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 - Class of 1960

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Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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- .,,. -'Ei if ff fu ix 1 , . 11 , -Fw -9:-111., 5? -K 1 L . ..,,, new wwe' H, N. 15112: .pix ,.,.,.,.,.g,.,.3.1:,q.t.-441--1.1,.:.1 4,511 . ,V . ,gg mg5,5,:g -mfqzigfi 51,521,151 335. 'J 6 11,9 1 515 Z -me-z ..::-'?. V , - v 2:1-:I-3,21 ,.-:g2:,..,... - -.-,fwzgf-, 21:4 1151 543- .1-34:2-ra ' H221 5:53-:j 1,511 '3.-:-:-, fa-za. -'f' 1,115 ' Av:-:af1:111:f, 1111151254 nw -214: :asf-fi' ':111:f4Q'- 4,-are 'f 41111 km:-1-1 1-.-.ff ' ?' 1i2f1EEE2:2E2?EfV 'E iiiizilitl' 15119 '155f2f'1iA .Z111i ' 22525222-. :1 . J-E:E':-' 1-:1:1:1:s: 1:-ww. 'ECW ,:f1.s::1121,1 121-' 11111 fzf' my .1-:ms 1:-:-:I '12-1112 E-4-1-ag 2111-W We 41:1-v .1-1-pm ' 1: f1 4'11:1w f..41sf11v :..- .411-za. 12:11 :Shiva mm 11?,3.:f 11 1- 1 1:52 2:1:s:ff35:1: 33 .fmaz 21 1..,f-e1:5:g:1.. .411:.fw' 1- 921120 .1'2':ff1:f'r1aaa:..1 . """"'0" ' .. .V .... 1 Muffy ..., .4 ,, .. .,1,, ,, 'A ' - ....,,.w. .1 , ' ff-':14g1g:y -1 1 , J -134, , , 1,- 41. -- Ei -1 11 . wfwwb ga. 3 14 12355 M 11 af 1' Q15 " if 1'151:51.g7 sa' 15111.14 1111 , ,1 EL f fiijfilifiggt :si mf' - ' 31 11 fi 21 ,1 -1.q 1:11 111 1111 ' i 111 E515 1111 11112 , 1111 11111 ' '1 1 5' 1141115 -Y- 1 1 11 2952451 ' 1111111 11 1. .f i 1!11?1'f112'r1f1ZEg1f?f "f - 1211111111111 111 ? 4'r1E1i111QQ11E111?7Zf5 .- .:11111,.14111 151. 111 QQEMW I I 15 4 5 ? gf lx 1? ' ' N .1 551 - 11 " -. Qgmyw gf 11 2 11 1 E11:,1:g1. . . ye, Fr xx. 1. 5. 411 fix 1 vii X5 . 652A '55 - .Fi ' bAl:"j,T S1 47144 M.. -115.17-w 'ffl :v,:Aa,: x 31, -1 .11 waQaQ MQ 11:1 '42 V25 1 .11 -1.1, if t' 'Z' S51 1 '11-12511 .g 213513532311- 51,5 .- Q".-'Q-WM 1: fbfgqfrjg .211 , 25.311 1541 :.gc+..x:, Ni.. . ' .Q 11131111. 3351 : . 11.1. 11,9111 111 .' f-'vf 'LK6 ,am 1 1 KW Av r 5. 3544. . '1 Qiq. if .11 f1m1ff111af ' '21 73229 -3287 522 ,. 142f'2'. 3 . ' ""' . :L . , f 515.1 A f - .1 5, . 'WZSW' f6?1'a7?4: 1. .5.,,., ..,. A -, . , 1411- -1 .. . mr. , - -1 ul 1960 NIORNINGSIDE COLLEGE SIOUX CITY. IOVVA we 2- ff .. v W dm. - V. .cf 1 Q , M 1, " w . Q' 1 4 I 5 I 11 1 A 41 if f 1 1 . Fig , it y.. 4- , 0 I I P If -1 ,rw 11144 ""' if -' 3 r -1'Q4:fr".4!' ,1' gr' 2.1 V ,,,, '- f nfn f'- .'li' .1 f .. ,nu 1 ,,-1 3-312, -11:1 gsfgfvxzf-Y - .. -' 'Y-1731 ,.'. wh .-.4 r w , f-zg, A .9-vb14f::-4:5:,n A. , ,gf.,: J ' .,- 1115 1: .Jak -f4Agm.-1- - 5:4-,11::11--.mop 1, -sv-' 1. ,Jung - ff., -1 'V 1 1" 'Ww"' - . . 'D.i5S'-Vw -1? 1' ' 1 Q W- .1 fi 1 .-1 . -TA 1 .1 1.-, ik ng-H 1-:-flu - ... L .99 1 :"i'1'.3f x' f A 1 ii' 11 'r T Q., ' .,,-PM Wav- A..,.. nf., wu- was-f-1 N- ...-A., 2 r 5'?31f!e'7- X Aw if ll, l FOREWORD A yearbook should be more than a pictorial record of the activities of a schoolyear. It must attempt to catch the spirit of the school, the goals toward which its students are striving. It is for this reason that We have chosen the circle as our design. The balance and con- tinuousness of the circular line symbolize' the breadth of education and experience which is the purpose of the liberal arts college. r alt is the ideal of Morningside. Z p ' 3 , VMA. Q J J 5 , 4 I r, ,f. J . The essence of growth is change. There has been a quickening of tempo at Morningside. One after another, the new and renovated buildings are rising from speculation to proud reality. . . . the faculty roll has grown, the number of doctor- ates increased. U . . . the Maroons were re-christened the Morningside Chiefs. . . . the leadership workshop has become an estab- lished tradition. . . . Religion in Life Week has grown into prominence . . . and honor system studied. We, the editors, dedicate the 1960 Sioux of Morn- ingside College to Progress. " 5.- 51? Laiirsrii- f L r 1' 9 1' R' :?f1f-,-Ly ,'32E234a2f5 Jizz" .IW . .Hi f ' :Mid-' :,. lf: 1 P131 : Z - ' FE - ! I . iw: T- 'HS ix I - mb ,.,- as: 7 'Z I 4, , ' J 1 1 x Q 'I be ' X Vx , 5 fx, Y E Q , ,511 :, 1- - - ,- .... I5 R-3515. :yn A, 1 I J,.v,331H1:g 5 , -L r I Q 3 is .1 1 1 5... , - 3 45 -e1 ii? ..,1- S' A- '7 'TlZ'.1.1 if -. 11.25 f'3f55'h Qi' 1 h Agfgeda . , - -.1:w,, 1 ,v ,- ., ..N,.L,. . . . ,-.. X155-'fps 23 ww 4,5 H .-1,4 -:.f-.- nifkd. fx EW' 3 bf " . I "' ,,.-15:3-Q11 12:59-1-1, - , , 'rrR5'5gEgr YY Q- V x' 11" ' ' : t I .mpzf-1-3.5.4 2 K g - " 45-:',,1.1.i,g-, ,g-.45 1' 5 -.,:,,:g- 'M 5 f 'Q I V. - -- 1 L .ss 1.154 51-9. ':f.wJ2+ fr .1 . I.::':xq,f,'f.'-I iff,-131 f ir , 'af 2 1 -.1 gffficgisf -' ,Isl 'Egan ya: iw 'S 1.. ?ii'f1,3Q ii1::, 2 . V- I '- ,-Iff 1 ,. -- fa,"-5,fp'14, I .-f W :am .,-, bf , -' 1 -Ir- L I '- ' Egg . vo L. 61, 1960 f ' FFS?" '- .. 1, li - i 195 f 1f'E"TS f iff' ffl? ,- 5' . if . 35115. JTHE 00'-'-ESE Editor: 1211 ' -If FRED EVANS 1 ? ,giifgi STUDENTS f.j 's:f1g-ggi ':,- L 1 -Il rigfjg i 1,55 1 , - 34,1 ., 1 '-f ti 1. '4-' ' ' J'f'4"4L AEM' -if ' .5 . ' TJ - f 1,2 "55J : " rg, Associate Edd" 2 gffgffj'-, 545 ORGANIZATIONS ,nygq VIRGINIA BAILEY .2434 Staff: A . 65 FIN E ARTS SP'T'i5GE'-- C0NN'E RHOADES' as SPORTS , IQNANCIE ENSOR. JAMES , fg gig-r' gs- - . 1 111541.-tg, gDQ'NALD. ALICE JORDAN. wig 15i'NR, k FHRZ'I-STENSON. MARILYN V 107 FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES .,1f+:.. , . - w'Q1Qe2f?f .eff V. 5,1 LL B U R GG R AA L, ,gl 1 l 1379- ,- I 121 ACT ' V ' T ' E S ' is-. N " 1 149 RovALTv . rsififffg ' 6 ' bfi- 1 1? ,. .ii , : A ...,, .A -,, 4-- 0 4 x an U fm lia- 5 7 , 4 B N m 9' ,A J Qui . , Af 9 V ,SGML ' ' 9 1' Y J tail' -: Y' V f nz . 1 ff'I17ir fx? . .4 gmfixel -we 1, Aa.. , nw, 1, ll! v 1 M? ff 2 eww , - 2 ww 7.2445 ,A 4, af.:- A1 -, .51 ,Fi lf' 1' ?F 5 1, ,W 2 fin 'Z A N, 21 " ,V li' 4 9, y , A 1 I Qi 3- 1 f ,gi 3 cfs K , 2 V, Q f' . ff , . ke . ? Q, fig' .1 '19 v , WF: 'H' ,557 ,dk , ,g A 1 9 W, Ma. , . ,v ,. ,, , .... .. ,, A 1- 3: Q' if Q .f 59. ji' JW W' 2133 'fn fr- v v Wa' QW, 2 ' 2 Fz- 3 Q, W 1 4? 1 gs N 2 . if ff? ff? W! ., .H 1 fr . 6 if , frfgpff- , .6 M., , iw" KN f Q n ,, V5 f 923 if ff 1, Q 0 ' ' aff? 7' ,,,. Q-F f91'ii5 Q' a www -2 f J5?2:'1E?2ii?Ef'F V"77i:!5:- 9- :2 114 MZ ' f v 4 .1 f Z ,K 1 , v W 1 1 Q Y ' 4 f 1' L ff ,I 3 I A W 211' Y ,. .f , f v J 4 ' A f 4 Q41 A I vw-',ggq-3-f.-1::.gmZ.:'f-:zq,2,f:,w-4-4:::,,v,:g:,.--Q 0 ' ff 4 H .-Iuw,-M:4L.1:-..1.:,,::f:.::-Jxzmpfi-ggi, ?,, , f f f fwfr ' , A-4 .Lim .-,. ,, 3 1 , 1 , ' Ea , ff f , s X ' r '23 35552 " 12122:-5 ff? gg 9452327 , 9? wi' i. 122-5 ' 5: 95 t N :J .r ,if . ZA-.,:4L, ' jf . 'xiff ' ' A ,- -, , 4 - W - - Q . M LEWIS HALL MARIAN JONES HALL OF 4 , ' U 4 ,.., 1 , M i 1 1 1 Q- IF, CHARLES CITY HALL OF MUSIC GRACE METHODIST CHURCH I sf ,, 4 J . . Y if .- - ,,. -5 gzix. M1143-fffz' 3:5423 '- ' 9. ,,..... . ..,. , . :gwgg,?w--15,54-Q: -1 f P ,5i5:,33L45f.f,.-: .' f: " 1---X N 2 - -' 1 L FOR WOMEN l.1n.l.1AN E. DIMMITT HAL N DORMITORY FOR ME A133-jgaZ,2:ZQ"g.f'f?4v .Ev'.J'E'1'i7iEP"Tf ffQ:Q,,4v-if 75" z"1fr:,w 3,51 C 4, f 1 zJ7'yJ:N34" 2155633-,mmf 1 f-, :.,, ,EW-.-, wh 354.4 f, MM Q29 I :Wg LA. , .351 px, 5.2 ,, ,. ary- avg, ' ,j .Zia I' , .. - AAQA'-.'Cf2'4 ' If 3 nfl ml! 'yy ' 5,1314 ,A C4 ' , .4,,"f?P3"tY1l . ., .Vi-"ff,-'5fs'fn'L'J'4. '1.m'?3NnQ 4 ' .M g, 'f!,S!"w ,Lf 3'ffQ:-if Y N.",,,, .UWA I, F. .4 'Q H-A 'O -.xa-"'.'1xE . I ' Lfgvk -.-9,1 g 551 I ,1- Q5 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BUILDING JAMES I-I. DONOGI-IUE OBSERVATORY A. W. JONES HALL OF SCIENCE ' l' 4.9. Y ' . ,L TL -w'N T In h P r' 1 ,. N- N , I .. GEORGE M. ALLEE GYIVINASIUIVI ART DEPARTMENT iii 3 ,W I RELIGIOUS LIFE CENTER J. RICHARD PALMER AB., Dakota Wesleyan Universityg T'h.M., Illiff School of Theologyg LL.D., Rocky Mountain Collegeg D.D., Dakota Wesleyan University. A REAL GIRL FRIDAY, MRS. NIAXINE PERCELL, HAN- DLES AFFAIRS SMOOTHLY AS SECRETARY TO THE PRESIDENT. A. PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE 3. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE J CLIFFORD HOLMES AB Umversity of Redlandsg M.A., Ph.D., Uruverslty of Denver. SECRETARY TO DEAN HOLMES, MRS. FRANCES HOLCONIB. AND THE DEAN OF WOMEN AND MEN SECRETARY, MRS, BETTY KARST. ARE FAMILIAR FACES TO ALL MORNINGSIDERS. MRS. KARST ALSO HEADS THE STUDENT EMPLOYMENT BU- REAU. gf I 4 2 -. - -if-.1,,,:f,.'.,:1: A A . -' ' -. ., .,,,-,--.zwem ,-' 2' ' ,,,, ., ' ' 1i LOLA JACOBS CLARKSON Dean of Womeng A.B., Monmouth Collegeg M.A.- Northwestern University. DEAN S STANLEY GRIEGG Assistant Dean of Men, A.B., Morningside College. Dean of Men, Miles Tomrneraasen, is on sabbatical leave completing his doctorate de- gree. 'sal LI BRAR I AN VIRGIL WYNNE Director of Library Services, Associate Pro fessor of Library Science, B.S., Concord Col- lege, M. A., George Peabody College. f' 2 .- T I!-'g 4 9 YE II 5.1 V ADMINISTRATION ELWOOD OLSEN Business Manager and Treasurer, AB., Morn- ingside Collegeg Juris D., State University of Iowag LL.lVI., George Washington University. ROBERT MILLER Director of Admissions, B.A., Morningside College. LEO HARRIS Accountant, BA., Morningside College. LOUIS CROSTON Alumni Director, B.A., Morningside College IRA GWINN Registrar, Administrative Assistant to Presi- dent, AB., Morningside College, lVI.S., State University of Iowa. Robert Phelps Assistant Director of Public Relations and Assistant Professor of Journalism. B.A., Morningside Collegeg M.A., Syracuse Uni- versity. Harold Poppen Admissions Counselor. Albert Buckingham Director of Athletics. AB., Morningside C01- legeg A.M., Stanford University. Thomas Watt Admission Counselor, A.B., Morningside Col- lege. Craig Croston Admissions Counselor. John Pommrehn Admissions Counselor, A.B. Morningside Col- lege. ART WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN Associate Professor of Art. B.F.A., M.F.A., B.A.E., Art Institute of Chicago, University of Chicago. JEAN McWHORTER Assistant Professor of Art. B.F.A. M-F-A-, University of Georgia. .. ......... -. . .rf A- A ' ' n A 4, - --- ,E . K W Q - L. iw , 1' 'A V' 1' 'A -'-' . ,, 14: if If ,E A ' ia 1 ,11 2.2 ,ff A ' if 1 .2-if t". iii ! 2' fri. ':, if- -337 -. A 5' ,, r . 1 I lg :rj if ? .1 . -'35, f fg v - L E 5 if A iz . 3 , "sf, ""- ' I .. weak .,-1 .V I . 'F 3' H " " i , 1 ' BIOLOGY Harold Rundell Associate Professor of Biology. B.S., South Dakota State Collegeg Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Deloris Palmquist Assistant Professor of Biology. B.S. and M.S., University of South Dakota. Robert Meloy Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry. B.S., Morningside Collegeg M.A., University of South Dakota. C H EM I STRY ROBERT MELOY Associate Professor of Chemistry. B.S., Morn- ingside College, M.A., South Dakota Univer- sity. THEODORE PROKOPOV Professor of Chemistry. B.-S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Odessa, Ukraine. WILLIAM YOCKEY Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B.A., Morn- ingside Collegeg M.S., Pennsylvania State University. 3 E EDUCATION MORRIS STREET Professor of Education. A.B., Wm. Jewell Col- legeg M.S., Iowa State Universityg Ph.D., State University of Iowa. MARCIA McNEE Associate Professor of Elementary Education. A.B., Upper Iowa Universityg A.M., University of Chicago. RUSSELL EIDSMOE Professor of Education. A.B., Yankton Collegeg A.M., University of South Dakota. BUSINESS WILLIAM EBERLE Instructor in Economics and Busi- ness Administration. A.B., Morn- ingside College. WILLIAM SPORNITZ Associate Professor of Business Administration. B.S.. A.M., Uni- versity of North Dakota. LAUREL PEASE Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration. B.A., Los Angeles State College. DONALD PROTEXTER Assistant Professor of Economics and Coach. B.S., Morningside Collegeg M.S., Drake University. RUTH LARSON Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science. B.S., South Dakota Uni- versityg M.A., Boston University. ENG Ll SH WILLIAM PALMER Associate Professor of English. A.B., Union College, M.A., Columbia Universityg Ph.D., University of Kansas. LAURA SIMONSON Assistant Professor of English. B.E.. Moor- head State Teachers Collegeg M.A., University of Colorado. A WILLIAM KNEPPER Instructor of English. A.B., University of Minnesota: M.A., University of Minnesota. BEATRICE TIFT Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Wayne State Teachers Collegeg M.A., University of Nebraska. RAYMOND NELSON Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Univer- sity of Minnesotag B.D., Trinity Seminary and Bible Collegeg M.A., University of Min- nesota. lf LANG UAG ES RICHARD OLMSTED , Professor of Foreign Languages: A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota. HERBERT HINES Associate Professor of Languages an Humani ties. A.B., A.M., Harvard Universityg B.D., Ph.D., Univercity of Chicago. 1 - A We H ISTORY ALBERT SELLEN Associate Professor of History and Political Science. AB., Washburn Universityg A.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago. CLIFFORD BOWMAN Associate Professor of History and Political Science. A.B., Augustana College, A.M. University of Nebraska. LAURA SIMONSON Instructor in History. B.E., Moorhead State Teachers Collegeg M.A., University of Colo- rado. STANLEY GREIGG Instructor in History. A.B., Morningside College. MALLAPPA VITTAL Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. B.S.C., Andhra University. India, B.A., LIB., Osmania University, Indiag M.A., Drake University. HON! E ECONOMICS , X s ' 2, . . . - U I if Q1 15 2 ., if--ffl-tw ' , af. A f, r-r" ' 53 ' if 1 4 2 ,fx I at ,U ""fr'mf .Q i J ,Lf . X s 1 1 fffffyt lg' 'clfiiwfizzt ' 4 "Ze ng 1 ' ' V. L ' VL for . : '. 1 'I - V Q. . f ff.-ri' ' .L ,Q f' LORRAINE MARQUARDT Assistant Professor of Home Economics. BS M.S., University of Wisconsin. Lois Grammer I s 5 ' avi? I LIVESTOCK MARKETING JOSEPH HALE Professor of Livestock Marketing. B.S., Morn- A I g, . - ingside College. .9 5.5 ,,p I: ' E. . gw M AT H EM AT I CS GLEN BUSHYAGER Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Alleghany College: A.M.. Pennsylvania State College. VVILBER MOSER Associate Professor of Mathematics. A.B., Montana State Universityg M.A., Ed.D., Stan- ford University. F . ff gf M US I C Richard Faith Assistant Professor of Piano. B.M., MM Chicago Musical College. tg? x. iff Associate Professor of Music Education. B.A., University of Nebraskag M.M., Northwestern University. James Hustis Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands. B.S.. M.S,, Julliard School of Music. Leo Kucinski Professor of Violin and Orchestra, and Con- ductor of Sioux City Symphony. BM., Mus.D., Morningside College. Donald Morrison Associate Professor of Musical Theory. B.M., Michigan State College: Eastman School of Musicg Ph.D., University of In- diana. Elizabeth Quam Instructor in Cello. B.M., University of South- ern Californiag M.A., University of Iowa. C. Wade Raridon Assistant Professor of Voice. B.A., M.A., State University of Iowa. Ronald Tyree Assistant Professor of Woodwind Instruments. B.A., M.A., Ph.D.. State University of Iowa. James Wood Associate Professor of Music. A.B., Macalaster Collegeg MA., University of Iowag S.M.D,, Union Theological Seminary. .5 Siu.. PHILOSOPHY ROBERT HALFORD Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Coach. B.S., Morningside Collegeg M.S., Uni- versity of Illinois. CHARLES OBYE Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Coach. B.S., Morningside Collegeg M. A., State University of Iowa. ALBERT BUCKINGHAM Professor of Physical Education. A.B,, Morn- ingside Collegeg A.M., Stanford University. NITA HARRIS Instructor of Physical Education. B.S., Morn- ingside College. JOHN JENNETT Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Coach. B.S., Drake Universityg M.S., PHYSICAL EDUCATION. ' JOSEPH UEMURA Professor of Philosophy. AB., University of Denverg Th.M., Iliff School of Theologyg Ph.D., Columbia University. PHYSICS PSYCHOLOGY LYLE HENRY JAMES GALLI Assistant Professor of Physics and Earth Sciences. B.S., Morningside Collegeg M.S., Ohio State University. STERLING STEWART Assistant Professor of Physics. AB., Morningside Col- legeg M.A., University ol' Washingtong Ed.D., University of Nebraska. IRA GWINN Associate Professor of Physics. A.B., Morningside Col- legeg M.S., State University of Iowa. University of Iowa. Professor of Psychology. B.S., Des Moines Universityg M.A.. PhD RELIGION SOC I OLOG Y EDWIN BAUER Senior Professor of Sociology. A.B., Iowa Wesleyang B.D., Garrett Graduate School of Theologyg A.M., Drake Universityg Ph.D., State University of Iowa. H. WAYNE JOHNSON Instructor in Sociology. B.S., Morningside Collegeg M.A.. State University of Iow'ag A.M., Indiana University. IIQTEI WALTER BENJAMIN Associate Professor of Religion. A.B., Hamline Universityg B.D., Garrett Gradu- ate School of Theologyg Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity. JOHN GINGERICH Assistant Professor of Religion and Director of Religious Life. A.B., Oklahoma City Universityg Th.M. and Th.D.g Iliff School of Theology. SPEEC H FRED LEE Assistant Professor of Speech. B.S., Black Hills Teachers Collegeg M.S., Purdue Univer- sity. LOLA JACOBS CLARKSON Associate Professor of Speech. A.B., Mon- mouth Collegeg IVI.A., Northwestern Univer- sity. RICHARD COMPTON Instructor in Speech ROBERT QUINN Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatics. B.F.A., M.F.A., Goodman School of Drama. 0 :V Li, I W. wi' , ' is' L ,. ng -,mx . my UA- ,- -. -1.1 . - ,z:I':-S 'f' Yup Y ,155-qyfk, mr, 23.344-4g::,,:g v.f,::"e.a-V --M'-',.fL1:g:3'? A -' " 'gglzym :-, -1' 2 fig 5 agar?-.fwifg : ":'i'fF2vEx, ' cz if V xi vi, ' .. -1. izfi ' ' if 'ff mi 55:4 12.331-' 2,51 :Q ,W 1-4. -111.4 5-1' E':'3"v:f5fl'?-41553 Ei? --fl-.-M:-,gswf 14 ,.1:1::.::::-:1.: 5:-. 1 ' 1'-a:sg::g.::1:w,1,:gawk.:,..f ., aim- 1-:em quasi. -44 an 4'-' j-av' gm A 4.,., M, bw ' fcwfm -,hfem ':1,'.",11fph::gzGx-:ff2:': 4,1j,'4:"4i-yr J -, " N15 5:3 h?:W5'f3939If'3E-!iF1f - A f if w N A ' v , 1 ,f U ' ' 3 'J' fm' w 1 f ' U 3 N V 'Q . .,.. , 1 'lf " !: A , ...-f 1-w 1 ,- 'Q Q3 25? W.. f H757 W: , Iiewg-:.:f i Q., ef 3'jwZ1.v'92'i5:2f5:E-.-4- . ,, gffa'.5.z,:5.e-qv, , ' 'wisgvffgag "f I ,fz3IQf',',:':g:.'f1, I f v A ,,, f f 1 ' Anderson, Al Sioux City, Iowa Bartz, Connie Sproul Fort Dodge, Iowa Bartz, Harvey Iowa Falls, Iowa Bata, Joseph Sioux City, Iowa Bedell, Bruce LeMars, Iowa Bedell, Julia, Keys Macedonia, Iowa Birkbeck, Nancy Mason City, Iowa Block, Jerry Davenport, Iowa Blount, William Maquoketa, Iowa Braheny, John Elgin, Illinois Brown, Fred Luke City, Iowa Brown, Kay Luke City, Iowa. Bruce, Harold Sioux City, Iowa Brumas, John Panama City, Panama Burg, Diana Wallingford, Iowa. ,I I is II? I-4, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. L. TO R.. HAROLD POPPEN, VICE-PRESIDENT. ROSALEE JACOB- SON SPROUT, PRESIDENT, MARY LOUISE LUNDQUIST, SECRETARYQ FRED EVANS, TREAS- URER. -II I Ij I I 40 '- I III: I I I III II II.. HE III I I-I-I I4 I- 'I I, I If III II' ,I I.,,, I I,-I , I I I I I QI '1 4 I I if I a I I fl .-Il .Zi IW I :I .v I I XI Ii I I I fi I I If II Ch SENIORS THE UNION IS A LEISURELY PLACE. TIME IS MARKED BY THE NUMBER OF HANDS PLAYED. AND NO ALARM CLOCKS OR CLASS BELLS CAN INTERRUPT THE CONCENTRATION ON A HAND OF CARDS. .. R , " f xo X I 'X , rt Y, , . Q, ,, .Q 5:5155 1 v K -f'.Sea'g'1f-:if ' f:9g'gf2'?r .R .'?,.ix'f' -7 1 . 5 A, va, , 22 sys 5 Burgeson, Ann Council Bluffs, Iowa Burggraaf, William Inwood, Iowa Carey, Karen Estherville, Iowa Carlson, Carl Sioux City, Iowa Carlson, Robert Onawa, Iowa Carpenter, Gary Onawa, Iowa Casperson, Beverly VVooclhine, Iowa Chapman, David Wadena, Minnesota Chapman, Martin Wadena, Minnesota Cobain, Roberta Sioux City, Iowa Cochrane, James Larrabee, Iowa Conover, Kay Sioux City, Iowa Cross, Marlys Sioux City, Iowa David, Wayne Sioux City, Iowa Delfs, Dollie Sioux City, Iowa Delzell, W. Wallace Sioux City, Iowa Domino, Larry Sac City, Iowa Dow, Eugene Bayonne, New Jersey Dykstra, Jerold Sioux City, Iowa Esmay, James Rockwell City, Iowa Evans, Fred Sioux City, Iowa Fineran, Fern Venekamp Huthton, Minnesota Folsom, Russell Sioux City, Iowa Forbes, Larry Sioux City, Iowa Fredrick, William Canal Zone Garwood, Judson Sioux City, Iowa Gilbert, John Sutherland, Iowa Gimer, Arlis Renwick, Iowa Gimer, Eugene Renwick, Iown. Goecke, Kenneth Breda, Iowa Gustafson, Richard Albert City, Iowa Hammer, Robert Sheldon, Iowa Hampel, William Garner, Iowa Hanson, Nancy Los Angeles, California Hedrick, Fred Sioux City, Iowa Heesch, Kea Fort Dodge, Iowa Hilger, Robert Correctionville, Iowa Holdcroft, Howard Sioux City, Iowa Houpt, Jerry Sioux City, Iowa Jiskoot, Rodney Sheldon, Iowa Johnson, Douglas Sheldon, Iowa Johnson, Jae Hartley, Iowa Johnson, Ronald Sioux City, Iowa Johnson, William Sioux City, Iowa Keph, Roger Sioux City, Iowa Kiel, Raymond Sioux City, Iowu Killam, Phyllis Mackintosh Sioux City, Iowa Kohnke, Daryl Sheldon, Iowa Kolbe, Bruce Nemaha, Iowa Kolbeck, Gary Welmstez' City, Iowa Lange, D. Frank Sioux City, Iowa Larson, Cecil Garner, Iowa. Lehnus, Richard Rolfe, Iowa Lundquist, Mary Aurelia, Iowa Madsen, Betty Cylinder, iowa Magill, Jerry Jefferson, Iowa Majorowicz, Kathryn Rolfe, Iowa Malchow, Ronald Lzikefield, Minriesotzn Manker, Larry Lawton, Iowa Mathiasen, Christy Onziwzi, iowa FH' SEN IORS ' I ,,2,.,,,.,,,,-, McKnight, Jerry Sioux City, Iowa McManis, Jerry Sioux City, Iowa Metcalf, Avalee Sioux City, Iowa Micek, Ronald Sioux City, Iowa Milarki, Thomas Trenton, New Jersey Miquelon, Paul Salix, Iowa Mitchell, Gary Lake Park, Iowa Moritz, Phyllis Hackett Sioux City, Iowa Mounts, Charles Ironton, Ohio Niebuhr, Sally Madison Correctionville, Iowa Nieuwendorp, Donald Sioux City, Iowa Oleson, Carol Van Wyngarden Sioux City, Iowa Oliver, Stuart Lawton, Iowa Palmer, Charles Algona, Iowa Patrick, Sandra Mapleton, Iowa Peters, Norman Springfield, Illinois Peterson, Connie Sioux City, Iowa Peterson, David Nen nah, VVisconsin Phelps, Joe Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Poppen, Harold Alton, Iowa Prince, Sally Stuehmer Des Moines, Town. Ridout, William lisfherville, Iowa Ritz, Gary Sioux Vily, Iowa Roberts, Terry Tevumsf-h, N:-llrziskzl Rocklin, Stanley Phoenix, Arizona Rolfs, Joan Holstein, Iowa, Rundell, Keith Sioux City, Iowa Schnell, JoAnn Ruthven, Iowa Seymour, Allen Ocheyedan, Iowa Sievert, Mary Charter Oak, Iowa Smithson, William Sioux City, Iowa Spiegel, Wallace Sibley, Iowa. Sprout, Rosalee Jacobson Norfolk, Nebrztsku Srb, JoAnn Sioux City, Iowan Stachour, Mary Sibley, Iowa Stratton, Keith Kingsley, Iowa Swanson, Sharon Merrill, Iow.1 Tamminga, George Sioux Center, Iowa Temoshek, Donald Sioux City, Iowa Tuttle, Lanny . Sioux City, Iowa Waldo, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Wilmath, Charles Harris, Iowa Witt, Lee La Canada, California Wohlenberg, Linde Hawarden, Iowa Zimmer, Norma Howard, South Dakota 7"'4 f X X , 4 fr K 2 1 A SPELI. OF WARM WEATHER BRINGS OUT RESTLESSNESS, DREAMS OF SUMMER AND WEAK EFFORTS AT STUDYING IN THE SHADE. JUNIORS I. I-'W I .. Nd x F f I .-0 ll I U, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, L. TO R.. LOWELL WILSON. PRESIDENT: DICK SLATER. PRESIDENT: NANCY LEWIS, SECRETARY: AL. BASKERVILLE. TREASURER. Aarnes, Donald South Sioux City, Nebraska. Anderson, Gary Cleghorn, Iowa Anderson, Janice Gowrie, Iowa. Anderson, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Anderson, Virginia Onawa, Iowa Andrews, Loren Moville, Iowa Anfinson, James Cushing, Iowa, Arnold, Jeanine Lake Park, Iowa Bailey, Virginia Royal, Iowa, Bartels, Albert Danbury, Iowa Baskerville, Allan Garner, Iowa Bennett, Carl Sioux City, Iowa Biesemeyer, David Iienwich, Iowa Bishop, Cloyd Archer, Iowa. Blanchard, Jeanette H um holdt, Iowa VICE Blanchfield, Russell Spencer, Iowa Blankers, Donald Primghar, Iowa Boothby, Richard Holstein, Iowa Botwinik, Stewart Bayonne, New Jersey Bourret, Ronald Sioux City, Iowa Borland. Barry Lake Park, Iowa Brinkert, Margo Hartley, Iowa Carr, James Allen, Nebraska Cline, Janet Sioux City, Iowa Cope, Lamar Somers, Iowa Crewdson, Peggy Sioux City, Iowa, Croston, Craig Sioux City, Iowa C1u'ry, Roger Ponca, Nebraska Davis, James 0. Rodney, Iowa Den Hartog, Jane Sioux City, Iowa Dirks, Florence Milford, Iowa Dixon, Robert Correctionville, Iowa Dodge, Janna Hartley, Iowa Ducommun, Donald Whiting, Indiana Easton, Gary Spencer, Iowa Edler, Lon Waterloo, Iowa Edlund, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Ehrhardt, Mary Sac City, Iowa Essing, Marvin Palmer, Iowa Fenstermann, Duane Strawberry Point, Iowa Fick, Arlan Mapleton, Iowa Franzen, Joanne Sioux City, Iowa Gauger, Marilyn Early, Iowa Gesaman, Gary Orange City, Iowa Gesaman, Kay Cox Smithland, Iowa Goetsch, Sonja Luverne, Iowa Guthmiller, Carol Mayer Tripp, South Dakota Hansen, Marjorie Forest City, Iowa I-Iarmelink, Charma Alton, Iowa. Harms, Rodney Ari-her, Iowa ea f " W o 2 F M' 1- if 'L -if--, '- ,. 5igg'ff...' ' ,vu - 3 I 2 : I' Q I I 2 No . 'Ii r ' TQ, 4 C 5 -. l J L,.i:..- -K V E ,.--, - 1: '- lg , A 5 3 155907 1,1 1 A K S S XY Hartman, Robert Alta, Iowa Hedges, Kent Svran ton, Iowa, Huff, David 'Wliiting, Iowa Idso, Marlin Archer, Iowa Jensen, Joy Hampton, Iowa Johnson, John Inwood, Iowa Johnson, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Kaczinski, Eugene Teeds Grove, Iowa Kantrovich, Larry Sioux City, Iowa Kennedy, James Correctionville, Iowa Keshishoglou, John Thessalonika, Greece Krause, Clyde Storm Lake, Iowa Kruger, Sharon Sioux City, Iowa Lease, John Sioux City, Iowa. Lee, Ronald Soldier, Iowa Lehner, Eugene Emmetsburg, Iowa Lewis, Nancy Sac City, Iowa. Lind, John Glidden, Iowa Lundy, Dan Sioux City, Iowa Luscornbe, David Holstein, Iowa Martins, James Missouri Valley, Iowa Mather, Dan Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Maycock, Lanny Sioux City, Iowa. McLarty, William Sioux City, Iowa Menage, Elmer Rock Rapids, Iowa Miller, Frank Winn i neg, Canada Minear, Lynne Sioux City, Iowa Moore, Connie Sioux City, Iowa Morse, Gale Sioux City, Iowa Morton, Scott Griswold, Iowa Mulder, David Alton, Iowa Nimmer, Barbara Sioux City, Iowa Ogden, Leo Sioux City, Iowa Parsons, Earl Spirit Lake, Iowa Patterson, Norbert Essex, Iowa Peterson, Allan Sioux City, Iowa Peterson, Donna Fort Dodge, Iowa Powell, George South Sioux City, Nebraska Priegnitz, Sharon Calumet, Iowa Reinking, Roger Kingsley, Iowa Remmers, Sandra Melvin, Iowa Rhoades, Connie Ventura, California Ridge, Roy Rockwell City, Iowa Rodger, Karen Sheldon, Iowa Ross, Joan Ocheyedan, Iowa Rymill, Joan Sioux City, Iowa Sawin, Marian Oto, Iowa Schlichting, Duane Cushing, Iowa Sharp, Dorothy Milford, Nebraska Shattuck, Sandra Sioux City, Iowa Sirnmon, Louise Sioux City, Iowa Skaff, Duane Sioux City, Iowa Slater, Richard Ottumwa, Iowa Sommers, Marilyn Odebolt, Iowa Sorum, Lynn Sioux City, Iowa Spiegel, Phyllis Drexler Monticello, Iowa Stiemke, Richard Larrabee, Iowa Stock, James Wall Lake, Iowa Stubblefield, Betty Whiting, Iowa Sykora, Marion Sioux City, Iowa A SORT OF HUSH FALLS OVER LEWIS HALL AT MID-SEMESTER TEST TIME, AND SUDDENLY THOSE FEIN MINUTES BETWEEN CLASS EE. COME PRECIOUS. ms JUNIORS Taylor, Donald Odobolt, Iowa Taylor, Nancy Sioux City, Iowa Thogersen, Terry Moorhead, Iowa Thomsen, Lowell Holstein, Iowa Tiemens, Theodore Arch er, Iowa Tuttle, Barbara Inwood, Iowa. Ver Heul, William Newton, Iowa Von Ehwegen, Gerald Terril, Iowa Warne, Leland Sioux City, Iowa Weber, Gordon Correctionville, iowa West, Nadine Ida Grove, Iowa Westman, Ruth Ann Sioux City, Iowa Wilcox, Gary Correctionville, Iowa. Willhoite, Ila Mae Wall Lake, Iowa Wilson, Lowell Cherokee, Iowa Wolff, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Young, Kathie Parma, Ohio Zwald, Winola Garner, Iowa ,,g-so, . .,p:.,,,:-5 A Yr E,Qiz,Q,N.,,,.M, . Y efwsy, SOPHOIVIORES Ackley, Michael Pewauke, Wisconsin Anderson, Richard C. Webb, Iowa Armstrong, Howard Ponca, Nehraskzl Artz, Claudia Kingsley, Iowa. Bell, Robert lJa,venpo1't, Iowa Bircher, Leonard Dayton, Iowa Blackmer, Bonnie Holstein, Town Bohn, Karen Spirit Lake, Iowa Bonine, Carol Beresford, South Dakota Boone, Paul Woodbine, Iowa Bulgrin, Donald lllilwuukev, NVisr-onsin Bullock, Alfred Sioux City, Iowa, Burgeson, David Sioux City, lowzi Busl1ya.ger,, Diane Sioux Vity, lown Call, Allen Ida Grove, lowzi. Z SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, L. TO R., JEAN WILSON, TREASURER: MARY LYNN MOSSEN GREN, SECRETARY: LANNY MAYCOCK, VICE-PRESIDENT, STEVE POHLMAN, PRESIDENT. fy- 31 SOPHOMORES l'r's A LONG WALK, SOMETIMES, BACK TO THE DORM AFTER CLASSES. , ji,--' , 17' Zyldfiii- P5 2513 gh. A . , , . ,?x !g!v1,. . V, '.,,,g :5, Y filfff 1 a Q 1 5 a 5 xv 4 ' i x ii:-.1 , t ,gm ,NW ff i 151, 5 b K 9. nn gi: .45 4? ' X 1. ,, .. ., ,J .f V-Q: -,--- wzfmfgm. 05.- , ..,. :V Z ' ..-X: '1" 5 g Ltm ' - of ' fb if i i' 4 f ' 'Z 5 f ' f 4 Z- : ., , 41, ..: 2 415,11 Carlson, Karen Kay Spirit Lake, Iowa Carter, Elaine Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Christenson, Nancy Royal, Iowa Christianson, Eldon Fostoria, Iowa Ciatsko, Frank Cie-dar Rapids, Iowa Conover, Wendell Ida Grove, Iowa Creswell, Kent- Reinbeck, Iowa Curl, Dwayne Sioux City, Iowa De Moss, Karol Fonda, Iowa Dietschy, Gene Sioux City, Iowa Dirks, Claire Sioux City, Iowa Dirks, Raymond Sioux City, Iowa Dodge, Valois Milford, Iowa Drommer, Nancy Pomeroy, Iowa Duff, Jeannie Sioux City, Iowa Dugdale, Nancy Modale, Iowa Edwards, William Primghar, Iowa Ensor, Nancie Sioux City, Iowa Erbes, David Sioux City, Iowa Erbes, Fred Sioux City, Iowa Escala: Carlos I-Iafredo, Panama Fedalizo, Leilani Wailu ku, Maue, Hawaii Fullenworth, Karlton Marathon, Iowa. Gamel, Clarence Sioux City, Iowa Garretson, Robert Peoria, Illinois Getting, John Sanborn, Iowa Gilbert, Daniel Sutherland, Iowa Gilbert, Thomas Rock Rapids, Iowa Givens, Henry Richmond Heights, Florida Glass, Charles Sac City, Iowa Gogen, Ahmet Istanbul, Turkey Gordon, John Lake City, Iowa Graham, Pat Sioux City, Iowa Gregalunas, Luane Sioux City, Iowa Greimer, Emil Sioux City, Iowa Guardia., Marysol Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haas, Judith Rock Valley, Iowa Hansen, Kent Sioux City, Iowa Hansen, Wendell Soldier, Iowa Harward, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Hass, Janet Harris, Iowa Heater, Richard Rippey, Iowa Higgins, Carol Estherville, Iowa Higgins, Marilyn Gilmore City, Iowa Hill. Max Ayrshire, Iowa Hinton, Myrna Rockwell City, Iowa Hope, Becky Humboldt, Iowa Hull, James Dunlap, Iowa Hutchinson, Reginald Gilmore City, Iowa Inman, James Storm Lake, Iowa Inman, Karen Sioux City, Iowa Iossi, Roger' Davenport, Iowa Jensen, Dennis Schleswig, Iowa Johnson, Blayne Ocheyedn n, Iowa Johnson, Robert W. Sioux City, Iowa Jones, Donna, Sioux City, Iowa Jones, Rosemary Storm Lake, Iowa Jordan, Alice Gowrie, Iowa Joy, Linda. Rapid City, South Dakota. Kellogg, Thomas Park Ridge, Illinois SOPHOMORES It T 'f,f"0 Knudson, Annette Sioux City, Iowa Kokenge, Gordon Alton, Iowa Lawson, Russell Vvilliams, Iowa Lenz, Arlene Alta, Iowa Le Vere, Barbara Des Moines, Iowa Lovrien, Richard Quimby, Iowa Major, Glenn Kingsley, Iowa Marsh, Judith Sioux City, Iowa McCutcheon, Barbara Eagle Grove, Iowa McDonald, James Sibley, Iowa. McMa,nis, Lorraine Sioux City, Iowa, McMurray, Susan Sioux City, Iowa Mossengren, Mary Webb, Iowa. Myrick, Joyce Harris, Iowa Neal, Beverly Ridgewood, New Jersey Newman, Roger Spencer, Iowa Nielsen, Patsy On awa, Iowa Noonan, Margaret Sioux City, Iowa 0'Harrow,. Robert Sioux City, Iowa Olson, Sue Stratford, Iowa Ostendorf, Guenther Elsfleth, Germany Parden, James Sioux City, Iowa Patrick, Joel Mapleton, Iowa Patton, Carol Rock Rapids, Iowa Pech, Kay LeMars, Iowa Peterson, Darla Sioux City, 'Iowa Pettitt, Donna. Riceville, Iowa Pohlman, Steven Sibley, Iowa Potter, Marilynne Sioux City, Iowa Puckett, James Jackson, Nebraska Rahn, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Rasmussen, Katherine Manilla, Iowa Reaman, Emerson Yetter, Iowa Reynders, Donald Sioux City, Iowa Rieckmann, Ronald Kingsley, Iowa Roths, Carl Rock Rapids, Iowa Sanborn, Barbara Sioux City, Iowa Schmidt, Richard Holstein, Iowa, Shoemaker, Marcia, Winterset, Iowa Skaggs, Joyce Cherokee, Iowa Sorensen, Larry Milford, Iowa Soukup, Roger Wooclbine, Iowa Spiegel, Diane Sibley, Iowa Stachour, James Sibley, Iowa Stiegelmeyer, Deanna Sioux City, Iowa Stodden, James Lake View, Iowa Sulsberger. Shardell Hornick, Iowa, Te Stroete, Paul Hospers, Iowa Thorngren, Peter Palembuug, Sumatra Tollakson, John Sioux Rapids, Iowa Torres, Nereyda Cecilia, Panama Trafton, Virginia Sioux City, Iowa Valeika, Gary Sioux City, Iowa Treiber, Dennis Alcester, South Dakota Treiber, Ronald I-Iawarden, Iowa Wainwright, Neil Sioux City, Iowa Wand, Jay Breda, Iowa Wardlow, Gary Sioux City, Iowa Warner, Jack Missouri Valley. Iowa Watt, Richard Sioux City, Iowa VVharten, Millie Byron, Minnesota Wilcox, Leonard Correctionville, Iowa Willhoite, Ray VVall Lake, Iowa Williams. Linda Dayton, Iowa Wilmarth, Charlene Harris, Iowa. Wilson, Jean Lawton, Iowa Wilson Nathan Rapicl,City, South Dakota Wilson, Richard Ute, Iowa Wilson, Tom Buffalo Center, Iowa Wolfswinkel, Kenneth Sibley, Iowa Wolthuis, Gary Spencer, Iowa FRESHIVIEN ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. L. TO R.. DAVE BONES, VICE- PRESIDENT: DAVE ROGULA, TREASURER: DEANNE NIADSEN, SECRETARY: DAVE OTTO, PRESIDENT. 1- -fi' I f . I N r Wx: - 1-I . N: -shi z X-I, , 'rg -. I X . E, ,ws in ' -,'::vII,?z 1 . 1. -filiflw 2:51 .V 1 .. - , , iraq- e.-,LQ-e I. I we . I W7 I f 3 25 21 if- 5: 'il Abel, Charles Rock Rapids, Iowa Ames, Dwight Meriden, Iowa Anderson, Bonita Pocahontas, Iowa, Antonette, Edward Sioux City, Iowa Armeanu, Magda Linzdonau, Austria Arndt, Ronald Lake View, Iowa Arp, Marian Inwood, Iowa Artz, Lynda Kingsley, Iowa Annan, Bert Sioux City, Iowa Ball. Douglas Jackson, Minnesota Bates, Wanda Milford, Iowa. Bayne, Nancy Sioux City, Iowa Bean, Jerry Ottumwa, Iowa. Benz, Calvin Melvin, Iowa Biesemeyer, Christina Renwick, Iowa Birdsall, Jerry Everly, Iowa Birdsall, Lynn Sioux City, Iowa Boerner, Diane Odeliolt, Iowa Bohlke, Gary Sioux Ci ty, Iowa Bones, David Early, Iowa. Boyle, James Sibley, Iowa Brent, Cleo Pocahontas, Iowa Brink, Bob Merrill, Iowa Brooker, Marilyn Cherokee, Iowa Brosanle, Thomas Sioux City, Iowa Brown, Douglas Garner, Iowa Brown, Janice Peterson, Iowa Brugman, Ronald Sioux Rapids, Iowa Bryne, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Bundt, Larry Glidden, Iowa Burgeson, Alene Peterson, Iowa Burns, Howard Chicago, Illinois Burns, Sandra Early, Iowa Byrow, William Danville, Illinois Canfield, Judith Waterloo, Iowa Carpenter, Deanna Canton, South Dakota Carpenter, Joseph Spirit Lake, Iowa Casey, Michael Sioux City, Iowa Caughey, Suzanne Grinnell, Iowa Christenson, Dan Graettinger, Iowa Christman, Sandra Smithland, Iowa Chute, Ruth Sioux City, Iowa Collier, Tom Sioux City, Iowa Comfort, Sally Blenuoe, Iowa Conner. Sandra Sioux City, Iowa Cowherd, Mayme Clark, South Dakota Crippen, Faith Des Moines, iowa Cross, Herbert Northwood, Iowa Curry, David Ponca., Nebraska Dawson, Richard Sioux City, Iowa WW in .:-:,, , if f .. :-5,'Z:::2:?'?r 52507 ,. , ,, ,, , waxy! J ff? ff' Nr W' 'V 1' ?-as ii wh-1 Ik J Dean, Phyllis Humboldt, Iowa Delfosse, Merle Sioux City. Iowa Domke, Edward Sioux City, Iowa Donnell, Norma I-Iinton, Iowa Draper, David Stratford, Iowa Dunn, Jay Harlan, Iowa Egolf, Franklin Peterson, Iowa Eickhorn, Laurin Sioux City, Iowa Elliot, Dennis Craig, Iowa Emerson, Delores Sioux City, Iowa Flewelling, Richard Remsen, Iowa Fogt, James Reinbeclc, Iowa Forbes, Lorna Sioux City, Iowa Frazier, Beverly Sioux City, Iowa. Frey, Robert West Union, Iowa Fritz, Robert Harlan, Iowa Fuhrman, Lorna Cleghorn, Iowa Fullerton, Dean 1'o1'r'ectionville, Iowa. Furness, James Allen, Nebraska Fymbo, Donald Sioux City, Iowa Gimer, Virginia Renwick, Iowa Gleason, Nonna Audubon, Iowa Goodwin, Joyce Rockwell City, Iowa Gould, Graham Harlan, Iowa. Gourley, Robert Sioux Falls, South Dakota Guenther, Margaret Britt, Iowa, Gustafson, Maribel Kiron, Iowa. Gwinn, Thomas Sioux City, Iowa Hall, Warren Hubbard, Nebraska Halstrom, Carolyn Meriden, Iowa. Hansen, Dixie Ruthven, Iowa Hansen, Nita Los Angeles, California Harris, Larry Kingsley, Iowa Harms, Lowell Alta, Iowa Harwood, Gerald Sioux City, Iowa Haugen, Jean Sioux City, Iowa Hausmann, David Spirit Lake, Iowa Heitritter, Ronald Bo yden, Iowa Henn, Allen Terril, Iowa Henshaw, Barbara Sioux City, Iowa. Hill, Donald Early, Iowa. I-linkelday, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Hinshaw, Duane Spencer, Iowa. I-Ioogeterp, Goldie Sioux City, Iowa Houchins, Marcia Sioux City, Iowa Howell. Martin Sioux City, Iowa. Huisenga, Robert Lake View. Iowa I-Iuntsinger, Diane Estherville, Iowa. Hurlocker, Charles Tekamah, Nebraska I, Ted Taipei, Formosa Jacobson, James Norfolk, Nebraska J ensen, Joyce Meriden, Iowa. Jensen, Lee Homer, Nebraska, Johnson, Robert C. Sioux City, Iowa Johnson, Gary Sioux City, Iowa Johnson, Roxane Remsen, Iowa. Jones, Judith Moorhead, Iowa. Joransen, Carol Windom, Min nesota. Jorgenson, Roger Ayrshire, Iowa. Jurgens, James Hartley, Iowa, 1 ,,gf,-,,,,,wN.,V'.,5.,,,,... gwfz 32. wi ,,.. Z ,W ,,, ,,,,. 1 xVflf'.14: aim-ff e' gf ' FRESHMEN ,Aff FAMILIAR SCENE, FAMILIAR WEATHER. BUT IT CAME A LITTLE EARLIER THAN EXPECTED THIS YEAR. 'fd 1"""Y FRESHNIEN E Q ' fix ,,,,A is 2 I be 7 A FEW FURNISHINGS. A LITTLE INGENUITY, A SIGN ON THE DOOR, AND A BLEAK DOR- MITOROM ROOM BECOMES A HOME. ,gi - . .. 1? ' Q' Nil ...D Kaufman, Darrel Man son, Iowa Kettler, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Kilstrom, John Sioux City, Iowa Kimbell, Merlyn Allen, Nebraska Kirkhalm, Wesley Sioux City, Iowa Kirkhart, Arlen Lake View, Iowa Klaassen, Arlys Boyden, Io-wa Kleyweg, Martin Sioux City, Iowa Knox, Joni Sioux City, Iowa Koerselman, Herbert George, Iowa K1-eekos, Michael Sioux City, Iowa Kuiper, Robert Sibley, Iowa Kurth, William Glidden, Iowa Lage, Larry Gladbrook, Iowa Larson, Barbara Sioux City, Iowa Lazaris, John Sioux City, Iowa Lemkuil, John Hospers, Iowa Lenz, Clara Rolfe, Iowa Lichtenberg, Larry Alta, Iowa Lidman. Karen Spent-er. Iowa Lownes, Janice Charter Oak, Iowa Luckett, Kay Sioux Vity, Iowa Lundberg, Harold Spirit Luke, Iowa Lundquist, Charles Aure-lia, Iowa Madsen, DeAnne Ulevelsirlfl Heights, Uhio "'Y . .. Ph ii Martin, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Mason, Charles Norfolk, Nebraska Masters, Larry Graettinger, Iowa Matthews, Burlin VVebb, Iowa Maxwell, Phyllis Kingsley, Iowa McComb, Kathy Sioux City, Iowa McConnell, Gary Nemaha, Iowa, McElwain, Charles Dow City, Iowa McFarland, Kay Odebolt, Iowa McKleroy, William Sioux City, Iowa Mead, Geraldine Vifindom, Minnesota Menter, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Meyer, Sara Sioux City, Iowa Miller, Walter Reinbeck, Iowa Mohni, Merold Everly, Iowa Nation, Richard Sioux City, Iowa Nielsen, Philip Cleghorn, Iowa Niven, Patricia Sioux City, Iowa Noble, Joyce Kingsley, Iowa Null, Richard L1-Mars, Iowa Nye, Paul Sioux City, Iowa Orluske, Phyllis Lakefield, Minnesota Otto, David Mapleton, Iowa Owen, Jared Reinbeck, Iowa Page, Ernest Kingsley, Iowa Pals, Daryl Su mner, Iowa Pascal, Robert Pocahontas, Iowa Patrick, Pamela Mapleton, Iowa Pearson, Gary Fostoria, Iowa Peter, Lois Danbury, Iowa Peters, David Sibley, Iowa Peters, Robert Anthon, Iowa Petersen, Robert Royal, Iowa Peterson, Dennis Gowrie, Iowa Peterson, Donald Aurelizi, Iowu FRESHMEN 3 1 ,, 5 , gil?-l,',.. , 11 "'7' '23 12555122 ,'.:.f,,5551,?5 s,j1:fE:'.--ef 1- S ,. ,1 f1,K.1f'l1L'L::eH lv -- k A , W -mfg, -.,.,.,1e ' a- " HOW TO AVOID THE TEN-MINUTE TELEPHONE LIMIT-USE THE PAY PHONE. 4' N, 4 i , 'if xiii ak , 42 Peterson, Gary Spirit Lake, Iowa Pickering, Ann Greenville, Iowa Pietens, Bradley Hospers, Iowa Plagman, Judy Paullina, Iowa Priestman, Fred, Sioux City, Iowa Puhrmann, Leonard Paullina, Iowa Ranard, Eugene Sioux City, Iowa Redington, Peter Spirit Lake, Iowa Reinke, Sharon Ashton, Iowa Riemurma, Lee Hospers, Iowa Robinson, Larry Cherokee, Iowa Robrock, Marcella New Hampton, Iowa Rockwood, Carol Sioux City, Iowa Roepke, Lawrence Moville, Iowa Rogalla., Gloria Helmoncl, Iowa Rogula, David Fergus Falls, Minnesota Rowlands, Marie Sioux City, Iowa. Rounds, Kathryn Onawa, Iowa Sadler, Theola Correctionville, Iowa Schum aeher, Charlotte Coon Rapids, Iowa Schwendemann, Kenneth Livermore, Iowa Shaw, Russell Spencer, Iowa Shever, Lois Cushing, Iowa Simpson, Floyd Estherville, Iowa Smith, Evelyn Jackson, Minnesota WHO PAYS FOR COFFEE? THE COINS FLASH THROUGH THE AIR. AND THE LUCKY OR SKILLFUL ONES ARE TREATED. Snave, DeAnn Sioux City, Iowa Snow, Roberta Laurens, Iowa. Soelberg, Stephen Sioux City, Iowa Sokol, Sally Sibley, Iowa Spaulding, Jane St. Paul, Minnesota Spies, James Graettinger, Iowa Stief, Mahlon Aurelia. Iowa Stieneke, Thomas Washta, Iowa Story, Lois Odebolt, Iowa Streit, Gary Rolfe, Iowa Stribley, Edward Sioux City, Iowa Swanson, Linda LuVerne, Iowa Takata, Amy Wailuku, Mani, I-Iawaii Tate, 'Ellen Rossie, Iowa Taylor, Donald W. Sanborn, Iowa Taylor, Marjorie Sioux City, Iowa Taylor, Patricia Rraclgate, Iowa Thomas, Charles Marathon, Iowa Thompson, Joseph Jefferson, Iowa Thorpe, Barbara Sioux City, Iowa Thorson, Lois Williams, Iowa Turnqujst, Paul Alta, Iowa Van l-louten, Allen Rock Rapids, Iowa Van Nest, Gene Sheffield, Iowa Van Vliet, Stan Sioux City, Iowa ,nw 112 5' TE'-f':2E2I:1:Zj ' T'-5 " "f QQ , 4 gg i S f A , ...Q-HQ 5 .vw 1 " 1 ' 4. 'ilu 'E X 'B ,,-f' H 1 7 f If if .v S 'Z ,+ ' 50 x ' W ,L 6' 3 fl" i' . ,QW ,ly 1 wig, FRESHIVIEN SKITS AND BEANIES ARE A TRADI- TIONAL PART OF' ORIENTATION TO THE CAMPUS. It Big., W? "" I . 'I V it Y I Van Wyngarden, Joyce Minneapolis, Minnesota Venekamp, Verla Ruthton, Minnesota Vestal, Ouida Sioux City, Iowa Vine, Diane Cleghorn, Iowa Wadhams, Gail Sioux City, Iowa Wadsley, Virginia Early, Iowa Walter, Iris Lohrville, Iowa Waltor, Clayton Sioux City, Iowa Ware, Judith Cherokee, Iowa Weil, Larry Sioux City, Iowa Weisbrod, Pamela Fenton, Iowa Weisensee. Jack Sioux City, Iowa West, Don Ida Grove, Iowa Wiese, Lawrence Schleswig, Iowa Wilderman, Richard West Bend, Iowa VVhite, Marjorie North Sioux City, South Dakota Woestman, Evelyn Sioux City, Iowa Worthan, Richard Storm Lake, Iowa Wunderlich, Cynthia Bom idji, Minnesota Young, Terry Plainview, Nebraska fn, N 3. S' AMY' ,yr 1 ,Q H i, y 33 , E 1 li N 4 Q , .2 ml- , ' L L 'fix 421 VP ' f , fir , - -., ,355 1 93. 1-15 ,-.4 ' 'if , .. xf1."' 'G' -if WMM1 7 X iwf4,1.g.' .fqf -,fa 1'l. " -If ., uf' +I, .-w ,mi .f' 6312, . ml' mi '5 Q. 9 , xx ? 5 .'6" I gf .1-,1 df, 4 N, f , A' ' ?:E' -1? ,f-,7 'xitix Wk' 2a ig ,gy Q law .7 A ' 1: - if A-H--,-,, , ,M .r,.. ,,.,, . ,IR ' 'lm 5:3 .' fa was-. 'feQv..,. an - -4' 1 '.'-.- A Y, ,M Yw4:fH4'Ie:?15bf-l., 14514, 1s,.ar51m,. , .-,. ,w , 1 .. ,,.:.wsf W 5 :rw -- N . w A 1 A 5' 2 , 'Q pf ff z ' K v.,, K, fn ,J , ,f 14 cg, F Q is m.f,1.Qs' ,. :M :Wifi . .Ai g 7 49 0' 35 41 I 5 42 M-1, -' , kfw - .. . '. -M 2 Q11 1212. 1-'Pia H , ,... IM- q..g,, f 7 , Q' 1 YQ rg S . ff f 145, ' ' CA. 1 ff 1 ' 4 9, G , v 'I Z If if 9 If xx I 5 . - 1 Nw. -.5 .Msnawx f If,-fw f 4 ZEQgg4m.i,ff',4 .- ff 45 4552 ! I ' ff , f z ! , f , 4 R Q I 1. , '1 4, 4 11 J 5 X ' ' ' ,M H 1 f ,ff gm? ?fffz:5,9f,. :RM gm N. .,,,, 4,-1215?--., wa.. 522, 141 vi,- 6 If , 'N NJW 1 Wx mf A F , 5 I .. , , 1 , ,, , 2, A , , E , wa:-11N W, yr- ,-rg-wsggm 'f W Q. H, . Q 1, aff fr I 4 ,, 1 f r M F3 ' 1' ,.,, ., .,. fx! 14,1 A W 5 lj ?" '7 vm! 1551 ,v A ,f Z, Q , .- f 4 f, w ,H H Z f U X14 ff., A fm, ,, .bi- 4 f 'va 1 1 ,ue 1' is ' y ' la V-.-nn' ,Q.1,,.: -W K is V1 J ,N 1 ' ' f, , 1.9 ' A? ' . mf, 4 ., 1-. 1 , X . Q- 41 Y, I 7 f " A y ..' vfif fl 1 w- kj -Y? . Q fa , xx WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Al Anderson Harvey Bartz AL EDITED THE COLLEGIAN RE- PORTER, WAS HOUSE MANAGER OF TAU KAPPA EPSILON, VICE- PRESIDENT OF ALPHA PSI OMEGA AND ACTIVE IN DEBATE AND DISCUSSION. PRESIDENT OF LADS HARVEY HAS BEEN ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY AS A STUDENT MINISTERIAL ASSISTANT, PAST PRESIDENT OF KAPPA CHI AND AN HONOR STUDENT. Dave Bircher DAVE WAS PRESIDENT OF PHI MU, MEMBER OF THE SYMPHONY, AND ACTIVE IN ORCHESTRA G RO u Ps. Karen Carey Fred Evans 54 BUSY WITH JOURNALSM ON THE EDITOR OF THE SIOUX, FRED C. R. AND EDITOR OF THE DAILY WAS A VETERAN OFFICER OF BULLETIN, PLUS SECRETARY TO SIGMA PHI EPSILON AND OFTEN AGORA IS KAREN. , -- 3-4- FOUND IN THE ART DEPARTMENT. Diana Burg DIANA WAS PAST PRESIDENT OF LASS, VICE-PRESDENT OF DELTA ZETA AND WAS SORORITY REP- RESENTATIVE FOR STUDENT COUNCIL AND GREEK COUNCIL. Bruce Bedell Julia Keys Bedell MANY REAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO MC CAME FROM A HUSBAND AND FE TEAM. BRUCE WAS PRESI- NT OF BIOLOGY CLUB, WAS STUDENT COUNCIL AND AN ON HONOR STUDENT. JULIA WAS EP OF BOTH LASS AND MU PHI D ACTIVE IN MANY MUSICAL OUPS. WHO'S WHO Bob Hammer Phyllis Mackintosh Killam Kathy Majorowicz PRESIDENT OF LASS, KATHY ALSO FOUND TIME FOR HOME EC. PRES4 IDENT AND SECRETARY TO THE OFFICE OF RELIGION. BOB WAS PRESIDENT OF CIRCLE PRESIDENT OF ALPHA KAPPA I K AND HIS FROSH AND JUNIOR DELTA, PHYLLIS WAS SECRETARY CLASS, AND VEEP OF SOPHOMORE TO HER SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR ' CLASS AND AN HONOR STUDENT. CLASS. Carole Van Wyngarden Oleson CAROLESERVED WELL AS CHAIR MAN OF RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK, WAS PAST PRESIDENT OF PI KAPPA DELTA, TREASURER OF LASS AND HONOR STUDENT. Connie Peterson MUSICALLY MINDED, CONNIE WAS SECRETARY TO MU PHI, IN BAND AND CHOIR, AND WAS IN ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA AND SECRETARY TO LASS. Christy Mathiasen CHRISTY WAS PRESIDENT OF THE BUSINESS WOMEN'S CLUB, SEC- RETARY TO STUDENT COUNCIL AND REGIONAL I. S. E. A. Harold Poppen HAROLD SERVED AS VICE-PRESI- DENT OF SENIOR CLASS, SIG EP, AND CIRCLE K, WORKING STU- DENT COUNCIL, BASEBALL AND M CLUB INTO THE BUSY SCHEDULE. Bill Ridout ACTIVE IN DORM ACTIVITIES AND ITS PAST PRESIDENT IS BILL WHO ALSO FOUND TIME FOR STUDENT COUNCIL, BETA BETA BETA AND VEEP OF CIRCLE K, ar' Terry Roberts Mary Sievert PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT OF SIGMA KAPPA AND TERRY IS A FOOTBALL LETTER- PAN-HELL, MARY WAS IN DEBATE, MAN AND PAST VEEP OF MEN'S PLAY CASTS, AND AM. CHEMICAL DORM, SOPH PRESIDENT, AND M SOCIETY. CLUB' MAN. Ron Stone RON WAS PRESIDENT OF M.C.F-. MANAGING EDITOR OF THE C.R., VEEP OF BOTH INTERNATIONAL RELATONS CLUB AND IOWA MSM. TREASURER OF STUDENT COUN- CIL AND HONOR STUDENT. Chuck Wilmarth VEEP OF LADS, FROSH DIRECTOR OF COUNCIL, OUTSTANDING BIOLOGY STUDENT AND LEADS IN DRAMA PRESENTATIONS WERE SOME OF CHUCK'S RESPONSIBIL- ITIES. Rosalee Jacobson Sprout A FAMILIAR FACE IN MORNING- SIDE DRAMA. ROSALEE WAS SENIOR PRESIDENT, AND TWICE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN DURING R. E. W., PAST EDITOR OF C. R. AND HONOR STUDENT. 1. lg., .. I Linde Wohlenberg LINDE WAS PRESIDENT OF DIMMITT HALL. ACTIVE IN ALL MUSIC GROUPS AND LASS HIS- TORIAN. ' A My 4 . EI- .r. .' -+ .x J.' ,- . ,., ...I Ll , Q ' P -..1-, 1' - -M, ,-, , .Y., E.. A- K ,, f -J , .M , .Q ,a ' ff' I g? -,-g " N--' i' ,g-52 A .,3m5, li .. Arg' ali 5l1f....ff.g-T IJ'- Wally Spiegel PAST VICE-PRESIDENT OF TKE, KAPPA CHI, AND HIS JUNIOR CLASS WALLY MADE HIMSELF USEFUL IN DRAMA. STUDENT COUNCIL. SIGMA TAU DELTA AND ALPHA PSI OMEGA AND LADS. LASS Leadership Ability Scholarship Service LASS Was organized to honor senior Women who have achieved a certain grade point and have shown interest in Morningside College. LASS promotes different Worthwhile projects throughout the yearg the rnain project is the planning of the spring Honoris Chapel. 'J E OFFICERS: KATHY MAJOROWICZ, PRESIDENT: CHRISTY MATHI ASEN. MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: LINDE WOHLENBERG, HISTOR IAN: CAROL OLESON, TREASURER: JULIA BEDELL, VICE PRESIDENT: CONNIE PETERSON, SECRETARY. lr THEY SENT TELEGRAPH MESSAGES, SOME- TIMES IN GREEK, AT THEIR CARNIVAL BOOTH. FRONT ROW: DIANA BURG, ADVISORS MRS. HOLMES, MRS. SELLEN, MRS. PHELPS, LINDE WOHLENBERG. BACK I R W CHRISTY MATHIASEN, PHYLLIS MACKINTOSH KILLIANI, JULIA KEYS BEDELL, ROSALIE JACOBSON SPROUT, CAROLE VAN WYNGARDEN OLESON, KATHY MAJOROWICZ, CONNIE PETERSON, D Hoff AFTER USHERING FOR MID-YEAR GRADUATION THE MEN WERE IN FULL GARB FOR A PICTURE. DAVID BIRCHER, HARVEY BARTZ, BOB HAMMER, BRUCE BEDELL, CHARLES WILMARTH, RON STONE, HAROLD POPPEN, TERRY ROBERTS, WALLACE SPIEGEL. The Lads Society is an honorary fraternity formed last year for senior men Who have attained positions of leadership, high scholastic standing, and have demon- strated high character in their activities on campus. To be eligible for membership, a student must rank scholastically in the upper 35 per cent of the male students and have attained special distinction in at least one major organization and several minor areasg the purpose being to honor students with well-rounded interests. , Lads strive to provide an organization in which the campus leaders can meet to co-ordinate their activities so all groups on campus can be Working toward unified goals. Projects which the Lads have conducted are the lead- ership Workshops, held each year at the Old Barn in LeMars, and assisting the student council with the orientation of mid-year freshmen students. The group is studying the possibilities of affiliation with a national honor fraternity. Considerations were made for Omicron Delta Kappa and Blue Key. LADS SOCIETY I Leadership Achievement Dedication to Service Scholarship I l l V l l I OFFICERS: BOB HAMMER, TREAS- URER: CHUCK WILMARTH. VICE- PRESIDENT: WALLY SPIEGEL, MEMBER- SHIP CHAIRMAN: DEAN GREIGG. AD- VISOR. MISSING IS PRESIDENT HARVEY BARTZ. 49 ff, v uw -Q 3 FRONT ROW: MARY JANE CARNES, ROSALEE J. SPROUT, LOUISE SIMMON, ANNETTE KNUDSON, ALICE JORDAN. DIANE BUSHYAGER, JANET CLINE. ZND ROW: JOANNE SCHNELL, LORRAINE MCMANIS, CHRISTY MATHIASEN, BONNIE STUBBLEFIELD, NADINE WEST, VIRGINIA BAILEY, CONNIE PETERSON. ALPHA LAM BDA DELTA The honorary scholastic sorority for freshmen women Was installed at Morningside in 1958. FRESHMEN MEMBERS: RUTH CHUTE, OUIDA VESTAL, BONNIE ANDERSON, SALLY COM- FORT, VERLA VENEKAMP, BARBARA LUND, BARBARA DUNHAM, DIANE BOERNER, JOYCE JENSEN, MARIE ROWLANDS. JUDY WARE WILSON, LOIS THORSON, EVELYN WESTMAN, -on ' 6 I 4 F xx I .ui an THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF KAPPA CHI PLANS THE OVER-ALL PROGRAM AND SEEKS TO MAKE AND KEEP A DYNAMIC RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. WARREN CONNOR, FERN FINERAN, DR. GINGERICH, DAVE OTTO, ANN BURGESON. KAPPA CHI Morningside Kappa Chi fellowship is the Delta chapter of the national organ- ization of college men and Women seek- ing full-time Christian service. REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS INCLUDED SPECIAL SPEAKERS FROM AREA CHURCHES. GROUP PLANNING WAS NECESSARY FOR THEIR ANNUAL PRO- GRAM FOR WALL STREET MISSION CLUBS. THE DEPUTATION TEAM IS KNOWN THOUGHOUT FOUR STATES. -us! CAMPUS ACTIVITIES AND CHAPEL ARE PLANNED BY SEPARATE COMMITTEES. AGORA Agora board members: Kay Conover, Louise Simmon, Diane Bushyager, Mary Ehrhardt, Bonnie Anderson, Karen Rodger, Carol Hig- gins, Jeanine Arnold, Sandra Burns, Mary Louise Lundquist, Karen Carey, Donna Pettitt. Under president Kay Conover, the board successfully planned big-and-1ittle- sister activities, the leadership banquet, the Agora Carnival, and the Mother-Daughter banquet. Regular meetings included a Christmas party for children for the Boys and Girls Home and a bridal show. AGORA MEMBERS HEARD OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN COLLEGE GRADUATES IN THE ARMED FORCES. 52 2,6224 MOTHERS ARE THE HONORED GUESTS AT THE ANNUAL MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET MRS, HUGH WOHLENEERG WAS SELECTED MOTHER OF THE YEAR. AGORA ACTIVITIES AN IMPORTANT PART OF GETTING ACQUAINTED FOR FRESH- MEN GIRLS WAS THE BIG AND LITTLE SISTER PICNIC, CHILDREN FROM THE BOYS AND GIRLS HOME GATHERED ROUND WITH AGORA MEMBERS FOR A CHRISTMAS CAROL, wi' STUDENT COUNCIL One of the most important and the most active groups on campus is the Student Council. Its many actions are felt throughout the year in both academic and social fields. One of the main academic projects this year Was sponsorship of the honor system election. Along with the traditional activities for Homecoming, the Christmas formal, the Spring formal, and the Campus Chest drive, a spe- cial series of entertainment Was sponsored during the Winter months. Three signs to advertise Morningside College were leased by the Council and were placed along major highways. When spring fever was about to get the best of all of us, the familiar bugle hailed Walk-Out Day, the completion of another successful year, and the nlectinrl nf Q nc-ur r-nuncil, SEATED: MATHIASEN. CARLSON. MRS, CLARK- SON, CREWDSON. STANDING: CROSTON. POPPEN, RIDOUT, ROB ERTS, SPIEGEL, WIL MARTH, FICK, KELLOG IZ'-f ' :"f'f' - . f '. . i 1,5-b SFSRT' ' ' 51 iff ,ri 1 X. 'ggi xi NWN 'l :-,v ggfi A ' ' 7 ww X : Wg ., .1 xt ir TERRY APPROVES ONE SIGN AD. VERTISING MORNINGSIDE COL- LEGE vane ' T- President .....r Vice-President .... ........... Secretary ............... Christy Mathiasen Treasurer ................... Lowell Wilson Program and Activities ......... Bill Ridout Freshman Director .....-... Chuck Wilmarth Publicity ......... ..... A nnette KIIUCISOH Advocate ,,,,-,,,.,-,-....... Craig Croston ,. Social Director .............. Harold P0ppeI1 Interfraternity Representative ........... -----,,,,---------,-,,- Wally Spiegel Panhellenic Representative .......... .... -----,,,,,--,,--,,,,,--Peg Crewdson I. S. E. Representatives ................... Tom Kellog, Kay Carlson Advisor ,, ,.......... Robert Meloy ----- Terry Roberts -Arlan Fick WOM EN'S SELF-GOVERNING ASSOCIATION TSESISQENNJLD5'NSEEERIQSAHRLYFNZESEA x2ISE+2?:Tf'D5SgASd'i'2'S CHARLENE WIl.MARTHg CHAPLAIN, NANCY DROMMERg SO CIAL. DIRECTORS, NORNIA ZIMMER AND MARY EHRHARDT. Members of the Men's Dorm Council are elected by the dorm residents to plan dorm activities. They initiated the homecoming display, a Christmas form- al, and open house in the dorm. The Council presi- dent also presides over dorm business meetings. MEN'S DORMITORY OFFICERS ESZEOVXQQ? 55,55'3iVJOR5OTI'E'lL?.lTD2FIX?ELI'f SKU? OTTO, JERRY STRUCK. DUANE HINSHAW. TED I. MISS- ING: STEVE POHLMAN. 55 STUDENT IOWA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 'il tt XI A . II I- 3. I x IW' gn g ' gtg- 6' . The Student l.S.E.A. is open to all future teachers. Of the five meetings held this year at the Dimmitt Hall lounge, each of them attempted to broaden the outlook of prospect- ive teachers soon to enter the profession. The programs varied from a panel of stu- dents: Bill Frederick, Amy Takata, and Ted I, to guest speakers: Mr. Vittal, Dr. Benjamin, and Mr. Paul Clark, Principal of a city junior high school. In April, they played hosts to the Regional meeting of the Student l.S.E.A. A day was spent interchanging ideas of cur- rent trends in education. A picnic in May rounded out the year's activities. HOSTS WALLY DELZELL AND MARY LOUISE LUNDQUIST REGISTER TUD T S EN ISEA MEMBERS AT THE REGIONAL CONVENTION HERE. THE OFFICERS: WALLY DELZELL. PRESIDENT: JOANNE SCHNELL. SECRETARY: BETTY MADSEN. HEAD OF FOOD COMMITTEE: CHRISTY MATHIASEN, REGIONAL ISEA SECRETARY: DON TAYLOR. VICE- PRESIDENT AND PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN. PROFESSOR VITTAL SPOKE TO THE OPENING SESSION ON EDUCATION CONDITIONS IN HIS HOME LAND, INDIA. J 1 A ll il C' ill ,l li l l 1 , l U f This honorary English N fraternity particularly F activity. Listening to pAdvisor Dr. William y Palmer are members: lVirginia Bailey, Joanne t Schnell, Carole Oleson, F Karen Carey, Rosalee Sprout, Harvey Bartz, and Wally Spiegel. H is l SIGMA TAU DELTA I i stresses creative literary SOCIOLOGY CLUB The Sociology Club was organized because of the interest of several stu- dents in the field of so- cial Work. One of the primary pur- poses of the club is to promote more interest in social Work. The programs are de- signed by student inter- est and involve student participation. Officers: President-,-Chuck Abel Vice-President ----------Nita Hansen Secretary-Treas. --------Lorna Forbes IVIORNINGSIDE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP TO MEET THE RELIGIOUS NEEDS OF MORE STUDENTS ON CAMPUS, THE METHODIST STU- DENT MOVEMENT WAS BROADENED IN 1958 TO THE MCF. WTH THE GOAL OF CHRISTIAN WITNESS AND SERVICE, MCF SPONSORED RETREATS, RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK COMMITTEES, AND NIGHTLY VISITS TO THE BOYS AND GIRLS HOME. MCF SENT A LARGE DELEGATION TO THE STATE METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT MIDWINTER RETREAT. I2 Q QM . LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: AL SEYMORE. NADINE WEST. MARV ESSING. RON RIEKMANN. SECOND ROW: DARRELL KAUFMAN, GARY ANDERSON, LARRY ROBINSON. -agar Meeting the religious needs of Lutheran students on campus, L. S. A. is a national organization brought to Morningside in 1956. Besides its regular meetings, the organization helped sponsor an all-college religious retreat. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Promotion of friendship among students from other countries is the goal of the Cosmopolitan Club. For- eign students find orientation to col- lege and the American Way of life in the club. An informal supper intro'- duced them to the favorite foods from each other's homeland. A special Week-end in Des Moines introduced them to off-shore students from all over the state, FIRST ROW: JOANNE VOLGA, GUENTHER OSTENDORF, PROFESSOR NELSON, JOHN BRUNIAS, MARYSOL GUARDIA. SECOND ROW: TED I, BARBARA LUND, NEREYDA TORRES, AMY TAKATA, LEILANI FEDALIZO, JANE SPAULDING, CARLOS ESCALA. 3 5 5 ,Emi fm. BUSINESS WOMEN'S 4 ORGANIZATION The Business Women's Organization is newly formed this year. It's purpose is to improve the background of girls in business. This spring they will affili- ate with Phi Chi Theta, national business so- rority. The Academic Investment Association was organized in 1955 by students majoring in Business Administration. The goal of A. I. A. is to realize a profit through business transaction of buying and selling securi- ties. A. I. A. has grown from a small group With initial investment of S28 to 49 members and an investment of 52432. QD' 15' T7 vp- 3 FRONT ROW: BETTY STUBBLEFIELD, CHRISTY IVIATHIASEN, BONNIE, STUBBLEFIELD SHARDELL SULSBERGER. SECOND ROW: NADINE WEST, JOAN ROLFS, CAROL PATTON KAREN BOHN, CAROL BONINE. THIRD ROW: BONNIE BLACKIVIER, ROSENIARY JONES WINOLA ZWALD PHYLLIS MAXWELL ACADEMIC INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: President ...... ...... L ee Jarvis Vice-President --- ..... Jud Garwood Secretary ...... .... C lyde Krause Treasurer --- .........,. Carl Roth Reporter .... .... C huck McElwain Advisor --- ---in Laurel Pease A , - l PSI CHI Psi Chi is a national honorary society in psychology. The Morn- ingside chapter first received her charter on June 5, 1939 and was re-activated this spring. Requirements for membership are either a minor or rna- jor in psychology, up- per one third of psy- chology class, and up- per one half academic- ally. Officers for the group are: Leo Ogden, president, Ron Stone, Vice-president, and Roberta Cobain, sec- retary-treasurer. Dr. Lyle K. Henry is fac- ulty advisor. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Alpha Kappa Delta, a national honorary sociology society, was granted a charter at Morningside in 1926. Morningside was the first chapter in Iowa. This year the society celebrated its 40th an- niversary. Sunday, April 24, Diana Burg, Louise Sirnrnon, Janet Cline, Mary Jane Carnes, Barbara McLarty, and Jack Southwick were initiated into this or- ganization. The advisor for this group is Mr. Johnson. 5-.. .7 1 Fifa-E'4 f ii- 553 if HOM E ECONOMICS CLUB 4. BEVERLY CASPERSON, GERI MEAD, ANN LENZ, KATHY ROUNDS, CAROL HIGGINS, JANA DODGE, BONNIE BLACKMER, KATHIE MAJOROWICZ, SALLY NIEBUHR, LOIS THORSEN, MARGARET GUENTHER, MARILYN HIGGINS. CHEERLEADERS AND MAROON CHIEF gx 5 Eight enthusiastic cheerleaders added a Maroon Chief to generate spirit at Morningside football and basketball games. THE SQUAD: DIANE BUSHYAGER DARLA PETERSON KAY CARLSON JEAN WILSON KAROL DEMOSS MARY MOSSENGREN KAREN RODGER CHIEF STEVE POHLMAN. MISSING IS NANCY BIRKBECK. WOM EN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The W.A.A. was formed for all campus Women to participate in all phases of phys. ed. The group held monthly meetings with swimming, trampoline, ping pong, basketball and other forms of recreation as activities. Miss Nita Harris is W. A. A. director. M CLUB MEMBERS OF THE CITY RECREATION LEAGUE BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: BARBARA DUNHAM, JOYCE JENSEN, PAT TAYLOR. BACK ROW: CAROLYN HALSTROM. SHARON REINKE. LYNDA ARTZ, LOIS PETER, PHYLLIS ORLUSKE. LYNDA WAS ALSO COACH. ATHLETIC LETTER WINNERS: FRONT ROW: JERRY HOUPT, JERRY ADAMS, ELMER MENAGE. LOWELL THOMSEN SECOND ROW JACK JENNETT, JERRY EHWEGEN, MIKE WATKINS. THIRD ROW: GARY KOLBECK, JIM ANFINSON, LERAY CARTER HAROLD POPPEN. FOURTH ROW: JERRY BLOCK, DAVE MULDER, KEN GOECKE, DICK SLATER. TOP ROW: DALE TRAVER, DARYL KOHNKE DOUG JOHNSON. ' CIRCLE K Circle K is a Kiwanis service organization on the college level. Projects for the club's second year ranged from a slave sale to hand- ing out donuts and cocoa at a pep rally. Two highlights of the activities were a Thanks- giving dinner with boys from the Boys and Girls Home and a traditional ladies' night banquet. -1' is? QL? CZ' as-L7 The men meet each Monday noon, with regular guest speakers. 2 Vi J g . .1 FRONT ROW: DEWEY HALFORDQ ADVISOR, CLOYD BISHOP, BILL RIDOUT, JIM PARDEN. 2ND ROW: DICK HEATER, FRED EVANS, STEVE POHLIVIAN. SRD ROW: DON TAYLOR, LOREN ANDREWS, ARLAN FICK. 4TH ROW: DAVE MULDER, JERRY STRUCK, HAROLD POPPEN, AND DICK SLATER. OFFICERS: DICK SLATER, PRESIDENT: CHUCK WIL- MARTH, VICE-PRESIDENT, ARLAN FICK, SECRETARY: HAROLD POPPEN, TREASURER. THE BOYS FROM THE HOME, AND THOSE FROM MORNINGSIDE, ENJOYED THANVKSGIVING DINNER. CHAIRMAN TOM KELLOGG PRESIDES OVER A COMMITTEE MEETING. I, S. E. was organized three years ago by veterans on campus. lt was later broadened to include any student who is not a member of a fraternal organization. I. S. E. is purposely loosely organized to meet the needs of students who do not have time for organizations. Two delegates to the student council share one vote. Chairman, Tom Kelloggg Vice-Chairman, Don Taylorg Treasurer, Christy Mathiasong Secretary, Karol DeMossg Publicity, Jerry Vaughan. . 'P . 7'fL 1 : Q N 41 K 1 5? 415' 1 if wr. - 1 1.-is 19 L 5' 'K X .Za . 4 uf. -2.4, cf A Q1 , . 5 N 'f vi- f f 1 1, B 1 'VH fy Jywe , 1:54 51.1. Hm- -:- 'P' x-- 'vm 45 NEA 2f1w,e':f:f 41 gf '-7 . " my ' ' 4-ia ? 'Z-.I . f , 1 ' ff, yi 'W VA. X4 nf , 1 2, 'V IE' W, 0 1 ,f y 51 . f aging 4 ni , J, If , 7 2 fn Z' f ,.fi.. ' 'Sl W 5 L , , 7 , , W 'af ' fx EW? f Ng, , , W , f 4 ,fZlY,Z,,0,,f! F151 I ai .,,:. - , M L.. .... . - ,,f.4.,'. 3- . ffl . ' Av I :5'5f"' ,.-45: ffm, ,xp -- my . . , , Mn, ' 4, wgfqwm Viz? ' -jg: ge, . ..... ,zu ,qua I X A 'f L 5' Lf 1 M 1 A' V 1 ,R 0 X, f I Alvy , .. -A, I , ,A,,.fw,:44,11-V ,. .,,, -,V 25315.51 L53 . ..,, . U A Z . -I ' I U? ,lf MADRIGAL The madrigal group under the direction of Dr. Morrison gave a folk song concert for high schools in the area. Many of their selections were Dr. Morrisonls original Works. BRASS ENSEMBLE The Brass Ensemble, under the direction of James Hustis, present- ed a concert on Febru- ary 28 this year, and on May 4, played for Honors Chapel in Allee Gym. MARCHING BAND up-av-' .- ,,,.4"" f THOUGH SMALL IN SIZE, THE SPIRITED MARCHING BAND OF 40 RING WITH A SYMPHONIC AIR. 61.155 HIGH-STEPPING DRUM MAJOR ROD JISKOOT LEADS THE PEPPY MAJORETTES, MARJORIE HANSEN, BARBARA HENSHAW, THEOLA SAD- LER, JUDY CANFIELD, AND BAND THROUGH HALF-TIME MANUEVERS. 66 PROF. JAMES HUSTIS DIRECTED BOTH BANDS THIS YEAR. Ii A5 5 CONCERT BAND Piccolo Sharon Swanson Flute Gloria Rogalla Sharon Swanson Jinny Sloan Bassoon Ronald W. Tyree CFacultyJ Ronald Rieckrnann Clarinet Bruce Bedell Nancy Drornmer Roger Neumann Virginia Wadsley Gary King Don Horner Gary Ritz Alto Sax David Hausmann Joyce Myrick Horn David Bircher fPresidentJ Katherine Rasmussen Marlys Cross Trombone Larry Bundt Jack L. Warner Millie Wharton Tad Gould 5231: of ,, W. Baritone Rodney Jiskoot CVice Don Taylor James Puckett Sousaphone James McDonald Willi'am Anderson String Bass John Peterson Tenor Sax Bob Kuiper Trumpet William Castle Ken Wolfswinkel Gary Easton William Smithson Ronald Arndt H. Leroy Koerselman G. Richard Van Nest Lee Riemersma Timpani Russ Shaw Percussion Sue Anne Oleson Robert Peters Nathan Wilson Librarian Nancy Drornmer -Pres.J Band Officers klk, we-1' FRONT ROW: SUE OLESON. BARBARA TUTTLE. SHARON KRUGER, JULIA BEDELL. ELAINE ARVESON, KAREN BOHN. 2ND ROW: KAY GESAMAN. ARLENE LENZ, CAROL GUTHMILLER. JUDY HAAS, MARILYN SOMMERS. 3RD ROW: KAY PECH. KATHY RASMUSSEN. MARLYS CROSS. JEANINE ARNOLD, NANCY DROMMER, CAROL NICKEL. CONNIE PETERSON. NIU PHI EPSILON Officers: President is r OOe..e..O.,.O.I Carol Nickel Vice-President ....,eO,OO.e.,, Julia Bedell Treasurer .....,..r...r. Marlys Cross Secretary - , ,....r.. ,,.---- Connie Peterson iii, Y x ,X Q It X , x Mu Phi Epsilon is a national music sorority with emphasis on service to the World and the community through music. Attainment of membership in Mu Phi is quite an honor, since it depends on accomplishments in three areas: leadership, scholarship, and musicianship. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRONT ROW: BILL SMITHSON, GARY EASTON, RICK LEHNUS, GARY RITZ, DAN WOLFF, DAVE BIRCHER, LARRY BUNDT, ROD ARNDT, RUSS SHAW. SECOND ROW: JAMES PUCKETT, RON RIECKMANN, LEONARD BURCHER, HAN WILSON J E JIM JER IN KEN WOLF WIN ROGER NEWMAN, NAT , ACK WARN R, G S, S KEL THIRD ROW: GENE VAN NESS, BILL VENNARD, JOHN JOHNSON, JIM MCDONALD, ROD JISKOOT, JERRY HOUPT, BILL CASTLE, DA E ROGULA. Morningside's big band, the Sinfonian, is the product of the combined talents of the members of Phi Mu Alpha. The high point of the honorary music fraternity's calendar is Sinfonian Inn. Roger Newman was dance band leader. Wade Raridon directed a chorus- made up of all the members. Sinfonian Inn was preceded by a traditional Phi Mu banquet. Officers: 5 . , David Bircher f j' President ............ Vice-President ........ Bill Smithson A ' . R I I 'X Secretary ..,............. Bill Castle , R ,J y A Treasurer .l..-..-.... John Johnson ff' ' ji V, ,l ' l..k wx Faculty Advisor ....... Dr. Morrison f" I ' ' I jj ...E a tx .ga I lkl. L,.L-lgfllgg Lui, LL . 2- -X I I -'I I I CHOIR The choir, chamber orchestra, and music faculty combined talents to sing Haydn's "The Heavens Are Telling" at mid-year graduation. . WOOD AT WORK. yr .9 Jai, Wh CHOIR MEMBERS TOOK TIME OUT DURING THE CHOIR'S FOUR-STATE TOUR. FIRST ROW: DR. WOOD, JUDY JONES, BONNIE ANDERSON, BECKY HOPE, GLORIA ROGALLA, BOB KUIPER, AL BARTELS, GENE VAN NESS, BEVERLY NEAL, SHARON KRUGER. SECOND ROW: DIANE SPIEGEL, MARILYN SOMMERS, BERLIN MATHEWS ROGER NEWMANN, JIM MCDONALD, KEN WOLF, JACK COLBY, RUTH ANN WEST- ,MAN, KATHY RASMUSSON, MILLIE WHARTON. THIRD ROW: ELAINE ARVESON, JUDY HAAS, SANDY BURNS, HERB KORSELMAN, RUSSELL LAWSON, LARRY BUNDT, JOHN LEASE, CAROL ROCKWELL, KAY MCFARLAND, LINDY WOHLENBERG, SUE ANN OLESON, JOHN PETERSON, AL BASKERVILLE, BILL HAMPEL, DAVE HAUSMANN, LEE REIMERSMA, BARBARA DUNHAM, JOYCE JENSEN, CONNIE PETERSON. .52 . 'YJ SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Symphony orchestra :erts this year at the Ising activity tickets attend. The group 'elve other concerts e Sioux City public ase were broadcasted tudents and six facul- m in the symphony. THE CONDUCTOR IS LEO KUCINSKI, ONE HIGHLIGHTf OF THE YEAR'S SERIES WAS THE GUEST PERFORMANCE OF PROF. RICHARD FAITH. MASTER'S MELODI E RS The Ambassadors of Morningside . . . The Masters Meiodiers vocal group sing at church services and youth groups in Iowa, Nebras- ka, and Minnesota and at church groups in the summer. The men are sponsored by the college. , . r .1 1, .- S " I ,E "v I , L 'pf gif, 4' A, nay' I' I ' N I, . ,L , . AV 5 I .- F A .pu A ' 1 ,.- ' , - '-,. .A X. . ,K JIM MCDONALD. AL BASKERVILLE. BOB BELL. GENE VAN NEST. KEN WOLFSWINKEL. GASPARO TELLS BEPPO THAT A MAN SHOULD BE THE BOSS. Donizetti's comic opera Rita, directed by Mr. Raridon, starred Becky Hope as Rita, John Lease was her husband Beppo, and A1 Bartels was her first husband Gasparo. A surprise addition to the cast was Dr. Morrison, playing Bartolo, the Inn servant. Gasparo, who Rita had thought to be dead, returns home to Rita, now married to Beppo. Discontented, both men want to be rid of her. They decide to make a game of itg the winner is the loser . . . or the winner takes Rita. RITA t Q Mar ,, A. GASPARO IS DETERMINED TO GET THE WEDDING LICENSE AND STROY IT. 'B'-wi MUSIC ACTIVITIES RECITALS AND OTHER MUSIC ACTIVITIES REQUIRE MANY HOURS OF PRACTICE. ABOVE KAY PECH USES HARP TECHNIQUE OF TEACHER BEVERLY NEAL. SENIOR RECITALS ARE REQUIRED. AT RIGHT HORNIST DAVID BIRCHER GOES OVER HIS PIECES FOR HIS JOINT RECITAL WITH MARLYS CROSS. A STIRRING PROGRAM OF FOLK MUSIC WAS PRESENTED IN FEBRUARY BY THE MADRIGAL SINGERS, ,f 73 BUT THERE WAS ALWAYS TIME TO RELAX. SIOUX Social events sometimes mean little more than pictures on a yearbook page to Sioux staff members when deadlines are close. But when the last pages go - to the printer, the job seems worth it. PICTURES . . WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM. EXPEDITOR OF PHOTOS, DIANE SPIEGEL, ASSURES SPORTS, CONNIE RHOADES, ON HER REQUEST FOR MORE FOOTBALL SHOTS. LOOKING ON IS FACULTY ADVISOR FOR BOTH SIOUX AND COLLEGIAN REPORTER, ROBERT PHELPS. E11 TIME OUT BETWEEN PICTURES FOR THEIR OWN: THE STAFF . . . NANCY CHRISTENSON, ALICE JORDAN, JIM MCDONALD, BILL BURGRAAF, NANCIE ENSOR. i COLLEGIAN REPORTER . 5 , fi 5 , wi Ln '- '- 5' 'A' AL AND MARILYN BEGIN THE REGULAR RITUAL OF CHECKING PROOFS FOR THE FRIDAY ISSUE. A TYPICAL WEDNESDAY . . . LAY-UPS. JANE ASSISTS SPORTS EDITOR CONNIE AND HER ASSISTANT, DICK, ON PAGE THREE SPORTS. 'D Editor ............ ....... ........ A l Anderson Managing Editor--- ---- Marilyn Gauger Business Manager ---- ----- W ally Delzell Sports Editor ----- --- ---- Connie Rhoades Artist --------- ---------- F rank Lange Photographer-U ---- John Keshishoglou Circulation ---- ------ F lorence Dirks Fine Arts--- ---- Bill Frederick Religion ---- --------- K athie Young Activities ---- -- ---- Barbara McCutcheon Organizations--- ----- -------- K aren Carey Re-Writing ------ ----- - - ------- Diana Burg Lay-Up ----------------------------- Judy Plagman Staff: Lorna Puhrrnan, Alice Jordan, Myrna Hinton, Sandra Burns, Dick Anderson, Dan Wolff, Janna Dodge, Charles McElWain, Henry Givens, Julia Bedell, Frank Lelchook, Rosalee Sprout, Virginia Bailey, Jane Spaulding, Virginia Wadsley. STAFF THE C. R. STAFF FREDRICHS, LELCHOOK, MCCUTCHEON, RHOADES GIVENS, CAREY. SPAULD ING. ANDERSON, KESH ISHOGLOU. 'wi ,, rs, 1 ima I i 1 t i I . I ' 15" f 1 : -:gag I . ' I fr- li- 5111 Hiilrhlffi . - PERSPECTIVES Members of the class, aided by adviser, Dr. William Palmer, chose the best of the students, literary efforts to go into print. Gary Gessamen was business manager. DAN LUNDY SERVED AS EDIT- OR FOR THE 1960 PERSPECT- IVES. PERSPECTIVES, MORNINGSIDES LITERARY MAGAZINE IS SPON- SORED BY THE CREATIVE WRITING CLASS AND COMES OUT IN THE SPRING. fl' 75 CHORAL SPEAKING Members of the choral speaking class, Nancy Lewis, Loren Andrews, Virginia Bailey, Craig Croston, Carl Bennett, Marilyn Gauger, Ron Bolden, Gene Dow, and Stan Rocklin made a program honoring Lincoln which was presented to schools in the area. Morningside students saw them present "The Bomb that Fell on America" in chapel. TELEVISION DRAMA A short play concerning the Christian on campus was acted by Loren Andrews, Nancy Lewis, Marilyn Gauger, Steve Pohlman, and Allen Call. It was given on the "College on Camera" television show. FORENSICS DEBATERS AND INDIVIDUAL EVENTS: JIM PUCKETT. JERRY VAUGHAN, BARBARA LARSON, DIANE HUNTSINGER, MARV ESSING. MISSING IS LOREN ANDREWS, TED I, AND SALLY COMFORT. INDIVIDUAL EVENTS PARTICIPANTS: DONNA PETTITT, MAROLDINE, SMITH, AL ANDERSON. JERRY KANTROVICH, DAN WOLFF, JERRY ANDERSON, JANE SPAULDING. MISSING IS LEE JENSEN. Morningside forensic students participated in eight intercollegiate contests during the year. Held at schools in the midwest, Morningside students competed against schools from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mis- souri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wis- consin. The debate squad finished strong to overcome some early-season losses and finished with a 50 per-cent Win record for the year. AL ANDERSON CAPTURED A SUPERIOR AT SOUTH DAKOTA U. FOR HIS BEATNIK POETRY INTERPRETATION. xi DIANE HUNTSINGER WON TWO SUPERIOR RATINGS: ONE IN ORATORY AT THE STATE MEET AND ONE IN EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING AT NEBRASKA UNIVERSITY. THE LATE SEASON RALLY WAS HIGHLIGHTED BY THE MEN'S TEAM OF' MARV ESSING AND JERRY VAUGHAN. THEY WENT UNDEFEATED AT THE STATE MEET AND GRABBED A SUPERIOR AWARD FOR THEIR FIVE WINS AND ONE LOSS RECORD AT THE PI KAPPA DELTA PROVINCIAL TOURNAMENT AND CONVENTION AT CONCORDIA COLLEGE. JERRY RECEIVED SUPERIOR RATINGS IN THREE EVENTS: DEBATE. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING AND DISCUSSION. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, hon- orary dramatics fra- ternity, confers mem- bership upon those students who have par- ticipated in college drama productions as actors, stage manager, stage crew, lighting crew, make-up and costume committees. This year the Morn- ingside chapter spon- sored some film class- ics shown on campus. 1,-2. 4, . , 4 ix FRONT ROW: ROSALEE SPROUT. MAHV ESSING, BETTY IVIADSEN. BACK ROW: NIR. OUINN. WALLY SPIEGEL, SUE MCMURRAY, NANCY LEWIS, DAN WOLFF, LOREN ANDREWS, CARL BENNETT. MR, LEE. MARV ESSING, SALLY COMFORT. JERRY VAUGHAN, DIANE HUNTSINGER, LOREN ANDREWS, BARBARA i.ARsoN, CRAIG CROSTON, MARY SIEVERT, TED I, CAROLE ol.EsoN. Pl KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, a National Forensic Fra- ternity on campus since 1913, has five active new members this year. Spe- cial congratulations go to Marvin Essing and Jerry Vaughan for their superior rating as a de- bate team at the Pi Kappa Delta regional tournament. The officers are Loren Andrews, Pres- identg Craig Croston, Vice Presidentg and Charlene Wilmarth, Sec- retary. 79 THE ADDING MACHINE CAST Mr. Zero .....,. -.--- - .Gene Dow Mrs. Zero---- . .. -Diane Huntsinger Daisy Diana Dorothea Devore-.--. -------Rosalee Jacobson Sprout Boss- ----.- . Mrs. One- - ..--- ..--Delane David .- --Charlene Wilniarth Mr. One- .- ,..e ------Ed Antonette Mrs. Two-- .... Nancy Lewis Mr. Two-- .. .. ----Darrell Kaufman Mrs. Three- .s.. ----Julia Bedell Mr. Three--. .. - ---Franklin Egolf Mrs. Four--- - -- Mr. Four-- ---Kathie Young - .eD,... John Braheny Mrs. Five- ...e ---Ladonne Popkes Mr. Five---. Mrs. SiX--..- ..- Mr. Six- --- Policeman -------Bob Frey -Marilyn Gauger ----Dave Rogula -- -Craig Croston Judge--- ---- ----Jerry Vaughan Judy --------- ----- K arol DeMoss Young Man ------ - - -Ed Antoinette Shrdlu--. --------- Loren Andrews Head .--- --- ----- Dave Rogula Joe------. .--- -- Lt. Charles--.-..- 80 --Franklin Egolf ---John Braheny MR. ZERO PLEADS HIS CASE TO A STONE-FACED JURY, BUT TO NO AVAILQ HE WAS SENTENCED TO DEATH. In December, Robert Quinn directed his first production at Morningside. This was also the first of the collegels two yearly dramas. This controversial play loaded with satire against the American common man, starred Gene Dow as Mr. Zero. Cowardice, bigot- ry, stupidity are the characteristics of Elmer Rice's "hero," Trapped for twenty- five years in a deadly job of adding up columns of figures, he makes one daring act and murders his boss. An unorthodox view of heaven as an Elysian field, shocks Zero's narrow mind and he leaves, to re- turn to earth, in an eternally degenerating cycle. DAISY, HEROINE OF THE 'ADDING MACHINE", PLEADS WITH MR. ZERO TO STAY WITH HER IN PARADISE. MRS. ZERO NAGS HER HUSBAND IN MONOLOGUE WHILE HE IGNORES HER. TWO TIMID SOULS, GUILTY OF TWO VIOLENT CRIMES COWER IN TERROR1SHRDLU AND MR. ZERO MANY MOONS A modern version of an old- fashioned fairy tale, Many Moons was a charming chil- dren's play. Written by James Thurber, it managed to poke wry fun at modern parents who will do anything to please their children. S THE JESTER TELLS THE GOLDSMITHS DAUGHTER HOW BIG TO MAKE A MOON THE HORRIFIED COURT GATHERS AROUND ITS PRINCESS WHO HAS SWOONED. Xagxv. . 41, LZ-I 1, .. ,. F fa. -, -f fs-1 , , ik THE NURSE AND THE DOCTOR ARE BUSY TAKING THE PRINCESS' TEMPERATURE. Z? -gf' Y' THE KING AND THE JESTER CONTEMPLATE THE PRINCESS, WHO IS PINING AWAY FOR SOMETHING, BUT SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS. N' --- Z' THE JESTER GUESSES WHAT IS AILING THE PRINCESS King .............................. Gene Quilleash Princess ........................ Sharon Schwartz Jester ...-............................. Gary Ritz Mathernatician ...-.................... Frank Egolf W1ZHTd ..-........................... Bob Johnson Chamberlain ........ Paretta ......................... Cyn1c1a .......-.............,... --------------Jerry Anderson ---Sally Comfort --Rosalee Sprout Nurse ----------------------------- Sue McMurray Doctor -------------- Go1dsmith's Daughter ---Carl Strempke ---------------Donna Pettitt THE WISE MEN FAIL TO CURE THE PRINCESS. ART The art department collects paintings, sculpture, ceramics and other projects throughout the year to present at their annual student show in May. The exhibit includes a wide range of work, showing the scope from every art class. Required for all graduating art majors is a senior show of their own. SENIOR Boa WALKER PREPARES EOR HIS JOINT SHOW WITH FRED EVANS. TWO OF Boas Wooo SCULPTURE PIECES WERE ACCEPTED FOR THE ALL IOWA ARTIST SHOW IN DES MOINES. Z.,,. .. Pr., E lvl K ES, 'T 1 L I S , I Nc! 2 flu." s. THE ART STUDENTS CREATE IN CROWDED QUARTERS. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW FINE ARTS BUILDING. :. lx, Milf , - -f, ZX ,4 :I 4 ix '11 p 551 I f J w 3' k, P 2 .15 , ....,, . 1 fe ml , ,X 1, . 4 I WA if wg" 1, .... 5. 25114 .. . - my sm- 'iv' GW' . '39 '51 Gif? fi '-vfamgv1,..'-',.'f'v ,av- . '-" ' ' +3-+fvs:.:1:.-1-.11 ' ff ,V.1-,. .J 4, :J 2, f Q , 'I 'ZA' Slb --1 . FOOTBALL CHIEFS B.OARD OF STRATEGY: DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS A. W. BUCKING- HAM, HEAD COACH DEWEY HALFORD, ASSISTANT COACHES DON PROTEXTOR, JACK JENNETT, CHUCK OBYE. FOOTBALL THE MAROON CHIEFS 1959 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 21 ..... Morningside-14 Morningside-20 Morningside-24 Morningside-20 Morningside- 7 Morningside-14 Morningside- Morningside- Morningside- 34 ..,.i.. e--------Central Missouri State -----r--e-----Omaha University -6 -7 ,------North Dakota University-6 --r-rNorth Dakota State-28 -----drMissouri Valley-12 -hlowa State Teachers-22 --,------A-- Augustana- ----South Dakota State- 27 32 9 ....... South Dakota University-8 .sq as qu .sc -"-' L-U -" 35541 .J i W if M - FRONT ROW LYMER JOHNSON CARTER MENAGE EHWEGEN, ADAMS, ROBERTS, HENDRICKSON, GUSTAFSON SECOND ROW JOHNSON HUCKA MAXON TRAVER SLATER DORNON LEINBAUGH, VER HEUL, CURRY, PARSONS. THIRD ROW OBYE PROTEXTOR WATKINS MOUNTS MAGILL HANSEN LEHNER, COOK, BLOCK, CORBIN, SCHMIDT, VANDER WEIL The Morningside Maroon Chiefs concluded the 1959-60 grid season with a 3-3 North Central Conference record and an over-all record of 5-4. Even though the pigskin squad numbered 25 they were never outclassedg tak- ing no losses with a margin greater than one touchdown. Coach Dewey Halford's subjects are to be commended on their stand with so small a squad in the gridiron conference. The grid season opener for the Chiefs ended in a 14 to 6 victory over Central Missouri State College. Elmer Menage started the tally drive with a 67 yard T.D. in the first period. Ending the scoring on a 76 yard set play by Menage, Jerry Ehwegen sneaked from the half for the final. Omaha University bowed 20-7 in the Ma- roon's second match. For the first touchdown, Ehwegen flung the pigskin 20 yards to receiv- er Menage who sneaked across. Ehwegen convoyed the ball over for the final Chief score. ij Q A 4 ta R -F . f V at an Elmer Menage, Halfback Jerry Ehwesren. Quarterback F . c.,. ,, 5: ia., A IS 117 :: C. J. Hinrichsen, Halfback Bill VerHeul, HP-llfbaflk The Chiefs racked up another Win when they trampled North Dakota University 24 to 6. This was the Maroons' first conference appearance. Jerry Adams Whizzed across from the one for the Chiefs' first tally. With minutes to play the Maroons marched to the one and sent Menage toting the pigskin over for the last score. Morningside Was handed its first defeat when North Dakota State at the annual band day festival, marched away with a 28-20 con- ference victory. Dale Traver, after a 59-yard drive, carried the pigskin from the four to rack up the Chiefs' first tally. For the final T.D. Menage sensationally raced rnid-field 95 yards, but North Dakota tallied once more on a fumble play. On a rain-soaked field, the Chiefs fell to Missouri Valley College 12-7. Jerry Magill blocked a Valley kick and recovered on their 7. Traver crossed for the first and only touchdown. Menage booted for the extra point boosting the tally to seven. John Tollakson, Halfback ffl. an Q Jerry Adams, ' ' -3.':3, Pdf, A ae me nn' -41- 1211 , . Dale Traver, Halfback D' k G t f F 11b k Larr Le' b h E d John Dornon, Quarterbac IC US 8, SOD, ll 2,0 y In aug 1 n Iowa State Teachers College scrambled off field handing the Maroons a 22-14 loss in Morningside's homecoming activities. Morningside's first score came in the third quarter with a 10-yard right end sweep by Traver. A 48-yard pass-run play from John Dornon to Keith Maxon ended the Chiefs' tally drive. The loss placed the Maroons in a fifth place tie with ISTC in the North Central Conference. The Maroon Chiefs succumbed to Augustana College 27 to 21 as steady winds swept the field. In the first quarter with the wind at his back, Traver raced for a 15-yard tally and crossed again from the one to boost the Chiefs' score. Dornon passed 39 yards to Jerry Block to score a T.D. and Menage kicked the extra point for the Maroons' final point. In a traditionally high scoring contest, the Chiefs walked away with a 34 to 32 conference victory over South Dakota State. In the first five minutes of play Morningside drove 58 yards sending Ehwegen from the five for the first 'T.D. Menage on a double reverse crossed for the last tally. The Morningside Chiefs completed their season by shocking South Dakota University 9-8 on a wet and snowy field. The Maroons first hit pay dirt with a field goal by Menage from the 28-yard line. The winning points came in the third quarter when Traver blasted into the end zone for the final tally of the season. f.,.,-. fi., x .4,. ,lf . ,, f H., .,., , IAQ ,. Keith Maxon, Halfback fl, ' pfvmrf- "" X , S H 41. Dallas Hucka, End Terry Roberts, Guard e fr-V-+w+f:. ' -'Z-. QF ,. ,awr-.:-,: V -Q " 'I' . ?, :-ogg I-hr'-H .g,j.- J . X , . sf: 7 ,.., N?-, . .,,,. ,. . , ,..s,,.., Qtvk .. K., ,,,. , , .e',3 M., 'i1"2f',.vwQ5if2,1"v 42:" .. rl.. 312. : ,f'Qx , f22S-'Z fir?-' . 55534 6 .-.e,.-e.. ,.,.me,-,- . .5 5 .. e L - , "5f3V:f-'fn ' ,e 1,1 50' ..,v.4. V . -- f e ,.,..,ef.-Dfw' '- " ff , , bfi-fi .X . '- ' . -e 4 V f-ez:f1ff-zatfn?-Mswvf? ,ef-fill: ' " ffff .gg 55: 4 "'-'- 5: , -' ' , , fv Q :Q P!-I. V :V- ,-,vi-AL , yr-,,.5,qg.m .Mn , , v--, 1 12'-:-, .,: ' ,F- -,::,::- 3, 5 2 ,,.1,g:q51a 5, V 2 . V L n Doug Johnson, End F! 97 fy i l f 'Q Q ZYJ , f J, Dick Slater, End Jerry Block' Emi Paul Vander Weil, End LeRay Carter, Guard Gary Johnson, Center 5' ff' ", . ,Y C! EG 44 -H ix I Eugene Lehner, Tackle Roger Curry, Center Mike Watkiylsy Tackle T lv. 'T fi R Chuck Corbin. Guard Carlton Tronvold. Guard Chuck M0llIlfS, Guard Jerry Magill, Tackle Dick Schmidt, Tackle UDO--II'l'Il"I-IZD FRONT ROW: BOB WALLMAN, JERRY PRATT, PAUL MACKEY, JIM DAVIS, FRED WOCKENFUS, RODNEY SEARLS, ROGER LORENGER, DICK OLSON, DICK NULL, RON MADSEN. SECOND ROW: RON BRUGMAN. JIM SWANSON, BOB PASCAL, JIM JACOBSON, CHUCK LUNDQUIST, JOE EACHES, BILL KURTH, BOB BRINK, ROGER HANSEN, KEN SCHWENDEMANN. BACK ROW: JOHN ROSENBERGER, DICK NATION, MER- LYN KIMBELL, JARED OWEN, KEN MILLER, MERLE DELFOSSE, JERRY BEAN, LEO HUPKE, GRAHAM GOULD. LARRY LICHTENBERG, DAVE BONES. COACH PROTEXTOR. FRESHIVIAN I FRONT ROW: COACH JENNETT, AL VAN HOUTEN, DAVE BONES, JERRY BIRDSALL. VERNON BELL, DICK NULL, GORDON KOKENGE: BACK ROW: LARRY LAGE. LARRY GEARHART, ROGER HANSEN, KEN SCHWEN- DEMANN, MAHLON STIEF, RON HEITRITTER. FRONT ROW: STRIPLING, POHLMAN, MATHER, JOHNSON, KOLBECK, KOHNKE, TESTROETE, MULDER. BACK ROW: COACH OBYE, ANFINSON, THOGERSON, STOCK, GARRETSON, BLOCK. KELLOGG, PRUITT. MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE 1959-60 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside-- Westmar College ................. Cornell College ..-................. Mankato State Teachers College--- Simpson College ------------------ South Dakota University ----------- North Dakota University ----- ---- North Dakota State ------- ---- South Dakota State --------- ---- Iowa State Teachers College- ----- 101 North Dakota University ---------- 56 North Dakota State --------- ---- Omaha University ------ ---- South Dakota State ------- ---- Augustana College ---------- ---- Iowa State Teachers College -------- Augustana College ---------------- 58 82 63 66 63 64 65 63 86 Westmar College ----------------- 69 64 86 71 89 97 64 61 93 South Dakota University ----- ---- Wayne State Invitational Tournament Gustavus Adolphus --------- 73 Wayne State --------- "'Morningside ---------- --68 Augustana ------ ---- "Consolation game. BASKETBALL The Morningside Maroon Chiefs ended their 1959-60 basket- ball season with a sixth place standing in the North Central Conference. Over-all the Chiefs, record was five and 15. The Maroons' offensive average was 71.5 While the defensive av- erage Was 80.4. In conference play the Chiefs averaged 74.0 to the opponents' 83.5. Leading scorer for the Morningside cagers this season was Bob Garretson with 319 points in 20 tilts for a 15.9 average. Ken Stripling tagged close behind With 15.2. Garretson topped the rebounding department with 250 while Stripling seconded with 148. The Morningsiders fell victim to the Westmar Eagles 68-58 in their season opener. Never having a chance for a comeback after the Eagles jumped to an early lead the Maroons out scored Westmar from the field 21-19. However, the Eagles garnered 28 of 40 charity tosses as compared to the Chiefs' 16 of 28. Bob Garretson connected for 20 points to lead the Ken Stripling Maroon scoring. In their second tilt of the season the Chiefs dropped to Cornell College 92-82. The two ball clubs fought to a 42 all deadlock as the half ended but the Rams came back to out- score the Maroons 50 to 40 to give them their margin of victory. Again Garretson tallied 20 and Jim Anfinson added 16 While Ken Stripling and Gary Kolbeck garnered 12. A fifteen point outburst by Mankato State early in the second half paved the Way for a victory over the Morningsiders 78-63. Mankato took the lead in the second frame 40-35 but Morningside dropped in five straight points to deadlock the contest. Then suddenly the game broke Wide open as the Minnesotans tallied 15 to make it 55-40. Kolbeck shredded the nets for 25 points and Garretson garnered 12. Daryl Kohnke Terry Th0gBl'SeIl Tom Kellogg Gary Kolbeck Jim Stock Steve Pohlman The Chiefs Won their first game by edging Simpson College 66-59. Jim Anfinson opened the contest with a lay-up putting the Morningsiders into the lead for good. The Chiefs out- scored the Simpson crew 9-2 in the last minutes to give them their first victory of the season. Garretson countered 22 and Stripling added 13. South Dakota University clobbered Morningside in the Chiefs' conference opener 96-63. The Coyotes with a triple scoring threat Won easily with the Maroons never in conten- tion. Daryl Kohnke and Jim Stock topped the Chiefls scoring with 13 markers While Garretson tallied 8. The SDU victory gave the Chiefs a 0-1 conference record. The Sioux from North Dakota University slipped past the Chiefs 81-64. The score Was knotted eight times during the initial frame With neither team holding over a four point lead. North Dakota State trampled the Maroons 98-65 in the Morningsiders' seventh game of the season. The Bisons jumped to an early lead which the Chiefs never challenged. Stripling and Garretson led the losing Maroons with 20 and 16 counters. Morningside fell to the league leading South Dakota State J ackrabbits 74-63. The game Was a nip and tuck affair through- out the initial period until SDS dropped 10 points to gain the lead. The Maroons led early in the game 18-12 on points by Stripling, but the second half saw the Chiefs never point a challenge and the Bunnies marched to victory. The Morningsiders had to pull one out of the fire to squeeze past the Westmar Eagles 86-80. The victory avenged an early season loss to the Eagles. Stripling and Anfinson led the Maroons attack with 17 and 15 points respectively. Stock and Terry Thogerson contributed 10 tallies each. The Tutors from Iowa State Teachers romped past the Win- less Maroons in conference play 101-69. After leading 44-29 at intermission the Tutors poured in 57 points While the losers could garner only 40. Stripling led the Chiefs scoring with 26. 2 Paul TeStroetfe Larry Johnson ASFQM The Morningside Chiefs grabbed their first conference vic- tory as they downed North Dakota University 65-56. The victors Won the game from the charity line as they tossed in 33 gifters compared to 18 for the Sioux. Garretson took scor- ing honors for the winners with 17 points, 15 of them coming in the second period. Kolbeck and Dan Mather contributed 10 points each. North Dakota State nipped the Maroons in an overtime thriller 87-86. Two charity tosses by conference scoring lead- er Bachmier gave the Bison their victory with :09 remaining. A last second jump shot by Garretson hit the rim and bounced off. Stripling led the tallies with 26, Garretson adding 15 and Kolbeck netting 13. Morningside dropped their last chance for a road victory to Omaha University 79-71. The game was nip and tuck in the first frame as the Chiefs trailed 44-43 at intermission. Gar- retson, Stripling and Kolbeck paced the Maroons with 21, 20, 14 markers. South Dakota State turned back a determined Morningside crew as the Jackrabbits staved off a late rally 97-89. The teams opened the game by matching buckets for the first ten minutes with the Chiefs in the lead 19-18. But the Maroons hit a cold spell as they could muster only four goals. Stripling dropped in 25 markers for the losing Chiefs While Kolbeck added 19. The Morningside Chiefs captured their second conference victory outlasting Augustana 91-81. The Maroon cagers jumped into an early lead which the Vikings never seriously chal- lenged. Garretson, Anfinson, Kolbeck and Stripling clutched the four pronged scoring attack for the winning Chiefs with 25, 24, 18, and 16 markers. Bob Garretson Iowa State Teachers crushed the Morningside crew 90-64 behind a torrid second frame. The Chiefs jumped into an early lead but ISTC captured the lead seconds later and exploded into their Winning lead. Kolbeck, Stripling, and Garretson led the losing Chiefs with 16, 13, and 12 counters. The Auggie Vikings revenged an earlier loss to the Chiefs as they outclassed the Chiefs 82-61. The August- ana crevv jumped into an early lead and held a 10 point advantage throughout the contest. Garretson and reserve Larry Johnson led the Maroons with 17 and 10 points. The Chiefs ended the season on a Winning note as they surprised the South Dakota university Coyotes 93-68. The red hot Chiefs hit an amazing 67? from the field the first half. Five of the Chiefs scored in the double figures as Stripling and Kolbeck hit 23 and 22 points while Garretson, Anfinson, and Kohnke col- lected 14 counters each. Dan Mather Dave Mulder .L fl ' ,f - . ,e 'fa lg A Z ' ,gifk a sag? i xi? is y he ' - , . .. 1 c1:, ,'. W i' ff Q15-V-5 ' f N an---rf ' 5 1 ' . 4 w , ' Q, 1 Ci, 5 4 'T .L 1 If 1 T ' ' 1, f .- N A , w 1 9 . . ff! ACTION! JIM STOCK FIGHTS AWAY FROM A TOUGH STOCK LETS GO WITH A TIP-IN WHILE A DEFENSE INTO THE OPEN. SIOUX OPPONENT REACHES IN VAIN. JIM ANFINSON HEADS OFF AN OPPONENT IN AN EARLY SEASON CLASH. PAUL TE STROETE IS CAUGHT BETWEEN THE 505 GARRETSON ATTEMPTS To QUT-JUMP OUTSTRETCHED ARMS OF TWO OPPONENTS DEFENSIVE PLAYERS IN AN EFFQRT TO IN A SCRAMBLE FOR A REBOUND. GAIN -I-HE BALL. I :UQ 1' .-'fif:?"f ':g1'f,":L,,.'.fr:"f X . . .4 .. TRACK The Morningside thinclads show- ed Well this season being particu- larly strong in the running events. The 880 yard relay squad, Scott Morton, Jerry Ehwagen, Elmer Menage, and Larry Thompson, set a record at the Morningside Quad- rangular with a l:32.9 timing. Elmer Menage at this same meet bettered the 100 yard dash record in his 10.2 clocking. TRACK SCHEDULE University of South Dakota Triangular University of South Dakota Invitational Morningside Quadrangular Westmar Triangular Drake Relays North Central Conference southern division Buena Vista Invitational North Central Conference Coach J einnett -va ff FRONT ROW: JERRY EHWEGAN, SCOTT MORTON, LARRY THOMP- SON, JOHN TOLLAKSON, ELNIER MENAGE. BACK ROW: COACH JENN:ETT, JOHN LIND, PAT JENNETT, DICK SCHMIDT, JERRY ADAMS. JERRY ADAMS JUMPS THE LOW HURDLES IN EARLY SEASON PRACTICE. JOHN TOLLAKSON TAKES THE STICK FROM LARRY THOMSON IN A RELAY. ELMER MENAGE PREPARES TO RUN AS HE LEAVES THE BLOCKS. DISTANCE RUNNERS BOB CARLEY AND JOHN LIND WARM UP FOR A MEET. JERRY EHWEGAN BREAKS THE WIRE 'ro WIN. MORNINGSIDE TRACK RECORDS EVENT 100 yd Dash 220 yd Dash 440 yd Dash 880 yd Dash One Mile Run Two Mile Run 220 yd Low Hurdles 120 yd Hurdles 440 yd Relay 880 yd Relay One Mile Relay Two Mile Relay Mile Medley Relay Pole Vault High Jump Broad Jump Shot Put Discus Throw Javelin Hammer HOLDER Kettle Hall Kettle Hansen Hansen Domerow Chapman Van Wyngarden Means Taylor Sargeant-Williams- Hartzell-Cross Kettle-Hansen- Bale-Mentor Kettle-Hansen- Bale-Mentor Walker-Morely- Louely-Curry LaRay-Cleworth- Hoon-Wissen Bobier Jansen Daniels Fodness Gotloff Krone Quarnstrom TIME OR DISTANCE 9.8 122.2 222.2 150.3 1158.5 4:35.0 10:05 :24.0 115.5 115.5 143.8 1129.4 3125.6 8115.0 3143.0 12' 10" 5, ly, 22' 62!3" 45' 91!2" 135' 8" 182' 2" 121' 31k" YEAR MADE 1930 1903 1931 1930 1929 1922 1908 1932 1928 1932 1927 1931 1930 1915 1924 1957 1927 1949 1937 1931 1953 1911 . V' .cv Mm we-.Q-.f . '16 541, -1, -. 21 0',: ' . ,.- ,go -.1 fv- 5h,:fq,5y..3s:. 1- 1 V- 194 wzz-wif W'-2?-46 sfiygi.-..4,, ws, .'.'-fm 13-if 93 ..,. f -wxfy 4,1 :gf fczzvfi' , 'gf 'I JW' ?s' P47 ll ff. VZ:4I5':'I ' -2 :91. 6,1-. A4 "' E' ,. N . , .- , , f X 04 J fyln 2419 I fpsx 1 ,fo , , 45, 1 F 1 FW .fs . 1 Q-E1 1, ' V EW eq? 4 " .-.- .. AY 1 .5- , gf J 42" 4 6759? 4 4 , 4 ,sa ,,f Y if 7 5 0 9. ,gs ., +, .fe 183.623 , f 3' ?' , . 5 4 A A , - . K if -.W aw- 'ffl we '4 Q32 ,:- fiiir- 5?- wmaqy li 9144391 " ' I m.,v.,.. .R -1 H5813 'Q ...sf 'u 4- f. FC" I if ':...w1 aIii- if H539 . Q 5 ,45 . X la. T.- , 1.4 " "I .'J . '. ri: X k - 'Q S . 1- - .' 'Q 4. MEMBERS OF THE BASEBALL SQUAD: LLOYD DEMOSS, JIM ANFINSON, JERRY BLOCK. DAVE MULDER. BOB GARRETSON, DON MILLER, JIM STODDEN. BACK ROW: WENDELL HANSEN. JAE JOHNSON, KEN GOECKE, HAROLD POPPEN, PAUL TESTROETE, DARYL KOHNKE, GARY WARDLOW, DENNIS NIETCALF, AND COACH PROTEXTOR. .1 1- ,. .:fW"' f mm, it K' in Q f ,M Coach Protextor 102 ..:-Lv--.Amar V . ...we -Rv -.. l G ,, ff- ww V-WMI-':wFL'ffi-wh,,.. f.i14A2f'F1,' 2 at -f".4. We WN-Q .F1tfn:'M1 t If ' '2LhPMlv'ff4?5'i' N XFN ' V. . ,-if Mila-ifQn,'yi,':,. , ,L -Jem, ' ::,,.g.i 2ffwtfwf.-vin-Law-ficiiif' wa, aff, 175, .gf -'yin ,, gg ' Wigs- at iuggr amiga, wir-fPn9E1Wi4E1w1-Hit'if'i1hz:iY1xs IEP' ,-me ww: . if M1 M- f - ,w -wt at 1 ,f-at f it .M M. ffm-Q:w,H1.., B A S E BA L L f, .- f.: :tw A+,-L,,:',,-' ,,-in 4 m,1'.i.w,w-mt ,, PM-L1..1, -w7.1,,',1w -, at :wifi-f.s'vt,:1t ,I w,1ft',:'!34Li-'img -V -Z""f't'-"W lkmvvzxc5v1"il---"v"wwf.'YZv,iW'i-MLxvl41-TiffinFrithan 2 The baseball "nine" captured some early victories in diamond action. One of the highlights of the season was the trip made to the Air Force Academy for a doubleheader. The Flying Falcons defeated the Chiefs 5-4 the initial game While the second tilt was called off because of inclement Weather. Schedule Westmar South Dakota University Midland Buena Vista Air Force Academy Iowa State Teachers South Dakota State Omaha University Augustana -5 2- ,gfveyaf v , twig 1, im ' 'iv' 'f' XG. . 'S --lf' ,. 'R,,vf .1..1,vf.-hu fu.,-,-'.v?,,, ,438 596- gw COACH PROTEXTOR GIVES THE STARTING LINE-UP TO PAUL TE STROETE BEFORE GAME TIME. KEN STRIPLING SWINGS FOR A BASE HIT IN AN EARLY SEASON GAME. la 4, 4:31252-, MEMBERS OF THE BASEBALL SQUAD SIT IN THE DUG OUT AWAITING GAMETIME. ABOVE DENNIS METCALF AWAITS A GROUNDER IN AN EARLY SEASON TILT, TO THE LEFT BOB GARRETSON LETS GO WITH A PITCH FROM THE MOUND, GOLF The Morningside golf team opened the season with a draw with the linksmen Captain Keith Welcher was top medalist for the Chiefs in the match with a four ' over par 76. A GOLFER PUTTS. SCHEDULE Loras Augustana Iowa College Tournament Creighton University Nebraska State Teachers Omaha University South Dakota University Conference Meet 1 MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY GOLF SQUAD POSE ALONG WITI-I MEMBERS OF THE SOUTH DAKOTA UNIVERSITY SQUAD, MORNINGSIDE LINKSMEN ARE DON TEMOSI-IEK. PAT JENNETT, MIKE SMITI-I, AND KEITH wELcI-IER. from South Dakota University. I rr' 'yf - 5.1 TENNIS This year the Maroon Chiefs did not field a tennis team for the first time in several years. With only tvvo lettermen returning and no other candidates available it was decided to forego varsity competition. However, Gene Quilleash and Bobby Walker entered the conference tournament for the Chiefs. A promising group of freshmen should enable the resumption of tennis in 1961. ' .1 I A v . I 2 ag , DON TEMOSHEK. MORNINGSIDE LINKSMAN. TEES OFF IN AN EARLY SEASON MATCH. MEMBERS ON THE CHIEF SQUAD LOOK ON IN THE DISTANT. BOBBY WALKER PRACTICES ON THE COURTS FOR THE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER "1.F"5,TfII GARY KOHLBECK AND GARY JOHNSON WERE NAMED MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS IN FOOTBALL AND BASKET- BALL ACTION AT THE GREATER SIOUX CITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SPORTS BANQUET. JOHNSON, CO-CAR TAIN OF THE FOOTBALL SQUAD, WAS THE MAINSTAY AT CENTER AND RECEIVED NORTH CENTRAL CONFER- ENCE RECOGNITION. KOLBECK, DEFENSIVE BALL HAWK FOR THE IvIAROON CAGERS AVERAGED 11.3 COUNTERS IN HIS LAST YEAR. NYC A? gfff I 'EI , II I I I .II II I I JERRY ADAMS AND JIM STOCK WERE PICKED AS THE MOST IMPROVED PLAYERS OF THE SEASON IN BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL. ADAMS, FULLBACK, WAS A CONSTANT THREAT IN ALL GAMES DESPITE HIS LACK OF BULK, HIS BEST GAME CAME AGAINST SOUTH DAKOTA UNIVERSITY AS HE CARRIED THE BALL EIGHT TIMES FOR 70 YARDS. STOCK. A ROUGH SCRAP- PER UNDER BOTH THE DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE BOARDS AVERAGED 6.1 POINTS IN HIS FIRST YEAR AS A REGULAR. MOST IM PROVED PLAYER -A. . K1 v . F., .:s14,.,' -gs,-1 'Wi' gm , f. 32.63, 'wi-.f f537i?g ' W , gy, Z x7':f!U.,3 :srilpzw .672 . K .iggcf 53 il! . 122 qs: x .Q , f' ll. Y'- . . -'f g fxgf gi ? . s 'j -v "3":'t?-., W v "- mf M 1 -:V C. V51 if 1 1 Mg ,Q gy 9 y , f gi ,", Af f 1 2 inf 1 'aff A y W I K W -A YH . ., M Y ft WF f,4 3 1 J if , f . , fa 3' ' S M ' . JZ 1' w w ,fu 'f f' V' . 2,724 . f ef ' is -ff? '1 rf , ae M an '71 2' -'- 4 ff 2' , .f .f-:ri ,f Qzgz e ,fi - . ,jj f' . 9' a i m . f ' fi -1 ' ,r Y Q' 5 -f W fi 5 V 41 of ,-,J ff , av 4 'Q , I f ff 4 Q f W6 12- , gf - ,Z 11. 9 M., ,ln ,f , 1451,-f f ' 4,,,3Z,, gg Af M fi A ., M.--,gf 6 Z? A ' 4 g 2 he - 4 3 ' 5, r 42: - , ,V . A I fa a 3 -QQ., ,av- 1 f YQ? is V ff. F9 , .ff ., rf . ,549 J, .. .,.V A X 5 M ' f ,, , 6 Q! fc, A 'j '33 V I Za ,Z Z4 1 I 103 H' f w of 7 V XV W f ,. 4 .. , f Q 1 1 , Y GREEK WEEK I f ,X as 2 a nd f Ib, 7 ,,,a4Y' O" I. A T I I I HEAVE HO! NIUSCLES OF DELTA SIGS AND SIG EPS STRAIN IN THE TUG OF WAR. A MAD SCRAMBLE FOR THE WATER POLO BALL. ff ., . gym, THREE GRECIAN NIAIDENS: ' IvIARcIA sI-IOENIAKER, NANCY LEWIS, AND KAREN INIvIAN. L 'sg' ' X.- l 1 GAIL WADHAMS PU'-LS AHEAD OF DVA-NE DAVE BIESEMEYER AND NANCY LEWIS ACCEPT THE FIRST-PLACE HUNTSINGER 'N THE FOOT RACES- TROPHIES FOR DELTA SIGMA PHI AND ALPHA DELTA PI. 'TTY' ALPHA DELTA PI T 2' ,. 471 1 WIS RMA ZIMMER. KAY CONOVER. JOYCE SKAGGS, MRS. WALTER BENJAMIN. ADVISOR, rEIhRIN?dIERCEn,SOI:r:IA5IOzAfNN-E SCI-INNETL, PEGGY CREWDSON, ELAINE ARVESON, PI-IYLLIS SPIEGEL. SECOND ROW: SALLY PRINCE, VIRGINIA BAILEY, BARBARA LARSON, JEANETTE BLANCI-IARD, DELORES EMMERSON, MARY EHRHARDT, SANDRA BURNS, MARILYN GAUGER, KAREN RODGER, LUANNE CREGALUNAS, SHARON SWANSON, DIANNE SPIEGEL, .IEANINE ARNOLD. THIRD DOW: LOUISE SIMMON, BONNIE ANDERSON, DIANNE HUNTSINGER, KAREN BOHN, CAROL PATTON. CONNIE RHOADS, SHARDELL SULSBERGER. OFFICERS KAREN RODGER, RECORDING SECRETARY: PEGGY CREWDSON. PRESIDENT: NANCY LEWIS. VICE PRESIDENT. SECOND ROW: MARY EHRHARDT, HOUSE CHAIRMAN: MARILYN GAUGER, MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: JEANETTE BLANCHARD. TREASURERg AND KAY CONOVER, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY "N I 1 3 3 108 A D Pi's filled a year with happy memories of parties, dances, exchanges with three fraternities. The pledges struggled to buy the new stereo, and alumnae brightened the hall with new drapes. Jeanine Arnold wore the Agora princess crown. Best of all was Greek week - the new first place trophy stood beside last year's. The scholarship placque had Alpha Delta Pi engraved on it again. A high point was the formal, and Pi's went under the sea. Then spring brought picnics, monument races, Mother's Day tea, and another A D Pi Sioux Queen. A TRADITIONAL VALENTINE PARTY ENTERTAINED COMMMUNITY HOUSE CHILDREN. FATHERS WERE GUESTS OF HONOR ON DAD'S NIGHT. V Mx Q22 I 'avg Q 1 mfww . NI-lg Q . 1.34. If, f, -I . if '.E'Qif'3'vPf?gi - Ii 'sw :fm -':WE:.r.5:.::' . I, .,.:.,Tf-E ,V - - new-, :fa ' , A :fif'fF3i1 .. I ' r - sims: if . -:'2S.-1r,vA-Z-:- .- ' '1,4,15fxr1: Ted Tiemens ALPHA DELTA Pl MAN OF THE YEAR THE Pl'S WERE ECSTATIC OVER THEIR NEW GREEK WEEK TROPHY. T -if ig: . 1' I I ' I I fi ,,,f DELTA ZETA I 1.7 1. Www 9 FRONT ROW: NORMA JEAN GLEASON, AMY TAKATA, BEVERLY FRAZIER, FAITH CRIPPEN, MARILYN BROOKER, GAIL WADHAMS, LINDA WILLIAMS. SECOND ROW: DEANNA SNAVE, BARBARA HENSHAW, JEANNIE DUFF, JOAN ROLFS. SUE MCMURRAY, MARY LOUISE LUNDQUIST, KAREN INMAN, BARBARA NICCUTCHEON, DIANE BUSHYAGER, DEANNA CARPENTER, BACK ROW: JEANNE HAUGEN. MARCHIA HOUCHINS, DEANNE MADSEN, JUDY MARSH, NANCY BIRKBECK, MARY LYNN MOSSENGREN, ELAINE CARTER, DIANA BURG, NITA HANSON, MARY STACHOUR, VIRGINIA TRAFTON. -1 5 : 110 OFFICERS: DIANE BUSHYAGER, PRESIDENT: BARBARA MCCUTCI-IEoN, TREASURER: JUDY MARSH, I-IISTORIANZ MISS TIFT, ADVISOR: MARCIA I-IOUCI-IINS. RECORDING SECRETARY: JEAN I-IALIGEN. CORRESPDNDINC SECRETARY: MARY MOSSENGREN, 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT: KAREN INMAN, IST vICE.RRESIDENT. THE NEW PLEDGES ARE GIVEN "MOTHERS" TO HELP THEM GET THE MOST OUT OF SORORITY LIFE. THIS PHASE: SCHOLARSHIP. Getting the year off to a good start, the Delta Zetas held a faculty tea and reception in the dorm drawing room. Other events followed: the pledges were presented the first place trophy for their bit of melodrama at the fall Greek dance, the annual DZ Follies went beatnik for second prize honors and was the big money booth of the Agora Carnival, a can-can line was formed for Club ATD, and the formal, with the Sig Eps, had a Bali Hai theme. Beauty honors were be- stowed: Mary Louise Lundquist was homecoming queen with two Delta Zeta attendants, and Linda Williams was Queen of Hearts, with one soror- ity attendant, the judges selected two DZ attendants for Sioux Queen. Fam- iliar faces at athletic events were cheerleaders Mary Mossengren, Diane Bushyager, and Nancy Birkbeck. THE HALL TURNED INTO A JUNGLE FOR ONE RUSH PARTY. DELTA ZETA MAN OF THE YEAR Harold Poppen ADVISOR MISS EEATRICE TIFT WELCOMES AT THE FALL RECEPTION THE CHORUS LINE FOR CLUB ATD PERFORMED THE CAN-CAN AND SOLD FAVORS. SIGMA KAPPA ,, ,. 5 1 . 1 2 :' 2 s FRONT ROW: SANDY REMMERS, ADVISOR MISS MARQUARDT, MARY SIEVERT, MARCIA SHOEMAKER. BACK Row: NANCY BAYNE, SALLY Soi-con., ROSEMARY JONES, SUE CAUGHEY. Smit a 112 The Sigma Kappas started rush with high hopes for gaining twelve pledges, national's designated number enabling them to gain their charter. In October eight girls were pledged and they looked forward to open rush for gaining our remaining quota. Several Sigma Kappas represented their sorority at the Greek Dance November, Friday 13. December 12, a Christmas caroling party was held with the TKE,s during which Lutheran Hospital and Cherry Lawn Nursing home were visited. The pledges had a big turn out at their after- the-game dance in the student union December 19. Shortly after Christmas vacation the province president, Mrs. Roberts, informed them that be- cause of membership difficulties, the colony would be dissolved. But they were encouraged by the fact that when enough interest in Greek life had been cultivated, Sigma Kappa would have priority to come back again. Also in January they enjoyed themselves at the TKE house for dinner. Although disheartened, they decided to use the remaining money in the treasury to go out with a bang and so continued with plans for the Queen of Hearts Dance, which was a big success with many attending. A Sigma Kappa was chosen Greek Queen. x THE SIGMA KAPPAS PLANNED, DECORATED, AND "BLEW" THEIR TREASURY TO PUT ON THE ANNUAL QUEEN OF HEARTS DANCE AT THE UNION. BELOW: AT RUSH PARTY SANDY REMMERS TEACHES GIRLS SONGS OF SORORITY LIFE AS ONLY ELOISE CAN TELL THEM, ,www DELTA SIGMA PHI ..-J f? wr' s.-v I I I I FRONT ROW: LARRY DOMINO, ROBERT MENTOR, ROBERT GOURLEY, ROBERT HUISENGA, BARRY BORLAND, JACK WEISENSEE. SECOND ROW: DAN LUNDY, GRAHAM GOULD, DICK SLATER. DAN MATHER, DENNIS JENSEN, BRUCE KOLBE, CAL BENZ. BACK ROW: NORBERT PATTERSON, TERRY THOGERSON, REGGIE HUTCHINSON, DAVE BIESEMEYER, GARY ANDERSON, ADVISOR WILLIAM EBERLE, CHUCK GLASS, RUSSELL SHAW, SCOTT NIORTON, GENE OLSON. MISSING ARE MARTIN CHAPMAN AND BILL BURGGRAAF. 5, OFFICERS: DAVE BIESENIEYER. PRESIDENT: REGGIE HUTCHINSON. TREASURER: SCOTT MORTON, SERGEANT AT ARMS: NORBERT 114 PATTERSON, SECRETARY: CHUCK GLASS, VICE-PRESIDENT. With spirit the Delta Sigs op- ened the first full year as a new- ly organized group. Mr. William Eberle, acting as "housefather", assisted tremendously in organ- izing the new body and finding a new home. To start off with a bang, the Delta Sigma Phi can- didate, Mary Louise Lundquist, was crowned homecoming queen. Socially speaking many ex- changes and house parties were held, including a Halloween cos- tume exchange with the ADPi's and a toboggan party with the D.Z.'s. The Carnation Ball high- lighted the season. As an Olym- pic team, they grabbed the lst place trophy during Greek Week. The men were active in all intra- murals and in varsity sports. Terry Thogerson and Dan Math- ers were starters in varsity bas- ketball, Dick Slater made the varsity ll, and Scott Morton ran off with the high-point-winner trophy in track. Dan Lundy was editor of Perspectives and named chairman of Religious Emphasis Week 1961. THE CARNATION BALL HELD AT THE CONVAIR ROOM WAS A REAL SUCCESS, LAUNCHING THE YEAR'S SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. DELTA SIGMA PHI DREAM GIRL THE GROUP HAD A COSTUME PARTY EXCHANGE WITH THE ALPHA DELTA PI SORORITY. THE MEN JOINED UP WITH THE DZ PLEDGES TO HOST RUSHEES AT A SMOKER. Peggy Crewdson THE BIG STEP WAS MADE ... THEY FOUND A HOME AT I2OO MORNINGSIDE AVENUE AND ALL MEMBERS MOVED IN LAST FALL. , 4. iii. 1 wie I . ' M ff 1 I 2 f ' Y ,.n,i"- ' 0-1. , SIGMA PHI EPSILON E1 E , I- - - - w it 1 . 1 I p .Q N. Xb. 15- , 'tg FYI, 4"- Y. V yi, ' 7'1- -:::'.f-vw l?,T'q'?R 1 . 21- a-45'rf,-- -5,54 FRONT ROW: RON BOULDEN. PAUL APPEL, MIKE WILSON, NATHAN WILSON, STEVE SOELBERG, SECOND ROW: STAN VAN VLIET, DUANE SKAFF, RON BOURRET., HOUSEMOTHER MRS. MARY MOSS, DICK WATT, CLYDE KRAUSE. THIRD ROW: ADVISOR ROBERT MILLER, BOB HARWARD. CRAIG CROSTON, WALLY DELZELL, AL PETERSON, GARY STREIT. BACK ROW: JOHN PECAUT, JOHN DEVRIES, JACK WARNER, BOB JOHNSON, GARY JOHNSON, GARY HARWARD. DICK FLEWELLING, FRED EVANS. ,- OFFICERS FOR 1960-1961: STAN VAN VLIET. SECRETARY: CLYDE KRAUSE. COMPTROLLER: RON BOURRET, PRESIDENT: DICK WATT, v:CE-PRESIDENT: DUANE SKAFF, HISTORIAN. 3507 PETERS AVENUE 1 f ' ' The Sig Eps were anxious to return to school this fall to view their "new" home and begin the task of redecora- tion. First to be painted: the red door. Next: second place homecoming house decoration. A strong Mothers and Wives club purchased new drapery and accessories to enhance the in- terior. Prominent on the social calendar was the 12th annual Club ATD. It was April in Paris held at the Shore Acres ballroom. The Sig Ep candidate, Linda Williams, was crowned Queen of Hearts. Other events of the year included a Hallowe'en costume ex- change, Christmas party, Spring formal, house parties and picnics. Each summer the Sig Eps support a camp for under privileged boys. ...lf SIGMA PHI EPSILON SWEETHEART Mary Sta.chour ABOVE PHOTO: FOR ONE APRIL EVENING THE SIG EPS BROUGHT THE AUDIENCE TO PARIS. BELOW: PUNCH WAS SERVED BY MOTHER MOSS AT THE DZ EXCHANGE. TOP RIGHT: THE GIFT EXCHANGE IS A TRADITION AT THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS HOUSE PARTY. AT RIGHT: THE SIG EPS PULLED HARD. WON THE TUG, BUT LOST IN THE FINALS DURING GREEK WEEK. TAU KAPPA EPSI LON FRONT ROW: JOE CARPENTER, WALT MILLER. LEE JENSEN. BURT LINSCOTT, JERRY BIRDSALL. SECOND ROW: JOHN LEM KUIL, RUSSELL BLANCHFIELD, DR. BENJAMIN, HOUSEMOTHER MRS. THELMA SORENSON. TED TIEIVIENS. CHUCK MCELWAIN DOUG BROWN. BACK ROW: WALLY SPIEGEL, DARYL PALS. BILL JOHNSON. LYNN SORUM, BOB BELL, TOM GWINN, JIM PARDEN. ROGER SOUKUP, JIM MCDONALD. LARRY SORENSON, LANNY MAYCOCK. OFFICERS BILL JOHNSON, TREASURER: LARRY SORENSON. CHAP- LAIN: BOB BELL. SECRETARY: WALLY SPIEGEL. VICE-PRESIDENT: RUSS BLANCHFIELD. PLEDGE TRAINER: TED TIEMENS. PRESIDENT: LYNN SORUM. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: JIM MCDONALD. HISTORIAN. The Tekes opened an active year socially, with many fratern- ity functions mixed with soror- ity exchanges. Outstanding in the calendar of events: the many all-school dances . . . The Beatnik Ball, the annual Ladies Knight Dance, and another knight was chosen in Ted Tiemens . . . dubbed ADPi Man of the Year, then more trophies Were brought home for lst place Agora Carni- val booth and another Dean's fraternity scholarship trophy. 3921 ORLEANS AVENUE MRS. BENJAMIN DUBBED KEN WOLFSWINKLE LADIES' KNIGHT AT THE ANNUAL AFFAIR SPONSORED BY THE FRATERNITY. LANNY MAYCOCK EMCEED, TAU KAPPA EPsu.oN SWEETHEART Sharon Swanson THE TEKES HELD A BEATNIK BALL WTH ALL SORTS OF INDIVIDUALS IN WIERE COSTUMES. THE PI'S DINED AND WERE ENTERTAINED AT AN EXCHANGE. ,,-- A 'X xfguf 7 f- ps 'Z' 3 I I II III, 551' PAN I-IELLEN IC COUNCIL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Vzi FRONT ROW: MARY SIEVERT. ADVISORS MISS MAR- QUARDT, MISS TIFT, MRS. BENJAMIN, MARY LYNN MOSSENGREN. BACK ROW: SANDY REMMERSH KAY CONOVER, PEGGY CREWDSON, JOANN SRB, MARY LOUISE LUNDQUIST, MARCIA SHOEMAKER. DAVE BIESEMEYER, WALLY SPIEGEL, DAN LUNDY, BRUCE KOLBE, CLYDE KRAUSE, RON BOURRET, DEAN GRIEGG. 1. Tv 5:11 i f . if '53, N235 5, , T1 FY :fb : 51: ' f d an ,fr , W, if 1 I 4 , ' f' s m 1. 7 fa W 1 37' 'U ,D 'EC' 1 D ri 1 , z 4 V2.4 ' ,, w11c:::'-fQL3:31:zz!:' V 3 fy ,K , ,, I g ff rg' I, A , ff 'i 6 f "7""" E Q ' , ' f a R Q 4 f 5 1 1 'Al 4 ,f f ' 1 -M.: W. ug., '-,IW-v-"if1f1' 'DEQ 1i2:11'A:Qf1:f-iii 5.1:- f 4: 11:2 4:1 1-,J 5--'a Gab f F-.51 ay: 4-5-.Vg-4sfi?7ZE?..1E'f' 2 1,4 an '51 E ,, qw 'Z vi: fig? Z"'41f?1'5v V C F 3 al ' 14' , x 4 f.,,..1 . . fffym, --my , A 1 5 11 I ,f f ' 1 x FW Eff? 'Hz :Ermamai:-'::w.v'f"-:ff .ps 2221, gm 'iiifij H Vg, .I 7142 vm.. Mr' 5,-fu " 'fn' 17 fu fn 5 A 5125, .Q-:mils 53? M 'I rig: am, sg1,,,vj-4:45 my-, W. "'7r., x., ' .jk-fj Ti It '5"?7'fJ ,i Tj! ,523 DAZED STUDENTS TURNED OUT EARLY FOR THE MORNING MEETING OF MEMBERS OF I-ADS DISCUSSED DR. LADS L ADERSHIP WORKSHOP AT THE OLD BARN A NEW YEAR. . . NEW FACES UEMURAS SPEECH WITH HIM PARENTS AND FRESHMEN MET THE BRASS, NIBBBLED COOKIES. UPPERCLASS LEADERS PLOTTED THE COURSE OF THE YEAR... WHILE FRESHMEN LABORED . . . MAROON BEANIES IN PLACE. THEY BEGAN THE LONG HOURS OF TESTING MORNINGSIDE'S CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP ENTERTAINED THE NEW STUDENTS ON PRESIDENT PALMER'S LAWN, WE WELCOIVIED THE FRESHIVIEN WITH PICNICS .. AGORA BIG AND LITTLE SISTERS KNEW ENOUGH TO COME IN OUT OF THE RAIN AT LEAST. wi AND MORE PICNICS.. pnwzz., 1. W, 4,99 A 4. S w N . Q-Y I THE STUDENT COUNCIL FED US. L. Wf'2 Tm FRESHMEN WERE INTRODUCED TO MORNINGSIDE ORGANIZATIONS VIA LOUDSPEAKER AT THE ALL-SCHOOL PICNIC. 122 If I-I-EE. ffrr A li' BUT IT WAS A NICE DAY TO STAND OUTSIDE PRESIDENT KAY CONOVER INTRODUCED NEW WOMEN STUDENTS TO MISS DIMMITT. THE RECEIVING LINE GREW AND GREW. '1 LONG LINES TO STAND IN . . DID SOMEBODY SAY REGISTRATION WOULD BE MORE EFFICIENT THIS YEAR7 AND AGORA MEMBERS TOOK THEIR LITTLE SISTER TO TEA. . I J "gr .J 'H fm ,xx 124 I HI, THE OSAGES PLOTTED THEIR SKIT AT BUSHYAGER'S HOME. THE DEAN'S PARTY MEANT MIXERS AND A PRIZE FOR THE OMAHA TRIBE AND THEIR SKIT, AMY TAKATA WARIVIED UP FOR FRESH- MAN TALENT SHOW TRYOUTS BEFORE ADMIRING FELLOW FRESHNIEN. THE FRESHIVIEN WENT TO THE DEAN'S PARTY . . TEKES ENTERTAINED WITH HYPNOSIS. -- I J JA r. III' I I , , z 41 5? 5 . A D PVS HAD A HAT PARTY. DZAS SENT RUSHEES TO THE CIRCUS, AND THE SIGMA KAPPAS TURNED THEIR I-IAI.I. INTO A DESERT ISLAND. FRATERNITY 8: SORORITY RUSHING WAS A WHIRL. . THE COVETED MOMENT: THE DELTA SIGS PUT ON A PLEDGE PIN. HOMECOMING 1959. . 1958 FRESHMAN QUEEN, CAROL PAT- TON. CROWNED SHARON REINKE. 4'-x XX GLORIA ROGALLA. DE MADSEN. SHARON REINKE. AND BARBARA HENSHAW. THE PEP RALLY RALLIED PEP. . A LONG, FAST SNAKE DANCE ENDED IN THE MEN'S DORM LOUNGE. 135.325 THE MEN'S DORM BEAT THE FRESHMEN UP THE GREASED POLE. NANCY BIRKEECK. ESCORT LOREN ANDREWS: SHARON SWANSON, ESCORT GARY RITZ: PRESIDENT PALMER: MARY LOUISE LUNDQUIST. ESCORT CARL GUSTAFSONQ CHRISTY MATHIASON. ESCORT DON MANKENBERGC MARY STACHOUR, ESCORT CRAIG CROSTON, I-IIGI-I POINT OF THE WEEKEND: TI-IE I-IOIVIECOIVIING DANCE THE CROWNING MOMENT: PRESIDENT PALMER AND MARY LOUISE A PHI MU COMBO PROVIDED MUSIC. M ... ,f .ff Tru , , Q, .4 J, T - A-24 IX I 11- .I pw-,E-A J-.L A -.-, P:-f nm. ,- P-ag ...Q 7- -v- A .4 -... ' ,tr l 1 1 . X Y T J 5 f . J ,. f X , f 1 , L 1 . ' H ' I "I 49 '.. Ls, .- , -gn.. -.T-.- 31' 9' --' -7 "' I'1- ' "--117 I.. F ., '-5'It--x. - T , -1: i . I I Q ' A --Eff av 'S 'Y ,, .T - gh' , "' ' 'T J 'li 4... '- QQ Y L,-. . 2:7 9 Q. . ,, . r I JOE THE SIG EP DISPLAY WAS SECOND PRIZE WINNER, J 1 -r ,.,! L" ONE POOR TEACHER SPENT THE WEEKEND STRUNG UP, WE DECORATED DORM RESIDENTS PASSED THROUGH A TEEPEE TO GET TO CLASS. A FIRST PLACE TROPHY MADE IT WORTH IT. I. S. E. DISPLAY TOOK THIRD PLACE. DIIVIMMITT HALL WELCOMED THE TRIBE OF THE SIOUX. MCF FORECAST DOOM FOR FOR STATE TEACHERS. xi KI F4 CHANNEL 9 FEATURED MORN- INGSIDE AND HONIECOIVIING, THE SIG EPS RAN A LUCRATIVE "MUNI AND BUTTON" BUSINESS. WE LISTENED. . THE TOURING CHOIR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF IVIUNSTER GAVE A SATUR DAY AFTERNOON CONCERT. AND WE CHEERED. THE BIG MOMENT: THE STALWART WARRIORS WENT DASHING FORTH . . TO VICTORY? OH, WELL, WHO WANTS A DAY OFF FROM CLASSES? .32 5 xso " "". EQ is R-ik - so 'K . 245' . wx, hgh. QUEEN MARY LOUISE I A SALUTE FROM THE CARD SECTION A QUEEN AND PRETTY PRINCESSES . . QE' 1 I . L' W 1 5 if L' " E I A 5 xxxx BAND DAY BROUGHT DOZENS OF BANDS TO BE DIRECTED BY DALE CARIS. AUTUMN MEANT IVIARCHING BANDS.. AND COSTUME PARTIES. . HALL SKITS TERRIFIED DIMMITT HALL RESIDENTS. FRATERNITES AND SORORITIES "EXCHANGED" AT HALLOWEEN. THE TEKES THREW IAN ALL-SCHOOL BEATNIK BALL. THANKSGIVING . . . THE FACULTY RECEPTIDN STUDENTS SHOOK HANDS WITH ADMINISTRATION . . AND CHATTED WITH FACULTY. FACULTY WIVES SERVED PUNCH lv Q 132 W1 .1 , .,',f"9" aT75"N I I la? ff 1 UPPERCLASSWOMEN TRIMIVIED DIMMITT I-IAI.I.'S TREE , , . WITH GARLANDS OF POPCORN MADE BY THE FRESHMEN. AND THEN IT WAS CHRISTMAS THERE WERE CAROLING PARTIES . . AND THE STUDENT COUNCIL'S CHRISTMAS FORMAL. FRANK LANGE DONNED WHITE COTTON BEARD FOR A FRATERNITY PARTY. ,-r I5 X I I I' I I SANTA CLAUS ALIAS PAT TAYLOR, ENTER- TAINED CHILDREN FROM THE BOYS' AND GIRLS' HOME. CHRISTMAS MEANT PARTIES FOR AGORA. . THE BOYS AND GIRLS MADE FRIENDS WITH AGORA MEMBERS. QI -ip TOWN GIRLS WERE INVITED TO DIMMITT HALL'S CHRISTMAS DINNER. 134 AND FOR THE DORMS. . THE MEN'S DORM COMBINED AN OPEN HOUSE AND A CHRISTMAS DANCE. AN ACADEMIC PROCESSION CALLS FOR BACK-STAGE ADJUSTMENTS. THE MID-YEARS GRADUATED. . THE LIBERAL ARTS GRADUATES STOOD TO RECEIVE THEIR DEGREE. VANCE ROGERS, PRESI- DENT OF NEBRASKA WESLEYAN, SPOKE TO GRADUATES AND STU- A PROUD MOMENT: MRS, J, RICHARD PALMER WAS INITIATED INTO THE TRIBE OF THE SIOUX WITH OTHER GRADUATES. DENTS. . gb? Z., ' a ' ', rg . , Y I ,I ,f. I 1 , ' b 3. XL, . 0,414- WE HAD THE LADS ENTERTAINED NEW STUDENTS. THE NEW DORM GREW AMID THE SNOWDRIFTS :-g.L,,,.- L1- ., --- ,, , ,Q ."W . W I ' -L, 1 , , , -.,,,.fq:..4.4,z,:w6f Q,T+,y,,1,5,..13-ww .-1-if gf, Wye , 44' 9 J Q 'dw ' -1 --2-f:fa2ff1'fa:f'2 :Q f: "i z12N' 'I l gs N :Efffw-,'ifr,fr If'-" Mawr' I . Exif: "he ' ' I , I ' . ' K i A x I 1:5 51 5. Ain: I I , l-0 'Id 4. ,. , I, affix 1.4. .Q . fQ,::z...,, , ., 699534-xr H3 f ,, .w,,:. f -V v 114, My V. I :Lyn ,,,f. ,,:ff, wfgicgirif-fic G , I ' 5 ' ff A -fb - ,:",i1 f W 4: f gc 4vf.T:2v?, , .,: f 54, W, 5 : , g., ,vi I TTT, I I, j 'b . QHHLA ' 5 II 1' Q, I ' U N 9. W .W ., A .. ., if "' WN-f '- W 14 -., ,, I A. W, ..,, a 1- ,,, ,., nk AM, 2 ,I I 1 5 ' A 1:1 . I .5223 -fi: ,, MRS, THORA PHELPS TOOK OVER DEAN ,ili- REGISTRATION BLUES AGAIN ,I , ,V THE AGORA LEADERSHIP DINNER HONORED MISS BERTHA WELLHAUSEN, A ERIAR- CLIFF COLLEGE FACULTY MEMBER. IVIORNINGSIDE WOMEN WENT TO DINNERS . . I NORMA ZIMMER, A MEMBER OF DIMMITT HALL'S HOUSE COUNCIL, PLAYED f-XIOFIEECORDING OF MISS DIMMITT'S BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR HER IN HER .--' ,.f-- ,-4 1 THE TOUR MEMBERS GATHERED ON STUDENTS IN FAR PLACES... WASHINGTON TOUR JOAN ROLFS AND JUDY MARSH MET CONGRESSNIAN HOEVEN. THE STEPS OF THE CAPITOL. 1-4, EU ROPEAN TOUR MR. VITTAL CAUGHT A FEW WINKS EN ROUTE. STUDENTS ON THE MOVE: IN GERMANY AND GREECE. 138 DR. AND MRS, BENJAMIN GATHERED WITH THEIR TOUR MEMBERS AND WAITERS ON SHIPBOARD. . - ,V , -f 2 Im., ,.,:,,,.,. 0 . , V. ' v- 1:-t::1f',,f-iregff. ,WfMWfW?m:?fWMA' "AH 'Qff.fCff'L:? 'V -, v -1 - I , ,,,,,,:ff.,, , , , f , ,-,. in il ' If 1-2 BOB RAY, ANNETTE KNUDSON, LEONARD BIRCHER. LINDA WILLIAMS, DEAN GREIGG, PEGGY CREWDSON, DICK SLATER, SUE NICMURRAY, AL. ANDERSON. HEARTS AND FLOWERS . . Sigma Kappa sponsored the annual Queen of Hearts dance. SIG EP CANDIDATE LINDA WILLIAMS WAS CROWNED QUEEN OF HEARTS. ,1 ms' Q1 'L P1 ' J. I . Q is it E frx 1 rl. , , T4 1 'H Y yy, Q A l- ' 'f' .ss-31 C 1 41, 5 ki THE WEEK STARTED WITH A SQUARE DANCE. THE HIGH POINT OF MONTHS OF WORK... REV, A,-BERTSON SPOKE To RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK AN ALLS . - CHOOL CONVOCA TION. Co-Chairmen: Nancy Lewis Warren Conner Committee Chairmen: Rosalee Sprout Dan Lundy Mary Ehrhardt Ann Burgeson Judy Haas Steve Pohlman Nancy Taylor Advisors: Dr. Sellen Dr. Morrison Mr. Phelps Dr. Hines 140 Mr. Johnson Mr. Nelson Mr. Yockey Dr. Gingerich COMMITTEE HEADS AND ADVISORS GATHERED WITH SPEAKERS REV. CYRUS ALBERTSON AND MR. MILBURN AKERS. STUDENTS TREKKED TO CHAPEL TO HEAR THE DISTURBING QUESTION WHICH WAS THE THEME OF THE WEEK. S FACULTY MET STUDENTS FOR DISCUSSION IN FACULTY HOMES. GRACE METHODIST CHURCH WAS THE SETTING FOR T. S. ELIOT'S EX- PERIMENTAL DRAMA. "MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL." . f ,L':.i.',, -. 1 Wx . QQVIZPSEVQ3' Q " ,I p 'K' MZQK 'lf- 1 11f::':":i,23Ilf -,'-ftf. -'ifififi ': V' DEAN GRIEGG CROWNED JEANINE ARNOLD AND PRINCE OF AGORA CARNIVAL. .y LOREN ANDREWS PRINCESS AND CARNIVAL CAPERS . BEATNIK ENTERTAINERS DREW A CROWD TO THE DZ FOLLIES. THE PRIZE-WINNING TEKE BOOTH DREW THE KIDDIES TO PLAY ROULETTE WITH WHITE MICE. A -: 7'- MR. PHEEPS TESTED HIS STRENGTH, BUT MISSED THE N2 GONG-SLIGHTLY. HONOR SYSTEM . . WE THOUGHT, WE TALKED, WE VOTED . . ,ff 'N INTEREST IN THE HONOR SYSTEM STARTED AT THE FALL LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP, WE MET A PLAYWRIGHT.. DIANE HUNTSINGER AND LOREN AN- DREWS TOOK FIRST PLACE HONORS IN THE ALL-SCHOOL SPEECH CONTEST ON ACADEMIC HONESTY. JOSEPH KRAIVINI. AU- THOR OF THE SHRIKE. TALKED WITH SPEECH TEACHERS AND STU- DENT BODY. - I RON STONE ADDRESSED DELEGATES RACE RELATIONS SEMINAR . . . WE WERE HOSTS. . DELEGATES CAME FROM THE SOUTH TO GIVE THE SOUTHERN. DR. GINGERICH TOOK PART IN A PANEL DSCUSSION. VIEWPOINT PROBLEMS. THE LOCAL BUSINESS WOMENS ASSOCIATION AF- FILIATED WITH THE NA- TIONAL PROFESSIONAL SO- RORITY, 144 PHI CHI THETA WAS INSTALLED. . S,-gif SPRING BROUGHT DANCES WITH NIGHTCLUB ATMOSPHERE . . . SINFONIAN INN AND CLUB ATD fig'-se: NTE T N OR CLUB ATD: A DELTA T CH L THE FOUR NUBBINS, O C WATT WAS EMC E fLU'I I D ...-':,, ,f ,I A I SPRING CONVOCATION: A FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT WILLIAM SHIRER. JOUR- NALIST. FORMER IOWAN. AUTHOR OF' THE BERLIN DIARY, SPOKE ON WORLD AFFAIRS. THERE WERE FORIVIALS AND SENIOR ACTIVITIES. . f ,jd 146 GIRLS BROUGHT THEIR MEN TO THE ANNUAL DORM FORMAL THE SENIORS WERE THE I-IONORED GUESTS, THE FACULTY WERE THE HOSTS. AND EVERYONE EN- JOYED THE DINNER AND ENTERTAINMENT IN A SHOWBOAT THEME ' I SCIENCE EXPOSITION MORNINGSIDERS DEMONSTRATE LITTIE HOWIE AN AUTHENTIC GASOLINE-POWERED MILITARY TANK CONSTRUCTED IN THE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT. DICK STEIMKE LETS MARY ERHARDT PET ONE OF THE RATS USED IN THE PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT EXPERIMENT. DAVE OTTO ILLUSTRATES INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES. STUDENTS HELD OPEN HOUSE MORNINGSIDE'S SCIENCE STUDENTS PRESENTED THE 33RD SCIENCE EXPOSITION APRIL 28 AND 29. SIX DEPARTMENTS DEMONSTRATED PROJECTS TO A LARGE CROWD. CHARLENE WILMARTH TAKES A YOUNG LADY'S BLOOD TYPE. JOHN BRUMAS EXPLAINS THE KYMOGRAPHICAL HEART CONTRACTIONS OF A FROG. BOB MENTOR PRESENTS AN EXPLANATION OF ALCOHOL IN THE CN BLOOD. .am f461 I . --I .1 MPI 5 ."' V HONORS CHAPEL . . . WE HONORED ACADEMIC ACI-IIEVEMENT 148 ui DIANE BUSHYAGER RECEIVED THE LASS SOPHOMORE CUP Lass organization sponsored the annual Honors Day Chap- el. The student council was installed, and many academic honors were given. Lass hon- ored Diane Bushyager with the Sophomore Cup and named Mr. Robert Meloy as teacher of the year. New members of Lass and Lads were tapped. ALPHA DELTA PI AND TAU KAPPA EF-'SILON CARRIED OFF SCHOLASTIC HONORS AMONG THE GREEK ORGANIZATIONS. ig! , i c N21 - v X R ".l r 94 f ee '- 1 u 55:5- ' ' .- 5' . 32:1 , 'Z V v 4113? a f: 1? " 5 -5 r 22 45 f I K2 '14 3 . ': qff1f2. 'i - ups., C4 .' fb 7501, Y' Q1,1-yv.':m- :- M Mmm: bn-M., , ,Y . 2, war: +.. . -2545 v' wa. , , , . 'xlib .12 LJ i f .1 , ., P' ' ,fv 1" 71 I ,, 1. ,, - 5' mn, WM A ,nf ' 4,4107 49' 7. f f, I G ' f .mv vi! I 'K I l In M , 7 4 if 1 I 1 5 f 1 ,GI 'VA " V f f L 0 07, ,ff 1, ' 9' f , if , i , .oc ,.f ,, 75 2' ,. V, ' ft: fn' yo - :v"'!. , , ' -EF-2? wi: ff , , , 424 ' L, 1 ff' , Q M Z 6, K 1 W 4 rf ' if 3 f ,M , Z If 1 Y I 1 , 1 7 f y 44 c 'J 1 f azamwx' mmf! f-2152 ff f, . 11. R f 4145 A H ff "4 W , ,c , 1 2 fy L1 ,Q . , , 1 5 .4 f' f I I I1 , I fix ffz 7,0 f 4 f ff f "' " 55133 .fu 'A 21 "BME: M., 1 , ,.wmrf:--1: , :ZS .V ,, 1 , l 2 ii 1 I 17 1 , , , X . --.... GREEK QUEEN Waffia 54 5 is ii: l Sue We Wurray giridfy Wafliaden SIOUX QUEEN ATTEN DANTS gfaine Carfer CFEWLJJOII 151 ECONIING War? cul,0ll.i52 olzunnlquidf Cdrifify maflladen .SJACLFOIL Swanao HGMECOMING QUEEN ATTENDANTS mary .S7facAour Wana? Mrlgecl 153 .xdnneffe .J61uv!5o QUEEN OF HEARTS ATTENDANTS CIWMIILOII Sue We Wana? 155 MAY QUEEN Bonnie ,4,,Jm.m .szaron peinb .sganclra gnu-nd MAY QUEEN ATTENDANTS mejnne Wnacla Saff, cf.,,,L,4,,f JUNE GRADUATES ALBERT ALLAN ANDERSON: B.A: WHO'S - NHO1 RELIGION IN LIFE COMM.: COL- LEGIAN REPORTER EDITOR. PERSPEC- TIVES, TAU KAPPA EPSILON HOUSE MANAGER: PLAY CASTS: PORENSICS. ALPHA PSI OMEGA vICE.PRES. KAPPA DELTA: OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN ENGLISH, CONNIE SPROUL BARTZ: B.A.: KAPPA CHI: METHODIST ST. MOVEMENT: RE- LIGION IN LIFE COMM.: AGORA. HARVEY BARTZ: B.A.: STUDENT COUN- CIL: WHO'S WHO: MEN'S DORM COUN- CIL: INTRAMURALS: KAPPA CHI PRES.: DEPUTATION TEAM CHAIRMAN: METH- ODIST ST. MOVEMENT: RELIGION IN LIFE COMM.: RELIGIOUS LIFE COUN- CIL: C. R. STAFF: MASTER'S MELO- DIERS: LADS PRES.: SIGMA TAU DELTA: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. JULIA KEYS BEDELL: B.M.E.: BIOLOGY CLUB SECRETARY: HOME EC CLUB: MU PHI EPSILON HISTORIAN. PRESIDENT: BAND: CHOIR: MADRIGAL: C, R. STAFF: AGORA PRINCESS ATTENDANT: SIOUX QUEEN ATTENDANT: LASS VICE-PRESI- DENT: PLAY CASTS: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. ROLAND BRUCE BEDELL: B.S..: STU- DENT COUNCIL: TENNIS: BIOLOGY CLUB PRESIDENT: CHEMISTRY CLUB: PHI MU ALPHA SECRETARY: BAND. MADRIGAL. CHAMBER ORCHESTRA: LADS: OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN BIOLOGY: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. DAVID BIRCHER: B.M.E.: WHO'S WHO: PHI MU ALPHA PRES.. WARDEN: BAND: CHOIR: S.C SYMPHONY: WOODWIND ENSEMBLE: BRASS ENSEMBLE: LADS: AGORA PRINCE ATTENDANT. MARVIN L. BOBB: B.A. EDWIN K. BRADLEY: B.S. FRED B. BROWN: B.S.: ISEA. KAY K. BROWN: B.S.: DELTA ZETA: MAJORETTE: ISEA: AGORA: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. HAROLD BRUCE: B.A. DIANA KAY BURG: B.S.: STUDENT COUNCIL: WHO'S WHO: DORM COUN- SELOR: C. R. STAFF: DELTA ZETA VICE- PRES.: GREEK COUNCIL: ISEA: CHEER- LEADER AGORA: LASS. ANN LUCILLE BURGESON: B.A.: DORM COUNSELOR: KAPPA CHI: MCF TREAS- URER: CHOIR: C. R. STAFF: ISHKOO- DAH: AGORA. CARL CARLSON: B.S. G. ROBERT CARLSON: B.S. KENNETH LERAY CARTER: B.S.: FOOT- BALL: "M" CLUB. HOWARD F. CASH: B.S. BEVERLY ANN CASPERSON: B.S.: CHEMISTRY CLUB: HOME EC CLUB VICE-PRES. SEC.. TREAS.: SIOUX STAFF: ISHKOODAH: ISEA: AGORA. DAVID D. CHAPMAN: B.S. MARTIN R. CHAPMAN: B.S. WARREN J. CONNER: B.A,: KAPPA CHI PRES,. VICE-PRES.: RELIGION IN LIFE COMM. CO-CHAIRMAN. CARLO KAY CONOVER: B.A.: JUNIOR CLASS TREASURER: WSGA: RELIGION IN LIFE COMM.: HOME EC CLUB: ALPHA DELTA PI. TREAS,, RECORDING SEC. WILLIAM WALLACE DELZELL: B.A.: FRESHMAN CLASS PRES.: COLLEGIAN REPORTER BUSINESS MANAGER: SIGMA PHI EPSILON: ISEA PRES. LARRY GENE DOMINO: B.A.: INTRA- MURALS: DELTA SIGMA PHI SERGEANT- AT-ARMS GENE DOW: B.A.: C. R. STAFF: SIGMA PHI EPSILON: ALPHA PSI OMEGA PRES.: PLAY CASTS. 158 FRED CARLETON EVANS: B.A.: SENIOR CLASS TREASURER: WHO'S WHO: RE- LIGION IN LIFE COMM.: BAND: SIOUX EDITOR. ASSOCIATE EDITOR: SIGMA PHI EPSILON HISTORIAN. SEC.: CIRCLE K: OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN ART: ISEA. FERN VENEKAMP FINERAN: B.A.. DORM COUNSELOR: KAPPI CHI SEC.: METHO- DIST ST. MOVEMENT VICE-PRES.: RE- LIGION IN LIFE COMM.: MCF PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN: ISHKOODAH: AGORA. WILLIAM G. FREDERICK. JR.: B.A.: TRACK: BASEBALL: INTRAMURALS: METHODIST ST. MOVEMENT: MCF: C. R. STAFF: COSMOPOLITAN CLUB: INTER- NATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB PRES. EUGENE T. GIMER: B.A. KENNETH C. GOECKE: B.S.: BASEBALL: "M" CLUB: INTRAMURALS. ROBERT S. HAMMER: B.A.: FRESHMAN CLASS VICE-PRES.: SOPHOMORE CLASS VICE-PRES.: JUNIOR CLASS PRES.: WHO'S WHO: INTRAMURALS: KAPPA CHI: RELIGION IN LIFE COMM.: TAU KAPPA EPSILON CHAPLAIN. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN: INTER-FRATERNITY COUN- CIL: LADS TREAS:: AGORA PRINCE: CIRCLE K PRES,: PLAY CASTS: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. NANCYLEE HANSON: B.A,: SOCIOLOGY CLUB: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. KEA HEESCH: B.A.: ISEA: AGORA. HERBERT H. HARRIS. JR.: B.S. HOWARD E. HOLDCROFT: B.S. JERRY MONROE HOUPT: B.A.: TENNIS: "M" CLUB: PHI MU ALPHA SEC.: BAND: PLAY CASTS. RODNEY JISKOOT: B.M.E.: PHI MU ALPHA SEC., HISTORIAN: BAND: CHOIR: CHORUS: S. C. SYMPHONY: MADRIGAL3 ISEA: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. WILLIAM FRANCIS JOHNSON: B.A.: INTRAMURALS: BIOLOGY CLUB: TAU KAPPA EPSLON, SECRETARY, TREAS- URER. RAYMOND KIEL: B.S. DARYL LEE KOHNKE: B.S.: BASEBALL: BASKETBALL. "M" CLUB. BRUCE MERLIN KOLBE: B.A.: INTRA. MURALS: AIA: DELTA SIGMA PHI SECRETARY. GARY DEAN KOLBECK: B.S.: BASKET- BALL: INTRAMURALS: "M" CLUB PRES- IDENT. MARY LOUISE LUNDQUIST: B.S.: SEN- IOR CLASS SEC.: HOMECOMING QUEEN: SIOUX QUEEN ATTENDANT: DELTA ZETA PRESIDENT: PANHELLENIC AND GREEK COUNCIL: ISEA: CHEERLEADER: AGORA BOARD: AGORA PRINCESS ATTENDANT. BETTY A. MADSEN. B.S.: WSGA SECRE. TARY: DORM COUNSELOR. WAA: ALPHA PSI OMEGA: ISEA: AGORA SECRETARY: PLAY CASTING COMMITTEE. KATHERINE LOUISE MAJOROwICzf B,S.: WHOAS WHO: RELIGION IN LIFE COM. MITTEE: MCP: HOME EC CLUB PRESI. DENT: CHOIR: LASS PRESIDENT: ISEA: AGORA BOARD: PLAY CASTS: DEAN-5 HONOR ROLL. RONALD HERBERT MALCHOW: B.A.: INTRAMURALS: ALPHA PSI OMEGA: PLAY CASTS. CHRISTY ANN MATHIASEN: B.S.: STU. DENT COUNCIL SECRETARY: WHO'S WHO. WSGA SECRETARY: ISEA TREAS- URER: BUSINESS WOMENS CLUB PRESIDENT: SIOUX QUEEN ATTENDANT: HOMECOMING QUEEN ATTENDANT. LASS MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: ISEA REGIONAL SEC- SETARY-TREASURER: DEAN'S HONOR OLL. GERALD MCMANIS: B.S,: SIGMA PHI SIGMA: OUTSTANDING STUDENT: DEAN'S RONOR ROLL. AVALEE JEAN METCALF: B.S.: ISEA: BUSINESS WOMEN'S CLUB: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. RONALD MICEK: B.S.: INTRAMURALS. GARY MITCHELL: B.S.: INTRAMURALS: BIOLOGY CLUB: CHEMISTRY CLUB: C. R. STAFF: ISEA: PLAY CASTS. CAROL ANNE NICKEL: B.M.: DORM COUNSELOR: MU PHI EPSILON VICE. PRESIDENT AND PRESIDENT: CHOIR: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. SALLY MADISON NIEBUHR: B.S.: HOME EC CLUB: QUEEN OF HEARTS AT- TENDANT: ISEA SECRETARY-TREASUR- ER: AGORA VICE-PRESIDENT: SIGMA PHI EPSILON SWEETHEART. CAROLE VANWYNGARDEN OLESON: B.A.: CLASS OFFICER: WHO'S WHO: KAPPA CHI: RELIGION IN LIFE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: MCF: ALPHA DELTA PI: PI KAPPA DELTA PRESIDENT: SIGMA TAU DELTA: LASS TREASURER: ISEA: FORENSICS: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. SANDRA PATRICK: B.A.- WSGA CHAP- LAIN: KAPPA CHI: MSTJI VICE-PRESI- DENT: RELIGION IN LIFE COMMITTEE: MCF: ALPHA KAPPA DELTA: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. DANIEL JOHN PETERS: B,S.: INTRA- MURALS:: BIOLOGY CLUB: ISEA. DAVID JOHN PETERSEN: B.S.: RELIGION IN LIFE COMMITTEE: MCF: BETA BETA BETA: BIOLOGY CLUB. CONSTANCE JOANNE PETERSON: B.M.E.: WHO'S WHO: MU PHI EPSILON SECRE- TARY: BAND: CHOIR: FRESHMAN QUEEN ATTENDANT: LASS SECRETARY: ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: ISEA: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. HAROLD G. POPPEN: B.A.: SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRES.: STUDENT COUNCIL: WHO'S WHO: MEN'S DORM COUNCIL: BASEBALL: "M" CLUB SECRETARY: INTRAMURALS: SIGMA PHI EPSILON VICE-PRESIDENT: LADS: AGORA PRINCE, ATTENDANT: CIRCLE K VICE-PRES.: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. WILLIAM B. RIDOUT: B.S.: STUDENT COUNCIL: MEN'S DORM COUNCIL PRESIDENT: WHO'S WHO: DORM PROC- TOR: INTRAMURALS: BETA BETA BETA: BIOLOGY CLUB: CIRCLE K VICE-PRESI- DENT: .PLAY CAST: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. TERRY THOMAS ROBERTS: B.S.: SOPHO- MORE CLASS PRES.: STUDENT COUN- CIL PRESIDENT: WHO'S WHO: MEN'S DORM COUNCIL: DORM PROCTORS FOOTBALL: "M" CLUB: INTRAMURALS: BIOLOGY CLUB: LADS. JOAN ALBERTA ROLFS: B.S.: WAA: CHOIR. DELTA ZETA TREASURER: PHI CHI THETA: BUSINESS WOMEN'S AS- SOCIATION: ISEA. KEITH CHARLES RUNDELL: B.A. MARY ELIZABETH SIEVERT: B.S.: WHO'S WHO: DORM PROCTOR: LSA SECRETARY: RELIGION IN LIFE COM- MITTEE: BIOLOGY CLUB: CHEMISTRY CLUB: SIOUX STAFF: SIGMA KAPPA PRESIDENT, SECRETARY. TREASURER: ALPHA PSI OMEGA: PI KAPPA DELTA: AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY: ISEA: FORENSICS: PLAY CAST: CASTING COM- MITTEE. STAGE MANAGER: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. JACK LEE SOUTHWICK: B.A. WILLIAM WALLACE SPIEGEL: B.A.: JUNIOR CLASS VICE-PRES.: STUDENT COUNCIL: WHO'S WHO: KAPPA CHI VICE-PRESIDENT: MSM: TAU KAPPA EP- SILON VICE-PRESIDENT: INTER- FRA- TERNITY COUNCIL: SIGMA TAU DELTA: ALPHA PSI OMEGA: LADS MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: PLAY CASTS: FRESHMAN STEERING COMMITTEE: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. ROSALEE JACOBSON SPROUT: B.A.: SENIOR CLASS PRES.: FRESHMAN CLASS SEC.: WHO'S WHO: WSGA: DORM COUNSELOR: RELIGION IN LIFE COM- MITTEES: BAND: CHOIR: COLLEGIAN REPORTER EDITOR. COLUMNIST: PER- SPECTIVES ASSOCIATE EDITOR: TKE SWEETHEART: ALPHA DELTA PI TREAS- URER: ISHKOODAH VICE-PRESIDENT: FORENSICS: PLAY CASTS: OUTSTAND- ING STUDENT IN SPEECH AND DRAMA 'AND ENGLSH: ALPHA PSI OMEGA: SIG- MA TAU DELTA: ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA. JANUARY GRADUATES JAMES D. COCHRANE: B.A.: PI KAPPA DELTA SECRETARY: PI KAPPA GAMMA MU: ZETA SIGMA: DEBATE: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. ROBERT E. DANNENBERG: B.S. WAYNE GEORGE DAVID: B.A. JAMES R. DOWNING: JR.: B.A. RUSSELL JOHN FOLSOM: B.A.: Pl GAMMA MU: ISEA. LAWRENCE G. FORBES: B.S. FREDERICK J. FREY: B.S. JOHN DAVID GILBERT: B.S.: INTRA- MURALS: SIGMA Pl SIGMA PRESIDENT: CHEMISTRY CLUB: PRE-ENGINEERS CLUB: TAU KAPPA EPSILON. RICHARD D. GUSTAFFSON: B:S.: FOOT- BALL: M CLUB. AUG UST G RADUATES CLAUDE W. BURRIS: B,S. JANICE DEANN BUSHNELL: B.S,: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. ROBERTA B. COBAIN: B.S. RICHARD D. FRY: B.S. G. JUDSON GARWOOD: B.S.: ACADEMIC INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. ARLIS GIMER: B.A. MARVIN R. KEIL: B.A. JOANN DOROTHY SRB: B.S.: LSA: DELTA ZETA PRESIDENT, SECRETARY: PAN- HELLENIC COUNCIL: ISEA. RONALD HENRY STONE: B.A.: STUDENT COUNCIL: WHO'S WHO: DORM PROC- TOR: INTRAMURALS: KAPPA CHI: MCF PRESIDENT: VICE-PRESIDENT OF IOWA MSM: COLLEGIAN REPORTER MANAGING EDITOR: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB VICE-PRESIDENT: LADS: PI GAM- NIA MU: PI KAPPA DELTA: FORENSICS- DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. JAMES T. UMBARGER: B.S.: BASEBALL: INTRAMURALS: PHI SIGMA. CHARLES BURTON WILMARTH: B.S.: STUDENT COUNCIL: WHO'S WHO: IN- TRAMURALS: BETA BETA BETA: BIOLO- GY CLUB: ALPHA PSI OMEGA: LADS VICE-PRESIDENT: CIRCLE K: PLAY CASTS: OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN BIOLOGY: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. ROBERT J. HILGER: B.A. DOLLIE DELFS HOWARD: B.S.: HOME EC CLUB: ISEA. RONALD D. JOHNSON: B.A. PHYLLIS MACKINTOSH KILLAM: B.A.: CLASS OFFICER: WHO'S WHO: COL- LEGIAN REPORTER: ALPHA DELTA PI PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVE: ALPHA KAPPA DELTA PRESIDENT: SIGMA TAU DELTA. DUANE F. LANGE: B.A.: SIGMA PHI EPSILON. CLYDE JERRY MAGILL: B.S. LARRY GENE MANKER: B.S. THOMAS J. MILACKI: B.S.: INTRAMUR- ALS: BIOLOGY CLUB. KAREN JEANINE MILLER: B.A. RONALD W. KEMNER: B.S. JAMES GRIFFITH KENNEDY: B.A. AVIS ROOK KOHLKHOF: B.A. GLENN MCBURNEY: B.A. DONALD CARL MILLER: B.S.: FOOT- BALL: TRACK: BASEBALL: BASKET- BALL: "M" CLUB: INTRAMURALS. JOHN GILBERT MOOK: B,A.: PLAY CAST. ALBERT E. QUILLEASH: B.A. STANLEY ELIOT ROCKLIN: B.A. LINDE LOU WOHLENBERG- BME. WHOS WHO- WSGA PRESIDENTA ' " PHI EPSILON SECRETARY 55 MU 2 AND: EHCQRSTSA C- SYMPHONY: MADRIGAL: M- - FAF: ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: AJORETTE. ISEA: AGORA BOARD. AGORA PRINCESS ATTENDAN . 3 DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. T' LASS' NORMA ZIMMER: B.A,: WSGA- CI-UB: BAND: CHOIR: C. R,H2miFI?f DELTA PI SECRETARY: ISEA! ALPHA AGORA BOARD: PLAY CAST. NANCY BIRKBECK: B.A.: SIOUX STAFF: HOMECOMING QUEEN ATTENDANT: DELTA ZETA: CHEERLEADER: AGORA PRINCESS ATTENDANT: ISEA. BILL BURGGRAAF: B.A.: DORM COUN. SELOR AND PROCTOR: BASEBALL: IN- TRAMURALS: SIOUX STAFF: DELTA SIGMA PHI, KAREN CAREY: B.A.: WHO'S WHO: DELTA ZETA: MORNINGSIDE MEMO ED- ITOR: C. R. STAFF: AGORA SECRETARY: WSGA SECRETARY: ISEA. GARY LEE MOAD: B:A. ROBERT F. MORGAN: B.A. CHARLES L. MOUNTS: B.S.: FOOTBALL: BASEBALL: "M" CLUB: INTRAMURALS. CHARLES W. PALMER: B.A. RUTH SUMNER PALMER: B.A. STANLEY KEITH PETERSON: B.A. KEITH K. STRATTON: B.S. GEORGE E. TAMMINGA: B.A.: INTRA- MURALS: RELIGION IN LIFE COMMITTEE. VICTOR JOSEPH VALEIKA: B.S. ROBERT F. WALDO: B.A. PAUL HERBERT SOUPE: B.S. LOIS PAULINE SCHUBERT: B.A. JOANNE SCHNELL: B.A.: WSGA: METH- ODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT: ALPHA DELTA PI CHAPLAIN, AND ASSISTANT TREASURER: SIGMA TAU DELTA: AL- PHA LAMBDA DELTA: ISEA SECRETARY: DEAN'S HONOR ROLL. LESLIE PHILIP STEFFE: B,S. GWIYNETHE J. STEPHENSON: B.A. PATRICIA GEBRAN THIBODEAU: B.A. ROBERT WALKER: B.A. HAZEL BELLE WATJE: B.A. 159

Suggestions in the Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) collection:

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