Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA)

 - Class of 1951

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Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1951 volume:

in-7 goug 99 Qxyxhllllf 6' 2 S 1' nO G' -X gli +91 G6 OUX C01-Lg 6 Q Xyklllllg QS .5. oO lou' ,Cx 'SIQUX GN QOLLQG S wllllffl Q 3 9,4 6 loux COLLQ 6' S whllffl .-: ' 404 new 6 'UUX C01-L ,Q Qxxklllllq SS . U nip A K I 1 l QOLLQ of mx muy la OUX " m QS 648 'N 2 ff' s 1 I A 4 C1 6 C04-Lg 0UX fgxyxklllllf 6' 2 S ,.:-1' ' 4' -l lou 4 "'0ux ' 1 C04-Lge cgsxxyxhllfq 6 2 S 'S gout S mwluq 4' as Ss '36 'UUX Q0 A Q 1.69. . all .fx X C u oe 6' s 5 N 1 COLL5 9 xlu 0 o 4' A .low 4 "'0ux X 5' S GOI-'Lg ffxxxxwllffv 06' wwf' 4 UX COLL E 3 wymluy 5' uv 64 'faux l Q, 0 X 3 S g ' Af: o 1' n 4 Cf A 0'-L Nkhlu 'qs .xii X I f ANA Q U 2 mr 'gl ux 9 6 COLL' Q whiny N .-. U COLLQ ,Q swyxuluq 6' z S nO H196 SS Q 9? QXXXWIIW 6' 'ff o awp -X WEE!! 4 "Dux X '0ux COLL'- 9 ?SXXXXlIIIly 6' .- U v S awp -X ff GOI-Lg Q? ,QXWINI1 4' QS ..:,f U ki' 44 Q 6- 5 Swllllllf U 4' A New 4 Zi C04-Lg giogxxxulluf X '0ux X CO'-L5 ,Q wwlllllf 4' 25 :O PA MV ag 'aux X lei' 64 'Dux COLL.. Q, gyywllllly oe 23 Q9 4 b , nibpk-L 'faux X COL L sc 9 I 6 5 ,iff U blip -L 4 "'0ux ' f' 14 ef? NXXNIIIW 6' f" :S Kallpa-1 Z O!-Lg rg QXXNIHI1 6' S e0 lov fl X 'Dux ' 0 morningside college, sioux city, iowa: presents ,, l x - l .18 , " L! +4 ' H , , 1, 1 the 1951 gigux PU Q61 WG val C111 X a student publication staff paul s. paulsen ..... editor and art director georgia dandos ....... managing editor warren held .... - - - - -sports editor val g. moeller .......- music editor art barrett ...... ---photography Q t ,oe do Q06 dd in deep gratitude for your untiring interest, patient understanding. your ever present sense of humor and your stron.g belief in our tu- tures. we proudly dedicate to you this book. ZX f-'X I+' pk l 4 t presidenta earl a. roadman dean alva tolf dean of women professor of health and physical education coe college. university of chicago mr. olsen business manager dean russell eidsmoe dean of men professor of education yankton college university of minnesota university of chicago mr. clark director of admissions vice-president nelson a. price A dean thomas tweito dean of college professor of history st. olaf college university of minnesota university of iowa university of chicago - .....,-, ................. L--A. mr. bauer professor of sociology iowa wesleyan college northwestern university drake university university of iowa mr. bowman associate professor of history augustana college university of nebraska university of iowa university of omaha mr. hartman assistant director of admissions mrs. kingsbury alumni secretary I mr. walker manager of college book store G' mr. allen assistant professor of physical education head football coach michigan state normal alma college marquette university LX princeton university mr. anderson -J assistant professor in piano Q forte and opera ' university of cologne, germany music academy of cologne mr. cxshb-y professor of livestock marketing university of nebraska nebraska wesleyan university university of minnesota university of illinois mr. black professor of chemistry oklahoma agricultural and mechanical college university of wisconsin cornell university W A miss bowne director of women's physical education coe college university of wisconsin university of iowa i mrs. boyd assistant. professor of spanish university of iowa university of mexico director of athletics mr. bucklngham morningside college stanford university pro il . an U 1 l I I ! I 1 h . ,M W .. ' mr. burks associate professor of en lish university of arkansas duke university columbia university university of iowa mr. bushyager professor of mathematics a'llegheny college ' pennsylvania state college university of michigan mlss dlmmlt dean of, women emeritus professor of ancient languages illinois wesleyan university columbia university university of chicago american school of classical mr. burris ' I librarian Instructor in library science otterbein college bonebrake theological seminary university of chicago mr. castle professor of english university of illinois northwestern university university of michigan mr. droullard Swdiefsf rome assistant professor of mathematics mornmgslde college dubuque university university of wisconsin 'Ai ,, l s 4 sf'-Q V ' 5 fag ...T-M,.-,..f.wM, V Q .. V K fr ' 113' " ' ,.,, f ff 1 ,Q i' 'jf' .11 i V . , , ,,,, .f ' , A ,fr-qw' was A 2 aff! . .':"., ' - 5, wi" fig' 'ff it ' l -- V ' f, riff:-ep..-fx rw Q.'::'Q?:z ' lg -1' . 2:5-'zfg-Scif--,573 -. ' ' -5 4- ? i" f' "" di f f V, X" mr. farm associate professor of religion columbia university drew university mr. flowers associate professor of speech north tegcas state college university of louisiana mr. graber professor of physics dean of men emeritus heidelberg college university of iowa university of michigan columbia university ohio state university university of chicago state university of iowa miss grammer assistant professor and head of music education department university of nebraska university of colorado northwestern university mr. green f instructor-in physics morningslde college state university of iowa X mr. gwlnn registrar I assistant professor of physics morningside college state university of iowa university of minnesota ,z , , f . vnu-or 1 Z I . i r K i.M i mr. hawthorn professor of sociology iowa state college I university of wisconsin mr. Johannaber director of religious activities university of omaha boston university E i i R 1 , .Ml x r 35 s z mr. kucinski head of violin and orchestra 1 . s morningside college . i , of cleveland institute of music X A julliard graduate school of music f, ,I X .QM 1 Q hx. gf. e mr. langley assistant professor in art art institute of chicago -,f. ..-f.., s '- y ,au mrs. maccollin instructor in voice oberlin conservatory of music d. t f th t mommgslde college lrec or o e conserva ory chautauqua summer school of music mr. mcgrew instructor in speech university of minnesota mankato teachers college northwestern university A miss lloyd associate professor of romance languages .sf northwestern university university of paris, france "'5?i'9ii'44j1ffVw university of grenoble, france ii?f1fff?Qifj'jQZ:CX university of rome, italy nlro lowry ,,9fpQf1,'fff.,,t5,, university of florence, italy instructor in w00d.wind 'f ' university of freiburg, germany instruments morningside college 5 university of south dakota mr. maccollin of music professor of voice oberlin conservatory of music 7 morningside college george peabody college for. teachers ,lf I f f from .',, . 3 . . f V -rr , l assoc I ate professo r of e le me nta ry upper iolwa- university zfg,f2""m'! u ri ' Y e rs I tif of c h i c a g 0 -university of iowa , university of minnesota ,f .A mrs. malloy laboratory instructor in drafting iowa state teachers colle e . , 9 immaculate conception academy chicago academy of fine arts ,X miss mather ' 1 ' assistant professor of english boston university ' i . l mr. meloy instructor in biology and chemistry morningside college miss mills professor of english morningside college university of chicago university of michigan university of southern california A A,, bg Vp .,i . ,W A ar if .,VV,x 'qq,b ,I Q . I 'J-., fi Q if" mr. miller r i professor of economics V i illinois wesleyan university i f Q 5 university of chicago ii' i ," Qarrett biblical institute ' 4' university of tennessee harvard university . , r V central college 1 Q Qeeroe Peabody college for teachers ' new Y0rk university mr. morrison associate professor of musical theory michigan state college eastman school of music university of pittsburgh -the george washington university miss murray professor of history morningside college university of illinois columbia university washington university mr. nydegger associate professor of history iowa state college university of nebraska state university of iowa university of southern california rev. orange . lecturer in sociology princeton university university of oklahoma columbia university mr. reistrup morningside college. university of wisconsin chicago musical college mr. SSIIIGIIS professor of biology ohio state university harvard university stone laboratory mr. prltula instructor in physical education university of michigan head of pianoforte department mr. roberts professor of psychology university of rochester teachers college northwestern university newton theological institution yale university miss smith professor of home economics illinois state normal university university of iowa . mr. spornitz . ' instructor in economic theory .pq-tl Y university of north dakota mr st1entJes associate professor of chemistry iowa state teachers college south dakota university university of minnesota mr stewart instructor in voice morningslde college ITIISS sweet instructor in pianoforte morningslde college . - 0 I '54 o Q in 9 ..u' 1 I . -g.1l..... ' 115 ., If A 9 I1'11'. fOI'I1IIlel'CICSe1'1 instructor in accounting mornlngslde college northwestern university mr. transtrum assistant instructor in livestock marketing utah agricultural college mrs. van der maten instructor in violin morningslde college mr. watt assistant professor of educat university of akron university of chicago mr. Walsh associate professor of philosophy mount allison university boston university harvard university university of london ion miss Woodford assistant professor in pianoforte and history of music U morningside college american conservatory of music university of michigan eastman school of music northwestern university miss tagq instructor in cello indiana university . eastman school of music miss taylor assistant professor in secretarial science central missouri state college university of colorado university of california university of missouri main hall for iiity-one years main hall has served as the center of activities for college students. its halls and its classrooms will be long remembered by those who have passed through them.. even with new buildings being erected on the campus. main hall is still the backbone of campus life. 112 SCICTICC I1 S- x X X XQ X N frm X S xx X X af zQ,i,4fW2f ' w!L'Yf,',ff,f,7f4' ' f 4 ,gf 5 26,0 '7f?ffl7Qf Q, 'f , Z 'Z 7 ff , Q S ,fr ,www xx, I ww if wgrj U fi mw - Zv gf 9 -X x 5 if ' 3 , . .f.. 2 L wah' 55 W Z, X7 xg, M S wi 94 9,2 3 IW- 2 5523 , .QW i , Nw J iii? S bf, chape I' A-'2 ' v , x . V 5'-'f Q- -. Px', . D v l lx . f. Yxfs alumnl m .Xia Lei if allee gym A .. FNQQ .X X 'NW X NNN 'X 'N-.XNM X XA X PNN '--NN K x , M ,NT 5 . x Ax?-.. V Y -mg X21 X 1 N m 'Y Qmgx Q was .. Mxwe-Si: W.W.,....-.... . ., ,M gi x,,,..--Q X climmitt hall 6I'l'l -S-A vi -1 J fvr 5 'Y jsfih xii! Zgft' Ae. nil . I kj' Q' 9 conservatory m . Uslc ly .l Tl- C . holr I O Q Q pork moe coXhn 1 drrector Ynst soprano Ynsk one - de Kong xknder bisx xenot YW 51661. 5001 bi5x b655 carwerg rrWXan vmson usher nageX mac como axm-kgm gxkssman ahshutz gunderson mosey xvvme young make 'oeune Kar-sen Madden men petersen sxew art norman Ncvey vaooxe can der swoi carpenter second keno: second bds mc eww second soprano second 6310 'Dfw' 6' moewer , , Xamvori Mwst mmer gmuenden 0 0 1, N S . rasmusson vhssknv- r smrth , bostrom GANSOU OXSSCO sexny , . rogoscn hntner remwlmwe zewner wood qandemerg snumaver i xe'wes' rnarsnav NOX e erwson runge ? dqdrst edson Hr! z bob Iowry duane tritle IIIGJOIGUGS I. holland b. kinsey I. gustafson b. milter r., windrath flag twirlers c.- thom pso n m. yager trumpets I. brewer 8. butcher I. coomes b. edson d. larsen f. lieb I. nagel k. rogosch r. smith J. whitehouse trombones g. day k. gleason r. peer j. thompson 1. orange french horns b. spielman I. whyte e. wissink baritones s. dill a. koole m. schwarz basses v. davidson r. johnson f. rathbun z. zurcher 18 leo kucinski - director students who participate violin t - c. brewer V v. cook H s n. hildreth , r.,is p . e. perrin d s I . sullenger fit K J. wolf X 1 X 5 9 - s viola 1 j. fraser . b. spielman flute s s. nissen ' ITI. I"3SfT'lU8Sel1 bass viol f. macomber z. zurcher trumpet c. rogosch f. lieb trombone r. pee r h p Q Jgrngiler 0 r - director drum maior piccolos d. leivestad a. Iindquist v. oskvig m. rasmusson p. runge 9 clannets w j. ford s. katayama c. krusenstjerna d. marshall m. tott w. wickland S0pl'CIl'1O SCIXOphOI'leS r. baxter j. hadden alto saxophones j. babb j. ,collin m. peterson I. rubis tenor saxophones e. barnes m. carlson d. marshall snare drums b. benton d. benton d. hunt b. sullivan bass drums d. mc carthy m. madden cymbals ""' r. anshutz bell lyre a. rexwinkel ,nwnv-" WGKHY aX Gm ff' 3 . 5i"i . . 91-W, C Iif"'3T?j K W.. 1.W3 w .Sql -' 'x wr '15 nw, .lgxcxvw 5 ' 13313 'AQ .lj -ni if3?ffgiYffJ?fx! . qw - L 2 '1vQs-is s S al' .S-J. -A . yi, iz. 337. lf bi a. E I' 0 0'i i8-lif Yau fle 8,8 ter te 6 all CamPUS sms K Q5 Ga s 9 YS 0 9 wr' O on freshman - sophomore day, the M club. backed by the entire student body, initiated the "green- beanie" freshman. man- ned with war paint. pad- dles, water and a hose the upperclassmen showed the freshmen who the- campus -authorities were. battered but hap- py. everyone was reward- ed with a free meal and dance sponsored by the student council. O' C ' 3. O O 23 Mow Z0 049 'xv 0 attendant miss loretta yanney 0 homecoming queen miss shirley weber 9 attendant it miss Cltlrisiilinder ' , l Ad miss nancyi asmussen Q . 0 attendant Y oal axw t Y, 5 an claris linder, attendant d val moeller, escort loretta yanney, attendant Weber gerald toss, escort .rye f sux n we gix nancy asrnussen, attendant robert barks, escort l 26 ' 41- S Q 25 events 1 second alpha sigma Q N, ,, , 1 -. sm, -N.- .. 1 P 1:53 ,Q if X Q, K g A, ' NN L' Nt fu, , sky... A U ' N iw "Q- ' www. 'N E 51 'N'fY-,V m 1 first alpha tau delta an Q 1 Q: X. I . , . ,H ,. ,, K t, .,. . ,X A ... --A "--..i,:r' X. 5-tk: N A 1' , -- .' " g' ,.1ff'3fn,f?5q9.F"- 3 vi 'SK ' Wg . . -. ,- ' ff' 8 X F , Q w,-.I A x ,V ,X ,VM 14 . , . ""'1 'X " -wx:-X v,.:n 'D N 1' . W. ' 1' 1 xx -1 fu 1 , ,Q -41,6 jk gtrfxxg 5. J is I 5 , A , ,, it 'it' f' A -' f 'sm ' f- if -t f f 9 'ki - j. A . 1 9, Fi 4, i w 4 - 4 , , u . , . . h. ' vi' , , Q A .- , j f'f"t : . 5' I in R 5 lag 8".Ls,1, .' " 4 I, , fs l O , - V-, , r .. 1 ,M- f.,f, 4 V ' "" ' . -, , . ,.,. .:, W.: --'Q-1' ,- pi 'Is L 5-' ' f' ' 1 - j' up , K - - 4 iff- ' f - - - + ' '- .- .. 1' he N... 'tl-I f . f - - Q V V A ' wat -5, gf--f1,f1g.fg -an sfgim-A f . i s V .- . ,, , , - ,Q ,H .J - A, -as . . gf-. 4 .. Q .ff45,,..1... U " - 5 1. sv.. . .MLK :dA ,..Q.Yi, .fd-33,5 ,Q N,g,.,,,3g+gi,QL5-wil.mfff,,,,g,,,ii:,,1.g?',4i1fs' -,- . - .3,.f.g3y- rggj ,gh 35,5m m qf.y,sWw AQ: ' a j' . - M.,,,w ,3,, P - . r , --'-:y-Q .-r " mr: -"UW ' 'fwi WH" 1 " "V-if 1 1" fr- 'W' if wwf if-2.2, 'Jw --- -3- I --- f 0 - 4- 'N M ,sw is .ant . . sw, , ,V-MA 1 third gamma iota alpha homecoming once again hit siouxland with a burst oi enthusiasm and fervor. the annual parade, dance. coronation and fi- nal victory over s. d. u. made for an exciting weekend. maiestically surveying the activities from her popular throne was the charming miss Weber. 310 Yootbau 1951 9901- heqd ge all footbed en 1 Coac h dcrrrell lizcaptcxins u gen' ralph Weave b r ill pr- line cgtula Ctch X. Q55 POW 1'OW 1'OW 17 87 1: s. cowan, i. hohs, e. reniro. k. bengford, d. haugen, t. o'doherty, d. waleryszak Z: b. olsen, r. phillips, 1. fitzgerald, f. lindgren, d. weikert, k. bohlke, i. boice 3: b. merriman, b. fox, l. harpster, W. hatch, b. barks, W. piper, l. moll, c. creqlow row. 4: coach b. pritula, p. starrett, b. pickford, b. hanson, c. irwin, o. iones, e. nelson not present: r. weaver, d. clement, t. whitiord, i. sutherland, i. padys, b. bates, J floyd lindgren clayton droullard most valuable player head freshman coach p Q? john Wickstrom line coach 1 I fl , , 1, 1 , . Q ,' :Y . ..x. 'W' W4 Pd!! ai L51 'I floyd lindgren-tackle wally piper-back darrell hauqen-end albert city. ia. sioux city, ia. sioux city. ia. inen truman o'doherty-tackle brighton, mich. ofthe dave waleryszak-back iack reardon-end bob barks-center Chicago, ill. Clellfoil, mich. orange city, ia. 1 1' M. , AM. . ls ,,L,4 ,M Q WWW aww ' 'lf fm an WW ff Ji ralph weaver-guard loren moll-back bill fox-end sioux city, ia. paullinct, ia. fort dodge. ia. tony levitto-back albany. n. y. iack hohs--center loren ilemingf-end dick wikert-Ijbctck morton grove, ill. earlham, la. omcr cz. ne r. 7? Th-W A 41,31 fs Q . 'K""T'T'7 gf Y -'sta Ya: H XX t Q it ' .Q X 'N X X H . .Al .,. o or , o 4 t Fha , dig. 7 v gtg t t .K """. ' I i fiiff. X f' -fx ed renfro-guard iohn boice-end sioux city. ia. albany. n. y. K " sk: sl 59 k .X f- ,- 5 VN X-3 f SX. Q X . :gg f , 9 'E' M .Wg n X, wi.- ..s,-. . -, . x ed nelson-tackle sioux city, ict. it f o o t b u I I sept. 16 -- there - morningside .... A sept. 23 - there - morningside .... sept. 30 - here - morningside .... oct. 6 - there - morningside .... oct. 14 - there - morningside .... oct. 21 - here - morningside .... oct. 28 - here - morningside .... nov. 4 - here - morningside .... nov. 11 - there - morningside .... oscar iones-back bob olsen-tackle walt iensen-tackle detroit. mich. cuba city, wis. sioux city, ia. i w A L fi 1 M A. f I ,W Q Q OM Z of 491, A Z , 0 4f X 1, f 3 ff? ,Q t , '25, iw mg ,WV Q ,144 ., ,fy 4 ' ,,, !,,' i S , wf X , ke f, lminn south north north ,qllqu south iowa tomah iowa pet v 1 E t sf X N 5 - . :X NX X Xmx Nm X X x XX N X x Q XS X X N xxxx X s . 'S' gl it slime ken bengford guard sklp Cowan back charles 1rw1n tackle minnesota state teachers south dakota state north dakota unlverslty north dakota state augustana south dakota lowa state teachers omaha umverslty lowa Wesleyan unlverslty pete Starrett end bruce plckford back bob 1111115011 back I f N. row W. Y row v. 1 row mu lan eff mellf Q03 0 s Kxzswna row nl: w. wagner. . kelly. g. lawson. g. sandaqe, a. hayes. c. hove. 'q. lewis. -w. wickett, v. kirkeg rd. h ' ' ' kford, r. buckley, i. rembe, v. heuton row 2: r. larsen, a. 11 dgren, g. o doherty, w. plc v. wyland. d. norman d. christensen,. row 3: line coach i. ckstrom. i. romine, r. bostrom, k. isacson. r. doherty. b. kam inaameyer, d. vander 'cken, q. evers. e. ' ar . frauenield, k. Johnson, head coach c. droul 001. t 9 3110l'11ingS.gO0fbUII seo ' 18 I S "65 oct. 25- morn Qside 183' . wqYI1e tea 12 11101111 ' ' SQ C el'.S . ug! Qszde 32. . Qu dcrlrotq uni 0 Vetgit Cr Y 12 - 0 A I l 1 s 4-an 55? ' . 1 N Q H- 4 l -5 ,.,T ,ff 7- Y . gy .1 ,, ,Ar . MXN in , 2, A x ' ,'gvfL, Q , , if'-36. M, 1 .3 ' 5f??Jx-Ez-1 ' f,1g?5 .4'f1:f,,f H- ff,-3.41, ,33??joZfg532,Z1Zf: ,,., if A'-lwig ,, fr ff-P 535532 Q, 2- ,yr + .+,.1.,3, 3 , 4.3: 1 Q? N . QE' ,M-w-f , Z H k,,,,f,,wf ,.,., M..-of .M 2,2 M..-ew ..,.N I wM ,,,,.:,5wfi XM N .,., Q . -new 7-4--" ,.,....,:,1:..,,.V if .4441 -.4 KK 5' 15' - Q ' . I ' m Afffi if a Cy. A . A z Q3 ' nv MR X v X -X A X-,X iffy .x Xw- A Q9 gy ,xx .x M V Y Q Xx- xx W A QNX L N . M A x N v. aw xx XA NX , ,, religion-in -life weelc inspired and inspiring. the informal discussions of 'religion-in-life Week' en- couraged active partici- pation of both teachers and students in the week's activities. K4 Nxirwx Nik, O ' 5 X xx, x X X X' x N. 5 b ..,, 3 ' . gk:-1 'mwegxxf-W - . , ,L N. -- - ..'+99gx:I,lg35 x -.'Q7w2"' 2- x x ,E a !5X+,3f-I N ' , jv ., Qseiguwa Myst is e xx XX wkwgk .. -..--..----- - -...... ..5:4:q,. -5.44 -.-a:..4.-g4.4.a....-.,u.A.:.4n4..,-4 --- p ...--,..- -n .- 'O-. a .5 5 -Qx Q . Ei, w ' ' V M -. A . ur.. Kyiv .Q trxra by ff Nd .Nils " k?u-naw w ---5 . '33,- Ws 1' I. 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Wally piper. loren moll. roq er burke, bob brock: row 2: coach al buckingham, ken file, doug gresham,iohn1aw, dick wiedenfeld, red norris, ed mccabe, ray berry: 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1951 1950 1950 1950 westrrfar .......... 53 dakota Wesleyan- - - 44 ' ' 63 --------61 68 north dakota ,st. .... south dakota st. .... augustana ........ north dakota u2---- north dakoita st. .... omaha university-- souht dakota st. .... basketball scores rnorningside 51 ' ' momingside morningside Washburn - morningside buena vista morningside dubuque -- morningside morningside morningside iowa state teach.-- morningside south dakota u. .... m01'niIlQside ........ north dakota st. .... m01'n-illgside ........ iowa state teach.-- morningside -------- morninqside -------- morningside morninqside -------- momingside morningside -------- qugustqgnq m0rninqSidef,-.----- westmar -- morningside morninqside 9 -mornm' ' gside morningside south dakota u. ---- st. ambrose -------- providence r. i. ----- eva:nsvi11e ind. ----- . north central conference tourney 11:-1151 68 55 57 55 71 '11 81 54 72 82 57 78 68 85 63 75 momingside ---.---- 65 north dakota, st. ---- 56 mom-fngside -------- 74 grinnell ---- ------ -64 m0m111qside -------- 64 south dakota st. ---- 68 nov dec dec dec dec ian ian ian ian ian ian ian feb feb feb feb feb feb feb mch mch mch dec dec dec 25 2 1 4 1 5 20 6 8 12 15 20 27 29 3 5 10 13 20 23 27 5, 13 14 28 29 30 ,ww H1 9 ,Q er . 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Woodworth loretta yanney Sm'-fx C'tY SiOUX city sigux city b- a. bi S- b' al .,.,f the junior class of 1950-51 . richard k. aalfs beverly andrews ward r. arnold flrsf row akron, iowa chicago, illinois Iafayette, indiana aleclz asbmore m-elford bardsley i gladys martha behling S'0UX C'fY sioux citv los angeles, california harriett bikakis duane a. botlien kqdy brodsky Second row sioux city Sioux City rapid city, south dakota fred brown edwin chrusciel harold e. coffman sioux city chicago, illinois hillsboro, indiana - iohn crowley bob deaton robert fritz fhlrd row sioux city dallas, texas holstein, iowa bill gales paul griffin luanne gustafson Sioux CNY 'sioux city sac city, iowa robert lindberg sloa n, iowa iohn mc mullen sioux city val moeller quirn by, iowa sally ann nissen beresford, south dakota Vivian oleson third row Sioux Sify norma iean peters gilmore city, iowa A iames mc gill harrison, new jersey ianice miller hudson, south dakota edalene moone sioux city duane oleson s i o u x c ity don oxenford pleasant beach, new york charles polley s i o u x c ity L... first row richard throne louis i. tokarczyk glen 1'- WCI11i1'1 battle creek, michigan sioux city south sioux city, nebraska karl warner charles 1. waiters sioux city washington, pennsylvania second row don Welton everly wissink iohn b. wolff sioux city sioux center, iowa sioux city kenneth henry woodrum duane e. zlmmer lake park, iowa minot, north dakota ff.-H vt' W first row second row third row Wallace propst sheldon, iowa ed renfro sioux city keith n. sharp sioux city chcamaine reed norman reid osmond, nebraska sioux city I glen reynolds bonnie schrader sioux falls, south dakota rudd, iowa eldon simonse-n diana sinning merrill, iowa lake view, iowa harold skidmore earl smith rollin ross sgdel-ling sioux city rapid city, south dakota Sioux city tom steinback thomas d. stoddard ronald dean stonebrook sioux city battle creek, michigan cedar rapids, iowa don strandburg dorothy sullenger milo thompson sioux city sioux city sioux city Q the sophimore class of 1950-51 first row dorothy anderson homer, nebraska dessie bikakis s io u x city second row Vi1'qiIliCI booth third row sioux city icmet burg wallingford, iowa james i. cannon manchester, michigan nancy cline sioux city richard 1. anshutz sioux city stuart bliss sioux city betty borchers Iemars, iowa robert burtness s i o u x c i ty marcella carlson farnhamsville, iowa nancy clyde sioux city richard bequin sioux city robert bonnes h i nton, iowa leon brewer early, iowa norma Caldwell s i o u x c i 'CY irances casperS0n woodbinev iowa ioan r. collins galva, iowa ZQQ- fs , -1.42. , lb, fu 5555: 4 - yas-, swat., i?z32f5f4 SA is . ., as a ?-NS? f JA .5 f ij: all S-w E 'n H95 a 61' a ell on inS a third row second row third row ioe cutler sioux city dennis dow sioux city robert eidsmoe siou x city delores gabriel Ianai city, hawaii von dell glaser norfolk, nebraska mary claire gunderson ames, iowa georgia dandos sioux city derrell dow sioux city donald fielder manchester, michigan marqie gasser sioux city iim qoltz sioux city betty hagan sioux city i SW ft. xx Q,- virginia devaul rolfe, iowa bob downs titonka, iowa iirn fowler rockwell city, iowa isabelle gibbs klem me, iowa richard greenlee gownie, iowa iim hamilton sioux city JP' 5- x -I ,gl if 2' W 1-ji Q i ' 'x fix 'K if is- Q f 'f 1,',,.3 i bifbh- 4 first row second row third row f2fz',i-5a,. - W L A ' , K1 yrs 5 , 4 I ga . 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Xi 1 m XY XX X. X x S 1 L.: . 5 . X 1 K K' ' J We iirffi . fx ,Q k . . V Tw? .ax , '- ,fpkyav I -'Ni x w K., .WA , , X. 5 iii ws X R i Qg ax ft Qrganlzations C olle 0 315 0 feb the collegian reporter, in its third off year as a newsmagazine was pilot- ef ed by nelson price, editor-in-chief, and bob phelps, managing editor. the magazine boasted an editorial staff, other than the top two-, of hughes. peters, burtness, mc carthy, and eidsmoe. other men oi im- portance, were photographer art barrett, artist evert johnson, and exchange editor, iim rose. the busi- ness staii was headed by io sanford with larry pipkin acting as adver- tising manager and chuck everett as salesman. a host of reporters also slaved on the magazine. the collegian reporter published 22 editions throughout the year and ed . made a wide-coverage of all cam- I fo pus activities. the superiority oi the fs collegian reporter was also dem- Phe I onstrated in its being awarded a ps high rating by the associated col- Uh d legiate press. p , r, C 6 seated, l. to r.: b. eidsmoe, b. phelps, n. peters, seated. 1. to r.: m. sorenson, e. decker, m. kalsket, d. mc carthy, n. price, d. larson. b. phelps. standing, 1. to r.: g. Wallin, b. burtness, m. walder- standing, l. to r.: b. winkelman, k. iohnson, g. hoefer, mer, b. bostrom, d. hughes. i. burg, i. goltz. M if 'LJ K. L- '-.,-, 1 . , - sie: N ,, W i f 1 iq, f e ft W N. 15 . 3 officers president ........-... nancy asmussen first vice-president---carol b. rutledge second vice-presidentushirley weber secretary ............ bonnie schrader treasurer ...............-. mary herke every woman at morningside is a member of agora. its activities throughout the year are varied and are aimed to give special recogni- tion to its members. its first activity in the fall is the all-campus sing. iust before christznas agora sponsors the leadership banquet which recognizes the oficers of organizations and honors a distinguished woman of the year. profits from the spring carnival go to pay all the expenses of its Aactivities for the following year. the mother-daughter banquet finished another successful year for agora. officers president ............ dick GSmuS secretary ...,......... pat mC burney the sons and daughters of former moming- siders are organized in the papoose club. here students attempt to carry on the morningside traditions left to them by their parents and grandparents. the papoose club acts as a stepping-stone between alumni and students. the parents of the papoose were specially rec- ognized on parent's day. agora board papoose club first row, l. to r.: c.. stevens, s. Weber, b. schrader. g. har- rison. second row, 1. to r.: 1. buene. n. asmussen, c. rutledge, lc. brodsky. first row, 1. to r.: b. winkelman. pat mc burney. m, gasser, m. burgess, b. phelps. second row, l. to r.: m. hinkley. v. harper, i. miller, r. wilson. v. de vaul. thifd row, 1. to r.: 1. brewer. r. cox, r. asmus, k. fearing. officers president ......... iosephine sandiord vice-president ........ stanley ienkner secretary-treasurer ....... pat pentony first row, 1. to r.: e. brauninger, r. windrath, i. miller, m, gasser, v. de vcxul, k. petersen, d. miller, n. asmussen. second row, 1. to r.: m. kalskett, e. iones, b. borchers. n. hubbard, p. pentony, 1. mes- senger, m. wcxldemer. c. hanson, i. iensen. third row, 1. to r.: v. oskvig, m. calson, i. slupe, g. draayon, c. hoper, v. hcrrper, m. vanderberg. first row, 1. to r.: b. stark, i. patch, b. thompson, d. bikakis, 1. yanney, m. lockard, m. hinkley, l. rispalie. second row. 1. to r.: m. burqess. s. Weber, S. nystedt, e. lauterbach, r. wilson. third row, 1. to r.: d. pilgrim, d. 1arson,-m. shrcxgg, r. stuart, g. poltng, r. barks. r. hanson, I. bridges, f. lundell. v. booth, a. koole, i. sandford, r. hcxrtin, inter-sorority council ll seated. 1. to r.: miss taylor, miss toli, b. schrader, i. iohnson miss sweet -standing. 1. to r.: s. Weber, m. marksbury. m. olson, b. wel on n peters d Slnnlnq c hnder the inter-sorority council is comprised oi three representatives from each sorority,- t.he advisors oi each sorority, and miss tolf. who acts as general advisor. the purpose ot the council is to co-ordinate the activities of the sororities on campus and to supervise and set up the rushing program. the organization's only officer is a secretary. which rotates from year to year to the various sororities. the secretary this year is ioan iohnson. seated. l. to r.: e. perrin. d. sinninqf m- der. m. melby. Q. i0hI1S0n- officers president .......,... ,, -------------Shirley weber V1Ce'P1'eS1de11f- ------- ----.-- - -norma iean peters SeC1'elCI1'Y ----------- -------. .--... - - -rebecca rice f1'CISl11'91' --------------..--. ..... In Crryanna melb Y chaplain ................... ..... b onnie schrader advisor ............................ ..... m iss toli the women's self governing association is composed of all the wome-n living in the dormitory. a house council of eleven members elected by the girls in the dormitory is given the responsibility of administering the affairs of the house. this year a new office has been added to the council which is the chaplain. also an empty room has been made into a chapel. some of the social events traditionally sponsored by the. w. s. g. a. are the halloween party. thanksgiving and christmas activities, annual birthday party and the donn formal. rathie, r. rice, n. peters. i. ford. a. koole, k. brodsky. b. schra- standing. 1. to r.: mrs. smith. miss tolf, s. weber. w. S. 8. al officers president .-.-.......... charles daqle vice-president ...-...... pat n0rdStr0m secretary-treasurer ...... dale masters advisor ............. ...... m r. meloy this year the biology club turned i.nto a greek letter club. beta kappa. meetings are held bi-monthl in the biolo lab of the new science Y GY hall. movies, guest speakers, recreation, and refreshments make up the evening's program. in addition to the regular meetings the mem- bers plan 'several field trips. officers president ............... -keith meyer vice-president ........ roy beauchene secretary .-..--.......... ---paul law treasurer -..-----.--.. iames heqcock the obiect of the chemistry club is to serve as a means of stimulating a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among the chemistry students at morningside college. the sponsor gf the chemistry club is dr. r. e. black. beta kappa g. Webber, d. masters. p. law. c. dagle, k. meyer. d. masters. m. garrido. chemistry C lil first row, 1. to r.: m. lewis. p. nordstrom. m. rcrthie. c. dagle. second row. l. to r.: mr. meloy. first row, 1. to r.: r. beauchene. 3 second row, 1. to r.: b. ploof. i. heacock. g. Weber. a. larson. if' 'Y P, an QW sewn! 1. hed' lhifd r. T0 buffi' ti sedte iohns b. sta stand wood kerl. Presi vice Secre treqg histo the P Voled of Q04 sdenc F111 Q1 :Hs cle 1h.'f,j qreflie ll0nql 0 ,ep Oqtsid Fhepl ls me bequmeier N Chehe mum IW' heqmgk iirst row, 1. to r.: dr. m. e graber. p x P, griffin, r. beauchene, mr. 3 to gene green, mr. gwin. qmendjin as second row. 1. to r.: e. weed. u'f!s1udeeSs i. heacock, c. dagle. d. pilgrim 'Wm of all third row, 1. to r.: r. miller. e r. rohlfs, r. stewart. d. strand burq, keith meyer. P m. lewis, p. seated, 1. to r.: e. lauterbach, e. tie, C. daqle. iohnson, m. peterson. r. wilson L, mr' meloyl b. stark, c. scott, d. gabriel. H sters. standing. l. to r.: b. stark, mf bequC1i9ne' meyef. Ir' b. r.w1"f50n ido. pre-engineers club wood, p. lane, v. harper, d. vol kert. i. owen. officer, home economics club pfesidenf ----- ----- - -Joy beauchene V1Ce'President ........ don strandsburg SeCre1a1'Y ---- ------ ....... p a ul griftin tr.eaSul'e1'- - - ,-,- ------ - - edward Weed hlsto ' 1' lan- ---- --.. ........ d o n pilgrim the P1'e'e1'!Qineers club is an organization de- V0ted to scientific pursuits and the promotion Of. qood fellowship among those interested in Eugenie. it not only includes future engineers. . u G so those Y01-Inq people who are interested m.phYSiCS, mathematics. biology and chemical science. the ultimat 329121911 background in their individual voca- In: tl helds. the club does this in its bi-monthly to e UIQ' where Part of the program is dedicated O t'FP01'iS and lectures by the members and thu Sldg Speakers. is eu?nmU1'Y function of the pre-engineers club m F Sponsoring of "science night" on the ommQS1de college campus. e aim of the club is to provide a officers president ................ bonnie stark vice-president ...... evelyn lauterbach secretary-treasurer ........ ruth wilson the home econonmics club is oiiiciated with the iowa home economics association. the club has 20 members who are or have been enrolled in home economics courses. the club has had a very interesting program. the members made a tour of t.he methodist hospital kitchen and nurses' home. at christmas they prepared and served a dinner made of foreign foods. the club celebrated its third birthday in ianuary at a' special party at which miss dixnmitt was a guest. a visit to miss mc-nee's home, a visit to a hotel kitchen, a program on Hower ar- rangements, and a program by a buyer in a department store were also enioyed by the members. officers first semester second semester P1'eSiCle1'1f ................ -doris leivestad ........ everly wissink vice-president .........,,, ,sally nissen ,-,-.,,--,-, sally nissen recording secretary ....... iean cramer ......... yvonne oskvig corresponding secretary--,everly wissink ...... marcella carlson treasurer ................. virginia cook .... mary c. gunderson Warden .................. carol b. rutledge ...... virginia booth Chaplain ................. nelda hildreth ...... shirleen nystedt advisor ................. ,miss sweet ............... miss sweet the phi zeta chapter of mu phi epsilon the national music sorority in the professional field, is composed of those students and faculty women of the conservatory who are superior in scholarship and musicianship. the chapter has been active at morninqside since 1929. the iounder's day recital and pledge recital are outstanding activities of the year's program. seated, 1. to r.: i. Cramer, m. carlson, miss sweet. standing, l. to r.: b. spielman, v. cook, d. leivestad, e. perrin, m. rasmusson, s. nissen, e. wissink, c. rutledge, n. hildreth, m. gunderson, c. reed, v. oskvig, v. booth. .. 'lu. mu phi epsilon I 1 87 s. nystedt, officers president ,,,-,,,........ bob eidSI'I10e vice-president ........ georgia dandos secretary .-----,,,,,,... eleCtnO1' m0lI11' treasurer ............. .... Cl On 1CI1'SOI1 pi kappa delta is the national honorary foren- sic fraternity on mor.ningside's campus. in order to gain membership it is necessary to earn distinction in speech, either in t.he fields of debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking or discussion. this year four members attended the national convention at oklahoma a 6. m during the spring. -new members who recently were initiated at a banquet initiation are ioe kennedy and duane tritle. officers president .......... .... - eleanor mohl. vice-president ....- .,,-, - ,--roger Cox dianna sinning secretary-treasurer ..... --pqt pentony members of sigma tau delta, the honorary eng. lish fraternity, meet and discuss modern classi. cal literature of various type. proiects for this year include the study of a modern and a classi- cal novel, a modern play, and some modem poetry. in addition members contribute samples of their own writing to the sigma tau delta "1-ec. tangle" which contains writing representative of the work of students in many colleges. pi kappa delta dos, e. mohr, b. schrader. b eidsmoe. second row. 1. to r.: m. thompson r. asmus. RX S "'i . ,,hL -... 5 A . r. cox. sinning, i. slupe. Sigma tau delta first row, 1. to r.: n. price, g. dan- d. larson, r. davis, mr. mc grew, first row, l. to r.: p. pe11f0I1Yf e. mohr, miss mills, b. schrader, second row, l. to r.: i. salie, d- Utohr l' Cox filling niflny C USsi- Clasgi. grew, tonYf ader, el d' grace collegians seated, l. to r.: m. mc cauley, m. wood, i. litner, i. gates, lc peterson, r. rice. Ls! i standing, 1. to r.: mr. iohanna ber, i. vandervelde, g. weber d. masters, w. propst, d. tritle d. mitchell, r. iohnson, r. wilson ti first row, 1. to r.: e. moone, r. rice i. collin, i. vandervelde. second row, 1. to r.: mr. iohan naber, r. cox, d. hancock, d mitchell. thi.rd row, 1. to r.: b. zellmer. c. usher, d. shoemaker. kappa chi officers President ---.-..... ---irma vandervelde ViCe'PI'9Slde1'1l ...,,,,.-----,- keith meyer secretary-treasurer .......... rebecca rice world friendship and community service ........ roy johnson W01' Ship --.. ....... ....... i s abelle gibbs 1' ecl' 9415011 ..... ......... m arcella Carlson Publiflily --... ............ i ohn miquelon Grace collegians meets on sunday nights at grace methodist church. a fellowship hour of recreation IS followed by church of youth and a discussion period. it also sponsors various other activities dufmq the year such as a hayride and picnics. grace collegians cooperate with the other religious Ofqanizations in campus-wide functions. officers presldent .................. paul hansen vice-president ........... edalene moone secretary ........ - ....... rebecca rice treasurer ................ eugene lamport -carrol usher -mr. iohannaber deputation teams ............ joan collins marshall ........... ..... advrsor ............ - - kappa chi is made up of the students planning to enter into full time christian service. one of the main proiects during the year is the forming of deputation teams to go to churches around sioux city. among some of the other activities are picnics, swimming parties and co-operation with the religious groups in campus affairs. officers i president -,-,-,-----,., dean hancock vice-president ........ bonnie schrader secretary-treasurer ...... iune mousley publicity and membershipuioan collin christian heritage commission ....... muriel waldemer world relatedness ......... mary herke social responsibility commission ......... lroretta yanney personal and campus affairs -,,,---,,.-,... dessie bikakis the student christian asociation is an all campus organization. inspirational and thought-provok- ing programs are planned for general meetings: commision groups work on community and campus proiects. these activities fulfill the purpose of living the best christian life as an individual through study and work together. among its social events the s. c. a. mixer during freshman week is a standout. officers president ........-......... charles i1-win vice-president ................ bob non-is secretary ........... margaret marksbury treasurer .................... don nelson program director ........ stanley ienkner social director ............... bob benson advocate ..................... ray berry freshman director ...... bonnie schrader publicity .............. norma jean peters member-at-large ........ muriel waldemer sorority representative ...... claris linder fraternity representative ..... nelson price religious life .............. dean hancock the student council co-ordinates and governs views and problems at morningside. every spring qn active campaign by various parties is carried on. at this time the council which will express the student viewpoint for the entire following year is elected. the council tries to promote harmony be- tween the students and the faculty and among the various campus organizations. this year the student council was ably led by president, "chuck" irwin who kept all the meetings running smoothly, making it possible for the 1950-51 council to fulfill their duties as elected representatives of their fel- low students. S. C. 6. f son, p. pentony, e. moone, r wood. d. hancock. d. mitchell. stude seated. l. to r.: c. linder. n. peters. m. waldemer, b. schrader. m. marksbury. c. irwin, r. berry. standing, l. to r.: d. nelson. d. hancock. n. price. mr. castle. b. benson, b. norris. tcouncH first row. 1. to r.: l. messenger, m. waldermer, i. collin. b. soren- second row, l. to r.: v. de vaul, k. petersen, m. herke, d. an- derson, r. rice, r. wilson. i. van- dervelde, l. yanney, g. draayon. third row, 1. to r.: mr. iohan- naber, k. wagner, d. shoemaker. d. tritlei c. usher, d. pelton. 1. to r.: b. bonnes. n. price. g. wallin, m. shragg, w. held. reid. first row, l. to r.: k. fearing. m. ileming, k. bengford. f. lindgren, b. hanson, 1. laydu. i. hohs, r. WSCVSI. second row, l. to r.: k. moll, b. merriman, d. haugen. 1. iitz- gerald. i. reardon, l. moll, l. pipkin. third row, 1. to r.: r. berry, i. custer, b.enockson, W. piper, d. waleryszak. b. fox. i. wickstrom, r. barks. inter-fraternity council HITIH club officers e president -------. ........ m ike shrcrgg vice-president .--------- --Wan-en held secretary-treasurer ....,,- norman reid Student C0unCi1 -......... -nelson price U10 lriteiffraternity council is instrumental in eslahhshlng the policy of the three social fra- ternities on the morningside campus. it sets uf dlh? ru-lei fffl' Pledging and supervises the Fe 911129 activities. the council meets regularly b0 ma e sure that the fraternities are abiding Y the rules laid down by the inter-fraternity Council. two members represent each fraternity. officers president ............... ralph weaver vice-president ........... charles irwin secretary .................. ray berry treasurer ......-...... darrell haugen go. men of the "m"! here are the men for whom the crowd cheers. the "m" club boasts the membership of all men who have won maior letters in inter-collegiate athletics. although seldom meeting, the "m" club is probably one of the busiest organizations on campus. every night its members are busy running down punts, driving in for setups. taking time trials. or batting homeruns. officers president ....-............ sally blake vice-president ........ donna marshall sceretary ............... phyllis runge treasurer ..,,,.,,,,,,.,. joan albrecht early each fall ishkoodah is organized to bring together all the new freshman girls so that thhey may become acquainted. all freshmen girls are members. ishkoodah meets twice a month and a varied program is presented. the mem- bers arrange and administer their own activi- ties. year ishkoodah won second place in the all-campus sing, entered a float in the homecoming parade, and entered a basketball team in the girls' intramural basketball tourna- ment. officers president ,-...... ---charlene stevens vice-president ......... dolores gabriel secretary .......... -daphne mctyorga treasurer .......... .... In Clurine rdthie the cosmopolitan club has been established with the purpose of promoting better under- standing among students of fereign countries and those students of the united states who are interested in learning about different nationali- ties. the club holds an annual open house where exhibits from the countries represented are shown. this demonstration is fo-llowed by a program with an international theme. at each monthly meeting a program from a dif- ferent country is presented. the program is followed by a dinner of that country. this year in the club are students from: bolivia, chile, germany, greece, guatemala. hawaii, iran, panama, peru, puerto rico, siam, and the united states. I ishlcoodah first row, l. to r.: g. day, s. blake, vestad, In. mccauley, i. hadden, seco-nd row. l. to r.: i. ford, i. babb. m. yager, p. carpenter, a. rexwinkel, b. kinsey, s. de long, c. thompson, d. grosvenor, i. eddy, i. hickey, a. suzuki, p. grube. third row, l. to r.: a. iohnson, h. waugh, s. mackintosh, a. wittrock. first row, l. to r.: m. rathie, c. stevens, c. nee, a. suzuki. d. nee. second row, 1. to r.: e. kwan, h. hoffman, d. gabriel, h. men- ondakis, d. mayorga, r. carrera. third row, 1. to r.: w. sun, i. koo. e. wong, cr. sun. cosmopolitan club m. schwartz, i. whaley, m. lei- manuscript first row. l. to r.: e. mohr, d. hughes. d. larson, p. pentony, i. salie. second row, l. to r.: mr. burks, m. stott, miss lloyd. first row. l. to r.: mr. hawthorn. b. schrader, m. russo, v. hum mell, mr. bowman, mr. bauer. h. schwartz, h. rath, miss mcnee. miss murray. second row, l. to r.: d. pelton r. weaver. i. broom-e. d. haugen r. asmus. dean t. tweito, mr miller. president e. a. roadman. pi gamma mu gllifctlritfgnpt club boasts I the membership of interestediul morningstde s' campus who are membe 111 Creatlve writing. the selected for Critilgs read their own -works to the group other lsm' theY also dlscuss the trends of Younq authors 1n the literary field. each Yem' the club publishes a creative ' ' . . U wntmg Publication, the manuscript." officers president ....... mr. e. theodore bauer vice-president ......... helen schwartz scretary-treasurer mr. clifford bowman temporary secretary .... robert benson faculty sponsor ..-. mr. robert n. miller pi gamma mu is the national social science fraternity on morningside's campus. to be elig- ible for membership in the pi gamma mu cr student must have earned twenty semester hours of credit in the general field of social science and twelve semester hours of credit in one field. an overall grade average of "b" or better is required. wl al al first row, 1. to r.: b. hickey, n asmussen, g. pappas, m. melby. second row, l. to r.: m. rathie e. shillinglaw. r. rice, c. held m. burgess, r. hartin, 1. rispalie m. kalskett. third row. l. to r.: i. gates, p. lane W. wickland. d. marshall, e brauninger, a. iohnson, n. hub bard. officers president ............................ Carolyn held vice-president ..................... muriel burgess secretary-treasurer ............... rosemary hartin publicity ........................... mary kalskett intramurals .......................... rebecca rice the women's athletic association is organized with the purpose of fostering an interest in athletic activities and accomplish- ments and of creating a spirit of good sportsmanship during college and after. and of co-operating with other campus organizations in promoting and maintaining the- highest stand- ard of college life. the W. a. a. sponsors an extensive intramural program for the women of morningside. physical education majors club first row. l. to r.: m. burgess, m. holland.-v. glaser, n. hubbard. n. asmussen, r. hartin. second row, l. to r.: miss bowne, l. rispalie. e. shillinglaw. g. pappas, d. marshall, r. rice, b. hagan. -use rf : 1: isxsx S il. gr, i I 4 the smallest college in the united states to have a chapter of AKD, national honorary sociologi- cal fraternity is morningside. alpha of iowa was organized in 1926, at morningside, as the first chapter in the state of iowa. those who have attain-ed an overall b average in collegiate work, and who have a maior interest in so- ciology and social work can become active members. the local chapter has 34 members, including students, faculty, and alumni. among our alumni group are teachers and social- agency executives. alpha kappa delta stands for christian scholarship dedicated to the service of humanity in the various fields of human wel- fare work. this sociological fratemity also en- courages research, scientific investigations, and creative writing in the, field of sociology. officers president ..........-..... don pilgrim vice-president ......... robert webster secretary .........-...... robert rohlfs treasurer ................ robley stuart the omicron chapter of sigma pi sigma, national honorary physics society, was installed at momingside in 1930. the organization is com- posed of students who are outstanding in the physics department, both in scholarship and in interest. the purpose of the society is to pro- mote interest in the advanced study of physics and to stimulate individual research. alpha kappa delta russo, shrader, hawthorne officers president . horace hawthome vice-president . . marie russo secretary . . . theresa ramse treasurer . . n . lenore schultz social director . bonnie schrader first row, l. to r.: mr. graber, r. rohlfs. d. pilgrim, r. stuart, mr. green. second row, l. to r.: d. strand- burg, e. weed. p. law, r. barks, r. beauchene. .third row, l. to r.: c. polley, d. larsonf k. meyer, i. heacock. f sigma pi sigma lmmm W9hSter B11 rows GY stum Q' UUE Nqllejngli in is ..,,,. mgfn ihe to Pro of PhYSics The mwthome Lrie russo aa ramse e Schultz Schrader fi ZX' 6 . X I1 m a j o r e t t s and cheerleaders ,C-" lynn hffudnd 1. to r.: b. miller, b. kinsey, 1. hol land. 1. gustaison. r. windrath. first row. 1. to r.: v. de vaul. b. schrader. second row, 1 to r.: g. o'doherty, k. fearing, v. heuton. 1. io r.: b. schrcrder. c. horton. v. de vaul, e. iones, m. whismcm. cr. murray, 1. rispalie. q. pappcxs. v. booth n. Caldwell Nasty 1 ini 6 X xg, Q M nk , :N T.: ,X -' jk . . X ' x Z.. 1 . ' .X "QE-V ' ' T 2. Q ., A - . -5 ' .11 1 - " sn X fix 58,1 at m. cczrlson i. collin v. cook m. gasser n. hildreth m. hinkley e. iohnson ci. koole e. lcruterbach d. leivestad If 1 ' , .03 f- on 2 ,E Q c. linder m. lockard h Q d . mayorga n s. nystedt ,Ao, v. oleson 'o'n i. patch . . K. Qu' ,,:'g.fiwf1g lim ff i b. spielman Q-, 7 X '. "Gi-"' o gg Q5- .noh2, n N sa QM b. stark 98 b- Stark d. sullen 55 Q 5 g ,f X ger b. Welton r, wilson i alpha sigma officers first semester president ............ Claris linder vice-president ....... virginia cook record. sec'y .... beverly spielman corres. sec'y ...... dianna sinning treasurer ...... historian- - - chaplain .... - - - usher ...... -- critic .... reporter .... - - - ---bonnie stark - - - -ruth wilson ---phyllis lane nelda hildreth - - - -bev welton mary io lockard second semester virginia cook vivian oleson virginia booth ruth wilson anamae koole dianna sinning ioan collin doris leivstad mary io lockard evelyn lauterbach va 100 b. andrews d. anderson d. bikakis h. bikakis 'M i. burg n. Cline v. devcrul m. gunderson m. herke m. melby e. mohr m. olson v. oskvig m. rasmussen p. rebcrck r' rice 1- 1'iSPCI1ie b. schrczder 5 Share S Weber y, yCInI19Y Y lcappa pi alpha officers first semester president ........ bonnie schrader vice-president ..... ianet iamieson recording sec'y .... harriet bikakis corrosponding sec'y---mae olson treasurer ........ beverly andrews pledgemaster ....... shirley weber Chaplain ............ rebecca rice sergeant-at-arms maryanna melby Cl'iiiC -.......... ...... m ary herke 1'9P01'fer ........... .... i anet burg 1ib1'CI1'iCIn ............. nancy cline N. second semester mae olson harriet bikakis bonnie schrader ioanne share mary claire gunderson maryanna melby dessie bikakis ianet iamieson nancy cline ianet burg yvonne oskvig 11. GSIIIUSSGII ,,,.. Q. Fawn. 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Suggestions in the Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) collection:

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