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 - Class of 1953

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The Students of- Morningsicle College Preseni the bf4 m, Editor-Photoqmphor Art Barrett n m w W mw' ,m M may Vol. 54 $56; 1 ii , mm... N , YA V j R $ 1, 2,1,, V Q ,9 123k$ ? Mww r. John Castle Dedication CONTENTS I. CAMPUS Buildings Faculty , Students II. CAMPUS ATHLETICS Fall Winter Spring Women's III. CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS Greeks Scholastic IV. CAMPUS CUSTOMS V. CAMPUS ARTS Music Speech Productions VI. CAMPUS QUEENS VII. CAMPUS CAPERS WWW WWW WWWWWLWWW W W; W W W WWWWWWW WWW rW.W WWWW WWWWWWW WWW WWW WWWWWWWWWWWW W. W WWWW .W WWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWW WWWWWquWWWWWWWWWWW W WWWWWWWWW W WWWWWWWW WWWW WWWWW WWJWWWWW'WWWWWW WWWWWWW W W W WWWW W W WWWWW W WWW WWWWWWW WWWWW WWWWWW'WWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW W WW W W WWWWWW. WWWWWWMWW WW WWWWWWW WW WWW WW WWWWWWWWWWWLWWWW WWW W W W W WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WW W W . WWWWWWW WWWWWWW WWW: MW WWW C! 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V V WMVVVVVV 1 V ;, V g , q. f L , V V V : V , u w V - V 'V V V : 1M V r .- V a ; g mVVM-m k V , VVVVV VV 5 7 VM . ' V f V VVVVT V V V V VVVVMVVVVVV V? V V V V V V V V V V V VVV V V V V V V VVVV VVV: VVV VVVVVVVVVVVVV, VV VV. VVV V V ,V V V.V. V Vi .VVV VV .V .V VVVV m V V QVV . V. V V W ,u . 1 VVVVVVVVV V. VVVV V VVVVVVVVVVVV VVMVVVVVV : w Wst wmmwh Wu wJW'c: :' :M . N W' i fp My WM M 1 :5 x L, m m qu nWm' Wm: w" W QNL V M NO WWW NM NM. M'Qxx . N ; v rH WWW :W m MI W . swm, w m , m x w W w w 3 , M u JWNN VQ$SXM x H mm KIM' l '- WW MIXV "W mevi " $5 5 nxomw5W J M w M. , wk MW XA H Aw V mm m; m m! M x mm. 1 :JLZVXSIJ , . - , m; "mm: M3, . , nun V an. M w WK w' nlucn WM;QV . :$.H.;; . Em : . WWW Wu 3:" m pwoud$n WV 2? . m. m1 3, , H mm, w m. "mm m m wmmulmf; 1. 4m. 4w m mam pm . ""Hlfdtif'ndf" I ?SE::::::::E:WfSr - m, anwammrmw i. , ,M untvznmw-w W v:"::rh..::::;m m w:?a wmlwm: an'w m Munnuuvi u M illui"?+k$hrdi$fii 4:14 ;,w m.gwwurh1 4.1a A 4;;"ugquggmh Wwvw ,. . .1 ; .. w . WW wiwuw m . +1.. a "n . m" . , wuafw v : 1;: grigghumu ,xwysmfmu hr '"Lmh avuifawx'3wiif'mu-h: '2' wwwttrrs'hyh 5 w mpg; FACULTY President Earl A. Roadmcm DEAN THOMAS TWEITO DEAN ALVA TOLF DEAN RUSSELL EIDSMOE MR. OLSEN Business Manager MRS. MAHOOD Alumni Secretary MR. ANDERSON Assistant Professor in Piano forte and opera University of Cologne, Germany Music Academy of Cologne MR. ASPREY Associate Football Coach Momingside College Colorado University Denion Univesity, Ohio MR. BOWMAN Associate Professor of History Auqustana College University of Nebraska University of Iowa University of Omaha MR. FOSTER Director of Admissions Morningside College Nebraska University MR. WALKER : , , Manager of College Book 1 W Store MR. ASHBY Professor of Livestock Marketing University of Nebraska Nebraska Wesleyan University University of Minnesota University of Illinois MR. BAUER Professor of Sociology Iowa Wesleyan College Northwestern University Drake University University of Iowa MR. BRUMBAUGH Professor of Music Theory Morningside College Michigan State MISS MAXINE BURCH MR- BUCKINGHAM Director of Athletics Professor of Home Economics Iowa State as; Morningside College Simpson Stanford University MR. BURRIS Librarian Instructor of MR- BUSHYAGER Library Science Professor 0f Mathemaiics Otterbein College Allegheny College Bonebrcke Theological Pennsylvania State College Seminary University of Michigan University of Chicago MISS DIMMIT Dean of Women Emeritus Professor of Ancient Languages MR' CASTLE Illinois Wesleyan Professor of $ Universit University of Illinois Y Columbia University University of Chicago American School of Classical Studies, Home Northwestern University University of Michiqan Morningside College MR. DROULLARD Head Football Coach Assistant Professor of MR. FARRA Associate Professor of . Religion Mathemulhcs . Columbia University Dubuque Unwersny Drew University University of Wisconsin MR. GRABER Professor of Physics Dean of Men Emeritus MISS GRAMMER Heidelberg College Assistant Professor and University of Iowa Head of Music Department University of Michigan University of Nebraska Columbia University University of Colorado Ohio State University Northwestern University Universiiy of Chicago State University of Iowa MR. GREEN . , MRS. GREEN Instructor 1n Physxcs . . . . . Dlrector of Womens Physmal Mommgsxde College Education State University of Iowa Morningside MR. GWINN Reqism MR. HAWTHORN Assistant Professor of Professor of Sociology Physics Iowa State College. Morningside College University of Wisconsin State University of Iowa University of Minnesota . MR. KUCINSKI MR. HILE Head of PWGSW Of Speech Violin and Orchestra Unwershy of Denver Mornin side Colle e University of Southern California g g Th.M. Iliff School of Theology, Cleveland Institute of Denver Music '3; University Of Washington Iulliard Graduate School ; of Music i MISS LLOYD Associate Professor of Romance Languages Northwestern University University of Paris, France MR. LANGLEY University of Head of Art Department Grenoble, France Art Institute of Chicago University of Rome, Italy University of Florence. Italy University of Frailburq, Germany MR. LOWRY MRS. MacCOLLIN Instructor in Instructor of Voice Oberlin Conservatory of Music Morningside College Wood-wind Instruments Morningside College University of South Dakota MR. MGCCOLLIN Director of the MISS MCNEE Conservator of Music y Associate Professor of Professor of Voice Elementar Education Oberlin Conservatory y I Universit of Music Upper owcx Y U 't i Chiccz o Chautauqua Summer School mvers1y o g Universit of Iowa of Music Y ' ' M' t Momingside College Umvers1ty oi mneso a George Peabody College for Teachers MRS. MALLOY Laboratory Instructor in Drafting MR MELOY Iowa State Teacrers Instructor in Biology and Chemistry Morningside College College Immaculate Conception Academy Chicago Academy of Fine Arts MR. N YDEGGEB Profesor of Biology MISS MURRAY Professor of History Morningside College University of Illinois Columbia University Washington University Iowa State College University of Nebraska State University of Iowa University of Southern California Associate Professor of ' MRS. SIMONSEN Florida State Colby College Nurse Emory University George Peabody College for Teachers Iowa State College MR. STIENTIIES Associate Professor of Chemistry Iowa State Teachers College South Dakota University MR. SPORNITZ Instructor of Economic Theory University of North Dakota University of Minnesota MR. OMMERAASEN Assistant Professor of Accounting Morningside College Northwestern University MR. WALSH Associate Professor of Philosophy Boston Universi y Harvard University University of London MISS WOODFORD Assistant Professor in Pianoforte and Hiskory of Music Mominqside College American Conservatory of Music University of Michigan i mm.: ,w. www .me MRS. TOUSSAIN'I Assistant Professor in Secretarial Science Central Missouri State College University of Colorado University of California University of Missouri MR. WATT Assistant Professor of Education University of Akron Universiiy of Chicago v mime ,vmhwlwwmn v A v , mu h N m aw w MW , W mm mm v- . w 1W "W W w Pall , w STUDENTS TOP ROW Georgia Mae Adams Sioux City, Iowa loan Beulah Albrecht Pomeroy, Iowa A. Dorothy Andersen Homer, Neb. Edward Rollin Barnes Sioux City, Iowa Dessie Bikakis Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE BOW John O'Connell Boice Albany, N. Y. Keith Earl Bunday Sioux City, Iowa Janet Lynn Burg Wollingford, Iowa Robert Elliott Burtness Sioux City, Iowa Marcella Winona Carlson Farnhamville. Iowa BOTTOM ROW Donald Lee Carver Ireton, Iowa lune M. Carver Ireton, Iowa Richard Carlton Clements St. Louis, Mo. Nancy Jean Cline Sioux City, Iowcx Iocm Ruth Collin Galva, Iowa mm SENIORS 'rOP now Bernard Cooper Sioux City Robert James Creglow Rock Rapids. Iowa John Francis Crowley Sioux City, Iowa Earle Richard Custer Rowena, S. Dak. Georgia Stella Dandos Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Thomas I. Davis Chicago, Ill. Bob Fay Donovan Algona, Iowa Derrell Donald Dow Sioux City, Iowa Dennis Duane Dow Sioux City. Iowa Icmet Durlin Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Norman M. Elias Persia, Iowa James Fowler Sioux City, Iowa Mrs. Io Ann Fowler Sioux City, Iowa Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Fox Sioquity, Iowa Warren Alfred Gasink Sioux City, Iowa TOP ROW Isabelle F. Gibbs Klemme, Iowa Von Dell Iecm Glaser Norfolk, Neb. Patricia Ann Grube Sioux City, Iowa Mary Claire Gunderson Ames, Iowa James A. Hamilton Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Dean R. Hancock Burlington, Wisc. Clifford Ducme Hansen Lu Verne, Iowa Larry B. Harpster Omaha, Nebr. Man'lyn Marie Hinckley Sioux City, Iowa Decm Hughes Spencer, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Darwin D. Hunt Sibley, Iowa Evert Alfred Johnson Sioux City, Iowa Herbert Wayne Iohnson Bronson, Iowa Donald Gene Keck Sioux City, Iowa Franklin Kinny Sioux Ciw TOP ROW Bert King Sioux City, Iowa Beverly Maxyne Kinsey Sioux Center, Iowa Fred Eugene Knauer Sheldon, Iowa Ancmae Koole Sheldon, Iowa Mary Anne Krusenstierna Manson, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Eddie chm China Alan R. Larson Sioux City, Iowa Richard Earl Leafstone Sioux City, Iowa Vyonne Lehnus Rolfe, Iowa Anthony F. Levitto Albany, N, Y. BOTTOM ROW Connie A. Lindgren Sioux City, Iowa Allveen Lois Lindquist Armur, Iowa Patricia Lucille McBurney Mapleton, Iowa Frank S. Macomber Sioux City, Iowa Helen G. Menoudcrkis Greece TOP ROW Gearold D. Miles Sioux City. Iowa Dorothy I QAnn Miller Council Bluffs, Iowa Roger Irvin Miller Sioux City, Iowa Don L. Minor Sioux Falls, So. Dak. Val Gene Moeller Quimby, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Bruce A. Norris Mondamin, Iowa Valentine Francis Norcott Revere, Mass. Douglas A. Nordstrom Sioux City, Iowa Shirleen C. Nystedt Cherokee, Iowa Gordon Edward Ohm Lone Rock, Iowa BO'I'I'OM ROW John Joseph Padys Dearborn, Mich. Georgia Pappcxs Sioux City, Iowa Carlton Iohn Peterson Sioux City, Iowa Robert Lyle Phelps Sioux City, Iowa Richard James Phillips Alpena, Mich. TOP ROW Jack Joseph Reardon Detroit, Mich. James Keith Reid Peteron, Iowa Rebecca Rice Tougaloo, Miss. La Donna Rispcxlje Sioux City, Iowa Henry Roberts So. Sioux City, Nebr. MIDDLE ROW Robert Rogers Sioux City. Iowa Phyllis Runge Alta. Iowa Bernie Phillip Sajdak Frederic, Mich. Ccrrol Mae Scott Marcus, Iowa Elisabeth Jane Shillinglaw Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Janice M. Slupe Scotland, So. Duk. Robert Perry Soiseth Sioux City, Iowa Virginia Springer Rolfe, Iowa Willis L. Strong Dakota City, Nebr. Arnold Sun China Lawrence V. Tagg Sioux City, Iowa Malvina Tott Sioux City, Iowa Kan Trivitcxyakul Bangkok, Thailand Carroll Eugene Usher Rowan, Iowa George Moore Vaughn Sioux Cuy, Iowa m a MIDDLE ROW Marlene Vermillion Remsen. Iowa Melvin A. Vermillion Sioux City, Iowa Dave Waleryszak Chicago, Ill. Dick Arthur Weikert Omaha, Nebr. Rory Gilbert Wells Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW James Lester Whitehouse Cherokee, Iowa Ruth Virginia Wilson Sac City, Iowa Grace Wong China Mary Anne Yager Montgomery, Iowa Vvonnie Lou Yanney Sioux City, Iowa TOP ROW Ray LeRoy Zellmer Lawton, Iowa SENIOR MIDDLE ROW Jacqueline Io Barcctl Sioux City. Iowa Art I. Barrett Sioux City, Iowa Robert Edgar Baxter Sioux City, Iowa F. Bob Beck Sioux City, Iowa Douglas Elroy Burr Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Walter Burton Sioux City, Iowa Charles E. Carter Sioux City, Iowa Geraldine Ioanne Day Cherokee, Iowa Duane W. Deane Alcester. S. Dakf Evelyn Ruth Decker Sioux City, Iowa TOP ROW Ronald Richard Doherty St. Clair Shores, Mich. Joyce Lee Ford Spirit Lake, Iowa Gertrude Harriet Draayom Sioux City, Iowa Donald Ralph Frey Ocheyedcm, Iowa James William Galli Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Gilbert Garcia Richmond, Cal. Albert chy Gammeister George, Iowa Marilyn Ann Goodwin Sioux City, Iowa Verlin Dean Heuton Jefferson, Iowa Wallace Edwin Johnston Iowa Falls, Iowa BOTTOM BOW Olga Kott Sioux City, Iowa Don Bradford Krone Sioux City, Iowa Wallace A. Krone Sioux City. Iowa Judith K. Larsen Sioux City, Iowa Mark Clair Link Sibley, Iowa TOP ROW Sonya E. Mackintosh Skokie, 111. Milton T. Madden Pierson, Iowa Barbara Benton Peer Sioux City, Iowa Rex Eugene Peer Sioux City, Iowa Man'lyn Joan Peterson Elk Point, So. Dak. MIDDLE BOW Helen G. Price Sioux City, Iowa Alma Ruth Rexwinkel Orange City, Iowa Glen Reynolds Sioux Falls, So. Dak Charles Bush Jr. Sioux City, Iowa Alfred Anthony Shinkuncxs Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW John H. Smith Sioux City, Iowa Roben E. Sullivan So. Sioux City, Nebr. Alice Suzuki Hawaii Barbara Evelyn Thompson Sioux City, Iowa Howard E. Thompson Sioux City, Iowa TOP HOW I UNIORS Kenneth D. Van Der Sloot Meriden, Iowa Edwin Joseph Vorisek Sioux City, Iowa Dcma Harold Wall Sioux City, Iowa Kenneth Zeising Sioux City, Iowa Stanley Greigg Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Leroy Bras Alton, Iowa William David Brown Sanbom, Iowa Margaret Ann Christensen Sioux City, Iowa Paul E. Dempsey Goodall. Iowa Betty Lou Erickson Sioux City, Iowa SOPHOMORE BOTTOM ROW Clark Evan Gassman Akron, Iowa Roger Edward Gohring Onawcx, Iowa Monte Gruett Sioux City, Iowa Thomas C. Hackney Wakonda, S. Dak. Robert Leon Hildreth Rockwell City, Iowa S TOP ROW Dolores Marie Hunter Charter Oak, Iowa John Melvin Kvidal Sioux City, Iowa Nancy C. Lehan Sioux City. Iowa Merle Janice Lloyd Chamberlain, So. Dak. Peirre Eugene Lorenger Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Curtiss Griffin Lovelace Sioux City, Iowa Jerry Majorowicz Rolfe, Iowa Dwaine F. Miller Sioux City, Iowa Robert F. Motter Early, Iowa Robert L. Nicholson Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Paul Edward Otte Mapleton. Iowa Eugene Harold Persinger Onuwa, Iowa Dorothy lean Peter Elk Point, So. Dak. Walt B. Phelps Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ben Harvey Ploof Sioux City, Iowcx TOP ROW Joanne A. Preul Spencer, Iowa Marjorie Reiter Sioux City, Iowa Thomas Wayne Rose Sioux City, Iowa Constance P. Sarris Sioux City, Iowa Donna Jean Saupe Sheldon, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Mrs. Faye Shulkin Sioux City. Iowa John M. Shultz Archer, Iowa Lucille K. Schultz Merrill, Iowa Dwight Lee Sorensen Luveme. Iowa Shirley Ann Spielman Sioux City. Iowa BOTTOM ROW Benjamin J. Storek Prague, Czechoslovakia Larry Emmett Swain Soldier, Iowa Sharon Lee Taylor Gooldfield, Iowa Ierrold Gordon Thacker So. Sioux City, Nebr. Doris I. Thompson Woodbine, Iowa TOP ROW Larry Iames Toner Sioux City. Iowa Ellen Adlene Tornkvist Missouri Valley! Iowa Dean Lindsay Tudelope Sioux City, Iowa Ion Harrison Vorisek Sioux City, Iowa Marlys Mae Watson Archer, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Amy Ruth Williams Denver, Colo. Paul Kenneth Williams Milford, Iowa Lorraine Yanney Sioux City, Iowa Pam Mae Yeoman Sioux City, Iowcx SOPHOMORE BOTTOM ROW Bonnie Joan Ahad Dow City, Iowa Jean Adele Amdt Blencoe, Iowa Barbara Evelyn Becker Sioux City, Iowa Denver Dick Birkhofer Schaller, Iowa Phyllis Marie Blair Dayton, Iowa FRESHMEN TOP BOW Mildred Io Ann Blewitt Schaller, Iowa Barbara lane Brown Lawton, Iowa Ardath Francille Chamberlin Sioux City, Iowa Gerald Douglas Christensen Alta, Iowa Beverly Iecm Coates Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Diana Raye Cottinqton Stratford, Iowa Bill Duane Davidson Sioux City, Iowa Claire Louise Deaton Sioux City. Iowa Eugene Lee Dierking Sioux City, Iowa Gilbert Louis Docummun Cleghom, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Sally Ann Ebel Sioux City, Iowa Barbara I. Edwards Sioux City, Iowa Madge Colleen Pagan Sac City, Iowa Marlene Joyce Fairley Sioux City. Iowa Peter G. Macfarlane Sioux City, Iowa TOP ROW Hazel Leona Forsberg Arthur, Iowa Kathryn Faye Fristad LeMars. Iowa Blaine Homer Garlow Sioux City, Iowa Martha Ann Gerstcmdt Paullina, Iowa Douglas Gene Gibbs Hawaii MIDDLE ROW Hugh Earl Glissman Sibley, Iowa Marcella Ann Ghyselinck Sioux City, Iowa Rita Darlene Gourley Pine Island, Minn. Betty Joan Green Moville. Iowa Nona Dee Gmett Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Macel Joyce Hagedom Linn Grove. Iowa John Paul Hantlcx Sioux City, Iowa Arlin Marie chms Sheldon, Iowa Mary Kathryn Heidemcm Rockwell City, Iowa CGPOlYn Ann Heise Jewell, Iowa TOP ROW Georgia Kay Hix Odebolt, Iowa Fred Marvin Hoffman Sioux City, Iowa Mary Ann Hoffman Akron, Iowcx Helen Mary Holbrook Dunlap, Iowa Gerald Alvin Huldeen Odebolt, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Marlys Mae Idso Archer, Iowa lune Ann Jackson Charles City, Iowa Beverly Iune Johnson Rockwell City, Iowa Mary Louise Johnson Spencer, Iowa Shelby C. Iohnstone Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Douglas Edward Jones Sioux City, Iowa Leo Dean qufer Ireton. Iowa Donna Mae Kargas Gamer, Iowa Wassileh Baulus KhOuIY Palestine Nancy Carlene Kirk Dunlap, Iowa TOP ROW Cesar Lay Panama Mabel Helen Long Akron, Iowa Lyle Keith McDole Sioux City, Iowa Marian Ethel Shannon Storm Lake, Iowa Audrey I. Miller Burlington, Wise. MIDDLE BOW Arlene H. Moltscxu Oncwa, Iowa Beatrice E. Morris Linn Grove, Iowa Justin Eugene Morn'son Gowrie. Iowa Jerry D. Nelson Sioux City, Iowa Robert Edward O'Connor Sioux City, Iowa BOTTOM ROW Albert 0. Okonkwo N igerla Patricia Lee Parsons Sioux City, Iowa Emogene Arlice Paulson Garner, Iowa Jack LeRoy Paulson Rockwell City, Iowa Charles Arthur Phenix Marshall, Minn. TOP BOW Douglas J. Pommrehn Williams, Iowa Darlene Rieg Spencer, Iowa Julianne Sargisson Salix, Iowa Lorraine M. Schramm Storm Lake, Iowa Ralph E. Schroeder Sioux City, Iowa MIDDLE ROW Kathryn Mae Schumann Battle Creek! Iowa Elsie Shultz Buffalo, Wyo. Gerald Stein Sioux City, Iowa Richard Iamse Tester Sioux City, Iowa Patricia A. Thacker So. Sioux City, Nebr. BOTTOM ROW Beulah Mae Thomas St. Louis, Mo. James Theodore Umbarger Lake Park, Iowa IoAnn Frances Vander Feen Ireton. Iowa Doris Evonne VanWynqorrden Manson, Iowa Roger H. Winter Buffalo Center, Iowa Lucy Yoshiokcr Hawaii IN MEMORIAM Rod Delong CAMPUS CAPERS o3 80: .................... :P. 938 5.62 m .32 QON 29:. .......... ooonoo 22m 6.939 anew A $02 owes 2o: ................ E388. mgm 23H mm .50 wan 98: ...... Racooaomv :D: 2239 anon 2 .BO 98 22:. .................. ooonoo unaumsundw : .50 92 22:. ............ 000:8 22m 9839 5.82 w .80 3: 95m .................. E232: 3580 a .Eom ?ma ouogiugmgbg moonoo 22m 633502 8 .30m 233$ .33: $2 .38 .H .Husagmz .m dogma .m 55820 .m g8: ES d .0233 .9 imam? d 65850 .m JEWEBS .a .552 d Eda .m $3 d "aonom dovhdmm A ngsom A thU .Q demodbmA .vA umCOH .A .3560vava .nA SmADUnA A $ng .m .AUwQO .2 $6390 .0 .UQUAHQAEM A .96an A umaoAva .Q dOSmAS A 3832 Smamdw 30000 653m 31w $0535 .9 .EOmHoEm .Q .szoz .m .QOmASUnA A ngg .m 68.50 .0 Awkwxrm AA 65300 .m .Hmwmgdm .A 430305 .2 JUAEwmA .m umcobxs. .3 .9080ch .m .vabm A AUHUAASBQ HAUUOOIEQE 3 avg "90H. Bill Bernick. '1'; John Boice. E; Dick Clements, RH; Curl Creglow, LH: I'un Fowler, E: Dutch Girvin, '1'; Roger Gohrinq, T: Larry Harp- ster. G; Kermit Isaacson. G: Paul Kirkegaard. C; Tony Levitto. RH: Bob Meinhardt, LH: Bob Miller, QB; Bob Miller, QB; Bob Mouer. T; John Padys. T. LINE COACH Gene Asprey Ioe Pagen, T; Jerry Pauley. QB: Dick Phillips. QB; Mickey Pickford, G: Darold Puff, FB: luck Reardon. E; Howard Staber. LH: Irv Sumerland, C; Bill Thomas, T: Larry Toner. FB: Dave Van Vleet, RH: Walt Wagner. E; Dave Waleryszak, PB; Dick Weikert. PB; A1 Welding, C; Jim Welton, C. HEAD FOOTBALL COACH Clayton Droulard Fowler One Down Waloryuak Fowler Clements 1953 CO-CAPTAINS 1952 CO-CAPTAINS Wagner and Boice Levitto and Weikert FOOTBALL Nineteen Fifty-Two was a year of "firsts" for the Maroons. The first time in recorded annals that the Maroons have won five straight games, and have gone into homecoming undefeated. This was also the best attended season as proven by gate re- ceipts. The team produced a terrific homecoming show by decisively down- ing S. D. U. Notable gridders were all-conference men, Dick Weikert, Larry Harpster, and John Boice. INTRA-MURAI. FOOTBALL WINNERS Krone's Cmahan. Top Row: Paul Noble, Chuck Heldn'dge, Monte Gmett, Jim Rose. Baum: Bow: Wally Krone, Shelby Iohnstnue. Ken Van Der Sloot. WINTER First Row: left to right0Dick Muir, Fred Knauer, Dick Norman, Bill Ide, Dave Vander Berg. Second Row: Buck Miller, Wess Bolt, Richard Blumeyer, Virg Barrett, Bob Hussey. Third Row: A1 Brunstinq, Arv Bomgaars, Ray,Knauer, Wilber Long! Ed Brunstinq. SCHEDULE Nov. 29 Westmcu- ---------- 81-74 Jan. 24 Iowa 51. Teachersw77-80 Dec. 6 Omaha "U" ........ 57-65 Jan. 30 Norih Dakota "U"--74-94 DeC- l3 Washbum --------- 73-89 Jan. 31 North Dakota SL---1s4-82 Dec- 16 Westmar .......... 66-91 Feb. 7 Carleton ............ 79-55 Dec. 18 So. Mo. State ...... 69-84 II II .80 Dec. 19 Marshall ........ 100-103 Feb' 10 smith Dakom U "77 Dec. 30 Idaho State -------- 82-80 Feb. 13 South Dakota SL---92-78 1cm. 6 North Dakota "U"unso.77 Feb. 18 Augustcma ........ 85-73 Jan. 9 South Dakota St.""98.92 Feb. 21 Iowa St. Teachers--72-90 Ian. 17 North Dakota 51.----85-83 Feb. 27 Omaha "U" ........ 71-82 Jan. 20 Augustcmcx ........ 84-98 Mar. 3 South Dakota "U"1-67-82 COACH Al Buckingham Rich Blumeyer Wes Boll Arv Bomqaars Al Brunstinq Ed Brunsting Bob Hussey Bill Ide Fred Knauer Ray Knauer Wil Long Buck Miller Dick Muir Dick Norman Dave Vander Berg V ARSITY This year's Morningside Maroons formed one of the most crowd pleasing teams ever seen in this territory. The main thing lacking this year was height, but the lack of altitude was more than compensated for by hustle and shooting ability. The games were all spec- tacular and even though several Close ones proved to be "heart-breakers" the squad came up with a fourth in the conference. One of this season's treas- ured wins was the one from Idaho State who played in the NCAA. playoff. Ray Knauer, who was elected captain by his teammates, set a new gym rec- ord by scoring forty-one points in one game. Bob Hussey was voted the honor of most valuable player. J. V. BASKETBALL Morningside continued its tradition of having a successful Junior Varsity basketball squad by hauling: in a ten-win one-loss record from competition consist- IV COACH mg of recreatlon teams and mtercolleglate representa- Clayton Droulard itves. Droulard's cage squad, Which took the floor be- fore every scheduled home game, gave fans an im- pressive prevue of What they may expect in the way of varsity competition in the coming years. This year's squad included: Wesley Bolt, Dick Muir, Dave Vander Berg, A1 Brunsting, Ed Brunsting, Paul Noble, lack Paulson, Roger Winter, Tom Hackney, Don Verdoorn, Gene Rehder, Dennis Birkhofer, and Iim Ney. INTRA-MURAI. BASKETBALL WINNERS Klond- Crushen: Ken Van Det Sloot, Bob Bates, Wally Krone, Bill Holsclaw, Dutch Girvin. M BASEBALL COACH Dick Weikert BASEBALL Top Row: Dick Muir, Virg Barrett, Glen Reynolds, Rich Blumeyer, Wes Boldt, Dick Weikert. Second Row: Don Palmer, Roger Moore, Iohn Hantla, Bob Bates, Darold Puff, Denver Birkhofer. Third Row: Walt Wagner, Don Minor, Doug Dimick, Iim Umbarger. Gene Rehder, Bernie Sajak. SCHEDULE April 14 .................................. Dual at Wayne May 1 ................................. Sioux City Relays May 2 ...................... Dakota Relays a1 Sioux Falls Gene Asprey May 8 ................................ Tri State at Wayne May 22 ................... Conference Meet at Sioux Falls TRACK Nineteen Fifty-Two letter Winners include John Smith, sprinter; Wally Krone, javelin thrower; and Marquette Mason, broad jumper and relay man. Verlin "Red"'Heuton, miler and half miler, was c1 let- ter two years ago, but concentrated on spring football last spring. Smith and Heuton are the only definite returners for this year since Krone is concen- trating on spring football and Mason has been called into service. Others out to gain their initial track award include: Dick Clements, Tony Levitto, Irv Sutherland, Earle Custe r, Rich Blumeyer, Walt Phelps, Paul Williams, Jerry Majorowicz, Ross Thevenot, Emmit Phillips. TRACK Top Row: Ross Thevenot, Herb Williams, Walt Phelps, Boots Phillips: Jerry Majorowicz. Bottom Raw: Dick Clements. 11v Sutherland, Red Heuton, Winston Sun, Iohn Smlth. liihtt slmxnia w euum mitt: "mill: ttiihiv "k ming, Basketball, Archery, Square Dance, Badminton, Volleyball, Softball, Modern Dance FASHION SHOW First Semester President .................................. Janice Slupe Vic.e President ............................. Shirleen Nystedt Recording Secretary ........................ Alice Suzuki Corresponding Secretary .................... Ruth Wilson Treasurer .................................. Joann Miller Second Semester Ruth Wilson Marilyn Hinkley Marcella Carlson Anamae Koole I oyce Ford M. Carlson A. Koole S. Nystedt D. Thompson L Collin 0. K01! M. Peterson R. Wilson I. Ford A. Lindquist C. Scott I. Gibbs M. Hinkley S. Mackintosh I . Slupe D. Hunter I. Miller A. Suzuki ATD SWEBTHEART IoAnn Fowler F irst Semester President .................................. I. Hamilton Vice President ............................. I. Crowley Recording Secretary ........................ M. Gruett Corresponding Secretary .................... D. Tudehope Treasurer ---- ---------; ................... G. Reynolds ALPHA TAU DELTA Second Semester B. Cooper C. Rush K. Bunday W. Boldt G. Reynolds K. Bunduy M. Gruett F. Kinney B. Matter I. Shultz B. Cooper I. Hamilton F. Knauer I. Paulson D. Sorenson I. Crowley V. Heuton P. Lorenger G. Reynolds L. Toner I. Fowler F. Hoffman P. Maciarlane H. Roberts D. Tudehope R. Gohring D. Keck B. Miller C. Rush GIA SWEET'HEART Joan Collin First Semester President .................................. Mel Pederson , Vice President .......... .................. Gene Hays Recording Secretary ....................... Frank McQueen Corresponding Secretary ................... Ben Storek Treasurer ......... - ........ ---- ....... Tom Rose Second Semester Gene Hays Lyle Eckharl Ben Storek Tom Rose Curt Lovelace ' . Gene Hays Lyle Eckhart l GAMMA IOTA ALPHA M w0 m o T m n o I m o D a C .m e v o L C m m b o B 't Second Semester Ms B. Grindberg C. Sa E. To F irst Semester -u--M. Krusenstiema -----V. Lehnus KAPPA Pl ALPHA --------------u--------------u,-M. Gunderson Recording Secretary ------------"-- Corresponding Secretary - ----- ---- Y m Y vu m . . - . - m . . u . u . u . - . . . " am a h m V PHI SIG OI" THE YEAR Bob Phelps President D. Anderson P. Grube M. Lloyd C. Sarris M. Watson D. Bikakis R. Grindberg G. Pappas D. Saupe M. Yager s I. Burg M. Gunderson I. Pruel S. Spielmcm L. Yanney N. Cline M. Krusenstierna B. Rice V. Springer Y. Yanney G. Day V. Lehnus L. Rispalie E. Tomkvist P. Yeoman ATD KNIGHT Jim F owler First Semester President .................................. Gayle Harrison Vice President ............................. Georgia Dandos Recording Secretary ........................ Janet Durlin Corresponding Secretary .................... Pal McBumey Treasurer .................................. VonDell Glaser KAPPA ZETA CHI Second Semester Janet Durlin IoAnn F owler Connie Lindgren Amy Williams VonDell Glaser I . Barcal I. Durlin M. Goodwin E. Shillinglaw M. Christensen B. Erickson N. Lehcm S. Taylor G. Dandos E. Decker G. Dracryom I. Fowler N. Fox V. Glaser C. Lindg'ren P. McBurney D. Peter M. Vermillion A. Williams PHI SIGMA PHI SIG SWEETHEART Virginia Springer First Semester President .................................. E. Johnson Vice President ............................. B. Burtness Secretary .................................. P. Dempsey Treasurer .................................. K. Zeising Second Semester M. Patton C. Hansen B. Beck W. Johnston A. Barrett D. Clements T. Hackney I. Miles W. Phelps K. Zeisinq 9" Beck 575 Davidson C. Hansen D. Minor I. Pommrehn B. Burtness S. Greiqg E. Johnson C. Peterson I. Smith C. Carter G. Garcia W. Johnston B. Phelps W. Strong SCHOLASTIC AGORA BOARD . . . governing board for the all campus women 5 organization Top How: Yvonnie Yanney, Ruth Grindberg, Arduth Chamberlin. Bottcm Row: Janet Burg, Marilyn Goodwin, Becky Rice. ISHKOODAH . . . organization for ireshman women Top Row: Lucy Yoshiokcx. Doris chWyngqrden, Bonnie Ahcrt, Mctrlys Idso, Betty Green, Arlen Harms, Hazel Forsberg, Darlene Elsie Andrewsl Rieg, Marcy Ghyselinck, Mary Lou Johnson, Arlene Moltsau, Marlys Sorenson. Middle Row: Joan Blewittl Phyllis Blair! Mabel Long, Marlene Fairley, Martha Gerstcmdt, Nancy Kirk, Kmhryn Schumann! June Jackson, Barbara Brown. Botiom Bow: Mary Ann Hoffman, Mary Jane Tawney. Barbara Becker, Beulah Thomas, Nan Seay Barnes, Audrey Miller. Pat Parsons. WOMEN'S SELF-GOVERNING ASSOCIATION Top Row: Iecm Arndt, Margaret Porter, Iocmne Preull Joan Albrecht Beverly Kinsey, Margaret Wood. Bottom Row: Barbara Brown. Doris. Thompson, Ellen Tomkvist, Becky Rice, Joyce Ford. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB . . . international organizcdion Top Row: Richard Clements, Kan Trivitcyckul, Marzin Oneal, Iose Chang Koo, Armando Sardon, Albert Okonkwo. Middle Row: Clinton E. Burris. Muse Salum Vosis, Wilbert Long, Winston A. Sun, Bill Thomas, Manou Amsh. Bottom Row: Isabelle Gibbs, Lucy S. Yoshioka. Beulah Thomas. Grace Wong. Helen Menoundokis. SIGMA TAU DELTA . . . honorary english fraternity Top Row: Robert Phelps, Iocm Collin, 10cm Albrecht, Virginia Springer, June Carver, Beverly Kinsey, Duane Tritle. Bottom Row: Yvonnie chney, Ruth Wilson, Nancy Cline, IoAnn Fowler, Evelyn Decker. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top How: Marcella Ghyselinck, Doris Thompson, Marilyn Goodwin, Carol Scott, Becky Rice, Margaret Wood Middle Row: Virginia Springer, Violet Baker, Olga Kott, Jackie Bcrcal, Rulh Grindberq. Bottom Row: Ioun Collin, Dessie Bikakis, Iocm Blewitt, Amy Williams, Marilyn Peterson. g; ' "95x ' , 31$ w. tv 3'. c L I :2 t " 4.9. J.yv . c a . v. , n '3 a v S.CJL ps. Earle Custer, Phyllis Runqe, Tom Hackney, th Wilson, John Smith. Bottom row: Carver. Top Row: Verlin Heuton, Walter Phel Irvin Sutherland. Middle Row: Carroll Ush- erl Joan Albrecht, Margaret Lohr, Ru Robert Phelps, Margaret Porter, June Carver, Don STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Top Row: Duane Tritle, Jerry Majorowicz, Don Frey, Annamae Koole, Virginia Springer, Becky Rice, Marlys Idso, Mary quer, Helen Price. Middle Row: Dr. Thed FCZITCI, Arlin Harms, Bonnie Ahart, Ellen Tornkvist, Barbara Brown. Hazel Forsberq, Margaret Wood, Ben Ploof. Bottom Row: CharlotteyKrug, Aodrey Miller! Beverly Kinsey, Marilyn Peterson, Nancy Kirk, Mary Ann Hoff- man, Joan Collin. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA . . . honorary sociological fraternity Top Row: Darwin D. Hunt! E. Theodore Bauer, Earle Custer. Bottom Row: Marie Russo, Iocm Albrecht, Joan Collin, Phyllis Plunge. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Top How: Ben Ploof, Gordon Ohm, Donna Suupe, Hazel Forsberg, Mcrlys Idso. Anamae Koole, Donna Siddqll, Mary Krusenst- jema, Mary Yaqer, Ellen Tornkvist, Beverly Kinsey, Bruce Norris, Cliff Hanson. Middle Bow: Richard Clements, Arlene Moltsau, Marilyn Buymiller, Nancy Kirk, Barbara Brown! Phyllis Blair, Bonnie Ahart, Macy Hagedorn, Kathryn Fristad, Madge Fagcm, Maggie Bovis, Faye Shulkin, Marian Shannon. Marlene Fairley, Marjorie Reiter. Boitom Row: Roger .Gohrinq, Arlin Harms, Barbara Becker, Beverly Comes, Margaret Lohr, Betty Erickson, Marilyn Peterson, Ruth Wilson, Helen Holbrook, Albert Scott. KAPPA CHI . . . religious and sociological majors Top Row: Ben Ploof, Charlotte Krug, Earle Custer, Phyll I Albrezrht, Beverly Kinsey, Duane Tritle. is Runge, Gerald Christensen. Middle Row: Don Carver, Iune Bottom Row: Mary Ann Hoffman, Audrey Miller, Helen Price, Mary Yaqer. Carver, PI GAMMA MU . . . honorary social science fraiemity olsh, M1105 Tommemusen, E. Theodore Bauer, Clifford E. Bowman. Middle Row: Bob Phelps, Marcia McNee, Janet Burg Evert I ohnson Dick Weikerl WHCTS WHCTS Eleven outstanding seniors picked to represent Morningside College in Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Georgia Dandos IoAnn Fowler Mary Claire Gunderson Jim Hamilton Ierry Miles Carlton Peterson Bob Phelps Janice Slupe BETA BETA BETA . . . honorary biology iratemity Top Row: Don Hodges, Iolcxl Ziai, Gayle Webber, Roger Gohrinq, Mark Link, Edwin Brunsting, Delbert Gotsch, George Calvo. Middle Row: Ben Ploof, Franklin Tepner, Cliff Hansen, Carlton Peterson, Ray Wells. Mancu Atash, James Whitehouse, Hugh Glissmcm. Bottom Row: Bob Sullivan, Don Kivliqhn, lack Lindner, Bob Soiseth. ? .y Y 1; PHYSICS CLUB Top Row: Ben Ploof, Gayle Webber, Iames Whitehouse, Al Larson, James Galli. Bottom Row: Mr. Gwinn, Roger Miller, Myron Graber, Harry Green. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT Top How: Ben Ploof. Eugene Persinger, Jerry Majorowicz, Gayle M. Webber, Earle Custer, Ducme Tritle, Gerald Christensen. Middle Row: Marcy Ghyselinck, Charlotte Krug, Arlene Harms, Mary Yager, Beverly Kinsey, Bonnie Ahorl, Marlene Fairley. Bottom Row: Audrey Miller, Mary Ann Hoffman, Helen Price, Marilyn Peterson, Nancy Kirk. INTER SORORITY COUNCIL Top Row: Miss Burch, Miss Smith, Marilyn Hinkley, Marilyn Goodwin, Anamcxe Koole, Pat McBumey, Miss Tolf. Bottom Row: Janet Durlin, Yvonnie Yanney, Dessie Bikakis, Joyce Ford, Virginia Springer. INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Top: Verlin Heuton, A1 Welding, Bob Miller, Miles Tommercasen. Bolton: Bob Larson, Tom Rose, Stan Greigg, John Smith. Ablont: Dave Gell. Lyle Eckhart. ALPHA SI OMEGA . . . dramatic fraternity Iune Carver, Don Carver, Gayle Harrison, Georgia Dundos. Absent: Amy Williams, lock Wolff, Earl Custer, Dick Christensen, Bill Brown, Stan Greigq. STUDENT COUNCIL Top How: Marilyn Goodwin, Janet Burg! Verlin Heuton, Miles Patton, Iim Fowler, Bob Miller, Mr. Clitford E. Bowman, Tom Rose Stanley Greiqg. Bottom Row: Put Grube. loan Collin, Amy Wimm' M183 Malina Butch. Mary Claire Gundemon. IoAnn Fowler. M Freshman Orientation Frosh Talent Show Dean's Party Agora Picnic Big-Liftle Sister Tea "rained out" Dorm Halloween Party 3 x , 1 3 2 j, 1 w I. Toii Passes ;'5 pohnds Best Dressed Spooks Freshman e r o m o h P o S Sinfonian Inn Faculty Women's Tea Faculty Snake Dance Pep Rally Dance Parade-Game Oct. 16 Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Pep RaHy HOMECOMING Attendant: qun Collin Attendant: Georgia Adams Escort: Bob Phelps Escort: Ron Doherly Attendant: IoAnn Fowler Queen: Mary Claire Gunderson Escort; Jim Fowler Escort: Tun Hamilotn 2?. a $$ng L wwmau hawk 05 mo Hugo? .ndodm aon-Uwu mug .mccmn E53100.- 0.59 , 2.... a w, ? 53w; 21;,wa n e U c e b r a B Christmas Formal Y .n a P s a m .M. r h C m r o D Midyear Graduation Miss Dimmitt's Birthday Party Beaux-Arfs Ball Igma Talent Revue M P ival n r a c a r 0 g A n T. A ID Iu C SIOUX QUEEN . M, JOYCE FORD Attendant: IoAnn Fowler Judge: Walt Disney O C .m m Io. m C d n m A Attendant Georgi HOMECOMING QUEEN MARY CLAIRE GUNDERSON Attendant: I oAnn Fowler Attendant: Georgia Adams Attendant: loan Collin s t r a e H f o n e e u Q Pat Grube Agora Queen Jackie Barcal May Queen Pat Parsons Barbara Edwards Attendant Attendant: Madge Pagan WA X 5;"? 1,, x $1 x w :1. . k9 g W g $ y: '1': - W ' WWW a? V CHOIR The 1953 Choir season was highlighted by CI sevenday tour of Nebraska and Colorado Which included approximately thirteen concerts. Under the experienced direction of Mr. Paul MacCollin the week Long tour was climaxed by a two day layover in Denver. After singing in Denver's Highland Methodist Church, the group went sightseeing through Red Rocks Ampithectter, Buffalo Bill's Grave, and over Berthoud Pass. The homeward leg of the journey consisted of appearances in George- town, and Yuma, Colorado, as well as their final night out in Nebraska. - The 1953 Morningside College Choir cone Director sisted of: Elsie Shultz, Georgia Hix, Alma ReX- Paul MacCollin rinkle, Beverly Johnson, Ioan Arndt, Iocmne Vanderfeen, Katheryn Schumann, Joan Miller, Donna Kargas, Joanne Preul, Emo- gene Paulson, Raye Cottington, Marlys Watson, Pat Thacker, Donna Siddcd, Marilyn Peterson, Annamae Koole, Shirleen Nystedt, Beverly Kinsey, Mary Yaqer, Lorraine Schramm, Mabel Long, Macel Hagedorn, Pat Hill, Norma Peterson, Carolyn Heise, Lucy Yoshioka, Mary Lou Iohnson, Sherry Taylor, Geraldine Dory, Shirley Spielman, Allen Butcher, Zean Zurcher, Ion Vorisek, Gerald Christensen, Charles Krusenstjerna, Sally Ebel, Ardath Chamberlain, Audrey Miller, MaryAnn Hoffman, Milton Madden, Bob Wilson, Bruce Norris, Gerald Huldeen, Ieff Frazer, Kenneth Vanderslooth, Gordon Dodge, Leroy Bras, Harold Hughes, Duane Tritle, Shelby Iohnstone, Clark Gassman, Leo qufer, Terry Thacker, Don Fry, Bea Morris. h D o I- l- o $ 5: .E a 0 -I .': o .C U Band leaving for Tour if; :3 Qt; am i 3;? Mammm'nww ,y. w m N Mt ,m t w ma Concluding a successful season the marching band gave up their formation practice and began preparing a concert program for their spring tour. The 1953 college band under the direction of Robert Lowry, took a two-day tour of eight Siouxlcznd towns. The band appeared in the high schools at Moville, Kingsley, Aurelia, Odebolt, Early, Galva, Cleghorn, and Marcus. The members of the band are: Mary Krusenstjerna, Director Alleen Lindquist, Sherry Taylor, Shirley Spielman, Bob Lowry Bob Baxter, Kenneth Johnson, Bob Meloy, Charles Krusenstjerna, Malvina Tott, Georgia Hix, Carlton Peterson, Ed Barnes, Joyce Ford, Mable Long, Lor- raine Schramm, Beverly Johnson, Donna Kargas, Marcel Hagedorn, Alma Rexwinkel, IoAnn Vander Feen, Beverly Kinsey, Gerald Christensen, Jack Knox Marilyn Peterson, Marcella Carlson, Emogene Paul- son, Ion Vorisek, Allen Butcher, Iohn Kopecky, Gerald Larsen, Robert Wilson, Clark Gassmcm, Annamae Koole, Mary Iane Tawney, Shirleen Nystedt, Rex Peer, EugenetPersinger, Gerry Day, Elsie Shultz, Leo Juffer; Lerov Bras, Gilbert Ducommun, Bea Morris, Zean Zurcher, Harold Hughes, Bruce Norris, Pcrul Otte, Frank Macomber, Milt Madden, Bob Sullivan, Duane Tritle, lean Arndt, Lucy Yoshioka, and IoAnn Miller. w; r -i ,4 WMW 4544:; k 2;: Mt; mm; svtw 55;, w ,' 152 :41, m Mx4f aw" vxmm . 514' "N. mmm" Mri5f3xf PRODUCTIONS Kind Lady Kind Lady, a melodrama by Edward Chodo- row, was staged by the Morningside college dramatics club the nights of December 10, 11, 12, and 13 in the college main hall auditorium. Phyllis Runge and Iohn Smith were cast in the Director leading roles. Other members included Irvin - - . Sutherland, 'Dean Hughes, Gerald Christensen, Fredenck Hlle Roger Gohring, Don Carver, Sonya Mackintosh, Amy Williams, Joyce Ford, Evelyn Decker, Gertrude Draayom and Darlene Cason. Kind Lady is based on CI story by Hugh Walpole and takes place in Eng- land. The plot is concerned With harrowing experiences of CI spinster Who is exploited by a young mom she has befriended. Members of the production staff included Marion Shannon, Janice Slupe, Mary Yager, Sharon Taylor, Julie Sarqisson, Marjorie Better, Georgia Dan- dos, Mary Ann Steffen, Claire DeatonDennis Dow, Darrell Dow, Art Barrett, and Clemens Spinder. CR EDITOR Ken Zeising The Collegian Reporter Jack Pommrehn ...... Managing Editor Associate Editors Eve Decker ............ Student Affairs Janet Burg ............... Organizations Verlin Heuton----.' .............. Sports Jo Ann Miller ............. Music Don Carver---- --,-Religion Beanie Cooper Gayle Harrison Miles Patton ................... People Assistant Editors Dave Gell-- --Art Jim Rose John Smith .................. Exchange Mary Claire Gunderson ........ Rewrite Art Barrett-"-----.v ..... Photographer Gene Hays .................. Expeditor Ken Zeising ......... Business Manager Reporters Ruth Grindberg, Nancy Lchan, Betty Lou Erick- son, Monte Gruett, Jim Ney, Connie Sanis, Willie Strong, Dave Gell, Pat Grube, Terry Walker, Wall Phelps, Nona Gruett, Joan Collin, Dessie Bikakis, Ruth Wilson, Elsie Shultz, Roger Gohring, Earl Logan, Keith Johnson, Mary Claire Gunderson, Barbara Becker, Janet Durlin, Marcella Ghyselinck, Jim Moran, Joanne Pruel and Carol Blincd. SEMESTER STUDENT Bob Phelps CR EDITOR Iim Hamilton SIOUX Editor-in-Chief- - - Assistant Editor- Photo Editor ...... Copy Editor ...... Assistants- - - - SIOUX EDITOR Art Barrett .......... .---- ------"----Art Barrett ........ Amy Williams ....................... Dessie Bikakis ........................ Nancy Lehan -Bruce Hughes. Marcella Ghyselinck. Betty Erickson, Iackie Barcal, Geor- gia Dandos. Bea Morris. CAMPUS CAPERS am ' amwmwmw H; SENIOR ACTIVITIES Georgia Mae Adams: Physical Education, WAA, Homecoming Attendant, Sioux Queen Attendant, PTA, Pres. of Phys. Ed. Majors Club, Sec. of Senior Class. Dorothy Andersen: History; Kappa Pi Alpha, PTA, WAA, Sigma Tau Delta. Edward Rollin Barnes: Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Gamma Iota Alpha. Robert H. Bates: Sociology; M Club. Edmund E. Bauer: Social Science. Iohn Boice: Physical Education, Sociology; M. Club. Dessie Bikakis: Sociology; FTA, WAA, Col- legian Reporter, Sioux, Kappa Pi Alpha, Home EC Club. Arvin I. Bomgaars: Physical Education; M Club. Ianet Lynn Burg: English; Kappa Pi Alpha, SCA, Student Council 3-4, Collegian Reporter, Pi Gamma Mu, Sigma Tau Delta, Who's Who. Robert Elliot! Burtness: W; Phi Sigma, Col- legian Reporter, Sigma Tau Delta, WSSF General Chairman, Agora King, SCA. Marcella Winona Carlson: Music Education; Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpha Sigma, WAA, Band, Choir SCA, PTA. Donald Lee Carver: w; Alpha Psi Omega Pres, Kappa Chi, SCA, Dramatics Club, Col- legian Reporter, Sioux, Manuscript. June M. Carver: 3; Alpha Psi Omega, SCA, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Chi, Drat- matics Club. Darlene Cason: Religion; Pi Kappa Delta, Kap- pa Chi, SCA, PTA, Dramatics Club. Richard Carlton Clements: Physical Education; Cosmopolitan Club, M Club, Phi Sigma, FTA. Nancy Ieanne Cline: w; Sigma Tau Delta Pres, Kappa Pi Alpha, Phi Sig Sweet- heart, SCA. Harold E. Coffman: Mathematics. loan Ruth Collin: Religion, Sociology; SCA Pres, Kappa Chi, Alpha Sigma, WSGA, Dorm Council, Alpha Kappa Delta, Home EC. Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Homecoming Queen At- tendcmt. Bernard 1". Cooper: Business Ad.; Collegian Re- porter, Alpha Tau Delta Pres. Walter Creglow: Business Ad.; M Club, Alpha Tau Delta. John Francis Crowley: Physical Education; Alpha Tcru Delta. Earle Richard Custer: Psychology; Dramatics Club, Choir, Kappa Chi, MSM. SCA, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Gamma Mu. Georgia Dandos: History; Kappa Zeta Chi, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Gamma Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Sioux Editor-in- Chief, Collegian Reporter. Robert F. Donovan: Sociology. Dennis Duane Dow: M Dramatics Club. Derrill Donald Dow: n; Dramatics Club. Icmet Anne Durlin: m; Kappa Zeta Chi Pres, Sigma Tau Delta, Collegian Reporter, PTA. Norman Elias: Business Ad. James Lowell Fowler: Business Ad.; Student Council Pres, Junior Class Pres, Alpha Tau Delta, M Club, Collegian Reporter, PTA, SCA. IoAnn Fowler: m; Student Council 3-4, Who's Who, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Zeta Chi, Attendant to Sioux Queen 3-4, Home- coming Queen Attendant, Cheerleader, PTA, Collegian Reporter. Nancy Hubbard Fox: Physical Education; May Queen Attendant, Kappa Zeta Chi, WAA, SCA, FTA. Donald Frey: Business Ad.; SCA, Choir. Blaine E. Frohwein: Business Ad. Blaine Milton Fugle: Sociology. Mary Ellen Galvin: Social Science. Warren A. Gasink: Speech; Pi Kappa Delta. Isabelle F. Gibbs: Sociology, Psychology; Al- pha Sigma, Cosmopolitan Club. Von Dell lean Glaser: Physical Education; Kap- pa Zeta Chi, WAA, PTA. Mary Claire Gunderson: Music Theory; Kappa Pi Alpha, Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Choir, Student Council, Home- coming Queen. James Andrew Hamilton: Political Science, Economics; Collegian Reporter Editor-in- Chief; Alpha Tau Delta Pres, Senior Class Pres., Who's Who, Student Council 3-4. Dean Hancock: Sociology; SCA, Kappa Chi, Grace Collegians. Larry Hamster: Business Ad.; M Club. Donald C. Hodges: Biology; Beta Beta, Beta, Biology Club, PTA, Athletic Manager. Dean Hughes: -; Alpha Psi Omega, Sig- ma Tau Delta, Manuscript, PTA, Collegian Reporter, Zeta Sigma. Bruce Hughes: Sociology; Sioux, Collegian Re- porter, Alpha Tau Delta. Darwin D. Hunt: Sociology; Band, Phi Sigma, Alpha Kappa Delta. Ever! A. Johnson: Art; Phi Sigma Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, Zeta Sigma, Who's Who, Collegian Reporter. Herbert W. Johnson: Sociology; Alpha Kappa Delta, Kappa Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, MSM. Donald G. Keck: History. Bert King: Business Ad., Sociology; Band. Beverly Kinsey: ; Mu Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta, MSM. SCA, Band, Choir, WSGA, PTA Pres, Kappa Chi. Anamae Koole: Music Education; Alpha Sigma, Mu Phi Epsilon, Band, Choir, PTA, SCA, WSGA. Fred E. Knauer: Physical Education; M Club. Donald Krone: Sociology; M Club. Mary Rasmussen Krusensiiema: Music Educa- tion; Mu Phi Epsilon Pres, Kappa Pi Alpha, Band, Choir, FTA. Alice G. Kugel: Education. Chinz-Kwai chm: Economics; Cosmopolitan Club. Alan Larson: Chemistry; Chemistry Club Pres, Biology Club, Physics Club Richmd Earl Ledsione: Business Ad. Vyonne Oskvig Lehnus: Music Education; Kap- pa Pi Alpha, Mu Phi, Epsilon, Band, SGA, PTA. Anthony F. Levitto: Physical Education; M Club, Captain of Football Team. Alleen Lindquist: Music Education; Mu Phi Ep- silon, Alpha Sigma, Choir, Band. Connie Lindqren: Home Economics; Home Ec Club, Kappa Zeta Chi. Paacia L. McBumey: History; Kappa Zeta 1. James McGill: Business Ad. Jamie Fredrick Mackey: History. Frank Macomber: Music; Phi Mu Alpha, FTA, Band, Chapel organist. Helen Menoudakis: u Cosmopolitan Club. Gearold D. Miles: Business Ad.; Phi Sigma, Col- legian Reporter, Who's Who. Val Gene Moeller: Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha. Dorothy Io Ann Miller: Music; Alpha Sigma, Mu Phi Epsilon, House Council, Band. Roger Ervin Miller: Mathematics; Physics Club Pres, PTA, Sigma Pi Sigma. Marvin Fred Milton: Business Ad. Douglas A. Nordstrom: Business Ad. Bruce Anthony Noxris: Music Education; Choir Pres, Band, Phi Mu Alpha. Shirleen Cecelia Nystedt: Music Education: Mu Phi Epsilon Pres, Choir, Band, PTA, SCA, Phi Mu Sweetheart. Gordon Edward Ohm: History. Richard Warren Pace: Physical Education. John Padys: Physical Education; M Club. Gearqiu Pappas: Physical Education; Kappa Pi Alpha, WAA, Queen of Hearts, Sioux Queen Attendant, Cheerleader. Carlton Iohn Peterson: Biology; Biology Club, Phi Sigma, Who's Who. Robert Lyle Phelps:m; Phi Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta Pres, Collegian Reporter Editor- in-Chief, Press Bureau Director, Pi Gamma Mu, SCA, Who's Who. Ben P1001: Natural Science; Physics Club. Iohn Reardon: Physical Education,- M Club. James K. Reed: Business Ad.; Phi Sigma, Chem- istry Club. Rebecca Anne Rice: Physical Education; WSGA Pres, SCA Pres, Kappa Pi Alpha, WAA, Sioux Queen Attendant, Kappa Chi, Aqora Vice-Pres. LaDonna E. Rispalie: Physical Education; Cheerleader, WAA, PTA, Kappa Pi Alpha. Henry Cedorous Roberts: Business Ad; Alpha Tau Delta. Robert Ivens Rogers: Business Ad. Paul Bernhard Rosene: Social Science. Phyllis I. Runge: Sociology; SCA, Kappa Chi Pres, Alpha Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Choir, Band, MSM. George E. Rush: Art; Sigma Tau Delta. Bernie P. Saidak: History. Albert E. Scott: .1. Elisabeth Jane Shillinglaw: Physical Education; WAA, Kappa Zeta Chi, FTA. Donald Evertt Shoemaker: Sociology. Janice Slupe: Alpha Sigma Pres, WSGA, Band Dramatics Club, PTA, Who's Who. Darrell W. Smith: Mathematics. Roberto Sobalvarro: History; Cosmopolitan Club. Robert Perry Soiseth: Biology; Biology Club. Virginia DeVaul Springer: English; Student Council, chd, WSGA, SCA, PTA, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Pi Alpha, Home Ec Club. Willie L. Strong: History; Collegian Reporter, Phi Sigma. Arnold Yin-Fang Sun: Sociology; Cosmopolitan Club. Winston Sun: Sociology; Cosmopolitan Club. Lawrence Tagq: Histoxy. James Riches Tics: -. Malvina Toti: Music. Carroll E. Usher: Psychology; SCA, PTA, MSM. Dave Waleryszak: Physical Education; M Club. Richard A. Weikerl: Business Ad.; M Club, Who's Who. Allen B. Welding: Business Ad.; Alpha Tau Delta, M Club. Ray Gilbert Wells: Biology; Biology Club. James Lester Whitehouse: Biology; Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta, Phi Mu Alpha, Beta Kappa, Chemistry Club. Ruth Virginia Wilson: Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Pres, Sigma Tau Delia, FTA, SCA, Beta Beta Beta, Home Ec Club, Collegian Re- porter. Grace Hung En Wong: Religion; Kappa Chi. Mary Yager: Elementary Teaching; Kappa Pi Alpha, SCA, PTA, Band, Choir, Kappa Chi, MSM. vamie Lou Yanney:h Kappa Pi Alpha Pres, SCA, Sigma Tau Delta. Raymond LeRoy Zellmer: Business Ad. AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) collection:

Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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