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5uw4mMuM. qlnwm-Mmm XHLMLM , Qocllmik noi ' V01 MmQmm..fKMg11 Wzami +01 UubAi1E2L, 4 Ayn, N ive ,ion Hu woq, . Cg.', juz. , .FU .Il ulrowu , vx+4uun,q, fwruzhrllxrr Mvtw. . . 3 'Um X X Wfnkw QQQMWQQ I X A f V f 1 is xi gs W S S .is X' ,..... ..., ,..... ,...., .... ...... ..-1 .-.... ,,.... ,...-. .... ,..... ,..... ,..... gpuwgg,....fSgu...vEa,....0gp....1ggn..4ggs....Aga...Agu....J5+-naggp-..fEin-...gin-...v33ao...-H ,...-. Quang ,...-. gnnqg 'xx ,... .. g,....A ,,..-. 39.0.3 4...- 3.9-.JE ,...-. 'K' I : x x Qt, ' : : x X x Q , ' ' 1 1 . Y' i : fi x . . is 5 1 5 N 5 X x X X XX Q X x NS x S Q 5 Q EQ Q 3 III!!IIMZZIMIIIHZIIKZ10111282IMIIBEIHCIIMIIIMZI!l!II!6!ZI!l!ZI!l!ZI!l!2I!l!ZI!I1ZIll!ZI!llII!l!ZZ!4lZI!l!IIIMZIIMZ n ov H ',?.jQf-'- 2. ffl E r 3' . f., 5 .... ,- ' 'fgvfw Q P4 g tg. , J vi ' 22:11 ,.g F11 56,0 E U' O - E ,. .... 2 Z s .. 5 Pi f 'fmfw 2439 H E , , 5.5 ....., , Q, E gint, 0: ,..... Q?GfQQw gm 'Q ,je ww' 5-g E' a xxx' o cn - '-' 1::::Z' to , E ....., ...... ..... . . .. ?Z:m:rzm:m::n :mt mmm: f9,,5::5'N' " QQGEWQE A M , 4: uf- ' ' 1 mi g v kwa Qwx MORLEY CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL Morley, Iowa Morley Tigers X ff'-X P12 1? Q53 W Q Q N ,N T? fig? M 'Q' .EAN YN .-- Xl 551' 'oi m,m , fxk 9 fw, 'S X l1 r.-4-4 N mu .v 5 1 The Class To You MR L D GREENAWALD We Dedicate This Annual We Smcerely Appreciate The Help You Have Given Us During Your Many Years Gf Service In Our School. We Shall Never Regret Them ,-...:f" -9- H -lil I "' " f A U U I . C Gf 1959 " 4 'lk O xn +11 x "1k+ak'l'5 016 Y ' 0 fy 5 - ,,v Al 1, Q2 Board of Education FRONT ROW: fLeft To Rightl Florence Vernon, Marie Findley, Virginia Tallman, Eileen Hanna, Arlene Nicoll. SECOND ROW: D elmar Findlev, Harlan Tallman, Don Nicoll, Lewis Vernon, Inset: John Hanna. rl ,ix NNW FRONT ROW: CLeft To Rightl Evelyn Greenawalcl, Thelma Pillard, Amber Barger, Mildred Schoon, Wilma Russell BACK ROW: D W e ain Thompson, L. D. Black, L. D. Greenawald. ix f' il K- 'E The Administration X Mr. 6 Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mr . Mrs Greenawald Position: Superintendent, Girls' Coach, Teacher, Education: Coe, S. U. I., I.S. C., Hobby: Radio and electricity, Pet Peeve: Lazy people, Pet Saying: O. K.: Favorite Pastime: Electrical experiments, Favorite T. V. Programs: All of them. Black Position: Principal, Boys' Coach, Teacher, Education: I. S. T. C., Hobby: Sports, Pet Peeve: Individuals who don't put forth their utmost, Pet Saying: "All right, settle down" Favorite Pastime: Golf 6: Baseball, Favorite T. V. Programs: Mav- erick and all westerns . Schoon Position: Primary Sr First Grades, Education: Coe, University of Minnesota, Hobby: None, Pet Peeve: Questions to which questioner knows the answer, Pet Saying: If you can't do it quietly, don't do it, Favorite Pastime: Watching T. V. and reading, Favorite T. V. Programs: The Real McCoys. Greenawald Position: Second and Third Grades, Education: S. U. I. , S. U. D., Hobby: Flowers and reading, Pet Peeve: People who don't get their assignments, Pet Saying: "Let's be quiet," Favorite Pastime: Cooking a new dish, shopping, Favorite T. V. Programs: Nelsons, Red Skelton, F-irestone Hour. . Pillard Position: 6th, 7th, 5: 8th Grades, Education: I. S. T. C., Coe, Hobby: My family, Pet Peeve: Lazy People, Pet Saying: "Shi Sh! ," Favorite Pastime: T. V.: Favorite T. V. Program: Price Is Right. . Barger Position: Fourth and Fifth Grades, Education: I. S. T. C. , Coe, S. U. I. , University of Dubuque, Hobby: Reading and T. V., Pet Peeve: Excuses, Pet Saying: "I don't want anymore of that," Favorite Pastime: Watching T. V. and Crossword puzzles, Favorite T. V. Programs: Perry Como, .Maverick, Climax, Lawrence Welk. Thompson Position: 6th, 7th, 61 8th Grades Arithmetic, Social Studies, Health, Education: S. TT. I., Hobby: Collecting antiques, Pet Peeve: Youngsters who won't do their best, Pet Saying: "Simmer down," Favorite Pastime: Fishing, Favorite T. V. Pro- gram: Playhouse 90, I've Got A Secret. . Russell ' U Position: English, Dramatics, Music, Education: Cormell, I. S. T. C. , S. U. I., Hobby: "Can't say--its been so long,", Pet Peeve: Correcting papers, Pet Saying: "All right you boys," Favorite Pastime: Iust having time to have one, Favorite QT. V.Programs: Perry Mason, Playhouse 90. Gene Smith Position: Custodian, Education: Morley School, Hobby: Fishing, Pet Peeve: "Can't Print It", Pet Saying, "Can't print it either," Favorite Pastime: Fishing, Favorite T. V. Programs: All westerns. Ruth Smith Position: Cook, Education: Stanwood and country school, Hobby: Keeping busy, Pet Peeve: Spoiled children, Pet Saying: Darn it,4Favorite Pastime: Reading and T- V-it Favorite T. V. Program: Lawrence Welk, all but westerns. Ruth Bickerstaff llzositionz Cook, Education: Morley School, Cedar Falls, Hobby: Milk class, Pet Feelfef PSOPISDOY belflq OH time: Pet Saying: Oh, shootl, Favorite Pastime: Reading avoflie T- V- Program: Perry Como, Meet the Press. .. .- - .1 '. I -,,,. YL f x fxyf X 59 0 42: X Z .W CHARLES VERNON Valedictorian LARRY KAUFMAN Student Council . Vice-President . . Basketball Baseball . Glee Club Dramatics 0 President............1,3 Vice-President . . . . . . 4 Basketball . . . . .1,2,3,4 Baseball . . . . . l,2,3,4 Dramatics . . . l,2,3 LARRY CATLETT Basketball. . . . . . . . . 1,2,3,4 Baseball . . . .l,2,3,4 IVAN EDEN Basketball . . . .... . . 1,2 Baseball .... . . . 1,2 Dramatics . . . . . 3 Cheerleader . . . . 2,3,4 Salutatorian Dramatics . . . . . . . . l,2,3,4 ,Q I as IOYC E WATS ON Basketball . .... . . . . l,2,,3,4 Glee Club . , , 1,2,3 PAUL MCCONAUGHY Basketball . . . ...... l , 2 , 3 ,4 Baseball .......... 1 , 2 , 3,4 Glee Clllb . . . - 1121314 Dramatics . ............ 3 MAX Mc CULLOUGH WILLIAM RU HL Student Council . . . . . . . Treasurer . President . Basketball Baseball . Glee Club . . . . Dramatics . . IUDY SHANKLAND . . 1 . . .3 . . .4 1,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 , 2,3,4 Basketball . . . . . . . . . l,2,3,4 Glee Club . . . . . . . . .l,2,3,4 Dramatics . . .l,2,3,4 Student Council . . . . . . Basketball. . . . . . . . . ' TOM HINRICHSEN Treasurer . Basketball . Baseball . . Glee Club . Dramatics . Treasurer . Secretary . SHARON SIVER o Q a 0 a 0 n o 1 o o Basketball . . Glee Club . Dramatics . Cheerleader 1,2,3 . . 1,2,3 1,2,3 . . .1,2,3 . . .1 . . .3 1,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 . .2,3 al? Glee Club BARBARA EILERS ..3,4 FRANCIS HOLDREN G1eeC1ub. , ,, , ROBERT NEWHARD G1eeClub......... HX? 1 . T?" xl N: 'FX x . - Q X55 X f X Class History 1959 In the fall of 1946, eight slightly frightened but expectant youngsters entered the primary class of the Morley Consolidated School under the supervision of Miss Elsie McAnulty. They were Edward Holub, Joseph Mull, Jimmy McNamara, Charles Vernon, Billy Ruhl, Janice Jager, Earl Stickley, and Tom Hinrichsen. During the year, Sharon Siver and Judy Capron entered the class, bringing our enrollment up to ten. At the close of the semester, Edward Holub dropped from our class and at the end of the year Joseph Mull and Jimmy McNamara also dropped. Upon entering the first grade, Carol Greenawald joined our class. Our teacher again was Miss McAnulty. We started second grade in the fall of the 48-49 school year with only one new member, George Pearson. During the year we also gained Larry Catlett. Our teacher was Miss Elsie McAnulty. The following year George Pearson dropped from our class, leaving nine members. Our teachers were Ruth Eloise Tenley, Norma Morrison, and Verda Covell. In the 1950-51 school year we were joined by two new students in the fourth grade, Larry Kaufman and Judy Shankland. Our teacher was Mrs. Thelma Pillard. In the year of 1951-52 our Sth grade consisted of eleven pupils. In the middle of the year we were joined by two new pupils. They were Kenny Norton and Pauline Stewart. Our teachers were Miss Stonskas and Mrs. Greenawald. In 6th grade we had ten students at the beginning of the year--Larry Catlett, Carol Greenawald, Tommy Hinrichsen, Frances Holdren, Larry Kaufman, Paul McConaughy, Billy Ruhl, Judy Shankland, Sharon Siver, and Charles Vernon. We gained two pupils-- Irene Rundall and Bobby Newhard. Pauline Stewart moved during the year, leaving us with a total of eleven pupils. Our teacher was Mrs. Barger. Mrs. Russell was our music teacher. Upon entering 7th grade we gained one new student, Elizabeth Bennett. This in- creased our class to twelve students. Our teachers were Clara Schwirtz, Mrs. Bair was our music teacher and Mr. Ridout taught P. T. Upon entering the 8th grade we gained two newstudents , Ivan Eden and Joyce Watson During the second semester we gained Nancy Glick, which made 15 students in our class. We now had Larry Catlett, Ivan Eden, Joyce Watson, Billy Ruhl, Carol Green- awald, Judy Shankland, Tom Hinrichsen, Frances Holdren, Larry Kaufman, Paul Mc- Conaughy, Bobby Newhard, Sharon Siver, Elizabeth Bennett, Charles Vernon, Nancy Glick and our teachers were Mrs. Russell, Miss Miller, Mr. Greenawald, and Mr. Ridout. The next year we entered high school and during our first year remained with the same class as was graduated from 8th grade. In 1956-1957 we lost Nancy Glick but gained Max McCullough and Larry Coder. Larry Coder left that same year and Elizabeth Bennett moved away during the next summer. When we entered the Junior Class we had 14 members. During the year we gain- ed Barbara Eilers which gave us a total of 15. Our last year in high school we lost Carol Greenawald which left us with a total of 14 members. They are Larry Catlett, Ivan Eden, Barbara Eilers, Tom I-Iinrichsen, Frances Holdren, Larry Kaufman, Paul McConaughy, Bob Newhard, Max McCullough, Bill Ruhl, Judy Shankland, Sharon Siver, Charles Vernon, and Joyce Watson. Class Will We, the class of 1959 of the Morley High School, being without doubt of sane mind and good judgment, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. The Senior boys will their ability for a good basketball record to the future teams of Morley. The Senior girls will their many hours of toil in the kitchen to the next generation of dish- washers. ' Larry Catlett wills to Lois Kuchenbaker the ability to get in trouble once in a while. But please not as often as Larry did, Lois. Ivan Eden wills the days he missed school to Ronnie Tallman and hopes Ronnie has more fun than he did. Tom Hinrichsen wills his ability to stay out of ditches to Dick Van Antwerp. Better keep a tractor handy, Dick. Frances Holdren wills Rosalene Catlett the ability to blush when the teacher talks to her. Larry Kaufman wills his ability to get chased by his old girl friends to Ronnie Tallman. Hope you can run faster than I did Ronnie. Paul McConaughy wills his ability to talk back to teachers to Bruce Hay. Better luck than I had, Bruce. . Max McCullough wills his ability to be bashful at certain times to Darrel Blake. We hope he makes good use of. Bob Newhard wills the knocks of his old Ford to Gerald Stolte, but maybe Gerald's car doesn't need any extra ones. Bill Ruhl wills to Steven Newhard the ability to lean back and balance himself in a chair in Literature Class. Judy Shankland wills her ability to get her work done on time to Margaret Shumaker in hopes that she will get her work done a little sooner. Barbara Eilers wills all her noon hours to Linda Joslin and Karen Simmons, so make good use of them girls. Joyce Watson wills a hair net to Karen Abbott so she can keep her hair in place. I hope it looks better than it did on me, Karen. Judy Shankland also wills her ability to be prompt and alert at all times to Lynn Hansen in hopes he will use it to the utmost. Paul McConaughy also wills his ability to get caught in a snow storm and stay at his girl friend's house all night to Merlyn Wilken. Sharon Siver wills to Margaret Shumaker the ability to tear her dresses with which Sharon is sure she doesn't need much help. Charles Vernon wills his mathematical ability to Carl Mertka hoping that Carl could put it to good use. The Senior class wills to the Juniors our worn and torn books and our marred and scarred desks ll 5 an New fl- I an Barbara Eilers, Marriage Charles Vernon I ffg Ivan Eden Engineer V -N- -, .- Trade School g S . 1:A'?7'TM'uxta- y . 1 T if z Ig' ., o -f-f-- Beautician 1 A . a Tom Hinrichsen, Sharon Siver S A Prophecy 7 " ' ' Z ! K ' fl r , q . , I , ll! x 3 5,7 Service X ag Q - ' ' -4, ' Bob Newhard J ' I -i B ' i . ,Il ' - N 1:' J-wax -,N S W, ' . A ' 'I'-Axv' ' Ar'f1St ' . N -' L-ff' - - f ff'-T. Frances Holdren xxx ,f ig U 31 . 'ff-"3 ,- : 1 ,eff fir. .. ' ?f' iifv? '7 . H. f Y S5 . . -JI a"' K 73 o 5 " Q : Q ? C Q X545 e X M 5 2 '55 pifaf l- ' P' ' 6 G Navy Paul McConaughy 1 ' I B111 Ruhl 0 SS - Undecided Judy shanuana -5 Sf' N of maYbe Singer Q college Q x , ig 6 Nm I 0 Businessman 5- f gg Q: - Larry Catlett gg- 9 ' 5 1.15 D -if 4' sn .f 2 gig' ' f 131: ': f ff-Es '. 'c '-'Lf -:--.. f--f' : t HT' . "- , X' N., ff rv. nr I i QV, 1 -ul' K i ' ll I.-'Ill X -gi X i i. . U. , s U , :Q Farmer, Larry Kaufman 4 Ul'ldeC1ded ' K ' i or maybe Q X WOI'k 111 ' -'tm A ' an office Max McCullough J School Teacher Ioyce Watson mg G li' 'Gig 'K' ----A-- 5' IIII I -J 5' ylwqmnn KN c :ar V :if ak iw .fgij 'fwixsliiilu ff Q FRONT ROW: lLeft To Rightl Mr. Black, Rebecca Vacek, Linda Ioslin, Sharon Hanna, Camille Siver. SECOND ROW: Iohn Iackson, Fritz Meineke, Ilm Kuchenbaker, Tom Greenawald, Edward Eilers, Tom Hiensius. Freshmen REBECCA VACEK Pres1dent.........1 Cheerleader . . . . . . . . 1 "I 'm Available" SHARON HANNA Basketball . . . .1 Dramatics . . . . . . , , ,1 Plays...........l "You Can't Take It With You" " Yak ety-Yak " LINDA IOSLIN Secretary . . . . . . . . 1 "Kiss me Richard" CAMILE SIVER Ir. High Basketball . . . . 1 "Oh, Lonesome Me" EDWARD EILERS 'Nothing To Do" S X . . 1 5. W ' s A ' Q Xi K iff R . R .hu .3 ,, ,,,, - Xian rt., Q AX we ,,, 5 -'.:,:-... ...., . ,,,,,.,.. A . .V "1f 5 ...g ' 5 . X M. S wwf X 'gs ,E sg? r t FRITZ MEINEKE "Sick and Tired" IOHN IACKS ON Vice-President . Basketball . . . . . . "Poor Little Fool" IIM KUCHENBAKER Baseball Manager . . Basketball Manager . u Treasurer , , , , "Never Be Anyone Else" TOM HEINSIUS "All I Do Is Dream" T OM GRE ENAWALD Student Council . . . Basketball . . . . Baseball . . . Glee Club . . Dramatics . . . . . . . Plays.. .... "You Can't Take lt With You" "Cool Man Cool" Primary 81 First Grades FRONT ROW: KLeft To Rightl David Kray, Carol Yarrington, Joyce Von Behren, Jannie McConaughy, Marty Hanna, Duane Dirks ll T l David Ho e Diane Ellison Mrs. Schoon BACK ROW: Bonnie Austin, Duane Ehresman, Terry Pillard, Bi y en ey, pp , , X . N, 1 K S: 'ei QNX, .X K .x xr K 'ly ' f -r Q f. s I I Wk -X rr "in5-sm , f . l . 1 A J. A A . , . -::. ska 1 S 3 5:-:L 55-::.:5,5 5 Q- .,,-. N ':E:f'5"f':5:i::g: ' -."' 'QI-l:1?:Nq.5:,,.:.: :a::--Ei, SQ 1" F 2'-. ' T 'f 3 N' ., . sf O... - Y . S , A ' aar- b , ..,, Second 81 Third Grades FRONT ROW: CLeft To Ricjhtb Mrs. Greenawald, Denise Hanna, Betty Von Behren, Nancy Hefflefinger, Linda Kray, Susan Robinson, Mary Hanna, Janet Jackson, Sharon Simmons, JoAnn Klinefelter, Susan Hay, Karen McConaughy, Faye Tilton. BACK ROW: Hans Jess, Craig Smith, Richard June, Terry Barger, Duane Meineke, Michael Smith, James Joslin, David Greenawald Gary Smith, Tommy Hefflefinger, Terry Tilton, Wilbur Tallman, Terry Kinkead. Fourth 81 Fifth Grades FRONT ROW: QLeft To Right! Dennis Duncan, Nancy Meineke, Donald Brokaw, Merle Catlett, Curtis Barger, Mike Kinkead, Peggy Smlth David Weaver, Mrs. Barger. SECOND ROW: Steven Ioslin, Bruce Ehresman, Darlene Ellison, Rose Ann Kinkead, Leonard Dirks, Hildegard Iess, Rebecca Smith, Vicky Smith, Cynthia Smith, Sally Robinson. Myron Ehresman, Charles Findley, Carl Achenbach, Donna Iune, Pamie Domer, Charles Heinsius, Marilyn Siver, Don Von Behren, Iimmy Simmons. THIRD ROW: SEVENTH n-ni Nv- wana SDCTH CLASS PRESIDENTS Sixth gl Seventh Grades FRONT ROW: CLeft To Rightj Gary Achenbach, Carljess, Harold Kinkead, Iim Abbott, Arthur Darrow, Raymond Dirks, Leroy Stolte. SECOND ROW: Susan Schaeffer, Pauline Gray, Diane Klinefelter, Kathy Joslin, Sondra Smith, Sheri Greenawald. THIRD ROW: Dale Wooder, David Ortgies, Billy Ioslin, Orin Davis, Larry Jackson, Tom Hanna, Richard Simmons, Dwayne Ellison. A BACK ROW: Mr. Thompson, Dorothy Blake, Jeanne Hansen, Elaine Wilken, Mrs. Pillard. 19 .--mx my -fi-Pxgg ,A 352 if' X! +0 sig., . dbx V V . C3 120 9-15: ' , .9 7 gz X35 Qi' ' '. X IEA M: i lu? I I I7' l ' -1 faku 1 5 0 mxffa Eighth Grade Thelma Pillard Lowell Klinefelter Q XXXSX 1. XX . ,xw,a- X -' x T S Q. W.-.bak .LQ X ska 'Psi siilgwfss -' ss ax, N e s ma . .X X 'N Xxx new '- 5 ig. X, e t X X N XX S X X Ss K N x C X K X X X Ss Qxx a Xxx N xx X X X Q x ' X XX X RN O ss X a - k as XQXNX aww -are 'rs N. sxxmkmw ff -N was-Gs DeWa1n Thompson Karen Kuchel 'K as X , X xifxxx x X 'A .-- v - -. .U .. l .112 .-.1 af. Qi, Judy Lubben Chuck Hansen Judy McConaughy Dick Ellison Mearl Flndley Nancy Joslin Clair June Dick Stlvel' S :QNX X . X Q - w A s H 1 N G T o N xwfwxax ee.. its , Q f-me X 1, 'ax' A men 1 v Qisfwfw Nt a Wasuinffo a, - is Mya Lincoln Museum in Background Waiting to go upl Washington Monument Jefferson Memorial Gettysburg Lincoln. Square Gettysburg Entrance to "Ike's" Farm Lincoln Memorial "I l1dy" in X ilk' Covered Bridge Near "Ik u . 9 S Farm Senior Trip NEWYORK That Famous New York Skyline Taken From Our 54 Ferry Parachute drop Coney Is land At the United Nations Her "Majesty" The Statue of Liberty A Couple of Big Shots Enter H Mm Wall Street-Tom 6: LDG PHILADELPHIA o A Picnic Along The Turnpike OUT First Hotel Seniors With Dick Clark Coney Island From Pier The New Hoffman On Ameyifl- Randstand Bedford, Penna. Junior-Senior Prom A Parade Float in N. Y. It All Started Here illlk---...Qu mf QNX QLYQ' X' I ..-WVIIQM-.. , . , S nu In :E Kam H f 6:5 'tj :Q Q59 .f l Z 7 ' . 'sl 1 Q5 V . QUQSW G04 axx Rah ! 1655 wb TSS rn Camaffvs CAPTAIN SIVER X X S CAPTAIN SHANKLAN FRONT ROW: QLeft To Rightl Coach5Mr. Greenawald, Diane Hora, Sharon Siver, Karen Abbott, Iudy Shankland, Joyce Watson, Karen Simmons, Manager Lois Kuchenbaker, BACK ROW: Manager:Barbara Eilers, Florence Duncan, Sharon Hanna, Rosalene Catlett, Manager Margaret Shumaker. CAPTAIN WATSON Iudy Shankland Sharon Siver Ioyce Watson Karen Abbott Rosalene Catlett Florance Duncan Diane Hora Karen Simmons Sharon Hanna ,-qi, 2. 24 .6 1 STATISTICS Free Throws Field Grade Position Made Mis sed Goals 12 Guard 0 O 0 12 Guard 0 1 0 12 Guard O 0 1 11 Forward 50 70 122 10 Forward 6 12 3 10 Forward 1 8 1 3 10 Forward 82 85 189 10 Forward 63 74 122 9 Guard 1 3 8 2 Yea! Coach Champs RECORD Won 13, Lost 8 ' Morley 2 6 Monmouth 17 'k Morley S0 Mechanicsville 46 1' Morley 79 Viola 35 Morley 44 "' Wyoming 50 'f Morley 63 Onslow 2 3 Morley 49 f Lisbon 72 Morley 53 W Solon 74 11' Morley 52 Martelle 19 f Morley 71 ' Viola l 3 'f Morley 72 Onslow ' 33 " Morley 55 Oxford Ict. 24 Morley 42 "f Monmouth 50 ff Morley 49 Olin 40 Morley 43 W Buck Creek 50 Morley 33 "' Olin 43 "f Morley 63 Martelle 32 4' Morley 54 Monmouth 5 0 "' Morley 44 Mechanicsville 3 6 'Y Morley 57 Solon 31 Morley 52 W Scared Heart 74 Morley 32 W Lost Nation 42 l Points Fouls S . 0 45 S 12 3 ' X i ' 7 '.2f f 9 27 Q 1 A 458 31 A A 307 54 3 1 7 ,RNMNNS Xxx: r.....,,tr, : Q N Q RQ li S FRONT ROW: Dale Black, Larry Catlett, Bill Ruhl, Paul McConaughy, Pat Davis, Max McCullough, I sl 15 K A .. N we 5. to x Q , X M 335 CAP T1-UN KAUPMAN Www Larry Kaufman, Merlyn Wilken. BACK ROW: Jim Kuchenbaker, Tom Greenawald, Bruce Hay, John Jackson, Raymond Findley, Charles NAME Max McCullough Paul McConaughy Bill Ruhl Larry Kaufman Larry Catlett Charles Vernon Pat Davis Merlyn Wilken Bruce Hay Raymond Findley Tom Greenawald John Jackson Statistics FREE THROWS TOTAL POS. GRADE MADE MISSED FG POINTS FOULS 24 17 86 25 26 31 206 88 84 396 41 12, 199 15 18 91 3 7 13 89 70 445 20 24 218 7 13 35 Z 2 8 2 1 10 0 3 ' 2 Hurrah CAPTAIN DAVIS S 'W IRA Ng gut' RECORD Morley Oggonent 30 Monmouth 24 Uamboreel 62 Mechanicsville 42 54 Viola 34 64 Wyoming 43 Lisbon 26 Onslow 26 68 Solon 38 73 Martelle 2E 52 Viola 32 72 Monmouth 64 64 Onslow 48 64 Oxford Junction 37 68 Olin 56 74 Buck Creek 40 67 Martelle 32 76 Monmouth 39 60 Mechanicsville 32 82 Solon 62 59 Sacred Heart 47 County Tournament 59 Martelle 49 X tj 80 Oxford Junction 35 I 4 80 Wyo ming 44 Sectional Tournament 3 77 Nichols 50 69 Lisbon 45 56 Tiffin 48 District Tournament 61 Welton 45 47 Low den 60 Our Team s N Q :.. '.-.fc E Conference - County - Sectional- Champions g i GAPTA1 FRONT ROW: Coach L. D. Black, Bruce Hay, Merlyn Wilken, Larry Catlett, Larry Kaufman, Pat Davis, Bill Ruhl, Paul McConaughy, Tom Greenawald. BACK ROW: Dick VanAntwerp, Ronnie Tallman, Ray Findley, Lynn Hansen, Tom Hinrichsen, Jim Heinsius, Charles Vernon, Manager Gerald Stolte. X ff FALL - 'sa SPRING - '59 QA 3.1, ,X BASEBALL STATISTICS ' X A -I GR. ' f l ' 'B 'B 'mf my 'Ns J X917 Q' ' 1 I-"Wy QV is X . X z, ,1 I . 5- A -Hx, ,M xi -X .4-Si 6 '-,xv '51 X I ' m Ifle nsuis L ' Larry Kaufman T Hi ' h Umor Pinata 5 3 xx , yexba Girls Bas FRONT ROW: lLeft To Rightl Coach, Mr. Greenawald, Jeanne Hansen, Kathaleen Joslin, Karen Kuchel, Nancy Joslin, Judy McConaughy, Judy Lubben, Dorothy Blake. SECOND ROW: Diane Klinefelter, Elaine Wilken, Sondra Smith, Susan Schaefer, Camile Slver, Sheri lglw Boys' Basketball Greenawald. IR. HIGH BOYS' BASKETBALL Morley Opponent Opponent 36 Immaculate Conception 37 43 Immaculate Conception 38 Mechanic sville 3l Mechanicsville County Tourney 1 7 Anamo sa 37 Nlartelle 38 Wyoming Individual Scoring Total Points Chuck Hansen Dick Stivers John Jackson Tom Hanna 26 arid POS, AV, So RBI SB cf-2b 2 34 7 2 4 ss . 195 10 6 4 p-3b .171 6 3 1 lb-3b .273 9 ll 8 3b-p . O95 .9 1 3 c . 205 13 1 5 If-cf .279 8 9 1 cf-2b . 125 1 1 O O rf 187 4 2 0 rf . 091 6 0 1 rf 000 0 0 O p-lb 235 2 l 0 P . 000 Z O 0 2b 333 3 2 2 ' ' "ml 4 3 O .. X--f' 54 35 49 18 29 51 20 32 JONES COUNTY RUNNERS-UP FRONT ROW: lLeft To Rigntl Mr. Black, Orin Davis, Larry Jackson, Dick Ellison Dick Stivers Lowell Klinefelter, Cnuck Hansen, Claire June, Tom Hanna. SECOND ROW: Mearl Findley, Bill Joslin, Ricnard Simmons, Harold Kinkead, Jim Abbott Gary Achenhacn Carl Jess , David Ortgies. THIRD ROW: Dwayne Ellison, LeRoy Stolte, Raymond Dirks, Artriur Darrow. -xx X X LCRNYXX B R R X xg X sf X X X N RU HL CAYTMN IQUGH N LUBBEN JR. HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL Morley Opponent Opponent 27 S We 're from Morley Couldn't be prouder If YOu can't hear us now We'll Yell a little louder Sf- LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Domer, Carl Mertka, Ieanne Hansen, Ivan Eden, Rebecca Vacek. , N S ' .,,., x i ex .5 ii i. ,Z ,, i X S' t .3 iff ,. f 1, ?f x X iff! x Y X ,y Q S ff is X N-.... :--- --:- , t f I in N ll ,A TEAM , , M+o+R+L+E+fY XXX' Q6 M+o+R+L+E+fY QXB 5 Mfo+fR+L+E+Y 'X That's the way you spell it Student Council LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Greenawald, Lynn Hansen, Tom Greenawald, Larry Kaufman,fMerlin Wilkin, Karen Simmons . Bus Patrol Here's the way You yell it Morley, Morley, Morley. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Davis, Larry Kaufman, Paul McConaughy, Larry Catlett, Charles Vernon, Raymond Findley . x..14n...u kJ1.aUD USl'C FRONT ROW: KLSII ro Rightl Frances Holdren, Rosalene Catlett, Iudy Shankland, Sharon Siver, Karen Abbott. SECOND ROW: Barbara Eilers, Barbara Domer, Florence Duncan, Diane Hora, Lois Kuchenbaker, Director Mrs. Wilma Russell. x MDCED CHORUS FRONT ROW: KLeft To Rightl William Ruhl, Tom Greenawald, Frances Holdren, Rosalene Catlett, Iudy Shankland, Sharon Siver, Karen Abbott, Paul McConaughy, Bruce Hay, SECOND ROW: Larry Catlett, Tom Hinrichsen, Barbara Eilers, Barbara Domer, Florence Duncan, Diane Hora, Lois Kuchenbaker, Director Mrs. Wilma Russell, Ronnie Tallman,' Merlyn Wilken. THIRD ROW: Raymond Findley, Larry Kaufman, Bob Newhard, Iim Kuchenbaker, Gerald Stolte, Darrell Blake, Iames Heinsius, Tom Heinsius. HOME CONTEST by g DRAMATIC DECLAMATION . A A Karen Abbott W l NNN 5-. bg HUMOROUS DECLAMATION I Tom Greenawald J Sharon Hanna 5 5 Carl Mertka A ' Larry Catlett Karen Abbott INTERPRETIVE READING Karen Abbott Sharon Hanna as STATE X 'M RADIO SPEAKING CETONTEST WINNER lx 71 Larry Catlett an Mertka QB 6, Iim Kuchenbaker r. Carl Mertka ' kdbgg . Iim Kuchenbaker PRELIMINARY CONTEST At Preliminery Contest in Monticello Karen Abbott received a I rating in Dramatic Declamation, Carl Mertke received a I rating in Humorous. The following received a II rating at the Monticello Preliminary Contest. Sharon Hanna and Tom Greenawald in Humorous. In Radio Speaking Carl Mertka and Larry Catlett received a II rating. Iim Kuchenbaker received a III rating in Radio Speaking. DISTRICT CONTEST At the District Contest in Tama Carl Mertka received a I rating. Karen Abbott received a II rating. In Interpretive Reading Sharon Hanna and Karen Abbott both received a III rating. The play "F1xins" 28 received a III rating. Sharon Hanna Tom Greenawald STATE CONTEST Carl Mertka received a first division rating with his humorous declamation "Arsenic and Old Lace." Homecoming Festivities Robing me King and Queen nCou rt of Honor" R Ianice Wilken Merlyn Wilken Gerald Stolte Sharon Hanna Larry Kaufman Ioyce Watson Bill Ruhl KING QUEEN M d VanAm a nar wer Rosalene Catlett Karen Abbott Y P X S Ns 2 i i 1 2 2 1 il""""N -,Nui , ,f 0 N ' 65 Moines S xo 1- 1l 5 , ,,,: i ,, X .X,k , :,:, , T X 5 Xsoxs :X M ioswssis 2 XX X sys Q T X XT sXaX e T a s s X X X T , . s X . Xs1ssSXxsssfyfg.1 .. ffnlkfwfis fx if wi N X -. Xa T . X X wwf waW1XsPa3N:SisSSk NWS-YNNQSNR X -sw s K X K . a g s s X s KX as T X as if X me XX sa N X- T sis, was X We XX, -T -K Msg if gf M ' fn as Q5 RQSXE- -- -X sw asa is 5' - , - ig a 1 T -s sway: .Q T Xsilmfi Q, - x we Q Xl-Q as XY. X X sw gs We Got Snowbound -X This as as . , is X sa - A as Xa X Q. Q1 5 as ,X XT ' 5 Qfyffww 'Q X Exit R NA' T '-'mr -5 in-as XF SM . -is Q We X X . Y' X E R X... S Last Year For Us 'N N as X as an ss. X' X hi X Q S Ag Q s e 'XS X X X X Xe gs X X XX X X X , Yea, Thats The Numhef ,sw Kiki ,QA as . Nayk 'R hx Q X X .ss S . X A NA Studying Our American Lit. Calling Our Old Flames sferndfffkgkfeeff +X X 5 0 5 b-4 UI FU Q 01 1- r- '4 U3 1- O 79' Whhhwhfwwkonwwww Not This 'U Guess ,XXX .. N X QXN t Q Where. an ' Q.- s Ei T si 3 T.. Ha-Ha 60" Will Yo u Ever Forget? LYnn??? tis Cafe Morl6Y A gil 1 K x ,Ngowvw-N X Handsome Om Deep Snow K x .N x Us in Primary 55 WHO? 99- v CAN " ,-Q X 'X . wi- W4 - A - 15 X - QQ .W BIG Dare QXXS X XS? . X- so 51: wax 1 ti W NS Y wb SCWO xx Lynn QXXAXN X XQ XQ Q Q NNXXQKX 1 Lois Ny W X ow. X ' - N N' -Noiwmia xx: io X X ,N MKS , X 5NW 1 , Xsfawo X X Tim o liijjf-of, ' x L Qsix X ..., gg: img M wi? X-so o x 2 S X X .Q ' . X N ,SX X 6' X 9 X X of-J, W if fri-Qi '- '-, . ,.,,,,,, X - , 5 x E XXQX-.o E X S if X. xr' X f 4 ' . - N . . om NXXQQNXX QQN X xo NN X X N X x X xx X xx of ox goxfbi ., .5 xg ffisiwz vtx ff-iw ':, fixxxx xjgxyi Q WHA x Q A X X wo Q K x NNN XXX X X N f x Vw ff 1 f Q, 4 x ssl :HO ' Q R Xe wx x xi wx YQ' KX X 5' X X N. g ' gt X Q, Q ,Q .gx Nb x x X " ask .f..: .L x f is K X X X X XX . Ali, .xg N X X- ,. Sf x wk? XX fx Q --'. . wx if - ' - -to . Q ...,, 4 M K . Q X 1 kkx, X WX X X ': j - N, I, Zim Xi .w wk Q 1, xxx X x X X a4AefzZ?Z ' f f'g-W ""!ff11i5 , 9 , lf Eel. MORLEY LUMBER 81 GRAIN Q CG Coal - Grain Nutrena Feed Northrup King Seeds - KX Corn Poultry and Hog Equipment K M Fence Post l V Lumber - Millwork - Hardware - Paint gp 0 All the builders' needs see us if you plan to build or remodel be st place to trade in Iones County Phone H' Q --2261 QW n l CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK Surplus 81 Undivided Profit . . S300,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance 4 xasuuwc Corporation S Deposits Guaranteed Sl 0 , 00 0 6529305 Fo r .s 'Q' 1 f Each Q04' syfigs Depositor Anamosa Iowa Q1 Anamosa Chickeries "Quality Chicks" U. S. Approved Phone 74 Anarnosa Iowa U Anamosa Feed Mill Manufacturer Of Top Notch Feeds B. B. Fagen, Manager Grain, Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Custom Grinding 6: Mixing Sf Shelling Hog Feeders 6: Waters Phone 1 9 8 Anamosa Iowa Hank's Service Refrigerator s - Stoves - Freezers - Washers - Dryers Televisions o Phone E 7 0 1 RCA - Hot Point - Motorola Radio and Television Service Anamosa Iowa Montz Implement Co. f F armall Tractors I International Trucks Sale s Service INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER McCormick Farm Equipment W e Trade For Anything Phone GE 2-6414 Mechanicsville, Iowa ,,,,,, ,, ,, , , 1- Mechanicsville 'Z' Trust and Savings Bank Over Fifty Years of Service 19 03-1959 Member Of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Gamble Feed 81 Produce Lassy Feeds Kent Feeds FEEDS Mechanicsville Phone GE 2 -6712 Iowa Anamosa Hardware General Hardware - Plumbing - Heating Paints - Appliances "We Aim To Please" Anamosa Phone 160 290 West Main Iowa Pearson's Super Market Fresh Fruits And Vegetables - Choice Meats Complete Line of Frozen Foods Groceries - Sundry Items P 8 A. M-. - 9 P. M. Daily 9 A. M. - 12 Noon - 3 P. M. - 6 P. M. Sunday Brent Pearson, Proprietor + Anamosa Call 70 Iowa Goettsch Funeral Home 5 Ambulance Service I Phone 368 Anamosa, Iowa McCarn Abstract Company Eugene B. Rees, Owner Anamosa Iowa "" Y 6 Bargers Grocery N Pqtaio '- cult' -f W A M1 E2-,. f g 4 9 aifiql-ge? aa., Your Friendly One Stop Phone HU 9-2141 Food Center Morley, Iowa Arden Achenbach I I I rt' 1 Phone HU 9-2323 Lo cal 8: Long Distance 'Trucking Morley, Iowa Livestock Hauling A Specialty "Por Prompt 6: Courteous Service" Smith D.X ' Russell Implement Company Greasing - Tires - Batteries Farm Implements - Repairs H ardware - Housewares Oil Heaters - Gas - Oil Man - eeds 'Eu ' - 't x glean I Iowa h Morley Iowa M l .1 or ey Phone HU 9-2251 Phone HU 9-2432 , Aim Morley Cafe f meets" 1 "Babe" Hunter Hunter's Garage ,L W Phone HU 9--2151 Earl 6: Domer Morley Morley Ph one HU 9-2331 Iowa "T he place where the gang Iowa Englands Jack 8. Jill Fresh Meat and Groceries Olin, Iowa Phone HU 4-2292 Gordon Hardware Hardware, Appliances Olin, Iowa Phone HU 4-2217 W. H. laetare K 81 E Store General Merchandise I . P Q' 0 si-' F3 A., .i.,,2Qnf 'r-. Lays D-X megan Products Amr. more ,J,?" ff9,'gg'g:,Za::,:gis 5 . 'og ' Olin, Iowa on Iowa Phone HU 4-2235 or HU 4-zsos phone iff-U 4-2268 lehrman Equipment Company Implements Parts Supplies N Service Phone HU 4-2246 Olin, Iowa Everything For Home and School Olin, Iowa Phone HU 4-2296 Ca-rl and Ken's Auto Service Air Cooled Engines Gasoline Engines Car 6: Tractor Repairing M Phoirrfliergfi 'zlcivfg 1 Dr. A. W. Cruse D. D. S. Mechanicsville, Iowa Phone GE 2-6712 rg 9 Anamasa Farmers Creamery Co. :cel G-v REA "Milk, Butter and Ice Cream A Good Market For Good Cream agp' . Ph one 338 9 a t I I ss? ff yamaha Ana mosas Lumber Co., Inc. +1355 ,rl 5,3 L ' . 2 fl 'Ay' ii 2 . . ' ' 181 3 ,jr 'w . . s Lumber, Coal, and Building Material A ' Portable Buildings -f.-1.5 ' mPhone 32 One Boardf1i9g?,gTgaingloadg flggamosal Iowa Farm Bureau Insurance Services Iones Co. Service Company . Iowa Lifeal S -. Complete line of Iowa Farm Mutual Life Petroleum Products Auto - Farm Protector ParmChemicals I Crop - Hail - Fire Paints - Outside - Inside Fertilizer - Farm Supplies ' Anamosa , B Farm Bureau Building Iowa Smith Oil Company when In Mimosa It's The- Thanks To You ' H Our Business Is Growing 8 Phone 355 Phone 442 Anamosa Iowa Anamosa Iowa Serving Iones County with A Modern Drug Store I v. A- m ine Hawley Super ogg I , I 'US 1 A- le' ' Motor Tune-up General Repairs Anamosa Iowa Anamosa Phone 46 Iowa lawrence l. Conmey James T, Remley Real Estate Farm Sales - Farm Loans Homes Attorney-At-Law - Phone 358 200lf2 Main Street Anamosa Iowa Anamosa Iowa Gerry Russell's Dearborn's Conoco Service Beauty Salon One Stop Service fa For Your Car 6' S! Anamosa I wa A a I wa Aments Dry Goods Ready-To-Wear - Dry Goods - Millinery Berkshire Hosiery - Lorraine Lingerie - Pepperell Blankets Gossard Girdles - D. Perkins Cosmetics - Munsingwear Carter's Infants' Wear Ph one 321 Anamos a Iowa Bernell Schwirtz Real Estate Agency loyet's Youth Town Children's Shop 11 633 Farm E ,ate Farmsm P one Loans st Homesa Anamosa Iowa Anamosa Iowa J Glen J. Mclaughlin Kouba Drug Store J Magazines Prescriptions O 'CID Attorney-At -Law I urzur. 5 School 553:32 Cosmetic Anamosa Iowa Supplies g'--"J Gifts P y Anamosa Iowa Watkins Department Store Home Furnishings Dry Goods Ready-To -Wear' f Anamosa Iowa Best Wishes Prom Ben - Franklin Don Penner - Owner Anamosa Iowa Lehman's Motor Sales . 420 West Main 1' 1213! -- -.4 Q1 . r....!ViC-5-ze Complete Line Of Auto Repairing Anamosa Iowa Fa rm Bureau Services Insurance Iones Co. Service Company Farm Bureau Life Complete Line Of Petroleum Products Auto - Farm Protector Farm Chemicals Crop - Hail - Fire Paints - Fertilizer Parm Bureau Building Anamosa Iowa Phone 2 3 1 Eclipse Lumber Co. Anamosa, Iowa Everything In Building Material Remodeling Houses , Cole Building H. W. Darnell, Mgr Uuion Trust 81, Savings Bank Capital Account Of S280,000 SQSURANQ i 4 Stanwood, Iowa I5 P, Olin, Iowa Oompl te Banking rvice The Pioneer Press and JOYCE lumber C0mPHHY Stanwood Herald Building Material And Fuel Re ad The News Of Morley School "Since 1858" Mechanicsville, Iowa GE 2-6313 - Mechanicsville, Iowa Buick Chevrolet Pontiac Anamosa livestock Auctron Taylor Motor Sales Co. D. E. Brickley and Sons Sales and Service Sale Every Saturday Phone I-IU 4-2205 Anamosa, Iowa Olin Iowa Gibeaut Insurance Agency Dr, E, H, litlig, Nl, D, Insurance For Over 52 Years Physician and Surgeon Mechanic sville , Iowa Mechanic sville , Iowa Rita Butler, Agent Phone GE 2-6337 ,LGE COQ Gs QD' Compliments Of 3 B k S3252 Monticello State an S 5991+ Q3 V 9 " 'V Monticello, Iowa Member -90 'OW e 4 5 ' o 'Q Q d Q ,giff 60, OX xo Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve Bank ' Y Y 'I 'H ' - -'B ' " mlrti- -1" ' but " W' "in-nl: tht" " ' Adolph Ahrents Livestock Buyer G Trucker Business Phone Residence Phone 9- GE 2-5216 GE 2-6915 y.. r -ix -2-lv JY... Mechanicsville, Iowa I Boos.TERs Olin Barber Shop, Olin, Iowa Miller Grocery, Martelle, Iowa Harvey Barber Trucking, Martelle, Iowa Ruby Cafe, Anamosa, Iowa Lee's Grocery, Mechanicsville, Iowa Pioneer Seed Corn Best Wishes To The Class Of "59" Compliments Of Russell Eldred Nellie - Dann Floral Shop P1 owers-Plants-Supplies Q vo f' 0 wo' Phone 735 amosa, Iowa Bakers Garage Art Baker Anamosa , Iowa Phone 64 Nicks Shoe Clinic Nook Cafe A Good Place To Meet And A Good Place To E at S JW! Sho - Bar Beauty Saloon Anamoia Iona.. P 6- Complete ' New Shoes And Repairs Beauty " 5 Dermetics Shoes For The Entire Family Services I At Lower Prices Mildred Peterson Anamosa, Iowa Phone 688W A Anamosa, Iowa Phone 419 I Tyler 84 Downing "We Deliver" X i Choice Meats Incorporated . R And Groceries 6-353 eil X, Q W Anamosa , Iowa Iowa Electric light and Power Co. M' ?' cv .L.1V6 Better ectrically Anamosa Iowa Schumacher Furniture Kroehler-Lane-Samson Phone 502 Anamosa I FQ' Iowa . 4 i wx- Open Evenings By Appointment lom's Texaco Service Tire Repair, Greasing, and Washing Stuhler's Clothing Clothes For The Lad Sc I-Iis Dad - s 4 ' 52, .i - ' XX-:N I ,',,. . -. ' Anamosa Iowa Anamosa, Ia. M onticello, Ia. Albaugh Studio 'Be Ns "Your Family Photographer" Anamosa, Iowa Quality Cafe Regular Meals Sr Short Meals Homemade Pasteries Anamosa M m ' I 'f wi- amd OWa Mickies Model Shop Dresses, Millinery, Lingerie Sportswear St Accessories Catherine B . I-Iartwig Phone 40 Anamosa Iowa Gordon Implement Store McCormick Tractors 8: Trucks New 6: Used Farm Equipment Anamosa Iowa ' 9 ' ' Conrad s Super Market X. Waldron S Best Quality Foods At J 74 ' Lowest Prices ,ff--1-A Free Delivery Things Superior Phone 26 or 27 Anamosa, Iowa For Your Interior Use Our Convenient ,K Free Parking Lot Anamosa, Iowa ' 7 - melra s Tre Toe Shop Mae Ag '3 .512 Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry X ' F Diamonds 5a,p,9,5X Aft Watches K Q2 ifgftyi TE-5 "'--1' Iewelry Hallmark fy f -r Cards ln-rim R. W. Dirks Dale R. Condry, Owner I Expert Watchmaker Anamosa Iowa Anamosa Iowa Best wishes To Grldner 84 Crow The Class of 1959 Men'S Sc Boys' Clothing Scott Hardware Dress PM You Can't Afford Not To Anamosa, Iowa Don Goodman-Owner , Anamosa, Iowa coo? "0" AST Anamosa Iowa H ardware - Auto Supplies - Paints Phone 145 Roger and Gertrude Waterfield, Owners Phillips " 66" Products Station 6: Tank Service Oil 6: Grease Phone I-l'U 4-2223 Olin Oil Company Mel Borcherding Olin Iowa Nicoll Hatchery Feed and Produce Nutrena Feed Bulk or Sacks Northrup-King Seed Farm Equipment Phone GE 2-6514 Mechanicsville, Iowa ff-QEWQ Thisio 1. Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice F. Iones Mechanicsville, Iowa-Proprietors Hi-way 30 and 150 Phone GE 2-6656 Compliments Of Horner Funeral Home and Furniture Store Phone GE 2-52 34-Mechanicsville, Ia. Drink Hur-mon Beverages and Hires Root Beer Cedar Rapids Bottling Works Cedar Rapids, Iowa Wilbur Colby Auctioneer Over 5000 Sales Since 1930 Mechanicsville, Iowa Livestock Trucking Phones Order Buyer Of Office GE 2-6611 Hogs and Cattle Res. GE 2-6524 lazio's Shoe Store Shoes For The 3 Entire Family Everything For The Feet Anamosa Iowa Huerter's locker Service Choice Beef - Quarters - Halves Iohn F. Huerter Phone 5941 Anamosa Iowa Bec:l4's All Sports Store "Across From The Post Office" 10 6-108 First St. S. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Phone EMpire 4-3593 Read Morley News Eureka On Thursdays Iournal On Mondays UP 'O "0" "' O l"' Anamosa's "Twin Week1ies" As meaningful os your + your ofiiciol JOSTEN Authorized Dealer Ward's Riverside Tires - Tubes - Batteries I 9 , , , capturing precious memories in JOSTEN'S ' gold. , , , symbolizing school SINCE 1897 5 itll thru oxclusivo Eustis Service Phone 27 3 DINYS FOI 60 YIAIS I. C. Smart, Representative Fairfield, Iowa Anamosa Iowa X. - Ov E5 X XLXQX XX at -X XSXX fi XXXXQQWX LXSXXXS EXIQQSEV IXXX5 1 XXV-2 -'QXYSEX X XXT tl ASX X X, QXXX ,X 2 P-,X . XX , ,XX-XQX-. :VXXX-X, XA XXX X X. ,. XX X XXX Xf 1- 1 2 1 XXXIX XX XX. X XXQXX X X X19 XXXXXX:X3jt, - 1 - - Xi K N I 2-XXX X-Xi 3 ,X XXX X XXXX E XX,T:X.fXXXkXX X m X X i X- 3fX.g XX XXX X ef-. XX XX - -X f 2 X I ,X . X . .X ,X XXX. f-X Xf- X ww- P X SA e X 'X X z .. QXXXXX-I X X., X XXyX.X-ii-1 XIX -.XXX X X X. ,. XXX X , X. ,X X X X FoR ovER 'rwEN1'v vEARs X X X X-,XNXXX X X. XXXXQX . 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XSXSMXXX X X W X f f f f f M , 'W 1 ff' , 0 , " , f X , f A. ,, ' 1 WMV., -ff' V , , , , aww , v ,. V gag 7' I ' " Xmv , aim I V I I . ff' ,, . '- ' ' " ' , f X fp 231. JVC 'inf edifff ' f , , . ' , v rf, ' , we W ,,f,, . , V QW, f'5c.,,,,, f 1 fe f X f I, f ' ff, ' ,gm ,,,v,,H -,V 0 W ,, ' ,, .1 f' f fame ' V: g I f N241 an MQW. ,, few . ,, iw :Xkfznn ,Q ,ff-' f ,yf,m,M,cf4ww of , f f ,,fXf,',, X .fwfr-A75 X f f, ,maj czyf' A , f4,nW3,4, ' Z-We fp- 'wfgfgf gg ,ra , , ,, 'I -f 17 31 ',,, Lg fm W ew 4 ,Q 1 ja yg e fffffyy,-lash f,,X0,f, ,wf ,gf",v,,.x" W," 'Q ag!-A-W ',,:,. ff "" .JB ., +156 ' ,. .-,' lzw, U ' - o 3 ' O g X . MARCELINE MO

Suggestions in the Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) collection:

Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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