Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA)

 - Class of 1959

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Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 180 of the 1959 volume:

VN i X in rx, iff:-TCT li X, vm :wr lx E MR L ' W , R w F H 1 w .- 4 im xg!- ifinjw' N it vw Wi? w if N , N N N . J w N 3 w 4 w N N N w N 1 i 5 Y E13 x 56 ,X X Fw 'md 4 W x SIOU Morningside College Sioux City,i Iowa TAFF -Editor Carolyn Meyer .... .........r...rr . -- ,.,..,.... - Fred Evans .,.,.. Ed Lotstein .r.... Virginia Bailey ...... John Keshishoglou Diane Spiegel----0 Andy the Staff-,- Associate Editor ---Sports Editor ----Copy Editor ---Photographer -----------------------Expediter -----Nancie Ensor, Nancy Birkbeck TABLE 0F CONTENTS The College A The Faculty and Administration The Students llrganizatiens Music Greeks Queens Athletics Activities qv llzffillf G INN Wfq F-: f fl ,M 1, L k 1., - , -, ww - , 1 H m ' ,K 1 ,wx 1' gm 4 .w:,.,:1-3 3 , 1:,fm,,z A, - 311' 1:':',31,V ,,1Lg,,, vi ,yi ffegu Lv, -Q fy K 'P 'P W'-4"g3 W 5 EW "i?'w12sfm"'?friTf1'lwggrmcf'M:K1flf1fg'w2ffvu1kv-WS..LA-3-'ffi?".fYJ'S- wQ2wmx3'Wf'2ffs.5fAW"Vi?'ww::w 'J ' ff fr. , - -2'-.--'uf : ian- " L5 ?I?:,fi11l'!' -if limi-g-.1,:f"'J' if-4' - 2115: 1 if " -'MJ ' 'vp 5 4 is-.sf1lfi,'iH'3 H-F iST,'Z'f,f,fil ""'n' K "" " " ' My 5 1 " 5. Q'.',i1"i ' L,5,5I-51? an ff? fc v WW ' Q ei? WL? tm if mixiza ka.: -,mf-M2 M- '-" ' - f- 5,v,.: "' Law' ..,d- f-5, a:2.A.f - - 1117 .f.y:i.fg ?,, DEDICATIO -+ Q -. All 1 f-'L'-.-mit! A DEDICATIO ,A 1-"" A SCHOLAR . . . a man who has dedicated his life to seeking the truth . . . A SCIENTIST . . . one who has always applied the principles of observation and calculated judgment not only with scien- tific data, but also in every phase of life and experience . . . y M Q Q 1 iff? -QAM Y ?,l,,.',5, ,J ,qgw 55 ,V 4- W -jg, if , ff- Irs-'v ' . ,.,, M,--. AN EDUCATOR . . . one who has shown the Way, both by example and by instruction, to better understanding of life through an educated mind . . . A DEDICATED MAN . . . one who has given his time and talents for the betterment of Morningside College . . . administra- tive assistant to the president, registrar, professor . . . For this and much more, We respect- fully dedicate this book to . . . PROFESSOR IRA J. G INNL 'S 5, 155 . , V 1-.., if 14 -i'5i-375 -11 N 4' ' - mild Q - 4gsj7,ff.i:1?t'u ,,-,fi IM? ii' -Q ,,, ref :pid 'ffl it - 1 is.. ,W J iq, L Fil- QQA i JY? ' ' ' ' -63.935 "',-'W Q iaf'iiiF, as .. f,ftixf.'4 'il 'ill gli Qin, L. :i",,l'g -X ual' . ,LIP . , i il if :ill-fi 1.ii::.La.' " ,, 5,1-. f 51 ' ,L x- U. ' fi -l31!1'fQii-isnt :.AIZ'ggjj,5'i, A- '-zgivfsxzi, 2,14 ,'-Q95 ' fggfitif, 5 igtliur' " J 'Tn-I L i fiiigwg- iifif ' 5 f L tc. rif f EE T ,. xg--we 5 ,-if ' its . 'Eg"i fn I 4. Eve? ,Lge Wi' v 'Lx3x :Y,5f'k'L , .iimfkbg is-5.5: ,iii ,H , V . ik - '- 'nga -1 igiiiii? ,f qiR,,lf.J.w ,Q on EM .1- fiiqiif 7 . . ,, The Campus +A., . K. -4. 'rw 13: -P N " , . B ,, 5 . 'f V . 4.i'v7?1fL A g , En' - 1 - L. G pl., - eng, , V . iw .W 4- --:-' 'Tm Q' ' -'Z ,M 1 S- fr-an - ' l 52, " . ..i-inf' A H A ,an ---1 , . , - - Q A . - ' A N Q.. "' ' --4 1. - ---L V. ' Qi --ix., .L .- ' . ' my . :vs v if .- L., -.PA-- , ,', 11 - -sc lv K iz. al V' , , ' ' " - .5- ,s..,,, A A 4 1 -1 -, . ' '1'fsl. x-u. . ,N lib f- Lv. 1 A .ffmff -:YQ-. Egg, ,1 ANHQ, F- " 1- 1-, 3,,:.1:J'f,J'-V Ns. I iff .QQ -- '-I if if W N m.uw7wfw vf' 1 1 'wiv sew? af- fx fa . , 1. . if axis 9.11 51-.sf . -:Juni I V. v ' ' : , - -af A. W. Jones Science Hall N- Ve -- nf f rs" "fr 5' ny-A v . qi Irv. ,,l, George M. Allee Gymnasium James H. 0'Donoghue Observatory FB- I 1-w , L MM: , ,, ' ' - . ' , ' '1. K, -522' ' 5 ' .-',Q,5,f'5' V - 4:22 I Eg 24 5 :N -,y 7557 W tw wfgli 5 V. A lv ,- if Ae'?f3r.x 5, 5' ' ' A ' L " ' ' 5 ,- I L' lf.-u'Hs..'111'---fl-sv I ' -'K v ' f - ., ' , f X 'fir,.M-Q5,.,j,,,1N-,v 1 yu .'n '13 "-, -2235551 n. - 4' 'iL.s"'3AJ- ' ',L,:"' ' '- "-4. f '5" ." J. Marian Jones Hall of Culture Art Department ,rl Jlilffifi: QQ Qc-Qflwfvi We m . JU .aww .5 , M Jq 1.1 '- .1lgi?aE56hgig.3s.3jgf5 'LAB 25 H15 .? sea, ,M Student Building Publications Q - e I-CU fif- Wxfkly G , -2, .M Af: 1:1 aiih df" v.. 'EMU I il, L ,Vg E I, J' . 5 -v,., 4 J -X'f1'h' v l A if l -1 l Dormitory for Men Lillian E. Dimmitt Hall for Women 'sn 5? 5. .gain QQQQKE -muq .-em! 1. fi 'cX"uUw -. 3' ,. X I . ', I i , 7' ' X ', ww ,, J. f . ' ww - mass ,, , I ... "' 1" !5g7'Y 4' "1 Q ' ' " ii ., M, is ,C , Jw . Lszfgjq G mice E 'r I Sioux Cl 'nc IOWA ., "'. ' , .i V, :,sE':1!l-IAC!! ,Iv Religious Life Center 4, 22319 Q, !.W,, 1 si, h we h, w I H .--' '21, f, ' ww: A 1, .- -K . . ., - Qi, ..- . ,env -. Y-.- ,swim N A133-k Q. ,..:a2.:J..4Q-,. ., Q. Grace Methodist Church . . . in Construction DE DE STUDENTS Dr. J. Clifford Holmes University of Redlands University of Denver ,K - PRESIDENT 0E THE CDLLEGE Dr. J. Richard Palmer Brothers College Drew University Dakota Wesleyan University Iliff School of Theology Q as DE 0F WOME Lola J. Jacobs Associate Professor of Speech Monmouth College Northwestern University Garrett Biblical Institute University of Minnesota 1 if 'sq-9 S-Q-' DE OFE Miles Tommeraasen rid: Head of Accounting Department Morningside College Northwestern University University of Nebraska Dr. Theodore Bauer Senior Professor Head of Sociology Department Iowa Wesleyan College Garrett Biblical Institute Drake University State University of Iowa Dr. Walter W. Benjamin Associate Professor Head of Religion Department Hamline University Garrett Biblical Institute Duke University Mr. Clifford E. Bowman Associate Professor of History Augustana, Rock Island University of Nebraska University of Iowa Mr. Albert W. Buckingham Associate Professor Director of Public Relations and Athletics Morningside College Stanford University Mr. Glenn R. Bushyager Head of Mathematic Department Allegheny College Pennsylvania State College University of Michigan University of Chicago Mr Philip Clarkson Associate Professor Head of Speech and Drama Wesleyan University Columbia University University of Paris Cential School of Speech Training fn. : 'Ira , -gi it , . .Q-1.--fy L ., .r .4 .-3 1 .4 miiar' ,9- -s ff if sell f g ' ' 3' fda- ' ' Q .- tb. t yy ' . . Q Yifttrqxlhv ff k, A 's v A A. 7-' 31: . , iii . . - Mr. Louis Croston Alumni Secretary Morningside College Miss Lillian E. Dimmitt Dean of Women Emeritus Professor of Ancient Languages Columbia University University of Chicago American School of Classical Studies Mr. William Eberle Instructor in Economics and Business Administration Iowa State Teachers College Morningside College University of Nebraska Mr. Russell Eidsmoe Head of Education Department Yankton College University of South Dakota University of Minnesota University of Chicago Mr. Richard Faith Assistant Professor in Music University of Washington Chicago Musical College Indiana University Mr. James Galli Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Morningside College Ohio State University Iowa University Mr. John Gingerich Assistant Professor Director of Religious Life Okrnulgee Junior College Oklahoma City University Iliff School of Theology Mr. Ira J. Gwinn Administrative Assistant to the President Registrar Associate Professor of Physics Morningside College State University of Iowa University of Minnesota Mr. Joseph D. Hale Professor of Livestock Marketing Morningside College Mr. Stanley Greigg Professor of History Morningside College Syracuse University Mr. Louis W. Hilbert Director of Admissions Peabody Conservatory of Music Johns Hopkins University College for Teachers Pacific School of Religion Iowa State College Dr. Earl H. Hoerger Research Scientist Full Professor in Chemistry Wabash College University of California Australian National University, London i--4 D9- 5. 'SS' fam it .H t, ,,. . Miss Lois Jane Grammer Assistant Professor Head of Music Education University of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Colorado Dr. Edith Jane Hadley Associate Professor of English University of Wisconsin Whitewater Teachers College University of Chicago Northwestern University Columbia University Mr. Robert Duane Halford Assistant Professor in Physical Education Head Football Coach Morningside College University of Illinois Mrs. Helen Ann Held Instructor in Women's Physical Education Morningside College Dr. Herbert Hines Associate Professor Ancient and Romance Languages Harvard University University of Chicago University of Berlin University of Marburg Mr. James H. Hustis Assistant Professor in Music Head of Brass Department Julliard School of Music Mr. John J ennett Instructor in Physical Education Track Coach and Assistant Football Coach Drake University Mr. Herbert W. Johnson Instructor in Sociology Morningside College State University of Iowa Indiana University Mr. Leo Kucinski Head of Violin and Orchestra Morningside College Julliard School of Music Miss Ruth Larson Assistant Professor in Secretarial Science South Dakota University St. Louis University Boston University Drake University Northwestern University Mr. Robert J. Lipp Assistant Professor of Languages Westminster College University of Pittsburgh State University of Iowa Mr. Robert Lowry Associate Professor in Music Director of Bandg Woodwind Instruments Morningside College South Dakota University Mrs. Paul MacCollin Instructor in Voice Oberlin Conservatory Morningside College Miss Marcia McNee Associate Professor of Elementary Education Upper Iowa University University of Chicago University of Iowa Miss Jean McWhorter Assistant Professor in Art University of Chattanooga University of Tennessee University of Georgia Mr. Robert Meloy Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry Morningside College University of Minnesota University of South Dakota Mr. Robert Miller Admissions Counselor Drake University Morningside College Mr. William Montgomery Associate Professor in Biology Missisippi State College University of Nebraska Mr. Donald N. Morrison Associate Professor of Musical Theory Michigan State University Eastman School of Music University of Rochester Indiana University Mr. Raymond Nelson Assistant Professor of English Trinity Seminary and Bible College Augsburg College University of Minnesota Mr. Elwood H. Olsen Business Manager of the College Morningside College University of Iowa George Washington University Mr. Robert Phelps Assistant Professor in Journalism Assistant in Public Relations Morningside College Syracuse University Miss Isa Ruth Plank Associate Professor of Chemistry Southwestern College Kansas State College University of Chicago Northwestern University University of California Miss Betty Quam Instructor in Cello Library Assistant Concordia College University of Southern California University of Iowa Dr. Wilbur E. Moser Associate Profesor in Mathematics Keystone State Normal Montana State University Stanford University Mr. Charles H. Obye Assistant Professor in Physical Education Head Basketball Coach Morningside College University of Iowa Springfield College Dr. William Pahner Associate Professor in English Union College Teacher's College Columbia University University of Kansas Mrs. Lorene Pillsbury Head Librarian University of Iowa Columbia University Mr. Donald H. Protextor Assistant Professor in Economics Freshman Football Coach Head Baseball Coach Morningside College University of Colorado Drake University Dr. Albert R. Sellen Associate Professor of History Washburn University University of Chicago Miss Laura Simonson Assistant Professor in English Moorhead State Teachers College University of Colorado Michigan State University Dr. Herbert S. Spencer Associate Professor of Education University of Nebraska Columbia University New York University Mr. William Spornitz Associate Professor in Economics University of North Dakota University of Nebraska Miss Bessie Spratt Assistant Professor in Home Economics Iowa State College Michigan State College State University of Iowa Mr. Sterling Stewart Assistant Professor in Physics Morningside College University of Washington University of Nebraska Miss Beatrice Tift Assistant Professor in English Wayne State Teacher's College University of Nebraska Dr. Thomas Tweito Head of History and Government Department St. Olaf College State University of Iowa University of Minnesota University of Chicago Dr. Samuel W. J. Walsh Full Professor of Philosophy Mt. Allison University Boston University University of London Dr. James H. Wood Associate Professor Acting Head of Music Department Macalaster College University of Iowa Union Theological Seminary Mr. William C. Yockey Instructor in Chemistry University of Iowa Morningside College Pennsylvania State University Mr. William Zimmerman Associate Professor Head of Art Department American Academy of Art 5 Jr' EIO xg. " - ,Sy . , fl L. . I J J ' , . A N , , W OFFICERS Mike Owen ............................................... President Marilyn Alloway .....,....-......................... Vice-President Mary Lou O'Connor ...................................... Secretary Fountain ......................................... Treasurer R L K ,. 1 A 1 . .5 ,fl ' ' 1- 1' , Q 3 -i?k'j7' ' " ': Y' "fi 1' ' . ,151 ,533 L. ae? mi .e i 'V' , Lf' -rf L :J 3 Marilyn Alloway Cherokee, Iowa Richard Anderson Gowrie, Iowa Merlin Anderson Sioux City Iowa Jane Arnold Lake Park Iowa Dell Babbitt Avoca, Iowa Royce Barnum Sioux City, Iowa Blaine Beane Sioux City, Iowa Connie Biesemeyer 5 Sioux City Iowa R. Allen Biesemeyer Sioux City, Iowa Ronald Boulden Sioux City, Iowa Paul Brower Sibley, Iow Daniel Bullock Inwood Iowa Gary Caldwell Sioux City, Iowa Thomas Cale, Jr. Sioux City, Iowa Darrell Calsbeeck Rock Valley Iowa Jerry Cooper Sioux Lily, Iowa R. M. Cowling Sioux City, iowa Joan Creswell Danbury, Iowa Lois De Jong Orange City, Iowa Dollie Delfs Sioux City Iowa Paul Dicks Sioux City, Iowa Donald C. Ducommun :CIegnorri, Iowa Roger Dunkel' Sioux City, Iowa E. J. Eaton Early Iowa James Erwin Concora, Nebraska Richard Evans Sioux City, iowa Claude Fisher Bouton, Iowa Gordon Fountain Sloan Iowa Richard Franz Hillsboro, Kansas Esme Franzen Sioux City, Iowa Noel Fries 1 x it Iowa Keith Fry Sioux City Iowa is d-wiiffa S Ou C Y' William Giehm Sioux City, Iowa John Gilbert Sutherland, Iowa Robert Grosbeck Springfield, Missouri Mary Haddock Sioux City, Iowa Gene Hagan Sioux City, Iowa Arthur Hallbauer Sutherland, Iowa Karen Hansen Sioux City, Iowa Nita Harris Sioux City, Iowa Roger Hass Sioux City, Iowa Clifford Herzig Le Mars, Iowa Frank Horne Lubbous, Texas Gordon Hull Sioux City, Iowa Gary Hulst Hospers, Iowa Rolland Igou Sioux City, Iowa Avery Johnson Ayrshire, Iowa Charlotte Johnson Sioux City, Iowa Dennis Johnson Pocahontas, Iowa Duane Johnson Hartley, Iowa Jerry Johnson Sioux City, Iowa Ronald Johnson Sioux City, Iowa Rodney Juffer Sioux Center, Iowa Roland Junck Sioux City, Iowa Andrew Karantinos Sioux City, Iowa De Witt Killam Sioux City, Iowa David J. Knol North Mankato, Minnesota Gene Kruse Manning, Iowa John Lane Sioux City, Iowa D. Frank Lange Sioux City, Iowa Gary Larson , Harlan, Iowa Robert Leach Sioux City, Iowa Robert Leverenz V Kingston, New York Carolyn Lewis Sioux City, Iowa ar-'R N , f ,. I 1 T l' 1 Q..-9 iz J 1 Ya -. V '!'3 'U' 1..- X -. , IILIFRL ' ' ,gg ' Zfffffbll-fi t. a L.. 3 J9,...,'.-fy.. 1 14, , --ff- .'-.LE :rr ij WS 4, -me , S. . 3' ay H I ' . ,479 9' R 'xv av , 43, 3 .., Y n ,L 'J 1 L' l ,imgfkifl 1 5,4 t ' r 1 f -441, 1, , u 9 I Q, I it - 'X A fl, 95 I it sth' S 'i'1'.', ., f4 : YZ a ll-f, I ' S. -ara, 'D .I 'C' ..,f 1? x Q13 -1 , t -:J . . ', h D- W ,vw xv-, vi xl LEW W x "W H . if ,fig IH' AS. ! , wa' ,S rag, ' . 1, f , qi: 1 i if G3 F , 1-Z X ., il' if , sf 0, ,gf , ffl' . 17' 1' A 'Qi "X IA , fi I N' ' tx U I X A - H 5 Q nf 'Y :R I Q x L5 tttfgizii., 1, was G' x Yuv- ,tx za, Allen Lovrien Sioux City, Iowa Charlotte Marzett Sioux City, Iowa Jerry Maycock Sioux City, Iowa Robert Mclntire Spirit Lake, Iowa Marjorie McManamy Sioux City, Iowa William Meusberger Rockwell City, Iowa Carolyn Meyer Sioux City, Iowa Gene Middleton Karen Miller Sioux City, Iowa Sioux City, Iowa Roger Miller Manson, Iowa Beverly Molhoff Hawarden, Iowa Gar Moad Y Lake City, Iowa Robert Mortensen Hudson, Massachusetts Robert Niebuhr Paullina, Iowa Coleen Nielsen Kimbellton, Iowa Norton Obrecht Holstein, Iowa Mary Lou O'Conner Sioux City, Iowa Robert O'Conner Sioux City, Iowa Deanne Olsen Sioux City, Iowa Michael Owen Patsy Owen Reinbeck, Iowa Arnolds Park, Iowa Jack Pauls-on Rockwell City Iowa if Stanley Peterson ' Sioux City Iowa .1 4: 1 vi 4, HE? ::':,,,v, 1 '5 y , -' ' , James Perrett ' I, y, .f 3' . A tr. ' 'Nu H 'N Y avi. . - l x F vii ' x I 'V v- T7 Sioux Cit Iowa Dean Raymond Sanborn, Iowa Donald Riemersma Hospers, Gary Iowa Ritz X Sioux City, Iowa Leo Roe ke James Russell P Sioux City, Iowa South Folk, Pennsylvania Doris Sadler Correctionville, Iowa Victor Sardon Lapaz, Bolivia John Schram Sioux City, Iowa ... ie gen., ,gurl Larry Selgelid Albert City, Iowa 'J' James Seuntjens Kingsley, Iowa nay .auurp Sioux City, Iowa Robert Skaggs Cherokee, Iowa Ken Stratton I ' Kingsley, Iowa A I Sally Stuehmer Des Moines, Iowa Calvin T. Teasdale Salix, Iowa Janice Thompson I A Sioux City, Iowa Charles T1-autman n 4 , Sioux City, Iowa Z., x ,M flw 'I Kingsley, Iowa ' t K I Roger Tuttle I L xg .4 , .. I -I rg Thane Treptow , ' Hartley, Iowa ZX t Donald Veglahn Sioux Falls, South Dakota Nancy Veglahn L 6 Sioux City, Iowa Glenna Wardlow Sioux City, Iowa Judy Warren Rockwell City, Iowa Tom Watt Sioux City, Iowa James Weaver Sioux City, Iowa Jerry Weis Sioux City, Iowa James White Sioux City, Iowa str! E3 I L 'il' .,--v t Robert Wigness Harlan, Iowa Richard Williams Sioux City, Iowa Q- 1' 5731- , , V swf - .' ' 'E film. A if Roger Withoelter , iff., 1 ,V Calumet, Iowa ' A ' . I ' Carole Zebas 1 ' T ,X g Sioux City, Iowa f ' ,I f A , K, Janice Zortman ' 'ii Sioux City, Iowa ' ' , 'x I , f f-15, ,124-W ... ,ps -.L UNIOR Bob Hammer .,..,- -,,-,--- --,-- -,------ - - - -nu-----,-------president Wally Splegel ----- ---- -------- ----- -.-..... - - -.. .... .... - -Vice-President MaCkiHtOSh -...-,- -,.- ----- ---- ---- A F--'----- - H --------Secretary Kay Conover - ---- ------ - -------- -.... .... - - - --- ..,..... ...... T reasurer M vu .FSS-,2:, .4 mf- 1- f ff'4"ff'i?:ff gwvffw . ,:?'Qif'i-ww -A-A V , 'f1'1fr:: amy- . . 51 ws. .- g .. . x-.1-f:',mhL:'s . . 1:,'g-,Iv : , Agm- Y H' ,i1:...x1, . f-F' :Mgt ,. . - sWy".14xw wg-mga, r- v'4fg.,1w-,n'- -M.. - M...4:.T',t, "am ,,, ,.,:'z-,fgg,1.gx ,. , eip:-zwfrn' - .sf s1,.1, .. -,Q - ,,nf.l'.zw .1 hh ,Lb ,, g,-jgw, a.L 2 ' - , A. L:,..L:m.k... , ,M fw, V ,. ,, , n:-.-1' -rf .HL--JM Q. '-XL: h w. -sraxxub 5:-141: f11v21',9f,,,,r.,., I' .',L.xm:..,-,Q 55, -i.-- -,,f:1,,..L ,-1. M., ,,-, . ,- J Q , 'x-i4T'4'555X.5f"- Ya'-WgfxwQL'5'a"f'WWs9frff W XMFQQ'-2ffM"3g1f2F5x-2 -L-.aww '- G5-ia:W-f"'f'.:w--f,--f,fz1Qf mzfaif- rf, -14h:'f:1?:+-a,,vi-finvw:-,F:::31f'?'1'4 . f-:fee-A 1--PI' "1i2'0fJ 'X?t'rF'.w'f2-A x w '. 555 fi1. '1 i'-','?'?3-Q53 Qilehfg? Q3Wf??s5V 'H?"'21flA'9f'??i'N'f KsliH5iiQ2ii '2FV'1"H3-HW. ,fi-32-Yiiqi55.,E?f'-5505525 'mi' If U I4 if ' re ak , W '- ,- J. Q V Mas. M" IT W 'X ' 'Wi b X K ' W" 'gifgj AEQJ-.FS f1g1,iggqif.z:s f f-4,J14.,1apa,Q3w' 51, .,,,- l.,. X 'v 'ilu ' " ' " rl A- vr ft ' . 'L' . 'J' x I H - - 'ar AR' , 6- I Barbara Adams L-Md, Y xl I cxjff Rockwell City, Iowa Cir' N iv, i Joseph Bata Sioux City, Iowa --' A Connie Bartz Fort Dodge, Iowa Harvey Bartz Iowa Falls, Iowa Bruce Bedell Le Mars, Iowa Nancy Birkbeck Mason City, Iowa Dale Boone Woodbine, Iowa John Braheny - Sioux City, Iowa Diane Burg Wallingford, Iowa Ann Burgeson Council Bluffs, Iowa William Burggraaf Inwood, Iowa Karen Carey Estherville, Iowa Gary Carpenter Onawa, Iowa Le Ray Carter Laurens, Iowa Beverly Casperson Woodbine, Iowa David Chapman Meriden, Iowa Marty Chapman Meriden, Iowa James Cochrane Larrabee, Iowa Warren Conner Battle Creek, Iowa Carol Kay Conover Holstein, Iowa l. 1 . l"1x5 we , wa. bf fl ,N A am ' X 5' 11: .Q , X , "-Z.-'V f Ei , 4 1- W' F ' ax u r 4 mmf xmas? i wwuu. il, maeig- '22, James Cook 1 Rock Rapids, Iowa Lamar Cope Somers, Iowa Marlys Cross Sioux City, Iowa Donald Davis Anthon, Iowa Wallace Delzell Sioux City, Iowa Larry Domino Sac City, Iowa Dale Eberhard Le Mars Iowa James Esmay el , if Q iw' i , , ,, ' is I Rockwell City Iowa Fred Evans Robert Eybers Sioux City Iowa Duane Fenstermann Strawberry Polnt Iowa William Frederick, Jr Colon Panama " 3 ap ,G L, ,N , I ?"fi I, ' x? 'ffv g Y A agp Sioux Cit Iowa ,K 'FLIP y, -1' 45565: Q 'W 'tbl' . . -. . 3 IQJWQQF P I ' Ufldol ' -2522.552-57.1 7 Q ' ' ' I 4 1 23517 iz: lu' 1 I gi ,, -J G.. H S r N g -ik., ' ana. .-ff--fa. Y 'Ya s.! ,Z QA, . , .. ,. H 71 r , X4 1 'IF gx , K , ' , 'f L. ,ea 'U' fa? 13? ' - 1 , P07 fi if V 3- 1535?-gg! 5 5- at fs 'sf Nh-4 Z ' jj 'Q ve.. A , S ' -2 ,IQ WM. ,,, ,,, ,ffl ' A 5a",,s.9-if .nA F' 1 'IP I s. Xa, , . LE 5 -.1 .- K...-wr 1 16' ,Eff ' af' . 'Egg . , , gal D ML vv lk v Q 1 34 , l' x 5+ QI fbi-vw' 1 , J? ,IV Z N an L , ? ... 7 I , -A T , 9' LL Q-, Edith Freeman Independence, Iowa Fred Frey Sibley, Iowa Eugene Gimer Sioux City, Iowa Kenny Goecke Breda, Iowa Robert Golla Estherville, Iowa Lanny Gray Washta, Iowa Robert Hammer Sheldon, Iowa William Hampel Garner, Iowa Fred Hedrick Sioux City, Iowa Carolyn Heikes Sioux City, Iowa Phyllis Hensch Sibley, Iowa John Heuck Everly, Iowa Delman Hildreth Rockwell City, Iowa Carolyn Hood Denison, Iowa Rosalee Jacobson Norfolk, Nebraska Rodney J iskoot Sheldon, Iowa Lory Johnson Sloan, Iowa William Johnson Sioux City, Iowa Donald Kennedy Correctionville, Iowa Julia Keys Macedonia, Iowa Darrell Kohnke Sheldon, Iowa Bruce Kolbe Nemaha, Iowa Gary Kolbeck Webster City, Iowa Gary Kreykes Sioux Center, Iowa Richard Lehnus Rolfe, Iowa Mary Louise Lundquist Aurelia, Iowa Phyllis Mackintosh Livermore, Iowa Kathy Majorowicz Rolfe, Iowa Ronald Malchow Lakefield, Minn. Christy Mathiasen ' Onawa, Iowa Janet McClelland Lehigh, Iowa William McLarty Sioux City, Iowa fs? 1,1 :iA L., iw fs. Avalee Metcalf ,L - P , N Holly Springs, Iowa , 1 1 'N Paul Miquelon 4 , S' Salix, Iowa j Gary Mitchell 1' 5 Lake Park, Iowa ' A Donald Nieuwendorp Sheldon, Iowa L Charles Palmer Algona, Iowa -'Ze 1-E. ' Howard Palmer y I X , Sioux City, Iowa gQf::,f Q' - S d P tri k S1 an ra a c I R ,S Mavlefons Iowa 14 pf P Norman Peters -P Lake Folk, Illinois il ' ' Connie Peterson y I Sioux City, Iowa .'f ' ' 5' . Donna Peterson . 3 -- Fort Dodge, Iowa 'V' Harold Poppen Alton, Iowa Sharon Remmers Melvin, Iowa Sharon Rennels Sergeant Bluff, Iowa William Ridout Estherville, Iowa 'GN Terry Roberts Tecumseh, Nebraska Stan Rocklin Sioux City, Iowa Joan Rolfs Holstein, Iowa R x M52 v-'Fa Pegge Scott 1 Sioux City, Iowa ,-. E " - , ' YI' " "', vi Q ,he Allen Seymour 1 f -, 2 ,,' ,,, Ocheyedan, Iowa Y L I Barbara Smith Y I 1 - e Luverne, Minnesota 1 - , :q i X I :,, Wallace Spiegel fi. 'J' 2 fT Ti Sibley, Iowa : ff-'!!M.1-Z.: FF :z-L' JoAnn Srb Sioux City, Iowa Mary Stachour Sibley, Iowa Philip Stearns V Sioux City, Iowa N. 1- Les Steffe Moville, Iowa Ronald Stone Dakota City, Iowa Ken Stripling ' , La Verne, Iowa , -' Sharon Swanson Merrill, Iowa at Ruth Theodosis I it Sioux City, Iowa my - 'B ' Donald Tollefson 'LN Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 1 '71 J' if V 4 of . it at ML X if i K David Tweito A Sioux City, Iowa ' H N, James Umbarger R 9 Lake Park, Iowa A f W- 5' A ' - ' YI' ,N -W r f ? LJri"J 'L e fn lik ,. if 1. "ug, 1 S' ,, - 5 , 'Ni .T il' 59" V", A. x , eg: ' L ws vi fx, i I 1 , , - Y X X V xl l A, l I L NN A! m ,hx 1 w .. ,M , 1' 0 f-I 'I' 'VS k ' . gs.. J X Q... IE, g . .S . f vi 1 . -r I g 1' L"' f '-'f,.'. ffl: we R ' " 9 N 1 l T 1 .- 59 A 5. OPHOMORE Ted Tiemens ......,............... .. ..... ..................... P resident Margo Wallace --.- .,.. .... ........-...-.................. V i ce-Presdent Nancy Lewis .......-........................................ -Secretary Allan Baskerville ............ V ........................... - . .... Treasurer X, , , . ,fe-gras:-. Y, , :1 3 ,, Wfff' ' L.. . , 1 sr af QiLfLggafff: -' " V?g.gfMim1l ww asm.-1 M iswfiw A Ml ' " 'n f 5 ill rf'2Ais5Hf5'f.'f1ff:k??f' ' ' r A 'raw 4: 1 fp N s. X Y -: qi 'Zi at 'NA Q FU' K g.f3,'.1 pf "' + We af js, 'flh R ,-ef? C-G ..-Q' Jan Albertson Sioux City, Iowa Barbara Anders Sioux City, Iowa Donald Anderson Blair, Nebraska Janice Anderson Gowrie, Iowa Richard G. Anderson Sioux City, Iowa Loren Andrews Moville, Iowa James Anfinson Cushing, Iowa Paul Appel Graettinger, Iowa Jeanine Arnold 'Ai' , 5,73 Lake Park, Iowa Va: KKII ' it I 7 - P3111 Artz ii " Kingsley, Iowa Barbara Bahnson Wa-Z, it Inwood, Iowa JUN sv 54 'rf' IDN , N, .,,,7, .aw , V v- T. H if . .we fv- ! aw-. N- if . f., . 1 ,,.- X ,. , " :A lt' l'swar M:EA::f5' '14 fa-rss' SEMI ,QA l. l1 1,5 U, 'IUE Virginia Bailey Royal, Iowa Carl Bennett Sioux City, Iowa Kay Bergeson Sioux City, Iowa I Richard Berggren South Sioux City, Nebraska Sally Blackmer Holstein, Iowa B , ' f Jeanette Blanchard Humboldt, Iowa f A I - Russell Blanchfield ' , V-Q K- Spencer, Iowa ' Q. Richard Boothby , -.'i" Holstein, Iowa I." jgifxl 3 ' Barry Borland 3 Lake Park, Iowa D Gi 1'- A 75 sim l x r Ronald Bourret Sioux City, Iowa Margo Brinkert Hartley, Iowa Mary Britton Sioux City, Iowa James Carr Allen, Nebraska Janet Cline Sioux City, Iowa Robert Collins Nevada, Iowa Dianne Conway Sioux City, Iowa Kay Cox Smithland, Iowa Peggy Crewdson Sioux City, Iowa Craig Croston Sioux City, Iowa Roger Curry Ponca, Nebraska Florence Dirks Milford, Iowa Janna Dodge Hartley, Iowa Phyllis Drexler Monticello, Iowa Betty Dykstra Hartley, Iowa Lon Edler Gary Easton Spencer, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Mary Ehrhardt Sac City, Iowa Marvin Essing Pomeroy, Iowa Joyce Falk Terry Evans Clarion, Iowa Sioux City, Iowa Shirley Falk Sioux City, Iowa Joe Felker Ewing, Nebraska Cathy Foutch Arlan Fick Mapleton, Iowa Woodbine, Iowa Marjorie' Friedrichs Bronson, Iowa Donna Freeman Jud Garwood Sioux City, Iowa Cylinder, Iowa Q-Q YP' xp' Joyce Fry Sioux City, Iowa '- I Marilyn Gauger 5 Early, Iowa vd N iv? Gary Gessaman Qzzz, E nl 1 H Orange City, Iowa f N Y' l Arlis Gimer ? 5 C - " C. 1 Sioux City, Iowa . l ' 5, ,,,,r,,, .. I:-55331 . 3 Dorine Gleed Chambers, Nebraska Ivan Harjehausen Sioux City, Iowa Charma Harmelink Alton, Iowa I Carl Harrison Lawton, Iowa Robert Hartman Alta, Iowa Robert Harwood X Sioux City, Iowa Eli! :X lf, Lillian Hayes Manilla, Iowa Warren Heinz Kent Hedges Scranton, Iowa Marshall, Minnesota Mary Hindt Rock Rapids, Iowa Charles Hobbs Whiting, Iowa David Huff Whiting, Iowa 2 'N 'XQ- ...A 'NO 'QV -. 1 I X 1 X :- x V I JD 4 A J K gs kr: L, ' .Y lim- Whuvj 7.1 , V 'n 4 l, v -' in S sf ri I uw - .X .V , ,nl . K7 mfr- , .ff ,. ,. . Wu' 'A Eg, " ON ,7 A,- X. xx If UL 1 s..,y Spencer Iowa l . ,Lax :K wi 'E 5 55 5755155 o - Sharon Kruger -55 gV,.q,,.AK f. John Llnd . " ff 5 J J '1 w fy N L'g'wl-ll Q , .W , 0 , 'H - - lf: 1,-1, ,L igi aff . if " -ff L1 :Pl X , I . - iq.. 1 5 : ' , , f ' N w 5 w 1 W' . - 1 " ' . gk . N f- ,- my S FH A .,.. . ,, Q .X l I L. .,, 4 fzgifkl pf ai ,K wig X 1 '26 vf me 'sfii :Sgt 4" H ,W ' 5 71 is 25 .Q aw ' , 'QT' ' P : ,.-. Dean Peterson H, "Z: A ' T QS, Jean Pollock NJ ' 't-1 f V ' 4 Ralph Polly K f H Dakota City, Nebraska I , M La Donna Popkes i - D Little Rock, Iowa I I Y K F Bill Poston 5, for 4 Sioux City, Iowa Kay Powell ' ' I Correctionville, Iowa Judy Raney Livermore, Iowa Roger Reinking 1 y Kingsley, Iowa 1:7 , W. Sandy Remmers - Melvin, Iowa Marshall Rennells Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Allen Rittger Rolfe, Iowa Karen Rodger Sheldon, Iowa ,f,i,,,. www rm: .Aw ,, ., :LQ . 3 '. Merle Rudebush I ' :'-2 '53 , l gf Randolph Nebraska ' Clarabell Sands ' it ' f Terrill, Iowa 'AQ 1 K. Marian Sawin Oto, Iowa Oren Sawin Oto, Iowa Duane Schlichting Cushing, Iowa Joanne Schnell Ruthven, Iowa Morris Schroder Harris, Iowa Vicki Schuldt Sheldon, Iowa Ken Scott i Sioux City, Iowa Gloria Seymour Lake View, Iowa Mary Sievert Charter Oak, Iowa is 1' is w Nv- -.14 W 35: gt -4:-, JH WEE .Lv I 5 L , Q I '-Au.. a x S-L, Q iii , Q Dorothy Sharp Badger, Iowa , D335 , Sandra Shattuck , :T Sioux City, Iowa , 1 Rex Shearer Kingsley, Iowa ' y. Louise Simmon Sioux City, Iowa W 1 1, , 1, Duane Skaff A I I Sioux City, Iowa ,, 4 ' Lynn Sorum Q' tg X Sioux City, Iowa ,V Franklin Stamper Gilmore City, Iowa Cynthia Stavros Sioux City, Iowa James Stock Lake View, Iowa Ted Tiemans Archer, Iowa A Donald Taylor C, Odebolt, Iowa " in sfgilff C' -044 1 L,-1 'is 1 4: D rf P' do xr 3 5- ' " 1 .N a x ,M . , gd i ' ""dfv2' " . - I ' l ljif " Nix 'X' "M" Q, ' ,MNT U I Y A E V ' 1 5 'A 'fiiiiliiiiilinki,-.H 1 X-,, " ,Q WMU" 1 fi '45 Nila Zimmer Howard, South Dakota Winola Zwald Klemme, Iowa Miriam Thacker South Sioux City, Nebraska Terry Thogerson Moorhead, Iowa Barbara Thomas Whiting, Iowa Virginia Trafton Sioux City, Iowa Sandra Tucker Akron, Iowa William Ver Heul Newton, Iowa Gerald Von Ehwegen Terrill, Iowa Margo Wallace Rock Rapids, Iowa Gordon Weber Correctionville, Iowa Nadine West Ida Grove, Iowa Dale Wilke Rock Rapids, Iowa Ila Mae Willhoite Wall Lake, Iowa Lowell Wilson Cherokee, Iowa Dan Wolff Sioux City, Iowa Kathryn Young Cleveland, Ohio X1 FRE HME . td 1 1. 4 ,. Bill Gee ...M Frank Fisher B-- Carol Patton --- Bob Bell .... OFFICERS - .v...... President Vice-President -------Secretary -.,--Treasurer "M 'Q ff Q Q bf Q 2 'brig Y .,i??5i,a James Blomme NJ f 1 I 'a j 1, , r, A f I ,in x i ST' 5' ' K WK'-2' 'N . ,,- , :qw 9 -, f- r ' .ff 1 Iv ... N 1 W -: ' .iss 3 L ' KS? 99 'W .. X54 , , , - NIH 1,11 - -'W 1 ww u ' r : - . 'Iii S -. - ,- . its Jeannie Duff ,yy , if Sioux City, Iowa wg, i T7 -' Nancy Dugdale I sg . Modale, Iowa f .4 , .- X, 5 . ,X Donald Dunker 3 1 ' '1' VX. , Sioux City, Iowa ia, 2 N ancie Ensor Sioux City, Iowa "- Joan Filipi fx A Leigh, Nebraska 'N' 1, ' 1 John Fry 'wr H ifi: I A Inwood, Iowa ' U I ' i l Karlton Fullenworth fx I . K-egj I Marathon, Iowa V K " f'.5l5Lw . Ji ffaaifglx Yi DCIIHIS Gay 1 " ,z ,mg Salix, Iowa William Gee Webb, Iowa Dan Gilbert Sutherland, Iowa Sonja Goetsch Laverne, Iowa David Goldis Sioux City, Iowa John Gordon Lake City, Iowa Pat Graham Sioux City, Iowa Marysol Guardia Panama City Judy Haas Rock Valley, Iowa Janet Hass Harris, Iowa ., Ray Hansen f S Sioux City, Iowa ,1, Richard Heater Rippey, Iowa .M H -H Stanley Heikens Milford, Iowa Y v be ,D f nib-' n' ..i xugg Connie Hensley Lake Park, Iowa Lorna Gay Henry Mapleton, Iowa Carol Higgins Estherville, Iowa ' i Marilyn Higgins Gilmore City, Iowa Max Hill Ayrshire, Iowa Myrna Hinton Rockwell City, Iowa Joyce Holscher Sioux City, Iowa Goldie Hoogeterp Orange City, Iowa Sandra Hubbs Sioux City, Iowa James Hull I ,- Moorhead, Iowa ,Karen Inman Sioux City, Iowa . 'Q Lee Johnson Alta, Iowa ,V 1 4 , 7 ifk if is Y . 1:-1' I L- T' Ji +-J . L at S X I . H fe AX ' ' Q ,,,, , r fs ' if i ,,, 1 -,,.15 J 5 'Ti - i if -:E I nw ,L -if 'R f X t I P ,ai 3' X rr, 'F-55 ?1'iJ - , X 4 in '. :Q , 1 Id E W '- M eq .. pr, .. , twl N., atb. I. P ec- if U if " l N I X I ' an Ml, , ,LC r V bile' NQIH ' fr xl V li '-V. I :1 ,. ' ' ' I2 M. - f .I rn ' 1 ' ff il, X K, V V F, ' j A ' eg ' , -V -aw I A ll , Aw - 15 , : ' A - . , 1. ei :': oe ,IJ 4 5 o , ,,,,f 21 , , -5.-4 i .fix f ' I V 7 f I 1 I L 1' M .. ef: mi: P Ai Us I Q i ' ni. , X1 f ANA I ,ff ea Paul Johnson Sioux City, Iowa Rose Mary Jones Storm Lake, Iowa Alice Jordan Gowrie, Iowa Saundra Kamphoff Sheldon, Iowa WA- lf: A 'S 1 Philip Kennedy Sioux City, Iowa John Keshjshoglou Solonika, Greece Annette Knudson Sioux City, Iowa Judy Koepp Sheldon, Iowa Russell Lawson Williams, Iowa Frank Leedom Sioux City, Iowa Arlene Lenz Alta, Iowa Burt Linscott Sioux City, Iowa Joan Loftus Humboldt, Iowa Marty Macfarlane Sioux City, Iowa Glenn Major Kingsley, Iowa Kay Manley Sioux City, Iowa Judy Marsh Sioux City, Iowa Priscilla Martin Sioux City, Iowa Jerry Martinson Stanford, Connecticut James McCarroll Gaza, Iowa Barbara McCutcheon Eagle Grove, Iowa James McDonald Sibley, Iowa Dennis Metcalf Hornick, Iowa Robert Middleton Modale, Iowa Donald Molden Sioux City, Iowa Gary Morse Sioux City, Iowa Mary Lynn Mossengren Webb, Iowa Kay Mulholland Webster City, Iowa Joyce Myrick Harris, Iowa Roger Neumann Spencer, Iowa Kathy Nielsen Peterson, Iowa Patsy Nielson Onawa, Iowa Pat Starr Owen Samuel Philips , l Mary Lou O'Connor l H5 W, H, 22622215 H ,1 Y , ml? H ' ,Q U ia. Michael Owen 5, 5 A Q1 -A Roger Tuttle Doris Sadler U my Donald Veglahn Nancy Crary Veglahn gn LASS 199 Leadership Ability chelarship and Service ' J.. E First row, left to right: Pat Owen, Beverly Mohloff, Nita Harris, Coleen Nielson, Mary Lou O'Connor, Nancy Veglahn. Second row: Jane Arnold, Marilyn Alloway, Carolyn Meyer, Charlotte Johnson, Mary Haddock, Doris Sadler. Twelve women wearing the Lassie plaid were initiated into the newly organized Order of the Lass. Lass, meaning leadership, ability, scholarship, and service, was organized early in January of 1959 to honor senior women who had achieved a certain grade point and had shown their interest in Morningside College. Lass plans to become an active organization, promoting worthwhile projects onthe campus, studying student needs, and working for a better inte- grated student body. One of their first projects was the planning of the Honor's Chapel. ' 1211 .ig , aj rwwmwfsf page i liz: Officers, left to right: Carolyn Meyer, President, Jane Arnold, Historian, Marilyn Alloway, Secre- tary, Charlotte Johnson, Treasurerg Mary Haddock, Vice President, and Nancy Veglahn, Membership Chairman, not pictured. , . Judy Nitzke Albert City, Iowa Margaret Noonan Sioux City, Iowa Leo Ogden Sioux City, Iowa Sue Anne Oleson Stratford, Iowa Sharlene Oliver Lawton, Iowa Karen Olson Soldier, Iowa Carol Patton Rock Rapids, Iowa Ruth Ann Pearse Quimby, Iowa Kay Pech Le Mars, Iowa John Peterson Heron Lake, Minnesota Donna Pettitt Riceville, Iowa Steve Pohlman Sibley, Iowa James Puckett Jackson, Nebraska Katherine Rasmussen Manilla, Iowa Rodney Regennitter Quimby, Iowa Donald Reynders Sioux City, Iowa Ronald Rieckmann Kingsley, Iowa Carl Roths Rock Rapids, Iowa Delbert Rouse Decorah, Iowa Scott Russell Sac City, Iowa Barbara Sanborn Sioux City, Iowa Mary Schaefle Evanston, Illinois Richard Schmidt Holstein, Iowa Oriana Schmitz Carroll, Iowa Marcia Shoemaker Winterset, Iowa Rebecca Shugart Jonesboro, Indiana Joyce Skaggs Cherokee, Iowa James Smith Sioux City, Iowa Maroldine Smith Sioux City, Iowa Larry Sorenson Milford, Iowa Roger Soukup Woodbine, Iowa James Stachour Sibley, Iowa sf' i' i K N-ef . n Q,- v uf gs V , ,5 -, I : 1,47-. 1 .l 'f,'." ' , - , H. w . 3-- I PV' Us N' V X W ull I ,wr ur ,A Y u L .. it we-- WC? I f I i ir gfw e L g , 1 g rf, K1 T C? I Zlzil A. , N. ,W we w-QJ ---sq' ,,,, :--V L f f, l ime -' , 'N Q xl I X , l. , , 0- Q' ' , v K1 Q A T7 ' 2i gg,-5 uw. , ,1,'e:.e- t .i ,J L V A 2 , na ys , ,I - -5 1 ,.., :- N 'i E 7 fl, Ea 124' I . 4 -Q fx i qvw 'y, if , I M Q U 5 ? f ' I ' V21 is 1 6? RN .V 1.,"'13 ' F' , I .5 fb W1 A ' I' V1.1 1.-W ' E, , i 5 Q ,Eg,A, fr Richard Stocker Iowa City, Iowa ig , Janice Stoeber . Fenton, Iowa 1 Larry Strain Eagle Grove, Iowa Bonnie Stubblefield Whiting, Iowa Shardell Sulsberger Hornick, Iowa ' 13 if Susan Swanson v ' ' Merrill, Iowa F.,- - i Rita Thorne Hartley, Iowa X . it , w a U Q w N M u za-w ,wm:u,,, af v Avff Ax it 4 , f FQ .,4 :N-fl, 5 . Af- ,r a:3.:l: M , we 1, K f F ,I . ,, 1 it., 'xi L I N. S Joh n Tollakson Sioux Rapids, Iowa Dennis Treiber Hudson, South Dakota Ronald Treiber Hawarden, Iowa Mike Tuttle Fairmont, Minnesota Nol an Untiedt Lake Park, Iowa Joanne Volga Sioux City, Iowa Nick Vollers Newton, Iowa Neil Wainwright Sioux City, Iowa Jay Wand Brenda, Iowa Jack Warner Missouri Valley, Iowa Mille Wharton Byron, Min nesota Curtis Will Laverne, Iowa Ray Willhoite Wall Lake, Iowa Charlene Wilmart Harris, Iowa V, Dick Wilson " Ute, Iowa h -5- Jean Wilson ' ' Lawton, Iowa Nanc Wiltse Robert Wolff Sioux City, Iowa Y Lyons, Nebraska Ken Wolfswinkel Sibley, Iowa Gary Wolthuis Spencer, Iowa Mavis Yoder Rockwell City, Iowa 1 . I -0 5 Q, Fi Q' ' ' A, ii .- E A A H! Hmmm! A H A GRGANIZATIQNS WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Daniel Bullock Raymond Gene Hagan 3 - f 'x -9. Mary Silzer Haddock Nlta Harms Charlotte Johnson Carolyn Meyer no nooo -A 1' Beverly Molhoff ii C Coleen Nielsen l in 6 rv - ' - e , 1 Q cd' . . V -.-.1 . X iv L '....' i ,X A LAD'S Leadership Achievement Dedication to Service Scholarship 'i Morningside's Men's Leadership Organization was formed this year with its funda- mental cornerstone being character, ability, leadership, scholarship, and dedication to service. The LAD'S Society is the counterpart of the newly formed women's society, LASS. Both were formed from the nucleus of the students listed in Who's Who. The purpose of LAD'S will be to strive to bring together leaders representing all part of campus life, into an organization willing and able to be a positive influence in all campus matters. Officers are: President, Don Veglahng Vice-President, Sam Phillips, Per- manent Secretary, Dean Tornmerasseng Treasurer, Gene Hagan, Member- ship Chairman, Al Biesemeyer. Charter members in addition to the above officers are: Dan Bullock, Mike Owen, Roger Tuttle, and Royce Barnum. ' Yr' .W -I 531' .5 A mf .'..,A -1 -12355 gf, 1 .3 .3 .grrgjaw 54 . - " 1' Q2 '-111 . as W' .4 .P 13 .gaQsigi3a...'..1i..-Efiziivlfff H we 'ini ja 1st row: 1-r: Judy Kinnan, Janet Cline, Alice Jordan, Mrs. Bushyager, Jean Pollock, Annette Knuclson, Diane Bushyager. 2nd row: Marilyn Allovvay, Linde Wohlenburg, Joanne Schnell, Connie Biesemeyer, Joan Filipi, Mary Jane Carnes, Connie Peterson, Kay Pech, Bonnie Stubblefield, Lorraine McManis, Nancy Veglahn, Virginia Bailey, Rosalee Jacobsen. Members not in picture: Judy Taplin, Peggy Juffer, Elaine Arveson, Margaret Noonan, Joan Loftus, Martha McGarey. HONORARY SCHOLASTIC SOCIETY ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Although usually limited to fresh- men Women, the first initiation of the Morningside chapter included women from all four classes who had maintained an average gradepoint of 3.5 or above. K fem! 'YP' ' Vicki Schuldt Ron Stone Loren Andrews Secretary Treasurer Freshman Director Sadler Bnxce Bedell Diana Burg Terry Thogerson Sam Phillips Director Publzczty Director Panhellenic Intrafraternity Advocate representative representative The success of a student council can be measured by its action. Along with the traditional activities for Homecoming, the Christ- mas formal, Campus Chest, and Walk-Out Day, the council spon- sored an honor system committee, polio fund, leadership Work- shops and other projects. A successful year Was brought to a close With the Walk-Out campaigning and an election of a new council in the spring. STUDENT COUNCIL fx e WKBWQGW -URM i S ?5"lrq Editor Rosalee Jacobson and Managing Ed- itor Ron Stone discuss their editorial view- point on one of the weekly issues. Editor .......... Rosalee Jacobson Managing Editor ...... Ron Stone Business Manager--Wa11y Delzell Sports Editor ...... Dick Anderson Asst. Sports Editor--Lamar Cope Fine Arts .......... Betty Dykstra Artist ................. Keith Fry Religion ........... Ann Burgeson Student Activities ------Marilyn Gauger Administration---Virginia Bailey Photographer--John Keshishoglou Staff ......... Charlotte Johnson, Phyllis Mackintosh, Karen Carey, Alice Jordan, Valois Dodge, Barbara McCutch- eon, Judy Kinnan, Myrna Hinton, and Florence Dirks. wwf,-1 Ag- 4.3 Rosalee supervises layout workers Karen Carey and Phyllis Mackintosh as they plan the paper. Collegian Reporter The Collegian Reporter, better known as the C. R., is snatched up, read, and discussed nearly every Friday during the school year. It is the publication of the student body. The notable change this year was the increase in size. , 3 JS Members of the staff in their first C R workshop IOUX To the members of the Sioux Staff goes the responsibility of recording the events of the college year. Preparation begins in the spring, when the editor, Carolyn Meyer, was chosen, continuing during the summer, school holidays, and Saturdays, until the year ends and the long-awaited Sioux comes out. in rw -1qx..L.-.-r new it 'H -.HB .i E '.. west ' it it v. 'S Q I 2 s 555' ii Us 1,3 41 Editor and associate, Carolyn and Fred, discuss the deadline schedule. i ,f i ,N a 5, -"-fig:- Virginia. Bailey, Nancy Birkbeck, Diane Spiegel, Ed Lotstein, Fred Evans. Q, gr X l X? : C7 C7 l f Q1 ' First row, left to right: Norma Zimmer, Mavis Yoder, Sue Craig, Connie Hensley, Kay Conover, Marian Sawin, Marilyn Alloway, Janice Anderson, Pat Owen. Second row: Delores Breneman, Nancy Wiltse, Rose Mary Jones, Judy Haas, Jane Arnold, Phyllis Mackintosh, Diane Spiegel, Kay Mulholland. Third row: Mrs. Ellis, Mardell McCuen, Rita Thorne, Janet Hass, Kay Carlson, Margo Wallace, Karen Rodger, Mary Ehrhardt, Florence Dirks. - N , ,,,,. L. M 1, AGORA Agora, for all women on campus, sponsors some of the most important events on the social cal- endar. The leadership dinner in February honors all the women who are leaders at Morningside, and a dinner for daughters and their mothers is held in May. Agora makes new students feel at home on campus with the big and little sister system, starting the year off with a picnic. The 'organization fulfilled its tradition for service with a Christmas party for children from the Chil- dren's Home. Secretary ................... OFFICERS President ..................,-.--- ---,- P at Owen lst Vice President .....-...-....,. Sally Madison 2nd Vice President ........... Linde Wohlenberg -Mary Jane Carnes Treasurer ....................... Jeanine Arnold Social Chairman ................. Margo Wallace Publicity ........................ Louise Simmon Ishkoodah representative ........... Mavis Yoder Senior representative ............... Jane Arnold Junior representative ...,.... -. ..... Kay Conover Sophomore representative .......... Nancy Lewis Freshman representative .........-.. Kay Carlson 4:45 The Agora 'Tea also includes student nurses who came to the Morningside campus for an afternoon of socializing. Besides the annual Christmas singing, these children from the Community House each receive a gift from Agora members. They had so much fun that it's difficult to decide which are the Agora members and which are from the Community House. Jane Arnold and Pat Owen are in there some- where, singing along with the rest. Sandie Tucker is at the piano. 4 li 'r li X, i i :Es ' 2: is 'Eel 43152, E2 f E-fiffn. .fu - '21, -is 1 Q .. , Agora Activities "il f'7 ,J -1 K'D 5 C? WC7 ,X First row: Kay Carlson, Judy Koepp, Saundra Karnphoff, Myrna Hinton, Valois Dodge, Jean Wilson, Marcia Shoemaker, Mavis Yoder. Second row: Marilyn Higgins, Judy Haas, Sue Oleson, Kathy Nielsen, Judy Nitzke, Mary Schaefle, Gay Henry, Elaine Arvesen, Orianna Schmitz, Rose Mary Jones. Third row: Nancy Dugdale, Kay Mulholland, Sue Swanson, Nancy Drornmer, Carol DeMoss, Diane Spiegel, Mary Lynn Mossengren, Nancy Whyte, Janet Hass, Charlene Wilmarth, Kay Pech. Fourth row: Judy Rasmus- sen, Alice Jordon, Carolyn Youngschlager, Joyce Skaggs, Barbara McCutcheon, Ruth Pierce, Carol Patton, Karen Bohn. 4? .t 'X I HKO0DAH All Freshman Women are members of Ishkoodah. The club gives its mem- bers a sense of belonging to the cam- pus, and helps to fill their first few months of college as they become active in other actiivties. :C . 'N fn, 42 , ' X X xfw Xxx b ' ix OFFICERS President: Carol Patton Left to right: Judy Nitzke, Bar- bara McCutcheon, Ruth Ann Pierce, Mary Lynn Mossengren, Alice Jordon, Carol Patton. Dr. Benjamin tells the girls of the xl forthcoming European trip. w v ff 'A fa W ,,, 4 A E C O V ,is E135 W ., Q , Eigg ,-fx Qi , ' WOMENS SELE -GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION First row, left to right: Kay Conover, Valois Dodge, Sharon Priegnitz, Barbara Bahnson, Diane Spiegel, Betty Stubblefield, Joanne Schnell, Cathy Foutch. Second row: Linde Wohlenberg, Julia Keys, Mrs. Phelps, Head Resident, Nadine West, Jane Arnold, Christy Mathiasen, Marilyn Higgins, Doris Sadler. MEN'S DORM First row, left to right: Marty Chapman, Frank Cash, Bob Skaggs, Bob Grosbeck. Second row: Jerry Yoder, Terry Rob- erts, Steve Pohlrnan, Terry Evans, Terry Thogersen. I 3 S fixgrff F Ax lr 'Sk 'ri IS g'1 Q"T', 1-4 LUTHERAN STUDE T ASSHCIATIO First row: Ron Norman, Advisor-St. Luke's Church, Mary Sievert, Karen Dudley, Arlene Lenz, Annette Knudson, Nadine West, Janice Anderson, Nancy Wiltse. Sec- ond row: Marvin Essing, Gary Anderson, James Stock, Dwight Booth, Dick Ander- son, Rieckmann, Allen Seymour, Reverend Eckland. IVIHRNINGSIDE CHRISTIAN FELLO HIP First row: Sandra Patrick, Donna Peterson, Judy Warren, Kay Cox, Joan Loftus, Valois Dodge. Second row: Alice Jordon, Mary Sievert, Victor Sardon, Ann Burge- son, Kay Mulholland, Fern Venekarnp, Kathy Nielsen, Sue Oleson, Allen Call, Ron Stone, Barbara McCutcheon, Rev. Gingerich. Back row: Lamar Cope, Ed Beatty, Dave Knol, Edith Freeman, Roger Fineran, Gary Gessaman. '- YU' XI 61 I ,X .1 ll fl " Ml' 4. KAPPA R HI First Row: Donna Peterson, Doris Sadler, Fern Venekamp, Marilyn Higgins, Sandra ' h t C rol n Hood Second row' Patrlck, Ann Burgeson, Connie Bartz, Rebecca S ugar , a y . . Rev. Gingerich, Warren Conner, Lee Witt, Arlen Fick, Roger Fineran, Gary Gessa- man, Allen Call, Harvey Bartz, Thane Treptow, Dr. Benjamin. ALPH KAPP DELTA L k Ph llis Mackintosh, Norman Ashby, Sandra Patrick, Gary Caldwell Left to right: Gerald asens y, y P ' 2 ii. me H' " H Yi 5. ,"" "Kwik-1'-, -Aw ll 1? .' , liv gi -.9 , ' 'Ll4..9- NM -. l for IOWA STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOClATl0N I.S.E.A. The I.S.E.A. brings students of education together. It acquaints them with the prob- lems that they will face in their profession by such programs as mock interviews with superintendents and panels made up of stu- dent and critic teachers. Patsy Owen and Wally Delzell attended the state convention in Des Moines. ALPHI PSI 0MEGA The members of Alpha Psi Omega are all familiar faces to the students for the many roles they have played in college produc- tions. Yet many of these students are never seen on stage. It is behind the scenes work- ing on the production that they are most effective. Pl KAPPA DELTA Students participating in forensics, mainly debate and discussion, are active on campus. Their itinerary this year included speech tournaments at the Universities of Nebraska, Omaha, South Dakota, Midland College, and Bowling Green, Ohio, for the national Pi Kappa Delta speech tournament. 1"""3"l.51 ' ,K ff First row: Mary Sievert, Joyce Falk, Nancy Lewis, Betty Madsen, Donna Pettit, Coleen Nielson, Miss Jacobs, Mr. Clarkson, Esme Franzen, Rosalie Jacobsen, Glenna Ward- low. Second row: Ron Malchow, Marvin Essing, Gene Dymkowski, Loren Andrews, Charles Wilmarth, Bill Meuseberger, Carl Bennett, Al Biesemeyer, Gene Quilleash, John Braheny. i A al 1.7 Above: I First row: -Mr. Clarkson, Miss Jacobs, Dr. Tweito. Second row: Marvin Essing, Joyce Falk, Carole Van Wyngarden, Mary Sievert, Jim Cochrane. Left: Mr. Clarkson, Miss Jacobs, Ron Stone, Craig Croston, James Puckett, Charleen Wilmarth. C7 C QQ 'fa R SIGMA TAU DELTA 32. fi gil K Mary Haddock, Charlotte Johnson, Carolyn Meyer, Dr. Palmer, Caro- lyn Lewis, Nancy Veglahn, Carole Van Wyngarden. COSNIOPOLITAN CLUB L-R. John Brumas, vice president, Maggie De Gracia, secretary, Louise Karantinos, treasurer, John Nassir, president. L-R. Gustovs Paredes, Joanne Volga, Marysol Guardia, Carlos Esoala, Kadiman Sihotang, Nereyda Torres. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY MATH CLUB BIOLCCY CLUB -Gprs mr- ...V WAI f" w ,. C 1 TJ I, Avery Johnson, Bruce Bedell, Clifford Herzig, Paul Knudson, Jerry Maycock, Mr. Yockey, Keith Bradley. First row, left to right: Merle Rudebusch, Robert Carlson, Mr. Moser, Mr. Bushyager, Andy Karantinos, John Gilbert. Second row: Ted Tie- mans, Cordell Hull, Les Steffe, Noel Fries, Lanny Gray, Russell Mc- Intyre, Fred Hedrick, Lorman Vilhauer. , laid II Rv I I AJ ! ,VJ Marshall Reynolds, Bruce Bedell, Paul Knudson, Julia Keys, Mr. Montgomery, John Brumas. .2 'N ACADEMIC INVESTMENT ASSOCIATICN HCME EC CLUB The Academic Investment Association was organized in October, 1955. This initial group of nine members had a capitalization of 3527. Since then the association has grown to approximately 45 members, including stu- dents, alumni, and faculty members, with a total investment of about 52500. Left to right: Gene Kruse, Claude Finley, Allen Seymour, Roland Igou, Harley Bradburn, Gene Hagen, Eugene Kazinski, Robert Dixon, Jan Albertson, Professor Eberle, Lee Jarvis, Professor Spornitz, Roger Withoelter, president, Norton Obrecht, secretary, Leo Roepke, treas- urer. Jane Arnold, Beverly Casperson, Dollie Delis, Margaret Bell, Gloria Seymour, Judy Raney, Winola Zwald, Vickie Orr, Miss Spratt. fu 1 '-,Vg if-if I V ! ' if I ..-f' 3,-A - , Xi i -es ' x . fe I Pictured eating lunch at the Sig Ep House before meeting time are, left to right: Arlan Fick, Loren Andrews, Dave Mulder, Harold Poppen, Fred Evans, Lowell Wilson, Bob Hammer, Ron Boulden, and Dick Anderson. CIRCLE "K" The Circle K club is a service organization, a Kiwanis Club on the college level. From a handful of men students that banded together to form a service club last spring, they formed a group of more than 20 by the time they received their charter. Faculty advisor is Dr. Theodore Bauer, a Kiwanian, himself. Ivan Winter presents Circle K president, Bob Hammer, with the new charter. . 'vp' 'N il.: tg h . :tp 3-if ' "-,511 , -f-Q at I ,S Q cv INDEPENDENT STUDENT EXPRESSION Officers Row 1: Bill Ridout, Chair- man. Jim Martens. Row 2: Don Taylor, Christy Mathia- sen, Cathy Foutch. - -ll!" MARCHING BAND Pl Twirlers Kay Mulholland Margaret Bell Al' 'S ' - V.. We if n fr' gg I Wgqgvkas y Majorettes Linde Wohlenburg Lorna Gay Henry Joan Creswell Kay Manley " wg Q, i""h' " naw ' ' --s V -3 ,, MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE CONCERT BAND PERSQDNNEL - 1959 and Piccolo Yfigffgiglenberg Knudson gwanson arinet Molhoff Clarinet lene Klein Bedell Drommer Neumann Riemersma Dykstra Jeanne Duff Carol Patton Dorine Gleed Diane Buthyager Dan Wolff Alto Clarinet Carol Mayer Connie Peterson Bass Clarinet Allen Baskerville Janice Henry Contra Bass Clarinet Joe Bata Alto Saxophone Ron Rieckmann Joyce Myrick Tenor Saxophone Myrna Hinton Baritone Saxophone Kay Cox Cornet Gary Easton Bill Castle Gary Ritz Ken Wolfswinkle Karlton Fullenworth Barbara Bahnson Trumpet Tom Gilbert Bill Srnithson French Horn David Bircher Kathy Rasmussen Judith Koepp Marlys Cross Trombone E. J. Eaton Glen Houpt Eugene Gimer Dale Boone Jack Warner Millie Wharton Baritone Rodney Jiskoot Robert Wigness James Puckett Sousaphone James McDonald Ray Willhoite Jerome Goldis String Bass Michael Ard John Peterson Bill Vennard Percussion Sue Anne Oleson Gene Neal David Arp Tympani Karen Johnson Mr. Robert Lowry Director, Marching Band Concert Band api? -,eva W 'Q iw? X First row: Kathy Rasmussen, Julia Keys, Dorine Gleed, Jeanine Arnold, Carol Jacobs, Carol Mayer, Lois DeJong, Karen Bohn, Sharon Kruger. Second row: Juanita Brayton, Milly Wharton, Judy Haas, Elaine Arveson, Sue Olson Sue Swanson, Connie Peterson, Margaret Bell, Linde Wohlenberg. Third row: Dr. Wood, Kay Mulholland, Sandra Tuck- er, Walter Grey, Paul McClellan, Roger Tuttle, Jim McDonald, Ken Wolfsvvinkel, Jack Kolbe, Margo Wallace, Sharon Rennels. Fourth row: Roger Neumann, John Peterson, Al Baskerville, David Arp, Bill Hample, Bill Smithson, Nolan Untiedt, Russell Lawson. CH0lR NPD ,f rv A ' Officers . I ,v Roger Tuttle, President Linde Wohlenburg, Librarian Connie Peterson, Secretary David Arp, Vice President Dr. James Wood Director of Choir First row: Joyce Myrick, Joan Filipi, Nancy Drommer, Sharon Swanson, Mr. Hustis, Diane Spiegel, Carol Nickel, Mary Ehrhardt, Kay Pech. Second row: Bill McGaffey, Robert Middleton, Ronald Rieckrnann, John Lease, Jack Warner, Dale Boone, Reginald Hutchinson, Gary Gesaman, Gary Easton, Jim Pucket, Frank Stamper, John Johnson, Bill Castle. Third row: Kay Cox, Rebecca Shugart, Betty Dykstra, Arlene Lenz, La- Donna Popkes, Joan Creswell, Hope Cross, Barbara Bahnson. Zllll CHOIR Y 0 -.,, Mr. James Hustis J . Director of 2nd Choir 1 Wag lx 4x- certs on their tour through high schools and churches in Iowa and Minnesota. A home concert was given in Sioux City after the choir returned. The college choir gave twenty con- l Jinx Row 1: Sharon Rennels, Linde Wohlenburg, Carol Mayer, Jeanine Arnold, Connie Biese- meyer, Lois Linder, Julia Keys. Row 2: Mr. Morrison, David Arp, Rodney Jiskoot, Ken Wolfswinkel, Jim MacDonald, Bruce Bedell. MADRIGAL BRASS ENSEMBLE Q ... 155 5, i. 1 V+-X Rfk -0 V ' - Q9 1st Row: Bill Srnithson, Bill Castle, Judy Koepp, David Bircher, Marlys Cross, Dale Boone. 2nd Row: Ken Wolfswinkel, Gary Easton, Gary Ritz, Mr. Hustis, E. J. Eaton, Bog Wigness, Glen Houpt. ' fi' Bassoon player, Joan Creswell, and instructor Mr. Lowry, discuss the morning's lesson. Band rehearsals, choir concerts, small ensembles are only a small part of a music student's life. The practice rooms of the "con" are in use day and night. Gary Ritz listens While Linda .llloy plays her piano lesson for im. f f' :ws . V 1 Myra N i .- , lil? wx .U gal ' X l " ill ' T i ' i ' " 3p.f??l5i W i , 5 M lx N it -QQ 'Ni' Venona Rock and Mike Ard are only two of the many students who give lessons to eager young musicans of the surrounding territory. xiii 1 E' 'gtg igw First row: Glen Houpt, Bruce Bedell, Roger Neuman, Jim McDonald, Leonard Bircher, Don Riemersma, Roger Tuttle. Second row: Bill Vennard, Walter Grey, Rodney J iskoot, Don Wolfswinkel, Jim Pucket, Bill Castle. Third row: Ronald Rieckrnan, John Johnson, Rick Lehnus, Gary Easton, Jack Warner, Harold Jacobs, Gary Ritz, Paul Brower. Fourth row: Bill Smithson, Fred Zimrnat, Bob Wigness, E. J. Eaton, Dan Wolff, David Bircher, Mike Ard, David Arp. PHI MU ALPHA-SINFONlA ,., iv-M L." MU PHI EPSILON Marilyn Alloway Barbara Bahnson Kay Cox Marlys Cross Jeanine Arnold Connie Bieserneyer Joan Creswell 1 Lois De Jong Janice Henry Julia Keys Sharon Kruger Betty Dykstra Carol Jacobs Marlene Klein Linder Sharon Rennels + 15? Low. 1 -as E W ,T , l ' 'W' e A Li' Carol Mayer Carol Nickel La Donna Popkes Karen Lipp Beverly Molhoff Connie Peterson ? . Q -iw' X U .513 K J ui fl L Nt 't dz t Vickie Schuldt Linde Wohlenberg Ogyarifeullfem-y Vonnie Rock Margo Wallace Karen Wolff Elizabeth Quam gb. ATHLETICS ,Lf z, , rf A . .ff 1Lf"f'eA4, gffwfi 5 fix ,V -. EOBTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK BASEBALL TENNIS Q "1 H., 1' 1-, , M" v1.,' -.1..4, .11 ,. A, r 'Il W: 1 mg " M afar 11 7 1 Tix ,so -xl 1 I 1 W X51 w 4 - E' ' 1- 11 RN" fi 1 sfizxfii '11' ga "1 1 11 ,1 1, 1 1 Nj 1 11 1 11 11 g qi? 11 11 11 11 191511 11 11 1111112 11111111 1 1111"11w1 fiSfQ31f1111'gN1g 11" H1111,111H1gN11gN11""11 1111 1' 1 H15 !11'1." 1111111,11gg11" A - . 1 1 - ' -1 ' af-'P' ' ' f - .f,'4,. ,,, , . ,..' - - X at 'T r ' W H 'ff -"nik" '- 1 ' ' -' -.: . - --Vx -W... - - -.. - - --. . .- - . . . .. , 54,3 ', .. , y- ' 'E A " 1 - '- - -r 1 ' ., tg-fjfgy g K-.maui - " . ' .rl ' ' f ' . " 5-.1 - " ffl? . ' P- xi A -A"-"a' ' ,. -1 . . . P .a'w'i-41fiE??i5fw?- . A-Q". -. -M .. ' ,e .. Xffffgrfff f.- .,-. lv .. ,... . x.. . .. . -. fl U-..-be Hg-,.Eq .. . '- -, J .- ., , ., ,iii .. . , -.-., 5'E.1.'ff.1'Q-fi 9 2 -. A+- - . Q- 5- vw.. J. ., -..1'H"'9-.5211 -1 -. w41,.l-, . 1 -fibfgnf . ff- e. 1 .Q .1 - - - 1, . . - ,, A 'lr 'sf 1 w.l.+'f --,gy -4- , .- Ja tg- D ,. -..-ff- .4 V' '--,flip ..... .. "c?.'f-4zw:- ---Ji P-.f ff .1572 ..ff':Hr.'1?'.? 4 nb - -- in-1' 'J'-' , ' . -. 3' lf ft- , -- r ... '- - in ai: 22 any f.q..'i 1' 440- -, - ','f-'wl:ia- :Mr IQ.. ,. 'M---1:13 -'arf-'iw - -'ij' P31 - 4 -. .-'bk ' ' -,,.z iw: Kiwis-:Q"' ' 1- .--" - 1- 1'- "l'ff:fv..', AJNHR-f' -. ' ' ' '-.-.ww-13-fi', .lalffqqv-,,.f v- Lg, 1'-.v.3:,ff45 .Xu-W 52fQ,v.g, - 1.35.-yfiwa nu- -1. . .1 . ,,5a-.5Y,.s..- ,fs--.ff ..-- ra-" 3,-1.-A vp---.J---5 gg, , gf . . 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' - if --Q 4' fs M - - ' -- es ' 5 -1 X 1 - 2 5 .1 J u . -- ,,, s- . u . w . , V Cf. A-7, ' , . ,, 1 ,gs - - , . 5 , P . . V -gi MQ! ou. .jf - - Q r in -iw... , - 'P - .. -- -54, , .- .avr-1 1 --W4 - - Y' ' ,V - 3 5 ffl fy ' :ao 'X 4' NJ A .- -- - "' f".'r gg ' . ' , - 1, - 3 , - - - - ' M . "i'fr S rg' 'f as-sf NF L ' IITSIP' X Y' -. ' 'G , fc .' ' 1. . 3' . m - . 'L it ' ' f -.W - r 3- -- . it - 1' - far - - - s- - at lub ' v 'X aj: .- - - f ' , - - ' J ' 1 2:7114 4- .x 4, Q g g - Q. in . f ,!,:-- , A A 1 Y Q1 'fide' ' pixel" ,- . ' ' .v . . ,. -, R-,.f'g-F . . ,. , H5 . ' V . - X '--, , 5 , P- y SEQ "L .-Hr.--' 1-1 " ,V "T f f - ' 1 WF-5 :7A5iff3m ' l'r"f.-ff"7i'i ' -Us - ' "5 ', "" I -' ' 'Ml' 5 L-'3.'ik.2'?E'fsi.f?? " 31--i42'ff25'1r'kf?:5i" -fi?-. iv' 'W I. ,-- 'ffliis . - ' . ' ' - . .5 ZH f. i',-.5515 . V. 11. -- . W , if 'rl H - 41 -' gif- ' jtwfvjq .'-3 .-13.1, .411-.:,z,-,If-x 3-',,,:fgak,ya""', xi! rl-'32, ::'M1-ff-2.'!.,f,4:,''HimJ-N . 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T - -ft-'. 3' - .- '4' -1, 1' : 4f??,5"9i217if'b1G.a.2.-TT-- 3535?-ffft' Wwgff' Pt -1 Mi- Willa? ' - ,-',--f....y,- ' -'-an . -we 'f' ' . - f .-,"- -' -T" - 1. Elf fQ.'a-'EB' Lf",--"W I 'fi ' 155 Fri ---- ...sal-'ix-5" . ff, ?f1i-'.l"-B55 .- '-.Z-.' 1835 "-?1,1',g4:,zw-4 1qQrVf'6lx:f . 5 '24 'rw 'E' - T 'f' H ' A ' ' ' vi' 1. ' fi 1: -' ' ' " -' .", 1- '1 " - Se -'I - ' - rs- .. 'I -- ' . "'- ' . ,... L ' W' .' 5 -E . ' wr' if-1:3 .7-'inf-:. f -A w ifi . . J' f mfrgiffskisfi- ff' N eff-t'4...'f"-+:' 'W' ' ii ' wggyfa F GY-F - 'Q 1 ' gr-. 61 ' :rf :g'T"'vz'H'? H ' ' '--' .- ..-ug-,q .1 -- ' . ." b.:'e., - iw ' --.,-ang. - ' gi 1- - J-N mlgspj ,w J' -. ' L y n .-- b ,,:B,,,,,Q4c,fI?!g,.' gi f,-,fffjgi 1 3 ' -L , Lkfiidif gf' V Varsity Football Team Front row, l. to r.: Elmer Menage, C. J. Henrickson, Jerry Ehwegen, Mike Owen, Gary John- son, Ron Renfro, LeRay Carter, Terry Roberts, Sam Phillips, Larry Leinbaugh, Dick Gustaf- son. Second row: Charles Mounts, Bill Louscher, Darrel Murray, Jerry Adams, George Par- den, Gary Larson, Larry Kelting, Dale Traver, Larry Selgelid, Doug Johnson, Bill Davis, Mike Watkins. Third row: Jack Jennett, Chuck Obye, Eugene Lehner, Earl Parsons, Jerry Jensen, Gaylord Rasmussen, Loren Lorenzen, Jerry Block, Dick Slater, Ken Sanders, Joe Hansen, Jerry Magill, Don Protextor, Head Coach Dewey Halford. The 1958 Maroon football team showed flashes of brilliance and evidence of inex- perience in posting a 4 and 4 won-lost record for the season and a 3-3 mark in the North Central conference competition. Possibly the high point of the season for Coach Dewey Halford's men was a come- from-behind 26 to 18 victory over Iowa State 1958 FO0TBALL CHEDULE I Teachers at Cedar Falls. This was the first Morningside "" Central Mfssouu State ------ 26 time since 1938 that a Maroon team had Mornmssqde ---- Omaha Unwefsty ----------- 0 Whipped the Panthers in their lair, Morningside .... North Dakota University .... 25 The first game of the season, with Central Morningside "" North Dakota State--j ------ 0 Missouri State at Warrensburg, proved to be Mornfngslde ---- South Dakota U111V91'S1tY ---- 3 a small disaster in more Ways than one. Be- MOI'I11I1gSide IOWa State Teachers ,,,,,. ,18 sides losing, 26 to 13, the game cost services of fullback Bill Louscher, who suffered a broken leg, and regular end Doug Johnson, who was out of several games as the result of torn knee ligaments. Morningside .... Morningside .... Augustana ------------------12 South Dakota State ........ 26 FOOTBALL Director ol Athletics A. W. Buckingham Head Football De Y H Coach Co-captains Mit., Owen D llM y Don Protextor iff' .. V 'Zvi 2 A.',E N ggi, -t 5 , . 1 '--:' Sigh? ' S ,xp Sf Jack Jennett Y t , v gk I. H -Y ' I ASSISTANT FO0TBALL COACHES S Charles Obye my Laff 'iii Quarterback ,QQ 'Q' W? Mules Outscore Maroons Jail' The Morningside college football team opened its 1958 grid season against Central Missouri State College on the short end of a 26-13 score. The game proved costly to the Maroons when it was learned that Bill back Louscher, senior starting fullback in this game, sustained a fractured leg and will be out of action for the remainder of the season. Junior Doug Johnson also sustained a leg injury and was sidelined for several games. The first quarter proved fatal to the Maroons as the Mules racked up three touchdowns while holding Morningside scoreless. In the second quarter the Maroons showed signs of coming back and at one time in the third quarter drew to Within six points with the e S 1 'f'l-f score being 19-13. I -gs :,' 5 Both Maroon touchdowns were scored on Jerry wegen 1 Q quarterback sneaks by Sophomore quarter- back, Jerry Ewegen. Sophomore Elmer Men- 1:fiesiiesigasiigsiggsrlgsifs' age converted after the first touchdown. :E Ji as 'fp ' , '-'G 1 Q lc www. , l ,nyp ' N N pmt 3 H xxxx , .... K i ... Q . VK Jerry Block' l Larry Leiiibaugh End ' ' End , -r er T 'B Q' 1 1 ,77 " . End Dick End Maroons Dump Omaha U. 28-0 Omaha University provided little opposition for the Morningsiders in the home opener, succumbing 28 to 0. After the first quarter there was little doubt in anyone's mind as to who was in command. The first two times the Maroons gained control of the ball they moved for touchdowns. Elmer Menage, sophomore halfback, scored both first period touchdowns on almost iden- tical plays. On both occasions he skirted his own left end and outran the entire Omaha secondary to score T.D.s of 29 and 53 yards respectively. More points were made in the second half making the third straight victory over Omaha and increased its seriies ad- vantage Which started in 1935 to 10-8-1. Dale Traver Halfback p Halfback M'k W tkx .Q ,Q E 'W 3 Loggeni Lore' zen - I ?1'ack?e ns gg FW ,Q 5 Tackle Eugene Lehner Jgffy Tackle Tackle ,l 1 . Sioux Continue Jinx Over Maroons North Dakota University handed Morning- side a 25-8 loss in the conference opener at Public Schools Stadium, giving them a 16- 6-1 advantage over the Maroons in the se- ries which started back in 1925. Morningside's score came on an 80 yard touchdown drive, climaxed by a 38 yard pass play from quarterback Jerry Ehwegen to end Jerry Block on the two yard line. On two successive quarterback keep plays, and against a rugged line, Ehwegan sneaked over for the initial touchdown. Ehwegen then ran the right end to score two points, making the total eight points. Seeing action was fullback captain Mike Owen. Mike, a senior, had been sitting out previous games this fall, nursing a bad knee. P!! X, X 43, Morningside Blanks N. D. S., 12-0 Morningside evened up their conference rec- ' , ord at 1-1 when they blanked North Dakota State, 12-0 at Fargo. Q5 The Maroons scored touchdowns in both the first and last quarters. A 45 yard pass play from Larry Selgelid to Elmer Menage on the two yard line set up the first touch- down. Menage then slanted over his own right guard to score the T.D. I . -13.0 " ' ' son V. Center I-Ialfback The rampaging M men hit paydirt again after Joe Hansen blocked a punt and Morn- ingside took over on the Bison nine yard line. Three plays later Selgelid hit end Jerry Block in the end zone with a pass. 1?-me , ,f rw sam:-:W T lQeRay lflafteg Terry Roberts Guard Guard -,sf ' 2 1 .,l,r.i v Q .V .' x '42 fl Gedfgiiflfifden Ron Renfro ., Guard Guard a Sam philips Earl Parsons Halfback Center 0 0 Homecoming Spoiled by Coyotes The South Dakota University team helped damp- en the spirits 'of some 5,500 homecoming fans when they edged Morningside 8-0 at Public Schools Stadium. Although coming out on the short end of the score, the Maroons dominated play throughout a great part of the ball game. Several times the Maroons moved to near or within the twenty yard line, only to be stopped on fumbles, intercepted passes or loss on downs. On one occasion the M men were on the 6 yard line only to lose the ball on downs. The Coyotes struck late, in the fourth quarter, taking advantage of an interception to get their lone T. D. Maroons End Dry Spell at I. S. T. C. Morningside accomplished something at Cedar Falls that no other Maroon team had done since 1938. They defeated Iowa State Teachers College in their home football stadium. The score was 26-18. Jerry Jensen, junior halfback contributed two long touchdown jaunts and guard Darrell Murray, a senior, chipped in with three loss-producing tackles in the last series of downs as the Teachers threat- ened to close the gap. There was an interesting highlight behind this game in that Athletic Director A. W. Buckingham and Head Coach Dewey Halford were both a part o53that Maroon team that defeated the Tutors in 1 8. Maroons Down Augie, 28-12 Morningside continued its mastery over Augustana College when they downed the Vikings 28-12 at Publlic School Stadium. It hasn't been since 1948 that an Augie grid team has been able to beat the Maroons. Morningside manufactured a 13-6 halftime lead, then rode the passing arm of Larry Selgelid to a fourth period touchdown that sealed the verdict. J ackrabbits Stun Maroons South Dakota State, down a touchdown after the first quarter, came storming back in the final three quarters to down Morningside 26-6 at Brookings. The final game saw the Maroons take an early 6-0 lead and then stumble before an alert State eleven. This game closed the college football careers for Seniors Larry Selgelid, Sam Phillips, Gaylord Rasmussen, Mike Owen, Bill Davis, Darrell Mur- ray, Loren Lorenzen and Gary Larson. ,.-A FRE HM ATHLETIC ,A-My - al, 9- gf- - '1 FRESHMAN'FO0TBALL Front row: Don Bourret, Dave Sieperda, Lloyd DeMoss, Steve Pohlman, Bill Hanners, Russell Scott, Jon Smith, John Tollakson, Frank Miller, Dick Sydow, Don Peterson. Back row: Manager Vince Arioso, Dave Schuck, Pau'l Vander Weil, Jerry Booz, Gary Deal, Howard Deel, Bert Linscott, Dave Mishler, Rodney Masterson, Dick Schmidt, Leroy Landsness, Coach Protextor. SCHEDULE Morningside --- --'--26 Wayne State Teachers --- ---- 6 Morningside --- .... 16 Augustana College ...... ----31 Morningside --- ..., 26 South Dakota University --- ----26 Q... scat' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL First row: John Tollakson, Paul TeStroete, Steve Pohlman, Jerry Cowrnan. Second row Don M111er, Dave Mishler, Dick Pruitt, Larry Johnson, Coach Jennett. Third row Larry Strain, Kent Hansen, Dick Stocker, Bob Garretson, Gary Randell, Bill Maas Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside Morningside SCHEDULE ---- .... 64 Westmar B --- -----53 ,-- .... 70 Blue Bunny --- -----58 --, ,-,, 68 Sertoma ......a....s... -. ......... --75 --- .... 66 Northwestern Junior College ..... --'73 F-, ,--- 66 Airbase ......................... ---48 --- .... 52 Red Shield 'fu ' ---A59 -n ,--- 60 Augustana ...r........... ----l01 --- .... 58 South Dakota University --- -s--79 First row, left to right: Lanny Godfrey, Dan Mather, Gary Kolbeck, Dan Bergman, Ken Stripling, Terry Thogersen, Roger Miller, and Daryl Kohnke. Second row: Jim Erwin, Jim Anfinson, Dave Mulder, Gary Anderson, Coach Chuck Obye, J im.Stock, Ron Juffer, Varslt Ba ketball The 1958-59 basketball season opened with a win as Morningside trounced Westmar 92-67. The team looked especially strong, using the power of eight returning lettermen. The hustle and drive of the cagers, win or lose, was always exciting to watch. When the Maroons won they won hard, when they lost, they fought until the end, making the score be as close as possible. Height might have been the biggest problem with the Maroons whose tallest starter, Gary Hulst, only 6-4 inches. Junior Jerry Block C6 feet 6 inchesj was out recovering from a football injury until January. It was a tremendous game with South Da- kota University to finish off the regular sea- son play! The Maroons drubbed the Coyotes 71-63 on the foe's court. As a result of the game, Morningside ended with a second place tie with South Dakota in the North Central Conference. Both teams finished with 7-5 rec- ords in conference play. To gain a berth in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics fN.A.I.A. small col- legesj, the Maroons scored a first round win, 88-77, over Westmar. The Maroons trailed most of the first half by 6 or 8 points, but came back strong in the second half. The next night at Allee Gym the cagers went on to win over Luther, 107-84, earning the right to play in the national N.A.I.A. tournament at Kansas City. The team drew fifth-ranked Indiana State in the first round and were cold during the whole game. The M squad was hurt badly when Guard Ken Stripling left the game in the first half with four fouls in the first seven minutes. Indiana won 87-67. The Maroons had a fine and surprising sea- son. The cagers jumped from last place to second place in the North Central Conference and won the Iowa N.A.I.A. tournament. ,-ef' A.-1 v " ' H ,N "iw--N' l 'Y Morningside Westmar -- ........... -- Morningside .... Cornell ....... Covertimej Morningside .... Nebraska Wesleyan Morningside .... Highlands, N. M. - Morningside Yankton ....... Morningside Mankato State ...... Morningside South Dakota State - Morningside Iowa State Teachers ...... Morningside .... South Dakota State Morningside Omaha University --- ---- Morningside .... North Dakota State ....... Morningside .... Westmar ............ .... Morningside Iowa State Teachers ...... Morningside North Dakota State ....... Morningside North Dakota University--- Morningside North Dakota University--- Morningside South Dakota University--- Morningside ---- Augustana --------------- Morningside Augustana --------.------ Morningside 'South Dakota University--- National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Tournament. Morningside ---- 88 Westmar -- Morningside --.- 107 Luther ....... ---- Morningside ---- 67 Indiana State Head Basketball Coach C. H. "Chuck" Obye Gary Anderson Center Dan Bergman Forward Bergman eyes a neat hook by teammate Erwin Jerry Block Center 'Q 3 .1 'yx.'.- ,ll x , Nfgigi .aa 1. 5 I Jim Anfinson Guard Jim Erwin Center Gary Hulst Loren Gordon Forward Forward Ron Juffer Guard xr Despite defense, Juffer breaks away for a push shot against North Dakota University. lands game is center, Erwin I Scrambling for a rebound in High- Daryl Kohnke Guard Gary Kolbeck Guard Dave Mulder Forward Roger Mlller Forward Guard Kolbeck goes high in the air to snag a rebound Ken Striplng Guard Jim Stock Center Terry Thogerson Guard Dan Mather !f Forward Hey, get off my back! High scoring guard, NBII, The arms belong to Bergman and Hulst grabbing for a rebound. Stripling, plays leap-frog with State Teach- ers' defense. Winded, but alert, the Varsity listens to half-time strategy. ' The college brought Rev. Bob Richards to the campus to speak. He chats here with members of the track squad. ,, fu ' HY E33 Y w5,.:,1,',, V - ,Q Q -gf HTA R hfiiirfsi 5 1 1 fi fxwfgxggi N 4, has ,, .75 '-'-' ,im , We 2 ' 1-yi :Q . .V 1 J '12 'REQ ML , 19 ' R H+ Ji in , -M -5 as XX .li , N -f wwf 5. Q4 Y we '. V aw h ff' 1 1 25:1 5 M Men of the M luncheon . . . at the gym. Qufz, WWE? M. 'Q W. A, ' 1 ' 'E LQ aww' 'Y"13,f ' r ' iff" f ,1 WSF awk . W "vi '?5?f.:, V u, . ,, . , ,X u wx .ns ng, Schedule Meet South'Dakota Dual Wayne Triangular , 'V ,South Dakota Invitational Gijeighton Dual 1' grake Relays fSioux City Relays 1 I. 'Howard Wood Relays Buena Vista Relays South Dakota Quadrangular Omaha Dual North Central Conference vi. in I E l if ' 'K ' ' -1.44 1'--.I if ' K E51 -- -xx , an H -2 Eg H, 'U 222135 H 1, in 1, -19"m"wwH5gzwgLji f,M, N . K H WH " 5132 Q 1 W i Hifsaaml, R SEV, ' ' ' ' T":iS 2 ag e Track Coach Jack Jennett a aaa La Va W H x . 'JK Q 3334, K bm -il' G 'A"'5 f" il X ,qt 14, 1 ,,-Hear W , 'Q ,L J 1 arf Y 'L :f' ' --'ME-zg Z, '- , 'X .' 1, .', M" ' ' . "l""f"!r? 3' 9?,I'??Lf-vsfgb-1 'V 1? 4.2'Q'Y9-'falii-5,3,,f1'2,. R f , . , .N ,., .-X?gi5Lf:'f?Y'11?:f.1 gkfr '. , ,. f f ,-sff:s5s'.,,g - 1.45 ,Q-4, .2 1 ,, 'v X--Qffffl' 3- W' P1-laigr -X w . Lp ,F , ,ar ' ""' W.2'!f?hn,Q- ez- 1 'fu ,. , V. Xu A '- ' ' -VHF' ' - Y V A k-AL, , V 'vs Warmmg up for the 1959 track season. Varsity trackmen, back row l. to r. Elmer Menage, Jerry Adams, A1 Biesemeyer, Scott Morton, Larry Leinbaugh. Front row: Coach Jen- nett, Bob Carstensen, Jerry Ehwegen, John Lind, and Lowell Thomsen. f' 'K of X31 Schedule ng I Meet ' ' U ' WaynetState Teachers Augustana Westmar Creighton University ,iv ff 35, , South Dakota University Nebraska Wesleyan Fourstate Invitational 'jlzfi Omaha University i'l C' North Central Conference ' . X . 'JH LL mxggmi Q -.L W -',,,J,,,?5 V i, 0 l .f. vw a.1,r-gaygffgg, - :Wi wx, felgf 45, 1, A ga Tis? . lil ' 'fx 25? uw. .M L, W rw , n t dl I The team, l. to r. back row: Gene Quilleash, David Arp, Dr. Ben- jamin, Fred Zimmat, Roger Dunker. Front row: Kadirnan Siho- tang, Robert Walker, Jerry Houpt, Bruce Bedell. :tofu ,ailiursvz . ,N - ' few? V-19.51, 3.5.- V Q55 1 . ,, :L m J", :, , 1 H -' W X ' L Gow y e e yah-Q.,- , Q Schedule Meet Wayne State Teachers Augustana Westmar Loras Drake Invitational Creighton South Dakota Omaha North Central Conference Golf Coach Al Buckingham 3 The golf team from the left: Captain Don Veglahn, Gary Larson, Bob Danforth, and Larry Selgelid. Missing is Gene Hagan, a varsity team member for three years. The team works out and plays at the Elmwood Country Club. Here the group Watch the swing of Gary Larson. gy , , f f, ,-91:3 f ' f . .- 5.1 .J ' in r - f 1 I 1 ' :V in J ll: --ll: BA B L vpi ? all el Q lf,-23,95 . fi E' , pl "-gm? - , fl. 1 - 4 , , QM in Ng,- First row, l. to r.: Jim Morehead, Lamar Cope, Dave Mulder, Harold Poppen, Ron Juffer, Ken Goecke. Second row: Dan Mather, Jim Anfinson, John Locker, Gary Hulst, Daryl Kohnke, Bill Frederick. Third row: Coach Protextor,Roger Miller, Don Miller, Larry Gordon, Gary Moad, Ken Stripling. - ' "ir Schedule a Omaha University Augustana Buena Vista South Dakota University 5? Midland South Dakota State gig: Westmar Iowa State Teachers 3 li' 1 1 Baseball Coach Don Protextor CHEERLEADERS ,L 11' T Top row, l. to r.: Mary Jane Carnes, Joyce Fry, Vicki Schuldt, Peggy Juffer. Front Mary Lou O'Connor, Karen Rodger, Diana Burg, Mary Louise Lundquist. MOST lMPROVED PLAYER AWARD Jack Larson, President of the Alumni "M" Club, presents trophies to Gary Johnson and Ken Stripling for their work in Football and Basket- ball. 4- -A- fn , I : f M55 l, LEQ !,"v 55- 5 . , ,M iz: . ...LL 31 . .ga i . : l, Lili' '--f' W0lVIEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATIUN The Women's Recreation Association was reorganized under the supervision of Mrs. Helen Ann Held, Women's Physical Education Asociation and the cooperation of the council members. Council members for this year were Carole Zebas, chairmang Ruth Theodosis, Barbara Smith, and Annette Knudson. Meetings were held on Wednesday nights once a month with various activities. The W.R.A. sponsored a bowling tourna- ment in February and a play night with Briar Cliff College in March. The Morningside girls were invited to South Dakota University for a play day in May. Any full time Woman student is automatically a member of W.R.A. and all may participate in its activities. v .., ' fr'Ti'aq H li 5. -4 11 .,. . M CLUB L. to r. Jerry Adams, Dale Traver, Harold Poppen, Joe Han- sen,John Locker, Ken Stripling, Roger Hass, Dean Raymond, Jerry Magill, Al Biesemeyer, Darryl Kohnke, Ken Goecke, Le Ray Carter, Advisor Jack Jennett, Elmer Menage, Sam Philips, Larry Segelid, Gary Kolbeck, Doug Johnson, Gay- lord Rasmussen, Jerry Block, Gary Moad, Gary Larson, Dan Bergman, Dick Slater, Bill Davis, Mike Owen, Jerry Eh- Wegen, Darrel Murray, Gary Johnson. Newly elected officers for the organization of athletic letter winners are: Gary Kolbeck D... ....................... P resident Jerry Magill ..... --- Vice-President Harold Poppen --- ,l..l. Secretary Jerry Block ...,.. ........ T reasurer LeRay Carter .... --- Sergeant-at-arms Jerry Adams sells ice cream bars at the girls district basketball tournament played at the Sym- FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES X f . ,X 4 1 X' ALPHA DELTA PI DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA ZETA SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA PHI EPSILDN TAU KAPPA EPSILDN ! I I if W , ty ill? J e:.uf,-fairs'-I-:gf,fsiiiif ' Q 'g"'-.N ,2 . .wif i 2 A I M.. rggifam5a,L'm7,1, Qfggwwfcugf ffffww .fig K ye. ,aflWlg,NF,t: My ,WW , fam 5 , i wx, -. iz will ll , mtl! wi' vi- : Y, 'um vb, f f W ,Amt 'wr J If 1 , I ,f 2 xl ,i-'q',:fif"it1',s I W ,f ,aww jJ.ifFf5'K' f ll'-J 5733? I QM - ,fly ,nm if ' V new 1fi,vw,,, fr rllfli' 5' J 53' My E5 3 5 ' li I .. x7 C7 C2 Front row: Marilyn Alloway, Miriam Thacker, Karen Bohn, Nila Zimmer, Mary Ehrhardt, Marilyn Gauger, Phyllis Mackintosh, Esme Franzen. Second row: Diane Spiegel, Elaine Arveson, Phyllis Drexler, Nancy Veglahn, Virginia Bailey, Mrs. Walter Benjamin, advisor, Kay Mulholland, Nancy Lewis, Karen Rodger, Donna Freeman, Nancie Ensor, Sally Steuh- mer, Carolyn Meyer. Third row: Carol Patton, Carolyn Lewis, Louise Simmon, Norma Zim- mer, Jane Arnold, Jeanette Blanchard, Sharon Swanson, Joanne Schnell, Peggy Crewdson, Jeanine Arnold, Joyce Skaggs, Kay Conover, Janet Cline. .E'7?r Alpha Delta Pi is the largest social sorority on campus. It has the distinguishing record of being the first secret society ever for college women. Many activities througout the year keep all the girls busy: rush parties, homecoming floats, spaghetti dinners, Christmas caroling, bowling team cham- pions, winning the Greek Week trophy, Agora car- nival booths, Dad's night, and the spring formal. In keeping with the sorority's service project, work- ing with handicapped children, a Valentine's party was held for some of the children from the Com- munity House. Officers ff la W' Spring Formal Dinner Dance Winning the Greek Week trophy I Dad's Night at Alpha Delta Pi Valentines Party Bowling Team Champions 'V T, - f n f 1 'Im f" J ' K o 1 2- J I ,- ,, 1 f 'Ve ,N , -fl '- W 7 -in 'rv ml,seQ!lzQg5,,' Ng.. 2. 1' M iw ul! My .- Hy., 1 w ,, 1, A ,L 2' w ' . -' Miss Tift, Advisor .xr ' Ep H N ,N I xi' V, Nz 'IS' Officers elected in the spring are: JoAnn Rolfs, ' A ' treasurerg Sue McMurray, corr. sec.g Karen Inman, B --lil if B rec. sec.g Mary Louise Lundquist, pres.g Diana Burg, , 2nd V. pres.g Jo Ann Srb, pan-hellenicg Dianne Con- JOAUU Sfb, P1'eS1C1eI1t Way, His., Mary Jane Carnes, lst v. pres. ii ' x an li N 9 1.3M W " gf, ll 'A N V , I , ,fi f T ...W - -1... I H, - , A - N , f 4? 1: .J " -ar ""' ' Her W '57 ' '-4 ' N ' ' N .59 , Barbara Adams Diana Burg Nancy Birkbeck Diane Bushyager Elaine Carter Dianne Conway "Y:-' L- If r bf g if st. if , 3' --New ' X -1 i - 1--r, ia I M V B r - I X B B " Karen Dudley Carol Jean Duff Karen Hansen Lillian Hayes Phyllis Hensch Sandra Hubbs Karen Inman - :S 5 " can 2 Q .- 'N . 4' f x, rg '7 X "' 'rs ' C5 -N, I -neg Yr ff f ,,.- so - N Charlotte Johnson Mary Lundquist . Judy Marsh Barbara McCutheon Marge McManamy 'Sue McMurray Mary Mossengren ,A 0 Q Iv' .px fs. fu ,- " A -1 Q. N " -5. x il' . X' , , A W . i H, AQ? , Q N ry M. . I :ZA . A -C? ,Marv J , um -V H' Y V 5 Ma1'yL0uO'C0n1'1er Joan Rolfs Barbara Sanborn Maroldine Smith Mary Stachour Virginia Trafton Janice Zortman Delta Zeta became the first national sorority on the Morningsde Campus in 1956. Some of the Delta Zeta's special projects include the enter- tainment and refreshments for underprivileged children. Activities of the Delta Zetas dur- ing this year include bowling, potluck sup- pers, pledge party for the actives, Sig Ep mixer, formal state convention at Des Moines, DZ Mother's Club Tea, all Greek party, slumber party, banquet for pledges, winning booth at Ag- ora Carnival, after game dances, wining Homecoming float, and up the river trip. P? Finale of the D.Z. Follies. The act, showing the typical co-ed, was written by Marty Mac- farlane and took first prize at Agora Carnival. 'SU' Q ' Q- -s.-rf.-Q-" W." QF", Diane Bushyager, Pledge of the year, receives congratula tions from JoAnn Srb Dancing at Sig Ep exchange ' .Q ,' if If ,ff f I, 4+ ,-iff' 5 ' Q'j':.-E1!'h,'!f.q-'ggi wif! ZW lk "'59.i9"f.:4" fi'f,Y:zQ7"' ,f ' ..4g,g,,--,rg 15415,-.. 0415 f' 'fig gf :f 711 Y ' 1 mv, If: fir . ,J . ,Lux -1' f :,f'f':v" fhyawkl ,GJ , 3 an ww fi or , - , -ang., ,Q gg if 1 I' 1 5, . I f QZ5f:'r ..f?37fgf1?' W If .1 f ,f ig ,fa ,H- :yr -- -?. .4 lysis. 'gig ' 4 ' ,ff .-..,. - e-.-H ,,1ei,,,, rn'-, 1 ' - H. 1 gfffwj' 7 gc 3 -, 53- I YQ: Q? f 4 1-: 1 :V 'agar in 3 W , fg:'1fQ'. A L- .1 if ,r , 1 ' V. I WW ." Beverly Mollhoff Cgnnie Moore ' f-.0 Mary Sievert Janice Thompson Sandy Glenna Wardlow OFFICERS President ..........,....... -. - Vice-President Secretary ....-.. -- ........... - Janice Thompson -- Sandra Tietje Beverly Mollhoff Treasurer ..................... Historian .... --- Mary Sievert Beverly Mollhoff ,"v-. 'Web Miss Bessie Spratt, advisor Pledges Janice Henry Mary Hindt Soni Kamphoff Judy Koepp Ruth Ann Pearse Mary Schaefle Marcia Shoemaker Linda Zettersholm The sorority hall provides a place for relaxation. Newly redecorated in pink, the hall presents a charm ing atmosphere ' 5 1 I .V ff U, a' 1 if? 1 , ., f ,A 1 if i J 1 w. In 'N '-y V, W' 5. ' L. , I ill iquii' ,MJUL'il3w,shi.Tv fNw'u'w5ll'7:,-'.i-Wssiiwii' W, 1- --it-if ...Q -aw wg A, -.i.i51tf,..w.. S .ww fl J N. Xin. e ww .- 7,5 ,3',,1.pL"--,f'w,i,, 3 ,Y " i ' -' f ' 4,1 i' I, l .J if --1 ' s r Q v 83 x 5 Q i 1 6 W f ,f 0 d,a - + it WU' aa lf .Ap 'IL4 v' Row 1, 1-r: Barry Borland, Cal Benz, Larry Domino, Bill Burggraaf, Scott Morton, Bruce Kolbe. Row 2: Frank Ciatsko, Norbert Patterson, David Biesemeyer, Charles Glass, Reggie Hutchinson, Terry Thogerson, Dick Slater, Martin Chapman. Not Pictured: Gary Anderson. Delta Sigma Phi international fraternity is represented on cam- pus by Gamma Psi chapter. Recolonized in January, the chap- ter has since grown rapidly. Many Delta Sigs were outstanding in campus activties including football, basketball, track, and music. Officers: Larry Domino, Sergeant-at-arms Terry Thogerson, President Scott Morton, Vice-President David Biesemeyer, Treasurer Bruce Kolbe, Secretary Not pictured: Dick Slater, Pledge Master -'v Relaxmg after a meeting. J' Y : -' --1 1-1 1 ' A ' . E , J , 'A A 4l " ' 1 The Sig Ep candidate, Mary Lou O'Connor, was . Q V,-: ,,zrq,g-,,,w crowned homecoming queen. The parade float 54 placed third. Parties followed . . . homecoming, the annual western, Halloween and Christmas parties, soror- ity exchanges, and house parties. Tom Watt headed Club ATD, as flappers and gangsters prevailed in a Roarin' Twenties atmos- phere. Early in 1959 the Sig Eps captured the city league basketball championship, and the fish team later became the intramural swimming champs. Officers pictured from the left: Fred Evans, sec- retary, Harold Poppen, vice-president, Craig Croston, president, Ron Bourret, comptroller, Bob Harward, historian, Bill Poston, house man- ager. Row 1 from the left: Ron Boulden, Dave Mulder, Harold Poppen, Craig Croston, Ron Bourret, Bob Harward. Row 2: Duane Skaff, Rick Authier, Dick Watt, Bob Niebuhr, Mike Wilson, Tom Cale, Howard Holdcroft, Don Temoshek. Row 3: Tom Watt, Tom Macfarlane, Dick Daily, Dick Evans, Dave Tweito, Frank Lange, Phil Stearns, Jack Paulson, Wally Delzell. Pledges, Paul Appel, Dan Christensen, Clyde' Krouse, Steve ' Soelberg, Jim Tope, Joe Thermka, A1 Peterson. The Mothers and Wives of Sig Eps are behind them 100 percent. From the numerous projects this year, all to benefit the boys, the house received new stain- less steel and dishes. Mrs. Thomas Johnsrud president the 1958-59 year. Sororit sin in followed the skits and the fife and PHZE Rick Authier helps place a hook for a fisherman, at one of the fraternity booths at the Agora carnival. , 8 Q jug barlfd concert at a house exchange with Delta Zeta. l ,J Most of the talent and work for this year's Club ATD came from Sig Eps and Delta Zeta. Here college Charles ton addicts bring back the Twenties House mom, Mrs. Mary Moss, is . I serving her second year. -w ' 1 4' , . ' v ge , MM ll ff J ,lf-,,,.a,3'J fx, L21 N' f' '4l"vEii5 " JW ff? 1 ,M T ,f0N aww? A '- ll l Ll if .W ll'flYl'Vl'2s,Ll""ftM' --"QW , .Bl '-ilu JL' li' E44 ibn ,.l - f' mllllll fistula, f f . .11 f lisa? ,1Q.:1Gf":lA9' sy M, U' I, All 1 , ' J -t., ,J First row: Bill McLarty, Lynn Sorum, Larry Sorensen, Mrs. Thelma "Mom" Sorenson, Wally Spiegel, Don Veglahn. Second row: Jim Blornme, Roger Soukup, John Heuck, Marv Essing, Steve Black, Lanny Gray, Russ Blanchfield, Jim McDonald, DeWitt Killam. Third row: Bill Johnson, Bob Bell, Chuck Den Hartog, Dan Gilbert, Don Ducornmun, Norm Peters, Roger Dunker, John Gilbert. Actives not pictured: Al Anderson, Gordon Fountain, Keith Fry, Bill Giehm, Kent Hedges, Roger Jensen, Jerry Maycock, Hap Palmer, Gary Ritz, Ted Tiemens, Dick Yarnes. Officers President .... .......... . ---- Don Veglahn Vice-President -- L.r. DeWitt Killam Secretary ..L. --- Chuck Den Hartog Treasurer ---,,... rrnr. R Oger Dunkel' Pledge Trainer .... .... N orm Peters Historian ..r... ..... K eith Fry Chaplain .... .,---,-- --- Wally Spiegel Sergeant-at-arms --- .... Hap Palmer Advisor, Dr. Walter Benjamin This year the Tekes have had many en- joyable adventures. At the beginning of the year, they organized a jungle party which was held in the back yard of the Teke House yard. Everyone enjoyed eating "rattlesnake salomif' The next big event was homecom- ing. Everyone, Tekes included, Worked crazily on their floats and other preparations for the homecoming celebration. The Tekes cleaned up their house and their grounds and got things ready for the alumni who would be coming to visit. Mom Sorenson cooks one of her delicious meals. P HELLE IC COU CIL 3 XJ Miss Jacobs, Marilyn Alloway, Diane Burg, Janice Thompson, Jo Ann Srb, Carolyn Lewis, Miss Tift. I TER-FR TER ITY COU CIL kim DeWitt Killam, Harold Poppen, Don Veglahn, Wallace Spiegel Ronald Boulden, Ronald Bourret. 1 f Q EM wh GREEK PERSONALITlES 0E THE YEAR Alpha Delta Pi Man of the Year Delta Zeta Man of the Year Donald Veglahn Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart xx Sally Madison Ronald Boulden Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Rosalee Jacobson .I .W ,- .- b I im W Q ' P ' 'A . ww Q ' I ' . -1 Q. '. "L-wifi? , .Q , N , - 'SL ' p +- , .M- -f ii-...J Zi 533 Hn . , tgw Q1 ' 'Q 'Y' "'G'5??if' X Wi' .y -n ,- ,, TK' . W, . if Q L 2, ' COIVIWNIYCP 'S . ,, J, X in 5 FRESHMEN WEEK 63, .A ' gi 5--a 1 s Q, ' ly- ' IQ? u '- ' Q' -'frgfsg . ,-f : 'fl' "" i P' '-- l zu' j. Y' - fsfif"y"' Get-acquainted sessions were held during the first week of school for all new students. However the old students were not to be left out and soon joined the jolly festivities. Those picnics and dances were fun for ev- eryone. Main highlights of the week included: Dean's Party and visits to faculty home, the all- school picnic, swimming party, talent show, and an open air dance on the tennis courts. ' :ESR 'A , 1? Y s ,, , ,. uv Ugg 1 i Y, ,F f " .af-,.f."' Q 1 -- Q f e' an " 4 ' - v +...e..,, , , M ' f Fl, it eff, AGORA TEA The Agora Big and Little Sister program keeps all Agora members busy. Early in the summer the girls are paired, correspondence begins, and friendships are formed. The big sister tries to show her little sister around the first few weeks and make her feel at home. The Agora tea is the formal event of the program, with emphasis on the proper dress and behavior at formal college functions to come later in the school year. ma? f 1, i Miss Lillian E. Dimmitt is introduced to Charlotte Johnson by Agora vice president Sally Madison. was yas. . i fn f ,ups 225.5 V- 41 , A3333 .ng , in A, ,, 2515 ff-7 in ,'t".' , ffli 5 It Vi 5, 527. '-QL if VFIEF A a -1 U U' W .M .,.. K L ' " -,' 1 IU-34536 1 H 2 ' AM ij. ffif ' l WM V , V . 0 W . V r 4 K 1 X 5 1 1 L r 1 n f 3 w X I HW .9- g ml -wx' Rm -' Ljgrf A -' .L ml ata -1 w Nffbq f.Qff!!'23'.' W NIE 1.7, .1-3. F... 1 - A m Jyg,'g,e , iw, . .'-va-l'W"1 . AA' ' "C 1 ', Ffh ,mf 7 -.V 4, x W x 34, x K 1 , ,, .,,, ., - ,W f11q.:.4 A I y. , . 'ban 02525 h. I . . 1 , -' V W... , . , ,Lf-g.. ,. .. f ' 'B SF 9.5 i we Q ' . In , nw . 1' " 'L . an A fniisii - M331 Afims Si-Q J, .1 im. 'H L : ' I I - A- gp.. . 5 . I -., 155-1.3-.V .:.1:EEE5E5.. f , , N12 ' ,lf A EK xi ui H P "Q W I Im' ' L , f HW. . M W ...Q .gf slnux M, 1'..-ag, .I. Ss ,wi .jiigjid ' fp' 1 X Eff 'X 1. H H2 :Q ,, ,, ..,, ,, M in aw -lf. ws 'Q .Q ' - , f,.. 3 7,.. . .wifi mx y . Ll I ii: Q u d - I x hm fx s . YQ A. ., wwf 4' L - 455531. 1 , .M .Z vm-A. ' A?.f1:d2:f' , 1 Z W Jw. Ab Q ,, J ,W L Wg din. f . N, G 3 3.2. -2 :N 5? A :4 ' 1 M 313515. ar. ' , . ' -I 4' 1 . ' :F-l:V M -Rm-T v a ' -,., .4 1, a ' 1 ,, Qi? .V mn' sw. W i f 1 x , 1 1 . is fififi ' ' N X f , 31535 filil I .gl Alix AI I 'il 'ig V1 N- - K ng. ' ' x 1, r , 1. . "' K, 5 m 4 in s s 2, ax v I '. YW 1 ?. P BAND DAY ...... grows bigger and better every year. Many schools from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota congregate in Sioux City to parade down Pierce street, and perform at a Morningside football game in the evening. A guest conductor led the mass band in a rousing half-time performance. Awards to the Band Day King and Queen were presented also. Dr. Palmer gave the two winners his congratulations. Incidentally, those congratu- tions and trophies meant something, they had a scholarship to Morning- side College to back them up. HONIECOMI G Members of Alpha Delta Pi sorority View their chicken Wire critically, yet hopeful- ly. The skunk, as it turned out to be later on in the week, made carpenters out of all the girls, even though it didn't Win first place in the parade. l' Homecoming activties officially be- gan on Thursday night with a pep rally in Bass Field. A tug of war be- tween the freshmen and sophomores produced a particular pull to the evening's events. The pep rally, minus the traditional bon fire ftoo much Windy put Morningsiders into a jubilant spirit which carried them through the weekend. Miss Carol Patton of Rock Rapids was crowned queen of the freshmen by Dean of Men, Miles Tomeraasen, and her attendants Nancy Ensor and Joan Philipi gave added attraction to the pep rally. r-,ei ii i ' 1 ., ia? r 'All W, , .4',lm::9...w,e:.s:. A silence fell over the eager crowd at the Homecoming Dance. All eyes were on President Palmer as he raised the jeweled crown and placed it on Mary Lou O'Connor. Morningside had a new Homecoming Queen. Queen Mary Lou 0'Connor I N, -' QP., " V Az-1 mf xg. . w " 1 -'12 H ,H V 5-, fp H 'yi :Q w if ww N ig, A 2 X ,. W Mi 'Od' 1 .ffl , Q . , , K ,Q .,.4' .hav , nm. WIHTESY. 1 fi 2 YW rf JJ Hmm ' ' ,..-H" FINE ERS H if h I-w"""w Poop it opp c' Q Fi ?,,f,'f'XIEl?gisggjilhli' W Y 7 , - W , Q an .1 ,... Ni., .W .. HL HOMECOMlNG Theme - Disneyland First Place Delta Zeta Second Place Independent Student Expression Third Place Sigma Phi Epsilon M 'fn-A . 'iff -1 ' Q ' af'-'1 PARADE After countless hours of planning and labor, the floats emerged for their moment of glory, beautiful . . . at least in the eyes of the builders. Alpha Delta Pi Cheerleaders Kappa Chi MCF W P"tr'Nw 'HC' " qu? -f""'i Q. no-ea. e I--'Tl 1: V --. 'Hx P Y J A-1,21-A 4- , , SAM 4' F1 0RE 0F THE f-. fTn......... 'NK I Lutheran Student's Association. 3 1 ,,.. gg 11 , 322 k 'sgiw "!! "MH" H M U fig, fill-5? S' Q N r K . ,wa fi?"-P I I I . -Q Q -O I nr J . " . 1 . - .- N C .1 1. Queen Mary Lou Waves to the crowd. Freshman Class Float. PARADE Tau Kappa Epsilon. The parade also featured new Winter fur fashions. Sigma Phi Epsilon. The University of South Dakota Band joined in the festivities. M S In h- ll iiilin rg X "Iwi- FACULTY RECEPTION I L , The faculty reception was held according to tradition on the eve of Thanksgiving vaca- tion. The students were re- ceived in the Dimmitt Hall drawing room by Dan Bul- lock, Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Palmer, Dr. and Mrs. J. Clif- ford Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bushyager, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gwinn, and Miss Dimmitt. Faculty women served the tea table. Visitors saw the girls' dormitory rooms, and danced in the dining room. ALL CAMPUS TALENT SHOW Song and dance came to Klinger Forum in November at the all-campus talent show sponsored by the Independent association. Rodney J iskoot took first place honors with a piano solo. ,4-q -- .. -gg .41 - .ggigir ' 1322592 ' , x W 512, QQ , 'X L, A I .U ' 4 Lg .V ' My 7 I S ,-'.- TIGER AT THE GATES A play set in ancient Troy revolving around the beautiful Helen became a modern utterance against the futility of war in the hands of the playwright Jean Giradoux and his translator, Christopher Fry. Every person in Troy had his own petty reason for going to war. Only Hector, the soldier, cared to struggle against the coming of the illogical, unnecessary, but inevitable war. Andromache Helen Cassandra Hecuba Polyxene Laundress Peace Hector Paris Priam Demokos Aj ax Ulysses Mathematician Busiris Troilus Olpides Senator Abneos Senator Sailor Joyce Falk Donna Pettitt Coleen Nielson Sharon Benson Sara Morrison Charlene Wilmarth Nancy Lewis Royce Barnum Gene Dow Marvin Essing Carl Bennett Loren Andrews Dan Wolff Wayne David Dan Lundy Joe Felker Ron Malchow Duane Schlichting Jim Puckett Bill Meusburger 1 W 1 1 f P 1 15, f ,A ,s a 'ff 1 1 ,ll 1-than X - Q-Q-mf' V. I K fe' Ref V 3' 1 Dimmitt Hall was trans- formed to a Winter Wonder- land. City girls were invited for the first time to the an- nual Christmas dinner at Dirnmitt Hall. Mrs. J. Rich- ard Palmer read a traditional Christmas story by the fire- side. CHRISTMAS FESTIVIT "mr Sharon and Susan Swanson are amused at the holiday look of i- "The Rock." - ' -firfda' -7 Ffizi 9-'fra ., M awaits '11 if The Religious Life Center added a more re- ligious note to the campus. . , . .., .Lb Frank Lange gave the "good kiddies" presents at the Sig Ep Christmas party. Christmas is a time of traditions at Dim- mitt Hall, with its Yule Log Service the Hanging of the Greens, and the trimming of the tree in the drawing room. H3 xx ,X I i in Cast Royce Barnum Philip Clarkson Al Bieserneyer Carl Bennett Gene Dow Coleen Nielsen Ron Malchow Charles Wilmarth Wayne David W 1 AGORA LEADER HIP DINNER Each year Agora honors the wom- en on campus who have taken part g in many activities. A formal ban- quet was held in their honor at the Jackson Hotel. r' ' 1 .iwrufa 6415 ff , . fMlI'7Ihiydl?A' Znfnyw hnu7nJ lynn hr aff:-nn' llfcv 1 rfrpuff .fyjuiznlf ,mark-vfJfw .ylbzvrww K if 1 W A AIUlIlI'I'I19V . -'MIM .CMM H ff' f dzllllfloily fmllfllvlllfyi .ffwlfrzfy .1 mffyff Q1 , nf Z. na-AMA .,1 flu I j4,f4.,.,. .MM imflm- I-'rhlni-, l4'4iIn-llsurfv' sixth, Miss Ava Tolf, former Dean of Women, was honored as "Agora Woman of the Year" because of her contributions to Sioux City and the college through her work at the Community House. 0 0 0 l Rellglou Emphasis Week 12' .fr Chairmen and Advisors of the Week are, from the left: Rev. Gingerich, Mr. Nelson, Kathy Majorowicz, Mr. Yockey, Marilyn Alloway, Dr. Sellen, Mary Sievert, Bob Lev- erenz, Carole Van Wyngarden, Dr. Benjamin, Allan Anderson, and Miss Jacobs. Miss- ing are Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Tommeraasen, Warren Connor, Fred Evans, and Low- ell Wilson. This year, more than ever, Religious Emphasis Week was "an in- tense effort" to get the students "to think, and to think big." Concentration of thought: "Altar Our Egof' Carole Van Wyngarden was the general chairman, and under her guidance Morningside was forunate to have three outstanding X speakers. The men, Dr. Everett Palmer, a minister and World traveler, Mr. Dwight Stevens, head of Oklahoma State's department of architecture, and Lt. Col. Ofiesh, were from different fields s., field and topic to the theme "Altar Our Ego." The week was jam packed with events from early morning watch at each residence hall, to chapels, class discussions, faculty-home visits and firesides W , 0 , thus well-rounding out the whole Week. Each man related his ,. i 1 i num- W un nm -'5'."".mL'--."'24E'.-1 Rev. Charles Wallace leads first night square dancers in the gymnasium. l H' 5' LIVE! FIV 0 E. LEADER EARTH Hiffiil EMA T653 Area One of A1 Anderson's Produc- tion - the conformist . . . Sue Mc- Murray and Gary Ritz relax to the cool beat of Glen and Jerry Houpt. One of the Week's speakers, Lt. Col. Gabriel Ofeish, speaks on "The Search for Identity" - in Tuesday's chapel. Col. Ofeish is the Air Academy's Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Academic Counseling. if Area two, or the Beatniks, exchange crazy conver- S ation as trornbonist Paul Brower leads the combo in his orignal jazz composition. :lr , ff' ir' ,ilwn .ss A A lrii N' Hmgasaamf iill ' V? it 1 ' i ff? Wu wazlmm a gil. A Y . ,mf f W A I , tr Wgfmf Sars QUEEN OE HEARTS DANCE Sigma Kappa sponsored their annual Queen of Hearts Dance for Va1entine's Day The male vote elected Mary Lynn Mos- sengren queen of hearts. Her escort was Tom Watt. She was attended by Mari- lyn Gauger, whose escort was Bill Johnson, and Peggy Juffer with Ron Juffer. CLEMENT ATTLEE VISITS CAMPUS The first of a series of outstanding speakers which the faculty convocations committee proposes to bring to Morn- ingside was the former Prime Minister of Britain, Clement Attlee. After a dinner in his honor, Lord Att- lee spoke to a large crowd on "The Future of Democracy." Among the Collegian Reporter staff members who attended Lord Attlee's press conference were Rosalee Jacob- son and Marilyn Gauger. 55.1 , 'fxli iffl E. 1 lt i I Perspectives The creative writing class taught by Dr. William Palmer, edited the annual literary magazine. Virginia Bailey was editor and Rosalee Jacobson was associate editor. Serving as business manager was Phillip Severson. Members of the board of editors were Lamar Cope, Allan Tingley, Carole Van Wyngarden, Mike Welch, Jack Clapper, Keith Fry, Mike Koelker, Janet McClelland, Paul Dicks, and Coleen Nielson. PER PECTIVES s.. YY' 1-l.lI ' I " Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia music fraternity sets the beat to a gala festivity each year in February. These college men supply the music, large band or combo style. INF ONIAN INN AGORA First place winner was the Delta Zeta Follies .....,,- , 'W .1 Alpha Psi 0mega's dougnut and coffee booth took second prize Wk!!!-gp. The Sig Ep weight-guessing booth won third prize "Get a treat instead of a treatment," called the Delta Zetas, advertising their Follies. LASS members had a brisk business in dog-eared secondhand paperbacks CARNIVAL Carnival Capers Went off smoothly de- spite its being Friday the thirteenth. Carnival-goers spent their money to take a swat at Circle K's car or to put their friends in jail, or have their sil- houettes drawn. The announcement of a carnival prince and princess climaxed the evening. Dean Tommeraasen crowned Louise Simmon and Harold Poppen They Were attended by Chuck Den Hartog Linde Wohlenberg Dave Bircher Margo Wal- lace Mary Louise Lundquist and Dale Wllke YJ K X 41' ! . . 7' , I 7 7 'C AF X S' QT! xo K V' if f V 6-1 if CLUB ATD The llth annual Club ATD featured all the gaudy gaiety of the Roaring Twenties when it opened at the gymnasium April 10, 11. 1,9- A Hillbillies Dick Wikert and Craig Croston sing their original hit song, "Behind The Tombstone". Club ATD planning committee, first row from the left: Wally Delzell, Tom Watt, chairman, Harold Poppen, Bill Poston. Top: Frank Lange, Craig Croston, Ron Bourret, Tom Cale, Bob Harward, and Dick Watt. Terramycin Dave and Friend I Dick Watt was master of ceremonies with some spare jokes under his bowler hat. Belting out songs Helen Morgan made popular was singer, Jackie Kent. Delta Zeta sorority supplied the show with a Charleston chorus line. The dainty darlings who burlesquecl the can-can lacked something in precision, but nothing in slapstick. llll IYAHHS Winning the Women's relay to the Floyd Monument was an independent team: Barbara Smith, Jean Wilson, Kay Powell, Norma Meinhardt, Ori- ana Schmitz, lla Mae Wilhoite, Kay Carlson, Shardell Sulsburger, Carole Zebas. .1 r r-..v. ' I ,. 1 , , . , .' I ,- " l ff. . . , v ' I ""- "Nfl: ' me fl Q 5' .' l' L Za F 'L-sf'-' 1' , ui - I ,ff QQ 4' ' 'gr'-if W Cold weather and bitter winds did not stop the gala fun on Walk Out Day. Early in the morning, Student Council President, Dan Bullock blew his bugle summoning all students "to the monu- ment". WALK 0UT DAY Delta Sigma Phi vvor the men's relay. Th team was: Mart Chapman, Charle Abel, Dave Biese meyer, Dick Slater John Doron, Calvir Benz, Scott Morton, John Tollakson. l 3-fa:-1+ f 'sn ,I, . 'tl' s ' ' Q VJ. , , 31. ,JP , 'N As punishment for a pre-mature shave, Jerry Maycock is hand- cuffed to friend Kathy Foutch. At the monument, the un-bearded men were tried by judges Terry Roberts and Bob Grosbeck. Aided by several co-eds, the "Shavers" were exposed to custard pies, tooth paste, shoe polish, and non-electric shaves with Wooden spoon handles. if u. 98 or The softball throw was Won by Carole Zebas Womens division and Cal Benz mens division The weather forces the dinner indoors. Speeches opening the forthcoming Student Council cam- paign vvere held in Allee gym, followed by dinner on the balcony. Students from all departments in Jones Hall of Science participated in the ex- position. Members of the science' council are: Avery Johnson, Beverly Casperson, Bob Carlson, Jane Arnold, David Tweito, Bob Mortenson, Andy Karantinos. Mary Sievert demonstrates a chemical volcano in the chemistry department. SCIENCE EXPOSITION The highpoint of the year s preparation was the creation of "Rex'i, the mechanical dino- saur, by members and faculty of the physics department. ,ani Experiments in the chem lab dealt with various chemicals, including this one on sugar. Lai 'WG- Glass etchings by Steve Pohlrnan proved to be Rick Authier displays an electronics experiment another interesting feature of the exhibition. , Conditioned responses of rodents were aptly shown by Charles Wilmarth, in the biology de- partment. nfl Rf gl Q Ejf it V .Q 1, - Qi t I I M J i W Also in the biology deparment realm, were other demonstrations, this time displayed by Terry Roberts. I Flew Fld Blood typing and embryo development provided for spectator participation, pin pricking and all. Parsitology, Physiology, and cigarette effects displays were an important part of the biology exhibits. l-DIHS hem- quotient? M4 I Ex, -x uv- M., t I MW, LS hw.- -all .A Part of the symbolism of the play was effect- ively portrayed by Rosalee Jacobsen as Death, and Gene Dow as the Moon. BLO0D WEDDING A Spring Play Production Directed by Mr. Philip Clarkson Set Design--Gene Quilleash 4 BLO0D WEDDING CAST Mother H..... .---- Leonardo's Wife - Servant .......,.. --- - --- Juanita Brayton --------.---- Nancy Lewis Charlene Wilmarth Mother-in-law ..e... Q--- Marilyn Gauger Neighbor Woman --------- Coleen Nielsen Death .e................. Rosalee Jacobson lst Wedding Girl .............. Lois Linder 2nd Wedding Girl --, Mary Lynn Mossengren 3rd Wedding Girl, ...i,-...... Lois DeJong Guest ........... lst Guest ----.- -.. ...s.. Sandy Remmers -----Kathy Maj orovvicz Little Girl ...., ......... J ulia Keys lst Little Girl ..,. .i... D onna Pettitt 2nd Little Girl --- .... Sharon Kruger Leonardo ....... ...L J ack Clapper Bridegroom --- ---L Carl Bennett Father .l....l. Moon ......... . - lst Woodcutter --- --- Don Bulgrin -W Gene Dow ------- Dan Lundy 2nd Woodcutter ..,......l.. Delaine David 3rd Woodcutter ........ lst Youth ....... 2nd Youth L... Young Man -Y Guest ..... Duane Schlichtin g - .......... Dan Wolff ------ Jim Puckett -l----- Cal Teasdale Duane Schlichting Queens HOMECEMING QUEEN QUEEN 0E HEARTS SIOUX QUEEN and ATTENDANTS 4: :Sig 5 ATTENDANTS Nita Harris QU! Charlotte Johnson Carolyn Lewis QUEEN OE HEARTS Attendants Marilyn Gauger Peggy J uffer I n i I SIOUX SEI.ECTION i I M i .l,- ' Q ' ' 1 V YN y .Z -x 2 n Z, 'ln The judges this year were selected from prominent citizens of Sioux City. They were Don Stone, program director of Television s-tation KTIV, and Mrs. George Batchellor, Wife of the President of the Chamber of Commerce. ,b it -..N W I V In W , I .f 91. it? gh? if? ft ' 54 i'W'.E3.?1hW'2fw. :JM lgjfaf 'r', 17,22 in 1' 'iff 'tweak-A.!ifrZ4I'-'isi-.iiffsitf VW? 'iilkffffi 5-Wviikiffi-1.f44!i7i-'igcfgft15, Y ., 1" 'Wsgaff Iii H Lfii' 1' ' 0' if w ' ',i i1,1'. 1. Z, '.' is", ,Nl .'.' 'vid Jf' 44--'nf' 'E-'r.?1?'jfMs? ' H V' H -1'-rn 1,1 ' 1" -1' H -'Q-L' 'Wxtr-9 z' -f'l'U3:1g.7 V 'F " ,'," Yi my l.."'w'i A'-' -2'221'x' A "" V" ' W7 W- -Ai' 'bis' ' 'i'Egiiw7f2 X' t M if, A' 5654 ' M i'k5Q5Ti53?5E.?Q,iif'4 if Y if W it M t M m?jHt?f'M "w'f5W,mx:i W SIOUX QUEEN Julia Keys Janet Cline 'Q'- Carol Patton Elaine Carter Marilyn Alloway: B. S., Senior class Vice-Pres., Who's Who, WSGA Treas., Vice-Pres., MSM Secy., Treas., Religion in Life Comm. Fin. Chm., Mu Phi Epsilon Treas., Alpha Delta Pi Pres., pledgemaster, Treas., Rec. Secy., Alpha Lambda Delta, Agora Pub. Chm., Social Chm., Agora At- tendant, Outstanding Student, Dean's Honor Roll, Lass Secy. Merlin Alwin Anderson: B. A., Bi- ology Club, Collegian Reporter Staff, ISEA. Richard Gerald Anderson: B.A., Men's Dorm Council, Lutheran Student Assoc. Pres., MCF, Col- legian Reporter Staff, Ladies Knight, Circle K Club Director. Francis Michael Ard: B. M., Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Choir, S. C. Symphony, Outstanding Student, Dean's Honor Roll. Florence Jane Arnold: B. A., Who's Who, Girl's Dorm Council, Soc. Chm., Chemistry Club, Home Ec. Club Treas., Pres., Religion in Life Comm., Choir, Alpha Delta Pi, Music, Hall Chm., Ish- koodah, Play Cast, ISEA, Agora, Agora Board, State Home Ec. Assoc. Secy., Concerto Recital, Outstanding Student. Norman Ashby: B. A., ISEA, Dean's Honor Roll. Dell Babbit: B. A. Daniel Albert Bergman: B. S., Bas- ketball, Most Improved Player, M Club, Intramurals, Beta Beta Beta. Constance Ann Biesemeyer: Dorm Counselor, Mu Phi Epsi- lon, Rec. Sec., Choir, S. C. Symphony, Madrigal, Ishkoodah Treas., ISEA, Agora, Chamber Orchestra, Conservatory Student Council, Outstanding Student, Dean's Honor Roll. Roy Allen Biesemeyer: B. A., Who's Who, Track, Track Capt., M Club Secy., Play Cast. Thomas Walter Bohan: B. S., Per- spectives, ISEA. Ronald Arnold Boulden: B. S. Sig- ma Phi Epsilon Pres., Intra-Frat. Pres., Circle K Club, Debate, Discussion. Paul Brower: B. S., Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia. Frances Bramson: B. A. JUNE GRADUATES Daniel Grant Bullock: B.S., Stu- dent Council Vice-Pres., Pres., Who's Who, Men's Dorm Coun- cil, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club Secy., Outstanding Student, Dean's Honor Roll. Darrell Calsbeek: B. S. Joan Mae Creswell: B. M. E., Band, Choir, Mu Phi Epsilon, S. C. Symphony, Ishkoodah, Major- ette, Agora. Bruce L. Curtis: B. S., Men's Dorm Council, Biology Club, ISEA Program Chm. Dick Dailey: B. S., Sigma Phi Ep- silon Historian. William Davis: B. A. James Deignan: B.A. Herman Charles Den Hartog: B. S. Chemistry Club Vice-Chm., Pre- Engineers Club Pres., Tau Kappa Epsilon Secy. , Freshman Achieve- ment Award Chemistry, Dr. Coss Award Chemistry. Lois Jeane DeJ-ong: B. M. E., Mu Phi Epsilon, Band, Choir, Chor- us, Madrigal, Agora, Dean's Honor Roll. Don Carlyle Ducommun: B. A., In- tramurals, Football and Basket- ball, Band, Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas. E. J. Eaton: B. M. E., Phi Mu Alpha, Alumni Secy. and Treas., Band, Choir, Symphony, Brass Ensem- ble. Gary Erwin: B.S., Baseball, Bas- ketball, M Club, Intramurals, ISEA. Richard Marlowe Evans: B.A., Sigma Phi Epsilon House Mgr. Gordon William Fountain: B. A., Senior Class Treas., Intramurals, Alpha Psi Omega, Tau Kappa Epsilon Chaplain, Play Cast. Gloria Esme Franzen: B.A., Lu- theran Student Assoc. Pres., A'lpha Psi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Agora, Cheerleader, Play Cast, Soph. Class Vice-Pres. Noel Eugene Fries: B.S., Sigma Pi Sigma Vice-Pres, P1'e-engin- eers Club, Math Club. Keith Fry: B.A., Intramurals, Sioux, Collegian Reporter, Per- spectives, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Outstanding Student. William Ellis Giehm: B.A., Class Pres., Intramurals, Basketball, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pledge Mas- ter, Social Chm. Loren Dale Gordon: B.S.: Men's Dorm Council, Baseball, Basket- ball, M Club Vice-Pres., ISEA, Dean's Honor Roll. Robert R. Grosbeck: B.S., Men's Dorm Council, Pres., Dorm Coun- selor, Football, Track, Intra- murals, LSA. Mary Silzer Haddock: B. A., Who's Who, Choir, Madrigal, Collegian Reporter Editor, Perspectives, Editorial, Sigma Tau Delta Pres., Ishkoodah, ISEA, Agora, Dean's Honor Roll, Lass, Vice-Pres., ISE. Raymond Eugene Hagen: B.S., Who's Who, Golf, Conference Medalist Capt., M Club, AIA, Dean's Honor Roll. Arthur Richard Hallbauer: B.A. Play Cast, ISEA. Karen Elaine Hansen: B. S., MCF, Choir, Delta Zeta Secy., Ishkoo- dah, Agora. Nita June Harris: B.S., Junior Class Vice-Pres., Student Coun- cil, Who's Who, Intramural Di- rector Pres., ISEA, Agora, ISE' Lass. 3 Roger Hass: B. A., Student Council, Men's Dorm Council, hall repre- sentative, Track, Basketball, M Club, Intramurals, LSA, Agora Prince Attendant. Alice Marian Hazer: B. S., Ishkoo- dah, Home Ec. Club. Kenneth John Hoffman: B. S: Delta Sigma Phi Sgt.-at-Arms Historian, Pledge Master. 7 Frank Horne: B. A. Glen Houpt: B. M. E., Phi Mu Al- pha-Sinfonia. Raymond E. Huibregtse: B.S., Baseball, Intramurals, Softball. Gordon Cromwell Hull: B.A., In- tramurals, ISEA. Gary Ray Hulst: B.S., Baseball, Basketball, M Club, Intramurals, Football, ISEA, Dean's Honor Roll. Albert Hunter: B. S. Rolland W. Igou: B.S., Chemis- Investment Assoc. Avery Johnson, Jr.: B. S., Chemis- try Club, Inter-Science Council. P I L P Charlotte Ann Johnson: B. A.: Sophomore Class Pres.: Who's Who: Religion in Life Comm.: Collegian Reporter circulation mgr.: Homecoming Queen At- tendant: Delta Zeta Pres., Rec. Secy., Activities Chm., Panhel- lenic Rep.: Sigma Tau Delta Secy.: Ishkoodah: ISEA: Cheer- leader: Agora: Panhellenic Coun- cil Pres.: Student Leadership Workshop Co-Chm. Dennis Lee Johnson: B.S.: Track: M Club: Intramurals: MSM. Jerry Johnson, B. S. Rodney Juffer: B. A.: Baseball, M Club: ISEA, Roland D. Junck: B.S.: ISEA: Dean's Honor Roll. DeWitt Arthur Killam: B. S.: Intra- murals: M.S.M.: MCF: Tau Kap- pa Epsilon Vice-Pres.: Play Cast: Intra-Fraternity Council: All Greek Council. Thomas William Kinquist: B. A. David J. Knol: B. A.: Intramurals: M.S.M.: MCF Treas.' Gene Kruse: B.S.: L.S.A. Academ- ic Investment Assoc.: Dean's Honor Roll. Jo-hn Ernest Lane: B. A.: Intramur- als: Delta Sigma Phi, Secy. Gary Eugene Larson: B.A.: Foot- ball: Golf: Intramurals. Gerald Charles Lasensky, B.S.: Chemistry Club: Collegian Re- porter: Alpha Kappa Delta: Pi Gamma Mu: Cosmo Club: Dean's Honor Roll. Robert Edward Leverenz: B.A.: Men's Dorm Council, hall repr.: Intramurals: Kappa Chi Debating team Co. Chm.: MCF: Christian Outreaach Chm.: Choir: Master Melodiers. Carolyn Lorraine Lewis: B. A.: Re- ligion in Life Comm.: Perspect- ives editorial staff: Homecoming Queen Attendant: Alpha Delta Pi, guard, Pan Hell.: Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-Pres.: Ishkoodah: ISEA: Dean's Honor Roll. John H. Locker: B.A.: Basketball: M Club: Intramurals: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Master, social chm., song leader, asst. rush Chm.: Men's Dorm Council. Bert G. Louscher, Jr.: B. S.: Foot- ball: Intramurals: Dean's Honor Roll. B. Alan Lovrien: B. S.: Intramurals: Pre Engineers Club Pres.: Dean's Honor Roll. Maxine Law: B. S. - Marjorie Joan McManamy: B. A.: Ishkoodah: Cheerleader Capt.: Agora Vice-Pres.: Pep Queen: Panhellenic Council. Jerry Fay Maycock: B.S.: Intra- murals: Chemistry Club, Secy.: Treas., Vice-Pres., Pres.: Math Club: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Activi- ties Comm. Chm.: James A. Cross Award: Outstanding Stu- dent: Dean's Honor Roll. Chan-Fai Mack: B. S. Ronald Maston: B. S.: Intramurals, Basketball, Bowling: Biology Club: Chemistry Club: Dean's Honor Roll. Bill Meuseburger: B. S.: Alpha Psi Omega, Pres.: Play cast: Out- standing Student, speech work. Carolyn Ann Meyer: B. A.: Lass Pres.: Sophomore Class Treas.: Who's Who: Sioux Editor, Busi- ness Mgr.: Perspectives, Editor: Collegian Reporter, Editor: May Queen Attendant: Alpha Delta Pi, Corr. Secy.: Agora. Gene Joseph Middleton: B.S.: Student Council: Intramurals: Religion in Life Comm.: Colleg- ian Reporter: Delta Sigma Phi, Pres., Treas.: Agora Prince At- tendant: Inter-fraternity Council' All Greek Council. 7 Karen J. Miller: B. A.: Home Ec. Club, Pres. Roger Burnett Miller: B. S.: Base- ball: Basketball: M Club: Circle K Sec.: Pi Kappa Phi. Darrell Murray: B. A.: Football Co- Capt.: M Club. Gary Lee Moad: B. A.: Baseball: M Club. Beverly Molhoff: B.M. E.: Mu Phi Epsilon: Who's Who: Band: Choir: Sigma Kappa: Lass. Bob Mortenson: B. S. Robert Lee Niebuhr: B.A.: Intra- murals: L.S.A.: Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Chm. Vice-Pres., Scholarship Coleen Nielsen: B. A.: Lass: Who's Who: WSGA, Secy.: May Queen Attendant: Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-Pres.: Ishkoodah, Pres.: Agora: Agora Princess Attend- anti Play Cast: Dean's Honor o . Mary Lou O'Conner: B. A.: Lass: Senior Class, Secy.: Who's Who: Student Council, Treas.: May Queen: Homecoming Queen: Delta Zeta, Vice-Pres.: Ishkoo- dah: Cheerleader: Agora: Pan- hellenic Council. Robert Edward O'Conn-or: B.S. Deanna June Olson: B. A.: L.S.A.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dean's Honor Roll Agora, Michael D. Owen: B. A.: Senior Class Pres.: Who's Who: Men's Dorm Council, Pres.: Dorm Coun- selor: Football, Co-Capt.: M Club Pres.: Agora Prince Attend- ant. Patsy Starr Owen: B.A.: Who's Who: Student Council Secy: Girls Dorm Council hall rep.: Dorm Counselor: Methodist St. Movement: Ishkoodah: ISEA, Pres.: Agora, Treas., Pres.: Agora Princess: Lass. Jack LeRoy Paulson: B. A.: Foot- ball: Intramural: Sigma Phi Ep- silon. James William Perrett: B.S. Samuel Dan Phillips: B. A.: Stu- dent Council: Who's Who: M Club: Intramurals. Gaylord Rasmussen: B. A. Dean Raymond: B. S. Donald Jay Riemersma: B. M. E.: Phi Mu Alpha: Sinfonia Histori- an: Band, Choir, Madrigal. Venona Louise Rock: B.M.E.: WSGA: Dorm Proctor: Band: Choir: Mu Phi Epsilon Secy.: S. C. Symphony: Madrigal: Ishkoo- dah: ISEA: Agora: Dean's Honor Roll. Leo Hubert Roepke: B. S.: Pre- En- gineers Club: AIA Treas.: Dean's Honor Roll. Jim Russell: B. A.: Kappa Chi: M.S.M.: MCF: Chapel Comm. Doris May Sadler: B. A.: Lass: Stu- dent Council: WSGA Pres.: Who's Who: Dorm Conselor: Kappa Chi Deputation Team, Vice-Pres., Secy.: Religion in Life Comm. Chm.: Ishkoodah: Agora. John Oliver Schram: B. A. Gene Scollard: B. S. James Seuntjens: B. S. Kay Sharp: B.S. . Larry Curtis Selgelid: B. A.: Foot- ball: Golf: M Club Treas. Kadiman Sihotang: B. S.: Baseball: Tennis: Beta Beta Beta: Sigma Phi Sigma: Biology Club: Chem- istry Club: Cosmo Club. Robert Skaggs: B. A., Dorm Proc- tor, Intramurals. Bradley Strong: B.S. , Calvin T. Teasdale: B.A., Fresh- man Class Pres., Kappa Chi, Col- legian Reporter, Play Cast. Allan Tingley: B. A. Janice Marie Thompson: B.A.' Sigma Kappa Pres., ISEA. 3 Thane N. Treptow: B.A., Kappa Chi Pres., Religion in Life Comm., Masters Melodiers Quar- tette. Roger Tuttle: B. M. E., Who's Who, Kappa Chi, Religion in Life Comm., Phi Mu Alpha Treas., Pres., Choir, Madrigal, Brass En- semble, Masters Melodiers. L. Don Veglahn: B.A., Junior Class Pres., Who's Who, M Club, Intramurals, Kappa Chi Debat- ing Chm., Collegian Reporter Sports Editor, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres., Pi Kappa Delta Pres., Sig- ma Tau Delta Treas., Debate, Discussion, Dean's Honor Roll. Edwin Keith Bradley: B. S., Chem- istry Club Vice-Pres. Tom Cale: B. S., Intramurals, Foot- ball, Basketball, Biology Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon. William L. Davis: B.A., Football, M Club. Vincent Robert Arioso: B. A., Foot- ball, M Club, Intramurals, Foot- ball. Royce Wildan Barnum: B. A, Who's Who, Collegian Reporter Sports Editor, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Play Cast, Outstand- ing Student, Dean's Honor Roll. Blaine D. Beane: B. A., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Academic Investment Assoc. Sharon L. Benson: B.A., ISEA, Debate, discussion, Play Cast. Gary Caldwell: B. S., ISEA. Nancy Jean Crary Veglahn: B.A., Freshman Class Secy., Who's Who, Kappa Chi Vice-Pres., Re- lgion in Life Comm. Speaker Comm. Chm., Perspectives Read- ing Board, TKE Sweetheart, Alpha Delta Pi Membership Chm., Vice-Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Kappa Delta Vice- Pres., Alpha Kappa Lambda, Lass Membership Chm., lshkoo- dah, Debate, Outstanding Stu- dent Religion and English, Dean's Honor Roll. Glenna Rita Wardlow: B.A., WAA, ,M.S.M., Sigma Kappa Corr. Secy., Vice-Pres., lshkoodah, Play Cast, Agora, Dean's Honor Roll. James Edward Weaver: B. S. Judith Dale Warren: B.A. Kappa Chi, M.S.M., MCF, Ishkoodah, LSEA, Agora International Re- lation Club Secy. Thomas Christian Watt: B.A.: In- tramurals, L.S.M., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Club ATD Chm., Inter- Frat-Council. Lawrence Weis: B. S. AUGUST GRADUATES Andrew E. Karantinos: B. S., In- tramurals, Volleyball, Sigma Phi Sigma, Chemistry Club, Physics Club, Pre-Engineers Club Vice- Pres., Math Club, Cosmopolitan Club Pres. Raymond G. Mumm: B.A., Men"s Dorm Council. JANUARY GRADUATES R. Mervyn Cowling: B. A., ISEA. Harlan Eugene Den Beste: B.S., Chemistry Club Chm. James H. Erwin: B. S., Basketball, Capt. and Co-Capt., ISEA, Dean's Honor Roll. Richard Franz: B. A. Clifford Lee Herzig: B. S., Intra- murals, Basketball, Chemistry Club. Robert Leach: B.S., Kappa Chi, Biology Club. Norma Weisensee: B. S. James White: B.S., Baseball, M Club, Intramurals Football and Basketball, Delta Sigma Phi Treas., Inter-Fraternity-Council. Robert Wigness: B.M.E., Phi Mu Alpha, Warden, Band, Choir, S. C. Symphony, Brass Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra. Robert Wiltse: B. A. David Wood: B.A.: Junior Class Treas., Intramurals Softball, Sioux Photog., Collegian Report- er Photog., Tau Kappa Epsilon Vice-Pres., Intra-Fraternity- Council. Carole Zebas: B. S., WAA Pres., Vice-Pres., Council, Intramurals, Collegian Reporter Staff, ISEA, Dolphins-Synchronized Swim- ming, Physical Education Majors Club, Dean's Honor Roll. Janice Lee Zortman: B.A., Stu- dent Council, Delta Zeta Rec. Secy, Ishkoodah, ISEA, Cheer- leader, Agora Attendant. Stanley Keith Peterson: B.A.: In- tramurals, Basketball, L.S.A.: Tau Kappa Epsilon. Leo Leonard Ronfeldt: B.S. Lorman Dean Vilhauer: B.A., In- tramurals, Basketball, Math Club Corr. Secy. Loren Douglas Lorenzen: B.A., Men's Dorm Council Pres., Secy., Dorm Proctor, Football, All-con- ference 1958 Football, M Club, Intramurals, Basketball, Track. Robert James Mclntirez B. M. E. Intramurals, Football, Basket- ball, Phi Mu Alpha Secy., Pres., Band, Choir, Chorus, Madrigal, Dean's Honor Roll. Norton D. Obrecht: B. A., AIA Li- brarian, Secy. Keith Shellhammer: B.S., Sigma Phi Epsilon. Charles Robert Trautman: B. S.

Suggestions in the Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) collection:

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