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" U gx Ziff!! - J Z2 ,-' - If-fl!!-A 0 x X I 53, X-151.1 5 ,,-w.: ,.-4-ur. : 7 R- 4, ',,-5. 'QT 1 L: ' X iY ": :... F' ' ' 4 x . ff -wr 1 ,,5, , , inf ks--?.,,H:', 4 1 I I f 1 i qu:-J JE -Q'-Q. -f-nw-gzgfy ,A ,V AW .W--p if PLACEBO K X W W W 1 v , , W 'N 4, Q 1 W W W G LACEBO DLACEBO COPYRIGHT BY FREDA GAULT - EDITOR ESTER HAWKS - Elusl Ess MANAGER QUE u i Q 1 9 J 1 3' X-Y- lJ N . 1' D LACEBO THE 1931 LACEBO P u S y S 5 L Published by SENIOR CLASS of Sl' M S l MORNINGSIDE HOSPITAL WVHS lm Sm lil SCHOQL OF NURSING V WU HHEHIM W I HW S WJ JSHlul1Sl I TULSA-OKLAHOMA fig! Viagra, aw .-1 - V -.-V-. v -f -. X , .. , . ' ' . N fi r K- -'Z S 0 'Ti DLACEBO DEDICATION the Class of 1931, Wish to show our appreciation of one who has Worked earnestly and effl- ciently for the good of Morningside Hospital and School of Nursing, who has given unsparingly of her- self that We might grow still closer to those ideals toward which We striveg and one with whom it has been a pleasure and inspiration to co-operate - to birs. A. C. O'Brien, Superintendent of Nurses, We dedi- cate this number of Placebo. elle ,X l 9 J iv' N--.- L...J 5 0 05 v W as N 1 F55 4 U 'L .1457 4 , . , wg.- . , ,, LACEBO f-72' NV iwf Y -if 4 7 fwwi V VV, ME! I, . ,1 A ,, .9 9.3, 1 1 5 1'-it 1' '.if5Z?j5f5,. Y IWRS A C OBRIILNR N , M PLACEBO ironiswoiain Qi SYNIBOL of your memories of Morningside Hospital and School of Nursing, may this Annual be to you a pleasing record of the three years in training. elle WN the years to come, if this books recalls a single friend- ship, or lights a single face with pleasant memories, We shall feel that our Work has not been in vain. The STAFF elle ' - l S PLACEB Contents we The Hospital Administration Classes Seniors ' Intermediates Juniors Probationers Alumnae Behind the Scenes Humor and Advertising silk XDLACEB0 AHHMRH Staff WF Editor in Chief - - FREDA GAULT Assistant Editor MARGUERITE PROV-ORSE Business Manager - - - ESTER HAWKS Assistant Business Manager MARY LOU ARTHUR Advertising Manager - MARY JO WILLIAMS Art Editor - - EDITH BROWN Kodak Editor MILDRED THOMPSON Joke Editor - - ALMA TOBEN Assistant Joke Editor GERTRUDE BUE it Photographs by PAUL STITHEM, TULSA Designed and Engraved by SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY TULSA Printed by MCCORMICK-ARMSTRONG PRESS TULSA b l 031 XMMJ S WWW f , , - ,I .. if . 'e ' . ., .tR'.f1,k,y I 'I .M ,V -, . 1.13, ,, .5 ww V 5 vi -' , UW U Ummm mlmm U 'W U EEUU ab EEUU - . IH lla OUUEU UUUWUIJ DUDE U - UQ UU ' EI D El I1 IJ ' ulilljl U UU D U UU U 5 k gvgdgwg I .I UEAIE Y f THE HOSPITAL X Nt Q ' 55Njjj5bOEjxW5ZQM A 2 W ESX Q1 N-LMA Dffpwi QMWWLL QHMWMQ - c. Nf....,,,x, ESQ 6 Sag if :SQ A 26 6 M lfjfkf-4. ff L Wfuuzff 'Zi Vlfyfy' fizfpvig wifi , -' aj' lvl' 4-'V' f 64 If- , . 07,vfVLY Vw-J 'ff ,gif -'14, Qjgrf V' ,lg ll It , f' I K l 1 I .' , , , ,. .nfs "lf QiE"'k y N-X H , " i'-'54 if ' 34-"li: S , ff ., f -2 'J' Ll 'Hi F 3 I 'ki' I QT LLM.-,-4 , , - -'skim W. b, , Q i . J, . H . -K I i N 1 gf L2 s R .-.. 4. XDLACEB0 History oit The Morningside Hospital As TULSA is called the Magic City, so might Morningside be called the Magic Hospital. Truly the advancement and pro ress of this institution reads like a romance. Romance, we are told is the story of human endeavor and accomplish- ment. Thus it must be one of the most important things in the world. Since history is romance, the most romantic romance to us will be the one which is intimately concerned with ourselves. In this way we find the history of our Alma Mater becoming our history. ta D7 D 75 D7 D D D 77 D D rr :H U 1-1 Since the day Mrs. D. I. McNulty entered training as a student nurse, she dreamed of the day when she would have a Hospital all her own and she, being a born builder and leader, not only dreamed dreams but made them a reality. After she graduated she became Superintendent of different hospitals, then finally, because she so sincerely desired to be of service to humanity, the way was opened for her and in 1918, she became owner of a small hospital in Tulsa, of which she had entire control, with the assistance of one other graduate nurse and twelve students. They even allowed themselves the privi- lege of an orderly and porter. There was no dietitian, the senior nurse serving in the capacity with old Etta as cook. The first patient was sent in by the Humane Society and, the next by one of our most prominent doctors. After this the question was not, how to get more patients, but how to increase the capacity of the hospital to accommodate the many that were coming in. Dur- ing all his time, Mrs. McNulty was formulating plans for a bigger and better Hospital. She had worked and studied, and had become thoroughly familiar with the working of an "A number one Hospital and Training School for Nurses." She realized what such an institution would mean to the city and to the state. In 1927 the new building was started on an eminence in one of Tulsa's most exclusive residential districts on Twelfth street and Utica. It is an exceptionally handsome structure of brick and stone. Its every unit of service is complete and represents the latest in equipment and hospitalization and is standardized and certificated by the American College of Surgeons. We will never forget the opening night in February, 1928. The building was lighted up from top to bottom. Flowers and sweet music abounded. Promi- nent medical men from far and near were there to honor the occasion. Thus dawned a new day for Morningside. Now that Mrs. McNulty has seen ht to retire for a well earned rest, we have in her stead a very able executive, Mr. George W. Miller. He has to assist him, Miss Zoe Sparks, who has been with Morningside for nine years. She has been considered a guiding star by every student that has entered here and has been instrumental in helping make Morningside what it is today. Mrs. A. C. O'Brien, Superintendent of Nurses, has seen the training school increase from twenty-two students to eighty-seven, She has proven herself indispensable to the institution. This is the story of Morningside and its phenomenal growth from a thirty bed institution to its present capacity of 225 beds, started scarcely a decade ago. We wonder what it will have accomplished when so many more years have elapsed. -M. ECHOLS and H. BRUCE MT T p 1 0 .1 1 Elly 5 , Sr . .. , uh f , . 1 i ,v ii -1 1 1 ' 4.21 i m ""' 4 , D L ,fm GI F5 ms aw I ' X litx vb 1 V H IOISBX Sum IT Xl lx b ff F3 I H Q N X1 F 1 i 5 E 3 u w ll H L E w l 1 I 5 , NW X I f 1' 1' ff ! X ww W 'M A!! 'W My, ,M N, Y I U, W ,y ,N X. f' X If f , ,1.v:,f4 4f -K if H -QL QL QU J 4 ,ggzy "'- 'VW'-f' m" """ Emil K ,,f 7 9 A , 44 KS' F rag PLACEBO NIUVXINC SIIJI XKKUINTIVIODMXIIONS FOR PXTIENTS F1411 N T I in J 1 LACEB O , N W EISH X J n j 1' 1 r X- 'N-Q DLACEBO I , ., -'44-jg lg, V, 1: ya , ., ,, 11,5 -.-., f':f,,.,.,..4:,f ff-fw xr r J'-, .. f L ' , 1' ' 1 'fb C " an x ! Z, W 1 f' fy , 1 z 9 9' Af V 1 '2 ,ff Q c M X M I " PZ' f Q W F 2 9' 4 if 4 'G' , ff v E GH- yfdcwgfg, ,Aw 5.41 L? . ,yy , , 1 w22iM3?35W0?fZmS 1 W 2 wsawfmam E ,MGE 7 fri be M V M Wy 4 . ' F1 5 '31 """"f ltillmiii DELIVERY ROOM NURSERY LX i 0 J l 'm T rm 9 DLACEBO mysnf-wg, nw' -':v1rrw.p sv, 414' iw f'?:.m'z5c mf if 1-wf fswvf,-1., X 1- af f:.:11ff:Q-?, 4 zz ,,,.wvl '43,-, A- . x, ..A.,, , x pig: Er . - : 54 ,- 1. I :LHP I ' .fi i ,as ' 1 r I ff 2 , I Q ! 1 3 f ,Q ' f ,-, I 5 V-2' fu' . ' iff A! . f sl I Q 9 1 'L PHX S10 THILRAPX X RAX Q' -:ZZ . ww' H1711 1 H-1, aim "' .,- . , .RN ,. fr 4. X m1m':2f1 V X I A 1 i DLACEBO ,:i,3ay4,5 .ing l , ,, ,, 4 ,,', , : A f i , 12 l 5'p,g23gfeg3ew5,giarffiz 4' " W , fi rl vi ' .f HE W ,,,, I P TJHUE STUDENTS' PSAILMI 1.-ldaptrd with apologies 10 David and Miss Arbutlmotl Miss Arbuthnot is our instructoress She She if She Yea, VVe shall not want for work. ' maketh us to study Ethics in the classroom: She leadeth us to see the beauty of the human skeleton. restoreth our papers, fcovered with red inkj, she leadeth us in the path of knowledge for our professions sake. when we climb up on Sixth floor, we fear our instructoress, For she is there, her remarks discomforteth us. prepareth a test for us twhen we're least expecting itl, She anointeth our heads with disgrace, our grades runneth down. Surely Miss Arbuthnot will have mercy enough not to flunk us, Or we shall be Student Nurses forever. ,xl9Jl wi" 11111 is a",, ' N fy ggixgi XXX ,f 1,1 N X ' f, If J I X I f j I , -X 1. N' - T V U Lv S, X-1 I L T if' L S-Z Q' H ' i Y -I, f , xf x, 1, 3 I ,. if V X1 A-.. L W sl -V -N A-1 J' -J -- I v J .2 JA ADMINISTRATION KIllIii'1L'dgC fvnlvx Illlf wisdrmz lingcrs I ........F-,,. - i l?LA0l:2BlI MRS. U, I. MCNULTY, R. Prrsidfu! ' W M -H A.. I . , 1 4 ,gf5f if 'f'3g'Tr'f'Pwvs-.x+', f . . ' -- A .h,4L.H:...-, and Oiwzwf nf 11'l0I'1Zil1g.Yft1'f' Hospital l9Jl H2111 x YK DLACEB M. J, MCXULTY OQUIIPI' tuiih JIM, l1ll'A'IlHj' 1 ox: 1 H1138 .V 11,5-L .' ,iFf"'64 ' ' ,-',"w-'11 ,:. ' , "ng ' rr AL xiiigfi LACEB GEORGE W. MILLER Superzntendmzt of Hospzta 1911 H211 1'-""""X LACEHO iZ.,,,ff Ai--an... f MISS ZOE SPARKS, R. N. 1 ivhml Supf'1'i1zfr11de'azl nf Ilaxpilul lflll, 1114115 c LAlJE B wif' 5' M S. A. C, OBRIEIX . A R R N Supcrii 1 I f .N , w ,, V fu. H2511 f 4 DLACEBO STA lFlF DIIIRIECTORS 43"- DR. F, Y. CRONK DR. I. B. GILBERT Clziff nf Staff Vire Chief of Staff 4 m I m UR, P. N. .XTKINS Sf'c'l'f'f1lI"V T T w '5i glf Tlfl l 4 ww K--9,1 E 105' 5 L ,.- ,,,, 94 D... i f 1'.x....,.1vff,.... , PLACEBO IEX1EfCUT1lWlE DR, W. A. COOK Chairman of Ewfzftiw Board DR. M. B. LEHVIXE Svr:'eim'y of Exrczztiw Board BOARD W DR. C. E. BRADLEY Vin' Clmirmun of Emrzaliw Board 4-1 . 1 , , if ,V ,,., .a f f 4 - f - 5. .. .R as I 4' . A,-3 If. . .. .- My , ' is -: , 14 I f. 'ff . i K, eh r, , -I N: ,. 1 wx ., - 'z .. .iff 11,5 2 fl' My .' ' ' Q - -a '- L tf:-it . a' . 2f"P .v':E"f".1+, f:f.'31 fg,z., , , - . 5. -. '-QT,-v 4 .2 DR. W. J. TRAINOR Ex Clzirf nf my X. ' .uh mi. faq,-,. . I jx 1031 U27 H lv" w DLACEBO 'Wx DR. A. W. PIGFORD DR. G. R. OSBORN Y Ex Chic! nf Sluff Ex Clziff Of Staff DR. A. W. ROTH DR. H. D. MURDQCK Ex Clziff of Staff Ex Chigf gf Stag S., X I 0 I ' V HQHHQ. L -J L I uw - DLAcEB0 5 1 w 4. 73' -6' ' ,-3..g'fa153L: , ,f ,f Y ' :f f DR. G, A. WALL DR. j. C. BROGDEN EXC hieif of Stal? Memlvefr of Exefuiilvc Board i L 1 DR. L, C. PRESSON DR, MARK SHACHOY lnfern Member of Executive Board ' 1931 E193 uxrpx i MY H- 3 1"1f?'??"a-f ,.,., ., ,,44, Q , fffrvf 1 PLACEBO , jl'I.l.x'1uLD, R. N., EDNA CLOUD, R. N. Sllfyffflf .-luixluzzl RVTH MCCARTV R- N- Surgical Supervixar Sl 't ll d E ' CV, MII.fJIlElJ I"'.xRRr31.r., R. N. my Imgrlsgr Hmwgm ' ANNA DEE DONAHUE, R. N. llfdiml Floor, Ill, Soullz Wing Surgical Floor, IV X w N ' "' n ' " l 9 Ll l iI3OH'5 P "' 1.1: ' , r . M., r rv: .1 'J . 5- qu-p---pg-T-f DLACEBO R N NELI, BAILEY, R. N. MARIE SAVORY, . . Medifal Floor, III, North Wing MARION! REED R N Obxtetriml Supervxisor, Floor V VIOLET FIELDS NfHhf5'fPffiHff'Hff"1f DOROTIIE.4 ARBUTHNOT Dielician Instrzzcfrexs of Nursrs l 9 3 I II 31 Il A 5 z i ,Q-1 Q DLAUEBO "'ViHw-ff" , ff fl A +1 I mw- "KEY V5, 1 ,LEM ' V fm we .4 -' ,. 32' ' 'f .1 A .2 ff , fa A, 4 . ' , ' Mus. ETHEL GLANTZ KATIIERINE HARThI1XN Plzyxin Tlzfrufny TF!'1l1li!'iflIl Laboratory Terhniciau Im M1L1.1aR LEUNA STREEPV Rfmrfl LH7l'tlI'iIl71 .Y-Ray Tefhnician A X Q15 " ' 'r 'iw t' X l 9 J I 'if U 32 L, ,, ' ' fe 'JKA.L..v"L.1i. .L7,!. il' K x I Y S j NX 1 ,X X x L N A , f "' ,X ,X- R X .2 f N , - KX F .-.-.,.. XJ H - I ---arfalff-fl1a::.....,- 'U xx. I- S. 1 X 5 xi f x -, W K 1 L 4 W L: X Mm- R X' 2 E S 'J 7' T' fJWW 1 v N., I .! X-1 ' P, xg Af , fi' ' ji x CILASSIES ' , w I i l 2 4 f I ,, r1.rQ 4 n JI E i W' W W Rl xggxzx rw ': IM! sg' if fs VV .! 5 5 reg I V4 if , I XNQ ,I .QM AIN N in 'l f,n ii lq ,u 2 fl L 3 W .I .ILL -3'-1-"x -fn., ' f. Zi j ri I ' . 1'-qt, H .HM-'.' x 1:,' X . 3- f , 1 :fx f Jw an PLACED 0 I K xflllf A 1 ' '- wg fm. ' jg ' "w f 1 J f f Q J I ffm ,il -. V 1 si, XX ' 5 X .f ' X Y i fx il JL ' X V , Having our jill SIENJIURS ol knowledge lenfe we depart T l93l H353 4 T 4 i 6 I I I U 11' I ,V - .W Qrfih ,img ,H im, fi? 1311 'F' ? H! '1 He: 5 :mf ,VH :QS il r 4 "4 "Q I. I., -:iw .QV LVM J H. .5 4, QUQ' 4 A 4 I 1-V4 I , Y ,fa- PLACEBO 4 --4,h,- Y X 047 Ex 'lhaaal . gi '1 .Q 'vp 'K' -W ' P923 'Ww3,fZmf2z5?'zff'4lG"a+f'r-wx J.-f:2f2yrA2f':Q" 'Ziff MRS. .-X. C. O'BRIEN, R. N., Sponsor ESTER HAWKS, NOC1fXLES, ARIZ HELEN.-X FLEMMING, BUSTON, MASS. HATTIE GREEN, TULSA, OKLA FRED.-X GAULT, Loco, OKLA, RUTH HATCHETT, WARNER, OKLA. M.-XRY EMM.-X STEPHENS, ALPHA, FLA. NELL G.-XLLIGAN, HITCHCOCK, OKLA. 1031 M6115 PLACE 'B0 v P 8 x vw L x IP., X f wi K - X HERTH,-X FAST, XVEATIIERI-'1JRIJ, OKLA. A' "9" 1 ..,. V ' A WILLMERTH CRAYENS, SPmXr:L'1L1.11, Nlmm, X 1 Y 1 2 ff E?f q'7 ff' ,L . v " ,ag MARY Jo WILLIAMS, Lgmwy, MQ. 1 L' NELL KENNEDY, BATUN Roman, LA. , 1 if r 1 'Y 1' 'ywl?Q4wL M ,T 'J 4 ,ML K Q LIABLE ECHoLs,o5Mm,oKLL QQLQTQQQ' in y L ne .VV, EULA BETTERTON, ALM.-X, ARK. , ' X X +- i ' w 1 .VL 'v , , MASEL T,-XBER, ALRIA, ARK. I I p,, N! W f mg f- fl ',,, f M"-jf" -7- ,T 1031 ' H3711 Mil Y' ff f ,LL , ww ,- A'!' ' ' ., 1 ' , ' , , 1 ,gg--,z j, .. VX 5, Q 5 ,1,v.:,fx,UlaL -- M. - 4 In AJ'-A H nu, ,v '1 ' 'xp V1 n L1LLhL.J. I 1 1 1+ i , H L.. DL EB "'!"' -19' 'aff 1 W '1?w'Zfj? ' 2:24 VH,-, .W V, 'riff-1 V . !E, ffl ,fff.,f,., , , ,,,4,,l,, My. 1 ,,,. 4, .,4ifa,: .57 V .:w,, ,I "Wifi 4 'i'F VIILDRED HUGHES SAPVLIA OKLA. MARFUERITE PROVORSE Wyrwxfx OKLA, 'QI TRUDE BUE, C1.AREx11mL, OKLA. C.-XROLYN HORTUX, BIUNETT, Blu. MARY LLTCILIC COLLIER, TULSA, OKLA. LOREE THURSTON, SPI-QRRY, OKl.,X. I4li'I"I'Y RUTH CR.-XGO, NIKIVNTAIN GROVE, Mo, 'r 'Ill N Y .2-' Hs I r J L l Y 1 N ii' PLACE B EDITH BROWN, SPAWINAW, OKLA. MILDRED THOMPSON, NQWATA, Oxm. ofa MILDRED POLETTI, TULS.-x, OKLA. MARY LOU ARTHUR, ANN Amamz, IWIVII. ALMA TOBEN ROLLO, Mo. HAZEL BRUCE, BRISTUXV, OKLA. Oo FLOSSIE BOYD, Musxocmz, OKLA. x I. 9 J l H3911 -.,...m..- T . x 1. if r. 5 Q? 2. , be :Lf ' "7 7 O l - . if 'R - A ' , f 4,-'f 1 1 51 A 1 wi W' Tf A K 5 A X K L.. 14 5, , - 1.2 fl: J I I ,: f r 1 5-V I 3' f L 6, . , as i f . ' 11 f ff- ' ,. :Q A , . ,ggi 4 W pi iff Eff 33- L. .LQ X , 2 , 1, A.. W. ' al 6 ' AT ...H lt' wb , 455 W4 , ' 11:3 r ' -ai' 6' 'T W., .. .,,V .Lg 313: k f, . -33: I 35" 'lr 1' . :,,- L X jr. ffm 4 . -T T 'V T "-.21 5913. W 4 275:-i'q 'lf' T' f f -4':'f'4 , "q1ff' . pf. '5,g.Q3'A,:. ' ' - 21.43, ' .'f7F'f!f?, " K4 ' " . . 33'- if .1 ,fwfr mv 1'4" : I 1 N 1 .ml 'SDLACEB0 CLASS ll-lIlISTUlRY a 1931 D D D D D D T IS H.-XRD for WE the Seniors to realize that just three years ago we entered Morningside Hospital as frightened and lonely Probationers, looking up to our Supervisors and Senior Nurses who we thought were on a high pedestal which we could never attain. But after serving three months probation period it seemed as if the most significant moment of our lives had come, when we received our caps and bibs. It seemed as ii one large stone had been removed from our path, We certainly felt more important for we were held responsible for certain tasks and the doctors began noticing us. Our freshman year was not eventful as for organizing our class, for we were busy enough helping and watching the older nurses. During our junior year, October 23, 1950 our class became well organized. Bula Betterton wasfelected as president and Nell Kennedy, Secretary and Treasurer. The junior year passed quickly, our school kept growing and while we lost some of our old class members we also added new ones. About this time we experienced another thrilling moment, that of receiving our black bands, there was no limit to our chest expansion and the way we walked into the dining room and assembly. , Now after three years of struggling and striving, sad and happy events, we are nearer attaining our goal. We are Seniors: This year of all years will be memorable for many reasons. Mrs. O'Brien being our sponsor and ever ready to help and encourage us in any thing which might benefit our class, Commencement activities, our junior and Senior banquet, dances and parties, till our days and leave us only with happy memories and help us to realize we are about to graduate from our school. We will soon separate, but we can never break the chain which has been so strongly linked and will forever bind us to dear Ole Morningside. -M. ECHOLS. Could You Possibly Find: Miss Flemming-In partnership with Henry Ford? M'iss Green-On the green carpet? Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss M. E. Stephens-Without thoughts of jim? Hatchett-Hump shouldered? Williams-Popular? Galligan-Waking up at six A. M.? Echols-Knocking Dr, Presson down? Hughes-With nervous prostration? Fast-Stomping her foot at Mrs. O'Bricn? Hetterton-Taking orders from a proby? Collier-With stiff joints? Boyd-With Watch, hairnct and scissors? Tabor-Timid? Horton-Borrowing E. Browns coat and shoes? Provorse-With a smile? Thompson-Losing her temper? Miss Hawks-Stubborn? Miss Poletti-With something to saw? Miss E. Brown-With contidencc? 1 Miss Hue-Griping Miss Thurston-Having 3 tetc-a-tcte on the phone? Miss Crago-Going for a walk? Miss Tobin-joking? K n 0 I 1 l+Oll5 t L ,, aim PLACEBO CLASS WILL Q 119311 D D D D D E, THE CLASS of 1931 of Morningside Hospital and Training School for Nurses, being of sound mind and sounder memory do declare, announce and proclaim this our last will and testament. To the faculty we will our Wednesday Chicken a la King, hoping they will enjoy it as much as we have. Freshmen, to you we lovingly donate our good conduct as we have set an example for the past three years. Be ye always prepared for hairnet, scissors and Ingersoll inspection and with this 3999 tubes of Shu White. tPlease keep your shoes as immaculate as ours have beenj Individually we bestow upon your burdened shoulders: Esther Hawk's lady-like ways to Polly Page. Helena Flemming's Bostonian brogue to Ada Brooks. Hattie Greens' quick temper to Wilma Barnett. Ruth Hatchett's dignity to Vinita Drumheller. Mary Lou Arthur's ability to use tact to anyone who feels in need of it. Freda Gault's hair-raising experiences to Brooksie Paris. Nell Kennedy's exaggerated idea of cleanliness to Louise Basham, Mary joe Williams' ability to diet to Betty Poe. Alma Toben's willowy form to Fay McCulloch. Mildred Polletti's knowledge of lN1odern Hospital Methods and Asepsis to Velma Harvey. Gertrude Bue's surgical technique to Miss Porteriield. Edith Brown's babyish ways to Jacqueline Scott. Mildred Hughes' optimism to Bernice Bunch. Hazel Bruce's last bottle of mineral oil for that "Schoolgirl complexion" to Elizabeth McDaniels . Billy Cravens wills her ability to give "Trade lasts" to Flora Brown. Eula Betterton's knowledge of foot care to Lourine Patterson. Flossie Boyd's gift of gab to Helen Zickafoose. Nell Ga1ligan's Happer ways to Pearl Murr. Bertha Fast's speed to Louise Swift. Caroline Horton's curly hair to Marjorie Smith. Mary Emma Stephens' ability of getting the doctors told to Dorothy Edwards. Lucille Collier's toe dancing to Dorothy Shipman. Loree Thurston's demure and bashful manner to Laura Ross, Ruth CraQo's daily trips to the drug store to Agatha Teasley. Mildred Thompson's sarcasms to Mabel McCullough. Mabel Echols' chatter to Alma Kay. Masel Tabor's popularity to Alice Sibley. Margaret Provorse's optimism to Grace Lingo. We the undersigned, name Mrs. O'Brien executor of this estate. In witness whereof we sign with smiles, tears, seals, hands and feet this Cdatej in the year of our Lord. SENIOR CLASS-1931 -M ECHOLS. 1031 ll4Ill ply. U., t '. M 2 - 1 f ll 'DLACEBO ' I JANUARY, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: We are merely probationers and very few in number but the older nurses assure us that our number will increase as time goes on. FEBRUARY, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Plans are being made to move to the new hospital. We are excited as the rest. FEBRUARY THE TWENTIETH: The opening of the new hospital. Memorable night, Then afterwards getting settled in our new location. Work and more work but happiness reigns supreme, MARCH, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Will we ever get our bearings? Most of the time our heads are in the air trying to see what room we want or whether we are in the right corridor. APRIL, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Girls and more girls enter training every day. But we still need more. MAY, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: The older nurses seem to think this is a great month because classes end and vacations begin. Wonder how we will feel about it this time next year? JUNE, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Still more nurses flocking in. The class of '31 is going to number up in the hundreds if this keeps on. JULY, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: I've never seen so many new faces in my life. Half the time when I meet a new nurse in the hall I don't know whether to bow or to expect them to do so. AUGUST, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Some of the newer girls in our class . would like to know how to tell when it's a Dr. that is coming toward the desk. The older and more experienced advise you to jump up tif you ever happen to be sittingl no matter what type of man approaches, because you never can tell, at least we ean't, SEPTEMBER, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Well, we are all settled in our new home on Troost Avenue and East Fourteenth and Utica. and classes begin. I didn't know nurses did have to study so hard. Some of the best doctors and surgeons in the country lecture to us, and are-n't we lucky? OCTOBER, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Wonderful dance was given at the "Mansion" It was a great success. And another surprise for we youngsters, we dir1n't know nurses had such good times. NOVEMBER, NINETEEN TWENTXYEIGHT: Every day in every way we are getting wiser and wiser. With our practical work, demonstrations and lectures, our life becomes more interesting every day. DECEMBER, NINETEEN TWENTY-EIGHT: Merry Christmas and a merry time we have had. Another Party was given at the "Mansion" Santa Claus tSally Gooden? gave us our gifts from the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Many of the students contributed to our entertainment with readings, songs, etc. And Mrs. McNulty made a lovely talk. JANUARY, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: New Year. A Year has passed since the tlrst members of our class entered training. Some have gone. but many more hnve joined us and our class now numbers thirty-tive, FEBRUARY, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: A busy month strictly business with most of us. IVIARCH, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: More studying, and enough playing to make life very enjoyable. Night nurses have moved to ll cottage on South Victor. APRIL, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE' Still working. Not too hard, however. l X 7 ,,, ,V .Mia - fb '-' T-- i Vs- . . " I , I 1- 7 f""rs T:- i+2ll5 I W 3 I Y ' -K xg' fl ,J fi' V fr I ' t 1' 'f PLACE'-'B 0 Z MAY, NINETEEN TWENTYVNINE: Nurses may come and nurses may go, but some of us go on forever. JUNE, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: Classes over, vacations begin and we get one this year. Also another new cottage for the fast growing student body, on South Utica Place. JULY, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: Making good use of our vacations and our extra late leaves and all night leaves. AUGUST, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: Getting the most out of the best part of the summer. SEPTEMBER, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: Classes again, From our vast experience gained in the training we have found that nurses at times even like to study. OCTOBER, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: Our class organized. Mrs. O'Brien elected sponsor of Nineteen Thirty-One Class. Officers were elected. NOVEMBER TVVENTY-SECOND: Class Color, motto and Bower were chosen. Color-Bronze and blue: Motto-Yincet Qui se vincetg Flower-Sweet Pea. DECEMBER, NINETEEN TWENTY-NINE: Christmas again. Three days va- cation this month. JANUARY THIRTY-FIRST, NINETEEN THIRTY: Miss Very McCulloch re- signed. Miss Eula Betterton elected president of the '51 class. MARCH SEVENTH: Dance given at the Akdar Junior Ball Room. APRIL ELEYENTH: Miss Billy Cravens elected Social Committee after the resignation of Miss Grace Seale. MAY THIRTY-FIRST: There were votes upon electing new officers for the coming year. It was opposed. JUNE SECOND: The annual staff was elected. JUNE TENTH: The naming of the annual, "Placebo" JUNE FOURTEENTH: Carnival given at Crystal City. SEPTEMBER TWENTY-SEVENTH: Tacky party given at 1704 East Fourteenth Street. OCTOBER TWENTY-EIGHT: Halloween Dance given at the Akdar Junior Ball Room. NOVEMBER: I'd be very thankful if we could have Thanksgiving Dinners once a week. DECEMBER: An old fashioned pie supper given in the Hospital Diningroom. Proceeds to be used for the Placebo. It was a great success-Thanks to Farmer Atchley and the faithful few who brought the pies. DECEMBER TWENTY-FIFTH: Christmas again. Mr. Miller's kindness in giving each floor a tree made things lively and, incidentally made the the Hoors quite attractive. Our floor won the prize for the most beau- tiful tree-So did each of the other tioors, JANUARY NINETEEN THIRTY-ONE: 'Ihe beginning of another new year, and our last year in Morningside. FEBRUARY: Mrs. Glantz gave a lovely waffle supper for the Seniors. The evening ended with every one happy and full. MARCH: Formal Dance given for the Seniors at the Red Lacquer Room of the Alvin Hotel. Sponsored by the Intermediates and Juniors. APRIL: Graduation Day is drawing near and our hearts are all aflutter. Won't be long now girls 'till we can earn our bread and butter. Xl9cjl,l so e is ll43ll 5 'l s -XX ' ' Q "f",15 - - Q? 'f:i -bf N XX , , , gi, fi ' 2 ...1 1,1 WLJWM- " -" " 1-'u D L A 0 E B 0 1931 ' X ?f U4-+115 - A ..,f 'Q'--.vw 9 , f., , mn. aff, Vg ,1 .V W 'Ln ,If 5' 'iw' vrP'i' " 'iw Ak A V F, Y 1 . 'v 4 M " 12 x f' r 1- PLACEBO 4 , kf f X 1931 H4511 al PLACEBO SIENJIURS RIOTTO-H6 conquers who conquers himself CLASS FLOVVER-SZUECI Pea CLASS COLORS-B7'071Z6' and Blue if SPOHSOI'-AIRS. A. C. O7BRIEN Pl'65idE7Zf-EULA BETTERTON Vice-President-CAROLINE HORTON Secretory and T l'C!l.YZl1'87'-NELL KFJNNEDX' if Honorary Members of Senior Class MRS. D. I. IXICNULTY MRS. A. C. O'BR112N 1. lC9Qll r h'C ENDS .lggizqyi 355751 u 4 K N PLACEH 0 XX .R Z1 N! 11 K x X J X -- A lf. x -,f- 5 ..s X X f ,f' - x 1 If XX .3 1 , f IX ? ' iv W H., , ci J y X, . U " f' V 4 - V 'J r X .N,. K ' -NJ- . A 1 1 Z - 7-i x U V4 'd"' ' gl' T 1 V. 2 I U V-X Wlzru you gel tu the End of your rope, d0n'L give up, tif' ll knot in Ihr end 4 4 ' on. md lz :ng IINTIERNUEDIIATIES L 1 X X x l9Jl ' 114711 x ,., X ,,-v Y-, AW, '-fT.f:.-nz.J-- -.W I I V J X LACEBO LOUISE BASHAM ADA BROOKS JACQUELINE SCOTT HERNIECE BUNCH MARIE S.-XYORY, R. N., Sponxor FAYE MCCULLOCH MABLE MCCULLOCH o .ooo BROOKSIE PARIS HELEN CONNOR FR.-XNKIE BUNCH 1 0 J 1 gm x. iij I +5 H 5 PLACEBID if f," fins , -. M . A .fi , fi 1 4' -, 1:- . Wi VELMA HARVEY 'H 9 li Of, M VH, K . - Q f. A ,m, , My GHEUDEIMUE ,Q' 1 'Q QW? X Q. i X F 'I ., 5 '33 , ,Q 7' RENA BARRETT .fb A ' ,af ETHEL GARREON 'kj' 1 WZ? . .ff I M-A A 'dfif E? 4:1 Q DOROTHY EDRARDS -wqj fi ahi3V A if A152 A 2. ff ' LAURA R055 V U N 1 Y ' X F , M +'w T ?Aw'A ' 'Qffi A 14 1- A - -. H PEARL MURR fggg 'h'fmg A MARY BOYD E Y? if M L 5 A " Q4 :1L'ff57 'ff'-51 ' F' ff xx ' fm?-'E-:.:,,f :2e:f',-igmq ff Yr Y if4?f1f'f5a75'7 X 'A ' ' THELMA GOODMAN 1 , 1 5353? affa iffy? ' - wif if - " H W , ' MEQQQHQR l9Jl H493 15535 T, ,WL , A , A .4 .L 1 f'--,Q wgum Nil f 3.1. 1,-,J df f..1,. - ..., 5l,i,A1f+ 1- A. ' ur.. V 4 ' Y Y V - , gL,,..-,..-,W, wmv.. J., 51 -zg:..,,.L.....,,z 1 ..LlLLiTLl44 ' " " lMill.ul1ld1hiEl..LQk ' " ' ' ' ' 1 -'- ' X, E fDL.ACEBO lINTlElRMllEDlIA'lFlES President-Mrss ADA BROOKS l'irr-Prfsiricnt-Miss VELMA HARVEY SL'U'Cf0l'j'-AIISS RENA BARRETT Treasurer-Miss BROOKSIE PARIS Sponsor-Mrss AIARIE SAVORY Morro-.Yon Nobis Solum FLOVVER-Sfldifd Daisy CoLoRs-White and Gold Class History 2 1932 Time: 1930-31-32 Place: On Board the Good Ship Morningside Characters: Members of the Class of '32 What: An account of the voyage The Class of '32 loaded with a cargo of ambitions and high hopes arrived on board the good ship Morningside in 1930. Our inexperienced crew found sailing very hard in those times. Our tirst year was as painfully instructive as most tirst years, and we soon awoke to lind ourselves badly in need of shock absorbers. Our second year has not been all clear sailing. We have lost a number of our crew because of seasickness, hardships and disaster, but those of us who have stood by the ship will soon receive a reward in the form of a black band on our caps. Then, having proven our- selves able seamen, we feel that the last year will pass without serious hardships. May the remainder of our voyage be happy, pleasant and prolitable. W V -.HQ . --V - -T--W xg- ---- I 'I I l T W W T"'T ll5Ol5 IPLACEBIIX Helpful ll-lliinits 1-il- .- , 1 Always reach class fifteen minutes after the hour, this allows ten minutes for the other members of the class to settle down and five minutes for the instructor to become warmed up on the subject. 2. Come to breakfast about ten minutes until seven, you will avoid the rush and the line will be fairly well thinned out. 5. Reply to the supervisers, superintendent, and doctors by 'iyou bet," this is short, to the point and indicates alertness. 4. Use adhesive in mending hose, aprons, etc.-it is a quick highly effi- cient method in spite of certain ideas of the office. 5. When stealing rides on the elevator, turn out the lights, it helps prevent detection and saves electricity. 6. Don't rise when the Doctors come to your desk, it's a waste of energy. The supervisors may bawl you out, but don't mind, even that is diverting and adds variety. 7. When starting down the bread line. don't take the first spoon you come to-pick them up one by one and examine them carefully, usually about the 57th is clean. 8. When there is no work you want to do, congregate in the hall, laugh, gossip and you might skate down the halls and turn an occasional hand- spring. This will be highly approved by the official and altogether quite enjoyable. 9. Always keep a hair net, preferably in your pocket, lt will not be no- ticeable, will last better and will go to the laundry once a week. 10. When in the classroom wear a bathing cap, it keeps the mind from wan- dering and when concentration is necessary don't chew left over spear- mint gum, it won't stick to the subject. 11. Never sneeze while taking orders from a doctor, seek less overworked means of notoriety, such as throwing your eyes out the window. 12. When on night duty keep on hand a magazine of sentimental love stories for use in case of napping. lt makes a keen soft pillow, especially if the plot is very mushy. 13. Don't lose your head tno one wants itj. 14 Don't take a slip to the operating room for a pair of sterile gloves. Miss Portertield will be delighted to give them to you without it. Kec'eipt.f0r making u good Nurse Mix together equal parts of pluck, good health, and well balanced sym- pathy, stiffen with energy, and soften with the milk of human kindness. Use a first class training school as mixer, add the sweetness of a smile, and generous amounts of tact, humor and unsellishness, with plenty of Patience. Pour into the mould of womanhood, time with enthusiasm, finish with a cap and garnish with ambition. The sauce of experience is always an improvement to this recipe which if followed closely, should be very successful and exceedingly popular, " ix 011Iv thrall h labor and aiu llf Cort bv grim cncrffv and resolution j g n .. .5 m. and courage that we 1110110 nu to better tl1111gs."-IHEODORR RoosEvELT. .431 -- -- lsll WNY., .................,,..,-...M--1-. -V A-f.-r- 5-1 wi V LACEB I 91 I i n I I U35 I v X XX XX I PL--QACEBCI x mgfjf , 5 xxx 4 .C N - X A I V 11 fx X LVL ', rf? J' 'f if if 1 f I f! " N., V! . gh .1 , 1 1 ,X .X .- J -.1 .. I .J H , ,ff, , XX Like a druzfing lrzlltvw winds bclzirzd and rnrkx hrforc JIIUNIIORS T 1031 H5311 ,A,.,,......-,..n,.---, ,-.,,m,,,,,.,,,,W,..f -,,.,-,,,i,mx1,, Q U ,M , ,,1 . f-.. ., . W C UmJ x W LAUEBO I E 3 1 M .-..,..,- K I.-Qjl U54-Us 5 NELL BAILEY, R. N., Sponsor MELBA JOE CURLEE FLORA BROWN LOURINE PATTERSON PAULINE PAGE Vw,-I-f A S---X L- -L E, aff! GRACE LIE MARJORIE SMITH WILMA BARNETT LOUISE HALL ELIZABETH MXCDANIEL ETHA MAE TRITTHART ELIZABETH DeFEHR JULIA WEINRICH ALICE SIBLEY HELEN ZICKEFOOSE PLACEBO 4 r- I FRANCES LAMB CHRISTINE HANSON 'Kaur ,I in-u.'ng.' ,Al ELI ZABETH POE RUTH BRICKER DONA CALL HELEN SMITH Q DOROTHY SHIPMAN l LEONA HARMON GRACE MARTIN LILLIAN DANIELS EMMA COUCH EDINA ANN MYERS ALMA KAY IRENE ROBINSON M VINITA DRUMHELLER .I LOUISE SWIFT I I AGATHA TEASLEY T 4 i ' 1 9 QI 1 1 , A H4511 A - Q I I I v I I IL'.7'tH111hll 4- "f!DLa-XCEBO Class Ulflliicers F ljrcridclii-I'ALfLINE PAGE I"ire-President-LOURINE PATTERSON SCl'ft'l'L1I"V-BIELB.-X CURLEE l Treaszn'e1'-ELIzA1312TH D12 FEHR 1 Sponsor-NELL BAILEY, R. N. MOTTO-The c'let'a!0r In SZll't'U.Y.Y it ll0f rumzing: 1 lake the staire. l , 4 FLOYYER-cwI'IHIS07I rea rose l l COLORS-Cl'f17Z507I and Cream. l i 5-in 3 i Cllass History of 1933 , I W N 1930 as green a probationer class as ever entered a School of X Nursing appeared at the doors of Morningside with eager, hope- ful faces. Before many days we were thoroughly initiated into the mys- teries of Nursing school life, and the little bump of conceit which we had acquired in our younger days had entirely dissolved. This first year we have been directed over difficult paths, and many times our erring feet have been set aright by the kindly but firm . guidance of our officials. We feel that we are well started on the road which we now know will lead those of us who are worthy to a real goal-a life made 1 rich through service, intelligence and an appreciation of the qualities which make life beautiful and good. So as the days go on and we eventually become Intermediates, let's make a vow to stand shoulder to shoulder for our hospital and ' our school and continue our happy Junior days by happier Inter- mediate ones. W 1 f K . . . I 0 ' I ,':1:'A+g Y"-'Y f S ...df F ffm s RMK!! W- The lFa1irtlh1iFrml1 Nurse The art of Nursing is a gift of Gad. Where fultured brain with heart and lzand unite .find tireless feet that tread, as Jesus trod, In healing ministries. The nurse with light Of Knowledge she obtained in nursing sel1ools- Combining intelleet, affection, will, Now exeeute the doetor's strietest skill- What patienee and enduranee she maintains Inspiring hope within the patient's breast, In that siekrooin the white robed maiden reigns, Demanding God's pure air and peaeeful rest. DLAU lllfll ills Tulips and Bridlall Wrieath PAMELI.-X PEARL JONES I aiu a tulip, niy stern is tall, I ain the brightest red of all, Tlze flowers that grow by the garden wall, I ani queenly. Standing alone in regal pride Flaunting nzy leaves long and wide, I sforn the flowers that grow by my side Unsee-znly. Beautiful bridal wreath are we, White and modest as ran be Feathery sprays of synznzetry, Perfume lending, Placed a dozen or so in a vase. Eaeh one has its artistic plaee, Every other flower we grare, By our blending, In a wonderful garden that I know, Girls are the lovely flowers that grow. Tulips some who live for show And beauty, Nurses are the grateful sprays, Of Bridal Wreath, all their days .-1 perfume of serviee they know the ways Of duty. l93il e 575 'HK ,RNA if 1 4 fx, .508 . - - - ' , ,W ,,,, New ,V X, ,Wg-LL, N Y" ' 'J ' 'ilhxlhl 'i' Aff Mk 44 I ' - 'f num f i V 1 P 5 D L A 0 E H 0 Y 'fi-iTigx ,f bi . v , X A M 3 IL W 8,1 XA ,V l""X - Lv 5 p- Y ' L If I J- PRoBA1'1oNERsg , Bliss it if to bf alive 1r1,- Af-H PROBATIUNEIRS XX , ,l9Jl 116911 v.-,...1 7 F' I fu, .F few, 'fr K K ' . fm ., x 1 mu WW, X X D L A C E B 0 , T T777 ,- f 7"'- '-1" if? . 1 ., 'H ' 251 -' ' ' A "7 , . ' 0, f 4' " , ' '- , 1 -f 2ia2?f 'ff ' , f rw' 1 ' -- "ff-2-1 ' ' ' . a 6 -1 - 1 ' at r f ai ' .E r 'A . . V Q ' 1 l , ' , gf . , , ' . 1 if V 1, E gags - K: 2 ' ni.. - Z X QAM , 5 K X M f A-' I 2 'Y "" 3: 1 V 1 2 .f L' " 'if' "1 ' , , 4 :fi F 'Q .V 5' -Q2-i at , yu gif 5 1 I H5 ,N 4" 1 fs 'la .' A - 1, i . if , 7- if A if , V? xy NELLIIZ Ivua KATHERINE MCFARLAND HARRI1-LT HALL ELDURA Aizzxnerr CLARA Bizomc CHARLOTTE LANG Bessns REED elle Class History of 11934 X BRIEF sketch of the class of 64 can hardly be called a history. We became members of this class january the fifteenth nine- teen-thirty-one. We have struggled through the trials and disillusions of all probationers. We have borne the brunt of many jokes, and have been embarrassed by our blunders. However we have always been optimistic, knowing that all probationers endure the same. Our increasing interest in Classes and Nursing itself has become a linking hand between our class and the school. The most impres- sive moment of our lives came when a nurse cap was placed upon our heads and a nurses responsibility upon our shoulders. Al:T :,fAAf Alt- ,eras ,fees 4- 1,f l6Oll S .--v.. 'Q fr' 5 .il-fl' , ' 895 a w14'? ' MZ' 'fa V ' V ,T-.Am v,-1,-Q f ' 4 'QQ-:l,.., A 6, Mr, 1: -.gllzfwa- ,.,,,-'- Pj. v. fPLACEH1l X 4 2 .- xgzeia in' l ILTSQS BWP., Q 2 vw 'VNATI N N I 4 3 3 A IL U M N A IE L ik if X X M-frwrw V K iwrpz l 9 J l H 61 H 6,1 , fi' 1 X ,f Y ,,,,,,f-, ll L Al C' E B 0 if 'li-ff' I 51 ,I '4 ,pl 1 a 6- '11 4... 1 "J" if X-, 1 35 MP5 . W , ,5,,,k,3 if ' "f wen:- 4 f, Y-1.11117 -1-lg: '- 1' , ,x V - A - f . ff ' 1 - W., T' u ' XM, 1 ' J ,V - ,, - -,Z . , ' ' ' -l - x , 1, ' ,H , ix' M. A , X 1 ' 'X V, . X V' .,-,ifff -.X ,, 1 ,QA 1 1 . ,- V 'W . 1 ' 5 A .. Fi L ,- ' 1 M3195' 'c V 1' 1 'x 7 , ' 6.9 ' A V-7l?ff2 ' 'U' ' 'vi - . -NL ' Ui 1' ' ' , 'eu ff ' "5 ' 5 f .... 7 , ff? 1 1 f A . " ,A n N ' 'Q-. i'f'-suyx .51 X' . 'L-1. ' , 574,13 ' 1. , , H :'yq:.fff1,x ,LGF 1 ,. '3 , "" 51, f "-'VX 'Q11f4T?lf'Q3QiE,,, ,571-'i-EETQ " I ,ff QL, H if?-fn,,..,...y-'51 "ARES, ,df",f x 5' Y' .1212 ' J" Q' - Y f 2511 1,.-1,.,-.:. , '41 . 114-':1.w..5zuf.,g , ,. ..tJ:,fi1,:Q4.1.1:ME'4,fmmf' "" 4ff2k.f'.21i:.,,1,LH .Qzhzx mf ,fy ' -.J,-:.,f:f5- wx Vuxm mx 1,1,YY11I 111111, STUVKLYI-'lf Milf 1"3' RVN: KLINIL HMS 1010 M 11:1-wi 'r IIMNI ll' flaw IUZU limxx. 1N1x1,uxvz YI-.NTRHSS 111W WJ" 111x11',N Munmw 1111155 1030 fN11.1x1xx 111114'X1,XY Claw 11120 Iimmnn' Kumi: flak- 1010 M H ,H -Illykylulw 1111155 1025, Y'rm1mrr1' Xx X1'l1l, '1'mvxw1,xll flaw 1025 f1R.f1l'I-1 IV11'Cl'11I1IN flllxf 'UW Iixn IX N :X1,1fX'1IHl'l11 on IIRAYIQ 111519 1033- Pfwfffffff 11J1'NI. f'11XM1!1,1ii Flaws 1014 I,l'4'lIl. li, 1ZJxN1'rvN Vluw IUJU 1 1 VWIETTEE F0211 K Class 1025, Sz'rrr'tur-v PLIXCEBII - f -- -- ,--fflmmu 4 'I l l I l l l. l J. l ACENA PARR HONEYIEUTT F.-wa WVILILXR Class 1050 , Class 1020 KATHRINE Dorman' C1,,wTuN Y I RozR1.LA WVILEAR C1355 1034 N.wr,r.x BL.xNKI1xsII1P Cmwrokn Class 1026 Class 1020 , f.:.' '2:R', 5 MARIE Sfwonv HUM Sglailslilgzh I'1'lR"1 M.,xRcz.sxRm' LMIARR lVl,x1.uxu Class 1929 1" Class 1022 TI112I,MA STIzPIIENs RVTH MVQINNIS CIJWMONT O1,I.1I: Tow Class 1930 C1355 1010 Class 1050 WINNIE DUKES HENRIETTA W1LI.mMs GUDXXWN NI.-XRION Rum Class 1930 Class 1927 Class 1030 1 9 3 l 1631 ...,.s....u..u.w.n..K..,g,......- m..1.u.f...,.-.... .V ,. ., .Q un, ,E -I i l 1 1 l 1 ,1...l11:.:z1:11 X . R, DLACEBU 1 Cmss Q10 651. 111111 1111111 put 1111 'VIPIH' 1'11p L'1ll'1I 111111111111 V11111' 111'1'.vJ 511 f1'1'.r11 111111 'ZC'lI1l'1', R1'1111'11111C1' j'l7I11' I1d'VS 111 11'11111111g, F111'g1'1 11111 11111 1111111 111111 211111113 IV1' 1111511111 1111111 1111111 f1'1'J11 111111 1111.11.17-V IV1' 'li'U1'k6'f1 1111111 11111111 111111 'Zi'1l4fl 1111q111 IV1' 511111111111 I'tI1'1I 111111111 p11111'111, IV1' 5111110111111 111611' p11111111 llf II1!L'1If, S111111' 511111111 111111 1111111111111 111, 11111111 111111 71115 111113 11111' 1111 I1lI'V 1151 111131. 711lI'1'I' 111lIAQ ,x11'111'5 p11.x'51'11 11111' x1'1'z111'11 11111 T111111 f'1I111l' KLfI'tJI1Il1lf1llII f11l'V, IV11111 ju-111 1111111151 111211111111 111'.v1'r1p111111, 711111 111111111 111 11111' f1'1'1 111111 11112111 1I'11I'lI 11111 Y1l'IQ1C j1111 1111111111111 11131111111 A111 11 Il 11 1 111113 xv 111111 111111.11 1 1 III 11 11 111 1 1 x111 11 11111 1 11111 l 0 J I -Rmkg' .-11111 1 II 11' '111f' 11111. D115 1. 1' 1 1 11 , ,v1'111'x 11111 ' 1 11.11 f1l1I' 1c'111'1' f111'1'i11'1' 11111 .v111111', 15111 '13 .v1'1'211' 1111' 111' l1:11' 111 .'1"1111q .-11111 1111' 11111 111'11' 11,1 U1 '. X X ...! 11111 ' v I ' 2 fi 525 M "E , QE W '- ,J W N , V fx BEHIND THE SCENES Hi 4Qw:Q-1"i"'.ATf" . I ! , V UF, u .4-A V i A , 1 r .H W? f , 12 ff . 5, ff , H 5a N we ll lib fir j fl 1 W1 rf 1 4,4 MX Q A s eff A My ' P PLACEBO i A Dailly Prayer for Hospital Wforkters Giver of Life, grant to me strength that I may work, intelligence to ply my art, loyalty, zeal to guard those lives committed to my care. Keep clean my lips from harmful speech. X Make keen my eyes, the other's good to see, gentle my hands, kindly my heart, patient my soul. That by Thy grace, pain may be eased, sick bodies healed, bent minds made straight, life's span increased. By ignorance or sloth may I harm none. To those bowed down by grief, by hurt, by ache, by fear, grant surcease, Lord and consecrate me to my task. Amen. Morningside llfllynun AIR-Long, Long Aga lllorningside is a plafe we all hold quilt' dear, Long may you liao truc scrrlira to give. You ggrg fgr ihg girl' from afar and afar, Loudly your praises we sing, Of all plates on earth you'rf dearest lo ma. For thee and thee only, UU" 17"f1l5C5 SIM!! bfi' f' fr now plcdgf to llu'c,' - Our hearts fruv dC1'0 IW, 71 Loudllv WN" P"Ul5f5 wc Slug' K Your idaals ara loflih NUI!" T'l-Ylflflvi UW Plfff, Lani? uzav vau lir'C, UW 5L""L'lf5 to gwgf X YOMHUE Snwgg, 50 build upwaral and strength to endure, Loudlv your praises wa sing. Thcre's no duty so suzall that you heed not its fall, you more ou! your kiizdizcss to one and fo all, You give them fair dealings the great and the small, Loudly your praises we sing. l l93l l67l t , ,... . ,.i, 1, N, .www-gw-4-WWW N f1 ,, mmm 11 111.1 ' , ,451 jig, 1, gngelgii--J ,, 1, 41 Q A ,M ,, , , av-new - NNJ Vpilllj ' 'lfl' I , L A C E B 0 1, fff 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 I 1 X, LJ- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Thr pulirvzl ix 1111' my 1H'IPIHlIl whirl: ull r1fti1'ilif'S of llzf' Hmpilul rf' Ulm' 1168115 X f.. . , ...Z-T' ' x If X - 1 F 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 U DLACEBO C Ummm' Srmperinfc-emiolienrt of Nurses We have the dearest Superintendent, And she always is our friend, She may seola' a hit and punish But she'll stand hy in the end. And our Superintendent has a strong point That I often wish I had, She can tell the very instant, We eontenzplate on being bad. When I quarrel with the other girls flnd they all quarrel with ine, And all of us in general Are as inean as we can be, Or in many another crisis We would surely be in bad, If we didn't have the dearest Superintendent Student nurses ever had. ii lloirtrtllie Srtufdlenrt Nurses Little student nurses, .-llways dressed so neat, Don't your skirts feel funny Round about your feet? Do you like your nursing That you have to do? Don't you get just awfully tired Before your work is through? Are you always dignified Whate'er may eonze or go? Are you always kindly smiling, Hurrying, scurrying to and fro? Little Student Nurses Each and every day, I'1n thinking lots about you, And I want to say, Though you are quite different From other folks I've niet, To ine you're ministering angels, That I ean't e'er forget. -By iz twelve years old patient in the Pediatric Department. ' 1 9 3 1 H 69 il Mg.. rl ,Q ,X , TS, I ,a:Mw.?:m" r. i - '--" .mnm:.uL W- ' ' - LACEB 1 031 MOH" DLAUEB0 Darn the Chicken Pcox AMERICAN MEDICAL JOURNAL The sky to the Eastward blazes, Setting the lake ajireg The sun bounds over the skyline, Dancing higher and higher. The folk fare forth to their labors, .-Ind the fortune the day unlocks, But what does it mean when yozfre quarantined, Because of the chieken pox. In the joyous sun of the noonday, I follow the scythe of the sand, Till it sweeps in a curiie, past Gary, Where the belching white smoke stacks stand, On, on to the great white sand dunes, And the cool blue flaine of the phlox, But what does it mean, to a nzan who's shunned Marooned with the chirken pox. In the dusk, in the amber half-light, When the waves half go to sleep, I'Vhen there wakes in the heart a melody, And the tones of song sink deepq When the wind of the twilight calls you, .-ind the branch at the casement knocks, Oh, what does it mean when yon're quarantined Cribbed with the chieken pox. And now that the night has fallen, And darkness is covering o'er, And the pulse of the lake is throbbing, On the breast of the whispering shore, And the wee waves dance in the moonlight, And wink with a laugh that mocks, Oh, what in the dence, pray tell, is the use, When you're sunk witlz the chicken pox. gtk This book's a great invention The school gets all the fame The printer gets all the money But the staj gets all the blame. ilk Scientists claini that the human body contains sulphur in varying amounts. That is why some of us make better matches than others. 1931 71 II ll . 1 .mw hL x PLACEBO ,it ft f X QD Niuirsds llsiilfc ll r l I Oh what do I see in a nurse's life, So full of toil and tears and strife, N. I x,,,, We fan wield the bath basins and the earning W ' knife, cg But l'd rather make 507716 'food man a wife. X O , ZW . f-px.. XXX I want to be where I can have joy galore, " ll'here there's ains and le aches never . I K , I llZOI'6, UQ ' Where darkness n'ere shall darken my door, ll'here I ran sleep all night and then some .. znore. l What's the use in working my life away? Q When I'd Wlllfll rather spend it in ,frolie i and play, ' 1 V 'And when I get quite old and gray, l J ,,..f""kN! In an old nurses' home I'll gladly stay. ' 3 fx.. JJX1 f l I'd like to rest my ivory donze, 1 47,6-7 if JD-of Where the birds and beasts do make their my I I ,X home, t Y I rw.. Or Id like to ride the oceans foam, , fx Or go to Italy and visit Rome. . V ' Perhaps I should utter no Complaint, , Things may not be as bad as I paint, r fd '- ' Bn! l'd argue the matter with Peter the Saint, .' I' N Life may be what you make it but usually - f --it flin't. Q 'E -Life. I . I l l ills ' H gigs. X, 4'-'. li NO WONDER HE WAS CRAZY Somebody asked thc patient how he happened to he in the insane asylum, and this was his reply: "Well, you sec, I married a widow with a grown-up daughter, and than my father married my wil'c's daughter, and that made my wife thx- mother-in-layy ut her father-in-law and my tathur became my stcp-sunt Thi-n my stepmother, the daughter of my wife, had a son, and that buy, of Course, was my liruthcr, hccaiusc ht- was also thc son of my wifc:'s daughter, and therefore her grandson, and that made mu grandfather of my step-lsrothur, Then my wife had a son, sri my mother-in-law, thc step-sister of my son, is also his grandmother, bccause he is her step-suns child: my father is the brother-in-law of my child, becauw his step-sister is his wife. I am thc brother 111' my myn son, who is also thc sun of my step-grandmother, I am my mothcr's brother-in-law, my wife is har own child's aunt: my sun, is my l':1thcr's nephew. and my own grandfather, and thats why I am here." X XXXX T--Q ' i V V 10,11 l72lN 1 ."' W? 1'.Ji.d'5m DLACEGGBU Believe llt or Not The most cheerful sound known to a nurse is an alarm clock ringing at six .-LM. on a December morn. Every nurses light is out and room quiet at ten-hfteen IKM. There is always an empty tub and plenty of hot water at the Mansion when you are in a hurry for a bath. The majority of student nurses love their watch, scissors and hair net so much they sleep with them. It has never been known for a nurse to borrow her room mates hose. No nurse likes fried chicken. The student always looks forward to the fall school term. For the past six months each nurse has received her full check at the end of the month. A nurse never expects to be called back on duty. It is impossible to hnd a nurse hungry at ten P.M. The greatest tragedy known is to step into the post ofhce and hnd a package from home, A-X rare discovery-Night Supervisor Miss Reed finding a nurse asleep on duty. It is rather a bore to come home and hnd friend room mate has cleaned the room, fixed the laundry and changed the bed. Every nurse looks forward to study hour. The nurses most favored garment is the hairnet. The probationer fully expects to be first in the bread line at six-thirty .-XM. -M. L. COLLIER. The Qtmesrriiommarirrre Hou' many ealees did Edith Brown! Why is Hattie Green? Water, water etteryiehere, so why did Loree Thurston! What doctor did Polly Page? How heavy a load can Louise Hall? Vlfas it nzoizey that made Tommy Uleiizrieh? What inetlzod would he used to make the hair of Melba Curlee? What nzeans would be used to make Bertha Fast, and Louise Swift? To wlionz did Nell Neel? What roll did Dona Call! How hot was the jire that made Pat Boyle? Who was the first patient in the Dorothy Edwards? What kind of jish did Wilma Barnett! Did you hear of the tragedy-How erin Reno Barret! What tree did llliss Donahue! Whose slay did Miss Edna Cloud? What river did A. W. Pigford? In what year was Dr. George Osborn? Can you tell why Miss Zoe Sparles! We didn't want her milled so why did George Miller? ll 73 l 51 - .,.,.....,.,,.,.11 -t V ,, it e num " llillilllilltlmhl ' mmmamlmi was - -- 'KDLACEB0 'vw-1, , -1 K , .3 1 rt Li' i hx. N .- 7 , Un the Birth oil' at Babe ESTERDAY morning there was a strange and unusual commotion in Heaven. A little angel, with big, black eyes, and the softest of white wings, asked St. Peter to let him out of the pearly gates. The good Saint hesitated- he was loath to lose so sweet a creature, but when the little angel told him he would come back sometime, the gate was opened a trifle and the treasure crept out. Of course, he came right down to earth, and peeping anxiously around, he found no pleasanter, easier home than that of Mrs. Skin. It was very early in the morning and so he slipped quietly in through the door, and snuggling up close to the lady, said, 'Tm a little angel and you must be very good to me. I will stay with you always and when you are old and weak you will be very glad the little angel came to you." Mrs. Skiff bade the stranger angel welcome, and just then good Dr. French, happening to pass the house, heard sweet music that he knew could only come from Heaven, so he went in and saw the little angel on the couch. ln a moment his keen lance went out, and he had clipped off the wings of the little angel and they had flown back to Heaven alone. "This is too precious a treasure to lose," said the Doctor, "we must keep him with us always." And so the little angel stays, joy to the home he has found here on earth and a pride to those whom he will, God willing, call Father and Mother. Let us hope the angels in Heaven may not so miss their Cherub that they will say, "Come back." But when the sum- mons comes, let it come from the lips of the father and mother on the confines of the beautiful, away over there in the Beyond. -EUGENE FIELD. l l R some l 0 .I ll W" "mil 'W' l7+lls ' P LACEBII Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget Forget Good Suggestions that state board is ahead, and study awhile instead, the bawling out you got or else you should be shot. that that that that elevators are made to ride climbing makes pains in your side, supervisors get hardboiled. the beans for dinner spoiled. the articles that you do break, that Forget that Forget that Forget that Forget you Forget you Forget that Forget that Forget that Forget that for these youlll pay and no mistake. without a hairnet you Went to assembly Mrs. O'Brien made you feel all trembly. you broke your technique in an operation, made B in observation. gave an enema and spilled the solution, it gave you a complete ablution. of sleeping you can't get enough, your toast for breakfast was tough, to go to class, you remembered not, Forget, O fbrget it, and forget you forgot. -HELENA B. FLEMING. elle The Supervisors The superzfisofs life is a life of ease But the student nurses are as busy as bees, In fart her job is really a snap While the rest of ns work, She enjoys a nap. All she does is tell us when and about, The way our work is to be turned out. When that's done, she twiddles her thumbs, And sits and waits till lnnfh hour comes. Franz then on out she's nothing to da, Sha has to keep things going tis true A nd at times we re so possessed of the devils She has to do half the work herself. e . We almost run her distraeted Ill haze to admit And if she reads this she ll throw a bad 1 But compared to mine her berth s a downy bed. -R. CRAGO. 1 1, lf, ' ' nf, Now d0n't go tell her what I said. list I T XDLACEBU 'lflhe Sequel to an Cllassiifc The antiseptic baby and the prophylactic pup, Were playing in the garden when the bunny ambled up: 1 They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised, l He wasn't disinfected and he wasn't sterilized, They said he was a microbe and a hotbed of disease, They steamed him in a vapor of a thousand odd degrees, f They froze him in a freezer that was cold as banished hope, X And washed him in permanganate with carbolated soap. In sulphuretted hydrogen they steeped his wiggly ears, And trimmed his frisky whiskers with a pair of hardboiled shears. Then they donned their rubber mittens and took him by the hand, And elected him a member of the fumigated band. There isn't a micrococcus in the garden where they play, They bathe in pure iodoform a dozen times a day. And each imbibes his rations from a hygienic cup, The bunny and the baby and the prophylactic pup. elle llllhie llliaiccieritimlltogiicall Ballll ii XML V l The gay bafillur to gain har glory, Onff gave a ball in a lGlI0l'lZl01'-V,' The ,feta tank plan' an a foliar glass l'Vl1c1'c tfzzlgar gt'r111.r flllllfl 110i harass, Nona' but Ihr czfllzirfrl were irzvited, For nzirrabf' rliqzles are well united. Thry rlascly shut thc ballroom doors, To all the garnir f0ntaini1zg sparcsg The szfaphylaracmr first dl'I'l'U!?Cl', Ta stand in groups they all canlfizied. The Diplorarri 5111110 in iwax, A-I trijlf' late and iwa by lwur, The St1'e'pfann'ri tank great pains To swat tl1c'111s1'l'U6.v in gl'l1ti6'-fl!! chains. V' Derlarafi the Go11arorri Illlllgllly, .-lnfl .raid they wazrla' nat 601116 at all If the Callas were praserzl' al thc ball. The felt' llfgtlll, lhc mirth .Yana 0'I'C'tINIffll' lhaf lragvdy Each gfrnz wzjayca' hinisclf 1 Witlmut fear of Plzagacylf. l ran high, was nigh. that night '7'w115 gellilzg lair and Jllllll' IIVIUII llllllllfl the FOI'l7llllllClZj'dI? 0xflaa'f?d .vlnrl fll'FlIt'llC'llI tha! happy rlanfing mass, Tha! s1w11'11zcrl Ihr' fated raver-glass. . Xa! anrf s1n"ai1'zra', but perished all .-It lhal Blll'fl'I'll7lU,Qll'lll ball. were loaded, l X .yy xl,0,Il! y ini " The P1Il'llHl0l'0l'l'l, stern and haughty, l 1? Y H l aj . gf N l- .- 1' . -,-av , . 4 .-fire M- , . 'll ' LACEB 1931 ' EWR , 1173115 DLACEBO The Village Doctor Along the village streets, where maples lean Together like old friends about the way, A faithful pair oft and anon were seen- He and his nag, both growing old and gray, What .secrets lnrked within that old soul's breast Of mother-love, of throb of pains and ills, All safely kept beneath that buttoned vest. Receptacles of powders and of pills, Thrice happy he was when some fond nzother's eyes, Grew nzoist with love unspeakable to find, Snuggled to her breast her babe whose paradise Within her soul and bosom were entwined. How oft he held the wrist to mark the slow Pulsations of the feebly-fluttering heart, While his kind words, soft murmuring and low, Essayed to calm the inournings, pains and smart, He was to all a father, brother, friend, Their joys were his, their sorrows were his own, He sleeps in peace where yonder willows bend, Above the violets that kiss the stone. The Prolbies' Lament The probationer is so very faithful, It always seems to me, She should be treated better than She is sometimes, you see She goes to lectures every day, She works from morn till night .-Ind seldom grumbles tho' her lot Is often far from bright. If anything is wrong with her, She doesn't often tell, She works, and works on just the same When she is not feeling well. Then worst of all for her reward, For service day by day, Unkindness often is her lot, Ingratitude her pay. .-Ill of we probies really think 'T would do some seniors good To be probies once again- 1 almost wish they could, For tho' the lesson might be hard, I think you will admit, These seniors would be apt to learn, A thing or two from it. I 9 J 1 err it ' , N- ' :I DLACEB0 an Hits Ulldl llfatzlher Satisfied J OME years ago a discouraged young doctor in one of our large cities was visited once by his old father who came up from a rural district to look after his boy. UWell son," he said, "how are you getting along?" 'Tm not getting along at all," was the disheartened answer, 'Im not doing a thing." The old man's countenance fell, but he spoke of courage and patience and perseverance. Later in the day he went with his son to the "Free Dispensary," where the young doctor had an unsalaried position, and where he spent an hour or more every day. The father sat by, a silent but intensely interested spectator while twenty- tive poor unfortunates received help. The doctor forgot his visitor while he bent his skilled energies to this task, but hardly had the door closed on the last patient, when the old man burst forth, "I thought you told me that you were not doing anything! Why, if I had helped twenty-five people in a month as much as you have in one morn- ing, I would thank God that my life counted for something." f'There isn't any money in it, though," explained the son somewhat abashed. 'fMoney," the old man shouted, still scornfully. f'Money, what is money in comparison with being of use to your fellow men? Never mind about money, you go right along at this work every day. I'll go back to the farm and gladly earn enough to support you as long as I live-yes, and sleep sound every night with the thought that I have helped you to help your fellowmenf' Glloiriifiiedl Toiill IN A famous old painting is shown the interior of a sick room: but doing the work there are, not nurses in uniforms but beautfiul white winged angels. One serenely dusts the room with heavenly grace and one is bathing the patient's forehead, and one is preparing medicine, What the old monkish legend that it represents is, I do not know. But as the painter puts it to you on his canvas, all are so busy and working with such a will and so refining the work as they do it that somehow you forget that dusting is dusting, and that medicine is medicine, and only think of the angels and how very natural and beautiful nursing care is-just what the angels would do, of course, It is the angel aim and standard in an act that consecrates it. He who aims for perfectness in a trifle is trying to do that trilie holily. A Need A Tulsa doctor desperate over the non payment of bills is known to have put in a local daily the following It is reported that a fastidious girl bride in Boston kneads bread with her gloves on The incident may be odd but there are others Thu the doctor needs bread with his shirt on he needs bread with his pants on he needs bread with his shoes on and unless some of his delinquent patients pav their doctor bills up mighty quick he will need bread without a darn thin on and Tulsa is no Garden of Eden in the winter time neither .l , ' t - . Ui H , . . . . . v . . , . 5 i v 1 . ' ' ' f U , rs . . . . . ., . 1 - ll79ll K Mar.-mmtll 111 'DLACEB0 The Niglmtinglalc lpllcdlgc l sulmzlzly j7fl'f7I-QI' Jil-V.YI'f-fl fN'fIll'l' Gnd and in H10 jJz'f'xC11fC UI! I.Y.Yf'77Z!lfVl'f To pass my life in purity and lu 11111cfice my p1'ufe55iu11 faithfully I w ill al1stz1i11 from wl111tU.'c1' is clQ-ln-if-rimls and 111isChiex'0ll5, 21 xv1ll 11111 take 111' l411nwi11gly :1rl111i11isle1' amy l1111'mful drug, I mll flu all in my l'lllXY6l' 111 vlcvatc llw st:111clz11'fl uf my prufessiu mil w1ll hwlcl 111 Cn11l1fle11u- :ill 119151111111 1112111613 C1lI111l1IIl6Cl tn m ken-111111 zmrl all fzlmilv uffslirs cumiug fu my lmmvleflue in the vrcivtice I 5 , . , . uf my I7l'llfCSSIUll. Will 1 loyalty will I 6l1llE'iIX'Hl' 111 uid the l1hysicia11 in his wn1'k, mrl flf-wiv myself lu the welfare nf fhuse Cr1111111ifle-fl ln my CHIP. f -K I A K I 0 , I ff-f----fi + A-if I Sell N 11115 I ml I1 PLACED!! 5 HANDS D. R. HWWARD, R.N, I think you are while temples turned By seulptor's moulding tool, To hold within deep fountains lr'arnerl, With 'vigor flowing eool. Your fingers fend like eestals fair, Dejt 'oirgiizs in their tnuehg Guarding fliekering pres where Life's flame lies trampled nzueh. Intimate with Birth and Death, You've surely held the veil That separates by sheerest breath, The immortal from our pale. .Yo wonder then, that hands are 'tina' White temples of the Soulg O may you hola' for life, new wine, With a finger toward the goal. 'ffCwOplen'autifon" "Help one another," the day nurse said, As she rushed along to a patient's bed. "There's work enough for one and all, United we stand, divided we fall, There's joy in helping your fellow rnan, So help one another all you eanf, Af' 'Al-Ielp one another," said the nurse that night, To her fellow nurse when she got in a "tight" "If I tried to do all this work alone, l'd be tired out before the night's half gone. But I'll help you and you help nie, Then how nzueh easier our work will be." f'HeIp one another," the Doetor Cried, ,-ls he walked down the hall by the Superintendenfs side, "We nzust get together and work with a will, There's a plaee that eaeh of us alone fan jill, Colne all ye who believe in eo-operation, Q .find we'll make lUorning1side the best in the Nation." 1 H 'SI jj 1, N 5 - 5 ' , 113,--I rs, -1 ' 1 ' PLACEBO Toinsills TONSILS are inherited and not acquired. This distinguishes them from adenoids, which are grown on the premises. Tonsils were not discovered until an operation for appendicitis became too com- mon to confer social distinction. When they were discovered, statis- tics were produced to show that these glands, quietly reposing inside the face with the complete approval of mankind, were the direct cause of rickets, blind stagger, poverty, gall stones and general cus- sedness. Having them out at once became a social duty of some magnitude, for technique of surgeons was imperfect and few carvers knew whether to use a screw driver or pliers. It made little differ- ence anyway, for the patient was sound asleep and little interested in carpentry. The modern age affords the owner of tonsils much more entertainment. He is placed in a chair, his jaws are pried apart and a portion of rubber-boot inserted to hold them ajar and discourage conversation on the part of the patient. Then the surgeon fills both hands with hardware, begins to whistle his favorite tune, and crawls inside. While he is pruning all of your property that fails to meet with his approval, numerous white clad assistants stand about wearing the cheerful look peculiar to people who are watching another man's house burn. i f Grammar and Miediicine Ac.-xrH1As .Al tlzriving daetor sent his san fa school, To gain some lenowledge, should hc prone no fool, But tools him soon away with little warning, On finding out the lesson he was learning. How great Peliflas wrath in I1011lCI".Y rhyme, Sent many souls to Hades 'ere their time. 'UYo need for this, my boy should hither rome, That lessnn he ran better learn at home- For I, myself, now, I nzake bald to say, Sand nzanfv souls to Hades 'ere their day, .Yor 'ere jintl wan! of graninzar stop my 'ZE't1'V.H l9lll H8119 -r i L "'1"f"'Vb,2bpSf."' YET: 43151. ' ,5 'Q5?t,"fii'-g-f,' A 'M mvw ' , ,f 4 x I ,I Q v X, x , H, 65, , ,gf DLACEBO 1 4 2 KR lI83H DLACEBO The Diifiteren cc Tennyson could take a worthless piece of paper, write a poem on it and make it worth 365,000-thatls genius. Henry Ford could write a few words on a sheet of paper and make it worth 55,000,000-that's capital. The U. S. can take an ounce and a quarter of gold and stamp upon it an eagle bird and make it Worth SZO,OOOQthat's money. A merchant can take an article worth thats business. A ditch digger works ten hours a day earth for 51.00-that's labor. A surgeon can take a dilapidated piece to pieces and sew it together again, making it as good as new- that's skill. A nurse can purchase a 251: pair of hose but prefers those that cost 255.00--thats foolishness. The writer of this could write a check for S80,000,000, but it wouldn't be worth a dime-thats tough. Every member of the class of '31 should willingly pay her dues on time-fthats loyalty. If you dont it will be taken out of your allowance-that's the truth. 75c and sell it for 31.00- and handles several tons of of human machinery, cut it Q The Nurse She hides her rare beneath a tender s1niZe,' She tails long hours as though it were a joy, .Yo greater art than this ran nzan employ To make a work of beauty well worth while, .ind hide 'neath lovely touches deft and true, All signs of anxious, weary toil from view. She wakes from sleep as one who has not slept To smooth the pillows of her patienfs bed, Her voice eoneeals her seerel thoughts of dread She only knows the vigil she has kept. Grim duty, by her art is robed in grace, .elnd something lovely defhs the eanzmon place. She'd eonnt it failure should her patient guess That she is worried, over tired and faint, Or hear from her one whisper of eonzplaint. The trne nurse must not show her own distress, The tveoriness her spirit often feels. She tails as one who does not toil for hire, Does ugly services in a queenly way As one who asks but gratitude for pay. She leeeps her post but never seems to tire, She loves her worh, yet such the art thereof She males it a ,lorians work of late. i -M. POLLETTI 'WW' 1 l 0 J l S X llbfill 5 ,.laq,:-g,rEF'f"'V A 7 fl l T ' N , '- . - -wr: V. .,' , ,' i .:yy:'w.',.7g,':vg X" . 21? H. PLACED!! ' Nurses Dilemma Some folks have fits and others have spasms, Several need stitches in most awful chasms, Some have the back ache and some have the chills, While others need nothing but potent pink pills. I hold their poor heads and wipe their damp noses, And Concentrate vainly on gardens of roses,' I watch the M.D. as he prods and he slices, And assume profound interest through different crises. Surrounded by medical aid and attentions, I'm greatly impressed-do you think I dare mention The fact that my nose is a singular red And ask the-nz to cure this bad cold in my head! Three A. M. In The Hospital It's three o'clock in the morning, I've been busy the whole night through. Emergencies, lights and babies, There's never a respite, 'tis true, Daylight soon will be dawning The temperatures must be taken too. I could go right on forever, But I'll be darned if I do. Our House Mother Our dear house mother dia'n't live in a shoe, But she had so many children her day fairly flew. They were always bobbing up in the oddest places, But uhen she chided they would only make faces They slid dovtn banisters and stood on their heads When ten o clock came they uere not in their beds. They would lose their Inez s tear holes in their dresses- They demanded late leaves and good night caresses. .-Ind what with their questions their antics and folly They kept the house mother both busy and jolly. I I V ll 7 ll 7 V I She taught them, she soothed them and read them a rhyme , H 1 ' tyn But she just couldnt worry-efor she hadn t the time And when a tempestuous neighbor one night Velled Cant you keep those nurses more quie , Mother Amos listened and gave a long sigh And began to sing In the sweet bye and bye. -Hill s sw' LACEB A 'X ,AA- z , x A P 0 :sf - ! ' - 4?-f ,f f 0 es. ll K fvmina- ' " t' ' Hmm Une Hundred Years lu um' lzznitlwfl 'vfars tliiugx will lvr Difwrflft for you and rlijiarmzt for mc Fresh air and .YZlI1S1IllZC and a little fmt Will br a mrs for tlzasr 011 thc bum Jlophcii, C. C. and Hihlele pillx II'ill lit slmt at thc zcihipoarifvills .lltI'QIll'SiI1l77 .vulplzatf will ltr izsrrl in the' bath To rca'm'c thc pcoplf who arf too fat. Ona littlf pill as big as a flat II'ill rmztaiiz 2000 falarirs, belirw it ar not This pill may also makf 715 all well FZHIIIYV things lzapprn, you lZf'i'Cl' Catz tall. Whnv waift .vamc 0116 gat lmsnv Ami investigate this dat That will makv living ralzflitiaus Av0'Zf' what they arc imt. D0rz't wait till wr arc old and lzarflly 506 .-ind haw warlerd up a t0lcram'0 for coffee and tfa Fix it up whila wc arc' alive' and wall 1 Dnn't wait 'till wc arr safe itz-Hcavciz. -XELL GALLIGAN. its xx' uf' X . c L 9 Xl0Qll Q H655 DLACEBO Dorothy Edwards: L'When you asked me for that dance I took you for Cragog and when you held me so tight I thought you were Bashamg but when you stepped all over my feet I knew it was you, Kennedy." Miss Toben: 'tDr. Stallings is a wonderful dancer, except for two thingsf' Mrs. OlBrien: 'tYes, I think so too, but what two things?" Miss Toben: "His feet." fl W lilvl , . , . . 1 , 1' 'fi".?'2' f, ZW is ' . 1 ' 5,4421 A 'gl .MQ " l Q-lmfifitt gf DLACEBO Udc To The Doctor V Who works from morn till set of sun, The whole day long is on the run, And yet whose work is never done? The Doctor. Who's roused up in the dead of night By some one in a dreadful fright Who's sure she's going to die outright? The Doctor. Who when the days are shocking hot Can seek no cool sequestered spot Because he must be on the trot? The Doctor. Who when the mercury is low, Long weary miles must often go, Through cutting winds and blinding snow? The Doctor. Who has to bear the countless ills And deal out multitudes of pills To those who never pay their bills? The Doctor. ' Who must not show that it's a bore To hear each family history o'er Five generations back and more? The Doctor. Who should be placed among the saints Whom history with us acquaints For patient listening to complaints? The Doctor. l9Qll' Wt' f , DLACEBID Staff of the Morningside Hospital GyNEcoLoGv 81 SURGERY Dr G. A. Wall Dr H. D. Murdock Dr A. W. Pigford Dr J. C. Brogden Dr F. Y. Cronk Dr M. A. Houfer Dr R. A. McGill Dr A. Ray Wiley Dr P. P. Nesbitt Dr J. B. Gilbert D1 R. Q. Atchley Dr I. N. Tucker Dr L. A. McComb Associate Dr. S. J. Bradheld Dr. A. V. Emerson Dr. R. E. L. Rhodes Dr. N. S. White Dr Fred Bolton Dr R. B. Witcher Dr. J. W. Childs Dr. L. C. Northrup Dr H. Lee Farris Dr. C. C. Hoke Dr. Ian MacKenzie Dr Thomas J. Lynch Dr Dr Dr Dr James O. Lowe Gifford H. Henry O. C. Armstrong R. M. Shepard MEDICINE Dr. VV. J. Bryan Dr. E. K. VVitcher Dr. P. N. Atkins Dr. VV. W. Beesley Dr Dr . J. C. Peden . F. L. Underwood Dr. P. H. Mayginnis Dr Dr . C. S. Summers . D. W. LeMasters Associate . J. H. Black . W. O. Smith D. A. Beard J. K. Lee J. H. Neal T. P. Roberts E. P. Nesbitt . E. Brookshire . E. Rushing T. H. Davis H. C. Childs P. G. Murray W. H. Rogers Bennett Graff R. E. Calhoun A. J. Wainright M. O. Nelson E. R. Anderson M. O. Hart George Miller Gilbert Hall I F E. Rankin Denny B. L. Branley . XV. H. Calhoun EYE, EAR, Nose 81 THROAT A. W. Roth W. A. Cook R. W. Dunlap Marvin D. Henley J. F. Gorrell J. Walter Beyer A ssociate Sid Perry W. M. Jones J. C. Braswell T. W. Stallings J. L. Reynolds Chester A. Pavy CARDIOVASCULAR Dr. W. J. Trainor Associate Dr. Russell Pigford OPHTHALMOLOGY Associate Dr. W. A. Huber Dr. C. H. Haralson UROLOGY Dr. Dr. H. W. Callahan E. L. Cohenour Dr. T. B. Coulter Dr. J. S. Hooper Dr. H. B. Justice Dr. J. W. Rogers Associate Dr. H. S. Browne PEDIATRICS Dr. C. E. Bradley Dr. G. Garabedian Associate Dr. K. C. Reese Dr. H. C. Graham Dr. D. J. Underwood Dr. Hubert O. Thomp on Dr. Hugh Evans PROCTOLOGY Dr. V. K. Allen A. H. Davis Dr. Paul Brown 1911 89 1 I ii ll 1 ."i!'eii'4'15i.i"J.i ', t' 'ik .1 f f l-4. ..'. 1 XDLACEB OBSTETRICS 44550651156 Dr. George R. Osborn Dr. W. A. Dean Dr. J. L. Miner Dr. Carl Simpson Associate Dr. D. M. MacDonald Dr. Harry J. McGuire Dr. Silas Murray ORTHOPEDICS A ssociate Dr. Wade Sisler Dr. W. J. Feehan Dr. J. E. McDonald DERMATOLOGY 81 RADIUM Dr. C. J. Wood Dr. W. A. Showman Assnfiatc Dr. James Stevenson ANAESTHESIA Dr. L. C. Presson Dr. Paul Geissler Dr. Bertha Margolin Dr. M. E. Sipple Associate Dr. H. P. Kemmerly BRONCHOSCOPY Dr. Ruric Smith PATHOLOGY Dr. T. A. Hartgraves ROENTGENOLOGY 81 GASTROENTEROLOGY Dr. Morris B. Lhevine Dr. W. S. Larrabee EXODONTIA S. P. Bowyer . Ira McCarty F. C. Reisling Associate . J. F. Brandenburg . Ford E. Bridges . F. E. Turnbaugh PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. H. W. Ford NEUROLOGY Associate Dr. Ned R. Smith COURTESY STAFF Ross Grossheart P. N. Charbonnet C. D. F. O'Hern H. M. Prentiss J. -I. Billington R. C. Farris D. W. White M. J. Searle S. C. Shepherd S. C. Venable George Clulow P. C White f E. Ei Klapzuba . Thomas E. Haskin J. E. Wallace Roy A. Zink S Frederick Whittlesley john Perry . Mark M. Marks J. H. Barnham O. A. Flanagan Hugh Perry O. D. Ellefson T ii? llofvlls CONSULTING STAFF R. V. Smith Fred Glass D. O. Smith C. D. F. O'Hern Samuel Goodman D. L. Garrett Harry P. Price Malcolm McKellar NON-RESIDENT BIEIXIBERS OF THE COURTESY STAFF W. P. Longmire Austin Hutchinson 0. P. Gregg Divonis Worten G. C. Croston Herman Fagin James Buchanan W. G. Phillips G. W . Zink C. K. Logan Paul Mote W. S. Mason Hiram Cowart D. W. Humphreys J. B. Lampton R. T. Parritt Onis Franklin J. H. Laws C. L. Robertson mf mmmrmwm,1L -1 1 A.. P LACEB 1' m Q H9111 Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. M i ss M rs. Miss Mrs. McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty OlBrien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty: " O'Brien: McCarty: H O'Brien: McCarty: 'L O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: McCarty O'Brien: DLACEBO The rlliiriuutlh Will Uiuuti Miss Green is a pretty good nurse isn't she?" Miss Green is wonderful, she has given me less trouble than any student I've ever had." Does Miss Fleming do good on other floors? She makes me so angry some times." Miss Fleming is a good nurse, but I bet she has ninety-nine cents of the first dollar she ever madef' Miss Galt isntt much of a nurse, is she?" I don't know what's wrong with that girl, sometimes she shows signs of intelligence, but poor child, she has a face that only a mother could love." I like Miss Hatchett-she's so dignified, don't you think?" Miss Hatchett is all right, but if she doesn't get her head down a degree or two she will run into something some day and ruin that pretty face of hersfl Miss Williams has a pretty face, hasn't she? But she's not same sweet girl she was when she first came here." Yes, Miss Williams is a pretty girl, but pretty is as pretty does." Do you think Miss Stephens will ever amount to anything?" Yes, she has the makings of a good nurse, but her mouth needs a few more good scrubs with soap and water." What do you think of Miss Crave-ns?" She's smart enough and quite attractive, but she doesn't have me fooled a bit." How about Miss Betterton?" She's a good nurse and has given me little or no trouble." Miss Arthur is rather an intelligent girl, isn't she?" Yes, rather-but that doesn't prevent her sleeping when she should be having her picture made." Miss Toben is well liked, isn't she?" 1'As far as I know, she is quite likable, most big people are." You know I'cl like Miss Fast better if she lived up to her name, wouldn't you?" I would, but any girl that can live with the rats as long as she has and not get gnawed to pieces most assuredly has my respect." Miss Echols seems to be a sweet girl." Miss Echols would be all right if she wouldn't go out so much. I hear she just keeps the streets hot." Miss Taber is from Arkansas, isn't she?" Yes, but you can't blame her for that." Isn't Miss Bruce nice, or do you like her?" I like Miss Bruce-and believe me, I've found out how to make her work." Do you thinl-2 Miss Crago will make good?" 'tYes, if she'll behave herself. I hear she's getting quite frisky lately." Miss Kennedy seems efiicient-and sort of bossy, if I might say so." Shes a good loyal student but slightly conceitedf' K 1 0 .1 1 5--4- ..j I 92 ls PLACEYVHCIX Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: MissMcCarty: Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: Miss McCarty Mrs. O'Brien: tt Lt in 'Miss Galligan is lazy, and sits on her can too much, don't you think?" That may be, but she is willing, and always sweet to everyone." 'Miss Thompson is a quiet sort of girl, isn't she?" 'She is and she makes good grades. However. she is too sarcasticf' 'Has Miss Polletti given you much trouble?" Plenty, but nevertheless she will make an excellent nurse if she will forget the men long enough." 'Miss Brown is well liked by her patients, isn't she?" 'I think so, but that girl is going to get in serious trouble if she doesn't abide by the rules." 'I think Miss Horton entirely too small to make a good nurse, don't you?" "Don't fool yourself, she's a dandy nurse, but she doesnt seem very interested in class activities." Miss Bue is full of fun, isn't she?" "Yes, she is, but she isn't the girl her sister is." 'Miss Boyd is rather serious and settled, isn't she?" 'Listen Sister, you don't know that girl. I think she has a sugar for every night in the week, not to mention a dis- carded husband." 'Most everyone in this training school surely has to look up to Miss Provorse, don't they? But doesn't she have pretty hair?" 'Her hair is pretty and let me tell you her temper matches it unless you handle her just right." 'Is Miss Collier any good?" Oh, yes, quite good in some ways, but she's an impudent little T5ENUMGElWWE - i - 1 A T piece of humanityf' A Miss McCarty: "They tell me that Miss Hughes is as slow as the seven years itch." Mrs. O'Brien: "Right they are, but she makes excellent grades." Miss McCarty: "Why does Miss Thurston frown all the time?" "I think she was born frowningdbut at that, she will make a wonderful nurse if she stays with it." Miss McCarty: "Did you hear what Miss Ferrell, Donahue, Savory, Bailey, Cloud and Porterfield said about the nurses this morning? Weren't they giving them the dickens? I think it's a shame for Supervisors to gossip about the students, you don't catch me doing it.'l "Nor I, I will not discuss my nurses with anyone. Oh me! Here comes some of those dumb students, right when I'm so busy too. Well, so long, Miss McCarty, see you later." Mrs. O'Brien: Mrs. O'Brien: Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day, which must be done whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced to do your best will breed in you temperance and self control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle never know. 1931, e 93 f.l . ...A.t.m...tl1d...llIU4lllu.i.lli. HU DLACEBO And ll Lcarncldl About Appcncdlsicimizis From Him U 1'ue I'ue I"Ue A nd taken nzy luele as Vue found it, been siele a good bit in my tin1e,' had my pickin' o' doctors, some of the lot was fine. One, was a solenzn fared intern, And one with big eyes and flat dorne, One .-I nd was a deft fingered surgeon, one is a nzan at loine. Now I aren't no 'and with the doetors, For takin' 'ein all along, You never can tell 'till you"ee tried 'ern An, then you are like to be wrong. x There's times when you'll think they're nzost human, There's times when you'll swear they're a fright, But the things you will learn from drugs and sealpel They'll help set an errin' nzind right. I was young at operations, Hatin' the time to begin, .-I guy front Tulsa he did nze, And this guy is elever as sin. Simple it were but nzy first one, More like a ,Yightnzare quite dint, But they soy it's the way to good So Hurray, And I learned about .-lppendieitis from 'inz. First I was ordered an enema, . Being in eharge of the nurse, An' it gave ine a pain at my waist line, An' I felt an awful sight worse. "Essential," no doubt and 'tpertectiuev But it took' all the rest of :ny oiin. Course 'e did what was right, Like a true surgeon niight, But I learned about Appendieitis from U'lzat did the doftor really think! Do you suppose 'e told ,ein true! Iflilzen it eonies to M. D.'s on a ease, They're just alilee-every one, They'll tell you it's simple an' all this and that- Iibellf 1,111 glad the dreadful thing's done! 'ealtl1, 'i-in. --- 7,7 V---livi.-. Wkynzmmmywq l 0 ,I l I w K-,v i-.X to 11" K ' wi 3 xi V .4 P V ' vs -M 'fl Ks' Q. V1 " ' 9' sim MMKN. K X X g X .V XV-Z 1 -113 Q 1 I-I ,i I ? - ,, xx., - ', W1 -v J Q 5, at iii Z I O 81 j - my O .Q 5 L 't "W A o ' Img , M 1- J , - O S ,1 ps U .' T, g : .! Tj jfv ' " N- 9 M ' Q-v xffifi V 5 Xu A 125- L 4 fu J x HUMOR AND ADVERTISING A I , N, W A N s,'V"'- 2- - - , W -Q - . :ah m PLAC X X ::f-:f:::f"'::':":':::: 1" ' "'::: """ """""": 1: ' ' 4 : :: 1 :: :: ll 4 ll ll :: FINE ARTS :I L: COMPLIMENTS gg ll OF 1: 14 CO : : l 0 I l l U gg 3 MOWBRAY Q 1: ENGRAVERS AND Q1 :L UN DERT AKING 1 H MANUFACTURERS Q 1: OF :I 1: 3 g ll 2 :I 9 I! Graduation :L 2 3-1141 jg E Invitations E l X ll U : uf : : : : :I l ll I: 1, l 3 Diplomas je jj 2 1 II 'W' O 11 2 li 2 ll Il o Calling : ll :I IL Cards Wilcox Chambliss 2 il ni il Everett Manning 3 1 ii 'V Denny Estes 2 0 I: I: Q :L 520 W. 3rd - Oklahoma City Q :I 1: TZ 1 if II ::::::l::1:?:::::L:::::::i:::! :::e-::::i A,Y-:::A::l::::t ,-I X . I I K, ,17"f'1, 1 ' 1 f T11 'A 'mzrill 1 1 4, 14. . 1 :ff K ill? Nl: 1 11 1 xf A 4 I 5:3 1 lxlln ' 5 : Miss Bvovlvi, lAecLa-aj K 'fa 5 ' 1 A M UMW .. K -21 : 1 1 fqiqw Nx vse 1' t fC. 1 v K 'Ygiev RX race v Wy? AJ, ' 4 1 0 9 Y '- Q algae , 193242 ve " . XL ', AARS9 CNN AS X56-ix 0 55 M155 ,Browns fb X ei? 225460 mdk Kaz? -LP 111111: at 'YYXSXAQ 0 Q15 'ak Smurf-begxx em! ,qufavam 5,x1La1.,...xk Au walk A ,, , L 1 . UXXVXU 'A OVYX BQIXLN-L-X l y lxn 8 ' 1 X I fr 1 X 4"' l 9 3 I ' 'D l 97 l - -I-a n 1 5 inmmmaunnnni '- I I I I II. II ,I I I II I QI 'I I I I QI .III 'III II I ' I l II I I I I II I I I I I I L I I I D L A C E B 0 2is-f:sx:1:::::::::::,ssexo Fas, f f if -,xiii v:::,:,i. I II II I II II II II I HL II I II I 2 II II Compliments C I II I Palace Office Supply Co. II II of II II . II II Tulsa Undertaking Co. Q II II 0 II II - I , E II II I II II I Manufacturing Stationers I I Business and Office I I I Furniture II II:::i:1 ,s:,H-::f:t:.: Q II II II II I II I l I II I Miss Barnett: 'ADO you know Miss II 3 Call?II I 61 V613 South Boston Miss Martin: I'Surely, I sleep with II TULSA, OKLA. II herfl II II Miss Barnett: I'Room-rates, I suppose." II II Miss Martin: UNO, sit by her in History II E I of Nursingf' II Q II I II II L:e::T1::el::e:ses - A--- ess! I:::-s1ffe:,f:,:l::f fi . ,,-.s II II II I I . . . . . I Miss Tritthartz Im the ut1l1ty room II I ' HH 7 t . readmgj ere s a s orywabout a man I Your Friends want your who loafed twenty years. II I II Photograph II Miss Weinrich: UOh, don't talk shop." II II II ' I II SUPERIOR QUALITY AT II II MODEST PRICES II II II II 01: ::1:e::,::sls-cslessiszix II II II at H I I I II II I II Midway Barber and Beauty II I I- Parlor II I I II II II WEHRLEYS S'I UDIO II I "Service is our Success" II 5065 S. Main II II II NValk-over Bldg. II I I II I II II II Mrs. Emma Bishop DIAL 4-1920 I I II II isom 15. llth street II II II II Phone 2,2053 Tulsa, Okla, II II II I , I I I I I I::::f::::::-f:--T:i1::--:-JI u,:-,,:--,--,---::-,:---,2-J I l 0 J 'l I IIS II N I . . 1 at , - . ,I III-II-'ff ,N-t I+ I, , --' '-'1If'.4nis3.I:I. V' PLACEBII -,,-----. ---f --:::1::::--m AMBULANCE PHONE 8 2 6 3 ROBERT A. MCBIRNEY FUNERAL HOME 1119 S. Boulder T ULS A Cut flowers and plants for all Occasions. ll 0 0 II tl wi ll ll ll 0 0 li M ll il ll 0 0 U li ll ll wr 0 0 0 il ll ll ll ll ll M H ll lr li ll u u ll ll 91101-A5 pE5g7 D FC l ll ' " l i Nvhen in need of Drugs or Prescriptions fiive us a trial. NVe employonly the bestof registered and experienced pharmacists Hind use the purest drugs for our compounding NVe have free city delivery und our prices are right. Medical Arts Prescription Shop Medical Arts Bldg. TULSA. OKLAHOMA O. L. Prather, ML',r. Phone +0121 ,Ai Complimen ts of Cannady Construction Co. 1116 S. Lewis Tulsa Phone 4-4200 H. L. Cannady 'iii "lx M gl 0 4 i . ll ll 0 il ll wi 0 ll ll ll 'I 0 0 ll ll li u in O 0 li ll 0 ll O 0 0 ll l l ll l l 0 O 0 O -..E I 'vvv if vvvf frfvvf -vvf Y v vi STANDARD CAPES. Worn by the Nursing Staff of Morningside Hospital are manufactured by Standard Apparel Company 5604 Cedar Ave. CLEVELAND. OHIO Samples sent on request. :f1f:-1::---::::::-Y-- 1031 E99 F- v 1 K . . ,LA-sm-i1!?.,',!f " PLACEBO Miss Bailey: "I see in the evening paper that the doctors have discovered a new disease." Miss Hughes: "For the love of Mike, throw the paper away before Gibby Gault sees it." MI seem to have run out of gas," he said and muttered to himself, "Heres where I do some fast work." The girls face, small and white, was turned up to his. her eyes glowing diz- zily from beneath heavy lids, her head swam. Her red lips were parted and she sighed faintly, slowly he bent over her. He was her anesthetist. In diabetics lab:-Miss Louise Hall, "Say. Miss Cramsy that apple I ate had a worm in it, and I ate it too." Miss Cramsy: 'fWhat? Here drink this water and wash it down." But Miss Hall only shook her head, "Aw, let 'im walk down." Bernice Bunch: "If you eat more cake, you'll burst." Frankie Bunch: "Well give me your piece and get out of the way." Convalescent Patient tWearilyl: "You may send your bill any day now." Dr. Northrup: "Tut, tut, you're not strong enough yet." Miss Page: "Had an awful explosion down at Chemistry lab tonight," "Help, help, cried timit Mary Emma as she ran through the field of daisies and morning-glories toward her escortfl UWhy, what are you afraid of?" f'Oh, jim, dear, the flowers are so wildfl Dr. Bradley: HNOW I realize and I want you to realize that all of us are not cut out for nurses. Now look at Miss Conner over there with the beautifully painted lips. I think she would make a good hockey player." Miss Conner: "Hows that?" Dr. Bradley: "So clever with the stick work." Miss Arbuthnot: t'When did Florence Nightingale die?" Miss Provorse: "Why, I dont know, Miss Arbuthnot, I think about the third chapter." Miss Hughes' idea of a soft job is that of assisting a florist to pick flowers off the century plant. Mrs. O'Brien had forgotten the stu- dents name but not willing to admit it said: "Is your name spelled with an 'A' or an The students astonished answer, "Why, Mrs. OBrien, my name is Hall." Miss Sibley: "Hows that?" l . . Miss Page: "A smile lit up Miss Bar' l M155 Dlimahue' Bhfdpatterson' nett's face and the p.iwder went off." many errlwmelerb 1 you break' Miss Zicketoosez "One and a half." Miss Lingo: "I wish to ask a question X 1- tiiiveiilx' Miss Hawks: "What makes you order rules- LPM we-uwhe I C I l ice cream for the tirst course and soup r ry - r r 1 ' 1 -vw . iss IIIUO. at is nay ,rar e. N for the last? ' Y U A I l Miss Gault: "Well, my stomach is up- MV5- UBFIGHI HEY? YQQ any 630159 , set, so I eat my meals backwards," to offer for such laziness? Miss F. Brown: "None that will work." Y e ' Miss Arhuthnot: "Now Miss Arthur Bliss 'j'huf51,,n5 --Migg Kennedy, there I when youtget out of training what kind is something preying on my mind." Of 3 IJOSIUUU Wlluld YUU like?" Miss Flemming: "It will soon be Miss Arthur: "As nearly horizontal as starved." I possible." 1 9 3 1 do Z E loo jj .5 fi ,. , -"'B - -,,,4.,,,g, V , f . 3. MODERN AS YOUTH O Within the space of a score of years, the scope ol Southwestern Engraving Company has increased from the parent plant in Fort Worth to an organiza- tion ol nine plants. Q pioneering the lield in the introduction of modernistic art, a personal service bureau composed ol Former college annual editors and managers, the budget and dummy system, and field service men, the name Hgouthvvesternll has be- come synonymous with art motils that are distinctive, an understanding, helplul ll , , ll service, and printing plates that print right. E SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY FORT WORTH TULSA ATLANTA DALLAS HOUSTON SAN ANTONIO BEAUMONT AMARILLO WTCHITA FALLS ,p o w Nlany nevvstalils turn each year to SWECQ'S m i corps of artists, personalized service, and en- graving technicians For fresh ideas, nevver layouts, and modern methods in year hool4 production. I :A V ' X U the devoted guardians of the sacred flame, Gfwhich. once extinguished, lighteth not again," we dedicate this Page. Q F McCormick- Armstrong Co. Printers of PLACEBO, 1931 TULSA 1' D WICHITA S PLACE'BIl l'-::::::::::: OOOQ ::::-::: 1 C I ' " 011 1' afu atzons ' K g h QE W. L. BU CK l to f G i ' .5 C 0 M PA N Y , ' 11 Graduating Burber's and Beauty Parlor N 1 C10-SS Of 1 gg FURNITURE U QA 1 1: and SUPPLIES I 5' 11 Wholesale and Retail WI 1 " 1 SPORTING GOODS 1 qw k "The House of Dependable Service" ' u 1 u 1 1 QL EMIL ZANTS 1 CUTTER AND GRINDER 1 ,, l May each of l il Phone 2-9383 1 11 107 E. THIRD your careers be 1 ,, V . U 3 flied wxth success X L: AMARILLO EMD t 11 and happiness. N OKLA. CITY KANSAS CITY TULSA 3 11 3 N Nlglsffitii ,,,: :Zi W N f-. ff 7 , 1 1 U 1 1 11--W' P' - --"" 1 . PA jyulgyg Alr, ,, ,.,, - ...S - E 14 i X STITHEM I h Photographer W. mei -- .- e.e,. .C U 501 TRIBUNE BU I LDIIYG -' LW-1-lmll -----' , , yL11+..L1,m1? .... 5, 1 1 I P f X31 'C' C E Dr. Pressonz lin Surgery? "If YOU CON' k nect the lights after I Start this nnes- 2 "'Z"'L':'1:""g thetic we shall be blown to eternityg X i draw closer, nurses. S0 you Will follow The Ladder of Success 1 me." W I , i Q A 'X X C C ' 1 9 3 1 ' 11 IOI H K.. L V I fgfm' , , 1 ' 1'TJ117"y,g"j52i,g xv ff 1 f ,lr KA 'Y ,M-D -H --4-1-4 P L A C E B 0 Miss Fields: "Didn't I tell you to notice Miss Poletti: "O kids, did you know when the water boiled over?l' Paul Revere just came in town?" Billie Cravens: "I did, it was half past Mrs. O'Brien: "Get your tickets girls ten." and don't return until ou have sold him one." y Miss Mary Boyd: nDid yml notice that Polettlz "Paul buy a ticket from new Doctor that just passed?" Fed R ' HH hw, Miss Williams: 'tThe one with the beau- ,Xiu Peferfif MDCK ms? ',, tiful eyes, cute mustache, heavenly smile ISS O ffm-A H 0 ar' ty' ,, . ., aul Revere. Duty calls me. and the kissable mouth? U-Iastil he H d J Miss Boyd: 'fYes." y ga Ope away' Miss Williams: "No, not particularly." i ? i In assembly-Miss Arendell: L'Oh, that's Dr. Murdock to Dr. Coulter fspeaking my foot: please get offf' of Dr. A116117 Miss Brock: 'tWhy donlt you put your Dr, Murdock: 'fWho was that million- foot Where it belongsf' airs driving that Cadillac?" Miss Arendell: t'Don,t tempt me foolf, Dr. Coulter: 'fWhy that must be a big oil man." i Dr. Murdock: "You mean a castor oil Miss Crago: "Why are you looking so man." unnecessary?" - t Miss Paris: "I feel like a dumb owl." Dr. Hartgraves: "I'll give you just one MP5 Cfagof f'WhaQ do, YOU meanf' day to hand in that paper." Miss Paris: 'I dont give a hoot. Miss Horton: 'fAll right, how about the -Q 4th of July?" Miss Arbuthnot: "Now this question L is very easy: anyone can answer it." Miss Call: "Dr. McGill, why doesn't Miss Couch: ffyou may try to-H hair grow on your head?" Dr. McGill: "Because grass doesn't W grow on a busy street." Miss Fast: "Why is Miss Betterton Miss Call: "Oh, I see, It canlt get standing?" through the concretef' Miss Bruce: "I'hey're playing her 2 Alma mater." . .. - f Miss Fast: "What is that?" jwlggvgogoglgnliiellg BSS txljviesfgifz girl , Miss Bruce: 'tThe Arkansas Traveler." Miss Garrison: "No, and the doctor - Says I never Wm be againji Miss Sparks: "Your answer is a clear k as mud." Patient: "I am suffering dreadfully from I Miss Myers: '4Well that covers the insomnia." ground, doesn't it?" Miss Shipman: "Oh, just go to sleep, you'll be all rightf' ? Miss Goodman: 'tWhen I have some This town really has several good five- deep thinking to do, I light a cigarettefl cent hair-nets. 'tMiss Collier: f'You don't spend very The only trouble is that they Cost nf- 4 much for smokes, do you?" teen cents. Qi Dr. Ggisler: HDid you notice that nurse Miss Provorse: fdashing madly into the smiling at me?" room holding tightly to her headj Miss Portertield: HYes, she showed good UGive me something for my head, quick, breeding: anyone else would have give me something for my head." laughed." Miss Bue: "I wouldnlt take it on a bet." 'IIA H':""""W'IM l 0 ll 'I i X -x H 102 H 5 f DLACEB0X II Il II II II Green Probie: "Please what is the honor 'F ' ' ' """ "" ' "' "'::':"II , II system? ' II II Wise Senior: "The honor system, my I: :: child, is the system where they make :: W,:h B W, h II you Sign a pledge: put you three Seats I est is es to the Placebo :: apart, and leave the instructress in the QI 1931 :: room to be sure you don't cheat." :: I: I I I 'I : LEWIS : Miss Galligan and Miss Fast were dis- II II cussing the grave illness of an Irish MANUFACTURING II patient, for whom the doctors had given 1: COMPANY :: .. up hope. Division of the Kendall Company Said Miss Gallizan: "Whats the matter If :: with him, anyway?" : I: I Miss Fast: UGangrene." ,I I: t'The saints be praisedf' said Nell, 'IFor II II letting him die with the right color." I II II II i I: 1432 Syndicate Trust Bldg. :: . 'I 1 U . I Miss Tabor: "Do you know how the II S1 LO is MO Q: rats got in here?" :: :: Miss Thurston: HNaw." Lil Aclii ::::::::it,l:il,II :lfA:::::::::?:::::i:?l::ti:::I II::::::i:::: '::::::Zi::::I'I I U II II II :: Goodner-Mitchell-Marshall :: :: :: :: yyrHOLESALE II FRUITS and VEGETABLES II I: II IL 'Distributors II I II Courteous II II 'I II II I 1, II Il Curb Service II I 'fhmll Prompt Free Delivery II II II I TOASTED I I I ,, .I II PHONE 5-2649 II - I I I II II II II :: J Il II II ,T II LC, ,::i , ,::,,,i :lg I Ll We recommend 0 v 3 Z S , i,: i Z L i i 1 2, II this coffee because L: TOASTING :lives I 4, II Y II :: it a richer, deeper : I: II Hou Can Always Depend II :I flavor. , II on the I II I II Finest of Fresh Flowers If : II and Plants II bl 2 H NVhen you order with H I: :I :I I :I I I I BOSTONIS I x II I LJ : : FLOWER SHOP : " ll-i II II II 18 South Greenwood Phone 9251 Phone ----- 2-5181 -xii: I l 9 J l I 103 I M143 frgbiiusw f 41' MI .vs J ,,' I-lx., ' '-"X ' 4 :C .W 51 , :V Il Ii PLACE B 0 I T+ E fonf'roN fRoM 5 4 11 . 5 H . pA'r1K2uLARL!l fyffx J QA L""fA"i JK 1 ORB V 45' Q IueXj7T!Z.?tgiZ?uf,6h-L i. . Q I. 5.1136 eff-1-2 gf S Il gwtezltlgbgj N D um ui' h xg- 'X I ' h B k ' ' fig h f M. I I . L 156' hIfScott cousu m me A Hfhsty Sllce of UfC'H0N'4R'f 15+ FQVI "lf . omce an W ith I Y V U Q She knows she has It and decid li?-jf' ' 't-?""f Y,,A if N f - , QQ - - try it on Mrs. O'Brien for an all ni ht leave. She's grit It, but It don't do her no good. N - 1 , E' W' .1 W. FJ flat, up .rg X ,+,, ,in l0Lll w U1O+H5 9 X 1g.nl4llm'lUt lulllmmwwf- Y U- in 1' , . - ,ii-.. --1 DLAA UEDO AA------ -A-- - -..Y Y-YY--- -- -- -v- ---- -Y. YYYYYY ,,-- fair' vi: ..-A- --jsffsf--W 1, T! U l 1' U II ' i w ll U U U DELECTA-MCCUBBIN U U 1' . U U U BEAUTY SHOP li WENDT DRUG U U it U U U U U Hair Tintiml Fncifll Moulding . . U 1 I ', U' U: Prescnphons U V- r 1 erm lnent'NN IN lnqli - U U U X ltn IODIC Clrcullne CATOQLIIDOIC' U U U ll U 1 :I U All kinds of beauty culture expertly U J. H. VVEINTDT, Reg. Ph. U U done. U U U U U 1: U QQ Ellyn Sihle G1-nee lxlcczublnn ll ll lll3 So. Nlflill Phone 3-8024 U ll ll U ll U 'L::::::--::::ff:,e:::::::1:10 ll 0 ' ll tl U ' U IF:1----:::ff::::::::::s12:22 li Prompt Free Delivery U U il: U U U :U "VVh11t XVQ Sell Keeps You NYell" U U U 2 ll ll U I 0 , U :L 3 R. C. Mills Produce Co. U U U U Incorporated i ll ll U tl ll U U Phone -1-7167 1624 E.11th sr. U U Wholesnle Fruits :md wlxcmhles H 1 U U U ll U i U U U U U U U U U U Phone 3-4131, TULSA, OKLA. IL ll ll ll 1 ll ll ll li 'g:1es:s:fse::1e -::::::::::!l l'::::::,,--:::::::1:Zeeeseszsl F: ---A sleeisseeeiefclee-seem f:::::::1eZsisesfffsccssfseel i "lc M r Be G d" 4' 'i i' ' US 00 U U ll U il Z A T Z IT ll DIAL 2-6792 U U U jj U U CAFE U U SERVICE CLEANERS U U D ll ' F d 11 U Cleaners Pressers U Lf!-12033 U Hutters Dyers U U ' 5' W H, U, U ll U Best Sandwiches U ll U l . . W: Elwood H0lJDinLE. Prop. U U '-5ERV1C-h- l U U U 6:00 A. DI. - 9:30 P. BI. It 1129 South Troost ll 11 U ll ll U Newly Decorated U U Next to the new U U X U L: hlorningside Hospital Ll U' 1021 South B05t0n U l l IIYYAAYY YAAYYA ,l:::1iii:T:g-J L:,l:l ,e::1:::::::el--::::..'i T Miss Ferrell, who was visiting on farm: "I suppose thatls the hired manf Farmer, who had visited Hospitals: UNO M 6 t that's the head supervisor in charg of cows." a A llen: "Miss Savory could youse give l me something for my stomach." iss Savory: HWell what seems to be he trouble?" Allen: "Ise ate some chicken last night an thinks Ilse got 'Human Poisoning' " Miss Crago: 'lVVhat key are yOU PIHY' ing?', E. Brown: 'Skeleton key." Miss Crago: "Skeleton key. E. Brown: l'Yes, tits anything." -911 Mrs. O'Brien: "Miss Brown, why are you at the foot of all your classes?" Miss Brown: "Thats all right, they teach the same thing at both endsf' , f U - . 1 0Jl. llwsll 1 lU.UU..lU.1 1 W P 'f D L A 0 E B 0 Lixelxx -,:::N, effexisx,,:,L:,:,:1f:,, wl 0 ff THE QUAKER TE 1: STORES 'E 15 1 lcf CREAM! , I jg No. 1 306 So. Main-Phone 2-0176 jf W'e congratulate the No.2 408 S0.B0stOn-Phone 2-9136 Student Nurses No. 3 10 18th - Phone 6344 at TT E Morningside jr 3 TULSA'S DEPENDABLE 1: Hospital 2 . DRUG STORES on the excellent H appearance 5 26 1: Fortune .Teller: UBeware, A dark man this 5 1: lb -followmg you. . of ' g X 1, Mxss Boyle: k'Well he'll soon get txred ANNUAL 91152 5 of that. I'm a student nurse." E E 7 lx E v ' O Quality S Mug? Miss M. McCulloch: "I've changed my if " ' d." W mm Products CO' WE Miss Arbuthnotz "Does it work any Livlizxliflicxtxlixxj better?" 3 Consumers Grocery CO. 0 - 5 Wholesale to the Publzc .. 0 Tl 5 'I QUE j 5 3 Tl tl 202 E. FIRST sr. - - PHONE 2-7141 TE il 0 TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1? " WT' F u ?Ai if : T HIO6Bs Y A I 1 V 1 l 1 I J i-kk Af! .M Xxx DLACEBO iw, 4 Q its 'Er-, I ,I l Horton-Impatiently: "Ester, do you know what time it is?" Miss Bailey, lecturing' to the new Nursery girl, referred to the use of the new nursing bottle: 'LWhen the baby has finished drinking it should be un- screwed and laid in a cool place under the hydrant. If the baby does not thrive on fresh milk, it should be boiled." I Miss Hawks: 'tGirl I don't even have " ' strength to guess." , , K ' . I ,f Scene: The front porch of the mansion 10:55 P. M. Two persons standing: close together CLonnie and Rena, of course? Suddenly boy's ardor took a painful course. He burst into verse sillhinli "You are rzladness, you are sunshine, You are happiness I trow, You are all to me, my darling, That is lovely here below." th 1 . 'f I ,I V . , gy A I I h 4 ti XV I I I l mix 7 4.4-:.-M - :L:r'ff:'-:- r -'T'-" " at C The Maid, not to be outdone, whispered, "You are glorious, you are gentle, vu. rsawfs flakiahbfum W You are brave, you are true: All there is this side of heaven I behold, my love, in you." Raptures! But suddenly an authoritative voice was heard in the doorway saying "I am thunder, I am lightning, I'm a roaring cataract, I'm an earthquake and volcanoes, And I'll demonstrate the fact." And she proceeded to do so. l 9 1 I THIWTTT X llwvl "Q ' 1- ni. sf 4-w.,mw4d.wt.+, 4 ,Ay ' -. - ' ...:, 1" ' . 1 . if "'fDLAC EBO BANNER LAUNDRY f fe The Laundry of Personal Service Admiral Boulevard , at Xanthus PHONE 3-4191 I I I I I I II I I I II I II II II II I I II II II I I I II II II I I HOOPER BROS. Coffee Roasted Today 'III ' 'S o Diliferen t' ' Pure White Dairy Company W. P. I-l ERRON President Sweet Jlilk- Sweet Crefun Colden Flake Buttermilk forest Park Better Butter H0l1Clllli.S Certified .Hills elle 901-911 WEST THIRD STREET II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II FOOT SOOTHER OXFORDS for NURSES and DOCTOR'S ASSISTANTS FOOT SOOTHERS IPatentedI Health and Comfort Features The Chi1dren's Shoe Store 604 S. Boulder- Phone 4-3348 Medical Arts Bldg. lflll 'o re' D L A C E B 0 l. :xxx :II 57325: 'T - t::::::::::::"xx'3 ll 4 u 1: :L i. :g I iv , ll il ll ii 1: il ll iv ll if 3 o ia 13 DICK X-RAY gg :E MAJOR Booxs :: ll ir l nu it COMPANY g: If COMPANY gg ii 2 5: li il II ll il 'U 0 " in 'I tl 0 in mu in " ru ll " o ll ll " 0 ll ll " 0 in 4' lg lj 4: Med. Arts Bldg. 0 wi l ia il 3976 Ohve SUSE' ll Q D A 1. L A s, T E X A s ii Q1 ST. LOUIS. Mo. :L ii 1: :L 2 li it ll 0 1 ir II sf' Q if-' lt in ' in : 1: J :: ll 0 U ii u qi ig Etna.: all :::T::::::i:'"::i::::::A:::'Il L. Swift: "Do you think it is anything 9 ii serious Doctor?" 1: 11 Doctor Shachoy: "Only a little boil on 1: the back of your neck but if I were 1: FROM you I would keep my eyes on it." Q 41 -l- l u ll A ll Miss Kennedy: "Have you seen the o ll . 1: play where the two girls are always it 0 quarreling?" Q FRIEND Miss Drumheller: "No, but I heard you f ll and your roommate rehearsing it." l ll If il -, a . - a-::i : :,,: Z ,::,::::,,li Marjorie Smith: "But you'll admit I Miss Arbuthnot: 'Alf Florence Nightin- gale were alive today, woulcln't she he looked upon as a remarkable woman?l' F. Boyd: "I'll tell the world, she would be 110 years old." First Blood Corpuscle: t'How are things going Alf?" Second Ditto: UO' running along the same old vein." have a pretty face." Miss Patterson: "Even ll barn looks good when it's painted." Mrs. O'Brien: "The girls tell me Miss Green, that you wish to leave us to become an attendant at a lunatic asy- lum, of all places, what makes you think you'll like it? What experience have you had?" Miss Green: "Well Mrs. O'Brien, I've been here almost three years." ' l9Jl " ' IO9 ll l - Q, ":a..L'-:Q':'!3:b1 . ' , I-V A .. ,.,.. ,,,,.,, T V - l xv-if.-dan DLACEBO MY VACANT HOURS YES WE GET THE POINT You ask me to tell you just how, E While driving in Tulsa the other day I spend my vacant hours now? , I almost ran over a man who was That is an easy thing to do. walking in the center of the street. I Perhaps youlll wonder if it's true. honked and he jumped out of the way. I stopped and he begged my pardon On mornings when I'm awake, but he had just purchased a Placebo Before the 'falarm's" cry doth break, i and was reading the humor section. He I walk a mile or so for fun, asked me if I had read it. Of Course And maybe coming back, I run. X I said I had and pulled my Annual out of the side pocket of my car. A while at assembly we spend And then he made a request that I And if there's time and some to lend, give him my Placebo and if he should I shine my shoes and finger nails, happen to get hit further on down the Then watch the clouds go by in sails. street and was laid up in the hospital he would be doubly sure of being able And when my work at last is o'er, to finish reading the jokes, If there's no lessons then to bore, l He did not seem to mind the idea Itry to find a secret tower, of being run over so much as the Where I may spend my vacant hour. i thought that he might not be able to read the Annual to the end. But my patients and classes take all TL my time, .. , , U , Therefofet this Vain attempt at rhyme' , ivholhlaxgxiegdemdjiiffrxigei tixfliiejthiilriioaiiiih The things I said were lust pretend, race.,-X-OTAIRE There are no vacant hours to spend. X ' ' ' Miss MCFHFIM 'AMES Savory, if I i bouidariioriiet tiSE.nd1tZml1T5tbSlfuidal2 graduate, will I be a nurse like you? . Miss Savory: ,KYQS deaf, succeed but I am bound to live upito W. .VI F 1 d' HA d .f I d ,t d- what light I have. I must stand with iisslcaran, n 1 on gra . . . .Y ,. . 4 anybody that stands rightg Stand with uate will I be a woman like Miss Gripe , him while he is right and part with Rhjszgivory: HYCSV my dear-,, him when he is wrong."-LINCOLN. Miss McFarland: 'fWell, Ilm in a fix." i Of women in general, little can be said, Pat Patterson: 'fYes, my father has al- l except tri? geneliuy Speaking they are ways given me a book for my birthday." -genera y Spea mg' Betty DeFehr: f'What a wonderful li- i ? brary you must have-ll' HI guess I'll take the day offf' said the hi editor to her inspiring staff as she tore . a leaf fro h l . fmss. Stephens: UTh?fe are two rats If you gal hlisscighgaa penny for her Lqhtmg m our room' thouvhts she would still Miss Hawks: 'fWell what of it?l' " Owe you some . ' . ,, I change. Miss Stephens: 'fl don't like rat fightsq Miss Hawks: 'tWhat do you expect in a i mom of this Sizeia bun fight?" Flossie Boyd: 'fMiss Williams is not L near as big a fool as she used to bef' Miss Cloud: "What?-you mean to te'i M155 Buez Kmof Sheis been dletmg-U me you spent the whole afternoon roll- -m ing cast-why I wouldnft have thought How doth the gentle grapefruit it." Arise in righteous wrath, Miss Tabor: "l didn't either, It was And give the helpless eater Miss Porterheld who thought of it." A morning shower bath? Win' I I l 0 J il I I I Jioql, Q . , vie-f'FQgRS?0Y"f'?" . ' ,SE ,x9f'i,'.1,!ti ul F' H ll li I? L A C E H 0 COMPLIMENTS if EE 1 il gg MARTIN FLEMIN 1 FUNERAL HOME LQ if Phone 3-7111 ii li li 2 l 1010 W. Ninth Street Tulsa, Oklahoma ll .. Q: vii. -, a- , J Probie: 'tMr. Jennings, what makes cop- per sulphate so blue?" Mr. Jennings: UCopper sulphate is blue for the same reason that a probie is green-God made it so." Miss Betterton to Dentist: "What do you charge for taking a tooth out?" Dentist: t'Four dollars." Miss Betterton: fatter deep thoughtj: "And what would you charge just to loosen it?" Miss Daniels: "Can you tell me where Room 254 is?" Miss Brooks: "There it is across the hall, any fool knows that." Miss Daniels: f'Yes, thatls why I asked you." Miss Porterfieldz 'tLet me show you how to make your spare time profit- able." Miss Echols: "Yeh? Got anything to show me how to make spare time?" Miss Curlee: "We didn't have potatoes for dinner today. I sure miss my spudsf' Miss Harveyz "Don't you know that potatoes are 52.00 a bushed, George can't afford them." Miss Curlee: "Well, I hope the price of eggs and stewed prunes goes up too." Life is not made up of great sacrihces, But of little things, of which smiles and kindness and small obligations, given habitually, are what win and preserve the heart.4SIR HULIPPIREY DAVY. Lucile Collier: HI got a letter from my Guardian." Mildred Poletti: HHurrah, let's go down and spend it." Miss Kay: 'tMy roommate is like an angel." Miss McDaniel: "How's that?" Miss Kay: t'She's always up in the air. always harping and never has any- thing to wear." l I l I l l 'l 1 1 X ' 1 031' llliijj ..f....-m..g...u.ann4v'.m--'un-ami. -I X. II I: II . II I I I i I I I I I I I I I PLA C' EBO Dr. Cronk: "Well, what seems to be wrong with our new patient?" Miss Bruce: "I think Doctor, he is worrying about money." Dr. Cronk: 'tOh, I think I can relieve him of that." Miss Barnett: "If you found 310.00 in your purse what would you think?" Miss Bue: "I'd think I had someone else's purse." Mrs. Miller: "How many subjects are you carrying?" Miss Harmon: "I'm Carrying one and dragging three." Miss Sparks: 'tHow far are you from the right answer?" Miss Smith: t'Two seats." "That was the cruelest cut of all"- cried the surgeon as he cut his own hand with the scalpel. Miss Thompson: "Gee, this place is hauntedfl Miss Echols: t'How's that?" Miss Thompson: "just saw my hat, Hatchett's coat, B1'uce's gloves, your hose and Collier's purse go out." Miss Thompson: 'tMiss Cloud, can you be punished for something you do not have?l' Miss Cloud: "No, I don't believe so. I ss. s . l I I I I I 01 Miss Thompson: 'tWell, I donlt have my instruments washed yet, and it's time for me to go off duty." Miss Arbuthnot: tin History of Nurs- ing Classy 'tNow is there anything else you want to know?" Miss Robinson: 'tYeh, when is this period over?" just before our class election Miss Bet- terton, who was running for class presi- dent, met Miss Horton. To Miss Bet- terton's pleadings for support Miss Hor- ton replied: "Vote for you? I would sooner vote for the devilll' t'But," replied Miss Betterton suavely, Hin the event of your friend not run- ning?" Photographer: "Do you want your pic- ture large or small?" Miss Zickefoose: t'Small." Photographer: "Then close your mouth." Mother Myler: "Where are you going, Miss Ross?" Miss Ross: 'tTo get some water." Mother Myler: H111 your nightie?" Miss Ross: t'No, in this pitcher." Miss McCarty asked by Mrs. O'Brien whether Miss Probie was making pro- gress. 'tProgress," exploded Miss Mc- Carty, 'tWhy I've taught her everything I know and she is still an imnorant fool." - , I , .TJ i ming I ,nfl W I - . i7,',j.l"s!?W:ff .: ,-'IX . 4. . :I r vs I . it 1 yy- :v W x I 4.-I . , I , , . I f ,II rw .5 I L.: ie. I ', la fn H f'DLA0EH0Xg ,L--e-- . "All right," said slow working Miss Lamb, "Keep your shirt on, Rome wasn't built in a day, you know." "That may be," Miss Reed yelled, "I wasn't in charge there." Visitor: "What are the officials?" Miss Bessie Reed: "A body of people paid to help the Seniors run the Hos- pitalf' Ruth Hatchett: '1Say, I bought a set of balloon tires the other day." Flossie Boyd: "That so, I didn't know you owned a balloon." Miss Donahue: Cdisgustedlyj 'tMiss Bue's been eating in the diet kitchen." Miss Bue: "So I am, Miss Donahue. I thought you were off dutyfl Miss Flemming: "But you guaranteed that this watch would last me a life time." jeweler: UI know-but you didn't look very healthy the day you bought itf' Miss Toben: UWhen do you do your hardest work?" Miss Galligan: t'Before breakfast." Miss Toben: t'What do you do?" Miss Galligan: 'Try to get out of bed." Cop: "Say, Miss, you can't drive this way-this is a one way street." Miss McCarty: "Well, how many ways do I look like I'm going?" Dr. Atchley: "I'll sew up that cut in your arm for ten dollars," Patient: 'tGee, Dr. I want just plain sewing, not hemstitching or embroid- ery-H M. Poletti: 'imagine my embarassment when I fell down and forgot to go BOOM." Patient to Miss Provorse: HWhy is your hair so red?" Margaret: l'Oh, I had scarlet-fever once and it settled in my hair." Miss Flemming: NYour new patient in the ward is light-headed." Dr. Houser: "Delirious or Blond?" Miss Cloud: Qshaking E. Brown by the shoulderj HI really think the devil must have hold of you." Miss Brown: t'Think nothing, I know he has." Bille Cravens: HCan you show me some- thing cheap in a brown suit?" Salesman: "Sure, try this on and there's a mirror there to your right." 1931 -1--,uunnauq I 'DLAC E 'E' 0 H ' Q f 1 K ffl A 53,2 :E .4 Y 5 1 ff M ' L " 5 Q INN ' 1 1 ' X XX . M f 5 THE ENQL T L Fs.. l N 1 ' ! x 'J ' J 1 H 5-2 1' z he 1 lr m .. 0' X ' 1 Jung.

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Morningside Hospital School of Nursing (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 78

1931, pg 78

Morningside Hospital School of Nursing (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 58

1931, pg 58

Morningside Hospital School of Nursing (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 7

1931, pg 7

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