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 - Class of 1918

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1 .. ri. 1. . 4 2 '4""'.:,"" ' ? 1. 'Y- E f F s. v 593V-nf V 'I' 1 EX LIBRI5 'Z 1'U1si1rs11mn nv V GLASS our 1918 G. EARL BARKS, EDITOR J. HARRINGTON, MANAGER SIOUX CITY, IOWA ENGRAVED BY THE CANTON ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE CO CANTON, OHIO PRINTED BY THE ECONOMY ADVERTISING OO. IOWA CITY, IOWA The Sioux '18 BEING THE ANNUAL YEAR BOOK OF MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE SIOUX CIT Y, IOWA 5 QM ' ggfi? 9.351 Lg. P29 IIWQX , 0 1 A 4-' ' W Q my J? 2, gs. 4' f 4 'IN' w u 4' U Ig Qu fix 2 1 103 ' K v E E i Q, 5 5 LW, fpi 'f' ffv gi' law' : 2 .. : PUBLISHED BY The Clilass uf 1918 IN ITS JUNIOR YEAR The Staff G. EARL BARKS E. J. I-IARRINGTON MARION HEIKES . NtJl3LE N. RICHARDSON ROBERT MCl3RIDE . VIVIAN DOWN . RUTH SMITH . FRANCES IQOLI' . ERWIN WEN1o . CHARLES H. IQLIPPEL MILDRED PECAUT . CLARA LEWIS . LIDA SAUNDERS . CLAIR I. SHERWOOD FLOYD CONNOR . CHARLES FRY . ROYAL H. -TURGENSEN Editor-in-Chief Business lVIanager . . Assistant Editor Assistant Business Mailagel' . . . Faculty . Classes Organizations . Societies Athletics ,Forensics Dramatics ' Alumni Calendar . Jokes Photography . Photography - Artist 4 Foreword' Not for literary splendor, Not for mere artistic beauty, Not for honor nor for glory Have we written down this tale. But to tell you of our college, Her environment and beauty, Her traditions and her legendsg And to tell you of the student, His activities and habits, . Of his victories in battle, Of his longings and ambitions Have we written down this tale. If it adds 'auglit to her gloiryfll lf it makes your love more loyal, If, in years that are to follow It shall call up to your memory Scenes of battle, hours of labor, Pleasures, honors, tasks well-done In the mighty Big Sioux College In the Big Sioux River Country, Then our labor is not useless, All our work is not in vain. VVith this thought before you always We submit to you this legend, This, your annual and our class book, And extend to you this greeting Of the 19-18 class. TDITOR -f""'-r En itknhert gaeglep Baniburne who has mon our lobe mth esteem as 8 nratessur ant: as a man: aah who DHS DUUFEU out the best part of his lite at the feet uf bus Elma Jiilater, Jlflnruingsibe Qlnllege, ine, the Qtlass ot 1918, respedfullp hehicate this Sioux. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We wish to acknowledge and express our appreciation to Ewart Williaiiis '17, for the Cartoons, to Lynn Castle '19, for the Decorative Emblems on the society pagesg to Horace lVIorgan '14, for the Order of Books Design, and to Professor james J. Hayes, for the Insert Design and Ex Libris, found in this book. ommn AB dons Booz: 1 The Colle e BOOK Clas es BOOKHI .ACf1V1t1E5 noorsm 5OC1C't165 BOOKV Qrganizaiions BOOKH ife Book I 011192 Cllnllegz 2 'IA A' I JIU, .. l A-f f f ' E .gf Q .E xxlx fg me qs o a " XXX 15: 6 "" 4 ' W P e 4 4 in X I N: Y W y wp I ., .M H-. ,. .,,. , . in p , . v We V' :SX A X L 'Ls , pn if ' .":f 1 'W ' l . 1 JF. 'J - ff-"N r X - f.gfL '1, " " ' , XV' MVA "" - 5Z ' M -Q ' ' l 1 if-58 , in 7 V f A X 33255 - l l o x Q X ', f' -..-fill' ' e f axllffx M - ff , 45,21 f R ,f??if?Z:,'f,eazffzgf ' , ,fYE'9' - 'Du guiag-:vig-l V 1 S'-,hvv A. 14- My -Tl? lk Af- . ' 1 9 1: - xivm.-,,L.,gW QaT?jlf6Q?xxfilgmrx .- 1- fx xii i' U " -1 .. ' 5 5- 'Z "' ' .U 4 li?" " 1 1 X X. Q 91 N 151- ,mga 'aff-i,-'rm-3g""' ?-'Wifi ' ei ' ' ' TS' Efbrl-'j x-?fZ l C543 ...Q --x N W , . . ......-52 ,. -'wr Eg lin' g 5- 4 Af L, - 1 , " -'f-.. I "kg 6.-' - ?"-f-:pf ,' 'fffi N"T-iii? " :L X ' C: qef W' 4Q ' e 'W' 5 ZMW f r af'-15f5iij':pfQ 2 :xx f 15 . f ,h .. WIRQQ 5, Qi! f , 72 , ' f ,,Qk, fj' ' 1 ,f f ' W' '- all ws:f::fv1Yf+"EZ'fZk?" , , . .A . lqllv- ,..,a ,...f.-.JU ., , ,,9,,f f f 2 N P54-, :Z-iflf '4IuPfLe!,?:?zK4f .fi 'P f,' 1,2220 ff ' ' is M - 1' ,,f -eq' A ,,,: Af- A4104 31.5-'-.xi G '- Q f. V 7:--6' "' ' ' " mf ?-ax ' - r rr ' Q Qv--r Sing the song of Hiawatha, Of the happy' days ihat followed In the Big Sioux River country, In the pleasant land and peaceful, On the muskody, the meadow, On the prairie full of blossoms. ,-l Q R " :I I ,5-,.' 5 E 1 . - - . W 'if ww ? r jf: ,:gfH,QiQQ:,g I 5 is gf., "N r',g'Q ' fzfx ' 'I .S "4',.Q,'Qf: lffae ., , , h f 'Vi ' 'wQf'?':'-5'9'fl'fX:- !51eff..w1H- Mi efezilf lfwncw -V i -, 'EEAQ-'W --'f-"'-51" 97 . '2"j"'9L 'Q ' :W .. ,,,. f"5J:.Lfr' -H 'F-M.. - - 9-I-'-'-fm . ' nme . H grlxsf af . A ,,,. -123-A - 'Z .:,-"q,f', S5 V- y,x f jX , ff I will 1 fx -mf' , . iv, ' wt il X ll lu 15 I Alma M ater E PAUL MACCOLLIN I Sing the praises of Dear Alma Mater, Tell of her heroes bold, Lift high your voices, The chorus swelling, All her glories now unfold. Refrain Then cheer for Dear Old Morningside, To thee we pledge anew, Hearts of faithful love, Now and forever, Thy loyal sons and true. II We love thy halls of learning, And where'er we roam We'll cherish the friendship Which thou hast brought us-- Fair Morningside! Our homel 1 III Hear our vow, O Alma Mater, Ever to honor thee, All we have In grateful remembrance bringing, For the Glory of Old M. C. . .5 I, 5 J. , init Il 7 iEfififJ1v.f ,ei,i'f'ff.fjff,QQ 15 I 'iff' " if ,gg P - 'ff A , svn I ' -,..ali L gw0 :. JR v. . nM MmmuAiw1A " gifs , fi? J ' . "QE v I 13-S? ' " rf gym ' of 3'-ci-ff' Zig av . xxx f fgggefff-,,g , yy! - W, EQ" Exif ,f S E 4 3 .Q-ffja.,3g:.f1'T:f - L"zB+,5:f: 'f .2551 gt 5 I fi'-. f-J A Wy! Ax lk if . H ' :31j.f?f1x-"E'v?'i5'f.,fj2.:':1: 3: . :z'::.Q'.,,,: 'QI' ,123 C - - , .Q 'Wu , aw . .-f.fzqg,1Q9,g.. ga eff-H 1--: 1 4.'T?55J.'C':-Ext if -. - 4, 5-- 51 gQTQj4.I. ,J Y . 1' 9Y'r4S-ix.f.L, 115' 3 j1:j?,c-ft - I f , e-1,fg4.v- .gs f :iw ll V ' Tlgiifff '- :'T:'rf ' 4 ,,, V - .fxbkf 1 - X 3 KiF'q5i?.5 af' Lf' Ri, 1 ' '-f-HX'-V Jug' 1 3,"Z'- W 1 .. A,- B, .I.., ,. ,.', " iii? 1 uafzap MAIN HALL E xA al mtg? ' fliifg 5 C122 :li-1335 V 1 , '53m e i N ya! bfi 'M Y .f .1 , . We F X' lx Qi-X ' lv: 'f ., TT I 'f A 47 7 P NQDHEB M '-., to 6 .93 ' -N..,1.' . , WINNING POEM OF 'IHE CONT ESI J FINLEY CHRIST, 18 On a bare and wind-swept hill-top ' Sloping gently to the southward, Looking toward the broad Missouri- Toward the swirling lVIuddy Water- -., X TN - 1 4 f up if iffy: sa E 2 f j , r c W qu 4 1 v 1 s- ,, V I - "The Genesis of Morningside Spirit ill l ' i 7 g Y ii ' J I! Stood a prophet with a vision, With a vision of the future, E With a dream of mighty compass, l V Dreaming of what he would build there- On the hill that looks to southward, Toward the swirling' Muddy Water. X an an on in an an Comes to Morningside a freshman In his hungry search for learning 3 With his burning thirst for knowledgeg With his bounding youthful spiritg With his crude and noisy mannerg And his heart of sterling metal, Though it has not yet been tested. Little recks the bounding freshman- 4 Little reeks he, aye, or wonders- Of the prophet and his visiong Of the portrait in the chapelg Or of those who followed after- Those who strengthened the foundationg Those who toiled, and fought, and struggled For the college on the hill-topg For the freshman, that his hunger After truth should not consume him 3 And he marvels at the spirit- At the loyal, boosting spirit- Which the numbers gone before him fThough their names have been forgottenl T Have bequeathed to those who follow. 'Tis with awe he views the battle With the warriors of Vermilion- With the tribes of South Dakota- From beyond the Muddy Water. I With astonishment he ponders- ,jx 1, 'Tis beyond his comprehension- f -'Lili ,f fi all a l i 41 ' 'Q' J pg ga.-14? Vip! ff I E ' 'n X K : " Q 'NX xx x .HQ fl x X f, I 1 p, Min , gcga W wg, 4. -' 4 E' El .ALUMNI Gvmuxmsxum ., Q , 5 1 12? 'fx 'W V ,' ,' " YK 1 , ' Q W: -Exif? ff' T 1, Mm. F up" f "T A Y 9255! ff . -al, V! if E X if 5 'pg' J H . ef' f7 . X L 'va '-fx Aw: . 5- ., .QT-4 Af Y . f-31:21. 5-:.,QP 'f5fx P ' 1 .X H3g,'r1g4, Qgg 'V2,3g,"'9'1:1, v.-,-hh . ,I N u'j".:'.,'j -N.. 1 Q' J ' f A fx sZ:l,,f'. H. ffyw :fa 1 HQMXEF fi SW' 1. cz ,5 VV, 1 QAM m mg . , s q ' 11- q- ffm: QV,- ' M- ' - L, ,. , , . J .-, , ...,. , WYAXXXXNXXXMXXQXXXNXI3N w A -J. :,..L, -Q 5-Af.- ' 1 I 14 ... V W ,,, H. .. .-. . ,.-.-. ..-,,,... 'AJ 2' ' . 'W A f 0 , x 'QQ mr- E9 1.14 v -.:. :--- . ' "+:': '- , ' I "1-' ' - -- ', ..4.,--V. - 4-N.-.,,,-, r,- 1In'!. w""'M' 4 "p"' 2.11-,A , , is V , - ,, ,A9,Af v-537-3 -111: U: JE: thirteen WY ' 725 f l' ti if Ji? f' A as .I V. , X "" f t L, ,N X 'ki 1' K f' I J S F ,, 3,321.5 13 4 1 A " , f Q I O K 6 IX' .J Im ' N l all l l IJ I N E VVhen he sees us still unconquered Though the score should stand against us 3 VVhen he sees we still are loyal To our teams and to our Sandy- Whether winning, tied, or losing, 'Tis in vain he tries to solve it And appreciates it fully: For he still is but a freshman, And he Cannot comprehend it. But in five or six semesters- After years and years of struggle- After years of living with IT- After years of lusty battle, And of patient, silent fighting, On the field or in the class-room- He begins to understand it, And to have that spirit in him. llfany times he's been defeated, Mariy times has hope been shattered, Many victories have escaped him . As his hand stretched forth to grasp them. But with each defeat he suffered He has taken one step onward, And at last he is a senior, VVith his proud and knowing mannerg Oh, SO different from the freshman, That but yesterday he had been. X And among the many things that Make him different from the freshman, Is the conscious, living knowledge That he comprehends the spirit Of this college, "and its meaning To the world that moves about us. For the greatest thing this college Gives to those that go out from it f'Tis a thing to keep us fighting In the battles still before usj Is the spirit of its founder- Is the spirit of the vision ' W In ,: . ff-'-.'-192' Of the p1'ophet on the hill-top fi M126 if ,fdf 5? . . fvgszapls, J- V Q ' . Hia"-ai-.1 - 'N - 1- 4 VA raft .- Q Q fe-- Ml , .115 " -- 2'-v' ' "ffji"' , .Witt i ,P.i'L'L'g '4'd72?f:vN.' f7. Wil'-fa-rf r?5-'- - i 7 li 'iff' iff' 'err '.f2g,E11gf LZ , lv Ya-my , uf M V -11,1 fl -, I 4 . f- '- . '-- -""' . -I-"'.mx' 'gf fourteen ,ling 'R yy ,f:fw""nf, ' V 2 04.71. f-----...f. Z9 limo'-f"' yfffif ""'- . -- -. --f' -x-QF.-1 ' - '- f' .. . . un. .-.. .1-unnfw-nnmvvmmmunnurnmwm if CoNs1zRvATonY or Music , :L X 1? 423 ,afggiaigi ff fw 'fr' x Q"'..1':'iXF l? - - , r if ' 3'G3:?Qg,jEi-f Q if X x j. .Q 4 ' A 'W E , """"w 'Q " '53ff,4l v "'r.., 1 4 'Jj P M '15 Xxgxxxxmgyxyq .N V Lf ,:g?.i:'i1'-- at.. -- -- ,Q . -g cf Y :- ' , . , X , 1155-'J 'xi ,1 .74 X " W I .w -xif? -r I , ' -y ' "Iwi xyfix ' n I , . ' ', ' I " fin: s-x,."- W 1 1 'f -L' ,f f . ., ,J ,, 3 , ,-.fa lg t K.. , M .wff-if wi, 3 'Tw' 1 , H 5':NfFm"Ff. -iffry' ff ' lg 1 QB W J' ', - M., , K 1,f , -,,.,,',' an. , af . ,gf ,:.:.. , '4 ,A,, ,, NX, W ,I N 7-1 55 ..f , f x ,, .f Q - ,., 1 ., N , - '. .,,x mm A M gm gx ...A 1 u s 6' --.ra-..,., ,"' ""7 5' " S fwyiil ry - ., ,LL v . V . . .. rv, p.t,,.W "' 'f'5Y"A . . - Q' V AQL 'ff if r ' I If f I 'l ' E T'-4 Ed x ,IJV an X 1, ,J Q ww ' M23 X x i' 6 0 52. 4 0' 5 V W My 4 rff filg e 4:5 .rn I Y V fifteen 'L uwwxw 'I z' E S- li 51' s . P r Q -:Ax i X ---aa,-3 flu 15x .J sixteen t xg 1 W Y x t ,f 'ff 'lTn1r11"f:gF? N f W3 ' I 4 V i Q, Agl , , i l Who could see the shining future And could carve a way out to it: Change a footpath to a roadway, And a Wigwam to a mansion. Neither time, nor man, nor devil Such a spirit e'er can conquerg For as long as rolling prairie Forms the banks of Old Missouri, Or as long as Muddy VVater Flows on swiftly to the ocean, Morningside shall live and prosper On the hill-top, looking southward Toward the swirling Muddy Water, Shall send forth her sons and daughters With her dauntless, fearless spirit, That was never known to falter, And that never can be conquered. Morningside AGNETTE FLOM '20 In the outskirts of Sioux City On the river's winding shore, . Far upon a hill-top pretty Stands our college, as of yore. And its halls are wide and spacious, Plenty room for fun and care, But the spirit of the college With its size cannot compare. You may talk about your "pep" And your "vim" and "go" and And think your "spizerinctum" Is the best that you can know. But if once you feel the spirit Of our collge here so dear, You will then forget all others And with us abide quite near so, rf . xiii-' . -f V. . ix f ., , R . 4 . .nlfg i f R Q 'iiayfff - P A' dl S ig!! ' .- wc.-, if - "Ilia 'p-12'-'ff 5 it" fl .nf fail' A' rl I- 71 4, I.' . ' .iv 4. .fl 'Agp i l"'.l.' ' Wil fzfviw-REE, 330z3f47'4-:fi ev- '5i"' i f-' Y QGXVTI "SJ, iv igggsf i ' . f an gs l .:: - Q! " 1. I ...,.f1'S" ' ' Ei 4 , 4 " ,.,..,,..- f Wg,-it " i .1-' 1 -U 4.0- .f if-!l,?f"""' -1- - H- -- --Z -GG ... . --pf.. .. . .i-nnnlmmnwwvwzfmmunvnuwfn -if xt. ,, A. , T w. yu J 5 X551 I lr Iii- ...M..,,, X v XX M' ' 1 X rWNiriQ: i---ef+agf..312 fxjllfi- ,411 '14 ff- ffjfi' 1:11-. f.,f,,.f, 1 .rafventeen fuk Qfff Nifix ,I W- J- fji. . f'L3iJ"3-I '.Y:41l-LL. 1 QU TQ S .'i7'5Ql513Ei'Q- .-if Ll?-.-.Qyiff X' X,yf"k'b2:374fftV' 5 WXXQEK 7, , 0 I 0,3 X5 N355 ly, ,:f A QQ if 1 gg Wy, ,455 Mx!! D ,,,,,1r,4 Jn ,W khri , f lf. I wx xx T" Q " W 2 UI w uf' rw 'ff' ll ? ' w fri, LW. UP if P w X w ' i H E 1 W 1 1 w i W l N i 1 1 l I l I THE COLLEGE CHURCH I Grace Methodist Episcopal Church l i 1 , .XM I A df' .X I A ' 'X 3 .. ggi! , 5'gf1 .s,a f2:13iXf5fif11F,f, FJ 1 V ,-lub ' 5'1v -'H-w' I . b , W7-1'-33? .X '5.9ii5'1'-IW-.Ailflfig-Q5i'.1'l!"i?2'---wF1.Q.,l. 1 1' 'I'-ff4":.r' '1"'4f,-T171 -hi-, - N w Wzfmfvj 3,'ff:'3f' g:p::f:-f- 'fl' A :naar fm. -my-s' 1, , 11 u!53.g3j,,55i: 1 :Spf jg. H. iJm1:.,.,r'f,14j.,--,"i K1,f'g?f'x:N,,Aw2gQ75Xf1,., 1, I 312 :I 15 .LL t 'ff '5 " '4 1' -' t fklgflglflig, ' jflfgfgj-Q 1 M M""3?fi-65,51 1, 3.5,-iq-.2' 1 ,Z-,"4?J'Lfjg3' C,"i'?if5' 'ZH' 2 "" 2 V ------V--A--,W-'V--M -- --f.v -..- -MJ I' .y,c',..,, , .'1,'5.','Ax7,'1' X ' Q15."""'f 'ujfYg'- Q-I . -LT, 1 1 1 r-vx -I .,- .-::- 51:-3..., -A ,Xi-kr... 15. A 3 L L p ,.-,'1v53..:5?,-r-.'m-'UNH:.-F"-4' "-Z-M-" I, , - 4--'-A--H vlww- V-A:-, n . W Y' " - .. ..-,.- .- - -..- . , . F' hr U43 .H-.. ,A-gE'xy.,,.1VT'1s:n:-gr , V A - ' ' N r - A , X a n V Yiwu' f jf? ,el 6 za, i lo ii 1 -rf ex ,H- Q Q um '1 "' 1- ' 1 - "y43,,:-331.3 l E i fi ' -ff 7 P A ,V l , C. lg w l L I 3 We have joys and we have sorrows As in other lands and schools, But we still cling to each other For we've "Friendship" for our rule. You should hear us all on Thursday, Wheim our pep meetings are on, You would sure then wish to join us And partake of college fun. We are here too for a purpose, 'Tis to learn, to live and do And if you would test our motive Let uscome and help you too. So to Morningside we're loyal Yes, loyal, staunch and true, 'Til upon the dear old campus Our four years or more are through. Then we'll boost, boost, boost For the college in the west, For Morningside, yes, Morningside, The fairest and the best. Then all join in the "Yip-ki-yi" For Morningside, Maroon, And then the nine and fifteen rahs, While the band strikes up a tune. .MMM A Toast, to the Morningside Squaw J. R. KOLP '17 In days that long ago were gone, In times when tribes were few, There lived a band of Indian braves On shores of the Big Sioux. On shores of the Big Sioux they lived, Right near the old Mizzou, Their camp was on a hill-top green, Their squaws were worthy too. H "-' r -, . 1. 1 -. -, ' -mlbff g '- 32 15. 4 -- .. . . 'V -1' r ' , eighteen .-ip A ,,F,,f7-'a22.11,-L f fFll20""K If ' -1 , ...... If ll 115 1 , 3 . X l 2 f -f T e' 'S+' s. i 1- ."'7ji5A't'fff.,'ff:g S55 , Q Eb igfggi lc it if-fr E " fe. - 1 .rg-'?:J,J3, 'N X x ,Ill I if5'C!.72l ' 5 -...W la i I ,M " 'iprs 'firifl .-1-4411, 4, -W . Liss-X rx ry. ifyfwhr' , ,- .-gy::f1. .-mr Ax,-.1 , .s.-, - T, nwnvlwuluhnlYNAlM71lu lv' HQ 2-51 1 4K14?f,Qf '4 N Q4 1 5 1 F!-U 4 v ' ? "L" I 4 T m 4- nfu ,, 4 7' 1 dm, 'pu u I vlrf' ,M .,,,, THE PRESIDENT,S Home X4 'r- :X I ini ' " . , 1 cg. xy ,,, -' fy- J,-"" J.-3 ,4 ,V .,. 'ww ' ff -:P . 3-Quffa. ,Lal-'L ' '-. -.5-'ff,L:.'S . .1-:VL , .x,,.a-1 -Ng - 4' 'l .H-.5 ::,,. 1,4 4? :iif551s,ww?'f:'-ff Y-.-1945:-6729's .f :W 522'-Nf:1'-f. 'Mx's2x--'fnw ' :'. ln-:vin-in v- Af fi wtf X ,L-"rm-',f Q X-'g-'tis-v'g,-11. 1.'i'e-riffwfl' X 'f ' M .. Y., WM 4, 3,4 w.. ,I 3 .1 :z ' 4 A '21 :.'...,45.A, 2, -X 1 3 . V , 'Q , , :. ,, wxxxxxxxxxxxwxifkw Q-1 15-L-: wc- 1 5- T ' .635 '-W 'f " I ' - . W" W ' " Ai-':-1,i,,:f?:::.1-f-- jf 1 .vw -Q. -' - ' gpg,-A 1 - V- 71,4-V V, Y, - --I,-,,,Z1 1 4' 'ISI 4' H' K R wx " .fr . W , , X , , ',fj"ig:'i':',.- r Q, ' KA N X' . W' J .!"x 'qt vm vu, Q , . NH g X " ' W X Nw sg 6 . Y x 2 nineteen Mm ' Q, 'T i 'S X L "' v7 . Qfirwi' HV - , 11" ','f I ,'yy7 a5'.t- vor, .-, r1""' Wvpl 1 s ' 7 ',f', , Xkjx E 4' ri 6 sm , -' Iwcnly Not few the wars that they did have YVith tribes from neighboring landsg Nor few the scalps that home th Th ey brought, ose scalps of h ' ostile bands. 'Tis not for me to tell of how This tribe has fought and wong But mine to tell of just their squaws, Their squax vs that held them one. When shades ofinight were softly drawn, The God of Light sunk low, The braves came up the hill to camp From hunts' they'd had below. They gathered on h t e river's bank To watch the setting sun 3 VVhile shadows lengthened through th -' Their cam fi e trees , p- res were begun. - The fires they lighted in the woods - Come back to us again 3 A I They now are fires of k V nowledge That glow in hearts of men. At first the squaws came not to schooli They in their homes did hide, But soon it was a co-ed school I 7 ts name was Morningside. The squaws now hold the braves in check And point to things above And teach them how to 1 ove to live And living is to love. To them, who have inspired through strifeg To them we hold in aweg To them who give ideals of lifeg Here's to the M ' ' ornmgside Squaw. 11 - , . .mai J' viii? ff I -riff: 2 P "FAA ' Milf ' 1 N11-' ?:K,f.11i' j -if f Mist' 5 ' ' S , , '. 1 fmt-T-f-f'e wily ' ' .QfF"x'3'-:r'TiT"-- Ji" :j,L,pv,rdf"""-1 ' .-kv -..dfi I N, .qf',-Tv' Z -if -i ,Z 4, f -15442:-Q . Q L.: . . a4,.....L.ZZ'.a..a"""'.....Jm,.,.......i-m-y.w,. X, , . f . -f--- Q3 if 1 -qw p '- ,. . ,..., N- '-XM 4' A Myuv-A' ,M.....-W..-.-.M. ,A.... W-..-,.-.-.,......--..-..,,..,M...,,-,-.-m,,,,,,-,, W ,, 1 Nh ., h xi ., 42.1. ., V . .M ww , , N ARK w 1'x,fKl' ,X A , .X ij. X , 3 1' K wx . xl QL. x . ' f' .,, ..-Q I R , I ' ':1'bHA If .1-,.,a,,,,"' .y 4 ww-faf--1 1 v,p.:f:t,! 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Q, X - ,Q f 'mhz' X xulji, NN ' M X 'X 4 x I X ' I 1 l - ' 7 " N ' 'V X x ffnfawf f , , X X, Ng? dll the 'wisrlom of the Mcdas, All the craft of the Wabefzos, All the marvelous zlreams and visions Of the Jossrzkrwls, the Prophets. mf' 4 5 .. , , M , 'kiwi' if wrrifiggii 5xx?5?JfE?5P5"" .nm ' Q 95' . gffjmn ff mQ5Q5.S,wg "E Q. WM: , L Yvpf' f 'LA ," WV,M,f 7g4.f'wTfiNf g',XfW-.f W. """"" ' "f-'- 'M - M- --'---- ----W----'--....-..W l- 'ff'Y'm'" . 1. ULS:1L.L:i2-lLLQ1.g ..,'3Q3 ' If W '- x I Y ....,.........,,..,.. . .,.. -, ,.. ...... .J tfwmlly-om' VK H1 92. 1 f 1" ,,rfY'5x f W M ji .HK .1 x- ,l A.,K,v:.3i' . A, I ,415 ' 'Ma ' V PE' K 'if ft 1 M mf X11 I 'ef iff ' 'l 'C-,QP f' If 'GN' ' J. 'TQ .2 !.f Y IHA 1 MI ALFRED EDWIN CRAIG President a I gzqlfh L1 1 Ar' firm ' 5 was rv , K X U A f Q .f. 'g5,1-A25 wg ' nf y 12 f-H J-, ,wqmjjg A ,......,,,......,,.,.....,,......,.M....f..-....1...-...1--. -.-..........,...-.- ,..,-- -.-.--..- ,-...-- XTR' 2,4 'id' wx 1 'eff A WH f Um 5- M' W Ifwfnly-lfwo ,K C 440- ffzrpilf' 1 'AK-'f ,f',,1 TQ 15224 wp, ..+Li,,g4..v ' MIWXW r ,ffm Q f:x.s .ct WJ ' t E H Q, M fm X U U I K. 5 , ,. il wi ! 0 ii XVILLIAM C. PIILMIER 'DA f' Vice-President and Registrar German Literature E W W I IJILLIAN Dlmmrrr Dean of Women Latin . r r 1 1 A L f f' I . L-. 'yu' ,A ,my .LMI rr v-Qfxiz A, lv'-v.l.L" V ,. V'-3534 ' rf, aa- L.-. '. ." ' 'V , nuff' Qffxfly. rxgfx-Qiifz. Q, '1' ' , ' fs 1 " 2 -1 "f 1-..:'.!' - ,, ,f yrw'- -f M A'+n,11wf-Zmg, tx, . , Il' ' . ar . i x ' - f.,.,:. -1 at at 5, --,.mkf.mff1,. a7f'fff'N9'i-it . 'ff .- , '. ..Al.V'4f4'5Kjif.'rR""N,:L',A'f,Q' T, W ' ifw1'nly-tllrre ....,:... 1 -f9""""" ,- 4 1 .1523 I I 4i'1lSTQQ W ff! J is ' ful I II EI V ff! K hx . "1 V V IIN II 1' III I f ,xi QI I' II II I I T I I I I I I I I I . I I . - I' HENRH' F. KAN'.l'LEHNER JAMES J. HAYES HERBERT G.. CAMPBELL I i Greek ' English Philosophy I AGNES B. FERGUSON MARGARET G. DoLL1vER I I German Honorary Dean of Women I MAIN HALL I CHARLES A. MARSH FREDERICK SCHAUR Q I Publiq Speaking Biblical Literature I I ARTHUR H. H1RscH EPHENOR A. BROWN O. GARFIELD JONES y History .Education Economics and Sociology I 'I' Absent on Leave. I I '- Ql ,,l :alfa 1' -X 3124579 ' :Im 1 1' I . I I if ' fwfnfy-fo... ' A' f' ,',' A IA ft I . ,R ' 1, E., uf III JL I -- El Qfa"5'f'a .. S9 ,XXX X NC , . E. N A Eilfrrl Ji all Q32 4 51 OLAE Hovmx r.liHOMAS C. STEPHENS JAMES A. Coss- l Physics Biology Chemistry 3 l . y l ROBERT N. VANHORN PEARL S- GREENE I Mathematics Home Economics y GYMNASIUM SALOME LUECHAUER JASON M- SAUNDERSON Director of Physical Train- C021Ch of Athletics ing for Women HELEN I.. LOVELAND WALTER J. HIMMEL LAURA C. FISCHER . Ass't English Ass't Biology Ass't German and Latin , . sw f' ' 14 ' 91 -'. ' . N ' 'wNf,'1.-N514-.,. H , ' wil ' Qiiitlifiris-55.5 . f -..: 5 V Wy,-L. v., gm v. -3 .f-.' 3355, ..,x - .. A. f-fH,.fJi5.f. . ..5i,,,,x-E, , V 'f-E:--.1-114 "'w6fsW'zaK:. "h.':9ii1?-"'iP5'l . -E E. .gif 'ir is' 14 D 2.53 I qi . kwlx Q I f L v. .:, ., an QW.:--1 A -A4..:w E C 1.39565 4 v- A - iw. W -4 " nlirtf.a'4 -Vfzf-' m l W'l.!:' ""' T".!L-z-A P 'ff 'W -LVVIIJN tw-nfy-iw 4' gm y V - W W Q fAA' 'QYV ' WW ff! L W ,, 2 A G A 'Nl 1 NJL M jjcwmc F A , ff? pl A es? lil Q Mill R rl 4 '3 l i l w l w A r l s E l i s m J A I3 ELIZABETH NEWTON- PAUL MAcCoLL1N MACCOLLIN Director of the Conserva- Voice Culture tory of Music JAMES REISTRUP HAROLD R. HARVEY Pianoforte Q Violin and Theory CONSERVATORY or Music FAITH F. WooDFoRD f MAEEL E. BROWN Pianoforte Expression ZENANA Os1zoRNE HELEN W. LUND ' Academy English Piano I A Vw Q 'x ,W g '-1 W ' .. I X 2319! fr N 1 X 1 DX l Q 3 N l lllalfig- 9 ,, . 5 V ' sg-,---x-.3 ' 5 'V ' I ' 'ff ' ' r A... ,, A V, V , , , A., 1 ,:": 5' nw, rxj. .- I ' W W I X 'Enid I '49 o,, ,, Q-V lyzufs l r -cf ' ,V X 152' f' l N 'gif' 2 . 1 ' , , r, , R rpl ru- ,f V , ,vi '.-A-1' 4 M ' X.:' - l ,'jy5g!m1p?QfiAa',E ! 1 l l. " l -df 1 Q4 ..g.-fjfgr-.fc-y',,,,,-5-,1.?:, 7151.3 'rv - , 1 XX wa , l ,H "x -...Eff ij -4' A In-...,fy , lk, l N f,' ifwenty-.nx . E k JW-ff--""" I A Q , , f' , - f . Q -u.f.-.,.f " ' .. . . A .sx. .-. . .rgvunaqfnv-ni:wa1JN1lfAwpwAYNAll9VlAl 1 i A i i i I . 1 i N IVY B. BRYAN F. OTTO BARZ ESTELLA M. BARTLETT Bookkeeper Secretary-Treasurer Secretary to President i i i i i i Mus. JESSIE H. JACKSON CECILIA C. STENGER l Librarian French i RUBY K. FLYNN Mas. BERTHA Bosmzv i Ass't Librarian Academy PEARL JANE DOUGHTY Ass't Expression T57 1 X if "Qi W' I ' . .hy A A . 'J' k I YA' 'M Q N 'YI I W -I 'Fa' l e .MAI XXXXNXNX I HQM -, 4 1 kk Q 8.1 -' J -:az 7' AXSP' Q N xiii Q WF M123 ,Iliff A 'D X Y fi A M N Mi iii A "W ill QQ 4' Q. 1 r Q 1 N i i i Q .nw ughixf, E' 1 , -- Z f. -f "Ji-" A 21.1-A.. -wbfgffqgf A 4, ,27:a,'53u4-Q, ' 7.gfgQNi.f'?Q-?g:ffi'-. ',wLf.':4i, X , ii" Sii'b?i.I-Q?,,Qr ' ,. .- "lib ,Y , I iv' 5- ' 'Q ' .- ,115 fl fi.-'f 'lf bf. A -' fu " 'i' J " f 'V V M imi. 7- xx?-vigil Q JEVQT- Wvii"'7'!3iT4.E A gill! 7'1" r,.- ,, V- , "A, 'iff'-1 , ,. iswimwht A ,,g ,!,,- .,,- -.Z HL., x1P1rM6!'g'Sil'-gli' ' fnimif h -. 1,M .H,- ... ,dun--H ' ,.,,,. A ' 14 V""'J' .12kE:ji4'sz1n-f,,,, f-- -'J' L i"'W"lt.V"5f'W'71 -.Six H'li3lL1iJ is 5:54 E12 NX "- ,l-TLQJQ X..-251' It 5-fm.-I '- E'--L-,. my-ff'f. Q'3z...' 1.Q.ri.f' - , sv..-.,.,, JI I' .I 4 A, A! , if A 151211. 'mf A if' 1 L"A I I' '. .I 'Q ' I ig' iii. I if I. E E W, Board' of Trustees OFFICERS President . E. C.- HEILMAN First Vice President . C. W. PAYNE Secdnd Vice President . L. J. BRENNER Secretary-Trcasurer F. O. BARZ MEMBERSHIP Term expires 1917 Term expires 1918 Term expires 1919 CHARLES BEACHAM VV. D. BOIES O. M. BOND A. G. Buss C. F.. CHAPMAN R. T. CHIPEREIELD E. M. CORRETT L. J. HASKINS H. A. KECK C. D. KILLAM J. H. KLAUS W. H. SIIENCE C. W. PAYNE J. L. PANZLAU GEORGE RAW F. H. TIIIEI. WALTER 'TORBETT SCOTT M. LADD F. O. BARZ L. J. BRENNER GEORGE C. CALL HERBERT CLEGG J. L. GILLIES F. W. KLAUS C. P. KILIIORNE C. H. LOCKIN J. C. LOCKIN E. S. JOHNSON W. T. MCDONALD W. P. MANLEY W. C. METCHLF BENNETT MITCHEI,L J. P. NEGUS H. B. PIERCE J. B. 'FRIMBLE lfwfnly-eight GEORGE ALLEE J. E. BENZ ' J. W. FELLER R. M. HATHAWAY P. E. HELD C. HEILMAN G. DF. TINKNELL R. E. WEB!! C. A. MAUER E. A. MORLING D. A. MCBURNEY J. H. O'DONAHUE J. G. SHUMAKER ROBERT SMYLIE W. E. TACKABERRY G. H. WEssEL GEORGE F. WHITFIELD M. F. MCDOWELL . ,.., .,.,,,,.,I I ,' , ' 2 ' ' A -W fuk, '13 I i I N , I , ,I J wig '11, 1 J 1 VSV' 1 gygyx I 'erin I 'H a 0 i c, , Ru . 3 1 'flqvar I ' 1 1 Va 1 . ' fs? ' . I KY 'if '5 e'QL-qfeF1-mlaiurh'J -I--I4 ' W 1 J 'xi i I af. A l fa , . R K J ,. ff -xiii fi! I Q i .sd A., , . . .N J LII ' J i J ' D -- 4- -- A -JJ, I . . . ... .. . .......,......-........,,...........,..I... ,M . Book II masses xvg ' J. f "f',.11-1-I:-,, .. ?r'-,f' ,. ,L99F"'A-..' lfig-ri' ' "' 1:?Q,,: 7:1-:gj ga., ,I lg gf- PQ'j,-5' q - 'i'4ff'NA " f'fI--1'-"-r-.fff..-G.-:.-1,-: .ps?.:'f.' .v .: 'if 1 V W In --if - T Q f'g.' ,,uLI'1?"fS . 'I 5-5-1 ' .' ' fi' .. , .,E,:x: fi If w I . .w ' ' - "- ' r- .' 1 , - '. 5' FV .- -' H ' 4f9' " f E3 " A A .M fi' lb. A -5Xt"lw '. f-fr-T' "WF-V" mi"tif".-V51551113?Wf:'l5gq"75r if ngflimi ?.iw7?f3',75-Fiif-'7"f5"' "' V fs "1 '- -4m,w-415, -,-,n-1. 2,'-1,3-1f1'7",',,-f-'.v'5.1-1-.Af X s. ,M -1- 1 . 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VVRENDELL CURRY FERN BEACHAM Her infrzite 'varicftyf' TATIVE DONALD J. WALTON fin honest mind and plain truth." 5 -7- LJ'-Hn: 2 .- i I .Sm-.1.:1. "He rrznnot flatter, hd- CLASS PRESIDENT Sioux City "So like ll courtivr, contwlzpt nor biffl'l'I1t'.YS Wz'1'f in his pride or slmrjm1?.vs." VICE-PRESIDENT Sloan "W'iZh zvlmt his Avalour did zfnrich his wit, His zvit set down lo lllflklf his 'UIIZOIH' li'vr'." SECRETARY-TR EASURER Famhamvillc "Egfr can not wither her, nor custom stale STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESEN- Hawarden ,-hz' must speal' 4 K 13,7-V' Q liiifihi' , , A ff f.:-if-'H,'f'f4y'. 1 -:L ' I .,S,.T'. XL .6523 O, - 1 Yi? :ff IAN Ihirly ...,.- X ,mx f 1 I X . 1 ' Qkjqll-V1 , 'Nh 2 Q, -I' Usx f i flag 'W i ' Q JF V 1 K 4 4 v X 1 X 1 A X- , J .AXE .. M... .,., , 1.,f,,.,. ,. .A N. F35-1 ffifaif' ll- , ' ,rv '- ff VW' ffl'-fi' 1:1-A :. f .Ruin ,,,,w:,,"' -1-1.4 - iff ""f'...,:.ilV' EJ 3 1 mg, N Ma-,. 5 -,H 1 . ,' wr' ': h -.---g Q ,UN xo . . f . . Y -' in -- . . ' " ,U V Q x -x ...S . V- K xx, 5, V 'I K . X i XM Hug N.. ' 'xii -.5 'U' ' qw no f-i not nip Jil l FRANK ABEL Sioux City ALEX :ug , "His nature is too noble for the world: ki He would not flatter Neptune for his tri- dent E Or .lo-ve for his power' to thunder." ANNA M. ANDERSON Sioux City "Vain pomp, and glory of the world, I hate yeyl NIARGUERITE BRETHORST Lennox, S. D. "Simply the thing I am shall make me live." Mas. AIILDRED BROWN Sioux City "She hath prosperous art Wlzeiz she will play with reason and dis- course, A nd well can she persuade." I . ,V ,H4,"1,.4. . 1. ,L,l.H.,,,1gxxf F., Vh h Vw -Ng, .I -xiwgqlficmzixvgtfk K s I Q s . ' 21 , gm ,, , V+ . 3 1 ,.1,.,!Tu'1iAf4 . .. N11 ,, 1 fgw, """'H:iA Ll? .'t1i'ffI'K'f', .i',:.',?f,.,,qXj' . . ' VU. ' sf' -L ' :Q '..' f. ' ,of 5,"1Avi1.,m3 will wg-. w Q., . . . ' .'3 if "N 1 Y fi-4? fM.'f2.fJf':f-4532-fel .. 1 . -" fi p f FZ 'fa' P M? f .7 'ff-mx Ns'.s x-X -ss,, wily' 1,1 A, J., ,. .I .'.Y '.- A-7 .. ,'.N" ,Q ri v X. ,, -A "1 8 1 thirty-one :xx .c , X' .x . 8,-A . ...., -, I, Ax., I 4 e .-... 1, ,,. N 3 ' fxfn' ., .45 W, ,1 Af I sv - ' .- 1 A , x i N i , , cy ' iizf WNW' ' K f Wfjkflli N, 'is fjitielffteftf ,-. Ml J: i , U' if? in Qi? 4 El thirty-lfwo ff! 'i-f xi-f: ' E , f yi l L NIILDRED H. CHAMP Sioux City "She is young, wise, fairy In these to nature she's immediate heir." VVILSON T. CLARK Sioux City 'Hind faster than his tongue did make of- fense, llis eye did heal it up." INIILLIE CoRNEL1UssEN Alta "IJer life-a quiet stream In zvhose zialnz depth the beautiful and pure fllone are 1nirror'd." NI.-XRGUERITE CUMMINGS Sioux City "Let none presume to wear an undeserzved dignity." A if . . .fu 4 'fvgim tf"'N'iT -J' fin wma., 1 1 '. J-'4lf.f1-fa ,L-i si 3552-419.1 Quin' , J A Q, Q l. u u gi.. 1 A ,, ..,. . . ,. . ,,,. ...,f,,. ,. ,....,..,.,, li-,a W- N r.:1Qi1 If H IAA 1 Q W-5 Q I 1 X5 iff fi Q' ,llfif -V x 1 fi' J is W ,yy X X: Q XX 1 GEORGE B. DUTTON Haubstadt, Ind s 5 "Give thy thought no tongue, Nor any inzjnwportioned thought his act." 3 SUSAN EADS W - - . "Sznce I am crept in favour with myself, 1 I will maintain it with some little cost." A 1 PAUL EIFFERT West Side "I hold the world hut as the world, l A stage where every man must play his l part." ' JOHN A. FARNHAM Farnhamville l "He is complete in feature and in mind, I With all good grace to grace a gentleman." z I V -.,,-,v,, I A in g.i-3215 A 1 'V - , 'qi-A fN:Mi ww,L T-TR A my X-13" gfzf ze. K'74f?:.2,2Z- Q," Nr V52 " ' S332 . Q X N ,KI- f X A . his ,X Q XXX A R AQ 'D M rsh My X L ll tm lf gee! 4 EJ X X X X 4 '41 thirty-three L+-..-x.Pr4"1K'+ if A Q-,J .,, -,sv f .,-. xff,.f..,,.. 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"His eye begets occasion for his wit, For every object that the one doth catch, The other turns to a mirth-moving jest." , i' ' .1 1 :xxx , ,J 1 I ? IC J: P: I . X V ,,V' JM gli Qs, '. ' -my ' ' .MSQQ PQ., X A M ' i l 4 Lf Lk 1 f xy x QQQLM 5ifhl,,x1M:JAHf, Qc.. V! . 1 it w XXX , . . X I x Q MK fhiffy-four - in li in A"'i ililfl 2 A 45' 'A- ,fyffv ,- .14 '- .1 rffff5fi"",E?-. , , ,-,- I J' f- -' v-.... , gms A i El J' 1 of X y of 5 Huw i i , cf' iw, N' Q If A ii X ' x iv M, N tio-f if QW? i i i .i UM ' 4 l NEVA A. I-Ioux Sioux City y i, Q "lVh0, not content that former worth stand A kitty 1 fast, Qv L Looks forzvarzl, permvering to the- last 7 i From well to better, daily self-surfzastf' N i y i i ANNA ISIEEFE Sioux City S' "Suit the action to the word, The 'word to the action, with this special ' X 0bS6l"ZJIlNC!?, That you ofverstep not the modesty of i nature." 1 i HARRISON KILBORNE Sioux City "I flare do all that may become a man, Who flares do more is none." Y JAMES R. KOLP Jacksonville, Ill. i "fl man in all thc world's new fashion planted, y H 1 ' l' brain" i lhat hath a mint of jr zrases in us . 1 1 ,fslwfil 1 S uf, f , - : ,,. -gswx i . ,.,'i."im Q "Q -,,,..j'3Q4a , N -Mfg :J ng-.'. , gn- 4. 1 . 5-'!5'?Zff7i?sif'4'f"f?rv.f13l??'4t4Es it pl ,r - 1 tx.. 1, .f --1 gif " H t -mf-- S14 ,:gf-i,, 3f"'S223f'p T39 -S , S Y'I'..m ' as ULF' vSNiii2'xSi1 .f3x'fiFg5..LdG'1 'h""y'fi'f"' Ywwmrxpify-1,zfy.f"' Q2QkQlL5Q.a ' 'f V. fi-S' X.. W- ' it-,X me -, -xx ,-iff r- "' " XXV- . X :'...., ' xx -,-. X af - QTL'-fs.' N '-t'w.5i!, 'v 2.49- Siizg' "fi-.,. ' ' -fy., ,LL Q.,-jQ,..l,av' 'N ff ' ' A":"eJ'-AAL 4: E 141'-jj'-git!-J,f,3V" '1-f'i'xQ ,V 'Y 1 ,wifi IisTH1sR LARSON Sioux City 'Her pure and eloquent blood Spoke in her cheeh and so distinctly wrought 'l'l1at one might almost say her body thought." B. ICIHTH LAWRENCE Lansing, Mich. "From lowest place when 'virtuous things proceed, The place is dignified hy the doer's deed." i I I 1 HARVEY LAWRENCE Yankton, S. D. "His heart and hand doth open, and both 1 freej For 'what he has, he gives, and what he thinks, he shows." RACHEL MADISON Sioux City "So may the outward shows be least them- selves: 4 The world is still deceived by ornament." i fl r is Nit a' , 1 . , 'X N' 1- N-.7 Q2 my ,sb l '-.222 J' Gs " 'J 'hm E vlfivvff .V 1 f X, f x iw 'X 'u ., . " - " Jiffd 'fl Y . Ihzrly-six IMWUA -K "I Y U NM 1 . .... ...M ,.., -W ...,, N ,,,. . s.,.M t-A. 1 A i i , i i i i i l f i Qi! Cf, 1' u.. ' u l i 41: ., 673533, ' ' s 2.- 1 my A of ,t,-AL.. 5.02.8 Ynvww-1muqwly GTC, 'FF-'Q Z75i'gL', ff" L, 21:5 ff 13. f' j' "" 94. gf cA,V,f ,lf QA.,-,,,, .2 V2-if N77 -f':5'A "H f-'LH 1 5367 , XMITJ, f'f,r,?x-":"i'r, -, JA 7.-.,,,...... L., - 5,.ff'x,,f'-jq5...qE,-fmifnx 47 J 9' "Y-' X, N fx' N "'XA 'xi 3 gf ' Q, 'max' 'X -JK s it :ti ma R r ., ,A FERN I. MARQUART Manson rr - x By my troth, a pleasant-spzritezl lady. 1: There's little of the melanrlzoly element in her." EJ i CORNELIA NICBURNEY Sioux City "Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace, To silence envious tongues." MARY K. ORDWAY Castana "Witlz cheerful semblance and sweet ma- i lefty: That every wretch, jzining and pale before, Beholding her, jrluchs comfort from her looks." i i ARTHUR C. PAYNE Sioux City ' "This fellow of exceeding honesty, i And knows all qualifies as II learned spirit, Of human dealings." if i ii N f:xQ'h,'i11' ,, " Q 5. :ing -Mi, 'w .BERT M! nxy W . f. ++gF"i e s-us e C i .i fi, film V Wit E 'Q u,wa"7f:-,I 73 Qi SIL: R M55 , i .sts is we , R 6 . t - 'ik ' 1l41"'-"'fH"'W'R1," thzrly-sefven Lf 'A-3-,L15Q??f'1.irx:n-1 1 I- A , v x . k' K ix 5 - Xili 17-"iii" -' 'N "'?'l'::.1" K' f ' N A-,T..,,v:1-HJ 115 3 I .EZ-44-j',Lx-,,,:"" filo A J, im y 4 ff -ugh, , X iffy' 9 'ggi' v x7 1' off W3 Q55 Mr! i ff'Rfi f,iff,v J J A, is fx if A 5 JJJQPXZ iii 13 im '-. - X ,., 4 ,N .iff ,, ,p f X W "x I 1 I A 5 ' . LAURA IC. PHASE Sioux City i "IIallz not olzl Kustom made this life more f 'S A .v'zc'z'et Than that of fmainful pomp?" i I AMANDA B. RoosT Dakota City, Ncbr. Y . I "Those about her from her i Shall I'1'Illl the jmrfzfct ways of honour." C V HARRY 15. Rosnmz Ft. Dodge ! "He nzust, he is, llc' cannot but be ''." 1 i i s I I A F. NIARIE SEI'-ERN Manson i "So 'wall to know Her own, fha! zchrzt she wills to do or say 8001115 zvisrst. virluousest, di.vcreetcst, best." 1 i A W! xg' i a f f ' 'fliff A "2'5Z5f3i ' Q A 9 'iw mf.'ii, ,J X . Y? A A A win i i. , ,,., , Q Winw. --in-M, in --- K W4 'mm--hw U- V --fgifif Ai -, Ihzrly-rzghl A ' iff ATI' , A ,' I i' ' ' Il Q. ' 1 X, iii, 14 509 11' ,' ,,' yn. ,Ulf- . f , ""' " " j,."' '- iv i'z5'i"MiV-ff"7 -A 1:-1-S5 .vi .,,,, ,A ,, 'wi' -Xiu " V -sn., I M--Lil . 'T vs E F 1.--' 'Nw 'KIYN-m'r.T1NiNH 'lei so if fiifsil Wixyff ' IU if W' RQ' f 1- ix! ' x fo ll t E Tl: i Q Blass SHANNON Sioux City i "Here in her hairs W The painter plays the spiderf and hath i woven A golden mesh to entrap the hearts of men Faster than gnals in colzwebsf' GEORGE E. SHIEDER Sioux Cit Y "Be just and fear not , Let all the ends thou ainfst at, Be thy Country's, thy God's, and Truth's." XXERA M. SIPE Alta "Better leave undone, than by our deed acquire Too high a fame, when whom we ser've's away." y GAYI.0RD A. STARR St. Lawrence, S. D. "Be chech'd for silence But never tax'd for speech." S' 3i1,!,4 i . 1 .'1S,Q?1kl'-Lffxif PM - l ij, .,:Skwkqgig a?. .g Vgl I. ., 1, - , mswlxi-I fg51:','f1...,Q K , " For Q. 'NSN 'WTB :v.x'1.fif6 ml ..-.S viii? im! ,Qm1..i,iag.,x,x X v. 1 . V '. 7 ,. V r '.'. 3.35, .sy f- 'Ln -. ,V a ,i1,.,,A .: . .im ivv,.f,5jf,'4,," , 1mi5:Qs:ix5:i'2:f'eiii L' 3' ' f fii . fe A . . . 9 'Jy ",, .,-A ft' "Uk "-M'--:N thlrty-nme ' , .-.1-f .. ,, ..C..-..,..g..1,-N5 J3"i4""f- , , H, , 4 X It '. , ' 1 1 'A ,EA Q , f ,, , , N ve I W N , .zif-Hbiexs wf-'ft--f 'fx' fi- flag .Li I 'A,W:' fy.: 'I 1 , .Eh -',,f?"!' iH'p?',.-ffj '-f ' X xfxxiig 0- 'fa ' . X' -, ,H if if i iv sf I ' Y-, A ' ., gf 3, 'Qijl-if ig am ,iw i X ' 7.45, N . V , H! , WJ . 1 W '. Nj ' i . I fit ' ' 1 1 A' 1-' , X 'Hi 'if ,r J, w IB is ui , i ts st it , M iii i W' Wiig! A DCDRCJTPIY J. STEELE Sioux City "She hath a tear for pity, and a hand Open as the day for melting eharityf' CLARA P. SWAIN Sinclair, Ill. "The hest-conditioner! and unwearied spirit In doing 1'0llI'f!?.S'il'.S'.U LILAH G. r1'HOMPSON Sioux City "Loving, well comlJos'd,, with gifts of nature ' flowing, 111111 swelling o'er with arts and exercise." J. DON VANHoRNE Manson "The elements so niix'd in him, that nature might stand up, flnd say to all the world, 'This was a lnanf' " HELEN G. VAN NEST Sioux City "How many things hy season season'd are To their right praise and true jJerfeetion." i ,il 1'-' L I -i! .qi-1, XJ., s Q! if'f'i'9' f "wi-LY i , IMT! E 'f' ii 'L."'NzT' , Jfuiwi ,,y,,,, .t,.., ga, ANH, mm ' 'ffli 1"l'-fy 3-QQTEWL W ,Q "M ir"i'i "-"M-'M E E it forty - " Qffliff fix fi P31 wh, MS' ..,, , J "" . E- we it IH i, ,1 its G ggi E . L N l NIARIE E. VAN NEST Sioux City Y 1 "Fie on sinful fantasy! Fie on lust and luxury!" MAY IE. WICKENS Avon, S. D. "Each your doing, so singular in each partie- . ular, Crowns what you are doing in the present l deed, 1 That all your acts are queens." 1 EMMA J. WIESE Hull 1 R "Give every one thine ear, but few thy ' voieef Take each one's censure, but reserve thy judgment." EWART L. WILLIAMS Arnolds Park "To thine ownself be true: Ana' it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then he false to any man." Nom. J. WILLIAMS Arnolds Park "Cowards die many times before their deaths The valiant never taste of death hut once." U ,Way ' ' L 'lfl -' , - gg-H' fa iftlx 'i I ' -iY1W'M'tf':'. . 'I axis ft 'Q 1 . 'R M115 L 5 . H. M ,, Al 1 n 1,5 H .1 f sf .. Q 5-1, 'ff 'tx , f 1- 4, 1 -.1 .- ' - V, "J: W v -4 -by .. ,.y'g,Q .. 1 sv' .I A 5 xb "W yy In 'GL ,' 9 ij- Vi- T if U l -N J JK- ". . F. '.' f' . X- . ' ,N . " '. . 'gil in t-:"i,. " 71,4 fn 'v-WY, 'Q' W f??UW'q.,"4,.'. r , F I , Q , k .,,,,,. .1 W. vu. A tx .,.,.ij,tw..k.A.., , .-.. . ' " 1 . 4 5 li "'-- X2,,ft3r, ,I V. .fin ' nL1w,,,.mf., V l, x,mMv,+,x --1 tn." -- 4 4 r- -.1 . ' ' X W' -'ff""'?f5"?7s'7-W'-' I . ' " .M ...z .t,,.X.,. ,W g ...N-..-..g4:' ff- 1 DA-'A--""' A V ,f ff. ,. -4 ,XK,. N . as if 4 s..s Q n, 'fl fx' ' . -1 t - -,zz A x . ,zu-H '-Fbitwex ' X. xv, mx , f px., 1 Qs x x Q X s Wi 'C-Kish Yffk, Q3 tj. KX ff , o .lil Va fx at-4 Ei! forty-one forly-ifwo Wa... J' V15 "Say, do you know what is meant by "Pride of the Sioux'?" "No, what ?" "VVhy the Junior class, of course." T, QM"-. I .,f, -' 4' V ,...,.y hx 1,-,'. . ., .4 v- " ,-s,,,'Ai-5: 'mag JSLQ u, LQ ,hjmwywfii i7'Hw,- XXX 2 ,, i , yy Caffe A if X x 'fc W " Us 4,2 xi ea' ef e W f M f .. in it v , r- irfwv F-iiYiEfLQW:?Yi5t--gs! J ,- l ff' A Q ri:-, K-.Kiwi f, size? 4 55 44 . "rv "Q-1nfUM 4 f UW' www " -1 J. 4' r'-'gs 7 P51 fi iff f A- gig s? ii- ,11- ' H.. 5 F ' s -:xi .-.sf-YREEL4.-ffj 4 5, kx J w ' " '-"'-' 'TJ' .'h': 7" if A - ' --1:9-nh g-. -4 ,SN-if31.f',:.p,'g:f.:l'N gc,35,Q-- 1-1- - .,--1, . ' - :.lj- 4 7'!.3u,if,-121.3-'.g,l' Chr .--si 2 .. '1'.,. .Jkt-.-.,L..5X, ' -11 .- J :'.'-11121-, ' -' 5 1 Min I ',I-f-'NEW-'S'f"1-93'f'L1f!?9,g.,,g,: 'H-' ' '-Y--..-.1 - -.-- V--1 ,. 5, N2-irti 5,15 -45,5-friizj-X 1:5 : 'W' .rgfhfh l . l A "' i We W , n l .2 y "sf gf.-f.,-max, .-is r :2siff1s-?1, Q q4d2isQiWS:41f?+WSWEi K 4 :.-1, Nix xjwr- ,, , arg, V':QNLQ55,ga:5y',Q5s"AN W-fqiqgsf .a . - ' 1:-in-X..-Qfgf, 4 3 g-1 - 4 fs' 5 .' '-.ff f-if 5 I 2"' -"f -nm mwsvf I '- Hs 4:-V ' V?" ,.!.f'. , Iilqq QZEXQ ki -rm: K Gig 1 5 N elk QE' 3 .435 vf . - 1 dif f: Q, ' , 4 lm Y 1' uma ' 2 'A N ' ' S ::.'i6.'QIl,Z M5:'f2lf,,:-Tiliafiliii' 14 -1.2 ex-'i55:az'.:2' f -,:Q ag. i. :im f , . w m j- ., s ,, ' ff '1-frgf-I--4if-wsygfig, vi" ,. , , A :ie s 790524 ,ii ?WF'2T?EM'?4f K ' iiguyd 5-' 'HU XA 1 " ' XX X Ri I Q yi ' 3 " ' Y f Q WF?-' X '14 , ' W1 5- N ' -V 9 f 341, gr?-V 7 1 f , ' .7 5, ffi4"w 'six i x 7' K . f , ' -f' ' "' 'X - X f Q-Xxx X -. fQ,f,,,f4f X W 2 . fe 'T ' f .9 , x f- - f ff. 1 A V, ff 'X ff ,,,,,.f,ff lfik h I A' 11:11, f ,4f'455:fC-L7 I - f-'Xi 3 f fi ' ' 'QLf,'f'..?'?'-1124213 - 1 -: ,, f R ,X jg-' K 1 ' Z L ,A H 3 . f Patiently sat Ifi!l'ZL'!1fllIl, Listening to his father's boastingy W'ith a smile he sat and listened, Utierezl neifher threat nor menace. ,Q El N, WW I I ' M Auf: ! ig 4,3 - rx 1 , i i 1 A f we if .. f '5H?e+a"' f:2?sQfQ,ai 5""1'n'f fzfmga-:-fi .Wa if I A- We P'-df - vMfe--M'f'f,.K1s-i 1 is-'N,.., I s Lfflflyi. ,gg,,H:GMX QQgx':fH':fS'1fSgl4?k gk-X "' ----W '-f- V-----.- ,,..,,,,,,,,,,.-dm---, I ,Y L.,-'ij 1 K M H x,,',. L:--1 A ' ' ' ' forly-three V . . .. A I tl? 35.7 51113 it -.:,..s. " . 1 -.-. .. ,-.JF n...I Wi- nu-sr- ...1 sh... ... ...-. 4 v IQ. . ft fi-is ta. ,vim If h !'i " fi' 5 91 ,f ,1"'i,0,,4 J I X f.f,.f,..' , f J' fl 5 Y , -...-...,.... ...... . ..................... ....-.,.-..... -.........--..,.......-.....,............................ .....-.... A AI A . V ,lv V aw t.....s "5if'- F551 , A . if Q, . Qi, tw ivllgiv 4- diff lip ffl flu'-' fd . 4, .,, . 'f fi ...kv -A 4. f 3 l El I 5 I i l + l - I g -un. . . my- f. .....1i.g CLASS PRICSIDICNT CHARLES FRY Sioux City "Chick" is our jolly class president. No one can have the blues when he is around. He is ever ready for a good time and his policy is not to let his studies interfere with his college education. He plays the mandolin and is taking expression, but everyone knows his failing for "reeds," N0 doubt we shall hear more from "Chick" later on, for he's always springing something. VICE-PRESIDENT EARL G. STONEBROOK Sac City A quiet, industrious worker whose heart is bigger than his words. He takes an interest in all phases of college life, particularly in "fussing." He is an energetic spirit, a sturdy progressive type of manhood, and his influence is clean and wholesome. He possesses the zeal of an enthusiast who strives after some end, and yet stops along the way to lend a hand to those in need. , SECRETARY-TREASURER VIVIAN DowN Odebolt Viv is Y. W. C. A. President. This fact alone speaks for the respect which all the girls have for her, and their faith in her ability. She is faithful to her friends, as well as to her Latin and German classes. She is an enthusiastic, tireless worker, an entertaining reader, a poetess, and a jolly good friend. Indeed we can truly say of Vivian. "To know her is to love her." l ry. ,' -.JJ-x , forty-four 4 I1 ! l 5 W if i . ll i if if .cp STUDENT COUNCIL RICPRESENTATIVIC MARION HEIKES Dakota City, Nebr. "Heike" is one of our rare girls. She is a leader and takes much interest in the activities of college life. Notwithstanding that her thoughts are divided between Morningside and Illinois U, Marioii finds time to do all that could be asked of any American College girl. She is dependable to the last degree, always does everything well, and enjoys everything Es s D x that she does. l D I 'z-phf , :'-+-x,nTt 1"i15'f ' i gfiigi' JULIA ANDERSON Sioux City Julia is quiet, faithful, and unassuming. She goes her way silently, and it is only when we come to know her well that we realize and appre- ciate her true merit. The class of 'l7,made a mistake by trying to claim her last year, for she has been in our ranks since we started. She is always busy and as a reward she gets grades that anyone might well desire. IRVING BACK Sioux City It is with just pride that we claim this man as a member of our class. He is a fellow Whom we all admire for his manly qualities, his open- mindedness, his unselfishness, his big-heartedness, and his genial per- sonality. While quiet and very modest, he is nevertheless a fluent and convincing debater, and has represented his college ably on the forensic platform. A man among men. ig' .. ' -- 'rffel Q .9 , iw--r .ff xv - .. in I A a gl., ,,f,rTQ'1"i1 w as . - 1 I l 3 3 :iff '1'f1L.ii'i , .ii , 5' ,, ,-.4 ' , , V, H , N- ' 9 3 ' X . 'HM .ri A -+ - 5"+'52lfJ'iT if ' a N- is' '-L-fi N if ,. fu l, ,Ly-3 Y . ,ge J 6 A ,num ,1,:,?Mx,.,k iff., D K - , if I-,, 'Y w,ag1g,i ixixxiwyg yiiiiiiiqwb V. '. - . - 77 .V - . ku -A Mwghl ill ll" 1. ,fi Nfv ,N -..VI .. W - W "Wi V' --.-1"I"aXi13 si..-aw A Vvvff ..x,.............. , , , E f ,, xp wx.. ,., bm. ffc 5,3-A ff? :A 'Q fi 31253 lfkllllhil -X' "- Hifliqy 'li a fifnl, V X'-xg . , g i E is Mig ,,,f , NJ l alll l in U, fail. l El forty-fifvc s NX ii XX Auvfi' 'iff .' 1 ll ,X 'iw h , , lifielfrfl f es, '. Ji V' AZYJNAV ' " -5 ,2ig.4a..-5413? ll X I il. , of-if -5 'rf El QE -...--,. -..L -. - ,L ..t...- M, , ,,,,, ,L,,, .,,' ,,. , ,, ,, , .1 G. EARL BARKS Sioux City A loyal supporter of every activity which exists in the college. He is a member of the famous Kennel Klub. He loves his society and has been a good "Barks" on the debate platform. Although kept busy as editor of the annual, he finds time to enjoy a good joke, especially on the other fellow, and has a smile that we will all remember. STANLEY BASHAW Correctionville "Bush" is a minister's son. He is always pleasant, although of a some- i what retiring nature. He did all his stepping while a freshman. In him we see a most 1'ugged and tireless specimen of physical manhood. He plays forward in basketball, end in football, and is a handy man in baseball. He is sometimes found in the physics laboratory. l ORIN W. BELL Spencer Orin is a quiet fellow, but beneath a modest exterior there exists a man of true gold. He is one of those fellows who is always ready to help another, no matter how deeply engrossed in his own work. Orin intends to enter Y. lll. C. A. work when he has finished college, and, judging from his good record of the past, we know that he will be 'l jfjjl most successful in his chosen profession. 1' VJ, .4431 f ll' - ',w::'3l WV-xfff v'f'f7.?,1. -" .,. he I lwrflrf . -,253 2 Dil like l 1 -,Al-,ffllllji ,l ,lilly I ,sw -,,-..,-. 5227 V1 ... Vi. 'i 5,3 1 forly-six f 'ill -,ml ful' i li il' SWL Ff'r .Q- ,pp .fi -- ,.,.m X 'X' x it i., . ,, ,,, J A- .74-, 95 W, .., .,,s.w' ' xg ' 5- - , Q 'X X E3 1 mil .,., ' I A 1 V. t A. A -- A. .ws -- , . , V. A. ,x i 'ill 'AMI' I . ,.f.X, ' " J-' 'J V., w Qugkn -...Nb -x ip if gif! N Ni? Q54 X 5 Mx u , ' Will 1 . .E H i ., f S '15 i 85' kr .,...Q. .... ,, - . I I as T W JOSEPH BOGARD Sioux City Stubborn? Yes. But a man with ideas of his own, and who has the ambition and courage to carry them out. His mind is never changed by an argument, yet he is as good-natured after a difference of opinion as before. There must be action every minute of the day to suit him. He probably has more "pressing" engagements than any other man in school. WINIFRED BUSSEY Sioux City Although Winifred came to Morningside this year for the first time we have already come to realize in a measure her true worth. She is reserved and unassuming, but nevertheless very efficient. She is a girl of gentleness and refinement, and yet so large-minded and broad- hearted that she is admired by all who know her. Hers is the type of a noble and sincere friend. IRENE A. CHAPIN Springfield, S. D. Irene knows more about lyiorningside than most of us do, having been connected with the academy and the Conservatory before the Class of '18 came to claim her. We were almost afraid that she had lost her interest in Morningside this year, but we find that she is still a .. H .y , . . . . . . . . l loyal booster. She is an accomplished musician, but is specializing in domestic art at present. p . il A .f-C.v"".',wQ'fgv: it 4.1411 j-gi'21,'x,hj':'f, 1 I use M L 'tiKlY4".:,, ii ',.-'f'3'1'i'filZ'f3'Fi'I'fY'l"'il3L 1 lei .. yd?-ilf'fi','i iii' "miail'?iiliijiiiQ?lT"..+. ' it 'f'?'J7'i'lifl,fGJi?,M, Q' ' P ' e '.,a-2 . -a. H V l Ji '. 'M'Nf'ft 5' f':SWfL'0? sf'-er'r1'ifw 1 -14' '13, 41-hxrl 1 A- 1 -vw X O -- '-u-I-fr.-at 1 rits. 5!Lfl,??' k,y' 'hal f,5..iM-A A Tmmms -. -....,..,.,,..M,,,M,m,'-,gwgvwui .iw-...'.,,,f.,t 7 " ,,1lN4'.g,-'tis-Q 3 -5, f ll ' " 0' y'ff""" -- 11" - N'-X. 'im ff..- ., - ,WX -.xx. 75 X' fs. ,, ,.,.,, ,J 1- ,- ,-cwf--.f.,,,4r-A 4 ' 97f':Qm-fQ'1A, ef if 2 .z ,, V Y K H1 lf lr Rh . Sn' films? Fo? .J tux.. .Ja tai.. .7 -' 1 xv . Nui K .. L-H .' I 1 to nffj 1 IH E -A xl., 4 J. FINLEY CHRIST Sioux City We were quite alarmed last year when the class of '17 claimed Jay Christ, but we have found that it was, after all, one of their mistakes. Here is a man who upholds our reputation for learning. He keeps up with the subjects of the day, and is most contented when the busiest. He is deliberate of speech and sound in judgment. There is surely a place among the first for him to fill. MARTIN CLOUGH Allen, Nebr. "Marty" is a quiet, bashful youth from Nebraska. He is always willing to do his share of any work and let someone else have the glory. He does not let his books worry him much, but manages to pull good grades. He delights in bodily activity and is our baseball captain - this spring. "Marty" is a good companion and a true friend. FLOYD CONNER Sioux Ctiy Floyd spent two and one-half years with us, and now holds a responsi- ble position in one of the Sioux City banks. We were obliged to look up to him from the very first. He played forward for his class two years in basketball and was a member of one championship team. He was a splendid mixer in social life and we miss him a' great deal. We sincerely hope for his return next year. I 1 -fx s ,.: V , gh, , ,ev,H',f, tix '- ' I lisa- X , 9 fx ' ',:CQQ.G-Zlfjltxfit-3z".iIJ Q65 gq ix.-W a- 6. --Q as s ...+V forty-eight " Q f' IA i il 1 V' k lui: l 1 X X I ii lui xu..x5." 1 '. it Q. 0, .X 7 xx 1 lx i 1 3 E l i I A 1 x'1lgJ:NQ,' 5 1 r Y - A -.l. A ,.,A, . " ' 'I ' Vi'- M .L,nA.4V . , .4 . V . All.-XBEI. C. D.fXY Gilmore City Xlabel thinks and is not afraid to express her thoughts. ln the midst of the excitement she remains cool and confident. She is a perservering student and has every reason to be proud of her grades. I-lere is one girl who does not think it necessary to make use of every "cut." One must know her well to appreciate what a splendid friend and comrade she really is. Mfximz EDGINGTON Gilmore City Nlarie rooms with "Katink" and boards at Sunshine Inn. Should it be necessary to say more? Jolly? Yes, indeed! She is the life of any gathering with her humor and jollity. She believes in a good time, even though it be at the expense of a lesson or two. It is such en- thusiasm and life as llfIarie's, that make for true class and college spirit. ILLIS 'ORBES ioux i f VV 1' S Cty Perhaps one of the busiest men in school. lfditor of the Collegian Reporter, and an orator and debater of recognized ability. He has a most unusual power of winning persons to his point of view. His studies are his pastimes. yet he is able to claim his share of enviable marks. In spite of all this, he still finds ample time to "fuss" LAX, 1 L.. 1 5 l A A k l l l l e 1 l l I l , L i s 1 z i i i L l i forty-ninr' in he . N xx N C L 'R . , ., ,- . fa U QL Lid l 1 l Wx 5. Erik . nil ' Y if 154 mu,,gQ..,.. ,j3i'1,.a X 'W ffydlh ,if , rig ,lj t ,j l T E3 ,l 4... I . R UTI-1 FOUKE Sioux City Ruth is a hustler. VVhatever she attempts she starts with a will and usually finds the way. Hers is the vim and snap that make things go. The test of her ability is ll0t so much what she does, but the way in which she does it. She is prominent in class and society affairs, and is an enthusiastic member of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet. ARCHIIE FREEMAN Spencer A mixture of music, gallantry, wit, enthusiasm, and ene1'gy. He plays the "slide" like few others can. Ask the Sunshine Inners if that's true. A member of the College Band and Orchestra. His manners are precise and his gallantry is unquestioned. He appears serious at all times, but those who know him realize that beneath that cold exteri- or is a vein of mischievous humor and frivolity. l 1 I I l l E i 4, l My RIARGARET Goumn Sioux City Margaret takes music and incidentally classes junior. She has a rare gift of words and smilesg neither conversation nor enthusiasm can lag when Margaret is about. She allows nothing to interfere with her pleasure and may be found ready at any time for a jolly time. Don't be mistaken, however, for though preeminently mirthful, she can be real serious at times. i '-. ,r',H,'- '. ,K ' "0 1 X s X , ,N ' fl sk 1 1 yo! V-.4-All-:hui '-W7 5 - 274' 931527 ,U ,fri l :, -5 , A- 'if' Q -'fl--if A it .il ui, , Qt 1 3, ,il l'of'fC41 , ww V .t. , , ' all-rj' SQXSQE Mir, i :MW i C fill . .Qu v. ,, ! l 5 -VN... l gl I .xiii l V if Ei? Q1 1 1'-will-ff Quik 'w i ..i'4Q", -M' ,- i f ti ., all. . - 'Q' nk.: as ., ..hL,iE.:kL-isle 5 .N W, V 4, . My, My X Y .L ,,-W ,iiQQl:iQ'd551iNg,?fg1.'i:'iiffri il ' -' QAQ ui .fglirgi fy.. 'A " ., l 3.635 i3'x',5.ijU1L4,. i. yi, ...... .. A ...I 'X .A . 4 .,.. ISD. J. HARRINGTON Sioux City Ed is an all-around good fellow and is full of the M. C. spirit that makes everything which he undertakes a success. He is a good student in the class room, likes to jump the hurdles on the cinder path, is a Warbler in the glee club, and plays center for his class basketball team. To keep himself really busy he solicits ads for the Sioux 'lS. I CLEO HoLMEs Sioux City Cleo never admits that she has done anything so well that it might not have been done better. She is so totally without conceit, and yet we all know that what Cleo sets out to do is done well. In spite of her gene1'ous, gracious, considerate and even calm spirit, she is so reso- lute and determined that success is bound to be hers. HILDA JACKSON Sioux City Witli honest pluck antlidetermination she carries out her resolutions. Her spirit is invincible, and if at first unsuccessful, she tries until the purpose is achieved. She is here to get the most out of her work, and applies herself conscientiously to her work, though patient, plodding study be often required. Hilda is ever found good-naturcd and opti- mistic. 'tif K ' 'Ji-Al, i. ' C'l1l.lA?'fJlfi70fEfl-gif- ., .'-'iT.xf."ff 'tw fi,pSa'efqf , l . .Q Li.,1z.R'i,Tdtf?s.-Wifiiwfwltx nfl 1 v in 1' 1 1' 1 A ' .fa '- if 'ah 1-am. ,, ' 1 i. 4 'f w -up tw- 3.1-'ff V, W-.. - .,,,....-,,,. , gi .l i'?i5i2"M'.i lg'-+."f"i1E Q l " 'Mm' "A if, 0 -, t .im . 3 -.ii . ff ,H ,1 -. - ' - . . . . . X 'Q Aff., f -,il ,.-' Al.,.:n',X E . Q ,.,h..Xm :NMQL AT.,,,g,t is xg" ,:x5fxF.Qlfixxb I, -MQ' 'Y-.'HfQ' ms..x A.-it s fl' .limi Nui Hs? jif, K' if Au lf. tv 3 il.--4 vi Tw. --4.4-QQ,-.1 l W .i l v., 'I Mkt tw Vg, v E1 l i l f 3 i l i i l l l i 1 l i . ly-our S I i . I l .N- ,N XX V ,N N., . , - f'."f.1.,, uf .iff---'f,-,',:..,,,,:f"'f.,f'Z' ' . ff!-iii'-'1'p'.fZ W- , . - i f tr... ,f wwf lp LX. Q I '-fill' lf-!f'j.1.i. "5 f'.' .1 .1 . K w ' ,i .4 ,1 , 1 Q.. - .I XE, 4 1 ' ,JJ fi .,4l,f5..f.s.53jf-iff' . ' i ,- A1 jkw Q1 :Aly Q2 Mg i X. 1245! 'il f T3 ,I A . ' 'ff' ' ' , A l- 1-'--, v . 1 11' I Q LEON J. JOHNSON Linn Grove "Jerry" is not a one talented individual, though we hear of him most Often as connected with athletics. He is an athlete in every sense of the word. And whether it is on the gridiron, the basketball floor, or the diamond, he enjoys doing his share of the hard work. He is a popu- lar captain and plays football with the spirit that wins. Known for his broad smile and cheery manner. NIARION JOHNSON Storm Lake Marioxl is a live wire and a good mixer. She is always brim full of enthusiasm. When asked to serve on a committee, she works with all of her real llfforningside "pep." She has taken an active part in debate and possesses marked literary ability. Because of her capabilities and her love for real sport, Marion has won a host of friends. i l ROYAL JURGENSEN U. S. Army, Philippine Islands ' "Jurgie" is full of life and vigor, and a hard worker. His bright ideas and capable hands were always in demand. As a result we miss him greatly. Though imaginative and idealistic, yet he is so practical that he wants to 'see results for all that he does. "Jurgie" feels at home anywhere. ,I -.", 1 I fllgjifi 721 .f . 4 , fl i ,-- r'a- faitllwl i l lt M g , Q S 4 . ., . ,, Q., , . x H ' I A , . 1 l l -fifiy-Ifwo I yn x l I l 4 t ,bc I --.,, A , g 5.7. 'V 3' M' i Eli' if S I ---,..-L. . .,,... a . I I .n- Faxxcis R. KINGSBURY Ponca, Nebr. A rollicking good-natured rascal, chuck full of yarns, quips, quirks, and fancies. ln this respect he is perhaps like all the other Kennel Klub Pups. "King" is not unusually fond of work, but is brilliant of mind and takes an active interest in debate. He is also much in- terested in the College Orchestra. He is kind of manner, a firm friend, and better still, an honorable foe. CHARLES KL11'P1sl. , Britt "Casey" is glad that he came to lVIorningside because he has received more from it than just his college course. He has brought honor to the school through his oratorical ability. He is loyal to his class and to his college, but more than this, he is sincere in his chosen life work, that of Christian service, and is Y. M. C. A. president for next year. "Casey" loves a good time and is capable of doing his share towards making it. FRANCES KQL11 Jacksonville, Ill. "Fran" came from Illinois to be one of the class of '18 at lVIorningside, and we're mighty proud of her. She has ideas all her own-good ones, too--and is exceedingly independent. Although she leaves her capa- bilities to be discovered, she has almost any one. Singing, playing and acting, she is equally charming. She is a member of the Madrigal Club and an enthusiastic basketball player. 'A '-I -f. . 1, ri .. . - - -,-.,,.,.,....,.,.-.,..,. -.--..-,-,-,,..,-.,......,,.., WMW.. .. I , 1 i H .. M vu J -4 ',Zi,'4..1,',: I ,gig-ii, :it3p.f.fil.i.i,.lf , i -. q,r-,typ ., ,.K, ,,. l - 2. .' i ,-fp.. w5fse??t.i s ,. ,dw r fig., fy, .,, .vmfi-'W f- ?34wiy'1ggN'f i-'fai-N Fw' . ' f V-'Pwr-e :rm t x it 3? t. "LA-.i ,wt-,ig ,bl ,W . ,,, X W .,, ,-5.31 X. ,,.b,j3,,1,kl,w. Q. Irie'-..'p2,f-'WQM' 'TL'-Zig-,'-f2f"f ,f,1'm5,"Qf-livwdbfFS-ZSRk...::,, , . I .jiufudffv '-, lug, V' ',?f,i',1,g,wf,tM,3'g3z-, v.4,,. . . ,mx-L, . f . . -. li i. 7 ', , 'lil -7' V' ny' ' 1 il ",f"i'JSi'lil:x1-," 'l '-, i I I ,if it i. ,L ,,, I f af' LPS. A Z M, , 1 we Kgs , fi. nhl, a- .1 Wi K...-. :gm ' fbiwi' l, i fifly-Mr: .01 K lv, , Q, l Eil 3 l l l i l l 1 1 l i '12 1., f 1 ff- ' -7777. Y, 77 Y W J, .... .,f , c- fw 1 .A ,HV -Q 7 i V I fl' 'l .1 .zf 4. sl 'x 1 P . ,. , . L . ' 1 ,av 51-A. Q, Wifi, flea.. " -A by ,r ms if J, 3 M '53, AV , ' ,-'19 .ll ' ff . Mi .., J 2,91 .il l l i 1 4 2 2 3 I l I W. if 2 " " M57 ,A if img.a....-......-....-,.m,,,,,,,g-,.,,,,, ,, been e l l.- .-. . ,.-I , ., l'IAROLD LANCASTER 'Natland, England Here is a man who puts forth untiring and consecrated effort to help his fellows. His profession is the Christian ministry. He has no time or desire for meaningless, wasteful, and selfish activities. He works consistently and cheerfully, rarely taking any relaxation. His greatest rest is found in doing more work. A man who comes to college for the sole purpose of development. CLARA LEWIS Sioux City Clara 1'eturned to lVIorningside after spending a year in an eastern school. We respect her for her good judgment. Her genuine good nature makes her a good friend to everyone. Always in a gracious manner she does many little things that other folks overlook. She is an excellent student and has as much Morningside spirit as the rest of her family. We are proud to claim Clara as a member of our class. THOS. K. LLOYD Linn Grove Tom has been unanimously elected to the handsome class. A good- natured fellow, and a Well-rounded athlete Who is also somewhat of a student. He plays outfield in baseball, guard in basketball and in the backfield in football. Most of his spare moments are spent around the chemistry laboratory, where he entertains his fellow workers with his melodious voice. . .... .,., . ..., .--- ...... .. .....-... .....-...m....- ..,-........ ......,...... .... - .,... ., .a..... , ffty-four s le" l ll l l iii' I I" lx.. " ' i .VNS rf, xv v4 4, is A - ',1fL I 42,15 ' ' sw N 'flew' x Y QL f fm. 'f . .vb f yy- X I a. . f it l li: X5 1-I. Q, ,351 V ,A I ,.A.::Ql,r l' p 1' ,fi E, l 1 Ala., , In ,K ,MH W, vw E Y Y ZBA nw, fwg ' 1 fy .f vgaz. , , .,.. , , ,, , y ,..,.. . ..... 1 N ' 5 - A 4. ,A 4 W-. L.. . -. -,- ARTHUR P. Locke Ft. Dodge Here is one of those persons who find time to do everything and do everything well. If not engaged in working deep problems in analytic chemistry or in calculus, he passes his spare time in fussing and in the the lighter things of life. When Arthur becomes one of the fore- most commercial chemists in the country, we will recall with greater conviction the old saying that "the boy is the father of the man." I ROBERT H. MCBRIDE Alden "Rusty" is a most talented young man. VVhether as a physician for the pink eye or as an investigator in astronomy, his equal would be hard to find. He holds a responsible position as President of the Amalgamated Snipe Hunters of America. Notwithstanding the cares and worries produced by preforming the duties connected with this office, he is always cheerful and is ever ready to help a friend in trouble. .-J: ... .4 l THos. H. MCBRIDE g Hubbard "Mac" is a good-natured fellow with an Irish smile and cheer that all like. Looking after his cousin is his chief worry. He IS an earnest student, a persistent worker on the gridiron or on the basketball floor, i and supports every true and worthy cause. He is loyal to his friends, his class, his society, and his college. ' Ht? .,., ,g1,ghWg'2?S!li" W?gQf?f??i7I'f5fmQgf,' 1, I """""'n"'M""""' "e' W" M' M 1 1'--gli ""' yfi ii.. -.,.- ..... We-. , l..t...i.....,. .w - ,," W--., l 1 'ix 1 ,H 1 ' Q x . ,.-V i ' . Ki." .N M K. i i i ,-W 51" Ls... l I i i l 3 l 5 2 1 l l Q l l l 1 l l l . 1 l i 5 1 l ,6f1,--Li! 7. ,.,.... E 5, .,...,-..,.....,. ..., . .. ,...-..,W........., LJ.. at 4 . ' 'I . ' ""' BLY MCCONKIEY Yankton, S. D. VVise from the top of his head up. His studies really don't bother him a great deal, and he enjoys life immensely. He boosts all along the line for everything in which he is interested. Especially known for his track work. A delightful talker, full of wit and brilliancy. May usually be found in the halls or library--talking to the girls. ESTH ER MoN'rooM ERY Sioux Lity The rule of her life is to make business a pleasure, though some might think it were to make pleasure her business. She is one of those cheer ful, happy-go-lucky individuals, who apparently have nothing to do nevertheless, she is an excellent student, a willing and conscientious Y. W. C. A. worker, and a booster of every college activity. Esther is a true friend and scatters sunshine wherever she goes. CLARENCE OBRECHT Belmond Yell-master and pep-generator! "Buster" isn't very big, but he is full of loyalty and school spirit. Characteristic of him is the intensity and changeability of his moods, for once in a while, fthough you may not believe itj he does scold wonderfully, if he is making all the noise. You would know "Buster" for his whole-souled and infectious laugh. 'K A , ,, , , ,.,,.,,,..-, .. ,,,.,...,, .A.....-... ......,..,....-.....,...,... g - ,f .i-.j'T,.U:' , , -if '- 5 Werk- .9 , , 'N MX '- QL M Q, sr" 1 uwi 1 - - - ' . DOROTHY OWEN Sioux City "Dot" came to us from Sioux City High. She is as gay and irresponsi- ble as she is brainy and well-meaning. Variety is the spice of her life, and one never knows just where to find her. She likes a good time bet- ter than the average girl, and has lots of enthusiasm. On committee work she always does her share ably. ELMA PARKINSON VVall Lake Here is a type of girl in demand in every college. Elma is an enthusi- astic booster in every activity of school life. She is always ready for a good laugh and a good time, and yet she works hard and is often seen laboring over her Latin and German book. Elma is a friend to every- one, Sll1CCI'C and conscientious. Wheiievei' called upon to help,'she responds willingly. NIILDRED PECAUT Sioux City She may seem dignified-but wait until you know her. Mildred is one of the 1nost sincere friends that we have. She is a reader of ability, and a girl with most original and clever ideas. For this reason she is a favorite committee member. The brightness of her eyes, the gentle- ness of her smile, and the graciousness of her words, win many friends. None know her but to love her. 1 lit it 1 5 . s . l 1 1 Z I l 1 S a l r x f l I 1 5 l l l 3 l l Y e a s l i l fffly-smwz ,, fL.-..........--.... ........-.., ..- .....,... -...,.-,-,-..,.,..,.. , -,,,.,,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, l...4..J " 1 1 4 , W fans ,s if m, f i E fifiy-eight . i Ms... I ...,,. 1 HOWARD A. REYMAN Le Mars He never says much, but his silence speaks louder than words, because of the sympathetic, unselfish intent of his life. While he is somewhat diflident in his speech, manner, and action, yet he is true and sincere in his desire to help the other fellow. Reyman is a diligent student, loves his college, and upholds all things that are high and noble. NOISLE RICHARDSON Ainsworth, Nebi. "Rich" hails from the sand hills of Nebraska. No, he isn't a farmer, but he's going to make an excellent business man. At least he ought to, for he is getting practice while in school. At present he spends his afternoons in one of the city banks. "Rich" possesses that valuable sense of humor, and never gets "peeved" if a joke happens to be played on him. A Warbler in the Glee Club. GLADYS RIDDLE Onawa Novelty has a peculiar charm for Gladys, and the regular routine of classes soon seems monotonous to her. Gladys has a lovable disposition is very cheery, very merry, and as happy-go-lucky as they make them She takes her own time about everything, and never has a care except a week before examination time. An eager participant in spoit, pleasant friend and a genial companion. I s il N , -" ?' l IDA ROBERTSON Sioux City Moods are never known to Ida. She is always the same jolly, carefree, fun-loving Ida. Good grades come with little effort on her part, and she gives her studies Hrst thought only at examination time. She is run- ning over with wit, and she can always argue, tho' she never becomes excited. Her highest ambition is to teach in lVIontana. GRACE RUSKELL Sioux City Perhaps Grace hears more from Dakota than any other part of the earth. And she is majoring in home economics, too. To see her one might think her very quiet, sedate, and reserved. Knowing her, how- ever, we realize what a jolly and charming friend she is. She is an un- tiring worker, and is not afraid to give others the benefit of her own hard work. Lum SAUNDERS Manilla If you could hear her laugh, you would know that she is a part of all fun, and a plotter of much mischief. Never is a frolic complete with- out her. VVhen she feels like studying, she may be seen engrossed in a Latin or a psychology book. She prefers James' Psychology, but of course, she's prejudiced. Therc's so much in a name. Lida is a charm- ing friend and companion. l E fifty-nine 'C sixty if ..... , 4 f g A 4... . ....,,, 4 W. I K , M..,, -. . . W . NIERLIN SAWYER Sioux City lVIerlin stayed out of school last year to teach and naturally she fell back into our class, but she now acknowledges that she has nothing to regret. This is not insinuating anything against you seniors. Mer- lin studies hard, is faithful on committee work, and likes a good time. She always goes to the bottom of things and wants to know the "why" and the "wherefore" CLAIR I. SH Eawooo - Kingsley Another member of the Kennel Klub. "Deak" is editor of our Joke department. No, he is not a joke himself, but he tries to represent othex folks as such. He is a faithful and accommodating librarian and though he studies conscientiously he is quite a lively and consistent "stepper." Deak has common sense in a way that is uncommon, and un derneath all there is real worth. RUTH SMLTH Arthur Indeed if it be true that there is great ability in knowing how to Lon ceal one's ability, Ruth is a most able person. She is ve1y modest and few realize how much she really does. Nevertheless she is '1 leader in all college activities and has been chosen President of the Ag0l'l Club. Ruth is a girl of high ideals, absolutely dependable and '1 sin cere f1'iend. Hgh 4,4515- f'Z,,:.'5,"f'.': C QL. f7"a T1 'li iffff ,-,"fi.,..g-7' QA 3,331 .1-fi. ' 1- f of ' . ., WJ., .. M,g,,,..v El is . . A K. -if T"' i4fl5'Qf'iii7'- N. , 7' ,N if qw- '. X 7 - V X lx R - W Mi I, il Ng X i A. IQDWARD STILES A Bay City, Mich. Stiles is serious-minded in all that he does. He is an untiring work- er with a definite purpose and aim in life. In his school studies, whether in the class room or on the debate platform, he is systematic and thor- ough. A conscientious student, loyally pledged to his books and studies, and a worthy fellow to have as a friend. ALICE SWAN Sioux City A quiet, modest, studious lass, and yet one who is as loyal as the most loyal. She goes about her work never troubling anyone. But she is so full of generosity and never-failing kindness, that every one likes her. She enjoys her work and studies earnestly and conscientiously. Alice is genuine through and through, and can ever be depended upon. HERALD WALKER Sioux City Never burdens himself by carrying books around. He is able to do anything from managing the Park Moving Picture Theatre to talk- ing to the girls in the library. He has always taken an active interest in his class and served as president last year. It was largely due to his efforts Cin penmanship?J that the Class of '18 won the cups at the Men's Banquet this year. His accommodating and cheerful spirit makes him a friend to everyone. -. i ,.. 4 , .f .X .- X. g.:1.q.1 , 7 A 4 4 fl jf I x 11 . 1, aaassq-1 .,., y. J 1 'U 4 7 Q' K fl i , ,.:v.,.x C Iwi' V N vhjll is ' 1 1 KK Cx A in hiiitirfitetiflx 32 wiv U H ff, , "l I 5. l' Q, .. N3 F E v A l I l i i 2 3 l 5 r S E E 1 L i 4 x .tixly-one if I ,-ix K rf ii ..... E ...W I 1 S 1 I E I 1 1 x 3 1 2 1 i L l l Y 3 I r l Q s s i P L .sixty-lfwo .. A .' l , . -.......,,, .Y 1 .Qs , ,Il .K .Z V, - FRWIN C. WENIG Inwood "Obe" is a close rival of Sherlock Holmes. He says more funny things with less effort than any ten men in school. He has a letter in football, baseball and track. He plays guard in basketball, pitches in baseball, and plays end or tackle in football. He is just the opposite of "Bush" fthey 1'oomed together when Freshmenj g he left all of his stepping until his junior and senior years. FRANCES WETMoRE Sioux City When Frances isn't having a good time or making a good time for some- one else, she is worrying about her grades. She minors in biology. Perhaps that's the reason. When she is in the proper optimistic mood , she creates much fun ,and laughter by her wit and humor. Frances plays the violin, and is business manager of the Madrigal Club. She is a loyal booster for Morningside. WILLIAM C. WOLLE Bclmond The Class of '18 began its college 'career under the able direction of this man as president. "Bill" is a man who possesses ability mixed with a great deal of good common sense. Hie is a sincere and untiring worker both in the church and in the Y. M. C. A. He talks intelligent- ly on any subject and at any time, and wherever he gets a chance. ' A .Lt I. M4 SUE NVoRML12Y Kingsley Sue is a booster. At the same time she is one of the best-natured, sun- niest-tempered, and kindest-hearted girls that we have. Her head is as level as her heart is big. Perhaps she is not as steady a worker as some, but she has times and seasons of working as they come to her. Then she accomplishes much with her swift hand and swifter brain. M 1L'roN IRWIN Merrill A quiet, non-excitable chap who studies ardently because he likes to. May be found at most any time of the day in the biology laboratory. His keen thinking, strong feeling, and direct speaking are particularly characteristic. Though averse to all frivolity and mischief, he sympa- thizes in all reasonable forms of pleasure. We might add that his partic- ular pleasure is calling over on Third Avenue. rl K l " lu' AGNES M, FRY T Hawarden We were glad to welcome Agnes back to Old NI. C. last fall, and now we are especially glad to welcome her once more to the ranks of '18, Agnes debated for Moriiiiigside during her freshman yearg in fact, she is active in all forms of college activities, and finds time to make good grades. She never loses a chance for a good time. A typical American College Girl! Q.. we-,, .ma F mi l l x 2 l l i I l l i I i i 5 i l r i i i I l l E l 7 l i 1 . . i .vixly-three y. A ' i l ...-. .....- .... .. .....,-.-.- .... .......-............-,.....,. ........... I xx 411 4 v t, ,O , 'layl 4 . V. ' ,I I: 1 X ,J f .M ' ny s v ...Q 3 E v l x l . I l N 'i i 1 I l l 1 i 2 l s l 2 v i .sixly-four .i M Q 'Q X 'Y ' - - . v--xx' I ,4 v JAMES H. DONAHUE Sioux City One of Uncle Sam's Soldiers who went down to Mexico. Donahue came to Nlorningside last year from Yankton. He knew what he was about when he came back from the south in time to enroll as a Junior this fall. Very modest and unassuming, he believes in fair play, and his perfect sincerity is not to be questioned. A man of broad sympa- thies and enviable cheerfulness. Gowm jAcksoN Kingsley As pleasant as she looks. She is never idle a moment, is always thrifty and thoughtful of others. Goldie is a most brilliant student, and not- withstanding the fact that she was not in school all last year she is back in her old class. She goes her own way and goes quietly. ,She is happy always and has a bright look for all. LLOYD D. LE1-IAN Sioux Citi President of the 'l'ennis'Association. And Lloyd enjoys playing tennis perhaps more than any other one thing except "fussing." He seems to have more time on his hands than most folks. No doubt this is because he needs less to keep up his scholarship. Social life delights him and he is not to be excelled in gallantry. Though dignified and conservative in appearance, he appreciates cleverly turned phrases -S, .1 r' 1. .-. . - '.,,'.. . Y r tv lr: V7 "V ..4,.' ' " . Qu G 5' . . A N H - ..,, f I X -- .M au Sfuw A A 1 1 LL Mfulq -Q. Out of childhoozl into manhood N ow had grozun my Ilizzwatha, Skifflfll in all the craft of hunters, Learned in all the lore of old men. 1.. if ,- 2221. .-.TW 1 i . 1 Y + I i 3 1 I 2 3 1 e I l 4 i 1 4 4 5 5 i r sixly -,T-'ur '4E:j511l4 i,:"l.:,fQ Q N -fvL...,' ' jg 1 .'f..e'?-441--JQZQQ, A 1 J mf ,flfljf Hblllfit lf f ,fl K' Y AA- we AMW W V gr? Wi rw -VGYYVYZ M W:-W, I im fiiffimm""""'""""""""""M""'t"""M"u""""m"'"""""' i l Q iii? , ., my QP "f -93' f x ff, 3. S ' ,x ' rf . . "gl ! any W 10 ll- . 449 'x l 414 l . 741: . 5 ' LM ls- f l 4 I 1 l l R. Troutman, President, R. Mahood, Vice-President, R. Engberg, Secretary-Treasurer, D. Norton, Student Council Representative. L. Srmdvig ' R. Schellenger ' A. Lunblad, A. Sturdevnnt, A. Fry, R. Whitfield H. Ozwter H. McCutchenn F. Appel, L. Smith, H. Freeman, G. Crouch A R Reid I R. Connor E. Westfall, E. Wessel, C. Baldwin, R. Berry G Euston D E. Persinger L. Knapp, H. Meeks, R. Hill, E. Pritchard ' S. Brodkey F. C. Jones fp... I I ' I ' 1 ' l l f 5 t l yfllfilf ffl .3 ,Wi VM?-r 1? l 1 W 5 1 Y -A--.W MPH!--as vrrrr Z an A...-Mn.--'A tg- ,,--is VV ",f1n', I ' ,. f,.-- ,-rf f' ,,j,'f'E,""""""'MLi"iLM"'A ' l ,, . f 7fE?M.l A .V V if . . nr. .. . .... .-.....,. .... ..,,.. m ,Ni l , 154 Q, -All,QMu . 59 35 . sl 'li l 9 We , .X , X l Mwv. - ,W E Hnmbleton, G. Brown, G. Dunn, L. Haitz, A. Hunt, T. Fricst, R. Burpee. Walker C. Hart H. Smith, R. Randolph, YV. Wood, R. Brady, M. Evans. Castle lA. Wolcott, M. Erickson, H. XVnrnes, F. Morrison, H. Hunter, C. Albertson. Ferguson, F. Barber, A. Bartlett, E. Shroeder, E. Wood, F. Newland, L. Keene, Trnnkle, H. Fouke, H. Bergh, D. Utterback, H. Hutchison, M. Struck, 1 x w E 2 I x 1 1 t l 4 t W l 5 l l l 1 4. l 1. ll l 2 5 x l E 2 5 i Q 1 1 5 l l l 1 Jixiy-5641071 'l' i 'EES six -qi 'X 5 -M l' f-. gy, - W f f' V LV W V UQ' - 1 - G- Q I J . 'I , ,a, ff l l V , 1 F r l . l 4 1 ' I i , , ' 1 I , . n 1 Q l i l I l l 3 l E l E sixlyl eight 'SH X 8 E X . 5 F. Boyd, V. Gerkin, I. Smith, L. Herron, L. Hornnev, M. Nicholson, M. Bishop. G. Daniels, G. Dykstra, V. Payne, G. Wishnrd, L. Steele, E. Peitzke, M. Wood. G. Clark, M. Gusteson, M. Fish, E. Secoy, E. Szwonel, L. Shuster, M. Gusteson. G. Knapp, H. Wulf, A. Boyd, M. Purdy, M. Mnhood, K. Thorp, F. Foresberg. , A 1 729 1 ,W X "I H 1' Q-' , ,,. , H, 9 "-.' Aj!,Q9gfw'YJaSi'8aQ?,5Al'i14Qlz-f f I l 1 rv' If x N 4 rlf ,V g " ' , 1 Q' 'v 'fl f U WT'- I ' . , X '- 115.--r1,' V . :' M az., ' H L X lg X 2. f f 53 Xl -Qx,"5- lx f 5' .-'51 "L f-w.'2?"'1" Y-1 ' I x W .N ...., "' X, ' ,,,.,.,.f-1-' , l X " .fl f mp., f.r"" , , ,-f .11 ,J Q ....,,,N, ,, ' " ' -.- . 1 - -nm .-. 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H2:E5ESe25!PSils'3,'jf -- . 1- ' 1 X X 1 " ,Huw SW A' " inf XX C ' 10, 1 X :pu . ..- f fm ,gmuxxxy ,W hx L L Won X a AVIIVSFII thf little 1JiIl7L'IlfllII, Rochrd him in his linden cradle, Bvdzlwl soft in moss and rushes, Snfrly hound with 7'l'ill1ll?l?l' silzmvs. sixty-nine V- ' Q -'-, I I.,-553 ..,..V. -........1....- ---....-..m .,., N ,,,.,.,.. ,,,...,.,,,,,A ,.,,,,,,,m,,,,,,, z , ZFX 1 'rx K1 Fi I Z 3 1 i 1 ? I i I i 4 5 X i I i i F 5 i 1 1 fy? fu, f I W. 1111 flllemnrian Haul 181112 - Gilman lgreziilent 'Bieh flbctnher 113, 1515 3. 1 scfvcnly M. Dolliver, Vice-I'1'esiclm1t: C. Hvde. Sm-reinry-'l'1'ensu1'er: M. llurv, Student Council Roprvsemntive. O. Crews, H. Ilnyes, S. Hntclnson, J. Dean, B. Reed, C. Swartz. C. Buck, J. Glasgow, M. Hunson. A. Hinkley, IC. McKinney. M. lflvnns, J. Trefz, ll. '1'wuf.:uocl, C. Starr, A. Jeep, E. Atwood. - H. Butler, M. XVulf, l". l'u1't01', ll. Beard, C. I-Inllmn. J. Mrllnrnuy, M. XVnlkvr, H. Bcrgvson, H. Albertson, Il. Steele, I", Huvkr-lt. x 4 I 1 I l Q , i E 5 . I x i s 1 sefvenly-one .!'l"U6'Illy"1'LC.'0 O. Ensthouso, L. Fowler, T.. Dnhl, H. Pitstick, D. Tl'0llUT'HlY'l, WV. VunCluvu, S. linrpvu, A. .KllITlD9l', II. RIHIII, M. Rucbcr, L. Pcurcc. C. Taylor, I.. Nngberg, M. Harrington, E. Persingcr, C. Jorstud. G, Brmvn, L. Sntlwrlnnd, F. Dany, M. Lutz, F. Wier, A. Thonxpson. P. Cluunberluin, P. Miukolsun, A. Abel, I.. Peterson, G. Gondie. A, Muntgmncry, C. Nortln-up, T. Kummy, S, Shvrr, M. Benton, H. Dodslug 0 R. Smith, L, Stone, E. Payne, H. Smith, C. Engle. L. Schuster R. Rhinehurt, F. Anderson, G. Tounscnd, E. Bradley, IC. Morris. A. Hnrtmun, C. Harder, M. Leitch, A. Corr, E. Sanger. l'1. Buhnson, E, Wagner, F. Ishum, M. Johnson, G. Omer, Steele. E. Luke, E. Ostling, L. Hansen, A. Flom, V. Hurt. I. Keeler, P. Skinner, M. Dewell, E. Dunugen, C. Cowan, O. Aistrupe. 3 i ,, 2' . , ,'f',.'.',w-, .. ' V 'I if r '1"'i' ..I,..u X, , I 4. ' . 1 I S I .wfvrnty-Il1r1'r i i r l l 3 4 M ff vm' m CW W t f f- A L ,NZ ' N v ii ,gt wk X V AWN mt W at if I P, - 1 . E t W E r t o t t . t H t t 1 K , , ,,..., i ' A. Carter, M. Montgomery, A. Beck, G, Leighton, M. Swanson. 1 R. Johnson, H. Luglun, H. Meidell, E. Ausmon, L. Wendt, E. Hilmer. , G. Young, L. Stone, V. Clnrkg B. Carver, L. Griffen. ' H. Search, T. Klutt, P. Hodge, R. Marten. ' w N f . E J" Q QU. I. pl Y 'dx 'iv If Y A. if 4 mfg .ww Wy! if , g. . . ,W , .g ,',,, l H e iigign.. ,g'-'ffifr '. V- t Q g -'54 'TQ'-H 'TF ' 7 -"jf.'l' ' ' , L' n ,. , Wi l f t .twenty-four '- . ' ' , V X , ' t ,' f A e .,., m .. ,LV ,ms . ' f.. . . N .1 - . - 1 Uurnuvvnr fnfr nu fAvnv.IlVluAwf-nI'xYA 1 11 N I ,fk " N 'X 'QI 1 H -. ' - X tk , Q, 'ER , X '1 1-,QL H , gk '4 1:.-way' v, 1 1" n f 1 'VJ "fe fi N If X PA J , g :.,'I.f. L .G fl! ' 'PIM at 73-' W PPV? bah, ' w , "uf in ' Y Rv . X X , , 4 xx X mm. 1 ! 0 i 5 4 I I I H N Y 1 ! 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E ,W SENIOR MUSIC ,,, ,, i an gi W gil- , .Kia Mnrgnret Gowdio, Piano Ethel Ordwny, Piano G0l'il'lld0 Grnslion, Piano Rnlmttn Johns, Pinno i SENIOR EXPRESSION ' ii ii . , ,, W - M. Permit, A. Boyd, C. Lewis, M. Wickens, G. Ciurk, F. Beuchnm. i i i ' i 4 5 , SENIOR ACADEMY 1 L 3 i 1 i 1 P , 1 i Q 1 f i F- S 1 H. Hartley, E. Sawyer, F. Fair, M. Clnnnp, D. Champ, H. Albro, R. Andrews. I-I. Whyte, G. Jenkenx-ion, R. Johnston, L. Blenkloy, D. Blenklvy, C. Muhood, H. Buehler, R. Long. , yr. H...- , . .. 4 , .1 , X, 3 f..,wiQv 214. i i . Y . ,.J,2,HNj,,2, g.?flQ..xQ4Grifsflfi3Q5:i- bfi' 2, 5 '1-- V :1,'.5f 1, ' - A ,- .vcwuty-six ' 'i If ? I K 1271, 'U fu: ' ff' . ' i In iv ' "i in if T243 w,1,aH:'4l ' .' 'Y if X' ' 0 'S W . , -. A i f, ggi M' 253. ix Zak b ,fy M 'i Q x V I x. I4 X t I 1 1 SA X I ! XX f W H -E ,AA 1 . ...,. . . ..,. ...ummm 1 uw A umm , . Book III QHIUIYIBE 5 1 7. -------------M H... ...-...v-. 5 , .....-.,.,.,, ,... .. ,,..,A,,,, ,.l....-,......-,,,.,w.,..-.-,,. ,,,.,. ---,.-w. ,... ,M,,,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,Wim 1 i 4 1 J I 4 A v X 1 4 fi n l Y ' will l V ig i " WLVJ? 5 ' ' L lg' 3 ,, s11lL'?EJiT- fit l ' i n-N-W ? f--,xl ul 2 I . ll f , ' U lm , 257 ff i Wh lx 11143 . 11 ' Y I M i I . him I Q L fi W 9 . l 7 l i ll! ! ' Q-h ill I l l XQ ,ol ll "fi ' f N FEQW 'alll . i '. yy W, is ' f W Y n1l K . x h ri . N nf DU f "Ln, 4 . -Hyfkilmw 2 5 .J 1 1 I 5 E A Dear, loo, unto Ifiawatha Was the very strong man, Kwasiml, , - Ile the strongest of all mortals, if Ile the miglztiest among manyf g For his very strength he lo-ved him, 1' For his strength allied to goodness. 4 . TV I in 4.4- i X, P-,fitfniglsl J -Q", I W l i.. W- W .ii. zgfagciggg-'ii' i 75 . 5, 4 fy, Vzxffq- i til f-gfffflfx 'yi' ', Ig iii i , ':1xt, 'M K I ,s-. , HK' EJ 'wi-ff . ,Q,,,.-fix , Q15 acl " -wb ,Y4 N N . 5 a J1'fv1'l1ly-sf'fu1'11 4' 5 X -'sc tzxlb, Elin 'P' . ,K XS- is , . mm fwffsf ..':f7Zi".t413::i'ilfQ."5Z'7i' E f V 12 ii K H f,'f. if-5 Q 1 f' lu 1 ff! , . ,A A Cf 6 fix. ' 'f if N iv" ,H ' fix 1 11 ff? A N i i Y i Y i i W Y In appreciation of i JASON M..SAUNDERSON Director of Mcn's Athletics i Who stands for clean athletics and who has put us on the map athletically , ls, ff N 2.1, ji I. 1' ' . - ' if 3 W' 3399 h ! 41 ytnfffg , q..ixl,r,,J6.3t,lYJ wig W T tx ,I Qf, J . ki 2 .,, ' 1-fri ' ' ' - if -91 f 1 -I ' - ur I X, . ' - f. f. . g .wfznfnly Ulyfll , , ' - 1 N . Y , ll , if 1 , , -f - s M - 4-.--.iii . ,,,.. .... ,...M...w... ..,,. .,.w,,W mmf R 'N Q04 X X W 1 . , X X iii: qi 'it, i i X ' Q ff Y mvfwm 7 QV AII' Q A T QINX EN :LA g f Www, il-El y . ' X f f l if W l i + X- ,X u l W- f X ffl' , 1 X X X X WX X 4 9 Q51 ',', i V 5 l 2 I f 1 . l i v 1 l l l l i r t l l l 1 l l l l l l l E 4 l l l l I 1, l E i A l l l vigllly Collegiate Champions of Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska S'l'ANlJlNG-Com-li Suundvrson, licwk, Swartz, NVnlf, l'lm'nnuy, l'Iiil'vrt. Sl'lA'l'l+ll7-Norton, Gantt. Baslmw, Johmxon. Nnrthrnp, NNW-nigx, liloyd. St-ntod-Ilinklvy, Clark, Bc-llnu-r, NVilIinms, NVnrm-S. SCHEDULE ' Morningside Opp. Oct. 7, State Teachers at Cedar Falls ..... ................. 3 8 6 Oct. 14, Buena Vista at Sioux City . 27 0 Oct. 21, Wziyiie Normal at Sioux City ,...... .... l 12 0 Oct. 28, Dakota Wesleyan at Sioux City ...... .... l 12 0 Nov. 4, Nebraska Wesleyani at Lincoln ........ . 17 0 Nov. ll, Iowa State College at Ames ...................... . 0 7 Nov. 18, South Dakota University at Sioux City ..... .... 0 O Total .... .... 3 06 13 , z mfs., w z l .2 X I .-, f I FACTORS OF A WINNING FOOTBALL SEASON 1 Q Y Q I I x I 2 3 f 1 3 l 1 D i Q 3 cighly-one 7 """'N, 4 i -'21-:?.f-N..,f-.Q ,Ax- L' rw- .Nl5gfs4:g.,'-, I "Wag T'f'r stiff A is Wlllflp . , . , . P l , , , , fi r. QW 'li W I-iilvl ri 4 ll lj' fu. iw l I3 - .Tiff . .Thani 3 YV" Z f,v.4jg'-5z.:,.,:g'ff.f'- ' IOWA STATE TEACHERS GAME The first game of the season was played against the Iowa State Teachers' College, at Cedar Falls. The Maroolis were victorious by the decisive score of 38 to 6. A much closer game was expected because of the fact that the Ames Aggies the previous week had been able to score only 19 points against them. The State Teachers' paper likened the lVIaroon squad to a "well-oiled machine, each man having his certain work to do and then doing it." ' BUENA VISTA GAME The Buena Vista game, which was played at Mizzou Park, was a comparatively easy victory for the Maroons. They started with a rush and scored two touchdowns in the first seven minutes of play. From here 'on the game was played in a seemingly indifferent mannerg the Ma- roons being content to hold them, and only occasionally showing the fighting spirit that so dominated the entire squad the week before. xxriinximv y ivy Q g , V f ..'t S5 f I rt M N' 91 l gk ll ,, 'IX I f 4,5 i , y I '. .. 1 lilt ., V i J X i N-fr. a i A N tgp, Q X 43 -Q-J" :L was 5 .F f. T if l V g,xA.zQ:..Sf.!1'5i'-li-'gr 'v 'f' T 'L . 2 V, ' .-'E .T -L' I u.'N,..i7 i lg x X - ., V. . , nghly-lfwo ' "M , if ' i X . . .. . ..,..,. .......,.,.-.-.,. ,.v,,,......M.W,,.. 1 1 1 . 1, A'-1 , - ,-1. 1 'Wi 1 it 'iid Wh. fi ,VA, , ., f ,.-4: ., -f, I , ff -' i tp 5 1 ff, f. 75 Q fy' 1 ' gf mf' x A- -- - ee A-1 QLM ggwgfffff Q- lfuillkff' T555 , lfjgfjw rim C. f-171 HQ -vi X is . ' if Md 1 'I 'll 1 ef fi, WAYNE NORMAL GAME 1 K Mel 1 , ,l The Wayne game was a decisive victory for the bla- l roons. From the blow of the first whistle the game was y never in doubtg the lVIaroons scored at will. All of the gif? baekfield men, Behmer, Johnson, Gnatt and Hinkley, making sensational runs of thirty and forty yards at a clip. At the end of the first half a total of 54 points had been registered and the second half started with EQ several of the second squad in the lineup. The final score which showed that their work was not in vain was 112 to 0. . . , .,.,, , ,l I DAKOTA VVESLEYAN GAME The overwhelming defeat of the Dakota Wesleyan squad was the sweetest victory of the season because of ' j the fact that the Wesleyariites had the previous season defeated the Maroons by a score of 29 to 10. , 1 The Maroons outplayed them from the first blow of the whistle! The backfield men plunged through their line for sho1't smashes of three to eight yards, and skirted 1 their ends for thirty and forty yards at will. The 112 points scored by us was the largest score ever amassed i by any Marconi eleven against a team of equal rank, i which was remarkable considering that there was only 1 one varsity man remaining in the lineup when the final - whistle blew. 1 T Q g fr 3,2-'i'iZj',l V J M 'flifjgitrgrlgfflaff -' 2 1 .fftt-iff-asf,i,,it,'i.' iMI"'11'iQf2'v, if. - .1 U az' 1 . 1 fifitfgfsii, ,+v9f4::'w2'aff': 'ft ar. iTP.:4:.'f3' ' ,,,-.,...u.................,...-.........-.--.--.t,,,,,, , 1 S "liilA'm!lfQlHF'ifrediilfifriiiwiiff-,i'3'Q:'nQ - wif? "1' ' M""'N"""""""" " eighty-Zlmfe 1 .. 1' . X5 .ali A K ll M " El 1 NEBRASKA VVESLEYAN GAME This game, which was played at Lincoln, was one of the hardest battles of the season, both teams fighting to their utmost, but the Nlaroons by their smashing style of play finally won out by a score of 17 to O. Nevertheless it was a dear victory because of injuries to Johnson and Northrup. This was the first time in the history of Morningside that any Maroon eleven has defeated Nebraska Wesleyan at Lincoln, and it is also the first time in the history of the school that we defeated Dakota VVesleyan and Nebraska VVesleyan in the same season. . A 1 f AM ES GAME When we met the Aggies we were in very poor condi- tion because of the hard game the week before. Never- theless the Nlaroons played stellar football and lost only by a single touchdowncaused by a fumble, due to the intense cold. Neither team was able to make consistent gains because of the condition of the field. The touch- down came in the third quarter and was the second and last time the Maroon goal was crossed during the entire season, resulting in our only defeat. , WH ll 1 f I " i il 5 , 1, ,Qi i fs wifi o V-1 A "-.x24r,"'y.Y pi .l.g,,F?.i3,'l JSF" 'I' 'MPa . ymggx ,ffjx.', um- ,Q l ,fvzlf ' 5.6 1 , W f . 1 f fy' ,if ' ' if jfs 1- :nuff i jfiiiflii F i kill, Y .1, cgi.-ig r . '- A Q. ,,g+i.A t ' N- v VERMILION GAME The contest with South Dakota came as a Htting climax to one of the most successful of all lVIaroon football sea- sons. The enthusiasm and the spirit shown was greater than during any previous year, because of the fact that we were doped to hold them at least to a tie. The football game really started in the morning when a parade consisting of the entire student body, led by the College Band, marched thru the streets of the down town district, arousing and creating pep by giving yells: and singing songs. The game started promptly at three. The Maroons kicked off and the Coyotes after several plays were forced to punt. The ball was in the Coyote's territory 1UOSt of the time and only once during the entire contest was there a chance for either team to score. This opportunity came in the third quarter when, after a series of forward passes, the ball was advanced to the Coyote's seven yard line, where the Maroons were held for downs. The game ended with the ball in South Dakota's possession on their own forty yard line. cigllly-f 'Ut 1 se xx N 5,1 Q, , 5 X -' 'ii " I f,L1Li:.1f551,..f?Q-sf all -we t, Q, lf If if ' lfsyl X, MQW, llifllllfll X f ' l . . U A- v' fs, ' Q ffillfallfzfff ,flax 1- Q41 lx ll' 'J llf Q lu' lf lil El E Q. l l , l l l LEON JOHNSON, '18 l - Captain "Jerry," our husky right halfback, by his wonderful line plunging ability. his open field running, his aggressiveness on offense and his good l right toe made many a victory possible for the Maroons. Jerry is a typical l football leader, and a clean, hard player and deserves the position on the all- l State eleven accredited him by football critics. Q COACH J. M. SAuNnsRsoN "Saundy," the man who made the football squad what it was, the man who is a natural football fighter and who has the faculty of instilling it into his meng a man who, by his personality, can win the respect of any of his foot- ball men and can give them that dogged persistency which will surmount any obstacle on the football field. CARROLL NORTHRUP, '20 "Norty," the captain-elect who played the right end' position, was a wonder at breaking up interference and tackling the man in the same playg he received forward passes in a phenomenal manner and in going down under punts oft times tackled the safety man in his tracks. He was given a place on the second all-State eleven. .s l .l. .,l, 5 lx ll! ylglxflf , . 1? Cf- x ' ,, vi ff fi 4 1 it Q ' .1 LJ-fmf. f ill lagagsgazfzwr'-45 x, - , -. W -Vg! .vip ' , .-f l eighty-.fix L, I ' x 4 f ,il A fl ll ff ll, l l lx l l l A KIVI' I ','. L. ..., -av... lv. 1 . V l ll 1 J ll 4 I l 1 l l 4 i v E i l A 1 1 ...t p w, is 4, .,mq,. Q. , 'i'?i.iff1 , . 1?'i'1if.1 iZiA 'Q 'W ' fi Ein -eff? Q-"1"':c 1. ,f 4 - .. xffff-'55-', ' ,,,--fl : fvfffbf' .i 1' ':'L.4:w E H3131 ,i.Lasw'7--V. 1 .- - "X.1f-':'4s:f.a..1.!t 'NBBQN W' , xi' fm! H 1 V YK? El ff: Lo. ' ... ...nary - f ' Y 1 fl will ll ll" it? , El , ERWIN WENIG, '18 "Obe," our lanky right tackle, was a wizard at analyzing plays and delighted in busting up end runs and off-tackle smashes before they got under way as well as intercepting forward passes and carrying them down the Field. His toe won us many points, once lifting a d'rop kick 49 yards and hanging ' up Il new record for Sioux City. "Obe" received honorable mention for all-State. 1 THOM AS LLOYD, '18 "Tom," a substitute backfield man, was fast on his feet and a clever runner. N He substituted both at fullback and the quarterback position, and from this position showed unusual generalship in 'directing the plays of the squad. Levi HORNNEY, '19 "Lee" at the center position was a man worthy of the placeg on defense he never failed to block a play through the center of the lineg he was ball to the backfield men and in no little degree should the showing of these men be accredited to him. especially good at passing the 4 K il liw WJ K. ,Sq ww . rn.. 2' 1 f N wt . . . 'Wh -1. ",. A-sf f . , . X3 U .4 U 4 , N Us , th' 9b'r.c?g,tf65!l,T,, V "-RXXN X xx xiii-EM , .Q .1 ligi g xihilji eighty-srwn l , 1 ,. ,- if-.,z??qf'1m:.g' p li.. Mg, .WW41-' lmlffxifg L ll- f '.-1 -1. - ' - -A tr f--'-me 1. . ' . 1 ax ur Q. 1 1-4' , ,.. nr'-H, '. TM f. '--- . fzrixfv 1 -"7xQQ'f4i'br A 'N 5 .3 'n fi . "',r?l-. 4.2 NWI- Q4 '1 '15 " " ' L "L' .4f':' :"1"-i, --ffiflfz, 1' pf, .,1 " .:: . --U," ' , ,, . 'wi fir , I 4 . ,MI I ll T "pr ' x gc vp t. MPX. s A- J' ' ' Jn, , r M M M A. .o X ., .r rs fx- .'sL - "X - xlxsxxf. '- Nag 4. 'Aa L LT ."w- e -. 1 s. wx j-ff!..:::-N., 5-g.,.,f5XJQ.kX? T -- N ij, .. ,. . ""'fft"..",, ' 11.7. , .l.11...,fl.. I ML' f R+? lf he f P V linflkil W j,fff lm ' U iw lf" A Tiff fl- ll ll? l iw' gi 2 ,M lil ll EE l I i l l l 1 A . IB , , l l l Z I , , A p Q -l l E l l l 4 I l EDWARD G'AN'I"1', '20 I "Ted" played left halfback on the squad and was a tower of strength in that position, being fast on his feet, a clever runner, and a man who could hit ' 1 the line when occasion demanded. I-Ie was also adept at receiving passes I and he was one of the hardest and surest tacklers on the Maroon squad. I ALBERT Bauman, '19 1 "Little Al," the quarterback who directed the playing in the squad, was a fast, clever, and shifty open field runner, a wonder at receiving and' l returning punts. On several occasions twisting through the entire opposing- l squad for touchdowns. "Al" was given the position on the all-State eleven of quarterback and' captain. l r STANLEY BASHAW, '18 "Bush" played left end for us. He was a hard worker and a man who E always used good judgment in playing his mang he was especially strong -MP1 on defense, breaking up plays and smashing the interference on many occa- , sions before the play was fairly started. - fa tx-. ,' .V . J, x jpg. , nY?Ft2R!u"YJ1'-S:3.f"4-un 4341 J W xx 'K xfx 'I Q -l A 9. tll ,ffl A -Ji' 'X PJ .-I". " 2 ' l l l I H 'ln t ygtqilit- fi 'Q ff1Q"'f9" E ' Q I A ...E-gr+ret4QfgQ,g,5f,j.,Q.s1..f.- It H ' 3 eighty-cxghl '- 1' 4 ,-.A X I 1 If 1' fl - I.....:ga,:.f:Q4..:.,g:?i.,.,..V f i m,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..M ,., .,m,g'm1 1 ,,.,.,,,,,..,..,,. ...,,.,.,..,.,,-,.,.....-,...-,,-..........-.,-............-V---- L 5, 1 ,pw : Q nm, X x Cnr ' ls, X , X , N X Q qwi, , X V .iw t x tb?-,'1 , e KI -, A l ARTHUR HINKLEY, '20 "Hink," although playing as a sub in the early part of the season, held the position of fullback during the closing games. He was a hard runner and a clever tackler and made superb intereference for his teammates in the backfield. HORACE VVULF, '19 f'Halligan," the hig left tackle, was a fighter from start to Finish. He never did anything sensational, but always got his man, he nas a veritable giant on offense when called' upon to make a hole in the opposing line for the backfield plungers. Ewmvr VVlLLIAMS, '17 h kfi ld nd the end positions. He "Ewan" was substituted both in the ac e Z1 was a hard worker and a consistent tackler and his small size in no way measured his fighting determination to return victor. , N 11 1 f 1 1 1 1 l i 1 ,1 l 1 l 1 1 I l 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 l Q l S 1 1 cigllly-nina 'ii ...-1 . 1551 SX 1: +5 'fx' ,fwfr ""25:-fw.w- fm 'Q' F., ,V , ,,L..,,1:.,,.5a., ' 0AW""f7.Z:w? 'mf' 1 1 ,W 'fd,Y.'i Q7 UWB .fl-, G' A 'ffl' all ll ' 9 ll ri' I3 ninety LH l i L ,, t . .iz ' L DALE NoRToN, '19 "Skinney," playing at right guard, proved to be a tower of strength. His i weight and power enabling him to make a hole in the opposing line when called upon to do so. On defense, he marched through the line, blocking 1 many a play before it was started. 1 l Axai. BECK, '20 "Swede" played left guard and never left anything undoneg on offense he always put his man out of the play, and on d'efense he broke thru the line time after time, blocking the man behind the line of scrimmage. l CHARLES SWARTZ, '20 , "Red" was substituted at both the center and guard positions. He acquitted i . . himself in a creditable manner He was a hard, consistent worker and was a real fighter from start to finish l, ii-1 A if lp ,0 X f 1 t ' , ll -10 23, - 4 l ll' f 5 , Ai 1'5vJ'i'-7 I'- of ' 1. '-f V. .1 Il ly X, :vm x N L' 9 l l 7 .9 ' ft. 51 i 4 , , 1 'Vf . t ' Wil, f 1 Sw xx 1xl,,' fr i 1 1' l , V, X7 ff- f f , .T 'f , 3 X s K r l X ff , . , f X f XXX 1 J-IJ' . . U -'-'V'-N-' X ..' Q- - i i 5 ....a..................uv,..,...,-.MW...,W,,. 1' . f U,-1 f A 1 A . ,jj , , ,,,. , R , , . ,oust ,X,,., kr, lxwvfb f..4'J i m ffl fi X' ry W M' viriillg lv A 1. ij 5 t 9 R ff' ff . ' V Il ix' 4 EN 4 p L lla r ll l 1 'tl . UW' i , l l 1 , E l l WILSON CLARK, '17 "VVils" was substituted in many positions, playing at center, guard, end, and in the backfield. A very valuable man because of his ability to fill any posi- tion. He was a consistent fighter, and distinguished himself as a hard tackler. - HARRY WARNES, '19 "Harry" on several occasions was substituted in the backfield and whenever he was called upon to carry the hall made a substantial gain, being fast on his feet and a hard runner. PAUL EIFFERT, '17 "Turk," Anybody who has associated with Paul, especially on the footbflll , I n I H V-'-f'p-M ig-11 f-I field, becomes infected with the never die spirit of "hit lem hard men. He , 'z directed the second squad and he put the Fight into them which made the I M varsity fight to their utmost to hold their positions. 1 wifilf-s' f -l.N .gjf3'G4Ql'iii5l'n,g, l ' f . V . , V M agaietb .a f4-.-f,:f- -A "':,Wf.a it S v H: if "' 1 ,. N mow 1. , W. . R. ,pm , sr, 3, r, as 5,.4,,Qmft.,,yf7n .rc "H ':--. : -4 .Q ,N-1. ..3.- ' 'ixxxxxufl' Y l. RY, px 'X Xl U E L H1 ' ' " t mnety-one HS.. 19' -iaii gtix VH A HX, f " ,. , " --' ? "Its ' , . ' -'I '. 'lf fd Ng-. ." . as milizg- greatly M1215-l1.f mc, . 1 ll. V ,ffl :l5"'?'l1'2?.f- 55' ll:liKN5i My , ,lu ,Lx .' 5. J., .. NWQV- soul' ,Ming J J, . 3 -..,, - Y we - - QT! . ' 1,-... :.'::f3-if-Pint .LV . r. - N. wr .rl A Y in I "9 fi ninety-lfwo The Reserves ul Il 1 !'Ull"""" 9'1" T' -, H ln.. - 94 Q .-1, akfutg. Z. . Reifstiek, Omer, Hum-ketl, 'l'. liir-Bride, Behnn-r. lluguril, W'nlker, Kenney, Brown, 'l'e:u'i-e, Downs. . Quinn, Connors CCnpt.J, Mickelson, Cownn. 011 the afternoon of November 29, the "Scrubs'l journeyed to Sutherland, where a hard-fought game was played with the town team. A little stage fright at first caused them to surrender the first half by a score of 6 to O. After a little heart-to- heart talk with Behmer, their manager, they went into the game thensecond half with a determination to win. After a few minutes of play, a forward pass signal was called. The line held like a stone wall and a forward pass, Mickelsoii to Connors, resulted in a thirty yard run for their only touchdown. Conner's ability at kicking goal won for them the game. The lineup was as follows: Scrubs 7, Sutherland 6. P. M. Left End ........ ..... C owan Left Tackle .... Walkei' Left Guard .... ...... K enney Center ,,..,.,.,,,. ............ I Sogard Right Guard .... T. Mcliride Right Tackle .... ......... H ackett Right End ..... .......... C 1. Brown Quarter .... Left Half .... Right Half .. Full Back Capt. Connors Quinn ..... Mickelsoni ....... Steele lk 9 'N -Q B A Q l r Q5 Qifj EJ my f 4, f S F' W3 Q4 Q W .xv f J X- XV Q my ' ?s 2 -:El 2 A P 1 l E l E uim'Iy-four First lnstallment cwhoops of the Sioux OR A Story of State Champions FEATURING Captain "Turk" liiffert AND I-IIS Tribe of Scalp-Hunters Produced under the direction of Jason RI. S21Ul1ClCl'SOll PART I. "THE Covow l'lUNTH Scene I. Vermilion, S. D. Mzly 12, 1916 The feature of the game was the work of the pitchers. "Obe" VVenig of lylorningside and Steele of South Da- kota pitched wonderful ball, each holding their opponents to two hits. At the end of the tenth inning the score stood 0 to 0. An overthrow in the first of the eleventh, with a coyote on second and two out, gave South Dakota the only score of the game. Score: Morningside O, South Dakota University 1. Scene H. Vermilion, S. D. 'lVIayl3, 1916 This game was featured by heavy hitting on both sides. A high wind made errorless ball impossible. Northrup twirled for us and kept the hits of the coyotes well scat- tered. Score: lVIorningside 8, South Dakota University 6. PART II. KVFHE HAWKEYE '1'RAnf' Scene I. Des Moiiies, Iowa llflay 15, 1916 The heavy-hitting of the Naroons again featured. "Obe" allowed but two hits while the inuch-touted Kins- ley was driven off the mound. Score: Nlorningside 9, Highland Park 0. Scene II. Cedar Falls, Iowa lvlay 16, 1916 Home runs by Eiffert, Northrup, and Johnson enabled the Sioux to annex another scalp to their belt. Northrup pitched. Score: Rlorningside 12, State Teachers O. Scene 111. Iowa Falls, Iowa Bday 17, 1916 The support given Weiiig was the feature of the game. Captain l'1iffert's work behind the bat was even better than usual. Two errors were checked up against the Maroons. Score: ilflorningside 5, Ellsworth 3. Scene IV. Storm Lake, Iowa May 18, 1916 The Sioux completed their record-breaking trip by an easy victory over Buena Vista. Obrecht allowed but live hits and shut out his opponents. One error made by llorningside. Score: lworningside 1-I-, Buena Vista 0. PART III. Hrrfllf Sioux INVASION BY THE CoYoTEs" Scene I. Bass Field, Sioux City May19, 1916 The features of the game we1'e Duncanis batting, Steele's pitching, and a 1'ally by the Nlaroons in the eighth. Wexlig, after pitching superb ball for four innings, was compelled to leave the game with a dislocated knee. Score: Morningside 2, South Dakota University 4. Scene II. Bass Field May 20, 1916 The Sioux avenged themselves of the defeat of the pre- ceding day by smothering the Coyotes. Eighteen hits were made off the delivery of the South Dakota pitcher, in- cluding four home runs, four three-baggers, to say noth- ing of doubles and singles. Northrup pitched. Score: lWorningside 23, South Dakota University 4. l fzinfly-fifvn I l l 2 I I I K 1 3 I 1 E l 1 l I rzinrly-six I Catcher . First . Second Short . Third . Right Field Center Field Pitcher . Pitcher . Pitcher . Substitute . PART IV. H'.l1HE BADGER HUNT,7 Scene I. Northfield, lVIinn. May 24, 1916 Rain prevented starting the game until after four o'cloclc and left the field slow and slippery. Obrecht and Clough pitched. Score: llorningside 2, St. Olaf's S. Scene 11. Northfield, 1Winn. May 25, 1916 The heavy slugging of the 1VIaroOns compelled four Carlton pitchers to leave the mound. Sco1'e: hlorningside 19, Carlton 7. Scene III. Northfield, 1VIinn. lVIay 26, 1916 Northrup pitched and allowed but five hits as did his Opponent, but errors at critical times allowed the latter to win. Score: Morningside 3, Carlton 8. GRAND TOTAL lVIOrningside 121, Opponents 42 LIN E-UP . CAPTAIN PAUL EIFFERT . . EARL WILLIAMS ALBERT BEHMER . LEON JOHNSON CAPTAIN-ELECT MARTIN CLOUGH . HOWARD ALLEN 'THOMAS LLOYD . ERWIN WENIG CARROL NORTHRUI' CLARENCE OBRECHT STANLEY BASHAYV Jw A-. .fx XMQQI td., I 1?-12 i Y EI I, K -X A - ?'k",1f," 0 'X ' :S-C lfQ1YMxVx xx v i Ifo XXX xx c. ' If ffigw- .Q X . ' 1 ' . f A A 1 X ,X E3 X UW - A M ' XX X I 0 fS Q '55, X 'V rf , 2 x X ': X . XXX- Ui gi 114:-'f 11 ' f Q - Hy, u 'N I ' 1 J f xx' A X . Zag KL Q 1 W, Us K A3 ,4 'my .L yn - E :Qjs'cI"i.1,'Q1i'A: X few .. s-Aliyyfmv f' ,. A :. ,'j33i:,hj? ., -wvfz. . ' Mg ' , gf: ifefi-eaf ,f7 wirm 5 -w New lg? ,' H- 5- 5-'3,Q: A. 'Q - -'A LA - .ix-Nl: GH' Q31 A ' QM-:!f':.Hr"', -T 'Q' """" 'M'-"-' AL .fn :I 'N LUV , 9 6 '-K. --,". tw ' f- 1--fa,,f,,i. we 1 glxdwm- , ,J nzru'ly-scfven xv.-inf,-7,7 ,. 'A'--"""' , I 'giyhixibhsy ""' ' "'.1'n-jf-,f,-u-1-. .N ll. , mffka-Z. . V- 71X A. I I Second Installment Whoops of the Sioux FEATURING Cfu'T.1uN XVIENDELI. CURRY Supported by an All-Star Cast Produced under the Di1'ection of Jasox M. SAUNDIZRSOX PART I Drake Relays, Drake Stadium, Des lyloines Captain VVendell Curry, Herald VValker, lfarl VVilliams, and Harry VVarnes carried the lylaroon for us in the two-mile relay, the only race we en- tered. We were unlucky in drawing the extreme outside lane. Williaiiis, our first man, was boxed until the last 220 where he managed to break through and pass up several men. He ran an easy race and could have bettered his time if given a chance. Warnes took up the race with a handicap of a bad start and passed up 1nan after man of the seven ahead of hi1n and ran the fastest race of his young career. His magnificent sprint on the finish gave VValker second place with a 20-foot handicap. "Steve" loafed around behind his man in his cus- tomary style until the last 300 yards, where he left the whole field and gave 'Captain Curry a generous lead of 20 yards. Our holder of the conference record continued to increase the lead between him- self and the Cornell man until fully 50 yards sep- arated them at the finish. Curry was conceded to be the prettiest runner of the afternoon. He cov- ered his first lap in 55 and would have made record time if pressed. The bad starting position probably prevented us from setting a new record. As it was, we came within 22 seconds of it, covering the distance in 8: l7:2, the record being 8: 15, held by Morning- side since 1913, when we broke the previous record, also held by ourselves, by 13 seconds. VVith the ex- ception of one year, lllorningside has always held the record in this event. PART II Dual lleet, KIorningside-South Dakota University Bass Field, lllay 10, 1916 Yes, Vermilion trimmed us, but they just evened up an old score of the year before. Vidal of South Dakota was the individual star, carrying off 18 points. Captain ,Curry was easily second with 11 points. lt was not a good day for a track meet. as there was a veritable gale blowing up the home stretch which, added to the chilly weather, made it unpleas- ant for both the spectators and the participants. 'lihe final count was 6-l points for Vermilion and -l-5 for lklorningside. Probably the feature event was the -1'-l-0-yard dash. This was a contest between two state champions. lyleade holds the South Dakota record in that event. while Curry holds the conference record in the 880- yard dash. Curry broke the tape a stride and one- half in the lead. ln the 880 Walker' had things all his own way, his lead being threatened but once, which caused "Steve" to forsake his opponent's com- pany and finish with a good lead. In the broad jump VVenig beat out Vidal, the S. D. star, by two inches. In the two-mile Vanl-Iorne had an easy time, his only competitor being VVilliams of Morn- ingside. In the shot put Ray Harrington pulled down live points for us. Ed Harrington copped 3 points in the high hurdles and threw a big scare into the Coyotes in the lows. No records were made be- cause of the cold and windy atmosphe1'c. SUNINIARY OF MEET 100-yard dash-Stephens, S. D., Curry, lvl. 10 . 3 220-yard dash-Stephens, S. D., Quigley, - S. D. 2-1: 2 5-l ' 2 -l--10-yard dash-Curry, M., lVIeade, S. D. . 880-yard dash-VValker, M., Meade, S. D. 2:08:l 5Nn.n..sAM sf nillely-nil!! f. . 71' I' 1 1 C5 4 I I I 1 Y r 5 I f 1 F E 4 f A I 2 I A Mile 1-un-Cobb, s. D.. cm-fy, M. Two-lnile run-VanHorne, NI.g Willizlxmls, 120-yard hurdles-Young, S. D.g E. Har- ington, NI. 220-yard hurdles-Quigley, S. D.g Young S. D. High-jump-Vidal, S. D.g Young, S. D. and VVenig, IW. tied for second Broad-jump-VVenig, M. Vidal, S. D. ' and Bennett, S. D. tied for second 5 Discus-Vidal, S. D.g Anderson, S. D. Shot-put--R. Hll1'1'illgf0ll, M. Anderson, . S. D. START OF TWO-MILE AT THE DRAKE RELAYS IW. I0 Pole-Vault-Vidal, S. D.g E. Nlahood, HI. 414514 '59:2 18 30 5:8 20:6 10:6 118 35 :3 .X- ,. . ,uf -.vs .. , N 5 .. ' 53 :,., N z A f. me M .-4-V .f - .-. ' -A,,,-gyiige - 5 . ", ' ...f-. - -.:.'-. ,.-,L Q. . ,A Q- ,: I. K G-i"M9ls.Lfr...iZ.Lf'hQ..,.'..w4-.-' 'I --1"',,'f:9L' ' 'A "' ' . ,h ' " - .,,.?f...f:T'. - 1 'gm-1 '-' 1' I -- .J w-':'.,...- xi,-, . .,,...f.fe5v ,....w ' ' .-:5,.I',.'f,,-' ,, .. .,,. 2' " peg '-'h- X , --' - .L ,-Q .H gf- ug,.,.,.A , A . ., ,,..rf' - - . ...-5.54-Q , N.,,! ,,4,i,.:.'f41,l a Q "5 'lF'f'4"4: Q.s'lb3J:" .. . . '4"fA-ur-ff 3' ' ".,:. L' Q' ' I W L'-z':"l1'g'F -. VF i 1' ff. Q q .. . .- -...T -'S-wfdf.-i,.: - 1 " .v"""rT-"" '7 ' .:""' ga-.F A " av ' . z .f -' J ' -.M -. - ' ... .--f - ...r :f 4-2...-H - K' 9 i ' YVILLIAMS OF MORNINGSIDE IX EX'1'KEMIC OUTSIDE LANE ' 1 I one hlllldffd , N 3 1 4- s ,XL WA, IV f Wzrfg -N1 ' f -.-. , my .. . A - E . 1- . X 's , w 1 .. ..., .........,.-..., -. .... rf 1 ' y x 'K I 'li' U 33" H 1 M. , ,gym ' , eu! , .Mm J, X,- , " I .fugy ,.,.A'-' lax- gv - f':fgX 1 A f u + i one hundred on I x X- :fx zyxl x .,,'x,1 I 4 I 'i'Q Y -vw 1 1 2 E Y i U Z l i 1 I ! 1 I P 1 1 l i 1 5 i I 5 L' .QT4 ' -X X -..,'- wxqxx 'i 5 fl'fs87?'z NJ' ,,-."f:.l.-I 1 Lu'-'l' ' Z' School Champions, 1918 Class Team ala? lu: 1 . 1' ll l 1. la' 21 il 5 12 ' . X El McConkey, Wnlker, Wenip, E. Harrington. SUMMARY 120-yard hurdles-E. Harrington, '18, Warnes, '19, Fouke, '19 ' 17:3 S 100-yard dash-Curry, '17, Behmer, '19, D. Bleakly, acad. 10:4 ' Two-mile run-VanHorne, '17, Trefz, acad., E. L. Williams, '17 10: 52: 3 Pole vault-E. Mahood, '19, R. Troutn1an,"19, Warnes, '19 10 feet 440-yard dash-Curry, '17, Held, '17, Conner, '18 53:3 Mile run-McConkey, '18, Warrmes, '19, Hunt, '19 - 4:43:2 220-yard hurdles-A. Hornney, '17, E. Harrington, '18, Fouke, '19 29: 3 880-yard dash-Walker, '18, Warnes, '19, Wex1ig, '18 2:07:2 Shot put-Wenig, '18, E. Harrington, '18, L. Johnson, '17 32 feet, 1 inch U Broad jump-Behmer, '19, Wenig, '18, E. Harrington, '18 20 feet 220-yard dash-Curry, '17, D. Bleakly, acad., Behmer, '19 24 High jump-Wenig, '18, Fouke, '19, E. Harrington, '18 5 feet, 7 inches Discus--VVenig, '18, R. Harrington, '17, Johnson, '17 105 feet, 9 inches Class of 1918, first, 43 points. Class of 1917, second, 34 points. Class of 1919, third, 24 points. Academy, fourth, 16 points. W ' ii VV ,xi 1 , -.-1 WN 1-1 . i A V' '91 '. "X ' .isgqaLi1a3wEi5iSs'f2422l'Q"3! 'f 1 , s 'x Xl ,,f.,,,,--.,, '. A .1 , x 0 om' hundred tfwo I ' 1 f i"" "M fi" ' , ," 'f X -+--swxX1'- 4. fiifsfdii 1 -Tl- y 5 Cross Country Moyers, XVillinms, Kvnnvy, Sll0l'WO0Cl. ANNUAL MONUMENT RUN February 22, 1917 Thomas Kenney '20 ffirstl Time 18:58 Ewart Williams '17 Csecondl " 19:32 Clair Sherwood '18 Cthirdj " 19:32:3 Herbert Meyers First Academy 4359395 X . 3- 1,1 ' ff 4- :::-- - 1 1-1 . yyy, ...of rf -fe-"' 1 A' wtf f -f- XIQ-: 1' f f pf zwfg 0 Hb jQ?Qp7 4 I M C'iL A ' if 11,1 M ff Nf VJ Y in X ll!! ll X W1 F X W1 1 X . W - Q f ' xx I - 1 .. ., I 4' -i-1-F -- X . 4 -1-'fl ,. are Z, I-A fffgw , -W, ,aff .. ,f 1f A sfpeffif-., . L.TLr.1iiL lla, x Ni Vik: M' 1 xAQ?3mT QA? IV -l:14..i:i-2 5. .. ,, V 1, at-h. .y....,,A -,Q iff1"I. ..,TZT.L,-' "' . ,I 1 fi f33Y1g4xmpX ., A jijg-V4.1 - , ' -.-,,.-1 V- v ,Q 1 'R '27, U gg , as 1 , 1-'t 1' ', " ,.1 , ,, W'i'l.:. " ' -' 1 .TfiZk-mriw-fgSQ9-fm-fFr5Xw5Wn. L ' ' 5 'vff ii '-fl " Q ' '1f'2iNl'uf "1 f'fl'?'fk?.-' ' I '1'.4 " - 'x".-MH -"Q if-f ' ' ' ' " ' " 1 "4 1' ll ' firm 43.41.434-3l?.V'!! N- s I X Q 'ff f"""'Tl niif'1!i5:gQ3i e'-w I if 7. 5 , R E, N ii'-Nix ii C fr'X fgf NR fx V 1 .- . l Q1 W1 ,y :ml 1 1 Q P! s SEI 2 El om' hundred three 1 s The "M,, Club InterHState Invitation Meet 4 1 fi 1,1 MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE MAY, 1916 GATES, BREAKING THE RECORD SUNIMARY 100-yard dash-Gates, Sioux City, Goodrich, Ida Groveg Nlurphy, Fonda. 10:1 220-yard dash-Cannon, Sioux Cityg Goodrich, Ida Grove, llflurphy, Fonda. 24 440-yard dash-Shafenberg, Sergeants Bluffs, Berquist, Sioux City, Kircher, Sioux City. 54:2 880-yard dash-Beatty, Vermilion, Swaneutt, Sioux Falls, Berquist, S. C. 2:l4:3 Mile-1'Ll11-L. Larson, Sioux City and Swancutt, Sioux Falls tied for first, Roberts, Storm Lake, third. -l:48:1 120-yard hurdles-Kennedy, Lellflarsg Goodrich, Ida Grove, Kelly, Fonda. 17:2 220-yard hurdles-Rummel, Hawardeng Stiles, Cherokee, Jacobson, Sioux Falls 2811 Half-mile relay-Sioux City CGates, Hope, Cannon, B. Smithjg Hawarden LCM8l'S Q I 1-1- onz' lumdrcd four .1f1 ff . if U fr, I, Al, , rs ggi- ." N 11' 1. L1 .1 11' xl-gif, , . '-- 1 1 ff 1 1' 111111,1111x11' 11 1 11 111111 1,1 ca KN X1 1 EJ A,'. sf Mile relay-Cherokee CSinkley, Miller, E.Smithj 5 Sioux Cityg LeMa1's. 3:48:13 , Pole-Vault-Pearce, Fonda, MeKennon, Sioux Falls, Rogers, Yankton. 10:2 -111 1 Broad-jump-Gates, Sioux City, Goodrich, Ida Groveg Slife, Hawarden. 21 :9M V' j 1 , 1 1 High-jump-S. Coffie, Sergeants Bluffs, Pearce, Fonda, and Gates of Sioux 1 1111 1 1 1 City tied for second. 5:4 11 1 Discus-Brucher, LeMars, Pearce, Fondag Piper, Ida Grove. 108 1, 1 Shot-put-Brucher, LeMars, lVIanning, Elk Point, Pearce, Fonda. 38:8M 1 Hammer-throw-Berberich, Yanktong l1'I0l1lt0l1, Fondag Bergh, Sioux Falls. 127 V 1 Gates, Sioux City, 13 points. i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Pearce, Fonda, 12 points. 1 1 Sioux City 34 points Fonda 17 points 1 LeMars 17 points 1 Records broken: Broad jump, Mile run, 4-10 yard dash. 1 1 , M.-....... 1 RECORDS OF THE "M" MEET 100-yard dash--Focl fStorm Lakej, 1909, 1 1 1 1 440-yard dash- 1 880-yard dash 1 1 ,, 11 1 1 Osborne fLelVlarsj, 1911, 1 , 220-yard dasli-Wilsoii fCherokeej ,191 1, Shafenberg CSergeants Bluffsj, 1916, -Rogers 1CYanktonQ, 1914, lVIile-run-L. Larson Q Sioux Cityj, 1916, Swancutt C Sioux Fallsj, 1916, 1 120-yard hurdles-Vernon CHawardenj, 1911, . 220-yard hurdles-Quigley CHawardenj, 1911. 1 Pole-Vault-Leuder fCherokeeJ,1911. 1 Peterson CCentervillej, 1911. 1 1 Wilkins QCorrectionvillej, 1911. High-jump-Aldrich CSioux Cityj, 1911. 1 12 pound hammer--Gilliland CStorm Lakej, 1911. 12 pound shot-Knapp CCherokeeD, 1911 1 , Broad-jump-Gates CSioux Cityj, 1916. 1 Half mile relay-Le Mars, 1915 1 1 lVIile relay-Le Mars-1915 1 Schools that have won: 1 1909-Storm Lake 1910-Sioux City A' ' "9" 1 191 1-Cherokee 1"i . fti' 1912-siouxcity 1 ' 1 1 i ,N V QU '91 M. Hs 'W -91131 1 N 9 r Wy- n., r'1?'.1 1' 1,114 Jr", , . flZe,L11:'.11,!-U1 - 1r,. U5 1, PM yin., 1., 1 ti l: . X R ,,A wp.. ,ng w i l rpg, . .1 ,-.f,1:Sj- -. ff. "" ary. A .1111-1'.11f1 1-11 11w1f11'4"11'2F1f11'f1"1i11?11 1 1 1 a whi m , M 1-1-efklwg-, ' X .- 1 , 1. 11.1. 1-11 -,111 1, jf.- 1- 1- 1' 1 1 11 1415221 .11f+1:1-1f1--1111 -1. - -, , li 1. 1, 1. , I ' - WL, .1 g 1. M, 1,4 1 ,,4..fA 1,---11-4.3-Ffa-11, -1 mv. 1. 1' 1- 1 1' 1, 1 1 M 1 ,ag 1XXxx11111111 11111, I 1 A, ,, U ,H 11 ,M Jim'-Q1 3 T -11 f , ' an Md, 1 . ,X .1 , X , 121, 1-.,-Q.-,gf fl 1' 113 1- +"lffcii1- 1'111 111mi1'11 " 91' '.v1.-g.g1:L1?1RTi.Sf.f"- 1 ,,- 1913 1914 1915- 1916 EJ :10 flat :23 54:2 2:07 4:48 :1 :17 11 feet. 5 feet 8 inches 146 feet 3inches 110 feet 1 21 feet 9Minches Sioux City Le Mars Sioux Falls Sioux City 1:37.3 3 :45.2 one hundrrd ,HW x AAN 'Nm laQ------Q---A-1---me-Q---r' ee -We 9 -H 9 J Ex, V fa lF4,,,i!!!u5 . NIORNINGSIDE RECORDS 1 rg. 100 yard dash-C. Rogers, 1908 5 220 yard dash-F. F. Hall, 1903 H1-4 yard dash-V. E. 1VIontgomery, 1913 880 yard dasli-W. E. Curry, 1915 Af lille run-A. P. Berkstresser, 1908 N. J. Williams, 1914 Two mile run'-L. R. Chapman, 1908 220 yard hurdles--E. G. Quarnstrom, 1910 LH 120 yard hurdles--E. G. Quarnstrom, 1911 High jump-VV. McIntosh, 1914 Broad jump-G. IQ. West, 1911 Shot put-Ben Holbert, Jr., 1912 Hammer throw-E. G. Quarnstrom, 1911 Discus-R. R. Vernon, 1915 Pole vault-Herman Leuder, 1915 1VIile relay-V. IC. 1V1ontgon1ery, A. P. Berkstresser, E. G. Quarnstrom, F. E. Burns, 1909 Two mile relay-H. Walker, V. Lavely, M. Morley, W. Curry, 1915 iwonument run-V. Lavely, 1914 - 5 . 1-I L. A :HW 1 ' ,111 ,M "b m ,, .rir 13' ll- 'I 1 ' s. , ,f - ,Ze .' - 11' ..'-'NZ :A ' ink . one hundrmi .six :10 :22.1 :51.4 2:01.1 4:40 10:05 25:1 :15.4 5 feet, 7M in. 21 feet, 2 in. 39 feet, M in. 121 feet, 32 in. 128 feet, 6 in. 11 feet, 10 in. 11. 3 :36.2 8:15 18 :01.2 1 f---- --- il 1' l .21 ir. 11,2-A A , f':i5,e all 41321 1 lf P?-A-.1 . 'ff Y ',-jj.: ,l-1573 fl 'li' E11 1.111 all 1 1 11? vJi.'gNl'fi as S 1 We 1 16 -my -----W---v f 1--' -- H- Q31 QPF, ,ff I ' A xxx 1 1 I 1 ' K V xlr 'Q V6.4 "'. ' Wifi' 1- .,,: . fy gm Z7 5D2f v L A . M " A 4.QJ, 3 J EE? WWA' W he 4 1 1 2 , A ' QM no f 'Saks whiff 5 i F wk w Y x gf QMWKM W!! P5 E ' N 243 KX L7 Q X 'Y 551.3 QM s N J tal! Q X1 ' - "1 X f f , ,'f XL. X fx . X l ll l v 11 v . X ffl- ,Y L .ifgi XXX ,B j 'L I In 5 ' - Wf ' wh 1., 7 5 13 Hum , Wlflgggna ll f' , ?x'Uf! ml1 ' F' xl N 'Nl,,! k,igt l g j M y Q J Y 1 I ,------ V, -'Q , f x ...... ' 4, Y , r ff 3 . - g- X ,A f fx' 5 , 1 , S L Z a one lfundrrd swan lil I . I 2 E S 1 1 1 Inte1'HC lass Basketball Tournament I i -v' i 1 i STANDING-Brown, Doclsloy, Swartz, Pearce, Luglan, STANDING-Wenia', Johnson, Tllnvd CCapt.D. Sl'IA'l'l1ID-lIinkley, R. Smith CCnpt.D, Mickelson. linslmw, E. 1'llll'I'll'lLZ'lllIl, 'l'. Meliride. CLASS STANDING Worm Lost ' Class of 1920 ..... ....... 4 0 Class of 1918 ..... ..... 3 1 Class of 1919 ....... ..... 2 2 Academy ............ ..... 1 3 1 Class of 1917 ...... ..... 0 4 I ! ALL-TOURNANIENT TEAMS Position First Team Second Team 3 Forward George Brown, '20, Capt. Russel Smith, '20 1 . Homer Dodsley, '20 Clark Conner, Acad. Guard Ed. Harrington, '18 I-Pugh Foulke, '19 1 Center Erwin Wenig, '18 Lawrence Pearce, '20, Capt. Thomas Lloyd, '18 Carrol Northrup, Acad. 2 Officials ' Time Kceper,P1'of. J. J. Hayes Erwin Wexmig Referees :George Brown 1 Paul Eiffert 1 2 1 -Til : l i I ,fi-1'-1-'f ,, x 1 " R1 yylffxfyg 1 ' '-f- 1 M i f :Mig ff 1 . Eiga., 21,w,1r' .',,, .1 WV! Q ,Elf , one hundred eight 1 1 fl tm ,, ,in if K.. N N I f 4 . ,, ,..',s .V ,. N ,, .5w,..a, -3 Y A Ju: VJ' 4, Ny, his ..1 E .ig ' , K is fi, :Q ' fri! J" gig, 'vfkh' fix-xx ,lliffliiiv sits , ,QW I is ,I Northwest Iowa Basketball Tournament I si 1.1, xf' I , Morningside Gymnasium , February 9-10 'ill ll PRELIMINARIES ' lVIarcus, 183 Sanborn 8 Orange City, 333 Sergeant Bluffs, 13 133, Ai 1 '-Hi. Castana, 21 3. Remsen, 13 I .1 u Fmsr ROUND q Hawarden, 123 Holstein, 6 Battle Creek, 333 Hartley, 12 Sioux City, 143 Rock Valley, 4 Marcus, 123 Ireton, 4 E Spirit Lake, 113 Linn Grove, 6 Orange City, 143 Sac City, 13 Sioux Center, 333 Kingsley, 1 Spencer, 193 Castana, 12 SECOND ROUND Sioux City, 163 Spencer, 5 Spi1'it Lake, 293 Hawarden, 5 IVIarcus, 153 Battle Creek, 14 Orange City, 113 Sioux Center, 9 I SEMI-FINALS Q Sioux City, 403 Orange City, 13 Spirit Lake, 383 Marcus, 14 1 FINALS 5 Sioux City, 263 Spirit Lake, 15 Officials . Referee, Coach J. M. Saunderson Time Keeper, Prof. J. J. Hayes Umpires George Brown Erwin Weiiig SIOUX CITY JOURNAL'S ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAMS Position First Team Swronzl Team Third Team Center Holder, Castana Burguitt, Spencer Fletcher, CCapt.j, Sioux City Forward Clapper, Spencer Haskell, CCapt.J, Spirit Ottipaly, Sioux Center I Lake Emrick, Spirit Lake Loomis, Marcus Bergman, Slfifit Lake Guard Montgomery, CCapt.j Nelson, Spirit Lake Balkema, Orange City Sioux City Thompson, Sioux City Hollenbeck, Sioux City Seemann, Sioux City SIOUX CITY TRIBUNF,'S ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAMS l fPicked at the end of the second roundl Position I First Team 4901707111 TWU" Center Bergman, Spirit Lake Scanlon, Rock VKHCY Forward Montgomery, CCapt.J Sioux CityDoornick, Sioux Center I Ottipoly, Sioux Center ClaPPe"v SPCUCC1' Guard Thompson, Sioux City WHSSIYHHF, fcapt-1, Sioux CCUYCI' I I Iqenk0yV,RC1'l1SCI'l Blasdell, Holstein '3L'17f,ff X , . ,Imam may yn 49 in Wt Ko N XM 1 57' J I ' Sf t: 1 7 . . 151 1 ., - I , ' , w" " 7'4.4 W, . ,f'-' ,9?,"q,13 Yfffg ii,3. 'X-."-gy , ,,'-39 j az, -.J-qs ,-, - , ,QA-in 4 , , . -, A Q-gs 4-v'!jEfg1 4.4- wz,1,+,,,,.s..,r,f , F 7 i f -, - . -1 5,1 1 Q -V :.f,,.V .tw ., t.g1.N,ry,i-,, :ff - 3 ALL, La rw., H H X - V. .llgqywsws u, I W ,NT-..i ' x ,,,,,,6fM,1... ,Q xf:. :ii ..1,N'mlxg,iil"L1i",1-',,,'fF-45,yQj1i om' hundrrd nine TTTL7-" 2'-F I an ' ' Jfx t L x V 6-, 4 x. L f ,.. if . ix , ,' R - -'Mi----Wm-vv.,,w--W W- -.,, A-n -,,,,,v,w,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,....,..-.i--.....,.-.,.,.....,.-nw.,-- .........-..-.-.------.--'--------- vv , ,J .uf I W' WIS .A w ,ij X1 45 vrfzfy f 'x", 'f 3 r, .:',2f' "" G 1 L ,W ym. Vx x KJ 4 .i u KE 1 1 5 ? S I s f l 1 1 1 1 5 A 'N l ! l i f 1 I E s 1 i 5 I s Q F v E our' humlrrd lrn TVVO SQUADS AT VVORK Tennis . . 1 HUGH 'FOUKE WINNER OF TOURNAMENT .f-,S H Wax I 1 1 I ,. i Vlxwfi xi wx! fifkij u Nix vu 'e I x Q L V i ? V V V f V W"' W 14 ? 7 IW QQ WW 'Z W W W 3 W! Ms fi YES I fi W X ff WR N xg K Q ff' X! one hundrrd tfwclfvc v DIRECTORS OF PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR VVOMEN Mks. MARGARE1' BRAND-IIAYES Miss SALOME LUECIIAUER 1915-16 1916-17 r l 1 ' X LORIGNIC W'l IMIAMS LOTS RU SSE LL Girls' Athletics Like an "RI" sweater is to a man, so an Agora Athletic Medal is to a girl. The Agora Club gives two medals each year to the two best all-around girl athletes. It is based upon a point system. A girl playing basketball gets one point for each half of an oflicial game she plays in, and five points if she is a member of the champion class team and plays a half or more in the final game. This year points will also be awarded to members of the Crimson and Blue teams. In Tennis five points are awa1'ded to the girl who wins the tournament, and three points to the runnerup. The winner of the track meet gets five points, the one taking second, three points, and the one taking third, one point. Each member of the winning relay team gets one point. Five points are also given to the girls doing the best gym work. Last spring Lois Russell had the greatest number of points and received first medal. Lorene X-Villiams was the next highest and received second medal. l ont' hundred Ihirtcmz -. ,.,..- ...,.. -, .,.-.- , 1 .,,.t.. I I Rl'SSl4lLl'i, MAUOOD, RA'l'liIFFI'I, NVILLTAMS. TENNIS TOURNAMENT W'inncr . . Lo1s RUSSELL Rnnner up . RUTH MAHOOD TRACK RIEET Summary -lil-0 yard dash-A. Sturdevant, firstg R. Gillies, second Standing broad ,lump-R. Hill Short dash-Irma Ratliffe, Hrstg L. Williams, second Traveling rings-1. Lippert, firstg H. Carter, second 220 yard dash-I. Ratliffe, iirstg L. Williams, second Nledicine ball throw-A. Sturdevant, first, R. Mahood, second Horizontal ladder-R. Gillies, NI. Mahoocl, I. Ratliffe, tied Half mile--I. Ratliffe, first, L. Williams, second High jump-I. Ratliffe, first, L. Williams and R. Hill, second Pull Up-I. Ratliffe, firstg L. Williams, Second Irma Ratliffe, 27 2-3 points Lorene Williams, WM points Aurelia Sturdevant, 10 points om! lIlUldl'I'd fozwlwvzz Totals : l :25 6 feet, SM in. 170 rings 33 :3 25 feet 38 rounds 5:20 3 feet, ll in. NDTNG--ll. Uh:unp, A. Holnn-s, M. Ollillllli. Sl X'l'l'IID-A. P011-rsun, I. Unhlxs LC:1pI.J. CR I NI SO N-I3 LUIC GANI IC fAll'St?ll' Teams, Cfimson Blue , 1 Q. Inter-Class Basketbafl Tournament School Champions I q hlds QCHDL5. 1, Q,,1,1,S, pg. SIN-,,l.d,-1-, A. Sllll'dl'Villll CC:1pl.5, M. XVnIkm', R, Manhood. NI. lln-ikvs, M. Uhxunp, G. Knapp. U- CIUIYNIY, ll. l3v!',4:vSm1. l'l. l'uym-. Score: Crimson 2, Blue 5 our llzlmfrrd fflvrn 2 V! Soph Gym Claw .I vt, one llundrwd Jixlfwz vang. T-1 f ,- .. Q- ' ' ff-43 . W' '-1,5 rf "ICQ, ': K".Tf .--F U' I-e - l ll -----, Q--V-A----e - -. -Eg gm, xg H+-M Q ,W ...lf N x x 'KI w x X, I , . ,f 1 . 1- xx lvl. , V X15 xv as X EW fww' ww ll HM' X N ix x , ,Q -1 , My, f ' A 2 FFKXX X ,,, Sf.f..,,.-ffQ.-f E vwgx - if N, MRQ :J nw, gyda f1'ffj'lr' Yzi f , wh A -3 X ' 'D ' X f Y "'i X "' Lg Taj? , ij, Q Q S -AL lu-A .N 4 4 fl L A A A " 6' n Y LQ U is Y by , , it-A-, , JL 1 M- - , N " ez2eC?' ff3'z1aQf27f'5l, ,-P-"--1Liff-- ff T 'l'15T" E1.f,-,'i" 'EN f 4- - he XX -l :.5..f ff, e Tf' ' -f" ' -ff xe- m ,,,,,, gs emu . , - ' .f 'W1m H' l T 2, ' E' :hl 'Q:, "w mv I W1 V 2:2XXgx2l -e--I hllwll .ff X Xa ,WN l ,,f Jml .uf 1 .1 w ,gag gffizhx Ni, air' VI l I + SQQJ QX W fl 4. ff, ,TQ ' " Q 7 fi X NX '4 Y--e V ' . 1:3-:.,, ' -2' -1? 'Sr W Z? X' R J. U ew- X-:-Q-2f! ,BW E 5 -ff Y-f lf -3- Q x .... - F ' A Cx' 'Y , x N , 11 V .:i:-.:.:',,.,'."1- ' X' " Y 'N "-"i:2l'f-f- ,-'Z X 4- 1 lun?-g1:p,?ZAQ,Q'-Ifyg f W W- ,Q :PN :Jj H -,:r 'Z-K5 ba' f,,4::".4:gf.4,l-,:? J' 'ig , Pyith their pipes they .vat in silence, IVl1lfl7I-0 to heholzl the strangers, Wfliliflg to rerei-ve their nzessrlgeg Till the Blarl' Robe chief. the Pale face, From the zvigzwzm came to greet them, I Y Y 1 Sfrzlnmering in his speech Il little, - Sf7L'I1h'llIg 1c'or1l.v yet luzfalniliar. lf, se' E 1 , . quyy, V 1 , , I A , ,L , 4 - "1 ,fe 'l ' X 'XT V K EMQQI N lqxfhr . 'Qi 1. W1 L l 1 5 ".' .3 :f:flA'. fgk'!WmEA 1 ,K-?l'?"'!"f5uVWi"JN vt- W gf? V- - "gd: 53,5-,A 1 V14 .4 5351, Mx-M. Nw T ff wa fs aw : 'wwli 5-.f Qi' A XM M X x A M L X' ' one hundred Jefuenlnn wel. b W ide, l , 1 , 'Alt ., K A :,,,f ,,'n',.K,1-.l-:lv Y fm- - fw ,Z llwpfaz ,..,,......-,,.,,-.--,.,..,-,,,---,,-,.. .,,, ,M 5 ,.A.:L.,, :Ml -I 1' w ' ml W 'G H555 givglmzgfi' we .lyk H ' A 'FW K Wx . -rx """' "" "M" "f----'-M-'----A 'X'-X 'ff' I- A . -3- 7 N 'Q -.lV"K'wx,, ,A , 1 I-.,:f1-.bfmffe . - ' "' "' ' H , -my 1, -A 1 -,,.,,il, ,., W- C3 i 'v- ff! X x . MN L ' me ,,. , V "VI l , li el --- M--M-H A-- .,..W-e.-,..-..u.--.,......-.-,...-.....-i...-c...-.e---N A ,9 .WMA .' 1 H V , . ,--n I f K J f , 3 i N. , J x ul' I U3 1 l I l i I l e l l i I I I I 4 1 4 one hundred cighlcrn In appreciation of CHARLES A. MARSH Professor of Public Speaking Who has coached forensic teams with the development of the individual as his chief purpose, but under whom forensic teams have made for us an enviable record. l Q ' ,1w,g4',Q5'c in V173 X X sf ,Ai ,N , ,U fr ,,-yr V x 1' ' A ..g, ww 1.1 .. l 4, ,ve yy ,. I -1-5 ,V l .253 Qffggg ,Q 1, V 1 I i . f ! '.Ev,2-V' , 'fy N 5, ,. , ,Y AJ.. . , J' 'A 'M ll, elif 1 ii' .fi sul A , rw Our Inter- Collegiate Crators Gi 15 :' A A ' OYRUS ALBERTSON, CHARLES KLIPPEL. STATE ORATORICAL CONTEST Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa Clarendon Harvinghurst, Cfirstj . . Iowa Wesleyan Cyrus Albertson, fsecondj . . lVIOl'I1ll1gSlClC Joseph Miller, Qthirdj ...... Simpson STATE PROHIBITION CRATORICAL CONTEST Cornell College, Vernon, Iowa W. A. Buell, Cfirstl . .... Cornell College Chas. H. Klippel, Qsecondb . Morningside College Roy Woods, fthirdl . . Penn College yer ii T . ' ' l g gi f-. A .gn 1g,gfqi5Qsk'C'f r , ' :AQ lf" - 3'-.l:.1'1,5'W ' W. In ,Q v,', ig' ,A M N r le 5 iiwmgkll A-efvlwi iw S ,we T .'..Q,. . ffQ,,mQ '5w .v.?1wf? 4 i'-rr ., . S ,M Q, F1 g711fF':q,.,g'ff5ff.'Mll'A rrlfr ' ,filfiir f 'T " T ""' Q " a,4g.,wlQlg', ' Liz: 2 A " 'il " W- 'T 9710 hundred nineteen lr...-L rlea gg V112 r - 'I - 'ra " "AN -.Y . 5 .1-:fl N-QW lx, .zpxfif ,. -N,-wx - ft-,rf,,, Nu, , -21.4 gg: fi ' E flfqxvtglifif F hliflifv ,fy ,N f,1 X . ' file?-tai? Trzangular Inter-Collegzate Debate lil MORNINGSIDIQ-HAML1Nr: UN1vIcRs1'rY-UPPr:R IOVVA UNIV. OUR AFFIRlWA'l'lVE 'llEAllfI vs. UPPICR IOWA AT SIOUX CITY iii' ,r I3 pox w.txl,'roN, noN VAN uonxi-1, wrl.l,1s vomms. Decision: Affirmative 3, Negative O. Question: Resolved, That Federal and State Boards of Arbitration, with Compul- sory Powcrs, should be appoined to settle all disputes between employers and employees. OUR NEGATIVE TICAM vs. HAMLINE AT NORTHFIELD IRVING BACK, Ar.l,If:N 13AR'l'LE'1"l', CHARLES GARLOCK. Decision: Affirmative 1, Negative 2. J. bi " fl ",'l5,?2f A IA' ,w 'Y' . 1 17 ', ix! A I 1 ' " ,fi ft '2::.124e5,W-'Hrwiv'-'i1 Qi, at H ..- , , 7, - ".5,Y',Y. t 'I ' 4 f' 1 4 f our lzlzlzdrfd lfwrnly ,..f 1141! .ly , 1 'rl Z -- , Q li," 1, .v Q',l,..:,-",'X fYfi1.ff"'-E132 .,.x. EJ A,:. ,, lx film A- 'l'm. Quaclrangular Inter-Collegiate Debate HORNINGSIDE-YANKTON-I-IURON-DAKOTA WESLEYAN x OUR AFFIRMATIVE TEAM VS. I-IURON AT SIOUX CITY I li I LAURA 1'11:Aslf:, Ci.Anvs CLARK, MARION .lol-rxsox. Decision: Affirmative l, Negative 2 Question: Resolved, That Capital Punishment should be abolished. -P ll :Jig H, . i EJ OUR NEGATIVE TEAM VS. YANKTON AT YANKTON 'Wd F95 I l -- CLARA BACK, ADA CARTER, LUCYLLE TWOGOOD. Decision: Ailirinative 3, Negative 0 4, .. A., ,luv 5 ,,- Vi, ...Y,......,., ......., I: -, M I. ,f-, ww "I-.--.4 4, I I I V' . I NA kill?-L, :I u. i gf A 5' -AL Coy. 35 ,. K.-15147152-3 A Q. 3 A A ',,tt,y ,Lk '- Af-f' is 7 5+ f ai?" , gi if 1. Qi-K,-,mfr Linw- R rl, , 1-I. ..w".- I l . l l l one hundrzfrl lfwcnfy-one :XX ' X, - A Xx, :wax- Lsfws sb, glsgif 75? ..,5i?'ffZ!g2l,1':: .' E 9fMl'Ak"Z2-3 ' R Qty R hi ' 'i., ' l ill lil hllfl 'il - HOME ORATORICAL 'CONTEST ,Cali The Man Below, Qfirstj . CYRUS ALDERTSON ' The Era of Enlightenment . ALLEN BARTLETT E The Star . . . . O. W. CRAIK The Fruits of Democracy . .CLAUDE BALDWIN The Star of Hope for Mexico . WAYNE HILBIER 1 HOME PROHIBITION CONTEST The Demand of the Age, Qfirstj CHARLES KLIPPEL ' The New Patriotism . . CHARLES FRY Our Duty to Liberty . MARTIN LEITCH i The Dawn of a New Age . HARRY WHYTE The Booze Army . . RALPH ANDREWS INTER-SOCIETY DEBATES A Question: Resolved, That Federal and State Boards of Abitration with Compul- sory powers should be appointed to settle all disputes between employers and employees. I Afifllldfiiff Teams Negative Teams JANUARY 8 Philomathean 0 Ionian 5 JANUARY 9 Othonian 4 Philomathean 1 i ' JANUARY 10 .Ionian 1 ' Othonian 4 T V 5 ana hundred zfwfnfy-zfwv ."l 'l,: ,.l,K "" Q J fs l' , It 5 .4 ss. in M 3 41 h.7i.3v?f f , l if 4 HX J, i NZ f, I f ' I I -,H J X9 J , .. . . . ..-.. ... . ....A.-..,.w-.....n.frv,W-.sf :wAfmv,w,n AF F1 R IX IATIV IC TICAM . .... M1 NAL!! W.XIXI'ON, FRANCIS KINfISllI'liY, IGARI, MARKS. Othonian Delvczters NICGATIVIC TICARI L A Y IRVING BACK, ICDWARID S'l'll1l'IS, CIIAIQIAIGS'H.XRI.0l'K. I our lmmlrml lfwf'l1ly-Iflrrfr 133 'W 'fx kill., 'Min u .-...................................,...,,,..- ..... .... ., .. .....,.N-,,........M,.....-,1.. , ...... Y vi U' Q27 .f '. J ,H WW Y Ny ii, W 5 Q9 x ' ,QQLIM AFF1 R NI ATI V If T EA NI K! if ,N ' ,J U IlI'I SAIIVOXV, DON VAN HORNIC, XVILLIQ FORISPS Ionian Debaters NEGATIVE TICAKI om' 1IlHldl'L'd lfwrnly-four N lSAR'l'lJ'I'I"l', GICORGIC l'lAS'l'0N- .XR'l'IIl'li PA A FFIR MATIV IC TICAM ROI3l'IR'l' M4'l5RlllI':. ROYUIC IGNGISICIQG. HARRY XYARNICS. Philomathean Debaters. N ICGATI V IC TICAM Nmm R.XNIJOI.I'Il. I-mal, s'1'oNlcmmo1c, m,1sl':u'1' l'RI'l'1Ii.XRIr. nl our lllllllifftf Ifnvrnly-ffvzv sex ,ix-x' V A X- N t NNW .N. X .5 .Av 'fri' 4 JH ,Z-lfyY?"'2.f" ' 'A lea iff y IEE ' .1 of Q. ve '-if ',A ey I f ma I ff A 'iff 5 nd lilo? lv' ii El El Intro-Society Gold Medal Debate Series Preliminaries C. Hart E. Ausnian vs. S. Burpee Geo. Brown H. Foulke R. Schellengcr vs. G. Call L. Dye J. lylcliurney J. 'Ifrefz vs. A. Hunt C. Swartz vs. IONIAN Semi-Finals Finals Medal Winners C. Hart S. Burpee H. Fouke VS' S. Burpee H. Fouke G. Call J. Trefz A. Hunt First Vs' Second MORNINGSIDE RECORDS DEBATE 1902-Nebraska VVesleyan 0, Morningside 3. 1903-Baker U. 1, Morningside 2. 1904--Simpson 0, Morningside 3, Baker U. 2, Morningside 1 1905-Upper Iowa 2, Morningside 19 Baker U. 2, Morningside 1 1906-Upper Iowa 2, Morningside 1 1907-Upper Iowa 2, Morningside 1 1908-Upper Iowa 0, Morningside 33 Nebraska Wesleyan 0, Morningside 3 1910-Simpson 0, Morningside 3, Upper Iowa 1, Morningside 2. 1911--Upper Iowa 1, Morningside 23 Upper Iowa 3, Morningside 0 1912-Nebraska Wesleyan 1, Morningside 23 Dakota Wesleyan 2, Morningside 1. 1913-Iowa State Teachers 2, Morningside 1, 1914-Iowa State Teachers 0, Morningside 3, 1915--Southwestern 3, Morningside 0. 1915-Iowa State Teachers 0, Morningside 3, 1916--Dakota Wesleyan 0, Morningside 35 St. 1917-Upper Iowa 0, Morningside 3, Hamlin GIRLS' Coe 1, Morningside 2 Coe 1, Morningside 2 Coe 2, Morningside 1 Olaf 1, Morningside 2' 1, Morningside 2 1915-Simpson 3, Morningside 0, Simpson 3, Morningside 0 1916-South Dakota U 1, Morningside 2, Huron 1, Morningside 2. DEBATE -Ji Q, ' ' f vi xi ai ' L17 ,fy r :djs-3 W Wzilif i 1 24 ' A "l'ff'i3f-f'iNi ii I ix W f'J'2.f2t14cw.f QQ, 1, , i 9 X ,.'f sift -' lv rx 'fl ..g-.qw I V .p I J' sy: I is ,I , ":iKi:5i.,.sLgfi'g NT ' 'iffililiiif 7 'EP' ri- ' l A, , A ,,.-. an-:,,,,, 371. . .vial M ' ' , I n 1 1 12--7 "'l 1 y 1 ff' I one hundred twenty-:ix .li . i ,I i dx I ' I7 , , " -f -e -' s J t.',. ...rx fu . Xffj -- '-f?2ff' ,.,. ., f .f ,fu,,,f .51 fmt EI ss N " it iq :U V wh , Wg, 17 Q Intra-Society Gold Medal Debate Series , .. . l PHILOMATHEAN l l, Prelixninarics Semi-Finals Finals Medal VVinners all L. Castle , . QL? i C' Jtgstad L. Castle gg' s " F. H k tt ' F. Conners ac C F. Hackett VS- L. Castle E C' Baldwin BI. Erickson M. Erickson C. Baldwin vs . . " M. E' 'ks A. Hartman IK Son L. Hornney First vs. 1 . S ' d P. Michelson econ R. Smith VS M. Evans T. lllcllride T MCBMC . M. Evans l vs. i C. Cowan 3 L. St I 2 C L Steele , . l H. Wulf C' Cowan i J. Wittemore l MORNINGSIDE RECORDS STATE ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION 1900-J. A. Davies, ninth 1909-F. YV. Backemeyer, first 1901-H. Keck, seventh 1910-I-I S. Hamilton, second 1902-A. R. Toothaker, eliminated 1911-F. P. Johnson, second' 1903-D. Hall, fourth 1912-F. P. Johnson, second 1904-R. E. I-Ieilman 1913-F. P. Johnson, second l 1905-G. Poppenheimer 1914-R. H. McVicker, sixth' 1906-A. Cushman 1915--J. I. Dolliver, third 1907-A. Cushman, fifth 1916-R. L. Mitchell, eliminated 1 ,.1'x .1 fl 4 1908-F. 1911-F. P. 1912-R. R. 1913-D. -WU 'Q .. am l 1 Aff' C mr inn W. Backemeyer, second 1917-C. E. Albertson, second STATE PEACE ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION Johnson, first 1914--C. T. Craig, fifth Vernon, fifth 1915--V. Stenseth, tied for third Wickens, first --IL, guixh 0 A SME Rx vi i . H it-,i . H: ., ., Sly, f. 3,4 Syl. ,x il ,i VV ...vim ni, L rx, hcl ! - .V -N , ..,.:A-4, 'of5TZ.i'f1'g:.-, I , f f'-':15 N1,-' '-:fify,,...:.. . we 5 ., .ff 1:'f'- . wr wg.. '- . -, ':'!f"f' 141 LJ. 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Norten l vs. A. Beck i D. Norton F. Hzunbleton , T. Kenney CSuthcrland, Sub.j l H. Butler MORNINGSIDE RECORDS , ' STATE PROHIBITION ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION 5 1901-G. VV. Finch, first, Interstate, firstg National, third 1902-J. N. McCz1y, second 1912-C. Smith, third i 1906-C. D. Horner, third 1913-J. Ralston, third 1907-Ida Lewis, fifth 1914-R. Mitchell, second 1908-G. VV. Barrett, third. 1915-R. Mitchell, second i 1909-H. H. Gill, second 1916-C. Klippel, second M T" 1910-F. P. johnson, first, 1917-C. Klippel 1911 -W. A. McCnrdy, sixth Jill' ,i".' . EYES.. 5' vf Li,'v'3A1ig.Je5g'E5,iii 'yi Ssyifl li N 95 N li I 71.153, J vi. at xl X s X .4 A " I , Q X. X x S6 3 i Kuff 1 w 5 5 lei, i W l N 5 A + 'f :u -1.'.-:,'...t 7',,',rI.g1 1 1' ' i i ' "I 1 f' 1 LVM- ,.,,,.- I i h . , one hundred tfwenly-eight ' ,, Aff-V-f-"""' ,fl-Al ' fn i fi l U 1 V .V -1 . .4 , ..-Q 1 . ..... ..,... . ...-,....-. ...., .,.w,... ..WA...V,A. .. .,.- . ' WI' ' , f ' ' ,,, . 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Told his Ialvx of .vtranyrf 111l'v1fnI1u'z', That the fillll' might jmxs more yayly flnd flu' guvsfx bf' nmrr rofllrzznrfl. om' hundred Ifwczzly-zzizn. -wx. ,AM ' 'f ivy'-fi A .' wifw-ff-' 1 , wfiqr ez' "' 'V ff! 533, l if Nfl! f .1 f, up J v 1 ll 4-.- 0716 I In app ELIZABETH 'B reciation of ROYVN MABEL time o willingly of her tic Who has given s and thought to make our drama ' success pro ductions a ZLLZIQQQLFIZQMin' N A VI 75? " fl 'px 1 .,, ZIQQQAL' v U if ldfelw 'vo 'T j ...aus 4 Q I - 1 il mf lf 'A U 1 '-I.. 4 4 I , " "PYP "lx ii I iii Wmslmx ,U l in ,I L . '1 'NH' ff' 'f 'li ,ii -1, w , i W W W ii ,N 1? ff2'5fi 'Qai- EJ ' 4 V jjimm' , .fvd M05 . Xxx 1 . aefzies- 9R 5 Agora Dramatzc Contest N ,zflp MEDAL WINNERS W fm 1 Q! .ll ,JN 4 1 i i Y MILDRED PECAUT, FERN BEACIIAM. DRAMAT IC "Inja" . . MILDRED PECAUT "Dat Little Boy o' Mine" ALICE STANHOPE "Mother" .... ALICE BOYD HUMOROUS "Bud's Fairy Tale" ' FERN BEACHAM "Behind a Curtain" GRACE HARTZELL "Little Sister" GLADYS CLARK 1 fr- 1 lgllyff, , f WA'-' .Env ST. Wy, A ,g!3'eQ"'CfFw ' 4 . v r ,F ,:"', 1,5 V Q f5rfv5'5X ' it-V-?v1.. V- , ,l Lf.,::!,L55f40i , Q,1.xf-,az-1 N .- -1' X, ,f?'1ffl'K.? F, H-wi . rw 39 ag? V-ffkz' vf ' Q' , Rani., xg N .- I 2 v 'H -'. -' v 414: A- , 1' LNQ1. f.'1'X,',m"7'y.kxgx,- .rf W '- - fi" Nw ' ff A ., ,ml . ", -' .5 Nr Q .3-K' ',q,uI5,. xv:-.51-igsg , Wfliwwfgf, , gF.p'-, -.lV'f46'1rrNitX1qX'q,i'.'.l'fCgLm1-'Q' one hundred tlurty-one ':Y7pm5T"P'-"Tg1,f, zlggfffazgv- 1.-N- -A V M x QU ' , 'Ja ,ff I '.i XY 5. fwfr, ,.,, -. -,I 'I . '- 6 :MN I,:...: , ,f 'JH J' rzsiwiffn , .M I -I-I"Ef - , A nil 1 . ffnrji I4 f, .f I 1 I 1 J If A Thi, 'IA , ,I 1 fx 'f Jim fy "I 'l i 1,'. ' 'IJ Qthonian G-ranc? Public l e Nij 1 'P 1 1 I, II I l E I l I l l 2 2 , I I om' hundred thirty-lfwo "THIS MICLTING POT" April 2-l-, 1916 Cast of Characters Vera Revenclal David Quixano Quincy Davenport, Herr Poppelmcistei' 3IC1ltlClQLllX2lll0 . Frau Quixano . Kathleen O'Reilly Baroness Revendal Baron Revenclal .I I' AR'I'HL'R l,ocI4I2 . -IAAIIES KIILII RAI.I'H CDVERHOLSER CLARENCE OIIRECHT . FRANCIS HfXY ARTI-IIQR JOHNSON . CI-IARLIzs FRY . EARL HICKS CHARLES KI.IIfPIzI, COMMITTIEES General RALPH CDVERHOLSER ARTHUR LIICIQE Finance and Publicity WENDEI.I. FRANCIS IQINGSBURY ICWERT WILLIAMS Scenery aIId Property ICARL BARKS CLAIR SHuRwooD I , I NM, ,al kjiilf l .., I ll J , .I N ,MQ , . I . It .I .U ,,. 5 A i '. Q,-'.i'J7A,I, I I I X 'Q V A I ':IygggIpA, . 'Ijgfgr ., -,'. , I -AS!! , ,, V I, I I Wm 'f S I M F 5, KX, M., El L- 1'?3f'ii,g'.xzesax.,t,,-- I A A - J if . , R i - ,f Q . -- iq , , XX-, Y , . Ng. 1 153 Ig" A xx i 'QNX R m Nh ' ii it Semor Class Play ni A H i, , cg-L UFANCHON, THE CRICKET" 4 June 12, 1916 1 ' Cast of Characters l Mother Barbeaud . . MARIE EASTHOUSE A I I Father Barbeaud HARRY M. CLARK Y Landrey EARL W1LL1AMs P 'Fanchon M MARION METCALF F Fadet . LOVICE STROREL I Martineau . FLOYD PHELPS , E Didier . DELBERT MCKINNEY i r i Etiennet . GLEN PATRICK Q V Pierre ' HOWARD ALLEN t , i 1 I Collm . . EARL BURGESS f : A Y Madelon A ELEANOR WINKLEMAN L ' Marlette . HAZEL DAY 1 L ' 5 Suzette RUTH HARTZELL i w A 1 A Annette FLORENCE BULL ' Father Caillard . JOHN V. MADISON i f Mahon . BERNICE CHALLMAN X COMMITTEE N i Q ' RUTH HARTZELL Q MARION METCALF i JOHN V. NIADISON I h ! 4 . 'il C1'f:'Fi?.i", ' 5:5515 Nxgskfffiff-R219-it .iifiiiffu X ?1'!,'-'.f,-fm, ' R -.Might .jgfxxhgf " f"w.'I5A.lj"Hb..gjr' J . M 1 - f frg2iE1fif.a., Qu .gg ' l . . , 'f -.- i A- ---.. 1 A .A in , 4 f Q A 'qi rl Y i Q fvgshr, qyxh ,xp 4 X .gy tg.-.Y , L,,,,, nv. 'MXNXNwixiYixiiii xw65Q U31 ,T ug FJ 'ff:...V ':.1 ." ' nqligifi , L w1i:?'4i" -QWEE, r b A, v A 1 one hundred thzrty-three --A-v-A--.......,..,,,.,,.,. Companions ,F , ':-wg . .ww , ' . . y '79f'f5Q E ' I .Lff ii? " M' ,WY A 55156 ' ,' ' P . If -wr I'-CY" , J Zetalethean Grand' Pzzblzc wi A xii 1511. fi-fi, I ,ggi Ei "THE SLAVE GIRL OF BALSORAH AII Original Production i MaI'ch 5, 1917 CAST OF CHARACTERS Enis Elgelis, Slave Girl of BHISOFZI .... ' FRANCES KOLP Neured'clin Ali, SOI1 of Fadladdin . . RUTH SMITH Fadladdin, Vizier of Sultan . . MILDRED PECAU1' Lady Badoura, Mother of Ali, . . RUTH BRADY Ibrahim, Sheik of Bagdad . . FERN BEACHAM I-Iaroim Al Rashid, Caliph ' . . . . VIvIAN DOWN Mohammed, Sultan of Balsora . . . LIDA SAUNDERS Mowein, Enemy of the House of Fadiaddin . MILDRED PECAUT Jaiffer, Vizier of the Caliph . . . ELMA PARRINSON Alameddin, Chamberlain of Sultan . . MAE PURDY Kerim, II Fisherman .... . MAE WICKENS Herald ...... . MARIE EnoINc'I'oN Servant . CLARA SWAIN Headsmnn . . . . MARIE SEBERN - i i I I V i i i I I I I I I 1 I 2 , . i i I I E of Ali one hundred thirty-four g MARY ORDWAY FERN MARQUAR1' d., . GUM Q QMAEEI. DAY HELEN WEDGWOOD MAIKIE Eno1NoI'oN ETHEI, WEs'rEAI.I. ESTHER MONTGOMERY AGNES FRY HELEN YVEDGEWOOD MERLIN SAWYER MARIE SEBERN MARGARE'l' FERGUSEN Court Dancers PIAZEL CARTER RUTH Rmo . RUTH BRADY FLORENCE NEwI,ANn ETHEI. ORDWAY MARY BISHOP Courtiers, Merchants, etc. . . i ' U COMMITTEE: Clara Swain, Mary Bishop, Mildred Pecaut, Ruth Brady, ii J ,I Ester Montgomery, Vivian Down, Ruth Smith. I' i I2iL,,--i"'if-ia I nw-I ' rf, iii-AV ' ,Q-'-li-'in I iii-A.SQ'7dVi 'lijwf ' ' Af I if-. Q -:X ,Q 1 , fgQ2f"i -?Q55I:,:f Qin I , .,,g5gf::,,5 13,9 i XR -.,.....-,,-..,...--...-,.,. hfgffaf, E' I ' .g-IMI if!" id 11' , .I "Q, ,Iii-ii :IIN 1 , Pierian Gram? Public u l, c fy, K - . : . f ,fi . KX '-' V4.5 , V. 'I ,,-ifizgl, ff ,,' 1 A 'A ., .J . l,f'gixWl illl 'lllfxll llW'X 'X arf- I A A901551 Aff 7'-Sf Aww P I 7 lv lu ,I A ,ml l fl rrp. .-:ffl - ,LU ls Y I I one hundred thirty-fi-ve 1 1 "THE DRAGON'S CLAW" An Original Production Marcl1 19, 1917 CAST OF CHARACTERS Cherryblossom, Maiden of Low Caste . . AMANDA Roos'r Toko o, VVeaIthy Samurai . . . . CLARA LEWIS Y . Chokichx, Sandal Maker . . . SUSAN EADS Genzaburo, Tokoyo's Companion . . MARION HEIKES Raiko, Chief of the Robber's Band . . MARION JOHNSON Nanushi, Cherryblossom's Father . . . RACHAEL WI-IITFIELD Okuma, Cherryblossom's Companion . CDRNELIA MCBURNEY Nakado, Owner of Teahouse . . . . RUTH MAHOOD EMMA Wufss Booth KELVA PERSINGER IVA SMITH Owners lFRANCES BoYD MARIE MAHOOD Robbers LILLIAN SANDVIG Musicians IIZILAH TSOMQPSON RUTH BIJRPBE YCYLE ANZ RACHAEL MADISON M,LDRED WOOD Giesha ISABELLE ANALKER MQSRIIEJEESAOSEIE Girls DOROTI-IY OWEN Pedestrians GRACE VVISHARD Singing ALICE BOYD MABEI. IFRANCIIERE Girls WINIFRED Bussnv KATHRYN DUGGAN Maids of MIRIAM FISH Teahouse Oj' ANNA LUNDIILAD COMMITTEE General Chairman, AMANDA Roosr Scenery and Music, WINIFRED WooD Publication, IvA SMITH "F 5 Writing Committee, CLARA LEWIS A l MARION HEIKES CORNELIA MCBURNEX' , ' MARION Joi-INsoN RUTH FOURE N :Q""".,. I- I y, , A:-x,:.g,f4.,-fgsg-1-,, 1 .I ,,, I ' ' 6 I--gre,-1-.few 1' n f - A if .' ',,:.:'2'.',gn,g5Qf, A- 3, tug 1-.M ink allen I .- - -, 3:3411 ,gmt I Ibytxflx, UB , ,l,,?g9mx Nrfrfywvj 'Q5gi.,,,,f,qW53j', ., , -.-..,. ,L -....,-..,..--,.-. .,., ,,..-,.-.,......-.,,,, M LM wrt , , 1. . ,V .D UN., IM, ,Igy3r'r"-1-e,,,!l.-. I, . 5,-Aff,-,I.,,,,,,.j,.ffI:rf.u5R11qE3A 111142: ,H 7 1:1-mr,-.4g,-,Q-karl? L r.,,,.- ' ' f -v'.,.,, ff I J iznior Expression Recital A 1 1 . 3 5 I 5 , I I I I 1 I S 2 I E 5 E s I 3 r 1 1 4 1 I 1 1 1 one hundred thirty-.fix SCENE IN THE RAINBOVV INN INTERPRICTATIVE RECITAL OF SILAS MARNER Silas Mnrner Landlord . Butcher . jim Rodney Furrier . Mr. Macy . l4Zll'Ch I-P, 1916 CAST . ALICE BOYD GRACE HARTZELL ELMA PARKINSON Louxsrz SAMMONS MAY VVICKENS GLADYS CI,.'xlzK Senior Expression Recital Interpretative Recital of Folk Tales THE FOREST SPRING CAST Amuta, an old woman . . . . NIILDRED PncAU'r Giorani, her young grandson . . MAY VVICKENS Finmma, daughter of il neighbor . . CLARA LEWIS The Spirit of the Forest . . . CLARA SWAIN one humlml Illirty-srwn 1- '--. A., 4 -4--.- , 5. 1 R- X . lv 4' - x . .HX 1 '--.,- - ' '- --N.. f. rw., JA f,. 'W if .. ,. 4: ,J ,ww '5-EL, , M14 .ff . ' ' ' ' 'W' .wfjf.1J,,yjQ"""fl-f.k E, wc 4,7 5-, LQ ' f 1 x . f frfff 1 V ii"g'iW M jimi fu f lifif, 1' wi M' ' " ' German Class Play Hifi l I li , WEI HNACHTS-IVIARKT Ai. Immungsbild PERSONEN Puppen Verkauferin . . . . Kuchen Verknuferin . . Baumschmuck Verkauferin . Spielzeug Verkauferin . . 1 Mutter . . . Erstes Kind . . Zweitts Kind . Arme Frau . Armes Kind . Armes Kind . . Schornsteinfeger . Backerjunge . Weihnachtsengel Knecht Ruprecht . Puppenfee . . . . CLARA SWAIN . E'rlA1EL ORDWAY . VIVXAN DowN . HELEN HAYES . FRANCES KOLP ISABELLE WALKER . EVA DUNAGAN MARGUERITE STRUCK . RUTH BELEW HELEN ALnER'rsoN . PIARRY RosENE . ARTHUR LOCKE . AMANDA Roos'r . JACOB TREFZ IRMA Os1'LxNc KATHERINE Coss i Children dressed as dolls . IRMA SNYDER ' RUTQI 1-H+' 'A - W ' I A .5 i 1 W"f"X"." .iq .E if-A .R 'MQ' .JEL 'vliigf' 1' H , f'ix'i' 1' F i ew A ' ' if " A X .,:sf+4Pei2s?:fR:si4e'aLf:fM"'v -f-ffSif?in , f f ' ' " "'m""" 'W f ' A if Qi V w A one lzzmdrmi thirty-eight "" V 'iiixd 'fn' ' i ,. V. .. ,,.. ...W,.,....,........ .- A--,,,.M Wi' - 17... -X . i -- ...-.V----.------W--..--.-... .... M...-....,-,.....,-..,..-.-.-.,...........,..,,,.,,.,-,,,,,,,,,,,,Wales, 5555 xii .K , fi-5 " I- J, f I' 7 xl' . N. -N ' X ...S . ..-.- --.:...,-.:,-. . .-',.,..., .-.--..4,r.g'fI . ,,. All LZPLTFW YW ?'3FF'Q 'EQwf4.17fFi5aWf . Y Z if.p2b"' f-ffT1"- 5- :T-1 -H+ ri f1'ff'I.'r1f".P1'f"' X-:'v:'f'.' N J '25-fl'--'41 fi. 'Fff'..'f'f'.' - '?.a'fi'r"U""3ff' 'fig-'1fU,'ihf!,P4'!?l'-'If' 3:-'2"'3'.f'ff'3f!.I 5 . x, .. . -1 -x -AL A ' if , ,1.:.,p+-:fg-fy fir K lf W1 V xv '-' ,w-..1. -' . '-'-,s,'a.'?f:2's--1.-:Q 11- ,Milk W W '- l '. ,n' ,..,,..X ,'?1'F1r, ' N'-1? EQ or "'2'?,,'-4-Fiflx 4 1 23 - ,Q 14-52315, 1' 'W-Yf'ef?gz,1 911, E , 2 'Ea ,ggi-'fyv A P45 i 3 :Qi-. ' " 'M , gf, ' "W '.--5"2fSr- V QK B .am .cm A pity NX "Si N ,ffwfkgrsfag yy ffsqfk g 1 'N 2,55 MZ-,, .,. fi 1 xxdgf N. I 7 ,,3,,N,I , 4,1 "I vc A 'f P .b iw --: ,Www X .w,A, x , asv., 3 0511.177 .5 I Y, .. Q X A ??f',taeh"i' 2.5, Q lbw?-"'aV3 f ' T -'vig'-en'-'Xie if eff' -K .f ., I , - 1,1-,,.- 14,1 -, A :. , K m'-,g':fJ. 3 -L-'4 ,L-' ,ml 1" -4-y :Vt , sid' qlgl 0.8 it ' E rj f?f,51,QFg'gdv 'g HI' IW 'VN " 3':313-Ni:-2:"'f '-llll'V 'ln -""1 E E 5 5"lN?7'i'-?!:i-iiifl' ' 11" llr, I if ' :NAE5i-Iglsflq,qWl41H!lHl,,lLx5es- 'N .Q as ,,-3354 ,ij M 1 lg , Q- 'o'ZiE.'3: -Hb 'ml allllwf- 4 E ,. 5 ,ffffgiffi ' llfiidllf ffl q alk..y, . gs-....... ,Q ,I , .. ,. : , ,.yQ.x,, , lf, o,n,4,., "1 !'l.f'ffgf-Admjffilpl l'1f5"1I l2le'. ' ,A'. E E l7i'T "'1':f5l-" J, ml!il.flili1! .3 er: L , ,gw-: 5,5534 ' ' H, g r' IM .. ' M lgggfjgiggfxl ,VN lwwld-, ffl" XIW1 --F15 lv I M W :xl-:5ff.4uE .50 - 1 , , slfflbifiiil . E ,,,,4, 1Q'Au 2 if Vi-fmf, Qgmfppmm 1 QL- - ,x - X yr, M- 1- ' A 'fg-. -, V , 5, - . . - r K - - - rf-X' - , --' ,ff Q, - + ij-1' xii Q 'LX - '3 -fi. .ra -M " .gli- N, . 16-E A , qfg rl ? i ffy X .+-r lfffsws lf-by -, W ge-3'-.IZ X-4' A45 -4 ':"1 :'-S"' ' . f .X arf.. . X x 1- - gun b W V. 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From the hollow reezlx he faxllioizezl Fluizfs so musical anrl mellow That the brook, the Sebocoislla Ceasezl to murnzur in the zvoodlaml, Azul the Jquirral, Azljizlaunio Ceaxezl to rllatlvr in the oak tree, A1111 the rabbit, the Wabr1.vso, Sat upriglzt to look and listen. 1 I H our bumlrrrl lbirly-aim, J Ml l.g.5,,Y' ' ""' "W 'Q" " "m"t"' I I J , 1 l l l In appreciation of PAUL MACCOLLIN Director of the Conservatory of Music Wllose ability and untiring efforts have given us two glee clubs which we are proud to have 'touring the country ' representing us. l , I , l J 1 H? l rll".i,l-li '1-. 1 hs ,zifwxlfjf l ' Q. It Wi! F .l, .i'iFA'ilf E 2 nm. 43515-siy, 5 vfgcnx fir. to-, , '. Uv' iff" N I e X :Msg wir - 3 l I Y M! ,,,5f+?b,' 'lf M ---.- M- -..4 . -V- ... ..,. -..- .. .... .,...,. ..., c-,...,,..-. ..,t,,.,, Q21-bi Q' , V I .X A 1, fi ' K1 xfhif Ai one hundred forty ffl V Eimillllgg ilk 1 4 4. 'Qc o IAGYZW- 'Q 0 QQ G1 OQXGOAQQXKD 2- o ' 4, ? 'A 'SA 4 O R 2. fag 23,64 ?' HARVEY LAWRENCE ROYCE ENGRERG . HUGII FOURE . PAUI, MACCOLLIN 'PII K Men,s Glee Club Firsl Tfnor AARON RU'I'II VERNON BI2NNlE'l"l' M ICM BIERS Barilom' EO. I'IARRIxC'I'Ox LELAIID SU'l'IIERl,.XND Z, 'fi I? Q v ' 4 A Z '4 1 2. Ip III C fa A 1 'A "- A 9 OFFICERS Q ff? I4 5 - 1 of 6' 0 Q? I 4961 , O . . President Secretary-TI'e:IsIIrer Student Mz1IIageI' MaIIag'eI'-Director lIAROI.n IfIAR'I'I.EY CECII. MAIIOOII DAVIO HLEARIIEY PAUI. MACCOIIIN '52 'fi Q NOIILE RICIIEROSON LEWIS BIIIEAKIX HUOII FOUKE Sl'l'0lllf Twzor DICK BURROWS CARI, ANIDEIQSOX HANS DAI.E LOWEI.I, FOWIIER H IERBERT M AI I OOO GEORGE BROVVN Iiass HARVEY LAWRENCE JOE DEAN ROYCE ENCBIERG jUI.IUs GLASGOW Pianist HELEN VVIIITNEY LUND GEORGE EASTON RWARI' XVII,I.IAMs our fllllllfflfd forty-one t M A 1 1,,4,g5gQfj .VVZI7 nf fl' J, ,ff g 1, ' f,"1 V f ff W A I uk mf ,M I .xx-, , K Ai s 'fl Madrigal Club MEMBERS ' 2, fffvgkx' , -..-, ' r 4,,v ' ML , 1 avr Ui fx :lk sl'-lf , 'S "ii 43' fiff . , y 1. f A 'aff' V I iii? , "-,PJ fxyihf df- First Sojwrzuzo --'A it w 5 1 M 1 rr W i 5 i 1 VEDA CLARK ETIIEL ORDWAY MYRTLE HEATIIMAN ALMEDA CORK RUTH E. MAHOQD AUREI.IrX S'rURmzvAx LxLLr.-xx DAnr, Scfomi S0fPI'llI10 EDITH HOLMAN Gnxevuzvn YQUNG Iivmxx Pnrrzxn CIERTRUDE Dx'Rs'1'RA ALICE Bow MARIE MAuoon Firsl flllo GI.Am's DAxnn,s MINNXE FRY IsAmzI.I.12 VVAr.KraR LAURA Excnmm Mxxxm R12UnnR Puou CII.-XMBIZRI..-XIX 1 SI'l'0l1d ,flllo Lols SMITH FRANCES VVHETMORIZ RUBY I-In.r. MARX' DOLLIVER FRANCES KOLP Pianist RUTH MAuo0D A SC. .393 5:96 9 'R- my 945-Q 5 ei' S5557 :GRN it .. iff rbi? G' - 'b vase" vi' 9.9 55 15 ' 'sv President . . Secretary-Treasurer Student Manager Student Director Manager-Director Q' QR . S g sq' Q 0 S Q5 5 9' K. 4 R OFFICERS in ee' ty ff A .5 Q Q' 'QQ .gr . ALICE BoYn . ETHEL ORDWAY FRANCES WHETMORE 'M Q0 and ' Q 113,45 . FRANCES Kon H fi.-:'fj A v PAUL MACCoLL1N A ,,,,-.fggtgl 4 -1 A .135 ' 5 Nd' , ju 3 i R e 31":Vq2'z ' 'UN 7 -T.2'f'4' ' wa r A ,iw gif 'Tk 'Q fr' 'Y gfffg -' ' W QW wit . wif A Q, -'y.1'w',E? Q' 9 42 yu 1 .Tiana 4 f' ' ff 1 1 ' fr Y '1 ww 'T RA A 4 nil, ,4 1' W r om' hlllldffli forly-ifwo ,J kg, 1' , 1 M53 2 J X Q Grace Church Choir R OFFICERS Direcror . . PAUL MACCOLLIN Organist . FAITII FOSTER VVOODIEORO President . . . G, G. GORDEN SCCl'CIlll'j' LOWELL FOWLER I flllos F. KOLI' M. REUBER C. MCBURNEY I. WALKER ' L. ENGBERG A. CARTER M. CATTERMOLE M. FRY P. CI-IAMRERLAIN L. SMITII E. LARSON M. WI-IETMORE J. LEE F. HIDENIIERG A. VVIICKSTROM L. BROTHERS V. BENNETT D. ROEINSON C. RIcIIAROs R. HILL R H LUND asses G DANIELS J- GLASGOW R. I-IOSFORO G- GORDER S. C!-IRISTENSON H' HARVEY S. LEUCHAUER V- HMT W. I'1ILMER Tffwff R. WHITEI-IILI. Na L. FOWLER L. SIIEERER li H. FOURE F. WEAVER 'l E. BURT T. CAINE .-1-.VE-rl ,, - I I,,:g-'41 . 51 .V '.-' . k.""I14f' . , , l'i'g6hfifl'! H ' 241.1 9QfJfA2v3T"I'ff2. .. fwmm' 1- "'W'73 '7'-'fQ?Y."'431i:S. I.:',.f.'W'fU"'Jl .,.,:'-JIS, IH." .MW . Fi ' , k,'. .S., I 'QLKCMMI "f'F'I".fM"'1I5 V -'IFI WI-"Lf"' Imge:1.2?EiF1.l.jg1:,j,j - -. f.q.....-- SOLOISTS MRS. PAUL MACCOLLIN . S0111-41110 MISS MARY DOLLIVER . Alm MR. AARON RUTII . '1'en01- MR. ROYCE ENGIIERG . . Bass Sopranos V. CLARK MRS- DEAN R. MAIIOOD MRS, Bum- M. IVIAIIOOD H. VANNEST R- FRENCH M, VANNES1- A. MONTGOMERY M. I'IEA'l'HMAN E- LEHAN HNHOUK G DI'RS'I'RA A. BOYD E. Prrsm' A. CORR C, BRIGGS L. DAIIL C. NEWLAND G. YOUNG A. PETERSON L. PEIRSON E. ORDWAY E. BAIINSON M. OLSON R. FLYNN A. STURDEVANT G VVICKSTROM L. ROBINSON I. RATLIFF F. W'IIE'I'MoRE MORRIS PIPPE'r'I' one ll1l7lLil'l'd forty Ihrcff 1 1- 5-. , K -X N. 4 'L ,V x, X . . N ' 1 1 ,x -X ,-s wire- i- ,. a :pg-. ,A N--, fr, .1-. A 5-,,, 7-fx,Lm...t . ,.'.Q-.WL . 'l'.?,- -.uw 3' si fur --ff VM, . Esther- p an -iffy ll,-Jamixei W gl I'W'V,1 si ti- 'fix 1' 4 :N Q :ir had i gil 5 Y i F , Y 1 1 1 w r i In appreciation of WILLIAM J. HIMMEL 1 Whose unselfish efforts have crystallized a in the best band we have ever had. i i .Qi ALJ . lk W Ay Q ,- f' ziz. li Af! AX get Wai-vi:? 2 i i "i. 5,-Iwiffv ."' fl rx , W one hundred forty-four M f. ,QA i X R X ff ' - Qf.i'.1..i. .,a, glszli ..,.. .'., A Banc? Director, W. J. HIMMEL Clm'im'ls C ora als Troullmmxv A. Fluzlzrvmx H. L.'xvvRnxcE R. M.xk'l'1x XV. XVOOLEY .Alllos Bmimm, G. I2.xs'1'0N I3 H XRRIYFTOY C' BALDWIN ' i ' ' ' V. BENNIVIWI' Szzxafrllozzf' A. HUNT R. I'I.xRRrxc'mx D,.,,,,,5 B055 R. 0s'r1.1NG J. '1'msVZ C. Hvms R. Excnmur F. Joxlzs L. SU'I'llliRI..XXD Pirmlo H. NIEYIERS RANDOLPII Onkucm' IVIICIIAIELSON GERKIN Sllmkmz CQWAN TuoM,xs CAMIQR ani' 1lllIlzil'l'd fm-fy .....,,v .,....l T"l E i 1 I E I n A i 5 1 i i 4 i 3 5 i i 4 i O one hundrfd forty-.fix Orchestra F1'00!IlIlIl, Hinnnul, Niulsun, Imrson, R:itlit'i'v. First Violin Second Violin Piano . Cornet . Trombone VV. J. HIMMEL, Conductor INSTRUMENTATION . I-IARRY Lmasox Iiuvm RATLIFFI: IQATHXNCA NIELSEN W. J. HIMMEL Akcmn FREEMAN E i 2 1 I a 1 i l 1 I 9 I 1 i l i I S V ! 4 i Q 3 , A x 1 1 i I I I 4 , , 5 J Book IV Sunzwtues '. ,fr 1 fu fl ' '- i I 4, M Dx I . w A, , e -I.-,.-1 ........---.....,,,,,,,m Q E :gf '-Y , ' ..1:.,.Qf-X if F , V, -,ps ' .r 'M If uf N h x A ' X x, Ig Iljfxkwlxxh X U "VMI XV l UN. 'W f ' X A, WN .Oily A 6'-X ff 394-. IN," L"'E"' ,,H".n1fQs--' I ' Kifskvk 'W 1' N W 'CII Qi" ll w ,, W rf' H XQL: ....- 1 vw" Q 9 I 'X J "hh We ,fi ' 'twig 41,2 , f' X '- ,, f f'4'iPa'.i1'fJ"W'?M f'-1' -4-,"f 'I :wg NK' - x ' Q X - M N. eveievfalklu.. .ref ' W 3' 'X ', m X 53 is ' -, P 7 i K 'gi' E a I 7 'Vi ., W Q ' fj ' T 53,1 'X X 'mix if .. . h .Mill if M I ggi, Wg. glgpfkfvi 61.47. , La' - BW Ewa VLA QF: T A 'A A X 5 ' ' , ' . vQ.l,:!Q'Z1.',w ,- N.. Q - -. .-1 ' ' k. . . - i .1-5 A .. 4- -1 ""' -Y -w'f-fzqasia i1-Q.'5':"gZ,:.f"JIn,. .3 X I v.., ., J: A I 1 ',w::g!:"Qi-:wf"' .:.r.i:T!!5' vi" -X-' '11 17'?"7 '." 7.5 ai' .-a Q37 v gl M at ng,-fvif . p n fi t. 4 :'i'fj'Y ' 1' jI '17f f,,.. ' fvZ'.Jf:1.! +"-1'Y"12ff.- V A F Zfff ' -' -- i-:sf2.' Mw..,...lurfm..- f fy , ,.f 5fgi' 3335 r- ,MM , 2 L'.bLn.v1,..:..4 W ff 3 g .- -K-1' " Y -i A , -I-,wx - -' 3 X Z"'-Q f A wi- if f: V, 5 I - 4 if . ' ' ' J, K1 A 5 ' h y -2-hlmf ' mkmhwwaf ' 4 I ' x f 1 'IRQH 'A S Q N Ad. i - 1: 3 Q , W , Y 'Qc ' :lg -L ' ' .n o J ,f -i Q A 1 7 ,A xv n . i l . Xp f "Emi, W. qt is IV! ' h ,ffifiifffa t 'U SR it HQ " l . an 1-'oem I X fm , - -2. A ...,., . Ragga!-gilt L if ,gag-SA! y 10- . M- -X 1 ' I i 'A ' w s Q . , , - H 3 ! l Loohezl they at the gamesome labor I Of the young men and the womenf f 1 Listened to their noisy talhing, A To their laughter and their singing, lleard them chattering lihe the magjzies, Ifearzl them laughing like the blue jayx, ffearzl them .ringing like the robins. 1 one hundred fariy-,L-w,, f I TOP ROXV-S. Bnsliuw, T. McBride, R. McBride, W. Clark, P. llliffcrt, F. Cmm0l'S, E. Stonebrook, O. Bell SECOND ROW-M. Clough, E. Wunig, 1-1. Wnlkcr, I.. Johnson, J. Bugnrd, U- WVIIYINFS. A. Freomnn. 'THIRD ROW-M. Erickson, L. Hornnvy, V. Gurkin, 'I'. Lloyd, A. Hurnnvy, R. Rundulpll, ld. Pritulmrd R. Martin. SOCIETY EMBLICM l"OUR'l'llf ROYV-Ti. 1'v:l1'c0, F. Hnclwtt, C. Cowan, T. Friost, A. Ilinklvy, C. Jorsinfl. F'TF'l'l'l RONV--S. Johnson, M. Evnns, li. Custle, R. El'lglJ1'l'g, H. YVulf. DOT'l'OM ROW--I.. Steele, G. Gnuclic, R. Smith, P. Micln-lson, C. Baldwin, I-I. Dudsley, A. Hnrtnmn. one hundred forty-eight 4 1 5 ff , .- 4? ' 5' E R " iiiix"aa""f" t I , 3 ' ., v as 1,3 i V ,Fi v QQ, y wmit A 1 ' , x T 'Sch -4 " S i A W 1 , 'f i A ff J if T J . . . J f " J Phzlomathean Lzte1'a,3,7 Society 4 ' ' ' J J OFFICERS ' i ' . J Spring Term, 1916 Fall Term. 1916 Wifzter' Term, 1917. E , Y President . JOHN TYIADISON THOMAS LLOYTD ALVIN HORNNEY . i lst M'mber Ex. Bd. ROBERT MCBRIDE ORIN BELL JOE BOGARD 5 I 2nd M'mber Ex. Bd. ORIN BELL JOE BOGARD EARL STONERROOK i 3rd M'mber F.x. Bd.JOE BOGARD - HARRY WARNES ICLRERT PRITCHARD V Recording Sec'y 1 LYNN CASTLE MCK. ERICKSON CLINTON COWAN 5 i Corresponding Sec'y HARRY WARNES HERBERT' MAHOOD RUSSEL SMITH i Treasurer . FLOYD CONNER 'FLOYD CONNER CFHOMAS LLOYD i First Critic . EARL STONEBROOK ROBERT MCBRIDE STANLEY BASHAXV Second Critic . . WILIQER BRIGGS STANLEY BASHAXV EARL STONEDROOK 1 Historian . . LEE HORNNEY LEE I-IORNNEY LEEE I-IORNNEY P 1 J 5 ! CALENDAR 5 1916 I March 23-Athenaeum-Philo Joint May 29--Special Program J June 3--Up-River Picnic' E 1 June 5-Philo Graduation i June 13-Reunion Sept. 25-Annual Philo Stag Oct. 16-Annual Duck Feed A Nov. 6-Joint Party Nov: 20-Initiation E Dec. 4--Harding Banquet E ' Dec. 18-Christmas Party 5 1917 ' Jan. 8-9-Intersocicty Debates i Jan. 29--Athenaeum Banquet for Philo Dcbatcrs l, ' Feb. 19-Annual Mock Trial. ,Lt Y 1 1 ig' . vi'1,t-Si if h!'f",1'iuq W I Y kg .. .P LH' - 'L' -. - I 1 ',. '-'if' , A . ,-1 giygsi 1fE:,7Q,i'.5'gq-,5,Qa,f' Qggxx.-C, L V'?Jf?Vt-g':: 1 .1.'f3a+i.423+1,1igr-- fPk,rif,,3f'gfiu5Q: I -, X .ir-':?z1fA: - ' "W.w"'1'f1. 'ln.:a1f,T'ix -A . A Z ," 4, 1W55'?f'qc"fgjg1g. ' 1 J A mutt ." 1, , R "'f1" ' 2r .': ? . -11-'Mm' QQ" I -' - -iight 15:37 j-5-U ., y fgifigi-fi K one hundred forlyymne f.v::L'2?!a3' "'F'1f 'f-ig-. ,R ,, N 1 I ' A A - . L ' 1 3 I 1 E I i I i I I Q i 1 3 I 1 U I 5 3 I I 1 I 1 x 1 1 .. I' .-'U , . I v 1 A I i 3 TOP ROW-N. I-Iouk, F. Whctmnre, M. Brethorst, D. Stcclo, M. Cummings. Q ,SECOND ROW-V. Sipc, E. Buhnsun, I. Robertson, M. Fry, B. Shnnnon, G. Ruskoll, I. Clmpin, K. Thnrp ' SOCIETY EMBLICM THIRD RONV--D. Utterlmck, A. Sturtevxult, F. l"0l'sl1cx'g. L. Ilerron, H. Bcrgll, M. Struck. 1 FOURTH ROW-E. Secoy, L. Dnhlf C. Holmes, E. Pitzkc. 5 .BOTTOM ROW-R. Berry, G. Knapp, II. Hunter, E. Morris. i H .J K ,,. I one lunzdrrd fifty El 1 l I l 1 1 Athenaeum Literary Society f 1 ' OFFICERS ' . Spring Ter11z,1916 Fall Term, 1916 fyinter Term, 1917 ' President . NIARIE EASTHOUSE NIINNIE FRY BEss SHANNON 1 Vice 'President . NORA SHULDT VERA SIPE 1 Rec. Sec'y . RUTH GILLIES CSRACE RUSKELL IDA ROBERTSON Corres. Sec'y. . RUBY KNUDSON RUTH CiILLIES HAZEL HUNTER Treasurer IRENE CHAPIN C1.Eo HOLMES KATHERINE THARI' Chaplain . KATHERINE LEASER M. BRETHORST ESTHER BAHNSON 1 i CALENDAR 1916 . March '18--Irish Program lVIarcl1 23-Philo-Athenaeum Joint in Hall April 8-Athenaeum Banquet at Martin I April 15-Open Door 5 May 13--Mother's Day' ' May 13-Open Door June l3-Alumni Reunion 1 Sept. 16-Reception to pledges in Hall Sept. 23-Ravine Party Oct. 7--Riley Program Oct. 23--Philo-Athenaeum Joint. Annual Duck Feed Nov. 3--l-Athenaeum Jubilee. Twenty-fifth Anniversary. Nov. 4--Athenaeum Banquet at West Dec. 18-Philo-Athenaeum Joint 1 1917 ' Jan. l3-Open Door-"Betty's Degree" jan. 29-Athenaeum Banquet to Debziters Feb. 24-Open Door-"Local and Long Distance" 'Mar. 16-Philo dinner to Athenaeums Ma1'. 26-Philo-Athenaeum Open Door-"Up to Freddie" 1 1 V ,T -15 'V wil I, V 4 ul x M" 2 cn- 'M' "nw L yy! J , J'X?rll I fir .e 4 ,AAL I 'np i ' ' f . mr' -1 fe 1-I 1- 1 1' '11 1 1 ' . ' , '. 6:3213 11",71--:- 1 1.315511-1. rf-'fi' r'."wSQxfQ'?'J51f"" 'r.'3-if' F1111 1 'mn--tr sf' '. -- A 1' 11111 fffl-fi.!. '.' , '-"EN 1' 1-.12-1 ' - 1 'Af--. 1-fur gh'-94-, sr.. 1 -dag, , '- - ., " I--" '-,f -- ' -..'P1y 5 ', rv-1" gm .fgfrwr , 1 4 4 yr .4 ,-1 1 n - N ".-1 ' 1 is, M111 xr.-A-3. 'H' 71 . S- 1 - 111- -. 1, T 11.11, WWlVW"lYH111,-:VH.3. eu- ...-1. ?ll1Qgil5lH1.r!1,e,1i1 131,124 one hundred jifly-our fu H ' f 1 . . u--- 1 I 'il ' 1' L' -1 V 4., i-,,..', 1 Y"R""1-5-x ,4,3?7fiT... :QL- , 1' , 1, 'lf' .l Hg,-,XQWLA Q 11 N1 J 1 4: ' 112113- f J 1 1, Q . J V X 1111 V, ' X. Wi ' 1911111 'RQ N' All A 11 X '51 21 V Ilii 1 111111 1 1 1 ffl 2 EJ 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i "1 ATHENAEUM-PHILO SNAPS one hkunfrcd fflf-two ATHFINAIQUM-PHILO SNAPS 1 1 4 one hundred iffy-lhrre F E35 5. - ' N, . VE? . . 1 'EXW f . 1 1 XJR-xi: l' K 1 Vxmi f"?!"' 1 -,' 'L K ' ",.ffQD ,M U.. yi-if f 4 ...JG ' H ir rt' ' 1 X l X i 1 xl of 1 1 X K mf , , 'POP ROW-B. M1-Conkcy, D. Vnn Horne, R. Hnwington, L. Lehnn. , SECOND ROW-W. Forba-is, H. Kilbornv, A. Payne, H. linw1'enc'e.' THIRD ROW-Iii. Ausmun, L. Snitow. J. Christ, E. Harrington, G. Euston, R. Schellingqr. -,, 1 . , SOCIlu1Y MMBLEM FOURTH ROW-G. Brown, A. Hunt, A. Bnrtlf-tt, H. Fouke, G. Crouch, J. Trofz. BOTTOM ROW-S. Burpoe, J. MCI3ll1'll0Q', Guy Brown, J. Donohue, H. Smith, C. Swartz, C. I-Im-t, 4 X vi .figbif ff. 271- ' f:..f-...I 6554.5 . -,,,,..,,,.,-- . ': ,pq vs, , A ..-..-..........-,. ...,.... .W,...,....,.. ..,.. ......... ...- .... ..... ,. H5 one hundred fifty-four ' , "ji ' . .f , . . 4, . V5 Wy' ii? AJ I f an i"fV'f wr i K.. 3:4 ,W P Mg . X .yi W .1 W'-Wifff. . aff of my VYQQV 95, Q5 i is .1 , i Aim K- ' -HEI .. . -. .. . .,......A.......,... .... mx X N . X. X -.A 594532, X. ,,,,. .. 1- El if I III I Wil. IIE I .Vw A , . " I ,A TIIIX I 'I i.','1Ii 1 31 I Il A II I 'I' I Ionian Literary Society JI I Iif 1 I XI I . OFFICERS 1 1 Spring Term. 1916 Fall Tvrnz, 1916 Pffvirzlfr Term. 1917 , i President . ARTHUR LINDSEY H. IQILBORNE ARTHUR PAYNE Vice President . b0N VANHORNE WILLIS FORBES RAY HARRINGTON ' Rec. Sec'y. HARVEY LAWRENCE ALLAN BARTLETT H. KILBORNE I I Corres. Sec'y. . HUGPI FOUKE HARVEY IJAWRENCE ALEERT HUNT 1 I First Senator . RAY HARRINGTON DON VANHQRNE ICD. I'1ARRlNGTON I Second Senator . WALTER HELD HAROLD SMITH CLARENCE HART 1 J Treasurer lin. HARRINGTON GEORGE EASTON HARVEY LAWRENCE 1 Chaplain . . ALIRIERT HUNT ARTHUR PAYNE ALLAN BARTLIZTT Sergeant-at-Arms ROY SCHELLINGER WM. BERKSTRESSER JACOB CFREFZ 1916 I p March 16-St. Patrick's Party 1 April 1-Pi-Ionian Joint F 1 May 11-Final Gold Nledal Debate I i May 29-Annual Up-River Trip i 1 June 13-Reunion I i Sept. 16-Stag at Kilbo1'ne's Sept. 30-Rush Stag at Ionian House 1 Oct. 28-Annual Halloween Party ' Nov. 20-Pi-Ionian Joint I Dec. 16-Christmas Party 1917 I 1 Jan. 9-Inter-Society Debate .with Philos I Jan. ll-Inter-Society Debate with Othos I Feb. 22--Second Degree Initiation R 'Feb. 26-Annual hlartha VVashington Party I lr' I' 2-V I .. . III: ,fII , ff" ' QI ' H I I. I 1 Rv-. XI --I:-rx . , .Mix ,KIA . , V. if --11- 1-If-REU' -3.-5-I ml. R QIHQW N15-DQ YW M6111 .4..4:L., " XR, 4 In 'Ir I "Wi" 10' H : I I 'H'-we ', we--." . ug: f, ll 1 I .Vw-. ti' ' , mg I,'5i11.!' WVI5 'I' 'Ig-I , 2.4, gg i- - I v, -.-'fag I-, -'lr -sn! I i Q., I-"IIT . . .. J' ,- I . Q R: in :Hz 5.5 .sep J K fl Q. IN, ,r ,V ,HL I QNX 'f .. '- iig y 'ff itl f .'I41'1.G'?w1, ,I-R I I ' WWWXIIXIIIIIXII 1,4 f AI-. V L A " ' ' fp IDN- ,T ',,. ' Q45-',,'f' :ffl-41-'f X ' ' M..." 'T' v5"'t?i13'f' 'f' 'lj-17'. our hundrrd yifly-fm' - QF- 74-5 I I 'h?'Kz'E9'4'I'.D9'zo ,. 1 I I 'I 'I I, ,I I. I I .5 AQFQ.-X' X ..i 51 5395 '-'12"'' Fx. 5'3" .- A 'Pr-r "',,Q+-. ,434-3 'N -,Tiff .3-vf':2'i' la A ,,.. ,.,.,, ,, , .-1-fig E Tory' 5 WL Qi., 1 Aww if ifiiviiflfi. ffiy'n'14fF"?iab3 .ni i .Him V i iii.: 1 M. Q' W I .. Ai. '33 4 TOP ROW-S. Ends, L. Holmes, E. Weise, M. Champ, C. McBm'ney, R.-Madison. SECOND ROW-D. Owen, R. Fouke, A. Roost, L. Thompson, W. Wood, M. Johnson. SOCIETY EMBLEM - THIRD ROW-R. Whitfield, E. Persinger, M. Heikes, C. Lewis. M. Mnhood, R. Mnhnod. FOURTH ROW-M. Goudie, I. Wnlker, A. Boyd, I". Boyd, M. NVoud, M. Fish, G. Wishalrd. BOTTOM ROW-Id. Wood, W. Bussey, A. Lunblud, R. Burpee, L. Hnitz, I. Smith, I.. Samdvig. i I .V . , I 1' , N ' E i 1 . , A22 M 1 l 'p'1-wxqgiriw 4. 1 if 5i4Q?e7f?:L i ' "fig, ' ting". 2 ' f eq? i '1ff,jh:'1- A . ,.,1 .7 E57 , i X26 L-, ,h-,umm-.V 7-M-M. . ummm xi., oh' , w --. " ',f.L7,-.gfffi 5. .3 J ' 'f' 5254, .- ,f' if - . P! ,, gif ffm' one hundred ,iffy-.fzx ...wi ,din Zi ,... lf .L Pierian Literary Society Presiclent Vice President Recording Sec'y. ,11I'CZlSlll'C1' . Reporter . Finance OHiccr CLII'Ht01' . Social Com. Ch. . OFFICERS 1'li7'.Yl Sl'llIl'Sf!'7' AMANDA ROOST . MARION HEIKES LILAH rlll-IOMPSON . RUTH FOUIQE M ARION JOHNSON . COIINELIA MCl3LTIlNIEY MIl,IJRlElD CHAMP . EMMA WIESE .. 44 El -' 'Hff' ... pp l JCHJA 'D xl Till lfjli flip., Second Scnzzfslrr in LILAH rl1HOMPS0N l'lIiLEN CQULLICKSON lVIlI.DRED CHAMP RACHEL MADISON NIIRIAN FISH CORNELIA NICBURNIEX' RUTH NIAHOOD MARIE NIAHOOD A 1 EJ CO1-res. Sec'y. lVlARGARET ci0UDIE ISAEELLE WALKER l Critic . . DOROTHY OWEN NIARIKJNAHEIIQES Fine Officer LUCYLE I'IAITZ l.,UCYLE HAITZ Chaplain . . RACHEL MADISON ELVA PERSINGER Sergeant-at-Arms . . LUCIA HOLMES WINIERED VVOOD OFFICERS 1916 ' Many 27-Pi Picnic May 29-'Piilonian Up-river Trip June 13-Alumnae Breakfast June 15-30-Camp at McCook Lake Sept. 23-Open Door, "Not a Inan in the House" Pi-Ionian Joint I Oct. 6-Birthday Banquet at the West Oct. 7-Invitation Dinner . Oct. 16--Party at lVIarion Heikes' Oct. 21--Open Door, "An Evening in c Southland" Oct. 28-Pi-Ionian Hal1owe'en Party Nov. 4-Stunt Night Nov. 6--Party at lVIcBurney's Nov. 7-Faculty Tea Nov. 20-Joint lVIasquerade Dec. 16-Christmas Party 1917 Jan. 6-Pi-Ionian Joint ' Jan. 13-Debate Dinner at lVIarion Heikes' Jan. 20-Open Door, "Pi Chautauqua" Feb. l0-Open Door, "Chums" J ' Feb. 26-Pi-Ionian Colonial Party . ,,.y,. , . . A ."i 1 is i,,AIm.N , .5N, :- gr , dw ,fl- 1,6551 . fm j"fW,.-,,gb.vJMg.5e1:f+gz.g.l5 - 631525 .r... :?Q:? l. .D .,:. 31: liliiliZ4Q24lI5f?I,'H5 ' , hw, ,jp .l , .-,, ..... -. - one hundfed ffly-:even l7N:..u..WfK..'":LIL.,ggl-.wswfffI-1-- .I . . ee 3 rn... E ""f "--'---'------ -V-----f------0 ---- -y-- ---------M-------..-- V----M...-..-.-.....-..........,..... ..,-. ...N -,,, , --M- ,NLM 1 1' 5 PI-IONIAN SNA PS iv 'X W sl! -- , . , - ,-1,-yr. , .A.' -. . . by ,W . l ' - 7:93, . - H '. J 14. w 2 X . X C ,sa .1 1 . . ,ah W :pl-:.?.ff'2'7'..a H - fm "-'fa' 1- g 'L ' 1 vc ' 1 , ,Q .lf I X ' , s. f X + if X . ,m e 1 'V .Ml ML.-,V X' E 4 Q O 9 , 'K w. I . l f . 1 I....+. ,,,A M - H pig, 3 , ' , J Q . . I f 1 guy 5, , Ax H Ui i -'Wws I 1' 'i YA f " x Q' Y! ,n 1 ig8: j AQ .Q ig ' '.,13:Qg . I, A. sf' ' gwv' ML 2 :'.Q:l'5w 313, fl .1 , ., ,Lg ' ', ' ' L .A A,.Y .,,, 4 N,. ..,,-,,,,,., HA -A . ,-w,,.-.m.-..,-, ..,. .A, .. M- . ,. Z:+'+'sf?? X' ff! J A, .4 'ifj - 1 ' U Sn XV 1 'I i , -,. :lla fi 'Jig ,fx om llllllflli fifty ugh! f, my ,MH W x w 1 9 lg L-U, Ii fit I l- , - 22 .L.,. If 1'-.xv M- wx--v ibrglyzzrlg r"' , 'LL.a'.',.5" L'....,. 9 , U? xl x m 'M if TTS ,M ,K X' i g ...-.-.Www-....-W.....-.--..----...,-.-.-.n...,,,..,,,-.,.,,,.,-,,,,,,,.,..,, , X 'X-x '. , TX.. i 1.-X I f- r ,, K .Q . ., , ' 1 v J 1, 'X xg! I i 1 5 1 1 I i i , I i Z l l l l l I a Q i 2 1 2 5 I 5 1 4 TOP ROW-W. Wolle, E. Stiles, D. Wnlton, E. Williams, G. Dutton, N. Willimns, C. Obrvcllt, J. Fiwnlmni F. Kingsbury. SECOND ROW-E. Bnrks, C. Sherwood, R. Jur1.:enson, C. Fry, I. Buck, C. Klippel, A. Locke, H. Rc-ymnn THIRD ROW-F. I'IIllllili0f0ll, V. Payne, A. Beck, C. Gurluck, WV. Curry, J. Kolp, R, Tl'0KltllHlll, N. Rich nrdson, D. Norton. SOCIETY EMBLEM FOURTH ROW-G. Omer, V. Hurt, H. Butler. M. Leitch. H. Rllllll, C. Hyde, L. Peterson, M. Irwin. FIFTH ROW-ll. Freeman, 0. Crews, S. Hutchison, J. Glasgow, A. Jeep, L, 1-'owlm-, ,L Dom,- BOTTOM ROW-T. Kenney, C. Albertson, G. Dunn, D. 'l'routnnu1, L. Sutherland. one hundred .vixly I El gif- I Q VA I--Ir E Q, D-'QE T "1 ? C Q2 CO- E 'MX J 45 I. a ' , 11 'N Othonicm Literary Soczety L 13 111W I li . OFFICERS C112 I I Spring Term, 1916 Fall Term, 1916 Pyintrr Term.. 1917 President CHARLES CEARLOCK WENDELL CURRY JAMES KOLI1 Vice President . 110NALD WALTON JAMES KOL1' JOHN FARNHAM I Rec. Sec'y. EWART WILLIAMS JOHN FARNHAM CLAIR SHERVVOOD 1 Corres. Sec'y. . EDWARD STILES HAROLD FREEMAN DALE NORTON 1 First Critic . EARL BARKS EWART WILLIAMS WENDELL CURRY 1 Second Critic . JAMES KOLP WM. WOLLE CHARLES FRY I .Historian . ARTHUR JOHNSON GEORGE DUNN GEOIXGE DUNN Reporter . . CHARLES FRY CLAIR SHERWOOD CHARLES KLIPPHL J Treasurer . NOEL WILLIAMS NOEL WILLIAMS NOEL VVILLIAMS 1 CALENDAR' 1916 April 24-Otbo Public ' May 1-Reception to Zets May 8-Annual Spring Stag May 22--Closed Door May 29-Zet-Otho Breakfast at South Ravine I May 29-Final Gold Medal Debate l June 5+Graduation Exercises 1 l June 13-Alumni Reunion 1 1 Sept. 25-Joint Hard Times Party at Barlowe Hall 1 - 1 Oct. 2-Annual Rush Stag 1 J Nov. 13--Zet-Otho Promenade Dec. 19-Zet-Otho Joint 1917 1 Jan. 9--Otho Philo Debate 1 Jan. 10-Otho-Ionian Debate J 1 Q Jan. 12-Zet reception to Debaters 1 l Jan. 29-Annual Banquet at the Martin March 26-Reception to Zets I fir' ' . i itu T I '- gi? ..,, t ' 4i41'g5gSi+'1 ,-, J f ' 2 . ,, J I E g 1 , i"' or , , , - , A xRxx11i1w,1,.Wh Xxbl LI A1222 ,,. .,V, I:-:L-nu., , 2,1 , .L ,S one Iumfri .vzxly onr 'f'f'3V izQjQ, aagvjuzgggr-.-v-1,,, gm, ,-,i." . I .. , -.wqtigqq S Fitz?-ff Y 5-fafzz.. .li .Ls,5?"' gf' ,,,.'Ef..I.':. .V ' E r - ' ' ,i Y, I V' i '1 ' 'A A . W' If . V LLB f ' ,, i I If A If Q . 1 V - 3 I 'A - X 0 ., 65 '52, i . Q ., - i f M M Q 9 .fy V 4 I iii fi F Hr M' 1 li i ill i gi? i I3 1 W i 1 i 3 I I i N N i 1 r i i I i I E I Q TOP ROW-M. Ordwny, C. Swain, M. Wickens, F. Mnrquat. SECOND ROW-M. Sawyer, IC. Ordwny, M. Sebern, F. Beuchnm, M. Day, F. Kolp. ' THIRD ROW-V. Down, R. Smith, M. Pecnut, L. Saunders. , SOCIETY EMBLEM ' FOURTH ROW-H. Carter, Marie Edgington, E. Montgomery, E. Purkinson,. A. Fry, R. Reid. 1 BOTTOM ROW--M. Gurguson, F. Newland, R, Brady, M. Purdy, M. Bishop, E. XVestfulI. i 5 i - fy 'if f fr ,till N , I ff 7 . ' Wiff . w:i if . ' 'lm' ,fx f'5!l'b J' 'r'-.-X i - 34 ,Q 1f ..f'if,' i 'ggi 1 is 69, rccgv ' i-iffx' 3 1 . H VIH' Vi? 1 mf' . I .., w., f ' fu wi X, mf 1 'i f . V .5-5:1-ff.-,,'g:5f1,1g1.aiE.:f'-I N' f 4 .D :J ' ff our hundred sixty-ifwo I 'I l , I V '."ff V .1..1f.Ei2..i.2.:g..x:Qm,..,..,...W,. ' l VT' JP .f.qfr,,. El i 3 l N, X "X" 'Q I Wlllil, MV 151' A W Zetalethean Literary Society -A xr N' CALENDAR Ulla Motto: Esse, quam videri QTO be, rather than to seemj. UL Spring Term, 1916 Fall Term, 1916 lVint1'r Terlll, 1917 my President . Vice President . Rec. See'y. Treasurer . Corres. Sce'y. First Critic . Second . Chaplain . . First Directress Second Dircetress . Librarian . First Usher . Second Usher . I I I MARY VVEDGEWVOOP FERN BEACHAM LURA MCLANE MARY ORDWAY HAZEI. BARROW ESTHER MONTGOMERY INA SMITH FRANCES BOYD FRANCES KOLP LEONE LANGE CLARA SWVAIN MILDRED PECAUT MARIE SEIIERN ALICE ,IEI-'IPERY Lois RUSSELL RUTH IQLINE RUTH SMITH FRANCES KOLP ELMA PARKINSON VIVIAN DOWN lVIAY WICKENS LIDA SAUNDERS CLARA SWAIN MAIIEL DAY TCTHIEL ORDWAY MARIE IEIJGINTON TVIARIE SEIIERN MAY VVICKENS MAIIEL DAY TVIARY ORDWVAY VlVlzXN DOWN FERN BEACHAM TVIILDRED PECAUT ISLMA PARKINSON FRANCES KOLP RUTH SMITH MARIE EDGINGTON NIARY BISHOP AGNES FRY A E l CALENDAR 1916 . April 17-Zet Hen Party at Mai-y Wedgewood's lVIay l-Otho Reception for Zets May 16-Reception for Mothers , p lVIay 29--Zet-Otho Breakfast: l June 13-Reunion - Sept. 16--Reception for Pledges 5 Q Sept. 25-Joint Hard Times Party at Barlowe Hall I f oct. 14-Public Initiation l Nov. 4-Reception for Louise McDonald - l Nov. 13--Zet-Otho Promenade Dec. 9-Open Door, "The MilknIan's Bride" F Dec. 19-Zet-Otho Joint F1917 jan. 112-Reception for Otho Debaters at Lois Crouch's p Jan. 20-Public Initiation Cf"'1?jl1 Jan. 25-Ruth Reid Entertained Zets at Six o'Clock Dinner. I' :A 'L ' lVI2l1'Cl'l 5-Zet Grand Public, "The Slave Girl of Balsoran iI,i I 'iff C. Lf .-.-- in -ii,g',' . y41q.':g.'. -.v i ,i i ii, I to 1'-'T T R V iiii 2 i i 3di37'lI r llr ' :.'. , 1 . - T:?l!gM.4.,.:AiT FELL.-Q 1 , ,gf - 111 -wll1.-- om' hundred szxly-Ilzrrc -4... -L--. ,..,., .- i ZET-OTHO SNAPS 1 I one hlllllfffll .rixly four ZET-OTHO SNAPS Q--pr J' YQ . NX ! -Kim. one lumdred sixty-ffve - 'ir-A X-' is' QNRRN .wwf H-1----H ,film 2 " .rite-95:7 If A fe Wits.- tfffff' f IQHKO1 1 f J A ix 4. ,, 51,1 T413 VQ ii -4 ii sit 1' ' T 11 CB 13 Actelphian Literary Society Morningside Academy f H, Hartley, R. Long. G. Long, G. Junkinsnn. R, Andrews, L. Shearer. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President . . RALPH LONG GARNET JENKINSON Vice President . . CRARNET JENKINSON LLOYD SHEARER Secretary . GAYLORD OMER WALTER WERTZ Treasurer .A HAROLD HARTLEH' RALPH ANDREWS Critic . . LLOYD SHEARER GLEN LONG Ccnsor . HAROLD BUEHLER LLOYD SHEARER CALENDAR, 1916 June 9-Annual Up-River Trip June 12-Final Gold Medal Debate Sept. 29-Stag for New Students Oct. 2-Joint Party at Belew's Oct. 31-Hallowe'en Party 1917 Jan. 15-Aesthesian-Adelphizm Party at Cobb's 'March 9-Annual Banquet at the Martini iii 'J 1' :X 211 L A 1151 I 'A N tl ' 41 5 .f'51"f i'fiiy V Q if EIQI' fxgi if A' 1 ' 1 'ii 1' i . 1235,f2:14-4f1'fws2+L--. J .eff ' --...-, , --..-- . if iqwli ' -A ' f .1 one hundred .nxly-:ix rv- -QM X1 i I I , f "iff ii HfqK,?"3flT-rfi"ia-rv E, A . ,J ., ,AS :Elf N' W Q ' In A A- is . J G- N? A X - . , 'jr i. ,- Aestheszan Lzterary Soczety 'fm ig 1 ' ' . . ji X' Momzngszde Academy - M3 W: fi if TU 41 2 L i i i I 1 l R. Mnhond, M. Dewell. D. Chnmp, M. Champ. i O. Ennthouse, V. Clark, R. Chnilmun. 3 OFFICERS I First Semester Second Semester i President . Q RUTH MAHOOD MARGUERITE DEWELL Vice President . DOROTHY ROBINSON VEDA CLARK T Secretary . MERLE CHAMP RUTH BELEW ' T Treasurer Doms CHAMP RUTH CHALLMAN i CALENDAR, 1916 . March 11-Taffy Pull H May 1--May Day Party for Miss Brand Sept. ' 30-Party for new .girls Oct. 2--Aesthesian-Adelphian Party at Belew's -Oct. 24-Tea for New Girls Nov. 4-Kid Party at Cobb's Dec. 9-Costume Party at Dewel1's Mm-Wu V- 1917 . ' Jan. 15-Aesthesian-Adelphian Party at Cobb's f ' 'Vf Feb. 10-Fudge Party , wifi: ' fl1Q1i5'f W355W. A If QQ22"-yi " "'f'59KTf:f5P?rE-. . . ' fiii3i-' : '-,- , .rggfiif?+1 '- " ffiiikaifii fj'Q:.2Qg'?L'w' as ... R iN!:N Xv igK I It U ,.T,I- 'p - rt . l t W . W. ' MYXLJV, h -.. ., ,1.,k :.i...,1.,,-,Q -Sl I. s, jAJ,2A,jiijmi.j'. . 555523: f..,:.i g:ifi.j" A K Ai V A one hundred szxty-sewn X X :X-N - N -. -XSX -7.35 .,, 5-2:1 F-,.4fXXfLH'f'7 I .1 A, ... Nw... , f' f!?Jf,g kQ,iif1 ' .c,,,-if ,e,.,,,.,.ff E V "-urls! '. W 14- I ,HU .1 L i , , f - f, Xf.. Q off' Wllll 17' yr.. '1A'l,'.l .1 11 1 Morningside Academy Hawkeye Literary Society 'Vll I ll. 44 l 1 l l l 'POP ROW-C. Muhnnrl. Ti. Blouklvy, li. Slum-um, ll. Dnlv. MIDDITIC ROXV-Il. NVllytv, D. Blvnklvy, V. lim-nm-ti, W. llunsvn. B0'1"l'0M ROW-S. Cl'0m'kvi', N. lirnwn, M. 1511-11111-i', R. Welsh. R. Jolinson, IJ. Rlll'lSlllg. OFFICERS Spring Term, 7916 President . Louis BLEAKLEY ERNEST SAMSON Vice President . ERNEST SAMSON STEVEN CROCKER Secretary . STEVEN CROCKER EDWARD FLYNN Freasurei' . FLOYD ERTLE A ERNEST HAUSYVALD CALENDAR, 1916 Oct 2-Hawkeye-Crescent Reception to New Students Oct. 10-Stag Oct. 23-Crescent-Hawkeye Basket Social Oct. 30-Hawkeye-Crescent Hallowe'en Party 1917 Jan. 2-Hawkeye-Crescent Closed Door Jan. 13-Crescent-Haujkeye Skating Party Jan. 22-Joint Open Door Feb 3-Hard Times Party so ' ' ' V Q Feb 19-Crescent-Hawkeye Valentine Party 'I' "igh t . , 4 xllnyfu y' Q' I M' .Gif ,' sig, '5 . bf" I ,,,k 1.541 .dw 355' gui ' T 1 'wax 1 if. fi! N, ' fin W-Jw ' of T if l .mf-4gee.zr:amb,.D' . . 1 S. N- 105 'Q ' ' 1 g 1 X. one hundred sixty-eight " A ,,r'.,.,.,ff-f""'?1 , All , f ' ' I .1 li 5 l l I I " ' K - K- ...AQ 1 i l I I I I 1 El ,112-' .f:. ,fiffffillifl tq7gfQ-25:42 53,-its - gg, If,--f-ef 4 -me 'WI-'E News x-:IPS ' Qzm,-,.:a,.fT'--. , w ' 'X 'If ,J V xP fi I gs , I Jelly. R I is A D I l l . I Crescent Literary Soczety I , ff 'Il I I Mornzngszcie Academy M i Q I I I li I I I - xii. 1 ll 1 1 I fel. i I I I I l Q I . Q l 1 I I J I I I TOP ROW-H. Albro, A. Peterson, F. Fnir, E. Rutliffe. I MIDDLE ROW-M. Moss, C. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW-E. Hickman, M. Cntterinole, l+'. Winklv, M. Snwyer, E. Sawyer. OFFICERS i X , Spring Term, 1910 Fall Term, 1916 Winter Term, 1917 l President . PAULINE BARRETT FLORENCE FAIR AEIIIE PETERSON l . . I ' VICC President . EDITH HARDING FREDA WINKLE ELIZ. HICKMAN Rec. Sec'y. D FLORENCE FAIR ELLA SAWYER CHRISTINE PETERSON l s 4 l . , Corres. Sec' . . FREDA WINKLE EDITH HARDING NONA Moss . v K , l Treasurer JESSE REED ' NONA Moss EVA MILLER ' i f First Critic . . MAIXEL HOUK EVA MILLER EDITH HARDING 1 Second Critic . PEARL MCKERCHER PAULINE BARRETT MARY SAWYER I l ' CALENDAR, 1916 , Oct. 2-Hawkeye-Crescent Reception to Dec. 9-Crescent Initiation I Q I New Students ' Jan. 2-Hawkeye-Crescent Closed Door i Oct. 10-Tea for New Girls Jan. 13-Crescent-Hawkeye Skating Party I Oct. 21--Spread for pledges Jan. 22-Joint Open Door ,Mhmw -im p Oct. 23-Crescent-Hawkeye Basket Social Feb. 3-Hard Time Party ' Oct. 30-Hawke e-Crescent Hallowe'en Feb 19-Crescent-Hawkeye Valentine ' ,:"f-'Iii' y V," ff' ' Party Parry Ii- .' . 3- . ,,.1.??7755-'jg' .Izzy 'ig.KFi "'ilf?Iyg , I ', ..,',.VI5f N ' 'iQk5?ii5 . , ,l U , 'mIa?fi!' s, 4A.b.- if 'Qin' V-J':E-I-'fI,1,,x vl- A I. is-emi--I-.,-,--,.,g I:-ft,-fl'GI.qqViI"tff:.f-., 1EmFiIxIAlx .M fl' l 'l I nj. Tr .: Ytaliiii 1'-I V . Y 5... lgfflljijeg. .,.l+. LL,1'I.EE"'l"' 'A' "',f'l--- "li1Ef.lf.'.-f-will .LJQQIIQ one hundred sixty-nine 4 " e' . fi If I . . x x ii. . iffww, ,,,,,,-.,.,.,.,.,-.,,...,....,-...,., -.,...,,--........ ,... -,.,..,...,.,.........-..,.........,.........-..,.......--..-........--iW...--., -, 5.1.2 il - '7 L - i1i'1'Ifin"F. V f 5 I, , i ,5 fi 45, A U W 'j,Jl',lQ 1 if-4 Qlfowg rf: I xl AQ K 'mfs fx 5 M i B if T hy C Given on table decorations and class attendance i I ii ii VVon Easily by the Class of 1918 A Cjunior Classj i f i N. 'iiffqig fm, i , i i-,gd f ink:-Q19 M N4 iVA. :gi i my W ,fe va! .. .....,,. - .,....., .....,..,....-.......,..---,.-,-..-.- -U , I lg Ain one hundrcd sz'-vffnly ' f' " ' . , ml ' i i.,,! X , I . Book V fwrganigatinns nr W -1 s f 4 '. . .,.,f.I .N if-Q,-1, . ,.. ,HM 15,454 fe- I 2,1 NM, .Wrox N , E, T?:S.A-girkh y...-' A , N' Ev.. E -,K .lg Q Z. YFIJ .M xl X lxwxk Q I, -ww P. WQMIIX 4 , MAX kk A. '.,l,O3 X7 'XXXL V 'I ,.A, . .N Q, -N A inf A , . L. ,tfngkkw PX , . , ' ' 'I I 1 - X 4? !f Ji' -: ,-..3,:,.-5 .:, - -- . .- - V . .f,-- 2.1 . '41-z., ,.-I 4 - 3-31. i -L.:,....-fl: 5 , I :- A vw:-' 15-'-':--ga. - J'-'51-""4? 1 f 'U' V .-.liizjggi 7 V V' J. P 'Q aE4j,,21.41:.1,l Q . PHX 1 ' Mm l.:u,,4n5-' G34 ,Q ,151 Q -rv.: v 4 ' M, w '21-. .P Hs , . u ' ' ',.:'k'wL1i'-31 1522- A af - - w N, 132553 E25 A1"cb.4A A mgg 'S' if ' .:.-,sl -'l " F' u, N dmv 11 . L Maw , AH . .5 fm if l M ff5,5.,:4-51,53-. H: L, 1 r .. 5' I1-9 ,:r-:'f:'f-w:- 1. .4-gm--. Q- W .W--541 -65 '- 'SL -, :.e5f.5'.:'- af: 14,5 4 'f:1z,:L'ifS--'41 'N L -2445 Q K 2. A ALA A feb-'1?.iwQ:1,3sgx wg 'fl' ."1W"f.':.'i5-F' ' :mf-".,-371' . kfgilf' , o , .,. ..,..1.-.W-...R.-...viia'Gms1i.1tfIQ'k fe-flifrf-g'Ig+.gQiE5SM?'ev-- lr :fn .vf ". H:-.155-'ijimgi-2Ei,3+:.vgp37'c!ff,gs:::wLse4:r.5Q:3r,g41,9:'rnqv-,92151525-4,,, - 545 ' 1sex.-Ezcsr155:-gmfpgikzpf-jwer. , . , is ,4,.., xfyi-1 in ., . 7., ,,. ,..+..,fr,, 14,-,. ,,..,, .,.A,,,,a...H,... 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'J5'iT'7kr A- .4 Sify- - - Y P":N "" 4 'C'-13376 U . 25" A" f-'Z f kgfb-4 5:12, :XZ ,IL fd-Y ,:", K - r o :if V 4, wp, Z1- - If ,4fl1Z,f 7' --. ---5 oo -ijgtq ,gg ,,....- -if- 4411 ,Y QQ.. .ph ,,, -.xv f -lf' """" ' fi ,lv- f -21' ,.- , ,fg- mvff if-fw"" 'f-- - , .J--L Z, ,,- ,,,,..f ,'9'3' -1125552 15111 A Msiifi-E3 ,wif fP -"f3ff.:.-:n.v 151 1, 1222 , 5Ek.1ni zzvw' .. . . ,, ,,,,...,.. .,f' , f. 3 I 1 :,1'w.I . - ' ' Lg:'f'.!1v-1f'.,l 'H V .M . Dozvn the rivers, o'er the prairies, Came the zwzrriors of the rmtions, Came the Dclrzwares and Illohawkx, Caine the Choctaws and Comnmnclz Came the Shoshoniex and Blllfkffff, Came the PIl7,L'7I6'l'J and Onmhas. Came the fllandans and Dacotahs, Came the Ifurons and Ojibways, All the warriors drawn together By the xignnl of the Peace Pipe. ex, .ffA-xfvwfim NL W 7' 7'f3W?. ,gf .. r o ,1 fr Y- ' ' rf- or gfv' fbi, Q Q. Ag ,. "xg, ., f ',m'A'2Faf1, , I 3-5. 1 "T 'grwfw :ff 5 sf ex '..ftiWf'1--3-, vw? I ""' " T' W - -, .,f!e?x.z-51 -I Erin ' lgw,4,,,.m , V, nu 1 gwgfq,-::'A,. ., ,- ' L ' ' fi". one hzuzdrrd sowzzly-olze , , ' 'is-L... V, .,. ...... v-.-.-,V .-u..,...,,......1 ' - ' 4'-' sg 6 fl' A Lmitb il-Li-h...-N.M,....--M-.-..-...m.-- .4. -..,,-.N-.--., .....A, W.- .... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m, W,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WMM-M.,-MM, W "' ,. ,I 153 X 1 , , , f pf f 4 p 'L.i..j4- mf S 3 B 3 F7 ' A tu ent o y ,-,. XJ 5. 5. lcolm, SWAIN, Roosw, I'IIl'I4'l'IR'1'. l President R. IQOLP Vice President . CLARA SWAIN Secretary-Treasurer . . AMANDA RoosT Athletic Committee Representative PAUL EIFFERT , Q C. J. OBRECHT Yell Leaders . - Q ROBERT MCBRIDE l 4 l il I Y 1? 1 L f' j, BUs'1'14:R, RUSTY. 1 i W, M14-3 I7 4 'A P' h f 4 -4, ' xmqby 'i nf. .5130 f 1" Z 'ilu' 'QW ' ' , ,"?-'J' v " " 4 :jifgff-fl'lM I Q, 'l 'LW'-.7"v-' Vliu ax nf X ll ' yxxlull xg V, .,1-4..V.1c.,,L-Q-psf:-'4A-:H ,V QZQQQSM ,I fx .-- ..................,.....,.....,.......................,...................,....................,...,,. ,.,,..,, ,. .... ,... , ,,,...,. , I A - gy,-gl. ,, , one lnuzdrarl .vewniy-two if mln M1 - ,.......-.- ..., .. L-. ,Ji-Ti ,tm 3 :,A. TQ YQ.,-l, -1, , l 211214 1 ug Q-RQ. X! Lil :xi . tu ent ozmcz l S'I'AN1DTNG-'l'rontin:m, Norton, Ilnrrington, Jlohnson, Fry, Forbes. I SICA'l'l'1lJ--ScIiei'n, Roost, Swain, Kolp, XVulton, i Olhccrs: Same as for the Student Body MEMBERSHIP LrsoN .IoHNsoN NIARION HEIKES lVIARlE SERERN RAY CFROUTMAN W1LL1s FORBES DALE NORTON RAY HARRINGTIDN MARY DoLL1v1:R DON WALTON MILTON LORY CHARLES FRY EARNEST I'lAL'SXVALD Louis BLEAKLV The Student Council of Morningside College was organized a few years ago to fill a need felt by both students and administration for some organization that would act as a cheek upon certain student actions and at the same time present to the admin- istration student problems from the student's standpoint. The council is made up of the student body ofiicers and a representative of each college organization including the classes. J. R. K. gl ii V5 V ll M-7' A J - 4 1 A-asv.. fire.-,fwaig-'A.,i. i L, -, A., gas. ,. H ,M Q x l'fwlE?3i4., . - ft.ifffWri:t3a.aa. ,L ,. - Q ,.Jf,N,TfXiv.4I-1',w,iT'F'lfy.f-gvflxrylA, a 31!'9atF74', 4,Qg.,:yfji,g5,f.K22951535-El-5Q3f1,"iqffffsgfy Q. 1 i i .vfzj fQQ':1a1ax7-H isf ,, X -..t .,.. ,-.-..,... ..,L lg X f""Hf '1' ' -4- : --il"b"'i,,1Ql , 'Mt'-N ' -- ' -i A om' lzundrrd .wfvwzly-Ihrrc I'-,,,-'-i '1..r""i'-' . Q A -.Ji....-,u.,, -,.. ,, -T ' ' ' '- A ..,..-- E - .-.W .s.-...--.......-,.,----,.,,-E I Agora Club Executive Board' I .J J 'dl if S'l'ANlJING-I". Kolb. C. Hawk, A. KM-fo, ll, l'lll'l'llll1'k, M. lll-ikvx, M. S4'hl'l'li, R. lulllllllltl, A. lloyd I I M. Malmnd. A. lialrth-lt, A. Roost, l1', llvllvlllllll. I i Q Sl'I.Vl'l'IlJ--I". l"z1il', ld, llurdingr, C. Mc'Bu1'm-y, R. Smith, C. Swain, lfl. Muntguim-ry, T. XV!llli0!', II. Hayes I M. Jnhnsnn, M. Pei-uul. OFFICERS President . CLARA SWAIN Vice President AMANDA RoosT L Secretary . MILDRIZD PECAUT 'llreasurer . . MARIE IVIAI-IOOD Faculty Adviser LILLIAN IQ. DIMMITT COMMIT'l'liIi CHAIRMEN I l . Athletics lVIARlON HEIKES j. Auditing . SUSAN EADS V . I Forensics RQARION JOHNSON ' Klembership . RUTH SMITH A Point System ANNA KEEFE Social . . . ALICE l3oYD I Student Government FERN BEACHAM ' AGORA ISSUIL OF COLLLGIAN REPORT ILR O Editor-in-chief . - Business MHllHgCl' i HELEN HAYES LUCIA HOLMES The Agora Club includes every girl in school and all women on the faculty. The L l a democratic spirit at Morningside. I club takes charge of all girls' activities of the school and its highest aim is to develop i K . om' lnmdrni Jwvrnly-folu' dh l 9-. .nfl 1916 Naiooklis Club Reed, Hayes, Bergeson, Smith, Evans. President . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Oct. 6-Organized Buck, Carter, Fry, Day, Pnynu. OFFICERS Firxt Srrmester Second Semester BESSII3 REED HELEN HAYES HAZEL BERGESON HELEN SMITH MARVEL EVANS CALENDAR, CLARA BACK ADA CARTER AL1cE FRY FLOSSY DAY EVA PAYNE Dec. 15-Kensington Party Oct. l-l-Girl's "get acquainted" spread 1917 Oct. 28-Spread. Spend eve CPD at Eva Jan. 6-More eats. Boys C?j and girls Payne's Nov. 10-First Literary Program Dec. 9-Freshies learn to guard eats CSpreadj meet at Dolliver's Jan. 20-Open Door. "Great Moments in Literature" Feb. 2-l-Taffy-pull at Helen Albertson's The Naboklis Club was organized as a means of promoting friendship, social, and ' - literary activity among the freshman girls. The Club has lived up to its ideal in every .1 A ., , f Qkfi-15.3 .1 '-1.2. MASQ '?1if"'ff 'i'x3'1 hx' f,j,'..Xw' J xN,v.,.., kg -frlll V ,?'Xi,Q,f.:g,QL , , nl, Ri., . kiwi .5 X. l'u1PgXW .A ff5'1,l'5 5 Qlilllr J MW C, lr' A mf ' , r U r 'A ,. . f it all l 1 'sl Mi- C, , l , , u a I sense of the word. With the word Naboklis every member will associate a host of , good times and a true and lasting friendship. B. R. '4'f'nk, , . I .'g3-?'.i'l':", l' il . :sf-kQf4fff1fi+:g5, if , TQ. A V1 . ,Q-, gut ,,f,'1iJ4f33:,A fyhg w. +-fitia. 1 A aaaal.. lim, 3-'3TLi,"' i.EQ"3?ri'3s.YK5 ' 2 M33 l5ZiQFl'9ifT5 iau.'4'Qvf'i ' 17'5'F'fXi'7i3li45 ' W A sw- f'P"XWll1'-lA"vPl:ll', "1 "Q-Qffg: Pair 2 i'WQN'1fi!Wfffx 24 , V2 .'Hhf'YH lffi'-'9f',w." Q9-1-Zi ,fl'f l',gL!,17 ', . ff-y'7'L. 'fiidqsig I ilggrlill '- A-N - 'M' Y' "un 'V A f, . g .. . 1' ,. .. .. ' nw' 4' 1.11, LA -, lL'.:""L5i7lififfi,.f.lQEfall' :i2"12si:1i-. -W H H A one huudwd 'Mwnly'nW NN ,-fb, N V 4? fww' ',AA "rr, EI73f'fiffT"',j'135?3, 'W' Mmm ,,g, ww ...-...,...-,., , , ,Q 5 M ,rw .,L '13, an Q-E -E--M--M-,M P , M fer E if wif . . ,E 'wr' Intersoczefy Commzttee r ' 5:95, '.1 M . . STANIJTNG-M1-Burnvy, Brandy, Holmos, I"oukv. SlCA'l'l'ID-Svlwrn, Uttvrlmck, lil'l'flHll'St, XVUMI. MEMBERSHIP Pierian A fll6'7lll6lUll CORNELIA MCBURNEY MARGUERITE BRETHORST, Pres. RUTH FOUKE CLEO HOLMES, Secretary VVINNIFRED WOOD Doxus UTTERBACK Zftrzlethinn This committee has charge of a MARIE SEIZERN ELMA PARKINSON RUTH BRADY ll matters concerni ng the girls' societies. ,,1,ufA.f frf. , r -iff lima"..LvY,'4-..f-if-43-EMU" 26515 ' .........................1....,... .......E,......,............-..,..-,,........ ,-... -...,................................. -if 3 , . ., , 4: ' ' ' ....,....... , A . om' hundrrd .rfwvzly-.fix N,eif3j,I ff 195 tfqkffwy , .TM VG 1.1 Eff? f QM . M 1 f Q . . . , ., . , . .,..A..,x,.. ., .... ...., . fn., ,-,. WSW We X ' '73 1 I ' , A xr, .4 1 X-f, 4 if , is XUVW ir Nrwg Q N S K. ff 321 1 f. t,,',f E" .ff -, , ..,, V ...., -" ---' --'-- ' fd Ir-J Alix. A- V -. ..-QA-V,,, s'."':f fx , 5 X- 1 A 9 5159s- i j!K'W!4xr.' x I New , ev' gf A wi V .wh wi 34 K il- J N N wiv wif fe,.l'i5'-t 'QR M1 7, 0 MLA, X 1 1407972826 QCIQZZQ 5 i - ' 'I i xiii i ll. . V ,Aw 1- A 4: U' i STANDTNG-Mvlhidv, Vnnllnrne, NVnIlOn. . Si'i.Vl'l'iD'LSiUlll'lll'1Nlii, linrks, Lloyd, l"Orln-s. MEMBERSHIP i CHARLES A. iVIARSH, Faculty Adviser Ionian Ofhonizm HARRISON IQILBORNE, Pres. CHARLES GARLOCK DON X7ANI'I0RNE DONALD WALTON NV1LL1s FORBES EARL BARKS, Secretary Fe .4 J , i I hzloumllzean FFHOMAS LLOYD, Vice President EARL STONERROOK ROBERT MCBRIDE The Forensic League selects inter-collegiate and intel'-society questions for debate and has charge of other forensic activities. 1 i , 'i ig X, AJ" L. W -'i4"A-:w,i,"1'w R- - i . .Aw I 12. A il irish J Vw , L ,, ' 'YM . 1 'n-A. iffy, "J ' -I ' 1 ,J 'Y iffy I . QQKIZV--,' W, if R to L m?'Pi,2l'.f, Y .111 iff? 5 ' A 4 'A' A- one hundred scfverzly-.mvezz i fi 1 '07 .' L -A-' " 1. 'ivgiikii ,fif'j3,fQ'i M5: -,- vw , -Q V9 fr - 1 ' 4 . 'J J-' ivy- ' ,Q " -Wi", a.,.:QH!A'1'. '. 1 'w 1,-., ,N . Q ., L . ' -- n ' - , 9 nw- 1 L. W -A12 g:f1:5a1j:qr'T:'.',, ' ,f,.Y.TgQ." ' z..p.m,.4.......-,f,. - il 0--'ff'-"W" 4! f ' 155, -I 7 ' 4-Jf !.lx,,1f Jaw Y N . XA., .f-f :IX I - ' Il, kv b ..,v4 IL ai,-5, 'N W3 I 1 I K . X, A I 132' 5' Q , , . I E Pi Kappa Delta .L , ' S'l'ANI7lNG-T. Buck, Walton. S'l'AXlJlNG-Clark, Curia-r, 'l'wOg:nnd, C. lluck, Ks-efv, Johnson, Fry, Pause Sl'IA'l'l'ID-YamIlurm-, Marsh, Gawluvk, l"OI'ln-s, Klippvl. OFFICERS President . . DON VANHORNII Vice President MARION JOHNSON Secretary . WILLIS FORBES Treasurer . . . CHARLES GARLOCK INTER-COLLEGIATE ORATORY CHARLES IQLIPPEL CYRUS ALISERTSON 'INTER-COLLEGIATE DEBATE CHARLES CIARLOCK WILLIS FORBES IRVING BACK DON VANHORNE ALLAN BARTLETT DONALD WALTON ANNA KEEFE MARION JOHNSON AGNES FRY GI.ADYS CLARK LUCILE TWOGOOD CLARA BACK LAURA PEASE ADA CARTER HONORARY MEMBER CHARLES A. NIARSH, Professor of Public Speaking one hznzdrcd .vmzfrlly-1'iyl1l Tw" -------- -----------------.-.....--..-,-.-.-...,,, I.: if V .45 1 Am Mfg IE' "PO ,, ,- .1 L ll if :I N. - A ? UT: I I ONQ17' A "Mp gg 93 - 'k'w,'l,,.y C lub f ' if A If , .J I Lv. wr I gf, 3 I H3 H XUING-E, XVHIIIIIIIS, N. XVilli:IIIIs, Lloyd, XVI-nig, ROI-lc, Swurtz, E. lI:II'I'iIIgg1OII. TI1Il'lll1I"j'. NOVIOII, , N Illlllll'll, O1H'C'l'lll. ' SI All IJ--R. IIlll'l'illLZ1Ull, Norlllrup, CIII'I'y, Julxnsun, Clark, UIOIILZII, xvlllf. i 3 OFFICERS I LEON JOHNSON .... President - VVILSON CLARK SeCI'etaI'y-TrcasuI'cI' 5 PERSONNEL A Foofzmzz Baseball 2 LEON JOHNSON, Capt. PAUL EIFFERT, Capt. CARROL NORTPIRUP, Capt.-elect ALIIERT BEHMER PAUL EIFFERT, Ex-Capt. MARTIN CLOUGH, Capt.-elect 2 STANLEY BASHAW LEON JOHNSON AXEL BECK THOMAS LLOYD J ALBERT BEHMER CARROL NORTHRUP E WILSON CLARK CLARENCE OIXRECHT 5 EDWARD GANTT ERWIN WENIG ARTHUR HINRLEY Track Q LEE HORNNEY WENDELL CURRY, Capt. Q THOMAS LLOYD HERALD WALKER, Capt.-elect Q DALE NORTON PAUL EIFFERT I CHARIAES SWARTZ EDWARD HARRINGTON ERWIN WENIO RAY HARRINGTON AEWART WILLIAMS DONALD VANHORNE ' HORAOL WOLF HARRY WARNES ERWIN WENIG I NOEL WILLIAMS HONORARY MEMBERS COACH J. M. SAUNDERSON PROFESSOR J. J. HAYES 0710 lzundrfd scfvrrnly-nine i I V. P 1 Tezztonia Club 2.1 i i 5 H 1, i 1 I 5 5 i . 4 I 4 s . s 4 . 1 i Z I x 5 Q f z e I i 1 i i l . . i L one lzundred eighty STANDING-Ii. Shustvr. Sziluga-l', Brown, 'l' x'c- l'z, 'i'1'6lNki4'. Sl'IA'i'I'IlJ-Shim-fl s'1', S1-lmulw, Iizlrx. OFFICERS President . . . If. P. WESSIEI, Vice President . JACOB Tkmfz S0c1'ctzu'y-'l'1'easurex' CLARA TRANKl.IE Chemistry Club STANDING-IIullnm, Vunlfnrm-, Fry, Crm-ws, Mr'I31'idv. SI'IA'1'I'IlJ-IInrrington. NVilli:1n1s, Class, lim-kv, Swnrtv, OFFICERS President . . . N J. WILLIAMS Vice President . A. P. LOCKE Sec1'cta1'y-Tmasurel' RAY HARRINGTON Faculty Adviser . PROP. J. A. CUSS Zgjqr H G 1 ' x 1 r Q il V W N m f oooh Ufjq ho M q vga 433 W o hm' h sx M 'Kx ffff? I W ,x Ljiff R a . I h , YL' ml a s 5 n -' ,X 7'wL.M Told this IIIBSJYIQC' to the people, Of the hlrssczl son the Savior, How in distant lands and ages H e had lived on earth as we do, H ow he fastfd, prayed and labored h That our sins might he forgiven. .Ly . 4 . l 1 I 'f-lf dl I X "1-'-V'-' ' - fL.,32g.g1jx,a1-gg 5 .2 '24-x'?W 'bk Ns, - o ,MIN an h Q a lexvfgdgyun GF an 9 +R- I? - X11 H V -, wiv. .f V v',f1'fyfi ' ,,'1'fQp1 , LJ:-,E,a,,h ,n - 5 -,i 6511. ,. 'H . 1.3.4,-h M X .l . 5 I. , . uv N , fy W. V 51-1 ww, A -. A ,A . M Q '- 4.2:-lf' .d,f+W::fw-sim 4 ,51 do 4 : h' 1 N as ' who J 'affixWV"-':3fx+71""'f"'1--5 o o WQWHM N. v: , 11,. vigil- :ll kg ,X1miE:.H.sw, A,V.liAlg:Q:E-1.1, Y 15" nw.:-.-Q5 , ..g,,Q-:,,.. 'L "' ' NL ' one hundred mqhly-on ..L-,...:,4,gg,-4 V -, W mi A- i- 1 - lx yd. I3 i' ... it A fi -EW -....--.....-.,,...,-,. -.,,,,,L,,.,-, ,yu 5, 5 ..-..........................,..-..-............---....-.----.-.-..........................R Av .. ...I l A Q, 1 1 f - fxg 1, ,. ,, N4 , ,"gf'!J?. , ' -X .ii -:J . I. 'J ' . ,gc 7? i-Q - ,gs 44, np' Km, NJ W . Y. M. C. A. Cabinet if v T I i 4 i r I I i i i 1 I i om' hu1m'r1'f1' riylfly-lfwo Q STANIJING-ID. NVnlt0n, R. Mc-Bride, C. Klippvl. N. xvillillllll 1 Sl'1A'1'I'1Ib-IT. Fonko, J. Kulp, R. Hnrringtun. W, Wollv. OFFICERS President . Vice President Secretary Treasurer DEPARTMENT H E Administration Campus Service Community Service Life Wo1'k Guidance Religions Education RAY PIARRINGTON CHARLES KLIl'l'EI. JAMES IQOLP EARL STONEBROOK . LYNN CASTLE ADS ROBERT NICBRIDE DON WALTON . VVM. WOLLE NOEL WILLIAMS HUGH FOUKE "wg ,i lflfi' ' " .I,Pl,lv,gL . I .fi U1 . fgqjn' .y wIvrfL,1 V: A ff' A KJ KJ Y U. il ilii C123 fl " ,mf ix V3 .5 , J i V A i 4 ' A' -'51 ,i W' i Y X xg15?fgfQ'1fw 'JIM 1 -PW, . my . HHN- xkgxfg umfgi Yhiyiq W? ifffff 1 C2234 Nlf 'vi Ari I k ,f . . Ay f il il .,,., .. ,N ffgf:":f,,, jiri.. " , klmn,4f, F ., i ,5.l,..',? , A Y. W. C. A. Cabinet i MEUR- A I A , is ,R xx. K ,F v 'Ekkqti .ae N I ,..,.-.., A i i 1 W S'l'ANDlNG-li, Ruud. l'I. lw0lIl2'I!llIl'l'Y, V. Down, R. Brandy, R. Murlison, Sl'IA'l'l'lD-R, l"oukv. Ill. Ss-In-rn, D. l'll01'lmnck, IC. P1'l'SlllL2'0l', M. l'n'0ll1ol'st. i l x OFFICERS President . NIARIE SEBERN ' Vice-President . RUTH FOUKE Secretary . DORIS UTTERIZACK f 1 1 reasurer ELVA PERSINGER l DEPARTMENT HEADS Association News . . BESSIE REED Bible Study MARGARET BRETHORST Devotional . VIVIAN DOWN Missions ESTHER MONTGOMERY Social . RUTH BRADY Social Service , l WE ul lj 4 lf. ' i - ,,g,V,, ' ,-'yM,'sClr,'i'-2, l ' 526: 'Qi - 1 Q V I :-12 in A A "i' f ' 'ii A ga. A ' H s fwv. f. , it : 2' ' '- "is . , "fp 'i Qdlfggif g"i,l,-I' .gm lwgt' .. ,l ., , ll. . ,P A ,f M .W 5, M .'f3,?fI?lQ2g,.,f'gFfiH.i1z6ixll' 'lzlf X " 'qlliwl ' :NSW Em, . 'P l Mi.. if- ---- 7- ..lD4'+M4.,i 4. 1 ' " I n -a..J........t.s.1m. -,,:.iL,-l' ' " ', U-'l"' "3" ,, ,.. RACHAEL MADISON s? one hundred cighly-lhrfr ci- 1, . 3, ,M 1 3.52 E-14 47 W - rr 4I?"-A 1 ' . . Wy WAWWWQE W 4!WW'gf,WWgloW , I 47- 145 . . ZWVAA-W'-W-fi? Prohibztzon League WWW' ,Wu W W W W . W W KLlI'l'l'II4, LONG, SWCIEICRN, SHERNVOOII. W W W W OFFICERS W W President . CHAS. H. IQLIPPEL Vice-President . . RALPH LONG W Sec1'eta1'y-Treasurel' . NIARIE SEBERN W W Reporter . CLAIR SHERWOOD W W W W V olzzmfeer Banc? W W W W W W DU'l"l'ON, 1SRI'l'l'UORS'I', IHUVRICNCIC. OFFICERS President . CSEORGE B. DUTTON Vice-President . MARGUEMTE BRETHORST Secretary-Treasurer . EDITH LAWRENCE W W W Q I MEMBERS JUNE PIPPETT MINNIE CEUSTESON I A A aj ELVA PERSINGER LYNN CASTLE W W' W WWW, W W W WW ,gh X '. A 4, fy, gt g7?W'31fWWW W gg - ,WW,,:fgk, AW fy' W W W 192,533 J ' , W I W, W - 1 ' ' A W W W.W W one lIlHl!fI'L'd eighty-four rf "bd A Q , ' WW., - rf' ' --. ... 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WENOELL CURRY ROYAL JURGENSON ARCHIIZ FREEMAN CORNELIA MCBURNEY CLAIR SHERWVOOD AL BEHMER EARL STONEBROOK MARION JOHNSON 1 , 1 f -r , f' 1 f X w I I Sioux 318 STANIJINH-.lnrgra-nsnn, Fry, Suumla-rs. 1.1-wis, NVQ-ni::, f'Onn4-rs, Rieharrlsnn, Klippel. Slit-i'wOO4l, R. Mvliriile. LOXVICR ROW.-Ilzn'ringtOn, liurks, l,1'l'illll, Kolp. Ilvilu-s, Down. Smith. lfcl lf0l'-lll-L'l1lCf Business lllanagei' Assistant lid itox' . Assistant Business Manager . Alumni . Artist Athletics Calendar Classes . Drmnaties and Faculty . Forensics Jokes . Organizations Photograpliy 'Pliotograpliy Societies I,ltCl'1ll'y G. l':ARL BARKS IC. J. HARRINOTON NIARION HEIKIES N. N. RICHARDSON . CLARA LEWIS ROYAL JL'ROENsON l':RXVlN WENIG LIDA SAUNOERS VIVIAN DOWN ll'IIl,DRliD PECAL,'T ROBERT NICBRIDE CHARLES I-I. KI,Il'l'EI, CLMR I. Sl-IERXVOOD . RUTH SMITH FLOYD CONNERS CHARLES FRY FRANCES lqOLI' onn lllHl!1l'l'If wiyllly-.w'-vflz -fs., -N. : - ., wx- xg :er Ti. 5. X E ff - -ff""u7'4 " " V!!! fy' Q , R ,VW UQ! K A ff 4- 6' 5 I N . l A i ill bl I Nl' ' l 22538 1 r x' i i A l e + Pride of the Sioux l S. O. ROREM, '09 E Oh Nlorningside, thou are the "Pride of the Sioux," p 2 And we'll honor thy name evermore, 1 F To thy standard we'll ever be loyal and true, l As thy sons ever have been before. ' l We shall sing of the honor and fame thou hast won, i With our hearts and our voices attune, l And forever we'll stand united as one y i - In our lovebfor the dear old Maroon - We are glad for the days that We've spent on thy hills, l Q Andrthe friendship we've formed in thy halls, l f " - i And for dear Alma Mater our hearts shall beat still, . l ' S When at last we shall turn from thy walls. l l 'Till the waters have dried in the "Rolling MlZZOLl,, l And all love in the old world has died, E We shall stand by our college, "The pride of the Sioux," l i ' And we'll cheer for our old Nlorningside. 1 , W l l ll ,sy W 'ig X i V 3 w t-,N W l If-I ' - ' w i l , i .if -lg WZ. 'gf 1 Y 'gd T A 24,4 f ' 'lttfinl l lf 2 1 My 1 l i ,, , , it f syn ml 4 Y Sv i l .- A' 41 'if' 4 X li ' - --ff'L'ffi'F','i.i57' 'T'..'5Tf'71 X ' , X f f ,l ' ' .6 MA E,.5t if fx? .i ,.. X X ill f f' I hx one hundrnd eighty-eight "if ,. """""" f , ' Q In l ff 1 I X ,Iron lm A ni fm- J x 4 Q-' .4', , sm .. , . . .. . .. . ......w4.....--.... naw, MW- Am, fu wvm 1 I .,., . x" L Xxxxxxx, x n Ill my li V ! ,f ff Ny WWW 'f !, of X .A " ' if Wo hhhtmgot I 3 ,...Y.Y,. .,. ,, In the Vaio of iI'1l1L'!lSl'7IfIlII, In the Vailrfy of Wjfolllilzg. In the Grows of YVIISCIIIIOSII, In the far off Rorhy Ilfountaim' On the shorox of Gitrhzf Gummee Past tho shining Big-Slffl-Writer' Gzztlzwwl all flu' tribes together hVith one fooling and om' purpose That the light might hurn the hrighlfr In tho Big Sioux Riwr Country. our ,lllllrIl'l't1 cighly-nine - 's ,x ,. fe- ' -nf' in L:A4'T7?:gQ.4.ff .4 '. If 1 ir' .is X kg, I. 4 Ce' " .. 1.1 XJ., 'Q .,,,,,, ca, , th. ,. , X if 72 , Luz. 17 L ny 5, E M., N: 1 ..,, Q-ww-r1.1 -.i is at x ,JN 1, ,X if Wil .ff .rw K C 4 1 Q5 73 A'.5pf'ef -fc., gat.: MQ ' , wi f . 'din El The Alumni Association G. W. FINCH President Alumni Association OUR ALUMNI The real worth of any college is determined by the lives and deeds of the 1nen and women who leave the halls of their Alma Mater to take up their share ofthe burdens in the work of the world. Since such a test is applicable to all institutions we can gladly say that Morningside College has attained and is constantly measuring up to the highest stands of life through the earnest endeavors of her loyal sons and daughters eve1'ywhere. During the years when the alumni of today were students in the old familiar halls, Nlorningside College inspired them with high ideals which they are now striving to maintain in all parts of the world. The aim of the institution is the same today: "To attain high scholarship, to maintain clean athletics, to preserve pure morals, to inspire lofty living to urge a fine conservation of talents to the service of the best." From the classes graduated in the last five years, ninety five men and women have availed themselves of the opportunity of post graduate work in more than twenty universities and colleges in all parts of the United States and in foreign countries. Iowa, Northwestern, Chicago, Columbia, Boston, Illinois, Denver, and Wisconsin universities and the Y. M. C. A. College claim the largest quota of this number. The subjects chosen for advanced study by our alumni have embraced many and various fields of knowledge. The number is too great to enumerate here, but it includes many of the sciences, foreign languages, law, medicine, and theology. 1, J. . 52' W4 na. . , I , . , , J f Xa .,la5,::i SQA E., it .9 one hundred nincly gflfz: Q'5.'.1.,i4G? 1:15, il ' ii? it .il it 2 1 ' ss f Wil' X ti' f ffd pa 53, 3 X ?1f:7i' .Q X I-1-, rf ' .,..- -, Xi' ki"-f -" '-ff - 1-21 -i' iw- -in, .,:.,-,. - -.--:Ay 42- ir., ,ati Mgt.: .' 'pull x -'A . Q' 13- ' HX. N ' X fr .V A' x x jifgggiiw' X' MXR6 CS' 's X i A Morningside Clubs g This last year, through the untiring efforts of Miss Dimmitt and other Morning- side enthusiasts, a Morningside Club movement has been started in the cities and towns, universities and colleges where graduates and ex-students are living. The pur- pose of these organizations is to keep alive the old lylorningside Spirit which character- izes everyone who has been a student in her halls to make that spirit a vital factor in the promotion of the best interests of the College, and to inspire the young people of the communities where the clubs are established to seek their education under the maternal shelter of "The College on the Hill." The Illorningside Clubs are constantly increasing. lVIanson, I-lawarden, Sac City and lfarly are among the first to sign the constitution and enliven the interest of their associates and fellow citizens in an energetic and progressive Morningside. Chicago, Iowa City, and Boston, have led the way in establishing University-hiorw ingside Clubs. The Chicago-Morningside Club has strengthened the old time ties which bind her members to their Alma Nlater by partaking in two big rally-banquets in the past six months. This club is distinguished by a membership of thirty-seven. Their interest in the activities and progress of their college serves as a stimulus to the present student body to do its best in upholding the high standards set by the institution. The Boston-hlorningside Club, although small in numbers, shows by the individual attainments of her members that each is bringing honor not only to himself and herself in the goals achieved, but is also contributing his or her share of glory to the distinction of her Alma Mater. ' The Iowa City-Morningside Club with a membership of twenty-six, expresses very vitally, in an enthusiastic letter from the president to "The Sioux '18," the fundamen- tal ideal in the formation of the Morningside Clubs: "I think that the idea with our club is to rally to bring home to the State University, that Morningside is furnishing eve1'y year some of their strong men and women for their graduate and professional schools. Many of the students here think that in case a man makes good in his professional or his graduate work, the reason is all to be found in the university, whereas a large amount of credit is due to the foundation which was laid before he saw Iowa University." E "I am sure that all the fellows at Iowa are in sympathy with the Nlorningside Club lllovement. VVe have much to congratulate ourselves on that we spent our under- graduate days at Morningside College." ,in t I., F- ,si to XR W4 -I 53... .,. ,P i e gi i i, if .ZEN cgi, 53' lfxii' is 5- X - . I I, 1 'I T83 A . s- 'U f - X ix igM?'1,'. ' Eghi-il sf MQ- il,'l'1,.iZ"' N gm. '..q. ,Q 2 ' , gsyf.. ' 5.5. 7g-is ,fa .Wu-tzlm. , " -,f.. .. . ,jp t M. ty, -i A. ,w.q4x,,- , ,nh Ag, M, 1 lf -' , , iii 9" " 6 119' ug, ,-1' 'ifli'li.l'.,'l-its ' M , 'Fil J .Ju-,T '11-gi' A. .'.x, 1'0.FlxgFfCSif ,2.3:,'M,ggj1' I d I ' wsgygsr Y,-Tirmqlt H M V Q , V g one nm rn nuu'Iy-one M --Aj-L-.:'Wfl'r1 L.. ., gkicgx -- ,X " - ' six .x XX -.. - --X t N, , -t . V .- 1 1, 1. ,g,1'lj.?,.- . .. - ,,rt5,.,, wrt., , f 7 T' AL . Mi ax lcfinll. . lt' 5, ,ini - ff, ,Q ' From all the clubs comes the hearty greeting: "We are ready to assist in any way ig il, li - - to make a bigger and a better Morningside and help to kindle and keep ever-burning M. T in the hearts of ou1' members the right and genuine Morningside spirit." This "spirit" is that of daring and eagerness such as is expressed in the following: sl ' "Thcre's a breathless hush in the close tonight, E3 Ten to make and the match to wing There's a bumping pitch and a blinding light, An hour to play and the last man in. And its not for the sake of a ribboned coat, Nor the selfish hope of a season's fame, But his captain's hand on his shoulder smote- 'Play up, play up, and play the game l' "The sands of the desert are sodden red, Red with the wreck of the square that broke, The Gatling's jammed, and the colonel's dead, The regiment's blind with dust and smoke. The river of death has brimmed its banks, And England's far and honor a name, When the voice of a school boy rallies the ranks 'Play up, play up, and play the gamel' This is the word that year by year, While in her place the school is set, Everyone of her sons must hear, ' And none that hears it dares forget. This they all with a Willing mind Bear through life like a torch in flame, And falling, fling to the host behind- 'Play up, play upg and play the gamel' " Everyone who has had the privilege of attending Nlorningside College has felt that l strong, wholesome spirit of daring which makes the worcls "Alma Mater" a living and essential force in his life: broadening the vision of his service, encouraging him in defeat and inspiring him to higher purposes in victory. It is that spirit which at all times and on all occasions spurs him on to do his best, with the watch word of his Alma Mater ringing in his thoughts: "Play up, play up, and play the game!" C. L. lil iigagfj ,V iw, ' .1 1-31:13 f X WV Mi hm Www-WM, -A V ,A ,,,..,..,?,,:V.ff one hundred nirmty-lf-wo I z 'ft 1 ,+,,,.:,, T M . . .,. .. . ...,-...,..,. W... ...N m,,,....,-...V l , J 'fi wif 4 lx-' g lx !f.x IJ I i W 1 .Y , , , V L V Book VI btuhent life f. N-.., . - I 'N I ------Y -----'M---4 w-.-W-1-w -..- -.-.,.,..,,, ,W-,H-A--A .,-,,v, m-Wmmmw, "W g f j:-: 3- X I , 1' .. up 'fl I '15 f f A ef ' fl C :TQ - 1:13,-1' L-1? 1 QA .M tv! Nr, -2'i',1!f,f1l,1 , 0 5,-Q-:ggi 123' -'EW .16 J' 1 321 L A Abc tu ! ge 1 T ?f WM LX You 1111111 111'1zr how IJ!!ll-lJll1"IX'l"l'1C'1.K' 111' I111' 111z1111.vo1n1' 5yI'7IllIl1ZZl? pyhlllll 11111 lJ1'0jD11' 11111111 1110 Storm-1"1m1 I'!!'A'l'll 1110 'U111IIgI' u'il1z l115flH'bI17ll'lf, You .v1m11 1Il'I1l' of 1111 his mischirff. 1 . I F3 1? 1 Y 1 Q 1 1 1 I x 5 I i one 1llUl11l't'!1 ninely-lhrre' -a i ' u"' ', N 'I g' v V Lux ' .a i f V llillllll ' 1 6 1 I fx 1 A-13117 Monument Day W l May 19, 1916 . My , ' . ' pi, 'J J' l 1 l Winning every game on a down-state baseball trip is too much for any red-blooded student body to sit down and fold their hands over. As early as 8:30 on the morning of May 16, murmurs of "monument" were heard. By chapel timethis cry was im- perative and the whole student body journeyed to Floyd's Monument for a celebration and to imbibe some good old Morningside Pep for the coming baseball game with X Vermillion. Some "Pecans" also got valuable experience out of the trip, learning that 2 the only safe way to ride in a wagon is to have a horse hitched to it. i After Champ had-led us in some yells, 'faculty members andistudents were made Q the goats and compelled to amuse the crowd. , A very democratic spirit prevailed, expressing itself in an abhorrence for ties espe- I cially if they suggested the hue of Vermillion. V i The student body came home in groups. The route through South Ravine was by far the most popular. Most of them reached Morningside so as to not be very late for 1 :3O laboratoriesand classes. I 1 . 5 Xl-'. J- ' X 'milf M. JH. 57 ffl . -wtf, . 1 - , -,,.1r fyZ-l . ... Y-F' 2:-1 l .1fZ6wll.hf , " .' . -' ' W ,Ei-el-3g5KE?,uz,f,qt:..f31E.,f!.f-r. nj N . ,la f om' hundred ninety-four -f3'AL""""M12.i.'.'-Y...ww-vrifryl' ' -1 l ff ' A-pri-tLf'Q' -'-fm'-1' ,f,l ,f 4-fW"L"ff"3"-' A fn: 121.14:ii'..ff?:'1:...I'...3.'.2.'.':.,7.,Q........w.. 1 .615 . , 1.,1 ,MAL i ,.-'i'5:, ,f'2.k3j'7 Qi-, hilly' ' 11,1 E . . 'ii-i'wL if Y, .fly R, . U Kiln big. . ,rm A jf, X A May Fefe li ' fflfx 'if' 1 fi. May 26,1916 ., ,T if lfll. .-..,,,. , l XI E Q. L ' l ? fri' 1 bla ' i l Lovicu Stroble, Retiring Queen: Ruth Gillies, Queen N May Night Revels Under the Direction of MRS. MARGARET BRAND-HAYES I The most spectacular annual performance for the girls of our college is the May Day program given by the Agora Club on Bass Field. Last year's exhibition was bigger and better than ever before. Over a hundred girls took part in it. It was an evening performance, and with our usual luck, we picked the very best night of the year, so far as weather was concerned. The morning had been warm and cloudy, threatening rain, but it cleared off at noon drying the field, and making the most perfect evening possible. The city responded. People began to arrive an hour before the performance, and by the time the girls began to appear on the hill back of the gymnasium, the bleachers and surrounding hills were black with spectators, while , automobiles were lined up three deep with their headlights ready to play on the field i . l when the signal was given. Then down the long cmder track came the stately proces- T sion of girls in bright colored costumes escorting the May Queen elect to her position in the center of the field. Here she was crowned by the May Queen ofthe year before, while the "court" stood in a semi-circle facing the throne. ' When the queen had been crowned she took her position on the throne and the dances began. They represented an eighteenth century rural May Day in the fields. First came a Grand Mai'ch executed with faultless precision by the whole body of girls marching in single, double, and quadruple lines in intricate figures over the entire space before the throne. This was followed by a rural Folk Dance, which L., . i, Q, 91 it , Q- 1315239231 . ., 1 ,af ' ieaxggggigg. - dh - 9, ., if-E11 'T' 'l f 'Qt xNgiK'ju'f?gfff:gisiff:i1QQ' x t vii i. 'g gi'-3'A.I.i'.' .su 1.1! I. om' hundrrd ninety-ffm' T -. .Ht .,: V , . 1 1 omr hlllldl'l'll Jil. Q -N., . no X -e --e J. 'ss Fr.. ,.- ,Q W 5 ,lg N" fb .Z X-' " iffy nrx i iii sw'Qi4 e 'lii?'rf'!id Ellis . QQ: in was succeeded in turn by a Shepherdess Dance, both well received by the Queen,ks and the audience. During the last part of the Shepherdess Dance the drums of the orchestra gave warning of thunder and forced the dancers to flee for cover while the Storm Dance filled the "stage." It was a violent dance, based upon Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, and performed by five storm-clouds and the spirit of Lightning. The storm passed as quickly as it had come, and the Rainbow took its place. This ii Ay fd fl it rv 'v , F V 4 l was a gorgeous display of colors and so encouraged the village girls that they brought the traditional May Pole, and wound it perfectly to the delight of everybody. This took a good while, and twilight had given way to darkness before it was finished. E3 The auto headlights were directed on the field where Moths danced in the light. i Then they were put out again while a solo dancer performed the Will 0' the Wisp K Dance, a single search-light being Hashed on and off her misty figure, now clearly and 1 now faintly seen like the Will 0' the Wisp itself. This brought out the Dance of the Fairies, a frolicksomelittle dance, which concluded the program. Once more the it long procession formed and marched toward the spectators, then turned abruptly and was lost in the night. Another 'May Day was over to the satisfaction of all con- cerned. It was the prettiest and most elaborate we have ever had. i P i, I -e--,N ' 'J l 2 .':F.'5f"i'1f. 1 1 i fdgifj. In pf' Q .- i rrr.. r1 f.. 1 ?Y'iif'f"'W3f???: -new-M--We--mM'ees ' fjgfjg' ,.,,'i', - - ' ' ' one hundred rzinefy-sewn ,A .Nw -M. 1 ,- ' 1. ' X . 1 n 'YZ ,tg F3 , W 4. 17, Qc 1 X fm bb iliilf in g,,,"Tfl Commencement Week ,U X Ei I .V lille: l 1, 11 3 U1 i S? 1 1 E 1 1 i 1 1 1 SATURDAY, JUNE 10 , 8:15 P. M.--Graduation of the School of Expression, College Chapel. l A SUNDAY, JUNE 11 1 11:00 A. M.-Baccalaureate Sermon, Grace Church. 7:00 P. M.-Vesper Service, College Chapel. 1 MONDAY, JUNE 1.2 1 3:00 P. M.-Class Play, College Chapel. . 8:15 P. M.-Graduation of the Conservatory of Music, College Chapel. . l 5 9:00 A. M 9:00 A. M 11:00 A. M TUESDAY, JUNE 13 ' .-Meeting of the Board of Trustees, College Hall. .-Reunion of Classes and Societies, Campus. .--Farewell Students Assembly, College Chapel. 12:30 P. M.-Alumni 'Luncheon and Business Meeting, Society Halls. 6:00 P. M.-Alumni Banquet, Grace Church Pa1'lo1's. 8:30 P. M.-- . 10:00 A. M .-Commencement Address. ., President's Annual Reception, President's Home WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14 ms, V.,- ., N bv , ,. -,A N ff Sa one hundred ninety-fight A l xl' X XX. RI ' K N . A - 9-,' Lil, 1 if X PS? 145 X 44-1. I 5 ,. J., Q, f- 122' W vp- ff, 1 , I X ,53- 4' A "'YS5'lAT' 'X . H Eff. fi " HA , . 1 X, . .. wprd, .-...--5275 E of I WV' ' f .. v. fy ff U ,S xl ' L.. . . .. . .. . .......-......-....w..,nZ.W.f.f...VHWM. ,1 J M 524 EJ Men's Banquet February 21, 1917 The Men's Banquet has become one of the important traditions of the College. It is the great get-to-gether event of the men, for the men, and by the men of the college year. Its motto is Unity, Fellowship, Enthusiasm, and Achievement. The Banquet was born on VVashington's Birthday, 1906. The idea, however, had been incubating for many months before. It came to fill a need, and the need was long felt. The Men's Literary Societies did not love each other as angels should, in those days, and College Spirit slumped, and Alma Mater wept. ' The Banquet idea furnished a rallying point and a unifying center. The men took hold timidly at first, almost suspiciously. A thirty-five cent menu served at 8:30 17. M. in the old "Boarding Hall" in the north end of the college basement, with odors and smells a plenty, was not calculated to arouse great enthusiasm in hnugry stomachs. The toast program was chiefly a booster for Track, Football, and Baseball. The participants were inclined to treat the idea of a Men's Banquet lightly and humorously. They had not seen the vision of possibility that the few had seen who fathered and promoted the idea, but the Banquet weathered the first three years and then began to take on strength. It was not until the Banquet of 1912 that the competitive plan based upon table deco1'ations and class attendance was introduced. This added greatly to the interest, even though the trophy was but a small silk banner of uncertain whereabouts. ' In 1916 the committee determined to get a trophy worthy of the occasion and one that would have added interest as the years pass. The fine Trophy Cup was secured and the class winning it each year had its name inscribed upon it. This year the former students and alunmi were asked to send in the names of their sonsg each year these will be announced at the banquet and dropped in the cupg there they remain until. the son arrives at College and at the first Banquet thereafter draws his name from the cup. New names received during the year will be announced and dropped in the cup at the next Banquet. The Banquet idea is one of unity and fellowship among Morningside Men every- where. Though sundered far by faith we meet, for college ties shall ne'er be broken formed at old M. C. As Washington's birthday draws near each year, remember that we on the campus wish to draw back to the College and Banquet the memories and the hearts of all our men everywhere. Those who cannot be here in person are asked to join us in reverie o'er the past and in hope and prayer for the future that Alma Mater may fulfill her own high ideals. Paor. H. G. CAMPBELI.. '11 K as gl, Y 9:1 s . ,, V M4 V A! 2' 3 N . li 'qi af, l,'?,,Q,,,,i57.g,,.A " li... 1 h 2264"U,-jegfek.f:2l..lf-, fd' 'wich . - 4 - iffy.- 1'.f' f'5g:::f -:f-ef 'Z iglilxy if .lil A223- .,,, , , ,, Y ul, ,L 71 is "it-:x:"'b'N'+.Q.t TBM Amt, ' ' I V 'A 'L -Jin ' V I . W wx tri 2 ll EJ 'N NXXxyxx,- ., ,,,,,, N . --Q I X4.,!feh1s,,. , , ' 1 ' " " L el-1' ' "lr-'mm one hundred mnrfy-mm' Q.: I .. ,- '. - -a'-:H-U ..- ,.,,, .. - ' . .1 f--M 11, N113 Guyana. 4 , at-ll , F--P, ef ' -14stflQm1', . f f li A' X fame . , .LA ' - . ,.-j.j.',.yi .a --rv A"-1 .. , ,,. m".',fC.f 49g'?o'3l1"'fQ ,gh ,ixivfvj-il "3 " .1-fqk' ik I ' x -f-,.-.. .. A 'I ' .k,'f. -. . ,iygba 1 ' ' . W , , 1 ' Xxx xwwiiiiiub l 'L "B ' ' x 1 H K.. 5r..., , MN X .....x I 5 - Q. ., -,.-..-,..- ,. ..-. .........,...e.- .,.,.. ..,.. .,.-..,.......-.... ..,!, ..v' Girls, Banquet March 3, 1917 The Girls' Banquet is the one big get-to-gether event for the coeds. Collegiates and academy, faculty and alunmae, mothers and high school sisters unite to make this the most joyous occasion of the year. Enthusiasm runs high when the classes and faculty vie with each other in "pulling off" stunts, cracking jokes and perpetrating puns. Seven years ago the women of Morningside decided not to allow the men to monopo- lize the banquet idea. So committees were appointed and arrangements made for the first girls' banquet. The girls had such a good time at this first banquet that each succeeding year has added both numbers and interest. ' Since its organization in 1913 the Agora Club has had charge of the banquet, and has added a number of new features and clever ideas. At first the decorations were planned and executed by a general committee. But later the rivalry between the classes which had already manifested itself in the class songs and stunts at the banquets, led to the idea of each class decorating it's own table. For the last three years this class spirit has been further fostered by the presentation of the silver loving cup to the class having thc highest percentage in attendance and the best decorated table. Each year a different idea has been carried out in the toast program. One year each toaster was assigned the title of a Shakesperean play. The next year music was the theme. Another year the unfolding plant was developed into a toast program. Once the four-leaf clover was used as a symbol. The banquet was held in the gymnasium the year it was completed, then the idea of "the building" was used in the program. The next year the college added its Domestic Science Department, so wheat was grown, ground to flour and baked into bread by the speakers. Another time the toasters "hitched their wagons to the stars." This year music was again used as the theme of the program. Indeed, the ease with which the classes, alumnae and faculty members have compared themselves to "As You Like lt" or "Much Ado About Nothing 5" to the opening flower, to the lucky leaves of the four-leaf cloverg to the cornerstone or walls of the building, to the field of waving wheat or batch of doughg to Jupiter or Saturng to sharps and flats or chords is truly marvelous. Morningside coeds are cer- tainly versatile. At the first banquet the president of thc Girls' Student Body, Miss Ide Belle Lewis was toast mistress. In other years the president of the Agora Club has presided and introduced as toast mistress one of the faculty ladies. Miss Margaret Gay Dolliver was the first. Then Mrs. A. E. Craig and the next year Mrs. J. A. Coss. The year the gymnasium was opened Miss Lillian E. Dimmitt as toast mistress presided over the largest banquet the girls have ever had. Mrs. W. C. Hilmer was toast mistress for the Domestic Science program. Last year Mrs. H. G. Campbell introduced the stars. This year Mrs. J. J. Hayes told the story of writing of music and presented the speakers- What the future may bring of joy and happiness we cannot tell, but always on the calendar of Mo1'ningside coeds, the Girls' Banquet will be marked with a Red Letter. MARY Lois CRoUcH, '16. A ,Igf ' iA..2A:, if, i 4 mp? vi. I ...ct-x'g,g:, ',j,.1.t'g1 -11 .. QQ 'k'Q'.',, if I-uo hundred ' . L . . I - J 1 "Il 1 X ' "iii "gf .1 5 eq", 2 was ...W . ,. W .,rf..,! 1 -5, VJ, .3 rx " ', Minstrels March 24,1917 LliF'l' T0 RIGll'I'--Tl. Wulf. Fl. NVeniz:, C, Connors, NV, Clark, E. Harrington, L. Johnson, 'l'. Tlloyrl, J. l'l1ll'lIlllllll, D. Norton, P. l'litl'ert, C. Olrrecht. One day in each year the athletic organization of Nlorningside College, known as the "M" Club, rules the campus in an effort to raise funds. The above picture shows them in their minstrel show given llflarch 24-th. With Wulf and Obrecht as end men the audience was kept in an uproar over jokes cracked at the expense of members of the faculty and student body. Other members of the Club executed some ve1'y clever and characteristic dances. Following the minstrel show the various societies of the College appeared in songs and skits, and the Negro Stringed Quartette from Pat- rick's demonstrated the "hoe down" and the cake walk. The matter of securing an audience never worries the "M" Club. Everyone, student body and faculty alike, go either to the entertainment or to the stocks and no one prefers the latter more than once. For this reason the "M" Carnival is unques- tionably the most popular event of the year. tfwo 111111111111 one Iwo l'11m11'rd Ifwo It J'-C ':. 1.11. XOZTZL7' ff?- Sf Qficf' .fi--5 11323 ,qi-QL,.,,.l:?: -N ' ll-'Q ...:..:l?.T" --- .,, I H 3L1"Q.--7'l'1'..'-YN-Xhiiksaii V' X ' JJ' tl if f f lv if on X N Ulllll, has C lvl 43 ll Always Last with the Firstg Untrustworthy and Corrupt I I 1 ,vflgl l' lull .. ,M Pay up your back subscrip- xve do evervhod VVEATHER ' tion. We can't live on hot air. 5 y Unsettled at time we went to , . that a first-class . H ' 'el United VVe stand, ne Vg ,I rshould press. Storm expected when gill Divided we fall. u'p'pe ' this gets in circulation. . . . . l' Publlshecl whenever an insane delusion exists ll Vol. ll April l, l9l7 No. 23 MATERIAL TO BE FOUND IN SENIOR OBRIECHTIS NEGLECT PROVES UNDO- CLASS , ING OF STUDENTS BODY l l PRESIDENT. ' Great excitement was created on our campus when it was announced that Henry Ford was It was the night before Commencement. The going to establish a Branch Ford Factory at silvery moon was shining brightly on our fair Nlorninggide, Mneh speculation was rife as CIUUPUS fihll Oh the SP00h'h0lfl0fy where VVCII- to where and how he would get his material, flell l0lCl Glilflys that Ollli Olil STOVE' im' the but a staff reporter in a personal interview ob- steenth time and on a porch on Morningside tained ghig information from Mr, Ford. Avehlie Fish bade Ellhfi II00ll hillhf Ilhll He announced that he could' get all of his tzravvfully hfickefl fl0Wh the STEPS- material from the Senior Class. For the body The road to the monument was well lighted of the moehine he would use Ray Harring- S0 lhfll il0fl flhll Cecil C0Ul1l E-five illl their ton's shoes by cutting them down a little. For attention to each other and were not compelled the modgno,-do ljuttonls oo,-S would he Sum- to WfllCh their SWF. while 0h The Bill Si0UX ciently large. Eiffert would make good axles River, PU!-'I Wil? almost ihsliifefl to W0i'flSv HS because he is so well seasoned. Rosene's neck he and' Ruth floated along in the bright moon- yvould make gogd tireg, it ig Solid rubber. Men-- light. The little squirrels which haunt the gnel-ire Cummings would make a good steering trees around Sunshine Inn had gone to sleep wheel she is so ease. to mm. Fm. Z, madvm, after their gluttonous feast. l ' . ' 4 on this night, or rather, about 2 A. M. order crank there is Laura Pease. For a brake James Rush Koh, bade his fair maiden good Al Hornney could he used, he is always broke. night and started for home. As Obrecht had Gailord' Starr could be used to good advan- iiivilffl him .io Come flilfl WU' with lm some tage for a windshield as no wind ever blows night' Jlmmle 'hought 'haf would he fl hood around him. For a headlight Bess Shannon's night to do so. So he went to Obrechts room ld b Q 1 ,t , I, ht 1 qh, , and prepared to retire. Thinking that he had dome col' e uhiflf I is lg am 5 mmg' forgotten to wind his watch and unable to find For wheels, he said, he would borrow some if if the 4l'1il'k, he fllfhefl Oh the light- AS he from Art Payne's head. For nuts to fasten Stood there casually wmdmg hls watch he the machine together any senior would do. For glanched towards the bed and--fCnt out , 7. I , V H I H f 1 bv Censorij cushions Vlils Carlt uouc we exce ent or ,. L6 I i The next day was Commencement Day, he has been sat on so many times by the faculty. l EVei'5'h0flY WHS hhPPY hilt Jimmie, who Wehf For an air pump any member of the class I fContinued on Page 206.5 would' serve. . I gs .y s "- ' '- rs a yzf-ff" 1 +P- 1 N ll -af iw 1+ ' rf io- . ,..v: ,A . 'wg , I. ,, - QEx,1...3.y'e f,.ll,r,,,,5i'7lfl.,qtLtg,. .egg ' -' . N F, on mi "' .fzelslllfi lf. .L.'. 17.1 e"' " ".'1lg' " lil' ll """"iil" I-wo 1l1lIlKfI'L'd llzrrrr ltiulwj' M',lL.,f,4L1.-17fQf"'?T.Sw'zfu,-f- ' Q , p ,X Aix, Illl , ' .2 gig-,,,,,, ,J , ' f,A: 51,2-71 Q, "fx ,Q "ri Wi" ,if . : ,yi - is , is , 4 4. . 'MIK ff ' f 1 1 ' , lj ,ix iffy: KQJQZJQ " V- l Hi ,J' l Liv Q, qw , if 1 gli' stinf .I -. J, I THE SQUIRREL DODGER M BRAINIEST PAGE OF ANY AMERICAN PUBLICATION EDITORIAL PAGE TH E SQUIRREL DODGER Published by Mental Aberration Co., Inc. Subscriptions Vegetables from the subscription list STAFF Editor-in-chief ................ Marcus Tullius Cicero Assistant editor ...... William Randolph Hearst Business Manager ............ John D. Rockefeller Ass't. Business Manager ........ Andrew Carnegie S ports John L. Sullivan Buffalo Bill Locals Sherlock Holmes Diamond Dick Editorial Bob Ingersoll Theodore Roosevelt Associate Editors W. J. Bryan Julius Caesar WVilhelm II Gen. Carranza Office Boys Willis Forbes Horace Wulf VVilson Clark EDITORIALS Gentel Reeder we take our pen in hand fov corse eny fule wud no that it wud not by our footj, with the intenshun ov dashin off red hot Editoriuls, as it wer, warnin our reeders ov the vital fact not to become pceved or odd'erwise sore at what may eppeer in The Squirrel Dodg- er, becuz, like the paper we ar nuts as well as the reporters ov the same, to say nothin ov the manager and printer. CGosh that is the longest sentence we ever writ.j Laff with uz and we won't cry. Scold uz and we will laff--so ther you ar. You hev to take it good nacherdly or we will sue you for libell. So ther you ar again. Laff you nutt, laff. TEN O'CLOCK RULE Why is the ten o'clock rule? This is a question often asked but never sat- isfactorily answered. It is like the federal constitution, it has two interpretations, that of the strict construction- ists, and that of the liberal constructionists. The strict constructionists are few in num- ber, being the landladies, some of the faculty and a few of our spaghetti-backboned students who wouldn't stay after ten o'clock und'er any consideration. The landladies, of course, we do not blame, since it results in wearing out her chairs, for chairj, burning gas or electricity Knot in all casesj, in addition to sometimes taking the morning paper with them when they go. Those who believe in a liberal interpreta- tion are many. Most of the students are in favor of this interpretation. In the first place they do not believe there should be a ten o'clock rule, and second, if it has to be, let it be liberally interpreted. Now we think a young gentleman should be allowed to stay after ten when calling upon a fair, for unfairj, co-ed under certain condi- tions. These conditions are. 1. That he talks loud enough so that he can be heard all over the house. 2. That he will shut all the doors when he goes. I 3. That he will not take the milk or the morning paper with him. CHAPEL CUTS Five? Gee, that's a small number. In the good old days we used to think fifteen was not enough. Well, fifteen was but five isn't, at least to some. VVhat we advocate is this, All fussers, both faculty and students, should have an extension on the number of chapel cuts. Non- fussers such as George Pratt, Harry Rosene, James Reistrup, Dale Norton, and Virgil Ger- kin never went fussing simply because they could not cut chapel and fuss, as could be done under the old regime. It is wrong that these gentlemen should have themselves blighted, their hearts and' heads cracked, simply because fContinued on Page 206.j 1 .l W ', I ,134 p -,xiii ,ll Qs ' 'Q v if,tiii'1"iR Q- , , . , .,,,., ii wwti., i . , f -AGM. tg 7:f..Lc-f,13:lS3ilL5.?? '-T2 f I H Wig, Yi' 2 " ' ' ...1 tfwo hundred four A ,li hai , :Vg QW ffl Nils fl l i 1 t El ,ff v x tv. 4 5 'til THE SQUIRREL DODGER SPORTING SECTION RECRUITS SHOVVING UP VVELL. Prospects for another successful season are very bright. Among the most promising re- cruits are Russell Smith of Eagle Grove, Fred Hackett of Onawa, Orville Crews of Sioux City, and Omer, who threatens to replace the veteran Obrecht. Downs of Manson, although an amateur made a strong start but has slumped and has been forced back to the bushes from whence he came. Sanger, although new at the game, showed extraordinary ability while in the game, not to be drawn into plays that would result in his being put out. Among the veterans, VValker and Forbes, trying for the same position have a hard battle, but Forbes is winning out and Walker is warming the bench. Lloyd, johnson and Wolle are showing up well and seem to have their heart in the work. As utility man, McConkey is making a very good showing, often stepping in and' fill- ing the place when the regular is absent. Those who are retaining their old positions are Van Horne, Kolp, Kingsbury, Hartley, Stonebrook, Kilbourne and Northrup, although he is being pushed hard by a man from the federal league. Leitch, an experienced man in the bushes, made a had start and is working under a handicap. With these prospects, and under such coaches as Prof. Hayes, Jones, and Himmel, we should have a successful season. QContinued from Last Column.l march down the field and were halted only by time being called. Between halves the south Newton Band rendered more music. The game was d'elayed while Tom Kenney went home to see if'he had a letter from Early, his home town. On his return the game was resumed. Orleans kicked off. Kingsbury made 15 yards on a forward pass. Leitch was completely exhausted but after eating a couple dozen onions, he was stronger and again went back into the game. On the next play Kingsbury would have made a touchdown but he broke his shoe string fContinued on Page 206.5 . ,- ,-HH . l 3 1 l,,ig,3:.',lQ, 1 X, xYE,'lvi:if'If1i:l'46,U K 4 l liigiiif is is ' ' i'N'm'c." 4-fu fm ..,.,f?3,w1 of ...pam f . at as , ,t i 'Y 9 ii '5,.,?2't1-Piiifi ?'1-'wTvI'f1.iIQ'if".1Z, 'lf' I' 4 ff' n,,,,..,,, li Ntfiilflltiir2dJf,s,fMg,gwfi 1-4 'X l Orleans Yaps Humbled CRUCIAL GAME OF SEASON, GOES TO SOUTH NEVVTON BRAVES On Orleans Avenue there are two rooming houses. One is called the Bleakly l-louse and the other the Patrick Gang. They bought a football and practiced every day until they thought they were quite proficient in the work- ings of the game, and all were stricken with inflated' craniums. They challenged the South Newton Braves to a game of football. This South Newton street also had two rooming houses, the Ken- nel Klub' and Sunshine Inn, whose inmates were all line young men. Although these men had no football and had had no practice, yet they accepted the challenge of the Orleans Yaps. The game was called at 3:30. At three the bleachers were packed and the field lined with students and cohorts of the two hostile camps. At 3:05 the South Newton team appeared and were given a great ovation. At 3:30 the Or- leans team appeared and were greeted' with hisses, cabbages, eggs and over-ripe fruit. The South Newton Band now appeared and rendered some partial airs. - At 3:30 the wind whistled through the trees and the game was on. It was a game remark- ably free from football. South Newton kicked off to Orleans. Kolp, the Orleans fullback was downed in his tracks. Farnham gained four yards through the line. Nicholson, Orleans half, was stricken with goose pimples and had to be removed from the game. At this point Orleans tried a forward pass, but Hutchison, not having his compass along, passed the ball in the wrong direction. South Newton now took the ball on downs. The mighty South Newton backfield quartette, Kingsbury, Sher- wood, Barks and Martin started a triumphant QContinued in First Column.l L 'Us K iii? Nxt 9 Ll! X f x A ew f" Y" 'Wgf 'w 3- 1 U ' 17,2 ' "W W5 ' 5' tfwo hundred for - ,V-.y:---JV .,.,,, ii 4 il N XX- . -'qgg -xiblxixi-vb. : x . ai-ti ,iq I W" f gf V li if 41 Qllil 1 l 'lgll 3 ,M ,r A Q9 i 1 E3 I3 THE SQUIRR EL DODGER LOCALS VVe haven't handed the Seniors any compli- ments because we are like the Father of our Country, we cannot tell a lie. judging from some of the hours the freshmen keep, they must be out for milkmen. Chas. Fry has accepted a position at Stone Park for the summer, teaching the ostriches to Hy. joe Bogard will never try to bribe any of the faculty again. He wanted to get on the good side of the Librarian, so he gave her a box of rouge, but ,Toe says he got about half of it back again when she thanked him for it. Ruby Flynn says she doesn't believe in pre- Daredness, but that she wouldn't mind being in arms. Archie Freeman has waited for the fussing season to open up with Patience. VVillis Forbes has opened' up a new dray line for books between Dolliver's and the Main Hall. Times of transit: going north 8:30 A. M., going south 12:30 P. M. A petition is being circulated among the stu- dents to witness the girl's inter-collegiate de- bate. This will be presented to the College Ed- ucation Board of Iowa for action upon. Minnie Fry reports that she is studying so little that she is almost getting Rusty. See "The Great Emancipatoru by Harrison Orleans Yaps Humbled 1Continued From Page 205D on their five yard line and had' to stop and re- pair it. Orleans then got the ball on a fumble. Bill Wolle here lost his shoes, a hush and rever- ence ffor the deadj fell over the audience as they were being carried off the field. After two or three more plays, time was called and the Orleans Yaps went off the field dejected, because they had been defeated by the South Newton Braves in spite of their weeks of practice. However it alleviated the pain of their inflated craniums for the time being. Student Body President Undone. fContinued from Page 2031 about the campus with a melancholy look and' muttering, "Why didn't Obrecht tell me he wasn't going to sleep there." Editorials Continued they cannot go fussing during chapel like Van- Horne, Harvey, Dodsley, Johnson, Kingsbury, Clark, Northrup, Forbes, Lloyd, McConkey and an army of others. VVas it not while cutting chapel that Professor Hayes first got acquainted with Miss Brand? Was it not while strolling neath our fair trees 110:20-10:4-Ol, that Casey got that deeper friendship for Ruby? Was it not while standing by the window, in the low- er corrider during chapel that Mabel thought of Glen as her Sir Galahad? Look at these examples in contrast with these First shown, and see for yourself if it is not an injustice to our student body to be restricted to five chapel cuts. VVe wonder who will take Harvey Law- rence's place, playing the part of Alice on the glee club trips next year. ll I l 1 1 F l l l l I . E Kilbourne. In this great play Killy announces A petition has been circulated by Yerle Hart "f""A, 1"', x himself as heartily in favor of freedom of the prohibiting college boys from fussmg down lf! 1 'Q Blackman. town girls because of inconvenient car service. - - Qlyf ji . ' -' 'U 1 fx , Q 'L iii fiifyf my Mgt. f l ' X .L ' . , NE' , t yr M t lt sf: l Hg. sf 1 X a f l . f X "" " ,.,-- "" 1 '. tfwo hundred six ' f ' In ff x ' ' t 1 " .'.,...I.e.,3:.:1:.,xH.....N..W.. 1 ll. "' U In ff 'us 1'- li Q 1:1 wi fri' Nl ell' :ar gli 1 In iff "iii EE 0 fwss il - 211 1 fa' I "X X X -:AA ' 55 ll QQ I. . u V 15 M x XM I' X I! fa I ', Xu-LA I in fl V W rn W, K m 1 xg b ' -Q I ma". 'Ju el" u", 49 Q .-""' 14' -14 'A X i annum" 5 xg Minn uunuumql, Wiggins , lI4elylmm-Aww They are BOGSTERS MORNINGSIDE 1 . M ll S Qffil I p V p fi lf CLOTHING HOUSE ' ' JY N " The Home of Good Clothes ' ' "" fLt1f:'f ,3 x I E !" 'z A ' ' "' " Nobby Clothes for -lll College Men l 4 X " - Clothes of Character f - Clothes of Refinement ,ggiygjfpiu Clothes with that dash and ffl T go to them all College f f f f, ' ifnlig Men demand. 2? ' 'lf f . Q If . iss, rv 1 Svnrirtg Eranh Qllnthm f n 1 yy il Q 'E l J'-l li or Young Men and Men Who Stay Young eg 'L i 3-v-4, T T 'T SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES i fi. are designed by men who are past- Q 51 335- masters in the art of tailoring-they 87? gl are styled up-to-the-minute, guaran- f' fgkfigijglfl 9,i.5"5i', teed to fit and wear to perfection SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES are "the clothesn among the young men who choose their Wearables discriminately. They are clothes that We, as Well as the maker, back to the limit. ' -And our assortments of Society Brand Clothes leave no clothing Want lacking - no matter how urgent your desire. lfwo hundred eight i , . 1.1! W W 'vu-',.,:: a . . . fn. , 5 ' ' f. 1.-.1 l' fi 'f . 1111121 me 1-Wilt. 1 ,Ei .12Yi5Wi'nig fic L5 , . 'J QV '3- gpi - c EQ yr. S rif.S?f12fg. f 461 Q we ai " , gt Jy 1- fif- f 4 - m y 349225 -ii - u r 5 - f Q '59 'fa 5 , b i A. co. A c ri :sky :S ri 1:22132 'W -Leif fe' .lima Enristglranhmlntlpa 'SQ ' ' 1 I l K 1 FOUND The following letter was picked up in the corridor of the Main Hall, first floor. In order that the owner may recognize it we are printing it in full. Dear Jllrzry, Do you know Opie? Well, he's my friend Cmaybe more than that some timej. Well. he is a sophomore. I'm just a freshman, you know. Prof. Jones said Opie was an apt pupil. I guess he must have meant apt to Hunk, I hope so because then I could catch up with his class. Opie says they have lots of exams in his classes, so he studies hard and holds a class meeting just outside the door just before exams, then he takes up a collection. When Opie don't know the answer he says, "See text, please, for answer". But you know some of the profs don't have books, so that is why he is apt to Hunk. Gee, l'm glad the term is almost over. You see, I live almost a block from college, so I have to get up so early. So to be sure to get there in time I have to have two alarm clocks. One I set for five o'clock. This wakes me up so I can set the other one for seven. And that way I'm never late to classes. I believe I like baseball better than sewing because I know it better. All of our boys wear stripes around their stockings. Opie says they are for the same reason that farmers paint white stripes around the tree trunks, so that bugs can't crawl up them. I think one of the players tried to make a goal by pushing another down in the game. I heard the umpire say "one down" and he told one fellow to strike, but he never did it at all. The umpire seemed to know everybody pretty well because he kept waving at them over his shoulder. I should think they would have more than one ball for all those boys, wouldn't you? Well I guess I had better close, I Yours confectionately, Rosie. P. S. Opie and I went to the movies last night. They weren't very clear and I got ear-esipolis trying to listen to them. I LOCALS Mr. Fred Hackett B. V. D. has been an appointed assistant in the French Depart- L """'1 ' ment to assist Miss Cecilia Stenger. 1 ' .........l L, I The results of the election for this year's lVIay Queen are as follows: Harry Rosene 452 Gailord Starr 326 X-fibf ef :L Oenioxns jimi, --- . Agnes Fry and Francis Boyd have an- nounced their intention of taking a course Q MM fd, in oratory the remainder of the year. x l yfwglli ' , ,.. . .fi5+j.l.1ibLgw'- .i ,.i.,. A 2 xa.4fvf5Mi"f,1g'm ,V Q.-., F W 'iS2g.i.f:f.fggtifL, Q3fQQY3ij:1fiig1f1.. ' ff 0 xi ...5Pm"f::3 greafyfjgf' 5 1- , .., . N-U I J nn' .A ,,- .-if . , X I M, I 3, ' .1 l' ' Ifwo humlrrd num 'N .V -nl jk 'L.. w H- I If .H f N ', w, ' '4 x ll, Iuy ,kia ia. ii' , J l 1 l 1 5 l : l s l 1 3 i . Q 1 E I I s 1 5 l ,W . -M ..... ....., Q v . AN l G y 9 Copyright 1017, A B. Kirsclxbnum Co. WEARABLES FOR YOUNG MEN You young fellows who want stylish, serviceable clothes with plenty of dash and go in them will find great assortments of just this very kind' at this store. Also furnishings, hats, caps and Shoes in the newest of styles for young men. PRICES VERY REASONABLE OPEYATIN6' flVf.ff0l?f.f .fAVf5' V011 NONfY Mfffonrlzz IWIIMDIII. Jrmmafu .rf,mv0f1:zn.fu .smfxclrn 14. Ifwo hundrfd lrn i2a. 'Q 1' Tf.i1m'f:1'f'?J E .-4' X in I 1 I -H ff N s 1 I 11911111 for is 1 . 4' E FQ 1 , i OFFICIAL STATEMENT CF THE SIOUX '18. U." 4 , i f, ' l These figures have been compiled and published by the SIOUX '18 management with the view of putting the soft pedal on the numerous Q ill rumors and prattlings of the "Allied -Army of Knockers" and the "VVho E Gets the Doe" Club. ' 12 flyassed by the Sioux Board of Senselessshipj Expenditures 1 Antique Nlahogany Furniture for Office SC 385.95 E 1 Greyhound, to keep squirrels away from ollice 10.00 n 1 1 Limousine for Fry, fTaking Jule homel 85.73 1 Life Insurance, Barks and Sherwood 1000.00 1 Rent, of Jim for Lida 128.53 5 Three pairs of shoes for Harrington 43.25 I Casey's trip to Akron for inspiration 86.86 i Vivian Down, for Bill presented 50.00 1 Marion Heikes, postage to Ill. U. for suggestions 1079.14 Detective for Rusty, to shadow Leitch 25.00 Cigars for office boy 1,007.85 V Collar button for R. Smith, to produce dimple .25 Frances Kolp. Weddiiig present for Harve .01 Clara Lewis. Auto veil 25.00 Date Book for Athletic Editor 45 Spittoon for Office 4.50 - lVIildred Pecaut, to hire poems written . 10.00 Bay Rum for Richardson's hair 33.75 Sleuths, to obtain pictures 47,698.75 Engraving 1.19 Printing .79 Binding .49 Total fadding machine brokenj Receipts Tom Lloyd Hush money 5100.00 For pictures run by request 45.00 Sale. of Annuals 3.45 B1'ibes for unpublished scandal 8,464.95 n Total SMlQDlb."'.f 4 Deficit 36,493.72 ',Q'fii??'?3ii1t ' - 4 ' 'Q 5131?-?'?v1-r.. MSS, . . ' 7 ' 1. 7. 'L-i . Mft?-,,',f'2TN ' hd' V 'ns-lik... I1 ls , 'ini ' NN , I 45531 3, . fkwif..-,imszsafif 'I A '. 1 1,11 , . I L ' v fi.: ' T454 4 F . E581 'hlshxw lv I .w 1. W W 1-w " U , A 1 1 1 , ., N- ' N 4 1 Q v i 31-.'-x ':., 4' 4 11,411.61-. H ,.a. Li' 5,0 wi- , -M 4 ,,,s',-,g-J,. V, 1 Q ,f W., v JR I W9 4-.!,,,.:r,i N aald ix, v X . 'V 'sh-. '-s, r W . nJ...q.,r'h . .5 5 fx 'Q NM , 4. -v. .Y 'ft , 4 fi, 1 XA.. 4., . - ' M mx xw xyxxumlxyh " ' ch .1 HL in .' .,::h,'r,, 1 - ' - ' A I xJ3 'usu- WW- T '..e:e4g5s551i .L rr-- - 1' ifwo hundred elcfven SIOUX CITY'S FOREMOST CLOTHES STORE 'f'0'l'fti?'W5'i , 4, it ., ., ., W. .W ,. 1 ww va, wil jyrl , j Q U 1 L r N i . 4 1, 9 . ft R l 1- q.,V , ,,, ., , A,.. ., ,. l: xx gg ' 1 f v I s FOURTH AND NEBRASKA TYLE- ' sf l l that elusive, exclusive g - 1- "'- 1ris21fi2ff22f22eeg:. "" E someth in g that so many I 3 . , j "--saggy A 2 asp ire to and so few Q, at wf '3,,g-1 . - - :'Ii5f2,1:zSi2i t . 5' '4',' " ' 9 .,::z2iE?Ei?f,., achieve, is part and par- is cel of the clothes youill ' In , . See in this uLiVe Stores, O "STAR" , , In the models for the Season MMANHATTANH P f you can See it and Feel it. 41W B U 32:5:1:-:3:5:gt:2:1'i'5:221-:-M' '- Young men will find spark- SI-HRr1 S :" ling snappy Styles in a greater 44 'lll ' -' ff H array and more striking as- H KNOX U ff HQAI sortments than ever before. STETSON Men of quiet taste Wm and H MOORE U yy n new notes of distinction in SPECIAL the sort of clothes they like. HATS Boys' Clothes of the Best Kind ln our Boys' Store I .2.5,?,,'2,?,2'5? ' THE MooRE CLOTHING Co. I Iwo hundred lfwel-ve l EJ MP 1 lg.. l Lg ff V X . A ,H Q ,T K W? a 41:1 g 1 XQ . 4 ' va' A i' 1 4, 'E .- ' ' L' l I Jil l ' w J J 4 r ' lf, z l l WE'LL TAKE A HALF I-ICLIDAY, WHEN E I , T l Somebody beats Wendell Curry's time-in the half mile. , George Pratt steps out. Y I Hartley quits taking Knapps. Obe Wenig quits crabbing Bill Forbes takes off that girl's sweater. A Stonebrook gets a steady girl. ' Dodsley quits getting St1'uck. Sanger yields to temptation., A 'F ran Kolp gets fussed. l i The faculty get to chapel on time.- Skinny Norton makes a date. 'The Boys see the girl's basketball games. Baldy sees a joke. I Prof. Jones gets a law passed to successfully stop the manufacture of T filled cheese without stopping the manufacture of all other kinds of cheese. i ' The freshmen quit chasing the milkmen around. Clark gets to a class on time. i This annual comes out. ' 'Possibly more than a half holiday. N 1 girl.: .ff ,5"f-We ' Q' 4 , i a 'tr e . f .," " tf '- A . aqzglfwiftfg,--iff'asf: . i l l 'f-'.7L'f'f5'f?f- '- ' .Rf?2.'ai'Lfi'4i 1...'llZi25?ililST' ,r:'f"f3:T'T"'k' '-,nf Y 1 l fif'n.:f 11 ' ., Kuxw'lW'XMQw r4, ? ki: , , :QW ,idfia tfwo hundred thirteen '7'fm i19'.-- . 1Pfa::sm-.- --U 4--fggggji Qi! .' L We Would Like to Shirt and Collar You THE HOME OF GOOD SHIRTS AND FURNISHINGS 15123 Ml S 'liuleproo OSIBYQ FOR MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN 'f SIX PGIYS ' Q' ' , M Cotton Hose Dress ROBES f f Guaranteed ACCCSSUYICS ---- 5,452 IX '1"ff'Ifn'7f we f f ' BATH 1SI?AIl-gf? milk to Wear ,-'MX II' I X . .': X' I Wx S -ni- sI'Li2""'f QQ Months 5-IOSE 1, H N wail: lk"""3'L' I2 I feed f 3 tha 'I or New mon I Hose FREE TRAVELI NG LUGGAGE NECKWEAR ' ' O SILK SHIRTS HOSIERY I DRESS SHIRTS PA IAMAS l ,MI D UNDERWEAR lf'll'l'll lf i' ll El ,, , E . A 4 4, , , ,. ,,,A, ,h ,N .wx , 1 ,- 1"..g :lY,'2flfj.43QM , V K, liltx, Haw ,331-Q V j. M. ,A 3,5 va ,., , W' ,lf-up t i in 12' lit- i. J... . ., lli4'.LQ.L -.,.., ,-.,. ..a-,. .. -,,.,,h,, ,,,, -M-ww A' min! ' VVINNING HUMOROUS POEM M., '1.e....i J ,g I ,. r .M V X: ""X','i 1. V "THE RAVINGU L Bassnz R msn '20 Once upon a day so dreary, one green freshman baby was weary From a wiener roast the night before- In English class he gave his number, then, like VVilliams took a slumber, His gay and jovial spirits to restore- Slumber minus every snore. we we in we At Hyde and Search the sun did play as in his Ford he made his way To meet his comrades on the distant shore- To catch the boat for a short Crews, a little Harder applied the fuse, And thus the lonely hours swiftly wore. Darkness then and nothing more. At last the Lake came into view, and from his Ford he fairly flew, To gently stroke her Back of Steele once more- To say that she had Dunn-again the class of work that she did when In childhood days the Lizzie left the store- N ever again-no-nevermore. So to the West-fall of the Lake, the Lizzie came without mistake, Before her there a league out from the shore, At peace the great White ship, the Kamper d1'ifted quietly at anchor, Encircled by the lligl'lf,S majestic lore, Tossed and rocked, no, nothing more. If human, eyes were not deceiving, it were time that she were leaving, They would not leave him there upon the sho1'e, Osborne along by wings of air, the Call soon came "We're waiting here, The ship will sail in just ten minutes more." Only this and nothing more. lf'-ffl With one quick move he doffed his coat and sprang into an old rowboat, The Troutman paced aghast the rocky shore. The freshman lad so Bent-on going, saved the Day by violent rowing, It was Two-good the way the croud did roar, Cheered and shouted, yea, and more. With cheerful sound of "Hackett, Hackett", Fryfedj the engine of the packet, To Hall-em to-Wa1'd the Sutherland s shore: On deck the Carver and the Dean, the Smith and Porter could be seen The Taylor and Butler with the ladies, yea, by the score- All of these and still some more. Y - W Ifwo llllllc1l'i'tT ififlrrn W 14.- ...f 1 1'- x MN v '. X mb N- ' TN, , ijgggifzl c ffjiffiff if".-.sw liiifa 177W liff"illW '+V A QQ J! mi' ly 'l l llkf luv T 1 . greg 'O rig I T T THE SEAL OF TRUTH THE foundation upon which this institution has built since its inception years and years ago is the Truzb. The Truzb in advertising, the Truzln in merchandising, the Trulb over the counter, the Trzzzb everywhere and nothing butthe Truib HIS is the only fertile soil in which any store can grow, thrive and prosper, and the wonderful pros- perity Davidson's have enjoyed is proof conclusive that the Truzb has always been and is the pivot around which all the activities of this estab- ment are revolving. RUTH engenders public confi- dence and public confidence is the most cherished and valued asset "The Big Store" possesses. To fos- ter, strengthen and spread this pub- lic confidence to the utmost limits of its sphere of influence shall be its goal always. DAVIDSON BROS. CO. ,li 1 xl 1 'RX 15:55 I A it 1 M' e1,?'f,, 344 .Y nl? 5 l If 2:4 Sv . ' ' ,.. LW"-aff rfsigflu' if if l - -- -- - ---A 'mer T 5. I lfwo ll1lIldl'I'lf5fNfl'l' 'M " trim L I xl" , I ,f'57i3z'. ,fy t ,--' ,X !ff,f'?f,, M, ,... iff. Q m L- Q.. "' Q, Il,,mwj'SYl S' , ' 5, Q' Nl, X 'WNXF , 'vi A vb . X r t . . . . . , sitwattllrg A And through his subconscious soul the English principles did roll, W 21 Would "Unity" be with him evermore? It ff, ' And "Emphasis" and then "Coherence" with him did start interference, l He answered not a Jeep, not even a single snore, i r l ,' Green for sure and something more. l Up from Belew in trembling sound, a piteous wail was wafted Raun, fig Q- 'Twas like a Cow,-an Wolf's and Marti11's roar, 'Twas the old Bald-win with the Beard, as he his lady gently cheered, While thus he sang-er love songs o'er and o'er, E1 , Wo1'se than Hilmer, yea far more. ' , And with this Wie1'fdD and Haysfyj tone, a Payne did Pearce his Hart l of Stone, ' It Pearced his Hart unto the very Corr, So Back he Wendt to yonder side to ask her to become his b1'ide, I More Abel was none, not even one Whitt-iiiore. De-well my lad, or nevermore. l Select your wo1'ds right well old man, yes that was the emphasis plan, If you your point successfully would score, And so with pleading words and clever, asked her to be his Doll-ever, "Oh yes, Mei-Dell", she sobbed, "I'd just adore, Yours I am for evermore." And just as he was ready to speak, at yonder door he heard a click The door was locked, the English class was o'er, And when he heard the sweet refrains of those entrancing chapel strains With tear-dimmed eyes in his boyish heart, he swore- "Naps in class, NO, Nevermoref' DI M O DS ' Your money put in a Diamond would be one of the most satisfactory investments you could make. 1 You can have the pleasure of wearing the gem and the satisfaction of knowing that its value is increasing. . We are offering beautiful, pure white and steel-blue Diamonds at ex- l tremely low prices. X Then buy qfa firm that ir fwortby Qf your cofgfdwm' I at , TI-IORPE SC COMPANY l w 2 509 FOURTH ST. r l K, K 1, ,dt fh W1 dh , l W rw 1 Y .57,4"rf.iN,, I. L, gpfn iw-thx 1'-'27 y wr - 'f '21 'wlgf-r i, , ' 'l' .'Ej'." Tkwlm d f. .. - ,NV . ve, 'U -' - Nw ' ff.. 1 -r-V 2, as if ff " ' 15-,zfic 1'-at P'-X we-' .I , i, , , V. -, ,- :Et , , ., ,, J, , -, ftp, Ax.. ., .,L,vi,,,g, .......................................-............-...q....,,--.........,...................e..-..,...........,.,,, MILL. CiiVi1g?saM'i i 'l ,Q 'lf -'- ' K 4 ' 'k ' :,a?,,il-,U lljQ,l.v.", -1, xuxm,,n-.wx-u,:f- I . .' , Q',, ,' j'f ' ,.,'ll..' ull: 1"'K1t', 41.2 Le'Kt,'w.'. I d r 'rf55r:r:,,,v- l r. . - ,JL x N, ,G , N . .M A ' ' fwo lIl7l red .wrfvcnlccn iff" '-f""' , , fm ' .J Reach Her I'Ieart Through a Box of La Fama Chocolates "a matter of good taste" Johnson Biscuit Co. Sioux City, Iowa Where Qualify is Supreme WEST HOTEL SIOUX CITY, IOWA -'PALMER HOUSE OF sloux CITY" Modern in every respect. 230 rooms, I40 with private bath. Cafes unsurpassed ancl our metropolitan quick lunch room with prices to meet all. Sanitary and up to the standard set bythe West Hote . p WEST HOTEL COMPANY, PROPS. jay MacLarty, Pres. Frank Donohoe, Mgr. 'ljhlL'L'Il , 4 ,' rl N 1' I . Ke W nm-. .M - l H 97 'zilllllll l rs 'M A 'VW' - ' he a1l'i"lQ,l lllllll-lllullflm lg, ll gf". -l ffl! l rn f li-'lff,Qf7n"' i 1 .3 V N ,I ,,,,,.-::..s,,: ,piilllllfgi ilalluify ova, 'VL wllltiilllf-,.',,-.1 w ' vt" r 'Q ultima - 'ln ' It w e - -5 l Q ,f n, 1 'K gr 'JJ' , 1 A ,, s v i' lggt-Q, H lfgflfr gi' f- f -1 I if-. 4 T' " e P. gms.-f 'c tg- -.. ml V 'li-5 . l 'ng-i . ,- 'e, ' 'fl- l H-, cull 1g.::s. -1 "T,-. .- - - 'lllilf1i'if'-" . 'n , rl 'ii 'd""""' Fmh 1" 'iulilvlfv M7 ' I . M l iff' 1 E 'ff it M Fl 1". . . . .W tg Q , f we If r l we- lllffaif-'linii Q ' 1 N 1 : .... cw 5 ",' yn, W, I l , j if lu 1 '. Il, ry 1 V a n ,,v, --gf, , , I ' Ii M1 ' gi -:Q-e:'c'f'?L. , 1 , l f -1 i 3' ii i. i f f li: M l - fl :Z " -" . 4, lull. l 5-I J .I 1119 W., .. , .... , i E. . .....b1f'i,' ....... Twas the night before Thursday when all through the school Not a creature did stir but a couple of fools. And Jessie was sleeping so calmly in bed While visions of discipline ran through her head. And all the good students who honor the right, f Had just settled themselves for the rest of the night, , When back in the library there appeared two young boys. , With paint-b1'ush and paint-pail they made not a noise. , These two young collegians, with slow stealthy stride i Approached the pen closer and each other guyed About which color would look best by the light of the day, Red and Black they selected, both somber and gay. "Don't lean on the fence" and "Kids, keep away" Were warnings which glared at us all through the day. And now one more mystery confronts our dear college, We all seem a seeking the following knowledge, Who are the young culprits with artists 1'ich mind? 5 Come help us, you scound1'els, this tangle unwind But, Students of lllorningside, though you may have done wrong, L' You'll long be remembered in verse and in song. So here's to the artists, whom we dare not disclose, May they live long and be happy, and at last, sweet repose. C I S '18 . . . l i lfwo hundrzrrl 7liIlL'fL'l?Il Chicago St. Paul Omaha Wood Bros. Co. Live Slack C70772772Z1f5Z'077 TOM DEA I ,TRY Mercban is , Manager . SIOUX CITY, IOWA TAC-CUT COFFEE 35? a Pound ilfw ly tl "" " 'A" . flgffl' 'V7"5f'3 ff, ,fn - 5 1, W, ..- ,,..1'. Vg, Y, 55 5225, 'il'ekrTZ-5 1: lllf-jj fcflknj-f'f WN ' -1 N' 15" F IMIWN l A X Milt. T A e, 'yi' 4, ?,-Lf " welt ll THE OLYMPIA FLORISTS by 508 Pierce Street New Store SCS Pierce St. "Leads Them All" 1 it li i Full display in Potted Plants and Cut F lowers. Don't forget the loved ones at home. LOWEST PRICES. fl? ,, "Don't Forget the New Store" 1 AN ODE FROM THE CLASS OF '18 TO THE CLASS OF '17 It was as freshmen seeking knowledge That we came to Morningside College, . And you met us here, a baloon-dome sophomoric crew. It was as brothers that you met us, , But well we knew you would not let us Know the plots you had against us, as in your minds they grew. As it came time for class scrapping, Then you tried to catch us napping, And you took some of our members out into the rural brush. And you bound them with strong fetters, You were regular goat-getters, But your hopes were to be shattered, and trampled in the slush. As the time came for the tussle All freshmen began to hustle, They escaped the bonds that bound them, and to the fray they Hew Hard they fought, cheered on by co-ed, But we freshies from the start, led, And when the scrap was over, defeat was hung on you. Since that time we've ne'er been beaten, You've been skinned alive and eaten By the dear old class that graduates in the year 1918. 5 Both in basketball and track meets, , You've been made to take the back seats, And in many other conflicts, you've been clicked upon the bean. l Now as seniors you must leave us, We scarce can tell how it will grieve us, And although you're still uncultured, your faults we'll overlook, And as we bid farewell tomorrow, V Though it causes both much sorrow, l l ,Mi Yet in ways that we outclass you, we still could write a book. l 1 C. 1. sf '1s. Q , 1' I," , I l ,-, . -lfSQ.12'7-l"J- i l rl fi ii? i "d'1r5W"7'ilil'Ut 'v n l fl ' if lQQ'4s341?mr,facQ, Q - ' T - .-, g,J,r5Egf15f',,'fi?2ff.,2f,f,fP:',4 I Af wx? 'Mi I' ' V W oz p i 4 zigzag iff-,, .V ,si ,S 'ii ,, ,, . 'ffafzzsttfiafs' - S Qnx.afE 550, ,J h,fab:'f,g, -I A I ' f,-tg - Ju-fa::.,y K iv N f lx ll 'far - g- . .nl -fab' -'qw . 1- -V .- , . - ' --fi," .......-,...-....--.------------------WW-V---.-.-,-......,-- ---,.-....-.....-,,,M,,,,,,, ,.,',.q J 'willxftiffawt,5v,'tMG.,sww . 1. A . , , , W, . ,. ' Ifwo lumdrfd tcwenly-om' G. ADOLPH OLSON, Pres. and Mgr. OLS ON'S Sporting Goods Co. 406 Pearl Street, SIOUX CITY, IOWA Sioux City's Only Exclusive Sporting Goods Store ALWAYS READY TO SUPPLY V Everything for the Sportsman and Athlete FACTORY REPRESENTATIVES AGENTS A. S. Reach Co., P. Golclsmitlfs Sons A. G. Spalding 6: Bros. , , Books Stationery College Book Store G. T. PENDELL, Prop. SIOUX CITY - - - IOWA Moore's Non-Leakable Athletic Fountain Pens Supplies I-wo lnmdrml tfwrnty-lfwo 1' Mrnlirz nf thv 4 Exam: A 29-Reel Photoplay LOONAN LUMBER COMPANY 122 West Seventh Street Let us Figure your next LUMBER BILL Only the Best Materials and the Lowest Prices Auto Phone l075 Bell Phone 75 Class Pins Medals Emblems Made lo Order Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing 1' glnnasa 69151311 8: Gln. Established I 895 Manufacturing jewelers and Diamond Mounters 5l0 Fourth Street Auto Phone 32ll The Exclusive W omen's Shop of Better Service THE ANDERSQN SHOP 506 Fourth Street W omen's and Misses' High Grade Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts ana' Blouses I I rl dlfwrniy-four V l I El +1f?3aeI:f.axfF'Y"l Z . 5 .ff ' V ' V VI X It -- J! V " VUL, Q W iN P I K9 AX 'x r - : lk I - A 5 -' I COMING ATTRACTIONS -'Qgqw t p l ' '3- l I .lames Kolp in "The Little Girl Next Door." 'f y Song Hits-"There's no place like home." Q "By the light of the silvery moon." "ll ilu I I l l 2 -v l A ONE NIGHT ONLY N. J. Williaxris in "A Bachelor's Honeymoon" 3 l Assisted by Obe Wenig. l Song Hits-"No Wedding Bells for Me." l "I want to be a bachelor" I ' ' I ......... E Don VanHorne and Ma1'ie Mahood in "The Strollers" Q Q Don't miss this. T , l l 6 shows daily l ' I Frances Weir and Flossy Day in "The Man From Home." ' Song Hits-"I can't forget that old home town of mine." A "O promise me" A three month's run, commencing June l5.- l 1-1. A l 1 l Tom Kenney in "the VVoman in the Casef, just finished a four year successful run in Early I l l -" l l Sue Wormly in "The VVinning of Jerry Johnson" Song Hit--"I'll get you" y . I -- I Frances Kingsbury and Katinka Neilson in "The Treaty of Trent" CS. DJ Here the public will have a chance to see Mr. Kingsbury, the expert baggage smasher, l supported by Miss Neilson in their new life drama. Messrs. Walker and Freeman 1 l will play the part of the villains in this soul-stirring play. l y -- I l I PLAYING CONTINUOUSLY Q l Sam Lory in "The Furnace" l 1 Appearing for the fourth season in his great song hit, .Tl "Hot Air" I 'gill 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. Daily . 14852911 I -I ' iii ?-. l ' 2 ., FT?-.jr1GAfA fngyi --x- 1' h'0Qf,7+'f :cgi , ' ."'l"h'g?Q" O ' , X'N3-ilghiiixiiix l w l,-if i" ff.if.E.i' ' ffl--'Ul'w. tfwo hundrrd tfwrnly-fifvv You Should Insist on Superb Brand Food Products p Look for the Rose on Every Package The Reezyen is Tlziy - Superb Brand is the result of many years of persistent effort to assemble under one Brand a complete line of Food Prod- ucts of the Very highest quality at the most reasonable prices You always get ifze best when you imzkt on Superb Brand Food Products Distributed by Tolerfon E5 Wezrfield Co. These are the naughty, naughty girls that swiped the boys clothing. Sec the fiendish glee written on their faces. This picture was a strong con- tender in the atrocious contest, but did not receive first because of bribes and threats which the editor received. We can't tell you all we would like to. Here are the victims of the above atrocity. These poor boys had to make up for the lost time while the "villianettes" had their clothes. They are here seen "sawing wood", their favorite pastime. Here are the champion som'r'set players of South Newton and Or- leans Avenues. The man in the sweater is the champion stepper in school andit is expected that he will better Noe's record before June 1. Here we have Nakado and his ha- rem. This might be interpreted as an advertisement for the Sioux City Tent and Awning Company, but it isn't. A This is a quartette of versatile abili- ty. MeConkey, the stepper, Hunt the basketball forward, Payne the debater, and VanHorne, debater and stepper extraordinary. I l i. ,- Ifwo lfumfrfd Iwmzly-srwzz .' - '- -. -N. I IS M" 1- x 1' - -- 1:-5 ---. f ,xx , :-- 44,1-3, v- -. 4.37. -i f. L- KJ-..,.,, my ',A, ,.,f2mi:Q h E- , 'IH 2' if fini wiv K X, .. I, ,. N, ' L 53 II' EI , III Q III, I I 11 'i 15 I, Ia' .KLM El European Plan I25 Rooms---Forty with Bath Cafe in HOTEL JACKSON New Lunch Room Recently Installed OSCAR YW. GUSTAFSON, Proprietor Connection Corner Fifth and jackson ' . Sioux City, Iowa Insurance Loans HOMES not HOUSES PILCHARD BUILIII G CO. QUARTER MILLION CAPITAL Second Floor Frances Building SIOUX CITY, IOWA lr is a matter of Especial pride that during the past year we have Demonstrated f 'th' h S b our ai in t e u urb of Morningside in the erection of our new and modernly Equip. ped Bank Building. Morningside College, with its rapid strides in educational develop- ment has helped us greatly in making this substantial improvement possible. Caring for the banking needs of a city suburb is a Iive factor in the growth and in the advant- ages offered to prospective home builders and home owners. We are especially grate- ful to the college faculty and students for past favors and shall always use our best ef- forts in the handling of their accounts. M0R"I!5'.l!3ET'Y'?0E,00BANK ' +- . ........,.,. .. ...., v n 1 JOHN scoTT, JR., Cashier W. L. AYERS, Assistant c-,hier G. E. WARD, Vice-President I T' ,TQ O I I1 A I I wi f LL' , I 1. fiiffl w 1 ziffsff IQ' g I I .4151 '51 I -Y I a 'if'-fXW.v4f!'t,I1" rf -f-'fixx ' I ! E.,--.-Y.. - -A .cWAQ'3, 1 f,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,v,-,,,,,,,,,,.,, A . f by 5,-,Q W A ' 1 'Q' . lfwo hunrlrrd lfwrnly-ciyh! " ' A aiiqiqfg S I , I ml I I This is the Petty Gang of last year. See how happy they look as they gaze into the distance, out of which will appear six young Sir Galahads, or shall we say Romeos, or possibly they will wear the cap and bells. Reallv there is but one Case in this picture, figuratively there are at least three. The first is on the extreme left. The next is the lady on his left, or rather the case is down as VVashburn. Mary says it doesn't matter who he is just so his hair is red and his name is Leland. These are the preps. On the ex- treme left is Sanger, who can resist temptation in any form and of very great strength. There are also some more "Salubrities" here. Future home makers. Cn the left are two of the victims, just ready for the sacrifice. lts too had and they're juniors too. In another picture we had, her shoulder was partly hidden by Leitch's hand, although she said she didn't know it was there. A law of pyschology says that sensations be- come unnoticeable if habitually ig- nored. .1 I E 4 4.- 55: '4 x l 1 f 1 r f f i i l l i I , l J l 1 v 1 ifwo lnmdrmi lfwrnly-nine J. A - 1 A .N A 'TT Tl: M ' J' If F' 41N IX '- ,f . 'I "1q2',- 4.44, - ,,. XI, , 4 1 I l v 1 3 I EEEE G3 WTDQTIIEYQ " ff' Ya 1' A Ng ,fig . ' Z- """"""2 47711 TLA 1 .-1, T T U YOU FRIENDS CAN BUY ANYTHING I N THAT YOU CAN GIVE THEM ggi I Except Your Photograph IH 1 ' A SIOUX CITY'S A I BIGGEST AND BUSIEST Q STUDIO I I I LE EAOOO , MA H I 1 I ' J V 3, .,.....,..O ,.,,,,, Y, I W, ,q, no,, "-" Ty' I lfwo hundred th ty -' ' ' IMX ll "WHERE QUALITY IS REPRESENTEDH W3 1 4 , OSCQII3 JI-IIQIQERG x Exclusive Things jeweler Here we have the Prattler Club. They are: Stonebrook, who believes in much fussing and concentrated ef- fortsg Pritchard, who fusses a nice liergh sometimes, and Randolph who, like Stony, believes in much fussing, but not concentrated fussingg Eng- berg, a well-known violator of the ten o'clock ruleg Warnes who roomed with Curry and has gone home to see her now, and llflcliride, the snipe hunter. This is after the Great Compromise of l9l6 which was settled peaceably without bloodshed and without Com- pulsory Arbitration, but nevertheless satisfactorily to all parties. Perhaps the most notorious figure in this picture is that illustriousf?D senior, lylinnie Fry. She and Rusty Mcliride are often seen together, thus carrying out that old lVIaxim, "Birds of a feather." At each end are the champion long distance fussers of the junior and se- nior classes, respectively. We don't know whether they have been playing cards or not but according to King they have been holding some good hands. i 1 A A 4 l 1 4 lfwo hundred Ihirly-om' 5 I 3. , AR. Joi-1NsoN at co. l BAKERY i ,H Ask Your Mother for l . MOTHER 'S and NA TURE'S MEAL BREAD Out of Town Orders Given Prompt Attention I 2 2 Our Cuslomers are Our Best Reference s i A Ph l I97 ' B5iorh0Z2e197 408-4l 0 lowa Street Everything in Brick Any Shade. Any Style BUILDI Q 1TH BRICK At a Moderate Cost I E 1 i The Practicability and Stability of brick---its value as an investment---as a thing of beauty which will be a joy forever. Thoughts concerning these matters we would like to submit for consideration l s I 1 Sioux City Brick 81 Tile Co. Ofhce and Display Room, No. 9 West Thircl Street T lfwo bundrfd lllirly-lfwo These pictures are typical of lVIorn- ingside groups. The Hrst one is entitled "VVhy High School Men come to Morning- side." We know a good one on the lady on the extreme right, but we dare not publish it. An up-river trip. This is the crew for the boat "U. R. Slow" on the Big Sioux River. They go on duty at 4 P. M. and stay until 12 P. M. We don't know whether this is supposed to be a snake dance, a bread line or one of the modern clanees. Some more Salubrities. From left to right they are: Tuffer N. Lea- ther, Helen l-lighwater, A. Buneha Junk, I. Etta Bngg, G. A. Longfel- low, Iona Carr, Will E. Bite, and G. Whatta Crabb. Naughty, Naughty. NVhy child- ren, Where is your chaperone. The1'e are the eats, the girls, and everything to make up a party, but the chaper- one. Did you forget about the rule book, jawn? . Al if ' X' 1 4. .,- . 9 gy! , sl iw' ', 4 .' ' w ...N . 1, , 1 N s r- ' ' K f..l,,5:"-4 'it 1:6 I l i l t Q 1 l I . l l i l 1 Q 1 l r l 1 i l l. l I 1. 'i l J l l tfwo 1l1lllt1I't'4i lllirly-lllree tml :' M. ' it STN I as 'ff 3? mn ,,,,4, N , , I ,sw .1,,,,.A ,, -e...e..--....,., My gg It ,C "'i,wtiQn St." , flillgf itwlllfittll M' Wx w ,, -it A4 Iii , 11175145 - 1 :li DR. CLARA L. OCKERMAN DR. W. H. OCKERMAN I it , . I OCKERMAN 8: OCKERMAN DENTISTS li F5 3I0 Nebraska Street I bizpizixiatsnsasm - Sioux City, Iowa TIME FOR EVERYONE This bank looks after the requirements of the small depositors as carefully as it does the large ones. Don't think because you do not handle large sums of money, that we are indifferent to'you. ' We have time for everyone who comes in our bank. We pay 4IZ, on savings and time deposits. The Continental National Bank Iowa Building Fifth and Pierce Streets WE OFFER FOR SALE S I 00,000.00 792 Preferred Stock WM. TACKABERRY CO. Interest payable February I5 and Au- gust I5. Certificates in amountsuof SIOO or any mutiple. A safe invest- ment in a strong, well managed com- pany. A fixed and constant income Full information on request IOWA BOND gl MORTGAGE CO. Capital 5500,000.00 GEO. CALL, NV. I... FROST. ' Pres. Sec'y. 4 I 3 4th Street "OUT OF THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT" G. D. HANSON TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS AND MEN'S FURNISHINGS 824 Fourth Street: Corner of Jennings E SIOUX CITY, IOWA luo hundnd llllrly-four I Qt ' " .1 "C f'.?'fv.x I 0' I ttaff KIM at x 613, Y 'J I:1f'.lLl' pf x xl -. j ' ' .3 4, ,. 'zyzilt . w if ,N R it lg .gbqizy W? Qt X A-li, A' '- ' 1 59' Q 'L' ' 23 mm-ymmhlgfi, ,SF ,J ,, 1-wr il - X xv' 'Je 'Lu ' '-4 r, ' it f" A 1 sei J s ' ' , r my Qi I nature ' In U 111 UI' . -J Homes Furnished llzruout h J 513-I5-I7 Pierce Street 4l2-I4-I6 S1Xfh Street 3 I 3 3 1' 5 K- - A ' Ei as b w , f ' " 'f ,ff . s 1 X154 I : 1 A li : Yes, there is a very interesting riff J M A ' ,, story connected with these pictures, I 4' ' 'i A' , but we can't tell it to you. sg? 2 ' if I V 3 - - Fff'fi' -r 'Ei l i Honzever the moral of it is. ' It A t -f ,A I ' ni- Don t tell us you have some good .QAM 5 Xe' P W, ' " 9 E' :A i pictures but that we can't have them, ,Ihr 'X l 1 A , , i' it unless, you want us to get them. Q - ixvr' "I -'ill i '-111 ' . f : - -, e., ' F V L 7' . im , 2 I ' i A . V i .4 L , ,S .. w g , r 34 , 1 . t le Q ' ' , ."' ," . U 'Il' ' .gr Q 'ti' ' S61 jg!-if M Sporting and Athletic Goods Outdoors, Afield and Afloat A. G. Spalding Bros. and H. C Lees .Tennis, Gobf Baseball Goods Fishing Tackle, Vacuum Bottles, Auto Lunclz Kits ' 312-I5 C""""2f',,'f,f2"C"""" Orcutts Hardware Neb,mk,,5, Q .N ,Q -' i:',"A7i.fv5-,,,u , 1 '- s" 'N 'v 'vi 1 A s-a,'!,ig-qn,v.ri ' 'Jeni I f- M 1 .pgrlvf ., .,m,-' mx . -, , wr, s .fmt r,. 1, in, .WMA-,,., L ,V 'Q , ,, ,,'4if,, . . A f ., . YA .JA V, X. . 1 W' .,1.' 3r.j..r A ifwo 11 unrlrni Illirly-H-'ur '-Exeluziue Qlreatinwa mnmelfz anim illiizazaeei' Snitz, Climate ani! Atternnnn Bremen Alan Biztrihuturza H nf Smart Glnllege Eltnntwear fur men aah mnmen QMQYXK- iilhe 31-Inuze nt llyualitg, Style aah Glnurtesag ' .E L TL.: OLYMPIA CANDY CO. OUR SPECIALTY, CHOICE CUT FLOWERS OUR MOTTO FRESH BLOSSOMS. EXPERT KNOWLEDGE. PROMPT SERVICE. LOWEST PRICES. CHOICE SELECTIONS. OUR QUALITY CANDIES. AND ICE CREAM. FRESH DAILY DON'T MISS OUR PLATE DINNER DAILY l l I I AUTO PHONE 2651 AND 3242 - - BELL PHONE: 1240 when the squirrels are being fed. To be shot at sunrise. Some are Life Feeding time. See how the crowd has gathered around, as it always does. 5 I See the great dexterity with which Mzlbel serves the food, thinking of the 5 future. liven Ruth is smiling as if contemplating a happy future. l I I partly so now. See how Clara through force of habit, holds the hand I 9 MQ. of the person beside her. And there I 6 f is Cleo, who just loves to put on 1 7k R stunts at the carnival, or perhaps we .Q A 1 should say puts on love stunts. ' ' This is the Devitt Bunch. The I him. eccentrieities. Therefore we pity boy standing at the left with that platonic smile, Sammy, would be a pretty good kid if he wasn't rooming I with Strangler Norton. This taken with another fact, that he stays with l the Patrick Gang accounts for his E I I 5 E e-af I I I PETERS 8: I-IARRI GTO THE MORNINGSIDE REAL ESTATE MEN I I Houses Lots and City Property Farm Lands ancl lnsuranee ' Office at Peters Park Station ! Office Phone Auto 6464 SIOUX CITY, IOWA 5 it Eve.- .,.,, ei ,t... ., E ,,MN,g-nl Iwo humlrcd ll1ir'ly-:wen '1'l7fEI3fQ.s.S The pen with the "Perfedt Balance" and the "Better Shape" A point for every kind of Work JIFFY PEN COMPA Y Manufacturers 406 Pierce Street SIOUX CITY, IOWA W. A. HOUSTON, Mgr. 1 1 ld!! fy-I-fym A picture of the "Cobb House". From left to right they are: I. Otto Rest, Ida Know, M. T. Dome, O. Letta Malone, I. VVill Stingham, Le- na Pagenster, Squr L. Feed, Fuss NI. Freely. Below are: S. Nauta VValk- er, O. Leva Maloiie. Here is an illustrated lecture on the "back to the farm movement". It shows very clearly why so many boys leave school and go back to the farm. Anybody who notices who is in the front seat with Al could tell that this picture was taken last yea,-u Tim shows Al and Marion as we saw them most of the time then, Please notice the central figure in this picture. Just recently she has pondered whether she will afliliate her life with nature or with music, but nature finally won. Doesn't the striped girl look melan- choly and dejected. Of course, any girl would who went out for a picnic supper with these guys when "he" is in Des llloines. ii +1 , l ' -"Cf ' " M-J'i,'v.,!c-rf . ' '. Wf'5Qi-2 fflvf lfi'vi.'g.i1'f, x fiwlkilli' i, 1. fi-away . f ,f,fWki55f-.,. X, fee.. wwQy.e,f',4Q1xe,,'1h 5 .qfqvitltr i.,.Ql.,i1j1,,r 5, ,J giws- -N ,Q-gfg,,,f 1.,tf,,f'i,,yw,-'-j fl 3,13 af., 1 l.fTf,1,.,?tfi?f: flu, 'nba F 243' sg'-,fs .gl gw'r,,4 - Q-- Il 1. i,-ff - Q Ag,-.ggM1-qlkjf-,.gwjf,3 k,Z,-qgT,,-- A , ......-,- ,.,. ..,,....-..,.......... ,,,. , ,A Aff, H -l Qlgdfn i , vw.f,,, .. x A l6?l?i:'.k2iTi ' 'TZ f . ........ .W W ,gfggie 'li si ' w,,:'- , H ' :ff i , W K- -sx 'J,x,,,, , Y xx -Jil U' iN' ' -' L' '- f' Qiufxil- F f'. yy' Qc, . V., A ..,,,tQ , ,lj Lp J T v, ' 'll atv t. E1 l l 1 l 1 I-wo fzinnirnl tllirfy-nim' VISITING TEAMS WELCOMED AT be martin Jlautel ABSOL UTEL Y FIREPROOF SIOUX CITY, IGWA w -P . Q24 9525 Banque! am! Difmer Parties az Speczkzlfy I , 33, W' ' ., , I K I 4- .uf .,4L,Cx1..,R 4 I Z 1 d ,HY ,..'lf 1 fry ' ?"iIf?I NN ,IIS ' 5,14 J A ' I .. I I1 S ' ' , 41X-iw!! I ? l"tVfT'3':?3P1 ,525 if Kg 'I 'Ki-9" ' ,g' +5 I s I s xv- 2. wg, vw if" 93 If , 'r, px , A... Lf, A , xii KASCAU AS Shoe Shining Parlor and l-lat Cleaning Works Martin Hotel and 504---Sth St. 11 2 1 1 1 l l i A i l i e i i P l i .... , .. -. -W - 4 lhe Ixennel Ixlub Quintette. Please notice the middle guy. Note the yawning, empty cavity there. The rest of the warblers were com- pelled to stuff cotton in their ears as they gazed into its yawning depths. Dick, you sl1ouldn't flirt with the boys by sticking your tongue out at them. It's against all rules of the "Coquettish C0-eds of lVIorningside Association." Read the Red Book, Dick. This is the royal family of the Pau- nee Indians. From left to right they are: Princess Shc's-been-with-a-dog, Chief Kick-a-Hole-in-the-Sky, Prin- cess l-Still-de-Kline, Princess sits-on his-lap, Chief Rain-in-the-Face, and Princess Kitty-Turns-Up-Her-Nose. 4 I v 1 ! 9 1 l s l 1 l I 1 l i 1 4 1 1 E 5 tfwo hundred forly-om: 1 E... CONSERVE YOUR ENERGIES Make your efforts count for as much as possible. You cannot do 'this by spending all you earn. Therefore the sensible thing to do, is place your surplus above spend- I ing, where it will be safe and increase. I I We invite you to make use of our Savings Service, which will be the desired I custodian. WOODBURY COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Security Building Sioux City, Iowa I Il? 731 .gh ,.,,, .. ", 'f" ,,,77,?, li ,, Y, if 'AHL 'A W Aulomobile Tops HEADINGTON I-IEDENBERGH Cushions and Upholstery Ma nufactured and Repaired JOBBERS OF HEA VY HARDWARE Blacksmith, Mechanic's and Garage Supplies A G -' Q , fe, i . ' 'g . if A ulomobile A ccessories lmplemenl Speciallies Wholesale THE Sioux CITY IRON COMPANY SIOUX CITY. IOWA I sf- -. .1 rerg, sm- gf-.. s ,T CLYDE H. TENNIS Ii 330-331 Davidson Building I INVESTMENTS gi Farm Lands Exchanges N Ifwo hundred foriy-ifwo Q7 Spring, 191 7 Howard Clothing Co. lVlEN'S STORE ' Out of the Om'i1111ry I R 420 Pierce Str. zlr Out Qf tze uf Fugitives. From left to right: VVood N. Head, WC1'SCl1 Yeusless, lver PI. Dome, li. Z. llflark, lss A. Nutt, and Gimme A. Pain. The Golliver Dang. Here we have some historic personages. They are: Cleopatra, lllarie Antoinette, Catherine de lyledici, Hetty Green, Queen Victoria, -Ioan of Arc, llflrs. Julius Caesar, Cassie Chadwick, Nla- rie Theresa, and lVIary Pickford. Notice. Here is a typical senior. Note the intelligent look on that face, the broad forehead and far-seeing eyes. This picture is here for two reasons, to give you a picture of a senior stu- dent and also because we don't wish our pictures to vary too much. This is our Red Head Club. The most notable personage here is Bishop Buehler, our proniinent preacher, sleuth and bootlegger. When this picture was taken he had just come back from -Iellerson. l ifwo llundrzrd forly-Illrrr tldi 5 ' aux., 2-ff You Q "5" . 6 f ' X v1Tff ,,7 9,1 Q '43W2','m- W' It xi .- .. 5 EX,fvc'i '17 AXA 11 A l A .ff-L, 2213 fi It 1' ja 'lb Eihil it it --at L L A 11,1 b Q.fMT,1,,Hml .A J ' lf'-.. V, llll.1l.H.l1r41,,y4,,l 'Q ,Jin , 3 1.:,,g,, lf. V' ' "'-. 'fl 'si "k'f"' A i' Y- "if Ji -:V 0' H "S iwfg llllll fnnlllllll L, f- gli, il. RTGHT HERE BY THE CAMPUS CATE. Morningside Folks and College Students all agree that LAR 0' is the very best place to buy FR UITS and VEGETABLES, FANCY CAKES and all sorts of PICKLES for their "spreads" and picnies , THE H BIG " STORE Around fha C ormfr of the Cfznzpus f orly-four i Toon - BECKER co. 132. J - PW 1' ,Z!" lr jj," - 1 ' Mt, -4-wwf. llw"L.9.:'K":3Xx""5'S, fix,-V '-'swgk' g hiya Q3 it ll ltlilltllv R3 A 79 "1 ll 1 ci Till f fill il 4,w r i M' ll 1 flif V Drugs, Candies Koclalcs and Finishing ii . Cut Flowers ancl Designs ENJOY REFRESHMENTS OR LUNCH IN OUR TEA ROOM Q5 all No, this is not the women's ward in the city jail, although some might f think' so. This is a corner of our domestic science department where the girls cook things for the biology y i cats to save the boys the trouble of y l killing them. 'U' 1 , Q Don't you pity that one lady there, that junior? Dame Fortune was cruel to her and brought her into this l bunch of unsophisticated Sophs, and l worse still, one senior, but such is life. l 3 l l VVouldn't the little squirrels have y A "pickins" here? Gee, they'd feast for a month. But these 'ladies feel safe l because they'1'e behind thick walls. F LLERIO IVIBER CO. sloux crrY, lowA, Fourth and Lafayette su. ' Largest and most complete stock of building material in the city. Do not fall to let us figure on your bill. , ' GEORGE M. JORDAN. Mgr. PHONES: Auto 1065. Bell 65 i ' is fi st Q " i a i -f.-MALI. r 1,11 v -- K N .-' .4,.,- N 3' has - - W- - :..' M illi lwillililF5qe,.Zf 1E,T,'I.1,L':l:i' i", 'il l"ll5l'fll"'-l'w'ikifiN1'Tj1'll tfwa lmndrni forlJ"ffvn m""t"",j Ql. 1CJfTjtf1:fwsr1m- in M ,, ' - GUY N. PILLSBURY Residence Phone Auto 6l90 A. I. ADAMS Residence Phone Auto 6406 PILLSBURY 8: ADAMS Real Estate and Insurance Office Phone Auto 6694 PETERS PARK Our Auto Service is at Your Disposal for the Inspection of Properties When You Get it from Us It's Right The resources of our shop in ideas, suggestions, criticisms, workmanship, materials--every helpful thing that goes to make up our Ioetter-than-orclinary print.. ing-are always at your beck and call. We invite you to use lhem. WE STUDY to adapt our banking experi- ence ancl facilities to the re- quirements of our customers. Security National Bank Capital and Surplus 35500000 ' ' W. P. MANLEY - - President Interstate Publishing Co. T. A. BLACK . . . Vi.. M... C. W. BRITTON - - - Cashier , , C. G. CUMMINS - Aust. Cashier Printers Stationers L. R. MANLEY . - Am. cashier EAT PILE'S ICE CREAM The Best and Purest in the Cay Wholesalers and Retailers of Sweet Cream, Milk , ancl Lactone Buttermilk Our Cream is Served al Morningside Pharmacy anal Cecelia Park Drug Store PILE ICE CREAM CO. 707 FIFTH STREET lfwo hundr rl forly-six if 3 ' ai' A' PW' K Y ,...M-,..,.....,,... --.Y ,.1. -- -- ......-,..,..-...-,Q-3 , 5 uf 'f' dh . Nl, 1 - v i I l Z '. i i We would call this picture "hashed chaperonesn. Women's Athletics, English, Expression and Agriculture all meet here. As certain bells have rung since this picture was taken, we dare not say any more. This is a picture of the sophomores when they were freshmen, although they have not improved much. As the background of this picture is also green it is impossible to distinguish plainly where the landscape ends and the freshmen start. Deak says, "Tread Easy", so we won't say anything about this, al- though we have the goods on him. We don't know whether the gun is for self-defense against squirrels or not. From left to right they are: Kill M. Quick, Otto B. Schott, I. Rhoda lylule, and Ima Nutt. We could write volumes' on the checkered careers of these four and of the trail of broken hearts they have left by the wayside. But suffice it to say, they are sophomores. , lib Z-'-52i"'1.i.f"' i 1 V , Y 1 'fi-.'wfl'v'5,,",, 1, cv ' Q ggi'-ii-px-Li5i.x+'1,,':'I" Sim ' 1. x i.f i:,gvvf3':,L..4 vu 1. ' ' 4 X . ,F V - I. , 1 , I . .gn K f a i , ee 1 3, x 1 l i i 1 3 i 2 l I I , 1 - I 3 5 l i I-wo hzmdrml jorly-.M-van M w 1 1 w f R 35- Q 'N b-.IQ ev T?T.TfE3',f.iil 'g"'1.' " E' N r I I I ' " GW f W I8 f' ggi? '-Q1 H " T he Drug Siore Wbnfre they Make you Fee! zz! H ome' ,e rl? 4, 1 U3 gi 1 3 I ' 'D E . illllnrnlngsm e E. K..BARNEY A. B. HIRSCHIVIAN Purop. V Ass,t Mang'r i 1 I r Y ff : Peters Park SIOUX CITY IM7'T.- 'fi f - WI f N fuk qifuxxdag, rf' 1 XX 1 M 117 3 A ' 'J ,Q w , T , f Q , Zfwo flundrfd forly-eight H' "v, ,!'- .,., "" 1 ffl' X M ' I f..'.QL,U. ipf: ..., 'b"1'R ' ' , 1-E19 ,, sr- '--., ..-.:-.GPH - --. EJ 4"j,m . I w- fa ,,"' T n ' 1-If as-ers-Q !fmUlO1.V 1. ' f' 'f"'Vhw X1 1 . .ff W. .dv-7 Us ' 1 f QUALITY FEEDS . and G R A D E D H A Y Alfalfa, Molasses Feeds, Dairy Feeds, Hay Fat Feeds, Horse Feed. 'ESA Poultry and Chick Feeds made in Sioux City, under C. M. brand. fig: .7 Make fat horses, steers, hogs, sheep and poultry. Everything for the feeder i C. J. MILLIGAN COMPANY, Inc. EJ 304 Wall Street, Souix City, lowa g Established 1899. Meml. er of Students are invited to National Hay Association, inspect our plant at and Sioux City Board of Trade. any iime. MORNlNGSlDE ELEVATOR FEED 8: COAL CO. East Morningside Coal Feed Hay Retail deliveries in Morningside Friends, Romans, Students. Here if - 1 is that noble, illustrious, peppery, un- N surpassable class of 1918. We are -Q , sorry you don't belong to this class, 1. . but all of you can't be as fortunate as we. 1 This is one of the annual up-river trips. The ignoble ignoramus in the 1 foreground is King Herald, who is stalking back and forth as he impa- tiently awaits the arrival of Queen Louise. ' Here is part of the 1918 Class again. Yes they are noted for their life, enthusiasm and general all-around ability. fa s V. , if it . i . . l 2 , ,A . ,N . 1 9 ' A,..'J,iH -,J J fL,5,,yQ,flx, ' ,a . 14525-Q2j,":Niyg5,g:5,z ' 105331 14 A- F-lwg:3A,15.fg,",Q,2.,.gf,g'?"1,.-Lrriifgge "if""" nm- ,, 1 'Ali' 7315- . fi.. 1. ,fp -' 1 .,.. - . ty-,Q-. gl,jhifg.-'iv1Li.ffy,-f-33 -' Gif A 351. ' ' , - ..- ..., ,..-....... -.., ..... ......,,. , . . .,-.., , ...,. ..., - -. ,, ., ..., ,. . 1i . mf '. ' 'VJ ELL' "ii1'i"iii 21.1f'ii.f-'-"x"+MfA:,- UL A--"gi 53 ..,...1..11'-'X n - , -- D nllug U Y Ifwo hundred forty-mug i..iiSu.4.a .... U , ,i W ' Tl-IE COLLEGE MAN LEA RNS PVELL DOES WELL BUILDS WELL If his Plumbing and Heating is Installed by ORR 8z GRAVES CO. 5 I3 jackson Ave. Auto IB37 Ify an Eyfczbliylzea' Fact That good Jewelry is to be found at the Store of the will Za. Berk Qinmpanp Established in 1877 and mailitaininggg a policy during these years which now bespeaks for itself NATIQNAL Wooo WORKS ' Manufacturers of Bank, Store, Olfce Fixtures' and Interior Finish Our Motto is Quality 507-509-5II Water Street drvd This is part of the illustrious Class of 1918 when they were freshmen, but even then they were admitted to be a talented and industrious bunch. Here is a bunch of Co-eds. Per- haps they have a mere man cornered down the1'e. VVC hope the poor fel- low escapes. Here is the Naboklis Club. This party was for members only. Some of their classmates visited them but were violently 'ejected from their pre- sence. This is a freshmen breakfast. They didnlt dare to go to South Ra- vine because there were so many squir- rels there so they had to have their lit- tle picnic on Bass Field. Some more of that '18 class. livi- dently they have been slickering fruit. VVe hope it was from the Seniors. X I lmao lmmirml ffty-one w 953+ ' f ' jf' 1 l sazif ' ., if li fx Ku--A ,U 'N ' lf qfllliy li. A C, if 11 fl yi 1 ,l iff ,. will ...........-............,..--,...-.. .,.. , ,,... N- ij!! ' '- f---if-w .v-- eine Yi YYY, 7,7 H Yrrfrfrfr W,W,?YW??Yi I Y-,,,, J Service Courtesy Safety Convenience i i e o. O t 1' U y v . Jgl X 1 l C E. L. KIRK, Gf27z,lMg1'. l e Gi ,AA ,,- Y... . . .,,.,,....,,,....,D.....,-.--.,. The Cream O of Quality We furnish any Special Flavor Wan-ted in Ice Cream, Ices, Sllerbets ORDER FROM THE DEALER C 6' U , 9 Hanfo rds Creamery Butter The Best in Every VVay Sold by All Discriminating Dealers P vnizfizlseiiiytlerw C BEUTTLER cf: ARNOLD Architects This Firm Designed the Alumni Gymnasiuni and Rebuilt the Conservatory Auto Phone 4240 609-610 Security Bldg. . SIOUX CITY, IA. 0 h1l1ldr'L'fl C ,4,c lg., if C JL l' 354 -: feaf i A ,4 1' f fi , 4 at , W jlwrfw s . gfefliiiil X ikxii - fs- A wr, A MORINGSIDE GIRLS AT LAKE GILNEVA "Geneva, so much looked forward to-so much en- fl yn ' joyed" was a slogan which proved itself to the Morn- 1 ingside Delagation last August. After some trying 1 V Q, experiences with such trivialities as no breakfasts and 1 ,lil lost baggage, Morningside found her way to VVilliams I Bay, VVisconsin, where with two hundred college and university girls of Chicago, a steamer was boarded and guid'ed to that beautiful site of the Y. M. C. A. Col- I lege-Summer Camp. Everyone was made to feel quite at home and it was but a short time until we were located and settled in our tent near Grinnell, Cornell and Ames, for a ten day camp. Nine hundred and fifty girls can make a decided impression on any community, but soon we found that the great oaks, parks, drives, shady paths, and the lake, dotted' in every direction with yachts, steamers, sails, and happy bathers, gradually impressed us in such a way that the remainder of the time we gave our selves up to the "spell of Geneva." Le ' M th" gr Because we had the largest conference ever held there, it was necessary to be very alert in order to take in everything that the committees in charge offered, For instance, one failing to reach the Dining llall at the proper time might miss the first four or tive courses of the dinner, and at Geneva this does not do. The usual walks, hikes, swims, picnics, etc., were indulged in, if one could mange either side of the "two o'cloek quiet hour" skillfully. Classes and lectures took up the morning hours, while in the evening addresses by famous men drew immense crowds from surrounding camps. A reception given at the first of the Conference made us feel acquainted and until the time we parted in Chicago, we considered ourselves as just one big fami- ly. There was no unfriendly rivalry at any time and various t'U'ls and' Colleges met together for chats, study, good times or prayer after the evening services. The influence of the great men and women who were there for our uplift and education could not help but broaden our lives. Christian spirit and' fellowship were everywhere. lf you have not been to Geneva, plan to go next year, as it should be a part of every student's college course. -Kata F. M. S., '17. Moving Storing Packing Shipping Household Goods and Pianos Zgeakins antigturage . , , l i , V, ' 120 Riverside Ave. 5 p i -.. e ,, - --,.-i..-,,-,,,.--l 1 , l .y, .,,,. ,, , ' ,f,'.iF'fxJ' "1 'W 'W' -' ".f'?'2,,':.e.' I l l A iii? -if , fi 1 2 A lk'glI.s1,i'?5,f.', 1 .5-,gif-fri v ,941 'W-'.f' 2 ..,"ei,.'-'.',r,ir flf5,'.-,C?f73.3s-4-jg ff,',,,A:3.:f , ,,,,, , if'Q"'r' 31 , f . M.-.-....-,.,---..,.,..--.,,. W -M 1 Q I, 'wr gy. .. .pa-if i " - " ""' 'W' "s' me f -"'f ' --4 .. , .nu A Q " ' ' '- N. i -5 A -" ' moo lnnzdrrd fifty-lhrec ll., . A l,iJi.:k1..':'- ' 4,61 ' Ylifrlfnlf Over- ldeal Soft Water Laundry rere IS no reason why you O W HARVFY Mgr should not use the Automatic ' ' ' ' Telephone exclusively- 414,416 Court St, There is every reason why you Should' SIOUX CITY, IOWA Z2 Ofljgf, Automatic-1346 Iowa-S99 Established 1883 william Goroon I The Rea! Ermie Man 705-710 Frances Building Fifth and Pierce Streets SIGUX CITY IOWA Qioux Qiitp btatiomzrp din. New location Phone us your Coal Order We will take care of you when the t'me comes Good Coal and Building Material Qlibe 39. QE. Ziaaakinson 505 and 507 Fifth Street Frances Building ' 200 Unitfd Bunk Building SIOUX CITY -:- IOWA N PI 2174 rx ll ll 7 drfrf fiffyafour F' "v A-'V -'A, W, A. W,-,, A , ,,,,H,, ., ...... .., ,..,--.-.. H.. ......,f-F Lake Geneva for Men There is an impetuous demand for Christian Leadership in this world today that is sounding within the walls of every college in America. Nothing short of a movement including every "red blooded" college man with a great evanglistic pas- sion will be suflicient for the immediate demands of the future. The Lake Geneva Student Conference is one of the most fertile spots in the world for the birth of ideals that direct the course of true Christian lives. Of the nine hundred and fifty men who gath- er on the shores of Lake Geneva every year, perhaps every man would say, that his conception of what Christianity should mean to a college man had been changed so that he has become a more eliicient Christian than ever before. Lake Geneva invites every college stu- dent who has accepted, or is willing to accept definite responsibility for the pro- motion of Christian inliuence in college. No pains have been spared to secure the men who are especially qualified in leading students into such vital relation- ship with jesus Christ. We feel safe therefore in recommending Geneva as an essential part of a complete college edu- cation. GO TO GENEVA. ' J R. J. H., '17. wi. If ' ' pt W l wr."xrx' t . ' u A t if .if i Y' ll wx, 1 .l.,l'r f , l l l l E The Place to Buy Trunks is Where Trunks are lVlacle SAMPLE CASES TO ORDER Repairing Done Q Ladies' Hand Bags Repaired D. S. ANTHONY l f Manufacturer I 5th Street, near Pierce Sioux City, la, l Iwo hundred ffly-fm' V -Tsf?ix gjjf -.I.f,,-,W . V- fm- ' 'X-it gs-I 1, gf X ug I, , J M E l jllllmwg Q Ji' ., I Y f X lcf'lI'-ell, H4 4521 'r' ,Q +, jffi, flleeaf-wwe .1 ,II Il Q35 W lzen Ordering Flowers, 'Remember Kroonemeyer s la' I WHY? X Because they are Distinctive and Best Corsage Bouquets and Commencement Flowers put up in the Latest Flower Fashion J KROUNEMEYER I Successor to Elder Greenhouse, I5rh and Omaha 5I2 Fifth E Q If you are locking for A U G U S T Service and .Qzalily XXIII-JLIGES Call both Phones 2 5 I 2 Manufacturer of A. Fi fensen H.- A. Morrill SCHOENEMAN-JENSEN 3 I 0 Pleree Sweet LUMBER co SIOUX CITY, IOWA ROSS M. COOMER, Mem. Am. Soc. C. E. CHAS. l. SMALL Engineers and Contractors WE BUILT MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE 3l I-3I2 United Bank Building Ask our Clients about us SIOUX CITY, IOWA Auto Phone 3719 A I I Y IL? IPS if I , ry N,,L:I.N ll I - "Ni f I 'P' X rl' I I ' :Prey I 5 I E , X is I P 5 tfwo lzundrcrl iffy-six "fill A td lux I M5f,fQ-TTT.. ,, , ,,L4q?f' ' E575 zii'illr3l15FF?6 . , . , During the past seven years nine- teen Morningside students have en- joyed a very profitable part of their summer vacations at the McBride Lakeside Laboratory on West Oki- boji Lake. Here -"our life, exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees, books in run- ing brooks, Sermons in stones, and good in every- thing." ' A summer spent here on moranic hills, natural prairies, woodland shores and sparkling waters of Iowa's most beautiful summer resort will never be forgotten by anyone who has a- vailed himself of the unequaled oppor- tunity afforded here for combining study and recreation. From the time your ambitious tent- mate rouses you from sound outdoor sleep until you wearily forget your- self in the same sound slumber on the same cot at night, there is never a dull minute. You get to breakfast on time at six forty-five and attempt to satisfy a ravenous appetite. At sev- en-thirty you meet for classes or em- ba1'k on a field trip with hand lens, bird glass, or specimen cases under the direction of the able instructor who is enjoying the experience as much as anyone. It is a long while until din- ner at eleven-forty-five and your appe- tite is still ravenous, as is that of the others. To eat th1'ee times a day with students of other colleges and teachers of wide learning, experience and travel who are all in for a genu- ine and uproarious good time at meal time and several other times a day as well, is an education in itself. 3 '5 1" ' 5 ,gf IW JG my th t, N ,ll 'L flir- - at M i .. y "-and ' 1- Ah -97415 ' si' WV- -' '1"f.'-Y" izxt.. 'f , M.z,l'.,f1. q "l3,A4iiifl'.tQ4iJflTfi:2QiQ4QLg t " A' . 'S 5" C " "5 ' mx xnxvig T -'- -, .ii-i'tJ'i :A " 3iilaP:Q'lm-'- ..w..A.- mf-- ,- ---. -.-Y . The M cBric?e Lakeside Laboratory , E .. ..--4 -di V .X V' 'ffm - x 1 X " it ltlllll Nxt if 'if' A D . viii t 5 fill 5, is pl El l r n l l lfwo hundred ffly-sewn ,f t , i i 1 1 Z fl :gif RAY H. DARLING i i N' ll , FDRD i I x, .1' fifffg "' I K 1 i I SALES AND SERVICE ' i i 'R' 1 PPPPPPPRR A A A Mfg l i Nor Q Line Yami MORNINGSIDE GROCERY I Home of 3 Good Things to Eat l C00 JOHN O'LE.ARY, Prop. Owned in Sioux City 5 i 902 M. S. Ave. l Complete Stock Prompt Service HAZZIZEKXQ XZSON 2 Right PWS E:,if.:gf's:.':.i..t.,.. sic... City, io... l l Auto Phone Bell Phone O, 5 A service augmented through years of l Third, St' Located inerrftlfhzgge Building Q SIOUX CRY PARK BARBER SHOP ' FRED B. PHIPPS l V 1 --- i " '-- -Lv'---.3-,W , " ,. ' ii? i 9 g BRINK S MEAT MARKET l We Supply llie Leading Boarding Houses of Q Morningside wiili all kinds of Fresh Meals I a Auto Phone 6284 1 Phone us your Order and our Delivery will reach you Promptly ' Cecelia Park Ifwa llurzrlrrd ffly-rig!!! 5.-..., . an. " K o , 0 i g Say-Am t lt the Truth , ' ,,.,, an 'i ' that Good People die young A Your new suit will become "old" while it is still , " ' V' - "young" if you clon't keep it Q. - 1 ' "Steam Pressed" H I ' X l I o ' H ' Xjf,'jaQ1' S2521 Bogard Pantorlum The afternoon until four o'clock MCByidg Lakggfdg E'-if is spent much as the forenoon, in the Laboratory laboratory, or out in the field when- ever the weather permits. After four o'clock the professors and instructors i forget what little dignity they may have had during school hours and en- ter into the water sports on a splen- did, nearby bathing beach with as much roguish hilarity as the most en- thusiastic freshman. The hou1's after supper, which comes at six thirty, are spent much as one's heart desires 5- fishing, boating, studying 01' reading in the spacious library of the cottage where, on cool evenings a fire roars in the fireplace, or playing games. Once a week there is a stunt party after supper, which is productive of much merriment. Occasional launch and sailboat parties are organized to spend the evening or Sunday after- noon on the lake. Too rnuch emphasis can hardly be placed on the benefits of being a part of this rare combination of democratic i fellowship, study, recreation, and liv- H ing with students of other colleges l and with some of the most able scien- tific men of the country, even during , the short period of six weeks. Such l an experience is a che1'ished memory 3 Q . I I to anyone who has been a part of it. i 5 5 F N. J. W. ,Q g i Cy, l 1 ,K .i ,, ., . F -,H nag x M 1-,AJ :,. ,5 -.' K 1 1 i L r ,y .. l l i, A-I Y' 'A 'r .35 . -Qing. 1 i iig . 'F,,.5f.1'T',gil,gQj.5fL , In. Sjlv . Y 1 'x'Xl,:i4P?f"3:,"' 1:.f:'-. .fy 1, .- K -ei .V1,,.,, f ,lf i .Y -,Mn ,M.,.. ..... W., .., , ,. 1 " ijaj, 95114-'nf ?'Jt'li3i'V I V f N""M"' """""' ' ,' ,' 71, ,f..i " , lfwo liumirrd fifty-nine ,FS , ..,. , 1 e I we .f"':f'L5'T.':iiITS ' 519534-4:11 .'f' 4Lf"'LifiQ"-M' -f, E ' A ,jf il'-Eulll5l 2' ll M vi f fl X, X, 1' ' ,,, 1 w ,!,, i .Mm f Mil in -li-,N X .1 4 K: "K xf-' 45 . SSSS .S is S S ti Students! If you value economy, satisfaction, and style-Come to Us Never in the history of this store have we had a larger and better 3, ' selection of Spring Suits A Special 10535 a .gal Dress Shoes g Discount n I Shirts SC Hats I Y Y to Students l ,l-. SS SS .S - S SSS , Sana, ,S S E When You Wade Into Quality IS 0l1f Molto n Business Life you will n need Financial Boots The lowest of prices i ancl the highest l of Qualities will supply this need p s A Bank A ccount Q Come and pay cash l only puts the polish on and you get the I benefit l 4 w Both are necessary to n Success i i Peters P ark S Cash Grocery Education National Bank of Commerce . Fourth and Nebraska Sts. One Quality-The Best J C RENNISON CO CUT FLOWERS 1 ' ' ' AND PLANTS Florists l Store Sixth and Pierce Sts. iill.,Pil'13SS.'33ea Sioux City, Iowa SQ- H 5Y":Q2 LEW ' '25, if glilgvfxdill' p ' fig 1 ' J,lx3l,ilf:FE5g91g,55,.gri,dire,,w,HyQ.,J' l lx is S S -M S S ew in 1 y 1 ffwa hunrlrrd sixly ,, " " if ifla!l1A': I' 'X S A -. .... ',,..1 .,,, is ..,. ' . l i l 4 W Poor Nlay. On the day of the "NI" Carnival she didn't buy a tielc- et, so the mean, naughty "NI" boys put her in the stocks. They could have obtained several dollars more by charging a nickel admission to gaze upon the young lady. No this is not Annette Kellerman playing the part of a niernjaid in "A Daughter of the Gods." But to one of our seniors we suppose she is a daughter of the Gods. "All right lllauriee, we have no arguments." This picture was not taken in jerusalem, but in front of Sunshine Inn just before he went to see "Rosie" 'flimmie Harrington," just getting ready to give old Iii Yi. Nui Cod. I-wo h1llIiIl'l'4i sixly-mm 8 AUTI-HER STYLE SHoP Correct, Dress for Women S Sioux City's Most Appreciated Store' V " Good Coal" S ' and it "Lumber .of Quality" 4 ,Q- Q , -- JP .:4 an is I Service it Vuo, 1 .1 ' Edwards 8a Bradford Lbr. Co. l Retail Coal- Retail Lumber 1604 E F h sr' soo wg seventh FOUNDATIONS FoR SUCCESS - are laid in College The foundation for your Business Success will be your Savings Accou t Start One Today lowa State Savings Bank S. E. Cor. 41h and Jackson Sta. 13' . my 1 J l ifswa This is a page of Salubrities about Morningside. This is Bill getting Down. No, it isn't Vivian, but her little sister. See with what brotherly care he guides and helps her. i No, this is not Queen Liliuokalani, but lVIary Dolliver with her ukelele. Perhaps she is trying to quiet some of the many girls that stay there, as it is said that music will subdue the fierc- est heart. This picture was not run by re- quest. VVC don't know whether to name it, "The Days of Real Sport," "When a Fellow'Needs a Friend," or the "Powerful Katrinka." Here we see one of our salubrities, but, fellow students, what we want you to notice is that shadow. If you can guess who it is send in your an- swer to lllr. E. G. Stonebrook, and receive a liberal reward. The Days of '-l9. "Trapper" al- ways did have an innate tendency to investigate into the inner workings of the unknown and unknowable. Here we have him investigating the domicile of a pocket gopher. 4 l l I I I I l -I l lfwo hzmdrrd sixly-thru' ELMER BLOOD, President C. T. WESTCOTT, Manager Modern Equipment Private Ambulance Exclusive Parlors Westcott Undertaking Co. ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS 1 713 Pierce Street ! E F-v i 1 1 I Licensed Lady Embalmer - AUTO PHONES BELL PHONES 1 2076 sioux crrv, IOWA 426 1 2685 1112 5 WHERE TO SELL YOUR RANGERS Q , . . 5 Dont Overlook SIOUX Clty Market i This year when disposing of your RANGE CATTLE or SHEEP. 5 Have a firm with a reputation sell your stock. We also make a specialty of buying stock on orcler, and guarantee satisfaction on every car we buy. Write us or wire us at any time, ancl you will have prompt attention. RICE BROTHERS Live Stock Commission Merchants ! 1 1 STOCK YARDS SIOUX CITY, IOWA lfwo hxmdrcd sixty-four Z 3 1.3 .f 5 4, ifgfr, .irifiiffi fjY'.!i'w5i , .i'+U' rn:"lf'4 ' ' i "MH 5-L53 .,s,1- -iw' oy-,,1 , f- ' ,:,- . - x I 4,,',gl,,.'5i ' 1 fu- K l . 1 ,. . o i VW A .X .. ,,, , 4 'O-4'-is a..i-g.. --.-..w U, L - , f.. . .Z e - W ,..- ,...----W A s We run this person as a celebrity for two rea- sons. First, she was manager of the so-called basketball game between Yale and Harvard, and second, Cthis reason proves her good judgment more than any other possibly eouldj because she says the joke department of this Annual is very good. Yes, of course, Al posed for this picture. However, since it is this year instead of last, he could find his own book. Al is studying hard this year at that. Besides his resident work he is taking a correspondence course which 1'equires much reverie and dreaming. ' Where did you get those books, Lee? Did you forget to hand them to her when you said Good-bye or did you get them for the college librarian? You're supposed to be on the black- list there. .t t . - ' ,f, if if W N -es, 2, L. 41.17, ii L ls ' Sixty Minutes lf you realized how much easier it is to pr event aggravated forms of eye trouble than it is to relieve them, you would not neglect your eyes for a day. It will probably take less than an hour of your time to have us thoroughly examine your eyes and tell you howto relieve them, and it may save you from years of eye trouble. G1 19 Q ' I C 0 e ptzccz o. 406 Pierce Street Sioux City, Iowa v l 'H' .. ff., gi-.u.i. A i.:I,,Ll,,. ,, 1. arf. ft. -.,:f1ie.ii-. 1 51. ,,,,.,r,-,1s.,v-,t it , -if ,N Ag, .i o.,3.a, ,Y 151-5,1114 i5,,,..p,..2iff.--hy., 9,l.,',.V Y, s drift. 5 W. Hz .. r.g'5Q?,,c,f:'9' 54,3 ,53f,f'P-jx'-'?fj,3.l fs , T , Marc.-..f .. .. Y- , ' -'N R- 4-. .'fQ'-:Q..w"- ' P Q- l . Wei -HU!-, 'f bf f Xkxw 'v K Q-,i-, ' - ,-N.,-4,,.u,-v- -. ,.,, ,,, .wif zggefabiizvxi-M A - '-M'--W-'W ,Q . 1!'!Hi,.,.,,.U, l . , ff.. . lfwo hzuzdrvfl sixty We are the origginal "cut price" Dentists of Sioux City iiWf1e1z Latter fifvztrll work ix dam' you will fm! IU doing it. U NEW YORK DENTISTS 415 Fourth Street DOWN - WHERE i The College Drinks THE SENEY Chesterman's Beverages SHOE I SIGN sr-IINES Bauer Than Soda Founiain Drinks 419-2 1 Pierce Street Sioux City, Iowa 405 Pearl Sl. Sl0llX City, la. Auto Phone 1864 Iowa Phone 245 Paramount Ctiqnfeftiunerp Hutchinson's Retail4Bakery-Luncheonette French Pastry . l Luncheonette De Luxe SIOUX Cjlty, IOW21 I 1 1 lsixly- This picture received first prize in the atrocious contest. See the beauti- ful expression on her face as he whisp- ers sweet little syllables into her shell- like ear. Of course she is a senior, so we suppose this accounts for the pic- ture. This picture received second place in the atrocious contest. ',l'hey are a couple of our fair co-eds. The one above is a fair senior, a lady with lots of blond, curly hair. We are telling you all we know now so as not to be pestered with questions when the an- nual comes out. Here we have the princess Fred- erica a Dupont Von Appel and her gallant husband. Alas, his affections have been alienated and now he has his Knapp regularly. No, this is not Ruby. Neither was the picture run by request. l-lere we have Casey as he was in the days of yore when love was new, and fickle. Although his favorite stone is the Ruby, he has been known to buy dia- monds. fj3,li.v l . '- l l , 1 i . i i E 1 L i 1 V i i i , . i 1 I l l i 4 1 i 1 ? I l i I l . A . ! l l 1 l 1 N i l l I lfwo llizfnirrd xixly-.vrawz Koclalg Developing ana' Priniing of Pictures in this Annual by Us We guarantee you the best possible results from your negatives. Our department is complete and strictly modern in every particular. We are exclusive dealers in Kodaks and Kodak Supplies Zimmerman Bros. N228,Q2'jfj,'Q 215522 TAILORING Suits and Overcoats 9'Dl5.00 35l8.00 520.00 9522.00 Over 400 patterns to select from A Tailor for 24 Years Soliciis Your Paironage THE GUARANTEE TAILORSA Our Clothes Fit Better W. A. WORTH, Proprietor 404 Fourth St. fs ly ylt F, I l i I T 1 r i K l Donhas won two "lW's" since he has been in school and it is whispered that he has one RI. NI. also. You ask what the lady is doing. Well we'll explain. She wanted a toothpick so she just reached up and scratched his head. We think it was Shakespeare who said about Kay, "I-Ie loved not un- wisely, but too frequently." Charles Victor Payne, student and astronomer. His favorite poem is, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how It-----77 This picture like the editor of this annual is a graft. Signed, "Deak." The editor in order to keep peace and harmony within the staff had to promise to let this Writeup by, but we hope you don't believe a word of it. yi wh: :,. 't. 4-0-I i l 1 I ! l 1 5 ! a E 4 1 Q l l l l, , ll I ll li ll l l l x I I Q f I I l i 1 lfwo fIlHllfl'I'!f sixly-niln' il xi gl Greater value and more extras are given because 982 is manufac- tured in our own factory. ' See the EXTRA FEA TURES WATSONIAUTOMOBILE C0. Sth and Pierce SIOUX CITY, IOWA sloux cm stock YARDS See how the business is concluctecl at a large market S IUDEN TS will be given a cordial welcome at any time. Come and see the best all steel ancl concrete clouble deck hog house in the worlcl. Sioux City Stock Yards GALINSKY BROS. COMPANY OUR MOTTO PRICES-The Lowest QUALITY-The Highest GOODS-The Freshest SERVICE-The Promptest The House Where QUALITY Tens-PRICE Sells WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE lid ly Although Don is not a botany Hend he is very interested in Ferns. Here we have them abusing the silences of the Big Sioux River with their chat- ter and giggles. Since this Don has listened to the music of other lady's voices by his side. This is Hod and Cecil along the west bank of the Big Sioux. They are not in school this yea1', but a film of fussers would not seem complete with- out them. A monument in the back- ground would make them look more at home however. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may ob- serve before you the champion mid- dle distance fusser of the college. VVendell smiles in that regular go-to- wedding manner, which has fooled many girls before Gladys. VVC had to tree this couple before we could get their picture. She is teaching school this year. She ad- dressed a letter to her brother to Or- leans Avenue. Her brother lives on South Newton. Some explanation due here. Lloyd says that although he isn't playing cards he is holding some good hands. Lloyd was elected president of the Tennis Association three years ago and is still president. Reason, no meetings called. l ll l f 'V Y i l - l l l l i E i i 1 l i l 1 lfwo llzmdrrd srfvrnty-on: THE BEST STORE TO BUY Ladies' Ready-to-Wear I " P ' 9 504 Fourth Sweet 5 Sioux City, Iowa , 70. Story: For Thrifty Xvolqoznn , 504'4Ib.SI. "' Sioux C'ify,fQwu SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS Chimgo, Ills. South St. Jomph, Mo. Dwwmg Colo. Q Cify, Mo. South Sf. Paul, flffiml. South Omalm, Mfh. 4 fins! lgllvfilh, N. Y. Fort Worth, nav. Earl' Sf. Louis, Iflx. Q El Paso, Tfx. I K I I i i lap, uhinsnn u. i Live Sfoch Commzlvdoh I E 2 Sioux Czrv, Iofwcz I 1 I Q A ,-, , ,7,,,,,,7,,i , A ,,,, , .g.. . .. . T, 1 I , i W , ,, ,,,,., ,.., , . ,, S. ,ii ,W .. ., ,W . Wi, I Gas for Fuel and Heat I Electricity for Light and Power Sioux City Gas 8: Electric Co. I uo hundrml .wfvzvzly-lfwo YOUR NEXT STEP On your money ladder is within your reach. Will it be upward or down? Each time you spend---spend wisely or spend not at all. Sums i you deposit at the First National are always safe and ready at your command---and meanwhile are earning compound interest. Watch i your step. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE NATIONAL BANK FOR SAVINGS l Open Saturday Evenings---7 to 9 o'cloclc I I!!! 4 ' v Dis suns A .l Zi ' lS DE BHIT - -j' ' H f :I U filgxl ' v2 J 1 ww 'I T' 4 A ' W affjr-,,' X " ' awry-g1fi,'i'f:' me A X X 7' iff!!! 1 Z ,4 w tfwo lIllIldl'1'li srfvflrly-ilu plus: i 74 GRACELAND PARK CEMETERY PERPETUAL CARE E.. C. PETERS, President A. T. BENNETT, Vice-President E A T S of The Right Kind at Young Men's Christian Association ' CAFETERIA 7 ROYAL JEWELRY co. l Cor. 4th and Neb. ROYAIJ "The Store that puts High Grade jewelry" within the reach of all the people TRY US HICKS---FULLER---PIERSON C0. Wholesale Dry Goods Sell fo Merchants Only Ask retail clealers to show you our "Merit Make" and " Wesllandii Lines of Furnishing Goods A HANSEN GLASS AND PAINT COMPANY 504-506-508-5l0 Douglas Street Glass, Paints, Oils, Varnishes Manufacturers of MIRRORS, BEVELED TABLE and DESK TOPS I-wo hundred smzenly-four ln . V 1 l ffxis- if c.W,-.,-.. - c.-c,c ..,. cm, ..., M., .W,., M-, .,.4, . vw 3 V W X ti X w ls, X 'Th We don't know who this fellow is, 'Q' but he looks happy anyway. We wonder why a state school appeals to him more than a denominational school. Lida told us that no one f had this picture but herself, but she Q. surely must have been mistaken. 1 Bing! ' me This is another case of highschool g affairs being carried into college. But if brace up Fish. Take it like a man. 1 'Twas ever thus. l - l , 5 Stoney's favorite subject for A 1 N 4 themes in English is "The lVIodern W f Co-ed," so that both Professor Hayes W .1 and She know what his idea of an i Y ideal woman is. ? 1 This picture run by Spec's request. 3 He can throw more concentrated fuss- V A ing into a square inch than any other man in school. We suppose he will t have another girl by the time this is 5 published, but then we are not going 1 to attempt to- keep up to his pace. . Hugh is very good at doing person- al work. This is one pictu1'e showing a failure however, for she has not re- turned to school this year. Brace up, Hugh. v ...rg ' 1 i ,. x 1 f ' lfwo llumlrmi .rffvflzly-ffvrf W 3 D. 6: M. Sporting Goods Are used by all leading players If you don't think so ask WALTER JOHWSCN The World'a Greatest Pitcher Louisville "Slugger" Bats SL00 HUNT 8: SCHUETZ 4th and Pearl B. H. SILVER Full Line in following Departments Grocery Depit Meat Dep't Dry Goods Dep'i Shoe and Rubber Dep't HGI'dD2GfC Dep'l Paint Dep'l Feed and Fuel Dep't All goods sold at prices to meet city competition Please Don'l Forge! Our Numbers 4 Phones. Iowa 670 and 671 Aulo 6912 and 69ll 4lO2-4-6-8 Morningside Ave. ' Residence Phone 6268 Shop Phone 6306 Res. Phone No. 42l7 Morningside Ave All Work Guaranleed Harlley L. Larson Successor lo Piper 6 Larson Plumbing and Healing 20l2 St. Aubin Avenue M O R N l N G SID E lu: drrl smuvzly-.fix SUPERIGR LUMBER CO. MORNINGSIDE "The Big W hite Shed" Old Phone 1995 Auto 6I22 l i g al f Al l X ' A WMNM mvw.. XVINNIERS POPULARITY CON'l'I5S'1' A ':,' P 7 . . E55 K7 17 . f N-E i s -4 l - 41, 4-df? .A- lfLSNHTH M01'nz'ngsz'de 's Real Estate Dealer Properties of All Kinds Rented or Sold OHL ,t T Oflice Phone 6136 Peteri 'l9ark Residence Phone 6657 Ladies, here is the champion heavy- weight fusser of the college. In the library Cbefore kicked outj, in the corridors, or on the campus, Ions is equally at home if his Sue is by his side. "Jimmie Hayes and bliss Brand." As such they will always be remem- bered by lVIorningside students, in- stead of Dr. and Mrs. Hayes. In this picture, however, Professor Hayes is not sitting on that dining room chair. Kernel Fouke, commissioned while on Glee Club tour, is he1'e seen p1'0- faning the silence of Stone Park with his clownish foolishness. C.A,HOLLENBECK Ywhf Shop Floor - Frances Building Auto Phone 25655 ,9 abs Nl ,K try ,N- . wi -1 "' A Hia 'Ili Q. "7 '. . 4f',.-1 m.7'f5"'1Q4ir -1 'Sm SIOUX CITY, IOWA -H ,, , 41. Nt bg 4' -h .,.?,:,,X -E ?Q,lm'f:Q5 Q35 'N-f" X "wr, QSNM Wk' 'HH Q GTX 6 ' . A in it vw, l wow -X. f thi 'I N M lx Q5 X r' .h 'Iii 44 -Vi .fy U I X 25 df if IMI, if 'Eff'-Q X le' EJ E ul 'Whig-'l'3A"7--i1i'a'i.'4-l.if'ifi' If-wo hundred scfoezzly-.fervcn V Q34 -l i 'Jim 1 vhihikqligjxravii-J ,, i 4,3 51" , ,4 -afar.- x an A: Q,-4 lliiirfisf: I K -4,K,.,E-, - ,f y ht, ii 5 ,L-V "iv ' yer N .' Q 1' ny . ,ll ,-ef' -I :eh L2 -DQAJA1 ,M iii, iff.. 3- Wy HJ " ' , fiat. ,A ,Vg , .1 . 4 V, .. V Nr. , MK ,, ,Q R" ' " '- - r-4' , "-'bt'-x A V -'-' Us Xu' 'Jin f f YJ: 'r. ' . 2-f'. W ' ph, ffwxix ..,,. ,. , , t i , . mwiiiiwxuvxiui-his. , if . . . . , L,. .. ,, X 1 U W ill," ll W w fn i .I 4 4' ' A ' ' lW N X' Pl' films-ffv ' A n.u.....ui.n h....i....,' f 1 - T 0 Q' ff. X ,l -., --', ' 5 , :J 3:15 L ""f:l, - ' I '-J. QA4- lffiiw- f , ' , ww5 I If ff f'H'qN I 'S 'X , ,f " ' 'XA k - 1, wt y . ,.,. 1 . Q fu fig. E3 I-'ann-my , ....,. , , Ten Per Gem' Dzlveozmt 10 Sfucfems and Fezcuffy I. W. DUN FORD Retail Store, 418 Fifth Street Auto Phone'4212 Iowa Phone 930 FLOR IST Qzzanzzlv Qmzlzky Serfvzee N'URSERTMAN LANDSCAPE GARDENER DID YOU EVER EAT AT reps Cafe Try Us Once - We'll Risk the Rest Lunches and Mealy for Everyone I A. M. PROPS, Mgr. 411 Fourth Street THE CHAIN STGRES Chezzh No. I - Corner 4th and Court Chezzh No. 2 - 403 4th Street Chain No. 3 - 607 Pierce Street THE STORESC TTVI?'Hdif1 REPUTATION . . . I ' lfwa hundred Jl"'Ul'7l , :'I"':fq.Eg1,:J.'514.v1z".gr! .5-1,55 :- -- - . ,. Ap .,,,, - f---- ' :H ' N QF' '9 y 1 M" ' ' ' ,T-jx T ' . V' F '. , .T X I fx , .."r 'Q fl Q ae I f 1 1 . 45.4 ,, .5 VXA .3 Il A Mg ty-fzgbt " " ,G ' ..... .. ...M-........... . 1-. . ..-.t -V 4, f Q--.1 Here is our Y. lW. president look- ing out over the Missouri River. VVe had hard work to persuade them to let us take this picture, that is we had a hard time finding it. We can't tell what she is thinking about. It is never cloudy to Hildred, al- ways Fair. But the football captain- elect appears upon the scene, the plot thickens. But what can 1nen expect of fickle co-ed. Shoey, we didn't think it of you. An ex-champion fusser, who had the fine art of kidding the fairer sex up to l0O per cent efficiency, to at last give all his valuable time to one lady. Eagle Grove High School is re- sponsible for this, so don't blame it on Morningside College. The first date this couple had dates back farther than any other couple in school. David says, "Daisies won't tell." It's too bad she isn't in school this year. We clon't see how he can Barrett. . . wi., Q. -M ' 'K .dw Pl .x ,. V f f , ,,. 1' -f Zlgin iiallfifgfi do 7""'71,Q5'-I if i Xlxff-535 lfiulli 742- iExi"?m'ii' 41' fi "4 .ik xl. Mfr . E Q' if El ! I as X , .cf . .1181 W iv ' '5,v,',x.x -1 , ii aw- - ii.-lH63'i2?:i' V.. . . ' H 'i9:'1G,+ it J . 54,1 ,t-:,: 3: , s v :qu 1: , ,rn 4 'M-?5f"." 'F ,. x h I "'.fLL' ' 'Q E' Q ,- ' i . 'Lff 1 ',gk'1vRQ, fr viffr. bf"'f'f'il-I--YEQ -r -'e"'f' " """""M""""'em 4" N" l .,'if""-514 , "Ui . ' 1 . 1 'CM-ix 'Q - I fWv,,,,,'g V Qf if . 'M " "U " ll- ' -'nz it y lfwo llundrnl'sz'-willy-111111v 1f'W'if.i2.L,j.'4.fTQ. ,l , . ' 'rm-. .. - C 'x r li-I tt 1 1 , t ,!, ,z,,x, ,X, ,F ,x, ,!, ,z, ,!,,x, ,:, ,!, ,z, ,:,-4, ,!. ,XQ ,xg sz. sp 0:01449 oxqvxq ala vin 'xo vxo ofa vze axe ala ofa-Q4 'Xa vlo ofa vin vxoxe '14 :Xe oxolo 414 vxo 9:4 414 vzo vxovxo 'xo oxesxo axe 'Xe axe 014 +14 'Q' 44 4 3 9 ' E31 SIOUX CITY S LEADING FLORISTS ,iz FRESH CUT FLOWERS - All kinds ol lloral emhlems made up by us. S: If: We know how. American Beauties. Roses and Carnations always'on hand. ,E, jj Positively the linest and largest display in town. Our prices are right. :ij 5 v'4 Jo 53 ROCKLIN at LEHMAN Zi: Q, sloux cn-v's i.EAmNs Pi.oRls-rs +5- I ' 7,9 - 131 NEW STORE: 402 Fourth Street, one ol the Finest in the West :iz 'YQ 3 Au-ro ease BELL. an: .4. 'UQ ,, I . ' Y 1314.4.4..g..1..g..g..g..g..g..1..g..1..1.4..g..g.401-4-fx.444-rx.-x'-9-1+-10:01.'wx--:wx--z--:Q4--x-+4-'zur--x-fx+-x-fx'-x--:-fx--:-fx'-rf-z+fz--x-4+-x--xv? .?,g..g..g.,g..g..3..g.,g.4.q..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..g..1..g..1..1..g-sxqfxtg 5:44-I+f!4'!4'!4-X444-24'X4-X02-'X4'!4'!4'!"X"!+'!4'X"!''X+'X4'!+'X"!4'X"!'? ff 1 C I o'+ Jo " 3 IJlXYfEEPlF'CJfQ1r 5 A A Q' v ' J E22 CLEANING WORKS MORNINGSIDE 5 v in 3, , ge Q44 4 616 Pierce Street 4 ' 31 535 BAKERY in jg FANCY DYERS and DRY FLEANERS Q, ,it Q. 12' All Work done in our own :ij :ij Iii sf: . Establishment Ig: G d l.t UNDER PERSONAL SUPERVISION 5, 00 S of .Qycl ly . . :ij Phone and our Car will call ,if :ff E21 oo o'4 4 :E.g..9.g..g..g.q..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g.q.g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..f. fi-X4fX4'!4'X444'X4'!4'X+'X4'X4'Z4'X4'X4'X4'Z4'X4'X444'X4'X+'X"X4'X"X4'!4'!4'!"f4 +5+'X4'X4'!4'!4'!''!"X4'X"X4'!4'!4't4'!'4''X4'X"!4'X4'!4'X"X"!+'X"!4'!"!4'!4'? 24''WX''X"X"X"!"!''X"!"X"!"!''!"X"!"X"!"X"X'?'X"X"X"!"F'1"Z oo " ' 3 3 34 L. G. DIERKING 4'- +4 V. A. SWAN, Pill- A. I- ANDERSON, TRIAI- 4 5 1 g 2 Z CASH MEA1'MARKET Z ' v . . ,V vo ' 5: SWAN-ANDERSON Co. 5: Q, The Place ol Quality and Right Prices I? 4. UNC 3 Q. 34 PETERS PARK 3: v ' 4 Q..g..g..g..g..g.,g..g.,g..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..309.g..1..g..g..g..g.,g..1.,g..g..i .f. DRY GOODS Q. ' ss. 3: If'X"!"!"X"!"X''X''VX''!"X"!"!''X"X"X"X"X"+"!"X"X"!"X"I''X"Y"X' +04 3 ' FURNISHINGS .ez 3: RAPID SHOE REPAIR Q + 3 SHOP - 'Q' . . J 3 323 Auto Phone 1882 Sioux City, lowa ,gi ,gi Peters Park MORNINGSIDE +4 4+ Q :i:'X"X''X"X"X"F'X"X"X"X'401''!"X"X"X"X"X''X"X"!"X"X"X"!"!"!"i' 301''X"!"!"X"X+'X4'!"!+'X4'X+'X4'!4'X+'!"X"X4'X4'X4'X+'!+-X+'Z4f!+'X4-X4-I-'24 :F ofa 4024 Q14 up +14 oxovxo oz. '24 ,Xa-14 4024 44 4101014 44 40101. 'Ing 'Xe ox: 44? rg PX' 4444 024 vX4 914444464 vb OX4 v14vX4 4024014 4444 4'0X4'X4 P!95x4 -X4 Q14 -X4 clog: .Q Q 0.4 Q Jo 34- Jo 3 3 3,3 HIGH cos'r OF LIVING 3,3 gm- YOUR Og 1 Eliminated il you Eat at jj :E 5: 4, Q. GRocERlEs AND MEA'rs 'E' THE PARK RESTAURANT 3: I? ft. 99 Q 9 . 3 ' 3 ? Two Doors South of Peters Park Station fi: :ff 31 4 oo J4- fj Commutation Tickets Good lor Meals or fl: jg: THE M 84 B Co' '22 fi' Lunches sold at liberal discount 54 -2+ 3+ Y Y "' '3' 'X' 1421 M s AVE '3' 1:1 s'ruDEN1' HELP 131 jg ' ' ' 1:2 vie do +I. via +afx0x-f:-'xf-x-'rf-x'-1'-z+-:0x0x--x--zf+:+-x0x-'x++x-'xf-xv:--x+-x-fx--x--:fav tfwo hundrrrl zrigllly vzoxovfoxooXooX4vXoX4vX0!4oXooXoIoX0!o vxoxo rXoXoX4vX4oXo4X4vXoXoX0Xn 402 ,th Y " A x , 4 Q' . I 4.1, 1 ul' X ,tu Q ,,, 1 i ,. ,1, . V P 2 1 l "T -1, ... -.. vi f I ..-ff.- .A rj' "-'jfx " -.1 ,I 'L x 1,141.- Jim, on his way to see "her." Note the melancholy air, with which he proceeds to his fate. Jim says "Only two more blocks and then---" See how guilty this pair look. They are the misfits of the picture above. Cupic isn't in school this year. VVC don't know whether this is the rea- son or not. The gentleman in this picture has that pessimistic, getting married, never-do-it-again look, but his fate has already been sealed. "And when he became a man he put away child- ish things and took up a-. See page 213. Shh! Quiet! We mustn't disturb these two infatuated individuals, nestled in armorous juxtaposition. But, don't worry, they'll get over it. The lady in the picture is the cap- tain of this good ship. Ruth says he minds the helm pretty well too. ...,x,,,,,1, .xv .-y YV PN NV mv ,M 1 ff,. 1 X4 1' 1 1 K X , ' . "' V r,..- '- " -" I ' ,, tt, X ,,' 5 't'f,i:llA5 MLS., ,, 3, - W, o if . ff' -w e rw, 'f V1 'VQ' ie.. ii.. -....:,g,,, 1- no t ff. :Ui Q it -.1 A- --hi M .nw .-t,..m.m,. 'lx 43 -::"" .1 .- 1",1'r.4g":,j,f -Y 4..- n .+V ':ii1i1'i?i2,: 7 Au-'h'n.n- 4... tiff we t' -.V -g.....w eE L Y QF i3'i7g,,xg.-:.s.. v rflgxgiixng' Flfr- X, Rf i .L 1,12 i E setgrwstlrr' i rel Q l v lfwo hundred cighly-one - 5' .NX ,bfi '-If-ill . Q 5:1 ,L-Rip T, I qgv: f- v17.4,,,4v.Uo. .Lg jf-2--.ff?7,.,.1.,e3i'F' 4. 11.22121 , I3 V lk ' , ,. s was I V l lj i eff, . Q' A 'lvl-i x ,V fit :QV ll N l l Q ll li ll ' . llll .fffrr ilu' Wfrzr Ur' ljrepmwzl fo do Your Share in the Great Imlusirial Re-orgmzizfztion l ll Thai If Cerinin to Tnlw' Place. ll. ' Iillllfllfiflll is noi Il Luxury, It fx Il Neressiiy. , Preparz' f 0 1' Lead wxvli i fr. VVHY GO TO COl.I.l'fCiIC? E It heightens the ideals and gives direction to the ambitions. It increases efiiciency and earning ability. It develops mental mastery and t1'ains the mental processes. W It helps you find your place in the professions. It develops all that is best and worth preserving in you. It widens your circle of friendships. It trains for the most useful citizenship. It opens the door of opportunity. 'WHY CHOOSIC MORNINGSIDIS? Here only the highest standards of scholarship and morality prevail. It has a splendid college atmosphere. It -has many graduates of distinction. It is not conducted for the purpose of making money. All that a student pays in and much more goes back into his education. Its social life is exceptionally free from objectionable features. It has a fine enthusiasm for clean and legitimate sports. It has one of the best equipped gymnasiums in the state. It has a faculty especially strong in schola1'ship, having been trained in the lead- ing universities of Europe and America. The teaching is done by experi- enced professors, not by tutors and instructors without experience. Its buildings are all fireproof and equipped with thoroughly modern appoint- ments and conveniences. Thorough practical instruction is offered at a cost as low as is consistent with high quality. Scholarships are offered to worthy and meritorious students. It welcomes to these mivileges the worthy of all ranks with equal rights and opportunities to all. The fall term opens September eleventh. Address communications to: 'President ALFRED E. CRAIG, Ph. D., D. D., lllorningside College, . Sioux City, Iowa. V .l- fl' ,. . i 1 , 5:-W my ' . if I x' 'W ,-,:,rlS'Qf?iatf::s.Em+sz4ge.V: --f , .x,-t-...ul L - ,K .7 - - f A - J.,-fre-ii,-55 I w gy , ,. 5 . .,.,ff"' 'L . v 1 ' ifwo hundrrd fzghly-tfwo ' , ' " ke! ,ff X 3 ."" N -'1-.V-'JJ i 'fx l I ' 4,1 5, yll .-1 P i 1 X l . ,::1 . A 'fsifefl . ,WZ v ff 9 i X534 f s I x i X, 4 Ii . si l Cy and Frances. Cy is a fusser of the first magnitude. What happened to your South Dakota Romance, Cy? She seems to be in a hurry to get away. VVe would too if we were with him. This is Walker in his characteris- tic position. Of course, the ladies are just freshmen, so that accounts for it. They'll know better by the time they are senio1's. You're a fine guy, Stiles.. Why aren't you carrying her books. Lucky thing for you that Hartley never heard of this or you would be under the care of the Red C1'oss Association. THANKS i To the engravers and photographers for taking the pictures of people and making l them good-looking-4people who were-well, otherwise. L To the Student Body for its many suggestions as to how the Sioux '18 might he made mi-active,-Several,days after it has been printed. To the Senior Class who have made possible a joke section. , 1 ' .M " .I 5 1 -. .'.,',f,g 35 rtWs'Lg5 ,ey "1 'Y 4,- x- QN Kqg 3' , .W i in f M 11 NRQX N i V 4 if ' , LD V mix if Ml 'Ili' ii N" ti 1 EJ l 1 i fSlfQ"a, .. .N gfg, ,.-, '. 'L " fi-41 RL. N1 5 I A .. ,xll:g5y'W6 :fSxfQx s 'xiii-5 Y , .Qi ,fZ"'.'lx-1 , WWW X - . ,,:21T. 1'11I,1E'l" N ' lR5'tf?l"'i"'l"mf'5 ifwo lnuzdrcd ezghly-three , .L , ,. .,-HIM Aim ,T ni -Ml lb- . HQ' .3 il , 6 I 1 - g4'. 'V ' S 5 ' ' V- 73,-. - ' "'f. P . s .pf-'1i"" i 351 if QQ w'f'1'-gui qvnlf fiflxx ' XA- W 61' -l f fr M 1 ll P,-N, s sr. 1 A .- of. - " ' ff I -. 4 M. :'..', . A ML . ,Q y MM '. . I K, , r, , r x - . h all ' H ' 1 fl 4 6 i 'K X mu xum. l l X. A I I li .. - , ... U:-' .i I aww- ya-"ne ,C J t , ' MJ ddg ILLUSTRATIONS I I Z1 2 I I 1hs.e:.!?!s E2 71-QVC-'J bl b T IXG CAN TQN ENCRAVINC 8 ELIZGTROTYFE C OMPAN .Y GQH ege EIUQTEXVGIU7 CANTON, 01-110. 354 awww . .xk. Q, .atm "1rf,.L,,, WIr"qv5,.V N , ilvi ,N 1 W F iffy, -f - , ' WEMYQP' " L A ,nu-,QM . ,.,- Experienc : Qume Zlnnuals we iBrinteh 8: ifinunh last fear 8: whiz ZENTTII: Simpson Col- lege, Indianola, Ia. PELICAN: Central Col- lege, Pella, Ia. PILOT: Western Union College, Le Mars, Ia. QUILL: l4'airfleld, Ia., lliyrli School SCREECH: Albia, Ia., lligh School PATEE: llat Springs, S. Dak., Iligh Sehnol PERUVIAN: Peru State Normal, Peru, Nehr. PICIRA: Parsons Col- lege, Fairfield, Ia. RIYDDTCR: Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Ia. SIOUX: Morningside Col- lege, Sioux City, Ia. ROYAL PURPLE: Cor- nell College, Mt. Vernon BOMB: Iowa State Col- lege, Ames, Ia. TUMBLFIYVEED: Dakota Wesleyan, Mitchell, S.D. CR,0AKl'iRZ Iawn XVOs- leyan, Mt. Pleasant, Ia. QUAKER: Penn College, Oskaloosa, Ta. ACORN: Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Ia. CA RIJINA li: Leander Clark Col.. Toledo, la. YVEB: Ellsworth College, Tnwa Falls, Ia. ANEMONE: Dakota Nor- mal. Madison, S. Dak. CI-l'ARl'1'ONTAN: Chari- ton, la., High School TOMAHAWK: Iowa City lli fl S lonl Ll ci NARVA: Park College, Parkville, Mo. PIONEER: Platteville State Normal, Wis. SCROLL: Boone, Ia., High School ALBAQUIC ORANGIA' Dexter, Ia., High Schoo IILAST: Benton, Ia., lligrh School i BOOSTER: Sevmonr, Io., High School SANDPIPICR: Clarkston, Wash., High School OKIHE: Yanktnn Col- lege, Yankton. S. Dak. OS'I'EOTlTiAS'1': Kirks- ville, Mo. The getting of experience 1S usually very expensive to all parties concerned IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIHHHIIIWIlllmillllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIllmlmmmlmlilillllllililIMMIHIHMIUIIilllllllllllllllllllill F YOU WANT YOUR AN- NUAL PRINTED AND bound the Way you want it and when you want it, the logical thing to do is to place your order where you feel at ease about it being properly taken care of. Editors, managers and others who have to do with the making of an- nuals have their time fully occupied without the anxieties and perplexi- ties that come because of placing their order in the hands of inex- perienced annual builders. We are annual specialists. You can place your order with us with full confidence that you will get a high-class book. 115135 Iiu Brass Df11ff1df1b171'fy iowa CITY, low A two lumdud rzghty we pn .. H, . Q .ISF xx- Ljilggf ff-:G ?n..cfHtj1.Q3', Z avr, A- rw ' Eu " Q' ' El i'lf',' iffy!! , V C' A ill ' U I lg N I y Auo 1731 Fit' L and Pierge ., gli lg ' A L'EO,3,xYQ,LNCH t J. E. DE WALTt A fi-li V DENTIS1' l ll 3l5-3l6 Frances Building 4 I I suite 605.606 low., Building sxoux CITY, IOWA ai? I ' it PLAZA PHIL LANDRY I Sioux City's Finest Theatre Importing Tailor Pipe Organ and Selected Photoplays lgwa Buifding A Sth and Pierce Sta. D R J A B L I S S F. W. SARGENT A. C. STRONG T. STRUBLE 1 DFNTIST I SARGENT, STRONG 8: STRUBIII Auto Phone 85686 . ATTORNEYS Q V Suite 615-6I6 Frances Building. Sth and Pierce Sta. ' , , SIOUX CI I Y' IOWA 202-206 Iowa Building C. E. WESTWOOHD ' J- W' HUBBARD DENTIST Attorney 'and Counsellor at-Law N Auto Phone 3785 327 Davidson Building 605 France! Bldg. - - Sioux City, Iowa 6th and Pierce Sts. SIOUX CITY, IOWA JOHNSON BROTHERS I LAND CO. 602 Pierce St. Improved Farms and Mortgages snuu. Glu., SAMMIS. sl smwlu. ' . Attorneys 400-4lB Iowa Building A. ,Iohn R. Carter H. W. Brackney Homer B. Carter I CARTER, BRACKNEY 8: CARTER ' Attorneys at Law Suite 707-703-709, Security Bank Bldg. Phones, Auto I522, Bell I065 ' Sioux City, Iowa KASS BROS.. LAWYERS Roonis 302-305' Iowa Building H. R. DEALY w. s. GILMAN ' City Property---Farms Real Estate' . Investments ' 604 IOWA BUILDING 611 Pierce Street I Established I870 J. A. 8: O. S.,DEAN. Real Estate I 308 Davidson Building GAYNOR LUMBER CO. Wholesale Lumber 601.602 United Bank Building Ifwo Qundrrd figlfly-.fix X K2 Wx Il 6 I I - -., If-...,,,., ' ' j. 2 I I lg ' .I - -I Q I wx s 414 .', L b , is., . 1 A ."4 N" i ' 1 . . "Q1QLZ'- - -it. . ' l ".SfL'2- Jil, Q, V Q ' vi. X 4 I I figjlatfi' V.: I' '. 96 lv-J A4 1 ,-,,. , , ' 'N '14 li' 'yi X X :Kahn QNX, ,Az,,1,g 1 ,,.- 41, I 4 V . , ,- 1,1 . I I I fin I XI 1 -. ., 'at gy I ' , l. . lf, ff ,Y . 'S W- 1.,,,:. ..... J ., -1-all-1 AWP' A El - . ' Introduction , Staff ............ 1 Book Index A g . Page 4 .... . 5 Foreword ........ T ..... r I Acknowledgements Order of Books ....... ..... Dedication .................. ..... 8 6 , Book I. The College. ' Campus V H Main Hall .... ..... l 1 Gymnasium .... '. ..... 13 "Conservatory .' ...... ..... 1 5 Grace Church ................ ..... E 17 1 The 'President's Home ...... ..... 1 9 A Poems i N Q 1 i A Alina Mater ..................... l..i. 10 G e n e s i s of! Morningside Spirit-' ............ Q ..................... 12 1 Morningside' ............ ,L ........... .16 , I A Toast to the -Morningside , ' - Squaw ....... i ......................... 18 A . 2 I Faculty ............. 5 ....... ..... Board of Trustees Book II. . Classes Seniors ' .. .......... .. Juniors ........ ' 'Sophomores .... . A 'Freshmen 3 .... .. ,Departments ..1.Q. Music Expression' . - Academy . 28 29 65 69 1 .... 75 Book IIl,' Activities. . ,Athletics - ' ' Men's Athletics Q - Football ........ 1. 79 ,' Baseball 1 ................... 7 .............' 93 V . V Track'...L .... Q ....... Q ..,... 4 .........,.. .1 97 Flf,g4'F' . 5 . Inv-1,111 5 H' J ' Basketball N5 w Q1 .lui '11 14 Q 0- ffgfstl' 5,552 'TI tion 1 Meet 1 .... 1104 - 107. 13131 f was -Prizm +1 3 , lg , 1 . 4: I ' ' - D A . .1., ............. ... ..... L .... .I , 1' .. .- Lux, - -.1-1, . . ' , s -w"5- , --4, -. .1 .vi 11 X QX1- 1.51.-1 1, . Q , 1 r.:.s' - . ' . - ' 'arg-an -, , 1 -1115 1, 1 - fir.--51111 'fa' '4i"1?'4f f"1'i591-f.L.f,'1 -' 11 1 3 3 ... gf ! 1 1',5"ZfU4Z-..ff QLf.Q.,, 1-zyffkaf ffjynfgll, 1 wgfhrtl. 1 . w1110W...a.,.1' ' ,X 'f it ' .3,- 1--P , -, " x' w W 1 - - 1 wh- , ff. ,, -f 5 e u 1- Lt-nw...--1 L. 5 :-. .-- " W---1 ' . - - ' Y- 1 "' 3 f., 1,1,.,vT:I5.- h Li, V h I4 rj , , , ,--v---. --My . ,- .-.-. - 1--, I' - l Northwest Iowa Basketball Tournament X ........ . .......... Gym ..........,...... .... Q ' Tennis ................,, .,..,.,, VVomen,'s Athletics ..... ........ Book' III1. Com. Forensics - , Inter-Collegiate Oratory .......... 'Inter-Collegiate. Debate ............ I Inter4Society Debates ......... . - Gold bled-al Series Debates ...... Dramatics , ' 1 E Arona Declamatory Contest I Othonian' Public ..................... Senior Class Play ..... H ...... . Zetalethean Public ...... ....... Pierian Public .1 ...... Expression Plays ....... ....... 'German Class Play ...... ....... Music A 4 Men's- Glee Club ....... ..... . 'Mad rigal Club ............ ....... Grace Church Choir ....... ........ 'Band ......... 1 .................. ....... Orchestra, ........ , ........ 'Book IV. Societies' V Col-lege Societies Philomathean ....... 3 Athenaeum ...., Ionian ......... Q ....... Pierian ........ ,,,,,,, Athenaeum ..... ....... Othonian ..... ' ....... ' Zetalethehan ....... A Academy Societies 1 Adelphian ........ ,.,,,,, Aesthesian ,,,,,. , H Hawkeye, g Crescent .... ,. ,.,,,,, 1049 110 110 111 119 120 122 126 131 132 133 134 135 136 138 141 142 143 145 146 148 150 154 156 150 160 162 166 167 168 169 1 gf-v1,f-,,f ' 3- 255259- Qgysfff .isi ff?--1 ' .1 if 117:52 ., rl- if N-ara' rwktg' 1 was 1151111 X xyxxtt, . tfnfll MX 3 001' me-011,11 1 'Q Ill' . 1 . 111 ,W . 11 155,113 11 ie! 5104, ' t, 1 1 1 . 1 I in , 1100 hundrril righty-.rrwn ,gm 1 Book V. Organizations General Stuclent Body ............. ......... Student Council ....... ....-...- Agora Club .................... ........- Naboklis Club .......................... Girls' Inter-society Committee.. Forensic League ............ ......... Pi Kappa Delta ..... If Y, 111 Club ............. ......... Teutonia Club ....... ......... Chemistry Club ..... ......... Religious Organizations V Y. M. e. A. ......., ....... . . 1 Y. VV. L. A. ........ ........ . Volunteer Band' ..... ......... Prohibition League ..... ......... Publications Collegian Reporter ..... 172 173 17-1 175 176 177 178 179 180 180 182 183 184 184 186 r 1 . lhe Sioux ................- ------- 1 87 Booster Organizations Alumni Association 1NIorningsicle Clubs Book VI. Student Life . ....... 190 .......191 Calendar Nlonument Day ....... ....... 1 94 111 ay Fete ............. ....... 1 95 Connnencement ....... ....... 1 98 1VIen's Banquet ........ XVOIIICIIYS Banquet .. . ,.,,... 199 .......200 "NIH Blinstrels ....... ....... 2 01 Jokes The Squirrel Dodger 1X'Iisce1lancous ....... Humorous 'Poems Snaps Frolics of the Sioux I-'wo lzundrrd figlzly-r'igLl .. ....... 203 ,......207 .......217 . ....... 223 y 2 Z' Z Z 2

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