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 - Class of 1929

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A NNE A A LFS Eflifflf'-llll-Clllrvf GORDON METIIALI4 HIISIAIZPSS Mmzfzger 51 ff! H. .,,.,, I,,...f,.lf'11, 111,. '1'1."1', 1 111, I 1 11 11. '11 ,,1 U1 1 ,. .N 1 'l1'1 1 ' ' HI , . . I fl I4 1 1 A 11 1 U 1 ff1f fw"" K WW' WE .3257 , , xx 1 f 1,11111111'111 1j111111111111111 X. 1 ..v ' U1 W 1- W F 111 W DA 41 121 M 11' Il: 11-1 12, ,1l'lA'1:,!,', ,IM-E - f h ,, ' - 2111 11 11111"11111.'1-11111111111111111111-1'11: T11 1111 1':','11111'111.1.11-'11 1-:-. 4 .111 111.41 111. f 1.0 x1iX11,11111111111y111''11' 11 , 1 2,2 111 1' . .. ,11 '1 11 Q . 1 51,33 f 1 11, 'sw Q W1 If X VQJV-1 , V.yI I, ,r by X f'1' U1 i1 11' ' . 1 ,', Ag 1 1 f , l '11 1 ,11 1 1 ' 1 1 1,1 11,,1r xx NN 1 11 I' 1 . 11 1 1' 1' Q 1 " , 1 ',1'.1'1111L111'.11 ,j'1 1 1 ,1.,',1,1 1, '111'e'1,"1,. X111- . -X 1. 1,1 -H I l , t X4 ,1z3!l11.11,1',111 ,1,vL11,x11x. 'T,1, 1'!.!1, 1'!11!, ,4 .111 1 ,I .4,11v1',1',1'W E -K. -1 , 1 , . A ,.l11..4v1!13, ,Lx WH.. 11, 1.3 .- -1, 111.1 '15 11.1, 11'-1'11v 1 - 1.x 1,-1. ..' 11 1,11 T ,1-I' ' ' " JH .1 'f 1 'Q .3 . 111.1 1- ' I ,'1"1' 1 '1 'YH 11, 1, ,'11L NX . . N. .I I ', 11 -,'11 '1'131 11"' V212 ' -1 1' D 1 " ",' " '11""1",.'1 . '.'1'-X1 1 ', 1 1 -1 111 1 ". 1 , 1 1 1 11.1 , 1 111 11 11111. 1-,1, .R 1 1 '11 . ' ' '.1- . ' ' 1 '111.'1'11'11 11"' 1 1.1. 1 ',' -'11 1 ' 1, .V .11N, 1, . , I 11,9 1.1-1, ,H 1 . ,1, 1, N , 1' .L1'1'1111' 1' 'I "11'1 .1 " ',' 1 11" 1' A i 1. !l,11',, Wa. 1 .V ,N V 1111, 1, , 1' 1 11 ' 11 --1 11' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 11 ' 11 1 1 1 N -'- ' ' 11 11'1 1 1' 1'1'-' ' '1 A-d 11 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 Y -1 1 11'1Y' " '1,1,1 121 'W1' 1 1 -I A ' ' , 1 N ' 'X 1 1 11. ,1. 141. 1. 1 ' 1 111' 19- ' '11 11 11111 f'1.1 " ' 1,11 11 ' 1 11 1 . 1 1 1111 111' -1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1513.1 1 1 11.1 - , 1 A 11N 1.11 11. 111' 11 1. 'I 11 1 ' '1 . 111 1 1 1 1 1 . .I .1111 '!.f'1' 11, ' 11511111 If I' 1' 1,-1: :L-.1 , '11 1 1 X K L1 11 , 1 , 11 , 1' 1 1 is hngitmxu 115111 111 1111 lI1'1I'j 1 S! 1 11,1111 II: 111 7 1 1 ' fu 1 191111111X 1"11'.1 'NMA' 11 11 'I lj M" FNB 552 11 ' ' 4 ff 1"'111111'1l11' 'W '1 1 1' I 1 'I 1 1 1,1 111' NX X '1f3' 1111'1t1f1f11111 '11'1'A"1'11'e1' '111' L11 ' 2 1 , 1119 .m'1'1' ' f' WRX U I Smikx I'11X11v1 Y1H'i11h il rf 1, 1'f' -fl 1 ' 51' 'inf U4 gn' 1' ' XXX 'Xxx I 1 'nf ff' mix 111 v1E1Iw.I, W1 A Tx". W ina, t ju M. In-i'11:1i! I, WU., 1 44,1 4'1f'1I1 :IWYM 1 !111.11.1.. 1 11 1111 .11-1 1 11 1 1 11.1111 1.11 -1 1 1X Q 1Xu"h1Y1'4 S' ' 6 1 1 Ly' ' ' ' 'gh -nf. 111' 11 "1 X ' 11", 'Y J 'A' x g X I1' in ,!1'Q,RB1k.1k I L ,H 'ilu' WN 1 Q 41 is :X 4 711:1511I'11'1I1'i1 '11 11 1 XXI 1 , N111 1,1 I 1,4 11 ,ff ' .1 1-el '1111111' '111 N-1' ,T XXX?" ' 1 KI' . ,1 4. '1 ix ,fs I 11:1 I ,fn N, H I l .zu 1' 1? ' I . 11. '1 . WR. 1 , 11111 111 1 11 1111 ?1-12111111 -1:1 1, f y 41 1 1.' 111111' 11'f111111 -21. . 1-11.11. .1 - ' 11? 51 1 541 111 1111 11 1,9111 11 1111 11111 11 11 Kg 1 1 1 5 ' X 1'l"' I ,lil 1 17 1 1 u , . 5 IV g 1!, .gin 1 A . Q15 -11 . ,1Jl-- -J -11- Hg 1.1 M15 ' QW 11 "' ' "11111"' 1161 1 - 5' 1: - I 11 1 51-1 V' EGF 5. 1 f'1"f7 12 IV A ' .1 " .1 T1-L. u H - kj -Hi a 1 ' 11 ' I' 1 . j 1 . . '1i, Q 1 ' . ' Q 1 1 11 1 so 1 1952.9 1 11e1u1X 1: 1 The Yeamr' Book ef ,gg 1 '11 1111 Mermnmgsl e Ce ege 1 1 1' I 1 1 'Volume 2.8 ?' I 1 1 ' 1 Published by the 1 1 Umor Class , : 1 U ' W 1U- . . 'N ' 1 . , -4 y 4 - , 'SX NN '1 is Q '11 siqisseiggg xxQi"'Yj'qi' - -1 Q3 1 Q - ss Q 1 X - 1 x - .X Q A x xXx S ss xs S sf NQQS S sx S N 1 1 X 1 1 1 s 11. s ss ?.51Q?S..g4SX4iQsmQ-sAs.q13 X HQ yy ' M X QXXX . Q. xxQ .. as' eil. -1 er:-'T Q1 1 W 1 1251 .1 ff ' Y Three 1m .1 A DEDIICATJIO Tlzc' your 19271928 rffpresollts 6: poriofl of troll- .sition in the life of lVlOI'7Il.IIg'.SlIlP College: Before this year progrrfss was cliffivult CPCKIZISE' tlzv rom! was Slfe'?ll'II ufitlz obstacles. F1'r1t1llj,'. in the Ulltlllffllfl of IQ27. tlzf' Collvgv rorzlizocl tlmt in spitv of tlzvsw olnstavlffs it must ffitlwr go forwrzrzl or 112050 to futtotiort os ll folloge. flftffr II grwzt clvol of tliouglzt. prayer. mul plr1m1it1,g tltosff who rztrlminister the af- fairs of MlJTtlIAllgASlLl8 College llf?Cl'Llf?d tlmt the insti- tution fvoultl go forwortl witlt tlze lzelp of its ntmzux' frivnfls. HvyllF'll tlw ,"l!lTIIl'lIlSl'ff1ll0I1 turnecl to tlzvsfi frimzrls for lzfllp tlzvy rvspontlecl in fl wry Fourn- geous nmnnvr. Frivnfls in Sioux City, in all tlzis splenflirl smitiozz of lV0rtl1u'est Iowa, and those in all ports of the world who lzolfl floor tlzf' narnv of Morrzirzgsiflv gore? gwzflroutslhx' in order tlmt the Collffgv might continue to lfe fl Vital factor in the lizffs of tlze Youtli of this territory. Four DEDIUCATIIU Bertzufsc' of the splerzclzll support of its frieruls the College has howl estahlishetl f1f1z111111'ic1Ily, 1111161 the high 1211111c'11tio1111l rrznk is rn111'1z1t111'11121f . With this firm f'0ILI7lllIIfi0l1 fWlITII,iTlg'Sl.l1H is rmfly for the sL1p1Jrstrz11't111rP of tlw future, for the hzzifrling of 11 great institutiorz, 111111 for the fIZ01Cll.llg of the lilies of its students in surh II r1z,11.11+11vr that tltoy will 111111116 great the high or ftllln pl111'11s they may ht! 1.71 thw world. !UUf7lillgSttfP has ll sple'rz1l1'1'l futurf' before her. To you who are the friwzcts of Morrzilzgsidff Cof- lege' -- Citizvns of Sl'0lL.1' City - People of North- west 10111111-W Stztclfvzts of the Collrlge-111111 all others who. re1'og111':1'r1gt1'11J IIPCIIIA. IIIICI SPPI-Ilg' the vision of tl grffater Mczrrzzfrzgszlle, 11111111 reslltorzclefl in 11 time of crisis. 1116, the rrzvnzhers of the Class of '29, reuerwzttfy a'e1lic'ate this IVUIUNZI' of the "Sioux of Visiorzfs 1"i v 4- Foreword .ll. LV I, This volume has heen prepared for you. We hope that whenever you turn its leaves it will call up in your mincls thoughts of your Class anel Classmates. of your instructors and your stuclies. of your Struggles and triumphs. and of the long. long clreanis of youth which were yours here. The hest of those dreams and visions you are taking away from Col- lege with you to enact into the reality of your life. If this volume will prompt you to make these dreams and visions come true. its purpose shall have heen accomplished. for this is not only the Sioux of ltsion of a Greater ltlorningsifle hut also a C Vision of your own hner life. Six Urder mf Bowks Q ,,,, THE COLLEGE CLASSES ATHLETIQ IS Ai ITIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES H Iln illlvmnriam 4' The splenflors ul' the lirmamenl ul time May he eclipsed. lvul are extin- guished nut: Like stars In their appuinlecl he-ight they Climh. .-Xml flwilll is a hm mist which can Hui lilwl The hriglitness il rnay veil. A Sfzvllvy. DUIITUH D. A. MCHUHNEY Dean of E.l'f6'llfSiC'll M A H TH A M U E lj KE HEHMAN WITT Eight II 1 I, MI XI . I M, I ,I I I ww I I I f I 'I 'I 'I I' H ' ' II I , W MI , ,- MII! I , , I ,II , , III III IM ,:"w ,X I I , I' I ,I II I I 1' II 3 I If XIII Q III II' III IIII., ww, Yu. 2' II I I III ,I,FIy,IIIII.qI III . IIIIIIIW' NNIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII I I 'XXIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIII III' II,"' II I ,,,I"'1 'I ,, MII 'IL I II' IIIIII' NI, 'I ' ' I I I I I w,I:,II'I I I' I' I N v In Q3 ul' I III IJ, I'I'I"' 'II III, ' I. 1, A I I I IW I I I. , I ,MI I I III, IIIII I,II,,:, I n, II IMIIH ,W I III I II I , u I If u IjfM IIII IIIII If-I Ig! WWII I,- , I I I I ,WI I II I The Cfollfegfe I, I ,I 13? IIIIIIINIII I I i V , f , .uf 'is 1' 11,116 VH' ' Y . ' Q' A f 'f ' 'Q f.-'nz ,-'www 5 ,.'gl1'y W X . .. I. t, Az, aff ' 1 ' - .- ,,..K 1 A ,X . X W . eifrff' , M ,,., ,5r',,,l,,!" '4K43TCT'f"y ,-. - ,um 1555? ,L4..-,...,.- .-4-.-g...mskl6H Y: '. . ,,xw,,M 41.Lm!,fv:sW.,-M,,wma NV-, .. Nine ,2 . 'HAL 1 as 'Q " : QQ? ,wif , ly ' , X is A. . lf' A sv . fi v Z: 1554 xxx Se' ,ff . P .E-, x -A Ten ,.', Q., 4 -,,,x-fx, ,xv , -. A.. N. . ,ff - ' 1 ., ,H ,- . , Md. w " ' f ,. X , , ig .N V 'V 1 , -X W... ,..!m. X-.x.-,Q V ' X s x, 4 , 1 -lg,n:v:x,v".,:,1, ,M':-xr- f nw, Mv1,l'a:.v x K .. 4 YYY .HB ' nf . Mm M K f. ,. X w X .,, ,ggi , Eleven .ml 'V X ,W 'F Twelve 3 4 4 EH ,E 'I I1 Q 'A .? 4, . yn fl .1 f 2 J. 'S My ' a mf, 1 , 'X , J ,, N. 36" 5 in '42 ' 'f' ' Y 'idx ,. .. .45-. ' . mf N + - 'rip' fw P ., f.,, , V X -:'s'2 x'im1w" ., . V ""'fg.9.,,.4. A L . ,, , ,., , H v ,W M-, 'flaw gg, 'W fm , ' :AQ ., h 1 x -' A -16,3 1 gvkgng n ,' 4 'Y , iff? yuv 51- , . -' , V "I 149 I, -' vw eff I, , u , . 1, F . A 1 k - I , . ,Q , ,4 M I, Q Th i rt een 4 M... .stir 55- , , x, ' m Fourteen ' an' -. -.f---,W X ,Q r v x X . f , X x I 1 X X N .1 5 x B" x x, QR., E , ,X --.1 ' y HX . n X x Xx- I 1 Fifteen N . 'Swag-Xu-V hu -v.,,,A 'Se.4f mf Sixteen X I J"l " .E1, I Y H ggi we f ,f 1: 5 Eiasafgb 91 Q M' , '5 1 5257 1 225.38 , I I f 1 x iffio- A 5F"?!5fl'2 W K" 1 , I 6 ,xg 4H,:. e .. , ,, ,, . f iv Us '!'l7V1f'7I'lL' 5 4 1 - f 'x J R 'L 6 if .a 'A i'Lr't3.1fe" , ,.,, ,, ,., yiw fis1 g2 1zf,f 1,f5 Qiiiiigs:fig A We W , 1?'fi:f5:Lg 'iQ5f1ik5351 . ASU 'HQ "H ,, ,X f " f,"03:,a'1"2',1g f-g:1,5If1 !'u 'W J' 5!:g'. + 2 "" 1 .QQ5Mhdd5!T5?5HiEWwwW Ti eifsf - f ff :ma ..,?fig2r5j,-:ifi?.' 5'lf7.g? .54 iflff f'jf'Q1? ' aim wfwm,f MwHMHW fiiihimj--x N"' ffiVTM15 1, fp- ' ' Q JK K "57ffSQi x"' ffu Advwmmasztrmtawwu .- .-.-1-,-..,..-1? L I P. 5 'I- Morningside has always heen a vision splendid to those who have wrought their lives into the huilding of the institution. The Trustees. Faculty. and Alumni have planned together and in their thinking have never stopped with the immediate pres- ent. but have laid plans which have reached down through the years. Many of their visions have heen realized. hut still others represent a program for future achieve- ment. Increased attendance. enlarged campus. the development of its curricula. new huildings, increased endowment. and the maintenance of its high standing are all a part of the program. All this. however. has to do only with the material part of its existence. Of vitally more importance is the spirit of the campus. The ideals for which the institution stands are represented in the life of its governing force and of its student hody: not things material hut ideals. around which are gathered hopes. aims. and amhitions of thousands of young men and women who come under its influence and feel the touch of its great heart. Morningside College. as an ideal. shall ever he near and dear to its immediate constituency. and these shall extend its inlluence to the ends of the earth. lJfI'SIifIl'I1f Nineteen r I ,f V ' f r' , t Y , I - n , r vf 3 r 3 . c . 7 Q O I , 1 cqllflfz nge Q, fcffft LJ 240526 Wutr tlot,t.tccQta Uvvot:'1't xrrncs Snot I.It Nltctx 'ro 'rua Nlomcttx Gnu. No longer does a smattering ol' lilreuch and music and painting satisfy the American girl genuinely interested in an education. The true college girl is con scious of world needs. conscious ot' her ottn latent potters. and amltitious to make her contriltution in tlte field of endeavor hesl suited lo her otttn natural gifts. Athletics appeal lu her. All sorts ull outilool' sports attract her. for they suggest phtsical fitness necessart tu her success regardless ul' the character of her special undertaking in life. The real college girl feels tlte need ot' learning to think. lahorious though the process may lte. Nett situations cannot he ntel lat' intuitite perception or hy any hard and last rules. The proltlems of the American home. of the new economic status of ttomen. retptire all the ltraiu potter she can possiltlt develop. As she attempts ln knott herself. she finds that she is possessed of a love for the lteautiful and that in lter soul is a response to the aesthetic. As her judgment matures. this fondness for tlte lteautiful is satisfied not ltt' merely superficial things ltut ht' the lteauties in nature. literature. and art. As her philosopht' of life develops, her tearning for happiness finds satisfac- tion in the things of the spirit: so into this realm she ventures in order to secure the rich. creative life that pats dat' ht' day in contentment and satisfaction. For the real college girl rich are the returns on the investment of these four ltesl years of her young life. af? -X Dean of llvorrzen 'I'tt'ent y is 551322 PM ttisiiiaalm The acid test of the efliiciency of a college is its graduate product. For about thirty years Morningside College has been engaged in the fine art of developing manhood. and the records attest the quality of her contributions ln society. The Christian college has a Herculcan task imposed upon it by virtue of its high ideals and objectives. It must upbuild and mold life by "setting in motion new trains of thought. quickening the hner sensibilities. and tiring youth with a passion for the largest possible service to the yvorldf' This undertaking involves no less than the integration of the whole man in his physical. mental. social. and spiritual relations. Our college has accepted this challenge. As students and faculty. we cannot escape the obligation of making Morningside a center of quickening intellectual comprehension and expanding Christian ideals. The spirit of true sportsmanship and Christian service must be brought into the foreground nf every college activity: the Y. M. C. A., athletics, forensics. glee club. and fraternities. Then character shall be the keystone of our arch of victory. In this materialistic age we need men as real men such as Holland describes in the words: "God give us menl A time like this demands Strong minds. great hearts. true iaith. and ready hands: Men who possess opinions and a will: Men who have honor. men who will not lie: Tall men. sun-crowned. who live above the fog ln public duty and in private thinking." 772.?3.jM,Za, Uculi of ,llwn Twentyvout l"HlCDl'lliliIK Wll.l.lAM S1,IllNlfllJlCR, A. Nl., D. D. l'iff'-l'1'v.si1:'c11r 1111417 P1'ufc.s.w1' of Bible rmrl Rwlfginn f:Pl'lllL1ll Wzillacc- flnllegv, Dre-W 'llllP0l0Qlf'lil Seminary. Bulilwin University. l.lI.I.lAN EN1 LI.lSH DIMMITT. A. Nl.. l.. H. ll. 1101111 uf llwnznvrz anal Pmfe.s.wr uf flflcferzl LIl7lf,'llllgt'.S lllinuis Wwlvyan University. Columbia Uni- wrsity. Anwricun Sl-lmol ul' Classic-ul Studies. Hmnw. l'lEl.l'lN lSABlCLl,A l,UVl'll,AND, A. B. Prufaxwl' of Ifngllfxli Lllllgllllgt' Sinitll lfollvgm. Oxlurml lniwrsity. Ellgllllllll. l'll'lll'lNOll AIJRASTUS BROWN. A, M. Pl'fI'ft'SNLIl' uf lfllllfllliilll lim- l'unw UlllYt'l'Slly, Uniwrsity of lflliczi-n ifolnniliiu llniwrsity. IIEN HY IVRICIJICRIIQK KANTHLENER. A. Nl. Pl'wfc.x.w1' nf RlllIllllIl'f' Lzzlzglulgcs ilmnell linllvgc-. l'lLll'X'Lll'll Llniversity, lnstilnl l4ll'lll1f'LllS and llniwrsity ul Muilrid, Spain. llfllilfllll NECLICY VAN HORNE. Ph. ll. Pl'nfe.s.w1' of Mf1lf1L'r11uIiL'.w Xlmningfiile fjullf-gff, johns Hopkins lfniwi sity. University of Cliivzign lllfHl3ER'l' GRANT CAMPBELL. A. Nl. l,l'llff,'.N.SlIf uf IJXIIDIUAIIIIIIY Illlll P.syclwlugy ffnriwll lffille-ge. llululnlmiu L'niversity. llniwrr sity of Hvixlwllwrgz. THUMAS CAIJDEHWOOD STEPHENS. Nl. D.. A. B. Pl'll',l',SKljl' nf Biology lfliixr-:sity nl Cllicugw, Kansas Stulv l.lnix'm'- fiiy. 'Nlzirinv Biological l.ulmrutrn'y. Wumls Holm Alun. JAMES AUSTIN cross. H. S.. Al. S. Pl'uf6,s,w1' nj f.'lICIIII..Nfl'y lllinuis Wvsleynn Uniwrsity. Uniwrfily ul lllinoib. Clark Llniw-rfity. .lASUN Nlc'if0l.l,OUCl'l SAUNDFHSUN. A. B. lJI'lI4f4'.9.VII' uf Pll.V.Nl.C'tll EfIlll'1lll.IIIl Allninn College. Twenty-t wo JAMES .IUVENAL HAYES, A. M. Pl'0fv.s.wl' of Eriglisli Lilefrfzllzrc Hurvuril Univvrsity. University of lfliivziwr. PAUL MuclfOLI.lN, A. H. U1'r0t'tur of the l,'m1.wr1rulnr'y flllll ln.xlr1u'fnr in Voile' Clllfllft' Ola:-rlin fiullvgv. Oli:-rlin lfulisvlwutury of Music. MYRON ICAHLE CHABER, A. M.. Ph. U. 1201111 nf Men uml Pfllftfkxllf nf l'l1yw'1'.s liniwrwity of Michigan, Colunibiu University. Uhio State' Uniwrsity. SAMUEL l1HAHl.I'lS S'l'I'llNBli HNNHR. A. M. Pl'ufc'.s.sur of Cf'l'I7I!lfI ffhurlc-s City linllt-ge. Uliiwrsity of sllllh!-iDlll'fl. University of filiivaglu. RAYMOND LEO WELTY, A. M.. Ph. IJ. Profexxor of Hixlnrlv and l'uliIit'ul Sl'I'L'IIl't' State Teachers Collvgv, Hays. Kansas: Ce-nrgv Washington University, State: lfliiwrsity ni' Iowa. LAURA CLARA FISCIHER. A. Nl. Prnfcmnr' nf .-lnrienl I,!llIgllIlgl'.N lfarleton ffollege, University of iiiliillgltl. Uni- Hfrsily ui fioiorzlrin. MIHAH MILLS, A. M. .4.x.x1'.s!1zr1f Profe.w.sur uf Iillgllihll 1,llII,L!llll,Lfl' Nlorningside ffollvgv. Univvrsity ui' llliim-ugu. MAURIVIE KAHSON l.A'l"l'A, A. NI. .-imfslzlltf l,I'llfl'.N.S1lI' nf Hfxlurj' rlml Pllllifl-CU, Sr'f6II4'C Simpson Cullf-ge. University of Iowa. Hmtmi University School of Tim:-uluggy. IRA JAMES CWINN, M. S. f1sxf.sf11l1f lJfllfC.NSUl' of Pf1y.xic'.x Mmwiiligzsinlc- finllvglv, Univvrsity of Iowan. QIORNELIUS ICUWORD ICEHKICS. A. Nl. .4x.xi.xIur1l Pr'nfc'.s,wr nf EL'llIIlll7Iil'.N Nnrningsiaie Lfollegxv, N0l'lilWPSft'l'll liniwrsity. Twenty NNW .mlm .:g:i,i.fs,'I,:. -",' I . Q.. 3.15 1,5 I 3 . 'ii . Q G - .... vzwfg K. r I i I i . at , ww A . V .IANIICS RI'flS'l'lilfl' II1.XflllL'flIl' in l'1'ulmfm'lv Pupil nl' Hualnlpli lluuz. Pupil of ,l. Eric Si-lmuiul. Pupil ui! Frilz Y. Vu-gr-Ivy. FAITII F05'I'I'lR WOUDIVORD. A. B. lIIxfI'Ill'flIl' in ill-llllllflllfl' 111111 llzc' Hixtnly .rl M11.x1'i' Nlurziiligsule- 4.0114-ge-. NIUl'lllllg1Sllif' iful1seI'Xz1tury. NIAHICI. El.lZABIC'l'H BROWN lrzxlllfflur in E.l'IIl'f'.N.NI'l!IY Ut'lbLlI'llllf'lll uf Exprwsiuii. Pillsluiry .Arufieuiyi liriliiuilmiu College of Expnwsiuii. liliicugu. KLIZAR ETH NPIWTUN Al11ClfUI,LlN. Miisu' B. llINfl4lll'flIl' in l'n1'1'e Clllfllfi' Ulu-rlin fIoiiwi'xiiInz'y' of Musk- Fi'l'llifI, MURRAY. A. M. R1'tQl.NlIAllI' um! llI.Nll'lll'flII' fu Hixlnrv Nluriillugsuif- Milli-gf-, luuwrsity ui Illium llulumliiu liniwrsity. LIWIY DlNlNll'l"l' KOLP. A. A. C. O. lfl.Nfi'illl'flIl' in Urgun llllll Tlumry of .Mlufv llliuoif Iiolleepv uf Xlusic. if'l'FlEl. THOMPSON. Music' B. lf1.slr111'lnr in ljlilllllifillfft' and Nurnzuf .Mlzsiv Mwiiiligrsiile lfullvgv. l1iiH'l'IiA l1l.OTHII.DA PHHIIC. A. ll. Rccufvr in Erzglifxfz Suutliwwte-rin llollegif-. liuiwrsity uf Kansai Liliiw-i'sily ni' lmvu. ICNINIA FRPIYHOFPIH SVHNIEIDICH. A. NI. lm11'uf'fnr in Ifngfixli llviwiuiii XXf'ulluc-v College, fllwwluliil Svlinul nl! M usiv. NIAUDF A. PRIME. A. M. l,l.lII'llI'itlIl Unix:-rsity of Kansas. lilliYPI'SiIy of flliivugw l'uiw-rhity of Wiscmisiu. 'l".-.1-nil y-fmu' FLORENCE CROSS MOOU, A. M. I7l.YlI'lli'lUl' in lfrerzcli Morningside College, Harvard University, Iilftlllllllllil I.lniversity. WILFRED LIURTIS SNOW llI.Sfl'llCllIl' in Voice Cllllllft' Choir Training und Organ Under Dudley Wur- ner lfiteli, Pupil of L. A. ,liOl'I'f'IIS, Pupil of R. Atwood. LEO KUCINSKI ln.struc'tor in Violin Pupil of Edward Idzikowski, Pupil of Yainolu fjunulos, Oberlin fionservatory of Musio. ERVINE CARL WENIfl. A. R. ,-I.s.w1'.sIal11' Director of flllzlelicxs Morningside College. CAROL BLISS PARKINSON In.slrut'lor in Violoncello and Direclor of ilu' lfiinzl lnsirumenl DCIllll'll7I6'Ill' Pupil of George Klttss, Pupil of Oseur Koek. EDWARD PIRWITZ. A. B. Direclor of Frexlznzan .flllilelzk-.x Morningside College. JANE LEWIS SMITH, A. B. Instructor in Public Speukilzg Cornell College, Vanderbilt University. Leland Powers Scliool of Expression. Boston. MARY OLA Mc-CLUSKEY, A. M. Instructor in Etluctzlion Southwestern College, University of Ijliic-ago University of Colorado. KATHERINE LOUISE MQCLURE. B. S. Inslrucior in Biology Northwestern University, Marine Biologienl Laboratory, Wootls Hole, Mass. DOUGLAS BOCK REEDER Instructor in Violin Pupil of Yunola Canalos, Pupil of Hilnuipierre Twenty-five MURIEL JOY HUGHES. A. M. .qrlflilll Director of the unlNlI6I1,S Dormimry :mil 1n.strzu'I0r in Englixh Morningside Colle,-ze. Columbia University. GRACE IIHAPNIAN. B. S. B. llirvrfor of Pzzblif' SFIIUUI Music of Sioux City Columbia School of Music. .ll'lNl'l'llTlC LEWIS. A. M. .41'l1'11,Q Reglfslrur ami ln.xf1'uClur in Himlory lfornvll llollvgre. University of Cllicagm. Uni- versity of Wisconsin. l'lX'ERl'l'll'l' ARTHUR OVICRTON. A. M. l,fllft".N.NUl' of Sociology' Hoslon liniwrsity, Nortliwestern Uniwrsity. Uniw-rsity of fihicugro. W. Ni. HUBBARD, A. B., T. B. lmzrurfor in RC'!I'gI'Ull.N Eflucufiori Dakota Wfsleyun, Boston Uniwrsity School of Theology. l.lLl.lAN MURRAY. A. B. lnxlnzctor in Pf1y,x1'rul Eldllfllfillll for IIVUIIIEII Nlorningsiilv Coll:-gre. University of lowu. l,inivf-rsity of flolorurlo. EMMA BROWN, A. M. lmlruc'Ior in Runlunfe Lllllgllllgffx University ol' Coloruilo. WANDA CAS'lll.E lII.Yfl'llf'lUI' in lffolin Pupil of Yanolu fianalos. ORION PAHKINSON ln.sfr1n'tor in FI'6'7IL'!l Horn tlllll Cornet Twenty-six IDA M. CLINE Hausa Manager uf IVUIIIHIIQS R4:.wi1le'm'c' Hulfx ARTHUR BENJAMIN GEHRING. A. Trvzlsllrer and Bllxiness Mrmrzgvr MRS. Mc-ARTH U R H1nir1PM Office FLORENCE ANDERSON Bzzsinesx 0H1'c'e MHS. HAROLD REYNOLDS Bllsfllclxs 0ffl.C'C R. Twenty-seven Beauivel will Trustees lllfl-'l1.lCilS oif 'l'lili lloxlm UI lt. A. Aloiliiig .,.A. . H. li. leluteliinson l.. J. l3lt'11l1?l'.... A. ll. Celiring.. ll. li. Aclieson M. lj. Arrasmitli E. T. Asling Lee ll. llarks llliarles l3eac'liam W. lf. llelling l.. J. llrenner ll. VV. llrillon C. ll. Clausen Herliert Clegg A. B. Geliring ll. ll. llarslilnargei George Allee T. S. Bassett li. U. Day J. H. Edge lolm Grzilopp P. E. Helcl N. ll. Hatliawuy ll. D. Killam Tm siizigs Tizim lixi-lines 1929 W. ll. lloies 1 f I U. M. lwllnl bl. 1. lluslmell ll. T. llliipperlielcl l.. J. Haskins ll. H. lialmplioefner 'l'i:m1 lixvlm-:S 19311 H. ll. Hutcliinson l. W. liimlig Wi. H. Lease ll. H. LuClilll Vli. T. Maccloiialcl ll. P. Mahoney Timm EXPIIRICS 1931 H. E. Hilmei' Mrs. J. G. Holwoii 1 in w Ullo lt. Jolll 4 VV. Ql. Loeelx lf. A. Morling l". M. Pelletier - V w rl lil 5 ri-.ig lLM1'1'1TI .l. H. Klaus Scott M. Lamlcl J. P. Negus Twenly-eie'l1f ...,.,..,l'll.I'Sf IYIICY'-fif6'SJ'llf'Ilf ...'if'COII1f Iil'c'c'-1'r1'.wI'11f'l1l .,.....k'lf'l'fl'fIl ry- Treuxu fer J. J. Large Miss Allie Melilratli WT. ll. Pufiilll George Haw W. S. Snyder l". H. Thiel Fi. ll. Mc-llamle J Metcalf E. XV. Oates H. ll. Pierce WA. P. Selilein A. N. Sloan llalpli C. P1'iCliu1'fl lfcl. llicli ll. Sweet 1. ll. Trimlmle J. ll. Tumlrlesori ll. G. Welill J. G. Sliumalier llull0l'l Smylie l M J"WWsU11"H'WW ss 'JWUHWVHills!WH1WUOWH11WWWWHU14444I'l0HH114WN Classes - w J, .-'F ' ,--, .,--un, -qi 1 .-li ' -' - , "' I I I I. V1l': d J Q. ' 5...:a' :nv-1' Seiiitiiqs GltI'fltPll l,3t's1nl ,,., ,,,,,.,.,Y.A,,,,A,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,Y,,,.,,,,,A I ' 1 'l'.SI1lf'IIf tfeeil llentun .. t,,S.'1ule11f f.lUlllIl'I.f Heprv.w11tr1l1'1'w Nlarian Line A , . ,, ,,,,,.,,A,,,A I iIil'l'-l'fl'SI'Il1'lIf ltlizalreth lllencl , ,,,,. Wwrrwlurm 1-XNIQXT THE SEQNIUEI MASS The fulltmillg' nine pages f-untuin the pielnretl prmniw ul' nnu-h pl. the pmgiww- of the rising generation. ln gluiiz-ing llnpngh these pages une her-tunes awqnaiinteml with the manner in whieh these men antl women lmw ulreanlx an-tpiitterl llieniselwf They are leaving a splentlicl heritage antl many high iflt-als tu those who must varrx the vision of 3 greater Nlurninglicle intu the fntnre. Front these men ancl wtnnen we hope will f-nine great letu-liers 1-Imrgetl with tht respnnsihility of keeping intaet the cleppsil ul' lli1l'tl-XXHII knmxletlge. whivh will lu theirs tp hancl nn angmenterl tp nthers nnw lvarely lreginning their lung elinilu. Tlien are men and wnmen here. we are certain. w hu will lime the high privilege ul' wprlx ing with the pour. the neefly. uncl thus? whn lalek faith tnnl cwntimige lu get un. 'lihex will Carry alwft the ifleals of the rave antl luring high innrnl pnrptm- tn many. Uni may fliseern as well the linetnnents uli men whn are tp mrry nn the tight aigaiins - . .. . -4 . - fllsease. It will he well if thex Hhnltl the lines. lint lntre antl there is the lu:-e pl a man who will yet mirry the light into nnexpluretl tlmnuin. lleie is niuleriul lm Captains nf imltistry and nf jnstiee. wine lntnre jntlges une nl' whnni. il is nnl iln pnssihle tu suppose, may sit upon the supreme hen:-h. -Xnel here. linnlly, are tht men and wnmen whn are lvesl litterl ln lnnntl the homes whit-h will lvrinu lprth tht citizens uf tninnrrnw. men anfl wumen whp will lean' the wnrltl. tlnpngh their CUI1il'il'lllliHll4 of service. a lvetter annl happier splic-re than they llnnnl it. Twt-nly-nina 4 i l .. A Thirty CHETLIHEN A. AMES Sioux' City matic Club 3, 4: W. A. A. 1. 2: Y. W. C. A. 1, 2: Extemporancous 23: Baseball 2. JOHN C. BALLACHICY S1'o11.1' City Alpha Kappa Delta 3, 4, Treasurer 4. RALPH BASTIAN Rewlfielfl, 5011111 Dfllt'Ufll Phi Sigma. Steward and Treasurer: Fresh- man Men's Club: German Club 1,: Inter- lratcrnity Council 2: Club, President 4: Student. Council 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 2. 33, 4. Captain 4. CECIL BICNTON Sinzzx Cizy Pieria, Treasurer 2: Vice-President 4: Editor of Sioux 3: Agora, Treasurer 3, Board 2: Editor oi' VVomen's Edition ot' Collegian Re- porter 2: Reporter 1, 3: Pi Kappa Delta 12, 22, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3: German Club ZZ. 31: Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4: Student Council 4: Women!-1 Intersociety Council 4: Y. W. C. A. l. 2. Il, 4: Intersociety Debate 2, 3, 4: Inter- collegiate Debate 2. ZS. 4: May Fete 2: Hockey l. 2. 3. CICUHCIC S. BICRCMAN fgllfllllly. lnzru Sigma Theta Rho: Y. M. C. A. 1. 3: Fresh- man Men's Club: German Club 1. 2: P. K. Club: Football 1, 2. il. LELIA BINCPIH Tulare. Snuffz Ijllilflifll Graduate Nebraska Methodist Episcopal Hos- pital: Alpha Kappa Delta 4: Christian Service Club: Cosmopolitan Club: Spanish Club: Nurse at Dormitory. OHEN W. BRAND LlllII1lCl'l'l,lI1. Mirzzzcwltz Uxfortl lfellowship l, 4: Pi Kappa Delta 2. 1: Y. M. C. A. 1, II: Basketball. CLA UDE BROWN Milford, Iowa Alpha Tau Delta. President 4, Vice-President 4: Y. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3. President 4: Student Council 2, 4: Grand Public 3. Alpha Kappa Delta 4: Choral Association 3: Christian Service Club 1: Ishkoodah 1: Dra- Freshman Men's Club: Biology Club 1: Ger- man Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 4: Band 1, 2' LILLIAN BUEHLER Urfelwfl, l0It'll Athenaeum, President 4: Alpha Kappa Delta: German Club 1: International Relations Club 4: Spanish Club 4: President ol' W. S. G. A. and Honor Court: In',er::ociety Council 4: Y. W. C. A.: Chairman Women's Banquet fl. CARROLL I.. BURNS Hornirk. Iolru Delta Theta Pi, Vice-President. Secretary: Band: Chapel Choir: Choral Association: Glec Club: "M" Symphony Orchestra: Y. M, C. A. GODOFREDO V. t1Al-2U'l'A.ll-I Narzvucruz. Ilncm Sur. ljlllifllplllilllix Christian Service Club 3, 4: Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4, Member ol' Board ol' Governors: Pre-Engineer's Club 2: Spanish Club 73, 4: Y. M. C. A. J. PABLO V. tfABO'l'A.llC Ailll'l'llf'tlI1, lluros Sur. fJ!ll.1I'fl17I'IIt'.N CoSmopolitan Club: Y. M. C. A.: Oratory: Intercollegiate Debate: Swutliwestern College. Kansas.. MA RCA RET tIARS'l'lINSl'1N Siozu' fflilx' Athenaeum, Recording' Secretary 4: Cosmo- politan Club 3, 4: German Club 1. 2, Sl Dramatic Club 2, 213 Eta Sigma Phi 2, 4. LA VEHNE EVA lIl.fXRlDtfll'I Siozzx ffily Anrora Board 3. 4: Choral Association 2. Il Christian Service Club 2, 3, 4: Vespel- Choii 3, President 4: Y. W. C. A. 2, Il. 4. DONALD CROSS .4 lfrnn. 1lIll'll Alpha Tau Delta: German Club 23, 4: Club 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2: Track 2, II, 4 Football 2, 3, 4. Bl,Y'I'HH IC. DAY Gilnmrc lffty. 1121111 Gamma Sigma 2: Ishkoodab: W. A. A.: Y W. C A.: Hockey Team 2: Baseball 1: Secre- tary to Teachers Placement Committee. - .m g - "X, '- 6. dl., gr 'N N fy! 9 u, ' 'fi S if-f . r g 1 . - 7 Q' W9 ' WY Q ifi f :L e Q -Na +., ,M ,f 71. . 'JY - .5 . 4 Th i rt y-one ' ,i- xl .th 1 4. N A 191k r l 1' N , g 1 . f l NVD DOROTHY DAY Sl'l?Il.I' C11 y Collegian Reporter 3: Cosmopolitan Club 4: Eta Sigma Phi. Secretary 3, President 4: International Relations Club 2, 23, 4, Seeretary 4: Volleyball 1, 2: Agora Scholarship Plaque l: Class Sebolarsliip 2, 31. t1l:lAlll.PIS W. DOWN Urlclmlf. 1111111 Alpha Tau lk-lta, President 4: Alpha Kappa llelta 33, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 23, 4. President 4: German Club 1, 2: Inte1't'ratei'nity Council 4: International Relations Club 4: Club 4: Pi Kappa llelta 2, Il. 4: Sioux Stall 33: Sophomore Class President: Student Count-il 2. Il, National Representative Il: Il1TQl'l'l'3iL'l'- nity Debate Il, 4: Intercollegiate llebate 2, 31 4: Football 2, il, 4. RALPH I.. l-flfll-2Rl.Y L1111'ln11. 101111 Alpha Tau llelta, Vice-President 4: Alpha Psi Omega fi, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2, Il, 4: Fresli- man Men's Club, Vice-Presitlent : Junior Class, Secretary and Treasurer: "M" Club 4: Y. M. C. A. l, I, Il, 4: Basketball l, 2, Sl, 4. A. Nl. FORSBIERQZ Cffllllllll. Slllllll Ur1l1'11l11 llelta Theta Pi, lnte1't'i'ate1'nlty Rfpresenta- tive: Freshman Men's Club: Inte1'l1'att1'nity Council Sl, 4: Sioux Stall' Il. ALAN GOHTIIY Mu1lr1l1'. 1011-11 Phi Sigma: Pre-Enyxineers Club: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 4: Track l. 2, 71, 4. MARTHA lllftllllili tlllfllfllill S1'u11,x' ffify Heidelberg College: VVooste1' College: Univer- sity of Chieago: University of Iowa. YliliNll1l'i ORl'il'iN Rurk RIIPTIIN MHfll'l1:Hl Club: Chapel Choir: Grinnell College l, 2. Il. lCl.NlFIH PI. llAN5lfIN Ro1:l1'11'c'll lfffy Alpha Tau Delta: l"i'ench Club 2 Ii, 4: lfreshman Men's Club: Football l. 2: Pre'- Engineers Club l, 2, 3. 4. President ii: Y. M. C. A. 1. 3, ZS, 4. EDITII HELD Hirzmn. Iowa Pioria. Secretary 4: Sigma Mu: Clmiml Choir: M1l!ll'l51'Hl Club. lCl,Sll'I lll'fNNl'Nl Sloan. ll1Il't1 lllclzislia Z: Sigma Tau llc-lta fl: llonor Court fl: llramzitic' Club 23 Y. W. C. A. Nlll.lJlll'ID li. l'llt1KNl:lN S1'oz1.t' Cify Zotalothffun, Vivo-Prcsirlunt, 4. l'rc'si4l0nt 4: Agora I-iourrl ll, 11, VlC'L'-ljl'k'Slllt,'lll ftp Choral Association 1, 2: Collegian Rvportwr 1. ffl, tg Erlitor of Green Slit-igt: Cosmopolitan Club Sl, 11: Ilramatic' Club 1, 2. Il: Intornzitionzil Rola- tions Club 2. fl. Secretary 4: Islikootlzili: Coltl Mulzil Dglmte Winner: Junior Class Presi- rlont: Pi Kamizi Ilvlia 1. 2. il. Lt. Svc-rvtai-y 2: Siglna Tau llultzi IZ, 4, Vice'-Pi'vsi4,li,-nt, Presi- dent: Spanish Club l, 2, Soc'r:'tary: Stuflont Council Cl: W. A. A. Il, 4: I1itQ1'soc'irfty Coun- cil 4: Y. W. C. A. 1, U, 23, 4: Erqtcmporzineous l, 2, Il, State Winner 1: Basibzill 2: Volley- ball 2: Intersocis-ty llc-bats Il, -1: Intorcol- lcpgiate Debate 23, 4. l'Al ll.l NIC llllflilf Slilllll' Citi' , . . N . Y. Q 1 Christian he-i'x'i1'v tlub -1: Y. W. C. A. 4: WT-storn Union t"ollt-540. ANNA lNlAl'i Hlllll,llllli'l' Sfozzx' Cfly Pieria, Vicc-Prwitlrnt 4: Agora Ilozirtl 1, 2. fl, lg Choral Association 2: Y. VV. C.V A.: Ifm-iivh Club 1: Sigma Tau Delta Il, tt: Sioux Stall' 3: VV. A. A. l. 2: May Fctf- I, 2: VVin- tcr Festival 2: llovkcy l, 2, CI. KEIAIY tl. lSlCNlllilltl l,ol11'1'fHU. 1111111 Phi Sigma 2. Sl, 4, 3, ViCO'P1'fj-Nitlviit 5, Presi- dent 5: llrzimzitir Club 1, 2, Il: Freshinzin lVIcn's Club: Inte-rl'ratw11'nity Counvil 5: Club 2, 3, fl, 3: Crancl Public fl. MARY NlAllCAlllC'l' lil'il'iH 1,IlII1'l'l7.N. lozra Ngxnzi Tau lliltzi ft: XZICC-ljl'i'Sltl0lll Vl. 5. ti. A. 4: Honor t'm:rt 1: Y. VV. C. A. tlll,l7llCll'l' KtPJtIll S1'o11.x' Cilvv Plii Sigma: Cliziirmzin Mm-n's Ilatiiqiivt Al. -Q- 5-. M. W 1 X .ew L. -, M. W 'l'hi riy-fu iM IE R01 Ili Sfuzzx Ifili I'hi Sigma. Su1'1'ota1'y: Iffmtimll 1: Track 1, I2 IHHNIC X. KUHI. l.1'A'lIll'.S. Inuu Atilellzie-unll Alpha Psi Orneya IL 43 Cnsmo- pnlitan Uiuh Pl: livzmiatic- Cluh 2. ZZ, 4: Gor- mun Vluh 23 Pri-fident uf l"rQ-shnizin Hull at Iim'mitul'y 'lg Y. NY. C. A. Z, 31. 4. fwahine-I 2: XM-wlvrii Ummm tolli-ge-. . i. if ,A QLHUNIC llu1i'11l'flwl:. 101111 I'im-rin. I'i'ewi4lm-111 ,ig Agora Iluaril 523 Vhalwl ciilliil' l, 2: 1'iI't'l1l'il Fluh, Vim--f'1'm-siilcxmtg Ish- lmmhiimg l'. lx. Cluh 1: NV. A. A. l, 2: May f l"f,-lm: 1: NVil1lme1' l'1-slival l. I. ZS: Intersncieiy Umm-il sl: Y. XX, K-. A. l, 2, Il. 4. Vahim-1 2: , ,. , . .. ' . lata Sigma lhx. Kim--In-S1114-111 1. XI.Xll'S U. IAHSUN .N'1'u11.r fflili' .3 '. ' ' .!. .'-vw: Q'-"'-:J L' Vlmml Awfwizilimip ihirimui Vluhg Y. M. 1'. A l lx lluh I Si tus In ixuui i Signm Tau lhiltzi. czulilmx li. IAHSUN -M1111 Ifily Alpha Tau IM-ilu: Cimiwl Choir 1, L, IZ: V'-Q an Ml'I1'S Cluhg Gif-u Vluh l, 2, 15: Pi 'ai ma IM-lla 2. fi. -1. I'1'wi4lm-111 1: I'1'1-sialenl nl' feuirw Class: Sigma 'Fun Della -13 Sioux Stull' IZ: Study-nl f'uum-il 4: Y. M. C. A. l. 2, II, 1'zihim-l 2: Illif'I'iiI'2liL'l'llilY Ilohati- Z. 33. -ii U1'zi1fn'y I. i.lI.l.l KN l.lNl7XNi,XN ll"f'llslf11rg. Inna 'xiilI'lHlt'lll111 fi4'l'I112lll Chili SI, 4, Svc'1'wIary C33 Isiiimmiuiig Sigma Tau Ilvlmg VV. S. G. A. . V - 1 1 - :xml ilmmr fUlli'lI X. XS. I. A., lalvim-I 1. NIXHIAN l,lNif S1'n11.x fflili Vivriu, f'HI'I'l1SlHlll1iiN5:, Sk'I'l'Pi2il'j'1 Agora lirmarml 11 Scnini' Flaws xvi1'f,'-I,l'L'Si4ii.'iiii Sigma Tau llvltzi Ci. -1: Sioux Stzili' 35: Sll?ll1iSi1 Fluh: VV. A. A.: May lf:-tv 1, 2, 225 W'in1c-i' Fc-siivzfil 2, 7:5 lim-ke-y 'll-am I, 2. IAI HHN L. Nlv1.I.AH.-UN f.'n1'1w'l1'n11lfflw, l1Ill'lI DUNAIJJ li. Nl:-l".Xlll.qXNIl SI'HlI.l' Cily Alpha Tau llelta: Alpha Kappa lk-lta 21. 1: Alpha Psi Omega 33. tl: Hanrl l, Z3 t'nlIt-plan Rc-purtvr 13 Dramatic: Club I, 3, 33, li lfrvsli- man MQn's Club: I,I'1'-P:lUl'll'IL't'l'S Club 1 3 Sioux Stall 1: Stuflvnt t'nunt'il I: Y. M. C. A. l, 2. Il. 4: lfrvshman Class I'rf-sinh-nt: liusinvss Manage-r Sinux fl: Grrml l'ublir: 23 Fmrtball I. t'XI"l'AIN l'I. XIMDIDISUN .-lnllmrl, lHIl'II l lfrushmau Mt-n's Clubg Track l, I3 Spanish t'Iub: Choral Club l. tllitlll. M.XltSll:Nl.l. .NHIILX Lily' Alpha Tau lit-lla: International lit-lations Club, Pre-side-nt 4: l'i Kappa lk-lla .lg Cusinp- politan Club l. 2. ZZ. Pl: Intu1't'r'at4-rnity IM-- bale- Il, 113 Spanish Club: liitt-N-nllt-gizttv lwlmatv -I. l'1I.lZfXl4l'l'l'lI Nlliflll .NIUIIX 1.115 l'l0l'l?l, 'frcasurvr -'13 Chapel Clmir 1, 2, 333 Choral Association l, 3, JI: I"rt-nc-h t'lub I, 23 lshkomlah: Matlrigal Club 1, I, Zig S4-ninr Class Secrvtary-'l'rt-asurcr1 Miss Murninqsitlt- 11: Sigma Tau llclta -1: VV. A. A. l. 23 Y. W. C. A.. Counvil 2: May Foto l, I. fl: XVinI4-r lfr-stival Il: lluvkt-y l, 2, II. ll:XVl'lN MEANS R4'flf1'e'l1l. Sulllfl lllllnllfll l'hi Sigma: "M" Club, Sc'c're-ta1'y-'l'rz'asurv1'1 Haslzetball 2, ZS, -1, Captain -1: 'l'rac'lt IZ, 'lg lslbtllllilll 2, Il, -1. Xl.XlltLgXlllf'l' tLliNI'IXll1Xli NlIl.l.lCll Slltllll' ffllll Pit-ria. Truasurt-r 32: Chapel Clmir il, 1, Aw- sistant llll'Ci'lf7l'1 Cllf7l'2ll ASSlQt'l2illtlll I, 2, 22, tl: lshlmmlah: M:uLvig'al Club 1. ,2. 3, Iiibrarian, Business Manage-1', Socrctary and Treasure-rp Spanish Club 23, 43 Stucle-nt Council 2: W. A. A, L13 Vospar Choir 4, Dircctnr: Y. W. C. A. I, 2: May Fvte 71. ' "l mlm 1. MtlN'litLONll'lliY i V .S1'nl1.i Cily l Pieria. Social Chairman: Aswra linartl, Ylll'1'2lf- urer 331 llramatic Club 1: French Club l, 2. lf' 22. President: Ishkumlahg Spanish Club 23 fl, Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 25, Cabinet 23. 'l'l'v:1s1lrt-r TZ. 4 Nlllllil, NISSICN , loin: l'lllH.N. 1121411 Zetaletliean, Pri-siilvlit -4. Chaplain 23, lfirsl T Critic 4: Irositlcnl nt' VV. S. tl. A. Pl: l'i Kappa llelta 35, -'13 Intcrculleggiatt- IN-batv Il: Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet 33: Intcrsm-it-ty Council 4: Dramatic Club 53: Collegian Rvpnrtor il: Hockey 33 Ellsworth Cnllvuc-, Ipwa l"zlllS. lowa, 1. 2. irt 5'-lin RUTH AlARll'l ORR Dulrnlfl Cffrr. A'v1fl'11,sl.'11 llramatic Club: French 1 Y. W. C. A.: May Fcto l. l"l.ORA Qlil RlN Sioux Clily t alethean. President 4: Y. VV. C" A 1 4 Cabinet 3. 4. President 4: Agoia Boaitl ma Kappa Delta. Sccretzlry: Cllllkildll IXICL Club 2. 33, 4: Ishkomlah: Stutlgnt Conn ul 4 May Fete 1. 2: Bawketball Cn mn ltlltdll Club 4: German Club 1. 2, Intex natlonil Relations Club 33, 4: W. A A 1 ntei Festival 2. RAZIL R lilill .Nl-1lll.t' Cily wha Pau Ilolta: P1'c-Exiplilizicrs f' RA R ROB l'lR'l'SON Sinn 1' Cflvv t a 'm'1'Qspu1nli11u Sucre-tary Sl: Ixlilmmlali mi lau Delta: Spanish Club: WlllfEl Q IX al llovlcey Tnam 13: 'Winter Quinn MARION A. SARCICANI Sinzzx Cily ta Theta Pi: Dramatic Club 1 ' 4 un itional Ru-lations Club 3- -l: M Club ' 1, Vice-President 4: Y. M t A hair sz, 4. ? JM! 410 "" LA ' f XZ'-J EDGAR A. SllllL'l,ER Gurney 1111011 A5441 Muna fheta Rho: Alpha Kappa lltlta lLHltltI1f 4: Hand 1: Chupsl Chou 1 u IlNll.flI1 Seiwict' Club 1, 2, II, P11 not Cusmopolitan Club 2, ZS, 4: Frcshmtn en ui erm:-in Club 1. 2, Pr-:sirlent Cleo ur 2, 53, Manager 3: Morning, ltlc Nvm phonx Orc-liostra l, 2: Y. M. C. A. l 4 Qdlllllhi 3, ZS, 4: Vice-l'1'esitlent nt' lic hm tw IntQrl'ratQ1'nity llcbate 4. MARION SlllDHl.lCR S1'n11.x' Cify phi Pau Delta President: Chap. ' a Epsilon 1, 2, Secretary Cuman ui 1 2: Glu- Club 1. 3: Illl6'llnldiE'lIlllV ounul 3, 4: International Rola mnx C um re-Engineers Club: P. K. Cltb Sp 1 4 Club 4, 5. RAYMOND SHOVIC Iluzrurrl. SUIIIIII Drzlmlu na Pau Delta: Spanish Club: tulltuiali t vmttr: Football 1. BETTY BEACH SNYDER S1'oz1.1i City Pieria. Social Chairman 4, Sergeant-at-Arms: Alpha Kappa Delta: German Club: French Club: Spanish Club 3. 4, President 4: P. K. Club: Y. W. C. A.: May Fete 1, 2, 23: Hockey Team 1, 2, 3: Winter Festival 3. HAZEL SODERSTHOM Sl-Ulll' Cily Pieria. Recording Secretary: Dramatic Club: lshkoodah: F1'ench Club: Sigma Tau Delta 4: Y. W. C. A.: May Fete 2. FLORENCE SPENCER Siozlx Cily Pieria. Treasurer 4: French Club: Ishkoodah: Sigma Tau Delta 4: Y. WV. C. A.: May Fete 1. 2: Winter Festival 2. ALICE IRENE SWANSON Sloan, Iozra Didaska 1: French Club: Sigma Tau Delta 1: Dramatic Club 1: Ishkoodah: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. 3. 4. MILDRED SWEET Sioux City Choral Association 2: "M" Symphony Or- chestra 3, 4: Women's String: Quartette 2, 3: Sigma Mu 3. 4, Secretary 3, 4: Y. W. C. A. HAL M. THOMAS Oclzeyeclan. Iowa Phi Sigma. Vice President 4. President 4: Freshman Men's Club: Pre-Engineers Club 1. 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: Interfraternity Debate 3. HELEN TIEDEMAN Szoux City Pieria. President 4. Social Chairman Re- porter 2: Agora Board 1, 2, 4, President 4: Collegian Reporter 2: Eta Sigma' Phi 3. 4: Pi Kappa Delta 3. 4: Student Council 4: Intersociety Council 2, R, 4: Y. W. C. A., Treasurer 3. Cabinet 3: Intersociety Debate 3: Intercollegiate Debate 3: Ishkoodah, Presi- dent: Sioux Stalf 3: W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: May Fete 1. 2, 3: Winter Festival 2. 3: Hockey Team: Board of Control: Winner Agora Scholarship Placque 1. WALTER HORACE UPTON Sioux Cify Sigma Theta Rho. President 4: Chapel Choir 3: Choral Association 3. 4: Christian Service Club 3. 4: Oxford Fellowship 3. 4: Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Oratory 1, 3, 4: Senior Class Play 3: Pi Kappa Delta 3. 4: Interfraternity Debate 4. Tl fa 'Rai' iirty-seven X ,9.,1uM-9.4 rvvx WMM JG .wdim - i ad: Uvwk X2NJ:,Lw wi img. K QV? -gf -Q-iulit lAllllliN X. XAN lHKl'i S1'u11.1' Ifily I'hi Sigma, I'1'Qhl4lQlll 4 : I"1'E'Sl1l'TlHll Menk Club: Inte1't'1'ate1'nity Council: Pi Kappa Delta: Sioux S-tatf 21: Student Council: President ol' Student Body 4: IntQx't'i'atei'nity Debate 2. Il. 4: Fuotbzill l : 'l'1'ack l 3 ll1lQl'f'Ollt'31llfllO llelmtv CZ, 4. Xlllf XAN StIlllll'il'IY.-KN .N'1'n11.x: lfilv llollza Tlwta Pi: Gtrnmn Club: Y. M. t'. A. lll"l'll W:Xl.KlCll Rnffw. IH1l'll t'lw1'::l Ahsucizitinii I: Cliristiaii Scrxice- Club 22: Eta Sigma Phi 22. 4, 'l'1'easu1'Q1' 4: French Club 1, Z, Sl. 'l'1'easui'c1': P. K. Club 1, 2. 33: Signm Mu 4: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet 4: May lftftt- l: NV S. G. A. and Hrmnm' Court 4. NUICX S. W:XNtll3l'illtl SI-Ulll Ifillx Agora liuawl 4: Collegian R.8INhl'lCl' 4: Gm'- mzin tflub 2: Y. W. C. A. 1, 2: Boarrd ot' t'n11t1'nl 4: Editor nt' Freshman Grevn Sheet: itiilltul' ol' Agnl'2l Collvglzlll -l. NIMSICI. Wli'l'Zl.Ffll .:HIll'I1. luzm Eta Sigma Plii 4: Y. W. V. A. I 5 May Ifutc- 2. Al,lt1l'i Wlitl0I.lli llvluluii. ,lll'l1l1mnl41 l"i't-nvli Club Z. 'l'lllitllJtllll'1 Xltll.lCNlJtllll' ll'f'llslf11l'g. 1411111 Alplm Kaitlin Delta ZS, 4: Fl'CSll!'l'l2iI1 Men? Club: German Club l, 2, il, Vice-President 2: liitermttimial Relations Club 4: Basketball 1. MAIZIIC lilil.l.l'IY HUIHSINH ll Illlfillll. Inirrz tit rmzin Club. WM? fl t iiiiiitciirs Y ,V,,,,, ,,Y,,,,,A,,V,,,A,,A,,,,,A, I 'rvxirlvlzf l,nis Hitlilltlltl l'a1ul liflltlilllilll ,..,. . . 9 fIl1l4'ilf Iilfilllllilil Rl'flfll'.Yl'lIfllfI'I'l' tflilliunl Tlimiius Y ,Y,,Y,,,, w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I 'fwf-l'r:'.s1'flf'r1.' Gail Smith ,v , ,A,,Y,,,,,. 9 l'l'I'l'fIll'.t' Nlury Nliltllilftl ...A Y 7 'f1'IlSlll'l,f r w . , . . . . . lhis lmuk is Ll lftllillf t'l't't'll'tl lry 21 xf1f't1v1'1u11s lllvllly' tht- Jllttlttl' tilzlsswstw signify lu litllllft, tluys that it has lI'lllIltliltt'll lww. xvttll will 11-mill. at lvust m111c' ut' jtftl mill. that ai l'f'l'lillIl NXl'llt'l' ll't'lIllt'ltllt 1-lusvs lllS story ul Ll 1-t1111pa1g11 lip saying' "After this lulttle ltw Ltflllt 1-1'vm'tv1t trupliics anal xxitlitlwxx into NtiIll0I' tItlL1l'iCI'S.-. Straiigvly Plltttlglt. swine of thusv tiwvpliit-s t'l'6f'lFtl lay vit'lu1'iu11s lltllllilll Lll'IlliPS still tu tell what they tliil i11 that mm alislant tltiy. Tliut is tht- puint: tl1is lnmk is tw litrl il lung time. uml it xslll tell 51111 mlm ham- lic-lpefl niulw 1t. mul all -itlwrs into ulwsv llZlllilS it may m1111t'. what lttll tlitl livrv. Thi- ,luiiiur tlluss has vm-it-tl u11'iu11s tniptiit-s cluriug' its tlirm- yvurs' t'LlIIlIH.llQJQlI 1111 the 1-nltvgiate lrzllllvgglkvtllltl. It has luithlully uplwlml aml ll1tIlHl't'tl tlw lfiltllllltlli ul the' twill:-ge. l'1-41111 its ranlxs luxw r'u111v athletes. 1ll'lPlllt'l'S. lllll5ll'lLlll5. tlw 1' sklllwl in lilttl'dl'y xxurk aml art. illltl lllitlty latliers. all ul' Xtlltttll lmw hull thvir share in 61'6Cti11g lI'HIllliCS xxhivh will 11111 lm l'n1'guttv11. 'Xlvmv ull tht-5 lluvv lim-11 l111iltli11g r'l1a1'ac'tv1' uml lt'ill'ltlIlg htm lu liw su that lille- will giwtl1v111 its fullest cup. Nlvtxxitlistiirirlilig these fuvts. the .lllltltif tllass is not Htltltllll tw Hllllilllt i11 tSlltlt'l quz11'te1's. hut will gn 1111 mln its Seniui' NVLIIA tu light neu lulttlt-s. tklll 11011 Xlt'lHI'It'S. :incl erevt 11111111 tmpliis-s ul' mlm-I1 Nlurnirigsitlc- may justly lw piwviul. 'l'l1i1'ty-11l11v ANNE AALFS We think Anne one of the finest girls on the cam- pvs. Het-nose the days are only twenty-four hours lone' she had to give up debate this yea1', and do only a few such things as edit this annual, attend Y. W. cabinet meetings. and get "A" grades. We'1'e expecting bie' things of her next ycar as President ot' the Y. W. C. A., for Anne is ai girl of ability. devoted to hieh ideals, and to her numerous friends. ICVELYN BARKLEY Evelyn is lucky in having: the opportunity ot' living' at home and yet. attending' college because she gels a nice lone' bueey ride eve1'y morning. Evelyn is tall and dignified, but lots ot' fun for those who know her well. MILDHED BAHNUM Our 'l'itian-haired Junior! Her sweet disposition, however, belies her flaming locks. Mild1'ed is much interested in English literature. and some day we prophesy she will make an etficient teacher. I-IM M l'f'l"l' BA RR RTT lt' you feel "blue" listen to Barrett. He is always standing' around havine' fun, and he is one of those couples for whom a canopy in the hall is recom- mended. He spends much of his time with Eileen and hung' his pin early in the year as he happened to have the money for a couple of boxes of candy at that tim':. F BANK BAHTHOLOM EW "Bart" is one ot' those serious, sedate fellows, more or less "Scotch" with his words. Nevertheless, he always has a big: smile and a "hello" for you. Frank is an athlete ot' no mean ability. He features in the football and track events. and he was chosen to captain the Maroons for the coming' season. As a mcial lion he has held down a regular davenport seat at the Flatts Hall for three consecutive seasons. WARD BATMAN Because the Junior Class wanted a banker in their midst they went to Hornick and brought Wa1'd to Morningside. He is known for being a shrewd finan- cier. a fact which is due to his Scottish ancestry, and he is a wivard on the clarinet. His mean line ot' patter over the telephone has put him in good standine with several promising' co-eds. DEBWOOD BECK Unc ot' our group who we hope will be an engineer some day. VVho knows but that fifteen years from now we shall be riding: over his steel constructed bridues? We are sure he is a Junior of whom we shall be proud. Perhaps his nickname "Buzz" indi- cates a few things about him. OS! IAR BECK 0. G. -"O-Gosh Beck" has jou1'neyed way f1'om Sweden to develop his possibilities at Morningside College. Oscar has been associated with the insti- tut.ion for tive years, having taken his academy wo1'k at Morningside. Beck proves his athletic ability on the uridiron. He is often seen amusing Miss B1'own in the halls lwhen her attention is not claimed by somebody elsei. l'o1ty IJSLE BERKSHIRE "Red," to say the least, adds considerable color to the classt. We have expectations ol' Lisle's he-ine' a hie business man som? day. He functions elliciently on all Junior committees, and has helped consider- ably in securing' the advertising for this book. HENRY BOONE "Beans" enjoys his rusks alone' with his wooden shoes. This, however. doLsn't preiznt anothtr of the Orange City boys from being' a prominent athlete at Morningside. We are planning to see him on the football field again next. year it' the call from Pella doesn't become too intense. DOROTHY BRASHEAR One Cannot be with Dorothy long without becominx interested in her countless unique expressions. Sh'- is one of our group who has individuality. which is often manifested in the clever paitics she sponsors. Scme rather envy her for her recent experience as a bridesmaid. PAULIMHNKMAN "Brink" is seemingly one of the most happy-go- lucky of the Juniors. We know, however, that under the veneer of his exterior are sterling: qualities. His activities during' his college career have been varied. Besides being a favorite with the fair sex he has featured in athletics. and is a dtbater of no small ability. MERRHl.BURNETTE Because they couldn't "burn-it" they called him "lJad." He is one of our busiest Juniors. Besides working at the Journal he has as enviable record in debate. He is a member of the Men's Glee Club, and is the "basso profundo" in the quartette. He is certainly getting plenty of sscond-hand information about the "Dutch" this year. ALBERT CHANG "Al" is one of our cosmopolitan students who chose to come all the way from Shanghai, China, to go to Morningside. He is one of those fellows whom you cannot help noticing on the street, or in the halls. be-cause of his broad smile and cheery face. He has proved himself a most capable fellow. Last year he was the president ot' our Cosmopolitan Club. and they tell us he was the best ever. JOHN W.DALLENBACH When we want som2thine' wefl done we quite often ask John to do it. He is one ot' our best-dressed and best-liked Juniors. and we have heard from some of the boys around school that he has a line with the co-eds that can't be drplicated. He thinks that some day he may go to California to imbibe not only knowledge but also orange juice. BLISS IHKAN Bliss is a little older than the average student, but this only makes him the more interesting. Bliss is well-versed in forestry, for he is a ranger out West during the summer. His little Ford and the snow- banks on Milner Pass are good companions, but once in awhile he likes to come back to civilization, and we are always glad to see him. Fo rt y-one Mlm' D f 1' -.1 pf-bg. r -'fit 7'Pl'5'n in-an , M 1 1. , +"f:i Nl A lit QA li li'l' llli W l'l"l' Margaret is one of the serious kind who does her ow'n thinking, which is saying' something, now'adays. Nearly every afternoon one can see her energ'etiQally working' in the hiology laboratory, hisecting some- one's harmless eat. She spent her tirst years in Africa, and has many interestinf: tales of life in that far-otl' country. S'l'ANl,llY Dl'l"l'Nll'IR Stan is somewhat ot' a triple threat man on the campus. He is a versatile musican: in tact he has conquered most ot' the instruments put out hy the Conn Company. Stan is also a "promising"' young' chap, He promised a Pi that he will always he true. and has promised the Juniors that he will he a track man and dehater hetorg- he graduates. LOHHNA DIXON When it comes to translating' Latin, Lorena can't he heat. She is a memher ot' Eta Sigma Phi and a girl who seeks diligently for knowledge. To her wisdom is no burden: it just huhhles over in fun, and we are very glad that she decided to come to M. C. instead of go' ig to VVestern Unioi. N9-7 f - . in . is .WVJJ'?7 N E X '-34'leL,f. ' - ' ' y 1 .f V. . U 'LN' JJ"m ERhF5T Di'JDt,h X'Ve can always depend on Everett's talking' in Main Hall from one until tive. His dark, curly hair and I-lever line make him a very popular Junior man. He likes his Saturday nights out. l.l.0YlJ DUItlNlNll'N lloyd is another one o: our prospective engineers ot whom we expr-ct liig things, some day. Although he is quiet about the halls, nevertheless the fellows in the Physics lah will vouch that he is a "live wire" when it comes to feeds, and installing radios. He is a classmate whom we are proud to call our lrienil. l'lfRtQY FlllCHl.Y "Perla" is an active worker in hoth athletics and college ailairs. Although he failed to return for the second semester, he helped much during the first semester in winning Morning'side's haskethall games. We understand that he has found a sweet-Hart hiding' shyly in the liormitory. llFl.liN l-IXll'I-fi When we want someone to play the violin. we call on Helen: when w'e want our hair mareelled, or some art work done, we again call on Helen. She is a girl ot' varied talents, and one oi' whom the Juniors and Gih, a Sophomore athlete, are proud. MIRIANI ENCELKFN Miriam says that she didn't receive a good founda- tion in Algebra hecause her high-school teacher ran olf and got married. We're glad, however, that he class. She is a sweet. splendid friend, and has done her hit for this Annual. Forty-t wo didn't marry Miriam, and that she could join our , .-4.-N Y. COlillllN FOOD Gordon is one ot' these people who are very hard to find. He has distinguished himselt' as a dehater and as an extemporaneous speaker in forensics. As an athlete he is both Spanish and physical. llurine' the summer months he is a life-e'uard at a large summer resort in Estes Park. At present we under- stand that Gordon is taxing' his forensic ability to the nth degree pre-purine on thc subject "How to Win a Maurincf' lill'l'll Fli U Nl Though Ruth is generally out of sight in the Main Hall, she can usually be found over at the Con making lots ot' sound. tln other words, she's a Conservatory studentl. She is quiet. but her ltlue cyes have a friendly twinkle, and her presence in a group ot' eirls is always enjoyed especially that musical giggle. KA'l'l'lliYN flANT'l' "Pete" is always ready for a good time. She is a jolly eirl with a characteristic laugh, and is always willing to put herselt' out t'or anybody. She is a light-hearted maid, content. and one who has many friends. llXl0t'lliNl2 tlll.l3l'Ili'l' lmoeene is another Junior red-head, who seems to get over pretty hie' with a certain blonde Tau llelt forward named "Johnny." She took time out this semester to indulge in the mumps, and her absence was much hewailed. Her cheerful countenance makes her many friends, and these friendships are deept'-ned after knowing her. DALE GHAIZEISQ Dale takes life seriously until some t'un appears. Much of his time is spent in Physics Lab, where he is an assistant. Installing clock systems and A1 light plugs is mere play to him. Furthermore, he's a splendid friend and a true gentleman. IQUNIUE CRAY Eunice's hlonde hair and laie hlue eyes do much to increase her popularity. She used to stay at the llormitory. but her mother decided that she would have to come to Sioux City and take care of her dauehter the second semester. Now Eunice sports a car, hut at least Stanley gets home once in awhile. 'l'lllil.MA GRAY Thelma is the girl in the hookstore who has become proficient at guessing the hook one wants when one doesn't know its name. Thelma is always will- intz' to do her share ot' work, and morc. for Mornine- sioe and her many friemls. A N N l'l'l"l'lC till EEN li Annette taught school at few years, and then came here to join the Junior Class. She does everything she undertakes very well, even to keeping Professor Campb-ell's ruhliers safely behind the door. . J afifjygf l w I' orty-three ' 2 I ,N f,.,.a....' I ,f mf-r-le Q, M ,. . atlas 1. A W .5- 6. 3 it t . . 5. ef -4' , . ,we -wif f ' , 1. ,,,.,.,-, 5 'is ,it-XNIES ClilFFl'l'll ii "Sonny" rises earfy every morning to open the , , Kayp3e Hamburge r Shop. His cheery smile welcomes many early breakfasters. He used to be rather 4 bashtul as a freshman, but we understand that this , quality has been lost. lil,l.EN HANIILTON Ellen is rather quiet and unassuminu, but wait till you know her. Because of illness Ellen was forced to leave school for a year. but we consider her a welcome addition to our class. Sometimes these things that are delayed turn out the best after all- - certainly this addition to the class. llUSSEI,l, HAMMOND "Russ" is one ot' those rather quiet ftllows until you get to know him better. If you can't find him when you want to, just look about a bit and more than likely you will see him high up on some scaffold wielding a mighty paint. brush and brightening: up the drab walls ot' some building' with his whistle and his gay smile. LUIS IIUIIQMAN NVQ were so contident ot' Lois's ability that we elected her president of our class. She is a very likable and capable girl. and has succeeded in "orating," debating, and making A's and l5's in all her class work. She just can't help it that she radiates elec- tricity and accomplishes so much, seeing that her tather is tneaeed in that business. t MHS. VERNAI, INCRANI Mrs. Ingram gave up making: a home for a superin- tendent to return to Morningside and finish her edu- cation. Needless to say, we are glad she decided to come back this year and join our class. ROY .IENNINCS Roy is our varsity yell-leader from Braduate. He is one ot' the Annual Board members, and has spent much of his time lately collecting snap-shots. He also takes an active part in dramatic and gospel team activities, and the boys say he's quite a stepper. tven at Ames. WESLPIY JONES "W:-ck" is our most immaculate Junior. He aspires to be a foreign diplomat. XVe assure him that he has the capacity and all that it needs is develop- ment. VVL-sley finds time to study plenty. step some. and kctp things generally going around school. 1 CLPIRTRUDE .l USE PH "Gert" is the miniature pgrson frequently seen on 1 her way to and from classes. Her size makes the chance to pull the old adage about "good things comintr in small packages" almost too good to pass up. Even though we literally "look down" on her, we do not do so figuratively. ,-1 4, Fo rt y- fo ur HARRIS KERSIAKE "Bill" has much faith in the old adage, "Oppor- tunity knocks but once." The opportunity came. she said "Yes," and now "Bill" has someone to polish his pin for him. He engages in both football and basketball, and is a real credit to the Maroon ae'Qree'ation. Although "Bill" is in a position where his time isn't his own, he does find som': time to spend around school, TXllI.DHlill Kl'l't IHICN Next we find the "polisher ot' the pin" through the operations of coincidence. Can she cook! Bill, we all envy you. "Kitch" is one ot' the reasons why sounds ot' laughter ring daily around the Main Hall, and she is one ot our jolliest and most popular Juniors. MAX Kll0l.Ol"l4' Although Max has won more honors than most ot' us would dare dream ot' he is very unassuming. and we all admire him for it. Max has won national honors with his pleasing, convincing. and powerful oratory, He is ready to take either side of a de- bate question at two hours' notice. Ht- is a keen thinker, a splendid friend, and a true ei,-iitleinaii. KRISTINE KIWIINSKI Kristine decided to follow in her brothcr's footstfps and has become very skilled on the violin. Besides attending classes she teaches in the public schools: so we don't see "Kris" as much as we desire. Even at that, we can't put much ever on Krissy. LEONE I.AKlC Leone is our prot'essor's wit'e-to-be, iw,-t'+.-i'ciices about which may be secured from Orion l'. She spends most ot' her time taking care ot' the Con oll'iee. She is one who deserts the plains ol' Nebraska to travel over the Big Muddy to the "Fowleee" on the Sioux. Her unfailine' good nature is a source ot' pleasure to all her friends. tLl,I-fNNAlllJ I..-XHSON Glennard is the Junior Larson twin blonde, but not blue-eyed or curly-haired. Glennard is vary much interested in musical and biological atlairs. We un- derstand furthermore that he spends most ot' his spare time in Nebraska. GLENN I.0WlC When it comes to the piano and the harmonica. Glenn can't be beaten. He is one ot' the best enter-- tainers in the Junior Class. Ask those who sit next' to him in chapel. Glenn has a wonderful way with the women, and his pin has disappeared al- ready. MAURINIC lXlctIl.l'ltlC Big, brown, snappy eyes and golden hair can't help proving a combination that is disastrous to male hearts. NVQ don't know whether "Rene" likes rain but she certainly shows her preterenee for "I"oge." Furthermore, she has a lovely voice, charming man- ners, and is a very dear friend to many Morning'- siders. I' r XlADl'Il,lNli Nlt'NlUl,LlCN N'Yehh may he a small town hut it sr-nds hip girls to Morningside. VVe are not referring to Madeline's sim,-. She spends a lot of time debating and major- ing in such things as history, hut she has found time to ends-ar herself to everyone who knows her. ltgXl,l'll NlgXlll.l'Nl Ralph is interested in all school events, and wt-'re always glad to have him around. Musieal organi- zations claim much ot' his time, hut he has a husi- ness alvility also that ean't he duplivatad. VVe'll liv sorry to lose him next year, hut are sure that lie ss. will make a splendid doetor, WZ.: 'M NIMH NIXYNAHIJ ' Mary helones to the set who do a million things outside of classes and still manage to make the honor roll. Mary's mother and aunt came to Morn- ingside. and Mary folloxxfgd the family tradition, ae r-fs I 'S' ygmfzqvf did a l'l'l'l1fillI C'hex'i-olet and its elriver. tltllil1UN NllC'l'tIfXl,l" Gordon is rather a handsome fellow. xt-ry well liked. and eapahle. He was president of our class in his sophomore year, has taken part in many sehool az:- tivities, and at present is doing his hr-st to manage the luusiness affairs of this hook. Ht- is doing it very we-ll, and on the side manapc-s to spend von- siderahle time with "Georgie," who may share his future husinv-ss 5lll't'vsr. l l',l,Vk IX Xlllllzll Elwin is a valculus shark even gets ahead of the lesson once in awhile, hut is considerate enough oi' the remainder of the class to keep the fact to him- self, He seems lu he hrilliant enough to get all his lessons in a short tim", and then takes in all the shows at the l'ark a rs-eord ft-w fould equal. lltltllilt XIUON Roger is one of those fellows whom one has to ln- acouainted with hefore one really knows him. He l . . . , helps to keep up the scholastic' standing ot the Junior Class. Socially he is a "Carry On" man. VVe don't know what would happen to Roper if "Honej:" would "Dye," nor to "Honey" if tl1ei'e was no "Mr'v1mll." i I1liNl'I'-X Nl! DSSNI .AX N Benita is greatly interested in musir-, and so sp:-nds much of her time at the Con. We see her in Main Hall frequently. however. She has a gift of plan- ning' Clever parties fin faet, the good times at her wouldn't she 7 l,AIfli.-X l"Al'l'll NlL'l'Il.l,lilt "Lollie" is a minister's daughter. and acquires a diH'erent home address every so often. Since she re-entered college the second semester the Main Hall has been a lively place. "Lollie" says she gets a him "kick" out of life. Perhaps her Tau Delt pin and the Ford help. ,7..n. Li, g if 5-LL-R , 'x A L ..I K 'L ,- NL W , Uv ,, 4 . t f""ff' -i-sf., 9. ,, .t , 1. ri x ti.- ax 1 Y' . . I 1 I'fbl'lj'-NIX ,1 l F1 -1 if slumher parties are new-r to he forgotten. She keeps secrets splendidly, too- she would have to, lNlal,l,lh MuiXl,lS- Nellie- is thu Juniur's ith-a ut' a lu-i'l1-vt Iatly. Shi- says she- will gin- lt-ssnns it' yu- pay ht-r 1-iimipli. He-r "small" invnmm- sho re,-ally limls insullit-it-nt fur hc-1' many wants. Slit- lm-ft C71-rm-ll In "rhast- inns.- tluitm-s tluwn in Nlf'?ll'?lQll2l.,' hut at Murninusitlt- sh.- alot-s many nthvr things in a xt-ry fvtpahlt- manntr, antl is ws-ll lllu-ml hy cu-1'yni1t-. tLl'lUlltllC Nlilll tie-4ri'p.w is anntlie-r une- ut' our lil'l'-t'llgllll'l't'r yyhwun wc- 4-xp:-1-t to ht-ar lain' thinus almut stunt- :lay in tht- t'uturt-. Hz- is xt-ry quiet, l-ut a vt-ry guml stutlr-nt and stil-ks lu his wurly until it 1-uint-s nut ritflit. Gs-ul'g'v always has a plrasanl smilt- tm' all, antl slmultl maluf a stlvm-ss in his 4-hrist-n wtirly. l.l t1ll,l,l'i H'lll'illN Singing: uve,-r tha- ratliu and ytinuinu Atwatt-r K4-nt '- . , . . . . i crnntc-sts arp- 1illl'llll' s tax-uritv lmlylm-s. Shi- . ' valual-lv asset to any uri4aiiizati4u1 that shi- lit-Irinus tu, always willing tu sing at the-ir sm-ial l'tim'tiniis, lt st-L-ms that a uuml many 1 - - . - kt-Q-It tht- ltavg-nu-lit hut nn tht- way to I,u's lmust-, tem. .ltlllN l',XI,S John, a young man with 1-It--yt-r traits. vaint- In Murn- inusitlt- with thc fund liupt- ut' ht-ins a :lm-tur. H4- vhanw-tl his minml wht--n ht- nn-t I'rnI't-ssur Sttfin- lmr--nnt-r, and has elm-rielul lu gn In lflnriila In tutur a ric-h man's son in Us-rman. llt- is Jw-'s right hantl man at tho tailur shup. liHllNll'll Plfllllllh Kermit rank- to us from Cnrin-ll flollt-gt-, antl wt- wcrc- glad In we-Irtimv him. l'ht-inistry laluirattary tlef- manals much nl' his time-. as elm-s also his jul- as wait:-r as Hislmlfs i'al'L-te:-ria. llt-'s anolha-r strt,-e-t- rar 1ly'Yltl01', nut Irs-in rliotrt- lint lrum ll4'l'l'?4Slly. 'I'lIlCI,Xi,-X l'IXI,lili VW- arm- nlatl that "l'ixit-" l'1'lllI'lNj1l to 1-ullt-uv antl .ic-inc-al thf- vlass nt' lftlft. Shi- talws a gn-at intm-rf-st in lvaskutliall, ll?lX'lllg' playwl in thc- Yalt--llaryarsl galnos lor thref- yi-ars. She- alsn is a party lu many ul' thc- avllvilios ul llti' Junior Vlass aml IYIIDVI' vslw- vially those nl' a 1-4-rtain sf-nior Tau lit-lt. IllCl,l-IN lil-Ill! Holt-n is uno nt our must pupular and flt-lit-mlztlnlw Juniors. If tlia-rn-'s a party to ht- give-n ur stunt-thin: to he alt-nc. Hc-lens always on the- jf-lv. Shi- lil'C'li the minutes for tht- htutlc-nt Fuuuril, is a l-ig tar-tur in VV. A. A., and shuws hs-r alvility un tht- Annu: Board when she's not lic-lpinig Usmriwuie-" translati- S1'-anish. Sha-'s ons- rat' tht: "lung antl short ul' it," antl a 1-1-rtain Phi Sitfs chit-t' joy. lCl,N .-X HHN! C l-llva is une- nt' tht- Junior "A" stuelt-nts. Shi- th-- cicluml to re-turn tu thz- fulfl at'tc-r tm-acliing tht- littlt Ilutchmcn the thrc-0 K's. antl her return was wvl- comsml. She journeys northward as uttw-n as pus- silili- -three Qui-ssl-s why, llL'Ni1l1'S he-r lI14lll1C1"r vmmk i ng. FUl'lj'-Sl'k'I'll .i .y-all -fnniilif- f I-mifv 'Af' -- gr J '12 .44 X1 Qh 'Q , -.3 ' 1 .814 ,353 J .Nfl -M - 'ft ,.. -ul f-1 3 F? .,, seg: . ,Q 1 5... , :rr fa, f NW' View AM ti w ss.. - My - 5855231 gain.. 3 . , VERA RPIISSER The other halt' of the long and short combination. Her Velie, loaded down with "students" is a famil- iar figure on the campus, roads to Vermillion, LeMars, and otherwise. Her piano-playing is a big help at the famous Saturday night spreads, and she does everything else just as well' even though she is rather interested in South Sioux at present. ll.XH0l.lJ RICHARDSON They say that "Scotty" has ability in any line, par- ticularly any form of athletics. He participates in football, basketball, and track while at school. and plays baseball in the summer. It. seems as though Richardson is called to Omaha frequently to comfort some maiden's heart. Perhaps the curly hair and cheerful smile help. DORU'l'H Y RUBl.l'I lForothy's Buick was seen frequently on the campus tirst semester. usually loaded down with various and sundry students. Dorothy is attending the University of Arizona this semester, and everyone greatly misses her'--not for her Buick alone---but because she is rather a brilliant conversationalist and a valued friend. JEANNE StlHliFFlfl'iS Jeanne is another girl who comes to us every day from Sergeant Blutl. At least the car ride is better than having to ride the street-car. She is a Con- servatory student, and is having much success in her chosen career. RlY'l'lel StIl'lUl.liH Some day in the future we believe that Ruth will be a second Jane Addams. She is a major in Sociology, and much interested in this type of work. Further- more, anything she undertakes she does well- rather an unusual quality nowadays. WIN I lflilill SHA H E Winnie divides her time among working in Zoology lab, saying "number, please" at the licrmitorir. working on committees for college functions, and planning bungalows with a Morningside alumnus. Like all ministe-r's daughters she is frequently seen at Lake Okoboji in the summertime. .I ESSIE SHERWOOD The Junior star athlete is Jessie. She has been a big gun in all the W. A. A. activities, and will have won her sweater by the end of this year. She assists in classes by rclieving the boredom with notes. She also took a vacation to participate in the general run of mumps. M AltGAltli'l' Sl.E'l'WOI.D Talking to a certain senior called John in the Main Hall seems to be one of Ma1'garet's favorite pas- times. Margaret manages, however, to get good grades and report for the Collegian. She has a slow, sweet smile and a cheery word for all. lfort y-C-ig lil Gini. SNIITIHI ' Hliriek' has added a lfriuht spot nt' color tu the hasketliall court this year. He is also a mainstay in the Band, where the rlear melodious tones nt' his trumpet are often heard. Who knows hut that these sweet notes aided in winning Ethel's heart. l.lIlil.l.A SNll'l'll Luella divides her time lu-tween the Con, Vhap.-I f'l1Ull', Madrieal Fluh, Urchestratioii class, and the Main Hall. Slit-'s one ot' our prettiest c'0-ecls'f-'nerer- theless, she persists in sujuiii'1iim: in Orange City. Her talents are varied, and she's a true-lilue frienrl. EDWIN S'l'lil'Il.l'I Edwin is une ot' the fellows seen truluently in the llrirmito1'y tlrawing-ronni. When not holding down a dayenport he works in the Physics lahoratnry. and we prophesy that some day he will lie an efficient radio expert. l'lS'l'llHll 5'l' Esther greatly helps to keep up the seliolastic stand- ing of the class. She is tall, dignified. blonde, and a true friend to all who know her. She is a faith- ful worker in Y. W.. and is very much interested in the work. t1llllYS'l'Al, S'l'lCYliNStlN t'hrj,fstal is one nl' those Juniors wht: is always learning' something: from Repertoire class. She can generally he found with a certain Phi Sigma. either "heah ot' t,lieah." Her iiioviiie' out ot' the Dorm was greatly hemuaned lvy the gang. Her pleasing per- sonality has gained her many friends. lilltlftll S'l'EINlllllINNlCll It' you see a tall, thin, dark fellow with a emin- plaeent erin on his face, one who ltmks as thnueh he might, COITILH nt' a family with an ability to "deutsch spreehen" protieiently then you'll know this is none other than Edgar himself. He plans to enter the eng,ineer's pruI'essi0n some day. LEE STRAIN Here is a eliap who hails trfnn VVehster Vity. "Stress" possesses a remrirkalile thresipqlit. and is 11 , dreamer of powerful visions. If he isn't assisting t Mrs. Cline at the ltormitory one will find him in Professor MaeCollin's otlire trying: to schedule a t few more Glee Club trips. ' llAZlil. Slllllllill 1 t Hazel decided she needed at vacation, so had the l mumps during the month ot' February. She was one of the first, but not the last by any means, to Q take a vacation in this manner. She is very charm- j ing: and dignified, hut heaps of fun. And can she 1 debate! oh, my! 1"0rty-nine if . W 9 d2:,.Uv-'v"" . t gi'Y"'fV"" 'LX J I I W W WWW Xb SUNG 'l'Al Just one look at "Tai's" name, and you know at once that you should like to know him better. The boys around the chemistry lab in his "Quan" class are sure of a jolly time when he is there. We num- ber him among the first, ot' our friends. and are very glad he came to Morningside. HOWARD TAYLOR Howard thinks that to travel is an education in it- self. He came way from Seattle. Washington, to attend Morningside. The traveling' fever has over- taken Howard again. and he has migrated to the University of Minnesota for the present semester. The Juniors miss Howard, and hope that he may join us again next year. WILLIAM THAt IKER "Buzz" is known as the slippery little Maroon halt'- back, and it would be hard to duplicate him. He also indulges in basketball and baseball. It has been reported that William has a way with the NVOITIEIIH-"llP probably charms them with his piano playing. Furthermore, he surely functioned effi- ciently as a splinter ot' this Annual Board. tILlFl"Oli D THOMAS "l'ommy" is rather shy or sedate. but these qual- ities only make him the more attractive. He is a vocalist, singing in both Chapel Choir and Glee Club. Moreover. there's many a maiden who would give her all to possess Clitl'ord's rosy cheeks, and curly raven hair. Why do boys need such things. anyway? CLAIJYCE TIMM Almost any hour of the day one can go to the Con- servatory and hear Gladyce practicing voice. violin, or piano. She is a girl ot' talent, whom the Juniors are proud to claim. MARTHA LEE TOMLINSON Martha Lec's special hobby is English literature. Per- haps this has something to do with her job in the Public Library. Martha likes good times. and she has a good many of them, both winter and summer. even though late work at the library intervenes occasionally. El,lZAl3l2'l'H TURNER "Beth" nnished the course otlered by a good school in Fort Dodge and came to Sioux City to a better one. Because of her scholarship, her capabilities. and her sweet disposition we think her a valuable addition to our class, even though she does spend a great deal of time in places other than Main Hall. EUNICE W AHLSTROM Eunice believes in doing' things well or not at all. Most of her time is spent at the Conservatory study- ing the piano and violin. Eunice is quiet but very likable. She rides the street-car every morning. perhaps this accounts for the quietness. Fifty VERllli'l'Tl'i Vl':Xl,'l'lCltS To see "Shorty" coming: down the strut-I you would think he was going' to 3 fire somewhere, hut owinu' to the fact that he is so tremendously short he feels that he must hurry to Catch up with himself. He finds time to he a student-pastor at a small chureh in Luton, Iowa, halance a tray at the Ilorm. and display his puygilistic tendencies on the mat in the tgym to a profitable advantage. LH X,-XNIC Wli.XX'l'1H Le Vane is a good student and a serious worker. He is rather quiet until you ect him gtiilijl. Then it is a question ot' tryinu' to stop him. He stays at the Barn. and spends quite :n hit of his time workin-4 on his "old" car. VlCl,IJA WlCl,l.Nl'I'Z Velda says little hut thinks much. She is anoiht-r music student. is talented. and in addition has the rarc :rift ot' common sense. She is a very sweet girl and one whom we are glad to claim as a Junior. .-Xl,l.:XN Wll,l,lgXNlS "Al" is the chet' at the Park Cale He is stutljxine engineering. and we know he will lie a success, for he is persistent, and is willing to put in plenty ol' time. He says that the reason he doesn't date oftener is that he has to go to hed quite early". Anyway, he's susceptible! WAl,'l'FfH Wl'l"l' "Let W'itt llo Your Printing" is the slogan which we see up on the sign in Main Hall some ims's, which only gives us a hint ol' the splendid work that "Walt" does in his photography work. It' there ar-- any pictures to he taken he is there to snap them VValt is one ot' the old standluys on the eospcl term, and is a dandy fellow. BRUWNIIC Wtltlll Brownie's chief interest is music. She plays classi- cal music divinely, jazz with vim and vigor, sine+ in the Chapel Choir, and wears out pairs of shoes practicing the organ. When anyone wants a sym- pathetic accompanist she calls on Brownie. Brownie also finds time to take care ot' her grandmother, and Gordon. NIAHIE WUOD Marie showed her wisdom hy coming to Morningsid' this year alter spending two years at VVestern Union. She is a Con student. and a memller of the Vesper Choir. We are just getting' acquainted with her and like her fine! MICHWIN XWALIJ If it weren't for Me-rwin's willing and ellicient af- sistance to us in the Physics lah we sometimes won- der how we could ever get along. He plans teaching' Physics in a high school some day, and we know he is hound for success. A certain fair dam- sel in one ot' the towns a short. way from us is th- proud possessor ot' his fraternity pin and thus ac- counts tor his frequent ahsenees over the weekend. l"i tt y-o 'wefv-rv 54... ' ew 'l-sl 144 4 , WW ,wi vs Br" 41 10111 Schwhrship Winnmers SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP thy Day Einar Ha JUNIOR Sl HULAHSHIP Helen Halley SUPHUfv lUHE SCHGIARSH ll' George Thcwuton Fi fl y -1 wo ugen Snplhnninres Frederick Figert ...... ,...........,,,.. AAA ,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,, I 'rcszklcrzi llolrert Van Horne .,.... .. . Qlzulenf CUlllIl'l.l Heprr'serzif1l1't'e Lucille Claerhout . ..,......,.. ,.,.....,.,...A Illifl'-l,l'8Sl.tlCIIf Henry Running ..,. , ww, ,, i qecreiuryf Louis Croston ii.i ,u,, 7 'rmzsurer This class has successfully passecl through its early stages ul' cleyelopment. hay- ing swelled somewhat with the honors lvestowecl upon il hy the college, and is now growing vigorously. Not to he surpas-'cml or outtlone lay any ol' its pretlecessors this class has macle an enyiallle rec-orcl lor itself in the fieltl of tlelvate antl scholastic attainment. Nothing that is attempted seems to spell failure lvecause of the un- clauntecl. conscientious efforts ol' the entire hotly. Finest of leaclership alnility has heen founcl in the depths of the lHGIHl'H?l'SlIlll. antl the way in which the class ltusi' ness travels so smoothly shows a hnely timetl organism. As the Sophomore class hecome hetter actluaintecl with college life. they lmegin to wonder and to formulate icleast on what college is really for alter all. Anil they have finally come to the conclusion that what they are coneernecl with most of all is in determining what they care for. what they cherish. ancl what they really mean to create ancl fight for as long as they live. Uliilief' it has lreen saifl. "is like playing a violin solo in puhlic and learning the instrument as one goes on." The Sopho- mores will continue their pulmlic peilorinance with all the patience. thoroughness. and skill which they have learnetl thus liar eancl their playing will grow luetter. Fi ft y-t h ree rw! . Ijqlfyfiqv Cty! U X J' J JJJJ al V1 'J UJjf.fjvj "' arf! VJ af V My W ,J Mjkxvb 4' A J x Q' f. 'f'fEf-fxwu K-, , ' " may if C' j ,W WZ, .ffvfff wmgfx Q.3Wjk dn-1'su11, J. Alll1L'1'50ll, M. AllL1L'l'SOl1, Archer, Igilkbl' B?ll'l1Ull'l, Iiurtels, Bartz, Balho, Beebe Hollis, Bergor, I'gL'l'yCSUl'l, Bil15.EE'1', Birkett mmm, Hrmlio, Iimwn, Bruns Burgeson P Burrinuton, Cate, Chilton. Claerbout, Cook 1 V Fifty-fuur 4 D 4- 'frm 1-we '70-xtinfaf VW ff-uf-ff allffff---4' iwakwa ' ' z-iyqv. L 1 f K E ? 'S s if P I I if In I 'V r Af' My ujwlldd mc :W , X fr, .. Q 'Q "' l ni A5 Crary, Clwmsinll, l1lll'l'0l'. l3:1nI'm'lh. lmvics 1l'- Clercq, l,L'lllliFlPl1, IM-pl.-V, IM- WWII. liimsalu IHDZIIIU, Elmln-1'--' I':l'i4'lxFlDll, l'xi2'L'l't, l"luh1'vr I"l'lllI'lCli?-HIL Gvlmrt, Gilrlrx, tLill'm'1l, flinmm' cjf'l'HDVl'2, I". Gray. L. ffl'f'l'l1f', ll, f2l't'l'l1I', Ihlll?-L'll l"iIly-lixv hm , M1 E4fb1fVvL,0f,J LL,-rv 7 j ,iffv fw LJCf3'0fYV' 75,-vvvf-, QAAH4 ch mwfgg as Kukubo, I.zu'sc-n, Lcamcr, Lvaxw, Limlaman I,imIl1a1't, Limlsvy, Lm'.'1'y, Mr-lie-alla. 1VIl'l'glll'llf'Y acMill:1n. Malcomb, Mcllquisl, Ivlvnlvr. Millax rn,-llcr, Mullzxn. Nc-wman. H. Ulsmx. NV. Olsu- lhnvr. Oxwlm, Iw2lllllUK'k, l'2ll'l', I'u1o1's 1"iI'1y-f1vX'f'H 4 A ll A ' 'fi 1 .4 ' 4. ' is A. -fk L A L ' 'L 9' ' . fs. "' - '- JJ' L lr- l 6- '1' . 4 - 1101 3. ' . 1,415 1 W ,fuf""' Av", IU ' f-u! 2"" I ,rj gf L -f' -.I K ilijjlljgf Aff Q V . My ff W- !" K a f f W ' WJKI 1 f ' J .44 , an f 3 1:11 L, I ,fl l lf 1 j 'F X . f I' if ,jj Wi PG-Lerson, Plender. Plum, Powell, Przvc f 'f ,Aj 1 f Quirin. Ramige. Raricli, RZISUILISSOII Rn-ed j ,fl ' Reynolds, Rice, Rimz. Rim-lmart, Riormlan ,' WU" , . f - Rnlcl, IlUIl1lllJ461', Rust, Sallvurg, Sc'l1a1w,-1' f J-f Jw X A W Sm-hminlt, Scl11'uerle1'. Schulmlt, Schultz, Ss-arnzu fgf ' fffflj " ,v ',"' M4 x , Orff ffwjjjo f gj, 1 1 If ' r 1 , I ' jf Fifi y-eight I 1 I 1 I I I I QUMLMQ, will ,ww fw ',cfW,'f Ivy VQZVN Of nw aw 5 be MH M wcmgdw 276 'V' 'u QQ? A 'K N sol-4 My , Aj- Slmrcil Slwarer, F-in11msm1, R. Smilh. e e X, ,.. -,.vl,Jf- d,9..4.,JT .fl0z1'es, Stewart. Storing, Strmn, SNY2il'lSUll Q l K .Ci I THylUl', Thnnmfxs, 'l'humlmm, 'l'lm1'nlun, Yun I4-'lnllwxml - X ,O A. Van Engen, Van Hrmrml, IP. Wullm-1-5. M. Nxv2lIlt'l'5 Wurnlj dna: w7ilIi1lITlN' xVi"Si1J,'. Will, WL,,,.1N Q h AQfv1AfHdF'- B ' M ' Fifty-nine Fresllimen XVilliam Noyes .. ,......,...,...... ,...., .,....... Pl'l'Sl.t1l'llf Paul Havilantl A .. . Qflllll'Ilf Cozzncil Rt'lIff'.Y1'IIflIfil'P Genevieve Nlctcalf .. , ,,.....,........,.... Ivl'f'l'-Pf6Sl.tlll'I1f llorothy Surlner .. ..,.,.. Qecrctary-Treasurer College might he likenetl to a hook upon the pages of which each class writes its own history. Anil. as the ltooli progresses. each chapter becomes. stronger anfl more filled with action. the qualifying adjectives are more vivid. and each chapter tlraws nearer the climax. Thus. the lfreshnian tflass is heginning to write its own tlhapter in the liooli of Morningsitle College Life. Morningsicleis hoast has always heen ol' her Frcslnnan classes. Each succeerl- ing year has seemed to surpass the preceding one. with the result that this year's class has heen of excellent quality ancl strong virility. The tllass of l9f'3l has not failed in the goal which has lteen set hefore it. It has given us thus far the hest that it had to offer in the form of aspiring athletes. future tlehaters. promising singers. capahle executives. gootl sports. antl goofl scholars with a motto of "Each lot' all. anal all for each... not to speak of the witty. well-put humor which ever circulates throughout its memltership antl throughout the school activities in a life- giving stream. The future of this class gives promise. and we are sure that the chapter which it writes in the hook will help to luring the vision of a more glorious lVlorningsicle into a definite reality. Sixty 0 1 Q , 5 . I ? 9,1 Qxlfjjxm QD' WVMUI 5 W 1' 1,4 ,fvxyi if wwf J HV. j1fVVX I ui AJ . :J MALI: ,AJJ f g Q A XF E7 A 7 J , f ,N 4 , " ' xv, 'w' " - X ' IL M., x ,X kj A .J ' I 'fi '- . ,. fu-I ffyf !!,r 1 ku v 1 VJ" -I V G. r 45 Q, . xg I EP , ' 'K 4 X-f 'K N Ns? gf .Ur ,Y Q 3 L . ,ws l72lHL'llll2iL'h. Ilurhy, Davis. Ile- Ruyler, liodgn Down. llunluvy, Earl. Elm-1'ly. EIIQQIICQII, Enockwn Evans, Fm-allu-1'sto11e. Fm-Idt. Fcruusmm. Figer FHl'L'I'l1Hll. IJ'ullu1'tnn, Gehrki, Gibbs. U. Gillrel' PI. Gilluc-rt. Gleasrm, Gle-nny, 11111-x'01', Grunstad. Gun fx. Jaw, 5 0 , , el.: f.. 5 . '3.T.fKLI"" ge. :W QI I I X4 , I IIQSQIC I fm I II mv 1'f'f?wf1ffI 3.33 II, .1 KI 1 X 59" Q' ,afugf , 2 .inf ' '.,, 5 il 'X af-:.A..l'7Lg . 1, f L 0V,,JLI LAL -Al, ,Q JR 1' L " U4 Lk I hifi w f,,,t-,FQQALMJ f A, '1 '-4 M-5 WWW I. lllll . 2ll'l'IIl!llIIl II II II' "1 lis, Ilnvllzmxl. III-imll I II II IIu1'lu1l ',', IIUYUV, IIIHII. Ill' llll' 4' v , 1 :lux IS M I II I I 'm:m, Iihllilll xxwlilu. xum 91xty-lh1'vr- '1 rf My 1 s I i KV' Ybfffj VJ 5 2' I' ,' 1 ' 'f 'Y I YV v. J . A y' V I JPY 'H ,- 'J' , A ' 1 R x x' JY :Arif hy' x wx lf 4 .. 'QQ X F 'D . Q JV-- 1 1 1, V' 1 ' X 'V y 'XY .r Q. 'ly , W- ' JA ," N - V ' 'Y -1" :lx-if ,- 'Nf' 1 -., 1 x 8' 'f I A R S25 N M AX J U' Qfy' 5. . Wim, ? L ga 1 SSE Q2 H. 1il'2l.If', Kusizm. Lnlw, lnlliilll, Ls,-2111 Imillluzixlglm, lVlcl,'l1c,-Hwy. Mclfzulv, MQ'IHl'll2ll1, Mack, Mahlum Mnllury, Masters, Mvaml, G. Mvtculf, Mn-yell' G. Millnr. R. Mille,-1', C. Mmwe, MK1l'1in1I'l', Mnrirm Mussman, M. Mossmau. Munson. Noyes. Ogm-l, Olivcl' Sixty-foul' 1 I I i ! r 5 5 9 i I M' ,eggs WW? :wfw ' 4 X .., 'fp- r. N. . 491' Y 'ffl .4 .. W . 69'42vv-- Q. 'L 'U' Y-my., -o- Xb. -rm 'G " 1' LV - Q-- V K -V 'W bg ffrg,gf:2f .:,., 33. , 'EM ,vgsizzzzzgzszsw , few, A 7 'Ka K Osborne. Pa1'1'n1t, ITIIUISUIX. Pu1'lv1', L. Ii2lSITlllSS0l1 Raun. Rawsrm. Holman, Rufio, Rozclmmn, Hulc Hummel, Saunfh-rs, Svhmimll, Sc'hu1jv1', Sc-warfl Sirken. Srmnichisun, Suuthwivk, Slmnqlg-1'. Slwilmgcl' 0iIl3Il'2llb6l', Stellingwerf. Ste-phi-ns, Stuyuvilch. Sll'Ul12. F-urlu Sixfy-five l gl el , l 1 l l l u l 4 ,sAN.f'l 'FL fi 4 .A ' ll, Swzflxlsulx, 'l'zulIrmk, A. T0 Pahlw. li. Te- Paskc. G. 'I'lmm1rsu11 M Thx ll 'l'1ll Vi l Vlfilt V Ilvlx V1 P an Yr ll HTIIPZNU , ILQ. llll Cl' . filll A 'U. ill CUPS' . ' lil' Vvkllktllj VV:11'4l. wY2ill'1'ITl2lIl. W'ienk. Wivsu xVlHl'lllNll'!'. Willm-, lb. Williams, IC. Williams, Wilkinsrm Wilmn, NV1'iul11 Sixty-six ll H l 4 I "The good of all ages who liave heen imhuecl with a passion for righteousness. have never hesitated to spend themselves generously for the cause they loved. the advancement of goodness: nor should those who care for what is heauliful ever hesitate lo give lhcniselxes as liherally to make heauty prevail in the YN'Hl'ifl...'4,g1l.S.Y lfurnmn. Schools of musie exist in order that music. the great. universal art. may con- tribute increasingly to the enrichment of life. No other art enters so intimately into the heart-life of all mankind: none strives more faithfully to increase the joy of the world. and hring heauty nearer to all. Uur workaday world is sorely in need of renewed strength. rekindled faith. higher nolvility: and music has ever ministered with compelling appeal to these needs. lklorningside tlonservatorv is pledged lo the task of training musicians of high ideals: teachers whose highest aim and desire is to serve a community with loyalty and diligence. The teaching staff is composed of real artists. each one an outstanding leader in his special field. An increasing numlrer of the school's graduates are winning recognition for their acr-1nmplishments in various lines of music work, and the future holds promise of still greater 1n- iluence and usefulness for the Morningside tlonservatory of toniorrow. if - Sixty-seven 1 5 Nll S141 CIHIJLATES 13 NI. Ilicomsn lfililh Hclrl lluth Cillvcrt Frances l.uclxe SKQHHUI. A113111 Xl.-XAIUHS Secxioiis lniella Smith Leone Tate Velfla Wellnitz lllaflys 'l'innn Eunice Wahlslroin Marie Vlvootl l.ois Alcllealh Jeanne Schellers Ycrnice Green Conservatory Calendar, 192711928 April 19. 1927 Piano recital-Clara Asmus. April 22. 1927 Minneapolis Symphony. April 26. 1927 Piano recital-llulh 1Vall4er. April 25. 1927 Piano recital. faculty numher-James Heistrup. April 28. 1927 Morningside lranfl concert. Directorglaester Mc-Coy. May -1 1927 Music Festival. Violinist--Harry Farhman. May 5 1927 Music Festival. Morningside Chapel Choir. May 6 1927 Music Festival. Nlav 7 1927 Music Festival. lffomhinecl orchestras-Morningside Symphony orchestra ancl University of South Dakota orchestra. May 12 1927 Piano recital'-lVlina Omer. May 153 1927 Piano recital'-Helen Quirin and Naomi Horwits. Nav 23 1927 Joint voice and piano recitaleLois McBeath. Eva Snyder. and Velcla Wiellnitz. May 21 1927 Joint voice recital-M Helen Quick and Betty Meacl. May 25 1927 Piano recital-Jeanne Scheffers. May 27 1927 Voice recita1AFflith Held. May 331 1927 Piano recitaleeLois Craswell. June 1. 1927 Voice recital elluth Gillmert. June fl. 19227 Piano recital hy pupils of Miss Thompson. Octoher 5. 1927 Farewell Concert--lfrnestine Schumann Heink. Octoher 31. 1927 Faculty series. Violin recitalwLeo Kucinski. Sixty-eight January 9, 1928 ejacques Tliiliaucl. violinist. February 14, 1928 February 16, 1928 February 28, 1928 March , 1928 Marcli 12. 1928 March 15. 1928 March 20, 1928 March 26. 1928 March 27. 1928 Apri 2. 1928 April 3 1928 April 11 1928 April 12 1928 Aprii 18 1928 Aprii 16 1928 April 17 1928 April ia 192:-1 April 19 1928 April 20 1928 April 23 1928 April 24 19251 April 26 1928 April 27 1928 April Silt 1928 May I-. 1928 May 8.1928 May 11. 1928 May 15. 1928 Concert Course. Faculty series. Piano recital James lieistrup. 9-Menis Home Glee fiilult con- cert. lfaculty series. Piano recital A tllara Asnius. Voice recital-Eclitli Heltl. Piano recital-alaet nnarcl Jact tl t- sen. joint voice and violin recital eeViolin. Helen Empey: voice. llalpli Maliluni. lvlaclrigal Club Home concert. ,loint voice recital ae Maurine Mc-fflure and Eunice Gray. Voice recital---Lucille Oillern. Morningside String Quartetae Preslnvterian liliurcli. Voice recital -9 Margaret Mil- ler. joint piano ancl voice recital -llutli Slnitli ancl liernia llust. Piano recital-Elizaltetli liryan. Joint violin recital -A lflorella Kelley and Caryl Engelken. Piano recitalelfilva lieiniers. Concert Course. lltlinneapolis Symphony Orclie tra. joint recital - Gladys lioltl ancl li1oI'olllj' fiurrer. Piano recitalsei1liltlrecl Sweet. Piano recital-Lila rllelmltel. Piano recital-I-9114irolliy Higgs. Piano recitaleeliutli Vtlallxer. Violin recital '7l16l11lki Moss- man. ,Ioint violin and piano recital eewarion Hughes antl liloytl Nlitcliell. Joint violin anfl String Quar- tetle recital A-9 Kristine Kucin- Ski antl Girls' String Quartcltc. Piano recital 9 Eunice Wahl- stroni. Piano recitale-Glaclvs Tinnn. Joitll voice recital f liois lieatli and Velcla Wellnitz. Piano recital--Frances l,ucke. Sixty-nin lC0lUlSQJFV6tTCOIt"y Students Atkinstm. tlaml .-Xrcher. Inez lirwyvii. E. N. Hrtmli. Hultert Hailey. Huth lirtline Burgess. Marvin Huttuni. Helen Hale. Gertrude llryan. lda lflizalmeth Hunner. Lauren Hallxema. Lucille Huntley. Haruld Hurnight. llnlvert Halter. Helen llenlmyye. John Hunilield. Leta lludralxa. Louise llliyien. Mildred tflaerlmut. Lucille tihandler. Nlary Margaret tlurrer. llurntliy Mae tlunley. Marilla Grace tihampeny. tfharlntte tihiltun. Amilita lludge. Mildred llallenluach. Lucille lfleanur llunleyy. Eleanur llelluyter. Martina llanfnrth. William llittmer. Stanley lfllving. Edna liherly. Eileen lfngelken. tiaryl Evans, tflaire limpeyp Helen Edlun. Hultert l"inney. linlnerta lfleyyel. Huth lfrum. Huth Lucile lfisher. Nlartin Green. LaVancha Nlay Gephart. Vlvilliam Gedley. Harriett Gilltert. Huth I. Greene. Lois Guernsey. Wilmer Glenny. Martha Ellen Gafiy. tfaryl Green. Vernice Gray. Eunice lhmntliy Hughes. Marian Held. Edith L. Haas. Gertrude Wilma Harvalis. lrene Harvalis. Nlarjtwie Jay. lluruthy' julnistni. Gladys Jensen. Anna tItn'dtni. Phil jultnsun. Ethel Jacnlisen. Lennarfl G. Kettle. lfletcher Kelley. Flurella Kucinslxi. Kristine Koch. Htllll Luclxe. Frances Luklxen. Hazel l.uwry. Wallace Lake. Lenne lVleredith Leinliaugh. Hernice Livingstnn. Hnliert Nleents. tlrgtnia Nlcliurney. lflara Luui Nlussman. Henita Nlunre. Mildred Merris. Huy Nltrrgtvti. Eduard Myren. Arthur Mnssman. Mildred Nltmle. Lnrry lVlahlum. lltmntliy Nltmr, Kenneth Nlmirz Elaine McManigan. lie Saix Nlusuw. Dtvfutlly Mctilure. Maurine Nlatsnn. Richard Nlahlum. Ralph Hay Nlctlliesneyy Jessie Lun Mt-Nlellari. tllarice Mc-Heath. Lois Nash. Frances Omer. Mina Ulmer. Esther U'Kern. Lucille Seventy Ulsun. Move Price. Frances Peters. Almyra Paulson. lluruthy' Pattersun. Helen Palmer. Huhert Petit. Alicia Hinker. Vera Hiodan. Lula Hust. Herma Higgs. Dttmtliy Heimers. Elva Hfilcl. Gladys Sihley. Edward Sweet. Mildred Stevens. Geurge Snyder. thmstance Smith. Huth Schefliers, Jeanne Schultz. Vlfarner Saunders. Helen Simonsen. Walter Schneider. Ruben Semun. Huhert Smith. Gail Stnrielcing. Laura Smith. Luella Singer. August Tinnli. Henry 'l'aylur. Wilson Tepaske. Agatha Telthel. Lila Timm. Gladys 'lqlumipsmr Gladys Thomas. tlliftliiwl Tepuele. Vivian Van Peursen. Edith 1 Van Hnrne. Vlilliam Van Eugen. Anna Ward. Shirley' Walker. Ruth Whttcls. Marie Wltmtl. lirwvwriie Wilkenson. Greta Wellnitz. Velda Wahlstrum, Eunice Yeaman. Hazel ,gsm ,, ' , I 4 sl .' "To he ahle to understand and appreciate literature is one step in interpretation: to he ahle to present living thoughts and feelings to a listening and eager audience is another step of somewhat longer dimensions." Expression is the manifestation of mental activity: the outward sign of life and spirit. As the hoholinkis song is the outflow of a full heart. So all true expression oheys the same law -it comes from within outward. Une ol' the first steps in the development of expression must he the recognition of the necessity of genuine possession. Impression must precede and determine all expression. Methods used in teaching should he ltased upon psychological principles. de- veloping real power hy cultivating those qualities of mind and heart which are fundamental in all true expression. lVlorningside College offers such a course in the School of Expression. This Course is planned to cover three years. therehy making it possihle for students to comhine the work in Expression with the Liheral Arts courses. Many. however. not wishing to take the full course. select one or two hours. or private lessons. During the first six weeks of the summer term. several courses are offered. College credit is given this work as well as practically every courge which the School of Expression offers. Seventy-one , l',, via..- HM-.- ..,.,,. , Kr THIRD Yum Margaret Heed Lucille Smith Faye Wrmfls Reed. Smith. Whmls, Bllxpw-51111, Gantt nhl, Smle1'st1-um, Slevermsrm, Blivcn. Figs-rt. Shore Expressimr Studemis Sl-ICUNIJ Ylcrexlc Irene Kulll Lueile Fuley llllrystal Sll3'v't'IlSHIl Uuris lllll':Q't'SUl1 lQ21llll'fIl Gantt Hazel Suflelstrwnn Seventy-two FIRST YEAR lfrances Figert Clrarlntte Schroeder Ruby Wilsmr Mildred Hliven Madge Tllumpsml Emma Shore Afhlfemw A 1. I 41 1 'P Jr. 'Tat "' , P: FL., "L 72-.Q - Q'- - U I-d :Il L -c .za Q!-r-lg 1,4 ag-"l f J The good sportsman has learned respect lor rules. The good citizen has also learned respect for rules. though the rules which he respects are more properly known as laws. .The good sportsman has learned fair play. The good citizen has also learned fair play in that he is always tolerant of the political. economic. and religious views of others. The good sportsman has learned loyalty. The good citizen has also learned loyalty. the hasis of all sound organization. The good sportsman has learned teamwork. The good citizen has also learned teamwork. which is merely another name for cooperation. A nation of individualists would pass swiftly into anarchy. The good sportsman has learned gameness. A good citizen has also learned gameness in that he does not capitulate or whine when the tide sets against him. The gamlvler lacks sportsmanship. The good sportsman has learned democracy. The good citizen has also learned democracy in that he recognizes no standard ol' human excellence save merit. "That a keen. active mind. he formed in a strong. virile ltody: that impulse he tempered with reason. and self-expression restricted hy law: that measurements not of one's own making he recognized and accepted at their proper values: that the courteous word and chivalrous deed he present even in the heat of comhat. the flush of victory. or the sting of defealg that in the atmosphere ol' the classroom these same ennoliling principles. hnding a fuller held for operation. may result in the most perfect development of manhood-an athlete. a scholar. and a Christian gentleman: these are the ohjects of college athletics." Hemi of ilu' lllzletir' Depurlnzelzl. Seventy-three -A-' .. ,,,, , ,,,, . . f 4 ss. .fw- er Q vis ' ,A J ,nv 5 ..... we 4. . fix we xiii ld. li. WENlC -s .4xS1'sIi111f ffoucfz lf you hear a man with a slow. drawn out manner of speaking youire quite sure that it is "lille" Weiiig. "fillve" is the head lvaskethall eoaeh. assistant track coach. and freshman football eoaeh. He has proved himself worthy of all these positions. "Ohe'i is well liked hy everyone. even the ladies on the campus. During his college eareer he was known as one of the hest all-round athletes in Iowa, and therefore is ahle to tell his men "just how it is done." Once in a while he speaks in Chapel, and he always wins the attention of the students on aero-ount of his splendid per- sonality. He is very well liked. and everyone is proud of him. EDWARD Plllvlllrllz --f Direeiur Uf Fff'.YlIIIIlllI .'ffllle"I'l.CS "Etl." as we Call him. is the very ahle freshman basketball and track Coach. hesides heing "SHllllClyiSM assistant. Coaching the varsity line in football. "Ed" was :1 lineman. and the Captain. of Morningsitles first Conference Championship football team. He was a good footlidll player and a real fighter. He still retains these qualities and teaches his men good clean sportsmanship. inspiring them to do their lvest. He is rather young in the coaching game. hut ohtains splendid results. "Ed" shows interest and determination in everything and loves his work. lJ0lI'l'0ll C. XV. IQOCHW-7'm1'11er "Doe" always has a smile for everyone. If one goes down on the football field any night the boys are praelieing foothall. he will see "Doc" standing there, smiling and smoking a cigar. He is always "on the dot" and ready at any time to help the hoys. He keeps them in splendid physical condition. and the hoys value him as their trainer and friend. Seventy-fou 1' 1-its K TH E ATHLETIC tl0MlVIITTEE The athletic cumlnittee is une uf the greatest assets uf the Athletic Department, and lVlnrningside is certainly pruud of it. fluaeli Saunderson, Professor Hayes and P1'ol'essm' Van Horne cnnipuse this committee. They are very cumpetent men. and take care of their wnrk in a creditahle manner. They wnrk for the welfare nl' Nlorningside above everything else. and as a result ath- letics have been placed on a high plane. At the present time they are devoting their efforts tu the securing of a very hadly needed Field Hnuse. Seventy-five NVeniu, Hit-liaulsoii. Pritchett, Crippcn. Gehrt. Means, ltown, Beck, Rinehart SZllllltlCl'Stlll, Cross, Bastian, Brinkman. Pirwitz Williams. Tliaeker, Hatter. Bartholomew, Sarge-ant The H li' Cllullm llalph Bastian ........ l,fFSl.t11'lIf Marion Sargeant ,,,, ,.,.,,.,. . 1 '1'c'f'-l'resitlf'rz! Haven Means . . .. , . qFl'f'l'ftlI"t'-TFPIISIIVUV The "lil" lllult is an honorary athletic organization. Any man is eligiltle who has inacle his varsity letter in footlrall. lvaslietltall, or track. lllemlnership in this exclusive organization is a much coveterl honor lteeause lllorningsicle has a very high stanclartl in Athletics. which makes meniliership in this c-lull a prize to lime attainecl. The present organization has txsenty-txxo menilvers. ln orcler to lteeome a full-lleclgetl memlter in this elnlr the pletlge must pass the initiation. which in itself is no small mutter. This. however. is nothing as compared with the satisfaction of lteing called an ac-tive memlier of the "M" fllulm. Seve-nt y-si x t gtmtl teamwtwrlx the Telegraphers were tlefeatetl ltr! tn l2. Wesiern llllltbll. with a Ralph T'l11sti:111. flzpluirz The 1927 ttlttitiittttizttltt Seatstiii Tl1e 1927 tmttiteilt seasnn as at w hnle ean he 1-allt-tt at 1111-t-ess. illlllttllgll Mn1'11i11g- sifle wun tvnly three tint nf eight petnnes. Snr-eess is ll1t'igtSltl'Ctl nut only lay the lllllllllial' of games wetnn. lint hy the tlt'1'eln11111e11t til' f-l1g11'11t'te1' atntl virility ill tl1e men, antl i11 this tInz1Cl1 S3lllltlEl'SHIt was entirely stteet-ssfttl. Wlien tl1e seasttn npenetl. nstiltlllflyu lltlllttll that he hurl entirely new H1t1lPl'lEll with whieh lti wnrlx. This laet. llHXX6'YPl'. tlitl nnt ll'SHt"Il "SillIllIlf'.Su patience zinfl cletermi11a1tif111 tn hniltl Ll teann. antl he ttitl this i11 sneh ll splenrlicl lNilIlll?l' that he nnt only lllllll a team nl' w hieh the entire stnrlent lttnlt was prtitnl. lint atm liflfllltlfl E1 gnntl I1llClt'llS fm' next yearis team. wtf-M1411 Llllitlll. nn tletttlner tl1e seetttwl. eanie tn Nf'lHI'l1illgHlClC lor tl1e first gains" of the season. 'lS3llll4lyM put his new team 11111111 tl1e lieltl. untl as at result nf tl1ei1 team Ctmipnsetl nf veteran men. eatne tn h'ln1'11i11gsitle witl1 high hnpes ull tlPl1PilllltQ the Maiwmiis. They tllllW9igll?fl the lXTHl'tHlllS tw enty Iltlttllflh tn the man. 1 T11 tl1e first t1llHl'lCl' the lVla1't1t111s 111z11'r'l1etl tltvwn tn Vt estern LHIHIIS 1111?-yi1I'l'l line. hut nn aeenttnt nf a lat-li ttf sen1'i11g 1mw'er w ere helrl fur tlttwns. The Tele! rapheifs lille lvraeersl antl heltl well nn the tleliense. llll tl1e first play. TQLil'Ilt'l't'l' ul Vlf'ester11 lllliftll was cltvwnefl hehintl l1is 111111 gmail-line fur at safety. These twn 'mints were the first nl tl1e game. ln tl1e S9CHllfl quarter tirippe11. til' lXTtlI'Illllf!,Slflk'. passefl tn tfrnss. whtt was tlnwnecl 1111 the lWtl-y'ilI'fl line. l'll'ttIll tl1e twftn-ya11'fl li11e Ahe Vlvilliauns plttngetl m'e1 tl1e goal-line. antl lirippen matle gnntl the try fur tl1e extra pnint. The half entletl 7 9 to 6. as i11 tl1is same tltl?:ll'lPI' a pass lay Western Uninn. lQtlf'lI tu liillN9l'FI'. gave thf Telegraphers a tn11el1tlttw11. Seventy-seveii .llo1o111'11gs1'1l1"y ylunc Hull lil! the 51111111 Iltlklfffl grunt' ' Wigan - -' V ,,,-,.-.let ,Q Q fx 7111- imc tfozrn under ll punt in llw Dey flloirres "llI7lf' P - as Aglllllifl Immediately after the heginning of the third quarter. Down of Morningside hlocked a Western Union punt. and Kamerer fell on the hall hehind his own goal-line to enahle the Maroons to secure another safety. Again in the third quarter Down recovered a fumhle on the 22-yard line. After two end runs failed. a pass was thrown to Means. who raced over the line for a touchdown. Hatter. who had taken flripperfs place. made good for the extra point. The hlaroons did not score in the fourth quarter. hut the Telegraphers succeeded in pushing across another touchdown. The Nlaroons outplayed their heavier opponents throughout the entire game. The Score hy Periods IU-5'l'l'W Western l'nion ..,,,. tt 6 tt 6at2 fffllffffff' Morningside .......... 12 T 9 tl lil 1'f'llfl'li The Haskell Indian team carrie to Nlorningside on Uctoher the eighth. They succeeded in nosing out a victory' in the last minutes of play. and won l5 to ll. The Haskell team was a strong aggregation. and hy holding' them to such a close score the Nlaroons showed that they had foothall ahil- ity. Nlorningsidas line played well on hoth the defense and the offense. The Nlaroons led at first. and then they were equalled hy a Haskell marker. Then llown gave Morn- ingside the second lead in the llMl'lill0l'0MmXi game when he scooped up a C"7'1""""l""' Haskell fumhle and ran 85 yards for a touchdown. He was assisted hy' good interference. ln the hrst quarter the teams played con' servatively. and punted hack and forth, Yeither team seemed to he ahle to score. Not much ofliensive playing was shown hy' either team. The first quarter ended with neither team having any points. ln the :econd quarter the Maroons took the lead hy' making a touchdown after a pass from Hatter to Means. The try' for the extra point was good. But in this same quarter the ludians hlocked a Morningside punt and scored a safety' as the Maroon hack fell upon the hall hehind his own goal-line. At the end of the half the score was 7 to 2 in favor of Morningside. The third quarter was a hard fought pe- riod. The Maroons failed to make any' Seven t y-eight points. and after the smoke of the hattle nf' the third period was over Haskell had seored a touchdown, whieh gave them the lead 8 to 7. The Maroons were trailing at this time. hnt it was in this period that flown raeed H5 yards for a touchdown. and the try for an extra point hy Hatter was nnsneeessfnl. Then Haskell started passing. Their attempts re- sulted in a touchdown which tied the score ll to lil. Hawley of Haskell made good the kick for the extra point which won the game --ea hard battle. The large Crowd that turned ont for the game went away satisfied heeanse of the splendid manner in whieh hoth teams had aetplitted themselves. For Morningside the stars were: Hatter. Means. Bastian. and Downg while for Haskell Captain Hawley. Smith. and DUW Brightman were the shining lights. Sc-ore hy lleriods Haskell .,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,4e,,,i,,,,,,, tt 2 tm Te sl5 ltflorningside .,e,,e,,.,.,,,,i,,,e tt 7 tt Tall Un Uetoher the fifteenth the Maroon team played Hastings tfollege at Hastings. The team was in good shape after the Haskell game. although they were still wilhonl the services of Donald fiross. a halfhaek. in this game. "lion" was hurt during the Haskell game. "Sanndy" pnt in his reserves. how- ever. and Paul lirinkman was ealled lu "lJon's" plaee at halfhaek. In the first quarter hoth teams see- I sawed up and down the held. Neither 'ml team made mneh ground in line plunging nor end runs. ln the ser-ond fpiarter the Maroons seemed to slaeken their defense. and as a result Mr.-tlracly. Hastings qnarterhaek. started on an end run. Cutting haek over tht- line and running on down the field for a touchdown. He made a pretty run. liefore the half' llleffratly. of Hastings. again ran hack. this time to throw a pass. He stood hack and went into the motion of throwing a pass. and seeing no one around he ran down the held for the sec-ond touchdown. The try for the extra points was good for hoth touchdowns. The score at the hall' was lt to tt, in favor of Hastings tfollege. ln the third quarter the Maroons settled down. Morningside did well on the defense. watching every move of the enemy with de- termination to hold them. The Maroons. hy Seventy-ninr rm! Nllf,-XN5 .1 rlllll in lfu' llrzslwfl lllllllll 111114 I ?f.?5f." '1 4.,f"'w.,,.,g1'..r. ...U 1, f Wi xnxx M tl. a., it HL. ., sm ...-Www Q .. xg.-Ae., .R .Y j -li. as 'sf niwwf i If TY 1 "' a. -.-J--M v ' ' - "' 'A' f.'4pc55fFzH,3'22?i2?"l"7 4. ., ...f-auf., V , . X t 5 i W L. .15 . .f . nz, P" f N W-4, Q 5 rf sv V . ., ., Bt 'Tig I 4 ip t tt' "- i' t ?32i"'t'f'3 .sg -' JtL',g,l. M I -' I W' P , , .px , iw i Q . a ' 4 u 0 -, ' 'ni laid' ' rg, 4 ss- . - . Q, W -' . eg, wa., . 1- W., :Yr -4 at V ...-.. in my f flllllflft' in the llUlIIt'l'HllII.l1 fum 1l'I.f ll Iles .'llofm 'Q Sozzffr llu!.ol11 Il juflx lo gain l1QIlI'lI.Nf ffm' .Maroon line A Wx xl "Nfll-IIIIVI' ltfll-Yu hy' 5011111 llllkwfll. TfIflIIASQil'I.IIQ Huy' t good straight foothall. marched down the field for the hrst Maroon point The try for the extra point was no good. and the third quarter ended l 1 to 6. The fourth quarter started out as if neither team would score. The Maroons held Hast- ings for downs easily. Morningside advanced the hall down the field many times. hut the Hastings team hraced and held. The quarter. however. did not go scoreless. hecause the Maroons hy hard straight football again pushed over another touchdown. The try for the extra point was again a failure. This made the game l2 to ll in favor of Hastings. Yet the Hastings team was lucky that the whistle hlew when it did. hecause Morning- side was on her way for another touchdown. VHOW For Morningside Brinkman. a reserve ylglyjyhglg halfhack. and Bastian did well. while for Hastings Mcf,rady was the star. The Score hy Periods Hastings ,,rs,,,,,Y,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,r,,, t ll-1 tl Hill. Morningside .i,.e,.,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, tl tl 6 6-l2 tilctoher the twenty-second was Homecom- ing Uay at Morningside. The Maroons played Ues Moines University hefore a large crowd nf alumni and friends. The Tigers edged out a 6 to tt win over Morningside. It was a heart-hreaking defeat for the Maroons. who many' times were within scoring distance. hut failed to have the punch to put the hall THACKER over. Morningside made 18 first I W ik downs. while the Tigers were getting W 'M 3. By hard hitting foothall. and all kinds of well-executed plays from passes lo line plays. the Maroons drove through the Tiger defense to within scoring distance four times. The first time the Tigers received the hall hy intercepting a pass. The second time Morningside lost the hall on downs. The third time the hall was lost on downs. and the fourth time the Maroons lost the hall hy the decision of the official. In the first quarter Means kicked off for Morningside to ltidenour of Des Moinef. who returned the hall ltl yards. They failed to make their downs. and Morningside took the hall on the 50-yard line. Brinkman circled Des Moines' right end for 10 yards and first down. Then Morningside failed to make her next downs: so Des Moines took the hall on the 447-yard line. The Tigers made their Eighty downs the first time hut failed the second time. and were forced to Morningside's lil- yard line. Morningside took the hall. Hat- ter. on the lirst play. punted to the Tigers. and the hall landed on Morningside's 238-yarfl line. Des Moines made their downs. and the hall was on the 22-yard line. They funihled on the third down. and Morningsideis end Down. recovered the hall on the ll-yard line. Hatter. the Maroon quarterhack. made it first and ten on two plays. Un the second play Morningside fumhled. The Tigers tooli the hall. hut failed to make their downs. The quarter ended Morningside U. Des Moines tl. The second quarter started out with Morn- ingside in possession of the hall. After fail- ure to make downs. Hatter punted to Hide- nour. Dn a pass the Tigers made it first and ten. The pass netted them ll yards. WH Huw On line plays they made ltl yards Ally and first downs. Then a pass for lt! ' I in A yards put the hall on the Maroon 7-yard line. and first down. Stykes made 2 yards off right tackle. Ridenour got a yard ofl' guard. Williams replaced liohm for Des Moines. On the next play Williams. the re- serve. took the hall around end for a touch- down. Means hlocked the kick for the extra point. Then Des Moines kicked off lo Morn- ingside, who took the hall down to the 23- yard line. Here they were held for four downs. The Tigers failed to make their downs and punted. Brinkman made seven yards. Des Moines was otlside on 'H 1l1'.'t' BINIK the next play. It was Morningsideis hall I first and ten to go. ln the next series ull plays a pass from Brinkman to Means gained l7 yards. The hall was on Des Moines' 20- yard line. Here the Tigers held Morningside again for downs. Des Moines punted and Hatter recovered the hall. Morningside made 10 yards lay a pass to Hatter. Un the next plays Morningside failed to gain. Hat- ter punted. The half ended Des Moines 6. Morningside 0. To start the third quarter Means kicked off for Morningside. Des Moines failed to make their downs. and punted to Morning- side. Two plays. one hy a halfhack, netted the Maroons 6 yards. and Hatter made it 10 yards and hrst down. Williams hroke through the line for ltt yards. Morningside failed to make her downs on the next three Eighty-one .'!l'fl41l7I in Iflc opeliing gllllll' 14 flh ll'-mv-11 I nfon ' .' 'W-GE .f -was-kwfw-Q-Q-' tum. ..:,, M-inf A wwf M timers Mr gg, E. pf., 1 7'!nn'f.'r'1' It'I.f!l lfn' hull nm! lfn' rlon I fill III x five! ,-ll, f' ll 1'ff1if1"'-N flfflfffs lfff' ffflf' plays and sn punted. The Tigers failed tn make their downs and punted. It was Morn- W X, .. , .J ingsideis hall. and nn the third plav Brink- - fag K- ' man passed tn Means fur a Qtft-yard gain. fvmzzwvrv' 'beau Qa- fy AI llth - - - ' H tried again tu reach the gnal-line. X .4 ' The hall was nn the Pitt-yard line hut Morn- ingside failed tn make her downs. The quarter ended lies Nlnines 6, lllurningside lt. It was lies Moines' hall. hut they failed lu make their downs. Morningside then tank the hall hut she had tn punt after failure lu make ennugh yardage. firippen came intn the game tn replace Hatter. Mnrningside. nn two plays. one hy llrinkman for sl yards and une hy ffrippen for 9 yards. made its first dnwn. flrippen passed lu Thacker fur a gain nf' ZH yards. The Marnuns kept advancing the hall until it rested upnn the une-yard line. Here a fumhle hy' Thacker lust the ltlarnnn 'N r ' , Q , , chance tu scnre. lihe Marmaris I flI1rlllt'1tlnl1'L' hut the whistle hlewf hefnre it was dune. The game ended lies Moines 6. llflnrn- ingside tt. Fur Morningside Hatter and llrinkman were the stars. while Williams and l'arrntt were luminaries fur Des llrlnines. The Scnre tw Perinds 4 'Iles hlnines .,a.,aaaara.a,a.,.a,......,, ll 6 ll llff' Nlnrningside Y,,,,,aV.,arar,,.aa ll ll ll UAH On Octnher the twenty-ninth Nehraska Wes- leyan came lu play Morningside. The hila- rnnns were hnnnd for a yfictnry' after the Hnntecnming defeat. Morningside wnn the game T tu tt. The hlarnnns still HllillAlilJSUN . . . . I showed inahihty' tu scnre hecause Q r . . ' t 'W' nf a lack nf punch. nr the team wnuld have wnn hy at least three tnuchdnwns aa if' the yardage gained frmn scrimmage can s- he used as a hasis. Nlnrningside made llc! first downs tn Vlvesleyanis fnur. I lVlnrningSide tank "Ulugh hreaksii at the clnse nf the first and second halves. At the 'g"Q'3-ku nk chase nf' the first the Marnnns had the hall nn Wesleyfatfs l It-yard line. and as the game ended. Strnni. Marnnn halfhack. had carried the hall ln the 33-inch line. The game itself was a seesaw affair. with hntli teams failing in the critical moments. hut the hnyfs must he congratulated upnn their hard playing. It was in the secnnd quarter that Morning- Tfuzrrfcr nn rm nfl lrzrlrle , side made the pnints which wnn the game. Means led the spurt that carried the hall nearly' the length of the field and hrnught Eighty-two Morningside the vietury. With the hall tin the 23-yard line. Means faked a pnnt and ran arnund left end for ZH yards. Then Hatter. the lYlai'mni quarterhac-li. get away lpr a gain ul' l5 yards aruund the either end. Then Means made another gain wt' 7 yards arntrnd right end. Un the next play Hatter ran haely and threw a pass to Means. who flashed aeruss the goal-line for the winning lnuelnltvyvn. Hatter made grind the try for the extra point. lfitwr Wesleyan. Manchester. end, was the prineipal Sffttldltff threat fur the etnnpteretl. as well as the defensive star. He earried the hall at times and made some grind gains. The llflarmm fans gave him a hand when he left the field. Fur Morningside Hlltmleyt Means. wlni carried the hall in the haelylielfl. and played end. was the ,main star: 1,HH,m.X while the playing' tili Al lwastian was une of the high spnts nl' the tilt 4 ljll!IIf1'l hurl. liastian hasa reputatinn for analyzing' plays. and in this game lived up tu his reputatiun. Two reserve haelxs wlm slinwetl real promise nl' ftmthall ahility in this game were Strtnn and Cultlherg uf Mririiingside. The Senre hy Periods Nehraslxa Wesleyan ................ tt tt tt tt att . . ,- Morningside ................,,,...... . H1007 Un Ntiyfenlher the third Hriaillitlyii tmrly twenty-une men tn llrnulxings where Morn- Q ingside was tn play' Smith llalwta State at their animal l-ltilm llay eelehratiun nn Nnyfemher the fifth. State eele- hrated their llnlm Day hy defeat- lllllNli NI KN fllllllllllf ing' the lltlaiwimis ll tu 7. lyltvrningsitle yyas nutplayefl must nl' the time hy their heavier opponents. hut nevertheless they tlitlnit ae- eept defeat without a fight. The hlartmii line was light fur the heavy tippnnentl. hat-ltheltl n, . and line. The State men made lung runs. hut truss nf Morningside upened their eyes with his clash ull 70 yards. ln the hrst quarter. alter twti niinntes ul. play. Lrippen ol Morningside puntetl un Ins . fs . . nwn llt-yard line. bnnth in twn slashes ntl taeltle made ll yards. Harding. Sweinfinrt. and Smith added ltt yards ninre. and Smith went ull tackle fur a tuuelidnwn fur Slate. The try' for the extra pnint was nn Mtvrningride was analyte ln gain alter ing the next lileknfl. and punted tn Qt N lfi. reeeiv- Slillldis ltl-yard line again. Un the first play Smith. Eipality-t li ree i'Qff'l.l'fig gfmf llyllllllxf ll 1-.ylwln I nfn 5 Q.- A.. 55 Q gg s-4 . .l if . aft' A gs vw-42" :cle if wwe i '-' J 1 f -s g... .t..-s , f ., it , Q .' t.f7a,l. tal. 4 Q 1 , i . -- 1- zz Mug i . - 54- 'Y M "fx 2 . 4 ' " -' Sf' Hy ""':'XQ3' ' 'rn . qt. , . - V 2- N ig, .Ll 4 J' t ' 1 . "fbi t'!-- ' ' :' , YZ' g x f r ,lsggl y'...iT. r 1 'A in 'Y ,' W' ,fy . 'lfa wr' i R-.0 A A . A , N fy., My. .gk W1 gfqrmx Q yi W , 0 4 i .. sl 1 is As. y .rg ' ' . f . , as -W .-A .'l'ln1'111'11g.yl'tfe Flltllgl-HQ' tm !ll'vft'lI.N1' 11"11l'V sl ll It II X f I lv 1' . 1l1'lIlll 1' .lllllltllllx 1:l11t'i11g lil'-fill? lflc' 11111111 Um 1'1'1111'1f 111 .glllllifl 11111111111 Slllft' 5 1 I - . 1-- f, .-,g -- . sr 1- , -s t - A 1,-see-1 -S is .621 --mi ' - 1 ' "f, ..:1 . 'Y:E?75S.l 7311511 V " 1- 1 rf- Mt:1:i::g-Ewa,iif':a.fe ef- , f :ti x Q 'fr riff ,W , firmer st. ,x f fbwaig was h. 51 V. -W 'V 'WS f if 111121.21516 4' ws... at Q . 'ixsswx fr I Um Mo111f'.x I". Nflfll p.'11x lill II11' ,lffHlf'1'llHliIlg gllllll' S1 11111 LICHRT 1111" of State. went off tackle. evaded the second- ary defense. and ran 6tt yards for another lUtlCllfl0Wl1. lfrandsen did not make good the try for the extra point. Un the next kickoff Morningside nearly scored when Wlilliams pa'sed the hall to tlross. who dashed 7tt yards hefore he was hrought down. A fumhle at this time rohhed the Maroons of this chance to score. and State punted out of danger. Smith of State was replaced hy Shaefer. and Englemann was also suhstituted. Morningside failed to make her dow ns. and on the next play Engle- mann went off right tackle and dashed the remainder of the way for a touchdown. liirandsenis kick this time was good. A few' minutes later Shaefer intercepted a Maroon pass on his own 20-yard line and ran in a clear field 72 yards lmc' for a touchdown. This ended the scoring in the first half. Un the opening kickoff of the second half Finglemann. a State hack. returned the hall 69 'yards hefore he was lvrought down. He added lf! yards on the next play. and after two more plays. which failed to gain. he hroke through for his second touchdown. Alert playing hy Down. Morningside end. gave Morningside her only points. State had punted to the 50-yard line. and the hall was rolling around on the ground with nohody to claim it until Down grahhed it and ran across State's goal. l-latter made good the place-kick for the extra point. Stateis next touchdown came in the fourth quarter. Baker. a suhstitute. made the score. A Morningside fumhle on the Maroon 5-yard line gave State the hall on the next kickoff. liaker went around end for L-111 the touchdown. There was no further scoring. For State outstanding men were Smith. Englemann. Shaefer. and liaker. For Morningside Cap- tain Ralph Bastian. Means, telrippen. Kers- lake. Wlilliams. and Down played the hest. A crowd of ten thousand witnessed the game. The Score hy Periods South Dakota State .............. l2 13 6 1334-I Morningside ....................,,.. tl tl 7 ttf7 Un Novemher the twelfth Wavrie State Nor- mal from Nehraska came to play Morning- side in the old traditional game. Last year Wayne was given the small end of a 63-ft Eighty-four defeat. They came with the thought in mind that this year Morningside would meet fle- feat at their hands. But this was not the case. Morningside hattered the line and ends of the Wayne defense. and won hy a -ll-5 to 0 score. Wfayne fought hard and deter- minedlv. however. until the hnal whistle hlew. The Maroons were still feeling the sting of their last whipping. and. heing in no friendly mood, they simply walked away with the points. Morningside took the hall down the held almost at will. hut the "Wildcats" held good for half of the game. In the first quarter neither team took any chances. and each team punted freely. In the last part of the Hrst quarter. however. Morn- ingside started an offensive play with end runs and plunges through the line. S . .Lf Kl'iRfl,AKl'i which soon resulted in a touch- I . . l'l'lI VI down.. The score was Morningside 7. Wayiie 0. The second quarter started with hoth teams fighting hard. The Maroons had the edge on hoth the defense and the offense. ln the latter part of this quarter Bastian. Morning- side center. intercepted one of Waynes' nu- merous passes. This started the Maroons upon another offensive drive. Soon another touch- down was added. Crippen missed the kick for the extra point. The game at the half stood: Morningside 13. Wayxie 0. The third quarter started out with Morn- ingside in possession of the hall. RINEHAHT Morningside kicked to Wayne and Wayne made a fumble which "Hooley" Means recovered. At this time a hfteen-yard penalty for holding was imposed upon Wayne. The hall was then within easv scoring distance. On the next play Ahe Wil- liams crashed over for a touchdown. Crip- pen's kick was good. A pass fromf Crippen to a halfhack started the Maroons' next march for a touchdown. By end runs and smashes the hall was placed upon the 12-yard line, from where Cross car- ried it over the goal-line for another touch- down. Later in the quarter Down recovered a Wayne fumhle. and hy more offensive play- ing another touchdown was the result. The high spots of the fourth quarter were passes by Crippen and Strom to Means. which rather awed the Wfayne team. and gave Morn- ingside another touchdown. To top it all off Eighty-five iurfrle 7l!7I'llll'IAllQ' Um XTIIIIAIIVS for Il fum 1 . J? if - 5 4 ,. . K, 6 gr 1 N A: x wiv-it 147, I Q - wa vs I w.. g 1-' b W ,Q .',.. Q ,' ,,'3 -z 4- m.I .f -. . ,-.Hifi- ee ,f 2 f, ' f H fi . 2 ff - max,-ffzteez.-wrt-nts W i . . . ,y old I, ,B Q 14 3. L nl g'M . 4, its . i . f A 4, 5 N " L alt ' ' 8 ' H 'W 'Q f .g.....f 'f f rg , 41 M ' 'fi-Tfl at ,f .. , , - s .- 5.4 ww.,-,.f-,.. .nfs- f , 1xw't"'?j3'32'5ff1g2f'f ...H . , 7 Q 71:1 1,7 . x 'f gf Z . -H 'iZZ"Tj.'fg9",.,l.Q,'3f-gh "t ,Mfr "f . .. " seem' t Y +14 W ,W ,c 'll N ,Q W V- 4 Y A4 M if-M ,-, if , nf 37' -N A , -'-'nr.--.f-f-- f ' -' EQZQZ-' We -iw", " -. , .. XW2 ' -- .. 7' . 141 . 'Y 1 v , ,. - , , 1 ,gs . . .4 1 4 ' -1- -1. .' ' . "4 sg, s X all Z 1.3 w , T , ' , Q, ' X .gt 'gf t -a .f-.3 nk . . .... ,V . L..,,,,-ESP.. 1 M -var .,,, , gi., gg ,M ...Q Morzzfzzg.x1'flc".x line ll'1ll':1t'lAlIQ ugrzfnxl HHIIYIIU 1 ,rw --lfllfllllifn gf-lling uztui for cm! 11111 llglllllkf ll e.slt'1'l1 flllliflll vw 1- -4s.a,1,s .. s W -v K ,-, v, pg, Q s gp - " ,f Avi - swims.. ke ff., ft' Ji Y I gm, M af 2' if we 1 V Y 1 ' -iw . .. 4 -5 .1 af at '55 ft W ' " Yuri A . . ' X gf' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'X , s. . zu' 3'4" f ' . o 1 Ii", i" A- i g. Seq ' TT? inf rig? A' , , , . 2 ,A. Q-1... ,wg .5:-f slgsn. t wt , Q, , ,fit . M. ,- jx, ' -,,.., , ,, ffl-':.- T' L. W- N fv"3'. A ' - g ' ' ' ff r i i ' ' "wfW'32z,f, W'?'5" wi" iff- ' 'Sw-Q . 5, - , .-. V , ,vw-1 A ' . rf. f'MWafz-,..w.- ,- -, . 1 ff- -H, ,rf-'ara-. .---J 4 .. 5 .-, I 2 V- H - . - .. M ,I 4 . , . . , 541- ggi 'A I .-I c'ris.s-r'ro.x.y tlerelopfng ugufml llwui nc Coldherg. ti Maroon halfhack. in the last few minutes of play. dashed around Wayne's right end for a touchdown. He ran 20 yards. Wayne never at any time really threatened a touchdown. "Saundy" suhstituted freely in the game. For Morningside the stars were Means. liartholomew. and liastian. while for Wayne htlayhe1'1'y was outstanding. The Score hy Periods Wayne State Normal ,,,,,r,r,,r, tl tl H Hitt Morningside ,a.....,...... .......r, T 6 19 T3-45 The llniversity of South Dakota. lkflorning- side's traditional Turkey Hay rivals. came here to do lnattle on Novemlrer twenty-fourth. It was a hard fought game. and at the close of the struggle the score was 22 to 7 in favor of South Dakota. Their win over Morningside gave the University of South llakota the North Central foothall championship. The Maroons. how- ever. made the sweat come out on the ulioyotesi " brows a numlter of times. and played the game so well that they received as many congratulations as the winners. t2t'lI,lJHlCRtl flflfvffrrrrf The lloyotes received the kickoff. and hy virtue of line plays and end runs they drove lo hlorningsides l2-yard line. The Maroons sensed the danger and tightened their de- fense. They held the ifovotes three straight downs. hut on the fourth down the University of South Dakota team place-kicked goal. This netted them three points. Clancy kicked the ., , , goal for the invaderf. Morning- l'l'il'lt,Hl'.'lVl '. A .W L side then received and advanced the hall to the 50-yard line. It was here that the tfoyotes received a hreak. and intercepted a lVlaroon pass. Crockett. who did the intercepting. ran in an open held for a touchdown. The try for the extra point was no good. The quarter ended South lla- kota Q. Morningside tl. frtfllforl' Early in the second quarter lirippen was suhstituted for Hatter at quarterhack. After a few 'plays of end runs and a line smash. tlrippen threw a pass to Down. who ran 25 yards for l'wlorningside's first touchdown. The fans stood up in their places and yelled. The kick for the extra point was good. The half ended. South llakola University 9. lVlorning- side 7. ln the third quarter the lVlaroons had the edge easily over the Coyotes. Twice lVlorn- ingside. lay hard end runs and line plunges. Eighty-six hrought the hall within easy scoring distance only to lose it. It was this which prohahly lost the game for the Maroons. The Coyotes were at the mercy of the lVlaroons and could not do a thing. The third quarter ended: South Dakota University 9. Morningside 7. ln the last quarter of the game the Coyotes took advantage of a hreak. and Stensland. South Dakota's end. hloeked a Maroon punt. South Dakota recovered it and in Iwo plays Crashed over for their second touchdown. The lVlaroons then hraeed up and held the Coyotes for a while. Then Gidlev lnroke through hlorningsideis line and reeondary defense and dashed down the field 55 yards for their third and last touchdown. The lXlaroons elected to reeeive and on the kiekoll' a Maroon hack hrought the hall up the field -15 yards. Morn- ingside then threw passes. until one was intercepted hy thetioyotes. The liovotes held the hall and the game ended: Uni- versity of South Dakota 22. Morningside 7. For Morningside the stars of the game were tfrippen. llastian. and Dartholomew. while for the tloyotes tiroekett. Cidley. and Stenlanfl were outstanding. The Score hy Periods llniversitv of South Dakota 9 ll ll lfif'2f2 lvi4'Pl'll1Ilg'HlflC ,.,,,,.,.,,,.,.,,,,,,..i ll 1 ll llsaz ln reviewing the season we eau say that in spite ol' the games lost this yearns footlrall season was a sueeess. lvlorningside lost many ol the veteran players ol last year liwll-,IMI hy graduation. "Saundvi' had to re- inzfu- It liuilcl a new team. This year four M'f1"'f'r2' H' players Means. Captain Dastian. tiross. and lltitfvtl Y will lie lost. The leader of the l928 foothall squad is Frank Bartholomew. a guard. who has had two years uf varsity foothall. "Dart" is a steady player and a hard fighter. with the Morningside spirit. The prospects ol' a win- ning team are very promising. as not many of the men will he lost hy graduation and a numher of freshmen of ahility are eligihle for the varsity next fall. Y Eight y-sen IMHNI gllllllf THE 1927 lf't5U'I'l3Al.l, S1IHlilJULE 111-tolver l -Vllestern Union A....,.. 1lf'l1ll1t'l' I-I -eaklaskell ,..,,.....A, Uetolver l5 eel-lastiiigs College fletoliel' 22 -lies lkltlitles lt .,Y,..,, Ut-tolxer 29 - Nei-raska Vtvesleyan Nweiiilver 5 South Dakota Staten. Noveniher l12e -Wayne State Normal ,.. ,A. . 1 1 Noveinlter Qle South Dakota ll ., , The new men Morningside...... ,..,.l5 Morningsicle...,. I- lVTUl'IllIlgSlfl9...... 6 Mtnrningsicle...... ,,,,, 11 lYlorningsicle...... ,. ,.A, ll Morningside ..,. .. M orningsicle lVTt'll'IllllgSlilC...,.. nho won letters are: Usear lletfk wTac-kle Charles llown-End Wellington Hineharte eTac-kle Wesley Hatter-'Quarterback Haroltl lill'llitl'llS1Pll'7G1lill'1l Lowell 1Irippen-Quarterback ,leronie Gehrt eeGnartl Walter l'ritr'hett-1-Fullhaek lllltost' nxt-eivizig the tnvzttwl lor the seeontl or thirtl time are' tlaptain llalph llatstian tienter William Tliaeker-el'lalfhaCk Haxen Nleans flfntl Alrram Vllilliams-Fnllhaek Frank liartholoniexx linartl THF ALI, 1j11NI"l4lttEN1Lli TEAM Isl-I'SIi ,IVUIIIVI Entl ..,. lfntl ,....., Tackle e..,ee Tackle .eee., Guartlm ..,.iSomers. tlreighton ,a...Stenslancl. South Dakota U. .HaNlaillaricl. 1Ireighton .....l,3.I'IllE'l6l', South Dakota State lianigha. Creighton Gnartl , l,.l. l Sreviek. South Dakota State 1Ienter ,..,.l,,.,,.l ..,.. l Sastian. Morningside Quarterlvaek ..te..t ,.... l lacon. South Dakota U. Hallhaek .,,.e,. Halfluaek ,..e.,. ,a,1Iroekett. South llakota U. Shaefer. South Dakota State Fnlllvaek ..... ....... l ieha, Creighton 1 here 1 1 here 1 lthere 1 there 1 1 here 1 1 there 1 1 here I 1 here 1 Nleans. Morningsicleis entl. reeeivecl a plaee upon the second North Central learn. and Bartholomew. a Maroon guard. and Thacker. Maroon halfhack. received a position upon the third all-Conference team. Eighty-eight Stewart, Hanver, Scott, Iiaun, MeLarnan Beckwith. Strung, Anglo. ltr-Grm'es. Andrews, M1-ml Seaman. Willer. Vamlc-rWilt, Husker, Hutt' Freslinian lF0uttlba,llll At the hrsl call a gumtly numlier ul' freshmen flunnefl the gray ftmtlenall uniform kept for the serulms fur the initial practice. tluach "Ulm" Vllenig managetl tu get them to work tugether with prec-isenesq hy the encl uf the seasun. The frush team slimwefl up uell against the varsity. There were many men who displayed real ftmthall tactics. The team gave the varsity much cuinpetitiun and lvattle. There is a wealth ul' material in these men uhm are guine tu laear the hanner ut' the Maruuns in the future. Tlumse wlm suceeeclecl in xxinning numerals are: Stewart ., ,.,., llenter Strung , eeeeei li. Cuartl lirarlstreet ll. Cuarcl Sentt .ee, l,. Tackle Willer .... Husker .. ..... li. Cuartl .e...It. Tackle Anglo Hansen ,. ll. Tackle hull. hurl llaun ....... l,. Tackle Holman ee... l.. lzml NICIJHTIIHII .... ,,,,, l ,. Entl Hull' ,.ee,,,,r ,ieeee l Quarter Mead ........ ....... l 1. Entl Havelautl ,..... ll. Half Beckwith ..... Quarter Waitt e,... at ML. Hall' Kettle ....... ,,,.,, l l, Hall' Seaman ,,,eee lfulllraek Andrews ............,,ir.,...i. .,..., L . Halt' llegnaet-er ,..,.. l"ulllvar'k VanderWilt ttjaptaint .,.. ....., It lullhaek I Eighty-nine M J, 1 ,TUX if BM 15. , ,, , I s, 1 , vm, ,,m11', fi T17 ff ll111'1-11 l'1l1-1111s, ffflhlllfll-ll The 1192.8 ll311e1Sll41e1tlb1,1llll 3112111311111 Tl1is yearis l1asketl1all 56354111 ltlily' well he 1'-all11l 11 s1111 ss 01,1 1 steppefl illtfl a lie f111' 1hi1'1l plaee ill the li4IttfPl'6llC't' 1'ati110 I 1 11 ea ltlf tl 1 1 1 State ill the last fitllll-E'l'L'l1t,'tt game. The li11tll.t't'PtlQ'P 11ll1 111111 111 lN111t1 Da 1 1 Uxiiversity. Httfl se1-111111 place 11e111 111 Sfllllll lJ11l111t11 TIIIXLIH 1 Dakota Aggies plaeecl f11111'tl1. M111'11i11gsi1le fi11isl1e1l up tl1e 596151111 i11 li11l1l.1"l'Gt1t? U1 LP ef Dakota State. which sh1111'e1l tl1a1 they 11e1'e 11ell rec-111e1e 1e 111111 1 seas slump. Tl1e Ma1'111111s sta1'te1l 11111 with Htl easy, 1fi1:t111'1. 1 t1e i11gsi1le team 11'1111l1l take tl1e tI1111l'e1'e111-e title. l311sti1111 1 ls 1111 1 F e l'111'111e1lx tl1e lifllllf lillfl at lirst. 11'hile 1'ese1'1'es i11 lll9 lhtllttl 111 .1 1111111 e lt Ill p11se1l 11l' Hatter, J11h11s1111, tQ11lli11s. lQ111gsl1111'1. Tit'l'NTLllxL a111l Smith 1111e lea take tl1e liilbtll' 11'he11 11ee1le1l. ,ATSKL je1'1'1 Cehrt a111l l11 1111 s glI3.l'flS. "Hunley" Means lL1f'liGtl l1111 11111' p11i111 11I' e11111l111g th1 lug 1 C1111fe1'e11Ce ee- N1 t1i1-I1 is Htl h1111111' f111' ilttj athlete 111 11111 The s 1 11 1'lea11 l1aske1l1all. illltl f1111gl1t ha1'1l 1l1e 11fh11le game. "tll11 1 l1et 1 sl11111l1l he given 11111 1'1'e1lit f111' 1le1'el11pi11g Sllffll a lean e 1 1ll1 1 1 1s 111 1s g11111l sp111'ts111a11ship. The first game 111' tl1e seas1111 was 111th Atlgtwliltlil I 11ll1:11 1111 I1111111l1e1 tt ll11 Ma1'111111s macle it Htl easy 111-11111. l11 tlGl'6Llltt1Q them ll 71 U11111111 es ll 1 fu11e1i1111e1l well. a111l the l11111s sh1111fe1l Qtltlfl te11111111111l1 lllll Fl 1 player ltf? ha1l. liastian. Means. illlfl Hatter 11e1'e 11111stz1111 lllf' 1 1111 starting lineup l'111' lW111'11i11gsi1le 11as lj. l'il1e1'ly. liastian. 11111s 1 tl ' Tl1e next game 1111 tl1e s1-he1l11le 1135 11i1l1 Western Llllllll Tllls 11 1 eas1' fur the lX'TZll't111tlS. "Ul1e" s11l1stit11te1l l'1'eel1 i11 tl1e -11 s ll' Ni11e1y-m11- the tilt was over. Morningsides defense worked well. and Vlfestern Union found it almost impossible to get a short shot at the lnasket. The Maroons broke quickly on the offense and piled up a total of 11-4- points while Western Union was gathering MEANS 20. Ahe Williams and "Red" Smith F911 ' showed up well as guards. while Bastian. Means. and P. Elderly made the defense function well. This January 7th game was the second straight victory. ICT January 9 the Wayne Normal team in- vaded Morningside to heat the Maroons. hut Morningside did not consent to run. and as a consequence Way'11e was heaten lil-15. The Maroons had little difficulty in defeating the invaders. as the score shows. The Maroons showed a speedy of- fense. At the half the Maroons were lead- ing 23-7. Bastian was hitting the hoop regularly and accounted for nine field- goals. while Means made four. "Ohms" again suhstituted freely. and used fourteen men. Morningsideis defense also Q 'JALTIAN worked well. Gehrt made a good fIlI'll'll7'll - V - showing lay stopping many of the EBERLY ,flllflfll Ninet Wlayne spurts. Wayne's threat was Gro- ger. a running guard who made some long shots. The first conference game was played on January l-l. Witli high hopes the Maroons were anxiously waiting to en- counter the North Dakota University five. The outcome was in the Maroons' favor. hecause Morningside won the game 32-19. This victory gave the Maroons the hope for a good showing in the "Title Race." They took an early lead, and were never headed. It was a well-played game. with both teams fighting hard. The Maroon defense and offense functioned well. In the closing minutes of play "Che" sent in the "pony" team. who not only held the Nodaks. hut succeeded in making two field-goals. Means and Bastian starred for Morningside. and Letich and Boyd for the Nodaks. Un January 20 the Maroons encoun- tered South Dakota University and won a second Conference game 26-18. This game had much stalling. The two teams battled on even terms, and at the half the Univer- y-two sity led l 'lto 12. "Utne" sent his men into the Second half with Confidence. however. and the Maroons hattled on even terms until ahout ten minutes to go. and then Bastian Caged some haskets which put the Maroons in the lead. Willie" must he given credit for the way he suhstituted Q , . . K f.lill'Pl'.lN his men. and credit must also he given to Bastian for his work. Q tirill was outstanding for the Coyotes. Illlfll Un January 25-l the Maroons met the North Dakota Aggies. and sufTered their first Conference defeat. The game started slow with North Dakota stalling. The Maroons, however. hroke up the stalling hy playing a man to man game. During the whole game the teams might he said to have ihattled on even terms. Morning- side missed some set-up shots. "Uhe" used eleven men in the game. For Morn- ingside "Perk" Eherly and Means were outstanding. while McPherson. Gergen. and Bliss were outstanding for the vietors. The score was 28-25. On Fehruary 3 the Maroons again met the University of North Dakota. The game ended in defeat for Morningside. The hoys from the north won 2211 to l9. North Dakota University had a hard time winning this victory. and played over their heads the entire game. The Maroons showed a hard lighting team. Four has- kets in the last minutes of play hy a North Dakota suhstitute hroke the lead for the Maroons. For Morningside Hatter. who filled the place left vacant hy Eherly. Means. and Bastian starred. while for North Dakota University Soldlnerg was outstanding. IZEH RT gzmrtl After the North Dakota ll. game the Maroons journeyed up to Fargo to play the North Dakota Aggies. The Aggies lost to Morningside 31-21. This victory put the Maroons in a triple- tie for first place in the tlonferenee. The performer for the Maroons who made nine field-goals. H A TT li H f-lIl'll'lll'Il outstanding was Means. The Aggies. however. played without Me- Pherson. their center. who was dismissed on account of scholastic diffieultiep hut they fought hard and gamely. Cergen was the outstanding performer for the Aggies. an . A. . ..1, L, . .,.. 1 p whqhlqh , vgwgswv. , ,5 V ,.,.1- , .. 4, ..L. . . -, ,W .4 g , . I V , 4. , ,V ,QW . V ,erpfqgggna .X 1 5 . Us as we e H. ,122 Q 4,32-5, 'ah V " s f . 1 j .,.gvz,:.15,.4w ,dsseyaya Fifi. : mgv W v W, - 'I -yf?"ff ' +5 . -. i '. y,, , gy 4 - R . QM A .9 - . ser' Va .,iz!'i' uf if f ima .- . fe . s eye miafgwzswfsaia 1 . AQ 1 wwwxer aww? ' 1 L? .1:. V? 5. 4 5 fp Q 1.1,-vga Q2 1. .Ia-t'-mewgs 5,0 K 4 A 1 5 x ig lv.: ,Q wwvmww , i. , T351 f 4. ff: ?...w,'. gg f , if A ', V. , me ,, W' " , W. f f ' 1 1.1. , - me ig 1-.away , L- -P Q-zgwf.Wv..r We .W 1 2 f " .:?'m-W . , ac. aww we .f is gg ,-www gtg. . tlewsmff 1 E , .awwfg'5- Q 'V - "aw , K 4,,,..' 'fr fwamfw aw y .. . I .X MQW, ft- :cave Q I ' f V - elim is wah s - .. ,1Ei?tf:.T.-s3SQ'iG?1'g'1 3 sv J Q . is L' if Z1 155 W: 'lt' if , if we .W . ae.-gf., , .f gif wx f - n t tttt my M. ' 6,222 ,Q QV' 'YI -, f if 1 . ' Q g a M Y H L . H 5 , ' 5,3 . is . J ., ,g,:Y..-... . ,I Q? W , V H T ' .maart rezgf 1 1: Y: rw- st- V ,f L v S, M52 V A ., V A -5 N. www gystw., W.. I v, . . .. Mi.. .:..... .,Q..,,:.geM .Ny . rf z ,,33m,,s .. jx .gmc -w . . If Q' Q re. wgffgyty A 5,,fJsf.fa5f:, K - . rf...-. ,f gm fa -rf. . .. ,. . mwgmwfnf se. . We wie-mia! f .. I 'RW52 gfxgfs 9912" i ' ' -:.:: , .. V lt A ,.,,4,., V. .K -1 W'?'fg...f" at 1 ativziftigggf V V . .y fa: rad: Z. - , ' . ,ggvkrrjfiigiagir zewmz 4 .. 1 -V . ,' ' ' , T V I ,J ' ' tplvzfit 352162 1 - f i - Yasswrftiiees, , ' if gfiimisige. 1 if T K5 . 4139s Vw 2-ff me 't X ,L - arg? es ' 1 4 1 fl I Q , , , , ,.., ...N. -I .. ...W w,g.,y,,,g. up D , .. . wwf 1:20 .X - Q ' ' M aww-twaa - -- N 1- a' S A page -- I Mg x , . .-I f ,J A .V fri in e sf ' 'rs "' ' Ninety-three 1 all as- 'WG as- .M am' fn H :sf - at saw 'A . 1 za' if sew? ui 'qw 'FN K.. x , my Fei gy ,,.. J I- li' 2 ' z ggcnwmwh-Y f QM ezyfst 4, is . ,a Er .M Mgt KINGSBUHY The Maroons showed a great eye for the hasket. and good defensive work. L, Fehruary 7 the Maroons sailed to Omaha To meet Creighton. The Creighton team proved too much for Morningside. and defeated them 57-225. The Maroons fought gamely and hard. The f I .1 liluejays started out with a goal Hmm' hy lliesing. The Maroons had had luck on many of their shots. or other- wise the score would not have heen so hig. "flhe" tried many eomhinations hut to no availeethe liluejays were "hot," Jensen. lQreighton's lanky Center. was loo tall for Means. and this gave the liluejays an ad- vantage. For Morningside Means and llastian did well. while Uiesing and len- sen were outstanding for llreighton. The Maroons went to Vermillion Veh- ruary ll to meet the lloyotes, and were defeated Zl-ll. liastian opened the scor- ing with a short throw. The Coyotes Canta- hack with a hasket. lfrom then on the , ll o y o t e s "played safeu an d t.0I,l,lNb .A -. V u watched their passing and watched ' ' 1' ' B .- I -- Un H ' Hooley Means. bvverson was the high point man for Vermillion. while llastian led the Maroon. Morningside JOHNSON made good seven out of ten free throws. At the half the game was ll-H in Vermil- lloll s favor. and in the second hall they "stalled" again, which forced the Maroons lo a man-to-man plat to get possession of the hall. Saturday. lfehruarx lil. the Maroons cus countered South llaltota fatale. who de- feated our hoys fill-lh. The Maroons were . t out of form. and allowed the btate men to get many set-ups. The first half of the game was slow owing to Ihe cautious play- ing on liotll sides. State was leading lll to ll at the half. hut jorzt urtl . K - - tn the first few minutes of the second half Ahe Vtilliams sunk two field- goals. which made Morningside close to Stateis points. Morningsidef defense did not function as well as it had done. The outstanding men for Means and Williams, outstanding' for S'ate. On lfehruarx 20 the ljreighton live came lo Morning,.aide. The Maroons were de- 4, Morningside were while Sessler was Ninety-lizut' termined to show them a good game. if not to heat them. The liluejavs. however. nosed out a win over the Maroons in the closing moments of the game. and won 27-21. The Creighton five were hard pressed throughout the game and were forced lo "stalli' lo edge out a vic- , liUUNl'i tory. The Maroons led throughout lu, most of the game. and at the half the 'IW' score was ll-lit in favor of Morningside. lioth teams played carefully. and lrotlt learns used the zone defense and the quick hreak. The "stalli' of Creighton forced the Maroons to a man-to-man defense. At the middle ol the second hall the Maroons were leading 21417. hut it was at -A . :xg-lif Ai i' :W W fy+wf9M' '-6 'www " i dw i- fwiz vp- '6'?X, fa MMP E an vi, abs, 3,54 ',a,-frm., Haw. , ..g-.Qu .-'geneva ,ab 'af . . Wwiv-'-QPSK' 'WK' ,A.1,x,. W a,. 1. L .. mf 4 1 .-ar - Qvgfeta 4 DP 3 ' el va'-r ik 4 U .,i this point that Uiesingf of Creighton "found the lvasketu and "iced 'the game. The outstanding men for Morningside were Means. Iiingshury. and llrippen. while for Creighton. lliesing and lieha were outstanding. Un lfehruary 27 the Maroons went to Brookings to play Slate. To heat SHIT State meant a third place tie. and to Qllllll lose meant fourth place. The Ma- roons won F55 to 21. The State men took an early lead, hut the Maroons. making long shots from everx angle and plating A . 4 . ' a good defensive game. showed that lhex deserved a victort. The Maroons sank many liaskels in lnoth halves. The otll' standing men fol' Morningside were Means. Hatter. and liingshury. Wliile it was said E 5.0. - v as f . ,., ' A25 N Q. fa, MQ t va L X 'gf' 3 W HQ me mi W2 . .fi 0362 . , ' naw Awww-e A ' it' ' me-ra ,, K . -i ,..,a,,,,,. mg... me 5 w' .. V emu ai- . r ' ffff1iMl5iWQ.i-5'ig1 ' e . 5. rr W, fl if '. 2. ...xQ.,.g. .-...-....a.!'i.i.g i that inahility to throw free throws cost the liunnies the game, our ltoys wfell deserved their victory. Morningside closed her hasketlwall sea- son March fi with a victory over iles Moines U. The score was ll-lfi. "Hooley" Means. captain. closed his college haskethall career. The defense of the Maroons functioned perfectly. The Tigers were allowed only two field- Wll.l.lgXNl5 'QIIIIIYI goals. Morningside excelled in exert de- partment of the game. and showed the Morningside spirit in their conielvack after the mid-season shunp. Means. lfrippen. and Cehrt starred for Morningside. while for llea Moines Ulrich and ltrickson did well. Nitin.-ly'-liii 9 a . fy! xg, f-we Morningside name out of the season with eight wins from four- teen starts. Our inoys should he congratulated upon their fine playing and sportsmanship. Yarsity men it ho non their "M" in haskethall are: .Center Means. Laptain i,,..iii..iii.,..,.ii,i,.ii ii.............,.,.... Hatter ..,,,, Bastian,t H. Eherly Gehrt .,,.., tiri ppeu t,,t, .....FOI'll'llf'll .,...1"llfll'llN1 ....,..Cuur11 .,.....Clllll'lT .......Cu11rfl FINAL STANDINGS UF tQUKI9'FltENfE TEAMS North Dakota Unixersity ....., South Dakota University .t,. Morningside .,.....t.....,...ttt South Dakota State .A.t..,t North Dakota Aggies ttt,tt on Lost Pet. 6 2 .750 5 F3 .625 I el .500 I I .5011 I 7 .125 ALL CUNFLR ENl IF TEA M Leitch. North Dakota Uiuversitx' .,..,,t.,...t,.tttt,,...t. Hahn, North Dakota Aggies ........t,...t. Running. South Dakota University ...... Means. Morningside ............,,t..t,,.t. Sersler. South Dakota State .,a....... Boyd. North Dakota lfuiversity .aa,.. Krug. South Dakota State ata,aa,,,,,.aa Ninety t,.,a, Forzrurff ,,....F0fll'Il7'l1 .. ....F0rzvurrl ,,,....Cenler ....,,.Cuf1rrl ..,.,,.f:Llfll'Il ,,,.,,,f:LlfIfll iw lleeenmber 1 January 7 january 9 January 11 January 20 January 28 February 3 Fehruaryrl February 7 February 11 lfeluruury 13 1'1e1n'11ary 20 1"e1mruary 27 March 31 ree Bastian, Gibbs, Collins, Me-ans, VVeniy:, f1l'US1011, Gehrl, F1'ip1n-11 Kr-rxlake. Smith, Batman, BLll'l'1l1g1tll1. Hrume VN'illi:1ms, Julmsmm. Hatter, Kingslmry, IP:mI'm'1h 1 1 A THE l3AS1xF.'l 11.-K1,1, SLHEIJL 11 Allg'llS13l1d ....,,.. rvr. 2 lr Western Union .,.. .... 2 H Wlune Nunnal .... .e.. 15 N0l't11 11314013 1 '.,. .,,, 1 9 S1n1H1 llakfna llee 113 Nhflll 11Ei1i1rI3 ...,. .... 2 H NQPY111 11310113 U ...VV .... 2 fr NIPT111 112110113 A ..r., ..., 2 1 fheightun Ll r....,.. ..., 57 Suulh llakwla L T.e..eee, ee,, 21 3011111 113141113 512116 ,,,,. .1 :W lheightun lf. eeeeee.e ., 27 S1HlHl 113klHE1 Stal: 'er,e, .eee 21 11es N1nines 1 ..... .... 13 Tnlill ,, ,,.1 Us Ninet y-seven 1097-1'9'7IZ .1. ... ... x14l1'l11llQS111l 1V1Hl'l111lQS1l14 Murningsielc N11ll'111l1QS1l1l Nlrwlringsicle Nlnrningsirle Mmwrirrgsirlz 111Hl'll11lQS141f' N1nruingsi4la Nlmningsimlg Murningsiflc Mrwnilmgsialc N1m'l1iugfi1lm 111Hl'11111gSl!1l'Y.., ,, x x ll 11 JH '32 '70 -,S 19 '11 .7'g I1 In ,Y ll I ' .IJ I 1 L20 r r r 11ers 11111111 Hen Hera H ers Hers 11111-1 1 111111 1111014 11111-1 1 111-rr Herr 1111l'1l 111-rm Smith, llzttm, llatwer. Nlmttm, Kettle Hllli'lllllS4Ill, Meinl, Stt'xwtt'l, Huslzer, XYillt:t', Vantletwilil Sit-itiprztlr--r, Tzftllmt, Nltrssiwiztit. VVt-iuvr, Hull llirtesliiiiaii Baslliettllaallll The ttttttr ttf the l'resltman ltaslaetlvall stluafl is "Ed" Pirwitz. The "l"rttslt" hatl a SllL'l'6'SHl1tll seastm this year. They flicl not play very many games tlttring the seastm. hilt in thuse that were playefl they shmterl sttme gtmtl material. and prumise much fur next years yarsity stptutl. As usual the freshmen playecl twu games with their rivals. the Smith llalwtu LQ freshmen. The first game was playetl at Vermil- limt. ll was hartl fuugltt. l-ut in the eml the tfuyute pups Came out yietnritttls. The semmtl game was tm the home lltmr. and the Nlttriting'sitle lfrnsh ayeugerl their tlefeat lay heating them. llesitles these games the lfrtvslt serimmagetl with the varsity squatl antl matle them tight harcl tu retain their leacl. Nirtt-t y-eiuht . , 'A' L., Mx X 2 ' X , ' S gf ,, .Sc W .45 ...A ia 1 MARINUS JENSPIN. I,'upm1'1z The 1192.7 Track Season The T927 track season was a great success. Morningside won the 440-yard relay. the I-it-Stl-yaiwl relay. second place in the high hurdles and javelin. and third place in the NIU-yard dash at the Dakota Relays. At the Drake Relays our hoys won first in the pre- liminaries in the halt'-mile relay. Morningside won the Tri-State Meet hy an easy margin. The team won hy 20 points. Although Morningside did not flu so well in the North Central Meet. the team tried hard and kept out ot- the cellar. The captain of the track team was Marinus Jensen. Jensen was our high jump man. He did very well. and with the close of the season his career was ended. Ninety-nine THE DAKOTA RELAYS The Dakota Helays were held at Sioux Falls. April 22. l927. Seven hundred twenty-three athletes were entered from the si . x Q various schools. Five records were hroken ei l T in this year's meet. if Although Morningside had only a small fg",,.., CROSS squad at the meet. the showing made " 'j. Mays was anything hut disappointing. W ' 'lm' lVlorning ide placed in every event entered. The sprint relay team. composed of Sargeant. N. Williams. Hartzell. and Cross. won hoth the mile and half-mile relays by nosing out South Dakota University and an liarleton runners in tight races. - sf f .31 xr Ii., X 1 ' is. 0 . f 5' Une ot' the thrills of the meet was the strug- gle lvetween Means. llflorningside. and Kelley of South Dakota Stale for first honors in the l24l-yard high hurdles. The men were old rivals. having met last year in the North Cen- tral Conference Meet. in which the Dakotan nosed out lVleans at the tape. History w1LI.1AMs , , . . ys repeated itself and the lVi0l'I1lIlgS1d9 . . .,, '1, . "mm" m' 1 star was second hy a few inches. re la tlrois grahlwed a third in the ltttl-yard dash. and in the javelin throw Knudsen was sec- ond to llunkak of South llakota. who set a new mark of over liell feet. htlorningsideis nten made a spendid show- ing. and should he praised for their work. S f f T-it 1. fa T T 'few T fxllify ' l 5 -ul H . ' I . J kv Q--. A -sa, ,: - . 'W' - K an .. 1.4 Y, . . ,.. t.. H ' s,wf,A4 ,ju , , .M-fmffsfvrsyfss-are 3 v. X Refi firzzfwlif-.s Ijlll!l'f4'I'-Illill' One hundred THE DRAKE HELAYS On Friday, April 29, tive crusaders chosen from the ranks of Morningside's track squad made a pilgrimage to Des Moines. the shrine of athletes of the Middle West. and partici- pated in the annual Drake Relay carnival. Success smiled on the adven- HARTZELL fm it .T T' Mi' turers during a race to determine 'melt ' . 1 - - ' the hest Iowa college half-mile re- 'NWI "um" lay team. and the Maroon squad hroke the old record of hy running the event in l:32.9. Sargeant. N. Williams, Hartzell. and Cross were the hearers of Morningsideis colors. Another Maroon. Haven Means. fared well in the preliminaries of the l2tt-yard special high hurdle division of competition. and qualified for later competition. It was either lonesomeness or homesick- ness that crept into the Maroon camp Friday night and so demoralized the little . SARGEANT hand that their efforts on Satur- 1,,.,,y,,1.,1 113,11 , , relays day were hurled heneath hostile boards. The Maroon men, however. dict well amid all the competition, and should he com- plimented for the fine spirit and manliness I 1 'S' He ff t 4 T T j. ,, . uf' sf ag , 2 if l that they displayed. e i 'C 4, tif R' wr were ef r , lv ' 4 1 ' at , x , , , , '- 4 . W' , fp. Q 11' i td fr v. i 1 Q' 4 il L, it " W""'Bff'f'! TI .., W- . 4 'A W ' 'v Une hundred one Hfzrfzell Izroutl junzpin ff? 2? , Q, TMQX TH E TRI-STATE MEET The Tri-State Met was held in Sioux tlity. May 7. l92'7. at Bass Field. This was the second annual meet. and Morningside did excellent worli. The Surnmury The l2fl-yard Hurdlesw-Haven Means tMorningsideit first: Bader ftfolumlulst sec- BACH ond: Hoy Johns tYanktont third: T hurdles Eitel Engel tYanktont fourth. Time "clay 15.5. Means estahlished a new record. .gf the previous record heing l6.2. - The Mile liuneeliernard Valder tYanktont first: Sullivan ttlolumhust second: Kenneth AVZZ. Wernli tWestern Union! third: Heed Jor- dan tiluena Vistal fourth. Time e1:4tsl.6. A new record was made in this event. The T prexious record was sltrlti. 1 . V T T 1 is, T K ' . :- ' 'Y 4 f ws . ff 7 A ' . ,Q .mswv h , lx- 5 y , Aa .f aww ....,-sfwi AM.. ,A 2,2 an ,M , 4, , . ' in 4" Q. i ,semi 'W -Q 1554 in " 'G' 'Ku as Y. " . 4, .1., , s -- . fer' ,,,53.-affixing M 1 ' ll ,H A E... fy-9 as 4 A A fluff: gfzfng lull on to Colllzv in l'C'lIlvV The ltltl-yartl Tlashyllon Cross tlVIorning'- sidet first: Don Hartzell tMorningsidet sec- ond: Marion Sargeant thlorningsidet third: Chandos Smith tWestern Union! fourth. Time ltl.2. Tn this event Cross tied the record. The alll!-yard llaslre-Donnelly tliolum- hust first: Newell Wiilliams tlVlorningsidet GORTHY second: Lloyd Ulander tYanktont re- One third: Alan Corthy llx'llt'll'!l1llgSldCl quarter-mile H 4 'HY lourth. Time 54.0. The 221i-x'ard l'lurdles ff Russell Knudsen lffolumhust thlorningsidet first: Ueverey third: Johns second: lladre tliolumhust t'1'anktont fourth. Time 27.8. The llalf-mile Rune -Ed on tBuena Vistat first: Valder tYanl4tont second: Holland tllolumlrust third: Vtfernli twestern Uniont fourth. Time 2:lll.l.. The 2211-yard Dash---llonald tfross lMorn- ingsidet hrst: Donahue lf,iUlllItlllLlSl second: Wagner tYanktont third: llussell tWaynet fourth. Time 23.6. The Une-mile lielay--Colurnlivus. first: Morningside. second: Vfiaxiie, third: Yvestern Union. fourth. Time 3:e17.7. The Two-mile Hunesullivan ttfolumhust first: Healy ttffoluinleuist second: Craig ttlolumlvust third: l-laehlen livestern Un- iont fourth. Time ll :3.5. The Half-mile Rf:'l21YflXfTlD1'lliIl,2SiCl6. first: tfolumltus. second: Wayne. third: Yankton. fourth. Time 1:39. The Pole-Vault-llenu tYanktont first: Schrank lflUlL1IIll'lllSl. lilewett tYanktonl. h und red two and liach fllfIl!I'lliIlgSidE'l tied for second. Height 10.3. The Discus Tl1rowiYan flitters thtforning- side! first: Means tMorningside! second: Bach flVforningside! third: Welfandt ffio- lumhus! fourth. Distance ll2 ft.. 2 in. The High ,Iumpefjensen thiorningside! first: Means tMorningside! second: wfootfs fvffestern Union! third: Macklin fWr3y"lIP! and Peterson llluena Vista! tied . . . . , J EN S I-CN for fourth. Height 5 ft.. I in. ,,iu.hjmm, Tl P - Ai. . , hroadjumlt ie c iot ut bchuartz !Vt ayne! first: Van flitters lMorningside! second: Hensley 4-Buena Vista! third: flkerfterg tltforningside! fourth. Distance 338 ft.. fi in. The liroad Jump--el'fartzell thflorningside! first: Welsandt tflolumhus! second: Means lMorningside! third: U'Leary tflohnnhus! fourth. Distance 19 ft.. l in. The Javelin Throw g linudsen thfforning- side! first: Dkerherg thlorningside! second: Mc-Kean fYankton! third: floughlin tfjolum- hus! fourth. Distance lf2 ft. Sllllllllllfbt of l'o1'f1f.v: Morningside ....,.,....... ..... 7 2 points ISENUEHG ffolumhus ........ ..... f 6 points t,i,J1,j.,m,, Yankton .,,.,,.,,.::,,, ..... 2 7 points lN""f"'r Wayne Normal ,... ....,.,,........ l flllg points Buena Vista ...,.. ffl: point-1 Western Union ...,.....,..:,,,.............. ff points THE HOME MEET The interclass track meet was held at llass Field on May l I. l927. The seniors took the class tournament. and placed in all hut one event. They marked up a total of 76 l-3 points. The freshmen made a total of 53 l-F3 points for second place. The juniors came third with 26 and the sophomores fourth with 21 I-3 points. It was an exciting affair. and the hoys did well. The Sllllllllllfht The l!!t!-yard Dash-flross llunior! first: Hartzell !Senior! second: "fied" Williams tbenior! third: bargeant tjunior! fourth. Time l4!.5. Une h undred th rec s gr ,r v TM! I 72 5' WTI c hi. 5' TM: xx .f '4 is' , s D -2.4! 1 , is , tw' 1 . ya. , 1 ,' -J .4 L if T, Wt . iff + T 3 'nwn flfyfr l'lllIIf!l-HQ The 2211-yard UashvHartzell tSeniort first: Sargeant tluniort second: 'hfiedv Will- liams tseniort third: lfredricks tFreshmant fourth. Time Zell seconds. The High Hurdles -e- Isenherg tSeniort if first: Jensen tSeniort second: Pritchett X t.l"resliiiiant third: L. Johnson tFreshniant , I D fourth. Time 18.5. S The Low Hurdles e- Van Citters tSeniort R 5 A SCHWARTZ first: tlriiipen tlfreshmant second: IME-vault Allen tfreshmant third: Town- : send tFreshrnant fourth. Time 29.3. The li-.lift-yard flashes Menter tFreshniant 3 A first: "lied" Wfilfianis tSeniort second: Bach Q1qq f tSeniort third: Gorthy tjuniort fourth. Time 55-3 seconds. The Half-mile Hun-E. Hanson tlfresh- man! first: A. Nvilliams tSophomoret sec- ond: Walters tFreshmant third: Owens 4l"reshniant fourth. Time 2:l2. , The Mile Rune Hanson tFreshmant t first: Walters tlfresliinaiit second: R. Han- f" son lfieniorl third: Inlay tF'reshmant A fourth. T f - . , Y ..,- . T The Half-nnle helayf ebeniors. first: Juni- iors, ser-ond: lfreshmen. third: Sophomores. if ' fourth. Time 1:fi7.l. A The Mile Helaye-ffresliineii. Hrst: ISRINKMAN . - . Qd P Imle-MUN Juniors, second: Freshmen. thii : ' Sophomores. fourth. Time 3:39. The Two-mile Hun-tfrippen tliireshmant first: li. Hanson tSeniort second: Croston 4l"reslnnant third: Uahni lf'reshmant fourth. ' Time l2:f5tf3. The f'ole-Yault Swartz tSeniort first: , . . tf' hiinkiiian tbophomoret second: E. Hanson r A threshmant third: Tsenherg tseniort fourth: Height ll feet. The High ,TLlH1ltf"',TI3IlS?Il fSeniorll first: Ntlil' lSophomoret second: fsenherg fSeniort third: fioollt' tbophomoret, Swartz fSCIl1Ul'l. and Pritchett tlfresliinant tied for fourth. TM N' -j-5 -s - .- Height 5 ft.. ll in. ul . The liroad Jilnipeelfartzell tgeniort first: lirinlxman tSophonioret second: Jensen f 5 V,izf'1::f,.3 A lSeniort third: Pritchett tlfreshmant fourth. J il' W 'M fwrsm, Alia . I Ulstance i9 feel. I H ' if te' gs m tu The Shot Putfetan filters fSE'll1UI'l hrst: '71, 54.3 Olxerherg l tjuniort second: Gehrt tFresh- mant third: Bartholomew. fSophonioreJ n' 'T 1, fourth. lhsiance .39 feet 71,3 inches. The Discus Throw K- Van flitters tSeniort ' T "t' i 'Q' A Hrst: Bartholomew fSophomoret second: g,,,,,,: p01L.,mu1,ing Ukerherg tjuniort third: Bach tSeniorl One hundred four fourth. Distance lfeilci feet inches. A. lg., . .w The Javelin Throwsflkerherg ljuniort first: Van fiitters tSeniort second: A. Wil- N liams tSophomoret third: Brinkman lSoph- E' omoret fourth. Distance HT7 feet 5 inches. .311 "Hooley" Means and Donald ffross were fi - , out after the firqt race on account of injuries: 2 f ii . . . ' T T 5 this weakened the hopes of the Juniors. VS' NORTH tlENTttAI, Tllfltlili AND :VIEZNS 1 if - - , -- rw iurr es ' l'lLLD MLEI ,Hague The North lfentral Track and lfield Meet was held in Sioux llity at the lVIorningside A field. on May 2I and 22. l927. This was the sixth annual meet. ere 2 The Slllllllltlft l2lt-yard Hurdles-Frank Kelley lSouth Dakota Slater first: Dwight liedfield tSouth Dakota U.t second: Max Pllug lNehraska " Wesleyan! third: lielcy lsenherg thlorning- I sidet fourth. Time l5.5. Not a new record. The liireshman Half'-mile lielayee Morning- side. first: Creighton U.. :ec-ond: South Da- kota U.. third. Time l:f3l.2. The Mile liuneli. Sorlwel lSouth Dakota Statet first: Hugh Fogarty tfireightont sec- fy ond: Wendell Schmidt lllreightont KNUDSEN third: Moulton tgouth Dakota humlf., Statet fourth. Time sl:f'3l.7. jawlin The lttlt-yard Dash a-2 Osmond Flint tflreightont first: Lester Harney tSouth Da- kota ll.l second: Kenneth Hull tNehraska Wesleyant third: Wieldon Solomon lfireigh- tont fourth. Time 10.2. 2 The -ltltlt-yanl Dash-slfarle llunning tSouth Dakota U.t first: Eduard hlorroxs lSouth Dakota U.t second: Wm. Hannum tNehraska Wfesleyant third: Elven liutterfield lfireiglia tont fourth. Time 51.6. The 220-yard Hurdlesg Frank Kelley lSouth Dakota Statet first: lluseell Knudsen tMorningsidet second: Myer tSouth Dakota State! third: Harry Heach tSouth Dakota U.t fourth. Tillie 25.7. The Half'-mile llun-a Sorltel lSouth Da- kota Statet first: A. Hanson tNorth Dakota Ut second: Hugh Fogarty ttlreightonl third: Hohert Lane lSouth Dakota U.t fourth. Time 220436. The 220-yard Dash a Osmond Flint tfireiglitont first: Kenneth Hull tNelvraska Wesleyant second: Lester Harney lSouth Dakota U.t third: Clarence Schroeder One h und red five 1 : rMv as-f 'Q ! t ? . f Y 3 'Y ' L " 'v V H31 f f- , 9 Q2 cr J S ' S.. ffw N- NWI mfawv"' AA- I , W, 4! ! A n Ixilizzrfwrz flllllllillg ilu' liizrillffx .sa ff 2 3 5 -fr a J as 't rr r ' '-: 9 as I N at " , V , ,J ggfxffku .s,spQ.A '54 'f H, mg 77 's sf s ,1 .iv V s-,,,: :sss,qeRXe.. we Q - Y we t Tvhaigt ,Agile c ' ft" 511-as-ffm: f Q , T F"'KSQl?52 ' ' sfij':.iS?J"'s,:,,.mw L x TQ fi s A s X Qewfsis fa Q ,Q j W 1 M M' w-Ffjfwm at Ntxwgg ,fo X 1 M . K. . :h . Hi if ' 4' w".,w.w.j .V .x..-- '1 YM ,sfxggexgwifiasr .J ggi? X eff.-eww Q' ,f Q... 'gf sg -I ' .- ang? .sq i., f'N,.sZw,.Z'p,,Wf. - i -mx? wsvsf 1 , 'L x Wmiisxesg my , N ,. 2155 ' 5: e 2. 4 W ,if .+L ta-t V' - ,fc Ms-rss 2' Iyfxmi: .4 A Q. l.'.i'LN T. ' s zfwl Ms .s ., f ,N Z gigs.. -124 9 as-M ' iff . j 1 , :. 15,7 r , W. ...Q , ' x V f X . A, -gvlgk , ., sac V .Ss iff. 5 ' ' N l 9 .4 . 44: 2' s-1 E fit? . K 1 f . Y - . V 4 is. rg' .Wy A :fa O ,. ,yi 0 915151, N ,,,,..nv-Aaakwl-M' Q A Eiga Ul.el'l2el'g puffing Ihr' .wfmf lim f..l.ffl'lN puflfng flu' .shot ttlreightont fourth. Time 22.5. Conference Freshman Mile Relay-Morin ingside. first: Creighton. second: Nebraska Wesleyan. third: South Dakota State. fourth. Time 3:3l.?3. The Une-mile Helaye-South Dakota U.. first: Nlorningside. second: Nebraska Wes- leyan. third: South Dakota State. fourth. Time I'3:3tt.7. QKERBERG The Two-mile Hunetlohlm and fffiulfll, Mc-Donald tSouth Dakota State! iHW'i'1 first: Sorhel tSouth Dakota Statet third: Wendell Schmidt tffreiglitont fourth. Time lfl: l7.2. The flfitt-ya1'd lielayetlreighton. first: Morningside. second: Nehraska Wfesleyan. third: North Dakota. fourth. Time l:32.4. The Pole-Vaultfe Don Thomnson tNorth Dakota Dt first: Dwight Redfield tSouth Dakota lf! second: Foster Swartz tlVlorn- ingsidet third: tlrill tSouth Dakota U.t and Wiatke ttlreightont tied for fourth. Height 12 ft.. lg in. This was a new record. the previous record heing ll ft.. 91 V.if 3 in. The Di-'cus Throw -s Schwienfert tSouth Dakota Statet first: Win, Dunkak tSouth Dakota lf.t second: Claude Juvck tNehraska Weslexant third: Adolf Yan tiitters tlVlorn- ingsidet fourth. Distance lf32 ft.. 9 in. The Shot Put se-Oscar Wiherg tNehraska Wesleyant first: Schwienfert tSouth Dakota State' second: Win. Dunkak tSouth Dakota ll.t third: lfred Ukerhergf tMorningside't fourth. Distance ll ft.. lll Q in. The High Juninw-Lester Veigel tlYorth Da- kota lft first: Don Thomtbson tNorth Da- kota ll. t. Nlarinus Jensen tlVIorningsidet. and Grant Wernimont tNeln'aska Wiesleyant tied for second. Height 5 ft.. ll in. The Broad Jump ee Lester Veigel tNorth Dakota UA first: Don Hartzell tlVlornin,q- sidet second: Alex tlYorth Dakota U.t third: Lenord Loder tNehraska Wesleyant and Wernimont tNehraska Wesleyant fourth. Distance 22 ft.. -UQ in. The ,Iavelin Throw-Wim. Dunkak tSouth Dakota U.t first: Lee tNorth Dakota U.t second: liussell Knudsen tMorning'idet third: Claude Huyck tNehraska Vffesleyant fourth. Distance H36 ft.. 6 in. A new record for the javelin was made, the former record heing l76 feet 9.9 inches. Uno hundred six Sllllllllllft' of ilu' llllI.IIf.S South Dakuta State ......,,,11,....,,..,111.11111.11111111111.,1. South llalwta University 1,.. Creiglitwu ..................1... North llakuta University ,... Nelrraska Wesleyan lVlm'uingsitle 1........,.1...,. Nnrth llakuta Aggies ,.11. Deaur Muriiiiigsifcle I. Hume uf nur Cullege tlays. H3,l'li in nlll' Sung of praise While we nur unit-es raise lfui' lVl1n'uiugsitle. Tlmu queen ul' all the laml. Luyal lu thee we staucl. Thy sinus a fziithlul lvamles Dear Murniugsitle. ll. Bright are the huurs ue speml Hear is eaieh college frieuil. Sweet is the charm they lend Tu Mwrniugsitle. lirntliers in heart are we. Juyulls aufl light and free. Juiuetl lay nur luxe fm' thees Dear lNluruingsiile. One hundred main ..,.Y.f.1 I2 .am , .WWZ6 Zl ..e...2l .1 ll f7fQl puiul puiut lbililll 'mint Irimilll Iririlll puiul l -Q i ki 'P cf I ' f I ' --., . ,, 1 2 A-. 1 K: I IVRESHMAN TRACK At "Ed" I'irwitz's first call a large num- her of freshmen turned out. The weather was pleasant. which added to the eagerness of the lvoys to train. The material for track was lwetter than usual. Several men of high- school experience and good ability were in- troduced to Morningside ways. The track aspirants worked hard. and in HANSEN the course of the season they met mil.. in a dual meet with the University halt'-mile of South Dakota freshmen: com- peted in the Home Meet. or Interclass Meet: and two relays. lvoth of which they won. Those who made their letters in track are: Nlenler. E. Hansen. Rice. Fredric-ks. Thorn- ton. liale. Gehrt. Pritchett. INTEIIIILASS TRACK MEET The Seniors had to work hard to take the Interclass Meet. The freshmen came in sec- ond place with fifty-two and one-third points. The freshmen placed in the following events: High Hurdles ee Pritchett. third: L. John- son. fourth. I-ow Hurdles -f flrippen. second: M1-JNTER . . Allen. third: Townsend. fourth. quarter-mile 1,1 , l1?"f'milff lsltt-vard lJasheelN'Ienter. first. "lt v'11'tItl'1'h - If A Half-mile Hun--E. Hansen. first: - S as n- ix I ,. X f 4 A 34 Q i f t I A 4' 4,1 I l x A .., it f Q , J V- 5 , his Qi V , .Q 2 if V N ' ' - 'Il " ,1 ,' ' I " "'i f ni .',.', ' 7i"'fR by , . ...MW eiv' I -1-Q-:L 4. I l if E 352 1, .A ,svffif v4Wf.g'f in 1,53 1,3325 f-tif' 'sl rw 0. fa.--Qs.-h... :N,m,..-,-K gl 'nfwr fllllixflllllg firv in fflzurfel'-ml'fe. S. lh1l..w'lI. S. ylrmlz final nice! Walters. third: Owens. fourth. Nlile lIuu-WE. Hansen. first: Walters. sec- ond: Inlay. fourth. Half-mile Relay-lfreslnnen. third. Itlile Relay -Freshmen. first. Two-mile Hun -etlrippen. first: Crostou. third: llahni. fourth. Pole-Yaulteell. Hansen. third. High IunipeI'ritchett. tied for fourth. llroad Iump4Pritchett. fourth. Shot Pul+Cehrt. third. THE FHESI-IMAN MEET WITH THE UNIVERSITY UF SOUTH DAKOTA This meet was held on Bass Field. and al- though our freshmen took eight out of hfteen first places the Coyote freshmen secured enough points to win the meet. The final count was South Dakota 65. Morningside 52. For Wlorningside Wayne Menter scored IGIA points for individual honors. Surnmury: Itttt-yard Dash-Russell tSouth Dakota! One hundred eight first: Green fS0uth Dakota? secondg Rice fllfiorningsideit third. Time :lfl.9. . 51,4 Mile Run 4 Hansen flVlorningsidel first: Rentz fSouth Dakotat second: Walter's flworningsidet third. Time ll:s11R.-tl. Shot Put-- Galvle fsouth Dakotat first: t Gehrt thflorningsidel second: Rinehart flVlorningsidet third. Distance 39 feet 9754 inches. 220-yard Dash4Menter flVlorn- RICE ingsidet first: Green fSouth Da- kotat second: Stipe fSouth Da- kotat third. Time :2'lf.l. fttft-yard dash 1 220-yard flash Pole-Vault--Revans fSonth Dakotat first: Collins flVlorningsidet second: Russell fSouth Dakotat third. Height lfl feet lf? inches. l2ft-yard Htirdleseelfttington fSouth Da- kota: first: Pritchett flVlorningsidel second. Time :l7.5. Discus Throw?Gehrt fltlorningsidet first: Gahle fSouth Dakotal second: Kingshury flVIorningsideJ third. Distance llfi feet 2 inches. 'lilfl-yard Dash ef Menter fMorningsidel first: Rice flVlorningsidet second: Tracy fgouth Dakotat third. Time 2556. High Jump - Ostulund fgouth THORNTON Dakota! first: lmevans fbouth 33,,,ym.dd. Dakota! second: Pritchett flVlorn- "Plays ingsidet third. Height 5 feet I-35341 inches. fi sh ,lavelin Throw- Pritchett flVlorninfgsidel hrst: Ahley fSouth Dakotat second: Gehrl, fMorningfidet third. Distance H9 feet lf? inches. H Two-mile Run+Emerson fSouth Dakota? first: Baum fsfitllll Daman, second: Owens flVlorningsidet third. Time ll:3fl.8. 220-yard Hurdles,-Ustulund fSonth Da- I We . ww 1 it J? 5 A' tg . i I I E E31 L 1 .Af li ri t t .,.,.,,,. .t t x ii RWM. A Q t ref 4,5 l .4 ,' A. 6 si' F kotat first: Lettington fSouth Dakota? sec- Nh 5 H , 4 ond: Allen tMorninflsidel third. Time :Zi-5.5. 354.1332 . H t Q1 'D A I' sf?-'5 .'7 f' -0 Rroad JltY'Ilp-- Rice tMorningsidet hrst: . 't'-" "" Gilhert tSouth Dakota! second: Green W' ' Qi t5outh Dakotat third. Distance l9 feet 1,3 K' '5 f X inch. 3 ,-51 -.3 V Half-mile Runmliflenter flVlorninsgsidet - W4 first: Rentz tSouth Dakota! second: Hansen 'HW H tMorningsidet third. Time 2:fts1r.6. Mile Relay-Morningside fliale. Hansen. Rice. and Menterl first. Ono hundred nine lsillixll of lflll irtrtl fn l'vlt'.N!7lIIllVI 1111111 nice! lt'I'l1I S. llfzlf. Altima Mater 1. Sing the praises nl' clear Alma lllater. Tell uf lier liernes lmlfl. l ilt ywur uric-es. tlie C'llHl'llS swelling XII lier glories nam unfnltl. Refrrzfn : lilien t-lieer fur llear Ulcl Nlurniiigsitle. lu tliee ite pledge anew: Hearts nf faitlifnl lmfe. nmx antl furexei Flu lnyal suns anal true. II. We lure tliex' lialls ul' learning. Xntl uliere e'e1' me rnain. We xsill r-lierisli tlie llrienclsliip enclearin air lvI4ll'lliIlQSlflPf' our Iinme. lll. Hear uni' um. U Alina Nluter. liver tn liunwr tllee. At tliy c-all luyzll service ue tiller. lm' tlie Ulnrxr ul ulfl Nl, lu -if Maiwcliiiig Swing lltltmiiiigsitle mnies mart-liing. Vlfitli lier liuntlretls strung. All are rum' unitecl In a mighty tlirung: Stalwarl suns are reatly l7urtliel1attle smni. Nlarcliing un to victory. llear nltl Malmmi. llflnrningsitle goes IHZ:lI'f'lliIlgW" Hear tlie slwuts that ring For nur Alma Mater. Praise tn lier we luring. lflanners cruwnetl witli glury. Patlis witli victory strewn: N'lUI'lli!lgSiClP l'urerer. Dear nltl Nlarmni. One li und red ton The Allilvlir' Girl has f-min' ln slay. .-Xllilvfliw I'-lr XXHIIIVII uw nw hunger ai liilll hut a well rvf-ugiiizl-cl liavlm' in llw lvvllvr llc'H'lu!lIllt'Ill ul' XXHIIIPII. nnll lllf'lfll"lllilllf uf the raw. lnslilulinns anll mgaliizulilviis nnisl ivulim- lliul aillilvlivs, llizil all spnrlx 3l'lfl,L'ZlIl16Sill'l'Ll parl ul' llliysivul Elllll'illlllll' nwl u rl'IDlll'Llll' piwgruiii lu lil-1-iinlmllwl lay a sepurale- wt uf inllivilluals. Thi- "SIlPi'lLlllll'u Illllbl lvl- nlullc' il faemnillnry. slnnllmy r-misiclvralimi. llie purlic'ipz1nl llllil hvr mlm-alimi llw inilmrlunl lliing. Nui onli must Ihr' Cfvlll-qv prnul'uiii lmwilll- lui' llir- allilclir' lilil' nl' llw girl in rwvllegc lnll giw her swine-lliiiig ln l'ill'l'N mc-r into lie-r l'l'l'l'l'illllIllill lill- allvr mllvgv This prngralii slmulll 1-slalvlisli lliir' liailiil nl' Fllvlllllllgi ll'lHlll'P linux anal ai vapail-ily lim spending il in a way lliul wunlll luring lllll"l't'Sl unll plc-aslm' lln- gi'mlm -sl lair-lm' in making life cmitviilvcl, Training in slmrls as lvnnis. lmuling. are-liing. gulf. skiing skating. supplies nppurlnnilx' lm' llil' !ll'l lu svlwl Ll fpurl lliul will vurrx wwr lu the after-ciillegef life. i i "Educ-atifmal Allillltics uini al ll I slwrls anfl ganncs afluplc-ll lu girls anfl llwii needs l2l l'llIlClllf'lE'll in such ai way us ln zzllml llw grc-allvsl ninnlwr lu purlii-ipalc' anrl to clevelop play spirit in ai larger ninnlicr nl' girls nnll lil: nmlivalc-ll liy jul alncl low ul play not play lin' the' purpose' nl :making ai i'vr'nnl ln' healing an uppmil-lil. Such are llw aims llial are ailluwatml In Nliss :Xgnvs Xl aynian nl' llulliinliiu liniwrsily 'lwhese aims are helcl as il Sldlllltlfll ul' llw ullilvliv pmgiuiii Ihr miiiic-ii all Nlurn ingsifle lllillf-ge. The piwigraiii slriws nut nnly lu l'IllVl'lZllll llic- girl in f-filll-gv linl also lu give' lhe girl sinnelliing lliul will help Iwi- ln lalw vurv of he-r lviwnrv limi flllflllg and alter c-ullege. ln the alluining ul' sur-li aims anel illvuls llic- ullilvlif- pro gram al lWni'iiiiig1siclv is m'vrr-i'mx'flvcl with vw-nls llirliilglimll lliv mar. 17? l11'l'r'f'lur nj ffm-mf lfllll'fl.l'.N. Uni- hlinllrf-4l vls-vc-ii ff ti J i I fyfeb 4 f ' i Vp Ml!! ,M QM X ff ,L!!f,7QQ,lfx9'X"f YJ Q-If ? t-4 SP6 Q i Wfnntetiis Attllilleztiife Assneiaitioit tlarul Larson ,v,, lrewlf 11' .lessie Slteiwmnfl -,- - ,.... I Ire I rr su cnt My rtle Andersnn .,. Szerfluri Yera Heisser ... lrfusurf r NIENIHEHS Ardis liergesun Helly Mead Myrtle Anderson Jessie Slterwtmtl Helen Empey Helen llnttnm Mildred Peterson lVlildred Hiekman tlarul Larsun Hazel Snrlner Mildred Kitehen Esther Millard Georgianna Plen Vera Heisser Marion Hughes Margaret King Margaret Miller Marjorie lVlullan Helen Tiedeman llurntliy Higgs Helen lifllil I The purpose nf this Assueiatinn is to prwniute a high physical efficienu am n the wumen of Morningside flullege hy fostering an interest in Uxmnastie anc ati letie activities. ln order tu lveltmg tu the VV. A. A. une must have at leas min s arc v less than tl in one's athletic grades. One hundred twelve I We 'fs 'x 4:..Zl Allman, Carve-1'. Melxlacle, Brown Krause. M, Mnssman. Elwrly, Bznlfloley. Hr-ntfm Class Bmslceftlballl Tfoulrnanlnenfr The l"1'eslnnz1n team was the prnufl winner nl' the Class flllillll H N n ll ,i.,ml,1,,. They clefeallefl the ,luni ry i Z1 final sc-ure lmeing 330-15. WINNING TEAM lllossmn Hentun Blossom Mellacle Eileen Elverly ve,eeeee Milmlrecl lXl4'lSSl1lE1ll .e,eee Cecelia Krause ..,. llomllmy llarver ,, Doris llaclfleley ,, lone Allman ...v,.e Vivian Brown ...,. e Un 0 hunmlrccl lllll'lQK'll urfl Ilungln gmne. llme ,,,,l'1Hl'WHl"l ,,,,IF4ll'xlVal'll Venter lliglll ifenter ,neeen.,..efl11a1'1l em,,C11a1'-l ,. Y. ,,,A xmalwl l"m'wa1'4l Right Center ff? J-al Baddeley, Woods. Eberly, Leonard. Pixler Hurllwurl, Henton, Share, Millard Harvard Team Faye Woody Blossom Henton Eileen Eherly Winifred Share Thelma Pixler Doris Baddeley Esther Millard Ethel Hurlhurl Doris Leonard Wearing the flashing crimson of the noted eastern university. the Harvard girls' hasketlrall team defeated the hlue-uniformed Yale sextet. on March l7. hy the score of 28-26. A last-minute rally hrought the Harvard girls to victory. Faye Woods was high point scorer for the contest. gathering 13 points for Harvard. while Myrtle Anderson was not far hehind with a total of 16 points for Yale. Blossom Henton. for Harvard, and Jessie Sherwood. for Yale, each made lll points. Ed Perwitz, var- sity haskethall coach. refereed the game, which was arranged hy Miss Lillian Murray. director of Womeifs Athletics. One hundred fourteen Wim dr if , , Q K I C?il'VQ1', Bl'21ShGl11', Van Eng:-n. Ermngy. Brown Amlersfm, Sherwood, M. Mnssmztn, Larsc,-n Yale Teanmnt ,lessie Slrelwvnml Myrtle Anclersnn Anna Marie Van Eugen Mildrecl Mussman Helen Empey llnrnthy Carver Carol Larsnn Vivian llrnwn llornthy l3rashear The Yale-Harvard game is a tradition anmng the eu-ecls at Mnrn- ingsicle and one of the nutstanfling alhletie events of the year. Un- usual interest was displayed hy the largest eruwcl that ever g3lllE'l'Gfl for a womerfs haskethall game heeause of the splenclicl atlvertising Carried out uncler the clireetinn of Miss llflarinlm Hughes. and als-v he-Cause of the unifnrms wnrn hy the Cuntestanls. One hunclrecl fifteen Archery Archery was introduced for girls in the fall ol' l920. and has heen very popular. It is a pretty sight to see the girls in their hlack and white outfits out on the campus on a hue day. shooting at the target. Sometimes they miss it. hut more often they are ahle to shoot the arrow straight into the hull's-eye. Quite a crowd of onlookers is usually attracted-small hoys and girls. and hig strong college athletes who sometimes wait for their turn to try the how. Not much was done with archery in the fall. hut during the spring a tournament was conducted for all girls interested. Archery appeals to girls who cannot participate in such strenuous sports as hockey and track. It is fast hecoruing a universal sport. and we hope Io develop it more here al Morningside. One hundred sixteen '1' .1-' I Y X. l KN 4 ' 1' . f.-N., , 1 . , ,A A... .-'few , ' X . ' I5 ' ' W Danmriiigi Aesthetic dancing is living luuglit tlnfe limes u week non. and llw girls are fasl learning lo lie graceful. ancl lo alexelop 'mimi illlfl rliytlnn. Along uilli lliis clancing the girls are practicing for llw Hay Few. llsnally niosl of the mlunf-ers in llie May' lele are llw ones wlio have liven in llw mlanc-ing 1-lass. Dancing is rec-ognizecl af lreing ai wry valualsle means ol' sell'-exon-ssioii, ainml niore girls slionlil participate in 1l lol' llieii' own goofl. 1 L l May we presenl Miss Slieiwvoorl. .N llw only girl this year lu win llio l M' t'oYc'l6il llllllill' ol' llw WV. A. A. l sweuler. Tlirongli cliligence and pe1'sisl911Ce slie has non llie neces- l sary lllllll points. as provicleml ln A llie Nalional W. A. A. She is u l WW is splenrlicl athletic' girl. -l1' Q , Onu hundrwl -W-wiiiu-in aku 'tl it at 't S 9' , 4 ,g Y PH W, ,,, JW 'WL 1' D . ' z X X R sri' L.. A Stierwxuml, Gilbert, Reisst-r, Amlerson, Kitchen. NVm:tl A.ititfSttaiir Batsfehaltt Teairii juice Keith Iiftlttllit' Wftmtt Jessie Sllerwrfmtt Vera Heisser Wlihhett Kitelien Imugene Cilhert Fay Hmnver Myrtle Atrrtersrni The All-Star lgasehall team was urigzinateft fur the first time last spring. The menrhers fur this team were Chosen frum wirmew in the class tuurnaments. zmtl atm iriehlctect members who were espeeially grand hafehall players. Une hundrt-at eighteen 4 l w M Wmrrmmx V W IWPIWWiWHIHHIHVWHIM!" H Wh N 1 Activities ' .4-I - 0-1, A 'milf .. wx, rn . 4 1 , ' "5 ---A , -W, 'Qs 4+ .,l ,ix-in 1 J, Q .. I Z' Y - 1, ,I I 'Q' I "ir , - vs" N1 1-T . ...- F . A, fm ws - K fl' r U 4 -1 4 4h ,4. .,v ' XX U 4 ff' 4 14:1 I, an W ' 1Lf1s12"?f'45fs:-'T ' 3552-4'l fir? A '4 lf2'N'f2f- ' A 9" "1 lf' ' 'A , '.' 4 ' W ix.,-Ii4A'V.' , A 72-'11ilfifflblP7"55"1l515?''E:7'flii'7'5E' ? A ' ' 'f"-"Y 'iii -A-J'-'i-.1fif:f1'-"1" 'I ff- ' Q" ' ,WV ," v -"ffl, , ,3jL5e2'gTgf.-All1fjQ,i5:2f:?fi.f,,,53ii5E.- if I A x :-f-'-I'!1"f2-Z-:Z 1-Z:-Zz?-Tiff,"i'fg5' EF-'ii , 1'Ej?f:7:i:'3"55,2j'f Q' ,g,:.'115f:-zgtjl. -rs 1 ,. ..:,5,A11'4f11, , "af" I 5: mi I I L U r '. MM if il-,li J 'ii 'v5" 5 :WE T ,Il , I ggi, lg-,ff Jjul , wsa 'fg mf.-4-...f ,1L11.' , "f". g ss. A'.4 31-:y-i-t- "" ' ' fnfffa' ' .52-4,1'-E':Qg-2-f'f 1 'f A 4.'7'f 'VJ- " M ,, 4,,wl?,H JW0W2z if2mg51idfe Tvfmafwiwvzw n llLlll4ll'l'llllill1'l rn 'ff' VE F 1 , . 3 11 like 1 1.2 35-Eff 1, , 1 1 1' 1 Q 1.1. 1 .6 ' 1 1 . The May Breakfast 11111011 Yt'lll' 1111' N. W. f.. A. 1111111 -1111 Ll Nluy 11l'FLl1ilLlS1. the 11Iitlt'1't'1l5 1111111 w11i1'11 LlFhl51 in 111 C1-11e1'11 lllllll. Il' 111111' W'l'l11l1l"14 I1111111ls llllll' Xt"1l' 11111 11I 11111111 tl1e lbl't'l1il'lN1 IH Nl'l'X't'l1 1111 the 1 . L 1 . . , f'11111I'111s. All 1'1I the t'tDllt':LfP 1111111111111 11tle1111 111111 gixe llll their lIl't't'llJllS tlllL1I'lFl'5 1111' the 1r1111iti111111l 111'1111gzeS. h11r1l-1111111-11 eggs. 111113. illlll 1'1111ee. A Qnllbtl time if 111111 l1y 1111111111 e1'ery11111- 1bt?liUl't' 11111 1191161111 Tllhll lllil' eight 11'1'l1Q11-14 Classes l1eei111. Miss l11llf'lllf' 1Y,lLlt!l'll0ll1, C1111111111111 111 the 1111111-'.'11 L111111ere111-1- llllllll.. was ,ue11e1'111 cl111i1'1111111 1115 year. Nliw 1,tH'll 'Nl11111g11111ery was 1-l111ir1111111 111' the 1111-1111. Llllll Mis- NlLll'QlLil't"l Davies 111' the 1111111111 The xXf2ILl1l1i0ILl111Q . ,. 1 . U, . 1,,. .. . ,, U '.. " L 1'.,-J.,' 1 in 1 - -1 1 1f-- r- ' 1- ' ' Ill 011111111 1101 N111111111 1111 1111111 1 11.1K 111e11.11 Ill ltll 11 11-it 1111111 N111 111 S1111 III P1111 ' 1 1 llLlllliS. 01111 llllll'Stlily 11111111-1 11111 1lis111ife1-11 111111 the 1111111-111s llllgilll lPl'L1C1lCtA their yells 1111 1111 1'111111111s. Uwlers Wt"I't' g11Xt'll 111 1111111111 11111 111111 11111-11 1111 l1lLll't'lllll,El.. Llllll the-e 11r1lers were 1'111ey111l literally. Over 1111- llllll' miles 111 11111 111111111111e11t they 111111-1'l1f'lL lvtbli it sc-111111-11 111111 11111 1f?iltlPl"- ht'lIIlF1lUVV 11101111111 111111 111 l1lt'I1LH'P 1111' FLlll'lIL1l11iS 1111-11111 111 j1111r1111y 111 the 1'.1ir 111111ks 111' tl Nlie s1111ri. After they L1l'I'1X'tAtl 111111 111 111 11r111't1Ce11 11lf'II' vells. thev l't1lll'llt't1 111 the YQ-1:11 1? gf' -16- 1 1 One 1111111111111 1we11ty IP 1 1' 4111181 Pr111'ess11r l3l'tWYll 11111 present. Since this first "Y'VLllliUll1-5 M1,1r11 111151111- 51111101115 1lLlYt' I't'IlC'l11t'1l it I 4 1:11011 yl'L1l'. lt 1111s 1111w l1e1'111111' llll I 1 u 511171-11te11 1111111111111 111111 1111 111111 lllly in the spring the ?41llllf'll1F Fllllll walk 0ll1 111 their l'lL155f'S 111111' the hrst 111-r1111,l. Zllltl hike 11111 r11le1 11111 111 F11'1y11 311111111111-111. S111-e1-hes are ll1111l1' lry htjlilf' 111 1111' Pllltlt'IllF. Ll 1Z.ll1i is given hy lJl'Ul.P5HIll' Hayes. 51,1111 songs ure Qllllgl. 111111 yells 11r1- ggixeii. Bt"lt1l'F 1't'1lll'llIllgI 111 t11w11 light r1-A freshnieiits 11re fer1'e11. The w111k11111 lllhl year wus 111-111 1111 Huy 6, 111111 wus e11j11ye11 hy 1111. 1-h1111e1 to 111111 111111 - 'm,,:,1 4 f ffm-ff 'V if a M., 6 t fr S'fwff1ug!,i,i.3Mm L .ass .4 in s g 1' ' Q :. W Q Tllie Defcliearieii ef the VVOl1MfEl11lS Resiellenee Halls With lhe eompletion of lhe Wornerfs liesiclenre Halls another dream has he-en realizecl ancl lhe vision of a greater hflorniugsicle lneeomes more eonerele. llurine lhe week ol' May' ninth lo fourieenth. VJ27. the Halls were clerliealerl wilh lreauliful ancl impressive Ceremonies. To Miss Lillian E. llimmill. lleau ol' Women. lbl'lHllQ-1 mueh of lhe ereclit for lhis splenflisl lvuilcliug. for it was she who mlreameml the original rlream anfl helped lu carry il lo ffomplelion. Un Monday morning. during a special Chapel serviee. llr. Herlrerl lieelv. an alumnus of Morningsiile College. gave lhe clefliealory aclclress on lhe srrlrjeel. "The College in a lle1noeraf'y." The eonlerring of lhe clegree ol' lloetor ol' Humane l,ellers upon hliss Anna l,aw'lher ancl Mrs. Evelyn lliley Nieholson lor merilorious serviee in the interest nl' humanity eonr-luflerl lhe morning program. Monday evening in lhe clrawing-room ul' lhe Woiuerrs llesiilenee Halls lialph Arnold, arehileet. and ll. Short. eonlraetor. presenlecl lhe keys ol' lhe lluihling lo Ur. A. N. Sloan. truslee. Presicleul lfrank E. hlossman presenlerl the mlormitorv for flecliealion. aml T. S. Hassett. Superintendent of Sioux lfitv llislriel ol' lhe North- west Iowa Conference of lhe Nlelhoclist Episc-opal llhureh. reacl the mleclieation iro Jer. A s fmlnolie baffeanl. The leiles.s1'r1.a' Il. lhe :lll'lll'flI. w rillen ln Nlarearel I rv 5 1 ss 1 .1 , w . ., lVlf'l.oy. was presenlerl hy six clornutory girls. As part ol lhe pageant the hlarlrigal lillllln sang lhe mlecliealion hymn. the wornls of whieh were wrillen lrv hlallel Nissen ancl the music' Composed luv llrow nie Vvloofl. hflonmlavis prograni was eonelumleml hy a lvanquel helxl in lhe cliuing-room oi' lhe new llesimlenee Halls. Un Momlay. Tuesclav. Weclnesclav. Thursrlav. ancl lfriflav afternoons. auil Tues- clay. Weclnesflav. aufl 'llhursmlav evenings, informal reeeplions were helrl in lhe llormilory. The week was eoneluclerl luv the Heirs llanquel on lfrimlav evening. aucl the Wiomerrs llauquel on Salurmlav evening. Om- humlrml twenty-mio May Pete nllenclezvnnsu was presented May twenty-third un the College Campus hy the Vlltnneiiis Physical lfducatinn llepartnient. This is the annual May Fete sponsored hy Agora and under the directinn uf Miss Katherine le'arkhill. Miss Clarice Mellini- ald was cruwned May Queen hy lYliss lidith Shan. xrhu was feted in l9I26. Srxneslsz " n a 24111 en i rx' ie si very llltttlll l t l l t l J tl l , Une laeantiful night in spring. While the thrushes sang till the garden rang Ther e happened the strangest thing! When the gardener finished his nightly rnnnfl And Where 'limi hung up his pruning-lxiiife. the hats twit. tirit and the lwig mnths lht statues canie to life. And they inet and danced at their rentlezruus ln tl iis lreautilittl garden green. Till the fairies caine out and rinsed lheni ailmut And elected thetn king and queen. 'llhen the lairies rle'se' e ' ww ' ti tax I a tl lh nc nrt l the Nli With dances lruni inunntain and glen All the Inman-lit night. hut at iiiwriiiiigg light They had tn he fairies againfi ,:' ' " Umnsit inf 'rnrz lhxtgias l ntlcnfi ,...,, ,..,,,,.,.,,,....,,,,, ..,,...,.. XX . .X Xllftft llnt 1 f ' " lvrily lltltlces ..................c...Xlat-Dowell Nlerry H:-nttler tnuttp Dance lletitlezxntis e,..,,.,r,,.,,.e..r.,,.,,e,r4.i,,..,. XV. A. ,-Xlle-ter Bgrlhmn Drrixm- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,r,.. ,..,.,, S chuhert tjlarice Nh-llmiald and Helen rlilf'flf'ItlL1ll Grmtp l7ant': lftwmititimi ........................................ lid. W. Elgar Bralnns Wtrltzes ,......,............,.... ....... R ralnns tlrnnp Darien- Crntip Dance lfttiries ....,................................... ....... N lalcllowell Old King tltmlt ,,,..,...,...,..,,,,...................... Ot-lisner llrmip Dance Betty Snyder and Others lirvtlrt .ll'5lf'l'F ....,,....,..........,................. l.t'1r lilclllttab lltriitlmu .,.,,.,...,.......,..................... lf. V. lJL1llltllllSl llrnup Dance Nlargaret llnstine lilttehird ............. .,...A......i.....,.......... ....... l 3 tllltlltl therrrll lltuys and t.nls ,...... li. Nleyer Helrnttntl llratct- .Xlael iiifthllll llance Nlzty lltty llallup ...,.......,..,....,... Nitty Day Gallup Nhith and Fltnne ........,.i....... lil. Karpuliotl llrmtp Dance Ruth Kirlmy llttfltlllll llttliccs .....,...,............. ltllnytl .l. St. fifltiir Flqpwr-r Lnflit-s ,,,,,,, ,,rv4.,,4,,,,,i,.,,,,,.,,,,,, W . lf. Miles llfthtlll Dance llrnttp Dimet- lniprmnptn .,.,...,...............,.................... St-lnnnztnn Prince .... i........................................ ....... l 3 YUl'Z1l'i Yelrla ,lean llixnn llelen 'lln-:lezntni lllne llaintln- ...,.....................,......... ........ 5 tratttss Qld,-rltlllrils tlrmip Danci- t.1tmr.s .. .,,,...........,.......,.,..,,.,, Group Dance V lt t I - ...... Selected H' l f One hundred twenty-two A. Alleter S5 4'!,XHIln XLIHWKI U Onv hunflrn DH. I-IIJWAHU .-X. HTEINICH lplF4OgIF'EILlUIll will lC11111111111'111e1111C1e1111111e11'111t EVQHITS, 1192.7 F11111AY. MAY .q. 27 7 1 1111.111 A. Nl. l+111:1l l.llLlilt'l I1 111 ln 1 I 1151, ', N. 3 8200 l . llvvllzll ul Illf' 5Cl11111l ul' lfxpI'essl11l1 1 wflllNl2Sll.AYv. ,I1 N11 1 7:00 P. M. l111li:1ti1111. Ze-111 Slgllllll H1111111' Soeiety 8:00 P. Nl. Zeta Sigma l,ll'LllllIll 'l1lllllf3llAY. ,lrmi 2 8:00 P. lll. 11111101-1:1 of Il1e lI1111se1'1':1i111'y of M11s1r' lrlllll,-XY. ,l1'A11: 3 llflfm 121111 8:00 fl. Nl. lflusw BI'FLllil0LlHl 9:45 A. N. l1'y lCKe1'f-ises l0.l5 A. M. l,l't'Sf'lllLlll0ll of Clues Gift L00 P. Nl. Ifluss llc'-01'-pli1'111, I,l'PSl1lt'lll 111111 Mrs. Nl0bSIl Wf1bllIt'll.S Re-si1le11f'e Halls 0.00 P. M. films Play. lx'lLlL'lJPlll 5X'!l 1111.111 ,I1 N11 4 lfllllllllll. 111111 H100 Nl. l31'eL1lil:1sl, lflgieses ul -02. '07, '12, All, Llllt XV11111e11.s Resirlenee llulls l0.30 A. Nl. Al1111111i lle1111in11, w'11'llllPll.S llesi1le11f'e llulls l2.00 Xl. 91111111111 l1llllf'llf'lIll 2.00 P. Nl. Al1111111i l311si11c-sa Meeting 3:30 P. M. Alllllllll-Sfjllllbl' lfe1'e1111111ies 7.30 P. M. 1I:1111p11s lllu111i11:1l11111. Billlll 41111111--1:I S1 NDAY. .ll NH 5 lHIlr'f'llll1lll'l'llll' Slllllltllfl l0.30 A. N. l3a1f'C:1l:1111'e11I1- Serviee .A1l4ll'1'SS. P1'esi1le11I F1'L111k li. lN'lr1ss111u11 -1:00 P. M. 0l'g1L1ll Recital. l,11f'y Di111111itt Kolp 8:00 P. Nl. W'Yfll'l4l Interest Sewiee A1lrl1'ess. Rev. fl. F. Hurtzell. S:111tiug11'1. ljllllc XllJNIlXY. ,ll'A15 61 lC0111lIIQ'I1f'CIIIl'IIf Day? l0:00 A. Nl. 1R11111111-11Ce111e111 Exerf-ises fx1l4ll'f"5F, Dr. FI1lw:11'1l A. Steiner, lll'llllN'll College ll1llll4'l'l'lIlgL uf Degrees 2:00 P. Nl. 'llc-1-Ii11g1 ul lllf' H11:11'1l of TYIISIQQS One l1UIlLll'OCl twenty-four I 7 7 UYW lljresliiiiaiii Pairity The heyyilflerefl l'll'lJSllI1lLl!l is inlornieil npon ill'l'lXLll lhul Sulnrfluy nighl is his one night to reign supreme in lhe soeiul norlil. yyhen llu-re yxill he no iipperf-lzissiiuiii to flominate him. The lirsl Sailurmluy nighl ol' llu- sehool year lhe Y. M. ll. sl. ainsl Y. Wi. li. A. help lhe neuir-oiners lu get logelher anul lo appier-iule the slrenglh mul lieauties of the i'wl'PSllINilll eluss. Awlxwarflly' the men gather in one hall uiul per.-r onl ul lhe liniiil girls as lhey zirrive later. lfinally lhey ure. yyilh nineh luhoi' unfl urging. iiiiliieecl lo mingle in the same hull. llefore u hull' honr is oyer. lhe spirit ol gooml eoniraimlesliip mul joy- ousnesy fills the rooms. mul u lively pgirly is nnrlei nay. As the lfreshmen seein ln have a greul eleal of pep. their liesliyiilies zilysays are rollieking. energelif-. uiul l'rieiully. 'lihey' play yyiilh 4-oinplele alvuiulon. znul enjoy llieiiiselyies greatly: Toward len o'cloel4 lPlil'9SllINClllS play un iinporlzinl pgirl. lint ilu, honiegoing' sems also important. uncl nnhelierahly inleresling. The poor Y. Xl. lf. LX. mul , .7 , . . . V rw . . X. W. I.. A. eonnnlltee IPINZIIII lo ilo lhe ihshes. llns year lhe voinnnllee wus eoni- posecl ol liurol l.ursen anul ltmlgur 5f'llllll'l'. Tllie lFai.Qiuillil:y Refcepitioiii The Inemliers of lhe fuvully ol' Nlorningsifle liollege were hosls lo the stiulenl- ol lhe svhool al lhe annual faenlly reeeplion lu-lil in lhe purlors ol the Vloinen s liesiclenee Halls on Friilay' evening. Sepleinlier lhe lyxenly'-iliirml. Almost four lnnulrefl slnclenls passecl along lhe line formefl hy l'resiflenl mul w 4. . w 1 fi . . . s Mrs. l'rank lf. Mossmun. Yu-e-Presiclenl anil Mrs. l'. VS. 5I'llllClLll'l'. llean Lllllklll lt. Uimmil. Dean and Mrs. M. E. Craher. l'rol'essor aiul lllrs. Paul hlaellollin. anul lieverencl aiul Mrs. H. lf. Hutchinson. l,anien Yan llylae. presiclenl of ilu- Slnilenl llouneil. inli'oflnf'eml the sllulenls lo the l'aue'iilly' ineinhers. The social eliairnian for the reeeplion nas llklilll l,illia1n liinnnill. She nas ussistecl hy l'rol'essor james J. Hayes and Nliss Nlnriel Hughes. llrs. lmla Xl. llline. and Miss Hughes greeted lhe slnflents as they enlerefl lhe halls. llnring the latter part of lhe evening. lighl refreslnnenls uere seryeil. Thi- faculty' reeplion is the only opporlnnily lhal lhe sliulenls haye really' lo see the lar-lilly . . H . ., , , in lllE'1l' soup anfl hsh. aiul so llu- event is nsnully uvll ulleiuleil. ul leusl liy' l'resh- inen mul Seniors. Une lllIll1ll'L'Ll tyx'e1i1y-ling Hniiieeumiiig Prfagratiii Hn lfriday evening. Ur-tnher twentylirst. the annual Humeeum- ing festivities hegan with an all-tlnllege lmniire just west of the "t'Ht1.M The hand was present and played letween speeehes. ifap- tain liaslian gave a shnrt talk nn hehalf of the funthall team. Stylus and .lfve Utt. student president ul' last year. alsn put "pep" intw the eruwd with speeehes. After the lmnfire had died duwn. the students. led hy the hand. Usnalteclaneedii up tn the Park. At the Alumni lihapel at 9.311 on Saturday mwrning. Dr. A. L. Haworth of Portland. flregmi. a former Siuux tfity pastor and an alumnus ul' Mnrningside tlnllege. spuke un "Making l-listmyfi Virgil Gerkin. president nl' the ltlurningside Alumni Assueiatiun. and Lauren Van Dyke. president of the Student tinuneil. gave welenm- ing' speeehes. Plliss llelty Mead. Ll Seniur. was inlrndueed as Miss Nlm'ningside. an lmnur lu whir-h she had heen eleeled hy the ftudents. At lttzfeltt a Hnineemning parade marehed tliruugli the prineipal dnwntuwn streets. lfnlluwing the enllege hand. which marehed at l the head uf the prweessiun. Miss Morningside rude in a pnsitinn ul lmnpr. l'raetieally every Hl'Q3lli7E1liHll un the lfampus was repre' sented in the parade. dilapidated llivvers lahelled with remarks witty and ntherwise. and elalmrate lluats exeited the laughter and admiraliun ul' the mam tvlfservers. At mimi the :ueieties and fra- t ternilies entertained their alumni at lunelic-tnis. l The main exent ul' the day was the limrtlvall game with lies Marines University. lilespite hard playing. the hflurningside men reeeived the small end uf a 6 ln It score. After the game the annual harlveeue was served In the speetaturs. A three-aet play. Differ. was given in the college chapel un Sal- urday evening. as a elimax tu the Hnineenining' prngram. Une linndrefl twenty-six TIC? +411 .,,..f' R 'I :V ,W ,..A ' ff Ni ISS RPf'l"I'Y HEAD nv l1lIl'H lrwl Iwi-111V-wx Il The Agfara Rttiiiitiuiage Salle -Xnother vert ingenious anml rather traflitional means of the Vtiays ancl Xleans tlommittee ol' Agora to raise monex is the liunnnage Sale. This year the sale was helfl on the thircl of llecemher in the olfl Siotlx tlantly lrnilcling on East lfourth Street. lfor a week lwefore the sale gi lvarrel was placetl in the hall to collect the cast-oH's ol' the stuclents. in the meantime the committee was telephoning anal making trips lu various homes in the city lo collect more rummage. Saturmlay. the thirfl. clawnefl clear anal colml. lint several college girls placetl two oil-stores in the otherwise heatless huilfling. and proccefletl to tlisplay their wares. Anfl such a colleclionl Hats. shoes. carpet slippers a lawn-mower. electric irons. w ringers. fountain pens. compacts. pocketluooks pictures. antl many other articles greetecl the eyes of the eager yet cautious lvuyers. Sometimes pity overcame the lvnsi- nesa sense ol' the girls. ancl they gave away much neeclefl gloves antl shoes. hut it was fun to lvargain. also. and finally they clearetl thirty mlollars antl closecl shop. Helen Tiecleman anfl Anne flxxtllis were in charge ol' the sale this year. Agora Bazaar Une ol' the Atgorais annual attempts to raise money is the tlhristmas llazaar. Vlillis year the girls put on an Uriental llazaar. having lor sale many novelties im- portetl from the l'iar lfast. from tlinner gongs anfl emlvroimleretl cushion tops clown to hlock puzzles antl fortune tellers. The tihinese luoys arlclefl much to the atmosphere with their lacquer trays. cloisonne vase.-s. anfl lragrant jasmine tea. Mrs. Xlossman kinflly atlflecl to the income lay mlonating t,hristmas carcls to he solfl on commission. Une of the most interesting articles for sale was the little tfhristmas story The Stair- Il'1l-1' fo llf1pp1'11c.s.w. written lay Nliss llella llimmitl. sister of our own llean of Vtlomen. There was even a H25-50 cents" lvargain counter. clisplaying tlowerecl lacrpter trays and emlwroiclerecl wooclen-soletl tlhinese mules. which was very popular. Great interest was arousecl hy Professor l-layesis set ul' chessmen carvecl in the ligures of Japanese lorfls anfl knights: ancl in the collection lent hy Miss Joy Smith. Nlorningsicle gracluate ancl former missionary to tihina. there was a Chinese laflws poweler pull. comh. a lualty coat. ancl a gentlemanis fan. together with clolls represent' ing the various classes of tlhinese people.-. Une of the pleasant inciclents was the tea serxeil lo tfarol l,arsen's l"reshman tlommission. at which the llelphian laclies were guests. Much of the success of the liazaar was clue to the capahle work of Miss Julia l,a Grone. chairman. ancl Miss Lillian ltlurray. cashier ancl "credit-master." Agora wishes to thank them. antl also all ol' the faculty ancl sttulents who were such willing customers. Une liuiulrcfl twenty-eight The Bean Shower The first hean shower occurred in April. l9ll. It did not seem to meet with the entire approval of the students, for the Collegian lleporter referred to it as a "juvenile trick" which appealed to the "sense of humor of the audience." When the main hall was rehuilt after it had hurned in the spring of 19l2. great care was taken to make the ceiling ahove the chapel platform of very thick concrete in an effort to stop all future hean showers. But the huilders had miscalculated the ingenuity of lVlorningside students. for the heans continued to fall each year. After President Mossman had come to lVlorningside. the hean shower hecame the "royal welcome always accorded to distinguished visitorsf' Witli this view of the tradition. Billy Sunday. evangelist. and Ralph Hielman. Dean of the College of Commerce of Northwestern University. were showered. ln recent years the hean shower has deteriorated and is likely to "come offii at any chapel service. During this last year there was a corn shower on President Mossman. as well as a hean shower earlier in the year. Soplliomoreflfireslinian Rivalry The traditional class struggle hetween the Sophornores and Freshmen was of greater intensity in the fall of '27 than it has heen for several years and displayed itself in various ways. One fall morning a dummy, representing the Sophomore Class. met the eyes of those superior Indians as they arrived at the campus. No self-respecting Indian can stand such an insult: consequently with reinforcements from the police depart' ment they triumphantly hauled down the insulting hundle of straw. But the frosh. who were a persistent trihe. immediately replaced the original dummy. The sophs driven to extremities allied themselves with a powerful trihe known as the Faculty. and as a result the frosh were forced to retire from the scene of hattle and find a more 'hhumaneii way of defeating their peers. They first tried the civilized game of football. hut the upperclassmen defeated them hy a couple of touchdowns. The cane-rush played off hetween halves of the Homecoming game resulted in a victory for the freshmen. Hy this contest the official initiation of the freshmen was con- cluded. hut for a few weeks following it was carried on unofficially. A part of this was the attempt of some of the sophomores to hreak up a freshman picnic. hut they were unsuccessful and the frosh olwligingly offered them some "eats," if . we ,, iV . One hundred twenty-nine Meinfs Banquet ymztzn 233. 1922: Gilliert Koch . ,., ,A....,.,......,.... ...,... ...... G e 1 ieral Chairman Glennarcl Larson ..,.. ..... A ssistant Chairman Gordon Metcalf , . .. ..,A, Puhlieity' Lee Strain .,...A,.,. ............. ,.. ,. Finance Gordon Larson 1Seniorsr Paul llrinltman Lluniorsl VUIVA. Decorations l'il't'fl lfigert lSophomoresI William Noyes tlfreslnnent Merle Kingslnury' .....n.....n.... .... l Jrograin Wesley' Jones ....4 Menu The Nlenis lilanajuet is usually' c-elehratefl at the same time as "Darts Day." This year. hoyyever. as plans flicl not yyork ollt towartl that encl. "Dacl's Day". will he heltl later. Quite a gootlly nuniluer of fathers attentletl the clinner. the ysaitresses were lveautiful. the footl gootl. the program interesting. anti the tahles cleverly' fleeoratetl: so the men of the r-ollege thoroughly enjoyetl their annual ilinner party. W niiieiifs Baiiquet Miss Nliss Xliss Nil:-S Miss NIAINIH 21. 1928 Lillian lluehlei ........,a..,,,a..,a, aa.a. ,ia,aaa i.,,aa. I , 1 enei Anna Mae Hurllnurt lflya lieiniers ,.,,,.. Julia La Crlllllt' ...... Nl ' ' L arian lilllt' i..,.i tlhairman ................,.Nle1iu ...Pri ugrain .. ...Finance Deeoratii in The W'onien's lianquet is an annual formal tlinner eagerly' loolxetl forwartl to hy' every girl in school. The Mothers are also inviletl. antl a gala time is hacl. The tahles are lreaulifully' fleeoralecl lay' the clifferent Classes. antl a loving-Cup is pre- sentetl to the Class yyhieh has the hest-looking tahles-this year. the Juniors. Hoses are presentecl to the Freshman girls whose Mothers or l7athers attended lVIorningsitle ljollege. Hoyas as waiters grace the oc-easion anfl acltl quite a hit of excitement while the yelling is going on. After that they are lost to sight. until they again appear to escort fair laclies homewartl. Mrs. Lucy' Uimmit Kolp presitlecl as toastmistress. The theme of the loasts was "Gates" castle gates. rusty' gates. garclen gales. anfl elosecl gates--all very' in- teresting lu he sure. One hundred thirty There never was a time when pnlnlif' speaking fnrrnecl a mnre impnrtant faetur i11 Ameriean life than it tlnes tmlay. nur was there ever a lime Wllell tl1is talent lmrtlglit tu the intlivitlnal metre sueial uncl lPllSlllt'S4 and political inllnenee. ln the legislative assemhly: in the r-t1111't1'1m111: i11 the elinreh: ill faculty meetings. fraternity meetings. ancl mass nieetingsz in tl1e meeting 11141111 nl, the clireetnrs nf a f-111'pn1'atiu11: 111 the hmne nr nn the street we hnfl that people argue tu sell their uwn wares. lu instil their own views. ln afljltst their tlillerenees. anrl tn finfl the truth. Vllvlierever aetive-minrlecl me11 with npiliitms meet, there is a neeessity fer a knowledge of argilmentatiuli. Speaking ill pnlvlie is no lunger ai Hl'ttf'li-lt!-SlPt'lDu prueess hut rather an enlargerl anfl intensifiecl fnrni ul, c-1111ve1'satin11. Unly as this is truly appreeiatefl tlnes the speaker attain lrne graiitlenr. Anil in llll' wurmls ul' William .lennings lifyklll. "The speaker. 1nu1'enve1'. is elmpienl in ItI'tlIHbl'llHlt as he knuws what he is talking alum! anfl means what he says." ln rather NX'Hl'flS. lil1HttlPt'lgP and earnestness. eunplefl with a power nf clireetness. are important reeplisites ul Sllt'f'GSSlilll speaking. The uhjeet nl pnhlie speaking is usually tu persnatle. Wihen lfieeru spuke peuple saifl. "Huw well liir-ern speaksli' hut when llemnsthenes spoke they sairl. "Let 11s gn against Pliilipv-ee-tlie clill'erenr-e heing that tIieert1 impressed himself upnn the audi- ence. while Uemnstlteries impressed his snhjeet upun them. Pussihly this compari- snn may not he a fair une: I1uwex'er. it at least presents an impnrtant truth. It is hfltJl'lliIlgSlClt'iS pnrpuse ill lfurerisies ln train men and wtnnen not In speak over tl1e anclienee hut tn the 2lllfll6llC'9Z not tu ulluat nn airu lllll tu know: nut to he superfieial hnl tu he aiialytieal anfl genuine: not tp exhilvit an artificial clisplay hut tu f'n11vi11ee SlllCl"l'9l5'Z nut tu "emi" lint lu tl1ink arnl tu he equal lu the Uf'f'klSllPll2 nut tn cleeeive hut to he honest: not tu whine i11 tlefeat hut tu rejniee i11 x'ietnry: not tw shirk the task hut lu he masters of the juli: nut tn rlehase lint tu make H1911 ansl wumen nuhler i11 mincl ancl spirit. . To this encl. "tn the art nl' 'Jf'l'Sll3Sittll. heantifnl ancl just... mln we pledgen111'selx'es. lfurrrfz nf Ur"r'111l1', Ono l11111fl1'ml thirty-0110 Q - XP aff? aff? Nl Larson, Aalfs, Krolofl Brinkman, Van Dyke. Foxx: Upton, Tiecleman Marshall, Burnett, L. Hickman. Sirken, Nealis Mellquist, Down, Fullerton, Berl-Zshire, MCMullan Lease. Maynard, M. Hickman, Benton, deCle1'cq Pi Kappa Delta Gordon Larson ,, ,. ,......,.,,., President Maw Krolull' .,.. ,.......... I 'ice-President Anne Aalfs ....... v.,, . Secretary-Trcasufer flllarles llown oo.. ....,............ H isforian One hundred thirty-t wo M... -. .. ne aw df., . 1 - .M Y . . ' Maynard, Et-rkcs. M.. Hicl-zman, Upton Marshall, lirololt. L. Hickman. Larson, Itown Natzionall Pi Kappa Delltta Conveiitioii At the hiennial convention of Pi Kappa Delta. held at Tiffin. Ohio. Morningside placed in three different divisions. taking one first. one second. and one third. and thus established the hest record of all the one hundred and two Colleges and Uni- versities that were represented. Walter Upton won the men's oratorical contest. Mildred Hickman placed second in the women's extempore contest. and Mary May- nard was awarded third honors in women's oratory. No school. other than Morning- side. placed in more than two events. Although they did not reach the hnals, hoth the men and the women made cred- itahle showings in dehate. Mildred Hickman. who found time to dehate as well as extemporize. combined with her sister. Lois. to out-dehate the women from Colorado Teachers College. College of Emporia. and Bethany College. Losses to East Texas College and College of the Pacific. how ever. eliminated them from the competition at the close of the fifth round. The Morningside men argued their way through six rounds of dehates hefore heing put out of the running. ln the first two rounds. they disposed of the University of California and Gustavus Adolphus College. They were defeated in the third round by Augustana College. hut retained their eligihility hy winning from Aherdeen Normal and Central College in rounds four and five. In the sixth round. in a second dehate with Gustavus Adolphus. a two to one decision against them constituted their second loss and marked their elimination from the tournament.. Morningside was represented in menis dehate hy Cecil Marshall. Cordon Larson. and Max Kroloff. Both the men and the women dehated holh sides of the official Pi Kappa Delta question. Charles Down, lVlorningside's eighth contestant at the convention. made a good showing amid a group of outstanding speakers in the extenipore contest. Much credit for Morningside's excellent record at the convention is due to Professor Eerkes. who accompanied the contestants and worked tirelessly to prepare them for the contests. Mrs. Jane Smith also deserves mention for the splendid way in which she trained the orators who placed so high at the convention. One hundred thirty-three MAX KROLOFF GORDON LARSON Marquette Universty Marquette University University of Montana University of Montana Billinus Polytechnic Institute Iowa State Teachers Iowa State Teachers Coe College Coe College Unixersity ot' South Dakota 125 Loyola University Colorado College Colorado College I'i Kappa ltelta Tournament University of South Dakota University of North Dakota Pi Kappa llelta Tournament Metals Delhate The debate season of the past year was without a doulit one of the most success- ful that Morningside men have gone through in recent years.. This is true as regards not only results. hut extensiveness and quality as well. Fifteen scheduled dehates were indulged in. Moreover. these dehates were with such schools as Marquette Uni- versity. the University of Montana. Loyola University. and the Universities of liotlt North and South Dakota. Not alone the names of these institutions, lvut. too, the audiences that attended. will testify to the quality of the contests. Of the fifteen delvates. eight were won. only four were lost. two were conducted on a no-decision hasis, and the one which was judged hy the audience resulted in a tie. High spots in the season were the victories over Marquette. Montana. and Loyola. and the winning of liotll ends of two duals. held on consecutive nights with Iowa State Teachers and Coe College. With one exception. the question used throughout the year was the national Pi Kappa Delta question: "Resolved That the United States should cease to protect hy armed force capital invested in foreign countries. except after formal declaration of war." In a no-decision dual with the University of South Dakota. the teams dis- cussed the proposition: "Reso1z'efl. That the recent Latin-American policies of the United States Government should he condemnedfi Une hundred thirty-four 'W tllitlll, Nl.-XRSHALI, l,AlfHlCN VAN DYKIC Marxxuette Unvexwity Iuwa State I-l'4,'2i!'llE'l'S Wfesterxi Uniun Cue College Iuwa State Teachers Univt-rsity ul' Suuth Dakuta Coe College Luyola University Univelwity ot' South Dakota til University ul' North Dakota Pi Kappa Delta Tournament Summxaxvy Mexixfs Delliatues .laxxuary 31flX"I3l'tlllCllE Uxxiversity at lVlux'xxixigsitle. Wuxx 2-l cle- Cisiull. Negative: lirulull. Marshall. axxtl Laxwuxi. Felxruary 20-Wiesterxx llxxiuxx at lXlHl'lliIlgSitlt'. Lust 2-l fleeisiuxx Negative: Fullertuxx. Marslxall. axitl llplull. Felxruary Zfiellxiivf-x'sity uf lXxlunlaxxa at Murxiixigsitle. Wuxi expert judge tlec-isiuxx. Negative: Larsuxi axitl Krulull. March liliillixigs Pulxteelxxxie Institute at lixlurxxixxgsicle. Lust 2-l cleeisiun. Alifirmalive: lluxwxx axicl Klvlxxlili. March leisluxxa State Teaelxers at Murxxixxgsixle. Wuxx 2-l ClGf'lSiHll. Afliirmative: Duxxtxi. Van Dyke. aml Krululi. March tlaluwa State TP.1Cll6l'S at tleclax' Falls. Wuxx I1-tl tleeisiuxx. Negative: Hurxxette. Nlarslxall. axicl Larsun. One lxundred thirty-tive X, A...4-iw, M ,.,. Q W4L'l'lCR UPTUN IIHAHLICS DOWN MERRILL BUliNlC'll'lllC W'este1'n Uniun Billings Polytechnic Institute Imva State Teacliers Irma State Teachers Coe College Coe College University of South lmkuta lVlarel1 9e Jive llullege at Nlnrningsitle. Wim I3-H tlet-isimi. Aflillllld- tive: lluwn. Van Dyke. and lQl'ulnll'. March Qfflne llullege at Cedar Hapicls. Warn 2-l clecision. Nega- tive: Rurnette. Marsliall. and Larson. Marcli 13-Ltiyula University llfliieagul at Murningsitle. Won F3-It fleeisiun. Negative: lVlarsliall and limlull. Mareli l5-University uf Smith llalmla at Mnrningsicle.. Nu tleci- sion. Affirmative: Down. Marsliall. and Van Dyke. lVlareli l5eUniversitv of Suutli llalwla at Vermillion. Nu tlec-isimi. Negative: Lease. l7ullertun. and Larson. lVla1'ffli 19-Culmfatln llullege at lVlurningsicle. Wlun 3-ll cleeiwiun. Negative: Larson and lirulufl'. March 22eUniversity nf Suutli llalwta at Morningside.. Lust ex- pert judge cleeision. Negative: Lease, Marsliall, and Krolutl'. 0 One hundred thirty-six f 2312:-"' vel' HOWARD LEASE LISLE BERKSIIIRIC RAYMOND FULLI4 RION University of South Dakota 125 University of South Dakota VV42Hl43l'll Union University ol' South March 22AUniversity of South Dakota at Vermillion. Lost 2-I decision. Affirmative: l3erkshi1'e. VanUyke, antl Larson. March 29+University of North Dakota at Morningsitle. Tie aucli- ence decision Negative: lVla1'shall antl Kroloff. April 2-5-Pi Kappa Della Convention at Tiffin, Ohio. Against Against Against Against Against Against lost. University of California. Morningside affirmative won. Gustavus Aclolphus College, Morningsicle negative won. Augustana College, M1'!1'IliIlgSiCl6 affirmative lost. Aberdeen Normal, M1ll'llillgSlCl9 affirmative won. Central College, Nlorningsicle negative won. Gustavus Atlolphus College. Mt1ll'IllIlgSiClG Eilllll'IllElliVP Debaters: Marshall, Larson, and Kroloff. One hundred th irty-seven lllillll fernonstrated his ve1s1t1l1ty completely l1y tak- s ing H1 t place 111 tl1e annual 111611 s extempora- neous s 1601 111 con es 1a1 16 who plays cnt 111 tie Uric team em ua as uell as l1e de- t1e su IIEFT IS Je l Pave ol the Newspaperf' t ofa con s The lntluence of tl1e iess was t1e Ueneia tl1e111e ol tl1e specific topics that the contestants drew one lltllll' before appearance o11 the platto1n1 becond place ill tie contest ment to lxayniont liu lelton, a fresh- Althf ugh he did 11ot place 111 tl1e extempore contest at tl1e l 1 lxappa Delta l onvention. Down Mleiniis Uratury l'l411' tl1e second successive year. tl1e IUCIIHS ora- 1111-ical contest was won hy Walter H. Upton. tl1is year a senior. l-lis oration. entitled "The Rising Tide." dealt with tl1e IJI'OlJlCIH of crime. By vir- tue of this victory. Upton was designated to rep- resent h'lo1'ni11gside i11 tl1e n1en's oratorical com- petitio11 at tl1e national Pi Kappa Delta Conven- iitbll at Tiffin. Ohio. ln tl1e contest at Tiffin. i11 which orators from sixty-seven schools competed. MllI'lliIlgSidEiS rep- resentative wlas the winner of first place. The contest was conducted i11 tou1'nan1ent style. and it was necessary for Upton In win his way through three p1'eli111i11a1'y rounds in order to tlualiliy as o11e of tl1e six finalists. His victory in the finals was clear-cut. At the Co11ve11tio11. the Mo1'11i11gside orator spoke on tl1e topic. "The sl l ist p are xxinner. l1e was awarded a gold medal for himself 1 a awe si 111 o ege. ll Il ll 1 an tllilt 1 hut an iittercollegiale dehater as well. Meri s Extenipore Y fri: t hailts U 11 ll the athlete ot the dehate squad. - vlfr . 4, F9 ' 1 es ant ie ls ll t a M1111 ce1a eiispoke on , BMA One hundred thirty-eight tliitlli, BENTON MILDHED Hit KM AN Vifestern Union WQSiC'l'IliUI1ifb!l University ot' South Dakota University Ot' South lbalmtzt University of California Doane College University of California Northwestern University Pi Kappa Ilelta Tournament Sttntntaury Wunteiiis Debates February i--iTWGSiEl'l1 Lfniun at LeMars. Lust 3-tt cieeisiun. Af firmative: Benton. Mc-Mulleni fletlleimg. Fehruary lflf-Western Union at Murningsitle. Winn I3-ti ciecisinii Negative: Meiiquist, Nealis, M. Hif-kinan. February 29-University uf Swulh Uakutzi ill i'V'Iui'iiingsitle. Nu tie Cision. Affirrnative: MeiViullen. Bentun. Hickman. Fehrtlary 29-University of South Dakuta at Verinillimi. Nu tievi sion. Negative: Sirken. Nlellquisl. M. Hit-Linan. March 16-Duane College at Mniiiiiigside. Won 2-I tleeisimi. Ai firmative: M. Hickman, L. Hickman. One hundred thirty-nine Y , ., f- -si K iNlCI,l,ll'I NICALIS l"I,UHDUHi-X NlPIL1,Ql'lST 1,015 HUIKNIAN VVt-stern Uninn Wvt'5iL1l'I1 Union University ot' South Dakota Univi-rsity nl' Suulh Ilaknta Duane Colin-ge Nrwtliwfestv,-i'1i University Pi Kappa Delta Tournament March Qt!-Uiiiversity uf ilaiifnriiia at Muiiiiiiflsitie. W'un 2-i cie- Cisinn. Negative-: Benton. Nl. Hickman. April QT A-Nmtlineste-init l niwrsily at Niurniiigsicle. Negative: Ben- lull. Hickman. In Hivkinan. April 2-5vPi Kappa Uella llnnventiun at Tiffin. film. Against Against Against Against Against Deliatm' ifnipuria. Muiniiigsicie nun. lietliany, Niwiiiiigsitie mm. linlwwatlu 'iieac-lwrs. miUI'llillgSilit' wfni. College of Pacific. Murningsicie lust. lfast Texas. Nlniniligsicie lust. s: In Hickman anti Ni. Hickman. One hundiu-il forty "'---..,,,, MQXDFLINIC KlcNIlfLI.IiN lllil.liN .lf-IILICRKIQ NIILIJHFD SIRKICN Western Union W'4--tvrn Union Uiiivcw-Qivy of Sou! h Ilakoli Univvrsity ot' South Dakota Although lherv wvrv lvul lhrce veleran clelraters in the Morning- siflf' Vlfoinenis lhflnalv lvann. lhv wonwn ac-iplillecl llienisvlws in ll very Crmlilalrle lnannvr. Six clclvalvs werv sf'lie'cll1lQ1l. anal rlvival waa mel only onvc al lhc- hanels ol Vlfl'sl1'l'li lnion Lollegc. Two re'presenlali'.'cs xwrv svnl lo the Pi Kappa Delta lionwnlion al Tiffin. Ullio, lwnl lhvxl losl in ilu' sixlh rouncl to the llollvac- ol' the l'aCifiC. aflvr displaying f-onio wry flue zllvilily in flelvalv. The question uleel this War was the national Pi Kappa llvlla question: "R0.sol1'vfl. That lhc lfnilefl States should vease lo prolm-rl lay armecl forve capital ilnavslccl in foreign countries Pxcepl after il formal cleclaralion ol' war." Unv llllllll1'l'4l i'o1'1y-onv U, . ' je if fr" ffl' L 14" ,, fy r U t I H ,ff ff' ll: 1 l .-if V, U ix .M ' 5 gf if f ig b ,V . 1 J I 1 HI o v X' 'l v A t ft te' M ' Ur I-'cf 1 . l . f 1 , I F' " f l, P " , fr' 3 pk. ,J ,f ,r'fDhfwVOIl1t1t6HTliS Exteiiipore 4-lt lv yo ffl' I l 1 ,nf I P .iff V 1 ,v' ,, if it tx' 5 tj t lf , , H, A , ' 4 4 t Xliss Nlilclrefl Hickman. a senior at Morning- sitle. ancl vvinner of' several local ancl state ex- tentporaneous contests during her four years of college lifei vvon secontl place in the Womeifs tlratorical tIontest at the National Pi Kappa Hella flonvention. ln tlw preliminary contests Miss Hickman spoke on "The Modern Newspaper in the Ameri- can Home" anfl "The liaflio in the American Home." ln the final contest Miss Hickman. in her htpiciv"Science anfl the Moflern Home." stre setl the lwenefits vvhich scientific in- ventions antl such scientific studies as psycho- analysis luring lo us. Her suhject-matter anal tone of, voice vvere most convincing. ancl she ac- tluittetl herself in a verv aclmirahle manner. ln the final contest. Miss Violet Johnson of Hamline lniversitv. Saint Paul. Minnesota. placetl first. antl Nliss Bernice llenclel of Xpsilanti btale Normal. N pstlanti. Xlichigan. placecl tlnrtl. XVoiiiteiiqs Urattoiriy ln the final rountl ol' the Wonienis ttratorical flontest at Tiffin. flltio, the six contestants vvere Nliss Genevieve llravton of North fentral f.olle2e. Illinois: Miss . t Hortense llemet of' Simpson tlolleee. lovva: Miss flenevieve Temple. llniversitv of Southern ffalifornia: Miss l,ouise Lavvrence of' Park Lolleaez Miss Dorothea lllenfler of llrafl- t s t lev. antl Miss Nlarv Klavnarcl of Morninysirlc. t The results of the contest vvere not announcer! until the final night of the convention at the ' lfarevvell liantluet. at vvlnch time Miss Genevieve Temple. from flalifornia. Miss Genevieve lirav- l ton. of lllinois. ancl Miss Marv Mavnartl. of' Iowa. were calletl to the platform to receive golcl medals antl the honors of firt. seconrl. and thirfl places respeclivfelv. Miss Mavnartlis oration nas entitletl "TIM- Nevv le'ioneer.'i Miss Nfavnartl ltegan luv tlescrih ing' the vvonian of' earlv pioneer flaps, as por- travefl lnv a recent vvork of' sculpture. With thr- earlv pioneer vvoman. she contrasterl the modern college girl. calling her "The New Pioneerfi Her life is characterizecl luv a search for knovvl- eflge. frienclship. ancl Coil. The oration is 21 svmpathelic anfl sincerelv optimistic treatment of the suhject of youth. Une h unrl rc-rl fort y-t vvo MENS INTERFRATERNITY DEBATES ,lillllltlfy 16 ancl l7 qfglllfl Timm RIICP-l4ll2lI1l Tau llvflu AIf'IflRM,xTlYliiAlplm Tan llcllu Paul llrinlunan lllmampe Stnkes llllEil'lE'S Down NEG xTlXnE+Sig1na Tlmela lllm Wlalter Upton Verclette Wlallers George TllHI'I1lHll llecisimmz Nvfzaliw ff l'l11' S1'gn1a D0fIr1 Tfzvtu l'1' AI"lflRM,'XTlYE7Plli Sigma John Dallenlwach Uscar Beck Lauren Van Dyke lNI'IC.XTIY'EfD6llH The-ta Pi Merrill Blll'IlGllt' Stanley llittrnm' Max liruluff Decision: Negalivv O1 l I l l Iarmn, lirinkmnn Nl llc llown, Marshall 10 l1LllNll'Cll l'u1'ty-thrvc urnett. Ditt Tl lie Berkshire, Stewart MENS INTERFRATERNITY DEBATES J t t FF Sl-gllld Theta R110-Phi Signza AFIPIRMATIVE-Sigma Theta Hhn Edgar Schiller Victor Schuldt Richard Carlyon NEC,XTIYEYPl1i Sigma Gordon Metcalf Fred Figert Gordon Fugg Decision : Negative l die Della Tfzcfu Pl.7.4If7l1U Tuul Della AI-'1fmM,xT1w:aDelta Theta Pi Claude Stewart flhester Fluhrer Lisle Berkshire NEGATIVE-'-Alplla Tau Delta Gordon Larson Cecil Marshall Howard Lease Decision : Negative T et? One hundred forty-four MENS INTICHFHATIQHNITY DEBATES "T Uvflfl 7'!ll'fIl l'1' l'fl1' SIQQIIIII Alflflm1x'1'1x'r-3 Dvllu Tlwla Pi illumlv Ste-xsarl f:Ill'Sll'l' Isllllllvvf' Max li1'ulu1T Nm: XTIX l'1 Phi Sigma Gur1lm1 Mvlvulf Flvfl lfigerl C4hl'll1ll1 IFUPIQ l,Pf'iSiHIlI AH-il'lllElliXF Hpfm Tllll Uf'llf1 Sfglllll Tfwlfz Rim M'rflRw1Ax1'n'l2 Alplmu Tau Ik-Ita Glll'ClllIl I,arfem1 lievil Marshall Charlffs Umm Nlcm1'lw: Sig111a Theta Rlm Waltvr Upton Yvrflcltc' Vivzllters Cvfvlgc- 'lwlwlnlml IJt'f'iSiHlIZ Amrrnatiw 1' " 4, FT ff h umlrod 's f L? .-f A 'Wm - QW, ,V -1. vf wx. ,r , l , WWA , 1 , 1 mm, .V llullvnl szivh, Ilnwli, l'xi:,f'l'1 X ll1IlVl'l' M11 Im'iv-t1xw- 2 - vulf. Fngu MENS INTERFRATERNITY DEBATES Y fllplza Tau D6lffl+D!'1fIl Theta Pl' AF1fIRMATIVEaAlpha Tau Delta Cordon Larson Cecil Marshall Charles Down lWEGATIVliflJ6Tl3 Theta Pi Merrill Burnette Stanley Dittmer Max Kroloff Decision: Affirmative Q X J The question clehatecl was: "Re5nfziea'. That the Unitetl States should cease to protect hy armed force capital investefl in foreign lands. except after formal declaration of war." The Alpha Tau Delta fraternity won the interfraternity clehate for the thirfl T consecutive time this year and thus won . the permanent possesrion of the inter- l fraternity clehate cup. 1 f I z p Upton, Walters, Schuldt Schuler, Thornton One hundred forty-six f fl A 1, W4 JIVIENAS INTIiHStM11ETY DEBATES Heeeinher 133 Alf1fiRM,x TI v 1-1 Henita Mnssman iflnrenee Freflrieksmi Helen cielilereq Nr:t1ixT1x'1c Elva Heimers Nellie Nealis Luis Hickman Ueeisiunz Negative Judges: U. A. Hayworth. Principal ui East Junior High Sehtmi. Miss He- lveeea Jones. and Miss Lucy Hnimlrst of Central High Seiwui. The queslinn dehateci was: "Re.s0fz'e1l. That the United States shnulci Cease tw i prntect hy armed force Capital invested in fureign lands, except after fnrmal declaratinn of war." X . L. Hickman. Mossman, F1'ed1'ic'krn1 Ni. 'Q J' -Q , -- One hundred I0 1-1 y-seven call.. Rumeiw cle-C'le1ug I WOMENS INTEHSUCIETY DEBATES lilecemher H Ar'1-'IRMATIYE Madeline Mclilullen Margaret Heed ilecil lienton Nr:oiT1vE Mildred Hickman Hazel Surher Inez Archer Decision: Affirmative judges: Professor E. A. Uverton. Hey- erend VV. Benhow. and Reverend Charles E. Snyder. The "Oxford Plani' was again used this year as in the two previous years. There were two negative teams and two affirmative teams. each team heing com- posed of three women. one from each society. These dehates were considered as tryouts for society women for inter- collegiate deltates. M. Hickman. Reed, Surhei' Benton. Mc-Mullen, Archer Onc h unrlred fo rty-eight nv I1 undn-1 ,mae T" V . x. 5131. .ffl V I '.,,t.ff S' ,I-, 1.1.21-fi'- -...ww ,xr,1? ' 1,744 n, 72" . ' li 7 'I .w. V . ul 1, . ., .Q .rv ' V ..,. , W. . xl! I I I , E V ' H! 4 f .-.-p. : -1', ,gl - V fillllll .hp g ' EIMS! I :mu f, lhl 'I I , .pi -,-g., '15-91. 3 I-'Lf V ',.:.zf1ff'7f -1. .54-1:74 gf 3-. .1 .- '.'l""-',. . '.',.',.l:' ' .if-m ."...2f'- ' ,'1",L-n-, 1.4-.f'. , xl. 1-. .,.....,. sii . 4. l I mm 'j,,5f,5:3:: .X A ,J ' V ,591 .A ,Q ,- . 2 45- . :'V . I ,Mlm . -M fwihl WT . 121 I 'x'- .,.. W - IC: .-2-4. '. . " .l.,- .N ng. -mwazffvnf1zwe1 f 'Ir - no A -5 -.' ,. 'c, -.19'fr'.!f- .l.,,,.., 5 .f ,..,.. ,- ..-..-'...- .- l 2 --'P'Ef'1"Sr' L'-,fi-' '31 1. -'ANS-r-Z12..g.g-5 5, ''sM"i41-, ,gP3Wg9'i- .-.-'Q-QYQFS'-f,:f.'1',l , . JV- .5 , ...AU ,P . , , x,-,p,..x. n . 5 nf. 5 3 fi: " fy! .3-. U-,,.:1 Mamsic l f0l'l,Y-lllllt . .: , . ,N 'A Jlilflliill q4'XY?11'1l, Hrmliv. 'l'eVaslgu, lie-tile. Iia1al'u1'lll. Wfiller 'l'lmmz1s, Bzllv, Strain, Smith, lgIll'llS. Vmw, Rasnnussijll, VV. Curtis Snow C 110 l"4w,g.g, Qllilllx, Bflilllllllll, C'a.rlym'1, Schultz. Lowry Mfenufs Gllee Cllullm OFF ll IICRS llurmlml Fugg A......,.....,..,,,,,,.. ..,.................... P l't',NI'l!t'Ill lm- filruin, ,..,,.., ......, H 11s1'l11'u Mzzlzzzgvr llzlllvll lxlllllllllll ...,. .N'0c'l'c'1'u1'x-Tl'c'11s11rw' 4Qlure'l1c':' Rule .,,...,,,.,..,,..,,.. . ....,..,.A,,AA,,A, I,l.,PI'IlI'I.Ill.' NIHNIIKICHS l'll'l xl 7ll'Illll',N B111 I.llIlll'N Pllillip ,lllfllilll llivllgxrwl lfurlyml lhnwlull Fljgljl William Dunfewtla Ralph xlilllllllll Dlmulll llrow Dunulll Brmlim- Lznrrull Burns have Strain Gail Smiilx ll:-orgy' Mule WvLlllL1C't? Lnwry XY 4 ml' l .,vw.114l Bmhws Y -5f'f""Y'lTf"1""f lla-1'L1l1l llfmlx Flvtvllvl' Kvtllv Warm-1' SC'llllllZ 1 l'll'1JllC't' lid!-lllllHSl'l1 Bf'l'llLll'4l 'l'vPuslir- llluwnccf Bale fflnlstwr Vllillc-1' Dil'f'Ctm' .,,,., Yinlinisl .,A, C1-llist ,. ll'fl rllllibll H134 Curtis Snow ...,...,.Lm-u Kucinslai 'mol l,Lll'lilIlSOll ln so fur as mul lnlxsic-ul training: uml ulvilily In I't'lltlCl' llw lu,-sl ol' merytllilmgr in tlmt kiml ol popular Q'lllfJI'l8lIllllPlll. lllf' lXlUl'lllIlQISl4,lF Mc-nk filer- lllulr stumlw sf-'Cmnl Io none in tllel IlUI'lllWFN The Club has lrr-cn L1 wry Llf'llX't' lH'.!fllllZLllll'lll lor mm-r lll'lf't"l1 years und has guilmwl L1 wi4le'spwaf rwpulutiml. Its IIlt'llllJf'l'Sl1lI'b is e-lriclly on Ll Cmnpwliliw lrusis, anal PLlCll year an extensive' Concml tour is Iulwn lxy mln- C One hundred fifty X L. 2. Junselt. I-lzxrlels. Mulmlum. Rust. SCllLllL'l', Mack Hold, Evans, Ln-inlmallglm, lla-lfl. lVICClLl1'l'. lialkc-nm, Van l'e,-ursn-m H?ll'1'lllj4l4rll. Mc-Ulwsllcy. CUl'l'C'!'. Greon. Mnwsnmn, lk- Huylel' Maldllmlgalll Cllullm fll"l'lllllfHS Falitll l'lvl4l .....,..,. ...........,,,,..A.,., .,...,. P 1 4L'.N14ljl'llf uurine Mclllure- ........... ....... S PCl't'lill'j' ssic Lou lllr-lfllwlwy '..... ....AA 1 l'l'Ul7IfIIIIIl.Nl unflu ffalstlv ..,,......... ....Y,.....,,,,..,..,V ,,,,.,,.,, I , 'vllixf Nl lflll HERS Filixl Soprano lNl:1urins- lXlf'f.,lllll'P BPl'lllCP lA'lllllLlllQ1ll Annu ,IPIISBII Cluirv lixuns l.uCillf' llullivnmu lllmlys ll-vl4l lfifllll l-lwlll Sl,'l'lll1ll Snprunu x,t'l'lllCIJ f:l'l'ff'll Dnrnllly Mulllum Dorollly fllllI'l'Fl' Nlurtinu lla- Rllylvl' Fflisl plfln Rlllll SI'lllllQ?l' llc-rrma llur-I lllilmlrwl llurteis lllilmlrml lllnssrnun St'C'UlIll flllu lillith v1lllP6lll'S6lll Lillian Nluck llluriel Hill'I'lllQLlUll One hundred fifty-one Chapel Choir Paul hiactfollin Edith Held Eunice Cray UFl'iIlIERS Ralph Mahlum ,.A . .........,..,...,... Nlaurine lVlcfflure ,. Lee Strain ....,,,. ., .........,..,.,.... MEMBERS Ray Linwlharl Nlurtina DeRuyter Anne ,lensen Bernice Leinbaug hiaurine lViclflure Ruth Flewell Velda Wellnitz Margaret Reed Blossom Mc-Dade Gladys Timm Lucille Balkema Gladys Rold Margaret Miller Vernice Green Lois Greene ll .lessie Lou Nlclillcslley Dorothy Nahluni Ruth Schuler Niildred Burtels Lucile tflaerbout Berma Rust Niurilla Conley Luella Smith Inez Vlfatertnai: iViildred Nossnian Helen lfznpey Claire Evans Lucille Dallenbach Lillian Mack Edith Van Peursem Muriel Harrington Dorothy joy Lee Strain Gail Smith Weliclell Sewarei Phillip Jordan Donald Crow Ralph hiahlum Clarence Rasmussen ,,DiffJltf0f President Secretary Librarian Clifford Thomas William Danforth Carroll Burns Wallace Lowry Donald Brodie Wilson Taylor George Cate Fletcher Kettle Merrill Burnette Ruben Schneider Charles Foreman Glen Gustine Clarence Bale Bernard TePaske Dwight Koenig Dorothy Mae fiiurrer Lucille Oiiiern Vifarner Schultz Gerald Cook Brownie W'ood The Morningside College Chapel Choir is a student organization. singing un- accompanied and from memory the masterpieces of sacred choral music. its mem- bers. recruited from the student body. are chosen for their natural ability. And yet. with this constantly changing, amateur personnel, the Morningside Chapel Choir has attained a degree of excellence in its singing that is remarkable. Critics have been unanimous in commending its well-nigh perfect ensemble and beautiful harmonic effects, comparing it most favorably with the best known pro- fessional organizations. In addition to the duties of furnishing music for the regular college chapel service. the Choir makes a concert lotll' each year. the purpose of which is to give an adequate public presentation of these great masterpieces of sacred music which are so seldom heard. and to encourage their study and use by church choirs. One hundred fifty-two 11fo ' Qgaru 1 Wespeir Clwir Margaret Miller Ulflflt IEHS ee,...Dir1'1'l111' La Verne tllaridge ...,.. ,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,, ,,,,,, l ' r1'.s1'1l1'nf lllargaret lgllllilll A A,A ,Sl1l'I'l'fllfl l' 1'a111'es lfigert A Llillfllfl-Ill! INfIliN'II3liltS Su,tIllIl0s 7it'I'ul'.x liuth Smith Nl111l1'li111' H1-Nl11ll1-11 l"l11y1l l"111'sl11-rg: ll11w11r1l Iqllt ElllllCti Xxflllllhlftilll Nlarie W'11111Is litllltl llilllltl l'iill'l lli1l1s D111'0thy l'1111ls1111 lllPZ .'xl'l'llPl' l7e1111is litrlllllfylllitll H111'11l1l l,ill'I Edna Sei1111i1lt Hazel A111l1-rs1111 My lill4'Slt'l'lIlLlll liFUl'gLt' llt'l'lltl Allllll Villl lflipen Fr11111'1-s Figert l,11 V11111- tilaritlgge -'Him tlaryl l"illg1t'llit'lt Nli1111 l,llll'lA H"-lu'-t lflvu lif'lIllf'I'5 ll11ris l,t'tIllilltl l'llll't'lltl Bartz l,11w1'1-111-1- l,1-1111 l"l11r1'll11 K1-lley lr1-he ,I111-11l1s wllllblll' K1111111-1' Nlilt1111 Fehlt ll1'11l11h lle1-l11- xlill'gIitl't'l fplllllll lilill't'Ilt't' 'l'l11111111s1111 l"iV'I'4'll Wiley ll1'1't1'11fle H1111- The Vesper lilluil' is a new 11rga11izali1111 1111 11111' 1'11111l111s. lt was tbl'gi1lllZt'tl 111 th1 fall 11f l927 with Miss Margaret Nliller as llltl 1li1'e1'l11r. Alllltillgll the 1'el111t11t11111 tbl the Vesper lilltlil' is 11111 xxell estal1lisl1e1l, the 111e111l1e1's 11f the 1'h11i1' haxe ga 1 D ffreat deal l-ftblll their 1111rl1 this year. The Yesper lilltlll' has ap11ea1'e1l 1111 the 1ha 1 platform twice illltl will take part with the tlh111'al :Xss11Ciati1111 ill the Nlusie l'lt's1X 1 this spring. The Charter 111e111l1e1's 11f the 'Yesper tIh11ir are l1111l1i11g' l'11r1s ar1l 111 th1 success 111' the 111'ga11izati1111 ill tl1e years t11 1-11111e. 0116- lll1Iltll'E'll fit'ty-three A ' VW E ml I, aaa., Marimiiuigside String uarttett lieo Kucinski ....., .., ,. lr iirsl Violin Douglas lleedei ' . . A . Second Violin Samuel Sheri' . .,.. .,....,.....,,, X fiola li3.l'ul pEil'lxltlSUtl ,i,, ,,.,. V Tltllulltllllu String quartet music is the most intellectual. serious. and dignified of musical compositions.. The name suggests the character of the music in that it does not call for a large volume of sound and is fitted for performance in a room smaller than a concert hall. In a general way chamher music reveals the suhiective and the in- timate. which is hoth the composefs and the performer's lmest self. It demands a suhservience of personalityi a unanimity of spirit, and many years of patient en- semhle practice to realize halance and Huish. Critics have proclaimed the lVlorningside String Quartet one of the hest organi- zations of its kind in the Middle West. During the summer of 1927 the Nlorningside String Quartet made an extended tour of the Orient. playing in all of the larger cities in China, Japan. Hawaii. and the Philippine Islands. One hundred fifty-four Giiriisi' Sttriiig K jtiztrtttett . . , w. . . . The hlnrriirigfnh- Milli-gtg tyirls String Qnnrtet is l'HIllllHS9fi ui Lhristine iXlll'llISiil. hrst violin. SISICI' untl stnth-nt ui l'1'ntcss1n Knvinski. xxhn is In-ut! nt' the llt-lnirttrwtit nl' Vinlin tri' Ninrningsich fittiiPQi'P1 Miss Marian Hnght-S. sm-tnnl vinlin: Miss llenita ix'ittSSlNi1ll vinla: and Miss XVZIIHILI ffasllv. r-Plhr. assistant in tht- ltvpurtnwiil nt Stringed Instruments.. The quartet is tnutlt' up nf' students in the hrlnrningsitle titniserxatnry of Music. vxvvpt Miss tiaftle. nhn is a Inenihei' uf the favtlity. The rapid irnprnvenimit ui' ths Nlnrningsitle Girls String Quartet is lnarketl hy the grvutly iriffreasecl nnnihvr ni' c-ilgugeiiierits this sea sun. Thi' quartet has hvvn cftlllmi upnn fin' nnl nl' ttmn as ut-ll uf Sinux City migageiiietits. The sitccvss nf this tllli1l'lt'l is thw in irwnsttiv ln the PLll'llt'SlIltxSS sincerity. and pleasure ui' the string quartet wnrk. Ont- huntlrud fi I'ty-tivo Tllie Clliurall Assueiattiuii Edith Held Anne Jensen llernice Leinltaugh llflaurine Nlcl ilu re liuth Flewell Velda Wfellnitz Margaret Heed lilussum Klcllade Gladys Timm Lucille llalkema lllaire Evans Lucille ll'Hern Gladys linld lVlargaret Miller Vernice Green Luis Greene lluiwtlix' llurrer , . r lmm nie Vi mad Nlartena De lluyter Jessie Lou Mr-ljliesi llomtliy Nlahlum lluth Sc-hnler Mildred liartels Lucille lllaerlmut llerma Hust hflarilla llunley Luella Smith lnez Waterman Nlildred Mussman Helen lillllltty Eunice Gray Lucille llallenlrach Lillian Mack Edith Van Peursem Muriel Harringttm lj0l'4tilly Joy Lee Strain Gail Smith Vlfendell Seward Phillip jnrdan llunald ffrmxi lialph Mahlum lllarence llasmnssen Iluight liuenig Warner Schultz llay Lindhart lllillinrcl 'liliuinas William llanfurth llarul lelurns 'Wallace Lmsry llnnalfl lihwnlie Vllilsun Taylur Geurge Cate lfletcher Kettle Merrill llurnette llulnen Schneider liharles Foreman Glen Gustine Clarence Hale llernard Te llaslte Gerald lftmlx Glennard Larsnn Gurdon Eugg Richard Garlyun llhester Willer llnth Smith Une hundred fifty-si. Eunice Wlahlstrum lltcfimtliy Paulsnn Edna Schmidt Anna Van Engen La Verne Claridge Madeline Mc-Mullen h'idl'it' Wtmcls lnez Archer Hazel Anderson Frances Figert Caryl Engellxen Elva Heimers l"lurella Kelley Beulah lleehe Gertrude Bale Nlina Omer Doris Lennard Margaret Quirin Irene Jac,-tilts liluyd Fnrslinerg limid Hatllu Dennis linuntryman ily llhesterman l-lnward Enuclisun Earl Hicks Haruld Parr Geurge Berger l-larnld Hartz Wilbur Kramer' lllarence Tlmnpstm Lawrence Lean Milton Feldt Everett Wiley Muriuiiiigsiiclle Cnllllege uanrtrett Glennartl Larsun . A ., .,,,. F 'irst Tennr llalpli Malilum , .,,,., S ecnnfl Tennr Gurclnn Fngg w ,, Vw ,,A l laritnnc Merrill liurncltc ..,..,.. Raw Une nf tlie nrganizatinns nn nur lllnrningsicle Campus nf wliicl: we are justly prnurl in our possession is that of our quartet. "That" quartet is tn lie fuuntl singing at all scluml functions from a vic- torious clelvate reception tn a ffmtlwall nr lnasketlvall game. It is always received witli npen arms lay the stuclent lmfly as one ul' tlif- nmst popular nrganizatinns nn the campus. Une liuntlrcrl fifty-sumti Tllitirftll Auuuall May Music Festivatl A four-Clay liestiyal ul' Itlttsif' is presentetl ear-h spring untler the clireetion nl' Paul Nlaellnllin. Ilireetnr ul' ltlusie at Nlnrningsifle College. This festival. canning as it clues cluring Natitvnal Music Week. allnrtls the penple of Siuux llity anfl Tvltwningsitle an opportunity In take part in an annual nhservauee Ol' INIISIF. and presents them with lttur L'ltttf'Pl'lS ul tllnptestitmalvle quality ancl un- usual interest. The first euneert, un May l. was presentetl hy the llhapel ffhuir. A very interesting prttgrani was nlileretal including the numlters: Num' IJl.77II.ffl'S hy Gret- Chaninull' ancl l'.wuln1 511 hy lf. Nlelius tlhristiansen. Un the seeunfl evening. May 5. Harry harlnnan. an American violinist. eutertainetl with an unusual antl pleasing pregram. A few years agp Mr. lfarlunan ttturefl South Mneriea. where he was rec-eiyetl with a warmth intlieat- ing the eharar-ter and extent of his resuurees. Returning tn his native enuntry this young artist c'nntinue4l the sueeess he won un the Southern fluntinent. He then went tu lfurupe. to play lvelpre tliserirninating listeners. and ref-ently he has tleyutecl his entire ellinrts tu etvlu-ertiziiig in the llnitetl States. The thirtl lf'ltltf'Pl'l was presentetl lvy the Syinphuny Urehestras uf Nlnrninga sitle tlttllege anal Snuth Ilalwta lnixersity, whieh emnhiue for the Spring hlusie lfestiyals. The splenflicl mmperatitm giyen lay the University Urehestra is appreeiatecl hy Nlurningsitle tlullege anal a xery line prttgraln is presentetl. lftlna lliehalsnn Sttllith. wlnis: interest in rnmlern lnusirf is very intense. was Snlulst. Un the evening nl Way 7, iX'ill'll'l6'lSSTllHtiS Hralnrin lflijrzlz was presentetl hy the lllwral A-sm-iatimi, Sioux tlity lfhural lilulv. ltlurningsicle Sylnplntny Ur- eheslra. anfl Faith lfwsfer xXl1NHlliUl'fl liitlllit-llt with Paul Mar-tittllili Ptlllflllfqillif. .qlJl0I..NfS1 lflizalteth Nlaeliullin ,,......... ., Sfrprane Mrs. James A. floss Iuntraltw Henry Hetleen a,.., ....,.. T enul' ffarl Nurrlunn at.t.,. .,.,.i..... ..... l i ass I,l!11ll'IlI'f1'l'.Y Elijah aaaaaaa ,w,Vav..aa.aa,,,,. .,.aa.a... l 3 HSS Ultatliah a.... a,.. T enm' An Angel ,,,,,, ffuntraltw The Vtitluw at ...,. Snprann fflijtlfz. the nwst iltllltilffl ul, all hlenflelssuhn's eumpusitimis. was linishetl in liallfr, tluring the latter part ul his lite. The text ul' the uraturiu was emnpilefl mainly frfun the First Batik ul Kings. anal pre-'ents ehielly three great episutles in the life history uf Elijah: the raising tu life of the witluwis sun. the rival sacrihees nn Mount Carmel. antl his experienee in the tlesert ancl his clisappearanee in a fiery chariot. The scenes presentefl intlic-ate the tlrainatie eharaeter of the twattwriu. One huntlrecl fifty-eight Mfmrmilmgsifclle Symplmmy Omlmegfnm lmv lillcillslxi. ffm11l114'lnr lllllflllll Ulf lDllllC1l'l'UllS llillll Nlawliwllixl, llllilllllkilll gl. ll. Ch-luring, llll'l'llhlll'4'I' l.4-:v lillvinxlxi lla-urgliu lynn: Nl. 5Hl'4'IlFf'll lfrilx lllhlllllilll 'l'l l IC Ulll IH lfgllll A I'-IQIN! l'1'ulim l inlfu l'llllf1'X 7'l'11n1p4-l.x lluuglgu lim-llvr, 511111111-l Slll-rr, .lulm KL. flu- lie-y .Mmlml Kxunl l,'n11f'f'1'l ,llpnlwf f'l'fl14'fpr1l lflvalllul' lfllvll l.lny4l llufvlumm l':1lWlll llLlllllf'I' llvllllll Nlussnulln U! Nl. 50:1-me-lx xlillliill llllQlllt'4 "WN Tl'4II1lll1lll1'x llurlam X14-Kvlxiv ill-urpv Sim-x':-nw .lwllll ll1'I'I'I1I1ll1 qj1u,.,.m.,. lA,.wiF ll'-urgizl lqull llrxilla- l'.111lfe-i: l"'f'VQ" ll- UPF! gmnlm Iyimmw. Fllll'f'lll'l' lfvlv-1'l Xllllll'l4't' lllllllllllllgll' Ill D, Wilma 'Ixu.Im. Killll4'l'lllf' xX'Lll'IIt'l' 1I','jf,,5 "lumix ' l . w X - - lN1'Il lllbllflllllllll Mlm' H. IHHMHWH- Qllllln-vlll'gal-l:lll:J:1l1-I THIN, V V. t L. I. . 1 .l . ,l ,V , b g,,,U,,,f 1,,,j,,,N Nllllllllllll Hmmm Williams Shmlfy lllllllIl'l , , , . . . . . Maunlu l-ilillf' lxrlstxm- lXIll'llISliI. I. , , . PH., I. I .'I'llZ lwrnmll lf,,N,,,,,,7q lllllllfllll ' 1- I1 . v 1 If Mlm,-,.,l gw,-4-1 X. I4'-l .- ll'1l lgllllllt'Y .lulm l,l'fl3NZl'll 4' xg x- 1.x Il hlxlllll - . ll:-lr-I1 lilllllky " A ' H' I' l.llurlm-s l.yl'lxlllllIll X1-,Au Hg,-il Hffufx Q l'1'f'r11ul'nr1 lllmlys 'llimm Ilan-ry 'lllmlm-ln-r l""""l' H""'7f Vs Ill. l'll'illl1'lF llllllI'l4'4 ffllusm- lim-I lluinin-3' llflllll l'. llllllxllhlhll b liuryl Ii2llQll'llK1'll Jxfllllltl lXYillll Ilulmrr Xlllhhlllilll 'D"1"" l4'lm'r'lla1 lie-llf-5' I,I1,y1l Xlllrlle-ll ll, llilfl W.. llllrli- SIIHXS Tlu- vslalmlislnmvnl aml gmwill ul' llw Mwrningsimlv Synmplwny U1'4-lwslra Illdllx gl new cm ln llu- lNllSlf'L1l lliv nl Siuux llily. lluring tlu- sc-wn years nl' ils vxislenr ll has llcu-Imp:-fl lrwm Z1 small Slll1lC'lll Hl'i'llP4ll'Ll inlu an 4Il'QLllllZ8llHI1 ul' lllily plum 1- Illillly ul xxllwm arc- lllllllllg pwlessilmul lNllSlf'ldIIS1ll. llw Pity uml wif-inily. Lum lxllcinslxi. t'HIllllIf'l4ll' ul' llu- m'c'l1cs11'a1 for llw pasl lllllll' Nt'2ll'SN was lmm m Vl alsau. llfldml. A young nulflvlfln ul lngh uleals uml cxm-ptnmul LlllllllY. Nll lXllf'll1Sli1 has Slfllillly llN'l'P8St'll ilu' f'lllf'lPl1f'f nl- tln- uw-lwslra and mf-I1 year I4 lus players ln new lll'lQlllS nl arllivwlmwlmt. Om- humlrs-fl flI'ty4nim- 3 HH Q w 'f fi' ix s 5: ff? Il mmII!PlE'2:v':ii we X ,: .1m3Eg5s,j2:i'Wl L 1 I li,lfllg::-limi? L? V 'Q i5?j':,I:+1i'1z2,21 QW! .sgglapgq,fmzifhiliiiiiiiilx ' 5 lghf,JI'jLInfgi!H. 53107,-A , . iiifisjlilfil fi - '2'3'5ig ' i g wl-5 4525 lsifi!?5?55:gfz1zw H1122 5252? ' -,dk -,V if fi m?!:52"'! WT' JW' f Q f 2 ' N ix Q .Zy7f'CUL77'W YLfLZL Tllie Rejuveiiattifaii of Aitiiitt Mary Hut ,innr lliurnwr Presentecl hy memlters of the Athenaeum Society and the Phi Sigma Fraternity on April 5 in the East High SC'llool Autlitorium. tltxsi' or tln XRfXtL'l'EltS Aunt Mary Watkins iii.,i,,i. ..iiii.iii,...,i,..ii..i i,,,.. l 1 'is Antlerson ,Iohn Watkins. Ir ..,vi ..,..... G orclon Foglff liohert Burnett ....i.. ...... l ,eslie Priteharml Huhert ltlitehell ......... ....,.., C lharles liaeh H. XXIYINCUUII lllover .,.,. .,,i,.,,,.,,,,, I ames Jewell Mr. Stehhins ............... ,..,. l iavmoncl Iohnson ,Ioshua ...i... ..............,..... I oe Utt ,Iames ,.,,..,,..,..i,, ..,.,i,..,.... I oy Bogus Bertha Burnett ..i.. ...... I uanita Winter Eva .,,..,.i.i.,.. i...,..,..ii. Helen Heifl Lueincla i,t,..ti., iii,.,.ti, .,,i,..,,i,. ii.....,,.. l i l rea Kirkpatriek Aunt Mary is a Hpeppyn spinster who has livecl in the eountry all her life. Her nephew anal eharge is a typical College man. Conf tinually getting into flilliieulties whif-I1 he calls for his aunt to solve. She goes to the city to visit her nephew and arrives at the time a party is given hy her nephew. ,Iac-k. and his friencls. The college lads proeeefl to show Aunt Mary a roaring glttlfl time. She heeomes so entirely infatuatecl with the eity anfl the fast pace of r-ity lift- that she is horetl to cleath with the simplicity of her country home. Finally. when she Cannot stantl eountrv life any longer. she turns her house over to her servants anfl then tries to get as near to New York as possihle. A love-allnair hetween Iaek anfl .Ianiee fle velops early in the play anfl Continues throughout. One h und red si xty-one """' -ia, Mi., 5, " '- ,.. ge: - f .L " , A O' ..Alu m, The Lust llblleiadl ip pl Tzffn-flci lfrfrzlrrsy by june DfifllI.SfI't'lIl Presented hy the Morningside College Schnul of Expression on May C11 at tie Campus Theater. under the direction of Miss Mabel Elizaheth Brown. t tIrun,xr1Ttcns l ljrwlngue ., .,..,. ,A A.. ,.. .,AA.,......4..,........ .. v.,,,. Vera Hatfield Gerkin Sisyphus. King of fltninlh .,A..,... ,. .......,. l 'ihea Kirkpatrick Tulmid. wlm plots tw kill the Tiillff., ,...,...,v... Faye Vlhimds lfnntes. friend tn Sisyphus ,l,...l..l... ...janet Wegerslev Hermes. messenger ul' Heaven .... , ...,cHelen Rutledge isiflore. a my vender .,4e..,,...,.... ....., lVl ary M3y'I13l'Cl An Old Fisherman ...,..........,. .,..... E mma Shore llinn, the lsishermanis sun ...e. ..,.. V irginia Davis Herse. sister to Binn ...A....e. ...... D urnthy Shaw Tris, Messenger nf Dreams ...e. .,e.eeee.., W Iargaret Heed Merope. The Pleiad .A.,.,........e.., A.eel C fnrgia Betsworth l llleinnet mother nf the Pleiades e.,, ......, T helma Jager p Master Nvnrkman,.., .... J aunita Vlfinter P First Wnrkman vel.le ..e.e. r lazel Soderstrom Secnnd Workman .,.,. ..... ,.....,. I r ene Kohl Diana. the Huntressw .,.e,...... Esther Miller 3 Piwcrttm ......................... T. ,s., Uurotliy Fae Cain Q Theti+ . t,t,,... Esther Millard lm Galene .a....i..aa..,r,.. rrr..,....r.....,....,.... ........ . , Crystal Stevenston l The suggestinn fur this fantasy lax in the Greek mvth of the Pleiad who came l to earth to marry a mortal. The Pleiads were the seven lfeautiful daughters of Atlas I 1 and the ocean nymph. Pleione. Hy cnmmand of Zeus they hecame a constellation. , shining hy night as s!ars: hut laj. day. in the fnrin nf doves. they winged their way l to the far Hesperides to fetch amhrnsia for the Olympian king. All were content p with their fate except Mernpe. who having fallen in lnve with Sisyphus, King of 5 Corinth. slipped down to earth tu hectnne the hride of the mortal of her choice. ll One hundred Sixl y-two 4 ,X-, Maelietli PllE3EN'l'lfll BY THE CQLASS OF V327 Direcled by flrliss fllulwl Ellillllllqll Hl'0ll'lI CAST or tIn,xnxfi'rEns Duncan, King of Scotland .,,,,,,, ,,,.....A,.,,. ,..,,.,..,.,, .,.4., l ,eslie Prichard Malcolm , ,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,.,,. . ..,,. ........, G ordon Larson Donalbain .,.,. ...,.,. l lex Bartholomew lVlacheth ..,,.. ,...,............. l oseph Ut! Banquo ,.,,, A .... W alter Upton Charles Down .ctllifford Thomas " .h h. Lawrence Cain Ross ...,.... ..,......... .. .. ,Y,,..,..,Y,,,.......,... Macduff .... .....4.. Lennox .----- .,... Harold Larson Angus ,.,...,,,,.,...........,...........,...., .......... ......... ,,........A..., Siward, Earl of Nortliumherland, General ul. the English Harold lilgglc forces ............,..,......,,.,a..a............... ....,.....,. Young Siwarcl ...A. .ee.. H aroltl Lindsay Seyton .........,.. ,....e N lerle Fredericli-1 Scotch lJoctor... ........... Donal Lillarfl lVlurderer ,....,. .,,.. ,..,,., l J wight Utterhach Porter ............ .a......e.,.ev.........,,,. R alph Eberly Attendants,v..e.,....,.,..,..........,., At lice Dewey. Lucille Smith Lidy Maclbetli ......,...,.....,.. ..e..e. .ee,.4......,,.........,,,..,... l 3 laclys 'lihompson Centlewoman. attending on Lady lvlachelh .A,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,e,, Hazel Wiese Witches ............,..,.,,.,. Ethel tfollins. ,lanct Wegerslev. Mae Asmnssen The play Macbeth is one of Slitikespealcs most powerful studies of criminal psychology. ln it is the tragedy of a man and a woman whoee amhilions master them, Causing them to commit Crimes which luring almut their final overtlirow. The great amliition of Lady lllachcth is that hlnclieth shall hecome king. and to that encl she plots the murder of King Duncan. Xl hen lVlacheth is once a murderer he is hurried on to other Crimes in self-defense. until he loses the respect of his sulijects: his conscience drives him to ahsolute despair. and at the hand of lllacdulif he dies a most ignohle death. Ono hundred sixty-three Dulley 4 CjllllIl'IlQ' in Three A4615 Presented hy the Morningside College Dramatic lilulr under the direction of Mahel lilizalvelh llrown on Ueloher 22. as a part of the Annual Homecoming Program. liAST Duleinea l.A.....,.....,................... .,.,...... ..,...,.... K l argaret Reefl Gorclon Smith. her hushand ....ll .,,.... l Jonalcl MeFarlancl Wfilliam Parker. her hrotliel' ....... ........... D onalcl Crow C. Roger Forhes ...A.........,,..,.... ...,.. l ,loyd Hunsley Mrs. Forhes... ,...... Irene Kohl Angela Forhes ...,l..l..... ............. F aye Woods Schuyler Van llyke ,........ ........,......... ...,.. L e onard Jacohson Tom Slerrett. advertising engineer .,.., ......... lN flerle Frederick Vincent Leach. Scenarist ,....,,i.i.,,.,.... ...., l iohert Van Horne Blair Patterson .i.,.i.......,,i,,i ,,,,,,,. R oy Jennings Henry .,.,.,.,..,,.i. .,,,. E verett Dodge One hundred Sixty-foul' IIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII'lIHIIIIlIIIIIllI M MllUWWWllMrs4lI!lHHHUUHIIIWMM! A F U7fgUL7I'ZL?Z,2,'fCZLZff?ZUW'ZLS L Y' " . ,. f- . "1 "w, .,-n, --:Y 'i""f 4 . - -V E, N A il- ' Jxiwi ' ' '-- Q-5 ,mi 'A - 1-Inn!! 1..- rx ' pl 2, 'Any' -- --9 .L his . U L: -as fg:: tw.. I .,' 3- '7 4' 5: .M .- - ,.., . 1 4 n I .mln Q . ik. IT.. l 15- ' 7' .rim 1 -., . . ' H' -Av -- . 1 ' 4- .gf I' 1 il. 0 - ... 4 .Fl .Q 'vgrff' gy- - ,1 I v gy -- ir' : -up 'QQ I '- P' O :vw 3 .VL " Q , ' In ' -. - --'nn ' i- ,fg . ...r.-3 ' ' 'n , - -gn .. . ..'- .' ., I .- J 9 - v ' 1 4-'54, , . ' ' ' Q-V I -.- '03-aa ., 0 ' "-'- -dia-sp.av' - Su .04. 94. 5 W 1'0- ,Q- 4. . I i, Ls gr- L ,, tc ' Q- "s gg .-4. 5: -I , A .- - Q- , 5: rl "UNH 1,1 ,. -'I - -4 .pu Swciifetviw Afulieiiaeiiiii Sneiety Urganizeal lf-19l llnlnrs: Blue anal White N11 vllwz lf'I1'.'e Dzzlve 1ll"FIiIEH5 F1'r.w1' Term Sffefuzfl Tenn Tlzfrfl TUVIII Presiilenln. .Y,,.. . .... . Lillian Bueliler Vera lleisser Lnella Sin Vice-Presiclenl llll,. ...,.. l Ilara llfleteall' Luella Smith Imogene C1 veil Secretary ii.. ..i.., ii., l , uella Smitli llnfigene Cillvert Margaret 1 aixtenx n Treasurer ii,,., ....ii X Vera Heisser Elva Heimers llurutliy N Swllliurs Lillian llueliler Margaret lfarslen liene lxulil Lillian Linflaniun fu11z'nr.w lrnngene Cillierl Vera lieissel' 1 '- Krystal Sleveiisuii Elva lleinxers Mina Omer Luella Sniilli Lenne Lake Luis Mc-Beatli Helen llc-icl Jessie Slierxmml Hutli Frum liutli lfleuell TXlENll3l1l Pll HS Snpfmni nrex Lueile fllaerlmul lvlargaret lieecl F llniwtliy Ann Wirsi Genrgianna Plencler Vesta Ciffnrcl lnez Arelier Esllier lllillaril Helen Sxlirnemlei' llulhflly Joy Fraiiess Price Bernice Lindsey Laverne Van llentllem Anna Marie Van lngen Florence l'lI'3llI'lIfliSHIl lilarif-e Nlf-Millan Ono humlred sixty-six 11 S.. ,JW DLW55NW1'52 if M Mfiff' I 'fl fffff' ,f Uf Wfw . 'A fff W..- of H ,I J . wa' x 4 fda V' 'I U' Buchlev. Czfuwtelxsllx, Kohl, Iimlumzm, Iflcxwll, Frum Gilhcrt. Laku. Mr'I-Ig-nth, Omvr, Rc-id. Iloiz1w1'r uissor, ShL'l'XYHllil, Smith. Sly-x'0l1fun, 1Xl'C'llQ'l', Clam-l'lmu1 :1'Gdl'iCkS0l1, Gifford. Joy, Limlscy, McMillan, Millzinl I Plends-1', Price, Rwr-fl. Sc-Immurlc-r, Van Bc-nthvm, Wiwig' One hundred sixty-suven ,W Piierria Literary Society liiulnl Organized 19118 s: Canary and leliaelx Merlin: Fl'lIiC'1.fe'?IA. F0ffI'ft"f. F1'4lr'l1'ter President ..,...,.,.,A. OFFIQ 35115 Ftrs! Term julia La Grune Vice-President ....A ... ,,.. ... lfecil Hentun Rec-nnlirrg Secretary Treasurer ...,.,.,,. ...,.. Sen in rs llecil Hentnn Anna Mae Hnrllnnrt Edith Held Julia La Grnne Marian Line Betty Mead Cora iVlHIllgHIllPI'f lVIargaret Miller Ruth Orr Rae llulrertsnn Helly Snyder l"lurenee Spencer Hazel Snclerstrnm Helen Tiedeman Ellen Haniiltnn lletty Mead NIILKHSEHS fu II iurs Anne Aalfs Helen Enrpey Sarah Fnwler Eunice Gray Ellen Hamilton Nlildred Kitchen Kristine Kueinski lienita Mussman hflaurine Mclllure Nellie Nealis Luc-ile U'Hern llnrutlly lil1lrl6 Hazel Surher Fay? Xvuutis One hundred sixty-eight 511001111 TUFIII Helen Tieclernan Anna Mae Hurlhurt Hazel Suderstrom Flnrenee Spencer Suplz 01110 res Mildred liartels Ardis Bergesmi llnrwrtlry llurrer Anne Denniinn Viola Hauff Mildred Jnlinsrm Margaret King llarnl Larsen Marjorie ivlllllall Mildred Peterson Alive Rasmussen Margaret Wlarntjes MU liunlml. Hvlml, Hurllnurl, l,a12rmn-. Lim-, M4-:nl nlpfnnvry, Millvr, Orr, Rulwlirvmm, Snyele-r. Sll4'lll'l'l'. Swim-l'XI1'f1 'l'i1-clulmin, Anlfx, Ennwy, Gray, Hamilton, Kitchen Kucinski, Mcl'luw-, Musxrmm, N4-nlis. O'Hs-rn. Hulwln- SL1l'lwl'. VVnmI.4, Hxwle-I'-. I':l'I'lJt'5Hll, fxlll'l'L'I'. IPvu11iw1wl1, Huull' ul1l1xm1. King, I,u1'sv11, Mullzm, l'm-11-1'sm1. lin-xnuswn, W:1r'nIj-N Uno lll1Illll'l'd Sikly-llillk' Zerzillreitlileain Lirerlairy Sneiety Urganizecl lfelOIe3 llulmwz l'll,'ii1lilt'l anal lila clx Nlullu: luxe Quan: lnlwrz Hlflfld LENS l"1'rx1' Tt'l'III Svrvlrzrl Tenn Tlzirrl Tenn Presimlenl 4.,..4....... , ,, 4 K flalvel Nissen Nlilflrecl Hickman Flura Qnirm 'Vice-l'1'esiceler1te.e ,. lvlihlrecl Hiclnnan Madeline lVlelVlnllen Laura Faith Mueller Treasurer ,, ,,,...... ,...., l lnwlliy llluflleal'llwrwvtliy Bmrlmeal' Dorothy Hia rear liecuriling Secretary ..., leirnwnie Wwwl Thelma Cray Martha Lee Tumhnwn Nllfhll1ElCS Ser1z'nr.s llary Mayiiaril Helen Bnltnrn Nlalmel Nissen Ha hlilmlrecl Hickinan lflnru Qnirin funiory Unrntliy Brashear Thelma Gray A Luis Hickman Ethel Julnrusmi Gertrude Jnseph Madeline Mehllnllen Ldlllil lfailh Mueller Thelma Pixler viIlllll'l'E'll Slime Nlartlma Tmnlinsun IV ' W mum n1e VS mvcl SUlllIl!llIlll'l'S Mary Hatha, l?-eulah lleehe One hundred seventy Nellie Chiltmi Helen cle lllercq Florence Cray Margarel Gray l'ilu1'clu1'a Nlellqnisl Fay Mueller Margaret Qnirin Berma Husl Ruth Smiih Elizalvelh Turner -N- 'W x'!W"W 8 fu IVI. Hickman. Nisn-u. F, Quirin. Igl'2l5llt'?ll', 'l'. Umm I H lx P Juhx n T I II411 ifvmall, 1. lsr- , .usL1m, M2lyIlH1'1l. ML'Mu Mlll'llt'l'. 1'ixl1-r, Slmrm-, Tomlinwn, Wlmel Hzllho. lim-In-. I'2uItnn1. L'hil1rm, llt'Cll'l'L'1l. I". Gray Mvllqllisi, M!kPQ'Ill'l', M. Quirin, Rust, Smith, Tlnlu-u' O nv h umlrwl sq-von t y-um' WW M1 yn! A.4va'!y -Wf-21132 JL. qltlzenueum lnmgene Gilluerl Vera Heissei' Lillian linelilei' Lnellu Sinilli liiiteirsneiefcy Cminicill lJl.f'ffll .lnlia La Grunt Nellie Nealis Helen Tieclenian llef-il He-nlnn Zvtulvffzeulz Mary Maynard Milclreml Hickman Malwel Nissen Flora Qnirin One liumirud seve Iyl Fucu ity Miss Uimmitt Miss Mills Miss XVmnClfu1'f .1 'Q' .. N ' I E: ' A .2 img . ' 3 si "2" 7 1 E Mum ff n.. E !'E2!5i:g 'f 'wg . f5,f,v?v " ' ': V . I tiling ' K l i I -r 1 5, ' '2f455Sfs'5f!'f r ,, n Q L.: X ':aifQfx,rig-:,:.g:!w- Wf,5f rw, '4A, ffl.. X Q L, fav? my' ' 'lf 'if-lb -, I y -H? 17.1, . s ,A tee. L Y W., 7 F, - if :Salsa 4 'H' 'ug-Imp: Q lin xl, 1, A 'a'u:'vh-5. ,4- ghg.5-sffgaf.. f me I :-.1 'ug-wir vlefqwz-Af.-f:-z x'wr,5:2:f.f:-j Zilgfiiibiiif M. Ii,-,gy .5554 . . --.1f'i'ff'21f ' 1f45l"'w"y"r -.I 1 N ,qu .M ., J 1 " ' 2 '. t'. Mfg! eL'gk,E'.'. 7 ' W Q -.5:i525i2Ef1SfE5iE?n:: 2Sz3:4:ef:eL ZX " 2lgl,l-Qfafafi-Jn":-Neff: a-t':'..'g3-nf" 5- Iqsi sg1lnE13eNs3sr!5,'H --'1 '-if:-js -.- ff' 1 44 'nt'.yg,,ps' 4 -,rw rf . V 5 ,,s,l,x,e,,lq, f 4 ' !EMiflfui1i:Es5., . - k,4 P' X '45, ' 5:5eS:?:3:2' 1 - K 1 f W niziiii?-' ..-A , VA 13551355-' - '1g1"':3:I5Z f ix 1 -. wif' ff:-:-22: 7 Ilia-Fi' ,. ' . Zwltff ., 1.41-'fr A 1 M,,,..,,- -,. 5 yuh' 1 Aff? ' Nils, 4" rg 1:1 3242291 ' E:-F? 1 s wa' MSN 1 .x 5 N , 1 iii.-'h J N' , :'f 'Nfl Y: img- Rf. ,lf 2 H9552-. - iegfafj . !-,- W ,- me . 2 "- -:-:-. ' Je' , gf: . . -:7-' f nm-: fffaf-zrff., f w 7 e E 9 .,.g:g3g':5'-g5:,1 , X ff X Ni. Q f 15,1-23.I.g752:L: A gs-'Eg -xi-sfi-za-iid: ' k g .,:g:1:,5z,a3?2s1 ff xx, my '-Qt-'sz-'-ff:-Q N U' 5.2 '--'Q'--'-Jus 'f ,VV K w v!,,'5Lxk ' 5 -:. , , w , u .' o X , '- A X g4y51g Ny' V. X v Fafmtevfwimes Q humlrmi Sl'X'0llfy-Thl'l't' Alplliai Tau Dalia Frailneriiity flrganizml in lIai'Jl as the Ullimiian lJllCl'ill'f' Suciffty ulflfle IFR9 l'iI.I4.Sf 7l1'l'IlI J -, llresiclsul .....Y, ..A llllll 4 lliarlvs llmvn Vive'-lJ1'Gsirlelil ... .4 . ,, 1 flauele lil'UXXIl S?Cl't'lEll'y alllaalll llalal 'X Villiam ,lolins-ni Will Treasilimia. lllall Aiiclwxx Mnsicr KllCWlllEli5 fwn lil 1 ry iflaucle l'll'HXXll ljunalrl fimss lilalpli Bibi-rly lliarlif lhmn Llizivi' llansiln lilwiwlmi IJRIEUII Klee-il lllarsliall llunalrl lXlr'l7arlam llazil He-efl llllariim Slmideler .fzlrzifrm ljmmeil ljlarrcfll Henry Hmm? Paul llrinkmaii l.yl9 l.lllYPT Perry lflrelly Dale l3l'LllN"l' Max Huglu-s llwy Jsmiings lglblllldfil l,a:'mn Glen IJHXKP Gail Smith illilifurcl Tlmmas Allan Williams Phillip Wvilislmx' SUlllIlIl7iUf1'S Gillmerl llnllinf Gllfflllll lil'ilI'y Rene llalim ,lemine Gelirl Lial ,Iulmsun Omg hunfll William ,luluisun Merle liingslmilry 'Wallava l,mx'1'y lvlyrmi L-'fainer Hmxarfl lease Anflrvw Nlnsier llamlil Uwens l'll'GIl l38.llfl0l'li lxvilliam Plum Walter Priir-lie-ll fllarenfe Sliearer Champ Stuakes Lyle Strmii De-will Walters l'leflg1-.Q l,aVe-me Amlersmi 'r-rl scvclity-lmii' SI'l'41IIl, 7.17171 lllaucle lrlltyllll llalpli Elmvflj iam .lulilisnnl Amlre-xx Nlosier lleimis llnimlryman Milluu lfelflt llarl Fergusmi Glen Gusiine Earl Hicks lilCll3l'4l Jnlimim LHWIAGIICG lfan ,Iulm Nlwllllll George' Pnppenlif-ime Leslie llasmussen Eldrid llaim Ulin Sugge Hmwarcl Strung Leland Siewart llernarml Teljaske- Albert Valiclerwilt Y y-. f,lies??1' xVIllf'l' fZr.,w11, fYn'urm, Imwn, H. Iilmrly, IC. H?ll1FL'l1. kimwlnxm I,e11+m1 hI?l1'Sh2IIl, BICI'NlKI'I2lllll, lim-ml, Slwu-, HZll'l'l'1l, I-hmm-, Hl'iHli!Tl2lll I'. Elm-1'Ij.f, Grulrg-1', Jennings, Glolllmnl Idilwrivll. Lmu-, Smith Thomas. Williams, Collins. f1l'2ll'X, Guhrt. I.. Jnlnmm WY Johnson. IQiI1Mbl'blll'3, IJ-211111-v', Imasz-, Lmvry, Uxvmn Pamlcluck. Plum, SI1c:x1'o1'. Stuakf-s, Strom, Wallmw, Shiflvl.,-1' Ono lumrlrofl wvvnly-iixv Delta Tllietia Pi Frateriiity Urganizecl in 1009 as the Ionian Literary Sneiely Presiflent Q...., ...... ....... Vice-Presiclent .....,. .,...,. beeretary .. .4, ....,.. Treasu rel' S1'111'r1r.t Nllon lwvrslvergg llarrull linrns Nlariun Sargeant funinrx Xlax Krnlnlli Nlerrill linrnelle Lisle lierksliire .Inlin Pals Wartl Batman llI+'I"ItjEHS First Term Lisle Berksliire Merrill linrnelte lelarrnll llnrns tiliesler lflnlirer MEM ISIQHS SCCOIIIII Term Merrill liurnelle Carroll Burns Claucle Stewart Chester Flnlirer Stanley llittmer Lee Strain Snplmni ores tiliester Flulirer Genrge Cate tllaucle Stewart Earl Benz Kenneth Page Warner Seliultz Keith Hive Arthur Allen fllarenee llale Gerald tinnk f'l0algr's William Nuyes llenjamin Hartl lfloyfl Fu1'slwerg Miles Mnnre lelunalcl Crum Willis Uarlmy One h unflred seventy-si x Artliur lfnrenian Wilmer Guernsey Joy Munson Huwarcl Downing Vlvalcln Wiese Haymnnfl Fullerton Marvin lllakesley l-lmvaltl Enockson liluycl Hnzelnmni wiillllll' Miller Iiurns, IF0l'SlD1'l'Q, S1ll'g.1C'?ll11. Hillfnilll orkshi rc. Burmettc, lH1tlT14,'l', Kmln Puls, Strain, Calc. Cook I"lul1l'0V, lii1'O. Svhulix, StPw:1l'l O no I1 und red scvcllly-sQW1'l1 Pllini Sigma Frateriiity flrganizenl in lf'30R as Philomathean l,ilcrary President .,.....,.. Vice-President ..,.... Secretary .....,A. ,,,..... lnlerfraternily Rep .........,...V Steward A..A A, , ,...,...,., ...... Ulflflt IERS Scconrl Term Lauren Van Dyke Kelcy lsenlaerg Horace Koch fgltffltlll lklcica Ralph Rastian Tlzirrl Tcrnt Kelcy lsenlterg Horace Koch Harold Richardson Cordon Metcalf Ralph Bastian MICMRERS ' Society First Term Hal Thomas Kelcy lsenlterg Horace Koch Cordon Metcalf Ralph Rastian S0111-Ury Ralph Rastian Alan Corthy Kelcy lsenlnerg Gillvert Koch Horace Koch Haven Means Milroy Nixon Hal Thomas Lauren Van Dyke Vllelwli Fowler I ll 711.0 rs Frank Bartholomew Oscar Reck John Dallenhac It Gordon Fogg Wesley Jones Harris Kerslake Gordon Metcalf R0g6l' lklooll Harold Richardson William Thacker Howard Taylor Nlorris Thomas Ahram Williams Soplzom ores Donald Rrodie Donovan Rurrington Lowell Crippen Louis Croston William Danforth Curtis Engherg Frederick Figert Merle Fredericks Frank Gibbs De Rue Gilman Harl Gimer Elmer Hansen Wesley Halter Russell Hollenheck Leonard Jacohsen Clarence Johnson Harold Johnson Glenn Masters Vlfayne Mettler Alfred McRurnex' One hun d red seventy-eight Wellington Rinehart Henry Running Robert Van Horne Plerlgcs Orville Barkley Paul Beckwith fly Chesterman Vernon Hancer Paul Haviland Roland Huff Le Roy Hunting Fletcher Kettle Dwight Koenig: Mark McLarnan Paul Mead Hobart Mossman John Nichols Clarence Rasmussen Vernon Steingraher Donald Williams Francis Spangler Marvin Ramige Willialii Southworth Bastian, Gnrthy, Isc-xllruzy, G. Km-h, H. Koch, Means Thrnnas, Van Ilyko. Bzirthulmm-w, Hevli. llnllunlrach, I-'mfg Jnnes, Kerslakc. Metcalf, Moon, Richz11'4lsun. Thzlckm' 'I'aylo1', Thomas, Brodio. HLlVi'l'il1y,'l0H, c1l'USltlIl, I5an1'm'th Ellglrerg, l"igc-rt, Gibbs, Gimer, Hanson, Hatter nllonlwr-lc, Jacobson, Johnson, My-n1u1', Mc-Burnvy, Him-hzu'I, XVHIIPIITI One h und 1-011 seventy-n i no Sigiiia Tlliera Rllw Frareriiiry ljresinlenl .. .,,.. wY v Yiee-ljre-iclent V,, Beereta ry gggggggg ....... Treasurer ..... .qelliurx Walter Uptnn Genrge llergnian lilflgar Seliuler fz11n'ur.w Allvert llliang Russell Hannnnnfl lialpli lslalilnm Eflwin Steele Edgar Sleinlvrenner Phillip Tlwriitmi V927 Urganifzeel fllfllllllilig l'vIiI'.Yf Term Verclette Walters Hay Linclliarl lllerwin Zwalcl ....JXlluert llliang MEMBERS 501-01111 Term Wlalter Upton Hay Linclliart Allen Sterling Merwin Zwalel Yerflette Walters Walter Witt Merwin Zualfl Glen Hnlllians lilnycl llnunnmun liiClT3.I'fl llarlymi Sopfiurrlnrex Welclnn llakei' Harold llarlz llean Green Lluyfl Hnnsley Edgar Inlay Vernim jones 'llalxnu Iilllilllilb llay liinclliarl llny llflerris Harnlcl Parr lvan Harielx Hnnier Seliaper Victor Selinlclt Vlfulter Simnnsen Allen Sterling Wiilsmi Taylnr Une hundred eighty George Tlinrnlnn Virgil Williams l'leflges George Neil' llnafl Batlm l'lnwarcl Hnlrsnn Miltnn Tlinmpsnn Clarence Tlinnipsnn Joe Castle Neumen Grunslacl N. .ix ' J we 2 4 ' 2 Wg? Q. Q 3 X W ' Q - ' , .rw .. . X x ri W :4 O, '- 1 ' -1 w . :vu A ,W-. 4 mt?-W.,i I V M X3 .. M 'mp-,nfq.,. Q. gd, .-1 . ""f"'f"', "'2.l, A5 H1-1'a41n:111. Schuler. Upton. Chang. llucmmnun. Hammond Mahlum. Sie-cle. Steinb1'e1me1', Nv2il1Ql'S. Witt Zwalml, Baker, Bartz. Green. Hunslc-y. Inlay Jones. Kokulm, Limllmrt, Parr, Rurivk. Schapc-1 Sf'hl1lfll. Simmwsvn, S1f'l'IilljI, Taylor. 'l'hm'nton, VVilliums Om- hundred eighty-one Yam li 3: , . . 3 15 a A 1, ' s s li A , t .1 7 , u llnterfraternity CCuuneJill Dean Graber. Cllllllflllllll plzu Tau Della Sigma Tfzefu R110 l'l11f Signzuy Delta, Theta Pi Charles Down George Tlmrnton Gurclon Metealf Alton FnrSlene1'g lllaucle llrown Walter Upton Lauren Van Dyke Lisle Berkshire Allan Williams Verclette Walters Hal Thomas Merrill Burnette Keley lsenlwerg One hundred eighty-two Morningside Aluiiiiii Association Vergil Gerlxin. l'rvx1'rlw1f An organization which is indispensable lo a growing college is its Alumni Association, an organized lmody of graduates who are interested in every activity of the school. Morningside is very for- tunate in having such an association, with hranches in every part of the country where a group of Morningside graduates are to- gether. The Alumni Association showed splendid support in the Forward Movement put on hy the college in the fall of '27, and they will continue to he strong supporters of any measure for the ad- vancement of the College. One hundred eighty-three f g4.91qf'1ww'n ff . aiiiiisyikgewl wwf- . 9 .X ,N Sfmidlieni Cmiiiieill llresnleni .4 .. ..., V lf?-l,l't'SlLltAlll ,,. ... Secretary -Treasurer ...... Atlilelic' liepresenlalive ....,, President Agnra lluaril. Viesiclenl Y. XV. C. A .... ,. Pre icent Y. M. C. Presifenl Nl Clnl v,......, l,l'PSlt'lPlll W.. A. A ..,......,... N liclilnr Collegian li6IlHl'lf:'l'.,..... Presicent Pi Kappa llella ....... Presicienl Senim' Class ............ . Seninr Class Representative ..,.,. , li,l'6Sil.Plll Junior Class ......,..... Junior Class liepresenlalive ..... Presieenl Snplwlnnre Class ........ .... Stblbllthlllwlf' Class liepresentalive ...... Presiclenl Freshman Class ,,..,....., lfreslnnan Class Representative ...., One liund red eighty-four .Lauren Van llylw Helen Tiecleinan ....,...l-lelen Reid ......,H3.lllll Bastian ...Helen Tiecleman ........l'ilUI'3 Quirin ......Claufle Brown ,.....Halpl1 Bastian Carol Larsen Haruld R. Johnson Gurdon Larson Gnrdmi Larson ......CeCil Bentnn ..,....Luis Hickman .,....I.Pf:llll Brinkman ....Frecl6-rick Figert ......Holmert Van Horne ......William Noyes -..Paul Haviland F. Quirin, H1'mx'11 Larsen, L. I-Iickman, Nuyus, Havlluml Bl'il1kl112l11. Johnson, Benton, G. I4Zil'SUl'l l+'ig'e1'1. '1'ie-de-nmll, Bastian, Vzm lim-nn Ono hundred eigh ly-five 1 , Editor-in-l Ihiel' ......,. Business Manager ...... The Sioux Stix 1-' lf Associate Editor ,........................i,......... Associate Business Manager ..... Art Editor i,....,.... ,.... Faculty Editor ,,....v Senior Editor ........ Junior Editor ,a......,..... Urganization Editor... Activity Editor .....,,.. Music Editor ........., "1 ,...........Anne Aalfs .....,Gordon Metcalf ..,.......Ralph Mahlum .............Lisle Berkshire George Vanderhrink .,.,.,....,Dorotl1y Huhle ....,.........Vera Reisser ,..................Nellie Nealis ,,,.....Madeline McMullen ......Miriam Engelken ...........Henita Mossman Picture Editor ............ ,,....,....... .....r...i.,. ....,........... W a l ter Witt Menis Athletic Editors. ....,. Harris lierslake, Vtfillialn Thacker Co-ed Athletic Editor ...... ....e,,..e .......,,..,..,..., ll 4 ildred Kitchen Lalendar ......,.............. .....,....,, H elen Reid Jolie Editor ..,,..... ,,.,...,.. R oy Jennings Faculty Adviser ..... M. Saunderson The Sioux is pnhlished annually hy the Junior Class of Morn- ingside College. Within its pages may he found a permanent record of all college students. their activities. interests. and some- thing of their college life. One hundred eighty-six SEIIIINIOIT-011, Mnhlum Reissor, Kerslake, Nealis, Kitchen Berkshirc, Thacker. MCMUIIL-n, Mossman Engelkcn, Jennings, Reid. Witt Ono ii undred eighty-seven Cullfegiaii Repuriuer kielilur-in-tlluiel ,A A, ...V, l larwld ll. julinsun Business Nlanager , , ............ ...... l . euis llimsdale S'l'Xl"I" Associate Editur .4.,. ..,., ,,.. L yle Strmn Associate liditur 4.., Halpll Nlilllltllll Spurts liditur . . ..., N 'lerrill liurnette Furensies liditur , ,..... it 'lildred Hieklnan Society Editur .. ,V ... ., H elen detilereq llurrnitury liidilwr ,, ..,... ......... ....., ... N e llie Nealis lil'IPURTl'1liS Nura Wanglmergl llurutliy lelrasliear Margaret Sletwuld Raymond Slmve Hugel' lvltlllll Wlaltel' Olsnn tilarenee Bale Edgar Steinlvrenner Wilson Taylor Elsie lirudkey Mildred Petersun Alice Andersun 'lille lfulleszian lfeemrter is the nfliieial rulnlieatiun of the stu- . l l dents uf the cullesze. It is issued ever' Frida' during tlie selnml L 5 5 L year. Un its pages une finds all snrts of current infurmatiun cun- cerning the students. their activities. interests. and misdemeanurs tThe Spliinxj. ' One hundred eighty-e-iight Mahlum. Strmn, W'anglvr:: l'l'lL'l'SUl1, BlIl'l1f"l, M. Hickmzm. Mmm, Qld lcuq Olson. Nvalis, Slotwnffl, Taylm' mv, B1'z1shQzl1', A. AI1flv1'f0l1, Iilwmlkvy, Sic, Une l1lll1l,ll'ijtl eighty-ninv lllautle lironn .... Paul Brinkman C, Am UFFH IEHS Hoy Jennings .........,,Y , e . A ..,., ,. e e liohert Van Horne. Merwin Znalcl .... , Walter Pritchett... Edgar Sehuler ..... ,, Elmer E. Hansen ....., Hay Lintlhart ...,,,.....,,l'n's1'1ler1f' IC'f 9-PVGSI-d0lIf ..,.m...eSec'reif1rfif George Thornton ,..,. ,A.... T refzsurer lIsxBiNi2'r Pell owsliip floinmission Social Commission Freshman Commission Work fx .,,..belf-Expression Walter Witt ,ee,. ..,...,.... P uhlicity Allan Williams .. eee,e .,.. P uhlieity Presliniaii Y, M, KC, A., tll"l7ltIEHS Leland Stewart ,... ,.e.,,.............. ...,......... I ' resirlen! Milton Thompson ,e.,. l'z'ce-Presirlenl Milton Felclt ....,.., ,.,ee ...,.. ....,.....,l 9 e Cremry liXB!N'ET Hohart Mossnian ...... ..,...e..................,. P iellowship Commission lloacl Hatho ...,.,... A,..,.e.. S oeial Commission Howard Hobson ,..4e.e....... ,...,........,, L ife Work George Poppenheimer .,.. ..... S elf-Expression Elclrefl Raun .....,e,.,..... ......,.,.. P uhlieity The association work for this year has heen eharaeterizecl hy the usual numher of ups and downs. with perhaps a few more than usual clue to a Changing conception as to the reason for the existence One hundred ninety . ., I --sf-,M-qw-vw n 17.---- 1 -1 we M X.-. 4 - g rf -.. . ww .X 4 ,, ff. -X ,- ., V , 3 'Q 3 'H . f f , M. V .ni W Ji i A ii ir 'V Si 'Q ,.-"L,l1'YV ' ' 2 ' N ' ,gftw Q, , " - . fa12l'TLv.naa .. ,,,,,..s 1 xrfr yr ' " 'rm - s x iw f wr ' 'H ut: Q, . -4 fr T' J , V , . Sr-hull-r. VVilliams. Hansrn Zwald, Will, I.indha1'I. Thorn on of the organization. An exploring proeess was earried on in an effort to discover just what eontrilvution the association could make to the life of the students. An attempt was made to tie the work of the Y. M. more elosely to the aetual lilie situations ol the stu-- dents. ln doing this il was lound neeessary to hring altout a hetter form of cooperation among the various organizations and hetween faculty and students. A new appreeialion of the relation of Christianity to life has come In many through partir-ipation in thc- aetivities of the association. One of the greatest ways in which the Y. M. eontriliuted In the College life of the year was in the selecting and seheduling nli great speakers. The Hrst speaker. 'lladn liliott. Came at a eritieal time and helped in hreaking down lwarriers lfetween organizations. John Nevin Sayre. Kirlwy Page. and Sherwood Eddy were here during the latter part of March. These are all widely known speakers. A numher of men have attended eonferenees at Ames. Detroit. Des Moines. and Chicago, and eaeh on return had some valuahle service to offer. A larger group participated in gospel team work. This took them into many ehurehes of the City and surrounding territory. The series at l,ake Park. which was the most extended piece of serviee. lasted eight days. The work was eondueted hy two teams. Une of the later developments was the organization of a Freshman tlalrinet. patterned after the regular eahinet. This gives the Freshmen a definite method of eontriliution to the Y. M. lf. A. work of the College. Une hundred ninety-ont. W. W I N If W? M Q O r I 1 Q, . A - ,ss sm vw ' 'Q I 'Q 5 R f' gqyv.,-14,4 . -yn Imnw-MSS g-- 2 s H sm.0',',, fm ' "X wywp -,pfhfwiitsgg N165 Y. WV, C, I-X, iIl"I"IIlICIIS I"Iul'g1 Quirin ,,,, ,, ,,, ,.,,,,,,, , , , ,, ,,,,,Y. llff'S1.Il1'lIf Anlw Adlfs ,A I .,A I'I.t'l'-l'fl'SI.IlPl?f Ilurullmy Ann Wirsig Y, ,A ..Yw. Q f'f'fl,fflI'lY IIHIII xIHllI'QlllIlPl'f ,,,, ,, 7,7 .,,,, 7.. 7 wfl'llSllfl'f 4,1,::1x1 f1' Mary Ilullw , , ,,,A,, .... I Jevnliuual Ifhairman flaw! Larsvn ,, ,, ,,,,, ..,,A, I 3 ilwle Study flhairmau I9l1ml4fm Xlellquisl , ,, ,,..4..,.. S ucial Ilhairmau Nluriun Hughes ..A., .... N II11 ic' Ilhairmax: IIIIHQUIIP ilillwrl , .. , Influslrial IIIIQIVINHH XR-111 llvissvr IIIIII , ,., , , ... I 'ulvlivity flhailmasx Iilllllld Slwrv .... ,IIII I fnmmunily Servicv IVIIIHIIIHHN Huih Walker III,II. ,, I..II World lk-llfmslmip ILIIlElIl'lTl21l! Luc-ills IIIElt'l'IiHllI I,II ..,...,II.II...,,II. Q eneva Clmairmau IIUII1 SVIIIIIPI' ,.II..IA ...,,I I Zuspel Team Iihairmav Ilw KIurningsi4Ie QIWPUII UI' llw Young INXVHIIIEIIIS I,IIll'ISII3ll Assu- f'IilIIHIl is c-mnpuscml UI' those girls xxlw uw inlv1'e'siecI in finding lifcl all IIS In-sl. As an nrgzullzallmm 1l has gnmn and 1Ivve'Iupe'cI 1mt1I mm ll Imlcls une UI IIIC Ihusl prnlnlllvlll plalcfvs Ill llle Ines uf llw girls and is unc uf llw mnsl zur-liw m'ga11izalim1s em the campus. Omg I1llln1Il'f'1I niuot y-1 wo Qs.. Clacrhout, Shore. Reisser, Hughes. Batho Lindaman, SC'llLllCl', Mellquist, Larsen, Gilhert, NValkc'r The Y. WY. tf. A. conceives of "religion" as a guiding and in- spiring force in every activity. Through providing opportunities to consider Jesus and His way of life. it aims to make possilile the highest development of personality. The real true Association Spirit is Service. with the spirit of friendliness and personal interest. The tIaliinet consists of the heads of various departments created to hest carry' out the purpose of the Y. VV. Through the Geneva Conference. World liiellowship. llomrnunity Service. and Industrial llhairmcn. the girls are lirought into contact with others outside the college realm. Interest in international questions is notalile. and indicates a natural widening of the horizon of student life. The liilile study chairman plans for the llaliinet devotionals and the regular Morning Vllatch services. iThe llevotional chairman plans the meetings of the Y. WY. for the year. The Gospel Team chair- man cooperates with the Y. lVl. tl. A. and sends groups ol' students lo near churches to conduct meetings. Under the direction ul' the social committee. a party is given for all the lfreslnnen during Freshman Wreek. This is followed later hy an all-school party. lluring the year teas. picnics. parties. and other forms ol' social diversion are planned. all attempting lo make the students lietter acquainted with one another. There is in- creased aliility lo deal with social situations and to participate in social life with more sympathy. understanding. and skill. Through Y. WT. many students find the relationship of religion and social life in specific terms. The ultimate purpose of all the Y. W. elliorts is to seek to liringz young' women to such a knowledge of ,lesus lihrist as shall mean for the individual girl fullness of life and development ol' char- acter: and to help the members to release and direct their energies and to form fundamental attitudes toward life. One hundred ninety-three Helen Tierlelnan Milclrecl Hieklnan Marion Hughes , , flora lllmilgmnery Mary Maynard ..... Flora Qnirin llll e Marian Line ,.... Mrs MC Artlinr ..,. S1111 iors Anna Mae Hurllwurl Laverne Claridge Nnra Wanglnerg Agnrai urrifimzs ACURA Hn nm fu n iors Kristine Kneinski Unrutliy Rnlvle llenita Mn 'sman ..,,,r......PfPSI.d6l'lf l.C'f?-IU7'L'.S'I.C16',7Zf ,,,.r.....SUCf'0fClfiY ....Trensz1rer .,..Sncial tlliairman W. C. A. Presiflent ...e..,f-lttliletie flliairrnan Ailclitiiig Chairman Sopfzozrznrfks Margaret Qnirin Luis Green tfarnl Larsen FVIJSIIVIIUTI Sllb-l"rvsl1nu'11 Opal Van Dyke Bernice Knapp Genevieve Metcalf Mary Whitney Hlussnni Mellafle Della llnrtnn One hundred ninety-four Mvllanlu, Grown, Hurllrurt Line, Hulrlu, M:xyn:nl'd, Van Dyla- Iursc-n. Kucinski, M. Quirin, 1V1f7hFI112lll lIlglbQ'l"-Y. Clzwirluc. I". Quirin, M1-Iva Um- hundrc-1,1 ninuiy-Iivv AM, , 'Q ,qw as Y .:.,- , 12. I sy -...rnwfga-K., !b"..4-. .x,,..Y .. , . ""f9i!Il'-wx 'WWW A. v tl "'v::w'W""?' W""" ' ff? 'm W, -73' .V ,, 3.4, 1 , t-Qfq, z . Woiiieiils Stellliflllfttiveriiiiigf Assticiartiuii Nlaltel Nissen l.illian lluehler .. Helen tlelflerctl ,,., Mina Winer .., v,. lflxa lleimers .. lrene linhl ....A.,.,.... Lillian l.inmlanian AA A Nlary liees A, A , Muriel Hughes Y ,. Hl"l"ItIEllS ,. .............Pfl'Sl'l16'Il.' 'I-FP-l'f0.9lit1PlIf ...,..9nc1'11l Cliuirnzmi . ,.......,., Secrcitzrgf .................,..........,...,Treusu.rer ....l'rr'.s1'fler1l nj' Frcslinmn Half ..,.......lIl'6SI.lll,iIf of llnesf Hall ......l,fl'Sl.tll'I1f of Central HHH ......................50c111I Director The Wnineii-s Self-Gm'e1'ni1ig Association was nrganizefl in Marcli. l927. with Juliet .lnlinsnn as first presiclent. lts purpose, as statetl in the cnnstitutinn. is "tn clirect all matters pertaining to the xwmcn ul' the cluririitm'y and tn aim lu increase the sense of indi- riclual respunsilrilily ul' all its menilrers in accnrclance with the grant nl powers cunferrefl lg the lmartl of trustees and faculty of 5 Murningsicle Lnllege. The nrganizatiun was liacetl with the prulrlem of estalmlisliiug for its ineinlmers the necessary halrits nf living. Since a flemncratic lnrin nl' gtwernment has prnvefl must successful in the experience nl' nther rlurmitnries. a Women's Self-Governing' Association was nrganizctl. O nc li UI'lfll'fJCl ninety-si x j9uf' '49 i .btw . iw wfw Kohl, Uinvr, Kocs, 111-i'lm'wl l1lll1l2llT12lll, Wallwr, Mahlnm, I:l'llHL'l'S, Hcinnum fllili'lC'?I'S nl' lhe Assncialinn arc c-lvclvml ear-h April anml smw lm' nnv year. This war. lnmewr. x'ar'anr-ivs lvll hy lun nll'ic'v1's uhh gracluatecl al Illlfl-YFLII' haml In lie lillcwl lay a spf-vial vlvvlinn in ,lLlllllL1l'y. Aflvr the l'PSlgll8llHll ul' Nflalml Nissvn ancl Lillian Llllfldlllilll. Lillian liueliler. lhv vice-pl'vsi4lci1l. hevanw presiclcnl: Mary Kevs has made vic'P-presiclciit: anrl lflsie Hennnni anfl llnlh Wallwi' we-lv vlectecl presiclenls nf 'West anml lfenlral Halls. Ulliicers nl' the Assncialimi are flixiili-fl intn tml QYUIIIJS. Thi- Hminr lfnurt is mafle up nl' lhc W. S. C. A. prcsiflvnl. x'iCe-presi' clenl. the hall prvsiflfflils, ancl the Sncial l,ll'Pf'lUI'. lls func-tinn is ln lry the Cases anfl pass jlulggliient nn all l'i'INDl'll'fl vases nl' inliringv- mont nf rules. The SPnate is cninpnseml nf all the nll'ice'1's of thc' W. C. A. ancl a rep1'ese-iilaliw from the freshman wing uhm is clwlvml lay thi- l-l'PSllIll3Il girls in Nm'1?1nlnel'. llnrntliy lvldllllllll is this ye-ai"s frvsh- man representative. The piirlmsv nf the Svnalle is lu unify the in lervsls of the variuus halls and tn serw as a Cl9i1l'lllQ.l-llUllSt' fm' lhm- ll'klIlSilI'llHll nf flUI'Yl1ll0I'y lvnsinvss. Oni' liunmlrvil nim-ly-spun Sigina Mu Organized l9126 llnlnrs: lilne antl Gnltl Nlnttn: ln lilII'SHll Tlzcrf' ix llurnzwnt Hlflfll IEHS Yeltla Wellnitz . ,,, Eunice xvVillllSll'HIN .,,, Milflreml Sweet ....... Mina Omer Lnella Smith ., Leone l,alxe ,, l'rf's1'clcr1.' ICI'-lll'l'.YIC1l'lI! w S"V'f1'fllf1 ....,.,..,i K , NIENIISICHS lluth llewell Leune Lake lfthel Julinsmi Luie i"vlK'lit'tllll Nlaniine Klcfllure Mina fhner Lnella Smith .Ieanne Sc-liellerf lltliltlretl Sweet Gladys Timm lfnnice Vivalilstiwnn Velala Wellnitz lhmx nie Vlvuml Inez Arcliei' lflizaheth liryan Lucille lllatnrlmtlt lltmwtliy lfurrer lilnth Fruin lyltflbtlly Joy ,-Xlinyra Peters lflva Heimers ljitflillly Gladys ltnld Lila Tehhcl lluth Vfallxei' Kristine Kucinski Frances Price T H'llNllf1'f Repurfc V llegistrar The purpuse uf this society is tn lnrthei' musical knuwleclgc aninng the stuclenti ul' the llm1servatn1'y of Music uf Morningside tlnllege anfl tu Ill'4WlKlC an incentive fur higher sz-liulastic attain- ments ancl a lmvacler visinn in the field nf music. Om' huncl red n inet y-eight 71" Wm' A P' A ' -WN , P 1 'f w .n N LQ, A473 f Q fs N . K I , Q I z ' A, 5 r 1 -W , . , 71 R ammu- '1 , 1 llz1c1'l'm11l, In-tm-rs, Mctlurm-, Rulml Juy, W'mul. Ik-inn-rs, Prim-. Archer Umur, Currer. Jnlmsam, VVnhlsl1'um, Flcwcll Sc'hvH'Q1's, XNL-Ilntz, Walker. Smith. Frum Lake. Timm. Kucinski, Mvlim-aih. Sweet Om- h uml rul n inet y-n i no X' .Niaiglq V'---ww J' am Alpha Kappa Dtelhta wax w LP7"49 Pkisiv .53 Ol'l'1llfKllS Mai ju lliflgill' Svliuler at a,,,. l'res1'tlw1! lflura Uuiriri ,.,, .,... . gl'lf'fl't'llf'X" 2 Qlulm luallacliey ..., Treuszzrffr islur ' ' ' mm-ull' ls lurltlmttv in liavlngg tm lhv mtmptis 't mhtplet :I Ihr- llllllllllkll ll'illPl'lIIly ul fm-mlugy, Alpl l Kappa lit-llt llnm- urs milv lille-mi mln-r clutplvrs in f - L . lil tht lllllftl Slutvs. :ill vxu-pl um- nl' wliivh arf- vslulf' llalliffl at 11l1iwt'sitin-5. 'l'hv pulptwf- ul tlw nrgfanizuliml I In pmmutr- llitvre-wt in tht- in-ltl nl sm-luln,g3'. atml tn Nllllllllllt wwuiw-ll. r- lhf lm tl vh-tptti It-if ln-mi we-rv 'it-tiw this year l lmting hr-ltl imvnthly tm-vtings which lculurcd lP!'llll'HH ln mrlul pw-ialislf aml but-itil wurlxr-rr, aml participa- l limi ln Ihr mvmln-rs in tht- pre-scnlattiun ul topics ul All ha Psi Oiiieqai lp aw UIfl+'ItIliliS Charles lluwn .. aa,.. 1"f0Sll110llf Nl3I'Qiil't'l Heed .iii ..... - 9r'c'f1'l11f,t' Huy .lennings 74i,, i,,,, 7 'rllllsllrefr Alpha Gamma Lliapte-1' uf Alpha Psi Omega. natitmal lmmvrary rlramatic fraternity. was nr- ganixecl at Murnitigsicle in l927. lX'il6Il1llPl'S are c-Imsen frniii the Dramaticf iflult wht, have ful- lilletl certain rplalificatitms. The purpnse uf the fraternity is lu clevelup tlramatic talent anal cultixate a taste fur the latest in drama. whilz- pmvicling an hmmr suciety fur tlwse clning a high staiiclarcl of wurlx in dramalics. Two hundred writil um u.t tml in tl: 1-lisamm. b4lt'lLil LIVIIXIIIFF haw N L nl hip ,tml also mltlwl In lhv llllf'l't'5l nl tlw lllf'Pllllgjf-L. lX'l1'lllll"S IH ltaswl un llllt'lt t in fm-iulu,uv L15 mnlviic-wl lay tht F 'ntttsrw lL1lil'll. :tml lay im-e-ting certain Schn- lLl5lll' l'f'fIllll'VIllt'llt5. 'W Qi. rv W ww? was , v' 5 MP 1 wg Em? At., ,vga- :kg , ,fn mags 1 1 fy . , .1,,5,Q1 11.114 - .W-41-1 E121 31001111121 111 111 1 1 Ft ' ' if 5 31 1 111 1 'af 1l1"1"11I1'1115 Al 11111711113 1,111 ,,,,, ..,,,,,,,,,... I 'fl'-91.411717 Jlllid 1,11 flftlllt' ,,,,,, ,,,.,, 1 l.l'l'-PFI'-Yl1lf'l1f Allllt' Aultk ..1,111 11.1..1... 1 31'1'ff'fflf11' 1111111 V1'1111xe1' ..,...., 1111..........-V I ff'llNllfl'f 1 1J111'11l111, 111'11s11ea1' .v,111 51'l'gg1'11lIl-tl!-.11H111 Miss 111111111111 ,,.,,,. ,,ww, 1 '11l1'llffw1' f1I1l'I'.W'1' '1'111- N11 t'1lLl1l1t'l' 111' 1'11Ll Sigma 1'111. il 1111111111111 1111111111111 Creek 111111 11111111 1'1'z1le1'111t11. 1111s 111'- '55- gilll1Z?l1 111 1113 spring 1111 10215. '1111e1'e are 111111 11e111'11' 1111l'1y C1l2llJ19l'S ill 1119 111111611 States. A A111111 is 1111111e 111' 1111- 111e11111e1's 111' l111' VLll'1tbllS C'1li1p16I'S 111' l11e 111sl111'1. art. 111111 111t:'l'i1- ture 111' :1111'1e11t Greerfe 111111 11401116 1111' t11e 11111- 114159 111 11e1e111l1111g illlt1 I11'1111111t111g 1111e1'esl lll 1'111ss11-111 51111111-N. , 4-.1 1 1 V1 S11t13g111111z11, V111111111 1D1e111ta1 Ca11111111 11ela t'11tlIJ1t'I' 111' 511111111 Tau 15141111 11 L14 111'ga111ze11 1111 N1111'11i11gsi11e tI11111I111s 111 19211. T11?l't' are t1111'l1'-l11'11 active t'1li1!J1t'l'S 111' this 111111- tlllllf 1Q11g11s11 191'ate1'11it1 111 t11e U11ile11 States The 1111101111 I11111111'at11111 is 1113 Rl'l'flllIgll'. Meetings are 11e111 e1'e1'y 11111 weeks 111 111111111 p1'11g1'a111s are 13l't'hEll1G't1 111 111e11111e1's 111 t11e 1l'il- 1111.- te1'11it1'. These 1-1111s1s1 111' 11111111 11e1'1e11,Q 3.1141 r gbvbiv rm puppet studies H1111 c1is111a1's 11111011 11e11 i1111s- 1 KWW 1 trate111e general p111'p11se111't11e 1'l'Ll1t'l'll11y. 11111011 1s s1111'e1'1l1. t1'11t11. 31111 11es11111 111 111t'l'il1lll'tJ. ML. ,sm Two hundred one 1111111'e11 H11111111111 111.,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,1,,11 I 're.11'1l1f111' 11'111111'e11 1i1l1:11e11 .... 1, 1111 1'1'1'-l'r1'.w1'1l1'r1I 1f1iza11et11 Mead .,......... Stjl'fl'ftlf,1' 111a11'1t111 1111111 ,,.,, 7're11.1ur1'r Christian Service Clulh nrricigas George Tlwrntmi ... ,....,. V,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, l 'reszllerzt Margaret Quirin ..., v... , ,.,,,, I '1'ce-Preszllefizf lluth Schuler .....,.. ...,. . gl'Cf9flIfX'-TVECISUFRF The ifliristian Service Cluh is cnmpused nf those students wlio expect to enter snme hranch of Christian service as a life-wurk. Such pru- fessinns are studied in the meetings in additinn to the inspirational prugrams and discussinns. This year six ul' the clull memhers attended the Student Vulunteer llnnvention at Detroit. Mich- igan. v l Ctisiittlphllittaii Clnlm l Ulilflt IICHS Huth Schuler e.ieeee, .,e,,........ l 'rcsiderzl p Takun Knknlm ,,,,t,,,, ,ie,, I 'I'l'l'-lift'-Slillljllf l Laverne Claridge ,,,,,. ,,.,,.., T reusurer t Thelma Tarwater .,...,.,,..,............,... ,..Secretary Anvisom' BUARIQ Pl'UliBSSUI' Latta Cudufredo flalmtaje The Cosmopolitan llluh is a national and in- ternational urganizatinn uf fnreign-lmrn and native students. Fifteen fnreign countries are represented in the cluh this year. The purpnse of the cluh lprnniotinn nf guild-will thruugh student friendshipsl is well expressed in its motto: "Above all nations is humanity." Two hundred two Dtfctaglka Society l Vera Heisser .,.......... ,, . . ,,,......,, I ,l'l'3iI1l"lIf lflorence lfreflriclxson eeee ,, ,,A,,,, I i1.l'l'-llfdifllljllf V Esther llinger .,.. ....,,...,,,. .,.,, . 9 l'l'l'I'f1lTLV-TI'l'llSllFUI' La Yerne Yan llentheni .Y.,. ,.,,, . 9111-1111 Cillllliflllllll 'llhe llitlaska Society. as the nanie implies, is concernetl with teaching. The only require- ment for a person to he eligilile is that he he a hrst or seconcl year stuclenl ol the Iwo Year Normal tlourse. At the regular meeting ull the society each month. speakers are engaged who give interest- ing talks on various sultjects. ln addition to the regular meetings of the society, numerous pic- nics ancl spreafls are enjoyefl throughout the school year. 1 , , A .p- . L' UI I lt FIN y W r 1 f rt , Ale jjj' ,W Dirairg attic t tJt1'l+'ItltQltS Percy Elierly ...eeeee,ee,.,..,,..,,,.. e,e,,e. . .. Mildred Mossnian eeee ,... I 'ict Lucille Uallenlvach .... ,..,..,. Gordon Metcalf' .,.... ..... l're.s1'1lel1l l,fl'Sl'lll'llf Secrelury 7'l'et1.sl1 rer The llraniatic tiluli is coinposetl ol' all stu- clents who are interested in play-work. The nienihers are cast in plays hy Miss Hroun. cli- rector. ancl a leacler appointed for each group. The groups work up one-act plays. which are presentecl at the meetings. It is from this clnl- that ineinhers are chosen for Alpha Psi Uniega. honorary clraniatic fraternity. The cluln has lveen somewhat inactive during the year. hut many interesting plays have lveen giyen. Two hundred three N Mclfgi Geifinan tflllulh tll"FIlilillS A ftflary Maynard ....., .... l lff?Slil1l'IIf lgllllxllllif' Nxlllllll .,....., w,,,Y S fj'Cfl7f1IfY Wi Edgar Steinhrenner .A..,, Yfreusurer The purpose nl' "Der Deutsche Verein" is lo acquaint the students with the customs ull the flerlnan people. and lo allord opportunity for practice in German conversation. Entertain- ment at the meetings is llotll instructive and so- cial. including illustrated lectures, German plays. music. a llhristmas party. and an annual spring picnic. lFrenclli Cllullm orrit :tens flora Montgomery ., ,,,,.i..i. l'res1'1lc1zI Glen Lowe ,,,,,,,,iew,7 i,..,.,,,.,,, I viii?-l,I'f'Sit!t'IIf Kristine liucinslxi .... ,agecreftzry-Treusuref The purpose of the French lllulv is to pro- vide a chance for the students studying French to improve their speaking knowledge of the language. It gives them the opportunity to use those phrases and idioms found only in conver- sation, lresides furthering their knowledge of the country. hahits. and customs of the people. Two hundred four The llititteiriiatitniall Rfelattcttiiis Qlulm 0FFllIEllS llecil Marshall ..,............,,...... .......... l 'fl'Sllll'1If Madeline McMullen A.. ..., I 'l.l'1'-l,ft'SI.l1l'lIf llUl'4'btl1y Day ,,,,,7.,,,A .A,.,,,,. 9 r'crf'!r1r'i' The lnlernatiunal llelalinns lfluli nf Morning- side lfullege was first furined in the spring nl l92fw. The purpuse uf this urganizatinn is tw study the relalinns of the nations of the xwrld ln une annther. Meetings are held twice a month. at which prugrams un tupics uf inter- national interest are presented hy students and faculty mernlvers. The faculty adviser of the clnh is l'rnl'essm' M. ll. Latta. IW A xvl1':'-lll'PslileItI.., Sr-crclttry ..,,.,,.,,,, llvtl?-lllf'I ........... St'l'tLl'Zllll-ill-fx rin lfreshman gir lll lSlllumIlk1 l,I'l'Flllf'lll .........Y.,, l v' l l lf 'fs swf- A Wie vu w . . wr ,X J fh'!, Mm, x aa A, 'G Lf. 449 A6 ww ilsllillifriafdlali lll4'FllIl-QRS l"I.l'sl Term SUIVIIII! 7: llll ,allele-n Parrott Bill?-Slllll Nh lllflf lilrmssuin xlflllllll' Nltlrillzl lfvlllf X re..rl.nis Sclnnnp llnth Nl ....Nlnrilla lirmlcy Inez Wa s...Yix'iun llnltnnan Nlary lllllr lslikundah is a literary suciely upen ln all J 'J and can e ls. It ls dutluped . entirely tlirnugh their mln initiative ergy. It prwvtdes social lille and lI'3llllllU lireslnnan girls. lvesides xsurk in lllPl'llX snr jects. and delvaling. Many an npperrlt 1' is alleintmns sptnt hunks hack nlmn the lfridan 'i ' ll :ls her cullege lile. some nl the happiest dns ul 1 4 'J ..Q 4 N u- ' 2- fs P 4 'I ' 'P sm. . I , 'gx J yi n" 5 it -.. l x - 1 , . -- rx- Nu' -- .,:V K 'E-l ,.! y A ' 1 -V-.G4...Ulw4J 1 3 ,- h tmdrexl Iivg, 'W Oxford Fellllowslliip OFFICERS Victor Sc-huldt ...,,.v. A...,............,.,,,,.,.,,,,, l'res1'denl George Thornton ,,.. ..,,,, I '1'c'e-Pres1'der1f Harold Bartz ...... .,.,,.,,,.... 9 eeremry Men who intend to enter the Christian min- istry are eligihle for memhership in the Uxford Felloxwsliip. its purpose is to present a survey of the prohlems and possihilities of the ministry to its inemluers. The menihers find this introduc- tory toueh very henelieial and interesting. and invite those interested In their fellowsliip. im.4,w.Q.,, Q.. l . A-A-0-nbwh-W i A , ns, PirtefEiigiiiteeriiig Qlliih + Q gi. tll"FItIEHS l Flilwl .Qf'II1r'.sIe'1' ,QVVIIIIII .9c'll1e',sl4'1' l7l'f'Fil.lf.'Ili ...,.....,..,.,, George Singer Allan Williams View--Presieleiit ..,,.,, l,f'4,'YLlllf' Weaver Dali- Crulmei' Seeretury .,............... Eflglfll'SIf?ll1l'll't'l1l1t'lA i'ilIllPl' Hansen il'I'ttZl5lll'4?l '.,,, . r.,,,,, Ell1lPl'i'liillFt'll llerwood Bef-lx The purpose of the Pre-Engineering Cluh is to aid students in engineering to heeoine hetter ,Ma acquainted with engineering prohleins. Any per- son interested in engineering is eligihle to mem- hership. Socially. the Cluh functions very sue- eessfully. Among the accomplishments this year have heen the instituting of an Engineering ieffsi Night. an inspection trip to various power plants in the state. and the reviving of the schools "outstanding social event." the Pre-Engineers' Pig Roast. The eluh is the most ac-tive depart- mental eluh in the school. Two hundred six lllieeaielieiesi Kids Clliutlh 1 UFl"lfIl2HS Edgar Steinhrenner .......,...,...... Presirlelzf Helen Empey ... ..... .w , .,.... I illfl?-,PTP-?lillf'llf lVla1'garet Davies ,Q ,,,,, Secretary-Treasuirer Purely sneial are the functions of this nrgani- zation. Although all Ineinhers, as suns or daugh- ters of preachers. are very, very guncl ancl pinns, that clnes not stancl in the way when a party fn' picnic is helcl. A wmiclerfnl l-lmneemning Dav float was one of the ontwarcl manifestations of the elnlfs activities. Spanislli Clula tll3l3ltIEHS lletty Snyder ., ...l,,...... l,fl?Sl'Il'4'l1f liyle Strom ,.......... .... I -1.00-lITP.Sl.flCIIf Milclrecl Petersen ..,..,.... Seeremry Usear lieeli ....liii, ..... T rerzszlirer The Spanish lellnh is annther nf the depart- mental elnhs urganizecl for the purpose uf pm- nmting interest in the Spanish language. Meet- ings are held nnee a month at which prngralns Consisting of plays. dances, anti talks alwnt Spanish life ancl Cnstums are presentecl. Two hnndrefl sew n 'S S.. Xara?" at ,- wff -1' ,- ' ,, Q5 Aalts, La Grnne, Mahlum, Larst-n. Reid, cleflereq Frtesliniaii Coiiiiiiissinii Anne Aalfs. Uf'IIOI'l11f,lllIll'I'llII'llI l,l'f1f1l'I'S l'rr'Sl'zl1'l1fs Genevieve Metcalf' lflnrenee llmvrr llnrntllv Mahltnn .lnlia Christensen lfranees liaxvsnn Anna Marie Van Winifrecl Miller Mary Varnnni Mary liathn Helen clelilereq tlarnl Larsen .lttlia La Grnne Lillian Linrlaman Elizaheth Mead Helen lleicl llnth Vltrallxer lngen All freshman girls. llnwngh inclivitlnal ehniee. are plat-etl in lricntlship grnnps. each group nntler the guidance of an upper- elass girl. Meetings are helcl twice a nrnnth antl. in arlclition lu study. stwial teas are helcl. Several special activities have heen engaged in this year. inelntling a tlhristnias Party and a Vesper Service at South ltavine. The pnrpnse of lfreslnnan tltnnrnissinn in atlclitinn lu the ails vantage nl' Clnser lellnwslrip is tn prtnnnte greater interest in Y. tn clevelnp high mural f-haraeter and leatlership. anrl alsn In promote principles uf flernnf-ravy amnng enllege xxnrnen. Two l1tlll!ll'CCl 1-ight Features HM M PM 1 nm I -I I I II I I I V' I I I I: I I I I, I I I Jr' I-I 4 ' L If'iF':g f f Ejiua' I ' . F Q r' 7 FII' P E I 1 I I I V V I-4. VV F gif. 10 Init? E 'oluI I I JI ,II Q II awk V . IP' 45' I I Q IMI J I I.. I I Q 1- 9 'ix Lg ' . 1 - I i-L IIIQI T E -II, J I ' ':' "ff I 4 V- 1 WWN4' ' 'Y if - , V- Q " " , I '. If 'N . I 4... MSIE di! 'ff V 'O ' I ' IICIFLIITI v FV-Q' I , V vga 4J7"2".l:?' VVIV V, ,T 1 ' I .E Pd V ,ii ' I-L17 Y . I ki, II! , QVLI in 0 I ' E ,ah 1 V , -,,. H rw ll N-EV" III IGM-I 'ITE I lb .I ' it "" ' , 3 I - ,iff ' '.ii:-,,jL, 0 ' F I I IIEII' " 7 4 'I '-25-11 S. -51.557 " II 5 , ,I in 1-IiVI:'gi,".: I 1 , IIIIII I f' III I I -IIIEI - - 4 I Io:I,gL I, -,Io ' I- V., 'III Juv! FHL E.,-.1.'l"?' I 'IEIII ' f I 0 qi In I- -!TJ"'I"i Q ng hi.. V QSDVV I ai -, I-at I. I' QQ, 5-1- ,gg ,Q-,I I ad - ' E Il-C. I 2 I I ' I,.'IIrfII'+9ff7IFf2'J1Iefl2"-f ' ' I 4. fi I ' -T, 'I II -1?9,qi'QQ7' :21:-93 Q O Iv 0 0 W ' I- I ' Itfh'-' VVVV VV a V V i f 5 L-f V fi F? I VV FV?-bi-VAV ig VVAVV Vi ' I 6 V -lv I Q - Is IIVTQIN1 Tv .gf IVVI-kj-EZ 23?VI,,,'I, VV O i 1 A T . , V -VV, 2- " ' 'I F X -" LL1' f'I?I -i 124- xi IU ' I I -el LP I ip, ' A 43. lik-I IIJ ti 4' ' 'F Q' ' W' '-'III Ts' I '. 'Til' 'iii ftP.i'1:! I ' I I IIII I I . f I I In 1 I I II?-':+1:IIf:+ III I Ip- ,II 'II I ' If I - 'I .- , I+., Iifg If ffi' I 0 1 I I . I ' 1 i'l'l?-27'.':4Y. 4 . I I - I f- -...-1 ,, - - , V gl f I I 5, . lj I-,A V. :V A Ill- FV ,V V V I- V L., FH .41 " 'iIf' , :P if TI -- I II I I ' , II Y I I I +- I' IL '. I' I I "' I L4 I' ' 'uf ' I I I .-I Q III--'.-I- I 1ff:.fI.IQ ' IIIII Ai a L- ikilq! f I I -I -I I I ,Il I , ir 'If iff'-r-I V 1 I , JQVLXNYQEVQ VDQ IIE - Q T 1 J 6 L IH, -1:4 I .I I - Yxfm,--'J ,-LT., if I 5 I , , an 1 'S -' I I I I lox A h - -WAI 51-90- ,VII1-4 IVv..,.I,, 4's3'b ,I 'I . .I -u - . - Q I I ' I . . A f I ' ' . r', .E 5+ . ii I I- I, 2- ...,V Vd V I' V W '-I, , I . Y . L . I V' L . . V 1 , V - , ,I I ,, gf .- 4- .1 I - - I , , 5 , - I 1. .,, H-V Vfgif V f- rf ' - - I V , ' ,,V-5 , A - ff -7 I VU. 4-, A L , , I -1' ' - FQ , . S C .S E f --- I I I . I t 1-,E I3 + ' . I ,. "' I.. , gnuilijq-"ilj I O ! " F ' I " '- L'-if S I Q . J-YI. 'I I. 'VVUIIVIII -. I91 , - 14- Y- - P Yl- Agliir- 7 ,- I, J- T v QV V ' AJ-. Q' -V Iv' J I V Vee -Q I' I' - ' ff- -" I1 - ' .i 'Si .QQ V -I 'I ,I -If J W M - . - ' r - -'A - U4 ' I, if-i'i7'- .q-if 5 I- iq? , I ' , I-0 ,I1 U I -4. I ,,,,II:',II , an ' - I f - ' 1 V IIV ' , Q - - 4- . ' ,, ,, , V , x , I .. , ,V . 4 F H I I L -I -E 4+ V I1 I - . I-F 1 f 1- C "- - - -I 4-' . ' If - . 'Y 4 1 "H 1 ' ' -' 2" . I I F -.55 I I , 'P 'L' I " -33394 T31- I 5' ' F I lf- . I 1 I IIN , II I 'Q'.'?I"- H I I -'V III - I -:av I -Vx Q U I' f . N A4 - V V- 1 in VQLV S-5 . -A I F wr-' Ill - 1.1. II F , .. 4 s I .3 I . . I-. !-- .., - , - I,.-,Y .'f.,.1ffi, 1 , - .. , - , 1 , VI. .-, ' n 'f "I-3' ' -- pta-E' --'-I iJ0 1 v . VV V V Vi. i.Q ' 'lv V' I - - I ' " ' - " loc' 9' -'J-. 5' gg as ' .3 I I -' I1-::Ij"E-P . .,, ,.,I EF' DV. I, I -.. -, f-II I' . 4 'V L-V I. ,, LI-' - - -if"-G' I " IJ"-'ft -5- I I, -- '-+,-fe- III .IH I 5' Y-' 1 Ighqlghfl I ! I I. ,I .2 If-Fr-.uf-I rrbqgj. -I .I-I '- Z? 31151, vii". I J W II '. I' F- . I I 44 l V ,I V V4-I-'V iiV , mI"III1'6 I I IU 0 I FEI E V l . -,I V VV., A1 L VH L f I I ' I .. .' II I ' I , , I Fi JI EI.. 'TI O . U' vb? , I I. , I. ,- I I I -I -I III' ' I I V 55 Y I?"'F H LN ' I i IIIIIIII--f' J I . I fl I , ' . 'II' ' ' - 1 I Rd . 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' Two hundred twenty-four H AD'VERTllStEMENTS Students. relleet a nmmentl When you rise in the morning vnu get up nut uf an advertised lied. wash with advertised snap, put nn an advertised eullar, nr adver- tised face ptmfleig as the ease may he. Ynu gn down tu hrealtlast. eat advertised lrreakfast fund and drinlx ade vertised enlliee. Yiwu gn tu selimil either in an advertised Car nr street- ear, study nut nf advertised lmnks. use an advertised fountain pen. and huv advertised candy. You euntinue lu use advertised grinds all through the day. Sueh is the great held uf advertising. Give a thuught tn thuse who are instrumental in giving yuu this tumk and in sending the life-hltttid thrnugh the veins nl, mml- ern husiness enterprise. 1 if UKES AND OTHER GLHMPSES Two hundred twenty-tive uestions and Answers for the Weak Question: Is it true that this year's output of motor cars will run into millions?'-Ima Coat. Answer: I dunno. but if it is. lim gonna watch my step. Question: Why is it that with my lik- ing for the fair sex. I've never mar- ried?-C. Der Mop. Answer: Well. a man may like a flower and yet not care to be a Horist. Question: My daughter. aged sixteen. goes out night-s with young men. not getting in until two or three o clock in the morning.. What would you advise about it?eeeMrs. Share. Answer: Well. let her sleep until noon. Statistics show that a child of that age requires eight to ten hours' sleep a night. Question: My sweetheart and I are go- ing to be married next Friday. Do you think Friday is an unlucky day for marriages ?--Charles Down. Answer: Yvhy should Friday be an ex- ception? Question: Where can I buy a car to fit my pocket 'fe-4l'l. Means. Answer: I donit think they make 'em that small. Quesiton: What shall I do? I dropped my watch on the floor and it stopped. --Roy Jennings. Answer: Did you think it would go right through? Question: Please advise me. Should I ioin the Salvation Army?-Jerry Gehrt. Answer: Who are they fighting? Question: I understand modern girls have longer necks than the old-fash- ioned girls. W7hy is that?-elialph Bastian. Answer: I don't know. Ralph. unless it's supply trying to keep up with demand. Question: Does the law give a man the right to open his wife's letters?-Dr. Schneider. Answer: Yes. but it doesn't give him the courage. Question: If it's true that a person lives to regret anything he ever steals. what about the kiss I stole from the sweet little girl that I am now engaged to marry?-Roger Moon. Answer: You'll regret it. Question: Wvhat should I do? When my little boy says his prayers. I canit hear him.-Prof. Hayes. Answer: Why should you? Heis not talking to you. Question: Please answer this: What should a woman take when she is run down?eAnna Mae Hurlburt. Answer: Well. Anna. she should take the license number. Question: I think it's just terrible sending all those nice marines to China. What will they do when they get there?eHelen defflercq. Answer: Good heavens. Helen. haven't you ever been out with a marine? Question: Iim a very sick man and the doctor advises marriage. Do you think a wife will do me good?-Ver dette Wialters. Answer: Yes. but a gold digger will do you better. Question: Do you think the girl who kisses promiscuously is bad?-Alan Gorthy. Answer: No. Alan. Just generous. Question: Is it true that exercise will kill germs?-Clennard Larson. Answer: Yes. but it's tough teaching the darned things to exercise. Question: If a baby was fed on ele- phant's milk would it grow extra big? -Prof. Hayes. Answer: Yes. it would. That is. if it was an elephant's baby. Two hundred twenty-six ff 'Tiff W W 77 ' 14" 4 ft- 'L f V , ' 4 f , gn 'p 2:15 f55Z-,i1'5.fxZ'- -4511223 C! fx fl , - i W f ff' f SPORTS f:'iffl"'E21: V ? 4 fa ?i f,a?5f f X ! .15 kgg! 355221. 3? 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TICLL YUVR FRIENDS ABOIT DIXSUNS PHARMACY Tn., o1,,,1ff,- Drug sim The lllaiaaniouiiit Confectionery "Home of good 'Things to Eatv l'Hll,Lll, lllill.-XS 'l h llt t ht EI In E 5 6 5 U O bb Q E. : in G Q P' x.-4 0 E UE 1-1 Q: '55-P3 27, 6 2 : Q 4 3 3 E Q is 0 5 22 Q W ' M g 35 '75, Q 'rw -V P' Q 5 U god W QQ f,xi,... .3 E 81 B 'M GJ 4 if Z 2 W ' K. H Q12 gg 3 am T Zi, Q 2 5 2? y Q 0 QQ 5033 5 3 M Z 13 'E 3 U Q, ID - 5 3 4 L H- w 1 52 U giiux Jfxff Qa XBLZU J S Qi 4 fo Q K, wx ff-X Q CJJR 4 JF Q I XX gn Q9 ff N br 1 - l N B Q J!Ll 3 H Q B1 1 1 1 1 .maui ,A -.V-lf-J ,. ., . 'i-lf" ' -,fm-' '1 A '-. . L x Q 5' X 1 .. tr., 'gg N X X- 4. J- ,, . - I - w X- vm f 5 L of " H 1 ,W . s'. I 1 X . X 1- :u.f..,j."1-' .44 . f - , . T' -- F- . I ' 'v' ' 4' X n L ,F L' m xx X . Q af , X f N - 3 L yt 'f x ' N N i F 5 5 . 4 5' 5 X 33 - X in I v an 5 ' f f . ll ,--an ,V I-1-'a --- --Dim, N - 4'-v--N.- 'I' ' vw , ,4 c W . I W - v,f-- I . I Q4 - xi., AVF , :I S.. i . . Q52 1 N H V T ' - - v .. ,. . 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Aliiintirieillg the hanging ul' a Delta Theta pin. Fur particulars ask Stanley nr lfnniee. Shall we nr shall we nut initiate? Freshies wear rnarnmi and white eaps ln keep their hair mluwn ancl their heatls fruin swelling. M Cllllt memhers f-lnmse AI Bastian as Presiclent. Snphs pnt lfreshies haek a nutch in gricl tilt. Snphs entertain them- themselves at :teak-fry. OCTOBER M. ti. heats Western Union. Mrs. lXlu1'1'isnii. reafler. appears in chapel. Jerry asks tfnra a tIlltxSliHIl anfl she says "yes," Murningsicle meets Haskell. S. Ravine the popular plaee for Y. Nl. Inns anrl Y. WY. girls. lfreshman tfninmissinns walk nut antl lnnk mer South Ravine. ll' urn went lu the tlnrin full wure a "Smile." Hastings shnws M. lf. theyire mit lu win eyes. 'twas fmvthalll llig sisters take their ynnnger fur a walkl Hmneenrning. llettv Nleatl ehnsen "Miss lX'll4ll'Ilil1QSifll".u lleat Nehraskri Vliesleyan. M. I-I. loses tw ll. State. Zet girls inxite lfreshies lu tea. IIIIIIIEI Minnesota Paint antl Yarnishes -M Murphy antl Oilirien Varnishes WAN. P XPICR - MIRRORS ALI. KINDS Oli' GLASS K.'XXVNl+1l'1R S'l'URl'l FRUNTS Aalfs Paint Glass C . "The lluuse of Qzuzliiy and SF7'I7il'P-i ltNt9-lf? l7uurth Street Sinnx lfity. lima E lllllllllm Two hllllll retl th i rt y-six Merchandi e that Passes the Final Examination! The 1-1n'1'v1't1wss uf 11111' slylvs has lwvn I'Hll1ITl?ltJlf xx-rilivcl Ivy llw flxami Ilillitlll ul' Pxpcrls. The quality 111111 uplnwvpriatmwss ui' nur nw1'1'l1a111lis1- has passvcl thc- nmsl l'lQlfi tesls. r . . lille TIIQIIIIIPSS uf nur prim-s has lwvn p1'1vw1l In C'HIllIlLll'iSHIl with all f'1rIllpl'lili11l1. H-111 H111 flillfll 11,x'111111'1111f1'1111. U111'z'1ls1111'.s 11111r1'1'111.111l1's11 Illlll s1'r1'11'f' lI1Il'fl.1'S ll'I'II 11111 lll.g'lIl'Sl l1111111rs 111111 r1'1'111'1'11 IllISfl'IIfl'Il pr111's1'. Correct Clnthes for Class C1assfDay and AfterfClass The Big S'l4Il'f?.S unliring 1-Hifwls to luring lu 31111 the mwsl f'Hl'l'0Vl. mmm- f'111'Ial1le'. aml appr11prialP XSl'i1I'illQ illbliilffxi fm' all lime-s aml all 111-1-asimms. IS t"Xf'IUllllfN'Ii Ill llwse slvrling malws: ".9111'1'1'l1 Hr11111f"f,'f11,'f11'.x "Cf.fl'l.3IIu f1'HllfS 111111 for 1111111 111111 y11z111g 1111'11 Dr1'.e.s1'.s jnr U"111111'f1 "1U1'lgr1'111" I,.lFU,.N, Suils, llllll If1111'11.s AVID BRG . CU. Tlw lfig Sl11r1"w-Sr'1111x' ffily. 1 Il'f! Twu 1111111111-11 1lui1'ly-soul: Ulf HIDE OF PAUL HEVERE 1 llnilfi qlpulng1'f'.1I Lissen. 1111 Cllilfllfll. if ytblllll like In hear U11 ll'lllP uf dnl 'iUC'lif'f dey call Paul l'lG1'Q1'G. HP said lu his iil'l6'llll. "Yun ting 11111 sl1n11ld knn11'l lie111e111lIQ1' dnl l'1'C gn! al lung 1'z11's lu gn. .5 .1 l gnl e1 hnss. llllll il 111111 hed Yllll. 11111 Ynnil hm' yillll' 11111119 living i11 l1is1n1'1' Inn. v s lind dnl s 11'l101'e l gnl dc f'fl1'z1111z1g0. 111' lwss. 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'l'All.UliINCL l,1r-ensecl User of the Lulesl lJel,avul Ury hltltllllllg byslem l,rul1'r'.w Ulurk Our Slll'l'l.Illfl 2020 Sl. Aulvin Street l'lmm- 011512511 joe Wolfson El --------------------------'-------------- --I-----------'---'--'-'----"-- -----------------------'--'----'-----" I2 m ---------------------------------- --------------------------------------- xg gn ---------------------------------'---- --------------------'---------'-- an Fullerton Lumber SIQUX CITY Company l"ourlh and l,uI'u5c-Ile Slreels E lIl,lC:XN illlgll. "Home Mzlrlfet for : , . T flml r, ,I the Great Nortlzuwsill bl HIUHVI hHl'lxI' 5 2 Pllollt' 11.6530 El ---------'----- ---'- ---'- -------------'-- ----------------- lil mir ------------ ------'---- --'-- ------- EI El --------- ----' ----- ------- El Known and Liked Throughout the Northwest La Fama Chocolates one of ll fvlmfzy of F f,,,, f,,, I S lfmfzuffs J SIOUX CITY, IOWA MADE BY rn ------.-- --------------- -------------------.-------'-----.------------------ -------- El lliltt I M w W f ,Q 1 . .2 y 5'Xil'f'i',q fggjff ff 1 Lfjm fijui E E -----1' 5---f' -4 1' I.-'Q-'.......' , 1 ' il ,"Af ' I a i AV VVMQ: f 'V Y? ., , -' . .MA .- V V W il gn ' ' 42: vi? T'-a ',l uf k Q ' 1"'fii'+'v T, 5 s A, --.J S X i i , ,', 2 22531 nl' ' f' .Q M g , .J 1 w f x s.. -if I r 71 Ll . 'f ' 'K I x if S e - ., 3 F' Q 5 W F 4 ,- N' A 6 A "2 Af- -- :f i g 1 , I P V' A , 1 q X113 . .. f-. , LW , A-t ,ij i - tu' n N ' 004. EI LJ REMEMBER -That il has always lm' ll our pollvxl lo slum-lx lln' Iwsl aml must VUIIIIPIPIQ' lim- ol' SIDHVIIIIQ uml atlllvlu' gomls mul lu lflw lhc- Iwsl St'l'Xll't'. -Uur flVl.l'f'S arf' IIIIFKIUYS I'I.g'lIIl. QLSQN SPCDRTING GQQDS CQ. 2 ISIS-Ill? I'IHlll'IIl Slrvvl ml'lnllllllnllnlllllllulnuI111A1Illllllllnllunluluu mnllllllllll llulllllnm mllllllllll Fur- : ' REM. ICSTATIC LOANS BEST lNVICS'l'MlCN'l'S E IJlCl'liNlMl3IIlC INSIIHAXNQIIC 66 2 S1 1. The Qqntinental Mortgage Co. - I lltll uml Ilougluf Slleels : ' I:-an li: Elllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll uuullllnlnu lulllluullu ElflIInlllllllullllllxuullllIrlInnlunxnuuluxnllll 5 Win. Ilvultlvl. A. I. A. lllnln un ll xlnulnlxnnlxl Slfbl IX VITY IUVV -X nlnunllnunllnnnlvl lnllnnlu In IICIWPUII Lldssvs XISIT The Kaypee Sandwich Shop luv Nl I II!-XIX lmpm- U1 ll 1' llmfm VIII Irlll lufm VIII lialplm ,XrnoI4I. X. I. A. BEUTTLER AND ARNQLD fXRllIII'llI'llIrI'S KNIT ICNQLINICICRS SIlt't'IilIIZIIl5L in llw lllillllllllg of I'uImIic' Iluilmlings. IJt'SI5LIlt'I'S ol' llw Nvw XVHIIIPII s Ilm'n11lorx'. Ill! m 15 fl " U - 105-fn-7-lol-9-IU Crain EXf'IlilIlgt' Iiuilcling SIOUX 1ll'I'N. IOWA E:1In1111lx1llIllInlnnlluuullllnlnll lull lun flu lllllln '5' uuln:llnall1Inrlllulnnulnlnlunnuln nlllllnl xl1xl-llIullInllIIllIIIII11nlIllnlllllulllnllnluln ul 5 MEET AND EAT AT JAQCKS oolmmhzoh JINN : Eleven Pullman Booths Elllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll l'wo humlrwl fifty-o Hollis Cooked Nleals D E EjllllllxI11I11InnullnllllllllllllllulIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllulll E Anthony Produce 0. ll 1 XX Lil:-1' Slrclvl I' llf'l'l'.NIfI4' Nlvuls anal I,uLlllI'j' llllmlv fur blN'l'iLiI lrrirw fm' Hi.1ll1lllt'lb Plnwrlnl IITSSW Satrang E5 Cleminson DHPGS j . . . 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BANK I-'UH SXN IXUS I ll llIItInlulvxlllnulululu ullururlulxvltu uitulvlluluu :ruin I Tn fl hu nclrerl fit'ty-thrwi' guicle clestinies nf Agnixr fwfr the IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllllll 111nnllnuInllnlnulllnllllllllIlunlllnllllulunnnullunlunm mvlnn unIIunluuuullnrnullllllululllllllu lnlll E I'HlI.fXN'l'HRUl'IiI FINANCE FUR BEST WORK 'imc rlxxvllrcn m :mx1z x'l'1oN I 59" fm HMI, gI,.,.,.I Ql Ifllx SIQHYIUIC Suite- SHRT-'i Hur 4il.1'iLl4' . K , wr , ,H S ,, ' ,. W lxllll,-Xlx HMbHlM, .mxlllg lumuggln I'lllllIll'lIl:1 V VA- , , U IH f'fz'zr.w' You .fix lmul- IIIUVIIIVKI Im' plmllzlnlllmpy In IT 'cuz'-. A U slxlvx. IHIQIA gg : , xH.:,,Q.' :Hun s:a::f1m3w,n4r11.l In TOdd'BQCkCf CQ. lllll ull llllllllllllllll luuuruuuuunuu unsung EIIHIIullIIllInullllnllnlunluulnnnuqnnunuluH.u,.,,,u,, E PEQPLES LIVE Y CU. 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She: "How dirt you Come out in that test'fN He: "tlh. fair. That fellow sitting heside me flifhft know all he should ahout itfl Someone gave l'rofessor flamphell a hooklet on memory. He exhihited it he- fore the Class. wondering why anyone sllotlltl he so ahsent-minded as to give him a lnook on memory. Nlr. liamh had just returned from his lirst aeroplane ride. Upon arriving home he found that apple sauee had r-logged the sink. His wife said the little hear doesn't go "whoof whoof" any more. What. no soap. lady ? Eqlillllll llllllllllllll Ill Professor Campbell: it true that generally you put on the same shoe. or sleeve Hrst?" S. llittmer: It is true in those eases hut not so with your socks." Prof.: "Why?" llittmer: "Because the socks will go on either fwlotfi tlhaperon tto College youth who had stepped on her toest: "Young man. where is your ehivalry?i' Young Man: "OIL that old thing. l traded it for a Cadillac." Mr. R.: "Think your son will forget what he learned at college?" Mr. H.: "Hope so: he ean't make a living neekingf' Emmett: "l am taking my ear home this afternoon." Eileen: "Uh, well. maybe we can he friends again next year." f? ' "lf Your fmziior Needs If - We Have lt" Churclull lvlanufactumng Company NlANl.ll4'AtI'l'l.lllFlHS OF t'IONll'l,ETE LINE CILICANINC SUPPLIES HHUSHES. 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Morningside Lumber and Coal Compan A4 Morningsifle 1I1SfifllfI.0ll iXllll'lllllQSlfl9 :Xyenue anfl Lakeporl Phone 6fll22 Lumber Steel and llerlar Posts Mill Work Lawn Fencing and Cates Square Deal Fence Hog Houses and Feeders Enterprise Paints Sewer Pipe Balsam Wool Flue Lining ,l. E. lslElJEEN. Servelfzry' mul Jllfuzuger CO .X L CO A I . El E Tyy o l'llll11.l1'Qd sixl y-l wo 2 al-EQQ QQEEQ ELECTRIC - REFRIGERATION Iflevlrif- Refrigeration Pmu-cts the Food SP1'x'f'cl at tlw New XVUHIPIIQS Uornwilury 5 ll. lx. lllxlltlx, fmllfm Ilvru- F-lr:-4-l E , ,-., 5, . : Ellllllll IulInlunullnlululuuuunululluunul uululnuluun minimum Ellllllll IIII IIIIIE Il ufrfz flu: lun llulv' lffur ,Nf'1'gf1fmr BEKINS VAN AND STQRAGE CQ. SIXTH ANU I'lClili'1' 5'I'IHiIiTS E VH' IIIXIU' Wllll lu lnspevl Um' Plain! 5 EI -'------ --------- E1 llasliunz "Hy gusll.lllisl'uZ1rl'xxull.i lfnggz "XM-ll. l'!I sw- yn: in my vul all alll." lll'PillllS.u lplvclggv: "ll vul all riglll xslwn l lXlLllll'lIll'Z "l'xm' 42llH'lll1'S?- sulw llllllll xxllilllswl out this pml1ll0." lnuw u lllQlllIllLll'l'lU l ll lfnggz "Wl1y'!" livin-: "l :lmfl lilac' lmrsvs. l'wI'illl lfigvrtz "NHL you clriw lm, fast." Heil llliPl'lK'l'?2Z "Yes, I l1il T2 las! ll is rm-pm'lml llml Nlilllrwl XIHSSIIILIII Iliglll. alllfl was sulmr. llHP.H. is !ll'lIQl'l'rSlI1Q nivvly in lt'ill'lllHQ Inns lu l7ra1nr'vs: "Hun many xwrcl killwl ur nmke- r-fwrvr-l Vllilllgt' xxlniln- xwrking in lNkilll'Pll svx'Q1'ely'f-' llw lmnliSlul'P. En -1'----- ------'-- El JOHNS L MBI G CQ. PICKS! HN M, SICIIYIK flfl l'l,llMlIICIiS U 'f1r'11 lvlill .x1't'Ill1 IIIIIIIIIPVI' HHIIIIN lrfu Nmwf lllllll "ff4f1Hfn : OH!! XlHI'lllllg1Slllt' 'XXV!llll' 5 E-l..,,,,., 'I'xx u humin-ml wixly-I h 1-4-1- EI El .Ag I 'F .. E D wif-?If3 ,575 33,-lf' L ' ,. -Hr in Q' YPXIUJVQ ANAL A Hmmuo co NIFWID NCB vkifmigfki Two Convenient Offices Grand at Prospect Phone 84585 505 Security Bldg. Phone 87043 "'1ffaIfcxJe The greatest asset any business can acquire is the confidence of the buying public. This annual is one of many that were printed by the Verstegen organization in 1928 for the lead- ing schools and colleges in Sioux City and Sioux City territory. We consider these orders as the highest compliment that could be paid us on our ability to pro- duce satisfactorily an important piece of fine printing. i ERSTEGENl lPRllNTllNG COMPANY SIOUX CITY, IOWA Two hundred sixty I f ,ff ' 3 4 sl fix 1 get V L' K Ar- h In WL' 1 . A ,- Q11 fl HJ! 'Qi 1 2- ' W PH r . , . . 4 ' W 1 , -' ,, f, if 3 1 3- T fa' f ii VV . W Y it . r A,, 5 hi V' 5 V 9' 1 V i ,J f -I' -. 3 ' A if E K 1 1 I 4 ml Hy i . -sign X T ' f V F EEL? 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Suggestions in the Morningside College - Sioux Yearbook (Sioux City, IA) collection:

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