Fab in Candy Jr. Dresses Women ' s Children ' s Apparel Phone BUtler 5-2884 SPRADLING ' S STORE COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Maxine Garmong Phone BUtler 5-2145 Morocco, Indiana TRIANGLE INN MERCHANT ' S CITIES SERVICE. Roy Ruth Merchant-Owners U.S. 41 - Morocco, Indiana Phone BUtler 5-2871 MOROCCO LOCKER PLANT Phone BUtler 5-2034 -75 Peoples Drug Store Your Family Drug Store For 48 Years Prescriptions Hallmark Cards Fannie May Candy Old Spice Revlon Max Factor Gifts Toys 76 Hancocks Variety Store Morocco, Indiana Barnett Grain Company Grain-Coal-Feed- Seed Fertilizer-Grinding Phone Morocco BUtler 5-2610 Phone Mt. Ayr EX 4-2200 Morocco, Indiana MOROCCO FEED SERVICE Wayne Feeds Grinding Mixing Farm Supplies Baby Chicks Phone BUtler 5-2653 Morocco, Indiana NEWTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASS ' N. Seed, Coal, Fertilizer, Fencing Grain, Feed, Farm Machinery Morocco. . . .Brook. . . . Ade MOROCCO IMPLEMENT COMPANY Authorized Oliver New Idea Implement Dealer Siegler Stoves Harry C. Kaupke , Prop. Morocco, Indiana Phone BUtler 5-2808 Compliments of BRANDTS CHEVROLET Abraham E evator, Inc. Morocco, Indiana Phone BUtler 5-2797 DON ' S STANDARD SERVICE THE IDLE HOUR Tires-Batteries-Wrecker Service Fountain Service and Short Orders Body Fender Work Dancing Privileges Junction 41 . 14 Where we can serve you Morocco, Indiana at your convenience Phone BUtler 5-2757 CASTONGIA TRACTOR Compliments IMPLEMENT INC. of Firestone Tires - Milkers ARBUCKT.F. SHELL Frigidaire Appliances Hardware Phone 2-3233 DeLaval Separators Lake Village, Indiana Morocco, Indiana Phone BUtler 5-2788 L.-: i-M ;;,.aLMJau tjj«wiLt - i ' ' MMia;jii,L,u.Ar, ' ' ati ui.ti. ri Compliments Of Morocco State Bank Enos Grain Company Dealers in Grain Baumer ' s Studio Coal-Feed-Lumber and Kentland, Indiana All Kinds of Building Materials Known for the Very Finest Phone BUtler 5-2466 in Portrait Photography BROOK FARMER SUPPLY Allis Chalmers Parts Service Brook, Indiana The Graduating Class of 1961 wishes to thank all who have helped make the annual a success Patrons Brown ' s General Store Morocco Self-Service Laundromat Enos Service Station Mr. Mrs. Gailard Hickman Mr. Mrs. Ed Sheldon Blankenbaker ' s Bargain Center Eva May ' s Beauty Shop Deardurff ' s Motor Sales Jan ' s Beauty Shop Sherman ' s Electrical Service D M Grocery Mr. Mrs. Harry Brunton Railroad Salvage L. P. Ringer Insurance Agency Uptown Cafe Harold ' s Radio Service Royal Blue Store Krueger Machine Tool Works Ed Robinson E. L. Tidd Grain Company Howard ' s Fruit Market Morocco Plumbing Heating Watts Cities Service Mr. Mrs. Dick Gilbert A liB III III j n jj ■la III III III III .si ill ir 11 II t Artmaster yearbooks. 4700 West 52nd Mission, Kansas

Suggestions in the Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) collection:

Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 13

1961, pg 13

Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 31

1961, pg 31

Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 36

1961, pg 36

Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 47

1961, pg 47

Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 16

1961, pg 16

Morocco High School - Occorom Yearbook (Morocco, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 78

1961, pg 78

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